Greed values

‘Money is Power, or shall we say, The Monopoly to Create Credit money and charge interest is Absolute Power”.

Alex James

‘Money is the invisible hand of God’, Adam Smith, father of creationist economics.

‘Gold is the intelligence of God’, Calvin, father of Adam Smith.

Financial, ‘creationist’ economics. The values of money.

In the graph, languages select according to its ‘affinity’ values the species reproduced in a given ecosystem. In the light ecosystem, the species who see better – felines, apes and eagles – become its top predators. In the verbal ecosystem, the people who speak better (priests and politicians) rule with laws. In the economic ecosystem the people who manage money and obey its values, multiplying its most expensive goods (weapons and informative software) survive and those species who have null value (life and nature) die away. Because the values of go(l)d and the ethic wor(l)ds of God are opposite, it is obvious that the selfish memes of metal and the world they cre(dit)ate is a Darwinian ecosystem that extinguishes life. Thus capitalism, the religion of Go(l)d, which must by dogma cre(dit)ate reality in the hands of a few ‘historic believers’, is bound to extinguish life and create the Earth of Metal.  The expression of this truism of systems sciences and evolution is the word we live in…

Few people realize that ‘creationism’, the pseudo-science that affirms evolution to be wrong and the processes of creation of the Universe to be designed ‘intelligently’ by Yvwh, a God-Bush who spoke to a goat-keeper of the bronze age have triumphed in the field of Economics.

Indeed, what we call capitalism is merely Creationist Economics, a Biblical religion according to which ‘Go(l)d’, money must create or rather ‘cre(dit)ate’ reality with its ‘hidden values’, whatever they are (creationist economics does not want to know the ‘hidden values’ of go(l)d).

Those values are however all too evident to a systemic thinkers (the affinity and complementarity values that exist between money, a digital language made of informative metal, weapons (lineal, energetic metal) and machines (organic metal), which have the highest value in monetary terms, while life has the minimal value (minimal salary) and so they design the future accordingly, multiplying the products of the highest price (memes of metal) and debasing those of minimal value (human labor and life).

How money creates reality? With Credit. And here it enters the second element of creationist economics – the ideology of capitalism: credit must not be owned by the 99% of the people, by humanity and its governments but by the ‘Chosen of go(l)d’, the believers in the memes of the Bible, of go(l)d…

This of course, is no longer explained as Aaron, Calvin and Smith put it, in biblical, verbal terms, but with complex ‘economical laws’, mainly damned lies and statistics, which cover up with a certain rationality as ‘Intelligent design’ does, the religious nature of Creationist economics, treated elsewhere in this web. Here we shall deal merely on how a language ‘creates the future’. Since indeed money ‘cre(dit)ates the future of this planet’ and selects its species; but not with an ‘intelligent design of Yvwh’ that justifies the monopoly on its cre(dit)ation that in the Western World have the biblical people and in the East, their ‘selfish memes’ today converted in the ideology of classic economics, but with the laws of evolution. 

How an organic system ruled by a language of information creates the future.

One of the key questions about any ecosystem or organism is how it is created.

And the answer is through the code of information, the language that regulates all the cells of the organism.

What this means is that History and the economic ecosystem are also created by a language. And it is so, through the 2 languages that organize those super-organisms:

The forms and institutions of history are created through laws and verbal orders, which organize human beings.

The forms and institutions of the economy are cre(dit)ated, created through the laws and orders given with money.

economics is thus different from History, because in History we bonded together with ethic wor(l)ds, laws and religious ideals, using our natural language in which the syntax man (subject) <verb (action) < object (energy) always put man at the center of the Universe. In history we were the measure of all things.

In economics however, money which was a piece of informative metal, gold or silver or recently when the gold standard disappeared, e-money, bits of information in a computer mind, could be exchanged in equal conditions with men and objects. So this language and its values, man=object=price, were somehow diminishing of our place in the Universe. As an object we could be bought for a price, money, first as slaves, then as part time slaves with a salary. And so as the language of money substituted the language of words and occupied most of the actions in this planet, the world switched from one ecosystem dominated by history into an ecosystem dominated by economics.

This is what people seem to forget. That during most of its awaken time they follow economical orders, not historical (political, religious, social) orders and so they do not live in a democracy, an accessory system, which hardly rules our lives except in the free time we do not spend working and with our family (in which case we are ruled by biological mandates proper of all living beings). We live in a complex system ruled by money and the nature of that complex system is what this web unveils with the laws of… complexity.

Indeed, any ecosystem is ruled by a language of information whose syntax defines the actions performed under its orders. When we follow the orders of money we follow the previous syntax, man=price=object.

What this means is that we compete constantly in equal conditions with objects in fields of work (industrial system) and in fields of war (military system) as soldiers killed by weapons and workers subject to a self-similar monetary equation, productivity = capital/labor. When capital=machines are better than us, we labor are displaced because there are not ethical, verbal values that tell us we are superior to machines due to thsoe ethical values and we cannot be fired. When we are killed by a weapon, we are not told this is wrong, but simply a machine has efficiently consumed us.

