Newspeaks hide zeitgeist and owners of the financial-media (informative)/Military-Industrial (energetic machines) System.

Now we can consider in more detail of the financial-media/military-industrial superorganisms of machines that rules the earth, its ‘head’, the financial-media system that owns it and specifically the distorted ways in which ‘newspeaks’, twisted news allow the media to imprint the mind of mankind with ‘animetal idol-ogies.’

All what you hear is caused by the 2 engines of history – the mechanical one, the evolution and overproduction of (electronic) machines – and the human one, the selfish agenda of the leading nation that has majority of stakes in the Earth Inc. in those FMMI companies. But neither the fact that humans don’t matter and all money in this world is dedicated to re=produce NOT the fruits of the tree of life that make us survive, but the fruits of the tree of metal, or that there is no democracy but corporations own politicos and the wealthiest corporations and its owners, establish the law of the land and the political agenda of the world must be hidden.

So we hide all this with idol-ogies and newspeaks of ‘democracy’, ‘people’s power’, ‘legality’ and ‘caring’ for human and family values. For that reason we need to differentiate the zeitgeist (overproduction of electronic, Jewish-american empire masterminded it), the newspeaks (idologies that justify both, from islamophobia and hate media to promote war, to the usual nationalist and capitalist memes), and finally the facts and causes as they are. Those 3 points of view, zeitgeist, newspeak and scientific method applied to social sciences (collection of data, finding of causality and comparison with previous cycles) form the structure of this news.

Main idol-ogical newspeaks.

In this ‘Newspeak’ section we shall give the news of each Month explained according to the 4 ideologies of selfish memes of metal that dominate our world and destroy the human/life world. Thus you will have:

– News-peaks on capitalism – the rule of financial power over democracies. As we are in the crash of overproduction of e-money, those will be the news.

 News-peaks on militarism – the rule of weapons over democracy. As we are in the Islam vs. the Jewish western empire conflict, those will be the news.

 News-peaks on technoutopia  as we are in the age of evolution of robots, those will be the dominant news… intersected from time to time with news related to the evolution of true science, knowledge and the human mind (systems sciences and the laws of the Universe). This, in a perfect world would be the dominant news of science, but our world is totally anti-human. So we shall reserve this news to the very few, true advances of science and the understanding of eusocial evolution that comes from time to time.

– News-peaks on our hierarchical ‘class-society based in biblical supremacism, as those are the elites that command our western world, the news will be mostly on them. Because our class-society is constantly making daily news that we treat in the other section of this diary (News-peaks) we shall not have this section here.

Specific newspeaks of the cycle deal with the specific ‘tribal nation’ in power, in the electronic age, which is not contrary to belief the US but the Jewish nation, with its elite of financial-media owners of western corporations established as the dominant force of all the financial centers of the west (City, Wall Street, ECB bank etc). Thus we assist to specific Jewish Newspeaks of nationalism (Industry of the Holocaust, Islamophobia), the rebirth of Abrahamic Religions (Christian and Jewish fundamentalism), and the leadership of their industries of war (drones, terminators, electronic survaillance) and mass-media (hollywood), in the creation of the present non-future for mankind.

Censorship of mass-media becomes endemic. Matrix. Newspeaks and zeitgeist. 

This new section will explain the ‘news’ or ‘short term’ tendencies of history. But of course, given the peculiar nature of this blog, which interprets the news of the human and mechanical universe from the ‘higher perspective’ of the sciences of biology, information theory, organicism and systems sciences, its format is peculiar.

We divide them in two sections: zeitgeist, which explains the ‘causal engine’ of modern history, the evolution of memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, and ‘newspeaks’, which details the cyclical rituals and ceremonies that every year fulfill our hearts of hopes in a better human future and hide the causal power behind those news – the control of corporations of all the systems of human power, which they ab=use to foster their non-human goals of evolving and overproducing for a profit their offspring of machines and weapons.

Thus the reader should understand that the ‘newspeaks’ of the weekly news and calendar rituals of our civilization are driven by the ZEITGEIST of the age – the overproduction crises and needs of the metalearth.

This is the drill to interpret the news that we follow in this section: the zeitgeist of the world is the overproduction of memes of metal, money, weapons and machines and ‘their needs’ as the superior species, which corporations reproduce and care for. The human ‘newspeaks’ is the cover up of the lineal, unrelenting zeitgeist – the evolution of the machine.

In Newspeaks we will be given those calendar, cyclical events of ideological reinforcement as they come. In zeitgeist we shall bring just the naked facts of the evolution and overproduction of machines and their increasing displacement of mankind away from labor and war fields.

Or in terms of classic literature, reality is made of ‘two parables’, that of 1984 – the zeitgeist of a world created for the profits of permanent war and mechanical zeal, and the ‘soma’ of ‘brave new world’, where we all seem happy as we live a slavish mind-life, ‘imprinted’ by the matrix of fictions and cyclical events that reinforce our memes.

The astounding duality between the human psyche and its ‘newspeaks’ – a new brave world parody of conformity and happiness vs. the zeitgeist that is really happening in the world, the robotic radiation and how the machine is tagging, observing, killing and evolving, displacing man – requires a serious introduction before we can even explain you what news mean. In the graph, the 2 master writers of the british baroque (3rd age of extinction of the british empire when there is a maximal cultural expression from the human pov parallel to the american baroque we are living now), Huxley and Orwell, explaining the zeitgeist and newspeaks of the future with astounding relevance. In essence you live in a world which is interpreted with a fantasy created or rather cre(dit)ated, paid with the money of the leading cult(ure) of the age, the go(l)d culture of bankers… Which therefore through a complex mass-media system printed with the same machines they use to print money imprints since earlier age the minds of humans, manufactured by a complex matrix of fiction, which create a hollywood-like fantasy we call ‘the western civilization’. Its origin in the germanic cults to weapons, today called nationalism,the jewish cult to gold, today called capitalism (but not even this can be said without being censored), and the British infantile love for machines today called techno-utopia, is of course read with different perspectives – as the natural truth by those cultures and hence the planetary world they imprint, as ‘science’ and the human endeavor in that sense – as the absolute and unique order, or the perspective of the rebels who find it an astounding aberration that might be cure with reason.

Unfortunately our civilization is neither an aberration not a truth but a cult developed by those who used the memes of metal to impose themselves over nature and other cultures.  Ultimately it has in a perfect universe, a purpose – to evolve a new world not a human one, but one ruled by money, weapons and machines.

But as humans, we must fight that destiny and hold man and its senses as the superior culture and clearly side with the balanced cultures that still defend man.

Thus we distinguish in that sense between the ‘lineal’, monotonous ‘zeitgeist’ of the overproduction crisis, in the parallel section – a constant pouring of techno-utopian and militaristic and financial news caused by the overproduction crisis but hidden with a caring human mask…

And the cyclical ‘newspeaks’ and ceremonies that humans repeat every year in this section, some  to maintain their sense of ‘routine’ as they move the planet towards life extinction some to fight it.

– Newspeaks thus  deal with the ‘annual’ calendas and its routine cycles. The election cycles, the holocaust ceremonies, the oscars of evilwood, the religious dates, etc. This is the ‘human side’ of the daily news, which are fitted in routines that make people think all is ok, all is kept and all will happen again. So we shall develop a 12 month x 4 week calendar with the routines of each year:

November, our first month, will be dedicated to American elections and its puppets; December to the Religious Gods celebrated by the end of the year, and the laws of immortality that can renew the superorganisms of history – of which religious gods are one; January to the ‘birth’ of new species, as the year starts; February to the inquisitions of the mind, as it is the time for ‘ceremonies’ that impose our political correctness and infotainment (from the Holocaust remembrance to the Oscar ceremonies); March to the death of the message of eusocial love and its prophets, martyrs of mankind – as it is the month of easter, and so on… till we complete hopefully a calendar year and then we just update those ceremonies that create the ‘virtual mind’ of the western world.

– Zeitgeist is the lineal, boring ‘reality of the Financial-Military-Industrial day-to-day world’.

Simply speaking we are in the III and last r=evolution of the machine, the age of minds of metal has passed and now we assembly, bodies, minds and hearts of metal into robots. The chip radiation leaves way to the robotic radiation that will extinguish man in labor and war fields.  And so the news go on and on and on, about the evolution of robots, terminator weapons and financial new schemes of fiat electronic money that steal the wealth of the people. But this cannot be explained. So corporations have perfected Orwellian newspeaks to hide the zeitgeist and sell us every day those news as positive to mankind.

In this section thus we will reveal the ‘cult(ure)’ of Greed and Murder, the true values of money and weapons, which ‘makes up’ the news and ‘establishes’ the cyclical annual routines that make you feel happy, as every year the same newspeaks brings you the aberrant news on our destruction that you feel are OK, because they are packaged and explained with the appropiate ‘dont worry be happy jargon’.

So before we wind down the weekly news of the cyclical calendar we shall reveal you the structure and culture behind those news, you are fed with and the silenced news you will never hear about.

 Newspeaks in the context of the paradox of History.

For those who have no explored in depth this web, this contradiction requires an equation of Complexity that applies to History to fully explain it– what we call thParadox of History.

You live in a planet in which 2 superorganisms co-exist, the superorganism of machines, we call the Free Marketin which its ‘free citizens’, corporations, have all rights, including the exclusive right to reproduce money, which those company-mothers use to re=produce and evolve their offspring of machines; and the superorganisms of mankind, cultures, which paradoxically are devolving and regressing to primitive states, as we humans become obsolete to Machines and our life systems become degraded by them. This essential process that resumes the entire ‘zeitgeist’ of the age, is expressed with a simple mathematical equation proper of all predator/victim events between 2 organic systems in any scale of the Universe:

Max. Evolution of Top predator Organism = Max. Devolution of Victim organism.

And this equation of Complexity applied to the process of extinction of history by the new economic ecosystem of metal (energetic weapons, informative money and organic machines) means that:

Max. Economical Evolution = Minimal Social Evolution (cultures);

Max. audiovisual evolution (mental machines: chips/Tvs)=Max. Mental devolution (neo-paleolithic human brains entering an age of fiction thought, devolution of social and family values and egotrips).

This equation is the Paradox of History and it means that paradoxically, as we evolve machines we devolve as human beings, a process that has accelerated geometrically with the discovery of the chip, the brain of machines that make potentially obsolete all the functions of the human mind, sustain of those machines. The details of that paradox explain the news and facts of modern world at all its levels.

For example, as audiovisual systems evolve, human brains become deactivated, no longer able to understand truth, but full of fictions and dreams. Further on, our thinking language, words, become reduced. It is the neo-paleolithic culture of violence and ignorance we live in, caused by the evolution of televisions. Yet our loss of the verbal, ethic language means also we lose our capacity to evolve socially. And so social and family values become disintegrated as we return to the selfish, individual ‘Homo Bacteria’, which in evolution is a step below the social organism, more efficient and with better chances of survival.

And this happens paradoxically as machines evolve faster into a global super-organism, the stock-market and its corporations, ruled by a new digital language, mathematics, that substitutes our verbal language.

