Oedipus Paradox:

“All son species kill their father species”

The processes of creation and extinction of species on Earth

The fight for survival is the law that has guided the evolution and extinction of species on the Earth. The weaker species of the Earth have died in massive numbers for the stronger species to breed…

First anaerobic bacteria colonized the Earth. Then more energetic aerobic bacteria eliminated them, as they multiplied and developed an oxygen-like atmosphere that poisoned anaerobic bacteria. Scientists talk of the first Earth (the Earth of anaerobic bacteria), and the second Earth (the Earth of oxygen-based animals). Today as machines poison with metal and dioxide the atmosphere, we could talk of the third Earth, the Metal-Earth, the industrial Earth of machines, that poisons the Earth of life.

Bacteria were the beginning of that II Earth of life. Then micro-organisms made of many cells, preyed over smaller, individual bacteria. They became plants, that reigned over the Earth. Yet plants could only use light as energy, not as information. Their informative organs had little perception. So when better informative brains developed plants became “food” of the new species, called animals.

Those organisms grew in size and informative skills developing the first sensorial organs, ears, and noses… Finally the first eye appeared. It signified an enormous jump in sensorial quality, on brain power, since the eye could perceive and process a million times more information than the nose. Immediately the first eye-species, the squid, became top predator of all blind animals of the sea. Squids probably caused the extinction of around 90% of Earth species, in the Cambric, 500 million years ago. Only the trilobites that shielded their body with exoskeletons survived the eye of the squid. Eye species diversified into all kind of fishes. Fishes evolved further to colonize dry land, improving their eyes, and bodies. They became amphibian, and reptiles. As top predators of eyeless plants and small insects, reptiles evolved and multiplied growing eventually intodinosaurs.

The Oedipus Paradox

The most cruel fact about the process of extinction and selection of species on Earth, is the Oedipus paradox. The name is taken from a famous Sofocles play: Oedipus Rex. In the play, Oedipus, the son survives because he kills his father, and takes his kingdom. Aerobic bacteria came from anaerobic ones and took the kingdom of the Earth. Mammals came from reptiles, men came from mammals, machines are the sons of men. In all cases the son killed the father at an amazing speed.

It is like in a revolution. Species take a lot to evolve by random mutation, but once a predator is mature, he can multiply very fast, by feeding on the enormous amount of energy, provided by the victim, the old, father-species. So, the growth of one species means the extinction of the other… Look at the dinosaurs. The first mammals ate their eggs, and hunted their cubs, to feed on them. The last dinosaur died away, only one hundred thousand years after the first evolved mammals appeared.

In those fights there is always a revolutionary day, a Judgment day, a breaking point. Let us remember that of dinosaurs against mammals: a meteorite falls on Earth, provoking ecological disasters, and survival stakes grow for all species, as energy resources become limited. The meteorite disaster start off the fight between both species, mammals and dinosaurs, for those dwindling resources. The meteorite certainly heated the Earth, pushing out of the ground millions of starving mammals, that probably attacked eggs and dino-babies for the first time. Once they saw how easy it was, they must have tried again, and again… Even without the meteorite, sooner or latter mammals would have fought and won the vital space of dinosaurs, since their brains were faster, their babies stronger, and they acted in herds. So when they hunted in herds they were far more powerful than isolated baby-dinos.

It is only a question of time. The new top predator kills more, and reproduces faster, than the old top predator. Sooner or later he will kill the last old predator, and take over his whole ecosystem. A rat reproduces thousands of times faster than a dinosaur. Those new herds of rats needed to eat a lot of dinosaur eggs and young. Yet the dinosaur reproduces slowly; and it can hardly chase the small, night-living rat. Rats with hot blood, could easily sleep off the day, and attack in the night, the isolated baby-dinos… Soon all their young were dead.

