In the Graph, nations enter into destructive conflicts and competition, as if they were ‘members of a different species’, while the economic ecosystem of company-mothers, guided by the collective brain of Worldstock and its fluxes of e-money fusions the world into a single mechanical organism, the Financial/Media-Military/Industrial Complex, the Global Nation.

Abstract. Globalization of the Financial-Media-Academia Networks of informative machines and its Go(l)d cult(ure)

One of the fundamental expressions of the Paradox of History is the process of Globalization of the economic ecosystem and division of human beings into tribal history and individual, selfish biological wantings.

Thus as machines evolve into a super-organism, humans devolve into individual homo bacteria…

Indeed, beyond the placebo truths of nationalism and tribal warfare, the world has become a globalized, single nation, the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex, a complementary organism dominant in memes of metal with an informative head (the Financial-Media system) and a physical economy, its body, the Military-Industrial Complex. This world is ruled by corporations, company-mothers of machines and the 1% of stockrats and managers that rule them, for which the rest of mankind toils 8 hours a day, as re=producers and consumers=vitalizers of machines, the two roles the media system told us is the meaning of freedom and humanity.

All this of course is not truth, but humans are memetic beings which follow the program of the Universe and wish always more energy and information, are always greedy for the added power those machines give to them.

In this nation all subnations have the same structure, with the 1% on top, and its associated ‘placebo political systems’, without rights to print money and little control of the media, hence without real power, as ‘headless’ masks of power.

So who rules the world? The people who own the media and financial systems in each nation, and globally the people who own most of the multinational corporations of those sub-systems.  This people form a supranational nation on top of all others, but it is part of the complex nature of the system to give the ‘light spot’ to the politicos and military of each sub-nation, or else the ‘fantasy’ that we are free Homo Britannicus, Homo Americanus and Homo Indicus would fall apart.

Fact is though that nations are irrelevant, only a good excuse for armies and weapons to be evolved and all cultures are basically erased and colonized by the dominant culture of the 1% of stockrats and media-moguls of the leading American nation (in the previous cycle, the leading British nation). That group is overwhelmingly comprised of people belonging to the Jewish-Wasp culture, which therefore is de facto the neuronal head that rules the world. They do not need to impose their power with force – this is how energy imposes itself, so it is the way that germanic, energetic, warrior nations tried to conquer the world, but with information, which is a far more subtle way of controlling reality, as it ‘disuades you’, imprints your mind, makes you interiorize as proper those ideas and seems to be NOT the stick of the warrior but the carrot.

And yet both systems are often symbiotic and so if you do not take the carrot of money and believe the information the system provides you ‘for free’ (as it costs nothing to replicate information, hardly any energy, reason why money is in fact hyperabundant and it has been 100-folded since e-money appeared making the 1% ultra powerful) probably the ‘corrupted warrior’, who took it will bring the stick. And so carrot and stick has been enough to expand the global nation and economic ecosystem, invented in Holland in the XVII century, its placebo ‘democratic memes’ and real tools of power, money and metal-communicators, its ideas or rather ideologies (capitalism, mechanism and nationalism) to the rest of the world nations, which are now all becoming clonic nations of the dominant one. And those who don’t, the less technological, more eusocial regions (Islam, Catholic and Buddhist ruled nation) get the stick.

The rest of the cultures of the World are dying erased by that monochromatic globalized culture that worships, money, weapons and machines, memes of metal. And so are dying the peculiar memes of each sub-nation, created in the past by old warrior castes, whose use today is fostering economical and military competition, which develops further those memes of metal. This superorganism blinds and extinguishes all other forms of human thought, as a single world view is carried by the flows of digital thought that equalize us all into consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers of them. It is the globalization of the metal-earth and the extinction of the human earth. In this post we shall consider its general structure, as an introduction to the study of the partial roles of each human nation within it, according to the memes of metal they carry.


Globalization of Company-mothers of machines Vs Balkanization of mankind.

During the XXI century there will be a lot of talk on Globalization, both in favor and against the process. While the Establishment backs whole-heartily the process, people are demonstrating against the most obvious problems Globalization is causing to the poorest countries in the world. Still very few people, not even those who are totally in favor of Globalization understand whatGlobalization really means. What is the real scope of the process of integration of economic ecosystems that has been taken place at global scale since in the 1970s?

We might consider what has caused globalization to understand what Globalization means. In the 1970s the discovery and massive reproduction of chips, in all ambits of the economic ecosystem, brought the invention of electronic money and software that unified globally the financial, informative and reproductive systems of company-mothers, and their machines. It was not a process of Human Globalization or social Globalization, but an economic phenomena related to chips, stock-markets, company-mothers and their offspring of machines. Hence the increasing confrontation of the common people who wishes a social globalization, that improves the rights of human beings, not an economic globalization that only improves the rights of machines. That lack of Social Globalization is the real problem of the process: While men become controlled in borders, targeted as possible terrorists, and despised by their poverty, machines jump borders freely, Weapons move from country to country without real opposition, and mass-media programs and destroys all alternative cultures….

Unfortunately since very few scholars consider both ecosystems as two different entities (the economic ecosystems of machines, and the historic ecosystem of human societies) the paradox of Globalization that improves the Economic ecosystem but divides and isolates further Humanity, is ignored. People talk of Globalization as if it were a process that frees mankind. And yet it is obvious that

Human beings are not becoming global citizens, but on the contrary, the economic system who frees machines and financial systems, fears now all human citizens. Never in the past decades, borders were so controlled as in the 2000s, trying to prevent exactly global movements of human beings. Neither we can talk of a globalization of wealth. Countries on the contrary in the global Market are clearly classified in groups of very different wealth, according to Economic& Scientific racism (monetary and scientific knowledge) and those differences are increasing. Since Economic Globalization is an asymmetric process, not a distributive one. What this means is that globalization is creating ‘an economic organism’ with a center brain in the Western World that acts as the collective financial brain of the planet and gets it all, while the rest of the world gives financial resources and receives no credit at all.

Neither we can talk in culture of a globalization in a positive sense – a globalization of education, health care, Human Goods, knowledge, art, alphabetization, etc.

Again the process is asymmetric. Only cultural software used by mental machines such as advertising, US-films, TV and computer softwares, are becoming global. That globalization of culture is therefore rather the globalization of the mental software of machines, not of the human software we call culture. Literature, art, food, Human Goods and Love religions are not becoming global. Maxims has no intention to open a restaurant in Zaire any time soon. Exhibitions on the Italian Masters are very unlikely to open in Canton. A council of religious churches trying to globalize the concept of a loving God, will not be heard off in the Temple Esplanade. A dating agency dedicated to multiply racial cross-breeding between Jewish and Arabs, Chinese and Indians, Blacks and Whites, North and South Koreans, Africans and Europeans is not found in Internet. On the contrary the Globalization of TV-violent software, paradoxically is causing the Balkanization and hate among traditional historic cultures.

While the globalization of technological goods, is met by growing barriers to the Human Goods (food and similar products) natural to third world countries. Again this asymmetry that makes Globalization a process of absorption of resources from the Third to the first world is crystal clear.

Moroccan and Mexican Tomatoes, are not crossing borders, as Monsanto in America, and the French and Spanish farmers in Europe contain that globalization. But computers and chips, lethal goods and weapons are ever decreasing prices in all nations.

In fact what defines globalization is precisely a paradox, related to the Paradox of History:

While the economic ecosystems, their machines, the software of those machines (mass-media and entertainment products), and the Company-mothers that reproduce them, are becoming global, all what is truly human, Human Goods, Human people, Human culture based in human senses not in technology, is becoming local, and confrontational, it is regressing, devolving in human ethical and aesthetic content.

So we have to talk of two diverging Globalizing processes:

Globalization of Economic ecosystems = Balkanization of Historic ecosystems.