However one of the fundamental tenants of complexity, is that the system is far more complex than its parts. By this, we mean that the parts obey the ‘language of information’ – the cells its nervous orders, the human its monetary orders – without ever realizin of what the whole is, what all the parts are constructing. The parts have a role but they ignore the whole. The cells do not know they are part of the organism of life which has its own goals and purpose; and humans ignore all about the complex system they are creating with money, weapons and machines they reproduce in labor fields and consume in war fields.

And that is why we need complexity as a science, because all those systems are self-similar and we can therefore explain what the ‘market’ where we live and labor most of our awakening time is constructing with money, weapons and machines: a super-organism; the most complex, powerful and efficient superorganism ever created on planet Earth, the financial->military->industrial complex, in which money (The financial system), under the laws derived of its syntactic capacity to value all what exists in this planet, construct according to those values a military-industrial complex, in which humans have 2 purposes: to work=reproduce the machines of that complex, and to consume=vitalize and evolve those machines.

Further on in complexity we know that all systems are complementary, with 2 fundamental social classes – those who invent and control the language of information of the organism and those who obey it.

In verbal, historic societies, politicians and priests were traditionally on top because they created the legal or ethic words that controlled society. And they are still on top but we hardly obey them for most of our daily existence. Reason why they hardly create the future. In fact, politicians since the XIX century depend in great measure of the credit that those who invent money give them in the form of bonds to carry out wars or depend on the money they extract from people forcefully called taxes to pay for services they provide.

So what matters truly to understand the future is the syntax of money and the informative caste which invents it.

This explains the importance of the role of the Am Segullah, which invented money in the past; today the role of the speculator, which in Wall Street is called the Master of the Universe.

Because indeed he anticipate and cre(dit)ates the future, creates the organism of the economy, with orders given with money.

In a real democracy, this role would be performed by the government freely elected by the people, but that is not the case in an stockracy, the system in which we live.

In our system however there is a simple, clear class structure, based in the 3 classes of all organisms, in which the upper caste is no longer the political or religious caste, as in historic cultures but the caste of speculators that create money with financial and monetary instruments.

The ‘government’ of the ‘Free Market’ are the institutions that issue=invent money. Stock market companies design the world, ‘cre(dit)ating’ it. They give ‘credit’, salaries which are monetary ‘orders’ that all people obey. To cre(dit)ate is a new word that expresses the fact that in a Free Market, in an economic ecosystem, the dominant language of power is no longer the law, but money. Thus, those who invent money, those who have ‘credit’, create, ‘creditate’ reality with it. Despite the common belief that most people hold, men don’t create the future in Free Markets through a democratic, voting exercise, which chooses a party/government to direct society towards the goals expressed in its political program. Instead the flows of credit of the economic system decide the prices and jobs, which transform the world. . .

Money and prices rule people all the time they work and the time they acquire/consume an object sold by the market, which is at least 90% of their living times. . . Hence money creates the world in that 90% of our existential times through orders giving by stock-market corporations, which create=credit most of the new paper-money invented in the economic ecosystem. For that reason events like a stock-market crash, which influences the money companies invent and hence the prices, salaries and flows of work and consume on planet Earth, are more important to understand the future than the choice of a president . . .

Because money is today the only language of power, those who invent money control societies. And today, financial and stock-companies invent most money under laws of deficit zero that oblige governments to tax citizens to obtain it. Thus, we affirm that we live in a Free Market in which the only free ‘individuals’ are companies and so the future is designed by the wanting of companies not the desires of human beings. But what a company wants? The answer is surprisingly simple: to reproduce and to evolve its product, normally a machine, its energy or its information (+80% of stock market companies). Thus, the re=production of machines and its sale to obtain benefits becomes the real objective of Market Democracies and by extension of all the human beings submitted to them.

Which means that the goals of humans, which try to improve their happiness, welfare and survival through the reproduction and possession of goods positive for their life, will not be met in a Free Market in all cases in which they conflict with the reproduction and sale of machines, given the scarcity of financial and material resources this planet has and the monopoly of those resources achieved by company-mothers in our societies. In fact, approximately 80% of stock-market investment goes to the production and evolution of machines not to the production of such positive Human Goods. Thus, the well-being of man, which should be the main goal of real democracies, such as those that appeared in Northern Europe after II W.W., becomes a utopia. While Welfare policies disappear, because companies have won the battle for credit to democratic governments


Why then we give so little chances to a resurrection of mankind, which could easily control credit through elected governments to promote a sustainable economy based in the human goods needed for survival, provided by the welfare state, and prune the bad fruits of the tree of science?

The answer is our ‘third sentence’: ‘men are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’ Aristotle.

Aristotle, who rightly undertood money as ‘nomisma’, a language of information regulated by law, where the substance was secondary to its ‘digital use’ to value things with a numerical language, to the service of man, also realized that ‘barbarians’ carried the day. And that humans ‘were slaves’ because they didn’t reason. And this difficulty to ‘upgrade’ the mind of man, and the ‘animetal=animal+metal’ cult(ure)s hypnotized by greed and misusing lineal metal-weapons to impose their will with violence ‘the subhumans metalmasters’ of Nietzsche, is till with us.