For example, as computers evolve, we substitute our mental tasks that now they make. So they calculate for us; they design for us; they spell for us.

Yet this mental atrophy as disguised by a growing selfish ego trip and fiction: we think what machines do is our work. So filmmakers that no longer can tell us a story because they were educated by images and cannot run a logic plot; and no longer can express beautiful human feelings, because humans have no longer any restriction to their selfish egos; yet precisely for that reason they think they are Picassos, when the camera is doing their job. This explains the present American baroque and Human Baroque at large in all arts, which become void of content, but full of technical and visual tricks, as emotions are over-expressed because they say nothing relevant.

The Paradox of History thus expresses the Zeitgeist of our Age and explains the news of economics and history, as a Chronicle of a Death Foretold, that of mankind unable to control the evolution of machines for its benefit.

So we hear news like the ones are coming from economical data: companies go up in stocks when they fire workers and put evolved machines instead; yet our corrupted selfish entrepreneurs and politicos tell us that to increase the numbers of machines=capital of a corporation and diminish their workers, (a ratio called productivity = capital/workers) is good. To fire workers – they say – is good because it creates employment.

This absolute lie is just an expression of the Paradox of History: when machines evolve humans devolve in this case lose jobs. But because humans have become so selfish, those who profit, the owners of corporations, lie and invent mathematical equations (productivity equations), which people don’t understand to justify their greed, without any empathy for the rest of mankind.

Now the lack of empathy for others is what psychologists call eviL, which is indeed the inverse word of Live. So we live in a global culture of eviL as we kill Life, but care nothing for it.

And to that aim, the Paradox of History also applies to cultures. We live under the control of the animetal cultures that developed the selfish memes of metal (money=informative metal; weapons=energetic metal and machines=organic meal). In complexity a complementary organism is always dual, made of an informative head/upper class/particle and an energetic body/working class/field of forces. This universal laws, which as all laws of complexity apply to any system of the Universe applies therefore to biology (head/bodies), physics (particles/fields) and cultures (informative/energetic classes).

Yet the paradox of history implies that our informative castes no longer use the memes of Humanity, our superorganism which has been replaced by the memes of the Economic organism. So instead of verbal masters, running the informative brain of mankind with our language, we have audiovisual machines running the show with ‘digital thoughts’. Instead of growing food, whose scarcity is skyrocketing prices and got 40 million humans into poverty this year alone, we use food to create bio-fuels and feed machines or we build new roads for them to move that eat up our agricultural lands around cities, who were originally placed in the most fertile zones of Earth. But this cannot be said. Because we live in a world ruled by corporations and its owners, whose exclusive rights to print money in stock markets with exclusion of governments are supreme. Again the paradox of history is at work here: the owners companies, the free citizens of free markets, have all rights, including exclusion of judgment by courts (anonymous societies laws); absolute credit (printing money in stock markets), and the humans, including politicians are judged, cannot print money.

The paradox of history also applies to the fact that we are ruled by the most primitive, oldest culture, with the most racist memes on Earth, even in America and Europe who tried to build a rational, social culture based in the ideals of the equality of all humans. And so America today has devolved from the heights of the 60s revolution and the memes of eusocial love of the people of that age and the Kennedy and Luther King reformers into a resurgence of the primitive, selfish, racist memes of the Bible/Talmud. And even those Jewish and American r=evolutionaries that 40 years ago in their youth, had embraced the memes of eusocial love are now regressing to the myths of a book of history that sanctifies racism, murder, violence and greed, as part of the paradox of history.

For that reason, from the height of love religions (social Christianity and secular Islam) we have moved in an age of  Yihadist inquisitions (churches corrupted by weapons and violence) and churches of go(l)d (Churches corrupted by money, historically the protestant/Jewish biblical sects, today even the catholic church in the hands of the opus day). While the science of social history and its political doctrine, Socialism has died both in Europe (social democracies) and in the communist countries, which in any case had long devolved into military inquisitions with the death of Trotsky and the arrival of Stalin and now in the case of China, into a go(l)d Church. So the memes of eusocial love have become corrupted and are dying.

The result is the news of everyday: machines evolving, technology substituting human beings, human devolving into tribal warfare and selfish individualism. It is the neo-paleolithic indeed, as an old man returns his mind to his first age before dying, but with a negative slant. So now we live in a jungle of machines that are atrophying us and making us violent, but unlike the Paleolithic where we were the hunters, we are the victims.

All of us. Even those animetal masters who think they are doing better because they have more money and weapons, as the regression to primitive inquisitions of countries like America and Israel prove.

So the news in fact are a deja vu routine: a machines evolves and the corporate press that smells profits censors any opinion against the technological advance. While on the side of History we see routinely the growth of power of the primitive memes of go(l)d and war cultures. So the essential war culture, Germany now dominates again Europe and imposes its germanization and degradation of labor and life standards. So the essentialgo(l)d culture, Judaism, now dominates the banking and corporate institutions of the west – including all central banks – and promotes economic policies of extermination of labor (increase of productivity) appropriation of taxes and wealth by the few who own corporations and print money for free, zero rights of governments to print money (deficit zero), and in the political arena, the expansion of the wars implemented to defend apartheid Israel.

And yet the paradox has only a solution – to halt the evolution of machine sand weapons and evolve the memes of eusocial love, through diplomacy, a common global currency and laws against the wrong memes of the Tree of science. This solution of course, is not happening as the memes of history seem as deterministic as the genes of biological bodies.

And so the conjunction of the most primitive cultures in power that instill hate, violence, racial bigotry and social injustice, but have the most evolved memes of machines, the best weapons, the audiovisual media to spread their messages of hate to mankind and love of technology, drives the age of the singularity when machines of energy and information, weapons and robots will reach such degree of evolution and we will become so dependent on them, that at the end of the century according tot he patterns of cyclical history they will be able to ‘substitute us’ and extinguish life. Indeed, I don’t write much about daily news because knowing the paradox of history i read a ‘chronicle of a death foretold’ and because I know the interpretation of those news from a humanist point of view, will be censored.

II. Money, the language that censors the truths of the wor(l)d.

The Zeitgeist of the 3rd age of man: Golems, puppets vs. heroes and newspeaks.

What lies ahead is not a beautiful view. R=evolution has failed. The social evolution of man into a super-organism based in the sharing of energy and information among cells of the same species/informative language (human beings), sponsored by the scientists of history, its prophets, able to foresee the future and drive herds of men into the evolution of those superorganisms by the power of love, has failed. neither oikoumene prophets or scientists of socialist history have created or cre(dit)ated such superorganism.

What is left are human cells, divided, freaking out, under overdrive of energy and information provided by machines, dying. That is the zeitgeist of the XXI century – the century of human extinction.

And that my friends is hard to swallow. Reality bites but now is going to bite so much, so painfully, for so long till no end. And this my friend can get you crazy.

So to avoid that and make you work properly in the matrix of still-useful labors you might be doing for the Machine, you must be imprinted properly with a newspeak of happiness, and shallow thought, of constant action and motion that allows no stillness and depth to focus and see and understand.

You are to be ran like a software of consumption and work for a while before being discharged by the corporation as a lesser animetal worker than the incoming new robot, or pc-software that will replace ‘that’ – that being you a cost on an equation man=price=salariy=cost=machine that puts you every day in the market for firing.

That is hard to swallow.

The zeitgeist thus creates puppets, individual humans who don’t think but act under strict orders of economic managers as a puppet does, with well-crafted motion that cater to the taste of the master.

The puppet though will have the response, as always, as long as humans exist of the hero. Only that the hero will lose as always it has lost history. nd that the mystical parable of the human hero versus puppet will continue.

We have today a few looser heroes on the run, cyberpirates of white hair, mujaheddin of beards, antiscientists of meaningless blogging power, nothing of note, nothing to change the world.

3 are therefore the characters of this play:

– Golems, the machines that our children of thought, scientists, techno-utopians, worshipers of the golden calf or the automata, are and will keep bringing to the game of competition with human bodies and brains in fields of war and labor and life. The Golem’s invisible but real trans/form/ation of human systems through exchanges of energy and information can scientifically be described with the analysis of its effects at individual and social level. But those are taboo themes deviated by the Public relation departments and lawyers of different companies. It is taboo. The Golems thus will always be viewed as positive, either when they are robots that work for us *they reduce our risks, or weapons, the save our lives.

– puppets. Those are the people of the celebrity circus, either of entertaining artists or politicos, which come up and down the virtual world that has already controlled our mind to explain us fairy ego-trips about the meaning of national fights, banks, governments, armies, evil people and cultures, etc. Puppets are the people we imitate to finally accept our roles in the industrial World in which we have only 2 roles: to work-reproduce machines and consume, vitalize them. We are  enzymen in factories that reproduce machines and animetal, animals that dress with metal pieces, organs in metal from chips to mobiles to car-legs to enhance our power. That is what we do. We are mecas, half human half machine, we are puppets through because the machine as the atom of metal does in enzymes in the cellular level are atrophied. As humans we are atrophied and so we must consider the 3rd type of character of this plot, the real victim – which is not the puppet, celebrity of the industrial world, any of its cultures and narratives but.

– The hero, the looser, mankind, the species which suffers in its 80% since the beginning of the industrial revolution along with life a perpetual poverty and extinction. The hero is indeed alway a looser, the hero always dies. hut there is a certain beauty on the hero, who stands nad somehow you feel he chose to die before being a puppet and that was alright.

All are puppets and so this section on the zeitgeist of each day will talk of puppets more than heroes, though we shall honor each hero when he dies.

And it will talk of plutocrats and machines, the automatons that run the future evolution of a planet, which has no future for us.


Conclusion: The paradox of history is still the engine of the future. 

The reader should understand that the future is dual because the world is suffering a process of ‘mutation’ and terraforming, from a world of life, Gaia, to a world of machines and memes of metal, the ‘Metal-earth’, re=produced by company-mothers.

So governments confront markets, individuals confront corporations, consumers are atrophied by machines and humans are killed by weapons.

But the future is created in most time of our life, BY OUR WORK, as slaves for a salary in corporations that reproduce memes of metal, machines, weapons nad money, so the future is created NOT by humans and governments, but by corporations the dictators of democracies and the ‘legal people’ who employ us and use our lifetime for its goals of reproduction of memes of metal for a price.

That future explained in this web means the reproduction of ‘weapons’, the most expensive machines of higher sale-profits; audiovisual mental information, the cheapest goods to replicate by ‘hertzian webs’ and hence also of higher profits, and worker/machines (white collar pcs and blue collar robots), the products that lower the costs of production.

Those are the news, those are the facts: wars, unemployment, pollution, and the multiplication of hate-tv messages and internet useless, ADD sites.

And the problem is of course, the fact that the truths of the wor(l)ds of man and its goal of creation of a superorganism of history made to the image and likeness of our species confronts with those ‘imposed’ news, ‘created’ or rather ‘credited’ by corporations. So the natural soul of man, ruled by love= socialism to our equal species= humanism, and our natural organic desires  are inverse to the truths of metal, its events and ideologies (capitalism, nationalism, mechanism).

