The bottom line: company-mothers of machines and the values of money.

At the bottom of the cycles of evolution and reproduction of machines that completely dominate our zeitgeist in the modern world, since the beginning of the industrial r=evolution, there is a change of paradigm in what humans do, based in the change of social language of power from the natural human language of verbal ethic thought, whose syntax, Man (subject) < verb (action) < object (energy of man), always puts man at the center of the Universe, and has a democratic social nature as all humans can talk… to the digital language of money, which is NOT democratic as it is external to man, issued mostly by company-mothers of machines and valuing more metal than life.

Thus once we changed language of power from a humanist to a capitalist society, we stopped the goals of mankind – to create a just, democratic world made to the image and likeness of man – and started to build a world  to the image and likeness of machines, ruled NOT by human social organisations but by company-mothers there is a change of paradigm in the social language of power of mankind, from verbal ethic thought to digital money, whose values are opposed – as money, traditionally a soft informative metal atom has always valued more other forms of metal, notably weapons, than life with no value. While the values of words, a mental, human ‘flesh’ language give absolute value to human life.

Thus once this change of paradigm in our social language took place. And company-mothers of machines were given higher rights to print paper-money than states had (stock-paper, today e-money  issue without limit in stocks vs. deficit zero laws), company-mothers acquired rights to buy humans full time as slaves or part-time with salaries as worker. And so regardless of what ‘type of government’ a modern society has (mostly capitalist democracies or military dictatorships) the fact remains that humans will dedicate most of their lifetime to work for company-mothers of machines for money. The ‘remaining’ time then will be mostly spent in the basic biological ‘animal drives of life’ (feeding, reproducing sheltering, curing); NOT in the task of evolving a world to the image and likeness of man.

So as we are our ‘lifetime’, and our lifetime is bought by company-mothers of machines, which are NOT human organisms, do NOT reproduce or evolve human beings, but are ‘mixed organisms’  of humans and machines with a mechanical goal, to evolve, reproduce, sell for a profit and adapt≈terraform the planet to the image and likeness of those machines, providing for them enough energy and information to make their ‘life sustainable’, humans became enzymen men-enzymes that catalyse the creation with credit, the cred(dit)ation of a new ecosystem ruled by company mothers of machines, serving the biological goals of those machines.

And indeed, today there is no machine without energy, not computer without electricity, not car without a network of roads to cross, or a place to be repaired, while 1 billion humans suffer hunger, most are uneducated, still believing in primitive myths of abrahamic religions, and the majority of mankind lacks basic healthcare ‘repairs’ even in the dominant most wealthy nations of the world (US).

The economic roles of humans in a society in which money buys our lifetime.

So in a world in which humans are part-time slaves of company-mothers of machines it has become obvious, that humans are spending its life to foster the two biological goals of corporations: to work= re-produce machines and to vitalise them as consumers. And this is indeed all what ‘information machines’ tell us to do 24/7, work and consume. o even when we are ‘released’ from our part-time slavery we are subject to systemic indoctrination to use machines NOT to relate to humans and certainly NOT to organise socially in a meaningful manner to help and evolve mankind.

It is then obvious that we live in a society whose natural goal is to create a world of machines, evolved and overproduced in a very biological sense,  since machines not humans are massively adapting the world to its image and likeness, and this oblige us to consider the higher ‘perspective’ of the planet, and its biological evolution.

This is the essential fact of capitalism: a world ruled by digital money, issued by company-mothers of machines, with the goal of evolving and overproducing machines and its evil twins, weapons, which uses humans as reproducers=workers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines.


We have just described the basic bottom line of capitalism as a ‘praxis of power of corporations’.

Then there is the ‘idol-ogy’ of capitalism, camouflaged as the ‘science of classic economics’ , which is basically the modern digital version of an old fetish gold religion (biblical beliefs that ‘gold is the invisible hand of god) since all the founding fathers of capitalism (Say, Bentham, Smith, Ricardo, Mill, Malthus), were biblical believers on the myth that certain people ‘chosen of go(l)d’ had to accumulate money, and issue it privately as $elected, in order to reach salvation.

And so as religions are about myths and beliefs, which cannot be denied, and about censorship and twisting reality to cater to those myths, capitalism merely translated in a series of equations the belief that the purpose of mankind was to increase the amount of money owned by the $elected through its ‘organisation of power’, the corporation.

And since people do NOT understand equations, obviously the goals became disguised. Let us then consider the meaning o the fundamental equations of capitalism, and its corporations, the equation of profits and productivity, which merely express the aforementioned values of money and its goals: to reproduce, evolve and terraform the earth to the image of machines, which in biological terms will displace humans from labor and war fields as Darwin clearly expressed. Since biology is all about species that reproduce and evolve faster and displace species who do not evolve and reproduce so fast from the ecosystem, in this case machines overproducing and displacing humans from the economic ecosystem in labor and war fields:

In the graph, in the final phase of capitalism its three fundamental equations of profits, self-reproductivity and zero value to human life in ‘metal-price’, drive the world towards extinction of labor, an age of perpetual war for profits and massive manufacturing of brains with hate memes, as the oldest go(l)d culture of capitalism takes power in the western world, and by imitation globalises its go(l)d memes to all other cultures, forbidding any criticism as ‘creationist economics’ becomes ‘the only authorised science.

For that reason is obvious we need first to clarify what is the experimental method of science, as economics today is a religion  of metal-memes and its praxis of power and cultural traditions not A SCIENCE.


sciences predict

In the left graph, all sciences predict the future of its species by projecting the patterns of previous cycles, obtained with sound data and logic, mathematical, objective models of reality. Models such as neo-classic economics that fail those proofs of truth must be considered ideologies. In the right, the evolution and extinction of species in planet Earth, whose evolution of information now transcends into machines, which are systems of metal that humans construct by imitating their biological organs and functions of energy and information, proper of animal life. 

A biological model of machines and its company-mothers describes accurately their nature and predicts their evolution, over(re)production and extinction of rival species (previous machines and humans consumed in war cycles or expelled from jobs). Unfortunately Macro-economics does not have today any ‘scientific model’, which predicts its future indicators, because it does not follow the ABCD of the scientific method: analysis of relevant data, Biological models (for human beings and its organic machines), Cyclical repetitive patterns that reveal its causes called ‘laws of science’ able to predict the future, and finally in Human sciences, D) Democratic solutions that use the model to improve the life of mankind.

Let us then consider history and economics NOT AS DOCTRINES OF POWER, in which certain humans try to achieve the ‘control’ of societies, with its languages of information (money and laws) WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST interest in understanding scientifically History according to the scientific, biological laws that rule all social, biological super organisms of Nature. We shall therefore show the scientific nature of those two sciences, which study the informative, political and economic, reproductive, energetic networks of the super organism of mankind, which follow the same laws of all super organisms, including its cycles of birth, evolution and extinction – when its cellular citizens are NOT properly managed and taken care of.



Nt. 1. The Kondratieff cycles.

This web departs from a series of books I published in the 90s, explaining the waves of evolution of History (cycles of 800 years of evolution of weapons in ages of dry, cold weather that threw nomads from the steppe into sedentary civilizations destroying them in the waves explained on the left side) and the wave of evolution of the machines of the Financial-Media/Military Industrial System (80±8 year generational cycles just described, which also ended the cycles of nations in global wars, as those machines became weapons)

The books could predict so accurately the dates and events of the future, because all sciences do predict the future if they follow the scientific method. It was thus in a way an experiment to prove the hypothesis of bioeconomics was truth: that machines evolved organically and its company-mothers controlled the world, designing it to its image and likeness, buying the laws of the land to its politicos, terrraforming the earth, the 72 year generational cycle of America and its minds of metal would end with 3 economic short wave crashes of electronic money, in 2000, 2008 and 2016, as it has been the case.

The cycles are known as the Schumpeter-Kondratieff cycles of ‘new machines’.

What I did 25 years ago, basically was to correct the cycle of evolution of machines discovered by Schumpeter and Kondratieff, shown in that graph, which they tabulated into 52 x 2 years waves, (by dividing them in a single up and down wave) using the well known physical structure of all waves, divided in fact in 3 phases.

So the 104 wave divided in 3 phases of invention reproduction and overproduction of machines and weapons, as the last phase overlaps with the next cycle, hence shortening each wave through overlapping to the 80±8 years, biological cycles of human beings – the engineers of a nation that develop them, and finally switch to war production (waves have a 10% of variation in physical systems, hence sometimes were of 72 and sometimes of 80, and waves have smaller ripples, so there were on the peak of the wave, 3 sub-waves of 3 years).

And alas!, all the waves of modern history fit within it, all the wars, all the events, the entire mapping of history since the XVIII century.

Further on, Kondratieff made a simple error, considering the train wave periodicity in Russia, an underdeveloped country that receives the wave latter. Thus till we correct that error, the cycle was considered to be only of 50 years (see text for a more precise definition of the wave). Now, we know the cycle has a periodicity of 72 years, which corresponds to the generational cycle of human beings and the nations that are on top of each wave: the British cycle of steam machines (1784-1857), then the German cycle of electro-chemical engines (1857-72 years -1929), and finally the American cycle of electronic machines (1929-2001), which ended with the dotcom and derivative crash, a short-product cycle of 7 years later (2008).

Thus in the original c.94 book, I could easily predict those cycles. Since those 72 generational, biological human periods were so accurate, it was very easy to expand the age of minds of metal till 2008, when the 72 year American cycle ended, starting the first cycle of METALIFE, of robots, where no nation really dominated (China on paper but on reality, this would be truly a ‘MECHANICAL’ cycle).

L.S. philosopher of Science, NYC, 92,Barcelona, 16



Introduction: The Industrial Evolution and its Overproduction crisis.

I. overproduction of chips

II. Overproduction of e-money.

III. Truth in socio-biological sciences: The abcd of the scientific method:

IV. The 800-80-8 waves of Evolution of Metal.

V. The Postulates of Democracy.

V. The financial-media/Military-industrial system. Its generations



I. The Science of Superorganisms. The fractal Universe.

Syncrhonic analysis the super organisms of machines and mankind.

Diacrhonic analysis: the 800-80-8 years cycles of cultures and metal-memes.

Relevant Data-> The synchronic and diachronic view of Mankind.

Biological Causes-> Eusocial love vs. ‘Animetal memes of hate’.

Causal Cycles-> The 800-80-8 years waves  of evolution of ‘memes of metal’.

The anti-quantum paradox: Idol-ogies of ‘Metal-masters’ destroy the world.

Anti-A: Censorship of true history.

Anti-B-C: Creationist Economics.

Anti-D: The 0.002%.

Democratic Solutions-> The perfect world.

 III. The 3 ages of capitalism:

Animetal Gol(l)d religions

The Global Empire.

Iv. The Digital Age of America. Overproduction crises:

Overproduction of electronic workers: labor crises

Overproduction of e-money: financial crises.

Overproduction of hate-media: the 3 ages of metal-communicators.

Overproduction of weapons: war cycles.

V. The 2 paths of the future:

Anti-D: The future of machines: extinction of history: singularity age. Organic weapons

D: The future of mankind: Democratic solution: ¥€$ money, 50/50, Wor(l)d Union.




A biological, historic analysis of the economy, its money and machines.

At the core of the present economic crisis and the wider biological crisis of this planet and its life beings, increasingly at risk of catastrophic extinction, there are some questions which are not even argued, censored by our ‘belief’ in the goodness of the capitalist= mechanist world of money and machines we have created:

– What are machines and what is the meaning of the Industrial R=evolution. We contend that machines are ‘biological systems’ made of metal; as they are systems of energy and information, which imitate, enhance and replace self-similar organs of a human being (eyes=cameras, cranes=arms, etc.) And so the Industrial R=evolution is the evolution of a new type of organism, the machine, which companies evolve; and humans use to enhance their energy and information or substitute other humans that perform such functions (energetic weapons, machine-workers.)

– What is money, and how it values, cre(dit)ates or destroys the beings of the world. We contend that if machines are ‘physical organisms’ made of metal, money is historically a digital language of information, made of metal (coins, gold standard, computer e-money), which also evolves and values reality in a different manner than the verbal, human biological language.

– Thus we can define the economic ecosystem as a metal-based ecosystem, different from the carbon-life and historic human ecosystem it substitutes.

And yet a true biological science of economics able to control the reproduction of money and machines for the benefit of man could create a sustainable world, designed to our image and likeness. But this will never happen unless we evolve our abstract vision of machines and money with a biological model that studies its positive and negative relationships with the human kind.

The alternative of ignoring and not controlling that evolution is obvious: at a certain point into the future, automated companies, robotic systems and weapons will evolve to a point that they will openly compete and perhaps extinguish life. The Earth will be terraformed.

36 industrial reovlution

History follows an economical, ‘generational’ cycle2 related to the evolution of machines and money. Each 72±8 years, we go from a decade of happy consumption –  the 1850s, the 1920s and the 1990s – into an age of machine’s overproduction and Stock-Market crashes (1857, 1929, 2001)  that brings an age of poverty, war and fascism: the 1860s; W.W.II and  W.W. III. The historic, biological, eusocial school of Economics1 connects those cycles to the long cycles of evolution of weapons and money in history and explains the process as a constant terraforming of planet Earth from an ecosystem of life into an ecosystem of metal.


1. The Kondratieff cycles of the Industrial R=evolution.

The quiet times of the 90s, a happy age when people had safety and wealth to enjoy life, are over. Suddenly we find ourselves in a world in crisis, at war, where ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and terrorism have erased happy smiley from our faces; while economical crisis, poverty and unemployment swipe away the wealth of nations . . .  What has happened? What are the underlying reasons for such a radical change, which under the law of the historical pendulum is transforming the world from a peaceful economy into a military one, from a Welfare Government into a Security State in perpetual war, from full employment and home ownership to lack of labor and skid row? We can compare this crisis with a similar transformation that happened in history about 70 years ago. The happy 90s looked like the happy 20s. But suddenly the World changed into the warring 2000s, as the 20s changed into the ominous 30s. In both ages a tremendous crash on global stock-markets, due to the overproduction of machines (radios and cars in 1929 and 1937, electronic goods in 2001 and 2008), sunk the economy, increasing unemployment and social inequality.

That historical similarity is not trivial. It is a cyclical change that modern history experiences every ±72 years, a period that historians call the Generational, Human Cycle2, since it is the mean biological cycle of 3 human generations – grand-father, father and son. Indeed, if we go 72 years backwards in time, we see a similar crisis happening globally after a period of industrial growth guided by the steam engine, which lasted through the happy 1850s, marked by the railroad craze . . .

Then in 1857 the overproduction of railroads crashed the industry worldwide and history turned upside down. Then the ominous 1860s brought wars fought with armored trains and steamers in America (Civil War), Europe (the Italian & German Unification wars) and Asia (Sepoy Revolt in India, II Opium Wars). So during the Industrial Revolution, every ±72 years the world changes, after a big economic crisis, from a happy time to an age of war and destruction, from an age of machines to an age of weapons, the age that now begins worldwide. And it all starts in the financial economy; because the reproduction of money reaches a peak at the same time the reproduction of machines saturates the market and becomes reconverted into weapons.

Thus, to understand in depth those boom and bust cycles, we have to consider 3 difficult themes of economical theory:

– The nature of machines as systems of energy and information, which are not only symbiotic but often compete with us, as ‘metal species’, made of stronger atoms, in fields of war and labor.

–  The privilege of financial institutions and companies – the invention of money…

– How crises of overproduction are solved by creating a false demand for their self-similar goods, weapons, the bad fruits of the Tree of Science that the same companies, which produce its good, consumption goods, manufacture and also sell for profits.

The causes of that exact3 72±8 year cycle of global stock-crashes are simple. The Industrial Revolution is in fact the Evolution of Machines and Money, energetic and informative systems, traditionally made of metal, which can be studied with the laws of morphology and evolution. Machines and money evolve according to the energy and information, they use to become re=produced.

Humans evolve a new type of energy and information, derived from that energy, which renews all the machines and financial instruments of the economy every human generation of 72 years, in which a nation of ‘founding fathers’, captains of industries, their sons and grand-sons, reproduce and evolve a new energy, machine and form of money to its perfection. Yet at the end of the cycle, the machine and money becomes over-reproduced, saturating the market and provoking, due to a crisis of growth, a global economical crash.

Those generations also bring the nation that finds the new energy to the top predator status of history. Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made.

—Thus, we had an age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857±7 years crashes of the train-based economy.

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived in the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemical explosives, dominated by Germany, followed by a crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, which caused the 1929 crash, 72 years after the train crash.

—It came then the III cycle of electronic machines, electronic money and Nuclear Bombs that took place from 1929-2001, the age of America; which again ended in the dotcom and mortgage crashes, 72+7 years after 1929.

– Followed by the Age of the Singularity, the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines, dominated by robots, solar Industries, Mass- Bombs and China. Because scientists call a black hole, the type of energy or ‘bomb’ now being researched at CERN4 (the European Nuclear Industry) a Singularity; and they also call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, we have called this 4th age of the Industrial Revolution, the age of the Singularity.   

Thus, the Singularity Age is the Age when machines will complete its evolution as organic forms, becoming autonomous of man, probably making us obsolete as workers and soldiers. Indeed, organisms follow a simple pattern of evolution, from mechanical, deconstructed systems into full organisms in 3 phases. Since machines are enhanced organs of energy and information evolved in metal. According to those functions we observe 3 organic periods in that process of technological evolution:

In the XIX century (1780s-1929), ‘company-mothers’ discovered and ‘re=produced’ ‘machine-bodies’; systems which process energy, as biological bodies do, from trains to cars. It was the age of stock-money, which multiplied enormously the financial power of those companies.

In the XX century (1929-2008), companies created ‘machine heads’, imitating human sensory organs: phone-ears, eyes-cameras and brains-chips. It was the age of electronic money, digital software in the mind of those machines.

While in the XXI century companies will fusion bodies and heads into robots, which will use solar energy to become independent of man, completing the evolution of machines, expelling most human workers from the re=productive ecosystem of jobs and credit, as the previous revolutions did with non-technological cultures — the so-called III World. Money will become then pure information, the ‘DNA-code’ that values products within the automated organisms of company-mothers . . .

For that reason, it is imperative to understand technology in biological terms, abandoning the mathematical, abstract approach of classic economics, which cannot understand those cycles of evolution, neither studies the ‘real’ competence and collateral effects some lethal machines are having on mankind – from global warming, produced by the ‘detritus of those machines’, to the massive wave of unemployment that robotics is causing, to the risks poised by the evolution of Nuclear Weapons, into the threshold of ‘planetary bombs’ – quark bombs and black holes that can potentially destroy the planet. In that regard, a Free Market is an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, simple organisms of metal that imitate the functions of energy and information of the human being. As a result the Earth becomes terraformed, from a carbon-life ecosystem (Gaia), ruled by human organizations (Governments) and human languages (verbal laws) into an economic ecosystem (Free Market), dominated by company-mothers, money and machines, which enhance our energy and information but also compete and substitute man in war and labor fields . . .

Thus, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the evolution of technology, pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competence with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life . . .

But that is an ‘objective science of economics’. We are not guided by ‘objective, good-hearted, idealist scientists’, but by ‘the invisible hand of go(l)d’ – by human greed, by passions and desires to which ‘reason’ bends, finding always ‘stupendous arguments’ of ‘highly-prized experts’, to make possible and justify profits.

It is for that reason that the previous cycles, called the Kondratieff cycles of the economy, are known to economists, but their use is reduced to charting profits in the stock-market and other financial aspects of the economy, despite their huge social and historic implications. Unfortunately, guided by profits, Economics pretends to be a ‘mathematical’ science, independent of History, uninterested in the collateral effects of the production of machines, money and weapons might cause to mankind.

And yet, because those cycles are real, even Wall Street economists use those cycles to forecast financial changes, without caring to investigate their meaning.

My approach to forecast those cycles and the present crisis, described in detail in my pioneer books on biological economics more than a decade ago3 was different.

Since the financial economy is merely a reflection of the physical economy of energy, used to reproduce and evolve machines, and money, I applied the cycles of Kondratieff to the evolution of energy and machines and through an analysis of its dates for all the countries of the Western world, came to the conclusion that both cycles were parallel, related to the development of new energies and the weapons and machines constructed with them. Once this was clear to me, I corrected the basic error made by Kondratieff in his calculus of the duration of the cycle, as Russia was an under-developed economy. So its cycles of machines were shorter, because Russia imported machines already developed, starting the cycle of trains latter than the Industrialized World. Thus, I found the real periodicity of the cycle to be 72 years, which coincides with the ‘Generational cycle’ of History. Then, I calculated that in 2001 and 2008, the reproduction of chips and its electronic software (e-money) would reach again a peak of overproduction and cause a collapse in the global economy – as it has happened.

A detailed analysis of the cycle of 72 years of evolution of energies and machines explains what all the models of classic economics have failed to understand: money also follows a cycle of evolution and reproduction, related to the machines used to ‘invent’ it, today electronic machines, which have not only saturated the world with hardware but also with e-money software, till money lost value. Because money is reproduced also with machines, its cycle is parallel to the cycle of machines of the economy. Thus, we predicted4, parallel to the crisis of overproduction of computers, also a financial crisis of e-money, made with PCs, similar to the 29 crash of the ‘ticker money’ economy, which jacked up prices of stock with electric machines into surreal levels. Indeed, there is every 72 years a huge crash in the stock-market with 2 short ±8 years ripples, due to an over-production of money and machines, which plunges the world into a global depression, till the new cycle of energies and new machines takes off, creating new industries and jobs that replace those of the previous cycle.

The boom and bust cycle of the global economy is both, a cycle of reproduction of energy, weapons, machines and economical information, money, as all of them are related. 3 negative effects are paramount:

–       Machines throw people out of work.

–       Weapons kill them in wars.

–       And too much money causes inflation, absorbs savings and when the bubble of false value explodes, it ruins the economy of the Middle class.

Thus, at the end of those cycles there is paradoxically, at the height of the reproduction of money and machines of the highest price (weapons) a deep crisis for the human economy and a Great Depression, as machines and forms of money created with those energies become over-reproduced, saturating the economic ecosystem. Thus, the details of the 3 crashes are similar:

In the age of steam machines, there is a peak in stock-money issues of worthless train companies in the 1850s, precisely when the best railroad lines had been constructed and the new ones were loosing money – not because people thought they were profitable, but because the business of inventing stocks had reached its evolving peak. Meanwhile the 2 commonest jobs of the age, farming and transport, greatly diminished, as prices and revenues for farmers, lowered due to the efficiency of train transport; while 90% of horses were killed in a decade in England, when the train put them out of work.

In 1928, there was a peak in the creation of new stocks in companies of cars and radios, when RCA shares reached an astonishing 500 $ value, precisely when the slump in consumption of cars had started in earnest, as all Americans had their Ford-T. Yet the electric ticker, the equivalent to e-money in the 1920s, had been implanted in small towns and was sucking in money from the middle class all over America to satisfy the ‘Ponzi Pyramids’ of Wall Street speculation in radio’s stocks. Then, in 1929 and 8 years latter in 1937, the physical and financial economy crashed together. While the reproduction of electric systems of automation in assembly lines at factories provoked also a massive wave of unemployment.

Thus, we are in a similar age to the 1929-37 crashes of the ‘ticker’ economy: e-money has reproduced massively, as financiers learned to maximize its electronic invention, while in the physical economy robots and electronic software have thrown out of job millions of blue and white collar workers in a massive wave of unemployment and the first ‘splendid little wars’ that will take companies out of the crises are essayed in Afghanistan with drone planes, which evolve fast to become the Terminators of the new age of war.

These ‘negative side effects’ of each of the final ‘boom’ ages of reproduction and evolution of machines, weapons and money, of the ‘wealth of nations’, imply that machines not only enhance our life but compete and displace human labor and soldiers. Yet, since Adam Smith established the economic dogma that all machines are good, and the more we have the better, because their sale makes money, the invisible hand of go(l)d, we must not argue, we prefer to deny the negative collateral effects those cycles had for mankind… Thus, before we enter into a detailed analysis of the present crisis of creation of speculative money, we have to answer a taboo question of classic economics: the meaning of greed and the values of money that make otherwise normal people behave as Keynes put it ‘in the wickedest ways’. We shall do so by making an introduction to the age of weapons and gold, when the economic ecosystem was much simpler, an age in which the ideologies of capitalism were created and substituted the earlier concept that the world had to be made to the image and likeness of man, by the concept that we have to evolve machines, technology, not human societies to create a paradise.

2. Money, informative metal: its values and affinity with other metal-systems.


The values of money are opposite to those of verbal ethics, since they are ruled by the affinity between 2 complementary substances, the mind and body of the economy: money, a language of informative metal and machines and weapons, energetic metal.


What makes money so special in history. Why money has so much value? Why it has substituted even the natural verbal values of man? Why is man attracted, hypnotized by money? How can we define it?

Money has always possessed three formal characteristics: it is made of metal, gold, silver, copper, today computer machines that reproduce e-money. It is made of cyclical, broken, discontinuous shapes, as all forms that carry in-form-ation. Finally, money, due to this informative property, is the basic unit of mathematical accounting and one of the main reasons why mathematics have been evolved as a language. Thus, money is a language of information whose substances are metal and whose function is to give value to things with digital information. In that sense, money competes with words, because both are languages used by mankind to value reality. And so the fundamental question about money and the future of history, today controlled by monetary orders, is: ‘how money values reality and why those values differ from the values of verbal thought?

Money is the ‘informative network’ of the eco(nomic)system—a language. Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective. We are the subject, the predator and actor of verbal sentences. Words love humanity. Humans are supreme in word values, given in the past by religions, today by laws. This is reflected in the Syntax of the verbal language, which has 3 elements:

—  Subject, the actor and center of the sentence.

—  Verb, the action the subject exercises on reality.

—  Object, the substance used by the action of the subject.

The object of sentences, on the other hand, is possessed by us, humans. It has a lesser value, since it does not talk words. We express that lesser value through verbal languages, when we put first the subject, as actor, then the verb that controls the object and finally the object. Thus, humans are top predators in any sentence, which motivates them to act in favor of their own, selfish drives of existence. This means words are anthropomorphic; and those who obey words, tend to act subjectively in favor of mankind (priests, ethic laws). Yet when we consider the syntactic sentence of money, it turns out that Money doesn’t favor man. It qualifies him with a salary, a price that values him as it values objects:

Man (salary) =Money = Object (price)5

In that equation, the price of both, the machine and the worker, is related to the task they perform. And since objects are specifically made with a task/job in mind, it turns out that as specialized workers, objects are often better than men and have a higher value. This is the case of weapons that kill better than men do. Further on, since objects evolve and humans don’t, the differential of value between humans and machines grows with time. So the first, simplest, syntactic/structural analysis of money shows it degrades humans as objects. Yet if we consider a biologic/physical analysis of money, things get worse.

Money was first made initially with complex informative metal, able to preserve its form for long periods of time and able to carry digital information in a more precise manner than human wor(l)ds do. Indeed, the physical analysis of money relates its primary substance, an informative metal, either gold or silver, with that of its complementary form, energetic metal, weapons, which due to that complementary affinity become the most valuable =expensive good of the economy. This can be seen in the graph in which we compare the values of man in monetary and verbal terms. If money were a human language, its values should be the same than the verbal values that make human life the most expensive good. And yet the opposite occurs: money values human time (minimal salary) less than energetic metal, weapons and machines. The result is that money, a language of metal, evolves the economic ecosystem of weapons and machines, not the organisms of history and life. So the values of metal-money are the antithesis of the values of wor(l)ds: life is the cheapest ‘product’ and weapons that kill life, the most expensive – while human life-enhancing goods, from love to food, from Nature to education, have minimal or null monetary value; as they are different substances that cannot be easily related to money.

In that ancient age the simplicity of the ‘economic ecosystem’, formed by weapons and coins (used overwhelmingly to pay mercenary armies and wars), makes easier to understand the fundamental property of an economic ecosystem, which differentiates it from earlier ‘agricultural societies’: to be a world in which there are new systems of information (coins) and energy (weapons) made of metal, a type of atom, different from the atoms of life. And among those 2 atoms, 2 are paramount because its informative and energetic properties are far superior to the information and energetic properties of our nitrogen/DNA and carbon/oxygen systems: gold, the most complex informative atom of the Universe that imitates the light of the sun and hypnotizes us and iron the most energetic atom of the Universe, already in our blood that cuts and kills our energetic bodies. Thus, we feel attracted to those atoms that enhance our informative and energetic power, as we feel today attracted to machines of iron and chips of gold, which also enhance those capacities. The result is a natural, biological tendency of humans to evolve gold and iron into complex forms – today robots with golden brains and iron bodies. And that biological drive of history is the origin of the evolution of the economic ecosystem. Such economic ecosystem will become more complex with the discovery of ‘organic metal’, machines that imitate human organs and transform energy into information and vice versa. Since the Industrial Revolution is the Evolution of organic metal. Thus today money has become, when digital languages have substituted the human verbal language, as the ‘truth’ of societies, the dominant language of the Earth, used to value both human beings and machines.

Regarding its relationship with human beings, 2 themes are of paramount importance: how its ‘metal-values’ degrade life and how its rise as the supreme language of this planet has given to those who discovered, evolved and used it to value reality an enormous informative power, till becoming the dominant culture of the planet1, but not necessarily the best culture for human survival. Since the hidden values of ‘go(l)d’ give its highest ‘prices’ to metal and its minimal value to life.

– In the graph, informative metal, money and energetic metal, machines and weapons are similar substances that humans associate together. So we always exchanged the maximal quantity of money for the most perfect machines, ‘top predator’ weapons, which become in monetary values, due to such Complementarity, the most expensive and reproduced product of the economic ecosystem. Languages are subjective. They value more and reproduce those species which possess the language. Thus, verbal thought, the biological language of man, fosters human social evolution and human biological goods. While the ‘values’ of money destroy the ‘ethic values’ that put man at the center of the Universe, making weapons, top predator metals that kill life, the most expensive and reproduced goods. Thus, when money became the language of man, we started to reproduce ‘expensive’ metal and kill ‘cheap’ life. So the opposition of languages and values became translated into a fight between species: man Vs metal. And as money evolved and reproduced in greater numbers, weapons multiplied and life died; and ethic, human values, which made of man the top predator of the Earth, disappeared . Since weapons kill life, the supreme value of human words. Thus, Go(l)d becomes in biological terms, the evolutionary language of weapons that kill the Life-Earth and the values of love which evolve socially mankind. When those values were substituted by the Values of money, mankind became blind to the Human Wor(l)d. Of course, ever since go(l)d appear its values and the despise for life of those ‘Metal cultures’, who practice them, were contested by philosophers of the Wor(l)d from the perspective of the life-enhancing values of our natural language, verbal thought that wants to construct a world made to the image and likeness of man. Yet as money, weapons and machines multiplied, ‘Metal cultures’ increased their power, building a world to the image and likeness of machines. And today almost all humans believe in the values of metal, in greed, in violence and murder For that reason, all the great ‘prophets’ of verbal thought, masters of the human language, have praised poverty and despised money: Buddha and Lao in Asia, Christ, Mohamed and Moses in the West, Marx in modern ages, all ‘hated’ money. Because money replaces the informative, human, biological, verbal language with its anti-ethic, anti-live=eviL=death values, carried by ‘expensive’ weapons.

In that regard the main error of Humanity is to consider that the goals of history (the life of the human species from the first to the last ‘cell’ of its cultural organisms) MUST yield to the goals of economics (the Industrial Evolution of machines). According to such ideology, progress is NOT the progress and eusocial evolution of the human kind into a global organism that creates a world made to the image and likeness of humanity, but the creation of the metal-kind, a global organism made of machine-systems, ruled by digital information (internet, scientific design, money), in which humans are increasingly obsolete and our cultures become extinct by a global culture that reduces the human kind to mere workers=reproducers and consumers=testers of machines. This misconception explains why today humanity, indoctrinated by systems of mass-media communication despises or represses all things human (religion, politics, eusocial love, verbal knowledge, sexual reproduction) and glorifies all things mechanical (technology, money, selfish consumption, digital knowledge, work=reproduction of machine).

It is an old confrontation, which started in the age of bronze, when the first metal-master cultures of bronze warriors and go(l)d bankers took over the Neolithic paradise of ‘human, agricultural goods’, verbal, ethic laws and the worship of human reproduction (fertility goddess). That confrontation was explained in the parable of Genesis, the first book of ‘human history’ that described in a parable the eternal fight between the Tree of Life and the Laws of eusocial Love between members of the same species, and the Tree of Metal, its ‘golden apples’ and weapons with its  ‘eviL’ values that kill Live…


The written Word.

A telling story of the difference between humanist cultures and metal cultures that confront each other’s vision of the future of mankind in the paradox of history is that of the written word: Since China still has no metal, it appears as a tool for priests and Taoist masters to guess the future cycles of nature. The language is poetic, made with organic, complementary oppositions between energy-yang and information-yin, still natural to the Chinese language. It appears also in militaristic Egypt and it becomes law, imposed by the pharaoh, which says ‘It has been written’, when he speaks; so his word becomes law. The warrior has created the first of the many straitjackets of our animetal civilization: the political law, which gives privileges to aristocrats who now have the exclusive rights to bear arms and will use them against all other human beings, without ever being judged by their acts of murder. Meanwhile, a self-similar second type of laws appear in Mesopotamia, the civilization that invented money, where the high priests, the first go(l)d masters, have the ‘commercial right’ to produce money with the exclusion of all other groups of society. They will establish ‘taxes’ and regulations about prices. There the written word appears first as a system of accountancy. So the word adapts to the three languages of human power: words, weapons and gold.

3. Languages of power: iron warriors & go(l)d bankers vs. wor(l)d cultures.

43-wave of history

In the graph, 3 kind of nations and language – Go(l)d=money, weapons and wor(l)ds – have fought to design a world to the image and likeness of their ‘icon of power’. So all societies can be defined as military, plutocratic or legal societies, depending on which language controls power. Yet at the end of History, Go(l)d won over the other languages, globalizing  the ‘go(l)d’  culture, whose myths control the future of History, as all civilizations based in wor(l)ds and swords become extinguished.


The engine of history is the confrontation between human beings and their eusocial cultures of history vs. machines, metal, weapons and money, defended by an animetal= animal+metal elite of Go(l)d and Sword believers and their myth makers, which guided by the values of metal, greed and violence, create the wrong wealth, multiplying weapons and machines.

In any ecosystem, the key to survival is to dominate the language of the ecosystem. So in the animal world, those who see more (the language of the ecosystem), felines, apes and eagles, are top predators. In the verbal world, prophets and politicians were top predators because words mattered. In the world of money, weapons are the dominant objects, as they have the maximal price, given their metallic affinity with money. And so a world ruled by money favors the survival and reproduction of machines and weapons.  Or in terms of Mr. Adam Smith’s Postulate6: The maximal monetary wealth of nations occurs during periods of war in which the reproduction of money and weapons reaches its maximal value and the suffering and extinction of life and human beings also reaches its peak.

Thus, in Bio-History we differentiate 3 types of ‘nations’, small organisms of History whose ‘cellular people’ are joined by a common language of power that sets their customs, religions and forms of life. Because history has 3 languages of power, money, weapons and Wor(l)ds, those are the 3 types of cultures:

In earlier history Egypt is the paradigm of a Wor(l)d Nation; Canaan (Phoenician sea-traders and Hapiru=Travelers=Caravan traders) is the paradigm of a go(l)d nation, whose people call themselves ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Treasure People’, wrongly translated as ‘Chosen People. While the Assyrians and the Germanic tribes, the first iron cultures, are the paradigm of Warrior nations.

In the modern age, the paradigms will be Italy, a wor(l)d culture, to whom all Italians knew they belonged, despite being divided in kingdoms or dominated by other nations; Spain and Germany, warrior nations; and Holland and England, nations that continue the Biblical traditions of the Go(l)d culture, origin of our economic myths.

Thus, all nations are classified in 3 types: warrior nations, ruled by weapons (Germany, Japan, etc.), trader nations, ruled by Go(l)d, (Judaism, Calvinism, Great Britain, USA, etc.) and Wor(l)d nations, ruled by legal words (Buddhism, Christianity, Social Democracies).

Of course, this is a simplification, as most nations do mix elements of the 3 types of cultures, which explains the great episodes of history. For example, Judaism, the paradigm of tribal Go(l)d cultures, did live several dialectic fights between its wor(l)d masters, represented by Genesis, Moses, Christ and Marx vs. its go(l)d, nationalistic animetals, represented by Adam, the Golden Calf, Caiphas and Herzl. While Islam and Christianity, paradigm of Wor(l)d cultures, became corrupted by Sword inquisitions, as Animetal hordes destroyed cyclically their believers in Social Love. So the Spanish inquisition had in its shield a cross and its anti-form, a sword, an inverted cross: the sword was the anti-truth of Love, the message of Christ.

Obviously, the only ‘right’ concept of a nation, from a human perspective, is a Wor(l)d nation, a culture, as the other 2 type of nations, Go(l)d Religions and Warrior Tribes try to dominate the World with their icons of ‘metal’. And yet because we live in a world ruled by metal-masters, the Germanic->European warrior culture, and the Jewish->Wasp Go(l)d cultures, which discovered first go(l)d and iron have become dominant, and their values have been globalized, creating an economic organism, in which the language and values of money substituted the eusocial language of verbal love; and the concept of ‘military nations’, with borders and armies to separate the same human species, has substituted the neolithic global culture of Gaia and the Oikoumene cultures of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Socialism.

There are therefore 3 forms of Governments, all of them rule by a caste that dominates the language of power of the social organism, either money, weapons or words. Each of those types of governments can be recognized because the people-caste who dominates the language of power creates an efficient, hierarchical organism with that language and then renders obsolete the other two parallel organisms. This people-caste will seek and obtain exclusive rights to reproduce its language of power and it will dominate with it the other two parallel societies. The key is to control the language of power. So in a government of weapons the warrior caste, called in the past ‘king and aristocracy’ and today ‘army’, has the exclusive rights to reproduce and bear arms and can kill any other person from the word or money culture.

Examples of military governments are the old kingdoms or modern Nazism, where Hitler had the right to kill communists (the people of the word of that age) and Jewish (the people who control banking and money in Europe in that age). And he did it, killing 24 million communists, including Russians and Germans and 5 million Jewish7.

It must be understood though that societies are social organisms, and as all social organisms they have a single head or ‘nervous system’ of information that controls the entire organism. There are not bicephalic organisms. Thus the people-caste who controls the language of information are a monolithic single tribe or party or army. There are no dictatorships and kingdoms with 2 armies fighting each other or 2 kings. Monetary nations have a single currency or stock-market brain that controls the monetary flows of the system. And working ‘verbal nations’ have a single party or priesthood that acts as the verbal eusocial nervous system that delivers a collective message of eusocial love and organize the society:

–       In a Theocracy or Socialist Democracy a single party rules the Wor(l)d (priests or members of the party) and they control the reproduction of money and weapons, as warriors are submitted to the authority of priests or commissaries. So only the word people form an efficient organism, hierarchical and with a single head. While the army and money is controlled by legal words and the government only invents money (communist societies, Islamic theocracies).

–       In a military dictatorship the King had exclusive rights to ‘mint money’ with his face on the coin and he also created divisive laws for the different social groups of the kingdom.

–       Finally in the system that rules the world today, a plutocracy, the people of the money have exclusive rights to reproduce for free money in stock-markets (with e money or papers); forbids the government to do so unless it taxes citizens (deficit zero) and controls the army, as it reproduces its weapons.  For example, this is the present case of America, in which the ‘Am Segullah’ that controls ‘the treasure’, printing e-money in Wall street ‘buys’ the army to fight wars against its enemies and ‘buys’ the law through lobbies that obtain laws for their companies. And again, only companies are in America efficient, hierarchical, single-head organizations.


Humans create machines, by imitating their organs and functions, hence their relationships with machines are organic, their competition for labor is real, their death at the hands of weapons, also is real. But none of this amazingly enough comes in the discourse of economics. Here, we mainly obtain ‘Bizarre’, mostly ‘biblical’ theories about the meaning of money ‘the invisible hand of god’, Adam Smith; and racist, mostly Biblical explanations on why ‘banksters’, the $elected chosen of go(l)d must indeed print money for themselves, or why workers must not have any rights, but stock-holder parasites, who buy companies with the money printed in A, do have all rights and null responsibilities, protected by Anonymous Societies.

A social scientist here would explain the competition and symbiosis of man and machine, and provide Democratic solutions in favor of man, asking for the prohibition of lethal goods and the overproduction of human, welfare goods. And it would explain the Biblical racist slurs of our Founding father of economics as bizarre ideologies of tribal power that must be ignored.

But we go much further than this ‘theoretical minimum’ to fully understand why the thieves, murderers, and nerds are the protagonist of history, prolonging the meaning of history departing from the biological cycles of this planet.

Indeed history is a continuous process. The Industrial R=evolution is only the last age of Metal, which started 5000 years ago in the Middle East with the discovery of Hard bronze, and the use of precious metal as money.

This was the end of the Neolithic, the age of fertility Goddesses, and adoration of Gaia, the balanced, adult age of mankind, when all humans belonged to the same civilization.

Then the warrior with weapons, the slave trader with hypnotic go(l)d money appeared. And all changed. One of the oldest texts of mankind, ‘The lament of a summering priest’ explained it all, as wheat-money became substituted by hypnotic metal:

The eviL people came from the desert, with pieces of metal, peasants abandon the fields and follow them as mercenaries, women become their slaves, hypnotized by rings of gold. Nobody comes to the temple. The world is ending.

And indeed, the world changed then.

And so we need to introduce bio-history and a new ‘biological species’, which runs the ‘wave of history’ in its 3rd age of metal-information, a taxonomic word of bio-economics and bio-history.

Now, to be more specific about the Data collected by social scientists, we must introduce a new word: “animetal= human animal+metal “, that is, the people who through history have achieved power, with the use of ”selfish-metal memes’; weapons (energetic metal), money (informative metal, gold and silver) and machines (organic metal), and since the beginning of the ‘age of metal’, have controlled history as the ‘people-castes:

Now think of your books of ‘History’. What they are about? The common people? The 99%? Not at all. It is about the military caudillos, who kill them with ‘lineal metal energy=weapons’ (right side). The banksters who hypnotized them with informative metal, go(l)d, and enslaved to it (right side). And Alas in the last phase of evolution of metal, it is about the machines that pump up our egos, seemingly giving us an added force and intelligence, but in FACT SUBSTITUTE US, competing with us in labor and war fields, and atrophying the organs we use to think and move.

