Brain: World$tock

The stock-market, the brain of the economy.

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“The World stock-market, the reproductive brain of the economy, systematically favors the reproduction of metal-goods over Human Goods, which are scarce, as humans lack direct credit and all the money is created for and by corporations for its small elite of stock-rats which merely enjoy life as the automated systems of reproduction of machines ‘do their bidding’:

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We live in a World ruled by digital languages, and their species, mechanical herds. That is our present reality. A world ruled by scientific machines, stockratswho worship technology andcompany-mothers that terraform the Earth into a new organic ecosystem, the Metal-earth.

How that construction takes place?

It is directed by an organism of reproduction, the company-mother, which has diversified into multiple species, each one in charge of reproducing an organic machine. To do so, however as any reproductive process, a language of reproduction, ‘a genetic language’ able to give orders to the elements fo the reproductive process is needed.

In the Metal-earth, that language is digital money  , a language of information processed by ‘metal-brains’ [computers] about to give values, and organize with monetary orders the reprodction ofmachines, as your brain organizes your body system with nervous orders, or the DNA organizes the cell with genetic orders..

money gives orders to the ‘enzymen’workers and consumers that catalzie the reproduction of machines.

Where is the brain of that mney? The place where those orders are invented, where money is reproduced, and distributed to the different elements of the Metal-earth? It has as any brain of any organic system a center, and a networks that distributes the information. The center is called the Stokc-market, the networks that disributes the information to the different company-mothers of the emtla-earth, ist eh financial system. The financial system is the equvialent to the nervous system of your body, or the Golgi reticles of the cell throguh which RNA travels and transfers its orders to the enzymes that make the cell.

How it works that reproductive system in the organism of the Metal-earth?

The stock-market is the brain of the eco[nomic]system, which orgnizes all the reproductive organs of the Economy: all its companies. It does so cre[dit]ating monetary orders. To ‘cre[dit]ate’ [credit=create] means that a ‘credit of money creates’ reality, ever since monetary orders substituted verbal orders as the cause of actions among humans.To that aim stock-markets reproducemoney which latter is given to the best reproductive companies, that are able to create the best machines of the metal ecosystem.

With that money, the active organisms of creation, the company-mothers, invent and reproduce the informative and energy machines that shape the Metal-earth.

In this manenr Stock-markets invent the future species of our ecosystem by inventing money for certain companies to the exclusion of others. These companies will create then technological products with that speculative money, and sell them, thus expanding these products in society.

In this manner certain products are created, and certain products are eliminated.

The process is simple. A company wants to reproduce a new machine. It then emits money in the form of null-cost paper, in the stock-market. The financial system distributes that money which becomes a physical money [notes]used by the company to buy humans [workers] and reproduction systems [machines, scientists, factories]. The fompany also buys politicians and laws that will allow the company to become active without any limitations to the destructive power of their products.

Once those products are produced, it will dissuade humans to become animetals and consume=vitalize the existence of those products, and test=choose their quality.

Of course the stock-market means a brutal injustice against mankind who work for money, in favor of company-mothers,, who emit moey for free money in the stoc-market. An example: boy of 24, got 7 billion dollars for a program called netscape, which was just a lot of digital numbers, that however had a great use to expand the ‘network of machine-information’, the computer network. That money given to citizens in a ‘demand economy’, to consume Human Goods such as food and tourism, health-care and ecological entertainment could have boost the ecosystem of nature and history enormously.

We seee now the dobule injustice of stock-amrkets. They monopolize the cration of money, and they do not invet it in things humans want.

So the second question is why the stock-market does not create money for those human companies?

The answer is: because those who own the stock-market, the ‘stocrats’, are animetalsbelong to cultures that believe in sciencemachinesmoney and technology as supreme goods, as thewealth of nations .

It is all that simple. The wr0ong ideas, govern the people who own the language of creditation [credit=creation] of this planet.

