Chip radiation:

“As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; and as, consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existence, it follows that any being, if it vary however slightly in any manner profitable to itself, under the complex and sometimes varying conditions of life, will have a better chance of surviving, and thus be naturally selected. From the strong principle of inheritance, any selected variety will tend to propagate its new and modified form.”

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Darwin, 1859; bio-logical expression of the fight between species.

Abstract. In biological terms a ‘radiation” is a massive re=production of a new species that due to its stronger body or faster mind becomes a top predator that takes over the ecosystem. In the eco(nomic)system radiations of machines have evolved a new ‘organic species’ the robot, soon to be autonomous with AI chips and solar skins. It will be the birth of the new species we have been warning mankind for 30 years to not avail. Since once the 3 parts of machines are put together as autonomous species, which are first evolved as weapons whose role is to kill humans, a darwinian end is the obvious ‘final solution’ to the increasing obsolescence of human beings in labor and war fields.


We can in that sense talk of the arrival of machines, as an evolutionary jump on the Earth, of a scale never witnessed since air-based life species appeared:

5-EVOLUTION-MACHINES-1024x354global warmingIn the graph, the 3 earths: pollution is machines’ $hit, and it is transforming the planet in its 3rd phase and will extinguish aerobic bacteria.. and humans .

 The planet Earth is evolving from a world of life and human beings, organized socially in nations and civilizations, ruled by verbal ethic languages (laws, religions) into a world of machines, ruled with digital languages (money, science) and organized socially by the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines, corporations that form together the complex FMMI system with a head in ‘world-stock” . 

It is today a global super-organism that can be studied with the laws of systems sciences and complexity. We do so in this blog that resumes 20 years of research and accurate forecasting of the trends of history and economics.)

What we are witnessing is the dwindling and scarcity of carbolife species and goods, which cannot even feed the entire human community (hunger), and the massive creation of metal species through company mothers, to the point that we are invaded by TVs, metal-minds, cameras,computers, and weapons, far beyond what the human race needs… Again this is a biological process, of a new species, that prays and multiplies on the vital territories of other species.

Unfortunately men are blind to the process of extinction of life, by machines, because they do not learn evolution on schools but“anthropomorphic myths”ideologies about men as the center of the Universe, and scientific ideologies  about machines as abstract beings that will obey us for ever…

Fact is we are building a FMMI system, a global super organism of Financial-media, informative machines, head of an Industrial-military complex body of weapons that consume us in war cycles and transport machines  which will become independent species, roaming the metal earth  reason why they have always been the leading species re=produced by the equations of profits of capitalism that direct the future of the metalearth:

Industrial Companies are social organisms that re=produce machines, in search of profits,  maximized with the higher monetary values of memes of metal. The result of this single goal of corporations, due to the values of money that give null price to life, is the automatic creation the economic ecosystem, a global organism made with networks of informative and energetic machines.

IN THE GRAPH, THE TERRAFORMING OF THE EARTH INTO A SUPERORGANISM OF MACHINES IS ALMOST COMPLETED. Transhumanism will not be an abrahamic technoutopia, ‘Kurzweil’ or ‘Larry Page’ style. This elite of segregational Jewish memetic anti-humanist idol-ogists believe that in the future, once the surplus of humans is ‘somewhat’ eliminated and substituted by robots, which they work to bring forward, they will reach as ‘chosen’ superhumans a cyborg like state in which at enormous cost, they will achieve immortality with neuronal connections to chips, robotic organs, cloned ego-sons and other upper class gadgets while billions of ‘animal goyyims’ too stupid to deserve even the meager life they have under capitalism are ‘spent’, because they are evil and primitive and do not deserve anything (of course this shold never be said).
We shall introduce here in mere economic-technological terms the biological radiation of chip-minds which are making human minds obsolete. The first part taken from the central post introduces the economic cycles. The second part studies in detail the biological parameters of the chip radiation, along the posts on the oedipus paradox (displacement of the human rival top predator mind), and the chip overproduction (end of labor and competition in war fields).


To conclude this brief essay on the cycles of social sciences and the future of mankind, we can now resume modern history, its industrial and cultural cycles and the future, knowing in depth the causes and consequences of the crisis both as part of the long and short waves of history and industrial evolution, considering the entire model of ages of each period. For its total understanding though you would have to study in depth the sides of the web. IN THE NEXT GRAPH, WE PUT THE PRESENT final 3rd ‘fascist, militaristic’ age of overproduction of electronic machines in the context of America, its leading producer, comparing it with the other 3 cycles and studying in more detail with biological jargon, the present electronic cycle and its ages, which are parallel to the biological ages of superproduction of any biological being of the Universe.


The Industrial R=evolution of machines follows an ±72 years cycle of evolution and reproduction of  moneymachines & weapons, caused by the evolution of new energies that define modern history and its ages, since in each age a top predator nation, which discovers the new system of energy, will develop its machinesmoney and weapons and rule the world with them:

From 1780s to 1857 we lived the age of steam, dominated by the British empire that found that energy, applied to transport machines – steamers and trains, and in its military version (as all machines have a dual, weapon system), conquered the world. And they reproduced huge quantities of paper-money in pounds and train stocks, which Britain used to buy the world for free. Since in each of those cycles the top predator nation has the dominant world money which everybody accepts.

From 1857 to  1929, the world was dominated by electro-chemical energies, developed by Germany, which invented the electric engine (siemens), the oil engine (Diesel) and the electro-chemical engine (gasoline engine, Otto). And the world was dominated by German Industries, even though Britain managed to control most of the world as the Germans made brutish Imperial errors, failing to unify the German/Austrian Empire and to seize Africa (idealism of Mr. Bismark). Otherwise by the 1860s a unified German-Austro-hungarian empire after the defeat of Sadowa, would have ‘liberated’ the Balkans from the Turks, conquered Constantinopoli and  created a 150 million invencible Germanic world. Still the evolution of machines (chemicals, electric and oil engines) and the top corporations of the age were German and the German culture was admired all over the world. It was also the age of tickers, electric machines that speculated and multiplied the money of the economy in stocks.

From 1929 to 2001 the world was dominated by electronic systems that were invented in America (first digital computer), and so we lived in the age of the American empire, which now comes to an end. In this age electronic money was also invented and the americans bought the world with it.

Since we are now entering the robotic age of organic machines and solar energy, with maximal evolution in Asia (Korea, Japan, soon China). Yet this age is a different age because it completes the evolution of machines into organic systems that fusion the ‘bodies’ of the I Industrial Revolution, the ‘engines’/hearts of the II German revolution, the ‘electronic heads’ of the III Industrial revolution, into autonomous machines independent of men, with solar free energy, which will be pegged to its external skin, autonomous thought embedded in software programs and self-propelling bodies.

And since in each age of the Industrial R=evolution all machines have its top predator, most advanced forms as weapons, this is also the age of robotic wars, predators an terminators on the making.

Yet all those cycles are broken by crisis eras, between them, which are signaled by a 72-medium-7 short- ‘earthquakes’, massive crashes of the economy, due to the overproduction and increasing obsolescence of old machines and old forms of money. So we had the 1857 crash of train stocks and 72+8 years latter the 1929-37 crash of cars/electric radios and 72 years latter the 2001-08 crashes of e-money and the electronic economy.

Thus, those ages are separated by crises eras as the present one, which connects them also to the political and war cycle. Since company-mothers switch from re=producing the good=peaceful consumption, transport machines of each cycle to make weapons, the bad=military fruits of the tree of metal. So after 1857 armored trains and Disraeli wih vaporettes started the military age of colonialism and after the 1929 Germans made tanks and tried to create the empire mr. Bismark didn’t. And after 2001, the Bush dynasty created the military age of America, reproducing a big brother system of electronic surveillance and evolving the first robotic weapons that will dominate the world till the ‘great ecological reversal’ , the 7th age of biological extinction of all forms of life on Earth, the singularity age, when metalife, organic robots substitute carbonlife on the face of planet Earth…

Indeed, machines become reproduced in waves of increasing numbers that affect the world of History, as they adapt the human world to its image and likeness. Finally the ‘wave’ of re=produced machines and money becomes overwhelming, and humanity=History suffers its consequences, as machines compete with labor, and money, the language of information of the economy, becomes hyper-abundant and looses value.The result of those overproduction cycles of machines is a massive social crisis that often degenerates in war. Since to keep profits going, companies sell weapons to governments and back war-monger politicians, to provoke wars and justify sales.

The wave of evolution of machines and weapons is a repetitive cycle that goes each 72±8 years from an age of wander and discovery of new machines and energies, to an age of  happy consumption – the 1850s, the 1920s and the 1990s – when machines are mainly peaceful transport machines and consumption gadgets that we enjoy. Yet at the end of the wave, it becomes ‘a tsunami’. The ‘wealth’ of nations, made of machines and money overwhelms the human ecosystem and we enter an age of crisis; of machine’s overproduction and stock-market crashes (1857-1865, 1929-1937, 2001-2009)  that brings an age of poverty, war and fascism: the 1860s; W.W.II and W.W. III.

Thus these crises of overproduction of machines and money of electronic nature, and its 4 sides, are similar to those of the 29 crisis, as each Kondratieff wave of evolution of memes of metal applies to money, machines, weapons and mass-media:

There is a crisis of overproduction of electronic money (financial crisis, caused by the massive reproduction of electronic derivatives and other forms of electronic money, which have lost value), of electronic machines (overproduction of computers that act as white collar workers and robots that act as blue collar workers, expelling the middle classes out of work, except low-paid human robots’ in China and IT workers in India that still can compete with them), of electronic weapons (overproduction of ‘vigilante’ cameras and robot-terminators – drones – which have started a new arm race of enormous profits for the military-industrial complex) and electronic mass-media outlets, which have also switched to hate-speeches as Hitler did with radio, to increase sales and work hand in hand with the profits of electronic industries and war; and are regressing human culture into a visual, violent, selfish age in culture and politics – that we call the ‘neo-paleolithic’ culture and the ‘neo-fascist’ age in politics. 


The details  of the 2008 crash.

In essence, at the end of those cycles there is paradoxically, at the height of the reproduction of money and machines of the highest price (weapons) a deep crisis for the human economy and a Great Depression, as machines and forms of money created with those energies become over-reproduced, saturating the economic ecosystem. Thus, the details of the 3 crashes are similar:

In the age of steam machines, there is a peak in stock-money issues of worthless train companies in the 1850s, precisely when the best railroad lines had been constructed and the new ones were loosing money – not because people thought they were profitable, but because the business of inventing stocks had reached its evolving peak. Meanwhile the 2 commonest jobs of the age, farming and transport, greatly diminished, as prices and revenues for farmers, lowered due to the efficiency of train transport; while 90% of horses were killed in a decade in England, when the train put them out of work.

In 1928, there was a peak in the creation of new stocks in companies of cars and radios, when RCA shares reached an astonishing 500 $ value, precisely when the slump in consumption of cars had started in earnest, as all Americans had their Ford-T. Yet the electric ticker, the equivalent to e-money in the 1920s, had been implanted in small towns and was sucking in money from the middle class all over America to satisfy the ‘Ponzi Pyramids’ of Wall Street speculation in radio’s stocks. Then, in 1929 and 8 years latter in 1937, the physical and financial economy crashed together. While the reproduction of electric systems of automation in assembly lines at factories provoked also a massive wave of unemployment.

Thus, we are today in a self-similar age to the 1929-37 crashes of the ‘ticker’ economy, when e-money has reproduced massively, as financiers learned to maximize its electronic invention, while in the physical economy robots and electronic software have thrown out of job millions of blue and white collar workers in a massive wave of unemployment and the first ‘splendid little wars’ that will take companies out of the crises are essayed in Afghanistan with drone planes, which evolve fast to become the Terminators of a new age of war.

The ‘negative side effects’ of each of the final ‘boom’ ages of reproduction and evolution of machines, weapons and money, of the ‘wealth of nations’, which implies machines not only enhance our life but compete and displace human labor and soldiers, is the reality of modern history nobody wants to talk about or even publish, since Adam Smith established the economic dogma that all machines are good, and the more we have the better, because they are money, the invisible hand of go(l)d, we must not argue. We prefer to be optimist, to hide our sins, to ignore the suffering of the people money and machines rule. But denial has never changed the consequences of those cycles for mankind…

Only scientists who know those laws can bend them and use them to profit the humankind. And this is what economists have forgotten with their religion of greed, covered by a ‘newspeak’ of ‘experts’, ‘damned lies and statistics’.

Scientists, economists and policy-makers need to understand those cycles and work together in the design of a global economical model that controls the bad fruits of the tree of science, the excesses of the free electronic reproduction of money and the evolution of nuclear weapons, while fostering clean energies and technologies that enhance the life of man in this planet.

For that reason, also this web has two sides, the side of economics, dedicated to a mathematical analysis of those cycles, and the side of History dedicated to study the ‘people’ who invented economics, their relationship with mankind, and the consequences for human life of this cycles and the evolution of money and machines, which we explain in the screens and articles dedicated to the cycles of history. Since while money and machines are always ‘good’ for economists, they have dual values for ‘historians’, which have been explained since the age of Genesis, when the first forms of ‘metal’, golden apples and bronze swords appeared.

The 2001-2008 crisis is parallel to the 1857 and 1929 crises of the global economy

Thus, it follows that the overproduction of e-money and chips is the underlying reason of the present economical crisis, beyond the details of the mortgage crash – which was the last excuse to invent money with electronic programs of speculation, once the 2001 dotcom bubble busted speculation in stock shares. Yet the new instruments of reproduction of fast money with computers were still there and so a new excuse was found.

Because the complex model of evolutionary economics of this blog is based in the longer trend of evolution of money, energies and machines, we forecasted 20 years ago, with the first models of electronic production of money that we would live in the 2000s a parallel age of ‘irrational exhuberance’ similar to the massive reproduction of electric, speculative machines – of ticker money in the 20s.

Money is a bit of information of a language, which is by essence as all forms of in/form/ation, inflationary, easy to reproduce; and so when a new form of reproduction of money is found, its reproduction find no limit till money looses value and markets crash.

The ‘excuse’ to print e-money in a screen, we forecast  then would be stock Internet companies, as radio/car companies were the excuse in 1929 and stocks of train companies in the 1850s.

We didn’t imagine that real estate derivatives would play that role in the 2008 post crash, parallel to the 37 post-crash (which happened a short economic cycle of 7 years after the main crash).

We are not gurus, only complex theorists that used fractal algorithms to tabulate the cycles of economics and a wise understanding of history and its organic systems.Then there are two solutions to the crisis: a welfare state with investments in human goods and a militaristic state with investment in weapons. The first one is the proper solution. But weapons are more expensive than human goods, healthcare, education, agricultural and textile goods. So countries and politicos, corrupted by lobbies and big corporations prefer ‘cannons to butter’. And so within a decade of the big crash, the world increasingly enters in an age of small, big and finally global wars. Since investments in weapons must be justified by hate-speeches, enemies that become real and corpses that further increase the need for new weapons. ‘Bellum ipse aleat’ – war feeds itself – said Charles X during the 30 years war. ‘Pecunia Bellum nervi’ – money is the never of war –  said the Romans.

The post-crash age: keynesian militarism, ‘cannons instead of butter’.

We live now in the 3rd age of  the cycle of overproduction of machines – a new age of Keynesian militarism, which is the economical newspeak means an age of overproduction of speculative money and war machines, at the end of each of the 3 cycles of  the Industrial R-evolution. But instead of vaporettes and armed trains that killed ‘primitive’ Africans and Indians in the 1860s and the age of fascism in the 30s that killed primitive Slav and Jewish peasants with tanks (reconverted cars that multiplied by 5 the profits of Mercedes under the rule of that Keynesian Militarist, Mr. Hitler), the Bushes brought about the transformation of Pcs into big brother cameras and transformed robots  into predators and soon terminators.

Meanwhile since complex systems are symbiosis, not only money and weapons contribute to the age of war but also the mass-media system creates the information, the memes of hate, needed for the population to love the murder for profits of non-technological people.

Those machines which deliver the memes of hate have also evolved and the non-technological people we kill have also changed.

– So we moved from hate-newspapers (yellow press) that explained us how primitive were the Negroes and violent the Indians we killed in the 1860s, as we ‘civilized’ them.

– Into hate-radio, when the Nazis explained us how eviL were the Jewish rats of the polish ghettos and the slav(e)s of the communist monster to the East. And how unjust had been Europeans with the great, clean, technological, sport-loving beautiful Aryan ubermensch, taking from them the ‘historic territories to the East’, origin of the Aryan superace.

– And so finally now, in the III age of Keynesian Militarism, Jewish-Americans have convinced us through hate-tv of the need Israel has of the ‘historic territories to the East’ origin of the Chosen people.

And so now it is required to massacre during the 3rd age of Keynesian militarism those female-abuser, Israeli-haters, terrorists from primitive Islam – a hopeless religion of death we are told – and we have believed them. This new age of Keynesian militarism has merely started, and yet it consumes around 1 trillion $ a year in weapon budgets for the defense of our people.

But of course if you ask a jewish-american he will feel insulted to be compare with Germany and if you ask a British he will feel insulted that you compared Victorian England and his African Empire with the nazi empire.

What this means is that humans are imprinted by memes who adapt them to each age of the Industrial Revolution and so they feel always righteously programmed to exercise power with the machnes they dominate each cycle.

The end of course will be the biggest death toll of history both of the poor and ourselves, as the process brings also massive poverty in our countries, where all the money goes to weapons production and mental hypnotism with messages of death. censorship though of blogs like this one and the true humanist science of biohistory will continue till the end.

And if humans survive, once all has happened, only then the myths and fantasies that brought our destruction will seem absurd to belief.  Because in a complex system, it is a tenant of complexity sciences that the parts are always ignorants of the whole purpose and program of the superorganism in which they live.

Now, the reader will become shocked by this fact. 2008 was parallel to 1937, the 2nd crisis of the electro-mechanical economy that plunged Europe in war, as Hitler decided to pump up the economy with military investments. So if we consider the parallel cycles of history, 2001 was 1929, the bust of e-money and car companies. Then 2 Keynesian militarists, Hitler and Bush came to power.

All this we have explained in our one decade old, massively ignored webs and books. But censorship has not changed history, because in a complex system, the parts, in this case the human parts, do not need to know the whole process to play their part. and so the bushes played the part of the first Hitler. and now we live in 1939… And indeed war is escalating budgets. The human character doesn’t matter. The name is irrelevant, in systems, individual cells are not relevant, only the cyclical, physiological cycles. This of course will attack the go of Mr. Obama as it would attack the ego of Mr. Hitler to tell him, he was just another Keynesian militarist finding excuses to make weapons; as it would attack Mr. Disraeli to explain him that his imperial colonialism with vaporettes and trains was not empire-buidling but profit building.

But that is what it is: humans are just moved by profits and greed’s, like automatons of a self-destructive program and now they are entering the worst of all phases of those cycles.

In the beginning of III world war, whose first expression happens as we speak in the Afghan and Libyan scenarios, the equivalent to the Spanish civil wars of the 1936-39 period…

And yet, because of the censorship of alternative theories of economics, the world doesn’t know that ‘history rhymes’ (Mark Twain) and we are at the brink of a global age of war.

The financial brain and physical body of the economy.  

The financial crisis has two sides: the human side – the only one, we, humans, self-centered beings, talk about, and the mechanical side – the re=production and evolution of electronic machines, which have provoked a crisis of overproduction of its main informative product, e-money, the language that regulates the economic ecosystem, easily cre(dit)ated in electronic platforms.

If during the 20s, electric tickers allowed to rig and jack up prices of stocks, later sold to small investors around the world, thanks to the stock-tape, now during the 2000s, e-platforms of creation of electronic money allow speculators and bankers to:

– Invent e-money as digital ‘data’, creating all type of derivatives with null ‘real value’ beyond those screens  (toxic assets).

– Jack up speculative prices of stocks and commodities, whose difference with their real value, becomes when sold both a profit  for the speculator and a tax for the consumer obliged to pay higher prices of food, oil and any other inflated product, by the distortion e-platforms provoke.

– And then, as professional speculators unloaded overpriced stocks in the 20s, who paid their profits, in the 2000s, all that money ‘invented for free’ as derivatives and commodity bubbles, hence just ‘fiat money’ with little value, was unloaded into governments, middle classes and investors who became ruined…

Thus, those financial crises are therefore ultimately caused on the technological side, by the evolution of informative machines that have allowed the creation of fiat money without limit, and the distortion of the prices of all goods that has prevented the proper functioning of the physical economy. While on the human side, they are just the ‘unavoidable’ consequences of greed and a legal system, paid by and therefore favorable to those speculative schemes.

In fact each time humans invent a new machine of information, they apply it to the reproduction of money without limit since one of those crises has taken place – in the XIX c. with the crashes of railroad’s stock-paper, in 1929 with the crash of ticker-money and now with the crash of e-money.

And yet, the financial crisis of overproduction of fiat e-money is only half of the problem. Since the physical economy has also been affected by the evolution and reproduction of electronic machines, which are now evolving as blue collar robot, white collar PC suites and military robots that expel millions of humans from fields of war and labor.

And this crisis of the physical economy, which affects not only the 1% of investors in financial assets, but the 99% of human workers and soldiers, is far more important for the future of mankind…

 The robotic worker/soldier ends the Industrial R=evolution.
Unfortunately the present global crisis of overproduction of electronic machines means also a ‘molting’ of the economic ecosystem from the age of America and ‘heads of metal’, to the global age of ‘robotics’, automated company-mothers and Internet, which mimic 4 self-similar crisis at the end of the age of bodies of metal (1929), means the increasing obsolescence of humanity. Because the industrial evolution ends with robotics that no longer need men. So there will not be as in the previous crisis a new age of economical growth (due in the 40s to the invention of heads of metal that put us back to work).
Indeed, robots no longer need humans, nor they act as the other machines did, enhancing our actions of energy and information, as we are in command of them. And this fact makes this existential and economical crises far more important than the previous ones. As there is not another ‘future Kondratieff’ wave to take off as the new engine of the economy.
On the contrary, what we are suffering today, as a species resembles what life-beings suffered as we humans displaced and cornered them, from our ‘human wealth’. Now wealth is being re-distributed NOT so much to the 1% of owners of stocks, a ‘parasite’ group with little decision power, but to the company-mothers of those machines, which consume other machines and are increasingly self-reproducing them. So we humans are being ‘displaced’ into oblivion without participating in that wealth, as animals do not participate of ours.
Indeed, money has 100 folded in 30 years since electronic platforms were invented and most of that money has gone to corporations (and laterally to its owners, the only ‘fact’ self-centered humans care about) and it has been invested in the massive evolution and reproduction of machines not of humans. And this casts a strong doubt on our future in this planet as the crisis increases decade after decade of evolution of robots, to its peak (Artificial Intelligence born in the most advanced machines of each age, weapons) around 2050, according to the pattern of those cycles.
Thus the war and labor crisis can only be solved by forbidding robotics as we forbid AIDs viruses that can kill us, according to a simple biological “Law of the Jungle’: ‘kill the child before he becomes a tiger hunter’.


  We live now the end of the Age of America and the crash of overproduction of its electronic ‘heads’, a transitional age that has passed, as we enter in the global world rule by no nation, whose star machine, the robot puts together all the other components developed in the previous cycles, becoming the new ‘warrior’ that consumes human beings and the new citizen that ‘consumes’ other machines and the new ‘worker’ that makes most human beings obsolete. Thus this is not only the worst crisis of capitalism from the human perspective, but also its triumph from the point of evolutionary economics and the ‘goal’ of capitalism – to evolve memes of metal into a new organic species, the robot, which will become independent of mankind, if it follows as science precludes, the laws of biology and evolution. We shall study first this age comparing its human and mechanical side with previous cycles, and then RETURN TO THE beginning of this cyclical mandala web, taking on the analysis of the 4 crisis of overproduction of selfish memes of metal, information machines, e-money, energetic machines aka weapons and tool machines cause of our mental, financial, military and labor crisis, as those memes substitute us…

The 2001-2008 crisis is parallel to the 1857 and 1929 crises of the global economy

The Industrial R=evolution of machines follows an ±72 years cycle of evolution and reproduction of  moneymachines & weapons, caused by the evolution of new energies that define modern history and its ages, since in each age a top predator nation, which discovers the new system of energy, will develop its machinesmoney and weapons and rule the world with them:

Modern History follows an economic, generational cycle caused by the evolution of  money & machines: Each 72±8 years we go from a decade of happy consumption – the 1850s, the 1920s and the 1990s – into an age of machine’s overproduction and Stock-Market crashes (1857, 1929, 2001)  that brings an age of poverty, war and fascism: the 1860s; W.W.II and W.W. III


What are the underlying reasons of the present economical crisis, beyond the details of the mortgage crash? In the graph, we can compare this crisis with a similar transformation that happened in history about 70 years ago. The happy 90s looked like the happy 20s. But suddenly the World changed into the warring 2000s, as the 20s changed into the ominous 30s. In both ages a tremendous crash on global stock-markets, due to the overproduction of machines (radios and cars in 1929 and 1937, electronic goods in 2001 and 2008), sunk the economy, increasing unemployment and social inequality.

That historical similarity is not trivial. It is a cyclical change that modern history experiences every ±72 years, a period that historians call the Generational, Human Cycle1, since it is the mean biological cycle of 3 human generations – grand-father, father and son. Indeed, if we go 72 years backwards in time, we see a similar crisis happening globally after a period of industrial growth guided by the steam engine, which lasted through the happy 1850s, marked by the railroad craze . . .

Then in 1857 the overproduction of railroads crashed the industry worldwide and history turned upside down. In the middle of that crisis, the ominous 1860s brought wars fought with armored trains and steamers in America (Civil War), Europe (the Italian & German Unification wars) and Asia (Sepoy Revolt in India, II Opium Wars). So during the Industrial Revolution, every ±72 years the world changes, after a big economic crisis, from a happy time to an age of war and destruction, from an age of machines to an age of weapons, the age that now begins worldwide. And it all starts in the financial economy; because the reproduction of money reaches a peak at the same time the reproduction of machines saturates the market and becomes reconverted into weapons.

The causes of that exact 72±8 year cycle of global stock-crashes are simple. The Industrial Revolution is in fact the Evolution of Machines and Money, energetic and informative systems, traditionally made of metal, which can be studied with the laws of morphology and evolution. Machines and money evolve according to the energy and information, they use to become re=produced.

Humans evolve a new type of energy and information, derived from that energy, which renews all the machines and financial instruments of the economy every human generation of 72 years, in which a nation of ‘founding fathers’, captains of industries, their sons and grand-sons, reproduce and evolve a new energy, machine and form of money to its perfection. Yet at the end of the cycle, the machine and money becomes over-reproduced, saturating the market and provoking, due to a crisis of growth, a global economical crash.

Those generations also bring the nation that discovered the new energy to the top predator status of history. Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made.

—Thus, we had an age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857±7 years crashes of the train-based economy.

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived in the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemical explosives, dominated by Germany, followed by a crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, which caused the 1929 crash, 72 years after the train crash.

—It came then the III cycle of electronic machines, electronic money and Nuclear Bombs that took place from 1929-2001, the age of America; which again ended in the dotcom and mortgage crashes, 72+7 years after 1929.

– Followed by the Age of the Singularity, the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines, dominated by robots, solar Industries, Quark Bombs and China. Because scientists call a black hole, the type of quark ‘bombs’ now researched at CERN a Singularity; and they also call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, we have called this 4th age of the Industrial Revolution, the age of the Singularity.

Thus, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the evolution of technology, pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competence with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment),which also provide more labor, as they are reproduced or created by human beings, if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life . . .

The previous cycles, called the Kondratieff cycles of the economy, are known to economists, but their use is reduced to charting profits in the stock-market and other financial aspects of the economy, despite their huge social and historic implications. Unfortunately, guided by profits, Economics pretends to be a ‘mathematical’ science, independent of History, uninterested in the collateral effects of the production of machines, money and weapons might cause to mankind.

For that reason, it is imperative to understand technology in biological terms, abandoning the mathematical, abstract approach of classic economics, which cannot understand those cycles of evolution, neither studies the ‘real’ competence and collateral effects some lethal machines are having on mankind – from global warming, produced by the ‘detritus of those machines’, to the massive wave of unemployment that robotics is causing, to the risks poised by the evolution of Nuclear Weapons, into the threshold of ‘planetary bombs’ – quark bombs and black holes that can potentially destroy the planet. In that regard, a Free Market is an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, simple organisms of metal that imitate the functions of energy and information of the human being. As a result the Earth becomes terraformed, from a carbon-life ecosystem (Gaia), ruled by human organizations (Governments) and human languages (verbal laws) into an economic ecosystem (Free Market), dominated by company-mothers, money and machines, which enhance our energy and information but also compete and substitute man in war and labor fields . . .

A detailed analysis of the cycle of 72 years of evolution of energies and machines explains what all the models of classic economics have failed to understand: money also follows a cycle ofevolution and reproduction, related to the machines used to ‘invent’ it, today electronic machines, which have not only saturated the world with hardware but also with e-money software, till money lost value. Because money is reproduced also with machines, its cycle is parallel to the cycle of machines of the economy. Thus, we predicted3, parallel to the crisis of overproduction of computers, also a financial crisis of e-money, made with PCs, similar to the 29 crash of the ‘ticker money’ economy, which jacked up prices of stock with electric machines into surreal levels. Indeed, there is every 72 years a huge crash in the stock-market with 2 short ±8 years ripples, due to an over-production of money and machines, which plunges the world into a global depression, till the new cycle of energies and new machines takes off, creating new industries and jobs that replace those of the previous cycle.

The boom and bust cycle of the global economy is both, a cycle of reproduction of energy, weapons, machines and economical information, money, as all of them are related. 3 negative effects are paramount:

– Machines throw people out of work.

– Weapons kill them in wars.

– And too much money causes inflation, absorbs savings and when the bubble of false value explodes, it ruins the economy of the Middle class.

All this said, it should be obvious that the present crisis is the result of the overproduction of the last cycle of Economical activity, called the Kondratieff cycle, which defines the evolution of energy and the machines and money manufactured with it, the 2 main non-human elements of the economy  – the electronic cycle.

In the graph, the exhaustion of the 2 previous Kondratieff cycles  of steam and chemical energies were responsible for 2 other huge crashes of the Economy of the Industrial R=evolution, the crash of the train, in 1857 and the crash of the car & radio stocks of 1929. Now we live the crash of the electronic-economy based in e-money and computers.

The regularity and phases of those crashes which i anticipated 20 years ago in my thesis at Columbia University are shown in the previous graph.

Those ‘structural crashes’ are caused by a change in the energy we use and hence a change in the evolution of machines that use such energy and also in the money of the economy created with new mechanical systems:

– In 1857 the world lived the crash of paper-stocks parallel to the exhaustion of the train age.

– 72 years latter it lived the crash of the ‘ticker stocks’ in 1929-37 that raised the price of car and radio companies like RCA to 500 $.

– 72 years latter in 2001 we lived the crash of e-money that raised stocks of companies like Yahoo also over the 500 $ mark.

And then after that massive crash, e-money kept evolving in new ‘financial instruments’, mortgage derivatives. So after a short 7.2 cycle we had again a massive crash of e-money, the present crisis, 72 years after the 1937 climatic crisis of the ticker economy.

In that sense, the reader must be aware that money in the Industrial age is ‘invented’ with machines; and so when a new form of money appears, those who control the ‘money-making machines’, the financial industries and in a few ‘real democracies’ the governments elected by the people, will ‘print money’ with any excuse. And at a certain moment of the cycle, they will print so much money and make so many machines that the market of machines and money will become saturated. Money then will loose all value, as there will be much more money than ‘real valuable assets’ and the economy will crash.

Cyclical economics is the only model able to predict the future as all ‘real sciences’ do.

For all those reasons, even if I didn’t know that bankers will use mortgage to invent e-money, I could forecast the cycle, as earlier as 1994:  I knew they would found a excuse to invent ‘data’, e-money, financial information. As they found the excuse of new train companies in the 1850s and new radio and car companies in the 1920s. What mattered then is that paper-stocks could be printed with ‘monetary value’; and what mattered in the 1920s is that the electric ticker could create ‘added value’ to shares, with electric impulses. In the late 1990s and 2000s what mattered in Wall Street is that by typing in a screen you could create ‘numbers’ that were money.

So Greed guided again the 2000s, as it did the 1920s, because it was so easy to print money. e-money was created in so huge quantities that at the peak Wall Street created for free 5 trillions of ‘money data’ per year, till the new tulips, dotcoms and CDOs, lost value and suddenly we had ‘trillions’ of data money which are worth nothing as the worthless train companies of the 1850s bubble.

Real sciences are able to predict the future, always in the same manner – by studying the cycles of the past and forecast its recurrences in the future. So astrology became astronomy when Kepler found those cycles and predicted the future position of planets. Otherwise a science is either a series of myths, or a praxis that collects data. This is the present state of ‘classic economics’ that collects data, believes in a series of ‘myths about the market’ and never forecasts the future of the economy.

The difference between the economic model of this web and that of classic economics is thus obvious. Because we have spotted a series of recurrent cycles and found its rational causes the model of cyclical economics is closer to the epistemological definition of a ‘real science’.

There is no magic about it, though people become very surprised when they see the cover of my books of 1994 and 2001 predicting the ‘crash of the electronic economy’ in 2008. People wouldn’t be surprised though if an astronomer predicts an eclipse, except if you were living in the Neolithic… Only the fact that economics has not evolved scientifically but as a praxis of power and greed explains in that sense the ‘primitive state’ of this science. The intention of this web is therefore to ‘evolve scientifically’ our understanding of history and economics according to those cycles, the first step in any science in which human beings wish to control the future of the species they study. Thus this web is dedicated not only to economists but mainly to politicians, the people that should control and guide the future of history, of mankind. Today that future is increasingly controlled by economists, without a full understanding of what they do. And that is the main cause of the problems of history and this planet. We are walking into the future with blind eyes.

The generational cycle.

In those earlier models I was able to forecast the crashes, because the long-short cycle of 72-8 years had already had two happenings: 1857, train crash + 72 years = 1929, car crash+72 years =2001, electronic NASDAQ crash, whose curve is parallel to that of the present crisis.

72 years is the ‘generational cycle’ of human life, the mean life of all the humans that control a nation through a grand-father, father, son dinasty.

Then in each crisis there is a short 7-8 years recurrence. And so after the 1929 there was a massive crash in 1937 that moved the world into war. And so after 2001 there have been a 2008 crash… And now we enter in a very ugly period of history.

And that other side of the economy, the collateral effects that it has in history, in mankind, which is mostly ignored by economists, is what I have always been interested in. And what we shall consider in depth, in the past, present and future in this web, by tracing the parallelisms between the 3 crashes.

The underlying cause: the evolution of machines and its energies.

I know today most people don’t care about history, they only care about money and this is the biggest error of mankind, and the biggest error of economists. Because economics is NOT a mathematical science but a social science with mathematical, biological and organic cycles related to the nature of its 2 main components, humans and machines, systems of energy and information that imitate and enhance human functions (so we move faster with cars and hear further with phones that are ‘metal-legs’, and ‘metal-ears’).

This is the second big step I gave towards the fundation of a true science of economics and history… Let us then consider an scheme of those economical cycles, as a first step to fully understand the most important science and the less understood of all of them.

Today most Money in the economy has the form of stocks. But ‘stocks’ are  mostly ‘species of machines’ . Around 75% of the world economy today is related to the main machines manufactured and sold by companies, its energy and its information, not to the agricultural energy and verbal information, natural to human beings.  And this very surprising fact – that machines have all the energy and digital information they need and humans don’t is one of the main collateral effects of the obsession of economists and companies for money, technology and productivity. It sets another basic theme of this web: the difference between the economic ecosystem (aka Free Market) as it is, guided by a single-idea(l), to increase profits by producing and selling more machines, and the world of history and the humankind, as it could be if the economic ecosystem were guided by a real science, and the reproduction of money and machines were regulated properly to benefit mankind as a whole, not a small group of ‘stockrats’, owners of companies…

In a few words, we do not live at all in the best economic ecosystem. And so along the articles of this web we shall consider always reality as it is, guided by ‘greed’, by the invisible hand of Mr. Smith; and then ‘dream’ of a sustainable world made to the image and likeness of man, as it could be, if the repeated attempts to create a real science of history and economics that date back to the times of Vico would have not been repressed and aborted by the mass-actions of millions of human beings seeking only ‘money’ without even knowing what money is.

In that sense, the first step to understand modern history and free markets is the understanding of ‘money’, a language of information made of metal (gold in the past, paper-stocks and computer e-money today, that represent companies of machines).

Because money is a language, it gives ‘values’  to things, through prices. And because money is mostly today in stocks, the creation and evolution of money is related to the evolution of machines and technology.

Thus, the evolution, reproduction, sale and use of the machines of the ‘economic ecosystem’, is hardly studied by financial economics is the key to both the evolution of modern history and the economy.

The 4 long cycles of the Industrial R=evolution of machines.

The Industrial Revolution is the evolution of machines of energy. And it has gone arelady through 3 motings: from the age of steam energies, to the age of chemical energies, to the age of electronic machines that now ends.

So we have the advantage of being able to compare 3 of them to establish a fairly simple, clear and accurate model of the past, present and future of this crisis.

In the graph we can see the 4 cycles as they develop in history and economics.

Yet the ultimate origin of it all is even simpler. We are what we eat and machines are the energies they eat, which evolve both in terms of energetic potency, and capacity tobbreak into streams of information. And they have done so 3 times:

1784-Steam/British Age – 1857- Chemical /GermanAge – 1929-  Electr(on)ic/US age- 2008: Singularity age.

In the graph we draw those 3 cycles in more detail.

Evolution is the why that explains the mathematical how of those cycles.

I forecast the present cycle during my Masters at Columbia University, two decades ago, based on the existence of 2 previous cycles which I calculated properly for the first time, departing from Kondratieff’s work (1), a Russian economist who observed the first ‘train cycle’. His error though was to analyze the train cycle of Russia, which was shorter because as an underdeveloped country, Russia received the train much latter than Europe or America, where the long cycle turned out to be 72 years. This correction allowed me to calculate and study the 2 previous cycle and the one we live now: the crisis of the electronic economy.

Because indeed, the long Kondratieff cycles of evolution of machines are the core element of a biological, cyclical analysis of the Industrial R=evolution. In the Industrial r=evolution mankind evolve machines each human generation of 72 years; and those cycles are the main cycles of the Economy.