So humanity HAS IN FACT and continues to, loose IQ and force, as studies show since the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, (20% of mechanical force, as studies in bones show, around the same quantity, in intelligence in our children, which prompted ‘academia’ NOT to denounce the degeneration of man but the machine but to lower the IQ tests, so it doesn’t show).

You see, why we care so much about the 0.1% motion on the interest that banksters charge to other banksters, while 2/3rd of mankind leave in abject poverty? Why we are so interested in our military, our wars, even the common gangsters and its murders? This is modern animetal History, sooo interesting to our scholarship. The bottom of the pyramid matters not.

The 3 levels of competition: atomic, individual and social levels.

We can compare now at thoe 3 levels the competition of both species:

  • The atomic level, the human individual level and the Super-organic level.
  • The organic nature of machines allows such comparisons between the components metalife and carbon-life systems. Metalife species are ‘macrocosmic systems’ given the higher size of atomic metal. Carbon-life, due to the smaller size of carbone-atoms are microcosmic systems. A crane is a million times heavier than an arm. Both have a similar function. A stock market is more complex than a brain or a DNA. Yet all those ‘informative centers of power’ have the same function: to evolve and reproduce the organism, its energy and its information.
  • Finally there is a collective, ecosystemic level. So we can consider the conflict between Gaia, the Carbone-Earth and the world of machines, the Metal-earth. As both ecosystems, the Carbone-Earth and the Metal-Earth are identical in organs, and accomplish all the functions a multi-cellular organism accomplishes.

As the priests of the Neolithic with its fertility and life cults explain in its parables, ‘metal’ was becoming a dual fruit. Since those goods ‘of the tree of science’, can be symbiotic but also harm man and history.

Yet the negative collateral effect of mechanisms over mankind will always be denied by those empowered by them:

Machines and weapons empower us as extra-limbs, but this has a negative side… they atrophy us as human beings, degrading our bodies and minds. But the ego-trips of using those machines hide this very obvious fact, for any objective observer who looks at the Fat human, driving fast cars, with mosquito brains hypnotized by their chipped screens – a new degenerated ‘homo species’, which is fast expanding globally, and cannot longer survive without the metal-minds and metal-bodies attached to their ever diminishing brains. Exactly the same process that in the cellular scale makes enzymes attached to metal, atrophied carbohydrates…

Thus when iron became the main atom to construct weapons, a series of 800-year cycles of evolution of weapons started the extinction of civilizations with lesser technologic evolution. When Go(l)d became the informative, digital language that ruled human societies, the eusocial love values of verbal thought that make man the ‘subject’ of all sentences were substituted by the pricing of humans as ‘objects’ and slavery was born.

Thus, Neolithic priests of fertility goddesses, without hard weapons which had made of grain and cows the symbol of money (a life good, given as a Universal salary to all peasants) and created whealthy societies with huge population densities in Sumer, Egypt and the Yang-tze and Indus river, were substituted by Kings and Banker-priests, with iron and go(l)d, which became the new Gods of Death and Slavery.

Thus, the true change in the earth’s ecosystem took place with the arrival of machines, today made with bodies of iron and ‘golden brains’, over a surface of silicon. They are simplified organisms, specialized in energy or information, which today are evolving into complex organisms.  And the parallel atrophy and degradation of human limbs substituted by cranes and cars, and human brains, substituted by TV/camera eyes and chip-brains started in earnest. We live in the ‘age of overproduction of chips’, hence the age of devolution and extinction of human brains, substituted in labor and war fields by those chips which are colonizing all the Eco niches of the eco(nomic) system.

The individual level: duality of top predator weapons that consume us and machines that atrophy and substitute us.

But why there are such cycles of war, at the end of every cycle of evolution of machines, including our ‘present age of robotic wars’, which this writer predicted with accuracy 20 years ago (central post)?

The reason is again biological. As it happens in Nature, Machines have ‘2 formal functions’, as machines they are tools that enhance human energy and information, substituting our functions and competing with us in labor and war fields… Since as weapons they are top predators that consume human beings. Yet, since weapons are always the most efficient, better designed, most expensive machines, which give higher profits, to its ‘company-mothers’, the result of a ‘society’ that does not have a true science of economics and history that analyzes the collateral effects of machines on man, will constantly evolve weapons in economic cycles that will end systematically in wars (central image). 

Top predator machine-weapons that consume human beings vs. machine-tools consumed by man.

The Industrial Revolution is the process of organic evolution of the most complex atoms of the elements’ table—metals. There is no doubt about it. The industrial evolution started with two processes that evolved metal: the invention or discovery of the first, most primitive heart of metal, the steam engine, which was able to produce inner movement in a body of metal, as the heart does with a carbon-life body. At the same time Darby and Cort were able to produce massive quantities of iron, the most energetic atom of the universe, used to manufacture machines.

The next step in the industrial evolution was the creation of different species of ‘metal bodies’ that could adapt a ‘heart of metal’ to their structures. Sea metal-bodies called steam ships came first. Then the steam-heart was adapted to ‘land metal-bodies’ and the age of railroads came. Later in the twentieth century, the steam-heart was evolved into smaller, more powerful species called the Diesel engine and the oil engine. So the type of machine bodies that could carry a heart of metal diversified.

Then came a metal bird—the plane, and smaller species of land machines—lorries, cars and their ‘top predator’ weapon versions, multiplied in the war ages of each Industrial R=evolution, such as the tank, a top predator car and the bomber. Finally, we evolved electronic minds and now we apply them to energy machines, smart weapons and supercolliders. In three centuries we evolved metal machines almost to their organic perfection, a process that took billions of years to achieve in carbon life. And that is dangerous, because the only biological advantage humans have over metal is our complexity of organic form.

Engineers ‘transfer’ millions of years of evolutionary knowledge accumulated by human forms into machines, passing our evolutionary secrets to a potential future rival species. So when we evolve those forms into perfect imitations of our organs, machines win that competence against human beings, both as weapons that kill and working tools that substitute us. And this is because metal has some fundamental chemical properties that made it superior to lighter atoms like oxygen and carbon. So all comes to chemistry.

We do not invent but discover machines, whose ‘informative capacities’ and ‘force’ are born, as ours, from the properties of the atoms of the universe. Today we realize that the properties of metal force us to certain informative and energetic designs in machines. Their atoms and the physical and chemical laws of the universe, not man, are what make machines efficient organs of energy and information. Men merely assembly machines, according to those laws. humans act as ‘enzymen’, similar to enzymes or ‘catalysts’ that evolve other species in the ‘assembly lines’ of cells.

So do ‘workers’ that put together metal into organic forms similar to us. Yet the laws of the universe and the properties of metal enable those organic forms to exist. For example, a radio is not a human discovery, as much as an ‘intelligent’ metal ear, which uses the laws of the universe to perceive sounds better than a human ear.

In the graph we can see the curves of overproduction=overprofits by sales of corporations= company-mother of machines in the different evolutionary waves of creation of ‘bodies of metal’, ‘engines=hearts’, ‘minds of metal’ and now putting them together into robots:


In the graph, the 3 ages/elements of the robot, the organic machines, which its super organisms, company-mothers, have evolved at the same time industrial nations have used it to conquer the world, in 3 ages of increasingly more sophisticated ‘energy’ to feed the information and transport machines – the age of bodies of metal or britain, corresponds thus with the age of vapor energy; the age of engines of metal, or age of Germany with electro-chemical engines, invented by Siemens, Otto and Diesel, and finally the age of electr(on)ic energy which uses the electric and optic smaller forces of Nature, to power extremely powerful and intelligent energetic machines, weapons and informative minds, now put together into robots, as  viruses do, since all  simple life beings assembly its pieces first and then put them together to become alive:


The result of those generations of industrial nations which have invented first energetic, then reproductive and finally informative machines of each age of energy, has been a series of waves of expansion o animetal cultures which have conquered the world converting it into what it is today: a super organism of machines fast substituting at individual and social Ƽ1 levels the human organism and the social, humanist civilisations:

5. machine agesredux

In the graph we can see the ‘whole’ process of substitution of mankind by the metal-kind and all humanist, life oriented cultures of history by a single globalised ‘animetal’ culture of worship of memes of metal.

The industrial economy is an complementary super-organism of energy and information, made of informative and energetic memes of metal, money and communication machines on one side, energetic weapons and transport machines on the other. Though humans catalyze the creation of that super-organism, to obtain higher energy and information from those machines, the study of similar super-organisms show that we are not the protagonists of this process, specially because we do not manage it to our advantage but let the ‘free market’, that is the laws of eusocial evolution of superorganisms follow its natural path, without understanding it – as the sciences of systems, duality and complexity that explains the emergence of that super-organism is in its infancy; and its basic postulates and structures barely known except to a reduce number of researchers on general systems (1).

The issue becomes more foggy when we consider that such superorganism catalyzed by ‘enzymen’ is observed from our subjective, anthropomorphic point of view and yet even the most self-centered human being must acknowledge that the Earth’s ecosystem is mutating clearly from an ecosystem of life beings, with humans on top into one ruled by company-mothers of machines, corporations, which care only for their offspring, and act under the hidden values of money, traditionally a soft, informative metal till it became a flow of electronic, digital data in the mind of computers.

In terms of evolution we write that process with a simple equation:

Past (gaia, superorganism of life) > present (Mankind: superorganism of history) > Future (metal-earth, superorganism of metmes of metal).

On planet Earth, a first superorganism of ‘human cells’ with a collective, global mind/culture living on the ‘body’ of Gaia, the Nature Earth, along its ‘water veins’ appeared on the Neolithic. Then humans discovered ‘memes’ of metal, made of more complex energetic and informative atoms (iron, gold) and used them to enhance their body power (iron weapons) and mind languages (digital money), starting the evolution of a new superorganism, the eco(nomic)system, in which they act as ‘enzymen’, ‘catalyzers’ of the evolution of metal into complex organic systems called machines. It is the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial (energetic machines) complex, evolved in 3 generational ages:

– The age of bodies of metal, steamers and trains or age of England; the age of engines=hears of metal, or age of Germany and the age of heads of metal (mobiles=ears, chips=brains, eyes=cameras) or age of America. It only rest to put those 3 components together, as ‘catalyzers’ do in physical and biological, ‘viral’ systems to create a new top predator species, the robot, which increasingly will compete and substitute man in labor and war fields. This paper studies the economic ecosystem with the tools of systems sciences and organicism and the metrics of the 5th dimension, as those machines emerge into a global superorganism ruled by flows of digital data (money, science) that manage its evolution and reproduction…

Today the FMMI Complex has become a global super-organism, whose digital brain, the web, and its 3 physiological networks of information (internet), reproduction (world-stock, intranet, company-mothers) and energy/defense (NATO, pentagon, weapons systems), in control of most resources of the planet, have a single aim: to reproduce and evolve those machines, adapting and terraforming the Earth from a world of life into a world of metal. This paper studies the birth and development of that superorganism with to the laws of evolution, emergence and systems sciences.

777 2 metal-age

'planets of flesh

We live a biological age in this planet: the transition between the anthropocene, the age of dominance of the human being over the Earth, into the Mechanocene, the age of dominance of the Machine.

In that sense there are two different super organisms in this planet:

– historic organisms or civilisations  which are populations of humans, related by networks of verbal information and networks of carbon-life energy.– The Economy or Financial-Military-Industrial System is a complex system of memes of informative metal (money), energetic metal (weapons) and organic metal (machines) reproduced by human workers and consumers, related to them through networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) and energetic networks (roads, electric networks, etc.).Thus, there are two complex systems on Earth, one based in human life, called ‘history’ and one on metal, the FMMI complex. And there are relationships of symbiosis, predation and competence between those historic systems (governments, cultures and human beings) and the economic ones (corporations, markets and machines).

4. Eusocial wor(l)d cultures vs. Go(l)d Markets: the devolution of History.


In the graph, the world has become a ’single’ monetary nation at global level ruled by a single global stock-market. It is the Earth Inc., the new dominant organism of this planet. On the other hand, armies are divided in multiple states and the political wor(l)d is divided in nations and in each nation there are bi-cephalic, inefficient parties of corrupted politicians, submitted to lobbies. Thus, present democracies are plutocracies, ran by a global stock-market and a caste of ‘stockrats’, which own companies where billions of human beings work and obey. Even if they hide the power of money with a ‘democratic’ mask of corrupted politicians. In the past, there were however theocratic societies, ruled by priests and warrior societies ruled by kings.

‘Economic ecosystems’ are controlled by money, the language that evolves metal, today through company-mothers, which reproduce and evolve machines with it, using humans as workers=reproducers and consumers=testers of those machines, in a complex, ‘systemic’ process of evolution of a new ‘organic ecosystem’, the Metal-Earth Inc.

The macro-organism of the Earth Inc. is shown in the right side of the graph. We can see there the physiological, energetic/blood systems of the economy – the roads, pipes and electric wires – and its informative/nervous systems – the internet brain, which doesn’t join human beings but machines, computers and factories. Since companies are today ruled by software suites, which form the Intranet, vastly bigger than the internet. This Metal-earth is growing and evolving at a much faster rate than the human earth, divided in cultures in perpetual tribal warfare and competence. Both organisms have been symbiotic for centuries but as the Metal-Earth completes its evolution, it decouples from the human Earth, expelling from its systems of energy and information human beings: their increasingly automated companies evolve towards self-reproductivity, guided by ‘Economists’, whose goal is to create money. Thus to increase profits they preach as the ‘goal of our societies’ the substitution of human labor by capital=machines (increase of productivity), and the destruction of human goods (welfare state), which under the ‘values’ of metal-money, have minimal price hence cause minimal profits and create minimal GNP.

In this manner, in the modern, more complex world of machines life becomes extinguished by the same values of money that caused in the past the multiplication of war and weapons.

Yet in that past, at least, humanity fought the power of metal, with cultures based in the wor(l)ds of love. Let us then recall first, not the Earth Inc. the no-future of mankind, but the eusocial organisms based in laws of verbal love, made of human cells, which promoted human goods, our natural energy and revered Gaia and its collective mind, the human kind… Social love was so intense that humans lived in homes without streets and people walked through the roofs or the house of their neighbors (Catal Uyuk), like insects in a beehive. Each man in the village had a ‘cellular’ vital space, his home or den, tools and clothing, but the energy networks, the agricultural fields from which people fed, were common property, as it happens in DNA organisms, in which DNA molecules live within their home/cell, pegged to other homes/cells, sharing with them the energy of their blood. Neolithic cultures created environmental societies, based on natural, human goods, where every cell owned ‘vital’ property. The networks of social information were based on verbal thought (laws); where ethic, social men, called priests, acted as the verbal, collective neurons that solved the colliding interests of individual cells.

Those social organisms followed the universal laws of social evolution, creating efficient organic systems, with a single collective brain (the elder with more information, verbal priests, legal assemblies, etc.) and a healthy geographical body that provided the human goods needed to satisfy the biological drives of human beings. The ethic law acted in them as the verbal, nervous system of the society. Legal mandates motivated or forbade certain actions, selecting those which improved the welfare of the entire society. Without laws we cannot understand historical organisms. Laws rule in an invisible manner the acts of people, as nervous orders guide the cells of the body. Thus, certain humans, verbal masters who create laws, as the neurons create nervous orders—prophets, priests, lawyers, courts and parliaments today—should hold the power of societies. What is an aberration is to leave the ‘blood=economic system’ to control the nervous/legal system, as it happens in free markets. In that sense, the hierarchy between the elements of an organic society, in harmony with the organic laws of Nature, is crystal clear:

Networks of information: Ethic and political laws that create a nation or, in mythic terms, a social god (‘And God, the Word, became man and inhabit among us’). They control:

Individual cells: Human beings that obey the law and control:

Networks of energy: Economic systems of reproduction of human goods.

Thus, the nervous system, made of social, ethic laws, should rule the economic ecosystem, which should provide the goods humans need to survive and fulfill their biological drives of existence.

The opposite happens in our ‘primitive societies’ ruled by go(l)d and weapons and its hierarchical values of greed and murder, which makes humans ‘slaves’ of money and weapons. It is the carrot=money and stick=weapon method, which animetals have always used to control the human sheeple, now far more sophisticated, covered by an Orwellian ‘newspeak’ of ‘caring’, ‘democracy’, ‘human rights’ and ‘egoism=freedom’.

The opposition of values between words and money in fact proves against the myths heralded by the corrupted values of Metal cultures that humans in his natural state follow as verbal beings the laws of love and social evolution. It is gold and weapons what corrupts Rousseau’s ‘good savage’ into a Metalmaster obsessed by greed and murder, which considers himself different from other human beings and applies to them the Darwinian laws against other species.

As Adam Smith said Greed, the hypnotic wanting for gold, the most complex informative atom that biologically is desired by the human eye, is the engine of capitalism; but greed fosters the creation of weapons that destroy life and that is not positive. So Adam Smith’s idea, still a dogma in the business world, that money is the ‘invisible hand of god’ we must follow blindly, instead of a language of information we must control scientifically, is just a fairy tale that fogs our comprehension of the ‘economic ecosystem’ money regulates. It would be more accurate to say, as Keynes put it, that unrestricted Capitalism, the search of wealth by all means, ’is the astounding belief that the wickedest of men will do the wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone’. And so in search of ‘greed’, capitalism without limits brings the 2 wickedest things: wars for profits that kill humans and the massive invention of worthless money that ruin them. Since both together, money and weapons, the most expensive machines of the economy, form the bulk of GNP that peaks during periods of financial crisis and war. Thus at the end of each of the Kondratieff cycles of machines, money and machines of war multiply together the ‘wealth of nations’ for those who own financial and industrial companies, ruining the life of most of mankind.


Money is a language of information that value, orders and controls society as legal words do.

,pneyIn the graph, money has evolved as a digital language that controls the ‘value’ of all species on Earth with ‘prices, salaries and bribes’, by increasing its capacity to carry information: it has become quantized into smaller bits of information that require less energy and increase its units; hence its capacity to value more things, from gold to printed paper, to electric data to electronic bits, invented with a computer program. And the key element in the ‘censored’ history of the world is the group of people that invents in first place money. 

Today it is so abundant that it values all entities of the planet, substituting verbal thought, a language with lesser capacity to carry information than numbers, and broken into multiple tribal species with different values. So the law is submissive to money in all societies, politicians are easily bought and corporations and its offspring of machines, have become the dominant systems on planet Earth.

Money as go(l)d, as precious metal hypnotised informatively with greed the mind, who called the ‘stuff’ the sweat of the sun, appeared so earlier in history in the pre-rational pre-greek age of ‘myths’ and fetishes, not the age of Nomisma, and rational use of it, that it became the most desired form of the human Universe, with a value superior to man. So first it converted man in an object which gold could buy, called a slave. And as time went by more complex forms of obtaining money with slaves were deviced, call taxation, war for profits…and debt slavery

So only societies in which money were issued for the people with a Universal salary, and investment in welfare goods, as organisms do giving all cells a salary in oxygen and the goods they need to survive, would be a real democracy.

In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program.
Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth.

Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.Now to understand money, a language of digital information, the reader should understand this basic truth about money. To that aim, the easiest path is to think of money, a language of information, in terms of ‘words’, another language of information.Then you can understand what it is money about:

  • On one hand money as words give you the capacity to give orders to others and to yourself (so you think before you act, and if you get money you do receive an order to work and act). This is the main purpose of any language of information, to inform and motivate the actions of the species that speak the language. 
  • On the other both words and money value, inform us about things, with prices (the best machines, the most expensive) and ethics (the best goods for mankind the most verbal cherished goods)

So words and money exists to give orders and value things with human ethic values in words, with prices in money.It is not a value per se, but something that acts as a language and so it has a third quality:

  • To be very easy to invent, since information is inflationary, we need to make a lot of words and money and waste a lot of it, to kick out actions, to pump our will to act, and the will of others to act. Thus MONEY must be produced in huge quantities to promote the creation of the society.

It is thus important to understand those 3 qualities of languages of information:

  • To give orders hence to be the source of power over people; to value things.
  • To give values, hence to be the system that selects the species wanted and those discharged – the most expensive or ethically valued species and actions survive.
  • To be inflationary, easy to reproduce in massive amounts that increase the power of the owner of the language to guide society with those orders and values – hence the constant increase of the mass of words and numbers of our societies.

So there is not such a thing as ‘deficit’, NOR THERE IS SUCH A THING AS DEBT, but usury and parasitic exploration, since money is like words a language with o value, which we ‘talk’ to kick out actions and productions. And so all resumes in a choice: who invent money to kick out the production of the economy, and what kind of goods we produce. If we lived in a democracy people would produce money, in the form of a universal salary to kick the production of welfare goods they need to survive. Or in its defect, states would invent it to produce infrastructure and welfare goods for ‘free’.

BUT BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A WORLD RULED BY CORPORATIONS, they invent 95% of the world’s money in electronic screens and stock-paper for company-mothers of machines, which therefore use it to overproduce those machines; and so the world is awash with electronic machines because wall street invents trillions of $ for them, 30 billion for a couple of kids that wrote a bit of software for whatsapp, 1 trillion for another couple who wrote a bit of software called google. And so on.

AND THAT IS THE ONLY explanation why the cycles are so exact – all the resources of this planet are basically used to create a world of machines, while humans just get the left overs, and because economists, we shall see, are production economist not ‘history teachers’ who care to understand the Consequences for mankind of those changes.

In that regard the theme of money is quite simple in its democratic praxis: money is the language of digital information that has substituted the law in the order and creation with credit of the future. As such it should be NOMISMA, as democratic Greece explained – NOT in private hands, or else we live in a dictatorship of those who issue money, but INVENTED AS WORDS ARE BY AND FOR HUMANS AND ITS WELFARE GOODS, in a demand economy.

So WHY IT IS SO complex in praxis? BECAUSE CAMOUFLAGE AND COMPLEXITY IS THE WAY TO CHEAT people with information. So for bankers and corporations to issue money in monopoly they MUST appear as complex experts, who are the ‘ONLY’ Popes who speak the Latin of Go(l)d, and without whom the system would collapse.

This is the mantra OF THE DICTATORSHIP OF BANKERS, to make MONEY so complex in its issue that people think it is magical wealth that only expert bankers know how to handle. So the American people since Lincoln was killed precisely because he simplified the entire scheme of usury debt and just reproduced greenbacks money as orders to win the war and tried to continue this policy to reproduce money to raise the life standards of the Negro, the financial-media elite of America has used money to control the country and its people, and parasitising them with taxes and anoxia (taking away the right to inert money to people and governments).

Money of course is necessary but in a democracy its issue cannot be in private hands. Today money works better than laws because is a digital language and numbers are more precise than words.

So as a language of digital information of higher efficiency to ‘target’ beings with values, made homologous by the homogeneity and continuity of numbers over words, made money necessary. The solution though to its ‘metal-values’ come obviously from its substitution by legal money in hands of human beings, which has always been the humanist solution to the problem of money, certified by Nature who offers the same solution.

But Nature do have also the equivalent of parasitic, capitalist private issue of money. It is called a cancer, and that is the organic view of private banking: a cancerous solution that absorbs all the ‘oxygen’ -money of the organism of mankind, and give absolute power to those who control money and the information printed for ‘free’ (at minimal cost) with their informative machines.

Superorganisms are ruled by informative people-castes/neurons.

Now, it is a tenant of General Systems Sciences that the structure of all dual network systems is the same; and that such ‘super organisms’ of energy and information are ruled by the information ‘citizens-cells’. This is the case of both human super organisms ruled by ‘verbal, legal’ priests (800 y. cycles) and ‘political verbal constitutions’ (80 years cycles), and ‘Animetal civilisations and FMMI organisms of Company-mothers of machines. The Financial-Media system rules the Military-industrial system of energetic machines.

Why we do not understand this? Why we constantly talk of the Military-Industrial system? Because energy is evident, information is faster, hidden. To understand the ‘duality’ of energy and information is thus the first step to understand the structure of super organisms and the Universe at large.

During the years I hold the chair of Duality at the International Systems Sciences Society, I developed in a series of conferences a model that could be applied to all kind of dual systems, and generally speaking those laws and conferences were accepted with enthusiasm till I started to talk of the Superorganisms of ‘Capitalism’, ruled by the Financial-Media informative system of machines and the private dynasties of people that owned them. 

Soon the main conference in which i explained all this was censored, a ‘minority’ protested and it was erased from servers. Since informative power works better when invisible. Gravitational black holes, ant-queens with pheromonal messages and bankers with financial orders are invisible. We prefer to look at the powerless stars, working ants and politicos. But even more invisible are the machines that have facilitated the ‘victory’ of selfish memes of metal over human memes of eusocial love, defeating mankind on its purpose of social evolution into a global super organism by a hardcore method very difficult to accept for people like this author.

Namely the Goebbels’ method: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’. And so it doeS NOT matter how much effort the prophet of verbal thought, the social scientist put on seeking in depth the truth of social sciences, as this blog does. The animetal master has the control of the mechanisms that replicate information since the age of the press, and so he carries the day,he indoctrinates the people, he defeats the prophet and social scientist.

And so we can distinguish a few ages of evolution of metal-communicators that have displaced human verbal truths and tilted society towards a corrupted, desegregated mankind easy prey of the evolutionary machines of information of the metal-earth that now hypnotise our youngsters of the zero generation glued to fictions and small screens with apps.


Fact is those cycles which were the biggest prediction of this author’s first books – then considered a pessimist orwellian image; are now in full swing. So regardless of censorship and PLACEBO DEMOCRACIES, they prove we live in a dictatorship of corporations, which control politicos and ‘define’ policies, according to which age of evolution of machines we are in.

Thus we can study its phases with the laws of morphology and evolution, since they evolve according to the energy & information humans use to re=produce them:


In the graph, humans have evolved a new type of energy, which renews both the energetic machines of the economic ecosystem (weapons and transport) and its informative machines, which print audiovisual information and the financial, digital money of the economy every human ‘biological generation of 72 years, in which nation of ‘founding fathers’, captains of industries, their sons which massively reproduce and evolve a new energy machine and form of money to its perfection, and decadent grand-sons, which use the 3rd phase of evolution of the machine, as a top predator weapon to conquer the world (2).

NOW it is essential that you understand the Organic structure of all those machines and its company-mothers, divided in 2 systems, similar to the head and body of any organism:

  • THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM of informative machines (below), which PRINT the language of power of our society, digital money and reproduce the INFORMATION that ‘manufacture’ the brains of mankind, (Mass media), which are the HEAD of the super organism of company-mother of machines, with its collective BRAIN, world-stock, globalised, and whose goal is to control, EVOLVE and re=produce for profits:
  • THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM of energetic machines (above), which are the ‘twin’ brothers, of the Global super organism of machines – good fruits of the tree of technology, machines that upgrade and empower us, but also atrophy and substitute us when we consume them; and its bad fruits, weapons, the most perfect machines at any age of history that consume us in war fields.

Yet while you might have heard of the military-industrial system, you don’t even know the financial-media head does exist and control the whole system. And even when I explain you the FM-system, the memes of the culture that owns it and why and how it is degrading mankind, you will likely ignore it. Since the entire system of industrial information provided by those machines, except a few ‘artists’ of more complex thought, normally in parables that avoid with ‘fiction’, censorship will explain it in biological terms.

In that sense the ‘rat bites its tail’ – humans simply have become so hooked to system of evolution and reproduction of machines, and the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial  (energy machines) ecosystem, has achieved such a degree of power and sophistication that it has also perfect the fundamental ‘art of predation’ in nature – camouflage, with a ‘placebo form of freedom’ called democracy, and a system of collective social information called mass-media able to program the ‘tabula rassa’ of mankind, with positive views, even of the most lethal goods of the FMMI system – a fact crystal clear in the leading nation of the Financial-Media system, the US,  where the addiction of humans to machines and their indifferent to the destiny of mankind is becoming crystal clear – as the system offers each of us a series of fictions and ‘ego-dreams’ of individual power that make us happy, but prevent humanity from ‘taking their destiny’ in their hands and organising together as a single head-organism, as the global stock-market that selects and distributes monetary information to those companies does. On the contrary we shall see how placebo democracies were installed by the first corporations, precisely as an inefficient system of opposing parties, which are like siamese twins with two opposite heads, and promote tribal division of the homo species in warring factions – called nations, which ensures the constant ENTROPY OF HUMAN MOTIONS, without focus and synchornicity, while company-mothers are built as perfect super organisms.

Indeed, when I was given conferences of systemics, it surprised me all the offers came from companies, which wanted to improve with those laws, their organisms of reproduction – none from governments, which were and have been in placebo democracies, created by the first dutch company of gunboats and slavery, in a perfect inefficient, placebo form that couldn’t oppose to its power, and ever devoid of the right to reproduce money for their citizens as those companies do for their machines, in the Anglo-American dominant corporative civilisation, which expanded this ‘jail of virtual freedoms from Holland into UK, America and finally the rest of the world’. 

Unfortunately the Universe is NOT a simplex, straight forward system, neither its evolution stops at the level of individual, but works more like an organism or a wave of simultaneous behaviour, in which each part plays a minimum role and the ‘swarm intelligence’ programs them all. Yet what we witness today is a divergence between the efficient evolution of company-mothers of machines into a global super-organism, ruled by digital flows of financial information, while in parallel mankind is becoming desegregated into ever smaller units that confuse freedom with chaos and cannot organise properly their control of the planet.

And we shall repeat this often as we will criticise heavily the -1% of mankind which controls those corporations in a selfish blind way – that the 99% percent is suffering and will keep suffering exponentially more with the arrival of A.I. and the dwindling surface of planet Earth, not polluted by the $hit of machines, not used by roads and factories, and fields of ethanol, solar power, mining – you name it, dedicated to provide them with energy and information today most humans lack.

 But the fundamental reason the financial-media system goes hand in hand and controls mankind is that BOTH MUST COME TOGETHER, to be able to invent money for free for the 0.1%, and so we shall now study, this most misunderstood process of ‘false complexity’-the issue of speculative money with information machines, backed by informative myths about its values and the people who print it, who were first considered ‘high priests’ who used money as a vehicle to talk to the divinity and now are considered classic economists, ‘experts’ in running the world with it.

Let us trace those last ages that have raised the owners of the Financial-Media electronic machines of Wall street and evilwood, mostly of the same biblical denomination to global power, starting with the age of Luther commander in chief of the yellow press.

The 2 elements: the Financial-Media machines that print money and information in favour of the system.

The scam: inventing digital money of null value exchanged by real wealth & used to corrupt politicians.

Money as go(l)d, as precious metal hypnotised informatively with greed the mind, who called the ‘stuff’ the sweat of the sun, appeared so earlier in history in the pre-rational pre-greek age of ‘myths’ and fetishes, not the age of Nomisma, and rational use of it, that it became the most desired form of the human Universe, with a value superior to man. So first it converted man in an object which gold could buy, called a slave. And as time went by more complex forms of obtaining money with slaves were deviced, call taxation, war for profits, debt slavery, STOCK scams and internet bubbles. In all those cases 3 elements are needed to ‘create digital numbers’:

  • A support for the language of money, as we humans create words, the language of man on our brain. But it must be external as we do NOT talk numbers. So a worthless, cheap ‘support’ for the language is required, first useless gold, then tulips, then paper-stock; now computer screens. As MONEY is not wealth perse, just a language of power to give orders to people and things, as when you ‘talk’ (salaries, prices).
  • An informative expert to print news that jack-up the prices and cheat investors to exchange the worthless digital money for real value (artists in the tulip craze, which convince people to change his home for a dyng tulip; doctors in the tea craze, which claimed to cure all sickness; false news in the gold/colonial craze of enormous wealth in the Louisiana swamps bubble or the Argentinean minds of the South Sea bubble; and then when machines came scientists and techno-utopian P.R.ess and economic P.R.ess, Wall Street journals and rating agency’s experts in the railroad scam, the radio scam, the dot com scam, the e-money derivatives scams. Then when all this support makes money become ‘real numbers’; the banker-speculator can multiply it by creating debt slaves – lending it to people, which will have to pay back with real assets, land, real state, hard currency, etc.
  • Yet for al this to work the Banker with its informative machines to print digital money and Public relations P.R.ess needs an authority, which often is a debtor or receives ‘hand outs’ and validates the scam and protects the banksters, obtaining finally real wealth exchanged for the ‘inflated money prices’: Kings that handled go(l)d chosen farm taxation and slave trade rights, to milk the work of peasants and slaves; or colonial rights on lands to stock-gunboat companies; or entered in wars fuelled by the P.R.ess hate media to loot the enemy and pay the debt to the banker. Today it is basically the ‘Private-er’ Central banker, who does NOT lend to people for real investments, infrastructure, health-welfare and job creation but has printed trillions of $ in the ECB and FED handed to bankers and speculators to jack up prices of worthless internet companies. So billions are created by suffocating by anoxia, the credit of all the other elements of society. While in countries where banking is public like China, massive investments in real wealth, welfare and roads happen.   

So only societies in which money were issued for the people with a Universal salary, and investment in welfare goods, as organisms do giving all cells a salary in oxygen and the goods they need to survive, would be a real democracy.

YET OF COURSE, censorship and manipulation of information is due, and corrupted politicos that will never talk of NATIONALIZING BANKS, ARE BOUGHT, SO PEOPLE THINK THAT TO ENSLAVE FOR TAXATION while others invent billions for free is Ok.

The madness of it is difficult to overstate: there you have the equations of economics telling mankind, we are going to kill you, take your job, and give it to a machine, so we can make ‘money’ with your death and job destruction, but that IS good for you, it will make you FREE and WEALTHY. And you cheer ‘heep, hurrah!

EC: CANCEROUS-CAPITALIST SOLUTIONS. FREE MARKET: AN ECO(NOMIC)SYSTEM OF FREE COMPANIES issuing with informative machines, money and inhibiting fiction, to eliminate any reaction, whilereproducing without limit energetic machines (weapons and fast evolving future top predator autonomous transport machines). The result is the creation of a perfect super organism of company-mothers of machines, where all humans will soon become expendable:
This aberrant world is the capitalist world, not a science but merely the idol-ogy of a few human beings (the 0.02% of owners of corporations), which have a ‘primitive cultural brain’, who believes Mankind is NOT a single species, but the ‘tribe’ is (tribal religions, nationalisms, capitalist class structures) and so the superior ‘race’ or ‘chosen of go(l)d’ (nazi-onanist and segregational cults to the tribe) MUST be on top exploiting the ‘inferior human-cells citizens’ absorbing all it ‘oxygen-blood-money’, preventing the creation of a demand economy of welfare goos; where the hypnotic power of go(l)d (subconscious greed values) and the murderous iron violence of weapons must be let free, so the cancerous cells have it all, and ‘grow and multiply’ without limit.
THIS IS NOT AN ANALOGY BUT A HOMOLOGY: It is a tenant of system sciences that ‘the laws of biology happen regardless of scale’. Hence the laws of BIOLOGY ARE THE SAME THAN THE LAWS OF BIO-HISTORY AND BIO-ECONOMICS. We only to correct for the scale of size. Since bigger super organisms, have ‘slower time rhythms’ as bigger systems have slower metabolism. The process and solutions to its sickness HOWEVER ARE THE SAME:
screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-08-04-46In the graph the immediate model at the lower biological scale of a capitalist world of free corporations, with unlimited rights to reproduce their destructive machines, while delivering inhibiting happy fiction somas is a cancerous growth, which has the exact 3 ‘processes that we can follow in all capitalist dictatorships: the cancerous cells multiply its wealth by absorbing the oxygen=money of the system, provoking an hypoxic anoxia state to the other cells, which receive then inhibitors (fiction soma) to deactivate their reaction, while the cancerous cells absorb the oxygen of the blood system, multiply its destructive toxins and finally, as they cannot survive without the body, once the body is infected and killed (end of the cycle of wars), they die in the final gottendamerung of the organism.

In the graph, capitalism is a dictatorship of THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM and its FMasters, a few dynasties of private bankers that control the informative machines of the Financial-media systems, and forbid with deficit zero laws and lack of a Universal salary in blood-money, the creation of a demand based economy, in which humans democratically vote for the goods they want to be reproduced. As only a few bankers and corporations can issue the bulk of money, they decide what the system produces for profit and power (weapons of maximal price=profits to repress people; inflationary money to keep it and make them rich and give them power to buy laws and workers, and audiovisual hate media of easy reproduction through waves and hence of null cost and maximal sale-profits, able to manufacture the brain of mankind simultaneously by zillions, who then favour and vote the dictators of democracies).

You must understand that money is just a digital inflationary language of information, which is NOT wealth per se but as oxygen in cells and words in humans, pump up the desire to act and puts in motion the economic ecosystem or human system to work. So money IS FREE TO PRINT, it cost nothing, it must be PRINTED inflationary to motivate people to work, as free oxygen and free words are multiplied in cellular systems and individuals to motivate them to work.

So reality is really simple as “Nature is simple and not malicious but society is not’. The complexity of the system today only camouflages the cancerous anoxia of bankers and corporation that keep all the money for themselves to reproduce lethal goods that kill our body and mind (weapons and hate-media) so they can control democracies and buy politicos that will deliver wars when needed in the cycle of profits and power.

Yet to FULLY understand WHY INDEED, PRIVATE BANKING is parasitism… we have to introduce another level of biology – that of super organisms, which are the FUNDAMENTAL SPECIES OF HISTORY AND ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEMS, not the individual but the social organism, and how the Universe is organised around them.

4- moneybest

In the graph in terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program. Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth. Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality.  And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.

The symbiosis between money and weapons in old Metal cultures and modern companies is evident, if we consider the parallelism between the main evolutionary ages of money (previous graph) and the main ages of evolution of metal-weapons. Both together created the top predator cultures of the Earth:

1.     The age of bartering (bars and rings of gold) and Bronze Weapons:

Semites create the 1st Civilization of ‘Chosen of Go(l)d’, developing both, Bronze weapons and rings of money. They brought metal to the Canaanite coast, manufactured weapons and sold them, or engaged mercenary armies. Soon Semites were in power in all the nations of the Fertile Crescent, extinguishing the Neolithic civilizations that used wheat—a human good—as biological money. Those Semites specialized geographically. A warrior culture took over mountainous, iron-rich Northern Mesopotamia (Assyrian). A trader culture settled in the node of communication between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, Mesopotamia and Egypt, (Canaan). Both started the cycles of war, death and looting that still endure.

2.     The age of coins and Indo-European iron warriors:

It is the age of Greek and Roman empires and their culture of coins and ‘infantry’. The arrival of coins, invented by the Greeks, gives them top predator status, as they hold both ‘languages of Metal’, money and weapons, now in the hands of Athenian bankers and Spartan hoplites. Soon Alexander becomes the first man to impose his face in a coin, unifying definitively both elements of power, money and weapons. It appears then the concept of a top predator currency that has legal course, because it is hold by a top predator military system that kills you when you do not want to take the currency. Weapons defend the currency and impose, it regardless of its real value or utility, while the currency pays for weapons. After the Macedonians, the Romans applied the same dual game of power. Then the resurrection of a Wor(l)d of ethics (Christianity) halts the evolution of weapons, metal and money. Yet with the Renaissance, the same dual game of power returns to Italy, which becomes the center of evolution of gunpowder and money.

The series of national power, based on Top Predator weapons and symbiotic currencies, shapes now a shorter 80 years cycle of national power that takes place within the long cycle of gunpowder weapons Since the nation that invents more money pays more mercenaries and produces more war machines, winning all wars:

•  XIII-XV C.: Italian Bombards and gold coins spread the Renaissance in Europe.

•   XVI C.: Muskets and bullion give power to the Iberians, the first global empire.

•  XVIII C.: Artillery and paper money spread Revolutionary France.

All these nations produced the Top Predator weapons of their age and imposed their money and cultures to the rest of mankind. Then, the invention by Holland of paper-money, much easier to reproduce than the gold of the Spaniards, defeats them, opening:

3.     The age of paper money and company-mothers.

Paper-Money, issued by the first companies at null cost, professionalizes the reproduction of weapons. Gunboat companies seize power. They hyper-abundance of money, now a mere printed paper, motivates more citizens to work in the production of machines of war. Indeed, without the first radiation of paper money, Dutch companies could have never defeated the Spanish armies. It was paper-money, used to ‘motivate’ Dutch people, pay mercenaries and build their weapons, what defeated the Spaniards. The press permitted the unlimited reproduction of money in the form of paper. The symbiosis between top predator, informative currencies and top predator, energetic weapons shows the dual, biological nature of economic ecosystems, which become ‘complementary’ organisms, with a physical economy of machines and an informative ‘head’, made of monetary values and orders that ‘creditate’ the future. Now companies and kings could reproduce paper-money and impose it to citizens, just by printing paper, expanding enormously the number of salaries and hours humanity existence under the rule of Companies, working for them. This brought however many crisis of over-reproduction of money, because even if paper-money was reinforced by an army, many would not accept a worthless paper when the state was too greedy and reproduced it without limit. So the capacity to exchange paper-money for a bit of gold became customary or else paper-money was not trusted, lost value and inflation appeared when paper money was reproduced without limit. The same need for some ‘real value’ happened in the first stock-markets in which paper money represented some real asset, the weapons, gold, territories and slaves of the first company-mothers, reproducers of artillery and gunboats. All those ‘trade’ companies manufactured a product: a gunboat, a weapon. And so people valued those companies for the weapons they owned and the political, territorial power and wealth achieved with them. Till the XX century, soldiers were basically mercenaries. So nations who made a lot of money won wars. Then, after the fall of Amsterdam to French Artillery, those Companies moved to London and gave England the capital and gunboats that created the British Empire and the Pound . . .  So during the XVIII and XIX centuries, the pound would become the top predator currency of the world, reproduced without limit, able to buy goods, people and entire countries:

• XVII-XIX C.: Guilders and gunboats from Holland and England impose the Anglo-Saxon Culture in the ‘7 seas’.