So they are inventing a wrong planet, full of uneeded machines. While the ecosystem of nature and history has no resources, no investments, no rights to invent money, and so no capacity to act and defend itself against the growing pressure of company-mothers who seek indirectly our extinction as they expand the ecosystem of machines.

+75% of world-stocks are in the hands of people belonging to the Jewish, British and Germanic cultures, and those who copied their culture in Asia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan. You might argue that because the worship science, money and machines they have created the company-mothers that manufacture machines nd own them. So it is a tautology that being the stock-matket a system used mainly to reproduce mahines, the stroctats have to loe machines.

That might be true. Yet, against that tautology exists the power of elected governments to control the rights of ‘credit’ by law, their power to reform those ‘monetary stock-markets’ and oblige them to creti what society needs.

On the chances that elected governments make that reform hangs the future of mankind, the creation of the Metal-earth, or the Human-Earth, Hell or paradise; a world such as the one of today descrbied in the illustration, in which machines reproduce and Human Goods are scarce, or the reversed world, a Human World in which the goods people need, multiply.

Who survives or who becomes extinct in the economy is determined today by the orders that the stock-market delivers to the bio-economy. The Bio-economy is not chaotic, but a systematic process of reproducion of machines of information/energy. What is the system it follows on that creation? The biological process, by which all human organs are copied in metal-organs, in such a manner, that a new macro-oranism of metal, the Metal-earth, appears.

In that sense the future will create the products and networks that the Metal-earth needs to become a Uniersal organism. This is done in the same manner that a biological species invents an organic body. We can prove it because the history of stocks is known, and it parallels the history of an organic body, constructed by a brain. Since stocks appeared, waves of stock-creditation, monetary orders delivered by stocks, have created the future in three ‘evolutionary horizons’ of bodies of metal, minds of metal, and networks of metal. Exactly in the order biological organisms are reproduced. Stock-markets appeared in Holland to creditate gunboats. In the XVII and XVIII century stocks cre[dit]ated gunboats on a massive scale. Those gunboat companies of Holland and England shaped the future of the Earth. They extinguished entire human cultures, displaced millions of humans from Africa to America, and Europe to America, changed the ‘landscapes’ of tropical nations that worked to feed the ‘bellies’ of gunboats, with tropical crops, etc.

In the XIX century stocks cre[dit]ated railroads on a huge scale, and railroad networks changed the Earth. Then it cre[dit]ated road-networks and cars, which inhabit the planet by the billions, extinguishing forests and carbolife landscapes. In the XX century stock have cre[dit]ated metal-minds and networks of information. Through all those cre[dit]ating acts stock-markets, the ‘reproductive brain’ of companies, has invented a new reality, the Metal-earth. This has been accomplished by reproducing monetary orders that control enzymen, ‘organic species of metal,’ and networks where those organic species now exist. That is indeed how ‘living organisms’ of microcosmic size are created. Brick by brick, network by network, directed by a mother-brain of genetic information. First bodies, then minds, finally neural networks are constructed under the genetic orders of the brain of the creator. In the case of the Metal-earth those networks have been constructed under stock-market orders.

When stocks instead of warriors took over the control of Nations, the metal Earth evolution became a ‘professional’ process. The evolution and reproduction of technology is cre[dit]ated by the invention of stock-money. The symbiosis between stock-money and companies of Top Predator metal-species has cre[dit]ated and developed a new organism, the metal earth, with some basic-organic metal-species. They have free creditation in stocks since the first companies: Informative metal-species, metal-weapons, metal communicators, and financial machines.

In the graph, the cre[dit]ation of machines is caused by creation of money in stocks. It does so according to the natural structure of an organism: Those companies, which reproduce the 2 fundamental Organic cell-machines of the Metal Earth [energy-weapons and information+communication machines] receive the bulk of stock creditation, used to evolve and reproduce its products.

