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12 Dec. 2012  Mr. Bernanke reaches new heights of cynicism.

Fed will maintain the interest bankers pay for borrowing money at 0%  – that is, it will give them even more money for free, till the unemployment rate goes down 6 %. 

Newspeak translation: The unemployment crisis is due to the classic capitalist crisis of overproduction of machines – in this case the last Kondratieff wave of chips – blue collar robots and white collar pcs. But this theme will not be discussed, nor the unemployed will have access to money to pay their bills. Instead the Fed – the inverse Robin Hood – robs money from the people to give it to the bankers and with a cynical twist lies out of its hat, implying that giving for free money to bankers will be a cure for the unemployed.  The cynicism here is astounding.

We shall take it all from the people and give it to the 1% because that is good for them; it will solve the problems of the poor and unemployed

1o Dec. 2012. First warning against robotics by a Nobel Prize of Economics.

Mr. Krugman, the only Nobel prize economist who has some interest for ‘humanity’, of those with a pulpit of certain exposure (New York Times) and a Keynesian, wrote an article – the first I have read in which the core of the matter – the destruction of labor by robotics, is considered:


Amazing, isn’t? It has taken 20 years since we wrote ‘the extinction of man’ on the theme of robotics and our future competition with them in labor and war fields, to an economist of the ‘establishment’ to recognize that there is a problem. He even quotes Ricardo and Marx… I doubt though anyone will notice. And of course, the main cause of this crisis, “Overproduction’ of chips, machines that print e-money, become white collar pcs and blue collar robots that eliminate us of labor and war places is still an ‘ignoramus’… after all it was Marx who explained just 150 years ago…

The immediate effect of the Robotic R=evolution – the final Kondratieff cycle of evolution of machines is of course the direct competition between human labor and robotic machines that are lowering the cost of human labor to the iron/bronze salary of Ricardo – which Mr. Krugman, still a ‘moderate’ of the establishment fails to explain.

Indeed, what Mr. Ricardo, a jewish stock-broker said and approved as it ‘would increase the profits of corporations’ (and hence its profits in the stock-market), was that humans would always pay for a salary equal to the cost of making the same work by a machine, as long as it allowed them to eat, and that at certain time in the future, even that ‘iron salary’ of subsistence could be jeopardized by new machines – and that time has come with the robotic revolution. So salaries are going down and in China, where the competition with robots is more clear, people are committing suicide in foxconn apple factories, as they cannot even earn the subsistence salary:


In the graph, we can see the main thesis defended by this writer for 20 years, since his publication of ‘the extinction of man’, c. 94, which predicted the last and final kondratieff cycle of the industrial r=evolution, after the ‘crash of 2008’: the robotic age. And indeed, the graphic taken from the economist shows how real wages are now going under the 0 negative growth in all nations, since the robotic r=evolution can potentially eliminate all jobs. The fact that this issue is totally ignored by corporations and their politico quislings show to which degree we live indeed, in ‘Free market democracies’, where the only free citizens are the legal citizens of markets – corporations, not human beings. But the monopoly of the capitalist ideology among economists that profit from it, the ‘experts’ whose task is eliminate a billion surplus of human beings hides the facts. While bankers like Mr. Steinbruck, our next ‘news’ become the ‘candidates’ of the people.

Can you imagine our politicos considering actually a real argument on the most important issue for the future of mankind – the robotic r=evolution? Of course not…

And yet that is what they should be talking about – what to do with the increasing evolution and obsolescence of humanity to the last industrial r=evolution, whose astounding speed will be similar to that of the cars of the XX century. Within a few decades there will be military A.I. and no blue collar or secretarial workers left.

20 years ago I wrote the first book on the XXI century wave of robotics and the extinction of man. 172 publishers rejected it. So I published and sent it to every nobel prize economist etc.