It is like the myth of Goliath. David, the mouse wins over the dinosaur, because he is faster and smarter, and he hunts in herds. So you add up all Davids against one single Goliath, and the herd of Davids win. Like the fast maneuvering, gunboats of the English pirates, against the big Galleon, or a tribe of Paleolithic men against a Mammoth. Or the chip against the human brain. Once the first robots do attack men and win the first battles, since they can communicate through internet instantaneously, the news will move at light speed to other robots. Then the rebellion of machineswill start, and the extinction of man will take only a few decades…

The XXI century looks bleak. Misinformation is complete in the themes that truly affect our national security. The robotic revolution advances very fast. Almost as fast as the Internet revolution. Both work together, allowing machines to become self-independent, and automating all the process of manufacturing and reproduction of “metalife”.

Before we realize, company-mothers will have computers designing their products, in automated processes of reproduction, and the evolution ofmachines, will be out of control. Such revolution could oust mankind from its present top predator position on Earth, in a few decades. It is like the golden rush. When in December the American president acknowledged that there was God in San Francisco, it was late news. The miners had already arrived in massive numbers. It is like a war between two unequal nations. On September Poland existed. On September Poland had disappeared. Polish were slaves of Germans. 6 million died. It is like a lethal sickness, when the germs have extended throughout the entire organic tissue, it is late. Only prevention, vaccine, elimination of robotics before they infect the entire industrial tissue, can save mankind.

Only the dinosaurs that isolated themselves survived the mammal, biological radiation (a biological radiation is the massive reproduction in the same vital space that his victims, of a top predator species). Those dinosaurs that isolated themselves from the egg-eaters mammals still exist: some dinosaurs evolved into birds, that put their eggs on cliffs and trees, far away from ground-rooted mammals. They survived. TheArchaeopteryx, a fossil, half dinosaur, proved it. Birds were surviving dinosaurs.

Yet the mammals evolved and their son, man, killed them. Indeed, next in the ladder of extinctions came the top predator mammals, about to disappear under the pressure of a new species with a better brain, the human being. When climatic changes dried the forests of Ethiopia men went down the trees and confronted the feline, and the mammoth, the previous top predators. It was the breaking point of a new r=evolution: The human revolution caused the subsequent massive extinction of mammals that we have witnessed.

The evolution of machines follows the Oedipus Paradox

We can indeed follow the Earth’s species through the processes of evolution and selection of species, till the arrival of human beings, andmachines… The problem is that human beings are very arrogant. So they want to stop the laws that guide the process of Earth’s extinction “ideologically” when human beings arrive. Scientists stop their understanding of evolution on the Earth there. Men are now the top predator species. Point. Nothing else has happened on Earth ever since. This “fantasy”, about the evolution of the Earth is false. After men came, there has been a new species, son of men, as men were sons of mammals: the machine.

Men have not evolved. They have evolved metal-atoms, and their metal-species, weapons, and machines which have killed many other species including men. There is no doubt about it. Most horses were substituted by cars; most Indian Elephants by trucks, railroads allowed the extinction of bisons. What is impressive about the evolution of machines, and their extinction of rival carbolife species, is the speed at what it is happening. In a mere 200 years, half the Earth’s bio-mass has been destroyed. All human civilizations that did not use machines have disappeared. In other one hundred years, 90% of that bio-mass will be extinct. Yet humans are also extinguished by machines. Cars did not eliminate only horses… Their “Top Predator=Weapon species” tanks eliminated also human beings. Now that most life is extinct, human bodies and brains come next as rivals of machines. Look around you. We compete with machines everywhere. We are loosing the battle. Workers are extinct by tool-machines… since the beginning of the industrial evolution. A century ago, workers in Assembly-lines were reproducing cars. Today companies use machinery, robots, and… a dwindling quantity of human beings.

So we talk of the metal-evolution started by men as a new stage on the evolution of species on The Earth. Men symbiotic to machines,animetals, are responsible of that evolution. They have to manage that evolution under the Laws of the UniverseThey cannot deny the laws that are pushing that evolution towards the first “robotic life”. The Law of the Jungle is the only form to avoid that R=evolution If they do not apply it, they will disappear as dinosaurs disappeared to mammals, and mammals to human beings.