Metal-power has impossed the lesser culture, the lesser reason, the animal over the rational man, and so the destiny of history is not human as long as it is ran by the subconscious treats of metal and capitalism.

Indeed, Plato and Aristotle never ran the Sicilian dictatorship of warriors or the Free Market Democracy of Athens, ruled by slave Traders and aristocrats. Then as now the anti-quantum paradox was at work and Plato was enslaved and Aristotle ran, escaping for his life the ‘Democracy of Athens’ to just get a job as teacher of Alexander. And of course Alexander ignored all his advices and did not take him in his conquest of the world to rule the way he knew, by war.

So while paradoxically the anti-quantum paradox prevents us, the scientists of history, to save the world, it actually proves further the thesis of this web: that we live in a biological world and information is also biological. So in the same manner your brain ‘censors’ the flow of external information, according to its selfish interests… so the eye sees motion better than stillness because motion is life, a prey… and so on… the informative castes and heads of the economic and political and military system show in this crisis to be doing ‘business as usual’, canons instead of butter, capitalism instead of Keynesianism, a war in Orwellian, perpetual war instead of a paradise of welfare goods.

And that path, today imposed by force, repression, censorship, damned lies and statistics by bankers, military and corrupted politicos, as always in the previous cycles of Kondratieff is taking us as always into an age of war, poverty, fascism, repression of life and extinction of humanism, all of them dying to the altar of the highest profits obtained as always reproducing machines, not food and housing.

The science of economics and its masters that nobody listens.

What might surprise the ‘naive’ citizen is that what we are saying here is nothing new. But it is merely a step further on the road walked by the great thinkers of economic theory.

In the introduction to this post we considered the 4 steps of the scientific method and we can now observe, once we have followed them to explain you the cycles of economics and the present crisis, what are the antecedents of the scientific method applied to social sciences – merely who in the past discovered and proved that history and economics are indeed sciences like all other disciplines of human knowledge, able to A) gather objective data, B) find cyclical time patterns with it C) define its causes and predict future cycles and D) use that knowledge to better design the future for the benefit of mankind.

We can now explore further those elements to recognize who in the sciences of history and economics found them, and why and how the ‘antiquantum paradox’ censors them.

Every mature science has reached an stage in which:

A) It has gathered objective Data without occultation for selfish purpose.

This first step is no longer met in social sciences, precisely due to the political and economical correctness that selects data according to the peculiar ideologies and worldview of the dominant people-castes of our western societies. The aim of this occultation is obvious: to make us belief that those who rule us are ‘experts’; that the path of future they design is the only path, because the system we have is the only possible system, as it is born of ‘scientific dogma’ not of culture.

It will be met in this web, even if it my prompt many readers ‘imprinted’ by those subjective, anthropomorphic ideologies to abandon its reading (anti-quantum paradox).

B) A series of mathematical cycles that repeat the same time events are found.

Unfortunately the present state of social sciences does not gather all relevant data (as it censors all ‘negative’ data that explains the collateral effects of the present economic system); and it does not accept under the influence of the Biblical culture the cyclical nature of time events. Indeed, our culture and religions consider that we, humans, have a ‘manifest destiny’, or ‘future progress’ as we are ‘free’ thinking beings, different from the rest of the Universe. So unlike all other sciences based in cyclical time events, Social sciences cannot go beyond A) Data gathering. B) is denied on pseudo-religious grounds.

C) A hypothesis that explains the repetitive actions that causes B – the repetitive cycles of any science. And then the projection of those cycles with accurate forecasts of their future repetition. Since a model is only considered truth when its predictive capacity is proved in the future.

C doesn’t happen in mainstream social sciences stuck in B. Indeed, The Economist, organ of ‘authorized social sciences’ made a poll among taxi drivers, garbage collectors, economic ministers and ‘think-tank’ experts on future economic indicators and taxi drivers and garbage collectors came first, proving the non-scientific nature of our present models.

But C is met in the scientific models of economic cycles of Kondratieff (1) and the organic models of history of Spengler. And it does in my work on the cycles of economics and history inspired by those authors, and improved by the use of fractal algorithms and the added data of a century more of such cycles. Reason why the work of this author was able to predict with astounding accuracy the present cycle 20 years in advance, proving the work of those masters and the causal explanation of those cycles to be correct (3).

D) The design with those models, causal knowledge and accurate data of a better system or event that favors our human species. As Science is always a tool of practical power. Needless to say, the anti-quantum paradox has always aborted D, beyond punctual events throughout the history of mankind.

E) Further on, all this, ABCD, must be based in a wider ‘vision’ provided by the common ‘Universal Laws and languages’ of science. Since the Universe is harmonic and self-similar in all its parts. What higher science we must then consider in its fundamental laws to inscribe the laws we find in social sciences?

Obviously the laws of biology and evolution, since we human beings are ‘biological beings’ and so should be our social organisms (nations, religions and civilizations) and the objects we make imitating our energy and information organs (machines, which are merely primitive ‘metal-organisms’ that we assembly and discover by imitating our organic functions in stronger, better metal-atoms; so a chip is a metal-brain and a crane a metal-arm, which enhance our energy and information).