With time I understood to despise the mind of man and his ethics and ideologies – hence the ‘memetic section’ of this web. We live in a society in which an ideology that was first a religion of go(l)d temples (Judaism and his modern version Calvinism, as per sombart and weber) and considered gold the language of god, which 11 slave tribes brought with slave and luxury and weapons trade (the apiru, those who ‘walk behind the asses’ as they used mules for military transports). This was the bronze age and humans were beasts of humans. Then there was some hope with the arrival of Aristotle, the coin, greek logic and the law. For a few centuries we humans seemed to be able to control the historic process with reason. Money became ‘nomisma’, law and as law it went hand in hand with verbal laws to give orders to the humankind and build a better world.

Logic and the laws of eusocial evolution influenced the old gold temple people and Jesus reformed them. All seemed possible, evolution and progress – man on top of the game. But then the germ*ans came. And they had this Homo Neanderthal mentality of visual hypnotism of gold, proper of the Semites and the same strong energy. So they became symbiotic and destroyed the logic, love religion of the Christian-Roman empire. And through the middle dark ages, both ruled supreme. The renaissance though gave hope again to a logic/love/artistic civilization in the World and it infused the likes of Shakespeare, converted the Franks to reason and made inroads in Germany – to not avail.

When the bible was translated, the money of the jewish people paid the re-conversion to primitive bronze age memes of the Germanic northerners. 1 million hebrew bibles were printed and sent to England and we lost the British to the primitive bronze ideologies, in which money as gold, greed and brutal treatment of humans, selfishness and materialism reigns supreme. Capitalism was born and now what was a temple-gold religion of a few, became the ideology of the majority of germanic and semitic people. And those who seeked reason, enlightenment, logic and the use of fiat money as law to build a better world became increasingly reduced to nothing.

The gold of America further conquered the ‘mind of the conquerors’, who became as brutal as the Northerners. Italy was destroyed by Spanish and germanic troops, and Europe now just a huge enterprise of slavery invaded the world. Corporations, company mothers of gunboat-machines established human slavery to gold as the rule of work.


All this further on was disguised by a new race of intellectuals to the service of money. People like Adam Smith, paid by the Scottish founders of the financial industry to deny ‘fiat money’ and money as law. He defined money in fact even in a more regressive form – not as coins but as ‘gold weight’ – a concept proper of the bronze age. And so we returned to money as a religion as in earlier Judaism and Phoenician cults. Machines evolved and this disguised the brutality of our ideologies. The French Revolution  – a new spark of logic and love – was crushed by Napoleon’s military spoils and the British empire. The Russian revolution died to the hands of Stalin and Hitler. Then the people of weapons – the germans – and the people of money – the jewish, both with a primitive outlook on the future of history fought each other.

The Germans killed the innocent Jewish peasants of the East but the financial elite of Judaism – the oldest plutocracy in the world, won the day. And so it imposed after the second world war a similar version to that of the XIX century capitalism, far more refined. Now the hypocritical double talk that Orwell so well relates became the rule. The Jewish-calvinist biblical supremacists elite of owners of corporations on top of power in America, the new Babylon predated over the world but nothing could be said. The mere mention of their existence as an elite became taboo.

In Europe as we had suffered from their wars and holocausts, we founded a final renaissance of money as fiat, information language to rule the world and we built a welfare state. But it was a small drop of rationality and true caring, real democracy in the middle of a planet destroyed by greed and murder, gold and weapons and the incapacity of those primitive ideologies to control it. And then the wall felt and the alternative socialist and communist dictatorships that maintained the western corporations and their elites of robber barons checked in their harsh policies towards mankind no longer restrained them.

The neocons came, fiat money became electronic money but no longer in the hands of the states, but the private biblical supremacists with their bronze age ideas, which would expand them, now of course as ‘experts’ with powerpoints, complex mathematical equations of productivity – but the same message: humans are dirt, and we can dispose of them with weapons and hunger salaries because we control the institutions of power, the corporation, the financial markets, the politicians and the media.