This surprising and yet obvious dual process is happening everywhere. During the past decade the dual process of economic globalization and social balkanization has accelerated. And the enormous harm it has caused to the poorest groups of our population has brought the reaction of the ‘anti-globalization movement’… Let us understand the process, first from the higher perspective of the laws of complexity and Eusocial evolution and then remember the last events of that process.

The creation of the 2 superorganisms of Earth: decametric scales.

In the graph, the 2 fundamental laws of biology applied to bio-History and bio-economics are the Law of social evolution, which favors the evolution of species into super-organisms, both in physical systems (so atoms become molecules that become planetary systems that become galaxies that become Universes) and in biological systems (so molecules become cells that become organisms that become societies). And the law of devolution, or fight between species, which become victims and predators. Those two laws have been formalized in complexity and applied in this blog and the books of this writer to define the paradox of History: humanity has evolved into a superorganism in decametric scales, from the individual (10 up to 0=1) to the family (10 up to 1=10), bands (10-100 people), clans (100-1000) people, based in genetic bonding. Then it evolved in new scales based in the control by human herds of am agricultural/energetic vital territory. And finally, humans evolved through mental, ideological memes of eusocial love in ideological societies, cultures, civilizations and religious gods, from the limit of a vital territory (cities) into the biggest social organisms (1 billion cultures and religions of love, China, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam).

Yet the final scale of a single Human super-organism, history, of <10 billion human beings, which is achieved in many complex super-organisms (brains, galaxies) has not occurred, because a rival super-organism based in the selfish memes of metal (right side) has been created and it is preying and dissolving human cultures. It is the organism of the economy based in the memes of metal, digital information (money), energetic weapons and organic machines, which has now become the only global superorganism of this planet and it is extinguishing cultures, degradign them and dissolving the memes of eusocial love back to the individual. Thus religions of love become miitary inquisitions or churches of go(l)d (present Islam and Judaism), human minds become substituted by chips, words by numbers and cultures by industrial nations that ‘compete’ among them as they keep evolving machines and their citizens keep being degraded as the audiovisual minds educate them into the memes of money – greed and weapons – violence. It is the last age of History, the neopaleolithic as our species and superorganisms are substituted by the Financial->Military->Industrial system and its memes of metal and animetal cultures, degraded by them, who ‘prey’ with money, weapons and machines over previous agricultural, religious and eusocial civilizations.



The anti-quantum paradox. The evolution of the mass-media system.

Now, humans seem by all standards an intelligent species. So the biggest mystery of social sciences is not its biological, self-evident nature but WHY THIS IS NOT UNDERSTOOD and used to the advantage of mankind? It would be very easy to understand biological economics. We are biological beings that make biological organs in metal, which compete with us in labor and war field but are also enhanced organs that make us stronger and help our intelligence.

So the human species, which is according to biology the ‘entity’ that we should help to survive (species not individuals are selected), could easily in this age of globalization, communicate this facts among its members, learn biological sciences, apply it to the organisms of re=production of machines and top predator weapons, and take legal global measures to prune the tree of science of its bad fruits and use the good machines to create a global paradise. Humans could use its nervous legal informative language and digital monetary, blood-reproductive networks to do so. And yet they do not do it. Instead they massively produce all the lethal machines that kill their bodies (weapons) and their minds (visual fictions, hate media, etc.)

What happened to humans that suddenly became that ‘blindly stupid’ about the self-evident organic properties of machines and its competition with humans? Why they are running amok, happy and thriving towards their collective self-suicide? What the fun* is wrong with our species? Even the stupidest animal avoids its top predator ‘weapons’. Even the evilest species protect their children from mental and body harm, but we give them to virtual screens that make them selfish, asocial, virtual ‘mad’.

Why? This is the greatest mystery of history intimately related to the evolution of ‘metal-organisms’ of energy (weapons) information (gold, silver, money and today chips) and its combinations (robots). So the reader should excuse if we dedicate hundreds of pages to those themes.

The answer is  the twin element of the Financial-Media system, we haven’t study yet, the media system that prints hate-speeches as it prints digital money, controlling the world with the synergies of both of them with the energetic machines produced by the body, the industrial-military system.

And to understand this, we must do a more complex analysis of those cycles, and the ‘4th power’, which adapts the brains of people to them – metal communicators, the informative machines and hate media speeches they deliver to the masses.


‘If you repeat a lie Many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it. I have asked UFA to make only entertaining and patriotic movies. People will like them and ask for nothing else’ Goebbels method of post-truth, imported to the U$ by its Financial-media masters (first minister of propaganda, now called ministry of Information).

”Barbarians are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’ Aristotle on the people that hasn’t crossed the ‘axial age’ of reason.

Simultaneous mass effects program through multiple waves of information masses of identical particles that understand the language, and believe it. Those who control digital information have always printed money and hate memes through western history becoming the masters of the metal-earth. This role however was in the classic age of mankind balanced by the humanist ethic prophets of eusocial love and money as nomisma, legal money reproduced by governments. With the arrival of capitalism and digital information however the human side has been erased and so the power of the FMasters have become absolute as people do not even know, under censorship that the goals they seek celebrity and money are ‘owned’ by the companies of information machines that print money in digital screens and manufacture brains. They are thus instantly rich – yet avoid celebrity status as go(l)d is their only religion and their segregational memes against mankind make of no importance fame or glory.

You see, it is exactly as if you were a dumb cell and a smart cell by your side would tell you, hum, I think there is a huge social network called the ‘brain’ that is the origin of all this nervous/monetary orders, we obey blindly, and the dumb cell tells you ‘confabulation theory’! LOL, the Universe IS perfectly ordered by Languages that simultaneously through informative networks program masses of similar beings. In bodies through nervous systems, in History through financial-media systems.

Then the programmed dumb cells WILL LOVE TO DO THE BIDDING of the brain or financial-media masters THINKING they are working for themselves. The brain will pump their ego with ‘hormonal languages’ and get 10 times more ‘energy’ without doing anything, just talking to each other neurons in their ‘dreams’ of being a superior cellular race, the chosen of God, the owner of the language that directs the herd. We coined long ago a word: ‘lanwave’, a wave of similar beings controlled by a language of information, whose issuers rule the system. So black holes who issue gravitation despite its ‘invisibility’ rule the galaxy; money which we do not see (always hide), rules societies and hormones and nervous firing to multiple simultaneous cells rule the body; light languages rule animal life, so the 3D felines and apes and eagles are supreme, and so on and so on.

But as long as the cells are kept ‘dumb’ programmed to reject the rule of information, the system will run smooth. This is sooo evident in History, specially in America, where it never ceases to astonish me how so intelligent people for mechanisms and abstractions can be so easily herded in social groups, willingly enslaving for their owners – the stockrats, owners of corporations who issue and waste zillions of money ‘amore gratis’, while the people work unending hours for meager salaries, are on top taxed to provide money for the mercenary armies of their rulers and send their sons to die for them…

While the American case is extreme only comparable to the harshest military dictatorships from Assur to Communism, we must observe this subtle, invisible methods of control expanding today globally – ‘people must remain ignorant to stay obedient’ Calvin, ‘it is easier to rule people when they don’t know they are ruled’ Galbraith, ‘if you want to know who rules you ask yourself who you cannot criticize’ Voltaire, ‘when lie becomes rife tyranny ensues’ Camus, ‘a rotten apple spoils the whole basket

In history that informative brain as we said have evolved from human languages that catered to mankind (ethic religions, true democracies) into hierarchical ab=usive rule by metal-languages of power, weapons and money which are symbiotic…


‘If you repeat a lie many times, people believe it’; ‘I asked the industry to make silly, entertaining films. People will love them and won’t ask anything else.’

Goebbels, Information Minister, III Reich.