World stock: the mathematical brain of Tp=Mv creditation:


Those products under free stock creditation, have radiated worldwide since clocks [primitive metal-minds], the press [primitive metal-communicator], telescopes [primitive metal eye] and gunboats [sea weapons] were cre[dit]ated by the Amsterdam market. Today stocks creditate networks of computer communication [internet], complex metal-minds, and all sort of species susceptible to becoming weapons [satellites, planes, cars=tanks, etc]. They are created as peace products, which give the illusion of symbiotic power to enzymen. They can be transformed into war machines which erase enzymen in times of war. They are the fundamental organic ‘pieces’ of a complex clonic body – the Metal-earth. The Metal-Earth shows its biological nature, in the organic products its brain, World stock creditates, and in the networks it builds with that creditation: informative and energy networks, like the blood and nervous networks of your body.

The stock-brain.

The organism of the Metal Earth has three symbiotic organic species, Metal minds, Weapons and Networks of monetary information. They are the informative, energetic and reproductive systems of the Bio-economy. Their reproduction and evolution have been guided by stock-markets since the 1st stock-company adopted in Holland the clock [first metal mind], the gunboat [top predator weapon], astronomical instruments [first metal-eyes] and digital information [monetary values, wages, and prices] to reproduce profits and control humanity [colonies, workers, consumers, slaves, politicians and parliaments].

Companies and science were symbiotic as reproducers and creators of machines since the beginning of the technological age. Both give value to reality [the Universe in the case of science, mankind in the case of companies] with metal-minds and clocks. It is the invention of the clock that began the scientific method of ‘study of Universal Time with clocks’ and the scientific method of ‘controlling men’ with clock-wages. Dutch Companies of gunboats needed astronomy to increase the accuracy of their slave-hunting trips. They needed clocks to value workers, and compare them with machines, according to their ‘enzymatic’ productivity. Modern science owes its beginnings to clocks or tempo-meters of Metal, which evolved into computers; to ballistics which evolved into Atomic missiles; and to telescopes=metal eyes, which evolved into digital information and satellites. The use of those instruments by currency and warrior governments of western Europe validated science. Particularly useful was the production of weapons closely related to Physics; and the production of clocks, by companies of pricing. They needed clocks to equalize ‘human products’ with machines products in terms of productivity, of hour-wages.

There is a choice between stock-investment in metal-goods mainly in the three top predator organs of evolution of metal: Weapons; Telecom + computers, and financial companies; and investment or credit for Human Goods. Those three metal-goods form the three-organs of metal form evolution, and have been always at the head of stock-speculation=free money, since the invention of stock by gunboat companies. What proves beyond reasonable doubt that present Stock is truly the future brain of the Metal Earth, in charge of evolving Metal species, towards perceptive form, by fusion of energy and metal mind organs, in companies controlled by financial information. Those stock-species have been methodically cre[dit]ated by stocks since the XVII Century. They are three basic organs of energy, information and reproduction of any species. Hence, the three components of future sentient metal, evolved into the Stock system.

It is a fact that those goods are the goods promoted by classic left-wing parties, which should be given the generic name of ‘Humanist parties’, parties that promote Human Goods.

On the other hand the poverty of nations is their wealth in those goods which destroy mankind, such as weapons, which destroy our bodies, or robots, which destroy jobs, or ‘mental machines’ such as TV-networks that hypnotize humans in front of a false virtual world based on violence and movement [animal eyes, become hypnotized by light and movement even if it harms them, like flies going to the light where predators eat them easily]. Such hypnotism ‘consumes’ between 3 and 6 hours a day of our lives, diminishing our social intercourse, our capacity to learn through readings, and make us violent men, obsessed with consuming and money. Addiction to television could, in such a sense, be compared to addiction to drugs.

We could also include Internet among such negative goods. Around 25% of Internet time is dedicated to pornography. The anonymous system of internet, and the technique of browsing does not allow sound relationships between citizens either, or a serious education, as a library with analytical books provides.

