Am Segullah

In the graph, the Jewish nation, the oldest nation of the west is also the more complex, informatively; as it was the first one, whose upper informative class, the Am Segullah, chose money as the language of social power, instead of weapons – as all other nations did. As such it acts as the ‘head’ of the economic superorganism, evolving its information and memes since its inception (dominant culture in the memes of go(l)d, mass-media communication, fictions and myths of capitalism, and of lately even military, robotic weapons).

In all systems the first cells to be born, become the central cell of the system, that with higher consciosness and power, which commands its ‘invisible languages of information’ – Dna in cells, nervous impulses in organism, go(l)d orders in economic ecosystems. This is the case  of the Jewish nation which first used money to regulate societies and today as the top predator nation of the economic ecosystem, directs  a superorganism of financial and multinational corporations, which form the Earth Inc. the real government of the world, in which the Jewish nation has ‘stock-majority’. For very long it was the soliton and single nervous system of the western economy. Then after the conversion of most Northern Europeans to its memes (protestant revolution), the Jewish nation expanded further the ‘memetic head’ to include the WASP elite of calvinist believers in the same memes (gold and the Bible, and the manifest destiny of each tribal nation). For that reason we put on top of the economic ecosystem those twin heads – the wasp or rather the Calvinist and similar protestant biblical sects and the Jewish, since they are in fact the same memetic nation which has evolved creationist economics.

This explains why the  blind ‘body’ of Western Nations (British Empire, US, EU), as a capitalist superorganism obeys their ‘informative head’ and its masters, the banking corporation of Wall street and the City.

It explains also – since in a superorganism the body is ‘blind’ and receives all the information from the head, why the 2 ‘portable’ memes of Judaism – the bible and go(l)d  and its values – are today shared by most of the Western World. And  why our ‘mercenary armies’ fight the wars of Israel and why revere the British and Jewish cultural icons.

Yet in any superorganism a body is blind and its cells receive limited information from its neuronal head, which is invisible to them. So the cells of the body never see anything from outside the skin except the information given by the nerves, and the black hole which controls the galaxy with its gravitational, ‘invisible’ force is invisible to light. Thus, the truthful description of the history, functions and power of the Jewish nation  – whose invisible orders given with money, bribes and electronic ‘markets’ rule the world as the head of capitalism  – is the biggest informative taboo of our civilization. In this post we shall break this taboo, (perhaps an overstatement since breaking this taboo immediatly limits the distribution of such information, forbidden in mass-media corporations, stigmatizing the scholar who dares to challenge the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of social sciences with disqualifications such as ‘antisemitism’, confabulation theorist, terrorist, hate-criminal, etc. studying in depth the economic functions and main memes of the Jewish nation, which are:

– A geographical meme, Israel, which was first known as Judea or Yvwh, not a name of a God but a toponym that in ancient egyptian texts defined South Israel -as the word God then was used as synonimous of nation, so Assur was the God-nation of Assyria and Yvwh the God-nation of Judea nad the Jewish people. This meme imposed the culture of trade, as it was the bridge between 3 continents and the 2 densest cultures of the ancient age (mesopotamia and egypt).

– The Bible, a book of history that enhances the ‘damnation of work’ by repressing the memes of life (tasteless food, sexual prohibition/penis mutilation, racial differentiation that forbids eusocial love to mankind and allows war and slavery to impose national power).

– And a social caste structure between the 1% of Am Segullah or ‘people of the treasure’, the banker-priests of Israel and a 99% of peddlers, the Hebrew – ‘those who walk behind the asses’, which were military purveyors, peddlers and enslavers, gathering go(l)d for their upper castes. This people-caste thus became the ‘soliton’ of trade of the west who created the capitalist system with its dogma of accumulation of go(l)d at all costs, with utter disregard of the future of their lower castes (being the 99% scapegoat in the Holocaust cycle of the banking ab=uses of the Am Segullah). Only with the foundation of Israel a sizeable mass of the Jewish people abandoned their specialization in trade forming a nation based in military memes as most have been; while the Am Segullah remained in the West in control of the financial system and hence through the financial system, in control of the policies of his western, ‘capitalist’ empire.

– To which we should add the peculiarities of the Jewish culture in all its forms, which are derived from its slavery to the ideologies of metal, and  so ‘standardize’ (Sombart) and objectify as an ‘item with price’, life and human capital to be ‘bought’ with money (origin of slavery and capitalism), stigmatize humanity as an inferior species (either with myths of ‘the chosen’, or victimist myths that censor 1/2 of the actions-reactions processes of history that end in holocausts, or with fictions in which death and evil, murder and greed are the values of humanity – Hollywood) and repress systematically our will of life (sexual/reproductive repression, tasteful food/human energy repression and repression of eusocial love – our natural arrow of evolution). Yet, because the Jewish standardize anti-life memetic culture is today global we shall deal with the specifics of our civilization of anti-life memes in the post of globalization.