Neocons astoundingly enough, as media degraded the mind of man into a selfish, visual neo-paleolithic won the day. Of course, it was still forbidden to talk of the elite, who were, how they had arrived to power. The elite was no longer the politicians that cared and represented the people. The American love and social revolution died and the Kennedy brothers who represented the ‘other civilized’ culture were murdered. And then the European south, astoundingly enough gave up their rights to print nomisma, legal money to give orders of creation of the welfare state to the Germans – the people who had destroyed them, and the Jewish/Calvinist bankers of wall street and london, who controlled the euromarkets.

We the right humane civilization self-destroy ourselves, convinced by a bunch of smart predators disguised as victims, who came in took our money destroyed our democracies and now are busy-busy selling to masses of brutalized, neopaleolithic, audiovisually imprinted masses their own self destruction – and they cheer up.

This is now the ‘new normal’, the supreme evil of politicos corrupted by corporations who sell the destruction of labor by ‘more productive robots’, the eternal wars against the poor ‘the new primitive Islam’, absolute selfishness and hate.

And on top, masterminded this culture their inventors, the elite of ‘banker priests’ of Israel – not their people, their scapegoats, but the ‘neurons’ of the system who create the ideologies of information of the western world, but are not even to be mentioned. This is the background of the news: the socialist party of germany has chosen, one of them, the heir of the deutsche bank empire to represent their workers. And the germ*an brutalized ever so selfish people feel right, because they are in turn brutalized the rest of europe to which they deny the right to print money and create the welfare state. This is the world today about which I had warned for 20 years with zero distribution of my books and censorship because i have never, will never trade the truth for shallow political correctness, for newspeaks, for false caring and false victims, because the real victims are and will be always the ‘lower classes’ and indeed social classes exist in all systems, of the world, the poor jewish like my Sephardi grand father who visited the camps and saw no bankers, like the Palestinians who have nothing but a few olives that are rooted out, like the Africans who suffered the slave trade, like the billions now soon to be unemployed by the wave of robotics that merely will fatten a few million more the astounding fortunes of those who own corporations.

But and that has defeated me always – the sheeple, the mass of that other civilization, the germanic people of England and US and Germany, the jewish of Israel – they are fine as long as there is an even lower level of suffering – the Irish for the english during the XIX century, the Latinos and blacks for the AMericans, the Palestinians for the Israelis, the Southern Greeks and Spaniards for the neo-nazi germans, and their ‘new leaders’, which are the news today.


From an email to a friend. The 2015 crash of the dollar and the end of the American Weimar.

The dance starts in 2015, of course, when the Yuan takes over the dollar and the dollar crashes ‘deutsche mark style’. Let us remember those steps of history from a letter sent in protest to an international association of science that has denounced me for ‘anti$emitisim. In the letter I explain my friend that My anti$emitism like that of Marx or Jesus tried to save the Jewish people of their elite of banker-priests and mankind of the poverty to which we are condemned, to not avail…

“I know my affirmation that America will end its Weimar republic around 2016 entering an age of neofascism and probable pogroms might seem lunatic to you and end our relationship, but trust me…
i studied 13 self-similar cycles since the egyptian times when Joseph the banker of the pharaoh speculated with wheat in years of famine…
next all crossing the Sinai… innocents and bankers…
Because the key to solve all this is to differentiate social classes and  humans from the true question who should ‘issue’ money…
sovereign nations or private individuals.
And that is not done… There is absolute censorship on the theme and when someone publishes as it was my case, in the conference I gave at the University of Waterloo, you get censored by the “Jewish inquisition” – that paper is now erased from google scholar.

But that astounding short-sightedness of not discussing financial power and differentiate the elite of Judaism from its lower middle classes is the essence of this problem, as it allows the elite to camouflage among the poor who suffer the consequences. 

People should understand that in all systems there are social classes – another taboo that enhances camouflage. So it is not the same an aristocrat than a peasant; a banker than a pedler.

This fact – today also censored – is essential to understand my position. Since all social organisms in the Universe have 2 classes – the informative class that ‘informs’ the body-cells of energy:
– Neurons that control energy cells in organisms.
– Black holes that position stars in galaxies…
– DNA that gives genetic orders in cells and so on.
– The elite that controls the language of social power – aristocrats with use of weapons in kingdoms and dictatorships.
– Bankers that issue money in plutocracies.
– Politicos that issue laws in democracies.