Precedents of evolutionary economics: the masters of economic thought.

We did not mention who had discovered those cycles of overproduction of machines first, because it is my experience that the ‘human believer’ has been so well imprinted by the ideologies of power of the present world that by merely mentioning the name of perhaps the greatest scientists of history and economics, he will simply stop listening and reading. And indeed, when I ‘change’ this post and mention his taboo name immediately the post drops 3/4 of his audience – so it does when I tell the real story of the people-caste of bankers, who discovered money, invented the present economic ecosystem and rules it. Of course, this is understood as yet another proof of the anti-quantum paradox and the low I.Q. and slavish mental behavior of most humans, who live in a mental jail of ideologies that he believe to be ethic dogmas and intellectual truths.

And so now we can mention him. Yes, he, the monster, the supreme eviL man, the destroyer of worlds, the whip of religion, the anti$emite, Mr. Marx did discover the cycle of overproduction of machines, then the steam cycle and his disciple Kondratieff, 1/2 century latter found its cyclical patterns, meeting the first two elements of the scientific method, discovery of cyclical patterns and tabulation.

Precisely improving on the study of those crisis, you have then  Schumpeter and Kondratieff, who explained those cycles are guided by new evolutions of machines that saturate markets and crash the economy till new machines take over as the engine of the economy. They form a twin pair as Marx and Ricardo do. Schumpeter, an Austrian elitist aristocrat, was with the 1% (as his next influential disciples, Mr. Von Mises, Mr. Hayek and Mr. Greenspan, German-Jewish ‘believers’ in creationist economics will be). And so the article in The Economist mentions him, but fails to mention Mr. Kondratieff, a disciple of Marx, who talked about the same concept – the evolution of machines as the engine of the economy, and its cycles of creation and destruction, but from the perspective of the 99%.

And finally you have Keynes, which in the last slump of the global economy at the end of the age of ‘hearts of metal’ (electrochemical age), noticed, as all other economists, even Mr. Smith had noticed, that a world guided by greed, the accumulation of money at any cost, the welfare state and the life-based goods we need to survive will be under produced, since ‘money’ is ‘metal’ and values more ‘metal-goods’, weapons and machines than life goods, which have no price. So not only bankers but nations must invent ‘fractional money’, and deficits to finance welfare goods and laws must address the imbalance of production of excessive weapons and machines in a ‘money-based’ economy. This was in essence a sophisticated version of Marx ideas about the nationalization of banks, of Butler ideas about the restriction of production of weapons.

– And so if Marx defined the cycles of overproduction of machines and the crisis it would cause; the second state of ‘economic science’  was found by his disciple Kondratieff, who found the periodicity of those cycles (1) and in reward was censored and murdered by Stalin, the military dictator which killed the r=evolution of social sciences brought about by the discovery of those cycles and its dual social structure.

– Then Butler, using biological, Darwinian Jargon and Schumpeter with an abstract one, explained those cycles as ’caused’ by the evolution and reproduction of certain key machines and energy that acted as engine of the industrial economy.

– And finally Keynes found the solutions and ways to manipulate those crisis in favor of the human kind, by ‘printing money’ (deficits) to substitute the lack of demand caused by the overproduction of machines that people could no longer consume, investing in the alternative, human economy of the welfare state.

My work which forecasted the crisis 2 decades in advance by correcting with fractal equations Kondratieff’s cycles (1) and found a deeper causal reason to the cycles with the help of systems sciences and a better comprehension of the organic systems of the Universe, merely improves with the wider vision provided by a century more of ‘evolution’, the work of those masters.

Let us then be clear from the beginning. The work of Mr. Marx, the scientist subject to the anti-quantum paradox, has nothing to do with the military dictatorships imposed in the communist world under the red flag of his work; as the work of G. Bush, the last ‘democratic’ military dictator of the west has nothing to do with Jesus, in which name he acts. G. Bush and Mr. Stalin were just military dictators who corrupted and misused the work of two social scientists. Since indeed, Jesus and other prophets of love were  the first scientists of history able to ‘predict’ the future , according to the laws of social evolution of superorganisms, expressed in the mandate of social love that creates such efficient, balanced superorganisms as people share energy and information among them (non other is the meaning of ethics but the explanation in the human language of the social law of evolution of the members of the same species that help each other to survive)

Fact is, even in The Economist, the ideological organ of Capitalism owned by Mr. Rothschild, consider the previous economists the most important of history, (adding Mr. Smith, the primitive guru of the pre-industrial age who could never have understood economics by the obvious fact that the industrial world did not exist then.)

Indeed, in the Financial Times, perhaps the most serious ‘pro-system’ magazine of economics, hand in hand with The Economist, both owned by the Rothschild family – the essence of economical correctness and key founders of the system – now the master ideologists, the ‘Brahmins’ who are no longer concerned with the petty trade left to the likes of Mr. Gross, the bond master that determines each morning the price of the Euro and nobody knows to exist- 4 economists, are recognized as the greatest of history, Smith, Marx, Schumpeter/Kondratieff and Keynes. 