At the same time, gold has a noted effect on this culture and now in the global culture: emotional infantilism. We live in a culture of eviL=anti-life children, self-centered, spoiled, insolidarious, funny, charming and yet with little empathy and null comprehension of the nature of mankind. Gold, by acting in an invisible, quasi magic form creates an infantile neoteny state that empties the ethic soul and the brain of all responsibility. The Jewish culture has in that sense many features of a culture arrested in development, becoming the paradigm of the paradox of history: max. metal – evolution = Min. eusocial evolution, remaining the last of the ‘tribal religions’ and ‘tribal nations’ , which have not moved into what Piaget or Freud or Campbell would call the rites of passing into manhood, when human sub-species (nations) which are living superorganisms, whose collective mind is their culture transcended into oikoumene religions that accepted all as equal. But this infantilism and emotional self-centered bias is now globalized by mass-media and endemic among other humans. So indeed, in the global culture it is needed to know the Jewish culture that became globalized due to their control of the memes of the Financial-Media System.

Finally, because of their mastery of information, the Jewish people is also the origin of a series of geniuses, which abandon the memes of Judaism (Jewish go(l)d religion) and use their informative advantage to criticize capitalism (Prophets of Israel from Moses to Marx) or explore with rational science the meaning of the Universe (Einstein, a socialist, humanist and organicist philospher of science that made ‘thought experiments’ fought against war, advanced our understanding of time and space and rejected the presidency of Israel, because it would have to ‘tell my Jewish friends what they don’t want to hear’, since Israel will be judged not by their nationalistic achievements but by the ‘way they treat their Arab brothers’.) Those are the true heroes of the Jewish nation that tried to reform its nationalistic and capitalist memes  and convert their people to the common cause of humanity with little success.

In this series we consider the social structure of the most important nations of the economic ecosystem, by their order of power. Thus we shall start with the dominant ‘animetal’ culture of the West, the Jewish nation. And study those 3 elements: Their 1%, the Am Segullah (today expanded to the 11% as the managers have become immensely wealthy, accounting together for around 60% of the 1% of America, hence the people who define the policies of the west, its wars and economical measures), the 90% (the sheeple or jewish people, scapegoat of their elite in holocausts, mostly living in Israel and submitted to a massive inquisition of thought) and the Holocaust cycle and the Antisemitism, provoked by the 1% and perpetrated by their rival nation in its bid for global power, the warrior castes, most of the Germanic nations of the west. It is in that sense fundamental to differentiate the elite of Judaism or Am Segullah (People of the treasure) from the cells of their body or Hebrew (‘those who walk behind the asses), ‘the saint innocent of the culture’ , as we shall do in this post when explaining the dynamics of the holocaust cycle, caused by economical crisis and perpetrated by rival warrior tribes.

AbstractThe Masters of the Financial-Media System of metal-information.

In the past, the economic ecosystem was simple and well-known to historians. Two people castes, the germ(an)s with their energetic weapons and the cananeans, Phoenician sea traders and Jewish land caravaneers with go(l)d, were the ‘solitons’ of the system, their ‘physiological networks’ extended throughout the entire old continent, becoming the upper castes of civilizations, sometimes in alliance, exploiting together the agricultural people, sometimes fighting each other in wars and holocausts.

In the modern age all has changed to remain the same, as the mass of human sheeple needs to feel ‘free’ and independent, an so as all systems win in complexity, the informative/energetic dominant forms become milder, or hide under a ‘membrane’ (evolution of RNA cells into eukaryonte) while the sheeple gets accustomed to the hierarchical new societies and interiorizes with laws, myths and religions the new state of affairs.

So today when money and weapons have become ‘machines’ and we build the more complex Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System, the old castes, which so much hate provoked among the people they exploited have evolved and become accepted.

And so today the military and the financial system are ‘respectable’. And the people-castes which in the west monopolized them, Germans and Jews, have become the accepted head of societies, while their structures, systems and memes have been copied by many other nations of the world.

Further on, if in the past go(l)d and sword religions were self-evident myths (with the phoenicians sacrificing people to golden statues and the germans impaling them in swords), today we deal ‘with science’ – the science of physics and the military science, the financial science. Yet their aim is the same, to provide memes of power to those people caste, which curiously still are the overwhelming majority of the military generals and bankers of the western leading nations.

The Financial System thus is now the Financial-Media system. As the same type of informative machines, which prints money and news in each age of its evolution, determining with their information the world we live in, giving absolute social power to the people-castes that own both systems.

In that sense if money rules the world with financial orders that everybody obeys, and ‘hidden values’ that drive us to construct the FMI complex (as money values more metal-memes than life ones), the mass-media systems reproduced with the same machines in each age of the evolution of the FMI complex, imprint our minds with ideas and ideologies biased also in favor of the mechanical world and against the life/human world, the FMI complex is substituting.