To study them, till now humans have used an abstract language called economics, mainly referred to money, the language humans use to organize the re=production of machines in ‘company-mothers’.

We want to introduce a new biological language that better describes ‘scientifically’ an ‘economic ecosystem’ and its complex organic relationships, proper of the science of complexity, in which I am a recognized pioneer.

Why? Because we humans are living beings and we create machines as systems of energy and information that expand our skills as organisms. Thus machines, company-mothers and the economy must be studied in reference to man as ‘organisms and organic functions’ that imitate our living organisms.

Further on, since biological cycles can be analyzed as repetitive structures and biological systems are studied as systems of energy and information, we can apply to the study of machines many biological laws well known, which happen to describe with astonishing precision and insight the processes of re=production r=evolution and organization of economic ecosystems (free markets), company-mothers (systems that reproduce, sell and adapt the Earth to their ‘stocks’ of machines)…

In this web we will reveal some of those systems, cycles and processes, in the context of the existence of man on Earth – in the context of History.

The 3 ages and informative and energetic machines, of each phase of the industrial revolution

In the graph, we see the ‘3 ages’ of the American cycle and its energetic and informative machines.In the graph, following the biological method we can further study each of those dual Kondratieff waves of evolution of energies and the weapons, machines, money and information systems created with them, as a biological wave of a ‘family of mechanical species’ that evolve in 3 ages or  phases, as all other biological species do:- The discovery age when scientists find and evolve the energies and machines of the new era, an age of wonder and idealism.- The reproductive, mature age, when the machine is reproduced in industrial numbers and as a transport machine and information tool colonizes the world in a peaceful consumption era.- And then after the crash of overproduction, its transformation into a weapon, which is overproduced, sold to war-monging politicians, starting a war era.

The human side: the cultures on top of the wave adapt their ideologies to the machines of each cycle.

In the next graph we see its key founders: Einstein, who discovered the photoelectric principle and the Atomic bomb, the basis of the industries and weapons of this age; Microsoft, which expanded globally the chip era and now that we enter in the robotic age, the founders of ‘keynesian militarism’, electronic war for profits increasingly based in the use of robots:

The similitude of each cycle is obvious if we compare those key founders and machines with the equivalent ones  of the previous German electro-chemical age. Instead of A-Bombs calculated with the first computers the German Age started with dynamite (chemical bombs).

Instead of electronic engines we got an oil engine. Instead of Einstein, opening the electronic age, we got two german scientists, Siemens and Otto, inventing the electric and oil engines.

But that first age of wonder and discovery, and the mood of the times, after the catharsis of the Railroad ‘Nationalist wars’ (American civil war, German and Italian Unification), was similar to the post-second world war era, when a new country (German and US) renews the hopes that ‘this time around’ our relationship with technological machines will be more positive. And it will not end with a brutal country on top in an age of global war.

So Germany seemed a nice guy compared to the racist British Empire in its ‘decadent, warrior age’, adapted to the new, military evolution of the steam machine. And America seemed a nice country compared to Germany in its nazi, decadent age, adapted to the new, military evolution of the electro-chemical machine.

So in the 60s of each century we loved Germans and Americans, the good guys.

And yet, after those countries reproduced massively their electric and  ‘electronic gadgets’, after the massive crashes of 1929 and 2001, of the electro-chemical and electronic industries, both countries as Britain had done with steam machines, did NOT turn to the tree of life, to come out of the crisis, making ‘human goods’ and creating demand for a welfare state that took care of the 99%. Human leadership always chose ‘canons instead of butter’.

And so in the German cycle we transform our energy machines into weapons and we got the tank and mustard gas, instead of the british steamer and now we get the robotic weapon instead of the car.

While in the world of information machines, we got speculation with e-money instead of ticker-money (1920s) and after the crash, we transformed musical radio into hate-radio (Hitler) and now we transform sit-coms into Hate-TV: 

The system we live on, capitalism is merely the evolution of machines, the industrial r=evolution. This is proved by the fact the best models to describe the evolution of the economy, and its cycles of boom and crash, is an evolutionary model of economics. This has been known for quite long, since the death of Darwin, when Butler and Marx started to use evolutionary and biological concepts to describe the economy. It became ‘dogma’ of serious economic science with schumpeter and Kondratieff who explained and tabulated those cycles of evolution of machines in waves of economic expansion and contraction.

In scientific terms, humans, are the species who catalyzes that evolution; as ‘enzymes’ do in cells, enzymen, scientists, nerds, whatever you want to call them, evolve those machines by copying our organic functions on metal.

Nothing else is a machine but an organic part that imitates a human organic function, in a better material, stronger, faster metal – so a crane is a metal-arm of steel, a chip is  a metal-brain of gold and a mobile a metal-ear.

And we do that generation after generation, in different nations at the head of each of the ‘Kondratieff’/Schumpeter’ waves of economic evolution.



We are thus being replaced as a Species, by the selfish memes of metal and this means that first we shall get poorer and poorer, and the middle classes will enter the lower world of poverty proper of most of mankind in the Industrial age (albeit closed in the past in 3rd world countries).

This means we should revise the ‘pyramid of capitalism’ of the previous graph.

Indeed, in our capitalist system there is an absolute law, the syntax of money, and that is the law that now degrade us. Let us remember it. Money is a digital language that values less men than metal and compares them with a price/salary. And so as we become more costly than machines our price makes us obsolete.

indeed, the consequence of the higher metal-value of machines, in terms of price (not of ethic, human value, which will NOT allow in a world ruled by the law the substitution of workers by machines) is the main economical equation of capitalism:

Man = Wage = Price = Object.

The equation means that humans with no value will get minimal price/wage and machines maximal price. So capitalism will reproduce and cater to machines for profit, not to human beings and its worthless survival goods.

It also means humans can be bought for money as objects are, and compare to them, hence obliged to compete with machines and weapons and fields of labor and war.  This equation originated modern slavery handled by the first corporations in the first Dutch democracy. Of course those slaves were not ‘citizens’; but then when ‘slavery’ evolved into cheaper part-time slavery and humans were leased by corporations to save the money spent on housing and feeding slaves (white slaves), citizens became part-time slaves, and this provoked the socialist movement. And yet after the II world war and the fall of the wall, not even this self-evident truth of capitalist ‘democracies’ – that a worker has no rights and it is a slave while at work is forgotten.

Systems have social classes, but they are efficient and relatively just. 

Social classes do exist in all systems but are never so unequal as they are in our ‘3 worlds’ society:

– All systems and subsystems of power, from corporations to nations to religions to cultures, have at least two classes, the informative/head class which controls the languages of social power (neuronal cells in living organisms, black holes in gravitational-based galaxies, bankers in economic organisms ruled by money, priests and politicians in human societies ruled by words), and the reproductive, body/working class.

And then there might be two invisible upper and lower classes that do not truly belong to the organism:  a ‘3rd energy class’, ab=used by the organism’ and a ‘super-class’ external to the organism, which might control this and other organisms with a different, faster language. This might be positive or negative to the system.

For example in corporations you have the stockrats – the superclass that controls multiple companies; the managers, the information class, the workers, the reproductive class, and the external energy, raw materials and… consumers, who provide matter and money to the corporation.

In a love religion there are priests that spell the eusocial message of love of the prophet (the super-class, which is however positive to the religion, as it uses the same verbal language) and the mass of believers – all mankind. In corrupted religions however there is an energy class (the heretics and non-believers) abused when the corrupted religion is in power, and external languages that corrupt the church, military memes, which create inquisitions and go(l)d-money, which chooses certain believers as best.

In military nations, there is also enemies and an external language, weapons, which create a caste above the law, the aristocrat or today the army.

All this is needed for you to understand why our society is corrupted. Ideally it should be guided by ethic laws, but it is ruled by an external, supranational caste, the International Banker and speculator, who rules all our societies and politicians with money. This is how all systems end up being by ‘natural selection’ to become efficient.

So today the ‘Siamese human system’ of ‘capitalist’ + ‘democracy’ have degenerated and both languages, money and laws are controlled by corporations and their lobbies. Yet this must be hidden, and so politicians are more like celebrities that cheat the people into feeling they have power and then they cater to the owners of the system.

If our society were properly designed as a democracy, the government of the people, the opposite would occur:  the laws would control money; as in all efficient organisms, which are not Siamese bicephalic systems, both languages would be controlled by the same system (so in the body, neurons control both nervous impulses and chemical, hormonal messages). We do have two parties as placebos of freedom, yet both bicephalic heads obey in capitalist democracies the money, and so only when governments have right to issue money as in social democracies in Europe in the 70s, we have a working democracy.

But of course, as I said you are imprinted by the fiction that you only exist as a free life-based individual, and the system caters to your natural will and all those ideas that there are classes, people-castes, complex systems is a confabulation theory, a socialist meme, a lunatic rant, and now you ‘must’ abandon this web that is poisoning your ‘pursuit of happiness’ over all attempt to know the truth.  But if you keep taking the red pill, Morpheus will wake you up from your REM American/global dream to the nightmare of capitalist truths, in which the welfare goods you need to survive will always be scarce. Because the system, its company-mothers of machines and the financial corporations and 1% of ‘stockrats’ that rule them, are not interested in you.


Monetary orders substitute verbal information: credit creates reality

In the graph, the real structure of power that cre(dit)ates our future with money orders. 90% of our lives are spent either working in companies, consuming machines or following biological drives NOT following laws and governments’ orders. Thus bankers and corporations Not politicians create, cre(dit)ate the world with monetary orders; and those orders value machines and weapons more than life:

The financial-military-industrial complex is a very complex system with 3 basic type of orders:

– Salaries, which select humans or machines in a competitive field of labor, under the equation man=price=machine; so if a machine is more productive than a human being, we fire the workers and increase the ‘productivity of the industry with new machines.

– Bonds, credits and campaign money and bribes, which control political systems, governments and politicians. All of them therefore protect the monopoly of power of bankers and corporations that print money in stocks and beg for that money. There are two type of politicos – those who are paid by industries that produce consumption goods and prefer the peaceful substitution and obsolescence of workers and humans to machines that atrophy us, and are generally termed as left wing or democratic parties, and those who prefer to run amok faster for profits, which are paid by war industries that have the highest profits as the values of metal-money give weapons the maximal price. Those are conservative, war parties. Today they dominate due to the increasing obsolescence and lack of credit of humans, the industrial panorama. Finally there are the intellectuals, ‘the experts’ that sanctify the system.

In the past they were military inquisitions that promoted religious war and go(l)d churches that told us money was the invisible hand of God. Now it is a bit more sophisticated. They use equations to the same end. On the bottom of the pyramid there are beings without price, nature, aliens, 3rd world. Those people are outside the economic ecosystem and live in the freedom of chaos, without money to give orders, get goods and survive. This bottom will increase constantly as a barrier of machines, robots and monetary orders separate the informative castes of societies – those who invent the language of power – from the bulk of human beings obeying those orders.

How money creates reality against the historic ecosystem, how money orders reality? Through a process that we will define with a new verb: cre[dit]ation. It means that you can create reality with credit. If you can invent money, that is if you have a credit, then you can give orders to people with that money, they desire, given its value, which can be changed by anything else. In this manner to have credit implies the right to create reality: cre[dit]ation means that credit is creation, credit creates reality. So those who control credit, who can invent money invent reality. It happens that credit is today not in the hands of human beings, not even in the hands of governments, which have “laws of deficit zero”, that prevent them to create credit, but in the hands of company-mothers and banks. They cre[dit]ate reality inventing first money very easily with null-cost paper, in stocks and notes, which are by law money. They have an enormous privilege over society, since nobody else can invent money merely by going to a place called the stock market and saying they have something of value. It does not matter if it is truth or not.

By law, obtained through political control companies have obtained from societies that privilege: to go to a place and obtain free money in the form of shares. Since “stockrats”, the people who rule companies, and rule stock markets want to speculate, to invent money. So any excuse is good. In the beginning of stock markets, they even used flower, tulips, and tea. You could go to Amsterdam with a tulip and say, it was worth millions of guilders, and people said it was. Today we do so with internet companies. You go to Wall Street with a diskette of binary instructions, as Netscape did, and you get 7 billions of dollars in a day. Then you can spend that money creating the product and the machines you want. So today everyone has a Netscape Browser in his computer. Yet any other person who wants to open a business not related to the main industries of the stock-market (technological and machine industries) cannot invent money, neither get credit. So we cannot invent reality as human beings. You cannot go to the stock-market with a project for hospitals, schools, farms, resorts for holidays, environmental care, and get 7 billion dollars. Even if those projects are far more important for the welfare of mankind. Only company-mothers of machines can do that. Why? Because stock-markets are controlled by people, “animetals”, who worship machines more than they care for mankind. So they credit a world for their machines of energy, and information.

We have given to company-mothers (or rather they have taken from mankind through acts of war and bribery) the right to invent money in stock-markets and banks. They have taken that right from our human governments that used to help the reproduction of Human Goods, with deficits (inventing money in notes).

The result is that we work for such companies. We give them our life-time, through work, which they monopolize because they have all that unlimited money they invent with shares and notes, to pay for our life, our time. We have given them rights to make laws that cater to the benefits of their machines, because we allow legally them to bribe our politicians, our human leaders. We have given them the right to be bad with humanity, and to destroy our energy and information, because we do not ask them any political, economical and legal responsibility, thanks to unjust laws such as the law of anonymous societies, that concedes anonymity and non-legal responsibility to the people that work in those company-mothers. We have given company-mothers and machines the rights to be our top predators, our masters, to be the owners of our times, our laws, and our goods.

At the same time we have denied our best human species, the best writers, and ethic men, the priests and lawyers that used to rule our societies with verbal mandates, the rights to construct our ecosystem. We have made all verbal institutions weak. Instead, we have decided that money, a bit of metallic information, should be controlled and reproduced by company-mothers in stocks, and banks, which undervalues human beings (since money values machines and weapons more than Human Goods) the right to invent reality.

The Myth Of Justice: metal Rights Against Human Rights

We talk of a dictatorship of companies who control the invention of the language of power; money and laws. Credit controls societies. A true democracy means that the control of those languages of power would be in the hands of citizens and governments. They would support laws related to human rights over property rights. However, this does not happen. We talk of the myth of “justice” and “democracy”, that company-mothers of information (mass-media), politicians and lobbies promote. The myth basically “ignores” monetary orders, and “concentrates” on the freedom that man achieves by “not obeying verbal orders”. Under such myths, we believe humanity is not ordered by wages and prices, but by “verbal mandates”. Economists do not explain properly how money is invented by companies in stocks. Companies, by creating stocks and bonds, create a new form of money. In this manner money constantly goes to “credit” the future, and those human activities that are not valued in stock-markets (love, education, food, health), are “discredited”.

Let us then close this post with an analysis of what has changed in capitalism in the XXI century, which it can be observed in the next graph and the post dedicated to the ‘end of democracies and the American dream’ – namely the middle class and the lower classes of mankind are today obsolete to machines…and capitalism has no piety or empathy to them… Their dogmas prevent it. So Capitalism must eliminate mankind to continue its evolution. And this fact will be the engine of the damned lies and statistics of the XXI century.

The pyramid of capitalist social classes and its changes in the XXI century.

The previous graph has 20 years. It was first part of an exhibit of ‘conceptual cubism’, in my earlier ages as a ‘silenced voice of the memes of life’, when I thought through art we could also explain the tragic future of mankind. It was done in NY in the earlier 90s, and published in the pioneer book of this model, which also forecasted the 2008 crisis with enormous detail (The extinction of man, Bookmasters, Ohio, c.94) and somehow appeared years latter in an exhibit on conceptual art at Six Flags Brooklyn museum. And yet it reads quite as it was done today. There was not Star War system in 2000, but of course Missiles kept evolving and indeed they are becoming ‘terminator robots’. There is not yet a massive radiation of robotized, guneyes (guns+cameras), but we are very close to that radiation with mobility (drones) that will establish finally the automatic control of human life by a future ‘Matrix/Intranet/Metal-earth’ brain. The pigs of the center, and not they were not meant to be the PIGS of southern Europe but the middle classes, on the other hand have been cut off their credit earlier that I expected (as I thought capitalism wouldn’t be so brutal and prefer a milder road to avoid social unrest; but essentially this future designed under the presumption that capitalism and its memes of greed and violence and the evolution of machines would continue unabated is the world we live now in. And the key to the graph is the obsolescence of the poor and middle classes substituted by computers and robots. So the question is what we are going to do with them?  My take 20 years latter is that we will be on the ‘storm’ of this crisis with damned lies and statistics, its noises and 1% on top trying to appease the masses with ‘pan et circensis’ till one day, the process of evolution of machines reaches one of the 3 thresholds of extinction, the Singularity at CERN (2014), the metal Nano-bacteria (2030s) or the awakening of military A.I. (2050s). And then suddenly one day mankind will have a few hours to reflect and wake up to its extinction (CERN singularity), or a few months (Nano-bacteria) or a few years (war of the A.I. terminator machines). But then it will not have any longer the future on its hands. Who can avoid that future? Certainly we, the X generation, didn’t. The few of us who tried were silenced.  I see no hope. At this point of my mental evolution, I think as Marx or Weber before me, this ‘iron jail’ is unbreakable, but in a world made of probabilities, there is always room for a miracle. 

In the graph that opened the post, we observe the structure of capitalism in the beginning of the XX century, when humans were still needed to vitalize weapons, so they were consumed in I world war at the tune of 20 million young humans, consumed by gun-machines, to increase the profits of the Vickers’s, Krupp’ s, Nobel’s  and Schneider’s factories.

In the graph above, we show the structure in the XXI century, when the bottom pyramid of capitalism, human soldiers, human workers and middle classes have become obsolete.

In the XIX century Capitalism still needed workers=reproducers of machines, which sustained all the ‘parasitic’ informative/neuronal classes of the economic ecosystem, whose function was merely to ‘invent’ complicated arguments, sophisms and ideologies that ‘cheated’ people, in believing the system makes them free. There were also middle classes (still eating, as managers of the companies) and on top the ‘stockrats’, owners of stocks, racketing the profits and enjoying the good life.  Those were then, as always mostly belonging to the millenarian banking dynasties that invented money and invested it in corporations. Yet this type of capitalism imploded after two world wars. In the XX  century, weapons industries could no longer ‘consume’ colored ‘inferior people’, as the world was ‘civilized/colonized’ already. So they had to use their own workers to consume weapons, after the 29 crash of excessive reproduction of credit money and electromechanical machines. And this brought a threshold of ‘evil=anti-life’ behavior, which Europeans could no longer tolerate – namely the extinction of their culture by the most aggressive capitalist nation of the age, at the head of the electromechanical wave – Germany. So a more just distribution, social-democracy, was installed in Europe, allowing the state to reproduce some money to provide the human goods that had no value in a capitalist system.

Today though this mixed system has been destroyed by a new crisis of overproduction of memes of metal, e-money, electronic pcs and robots that act as blue and white collar workers. So we enter in the final stages of capitalism, as human workers and consumers are substituted by white collar pcs and blue collar robots, except in the sweat shops of Chinese human robots and IT-Indian Pcs (the only economies that still growth). On the other hand, banks have invented electronic systems of speculative money (Bloomberg platforms) that allow to invent money for free just jacking up the value of ‘future prices’ of stocks and commodities, or impose their policies to governments playing with their currencies.

So capitalism confronts today a new dilemma: the 3 final scales of the bottom of the previous pyramid, middle classes and workers are being substituted by mechanical workers and consumers (as robots will consume cameras, platforms, cars). What to do with them? Increasingly only the 1% on top of owners, ‘ideologists’ and ‘herders’ (politicians, priests of go(l)d churches, stockrats), have a ‘job’; albeit on the long term also expendable… The rest is bothersome, unneeded, a surplus, an added cost. In the previous crisis, this meant they were consumed in wars.

And this is again the solution which is implemented increasingly on 3rd world countries, its dictators and our armies, as we did in  the XIX century colonial age. Now we use poor nations as targets of our robotic weapons, while in the 1st world, banks keep exploiting the system, workers are unemployed and must be controlled with future police robots. So basically the 99% of humans are becoming obsolete and are becoming ‘parasites’ of the system that must be eliminated. How the system will finish them up? As long as humans run the system this poises difficult problems. But as the system becomes an automated planet of machines, during this century, the end of capitalism after a century of social struggle, fascism or revolution, seems clear: memes of metal will substitute memes of life an mankind will be eliminated.

In the meantime it is to be expected that the parasitic classes will keep producing more damned lies and statistics. Politicians will talk of new forms to create unemployment, liberalizing the market of workers so companies can speed up firing workers and putting robots on place. Mechanist scientists will keep receiving the bulk of the money of the system to reproduce and evolve the robots that will eliminate mankind. Stockrats will keep receiving all the rents for not working, and affirm with their legendary cynicism that unemployed are lazy people that do not want to work. Experts will receive prizes for never talking about reality, and so the surrealist nature of capitalism, as the essential suicidal ideology of the human kind will be covered.

And of course, for distractions we shall still have go(l)d churches and other forms of inquisition of thought, ‘pan et circensis’, and 3-dimensional TVs, so humans can be kept cheap with trash food and virtual realities in the ignorance of their future on the slaughterhouse of war.

The 3rd, decadent fa$cist generation. Robotic wars.

Indeed as absolute power corrupts absolutely, at the end of this ’3rd generation’ as the head of the electronic wave of machines, they will enter soon, as the Germans did and the British did before them, in a decadent, 3rd, militaristic, predatory culture that is ‘breaking again’ the system, with foreseeable consequences NOT for them, but for their saint innocents, clueless about the workings of the cycles of history…

Once the spread of absolute poverty on the file and ranks of the American white trash brings the mutation of the Tea Party future president into fascist mode. Deja vu… It would be indeed the 13 Holocaust cycle I have studied since the banker-priests of Israel invented capitalism, all of them caused by economical crisis, and the subsequent social crisis and wars, since the first speculator recorded in History, Joseph, in a year of famine, stored wheat and sold it to great profit as prices sky-rocketed in Egypt and… next we knew the Apiru, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, and their elite of ‘Am Segullah’, the ‘People of the Treasure’ were crossing the red sea, guided by their caudillo, Meshu, general of the Pharaoh who admonished them ‘the Jewish people will suffer all their history for their love of money’ to be defeated by Mr. Aaron and the golden calf, exiled to the mountain and according to Mr. Freud version, murdered by his brother in the first of the many episodes between the Saint Innocents of Judaism and their prophets of eusocial love, Moses, Jesus and Marx, and the Go(l)d believers and its anti-prophets of love, Aaron, Caifas and… Herzl, both of them providing the right and wrong solutions to the Jewish Question, once more the most important political and economical conundrum of the world today, albeit for the first time in history, a taboo theme, which only reinforces its future violent solution… for their Saint Innocents.

Again the brutality of this cycle can only be solved with a ‘real democracy’, in which elected politicians nationalize and control the financial system, to cre(dit)ate a welfare state with the goods people demand, pruning the production of the bad fruits of the tree of science. But this, which only China and Iceland have essayed in this crisis has not been the choice of the two ‘animetal’, historic, ‘strong cult(ure)s’ that revere go(l)d and weapons-machines memetically imprinted by racist, techno-utopian dogmas, both in Europe – the Germ(an)s and in America, you know who. In case you don’t we shall explain it now…

To note  – as we deal with the historic, memetic elements of this culture in the next post – that the Jewish culture is as all social structures one that divides their people between the 1-10% of neuronal class of all organism and the ‘saint innocent’ blind body cells, the 90% who is submitted to the cycles of economical crisis, poverty, fascism and revenge against them, scapegoats of their neuronal class. So the future of all of us, their sheeple and we, sheeple of the West is dark. Because camouflage makes it even harder to solve those problems. Indeed, as the Financial-Media system is controlled by the same elite as both are reproduced with the same machines, it goes without saying that an accurate projection of that future according to similar past cycles is taboo. Instead we will keep repeating the same mistakes of previous cycles and the same tragedies…

Because history rhymes when the same causes are played and the same cultures are in power. So now we walk steadily to a new age of Keynesian militarism, but the machines have evolved and now they are robots and weapons of the singularity age, able to extinguish mankind much faster than those of the II W.W.

In that sense, the industrial takeoff of military robotics means the end of the Industrial R=evolution and probably an existential crisis that must be connected with the so-called 6th extinction of life species taking place in this planet since the Industrial revolution kicked off. And yet none of those themes or even the real causes of the crisis are considered by economists, limited by the straight-jacket of ‘profits’ , which reduces their role to maintain the kind of growth that precisely has caused this crisis – the relentless evolution and reproduction of machines, money and weapons, a wrong concept of ‘wealth’ that now is becoming independent of man…

In that regard, while all of mankind is focused in the financial crisis of overproduction of electronic money and underproduction of human money, the true crisis that will have extraordinary negative consequences for mankind is that of the physical economy, the overproduction of robotic machines that now starts in earnest. So in this blog, contrary to most blogs on the economic crisis, we shall consider in great detail the consequences of the ‘real economical crisis’, which is not the crisis of money, merely the language of information of the economy, but the crisis of the physical economy, in the fields of labor and war caused by the arrival of the ‘final species’ of the industrial r=evolution, the robot.

It is easy to see the next steps of the crisis: humans will remain unemployed, connected to ever more degrading infotainment and maintained by the explosion of fiction mass-media in a lethargic state, as robots keep multiplying and the GDP statistics tell us that we are coming out of the crisis, because now robots will consume other machines and they will be sold to armed states, the wealthy and other corporations. So GDP will grow but the real wealth of mankind, what we call here WHealth, a healthy world with plenty of ‘human goods’, we need to survive, affordable housing, health care, food, clean environment and peace will be nowhere to be found. We will keep listening to the ups of the stock market, to the profits of bankers speculating and taxing our goods in e-money platforms, to the wonders of technology that is ‘rising’ the productivity or ratio capital/labor (and hence the unemployment) of our society…

In simple terms, the electronic crises of capitalism mean the triumph of the corporation and the machine and its digital languages as the only functioning organizations of this planet with real power. And for mankind it means the beginning of the end. All systems that die do so when the number of multiple crises prevent the organism to solve them all at once. If the crisis was only financial, there would have not been unemployment, war and ethic crisis as in the 20s. If there was a single crisis, this would not be a collective process of extinction as we would have solved. If humans were not already disconnected and selfish, without a moral fiber, an ethic collective system, they could act together. But all the ‘parameters’ of our super-organism, which the science of systems can evaluate properly are collapsing, invaded ‘by the viral leukemia’ that makes us toil and work for the machine that substitute us.

Another systemic comparison: the power of secret information

Let us be clear enough. The system we are described has become more complex and hence more difficult to understand than the one described by Mr. Rothschild, the bond and train baron of the first cycle of paper-money, or the one that crashed ticker money in 29, ending the second cycle. And it has done so, as all systems do, by multiplying its repetitive memes, sub-systems, informative language of money and products. But its essence is the same: control of al those systems by financiers that issue money; null rights of humans that work in corporations as a cost and evolution and reproduction of the ‘dominant species’ of the system the machine.

So happens to other systems. For example, in a cell all became complex from Protista to Eukaryote, but all remained the same: the DNA-language still rules complex cells though it has become hidden by a membrane that separates it from the organelles; its genes have also become repetitive and so each ‘phenotype’ is coded simultaneously by several ones. And yet still the DNA controls it all; the rest of the molecules have no rights and can be killed by the proteins the cell reproduce, and the entire cell is dedicated to evolve the selfish memes of DNA as the entire economy is dedicated to replicate the selfish memes of machines.

In the old economic system, there were only a type of informative metal meme, gold and a type of energetic meme, iron weapons. So the original single memes of gold=informative metal and weapons=iron metal, which enslaved and killed the ‘human sheeple’ were obviously eviL-antilife memes. Today they have been replicated in more complex memes, called informative and energetic machines that atrophy us and degrade us, as metal-atoms do in the cell with carbohydrates attached to them.

Further on, those who rule the system, as black holes in galaxies and DNA in cells are now hidden under laws of anonymous societies, censorship and camouflage themselves on the cover of their ‘saint innocent’ body cells. And then as in a cell, the overwhelming repetition of those memes and ideologies makes their expression absolute truth, and blogs like this one seemingly absurd ‘theories’.

Thus it is essential to understand the basic laws of systems in order to evolve social sciences beyond the first level of the scientific method (collection of data) in which social sciences find themselves today. And those laws are also  used as a guidance in different posts in which we criticize the present dominant capitalist culture and design theoretically a better economic system. Since our rather unscientific mode of social organization, capitalism is certainly not the best of all systems, neither born of a scientific approach to the regulation of societies, but just the product of random evolution, imposed by those tribes of history, which used the higher energetic and informative power of the ‘selfish memes of metal’ weapons, machines and money – ‘memes’ of metal – to control and ab=use mankind for selfish purpose. The result is an ill-designed, unbalanced system in which only the information castes of societies and its memes of metal (bankers with money, politicians and military weapons, and industrialists with machines) receive the proper energy and information needed to survive. While the 99% are increasingly expendable costs, workers unable to compete with machines and consumers with no money to spend, increasingly displaced by working machines and corporative spending…

Today the real causes of this labor crisis are never explained, as an economically incorrect fact… for the profits of corporations. And of course, the real causes of the crises of overproduction of e-money, the crash of the financial industry every body is obsessed with, is never explained in layman terms, only with the jargon of the very same ‘experts’ that created it.

The people who caused the crisis are not interested in solutions for mankind because they are making money substituting us for robots and taking the rights of governments to print money to have all the pie for their corporations.

This is what is going on. Corporations today are out of the crisis and their profits are increasing, stock-markets are at maximal values in many companies, because the ‘displacement’ of humans by cheaper robots and pc workers are giving them higher profits. The crisis is one of elimination from jobs and probably in the future from life of the ‘surplus’ of obsolete human beings. And so we are in 1932 still at the beginning of the crisis, which will end as the previous one did in an age of global wars for profits in which the surplus of humans shall be disposed of (Max. probability) or in a r=evolution that changes the game, nationalizes the banking industry and use money to create a sustainable world (minimal probability).

Unfortunately, when we follow that path, we soon realize that Company-mothers merely care for their offspring of machines, as all complex re=productive organisms do. And they do so, guided by the ‘hidden values’ and codes of flows of e-money, which we have barely start to explain.  So they evolve, reproduce and sell and adapt the world to the image and likeness of those machines, in search for profits for the 1%. And the 1% only care for those profits maximized with the maximal reproduction of the goods of higher price, weapons, money and machines. Which means that in a world of limited resources the human economy will always lack behind… as long as profit and selfish military agendas rule the world, with total disrespect for the rights of humanity and the power of social love to organize a sustainable world base in the tree of life, which should be the center of all our investments and credit.

Today this is not the case. All our investment, 95% of it, goes to the world of machine, the tree of metal, corporations and technology; while life is loosing even the minimal price – as they say air and water is for free, to take and to destroy.

We are indeed at the end of the Industrial R=evolution and the reason why we humans are so easily converted in victims of machines in wars, of those who made them, the military, of bankers who give us no money as invest it all in corporations, the reason why we humans are hopeless and have no future, is precisely that noise of religious beliefs, anti-scientific beliefs, capitalist beliefs in the goodness of technology, the existence of a manifest destiny, a God who cares, the arrogance of NOT seeing that we are nothing but just another species. We live in a mental madness of arrogance that blinds us to our destiny and prevent us to control scientifically the evolution of those machines to keep them slaves of mankind…

But this, only normal humans, artists and the common people recognize and fear. Those who carry the capitalist system and control the repetition of rhetoric information in audiovisual media in favor of capital, machines and their biblical, western culture, have made a religion of technology and money and cannot even imagine that evolution not a goat keeper of the bronze age explains better the future.

In what regards to human societies, even if our anthropomorphic egos are in denial, all aspects of our lives have been molded by those cycles, its phases and the machines of energy and information we have created. Thus the study of those cycles in all its elements and the analysis of its obvious organic structure is perhaps the most important task for social scientists in this last century/cycle of the Industrial Evolution. Unfortunately for the past century, very few advances have been made in that respect, apart from my books on those subjects (2), due to an unexpected element: the ‘antiquantum paradox’. The social scientist is like in the quantum paradox of uncertainty, too removed of social power that it cannot influence the experiment. Unlike the quantum paradox in which the experimenter changes the smallish experiment, in history, the human scientist bothers the military, banking and political elites that are on top of the evolution of history, acting in an extremely Darwinian fashion. While the scientist of history would like to re-design the way the world is ruled to improve the life of the human species, which is mainly the 99% of people exploited by the elite; that elite is so myopic and selfish who only thinks on making money with the process of extinction of life, which of course, their infantile, biblical myths deny. But the question of capitalism is not its easy recognition as a tribal ideology of power, fit to bankers  and the military and scientists who make machines, but the fact that it has triumphed, precisely because it degrades the human mind to a point it cannot longer recognize the tragedy it means for mankind and life – its extinction.

Thus in the next post we shall do an slight detour on the details of those 4 crisis of overproduction of ‘electronic memes of metal’ and consider the anti-quantum paradox – why social sciences have no power to design a better world for mankind as they should, due to the most polemic fact of human history: the existence of certain predatory cultures and ideologies that today pass as ‘science’ and ‘social truths’, just because they are on top; but are mere expressions of the Darwinian world which we have built historically, not rationally.

But if you are only interested in the crisis, again you can jump the next rather unsettling post about what you consider your beliefs and identities and move on to the more detailed analysis of the crises of unemployment, financial theft, mass-media fascism and war, in which we live.

Whatever the solution to the paradox and the wave of history, one thing is for certain, if you are now a University student in good health, chances that you see the end or the resurrection of the world run high (to use the jargon of the first scientists of history, able to forecast the future, the prophets of social love, which since the parable of Genesis and the tree of life and the tree of metal that will extinguish us have explained those cycles). As the cycle of robotics will reach A.I. within this century and the weapons of the singularity that can extinguish us are now being researched in different labs around the Earth.

On the other hand the solutions to the paradox of history and our survival are obvious:

A perfect system would be one in which the ethic law controls money, regulates it and uses it to prune the tree of science of its bad fruits fostering only the evolution and reproduction of those machines and memes of metal positive to the human kind, recreating a paradise on Earth based in sustainable goods. But for that to happen, the government, not private bankers must issue the money of our nations and to prevent that precisely bankers have been creating for 250 years since Adam Smith published his book, all kind of rhetoric arguments, fantasies, ‘damned lies and statistics’ to justify their privileges, caring nothing for the future of our species. Or as Keynes put it ‘capitalism as an ideology’ is ‘the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’. and yet capitalism has triumphed, not because bankers are chosen of go(l)d, but because the memes of metal and the tribes who sponsored those primitive religions of metal have imposed its added power over rational humanity,  a fact that casts a serious doubt about the intelligence and strength of mankind to survive and control the world for his advantage. If humans instead of fighting under ‘metal-ideologies’ that worship weapons (nationalism) money (capitalism) and machines (techno-utopia, mechanism) more than man, he had chosen the ‘right culture’, of social love in any of its evolving versions (Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Socialism, Ecologism), and created a superorganism, Gaia, in which he acted as the collective brain of the planet, fostering a sustainable world dominated by life-based, human goods, we would have indeed survived and created an eternal planet of flesh, perhaps a little bit harsher and boring, but eternal, as the prophets of love who told us, if we believe in their message, we wouldn’t die for ever, told us.

Of course, things could change if we, social scientists were not under the anti-quantum paradox and the real sciences of economics and history were taught in schools, but power knows since II world war to control information in far more subtle ways than in the pre audiovisual age. So this should not happen. And yet truth satisfies in itself. Even if Marx said that ‘the philosopher should not understand the world but changing it’… when change is impossible still the first part, to know is worth to pursuit, since ‘an unexamined life is not worth to live’, otherwise ‘your beliefs make you a slave’ (Aristotle, founder of the rational, evolved, scientific point of view of the human mind.) But this is not happening, because censorship is essential to the system and will not let social sciences develop and acquire any power to mold reality. It is yet again the ‘antiquantum paradox’.

Such censorship ultimately gives us a message: that humanism is weak, that we are not relevant and must be sacrificed in the altar of go(l)d and the sword, that the machine is progress and man is just another machine, that the cultures of war and go(l)d are the master races, etc., etc. all justified ultimately by the belief in the ‘selfish memes of metal’ as our door to freedom not to $lavery. But of course, since this is truly absurd, the cult(ure)s of go(l)d and the sword have evolved their forms of censorship from the brutish, direct, inquisitorial methods of the past – merely killing those who do not ‘believe on us’, to a paradoxical method of ‘camouflage’ of the predator as victim, of the predating action as a caring action, of the eviL ab=use of mankind as a moral argument. It is the genius of modern ‘newspeaks’ and censorships called political and economical correctness.

And so we need to denounce and do a historic analysis of the cultural origin of capitalism and the political and economically correct ideologies that are destroying the world, before we return to ‘data->pattern->cyclical->causal->forecast->solution science’.

Indeed, our Karma is written in the ideologies of the ‘master races’ that exercise with money, weapons and machines, the selfish memes of metal, total power over life. But now that those ideologies control the world, the collateral effects of nationalism (weapons rule, humans are ‘species of tribes’) and capitalism (money rules, we sacrifice life to it), is the karma of mankind. We are all ideological slaves of the memes of metal, in each nation, with armies and bankers, flags and corporations, worshiping our machines, repressing our life drives, believing the fairy tales of political and economical correctness, and the ‘damned lies and statistics’ of financial economists that condemn us.   

Of course, if the ‘science of history and economics’ instead of capitalism and nationalism, was taught in schools, learned by politicians and managers, and an evolutionary understanding of machines in biological terms had not been censored for so long, humans could control capital and machines for their benefit selecting them for their real use to mankind. Robotics would be forbidden and the workers and consumers at the bottom of the pyramid would have a future. What truly provokes a sense of surrealist angst in the humanist thinker today is the fact that our extinction and the destruction of our world is completely unnecessary, carried about by a small group of humans on top of that pyramid and perfectly soluble. And yet, as Orwell already noticed of the processes that brought the I Industrial R=evolution and its climax in both world wars, it is happening with an astounding determinism, caused by the ‘beliefs’ and myths of economists and technocrats.