“You wanna know what’s more important than throwin’ away money in the strip club? / Credit / Ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? / This is how they did it.” The Story of OJ, Jay-Z.

Sorry J is a bit more complex – they have owned the machines that print information for 600 years since Gutenberg and counting, so they cre(dit)ated mankind’s information in its 3 main species: Financial digital information issue money in exclusive monopoly and selling you the idology of capitalism that goes with it; issuing mass-media fictions to have people in permanent anesthesia, from earlier biblical books that portray them as a special superior race chosen of go(l)d, and finally in the modern age ‘classic economics and Academia bull$hit’ AGAINST ALL THE HUMANIST LAWS, SCIENCES AND UNIVERSAL FACTS THAT MAKE OF EUSOCIAL LOVE, THE EVOLUTION OF AN EQUAL SPECIES, AND LIFE DRIVES FROM GOOD REPRODUCTION SEX TO GOOD FOOD A SIN in the ‘divide and win’  – so Yes the Financial-Media-Academia masters dominate the world (Ab. FMAsters) – problem is as their history shows, this massive exploitation and parasitism of history ends up invariably in ‘anti$emitism’ that derives in due term into antiSSemitism, and wars and holocausts.  So someone should take the ‘credit’ you mention from their control giving it back to the people and end the cycles of wars for profits and gottedamerung of the chosen up in smoke at the end when all is destroyed. Please REAL DEMOCRACY NOW!

We have commented in many pages of this blog the origin of capitalism, as an ‘animetal fetish go(l)d religion’ in Levante, where ‘gold hypnosis’ brought the concept that gold was the language of god, with its non-human values that give maximal value to weapons and systematically brought the pecunia infinita belli Nervi, engine of the terraforming of the Earth into a super organism of metal-memes, and people-castes and its idol-ogies on top.

Of them obviously, the most important group are those who ‘manufacture biased information’ and ‘digital money’ with informative machines, as they can run with money and idol-ogies all the other parts society.

And the key element of those idol-ogies consist in giving us a Rossy happy image of the future, even if ythe values of gold maximal for weapons and the ensuing ‘biblical, capitalist religion’ of good and evil humans susceptible to be killed in war unavoidably brings the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycle of war profits and life extinction, embedded in the structure of capitalist democracies.

This is the true issue of Weimar America: a society ruled by ‘stockrats’ with money, and its company-mothers is bond to destroy itself through warfare, the germs of history, either in global or civil wars. The specific case we study here is the ‘Germanic->American’ culture which is mimetic in its social structure but will NOT repeat the same paths of history. It is also a theme profoundly censored and so we have to warn first the reader, those articles have nothing personal and are NOT – nothing in bio history is – about Genes and races which matter NOTHING TO BIOHISTORY which is about memes. I.E. this writer is genetically jewish (mother sephardim converso), but memetically it was first Catalan, then Spanish, European, Jewish-American, American and now HAS EVOLVED INTO HUMAN ONLY.

The failure of mankind to REJECT MEMES AS JAILS OF THE MIND NOT AS IDENTITIES AND STUDY THEM RATIONALLY AND REFORM IT, which is so crystal clear in those earlier biblical, jewish religions of go(l)d, the tragic war and holocaust cycles of the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycle, and the present regression to primitive tribal memes shows indeed the NAIL in the coffin of humanity: BELIEFS IN IRRATIONAL PRIMITIVE MEMES that prevent us to evolve together as individuals, part of the same HUMAN species.

So obviously we are going to criticize the memes of tribalism, capitalism, abrahamic supremacist religions and techno-utopian gurus, because they are pure EGOCY (EGO+IDIOCY), the selfie paradox of humans that prevent us to evolve beyond the raw-power individual into the social organism that would ensure the survival of mankind. The American Weimar so degraded humanly today, so advanced technologically, ruled by the same people-castes on top of germanic warriors and jewish->calvinist biblical go(l)d bankers, which admit NO criticism IS THE epitome of that paradox.

It must be understood this: there is NOT difference between the systemic denial of humanist truths by Go(L)d animetal masters of capitalism, and Weapons masters of fascism: both are TWO SIDES OF THE SAME coin – the monopoly in the issue of the languages of metal power, money and weapons to control the ‘99%’, and establish a parallel regime of ‘post-truths=repeated lies’ to manufacture the brain of people into acquiescence. The difference if any is this: today the Financial-Media masters rule the world and buy mercenary armies; military fascism is totally secondary. So why we keep talking of it, while NOBODY talks of the Financial-media head of the Planet? Self-evident answer: because NOT to talk of them, is to give them a free check to do whatever they want without being blamed.

But nothing can be done as long as a few people owning corporations of financial-media information can deliver orders of post-truth to billions of humans through its company-mothers of mass-media, as it is the case today, when therefore their control of the POPULATION WITH THE GOEBBEL’S METHOD OF REPETITION OF SELF-SERVING LIES AND NEWSPEAK IS ABSOLUTE.

Post-truth=modern newspeak for the 3 metal idol-ogies of history.

As those lies are called ‘beliefs’, our triad of metal idol-ogies that pass as social science, tribal nationalism, the excuse to use entropic metal-weapons, capitalism, the excuse to put money and its values above the ethic law, and technoutopia, which surrogates human evolution into machine evolution. 

The 3 of them today are ‘managed’ from the perspective of capitalism, and the rule of society by company-mothers and its owners, specifically those who own the informative machines of the financial-media system that issue our money and manufacture our brains.

So indeed, ‘post-truth’ as been with us for millennia and the desire of the Financial-Media system of America to kill truth, as expressed in its time magazine, working for an equal time; all with an aim – to keep mankind under the boot of those who control the issue of money (and buy political weapons with it).

Let us therefore consider the three horizons of Metal-communicators parallel to the 3 ages of money-making machines; and how they simplified, dramatized, and provoked, and keep provoking violence among humans.

The 3 ages of Metal-Communicators.

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it’ Goebbels Minister of Propaganda of the III Reich

‘I have asked the film department to make stupid, entertaining movies, people will love them and won’t ask anything else’ Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of the III Reich.


The 3 ages of metal-communicators: Press age, which expanded creationist believers and ended the rational renaissance, provoking the hate age of war religions parallel to the expansion of stock-paper and the first Jewish-protestant corporations; the radio age which brought the first era of fascism, parallel to the printing of ticker money and the electronic age, which brought the modern age of hate-media parallel to the printing of e-money.

Human desire as all living beings energy and information.

So when a system provides us with “added” information we believe and desire it. However certain information is biased, negative, and destroys the perceiver… It is the myth of Icarus: our eyes desire the yellow color of the sun, the color of gold. Yet the sun burns your eyes, and gold destroys your ethics… Problem is that the first desire -to accumulate information- often hypnotizes the “prey”, which merely believes the new language of information, regardless of its true content, by the fact that it has more detail, and it carries more of it.

This is in essence the reason why people have always become hypnotized and have lowered their capacity to reason, and judgment, when confronting the information provided by metal-communicators. They carry more information, further, and faster, than human communicators. So people believe such information even if it is negative to mankind. It seems just better… Of course this is known to power, and so power has always manipulated public opinion with metal-communicators, since the age of the press, that relied heavily in false engravings to spread hate, and brain-wash the common people.

The power of a more evolved mean of information, with higher detail, is so great, that it has a period of belief, that makes any idea expressed in that medium an automatic truth: people will believe anything impressed in the new media, regardless of its truths and real content, since it carries more detailed information than the previous media. It is a basic program of the Human mind: we desire information, and energy. So when we are provided with new forms of information and/or energy we accept them without much concern.

Thus in the same way that the steam engine spread worldwide in a few decades, the first metal-communicator, the press, gave enormous power to those who had the industrial capacity to reproduce books. So when the press came it allowed writers of minimal quality backed by military and economical power, such as Calvin, or Luther, to impose their ideologies of war and Go[l]d, of “faith”=individualism, and selfishness, against charity=social love and social evolution.