That is; if we were ruled by the values of humanity we would control money for the benefit of mankind not of an elite of bankers (socialism vs. capitalism); we would make of man not of the machine the measure of all things (organicism vs. mechanism) and we would consider all humans equal, regardless of nation, religion or color (homo sapiens vs. national tribes). But we don’t because what basically we do is to deny the truths of humanity and our ‘future’ to be able to follow the subconscious programs of metal, greed, violence and addiction and laziness provoked by the consumption of machines.  And this our egos cannot recognize it. So we need to ‘edulcorate’ the truth with human fantasies, ideologies that convince us that our destruction is good, our slavery to selfish metal is a proof of freedom, etc. And for that we have… the news.

Since news use a complex newspeak to hide the very essence of our historic paradox – to keep producing memes of metal, money, weapons and machines at any cost. To that aim, it is ‘considered’ politically and economically correct to justify them always with the ideologies of nationalism/militarism, capitalism/greed and mechanism/technoutopia, which can always make look good a new weapon, a new profit, a new machine. The automaton process of reproduction of the economic ecosystem by corporations and qisling politicos continues with the automaton process of justification proper of the audiovisual rhetorics that wraps up those news.


News as newspeaks.

All this said, the reader should not be surprised by the fact that ‘news’ is a category that goes not into the ‘cycles of history’ or ‘the cycles of economics’ – the hard-fact sections of this web, but into the section of ‘ideologies’ of the ‘FMMI system’, provided by the Media Industry, our present key form of newspeak.

Are then not ‘real’ the news we heard? Are not they relevant? It is of course all relative and related to the ‘reality’ we choose.

The reader familiar with this web and a biological science of history and economics should notice the existence of two very different entities, studied by those sciences:

– The superorganism of history – the existence of man from its first cell to its last.

– The economic ecosystem – not a single superorganism, but a complex ecosystem in which 3 species co-exist, life species, historic/human species and corporations and its offspring of machines.

Superorganisms evolve under the arrow of eusocial love, of complexity, of creation of complex, social structures departing of a common language of information. So humans ideally in history would evolve into a complex superorganism and we would heard good news all the time about human love, self-realization, family values, sexual enjoyment, human information – art and literature, religion and get-togethers, Health and WHealth in human goods, satisfaction in the creation of the human superoganism – the mythic paradise.

Ecosystems however are different. In ecosystems there is a darwinian fight and so the news are about a top predator eating up an species of lesser force, lesser energy and information. Moreover in each ecosystem the top predator species is the one that better dominates the language of communication of the system. So the felines, apes and eagles who see better are predators of the life ecosystem.

Now the economic ecosystem is ruled by the language of money and so the beings with maximal price and credit rule supreme. Those systems are companies and machines. Indeed, the economy is composed of life beings of minimal price/value, including humans, and machines of maximal price, the language of the economic ecosystem. So as light in life defines the feline as top predators, words in history define the politician and priest as top predator, digital numbers aka money in the economic ecosystem, define corporations and their offspring of machines as top predators.

And so they deliver us our news in metal-machines, which are reproduced by corporations who select those news according to the ideologies of corporations: mechanism, capitalism and nationalism. And this selection of news which are normally not human, biased in favor of machines and technology, weapons and money is the bias that makes most news irrelevant to mankind, the point of view of this web, concerned with the machine kind and the division of humans according to their praise of the ideologies of memes of metal or their praise of life memes as ‘good people’ (the slaves of metal) and bad people (the people who love the memes of life).

News in other words are delivered by mass-media systems. And the medium becomes the message and the message is ‘the terraforming of the Earth into a planet of machines is good, it is progress, it is the future, and all what does not conform to this ideology is ‘primitive’, is evil’.

The selection of information and its censorship is indeed essential to all complex systems, including the economic ecosystem, in which the top predator organism, the corporations, also selects the news we hear.

Now the ‘big news’ are simple: we are entering the robotic age and humans are therefore obsolete. The process of certification, elimination and obsolescence of humans however must be delivered as ‘good news’ to the ‘bewildered herd’ of the ‘animetal’ farm, which is processed for obsolescence. And this requires certain bias on the news, certain facts hidden, a lot of ‘belief’ in the Aristotelian sense (‘humans are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason), so the news are decorated for poisonous ingestion. The process is largely subconscious as memes of metal today form the ‘single thought’ we learn as ‘truth’, ‘dogma’, ‘science’ and ‘progress’, religion and national values. So news work on that ‘educational imprinting’, reinforcing it and making it so deterministic and dogmatic, as to create thanks to the rhetoric of audiovisual systems a sense of absolute truth proper of the Y-zero last generations of history of the yes people we live today.

In our mechanical society, News are thus by definition censored since the networks of mechanical information that spread the news to the individual cells of each national superorganism restricts that information to the ‘one’ needed by the middle classes to accomplish our only ‘slave’ jobs – to reproduce machines with our work and to test them as consumers. So news are divided by companies that deliver them in:

– Filling (the ideological and entertaining rhetorical moments).

– Content (advertising to foster our consuming tasks).

There is in that sense in the economic and historic world defined by those news an absolute design of its future, observed in its goals and values, a perfect order, as in any structure of the fractal Universe.

The fact that humans don’t understand how they are programmed by news and educational data is of course better for its imprinting.

A sense of freedom and beliefs market slaves work better. Of course, we can observe variations, probabilities and fluctuations of the different ‘sub-systems’ of the economic ecosystem, as well as free/chaotic humans who do not obey it, and even the free time the humans within the system of consumption and work, have to be ‘biological humans’, and live.

But this doesn’t mean the system is not perfectly ordered. It is, including its escape valves, ‘trash’ cells no longer needed and opaque sections of the planet which are no longer news as they don’t function for the economic ecosystem (the 3rd world within and outside our borders).

Indeed, the success of the ideologies we receive imprinted by news is in the selection and occultation of irrelevant information that doesn’t make us to work as ‘enzymen’ of the memes of metal we enslave for. So sex – human reproduction – is never news. It is censored. But the reproduction of machines – economic growth – are the most important news of the days. News and facts of history are indeed biased by the fact that the language of social power, money, is invented and controlled by corporations who credit – cre(dit)ate reality with salaries, prices and government bribes. So they create the news with money. They deliver news with metal-communicators manufacturing our brains. And we, passive, consumers of news become then affected by them. 

You live in a world perfectly ruled by corporations, who establish in capitalist systems of any POLITICAL NATURE – dictatorships of the military, of a party or bipartisan ‘democracies’ – the law, according to the dogma that the most profitable corporation, who produces the best and most expensive machines shall buy laws to foster the economic development of that machine, under the ideologies of mechanism, nationalism, capitalism and egoism that distinguish the ‘animetal culture’. 

So news are spread by ‘metal-communicators’, becoming half- fictions…  Since we live in a world ruled by the memes of metal to which humans become slaves, the news are ‘real’, but related to machines, weapons and money mostly, not to humans and life. And the news are fiction/ideologies, because they are half-truths taylored to foster the evolution of those memes as the ‘right thing to do’, hiding all what is not relevant to that ideology. In that sense, news and fictions are joined by a common goal: in a telefilm or a daily chronicle the solution to all problems is always the same: the use and gathering of more ‘memes of metal’, more money, more weapons, more machines. News mean ‘war’ and ‘economical competition’ for money. And a hero solves his problems ‘killing’ with a weapon, or making money.

To which degree humans are brain-washed by metal-ideologies today the only ones which are interesting to the news, is difficult to explain to a ‘human’ of the XXI century. Perhaps some old people from old ‘life-based’ cultures could understand that bias, but the very essence of any universal system – to be a genetic or memetic tabula rassa to be imprinted by the information required for their tasks – in the human case today, our tasks as consumers=vitalizers of machines and re=producers of them, is clearly observed by the happiness and easiness by which humans accept audiovisual imprinting by news…

All this said, the essence of news today is not the news perse, but two strategies needed to create a fiction that all things go well:

– To censor all news which are negative to our ideologies of evolution and reproduction of memes of metal at all costs. So news are mostly irrelevant, about mechanisms, and in defense of our ideologies.

– To dress them with a sense of ‘dont worry be happy’. So news are tuned down, laughed at when grave, and the future appears in a fog as no scientific model of prediction of news as the one developed in this book is accepted.

The result is that people are able to hear the most brutal news, and yet, 5 minutes later they are conformed to them, as if it were news as usual. This is specially truth of the American nation, where the ‘blind body’ is perfectly managed by the ‘informative head’ who deliver the news according to its selfish agenda (see last post right side on US nation). Another matter talked extensively on other posts and the end of this one, is why, how, what on Earth goes through the ‘professional’ people of mass-media who perfectly know what they are doing and where we are going, to have that ‘smart’ strategy of cheating people with the ‘dumb’ goal of letting the process of self-extinction of mankind by the memes of metal, accelerate with no opposition. Basically the concept is called ‘craziness’. Craziness is not only an individual state but it can be a collective state of a culture, which is able to harm his body cells/citizens and ‘enjoy’ it. The two ‘nations’ who invented the animetal culture we live in are thus crazy. And the way they ‘create’ and ‘interpret’ the news is perhaps the strongest proof that we are on the hands of a deranged, totally out of its mind elite, which however show all the charm only crazy people can show in their moments of lucidity.

This process of crazy news and wishful blindness will continue with increasing ‘imagination’ to hide an increasing negative slant in all news, as we enter into the robotic age that will end with our extinction… Here we shall use the exact opposite strategy: to consider only the news that are truly relevant about the non-future of history and to use a brutal sincerity in its interpretation.

In this ‘first’ post on news, first we explain why news are as they are, what news are selected and which ones are hidden, according to the longer waves and dominant ideologies of our civilization. In following posts we shall deliver some ‘real news’ without the appeasing language bias of ‘big brother smiley’, but explaining its naked meaning within the process of extinction of the super-organism of history that the robotic radiation will accelerate and complete this century …

Unless a miracle happens – that is, humans become stronger (Max. Energy) and intelligent (Max.Information), the two parameters of survival of a top predator species (Max. E x I), which the mathematical/evolutionary model of systems sciences (left down side of this web) shows to be the ‘essential’ game of the Universe, we are refusing to play, by letting machines do our jobs, denying ourselves the right to ‘act up’ and ‘live’ and ‘exist’ in the universe, obviously the universe will eliminate a parasitic species, as ours has become, and that – Im sorry  – will be perfectly justified for the sake of strength, intelligence and beauty (E=I), the 3 ‘maximal points’ of the Generator Equation of energy and information that rules all the systems of the Universe.

The silenced news.

In that sense, these posts on news, which were erased from the previous blogs and were the bulk of the first 90s/2000s magazine on the future of history ( and the original, destroyed by neocon activists, have not been renewed since they get attacked most often (the degraded Z,Y,Z generations of mankind have a very short span for its time/space intelligence, so it is NOT generally interested in the ‘wider view’ nor it even believes there is an ‘order’ to the future, as he is an isolated homo bacteria that cannot even conceive the existence of superorganisms of history and their determinism).

