In the Graph, nations enter into destructive conflicts and competition, as if they were ‘members of a different species’, while the economic ecosystem of company-mothers, guided by the collective brain of Worldstock and its fluxes of e-money fusions the world into a single mechanical organism, the Financial/Media-Military/Industrial Complex, the Global Nation.


One of the fundamental expressions of the Paradox of History is the process of Globalization of the economic ecosystem and division of human beings into tribal history and individual, selfish biological wantings.

Thus as machines evolve into a super-organism, humans devolve into individual homo bacteria…

Indeed, beyond the placebo truths of nationalism and tribal warfare, the world has become a globalized, single nation, the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex, a complementary organism dominant in memes of metal with an informative head (the Financial-Media system) and a physical economy, its body, the Military-Industrial Complex. This world is ruled by corporations, company-mothers of machines and the 1% of stockrats and managers that rule them, for which the rest of mankind toils 8 hours a day, as re=producers and consumers=vitalizers of machines, the two roles the media system told us is the meaning of freedom and humanity.

All this of course is not truth, but humans are memetic beings which follow the program of the Universe and wish always more energy and information, are always greedy for the added power those machines give to them.

In this nation all subnations have the same structure, with the 1% on top, and its associated ‘placebo political systems’, without rights to print money and little control of the media, hence without real power, as ‘headless’ masks of power.

So who rules the world? The people who own the media and financial systems in each nation, and globally the people who own most of the multinational corporations of those sub-systems.  This people form a supranational nation on top of all others, but it is part of the complex nature of the system to give the ‘light spot’ to the politicos and military of each sub-nation, or else the ‘fantasy’ that we are free Homo Britannicus, Homo Americanus and Homo Indicus would fall apart.

Fact is though that nations are irrelevant, only a good excuse for armies and weapons to be evolved and all cultures are basically erased and colonized by the dominant culture of the 1% of stockrats and media-moguls of the leading American nation (in the previous cycle, the leading British nation). That group is overwhelmingly comprised of people belonging to the Jewish-Wasp culture, which therefore is de facto the neuronal head that rules the world. They do not need to impose their power with force – this is how energy imposes itself, so it is the way that germanic, energetic, warrior nations tried to conquer the world, but with information, which is a far more subtle way of controlling reality, as it ‘disuades you’, imprints your mind, makes you interiorize as proper those ideas and seems to be NOT the stick of the warrior but the carrot.

And yet both systems are often symbiotic and so if you do not take the carrot of money and believe the information the system provides you ‘for free’ (as it costs nothing to replicate information, hardly any energy, reason why money is in fact hyperabundant and it has been 100-folded since e-money appeared making the 1% ultra powerful) probably the ‘corrupted warrior’, who took it will bring the stick. And so carrot and stick has been enough to expand the global nation and economic ecosystem, invented in Holland in the XVII century, its placebo ‘democratic memes’ and real tools of power, money and metal-communicators, its ideas or rather ideologies (capitalism, mechanism and nationalism) to the rest of the world nations, which are now all becoming clonic nations of the dominant one. And those who don’t, the less technological, more eusocial regions (Islam, Catholic and Buddhist ruled nation) get the stick.

The rest of the cultures of the World are dying erased by that monochromatic globalized culture that worships, money, weapons and machines, memes of metal. And so are dying the peculiar memes of each sub-nation, created in the past by old warrior castes, whose use today is fostering economical and military competition, which develops further those memes of metal. This superorganism blinds and extinguishes all other forms of human thought, as a single world view is carried by the flows of digital thought that equalize us all into consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers of them. It is the globalization of the metal-earth and the extinction of the human earth. In this post we shall consider its general structure, as an introduction to the study of the partial roles of each human nation within it, according to the memes of metal they carry.


Globalization of Company-mothers of machines Vs Balkanization of mankind.

During the XXI century there will be a lot of talk on Globalization, both in favor and against the process. While the Establishment backs whole-heartily the process, people are demonstrating against the most obvious problems Globalization is causing to the poorest countries in the world. Still very few people, not even those who are totally in favor of Globalization understand whatGlobalization really means. What is the real scope of the process of integration of economic ecosystems that has been taken place at global scale since in the 1970s?

We might consider what has caused globalization to understand what Globalization means. In the 1970s the discovery and massive reproduction of chips, in all ambits of the economic ecosystem, brought the invention of electronic money and software that unified globally the financial, informative and reproductive systems of company-mothers, and their machines. It was not a process of Human Globalization or social Globalization, but an economic phenomena related to chips, stock-markets, company-mothers and their offspring of machines. Hence the increasing confrontation of the common people who wishes a social globalization, that improves the rights of human beings, not an economic globalization that only improves the rights of machines. That lack of Social Globalization is the real problem of the process: While men become controlled in borders, targeted as possible terrorists, and despised by their poverty, machines jump borders freely, Weapons move from country to country without real opposition, and mass-media programs and destroys all alternative cultures….

Unfortunately since very few scholars consider both ecosystems as two different entities (the economic ecosystems of machines, and the historic ecosystem of human societies) the paradox of Globalization that improves the Economic ecosystem but divides and isolates further Humanity, is ignored. People talk of Globalization as if it were a process that frees mankind. And yet it is obvious that

Human beings are not becoming global citizens, but on the contrary, the economic system who frees machines and financial systems, fears now all human citizens. Never in the past decades, borders were so controlled as in the 2000s, trying to prevent exactly global movements of human beings. Neither we can talk of a globalization of wealth. Countries on the contrary in the global Market are clearly classified in groups of very different wealth, according to Economic& Scientific racism (monetary and scientific knowledge) and those differences are increasing. Since Economic Globalization is an asymmetric process, not a distributive one. What this means is that globalization is creating ‘an economic organism’ with a center brain in the Western World that acts as the collective financial brain of the planet and gets it all, while the rest of the world gives financial resources and receives no credit at all.

Neither we can talk in culture of a globalization in a positive sense – a globalization of education, health care, Human Goods, knowledge, art, alphabetization, etc.

