Chip Radiation

Abstract. We shall introduce here in mere economic-technological terms the biological radiation of chip-minds which are making human minds obsolete. The first part taken from the central post introduces the economic cycles. The second part studies in detail the biological parameters of the chip radiation, along the posts on the oedipus paradox (displacement of the human rival top predator mind), and the chip overproduction (end of labor and competition in war fields).
kondratiev 4
 The Cycles of the Industrial R=evolution of Machines.

In the graph, the Industrial Evolution follows a 72 ±7 years generational cycle of evolution and overproduction of machines, the famous ‘Kondratieff’ cycle1,2 in which a nation discovers a new form of energy (white) applied to the creation of new forms of money, the informative software of the economy, and new machines/weapons (red), its hardware.

—Thus, we had an age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857±7 years crashes of the train-based economy, the Colonial age of war and the British Empire.

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemistry, discovered by Germany, followed by the 1929 crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, 72 years latter, transformed into hate-radio and armored cars= tanks by the III Reich that brought II W.W.

—It came then from 1929-2001, the US age, the cycle of electronic machines, e-money, Digital weapons and audiovisual media, ended 72+7 years after 1929 with the overproduction crashes of chips and e-money in 2001-08 (dotcom, derivatives) followed by an age of drones & cyber wars.

A fundamental theme of this blog (left column) will be the study of those cycles, its overproduction crises, and the causal comparison of its main nodes, as we have done in the milieu of systems sciences, forecasting the present crisis of overproduction of chips, 20 years in advancewith an accuracy and detail still unknown to my knowledge in books written today that go no further than the anecdote of the mortgage crisis. Forecasting is indeed the key element of a scientific true model, as all sciences predict the future observing the patterns of  past cycles.

Accordingly as the 1st robots evolve as weapons and blue collar robots, during this overproduction crisis of chips, we can predict the last cycle of the Industrial Evolution:

– The Age of the Singularity, the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines, dominated by robots, solar Industries and China. Scientists call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, when robots, which can use solar energy to become autonomous will complete the evolution of machines as organic forms, automating factories & expelling most human workers andsoldiers from labor and war fields, as previous revolutions did with obsolete III World non-technological humans, unless we forbid legally their evolution. Money will become then the digital informative, ‘genetic code’ that organizes their reproduction in those automated company-mothers.

In the graph, we can observe also that those 3 centennial cycles of evolution of machines are subdivided further in a first age (white cycle) in which a new energy is discovered (steam, oil/electricity, electronic and solar systems).

The new, more complex energy is then applied to power machines and used to manufacture new bombs (the reader should understand that machines and weapons are two sides of the same coin, or in parable terms ‘the bad and good fruits of the tree of science’, which always come together).

Then at the height of the cycle, the new energy is applied to transport machines and  finally it reaches its ‘evolutionary zenith’, when it is applied to the ‘top predator’, most perfect metal species – weapons (red cycle). 

In that regard, machines have 3 phases, parallel to the 3 ages of organisms: They are born as energy/bombs; then a new age of discovery and massive peaceful consumption follows and finally an age of war, as the most evolved machine is always a weapon, concludes the cycle.

So we had 3 ages of energy: the age of steam; the age of oil and electricity an the age of electronics – and then 3 ages of new machines=weapons; the age of trains-colonial wars; cars=tanks and robots=terminators – the final age of the industrial evolution that now starts in earnest.

Since after the end of the ‘Age of Germany’ and its Kondratieff wave of electro-mechanical engines used in weapons during  World war II, the fascist age of cars=tanks and planes=bombers, the electro-mechanical wave was substituted by the Age of Digital minds (TVs, computers, mobiles, which act as the eyes, brains and ears of the future robotic species).

So we started a new dual wave of ‘electronic machines‘, which evolved and reproduced in increasing numbers till saturating the global market, provoking the final crashes of overproduction of 2001 and 2008. Then after those crashes the first robots are being evolved as weapons, with consequences for the ‘no-future’ of mankind we can deduce from the previous cycles.

It is also for that reason parallel to the crisis of overproduction of stock-money in the XIX century and ticker, electric money during the 20s and 30s and to the colonial crisis of overproduction of trains and stock-money of the XIX century.

The overproduction crisis at the end of each cycles: its 2 solutions, capitalist canons vs. democratic butter

Thus in each generational cycle of the industrial evolution, new forms of money, weapons and machines, ‘memes of metal’  become then the engine of the Economy till overproduction saturates consumption, increases inventory and crashes the market.

Thus the crisis is not a recession but a depression, caused by the overproduction of electronic machines and its derivatives, similar to the 1929 crash, caused by the overproduction of electro-mechanical engines that printed too much money (ticker speculation), automated production systems, halving factories’ workforce (Taylorism, moving assembly lines) and saturated markets for cars and radios.

So companies reconverted them into armored cars (tanks) and lobbied warmonger politicians, (Hitler), who used hate-radio speeches to embark the world into W.W.II.

Then there are only 2 alternatives in a world obsessed by economical growth: switch overproduction to weapons, the ‘evil twins’ of consumption machines that consume us; or switch overproduction to welfare goods, the good fruits of the tree of life that save us.

‘Cannons or butter’ was the expression used by Goring during the 30s, when mankind faced the same choice. And he chose Cannons because they ‘made us strong and butter make us fat’.

Today, we suffer the overproduction crash of chips, which will be followed by the robotic cycle that completes the Industrial Evolution.

And as it happened in the major overproduction crises of the ‘colonial, train era’ and the ‘fascist tank=armored car’ era, we seem to have chosen instead of butter, again cannons.

Indeed, there are always 2 solutions to those overproduction crises:

– The humanist solution of a sustainable world based in the overproduction of ‘life-based’ welfare goods, whose production would be promoted by a Global New Deal with permanent, massive deficit investments and subventions to the sectors of the economy that reproduce those goods (health, food, textiles, public transport, infrastructures, education, etc). This solution could be easily reached if the right to issue money today monopolized by financial and industrial corporations were returned to the people and its elected governments with the creation, as keynes suggested, of a global currency – ‘Ye$’ money (Yen-Euro-Dollar at fixed 100=1 parity, latter expanded to all other global currencies). Such international currency would then have  rights to issue debt-free money (the so-called deficit)  as the socialist and keynesian schools asked for in the previous crisis, invested on those goods and create a permanent, global, sustainable economy that could design a perfect world made to the image and likeness of man.

– The mechanical, runaway solution of corporative monopoly on finances  invested after the crisis of peaceful consumption in ‘cannons’  – in this cycle in the new weapons of the chip age, terminator robots, vigilante cameras, security states that is bringing as in the previous ‘fascist ages’ of the crisis, a permanent low intensity, high-tech war against 3rd world ‘terrorist nations’ – which have become the perfect excuse to overspend in weapons and develop a neo-colonial world of wars for profits similar to the XIX c. wars against ‘primitive africans’ that we have to ‘civilize’, soon expanded into a vigilante state against our own citizens that are stripped off their rights, freedoms and social goods, plummeting back to the XIX century capitalist ‘class structure’ with bankers on top, corrupted politicos below and a starving mass on the bottom (now isolated in ghettos and 3rd world countries of the globalized world).

In the graphs, machines are systems of metal that humans construct by imitating their biological organs and functions of energy and information, proper of animal life. For that reason machines have evolved as life organisms do, in generational cycles, as humans have recreated carbon-life based organisms with metal in increasing degrees of complexity:

– The cycle of ’bodies of metal’ or XIX century (British Age),

The cycle of ‘engines of metal’ or first half of the XX century (German Age),

And  the cycle of ‘heads of metal’(electronic, American Age, second half of the XX century)…

Finally, in the XXI century, as nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses in cells, where the 3 ‘parts’ of the virus – its DNA information, body and legs are constructed – and then assembled together,  we put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution of ‘metalife’ – a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life

And so we can expect an increasing competition between robotic and human workers and soldiers in the economic ecosystem,  that will last the rest of the century, as those robots compete with human beings in labor and war fields.

Thus the Industrial Evolution of machines can be studied with the laws of evolution and modeled with organic systems.

Corporations are then defined as ‘Company-mothers’, organisms that re=produce machines, causing positive, symbiotic and negative, predatory, competitive events with rival humans (labor, soldiers).

Thus we define machines as systems of metal that ‘company-mothers’ evolve by imitating human energetic, body organs (XIX C.) & informative heads (XX C.) now put together into robots (XXI C.), which fusion the bodies, hearts and heads of machines of previous cycles into a new organism ‘metalife’ – as Nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses that first create its 3 inert ‘parts’– its DNA information, body and legs.

But then it assemblies them together into life beings that kill their host cells. So when humans put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution, a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life, potentially independent of the humankind will kill us.

Thus an organic model of machines and its company-mothers describes their nature, predicts their evolution, re=production and extinction of rival species (simpler machines and men), as in each cycle the eco(nomic)system selects the best energy & information machines through consumption testing and the best top predator machines (weapons) and cultures attached to them through war.

