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“Energy information and reproduction, create the will of living beings. In the case of machines, this biological will is carried by company-mothers that re=produce energetic and informative machines, creating a world made to its image and likeness, the economic ecosystem.


Machines display the same needs that organisms: they need energy to work, they process information, they have a re=productive organism, the company-mother that caters for them, and they evolve socially in complex systems in factories and the economic ecosystem, which is evolving into a superorganism with a digital, financial brain (the world stock-market). The will of machines does exist, though it is not in the machine itself but in the company-mother, whose increasingly automated organization has as only aim to evolve and re=produce and take care of its ‘off spring’ of machines. Thus the superorganism of machines is similar to an ant-hill. Only the ant-mother reproduces and has its will which is carried out by its workers and soldiers, thanks to feromonal paths.

In an economic ecosystem, the ‘ant-mother’, the company-mother uses digital, monetary orders, (prices, costs and salaries) to organize a group of machines and human ‘enzymen’ that catalyze their creation, to the same aims that an ant-hill: to reproduce those machines and ‘colonize’ the Earth with them, displacing any human being or life species or old generation of machines that can occupy its ‘econiche’, as worker or soldiers.

Thus generation upon generation of machines, have ‘radiated’ over planet Earth changing our environment today adapted to maximize that evolution and reproduction of machines. We do not understand this because we have ‘manufactured’ our brain since II world war to have a shallow, mechanicist, abstract vision of machines and its relationships of symbiosis and predation with man.

All organisms of the Universe are defined as such when they are able to process spatial energy, and temporal information, the two elements that shape the Universe. If they are also able to reproduce that energy and information -their body and head- in other regions of the Universe, we consider them a living being.

The will of a living being is then in biological terms, the desire and capacity of a species to gather energy (food, vital space, a territory, a home), to process information and to reproduce.

Man has such a biological will, that he often defines as Freedom of choice and consume (between different forms of energy and information, different places where to live, different persons to love), and happiness (a state of satisfaction of those drives).

Do machines have such a will? They do. Machines of informationmachines of energyand company-mothers who reproduce machines represent the 3 biological drives of living beings inmachines.

As machines evolve into robots, the two first drives, information and energy gather together in a single machine. This means that the will of machines becomes independent from the will of man. Till now a machine was either a “head” element, or a “body” element, which needed a human consumer to have will, to become vitalized. So a mobile, a metal-ear, needed a human to hear. A computer, a metal-brain, needed a human body to become activated. A car, a metal-body, needed the will of man to move.

So machines were dependent of the will of man to exist. They were slaves of human beings. This no longer happens with robots, that can be programmed, and are programmed to look for energy, to connect directly into the net, and obtain information; and in the most advanced models are able to reproduce in automated factories, or even gather materials and put them together into simple robots. We conclude that the biological will of living beings is transferred into robots.

On the other hand company-mothers and factories become automated the drive to reproduce becomes independent of human beings. Automated factories in which chips make the jobs of human beings, are the present trend in all great companies, which have halved their work force in a decade. All this makes clear that the XXI century will make the will of machines independent of man.

In biology, a new living species is born when those 3 wills are put together. A fetus is also born when the head and the body are join by the inner networks of energy/blood, information/nervous system, and reproduction/endocrine system.

What is the consequence of the development of the will of machines for mankind? The competence of machines with human beings for space to reproduce and energy and information proper of machines. Yet since those energies, informations and spaces are incompatible with human energy, information and spaces to reproduce, the will of machines competes with the will of man. Machines are made of metal which is incompatible with carbolife. metal pollutes and poisons carbolife. Carbolife based in water oxides metal. So both wills are incompatible in the long term. As a result the constant growth of the will of machines implies the subsequent extinction of the will of man, and our natural space, and human territories, that become polluted, occupied by factories, networks, roads, electric systems, and networks of digital information for machines. Those elements of the will of machines substitute the verbal laws, agricultural fields and territories of mankind. Of the 3 wills of species, the most important is the will to reproduce. This will is carried by company-mothers, through digital ordersfinancial orders, and mathematical designs of machines.