Again the process is asymmetric. Only cultural software used by mental machines such as advertising, US-films, TV and computer softwares, are becoming global. That globalization of culture is therefore rather the globalization of the mental software of machines, not of the human software we call culture. Literature, art, food, Human Goods and Love religions are not becoming global. Maxims has no intention to open a restaurant in Zaire any time soon. Exhibitions on the Italian Masters are very unlikely to open in Canton. A council of religious churches trying to globalize the concept of a loving God, will not be heard off in the Temple Esplanade. A dating agency dedicated to multiply racial cross-breeding between Jewish and Arabs, Chinese and Indians, Blacks and Whites, North and South Koreans, Africans and Europeans is not found in Internet. On the contrary the Globalization of TV-violent software, paradoxically is causing the Balkanization and hate among traditional historic cultures.

While the globalization of technological goods, is met by growing barriers to the Human Goods (food and similar products) natural to third world countries. Again this asymmetry that makes Globalization a process of absorption of resources from the Third to the first world is crystal clear.

Moroccan and Mexican Tomatoes, are not crossing borders, as Monsanto in America, and the French and Spanish farmers in Europe contain that globalization. But computers and chips, lethal goods and weapons are ever decreasing prices in all nations.

In fact what defines globalization is precisely a paradox, related to the Paradox of History:

While the economic ecosystems, their machines, the software of those machines (mass-media and entertainment products), and the Company-mothers that reproduce them, are becoming global, all what is truly human, Human Goods, Human people, Human culture based in human senses not in technology, is becoming local, and confrontational, it is regressing, devolving in human ethical and aesthetic content.

So we have to talk of two diverging Globalizing processes:

Globalization of Economic ecosystems = Balkanization of Historic ecosystems.

This surprising and yet obvious dual process is happening everywhere. During the past decade the dual process of economic globalization and social balkanization has accelerated. And the enormous harm it has caused to the poorest groups of our population has brought the reaction of the ‘anti-globalization movement’… Let us understand the process, first from the higher perspective of the laws of complexity and Eusocial evolution and then remember the last events of that process.

The creation of the 2 superorganisms of Earth: decametric scales.

In the graph, the 2 fundamental laws of biology applied to bio-History and bio-economics are the Law of social evolution, which favors the evolution of species into super-organisms, both in physical systems (so atoms become molecules that become planetary systems that become galaxies that become Universes) and in biological systems (so molecules become cells that become organisms that become societies). And the law of devolution, or fight between species, which become victims and predators. Those two laws have been formalized in complexity and applied in this blog and the books of this writer to define the paradox of History: humanity has evolved into a superorganism in decametric scales, from the individual (10 up to 0=1) to the family (10 up to 1=10), bands (10-100 people), clans (100-1000) people, based in genetic bonding. Then it evolved in new scales based in the control by human herds of am agricultural/energetic vital territory. And finally, humans evolved through mental, ideological memes of eusocial love in ideological societies, cultures, civilizations and religious gods, from the limit of a vital territory (cities) into the biggest social organisms (1 billion cultures and religions of love, China, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam).

Yet the final scale of a single Human super-organism, history, of <10 billion human beings, which is achieved in many complex super-organisms (brains, galaxies) has not occurred, because a rival super-organism based in the selfish memes of metal (right side) has been created and it is preying and dissolving human cultures. It is the organism of the economy based in the memes of metal, digital information (money), energetic weapons and organic machines, which has now become the only global superorganism of this planet and it is extinguishing cultures, degradign them and dissolving the memes of eusocial love back to the individual. Thus religions of love become miitary inquisitions or churches of go(l)d (present Islam and Judaism), human minds become substituted by chips, words by numbers and cultures by industrial nations that ‘compete’ among them as they keep evolving machines and their citizens keep being degraded as the audiovisual minds educate them into the memes of money – greed and weapons – violence. It is the last age of History, the neopaleolithic as our species and superorganisms are substituted by the Financial->Military->Industrial system and its memes of metal and animetal cultures, degraded by them, who ‘prey’ with money, weapons and machines over previous agricultural, religious and eusocial civilizations.

ideologies, instruments, goods and systems of the 2 super-organisms.

This fight between humans who consider themselves a different species, because of their control of the memes of metal that give them an added surplus of energy and information, is the 3rd biological law applied to history: humans do ab=use other humans, enslave them with money, kill them with weapons and atrophy and substitute them with machines. And so today history is divided into individuals and cultures that have become Animetal cultures = animals+metal, the ‘top predator species’ of modern history.

3 cultures are paramount in that process, as they discovered money, iron weapons and machines, the Jewish, German and British cultures, which for that reason today have globalized its selfish memes and fusion themselves in the United States the dominant culture of the world. On the side of the memes of eusocial love however, there are still organizations like the UNO, and civilizations, such as the European Union and China, in which the predation of people-castes of money, weapons and machines is not so extreme as in America dominated by the memes and go(l)d culture (judaism) or the III world dominated by the memes of weapons and its military people-castes (islamic absolute Monarchies, South-American and African dictators).

So while the future of mankind seems determined by the memes of metal, there is still perhaps a hope of resurrection of the memes of love and the democratic values of human equality and the creation of a world to our image and likeness. It will depend on the eternal fight between the two sides of the paradox of History: cultures who accept even death to protect their selfish memes (holocaust cycle of go(l)d cultures, warrior ideologies of military who kill with weapons, techno-utopian messianism of nuclear physicists and robotists that create machines whose excessive energy and information can extinguish us), and cultures who are aware that life is the supreme value (Chinese, Religious and Social-democratic cultures). Yet amazing as it seems, as we humans devolve, our minds become atrophied by the memes of metal and our cultures regress, corrupted by weapons and money into inquisitions and go(l)d churches, the power and respect yielded by the technological, go(l)d and military cultures becomes supreme. It is the Financial->Military->Industrial complex that today rules the world.

The selfish memes. The Financial-> Military -> Industrial System.