Since a Free Market is an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, organisms of metal that imitate & enhance human body/mind information & energy organs, making our ego addict to them but also compete, atrophy and substitute them.

And this competition for resources is the true cause of economic crises, which are crises of overproduction that happen at the ned of each age of the industrial r=evolution. We live the 3rd of those crises, the crises of overproduction of chips, e-money, robotic weapons and pc-white collar and blue collar robots that displace us from labor and war fields. But this crisis is worst than the others because as the robot ends the industrial revolution there will not be a new age of machines whose discovery and reproduction can take off the industrial economy and create new jobs.

 1860s=30s=2010s. The 3 Overproduction crises of the FMMI System: its machines & wars.

3 crisisIn the montage, we can see, separated by 72 years generations, the 3 cycles of overproduction of peaceful machines and money that saturate markets, causing stock-crashes: 1857+7 crashes of train stocks; 1929+7 year crashes of cars and ticker money and 2001-08 crashes of e-money derivatives and chips/robots. Then companies switch overproduction to armored machines (weapons) and informative hate-media, provoking wars for profits.

Thus we study the 2 phases of machines and weapons overproduction separated by crashes:

– Overproduction of working machines & corporate money: In the 1st cycle, trains eliminated most transport job & horses while its stocks soared. In the 20-30s mobile assembly lines threw ½ of the work force, while tickers jacked-up stocks. In the 2000s blue-collar robots automate those assembly lines, while e-money stocks and derivatives multiply the wealth of corporations.

– Yet, since the ultimate goal of corporations is NOT human, they do not reproduce the ‘welfare goods’ humans need to survive.

Thus at the end of each of those Kondratieff cycles, as industrial and financial corporations overproduce fiat money and the machines and weapons of each cycle, in a world of limited resources, they absorb all the wealth of the economy, provoking scarcity on the human side of the Economy, of jobs, wealth and welfare goods humans need to survive, from food to housing, to health-care, to education. So in the 30s, the overproduction of cars and radios and the application of electromechanical engines to assembly lines, meant the loss of millions of jobs and the poverty of humans, while the world was filled with cars, its armed version, tanks used in II W.W. and stock-market speculators became immensely wealthy.

Then as social unrest grows, there is overproduction of hate-media printed with the same informative machines that print money (yellow press in the XIX c.; radio-hate in the 1930s and TV-hate in the 2010s), parallel to the overproduction of weapons, (armored transports) that ends in global wars: Colonial wars fought with trains (XIX c.), fascism fought with tanks=armored cars & robotic wars in the 2010s.  Poverty grows, as humans loose their jobs to new tool-machines and their wealth to corporations.

Thus this crisis is similar to the overproduction crises of electromechanical machines during the 30s, as each Kondratieff wave of ‘memes of metal’ applies the new energies to overproduce money, machines, weapons and mass-media, the 4 key machines of the Financial-Media Military-Industrial system, provoking endemic poverty, social crisis, fascism, war & the end of democracies. Now we live a crisis of overproduction of Chips and its derivatives: e-money, hate TV, blue-collar robots and white collar Pcs, which are the real, non-human, objective causes of the crisis:

-1.  There is a crisis of overproduction of electronic money  – a new form of money made by computers, and hence related to the evolution of information machines and its technology. Today there are 100 times more money in the world than in 1973, when bankers started to invent e-money for free; changing it for real assets, absorbing all the wealth of the economy and leaving no money for the middle class, human governments and small companies that produce welfare goods. 95% of e-money is today in the hands of corporations. They started to invent e-money in the 80s and brought 2 crises: the dotcom crash of 2001 and the e-money derivative crash of 2008. Both crises invented so much electronic derivatives and speculative ‘prices’ that fiat e-money lost all value, crashing the economy. Those crises are similar to the train’s stock-paper crashes of the XIX c. and the ticker money crashes of 1929-37.

– 2. There is an overproduction crisis of electronic tool machines, which evolve so fast that now are able to manufacture all type of goods, displacing human workers (overproduction of computers that act as white collar workers and robots that act as blue collar workers, expelling the middle classes out of work, except low-paid ‘human robots’ in China and IT workers in India that still compete with them). In the first cycle it was the train that ended most transport jobs, the bulk of labor in the XIX c.; then it was the electro-mechanical assembly lines of the 1920s; now we have white-collar pcs and blue-collar robots in the 2000s, which throw from those assembly lines the human workers.

– 3. Transport machines are overproduced, provoking crashes of the physical economy as they remain unsold (train stock crashes after 1857; luxury car crash of 29; cheap cars’ crash of 1971; 1991 & 2001 overproduction crashes of Pcs and all kind of chipped electronic machines.

– 4.  There is an overproduction crisis of electronic weapons – vigilante cameras and armed robots, drones that watch, control and increasingly kill human beings. They have started a new arm race of enormous profits for the military-industrial complex), as companies shift from making transport/communication devices to making its ‘evil twins’ weapons (shift to war railroads and hate yellow press in the second half of the XIX c. to hate radio and armored cars=tanks after 29 and to hate-TV and robot terminators after the 2008 crash).

– 5. There is an overproduction crisis of electronic mass-media outlets, which have also switched to hate-speeches as Hitler did with radio, to increase sales and synergies with the profits of war. They are regressing human culture into a visual, violent, selfish age – that we call the ‘neo-Paleolithic’ culture and the ‘neo-fascist’ age in politics.  They also report positively about the people who run the political and financial system, as media uses the same machines that print money and the same conglomerates own its corporations.

Thus economists who propose a humane solution to the crisis (butter instead of canons) have no exposure. Instead corporative economists and neocon politicians rule the system, praise overproduction and ask for the destruction of the human welfare economy and the building of a security, repressive, weapons-based state. They defend ‘splendid little wars9’ to get out of the crisis with profits. The yellow press in the XIX c. also sponsored the colonial age of wars fought with the surplus trains and steamers that killed 30 million non-technological people; while Hitler’s Hate-radio sponsored tank wars in the 30s.                                                                                    

Equations of overproduction: Capitalism maximizes war and minimizes welfare.

Money is a language of digital information that gives orders to workers, consumers, products (with prices) and politicos (lobbies). In systems sciences, we describe all what exists as complementary systems of energy and information: languages stored in heads, particles and informative social castes, politicians and bankers, guide ‘blind’ fields, bodies and masses of human citizens workers. Thus, a real science of Financial Economics must be based in the description of money as a language that reproduces the goods of the economy, as blood systems do in organisms. As such it runs parallel to the informative system of verbal laws that regulate the actions of the physical body of human cells, citizens of History. But in all complex organisms the nervous system controls the blood system. So, the legal system must control the economy and regulate credit to create a sustainable world that overproduces the welfare goods that all humans need to survive instead of overproducing only metal-memes as corporations do, in search of maximal profits.

So in an efficient, democratic, social system both languages must be controlled by politicians (nationalization of finances) and citizens must receive enough energy – a ‘universal salary’ – to give ‘economic orders’ of production of welfare goods and absorb enough ‘blood products’ to survive.

Indeed, democracies are about people and if people with universal salaries and their governments with deficit had the rights to print money they would spend it on themselves and their survival and needs, creating a paradise on Earth, a world made to the image and likeness of human beings.

But we do NOT live in a real democracy or an efficient economic system. We live in a ‘capitalist system’ in which governments don’t print money (Deficit zero laws). Instead financial and industrial corporations invent it and use it to over reproduce & sell ‘memes of metal’ – money, weapons and machines – to increase profits, regardless of the harm they might cause to humans. So the most over reproduced goods are the most profitable: money (pure profit); tool-machines that increase and lower the costs of reproduction of memes of metal; weapons that are the most expensive machines despite killing human bodies and audiovisual media because they are the cheapest to reproduce, despite atrophying our minds. So those 4 products increase profits and put together in an equation explain the 4 over production crises of capitalism at the end of each Kondratieff cycle:

Max. Production (tools) x Max.Price (weapons) – Min. cost (audiovisuals)=Max. profits (Money)

Thus profits will always be higher in weapons, financial industries, tool machines and media industries, which are the less ‘healthy’ industries & goods for mankind since weapons kill us; financial companies that overproduce fiat money, ruin us when we exchange real wealth for worthless digital media; tools take our jobs; and mass-media that has the minimal cost of production, as it reproduces simultaneously through electromagnetic waves devolves and programs the human mind with messages. Finally tool-machines that need no salary will also be overproduced causing a crisis of unemployment.