Since Adam Smith wrote his book on the ‘wealth of nations’ even before the first industrial machine was discovered – basically not a book of modern economic science, but an epilogue to the age of ‘go(l)d religions’ that preceded the ideology of capitalism, we should probably change his name on that list by that of Butler, a disciple of Darwin who recognized that machines and top predator weapons evolve and have organic traits, and impose the power of nations as weapons did in the past; or perhaps by Ricardo, the founder of mathematical economics, which discovered the ‘iron salary’, caused by the competition of men and machines:

Accordingly, the salary of humans will be always under the mathematical laws of competition that compare humans and machines, as both can be exchanged for money – man=salary=price=object – the minimal, subsistence salary or ‘iron salary’, as there will always be someone dying of hunger to the job or a machine to replace the worker.

He also argued that machines will undoubtedly increase the profits of the owners but decrease the salary of workers, expelling out of job, comparing it to the horse. ‘If horse were doing all the jobs at lesser cost’ than humans he argues the GDP of mankind will grow (as it will grow now that electronic machines are doing most jobs of humans), but this will not profit mankind, only the owners’.  But of course, Ricardo, a Jewish stockbroker was on the side of capital, and considered this ‘unavoidable’ (without legal regulation, that is) and desirable for the 1% to which he belonged. And so a humanist economist Sismondi, asked him how the system will be sustained when ‘the king of England would be able to push a switch and all the automated factories of England’ will produce its goods. What to do then with the rest of mankind?  This question has never been answered in theory only in praxis… We killed them in colonial and fascist wars or left them leave a misery ‘subsistence life’ (Ricardo’s expression) on their ghettos.

Ricardo, Malthus, Say and all those earlier economists show the fundamental problem of this discipline – its total lack of interest for ‘mankind’, which they standardize as a ‘cost’; since ultimately all of them belong to the Biblical tradition in which those ‘chosen by go(l)d’ have all the privileges and the rest of mankind are ‘invisible’.

Then you have Marx, greatly influenced by Ricardo, who explained the cyclical crisis of overproduction of machines, money and weapons that cause massive crisis of unemployment, redistribution of wealth and wars to deplete arsenals.

The importance of Marx is clear. For the first time using the same mathematical laws of classic economists, but taken the point of view of the 99%, the collateral effects of the ‘religion of metal-memes’, classic economics, are explained. And so for the first time ‘the blind body cells’ of the superorganism of history (middle and lower classes) were informed of the workings of the system. Reason why Marx has been so much hated and attacked by all, including those who pretended to represent him (communist parties). Indeed, it is important to understand that the biggest enemy of Marx was NOT capitalism but communism. Mr. Stalin took care of 8 million Marxist r=evolutionaries to impose a Nazi-style military-dictatorship that ended Marxism. He sent Kondratieff to Siberia and gave a perfect excuse to the West to censor Marx – a theorist that never formulated any detailed description of what the r=evolutionary stage of history would look like – and maintain ever since the 99% of the cells of ‘the blind body’ of history in a happy state of slavery to the memes of their ‘owners’.

All this said, we must know to do a proper critique of those previous masters, as it is also a law of epistemology called the Principle of Correspondence that as time goes by new theories improve on the old masters, albeit absorbing the best part of the prior work and solving some of the errors committed by them. Let us then consider the greatest errors of Marx and his disciple Kondratieff.

The errors of Marx thus were clear: he believed too much in humans and didn’t realize enough of the influence of the memes of metal in the programming of mankind, dealt with in the next post. And of course, he did not design a future superorganism of history after the revolution, as he did not have enough biological education in the infancy then. (Though after reading Darwin, he said that the way to evolve economics was merging it with biology.) So he made the following omissions and mistakes:

– To consider the struggle between the informative class and the working human class, one between humans only, when the key element is the influence of the selfish memes of metal and its subconscious ideologies (greed or gold hypnotism, murder or iron action and sloth or machine’s atrophy), on mankind. Thus as those memes multiplied the influence spread to all humans, and of course, to the people of the party, which became just a military dictatorship.

– Because he did not explain how to build a superorganism of history, communist dictators, Stalin, just imitated the structures of the most respected nation of the time, Germany, building de facto a parallel system to the fascist dictatorship as Payne has explained in his key work on fascism.

– Because he did not criticize enough the effects of machines, as Bakunin did, his followers have created societies that lack welfare goods and are a parody of what a social system would be. In that sense Social Democracies in Europe were much closer to the ideals of Marxism than any communist society, which is merely a dictatorship of weapons.

– Because he thought too positively about human labor he considered that the profit of companies was coming mostly from the exploitation of human workers, which were detracted from their profits. This is truth, as corporations use humans as mere costs, but the real profit comes from the increase of capital in machines. So his main thesis that profits will dwindle as more machines were substituting labor and the system would crash by lack of profits is in fact the inverse. Profits kept growing as labor is substituted by more productive machines and the end of it is ‘the Marx-smith-Darwin paradox’ latter studied in more detail. The extinction of labor.