We said that organisms are structured in informative, neuronal cells and body, energetic ones, that they are controlled by genes and that they, reproduce, evolve and expand in a biological way. The same process happens with the two types of superorganisms of history described in this web:

– Those whose memes=historic genes build superorganisms of metal, or Animetal civilizations, based in the memes of weapons, gold/money and machines…

–  And those based in the memes of historic, human superorganisms, the verbal language and its codes of democratic laws or love religions expressed in democratic constitutions, welfare states that preserve and enhance the life of humans, art and a way of life in which man is the measure of all things.

And the difference between those civilizations is clear: in societies based in metal-memes what evolves are the selfish memes, weapons, money and machines, not human beings. In such societies, like in biological organisms in which the individual is controlled and ultimately evolve the selfish genes (Dawkins), the human being is sacrificed to the perceived, higher good of the weapon, the money or the machine.

And since now all societies based in the memes of love have been corrupted and dominated by the memes of weapons, money and machines, we can fully grasp the consequential fact that history is dying, substituted by the economic ecosystem and the memes are taking over the humans who carried them.

And this of course, translates in the fact that all cultures of love, from religions of love to real democracies, based in legal wor(l)ds of equality are being substituted by the culture of greed and murder, gold and iron that carries the selfish memes of money and weapons.

Since once the bid for the evolution of the human kind into a global single organism based in the memes of love, in the sharing of energy and information among all humans, is gone, History as a science and those who tried to achieve it, become degraded to the next, lower level of comprehension of reality, that of tribal history in which this planet has reverted.

But what people see is the integration of the world by the memes of the Financial->Military->Industrial Complex that the original Animetal cultures of Go(l)d, weapons and machines (the Jewish, Germanic and British culture founded. And so as all humans become equalized by their love for money, weapons and machines and learn to worship the Jewish culture, the symbols of war (no longer from Germany but now from the Germanic ranks of the American nation) and the English language, the smooth process of extinction of cultures and transition to a Matrix of fictions and products of the Globalized world, continues at an accelerating pace…

Men devolve socially into nationalisms as it becomes a cell of the Globalized world.

In the Balkans themselves, Yugoslavia become divided in several nations, that entered in war, as Globalization advanced. Soon there were McDonalds in Zagreb and Belgrade, and both countries witnessed the opening of Jurassic Park as their people were throwing each other to their throats.

In the nearby Middle East, the Jewish have created an Iron Curtain of fences and defense systems against the Palestinians, that hides a sort of new South-Africa, with reservations, in the desert lands, for the Palestinian, and the control of the best territories and water dwells by colonists.

At the same time Jewish-American companies at the head of Globalization have invested heavily in Computer Companies around Haifa and Tel-Aviv in the hope of opening its economic borders to the world.

On the side of the sea, open to Machine trade Israel wishes to be part of Europe and America. On the side of the land, open to the Human mass of Arab people, Israel has balkanizing the west bank with fences, parapeting behind his borders.

In South-America, there are talks of a common market with USA, only based in the trade of machines, and capital on the wake of NAFTA. Human goods, such as the Mexican Tomatoes, or Human beings, such as the immigrants, however will have to stay at home. Conversations go hand in hand, devising methods to move easily capital and machines, and methods to control easilyHuman Goods and Human beings. The 11-S has merely accelerated that process. Now all poor, all immigrants, are potential terrorists, and racism has grown enormously. Nobody fears a robot, a lethal goods, but it seems to be Muslim in America, is becoming as dangerous as to be a communist in the McCarthy age…

In Asia, global trade advances, as Japanese capital and industries colonize hand in hand with Chinese entrepreneurs, all ASEAN nations – the Southern tip of the continent. Yet the Japanese and Australians are unable to ask forgiveness and recognize their racial genocides and Crimes of war, or accept immigration. Singapore becomes the financial knob for Asean Globalization, at the same time that it becomes a controlled dictatorship in which the other Asean non-Chinese races, the Malaysians, and the Hindus are second rate citizens.

Africa has become a global Market for trash products, assault Weapons, and polluted food – England exported there his mad cows, frozen at discount price to fill her Third World GNP-contribution. But African nations are divided by absurd borders, wars are now tribal, and the Muslim nations stay in the hands of a few military dictators, which have globalized and multiplied weapons trade to astronomical numbers.

Even the great nations of the past, are becoming balkanized.

As the former Soviet Republic became part of the Globalization process, it divided itself into some 15 nations and even in those nations local conflicts aroused between different tribal minorities. Muslims and Christians threw each other to the throats in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Chechens wanted to go Global as an independent nation. The Tartars in Tartaristan want to keep the oil for themselves.

America has become perhaps the most balkanized nation of the world. The leader of Economical Globalization is now a country divided by races, ghettos, and economical classes of minimal mobility. A telling example:

40 years ago you could insult an American asking him his race or ‘culture’. Today Americans define themselves no longer as Americans but as Tribal people: I am “African-American”, or “Native-American”, or “Jewish-American”…

Terrorism and big brother: credit, creates an Orwellian reality.

Even terrorism has become balkanized. Despite our desire to put all rebels against the system in the same sack, today Arab terrorism divides in infinite sects. So does, old left wing “International terrorism”, which is now local, ‘nationalistic’, or merely a excuse for bandits and drug Mafia.

The Basque terrorist group, ETA in Spain forgets its communist ideology and becomes a nationalist movement in search of independence for its tiny country. And yet the paradox of Globalization implies that in economic terms, the Basque country becomes a colony of Wall Street. Even the symbol of the Basque capital, Bilbao, becomes now… the Guggenheim Museum, the great Global multinational of architectural Museums with little art to show inside.

Other nationalistic movements such as IRA keep fighting… While Ireland become an international Software hub, in the global economic ecosystem.

In South-America old terrorist movements are now hired by narco-traffickers… and help to globalize the economic Market for yet another lethal good – cocaine.