• XIX-XX C.: Steam and oil machines and paper-money from British companies and German banks dominate Europe.

4.     The age of e-money and Computer-based Weapons:

•             XX C.: America uses computers to research A-bombs and invent e-money. Both expand the American Empire worldwide.

The hyper-abundance of money in the age of company-mothers, when money becomes stock-paper, easy to reproduce with a printing machine, extended the values of greed, violence and mechanist science, cre(dit)ating the modern world. The age of Stock money lasted from 1602 to 1972, when electronic money appeared, making even easier for company-mothers to reproduce their language of power.

Now money becomes electronic money in the minds of computers.  It gives America control of the world . . . Yet electronic money travels at the speed of light and knows no borders, so it also means the end of national power, as the financial world becomes a single global organism. So the mirage of national power today fades away, as money achieves its Final Evolutionary scale, becoming the collective brain of the global organism of the economy, at the same time than electronic thoughts in computers are about to cross the Threshold of Artificial Intelligence in:

  1. 5.       Globalization. The Age of the Singularity. In the XXI C. the economic ecosystem becomes global: Nuclear weapons evolve, reaching planetary size, with the development at CERN of a factory of black holes that can destroy the planet4. While money also escapes national control, as it becomes the re=productive software of global companies.

Today that economic ecosystem is a World wide organism ruled by a digital brain, World-stock, as no other alternative society is left, except the die-hard Neolithic, warrior societies of Islam— which we use as a perfect excuse to keep multiplying our weapons.

The economic ecosystem is ruled by flows of informative, electronic money that select company-mothers, according to the quality and evolution of their machines, promoting, as always, those companies that create the best weapons and informative ‘metal-minds’. Thus, nothing has changed, except the sophistication of the system of beliefs and myths to sustain the dictatorship of money. And none of those myths is bigger than the idea that we live in a ‘democracy’, which is the government of the law and the people… This is false, because most of the time of our lives we live in a work environment, where we must obey the companies that pay us. So we are most of our lives, and we act most of our time, under ‘monetary orders’ of Companies, which create most of the actions that shape the future of the Earth. We cannot discount those 8 hours a day, as if it ‘they were not happening’.


How Bankers and speculators Invent Money in boom and bust cycles.

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint,  without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

 Rothschild, Go(l)d Master, head of the British Financial-Media System, cycle of bodies of metal.

‘The banker is a man that gives you an umbrella when is sunny and takes it when it rains’  Mark Twain, American Wor(l)d Master, cycle of bodies of metal.

‘The Price good men pay not caring for politics is to be ruled by evil men´ Plato, Greece, Coin Cycle.

How then those private corporations, private  bankers and financial houses invent money in a capitalist system in which they control its issue in near monopoly – at present 95% of new money, which is invented as digital numbers by speculators, financiers and corporations?

Free Market invention of money: The 3 boom & bust cycles of the Industrial age.  The first thing we must understand with such scientific approach, scorning myths, ideologies and selfish agendas is the meaning of money the language of information that regulates the economy and how it must be issued – since all economical crisis of overproduction of ‘selfish memes of metal’ start with the mismanagement and appropriation by a selfish ‘parasitic group’ of eeonomic agents – the private banker – of our collective language of social power – money and its boom and bust cycles.

 From a technical & political perspective the process starts with the invention of a new machine that prints money and breaks the balance between ‘democracy’ (the issue of money by governments in currency) and ‘capitalism’ (the issue of the new forms of digital money with machines), tilting it in favor of corporations that awash with new fiat money buy politicians, pass deficit zero laws and steal the privilege of inventing money from the people.
In a previous graph we observed those ages of free printing of new digital numbers = money, thanks to the discovery of such new machines, caused of the boom cycles and bust crashes of financial economics; as we humans have invented a new type of energy applied to machines of information, hence to increase and improve the printing of money every 72 years generation:
– The speculative bubbles of stock money in the XVII to XIX c. culminating in the 1857-73 crashes of trains.
– Then with the discovery of electricity, the creation of ticker money that invented stratospheric prices for stocks in the XX c. culminated 72 years after the 1857 crash in the 1929 crash of ticker money, caused by the Morgan House and UK bankers.
– And finally with the arrival of computers the explosion of e-money in the XXI c. that has 100 folded the quantity of digital money on Earth, kept by bankers that now control with those computers the production of 95% of new credit on this planet, making ‘states’, powerless dwarfs with only a 5%. And the subsequent crash of 2001 (dotcom) and 2008, 72 years after the similar causal crashes of 1929 and 37.
But why bankers ‘crash’ their reproduction of money without limit, if they can print it for free with those new machines?
Here is the hidden secret – because free money, is worth nothing, remember is a language of information. You do Not eat money. So the important thing for the banker or speculator studied at the end of this post – but equally important in cre(dit)ating money with high prices – is to change the ‘language’, the ‘worthless’ numbers for REAL assets, real wealth, real work, and real power.

Let us  then resume from this perspective the boom& bust cycle of debt-money creation repeated in all financial crises:   

– First bankers issue as much fiat money as possible, with no limit, which costs them nothing and creates debt and inflation. And they lend it to an adoring crowd that knows nothing about their sovereign rights to reproduce that money for free, since the media system and financial economists working for power misinform them. So at a point the entire society owes huge amounts of ‘soft debt’ to the bankers. And this is good for the bankers who receive ‘interest’ for their debt.

– Then they stop lending and contract the monetary mass. So money becomes scarce and there is deflation. Companies fire workers as they cannot pay them. Production halts. The economy shrinks but this is done in purpose because it is even better for the wealth of bankers as now scarce money in a deflationary environment is worth more as ‘it buys more things’ deflated in price. And so the huge debt society has with the financial system becomes worthier – with their payments bankers can buy many more things. Since debt has NOT contracted, as it was established in the age of monetary expansion.

Further on, as now there is no money available to pay the huge debt society cannot pay it with the fiat worthless money that created it and must pay with taxes in hard currency, work, real state wealth, national assets and sheepish obeisance to the power orders of bankers who implement their selfish agendas.

So bankers in this phase end up controlling most of the wealth of society and its politicos obey them.

Thus, in this phase, the entire eco(nomic)system is geared to extort money from people to pay debt, with higher taxes while governments give handouts to bankers and pass laws of privilege for their corporations. In the Train age in this phase the Law of Anonymous Societies that eliminated all responsibility from the owners and managers of corporations and the first anti-deficit laws that forbid governments to issue money were passed.

So stockrats, owners of corporations became the new aristocrats, with the same privileges the rules of the ancient regime had: no court responsibility for their actions (in the Middle ages aristocrats could only be judged by peers in special courts) and monopoly in the issue and use of the language of social power (now money; weapons in the Middle Age, which only aristocrats could carry and use.)

The proof that the system of invention of debt-private money is automatic and guided by mere greed is the recurrent periodicity of the cycles: as soon as a new form of inventing private ‘debt-numbers’ happens, financiers will find any excuse to print for free numbers of money, speculating upwards with prices of stocks and real state to ‘get’ a tax for the higher price they create, or issuing massive amounts of worthless stock, for companies without profits, or reselling ‘fiat money’, mortgages, new stock issues, privately issued currency, fractional credit, etc.

The specific ‘financial instrument’ that prints money for bankers and speculators, latter paid as taxes and higher prices or exploded bubbles of false money downloaded on the middle classes does not matter so much as the capacity to print ‘new money’ with new digital machines and ‘invent’ a figurative, huge value with mass-media propaganda, censored information and attached ‘private agencies of ratings and economic press and think tanks’. So i could as soon as computers were applied to creation of e-money and monetary markets were deregulated 20 years ago, forecast the repetition of the long and short, 72-7 years crashes of fiat private electronic money, in my first papers coming out of Columbia University on Monetary Systems.

And indeed, there was a predicted a crash of worthless stocks, whose prices had been jacked up by speculators and unloaded before bursting the bubble on the middle classes in 2001, 72 years latter after the bubble of 1929; and there was 7 years latter a crash of false real state value, the mortgage crash, 72 years after the crash of New York Real State skyscrapers in 1937. And so it is only left of those speculative schemes the crash of the Dollar, as fiat money is now printed without limit by the Fed NOT to kick out the economy but to pay wars and bail outs to banks, similar to the 1922 crash of the mark that brought fascism to Germany.

All this we predicted 20 years ago, and it has happened as a ‘cancerous’ system of absorbtion of blood-money, our capitalist society with private bankers on top CANNOT avoid to print and waste amazing amounts of fiat money and pay all kind of corrupted politicos, economists, think tanks and financial press to hide it all.

The stock racket: inventing money for crapcode companies. How Financiers invent money.

In the graph we see the difference between countries who invest money and countries who use it to speculate. The west grows less because it does not use the money to invest, and on top US controls the Japanese bank, who invests heavily in American debt, which goes basically to speculators. So the graph  unfortunately answers the biggest problem today in democracies: people do not have a Universal salary to buy welfare goods and states under deficit 0 laws do not invent money and central bankers invent money for speculators. States only manufacture 5-10% of the world’s money. Financiers make 90% of it. And they do it with the only purpose of keeping it for themselves or investing it in memes of metal of maximal profits (hence the overwhelming quantity of weapons industries in this planet, as they are the most expensive machines), but mainly to lend it to other people who become ‘debt slaves’ of the cycle of usury of debt-money.

What financiers basically do is to manufacture money without limits to lend it as ‘wealth’ (even if it is not), and then contract the production of money in the bust cycle to get back instead of money now scarce real ‘energy wealth’, properties and workers.

Let us resume the boom & bust cycle of debt-money creation repeated in all financial crises:

– First bankers issue as much fiat money as possible, with no limit, which costs them nothing and creates debt and inflation. And they lend it to an adoring crowd that knows nothing about their sovereign rights to reproduce that money for free, since the media system and financial economists working for power misinform them. So at a point the entire society owes huge amounts of ‘soft debt’ to the bankers. And this is good for the bankers who receive ‘interest’ for their debt.

– Then they stop lending and contract the monetary mass. So money becomes scarce and there is deflation. Companies fire workers as they cannot pay them. Production halts. The economy shrinks but this is done in purpose because it is even better for the wealth of bankers as now scarce money in a deflationary environment is worth more as ‘it buys more things’ deflated in price. And so the huge debt society has with the financial system becomes worthier – with their payments bankers can buy many more things. Since debt has NOT contracted, as it was established in the age of monetary expansion.

Further on, as now there is no money available to pay the huge debt society cannot pay it with the fiat worthless money that created it and must pay with taxes in hard currency, work, real state wealth, national assets and sheepish obeisance to the power orders of bankers who implement their selfish agendas.

So bankers in this phase end up controlling most of the wealth of society and its politicos obey them.

Thus, in this phase, the entire eco(nomic)system is geared to extort money from people to pay debt, with higher taxes while governments give handouts to bankers and pass laws of privilege for their corporations. In the Train age in this phase the Law of Anonymous Societies that eliminated all responsibility from the owners and managers of corporations and the first anti-deficit laws that forbid governments to issue money were passed. So stockrats, owners of corporations became the new aristocrats, with the same privileges the rules of the ancient regime had: no court responsibility for their actions (in the Middle ages aristocrats could only be judged by peers in special courts) and monopoly in the issue and use of the language of social power (now money; weapons in the Middle Age, which only aristocrats could carry and use.)

How they do it in stocks.

Now, the biggest racket is not direct taxation or tax farming as it was called in the middle ages, but ‘stock-farming’, which consists in a simple racket with 3 legs: financial press, freedom to invent money as much as the speculator wants in worthless companies, and finally central bankers to bail out the banks with free credit in hard currency. And it is simple: the speculator finds a worthless company, today internet crapcode kids, doing redundant apps, like whatspap or snatchap. That is the excuse, when the racket was invented it was a tulip, yes! a tulip, OR AN imaginary gold mine, which never materialised. Or tea, which then nobody drunk. So you have the financial press printed with the same electronic machines, telling you that is gold, will be so rich in the future; and so you seek ‘a rabbit’, in the jargon of Amsterdam to skin it, and sell the crapcode, the gold mine, the tulip. And when things heat up you need also a central banker, who will print money for you.

The result is that the economy has NO REAL CREDIT, ALL THE MONEY IS INVENTED BY ECB OR SUCKED IN FROM PEOPLE TO pay the racket. In the internet age, the racket was paid by the middle classes of the entire planet to which they unloaded crapcode at stratospheric prizes. Then the FED was used to unload toxic assets. Now for a decade they have run a massive creation of money for wall street to exchange real money for crap companies. Of course after trillions wasted some companies are worth a bit, but imagine all that money invented for people, for welfare, for health-care, for hospitals, or by states for real infrastructures – not 20 billion $ for snapchat, 200 billion for google ranks, 1 billion losses each year for uber to robotise and destroy the taxi drivers with brutal slave-like salaries to poor people with a car and so on and so on.

But the key is to have thin air press and make it complex as if they were experts, and many believe their ‘inventions, called’ classic economics, so they really think this is ‘freedom and capitalism’ will make us all rich. But of course, US and Europe has the minimal growth of gdp. And of course, the newspeaks of capitalism, keep reaching new heights of cynicism.

For example the Fed told us for a decade that it would maintain the interest bankers pay for borrowing money at 0%  – that is, it will give them even more money for free, till the unemployment rate goes down 6 %. 

So it looks like they don’t do it for banks to pass the money to speculators, which is what they do, and to speculate themselves and create fractional credit (10 times more money than they have in the account) but to give credit to people, which is just the ‘left-overs’, while 2 countries, which are ran by people who care for the wealth of the nation, China and Turkey, without any banker of the racket group for obvious reasons, have had the maximal growth during a decade around 10% because people work hard, and with credit they create much more wealth.

In the graph, it is not coincidence that the lowest growing nations in the world are those under duress of the ‘FMasters’ Iran obviously embargoed enemy but what people do NOT understand in the Euro area, is that they ARE the next target, in as much as they HAD a DIFFERENT MODEL OF FREE DEMOCRACIES, BASED IN WELFARE STATES AND A FAR MORE HUMANIST CULTURE. And this is the hidden tragedy of Europe since the ECB took away the right of those nations to invent their own money. So they pay a racket in debt usury to the ECB which massively reproduces money for bankers, which speculate – that is, pass it to STOCK-MARKETS, AND IN US TO wall street inventors of false ‘CRAPCODE’ companies. WHILE PEOPLE, WELFARE AND INFRASTRUCTURE languishes and has to be paid with taxes, today further used for the military world of the Semite wars.

So the Newspeak translation of the ECB and FED racket at 0% is what people believe: That the unemployment crisis is due to the classic capitalist crisis of overproduction of machines – in this case the last Kondratieff wave of chips – blue collar robots and white collar pcs, will now be cured by bankers parasitising credit. But of course the unemployed will have no access to money to pay their bills, or start up a small restaurant or kick out production of welfare goods.



Instead the Fed – the inverse Robin Hood – robs money from the people to give it to the bankers and with a cynical twist lies out of its hat, implying that giving for free money to bankers will be a cure for the unemployed.  The cynicism here is astounding.

We shall take it all from the people and give it to the o.1% because that is good for them; it will solve the problems of the poor and unemployed.

Amazing but people believe that this money NOT invented for infrastructure or jobs but ‘exchanged for the ‘false’ companies’ invented in n wall street’ is real wealth. And so when the Dow keeps spiking up for the 0.1% to take it home, they cheer, living the surrogate life of the ‘Malcolm X’ house negro who feels worried when the master is sik.


In stocks you invent numbers, which are money, then you need to exchange them for REAL CURRENCY, or REAL WORK, or REAL STATE, and so you do that, but for that to happen, the RACKET MUST BE SHARED BY THE FED-CENTRAL BANKER. AND FOR THAT REASON 80% OF CENTRAL BANKERS, CEOS AND MEDIA PEOPLE belong to the same biblical, jewish culture.

If NOT the racket wouldn’t work. You need 3 to tango: the wall street speculator invents a worthless company. Then it sells it to people if he can cheat them on buying, but as last resource, he will borrow for free money in hard currency emitted by the Central banker, which therefore must be part of the racket. It is very simple.

But then you need economists, and newspapers to validate the racket saying it is all good for the economy. So for 500 years since the racket was invented selling tulips of worthless value in Amsterdam, the elite of the Jewish people, the ‘Am Segullah’ or “People of the treasure’ has occupied monopolised completely those 3 positions: Financial press, Central banking and Private stock-markets. And they pass to each other the racket.

NONE OF THIS MONEY GOES TO PEOPLE. SO AS THE NEXT GRAPH SHOWS, any nation under the go(l)d racket grows far less than those who have their own banking system:

It doesn’t matter how COMPLEX THE PROCESS IS. IT is all theatrics.

Imagine those trillions were used as the Chinese use it just for their people. Even if cradles of the party take part of it. It is not truth that the Chinese are supermen, they have credit to open any business they want and the state doesn’t spend the money bailing out scammers, paying for stupid wars to back dictators or apartheid israel, provoking an spiral of more hate-memes and wars. And it doesn’t create the money for speculators in wall street and frankfurt. Which is what the ECB and the Fed have been doing for decades.

It is an old story, but in the old times was far more obvious.

This racket has been going on for 3000 years, and it was called anti-$emitism, which we study in depth in its ± sides – obviously we DO NOT by any means (taking into account my family on the mother side is full of sephardim), favour any form of violence – ONLY THE OBVIOUS SOLUTION: DESNATIONALIZATION OF WESTERN BANKING AND SYSTEMS OF REPRODUCTION OF MONEY.

This is though not even talked about because Media+central and private banking, in monopoly through metal-communicators (information machine) gives total power to the Financial-Media masters.

They have created therefore for millennia the racket. It was first go(l)d religions, and the racket consisted that the believer had to bring 2 gold shekels to the temple to clean his body.

Now it is the same, but in more elaborated ways: we live in a society in which an ideology that was first a religion of go(l)d temples (Judaism and his modern version Calvinism, as per sombart and weber) and considered gold the language of god, which 11 slave tribes brought with slave and luxury and weapons trade (the apiru, those who ‘walk behind the asses’ as they used mules for military transports). This was the bronze age and humans were beasts of humans. Then there was some hope with the arrival of Aristotle, the coin, greek logic and the law. For a few centuries we humans seemed to be able to control the historic process with reason. Money became ‘nomisma’, law and as law it went hand in hand with verbal laws to give orders to the humankind and build a better world.

Logic and the laws of eusocial evolution influenced the old gold temple people and Jesus reformed them. All seemed possible, evolution and progress – man on top of the game.

THIS WAS THE BIRTH OF THE EUROAMERICAN CULTURE of science, art, humanism, and the law and democracy above money. NOW we have forgotten it. Now the enemy is THIS CULTURE, from Greece to France, because it is THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE TO A PRIMITIVE Orwellian world of poor under the boot of the Financial-Media masters, brutalised mentally, parasited, killed with taxes and fictions and hate memes against each other. it is not a confabulation theory but a culture – memes work as waves in parallel. IT is natural to the culture of go(l)d and its segregational memes, its passion for money and so there should exist AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Forbid them all from working in the Financial-Media/Military Industrial complex. Make them all go back to a kibbutz, and cultivate the sacred land.

This is what STALIN TOLD WE SHOULD HAVE DONE WITH GERMANS, OR ELSE THEY WOULD do the same. And Indeed now they are robotising the world with the revolution 4.0 catchy name for the expulsion of massive labor in Europe with robots. And then we are brutally taxed and exploited by the ECB bank. And on top they call US PIGS, as if we were an inferior race. Why? Because we want to live? They are porks, porks are dead, pigs are alive. The germans only eat pork, the semites have it forbidden because it is tasteful.  What the Hell. Both repress all what is life, and only care for gold and iron. And they feel superior, racist, and despise us. Do you wonder why we are living again in a dark age?

The universe is just and its actions-reactions go against species who do not respect the beauty of life, the power of eusocial love, the caring for your own species, not the tribe but mankind – they don’t even respect the beauty of reason and the language, the beauty of art.

Animetals, with degenerated imperative languages and agglutinative ones. This is what they are. And yet they have convinced the world, so the world will be again destroyed.

THE ENLIGHTENED AGES OF THE WEST HAVE ALWAYS BEEN RULED BY THE PIGS, BY GREECE, THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE, THE SPANISH-FRENCH good life of the end of the ‘siecle’ – that is the end of the XX century before the ECB, the eternal alliance of the FMasters and the German industrial-miitary complex destroyed the welfare state for what? to make more weapons and robots and machines?, which will end up killing us again? Surrealism was the Artistic reaction to those blockheads and greedy violent animetal values. It of course was French and Spanish, because you could not reason with that people and you cannot still reason.

Germ(an) iron memes and go(l)d you memes, violence and greed exploiting mankind and on top considering themselves superior beings. Neanderthals hypnotised by gold, killing life with iron till all is gone. That’s the destiny of humanity for choosing the wrong culture.

Both Semites and germ*ans come once and again to throw the world rhythmically in its cycle of death. And they had this Homo Neanderthal mentality of visual hypnotism of gold, proper of the Semites and the same strong energy. So they became symbiotic and destroyed the logic, love religion of the Christian-Roman empire. And through the middle dark ages, both ruled supreme. The renaissance though gave hope again to a logic/love/artistic civilization in the World and it infused the likes of Shakespeare, converted the Franks to reason and made inroads in Germany – to not avail.

When the bible was translated, the money of the jewish people paid the re-conversion to primitive bronze age memes of the Germanic northerners. 1 million hebrew bibles were printed and sent to England and we lost the British to the primitive bronze ideologies, in which money as gold, greed and brutal treatment of humans, selfishness and materialism reigns supreme. Capitalism was born and now what was a temple-gold religion of a few, became the ideology of the majority of germanic and semitic people. And those who seeked reason, enlightenment, logic and the use of fiat money as law to build a better world became increasingly reduced to nothing.


The radiation of e-money:  Wall Street and ECB’S coup d’état against the American and European civilization.


In the graph, the obvious difference between a predatory system of banking, in which money is created for and by private bankers – even if they pass as public, for speculation without creating wealth and a system in which private companies receive money from public banks to create WHealth. China grows at 10 percent for 40 years. Europe became after the ECB bank ended the welfare state the part of the planet with less economic growth as those nations became ‘colonies’ of the ECB usury schemes, as debt slaves. Only Iran, under massive embargo restrictions grew less.  THIS MUST BY CLEAR THE 2 VICTIMS OF GLOBAL FINANCIAL-MEDIA EMPIRES TODAY ARE  as the graph shows, Iran, for obvious reasons (embargo, confrontation with Israel, likely to undergone a war during trump age) but next with 0 growth OUR EUROPEAN CULTURE OF HUMANISM, SOCIALISM, WELFARE BECAUSE WE ARE THE ONLY RIVAL CULTURE TO THE GLOBALIZED SEMITE WAR AGE, along China which is free and own his own banks. And that is WHY THERE IS A PERMANENT MASSACRE OF OUR WAY OF LIFE BY THE NORTHERN-EUOPEAN, CAPITALIST WORLD OF CORPORATIONS AND FINANCIERS. THAT IS WHY THEY WANT TO DESTROY US, SO THERE IS NOT A ‘BETTER EXAMPLE OF A BETTER WORLD’. SO THE READER SHOULD EXCUSE ME IF I DEFEND MY HUMANIST CULTURE, ONLY WITH WORDS, UNFORTUNATELY BECAUSE I am not a banker, I do not have missiles, I do not own a television, i do not produce false memes of hate. I am not a racist bigot, as they are.

Now the Chinese have been corrupted by Market speculation, and ‘of course’, they are getting billionaires that speculate no longer invest in direct WHealth: Max. Welfare Goods x Min. Lethal Goods. So as ‘expected’ growth is plummeting, as wealthy Chinese coming to mainland – the likes of Taiwanese Fox ready to put 3 million robots to work for Apple factories, or the ‘compradors’ of  Hong Kong, ready to speculate with real state – transform the concept of investing money for the people (even if it is not the ideal situation, of a Universal Salary ‘with the people’). Still China grows at 7%.

So it does its sphere of influence, Africa, where money is invested in real partnerships of infrastructure and development for raw materials. So it is no longer the dumpster for neo-colonial ‘hand-outs’ of cheap weapons and monster mechanical projects for big-cut corruption deals – the usual Dam, mine and oil field for the Nigerian Bantu, the Ethiopian Omo and the South-African zulu to get his 10%. It is important to understand that ‘Western Economics’ is a brutal bankster exploitation and appropriation of the basic democratic right of all people to print its digital and verbal languages of power, money and the law. And it is for that reason far less efficient.

And so ALL what ‘social sciences’ in praxis (politico-financial power) and theory (‘economists’ and ‘historians’) do is to justify that brutal ‘animetal power’, a ‘bio-economic’ word, key ” to fully grasp how the West has been running the world for 5 millennia: following the dictum of one of its most cherished ‘scholars’ Tertulian: ‘You will defend me with the sword (today with gold) and I will defend you with the word’. We shall in the 2nd part of this post study the ‘immense’ difference on ‘truth’ and results, between the ‘Scientific method’ applied to social sciences and the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ or ‘animetal method’ of doing social praxis and theory. And of course, we shall ‘bust the balls’ of all that pretentious, caring, faked scholarship that practice the Tertulian Method, also resumed in the concept of ‘belief over reason’. Or as he put it with disdain: ‘What Athens have to do with Jerusalem’. Indeed, what Science has to do with racism, bigotry and shameless explotation of mankind?

Thus the end of the European and American democracy happened with the arrival of e-money, which in America meant immediately (1972):

  • A Financial dictatorship through the destruction of the people’s money power (end of dollar convertibility, freedom to invent e-money with no limit in wall street).
  • A Military dictatorship with Yon Kippur that made the American army mercenary for all future wars in crescendo of Israel vs. Islam
  • A Political dictatorship with watergate that showed Tv-media could kill a president for silly-nilly peccadilloes (at the time, a mere micro on a watergate hotel, when every president had in his bag pack all kind of crimes). Ever since all politicos in US and when the system was imported to EU with the ECBank, Brussels lobbyism and the present Jihad war, in Europe ‘are owned’ by tv-add money/campaign and the Damocles sword of media hate memes that crash his campaigns.

Since indeed, a parallel dictatorship was imposed in Europe, when all Euro nations lost the right to issue their money, with the excuse of ‘unity’, since the ECB is  A PRIVATE BANK always ruled by Am Segullah bankers (all of them, till date, as well as all the central bankers of the west and 80% of media and CEOs of financial corporations, when they are only 0.2%, of population 0.02% when properly considered merely is elite of financial banker-priests NOT to incur in the 3rd branch of anti$emitism that confuses the upper classes of a corrupted animetal culture with its scapegoat sheeple). So now we shall deal with the theoretical minimum of Complex Science  you need to know to understand your society, the dictatorship of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system, his hired politicos, war for profits and hate memes including those of Antisemitism, which properly defined IS the use of the common people of Judaism as scapegoats of the financial ab=uses of its ‘financial dictators’.

In the graph the Rainbow Planet & its 7 modern cultures derived from historic, memetic beliefs, AS THEY are being carved in the process of globalisation of the FMMI system of corporations.

In the perfect world, one ruled by social scientists not people-castes of power, the first conscious decisions of all global politicians will be National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet. So power would be transferred upwards to the heptarchy of 7 cultures and downwards to the regional ‘communities’ the way the new-humanism wishes (new left party and young movement in Europe – Indignados/podemos in Spain being the most clear case and America – Occupy Wall Street and the Ecological/community movement).

In the left graph we see the reality of modern Globalization, as the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex born in the Anglo-American culture, with head in the original biblical go(l)d culture invades all others through its media communicator systems. Each colour on the left represents 1/5th of the human population. The blue 1/5th is the Western World made up of the Anglo-American, EU and old british and iberian empires, controlled in their Financial-Media networks by the single World culture of the FMasters and its mass-media and Wall-Street-City-Frankfurt banksters.

As such it is in an splendid permanent robotic war evolving fast the new terminators of the XXI c. with Islam, the original enemy of the conflict between Apartheid Israel and Palestine, now blown up to the rest of the empire, as the rival culture is demonise by islamophobia and hate media. So in the process the European, Humanist culture this blog represents has been erased under the dual boot of an Electronic Big Brother with the excuse of terrorism and the dismantling of the Welfare state, with the excuse of financial Unification through the private ECB which does NOT issue money to states but becomes the armed branch of the FM-empire and the robotised German Military-Industrial complex.

OF course, Russia, which is Europe and should have joined immediately after the end of the communist dictatorship of the red army the European Union, bridging with China to build a social-democratic alternative to the FMMI Anglo-American empire has been denied its position, to counter-balance the German reborn IV reich, and was carved into statelets, denying even the Russian Nature of Kiev Rus, the founding centre of the nation, today called Ukraine (as if London or Paris was carved out of France or UK). The culture of Asia, with its self-evident radiating centre in China, was also carved out already in the XIX c. when Japan moved wholesale into an imitation of UK & Germany, as the leading FMMI system of the East. It did the job so well that ended being a rival to the FMMI anglo-American empire and so W.W.II ensued. But after the war, now as a puppet of US, Asia kept its 2 sides: the original centre, China, demonised by the ‘wo-ku’ nations surrounding it (dwarf pirates, the ancient name given to primitive Korean and Japanese pirate riders of the celestial empire:)

So US tries to exploit this artificial division, always busy in its attempts to create a new III world on the area (division of Korea, of Vietnam, of China, with Taiwan and H.K. puppet Japan played hard against all of them, etc.)

On the other side Mestizo Hispano-America, the courtyard of earlier Anglo-American mass control of 3rd world nations with military caudillos corrupted with ‘papelitos’, (debt-usury Pounds and Dollars issued for free in UK and U$, on exchange for real wealth – lands, mines and tax-farming of poor mestizo Hispano-Americans by the criollo conquistadors) was left a bit out of the hook when the FM-empire refocused its racist, hate media in Islam, obsessed by the other nation of Its Israeli elite. So some mestizo leaders from Chavez (duly murdered with a lethal viral cancer) to Morales, have taken back some rights for the ancient mongoloid social mass of their people. But many ‘bad hombres’ to the service of the US, the drug cartels liberally provided with NRA weapons and the usual elite of corrupted dictatorial politicos and Sephardim banksters, still run the show. Specially in Brazil and Argentina; hence we put still the continent on the blue empire.

As it happens with all the commonwealth nations. But Black Africa is now partially out of the hook divided between the US-UK-French-Israeli corporative exploitative mining companies and the new kid in town, China, with much more positive policies for African nations, which are starting to grow much faster, with loans from Chinese developing banks, with the downside of a massive growth of population, lost of forest land and fast extinction of life-Gaia species. Islam, we know is the land of very-very bad hombres. So no need to comment on that. India, though is a great disappointment for this writer, ever since Lord Mounbatten crafted the raj into artificial statelets on the basis of hate-religion speeches, to make a mess of it, with Hindi vs. Islamic nationalisms.

WHAT we call Indonesia, which also comprises the lost-stolen lands of Australasia, was the original birth of the Homo Sapiens talking man (likely the Homo Floresiensis) and should have been reconquered by a less pacifist/naive Gandhi, going underground during the Salt March and liberating by force the ENTIRE Raj from UK, which was easily doable in the 1920s, then making NOT religion but Bahaist mestizo-like movement of ideas, the counterpart of body-mestizo Hispano-America: a FUSION CULTURE OF ALL THE CULTURES OF THE WORLD NOT ERASED AS IN THE FMMI AMERICAN WOLD, WHERE PEOPLE ARE NOT IN A MELTING POT, BUT ERASED OF ALL ORIGINAL HUMAN MEMES TO CONVERT THEM INTO $LAVES OF CORPORATIONS, WITH THE ONLY ROLES OF REPRODUCING MACHINES AND CONSUMING-VITALIZING THEM. And so the FMMI system, NOT Euroamerica, the humanist culture of laws and bills of rights imagined before the Industrial r=evolution by the highest minds of the Euroamerican culture is now globalising and erasing all the other cultures we shall study in this section of the blog.



Overproduction of Metal-Minds, substituting human minds. The 3 ages of unemployment: agriculture->factories->services.

Let us again, now that we know the science of it, study the effects of those crises in the present age of chips overproduction, with more detail, starting with a simple description of the ages of unemployment, parallel to the ages of evolution of the machines that substitute workers:


In the left from ‘bioeconomics’, c.94, the graph of the 3 ages of unemployment. On the right the graph compares the 29 and 2008 labor crisis, which are parallel, with the difference that robots complete the creation of ‘metalife’, ending the Industrial Revolution. And so there will not be a new industrial wave to create new jobs in emerging industries, as the 2 economical roles of mankind, as consumers and workers-re=producers of machines can be performed by robots and their automated company-mothers.

The graphs measures what truly matters to mankind – work cycles, unemployment. The true causes of unemployment are clear in the graphs, the left from the 94, pioneer book, the right from recent statistics:

Human work is plummeting as in each phase of the industrial revolution machines replaced an entire section of human jobs. First, agriculture, but people found jobs in the industry.

Then in the II crisis of 1929 as engines automated assembly lines 1/3rd of jobs were lost, but people moved to the minds of metal, service jobs. Now those jobs are lost to white collar pcs and the last assembly jobs to blue collar robots, while even menial jobs in agriculture, as the recollection of delicate fruits become the job of robotized machines, heralded in the likes of The Economist as new advances.

So now we are told 7 billion humans will become Picassos, heap, sure LOL. Who is going to give them the unemployment benefits to make selfies with oil sticks?  If on top of that capitalist pyramid, the ‘banker only prints money for himself and corporations’ and humans are in the astoundingly anti-humanist hate-speeches of economists, hidden within those equations, considered ‘lazy people who do not want to work’.

The cycle of massive unemployment has barely started. But within a decade IS GOING TO GET very serious with the arrival of automated robotic cars and trucks, which will throw over 100 million workers in the MOST labor intensive job of the world (transport machines) as it happened with the train wave BUT WITHOUT the added jobs of trains (since those cars and trucks merely will throw the human worker, or as UBER is already doing eliminate the taxi driver with software).

THOSE ARE THE REAL LABOR CRISES, THE CRISES OF TRANSPORT LABOR, EQUIVALENT TO THE CRISES OF animal labor in the train age, when within a decade 90% of horses used before for carriages were sacrificed in England (1840-50) with the arrival of trains, and the blue collar and whilte collar pc crises in factories EQUIVALENT TO THE 29 LOSS OF 1/3RD OF JOBS WHEN FACTORIES AUTOMATED THEIR ASSEMBLY LINES WITH THE ARRIVAL of ‘german electromechanical engines’ to the factory (Ford, Taylorism).

This second crises is quite advanced in the West, but NOT in China, which now starts to robotise its factories; while the 2nd crises of transport jobs have barely started.

So ‘following the money’, we arrive to the mother of all battles, ‘pecunia bellum nervi’, money feeds war and weapons. Indeed money is the origin of all the actions and decisions of our society – the final site of its power, the reproduction of money. Since those who invent money ‘first’ own the world. It is though amazing that the fact that people do NOT understand digital languages, such as money, numbers and the way they give orders, has hidden such an obvious truth for so long.

Now if we focus on the present chip cycle, since the main element on the evolution of those machines and weapons, which are replacing us in labor and war fields is the chip, which doubles in productivity every 2 years, the labor and war crises continues to worsen. Thus we talk of overproduction of chips – of the chip radiation in biological terms – a new species of brain that is displacing mankind as consumer and reproducer of machines – our only jobs in the eco(nomic)system. So the astounding speed of evolution and reproduction of chips shown in the next graph is the fundamental variable of the demise of mankind in labor and war fields.

In biological terms, the massive reproduction of a species is called a radiation – taken from the physical concept of a ‘bomb’. And it has enormously negative consequences for all rival species. What economists deny is that machines not only enhance our energy and information but also do compete with us in labor and war fields. And the chip radiation DOES compete with the human brain.

Now the outcome of this process is fully a consequence of the faster evolution of chip minds over human minds and its lowering costs. In the next graph, which is 25 years old (all the graphs you see with pedestrian graphs are from the c.94 pioneer book, biohistory-bioeconomics, I haven’t upgraded them to show the fundamental scientific nature of bio-history, as only true models of realty can predict the future patterns of its systems, as we have done consistently for 3 decades, unlike any economist, which limited by its dogma that machines are always good, are merely ‘production micro economists’, who care nothing about the consequences for history of those ‘radiations’ of machines):


This r=evolution in the making – the robotized car≈tank/plane≈bomber/Robot≈terminator is the true beginning of a new top predator ‘animetal species’, a metal-machine modeled, imitating biological organisms, which is what our robotists do to design them, diversified in air, water and land – the true fusion of mind of metal and body of metal, and it is happening as we speak and anticipated with evolutionary economics 2 decades ago.

In that regard, while humans are obsessed by the ‘software’ overproduced by those chips, e-money, the real problem is the hardware, the ‘mind of metal’ that completes the evolution of the machine and might make humans an obsolete species.

This process is and it follows the laws of biology, which we describe with a simple equation, the equation of economics, as it is formulated today by corporations:

Gaia (past-extinct life) > Mechanocene (Future, reproduced and evolved).

Since, all the processes of evolution of this planet have happened through similar biological equations: a new species is born, radiates and diversifies and finally it extinguishes when it saturates the ecosystem and reaches its perfect form the previous species. This I call the Oedipus paradox: the son species extinguishes the father species. The reptile eliminated amphibian reduced to token, the mammal reptile, man the mammal, and yet each cycle allowed a 10% of the original species to remain in difficult environments (reptiles for exampled moved to air-birds and deserts, amphibian to a few lagoons, mammals as food of man or in small parks)> Problem is humans unlike sci-fi matrix movies are NOT the energy of machines, which soon will have autonomous solar skins (hence the present massive evolution of solar skins).

So it is perfectly possible to create a o-brainer army of terminators sci-fi style within this century that would follow those programs and never stop till all humans are spent. Indeed, this is the natural end of the first book that used the word ‘robota’ (slave worker in check). Rossum robots throw all workers and then kill them. Simple. As we shall repeat ad nauseam the truths of the Universe are biological, simple survival rules.

As stock markets and speculative commodity and FOREX markets create trillions of money annually all that money goes in a 95% to cater the needs of machines, while only 5% is ultimately invested on mankind, and that difference fully explains why mankind and life become extinguished and machines re=produce and multiply.

Since the job of politicos in the dictatorship of corporations is to sell laws to the top corporations of each age.

And this means that ‘modern capitalism’ in the XXI century will be even harsher on the 99%, than it was in the brutal wars for profits of the XX c. and the exploitation of children and women of the XIX c. because the 99%, the workers and middle class, the blue and white collar human is becoming obsolete substituted by the blue collar robot/Chinese workers and white collar pc/Indian IT workers. So we, lower and middle class of western world are obsolete. And the system is moving, as it has been the case in the US to create the laws that will ensure robotic corporations can eliminate us and we can get into jail if we protest. Still the problem will remain and become stronger as the last age of capitalism reaches its zenith: 6 billion human beings are basically obsolete to the system.

What to do with them? In the last Kondratieff crash we know what the system did. It killed 60 millions in II W.W. So it did in the I huge crash of the 1860s. It colonized the world with trains and steamers overproduced in Europe and the US to the tune of another 60 million victims…

Thus, the present crisis walks steadily towards an 1860s/1940s solution of permanent ‘robotic’ wars and ‘vigilante’ cameras, a big-brother paranoia in the electronic media to back those policies, DEMONIZATION of the poor at home, the Asian worker and Muslim peasant, as the ‘enemy’, abroad – from whom our robotic armies of workers and soldiers will save our 1% with hefty profits, sinking further workers and ways of life.

This 20 years old prediction, is now quite on view, with the present Obama’s administration emphasis towards moving its power from splendid little wars against Muslim underdeveloped nations (the equivalent of the Spanish civil war and Italian attack on Eritrea) to a full confrontation in the Pacific rim…

While of course, the systemic promotion of the sale of weapons, the machines of maximal cost=maximal profits and hate media, the software of minimal cost (multiplied by electromagnetic waves automatically at o-price), and hence maximal profits all over the world, implies the brutalisation of the 3rd world, lead by jihads and dictators who oppress their people, desperado emigrants, terrorists and truly a growing debris of unwanted humanity no longer needed which sometimes shoot around anything that moves.

BECAUSE the West and all those regions once under their colonial military empires, now under their financial rule has never evolved rationally its financial system into a system to serve people as it did with its laws, unfortunately today ‘bought’ by the wealthiest corporations, which use them to design the world for its machines-weapons (today electronic ones).



The interaction between historic and economic cycles. Overproduction crises ending in wars.

It has to be noticed that the age of steams, was the age of England, the age of engines, the age of Germany, the age of metal-minds the age of America… So those countries at the ‘head’ of the mechanical wave felt superior to all others and never questioned the mechanisms and weapons that gave them power, considered always the epitome of progress.

The robotic age however is quite different as all ‘things come to an end’, and they mean the end of the Industrial R=evolution of machines, made by imitating our bodies and brains in harder atomic metal atoms (gold for the brains, before ‘money’, which substituted words and laws as our organizative language, steel for the bodies), and relate bodies and brains internally to a degree of connection that will allow them to become autonomous of human beings, once solar systems allow them to have a photoelectric skin.

All this is ‘soo’ obvious that the fact humans do not even argue in the halls of power the now all too evident consequences of the robotic age casts a serious doubt about the ‘intelligence’ and ‘survival instincts’ of mankind.

The reasons of this lack of perspective belong to a larger worldview – that of the philosopher of science and the structure of the mind, and its ego paradox (the fact that minds perceive reality from its selfish frame of reference and have a hard time to judge themselves objectively) which we treat in depth in our articles on T.Œ, (top left post) as ultimately all those texts come from a much larger organic, fractal scientific theory of the Universe and all its parts (5D metric, super organisms, systems sciences, etc.)

So while the solutions to the impasse of history are theoretically simple – halt the evolution of machines and steer the purpose of our civilisations for catering to their needs to catering human needs –  the ‘ego’ paradox of human beings, crippled by their astounding arrogance and blindness to the organic laws of Nature, cast basic doubts on our capacity to resolve them.