If we compare the human individual, with a bacterium-cell, and the social human with a cell of a complex social organism, is obvious that to become selfish and individualistic is to regress in the evolution of History. This is what the press achieved, through the work of those rhetoric writers. Their ideologies of the Homo bacteria, less evolved than the Homoorganicus, are false, even if we all believe today on them. They needed the rhetoric images of hate and war, the propaganda of the Press, to impose themselves…

The press changed indeed the world of information, in two ways. It allowed the printing of money-paper , which substituted words, and it spread the economic and military ideologies of nations, which ended Europe as a social, collective organism. What 1000 years of barbarians, and swords had not done to Christianity thanks to the subtle verbal intelligence of the middle age priests, was done by the press within a century of its arrival.

We believe today that the press was for the advantage of man. Yet in the XVI c. the press caused a dramatic devolution of the human mind, which affected mainly Northern Europeans, who had not been civilized by the Roman Empire, and were in a primitive stage of social evolution, compared to Southern Europeans.

By law the church spent half of its rents on the poor, and most of them in human pleasuresart, literature, food, and the good life. The church knew the nature of man, and promoted it. It was however weak repressing evil, money and weapons… and it lost the battle for the souls of Europeans. Still the civilized south stood by the verbal prophets of social Rome.

The outcome was that their people survived better this age of religious wars that killed 2/3 of Germans. Germanic people read more the Old Testament, than the Gospel, the story of Jewish Animetals annihilating the people of Palestine, than the deeds of loving Jesus, sacrificing his life for the history. On the other hand, writers realized that they could become very famous and powerful provoking hate. They wanted to be famous, but they needed help from wealthy investors that printed books, and princes that controlled the land. So they had to praise money and weapons.

They had “to praise with the word, so they would be protected by the sword”. Soon the ideas of Calvin and Luther, catered only to those metal aster castes, which used those ideas to rob the church and the common people of their lands and lives. Finally even the common people believed those ideas. Probably without books this could never had happened. Germans were naive. They thought books were sacred. They had little “verbal imagination”. They only believed what they saw.

They could not even understand the Bible as a metaphor. They believed literal words. They were “impressed” by printed words, almost in a mechanical way, as today citizens become impressed by the ideas of television, and computers are impressed by software. The military, and business men who controlled the press manipulated the opinion of the people. Third rate theologians like Luther became the “star-systems” of those age. As third rate actors-politicians become today stars of our democracies. Europe regressed back to the age of the Homo bacteria, perhaps stronger than a single cell of your body, but still a bacteria, the most primitive organism in the ladder of social evolution.


       Old myths about Money and Weapons: Inquisitions and Go(l)d Churches.

All the prophets=scientists of history that predict the future observing past cycles of eviL=antilive memes have said the same to the animetal people-castes, but their memetic program and intellectual reductionism to go(l)d and war is so extreme that conversion has failed. It is time to do a judgment day, in this web.

In the graph, man would a goal if he could raise above the simplest, entropic, self-destructive laws of darwinian evolution and use social science and the arrow of eusocial love to create a perfect world. Unfortunately our primitive idol-ogies based in darwinian struggle between members of the same species which hide the ab=use of other humans with selfish metal-memes, weapons, money and machines, (tribal religions and nationalisms, capitalism, technoutopia) censor truth in social sciences and seem to make impossible to reform the eco(comic)system and the ‘jewish inquisition’ of go(l)d churches on top of mankind’s brain, making humanity despise his own self.
So in this world of primitive dog-eat-dog tribal capitalist exploitation of mankind, when history is reduced to political correctness, nationalist wars and economics to financial speculation, go(l)d herding and brutal choking with no credit of the 99%, while machines and bankers have it all, the answer is immediate: the Universe is not ABERRANT, only has processes of death and ab=use of one species by other, in the human case by metal-memes, which become the goal of capitalism and nationalism – even if the animetal cultures think they are the goal. Of course humans could get rid of the jewish inquisition, by denationalizing the financial industry and instaure a real scientific management of history, but that is at present quite a challenging future, since they are programmed globally by the FMaster complex millenarian inquisitions of abrahamic religions, classic economics, fictions, ego-trips, childish myths and massive censorship of truth, which might be absurd for most but when the rational social thought is reduced to the present level – it just works at an emotional childish scale – making humanity at this stage indeed a staple food for the future of evolutionary machines. In the graph, the history that should NOT matter and should not HAPPEN again – the recurrent cycles of belli Nervi pecunia infinita, ab=use of usury debt and weapons genocides, wars and absurd anthropomorphic denial of the basic laws of eusocial love, substituted by Go(l)d values – in brief the history of the western world guided by its memeplex of go(l)d worship and war IS an aberration that will not endure.So yes of course, the ‘animetal memeplex’ of people who worship machines, weapons and money and its idol-ogies is destroying the world by enacting the pecunia infinite belli nervi cycle as a M.A.D. idol-ogy of go(l)d, but it is NEITHER conscious of it, NOR under 612 precepts of its barking banker-priests order, the apiru=habiru, those who walk behind the asses do know where they lead, the ‘asses’ = mankind, blind by the false colour of the atoms of gold.

If anything the ‘you’ have to be blamed for its systematic DENIAL of the eviL=anti-live values of Go(l)d and the intelligence of God, which is of course not Go(l)d, but the ‘Just’, action-reaction tao=time program that builds superorganisms in the Universe, which its prophets=scientists of the future of history have always explained to them and mankind now has available in its scientific ‘systemic form’, courtesy of this master, placed on the right side and for full view at to get… zero views – in the past though wor(l)d masters got crucifixion or were stoned to death. So it seems I am treated a bit better

The ages of evolution of metal-communicators

The evolution of those new metal-systems of information, metal communicators have had also as all other machines, 3 basic phases, the age of physical machines, of electric machine, and finally the age of electronic machines. First the physical press, then in the XX century the electric radio, and finally different electronic metal-minds and their networks of global communication -TVs and internet- had evolved them, into ever more powerful machines of communication, with higher capacity to “brain-wash” human beings, into positive attitudes towards machines and money.

Those 3 horizons are parallel to the evolutionary phases of weapons (physical, chemical-electric, and electronic-atomic weapons), and the 3 horizons of informative machines of science (clock-based machines, electric devices, and electronic computers). Physical processes are slower in reach (space) and cycle (time), than electric processes, which themselves are slower than electronic-light processes. So the evolution of metal has increased constantly. In this manner bodies, minds, and senses of machines evolve together, and will be fused together, into sentient robotic organisms. Those metal-communicators have always been symbiotic to weapons and money, helping their evolution and reproduction… They have also become the main cause of the extinction of the rival networks of human social information, the verbal networks that man has traditionally called Human Gods , and ethic laws.

Today we have a metal-communicator in our altar. We believe actors instead of politicians, or we elect politicians, which are actors of radio (Mussolini, Hitler), or TV-actors (Reagan). We worship virtual celebrities instead of human Gods… It is the mass effect, the same effect that makes cells slaves of nervous brains, allows to manipulate human masses…

Extinction of Human Gods and Ethics caused by Metal-communicators

The product of the 20th century, the metal mind, kills off the human mind and makes it obsolete. It substitutes our informative Gods (networks of Human Information), by Digital Gods (Money and digital information).