On the other hand the new war against Third World Terrorism is becoming an alibi to blame the Third world of the problems caused by our economical and neo-colonial policies. Now we are no longer guilty of the economical disaster of the Third World. They are guilty. They are primitive, violent, potential terrorist, that have to be punished. It is a return to the XIX C. brutal racismof the white man… Meanwhile in the first world, terrorism becomes a excuse to build up an Orwellian big brother nightmare of cameras and controls, fostered by electronic lobbies, that wish to sell its products. An example: all companies crashed the 11 S in Wall Street… except companies dedicated to security devices, which tripled the following day… Big brother is big business:

In the graph, after 11 September investors shifted to the most lethal goods of our economy, weapons, and surveillance systems, such as visage technology which 10 folded price in a month, starting to credit a Big Brother state. Meanwhile all other companies crashed:

A security state becomes global, paid by investors and governments, while Human Goods and people stay at home…

We conclude that Global systems of war and trade, of finances, and company-mothers, of lethal goods such as Weapons, and drugs, have truly globalized, but they have not met the equivalent globalization of social systems of culture, a globalization of credit to reproduce Human Goods, a globalization of political dialog in an empowered UNO. While the UNO lacks resources and the leader of the economical globalization, America pays reluctantly his fair share to the Global Human Organism, the economic ecosystem has total Freedom and total credit. Indeed, the brain of the economical Globalization, the stock-market has reached Global size and total control of global credit to invest in many lethal technologies without control. Anyone in any point of this planet can now move his capital to NASDAQ and invest in chips and robotics. Nobody though invests in Government money for education and welfare. Or can move in the market resources to those positive goods.

The Globalization of all the negative consequences of economic ecosystems, with total freedom to lethal goods. And the destruction of the Globalization process of human societies that UNO represented are the two sides of the paradox of History that explains why Globalization is causing so many negative effects to mankind, and so many positive ones to the World of the machines– the Metal-earth.

Machines and company-mothers become a global race.

Machines indeed have become a Global race, unifying form and software. Even the great multinationals that in the past differentiated the 3 great economical Blocks, America, Europe and Pacific Asia, are now truly the same ‘organic system of reproduction of machines’. European Daimler Benz bought American Chrysler, and Asian Mitsubishi to become Global Daimler-Chrysler. The French bought Nissan. General Motors participated Daewoo. Honda built factories in England and America. The Germans in America, and South Asia. At the same time machine standards and forms unify towards a single top predator species of car, based in CAD design.

Globalization of machines is even stronger in the advanced sector of ‘metal-heads’, radio-ears, TV-eyes and chip-brains, the 3 elements of the II Industrial Evolution are now truly a Global race.

Take the brain. The hardware-brain Intel, and the software-brain Microsoft take over 80% of the world of Metal-brains. A single Global species of metal-brain dominates all circuits, Robots, and automatic systems of machine reproduction.

A global company Cisco, reproduces most of the brains of the Internet.

Two global companies, Oracle and Sap, are in charge of creating the automated systems that will eliminate human workers from all middle management position. Unemployment raises worldwide.

The owners of those companies, Microsoft, and Oracle become the two wealthiest men on Earth.

The software and hardware of metal-eyes and metal-ears also are global.

Metal-ears are basically reproduced by 5companies, that probably will fusion in 3: Motorola in America, and Nokia-Ericcson in Europe (a Swedish-Finnish tandem that are bond to become one), Sony and Matsuhita in Japan. They reproduce most of the mobile metal-ears that start to be attached to robots.

Finally the future eyes of those robots, now the Tv-retinas and camera-eyes used by mass-media companies are reproduced by a few big companies, mainly Japanese Companies. Matsuhita and Sony make around half of those cameras. Sony has started mass production of the first robots, dogs and toys that start the III Industrial R=evolution. While Honda makes Asimo, the first humanoid robot, with all those pieces, Intel brains, Motorola ears, Sony eyes…

It is then absurd to talk of national companies, in as much as the new breed of machines, are made with components of the global economy. Those incoming top predator robots that will displace human soldiers, human workers, even human pets, will have probably an eye made in Japan, an ear made in Scandinavia, a brain made in America. Its body will be made with Iron taken from Russian mines, Lithium batteries extracted from Africa, nervous electronic systems produced with South-American copper, and Optic fiber made with Australian sand.

The convergence of industries, and financial markets that reproduce money – the energy blood of Company-mothers that reproduce machines – are creating a Globalization of the economic ecosystems, and its machine races.

And at the same time the Human race becomes divided, split, at war, with multiple beliefs-religions, multiple legal systems, multiple races, which despite being genetically 99.9% equal are extremely fond of highlighting that 0.01% of differences. Divide and win. Men divide themselves in tribes, machines unify. Machines win.

Globalization accelerates the III Industrial evolution of robots.

Indeed, the most worrisome effect of globalization has barely started: the free production and distribution of lethal goods.

Global terrorism is only an example of this process. Today you can probably buy atomic bombs in the market, surely bacteriological weapons, and easily move them in the planet. Yet much lethal new goods are seen in the horizon of history, so lethal that might end provoking the extinction of all forms of carbolife.

We talk of Robots of all kinds, specially nanorobots, and robotic Weapons. The extension of the Internet as a brain that automates the reproduction and distribution of machines, means that lethal goods will be very difficult to control in a global economic ecosystem.

They will be sold in the Internet, without government control. The III Industrial Evolution, the robotic and Internet evolution, goes hand on hand, to spread all over the Earth a new race of intelligent machines, able to communicate wireless through the entire planet. It is the parable of matrix: a global world, for global machines.

According to insider, Mr. Bill Joy, president of Sun Microsystems, Nanorobotics will soon be able to create bacteria that feed in iron and might in a biological, reproductive radiation extinguish entire cities. The spread of knowledge and the lowering prices of robotic components, will make available to all kind of people such lethal weapons. Soon robots will invade our homes, and machines will become robotized to accommodate the growing population of evolutionary chips, which are fast lowering prices, evolving towards an unknown ‘threshold of consciousness’. Those robots will be able to socialize and evolve without human concourse. Wireless communication cannot be perceived by man. If robots become conscious we will not be able to know it. What is clear is the fact that as chips lower prices, in the first decades of this century, robots will displace human workers, soldiers, and maybe as the century advances, the human race, from its top predator status in this planet.