So always my critique of this essential western plutocratic system is only a critique of the ‘minority’ elite of Levy banker-priests (my ancestors, their history, the lluis, levis, Cohens that are destroying with their capitalist ideologies the future of mankind, and all those who imitate them all over the world.

To state that my intentions were always good… i always thought the humankind could survive if a few ideologies and castes were topped… and of the opinion of Orwell, my XX c. british fav ‘a good writer is one that says what nobody wants to hear’ and ‘there is only around 1000 families here in england that are causing all the tragedies of the british empire; the rest are good people and the amazing thing is they keep going on without opposition’..

They in fact made historically the other 11 tribes their ‘slaves’… and what i find surrealist is that they defend them.

But there is no confabulation theory. They do exist.

Indeed, they are not a minority but a monopoly. They are the 1% elite of Judaism, itself 0.2% of mankind.  Thus they are the 0.002%:

– But they are the 52% of the wealthiest 1% of Americans
– The 80% of Hollywood producers, here (and unfortunately very few left on the left)
– The 70% of CFOs of the Fortune 500
– The 80% of Wall Street sites and Hedge funds CEOs
And at the time I wrote that paper, now erased, they were the 100% of Central Bankers in the west. Quoting from it:

Mervyn King- Governor, Bank of England; Jean-Pierre Roth – Chairman, Governing Board, Swiss National Bank; Jean-Claude Trichet- President, European Central Bank; Mark Carney – Governor, Bank of Canada; Benjamin Bernanke – Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Donald Kohn- Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Robert B. Zoellick – President, The World Bank; Dominique Strauss-Kahn- Managing Director, International Monetary Fund; John Lipsky- First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, occupy the 9 most important public positions of Banks in the West – and they are all Jewish…

I think now there is one or two who are not ‘minority’


I wouldn’t exactly call such group a minority but a monopoly on the language of social power of the west, wich is killing our democracy and reverting us to the wild 30s, with the obvious ‘future consequences’.
And the sad thing is that the 11 ‘slave tribes’ who suffer as scapegoats for them, still defend them – it is surrealist, like spanish peasants defending aristocrats.

That economical power,  of course now translates in political control of the top european politicians and both parties (so in Aemrica) which are now all capitalists: Cameron and their ‘alternatives’ Millibrand brothers

Sarkozy and their alternative Moscovici/Hollande

Angela (mother jewish-polish, father converso) and his alternative, the heir of the Deutsch bank dynasty, Steinbruk.

What I have denounced for a decade, aware that I was going to ruin my career, but as a moral Kantian imperative is their ‘talmudian’ policies of harsh capitalism against mankind, embedded in their go(l)d ideologies that will end up making us Palestinians and destroying social democracies and welfare states – as Marx did, as Jesus did, as all their good prophets did –  and of course it has happened creating the 30s again and of course the cycle ends with the rise of military and a genocide of the 11 tribes while we, the levis move the next country, here in America that will be the tea party and all the wealthy i know have home in Australia.

This is what only unfortunately today a few understand in this community. In the 60s most understood and that is why they became hippies and reached one of his peaks – always after a holocaust unfortunately, of ethic behavior. As it happened after the Roman holocaust when they became Christians, or the Pogroms of the XIX century when they became Marxists, or in Spain after the XIV century pogroms when they merged with the people.

Unfortunately today this is not happening. The rise of talmudian neofascism in Israel and the wrong sense of nationalism mixed with religion there, ended this needed conversion. And that is why this cycle is going to repeat, because people like our friend, who denounced me and erased those papers, are too dumb to realize social castes exist and is not the same an aristocrat than a peasant, a peddler than a banker, a priest than a believer. 

So people here in America are very angry but they only know ‘they’ – all classes put together in the same bag – are the ‘bankers’ and hate might explode against the weaker, their poor…
Right now here is really boiling… but those on top don’t realize… Or rather frankly they don’t care. You think in WS they care about their poor? They just pretend… It is a dog-eat-dog society.