– Marx also failed to recognize his precedents in the work of the prophets of social love of the western tradition.

What he and his disciple Kondratieff did accurately understood were the crises of overproduction of machines that determine the cycles of history and the switching of corporations at the end of those cycles, for the sake of profits, to reproduction of weapons, which Lenin and Trotsky, the last of the humanist economists of the revolution,  better explained  in their works on Imperialism.

Of course imperialism continues, but now it is more subtle, protected by ‘the political and economical correctness/censorship’ of our ‘Orwellian newspeaks’, and imposed no with weapons but with money. Yet the aim is the same: to control nations and strip them of democratic rights by the power of weapons or money… the selfish memes of metal.

What we have done in the past 20 years is to advance, evolve and update the work of all those economists (even the laws discovered by the pre-scientific school of Mr. Smith, regarding the parallel evolution of money and industrial machines of maximal price – Mv=PT) and forecast the future of those cycles according to the laws of biology and evolution. But we have done it from the perspective of the 99%, reason why our work receives the same censorship than its predecessors.

So if we were to resume all what is worth of Economic Thought about the Future in a single sentence, it will be this:
‘Capital=Mv and Machines=Pt will substitute all workers and humans will r=evolve or  become extinguished’ (Smith-Marx-Darwin Paradox that resumes the teachings of the 3 ‘masters’ of economical schools).

My favorite and less known is still Butler, the disciple of Darwin that first saw machines as evolving organisms, and Spengler, the Historian who forecasted the future ‘corruption’ of the American democracy around 2000 by money and the end of the III Reich in April 1945… right on the spot. As sciences are only such when they can predict the future and only evolution, the science of biological change on time, has ever done that.


Unfortunately the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, the repression of a real biological science of life and history has been going on for so long that now is ‘cult(ure)’ – it can be traced in fact to the discovery of metal in the Middle East and the creation of ideologies that justified the power of a tribe over other humans by the sword or the hypnotic power of gold… And so we treat in this web also history in those terms studying the long wave of birth and decay of civilizations already tabulated by the pioneers of the science of history, Hesiode, Vico and Ibn Khaldun in the classic age; Marx, Spengler and this writer n the modern age.

While at the end of this section we shall analyze the precedents of evolutionary economics and the true masters of economic thought, as opposed to our ‘financial economists’ who are NOT humanist economists but people to the service of corporations, who control history with the power of money – as the military are not experts in history but people who control history with the power of weapons.

Now, for 20 years, as I described the future as it would be in the capitalist system, I had been an activist against that future, trying to convince the public, economists and power people the need to change of policies towards a global New Deal and investments in the industries of the welfare state, because the future of capitalism is self-evident and anti-human: robots will take over and dismiss humans as workers and soldiers; companies will reach infinite productivity as they become self-reproductive without human labor (productivity measures the ratio of machine workers vs. human workers and so it grows as machines automate production, which now is the fact of the robotic revolution).

Evolutionary economics however have been ignored and censored, despite or precisely due to its truth and superiority over ‘primitive’ abstract anthropomorphic descriptions of the economic ecosystem. And so my conclusion observing the slavery of humanity to gold profits and mechanical masters is that capitalism will indeed triumph and extinguish mankind at the end of the present cycle. That a sustainable planet is not possible and we, the activists and true scientists of history and economics will follow the destiny of our predecessors in this field – silence.

But so far this web, destroyed a couple of times in its original format ( will tell the truth of the Industrial revolution and the crisis from the perspective of the 99% of humanity that suffers its collateral consequences. I will be gone though, when at the end of the present robotic cycle of 72 years, by 2080 at best, we humans become as mammals before us and reptiles before mammals, ‘history’, because we ‘didn’t love each other’ enough to create a world made to the image and likeness of man and our natural ‘Life goods’, but wanted to be more than God and lived the ‘mirage’ of borrowed power, given to us by those machines and weapons, we enslave for in our ‘technological civilization’. Perhaps then, certainly on the sides of machines which will seek for an explanation to the world, evolutionary economics will be recognized as ‘the’ science of economics, which was meant to be. Truth in that sense always imposes itself in the field of science. However, when Machines take over us and A.I. dismisses humans as a lesser species, the ultimate purpose of evolutionary economics as a ‘human science’, to enlighten mankind and help us to survive by managing rationally the industrial evolution, will have failed.

Needless to say, the new species will complete the capitalist policies of corporations that treat man as a ‘surplus cost’ (worker) or a mere ‘tester’ of its machines (consumer). Both jobs will be gone for humans as machines will reproduce other machines and robots will ‘test’ the camera-eyes, mobile-ears and engines that will be part of their organisms. So humans will no longer be needed. And the process you live is already part of that ‘non-human world’ we are about to give birth, what I call the economic ecosystem or the metal-earth. We are no longer needed. Millions, soon billions of humans have no longer a role in the economic ecosystem as the growing GDP happens in the corporation that consumes other machines and reproduces them, without human interference.