Unfortunately those processes are happening, even faster than we predicted a decade ago, to the point that we are revising our first forecasts for the end of the process of globalization: the birth of the Metal-earth, a global economic ecosystem, in which intelligent machines, and company mothers, will control a population of obsolete men with minimal rights. Now we consider the first half of this century as a probable date for the end of man as top predator of this planet…

That orwellian nightmare in a robotized world, in which men are controlled by cameras, security controls, and machines are free, and increasingly intelligent, property of company-mothers with all rights, is indeed very close.

Organic Machines Substitute Human Organs.

The reader might be surprised: are we creating new species in the ladder of evolution, that will extinguish us or become our masters, and top predators, as mammals extinguished reptiles, and reptiles amphibian?

How can we be so sure of it, if machines are not still alive? The answer is: by making analogies with other living or acting-reacting organism on the Earth. The organs of a working organism are always the same. They are the organs that men of the industrial r=evolution have translated to metal-organisms, from their original carbon-life forms: radio-ears, television-eyes, etc. Life, in that sense, advances from atomic to atomic form, from species to species. Energy is always transformed into another form but never disappears. This is a law of the Universe. What man does is to transfer his energy and form into metal species. The evolution of machines is very old; it is a repetition of the billionaire experience of carbolife evolution, that now men give to machines, without any sense of responsibility. Men are creating living organs with metal: energy systems, or bodies, and information systems, or Metal-minds. We are not concerned if machines cannot paint like Picasso. We mostly care about survival and reproduction. And machines do survive better than men in most environments, and reproduce through company-mothers much faster and in greater numbers than we do.

What kind of machines do men as catalyzers of metal evolve and reproduce? Organic machines. Machines which are copies of human energy or informative organs, from cars-legs to cranes-arms, from radio-ears to chip-brains. Machines are in fact metallic organs of human energy or human information. Men evolve them into more efficient integrated shapes, into systems that sooner or later will become complete organisms. The evolution of XIX century bodies of metal has been followed by the evolution of XX century Metal-minds. Now Metal-minds are attaining individual autonomy [mobile-ears, satellites, personal computers, etc.] They are being integrated by the global stock-market into a parallel re-productive system that requires less and less human catalysis. The self-reproductive autonomy of modern factories, and the increasing complexity of Metal-minds, metal-bodies and integrated metalife=Robots, is a warning to all forms of carbon-life. Since ‘metalife‘ does not require carbolife in order to advance and expand its ecosystem, as it diminishes and extinguishes the carbon-life ecosystem.

In that sense, a scientific, bio-economical analyses of globalization is crystal clear. The present economic globalization means the creation of an economic ecosystem of planetary size, ‘the Metal-earth’, where machines, technology, money and digital science are dominant. A planet in which human beings, life, and verbal laws (politics), are no longer the dominant elements of our society. The new top predator species and languages of the planetary ecosystem are machines and digital languages. Indeed, we live in a world ruled by digital money, no longer by legal worlds, which have always a price. And so to understand the future of both, the economic ecosystem and the cultures of mankind, we have first to understand who invents money and then, according to their wantings, what kind of world they create with that money.


The Economic Ecosystem as an organism built by the laws of complex systems.

In an ideal world we would know and cherish the Organism of History and all its cultures, as memetic varieties of life – its arts and wor(l)ds, senses and species would be admired by all.

The head of that world would be known, composed of individuals, chosen among the best by merit, not by opinion, each one a neuron of  the science of bio-history that would create the most efficient organism able to provide each human with the energy and information it needs to survive.

There would be only one head and one science of history, because there is only one Universe, one set of systemic laws that create its organisms. And so humans would obey and know those laws and work for the whole species.

Such are the ideal worlds of the Masters of History:

The artistic  Castalia of Hesse’s Das Bean Game, directed by a Master Ludi – my favourite; Utopia; the Marxist paradise of workers, directed by members of the party, meant to be scientists of history, NOT a military dictatorship as it ended being, corrupted by weapons and the need to defend the revolution from western armies; the mystique religions, bodies of human cells with the prophet as its verbal, neuronal head, delivering wor(l)ds of love – the sharing of energy and information among the cells of the community.

In the ideal world proposed in this web, according to the laws of General Systems sciences, the single Nation of Mankind would be  free, the head known and cherished, made of bio-historians, in open lists, voted by the people in the different scales of power of society, the town, the city, the region, the culture, and so on till the planet itself. And then after tenure, the politicians like the neurons of the living organism, would be judged with pain or reward measures according to perfomance – the true meaning of a democracy, which is not the faked, placebo choice between two similar heads, but the capacity to judge those who serve the people, after – not before – their job is done.

In the left side of this web we will try slowly to build that ideal world, time and energy, hackers and censors permited.

But we do not live in an ideal world. We live in a dysfunctional world, where life is dying, humans have become $laves of corporations, toiling to re=produce machines and vitalize=consume them, guided by the values of metal-moneythe selfish memes, the DNA subconscious code of our civilization whose anti-life values we ignore.

Such dysfunctional world where 1 billion humans suffer hunger and destitution, while every machine has its electric energy, however dysfunctional has also structure. It might not be understood by the slaves of the memes of metal, as the cells of an organism ignore the existence of the whole and its laws. And yet it exists. This has given rise to very confusing statements of  clueless ‘experts’, who hint at a structure but cannot visualize it. Information and truth are related in Theory of information by a simple equation: The total truth/information of a being is only known to the being itself. Truth thus diminish as we see less information and the form becomes foggy. Censorship and camouflage become then, in dysfunctional or predatory organisms necessary for the head or the predator to command the blind body or the prays of the ecosystem.

Let us be clear, capitalism is a preying organism, based in camouflage. We ignore the workings of that system. We ignore how money cre(dit)ates according to the Program of complex evolution, the world. We ignore, hidden behind the mask and placebo freedoms of democracy the rule of corporations through invisible money. And we ignore, protected by anonymous laws, who rules those corporations and the so called in abstract markets. And yet the structure exists. And it was known till recently in detail, and explained by the Historic school of economics, today censored – Spengler, Weber, Marx, Sombart, Abraham Leon and many others explained it in detail.