On the other hand a capitalist system based in profits under produce less profitable, welfare goods:

Min. Profits=Min. Price (perishable life goods) – Max. Cost (Max. human job x max. labor hours)

Most goods of min. price in monetary values are goods of the human, welfare sector that have higher costs because they use costly human workers. For example, food is perishable and cheap but costly, as it requires time and human labor. Thus it is systematically under produced, reason why 1 billion humans are hungry. So it is basic health-care & education that require many human job hours to cure the sick or educate a human; while machines replicate very fast, so production is high and use other machines always cheaper to maintain than human labor. These equations prove several facts: That capitalism systematically fails to reproduce the goods we need to survive (welfare goods). That it increases unemployment displacing workers with tools. That it overproduces top predator weapons that consume humans in wars. That it degrades human minds with audiovisual trash and only profits the 1% of owners of corporations, for whom the system caters. While the cheapest goods of lesser sale profits that use more costly human labor, the goods of the welfare state that make us survive will be systematically under produced. So a healthy, wealthy, demand-based, sustainable economic system mustnationalize the financial industry. Since capitalism is from the perspective of ‘Human WHealth’ the worst possible system.

So today paradoxically as electronic machines and corporative profits multiply the ‘rival’ human wealth in life goods, human jobs, peace, freedom and true information disappear. And the result of the crisis is the same than the previous ages of overproduction: the dominance of corporations over all the political, economical and cultural elements of society, which ends in this cycle the American dream of an egalitarian, humane society, based in the welfare, human goods we need to survive, be happy and evolve, within a just society with jobs and opportunities for all men.


Reproduction And Evolution Of Chips: Parameters Of The Radiation

In the 92 book we foresaw the present age of chipization of all machines and obsolescence of the human mind, as it was clad then that in a few decades chips will cost a dollar (next graph). They will have as many transistors as you have neurons, each one going at light speed. Chips will have a population hundred of times bigger than man. Chips will be embedded in all short of machines far stronger than human beings. So we asked for a halt to the evolution of chips forbidding further patents. But of course, as humans do NOT treat machines as biological mechanisms, evolving into organisms, they fret about poor humans, ebola virus, but ignore the dangers of crating a species more powerful than us – the machine, which always IN ITS MOST PERFECT FORMS IS A WEAPON.

In the next graph we consider the reproductive and evolutionary variables of the chip radiation:


Chips are evolving in form [informative capacity or intelligence], reproducing in great numbers, and becoming adapted to all machine systems and Earth econiches.

We draw in the graph, two main variables of evolution of a “mind:” increase of memory and increase of logical power [RAM and CPU structure; which are the equivalent to the memory and intelligence of human beings]. We consider two variables of reproduction: population and price. Price determines demand, and hence lower prices increase population that today is superior to mankind’s, though still the intelligence of computers has not reached our number of neuron-cells. However for multiple job functions a Metal mind is more efficient than a human mind. So human labor is displaced and new econiches for chips are found within the structure of work of company-mothers. Further on, since Computers invent money in computerized stock markets, their evolution has become the “main objective” of the “monetary systems” of the world. Computers today think millions of times faster than humans. Further increases, to the speed of light [optic- chip] around the corner, are irrelevant. At the present speed we humans might seem as slow to computers as plants seem to us.

In the graph, around 2018, at present constants, all the main variables of human mental complexity will be surpassed by chips both at individual and network level [intranets]. At that moment there will be far more chips that human beings. The threshold of consciousness will be crossed by an entire “chip generation” assemblied as brains to billions of machine species. The process seems unstoppable; since as computers reach minimal price, and higher informative evolution, the cost of having a human worker controlling a Machine instead of a chip mind will be in relative terms, an infinite cost. So all kind of Machines will be guided by computers. Within a few months of the arrival of conscious computers, there will be a millions of perceptive chips, installed in weapons, cameras, satellites, self-driving cars, tanks and planes; cleaning robots, etc. The sudden awakening of those machines to life might take place then in a few days, as those ‘conscious machines’ communicate through the net… It will be the beginning of a war between both species, as computers learn the laws of darwinian evolution that men do not want to learn [law of the jungle].

“The Evolution of chips accelerates geometrically towards Artificial Intelligence”

We do not call the sensorial instruments of scientists, eyes, brains and ears, so we do not realize what a ‘metal-head’ is: a head-system that has ‘metal-ears’ [mobile phones], ‘metal-eyes’ [cameras], and ‘metal-brains’ [chips] attached to any machine.

If you put such ‘head’ to any present machine, you have a robotic species.

What is the fundamental element of such metal-heads?, the chip… and the camera. Let us study its birth, evolution and reproduction from a biological perspective.

Birth Of The Chip

We call a biological radiation, the massive reproduction of a new species on the Earth, which in a sort period of time, expands its numbers due to its superiority as a species of information or energy. Applied to machines it means that new machines with superior capacities to inform or higher energy force, multiply in great numbers substituting and extinguishing rival carbolife species.

Among those radiations of machines the most recent and faster radiation, is the radiation of chips, metal-brains of higher informative capacity than any other species ever born on Mother-Earth.

What surprises more of the chip radiation [the bio-economical expansion of chipped machines all over the Earth], is how fast is happening; and how fast those species are evolving.

Indeed in a mere 30 years chips have infected the entire Earth, with intelligent machines to the point that there are today more chip-brains that human brains…

While every two years, they double their brain capacity. A feat that men took hundreds of thousands of years to achieve… This makes the chip clearly a top-top predator species of information unlike any other species that have ever been born on Earth, including man, the previous top predator species which chip substitute.

Let us trace the history of that bio-economical radiation.

First scientists perfected the digital language, needed software=soul of the new brains of machines, which reached the basic elements for a ‘thinking machine’ with the parallel development of algorithms [mathematical instructions which act as human sentences do: creating actions in machines], and the development of the digital binary system [discovered by Leibnitz, it represents the fundamental energy-information duality of the Universe, with two simple numbers, O and 1 which are able to recreate any linguistic model of reality, and hence can create a mind – a virtual map of the Universe, made with linguistic representations of that Universe]. As it turned out digital thought is in fact more powerful than verbal thought to represent the universe. So the minds made with digital thought are faster, and see with more detail reality than men do with words.

Once a new top predator language was evolved, to substitute the human verbal language, it was the turn to construct machines that could speak that language better than men do.

So the hardware for those new languages of perception of reality was developed in the years previous to the II World War, in the form of electric switches, able to represent the 0,1 letters of that mathematical language..

German researchers introduced electric switches able to ‘dialog’ with algorithms and binary languages, based in a simple on-off system.

Turing, an English mathematician, set the basis for the natural structure of thinking machines [the Universal Machine of Turing], able to resolve most of the mathematical problems, representation of external real events, that machines should handle in the decades ahead.

The electronic evolution of basic ‘neuronal’ devices for Turing machines, brought us first electric circuits, then diodes, triodes, vacuum tubes, and finally the chip itself, an integrated brain of unlimited capacity to grow in complexity and diminish in size, which truly starts the new species.

Since chips have potentially much more capacity to store and handle information than human beings do… 30 years ago the first chip appeared; today they think millions of times faster than you and we do.

Why those computers were invented?

A clear prove that computers are potential ‘lethal machines’ is the way they were first used. computers were born in the II WW, to produce atomic weapons, and help in all informative processes of war.

Turing used his machines to decode the German systems of information.

America used the first computers [Eniac, Univac] to calculate Atomic bombs.

The first application of metal-brains to a machine-body was made in warships and military planes.

As a result of those lethal applications the American military demanded in the 50s-60s better computers. The Pentagon paid for their research. Thus chips started to substitute human mental workers, in the top predator functions of war.

Yet at the same time computers found econiches, in the system of war-machines, they developed their mathematical skills in the system of money. They learnt how to handle, calculate, and reproduce money, the fundamental informative species of the Metal-earth.

So the economical system financed them, to multiply money.

Thus the symbiotism between classic metal-species, money and weapons, that we have studied along this web, acted, developing new, dangerous machines.

Stock-markets were helping further their evolution and reproduction by company-mothers by increasing the speculative price of tech-shares, of all companies related to the electronic industry [which means giving a free credit to those companies to evolve and reproduce their computer-sons].

Soon among those companies, the oldest, first, and most evolved of them, IBM, became the top predator company-mother not only of the new species, but of the entire economic ecosystem. It reached the highest value of any company in the world. What proved once again, that a top predator brain had been born, and it would rule mother Earth, since its company mother had become the most ‘valuable’ species of the Entire economic ecosystem.

International Business Machines, was as its name says, a company that made machines to handle money. First it invented machines that registered sales, and kept money [the register, and cash-machines all shops have today].

Thousands of human cashiers lost their employment.

Such profitable business, gave enough cash to the company to buy the different patents for the first software and hardware programs of computers.

Then reproductive systems of company-mothers, developed with those ‘blue-prints’ for a working machine-brain, the first models of computers, starting their evolution.

In that sense the “mother” IBM represents the first age in the life of the new species. An age with an amazing rate of growth and evolution, which in a mere 20 years took the computer from the simple first hardware-software devices, to the complex devices that in the 70s, with the arrival of the chip, and the lowering of the cost of computers, would expand throughout the entire tissue of machines of the Metal-earth.