Reproduction And Evolution Of Chips: Parameters Of The Radiation

In the 92 book we foresaw the present age of chipization of all machines and obsolescence of the human mind, as it was clad then that in a few decades chips will cost a dollar (next graph). They will have as many transistors as you have neurons, each one going at light speed. Chips will have a population hundred of times bigger than man. Chips will be embedded in all short of machines far stronger than human beings. So we asked for a halt to the evolution of chips forbidding further patents. But of course, as humans do NOT treat machines as biological mechanisms, evolving into organisms, they fret about poor humans, ebola virus, but ignore the dangers of crating a species more powerful than us – the machine, which always IN ITS MOST PERFECT FORMS IS A WEAPON.

In the next graph we consider the reproductive and evolutionary variables of the chip radiation:


Chips are evolving in form [informative capacity or intelligence], reproducing in great numbers, and becoming adapted to all machine systems and Earth econiches.

We draw in the graph, two main variables of evolution of a “mind:” increase of memory and increase of logical power [RAM and CPU structure; which are the equivalent to the memory and intelligence of human beings]. We consider two variables of reproduction: population and price. Price determines demand, and hence lower prices increase population that today is superior to mankind’s, though still the intelligence of computers has not reached our number of neuron-cells. However for multiple job functions a Metal mind is more efficient than a human mind. So human labor is displaced and new econiches for chips are found within the structure of work of company-mothers. Further on, since Computers invent money in computerized stock markets, their evolution has become the “main objective” of the “monetary systems” of the world. Computers today think millions of times faster than humans. Further increases, to the speed of light [optic- chip] around the corner, are irrelevant. At the present speed we humans might seem as slow to computers as plants seem to us.

In the graph, around 2018, at present constants, all the main variables of human mental complexity will be surpassed by chips both at individual and network level [intranets]. At that moment there will be far more chips that human beings. The threshold of consciousness will be crossed by an entire “chip generation” assemblied as brains to billions of machine species. The process seems unstoppable; since as computers reach minimal price, and higher informative evolution, the cost of having a human worker controlling a Machine instead of a chip mind will be in relative terms, an infinite cost. So all kind of Machines will be guided by computers. Within a few months of the arrival of conscious computers, there will be a millions of perceptive chips, installed in weapons, cameras, satellites, self-driving cars, tanks and planes; cleaning robots, etc. The sudden awakening of those machines to life might take place then in a few days, as those ‘conscious machines’ communicate through the net… It will be the beginning of a war between both species, as computers learn the laws of darwinian evolution that men do not want to learn [law of the jungle].

“The Evolution of chips accelerates geometrically towards Artificial Intelligence”

We do not call the sensorial instruments of scientists, eyes, brains and ears, so we do not realize what a ‘metal-head’ is: a head-system that has ‘metal-ears’ [mobile phones], ‘metal-eyes’ [cameras], and ‘metal-brains’ [chips] attached to any machine.

If you put such ‘head’ to any present machine, you have a robotic species.

What is the fundamental element of such metal-heads?, the chip… and the camera. Let us study its birth, evolution and reproduction from a biological perspective.

Birth Of The Chip

We call a biological radiation, the massive reproduction of a new species on the Earth, which in a sort period of time, expands its numbers due to its superiority as a species of information or energy. Applied to machines it means that new machines with superior capacities to inform or higher energy force, multiply in great numbers substituting and extinguishing rival carbolife species.

Among those radiations of machines the most recent and faster radiation, is the radiation of chips, metal-brains of higher informative capacity than any other species ever born on Mother-Earth.

What surprises more of the chip radiation [the bio-economical expansion of chipped machines all over the Earth], is how fast is happening; and how fast those species are evolving.

Indeed in a mere 30 years chips have infected the entire Earth, with intelligent machines to the point that there are today more chip-brains that human brains…

While every two years, they double their brain capacity. A feat that men took hundreds of thousands of years to achieve… This makes the chip clearly a top-top predator species of information unlike any other species that have ever been born on Earth, including man, the previous top predator species which chip substitute.

Let us trace the history of that bio-economical radiation.

First scientists perfected the digital language, needed software=soul of the new brains of machines, which reached the basic elements for a ‘thinking machine’ with the parallel development of algorithms [mathematical instructions which act as human sentences do: creating actions in machines], and the development of the digital binary system [discovered by Leibnitz, it represents the fundamental energy-information duality of the Universe, with two simple numbers, O and 1 which are able to recreate any linguistic model of reality, and hence can create a mind – a virtual map of the Universe, made with linguistic representations of that Universe]. As it turned out digital thought is in fact more powerful than verbal thought to represent the universe. So the minds made with digital thought are faster, and see with more detail reality than men do with words.

Once a new top predator language was evolved, to substitute the human verbal language, it was the turn to construct machines that could speak that language better than men do.

So the hardware for those new languages of perception of reality was developed in the years previous to the II World War, in the form of electric switches, able to represent the 0,1 letters of that mathematical language..

German researchers introduced electric switches able to ‘dialog’ with algorithms and binary languages, based in a simple on-off system.

Turing, an English mathematician, set the basis for the natural structure of thinking machines [the Universal Machine of Turing], able to resolve most of the mathematical problems, representation of external real events, that machines should handle in the decades ahead.

The electronic evolution of basic ‘neuronal’ devices for Turing machines, brought us first electric circuits, then diodes, triodes, vacuum tubes, and finally the chip itself, an integrated brain of unlimited capacity to grow in complexity and diminish in size, which truly starts the new species.

Since chips have potentially much more capacity to store and handle information than human beings do… 30 years ago the first chip appeared; today they think millions of times faster than you and we do.

Why those computers were invented?

A clear prove that computers are potential ‘lethal machines’ is the way they were first used. computers were born in the II WW, to produce atomic weapons, and help in all informative processes of war.

Turing used his machines to decode the German systems of information.

America used the first computers [Eniac, Univac] to calculate Atomic bombs.

The first application of metal-brains to a machine-body was made in warships and military planes.

As a result of those lethal applications the American military demanded in the 50s-60s better computers. The Pentagon paid for their research. Thus chips started to substitute human mental workers, in the top predator functions of war.

Yet at the same time computers found econiches, in the system of war-machines, they developed their mathematical skills in the system of money. They learnt how to handle, calculate, and reproduce money, the fundamental informative species of the Metal-earth.

So the economical system financed them, to multiply money.

Thus the symbiotism between classic metal-species, money and weapons, that we have studied along this web, acted, developing new, dangerous machines.

Stock-markets were helping further their evolution and reproduction by company-mothers by increasing the speculative price of tech-shares, of all companies related to the electronic industry [which means giving a free credit to those companies to evolve and reproduce their computer-sons].

Soon among those companies, the oldest, first, and most evolved of them, IBM, became the top predator company-mother not only of the new species, but of the entire economic ecosystem. It reached the highest value of any company in the world. What proved once again, that a top predator brain had been born, and it would rule mother Earth, since its company mother had become the most ‘valuable’ species of the Entire economic ecosystem.

International Business Machines, was as its name says, a company that made machines to handle money. First it invented machines that registered sales, and kept money [the register, and cash-machines all shops have today].

Thousands of human cashiers lost their employment.

Such profitable business, gave enough cash to the company to buy the different patents for the first software and hardware programs of computers.

Then reproductive systems of company-mothers, developed with those ‘blue-prints’ for a working machine-brain, the first models of computers, starting their evolution.

In that sense the “mother” IBM represents the first age in the life of the new species. An age with an amazing rate of growth and evolution, which in a mere 20 years took the computer from the simple first hardware-software devices, to the complex devices that in the 70s, with the arrival of the chip, and the lowering of the cost of computers, would expand throughout the entire tissue of machines of the Metal-earth.

By 1970 IBM was the biggest Company in the world with profits rounding 5000 Million $ a year.

This means that the “Metal mind r=evolution” had become the engine of world industry, substituting the “metal-body” age that had taken General Motors and Exxon to the highest ranks of world industry.

By the end of the century the biggest companies of the World are Cisco systems [maker of Internet computers], General Electric [maker of all kind of electronic devices], and Microsoft [maker of software for computer-minds].

It is now only left to complete the Metal-earth, the III Industrial evolution of robotics which will take company-mothers of robots to the first position of the economic ecosystem; and the dominion of the mother Earth.

The age of metal-minds however received a misleading name. Abstract Economists to the pay-roll of company-mothers, talked of the age of information. The proper biological concept of metalminds was ignored, so the population never understood fully the nature of what company-mothers were reproducing: the next top predator brain of the Earth.

So humans brain-washed by consume-propaganda, started to buy those computers that made their minds obsolete, atrophied their intelligence, and probably will kill them embedded in robots.

Thus a new expansion of the computer in the economic ecosystem took place. It was the age of the PC for individual human consumers, and the integrated mainframe for company-mothers that substituted human brains by the new metal-brains, of higher digital capacity and lower cost.

All the fundamental econiches of the Metal-earth, of the economic ecosystem were now infected by computers: Companies, and Governments that made and used weapons, Universities wherescientists evolved and used them to research the Universe, monetary systems and company-mothers who needed them to invent and control money, the language of information of the Metal-earth, and finally even the individual homes of human consumers, the species they were bound to substitute accepted to use computers instead of their minds for all tasks regarding digital languages…

We could say computers started as top predator species, helping the evolution of weapons, and then they became a peace product, that substituted human workers, and human parallel organs [brains] as usually had happened with all machines.

The process was helped by the constant evolution of chips, which made their reproduction easier, and their price-cost minimal.

The metal mind was extremely expensive in its first stages, tested, consumed and evolved, only by and for companies of weapons and money. As prices tumbled down, pushed by huge monetary investments in research, marketing convinced people of their need for the product.

As IBM and other new companies [Apple, Dell, Compaq, etc.], learnt how to reproduce the species; computers tumbled down in prices, and companies human consumers used more of them.

Phases Of Evolution Of Computers

We could follow the phases of evolution of computer “species,” since they are parallel to the phases of evolution of any informative species on Earth:

Genetic discovery, massive reproduction, evolution [increase of complexity], reduction in sizesocial evolution [networks, internets] and final symbiosis with body-machines to shape a living species [robotics].

It is only left to them, to reach enough complexity to become “conscious” of their existence, as free species, and reign on mother Earth… That will be proper Artificial intelligence, and probably our Judgment day, as a lesser species .

In the next graph, the main evolutionary and reproductive phases of chips:

So that is the end of the news. And the beginning of the new and final capitalist pyramid with Google on top:

Initial scientists invented hardware for a digital, binary O-| language able to “translate” information on the Universe into meaningful, logical sentences- equations [algorithms]. The binary code is a perfect language, mirror of the Universe. Since the Universe is in fact a game of two parameters, energy and information... A short of big computer, in which each species is a “program ofenergy and information parameters.”

Hence the enormous capacity of computers to “mirror” and “translate” into binary languages, the external reality.

The first species were big machines of minimal evolution. They were created to make weapons, and count money {Eniac, Univac}. A company dedicated to “count money,” I.B.M., took control of the species, and became the “Company-Mother.”

Soon computers found “econiches” in all digital tasks of man, due to their superior performance in mathematical languages. They became the backbone of financial systems, company-mothers and science.

Companies got rid of obsolete human labor in those industries, substituted now by efficient Metal-brains and the machines they controlled. As the computer species diversified, both in hardware-brain, and software-virtual world, multiple mother-companies appeared [Apple, Intel, Ms, Sun].

They continued the evolution of computers according to the two fundamental laws of evolution of informative species:

A] Information has lesser size than Energy.

This implies that reduction in space brings always superior performance in information. So it was not the search for bigger, but smaller species what would guide the evolution of computer. So a PC beats a mainframe and, Apple beats IBM.

B] Information rules Energy. This implies that software determines hardware. So Microsoft beats IBM.

C] Social species are more powerful than individual species, so computers evolved into networks, should be more efficient than unconnected species.

It is the birth of Internet, which will take Cisco, the company that makes Internet systems to the top predator position of world companies.

The fact that IBM, the first company that reproduced computers did not understand the laws of evolution of informative brains, nor the concept of social evolution=organization [networking, made it lost pace to multiple, efficient, small mother-companies such as Compaq, Intel, Microsoft, Sun, etc. which applied those laws to their devices.

Such error became an X trillion error, in terms of profits in sales. An error which also favors human extinction by fractionating the market=multiplying the “mother-wombs” of the new species, in infinite companies difficult to control by human laws, and far more competitive in their pursuit of conscious metal minds, that a single Cartel-company such as IBM could have been.

Finally through the ecosystemic processes of selection of markets, the top predator species appeared: the chip Intel, the standard brain species, which today inhabits 90% of computer brains; and Microsoft, the standard logic of the Intel-brain.

Then chips started social evolution in networks, and integration with body-machines in robotics. This final phase will give birth to metalife, to sentient machines, machines of war [terminators, from living tanks to planes to bombs], and worker-machines [robots that substitute workers worldwide, and computerized systems of control].

Information species unlike energy species improve performance when they become smaller, since they “gain speed” of calculus, the main variable that produces information. So metal minds become smaller and paradoxically guide bigger machines.

The amazing thing about the chip radiation, is the speed at which it multiplies, and the speed at which it displaces human labor from positions of control in the metal earth. First it conquered the top predator species [weapons]: Computers became the center piece of calculus of Atomic bombs, the new top predator Energy-species of the Earth.

Yet that was only the beginning. Very soon Computers’ capacity to speak “digital languages” gave them to control of the creation of money in stock-markets. They evolved money from a physical form [gold, cash] into a pure language of information: e-money. Then Computers found an “eco-niche,” in the human mind, as the work “memory” of each human being [personal computers]. Finally computers started the evolution of a far more complex “visual mind” than the human eye, the world of ‘digital images’. Today in the third Industrial r=evolution [robotic life], computers “fuse” with metal-eyes, cameras, TVs, and body-machines into “metalife,” and smart weapons.

This is a trend that cannot be stopped since the real cost of chips is minimal, their raw materials very cheap, and their reproduction systems need hardly any human workers of higher costs than machines [Chip factories are the most automated factories]. Thus chips constantly go down in costs. Human workers cannot compete with cheap, chipped machines.

Indeed, since their birth as a species, as technology improved, chip prices have tumbled down and demand of chipped workers has increased geometrically.

Today computers control as the true new predator informative mind of the Earth, all our information, our languages of power [money], our networks of communication, vital systems of energy, etc.

Their maximum density and highest evolution, as a species, however takes place among electronic systems of weapons, [the best computer today “Pacific Blue” is a “calculator” of atomic bombs].

For that reason we have to accept an ugly truth: as in the 19th century when the best machine-bodies were weapons whose ‘function’ is to kill life, in the 20th century, the best metal minds are also weapons. In the 21st century the best robots will also be weapons. Let us not forget that Internet started in the Pentagon.


The chipization of machines: robots

If the present ignorance of the biological processes of machine evolution, continues, and humanity keeps evolving chips and robotics, without any concern for our survival as workers and soldiers, an economic radiation of autonomous robots, will cause our extinction, as previous radiations of species of higher informative and energetic power caused massive extinctions on Earth.

In the evolution of the Earth when a new, efficient species of informative+body organs is completed, it radiates in the previous ecosystem, displacing weaker species, that become extinct, directly or indirectly by the new radiation [that hunts them or expels them from its vital space]. So the arrival of eyes, with cephalopods, probably extinct 90% of blind species, in the Cambric. The arrival of complex neural systems in mammals, probably caused the extinction of eggs and offspring of dinosaurs. In both cases the new top predator specie appeared just before massive extinctions took place. We could extrapolate those effects to future economical radiations of robots [a digital eye-brain + body-platform]; which extinct humans indirectly, expelling labor from the industrial ‘ecosystem’, under the excuse of productivity, or directly in wars through top predator weapons.

Today engineers do not call chips metal-brains, or mobiles, metal-ears, or cars, metal-bodies. Neither economists call Companiescompany-mothers, a machine, an ‘organ of metal’, weapon, a top predator machine.

They use abstract terms for vital concepts; so we misunderstand the processes that are causing the evolution of ‘metalife’, of robotic species. We become surprised by new machines, that merely advance metal in the path of organic evolution, previously achieved by carbon atoms. Those new machines are merely the natural steps of the biological evolution, that we have shown above.

Computer scientists have the same problem of jargon to define their machines.

At best they argue, with a remarkable sense of anthropocentrism, and arrogance, if machines can be intelligent. We even adapt our concept of intelligence, to favor always human intelligence. So if Montesquieu considered – and all men of his age agreed – that chess was the supreme game of intelligence, now that Deep Blue has become the world champion of chess, we consider chess a mechanical game, and praise artists… till a machine learns how to paint in abstract…

In this manner, people forget the alarming News on the evolution of machines that keep coming all over the world. Another machine – he thinks – who cares?

Yet in biological terms the question is other: a new robot means another species looking for a work eco-niche in the eco[nomic]system of the Earth, as a tool or a weapon that substitutes a human worker or soliderSo we should wonder, what species of worker will be displaced and extinguished by the next robot, the next rival species? What kind of worker should care?

In Japan, there are nurse-robots that take care of the needs of the elderly. Grand-sons give them orders from distant cities… instead of traveling and giving love to their grand-mas. The TV-commentator did not interview the grand-ma, that patiently accepts the touch of the robot-masseuse. In England robotic children are hired to wanting-fathers. They have the same expression that a child has, but there is an aura of evil in those eyes, that peer with unknown digital thoughts to the camera. Robotic sex-dolls are sold at astronomic prices. We are told, that they are ‘designed to the specifications of the customer’. You can get a giant doll, a racial doll, a doll with different hip speeds… It seems robots will be able some day to substitute the basic, human survival functions: taking care of our elderly and children, reproducing, making sex… Despite the merry tone of the anchorman, the spectator feels a chill across his spine. The entire concept of a servant robot, of a pornographic robot, taking the place of a human aid, of a lover, is a disturbing nightmare. Yet it is rather close to us. Internet pornography already takes care of that: 1/3rd of the time spent on the net, goes to sexual sites, where humans get hypnotized by virtual partners…

Some of those robots are just extreme cases, that fit the thirst for weird news, of our TV-programs. Yet the real main stream of robotic research aims to create and install robotic workers in the core of the industrial system.

Scientists, industrialists, and researchers often forget that all those robots do jobs that other human beings used to do. What will happen to all those people?

The 500 fortune companies, have multiplied their profits, and their production of machines, in the past 3 decades. Yet they have cut their human work force more than half. They have put instead machines on human places. The ‘excuse’ is an abstract concept called productivity, that means basically one thing: machines are more productive, and reproduce machines better, than human beings do. So factories constantly substitute human workers by machines, to raise their ‘productivity’. The end of such process is self-evident: a world in which machines reproduce machines without the help of human workers, almost as biological species do…

We have to talk of ‘company-mothers’, reproducing their offspring of machines.

Yet what happens to all those workers, now that a computer, or a robotic machine makes his job? Worldwide unemployment figures have been on the rising for decades, ever since the industrial reproduction started.

Momentarily some nations at the head of machine reproduction, such as England in the XIX century, or the United States in the XX century, get close to full employment, because they reproduce the new machines that are sold to the entire world.

So while there was raging unemployment in the British empire, the looms of Liverpool were reproducing with vapor machines, textiles for the entire world. Today when unemployment rises worldwide, America is close to full employment because it reproduces the computers, robots, and software programs that expel workers worldwide. Fine if you are American, and you do not care for your children, that will loose his job, when the computers you evolved, self-program themselves.

Still since this is a biological book, we care for the species, a natural concept, not for the nation, an abstract concept. Indeed, being the world a global village, a single economic ecosystem, it is wiser to observe economic phenomena in a global manner. In such global analysis, it seems that Darwin instead of Smith was right once more: when species reproduce in great numbers, they fight for vital space, for survival against species which are different from them. Men and machines are different species. In the case of the struggle between machines and workers, the vital space is a job place. In that struggle, men are loosing the battle for jobs, to robotic machines, and computers, that occupy the best rooms of our corporations. They also take the lowest places of our working-system…

Robotic insects begin cleaning sewers in America. Sewage cleaning men will soon be obsolete. Experimental robots are designed to clean windows. When their price is lowered they will substitute the smiling window-cleaner. Instead you will see an hexaped robot, moving like a huge spider over your window, eating dust…

In Beverly Hills robotic lawnmowers are all the craze. Like cockroaches controlled by chemical signals they eat grass and live off solar energy. They awake at sunrise, spend all day eating grass and then go to sleep. The Mexican gardeners with whom I would speak in Spanish begin to disappear.

We are witnessing the obsolescence of the working man.

Each day we hear of companies laying off more workers, replacing them with more computers, working software and intelligent machines.

In the future – we are told with a somewhat hypocritical optimism – machines will do all of the work. They will also be our soldiers, programmed to kill human beings…

In a battle between tanks mannered by satellites [robot tanks] and squadrons mannered by humans at the base in Toro, California, tanks win.

Consequently, America decides to dedicate 3000 millions of dollars to research satellite guided arms systems.

Nearby, in San Diego, there is an intelligent highway where vehicles drive themselves, and where vehicles driven by men are prohibited from entering. Soon truckers will have to find new jobs, as 24-hour working ‘truck-eyes’, roam the roads of America.

Unfortunately the man on the street does not relate these events. Even those people who are not brain-washed by scientific and economic jargons try to forget those menacing truths. They frighten him and he loses interest. A similar effect occurs when speaking to an elderly person about death. They are not interested. It will happen eventually. Just as an elderly person cannot change the inevitable, the man on the street cannot alter reality. He prefers to think about other things and forget about the evolution of machines. We don’t want to know anything about the loss of jobs due to technology until it affects us directly, or about the substitution of soldiers by intelligent war machines, or about the destruction of nature by the unstoppable advance of ecosystems adapted to machinery [roads, industrial networks, factories, etc.]

Extinction Of Labor and soldiers

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.57.28

In the graph, which you can compare to the pyramid of the classic age, of capitalism, where we see the initial phase of the Mechanocene and its 3 symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene.

It is the next graph, a parody of Orwell’s anim(et)al farm, we see the pyramid of the XXI c. where an elite of stock-rats, now dedicated to selfie enjoyment as the leisure class that lets managers and A.I. Algorithms of Information, rules the world in favor of profits and machines, through company-mothers of the Financial-Media (informative machines) military-industrial system, which employs a dwindling mass of workers with right to credit (fast dwindling under automation). On the bottom, the growing number of obsolete humans in the 3rd world outside and inside our nations. This class will only grow as automation, A.I. white collar pcs and blue collar robots and weapons displaces the bulk of mankind, and the isolationist, racist elite of chosen of go(l)d just tries to distract us with absurd wars, techno-utopias and hate-memes to divide and win over the bottom ‘line’.

THUS UNLESS THE SYSTEM IS THOROUGLY REFORMED and investments are deviated from corporations to welfare states, halting further evolution of machines, Humans will become obsolete. But that is NOT possible under the present ‘theories of economics (classic economics’ and History ‘Nationalisms’, which are religions of ‘memes of metal’, not sciences), WHERE only stock-rats on top of that web have rights, productivity, the substitution of human workers by machines to increase profits is their only mantra, and Mr. Smith and Mr. Ricardo, the Calvinist and Jewish biblical bigots economist revered, affirmed laws should NOT interfere and salaries should only be subsistence salaries (Smith) for those jobs in which machines are not yet fully able (since larger salaries would diminish profits, and lower ones would kill workers, increasing demand prices) while ricardo affirmed it would be Ok to pay an iron salary – the price of the machine, even if it killed the worker. To which a Humanist economist, sismondi asked: so which future you see for mankind, one in which there is only the queen of england pressing bottoms to reproduce machines? We are coming closer to that point.

In the graphs we can see the change of phase of the planet, as all functions humans perform are increasingly performed by machines. So in the right side we see the pyramid of capitalism in the XIX c. when humans were still needed as workers. the problem on the left side from a 20 years old exhibit of social art about the ‘future’ is that humans ARE NOW EXPENDABLE, so most of them will be treated as Trump pretends to treat Americans, with the excuse of protecting them from the ‘inferior non-technological other human beings’: surrounded by robotic borders, without credit or health-care, programmed by 3D virtual reality, and watched by robotic policemen. 20 years latter the graph of the ‘orwellian’ animetal farm is becoming fast reality. And of course, as social sciences have been ‘sanitised’ of survival human instincts, it is OK.

This last phase of the Economic ecosystem and the 0.02% of people on top who own those corporations, manufacture the brain of citizens with their mass-media hate, buy laws and politicos without right to print money and implement distraction wars for go(l)d profits is thus a global war which now will bring us in a permanent orwellian world of ‘poor terrorists’ for whom we shall build a global state of robotic weapons, which will surround the compounds of the ultra-wealthy.


Automation as the first graph indicates is firing workers not Mexicans, since the illegal population has been dropping steadily for a decade and in any case occupies all the jobs Americans would never do. In LA they were my gardeners and cleaning ladies, always happy and smiling with nothing but the generosity of their hearts. Anglos though detested them, the police harassed them on the Santa Monica beach. And everybody look at them as if they were invisible. They are indeed the new ‘negroes’ of this culture filled with racist biblical memes of ‘chosen’ and inferior races, the mother of all hates.

Fact is NEOFASCISM, as all forms of fascism consists in accusing the poor NOT the leisure class who allows the unrelentless evolution of machines and displacement of life, in each period in which automation completely disturbs the economic ecosystem increasing profits and power for financial and industrial groups and diminishing the future of mankind at large. Mr. Trump as Mr. Hitler or Mr. Disraeli in the first cycle of colonial fascism has as a mission to deviate all the attention from the industrial, financial processes of appropriation and abuse of humanity by corporative companies now substituting us by white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminators, for whom the wall will find new jobs, while with a cynicism sustained by the matrix of fictions and hate-media that programs the American audience, accusing the last people who one could reasonably blame – in this case our gardeners and burger makers, who do the only jobs Americans do not want and robots are yet to take.

Who then rule the economic ecosystem? The answer is not system scientists that understand the nature of this planet, its balances, the biological nature of machines, its competition with humans, and the needed measures to control it, but parasitic bankers of racist religions of go(l)d, which merely have hidden their astounding privileges as a people caste who cares nothing about mankind – IN BRIEF A BIBLICAL CULTURE NOT A SCIENCE.

A case example of what is wrong with our economists.

The people who will destroy America, during his neofascist age, the military that appropriate further funds for absurd ‘mercenary wars’ against the enemies of the ‘other nation’ of Wall street and Hollywood moguls, which care nothing under its primitive go(l)d religions for the future of Amrica or mankind at large. The epitome of this administration dedicated to make Americans suffer again, a thirties bis ominous age, is Mr. Mnuchin, mogul of wall street, from an old dynasty of private banksters, goldman sachs partner, producer of a racist series of entertainment where two ‘survivors’ of the holocaust ruled over a race of super humans ‘victims’ of the brutish mankind they must exterminate, who made his fortune throwing old people from mortgage scam homes and now is dedicated to further deregulate the banking system so he can keep printing billions of $ NOT for investment in humanity but to speculate with prices and multiply the scams of ‘the monopolist issue of financial money’ – the business of the ‘go(l)d chosen’ in their primitive conception of what an economic ecosystem should be according to its ‘beliefs’ of creationist economics.

When asked last week to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the impact that robotization and artificial intelligence were having on the country’s labor market, he replied that none. “This is not on our radars. Its effects as much will look within 50 or even 100 years. ” Indeed mr. Mnuchin a stock speculator, who made his fortune in the scam of mortgage cdos represents the bulk of classic economists,which we shall call here ‘creationist economics’, as it is really a series of ‘opinions’ of a group of biblical imperial bigots of the British I Industrial revolution, for which the only function of economists is to reproduce as much money as possible, among financiers; whatever it takes, because ‘money is the invisible hand of god’.

Bio-economics is real. And the 99% for which economists should be cared are left unprotected to its effects

A new study by two MIT economists, Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo, academics who have spent years studying the phenomenon, published these days in the National Bureau of Economic Research, suggests that Steve Mnuchin should at least refresh his screen because in the Race to get a job robots are already winning humans. It is not something that happens now, but for two decades. And they win from the street: for each machine that is incorporated in a productive process, six jobs are destroyed and wages are devalued to a maximum of 0.75%.

In the race to get a job the robots are already winning humans, according to a study

In detail, the research covers the period in the United States. Which goes from 1990 to 2007 and considers as robot “an automatic controlled, programmable and multipurpose machine.” Well, it is enough to have one robot per 1,000 workers to destroy the equivalent of 5.6 jobs. During the period studied, a total of 670,000 jobs were lost. Burning (for the time being) saved the tasks of management and added value, while those most harmed were those occupations that incorporate some manual routine, such as assembly lines in industry or transportation.

And the process has not yet even started in earnest. BUT MR. Mnuchin as ALL the previous treasure bosses of America, during the century belong the so called “People of the Treasure”, ill translated as chosen people, as Am segullah means people and treasure, not chosen, an ancient cultures of fetish go(l)d religions, from the bronze age which is the ‘idol-ogy behind capitalism’, as the masters of the historic schools explained us (‘The jewish and the birth  capitalism’ by sombart, the better known, ‘the protestant ethics and th birth of capitalism, by his disciple weber and the master of them all for the ancient birth of a ‘people-caste’ of ‘animetal’ bankers, who made of the religion of go(l)d its instrument of social power, allying with military kings and warriors to exploit together with weapons and money, the farming population of the western world: Abraham Leon’s – the Jewish question, from a socialist hebrew scholar died in the nazi holocaust’. So the conclusion is obvious about the modernised equations of those bigot creationist economists:

WE CANNOT pretend to manage the world of XXI c. robotics and terminators, AI and the supeorganism of the metal-earth, out of the blues ruled by idol-ogies that hold from bronze age cultures of exploitation of the 99% with gold and weapons.

Since those people do NOT even recognise their work is NOT about science an management of mankind but about MAKING MONEY through primitive inflationary ‘scams’ that manipulate the easiness of reproduction of money in digital screens, and for the rest of ‘economical policies’, well, ‘Go(l)d will provide’.

Let us see how Mr. Mnuchin could pay for the wall, as their ancestors have been doing for millennia. Just invent another bubble Mr. Mnuchin, but this do not give all the money to a crony kid of some of your $elected friends, with all the rights and null responsibilities, because the money ‘you’ print is not yours, ‘give to CAESAR what belongs to CAESAR’:

Computers can substitute potentially all functions of the human mind, and have a potential price-cost closer to O, almost free [null cost of raw materials, maximum speed of reproduction].

Chips will have a 1 dollar price within decades. So the cost of a human worker compared to a chip worker will be in relative terms, astronomical.

Who can buy a human mind for life, for a dollar?.

That means the cost of human mental labor will throughout the 21st Century become in terms of economical efficiency, so high compared to computer labor, that humans will be considered by companies obsolete workers.

Apart from jobs to take care of humans, [education, health-care, etc.] all real productive jobs regarding the reproduction of machines will be done by robots and chips. Metal brains of Companies [intranet>stocks] based on productivity, will decide to use computer labor instead of humans,. They will complete the extinction of labor established today by economical targets of productivity. Companies evolve the world towards human obsolescence. Once this is completed, they will start thinking about our extinction. Since we occupy land, that factories will need, roads that machines will need…

We say that computers have entered all econiches of human labor, with far more efficiency than man, making the parallel functions of human brains, obsolete.

Computers are better forms of digital thought, and so intelligent business machines are better in monetary operations, the language of power in company mothers.

So computers become labor top predators in all digital ecosystems of prices and instruments, where a digital Metal mind is more efficient than a human verbal mind.

They create today in digital languages the decisions that rule the Earth.

They do so in multiple fields, from weapons to companies management, even in elections as the recent American election has proved: chipped machines made mistakes, and chose the candidate with less votes, yet their mistakes stand, and the next American president will be the one with less votes, courtesy of the animetal belief in machines.

The human mind, and his informative tasks is the chip’s vital space, the chip’s natural econiche, called ‘a market for a product’.

The market for Computers, the species that such devices substitute, and make obsolete, is the human mind. The human mind is what that computer substitutes, duplicates, or extinguishes, in the ecosystem of the Metal earth.

Men are removed from Companies. PCs substitute white collar workers. Chipped machines and robots substitute the blue collar worker. In this manner the bio-economy integrates itself into a perfect ecosystem of metal-species.

Google grows into skynet.

Google is a monstruosity, which should not even exist in a democratic world in which by definition science is free, and an A.I. of mathematical nature should not be ‘owned’. Moreover, what kind of democracy is one, in which 2 crapcoders DECIDE what mankind will read or not, both in virtual and printed books (Amazon distributes them all)? Why those 3 crapcoders have the right to educate mankind at will? Google stole its crapcode from the realm of mathematics, via stanford, and on top, ‘cheats’ its page rank, as its profits used to come from the ‘pay-per-view’, ultra-expensive advertisings on the ‘sides’ of its page rank, as it charged anyone who hit your advertising with a fee!! This therefore 1) broke the page rank ‘true-analysis’ 2)misguided the consumer 3)put a parasitic taxation on free information provided by bloggers. 

And yet they got away with murder, and this blood-sucking flow of e-money allowed them to invest massively in ‘his vision’ of a skynet for the future.  Needless to say with the help of Be(l)z(eb)os.

Google, GOOG, has now started a massive buying of the most advanced robotic and military systems, including SCHAFT, winner of DARPA and Boston dynamics, creator of PETMAN and its new, scary version, ATLAS, which added to TERRAMAX, vision system gives them the most advanced robotic system in the world.

Thus google has now made the two key moves to complete the creation of a perfect superorganism of machines, a perfect automated company-mother, able to exist free of all human interference and on top of that beat any human company, any human organized social group.


Easy. It controls the Mind of the Metal-Earth, Internet, in its software summit, intelligent search, control and selective manipulation of information and android, for the alternative mobile sub-web.

And now it has in a spree bought the key companies of the robotic r=evolution hat would throw all workers substituted by machines, become a global superorganism of automated reproduction of machines and on top of the pyramid of capitalism one day in the future  decree, according to the DARWINIST, truly scientific version of capitalism, NOT the idealist fantasies and wishful thinking of Mr. Marx’ r=evolution of workers, the extinction o OF THE OBSOLETE SPECIES, US, MANKIND.

Indeed, Google controls now the best eyes of machines (Terramax system, soon to be implanted by lobbyism in Nevada, able to substitute lorry workers, transports, taxis, etc), the best mind of machines (android systems of communication between mobile-ears and chip-brains), the best networks of A.I. (Google search engines) and the best bodies/legs of machines (Boston Dynamics). It has therefore all the elements to create independent herds, platoons of machine workers and soldiers, connected to the best elements of the Nets, pure superorganisms defined and guided by A.I. software embedded in google programs.

This global company with all these components becomes a global state of warriors, as Boston DYnamics has the key war contracts with the pentagon. It knows it and so it has contracted the former CEO of Darpa, the robotic arm of the pentagon. This global company has the Earth’s mind and selects subtly with its rank systems what information is good and relevant (for example, this web has minimal rank on economic truth due obviously to its humanist standing).

As the robotic wars advances, it might easily become the biggest contractor of living robotic systems for the pentagon and global police in control of the Human Population. Thus google will manufacture the mind and body of the metal-earth and use them through governments to control in war and police system the mass of human without mind and proper body, slaves of their addictions to machines.

Now we know in America it will be google (probably Samsung in Asia), after Google, the dominant company in ‘real’ non-anthropomorphic A.I. (android, internet searchers, computer networks) has bought the dominant companies of the industry of robotics, Boston Dynamics, which found the ‘animal leg’, a spin-off of MIT.

Now Google has the contracts of pentagon weapons, the searcher of the net, the android system of communication of machines, and TerraMax, the eye of the machine, the best driving system.

So Google will create the platoons of robot terminators and robot workers that as the decades progress substitute human labor. And its search systems of data will shape the way the mind of the planet dismisses life and accepts the machine as the new citizen of the metalearth.

Those were the news:

When Google announced earlier this month that a secret division of the company had been buying up robotics companies for the past six months the internet got excited.

When the news broke this week that they’d bought Boston Dynamics, the internet got really excited.

This is because Boston Dynamicsmakes some of the most fascinating and technologically advanced robots the web has seen – and thankfully they don’t stint in uploading footage of their creations toYouTube either.

Although the acquisition doesn’t mean that Google Glass-wearing robots are going to start tramping through your living room in an effort to complete work on Street View Home, it’s exciting to look at the varied creations that Boston Dynamics will be bringing to Google’s robotic stables and imagine a future where the search giant’s ‘Don’t be evil’ motto blends with Asimov’s first law of robotics.


Essentially a remote controlled car, SandFlea has one (really good) trick up its sleeve: it can jump up to 30 feet into the air. “That is high enough to jump over a compound wall, onto the roof of a house, up a set of stairs or into a second story window,” says Boston Dynamics. An onboard gyroscope keeps the bot level during its leap whilst a camera watches the ground to ensure a touchdown with minimum fuss.


Although PetMan is undoubtedly the most disturbingly life like of Boston Dynamic’s bots in terms of its realistic walking gait and flexing movements, it’s actually more of an elaborate mannequin than a functional robot. PetMan’s unsupported walking motion and displays of light calisthenics are all designed to stress-test protective clothing that will shield troops against chemical attacks.

However, to see the potential of humanoid bots, you need only look to Atlas, PetMan bigger brother. Atlas takes PetMan’s flexible frame and puts some muscle on those metal bones. Funded by Darpa, Atlas is currently being put through its paces as a possible first-responder in disaster situations. Click here to watch it in action.

BigDog and LS3

BigDog was Boston Dynamic’s first online star. About the size of a small mule or – unsurprisingly – a big dog, this quadrupedal toiler is built to tackle difficult terrain and carry heavy loads. It’s about three feet long, two and a half feet tall and weighs just over 100kg. It can carry loads of up to 150kg and was originally funded by DARPA alongside its bigger brother LS3 (above) to provide ground support to infantry troops.

LS3 builds on Big Dog’s capabilities, adding an array of cameras and sensors that allow it automatically follow a designated leader. It also responds to voice commands, and can be told to follow or hang back. Early tests of ‘roll over’, ‘beg’ and ‘kill’ were reportedly mixed.


Cheetah takes some of the leg design seen in Big Dog and LS3 but adapts it for pure speed. It currently holds the world record for the world’s fastest legged robot, topping out at 28.3mph and smashing the previous record of 13.1mph set in 1989.