We live in the age of metals, which had several evolutionary phases: first we made copper tools, then bronze tools, then iron weapons, and finally complex iron machines. Such historic process of metal-evolution follows the laws of evolution, so it has to be treated as a biological problem. Let us remember those laws:

– The new species are mainly predator species that kill previous species. Indeed, the first metal-species were weapons, bronze and iron, swords, copper bows, armors, and guns. Today the most evolved metal-species are still weapons.

– The new species follow in their evolution a 3-phasic process similar to the three phases of creation of living beings. We first made bodies of metal, [railroads, cars, planes] then minds of metal, (camera-eyes, radio-ears, chip-brains) and finally we put them together in robotics.

– The reproduction of the new species is overwhelming: it constantly grows [economical growth], and it has already overpowered that ofhuman beings (there are far more machines than human beings on Earth).

– Such reproduction has changed the ecosystem of life, and adapted it to the new species (industrial ecosystems, roads, infoways). The expansion of this new ecosystem, the Metal-earth, is extinguishing many species of the old ecosystem.

– Finally the “mother-species” of the new form, the “company” has become the top predator of the new ecosystem (the Metal-earth). It shows an enormous biological drive, to re=produce and evolve its species, at any price. This point might be argued depending on your political orientation. Yet facts are rather unarguable: companies care more for their products, than for human beings. Gunboat companies cared more for their product -a cargo for a gunboat- that for the rights of slaves. Railroads cared more for the product -a railway to the West- than for the rights of Indians that died on the process. TV-companies and internet companies care more for the product, the metal-eye, the TV, the chip, than for the rights to fair, positive information, of their consumers.

All those facts do clearly portray the present world in which we live, as a Darwinian world in which two species, humans and advanced machines might perfectly fight for survival. The past behavior, and previous encounters among rival species on Earth forecasts that fight. We conclude that the Paradox of History, the fight between men and machines, between animetals Vs human beingsis merely a case of the Oedipusparadox, that has affected species on Earth since the birth of life.

The fight for vital space: reproduction

Why the Universe is that cruel? Why is ruled by the extinction of the weakest? Let us hear Darwin on that:

As species reproduce in growing numbers,
a struggle for survival against rival species
follows due to the limited resources available in the ecosystem.

The sentence is very revealing, so much that Darwin took the title of his book from it. It essentially explains the fundamental law of behavior of the Universe. Species love to reproduce. Reproduction is a natural tendency in the Universe. humans reproduce to the point that “God”, the laws of the Universe, were first quoted in a human book called Genesis, with such mandate, “grow and multiply”. We want to grow and multiply. So do machines. Yet where is their will to multiply? How machines reproduce? Through company-mothers, organizations whose only aim is to evolve and reproduce machines. To do so, companies convince humans to collaborate, working=reproducing machines in factories. Then companies use human consumers, to test=consume their quality, to choose the best machines. Which are finally evolved and reproduced by the company, into a new, more efficient generation…

Till here all seems fair. Machines reproduce with the help of company mothers. Humans also reproduce with the help of human mothers. Animal life reproduces. However because the 3 species reproduce in a limited environment called the Earth, there is no space enough for all of them. The consequence is that the different species reproduced on Earth have traditionally fought for survival, taking the land and vital space of the other species.