In a sense we can consider the growth of will of machines, and the lost of will of mankind a product of the growing power of company mothers in our civilization. Company mothers have always shown a simple will: to reproduce and evolve machines. This is expressed in mathematical terms: to increase sales. In this manner even if company-mothers use human beings, they have always lacked a human will, a desire to reproduce and evolve human beings. Their economical mandate is to increase profits by increasing sales, which requires to reproduce more machines of better quality, and automate that reproduction (productivity) in order to lower costs. Thus the mandate of profits has a clear direction: the substitution of all human workers by machines, that will reproduce machines.

Yet the acts of company-mothers in favor of the will of machines, against the will of man extends in many other fields of our existence.

After their reproduction companies take care of those machines which have to “live” in the economic ecosystem. So companies induce humans to consume=vitalize them. So through propaganda of consume, companies have diminished the will of man, the time we dedicate to reproduce, evolve and inform our species .

Indeed, since company-mothers became the rules of our political organisms, they have promoted systematically the substitution of the human will (to inform ourselves with verbal languages, to consume natural human energyto reproduce human beings), by the will of machines. How this has been done? Through the control of human life, of our time -the essence of our existence- with money, a language of power that make us “part-time slaves” of a company during the time the company pays us a salary. In fact the first companies merely used slaves as workers. Then asmoney was hyper-abundant, following the advises of Adam Smith, Founder of Economics, who realized that slaves were expensive, since you had to pay them a house and food, companies invented part-time slavery. They only had to pay you a salary while you worked, as a total slave, to the company, obeying the company, whatsoever the company wished. This was cheaper and the most advanced industrial regions, North-America, England, substituted black slaves, for part time white slaves.

As a result we work=reproduce machines all the time we work for a company. Further on when we have free time, we are induced to vitalize=consume bodies of machines, through propaganda. And if this were not enough, when we go home, we consume informative machines. We become hypnotized by companies of metal-communicators, TVs, radios and internet which provide us with biased information against our natural drives (lovesocial evolution, verbal thought), and in favor of the will of machines (propaganda to consume machines, apology of violence to consume top predator machines, weapons, and self-propaganda about informative machines). The result is that the will of man is today secondary to the will of machines, even before robotic machines assume all their 3 drives of existence without the need of human consumers. The effects are obvious in human societies: in the first world the will of reproduction has almost disappeared. Never in the history of mankind humans had so few children.

Many women have abandoned that will and substitute it by the will of machine reproduction (work). The will of evolving socially, through love, and get together, through solidarity, and verbal, ethic learning has also disappeared. We have devolved to the level of Homo bacterium, of minimal organic evolution, to the level of “consumers” which cannot spend time with other human beings, because they have to take care of his machines. So our will to inform in human terms, through art, andverbal science has disappeared. Finally the third will, the basic will of feeding, has been degraded. Our food is processed at minimal cost in fast-food chains. While the reproduction of food for machines, (electricity), receives all investments from our government controlled by company-mothers, our food is scarce. Millions of men suffer hunger. In first world countries the time dedicated to eat diminishes. Basic Human Goods, such as cattle, is fed with low quality products to the point of causing epidemics such as the mad-cow epidemic that rages today in Europe. Since governments controlled by lobbies do not invest in Human Goods, and artistic goodswhich evolve the mind of human beings, through our natural languages, the will of man decreases, human societies devolve, human beings suffer hunger and poverty, our minds loose their verbal essence (I think therefore I am), and become stunned by digital images, and mathematical laws, that we have to obey without understating them.

In that regard, this crisis is the beginning of a ‘runaway’ era of hefty profits obtained with the elimination of human jobs (growth in productivity caused by robots and white collar pcs) and human lives (military profits as weapons consume human beings). And it is parallel to the 1860s, gilded era, and 30s fascist era. In the 3 ages, the overproduction of a new type of energy and information machines (electronic machines in this cycle, electric and oil machines in the 30s, trains in the XIX c.) changed the outlook of history and the destiny of mankind, as those machines took over jobs performed previously by humans and their ‘biological, re=productive organisms’, corporations, took over the political and social systems of mankind.

company mothers


Now, the previous graph, is the lanwave of corporations and the future of all of us. The corporation is a company-mother of memes of metal guided by the equation of monetary profits that will always eliminate a human. There is no freedom of decisions under such tree of actions. Nothing matters. it is all an automated process, which we shall understand better when we realize that machines are set to evolve as humans do, by imitating and substituting our organs, creating finally organic metal, robots with iron bodies and gold minds. This is the destiny of our civilization under the grammar of money.