It follows also that mass-media ‘sells’ a worldview very different than that of art, literature and religion, where life is sacred. As the FMI complex is displacing us. The ways though in which mass-media has imprinted mankind to love the destruction of life vary in each age, as the machines and complex ideologies of the system evolve.
In the past the ‘key concept’ was progress and technology, but as it became clear in 2 world wars that technology do kill life, and the first hints of a future with no humans, ruled by robotic workers and soldiers are clear, fiction, bull$hit and the don’t worry be happy ideology of big brother smiley that is reconverting mankind into an infantile mental species, are all the rage.
 Fiction of course has arrived also to History and it has as its main purpose to hide, disguise and make us belief that the head of the economic ecosystem is the perfect head, its people care for us and they must rule. In each nation therefore the 1%, the stockrats that rule the economic system and dictate with their monopoly of invention of money the political, democratic, placebo system, control also its mass-media.  Otherwise people might rebel.
But within that 1% there is also a clear hierarchy, both of ownership and of temporal control of informative systems. And so on top of the Financial-Media Informative system, the body of the economic organism, stands those who have invented most of the memes of money and own the financial and mass-media corporations of the leading nation of the electronic cycle (US). This is not a confabulation theory, an anti-semitic statement or any other non-objective ‘theory’ of reality but a historic and present fact. Over 80% of American financial and media corporations are owned by them, and the rest of the world merely imitates mimetically in each nation, in each 1% the trends and discoveries type of programs ideologies and ways of control of the 99% of the dominant FM-complex of each cycle of history. So the first thing you have to put aside if you can, specially if you are a member of the leading Industrial nations of the FMI complex (Great Britain, US, and of course Israel) are your imprinted prejudices against those facts, as you have been taught to reject what i have to say here with emotional memes of audiovisual nature, a series of half-truths, biased histories and the zeitgeist of news of each day.
In that regard, one of the most astounding proofs of the memetic structure of the human brain, of ‘its believers who don’t reason’ is the utter reverence of the cells of the ‘body of the economic system’ (Europeans and Americans and in lower measure Asians) for their invisible head… their stockratic elite, mostly belonging to the 1% of the Jewish nation and the immediate dismissal of any attempt to reveal its true function and form within the economic system…
The reader might of course abandon this post outraged, if he is either a member of the memetic cult(ure) of go(l)d, or a sheeple believer in the righteousness of the system. I am neither of them, but just an ‘expert’ in systems, efficient or rotten ones and if the reader continues I trust he will be at least courageous, ethic and intelligent enough to know the previous facts are simple facts of truth. So the interest to us of this post, is to analyze the ‘Jewish question’. Once it is clear that the head of the financial-media system that controls the information of the metal-earth is a certain group, the question that matters is this: can this group be converted to humanism, or is their history, memetic imprinting and submission to the memes of metal so strong that they will bring our species to its extinction? The authorized theory obviously denies this. According to this ‘Goebbelian’ propaganda (if you tell a lie many times people will believe it), the Jewish people are the victims of history, they do not rule it, they do not control the information of our societies and this is called antisemitism. But as I said we are concerned with a deeper question and to know if the Jewish people will ‘in extremis’ save history or condemn it, ending the recurrent cycles of holocausts and wars for profits between their culture of the human cultures in which they host, we have to know beyond the propaganda of the 3rd age of fa$cism, treated in detail in other posts, the history of this culture since its inception. There is only one hope: that the Jewish people – not the Am Segullah Elite of banker-priests but their mass realize they are neither guilty not mankind of the processes of self-destruction but the hidden values of go(l)d and hence only a rational science of history and economics could avoid the cycles of hate between the head of the economic ecosystem and the sheeple of the superorganisms of love religions which they confront.
Given the importance and difficulty of this theme it is treated in several posts:
– In ‘the global nation’ we study the social structure of the head-body-energy cultures ‘attached to the metal-earth’.
– In this post and the Paradox of History we study the complex nature of antisemitism and the holocaust cycle – an action-reaction processes of ‘pricing’ and ‘murder’, caused by the mismanagement of the economic ecosystem and the financial monopoly of the elite of Judaism who does not use money as efficient organisms do, to provide energy and information to the rest of society.  If we lived in a well designed superorganism of history the head would cater to the needs of the body cells  and wouldn’t need to ‘hide from it’ but the memes of the Am Segullah make her a ‘crazy head’ that ignores its role, moved just by greed without responsibility.
– In Go(l)d culture and Go(l)d religions we give a historic account of their birth and the way the hidden values of money have distorted in this culture the natural arrow of eusocial love towards the rest of mankind, which is the ‘human capital’ they own/ed through slave trade and corporations. This is perhaps the key to the entire jewish nation: not even they understand money and its hidden metal-values, so they cannot feel responsible for the collateral damages caused by capitalism and greed, as those are just pseudo-religious dogmas that cannot be argued and must be obeyed.
– In stockrats, we consider the 1% of the culture, how it invents money and how it rules the present world.
– In the US nation we consider its position in the structure of the United States.
– In neofascism, nationalism and racism, and some of the zeitgeist news we consider the political implication of its power and the nation of Israel.
– In different posts we study their main verbal meme, the bible or talmud – as we should divide jewish people in two similar sects in function and power, the calvinist-anglican elites of the old british empire and the jewish proper who share most of the same memes. Its function is to repress the memes of life to enhance the memes of selfish metal. so the bible and those cultures censor human reproduction -sex to enhance work in the re-production of machines. The bible and those cultures repress eusocial love to mankind as chosen to allow pricing humans as human capital, formerly slaves, adding the Ham damnation that makes negros and arabs inferior to animals. The bible or rather baalble denies tasteful human energy-food forbiding the most tasteful seafood and pork, the animal with similar human protein. hence by affinity the most desired. And finally they developed with coins, digital languages that substituted verbal ones, our natural languages. And so as the dna code of a virus substitutes the natural one of a cell, the bible substituted the 4 arrows or will or drives of existence of life, our desire for natural food, energy reproduction and eusocial evolution, becoming the perfect symbiotic verbal meme attached to go(l)d as sombart and his disciple weber masterfuly explain with the old jargon of history in his works, Judaism and the birth of capitalism and the ethics of protestantism and the birth of capitalism that now we renovate taking sides as always with the superorganism will and freedom of life and being human.
In this post we give an overview of all other posts, focusing in the internal structure of this nation between its elite of ‘Am Segullah’ (People of the treasure) and its sheeple of ‘hebrew’, who toil, work and die for them as scapegoats of the dysfunctional values and collateral effects of the pursuit of money at all costs.
Quien quiera entender que entienda.