Weapons, robots, and ‘metal-mind networks’ are therefore metallic goods that diminish the health of nations, despite being promoted systematically by right-wing=metal parties. Besides they are goods that require few workers, far less than Human Goods, since machines are best at reproducing metallic machines. Or, as in the case of robotics and internet, they directly attack human jobs. Robots can potentially substitute all industrial workers. While a worldwide system of internet sales will mean the end of at least 100 million workers worldwide in the sales and shopping sector for the benefit of a few multinationals through computerized sales systems.

The Future Invented By Stocks: Biological radiations of machines.

With the arrival of a new species of money in 1973 – computer e-money -, and the imposition of ‘deficit zero laws’ new fundamental changes are occurring in human societies. We only reproduce now what companies want; primarily machines. Governments have become obsolete. So we are encouraged to exist only as human animetals, who perform the two fundamental tasks of reproducing=working and consuming=testing=evolving machines that support the goal of company-mothers. All other values and jobs are ignored and not priced.

Deficit laws in most modern nations forbid governments the creation of money beyond what they extract from citizens through taxes. So minted money is limited. This does not happen with stocks. There are not “deficit” laws against the free creditation of stock-prices. No political lobbyist would accept these laws. Today in stock-markets, speculators have the right to say what is the value of stocks=companies. Such “free money” is very often wasted, as in the case of billions of dollars invented to reproduce Internet companies with no profits, and no value to man. They have begun to destroy the “family shops” of the entire world, with e-sales.

A bio-economy in absence of Stock can be easily compared to the blood of a primitive cellular body: the blood-money distributes energy and information to the whole system of cells. Yet when an informative brain is created, the control of the language of information by the brain distorts the flows of information according to the ‘desires’ of the brain. In an economy the same happened: with the arrival of stocks, money and cre[dit]ation was no longer ‘diffused’ among all human cells, who wanted human goods.

Now it was concentrated in the hands of a few stocrats that loved and reproduce machines.

Before stocks controlled money, money was mainly in the hands of social religions.

What they reproduced? Human goods. Indeed, the Church had by law to give 50% of its monetary information to the poor, and it spent it in human goods, from art to agriculture.

Today companies give 0.0% to the poor, and concentrate in the reproduction of machines.

So the goals of company-mothers have become the cre[dit]ated goals of our societies.

As a result we have moved from a demand economy based in human goods fostered by a physical currency in power of citizens, and organisms of cre[dit]ation of money that followed ethic orders of human verbal nature [churches, welfare governments] into an offer economy based in technological goods and the wishes of company-mothers.

Only a demand economy, cre[dit]ated by the wishes of citizens with direct access to credit in human goods, could become a human economy that will cater to human desires, and rights of reproduction and evolution.

Nations should ‘give for free’ a minimal quantity of money to each citizen, specially to the poor, that will spend that money in basic human goods, fostering their demand.

As easy as that: free money, to spend in human goods. Then the reproductive system of companies will have to switch into reproducing those goods.

An economy that favors humanity instead of machines is a demand economy where credit would be born in the bottom of the bio-economy [consumers], in the human side, not in the metal-side of company-mothers and stocks. Such economy could maximize the distribution of energy-human goods, to all cells of human societies.

This was only attempted briefly in a small Catholic=social state of America, called Maryland, and actually it worked. People ate very well there. It was also the method of old Neolithic cultures where money was wheat [Sumer, the land of the first writers]. So Sumerians had the highest levels of life and human goods of the old World… till bronze animetals destroyed Ur. Yet Sumerians knew what was the real human paradise: a Sumerian wrote the Genesis, perfect parable of the tragedy of our historic ecosystem, preyed by economic warriors.

A Stock-driven economy, on the other hand suffers chronic scarcity of human goods, and the real ‘level of life’ of its citizens is very low; even if ‘statistics’ show a great National Rent, by adding up to such rent the prices of technological goods such as weapons and digital Communications, which do not increase but lower the ‘level of life’ and intelligence of mankind.

We do not eat weapons. Those add ons to our rent are absurd, ideological ways of measuring wealth to promote machines, as an economical goal.