By 1970 IBM was the biggest Company in the world with profits rounding 5000 Million $ a year.

This means that the “Metal mind r=evolution” had become the engine of world industry, substituting the “metal-body” age that had taken General Motors and Exxon to the highest ranks of world industry.

By the end of the century the biggest companies of the World are Cisco systems [maker of Internet computers], General Electric [maker of all kind of electronic devices], and Microsoft [maker of software for computer-minds].

It is now only left to complete the Metal-earth, the III Industrial evolution of robotics which will take company-mothers of robots to the first position of the economic ecosystem; and the dominion of the mother Earth.

The age of metal-minds however received a misleading name. Abstract Economists to the pay-roll of company-mothers, talked of the age of information. The proper biological concept of metalminds was ignored, so the population never understood fully the nature of what company-mothers were reproducing: the next top predator brain of the Earth.

So humans brain-washed by consume-propaganda, started to buy those computers that made their minds obsolete, atrophied their intelligence, and probably will kill them embedded in robots.

Thus a new expansion of the computer in the economic ecosystem took place. It was the age of the PC for individual human consumers, and the integrated mainframe for company-mothers that substituted human brains by the new metal-brains, of higher digital capacity and lower cost.

All the fundamental econiches of the Metal-earth, of the economic ecosystem were now infected by computers: Companies, and Governments that made and used weapons, Universities wherescientists evolved and used them to research the Universe, monetary systems and company-mothers who needed them to invent and control money, the language of information of the Metal-earth, and finally even the individual homes of human consumers, the species they were bound to substitute accepted to use computers instead of their minds for all tasks regarding digital languages…

We could say computers started as top predator species, helping the evolution of weapons, and then they became a peace product, that substituted human workers, and human parallel organs [brains] as usually had happened with all machines.

The process was helped by the constant evolution of chips, which made their reproduction easier, and their price-cost minimal.

The metal mind was extremely expensive in its first stages, tested, consumed and evolved, only by and for companies of weapons and money. As prices tumbled down, pushed by huge monetary investments in research, marketing convinced people of their need for the product.

As IBM and other new companies [Apple, Dell, Compaq, etc.], learnt how to reproduce the species; computers tumbled down in prices, and companies human consumers used more of them.

Phases Of Evolution Of Computers

We could follow the phases of evolution of computer “species,” since they are parallel to the phases of evolution of any informative species on Earth:

Genetic discovery, massive reproduction, evolution [increase of complexity], reduction in sizesocial evolution [networks, internets] and final symbiosis with body-machines to shape a living species [robotics].

It is only left to them, to reach enough complexity to become “conscious” of their existence, as free species, and reign on mother Earth… That will be proper Artificial intelligence, and probably our Judgment day, as a lesser species .

In the next graph, the main evolutionary and reproductive phases of chips:

So that is the end of the news. And the beginning of the new and final capitalist pyramid with Google on top:

Initial scientists invented hardware for a digital, binary O-| language able to “translate” information on the Universe into meaningful, logical sentences- equations [algorithms]. The binary code is a perfect language, mirror of the Universe. Since the Universe is in fact a game of two parameters, energy and information... A short of big computer, in which each species is a “program ofenergy and information parameters.”

Hence the enormous capacity of computers to “mirror” and “translate” into binary languages, the external reality.

The first species were big machines of minimal evolution. They were created to make weapons, and count money {Eniac, Univac}. A company dedicated to “count money,” I.B.M., took control of the species, and became the “Company-Mother.”

Soon computers found “econiches” in all digital tasks of man, due to their superior performance in mathematical languages. They became the backbone of financial systems, company-mothers and science.

Companies got rid of obsolete human labor in those industries, substituted now by efficient Metal-brains and the machines they controlled. As the computer species diversified, both in hardware-brain, and software-virtual world, multiple mother-companies appeared [Apple, Intel, Ms, Sun].

They continued the evolution of computers according to the two fundamental laws of evolution of informative species:

A] Information has lesser size than Energy.

This implies that reduction in space brings always superior performance in information. So it was not the search for bigger, but smaller species what would guide the evolution of computer. So a PC beats a mainframe and, Apple beats IBM.

B] Information rules Energy. This implies that software determines hardware. So Microsoft beats IBM.

C] Social species are more powerful than individual species, so computers evolved into networks, should be more efficient than unconnected species.

It is the birth of Internet, which will take Cisco, the company that makes Internet systems to the top predator position of world companies.

The fact that IBM, the first company that reproduced computers did not understand the laws of evolution of informative brains, nor the concept of social evolution=organization [networking, made it lost pace to multiple, efficient, small mother-companies such as Compaq, Intel, Microsoft, Sun, etc. which applied those laws to their devices.

Such error became an X trillion error, in terms of profits in sales. An error which also favors human extinction by fractionating the market=multiplying the “mother-wombs” of the new species, in infinite companies difficult to control by human laws, and far more competitive in their pursuit of conscious metal minds, that a single Cartel-company such as IBM could have been.

Finally through the ecosystemic processes of selection of markets, the top predator species appeared: the chip Intel, the standard brain species, which today inhabits 90% of computer brains; and Microsoft, the standard logic of the Intel-brain.

Then chips started social evolution in networks, and integration with body-machines in robotics. This final phase will give birth to metalife, to sentient machines, machines of war [terminators, from living tanks to planes to bombs], and worker-machines [robots that substitute workers worldwide, and computerized systems of control].

Information species unlike energy species improve performance when they become smaller, since they “gain speed” of calculus, the main variable that produces information. So metal minds become smaller and paradoxically guide bigger machines.

The amazing thing about the chip radiation, is the speed at which it multiplies, and the speed at which it displaces human labor from positions of control in the metal earth. First it conquered the top predator species [weapons]: Computers became the center piece of calculus of Atomic bombs, the new top predator Energy-species of the Earth.

Yet that was only the beginning. Very soon Computers’ capacity to speak “digital languages” gave them to control of the creation of money in stock-markets. They evolved money from a physical form [gold, cash] into a pure language of information: e-money. Then Computers found an “eco-niche,” in the human mind, as the work “memory” of each human being [personal computers]. Finally computers started the evolution of a far more complex “visual mind” than the human eye, the world of ‘digital images’. Today in the third Industrial r=evolution [robotic life], computers “fuse” with metal-eyes, cameras, TVs, and body-machines into “metalife,” and smart weapons.

This is a trend that cannot be stopped since the real cost of chips is minimal, their raw materials very cheap, and their reproduction systems need hardly any human workers of higher costs than machines [Chip factories are the most automated factories]. Thus chips constantly go down in costs. Human workers cannot compete with cheap, chipped machines.

Indeed, since their birth as a species, as technology improved, chip prices have tumbled down and demand of chipped workers has increased geometrically.

Today computers control as the true new predator informative mind of the Earth, all our information, our languages of power [money], our networks of communication, vital systems of energy, etc.

Their maximum density and highest evolution, as a species, however takes place among electronic systems of weapons, [the best computer today “Pacific Blue” is a “calculator” of atomic bombs].

For that reason we have to accept an ugly truth: as in the 19th century when the best machine-bodies were weapons whose ‘function’ is to kill life, in the 20th century, the best metal minds are also weapons. In the 21st century the best robots will also be weapons. Let us not forget that Internet started in the Pentagon.


The chipization of machines: robots

If the present ignorance of the biological processes of machine evolution, continues, and humanity keeps evolving chips and robotics, without any concern for our survival as workers and soldiers, an economic radiation of autonomous robots, will cause our extinction, as previous radiations of species of higher informative and energetic power caused massive extinctions on Earth.

In the evolution of the Earth when a new, efficient species of informative+body organs is completed, it radiates in the previous ecosystem, displacing weaker species, that become extinct, directly or indirectly by the new radiation [that hunts them or expels them from its vital space]. So the arrival of eyes, with cephalopods, probably extinct 90% of blind species, in the Cambric. The arrival of complex neural systems in mammals, probably caused the extinction of eggs and offspring of dinosaurs. In both cases the new top predator specie appeared just before massive extinctions took place. We could extrapolate those effects to future economical radiations of robots [a digital eye-brain + body-platform]; which extinct humans indirectly, expelling labor from the industrial ‘ecosystem’, under the excuse of productivity, or directly in wars through top predator weapons.

Today engineers do not call chips metal-brains, or mobiles, metal-ears, or cars, metal-bodies. Neither economists call Companiescompany-mothers, a machine, an ‘organ of metal’, weapon, a top predator machine.

They use abstract terms for vital concepts; so we misunderstand the processes that are causing the evolution of ‘metalife’, of robotic species. We become surprised by new machines, that merely advance metal in the path of organic evolution, previously achieved by carbon atoms. Those new machines are merely the natural steps of the biological evolution, that we have shown above.

Computer scientists have the same problem of jargon to define their machines.