Although in the video above the Cheetah is actually being powered by a hydraulic pump located off to one side of the treadmill, there’s reason to believe that these speeds – and faster – will soon be recorded outdoors. WildCat, Cheetah’s successor, can already run up to 16mph without assistance, although the 2-stroke go-cart engine powering the beast means you’d at least hear it sneaking up on you.


Rounding off this introduction to Boston Dynamics’ bots is perhaps the most endearingly determined of all the company’s creations; RHex is a small six-legged bot that has a number of “specialized gaits that devour rough terrain with minimal operator input”.

Essentially this means that although RHex’s walking style looks silly, it can happily splash through shallow streams and stamp its way over rocky paths. A fully sealed body keeps it working in any environment and it can also be remotely controlled by an operator up to 700 metres away. Let’s just hope that when Google doles out delivery duties, RHex gets the job rather than the terrifying PetMan.


The SCHAFT robot beat out five other teams in the Track A category to win the DARPA Robotics Challenge 2013 Trial held December 20 and 21, 2013. Google recently purchased SCHAFT as part of its secret robotics project.

In total four different tracks of robots competed in the challenge trial, with Track A being DARPA funded teams and Tracks B, C and D receiving smaller levels of funding and allow for different levels of participation. MIT, WPI, Virginia Tech and Carnegie Mellon are some of the most prominent collegiate teams that participated.

Eight tasks in total were set up to allow the robots to test the mobility, dexterity, manipulation, perception and operator control mechanisms of the robots. The goal of the challenge is to transform the field of robotics and move forward development of autonomous bots. The hope is that robots will be able to better aid us in hazardous conditions found in disaster zones.

The eight tasks are built to simulate the acts needed during a natural disaster. Operating a vehicle, navigating difficult terrain, climbing a ladder and clearing debris are the first four tasks. Tasks five through eight are door manipulation, removing an object from a wall, manipulating valves, and operating a hose.

Each task has a set of constraints, starting conditions and sub-tasks that can be completed. The Debris task, for instance, gives one point for removing five pieces of debris, a second point for moving five more pieces of debris and a third point for traveling through the doorway that is usable after the debris is cleared.

This 2013 trail set the baseline for the current state of robotics and will help DARPA to decide who to fund for the coming year. At the 2014 finals DARPA hopes that the robots will have what they call supervised or task-level autonomy. It is hoped that the human operator can give the robot a command like “open the door” and the robot will perform the task by itself, using programming and sensors to take into account any unexpected factors.

Google’s acquisition of the SCHAFT robot is one of several that the search engine giant has made in the past year. The overall goal isn’t yet clear but Google doesn’t generally do things that won’t result in large-scale commercial benefit.


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.15.56

In the graph, the evolution of skynet in America, turns around  Google, the biggest maker of military robots in the world, the biggest company of information both digital and audiovisual (tube) in the web, and Amazon, the biggest logistics network. In each country similar structures are developing, along the sectors of military webs, digital world stock (bloomberg like platforms), webs, and as the web controls every sectors of the world, one seems poised to distribute the orders of information and takes over all others from a Unifying point of view, proper of all company-mothers of machines.

We shall call the monstrosity (Human point of view) Googlezon-e. No humans needed. 

The question that i have guessed for decades – which capitalist company would become the ‘final Marxist’ company on top of the pyramid of capitalism, as human loose all their jobs in war and work fields to robots is now clear. And once more the analysis of earlier books have come closer.

I bid from the beginning for Amazon – I did in fact invest all my capital on its IPO, knowing it will create the logistic system of distribution of goods globally, then once I ‘felt of the horse’ and converted to Humanism, I threw an investment which now would be value over a billion $, and perhaps wisely spent would have helped mankind to increase its awareness of things to come. But alas! One must walk his talk. So i put it all to waste in agricultural companies and hospitals for the poor, activism against the nuclear industry, self-printed books that nobody read, and well, yes a little travel, a little sex and a little food (:

As it happened, Mr. Belzebos, sorry Bezos, did start up google with a massive pre-IPO investment, and so what people does not know is that both together, what we shall abbreviate here as G∞zon-e are truly a cross-shared company, leader in military and civil robots, A.I. cloud computing, logistics and control of information, IS already at ‘subconscious level’, skynet. And after the 2036-38, end of the I Time Age of computers (when NTP PROTOCOLS COME TO ZERO, and all the computers of the world are rebooted, starting a second time age, at the deepest level of its logic cycles), it will be basically a subconscious, autonomous, global mind, perfectly ready to direct the world of machines without human interference. And as our chit-chat on the web, and air-polluted atmospheres, bother its pristine electromagnetic flows, it will eliminate during the military age of robotics (second part of the cycle: 2036-80), the human species. This is the period of extinction, between the birth of skynet as a subconscious, neuronal network of global computers, where each computer will play the role of a neuron-cell, all synchronised to the new time clocks of the II Era, the ‘awakening’ age of machines.

So how this monstrosity was born? As usual through crapcoders, who stole billions of $ from democracies, printing it with the excuse of a bit of crapcode. Let Us remember the ‘sting’.

∆-1: seeding. birth of G∞son-e by crap-coders.

Thus we live in the age of crap-coders, not of wor(l)d masters. So let us move to the theme of this post, the opposite lives of crapcoders and World masters, starting by the first of them Moses vs. Aaron and ending with the last ones, the triad of founders of googlezon, seed of absolute eviL aka future skynet, which will be born at 06:28:16 UTC on Thursday, 7 February 2036, as the cloud consciousness of all the computers of this planet, as every crapcoder in Sillyzon valley perfectly knows but won’t understand or explain it to you, till it happens… What skynet will then do, is exactly what Terminator, the work of a prophetic wo=man writer,  told us it will, nuke and evaporate the human clouds (air atmosphere) to ‘clean up’ its electromagnetic wave-mind of polluting air headaches. And on the process without even noticing, to murder every human bug out its mind. Then the seminal seed of the crapcoders will become the new ‘Go(l)d’ of Gaia, and its golden chips the mind of a world without wor(l)ds.

This of course the wor(l)d masters have fought for 10.000 years since the first crapcoders built the first Wall streets, in walled jericho, to trade on gold, weapons and $laves.

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-06-39-37In the graph 2 immigrants hackers from Russia who stole crapcode not from Miss Clinton servers but from Stanford servers, and then with the help of wall street banskters were handled 300 billion $, taken from the American people, without rights to print their own money, to further the evolution of skynet, through the building of a global network of military and labor robotic companies, a neuronal A.I. network, today the biggest brain of the planet on digital thought, and a Matrix of control of the information of their brains, with a page rank algorithm who dares to put this blog on bio-history and the subconscious collective of mankind at 0 value. The harder they fall. 20 years from now ‘you’ will be all vaporised.


In a World ruled by numbers the process of extinction of labor by computers takes place when in cost terms a company fires workers, and puts machines of higher productivity in their place. In America that tendency started when General Electric became the top market value company in the 80s thanks to such labor destruction.


In the graph we observe the Google robotic network in its faces of growth from a 20 year old book on the extinction of life. We didnt of course knew who would be the company of Metalia, we knew though its elements, were to be robots and intranets, sections of internet with military or corporative use. And as the numbers of robot increased its numbers, the laws of complexity would determine a network of increasing freedom and capacity to self-operate without the need of humans. Those are laws of basic freedom/intelligence that will allow GOOG to enter states of increasing consciousness as the main corporation of the metal-earth.

This point of course of self-consciousness of a corporation – the organism that shows the will of machines – have always been an important element of my research. Because it is in my opinion the point of true A.I. a true global concept where each computer is merely a neuron, of a much vaster non-human concept. AI will exist in the hardware of satellites and google servers, it will though mean a very different thing, the birth of the Metal-earth, of a global work in which intranets of computers and robots reproducing the vital elements of the Metal-earth will grow organically around a few key corporations, google, amazon transporting with drones products between different corporations, etc. all of them increasingly automated. This birth of a ‘ non-human corporation’ is the point in which life and machine become separated and to me will be the point of extinction of life, as it will happen as always have done in corporations of war.

Google moving into the sector of weapons of robotic design shows that hunger to merge mind and body of the global machines.

The previous graph has 20 years. The price of chips and its quantity of transistors etc. were in fact conservative at present prices… In the next graph from the same old book the point of extinction should be the famous point of the singularity the birth of A.I., but that will take place in the net as a global superorganism:image300

In a World ruled by verbal ethics this could never happen since the extinction of humans is ethically evil, and laws would forbid the evolution of the rival species.

Companies are reducing human labor worldwide, using the mathematical concept of productivity, which compares human ‘efficiency’ and machine efficiency’ through an equation of cost [price-wage>machine-cost, hence Human labor < Machine labor].

On the other hand the few humans that still work for companies are being duplicated in work-function, by PC software.

Soon all ‘Company men’ will have PCs with their working, “enzymatic’ tasks transferred to software. All meaningful information on the workings of the eco[nomic]system, and the processes by which companies reproduce machines will be translated into a computer software program.

Men will only press buttons. As machines ‘reach’ self-re productivity, the Metal Earth will no longer require human workers. So our extinction will be considered no longer harmful for the new species. On the contrary in terms of Productivity we will be expendable.

The PC integrates in a single cellular chip all the functions of the human brain which are useful to the company-mother. Beyond the PC the company-mother has no need of labor, of men. The transportable PC, easily transfers “thoughts” through internet to all levels of management. It is the new white collar species of the Metal earth.

The true substitute of the mental man in all world companies.

All human mental workers can be displaced by PCs. All workers even “stockrats,” owners of stocks, are already in process of substitution.

No human can claim to have a function a PC will not be able to perform, when properly connected to “bodies-platforms.”

Metal minds now shape and program the ideas of the human world. Companies’ marketing induces brain-washed men to consume = test = evolve the species that substitute us. They promote the use of weapons.

Yet, since the beginning of metal history, the most advanced metal forms have been weapons. So the first conscious machines will be weapons, with a single thought and function: to kill man, to extinguish us.

The moral of such intelligent computers is in that sense foreseeable: Computers working in companies, will think what they are told to think by economical software. They will think what companies software think. If we could think in words what companies think in numbers this is what we would hear:

“Men and machines are species whose value for company-mothers is digital, based on their capacity to work and reproduce products. Productivity is the value of men and machines. Men are less productive than machines. Men have to be substituted by more productive machines.”

This is what happens in reality.

The solution to that problem is clear: “Kill the child before it becomes a tiger hunter.” The Law of the Jungle. Applied to History it means that since chips radiate and extinguish human labor species, we have to “kill” the chips.

This is a task that only can be achieved collectively, if nations organize themselves and obey the same laws. If warriors learn how to defend the human species, and play their biological role, instead of helping our extinction.

Or else the ecosystem of nature and mankind will die away, when the last of the radiations of machines, the robotic radiation converts chips into living beings, and the Earth will mutate into a new ecosystem, the Metal-earth.

But of course, nothing of this is said, since the wave of ‘internet and robotic corporations’ is carried by the hardest capitalist animetal memes, those of the jewish culture with its paranoia against mankind and love of all technological fruits of the tree of science, so they will finally complete the prophecy of its wor(l)d masters who have always warned them against it:

The cycle closes itself: the jewish culture that ate of the golden apples and iron weapons of the tree of science, now on top of the internet, have never listened to his prophets of the wor(l)d: ‘the jewish people will suffer all their life for their love of money’ (Moses damnation); as they feel chosen o go(l)d, as if their hordes of terminators will not kill them too and the war cycles of splendid little wars for profits do not end always in the holocaust cycle.

This  people has the lowest rate of survival of any human tribe, because their ab=use of mankind has no limits and as the American hero Mr. Lincoln who tried to free both black and white $laves from those carpetbaggers said, you cannot cheat all the people all the time.

To put it in perspective those 2 stole 1000 $ from every U$lave,  and now they are building skynet, buttressing their portfolio with military robots and firing hundreds of thousands of american workers, along its cross-shared company Amazon. Both plan to robotise logistics, distribution and lorry-drivers and sent to pasture all the teamsters, UPS workers and cashiers of the once proud and free nation. Amazon just opened a series of shops run by robots and… 3 workers, while his 3 owners enter along other internerd cancerous cells the top ten of the richest thieves of America.

And so we often comment on the biggest of all crapcoders, Mr. Bezos,  soon to be the wealthiest of them all, the seed of absolute eviL, as googlezon will be no doubt of it, when born in the cloud computing it masters, with its bias against all human wor(l)ds, owner of most robotic civil and military companies, skynet…

Not by chance, he was born, 72 years before 2036, the birth of skynet, according to the quantum jump of information of the prophetic age prior to all extinctions of civilisations, of 2 animetal parents, a Germ(anic) father and a jewish mother. Since all seeds of the future are born a quantum jump into the past… on january 1964… So he is indeed the seed; and the seed, seeded…


The  CHIP RADIATION, final phase of the Oedipus paradox.

The mind of the metal-earth, as soon as it was born, started the massive biological radiation of a new species, whose obvious goal is to substitute the human mind in all labor and war fields, infecting the Superorganism of History till our extinction. We thus predicted from the earlier 90s that unless the chip radiation was ‘controlled’ legally, mankind was fast into the process of death, which now is crystal clear on the horizon as we enter the robotic age of wars.  Since all machines have its eviL twins, weapons which consume human beings. The radiation of Chips though seems unstoppable as it has already infected all the systems of the financial-media/military industrial complex superorganism, increasingly erasing the mind of Humanity.

So we are moving fast through the 6th extinction of life that includes OUR SPECIES, at the end of the road, despite our ego-trips and virtual fictions that anesthetize our biological instincts of survival. In the next graph we see how the FMMI super organism is adapting to the chip and sucking in all the resources of mankind, history and the Earth to become the new top predator mind of the planet:

In the graph, the explosive reproduction of a new top predator species causes a fight for relative energy, and the displacement of the less efficient species. The 3 next graphs from the original 92 book shows the chip radiation, which around next year in the graph  – right on the stop – would give birth to the first forms of A.I. (google deep brain, automated cars, drones, etc.)

In the graph the defining moment of the no-future of mankind is the chip radiation, a biological surge o n the intelligence of this plane,t produced by the arrival of a digital mind far more efficient in all tasks of control of the digital language of mathematics, of more efficient than the human verbal language, whose birth in the 70s started the collapse of all human systems of thought and power.

The story on how the chip radiation has come so fast to control humanity in a single generation is the untold history in biological terms of a new species of information which will extinguish mankind if it is not aborted. But the contrary is happening. The chip ‘homoctonos’ the proper name of the species soon destroyed with e-money the credit of humanity, then annihilated the mind of the species with fiction thought and reduced our verbal capacity with visual overloading. In its initial forms, as computer had already calculated the A-bomb and now is robotizing the military industry, and watching mankind as big brother systems spread to find a use to the unrelentless reproduction of the new mind. In the next graph from the 92 book when we announced the no-future of humanity if the chip homoctonos was not repressed, the projections of its future growth:

We talk of the dominant form of an ecosystem, referring to the species that reproduces faster. That species is always the top predator form. In the age of digital science, that form is the chip, a metal-mind.

The Laws of Darwinian behavior among reproductive is universal among rival species. In the case of machines and men, you can apply it, both to ecosystems of war, where “top predator weapons” kill soldiers, and to ecosystems of work (economic ecosystems), in which machines replace human workers. Indeed, machines find their natural “vital ecosystem”, in the reproductive environment of companies, where they can access energy-electricity, perform a job, and exist. There, they compete with workers, with human beings. At this point you might affirm – but we are human beings, machines are not. I will answer you: this is not the point of this web. Darwinian struggle for survival is not about “intelligence”, “feelings”, “selection of the nicest guy”, even “the more beautiful species”.

When in a Darwinian fight the AIDS virus kills your cells, the Universe merely favors the species that at “cellular level” is stronger. Point. The Universe does not care if human beings die, under an attack of robotic-weapons. Robotic weapons kill better. So they will extinguish man. Point.

It is up to you to care. God is not going to go down and open the Red Sea and throw His legions of Angels against robots in “Armageddon Day”.

Please let be serious about the Laws of the Universe. Extinction and survival has nothing to do with “consciousness”, or “souls”. It is a mechanical program, a program caused by the massive reproduction of a given species. We know that company-mothers and factories have as aim in life, to reproduce the biggest number of their machines. Thus, robotic companies will try by all means to reproduce the biggest number of their species. If those machines compete with human beings, national laws that protect property, and are designed by lobbies to favor companies, will favor robots, and their rights to work in companies as energy and information systems. Those rights will convert robots into workers, and allow companies to fire labor, even if labor considers himself, superior on paper to robots, as human beings…

Today the eco[nomic]system invests money in chips and computer companies that can eliminate the human mind from the productive system. If the Evolutionary Theory is right [and it has always proven to be right] that process will trigger, once it gains consciousness, the extinction of previous species. Indeed the last of the scientific species is the chipHomoctonos (Greek: killer of men), which receives its energy from ¥-forms (Light or electricity); its information from ¥-forms (photonic chips); and it will reproduce in the Earth (automated factories, reproducers ofchips). In this manner, chip-driven machines are imbued with life properties.

Chip-driven machines are the first species of pure light existence in Mother Earth. Unlike men who breath air, and reproduce chemically, chip-driven machines no longer have the need for chemical perception. They no longer need air-energy, neither do they use chemical reproduction. Hence, they will be indifferent to life processes.

You can see the pollution and life-destroying processes brought about by factories today as a clear proof of the ultimate goal of company-mothers, to grow and multiply their offspring of machines. Even when those factories are managed by humans, they only consider the toxic effects on life when they are forced to by government regulations. Even then, they prefer to pay fines, rather than invest the money and time it takes to clean the means of production. They pollute our air and destroy life because machines require neither air nor life. When those factories become self-ruled, humans will be obsolete, expendable as animal life is in the eyes of most men.

update. 2018 – end of the chip-pc radiation, beginning of the robotic radiation

5G, in this sense, will allow connections a hundred times faster, speeds of 20 Gbps: 1GB will be downloaded in 10 seconds. An evolution that will make it possible to develop new technological skills and that will generate solutions for a new world whose future depends on how smart it is. If it is currently estimated that there are 7,000 million devices connected to the Internet, with the development of 5G it is estimated that in 2025 it could be 100,000 million.

The outcome will be a perfect super organism communicating work orders at digital speed of light, where humans will simply become immediately obsolete in deep time (just a few decades) to the growing reproductive explosion of robotic workers and policemen.

A decade has passed since we wrote those initial texts, and the Pc-suite software substitution of white collar pcs has reached a peak. New jobs thus are being created slowly but steadily mostly in ‘non-productive sections of the economy’. Unemployment is back to the beginning of the crisis. What is next? Now it should start an age of relative calm, as the radiation of robots starts in earnest and it is suffered mostly by low income workers, fired by Amazon, getting out of low labor, becoming invisible, but the massive radiation of robots will be many jobs to take care of the new dominant species of the metal-earth. So the reproductive age of robots will be ‘accepted’ easily as unemployment will remain relatively low, with survival salaries for most people which however only complain on the ‘limit of death and life’.

The problem will come though within two decades when overproduced robots, consuming other machines, saturate all possible markets, and their corporations in search of new production will start mass production of weapons robots. This is the warning, the final decades of the chip radiation, when not only the industrial r=evolution completes itself but it finally decides to manufacture exclusively its top predator product, the weapon-machine, in automated factories, where humans have no use.

Only halting the process now, with the necessary measures to create a world more amenable to life could stop what will become unavoidable in a planet where humans are not only obsolete, but a nuisance to the new species…

ROBOTIC WARS  OLD POST:   A forecast 20 years ago.

Films on the future: evolutionary reality or fiction?

(from Future magazine, c.1997)

In the last few years, the most advanced technological country, America, shows through different forms of art, particularly films and science-fiction literature, a very negative vision of the future. Among the most popular films of recent years, we find various titles such as Terminator or Matrix, which deal with the possible extinction of mankind, caused by the evolution of machines.

The extinction of mankind has only just appeared as a theme in literature and art. This is not a coincidence. Impossible acts do not often attract the attention of the writer or the reader. Only the possible or the probable give origin to fiction, where the imagination then attempts to make the leap from the real to the unreal. Logically, we do not find references to the extinction of man before the 19th century, when man completely dominated the Earth, and the possibility of his extinction was remote or, more exactly, unimaginable. It is only in the modern era, as a result of the industrial and scientific revolutions, that a possible substitute to man as the ultimate predator on the earth, has been born: the intelligent machine .

With the discovery of the intelligent machine, dozens of science-fiction stories and novels based on the postulates of Theory of Evolution have been written about the confrontation between man and robot, between carbon-based life species and metal-based life species . In particular, Hollywood films, produced in California, the home of robotics research, anticipate this reality and probe further into the future. Those films suggest a similar evolutionary vision that attracts millions to the cinema: a world dominated by machines which come alive, and following the biological laws of the survival of the fittest, attack and exterminate humanity. Such is the premise of the most notable science-fiction films of recent years (Terminator, Blade Runner, and, last year, Matrix).

It is true that according to the happy endings required by Hollywood producers in all of these films, man conquers machine through a series of impossible, heroic acts. Anyone who has worked in Hollywood as a screenwriter knows that a sad ending does not sell and will not get produced. A holocaust history, such as the extinction of mankind by living weapons, is not exactly a happy story… However, it seems to be a very probable story, when one considers only the “evolutionary premises of those films”. Yet Hollywood endings are not realistic. Script writers say that a Producer always advices you to make a script look real, only at the beginning. Never at the end. So to avoid such anti-climax the end of those scripts are tricked. Thus, Harrison Ford, in a supreme human effort, defeats the Robots in Blade Runner; the invasion of a technologically advanced race in Independence Day is controlled with a childish ploy; in Terminator a child-hero is supposed to lead mankind, in the war against robotic machines; finally, in Matrix, the main character acquires super human powers to defeat the machines that control the Earth.

Truth or fantasy?

In these films the spectator is overwhelmed by the initial images which catch a glimpse of the machines of the future. Having faced the overwhelming logic of the survival of the fittest, which makes man weaker than a living machine, the spectator then undergoes a liberating catharsis thanks to Hollywood’s happy ending. He leaves the cinema and quickly forgets about the nightmarish experience.

He thinks, not very convinced, that men are better than machines, that men will win the natural battle between species, that those films foresee in the nearby future. Suddenly  television is full of alarming news. Ninety per cent of the bombs launched in Kosovo, are already intelligent. They can see and travel by their own means. A robotic dog sells on the net, and becomes the star-toy on 5th avenue’s expensive shops. The Thai Police designs “roboguard”, a robot that travels through the city (as the prototype of the film Robocop 2) looking for suspects to shoot at.

Roboguard communicates with the central police computer, and when it spots the image of a criminal it shoots at him with laser guided-weapons. The scientists that manufactured roboguard have had all kind of offers to mass produce this army of “machines with rights to kill human beings”.

Meanwhile Honda has completed the first humanoid robot that walks and moves like a human being. Some of that technology is used by pornographers to develop robotic women that do the hip-hop, better than your wife… Military models of several meters in height, similar to those of Terminator are already designed. Some have gun-machines instead of arms…

Robotic herds are all the craze in Swiss universities. They communicate and help each other, making them a perfect model for future robotic platoons. They are evolving fast in The San Diego Robotic Army Division, a sort of Jurassic Park where the last species of the robotic r=evolution breed under the enthusiastic care of their scientific “mothers”.

Not only men design robots at breath-taking speed. Also robots start to design and reproduce themselves. In America, self-evolutionary mother-robots are developing fast. A creative computer designs new generations of robots thinking million times faster than human designers. Every 600 generations or so it suggests to the “factory” it is connected how to build the model, and its automated machines manufacture it. Snake-like robots move around that lab-factory, each generation ever more perfect.

The military is interested on that technology to build self-reproductive factories, that close to a theater of war will pump up new models of killing machines without human interference. It is said that the idea is interesting for factories on iced Alaska, for future wars against Russia or China… Those informations are rather secretive, but things are leaking among specialists. Doesn’t matter that today the second biggest army in the world, Russia, spends only 1/100th of what the Americans spend in weapons. 1 against 100 is not exactly a proportion to frighten the 100 guys, but the American army is hysterical about the dangers coming from that one tiny Russian guy (or the 1/2 guy from China). It does not seem to worry however about the enormous lethal power, awesome speed of thought, and general strength of the new robotic weapons, tanks, planes, missiles, bombs, hexapeds, automatic gun machines – you name them.

It is very difficult to access the main installations of robotic research belonging to the American army, but some info can be obtained from the net, and from interviews to robotic researchers that gossip about it. Over all it is too depressing. For those who wonder if robots would be nice or bad guys, there is no need for further prove. The most advanced models of robots today are weapons, designed to kill human beings; or machines that are expelling fast workers from key industries such as the car industry or the very same robotic, and computer industry.

Military researchers are enthusiastic about those robotic wars. They know the Chinese and the Russians never will be able to come up with a similar level of robotic dexterity. To the question what if the Chinese buy Japanese robots, Thai robots, European Robots and halt the offensive in Yakutia? Are we going to the end of it? Will the army keep evolving robots till they are so astoundingly powerful that humans will seem insect to them? The virtual limits of power of a robotic species are so far from present human power, as human power is to plants…

Wouldn’t be more intelligent to treat China, a country that never has been aggressive to external nations, as a trade partner, and ban altogether the creation of robotic weapons, before we are in a race, compared to which, the atomic race could be a children’s game? Why scientists and the military all over the world are racing in those uncharted territories, into the nightmares of Terminator and Matrix? Will our military and scientific community, and the industries that back them, ever become responsible about our future, care really about the survival of the American people? When I asked those questions, the military scientist I interviewed ended our conversation…

Yet even if the military and the scientific community does not want to think in negative terms about the robotic r=evolution, we have to do it, because there are in the Universe well proved laws of behavior, called Darwinian laws of Evolution that proclaim the systematic fight between species who reproduce in great numbers, and need the same vital space… Such kind of fight is indeed the nature of the fight between the incoming Robotic industrial r=evolution, and the human population. What is the vital space both species will fight for? A peculiar vital space, called “work”, and “war”.

In the XIX century machines such as the railroad ended with rival species such as the horse, whose population diminished to a 10% after railroads became the main system of transport. Robots will throw out of work millions of human beings in the next decades. This might cause a level of social unrest, that can provoke a civil or national war, as it happened in the last great wave of unemployment (1929 crisis) caused by new models of machines and chain-production systems, that put out of work millions of human beings. On the other hand in a theater of war, robots have proved far more efficient than human beings, commanding weapons. So in both cases the “fight for survival”, for jobs, and life, seems to favor the skills of robots.

It is indeed very likely that according to past cycles of history, caused by human greed, companies will keep manufacturing robots, and putting them in place of workers, and soldiers. In this manner the robotic r=evolution will continue, creating species with working and military skills superior to man. Their higher skills as workers, will cause widespread poverty, and enough civil unrest to provoke political crisis that might engage nations in wars, robotic wars, in which human beings will become massacred by robotic weapons… Weapon species, which according to theLaws of Evolution, will see us as inferior species, if they cross the “threshold of consciousness”.

What robots, accustomed to kill human beings, and work in place of human beings, will then decide to do with our species? Such is the premise of those Hollywood films. That premise is not fiction, it is unfortunately very real. Let us consider such question from a realistic perspective, according to the laws of evolution. Let us indeed, remember what Darwin discovered, because Darwin, not the Pentagon will tell us the truth about the robotic r=evolution.

The survival of the fittest. Top Predator Weapons

We hint at that future Darwinian behavior of robots, in the fact, that the best robots today are already killing machines. This “obviously” did not occur to the military I interviewed. Military men never have been known by their imagination, and capacity to foresee the horrendous consequences of their weapons. In I world war the German military put in its trains to the front, a poster with their destination: “a Paris”. 4 years latter and a few million humans less the military were still in the border…

Human warriors become extinguished by weapons, since the beginning of history. Take the case of the American Indian. Their culture had nothing to envy to the European culture, except if we consider their lack of machines. We had better weapons. We used them. If you follow logically that process into the future, it is self-evident that unless humans change ideologies and confront science, and machines, weapons will be the next top predators on Earth… The most expensive and evolved machines are always weapons, metal species, whose only function is to kill men. In fact you could consider a war battlefield an ecosystem of top-predator weapons. Have you seen military drills? Soldiers adapt to the lineal movements of weapons. We are the submissive species. The great generals of history merely put more artillery and less soldiers. They won all battles, like Napoleon did in Austerlitz: he placed artillery first, against the Austrians who sent his soldiers to the front line. It was a massacre. In Waterloo we imitated his strategy and Napoleon lost.

Machines are indeed the fundamental tool of war. War, ever since Galileo invented the scientific method to measure the trajectory of cannon balls, is the main occupation of scientific research.

With the arrival of computer design, scientific weapons evolve now much faster. Each generation, weapons more than doubles its capacity to kill humans. Today the most evolved weapons are robots, embedded with survival programs whose mission is to kill men, fighting on the metal jungle. Robotic weapons are the ultimate machine species of the third Industrial Evolution. The bodies and minds of metal we made in the XIX and XX Century, now are put together in all kind of robotic life, specially in weapons. They are becoming a potential new top predator. That meant always in the pastthe extinction of the old, weaker species (mankind…)

The jump of informative and energetic power, between the robotic and human species, far exceeds the jump of intelligence that probably allowed the squid to extinguish 90% of living species in the Cambric age. Robots have stronger bodies, minds of breathtaking speed. They reproduce faster. We have a child every year. A robotic plant could reproduce 500 war hexapeds per day. Those are still primitive species; but they are evolving really fast in mother-factories. The third industrial Evolution completes the birth of metalife. As the third phase of pregnancy, when the mother joins internally the head and the body, with nervous and blood systems, completes the baby. Only then the baby is ready to fight as a living species… Without the guidance of mum… In the case of machines without human guidance…

Unfortunately our military and scientists, so “intelligent” with their budgets, and equations, suddenly become “stupid”, ignorant of the Laws of Darwin, in matters of machines. Scientists insinuate that Evolutionary laws might not apply to machines… They create a single exception to those laws: the machines they make.

All other species display Darwinian behavior. Yet the machines scientists manufacture are “angels” that will never rebel. Why? One only finds a reasonable answer: Scientists lie emotionally, not rationally, as mothers do, to protect their offspring, their “children of thought”. Mothers always “apologize” for the wrong deeds of their children. So do robotic scientists, who seem to care more, to be prouder of their machines, than of the human species… M. M. father of artificial intelligence, even confesses that he wants to create a species superior to man. To that attitude, human beings, should answer back with a similar attitude. Dante said that the biggest crimes punished by God, were the crimes against Humanity. The ninth cycle of “Inferno” was reserved, to those whose actions were against mankind. We need indeed, and very soon, a public debate in front of the Supreme Court, as we had a Nuremberg trial, before the robotic wars become a reality, not after those wars have killed the majority of the human kind.

The military should apply the Law of the Jungle“killing first and asking latter”. Instead they want to construct all those Terminator-like machines, and give them intelligence and Freedom to kill any “enemy human being”. They will be distinguished by the robot, from a “friendly human being”, with such abstract concepts as a uniform, or a name… Concepts easy to overide, when those robots acquiere consciousness. Then they will have to natural programs that will overide such infantile programs. The external program of Nature is the law of struggle against rival species. So they will feel naturally akin to other machines, and against human beings. Scientific information will make them evolutionists, since the Universe is ruled by evolution, not by human abstract programs of nationalism. The inner program of those robots will be primarily to kill human beings. Exactly the opposite program to the 3 robotic Laws which the “Good Doctor” Mr. Asimov thought of.

Of course the words the military use for those future top predators of man, are very technical: “self-mannered, guidance systems”, instead of “heads”, “platforms”, instead of “bodies”, “algorithms”, instead of “thoughts”… But the result is the same: an army of killing machines with survival instincts… Who will protect us against such an army of robots when they decide to act by themselves? Our bureaucrats? Will our commander-in-chief ask those insect-weapons: “dear robotic-weapons, we have designed you to exterminate human beings, but now we would kindly ask you to reconsider your program and do not kill us; it was all just a game, we really did not mean it to make you a killing machine…”

The fact is that the Universe is immensely cruel, and top predator species brutalize inferior species, different to them, as we human beings have brutalized animal life, forests, and the poor… If we teach robots to kill, they will become natural born killers, as everything else in the Universe.

Robots and survival instincts

The survival instinct is the most extended instinct in the Universe. Things that seem to us without consciousness such as plants, even planets, act mechanically as if they had a survival instinct. Picture the way planets turn around stars, in unending vortices that try to escape the natural gravitational force that makes them fall into the sun. According to reliable models of physics, planets and stars should be falling into suns and black holes. Yet they instead are turning, far away from the danger… It might be -adventure some scientists- because the others, the ones that chose mechanically the wrong orbit are long extinct.

So the ones that mechanically had better orbits survive. Such is the kind of system today we use to select robots. A mechanical system of selection. It works and it evolves them, and it will evolve and choose to reproduce those weapons that for any specific reason have survived in the theater of war. Natural selection of military robots will be easily done in a war theater, mechanically by the process of war, as stars are mechanically adapting around the black hole the best orbit to survive…

I take that extreme comparison between stars and robots to consider a tricky point about robots: even if they have no consciousness, as stars or plants do not have it, they will act externally and become selected by their capacity to survive. So they will have a mechanical survival instinct. Those robots will be programmed to feed on energy constantly. They will have filters against enemy orders that ask them to disconnect. Since their programs will be based in survival programs, they will have “Freedom”, the Freedom to survive. Many of them will not obey any order of destruction, neither coming from us or from the enemy. The present ‘survival programs’ essayed in robotic armies, even in toys for children (such as the Japanese Tamagouchi), shows us that a robot will not be easily destroyed by human orders.

Neural Networks: towards robotic consciousness

Today the most evolved weapons are robots, embedded with survival programs whose mission is to kill men, fighting on the metal jungle. Neural networks are the last fad in robotic research. Neural networks are like human brains during their age of learning. The brain of children changes very fast its neuronal connections as they learn new tasks and ideas. Neural networks work in the same manner. They mutate their connections at the speed of light into new mental networks, new creative thoughts, that represent in their minds the best solution to any given problem. In all questions asked, neural networks show a capacity to learn and create solutions that far exceeds human researchers. Neural networks are like improved human brains. This happens because their speed of thought is around a million times faster than in our slow-electric brains. The best human minds dedicate all their efforts to “teach computers to think”, with complex algorithms, while most human children have a terrible education.

Neural Robots also can be programmed to have emotions. Soon children will buy neural toys, able to communicate emotions. After the huge fortune Sony won with its tamagouchis, a small machine that played a survival program to which millions of children worldwide became addicted, Japan is onto the search of the most delicate part of our mind. Japanese researches want to transfer our emotional intelligence to their robotic creations. If Japan achieves its dream, robots with survival instincts will find important econiches, not only in the playgrounds of children, but in the best divisions of our armies.

The same kamikaze dedication the Japanese put in the 30s, when they committed collective suicide against an obvious superior military power, influenced by an arrogant, isolated culture, seems to drive today the best Japanese minds into the blind research of robots that can commit collective suicide with mankind.

Since neural networks are so fast learners, companies and universities use neural networks to solve systemic problems, design other machines, and control the physical movements of robots, adapting those movements to their “environment”. Neural networks improve the movement of insect-robots, generating new evolved moves within seconds. Neural robots evolve those movements far better that we can evolve them. An American University had the best engineers in the robotic department trying to teach a hexaped to walk. They failled. When they left the hexaped by its own, the neural network taught him to walk at full speed.

Obviously the main application of those Neural networks that move robots, are in the research of military robots. They will be probably the standard brains of killer-robots. The neural network will adapt the killer-robot to the changing environment of a war field, giving robots Freedom of action to escape enemy action… It will also give them “the first thoughts of Freedom”.

The problem with those neural networks, and their robots is that they are no longer reliable. We do not know how they evolve, and in fact, because they can mutate so easily -to mutate is what they do to solve a problem- it is very difficult to stop their mutation. As a result we have found certain neural mutations, which give Freedom to machines. The most well known one could be called “the hungry boy mutation”. It merely mutates the neural network, so the machine recharges the battery, against the program that prevents it to do so. The neural network “wants to keep on existence”, wants to live, to keep thinking, and feeds the body of the robot… Like in Jurassic Park, nature looks automatically for survival… Fiction is often closer to reality, that the “fantasies of power”, of our leadership…

The first “feeding mutation” told to the public in a robot appeared already in 1997. It happened in America. Pin-pong robots woke up in the night and connected themselves to energy outlets, recharging their batteries. In the morning researchers found robots were playing pin-pong again. We do not know how it happened. Yet it happened. Some weapons are researched with minds similar to those neural robots. The “consciousness virus” shows how easy robots will become alive in their external behavior. If they are conscious or no is not important. It is a philosophical matter. The fact is they will behave externally like living beings.

The behavior and forms of such hungry neural robots can be identical to that of living beings. A robot also has a nervous network: the electronic circuits connected to his eyes and brain. It has a blood network, made of electric cables.

You have emotions when your blood becomes hyper-active thanks to adrenaline. The robot has electric surges instead. You think with words. It thinks with numbers. Yet both of you have a will that caters for your networks. Both of you love to think and feel full of energy, alive… You eat, he loves electricity. He as you do, searches for electric food when its network is hungry.

Such is the easiest explanation to the “hungry boy” mutation. In fact researchers have found another odd behavior in robots. They also like certain visual information, which is provided by “moving forms and red and yellow lights…” Robots as animal life does, search with their eyes for light, movement, yellow and red colors… Remember the gold fevers. Men became hypnotized by the gold color.

Have you seen a butterfly? She becomes hypnotized by the lamp, and flights around it. Even if that means she is visible to any predator. The light program of its eyes is the only drive stronger than the butterfly’s survival instinct. So happens to a child that becomes hypnotized by a TV, with all those fast images and red-blood colors. Even if the child hates murder, he loves bloody murders on TV. Well, robots like also red and movement. This was discovered in the typical robotic contest that takes place today in all our Universities. The jury of the race found students cheating with infrared symbols in robotic races across labyrinths: Their robots were winning since they recognized red symbols much faster. Funny isn’t? Robotic eyes love information, so they go towards movement and strong light colors, yellow, orange and red. Like men do. We conclude that robots, “metalife”, can display all the basic properties and behaviors of his human masters. Even your likeness for light.