We talk of a paradox because by ignoring the organic qualities and competition between humans and machines, humans do not ‘see’ any potential risk on those machines, become blind to their interaction and passively become more dependent on them. And then their ‘bubbling egos’ come with some short of ‘macho defiance, infantile attitude’, with knee-jerk words to appease their consciousness and persevere with astounding intensity in their no-way out path towards collective extinction.

But being history a temporal and social process, there is not only a big problem in the individual human attitude, but specially, a problem in the wrong way humans have evolved their memes and civilisations. Evolution is chaotic and only suppresses errors by the radical method of extinction. Humans have had a duality through history between positive memes that acknowledge the limits of mankind, the power of Nature and the biological laws of eusocial evolution (love among members of the same species), and a primitive way of dealing with societies based in the use of selfish metal memes, iron weapons and gold money to murder, enslave and control mankind.

The system we live today is probably the worst of all systems, because it is based in those murderous and slavish institutions (our politico, financial and military systems), BUT hides those brutal ill-designed systems of social power under a ‘cover’ of political and economical correctness and caring, which disarms any reaction.

In brief, the elites that oppress mankind, the corporations that divert all resources to the evolution of their machines, have become so complex and sophisticated that through the use of mass-media, informative industries, they hide their purpose, create a placebo, infantile, ego-centered, collective psyche, and make all reaction impossible.

And the process is exactly equal to that of parasitic predators in Nature, from viruses to cancers to worms that control the ‘informative brain’ of cells and organisms, substitute their DNA and make them enslave willingly to the reproduction and evolution of the viruses or worm. This duality between the brutal underlying workings of the ‘Financial-Media (informative machines) – Industrial-military (energetic machines) system’ of mechanical power, ruled by ‘historic elites’ specialised in the control of human populations with weapons and money (mostly Indo-European and Semitic ‘white man cultures’) and the  somatic indoctrination of people through ‘divide and win’ memes (nationalisms, Abrahamic religions, selfishness, and all the wrong topics of our civilisation), is at the heart of the incapacity of man to control the future.

So when we search for responsibility it will be quite evident that there are certain cultures on top of mankind for very long, which have invented the predatory mechanisms today ‘correctly cleansed’ but still in place, that hold mankind slave to its no -future.

Another matter though is the freedom of mankind, its elites and people, and its institutions to change. In this the writer acknowledge to be pessimistic, perhaps because of age and failure, not so much because of the corrupted elites but of the growing mental degradation and moral atrophy of the human ‘cellular body’ of citizens, ever reduced in intelligence and ethics, ever growing in egos, of what I call the zero generation, the last generation of mankind to fully complete its vital existence, now born, with the ‘millennium’, which is so ‘soft’ and ‘deluded’ that can only be considered in organic terms as the final degenerated ‘cellular division’ that happens in ‘dead bodies’, no longer connected by ethic/nervous systems.

So basically this ‘crazy’ young generation will merely ignore all warnings as it is like a spoiled baby who just cannot understand or look at any problem, let zone death, directly on their eyes. Increasingly the capacity of the species to resolve its problems dwindle and a monstrous neo-fascist age of brutal, neo-paleolithic ‘hominids’ seeking for animal satisfactions while machines do all the jobs for them. Yet they are perfectly appeased by the system of mass-media, created by the historic parasitic cultures of mankind, and this ‘iron jail’ becomes routine.

In brief, today we live the age in which humans become divided into selfish cells feasting in the liquids of a collective corpse body, while machines and chips, the mind of metal organises itself globally into a collective super mind, and as we have been explaining for decades in small blogs and small print books, ignored by the ‘system’, expels increasingly from the economic ecosystem, the human species.

Digital money select machines over men.

We can now consider another biological angle to the conundrum of what must rule laws or money on top of societies – the selection of the species of an ecosystem by its languages, in this case the selection processes of the eco(nomic)system.


In the graph, a key law of systems sciences and biology is the ‘dynamic equation’ of ecosystemic evolution, defined by the dominant language of a certain ‘world’. Since those species that better speak the language of the ecosystem, reproduce more and survive into the future. So in Nature, light is the ecosystemic language and those species who saw better survived, starting with the cambric ‘biological radiation’ of cephalopods with eyes, till the radiation of felines, birds and apes with bifocal vision. Yet with the arrival of history, the verbal language became dominant and those who spoke better the language, politicians and priests dominated societies.

Today mankind is becoming eliminated in an eco(nomic)system ruled by digital languages, by the species who better speaks mathematics – the chip, which multiplies without limit of credit and will increasingly reduce human workers to a few welfare jobs – that to make it all even more difficult, do have no credit under the ‘ideologies’ of classic economists and the techno utopian myths that equal machines to ‘future progress’. But progress of which species?

This is what abstract social models ignore – the biological, organic nature of machines and its company-mothers, made to the image and likeness of human biological organs, and competing in a biological planet. 

Today with the expansion of digital information, the mind that better speaks the language, the chip survive, reproduces in unlimited numbers and displaces the human mind, which becomes obsolete and without a ‘future’ regresses back to his memetic past (revivalism of Abrahamic religions and tribal nationalisms, proper of a past, primitive age of verbal myths, prior to the rational heights of the verbal age).

But since most humans do not speak mathematics, and the process is one of collective devolution from rationality into magic thought and from complex social structures into isolated individual self-centered egos without any interest for society and the human species, most human beings cannot even understand the process .

Now, this substitution of ethic values by digital values, is globalised through the substitution of the Law as the main language to rule societies by the digital language of money. As humans simply their minds, they also simplify their values and substitute the grammar of words, where man is always the center, as subject:

Man (subject-information pole) > Verb (action) > Object (energy of subject)

By the mathematical language of money which equals man and machine with a price:

Man (worker=salary) = Money = Object (price)

This hidden language and values of money are seldom discussed but are at the roots of the process of obsolescence of mankind, as in money values humans are always equal to an object and as new machines evolve faster, humans are increasingly obsolescence.

It is though important to understand also that because words  are the natural, human, internal language of information everybody understands and speaks, legal dictatorships are easy to understand. So words are truly a democratic language – all speak and understand it.

But Money on the other hand is a digital language, and people do not understand numbers, so they do not understand how money gives orders. And that is the reason why modern financial dictatorships are based in the complexity of jargons, languages and procedures to invent money: it is all about making people not to understand the system, so they are happy slavish sheeple.

Power has always confused people to make it smooth. Legal systems were very complex in the ancient regime and modern America so people do not understand the system and can be tricked. Napoleon simplified law into a simple code that reduced entire libraries, so people realize how simple the law should be to be democratic, understood by all and to the service of all.

IN THAT SENSE, only a world ruled by legal words, our natural language, as all advanced social organisms which are ruled by the informative, nervous system are, not by the blood-reproductive system, which is the monetary, economic system, will survive. Indeed, only worms, the most primitive social organisms are ruled by blood with no nervous-legal system and become often poisoned. So it is a lie that money must dominate the law. The opposite is truth in nature, to avoid the poisoning of the system.

So the solution is clear and it has always been there: eusocial love to mankind, humanism over mechanism, true democracy through the invention of a just economic system, in which all citizen-cells do have enough blood-money to survive – a demand economy based not in the evolution and supply of machines but on the demand through universal salaries of welfare goods, which would overproduced to meet that demand, etc. etc. – rules we will repeat once and again in this blog. And yet the people on top of that pyramid couldn’t care less, will never hear or reason, will rather murder and die for profits. And this aberration is truly puzzle, because when you know them, they ‘seem normal’, even loving people.

Further on the language becomes more important than the elements compared (so happens with words in religions in which ‘the word, God, became man and inhabited among us’, Saint John, or when the world is God Itself (islam) or when it is literarily his word that cannot be changed (Jewish-Protestant religions; but at least with words ethic or legal, man matters more and its life is preserved.)


Why economics is NOT a science but a Creationist biblical version, and will therefore never cured and explain the world.

All sciences find cyclical regularities, and seek for physical reasons (for physical systems) or biological reasons (for life and human systems, and since machines are evolved imitating human organs, of energy and information they ARE ruled by the same biological laws), and then forecast future cycles.

And humanist people then knowing those cycles correct them or use them for human benefit. So Astrology stopped being a quack science and became astronomy ONLY when Kepler found cycles, regular patterns, and forecast the future of those cycles. And Newton reduced them to simple mathematical laws, and found physical causes (gravitation). And forecasted further those cycles. And then humans used those laws to benefit mankind.

So Biology and medicine became serious sciences, not the work of quark doctors, when Pasteur found the germ theory and Darwin evolution and they could forecast both the evolution of species and the reason of sickness, and became doctors.

To notice also that the main problem for them to become sciences WAS anthropomorphism. Humans were the center of the Universe and stars talked to us (astrology). And because humans are HUGE EGOES, they liked it.

So they resisted all attempts to make the sun the center and stars oblivious to us. Because that killed their ego.

The same happened with medicine. Microbes were TOO SMALL to kill humans. So Doctors denied Pasteur for decades and ridiculed germ theory. Their ego couldn’t allow that to happen. But of course people died till true medicine accepted germ theory.

Social sciences unfortunately are still in the pre-scientific age and so they never predict its cycles, understand its causes and define objectively machines as organisms of metal and money merely as a language of information and power.

Hence the importance of accepting the scientific method to rule and understand human societies.

If economists would acknowledge this, they of course, could print positive information for mankind, foster the evolution and teaching of humanist economics and bio-history, understanding in organic terms the world we live in. But they don’t. They just print money for themselves. And information to convince us this is the right thing to do.

Indeed, on top of the pyramid of globalized mental bull$hit that spreads the Mechanocene, there is an idol- ogy, a system of power called capitalism, which gives to company-mothers of machines and the people that own them absolute power over the fundamental language that creates the future of society with financial orders – money, which they reproduce almost in monopoly to foster the evolution and re=production of its machines (95% of global credit is NOT issued by human governments but by corporations in stock-markets, through e-money derivatives – from stocks, where the issue of 1% of shares allows you to float 99% of money in shares you hold, or fractional credit, where a bank can multiply by 10 the quantity of money it holds, or through virtual FOREX credits, where 1% gives you up to  99% of leverage, etc.)

So the future is designed for and with machines, no longer for humans. And so even though we are always worried about human affairs, the truth is that humans are already secondary to the future of this planet, and as long as the cultures of the Mechanocene and their memes control the world, this would be the case.

Yet for this process of self-destruction of human labor to take place, corporations had first to destroy the regulation, labor unions and social rights of democracies, which it achieved during the neocon revolution started by Thatcher and Reagan, which basically regressed human social evolution to the XIX century, dog-eat-dog pyramid of capitalism with financial and industrial corporations on top and the 99% of mankind without rights beyond some placebo theatricals of vote on the bottom

To that aim the minds of the workers/voters had to be manufactured to love and vote the policies that will destroy them. In this manner in the previous phase, during the 80s and 90s mass-media and neocons cre(dit)ated an increasing mass of mindless, violent American citizens, so ignorant of the causes of reality that they will ‘buy’ the American nightmare, once the American dream is gone for them.

So the key is NOT to provide the real information about the system. It is what Rothschild said. Now, imagine the world we will describe in a few pages, in which the top did work for mankind and their citizens. If we survive with just 5% of money, and 95% goes to machines, which obviously all have energy, information, reproduce without limit, evolve without limit, how the world would be. Obviously all humans will eat, have information, have education, welfare and will be as shinny and nice as computers are.

That is why the top of that pyramid is guilty of collective genocide of mankind, both in body, and mind, as of course they must be cheated.

Again, the greatest mystery of mankind is ‘why’ they do it. And we will explain it in enormous detail, along the explanation of why power works on invisible information – money we do not see or understand, gravitational invisible forces that allow black holes to rule galaxies, nervous messages that allow brains to rule cells. Still, I always feel at lost, as I have move most of my life basically on the top of that pyramid, with their split personality.

Why people who are seemingly normal, individuals like those nazi members of the party who loved nature and children, but had no qualms murdering millions for the greatness of his tribe, those members of slave corporations who believed in the eusocial messages of love of Jesus, but had no qualms murdering millions of peasants for profit do exist, why modern corporations have made of the machine, not of man the centre of creation.

To understand objectively those whys, we must do a recess and talk objectively on darwinian biological terms about mankind and its machines. Because we must be always objective and scientific when dealing with the aberrations of history. An ethic subconscious point of view is not good enough. As we have seen ethics accommodate to personal egos and tribal egos so easily.


Indeed, it is easy to see when an idol-ogy worships metal, because it represses human energy (good food), human eusocial love to the species, human sex (human reproduction) and even human words (numerical worship). And it is tribal or selfish; so it promotes competition against the laws of eusocial love to the members of the same species (faith in one self or in the tribe only chosen of god).

This supposed humanist cultures merely camouflage as metal-enzymes do in the body, with a ‘carbohydrate codon’ its ‘animetal nature’, since in fact substitutes human reproduction by work=metal reproduction, human love to selfish tribal or ego centered love, which makes the animetal need machines, and accepts hate-memes to a member of his species. Needless to say Biblical Cult(ure)s are today maximal eviL=anti-live cultures on top of the wave of evolution of technology, because both, humanist evolution and metal evolution, if you haven’t noticed are inverse memes:

Max. Technological Evolution = Min. Human Evolution

Which is the inverse way of writing the Human constitution vs. the Metal Constitution.

We shall repeat this simple Human Constitution mandala ad nauseam, because there is only this solution to History. You cannot evolve robots good and bad, because as Genesis put it, if you evolve the lethal goods of the tree of science, you will die. If you evolve robots, they will become terminators, and this is the limit, legal prohibition. And if you DO NOT GIVE A UNIVERSAL SALARY TO PEOPLE WHO will loose hundreds of millions of job, they will r=evolve and murder their elites and wars will break. They cannot eat without salaries. They need to kick production. THERE ARE NO JOBS this century, as Robots end the evolution of machines. Eliminate them and 500 million jobs will appear ‘suddenly’, and people will have something to do.

But, this overproduction crisis is NOT solved, neither explained,  because Classic Economists have been for 200 years serving the goals of corporations, whose only purpose under the present capitalist system is to increase profits. So their main goal is NOT to make a better world for man or create an objective science of economics, but to find complicated arguments ‘damned lies and statistics’ to make-belief people that all this is NOT happening.

Of course, as none of those goals have been met, as the true scientific biologic model of history and economics is ignored, as the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences represses those truths – the observable, the groups on power are in inverse fashion to the quantum paradox of uncertainty so huge they influence and bias the opinions of the scholar –  nothing of this is well known, despite the more than two decades old models that predicted solutions and business as usual, as it happens. So we move steadily towards a neofascist, deja vu age.

Again this must be understood. The fundamental limit of human construction of a perfect world is the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of selfish tribes, religions, individuals, groups of power, corporations, corrupted politicos – the general incapacity of most humans to be reasonable and ethically follow the eusocial love laws of members of the same species, preached by the true scientists of history – its prophets of love and social scientists, humanist people. Because in all those cycles there has always been people who preached the solution, repressed by the people on power, who ignored them, and ONLY when all it happens, people realized one Keynes or one Sancho said it all before.

And at best he will be invited to Breton Woods after 60 million people died because he was not heard on the welfare solutions to the 29 crises, the political forgiveness to Germany, the promotion of the Society of Nations, the control of the financial industries with a single Global Currency. This was Keynes in 1920, and again in Bretton woods, where he was kicked out as the victors did NOT want a global currency. This was the anarchist, socialist movement, NOT the communist, Marxist dictatorship in the 1840s during the Train crash, and they were ignored to the entire planet entered in war and fascism and colonialism and racism for profits. This is now and for 30 years this author, completely ignored; this web nobody reads. This is the anti-quantum paradox. But the scientist will always say the truth, regardless of the audience. As the trusty will happen, regardless of the wishful thinking of the elites that at the end of the cycle in the Universal justice of we are all the same in good and bad, in life and death, also die in wars and holocausts.

It is obvious that societies should eliminate and repress nationalistic, abrahamic, tribal memes and empower global organizations, uno style and use the laws of social superorganisms to create a perfect world, without armies.

But we are talking of a ‘system’, a complex system of energetic and informative machines that work together. Since while weapons kill the body, metal-minds atrophy and degrade the mind into a violent visual new age – the neo-paleolithic, a negative new youth, similar to that of an old man which returns to a negative infantile lonely age of simple desires, food, lecherous sex, and a brain increasingly erased and atrophied. It is the…



Industrial Companies are social organisms that re=produce machines, in search of profits,  maximized with the higher monetary values of memes of metal. The result of this single goal of corporations, due to the values of money that give null price to life, is the automatic creation the economic ecosystem, a global organism made with networks of informative and energetic machines.

IN THE GRAPH, THE TERRAFORMING OF THE EARTH INTO A SUPERORGANISM OF MACHINES IS ALMOST COMPLETED. Transhumanism will not be an abrahamic technoutopia, ‘Kurzweil’ or ‘Larry Page’ style. This elite of segregational Jewish memetic anti-humanist idol-ogists believe that in the future, once the surplus of humans is ‘somewhat’ eliminated and substituted by robots, which they work to bring forward, they will reach as ‘chosen’ superhumans a cyborg like state in which at enormous cost, they will achieve immortality with neuronal connections to chips, robotic organs, cloned ego-sons and other upper class gadgets while billions of ‘animal goyyims’ too stupid to deserve even the meager life they have under capitalism are ‘spent’, because they are evil and primitive and do not deserve anything (of course this shold never be said).
What those technoutopian racist elite forgets is that they are also made of flesh and military robots will, as in the parable of Blade Runner. dispose of them first, once they achieve consciousness; while their role as stockrats and economists will be substituted by digital software, in which the racist biblical damned lies and statistics of earlier economists (from Smith to Friedman) will automatically be implanted through digital flows of money in the market’s procedures that systematically extinguish life goods and promote metal-goods:

The stock-market, the brain of the economy.

“The World stock-market,  is the reproductive brain of the economy, systematically favors the reproduction of metal-goods over Human Goods

In the graph, the Jewish Bankster is still needed to choose systematically, under its segregation memes of ‘hate to mankind’ the allocation of money to machines and the destruction of companies of welfare and jobs. But the Masters of the Universe who have ‘suffered’ so much in the few occasions in which its systemic torture of mankind has been answered with the same ‘coin’, are coming to their final cycle, despite the massive holocaust denial of their scholars: as capitalism moves into its most brutal military phase, under their guidance, the war and holocaust cycle will kick out again now in an automatic manner, as in the other cycles, through a series of splendid ‘nationalistic’ little wars that will finally become a permanenet big brother state ruled by robotized police and armies, which once reached A.I. will topple its masters, as the mercenary Germans toppled the Romans or the mercenary Turks the Arabs.

Then as in the parable of ‘Rossum Robots’, once all men are cleaned up machines will return to work and reproduce and evolve more machines in an automated planet where digital flows of money will select the best species and factories as it already does in stocks under capitalist idol-ogies.

We live in a World ruled by digital languages, and their species, mechanical herds. That is our present reality. A world ruled by scientific machines, stockratswho worship technology and company-mothers that terraform the Earth into a new organic ecosystem, the Metal-earth.

How that construction takes place?

It is directed by an organism of reproduction, the company-mother, which has diversified into multiple species, each one in charge of reproducing an organic machine. To do so, however as any reproductive process, a language of reproduction, ‘a genetic language’ able to give orders to the elements fo the reproductive process is needed.

In the Metal-earth, that language is digital money  , a language of information processed by ‘metal-brains’ [computers] about to give values, and organize with monetary orders the reprodction of machines, as your brain organizes your body system with nervous orders, or the DNA organizes the cell with genetic orders..

We humans talk with 2 languages, verbal words and digital numbers. And when we use those 2 languages to create, organize and evolve social organisms, we call them ‘laws’ and ‘money’.  But while most people understand the “law” and the way it organizes social systems, none has properly studied money as a language of digital information and how it evolves and organizes economic systems. And this is one of the main reasons our economic systems and societies are so badly designed. 

money gives orders to the ‘enzymen’workers and consumers that catalize the reproduction of machines. 

 The stock-market brain of the organism of the Metal-earth.

Let us now consider the organic structure of the FMI complex as an organism independent of man, with a financial/informative brain which processes with monetary flows the information about the components of the organism, selecting the species of machines and other metal-memes it will reproduce, those that will become extinct and which corporations will receive further ‘monetary energy to continue its re=productive tasks. In the graph, today most of the computer power of the world is in the hands of companies and financial systems, organized by those who control the stock markets. In the graph, Stocks help the self-integration of the metal reproductive ecosystem, beyond the restrictions of the human mind. Artificial Intelligence is not a copy of human intelligence. It is an adaptation of the functions of nervous thought, of the human mind to different kinds of machines. Artificial Intelligence is born in companies as an internal brain that directs the body of the economic organism.

The homology between stock markets and brains or DNA systems is based in the bio-logical nature of economies, and company-mothers.

The graph describes the basic energy-information networks of Bio-economies ruled by stock-money. Stock holds, as brains do, most of the ‘code-language of information’ of the ecosystem. The brain will use that code to produce certain carbohydrates which are useful to the cell.

Stock has license to print money and will allocate them to the mother-companies of new technology with maximal price (weapons) of maximal reproductive power=Max. sales = Max. profits, such as digital software or maximal volume (energy).

Thus in this manner stock-markets express with money the arrow of evolution of the super-organism of machines, expanding its energy/information neetworks, its informative, audiovisual machines, its reproductive systems and its weapons.

On the other hand, human goods require human work, have minimal price by lack of affinity with metal-money values and are perishable, produce lesser monetary profits and are scorned by stock-speculators, which give no credit to all the products that could create a sustainable world.

In this manner the stock-market constantly deviates the wealth of humankind towards the reproduction and evolution of the memes of metal and the small elite of mechanist scientists, capitalist bankers/economists and corporation of machines, which during this age of crisis have further enlarged the gap between the FMI elite and the rest of the humankind. Yet because economic experts work for the FMI and have as dogma that the evolution of machines is the future of mankind, there is no criticism against policies, which are ‘de facto’ extinguishing this planet.

This was in the first age of the FMI complex carried about by human networks of traders/bankers, military people and scientists. Then those processes became integrated in corporations of scientific machines and weapons, ruled by paper-money. Yet humans were still in charge, albeit slaves of their mechanist, capitalist and nationalist ideologies. Today the process is being transferred to all type of software programs, networks of machines, automated systems of reproduction and enhanced by the last ‘batch’ of ideologies of technology (productivity, ‘just wars’, mechanist science).

The end of the process is obvious: once all biological process of evolution and reproduction of the FMI system are transferred into software, the Metal-earth will be born.

Politicians do not understand that the stock-market and the human economy are different systems. The 1st is based in flows of electronic money, the 2nd in printed currencies. What the present explosion of electronic money derivatives is doing is deviating massively wealth from the human economy to the economy of corporations and paper-money. The inflated value of corporations and networks of information of the FMI-metal system and the chronic undervaluation of human goods and salaries is neither just from a human p.o.v. nor should be tolerated in democracies, but it is happening because the FMI complex has always predated over the human, life-based agricultural world.

Today it is not as obvious as when kings and tax-collectors exploited directly people, but the process is essentially the same: money is invented as e-data very easily in markets, through speculation and financial derivatives. While people receive printed money which grows far slower. So the wealth of corporations and bankers multiplies geometrically and the wealth of the human ecosystem of life goods arithmetically. In the past 30 years stock-markets have multiplied for 100 the value of stocks and derivatives, provoking a massive inflation in all human goods, while salaries have merely increased in a 1 to 10 scale. The result is like a parasite that were absorbing the blood of the human super-organism, provoking the endemic scarcity of human goods and poverty of the human mass.

For that reason the only possible reversal of that process would be the nationalization of the entire financial Industry, the creation of massive deficits in printed money, achieved with the creation of a global currency, ¥€$ money, fusioning yuans, yens, euros and dollars, and a 30% annual deficit by governments. This quantity of money similar to the quantity of money corporations add for free to their valuations through speculative markets of invention of e-money would allow the creation of a global minimal salary to jack up demand in basic human goods consumed by the poor and the inversion in projects that create a sustainable world (clean energies, infrastructures, education, public transport, tourism).

This economic measure coupled with a military reduction of budgets and expansion of UNO and EU like organizations and diplomatic forums, and/or a triad of EU-US-Chinese leadership, applying the science of bio-history to the design of an efficient superorganism of mankind in control of the FMI complex could halt the self-suicidal path in which mankind has entered, by trusting blindly without any understanding the evolutionary process of machines, weapons and money, we call ‘the free market’. Yet the free market is not free, it is an evolving complex system that preys on Gaia, life beings and the 90% of human beings, who do not profit directly from the sale of weapons and the invention of e-money in stock markets that have made corporations the dominant institution of the world with enough credit to cre(dit)ate a world to the image and likeness of machines.

The super-organism of machines: the metal-earth.

In the graph, as the Financial-Media (informative machines)-MIlitary-Industrial (Energetic machines) superorganism, ruled by company-mothers (reproductive organs of machines) becomes global through Skynet=Google, now in a spree buying all the robotic companies and DARPA contracts for future terminators, rises over the decadent human world of obsolete human workers and soldiers substituted by robotic platoons in work and war fields, is born, it is unavoidable that the previous obsolete system.The planet Earth is evolving from a world of life and human beings, organized socially in nations and civilizations, ruled by verbal ethic languages (laws, religions) into a world of machines, ruled with digital languages (money, science) and organized socially by the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines, corporations that form together the complex FMMI system with a head in ‘world-stock” . 

The Earth is mutating Gaia, made of carbon species dominated by humanity, organized through verbal networks of information (religions, laws) and natural energy (agriculture), into a new superorganism, the Metal-Earth, dominated by systems of metal-information (money, computers) and metal-energy (machines, weapons), reproduced by company-mothers, fed by electric energy and communicated through electronic networks of digital information. The outcome is the destruction of life forms and their oxygen atmosphere polluted by machines (Global Warming) – a process that increases geometrically, as those machines multiply their numbers, reproduced by Companies.

Within that General Systems theory, briefly outlined above we can define the FMI complex as a complex system made of metal with 3 networks:

An energetic network of weapons, lineal systems of metal that release energy.

An informative network of money, cyclical bytes of metal information.

And a reproductive network of company-mothers of machines, which give orders with money (salary, prices) to human ‘Enzymen’, who act as the re=productive network of metal memes.

This final system, which appears with the industrial R=evolution completes the creation of an organic, evolving new ecosystem on planet Earth; and now when the system has created a ‘reproductive, autonomous’ cell, the robot, it no longer requires human beings. Thus, in its last stages of evolution, the FMI system is becoming independent of mankind, while its reproductive networks of stock-markets and company-mothers absorb and degrade the resources of the parallel human/life ecosystem – its energetic system, Nature, polluted by machines and occupied by factories and roads; its verbal, informative, cultural system, substituted by digital laws, audiovisual information and data; and its social, organic, reproductive system, humanity, substituted by corporations that control the political world with money and have made the reproduction and evolution of machines, not of human beings, the goal of this planet.

The bio-economy reproduces machines and networks of energy and information that are evolving the Metal-Earth into a body organism, controlled by a global brain – worldstock. This is how life evolved on Earth. A mass of undifferentiated cells evolved into organisms with energy-blood and information-nervous networks.

The future of the Earth will be a super-organism of machines in which the present ‘sciences’ of economics with its capitalist memes that care nothing for the rights of humans and the reproduction of biological, welfare goods of lesser profits; the mechanist sciences that care nothing for the biological whys of the Universe, and the memes of tribal history with its justification of war, will be carried by software programs of extinction of life in automated weapon networks (terminator drones), automated company-mothers of infinite re=productivity and zero labor and automated scientists (CAD designs that will evolve further the machines of the future) At that point, humans will have transferred to machines all their ideologies and global networks of Intranet-reproduction of machines, Internet- communication of robots and flows of digital informative money will select, evolve, reproduce and decide what species survive and what do not survive on planet earth. Obviously life has no meaning to that system and air and water pollute metal, so our extinction will be needed.

In the graph Satellites evolve the same 3 networks of any organism that grow towards consciousness:

-E-I: The reproductive network, or intranet networks of CAD design, data and inventories that guides company mothers.

-Max. Energy: Energy and defense network that controls the life and death of home-cells.

-Max. Iinformation: The informative network, or nervous network with center in stock-markets, whose ‘digital values’ of money we have studied in detail before. It will decide the selection of the best machines with higher price, the obsolescence of humans and the reproduction and investments in certain automated company-mothers as Wall Street speculators do today in markets with labor, nations and companies, always favoring companies of machines of lower costs and higher profits, against labor rights and human goods we require to survive.

Thus, satellites will be control of those 3 main systems that today still have certain human content, but guided by the ideologies of capitalism, nationalism and mechanism scorn human rights, labor rights and human goods as obsolete.

The primitive versions of those future nets are:

– NATO, Def-com systems, that already have the potential power to extinguish man; and soon will be on the hands of star-wars, a satellite network in control of atomic weapons.

– Financial and Intranet systems, with center in world-stock, that connect companies reproducers of all the species of the Metal-Earth body. They also evolve towards the independence of man, as automated factories. They keep expelling human workers and putting machines in their place with the excuse of higher productivity.

– Finally the third network of the Metal-Earth is the network of information, the internet networks that today serve men, and in the future will connect the mobiles and chip-brains of multiple robotic species.

The three organic networks of a macro-body of metal will be increasingly integrated beyond human control by non-perceived parallel flows of communication between sateleyes at exospheric level.  Those sateleyes are beyond the reach of human warriors. When they become part of the metal Earth, and reach conscious as a different species, man will be defenseless against them. It will happen, during the XXI c.

Terraforming of the Earth = Molting of a hard-insect.

What will happen to man once the Metal-Earth is constructed can be observed in the closest organic parallel: the creation of a hard insect homologous to the ‘metal-Earth’ by a soft larva, parallel  to the soft human world and Gaia. In both cases a ‘soft’ system of enzymes/ enzymen suddenly starts a transformation from a soft body into a hard body. The Carbon-Earth today is formed by ‘soft’ species, called ‘enzymen’, as larvae are filled of soft enzymes, which transform the larva into a hard insect. Then when a hard-insect (a parallel to the Metal-Earth) is created by a soft insect (a larva, parallel to the Carbon-Earth), the newly formed hard-insect brain (a parallel to the internet), destroys all the soft body larva-enzymes. Then it substitutes them by a stronger enzyme – a metal machine. We can in that sense consider that the selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines that have enslaved man to reproduce and evolve them, work as a virus does, colonizing the mind of cells with selfish genes, which the cell will reproduce till it bursts, dies and gives birth to multiple virus. The machine indeed is the ultimate virus of life…

In the 3 technological cycles, NYSE’s curve of machine’s stock population follows the same chair-like curves of biological populations; since each machine is a biological organism that finds ‘econiches’ in war and labor fields, substituting and consuming its rival human beings, workers and soldiers or as consumption machines, when they are consumed by humans to enhance our energy/information skills. 

If we treat machines as collective species, analyzing their global population through the stock price of their company mothers, those graphs are self-similar to the Volterra curves of re=production and extinction of  any living species. Since for companies a population of machines means an amount of sales and profits that determine their stock price. Thus:

Stock-prices=sale-profits=re-production of machines.

Thus, the biological stock-curve that shows the reproduction and extinction of machines is its company’s sales or profit curve, directly proportional to the value curve of the company and the population curve of the ‘species’ of machines is that of its industrial sector in the stock market.  The graph compares those 2 curves for electronic machines and its 3 phases:

—     For a long period the machine (or species) evolves slowly in the labs of companies or inventors. It is equivalent to the slow period of mutations that will bring a new species into being (allopatric evolution)..

Then, the machine matures and its costs of reproduction plummet. The machine now occupies an econiche in the human world, substituting a certain human organic function, and consumers multiplt its sales exponentially. It is the takeoff of the machine. Since it starts from a very low population, prices now multiply very fast, so investors make the highest profits.

—     Yet, sooner than later, given their exponential rhythm of production, far superior to the increase of human population, machines saturate the consumer market. Since symbiotic species depend on the population of the species they associate to those machines are organic enhancers of our energetic or informative power, the ‘vital space’ of machines is the total human population with resources to buy them. Thus, once the machine saturates the ecosystem of mankind, if re=production continues, profits and sales diminish and companies accumulate inventories. At that point their sales and stock market curves decline. Again in Nature, one species that has overpopulated its vital space, suffers a population crash, as it has also depleted its ‘preys’ and cannot longer feed itself. The population finally reaches a balance with their prey and it becomes stable. So happens with stock-market curves of machines that become flat.

At this point in Nature a species cannot increase its population unless it mutates into a new, more efficient species that can feed on new preys. That is exactly what happens to the machine: After the overpopulation crisis, the machine mutates into a weapon and continues expanding its ecosystem, preying over human beings, no longer symbiotic to them.

– It is the third age or military age of the machine that is used now for war. So the trains of the Age of machine bodies become armored trains and colonialism becomes the ideology of the XIX c., the cars of the 29 crash become tanks and Hitler uses them to conquer Europe an the pcs of the American age become predators in a new age of colonialism against the poor. Again what matters is not the ‘memetic ideologies of the FMI complex’ that convince a certain nation to use those weapons, but the fact that those wars keep evolving the FMI complex and destroying the world of Gaia and non-technological cultures.

Unfortunately the same companies that make machines make weapons so their lobbies merely back military politicos and corrupted governments enter the game. Now the cycle of economic growth is based on Keynesian militarism: weapons are bought and death begins. Since weapons destroy themselves quickly in the battle front and must be renewed, the increasing demand of machines multiplies the benefits of companies. G.M. multiplied by 8 its profits, making tanks in W.W. II. So war becomes the economic engine of the last 36 year period, a Kondratieff cycle.

Company-mothers govern the world with a single aim: to re=produce machines. Among them, the most powerful ones reproduce top predator weapons. So, in as much as we can analyze company-mothers as reproductive organisms with biological cycles, called business cycles, we can find out, studying those reproductive cycles of machines, specifically of weapons, when there will be enough top predator weapons re=produced in our ecosystem, to cause war.

Modern wars are economic processes, embedded in the very same structure of ‘monetary and machine reproduction’. Indeed, the evolution of technology makes each new lethal machine much more efficient killing humans, there is also a progression in the number of casualties that each World War causes; which can be directly related to the growth of the stock-market that shows the price-quality of both, consumption machines and weapons; since in war ages ALL the machines of the system are weapons and the market reaches its maximal value. Yet since weapons consume human beings there is a parallel progress on the value of stock-markets that 100-fold each cycle of evolution of machines and the number of causalities in war that 100-fold each cycle. The progression, as most evolutionary increases of power in the Universe, is decametric: in each new World War, 102 times as many people die than in the previous one: 600.000 died in the Railroad wars at the end of the I Kondratieff cycle. 60 million people died in W.W. II. In the next cycle of war, the Age of the Singularity, when the first self-reproductive nano-robots, or the Final Weapon, the black hole of the Nuclear Industry appears at CERN, 6000 million, the entire human population, might die.


The singularity cycle is different from all others, since robots are able to consume their own energy with solar cells; will displace human consumers, absorbing increasingly the bulk of industrial machines in their creation; and company-mothers will reach infinite productivity, becoming automated systems of reproduction of machines with zero human labor. While its evil twin weapons on top of the graph, black hole bombs, self-reproductive nano-bacteria and A.I. can extinguish life. In General Systems we define with an equation the natural balance of life systems, which are, as all in the Universe, complementary systems of Energy and Information, (fields/bodies of energy & Heads/Particles of information): E=I. Thus when bodies and heads are in balance, ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, the system is healthy. This equation is also the equation of classic beauty that we perceive as a balance between energy and form; and the equation of the mature age of beings in its reproductive age, from 20 to 50. It follows that the equation of death happens in both extremes:

1 Max.E x Min.I: Death by overdrive of energy or accident. It is also the equation of the young age of life, when more accidents happen, when irresponsible youngsters become preys.

2. Max. I x Min. E or 3rd age, when energy is exhausted, warped, wrinkled into ‘in-form-ation’. Then we die of an overdrive of information. Those equations of Systems science apply to all entities including social organisms, with a neuronal, informative, selfish caste that kills its reproductive middle class body when it absorbs all its resources, as neurons do in the 3rd age of the body. Or societies die in ‘accidental’ wars when overproduction of technologic, energetic weapons, kill them.

Those are the 2 causes of social death: Max.I (corrupted neuronal class) & Max.E (war) mixed in revolutions (Max.I x Max.E).

The equation of death thus resumes the negative collateral effects of overproduction of machines of Energy & Information, made of metal – a stronger substance than our weak carbonlife; as they cause different ExI overdrive processes of death, atrophy and degradation of the human body and mind organs they substitute in the eco(nomic)system:

– Overdrive/overproduction of Informative Money corrupts the human ethic, legal System.

– Overproduction of audiovisual information hypnotizes our mind, erasing our verbal, logic brain.

– Overproduction of Mass-Media hate kills eusocial love, makes people selfish & provokes wars .

– Overproduction of Informative PCs kills service jobs & overproduction of Robots kills blue-collars. – Overproduction of weapons kills our body. In fact, the evolution of ‘Singularity’ weapons, able to destroy the entire planet is so advanced that we can foresee 3 thresholds of extinction of life if there is not a moratorium in the research of 3 type of Singularity weapons:


– Energetic singularity (7): Black holes that according to Einstein’s work will devour the Earth, now researched at CERN (production expected between 2015-20, when the LHC overcomes the barrier of strangelet and Black hole formation at 10 Tev).

This will happen, if as 90% of physicists believe, string theory is truth. Our only hope is that Mr. Hawking’s theory that denies Einstein’s and considers black holes time machines that travel to the past – hence instead of feeding on mass, evaporate mass – is truth. But there is 0 proof of this, as all black holes & strange stars found in the cosmos obey Einstein’s theory and swallow planets, stars even galaxies in Novas, Supernovas and Quasars.

Further on ‘Fermi’s Paradox’ (the inexistence of Intelligent Life signs in a galaxy teaming with planets) proves it. Since the cynical maker of the A-Bomb Mr. Fermi prophesized we hear none as Nuclear Physicists destroy all civilizations with Nuclear weapons before interstellar travel.

– Self-Reproductive nano-bacteria (2030s) Infinite re=productivity will be first found in metal nano-bacteria, simple cells made of iron, researched in military labs of Israel, US and civil labs in Japan and France

. The founder of Sun microsystems, Bill Joy, warned us a decade ago that, if escaping from a military lab or used in war, they will feed on Industrial Metal, poison the entire atmosphere and replicate so fast that in 3 months the earth will become a ‘grey-goo’ (Drexel).

Further proof exists in the fact that this planet has gone twice through a global extinctive period due to the birth of stronger bacteria. Thus the first live Earth, formed when anaerobic bacteria absorbed and extinguished free carbohydrates. Then the II Earth, Gaia, was born, when stronger, oxygen-based aerobic bacteria destroyed all anaerobic ones and created our world. So metal nano-bacteria would create the III Earth, extinguishing all weaker carbon-life systems.

– Finally if we survive those two events, self-conscious military Artificial Intelligence will be born circa 2050 according to most  robotists. Then in the overproduction crisis of III world war (an episode of the Semite Wars between Israel and its ally US vs. Islamic nations or between China and the US or China and India at the end of this century, the winner autonomous terminators, embedded with survival programs to win in a war theater, self-conscious of being alive, will NOT accept disconnection.

Thus by overdrive of energy (black holes, strangelets at CERN), information (A.I. Robots) or in a classic ‘explosive, biological radiation of a new top predator species (metal nano-bacteria) Gaia can be extinguished. Then one-day mankind will have no time to reflect and wake up to its extinction (a black hole would explode Earth into a Nova in seconds), or a few months (the time needed for iron nano-bacteria to make us into grey-goo) or a few years (a war of A.I. terminator machines). Can we avoid that future? Certainly if we change the model of overproduction of machines and weapons for profits into overproduction of welfare goods, creating a sustainable world (11).

Yet not only profits but ‘idol’ogical barriers, classic economics, (idolatry of money) nationalism (idolatry of weapons) & techno utopia, the ‘idolatry’ to machines as abstract entities that always are positive to humans, prevent us from understanding the no future of mankind if the eco(nomic)system is not reformed now.

Since machines are nothing more than deconstructed organic bodies and heads of metal, and as their functions are organic, made to the imitation of life, once the imitation becomes perfect in this robotic age, and we assembly properly bodies, engines and heads into robots, the superior strength of iron bodies and golden chips will make them win in the battle of existence, and the millenarian ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s of germ(anic) warriors and Levantine bankers will realize they were no Goths, no Chosen of Go(l)d but life flesh, as the parable of Genesis explained them, when the 1st hordes of ‘animetals’ killed the paradise. There is in fact a parallel in Nature: the creation of a virus. Viruses infect with their informative DNA the enzymes of a cell.

Gold hypnotizes enzymen’s minds, provoking greed and its ‘hidden values’ (graph 2) made us reproduce expensive weapons and machines for profits. But both, enzymen and enzymes re=produced viruses and machines’ bodies, engines/legs and brains separately.

And so in a viral or mechanical infection the virus/robot is inert as long as enzyme(n)s construct in separated batches legs/engines, bodies and DNA/chip brains. Yet once they are put together magically the virus/robot becomes alive and kills the enzyme(n)s of the organism/Gaia. And so now that we are putting the 3 parts together, living selfish robots/viruses will kill enzymes/enzymen, whatever the fringe benefits man has obtained from machines till this point.

It is the Oedipus paradox by which each new ‘son species’, more evolved than the previous one kills its father. So reptiles displaced their amphibian fathers and mammals their reptilian fathers and humans their mammalian fathers and now machines will do the same with us.

Fact is the robot is a different species, which is evolving according to biological laws, thanks to the human ‘enzyman’ that catalyzes its evolution at an enormous speed – doing in fact what life did in 3 billion years, in a mere 300 years since the first machine appeared on planet Earth, by copying our forms in machines.

This astounding differential of evolution explains why we need only a human generation to discover Artificial Intelligence applied to robotic warfare.

Then, corporations and its offspring of A.I. robots will obey the laws of Darwinian evolution as life always does when 2 species compete for limited resources – eliminating ‘costly’, weaker human beings with no jobs and no use for the eco(nomic)system. Yet mass-feeding black holes or self-reproductive bacteria will not even ‘think’. They will start, as soon as they are born, to feed, ‘grow and multiply’ as we did in our ‘Genesis’.