Let us be clear enough. Humans can invent and they invent ‘rossy ideologies’ about machines and economic development, and our ‘anthropomorphic’ position in the processes of evolution of this planet. Those ideologies, mostly of biblical religious origin, since the biblical culture invented corporations, have given birth to the techno utopias of classic economics and censored evolutionary economics – to the point Nobel Prizes cannot be given to evolutionary theory because the pious Mr. Nobel, also called the ‘merchant of death’, as he was the main producer of weapons in the XIX century, considered Evolution a theory that contradicted his biblical beliefs, and so no Nobel Prize can be given to the ‘real science of economics’.

But this has not changed at all the fact that classic economists never predict the future of its science, as all other sciences including evolutionary economics do. THey have not changed at all the happening of the present cycle as we forecasted decades ago. The laws of evolution are there for humans to learn them and manage the evolution of machines, or ignore them and let the darwinian evolution and its laws of competition between species, impose themselves. Those laws, without regulation of markets, imply that the  development of this crisis has been, is and will be parallel to the previous ones, ending in overproduction of weapons and global war.

Fact is the laws of science happen regardless of human wishful thinking.

What we humans could do if we were NOT under the straight jacket of 3000 years of myths about go(l)d and banking, greed and the role of a supposed higher entity, which ‘wishes’ us to destroy the world (the invisible hand of the freemarket) is to regulate the process of evolution of machines for our advantage. But as machines and money are a western religion we cannot even conceive on opposing them.

And so the future of evolutionary economics will become ultimately independent of mankind, as Artificial Intelligence will be born in the most expensive advanced machines which have always been weapons. And as machines become conscious of their nature as a different species, they will follow exactly the policies western managers of corporations, follow with their callous, mathematical ‘profit-seeking’ indifference towards the poor and dispossessed of mankind: we will become a surplus, an unneeded cost, as we already are… What it won ‘t ever happen is what classic financial economists expect to happen according to ideology: a future paradise for all humanity, in which machines will never compete, nor kill us, but solve our problems as ‘chosen’ of god, entitled to special rules. All this of course, could be avoided if humans, their ‘collective brains’, governments would decide to take the bull by the horns, and manage, regulate and control the global economy, recreating with the laws of social systems, a paradise on earth, based in the production of the goods of the tree of life and the control of the lethal goods of the tree of metal. But that requires the end of capitalism and the nationalization of the financial industry at global level. And corporations have corrupted the political system, preventing such solutions even to be argued. So we describe in this blog the future as it is and will be, and from time to time relapse on hope, thinking humans will rise to the challenge, man up and correct the future for their own profit. But this is the lesser probability of future for history.

And to understand why we have to understand  the religious origin of capitalism and its ‘custom’ of sacrificing their children to the altar of Baal, profits and the murderous qualities of metal… Since the reason why we dont have a future is not ‘reasonable’ but memetic, inquisitorial bnamely because the patterns of history that define the past and forecast the future have shown in war and hecatomb->holocaust cycles we care nothing about the future, we live hooked by greed, we are just ‘ants’ of teh system, we won’t manage it, we just believe it and die for it, as all those other pre-cyclical people have done. 

Classic Economics, the ideology of power of Bankers and Corporations.


(: Including what Mr. William Casey and all the establishment believes in, of course : )

Now for you to understand, out of the blues, as a perfect ‘memetic’ brain programmed by audiovisual corporations and ‘the system’ at large to love and ignore all about the overproduction crisis you live in, a few ‘gates’ of wisdom and humility about your condition must be opened. The first one to realize that the world is ruled by the ‘free citizens of markets’, corporations, whose function is to overeproduce machines, their ‘offspring’, for whom they care. And that you are for them nothing but a price, a cost. You do not live in a world ruled for and by humans,but ruled for machines and by its corporations, where human managers – conceded – have a great life. But they are totally unaware, just moved by a mechanical process of reproduction of money, of what they do, and what is the purpose of the System. As a leading scientist of a specific branch of system sciences, called ‘general systems’ I do however know a  lot about systems. And as the last chair of the science of duality, formerly dialectics, before it was eliminated as a SIG from the world congress of systems sciences, due to its insistence in exploring a higher truth about the world we live in… (-: yes, this is not a joke, though i take human affairs with some sense of humor including mine :) this blog is probably the most accurate scientific description of the capitalist system you can read anywhere. Enter thus with your mind in an unchartered territory of economic truths, which ‘the corporation’ and the ‘system’ will not provide.

Let us be clear enough, you are programmed by placebo truths, damned lies, statistics, ego trips and fantasies of optimist happiness – an entire mind book 3000 years in the making, since the iron  age more or less, started to program your mind with ‘selfish memes of metal’.

Doesn’t matter who you are. You could be for all that matters, Mr. Obama, Mr. Bernanke, Miss Merkel or the taxi driver. You will still be most likely one of the 7 billion of programmed ‘cells’ of the economic ecosystem, who have no idea of where you are, what you live for, what is the meaning of your existence in the world of corporations and machines – and this is an astounding feat achieved by 200 years of censorship of social sciences in all what refers to machines, its meaning and evolution, with corpses, along the trail so illustrious as Mr. Marx, Mr. Butler, Mr. Spengler, and of lately Mr. Sancho (-;

And if you are a ‘scholar’ or a worker of the corporation, you are even more programmed.