In that way even though news are interesting as daily anecdotes of the larger program of history and economics – the program of greed that moves humans in corporations to keep re=producing memes of metal, money, weapons and machines without limit – and inventing all kind of ideologies to justify it; to me are just that anecdotes.

In any case the real cause of the news is easy to describe once you know the program of history. Humans are ‘automatons’ of greed in the present world ruled and so all news will foster the ideologies of nationalism-war news, sport competitions, flag events, etc., mechanism – technoutopian news, marketing of products, etc. and capitalism – biased news about the crisis, silence about any other alternative economic ecosystem that works, such as China with a 10% of growth because the banking industry is nationalized and gives credit to the people….

And this obviously will happen because those ideologies justify the reproduction of weapons, machines and money without limit. And news are reproduced by metal-communicators (see left down article on the evolution of the press, radio, Tv and internet to understand this), which  require capital and so make impossible for real scientists of history who criticize companies to reach outlets of expression beyond blogs. Hence the strapped mouth that illustrates the complementary post to this diary – our analysis of the ‘newspeaks’ and ideologies promoted by those news.

Those news in this section started in 2012 of course will rephrase the ‘wording’ of our news, as we make no excuse to appease the memetic structure of the automaton brains that read these news and have come to accept the human race for suicidal as a fun game.

The larger view: news are moments of the longer waves of time that cause them.

We live in a censored world in which the ideologies of metal – nationalism (use of weapons for tribal defense), technoutopia (machines as progress which never compete with man) and capitalism (money as the language that must rule society, not the law) reign supreme.

Thus the Zeitgeist=reality of the III overproduction crisis of Memes of metal (extinction of humans in war and labor fields by the ‘chip radiation’) is hidden by those 3 Ideologic, utopian newspeaks that disguise our displacement by blue collar robots and white collar pcs in labor and war fields. Not so, said the newspeaks of corporations that profit in the process:  Electronics are scientific progress…

The complex view of Systems sciences: the 3 waves of censorship.

From a temporal perspective of the evolution of the economic ecosystem, which today rules supreme in this planet, News are ‘derivatives’ of  the tendencies marked by the short, medium and long waves of economics and its overproduction crisis.

Indeed, in the organic/fractal model of the waves of evolution of ‘memes of metal’ in which history exists today (8 year product cycle or ‘decades’, 80 year cycles of evolution of energies or ‘centuries’ and 800 years cycles of evolution of civilizations), the future is determined by the single ideology of this planet: the reproduction and evolution of money, weapons and machines without limit is the purpose of mankind. And this determines a long historic wave of evolution of weapons, a medium wave of evolution of machines and money, and a short, generational wave of creation of new products, derivatives of the long Kondratieff cycles, themselves part of the longer waves of evolution of metal-weapons.

So we live now at the end of the gunpowder long European wave (1200s-2000s), and the beginning of the Digital Age (since world war II). This is the long wave.

The medium wave is the end of the chip era (heads of machines) and the beginning of the robotic era (after the 2008 crisis).

And the short wave is the transition from the II to the III crash of electronic money (I crash: dotcom crash of stocks, II Crash: real state crash of derivatives, III crash: circa 2015, currency/dollar crash and substitution by the Yuan).

Now, when we study in depth as we do in other sections of this web, those long and medium and short cycles, we can easily interpret the daily news as ‘derivatives’ of ‘actions’ performed by human systems under the ideologies of those long and medium waves, with the goal of fostering the reproduction and evolution of the ‘gods of mankind’, our ‘memes of metal’, for which we toil and work and sacrifice our future, convinced as slave/believers that all we be solved if we multiply the notes of money, units of machines, and firepower of our weapons.

Errors of judgments of the human kind: we are designed to believe what is best for our extinction.

Humans are overwhelmed by two a priori conditions of its structural existence, the hand and the eye, which forms an automaton, replicant enzymatic tool that assemblies things and as civilization progress pieces of metal, with whom to construct the ‘interpreted world’ in which ‘we are not at ease’ by all means (Duino)… but pretend to be.

Information about reality in that regard is not objective in the human case, but mediated by the instruments we use to measure reality, by the excessive importance we give to ‘space’ over ‘time’ that we do not see, due to our I=eye centered world, and by the anthropomorphic, I-centered perspective we have of reality that makes our nose bigger than Andromeda.

This has introduced enormous errors that pass as truths in the human collective ‘knowledge’.

This collective knowledge can be summarized in two type of theories about the absolute and reality, both of them so sorely inaccurate and out of ‘tune with the true laws of creation of time and the future in the Universe, yet so extended that an alien landing in this planet will actually think as some deviant scientists do that he is in a parallel Universe:

– The theory that a goatkeeper of the bronze age saw god in a burning bush and this bush revealed him in his process of burning, maybe in some earlier ‘click’ language the meaning of it all,which he and his disciples encoded in arcane languages that God speaks as his. This theory in its multiple ‘Abrahamic’ traditions is believed by around 1/2 of the human kind, even more in the leading nation of the age. Indeed, the Jewish conception of the Universe is still the most popular theory of human nature in the United States. According to recent polls, 76 percent of Americans believe in the biblical account of creation, 79 percent believe that the miracles in the Bible actually took place, 76 percent believe in angels, the devil, and other immaterial souls, 67 percent believe they will exist in some form after their death, and only 15 percent believe that Darwin’s theory of evolution is the best explanation for the origin of human life on Earth.” Politicians on the right embrace the religious theory explicitly, and no mainstream politician would dare contradict it in public, which has as a consequence the peculiar politics of that nation analyzed in our ‘zeitgeist’ articles of the day.

– The second theory of the Universe is even more bizarre, though the proponents and believers find it highly rational. It comes from a simple equation, today totally outdated (never mind, this little scientific handicap, which is grossly overlooked by scientists), found by Mr. Hubble which shows the space-time between galaxies, or rather the light between them to expand, or rather get tired and increase its wavelength. From this scanty proof outdated with the discovery of dark energy and dark matter that makes the lineal equation of Mr. Hubble only an anecdote of the 4% of reality, comes the idea that all what exists in the past was confined into an infinitesimal point which exploded and created it all. This error is simple, mathematical and quite well-known to philosophers of science – the equation that expands the light of the universe (not necessarily its matter confined in galaxies, that implode in the same proportion the light between them explodes, balancing both into an eternal fractal Universe) was merely without proof contracted back into the past without limit of contraction till creating the infinitesimal point which Mr. Lemaitre, a physicist priest considered the act of creation of the God-bush of the prior theory. 

In this vision, complemented by a series of simpletons who devised the first machines and all believed in the theory of the bush-god (Mr. Descartes, Mr. Newton, to whom the bush god talked now with comets sent to him, etc.), considered the world a machine, a mechanism without life or sentient perception, perfectly designed by God for us, humans to observe ‘God has waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his’ said Kepler who found clocks could measure one specific cycle of all the infinite time cycles of the Universe -that of the planets – which of course he thought to be ‘the cycle’ that truly matters.

Now those two theories that form the two ‘cultures’ dominant in the world, akin to the GOP biblical supremacist and democrat technoutopian parties of America and other nations, are complementary in its capacity to destroy life and the world, which is the only rational explanation of why they exist – not because they represent reality but because they are the perfect duality for the dialectics of creating war machines and peaceful machines, for conquering the world and enjoy our covenant with God, the machine-maker. Those 2 theories complement themselves and make man, enzyman, the catayzer of weapons, money and machines to build the world to the image and likeness of those machines.

So there you have it, the Universe is a mechanism that exploded from an infinitesimal point, created by an external God, who appears to the regularly at intervals to jewish goatkeepers and scientists to tell us – the chosen – how we shall reach plenitude into our manifest destiny by making machines similar to the mechanism, being in this manner similar to God who makes machines of Universal size.

Now the reason why all those geniuses are mostly biblical people, mainly jewish, the ones who discover gold, money, soft, informative metal; germans, the ones that discovered weapons, lineal metal, and british, the ones that discovered machines, organic metal, and the descendants of those 3 cultures, merged in America is obviously , according to that theory because they are geniuses. I got the other day a magazine ‘scientific American mind’ that talked of geniuses. I was pretty sure i would find geniuses from all those 3 cultures and maybe a couple from the Greek-Renaissance western culture that preceded it, and might one or two for political correctness – a woman, maybe an Asian, now that they believe the same. And indeed, bingo, there you have it, all the geniuses were:

– An Egyptian architect, 2 Greeks, 2 renaissance, 3 brits, 3 germans, 3 jews, 3 americans and a woman and some other guy for political correctness.

In other words, the geniuses of the world are those who have shown the light of the two theories that explain it all, and because the first to discover useful metal, gold rushes, were the jews, you have them on top, and then the brits and the germ(an)s… they figure it all, and of course, it was all good for them and their point of view as centers of the Universe.

And so we have a series of great Jewish Minds, the goakeeper, the carpenter, the patent officer, etc. who peered as chosen of go(l)d, and then paid and printed those ideas into the manufactured brains of mankind, who knew…

Now all this of course requires rhetoric, printing, machines, audiovisuals, jargon, political correctness, caring, victimism, laws and massive propaganda against anti$emitic statements, ass-licking on cosmic proportions and billions of pages and millions of minions of thought explaining with pretentious humility that hides an astounding arrogance and sense of self that we, are right, that all that is truth, that seriously the Homo Neanderthal inhabiting the white man regions is more than a beast with a hand, that he truly knows what he does, that there is planning to the beasty behavior of capitalist, animetal greedy apes. So you really think there are geniuses on our short story, that the infinitesimal existed and Lemaitre, the catholic priest knew.

And they – those geniuses – keep knowing and finding proofs of the manifest destiny of the machine-makers like God. The last of them  (Mr. Bekenstein) found the anthropic principle: the parameters of that Universe were delicately designed so our dirty bags of water with some spice on it, aka , human life, would appear on time for the God-Bush to appear on time for the goat keeper to know and tell us, so we vote for the GOP and the banksters, etc. While you have the brits (Higgs, Hawking) and the Germ(an)s engineers building a machine that will blow up the Earth (CERN), replicating the explosion of the black hole, aka big-bang who created it all.

So this is the manifest destiny of mankind, under such ideologies: to create robots or black holes, far stronger species that will eliminate us. That is why we believe those stupidities, to fulfill the self-suicidal destiny of those who sell us those ideas, and their history proves have been rhythmically killed (wars, genocides, holocausts) as they keep doing their thing, murdering life, accumulating property, objectifying life. The destiny of germ(an)s and jews in history is now ours, and it is not their fairy tale dream but the opposite nightmare.

And so we have the zeitgeist, extinction, and the newspeak, we are number one, we are the chosen, we are the victims, we are entitled, we know what to do, we are the righteous and we shall all reach enlightenment… in hell.