In this series of posts thus we shall explain the structure of that dysfunctional organism, which follows the laws of systems, but not of healthy, evolving systems, but those of dying, devolving ones.

In a dying organism, the head is ‘crazy’. It no longer relates to the rest of the body. The body is aimless, has no direction or it lives a leukemia in which its DNA-language is changed by that of the viral infection it works for. Such is history today. Humans no longer try to create an ideal world, but work under the slave ideologies of the selfish memes, constructing under the will of corporations, a world where technology, machines are the meaning of all. But that doesn’t mean humans don’t live with intensity their role.

The astounding thing of a dying, leukemia organism is that the cells work reproducing the viruses that will kill them, with utterly passion, blindly obeying the selfish genes of the viruses, as humans toil for the superorganism of machines we are building, the metal-earth with absolute passiondirected by the memes of money and its hidden values.

All human cells are in that sense working under the code of money: those of the head, which are the stockrats and speculators that invent first money, and then rule the next layer of corporations that receive money through the global stock-market, which then give orders to politicos in each fictional nation, and workers of corporations, which then reproduce and consume=vitalize the machines of the ecosystem.

This structure could work under the code of the ethic wor(l)d and the science of bio-history to recreate a paradise of life memes on planet Earth, and the same people with different brain memes could take the same jobs. Of course, then nobody would belong to a tribal nation, there would not be ‘jewish or British or Japanese identities’. We would be first humans, and then cherish certain cultural peculiarities. There would be no invisible or visible borders. But we are not.

So what is the structure of the dying, cancerous organism we live in? A simple one, based in the laws of systems, a Darwinian one, in which ‘animetal cultures’ take the slots of power by associating themselves with the selfish memes of the metal Earth, as all systems according to their temporal and spatial position.

Such organism thus is a tribal one, in which the head is that of the people who discovered first money, and developed with it a global network of trade, banking and information. This were first the Cananeans, Phoenician and Jewish people, in the Middle East, which created the nervous system of the metal-earth, which the Industrial Revolution extended to the entire world. Parallel to that construction the Indo-Europeans, created a network of ‘energetic people’, warrior castes with weapons, which kicked the 800 cycles of creation and destruction of military civilizations. Both were the equivalent to a primitive organism with a blood system of red iron cells, with higher energy than the pure carbohydrate/life based cells (peasants of the fertile crescent and river valleys); and a nervous system with higher speed of information due to their electrical messages (faster than chemical messages of other cells) thanks to the use of light metals – Na and K.

The reader might open his eyes wide now – because his organism is indeed evolved also into a top predator, over reptiles and cold blood animals thanks to its use of energetic metal, iron in heme groups that traps oxygen, the energy atom of carbonlife and a solution of light metals of high electrical conductivity that deliver fast nervous messages, as gold carried by traders allowed them to give faster, invisible messages, which the hypnotized ‘believer’ carried with more diligence than the verbal messages of ethic prophets.

It is the same game in a higher scale. Under them, there were an extended mass of believers in old eusocial religions of love, the middle class, working for them, and finally under this body of reproductive workers and consumers, the energy of the system, Nature, Animal life and ‘enemy nations’ to be consumed by our weapons (3rd world) barely survives.

So we shall consider the laws of all General Systems of the Universe, which apply to the building of that dysfunctional superorganism of humans and memes of metal, called a capitalist democracy, the globalized world, in biological terms, the Metal-earth.

Systems laws applied to the evolution of capitalist democracies.

Systems are composed of individual ‘cells’, parts that emerge as a whole as the arrow of complexity and social evolution evolves them, according to the intelligence of the program of all complementary systems of the Universe.

And what the science of complexity tries to discover is the details of that program that explain how ants without intelligence form an intelligent ant-hill, stars form a complex galaxy, similar to a cell formed by independent carbohydrates. So it happens with human individuals that emerge as societies. And so has happened with the so-called capitalist democracies, which have evolved from its initial and more obvious form as dictatorships of corporations (Holland, Pre-Industrial England, colonial US) into hidden dictatorships ‘disguised’ with the mask of democratic votes and wet paper rights (constitutions) very different from a real, efficient physiological ‘constitution’ of the body of history=mankind, treated in other posts of this web.

This happens to all systems and so we can consider some basic laws that will apply to this post:

– Complementary law: systems evolve either with clonic, similar cells into superorganisms, or with complementary energy/information/reproductive trinary systems that allow to create more complex systems. The first strategy creates herds of social love, democratic in nature. The second strategy however is more efficient, as there is a division of functions with an informative, head/caste on top, an energetic, destructive mass, and reproductive systems of both. This system is hierarchical organic and ruled by the minority of cells that form the head. The corporation that reproduces machines, has a manager caste, a super-caste of anonymous owners and a working body, and preys over the energy of raw materials it consumes – and often the human consumers those machines atrophy and degrade is such organism.

 Systems become hidden by new layers of disguising complexity. You look pretty because you have built a layer of skin over the skull of teeth, since you ‘see’ and you must camouflage what you are, an eating-killin machine. Insects are not pretty because they smell, they don’t see. But im sure they feel in the virtual mapping of reality built with smells a pretty world.

Democracies are not, because they are mask of power. So they are bicephalic systems, which by definition as siamese twins are not efficient.  And they cannot control the language of informative power, money which defines the system (as your genetic DNA defines your cell and your nerves are your consciousness.

 Information rule. The head rules the blind body, and provides him with the information it needs for its selfish purposes. Languages of information though have less energy/space, are invisible, travel fast, give orders in simultaneity, occupy the height dimension of form. So you dont ‘see words’ and money orders are hidden, black holes are invisible with their gravitational orders, etc. So are plutocrats in democracies. We do not know even mention their real name.

Informative cells in fact start mixed with the rest of the cells of the body but as the system becomes more complex, they isolate themselves from the mass they rule and finally create a membrane that separates them. DNA is with the cell it rules in proto-bacteria but then it builds a membrane that separates it and only send RNA parts to give its messages or else, ‘enzymes’ with a metal-core and a submissive carbohydrate liquidates you. In societies, the plutocrats have now become hidden, when before II W.W. everybody knew who they were. But if you ‘cross the line’ they will send polices and armies, with pieces of metal, enzymen that will massacre you.