The dominant trader culture of the west appeared in history with a curious name, ‘Am Segullah’, the people of the treasure, ill-translated as ‘the chosen people’. They were also called ‘hapiru’, which meant ‘wanderers’ or ‘caravan traders’. They created the first global network of trade in metal and slaves. Today as the statistics of the The Economist show they control 75% of the stockmarket wealth of the west, and 90% of its central banks thus setting market prices and capitalist policies. Unfortunately those policies imitated by the rest of mankind are based in myths about go(l)d and greed as the invisible hand of God that pass as a science, backed by mathematical and computer models, certified by ‘expert’ speculators. It is thus necessary for mankind to understand those myths of power and evolvecapitalism and economics into a true science, able to sustain life in this planet. In the bottom of the image the evolution of economics, from an age of Go(l)d myths represented by judaism, Calvinism (neo-judaism) and its ‘prophets’ into a social science, evolved by Marx and Keynes, which asked governments to control money, the language of power of societies. But that evolution of capitalism halted in the 70s with the creation of chips and sophisticated models of computer speculation and financial creation, which have derived in the present global crisis of the economy… In that regard, the only solution to this crisis and the tragedy of Judaism (the murder of its lower castes of innocent people by warrior-castes seeking revenge against the ruin provoked by speculators), which now enters a new cycle, is the nationalization, rationalization and use of financial institutions to create a sustainable world.

The head of the capitalist system.

Money rules the world and most money is today invented by bankers and financiers belonging to the Jewish Nation, the first nation that chose money – the hypnotic properties of gold – instead of weapons, to rule first their ‘energy classes’ and then, as it expanded globally its networks of trade in luxury goods, slaves and weapons, the elite of nations that needed those goods. Thus the Jewish nation is the origin of capitalism and most of its memes, latter shared by those cultures that ‘converted’ to them (protestant, Biblical cultures). This is the reason of its present power, which is not ‘a confabulation theory’ or an ‘antisemitic’ opinion but an objective fact that must be understood to know how and why we live the world we live.

Thus w have to understand how over the ‘fiction’ of nationalism, and its people-castes of warrior Indo-Europeans and imitators, who believe to ‘own and rule nations’, there is another ‘superstructure’ or ‘superorganism’ of supranational nature, ‘capitalism’, a culture which considers that money is more powerful than weapons. And hence money can rule the existence of weapons and nations by controlling the upper castes of warriors, today politicians that pretend to rule the world. Not, so affirm capitalist nations which believe money rightly is an invisible language of information that can inform and control the elites of warrior nations. This nation that dominates all nations, the capitalist nation, today is embodied in the global stock-market and the corporations it rules with monetary orders, which in turn rules through lobbies, machines, weapons they produce, bribes, salaries and work, all nations and designs all futures.

The consequence is that a nation which invented capitalism and its memes, created the first global network of trade in metals, weapons and slaves and create most of the memes of the FMI complex (religious fictions, Technoutopians, Banking industries and of lately extreme, fascist nationalism), dominates all other nations of the west, because it dominates the supranational structure of capitalism.

Societies and organisms are ruled by a language of power. Weapons rule through the visual language: weapons kill you if you don’t obey, and this becomes evident. So when the feline moves, all who see the feline move and that is the order of weapons: run for cover or obey. Words rule through laws an ethic messages. But the third language, money, which is kept invisible, rules in a complex manner. In the origin through gold hypnotism; today because it is the global language of values that produces through corporations all the other memes of society. And this language, invented by the Jewish nation is obviously the language that gives the Jewish nation power over all other nations  of the western world. The Jewish nation is thus different from all other nations.

It rules over all of them through capitalism, the banking industry and its control of global information, and all what we could hope is its conversion to mankind to humanism, to the SOS (socialist, organic, scientific) ideologies of survival to help in the common goal of saving the planet. But this will not happen, because the Jewish nation is a ‘subconscious’,  self-suicidal culture, who seems to be unable after an astounding length of time under the influence of the memes of ‘capitalism’ (it could be argued that those memes appeared in Jericho 10.000 years ago) to come out of the by far more complex, multiple-sided system of repression of all the memes of life and eusocial love to mankind that could create a paradise on Earth.

In that sense, the naive reader (the 99%) should understand that any super-organism has a head which carries all the information and a body which is blind and depends on the head for that information.This happens not only in the Jewish culture, where the banker-priests (today divided but in its canaan origins the same profession) ruled completely and indoctrinate to a degree hardly understood, the mass of Jewish believers with all their myths, dogmas, precepts and rituals, but also with those nations, which are ruled in higher degree by the Jewish nation, as the invention of the Jewish cultures, capitalism – the rule of the world with money – and its systems of control of humans through mechanisms and biased information spread to the rest of the world.