At best they argue, with a remarkable sense of anthropocentrism, and arrogance, if machines can be intelligent. We even adapt our concept of intelligence, to favor always human intelligence. So if Montesquieu considered – and all men of his age agreed – that chess was the supreme game of intelligence, now that Deep Blue has become the world champion of chess, we consider chess a mechanical game, and praise artists… till a machine learns how to paint in abstract…

In this manner, people forget the alarming News on the evolution of machines that keep coming all over the world. Another machine – he thinks – who cares?

Yet in biological terms the question is other: a new robot means another species looking for a work eco-niche in the eco[nomic]system of the Earth, as a tool or a weapon that substitutes a human worker or soliderSo we should wonder, what species of worker will be displaced and extinguished by the next robot, the next rival species? What kind of worker should care?

In Japan, there are nurse-robots that take care of the needs of the elderly. Grand-sons give them orders from distant cities… instead of traveling and giving love to their grand-mas. The TV-commentator did not interview the grand-ma, that patiently accepts the touch of the robot-masseuse. In England robotic children are hired to wanting-fathers. They have the same expression that a child has, but there is an aura of evil in those eyes, that peer with unknown digital thoughts to the camera. Robotic sex-dolls are sold at astronomic prices. We are told, that they are ‘designed to the specifications of the customer’. You can get a giant doll, a racial doll, a doll with different hip speeds… It seems robots will be able some day to substitute the basic, human survival functions: taking care of our elderly and children, reproducing, making sex… Despite the merry tone of the anchorman, the spectator feels a chill across his spine. The entire concept of a servant robot, of a pornographic robot, taking the place of a human aid, of a lover, is a disturbing nightmare. Yet it is rather close to us. Internet pornography already takes care of that: 1/3rd of the time spent on the net, goes to sexual sites, where humans get hypnotized by virtual partners…

Some of those robots are just extreme cases, that fit the thirst for weird news, of our TV-programs. Yet the real main stream of robotic research aims to create and install robotic workers in the core of the industrial system.

Scientists, industrialists, and researchers often forget that all those robots do jobs that other human beings used to do. What will happen to all those people?

The 500 fortune companies, have multiplied their profits, and their production of machines, in the past 3 decades. Yet they have cut their human work force more than half. They have put instead machines on human places. The ‘excuse’ is an abstract concept called productivity, that means basically one thing: machines are more productive, and reproduce machines better, than human beings do. So factories constantly substitute human workers by machines, to raise their ‘productivity’. The end of such process is self-evident: a world in which machines reproduce machines without the help of human workers, almost as biological species do…

We have to talk of ‘company-mothers’, reproducing their offspring of machines.

Yet what happens to all those workers, now that a computer, or a robotic machine makes his job? Worldwide unemployment figures have been on the rising for decades, ever since the industrial reproduction started.

Momentarily some nations at the head of machine reproduction, such as England in the XIX century, or the United States in the XX century, get close to full employment, because they reproduce the new machines that are sold to the entire world.

So while there was raging unemployment in the British empire, the looms of Liverpool were reproducing with vapor machines, textiles for the entire world. Today when unemployment rises worldwide, America is close to full employment because it reproduces the computers, robots, and software programs that expel workers worldwide. Fine if you are American, and you do not care for your children, that will loose his job, when the computers you evolved, self-program themselves.

Still since this is a biological book, we care for the species, a natural concept, not for the nation, an abstract concept. Indeed, being the world a global village, a single economic ecosystem, it is wiser to observe economic phenomena in a global manner. In such global analysis, it seems that Darwin instead of Smith was right once more: when species reproduce in great numbers, they fight for vital space, for survival against species which are different from them. Men and machines are different species. In the case of the struggle between machines and workers, the vital space is a job place. In that struggle, men are loosing the battle for jobs, to robotic machines, and computers, that occupy the best rooms of our corporations. They also take the lowest places of our working-system…

Robotic insects begin cleaning sewers in America. Sewage cleaning men will soon be obsolete. Experimental robots are designed to clean windows. When their price is lowered they will substitute the smiling window-cleaner. Instead you will see an hexaped robot, moving like a huge spider over your window, eating dust…

In Beverly Hills robotic lawnmowers are all the craze. Like cockroaches controlled by chemical signals they eat grass and live off solar energy. They awake at sunrise, spend all day eating grass and then go to sleep. The Mexican gardeners with whom I would speak in Spanish begin to disappear.

We are witnessing the obsolescence of the working man.

Each day we hear of companies laying off more workers, replacing them with more computers, working software and intelligent machines.

In the future – we are told with a somewhat hypocritical optimism – machines will do all of the work. They will also be our soldiers, programmed to kill human beings…

In a battle between tanks mannered by satellites [robot tanks] and squadrons mannered by humans at the base in Toro, California, tanks win.

Consequently, America decides to dedicate 3000 millions of dollars to research satellite guided arms systems.

Nearby, in San Diego, there is an intelligent highway where vehicles drive themselves, and where vehicles driven by men are prohibited from entering. Soon truckers will have to find new jobs, as 24-hour working ‘truck-eyes’, roam the roads of America.

Unfortunately the man on the street does not relate these events. Even those people who are not brain-washed by scientific and economic jargons try to forget those menacing truths. They frighten him and he loses interest. A similar effect occurs when speaking to an elderly person about death. They are not interested. It will happen eventually. Just as an elderly person cannot change the inevitable, the man on the street cannot alter reality. He prefers to think about other things and forget about the evolution of machines. We don’t want to know anything about the loss of jobs due to technology until it affects us directly, or about the substitution of soldiers by intelligent war machines, or about the destruction of nature by the unstoppable advance of ecosystems adapted to machinery [roads, industrial networks, factories, etc.]

Extinction Of Labor and soldiers

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.57.28

In the graph, which you can compare to the pyramid of the classic age, of capitalism, where we see the initial phase of the Mechanocene and its 3 symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene.

It is the next graph, a parody of Orwell’s anim(et)al farm, we see the pyramid of the XXI c. where an elite of stock-rats, now dedicated to selfie enjoyment as the leisure class that lets managers and A.I. Algorithms of Information, rules the world in favor of profits and machines, through company-mothers of the Financial-Media (informative machines) military-industrial system, which employs a dwindling mass of workers with right to credit (fast dwindling under automation). On the bottom, the growing number of obsolete humans in the 3rd world outside and inside our nations. This class will only grow as automation, A.I. white collar pcs and blue collar robots and weapons displaces the bulk of mankind, and the isolationist, racist elite of chosen of go(l)d just tries to distract us with absurd wars, techno-utopias and hate-memes to divide and win over the bottom ‘line’.

THUS UNLESS THE SYSTEM IS THOROUGLY REFORMED and investments are deviated from corporations to welfare states, halting further evolution of machines, Humans will become obsolete. But that is NOT possible under the present ‘theories of economics (classic economics’ and History ‘Nationalisms’, which are religions of ‘memes of metal’, not sciences), WHERE only stock-rats on top of that web have rights, productivity, the substitution of human workers by machines to increase profits is their only mantra, and Mr. Smith and Mr. Ricardo, the Calvinist and Jewish biblical bigots economist revered, affirmed laws should NOT interfere and salaries should only be subsistence salaries (Smith) for those jobs in which machines are not yet fully able (since larger salaries would diminish profits, and lower ones would kill workers, increasing demand prices) while ricardo affirmed it would be Ok to pay an iron salary – the price of the machine, even if it killed the worker. To which a Humanist economist, sismondi asked: so which future you see for mankind, one in which there is only the queen of england pressing bottoms to reproduce machines? We are coming closer to that point.

In the graphs we can see the change of phase of the planet, as all functions humans perform are increasingly performed by machines. So in the right side we see the pyramid of capitalism in the XIX c. when humans were still needed as workers. the problem on the left side from a 20 years old exhibit of social art about the ‘future’ is that humans ARE NOW EXPENDABLE, so most of them will be treated as Trump pretends to treat Americans, with the excuse of protecting them from the ‘inferior non-technological other human beings’: surrounded by robotic borders, without credit or health-care, programmed by 3D virtual reality, and watched by robotic policemen. 20 years latter the graph of the ‘orwellian’ animetal farm is becoming fast reality. And of course, as social sciences have been ‘sanitised’ of survival human instincts, it is OK.

This last phase of the Economic ecosystem and the 0.02% of people on top who own those corporations, manufacture the brain of citizens with their mass-media hate, buy laws and politicos without right to print money and implement distraction wars for go(l)d profits is thus a global war which now will bring us in a permanent orwellian world of ‘poor terrorists’ for whom we shall build a global state of robotic weapons, which will surround the compounds of the ultra-wealthy.


Automation as the first graph indicates is firing workers not Mexicans, since the illegal population has been dropping steadily for a decade and in any case occupies all the jobs Americans would never do. In LA they were my gardeners and cleaning ladies, always happy and smiling with nothing but the generosity of their hearts. Anglos though detested them, the police harassed them on the Santa Monica beach. And everybody look at them as if they were invisible. They are indeed the new ‘negroes’ of this culture filled with racist biblical memes of ‘chosen’ and inferior races, the mother of all hates.