Since what you learn, classic economics is not a science but an ideology of power, which follows Owens ‘dictum’, who said that ‘saloon economists’ here in London are busy finding complicated arguments to back the profits of its employers, the corporations’, but have not even ‘visited the mills’ and industries of which they speak.

Today very few ‘economists’ understand their historic origin. They merely believe on them. But that is why we must do a historic account of the origin of those arguments and the logic account of their twisted ‘damned lies and statistics’ if we want to unveil the so-called experts. Since those false dogmas are   their mental prison. As most people just repeat and memorize doesn’t reason the so called ‘scientific dogmas’ of social sciences, which in the case of ‘classic, capitalist economics’ we shall prove obey systematically, the interests of the 1% and the corporations that pay them. Most ARGUMENTS OF CLASSIC ECONOMICS HAVE A SINGLE PURPOSE: INCREASE THE PROFITS OF PRIVATE CORPORATIONS AT ALL COSTS.

A few examples, treated extensively in other posts:

– The myth that productivity increases labor. This is exactly the opposite: Productivity=capital in machines/Labor, which even a high school kid knows can only rise if we ‘fire labor’ or increase ‘machine workers’: Max. Productivity = max. Capital /Minimal labor. Thus this ‘argument’ hides the fact that machine workers are cheaper than humans and FIRING THEM, you get higher profits.

– The Myth of Inflation, which was imposed by bondholders to avoid loosing profits (as bonds do not adjust to inflation). In reality money is the language of information, the nervous system of the Economy and so IT MUST BE CREATED WITH DEFICIT AND CREDIT TO START THE ECONOMY up, as you think before you act. Without money or thoughts there is no economic growth and actions.

– The myth of deficit. Deficit means only invention of money by governments, which in social democracies are freely elected and hence MUST have deficits to pay the programs for which they were elected. Otherwise there is no democracy. Deficits are costly for society ONLY in cases as the present system, when governments in Europe due to the existence of a private banks that passes as public, the ECB, ruled by an ex-Goldman Sachs man and member of the ‘Lobby of the 30’ – the biggest European lobby of private banks does NOT print money for governments but instead gives it to banks at 0.5% and then private banks get an USURY of 5% to pay for states. 

This is outrageous. Today 95% of the global credit is invented in market by corporations and the ECB still wants people all over Europe to be extorted taxes to pay usury to the private banks.

– The myth of inefficiency of state corporations. State corporations because of the myth of deficit have NO access to the astounding amounts private ones have. If welfare corporations would have 100 billion $ like the market gave to Mr. Facebook, a worthless company that wastes zillions of human hours with virtual nonsense and has no profits, and wastes billions of $, the world would be a paradise. Public companies controlled in the salaries of their managers and with private standards of efficiency like in Asian countries (Singapore, etc.) ARE the solution to the crisis because… they create far more employment, not because they are inefficient but because MACHINES cannot produce alone, as they do with other machines, the goods of the welfare state we need to survive (food, housing etc.). So we need a massive New Deal, because machines will not make those goods, neither will create employment.

– The myth that billionaires and corporations ‘invest’ and create jobs. False. There are all kind of papers proving that small corporations and public ones create far more employment, and produce the ‘sustainable goods’ we need to survive as life beings; but they are shut out of market credit because of the monopoly of private bankers, who – and this is the last myth – do NOT invest in the physical, real economy but mostly in the financial speculative processes explained above, to create with ‘speculative taxes’ money for themselves, jacking up the prices of all goods. And so on and so on.

Now of course, when Darwin went to school he did not copy and memorize as 99% of the people I know in the scholar world, the ‘dogmas’ of others but carried a ‘notebook of errors’ to write only what he thought was false. I imitated him in my long career learning Economics and Biology, Physics and Maths, and that is the basis of my discoveries in all sciences. But trust me, I have found no other science so full of errors and dogmas as Economics is.  In that sense only the anti-quantum paradox and the confusion of ‘science’ and culture, explained in the next chapter, is the only reason why an entire ‘discipline’ is based in false postulates.  My first book of economics was called the ‘Myth of Free markets’ Then I found the anti-quantum paradox… Nobody would publish it. Since classic economics is the ‘religion’ of  profits of corporations and bankers with EXCLUSION of all the other factors of the economy, crafted historically as the essential form in which ‘biological information’ in social sciences, controls people. Since systems always select information to cater to the ‘owners’ of the language (so your brain only sees a minimal part of information, which is useful to its biological purpose and Economists working for corporations select it to cater the selfish agendas of their owners, as Owens explained clearly). But ‘humans are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’ (Aristotle, father of the experimental method, logic and science).

We have treated in other pages some of those myths. 

Here 3 key myths of our ‘Capitalist system’:

– The Myth of Metal Wealth

– The myth of competition

– The myth of free societies


complex version: hierarchical i-scales

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