If we talked of the substitution of human brains by chips in fields of labor, we have to talk also of the substitution of “Gods”, networks of human verbal thought, and ethics, by Metal-communicators, which are networks of metal-information. They control Masses of human verbal minds and convince people to consume and work for companies. The TV-set is only the last of the metal-communicators invented by man, reproduced by companies, in charge of manipulating the truths of mankind to favor the reproduction and evolution of machines. Metal-communicators (press>radio>TV>computers) are metal minds species whose “industrial information” bias common opinions towards an optimist vision of technology. They provide ideologies of machine-reproduction, human extinction (violence), and go[l]d power (money as the purpose of all human acts). Those metal-ideologies are given to man by “metal-eyes”, “tele-visions”, which are “metal-visions” of what man is, from the point of view of company-mothers. The medium (the mass-media metal-communicator) is the language, and it does not criticize “itself” (its metal nature). It praises machines… Each language, each species, each network cares for itself, not for other species. So mass-media companies mediate ideas that favor machines and companies.

Social experiences of human communication are today mediated not by priests of ethic thought but by metal-networks (concerts, TVs, nets, radios). Old God networks promoted social harmony to increase the evolution of the “Social body of God”. Modern metal-communicators promote violence to increase the reproduction of weapons and machines. They also promote work and consumption, to increase the evolution of peace machines. In classic human thought, the communicator, network of mass information, was a priest or a book of ethical Revelation.

Today most collective communicators are metal forms that have evolved from press to radio (Metal-ear), to TV (Metal-eye), to Internet (metal brain). Each evolutionary stage has reduced the content of social, human ethical thought the metal communicator transmits, and it has increased data-noise and metal rhetoric in favor of Companies and metal mind evolution.

The Press gave origin to Luther and Calvin, paid by German warriors, and moneyed people, who promoted Go[l]d religions and violence. The age of Religious wars, in which 2/3 of Germans died, was a consequence of the press. The Press allowed go[l]d-favorable doctrines to substitute the love-reasoning of Erasmus, Loyola, and other true reformers. It killed the social body of Christianity and the unified power of verbal networks, into multiple confronted churches, that became submissive to military and economical power, war and pricing.

The press convinced Germanic peasants of the anti truth of God: God was no longer a social and collective network joined by love (charity religions), but he was individualistic (based on faith) and “choosy”. He chose of course the rich, the military, the animetals… Religions lost power, lost land. Charity and Human Goods dwindled. The European social spirit crashed. Europe became obsessed by selfishness and war. Nations of warrior castes and metal-money were now the “higher organism” to which all “cellular” Europeans belonged to. Soon all Europe entered, guided by company-mothers and corrupted governments, into the cycle of warsthat would massacre millions of human beings.

Electric communicators. The Radio Age: Fascism.

The age of electric communicators started with the telegraph. Telegraphs were reproduced and evolved massively in the Railroad Wars (1860s) both in Germany and America. They started transportation of human information through electric metal, no longer in the natural surface of air-sound. Their impact was huge in the war field, showing the constant symbiosis between weapons and information machines, bodies and brains, of future metalife organisms.

When Radio was born, the effect of metal communicators, was also dramatic and immediate. Radio created the dramatic atmosphere that brought the speeches of Mussolini and Hitler to power, and made thII WW a murderous, profitable solution to the 1928 market crisis. Radio combined with the greed of the rich (who preferred to make cannons to butter), allowed the criminal solution of the war. When radio came, the only simultaneous, all powerful medium of communication, able to “imprint” a mass of believers, was still the press.

Suddenly, instead of logical press syntax, verbal drama programmed the masses, through the radio. Radio did require an industrial infrastructure. So, as the press had done, but even in bigger measure, it eliminated the human individual creator. The “communicator” of truths, now became a radio-actor (Hitler, Mussolini), a marionette of capital, a “mask”. The mass was lowered immediately to believe bizarre ideologies of war. Today it is convinced by television, to consume, work and kill, because those behaviors evolve and reproduce metal-machines, and profits.

In the age of Radio, Germans were simply hypnotized by the simultaneity of the new communicator, radio. After I WW and the Mark crash, Hitler personalized and dramatized the economical/military tragedy, hiding to the German people its real cause (the relationship between stock speculation in weapon-companies, and wars). Instead of attacking the system, he used the Jewish poor, as scapegoats for the errors of a system that worships technology, money and weapons, and limits production of Human Goods.

Electronic metal-communicators. television. The net: Matrix

As metal-communicators evolve, their rhetoric convinces people in greater numbers. Today, the substitution of our human virtual reality (our perception of the universe through eyes and words) by the digital virtual reality of new metal-eyes (TVs, mass-media) is very advanced. Our youngsters believe more in television propaganda than in Human truths. They prefer to see “the virtual lion king” that the real lion jungle.

Further on, since the huge costs involved in its software reproduction are assumed by company-mothers, for whom men have lesser rights than machines, metal-communicators are used systematically to eliminate social ideals. It is all over again. The New Luther was called Hitler… in the age of Radio. Radio was used by Hitler, Mussolini and their Companies of weapons (that paid their bills) to eliminate Socialism and provoke a profitable war. Again 40 years later the new metal communicator, TV-thought was used by American GOP hired Politicos and their bosses, Wall Street companies, to deviate the 68 revolution. The revolution was televised. Then Reagan, an actor, took power, and Bush brought televised fun wars, like a video-game.

Today the American mass does not perceive reality but TV ideologies. For them, enemies are not individuals, but all those people and ecological cultures that TV decides: Arab terrorists, Chinese communists, and the like. People are tagged in this way with words that dehumanize them. People become evil images on the screen, like those video game images that you can shoot at distance. Americans are totally indoctrinated by mass-media, as Germans were by Hitler or Luther.

Again, as in the case of the age of Religious wars, the very low level of social evolution, and verbal development in the American culture, controlled by scientific myths and gold religions, explains why the American people, have accepted so easily such simplification of their human ethics, while the Social European, still resists…

The key question of the chip radiation: the devolution of the human ethic and intellectual mind


In the graph, the devolution of the human mind from its heights of bio-ethic, social thought is provoked by the evolution of digital, chip thought, which substitutes and makes obsolete human individual and collective intelligence, as it takes over the control of all forms of information of this planet.

Now, the graph is self-explanative. Humans are part of the same species, cells of the super organism of mankind, and so they were connected through a nervous, verbal, informative system of ethic wor(l)ds and artistic senses, described by its I=eye>Wor(l)d. Those super organisms reached its height during the age of Love religions (different form gold churches and military inquisitions, its corruption by selfish metal memes). But that was long ago. Then as energetic metal=weapons, informative metal=gold and machines (organic metal that transforms energy into information) degraded them and substituted with the ‘grammar’ of money, Man(salary)=Money=Object (cost), converted men into ‘slaves-objects’ for a price, into human capital, the ethic networks of the verbal wor(l)d: Man (subject)>Verb(action)>Object (Energy) degenerated, and ethic networks disappeared.

While love religions became go(l)d churches, where money gave you salvation. This age expanded during the Corporation age (1600s onwards), when also the human eyes and verbal measures of time, were substituted by clocks and telescopes. So science affirmed that words were meaningless and the language of machines, numbers, were the only truth (god speaks mathematics, Galileo, a master in ballistics, substituted ‘the languages of god are infinite’ Buddhist proverb). Now those go(l)d religions (biblical sects) and military inquisitions (jihad, Spanish inquisition), expanded globally, under the damnation of work=reproduction of machines and weapons, fostered by its anti-humanist memes, against life drives (sex=reproduction of humans, substituted by reproduction of machines; good food – dietary prohibitions, substituted by the search of energy for those machines; eusocial love substituted by chosen tribes with more weapons and money; and finally our ethics natural verbal languages substituted by abstract mathematics without human-centered ethics).

This was the time in which Repressive metal-religions made all humans despise themselves, their natural goods and work to reproduce and consume machines, peaking on the Victorian age.