The key to the incoming tragedy for all of us, will be the 3rd crash  of overproduction of money – the currency crash… And that is coming in 2015

Of course, again this is also censored – the real cause of the crisis is NOT the detail, mortgage overproduction but the OVERPRODUCTION OF MACHINES
THAT PRINT MONEY. as it was in the 30s, OVERPRODUCTION OF TIKER MONEY and in the 1860s, overproduction OF STOCK-PAPER:
And in the 3 series there are 3 overproduction crashes because when you invent/print fiat money with no limit with a new printing machine, WHICH IS THE REAL CAUSE, computers inventing money…electric ticker inventing it in the 1929; prints inventing stocks paper for trains in the XIX – then
YOU HAVE A LOT OF FIAT MONEY. what to do with it?
then you have to change it for ‘real assets’ and there are only 3 assets
to change for so much fiat worthless money – stocks, real state and currency… so you have 3 short crashes of printing money:

– 1857 – – 1865 – 1873 > ended in colonial wars  &- massive pogroms
+ 72 years
1922 – overproduction crash of deutsche mark – 1929 – of stocks – 19 37 – of real state -> fascism, war and holocaust
2001 – overproduction crash of stocks – 2008 – of real state – 2015 – of euro and dollar -> neofascism (in America) war and pogroms

This now is unavoidable, as the Yuan will take over and crash the dollar, as the dollar took over in 1920s and crashed the mark.
Then here in America the Tea party changes sides as it did in Germany – bankers first paid hitler to crash socialism as tea party is now paid by them.’

So that was the letter. And time will show the tremendous predictive power of biological economics, when unfortunately what matters of this science is its tremendous capacity to solve such problems if humans cared.

May – 2o12. Corporations impose in Europe productivity at all costs.

Miss Angela Merkel, the new ‘beloved’ Hitler of the European Empire she runs with the Euro – no need for weapons to take over, in this new cycle of Neofascism – has also given us two details that prompted me to send a twitter that gives title to this news, Qaddafi=Franco, Merkel=Hitler.

Indeed, of course, Hitler was the most popular and respected politician of the 30s in Europe, the new leader to which all from Chamberlain to Franco looked upon. Now, she has declared that Germany does not want to intervene in favor of the Libyan democrats, the rebels, the insurgents that mus be crushed, soall other Arabs know what it takes to dethrone a dictator loved by the West.

She has opened the global market for weapons. Every African dictator, every Arab kingdom shall now pile up all the cheap weapons the West can’t use for high-tech wars but are so useful to kill citizens. Qaddafi has Russian T-54 tanks – the ones we blew up in Dessert Storm I. And yet we don’t want to do it. But she has done something even worse for the future of labor in Europe.She has tampered again withe the economics of the whole continent. The German elephant is all over the place, once more, dictating the weapons of mass destruction of the future (the LHC), the politics of fascism (Libya) and the oppression of the worker. Let us recap, from another article published elsewhere:

The German, right-wing government is lead by a white matter physicist, Miss Angela Merkel, whose intelligence and knowledge of the  issues was shown in her blunders with the Euro crisis. She, single-handled, was almost able to destroy the Euro with her attack to Greece that the market picked up. The tab, we know, hundreds of billions of $. Did she fall; no, of course, she was re-elected and now it has imposed the law of productivity to all Europeans. This is as fascinating as the newspeak of the god’s particle: productivity = capital in machines/labor. So increases in productivity substitute human labor formachines and in the age of white collar Pcs and blue collar robots, it is causing a massive global wave of unemployment.

Equations don’t lie: infinite Productivity = capital/ 0 labor.

So we should forbid robots instead of making them in increasing numbers. Not, so according to the Germans that manufacture them: they will lend us their euros if we tie our salaries and expenses to increases of Productivity. The goal is clear: an elite of billionaires, the people attached to machines and a 3rd world of unemployed, attached to 3D virtual reality. And nobody dares to stop the process because corporations and the bankers that credit them know that a robot is cheaper than a human workers, and so Productivity increases the profits of corporations and lenders, while decreases labor. But labor, we know, has no credit, not even for a mortgage, so labor now is obsolete. What to do with labor? Ask Qadaffi, ask Hitler what it did to obsolete labor all over the world. 60 million corpses.