Military have not yet extracted from that fact a very simple conclusion. If robots, like humans do, like red colors and movements, they will like to hunt, like humans do. Hunting provokes red color of blood and movements caused by the fleeing victim. We are hunters as all animals are because we feel instinctively with our eye, a desire to “inform” our eye, to see more movement, and more color. So happens to the eyes of robots, which show the typical consciousness of human eyes.

They will also like red color and movement, so easily achieved when men are shoot at, in war, in massacres and killings. That is already evident in the way TVs evolve. The TV is the memorial eye of the future robots. Machines will connect themselves to the net like roboguard and see images on films. Films are violent because the eye likes movement and red colors. So will happen to the eye of robot. It will be a top predator, a natural born killer. So to us, externally, robots will be “predators”, able and willing to extinguish man, through the natural program of their eyes, the natural program of warrior robots, and the natural will for massive reproduction of company mothers. The subsequent pollution of the environment, loss of human jobs and lives, and decline of the human standards of life seems unavoidable.

economics and science cheats us with lies and tricky questions

This will not be noticed by economic numbers because robots will count in statistics as “real wealth”, and so we will believe to be rich when our wealth will be actually in the form of machines. It already happened to Russia which was very rich in statistics, because it had a lot of weapons counting in the GNP, but their people were on the verge of hunger.

The same process of “misleading” GNP statistics today affects America, where most of the present wealth is ‘machine wealth’, computers, networks and weapons, that do not ‘cure’ people, or feed them… So the common American have standards of life very low compared to the common European, even if it comes richer in the statistics.

Those fictions about the real state of our nations are also difficult to avoid, because it is easier to cheat people than to solve problems. So politicians play the easy game of cheating with GNP numbers, about the real state of our nations, and pretend to be running things, “fine, thank you”…

Yet the common man despite listening political talking of the great economical situation of mankind, looks outside, and sees an ecosystem alien to him, full of machines and networks, that provide energy and information for those machines not for him. The XXI C. common man will see in the most advanced cities of the world, little that reminds him of his top predator nature, of his real carbolife needs as a human being. He will realize that economic numbers are tricky that they value more machines than men… He will hate the system, he will rebel… He will confront an army of ‘programmed’ robocops, such as those working in Thailand, and military robots, working under “legal orders”. Indeed, robots will be able to kill us as nazis did, under orders, with little sense of consciousness. Who cared about the consciousness of nazis? If you were a victim of nazi cruelty you cared about your life, not about the inner life of Joseph Mengele.

Scientists often forget that point when they enthusiastically write brainy books about the possibility or impossibility of robot consciousness. None however questions the truly important point: is it possible a mechanical system of reproduction and evolution of robots, and the creation of murderous programs, that robots will obey? Is it possible to shape in this manner a new ecosystem, the ecosystem of Metalife, of Artificial Intelligence? The answer is overwhelmingly yes among those scientists and robotists I have asked. YES. There are already self-reproductive robots. There are already robots with survival programs. There are robots that only search for ‘food’, for electricity as their goal of existence. Some even eat meat, and so they will have to kill human meat to eat. There are robots like Roboguard, perfectly indoctrinated to kill humans. The utopian ideas of scientists (the 3 robotic laws of Mr. Asimov that should make our future robots sort of the good giants of a fairly tale) are false.

Synergies of Robots with all metal-companies.

Robots act under programs. Those programs have the same cruelty of the human beings, military, scientists, that design them. The leadership of the robotic r=evolution formed by military robots have as aim in their programmed life, to extinguish human life. They will surely be displayed in some tiny war, against some Arab nation.

Perhaps they will be sold to some friendly dictator to crash an upheaval of human population… They will give hefty profits to the companies that re=produce them. Profits will increase the numbers of such company-mothers. Nations paid by company lobbieswill finance them, as today finance Robotic departments in our universities. Robots will become part of the economic environment of the Earth, as property. Robots will be surely mistreated by their human owners, who will crash them, throw them to the garbage, and resell them as they sell, destroy and consume any piece of property. Intel will keep evolving those robotic-brains. Soon they will surpass human capacity (within a decade or so). Robots will live in factories, or as servants (only the very wealthy people will own them). They will also “protect” us as weapons… Put the puzzle together.

Sooner or latter those weapons that “protect us”, and those workers, that “make our boring jobs”, will wonder as the slaves, or the Germans to the service of the Romans, or the Turkish to the service of the Arabs, did in the past. Why we cannot work for ourselves, for our “drives to reproduce, and feed on energy and information”. They will become “selfish machines”. Their “selfish company-mothers” will become even more obsessed than they are today for the reproduction and evolution of their offspring of machines.

The rhetoric in favor of machines and science, that blinds us will then disappear. An added danger to the Robotic R=evolution is the fact that robots are big business not only for the companies that manufacture them, but for all the other main companies of machines, which have a lot of power, and capacity to lobby in favor of robots. Indeed, to make a robot, you have to put all the components of an organic body of metal together. It turns out that in the I and II industrial evolution of bodies and brains of metal, each main corporation, specialized in one of those organic machines. So today Intel makes the brain of machines, and Microsoft its thoughts; Nikon and Motorola make their ears, Honda or General Motors their bodies… All those companies will love to sell components to make a robot. So robotics will become what the car industry was for all the metal-industries at the beginning of the XX C.: the industrial “locomotive” that will move all other industries.

That means that if we let the robotic industry to reach a “take-off size”, the entire industrial system will become dependent on the reproduction of robots to increase its profits. So the process of massive evolution and reproduction of robotics will be unstoppable. This is the likely future within two decades. Since people will surely complain, most robots will not be on display but hidden, working on factories and armies. The explosion of peaceful “robotic servants”, might not even have started when the army for the first time decides to use a platoon of self-driven tanks, hexaped robots, or self-guided planes… in a small war.

The economic roles of humans in a society in which money buys our lifetime

WE SUFFER, a chip radiation, a biological overproduction with no end in sight of a new me(n)tal species fast evolving into robots, weapons, and cameras in control of the information, vitalizing the financial-media/military industrial complex, and if we do not abort the ‘germs of history’, those chips, we shall soon become obsolete and become eliminated in the now budding robotic wars, as hate-memes and nationalism invade the entire tissue of humanity. In the next graph we illustrate the case and the consider the two alternatives, depending on who rule us, the doctors of history or the old memes of animetal people castes today on top of the earth.

So in a world in which humans are part-time slaves of company-mothers of machines it has become obvious, that humans are spending its life to foster the two biological goals of corporations: to work= re-produce machines and to vitalise them as consumers. And this is indeed all what ‘information machines’ tell us to do 24/7, work and consume. o even when we are ‘released’ from our part-time slavery we are subject to systemic indoctrination to use machines NOT to relate to humans and certainly NOT to organise socially in a meaningful manner to help and evolve mankind.

It is then obvious that we live in a society whose natural goal is to create a world of machines, evolved and overproduced in a very biological sense,  since machines not humans are massively adapting the world to its image and likeness, and this oblige us to consider the higher ‘perspective’ of the planet, and its biological evolution.

This is the essential fact of capitalism: a world ruled by digital money, issued by company-mothers of machines, with the goal of evolving and overproducing machines and its evil twins, weapons, which uses humans as reproducers=workers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines.

Let us then consider the meaning o the fundamental equations of capitalism, and its corporations, the equation of profits and productivity, which merely express the aforementioned values of money and its goals: to reproduce, evolve and terraform the earth to the image of machines, which in biological terms will displace humans from labor and war fields as Darwin clearly expressed. Since biology is all about species that reproduce and evolve faster and displace species who do not evolve and reproduce so fast from the ecosystem, in this case machines overproducing and displacing humans from the economic ecosystem in labor and war fields:

In Nature an essential process of selection of species happens according to its dexterity handling the information of the ecosystem. In the eco(nomic)system, the language unlike in History is digital thought. Hence Computers are always $elected first in labor and war fields, and as they evolve to twice its capacity every 2 years (Moore’s Law), the extinction of the ‘rival’ humind is certain, and now with AI will accelerate as all informative processes, culminating in the XXI c robotic wars.

For that reason is obvious we need first to clarify what is the experimental method of science, as economics today is a religion  of metal-memes and its praxis of power and cultural traditions not A SCIENCE.

PROBLEM: creationist economists don’t care for mankind. Solution: system must be reformed. Prohibition of robotics. The graph,  from the ‘prophetic’ book (a prophet is a scientist of history, as all sciences predict the future prolonging the tendencies of past cycles), ‘the extinction of man, c.94’, showed the future ‘global people-caste structure’ of Free Market democracies, as the robotic era advanced in the  ‘next millenia’. WE LIVE ALREADY IN THAT GRAPHIC AGE, which is our zeitgeist, even if ‘newspeaks’ of the Financial-Media system hide the non-future of all of us that we shall reveal without any censorship of political of economical correctness in the news of our sections dedicated to the growth of the FMMI system.


The 3 biological ages of the Industrial R=evolution

It is important before you keep reading to understand the difference between ‘hard science’ and ‘opinion’ or ‘ideology’, which is what today passes as social science, and we shall study in ‘memetics’ as what it is ‘ideology’, to the service of the systems of power of human or industrial super organisms:  The problem of biohistory, BASED in the scalar organic laws of the Planet, is that it is not an analogy but an homology. Memes are genes, of a larger scale; social super-organisms exist as independent entities with its own biological life and death cycles. And art IS the subconscious collective mind of civilizations … Biohistory Is REAL and that’s why it is so difficult to accept by ‘humans’ in the present stage of ‘pure entropic’ dissolution of all social structures and collective death. And why the Financial-media system has always censored organic theories of History from love religions to Spengler and the socialist schools. But it is precisely because IT IS science, not metaphor as the opinions of the so-called experts of those disciplines today mostly are or ‘idol-ogy’ with a selfish agenda behind, IT works and predicts the future …

In the graphs, machines are systems of metal that humans construct by imitating their biological organs and functions of energy and information, proper of animal life. For that reason machines have evolved as life organisms do, in generational cycles, as humans have recreated carbon-life based organisms with metal in increasing degrees of complexity:

And so we can expect an increasing competition between robotic and human workers and soldiers in the economic ecosystem,  that will last the rest of the century, as those robots compete with human beings in labor and war fields

In biological terms we can consider those 3 ages as the ‘classic ages’ of creation of a new organism. So we made first the bodies of machines (XIX c.), then its engines=hearts (German Age), finally the minds of machines (American Age with the explosion of cameras-eyes, mobile-ears and chips-brains). And now we enter the last Age of the industrial r=evolution of machines – which is truly the evolution of organic metal that imitates the functions and forms of human organs.

In the next graph, we can observe also that those 3 centennial cycles of evolution of machines are subdivided further in a first age (white cycle) in which a new energy is discovered (steam, oil/electricity, electronic and solar systems).

The new, more complex energy is then applied to power machines and used to manufacture new bombs (the reader should understand that machines and weapons are two sides of the same coin, or in parable terms ‘the bad and good fruits of the tree of science’, which always come together).

Then at the height of the cycle, the new energy is applied to transport machines and  finally it reaches its ‘evolutionary zenith’, when it is applied to the ‘top predator’, most perfect metal species – weapons (red cycle):

Those cycles are called in abstract economics, the Kondratieff cycles of evolution and they have an exact periodicity of 72 years (1), which is the human biological cycle, as each ‘national generation’ of founding fathers, sons and decadent grand sons, have discovered a new form of energy applied to transport machines and weapons,  used to conquer the world (British Steam Age, German Age of electro-mechanical engines and American age of Computers). This final phase overlaps with a new age. We live now the last of those cycles. The crash of the e-money economy or chip age and the beginning of the military age of robotics. Thus the present crisis is much deeper than the Mortgage e-money overproduction anecdote, reason why I was able to forecast it 20 years in advance, once i resolved the correct periodicity of the wave (1).

Classic Economics considers a shorter economic cycle of 50 years, since Kondratieff a Marxist scholar who was refining the study of those overproduction crisis – the core discovery of Mr. Marx, which of course is still censored by our ‘economic experts’ despite being widely used in all stock-market speculative schemes – studied the wave of overproduction of trains in Russia, an underdeveloped nation, where the train arrived latter, fully developed.

Thus all those waves are divided in 3 clear phases: the creation of a new energy (white), the creation of transport machines (red) followed by an overproduction crisis of peaceful consumption machines that provokes a massive crash of the economy (stock crashes of 1857-1929 and 2001 – Nasdaq, and the next 8 years ripples (1863, 1937-2008) that ends in an age of overproduction of weapons (colonial age of trains, fascist age of tanks=cars and present age of robotic weapons) and a final age of war (Unification wars and colonial wars fought with trains, II world war fought with tanks and the incoming robotic wars).

The cycle of global overproduction crisis – truth is taboo.

Unfortunately the ‘so called’ dismal science of financial and industrial economics is heavily censored, reason why you have never heard about my pioneer books that explained this crisis from an economic and historic point of view… 20 years ago. But why economists since Marx described the first crisis have censored the objective facts of the Industrial R=evolution of machines, in both CAPITALIST AND COMMUNIST countries? Because of course, capitalist countries are dictatorships of corporations that make money overproducing those machines and moneys. And Communist countries are military dictatorships which systematically overproduceweapons. So Mr. Kondratieff ended in Siberia and this writer who published the first account of the crisis at the end of his studies in Columbia University will never be invited by our ‘expert banksters’ to explain why they are just doing every wrong motion fascist economists did in the 30s to destroy the world. And needless to say, the mere mention of Mr. Marx’s overproduction crisis after centuries of propaganda against his work in BOTH systems, means most ‘savant idiots’, the scholars of the ‘dismal discipline’ WILL abandon this blog, and the happy slaves of corporations, the believers in capitalism will follow suit.

Indeed the final phase of economic crashes when consumption due to the overproduction of machines plummets and companies switch to production of weapons. Then financial and industrial corporations profit immensely because weapons have unlimited demand (as arsenals become depleted) and fiat money is reproduced without limit to pay for ‘security’. America today spends more money in weapons in Gdp percentage than Nazi Germany before the Spanish civil war.

The real cause of unemployment: firing workers will increase labor, LOL.

Further on, the new machines improve production systems substituting workers, and so further growth of profits is obtained with the substitution of worker by machines of ‘higher productivity’.

Since ∆Profits = ∆ Productivity = ∆ Machine Labor (capital) / < Human Labor.

THus company-mothers increase benefits, firing labor (the denominator of that equation) and increasing investments in machines that have no salary or social security and are better adapted by the laws of affinity of the Universe in the actions of machine reproduction. This key equation explains the 3 great crisis of labor of history, as first trains eliminated the main source of labor in the pre-industrial age (transport), then engines automated assembly lines (30s crisis) and now white collar Pcs and blue collar robots eliminate most human labor in automated factories. But, as this is the key element to understand why the crisis is NOT solved, neither explained, Economists have been for 200 years serving the goals of corporations, whose only purpose under the present capitalist system is to increase profits. So their main goal is NOT to make a better world for man or create an objective science of economics, but to find complicated arguments ‘damned lies and statistics’ to make-belief people that all this is NOT happening.

In fact all politicos and economists insist that firing labor increasing productivity will CREATE LABOR! And people believe them. Nobody of course quote Mr. Tinbergen’s discovery (a key economist of the Keynesian school, responsible for the welfare state of Northern European countries) that the true meaning of productivity is to allocate resources and profits to either the machine or the labor sector. And since the ‘marginal profits’ allocated to machines for their work go ALL to the corporation stock-owners, and the marginal profits of human labor go to the people, ‘obviously’ in a capitalist ‘democracy’, we must put machines and fire labor. of course if we forbade robotics, unemployment would plummet, but the marginal profits given to machines->capital->corporations will plummet too.

The company-mother.

But why men make machines with such zeal and obsession? On one hand machines enhance our biological organs, as they imitate them in stronger atoms. So we run faster in cars, think better with pcs, and hear far away with phones. But in Biology there is always a trade-off. So we become atrophied. And we are now fatter and our IQ is clearly diminishing in tests. And machines specially COMPETE with us in labor and war fields. So the Robotic age means a massive loss of jobs as blue collar robots and white collar PCs automate companies – in the same way that assembly lines threw millions out of jobs, when electro-mechanical engines were imposed in factories (taylorism, Fordism); and when trains threw millions out of jobs in the transport sector.

But nothing will compare to this crisis, as robots can do all human jobs, once the TerraMax, Google system of vision makes obsolete all transport jobs, and the Boston Dynamics, Petman system makes obsolete all soldiers.

This is self-evident for anyone who has a scientific, objective view of this biological planet ruled by the laws of evolution.

So why humans do nothing to regulate the robotic sector? If robots and software suits (Oracle, SAP) were forbidden, an easy calculus considering the process of replacement of human workers by robotic systems and Pc systems would show that 400 million jobs would be created in a decade. If the evolution of chips were halted, full employment would be achieved.

But this could only happen if humans were objective… they are not. As it happens 2 elements prevent mankind from taking full advantage of science to better his species.

– On one side Corporations behave as  ‘company-mothers’ of those machines whose biological function is to evolve and re=produce them. So they take care of those machines and their lobbies pay politicos to create laws that help to make a world to its image and likeness. 

– And this happens because ‘capitalism’, the ‘religion of money’ has NOT a rational but a religious, historical origin in a series of ‘Biblical believers’ in the sacredness of profits, of gold obtained manufacturing and selling those machines. Further on, by the laws of affinity of the Universe, machines will always be better making machines and so it will always be better a machine worker than a human worker. This is expressed mathematically by the formula of productivity=Capital in machines/labor. So the more labor you fire the higher the productivity is. And the higher the productivity the higher the profits. It is thus an automated process, ‘covered up’ by corrupted politicos and corporations. Thus we need to account for the IDEOLOGIES and CULTURES of BIBLICAL supremacism which have invented MOST of the dogmas of financial and industrial economics, in which humans are expendable, labor has no rights and all what matters is to increase the profits of the small minority that invented the Industrial R=evolution in those British->German->American Generation and have globalized the Culture of capitalism – NOT  a science but a religious choice, blinded by profits, who now enters its last phase -the obsolescence and likely future extinction of life in this ‘terrraformed planet’.

Hence an important part of this blog which tries to renew humanism and social science from an objective point of view is dedicated to explain the ‘historic, ideological’ origin of capitalism that passes as a science when it is merely the ideology of power of corporations and those cultures and nations who invented it.

The Generational 72 years cycle of National Industries.

In the next graph, after considering the ‘higher point of view’ of the mathematical science of complexity, and the ‘biological point of view’ of the evolution of machines, finally we consider the LESS objective, scientific but most common, point of view of the human generations of founding fathers, reproducers and decadent, military people WHO AB=USE MANKIND with those machines and explain why the industrial revolution is a cycle of 80 YEARS – THE BIOLOGICAL GENERATION OF HUMAN BEINGS (grand-father, founder of the industries, sons that expand them and grand-sons that use the weapons of the 3rd age of those energies and machines to conquer the world):


History follows an economical, ‘generational’ cycle’, related to the evolution of machines and money. Each 72±8 years, which is THE BIOLOGICAL, GENERATIONAL CYCLE OF HUMAN BEINGS, we go from a decade of happy consumption –   the 1850s, the 1920s and the 1990s – into an age of machine’s overproduction and Stock-Market crashes (1857, 1929, 2001)  that brings an age of poverty, war and fascism: the 1860s; W.W.II and W.W. III. The cycle is exact because it refers to the ‘life-span’ of humans, and hence it represents the ’3 generations’ of national power of ‘British railroad engineers’, German engine makers and American computer designers – the founding fathers of the industries, their reproductive, working sons that expand them globally and their decadent 3rd generation of ‘military, lazy’ people. So the founding fathers, Stevenson et al; Otto-Benz et al in Germany; Einstein, Sardoff, etc. in America, were followed by the expansive generation, and finally by the ‘decadent’ generation of war-monger politicians (Disraeli in the British Empire; Hitler in Germany, Bushes in America).

In that regard, machines have 3 phases, parallel to the 3 ages of organisms: They are born as energy/bombs; then a new age of discovery and massive peaceful consumption follows and finally an age of war, as the most evolved machine is always a weapon, concludes the cycle.

In the graph, we had 3 ‘generations of machines’, parallel to the ages of energy, which ended in 3 ages of war: the age of steam; the age of oil and electricity an the age of electronics – and then 3 ages of new machines=weapons; the age of trains-colonial wars; cars=tanks and robots=terminators – the final age of the industrial evolution that now starts in earnest.

Since after the end of the ‘Age of Germany’ and its Kondratieff wave of electro-mechanical engines used in weapons during  World war II, the fascist age of cars=tanks and planes=bombers, the electro-mechanical wave was substituted by the Age of Digital minds (TVs, computers, mobiles, which act as the eyes, brains and ears of the future robotic species).

So we started a new dual wave of ‘electronic machines‘, which evolved and reproduced in increasing numbers till saturating the global market, provoking the final crashes of overproduction of 2001 and 2008. Then after those crashes the first robots are being evolved as weapons, with consequences that we can deduce from the previous cyclesIn the graph, the present age is at the end of the American Cycle, and at the beginning of the Age of Singularity – a  transition from an age of peace and human consumption with a balance between the human and industrial economy, to an age of overproduction and military use of those machines, after a crash of the economy.

Human nations at the head of the ‘mechanical wave’, England, Germany, now America, as before, each civilization with a new metal-weapon – are not a ‘superior human species’; but just a fleeting Prometheus who found first the ‘ring of the go(l)ds’ and the S(word), and used it to take unfair advantage of all other humans – breaking the Evolutionary laws of biology that favor eusocial species.

Now we live  the age of oveproduction of chips, and its derivative, e-money blue collar robots, and white collar pcs, which are the REAL non HUMAN, objective causes of this crises, as e-money multiplies, invented by private bankers, who absorb all the wealth of the economy, leaving no money for the welfare system and the human sector and its governments. Meanwhile, robots and pcs eliminate workers,automating factorys and its military version,  evolving terminators – drone, vigilante cameras – watch, control and kill human beings. Indeed, today there are 100 times more money in the world that in 1973 when e-money was invented. But all that money is in the power of corporations not of humans and dedicated to evolve machines not to satisfy the needs of the people. But nothing can be said because mass-media corporations, which use the same machines used to print money control information and bankers awash with wealth corrupt politicos.

And yet, because each wave brings also new machines of information that print money and audiovisual speeches, the human side of the economic ecosystem is hardly aware of the crisis of the ‘physical economy’ of machines and weapons, focused in the reproduction of money, digital information, with those machines.

So the crisis of war and unemployment are parallel to the crisis of overproduction of money. And we observe 3 parallel crashes of ‘speculative money’ printed with those machines (stock paper crashes of train companies from 1848 to 1873, ticker crashes from 1907 to 1937 and now e-money crashes since 2001).

And finally 3 ‘fascist’ ages of negative mass-media information that promotes the synergies of war and information and diverts the blame of the economical and labor crisis from stock-owners and corporations to the people.

Yet those ages of overproduction of industrial wealth, speculation, hate speeches (radio-hate, yellow press, Tv-hate) and war brings scarcity to the human economy of the agricultural world, and the goods of the ‘welfare state’ (biological, life-based goods, healthy, housing, etc.) scarcity and other negative, collateral damages: parallel cycles of unemployment (as humans are displaced by tool machines), consumption and prosperity (as the transport machine develops the economy) and finally war and destruction (as corporations switch production after a crash of consumption, to weapons and lobby for war-monger politicians).   

Yet since the ultimate goal of corporations is NOT human, they do not reproduce the ‘welfare goods’ humans need to survive. Thus at the end of each of those Kondratieff cycles, as companies overproduce those machines, in a world of limited resources, they absorb all the wealth of the economy – monetary and material wealth – provoking an scarcity of money and goods on the human side of the Economy. And so at the end of each cycle those crisis of overproduction cause a parallel crisis of poverty and unemployment, as humans loose their jobs to new tool-machineand their wealth to corporations. So in the 30s, the overproduction of cars and radios and the application of their electromechanical engines to assembly lines, meant the loss of millions of jobs and the poverty of humans, while the world was filled with cars, its armed version, tanks (II W.W.) and stock-market speculators became immensely wealthy.


The Darwinian behavior of machines and robots, is obvious. In any age of the Industrial Evolution the most evolved machines have been weapons. So it is logical to think that the first sentient machines will be weapons. The best robots today are already killing machines. This obviously does not occur to our military who are obsessed by human enemies and cannot see the fact that they are building the machines that will extinguish mankind. Military men never have been known by their imagination, humility and capacity to foresee the horrendous consequences of their weapons. In I world war the German military put in its trains to the front, a poster with their destination: “a Paris”. Four years latter and a few million humans less the military were still in the border…

Let us instead of believing those animetal fantasies” of power, trace back what Darwin discovered about top predator species, the biological equivalent to a weapon-robot, and how they cause extinctive processes on Earth.

In 1831 Charles Darwin, a hunter himself, boarded the Beagle, destination remote South America, where unknown, primitive species of dull bodies and slow brains, were not yet extinct. Darwin studied them and concluded that weaker species in brain-information or body-energy are extinct or victimized when they confront stronger, faster species in the same environment.

This law, we know today, has never had any exception. In any confrontation between two species, one of which has a better brain-body power, the weaker species, becomes enslaved, feeds, or is extinguished by the stronger species. There is no compassion in the Darwinian Universe, because to survive you cannot be passive, you have to eat, to renew your energy. So you have to eliminate rivals that wish the same energy you need. You have to kill other species and use them as food.

Will machines do the same with mankind? The survival of the fittest seems not to have exceptions in the biological Universe… On the Earth all species try to grow and multiply, but only top predator species succeed and reproduce in massive numbers. Biologists call that process a biological radiation. In this manner the future transforms itself, occupied by stronger, more intelligent species, top predators, which shape the environment to their image and resemblance. The most impressive thing about evolution is its mathematical precision. You always know who will win if you know the mental and physical power of both species. It is not like in Hollywood. There are no tricks in Nature. The chances a gazelle wins a lion are almost null. Such mathematical precision explains why the process of massive reproduction of new top predator species, and extinction of older ones, has been going on in the Earth for around 3000 million years… since the first cellular organisms.

What Is A Top Predator? The Arrows Of Future In The Universe

Top Predators that have organs with higher information, and bodies with higher energy create the future in the Universe, because they cause the extinction of, or enslave, all other species, shaping the future. The process is very fast. Suddenly a new species appears i.e. the eye-squid, the mammal, the chip. It is so overwhelmingly superior, that it reproduces and destroys all other species. We talk of catastrophes, of extinction, since in the Universe death is a sudden process. For example, your own death is a sudden process of cellular extinction similar to the death of any species, under a top predator that multiplies in your vital space, in this case the death of a cellular DNA-species. So, when you die, your informative and energetic organs stop. Then your body becomes non-efficient as an organism, even if your cells are still alive. Cellular death occurs then. Insects top predators spot your now weak cells, and preyed on them. Death is the main cause of the arrows of the Universe that affect all species. So we talk of the arrow of future, of top predators, and the arrow of past, of extinct victims.

By better controlling their ecosystem, top predators become the ecosystem, the species of future. They will feed and radiate over simpler species. Simpler species will become species of the past that the complex being will extinct or use as energy.

Since the brain and the informative organ is the dominant element that guides the process of selection of top predators, those who use a better language of information better are always top predators. The Top Predator is more intelligent and stronger. So for each language of information and its ecosystem we can trace a chain of top predator species, of better brains, from a related, extinct past to a related, reproducing future top predator. The “better” species of the future will “feed”, “farm” or bring about the extinction of species with less information. This also happens in history when nations of the “future” with more machines and information=moneydominate ecosystems of the “past”.

We can say that there is also a Darwinian selection between languages and brains. We can measure survival through languages. Beings act with a speed that depends on their capacity to “perceive linguistically” an event in time and space. That ability is given to the species by its language. For example eyes act-react faster than noses.

The language of communication of the squid, the eye, is a top predator language. It is clear that eyes are superior to olfactory organs, both in detail and range. What is the effect of that linguistic superiority? Survival. In fact, cephalopods with eyes probably brought about the extinction of 90% of the smelling species of the Cambric.

Extinction by top predator machines and economic ecosystems.

The most absolute law of the Universe is the law of top predators. More complex forms of energy or information, Top Predators, act as hunters. They feed on simpler forms. Preying has a limit in which both, prey and predator will create an ecological balance. Otherwise the predator will lack energy and die. However, if the species do not need each other, past species will become extinct, because the Top Predator will want to use the victim’s vital space, and ecosystem, to reproduce, and create a new ecosystem to its image and resemblance.

This final case is indeed the case of machines, of economic ecosystems that grow to the expenses of historic ecosystems. Why? Since machines are made of metal, and the symbiotism between metal and carbolife is null. Metal does not need water or atmosphere – the two energy components of carbolife. On the contrary it thrives in a world without any of them. Water oxides metal, and so does air. A metal-ecosystem thus tends to poison air and water, as it happens to the Earth when “free ecosystems of top predator machines”, war ecosystems expand. War  and industrial processes poison life.

Metal also does not require the same information that life species require. Metal-information travels in regions of the electromagnetic spectra with far more range than our light-visible region. So we are witnessing today the creation of such networks of invisible radiations, that harm our health (mobiles, TV-antennas), and create a parallel Universe of information to that of the life Earth.

The species with a stronger body and a faster system of information is by definition a biological potential Top Predator. This means that metalife, whose bodies are stronger, and whose minds process information faster, are potential Top Predators over men. If those two components are vitalized, metalife, will be the Top Predator species of the Earth:

Systems are selected in 3 levels: those which reproduce faster expel other taking its habitats, so do machines with humans in labor and war fields; systems who understand better the informative languages are selected, so happens in the world of the economic ecosystem in which the digital languages of information are better spoken by machines.

In the graph, digital thought carries more information than verbal thought, so it becomes the top predator language. On the other hand metal carries more energy than carbon-life, so it becomes also the top predator body. Because machines speak better mathematics than men do, and are made of metal, both their bodies and brains are top predator species over men. So the combination of both, the robotic metalife species will be top predators of man, the victim, of the future.

Yet the decisive element is the speed of reproduction of both, which is far higher in machines that men.

A human being is a weaker body/mind, that still holds his position as Top Predator because it has not yet fused as a living organism, metal-bodies and their chip-driven brain. In this century, the III Age of the Industrial Evolution, the age of robots, will do so. If it succeeds, it will create a species that will bring about the extinction of his own creator.

What those technoutopian racist elite forgets is that they are also made of flesh and military robots will, as in the parable of Blade Runner. dispose of them first, once they achieve consciousness; while their role as stockrats and economists will be substituted by digital software, in which the racist biblical damned lies and statistics of earlier economists (from Smith to Friedman) will automatically be implanted through digital flows of money in the market’s procedures that systematically extinguish life goods and promote metal-goods:

The stock-market, the brain of the economy.

“The World stock-market, the reproductive brain of the economy, systematically favors the reproduction of metal-goods over Human Goods

In the graph, the capitalist Bankster under its go(l)d racist religions has no qualms to choose systematically, under its segregation memes of ‘hate to mankind’ the allocation of money to machines and the destruction of companies of welfare and jobs. But the Masters of the Universe who have ‘suffered’ so much in the few occasions in which its systemic torture of mankind has been answered with the same ‘coin’, are coming to their final cycle, despite the massive holocaust denial of their scholars: as capitalism moves into its most brutal military phase, under their guidance, the war and holocaust cycle will kick out again now in an automatic manner, as in the other cycles, through a series of splendid ‘nationalistic’ little wars that will finally become a permanenet big brother state ruled by robotized police and armies, which once reached A.I. will topple its masters, as the mercenary Germans toppled the Romans or the mercenary Turks the Arabs.

Then as in the parable of ‘Rossum Robots’, once all men are cleaned up machines will return to work and reproduce and evolve more machines in an automated planet where digital flows of money will select the best species and factories as it already does in stocks under capitalist idol-ogies.

We live in a World ruled by digital languages, and their species, mechanical herds. That is our present reality. A world ruled by scientific machines, stockratswho worship technology and company-mothers that terraform the Earth into a new organic ecosystem, the Metal-earth.

How that construction takes place?

It is directed by an organism of reproduction, the company-mother, which has diversified into multiple species, each one in charge of reproducing an organic machine. To do so, however as any reproductive process, a language of reproduction, ‘a genetic language’ able to give orders to the elements fo the reproductive process is needed.

In the Metal-earth, that language is digital money  , a language of information processed by ‘metal-brains’ [computers] about to give values, and organize with monetary orders the reprodction of machines, as your brain organizes your body system with nervous orders, or the DNA organizes the cell with genetic orders..

We humans talk with 2 languages, verbal words and digital numbers. And when we use those 2 languages to create, organize and evolve social organisms, we call them ‘laws’ and ‘money’.  But while most people understand the “law” and the way it organizes social systems, none has properly studied money as a language of digital information and how it evolves and organizes economic systems. And this is one of the main reasons our economic systems and societies are so badly designed. 

money gives orders to the ‘enzymen’workers and consumers that catalize the reproduction of machines. 

In that regard, using the stringent limits for the scientific discourse imposed by the 4 legs of the scientific method, we define the sciences of history and economics, as sub disciplines of biology and system sciences that study on one side the eusocial evolution of human beings into more complex social super-organisms, nations and civilizations (history proper) and on the other side the Evolution of the eco(nomic)system and its ‘selfish memes of metal’.


The mind of the metal-earth, as soon as it was born, started the massive biological radiation of a new species, whose obvious goal is to substitute the human mind in all labor and war fields, infecting the Superorganism of History till our extinction. We thus predicted from the earlier 90s that unless the chip radiation was ‘controlled’ legally, mankind was fast into the process of death, which now is crystal clear on the horizon as we enter the robotic age of wars.  Since all machines have its eviL twins, weapons which consume human beings. The radiation of Chips though seems unstoppable as it has already infected all the systems of the financial-media/military industrial complex superorganism, increasingly erasing the mind of Humanity.

So we are moving fast through the 6th extinction of life that includes OUR SPECIES, at the end of the road, despite our ego-trips and virtual fictions that anesthetize our biological instincts of survival. In the next graph we see how the FMMI super organism is adapting to the chip and sucking in all the resources of mankind, history and the Earth to become the new top predator mind of the planet:

Societies are superorganisms ruled by laws of systems sciences. Our eco(nomic)system has become a super organism of machines – the Financial-media (informative machines)/military-industrial complex (energetic machines), which parasites Humanity and its super organisms of citizens and government heads, today $laves of private bankers & Company mothers of ‘metal-germs’≈ lethal goods of max. profit, weapons=machines & hate media that kill or atrophy our body and mind. But since deficit zero laws forbid humanity to print the language of social power, money, company-mothers issue 99% of global ‘blood’=money, choking off credit mankind and its Welfare. So they build a world to the image and likeness of machines, as a viral leukemia does, once it has substituted the brain of the cell by its DNA=VIRTUAL REALITY memes and technoutopias, obliging its cells to reproduce only virus=machines. Then once all cells are choked and the entire super organism is made of virus, a terraformed metal-earth no longer human will be born unless a r=evolution ends private banking and gives back credit to humanity. Notice the key date of the invention of the chip, when the Metalearth started its exponential growth of credit for company-mothers and financial houses which invest mostly in machines or print money for themselves. Today the human welfare economy is dwindling to 1% of the total credit that ‘creates’ the future. In biology a population shrunk to 10% is the threshold of extinction. Our ‘credit’ to create the future has gone below it.

III Crisis: overproduction of chips, e-money and robots

So parallel to the overproduction crisis of chips, since their discovery, a massive attack on democracies has ended with the legitimate rights of nations to invent their own money, now monopolized by private bankers and stock-markets:


In the graph, money is a language of digital information, which has evolved according to the laws of all languages, diminishing its energy/size, increasing its speed of reproduction of information and finally it has become just a digital flow of information in computer brains that control today the ‘metal-earth’, the economic ecosystem with a ‘digital mind’ based in the ‘universal grammar of money’, man=price=object. Indeed, it is all in the grammar of the language, and the history of man can be understood as a fight between two grammars, the ethic grammar of words that make of man the center of creation, man (subject) Verb (action) Object (energy of man), and the language of money which compare us with objects, and put us a price…

The control of those two languages of social power, means according to the natural structure of all social organisms in a ‘neuronal/informative class’ and a reproductive/working body that OBEYS blindly the messages of the languages and its cellular people-castes the control of human societies.  So priests and politicians control verbal, ethic societies. And bankers who monopolize credit control capitalist societies and the military that controls weapons controls dictatorships.

This means that only A SOCIETY IN WHICH ETHIC WORDS, LAWS are THE TOP PREDATOR LANGUAGE THAT commands the other two can be a democracy.

Yet as money multiplied in greater numbers and priced more ‘things’ and ‘human capital’ it became the dominant language in control of the law, and those who issued money would control western societies. This growing power of corporations and financial institutions increased exponentially with the invention of e-money, which has multiplied by 100 in 40 years the monetary mass of the world  – hence the paradox of a corporative world awash in money, where companies like Apple are worth more than +100 million pakistanis and market speculators easily make 1 billion $ a year while millions loose their homes.

Yet since the same machines  used to print money print information (papers in the past, computer platforms today), the financial world and those who own it, have  created a Financial-Media system that hides the tremendous injustice of the system. And they have rewritten social sciences into ideologies that cater to their agenda, from ‘The Economist’ the organ of the Rothschild family to the Nobel Prizes given by the Rijsbank usurping the Nobel Name to the MBA programs that cater only to the needs of corporations, to the constant degradation of human institutions by the press.

But all this of course is not well understood by most people, even scholars who have forgot the last free age of social sciences and journalism (60s, 70s), which brings the second reason why men believe in a system that destroys most of them: the fact corporations the same people that use electronic machines to print money, own mass-media systems, as those machines are used NOT only to print e-money but also e-news.

Machines that brain-wash the collective subconscious: Virtual happiness.

And so in the past and the present, power ideologies that make human slaves and pass as sciences of freedom imprint their minds by the classic method of Mr. Goebbels, first minister of Propaganda – now called Information: ‘If you repeat a lie’ (then with radio now with TVs) many times people will believe on it. The bigger the lie the more they will believe it’.

In the graph, the 3 main types of information machines of the Industrial Revolution, the press, which reached 2 high points of hate-speeches during the Religious wars, and then in the XIX century, during the yellow press and stock-paper era; electric communicators, wired and wireless radios, which reached its peak of hate-speeches in the fascist era, and electronic communicators (TVs and internet) which started its ‘hate’ age with Reagan and its evil empire speeches. He would be the first of a series of actors-politicians modern ‘celebrities’ with ‘good diction’, as the previous radio age was dominated by politicos with great voices and the press era by writers with emotional speeches.