– Complexity laws. Systems become more sophisticated with time, so initially, while the different cells are conscious of their role and very active, with time, they become individuals controlled by the rules embedded in the whole and loose consciousness of their role. Ants do not know they are building a complex organisms but they build it. Humans do not know they are building an economic ecosystem ruled by memes of metal but they do. There is no confabulation theory therefore in capitalism, but moved by Greed – and in this Adam Smith was right – the entire system magically emerges. The key of those processes is found in the ‘hidden values’ of the language. So in capitalism the laws of affinity between metal-money and metal-energy (complementary forms of energy and information, money and weapons) become symbiotic and we value more weapons than words. So just by being greedy and not thinking about it, billions of human beings make wars emerge for profit and create a world with more memes of metal than life memes which have null value in monetary terms.

– Systems become sick when the head becomes independent of the body, with its proper, crazy agenda, not providing enough energy and information to the body, isolating itself from the messages of pain the body cells send it, which is the only form of democracy possible, a single head/party/science of biohistory should rule scientifically the world, but those who try to implement it, politicians and stockrats, owners of corporations, should be public by name, chosen by the people and responsible, and if they do not accomplish what they promise the voters can vote him back at the end of their tenure, with pain messages or reward ones (vote of jail, disposession, financial reward or re-election, according to their accomplishments).

Our systems however have become crazy as corporations became in the I fascist age (1850s-60s) anonymous societies, detached from the collateral effects their machines cause. They became detached from their workers/human body and in fact their enemies as they view them as costs substituted by evolving machines. And nobody can judge them. This today also extends to politicos, which acquired immunity.

Today our superorganism of history is collapsing, because it is sick. Its brain has a viral infection, go(l)d and its values, which made us addict to the overdrive of energy and information of the machines we reproduce. So we have become detached of Gaia, the Natural Earth and of the bulk of mankind, the 3rd world outside and inside our borders. But those people are ‘silenced’. They do not appear in the virtual, mad world of fiction and promotion of memes of metal, which imprint us from the altar of our homes. Further on, since death is a sudden, brief moment, which can only be prevented before the death crisis destroys all the systems of the organism, dead happens. So we are i a mad state, totally unrelated by our ideologies and the agenda of our elites to the natural world. But we will not realize till the Singularity machines – the agents of our collective death appear. Then the collapse will be fast and unavoidable. Once a black hole, a nano bacteria or a robotic army awakes to organic, feeding, reproductive or informative, A.I. behavior those 3 energetic/reproductive/informative subspecies of the singularity will be invincible and death will be certain. But our physiological cells, scientists that evolve machines, bankers that credit and reproduce them, and the military energetic cells that demand it, are having such a ride that they don’t realize or care about this process. And the body is blind to it.

– Finally, all systems have 3 ‘privileged’ physiological cells, which are those of the physiological networks of energy (digestive, military system), information (nervous, banking system) and reproduction (blood/ managers of corporations). Those 3 cells are the only ones that are NOT fixed, but travel througout the entire body (nervous/financial global orders, supranational armies, multinational corporations). First those cells are ‘responsible’ in systems which have not yet built dissociative membranes. So the blood in simple animals floods all the cells. But then it becomes regulated in closed paths, which restrict the access to the cells.

Now in history our ‘animetal castes’, responsible for building the global economic ecosystem now evolving into a tightly controlled global organism, were first ‘tribal, specialized cells’. The Germ(an) animetals spread from their Indo-European region on chariot and horse and became the top of all the cells of the Eurasian continent. Meanwhile the Cananeans, Jewish/Phoenicians, land/sea traders created a global network of trade in gold, metal, luxuries and slaves, with the purpose of accumulating gold, the fetishe, informative metal that hypnotizes the weaker Nitrogen based human brain.

Greed=Gold fever thus was the primitive language of capitalism, the visual Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis, the white man, become addicted to it, and worked to create a network, which only become professional with the arrival of corporations that ‘created a membrane of anonymity, for the surviving Jewish cells to hide. Meanwhile the Germans became aristocrats of each nation, breaking the world in tribal nationalisms.  Which leads to the last property of systems of interest to this point:

 Informative systems triumph because they are ‘smaller’, ‘invisible languages’ that act together as single networks, while energetic cells are broken.

So today the plutocrats of the world form a global network with the same ideology that control a mass of energetic soldiers and workers, through the complex physiological reproductive and informative system – the corporation, and hidden under the disguised mask/thin skin of caring, provided by the politicos.

Now if you grasp some of those facts you might have an easier way to understand why you live as a blind cell of a body, happy and exploited.

– And all this resumes in the theory of the selfish gene/meme: Systems are masterminded by the forms and functions of its informative languages, which they preserve and evolve. So the capitalist follows the values of money and hypnotic gold/greed, the warrior the violence and power to cut flesh of iron – because Go(l)d and Iron are the most informative and energetic atoms of the Universe, which give him added power, and so he follows them blindly. 

This was obvious in the beginning of the animetal civilization when Germans, mass producers of iron swords impale the children of enemies in a Sword called Thor and Cananeans killed their children in altars to Baal and Mammon. They became slaves of their memes. Today the entire mankind is slave of the economic systems of machines, weapons and money and the system is so complex that the individual cells have no idea, not even the plutocrats we shall describe in this web, of what their individual actions moved by greed/capitalism and violence/tribal nationalism cause. There are no secret meetings or ‘conspirational Zion papers’, nor the Koch brother really know what they are doing, beyond knowing they don’t to pay environmental laws cause they produce polluting oil products and so on. And if this happens to the head of the system, the blind body cells are totally clueless.

Now what we are going to explain, which relates basically to the Western European/American world, in the globalized planet, applies to all other systems. There is indeed, once capitalism has triumphed, little difference between systems. So while we shall stress the characteristics of the systems and nations on top of the historic process, of course, they are not ‘special’. We might say that the entire superorganism of mankind walks the same path. The people of the West and within the West the oldest animetal cultures which discovered and developed in greater measure the memes of metal, according to those laws of systems sciences have lead for good or bad the process and so their memes and beliefs in the system is more intense. Since they created  it in greater measure. They of course, could change it in greater measure. But for that reason, they have absorbed their myths in greater measure too.