But the naked truth suffices in itself. What is then the perspective we shall take in this post? Obviously the one of the author which happens to be part of the ‘dying head’ of another superorganism of history, the Latin/Western European/Scientific/Enlightened-American culture now in process of extinction that had been the only ‘survival’ alternative to the self-suicidal capitalist system the Jewish people and its associated biblical cultures represent. As nobody likes in a world of biological information, those who kill you, as a human being, needless to say it will be critical but objective from that point of view of human survival and focused in the fundamental question of this web: are we humans determined to become extinct by the memes of metal, as the Jewish nation is recurrently in the cycles of wars for greed and holocausts that their religion of capitalism causes?

The jewish nation is not a race or culture.

The Jewish nation, the most powerful memetic nation with maximal development in technological science, financial power and military power (as we can ‘de facto’ consider the American Nation and most of Western nation to be ‘qislings’ of Am Segullah corporative and financial networks), is for that reason the  ‘most primitive’, in the conservation of ‘memes’ which have not gone through the ‘scalar, social evolution’ of mankind, from racial families and tribes to mental ideologies and religions of love, to social economics and the scientific understanding of the homo sapiens as a single race, mind of Gaia, the planet of life, which it should govern and care for.

All that which existed in the age of the Goddess, prior to the arrival of the warrior gods of the sword and gold (Zeus and Ywvh, Baal and Indra), as Campbell and Eliade relate in their work on comparative religions, becomes an ‘abomination’ in the new cultures of metal.

Thus the first fact to consider regarding the oldest western nation is the fact that it is neither a religion as Yvwh meant Judea, so in the same manner that Assur was not a religion, Yvwh is merely the subconscious collective of the Jewish nation and its region of birth. In this Yvwh=Jewish nation is similar to America, the ‘religion’ of most Americans or Germany, the religion of most Germans, since ‘animetal nations’ have ‘historic Gods’. Nor it is a race, obviously due to the fact that most Jewish people are Khazars and European in origin, neither a religion concerned with the meaning of the Universe, which is the realm of science and Eastern dual philosophies of yin=information and yang=energy.

In that sense the Bible is the book of history and the ‘subconscious collective’ of a group of people specialized in trade, which acts as a reinforcer of life repression memes and racist memes to foster separation with ‘human capital’ and the work capacity of the Jewish people. Point.

The Jewish nation is the dominant nation of the west. Its 1% of ‘stockrats’ and ‘bankers’, the Am Segullah is the dominant elite in the Western world, controlling over 75% of the key positions of the financial industry as central bankers, CFOs of the 1000 fortune western companies, CEOs of financial companies and producers of infotainment.

This astounding fact cannot however be explained easily, because as all ‘1%’ elites with anti-democratic privileges (in this case to control the informative and financial memes of our society), power censors ‘biological information’. It is therefore a ‘crime’ to explain the objective and historic facts of the rise to power of the Jewish Nation. And yet it is also impossible to understand Creationist/Biblical/Classic economics, the memes of capitalism and the society we live in, without understanding the culture of the people-caste that controls it through monetary orders… Several themes thus are needed to define exhaustively the Jewish Nation:

– The nature of its 1% informative elite, which unlike any other nation is not of military nature but of financial nature, being the first nation, which clearly chose capital over weapons to control the world. This elite are the ‘Am Segullah’, the most powerful people-caste of history.

– The social structure of the nation in 3 ‘social classes’, the 1% Am Segullah elite of bankers-priest, the 10% of ‘managers’ that control the Industrial World of the west, and the 90% of the Jewish people, mostly of Khazar origin, mostly living in Israel. For reasons of simplification, we can consider a simpler structure of a 1% of ‘stockrats’, ‘rabbies’ and ‘informative ideologists’, which direct the entire western world through their control of digital and mass-media information, and the 99% which admire and obey the 1% but cannot be considered directly responsible of their actions, even if they pay with their lives as scapegoats of the misdeeds of the Am segullah. This 99% is what we shall call the Jewish People.

– The cycles of greed and murder, money and weapons, financial oppression and holocausts that mimic the 800-80 years long and medium wave of history, as the Am Segullah are on top of all other nations, whose political systems they control with money, most of the time of the wave, but during war and crisis ages loose power and suffer the Holocaust.

Only when we consider at least those 3 elements, we can fully understand the ‘cre(dit)ators’ of the capitalist world we live in, for bad or for good.

Thus we consider the Jewish People to belong to 3 social groups, the animetal elite, the sheeple and the rebels – prophets and masters of information of the humankind:

– The animetal castes were the first and paramount ‘soliton’ culture that chose go(l)d not weapons as its language of power and control of human sheeple. First they were banker-priests, who mixed the memes of go(l)d and adapted their history and their book of history (the Talmud) to those memes. With the arrival of capitalism there was a split between professional bankers and Talmud priests, which continues today, even both formed the elite that controlled the Kahilas or assemblies of the Jewish People. Both memes, the book of History and the book of Deeds reinforce each other, since only in aracist culture, the detachment of capitalism that treats human beings as objects with a salary can be justified. And so as Sombart, Marx and Abraham Leon explain, the book of history of the jews, the talmud and the bible, must be understood as the ‘baalble’, created to reinforce the worldly profession of money, not in the opposite way. Today this ideology is much more extended as capitalism has crossed racial barriers first into protestant/calvinist sects and finally it has become a global religion. The racist ideology of the Talmud on the other hand fuels the apartheid state of israel.