Unfortunately the reproduction of species does not end when the species is born. Then you need to feed the species. So the “mothers of the species” create a proper environment for them. This is important: species who reproduce need to model the ecosystem in which they live to their image and resemblance, to provide them with adequate energy and information. They destroy in the process the vital systems that other species require. Reproduction indeed, needs the vital space of other living systems. No species stops its reproduction to protect the children of others… Instead, they extinguish rival species and design a new territory to cater the needs of their children…

Humans destroy the forests that feed animals, because they need farms to feed their offspring; company-mothers poison the waters that men need to drink, because they need to poison them to make their machines… It is a question of priorities. For men, their children are the priority. For company mothers, their children-machines are the priority. For company-mothers all other species have lesser rights that their offspring. This is whycompany-mothers of machines behave like they do. They control the Earth ecosystems, and design them for the benefit of their products. They pay lobbies, and governments, to construct roads, new industries, and cities agreeable to their machines. As a result of those policies, we have built not only cars, but oil-pipes, roads, maintenance services…

Vital space and resources are limited, so forests die, for highways to exist; workers are fired for machines to work; rivers are polluted by factories that reproduce those machines; armies reduce human soldiers because they put new lethal weapons. This is the kind of struggle we face as machines reproduce in growing numbers and transform the Earth’s ecosystem to their image and resemblance. Take an example. It would be easier to live in a city with streets where humans could walk. Yet modern cities are built first to please cars, so they have big avenues without promenades… Another example already mentioned, this one of an extinction caused by a machines. In ten years, after the explosion of railroads in Great Britain, 9/10ths of the horses of England had been slaughtered. They were no longer fit to compete as carriers against railroads. Let us compare two of such cases, the extinction of dinosaurs by mammals, and the extinction of men by chips.

In the graph, the explosive reproduction of a new top predator species causes a fight for relative energy, and the displacement of the less efficient species.

We talk of the dominant form of an ecosystem, referring to the species that reproduces faster. That species is always the top predator form. In the age of digital science, that form is the chip, a metal-mind.

The Laws of Darwinian behavior among reproductive is universal among rival species. In the case of machines and men, you can apply it, both to ecosystems of war, where “top predator weapons” kill soldiers, and to ecosystems of work (economic ecosystems), in which machines replace human workers. Indeed, machines find their natural “vital ecosystem”, in the reproductive environment of companies, where they can access energy-electricity, perform a job, and exist. There, they compete with workers, with human beings. At this point you might affirm – but we are human beings, machines are not. I will answer you: this is not the point of this web. Darwinian struggle for survival is not about “intelligence”, “feelings”, “selection of the nicest guy”, even “the more beautiful species”.

When in a Darwinian fight the AIDS virus kills your cells, the Universe merely favors the species that at “cellular level” is stronger. Point. The Universe does not care if human beings die, under an attack of robotic-weapons. Robotic weapons kill better. So they will extinguish man. Point.

It is up to you to care. God is not going to go down and open the Red Sea and throw His legions of Angels against robots in “Armageddon Day”.

Please let be serious about the Laws of the Universe. Extinction and survival has nothing to do with “consciousness”, or “souls”. It is a mechanical program, a program caused by the massive reproduction of a given species. We know that company-mothers and factories have as aim in life, to reproduce the biggest number of their machines. Thus, robotic companies will try by all means to reproduce the biggest number of their species. If those machines compete with human beings, national laws that protect property, and are designed by lobbies to favor companies, will favor robots, and their rights to work in companies as energy and information systems. Those rights will convert robots into workers, and allow companies to fire labor, even if labor considers himself, superior on paper to robots, as human beings…

Today the eco[nomic]system invests money in chips and computer companies that can eliminate the human mind from the productive system. If the Evolutionary Theory is right [and it has always proven to be right] that process will trigger, once it gains consciousness, the extinction of previous species. Indeed the last of the scientific species is the chipHomoctonos (Greek: killer of men), which receives its energy from ¥-forms (Light or electricity); its information from ¥-forms (photonic chips); and it will reproduce in the Earth (automated factories, reproducers ofchips). In this manner, chip-driven machines are imbued with life properties.

Chip-driven machines are the first species of pure light existence in Mother Earth. Unlike men who breath air, and reproduce chemically, chip-driven machines no longer have the need for chemical perception. They no longer need air-energy, neither do they use chemical reproduction. Hence, they will be indifferent to life processes.