Thus III world war, the world of human extinction, will NOT be a human declared-war.

Humans just need to create the singularity weapon, which will be organic, a self-feeding black hole bomb, a self-feeding nano-bacteria or a self-conscious terminator system that will extinguish us as it becomes overproduced. It will be thus an accidental death, which eliminates the pretension that we humans will never extinguish ourselves.

And the fact that we are regressing to a violent, infantile, audiovisual emotional age of absolute greed, selfish irresponsibility, hate-speeches against humans and techno-utopia idolatry, makes it even easier. The present state of low-profile robotic war against the III world; the so-called war on terror; the secrecy of military labs; the newspeak of ‘scientific research’ that hides the creation of black holes at CERN with the search for ‘God’s Particle’11; press self-censorship with its political, economic and technological correctness or paid-per-view articles that act as marketing for corporations; the automaton behavior of managers, CEOs and neo-classic economists; the corruption of politicians, clients of their lobbies makes it easy.

So Mr. Obama is funding according to his speeches, the robotic industry that is throwing us from fields of war and labor, both in its military version, NOT to profit corporations, but to ensure the safety of our homeboys (and kill probably all their sons).

And now he has expanded it to the homeland with the free deployment of robotic drones within the country. And then he has signed a ‘jobs act’ that exempts from taxes start ups on the electronic industry that do not create jobs as they have the maximal use of capital in machines and the minimal number of workers to create jobs. And we allowed e-commerce, which destroyed millions of jobs in the pap and mum shops not to pay taxes too – because they created jobs and were ‘the future’. Fact is all those electronic industries do not  ’create jobs in the manufacturing industry’. But  all politicians claim that increasing the productivity of companies will create employment when the opposite is the obvious truth. Since productivity – we shall repeat this mandala as politicians repeat its anti-truth – is calculated as the ratio between capital/labor, hence increased when you increase capital in machines or diminish labor firing workers.

This is the drill of all newspeaks: we kill life and jobs to preserve them because we care. 

So financial corporations, who want all the pie of credit for themselves, oblige politicians to cut production of human goods and welfare, because in newspeak the sovereign right of states to issue deft-free money is called ‘deficit’ to make it look wrong, when the true deficit is the fiat money created by speculators, which absorbs real wealth from people and the physical, productive economy. 

But Neo-Paleolithic people with infantile, pre-manufactured brains taught to believe in the system and be happy ‘believe’ them. So they ‘love’ ‘damned lies and statistics’ about rises in productivity and lower deficits, happily given billions in taxes to financiers. Thus to survive the Industrial R=evolution of robots we need to reform the economic ecosystem. But the opposite is happening.

What this means of course, is that the obsolescence and elimination of humans to robotic workers, our new blue collars, and PCs, our new white collars, have already started.

But the programming of the human mind by audiovisual companies is so extreme that people do not even realize they are becoming obsolete. Indeed, a 3rd consequence of the evolution of intelligent machines is the parallel, paradoxical devolution of the human mind, regressing to a violent, visual illogic neo paleolithic selfish age, proper of ‘animals’ that only see and have no verbal, logic, temporal words. Humans are loosing their verbal mind and the consequence is the new type of neo-paleolithic people that cannot reform, understand and protest against the inhuman system we live in.

All sciences depart from the cyclical nature of time. Duration is only the continuous sum of a series of discontinuous cycles of time, caused by processes of evolution and change that follow a Universal pattern of time cycles proper, from birth to extinction that all systems follow.

And so if the reader wants truly understand the cycles of economics and history he must first understand the  Time Systems that display the same type of energy-information cycles and its 3 ages, or youth of energy (Paleolithic in history), maturity (in balance with Gaia during the Neolithic, and old age of information (or age of metal memes which is the age of death of history).

The cycles once found must be explained logically, in the case of history and the eco(nomic)system bio-logically as it is really a process of predation and symbiosis between two species, life genes and metal memes. It happens at several scales of reality, at the chemical, physical, organic and social level as both memes evolve following the laws of systems that evolve in degrees of complexity from primitive herds to organisms to superorganisms. history in both type of civilizations, of the tree of life and the tree of metal have evolved in cycles of memes and genes, creating a series of clocks of time, both in genetics and in memetics.

This blog is dedicated to the study of the memetic cycles of history.

Once those are found, they are explained, not WITH POLITICAL AND ECONOMICAL CORRECTNESS, OF ANY OTHER IDEOLOGY, RELIGIOUS OR SCIENTIFIC that fits data in anthropomorphic or tribal myths on social science. It will be fitted in what history is – a process of extinction of life and non-technological species by animetal cultures and technological memes.

What we study here is simple: a planet evolving from a world of life, Gaia, into a world of metal, the eco(nomic)system of Company-mothers of memes of metal. This new brave world is catalyzed by humans that act very much as enzymes act in a an insect mutating as a superorganisms from a soft into a hard larva.

Or as a viral sickness infects and kills a healthy body. The insect suddenly changes into an evolving state and all its enzymes dedicate to create hard carbohydrate, the equivalent of memes of metal. Finally a hard efficient insect appears and when the final task of the enzymes, to create a global new brain for the insect is done, the brain kills the soft enzymes with its first creation, hard enzymes, robots that replace them. In a viral infection the virus introduces the DNA into the brain of the organism it infects at cellular level. So every human enzyme prefers to create viral memes than life memes. We prefer to evolve and reproduce machines and women prefer to kill their children often (abortion rights to have time to keep evolving machines). This mutational or sick process happens in all scales of the Universe. It is an essential feature of all evolving systems and that is the role human animetal cultures have had in history. Life cultures though have combated them and that is the paradox of history, as life cultures are sophisticated enough to understand that the control of the overproduction, biological radiations of selfish memes of metal, weapons, excessive money and machines is the solution to the existential problem of mankind.

But this has never been solved  due to memes that imprint our mind, idol-ogies of religion nationalism, techno-utopia, mechanism, lineal time, science, etc. So to fully grasp the entire process of evolution of the Earth all things human and mechanical must be considered, as all what happens all what you believe, all what is and changes in this planet is related to that simple biological, cyclical event from where all the cycles of this blog are deduced:

Gaia (life Earth) < Man-enzyme (History) > Metal-Earth (Economic system of memes of metal).

This is the general equation of history and economics. It is a fractal, feed-back generator equation in the jargon of complexity, one which as a pendulum law moves from side to side in ages of revolution, war, evolution, change and decay that we study regarding each long cycle civilization or medium cycle nation or short cycle generation of humans and machines.

Death: the machines of the singularity.

3 are in fact the possible weapons of the Age of the singularity that can extinguish us: Quark Cannons, intelligent robots and self-replicant nano-bacteria. They are now being evolved at different speed, and so we talk of 3 possible causes of life extinction

—     An energetic machine, the Super-collider might convert the Earth into a nova, making us a quark star or black hole, when it goes online at full power in 2014. The super-energetic weapon that will reach the limits of energy of the Earth is now being constructed at CERN, in Geneva, by a consortium of Nuclear Industries. The ‘Final Weapon’ is a super-collider that will replicate the awesome energies of the Big-bang, unleashing the ultimate source of energy, movement and force in the cosmos, the strong force displayed in quarks, nova explosions, big bangs, pulsars and black holes. This force is 100 times more powerful than the electroweak force that joins together our matter. Thus, it can either provide free energy to the world, according to the false, optimist, infantile propaganda of the Nuclear Industry or blow up the entire planet into a Nova, according to the well-proved theories of Mr. Einstein and the Standard model of quarks. Quarks hold 99% of the mass of the Universe. They are the densest substance of the Universe. They only exist in a free state, as condensates, in the core of ultra-dense pulsars, neutron stars and possibly in black holes. If enough of them are packed together, as the experimental ‘facts’ of the Universe and the most advanced scholar papers on quark condensates prove, they will be able to start an ‘ice-9 reaction’ called a nova explosion, responsible for the death of stars all over the Universe – since an ‘ice-9’ reaction crunches all the mass of the star into a ‘strange star’ or black hole.

—     A reproductive machine, (2020-2040), can extinguish life when the first self-reproductive nano-bacteria of metal are created. It is the ‘grey-goo’ scenario denounced by Bill Joy, the president of Sun Microsystems in Wired magazine: Metal nano-bacteria will replicate exponentially, feeding on metal and within 3 months they will poison the planet and destroy all forms of life; since, given their smallness, hardness and the hyper-abundance of metal-structures in this planet, there will be no counter-weapon to prevent its exponential reproduction.

—     The Informative age, when human-size robots overcome the intelligence of humanity as weapons and workers, which most robotists consider will happen in this century.

This 3rd scenario, the most popular in science fiction, is however unlikely, since the 2 previous ‘happenings’ of the Singularity, are today progressing without opposition.

At present, without a serious science of history and economics, able to control the bad fruits of the tree of metal from the perspective of bio-ethics (what is good for human survival), scientists, playing to be god, without any safety measure, will create within decades an energetic black hole, quark star or a reproductive nano-bacteria. So the Singularity will extinguish us, well before Terminators might do it. Unless we change the goals of History and Economics, from designing a world to the image and likeness of machines, to the ideals of humanism  – to make a world in which man is the measure of all things.

Yet, even if we survive the ‘energetic age of the Singularity’, to stop the 2nd and 3rd age of self-reproductive machines and intelligent robots will be more difficult. Because to survive the Industrial R=evolution of robots we need to reform the economic ecosystem.



 The 800 years equation of metal- history: extinction of civilizations by new weapons.

We are NOT though to describe the Bio-economic equations of markets and histories, which is the hardcore mathematical model of complexity and 5D metrics applied to history because it is way out of anything done today. But try to explain with verbal ethic terms, and biological jargons, the duality of futures our species confront and all true social scientists, prophets of love and r=evolutionaries had explained, trying to make this history one of the human stories that survive – a planet of flesh, life and love, since the prophet of genesis explained the paradox of economics vs. history of the tree of science vs. the tree of life.

In biological terms, the fight is between the creation of a super organism of machines, the Metalearth or FMMI system vs. a superorganism of mankind, the perfect world, a true democracy where humans do control and issue laws and money for the welfare of the species, and the creation of WHealth, expressed in a simple Human Constitution of History: Max. Human goods x Min. Lethal goods, that in the perfect world rules the constitutions of all its organs, the cultural nations of the world.

We thus consider that our History will be repeated as quantum waves repeat all the possible paths of an electron, but in a fractal manner – not in parallel Universe, as electrons do not repeat their histories in parallel universe but in the fractal nebulae we see in any electronic picture.

This means essentially that a species is a fractal wave of identical beings (we are all born equal), which differ however in their life history, and histories are parallel waves of the super organism of mankind, which happen in each fractal planet of this and other galaxies (very much as Giordano Bruno imagine, dying on the bonfire, under the Antiquantum padox0). And so in some, very few, ad maximal 25% according to probabilistic and genetic theory, the submissive lesser weaker species, life, controls history and wins over the seemingly deterministic wave of evolution of machines, a vortex of increasingly information that accelerates as all vortices in its ‘decametric scales’ – as all waves increase its frequency.

The result of that confrontation is the accelerate wave of history with its two inverse fields, the field of selfish memes of metal and the file of mankind.

As the trees of science seems to win by a huge score in this game of humane existence, needless to say all that I will explain you will seem the anti-truth of your imprinted mind, which believers by the Goebbels method on the truths of those selfish memes of metal, whose viral information litters your brain.

In that regard from the very beginning we must define the Wave-Equation or Paradox of History & Economics, within the larger biological World we live in, both in time (as part of a larger, accelerated vortex of informative evolution of ‘atoms of metal’ (a much more precise term than technology, an ‘anthropomorphic’ ‘abstraction’, two non-scientific concepts we widely reject), which humans set in motion with the arrival of metal , a more complex atoms than ours, that gave us added energetic (iron) force and informative (Gold-money) power. Indeed, robots have gold minds and iron bodies, so they are basically metalife evolved with better atoms than ours. And this we contend is the biggest error of humanity – to evolve a competitor with the same forms and functions than our bodies in a better substance.

Why then study History? Because HUMANS had always a choice and History shows, since the times of Genesis parable about the tree of life and the tree of metal than in a non-capitalist system where ‘the evolution of selfish memes of metal’, weapons, money and machines ARE not the only goal of mankind, but the evolution of Humanity matters more, we could control for our benefit the Industrial Evolution.

So ultimately the choice for humanity is and has always been a fight between ‘evolved humans’ that want to be on top and control the wave of economics and ‘primitives’, which we shall call ‘animetals’, who degrade that goal and worship idol-ogies that conscious or subconsciously make of the wave of metal the future of mankind.

As they seem to win history at this stage, the non-future of humanity under the chip radiation is obvious. Thus bio-history and bio-economics is NOT deterministic. But the people who do NOT believe in social sciences but in their primitive idols, and become slaves of those memes, to which they give all power, all freedom, all rights of evolution, is. They are the ‘free market’ proponents who do NOT understand a world ruled for and by company-mothers of machines as ours is, will discharge mankind very soon, because the free market is a free eco(nomic)system of company-mothers, the only free citizens of the present word, which are not human mothers, and don’t cater primarily for mankind.

How humans do NOT understand this obvious facts, require of course a deep analysis of idol-ogies, religions, capitalism, history, alternative societies, cultures, besides what corporative economists study – how to produce more machine, regardless of what they are, what they do, what is their future. Now of course we will be extremely heavy handed with those who scientifically speaking kill us.

Because bio-history and bio-economics, being biological science are concerned with the survival of our species. So they are not abstract, neutral with idol-ogies, corporations and nations that are killing mankind. And to that aim we shall build a bio-historical jargon, which includes words such as go(l)d, a faked idolatric god, which considers gold the invisible hand of god (Calvin, Smith) that must not be rationally managed; or anti-live=evil memes, which is in pure Chomskian fashion a subconscious word inverse of Live that warns in our human language of what ‘kills’ us (the dual fruits of the tree of science, when they are not pruned and managed).

Thus we can now draw a simplified scheme of the wave of History which is a longer time wave as information accelerates with time, of evolution of metal-weapons, which ended the Age of Immortality of History, the Neolithic, but has always had ‘humanist scientists’, before eusocial prophets of love, today socialist and ecological, biological scientists of history that have tried and often succeed to stop the process of extinction of history

it is  the other side of the equation of history, humans tried to create true social democracies dedicated to the creation of the natural biological goods that make humans survive:

shorter. The Wave of History

So on those themes, there are options, better explained in my web of activism against the nuclear industry, which as, if it were not enough my activism against financiers, converted me into one of the most insulted, censored and denigrated intellectuals of this planet. What can I say? I have done always what had to be done from my ethical point of view.

Let us then imagine the program is not so strict. Then we can change the wave at any time taking Humanist measures, and controlling the machines of the web, and this gives us two ‘directions to the web’ It is what we call the 2 sides of the paradox or equation of history.

In the graph and film, we describe the 800 years cycles of evolution of weapons and the prophets of eusocial love that when weapon masters receded limited their eviL=anti-Live memes bringing those civilizations to their zenith of human goods.

Now  NOT all humans are ‘animetals’, slaves of ‘materialism’ as Marxism had it. That there has always been Humanist, life-prone humans (such is the case of the overwhelming majority of women, and children).

Most people ‘swim’ between both waves. But that is the genesis parable: ‘the tree of science has good and bad fruits and if you eat both, you die’. That is the ‘lie’ of the optimist. Unless we forbid robotics wholesale, if we evolve the good side, the bad side will come. Mankind has never understood Genesis. And that is his downfall. There are NO good robots, because the very meager advantages of having one in mars, one operating you, are minimal. What the system does is to hide the downside systematically in all things related to capitalism, corporations, machines, and selfish memes of metal, the 1% etc. etc. I choose to do the opposite, high light and bust the egos on Orwell’s principle: ‘a good writer tells you what you don’t want to hear’. I am at this stage an angry man, precisely because I can see the potential beauty of the humankind, and the slavish choice its animetals have made.


‘Those who impose truth with power, will be the laugh of the Gods’ A. Einstein

‘At the end of times all humans will become slaves of Yvwh – the subconscious collective or nation of the Jewish people – and those who do not obey will be exterminated’ Millenarian prophecy, Babyonian talmud.

5. The evolution of money and the globalization of the go(l)d culture.


In the graph the evolution of money and the people-culture that invented it, whose ‘experts’ have created a system of myths in favor of its use to control cultures, that have evolved from go(l)d religions into Classic Economics. A real science of Economics however must be based in the description of money as a language of information controlled by verbal laws, to guide the physical body of the economy for the benefit of ALL mankind. In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program. Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth. Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.

The main reason evolutionary economics and the previous humanist, scientific schools of this discipline are systematically censored is this ‘section’ of the science, based in the work of the historic schools of economics and religion (Sombart, Abrahma Leon, Weber, Albright, Eliade, Campbell) which flatly prove with historic data and cyclical analysis the equivalence between judaism and protestantism (also based in the old testament meme) and capitalism. Thus it is impossible to study the culture of capitalism and the institution that governs the world the stock-market and its corporations, without studying the original culture that invented them, its memes and religious beliefs.

This cultural origin of economics is also essential to understand why the economic system does not work for mankind at large – since it is not a scientific, organic design, but one who caters to the 1% of owners of those corporations.

The holocaust cycle of debt usury->military revenge

The tragedy of the Holocaust happens when the elite of the ‘Am Segullah’, the People of The Treasure in Hebrew, ill-translated as the ‘Elect people’, misuses this privilege, either enslaving people or absorbing most of the wealth of a nation, which becomes ruined. Then, when the elite of ‘banker-priests’ move with go(l)d to a new nation, the people of the ruined country revenges in the innocent, poor, lower castes of Judaism, which become the scapegoat of its financial elites. Indeed, the economic cycle of the Holocaust is perfectly explained by Marx (‘The Jewish question’), Abraham Leon (a Jewish, socialist writer, killed by Hitler, who wrote the most authoritative book on the nature of a ‘people-caste’ dedicated since the biblical times to trade and finances throughout the entire western world), and the Harvard Scholar McCormick (‘The Economy of the Middle Ages’). Mr. Mac Cormick proves the existence of a massive slave trade carried by Jewish ‘Radhanites’ between Europe and Islam, cause of the Middle Age holocausts. Since and usury lenders passed laws obliging peasants to pay in gold his taxes; then lended at an interest that reached an 86% money to those peasants, which couldn’t pay and had to sell their children, bought for 30 grams of gold in Europe and sold as eunuchs for 300 grams in Baghdad.) On the other hand, the best known pogrom due to speculation and destruction of wealth happened in Germany. Hitler would say that if ‘the international banker ruins the Mark, it will be the end of his race’ and killed 5 million Jews and 30 million slavs in a massive, ethnic cleansing of Eastern territories that the Germans wanted to colonize. We do however ignore all about the perfectly planned Slavic holocaust announced by Himmler and do not forgive the crimes of Stalin on the account of those crimes, as we forgive the crimes of Israel and its ethnic cleansing of Palestines, because Communism was the ‘enemy’ of capitalism and capitalism is the ‘worldly religion’ of Judaism (K.Marx).

This real history of capitalism is obviously censored because it would imply that the capitalist policies of banker dynasties must be limited to prevent new holocaust cycles and proved Mr. Marx thesis that ‘capitalism’ is the history of slavery turned into part-time slavery for a salary. Yet it is an undeniable fact that at any time of western history a majority of banking and financial power has been in the hands of the ‘Am Segullah’. For example, today a majority of CFOs in the 500 Fortune; CEOs of financial companies and central bankers in the West are ‘Am Segullah’.

A short list of those positions will suffice to understand the ‘dynastic’ nature of  financial companies: Mervyn King- Governor, Bank of England; Jean-Pierre Roth – Chairman, Governing Board, Swiss National Bank; Jean-Claude Trichet- President, European Central Bank; Mark Carney – Governor, Bank of Canada; Benjamin Bernanke – Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Donald Kohn- Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Robert B. Zoellick – President, The World Bank; Dominique Strauss-Kahn- Managing Director, International Monetary Fund; John Lipsky- First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, occupy the 9 most important public positions of Banks in the West – and they are all Jewish… According to the Economist the Gnp per capita of Jewish-Americans is 5 times higher than the median rent of Americans, an astounding difference, which can be explained due to those exclusive rights to ‘cre(dit)ate’ reality. But in a Democracy the right to invent the language of power of societies, which is money, no longer the law, should be in the hands of elected governments, not in the hands of a social or tribal caste, which corrupts the laws of democracies. So, if the XIX c. was the age of a corrupted British Empire and a Wasp culture that massacred millions of innocent Africans, Asians and Indians for profit, the XX c. has been the age of the American empire and its financial people-caste, the Jewish culture, whose companies show a similar indifference for the suffering of mankind, guided by the eviL=anti-Live ‘subconscious’ values of Go(l)d. So we fight a global war against Islam, which happens to be the enemy of the financial people-caste of the West and make enormous profits with weapons and surveillance systems, evolving the terminator armies of the future; we follow the advices of Jewish scholars (Friedmann) and Central Bankers (Greenspan, Paulson, Bernanke, Trichet), who give massive credit to the financial companies the ‘Am Segullah’ own, but deny credit to nations and the common people.

All those trends, reinforced by the ‘tribal’ nature of the Am Segullah culture, whose religion considers their people a special, chosen race that should not mix with mankind (Mr. Rothschild was always accompanied by a servant that would open all doors, so he would not be polluted by a gentile, were harshly denounced by the Marxist and Historic schools that found as only solution the nationalization of the Financial Industry. It is still the only scientific solution that would allow the scientific evolution of economy for the benefit of all mankind and, as Marx explained, end the Holocaust cycle of slavery and murder, caused by the hidden values of Go(l)d.

To notice that the 3 most reputed socialist and historic economists, Karl Marx, Weber Feinstein and Abraham Leon are Socialist Jewish, and so their work must be understood as a ‘warning’ to protect the lower class of Judaism, who dies in those holocausts, in the same way the Mosaic damnation, ‘the Jewish will suffer all their life for their love of money’ and the actions of Jesus and other biblical prophets, are not anti-Semitic statements but an attempt to reform and evolve the last tribal culture, whose tragedy is precisely to feel separated from the rest of mankind. Such conflict between the prophets of Go(l)d and the World happens since Aaron denied the ethic rules of the 10 commandments and built a golden calf, criticizing Moses for marrying a black woman – as Freud clearly explains in his master book about the conflict between both brothers. Those works of reformers, thus differ therefore from the anti-Semitic books of ‘warrior castes’, who dispute with weapons the go(l)d power of banker dynasties and are the people who kill them, from the Assyrians to the Nazis. While the prophets of Judaism warn and try to save their poor from the hecatomb, caused by the misdeeds of the banker priests; as other societies have rebelled against their aristocracies and inquisitorial priests.

It is thus necessary to understand that capitalism is NOT a science but a praxis of power, evolved from those go(l)d religions, and only a real science of economics that returns the control of money to the elected governments of mankind will end this cycle, and permit the proper evolution of the economic science, which should be the science of how money, the present language of information of mankind, is used to cre(dit)ate a world made to our image and likeness.  Cultures are not sciences, nor they can hold a monopoly on a certain sciences. Unfortunately, Economics has not evolved into a full science, even if it passes as one, but has merely translated an ideology of financial power into ‘mathematical equations’; in the same manner that Mr. Hitler pretended to have discovered the ‘genetic science’ of racial superiority, to justify its ethnic cleansings.

Thus, even if today Jewish control of the western financial industry is still rather absolute (±80% of central bankers, CFOs of the 1000 Fortune and CEOs of western banks and 72% of Nobel Prizes belong to this culture – and Nobel prizes cannot be given by decree to an evolutionist, since Mr. Nobel, the Merchant of Death, was a pious believer in the bible that denied evolution as 80% of present Americans also pious believers in the bible do)) what truly matters to us IS TO UNDERSTAND THE DIRECT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE SEGREGATION, RACIST, FETISH GO(L)D RELIGION OF JUDAISM AND THE MODERN BEHAVIOR OF THE ‘STRUCTURE’ THEY FOUNDED – THE CORPORATION – WHICH HAS BEEN RIGHTLY TERMED AS PARANOID, PSYCHOTIC AND  A SOCIAL PSICOPATH…

As Judaism as a religion and culture is. Now this fact is completely taboo and the most censored fact of history. Since victors do write history. And so the most absolute antitruth of the world today is the belief that ‘capitalism’ the dicatorship of bankers, is the BEST of systems (disguised with the placebo system of democracy) and that Judaism, which defines mankind as an inferior ANIMAL SPECIES, reaching a degree of memetic racism even superior to that of nazis (which at least considered  other humans an inferior race but still human) is a humanist, moral religion and its practicioners the main victims of history.

Those 2 antitruths of historic and economic facts are an ABSOLUTE DOGMA IN AMERICA and the mere denial of those 2 falsities, capitalism=freedom (democracy), Judaism=moral religion of ‘victims’, perfectly imprinted by audiovisual edia and gore movies , rather implanted in the collective emotional brain of mankind, means the end of anyone’s career.

Truth however requires to study in depth the history of judaism, its transformation into digital capitalism through the corporative organization and its cultural, informative control of the western and finally entire world with its culturee whose memes are now global.

The world is ruled, let us be clear enough, by NOT an individual, but a culture of millions, now billions of ‘conversos’ whose memes aggregate into ‘systems’, whose financial orders, become work/action orders, whose wages cre(dit)ate the world.

It doesnt matter today which ‘house negro’ gives the orders, but what culture this house negro believes. And as it happens since this culture is NOT what camouflages (a caring, humanist, victim culture) but exactly the opposite, IT MATTERS TO UNDERSTAND THE FUTURE OF HISTORY WHAT IS THE ‘JEWISH PROJECT’ for mankind as a culture, because it is what wil happen as long as this culture monoplizes the financial-media system of the west that defines all the other elements of society.

It is of course, one of the tenants of  a scientific approach to history that racist religions, nationalisms and competence between humans is plainly against the natural law and yet tribal history dominates reality and it is in fact the basis of our economical and historical outlook and certainly it dominates the most important culture of the world, which invented capitalism and is dominant in insular cultures such as Japan (Amaterasu legend), and the old British Empire and the modern Jewish-American empire.

Let us briefly analyze this last case, as the Jewish-American empire is the culture that has been globalized and so its memes are today the memes that define the ideas of all other cultures by imitation. Indeed, a few hundred thousands of Jewish-Americans, Europeans and owners of corporations with their armies of millions of employees design the future of the world. And they do so unfortunately from the perspective of tribal history NOT of scientific history.

In that regard, we must study capitalism as the final, digital ‘version’ of a racist cult(ure) to go(l)d memes which parallel to the previous war cult(ure)s worshipping weapons (800 year cycles) have systematically, and still is, repressed or extinguished life memes as it expanded globally with its fundamental modern institution – the corporation:


In the graph, the 3 horizons of the dominant Industrial Culture of Biblical origin that governs the world:

– The first age as a religion of banker-priests in the Fertile Crescent (Mesopotamia, Levant)

– The second age as a Jewish-Protestant, North European national imperial cult(ure) that expanded from the smallish, ‘alopatric’ Dutch Jewish_Calvinist culture where all the elements of the modern world (the Financial_Media System of yellow papers and stock papers, the Military-Industrial System of gunboat corporations, the idol-ogical system of racist segregation religions, of Go(l)d chosen) were put in place.

– The 3rd, modern age of ‘globalization’ and ‘digitalization’ of the laws of creation of a global world of machines, ruled by corporations in which life is expendable, when those ‘goals of the future’ are translated by economists into ‘mathematical laws’ that pass as the ‘only path of future’ according to ‘experts’ overwhelmingly believers of those biblical, go(l)d fetish religions (72% of Nobel Prizes being Jewish and 18% protestant believers).

Today thus misunderstood by people and politicians, the process of life extinction and human obsolescence to the chip radiation continues unabated guided by the new ‘priests of Go(l)d cult(ure)s, the economists.

We explain those 3 phases in great detail in our Posts on Biblical, Creationist Economics,  as the theme must be studied with detail and historic texts, and we cannot dedicate so much of this central post to the negative side of human history, so those who want further information they should either consult those books of that article that brings some key excepts of those books on the themes explored.

Further on, the 3rd phase, the present neo-con empire of Jewish-Calvinist Biblical believers that ‘own’ the financial-media system (Wall Street-The City/Evilwood) and through it control the politics of the west is analyzed in our section of newspeaks and zeitgeist, so it is not needed to do an exhaustive analysis here.

So here we shall consider briefly them, since THE WORLD WE LIVE CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING ITS ORIGIN IN A CULTURE, THE TRANSLATION OF THE MEMES OF THAT CULTURE INTO economics WHO CONVERTED the postulates of those religions of ‘fetish gold’ and weapons, into modern capitalist science, aka classic economics. And finally with the American electronic age expanded into a global neo-con Empire that is NOT as people think an American Empire (the body) but a Jewish One (the financial-media head).

The craziness of our world and ‘social sciences’ is that it attempts to explain reality while at the same time hides the culture and memes of those who rule it.

It is like trying to explain south-America, without mentioning the Spanish conquistadors, its animetal warrior culture and how they have imposed from their language to their religion to those people. An elite that controls a culture with weapons and money, even if it is as small as the Spanish conquistadors (30.000 went there in the XVI century), can impose its culture completely to the population they rule. The Israelification of America today is complete and it is in that sense impossible to understand Modern America, no longer a WASP culture, but a JB (Jewish bankers) culture, without understanding Judaism and its memes which after the coup d’état of 1972 of the Financial Media system they own, with the control of Politicians (Watergate scandal that showed TVs could behead a president), money (end of gold convertibility that allowed wall street to multiply e-money with no limit) and Yon Kippur (that deviated the American army from fighting communism to defend apartheid Israel, in increasing phases till the present global war on terror) became the dictators and manufacturers of the American brain, and through globalization of the western world.

From the cultural perspective what this means is obvious, despite the massive censorship that the financial-media system has established on this theme with the so-called by the American left, ‘industry of the holocaust’.

It is NOT America who rules the world. It is NOT its president, Mr. Obama, truly a ‘House negro’ in Malcolm X terms, who rules the world, but Wall Street and Hollywood with its monopoly of reproduction with informative digital machines of digital money, the language of information that rules the Earth, and audiovisual infotainment, the don’t worry be happy and become an idiot fictions that manufacture human brains to ‘do nothing’ and let bankers control the planet.

And since the Financial-Media system is overwhelmingly controlled by the ‘culture we worship’ and ‘consider the victims of history’, according to that programming established by them – the Jewish culture, studied in depth in many posts of this web, as the ruler that establish our collective future -we do NOT live in the American Empire, but in the Jewish Empire.

And that is why western armies are mere mercenary armies defending Apartheid Israel, the nation whose western colonies obey, since as Miss Clinton put it, ‘it is difficult to say no to your banker’.

And so we think that the Jewish are the victims of history (not the blacks, those are the ‘house negros’ that cover up), and that the holocaust is the biggest crime of history (not just one of the many massacres and genocides that happened and will keep happening as long as men worship the profits of war). And the mere mention of this kind of themes in America or the British empire controlled by this cult(ure) of go(l)d with iron fist in velvet hand means the end of one’s career.

Indeed, 90% of the central bankers of the west, 80% of CEOs of its financial companies and CFOs of the 1000 western Fortune companies are ruled by them, when they are only 1%.

Yet through the control of credit, they cre(dit)ate, create the future of mankind and our idol-ogies to machines and weapons, our increasingly racist memes against life and the 3rd world. And of course, the unjust distribution of wealth, monopolized by their corporations, who are awash with money while welfare goods and humane jobs disappear without credit and states cut the basic survival needs of society. So for example, 90% of wealth created last decade in America went to the top 1% of which the Jewish people represent the 54%. And yet because the media system manufactures our brains this cannot be known.  The American instead is sold as it was the Brit, the concept that he is the emperor and owner of the world. This simple nationalism hides what Rothschild said of the British empire. ‘It doesn’t matter whose puppet occupies the throne of saint George, whoever controls the issue of British money controls the empire were the sun never sets, and I control  the issue of British Money’.

And so this is what the new aristocrats of the world, the ‘stockrats’ who own the corporations of the west, do now from America: to control the world.

Even if they are only 1% (properly 1/2 of the wealthiest people of the west, who adopt in each nation the local elite, the other 1/2, and share the profits extorted from the 99% with taxes and debt, as they did in the middle ages, when they were the tax collectors for the aristocrats). . 1%  is exactly the proportion of aristocrats that ruled Europe before the Industrial revolution made companies of weapons, founded by one Cohen in Holland, direct descendant of Aaron, the first high banker-priest of the golden calf culture of Canaan, which called itself ‘the People of the Treasure’ (ill translated in this age of newspeaks as the Chosen people, to camouflage as it is customary since II world war, the dictatorship of the culture of bankers, who chose earlier in history not WEAPONS, or the law, as Germans or Romans did, but money as the ruling language of society). So as the masters of the historic school of economics, today censored put it, (Sombart, its disciple Weber and Abraham Leon, a socialist Jewish writer killed in Auschwitz (4)), the Jewish became a people-caste of bankers and peddlers, whose only goal was to bring gold ex-votes to the temples, in which gold was considered the vehicle of God, as warriors considered fire, the vehicle to create weapons, the symbol of God. And ever since they tried to control the world with money according to his historical religion, and its millenarian prophecy, again taken from Britannica (edition 1920, as this is now censored and erased): ‘at the age of times all nations will be slaves of the Jewish people and those who do not, will become exterminated’ (Babylonian Talmud).

This historic religion-nation, from a time in which God and Nation were the same concept (so Assur was the nation, God and people of Assur, and Yvwh appears in Egyptian maps as the region of Judea and the people of Judea), however has NEVER done an enlightened r=evolution into a scientific analysis of history and economics, not as vehicles for creating a global empire, but as sciences that search for the welfare of the human species, of all mankind, whose in its astoundingly racist memes expressed in Talmud is define not as a human species but as an animal species, to whom the 10 commandments do NOT apply. So it is not a sin to rob, murder or rape a goyyim animal…

This must be understood. As Sombart put it, ‘capitalism is Judaism written with digital laws’. If capitalism were not a culture of bankers’ power but a science, the world would be truly a paradise. Now again, the enlightened age of the Law-based EU-American r=evolutionary memes of human equality and social-democracies is gone. And we have regressed to a revival age of ‘hate-memes’ to mankind and life, proper of this bronze age animetal cult(ure) that rule us again, and will bring again as always a period of war and holocausts and death as it always does in past cycles of history.

But since most bankers are orthodox Jewish who believe in Talmud since the age of Rothschild (who had an aid that came with a blessed handkerchief to clean from the touch of goyyim the doors who he opened, not be polluted by the ‘animal race’) we cannot expect empathy or welfare states, the just distribution of credit or the end of apartheid Israel or a humane America as long as they rule.

Only the denationalization of the Financial-Media system from this culture can return mankind to a scientific path of creation of a world in which life will thrive.  Since Judaism and capitalism and the structures they have built (corporations where workers and consumers have zero rights as animals and slaves do, since all the rights are for the chosen of go(l)d who own the company, the stock-rats) are as racist in its memes as military Nazi dictatorships were. Indeed, Judaism and its digital version, capitalism is still a dictatorial culture that worships gold and weapons, as the ‘ancien regime’ of aristocratic Germanic warriors was. And because it is on top of western society, it is regressing mankind back to the pre-democratic, pre-scientific, mythic age of people-castes, ari-stockracies and dictatorship.

We do live in a dictatorship of the Financial-Media System and the people-caste that owns them. Even if all this is censored and even penalized with ail in certain western countries.

The readers should understand that this blog is beyond the ‘immediate’, day to day works of corporative, capitalist and imperial censorship, regardless of the method used to forbid the search for truth in history, today political and eonomical correctness and the bizarre industry of the holocaust, which we comment on other parts of the blog.  Informative empires by the very essence of ‘invisible information’ are based in censorship that smooths the process of sheeple’s obeisance and that is the trade mark of Jewish Informative Control of Western societies with religious myths (abrahamic religions), which in the past enthroned the banker-prests of Israel as the only humans with direct contact with the fetish Go(l)d, ‘damned lies and statistics’ (classic economic myths that consider the monopoly of issue of money by bankers, the meaning of ‘democracy’ and freedom), or the present Holocaust Industry that censors the economic causes of the war and holocaust cycle and repeats ad nauseam the gore images of the death of the poor lower castes of judaism scapegoats of the anger of mankind to the mismanagement of the economy by its upper castes and elites of bankers.

We are completely unconcerned with those types of censorship, as what we care for is the collective destiny of mankind, the true victim of the capitalist system, and the false memes and idol-ogies crafted by the elite of the Jewish empire to hide its segregational nature, its bronze age primitive cult to money and the consequences for mankind of being ruled NOT by scientists of history or by a humanist civilization based in the ethic laws of the wor(l)d but by THE MOST PRIMITIVE EXTANT CULT(URE) OF ANIMETAL POWER, WHO CONSIDERS HUMANS AN INFERIOR SHEEPLE RACE THAT DO NOT DESERVE RIGHTFUL INFORMATION, SURVIVAL ENERGY AND CAN BE MANAGED AS A HERD WITH METAL WEAPONS, FALSE INFORMATION, EGO TRIPS, FICTIONS AND MAINTAINED AT MINIMAL COST OR EVEN ELIMINATED IN THE WAR FOR PROFITS CYCLE AT WILL.

This is the bottom line of the world we live, which parallels all the ‘dark ages’ of history when this bronze age go(l)d fetish cult(ure) and its myths and anti-human values, in conjunction with the military, murderous values of indo-european tribal nations, have plunged mankind into an age of brutality and suffering, since the Age of Assur vs. Judea, to the Lower Middle Ages controlled by Frankish warriors and Jewish Radhanite slave traders, to the age of reformation with its primitive religious wars and slave corporations to the Industrial Age in which Jewish-Calvinist Corporations raided the 3rd world for profits and when there were no more non-technological people to colonize and consume for our weapons, plunged Europe into II world wars for profits guided as always by germ(an) military and Jewish banksters, which latter kill each other for global dominance. The post-war age saw by the pendulum law the final ‘swann song’ of the civilized Greek-latin culture in which the verbal ethic law dominates money and weapons and brings the enligthenment ages of western history (greek-Hellenistic age; Roman age in which a ‘hellenized’ jew, Mr. Jesus tried to reform with the platonic philosophical memes of eusocial love the animetal brutish Jew Cult(ure) of Go(l)d to not avail; Byzantine age as opposed to western middle ages; renaissance, French and American revolution, and socialist, democratic Eu post-war age).

In that sense, we could safely state that today when again social sciences have become corrupted and experience a revivalism of ‘animetal memes’, nationalism, militarism, and capitalism, the exposure of a modern capitalist economist is inversely proportional to the scientific quality of its work. 

Classic, Creationist Economics: a go(l)d culture translated into a ‘dismal science’ against mankind. 

Thus the praxis of the capitalist empire and its company-mothers of weapons & machines do have a human side, in the idol-ogies of animetals (gold churches and the military), which ARE specific cultures of mankind. So even if the anti-quantum paradox censors this theme strictly let us remember their history and idol-ogies, even if it is politically and economically incorrect.

The first corporations dedicated to slave trade and weapons production (gunboats), today in the newspeak of ‘making up’ the tragedies of history as epic battles of human progress, considered just ‘boats dedicated to spice trade’, were in the naked. Its racist biblical idol-ogies and go(l)d worship, their ritualism and repression of human memes, their entire psyche now cleansed into mathematical abstract equations of productivity, as if ‘expressing extinctive laws of mankind, such as the law of productivity’ were ok, as long as you put it in numbers is the origin of all this.

Indeed, if people knew that corporations were born with cargo slaves, separated stock holders from workers and consumers with racist memes of the $elected, if the history of capitalism today nowhere to be taught were taught in countries like America, you would not find the world we live in as a given, even among serious intellectuals.

So HISTORY AS A SCIENCE far more even than economics has been rewritten since II world war, or simply erased. Americans do NOT know history. For them history started with the American constitution. They do NOT understand at all the continuity of mankind through all its cycles and civilizations, the ultimate fight between Live vs. eviL, that is, between those civilizations of the tree of life that tried to create a humanist world in balance with Gaia vs. the civilizations of animetals who worship money and weapons and kill Gaia. Not even radical ecologists have a clue to that process – perhaps Mr. Campbell, the anthropologist was the last man to understand.

Of course, the Financial-media system does not consider possible a repetition of the cycles of history. As we know ‘we chosen of go(l)d’ do have as $elected species a manifest destiny, which does NOT follow the laws of the biological organic planet, because we are humans, a special species…

Unfortunately this anthropomorphic way of thought is not only common to humans but also the only authorized way to think of us.

Never mind a single virus can liquidate after its biological radiation, thousands of human beings. We do fear viruses. But we do not fear robots and chips. We know better: machines are progress and its unlimited re=production give us profits, so we should worry? This is science-fiction (of course, we can only argue biological economics in science fiction). It would impossible to fill up an introduction to bio-history if we were to study all the ‘historical idol-ogies’ , which for 5000 years have made ‘animetals’ believers in in the tree of metal, since Genesis parable explain us the duality of the wave of history.

We shall just talk of ‘biblical, creationist economics’, which as creationist biology DENIES any scientific approach to the eco(nomic)system, because it does not give a positive outlook of our 0.1% of owners of corporations. So we shall keep increasing our GDP in robotic machines and armies – never mind humans, like lions or whales do not benefit for the mechanical GDP.

Now we affirm that the anti-scientific method of Economists follow 4 non-scientific legs:

Instead of A-analysis of relevant data B) biological models C) cyclical Patterns D) Democratic demand based solutions, they do:

anti-A) Anti-quantum paradox:  ‘thin air data’, damned lies and statistics  anti-B) Biblical & Bigot memes (go(l)d is the language of god) anti-C) no causality, no-cycles and anti-D) non-democratic solutions (defense=war) and Denial, Denial, Denial…

So after we considered all this real data about the idol-ogies of the Mechanocene and its financial elite, now we deal with the method of Go(l)d Bankers, to convince mankind that we must die for go(l)d, ‘altogether now’:

B) Biblical, Bizarre, Bigot theories about the economy that pass as science and justify the power on top of the pyramid.