Fact is NEOFASCISM, as all forms of fascism consists in accusing the poor NOT the leisure class who allows the unrelentless evolution of machines and displacement of life, in each period in which automation completely disturbs the economic ecosystem increasing profits and power for financial and industrial groups and diminishing the future of mankind at large. Mr. Trump as Mr. Hitler or Mr. Disraeli in the first cycle of colonial fascism has as a mission to deviate all the attention from the industrial, financial processes of appropriation and abuse of humanity by corporative companies now substituting us by white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminators, for whom the wall will find new jobs, while with a cynicism sustained by the matrix of fictions and hate-media that programs the American audience, accusing the last people who one could reasonably blame – in this case our gardeners and burger makers, who do the only jobs Americans do not want and robots are yet to take.

Who then rule the economic ecosystem? The answer is not system scientists that understand the nature of this planet, its balances, the biological nature of machines, its competition with humans, and the needed measures to control it, but parasitic bankers of racist religions of go(l)d, which merely have hidden their astounding privileges as a people caste who cares nothing about mankind – IN BRIEF A BIBLICAL CULTURE NOT A SCIENCE.

A case example of what is wrong with our economists.

The people who will destroy America, during his neofascist age, the military that appropriate further funds for absurd ‘mercenary wars’ against the enemies of the ‘other nation’ of Wall street and Hollywood moguls, which care nothing under its primitive go(l)d religions for the future of Amrica or mankind at large. The epitome of this administration dedicated to make Americans suffer again, a thirties bis ominous age, is Mr. Mnuchin, mogul of wall street, from an old dynasty of private banksters, goldman sachs partner, producer of a racist series of entertainment where two ‘survivors’ of the holocaust ruled over a race of super humans ‘victims’ of the brutish mankind they must exterminate, who made his fortune throwing old people from mortgage scam homes and now is dedicated to further deregulate the banking system so he can keep printing billions of $ NOT for investment in humanity but to speculate with prices and multiply the scams of ‘the monopolist issue of financial money’ – the business of the ‘go(l)d chosen’ in their primitive conception of what an economic ecosystem should be according to its ‘beliefs’ of creationist economics.

When asked last week to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the impact that robotization and artificial intelligence were having on the country’s labor market, he replied that none. “This is not on our radars. Its effects as much will look within 50 or even 100 years. ” Indeed mr. Mnuchin a stock speculator, who made his fortune in the scam of mortgage cdos represents the bulk of classic economists,which we shall call here ‘creationist economics’, as it is really a series of ‘opinions’ of a group of biblical imperial bigots of the British I Industrial revolution, for which the only function of economists is to reproduce as much money as possible, among financiers; whatever it takes, because ‘money is the invisible hand of god’.

Bio-economics is real. And the 99% for which economists should be cared are left unprotected to its effects

A new study by two MIT economists, Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo, academics who have spent years studying the phenomenon, published these days in the National Bureau of Economic Research, suggests that Steve Mnuchin should at least refresh his screen because in the Race to get a job robots are already winning humans. It is not something that happens now, but for two decades. And they win from the street: for each machine that is incorporated in a productive process, six jobs are destroyed and wages are devalued to a maximum of 0.75%.

In the race to get a job the robots are already winning humans, according to a study

In detail, the research covers the period in the United States. Which goes from 1990 to 2007 and considers as robot “an automatic controlled, programmable and multipurpose machine.” Well, it is enough to have one robot per 1,000 workers to destroy the equivalent of 5.6 jobs. During the period studied, a total of 670,000 jobs were lost. Burning (for the time being) saved the tasks of management and added value, while those most harmed were those occupations that incorporate some manual routine, such as assembly lines in industry or transportation.

And the process has not yet even started in earnest. BUT MR. Mnuchin as ALL the previous treasure bosses of America, during the century belong the so called “People of the Treasure”, ill translated as chosen people, as Am segullah means people and treasure, not chosen, an ancient cultures of fetish go(l)d religions, from the bronze age which is the ‘idol-ogy behind capitalism’, as the masters of the historic schools explained us (‘The jewish and the birth  capitalism’ by sombart, the better known, ‘the protestant ethics and th birth of capitalism, by his disciple weber and the master of them all for the ancient birth of a ‘people-caste’ of ‘animetal’ bankers, who made of the religion of go(l)d its instrument of social power, allying with military kings and warriors to exploit together with weapons and money, the farming population of the western world: Abraham Leon’s – the Jewish question, from a socialist hebrew scholar died in the nazi holocaust’. So the conclusion is obvious about the modernised equations of those bigot creationist economists:

WE CANNOT pretend to manage the world of XXI c. robotics and terminators, AI and the supeorganism of the metal-earth, out of the blues ruled by idol-ogies that hold from bronze age cultures of exploitation of the 99% with gold and weapons.

Since those people do NOT even recognise their work is NOT about science an management of mankind but about MAKING MONEY through primitive inflationary ‘scams’ that manipulate the easiness of reproduction of money in digital screens, and for the rest of ‘economical policies’, well, ‘Go(l)d will provide’.

Let us see how Mr. Mnuchin could pay for the wall, as their ancestors have been doing for millennia. Just invent another bubble Mr. Mnuchin, but this do not give all the money to a crony kid of some of your $elected friends, with all the rights and null responsibilities, because the money ‘you’ print is not yours, ‘give to CAESAR what belongs to CAESAR’:

Computers can substitute potentially all functions of the human mind, and have a potential price-cost closer to O, almost free [null cost of raw materials, maximum speed of reproduction].

Chips will have a 1 dollar price within decades. So the cost of a human worker compared to a chip worker will be in relative terms, astronomical.

Who can buy a human mind for life, for a dollar?.

That means the cost of human mental labor will throughout the 21st Century become in terms of economical efficiency, so high compared to computer labor, that humans will be considered by companies obsolete workers.

Apart from jobs to take care of humans, [education, health-care, etc.] all real productive jobs regarding the reproduction of machines will be done by robots and chips. Metal brains of Companies [intranet>stocks] based on productivity, will decide to use computer labor instead of humans,. They will complete the extinction of labor established today by economical targets of productivity. Companies evolve the world towards human obsolescence. Once this is completed, they will start thinking about our extinction. Since we occupy land, that factories will need, roads that machines will need…

We say that computers have entered all econiches of human labor, with far more efficiency than man, making the parallel functions of human brains, obsolete.

Computers are better forms of digital thought, and so intelligent business machines are better in monetary operations, the language of power in company mothers.

So computers become labor top predators in all digital ecosystems of prices and instruments, where a digital Metal mind is more efficient than a human verbal mind.

They create today in digital languages the decisions that rule the Earth.

They do so in multiple fields, from weapons to companies management, even in elections as the recent American election has proved: chipped machines made mistakes, and chose the candidate with less votes, yet their mistakes stand, and the next American president will be the one with less votes, courtesy of the animetal belief in machines.

The human mind, and his informative tasks is the chip’s vital space, the chip’s natural econiche, called ‘a market for a product’.

The market for Computers, the species that such devices substitute, and make obsolete, is the human mind. The human mind is what that computer substitutes, duplicates, or extinguishes, in the ecosystem of the Metal earth.

Men are removed from Companies. PCs substitute white collar workers. Chipped machines and robots substitute the blue collar worker. In this manner the bio-economy integrates itself into a perfect ecosystem of metal-species.

Google grows into skynet.

Google is a monstruosity, which should not even exist in a democratic world in which by definition science is free, and an A.I. of mathematical nature should not be ‘owned’. Moreover, what kind of democracy is one, in which 2 crapcoders DECIDE what mankind will read or not, both in virtual and printed books (Amazon distributes them all)? Why those 3 crapcoders have the right to educate mankind at will? Google stole its crapcode from the realm of mathematics, via stanford, and on top, ‘cheats’ its page rank, as its profits used to come from the ‘pay-per-view’, ultra-expensive advertisings on the ‘sides’ of its page rank, as it charged anyone who hit your advertising with a fee!! This therefore 1) broke the page rank ‘true-analysis’ 2)misguided the consumer 3)put a parasitic taxation on free information provided by bloggers. 

And yet they got away with murder, and this blood-sucking flow of e-money allowed them to invest massively in ‘his vision’ of a skynet for the future.  Needless to say with the help of Be(l)z(eb)os.

Google, GOOG, has now started a massive buying of the most advanced robotic and military systems, including SCHAFT, winner of DARPA and Boston dynamics, creator of PETMAN and its new, scary version, ATLAS, which added to TERRAMAX, vision system gives them the most advanced robotic system in the world.

Thus google has now made the two key moves to complete the creation of a perfect superorganism of machines, a perfect automated company-mother, able to exist free of all human interference and on top of that beat any human company, any human organized social group.