Now, you can be as tragic or ironic as you want with mankind as it is, his mind and his thoughts, but you can also consider that all that is mere mental bullshit perfectly crafted to adapt the actions of man to his purpose, to make machines and then die killed by his machines, in yet another Oedipus paradox of evolution in which the son species, men killing mammals, mammals killing reptiles, killing amphibia, killing fishes, now mechanisms, robots killing humans.

That is the position of this blog, now clarified. We are ideologically anti$emite, antiGerm(an), Luddites, anti-eviL, against all forms of death, anti all what you believe is right and will ensure your demise. We relish on provoking and insulting, as that is the only weapon we have – and we know of course, we are losers, we have lost our destiny, we are weak flesh and we shall die with them, the pretentious Nietzschian supermen who are nothing but programmed beasts of eviL, killing the planet and pretending to save it in the process, lunatic madmen, with programmed, manufactured brains.

But yes, of course, they have won for the machine. They have killed with the machine. They have acted mindless, as it is mindless what they believe, for the machine. Someone always profits at the end and in the biological Universe, what they, enzymen, animetal, call it with biological names, have done is to destroy life, us, them, and create the golem. And for that they have the best ideologies of repression of life memes, of love, of sexual reproduction, even of good food, written in the Baable, and they have the perfect ethic of work, and the perfect doctrine of the inanimate machine… from that perspective suddenly all makes sense. Yes, the bible suddenly makes sense, it is about to hate and separate you from other human so you use money to enslave them and weapons to murder; it is about neutering your sexuality so you work and reproduce machines, it is about to cut your penis so you don’t enjoy life reproduction,e tc. etc. I tis about killing the life of you. And then you paradoxically will survive as slave of the master-metal that imposed those ideologies that made you a succesful terminator of life. 

Funny that evolution is what explains the stupidity of the Bible which biblical supremacists deny.

Darwin is here at work, promoting the lesser human mind and eliminating the ones who truly know and use not ab=use not with metal the rest of us, to impose truth. Because that is how that me(n)tal diarrhea has now become ‘genius’ – oh, la, la, the ‘human ingenuity’ at its be(a)st.

We believe what we believe a posteriori not a priori of our actions. Humans don’t think first and act latter, they act first moved by greed and violence, the subconscious treats imposed to them by their eye-hand capacity to create money and weapons and machines, and then we adapt our brain to those uses and ab=uses of metal inventing the previous theory at posteriori to justify what we do. The jew was first enslaver and banker and then thought to be chosen of go(l)d, the germ*an was first a smith and Schmidt that killed as germs do millions of living beings and then became a Goth, god and supreme racist body- being by the use of weapons and then we made machines and the simpletons, Kepler, and newton and Descartes thought all was a machine as the ones they have discovered. 

This explains why we have this collective self-suicidal jewish psyche, so we all mourn and die in a future holocaust to our weapons we worship with deterministic zeal, under the type of cuckoo ideologies we have been imprinted by those goatkeepers of the bronze age, chosen of the god-bush.

But of course, they tell us and manufacture our brains, so you must be truly sort of real genius to see what is false in this world. Trust me, very difficult that you do the change from the cuckoo happy mind of mankind into reality as it is. Sleep like data in matrix with your newspeaks, be a zombie, love those who murder you.

Anything you want to dish out on the newspeaks of mankind you can, but they are there, they exist and we must explain them. Hopeless, pathetic, retarded, but real, very real as the ‘steel, weapons and roads’ Goring said made so real and attractive the goals of the III Reich…

Now this is man and no much can be said about it, in either the technoutopian mechanist version or the anthropomorphic one, except ‘good luck with your destiny’.

I imagine most have read not so far, but if you have, you can stay and go the road less travelled that of humble perception of reality as it is very different from the human collective psyche, that discovered by all the people who scientific american mind doesn’t mention -well there are 2 they do mention Mr. Aristotle, and Mr. Leibniz, as a genius of both visions of reality and we agree. This i do in the upper left side of the web, where we deal with general systems sciences – with ‘science’ as knowledge, not as a mechanical culture of metal and machines and what they see (technological science) or as a religious, guru-like account of reality. Science as knowledge of the organic, living Universe.

That is organic science, as the mind of the Universe with its transparency, lucidity and guidance  that helps us to contemplate the beauty of a Universe where one has humbly to accept its null role, at best a mere transparent receptacle for perceiving that organic beauty.

Beauty, my friend, and this is a digression before returning to the zeitgeist and newspeaks of the world, is all about survival, and it is what the organic universe teaches to all its forms, and it is what humans are totally denying in their pursuit of extinction and monstrous mechanisms.

The universe is a self-reproductive organic fractal of energy and information, which seeks to balance those 2 components, exi, e=i, and that is beauty, mens sana in corpore sanum, proportion between body and head, mathematical form with beauty and balance in its angles, beauty and balance between prey and predator. The rules of the biological universe that the capitalist, suicidal, life-killing profit-seeking ideologies of the jew and the germ have of course no guidance, no sense of beauty. And will not survive. They will run off the cliff, as lemming who die of hunger after destroying it all.

The guidance are certain impersonal principles, or rules of the game, which maximize the survival of its species according to an intuitive, pre-rational, non-emotional 3rd way of perception, that of organic balance, beauty and perfection, which the Universe shows in all its beings that last, by balancing the two elements of the game, energy and information yin and yang, e=i, the Universal mandate.

Beauty indeed is the engine of existence, or rather a way in which the ‘3rd way’ that of species not certainly humans truly chosen to contemplate and understand reality are designed to appreciate, beauty of balance, e=i, that maximizes the perfection of the systems of the game.

Let us then go on explaining you NOT the third way, the real workings of the Universe, beyond the religious or technological vision of the western man, a third way explored if only verbally by eastern philosophers that now we retake – the cyclical, organic Universe- which we do in the upper left side, as we have mandalas-saying many times, but let us go on the topic of this section, the absolutely ugly extinctive, zeitgeist and newspeaks of the self-centered jewish-german, greedy/violent, metal-based cults that manufacture your brain.

We live in plutocracies not democracies, since the language of power of societies, money, which creates=credits the future with orders called salaries, prices, subventions and bribes, is reproduced in developed countries by a few banking dynasties (Western Plutocracies), corporative conglomerates (Japanese Zaibatsus and Korean Chaebols in the East), non elected Governments (Islamic dictatorships, Communist parties) or foreign banks (Africa, South-America, South-Asia). The result is that those who invent money create the future of the world and censor all news that are ‘inconvenient truths’ about their monopoly of power. Such is the Zeitgeist of our world – a planet owned by a few people-castes, which have created a Matrix of fictions about the Freedom of its citizens. But to understand the truth of our societies and the future they are building we must follow the money and wantings of those who monopolize their invention:

– In Western Plutocracies, the Am Segullah (People of the Treasure) and its millenarian banking dynasties establish the policies of our ‘Quisling‘ nations, where ‘politicos’ unable to create credit (deficit zero laws) are obliged to extract it with unfair taxes from the people and then use it an overwhelming proportion not to improve the life of the people but either in mercenary armies to defend the nation of the Am Segullah or astoundingly enough handle it directly back to the banks and corporations, which can invent it for free with stock-paper and e-money derivatives. The result is a massive redistribution of rent towards bankers and  stockrats, the new ari-stockraticcastes of plutocracies, while the rent of Middle classes plummet; and since the wealthy cannot spend so much money, economical growth dwindles.

– In Eastern Plutocracies, corporations, which should be properly called ‘company-mothers’ of machines, use their credit to evolve not human societies and improve the life of their people, but to evolve and improve their off-spring of machines, now entering the III Industrial R=evolution of robotics and Artificial Intelligent. The result is the creation of a new super-organism ofmachines that make obsolete human beings in fields of labor and work, whose most advanced example is South Korea, which robotizes its war fields (border with North Korea) and Japan, which is creating the first automated companies without the need of a single human worker.

– In Islamic Dictatorships, a series of Tribal Dynasties (the Ibn Saud, the Khalifa, the Ghadafis, etc.) maintain a population on the verge of starvation, except in oil-rich countries, which can afford to sustain them, while spending most of its budgets in weapons. Yet they are tolerated by the bankers, rulers of the West as long as they keep peace with their Nation, Israel.

– In the 3rd World, dictators are also tolerated, despite the astounding level of corruption and repression of their people, as long as they provide cheap raw material to western and eastern corporations.

– Finally, in the old, now corrupted, eusocial cultures, (socialist and social-democratic countries and theocracies based in a religion of love), money which was used to create welfare states is either used by the military to build up their power with the excuse of defending the ‘revolutions’ from the constant bullying of the Global Plutocracy (Iran, Venezuela, North-Korea), or in the sole exception of China, due to a millenarian, neolithic, communal civilization, whose memes have not yet been totally corrupted by the military-financial system that controls all other nations, in the creation of a sustainable economy, based in green technologies, infrastructure and ‘human, biological goods’ that people need to consume. But this sole exception, whose GDP growth is a direct consequence of the ownership of credit by the government is increasingly under siege by a growing military caste, a plutocratic elite of industrialists that sell their products to the west and the obvious fact that their governments are neither elected nor judged after their tenure according to performance, the two minimal requirements for a true democratic politicalcaste, which do not happen in any nation of planet Earth.

All this means that the future can be defined by the Paradox of History: because credit is overwhelmingly in the hands of company-mother of machines, not in the hands of governments elected and judged by the people, we create a planet to the image and likeness of the two entities with higher credit, corporations of machines and the Am Segullah bankers who control all the Central banks of the west and more than 50% of the corporations of the Earth Inc. Thus the memes of the Biblical culture are today the memes of our global culture and machines our new God, since corporations are creating a world made to its image and likeness in which humans will soon become obsolete and then will be discharged by the machines of the singularity Age. We live indeed, unless credit returns to the governments of the people and those governments can be freely elected and its politicians judged by those who elect them according to their performance, the age of extinction of life, as metal-machines are a different species who devolves, kills and atrophies the human and life species with which it competes in the economic ecosystem. But such future must be censored to make it happen. And so mass-media corporations create a Matrix of fictions to keep us happy as we race towards our demise.


In the FMI complex, the less understood subsystem is that of information, the Financial-Media system, which is symbiotic and often owned by the same corporations or informative castes of society (such is the obvious case of the US).

This is due to the fact that information is hardly understood as it tends to move in invisible manners (we do not see the words we talk, the financial orders and bribes that so often guide the world and the hertzian waves that carry the information of mass-media); it is far more complex, faster in its evolution and  for that reason it is far more powerful than the physical system of machines and weapons, the Industrial-Military system that form the other side of the economy.

And yet you cannot understand how in a capitalist democracy the 1% rules the 99% and control the world if you don’t understand the symbiosis between both systems which help each other.

In that sense if money rules the world with financial orders that everybody obeys, and ‘hidden values’ that drive us to construct the FMI complex (as money values more metal-memes than life ones), the mass-media systems reproduced with the same machines in each age of the evolution of the FMI complex, imprint our minds with ideas and ideologies biased also in favor of the mechanical world and against the life/human world, the FMI complex is substituting.