Real human wealth is often the opposite to such GNP statistics, biased to boast machine-value.

For example we can compare the level of life of Italian People [a country which hold the top predator culture prior to stock-markets, and so it still has a lesser ‘capitalization’ of its economy, and a likeness for human goods], with that of the English [top predator European World-stock].

Since Italians have not such a powerful stock system of redistribution of money in favor of company-mothers and metal machines, they have much more credit for human goods. So Italy is full of art, good food, and human goods, textiles, housing, holiday resorts, etc. Italians have more free time and live much better than Americans, full of telecommunication machines and weapons – despite having far less theoretical GNP rent-wealth.

Stocks and economic statistics deform the nature of goods produced in favor of machines and against human goods [whose companies have minimal credit in stocks].

They also deform the productive process against small companies with a much more human approach to workers [family companies that treat workers as human beings]. Instead stocks favor the ‘growth’ of mammoth companies, that treat means numbers, and can reproduce huge metal-machines, specially weapons and informative networks.

The small size of Italian companies and the small fortunes of their elites, and the lack of bombers they have is the key to the happiness of Italian life. What it matters to Italians is a good life, with minimal metal, and that, the Italians have it in greater measure than the Americans. We conclude that a Human goods economy without stocks is a better choice for mankind.

The statistics are fundamental in this matter: the 20% of poorest Italians and Spaniards [top predator pre-stock cultures], have a rent superior to that of the poor Americans, or English [top predator stock culture]. Italian poor people have almost double rent than the English poor. They have far more human goods.

In Britain the City [stock-system] produced in 1992 17% of English GNP, and that number is rising. That wealth goes to companies and a few stocrats: The British poor people had in 1994, 3958 $ Vs the 6276 $ rent of the Italian poor – for 5814 $ of the Americans.

This is a prove of the inefficiency for humans, of the American and English systems, which have been inventing money for 400 years, and yet can’t give their lower population the rent of the Italians which lost the privilege of free money creditation, in… 1440.

If Americans could not invent for free money as a top predator currency the poverty of their lower classes would be so alarming, that they would enter, and might enter in the future, into a revolutionary war for survival…

Italians have had two world wars this century; and have not rights to invent free money since the renascence. Despite that unjust position, they are richer than the Anglo-Saxon people.

In fact Americans have plummeted their standards of life since electronic money in 1973 appeared, substituting the physical dollar [Nixon end of convertibility, introduction of Pcs in Wall Street].

On the other hand the 2% of stockrats who own 90% of America, have become amazingly wealthy. While the middle American has suffered increasingly scarcity of human goods, diminishing quality of housing and food, education, artistic and environmental protection… Of course, its weapons, violent films and digital machines have multiplied.

It is again the cycle of symbiotism between war and money we have described in the previous book. The unhealthy wealth of Adam Smith at work, to destroy yet another once happy nation, who loved life and human goods… If people could govern, if nations had a demand economy, if paper money were invented and distributed by governments to their people, the world would be a paradise. It is not, because our governments neither obey the orders of their citizens, nor they cater the needs of the human species. Stockrats govern us. We do not live in democracies, but in ‘stocracies’. Yet stocrats are animetals who believe in money as the intelligence of God, and in science ands mathematics as absolute truths.

So they hardly understand rationally where they lead mankind. They actually merely follow the mathematical, evolutionary nature of money. So do our governments which are stocratic systems of monetary power. Let us consider such scandalous proposition, that uncovers the biggest of all modern myths: the idea that human citizens govern nations. I assure you that citizens would not commit mass suicide if they control our governments. The common people has common sense and wants to survive. Only the fantasies of power of animetals drive us to extinction, through their control of governments for the benefit of company-mothers.

The last radiations of Stock cre[dit]ation

We can forecast the future “radiations” of stock money, and forecast what they will creditate, by looking at the body-graph of the Metal earth, and thinking what is still left to translate from man to machine to make the metal-Earth an organism.