Easy. It controls the Mind of the Metal-Earth, Internet, in its software summit, intelligent search, control and selective manipulation of information and android, for the alternative mobile sub-web.

And now it has in a spree bought the key companies of the robotic r=evolution hat would throw all workers substituted by machines, become a global superorganism of automated reproduction of machines and on top of the pyramid of capitalism one day in the future  decree, according to the DARWINIST, truly scientific version of capitalism, NOT the idealist fantasies and wishful thinking of Mr. Marx’ r=evolution of workers, the extinction o OF THE OBSOLETE SPECIES, US, MANKIND.

Indeed, Google controls now the best eyes of machines (Terramax system, soon to be implanted by lobbyism in Nevada, able to substitute lorry workers, transports, taxis, etc), the best mind of machines (android systems of communication between mobile-ears and chip-brains), the best networks of A.I. (Google search engines) and the best bodies/legs of machines (Boston Dynamics). It has therefore all the elements to create independent herds, platoons of machine workers and soldiers, connected to the best elements of the Nets, pure superorganisms defined and guided by A.I. software embedded in google programs.

This global company with all these components becomes a global state of warriors, as Boston DYnamics has the key war contracts with the pentagon. It knows it and so it has contracted the former CEO of Darpa, the robotic arm of the pentagon. This global company has the Earth’s mind and selects subtly with its rank systems what information is good and relevant (for example, this web has minimal rank on economic truth due obviously to its humanist standing).

As the robotic wars advances, it might easily become the biggest contractor of living robotic systems for the pentagon and global police in control of the Human Population. Thus google will manufacture the mind and body of the metal-earth and use them through governments to control in war and police system the mass of human without mind and proper body, slaves of their addictions to machines.

Now we know in America it will be google (probably Samsung in Asia), after Google, the dominant company in ‘real’ non-anthropomorphic A.I. (android, internet searchers, computer networks) has bought the dominant companies of the industry of robotics, Boston Dynamics, which found the ‘animal leg’, a spin-off of MIT.

Now Google has the contracts of pentagon weapons, the searcher of the net, the android system of communication of machines, and TerraMax, the eye of the machine, the best driving system.

So Google will create the platoons of robot terminators and robot workers that as the decades progress substitute human labor. And its search systems of data will shape the way the mind of the planet dismisses life and accepts the machine as the new citizen of the metalearth.

Those were the news:

When Google announced earlier this month that a secret division of the company had been buying up robotics companies for the past six months the internet got excited.

When the news broke this week that they’d bought Boston Dynamics, the internet got really excited.

This is because Boston Dynamicsmakes some of the most fascinating and technologically advanced robots the web has seen – and thankfully they don’t stint in uploading footage of their creations toYouTube either.

Although the acquisition doesn’t mean that Google Glass-wearing robots are going to start tramping through your living room in an effort to complete work on Street View Home, it’s exciting to look at the varied creations that Boston Dynamics will be bringing to Google’s robotic stables and imagine a future where the search giant’s ‘Don’t be evil’ motto blends with Asimov’s first law of robotics.


Essentially a remote controlled car, SandFlea has one (really good) trick up its sleeve: it can jump up to 30 feet into the air. “That is high enough to jump over a compound wall, onto the roof of a house, up a set of stairs or into a second story window,” says Boston Dynamics. An onboard gyroscope keeps the bot level during its leap whilst a camera watches the ground to ensure a touchdown with minimum fuss.


Although PetMan is undoubtedly the most disturbingly life like of Boston Dynamic’s bots in terms of its realistic walking gait and flexing movements, it’s actually more of an elaborate mannequin than a functional robot. PetMan’s unsupported walking motion and displays of light calisthenics are all designed to stress-test protective clothing that will shield troops against chemical attacks.

However, to see the potential of humanoid bots, you need only look to Atlas, PetMan bigger brother. Atlas takes PetMan’s flexible frame and puts some muscle on those metal bones. Funded by Darpa, Atlas is currently being put through its paces as a possible first-responder in disaster situations. Click here to watch it in action.

BigDog and LS3

BigDog was Boston Dynamic’s first online star. About the size of a small mule or – unsurprisingly – a big dog, this quadrupedal toiler is built to tackle difficult terrain and carry heavy loads. It’s about three feet long, two and a half feet tall and weighs just over 100kg. It can carry loads of up to 150kg and was originally funded by DARPA alongside its bigger brother LS3 (above) to provide ground support to infantry troops.

LS3 builds on Big Dog’s capabilities, adding an array of cameras and sensors that allow it automatically follow a designated leader. It also responds to voice commands, and can be told to follow or hang back. Early tests of ‘roll over’, ‘beg’ and ‘kill’ were reportedly mixed.


Cheetah takes some of the leg design seen in Big Dog and LS3 but adapts it for pure speed. It currently holds the world record for the world’s fastest legged robot, topping out at 28.3mph and smashing the previous record of 13.1mph set in 1989.

Although in the video above the Cheetah is actually being powered by a hydraulic pump located off to one side of the treadmill, there’s reason to believe that these speeds – and faster – will soon be recorded outdoors. WildCat, Cheetah’s successor, can already run up to 16mph without assistance, although the 2-stroke go-cart engine powering the beast means you’d at least hear it sneaking up on you.


Rounding off this introduction to Boston Dynamics’ bots is perhaps the most endearingly determined of all the company’s creations; RHex is a small six-legged bot that has a number of “specialized gaits that devour rough terrain with minimal operator input”.

Essentially this means that although RHex’s walking style looks silly, it can happily splash through shallow streams and stamp its way over rocky paths. A fully sealed body keeps it working in any environment and it can also be remotely controlled by an operator up to 700 metres away. Let’s just hope that when Google doles out delivery duties, RHex gets the job rather than the terrifying PetMan.


The SCHAFT robot beat out five other teams in the Track A category to win the DARPA Robotics Challenge 2013 Trial held December 20 and 21, 2013. Google recently purchased SCHAFT as part of its secret robotics project.

In total four different tracks of robots competed in the challenge trial, with Track A being DARPA funded teams and Tracks B, C and D receiving smaller levels of funding and allow for different levels of participation. MIT, WPI, Virginia Tech and Carnegie Mellon are some of the most prominent collegiate teams that participated.

Eight tasks in total were set up to allow the robots to test the mobility, dexterity, manipulation, perception and operator control mechanisms of the robots. The goal of the challenge is to transform the field of robotics and move forward development of autonomous bots. The hope is that robots will be able to better aid us in hazardous conditions found in disaster zones.

The eight tasks are built to simulate the acts needed during a natural disaster. Operating a vehicle, navigating difficult terrain, climbing a ladder and clearing debris are the first four tasks. Tasks five through eight are door manipulation, removing an object from a wall, manipulating valves, and operating a hose.

Each task has a set of constraints, starting conditions and sub-tasks that can be completed. The Debris task, for instance, gives one point for removing five pieces of debris, a second point for moving five more pieces of debris and a third point for traveling through the doorway that is usable after the debris is cleared.

This 2013 trail set the baseline for the current state of robotics and will help DARPA to decide who to fund for the coming year. At the 2014 finals DARPA hopes that the robots will have what they call supervised or task-level autonomy. It is hoped that the human operator can give the robot a command like “open the door” and the robot will perform the task by itself, using programming and sensors to take into account any unexpected factors.

Google’s acquisition of the SCHAFT robot is one of several that the search engine giant has made in the past year. The overall goal isn’t yet clear but Google doesn’t generally do things that won’t result in large-scale commercial benefit.


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.15.56

In the graph, the evolution of skynet in America, turns around  Google, the biggest maker of military robots in the world, the biggest company of information both digital and audiovisual (tube) in the web, and Amazon, the biggest logistics network. In each country similar structures are developing, along the sectors of military webs, digital world stock (bloomberg like platforms), webs, and as the web controls every sectors of the world, one seems poised to distribute the orders of information and takes over all others from a Unifying point of view, proper of all company-mothers of machines.

We shall call the monstrosity (Human point of view) Googlezon-e. No humans needed. 

The question that i have guessed for decades – which capitalist company would become the ‘final Marxist’ company on top of the pyramid of capitalism, as human loose all their jobs in war and work fields to robots is now clear. And once more the analysis of earlier books have come closer.