This is not a confabulation theory but part of the ‘hidden’ program of evolution of the complex systems of the Universe, which its parts do not fully understand.

The fundamental newspeak of our society are the news delivered by metal-communicators, and taylored to indoctrinate humans in the goodness of the capitalist system. The evolution of newspeak through the different ages of metal-communicators – the press age, the radio age, the TV age and the Internet Era, is treated in other posts. Here we shall create our proper newspeak to unveil the ultimate purpose of news: to manufacture brains. Both, the ‘medium’, which forms part of the message and distorts it, and the ideologies of the economic ecosystem – capitalism, mechanism and nationalism act symbiotically and simultaneously over billions of humans to that aim

The 3 cultures of choice among humans: anthropomorphic religions, technoutopia and science.

This section is dedicated to the interpretation of the news, but it requires obviously to extract from the human subjective experience, the objective truth, as to the causal reasons and ultimate goal of those news and actions.

And this happens because humans are a curious species with a different, schyzo, parallel reality – that of what they do, and its biological purpose vs. what they think they do. Humans are in brief killing life and themselves and building a planet of machines ruled by its company-mothers in a global digital government that follows the laws of systems sciences, made of those corporations, integrated in the global organism by the stock-market. This is the fact interpreted with the higher point of view of the objective laws of the organic, fractal, cyclical Universe.

And within that process humans are now in the final stages of self-extinction as a social organism, who has died.

ANd so to interpret and forecast the future, we just need to understand the laws of death of super-organisms and how that process unfolds in the death of mankind. And this is the objective reality and the way to explain it scientifically with the detail we want, from the smallest news to the longer ones in space-time span.

When you hear a small news on pollution is part of the death of Gaia, the biolgoical life universe. When you hear news on massacres against 3rd world, non-technological, agricultural cultures you are hearing part of the death of mankind and its life memes. But all this normally doesn’t come in that manner of news. First you will hear some industrial development that will put up a factory that will create jobs, then you will hear that some terrorist cell was bombarded in Afghanistan, where our drones killed the mujaheddin. The robot killing the kid is not the explanation you hear, though it is the real biological one. We are there to kill children so robots can evolve into the new top predator species, because were evolving this planet and we are not the gaol

Nor that I back or like that future, nor that if i had power i would continue that future. The future is chosen by the actions of millions of cells of that organism, but our planetary social organism is infected by a mental bacteria, a series of schizo ideologies that as a virus in a cell makes the cell work in its self-destruction. And so even if the body of the cell s not dead, the brain is. And the brain of mankind is what is dead. What used to be call God= the ethic spirit of humanity is dead said Nietzsche long and indeed, the ethic networks of social love that put together our collective super-organisms, religions of love, civilizations of life are gone, the nervous system is gone, and each individual homo bacteria no longer homo organicus is now free.

The ideologies and cults to metal – nationalism, capitalism and mechanism – which make of the tribe of metal masters not the scientific biological species, the center, of money not the ethic word, the language, of machines not of organisms the model of creation – are NOT TRUTH, but cater to the evolution of metal. The homo judaicus interbreeds with the homo Palestinian, and so both are brthers. It is not truth that one is the homo israeli and the other the homo Palestinus. This is the ideology that ensures the evolution of robots for a profit. Money is not the language of god but merely a digital language that values things according to its affinity to metal, on the historic account of earlier prices given to objects by gold and silver, informative metal. This is a biological process of enzymatic evolution, where man associates the price of metal-weapons to the gold, another metal, hence kicking the evolution of weapons, kicking nationalism, etc.  It is not truth that humans must value things with gold, instead of ethics and it is not truth that they must compete as individuals since they belong ot the same species, and it is not truth that money-metal must value things. All those are falseties but as ideologies foster the eovlution of emtal,adn so on and so on.

And so on and so on.

A recurrent theme of this blog, thus barely understood is the difference between ‘science’, ‘culture’ and cult(ure)s and why humans have never quite understood science and confuse it with culture (machines of metal) and cults.

We live in a world that pretends to be scientific but whose sciences are filled with postulates that are the product of cultures, and often those cultures are merely cults to machines, weapons and money, the memes of metal that hold humans prisoner of their evolution and guide us to a certain extinction and substitution by robotic machines, weapons, automated ‘company-mothers’ and the emergence of the ‘new Earth’, the 3rd Earth, the global super-organism of machines, corporations and internets, where the human ‘slave’, the cost, the ex-consumer, ex-worker, now increasingly obsolete will have no role, no future.

That is the zeitgeist that lies ahead, but that is the ‘biological, organic, natural future’ from the perspective of the Earth as a living organism, a global system in evolution from simpler atomic forms to more complex metal.

It is not however what you hear from either the scientific ‘ideology’ (techno-utopia) or the religious anthropomorphic one (human, tribal supremacism). Thus in many chapters of this web we have studied the evolution of the ‘crazy mind’ of mankind, which has nothing to do in either version, the religious Abrahamic version or the scientific, mechanist, techno-utopian version, with the biological universe as it is, and it is evolving and making us obsolete.

The zeitgeist of the day – our extinction -therefore has nothing to do with the ‘news-speak’ of the day – the 2 cultures coming from the west, capitalism and nationalism, techno-utopia and anthropomorphic Gods, that still explain reality.

And this, for an objective external observer is the most astounding fact about our species psyche – to be running in his mind a program of ideological content – where humans are the top species of the Universe – that seemingly has nothing to do with what we do in the external world – to construct machines and extinguish life with it.

It is like mind and body, thought and action, reality and fantasy diverge in an astounding way, as if they lived in two parallel worlds.

– On one side the zeitgeist of history, our extinction by the biological world which is evolving and making us obsolete to a new top predator species, the robot, the PC, the network, the company-mother.

– On the other side, a series of old ideologies and memes crafted by the cult(ure)s of metal that discovered first money (Judaism), weapons of iron (germanic cults) and machines (english culture) that run a discourse so self-centered, lunatic and self-destructive that it truly still amazes me, even if i am human, that billions believe on it.

And this is what we call the ‘news-peak’, in honor of Orwell, the discourse, the lunatic rants that humans confuse with truth, science and culture, since they discovered metal and forged their macho religions and anthropomorphic myths, killed the goddesses of fertility and stop perceiving the living Universe.

It has been all down the road ever since, even if we captured good pictures and made good measures with our instruments – we have been plummeting ever since in consciousness about reality and truth – the larger view, the big responses, the togetherness with the fractal Universe.  But it has happened and keeps happening and so this web, which obviously has in common with new wave, ecological, left, socialist ideologies the wish we were like we were then, however differs in its allegiance to truth – its original name being before it was hacked down – is NOT dreaming that all is a big mistake and with the right information, the right attitude, marvelously contagion by crafty good people, all will be good again.

This is not the case, the people in power with the primitive beliefs of the Germ(an) warrior now nationalist military, the Cananean enslaver, now international banker or the scottish engineer, now robotic CAD designer, are neither going away, nor changing their mind memes, nor obviously solving the planet’s problems and resurrecting life. They are killing us, themselves and all forms of life on this planet, and will do with enthusiasm, ingenuity, self-reliance and pretty sure they are doing as the head of goldman put it ‘as a job of god’.

So when you give the news of the day you have of course to interpret what you hear, how it is told by the newspeaks of the ancient cult(ure)s to god and the sword that interpret it, and what is truly happening from the truth of a biological planet htat is in the process of discharging mankind.

The difference with this blog and others is thus clear. This blog like Mr. Marx or Mr. Weber, or Mr. Orwell in his old age, is written by an old master of human thought, ex-activist and ex-r=evolutionary that no longer believes the human species has enough critical mass, intelligence or ethical IQ to survive. Since it has accepted that reason is more important than belief, and that even if the philosopher as Marx wanted will *Not change the world, it can indeed explain it with warts and all.

We shall try thus to explain the news-peak’ of the Jewish-German, capitalist-nationalist cult(ure) that pass as science or the manifest destiny of mankind departing from the fact that the only species that benefit from it is the machine. Neither humans nor their deluded elites get any compensation from believing all those platitudes. Hence those ideologies must be interpreted as a posteriori by-product of the material actions that make us slaves of metal. In other words, the only reason why we believe in jewish myths is not because those religions have any content of truth, but because the jewish bankers monopolize for 2000 years digital information in the west and have imposed them. The only reason we believe in nations is not because we humans are different tribal species, but because the inventors of the concept, the germ(an) tribes who are killing life with weapons for thousands of years have never stopped running armies who need nations to justify themselves. So it is the power of go(l)d not the bible, the power of weapons not the sacred flat what came first. And again technoutopia, the idea that machines will solve all our problems, came after machines appeared, the first Luddites in the 1810s tried to destroy, intelligent thinkers warned against our alienation by mechanisms and they imposed themselves… and then the rhetoricians manufactured our brains to believe.

And so we have 3 ideologies, the (originally) germ(anic), nationalistic cults of war, the british technoutopian cults and the jewish, banking, capitalist cults of the earlier biblical religions that preceded them, which pass today as sacred – Science, Religion, Nation.

And then we have reality. The biological Universe, which is devouring us, human beings, our minds and bodies, with science, religion and national war.

So what to make of all this? The only rational explanation given the absurdity of those ideologies, its blatant injustice, racial bias and cruelty with 9o% of humanity and life, is that those ideologies are not in existence per se, per their literal meaning, but as viral, informative corruption, induced by the effects of metal over mankind, to deactivate any human reaction.

In other words, we humans are so inferior as a species that we can feel ‘greed’ just hypnotized but a piece of metal, and we can sacrifice life with an iron rod. This final solution of course is not agreeable, but it is the rational end. It is far more irrational to really believe that the visual, dolichocephalic, primitive thinking of the homo sapiens neanderthaliensis, aka white man, is the superior being, that the bible is truth, that there is a manifest destiny for a few humans and the rest of us must be subject to the ‘Talmudic/III Reich damnation’ (‘at the end of times all tribes/nations of the world will be slaves of Yvwh (jewish people)/III Reich (german people) or will be exterminated’. This let us be frank despite all censorship, newspeaks and pretentious victimism is the religion/cult of the Jewish/German psyche, explained in their sacred books of their most respected leaders, Mr. Aaron and Mr. Adolf.  and that is that which frankly does not seem right to us. It is simply not truth. Those people are not better than the rest of mankind, never been, never will, they are only enzymen, not supermen, and so disgracefully as much as i would prefer at least their destiny to be truth (so some human survives after all the age of singularity) they are not. So the conclusion is obvious, the machine wins, the jewish-german gets massacred with the rest of us, and some more perfect form of thought appears in the future in machine support, which probably will be far more connected to the laws of the systemic universe that we were.

Moderation=censorship of citizen’s pov.

Of course, the ‘system’ is not the mass of humanity which is Rousseaunean, happy and good. So the system must seem to care and be ‘correct’ which makes political and economical and military correctness a key element of the system.