What is left to creditate?

The final neural networks of the Metal earth, and its sentient, metal-species.

So the stock-market first will creditate neural networks: internets.

This is the present stock-craze. Today we observe a new radiation of machines that extinct labor: internet companies sell directly to consumers and. They will eliminate in the next decade 50 million human from the productive system of the Earth.

Stocks “finance” those companies. Last year the two companies that obtained more credit in stock markets [over 1000%] were two internet sellers, Amazon. Com, and “E-bay”… E-bay has 35 employees. Yet the market has given to it over 3 billion $ of free creditation, so it can throw out millions of shop workers.

The biggest chain of book-stores of California has already closed down.

Amazon. Com with a few hundred employees have eliminated the entire sector.

Money is taken from the sector of human goods to speculative stocks.

When the internet is built, there will be only a final “cre[dit]ation to make.

The creditation of robots.

Stocks will creditate robot companies.

Money will flock to the likes of Honda, and Mercedes, and Siemens.

They will build up all kind of chipped machines, till all men have dozens of chipped machines, ready to awake, from cleaners to cars, ready to substitute mankind, ready to obey informative networks.

Meanwhile, without credit, human goods will become more expensive to replicate than metal goods, till a point in which replication will end.

The brain of the metal-earth, World stock, and the monetary language it speaks, creates organisms of metal. Among those organs it creates top predator species, weapon species, and informative minds. Those species will not distinguish among men. They will become top predators of all of us.

The next Stock-market radiations: Networks And Robots

Stock speculation creates the different “radiations of metal-species,” by giving a priori a “credit” that company-mothers use to give monetary orders to workers and consumers.

In this manner the great radiations of products have been cre[dit]ated since the gunboat craze in Amsterdam and London stocks.

Today the craze is for internet companies. You just need to have any idea about internet, and put up a company, and the market will give you total credit.

The process is very old. Last century was the railroad craze. As one commentator of the economical scene put it then: 4/5 of the corporations today are raised with a single goal: to obtain credit [“Free Money”] from the market. Such is also the nature of the speculative wave of tech-software that we suffer today.

The consequence of last century railroad speculation was a worldwide scarcity of credit for human goods, and the hyper-abundance of railroad lines, many of them without use, except for the massive quantity of money their stock holders could get.

People are not aware of the enormous waste of money stock-credit implies.

At 7000 $ per kilometer, the cabling of America was enormously expensive.

With that money the entire American population could have got health-care.

Instead they got 150 channels of digital images to program them into violence.

We won’t insist in the economical aspects of stock cre[dit]ation already explained along the pages of this book. We rather focus in the “vital consequences” of the internet networks that will be worldwide built in a few years.

How it will affect humanity?

The pattern of previous cre[dit]ations of Metal-species will be repeated. Internet will increase the communicative power of future war machines, and it will eliminate masses of labor.

In fact internet was born in the Pentagon, to unify the control of all its weapon systems. Internet-intranet and defcom, the networks that stock cre[dit]ation is inventing, are communicated through the head brain of the Metal-Earth: the Pentagon.

The end of History is iconic, prophetic. The bitten Apple of the tree of science is written in the first PC computer. The brain of the Metal-Earth is a pentagon, symbol of the devil. The last year of the human millennium, 1999, looked into a mirror reads 6661, 666=I=eye; the number and the eye of the Beast.

The function of the net is the same as the nervous system of a body: to control and manipulate all the ‘cellular homes’ of the body, by means of informative orders.

What this means is that the internet will substitute previous informative networks of mankind, becoming the basic neural network for the two fundamental types of information men receive:

Monetary information, and visual-verbal information.

The other informative metal networks [press, radio, TVs] will become fused within the net. People will spend more time in the internet that in those networks.

Besides, the internet will also control the second language of human information: money. Indeed, the internet will become the shopping mall of mankind.

As a result millions of jobs of the sector of sales and shopping will disappear.