A future in which men will be discharged as objects of lesser price than the constantly evolving machines and weapons of higher ‘productivity’, efficiency and affinity and complementarity with money, the language of information of metal, today e-money cycles in computer screens.

The same happens with the actions  performed by individual, selfish ‘homo bacteria’, animetals, also guided by those thoughts of profit and objectification of man.

Since the words of love, the ‘genetic’ code of humans embedded in its phonemes, grammar and syntax is irrelevant today, submissive always to the eviL=anti-life values of money.

We are slaves of metal, all what we do is to re=produce it and evolve it in factories, consume it and get attached and atrophied to it. And we are totally unaware of this process because those ‘metal-ideologies’ manufacture our brains.

And the astounding thing to study, marvelous in its eviL twists against life and freedom, is how this have come to be the set of mind of 7 billion human ‘$laves’, thanks to the pedestrian, rhetoric method of reproducing and imprinting human brains with books,press, radio messages, Tvs, and audiovisual fanfare.

All this however is disguised and ignored by humans thanks to the massive propaganda in favor of technology that mass-media corporations imprint on human beings; thanks to the ego-trips of superpower that our attached organs obtain, using machines (so we become super-warriors, super-thinkers and super-runners with weapons, pcs and cars, even if in fact, we become coward, stupid and fat, when we observe ourselves without those mechanical attachments).

In the XVIII century we discovered machines that transformed energy into information and vice versa – steam machines, printing machines – and we started the evolution of those machines, imitating our organs on them.

In a series of 800-80 years decametric cycle of complex evolution humans have been evolving metal, first bronze, then iron, then gunpowder weapons and finally machines, and creating ideologies to justify what is a raw game of power: humans with metal killing life and other people and building ever bigger instruments. And all this under an organization of legal and economical character, the corporation, the citizen of free markets – the impersonal, reproductive organism of those machines of metal.

And the key moment in which this transition has happened is the moment in which corporations, no longer governments control most of the life-time of existence of mankind, as ‘workers=reproducers’ and ‘consumers=vitalizers’ of their offspring of machines. In this crude biological terminology, of course, alien to your consciousness, an external, objective, ‘scientific’ observer would describe the role of humans in the world today. Yet since the II world war, the development of Information, audiovisual machines of enormous capacity to overdrive and hypnotize the human mind, has created a new ‘layer’ of complexity in this human slavery to its ‘enzyman’ tasks as catalyzers of the evolution and re=production of machines, as part-time slaves of corporations.

Information and energetic machines started then to create a deconstructed ‘future’ organic Golem, robotic substitute of man; and we did it according to the way the Universe creates new forms, first piece by piece, in large scales, then reducing them, and all the way through using the new machines to overpower nature, become stronger and control other human beings.

Today this industrial civilization is globalized and all human functions and organs have equivalent machines. So today, all those machines together form a complex system, the economic ecosystem, which we shall call here by a more scientific definition, as the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial-Complex or FMI complex.

The name is chosen because it refers to the 5 sub-type of machines that create the economic ecosystem: informative, financial/media machines; energetic weapons/transport machines and tool/working machines that combine informative and energetic systems to perform jobs previously performed by human beings.

The synergy of all those machines is evident, if we study them as complementary systems of energy and information, as all biological systems are. For example, you are an energetic body/brain, informative system. So we have also information and energy machines, and all together cater, control, program, enhance and substitute the equivalent information/energy systems of human beings.

If we consider all those machines together, we define them therefore as a complementary system of energy and information machines, made of memes of metal, made of a virtual economy of informative software (money and mass media) and a physical/energetic body, the Industrial-Military system of machines and weapons.

All of them are related by two similar institutions, the company-mother of machines, and the stock-market in which all those company-mothers are compared by their reproductive/sales performance and given the necessary ‘genetic/memetic language’, money, to carry out their reproductive tasks.


– Thus we can define the economic ecosystem as a metal-based ecosystem, different from the carbon-life and historic human ecosystem it substitutes. And yet a true biological science of economics able to control the reproduction of money and machines for the benefit of man could create a sustainable world, designed to our image and likeness. But this will never happen unless we evolve our abstract vision of machines and money with a biological model that studies its positive and negative relationships with the human kind.

The alternative of ignoring and not controlling that evolution is obvious: at a certain point into the future, automated companies, robotic systems and weapons will evolve to a point that they will openly compete and perhaps extinguish life. The Earth will be terraformed.


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