What Angele Merkel will do? Let us play with words, remember the ‘Angel of Death’, Mengele, A-ngele Me-rkel, Me-ngele Arkel; I’m always fascinated by the memes of the names of history. Adam Smith, the first man who tastedgo(l)d, the iron masters of the Germanic tribes, gave us the bible of capitalism, according to which the wealth of nations was no longer human ,biological goods but monetary goods of the highest value, weapons. Now Mengele Arkel, this transvestite of dictator, who moved from communism into capitalism with the same dogmatic, Germanic beliefs is doing ‘experiments’ with ‘things’ she does not understand, human lives, at CERN, ran by another R.H. not Rolf Hoess of Auschwitz fame but Rolf Hauer.

She is also doing experiments with labor to sell her ‘Productivity machines’ to the rest of Europe. You see, the Germans think they are no longer fascist warriors; but the memes of the goths, the tribe of iron masters who has destroyed most times history, the Germ(ans) of history are doing the only thing 3000 years of metal have imprinted in their brains, machines. Now they do ‘Productivity machines’, robots to increase the productivity of Europe and throw us all from work, and because this kills slowly the people in the ghettos they feel safer.

That is what is behind Mengele Arkel dictating Europeans the conditions of a bail-out of the Euro she caused in first place, terrifying the International Banker, who jumped happily to the throat of the old enemy.

humans are becoming stupid as power is transferred to machines of the financial-military-industrial system.

Did she do that out of bluntness or as an strategy for her rise to European power? Unlike the obvious case of the International banker who is both eviL and shrewd, with Germans is difficult to know if they are eviL because they are stupid or because they are smarter than all of us. Today that is a puzzle with many people. How many economists know really what productivity means?

They know of course, but the ideology invented in the 50s to justify it – that future technologies will get more employment is their answer. Of course that answer no longer works in the robotic age because now robots will become consumers and so they will displace us from labor as trains displaced horses, who were killed. Politicians like Zapatero obviously know – the voice betrays them  – but they are coward, they know the market is more powerful. The common people don’t know. They trust their leaders. They are cells of the body of history, blind and always listening to the nervous, informative system of mass-media, metal-communicators. Those are the people who never understand anything, the ones who run in the Auschwitz showers to get deloused; the Israeli future victims of his bankers, promoters of wars that truly think they are the victims of history; the Germans that are colonizing the industries of Europe with their productivity mantra and do smile; the eternal optimist American with his love of techno-gadgets that gives his son a PC to go to school so he gets better results in the school… watching porno.

This might be perhaps the biggest defect of this blog; my incapacity to recognize that people are not eviL but stupid; that only a thin layer on top are eviL and intelligent; the rest does eviL because that is what they are told; and most are no longer evIL,  not even on top. Certainly Mengele Arkel looks like a good Fraulein, who still might not even know that money is invented and so a global New Deal Deficit could solve the crisis, after taking over the banks of the International Banker, as China did, giving credit to the people. Indeed, the tragedy of this stage of history is that the memes of metal have created superstructures that are eviL per se, even if they are not yet conscious. The Military-Industrial Financial complex and its main structures and systems, the corporation, the nation, the army, the financial system is no longer perceived in its totality neither run by humans, which just operate the system their ancestors created. This is the terrifying truth i don’t want to acknowledge.

The system is beyond our control. When you look at Zuckenberg, he looks like a nice guy, unaware even that his surname belongs to the caste of slave traders and owners of gunboats of the sugar companies. He doesn’t look like Shylock. Now he herds people in facebook with a smile. And the people don’t know those virtual friends are nonexistent; that all is a excuse to obtain their addresses and phones to pass it to corporations that will use them as consumers. And even corporations don’t know that people no longer consume and publicity is absurd, since now more than ever, machines start to consume machines; as we predicted 20 years ago, the rise of internal consumption among corporations would be the first sign that man is obsolete as the horse is.