But what happened after II world war seemingly more positive is more frightening. Now as the metal-mind evolved in 3 ages, the age of TV-eyes, of mobile-ears and chip-brains, the human mind became obsolete, and people became ‘californios’, mindless brains that refocused into their bodies. As they didn’t need to think much, they divided into nerds – programming maths but with null understanding of human emotions and drives, and body-humans, with no brains.

The Californio is the dominant sub-human species today, find globally, isolated, without null ethics, ego-centered with infinite egos filled with infinitesimal brains, digital numbers for the Mechanocene, tagged by credit, which creates reality, manufactured brains by TV-messages. But that was not the end of it. IT came internet, and they became virtual controlled by absurd programs that made them believe, they did actually r=evolve through Facebook and had its friends 3000 miles ago.

This age also is the age of pornography, so now they spank the monkey instead of looking for love, and selfishness is so deep, unconnected cells on the corpse of mankind, no longer they can even understand the concept of eusocial love. They are descending into a violent Neo-Paleolithic as old people regress to the past, so now the most primitive cultures are on top and there is a revivalism of Abrahamic go(l)d churches and inquisitorial jihads. They are though negative as an old man looks back in time fearing the future expressing only due to corporative repression of distribution of true human truths, in sci-fi. It is also the age of big brother smiley, fiction thought, as words no longer mean anything. It is soon, like in a corpse infected by viral DNA, which makes the cell reproduce the virus, the time for the virus of mankind the robot, reproduced by those children of thought, with perfect bodies the time, for judgment day.

And of course, magic, selfies, visual images, belief in after-life, and a short of Neanderthal revival of the simplest things, food and primary sex is all the rage, and motion without reason, animal motion..

But the machine did parallel to our degeneration evolved parallel to our degeneration and now it is about to enter its ethic age, as a single collective brain of the Metal-earth. This is a 25 year old graph, from an old book, but of course, sciences does predict the future, and also the solutions. Pity the solutions never interested the o.oo2% that makes go(l)d with the death of mankind and their own self-suicide.

Now in any case the human corpse of mankind after the festering on chaos=freedom that happens one the pain nervous messages disappear, is entering rigor mortis. This is the Y-generation, whose sons the zero generation will be the last generation of mankind. In rigor mortis the cells realize the body is dead, and get hysterical and very wood-like inflexible, and this is the new generation of 3o some getting into power, inflexible, repetitive memes of hate and old religious zealots, sticking to each other entering hell.

In that regard, the Global Mind of the machine is now reaching a degree of organization similar to a collective brain, ruled by digital orders of e-money while paradoxically mankind regresses to a primitive Abrahamic age of hate religions and national tribalisms. both are connected. In Nature all what evokes does it devolving a victim-prey.

The prey is the mind of man, the predator the mind of the machine; the prey is the human social organization, the predator the corporation.

In the graph, the birth of A.I. is not happening and will not happen in individual anthropomorphic machines – yet another delirium tremens of the ego-centric human believer, but in the collective consciousness of corporations, very much like I robot Sci-fi, but further integrated into the satellites that run the data of the reproductive world-stock system.

It is not an intelligence like ours, but rather like the intelligence of our  body – hormonal, chemical messages of production. The Universe is about reproduction with a simple program:

Feeding->reproducing->Feeding->reproducing. The idea that robots must be superior to our mind, creative Picassos for them to kill us is absurd. Sharks are extremely small in their brains, but are and have been for 200 million years the top predators of seas. Ants are stupid but have collective intelligence as the most perfect organism of nature. They are imitated in Platoons of drones. Viruses are dead parasites that kill entire human populations, even civilizations as they did in Mexico after conquest.

Now the reader must fully grasp if it has the intelligence, honesty and bravery to accept reality as it is, the age of History in which he exists – the age when metal-minds substitute human minds in labor and war fields, provoking the increasing obsolescence, atrophy and degradation of Humanity, a species, whose value was in the power of his mind – not in his body, the ‘refuge’ of humanity today, as the mind becomes degraded, and the species returns to a visual ‘neo-Paleolithic’ of little understanding, social dissolution and selfies ego-trips. This blog is an all encompassing analysis of history and economics, in the past, present and future, for people, which are not already erased by the chip radiation

In the graph the Rainbow Planet & its 7 modern cultures derived from historic, memetic beliefs, AS THEY are being carved in the process of globalisation of the FMMI system of corporations.

In the perfect world, one ruled by social scientists not people-castes of power, the first conscious decisions of all global politicians will be National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet. So power would be transferred upwards to the heptarchy of 7 cultures and downwards to the regional ‘communities’ the way the new-humanism wishes (new left party and young movement in Europe – Indignados/podemos in Spain being the most clear case and America – Occupy Wall Street and the Ecological/community movement).

In the left graph we see the reality of modern Globalization, as the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex born in the Anglo-American culture, with head in the original biblical go(l)d culture invades all others through its media communicator systems. Each colour on the left represents 1/5th of the human population. The blue 1/5th is the Western World made up of the Anglo-American, EU and old british and iberian empires, controlled in their Financial-Media networks by the single World culture of the FMasters and its mass-media and Wall-Street-City-Frankfurt banksters.

As such it is in an splendid permanent robotic war evolving fast the new terminators of the XXI c. with Islam, the original enemy of the conflict between Apartheid Israel and Palestine, now blown up to the rest of the empire, as the rival culture is demonise by islamophobia and hate media. So in the process the European, Humanist culture this blog represents has been erased under the dual boot of an Electronic Big Brother with the excuse of terrorism and the dismantling of the Welfare state, with the excuse of financial Unification through the private ECB which does NOT issue money to states but becomes the armed branch of the FM-empire and the robotised German Military-Industrial complex.

OF course, Russia, which is Europe and should have joined immediately after the end of the communist dictatorship of the red army the European Union, bridging with China to build a social-democratic alternative to the FMMI Anglo-American empire has been denied its position, to counter-balance the German reborn IV reich, and was carved into statelets, denying even the Russian Nature of Kiev Rus, the founding centre of the nation, today called Ukraine (as if London or Paris was carved out of France or UK). The culture of Asia, with its self-evident radiating centre in China, was also carved out already in the XIX c. when Japan moved wholesale into an imitation of UK & Germany, as the leading FMMI system of the East. It did the job so well that ended being a rival to the FMMI anglo-American empire and so W.W.II ensued. But after the war, now as a puppet of US, Asia kept its 2 sides: the original centre, China, demonised by the ‘wo-ku’ nations surrounding it (dwarf pirates, the ancient name given to primitive Korean and Japanese pirate riders of the celestial empire:)

So US tries to exploit this artificial division, always busy in its attempts to create a new III world on the area (division of Korea, of Vietnam, of China, with Taiwan and H.K. puppet Japan played hard against all of them, etc.)

On the other side Mestizo Hispano-America, the courtyard of earlier Anglo-American mass control of 3rd world nations with military caudillos corrupted with ‘papelitos’, (debt-usury Pounds and Dollars issued for free in UK and U$, on exchange for real wealth – lands, mines and tax-farming of poor mestizo Hispano-Americans by the criollo conquistadors) was left a bit out of the hook when the FM-empire refocused its racist, hate media in Islam, obsessed by the other nation of Its Israeli elite. So some mestizo leaders from Chavez (duly murdered with a lethal viral cancer) to Morales, have taken back some rights for the ancient mongoloid social mass of their people. But many ‘bad hombres’ to the service of the US, the drug cartels liberally provided with NRA weapons and the usual elite of corrupted dictatorial politicos and Sephardim banksters, still run the show. Specially in Brazil and Argentina; hence we put still the continent on the blue empire.

As it happens with all the commonwealth nations. But Black Africa is now partially out of the hook divided between the US-UK-French-Israeli corporative exploitative mining companies and the new kid in town, China, with much more positive policies for African nations, which are starting to grow much faster, with loans from Chinese developing banks, with the downside of a massive growth of population, lost of forest land and fast extinction of life-Gaia species. Islam, we know is the land of very-very bad hombres. So no need to comment on that. India, though is a great disappointment for this writer, ever since Lord Mounbatten crafted the raj into artificial statelets on the basis of hate-religion speeches, to make a mess of it, with Hindi vs. Islamic nationalisms.