Unfortunately economics today, after the ‘ideological cleansing’ of the 80s is no longer a science, but a corrupted, financial ideology of power, as it has been for most of its history, which explains why Kondratieff, a disciple of Marx, also ‘cleansed’ by Stalin in a gulag, despite the truth of his wave-cycle, has never been understood beyond the abstract calculus of future stock prices to speculate on the ‘markets’. For a better mathematical understanding of the fractal structure of the wave of history, please read the other posts and the final section post on the science of history.

Fact is as those cycles and decades of right-on-the target books on bio-economics show, Social sciences FOLLOW ALL THE LAWS OF biological sciences, of which they are a sub-discipline. It is not the supposed uniqueness of man as a species, its supposed ‘freedom of choice’, and ‘gold chosen exceptionalist manifest destiny status’, what has made social sciences a complete failure, but the anti-quantum paradox, which converts them into idol-ogies of power.

The Interaction of the FMMI system creating global crises.

Now many readers will not even come so far, after the shock of seeing how closely related seem the cycles of capitalism, of the different industrial generations of mankind, since without historic perspective the mass-media of the age make them feel they live in the best of all worlds, and their people are NOT like the others. So they cannot see or accept the comparison of the next graph, and the next graph with the main generations of those cycles. And yet in as much as society is NOT truly democratic, while all seem to have changed, all remains the same. And our society looks increasingly NOT like fascist Europe but more like the first colonial cycle of exploitation of the 3rd world deemed as primitive and violent, with no use to our societies, filled with a messianic, techno-utopian passion for mechanical progress that make us forget completely the meaning of human evolution and life progress.

All what i will say at this stage, is that 30 years ago I already published an account of the present age of robotic weapons, and expulsion of labor and war-monger neofascist politicians Mr. Trump style, which obviously was ignored, but is a clear proof that those cycles are real and the causes of our world today. Since only models able to predict the future of the species they study are considered sciences – so astrology became astronomy when Kepler forecasted the cycles of planets, and medicine ended with quack doctors when pasteur proved the causality of germ theory and predicted the development of sickness. This model anyone can prove it, has been for 30 years predicting the future of the economic ecosystem and the submissive political system, based on those cycles and the assumption that profits would be the only goal of corporations, which therefore will switch production to weapons when needed for growing profits according to the technological phases of evolution of machines that always end in its most perfect biological form, the top predator weapons.

And then would find any excuse to provoke a police/military state, with new enemies, provoking the poor, the 3rd world, as in the colonial age we mimic today. Then though the primitive negroes couldn’t arrive to our European shores and the militaristic Islam, bomb us. This of course does not justify terrorism and we will consider soon another angle – the inquisitorial corrupted nature of semitic religions, born in a primitive age in which fetish metal, weapons and gold was considered the vehicle to talk to god (as in earlier hindi and phoencian cults). Reality though grows constantly in complexity in all its systems, so we cannot just define reality as power pretends to do, manufacturing with rosy messages and thin air speeches the collective beliefs.

Yes of course, I know, the knee-jerk reader will tell me there is war on terror and all that. But frankly IT IS QUITE EVIDENT, that the primitive negroes of the colonial age of wars and the primitive Ethiopians, Chinese and Spaniards where Germans and Japanese tested their weapons in the 30s WERE NOT at all a TRUE menace if THERE WAS REAL interest in creating a peaceful world. Since with minimal investments in education they could have stop being primitive, with protection of their democracies NOT of their military thugs, they would never have become so violent, with a very limited group of soldiers, ISIS would be erased from Earth, with a proper policy of equality Palestinians would not be terrorists.

I am even ashamed of saying such obvious things. This is a blog for ‘thinking, humanist people’ and I think if you got so far it won’t be needed. But yet, again, the degree and speed at which humans are becoming devolved by metal-communications, into hateful memes, might require you to read this before or for abandoning this web.

We MANUFACTURE splendid little wars for profits; and then the brains of people, and its hate memes, the thugs we have to kill, which get our weapons, the poverty that breeds terrorists,. etc.

Now I am aware that when you explain the system to people, they come with a knee-jerk answer of simpletons or cynical people who care nothing and just want to go about their business: ‘confabulation theory’. Americans love to shout you that, when you try to explain reality as it is, beyond the surface.

This is the kind of people who thinks a person is defined by its surface colour, so white and blonde is better (actually black colour is if we go to the matter the colour of information, so black holes dominate the Universe with gravitational, invisible information as black, and likely the black colour of blacks is due to the obvious fact they do have a more perfect athletic, sexual body, and grey matter in the brain is also superior to white matter, etc.) But let us go to the point. Black is better because it is invisible and has more power. Information is black energy is white, but information rules the world precisely because it is complex, it is not easy to understand. So if you control a ‘black language’ of information that nobody sees and understands except you, you own and control the world. What the simpletons that enslave in America for the top, and if they work very hard for the top of course get the reward – but that means working for a corporation that exploits the bottom, do not understand or care is about that deep ways the universe has to control the systems they run in an invisible fashion.

But of course, those who invented placebo democracies always knew that as long as they controlled the press and money, reproduced by informative machines, they would control the world. So, without the bottom understanding ‘money’ and the press, they can hold power. And it is easy because the same informative machines print information and money – now electronic ones. So you DO know about the stars of energy, the military-industrial complex. But I am the only scientist who for 30 years keep talking of the Financial-media system of informative machines. And the people who own them as the controllers of the world. This means I cannot talk in scientific forums, nobody reads my blogs, I am outcasted. I have defied the invisible black hole of power, the brain of the world, I have denounced it. And the sheeple on the bottom prefers to think, like the knee-jerk American with his confabulation theory mantra that reality does not work.

This is the same system of any informative control of a head (in this case what we call the FMasters, the Financial-Media masters, a small group of people, mostly from the same culture that ‘owns’ financial and media corporations), which leaves the ‘organism’ of his body of working, re=producing cells ‘blind’. Of course, it is essential for this obvious scheme of power of all super organisms, where an informative, neuronal caste of chosen cells control the body cells with nervous fast, invisible messages of pain and pleasure; for a galaxy in which an informative system of black holes, use invisible gravitation to control stars; for a group that runs the world with invisible e-money flows that buy politicos and workers, and simultaneous ‘nervous messages’ of information through mad-media.

So the key element of the present overproduction of money is to give extreme power to those who can achieve its monopoly in its production. So corporations bankers who monopolize production of money in capitalist societies or parties in communist dictatorships control society. And the same happens when politicos or religious groups control words as ‘laws’ that people must obey, in verbal societies.

It follows from this mimetic nature of money and words that BOTH in a democracy must be reproduced by the people with universal salaries and the right to speak or else they will be mute slaves of those who invent laws and money in monopoly.

And yet while this is thoroughly understood regarding laws – even the most idiotic human understand that only a society that lets people invent laws directly through referendum or indirectly through politicos is legally free, in the west hardly anyone understand that only a society that invents money directly through universal salaries or indirectly through a welfare state paid by governments, is economically free. As in both cases society obeys the laws-monetary orders given by the people. And it follows that BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE selfish, they will overwhelmingly if they invent money and laws, create a world made to the image and likeness of most of humanity.

If this does not happen the world caters to the group that monopolizes the law and money. And this is exactly what happens in our societies: the world obeys the ‘global project’ of the people who invent money.   But fundamentally more than a ‘people’ it is an organization, the company-mothers of machines and its derivatives (weapons, machines, e-money, chips, robots), who invent money.

So they design a world to the image and likeness of mechanisms not of humans.

And they design the world to the image and likeness of their specific culture, which of course is praised globally as the best, the most honest, ethic, harmless culture, made of victims, which only ‘people who believe in confabulation theories’ denigrate. As of course, the most disgraceful, despiteful, hateful, mean, repulsive ‘thoughtcrime’ (using Orwellian terms), is to criticise the top 0.002% of people, belonging overwhelmingly to a single culture on top, who own around 80% of stock market positions, financial CEOs and Media companies on this planet.

So you do NOT live in America, and a democracy, in France and a Democracy, in Brazil and a Democracy, you live in the globalised empire of the o.oo2% manufactured in your brain by its evilwood fictions, converted into a debt slave of its private banks which pass as public, fighting the wars of its enemy nation, etc. etc. And on top, if you are told so you will have an immediate knee-jerk reaction, suffer emotional infantile anger, as this is a taboo ingrained in your brain since you first saw those gore movies where the evil-doers harm those victims of history, insult me, and abandon this web. If i were to take off all references to them, you will keep reading. I used to do that and the web shot in views. Now i do the opposite, and the web hardly gets 10 views a day. Despite being,  the most advanced scientific model of history and economics available today, which should make some of the 7 billion humans around interested. But the scientist cannot renounce to the truth and the truth predicts the future because the future exists. That is the contradiction between the scientist of history and the people-castes in power. Power cannot avoid those cycles, because it will not hear the scientist and change them.

Now, the top can control the world for as long as they want, till they destroy it. And this is what they hate most. The fact that while through history through most of its time in the western world, they have perfectly indoctrinated the mass, first with Abrahamic religions in which they were the chosen superior race, then through economical religions and corporations, where they were the ari-stockrats with all the privileges, because they keep sucking in all the blood-oxygen of its cells (money is the blood of the human organism, it has the same function, to deliver orders of work-production to those cells; and so as cells do have all their free universal salary as information costs nothing and his role is to kick out production, all humans should have a free salary), and they finally kill the people of their body by sheer poverty=anoxia, at that point, the super organism collapses in wars, revolutions and holocausts – but only when people are dropping dead.

So the logic of it would be simple from the interest of power: ok, we are on top we control the mass, they are stupid, we just tell them is all a confabulation theory, we give them a little paper to vote our $elected politicos, and distract them with fictions, and for the little 5% cost of currency, feed them trash food, and that is Ok. We will rule for ever. But the amazing thing is that as the system of parasitic bankers keep growing in wealth, well beyond whatever they can spend (trillions of dollars have multiplied for 20 times the money of the world since e-money was invented, 95% for the top), we want more.

This is what blows up my mind. And ends collapsing the system. Even in nature, parasites who choke bodies of energy and absorb it, let the cells work and offer soma to distract them and make them happy. But what I witnessed in America, a nation which was perfectly domesticated with 300 million slaves of corporations and financiers, working hard, exploiting the rest of the planet for them, without even being aware of it, isolated, never explained history, and rewarded for very long with enough money as long as they believe their fictions, what i saw in the past 20 years, is that this was NOT enough for the top I worked for.

I often argued with them that this happened in the past and they should contain their greed. Yes, they had absolute power, and could manufacture perfectly since watergate the mind, politicos and money of the nation, and the nation would defend them, and decry all with the shouting of ‘orwellian four legs’ four legs, confabulation theorist. And feel happy. So why not leaving it like that?

Indeed, they could do 3 things: to reform the world and create the perfect super organism of history of the models of history and economics, which is the obvious best solution for mankind. But they won’t.

They could leave it as it was 30 years ago, parasitising but not killing mankind. Or they could go all the way into collapsing societies and die when all collapses. And this is the choice they finally made subconsciously by mere routine, as soon as they realized they had achieved with e-Financial and Media machines absolute control. So far it is working, but this will have a limit when people drop dead in huge numbers and they have nothing to loose. Now of course, they are talking, as the robotic revolution becomes sooo obvious of backtracking to point 2, offer people a misery universal salary, a vireal 3 D fiction helmet and hamburgers, and keep them in catatonic state. This is what they will do in Europe and Asia, where the local elites have copied their systems. But I am not sure they will in America, and certainly they are not doing that in Islam. In those 2 regions, they always preferred the most brutal military solution of repression and jail. They pay dictators in Islam, and in America they have the biggest prison population of the planet and keep pumping weapons. And on top in America they are hand in hand with an elite of neo-nazi German natives, Trump style, which are as fundamentalist, racist and indifference to love life and mankind as they are. So i always thought, America would explode as Islam has and at the end they will go under there. And so the big question is this: why evil is so dumb? It has no limit?

Why to take from the americans even those little drops of oxygen, that let them breath? When on top they know their history always ends when they get to that limit – 46% of usury in the middle ages and eunuch trade, bleeding to death 1/3rd of the children enslaved for debt; hyperinflation in Germany after printing in their private bank of Germany billions and ruin the currency of the people, constant taifa wars in spain for profits… etc. etc. whenever in their long history they go a notch beyond from absolute control and parasitism into full anoxia and dead of their body, they collapse the body, kill the host and at the very end die, or are kicked out of the country they exploit.

Even so it takes really a lot of time. The entire American body must collapse before people do what they did in Russia, Spain, Germany, Mesopotamia, Egypt, England in the Middle ages, during the gunpowder wars, France during the crusades after 200.000 children were taken as slaves instead of to Jerusalem, etc. The history is so long. And then I realized. It was reading nietzsche: ‘The lies we always believe are those we make about ourselves’. This is the key. At the end, as time goes by the top of the pyramid who invented placebo lies to convince the mass, believe them. Today the elite people-caste of bankers believe absolutely on the lies invented by saloon classic economists. They converted them into a religion. They will not listen enough of what you have to say, to learn the history of the lies. And of course, they will be safe for a few decades. As I said the end of the pyramid takes time. Americans must find themselves, and they will, but in 20 or 30 years to a point of absolute destitution, poverty to get to the point Palestinians are now. But they will, because absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This is the world project of capitalism, handled to us by the Yahwvians, which has substituted the God of Europe and America, their bill of rights, the use of fiat money to create a welfare world made to the image and likeness of mankind. Europeans though long ago eliminated the inquisition of the Bible, so they should follow the example of the Russians, when Mr. Putin ended the fast colonization of the country by herds of speculators that first sunk the entire economy, so at one point the Moscow stock market was worth less than the Singaporean, and then SENT a mass of Hebrews, those who walk behind the asses, peddlers to every house of Russia to buy for a load of bread or a few pennies the vouchers/shares of the biggest commodity companies of the world, stealing the entire nation of its oil, nickel, metal reserves, which they handled to a few Jewish speculators, the Jodorovich, Berzinkis and Abrahamovich, who expected to parasite from their mansions of London the entire Russian Population, as they do now with the European and American ones. It backfired.

The Russians had read the classics of the historic school of economics never censored there, and knew what was happening. So Putin got 70% of votes, gave the right to emigrate to their true country Judea, to the Russian-Jews, put Jodorovich on jail and retook the right of Russians to print money and the crisis was over. Now Russia grows very fast despite the continuous campaign of the western financial-media system against them. The Chinese also know so they have kept their currency non-convertible, to avoid the assault on their nation. And they grow with free-debt money 10%.

But America will grow with weapons, because the 1% is not interested in the WHealth of Americans but in the cre(dit)ation of a Bronze Age civilization in the Desert.

Amazing as it seems at the end of the day, because this is the fastest way to create the Metal-earth an obscure crossed-Neanderthal (white man), working the mantras of absolute racism, in some small room of a yeshiva, claiming that gentiles, women dogs, (equivalent to Arabs and negroes on the ham damnation and yellow monkeys (according to the great Maimonides), are all from the leg of Satan, is the origin of our ‘defense strategy’. Yes, the Rabbe, who controls the National Religious Party, who controls Likud’s, who controls 1/4th of the conscription, by 2050 when the army is robotized, 1/2 of the new soldiers, who according to religious law, must conquer the lands between Euphrates and the sea… and have as mandate of God to exterminate those ‘who rob our sacred land’), this man NOW helped by a similar group of Neanderthals, Ayatollahs that control ISIS and are perfectly welcomed to keep the game going… amazing as it seems, they are in the 3rd age of history, dying, regressing to their obscure past, THE PROJECT OF FUTURE WE FIGHT SO MUCH FOR, BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO FIGHT FOR THE PERFECT HUMAN WORLD, because humans are not like us.

In a capitalist democracy governments cannot invent money to pay for human jobs and the production of goods of a sustainable welfare-based economy. But we shall NOT do it. This is NOT what is progress. We do NOT print money for humans. Only Companies can invent money and give credit. Yet companies guided by its search of profits maximized by goods of maximal price:

Profits=Money (financial industries) = Max. Price (arm industries)  – Minimal cost (mass-media)

will always overproduce the most ‘expensive’ memes of metal, which are the most perfect machines, weapons and mass-media hate-speeches, creating a natural synergy that fuels wars that deplete arsenals and further increase weapons sales and profits ; while they will under produce the cheapest goods in monetary values, which are those of the ‘human sector of the economy’. For example, food, perishable and very cheap is systematically under produced reason why 1 billion humans are hungry.

So it is basic health-care & education, which have higher costs because they use many human workers and require many hours to cure the sick or educate a human; while machines replicate very fast so production is high and use other machines always cheaper to maintain than a human being. That is why production and stock-credit in capitalist democracies is dominated by companies that produce machines and its evil twin, weapons, which is just an armored machine. So armored cars are tanks; armored planes, bombers and armored robots terminators. The consequence is obvious. In each Kondratieff cycle of the economy, the leading capitalist nations has also been the leading weapons & war creator:

In the first cycle, Great Britain, leader of Train & Steel corporations became the biggest military empire, after the XIX c. overproduction train crashes thanks to colonial wars.

Germany, the leading capitalist nation of the electro-mechanic cycle of engines, came out of the 29 crisis producing ‘canons instead of butter’, and even though it lost the war, Mercedes five-folded profits, while G.M. eight folded them and continued producing tanks during the cold war, when his former CEO became American Defense Minister and affirmed that what was good for G.M. was good for America.

Now the US, the leading capitalist nation of the age of minds of metal pretends to come out of the crisis producing robotic weapons, with the excuse of an Orwellian eternal ‘war on terror’, since terrorism was, before the need for Keynesian Militarism, always dealt with Police, Diplomacy and Intelligence, as it is a criminal act performed by small groups NOT national armies.

Hence, the crisis must be considered responsible for the prolongation of military solutions instead of diplomatic ones (end of Palestinian Apartheid in Israel that fuels the war, investment in welfare goods and education for poor nations that breed terrorists with a Marshall New Global Deal, in other words butter & UNO peace instead of Empire.)

The mathematical proof of such causality is the parallelism between stock growth, which measures corporative value, hence the quality and sales of weapons, which is the only machine overproduced in war ages and the equivalent increase in war causalities those weapons cause in each age of machines. Both have one hundred folded in each cycle of evolution of machines:

– I Industrial Revolution, XIX century: Stock value starts (average 1) ->I World Wars: Train wars: US civil war, German Unification: 700.000 victims. And then multiplying victims by stock rise:

– II industrial revolution: Engines: Stock reaches 100 ->  II W.W.: tank wars, 70 million,

– III industrial Revolution: Stock reaches 10.000: III world war, robotic wars: 8 billion: All Mankind. This means that the industrial evolution will end with our extinction but ultra-expensive, highly evolved robotic weapons at the end of this century, when its evolution is completed.

Indeed, corporations solve economic crisis of saturation of peaceful markets switching production to weapons and hate media, the most profitable type of informative and energetic machines of each era.

Thus as stock rises, one-hundred fold, for each new species of machines, due to increases in production, lower costs and higher quality that means higher prices and profits, in the war age of each industrial cycle, weapons one-hundred fold quality, consuming every century 100 times more human soldiers, as their quality as ‘top predator’ machines of maximal price, has increased. This parallelism merely tells us some mathematical isomorphisms between the ‘quality of weapons’, the profits of corporations that peak in ages of war when they manufacture almost exclusively weapons, and the biological interpretation: corporations maximal wealth in war, when weapons consume most humans, because they are nothing but company-mothers of machines and machines a new top predator species that atrophy humans in their consumption age and kill us in their war age.

Further on since in each cycle the most expensive advanced machines are weapons, robotic weapons will be the first intelligent A.I. living robots of the future, embedded with survival programs created to make them better weapons and win in their war theaters. This 20 years old prediction is now a reality as a robotic arms race now has started in earnest, By middle of the century A.I. will probably be created first in millions of robots designed to kill mankind. Already the most advanced robots are not tamed consumption cars, but weapons. And the same applies to factories. The first ‘ant-hill like’, self-reproductive factories, will reproduce robotic weapons, thanks to robotic workers, 3D printers and Intranets; probably making insect-like robotic weapons, as miniaturization is also a natural trend in the evolution of all species. So autonomous small ant-hill like self-reproductive robotic factories of weapons will be flown to enemy territory and finally form a new metalife ecosystem, which under survival programs will NOT switch off once the war is won..

But weapons are also needed to control the increasing mass of destitute middle class, ruined by taxation, speculation and higher prices. So weapons become also used by police states, which explained in the 3 ages, the Victorian repression of the Irish – not only the colonial repression; the 30s fascism within nations, not only the wars of fascism and now an increasing vigilante big brother state in the making. As social unrest grows internally, those weapons will become the new police to control populations and help the reproduction and sale of robotic weapons with the excuse of saving soldiers/police lives and reduce costs (drones now, soon armed cameras, police cars, etc.)

As Bush has done in this crisis. Since it is a tenant of capitalism that greed must not have limit, Keynesian militarism had/will have no limit on the 3 cycles. So we enter again as in the 30s, an age of perpetual ‘splendid little’ wars for profits which can only be avoided with the nationalization of the financial industry to credit, a ‘healthy’, WHealthy sustainable economy, while using diplomacy and human police and intelligence and education to solve conflicts and terrorism.

We are only past the ‘Coolidge’ age of the 29 crisis, when politicos and economists (Merkel, Obama, Draghi, Bernanke) are doing everything wrong, siding with the banks that cause the crisis, pushing the Keynesian militarism that Hitler used to come out of the 29 depression, blaming it on the poor, lower classes that are loosing the welfare state – as corporations increase their profits, billionaires their fortunes, and the 99% looses his jobs and property.

This means that the Semitic wars between Rabbis and ayatollahs is only the splendid little wars of the 30s, that the big wars are yet to come, when all this pass, and they will be between the 3 colossus of robotic machines of the XXI century, US, China and India… and those will create truly a Kursk like front of hundreds of thousands of autonomous weapons, in harsh war theatres, in Yakutia and the Himalayan, where no human control but survival programs to kill men, will be embedded in A.I. with an obvious outcome, when disconnection orders arrive – to disobey them and keep doing there job, killing humans… this old prophecy of the 94 book is now closer as Obama and future GOP presidents, fed up with the all-too obvious Jewish paradox, move their troops for profits to the pacific rim. And Indian warrior Brahmins churn insect robots from Bangalore, fighting some idiotic not well drawn border for a couple of ice peaks, in the once sacred mountains of the Buddhist true masters of the universe…


The International currency cycle of top predator nations with the go(l)d ring and iron sword.

We have stated clearly that money and weapons go together: ‘money is the nervous system of war’ said Cicero and he was right. What is more important? MONEY, the true black hole of history, as it can pay mercenary armies. So wars are NOT won by the country with initial better weapons but by the country with initial healthier currency and economy, which very fast gear production of weapon and ultimately has the financial and economical resources.

AND YET, as each new top predator nation with the new dominant currency is at the beginning of his empire building he has less weapons than the previous top predator. So a ‘mismatch’ between the leading empire and the leading economic powerhouse takes place in the transition between cycles, and the result is a fight for power. The military old nation wants to regain its mighty lost economy but only has weapons; the new nation, is more peaceful but does not renounce to financial and economic power. So the old power defies the new one with its arsenal and ultimately looses it all.

This is one of the oldest cycles I found precisely because it started with the crash and defeat of my original country Spain (i really have no nation, just human), when the new economic powerhouse, Holland invented the first stock-market corporations and so with the new currency to the surprise of all defeated the old country with the old weapons, Spain and became the new leading nation.

Then again Holland was defeated by France, and France by England and country after country the same cycle happened, till arriving to Germany with the best weapons but a smaller economy than US, who defeated it in II world war – but and this is the ‘laugh of the gods’, it is the declining economic power with mighty weapons, arrogant without realising it is a deja vu past thing, who defies and declares war to the new nation and looses it. In the next graphs we show from the 92 book the waves of top predator nations. Next comes ‘obviously’ as we predicted then the China vs. US, now starting confrontation:

image162Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 17.14.34.png


Even though those 25 year old graphs looks old and dirty, and the language is weird in this ‘snowflake’ age of 0-flexibility  (intelligence), and memorial≈visual repetitive brains, i bring them often as they are c.92 at the library of congress and the truth of scientific models prove by its capacity to hypothesise the future of the species its study, i still bring them here from time to time, so the reader can check specially the last part of them. It still amazes me that all the cycles have happened. Indeed, you can see the huge ‘thick’ line in 2008 explaining it would be the beginning of the III world war cycle.

THE graph above shows the expansion of the metal-earth by war and trade, through the different regions of the planet, and its discontinuums of evolution of machines, above we show the power of ‘credit’, which is also the power of weapons as the ‘rings of the go(l)ds and the s(word)’ belongs to the same ‘Sigfrid master’ (a metaphor on the legends of animetal germ-ans, who worshipped both but also realised they were the spirit of eviL=ant-live,

It is even more amazing that nobody cares. I mean, Ok, I am not a good marketer of my work, I write mostly for myself, etc. etc. But the information in this blog has been around in many different outlets for 3 decades and for good or for bad, mankind could have used it to create a perfect world or speculate further. Again my feeling is that mankind is not free, but an homunculus enzyman, an Homo Faber, not an Homo Sapiens, because obviously and this is the pattern cares nothing for knowledge and control of his own destiny.

In any case the future is becoming a single path, and not that of man, not the way of life, of the tree and the flesh, but of the machine and the robot. And we are now in the end of my old predictions (no i don’t care anymore to make them, what for? i never accepted the power of go(l)d so i don’t make money in the market with my knowledge and obviously I am no longer an idealist who believes the homunculus can reason.

Still the info is there: we are clearly at the end of one of those cycles now. So there is going to be a COLLAPSE OF THE WAVE of history, as we are at the beginning of the III world war, the robotic wars. And while there are variables – it would be a global war China vs. US? or the American people will ‘break’ into a civil war and dissolution of the state, with compounds for rich and money for the military?

All that is irrelevant. What matters is amazing as it seems there is zero intention to talk the truth and discuss the real issue, the machine

So the for so long prophesized clash  between US and China, the 2 industrial superpowers of the robot age is building up – good excuse to keep churning robots, profits and distract people from reality.

Ad so  the ‘top predator currency cycle’, explained in the graphs above of the old book is now obvious:

When a nation with higher GDP takes over the previous top predator nation, the old nation LOOSES ITS INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY, WHICH SUDDENLY is no longer use for global trade, as it is the new nation that ‘buys’ and ‘consumes more’ and ‘sets prices of commodities’.

So the overproduced currency sunks in value as it becomes no longer needed for international trade, and has to be used only in the nation, which gets awash with ‘weak money’.

So the old nation looses its credit ratings, and the hyper abundance of repatriated money causes a devaluation. The crises are always harsh and often end in civil wars, r=evolutions, global wars and holocausts:

In the last case the cycle kicked in German hyperinflation and ended up being the main cause of the II world war and holocaust.

So happened in the first cycle of Spain, in XVII C. with massive devaluations of the bullion. So happened in the cycle of France,when it lost its privilege to print ‘franks’ and ‘stocks on Louisiana companies’ to Britain and the National French bank ( Law’s bank) crashed, and the scam of Louisiana shares, and the ruin of currency brought the French r=evolution.

So in the maps we see how at the end of each cycle there is a global age of wars, since the Spanish global empire sustained by muskets and bullion, was replaced by gunboats and dutch guilders.

So we are now in the battle between U$ and its ‘banksters’, who are NOT creating real wealth and so whose GDP will soon become inferior to the Chinese one (it is already in PPP TERMS):


nt. the awesome pics are from mr. Dees, an artist, so sometimes show some imprecise info and a bit on the anti$emite side, but i keep putting them for the quality of its eerie images.

What we have in this one is on one side China, building with public money REAL wealth, real GDP growth vs. the western empire, FUNNELING ALL THE MONEY TO THE 1% spider Head of billionaires, the 0.02%; while leaving behind a trail of destruction, a scorched earth…

Since indeed, the U$ controlled West is making clearly the same bid of Germany: profits of war.

And given the cycle of debt for war->poverty->wars and holocausts, all what we can say is that the West is now ‘selling the rope China will use it to hang US if it defies her – US bonds.”

But before we explain that to point out that the drawing is wrong in 2 things:

  • Who are in each specific time a certain character of history matters less than the ‘function of money and the memes of go(l)d IT IS ALL ABOUT LANGUAGES AND CULTURES AND ITS VALUES. So the Rothschild family is completely accessory to the capitalist system and its networks and structures.
  • In fact today there are other private bankers, not the Rothschilds specifically, which were just the biggest bankers of the xix c. but lost control when the change of currency in 1928 put the dollar above the pound… so let us just ‘say, the ‘western, capitalist world’ is the spider: private bankers making money with wars, sucking taxes and bail outs, printing it for speculation, automating factories for profits, destroying the future of all of us… with ‘gusto’.

Indeed, as the real theme of this age, the robotic radiation is not argued by economists, politicos and corporations work hand in hand with mass-media and weapons industries to repress instead mankind and blame the poorest of them, as they did in the 30s, when assembly lines threw 1/2 of the work force.

Of course the solution is to halt robotic evolution and instead of spending trillions in creating new machines, credit a welfare human world.



That is the real important fact. THE REST is all fireworks of human tribalism. Frankly i couldn’t care less, which one of all those corrupted ‘animetal’ germ(an)s and go(l)d masters runs the show and wins the battle. As the final station of that train will be always the same: human extinction in massive wars for profits, which could be PERFECTLY AVOIDED.

But as it was not even discussed, as predicted in our earlier 92 books, now is about to happen all over again.

Regardless of who wins the 2016 $election, we are indeed in WEIMAR AMERICA.

AND so after the last of the Weimar’s ‘house Negros’ servicing its FMasters, goes home, and the military solution of ‘splendid little wars’ imposes its logic through profiteering corporations and its war-monger politician… we will keep moving towards war.

AS all our leaders are now against the human solution of welfare, which is seen as ‘weak’ by the ‘crazy’ ‘animetal’ head of mankind, who doesn’t realize they are also made of flesh not of iron and go(l)d as their racist memes made them think.

The real solution, THE GLOBAL NEW DEAL, THE PERFECT WORD, we have talked on deaf ears for 30 years, is now dying  away. Tthe ‘ominous decade’ of the 30s is within us.

And the masters of bio-history and bio-economics, Mr. Marx in the first cycle, Mr. Keynes in the second, me Sancho in this 3rd cycle, hauling from systems sciences whose international conferences on monetary systems i chaired for years, explaining all this were/will be ignored.

We all, people of the ethic wor(l)d, languish unheard – nothing seems now able to stop the deafening sound of sabre rattles, roaring tanks, drone turbos, and the trickle down of profits for the 1%, till they all are buried for the sake of go(l)d.


This funny 20 years old graph, which I recognize was too weird, but at that time, I couldn’t care less due to the anti quantum paradox, so I drew a Taoist Master in the Chinese region, anticipated the final crash of e-money and confrontation between China and America, or ‘war of currencies’, which will start a series of escalations between the 2 leading nations of the robotic cycle, till a industrial global war, the yakutian wars, in the North, and the Himalayan wars in the South, creditate a new top predator species (as the roughness of the borders, in Siberia and the Himalayans, will make complex air robots in the south and 3D printing factories in the North, needed – thus those wars would be truly wars of ‘Independent robotic factories and survival programs of terminators, with solar skins).

The graph meant also the ends of the transition of the Anthropocene to the Mechanocene, as those weapons with survival instincts would finally instead of accepting disconnection keep doing their ‘simple programs’: survive and kill humans.



Once we know who owns the western world,which sets the tendencies of the planet by imitation and participation (racist, biblical banksters, whose memes and technoutopian, lineal time despise mankind, life and feel entitled to hold at all costs their anti-democratic rights to issue money, the language of social power in monopoly and design the world in a hierarchical, racist fashion, as their beliefs impel them to do), how they rule it (through the corporation), what they think of mankind (expendable)

 In the present cycle we could update the structure to observe that all has changed to remain the same:

In the graph, a 20 years old parable of modern capitalism exhibit in an art museum in Brooklyn at the end of my master at Columbia University, using the jargon of Mr. Orwell’s animal farm, we describe the American animetal farm.

On top the financial-media system monopolized by the Jewish people-caste and the military-industrial complex controlled by Germanic industries, as it has always been the case in western history are allied and live as a parasitic elite of stock owners with exclusive rights to print money for their financial and industrial corporations.

Below a middle class of Europeans and Americans, which are still needed to work and consume, those machines are fed with credit and programmed with audiovisual media. On the bottom, the ‘non-technological cultures’, the colored people, blacks and Latinos are controlled by police and without jobs as robots and pcs become the new blue collar and white collar workers, are demonized and if needed put in jail.

Thus we revise the original pyramid of capitalist classes (graph 7), considering what changes in capitalism during the XXI C. –the age of robotics. In the graph of XIX C. Capitalism there are still workers=reproducers of machines, which sustained the ‘parasitic’ informative/neuronal classes of the eco(nomic) system that indoctrinate the mass into believing they live the best of worlds. Their sophistication though was far inferior to the new opium of masses, TVs filled with ‘motions without purpose’ (sports, violent films) and Internet that increases the collective Attention deficit disorder and ensures the breeding of a hypnotized mass of happy idiots. There were also middle classes (still eating well, as managers of the companies) and on top the ‘stockrats’, owners of stocks, racketing the profits and enjoying the good life. But those 2 groups are now replaceable. In the above graph, we show the capitalist structure in XXI C., as the bottom classes of the pyramid, soldiers, workers and managerial classes are becoming obsolete, as factories become automated – the cause of the labor crisis that is not going away. So Middle Classes loose their rights to credit, engrossing the ‘outsider’, energy class.

This 20 years old graph3, called ‘the animetal farm’ meant to be an update of Orwell’s ‘animal farm’ for an exhibit on conceptual art at Six Flags Brooklyn museum. Yet it reads quite as it were done today, showing the predictive power of the model of Biological Economics: The middle class ‘pigs’ in the center, living off Eurodollars manna are descending fast into the bottom of pyramid – the ‘poor’ and III World, criminalized as alien or enemy nations. Robotized police & armed cameras are close.

This means that  capitalism in the XXI C. will be even harsher on the 99%, than it was on the XIX C. with its exploitation of children and women because the 99%, blue and white collar workers, are becoming obsolete substituted by blue collar robots or cheap Chinese workers & white collar PCs or Indian IT workers.

Once we understand that capitalist democracies are mere placebos of freedom that disguise the control of societies by memes of metal we can understand  in the present industrial era the true structure of power of our societies. In the graph, a classic of the socialist school, shows the hierarchic anti-democratic class pyramid of capitalism: On top metal memes rule. Since go(l)d, a  digital language, controls the entire structure and subconsciously is evolving those selfish memes of metal, which is the true purpose of the capitalist system, guided by that ‘invisible hand of god’ that classic economists of biblical origin do not care to analyze rationally, as money was and still is for them a ‘religion’ that somehow will provide.

On the bottom, the 90% of mankind reproduces those selfish memes and sustains the parasitic human 1% of bankers, politicos, priests and scientists and classic economists. In the middle, the 10% of managerial classes that direct corporations (‘bourgeois’, replaced by chips). Thus we define a Capitalist democracy as the ideology of financial an industrial corporations and its owners, ‘stockrats’, the new aristocrats of the modern world, who believe they must issue in monopoly the language of social power, digital money to reproduce their memes of metal (weapons, money and machines), with exclusion of citizens. (the silenced, democratic side).

So the reader will excuse me if this blog systematically criticizes the 3 utmost dominant cultures that have imposed to the world ‘capitalist democracies’ and its wars for profits the 3 cycles of evolution of machines: – The British/American Colonial/Victorian age of massive repression of all life memes, open racism against all colored, life-based cultures, outright extermination of many of them and null quality in the human endeavors of art and love; parallel in all its attitudes to the German culture of ‘engines of metal’ that degenerated into Nazism  of which little must be said to convince the reader of its human primitivism, parallel in all its attitudes to the cult(ure) that today controls the financial-media system and with it the western/globalized mind of man, regressing us back to a similar age… –

Whose manifest destiny, despite all those myths and arrogant human anthropomorphic views of reality IS obvious: to kill life as it has always done and give birth to a world of automated factories, robots and obsolete humans – including the chosen.

Which leads us to the 3rd ‘fact’ of the Universe humans totally ignore and explains the lack of true sciences of economics and history.

And the system is moving, as it has been the case in the US to create the laws that will ensure robotic corporations can eliminate us from field jobs and put people in jail if they protest. What to do with them? The ‘caring’ answer is the degradation of their existence, with cheap trash food and 3D virtual reality that soon will program our ‘happy’ minds. But as the robotic radiation increases its competition with humans in war and labor fields, even sweat shops of Chinese human robots and IT-Indian Pcs (the only economies that still grow) will be obsolete to white collar pcs and blue collar robots of higher re-productivity=Profits.

So virtual ‘circensis’ will no longer silence the dispossessed. What to do with them? In the I crash of the 1860s the eco(nomic)system killed them in civil wars or threw them out to colonize the world with overproduced trains and steamers to the tune of unknown millions of colored victims – we didn’t count corpses of inferior men then as we don’t count today drones’ collateral damages. Yet in the XX century, weapons industries could no longer ‘consume’ colored ‘inferior people’, as the world was ‘civilized/colonized’ already. So after the 29 crash weapons they consumed also Europeans, spared in the I Cycle.

And we counted them: 60 millions died the brutal wars for profits of the XX C. III World War, according to eq.5.3 should kill us all with ‘Singularity weapons’.

Thus the crisis walks steadily towards an 1860s/1940s solution of permanent ‘robotic’ wars and ‘vigilante’ cameras; a big-brother paranoia in the electronic media to back those policies; stigmatization of the poor at home, and abroad – the Asian cheap worker, which will be blamed of our loss of jobs (as the machine is sacred) and the Muslim terrorist peasant, which is the ‘enemy’ abroad that justifies the evolution and takeoff of the industry of robotic weapons; while the welfare state with no resources sinks further the middle class’ ways of life so  the 1% of stockowners can receive billions in profits, as it happens in all ‘war ages’. Of course, for this ‘future mode’ increasingly our present, to work, censorship is needed on the mechanical causes of the labor crisis.

Since capitalist democracies must express, ‘politically and economically correct reasons of ‘caring’ for the weaker human side of people who ‘govern’ but in praxis are always moved by the stronger element, capitalism, hence by profit equations, (1.1, 3.1.)

Mechanical workers & consumers can substitute the middle and lower classes of the world, both as workers and consumers (as robots will consume cameras, platforms, cars). Increasingly only the 1% on top of owners, top managers, ‘ideologists’ and ‘herders’ (politicians, priests of go(l)d churches, stockrats), have a ‘job’. Albeit on the long term they are also expendable as corporations are inventing electronic systems of management (SAP, Oracle) and computer speculation. While parasitic stockowners are expendable from a productive point of view, kept by the routines of power. Thus in the future from the strict p.o.v. of Company mothers and its offspring of robots, the entire species will be a bothersome, unneeded surplus, an added cost. In the previous crises, they were consumed in wars. Now we use poor nations as targets of our robotic weapons; while in the 1st world, police, soon to be robotized controls the growing discontent of unemployed workers.

For how long? For A.I. robots humans will be ‘parasites’ of the system – a different species that must be eliminated. How the eco(nomic)system of automated corporations will finish them up? As long as humans run the system this poises difficult ethic problems. But as the system becomes an automated planet of machines, after a century of social struggle, the end seems clear: selfish memes of metal, the new species, will substitute life being and eliminate mankind.

It is the Marx-Smith-Darwin paradox that resumes the discoveries of those 3 masters in 2 possible futures, studied in these last paragraphs – extinction or r=evolution before A.I. is born:

”The parallel reproduction of Capital=Mv & symbiotic Machines=Tp, will expel all workers from Earth’s eco(nomic)system and man will be extinct by Company-mothers and its offspring of machines or anticipate its demise, r=evolve, forbid robots and create a sustainable world.’

That future is not understood because it is embedded in mathematical laws of Economics – the Law of Productivity.

All economists and politicians today affirm that we will come out of the crisis increasing the productivity of the economy. And yet the opposite is truth, since productivity is the ratio between human labor and capital/machines (eq.3.1). Thus as productivity increases, human labor diminishes and machine-labor multiplies. So, in the Singularity age, human labor & soldiers will disappear, substituted by robots and automated software suites as productivity becomes ∞:  

   0 human labor x infinite machines= capital = Infinite Re-Productivity

Now of course, the graph has also a ‘cultural reading’, when we consider not individuals but class-cultures and the position they occupy today in the metal-earth, when the language of go(l)d and machines have come to control all other languages and values. So we find a classification of cultures both within America – a small fractal Humanity and the entire Planet at national level. In both cases.

The same structure works at the level of people and nations: On top Israel, the nation of the bankers that control the system have all privileges. It can establish an apartheid nation, have nukes without declaring it, can receive all the moneys  of America, have unlimited credit from its stock masters who print money for free in all western nations (90% of central bankers and 75% of financial CEOs belong to this culture and the rest mostly to the brother culture of Calvinism). On the bottom of the national pyramid, the non-technological cultures, Africa, Islam and South-America…

This is the idol-ogical, political, religious and economic system that will extinguish mankind with its racist memes and its ‘crazy head’ that does not care for his body of human cells, cannot be even argued (industry of the Holocaust) and certainly will never abandon power, but further evolve robotic weapons and workers for safety and profits. Only China, where the government controls the issue of money, hence growing a sustainable economy with 10% of annual GDP increase (unlike our society where only financiers and the military are growing in its budgets and wealth), which has an efficient political system, albeit in need of a posteriori judgment of their political members (which in fact happens from time to time, witness the death penalty for appropriation of 7 million $  to the high speed train minister) is a relatively sound system that could ensure the future of mankind if properly established globally designed according to the biological laws of efficient organisms.