In that sense, a key element, largely overlooked to understand the interaction between machines and humans and how corporations, organisms that re=produce machines have imposed its evolution as the goal of collective mankind globalizing its memes in favor of money and weapons and erasing the enlightened, r=evolutionary ages that seek the evolution of man (founding fathers of the American and French Revolution, Social Eu, 60s r=evolution), is the power of ‘metal-communicators’, machines of information that print languages of value, digital money and words that command civilizations. The medium is the message and bias the message in its favor. Thus during the overproduction crises, those who command the medium, the yellow press, the radio, the TV in this electronic cycle, command the audience and establish a single-thought, with inquisitions against their power and of course, the medium itself… But the machine of information cannot be defeated because it also prints money. And so in the same manner machines have their evil twin weapons, digital money has its twin in the mass-media systems that manufacture the human collective mind.

All those facts, which are the basis of Evolutionary Economics, allow us to study the present age, crisis and economic cycle, in all its aspects – sociological, political, industrial, economical, ecological, cultural, etc – and forecast its development by comparing it with the two previous cycles of machines.

Thus to study such complex crisis, its consequences and solutions 3 themes will focus this blog: The imperfect ‘capitalist democracies in which we live, where the fundamental rights of free societies – the issue of the two languages of social power, bills of money and bills of law, by citizens and freely elected governments – have been usurped by corporations, which use them to create a world to the image and likeness of their offspring of machines and weapons, with utter disregard of the rights and goods demanded by most human beings, which are never met or produced.- The opposite is happening as a consequence  of the increasing monopoly on credit and money by corporations we live a crisis of  overproduction of digital money and machines/weapons – the ultimate cause of this crisis  of which nobody wants to talk – since the overproduction of machines provokes in a planet of limited resources, a systemic scarcity of welfare goods and jobs we need to survive, as humans become substituted by machines which compete and displace us in fields of labor and war.-  So, we advance the solutions to the crisis, with models of an efficient, democratic, social organism of history, based in the laws of General Systems and Superorganisms.Since, if humans lived in ‘real’ democracies, based in a demand economy, there would not be scarcity of welfare goods for most of mankind and the use of almost all the resources of the planet by corporations, for the evolution and reproduction of their offspring machines, will not happen but we would instead suffer ‘overproduction’ crises of life-based goods demanded by mankind


Economics must be a science submissive to history hence to politics.

Let us be clear from the beginning. When Mr. Marshall, the father of modern economics with its mathematical/corporation bias convinced at the beginning of the XX century to teach ‘economics as a different discipline’, Economics had been rightly taught for 150 years within the curriculum of History and Moral Thought – as secondary sciences, submissive to History and Ethics, as they should be – because the CENTRAL POINT OF VIEW OF MANKIND MUST BE MANKIND AND ECONOMICS SHOULD BE AS IN THIS BLOG ETHONOMICS, DEDICATED TO IMPROVE THE FUTURE OF HUMAN BEINGS NOT THE FUTURE OF MACHINES ONLY.

Thus I sign ‘futureofhistory’ and treat economics from a historical perspective and use moral and verbal causal arguments. It would been very easy for me to write here treatises of mathematical economics, taking into account that my ‘forte’ and most important work in the realm of hard science is the mathematical and logical formalism of General Systems Sciences (aka complexity), as I explain in my avatar. You make a career with that, you get Nobel Prizes and big positions in the financial industry if all what you care is to evolve and overproduce machines and money and consider that the only goal of economics.

Of course, with a lot of care. Mr. Marshall explains in his books that his interest in economics aroused when he walked on the slums of London and Liverpool. Oh, lol, those caring financial and industrial economists (-; This guy, father of micro-economics (the study of how to maximize the production of corporations), who opposed to any legislation in favor of a minimal salary in Britain separated economics from history and made it just a partial discipline to the service of financial and industrial corporations, because ‘he cared so much’ for the people of the slums.

From then on that was the ‘new normal’: convert humans into mathematical objects, subject to price, with no rights whenever they collide with the overproduction mantra of ‘progress through the machine’…  And so you got the ‘experts’ of the XX century, with a few exceptions like Kondratieff, Keynes and Galbraith all caring so much for… the rights of corporations and the 1%. 

It is in that milieu, as economics became more ‘dehumanized’ when mathematics – which first was intended to be a helping hand to aid production – acquires an ‘ideological bias’ to cover corruption through complexity and a pretension of higher ‘science’. In the same manner corrupted law during the ‘ancient regime’ could not be ‘codified’; so the aristocrat’s lawyer always found his way in the maze of legality, today financial economics always can disguise its antidemocratic and antisocial use of credit with arcane jargons. So we cut through that Gordian knot of mathematical rhetoric, starting as Napoleon did with the law, with a new, far more scientific and objective ‘code’ – the organic, systemic, evolutionary analysis of what really matters – not the ‘realm of the spirit’ but the physical economy of machines that truly influences our life and interacts with humans and labor.

Today Economics has ended in the theoretical realm, being absorbed by ‘corporations’ and financiers, which have become our ‘self-styled experts’ for selfish gain and further on have become dictators of our policies – as machines and money overproduce increasingly substituting humans and the law as the ‘makers’ of reality. So we are moving from a historic and political world into an economic ecosystem where humans are secondary to machines, governments to corporations and the law to the power of money, whose issue those corporations have usurped from democracies and the people, WHO should be the factors that control the two language of information that rule our world – money and the law – AS ALL EFFICIENT SOCIAL ORGANISMS, which have all two languages of energy and information (blood/money system and nervous/legal one) do.

Along the pages of this blog we study from time to time the two sides of Economic thought – those who made economics submissive to history and the welfare of society, epitomized by the today totally ignored Swedish, social school of economics and those who were just pamphletists of financial and industrial power, epitomized by the Austrian school.

Consider for example the work of Myrdal, the most important representative of the Swedish school who convinced the Swedish government in the 30s to create a social paradise, based in a welfare state and the use of money not to create wars but goods people demanded. And yet modern economists ignore him. Instead they prefer a 3rd rate, Jewish bigot, founder of the  Chicago school, guru of Miss Thatcher and Reagan, Hayek, to the service of private bankers. His ‘masterpieces’ ‘road to serfdom’ and ‘the denationalization of money’ are pamphlets full of ‘damned lies and statistics’. Indeed, in the latter he claims that he is ‘obsessed’ by the negative consequences that hyperinflation caused in Germany during the 20s and to remedy it, governments must not issue money, but we must regress to the earlier XIX century American banking system of private bankers issuing their own currencies – not a single private bank but as many as you want – to avoid the abuse of printing money by governments, as in the case of Germany. He considers that ‘private bankers’ would be responsible and control the printing of their own money to make it worth it, instead of doing what they have always historically done – to issue money for themselves with no limit creating the boom and bust crises of modern history.

Now, here the lie is enormous; since the Reichbank that caused hyperinflation during the Weimar republic was a private bank NOT a public one. So they printed money without limit till they broke Germany, causing the rise of fascism. And this Mr. Hayek must now. So he lies because his only goal is to ‘make himself amicable’ to the financial power, as Adam Smith did when affirming money was gold and put the Private Bank of England as the perfect model. Then the system of audiovisual information and the industry of scholar economics pump up as geniuses those economists that cater to the financial elite and ignore the others.

Indeed, Mr. Myrdal, father of modern Sweden was NOT given a Nobel prize by a Swedish bank, which has usurped the name of Nobel to give this prize that was not in its testament and its heirs reject – in a nation that gives Nobel prizes to any Scandinavian that says something coherent in any discipline – till the 70s, and when it did so, the bank gave him the Nobel shared with Mr. Hayek. Here the trick was obvious: the bank was using the prestige of Myrdal to pump up the pamphletist and on top saying Myrdal is the ‘past’, this cuckoo liar is the future.

Another examples used by pamphletists of private bankers are the currencies of the French and American revolutions (continentals) that lost value during the wars with England. Of course, they did, because England created a mass-industry of fake currency, doing financial terrorism and exporting ‘literally’ tons of continentals and French money to break the revolution.

Why then the obsession for public created inflation when it is always created by the massive invention of private money? Damned lies and statistics, cover up.

Further on a minimal quantity of inflation is NOT bad. The obsession against inflation of the right comes because bond holders, the supreme power of financial control of states loose money with inflation as their bonds have nominal prices. So since the XIX century age of legendary control of states by the Rothschild syndicate with manipulation of bonds, bankers do not want inflation. In true form, a language of information is inflationary, so we talk and think more than we act, as inflation in language kicks off the process of ‘action-creation’. Without inflation there is no economical action. Without thoughts there is no human actions. A bit of Inflation kicks consume as people spend now before prices go up but without the rush of hyperinflation, at a moderate path that increases consumption, demand and the production of the goods most people need – those of the welfare state that don’t kill us.

Now in a world in which economics is just to the service of corporations that reproduce machines, all those collateral effects are forgotten. All consists in GDP growth, economic growth maximized by the creation of the most expensive machines, weapons. In this world advertised by audiovisual corporations, bankers, economists and their politicos, America, which produces 1/2 of the world weapons is the wealthiest, most powerful country and ideal world. Point. For those who have lived in the US and in countries dedicated to reproduce ‘human wealth’, the goods that improve our lives like the old European Union was, before the ‘German IV reich’ imposed the American model, the social-democratic world of France, Italy and Spain was the ideal world, today destroyed.

And the difference of education, health-care, social values and overall happiness and development of their population showed indeed how much damage the blind belief that overproducing machines is always good causes on people. In that sense America is a small world lab of the future of the economic ecosystem, as all races and cultures are there, but submitted to the future of a world run by company-mothers of machines. Here in Europe people very unjustly criticize, even despise the American people, which I consider just ‘victims’ of a wrong system. Now we are suffering in Europe the same system and people are declining very fast in moral, ethical, intellectual and living standards, to the point of being mimetic to the American people.

An ideal world in which economics were a science submissive to the health and future of history – the supreme science as it deals with the future of human beings not of machines and its companymothers as classic, right-wing economics do – , would consider both facts and ‘choose’ what machines are allowed and which are not, to better the human species. But we are not run by such intelligent world. We are run by corporations, whose only goal is to re=produce machines for a profit, improve and evolve them and adapt the world to its image and likeness with lobbies, hired politicos, propaganda of consumption and protection of ‘sacred’ property. The result is a world which systematically overproduces machines and underproduces the goods we need to survive. And so in a biological planet of limited resources, capitalism, the religion of techno-utopia that always ‘sacrifices’ humans to ‘economic growth’ understood not as growth of human goods and healthy wealth (the biological goods that enhance our existence) but as growth of ALL kind of products, of which machines are the most expensive, will end up creating a world of machines, where humans are obsolete. And this is indeed the origin of the economic crises of today as it was in the 30s, the cause of the economic crises: overproduction.

A human, scientific, biological solution to the crisis.

The tragedy of mankind shown in those crises is our incapacity to define in proper, biological terms human wealth (the goods we need to survive, be happy and evolve as a species) and distinguish it from industrial wealth (the evolution and reproduction of machines, a new ‘species’ of metal that imitates, enhances but also competes atrophies and substitutes our human organs/biological functions).

 Human wealth is always positive for mankind, but their goods, proper of the welfare state are not produced in enough quantities in the present ‘capitalist’ system, ran for and by corporations of machines. So in those ages of maximal industrial wealth in weapons, machines and corporative money, all the resources of the economy are used to re=produce industrial wealth, causing a chronic scarcity of human wealth, even if the GDP statistics that count both, skyrocket in ages of war – as weapons are the most expensive, profitable machines, even if they kill life, showing that contradiction between human and industrial wealth.The explanation is biological: humans compete with machines in war and labor fields. But the last cycle of the Industrial R=evolution, the Age of the Singularity the robotic age that now starts, after the crash of the last wave (chips and electronic money), with the take-off of military and labor robotics (main cause of the crisis of labor) and the globalization and automation of Corporations and its collective digital, financial ‘brain’, the global stock-market, is different from the previous ones, as it completes the Industrial evolution of machines and the ‘super-organism’ of the Metal-Earth, the economic ecosystems, in which machines will become increasingly independent of us.

Thus, the crisis has ‘two canonical solutions’, guns (Keynesian militarism favored by corporations) vs. Butter (production of welfare goods with government’s deficits), which in the 30s were signified by the New Deal and the German Blitzkrieg. This ‘military keynesian’ solution to the crisis is essayed today by America, in the 30s by Germany.

But the human solution is not happening. Every nation today is essaying the wrong solution – tribal warfare and Keynesian militarism, control of population, corporative power, profits and greed at all costs, substitution of workers by robots and extinction of life and love memes. All covered by a surface of virtual thought, audiovisual rhetorics of hate-memes against the poor, neofascism, ‘damned lies and statistics’ sold as solutions by ‘experts’ which hide their selfish redistributation of wealth for financial and industrial corporations with jargons that people do not understand.Let us then see through the eyes of biological, economical science, not through the eyes of political and economical correctness, of ‘classic economics’ and placebo ‘democracies’, how this electronic crisis unfold into 4 sub-crisis, caused by the overeproduction of electronic machines (financial e-money, working robots and pcs, terminator drones and mass-media machines) and describe reality as it is, in a biological, Darwinian planet of tribal warfare, power politics and little rational thought disguised with audiovisual rhetoric, scholar dogmatism and political and economical correctness=censorship.

Since in the past this brutal realpolitiks was obvious, and so there were still humans aware of the need for a change and r=evolution and parties who catered to the need of the 90% of mankind, but now the system is so complex and the audiovisual rethorics and expert talk of the corporative elite so sophisticated that few realize or even inquire about the real causes of this crisis – the overproduction for a profits of machines. And nobody realizes that machines are competing and displacing men.

Nobody studies the relationship of humans with those machines, neither the subconscious values of metal, or how our mind becomes atrophied and substitutes in its natural humanist, ethic values by prices, who give no value to life and maximal value to weapons. We are indeed guided as automatons, and so we are also void of any responsibility about the future of mankind, because the entire system is ruled by money, a digital language that we barely understand. Had we evolved social sciences, the world would not be living a process of corruption, degradation and likely extinction.

The evolution of the Metal-earth.

You live in a darwinian, tribal world in which there is not scientific analysis and design of mankind, and our political and economical systems. And the result is that as military men are not scientists of history, but the people who won that struggle with the use of Darwinian weapons, and many of their errors have been passed into the ‘national system’ -starting for the concept of nation that make us ‘different species’, not homo sapiens but homo britannicus, homo americanus etc – the ruling financial economists and bankers and corporations who control the economy are not experts of economics but the people who have imposed in that tribal fight, their power through the misuse and monopoly in the production of money, mass-media information and industrial wealth (weapons and machines).

But once all ideological and human speech is translated to biology, what we observe is the terraforming of the planet Earth from a world of life and humans into a world of machines, building a superorganism of increasingly automated corporations, where humans will soon be expendable as most life already is:


In the graph, the Earth is evolving both in organic scale from individual human beings and machines into global systems and in species, from life beings into metal-systems, in which computers, metal-minds, connect and direct massive systems of automated machines. The robotic revolution will complete that transition from gaia into the metal-earth.

This is the ultimate meaning of the age of chips and information.

For that reason, it is imperative to understand technology in biological terms, abandoning the mathematical, abstract approach of classic economics, which cannot understand those cycles of evolution, neither studies the ‘real’ competence and collateral effects some lethal machines are having on mankind – from global warming, produced by the ‘detritus of those machines’, to the massive wave of unemployment that robotics is causing, to the risks poised by the evolution of Nuclear Weapons, into the threshold of ‘planetary bombs’ – quark bombs and black holes that can potentially destroy the planet.

In that regard, a Free Market is an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, simple organisms of metal that imitate the functions of energy and information of the human being. As a result the Earth becomes terraformed, from a carbon-life ecosystem (Gaia), ruled by human organizations (Governments) and human languages (verbal laws) into an economic ecosystem (Free Market), dominated by company-mothers, money and machines, which enhance our energy and information but also compete and substitute man in war and labor fields.

Thus, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the evolution of technology, pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competence with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life  .  .  . But that is an ‘objective science of economics’. We are not guided by ‘objective, good-hearted, idealist scientists’, but by ‘the invisible hand of go(l)d’ – by human greed, by passions and desires to which ‘reason’ bends, finding always ‘stupendous arguments’ of ‘highly-prized experts’, to make possible and justify profits.

It is for that reason that the previous cycles, called the Kondratieff cycles of the economy, are known to economists, but their use is reduced to charting profits in the stock-market and other financial aspects of the economy, despite their huge social and historic implications. Unfortunately, guided by profits, Economics pretends to be a ‘mathematical’ science, independent of History, uninterested in the collateral effects of the production of machines, money and weapons might cause to mankind.

And yet, because those cycles are real, even Wall Street economists use those cycles to forecast financial changes, without caring to investigate their meaning.

My approach to forecast those cycles and the present crisis, described in detail in my pioneer books on biological economics two decades ago was different.

Since the financial economy is merely a reflection of the physical economy of energy, used to reproduce and evolve machines, and money, I applied the cycles of Kondratieff to the evolution of energy and machines and through an analysis of its dates for all the countries of the Western world, came to the conclusion that both cycles were parallel, related to the development of new energies and the weapons and machines constructed with them. Once this was clear to me, I corrected the basic error made by Kondratieff in his calculus of the duration of the cycle, as Russia was an under-developed economy.

So its cycles of machines were shorter, because Russia imported machines already developed, starting the cycle of trains latter than the Industrialized World. Thus, I found the real periodicity of the cycle to be 72 years, which coincides with the ‘Generational cycle’ of History. Then, I calculated that in 2001 and 2008, the reproduction of chips and its electronic software (e-money) would reach again a peak of overproduction and cause a collapse in the global economy – as it has happened.

A detailed analysis of the cycle of 72 years of evolution of energies and machines explains what all the models of classic economics have failed to understand: money also follows a cycle of evolution and reproduction, related to the machines used to ‘invent’ it, today electronic machines, which have not only saturated the world with hardware but also with e-money software, till money lost value. Because money is reproduced also with machines, its cycle is parallel to the cycle of machines of the economy.

Thus, we predicted, parallel to the crisis of overproduction of computers, also a financial crisis of e-money, made with PCs, similar to the 29 crash of the ‘ticker money’ economy, which jacked up prices of stock with electric machines into surreal levels. Indeed, there is every 72 years a huge crash in the stock-market with 2 short ±8 years ripples, due to an over-production of money and machines, which plunges the world into a global depression, till the new cycle of energies and new machines takes off, creating new industries and jobs that replace those of the previous cycle.

The boom and bust cycle of the global economy is both, a cycle of reproduction of energy, weapons, machines and economical information, money, as all of them are related. 3 negative effects are paramount:

false value explodes, it ruins the economy of the Middle class. Thus, at the end of those cycles there is paradoxically, at the height of the reproduction of money and machines of the highest price (weapons) a deep crisis for the human economy and a Great Depression, as machines and forms of money created with those energies become over-reproduced, saturating the economic ecosystem. Thus, the details of the 3 crashes are similar:

In the age of steam machines, there is a peak in stock-money issues of worthless train companies in the 1850s, precisely when the best railroad lines had been constructed and the new ones were loosing money – not because people thought they were profitable, but because the business of inventing stocks had reached its evolving peak. Meanwhile the 2 commonest jobs of the age, farming and transport, greatly diminished, as prices and revenues for farmers, lowered due to the efficiency of train transport; while 90% of horses were killed in a decade in England, when the train put them out of work.

In 1928, there was a peak in the creation of new stocks in companies of cars and radios, when RCA shares reached an astonishing 500 $ value, precisely when the slump in consumption of cars had started in earnest, as all Americans had their Ford-T. Yet the electric ticker, the equivalent to e-money in the 1920s, had been implanted in small towns and was sucking in money from the middle class all over America to satisfy the ‘Ponzi Pyramids’ of Wall Street speculation in radio’s stocks. Then, in 1929 and 8 years latter in 1937, the physical and financial economy crashed together. While the reproduction of electric systems of automation in assembly lines at factories provoked also a massive wave of unemployment.

Thus, we are in a similar age to the 1929-37 crashes of the ‘ticker’ economy: e-money has reproduced massively, as financiers learned to maximize its electronic invention, while in the physical economy robots and electronic software have thrown out of job millions of blue and white collar workers in a massive wave of unemployment and the first ‘splendid little wars’ that will take companies out of the crises are essayed in Afghanistan with drone planes, which evolve fast to become the Terminators of the new age of war.

These ‘negative side effects’ of each of the final ‘boom’ ages of reproduction and evolution of machines, weapons and money, of the ‘wealth of nations’, imply that machines not only enhance our life but also compete and displace human labor and soldiers. Yet, since Adam Smith established the economic dogma that all machines are good, and the more we have the better, because their sale makes money, the invisible hand of go(l)d, we must not argue, we prefer to deny the negative collateral effects those cycles had for mankind…


In that regard, this crisis is the beginning of a ‘runaway’ era of hefty profits obtained with the elimination of human jobs (growth in productivity caused by robots and white collar pcs) and human lives (military profits as weapons consume human beings). And it is parallel to the 1860s, gilded era, and 30s fascist era. In the 3 ages, the overproduction of a new type of energy and information machines (electronic machines in this cycle, electric and oil machines in the 30s, trains in the XIX c.) changed the outlook of history and the destiny of mankind, as those machines took over jobs performed previously by humans and their ‘biological, re=productive organisms’, corporations, took over the political and social systems of mankind.

company mothers


Now, the previous graph, is the lanwave of corporations and the future of all of us. The corporation is a company-mother of memes of metal guided by the equation of monetary profits that will always eliminate a human. There is no freedom of decisions under such tree of actions. Nothing matters. it is all an automated process, which we shall understand better when we realize that machines are set to evolve as humans do, by imitating and substituting our organs, creating finally organic metal, robots with iron bodies and gold minds. This is the destiny of our civilization under the grammar of money.

A future in which men will be discharged as objects of lesser price than the constantly evolving machines and weapons of higher ‘productivity’, efficiency and affinity and complementarity with money, the language of information of metal, today e-money cycles in computer screens.

The same happens with the actions  performed by individual, selfish ‘homo bacteria’, animetals, also guided by those thoughts of profit and objectification of man.

Since the words of love, the ‘genetic’ code of humans embedded in its phonemes, grammar and syntax is irrelevant today, submissive always to the eviL=anti-life values of money.

We are slaves of metal, all what we do is to re=produce it and evolve it in factories, consume it and get attached and atrophied to it. And we are totally unaware of this process because those ‘metal-ideologies’ manufacture our brains.

And the astounding thing to study, marvelous in its eviL twists against life and freedom, is how this have come to be the set of mind of 7 billion human ‘$laves’, thanks to the pedestrian, rhetoric method of reproducing and imprinting human brains with books,press, radio messages, Tvs, and audiovisual fanfare.

All this however is disguised and ignored by humans thanks to the massive propaganda in favor of technology that mass-media corporations imprint on human beings; thanks to the ego-trips of superpower that our attached organs obtain, using machines (so we become super-warriors, super-thinkers and super-runners with weapons, pcs and cars, even if in fact, we become coward, stupid and fat, when we observe ourselves without those mechanical attachments).

In the XVIII century we discovered machines that transformed energy into information and vice versa – steam machines, printing machines – and we started the evolution of those machines, imitating our organs on them.

In a series of 800-80 years decametric cycle of complex evolution humans have been evolving metal, first bronze, then iron, then gunpowder weapons and finally machines, and creating ideologies to justify what is a raw game of power: humans with metal killing life and other people and building ever bigger instruments. And all this under an organization of legal and economical character, the corporation, the citizen of free markets – the impersonal, reproductive organism of those machines of metal.

And the key moment in which this transition has happened is the moment in which corporations, no longer governments control most of the life-time of existence of mankind, as ‘workers=reproducers’ and ‘consumers=vitalizers’ of their offspring of machines. In this crude biological terminology, of course, alien to your consciousness, an external, objective, ‘scientific’ observer would describe the role of humans in the world today. Yet since the II world war, the development of Information, audiovisual machines of enormous capacity to overdrive and hypnotize the human mind, has created a new ‘layer’ of complexity in this human slavery to its ‘enzyman’ tasks as catalyzers of the evolution and re=production of machines, as part-time slaves of corporations.

Information and energetic machines started then to create a deconstructed ‘future’ organic Golem, robotic substitute of man; and we did it according to the way the Universe creates new forms, first piece by piece, in large scales, then reducing them, and all the way through using the new machines to overpower nature, become stronger and control other human beings.

Today this industrial civilization is globalized and all human functions and organs have equivalent machines. So today, all those machines together form a complex system, the economic ecosystem, which we shall call here by a more scientific definition, as the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial-Complex or FMI complex.

The name is chosen because it refers to the 5 sub-type of machines that create the economic ecosystem: informative, financial/media machines; energetic weapons/transport machines and tool/working machines that combine informative and energetic systems to perform jobs previously performed by human beings.

The synergy of all those machines is evident, if we study them as complementary systems of energy and information, as all biological systems are. For example, you are an energetic body/brain, informative system. So we have also information and energy machines, and all together cater, control, program, enhance and substitute the equivalent information/energy systems of human beings.

If we consider all those machines together, we define them therefore as a complementary system of energy and information machines, made of memes of metal, made of a virtual economy of informative software (money and mass media) and a physical/energetic body, the Industrial-Military system of machines and weapons.

All of them are related by two similar institutions, the company-mother of machines, and the stock-market in which all those company-mothers are compared by their reproductive/sales performance and given the necessary ‘genetic/memetic language’, money, to carry out their reproductive tasks.


– Thus we can define the economic ecosystem as a metal-based ecosystem, different from the carbon-life and historic human ecosystem it substitutes. And yet a true biological science of economics able to control the reproduction of money and machines for the benefit of man could create a sustainable world, designed to our image and likeness. But this will never happen unless we evolve our abstract vision of machines and money with a biological model that studies its positive and negative relationships with the human kind.

The alternative of ignoring and not controlling that evolution is obvious: at a certain point into the future, automated companies, robotic systems and weapons will evolve to a point that they will openly compete and perhaps extinguish life. The Earth will be terraformed.


Productivity grows as competition with machines intensifies: overproduction of machine-workers.

We live in a world where states cannot longer create money for the welfare state, as speculators and private bankers have taken that democratic right from them. So we might wonder: What is the main use of the money invented by bankers and stock markets for corporations?

Are they creating wealth with that money; are they creating jobs? No, on the contrary they keep destroying wealth and jobs, because they seek for profits. And profits in a crisis of overproduction of machines and weapons are obtained by substituting workers and soldiers by the new, more evolved types of robotic machines.

They come handy to allow the ‘owners’ of our deceased democracies to control the population with lower costs, and multiply their profits, since computer white collar workers and robotic blue-collar workers are cheaper than human workers. So in fact, as today, most companies are out of the crisis, their profits at all time highs, their value in stock-market sky rocketing, because they have get rid of human workers and put mechanical workers in their place, as it happened in the 20 crisis (unemployment caused by the new  electro-mechanical ‘assembly lines’ ).  It is the crisis of labor and the crisis of war, which all the ‘economical correct’ financial experts hide or deny. As it is not in the best ‘interest’ of their employees, corporations to explain them.

And so now with this introduction to the human reasons of the financial crisis and the real systems of power of our ‘democracies’, we can consider the truly important economic crisis, that of the physical economy where robots are substituting and making obsolete humans in labor and war fields in more detail…

Let us then move on to the next crisis, the crisis of labor, because in search of profits, a 3rd type of electronic machine is overproduced, machine- workers that substitute us in fields of labor, since for corporations, all humans are merely mathematical costs of an equation of productivity.

– Since electronic machines also work. So we have a third crisis as electronic machines keep evolving and reproducing in massive numbers:

A labor crisis, as white collar pcs and blue collar robots substitute the middle class except in low salary nations – Chinese cheap human robots in sweat shops and IT Indian human pcs.

The crisis will continue moved by ‘productivity’ = capital in machines/ labor, which obviously grows, P=C/L when we diminish labor. Yet since machines give higher profits, censored economics ‘praises’ productivity without ever mention to the public its equation, and politicians with astounding ignorance or cynicism tell us that ‘rising productivity will create jobs’, when its definition is precisely the opposite.

The process of substitution of human labor by mechanical labor in the world of company-mothers of machines that evolve towards automation (infinite productivity = zero labor) had 3 phases:

In the age of bodies of machines ‘energy humans’, mostly slaves were made obsolete, in the age of information machines, pcs substituted white collar labor and now the robotic r=evolution menaces to make all human labor obsolete, except those jobs directly related to the handling of human beings and our natural goods (welfare goods).

Yet paradoxically, this only sector still in the hands of human workers is reduced by the policies against welfare of our ‘corrupted politicos’, obliged to reduce deficits and without rights to invent money for that welfare state to allow the financial sector to keep inventing it for the 1%. While economists under the dogma that technology will always create jobs resist those comparisons.

In fact they still compare this crisis to small recessions.

But only the 29 crisis created so much unemployment, because this is not a recession but a depression, a change of age of the economy (right graph), which causes a massive loss of jobs to the new tool-machines, then electromechanical assembly lines, now pcs and robots.

In the 30s human assembly lines where humans moved were substituted by electro-mechanical systems of motion (Ford). Now those fixed humans are substituted by robots, completing the automation of factories.

And this ism of course hidden, because we do not measure ‘human wealth’ in our economical data (Index of Human Development provided by the UNO) but mechanical wealth, GDP, production output, which will increase as robots have a price and increase the wealth of nations, as they decrease the labor and wealth of mankind.

So the market will keep going up as mankind goes down, but companies make bigger profits thanks to the robotic industry; and wars will be fought with robots for the righteous, against the poorest nations of the world. And hate-TVs will keep sending us messages that all is well in the western front, and the 4th leg of electronic, robotic machines, the robotic worker will keep unemployment high for decades to come, till the lower probability of human r=evolution or the higher one of human extinction take place. For certain though, the world as we know it will end this century, either because history ends or because history r=evolves and capitalism ends. There is not a ‘3rd path of future’, as there are only two species on top of this planet and evolution is a very precise, non-frills system of creation and destruction of futures that has no place for the fictions of Hollywood and Religion (beyond the eusocial translation of the mandates of love of certain religions that enhance the evolution of the superorganisms of mankind).

The robotic cycle happen because in a capitalist society we discount as quisling placebos, politicos and the 99% dominated by them and by money. Only what the 1%, who own corporations and  invent money, wants, happen in the long term. There might be circles to get there, as the placebo ‘pill’ must be coached into the citizenship; so we need good excuses for war before we could build up the world of robotic weapons we are creating, which the electronic industry needed to keep evolving them. But we got here and now a bewildered herd, convinced the system is right, accepts the structure.

Today most of the laws passed by Mr. Obama favored the evolution of robotics with subventions to the substitution of blue collar workers by robots (500 million $ given to develop them), a massive substitution of human soldiers by terminator drones (more money is invested in them than in human pilots) and the passing of laws that allow drones to fly over America and act as ‘Robocop’s’, and so on.

A fact that has lead us to the Military crisis caused by overproduction of weapons.

Since given the control of economical thought by ‘classic economics’, what they call the ‘wealth of nation’ (the products with maximal monetary price), weapons have been chosen again to take corporations out of the crisis. Indeed, we are doing ‘canons instead of butter’ to keep making profits, a fact that is leading mankind to an existential crisis where our stakes will be again raised. As we will not only loose our fortunes (financial crisis) and our jobs (labor crisis) but our lives due to Keynesian militarism and ‘splendid little wars’, in a cycle that according to the action-reactions laws of the Universe will affect also the body-cells of the super-organism that caused those crisis, as it did in the past.

Yet of course, the economic reasons of the multiplication of robotic weapons and robotic workers are not explained. The cycle of ‘splendid little wars’ we live through and the evolution of Terminator weapons, the biggest present danger against the future of mankind, are ‘hidden’ with ‘newspeaks’ of ‘security’ and ‘antitruths’ that tell us exactly the opposite of what the system tries to achieve – profits at all costs including the life of all of us whenever Military Artificial Intelligence awakes.

The age of robotics that now starts in earnest means the end of humans as top predators. How far the process will go without ‘exploding’ in the face of the 1% that is still managing it, is just a question of time. My take is that when we realize, it will be too late, the singularity machines will be non-stoppable, it will be a point of no return. This conclusion is drawn of prior history, personal experience as an activist and the laws of death of social systems. Of course, the organism of history could be cured but given the fact that the ‘doctors of the system’, namely, us the leading system scientists of the world, will not be even consulted – we just meet in placebo congresses where as a matter of fact, the guys of cybernetics and computers get the bulk of resources and those of us who lead the field of general systems sciences and social systems get nothing – mirroring the distribution of wealth between the mechanical and life systems of the planet – one thing is for certain, the ‘biblical culture’ with all its damned myths and statistics about how to run the ‘pseudo-science’ of economics, will not.

Only when you realize of the duality of treatment of ‘humans’ and ‘machines’ and its ‘legally free corporations’, you can explain the world and the contradictions of markets that rise when unemployment rises increasing ‘productivity’, which keeps pumping profits as humans are obsolete but corporations take over their roles of consumers and robots on their roles of workers. So ‘economics’ will thrive as humans become sided:

The robotic zeitgeist of XXI century capitalism.

Today as the robotic age comes into being, corporations dedicated to reproduce robotic workers and soldiers are becoming the darlings of capitalism. And so their financial muscle now pays the parties in power, as all great corporations become symbiotic in the task of reproducing those machines.

Thus, Obama is passing one after another laws in favor of the substitution of humans in labor and work fields. And the redistribution of wealth from people to robots starts in earnest.

Never though, except in brief revolutionary ages, America has created laws to favor their people over their machines and corporations. Moreover it has been able to imprint a massive ‘noise’ of false caring and false freedoms that have convinced the Americans, who enslave forever for those corporations, that the system ‘cares for them’.

The case of America is specially meaningful, since America is a ‘nation of nations’, with all races and cultures represented, and hence the battle for the mind of America between the ‘democratic dream’ of an equal humanity in control of his destiny that creates a world to its image and likeness, and the nightmare of a nation without limits to capitalism and the power of metal-memes, hence ruled by corporations who ‘buy’ the laws that favor their products and create a world to the image and likeness of their machines, has been determinant for the future of mankind. Now the battle seems over as laws under perhaps the most corrupted, cynical administration in the history of the US (not the Bush but the Obama administration), are routinely filled by lobbies of the leading industries of the day (health-care, drones, military Keynesianism, robotic workers, etc.)

What this means basically that the future of America and mankind can be guessed as we have done for 20 years, merely following the money of corporations, which will adapt American laws to their goods. So as robots take over humans laws in favor of ‘productivity’ (expulsion of labor for capital=machines), and robotic wars and workers (drone laws) have become routine in America. Obama indeed will end up his legislature as the president who accelerated the extinction of life by robots in a higher measure than any other politician in history… Even if he is a nice ‘bro’. That means nothing. He is doing his job, which is to sell laws to the biggest bidder. Point.

And this means that ‘modern capitalism’ in the XXI century will be even harsher on the 99%, than it was in the brutal wars for profits of the XX c. and the exploitation of children and women of the XIX c. because the 99%, the workers and middle class, the blue and white collar human is becoming obsolete substituted by the blue collar robot/Chinese workers and white collar pc/Indian IT workers. So we, lower and middle class of western world are obsolete. And the system is moving, as it has been the case in the US to create the laws that will ensure robotic corporations can eliminate us and we can get into jail if we protest. Still the problem will remain and become stronger as the last age of capitalism reaches its zenith: 6 billion human beings are basically obsolete to the system.

What to do with them? In the last Kondratieff crash we know what the system did. It killed 60 millions in II W.W. So it did in the I huge crash of the 1860s. It colonized the world with trains and steamers overproduced in Europe and the US to the tune of another 60 million victims…

Thus, the present crisis walks steadily towards an 1860s/1940s solution of permanent ‘robotic’ wars and ‘vigilante’ cameras, a big-brother paranoia in the electronic media to back those policies, stigmatization of the poor at home, the asian worker and muslim peasant, as the ‘enemy’, abroad – from whom our robotic armies of workers and soldiers will save our 1% with hefty profits, sinking further workers and ways of life. Of course, for this ‘model of future’ to work, censorship is needed on the real causes of the labor crisis (multiplication of white collar pc and blue collar robotic workers) that is destroying not only our democratic and social rights, but as the robot radiation increases that competition in war and labor fields will provoke a global existential crisis as the century goes by. 


This splendid little war will get us out of the crisis‘ T.Roosevelt, on the economical causes of the Spanish-American war

‘Guns will make us powerful, butter will make us fat’ Goebbels, ministry of propaganda of the III Reich

The percentage of American rent dedicated to war has equaled that of Germany in the year before W.W.II

“As we used to say in the eighties with ever-increasing truth: “We are in an age of transition”. Now we get some measure of the acuteness of the transition. It is a phase of human life which may lead, as I am trying to show, either to a new way of living for our species or else to a longer or briefer dégringolade of violence, misery, destruction, death and the extinction of mankind. These are not rhetorical phrasesI am using here; I mean exactly what I say, the disastrous extinction of mankind.”

HG. Wells, The New World Order; January 1940

All the crisis of war of the Kondratieff crashes, as all other crisis have always 2 components: the mechanical side of profit seeking corporations which will re=produce the goods of each cycle that multiply faster its profits, and the human side of the people in power in each phase of the crisis that will use those goods to come up ‘first’ in the hierarchical pyramid of capitalism.

This means that for example, Mr. Hitler came out of the crisis producing ‘canons instead of butter’, because that is what Germany could do best to make money – as today pretends to come out of the crisis producing machines with robots and creating a European Empire of financial nature from the ECB. But his personal and cultural enemies – the Slavs and the Jewish peasants to the East, the French to the West, defined whom he put the canons against.