As all other previous products, the internet will reduce even more the number of human jobs available to mankind, throwing millions of people out of job.

What will be its usefulness for machines?

First it will integrate the entire Stock-Company system into a body-system of reproduction of machines, as the neural network of the body regulates the reproduction of the different organs of the bio-logical body. Imagine each economical sector as an organ of the body: the multinationals of cars, and road arteries, are energy organs, the multinationals of information and the info-way arteries are informative organs. Each man is a cell. When man becomes extinct, each machine will be a cell that will receive information and energy from the networks. All of them will become integrated by internet, till finally only a ‘few reproductive organs’ for each metal-species will remain. The aim of companies is to create a few great world=Multi-national reproducers, as a body has only a few organs to reproduce each basic product of the body. Red globes are reproduced in certain bones. Cars for transport arteries will be reproduced by a few worldwide companies. This will be possible because neural networks will integrate all company information. Then after nations disappear in the final “Armageddon” [men Vs sentient machines], the internet will unify all world factories by species, through satellite communication.

There will be a worldwide producer of “red globes”=cars for the arteries of the Metal-earth. A single worldwide producer of planes. So on.

The internet networks will be used by other networks of information we are building today for the machines of the future: the network of mobile, wireless telephones, will be the ears of future robots…

Their function is to allow free movements to all individual cellular species of the Metal-earth. Mobile phones=ears will communicate platoons of tanks, and top predator weapons that will roam the metal-earth.

Today men have basically a use for machines: men consume=test them, and improve their quality.

When men are gone, the selection process of machines, will be performed by Matrix, by net computers. Or maybe Machines will fight for survival in a metal-jungle till they learn again the laws of social evolution, we have forgotten. In that case, the Metal-Earth companies will reproduce them. Their offspring of machines will defend the factories. Such is the Nature of war: a glimpse to the future ecosystem of Top Predator metalife…

Unless we reform stocracies, we cannot change the extinction of history

Stockracies, should be the true name for democratic governments, since stock-market companies, not politicians control democracies.

Yet then the myth – the government of the people – would fall; then democratic governments might find a very aggressive population asking for responsibilities to the real government of nations – their companies. This is not something stockrats want.

The essence of a dictatorship is to govern without responsibility.

Stockracies are dictatorships of companies. Companies and those who own them, stockrats, want to govern without responsibility. To that aim they hold politicians responsible, and stockrats free of guilt.

Stockrats govern without any responsibility. After many bribing, and fighting they passed in the XIX C. the Law of Anonymous societies that, redeemed them of any guiltiness by their acts, as the Special courts for aristocrats did in the past.

The trick is simple. Companies control politicians. Companies act under orders of Stockrats. Yet stockrats have no civil responsibility.

So stockrats govern us without responsibility.

Those who hold power consider their highest privilege, not to account for his acts of power.

Yet to hold power a caste needs control on the tools of power.

In human societies there are 3 such tools: weapons, money and words [laws, religions].

Aristocrats in the past based his power in weapons. They controlled production of weapons, and with weapons they controlled the churches of words, the law, and money [the king minted money, backed by military power].

That was the essence of the dictatorship of the ancient world.

Today the very same tools of power and control are in the hands of stockrats. Stockrats in the present base his power in money.

They control the production of money through banks, shares and bonds, in stock-markets. With that money they buy politicians and control the law. They also produce the weapons, that allow them to control the military and the people. They, as aristocrats did, do not account for his actions.

Instead, citizens and politicians merely obey stockrats as they obeyed aristocrats in the past.

All has changed but all has remained the same.

We moved from aristocracies of weapons to stockracies of money.

The people are still in the blues, regarding to real power.

Company-nations are owned by stockrats, cultural dynasties of Biblical origin.

The world is ruled by corporations of stock markets with their legios of workers and consumers masterminded as costs and source fo financiation by company-m,ohters of machines, for whom humans slave as labor and now now longer have even that role. Those stockrats are ths the other side of the world-stock which we shall deal with now.