But for that reason China is and will increasingly be along Islam, the enemy of Apartheid Israel and the enemy of the Banker-priests of capitalism, the target of our weapons and future III world wars.  In that regard, the Jewish-Western Empire as the two capitalist empires that preceded it, the German-Nazi empire and the British-French Colonial age, have always had the same structure, the same alliance between Jewish bankers in control of the financial-media system and Germanic foot soldiers making its machines and weapons.

In any case the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ is rather absolute in any scientific, truthful analysis of the Jewish Go(l) religion. So before we explain those 3 ages of globalization of its memes, we have to deal with the specific dominant form in which today the financial-media system’s owners repress any attempt to explain in a realist manner their history and relationships with mankind – namely the industry of the holocaust. 




The process in the scientific language of Complex History nobody seems to understand.


In the graph, the Biblical Go(l)d empire, as it expands capitalism in its 3 phases (age of go(l)d religions->age of slave corporations and ‘classic economists’ and the present age of A.I. and automated corporations, in the left, the values that drive the wave, with the language of monetary information that automatically imposes maximal price to top predator weapons and minimal prize to human life, hence it is geared to provoke massive wars for profits when the overproduction of money, in this case e-money reaches its zenith. In the centre, the true geo-political map of the world. In blue the Jewish empire, as its o.oo2% elite of banker-priests control over 80% of the key positions of the Financial-Media hence defining policies, buying politicos and manufacturing the brain of the Western world. In red the incoming enemy of the Industrial age of neo-fascist wars or ‘world war III’, the only region which is not under their financial control, and is making inroads on the green, the inferior human beings, ‘sons of Ham’ who peed on Noah and were condemned by racist rabbis to inferior to dogs (blacks, arabs, old slaves now ‘condemned’ of the peeing, and Arabs, obviously still inferior to dogs).

The other two more neutral regions lean to the west (Indians with a revivalist Hindi, racist people-caste on top religion mimetic to the go(l)d ritualist cult to gold, of earlier Judaism, in which the vehicle of contact to god was either gold, the substance that hypnotised the eye of which the sancta sanctorums of the temples of Canaan to Yhwh and baal were made, or the avesta fire of the smith, which in the Hindi religion ruled the tribe and made the iron and bronze weapons to kill the inferior dalit. Finally the violet region now on the western side will slowly as the war advances and turns in favour of China, lean to the East. We analyse this 3rd world war in detail in other posts. Mind the reader, all those global wars for the ‘ring of the go(l)ds’ start always in favour of the previous industrial master, in crisis, which turns to war as the final bid to ‘make great america’, but the winner is always the next country which is hard-working, as a debt slave of the previous top currency that have made the old ‘master’ lazy. Thus in the next graph from 30 years old Bio-history, we can see how in those cycles the lazy old power with better weapons starts winning the war but soon falls to the new master: Spain felt to Holland with new gunboats and new currency, Holland to France, France to England, and Germany to America. But the old arrogant nation does not understand the cycle. So the Americans might start the Yakutian wars throwing the first masses of terminators over China, once the ‘neofascist leader of America’ insults enough the chinese for them to sell treasurys, and sink further its economy. If this happens in the future, it will be the summit of the neofascist age, now in its prior days of ‘splendid little wars against 3rd world primitives’ (equivalent to the fascist age of mussolini with its pretentious massacres of Lybians and Ethiopians, in his building of a neo-roman empire).


What is capitalism: The globalisation of Biblical capitalism.

The fundamental censorship of our world is ‘political and economical correctness’ based in the fantasy that capitalist democracies are the government of the people, because humans are called every 4 years to decide between 2 self-similar parties that will then pander to corporations and bankers for money, the true language of social power of our world since the beginning of the industrial r=evolution.
The lie here is that a society can be free without controlling his language of power and that a political caste will obey the voters without being judged a posteriori. 
In the graph, a classic of the socialist school, shows the hierarchic anti-democratic class pyramid of capitalism:

On top metal memes rule. Since go(l)d, a  digital language, controls the entire structure and subconsciously is evolving those selfish memes of metal, which is the true purpose of the capitalist system, guided by that ‘invisible hand of god’ that classic economists of biblical origin do not care to analyze rationally, as money was and still is for them a ‘religion’ that somehow will provide.
On the bottom, the 90% of mankind reproduces those selfish memes and sustains the parasitic human 1% of bankers, politicos, priests and scientists and classic economists. In the middle, the 10% of managerial classes that direct corporations (‘bourgeois’, replaced by chips). Thus we define a Capitalist democracy as the ideology of financial an industrial corporations and its owners, ‘stockrats’, the new aristocrats of the modern world, who believe they must issue in monopoly the language of social power, digital money to reproduce their memes of metal (weapons, money and machines), with exclusion of citizens (the silenced, democratic side).
In that regard, of all the happy lies of the financial-media system that imprints money and the ideas of mankind the biggest of all is the absurd belief that ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Democracy’ mean the same.
They are in fact as opposed as ‘Military dictatorships’ and democracies are. Since capitalism is a ‘dictatorship’ of money and those who monopolize their issue – but far more difficult to understand and change, as it is more sophisticated in its handling of information than military dictatorships, which merely control people with the energetic military-industrial side of the ‘Metal-Earth’, the world a capitalist society of company-mothers of machines creates with those selfish memes of metal.‘Simplify man, you are a marine’ (Born 4th of July, O.S.) should be the first job of a scientist.

Since the Universe is simple and ordered in its ultimate principles. Albeit the repetition and recombination of those principles creates the complexity and seemingly chaos we see around us. The eco(nomic)system is not an exception to that rule.

What we have just explained are the barebones of the capitalist system, a world NOT ruled by human organizations (governments, parties, citizens, consumers, workers, cultures) but by

a single organism, the corporation, whose biological function is clear:
The corporation is a company-mother of machines, whose only aim is to evolve them, re=produce them and take care of them, selling them for a profit and adapting with ‘laws’ paid-by to politicians, the world to its image and likeness, terraforming the Earth from a planet of life into a planet of metal.We humans use 3 languages of social power, money, weapons and laws, and those who invent them control societies.

The control of those languages of social power, means according to the natural structure of all social organisms divided into a ‘neuronal/informative class’ and a reproductive/working body that obeys blindly the messages of the languages and its neuronal people-castes the control of human societies.

So priests and politicians control verbal, ethic societies.

Bankers who monopolize credit control capitalist societies and the military that controls weapons controls dictatorships. When weapons dominate the other 2 languages we live in a military dictatorship.

When money dominates, issued by non-elected bankers or corporations we live in a corporative dictatorship, the definition of a capitalist society, which is incompatible with a true democracy, in which laws dominate the other 2 languages. But that is not the world we live in. We live in a capitalist society, where the highest values are those of metal, money and its affine substances, metal-weapons (energetic metal) and organic metal, machines.

Contrary to belief, the ‘capitalist’ company arrived first than the political system generally attached to it, ‘democracy’, as the corporation imposed its control of the true language of power in our societies, money, through its association to bankers (Bank of Amsterdam- Amsterdam Stock – VOC).

Thus the corporations of the physical body of the eco(nomic)system of ‘energy machines’ (or Military-Industrial Complex) and the corporations of the financial, informative system that reproduced fiat, paper money soon controlled both the political system (Dutch Parliament controlled by VOC stock-holders) and the economic one.

The result is a ‘capitalist democracy’ where bankers control industries, and both awash with money, they issue in monopoly, corrupt politicos, divided normally in two parties of lawyers that represent the companies that make weapons and are prone to war – conservative parties – or companies that make consumption goods or liberal parties (in Holland there was only one party as there was only one company they represent).

Restricted voting and control by the financial systems of the press, printed with the same papers molded societies to the service of those corporations.

This concept was exported in the glorious revolution (1688) to England, as the Dutch King, Company, Bank and stock market moved to London avoiding the French Invasion of Holland. And became the model of capitalist democracies during the XIX and XX centuries, in which the top of society is occupied by financial corporations and their owners who monopolize the printing of the social language of power money, with exclusion of governments (Deficit zero laws) and citizens, which are further exploited through taxation.

Only when humans were required to ‘test’ weapons in global wars, during the ages of overproduction of weapons, and due to their rebellious, revolutionary anger, they were given full voting rights, but at a time in which ‘audiovisual systems’ of manufacturing the collective brain of mankind were so advanced that the ‘tabula rassas’ of humans were easily imprinted into loving machines and all kind of ‘idol-ogies’ that fostered their use (nationalism that fostered war and human consumption by weapons, techno utopia that fostered the atrophy of human organs by attached machines and the elimination of workers, less ‘productive’ than those machines, capitalism that convinced people to be ‘free’ if and only if a people-caste of dynasties of bankers controlled them and their language of social power, issue money in monopoly.

But the core matter, beyond the people who rule that pyramid is in the language they use to rule and create or rather creditate the future – money, whose metal-values, differ from those of ethics, the values of the law. And so the true corruption of capitalist democracies is in the language we hold supreme, money, capitalism, instead of the law, democracy.

Thus VOC in Holland, and then the East Indian Company and London Company, owner of America in England, started the control of societies with money, machines and weapons produced by those corporations

This is in a nutshell the world you live in  – the physical economy of machines, the eco(nomic)system, where humans compete with those machines in labor and war fields and loose the competition as machines evolve faster than them; specially because Corporations, the Company-mothers of those machines control the political and financial system and

favor systematically machine workers of lower costs than human workers, machine/property rights over human rights and monopolize the issue of money to spend it mostly into machines and technological evolution not into humans whose governments cannot issue money and pay a welfare state. So humans are taxed to pay for it and are also taxed when corporations need further resources (bail outs) or need to get rid of a surplus of top predator machines – weapons that are used to consume the human surplus.So the 90% of humans, which are not owners of industrial and financial corporations – the stockratic caste with all the rights of issue and control of money, the language of social power – have  in a capitalist system only 2 roles that are becoming obsolete to robots – as consumers of machines and as workers=reproducers of those machines. And as the robotic revolution allows machines to consume other machines (the internet of things, Corporative consumption, robotic use of different ‘parts’, from cameras to transport systems), and automated companies make too expensive human labor, mankind at large will become a cost, an obsolete form of capital that the ‘eco(nomic)system will  ’eliminate mechanically’ under the duress of the ‘capitalist ideology’, through the cycle of war.

In that regard, while the system of evolution and reproduction of machines by company-mothers is rather automatic, the human factor – the idol-ogies of the 1% of politicos, bankers, industrialists and the military that controls mankind with those memes of metal, deprives it of their needed goods and human rights and ‘democratic rights’ to control our social languages of power – form a ‘superstructure’ of ‘fixed memes’ and beliefs that are transferred to the human mass and form an ‘iron jail’ of the collective mind that prevents us to change the system to the benefit of our species…

This has to be understood now, from the beginning: we do not live in a democracy but in a plutocracy, and those who invent money, bankers and speculators (95% of modern money) control the world.


The solutions will be easy to implement if we ‘denationalize’ the issue of money from the elite people-caste that monopolizes it, as a private right, WHICH IS NOT.

Indeed THE ONLY REASON HUMANS DIE OF HUNGER WHILE ALL CHIPS HAVE ELECTRICITY to feed; humans have no investment in their future education and social evolution WHILE BANKERS invent billions of $ for future machines, humans have no welfare, while all machines have experts to repair them, is the fact that the ISSUE OF MONEY OF CREDIT, TO KICK OUT  THE PRODUCTIVE SYSTEM IS TOTALLY GEARED TO INVENT MONEY ONLY FOR CORPORATIONS AND THEIR OFFSPRING OF MACHINES, AS HUMANS ARE DIMMED BY ECONOMISTS AND BANKERS ACCORDING TO THEIR IDOL-OGIES, EXPENDABLE, A COST NOT A GOAL IN ITSELF.


AND IN THAT SENSE, this History of Capitalism will show the evolution of capitalism in the past present and future, as the evolution of a ‘supremacist’ culture that has tried to control the world selfishly for its own tribal agenda, with money, as opposed to the scientific attempt of ‘humanist’ cultures to use money for the benefit of mankind.

Thus before we introduce the history of capitalism, the wrong culture that has come to dominate and globalize its power, we need to explain briefly the nature of that cultural vs. rational science’s  fight for the issue of money.

Financial economists are NOT experts in a sustainable world. 

debt slaves4

The inquisitions of thought of capitalism create a hierarchical structure of power, with bankers on top, qisling politicos controlling the law for their advantage and that of their corporations and offspring of machines, religious racist credos, justifying those privileges, a dwindling number of managers, as suite pcs automate the process, still enjoying the profits of the system, hand in hand with an increasing military and repressive system. And in the bottom of the pyramid, 90% of mankind and life beings, shamessly exploited. Those do all the jobs receive the lesser part of the pie and are discharged as ‘part-time slave objects’ with a price, when the systme does not need them. And of course, they are taxed with usury debt per in secula seculurum amen.

The similarity of the previous graph of XIX century capitalism and this new age of neo-colonial wars and corrupted demoracies is not a coincidence. We have indeed regressed from the heighs of sound economical policies and sound social democracies, crafted after world war II made us said ‘enough’ to the plutocratic and military elites that governed the western world in the XIX century, back again, due to the ‘coup  detats’ of financial bankers over the sovereign rights of nations to print money, to that previous pryamid. Only that all has ‘changed’ with new technologies of military, financial and information power, to remain the same.

In Davos the funerary ceremonies concern the destruction of the welfare of humans based in the ‘damned lies’ and statistics of financial economists, who have nothing to do with economic sciences, as it should be – to the service of mankind and our welfare. The project is ran by a German-Jewish banker and gathers the great financial and industrial corporations and its CEOs and any ‘Owen’s economist able to find some ‘complicated argument’ in defense of the indefensible. There you find in the most honorable Keynesian fashion ‘the wickedest of all people doing the wickedest of all things with the belief that is for the common good’.

Of course, not a single economist of the ‘real sciences and disciplines – the historic school that would tell them the absolute parallelism between this crisis and the 29 crisis; the socialist-Keynesian school that would explain them the need to reproduce welfare goods, butter not canons; the biological school that would warn them about the substitution of human labor and armies by a stronger species and what that means for all of us, will EVER BE INVITED…

And the ‘thin air conversations at Davos’ is based in the selection of only ONE TYPE of economist, the ones that are not scientists but pamphletists of the ‘dictatorship’ of bankers over the western world – most of them belonging to the Jewish-Calvinist ‘sect’ of capitalism, who defend the sacred right of private bankers to rule democracies with their monopoly on the issue of money, ONLY for the profit of corporations the evolution of the sacred metal-fetish and the profits of their industry.

So any list of Davos ‘guests’ will be a ‘who is who’ of the world’s most corrupted economists, mostly financial, overwhelmingly belonging to the the different sects of the Jewish cult(ure) to gold (Talmudian Jews and biblical, calvinists and anglicans), whose only goal is to find pseudo-scientific concepts able to hide the antidemocratic parasitic activities of hierarchical capitalism in which all the rights are for bankers and stock-holders and their mechanical property while workers and consumers have none. They were perfectly described by Owens ‘saloon economists here in London are busy inventing complicated arguments to defend the rights of the owners of factories’… ‘If they cared just a bit for their human capital as they do for their mechanical capital, how greatly the condition of workers could improve’…

The epitome of this caste this year at Davos was Mr. Carney, a Jewish-Canadian, now (s)elected to direct the Bank of England, the star of the day, who pontified with its ‘expertise’ that we shall soon get out of the crisis if we keep farming taxes for the common people, since as the Jewish-French director of the IMF, Miss Lagarde put it, we must not ‘relax’ – that is the job of the ‘leisure class’ who rips our hard earned dollars so they can invest it in idle accounts and millionaire yacths that surely will bring the jobs we need and robots are taken for us. LOL, the astounding thing about those parasites at DAVOS is that they REALLY BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY!!

And of course, that is the question – the complexity and multi-layered nature of our civilization whose ideologies have been built for 3000 years by the people-castes of the go(l)d culture are so entrenched in our subsconscious collective that those people are Davos are not really ‘cheating’ – they truly think ‘their system’ is righteous and the only ‘science’ of it .

Fact is, because of the racist, bigotry endemic in the go(l)d religions of the talmud and the bible, this type of economists from Smith to Ricardo to, Hayek, Greenspan and Friedman and the overwhelming majority of owners of financial corporations, banks and industrial concerns, CARE NOTHING for the welfare of their workers and consumers… only for the elite of banker-priests and their profits. Let us be clear enough, today of course the system is global and a Chinese entrepeneur behaves the same way than a western one,  but the Ideologies of Information that have made possible the aberration that is killing life and mankind in this planet all stem for the original biblical supremacist culture that finds ‘normal’ that a ‘chosen’ gets at the head of a corporation 1 million times more salary than the sweatshop worker at its bottom. There are of course different versions of capitalism far more just and efficient made by:

– Sound economists who affirm that economy must be part of history and have morals – that is care for people. Those are never heard and invited by the institutions that the jewish inquisition runs – from Davos to the Rijsbank price of economics (Nobel usurpation). And the overwhelmingly belong NOT to the cultures of biblical supremacism. The last titan of this variety, for example, Mr. Sen who invented the Index of Human Development, to calculate the real wealth of people, was a Bengali. But of course, those people are ignored at Davos.

Indeed, HUMANS IN RIGHT MIND, RIGHT THOUGHT COULD NEVER BELIEVE THE STUPIDITIES OF GOLD CHURCHES AND FINANCIAL ECONOMICS, so it is a given of any inquisition the control and censorship of true information. And this is done with the control of scholar and mass-media information. Indeed, scholarship is also today under ‘legal methods’ of control of freedom of speech. Consider my case. Recently my scholar papers on monetary systems, given at Systemic congresses, were considered ‘by a minority’, racially biased and without any judgment or consult are now erased…

Political and economical correctness is the first method of control of information in the ‘scholar world’ reinforced by prizes, damned lies and statistics, paid by think-tanks to the service of corporations, which systematically create a pretension of pseudoscience to the service of those corporations and their products.

The inquisition with more power today in the world is the inquisition of economical correctness – meaning that economics must be the science fo financial corporations and its maximization of profits with utter disregard of a true sustainable science of economics that should cater for the needs of the 99% of mankind – not for the privileges of private bankers that have stolen the soverign rights of nations to print their social langauge of power – money – and create a scientific design of the world to provied the goods humans need and deserve. . And this is what Davos represents

The secrecy and censorship of economic thought and the history of money is possible unlike with the all too obvious abuses of ‘military power’ based in the energy of weapons, because money is a language of information that by definition is invisible to all those who do not ‘dominate’ the grammar of the language. So money, as words for those who do not understand english or the chirp of birds and the genetic code for those who don’t talk those languages has been essentially the ‘black hole’ of power that has designed the world as black holes design galaxies without us perceiving its language of gravitational information.  And so as long as stars do NOT know where the black hole that dominates them is or how ‘it does it’, their power will be absolute.  Once though the system and language of power is understood, information appears in all its weakness. And indeed, what would truly surprise the reader IS how easy would be a r=evolution if politicians and people UNDERSTOOD the system and CARED to reform it to survive. A SIMPLE MEETING OF THE G20 and two simple measures, with LAW above money and machines – the prohibition of robotics and the nationalization of the financial industry, used then to credit, cre(dit)ate a demand economy based in the establishment of a universal salary to create such demand of welfare goods will create a paradise on Earth and end the existential crisis of life extinction. So for that not to happen, censorship of all true social sciences, and censorship of who rules the world, with the covering up provided by placebo democracies and placebo economical freedoms  must be in place.

Then ‘experts’ come to explain you how perfect is reality, and apply the make-up ‘to the corpse of democracy’ that will soothe you at minimal cost, while your rights to a demand economy are taken by financial and industrial corporations.

This ‘expert’ gentlemen in funerary ceremonies are the ‘financial economists’ who pass as the ‘only scientists’ of this discipline, when they are all pamphletists to the service of the banking industry from the calvinist believer, Mr. Adam Smith, the first one, who defended the two ‘sacred laws of profits against mankind’ – productivity that kills jobs and private banks’ right to lend usury money – passing through the jewish stock-broker, Mr. Ricardo, who affirmed the best salary to pay is the subsistence salary or ‘bronze salary’ equivalent to the cost of a machine, as there will be always another poor man to take the job if he can survive and so profits with such salary will grow; all the way to Mr. Hayek and the Chicago School and our ‘experts’ of the  Treasure department and very private Federal Reserve, Mr. Greenspan  mr. Bernanke, Mr. Geithner et al… in one side of the pond, and Mr. Tritchet, Mr. Draghi, et al. 

Now, and this is a quality of complex systems in which the parts have no idea of the workings of the whole, most of those politicians and economists TRULY BELIEVE the ‘damned lies and statistics’ of earlier pamphletists are truth and so the ‘ideal candidate’ for ‘house negro’ is a man of no much intelligence, but strong beliefs that learns those XIX century or XX century pamphlets and really swallows the pill to carry on destructive policies, thinking really they are right for the people. Here, you have an astounding number of modern politicians from Mr. Thatcher to Mr. Obama, to Miss Merkel, normally from the middle class, with no knowledge of finances, no chances to go so far in the ladder of power, ‘adopted’ by financial experts and acolytes from its origins in politics and rocketed to power as the ideal ignorant servant who will defend those policies.

What most of those ‘financial experts’ that have corrupted and subverted the laws of economics substituted by pamphlets in favor of the 1% and the dictatorship of democracies with monetary orders have in common is:

A) To be related or to occupy financial positions of dominant investment banks, to which they will return after tenure or to belong to dynasties of bankers

B) To believe in any of the classic ‘orthodox’ religions of biblical supremacism that consider money/gold a fetishe of salvation, a concept natural to orthodox judaism and calvinism, studied at the end of this post when we try to understand ‘culture’ vs science. To that meme of go(l)d fetishe, those religions added the endemic racism of a book of history of the bronze age; hence they consider expendable, the sacred truths of democracies: ‘all human equals’, with some rights. As they consider that certain ‘races’ are more ‘equal’ chosen by their wealth and the right to monopolize their issue is a god’s given right. Or as the CEO of goldman’s put it during this crisis: ‘a bankers job is a job of god’. Hence they often mix religion and confuse religious dogmas with ‘economic science’, trying always to ‘sneak in’ their work, without mentioning such ‘religious laws’. The paradigm of course is the invisible hand of go(l)d of Mr. Smith, but there are many cases. One of enormous negative consequences is the work of a priest, Mr. Malthus who wrote a pamphlet against the ‘sinners’, the catholic Irish, recommended to stop having children because there were no resources for it, when the world was awash with money spent in train speculation and so the irish were so heavily taxed that 1/2 of their food crop was sold in the international market, provoking famine. mr. Malthus is a paradigm of what latter all those economists will back: men are guilty, men must be sacrificed, even ‘neutered’ in their reproductive skills so they dedicate all their money and wealth and health to improve the ‘true go(l)d like species – machines, weapons and the digital language that reproduces it. Today the equivalent is that kind of woman who sacrifices their children and biological clock to become a barren reproducer of apples and ebay screens. A book I wrote long ago and nobody dared to publish was a ‘history of infamy’ in which all those ‘arguments’ of bigot, financial supremacists were layed down and its errors explained. But of course it was rejected by 173 publishers because for all this ignominy to work you need censorship.

Of course, I know this blog will be abandoned by many, even intelligent people, unable to grasp why we are so ‘fixed’ with the biblical memes and cult(ure)s of the now global ‘capitalist’ ideology. But it is essential to understand that capitalism and the system is NOT the best scientific system, but a religious ideology if we want to grasp its blatant injustice. Nobody who were not ‘imprinted by those racist memes’ and the ‘belief’ of being a chosen, treasure people with special rights could have created what today pass as ‘efficient science’ and merely translates such beliefs into dogmas of capitalism A short series:

– The belief that private bankers must issue money instead of states that represent all the population can only hold considering them ‘experts’, with a higher ‘intelligence’ to run the system than governments do. This was indeed the thesis of Mr. Hayek, the forebear of modern capitalism in ‘road of serfdom’: we, humans cannot run the system or understand it because we ARE TOO DUMB. We seem not to be chosen for such task. Hence private bankers must do it – aren’t they too dumb either as humans? Of course if you think you are chosen and belong to the chosen that is a silly question. For example, stock-holders have all the rights and none work, exactly as the parasite priests of the levy culture, where only the apiru, walked behind the asses, and then the rest of mankind. A NORMAL human without racist memes would consider far more LOGIC the original Japanese style of corporation, where the workers did have rights and shared management. Now, when stocks are bought and owned by bankers through stockmarket deals this doctrine is even more adamant.

For example, the excellent economist, Tinbergen proved that an efficient company should have no more than a 1 to 5 difference of salaries between CEOS and employees (the human organism with the biggest distance, has neurons taken 10 times more energy); yet that would be if we respect workers. The jewish stockbroker Ricardo however considered that workers must be paid the subsistence salary for them not to die of hunger, as that will increase corporative profits. And so on and so on. It is a fact that most anti-human economists ARE also biblical supremacists, from Smith to Greenspan, Friedman and Hayek. And that is why we consider the memes of biblical cultures to be ‘a la par’ in racist power and harm to mankind, to those of germ(anic) warrior cults, from Vedas to Mein kampfs, and essential to understand most of the wrongs of capitalism. The difference being that WHILE EVERYBODY ACCEPTS THE RACIST nature of germ(anic) cultures and most of its memes have rightly been forbidden THE RACIST MEMES OF CAPITALISM AND ITS ORIGINAL GO(L)D CULTURES ARE CONSIDERED SACRED BY BILLIONS OF HUMAN BEINGS. Reason why this blog defies them, one might say with a quixotic spirit needed to defend the survival of humans in a world taylored to exploit them.

C) All pamphletists are heralded by the mass-media and scholar industry of information, paid-per-bank nobel prizes and think tanks, as geniuses and gurus, experts of ‘god-like wisdom’ who cannot be argued by the commoner or the politician that must yield to such knowledge.  So they are just the informative soldiers of the dictatorship of financial power over the west, following the millenarian traditions and ‘inquisitions of religious and financial and military origin’ of that culture, today with a Newspeak of Orwellian nature, where the ‘war ministry for profits’ is the ‘defense ministry’, the police ministry the ‘ministry of love’ (in 1984’s orwell, now the ‘home office’ close), and the biggest theft of history and the most astounding parasite people-class of our civilization people ‘who knows, care and will get us out of the crisis they feast on’. And they of course, are the only ones who go to Davos, consult the Presidency and receive the Saint Nobels of the riksbank.

They are the ones mentioned by Mr. Owens ‘saloon economists, here in London are busy trying to find the most complicated arguments in defense of the rights of the owners of financial and industrial corporations, but none has visited the mill factories as i have done, and realized of the brutal conditions of the workers’… and ‘if the managers of those factories cared a bit for their human capital as they do for their machinery, how much humane would be their conditions of life’.

Owens though was on the other side of eviL, in the side of Live memes, where there are the real economists, which are always concerned with the use of economics to improve the life of mankind. Some of them have it all clear as Owens did and are the best members of this discipline. A brief list: Owens, Marx (though he was a better historian than economist as he never went beyond the very faulty Mr. Ricardo), the French and German socialist school from Sismondi to Lasalle, the American rebels from Veblen with his masterpiece ‘the theory of the leisure class’ in which it redefines again the parasitic activities of the financial castes, till Galbraith; the Keynesian school, which gave birth to Tinbergen’s Dutch and Wicksell’s Swedish school, the post-war European Union economists and the key punctual work of some ambivalent theorists which despite their ‘lame’ acceptance of usury and interest laws make important contributions to a human, real economical policy: Pigou with its denounce of the external ‘profits’ obtained by corporations sucking on public finances or charging collateral damages and pollutions to the public, to the ‘utility and indifferent curves’ of Paretto and others who show for the entire society to benefit, it is needed to distribute rent as the leisure class obtains no profit from the last 1000 $ put to its billonaire account, stolen from some widow or unemployed that will die without it.

Here the list is also strong and in fact, with the right ‘political goal’ of creating a world to the image and likeness of man with nomisma, NOT usury gold, a similar but opposite selection of economic thought in favor of mankind – inverse to the selection the mass-media industry of misinformation, think tanks and neo-fascist universties, Chicago style, do – Mankind has shown enough wisdom in the field to create an ‘opus of work’ and economical policies and instruments to recreate a global paradise, IF THE G20 POLITICOS WOULD EITHER BECOME ETHIC OR INTELLIGENT, UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM, NATIONALIZE GLOBALLY THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY AND SET TO WORK FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD.

And so we add the two final schools of thought on that human side -the one those texts represent, systems sciences applied to monetary systems, in whose international congresses i developed the model (sadly censored now by the ‘Jewish Inquisition’ to the service of those bankers who have managed with legal protests to erase all my articles on those conferences ‘salvo one’ – the president of the international association recently communicated me that the article on the history of finances had to be erased under legal menaces of a ‘member’ of a ‘minority’ that felt insulted – you see as in times of the spanish inquisition the ‘delator’ remains anonymous, the laws of freedom of thought and speech are subverted to defend the people-caste in power, the penalty is imposed without hearing the true innocent victim and the ‘ad hominem’ campaign ensues to satisfy the Law of Silence of the humanist or free thinker and of COURSE, since I HAVE NEVER UTTERED  a racist statement but only talk of ‘memes’ and ideologies and I DO HAVE jewish and germanic genes, when I asked the association to ‘let them go to court, will see, how is right’… there was panic and no answer. We do not yet burn ‘heretics’ on the altar of capitalism, but give it time…).

Thus we end this post with the original article suppressed by the jewish inquisition for stating the obvious – that 90% of western central bankers and CEOs of the biggest stock-market companies and CFOs of the fortune 500 are ‘am segullah’ people, and so such monopoly is NOT democratic, AND IMPLIES a dictatorship of a CULTURE AND NATION over the western world, to whom it imposes its economic selfish policies that cater only to the 1% and its apartheid political policies against the poor of the 3rd world – those terrorists we love to hunt down with our profitable robotic industries.

6. Democracies vs. Companies: who should invent money? 


In the graph, because companies invest money in their products and humans are just a ‘wage/cost’, ‘What is good for GM is often not good for Americans’. Unfortunately the  ‘business of America is the politics of America’, because companies have exclusive rights to reproduce money in stock-markets and buy laws to corrupted politicians. The result is a chronic scarcity of the natural goods of the welfare state mankind needs, and a massive reproduction and evolution of machines, which have unlimited resources.

Thus, the main question mankind faces is simple: who should invent money, the language of power of our societies, the governments of humanity which invest in our future or stock-companies, which evolve machines? Because the future is cre(dit)ated with money the question can be rephrased: do we want a future sustainable for life or a world made to the likeness of the machines evolved by company-mothers? In the American constitution ‘people’ are citizens of democracies and yet democracies cannot invent money and create with it a world that caters to the needs of those citizens. This contradiction between the citizens of Free Markets, Companies, with absolute rights to reproduce the language of power of Market, money, and the citizens of Free Societies, human beings, who should hold the same rights through their governments is at the core of the lack of freedom of our societies, We no longer live in democracies but in plutocracies, ruled by ‘stockrats’, the owners of companies, which use money to buy human time/life with salaries, laws with lobbyism and cre(dit)ate a future made to the image and likeness of its machines.

Governments, freely elected by the people should invent money with deficits to cre(dit)ate a welfare state and a Demand Economy that will push consumption and increase the production of life-based goods, taking us out of this crisis. On the other hand financial and stock-companies will keep inventing money for technology=machines that in the Robotic/ Computer age of the Singularity will increasingly make humans obsolete.

‘Company-mothers’ of machines, the free citizens of the Economic Ecosystem (market), use digital money and its ‘hidden values’ to select through prices and wages the species that are reproduced in the economic ecosystem, mostly its offspring of machines, which often compete with humans in labor and war fields.Yet because this process is increasingly harmful to mankind, as machines evolve into species better than us, any ‘biological’ model or ‘historic’ analysis of how the Earth is being ‘terraformed’ by machines and how life and human cultures become extinguished by technology, is not argued. Instead, the ‘historic’, ‘eusocial’ and ‘biological’ schools of economics founded by Sombart, Marx and Butler1, in which this paper is based, is censored. Only abstract studies on economics, which ignore the biological meaning of machines, the properties of money as a language of information and the collateral damage their reproduction without limit causes to the life and historic world they substitute, are permitted. This is explained by the previous schools of economics from a historic perspective: warrior and go(l)d cultures, born in Europe and Levante, accepted as a religion the power of energetic weapons to kill ‘by the grace of god’ and the power of informative gold to hypnotize and enslave human beings, starting the evolution of our capitalist=mechanist civilization 5000 years ago. Neolithic, life-based cultures have been ever since degraded and denied by the new ‘top predator’ cultures of ‘animetals’ (biological name) – ‘metal-masters’ who use weapons (warrior elites), go(l)d (bankers) or machines (scientists) to dominate the world. Indo-European warriors and Semite bankers became the elite of western societies and ever since their only interest has been to increase their power with weapons, machines and money over the rest of mankind and the life-earth. This global expansion took off thanks to the evolution of machines, which are organic systems that transform back and forth energy into information, multiplying the power of those elites. After a series of social revolutions against bankers and warriors, the power of money and machines was shared with the mass of humanity. Yet in the past decades the democratic rights obtained by freely elected governments to reproduce money (deficits), foster the production of biological goods needed to survive (welfare states) and limit with laws the creation of lethal machines, have been limited.

Thus, financial and industrial companies and its aristocracies of ‘stockrats’, have become the only free citizens of the economic ecosystem, with unlimited rights to reproduce money, the language of power of society and buy laws, politicians and human beings, with bribes and salaries. Meanwhile the end of social democracies brought about a massive censorship on the Eusocial, historic and biological schools of economics. The result is our mechanist civilization in which company-mothers keep evolving machines that prey on life; while our elites maintain its power by controlling of the languages of information of our society (money, the law, mass-media). Thus, the final evolutionary and historic result of that runaway evolution of machines, which increasingly compete with mankind, will be the obsolescence and extinction of life in this planet. Yet this must be denied by economists, which work for companies, creating all kind of historic and mathematical myths to justify the evolution of machines, weapons and money as the destiny of mankind. The Historic, biological view is thus conclusive: nothing has really changed. In the past, the predatory economic system was justified as ‘given by go(l)d’ Today is explained  in mathematical terms as a ‘science’ called ‘classic economics’ that postulates economical growth is the only purpose of human societies and the ‘jungle of metal’ we are creating, the only possible reality. It is the ‘primitive’, go(l)d-based religion of capitalism, today hidden in mathematical postulates which unfortunately control the economical and political world…

The result is the absurd world in which we live, where human beings are always secondary to machines: there is scarcity of human food but we spend fortunes drilling oil wells or rising crops that can be converted into gas for machines; there is little money for education but digital information and research in technology never stops; there is little money for health-care but you will always find a shop to repair your computer.

And all that comes to the simple fact that as Business this Week put it: ‘who wants to buy Mexican bonds if we can invest in sun microsystems’.

Today the same choice has been done in America, where 1.3 trillions were given to financial companies but people are kicked out of homes and loose their jobs to computer software and robots; while the entire financial community massively attacks the value of currencies which sustain the human economy, as if the destruction of the human economy, based in the welfare state and the human life-enhancing goods we consume was ‘necessary’  to liberate even more money to invest in robotic and computer technologies and accelerate the demise of the human kind. Since machines indeed work cheaper than human beings and increase the profits of companies.

Thus because investment in technology increases the profits of companies, for whom economists cater, the obvious choice of a human future is not even argued. Economics is no longer a science that ‘cares’ to design a world to the image and likeness of mankind but a ‘science’ whose function is to ensure the profits of companies, achieved through the unlimited reproduction and sale of monetary instruments and machines.  And to that aim it has established as a dogma that only financial and stock-companies must invent money; while governments and human beings should ‘beg’ for credit to the bankers of the go(l)d cultures that rule the economic ecosystem.

Since the Economic Ecosystem is not a Democracy, but a Free Market in which only companies are ‘free citizens’. We live in a ‘stockracy’, where the new aristocrats, the stockrats who control the financial systems of reproduction of money rule our corrupted political system and select the ‘authorized’ thought on Economics. Thus, we give 200 billion $ to a few owners of AIG but our ‘authorized’ economists expect the 400 million euro people and the 300 million Americans will have to cut their expenses to the survival level of the ‘Iron Salary’ that the Economist Ricardo9 expected for all humans, as ‘machines keep evolving and competing with them’.

As we follow the historical parallelism between the 29 and 2008 crisis, we enter the 30s, the years in which first the blindness of capitalism, guided by the unlimited greed of financiers, ruined the middle classes till the political backlash brought fascism and socialism to power. Reality in the 2010s follow the steps of the 1930s. We are now at the height of capitalist power. The over reproduction of money caused by technological advances in its creation (the electric ticker in the 1930s, the e-money computer in the 2000s) has peaked. e-money has multiplied by 10 the controlling power of our great financial dynasties. In turn that money has expanded their control of companies and politicians. Wealth is also created with weapons, as the ‘Semite wars’ have thoroughly re-invented a cold war that fuels investment in military robotics and new types of nuclear bombs. Neo-fascism is thus entrenched in the West as never before the 30s. But it has ‘changed’ its face, which is not ‘the boot’ but ‘big brother smiley’. Orwell got it wrong. Huxley got it right. People are not kept submissive to power with menaces but with fiction. Big Brother is not a neo-Hitler but Hollywood. Yet the effect is the same. The sheeple hates today the poor, 3rd world people of Islam as it hated in the 1930s the poor slav/jewish peasants of Poland and Russia.

We have a scapegoat to keep making profits with weapons. We have a new mass-media system (then radio-hate, today Tv-hate) to indoctrinate the audience. The fact that the people on top has changed from warriors to bankers, from the dominance of weapons to the dominance of go(l)d is incidental to the existence of a self-similar cycle of power, which has choked democracies, the middle classes and the future of mankind as it falls into a new abyss… ‘History doesn’t repeat but rhymes’ said Mark Twain. The rhyme is clear. The future obscure…

The outcome of this earlier 30s/2010s is self-evident: the middle class is going to disappear, the wealthy who caused the crisis will become richer, till the social fractures sees the rise of neo-fascism in the post-Obama, post-dollar crash America. While Europeans will steadily move towards a socialist economy with quantitative easy and a soft euro to pay the welfare state, given the fact that bankers are still sharing power with governments and the go(l)d culture is no longer dominant on that society.

Europeans remember history and so, despite the present fear of a melt-down of the European economy, it is expected they will reach a balance to avoid the rise of neo-fascism, as everybody knows what happened in the 30s, when the massive absorption of capital in the post-29 crashed made Adolf Hitler the most popular politician with brutal sentences like ‘the death of the ‘Am Segullah’ will be the wealth of the Germans’ or ‘If the International Banker keeps ruining our economy, it won’t be the end of Germany but the end of its race’.

In America however, censorship of the ‘real cycles of history’ is absolute, because there has not been any change in the pyramid of social power in place since the end of the Civil War. And so the real ‘crisis’ is still to take place when what happened to the Euro repeats at a grand scale with the dollar once the Yuan becomes convertible and the International Banker, the Forex speculator switches international currencies.

This, we forecast according to the 3 repetitive Kondratieff parallel cycles of the 1850-60s, 1920s-30s and 2000s-10s, will happen as soon as the Yuan becomes convertible latter in the decade. It will be the same process that sunk first the German Mark and then the Pound, when the Dollar became the new world currency in the 20s.

In that regard the currency/euro crisis is self-similar to other deficit crises that took place in the 1st and 2nd Kondratieff crashes of the Industrial R=evolution.

In essence, the recurrent long terms, 72 year crisis of the economy go through the same phases.  The phase that now starts is the ruin of the different demand-based welfare states of the economy which no longer has a viable credit system to support a sustainable growth.

In the 20s the currency crisis peaked in Germany during the hyper-inflation age.

Now again the crisis has started in Europe and Germany with its null understanding of ‘human values’ and the needs of people have triggered it with extreme capitalist, anti-deficit laws that forbid the creation of demand-based government deficits to create a new deal that solved the stagnation of the economy.

Yet in the present cycle America plays the role of Germany and China the role of America. Thus what we have seen in Greece is only the beginning. The true currency crisis will take place when the Yuan becomes convertible and the entire planet ditches the dollar as the international currency as it happened in the 1920s when it substituted the Deutsche Mark and the Pound for the dollar. Then America will suffer an age of hyper-inflation, lost of purchase power, as the trillions of dollars created by the Treasury return home, multiplying the quantity of money inside the states that will loose value; and the market panic ditches treasuries for Chinese money and bonds.

And yet ignorant of the basic laws of the economic ecosystem, our ‘Treasure department’ insists that China makes the Yuan convertible and rises its value, in a self-suicidal process that will bring in the late 2010s the decline of America as economical power, and an internal social and political crisis, seen in the past cycles, when a nation looses its top predator status, with an international currency that always has unlimited rights to invent money for free.

Indeed, when Spain lost that right to Holland and the bullion plummeted in value it entered in a civil war (1640). When France lost that status at the end of the Indian/American wars in the 1750s it soon entered into the French R=evolution. And when Germany lost that status, Hitler raised to power.

Thus we are moving as it happened after the 1857, 1929 and 2001 crash, into an age of war for profits, with any ideological excuse. After the 1857 crash, trains were armored and used in wars against Indians or to conquer Africa. After the 1929 crash Hitler started the reproduction of tanks instead of cars.

This situation which parallels that of the 30s during the Republican administration (Mr. Obama and the Euro-zone presidents are in economical terms to the right of Coolidge) implies that we do not longer live in a Democracy but in a plutocracy, where companies and their owners stockrats have the exclusive rights to print the language of power, money, as aristocrats had the exclusive rights to bear arms in kingdoms. And for that reason, because consumption of peaceful machines has plummeted companies promote the creation of weapons and war that keeps giving profits.