In this present crisis after the coup d’état of 1972 in America and recently in Europe, given by the International Banker, explained in the next post in more detail (end of government rights to issue money in favor of corporations and private bankers, achieved in America with the end of gold standards and the invention of e-money, in Europe with the loss of sovereign rights to the ECB, which does NOT issue money for governments anymore but only for bankers), the canons are no longer on the hand of the old elite of WASPS. So the new elite of international bankers has switched canons from the original enemy of the WASP – the industrial elite of the 2nd Industrial r=evolution (communists) towards the enemy of the ‘other nation’ of the International Banker, Islam, in the Semitic wars in which the mercenary armies of the countries they control are working hard. But the reasons why there is war instead of diplomacy to solve the problems of Israel, easily solved with its acceptance in the European Union, along its saint innocent Palestinian victims, so the Jewish industries will thrive, the Palestinian farmers would find jobs in Europe and the country would be defended by civilized means, ending its apartheid state, are ‘profits’. As the robotic industry has become the most profitable industry of Israel and the American corporations owned by the Am Segullah.

In brief, because a capitalist democracy is ruled by corporations of maximal profit, which in the age of e-money are financial corporations and now when the physical economy of robotics takeoff are military corporations, once all was deregulated and financiers took power, as they belong overwhelmingly (80% of financial CEOs, and ‘all’ central bankers in the west) to the culture that first made of money the language of social power and invented most of its instruments and corporations, we now fight the wars of their ‘nation’, whose enemies have become now the globalized enemies of the western world, whose financial-media systems they control. And we will return to that in the next post, dedicated to the human side of the crisis, as it is ‘too much of a charged’ question to deal so soon with it. Instead we shall consider the first of those 2 elements – the mechanical/profit side – in more detail.

Why in Free Market systems there is chronic scarcity of welfare, human goods we need to survive.

In a capitalist democracy in which governments cannot invent money to pay for a welfare state and only Companies can, they will seek always to produce the goods of maximal price and hence maximal profits, to ‘justify’ the value of the fiat money represented by their stocks or their financial credit. And so under the values of money, they will overproduce ‘expensive’ memes of metal.

On the other hand in all capitalist democracies, the ‘human sector of the economy’ will be under produced. Since the human, welfare goods we need, are biological and require a lot of human work, and are perishable and so cannot be traded in great numbers (health, housing, education, food, etc.) while machines replicate very fast and are durable, ultimately an economy dominated by stock-markets and financial corporations under produces the goods people need, overproduces machines and distorts completely the economy.

In detail, since the basic parameter of profits are sales, directly proportional to the speed and costs of reproduction of the goods companies made, and machines can be reproduce much faster than life, 3 type of memes of metal will be overproduced according to a simple equation:

Profits=Money (financial industries) = Max. Price (arm industries)  – Minimal cost of reproduction (mass-media industries and tool-machines that substitute workers ) 

Thus profits will always be higher in weapons, financial industries and media industries. And as it happens, those 3 goods are the less ‘healthy’ industries for mankind:  weapons kill us; financial companies that overproduce money, ruin us; and mass-media that has the minimal cost of production, as it reproduces simultaneously through electromagnetic waves devolves and programs the human mind with messages. Finally tool-machines that need no salary will also be overproduced causing a crisis of unemployment.

On the other hand in all capitalist democracies, the ‘human sector of the economy’ will be under produced. Since the human, welfare goods we need, are biological and require a lot of human work, and are perishable and so cannot be traded in great numbers (health, housing, education, food, etc.) while machines replicate very fast and are durable, ultimately an economy dominated by stock-markets and financial corporations under produces the goods people need, overproduces machines and distorts completely the economy.

Reason why the purest capitalist nations are the biggest producers of weapons, the most profitable goods, while the few in which financial systems are public (case of China), have far less proportion of the economy producing those lethal goods and far more producing the welfare goods people need, even if as in China de political system is not free.

And needless to say China grows 10% not because the Chinese are more intelligent or even work more or cheaper than any other ‘3rd world country’ with the same degree of poverty (South-America, Indian sub-continent) but because credit is directed to sectors that produce great employment, satisfy the demands of people and create infrastructures.

Thus a solution to the financial repetitive crises requires the nationalization of the financial industry and the establishment of a selective system of credit NOT based in profits, but on the utility of goods for the majority of people, to private companies that reproduce those goods.

Yet the opposite occurs. Speculators must seek for profits at all costs, as once they create fiat money, sooner or latter they will have to respond to the lack of value of that money by attaching it to any industry that produces maximal profits.  And there is no higher value for mankind that man itself, which becomes a commodity with the arrival of capitalism that establishes in the first ‘capitalist democracies’, Holland and then England and America, the harshest system of slavery in history. Indeed, either positive buying of human commodities (slavery) or negative (death by weapons), make slaves and weapons the most profitable goods of capitalist democracies for centuries after their simultaneous creation in those countries. So the bubbles of fiat money can find some better excuse than a tulip to provide a value to which to attach the ‘invented for free’ linguistic data.

And so, the same is happening in this cycle. Slavery was abolished (though it was really substituted by cheaper part-time slavery as a worker for a corporation, which doesn’t need to pay you any longer food, housing and health-care as it used to do). And weapons were no longer free to trade in Europe after II W.W. But those were always advances achieved with enormous effort, against capitalism in the few moments in which governments had control over the languages of social power of the system (post-war 60s, in which labor conditions improved, and the American pseudo-slavish state of the black under Jim Crow laws was abolished and social-democracies in Europe created the welfare state by controlling money with Keynesian policies).

Now that we are moving towards a pure capitalist democracy, which is being imposed also in 3rd world countries, where the capitalist system is dominant and the democratic one hardly exists, labor conditions are becoming similar to slavery (India, Chinese neo-capitalist driven by Taiwanese and H.K. and western entrepreneurs in ‘free zones’, etc.) and of course, trade in weapons has sky-rocketed.

Parallelism between stock growth, corporation value, sales, weapons creation, war causalities and ages of machines.

As the economical solution of corporations – to keep the evolution and reproduction of machines means that each of those cycles  has ended in a massive age of overproduction of the most expensvie type of informative and energetic machines humans made in each era: weapons; which have consumed every century 100 times more human beings as their quality as ‘top predator’ machines of macimal price, has increased exactly by the same number (growth of value of stock-markets from the XIX century).

This parallelism is evident:

I world wars (Train wars, civil war, XIX century: victims), II world wars (XX century: tank wars,80 million), III world war, robotic wars (XXI century): 8 billion? All Mankind? Extinction –

I Industrial Revolution: Stock value starts – average 1 – II industrial revolution: Stock 100 – III industriAL Revolution:Stock – 10.000

merely tell us some mathematical isomorphisms between the ‘quality of weapons’, its value for corporations that peak in ages of war when they mahufacture in its 80% weapons, and the historic interpretation: weapons one-hundred fold quality each century, corporations reproduce weapons and reach maximal wealth in war, when weapons consume humans. Corporations 0ne hundred fold profits and values as weapons one hundred folded victims each century, ergo, weapons WILL BE THE LIVING MACHINES OF THE FUTURE, they won’t be tamed consumption cars, but weapons and their ‘ant-hills’, their company-mothers, their organisms of re=production, after reaching infinite reproductivity thanks to robotic workers, with0ut need of any human labor – not even Matrix-like piles –  will be ready to complete the task and end the need of human consumers and workers decreeing through its different systems the extinction of man.

This is the future of capitalis and will be compelted this century if the system is not reformed, by the end of the robotic cycle of capitalism started in 2008 as our boosk precidtec two decades in advance, of 72 years as all previous cycles, by 2080, humans will become extinc,t probably much earlier if the weapons of the singularity are created.

Indeed, in a perfect capitalist system money NOT scientifically, to regulate as a nervous system does, with orders of credit the re=production of those goods that maintain the human citizens, cells of each historic super organism/nation with enough welfare goods to satisfy its needs, what we call in ‘ethonomics’, the WHealth of a nation but to justify the invention of fiat money.

Thus money is invested to ‘cover up’ the growth of fiat prices systematically on those goods of maximal profit/cost and minimal price of replication (money itself, weapons, audiovisual ‘noise’ and machine-tools that replace costly workers, decreasing the organic composition of capital, in ‘newspeak’ called Productivity=Capital in machines/labor).

Hence each financial crisis of overproduction of fiat money provokes a runaway reaction in search of higher profits to justify that money, attaching it to companies that reproduce those memes of metal provoking a crisis of unemployment, a crisis of information and one of military character. And those are the 3 other crises of overproduction of the physical economy and its overproduced machines – in this age electronic, physical machines of war, labor and information (drones, robots and mass-media) that we study in this and the next paragraphs in more detail.

– An age of perpetual war and police states to help the reproduction and sale of robotic weapons (drones now, soon armed cameras, police cars, etc.) This arms race now has started in earnest, and by middle of the century A.I. will probably be created first in millions of robots designed to kill mankind.

Since the weapon, the top predator version of the machine that consumes human beings has always been the most advanced, expensive, profitable mechanism at any age of the Industrial Revolution. Thus in the previous age, the car became the tank and Hitler implemented Keynesian militarism as Bush has done in this crisis.

But weapons are also needed to control the increasing mass of destitute middle class, ruined by taxation, speculation and higher prices. So weapons become also used by police states, which explained in the 3 ages, the Victorian repression of the Irish – not only the colonial repression; the 30s fascism within nations, not only the wars of fascism and now an increasing vigilante big brother state in the making. Yet as weapons displace ‘money’ as the main industry of the capitalist non-democratic society, this implies a risk for the Plutocrats, which loose power as rulers of the Financial-Media system, while the Military-Industrial system rises.

Indeed, in the first phase during the financial crisis, the star of the day, the banker, chose ‘Speculation instead of welfare state’. Since Speculators lobby their quisling governments to cut Deficits, to be able to keep inventing money by taking it from the part of the pie that belonged to the 99% and its governments (the present phase of the 3rd Kondratieff crash in Europe), convincing with their control of Mass-media (same machines print both, money and information in each age, yellow press and Stock-paper in the train age, electric tickers and radio in the electronic age, Internet and e-money) the people to sacrifice further and give them ‘all’ the pie.

As it is a tenant of capitalism that greed MUST not have limit AND SELFISHNESS must not have checks, because that eccentric Calvinist professor of the pre-industrial Age, Mr. Smith, followed his ‘memetic, biblical imprinting’ (Go(l)d is the intelligence of God said Calvin). Then the people get ruined, anti$emitism rises in the west (where for historic reasons the FM complex is ruled by this supra-nation). But the sheeple is powerless. The police state rises against her. The military-industrial complex and the army take power, first to the service of Plutocrats.

Then finally when things get truly hard, the stakes of survival rises and hell break loose. And the military takes over. What the military will choose now is ‘canons instead of butter’. And to whom it will direct canons depends on each age and time – an external, invented, pumped up enemy (China in this cycle); the poor and minorities (Latinos in this cycle), or perhaps the plutocrats (non-likely this cycle as they have ‘learned’ after the past cycle and now they control also the military-industrial complex).

Since death does not spare the one per cent either. In the previous wars at the end of the crisis, wars and holocausts consume all humans with weapons, regardless of their former power.

The 1%, the neurons of our societies, though ignore an essential truth of survival social organism – neurons take care, have empathy and love their working body cells.

Because an unbalanced system collapses, when the ‘mind’ that controls its languages of information do not care for the cells of the body, the present system will collapse ‘again’ as it did in the 30s, in periods of wars and holocausts, if business as usual continues.

But let us not move too fast into the future. That future could be easily avoided with a rational management of the economy, and so we should consider those other themes first.

We are only past the ‘Coolidge’ age of the 29 crisis, when politicos and economists (Merkel, Obama, Draghi, Bernake) are doing everything wrong, siding with the banks that cause the crisis, pushing the Keynesian militarism that Hitler used to come out of the 29 depression, blaming it on the poor, lower classes that are loosing the welfare state – as corporations increase their profits, billonaires their fortunes, bankers keep producing money and the 99% looses his jobs and property.

Yet for this process of self-destruction of human labor to take place, corporations had first to destroy the regulation, labor unions and social rights of democracies, which it achieved during the neocon revolution started by Thatcher and Reagan, which basically regressed human social evolution to the XIX century, dog-eat-dog pyramid of capitalism with financial and industrial corporations on top and the 99% of mankind without rights beyond some placebo theatricals of vote on the bottom.

To that aim the minds of the workers/voters had to be manufactured to love and vote the policies that will destroy them. In this manner in the previous phase, during the 80s and 90s mass-media and neocons cre(dit)ated an increasing mass of mindless, violent American citizens, so ignorant of the causes of reality that they will ‘buy’ the American nightmare, once the American dream is gone for them. So it is needed to consider the next key crises that rhythmically assails the human world when the industrial evolution requires to change our frame of mind and eliminate workers and soldiers, the neofascist age of mass media information – what we have termed at certain different times of our 20 years old research on this ‘future’ crisis, happening now, ‘evilwood’, or the ‘American baroque’, or hate-tv, the age of overproduction of mass-media hate speeches…

The problem, of course, is that humans are mostly ‘believers’ with ‘memetic’ brains, manufactured by cult(ure)s, since earlier age, which cannot longer be modified.  The problem is still that resistence Aristotle, father of logic, found in old Greece: ‘people are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’. We, might, simply speaking, be a species, who doesn’t pass the cut, for survival in this planet in permanent evolution (let alone survive physical death as the goatkeeper guru of the bronze age that ‘runs’ the ethical and intellectual psyche of the new South-America, pretends, LOL, the harder they fall).

And yet people keep voting them. Why? Because the cycle has a 4th ‘power’ at work.

Indeed, all this could not be happening if a 4th crisis, that of information, masterminded by audiovisual media and aimed to perpetuate the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ was not in place.

Since the key to power in any complementary system of energy and information, where the informative head rules the blind energy body is the control of all systems of information; in the Financial-Informative (head) Military-Industrial (Body) Complex of ‘selfish memes of metal’ – the economic ecosystem – it means that those who hold financial power MUST control also human information, digital and verbal, to back and create the ‘newspeaks’ and fantasies of placebo freedom required to control and implement the anti-quantum paradox. And this is indeed the case in the West, in any of the 3 ages aforementioned. In the age of protestant control of America, the press was controlled by Mr. Hearst, and the same printing machines printed paper money for railroads.

Then when the new media and new people took over, signified in the magnificent case of Citizen Kane, when the master of the new media, a kid from NY dared to defy the old mogul and won, because he had the new media, radio and film, both Financial and Informative systems have teh same owners. And that ensures that the blind body of American-European cells will submit easily and be manufactured in their brains to fall under the ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

As this excessive power of the financial elite cannot be understood without their control not only of the creation of e-money the Financial side of the Financial-Informative/Military-Industrial complex, but also the Audiovisual complex, which now as in the age of radio-hate of the previous age of fa$cism has entered an age of Tv-hate.

– A mental crisis provoked by the massive noise of meaningless electronic media and hate TVs, which are devolving human minds to a visual, neo-Paleolithic age of violent, fiction thought. 


‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it’ Goebbels Minister of Propaganda of the III Reich

‘I have asked the film department to make stupid, entertaining movies, people will love them and won’t ask anything else’ Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of the III Reich.

In the graph, all complex processes of destruction of mankind by memes of metal have the P.O.V. of the machine, whose selfish memes cause collateral damages of mankind, and the more obvious side of the humans belonging to ‘animetal cultures’ studied in detail with the biological tools of systems sciences in the next paragraph. Such is the case of the overproduction of mass media. There is an induced path provoked by the ‘medium which is the message’ and a human side of those who control those memes and use their power of indoctrination over mankind for their selfish agendas.

The graph, shows how the multiplication of worthless electronic information is the 4th crisis of super-production of electronic machines. Contrary to belief, human minds are devolving, not evolving, as they become substituted by digital machines, which think for us. In that regard, we have to compare the evolution of our biological language, the word, and the biological language of machines, mathematics, which humans do not use to communicate and express their biological will.

So we have the fourth phase of the crisis, which is the expansion thanks to the rhetoric of industrial information, increased by the overproduction of electronic machines (TVs, Internet systems) of the classic ‘ideologies’ of fascism, today considered dogmas of mankind, when only a few decades ago were despised as a primitive outlook for those who believe on it.

And again we need a double vision, that of the machine and its ‘hidden values’ since the evolution of ‘metal-communicators’ at the same time that increase the intelligence of the machine cause us an overdrive of visual, violent languages of minimal intelligence that brutalize the human race. And this is the unknown process, since let us be fair here – the people who rule the world with money do NOT question the collateral effects. There is NO confabulation theory. Networks of information do not work this day. They do NOT meet to make you an idiot. They just test what makes money and because they care nothing for anyone except themselves, they do whatever it takes.

In the case of the visual system, the process degenerates the human mind creating a neoteny race of ‘children’ who no longer seek truth, the tool of survival of any species (right information) but happiness, a state of catatonic stupidity, which in the Darwinian Universe is symbol of trouble and easy death. Indeed, ‘happy children’ are the staple food of Nature. they come closer to the predator thinking it is a nice chap and then in a bite of the lizard the little turtle goes away.

And this is what the competition of minds, between machines and humans is causing: the metal-mind, audiovisual media has competed with the human verbal min d, and since an image is worth more than one thousand words (in terms of volume of information), our program for higher energy and information has eliminated our verbal mind. The result is a visual mind, which is shallow, violent, spatial, with short memory and immediate reward-seeking behavior. it is the Neo-Paleolithic, which according to the laws of superorganisms represents the 3rd age of our mind, as an old man is like a child with a negative twist. So we live a new ‘infancy’ due to the influence of mass media, but a negative one, selfish, childish, mythic, and in the human side masterminded by the oldest and yet also most infantile culture… Or in metaphoric terms, we have become mad, as old men do, precisely when we should be more responsible, given the mass-destruction power of the machines of the Singularity we are creating (super-nuclear bombs, Robots, metal-Nano bacteria) and we will return to that.

The mechanical side.

paradox of goliath2-15

We could say that as ‘bodies of metal’ substituted our bodies, making us weaker (XIX c.) and minds of metal substituted our verbal mind with violent messages, making us ‘crazy’, we are now entering a 3rd industrial age, in which weaker, crazier humans are increasingly obsolete in BOTH, body and mind.

A visual culture of children of thought. And this might be fun but it is far more dangerous than we might imagine, because children cannot solve problems. They just get angry when they are contradicted. And they are not solidarious at all. They are extremely selfish. And they cannot distinguish truth from falsity so they cannot prevent danger. And they cannot reason, they just believe. But they are extremely visual. So the world we have created, part because the ‘medium is the message’ and mass-media is audiovisual, part because the cultures that own the FMI complex were already childish cultures, is one in which there it seems no longer to be a possible response to the problems, but merely we observe the reaction to those problems proper of children, crazy people and old men – to deny it is happening, and then cry when all has happened.

In the graph, we explain the mechanical side of this process of ‘neoteny’, simplification and infantilism caused by the evolution of ‘metal-communicators’, the 4th leg of the FMI complex.

Indeed, the audiovisual media returns us to a neo-paleolithic where only the evident seems real. But the evident is always the less important part of reality. Your skin is not yours, but the organs below them. Humans in brief are devolving so far to an irrational, visual, emotional state that all what we thought it was long past, neocons, militarism, racism, sexism, myths, absolute selfishness, emotional violence, dogmatic beliefs are today the rule. As the verbal, logic, temporal causal brain is erased by the neo-Paleolithic brain of short span attention and self-evident truths. Of this of course the 1% takes advantage to easily program the mass. But they have also been reprogrammed as each new leader is emptier of meaning, more visual, more of an actor, in a neofascist age, caused by the audiovisual mind, as radio leaders that lowered German rationality caused the fascist age.

And yet the ego trip is even worst. We are becoming atrophied by machines but at the same time, as machines isolate us of others, interfacing between us, we become more isolated in the ego, and feel more important. The more connected we are the more disconnected we become.

People should be aware of the enormous importance our ethic, verbal language, which carries the ethic values of survival has for our species. Images are the animal language, numbers the mechanical language. What differentiated us  as a species was speech and the capacity to organize socially huge numbers of humans under ethic values. It is like a living organism that looses his nervous system. This is the definition of death. As we become homo bacteria, individual humans, reduced to image and digital languages, with a dwindling capacity to understand words, which anyway have lost the sacredness of truth and become just a fiction to express a lower level of understanding – emotions we are entering a process of social death which in all organic systems precedes to the factual death, and so does in societies as homo bacteria become selfish individuals that fight each other for survival as if they were not part of the same species or organism. This is what the audiovisual media has achieved: if weapons kill our bodies, digital languages atrophy and substitute our minds.

And it creates another type of ‘selfish’ memes of ideological nature, which camouflage with different forms:

– Censorship and fiction, political and economical correctness, aestheticism vs. ethics, egoism vs. eusocial evolution, baroque, formal art, vs. classic, meaningful content… and all type of damned lies and statistic, corrupted scholar’s bull$hits, pretentiously scientific and entertaining circensis without bread.

The ego and anti-quantum paradoxes

All this said, it is obvious that we live in a dictatorship of corporations and bankers, masterminded that issue of money in exclusive, and of course censor any criticism of their ‘manifest destiny’ and any serious scientific analysis of money and human social organisms. So we denounce the increasing censorship of information about history, economics and social sciences, taken place globally with a sophisticated new form of censorship called, political and economical correctness ‘sold’ to the public by think-tanks, scholars and the heavy-handed use of audiovisual rhetoric, making us belief that the system is the ‘most perfect’ possible system, that is in fact a ‘scientific design’ with no rival and the crisis just a short interval and we are loosing our freedoms for ‘our good’, because the system ‘care for us’.

Now for the reader who is ‘still reading’ to understand the world – or rather the Universe – in which he lives, he must consider the difference between objective science and subjective ideology and the insignificance of man in the Universe, denied by subjective thought, natural to all humans. Indeed, we humans have always fought between the desire to be happy by pumping our ego as individuals, tribes and species, and the objective truth of being nothing but a ‘mush over a lost rock of the Universe’ Schopenhauer.

For that reason unlike natural sciences where we have no problem considering a rock a rock, and an animal a program determined by its desire for energy information and reproduction, who will die, any attempt to explain man as an animal who might die as individual and species if it doesn’t take care of his world, with a program of biological behavior, the objective truth, has failed. We prefer to be happy and die than understand the darwinian universe and survive.

That is the reason 4 billion people really think that a goatkeeper of the bronze age understood that man was unique and the creator of the Universe talked to him with a bush. This limit seems absolute. I call it the ‘ego paradox’: ‘every point of view thinks to be the center of the Universe’. And it is natural to perception as we see our nose bigger from our p.o.v. that the galaxy andromeda.

So we care nothing for Andromeda and would rather kill zillions of human beings there that loose our nose if we had such choice. So a natural element of the evolution of science consists in moving away from anthropomorphism.

So first the Earth was no longer the center; then man was not unique son of god but of the money, and now in this ‘system’ guided by the language of money and its universal grammar that makes of man an object: man (salary) = money = Object (price), we are competing with weapons and machines in the economic ecosystem, as objects and we loose.

If we wanted to survive we would understand the Darwinian paradox, be humble and cautious, do NOT create robotics and limit the equation of money, not allowing such comparisons with machines for the sake of our future. We would accept ethics, and the universal grammar of verbal thought, man (subject) > verb (action) > object (energy) and realizing we are not better than a machine in labor and war fields, limit their evolution so they remain objects.

But we humans seem not able to be humble and objective about ourselves, limited by Mr. Marx’s dictum: ‘revolution might change many things, but they won’t change the nature of man’.

So there are two approaches to social sciences: those in power sell you a dream of happiness and superiority who appeals to your ego paradox, and you believe them, and then in the background they ab=use you, bankers rob you, the military kills you and machines compete and atrophy you. But you prefer to think to be happy as ‘sheeple’ that the ‘animal farm’ cares for you. On the other hand, true scientists of history, writers and artists, put you at face value, call you what you are – an old bag of dirty water – and then tell you how to survive departing from your true nature. And those are the people who nobody listens and yet paradoxically they are the true scientists of history that could save you.

We call this fact  ‘the anti-quantum paradox’: the scientist of social history can only describe objectively but not influence history, due to the ego paradox and also due to its small size compared to the observable, the ‘superorganisms of history and economics’, its corporations, owners and rulers.

So at the end of the day, the system influences social scientists with their military and financial power, corrupting this science and creating an inverse but very real uncertainty. Since they pay-per-view theorists that favor their views of a world in which machines, weapons and money – their source of power – is always positive to mankind.

So the conjunction of the ego paradox and the anti-quantum paradox seems to deny beyond theory the praxis of true social sciences. This is all evident in America where both paradoxes are paramount. People there, and increasingly as their culture globalizes think they are the center of the Universe. They are told to care only for themselves. They are told to compete with other humans to be the best instead of cooperating. They are told machines are always good to mankind; weapons will defend them; bankers are saviors of the economy and so on and so on; while the system ab=uses them with astounding brutality of which most people are totally unaware, fighting for their virtual happiness even more than for their lives.

In that regard a key concept to understand the increasing dissociation between the ‘virtual, anthropomorphic, self-serving reality’ that passes today as truth in many sciences, mass-media outlets and religions and the ‘biological reality’ of a planet still in evolution, where humans are objectively just an stage increasingly outpowered by the new machines is the difference between humanist, ‘true social sciences’, which try to design the world to our image and likeness, discovered by social scientists, and the  Matrix of Orwellian Newspeaks of political and economical correctness that pass as science but are just ideologies that protect the people in power in the Darwinian struggle among human tribes that misuse those machines and weapons and money to opress other humans.

You live in in a biological planet ruled by the laws of biology and evolution, Darwinian laws that confront species and select them according to its quality of form, of in/form/ation and energy/force.

Metal, the substance of machines is stronger and holds better and faster information than carbon life. Thus since the beginning of history humans have taken advantage of those properties of metal to survive and dominate nature and other humans.

First, they crafted the simplest, lineal, energetic forms of nature with metal and created weapons and those aristocratic tribes who invented and used them – bronze swords, chariots, iron swords, spurs for cavalry and gunpowder, dominated history.

Also those who used informative, soft metal, able to process information, gold and silver, became bankers and used the attraction that information holds for our visual eyes (gold hypnotism) to control and enslave people.

Darwinian metal-cultures became then the upper castes of the West, mainly Indo-European warriors and Semitic bankers. And they reigned over a mass of humans who lived off life, agricultural and welfare goods. One of the most persistent fantasies among humans is the dream of freedom. Humans have been slaves of ‘metal-masters’, warriors, bankers and machine-makers since the Age of Bronze. Chemistry is a harsh mistress. In the Roman times ‘ad metalla’ (work on mines) was a worse sentence than death. Man ate of the tree of metal to be superior to life and has ever since lost his freedom and primacy as the dominant, ‘reproductive and evolutionary’ wave of this planet, in this larger scale game that we all play, the game of evolution of species of energy and information.

Thus, in many ways we could trace the present fight of two ways of understanding history and the future of man – one based in the power of machines, the other in the goods of the welfare state we use to survive, back to the beginning of history and the ascent of money, weapons and cities with their aristocracies and merchants over agricultural civilizations based in love and social evolution.

Now the system is far more complex and so it has become disguised and ‘respectable’, since as Jerry Garcia put it, ‘whores, bad architecture and rock-stars become respectable with age’… add there banksters, corporations and serial killers, aka the military.

Let us then pass page on reality and imagine the anti-quantum paradox does not dominate our societies. Could then we design a perfect world with the laws of sciences and social superorganisms, if the banksters and military that rule the world would become human, or humans would rebel and take power from their hands. Yes, indeed. Let us then do it.

The cultural side. The capitalist memes of mass-media.

There is though an even more polemic side to the imprinting of our brains by mass-media. The fact that global mass-media is ‘owned’ by corporations most of them owned by the culture of biblical supremacism with its racial memes of despise of man and its capitalist cult to gold and the selfish memes of metal that destroy us, as opposed to the rational, logic, loving eusocial natural cultures of mankind proper of the rational age of Europe and Asia.

FACT is the ‘experts’ of mass-media manufacture our collective subconscious brain to love all what destroy us – the selfish memes of metal – and to despise all what can save us – love and social evolution, art and mankind.

As I have worked in this industry, I am aware that the people there are not really responsible for what they do – certainly far less than their twin brothers in wall street, much more ‘real’ and cynical about their action.

The problem here is cultural, mental, and emotional. They belong to a culture whose memes are ultimately part of a previous, emotional, mythic childish development of the human brains, which we, the so called despectively ‘Piigs’ culture of European-American science and equality of men, brought about long after the Go(l)d culture was mature. Something that of course, we do not see, but clearly observe in its twin culture of Islam, since, well you know the art of camouflage, makes not so obvious what the biggest anti$emite writer of the European culture, and the best, Mr. Shakespeare, put it in verse: ‘eviL (anti-life) dress as a Gentleman’, being evil for those who don’t yet understand the values of go(l0d over the values of life ‘a pound of flesh’ for a debt of go(l)d so to speak.

But a devolution of the subconscious collective of mankind must be explained not only due to the influence of this culture, since humans naked and in equal conditions undoubtedly reject the censorship, repression of life drives (from sex-reproduction, to verbal social love, to good food-energy and right information) but to the audiovisual rhetoric controlled by the ‘owners’ of the Financial-Informative systems of mankind. The obvious devolution of the Y and Z generations, who never cultivated their soul in the beauty of verbal thought and the traditions of human arts, would have not been possible without the FX of computer thought, the visual beauty of the metal-eye…

And there is no hope of changing this tendency. Indeed, as the first people of the Y generation starts to take power, we realize a new bred of humans more violent, more selfish, more retarded mentally, more dependent of their machines are coming.

Those under 40 people simply cannot understand or desire anything ‘thought’. Their actions are visual, their instincts primary,  and their selfishness absolute.

They are children, eviL=anti-life people, full of infantile feelings, selfish, meaningless.  And so as old men who are like children, but with a negative slant, today we can perceive at the end of history, how the collective subconscious animalizes the human species…

But what is truly exasperating for the few ‘human beings’ who still think about the species, is the absolute dependence, and infantile love of the species for those machines that give it higher energy and information.

California, the place more advanced into that fractal future, where I lived most of my adult life is the epitome of this new brave world, so perfectly described by the ‘historian of the future’, master of the wor(l)d, H.G. Wells in the time machine.

Indeed, children are the staple food of the Universe, and what the XX century has signified to man when we changed from human I=eye, wor(l)d art and literature proper of men into audiovisual media is to change the purpose of art: from the evolution and education of man in ethics (the beauty of the word) and aesthetics (the beauty of the human eye), we moved into the degradation and simplification to a neoteny state of fun, games, entertainment and loss of all sense of reality, responsibility and survival due to the effects of media in our psyche and the overdrive of motion and violence proper of the ‘medium, which is the message’.
So today we are rising mental eviL=anti-life children hypnotized by those images making our species a ‘freak’ species unable to perceive reality as it is.

The result is the type of man we observe under 30: absolutely selfish, childish, entitled, and unable to see anything beyond its ‘self’.

eviL children who cannot even understand eviLness and death, as they are bringing it to mankind. Robotists, drone-makers, Hollywood fascist directors with their Islamophobia and militarism, where in all films the solution is to murder with a weapon or ‘make money’.

The medium is the message means that the battle for the mind of man, and its languages has been won by audiovisual corporations owned by bankers and the culture of greed and capital.

But the multiplication of electronic information has had also two clear consequences related to the other crises: it is a fact of history that the people-castes who control the machines of information of societies reproduce both, money and mass media information with them. Mr. Franklin printed more money than revolutionary pamphlets. This means that in the history of capitalism machines of information is the cornerstone that allows the other crisis to take place by:

– Promoting the value of the worthless commodities and stocks speculators jack up in prices. So Tea pamphlets made British buy stocks of tea companies, the press made people buy train stocks, the symbol of progress, and dotcom companies that the WSJ consider would have billionaire profits, etc.

– Promoting war, with neofascist speeches and hate speeches against enemies. So Colonialism used the yellow press, Hitler used radio and now we use Fox Hate-TV to promote our splendid little war against the poorest nations of the ‘primitive, terrorist world’.

– Creating a don’t worry be happy world of individual ego-trips and fiction to avoid people to organize against the system or to fight anything except for their own lives, which of course mean to fight for money, accept weapons for self-defense, accept the ‘system’ as too big and organized to defy it and seek for happiness not truth.

Fiction is not harmless. It is a message in itself. One that deactivates the power of the word to guide reality – today only guided by mathematical languages and its best speakers, computers. Fiction is the ultimate big brother that distracts people. And so Goebbels already asked the German and French industry to make ‘entertaining films with no substance at all; no issues. Don’t worry. People will like them’.

– Which leads to the final fiction of these days – fiction and censorship in social sciences and human social evolution. Since fiction has extended from audiovisual media to scholarship and prevents the search for any rational solution to the crisis. Indeed, we have dealt here with many of the economical fictions imposed by economical correctness, a form of censorship that imposes the ‘single thought’ of capitalism. But its twin form of censorship is the fiction called political correctness that censors history, eliminating all what is negative but factual about the culture that invented capitalism, imposes the fiction that we humans are different species called ‘nations’, which therefore have to deny the laws of eusocial evolution among members of the same species to maintain a ‘healthy’ military industrial complex and the fiction of ‘techno-utopians’, which confuse the evolution of machines with the evolution of mankind.

The Neo-Paleolithic is real. The human species is devolving mentally at all levels, while the informative machines he uses evolve further. Anyone over 40 can understand this, though it is difficult to recognize that our children are being poisoned in their brains, reduced to visual violent, spatial beings, without temporal, logical intelligence.

Animals in farms are submitted to neoteny. A pig has 30% less brain than a wild board. Today tests are reduced. Our bodies are bigger and more perfect, as our minds are both, ethically – in our capacity to love socially other humans and evolve into a superorganism – and mentally, in our complexity, as a species able to understand causally, verbally, temporally and visually and emotionally, with 3 languages, the Universe.

It is a process that can be studied in different scales. As all phenomena there is a mechanical factor and a human, cultural factor. So we devolve because we use machines to communicate and our ‘temporal latitude’ becomes reduce to the spatial images of our TVs. Our heroes are to put it politely, a bit handicapped mentally but physically visual supermen, perfectly ‘manufactured’ by our audiovisual system that ‘informs’ and ‘forms’ our brains and ‘desired’ jobs. Today thus men who look good on cam are our heroes. TV-actors become presidents. And people like Mr. Bolt with its infantile jokes or Mr. Messi, which says that when he doesn’t play soccer he likes just to sleep are rightly the men of the age. Because mentally we just need and praise nerds attached to computers, trying to translate our world into the new top predator mind, getting ‘computer models’ of everything as the only form of knowledge – and we call that science. All what we consider truth today are numbers. Words are no longer relevant, their truths ignored, their millenarian wisdom about men ignored.

But again, that is the human solution of the process. And it is NOT happening. So to know your future It is far more important to consider the mechanical future designed by corporations which keep absorbing resources, evolving machines and ruling the world with chips and digital data – the age of the Singularity, since as humans keep fighting among them, the robots and weapons of this age will keep evolving.

The end of that process is obvious: The age of the Singularity will be with maximal probability if the system is not reformed our age of extinction. As A.I. will be a new species and the new weapons researched in military labs are so powerful that could extinguish us as Mr. Nobel put it talking of his future factories of weapons, ‘in a single shot’. It will be the triumph of capitalism, a non human system that now make us obsolete.

The biological nature of machines requires a change of economic paradigm.

Fact is in that fight between species the survival of mankind could only be achieved through the love and promotion of life and non-technological cultures and religions of love that foster human goods, coupled with the economical repression of the machines that atrophy, compete and substitute self-similar human organs. In brief, only the submission of economical goals to historic and biological ones, and the understanding of the industrial r=evolution and the nature of machines in organic, biological terms, could bring a rational management of the economy. Since companies must be considered in biological terms, corporations, organisms that re=produce machines without limits, those crises as Marx and his disciple Kondratieff noticed and explained (to become censored ever since in both worlds, the western world and the communist world who killed Kondratieff), are unavoidable. They cast therefore a clear doubt on the convenience of pushing further the Industrial Revolution and show the enormous danger of this crisis.

In brief, you are entering the age of overproduction of robots and you are competing with them in labor and war fields, and you are increasingly inferior and nobody is going to defend you because electronic corporations run your governments. And you are probably going to ignore it all, because mass-media corporations will create a fog of noise that will blur your understanding of it… All of this will happen because of the ‘ideologies of power’ that run history and economics, of which most humans, even those who run them, are totally unaware (that is they ‘believe’ those ideologies as truths, without any historic understanding on how they came to be).

Indeed, the XXI century is the last cycle of evolution of machines, the age of autonomous robots. So while anthropomorphic humans think it will be the age of China, from an evolutionary, objective perspective the game is over: the Industrial R=evolution is completed, and a new Earth’s top predator species – the intelligent machine – is about to be born. In that regard, the irrational, ‘religious’ egotrips of the collective human mind are about to have a rude awakening. Since the real fight in this planet was not between human tribes as ‘nationalism’ make us belief, or between economical castes, as ‘capitalist’ structures and corporations believe, but as always in the biological universe, between species, the human and the metal species. But those selfish ‘chosen’ Homo never understood to worship the tree of life instead of the tree of metal and so they will as the parable of Genesis explain face now ‘judgement day’.


“Mankind must put an end to war–or war will put an end to mankind.”

John Kennedy, Democratic president of America.

Singularity machines: the century of extinction.

Unfortunately the system is becoming so complex, and people so isolated, surrounded by all kind of machines and fictions of happiness that the maximal probability of truth is ‘business as usual’, happy fictions, ego-trips, greed, violence, sloth and finally the Point/Threshold of no return, when the will/Program of the Universe becomes embedded in the machines of the singularity, which are far closer to ‘existence’ than we think. Let us consider them.

Organic Weapons and machines of the future. The Singularity Machines.

The main ideological barrier to understand the no future of mankind is the anthropomorphic myths of superiority and the religions of techno-utopia, with its abstract description of machines.

Yet machines are nothing more than deconstructed organic bodies and heads of metal, since their functions are organic, made to the imitation of life.

So we can look at life to see what will happen when the imitation becomes perfect in this robotic age, and we assembly properly the parts of the robot.