So the ideological heirs of the Banker-priests are today split into those who belong to the Jewish, historic religion, a tribal nationalist cult, of an earlier age in which the word God and Nation was the same (so Assur was the name of the God and the nation of Assyrians, etc.). They are today overwhelmingly, ‘Orthodox Jewish’ or Israeli or go(l)d believers, who are carrying the wave of neofascism and fundamentalist  capitalism to its final consequences, the extinction of life, the creation of a III world War and the destruction of labor by more profitable machines. They consider mankind their enemy, an inferior race, treated as ‘objects’ with a price. Examples of those kind of people are Mr. Rothschild, who always was accompanied by a servant to open doors NOT to pollute himself with the sweat of a gentile; Caifas direct descendant of Aaron, who instaured the cult to the go(l)den calf, the present head of Goldman, who says ‘bankers are a God’s job’, Bibi, the president of Israel, who promotes an apartheid state or the soldier who posted his pics with Palestinian objects and sees nothing wrong with it.

– Those who do not belong to the upper castes of Rabbies and bankers of the go(l)d Religion even if they believe in the present Apartheid culture of Israel. They are either the sheeple of Judaism – and we could include here most Israeli and American Jewish, even though they are tainted by racist ideologies, in as much as they are also the victims of the Holocaust cycle, whose upper castes escape.  They are the sacrificed sheeple of those cycles, who believe in the myths of superiority handled by the upper castes and die for a set of anti-life values they are programmed to follow since earlier age.

– Finally, there is a 3rd group, which is by far the more interesting, the evolved mestizo jews expelled from the culture that many orthodox do not consider Jews.

They are either non-believers in Judaism and its nationalistic and go(l)d myths or mixed blood Jews. We shall call here them ‘Mestizo Jews’, because most often they are ‘mestizos’, rejected as non-pure Jewish by Orthodox Judaism and consider ‘bastards’, mazerim, by rabbies. Paradoxically this ‘Mestizo Jews’ are among the finest human beings ever to be born, because they ad to the informative specialization of the Jewish culture, the understanding of humanism and the fact that we all humans are born equal. Examples of the ‘Mestizo Jews’ are Moses, probably an ‘Egyptian mestizo’, who married an ethiopian and gave us the 10 commandments, masterpiece of human ethics; Marx, whose father had converted to Christianism; Einstein, who was a socialist; Proust, a Christian writer, and generally speaking, most artists and people we deeply respect, from Wittgenstein the Christian linguist to Krugman, the New Deal Economist, but Judaism advertises as “jewish’ for propaganda purposes even if they neither believe in Orthodox Judaism, nor they are according to the Jewish Law, Jewish people.

In modern times, among them you can find the ‘Khazar Jews’, mestizos of mongoloid Khazars, Mr. Chomsky, from a family of socialist believers, or Mr. Julian Assange, the founder of wikileaks, or this writer, from an old ‘marrano’ family of catalan doctors, economists and politicians, and webmaster of (-;, or Oliver Stone, with a Jewish stock-broker father and a French mother. What makes those people humanist is obvious: they can compare the attitude of their fundamentalist, racist ‘orthodox Jewish parent’ and their ‘humanist’, loving non-Jewish eusocial parent and most likely decide to go with the humanist and recognize the beauty of Mankind as a species. Yet they are tough and informative, and so they are the people who most often denounces the racial bias of Orthodox Judaism.

They are also the enemies of orthodox Jewish who ‘hate’ them because they show the path for the r=evolution of the Jewish culture. Needless to say the greatest and most hated among them was ‘Jesus the Galilean’, from the Northern region of Galilea, invaded by Assyrians, who married Jewish people or converted  latter and were considered impure by the original Jewish.

Unfortunately this 3 group of mestizo jews that could have reformed the culture have at the end lost most of the battles of history. And so they have never upgraded Judaism to integrate it with the human kind, reason why Judaism has never ended its cycle of the Holocaust caused by the action-reaction processes established between its banker-priests and the rest of mankind.

In that regard, we live today in one of those cycles, fuelled by the anti-live actions of the banker-priests and the brutal response of the perpetrators of those holocausts, which are the warrior leaders of those people the banker priests oppress – today the Arabs and increasingly in the future the Germanic American. To avoid that Holocaust and the destruction of the world in war, which normally accompanies it, it is clear that Orthodox Judaism, go(l)d bankers and the Apartheid nation of Israel must be dealt with. Or else humans won’t survive the ideologies that have stem from it, from capitalism with its actions of life and labor extinction, to racism. Yet for that to happen, gentiles and mestizo Jews have to denounce and defend mankind against those ideologies. And that so far is not happening. On the contrary, the myths and tools of power of classic judaism, have now become globalized.