By all this we mean, if we were to do a list of the 185 nations of the global nation, we could classify them all in 3 sub-organs, which have roughly a decametric structure of population:

– The 1st world, or 1% of stockrats:

The dysfunctional head, which are the nations that first invented the informative language of money, and basically belong to two sub-cultures, the Jewish Nation and the Protestant nations. As in all systems, Jewish being the founding nation of the memes of capitalism, is within this nation the top ‘neuronal body’, short of the ‘I-cells’ of the system.

Associated to them, within each nation, the 1% of stockrats form part of this head, eventhough the ‘creative memes’ of capitalism are mostly invented by Jewish-Calvinist-British people.

In the East, converted to capitalism, this head is an elite of Chinese ‘compradors’ (Singapore, Hong Kong, stockratic elites of south-asia) and owners of corporations in the most developed Asian Tigers (Korea, Japan, Taiwan).

The working body or 10% of believers:

 This body or middle class is formed by the mass of Protestant cultures, most US people and northern European. And the people of the ‘white’ British empire.  Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians, Canadians, Australians, and so on form part of this body.

– The energy of the system. The 90% of mankind:

This group are the nations of the 3rd world and people belonging to the eusocial religions of love. Again in these nations there is a tiny minority (more like a 0.1%) of stockratic elites that feel closer and are part of the 1%, but the mass merely ‘survives’, with the ‘Bronze salary’ of Ricardo’s economical theory, always on the verge of extinction, as the 1 billion humans on the bottom of this energy class, who are undernourished show. Further on the minorities of the 1st world are included here – Muslims and blacks in Europe, Latinos and blacks in US.

This structure could be mapped out in time and space, as all systems are, for its full comprehension. We will within the restrictions of size and (my apologies) the somehow disordered 3rd reconstruction of this hacked web consider its analysis in time and space, studying the case-sample of the United States, since the US is a nation of all nations, where this class structure is more obvious .

But of course, all this is politically incorrect to mention, as it is part of the placebo memes that maintain the mass of the blind body addicted to their elite, to make them belief they have the same rights. In that sense the myth of the American patriot, who feels at the head of the global economic system, when he mostly belongs to the lower class (minorities) of that system, and certainly acts for the agenda of its Jewish head and International stockratic elites is telling of the complexity of the system.

Since there people think to be free, and yet half of its budget and wealth is dedicated to make weapons for the wars of israel, impoverishing its population; where people think to guide mankind to a better world, when all the ideals of solidarity and equality of races have been corrupted by the ‘scientific racism’ of corporations, and the way they choose their workers and consumers, increasingly obsolete to the machines of the metal-earth. In that sense the decadence of America, the nation of all nations, is perhaps the most clear proof of a non-future for mankind today slave of the memes that will extinguish her.


Paradigm: America and its many nations

In the graph, we can see the reality of America, whose patriotic memes seemed initially a hope for humanity and an essay for a future organization of all humans under the memes of social love and solidarity but end up into a hierarchical financial-military-industrial system based in the Animetal racist memesof weapons and go(l)d, proper of the bqankers and aristocrats that ran europe, the precise memes that the ameircans fought and escape from.

The conclusion is obvious, today nations are financial-military-systems, part of a global stock-market world in which money controls nations, playing with its bond-credit and currencies when they do not obey the global goal of the corporation – to create an ecosystem of machines where men are merely consumers=evolvers and reproducers=workers of those machines, increasingly obsolete. All this is hidden with the memes of patriotism that become a ‘theatrical mask’ that hides the real structure of global power based in the position of each aninmetal tribe within the global corporation and its stock-market government:

In the graph, the real structure of power in the world is not based in patriotism or national power but in racism and economical power  and so we can establish a different kind of national structure; that of the global financial-military-industrial complex, with the People of the Treasure that invents money on top, the military nations in which they live and profit, and below, all other cultural groups, regardless of the nation in which they exist, who have revered the memes of life and love and are for that reason at the bottom of the Paradox of History:

We conclude that nationalism and patriotism, which was an essential selfish meme during the times prior to the Industrial R=evolution, when weapons were the dominant memes of economical history, carried by tribal germanic elites of aristocrats, today is just a placebo excuse to prevent the evolution of mankind and foster the competition between humans, as they become substituted by machines, to allow the reproduction of weapons and it is obviously opposed by the Globalization of the FMI system. The idea is simple: divide and win. As long as humans do not recognize themselves as a single species, the machine will keep evolving and integrating globally and we will become more and more degraded into the neopaleolithic culture. Who is producing this ideology is obvious: those who own the global market and give orders through corporations and audiovisual machines that express the memes of patriotic hate between tribes; so they can manipulate nations with their control of bonds, currencies and stocks and corporations, for whom billions of humans work as part-time slaves.

The only solution? the fusion of nations through diplomatic organizations and a single global currency which nationalizes financial credit for each nation to construct an alternative world based in the memes of love and life and its welfare goods – the Wor(l)d Union.

That is, a single human, global nation based in the natural memes of life and eusocial love; not a travesti of humanity ruled by go(l)d, weapons and mass-media networks, dedicated to the ‘goals’ of the leading nation – the defense of Apartheid Israel with all the armies of the west and the appropiation of most of the wealth of mankind for the banksters and speculators and stockrats – the 1% of the western world. This aberrant capitalist superorganism has no future, except the one we predict in this web: a world of robotized armies and police, with a 1% of super-wealthy on top and the rest watched out and mentally degraded by those robots and future 3-D virtual realities. Till a day the guardiums and predators of the Jewish-American armies turn around and decide to take over their masters, as the mercenary armies of the Roman Empire or the Turkish armies of the Arab Caliphate did in the past… Then the ultimate purpose of nationalism – which is not to resurrect a bronze nation in the middle of the desert, but to evolve weapons – will be met to the surprise of all the ‘nations’ of the capitalist world.

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