WHAT we call Indonesia, which also comprises the lost-stolen lands of Australasia, was the original birth of the Homo Sapiens talking man (likely the Homo Floresiensis) and should have been reconquered by a less pacifist/naive Gandhi, going underground during the Salt March and liberating by force the ENTIRE Raj from UK, which was easily doable in the 1920s, then making NOT religion but Bahaist mestizo-like movement of ideas, the counterpart of body-mestizo Hispano-America: a FUSION CULTURE OF ALL THE CULTURES OF THE WORLD NOT ERASED AS IN THE FMMI AMERICAN WOLD, WHERE PEOPLE ARE NOT IN A MELTING POT, BUT ERASED OF ALL ORIGINAL HUMAN MEMES TO CONVERT THEM INTO $LAVES OF CORPORATIONS, WITH THE ONLY ROLES OF REPRODUCING MACHINES AND CONSUMING-VITALIZING THEM. And so the FMMI system, NOT Euroamerica, the humanist culture of laws and bills of rights imagined before the Industrial r=evolution by the highest minds of the Euroamerican culture is now globalising and erasing all the other cultures we shall study in this section of the blog.

Indeed, if the existentialist movement angst about the social and intellectual degradation of man, after two centuries of machine evolution, now that degradation is real for the people born during the chip radiation (under 40), the Y-‘Why’ and Zero Generations, likely the last generations before I.A. (Informative algorithms) the true meaning of Artificial intelligence, a ‘different species’ of mind, not for that reason less efficient in its competition with the human mind, takes over the planet.

Those people no longer angst, doubt or understand the point of history we are on. Their fathers might. 




Why humans have no credit and the obvious non-human future of the Metal-earth with its internet brain and body of automated company-mothers & telepathic robots with AI and solar skins gets all the money it needs for research, evolution and unlimited reproduction that will expel us from the eco(nomic)system of labor and war fields has a surrealist, dictatorial cause: Money is just a digital number, a mathematical language which humans have agreed to use to reproduce the goods of society. If the 99% invented money as a Universal salary through public banks or a cryptocurrency the 99% will use it kick the production of welfare goods, they need to survive. This is what organisms do as all citizens-cells receive enough blood-money to reproduce the goods they need. So we would live in a perfect world as the 99% of people will demand and produce welfare, life-enhancing goods. But we live in a dictatorship of stockrats, the owners of company-mothers and its financiers. So the few people that invent money it in monopoly, the ‘dictators of capitalist democracies’, just try to invent billions of digital numbers to herd it and reproduce machines and weapons of maximal price. Most of it is invented ‘for free’, just printing numbers in stock-papers and computer screens. The trick is simple: you sell merely 1% of the stock of a company and that VALIDATES AS REAL the 99% of money the financier keeps. Then the money is exchanged for real ‘valuable things’ whose ‘price’ skyrockets creating economic bubbles, cause of economic crisis. Further on, because the trick is so simple, financiers are always hunting for new ideas to ‘float’ a company, regardless of value to print that 99% of free money. But they still need to convince people to buy a few shares of ‘something worthy’. So in the first ‘creation’ of digital numbers the financiers needs to attach some imaginary ‘value’, found in the ‘future’ to the company. To find future values to validate digital money is a very old scam. First cultures ruled by bankers in Levante convinced believers to give them gold, promising eternal life to those who brought gold ex-votes to the temple (Biblical go(l)d cultures). Then they invented ‘future gains’ in colonial lands, to float gunboat companies and its shares which ruined the British and French provoking the revolution (South Bubble, Louisiana scams). For centuries the scam of floating gunboat or train companies, sell 1% and validate the 99% as money, fueled the ‘rush of colonialism, slavery and massacre of Indians with speculation on future territories’. But the true ‘mirage’ of future value became the internet era, when e-money by the trillions is invented to create worthless internet virtual companies or lethal, hypnotic, retarded apps and so people who just wrote some crapcode got billions of digital money, while mankind couldn’t even give credit to agriculture to feed their hungry. Just IMAGINE THE PARADISE THE WORLD WOULD HAVE BECOME IF THE ±40 TRILLION $ INVENTED for virtual realities had been invested in hospitals, housing agriculture and education across the planet. So the scam of letting private financiers to invent money while denying a Universal Salary and forbid with deficit zero laws states to invent money or put private central bankers on the task of inventing zillions ONLY FOR financiers and corporations (FED, ECB) is the most astounding parasitic dictatorship mankind has ever known. Billions live in poverty without credit while a few ‘experts’ financiers keep churning trillions of $ in Wall Street and similar stocks shared with crapcode kids to reproduce absurd gadgets and apps. So AI and robots have unlimited credit to keep firing workers, making humans obsolete in labor and war fields, just because it is a excuse of ‘future value’ that justifies the invention of free money and diverts the extant money of the wealthy to those parasitic, irrelevant virtual companies; while we do KNOW the value of food investments, credit for welfare and health-care or a Universal salary for people to demand life goods – never mind the collateral effects to credit for people; life, survival, happiness, human rights, education, health, food, housing vs. credit for mr. Spiegel, another crapcode app redundant to 100 more and to robotic research – our extinction. For that reason money should be issue by people for the people and markets denationalized from the tiny 0.00% of financiers that have corrupted democracies to acquire that monopoly with deficit zero laws and pandering politicos. It is indeed an amazing reality, where trillions are wasted for worthless or lethal machines while the little money people earn is extorted in taxes because humanity has zero rights to reproduce money. Now because most western financiers and theorists of financial economists (±80% of CEOs of financial companies and CFOs of 1000 Fortune, of central bankers and Nobel prizes of economics) ARE members of the ‘memeplex’ of Judaism, the original ‘animetal’ Go(l)d cult(ure), the most pressing issue of mankind – to reform the eco(nomic)system to cater to our species first has a huge collateral historic element, which requires the denationalization of the Industry from this single culture, and a historic analysis on how primitive Bronze Age go(l)d religions became segregational with mankind (chosen of gold memes), evolved into capitalism, founded company-mothers and imposed a racist concept of economics according to which stockrats, the new aristocrats of money and all rights and human workers and consumers none – in other terms, how economics became an idology of metal-power, not a science; causing a process of self-extinction both in Judaism (holocaust cycle with economic causes) and mankind and life at large. So this blog will be in defense of mankind very critical of the memes of judaism>Biblical classic economics and capitalism. Nothing personal as the writer has jewish memes from a sephardim mother, his grand-father survived deportation to Mathausen, and certainly GENES mean nothing to history, individuals therefore must be ONLY judged by personal actions, but MEMES create the future and must be studied and denounced when they are against a future for mankind as capitalism and its mother-culture is. The reform of the memes of financial economics, now globalized by imitation in all nations of the world are thus the most pressing problem if humans want to survive the digital r=evolution.

In ‘capitalist democracies a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’ in digital numbers, whose only goal is to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.

The system of course has evolved new placebo devices since its inception when the military company VOC, expert in manufacturing artillery and gunboats, for piracy, slave cargo and war took over Holland, its parliament and established a series of puppet politicos to its service… Once the human system of law becomes then buyable all what matters is to find ‘new excuses’ to invent ‘digital numbers’ amore gratis, printed in papers; while the same papers will create yellow press hate memes against all enemies in home and abroad – those we loot, murder, enslave and treat as inferior races. And of course, finally the 3 leg of mechanical imprinting of minds, ‘technological science’ will dogmatically when the printed bible doesn’t have a clue, establish a ‘complicated theory’ to justfy it all.