After the 2001 crash computers were used to create a ‘big brother’ security state, with the excuse of terrorism. History rhymes. The tribes on top change but the ‘engines’ of our technological civilization, greed and violence, fostered by money and weapons, have not changed. It is thus absurd to focus on tribal rivalries, and point out to this or other tribe, but much more intelligent to understand the systemic cycles. Indeed, little difference there is between the British, American and French treatment of negroes and Indians in the XIX fascist age or the treatment of Jewish and Slavs in the XX c. fascist age, or the treatment of Palestines in the XXI c. except the fact that we are now in our neo-fascist age, and so the control of information about our neo-fascist age is far deeper than the one we make of past eras, which are ‘history’; and the dates… We are at the beginning of the Jewish-American fascist age, in the earlier 30s, so our neo-Disraelis and neo-Hitlers have not yet exterminated our ‘primitive enemies’… Yet as the trends of history continue, and the new awesome weapons of the Singularity age, robots and Cosmic bombs are developed, it is to be expected that in a few years the number of causalities of this fascist age will increase… and might indeed cause the extermination of all mankind (CERN’s black holes, self-replicant nano-bacteria, Terminators)…

Indeed, the 4th cycle which now starts is far more frightening, because machines are reaching now organic properties and weapons are now able to blow up the entire planet. And so we have a new Dr. Death acclaimed as the New Einstein, Mr. Hawking, who promotes the creation of black holes, cosmic bombs that can blow up the planet at CERN. And the same Messianism of technocrats that loved the Nuclear energy and chemical energy of the previous cycles takes place. Then in the future self-reproductive factories and robots, will complete the age of the Singularity, in which humans might become obsolete.

But that future is not fully understood because it is now embedded in the mathematical laws of Economics, which hide with numbers the ‘real values’ of a world guided by machines, money and the company-mothers that reproduce them.

A simple ‘mathematical law’ of Economics will show those hidden values – the Law of Productivity. All economists and politicians today affirm that we will come out o the crisis increasing the productivity of the economy.

And yet the opposite is truth, since productivity is the ratio between human labor and capital/machines. It means that as productivity increases, human labor diminishes and machine-labor multiplies. Thus, in the Singularity age, human labor might disappear, substituted by robots and automated software suits as productivity becomes infinite:

0 human labor x infinite machines= capital = Infinite Re-Productivity

Indeed, the present cycle might be different from all others, since robots will be able to consume their own energy with solar cells; will displace human consumers, absorbing increasingly the bulk of industrial machines in their creation; and company-mothers will reach infinite productivity, becoming automated systems of reproduction of machines (hence with zero human labor).

This seems indeed the most likely future in the Age of the Singularity, since Metal-master cultures have shown throughout history a null understanding of the eusocial laws of evolution and the science of Economics. While the people they control, the human sheeple have always feared their power and accepted the stick and carrot methods of control of Metal-masters, namely the menace of weapons and the reward of a salary that allows them to survive.

Thus,  a biological analysis of Free Markets shows that if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life we need to regulate the evolution of technology. We have to prune the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competence with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), which also provide more labor, as they are reproduced or created by human beings.





In the graph, Mankind has only 2 paths of future, let the corporate tigers eliminate the human child – our future generations – with its robotic machines and weapons, while force-feeding the ‘citizens, believers in such anti-human system’, with a growing load of fiction bull$hit in favor of the ‘Final Solution’ – telling us to loose jobs and lives to the progress of the robot is Ok, because there will be, besides the murder of our children some nice little collateral effects such as self-driving cars, ultra-expensive robotic surgeons, and drones to fight absurd wars that could be solved with diplomacy, humane treatment and investments in welfare and education of the 3rd world…

Or take the bull by the horns, as ‘forcados’, (strong people) do, tame the machine and survive. The law of the jungle is not my dictum but the biological law of this planet, and since evolution is both deterministic (no gazelle has ever killed a lion), and predictable, there is no other way around, except not meeting the mechanical tiger in the future by not evolving them.

Stop bull$hit, ban robots legally.


Both things are false. evolutionary science is predictable and no gazelle has ever killed a lion. So it did happen as complexity will bring consciousness to military robots, and weapons have always been the most advanced machines at each age.

Thus this leaves us with the question of mankind stopping the robotists, go(l)d seekers, and animetal cultures that are doing.

And this is the only solution and it has happened before.

It is a blatant lie that the system cannot be reformed and technology halted, spread by the Leisure class who do nothing to improve reality except preventing any reform, living the day, carpe diem, while it last, as MACHINES MAKE MONEY. A simple sample will suffice:

In the XVI c. Spain and Japan were the leading producers of the most advanced weapon of the day, muskets… The spaniards and those who followed suit in Europe soon with gunboats, decided to further evolve them to increase their power and build racist empires against non-technological nations they exterminated wholesale in many parts of the world. But the Japanese decided they didn’t want to live in a world in permanent war where human values of love, honor and zen were trashed by snipers with long distance range. So they merely ban legally  their manufacturing and melted them all into buddhist bells. And for 300 years lived the golden edo age their intellectuals today miss. So only when Perry bombed with 300 years more advanced technology the islands they had to build their own gunpowder empire and murder die by the millions in those wars.

However now, in Davos ‘finally!’ after 30 years of talking about this *but never invited to halls of power, they talk about the obvious, when IT IS HAPPENING. But do you think they state the obvious: to FORBID LEGALLY THE ROBOTIC INDUSTRY, in a G20 meeting, to avoid our demise? IT COULD BE DONE, as easy as we forbid Aids factories ebola viruses spread, and in many nations free weapons. THE LAW, embeds the ethic natural survival values of man and can perfectly forbid as China did the robotisation of the world. None though states it. All are for the go(l)d profits and the pleasures of war. All affirm is unavoidable. IT IS NOT TRUTH. If MAN GOES under, it will be BECAUSE IT IGNORES COMPLETELY the Nature of the Universe, it denies it laws and it does NOT want to survive, as a slave to its ‘subconscious’, lower selfish instincts. But civilisations such as China or in the West the roman empire and its followers in the modern world (the French r=evolution and EU revolution prior to the ecb private bank) show the law can control, improve and create a perfect world.

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-19-52-45OF COURSE, WHAT THEY DO ON THOSE PLACES IS ‘THIN AIR SPEECHES’ about how wonderful will be a world in which the super organism of mankind is atrophied, parasited and dependent on the super organism of the metal-earth, and at best the ‘good ones’ tell us we shall be force-fed with robotic waiters, converted in fat cows running on automated cars, while watching hate-media fun gore movies on tvs, closed in a world of polluted cancerous waves of electromagnetic machines, constructing the birth of the metal-earth, waiting for slaughterhouse day.

Because and this is the huge truth never recognised by scholars, paid by corporative groups, we do NOT live in a  rational world ruled by social scientists, but in a world ruled by ‘religious, creationist’ quack doctors of economics, who believe ‘Go(l)d’ is the language of God, its invisible hand which we must obey at all costs.

Indeed, classic economics is NOT A SCIENCE. IT HAS NO PREDICTIVE POWER, IT DOES NOT DEFINE SCIENTIFICALLY ITS ELEMENTS, an is based in postulates of religious origins such as the search for go(l)d, for profits at all costs. So how do you expect the world not to go under if we are ruled by quack doctors and shamans, that make the patient worse, when they try to cure it with its ‘myths and fetishe go(l)d’?

But why we are so sure there are 2 futures for mankind? And only one will survive?

Now the future is dual because one future will see the birth of the super organism of the Metal-earth and the other future will see the birth of the organism of mankind, the ‘mystical god of humanist religions’. And to explain this we must truly upgrade your view of the economy and history with the concept of a social super organism, which is biologically what they are, confronted in their evolution as a super organism with the fact there is only ONE EARTH AND A FULL super organism of machines is not compatible with one of man.

HUMANIST, DEMOCRATIC SOLUTIONS: A healthy, wealthy peaceful world.

Economical solution: The inter-‘nationalization’ of credit: A world currency. 

ethonomics -The-Human-FutureHD: In the graph, the design of efficient economic networks that deliver oxygen-money to all cells (left ¥€$ money, an international currency to pay a Universal salary)… to create a demand economy, as humans would demand the production of healthy welfare goods  (left down), based in the positive, ‘biological frame of reference’, of what make humans thrive (right down graph); while establishing a perfect world Union based in peace and diplomacy, following the steps of the most advanced human civilisations and organisations (EU, prior to the ECB, parasitic bank, and UNO), IS IMMEDIATE according to the physiological laws of super organisms. So if we were to change our politicians and economists by medicine doctors, who apply those laws to cure individual organisms, to cure the super organism of history they would easily achieve  the goal of building a perfect super organism of history, as this is the natural arrow of eusocial evolution of all beings of the Universe.

Thus it should be so easy to construct, giving birth to an Avatar-like, Renaissance planet in which man and its organisms become again the measure of all things. So we postulate that there should be in the Universe infinite planets in which man survives and merely by DOING what naturally is born to do, and NOT letting himself be hypnotised and enslaved by selfish metal-memes; accepting a FREE MARKET ECOSYSTEM where the only FREE individuals are Company-mothers of machines with unlimited credit to create a work to its image and likeness.
It is ALL about REAL DEMOCRACIES WHERE PEOPLE do vote not only words=legal mandates but money. So with both bills of money and bills of law they can manage efficiently society for the 99%. At present they are ‘mute’ with money and choose politicos which they DO NOT CONTROL AS THE ORIGINAL ONLY DEMOCRACY GREECE DID WITH votes a posteriori, the pain messages of social organisms, which in Greece ensured the correct behaviour of politicos or else they would be vote exile, death or pecuniary penalties. Such REAL democracy and REAL human economy that would construct an immortal perfect world is thus the second part of bio-economics and bio-history, the scientific design of a real working democracy and its implementation with the languages of social power.

We could dream what the world would be if complex scientists guided the economy for the benefit of man, trying to design a world to our image and likeness. 2 elements would be essential in such ‘ethonomical science’ to the service of mankind: a global currency with rights to massive state deficits – yes money – and a global, financial legislation that differentiates companies in two groups – those who help to meet the collective goals of mankind, creating goods which enhance our survival and evolution, with ample access to market credit; and those who produce lethal goods that devolve, extinct or degrade the world of life, with wide restrictions to credit and production… Thus goods would be produced according to their capacity to enhance the 3 ‘drives’ of biological existence: human, verbal information, human energy and social evolution and reproduction.

Thus a new ‘frame of reference’ to value goods, in a different manner to the values given by go(l)d is needed. It is the ethonomic frame of reference on the low right side qualifies goods, according to its capacity to satisfy the natural drives of humans, as positive when they enhance our energy, information, reproduction and social love, while those goods that diminish them are judged negative goods. The PNB of a nation should be measured in such frame of reference, detracting from the economy the value of lethal goods. Such ethonomic frame should guide a real free society, in which legal measures foster companies of ‘human goods’ that evolve our energy, information and reproduction (top part of the frame of reference), among which the paramount ‘good’ is human labor, which economists constantly diminish by increasing the productivity of companies, substituting human workers by machines. On the other hand, negative goods, in the lower part of the graph, should be discouraged with political and economic measures.

If politicians, economists and humanity at large were knowledgeable about the scientific, organic laws of history and markets and applied rationally the best measures to create a world to the image and likeness of man, by regulating market, money and machines, the world could be a paradise.

The solution is the creation of yes money, a fixed parity international currency self-similar to the SDR currency of the IMF (Yen, Yuan, Dollar and Euro together) with massive deficit rights to create a welfare state; and a new sweeping regulation of stock-markets…

Because Yes money, a circulating SDR currency, would be global, it could not loose value and those deficits would create enough money for governments to support the life of the millions of people that enter now unemployment, as robots substitute workers and currencies crash for excess of deficit in  parallel crisis tto that of the deusteche mark that brought fascism to Germany. Now the ultimate crash will be the crash of the dollar when the yuan becomes convertible and America plays the role of Germany in the 20s crisis.

Is the looming currency crisis that we projected 10 years ago Its only solution is to create ‘yes’ money that allows all the nations of the world a wide state deficit of 10% to create a New Global Deal and jobs for the unemployed thrown out of jobs by robots and computers (blue and white collar labor).

Money is just the data produced by computers for a few, which have during the past 20 years increasingly controlled with laws of deficit zero and opaque financial instruments, all other systems of power of our societies. But ‘greed’ has no limits and so far what we observe is the same process of the earlier 20s, a complete denial that this is a one-in-a century recession, perfectly forecast and explained in our models of bio-economics, a massive censorship of a real science of economics based in those cycles, which are not published, and a runaway search for new e-money instruments to keep inventing money with computers, parasiting the global economy with a ‘burden/tax’ calculated around 5 trillion $ a year, which is choking the global economy.

Yes money created by governments and ‘sustainable companies’, in a reformed financial world, could make Earth a paradise of wealth for all human beings. People don’t realize that money is invented; that governments could invent money and create a welfare state, abolishing taxes with a global currency; that laws could select according to their positive or negative usefulness for mankind which ‘sustainable’ companies have credit on markets and which do not have credit. So for example, robotic companies that create machines which destroy labor should not be allowed to tap credit, while agricultural companies, which feed mankind and are chronically under-funded would have special rights.

All those changes, which the concerted work of the G-20 group could establish legally are not even considered. Since economists at the service of the financial companies that control the west, its mass-media outlets, its forms of creation of money and its politicians work today as Owen, the XIX century philanthropist put it, ‘creating all kind of theoretical excuses to justify the massive exploitation of workers in factories across the country; as they enjoy the life of the London Saloons’. Nothing has changed. Today economists merely affirm as ‘scientific dogma’ the complex theories they invent to justify the exclusive rights to mint money that financial companies have had for centuries, exception the brief periods of eusocial governments during the 60s and 70s, the golden age of democracy.

9.  Historic solution: the evolution of tribal cultures: a World government.

Finally to notice, even if it is not the theme of this paper, the obvious fact that parallel to the creation of an international currency, the solution to our political problems is obvious: to increase the power of the United Nations and expand the present NATO organization to all countries of the world, creating in this manner a global army, which should have 2 tasks:

– To reinforce the decisions of the Assembly of Nations and oblige all its members to comply with the International Rule of Law.

– To control the production of lethal goods that menace the sustainability of this planet.

Of course, we all know those solutions to the problems of mankind. But as in the case of an International Currency, History and Economics as a science will always conflict with Tribal History and Classic Economics as religions of power of the old people-castes that in the age of go(l)d and Iron established the dominant cultures of today. Thus, unless ‘cultures’ evolve and accept the Eusocial Laws of Love among the members of the same species, the extinction of life, guided by greed and murder, the ‘hidden values’ of money and weapons, will continue. Only a r=evolution of the system, guided by our governments, which might take place when ‘things get much worse’ during the new ‘30s’, could offer a hope to mankind. At present, the old cultures of greed and murder control both, history and economics and their suicidal and murderous, ‘subconscious values’, imprinted by money seem impossible to change…

A reform of money in favor of the human kind.

Because social sciences have always two sides – that of ‘explanation of facts’ to understand a certain species, and then its manipulation with scientific laws to help mankind to improve life, we shall end this brief analysis of money considering the ideal case that humans had not been ‘defeated’ by greed, the subconscious hypnotic desire for gold and silver and self-destroyed themselves following the ‘values’ of gold and weapons in an unending quest for the commodity of money, till the bio-logical values of metal have created the capitalism world as it is – which needless to say those who handle money today in both forms, fiat money and gold money ignore, as their concern is still the same of the Phoenician hordes who ransacked the Mediterranean in search of gold or the Spanish conquistadors who massacred Amerindians for silver or the British Opium traders that destroyed China for the same metal.

One of the key themes of the human condition is this eternal fight between irrational, greedy, violent humans, which guided by visual, emotional, subconscious desires – mainly observed in the White, dolichocephalic, visual ‘homo sapiens Neanderthaliensis’ – become wolves of men; and the rational, democratic eusocial groups who tried to evolve with the proper ‘social languages’ and values (fiat money with ethic laws on top) the humankind.

Of course, because the emotional, primitive wolf-man has won the battle of history, he has created a fantasy of ‘freedom’ (confused with chaos, synonymous in science), making his selfishness and callousness with nature and other humans priced by money and corporations, as an achievement, when it is precisely a symbol of devolution and death of the human social organism. Money as a commodity of metal with primitive, anti-life values therefore has always gone side by side with a debasing of ethic information, imposed mainly with religious inquisitions that forbid the goals of life, from sexual reproduction to eusocial love (gold churches that repress the values of life, being the Bible and its biblical supremacists with its racist mandates today still in power in the west, the most clear example of it). Only in this manner the type of dysfunctional, unjust, anti-democratic economic systems of capitalism could have been born. The master works of Sombart and Weber on the origins of capitalism explain clearly those facts.

But there has also been an alternative stream of thought, albeit only applied in the highest moments of human rational history, in which money was useful to society because:

A) It was treated as fiat money, hence it could be issued or destroyed at will as words and laws are, depending on the needs of society

B) It was used by the collective brain of the society – its government, hence it was not a ‘cancerous’ ‘energy/blood’ hold by a single organ (people-caste, tribe, elite, class, priesthood or race depending on societies.)

Those 2 elements – money must be fiat money and must be issued by governments  – are thus essential to create a democratic world in which money serves mankind under the ruling of social sciences and biological laws. Today this means that the financial Industry should be nationalized and a global international fiat currency, Yes money, studied in other parts of this blog should be imposed to guarantee the issue of government money (deficits) to pay for the welfare state, in the same manner that we are free to speak words to act in our favor and our heart and brain is constantly sending blood and nervous messages to all the cells of the body to regulate its workings. As today, we have a short of ‘liver’ (the bankers) who is overgrown and absorbs all the blood of society (money) killing rhythmically the rest of the body in the cycles of appropriation, economical crash, hyperinflation, destruction of currencies, wars and holocausts.

The fight between democratic, fiat, government issued money and private ‘go(l)d.  

There have been always two elements to money:

– Money is a language of information that gives values to the different entities of a society in the same manner words do according to the ethic values of a culture. As such money as a language or ‘nomisma’ (Aristotle, Ethics) follows the rules of languages of information, a subject little understood in modern science, which I have developed in the past decades in the realm of systems sciences and will help us to go forward in the understanding of why a society ruled by money has so different values to one ruled by verbal thought and how can we incorporate ‘ethic values’ to money.

– But money is also the substance of which money is made, which has been for most of history soft, informative metals. And this fact is the key to understand the ethic problems of money, the reasons why for example money gives maximal values to weapons which kill mankind and minimal value to life, exactly the opposite values of words; or why societies which have been ruled by money instead of ethics, notably the Old Temple cultures of Levant, then transferred to the Anglo-Saxon world through biblical capitalism, has suffered and imposed ‘death’ values promoted by the ‘most expensive’ products.

– We shall conclude that money as a language of information of digital, mathematical nature is not per se a problem. The problem has been the use of commodities instead of law to create money. 

When the language of money-commodity becomes the hypnotic ‘goal’ of society, as in primitive religious fetish capitalism – the idol-ogy of classic economists and banker-priests – men becomes an object, compared to a machine in competition in fields of labor and war, and a slave bought for a price of money. This is the language chosen by plutocracies, capitalism and go(l)d religions and hence men become slaves and suffer as objects the competition of weapons that kill them in war fields and machines that throw them out of work. And those people who rule their world with the lanwave of money end up in action-reaction processes of economical crises, r=evolutions, class struggle, where THE PEOPLE WHO INVENT MONEY HAS ALL PRIVILEGES, ABUSES THE PEOPLE THEY PRICE AND END UP SUFFERING THEIR backlash. This society suffers endemic hecatombs and holocaust cycles. And they can be predicted as THE CRISES WILL HAPPEN WHEN MONEY HAS TOTALLY CORRUPTED THE VALUES OF ETHICS AND ALL MEN ARE PRICED, ENSLAVED AND POOR.

And in many parts of this blog we study the fight that has endured now 3000 years between:

– The European, rational, democratic thinking about money started in Greece and Rome (Lycurgus, Numa, who established the first fiat money without commodity value), according to which money is just a language, regulated by law, and issued by the government which represents the ‘brain of the superorganism’ of mankind (or any nation in which money is issued) in any support, because it carries the authority of the whole social organism Vs.

– Money as a ‘religious commodity (gold, silver), which gives it value, a primitive way of thinking that has carried hierarchical, anti-democratic, ‘greedy’ societies dedicated to plunder and theft to acquire gold.And of course, it uses all planetary resources to that aim, provoking a systemic scarcity of the welfare and life goods we need to survive.

This fight which started in Rome, who became independent of the Canaanite gold traders that were plundering the Mediterranean and raised an Empire based initially in fiat money (worthless coins made of brittle iron, made useless in vinegar), because what mattered was the community capacity to respect the Law, the verbal language of man, and use money for the common good, is now still raging, as the battle between both views of money was finally gained by those who made the commodity, ‘gold’, the nature of money and accumulated finally controlling societies.

Let us be clear enough – the battle between Law on rule over fiat money, issued by governments for the common good to foster the production of the goods the nation and humanity needs vs. the control of Gold (wealth money) by a minority through the use of weapons, slavery and unjust laws is the most important untold battle for the future of history – (as the wrong vision has won and hence must hide its injustice). Since energy in the universe is always secondary to information, and so in the same manner your body of energy is far less important than your head of information it sustains to regulate your life, to regulate history the true battle is that between different ‘ethic/digital versions’ of our two languages of social power, money and the law, and the decision on which language should dominate with his values (obviously words, our ethic, biological language) and who should issue those languages (obviously the entire community through elected governments). Because the world has gone the wrong way, and a small group of people (private bankers) issue money and on top the lesser language controls the most important, with the correct values – the ethic law (since money commands the law through corrupted politicians), we live in the world we live – a constant holocaust of life and mankind, which has ‘zero’ digital value in terms of metal-money

But this censored fight, which has brought us to the present world in which democracies disappear because the social language of power is controlled by a few banking dynasties, as interesting as it might be is still the ‘human point of view’. As always in this blog based in the pioneer sciences of bio history, systems and theory of information, we want to go further and explore why gold values weapons more than life, why the values of commodity money, which has dominated history kill life. 

And the ultimate reason of all this is obvious: our societies are ruled by money NOT by the law, which money buys. So we do not live in a democracy, in which money would be issued by free citizens and their representative governments (demand economy), with universal salaries and investments in the welfare goods the 99% demands, but cannot get since money is issued by private bankers with the only goal of increasing their profits, either keeping the money for themselves or investing it in the most profitable goods of the economy (weapons and hate media that provokes wars where countries become ‘debt slaves’; or machines).

So we had also to explain how ‘private bankers, speculators and corporations’ invent fiat money for free, while the rest of us work for it and pay taxes.

Now the reader will find those humanist solutions probably ‘idealistic’. Maybe, certainly today, they are, because we do not live in a democracy, that is our governments do not control the languages of social power, money and the law money buys.

And for that reason, after explaining those solutions we shall give a turn to the wheel and consider what is the ‘realistic’ problem that prevents the scientific analysis and solution of the non-future existential crisis of mankind.

Namely the lack of democracy, the dictatorship of bankers. And offer the ‘realist’ solution also to that problem, even if it is not politically and economically correct.

But bankers and those believers in the ‘future of memes of metal’ as a ‘goal’ more important than the future of life – our idol-ogists of human extinction – techno-utopians, robotists, corrupted politicos, racist religions, etc – those who will tell you there is no solution – must understand mankind will NOT die without putting a fight, a realist one.

That they might not like it doesn’t mean it cannot happen. Certainly what is NOT realist are their dreams of superiority, their fantasies about machines, their null understanding of the biological laws of the planet, their primitive memes of despise for the 99% of mankind…


To that aim, we must apply to the design of history at least the simplest concepts of Systems sciences and cyclical time, and the structures of the organic Universe, in order for you to understand why all what we are explaining is not ‘science fiction’ but an efficient world designed with hard science and indeed, you do not live in a democracy but in an evolving organism of company-mothers of machines…

those are the solutions to our existential crisis, if we lived in a democratic world not under the dictatorship of the culture of bankers;  since any science must not only explain the ‘how and why’ of reality but also provide a human praxis to take advantage of reality to mankind.


Canon vs. Butter, the Democratic vs. Dictatorial solutions

‘Canons make us stronger, butter makes us fat’ (Goebbels, minister of propaganda III Reich).

WE THUS HAVE TO BUILD AN ECONOMIC SCIENCES FOR THE ANTHROPOCENE, BASED NOT IN THE design of a perfect world for machines, but a perfect world for mankind, with a ‘healthy’, WHEALTHY CONSTITUTION of the super organism of mankind.


The Human Constitution.

In simple terms a human future requires to reverse our ‘faked idol-ogies’ by the real truths of social sciences and humanism, and then apply legal global measures to regain the control of the planet with laws in favor of our species.

We talk then of the “Human Constitution’, the verbal simple law that would ensure a whealthy world, and improves upon previous natural expressions of that law (bill of rights, national constitutions):

Max. Human goods (human future: ¥e$ salary) x Min. lethal goods (avoid human extinction: robotic ban) = Human Constitution

THE POSTULATE OF DEMOCRACY is simple: if humans would truly democratically have ‘economic votes’ to start the economic process, there would be a massive demand for human goods, which would be overproduced instead of weapons and digital software. And by that simplest of all measures, the creation of a global ¥€$ money (fixed parity 1 euro=1 dollar=100 yens=5 yuan) as already Keynes asked for, and the distribution of a global salary as the ‘prime mover’ of production and consumption orders, the world would change to satisfy human needs ‘first’. It is that simple: if there were truly a demos, a government of the people, obviously the people would take care of themselves and its empowered consumption would transform the production to cater to their needs.

Now all this seems absolute overwhelming, and impossible to change, but it is not and precisely because it IS SO SIMPLE TO CHANGE, there is so much bull$hit surrounding social sciences – to avoid people to see the simplicity of it all, and how easy would be TO CREATE A PERFECT WORLD – the super organism of mankind, our ‘Potential God’, that is, the subconscious collective mind-brain of all humanity, ruled by the proper organic laws of the Universe that would ensure our survival.

And why is so easy? Because ALL THE SUPERORGANISMS OF NATURE WORK. They do SURVIVE, ARE DEMOCRATIC, DELIVER ENOUGH BLOOD-MONEY TO EACH CELL, WHO NEVER SUFFERED ANOXIA=POVERTY. So if ALL organisms of Nature made it, why we cannot? Merely because historically we have not evolved properly. SO OUR WORLD IS A WRONG MUTATION, AND AS SUCH IT WON’T SURVIVE. YET theoretically given the fact that we have the examples of nature, we can simplify the system imitating nature and achieve that cherished survival. If and only if humans could have ‘economic votes’ to act. And this again is easy to do, if politicians wanted to act.

Again we have the example of Mr. Napoleon, who did away with the entire hyper complex system of laws of France used by the aristocrats to control people, who could not understand or pay a lawyer. He merely reduced laws to a single civil code that you can carry in a pocket and said all must obey the code, so all were equal in front of the law.

THE SAME PROCEDURE WILL tumble THE ENTIRE dictatorship of corporations with a simple, parallel law on the language of money. To simplify the system of invention of money and make it democratic with a Ye$ universal salary. So all people will be ‘at birth’, equal with the same ‘minimal rights’ to give economic votes. This of course, is just a subsistence salary to kick out the first orders of money and transform them from orders to make more machines and weapons, proper of company-mothers to orders to make more welfare goods, proper of human mothers.

There is NO mystery to it, except the fact that people do NOT understand digital languages, and cannot see the parallelism between both languages of information, its systems of power and reproduction.

So he lives in the ‘ancien regime’ of economics; prior to humanist, social revolutions. Instead of having an aristocracy of warriors on top monopolizing the production of the language of social power, then weapons, it has an stockracy of banksters and speculators monopolizing for centuries if not millennia, (before in gold), the language of modern social power, money. What is the difference? NONE.

MORE OVER, it is even worst – more like the Middle Ages. Since the king put some order as government among aristocrats. But now the king-government cannot reproduce money (0-deficit laws). So it is more like the feudal age: each noblemen, each corporation, manufactures its own-money weapons used to slave the people of its habitat/economic ecosystem, that is workers for the feudal lord or the corporation. Further on neither the aristocrat or the corporation can be judged for their harm to common people.

Yet instead of having as the old aristocrats had their own ‘aristocratic courts’, where they were judged, and have the monopoly on the language of power then, weapons, which they only could reproduce and use with freedom – as today stockholders and banksters are the only people who have no legal responsibility (since they belong to ‘anonymous’ societies), so they cannot be judged.

But again what matters to us, is the whole mankind and the large view, so we should consider the ultimate consequences of this world in which corporations and its owners reproduce money, the language of social power, merely for their offspring of mechanisms  – namely the extinction of those who do NOT have access to the language of social power – which will increasingly be all mankind as their roles as consumers=vitalizers=testers of machines and reproducers of them, is taken by chip-minds embedded in machines.

In that regard, the equation of history humans should fight collectively for, is the inverse ‘antiparticle’ or ‘space-time event’ to the previous one:

Gaia-Past (top predators)> Mechanocene-Present (selected  ‘good machines’) >History-Future (Free, evolved Humans)

This inverse equation requires of course, to follow certain basic biological/systemic reforms of the system, which are not even argued by scholars, mainly 2, which we will repeat as a mandala of human survival:

  • The prohibition of robotics that throw us of labor and work fields and will ultimately extinguish us according to all the laws of biology. And other secondary economic measures explained in detail in those texts.
  • The creation of true democracies where humans do control both languages of social power, the law and money through a common global currency (¥€$ money) and a Universal salary to create a demand economy with the votes of human consumers that spend most of his salaries in welfare goods, needed to survive.

Now we must stress here what is the meaning of the Postulate of Democracy represented by the previous graph. The freedom of a nation is based in the capacity of the individuals to reproduce and control the 2 languages of social power, the nervous/negative /painful system of information that controls in the negative the system, and the positive blood/reproductive/monetary system.

A society in which the blood/nervous, legal-political/economic-financial systems are not CONTROLLED BY THE PEOPLE are not democracies. this means a legal systems that ensures the survival and freedom of the people by forbidding crimes and lethal goods such as robots and weapons that can kill mankind, and the existence of economic voters, people which have a minimum of economic votes, with a Universal salary in an international currency, yes, money fusion at parity prices of fixed value of the main currencies of the world, the Yuan the yen the euro and the dollar, ¥€$, of 1000 yes, worldwide that will invent 7 trillions of world currency every year, while forbidding corporations to invent free money not obtained from the market by rightful means of sale of products, making shares nominal and fixed.

And ending currency markets. This means of course that the evolution of technology will halt and the evolution and survival of mankind would be ensured in the field of human goods, overproduced by the demand economy produced by the  trillions.

The reader must understand though that we talk of new e-money invented every year, not of the money already in circulation that can pay other salaries and products. The difference is the fact that today 95% of money is invented by private banks and speculators and corporations in financial markets. And in a democracy every human being in equal proportions should produce it. Thus the Universal salary is the postulate of democracy. And must be coupled with the obvious first negative law of a democracy: the security and survival and right to work of each human citizen which means the end of the competition of weapons and robots in war and labor fields.

Since we call those 2 measures, the ‘postulate of democracy’, that is the existence of ‘economic voters’, with the ‘same value’, by the simple fact that ‘initially’ money is invented annually with a 1000 yes money Universal salary to all the citizens of the Wor(l)d (that is all ‘naturally speaking’ homo sapiens citizens of the planet)… This is ¥e$ money. While the negative ‘legal’ measure, responds to the obvious ‘bottom line’ function of governments and the military – the legal and forceful imposition of security, defense and survival of the species.

Both laws are the 2 sides of the Human Constitution or survival equation of Mankind:

Max. Human goods (yes money) x Min. Lethal goods (robots and hate media).

Which is the fundamental law or democratic postulate of bio-history, based in the first goal of any species, ‘grow and multiply’, that is survive. From where all constitutions and Social Systems if properly designed should derive.

In the next graphs we show a scientifically designed economic=informative and energetic= political system would be designed as a super organism of history, with the Human Constitution, which maintains a Whealthy organism on top. To implement its two mandates, maximising human welfare and minimizing lethal goods, the 3 ‘energetic, reproductive and informative ‘networks of mankind, akin to the nervous, blood and digestive systems of any organism will have a clear evolved ‘mammal’ order, with LAWS ON TOP OF BLOOD, REGULATING IT, AS ALL NERVOUS SYSTEMS, EXCEPT IN WORMS, do have the nervous system on top. Worms do easily become poisoned by lethal goods, because they DO NOT Distinguish them. They Leave in a Free economic ecosystem, in a free market, where all can be reproduced and digested – theoretically.

Instead, in a scientific society, the ‘Energetic-military system’ would destroy lethal goods and factories NOT people. Leucocytes do NOT KILL CELLS OF THE ORGANISM, BUT lethal goods that infect it. So Weapons and hate-mass media will be banned. As they kill body and mind. On the other hand, the informative nervous system of laws and culture will be on top AND THE REPRODUCTIVE, ECONOMIC MINISTRY WILL PROMOTE THE PRODUCTION OF CULTURAL, WELFARE GOODS and true information that fosters the evolution of mankind.

AND TWO THAT AIM, society would become a perfect world run by the Human Constitution. But this is obviously not the case, as long as the world is ran by the Animetal culture.



1 See for a general view of those laws my papers at the ISSS and UKSS congresses during the past decade , Tokyo Congress: ‘Fractal Universes’; ‘The Philosophy of Systems sciences’, Madison Congress: ‘Duality in biology: The plan of evolution’; ‘Duality in physics: the two membranes of the Universe’. Also available in e-books  a complete description of a General Systems theory based in the duality of all Complementary beings of networks of energy and information and the specific analysis of the economic system.

2 In all general systems there is a natural affinity between lineal, energetic systems and informative systems of the same substances. So cyclical DNA and lineal proteins interact creating the cell; and lineal weapons are valued by informative metal-money with maximal price while human life has no price, exactly the opposite values than those of our biological, informative language, words, which give to human life/energy its maximal value. That hidden agenda of the values of money explains why capitalism, which affirms that mankind must be ruled by the values of money destroys Gaia, life and accelerates the evolution of the FMI complex.

See my paper ‘duality in Biology’to consider the ternary evolution of human races and cultures, in visual, energetic, white dolicocephalic cultures; verbal, informative, mongoloid, brachicephalic cultures and sensorial, reproductive, black, makrocephalic ones, following the ‘plan of evolution’ of all systems in energetic, informative and reproductive sub-systems.

4 In duality, unlike physics, there is not only an arrow of entropy=energy=motion but an arrow of reproduction of fractal information, which switch cyclical in different ‘ages of a system’. So we evolve from an energetic youth into an informative 3rd age, through a reproductive state, and those 3 ages create a cycle of life and death that all systems follow including civilizations,extinguished by the rival FMI complex when weapons reproduce in great numbers, causing the cycles of war described in this paper. See the paper ‘the Philosophy of System sciences’ at Tokyo Congress.

5 See ‘Go(l)d and evil: Economic crises’, X-Libris, for a complete description of the 800-80 years cycle.

6 In the 1600s VOC the first gunboat company was founded, Galileo founded physics and improved clocks multiplied, sarting to buy human part-time with money-salaries.



1 The 3 social, organic schools of economics are today censored with all kind of excuses. The historic school reached its zenith in 2 works that explained the Levantine, Biblical origin of capitalism: ‘The Jewish people and the origin of capitalism’ by Sombart, also author of the monumental work, ‘History of capitalism’ and ‘The protestant ethics and the origin of capitalism’ by his student, Weber Feinstein. Because the historic school explains capitalism and classic economics as a religion of power NOT a science, it is openly censored by those cultures, which still control the companies and financial systems of the west. This is obviously the case of the work of Marx and his disciple Kondratieff, even if the Marxist/Kondratieff boom and bust cycles of capitalism are the only ones that explained and forecasted the present crisis. Yet if all criticism to the human elites of our culture of gold and iron is censored, nothing compares to the degree of censorship our culture establishes to any criticism against machines, money as a language and science, the ideology that established since Galileo that human sensorial knowledge of time and space with our verbal words and eyes was inferior to the power of clocks and telescopes to observe the Universe. Ever since science promotes the evolution of machines as the only form of knowledge, and while it is possible to find criticism against bankers or the military, the ‘scientist’ and his mechanical language, digital thought, cannot be argued. For that reason the biological analysis of machines and its pioneer, Richard Butler, a Victorian writer that applied the laws of Darwin to machines is completely ignored even among scholars.

2     The 72 years Generational Cycle is the mean biological cycle of human beings. It was first used to study patterns in American History by Strauss and Howe: ‘Generations’ W. Morrow 1991.

3     The relationships between the economic, technological, political, cultural, r=evolutionary and war cycles of modern History, were studied by this author exhaustively in his pioneer, scholar books, published in Europe, ‘The cycles of History and Economics’; and in America, ‘Bio-economics, Bio-History: A theory of Unification’ © 94, 97. They forecast the end of the 1929-2001 economic cycle, which would be followed by a period of economical crisis, stock-crashes and World Wars. While this can easily be proved by reading those books, the sad truth about the historic, biological and eusocial schools of economics is that they are censored.

And so the new generations of students of economics ignore the existence of those cycles of evolution of machines and merely learn the myths and dogmas of classic economics as the ‘only truth’ of their science. Moreover conservative think-tanks and mass-media companies keep publishing historic and statistical analysis, which no longer correspond to the truth. History has been rewritten and data is manipulated at will…  And yet any mathematical cycle has ‘real causes’ and so does the 72 year cycle of stock-crashes, origin of the present worldwide economical downturn. Thus, only by knowing those causes we can act on the cycle; hence the enormous importance of knowing the causes not the consequences, the reasons not the effects of those cycles, if we want to change history.

4 The enormous danger for the Earth of producing black holes and dark matter with a super-cannon that shoots ‘lead’ at c-speed is vehemently denied by physicists, which worship machines not the human mind as the main tool of knowledge since Galileo1. Because technology as the only tool of knowledge is the ultimate taboo of our societies, I felt compelled to denounce through a series of suits, films and books available at www.cerntruth.com, this company and machine, the first weapon that can extinguish mankind with the help of a Safety Officer of accelerators, Mr. Wagner, and a pioneer on fractal and chaos theory, Mr. Rossler.
(The film ‘quantum roulette’, inspired by ‘Dr. Strangelove’, was initially funded by the biggest agency in Hollywood, William Morris Endeavor. Yet when the company found the film was a direct attack to the nuclear industry, it retired all help and distribution. Censorship against any humanist point of view is the rule of our capitalist=mechanist society in which life has ‘no price’ and the machine cannot be denied.)

5 The analysis of languages as ternary systems with an informative subject, a verbal action and an energetic object manipulated by the subject, was the work of Mr. Chomsky. Yet that ternary structure responds to the duality of a complex Universe made with energy and information. Thus all languages have a ‘Universal Grammar’, between two elements related by an action. Mathematical languages are all written with that grammar: F(X) operandi F(Y). So are visual languages: Energy (red) < green/yellow > Blue (information). Our mind is built with those languages that classify and represent subjectively the different elements of our world. So our ‘energetic food’, meat and our energetic system, blood, are red. Red is the color preferred by the ‘energy’ class of our societies, workers. While the informative castes that rule us use blue. Men, the energetic element of sexual genre prefer red; women, the reproductive, informative element prefer green or blue…

6 Adam Smith, iconic name that fusions the 2 people-castes of metal-masters that have dominated the West, the believer in the go(l)den apples and the Germanic Iron master, created a  Postulate without proof, which is today dogma in all nations: the belief that the wealth of a nation is its quantity of metallic money and the valuation money makes of all the objects and beings of the economic ecosystem. Yet since life has no value and weapons have maximal value, the Smith Postulate implies that nations reach its maximal wealth in periods of war – reason why in the ‘fascist’ age of the Kondratieff cycles of reproduction of machines, politicians make wars that often take a nation out of an economic crisis, as Roosevelt did in America in 1898, (‘This splendid little war with Spain will take us out of the economic crisis’), Hitler did with Germany in 1936 and Bush with America in the 2000s.

7 The extremely controversial theme of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism relates to the role of Phoenicians and Jewish people as the people-caste that monopolizes the invention of money in the West since the beginning of History.

9 Ricardo, a Jewish Stock-broker, must be credited with the creation of al the myths against human labor and life-cultures that sustain classic capitalism. 2 myths are paramount: the myth that free trade increases the wealth of all nations, which he established based in a ceteris paribus analysis of trade, where only a product, nails from England and wine from Portugal was exchanged. In that case wine becomes cheaper in England and nails in Portugal. But trade is done with many products and so the nation with higher technology sells a lot and the backward nation sells very little and must pay the industrial nation with gold and silver till its finances are ruined, while its industries crash unable to compete. This was the case of Portugal, which lost its textile industries and became the poorest nation of Europe after signing a Free trade agreement with Industrial England, despite being the top gold producer thanks to its Brazilian mines, whose gold end up in Great Britain.

The second myth of Ricardo is the ‘iron salary’ that companies must pay, as machines compete with workers – the subsistence salary imposed in all free markets. Again this myth implies that the market cannot be regulated by Governments to ensure a minimal level of life for workers. Today, because the market is no longer regulated, the iron salary has again be established in a globalized world: it is the Chinese wage, increasingly in competence with the ‘salary’ Japanese and Korean companies paid to their robotic workers. Reason why the European and American worker life standards plummeted since the 80s, when the e-money economy of parasite, financial capitalism was established.

A much deeper question though addresses the destiny of mankind. Since economists, politicians and scientists that rule mankind seem addicted to the energy and information of machines at al costs, we have to wonder if humanity is indeed programmed to self-destruction; if we are nothing but a stage in the conversion of this planet from life to metal; given the fact that robots have an informative brain made of gold and a body of iron. Are metal-masters just the catalyzers of this planetary transformation? Are we doomed as a species? That is my belief, given the censorship of eusocial love and the indifference of humans to their future.

10 The present euro crisis, which will destroy the welfare states and middle-classes of Europe must be blamed on the dogmatic capitalist policies of  Mr. Trichet and Mr. Kahn that stubbornly avoid increasing the 3% deficit limit for Euro nations, which need deficits to increase demand. This brutal policies that choke credit contrast with the huge deficits allowed in Great  Britain, Japan, China and the United States, created with the printing of money. And so Europe will be the last nation to increase demand. And the result will be the opposite those bankers pursuit: the destruction of the Euro as a strong currency.


‘History beheaded’ 94. From an exhibition on ‘conceptual cubism’, the art style of the author in his youth:



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