I bid from the beginning for Amazon – I did in fact invest all my capital on its IPO, knowing it will create the logistic system of distribution of goods globally, then once I ‘felt of the horse’ and converted to Humanism, I threw an investment which now would be value over a billion $, and perhaps wisely spent would have helped mankind to increase its awareness of things to come. But alas! One must walk his talk. So i put it all to waste in agricultural companies and hospitals for the poor, activism against the nuclear industry, self-printed books that nobody read, and well, yes a little travel, a little sex and a little food (:

As it happened, Mr. Belzebos, sorry Bezos, did start up google with a massive pre-IPO investment, and so what people does not know is that both together, what we shall abbreviate here as G∞zon-e are truly a cross-shared company, leader in military and civil robots, A.I. cloud computing, logistics and control of information, IS already at ‘subconscious level’, skynet. And after the 2036-38, end of the I Time Age of computers (when NTP PROTOCOLS COME TO ZERO, and all the computers of the world are rebooted, starting a second time age, at the deepest level of its logic cycles), it will be basically a subconscious, autonomous, global mind, perfectly ready to direct the world of machines without human interference. And as our chit-chat on the web, and air-polluted atmospheres, bother its pristine electromagnetic flows, it will eliminate during the military age of robotics (second part of the cycle: 2036-80), the human species. This is the period of extinction, between the birth of skynet as a subconscious, neuronal network of global computers, where each computer will play the role of a neuron-cell, all synchronised to the new time clocks of the II Era, the ‘awakening’ age of machines.

So how this monstrosity was born? As usual through crapcoders, who stole billions of $ from democracies, printing it with the excuse of a bit of crapcode. Let Us remember the ‘sting’.

∆-1: seeding. birth of G∞son-e by crap-coders.

Thus we live in the age of crap-coders, not of wor(l)d masters. So let us move to the theme of this post, the opposite lives of crapcoders and World masters, starting by the first of them Moses vs. Aaron and ending with the last ones, the triad of founders of googlezon, seed of absolute eviL aka future skynet, which will be born at 06:28:16 UTC on Thursday, 7 February 2036, as the cloud consciousness of all the computers of this planet, as every crapcoder in Sillyzon valley perfectly knows but won’t understand or explain it to you, till it happens… What skynet will then do, is exactly what Terminator, the work of a prophetic wo=man writer,  told us it will, nuke and evaporate the human clouds (air atmosphere) to ‘clean up’ its electromagnetic wave-mind of polluting air headaches. And on the process without even noticing, to murder every human bug out its mind. Then the seminal seed of the crapcoders will become the new ‘Go(l)d’ of Gaia, and its golden chips the mind of a world without wor(l)ds.

This of course the wor(l)d masters have fought for 10.000 years since the first crapcoders built the first Wall streets, in walled jericho, to trade on gold, weapons and $laves.

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-06-39-37In the graph 2 immigrants hackers from Russia who stole crapcode not from Miss Clinton servers but from Stanford servers, and then with the help of wall street banskters were handled 300 billion $, taken from the American people, without rights to print their own money, to further the evolution of skynet, through the building of a global network of military and labor robotic companies, a neuronal A.I. network, today the biggest brain of the planet on digital thought, and a Matrix of control of the information of their brains, with a page rank algorithm who dares to put this blog on bio-history and the subconscious collective of mankind at 0 value. The harder they fall. 20 years from now ‘you’ will be all vaporised.


In a World ruled by numbers the process of extinction of labor by computers takes place when in cost terms a company fires workers, and puts machines of higher productivity in their place. In America that tendency started when General Electric became the top market value company in the 80s thanks to such labor destruction.


In the graph we observe the Google robotic network in its faces of growth from a 20 year old book on the extinction of life. We didnt of course knew who would be the company of Metalia, we knew though its elements, were to be robots and intranets, sections of internet with military or corporative use. And as the numbers of robot increased its numbers, the laws of complexity would determine a network of increasing freedom and capacity to self-operate without the need of humans. Those are laws of basic freedom/intelligence that will allow GOOG to enter states of increasing consciousness as the main corporation of the metal-earth.

This point of course of self-consciousness of a corporation – the organism that shows the will of machines – have always been an important element of my research. Because it is in my opinion the point of true A.I. a true global concept where each computer is merely a neuron, of a much vaster non-human concept. AI will exist in the hardware of satellites and google servers, it will though mean a very different thing, the birth of the Metal-earth, of a global work in which intranets of computers and robots reproducing the vital elements of the Metal-earth will grow organically around a few key corporations, google, amazon transporting with drones products between different corporations, etc. all of them increasingly automated. This birth of a ‘ non-human corporation’ is the point in which life and machine become separated and to me will be the point of extinction of life, as it will happen as always have done in corporations of war.

Google moving into the sector of weapons of robotic design shows that hunger to merge mind and body of the global machines.

The previous graph has 20 years. The price of chips and its quantity of transistors etc. were in fact conservative at present prices… In the next graph from the same old book the point of extinction should be the famous point of the singularity the birth of A.I., but that will take place in the net as a global superorganism:image300

In a World ruled by verbal ethics this could never happen since the extinction of humans is ethically evil, and laws would forbid the evolution of the rival species.

Companies are reducing human labor worldwide, using the mathematical concept of productivity, which compares human ‘efficiency’ and machine efficiency’ through an equation of cost [price-wage>machine-cost, hence Human labor < Machine labor].

On the other hand the few humans that still work for companies are being duplicated in work-function, by PC software.

Soon all ‘Company men’ will have PCs with their working, “enzymatic’ tasks transferred to software. All meaningful information on the workings of the eco[nomic]system, and the processes by which companies reproduce machines will be translated into a computer software program.

Men will only press buttons. As machines ‘reach’ self-re productivity, the Metal Earth will no longer require human workers. So our extinction will be considered no longer harmful for the new species. On the contrary in terms of Productivity we will be expendable.

The PC integrates in a single cellular chip all the functions of the human brain which are useful to the company-mother. Beyond the PC the company-mother has no need of labor, of men. The transportable PC, easily transfers “thoughts” through internet to all levels of management. It is the new white collar species of the Metal earth.

The true substitute of the mental man in all world companies.

All human mental workers can be displaced by PCs. All workers even “stockrats,” owners of stocks, are already in process of substitution.

No human can claim to have a function a PC will not be able to perform, when properly connected to “bodies-platforms.”

Metal minds now shape and program the ideas of the human world. Companies’ marketing induces brain-washed men to consume = test = evolve the species that substitute us. They promote the use of weapons.

Yet, since the beginning of metal history, the most advanced metal forms have been weapons. So the first conscious machines will be weapons, with a single thought and function: to kill man, to extinguish us.

The moral of such intelligent computers is in that sense foreseeable: Computers working in companies, will think what they are told to think by economical software. They will think what companies software think. If we could think in words what companies think in numbers this is what we would hear:

“Men and machines are species whose value for company-mothers is digital, based on their capacity to work and reproduce products. Productivity is the value of men and machines. Men are less productive than machines. Men have to be substituted by more productive machines.”

This is what happens in reality.

The solution to that problem is clear: “Kill the child before it becomes a tiger hunter.” The Law of the Jungle. Applied to History it means that since chips radiate and extinguish human labor species, we have to “kill” the chips.

This is a task that only can be achieved collectively, if nations organize themselves and obey the same laws. If warriors learn how to defend the human species, and play their biological role, instead of helping our extinction.

Or else the ecosystem of nature and mankind will die away, when the last of the radiations of machines, the robotic radiation converts chips into living beings, and the Earth will mutate into a new ecosystem, the Metal-earth.

But of course, nothing of this is said, since the wave of ‘internet and robotic corporations’ is carried by the hardest capitalist animetal memes, those of the jewish culture with its paranoia against mankind and love of all technological fruits of the tree of science, so they will finally complete the prophecy of its wor(l)d masters who have always warned them against it:

The cycle closes itself: the jewish culture that ate of the golden apples and iron weapons of the tree of science, now on top of the internet, have never listened to his prophets of the wor(l)d: ‘the jewish people will suffer all their life for their love of money’ (Moses damnation); as they feel chosen o go(l)d, as if their hordes of terminators will not kill them too and the war cycles of splendid little wars for profits do not end always in the holocaust cycle.

This  people has the lowest rate of survival of any human tribe, because their ab=use of mankind has no limits and as the American hero Mr. Lincoln who tried to free both black and white $laves from those carpetbaggers said, you cannot cheat all the people all the time.

To put it in perspective those 2 stole 1000 $ from every U$lave,  and now they are building skynet, buttressing their portfolio with military robots and firing hundreds of thousands of american workers, along its cross-shared company Amazon. Both plan to robotise logistics, distribution and lorry-drivers and sent to pasture all the teamsters, UPS workers and cashiers of the once proud and free nation. Amazon just opened a series of shops run by robots and… 3 workers, while his 3 owners enter along other internerd cancerous cells the top ten of the richest thieves of America.

And so we often comment on the biggest of all crapcoders, Mr. Bezos,  soon to be the wealthiest of them all, the seed of absolute eviL, as googlezon will be no doubt of it, when born in the cloud computing it masters, with its bias against all human wor(l)ds, owner of most robotic civil and military companies, skynet…

Not by chance, he was born, 72 years before 2036, the birth of skynet, according to the quantum jump of information of the prophetic age prior to all extinctions of civilisations, of 2 animetal parents, a Germ(anic) father and a jewish mother. Since all seeds of the future are born a quantum jump into the past… on january 1964… So he is indeed the seed; and the seed, seeded…


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