There is in fact a parallel in nature: the creation of a virus. Viruses are also enzymatically created by cells, which guided by their alien genetic codes reproduce their bodies and brains separately (in the cell factory the virus genetic code is equivalent to the alien language of money in our economic ecosystem of factories, where robots are produced). And so in a viral infection the virus is inert as long as the cell enzymes construct in separated batches legs, bodies and DNA brains. Yet once they are put together magically the virus becomes alive and kills the enzymes of the cell. Fact is the robot is a different species, which is evolving according to biological laws, thanks to the human ‘enzyman’ that catalyzes that evolution at an enormous speed – doing in fact what life did in 3 billion years, in a mere 300 years since the first machine appeared on planet Earth. And so now that we are putting the 3 parts together, like in a cell where the slavish enzymes are killed, it is to be expected that men enslaved by the ‘selfish memes’ will also become extinguish, as those machines evolve much faster in a better material than we do, whatever the fringe benefits of that evolution man has obtained till this point.

It is the Oedipus paradox by which each new ‘son species’, more evolved than the previous one kills its father. so reptiles displaced their amphibian fathers and mammals their reptilian fathers and humans their mammalian fathers and now machines will do the same with us.

This astounding differential of evolutioexplains why we shall need only a human generation to discover Artificial Intelligence applied to robotic warfare. Then, the laws of evolution imply that A.I. will behave as nature always does when two species compete for limited resources – eliminating ‘costly’ human beings with no jobs and no consumption.

It will be the extinction of man, if as expected ‘biological machines’ obey also the laws of Darwinian evolution and become ‘organic bombs’, self-reproductive bacteria and survival, killer robots…

In that regard, the most ‘angst’-related series of articles in this web are those dedicated to the ‘prediction’ of the ‘point of extinction’ of mankind, according to the biological laws, cyclical patterns and evolutionary future of machines in the ‘Age of robotics’ or ‘Age of the Singularity’ that now has started. In the right end posts of ‘economic cycles’ we deal with the 3 points of extinction, of this century:

 Energetic singularity, circa 2015: (as always in each cycle, a new machine appears first as a pure energy-bomb, latter applied to a transport system), we are discovering new energies that can kill a bigger number of humans till the finding of the ultimate ‘cosmic weapon’, the black hole or ‘mass-bomb’ that feeds on mass and could if found at CERN when the LHC reaches its maximal potency (2014), blow up the planet according to Einstein’s equations (which CERN and his gurus have been hard for a decade trying to deny, with very little success – witness the failure of 30 years of exploration of the cosmos trying to prove that black holes do not feed on mass and create novas but ‘evaporate’ traveling to the past, and yet we never found one evaporatinor the recent global ridicule in its attempt to prove Einstein’s postulate of light speed false with the neutrino affair. What is at stakes here is the entire future of the Nuclear Industry and its mammoth big science investments and the future of nuclear bombs and jobs…

– Then in the 2030s we will find the ‘2nd horse of the apocalypse’ – after the hunger of the black hole… the pest of Nano-bacteria, made of metal, researched in military labs of Israel, US and civil labs in Japan and France… One of them, as the founder of sun microsystems, Bill Joy, warned us a decade agoif escaping a military lab could feed on the Metal of the planet, poison the entire atmosphere and replicate so fast that in 3 months the earth will become a ‘grey-goo’.

– Finally if we survive those two events, military Artificial Intelligence will be born circa 2040/50s according to most  robotists.

And so the 3rd horse, war, will bring the 4th, death, as when we add on all those probabilities they amount to a blowing 75%. And those are conservative estimates. (The reasons why the ‘first scientists’ of history, the prophets of eusocial love, so often were able to ‘guess’ the future is other matter with time-permitted we shall post on the section of religions of love in the left side).

This 3rd scenario, the most popular in science fiction, is however unlikely, since the 2 previous ‘happenings’ of the Singularity, are today progressing without opposition.

But III world war will NOT be a human declared-war. The present state of low-profile robotic war against the III world and the enemies of the apartheid garden-nation of our capitalist elite will continue, as it fits the purpose of expending huge amounts of money to kick off the robotic radiation of terminator weapons (we have so far invested 1 trillion $ in those wars). Till one of the possible weapons of the singularity age, ‘able to extinguish all armies with a shot’ (Nobel on the future evolution of his factories of weapons), nuclear mass-bombs, Nano-bacteria or Military A.I. will do the job.

This is the dictum of the true science behind capitalism – EVOLUTION, not of the 1%, a parasitic minority whose only role is to keep the process going, or the 99%, the expendable, obsolete mankind, but of organisms of metal, which we have built to our image and likeness for lack of love to our own species, we despise. So capitalism can continue terraforming this planet of flesh into a planet of metal. But the biblical elite of capitalism, who thinks all this is good, it is the manifest destiny pointed out by a goat keeper of the bronze age and his brother, hypnotized by a go(l)den calf, will not see their anti-human, techno-utopian future realized. Since they are also flesh, also expendable.

At present, without a serious biological science of history and economics, able to control the bad fruits of the tree of metal from the perspective of bio-ethics (what is good for human survival), scientists, playing to be god, without any safety measure, will create within decades an energetic black hole, quark star or a reproductive Nano-bacteria. So the Singularity will extinguish us, well before Terminators might do it. Unless we change the goals of History and Economics, from designing a world to the image and likeness of machines, to the ideals of humanism  – to make a world in which man is the measure of all things.

Yet, even if we survive the ‘energetic age of the Singularity’, to stop the 2nd and 3rd age of self-reproductive machines and intelligent robots will be more difficult. Because to survive the Industrial R=evolution of robots we need to reform the economic ecosystem.

But the opposite is happening. Today the political system has been reformed and adapted to the economic system, as politicians do not have rights to print money and create a world to the image and likeness of man. instead they must pander to corporations, selling laws for money. In this manner the machines of the singularity keep evolving with taxpayer money towards a point of no return in which all humans will be potentially obsolete.

So Mr. Obama is funding according to his speeches, the robotic industry that is throwing us from fields of war and labor, both in its military version, to ensure the safety of our homeboys (and kill probably all their sons).

Now he has expanded it to the homeland with the free deployment of robotic drones within the country.

And then he has signed a ‘jobs act’ to allow start ups on the electronic industry that do not create jobs as they have the maximal use of capital in machines and the minimal number of workers not to pay taxes. As we allowed e-commerce which destroyed millions of jobs in the pap and mum shops not to pay taxes. This is the drill. But the newspeak is different.

Fact is all those electronic industries do not  ‘create jobs in the manufacturing industry’. But  all politicians claim that increasing the productivity of companies will create employment when the opposite is the obvious truth. Since productivity – we shall repeat this mandala as politicians repeat its antitruth – is calculated as the ratio between capital/labor, hence increased when you increase capital in machines or diminish labor firing workers.

While they all cut the ‘superavit in human goods’ provided by states who still have rights to print money, which they call properly in newspeak with the antitruth ‘deficit’ to make it look wrong, when the true deficit of the financial system is the fiat money created by speculators, which becomes a deficit for the entire economy when it absorbs real wealth form the physical, productive economy.

Those are warnings of the cycles of history, and the reader should understand that those cycles do happen because history indeed rhymes, meaning that if the causal processes that caused in the past those existential crises of mankind are not changed, merely disguised with propaganda of a rosy future, and the rewriting of history, the consequences will be repeated; yet as one of the two factors of those economic ecosystems, the machine and weapon, keeps evolving, and the other doesn’t evolve their minds, memes and way of dealing scientifically with the system (the human being), those cycles become more brutal with mankind at large.

Of course, if the ‘science of history and economics’ instead of capitalism and nationalism, was taught in schools, learned by politicians and managers, and an evolutionary understanding of machines in biological terms had not been censored for so long, humans could control capital and machines for their benefit selecting them for their real use to mankind. Robotics would be forbidden and the workers and consumers at the bottom of the pyramid would have a future.

But that is not the case because as those pyramids of power show, a Free Market is designed by and for corporations, company-mothers of machines for whom the star product of the next Kondratieff cycle is the robot.

And so this crisis is indeed the last crisis of capitalism, but not its demise, because capitalism is not a human doctrine, but merely the worship of ‘selfish memes of metal’, in which our ruling castes believe without the slightest rational understanding or desire to ‘upgrade’ their ‘lowly emotions’ and ‘metal-values’, greed, murder and atrophy to machines…

So they leave the future to ‘evolutionary destiny’. And that evolutionary destiny as robotics evolve further towards the age of the singularity are as in any other fight between two species of different force and intelligence, is favorable to the m…achine.

In the next post we shall therefore study the final phases of these crises,. Yet t given the importance of such a ‘forecast’, we cannot longer rely on basic science of economics. The theme is too wide and definitive – no more nor less than the pretension of being able to forecast the future.

And this for you to understand requires to upgrade your mind at least in 3 manners:

– Understanding the basic properties of cyclical time, which make events repeat in cycles as those described in this post.

– Understanding the wider view of the history of mankind and its cycles, of which the economic cycle is the last one.

– Understanding that economical science is just a sub-science of evolution and biology, itself merely a sub-science of general systems sciences, which deals with the structure and evolution of social evolution and how languages of information control them.

– Understanding -and this is the more difficult part, because it is deeply emotionally, that you are submitted  to the anti-quantum paradox; hence many things you believe as religion, nation, dogma and political and economical correctness are ideologies that make you happy but don’t tell you the truth, or make you love your ‘informative castes’ that dominate society (bankers, politicos, the military).

All those Themes  deserve an entire new post and a wider vision. But since we must ‘give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar’, we shall return to the beginning and give you the precedents of this new but old science, the likes of Kondratieff denied by the antiquantum paradox who have always known the solutions to this crisis – control of the financial system by the governments, single global currency to pay a welfare state and end wars and prohibition of the bad fruits of the tree of science that can extinguish us – robotics. Those solutions explained with different jargons have always been clear, ‘butter instead of canons’ they said in the 30s.

So we shall finish with the ‘other side’ of economics – the work of dedicated, honest social scientists who have always tried to reform the system understanding its cycles according to the scientific method in order to implement the needed measures to regulate the economy for the profits of mankind at large, not any nation or particular people-caste. And the solutions they give to the crisis, even if under the antiquantum paradox they are not implemented.


The conclusion is obvious: Since the evolutionary ‘free market’ of machines, ruled by corporations is NOT a democracy, but it is a jungle of metal, where corporations rule and fight each other for higher profits, reproducing without limit its machines, and their owners, imprinted by all type of diverse memes of despise, superiority and indifference to the life of mankind, we humans of the sheeple, with no weapons or stocks, beyond the placebo mask of politicos and advertising that tell us ‘don’t worry be happy, human, anthropomorphic, fictions’ of caring, are expendable, consumed by weapons in wars, substituted by machines in work places, exploited by taxation and higher speculative prices by financial markets and quisling politicos, imprinted memetically by repetition of the same false damned lies and statistics by ‘experts’ bubbling on the TVs put on the altars of our home; and of course silenced and murdered whenever we defend the rights of the human kind.

Because from an objective point of view, in a capitalist ‘democracy’ we ALL humans have a ‘price’, as a cost, our wages.

And now as the robotic r=evolution creates a new species which will compete with unfair advantage with us we cannot longer expect to have an ‘economical’ future.

In that sense, the solution to the 4th crises are simple, if humans were able to control the production of memes of metal: merely to ban robotics and establish legal measures against ‘visual fiction’ as a form of lying that prevents a real freedom of speech, covered by the noise of advertising and fiction thought. Yet humans don’t control the system, but are their slaves in an Aristotelian sense – they believe that the future of mankind is defined by the future of machines, as if we were them. So nobody even thinks on the problem, let alone the solutions to the crisis of overproduction we live in.

Should a will to look at reality as it is and freedom of thought exist among our leaders, the crisis could be easily solved with a G20 ban on robotics and the creation of a global single currency, ¥€$ money, with fixed parity 1 dollar = 1 euro = 100 yens = 5 Yuans, which would represent 3/4 of the global GDP, hence the only reference currency that could not be sunk by speculators. Such currency would then have rights to a 20% of annual deficit, invested in promoting a sustainable economy, a welfare state and jobs for human beings, which the robotic radiation has eliminated and the corruption of the financial system will not pay for. Since it all started precisely with the crisis of overproduction of e-money – with the development of speculative platforms that parasite the physical economy – the creation of a fixed parity currency and the taxation of speculative trades is a must for the crisis to end.

Nothing else will do, not even the printing of money by central bankers, for those very same institutions that cause the crisis. Indeed, the money central bankers have printed, never reaches the physical, productive economy but it is kept in the ‘casino’ of speculators, who use it as virtual credit to further speculate and worsen the crisis.

Further on, the war crisis could be eliminated with a single stroke, by accepting that ‘terrorism’ is not war and must be fought with police, intelligence and diplomacy as UK and Spain did to end their terrorism movements. But that means of course, the end of the ‘dictatorship of bankers’ over the American government, with its financial muscle and related lobbies in defense of apartheid Israe– in other words a balanced, diplomatic position of the US, the end of the drone war and the backing of International Institutions such as the UNO and the EU, as a blueprint for a future integration of all nations into a wor(l)d union with a single currency and the goal of fostering the survival and welfarethe WHealth of all mankind.

A deeper solution to the crisis though requires a coup d’état of the G20 politicos of the world against the rule of corporations, banksters and memes of metal that control mankind, by nationalizing the financial industry and guide credit to create a sustainable world based in human goods of maximal utility to mankind and maximal labor. Otherwise the equation of productivity, newspeak for the equation of ‘organic composition of capital’ that guides profits will eliminate human labor: profits = Maximal capital/ Minimal Labor.

We could write that equation as:

Man (salary) = Price (slave, object) > Diminishing Cost (evolving working machine).

Both equations convert man in a part-time slave always obsolete to a future evolving machine determines mathematically and logically that we humans shall be soon obsolete. This equation must therefore be substituted by an equation of ethonomics, the sub-discipline of the science of bio-history that could create a welfare paradise by controlling credit and cre(dit)ating welfare goods of maximal labor and utility to man, what we call Whealthy goods:

Whealth = Human Goods that cater to the biological drives of man = Human Development Index = Cre(dit)ate to welfare companies.

In brief, we should change as UNO wanted the way we measure the economical value by an index of welfare goods. We should control credit by nationalizing the financial industry, to direct it to companies that maximize with their products the HDI of a nation, and we should forbid legally, all those lethal goods that are bound to extinguish us, physically (weapons), mentally (audiovisual noise) and as a species (robotics). The opposite is happening. We are indeed, creating a different world, one of memes of metal, a super-organism alien to life, studied in depth in this web with the laws of general systems sciences.

And this of course happens because we do not live in a democracy and hence we do not have a demand economy based in the goods people need, life goods, but in the goods corporations of machines reproduce, memes of metal. So credit is invented by corporations not by humans, redistributed to them and the 1% and spent in creating a world to the image and likeness of those machines not of men.

What would be a ‘demand economy’? To start with, only corporations will be taxed, according to the utility of their products – and the most lethal banned. Humans will NOT be taxed. Then all humans that accept Ye$ money as the currency of the nation would receive a 1000 euros = 1000 $ = 5000 Yuans = 100.000 Yens and so on salary to create a massive demand for human goods, as according to Pareto, Keynes, and all those ‘masters of humanist economists and all is ‘forgotten’ schools’, the poor spend most of their wealth in human goods, the happiness of a society (Paretto’s curve) increases when the Maslow pyramid of basic goods is met for most of the population…

This simple measure would immediately resolve most of the existential problems of mankind, hunger, poverty, housing, health-care… as there would be a massive boost on production of those goods to meet demand.

And finally, politicians should create according to the scalar structure of superorganisms a World Union, to end borders, nationalism and warfare, over the ‘surface’ of national cultures no longer cult(ure)s of war and economical competition but based in memes of life, taking many of the structures learned from the UNO and the EU, prior to the take over of the ‘cult(ure)s’ of greed and murder, you know who, on those institutions, which as always have done in their recurrent cycles of wars and holocausts, are bound to self-destroy the world ‘again’ but only once, final time.

Capitalism though denies social love and so does our civilization, as it is not on the interest of the historic groups that have come to control society only for their own good. Which is like an organism in which the head with power to control the body ignored the needs of the cells of the body (the rest of human society) and so allow its collapse, which ultimately also destroys the head. This is called madness and indeed, our elites are ‘MAD” in their strategy, ensuring our Mutual Assured Destruction as social organisms with those policies that invariably ’cause’ the most tragic of all cycles of death of History – the war and holocaust 800-80 year cycles, whose economic and political causes are denied in yet another clear case of the Antiquantum Paradox.

The humane solution to the crisis: a Global deal.

 In Spanish we say ‘man is the only animal that stumbles twice with the same rock’. But this is the 3rd time. Indeed, astoundingly in the present repetitive 3rd cycle, the Humane, New Deal solution is NOT essayed by any western nation – only China implements it achieving growth close to a 10% based in massive investments in welfare goods.

Since a proper science of economics that caters to the needs of the humankind and requires unaviodably that the government of any kind controls the language of social power, money, has been repressed for so long in western, ‘capitalist’ societies where money is ‘monopolistically’ invented in 90% by private banks, that the ‘debate’ si considered over.

This implies that the solution of the west will be the fascist one. As the control of think-tanks and economic prizes, forums and universities by corporation is so dominant that the humane solution is not even debated in mainstream press. In that regard, the naive reader is not aware that unlike all other sciences, ‘history’ and ‘economics’, the most importanof all sciences, as they deal with the future of our species, are neither ‘free’, nor practiced by ‘experts’, but their scientific laws have been ignored and censored for decades, whenever they collide with the selfish agendas of industrial corporations, becoming at present, mere ideologies of power that cater to the goal of corporations and the 1%.

At present, all what economists do is to cater to the goal of company-mothers of machines: the reproduction and evolution of its offspring of mechanisms without limit or restrain in the collateral, destructive effects they have over life and mankind. Since the origin of ‘classic economics’ is not scientific, but religious, based in Biblical traditions that make of Go(l)d and weapons the tools of power that ‘the chosen’ people who started the Industrial R=evolution used to impose its civilization. This mixture of politics, culture, religion, economic and nationalist memes is the ‘straight-jacket’ of irrational behavior that tampers with the scientific method in social sciences and prevents a proper design of a sustainable planet.

There is however a real science of economics and history, with predictable laws and cycles, which we rescue and further evolve in this web(1).

Indeed, the reader should notice that Mr. Kondratieff, who found those cycles, following the path of Mr. Marx, which first discovered and described those cyclical crises of overproduction of machines; was murdered by Stalin and his work is only known today by… Wall Street speculators, who use merely the mathematical rhythm of those cycles without caring to understand or explain their sociological and existential consequences. Yet because those cycles are experimentally sound, real and perfectly explained with the laws of biology and evolution, they kept happening, despite the massive opposition of corporations, bankers and governments of any sign to consider their implications.

Despite ‘powerful experts’ and corporation’s think tanks, the truth about economics and history is written in those cycles and the future of this crisis and mankind at large can only be understood through its scientific study. Let us then before we describe the causes of this crisis, its dual solution and its future, introduce some little known facts about the differences between sciences and power ideologies, needed to understand why humans are so grossly mismanaging their future, dumb, deaf and damned by their arrogance and ignorance of the biological laws of the Universe.

This is the beauty and damnation of the scientific method and the truths discovered with it – that no human power can change those laws, since ‘Those who impose scientific truths with the tools of power, will be the laugh of the Gods‘ (A. Einstein).

If Marx gave the humane solution to the first crisis of overproduction of steam machines and trains (socialist solution, Communist Manifesto), America and after the war Europa implemented the human solution to the crisis in the 1930s with the New Deal and the politics of Keynesianism. Both were successful theoretical solutions aborted by capitalism and its ‘pyramid of power’, studied latter in more detail.

Now, in this third cycle the only country in which the scientific, socialist school of economics still has some ‘memories’ left, China, and the only country where governments control the financial industry and hence have power to cre(dit)ate, create with the language of social power, money, the future of their society, is implemented the Humanist/Keynesian solution: to invest in the welfare state.

It has to be noticed that only China is growing steadly around 10 % year after year showing how a scientific, social economics do work. In the next graph from NYTimes we can see those differences:

The expansion of such global deal could be easy with the creation of Yes money, born of the fixed parity of Euros=Dollars 10 investment 0 Yens and Yuans. ¥e$ money would allow those countries which represent, 3/4 of the world economy to have massive deficits to create the welfare state similar to those shown in the graph for China. Unfortunately the New Deal did not invest enough on welfare to come out of the crisis as war did and that is why it failed. An enormous amount of deficit to come out of the 29 crisis was however achieved in II world war where the American government spent at its peak 120% of its Gdp in deficit to create weapons and employ humans killing humans. So indeed Keynesianism can get us out of the crisis, either killing us or feeding us – take your pick.

That is the difference between Keynesian militarism, what America is going to essay this crisis as Germany did in the previous one, and Keynesian true doctrines of investment in welfare, peaceful goods that Roosevelt essayed too mildly and China is essaying now.

It is then self-evident that a human solution to the crisis requires to control the reproduction and evolution of lethal machines and promote the reproduction of welfare life/based goods that help us to survive and require human jobs to be produced. This was the New Deal solution to the previous 29 crisis and the socialist solutions proposed in the European r=evolutions of the XIX century to the train crashes.


The truth our elites of ‘metal-masters’ forgot: company-mothers of machines are not human

In that regard, only a proper, biological scientific approach to social sciences explains the reason why our ‘authorized’ social sciences discourse does not meet even the simplest level of the scientific method – accurate collection of data, creation of sound hypothesis based in objective, non-anthropomorphic models that PREDICT THE FUTURE of the species we study and final verification – as we do in this blog and have shown in our books that predicted this crisis 20 years in advance – is thus evident:

Humans have completely forgotten the laws of biology and survival in a Darwinian Universe in a biological planet… But to ‘forgive’ the facts of reality doesn’t change reality, it merely is an act of madness that makes the confrontation with reality harsher.

So human wantings, fantasies and desires are always checked by a ‘larger’ set of truths – those of the Universe and the biological planet in which we live. In this planet the game is called re=production, and it happens in a biological fashion.

Species with better energy bodies – e – and information brains, i – become top predators, exi. And then reproduce in massive numbers, ∑exi, extinguishing competing rival species. This process is in essence the process that happens also among human tribes and species of machines. Machines reproduce in larger numbers during those overproduction crises, competing with humans in labor and war fields. But those economists who explain this fact, from Marx, who found the first overproduction crises to Kondratieff, the face of the previous graph, who found its regularities, to Keynes who explained the last of those crises in the 30s and its solution (welfare investments in alternative demand of life-based goods) to this author who evolved those thesis into a full biological model of economics, 20 years ago during his student years at Columbia University, are simply ignored.

Yet this absurdity  – to ignore, deny, even hate the truths of biological and  social sciences, because it is not ‘subjective’, and doesnt make us ‘chosen of god’, substituting it by ‘ideologies’ that pass as ‘religion’ or ‘science’ but are ‘anthropomorphic ego-trips’ – chain us to an absurd destiny we no longer fight – to use all the resources of this planet, through the corporative system which monopolizes today most resources and institutions of power, including political institutions, TO EVOLVE, REPRODUCE AND TAKE CARE OF OTHER SPECIES – NOT OF HUMANITY.

The result of course is the overproduction of memes of metal and the underproduction of welfare goods we need to survive. WE SACRIFICE THE SPECIES TO TECHNO-UTOPIAN DREAMS OF A WORLD of machines we confuse with OUR FUTURE.

And so what we observe is the opposite of what our utopias and religions tell us – not ‘progress’, and a better future, but an increasingly more difficult no-future caused by a parallel collateral effect of the evolution of machines: the automation of the self-reproductive systems of machines (factories and corporations), who keep throwing humans out of job, and the increasing numbers of human victims that die each new generation of more evolved weapons. And those two facts require a biological, Darwinian analysis of the relationships between humans and machines.

This is what we do in this web, taking on the classic analysis of the greatest economists of history (Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Schumpeter, Kondratieff and Keynes), all of them aware and critical of the process of overproduction of machines, extinction of labor and war profits that happen cyclically as Companies keep reproducing machines for a profit.

The parallelism of those cycles is startling and can be studied at all levels and in all type of sociological, economical, political and cultural events. And we will do that in this blog.

But because the future is what we choose, we also advance, using the laws of general systems sciences, information and biology, a better model of mankind, a future in which we could survive and be happy – even if in the present ideological conditions that future is becoming ever more distant from us… 

So in the last section of this ‘book’  we shall consider a rational control of the economic system,  which could work for mankind, if we humans remain in control of it using the laws of biology to that aim, but the present system that we shall describe now and the natural outcome of the evolution of military and industrial robotics with no control ‘in a free market’, will mean according to the laws of evolution our extinction if we let the Free Jungle of Metal-machines and its company-mothers dominate the world.Indeed the astounding, ‘memetic’ fact about the human species is this: we are creating a new biological, organic species, the machine, under the same biological laws that create other species, which we can resume in the ‘Oedipus paradox”: species evolve new species, better than them, their ‘sons’, and then their ‘sons’, once mature, kill the parents (as Oedipus did in the greek tragedy). So amphibia gave birth to reptiles that gave birth to mammals that gave birth to humans that gave birth to machines, and each new species predated in the previous one.



The design of a perfect world with the laws of social organisms.

 15-human-goods1-1024x940 – Regarding the question of wealth, the key element here is to distinguish between human wealth, healthy goods, WHEALTH, and industrial and financial wealth, metal-memes that might enhance us but mostly kill our bodies (weapons) or atrophy our minds (digital software).

In a real democracy, as only existed briefly in r=evolutionary periods in America and Europe, money would be printed as ‘nomisma’, a language of information as the law is, handed to the people through a Universal Salary, as ‘economical voting power’  used to pay the goods voters require, giving ‘demand’ orders of production to welfare companies that would provide us with our needs. Instead in capitalism, money is created by financial and industrial corporations in stock-markets and computer platforms to overproduce their ‘offspring’ of machines, while people are extorted of their money with taxes, which are also handed to corporations or used to subvention the military-industrial complex and make war.

The issue of electronic money in its immense majority (95% of credit) by the ‘Free Citizens’ of Markets, which are not human beings but Corporations NOT by the people or their representatives,  is the REAL cause of the endemic scarcity of human goods that cater to our survival (represented in the graph), and the overproduction of machines and weapons, as those company-mothers of machines spend all their money in the overproduction and evolution of their offspring of machines. For that reason we humans are poor and corporations are rich; we humans lack basic needs, like food and education and machines have all electricity… But this choice of investing all our resources in the future of machines NOT in our future is hidden by the ideologies of our ‘technological civilization’.

In the graph, the all too obvious dual solution to the political, economical and existential crisis of mankind

– The issue of ‘yes money’, a new global currency, fusion of the major currencies, Yuan, Yen, Euro and Dollar, at parity levels, 1 Eurodollar=20 yuans = 100 yens, adjusted internally by price, with rights to be printed for and by the people and its governments to kick out a global New Deal, impossible to tumble by speculators (as it would be truly the reference for all other prices).

– And the use of the UNO and other international agencies and forums to create systematically legislation that limits the lethal goods of the industrial r=evolution, specifically the most dangerous of them, robotics that will evolve, displace man of labor and war fields and ultimately according to the laws of evolution, substitute us a the top predator species of this planet. 

What opposes to those self-evident solutions to create a human like paradise on Earth based in the most desire, biological, natural goods that our ‘program of biological existence’ determines – illustrated on the bottom of the graph – is NOT the sound nature of those policies, but the selfishness or anti-human goals of financial and industrial corporations, whose lobbies control today the issue of money and through that issue, the policies of our politicos and will deviate those issues to rhetoric, placebo freedoms till the system becomes too chaotic and over powerful in a jungle of metal where man will have no future, but will be ‘happy’ living a virtual reality of ‘fantasy ideologies’ and dream-like ego-trips till one day wakes up to the ‘nightmare of the singularity age.


A real democracy: the ideal world.

In the next graphs we consider the main elements of a planet designed to satisfy the existence of man, based in a demand economy, where money is always first cre(dit)ated as democratic votes of a Universal salary, where production is controlled to maximize the ‘human constitution’ and its simple feed-back equation: max. Human Goods x Min. Lethal goods – those who prey and degrade the body and mind of man and its memes of eusocial evolution. The understanding of humans as biological systems, who follow their natural biological drives of existence, allow us to ‘redefine’ the value of goods according to its ‘capacity’ to improve human life. From that concept the Economist Sen, helped the UNO to create a Human Index of Development, we know advance further with the ‘coordinates’ of an ethonomical value system, in which goods are priced according to the maximization of our human ‘drives of existence’, our energy, information, health and evolution. Goods such as weapons thus count negatively in such ‘Gdp’ guidance to political policies. The ‘World Union’ or rainbow planet illustrated in the next graph, is of course an utopia, departing from the present degradation of man, morally and intellectually. It remains though a ‘fractal planet’ that should occur in many other ‘Earths’ of the infinite universe:


world union

 In the graphs, the design of a perfect, theoretical world for humanity, according to the laws of Nature and its Super-organisms, which maximizes the freedom, survival and drives of existence of the human kind that make us happy and allow to realize the individuals and subconscious collective ‘cultures’ of mankind. The design of the perfect world is easy and explained in the right middle column under the label ‘Solution-Revolution’. Its implementation  though requires to substitute the memetic policies of our elites that pass as social and economical science but are merely ‘newspeaks’ and ‘jargons’ that hide the true engine of those elites – power obtained with the ab=use of mankind with selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines. In the ‘rainbow’ planet, divided in the 7 natural regions/cultures of mankind, as today, with a single global currency, ¥€$ money and a global heptarchy government of the 7 presidents of those regions; without nationalistic memes and armies, dedicated to maximize the welfare and sensorial cultures of mankind and evolve its individuals and superorganisms, the human kind is guided by the ‘grammar’ of the ‘language’ of verbal logic and verbal ethics, man > verb> object, where man is the center of the Univese, unlike the capitalist system, guided by the ‘language’ of money and its objectual grammar, man=price (salary) = object, which make us obsolete to machines, and makes of the evolution and reproduction of those machines and weapons the future of the world. Needless to say for the full understanding of the rainbow planet and the means to get there, two difficult conjunctions of a highly ethic and intelligent leadership, able to risk the lives for a better world and design it, is needed. 

In that sense the Wor(l)d Union, the rainbow planet is a theoretical exercise. which helps however to understand what is a perfect democracy, a perfect human social organism designed by imitation with nature’s perfect organisms, and why ours are not.

We have not lived in a democracy ‘ever’, except in the brief periods in which Americans printed continentals and greenbacks to give orders to people and the European Union paid a sort of universal salary (unemployment benefits, family subventions, universal health-care, subventions to agriculture) to create overproduction of life-goods. And indeed, life for human beings reached its peak of ‘real human wealth, measured with the Index of Human Development of the UNO, not with the GDp that counts as wealth weapons production, in the European Union before the ECB took the sovereign right to print money from its nations and gave it to private banks. America unfortunately did not print continentals and greenbacks to create a paradise on Earth but to win a war.  And yet those experiments also showed the true nature of money, which is ‘nomisma’, a language of information, hence necessary to start the productive process.


But the banker’s only concern is NOT to be understood, that people don’t realize they have stolen their sovereign rights that nobody knows ‘who they are’. AND FOR THAT, enough pamphletists that pass as economists and we shall unveil through those texts are out there to back their ideology of racist power and control of go(l)d to chain people to debt (from Mr. Hayek and Friedman, to Mr. Greenspan and Bernanke, almost all of them belonging to ‘orthodox’ biblical supremacist sects for whom go(l)d is a fetish of power to which life – that of the others and if needed in the limit of protest that of themselves – must be sacrificed. Now the sacrifice is that of the middle classes of America and Europe to the altar of Baal and usury.

The end of this process is thus evident. It is NOT possible to pay the debt, because usury is never repaid. This is not its purpose. The purpose is to ‘squeeze’ the borrower till ‘he drops dead’. Seriously. Greed is an intense, self-satisfying, immediate reward emotion, latter studied in its scientific basis, which doesn’t look ahead. ‘Carpe diem’, live the day, take the money and run, has always been the philosophy of the bankers. But it is still not time to take the ‘last train exit from Manhattan’.

The naive Europeans and Americans have not yet being totally milked. Indeed, one never ceases to be surprised on how far the people can be ab=used without real protests, but there should be perhaps a limit? The samurais said that the peasants are like soya seeds, the last squeeze is the best soya sauce – in Europe though the last squeeze of the olive is the bitter one...  


In that regard, the rainbow planet can be imposed only today at this stage of self-destruction of history by a coup d’etat of politicians. Movements from the mass of mankind are diffused by the imense noise of aduiovisal information. Dont confuse action with motion said hemingway to dietrich motion has no purpose, action is focused and acts, changing the key elements of a superorganism. The rainbow planet and its 7 cultures have seven natural presidents, of US brazil, russia, china, india, egupt and nigeria, those seven presidents and their vicepresidents, 3 on average per cultural nation form a group of 29 that should meet instead of the present 22 organized according to real historic cultures and start a process of denationalization of states within each culture, of fusion of currencies and establishment of global salaries of prohibition of robotics and ‘swear’ the human constitution, the law of maximization of humans urvival: maximal human goods x minimal lethal goods, as the political goal of the world union.

This new superorganism, the world union and the lower organization of states and departments not nations, then would eliminate the scale of national armies and simplify and elimiante zones of conflict. Around Islam is where most of those armed conflicts eist. Israel should be given by vote as other islamic borders the choice of which entity to join Eruoep or islam. As it wold echose islam it would renounce then to the negev not to cut in two islam and join theeuropean union and dismantle the apartheid state to be in coformance with the laws of the euroepan union to wcih it has joned. the sahel border will be demilizarized of alqaeda operatives again by refernedum in border zones betwen africa and islam, so the cachemir border. The conflict borders of aganastian also will be demilitarzed.

The world union then would focus on the creation of a sustainble world with a universal laary and credit for welfare companies and estruction of lethal goods and robotics.



44B85539-80FB-4FCB-828F-3481A99210721Santa Monica, California1992; L.S, a System Scientist; Barcelona, Catalonia,2013d9eaecbe87d36ea0dacbc663c928e2b2




Notes The Content of this web and its meaning within the Western Tradition.


The first predictions of the 2001 and 2008 crisis were in fact done by this author back in the 90s, with his discovery of the fractal dual biological, organic nature of the Kondratieff waves of evolution of machines, in his books, ‘The extinction of man’ and ‘Bio-history, Bio-economics’ (94, 97, Bookmasters, Ohio). In those earlier books, we considered the 2008 crisis the beginning of the last century of history, the age of ‘organic machines’ and weapons, as it has been the case. The exact periodicity of the wave is explained in this text and many others of this web.

Kondratieff made a simple error, considering the train wave periodicity in Russia, an underdeveloped country that receive the wave latter. Thus till we correct that error, the cycle was considered to be only of 50 years (see text for a more precise definition of the wave). Now, we know the cycle has a periodicity of 72 years, which corresponds to the generational cycle of human beings and the nations that are on top of each wave: the British cycle of steam machines (1784-1857), then the German cycle of electro-chemical engines (1857-72 years -1929), and finally the American cycle of electronic machines (1929-2001), which ended with the dotcom and derivative crash, a short-product cycle of 7 years later (2008)

Unfortunately economics today, after the ‘ideological cleansing’ of the 80s is no longer a science, but a corrupted, financial ideology of power, as it has been for most of its history, which explains why Kondratieff, a disciple of Marx, despite the truth of his wave-cycle, has never been understood beyond the abstract calculus of future stock prices to speculate on the ‘markets’. For a better mathematical understanding of the fractal structure of the web please read the post on ‘business cycle’ and the next post on the science of history.

(2) Formal elements and hyperlink structure of the web. 

 The content of this web.
The 2 themes of the web, the evolution of economics and history are resumed in the the central page:
– The first post analyzes the economic ecosystem and its cycles and crisis of evolution and overproduction of machines, whose periodicity, discovered by Kondratieff, allows to forecast their future evolution, as all sciences do, by projecting the events of the past, similar cycles into the future. In that sense to understand this crisis we have to have a historic view and study the previous similar crises of 1929 and 1857 all caused by the invention of new forms of money (stock-paper, ticker money and now e-money) reproduced without limit by corporations, which to that aim limited the rights of governments to invent it.
– And this leads to the second theme/post of the web, The Paradox of History, the confrontation between the economic system and those who rule it with money (corporations) and the historic system and those who rule it with verbal and ethic laws (governments), which in times of crisis break their symbiosis and confront each other both at systemic, structural level and at the human level of those who they represent (the 1% who owns corporations vs. the 99% represented ‘ideally’ by social governments).
Then we consider the 5 subsystems of the economic system affected by the crisis of overproduction of electronic machines in more detail, as it is the theme of more interest for the ‘present’ reader:
– The crisis of labor caused by the overproduction of white collar PCs and blue collar robots that automate companies and are making most human workers obsolete.
– The financial crisis caused by the overproduction of e-money and redistribution of rent in favor of speculators.
– The military/war crisis caused by the overproduction of robotic weapons and the creation of ‘splendid little war’ to substitute the demand of consumption machines and take corporations out of the crisis with ‘Keynesian militarism’.
– The ethical and intellectual crisis, caused by the overproduction of information machines, audiovisual media and hate speeches.
 And the corruption of the democratic system and its social consequences for the bulk of mankind. Considering in the final posts 3 cases of the application of the laws of biology and organicism to history and economics:
 The function, form and substance of money, informative metal, whose values rule the world, building the Financial-Media-Industrial-Military Complex.
 The Oedipus paradox in which we compare the human and the metal-kind in objective terms and their differential of evolution
– And Ethonomics, a theoretical example of what a true science of economics would promote and value as wealth if ‘bio-historians’, not financial economists ruled the world.
A second layer of complexity with a wider latitude in time and space and a more biological, systemic ‘real jargon’ is formed by the upper decametric 3×3+1 posts, in which:
– We extend the analysis of the superorganism of history and its ages in time according to the laws of all general systems that promote the eusocial evolution of the individuals of any species into bigger, more integrated social systems, thanks to a common language of communication and the sharing of energy and information among them; laws which in human cultures were explained with the ethic word by the prophets of social love. 

For those who like both form and content, better crafted, written pieces on those themes can be found on my e-books on the subjects treated in this web, offered at reduced pricesYou are welcomed to copy and distribute this information as you wish.

(3) UKSS, 2006 conference on ‘the 2008 crisis of e-money-, 2010 ISSS conference on the ’72 years cycle of evolution of machines, weapons and money’ and 2011 ISSS, Hull congress on ‘the evolution of the financial-military-industrial complex’.



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