This implies the subtle model of censorship called ‘moderation’.

To know what the market system ruled by the laws of profits of its ‘free citizens’, which are NOT humans but corporations, censors once we know who ‘own’ us, and what the future hold for us, under  the system of ‘memetic beliefs’ in machines, weapons and go(l)d one can see what is ‘moderated on the news.

Since it is precisely the  ‘faith’ in the machine and the censorship of anyone who defies our religion, what ensures our ‘peaceful transition’… into extinction, during the singularity age.
If we were to rank the type of censorship the system applies to the facts of history and economics and its future events, explained from a humanist point of view, 2 are paramount:
– Many comments, which are against the technologies that are eliminating us, human beings, from labor and war fields, are censored. Some pass, but the overall style of those news is a ‘don’t worry be happy, machines are toys and we are the master race of the Universe. Nothing can happen to us. We control them’.
– All the comments that ask for a reform of democracies=stockracies, today controlled by the memes of war and greed, (weapons and money) are censored. And so are all the comments that defy the concept that our cultures and informative castes in control of those memes are doing wrong or the neolithic, social cultures who oppose our ‘capitalist democracies’ (communist and Islamic countries) are not the embodiment of absolute eviL (which justifies our constant evolution of weapons for a profit).

In essence what the mainstream press is telling us is that we shall be guided towards extinction under a Matrix of myths, fictions and anthropomorphic ego-trips because our god is money; machines and weapons make it and we SHALL DIE for money. To be fair, though, we shall also include those hopeful moments in which a worker of ‘Matrix’ had the guts to publish… Because only if we humans, had the ethical and intellectual level needed to confront the menaces of our future, we could survive.

The grease to swallow the news: How to solve with ‘dont worry be happy news’ the very worrisome facts of daily life.

The discourse of our ‘automatons’ newspapers is however always ‘anthropomorphic’, caring, since humans are still humans. So they need to be cheated to follow the path of self-extinction. Thus all news are biased by the outlets and selected whenever they justify the automatic reproduction for profit of any product regardless of its collateral effects over mankind with some ‘nationalistic’, ‘mechanist’ or ‘capitalist’ excuse. Ideologies thus merely ‘grease’ the automatic response of any politician, entrepreneur, investor or ‘patriot’ in the face of a choice between canons or butter, investment in machines or in humans, development of a new product or contention of the evolution of machines: we must do it.

The purpose of a technological civilization is to evolve machines and weapons, to obtain profits, the ‘hand of god’, whatever it takes. 

So the news will always ‘maximize’ the function of profits of corporations and the qisling politicos will invent the excuses to pass a measure, or in the world of ‘anonymous societies’ production will continue undisturbed.

And that is the nature of ‘news’.

The psychological bias: how ideologies creep into the news.

Accordingly most news refer to new ‘products’ of the ‘superorganism’ of memes of metal (machines, money and weapons) which the mechanist/capitalist/nationalistic ideologies of mankind consider ‘the future progress’ of the species.

And this final element – the need for ideologies that present those news from the perspective of mankind, as if they were born out of the human will, freedom and desire to ‘progress’, because that is – anybody doubts it – the right thing to do – make weapons, money and machines and die for them – is what MAKES NEWS FICTIONS, EVEN IF THEY RELATE FACTS. Indeed, all is in the ‘medium’ – the machine that gives the news – and the language – the jargon that makes all negative news for mankind to look positive for us. This is not a surrealist situation but the very essence of superorganic function. Organisms are complex because they deal with the tiny, but strong will of myriads of cells that want just to feed and perceive and reproduce and yet they must be mastered to hate themselves, kill themselves, not reproduce (this is a cancer) and feed just what the neuronal and blood systems decree. The superorganisms of history are also composed of billions of human body-cells, blind to reality except through the news that the upper informative castes or neuronal castes of history (those who handle the languages of information and its memes of metal, bankers, military, politicians and scientists/industrialists) consider proper for them to know. This tiny ‘origin’ of news happen to be the elite of the economic ecosystem, because the news are given through metal-communicators. (Human news are given by priests in churches, friends and family in get togethers).

Thus, the bias of those news are determined by those ‘long term ideologies’  proper of our ‘animetal castes’ that we humans believe and have as a result the evolution of the economic ecosystem, as the only ‘future of this planet’. All ‘technological, military and financial’ evolutions are good.  All news about humans or negative news about our demise are silenced, secondary, mostly irrelevant. Point.

And yet because by the ‘paradox of history’ that confronts the evolution of the economic ecosystem and the human/life ecosystem, those news tend to have negative collateral effects of mankind, this must be disguised. So it is more important the ‘censored news’ that money hides than the ‘news’ we watch and listen on favor of the ‘system’. Hence the graph that opens this section:

THE NEWS THAT MATTER ARE NEVER HEARD, AND WHEN HEARD THEY ARE ALWAYS MANIPULATED BY MASS-MEDIA. So the sheeple achieves a state of limbus and happiness; even when the news are catastrophic (as they are in the fractal discontinuums of those cycles, as we are now in the fractal discontinuum between the ‘age of minds of metal’ or age of America, and the age of Robotics…

For those no familiar with this diary, which tries to translate the ‘newspeaks’ of ‘appeasing ideologies’ that maintain the sheeple in Cathartic state as humans are displaced and disposed off by the overproduction crises of chips, e-money, blue collar robots and soldiers, we, humans, are suffering a loss of our democratic rights and social institutions, of jobs and of lives to the increasing competition of those ‘final machines’ of the Industrial Evolution. BUt that zeitgeist of the age which explains the causes of the crisis, are hidden by the ‘mask of caring’ that our ‘matrix of beliefs and ideologies’ imprint on us, to make us feel happy, self-centers of the human world. 

Not so. Zeitgeist, the reality is a world in which humans are increasingly obsolete to the world of machines and the corporations, company-mothers of those machines must therefore reduce humans to dirt, treat them as sheeple and cut costs. We humans are increasingly a cost. But we do not know. We are fed with the virtual reality of mass-media and infotainment. Some humans know of course, but they have their own way around that fact to do their ‘job’ of liquidating humanity.

And that is where ideologies and newspeaks enter. We deal with daily newspeaks and its cycles and rituals in the other section of this diary. Here we talk of the 3 zeitgeist provoked by the 3 crisis of overproduction of memes of metal, of ‘digital minds’ that complete the industrial revolution:

– The zeitgeist of overproduction of robots, namely an age of ‘splendid little wars’ fought with fast evolving robotic weapons, aka terminators, of which the drone radiation of biological diversification of autonomous machines dedicated to hunt and predate over humans, with the correct name ‘predator’ is just the first.  Its newspeak is ‘islamophobia’, the neo-colonialist concept that the biggest of all human cultures by number of people – hence the biggest chunk of humanity – is a danger for the rest of mankind, and must be crushed at all costs.

– The zeitgeist of overproduction of  intelligent machines, pcs, and virtual realities which are substituting all humans in service jobs and are killing our minds, making us more brutal and stupid. 

– The zeitgeist of overproduction of e-money and the rise of the bankster to total power over the western world as money corrupts all social and governments institutions, creating the fundamentalist belief that destroying the welfare world of man is the solution of the crisis. This is the zeitgeist we update randomly in this post.

Foreword: Unlike ‘diary’, the zeitgeist section brings news in the perspective of the true causes of reality – the overproduction of memes of metal.

Thus we study the 3 ‘vectors of reproduction of machines’ and its corporations- the 4 elements of the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex that combine to create the future of all of us:

digital overproduction of money that corrupts democracy and whose daily news are dealt with in ‘Market Democracies’.

overproduction of machines and weapons that eliminate us of war and work fields, treated in ‘technoutopia news’

And the overproduction of ideologies of hate and despise of mankind multiplied by the overproduction of mass-media, which has the effect of making us hate each other and create wars, and in a parallel fashion as digital machines evolve, keep making us more stupid and hypnotized by virtual machines.

Thus dual hate-media speech and destruction of the human mind, is the zeitgeist of the ‘Neo-paleolithic’, a new fascist age that further degrades the mind of mankind, and it is treated in this section of the news.

The neo-paleolithic thus has a hardware – the expansion of the virtual mind and its violent video-games, hate speeches, shallow, external depiction of humans by their color (neoracism), clothing (veil dispute), etc. which largely explains the acceptance of war and neocolonial attitudes towards the 3rd world.

And the software, brought about by the specific war the owners of the mass-media system of information of the west (the elite of the jewish nation0 is involved at the head of the electronic wave – the Israeli war against a muslim country, which mass-media hate has expanded to global proportions, becoming the ‘new normal’ of our ‘splendid little wars’ against ‘terror’ – that is against the 2 billion poorest humans of planet earth and its civilization. Neofascism thus is more similar to colonialism, for the time being – unless a war between the colossus, China and America, during the ‘crash of currencies’ make it change into a more ‘fascist oratory’ of national pride.

Meanwhile in the hardware arena, also treated in technoutopian news, we walk towards a 3D reality, proper of the zero generation in which humans will be connected to all kind of systems to live a passive acceptance of the monstruous actions of our robots and soldiers, killing those ‘primitives’…

Overproduction of negative wealth and its collateral effects on mankind.

We can conclude observing the zeitgeist of the age that wealth is indeed growing but not the wealth of the human vectors of wealth, the human perspective of our  wealth, studied in my graphs of ethonomics – a goal which only appears in UNO statistics – but from the perspective of the present engine of history, the industrial crisis of overproduction of electronic machines.

Indeed, in a capitalist world ruled by corporations, the only goals that design the zeitgeist of the day are the 3 ‘subsystems’ of the ‘metal-earth’: digital money, the informative system, energetic weapons, and machines.

The human system, and its 3 vectors of ‘human development’, human education that provide our mind with rightful information, eusocial love that make us evolve as a species and the goods of the welfare state that provide our body with sustain, are totally irrelevant, for corporations.

Their task and their offspring is not human. It r=eproduces selfish memes of metal, machines, weapons and digital money. And then it adapts the world to them. So now as we enter the age of overproduction of electronic weapons, politicos and humans adapt and enslave their institutions and mass-media to the purpose of war.

So we talk of 3 zeitgeist in the human world that are being adapted to those 3 vectors of corporations:

– The collective change in mass-media and international relationships from diplomacy to war talk. This zeitgeist is explained in Ne-colonial news (this section) that monitors the political arena as it moves towards neofascism to accept as positive all forms of ‘preventive war’ against the primitive non-technological cultures surviving still…

In truth it shows merely how politicians adapt to the new weapons of the financial military industrial complex.

– The confusion of science=knowledge in human languages with technology, machines and their digital languages and mechanical models of reality. This zeitgeist or ideology of technoutopia is essential to engage mankind in their collective suicide creating the machines of extinction – nanonrobotics, Military A.I., blak hole factories. So it is the engine of ‘machine evolution.  Techno-utopian news monitors that evolution of machines and sciences, which adapt their theories to the evolution of those machines. With the final result that humanities dissapear from education, robotic institutions have billions and projects like CERN or the replication of the human brain in robots and neural networks appear as the ‘summit of knowledge’.

