III Earth: Mechanocene



In the graph, the Mechanocene in its ages, reflected in the company-mothers’ curve of re=production and evolution of machines (the world stock market, which measures, the quality and volume of the biological radiations of machines.The process of extinction of life started in the mechanocene is very advanced today… How to manage our own extinction, could be a very cynical way to explain the mechanocene.

Let us be clear from the beginning. The world is in a transition from verbal to digital languages, from humans to machines, from the anthropocene to the mechanocene.

I know this congress talks about managing the ‘anthropocene’. Problem is we do not live any longer in the Anthropocene, but in the mechanocene, the age of machines. The differential of reproduction, evolution, quantity of energy and information manipulated by machines in relationship with the anthropocene (human beings) or the age of Gaia (animal and plant life) is telling us so.

We can easily calculate bey rates of reproduction between life and machines, rates of evolution, rates of control of information and energy in this planet, tat machines today represent ore than 90% of the total environment of the earth, as valued in stock markets. Thus we are in the mechanocene, destroying the human world, and most have not even noticed.

So the question is how to manage the mechanocene – the anthropocene, human cultures, have been perfectly managed for most of history by cultures, thank you very much.

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