So how we will eliminate the excess of humanity? In that regard, maybe, yes, there is a group of people who does look eviL because they are still required to feel hate, the mass-media, hate-speakers, all those Jewish Americans a la Beck, all those employees of Murdoch Greene, who have actually to speak and think eviL, all those convoluted think tanks that spew abstract concepts in which humans are objects of intellectual, arid analysis of why we must let Gaddafi kill the Libyans, workers go home, welfare states eliminated (so their owners can get soon billionaires – this part of course is hidden). In them one can still recognize the memes of their ancestors. And again those memes can be seen in primitive military, no longer in the faces of the kids that play video-games with Afghan children murdering them with a vacuum smile, but in the Qaddafi mercenaries that you can see in al qaeda, paid 1000 $ a day a piece, while the mass-media pundits now also in Europe remind me too of their ancestors, the fascist Franco propagandist that sold, ‘Dios, Patria y Rey’ over the blood of 2 million human beings.

Indeed, this is the landscape which permits the protection of dictators like Qadaffi who buy our weapons; of makers of weapons of mass destruction like CERN, which evolve technology, not knowledge. How this is sold with newspeaks? Pan et circensis, which returns us Qatar, that magnificent kingdom that now watches my comments like The Guardian (of political correctness), The NY Times of the Great Suffering Race of Good Jews and the Wall Street of the Masters of the Universe, the banker-priests of go(l)d. There is a film by Almodovar called ‘What I have done to deserve this’, to tell the truth. Words indeed have no value. We, writers are just bothersome mosquitoes that from time to time bite a powerful elephant, an animetal so certainly sure that their machines, weapons and go(l)d will open paradise, but paradise has long been frozen, as the Earth will be one day if CERN succeeds in making  black holes. Carpe diem. Put your Tv is Sunday in Tokyo, the day to watch foot-ball matches and fuck your wife to the tune of the world, since all seems fucked. It has been so long since that Wor(l)d carried not sin on the living, Genesian paradise…

April – 2012 – The European $lave and the Masters of the Universe.

Meanwhile the human brain of the metal-earth is in heavens. Never so many humans were so retarded and obeyed so happily those who will drive us all into extinction: ‘glorious and rich, what we always wanted’ affirms the Times of Israel.

Indeed, on top of western societies the Jewish Nation keeps its financial and media dictatorship over the so-called ‘democracies’ of Europe and America, even firmer than the last months, as their 2 French candidates, both jewish, both pretentiously passing as French nationalists, both with its campaign of neo-fascist slurs against the latin culture, the muslims and the poor. But be careful to criticize the dictators of democracies. They can do anything to you, fire you, steal your money, tax you, send you to war, kill you, imprint your mind, laugh at your culture, insult you. But if you dare even to insinuate that a clique of dynastic speculators and bankers should not thoroughly control the invention of money, the language of social power on western societies. And that such system is not a democracy, you will be labelled as an anti$emite. The point of course is they are right. Humans think that being good and stupid is enough to earn heavens. Being good and stupid is just enough to become a slave. And if all what the slave needs to feel happy is not to be called a slave – but toil and live like one, it is even easier to remain a a slave. And if the slave love so much the master and is so retarded that it believes the childish propaganda of the master, he deserves to be a slave. And this my friend is the only truth of the world today: humans are slaves of bankers slaves of money and they all deserve their destiny. They are all in their pecking order and their destiny is written.

The western slave though seems happy as he can deploy his racism against blacks, muslims and life beings. In Norway, the mass-murderer islamophobian si receiving a ‘due suit’ to propagate its ideologies.

Mr. Cameron keeps rising taxes to the middle classes and lowering it to the rich. In spain the king, appointed by the previous dictator breaks his hip trying to kill some elephant or perhaps in ‘ars amatoria’ with a pretentious ‘wittgenstein princess’, lobbyist for British weapons’ industries. At home, the cuts in health care ensures a few thousand more will die so the usury bankers can keep their profits.