We define our social organisms not as democracies, as human free social organisms ruled by the human verbal language [ethics, laws], which pursuits the common welfare of society, but as ‘economical ecosystems’, or company-nations based in the power of money and weapons, in which men are controlled by herds of companies, and their monetary orders, whose summit of organization is the stock-market, owned by stocrats. The World stock-market is the brain of our nations. It invents money and delivers monetary orders to those companies it selects by its capacity to radiate faster new machines, to evolve them faster, to transform faster the ecosystem of history, or to indoctrinate faster mankind.

The extinction of ecological cultures and nature become just a secondary consequence of that process, under the bio-logical laws of creation and extinction of ecosystems.

All in all this means that the real power to create the future of our societies is the power of stock markets, and the stocrats who own stock-companies, associated in lobbies, who have free money invented by stock-markets to buy out human actions and laws. The result is that the power of the world alternates between companies, depending on the individual resources of those companies.

So as machines evolve, the companies that have the top predator machines of each age govern nations, since they have more money to bribe better the politicians, get their favorable laws and expand their machines.

So for example America was first governed by gunboat companies from England. When North-American gunboat companies became more efficient that the British ones they decided to become top predators of power. Their stocratic owners the defied the British gunboaters [Boston Tea party], and displaced them, in the American independence war. They hold power in America for almost a century, till a new top predator animetal species, the land-animetal, the railroad reached a higher power. It was more perfect machine able to displace inland, and so it was reproduced to conquer the continent. It paid his best animetal lawyer, a lobbyist of the Illinois Railroad company, called Mr. Lincoln to provoke war and pass laws that made the railroad barons of the age the owners of America [railroad act]. When Lincoln became more human, the stocrats paid Staunton, his defense secretary to create the complot that killed him [historic proves are overwhelming, though obviously in the present world in which real history is deformed by Animetal ideologies, difficult to know].

It is the age of robber barons. The owners of railroads were the owners of America. Then in the XX century the more evolved land animetal, the car became the top predator machine and its companies controlled the law. In Europe they put Hitler on place, who made the top predator car [the tank] the backbone of German industry, and cause of II World war. In America, ‘what it was good for general motors was good for America’. So happens with Ford: Mr. Ford, famed animetal stocrat owned the laws of America. One example: he disliked alcohol and paid first in Illinois and then in Washington, politicians to forbid alcohol. It was the dry law.

Then after the war, the evolution of mental machines [radio, TVs, computers] took over, and those who owned those networks became the top predator stocrats of America. It is the age of Jewish-American power, that substitutes on top of the stocratic pyramid the Calvinist-Anglican age of robber barons.

Finally today, those who own networks of computers, invent the laws of America.

Soon there will be those who own robot companies. Yet those will be the last animetals with power, because robots will take over as ‘complete species’ that no longer need symbiotic help fromhuman beings. That is why history is so close to extinction, and humanity so close to become obsolete. Again, this book is not about morality. I will not argue here the power of stocrats, which seems unavoidable. I will only try to explain reality and explain why stocrats should preserve their power, even if they keep exploiting the Earth, by limiting the evolution of the last species of machines – the robots, that will eliminate them from the economic ecosystem as they eliminated the Indian of the prairie.

To do so they have to acknowledge the laws of the Universe, the law of social evolution that make humans the same species, and metal a rival species. So they have to control and harness the power of metal, and company-mothers to the benefit of mankind, not of the machine.

We should therefore talk of right-wing parties, as ‘machine-parties’ or ‘metallic-parties’ that promote metal-goods and the companies that reproduce them, over human goods, and the human labor that reproduces them.

We should oppose the goods and futures that such parties promote, from the point of view of which goods are good to man and truly mean the wealth of nations.

Right-wing=metal parties promote a world where machines, and metal goods, and the companies that reproduce them have more rights than human beings.

Left-wing=Human parties promote a world where humans and human goods, and the citizens that reproduce them, have more rights than machines.

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