But why the Jewish people have had that key role in the history of economics – reason why they are also the protagonists of this web given the fact that economics is the modern ideological version of thego(l)d religion (still around 1/2 of the recipient of the Nobel of Economics are Jews).  Obviously because of geographical conditions, as Judaism was born as a culture, in the knot of trade of 3 continents.

The earlier Cananean culture of traders, origin of Judaism was in those ancient times divided into Coastal traders, Phoenicians, and Caravan traders, in the inner oasis of Je-richo and Je-rusalem.

The Je-w, became thus, due to their geographic position in Palestine – a region between 3  continents and the 2 main western civilizations of the  Neolithic -the leading informative culture of the west and its 2 languages, verbs and go(l)d.

Palestine becomes both a land of verbal prophets and the site of a go(l)d=Baal culture since earlier age, (Jericho–Jerusalem, Trade Oasis culture, 10.000 bc) specializing in the use of both, verbal information (invention of the alphabet, Mosaic code of ethic laws aimed to create a world to the image and likeness of man) and monetary information (Hapiru=wanderers=caravan traders; Phoenician bartering age; Joseph banker of the Pharaoh and first recorded speculator, Myth of Aaron and the golden calf; alliance between Hiram of Tyros and Solomon, who together monopolized trade on metals and slaves during the Ancient empires). This duality between two languages, the world and gold languages of history and the eco(nomic)system, has made them the dominant informative people-caste of the west.  And their Book of History, the Baalble, which relates the confrontations of its prophets of the world vs. go(l)d, the most published book of the west.

Why and how the Am Segullah elite exercises power.

If we were able to reduce the ’emotional noise’ caused by all those myths, hate-speeches, taboos and inquisitions of thought, what we are dealing with objectively is in terms of the super-organisms of history and economics, with the first and most successful nation, whose language of power money, rules over the military nations that rule over the life-based cultures of the west.

Indeed, money is the ‘language of metal-information’ that rules over the energy memes of metal, weapons, which rule over life by its capacity to kill. But weapons must be reproduced, evolved, sold and used by people, enslaved by ideologies or fear to perform the criminal actions of war; so an industrial system of reproduction of weapons and sale of weapons and slaves appears starting in the bronze age. And two clear people-castes, the levantine, phoenician and jewish sea and caravan traders, and the warrior cities and then states of indo-european or semite origin, structure it. Ever since there has been a fight on top between warriors trying to create empires with weapons (Greeks, Romans, Germanic tribes) and bankers that trade in gold, slaves and weapons, trying to control them. This fight between the ‘german nation’ and the ‘jewish nation’ (paradigms of both modes of power) and all those self-similar nations concerns obviously the elite of those nations. It is in any case the ‘engine’ of metal-nations and the reason we evolved those memes.

What today we observe after the victory of the go(l)d cultures, with the jewish nation, the oldest one, on top and the anglo-saxon nations, first the british empire then the american empire as ‘middle managers’ controlling most of the planet Earth, is a fairy tale and massive censorship of that darwinian struggle in history, to further enhance the power of monetary elites. Since money is invisible, the invisibility of the 1% and its cultures on power has allowed further control. First in the XVII century the birth of companies, the first one owned by jewish-calvinist moguls (one Cohen was its CEO), converted the creation of weapons (gunboats) and the sale of slaves and weapons (their main produce) into a professional endeavor with ‘stock-holders’ playing a much pleasant role that their predecessors (enslavers and bankers).

Then in the XIX century the Law of anonymous societies further increased the privileges of the 1% and as biblical memes and capitalist memes were translated into mathematics and shared by the elites of all nations, the ‘original soliton’ of capitalism was hidden. Then after the genocide of its lower peasants classes (II W.W.)  the entire origin of capitalism as a culture of power based in money disappeared, the 1% of banker-priests camouflaged on the tragedies of their lower castes and passed laws in which any criticism of their power would be consider antisemitism, equivalent to an attempt to murder. And yet the power of the 1% of am segullah was there, and kept growing till the arrival of e-money allowed to 100 fold the capital of the planet on their hands. So today and in the present financial crisis this power has showed off: billions work for corporations belonging to jewish and calvinist ‘brothers’, and those corporations are extinguishing life and all other cultures, controlling governments and now start the robotic obsolescence of mankind.

The victory of capitalism and its biblical elites is today absolute. But it is not born of the superiority of a race, but of the misuse of the memes of metal and in due time this century we shall awake to the finale: a world in which we all humans are obsolete, including the Jewish nation and its anthropomorphic ideologies. Gold and iron in robots becomes detached from us, humans.

All this is the reality that no longer is studied or analyzed. Since the human mind is brutally reduced to a fiction, visual non-entity.

In that regard, in this web dedicated to economical history, our interest on the Jewish People focuses on the cultural deformation and myths built within the ‘wrong’ side of the Jewish culture, to maintain the absurd pretension that the extinction of life under the ideology of capitalism=mechanism  is the better future for mankind.

What is the sense then of writing a blog, which as my personal experience shows only backfires against those who write it and doesn’t change the elite or the mass, automatons of this process of advanced extinction? The truth of the ethic wor(l)d, of mankind in itself is a value to have.