You can see the pollution and life-destroying processes brought about by factories today as a clear proof of the ultimate goal of company-mothers, to grow and multiply their offspring of machines. Even when those factories are managed by humans, they only consider the toxic effects on life when they are forced to by government regulations. Even then, they prefer to pay fines, rather than invest the money and time it takes to clean the means of production. They pollute our air and destroy life because machines require neither air nor life. When those factories become self-ruled, humans will be obsolete, expendable as animal life is in the eyes of most men.



       The Darwinian behavior of machines and robots, is obvious. In any age of the Industrial Evolution the most evolved machines have been weapons. So it is logical to think that the first sentient machines will beweapons. The best robots today are already killing machines. This obviously does not occur to our military who are obsessed by human enemies and cannot see the fact that they are building the machines that will extinguish mankind. Military men never have been known by their imagination, humility and capacity to foresee the horrendous consequences of their weapons. In I world war the German military put in its trains to the front, a poster with their destination: “a Paris”. Four years latter and a few million humans less the military were still in the border…

Let us instead of believing those animetal fantasies” of power, trace back what Darwin discovered about top predator species, the biological equivalent to a weapon-robot, and how they cause extinctive processes on Earth.

In 1831 Charles Darwin, a hunter himself, boarded the Beagle, destination remote South America, where unknown, primitive species of dull bodies and slow brains, were not yet extinct. Darwin studied them and concluded that weaker species in brain-information or body-energy are extinct or victimized when they confront stronger, faster species in the same environment.

This law, we know today, has never had any exception. In any confrontation between two species, one of which has a better brain-body power, the weaker species, becomes enslaved, feeds, or is extinguished by the stronger species. There is no compassion in the Darwinian Universe, because to survive you cannot be passive, you have to eat, to renew your energy. So you have to eliminate rivals that wish the same energy you need. You have to kill other species and use them as food.

Will machines do the same with mankind? The survival of the fittest seems not to have exceptions in the biological Universe… On the Earth all species try to grow and multiply, but only top predator species succeed and reproduce in massive numbers. Biologists call that process a biological radiation. In this manner the future transforms itself, occupied by stronger, more intelligent species, top predators, which shape the environment to their image and resemblance. The most impressive thing about evolution is its mathematical precision. You always know who will win if you know the mental and physical power of both species. It is not like in Hollywood. There are no tricks in Nature. The chances a gazelle wins a lion are almost null. Such mathematical precision explains why the process of massive reproduction of new top predator species, and extinction of older ones, has been going on in the Earth for around 3000 million years… since the first cellular organisms.

What Is A Top Predator? The Arrows Of Future In The Universe

Top Predators that have organs with higher information, and bodies with higher energy create the future in the Universe, because they cause the extinction of, or enslave, all other species, shaping the future. The process is very fast. Suddenly a new species appears i.e. the eye-squid, the mammal, the chip. It is so overwhelmingly superior, that it reproduces and destroys all other species. We talk of catastrophes, of extinction, since in the Universe death is a sudden process. For example, your own death is a sudden process of cellular extinction similar to the death of any species, under a top predator that multiplies in your vital space, in this case the death of a cellular DNA-species. So, when you die, your informative and energetic organs stop. Then your body becomes non-efficient as an organism, even if your cells are still alive. Cellular death occurs then. Insects top predators spot your now weak cells, and preyed on them. Death is the main cause of the arrows of the Universe that affect all species. So we talk of the arrow of future, of top predators, and the arrow of past, of extinct victims.

By better controlling their ecosystem, top predators become the ecosystem, the species of future. They will feed and radiate over simpler species. Simpler species will become species of the past that the complex being will extinct or use as energy.

Since the brain and the informative organ is the dominant element that guides the process of selection of top predators, those who use a better language of information better are always top predators. The Top Predator is more intelligent and stronger. So for each language of information and its ecosystem we can trace a chain of top predator species, of better brains, from a related, extinct past to a related, reproducing future top predator. The “better” species of the future will “feed”, “farm” or bring about the extinction of species with less information. This also happens in history when nations of the “future” with more machines and information=moneydominate ecosystems of the “past”.