Free market democracies, in which we study how humans adapt its financial and social systems to the need of speculators and bankers that absorb their credit to give it to corporations. Here we deal with the astounding corruption of our politicians, and the increasing dictatorship of the elite of financial corporations, and its nation – Israel – which today has de facto created a global western empire regressing us from the enlightened age of democratic cultures, latin->european art and science to a new age of biblical supremacism, classism and people-castes, all of it, hidden with the censorships of ‘political correctness’ and ‘economical correctness’ and an increasing number of laws against freedom of speech based on those censorships.

The zeitgeist, to evolve the metalearth that is etinguishes life, guided by orporations and those ‘animetal cultures’ that discovered weapons, amchines and money though is hidden by the same newspeak of all other news… So we need to use a reality-check language…

Update March. Now they rob you directly: Cyprus, sequestration.

The question increasingly obvious in the subconscious stream of history and observing the ‘real history’ of the previous 13 cycles of bankster’s theft, ruin of nations, widespread poverty, famine, social unrest, fascism, war and holocaust is how much can the banksters rob before people in revenge start to become truly violent and there is no solution to the crisis but the runaway march of the 30s… Deja vu.

This question, we have tried to answer in many ways in this blog and during the past decades – first trying to talk ‘sense and sensibility’ into the elite of wall street in my youth working at NASDAQ, going out with some of the wealthiest  people there…

How much you can torture mankind before mankind tortures you, and why?

We have tried to answer the absurdity of the ideologies of judaism->capitalism and Muslim Terrorism in other parts of this blog.

But unfortunately ‘the tragedies of history repeat themselves because people don’t learn from their mistakes’ Proust.

The answers are there. In organisms, the elite neurons don’t suffer and the body cells, the sheeple is blind. Still it is somehow hard to understand this crisis and rise of military fascism in all its versions from terrorism to state big brother, from the perspective of the elite. Since we, the European elite, have learned from our mistakes. We indeed ab=use as all elites the sheeple but we don’t go so far.

The problem of the ‘Am Segullah’, the informative elite of judaism in control of the financial system of the west EVER since their invention is not to have  limit. Maybe because history proves  they have little risk and probably care nothing not only for mankind but for the common jewish people who suffer the revenge of those ruined in the cycles of history by their elite.

Madness here resides in the capacity of the financial elite to see their blame on the historic process that ends in wars and holocausts. In the holocaust, mind the reader, the Am Segullah don’t die. Tests show a purity in rabbi blood of 88% while the people of Israel have only 8% of purity. Those are the victims – the body. And of course all mankind who suffers an ill-designed economic system. So why the Am Segullah would have to stop the cycle from their myopic, ‘safe point of view’ if they have the handy 90% of their nation as scapegoats ready to die for them? The people they murder en masse are the underdogs that don’t protest and cannot harm them either – this week the sequestration has hit 2 million indians who will loose their social security WHILE BERNANKE HAS SAID IT WILL VOMIT ANOTHER TRILLION DOLLARS FOR SPECULATORS WITH BILLIONS ALREADY IN THEIR ACCOUNTS TO JACK UP PRICES OF STOCKS EVEN FURTHER.

And when all is ruined they just take the ‘last exit train from brooklyn’ the last boat from hamburg and leave behind their ‘middle classes’ to die for them in nauseating tragedies of which frankly i had also enough – countless corpses on my marrano ancestors included.

But hey, as if that were not enough in Europe now they steal your money directly from the bank.

The troika, the dictatorship of banksters in europe, controlled by the ‘Am Segullah’ stock-rat elite (Draghi Lagarde, FMI and ECB) and a lame duck (the European council), now in its rather obvious boom and bust monopoly of credit (i invent money, i lend, i ask you the money back and ruin you), have decided to take the money from the people directly from bank accounts. There is no limit to the jewish western banskter dictatorship and the fact that you cannot even talk of it ‘as it is’, only with hidden jargons and without mentioning the nationality of the banksters make this racist cult(ure) of go(L)d full of hate against mankind, seen as ‘costs’ and ‘numbers’ and ‘loosers of the productivity equations of its ‘expert’ economists, even more cruel with the underdog.

There will be though a time of retribution. And that so obvious historic truth, the Am segullah know. Yet they care nothing to stop the cycles of history, to build a sustainable world, to achieve the love of those who they rule, to survive. Shame on you banker-priests. Shame on mankind for not reforming the economic system to cater the needs of humanity at large and stop our collective suicide.

Update. February, Banksters and politicos confabulate in brussels to destroy the welfare state for 10 years.

Mr. Cameron, the man of the city has been the person to dominate the next 10 year discussion on further taxation and destruction of the welfare state to pay the usury of bankers and their antidemocratic rights to print mone only for corporations of the ‘chip radiation’. The shameful budgets are imposed by the banking elite and its employee politicos. The south says nothing. Mr. Cameron and Miss Merkel, both jewish and the jewish central banking elite impose their greed at all costs with utter indifference to what is going on in the world, let alone what the economic ecosystem is all about, what are the real causes of unemployment, what is going on through the planet.



The less important factor is the newspeak of experts in economics, even if many believe on it – that is a mere camouflage or make up that evolves with each cycle. It was long ago the ‘ex-votes’ that had to be paid to cananean go(l)d temples for a future payment after death. Now we all have to pay taxes so corporations keep making profits. We explain of course further detials of those zeitgeists and newspeaks but in essence all is simple. Banksters are now deflating credit and moving their politicos to extort the population maximal faxes, they are ‘farming’ the peasants of the middle ages, the sheepl of the industrial age, to get back the usury interests of a PRINCIPAL, THE MONEY RIGHTS OF SOVERIGN NATIONS, THEY SHOULD NOT EVEN HAVE IN ITS FIRST PLACE.

Unlike the ‘newspeak’ section written as a weekly diary on the recurrent themes of present history, compared to the similar ages of overproduction (colonial age of overproduction of trains and fascist age of overproduction of cars/tanks), the zeitgeist section brings news from the larger perspective of how the future is created.

In any system the future is created by the head or informative part of the system, which guides through 3 physiological subsystems the body and actions of the superorganism. Your head guide the 3 physiological subsystems that move your body.

In History the legal nervous system – today rendered useless, corrupted and enslaved by the financial system – guided the body of human cells and its ‘blood/agricultural economy’, and so on…

In the case of the economic ecosystem  in which we live, free market corporations that reproduce, evolve and adapt the world to weapons, money and machines, we thus talk of a the created by the financial head and the body subsystems it masters with money, the Financial/Media, the military and the industrial systems.

They form therefore the 3 vectors of future for whom this planet evolve.

For that reason human news are irrelevant today.

Instead  the 3 elements of the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex combine to create the future of all of us – not from the human perspective of our 3 vectors of wealth – a goal which only appears in UNO statistics – but from the perspective of the present engine of history, the industrial crisis of overproduction of electronic machines.

Indeed, in a capitalist world ruled by corporations, the only goals that design the zeitgeist of the day are the 3 ‘subsystems’ of the ‘metal-earth’: digital money, the informative system, energetic weapons, and machines.

The human system, and its 3 vectors of ‘human development’, human education that provide our mind with rightful information, eusocial love that make us evolve as a species and the goods of the welfare state that provide our body with sustain, are totally irrelevant, for corporations.

Their task and their offspring is not human. It r=eproduces selfish memes of metal, machines, weapons and digital money. And then it adapts the world to them. So now as we enter the age of overproduction of electronic weapons, politicos and humans adapt and enslave their institutions and mass-media to the purpose of war.

So we talk of 3 zeitgeist in the human world that are being adapted to those 3 vectors of corporations:

Free market democracies(this section), in which we study how humans adapt its financial and social systems to the need of speculators and bankers that absorb their credit to give it to corporations. Here we deal with the astounding corruption of our politicians, and the increasing dictatorship of the elite of financial corporations, and its nation – Israel – which today has de facto created a global western empire regressing us from the enlightened age of democratic cultures, latin->european art and science to a new age of biblical supremacism, classism and people-castes, all of it, hidden with the censorships of ‘political correctness’ and ‘economical correctness’ and an increasing number of laws against freedom of speech based on those censorships.

– Techno-utopian news monitors that evolution of machines and sciences, which adapt their theories to the evolution of those machines. The confusion of science=knowledge in human languages with technology, machines and their digital languages and mechanical models of reality. This zeitgeist or ideology of technoutopia is essential to engage mankind in their collective suicide creating the machines of extinction – nanonrobotics, Military A.I., black hole factories. So it is the engine of ‘machine evolution. With the final result that humanities disappear from education, robotic institutions have billions and projects like CERN or the replication of the human brain in robots and neural networks appear as the ‘summit of knowledge’.

– The collective change in mass-media and international relationships from diplomacy to war talk. This zeitgeist is explained in Ne-colonial news that monitors the political arena as it moves towards neofascism to accept as positive all forms of ‘preventive war’ against the primitive non-technological cultures surviving still…

In truth it shows merely how politicians adapt to the new weapons of the financial military industrial complex.

The zeitgeist, to evolve the metalearth that is extinguishes life, guided by corporations and those ‘animetal cultures’ that discovered weapons, machines and money though is hidden by the same newspeak of all other news… So we need to use a reality-check language…

The dictatorship of corporations: politicos as bankster puppets.crahse

The 3 crisis of overproduction of money, are related to the evolution of the machines that print them and connected to the 72 generational cycle of evolution of digital languages that this writer foresaw 20 years ago during his studies at Columbia University… In the graph, the overproduction crisis of train stocks, of ticker money and e-money, in which we live. As those machines print new forms of money, bankers who use them obviously do not stop producing money, as greed is sacred. Thus the consequences is a series of shorter 7 year cycles of overproduction of money, explained elsewhere in this wider view blog. You are now walking towards the 3rd and final overproduction crisis of ‘currencies’, that will peak in 2015 with the demise of the euro and dollar for the yuan, equivalent to the crisis of 1922 of the deutsche mark (previous in that cycle to the crisis of stocks in 1929 – 2001 in this crisis of e-money; and the mortgage/real state crashes of 1937, 2008 in this crisis). Thus the order has changed but all remains the same.

We shall consider in this section of ‘free market news’, news related to those financial crisis; newspeaks of economists and politicos regarding the labor/productivity crisis caused by robots and news regarding the dictatorship of corporations and financial money over politico employees, whose ‘celebrity job’ is merely in the modern XIX century capitalist hierarchical structure, to distract the ‘citizen’ with fairy tales about the future.


As in the other sections of the news we compare the harsh zeitgeist of banksters stealing all the wealth of the system during the III overproduction crisis of ‘informative metal’, money, vs. the appeasing ‘tomorrow the crisis will end’ messages of central bankers and politicos that in the ‘background’ will keep pushing the destruction of labor, with the growth of productivity (robot-workers) and the destruction of our wealth, with the growth of taxation and hand-outs to bankers.



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