In that sense, what is wrong about capitalism and its earlier ‘go(l)d cults’ is the conscious choice of the wrong side of the memes of history, of the wrong language and the wrong values of gold and weapons (slavery and murder).

This choice unavoidably has lead us to our extinction even if in the process the Jewish people reaches power unheard of in the past.

Yet unlike the Chinese culture which also used two languages (ideographs and verbal thought) albeit of the same humanist type, and reached the zenith of the verbal age of science, undestanding the dual yin=information + yang=energy laws of the organic Universe, the negative values of go(l)d, which ‘buy’ and ‘objectify’ human beings as slaves with a price, have diminished enormously the quality of the Jewish cultures, which is built around ‘myths’, go(l)d rituals and ‘inquistions of thought’ that fostered the repression of human senses to focus their life on the work=reproduction and evolution of metal. As such the Jewish people are the leading culture of the world and the one who has built our civilization, but precisely because our civilization is extinguishing life, it is not the best culture to have as a role model.

This is the fundamental tragedy of Judaism – the fact that now, as the science of systems evolves and we realize the true arrow of future survival is the arrow of eusocial evolution of all the members of the same species, Judaism got stuck in the tribal scale of human eusocial evolution; and so instead of directing mankind as a whole, with its enormous financial and informative power, masterminded in 3000 years of evolving the digital, economic ecosystem, it encroaches in its tribal bid for total power through the financial ab=use of mankind and the creation of false myths that deny the equality of all humans and the laws of eusocial love that evolve individuals into stronger super-organisms.

Thus those ideologies today spread globally through the pseudo-science of ‘biblical economics’ (that preaches competition among humans not collaboration), the ‘Book’ with its ham damnation (origin of slavery), its ‘chosen of go(l)d’ myths and through the techno-utopian myths that allow the use of machines and weapons to control other humans, have create the wrong path of futures. One in which men compete at individual and tribal level and use memes of metal to come on top.

It is in that sense interesting to compare two cultures of ‘Jewish origin’, mine, catalonia and Israel, one converted to eusocial love, the other regressing towards the hardest, fundamentalist bronze age strain of memetic judaism. Indeed, I seem to come from a Levy family as Levy conversos translated their name to Lluis (pronounces Jewish). Yet my family of marrano doctors and economists converted centuries ago to eusocial love, and became one of the leading industrial and political founders of this ‘country’ I live in, ‘els paysos catalans’ (Eastern spain), which has no metal memes, no army, no stock-market, hence it has used the informative mastery of its 10/20% of ‘Jewish genetics’, becoming the country of the world with more ‘tourists’ per capita, who come here to enjoy the excellence on life memes we produce. In that sense, sepharad, a nation in which the Jewish people could have integrated with the rest of mankind is not a myth. It was possible, if the Jewish People had converted to mankind and guide humanity towards a paradise of human goods, as their prophets of love always told them,warning them against the path they have taken to lead mankind into extinction, ‘do not eat of the bad fruits of the tree science because the day you do you will die’ (Genesis), ‘the jewish will suffer all their history for their love of go(l)d’ Moses, ‘you cannot serve two masters, go(l)d and the wor(l)d’ Jesus, ‘The Jewish question will be solved when the jewish people abandon their worldly religion, money’ Marx…

On my view the Levis, the Am Segullah, could have become the elite of mankind, the 0.1% that using their intelligence probably evolved at the level of neuronal networks after 3000 years of ‘calculating’ profits, as the Germans have evolved their physical stamina after 3000 years of fighting with swords, and made the world a paradise. When I study at Columbia and moved among them, as a prodigal son returning to the fold,  I often explained this to the Masters of the Universe. At the time they took it as an idealist bout; today probably they would not even listen. Their project of global control through the invisible hand of go(l)d and censorship of any knowledge among the ‘impure’ gentile of that control is today in place. Nobody knows because it is ‘a confabulation theory’ and proof of anti$emitism that as Wells put it ‘an invisible man could rule the world, nobody will see him come or see him go’.

This astounding success of the wrong project of future for mankind is now bearing its fruits: a world in perpetual world to defend Apartheid israel; a massive absorbtion of global wealth through speculative platforms that tax all goods and nobody knows how it works; a massive censorship of any criticism against the ‘invisible men’; and a robotic race that eliminates workers and soldiers for profits as countries become stripped off all wealth syphoned to those billionaire speculators. Yes, as it happened at the end of the middle ages when with 86% of annual usury the Am Segullah were taking over lands and castles of peasants and aristocrats or at the end of the Industrial R=evolution when 200 years of workers exploitation made them the masters of Europe, it is precisely when they have all the ‘yin’ in their hands, when all people are ruined and the invisible man becomes all too obvious when the tide recedes and the action-reaction laws of Newton brings havoc, war and holocausts.

Was all that needed? How much more beautiful would have been an Am Segullah Converso caste that listened to their prophets of the wor(l)d and could be ‘visible’ because people would love what they did for mankind, all of us, including them?  It would have been much easier to create a paradise that to hide, seek and hunt profits by destroying the planet; hand in hand with the elites of all western nations they have co-opted and coached into the art of eviL=Ant-life memes needed to kill the planet with corporations, financial houses, armies and ‘eraseheads’ (mass-media)…


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