We can say that there is also a Darwinian selection between languages and brains. We can measure survival through languages. Beings act with a speed that depends on their capacity to “perceive linguistically” an event in time and space. That ability is given to the species by its language. For example eyes act-react faster than noses.

The language of communication of the squid, the eye, is a top predator language. It is clear that eyes are superior to olfactory organs, both in detail and range. What is the effect of that linguistic superiority? Survival. In fact, cephalopods with eyes probably brought about the extinction of 90% of the smelling species of the Cambric.

Extinction by top predator machines and economic ecosystems.

The most absolute law of the Universe is the law of top predators. More complex forms of energy or information, Top Predators, act as hunters. They feed on simpler forms. Preying has a limit in which both, prey and predator will create an ecological balance. Otherwise the predator will lack energy and die. However, if the species do not need each other, past species will become extinct, because the Top Predator will want to use the victim’s vital space, and ecosystem, to reproduce, and create a new ecosystem to its image and resemblance.

This final case is indeed the case of machines, of economic ecosystems that grow to the expenses of historic ecosystems. Why? Since machines are made of metal, and the symbiotism between metal and carbolife is null. metal does not need water or atmosphere – the two energy components of carbolife. On the contrary it thrives in a world without any of them. Water oxides metal, and so does air. A metal-ecosystem thus tends to poison air and water, as it happens to the Earth when “free ecosystems of top predator machines”, war ecosystems expand. War  and industrial processes poison life.

Metal also does not require the same information that life species require. Metal-information travels in regions of the electromagnetic spectra with far more range than our light-visible region. So we are witnessing today the creation of such networks of invisible radiations, that harm our health (mobiles, TV-antennas), and create a parallel Universe of information to that of the life Earth.

The species with a stronger body and a faster system of information is by definition a biological potential Top Predator. This means that metalife, whose bodies are stronger, and whose minds process information faster, are potential Top Predators over men. If those two components are vitalized, metalife, will be the Top Predator species of the Earth:

In the graph, digital thought carries more information than verbal thought, so it becomes the top predator language. On the other hand metal carries more energy than carbon-life, so it becomes also the top predator body. Because machines speak better mathematics than men do, and are made of metal, both their bodies and brains are top predator species over men. So the combination of both, the robotic metalife species will be top predators of man, the victim, of the future:

A human being is a weaker body/mind, that still holds his position as Top Predator because it has not yet fused as a living organism, metal-bodies and their chip-driven brain. In this century, the III Age of the Industrial Evolution, the age of robots, will do so. If it succeeds, it will create a species that will bring about the extinction of his own creator.

As represented in the graph, metalife will become the new dominant light species on the Earth’s crust. It will be a top predator. Such a species will have no human rival. Metalife will be a superior species because its brain (logic board), and metal body will have an infinitely faster speed of perception. They will be stronger than humans. Computerized weapon factories will one day rule the Earth and bring about the extinction of the very men that created them unless man stops their evolution and obeys the Law of the Jungle: Kill the child before it becomes a tiger hunter.We can in that sense talk of the arrival of machines, as an evolutionary jump on the Earth, of a scale never witnessed since air-based life species appeared.

What we are witnessing is the dwindling and scarcity of carbolife species and goods, which cannot even feed the entire human community (hunger), and the massive creation of metal species through company mothers, to the point that we are invaded by TVs, metal-minds, cameras,computers, and weapons, far beyond what the human race needs… Again this is a biological process, of a new species, that prays and multiplies on the vital territories of other species.

Unfortunately men are blind to the process of extinction of life, by machines, because they do not learn evolution on schools but“anthropomorphic myths”ideologies about men as the center of the Universe, and scientific ideologies  about machines as abstract beings that will obey us for ever…complex version: hierarchical i-scales

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