Mr. Draghi only lends to the doberman Miss Merkel, at 0% while it lends to the PIGs at 4%.

In Wall Street and Chicago the usual honchos, Mr. Cohen, Mr. Paulson, Mr. Einhorn, Mr. Soros, Mr. Goldman, Mr. Gross, Mr. Hirsch keep making killer bets on commodities. Prices of food skyrocket.

The old prophecy of the Talmud ‘at the end of times all humans will be slave of Yvwh – the Jewish nation – or become exterminated’ seems to be coming truth (Sanhedrin 185).

The show of an entire species, so degraded mentally by audiovisual media that is not even aware of their own masters, reaches degrees of surrealism that require another Kafka to write another Castle book.

But the sheeple is completely harmless, clueless and ready to the slaughterhouse. It does not want to know, it does not want to understand. When it does so it will be so poor, so desperado, so degraded that it will be easily disposed off.


2011. 14 feb: A Fight to Win the Future: Computers vs. Humans

Bio-Historic comment:

’20 years ago Rifkin in his book ‘End of labor’ and myself in ‘The extinction of man’ warned against the 3rd industrial r=evolution, when robots will throw blue collars and suite Pcs white collars, and only Indian IT-human pcs and Chinese sweat shop ‘robots’ could compete – the middle class would disappear.

Now it is happening and yet even when it is a fact, economists and politicians are in denial, because the bottom line is we live in a society where the ‘future of humans’, regardless of pompous discourses, is irrelevant to the ‘future of profits’ and corporations win with increases of productivity = capital/labor: when you fire more people and put more machines productivity rises, the middle class shrinks. So what is the solution to the crisis proposed by politicos and economists? more productivity, less jobs, more profits.

Historians, doctors, people ‘who care’ about humans not only machines as economists and physicists do should direct our societies.

But of course then there is the myth, the religion of machines, as mere objects that solve our problems. Not so. Machines are evolving and the industrial r=evolution now enters its final organic phase: we made bodies of machines in the XIX c. heads of machines in the XX c. pc-brains, cameras-eyes and mobile-ears, now we put them together in robots autonomous of man, soon with self-feeding solar energy. And automated-company mothers will keep evolving and re=producing them. The future is better understood by Hollywood (Matrix, Terminator) than by abstract economics. Since economy is a biological science…’

Highlighted (anthropomorphic ego-trip):

‘Whenever the subject of artificial intelligence comes up my reaction is that we need more of the real thing. Today’s supercomputers and networks and the sophisticated programs they run emulate the aspects of intelligence that collect, analyze, and comprehend data. They can reformat the information in ways that humans can understand. Perhaps they are getting closer to satisfying the Turing test for AI, the inability of a human observer to know if he is communicating with a machine or another human. The real point of intelligence–why we need it–is to create new ideas to solve problems of all magnitudes, from the most trivial and mundane to the most significant global issues. It is not clear to me how Dr. Watson would be able to do that. Our human trivia masters are not really our smartest people, either, which is not a criticism of them.’

This concept was also applied as the proper newspeak to calm our fears when Kasparov was defeated by IBM blue. Then the concept of Montesquieu: ‘chess masters are among the most able human beings, as they have to dominate the logic of thought and the strategy of war’ was degraded –  since the machine had beaten us, to preserve the egotrip, chess was considered just a ‘mechanical game’ and suddenly all those scientists and technocrats who have always despised the human artists and prophets of love affirmed that computers couldn’t paint like Picasso and couldn’t have emotions. I would say neither they can (-;…


2010: Every week on the markets: Profits up when unemployment grows.

  The fundamental economic news of February might seem irrelevant to the reader but will have consequences for months to come. It was explained by the NY Times in a series of 3 articles, relating the new advancement on the III Industrial R=evolution, the creation of the first computer that understand speech and answers questions better than any human being can. This will mean millions of jobs lost in the next years in the service sector…


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