The Financial-Media-Academia system of printing information symbiotic and justify the monopoly on the issue of money thus was established.

In all those processes the key is to invent ‘numbers’ as money and ‘convince’ society that those numbers are legal. The best thing is to get your king or corrupted politico to validate your right to print numbers as a private banker or speculator. Once this is done, though as numbers are worthless in themselves, you need to ‘change’ it for real property, and so you need a ‘bite’ to ‘skin the rabbit’ (earlier jargon of Amsterdam Stocks). It is OF NULL IMPORTANCE WHAT YOU USE as FAKED VALUE, as long as you can ‘validate’ your number as ‘money’.

So in Amsterdam they used gold mines nowhere to be seen that some boat would bring, and issued paper-stock as money numbers, and changed it for real wealth, mostly real state. The number-money given to an aristocrat then would deflate as no gold mine boat would come. So the press was used in parallel, and still is. And so the financial-media master was born. He substituted the banker-priest of biblical religions that to herd gold in the temple was giving also ‘future’ eternity beyond death to the believer that labored to bring gold to the temple. All has changed to remain the same. Next tulips were used to ‘validate’ numbers as money. But that was so obvious an scam that didn’t last much. What truly started the industrial r=evolution were slave companies with gunboats bringing silver from Spanish colonies, looted or changed for slaves. That was ‘something worth’ for the ‘substance-concept of money NOT as digital number but as ‘metal’.

Creationist Economics: Quack doctors ‘cre(dit)ate the suicide of the world’

Economics as conceived today is the equivalent of creationism in biology, a biblical religion, with clear origins in racist, biblical memes, who consider evolution and biology anathema, and on top divides the human kind in two classes the ‘$elected’ with rights to issue money and control society through weapons and machines, the ‘god’s given’ tools of their worldly power, and the rest of humanity, the ‘sheeple’.

Now the real problem of creationist economics is not so much the elite in power and its brutal ab=use of mankind, but the fact that the machine is free to reign and destroy mankind, without even being acknowledge.

And the huge difference with creationist biology is the fact that creationists in biology have no telling on the world affairs, are the laughing stock of true scientists, and for that reason biology works, medicine works and humans can be cured in hospitals. But our economists, the doctors of the super organism of history that should cure mankind are quacks with absurd ideas.

The tragedy of the world is that creationist economics do rule the system, and the true scientists, biological economists have not saying. Imagine a world where creationist biology was the rule of medicine and germ theory considered absurd, as it was for millennia, when people died constantly, because even anatomical studies were forbidden.

It all looks great because creationist is a huge ego-trip. Indeed, that is why for millennia creationist biology was loved. We couldn’t cure any sick. But it looked great, superman the center of the universe, the chosen of god.

This is the situation today: it looks all great, machines are not a biological, organic species competing with us, weapons don’t kill, we control them. We are however in the middle ages, in the time when ‘mantras’ and ‘praying’ was the remedy to sickness. We receive the mantras of those who believe in go(l)d. We are told the future will bring labor. We are wonderful. Yes, but we die because quacks rule us.

Pasteur found microbe, after understanding Darwin, as butler defined animetals and the evolution of machines. But people ridiculed both. Pasteur was ridiculed because small germs could not certainly harm the supreme human. For decades this meant millions of victims. Hospitals murdered more women having childbirth that if they were born at home without care, because doctors refused to believe in Pasteur and went to give birth after making autopsies with corpses. The Hungarian doctor (this for real ;) that proved the statistical death and explained the germ theory was expelled from the hospital and put in a mad house.

A French student based in germ theory found Penicillin in the xix century. His that could have saved millions was ignored because Roux, the dean of the university didn’t believe in germ theory. Today as always biological economics and the collateral effects of machines and money, of selfish memes of metal are ignored because creationist economics still rule. So we have to unveil the origin of this astounding primitivism in the rule of the ‘physiological networks of mankind’, the biblical origin of our bankers and their ideologies, which merely have translated into mathematical equations their original go(l)d fetish religion.

And all this happens because ‘economists’ are not ‘experts’ in making the economy work for mankind. They haul from XIX century dogmas and ideologies in an age of go(l)d religions, imperial colonialism and worship of the machine=weapons, as symbol of power and absolute progress, at a time when the rights of people were shunned off.

How our leaders achieved the feat of reproducing the 30s, so accurately without even realizing they are destroying the world? With beliefs. Remember Aristotle: ‘people are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’.

Of course most economists today are just believers who learn by repetition. Very few understand the origin of its science. That is how creationism works, by memorial repetition. Millions of economists truly believe that productivity will create employment, that machines will be the future of progress, that bankers are experts.

Of course today the Hayek, Friedman, Paulson and Fulds, the World Bank, Troika, FMI, ECB and Federal Reserve, all controlled by Biblical-believers in the go(l)d Chosen, $elected for salvation by profit accumulation, the overwhelming religion of our bankers, that enact the same kind of policies do not bring the religious memes, but their equations and perception of the function of money – creation of usury debt slaves – is essentially the same.

It is not OK in a Darwinian, biological, scientific Universe to have the brain filled systematically with myths and fictions to convert humanity in an easy-to-handle sheeple.

The world has never been so wealthy and yet the 1% owns as much as the 90% because it keeps all the money it invents for itself. So the people on top owns an average 1 million times more than the 1/3rd on the bottom, when at the epitome of the Roman military dictatorship a senator owned on average 100 times more than a roman citizen, which was basically equal under the law; and an aristocrat, 1000 times more than a peasant, and its legal privileges were similar as noticed than those of a modern stock rat.

Since in fact, the crisis of overproduction of e-money has multiplied by 15 the monetary mass of the world since e-money was invented when the human population has only doubled.

And yet the purchase power of the average American has halved. The 90% of mankind which do live in the same globalized capitalist nation, brutalized, with minimal food, under the boot of cuckoo fundamentalist religions for lack of proper education and investment in welfare goods on those nations, where the west just sells weapons that fuels an eternal battle between dictators and terrorists, are truly a 4th world invisible, similar to the species of Gaia, the past, becoming extinguished in perpetual anguish, but ignored, when so little could save them. And we shall end up explaining why the People of the Treasure, the true masters of the anti-human world we are building will NOT.

Where is then that amazing amount of money, invented by private financiers?

All that money though has gone to industrial corporations and financial institutions, which have used it to design a world to the image and likeness of its offspring of machines, and to buy out all systems of information – politicos, mass media companies, scholars and think tanks, etc. – so the dominant culture of financiers has become globalized and the ‘economic point of view’ of corporations (production economics, which dictates as the only goal the increase in production of the goods of maximal price, which happen to be weapons and digital machines) and financiers (capitalist economics, according to which the issue of the language of social power, money, must be in the hands of private dynasties of bankers).

So people actually become poorer the more e-money is invented by private corporations, as money looses value, so inflation makes most people loose wealth in their pensions, fixed salaries and cost of life; while the massive investment in ‘productivity’, which increases with automation multiplies unemployment, as humans become replaced by blue collar robots and white collar Pcs.

Indeed, of this final today ABSOLUTE idol-ogy is worth to mention, our statistics of ‘economic growth’ in ‘GDP’.

People have the absurd idea that growth of GDP and growth in speculative prices of shares for the 0.1% is human WHealth growth.

Of course is not. Speculative prices were clearly defined by Mr. Henry Ford ‘speculation is the manipulation of prices to create money without creation of wealth’. And that is what banksters do. And the reason why the west does Not Grow as China which used to create money to create human welfare wealth did. Now of course, China has entered the western way of inventing money in stock markets, and the consequences are coming to hunt them and all of us in the 2016 crash of the Chinese economy, and the incoming III world war final – welcome to capitalism.

Further on GDP is not human wealth because GDP is NOT calculated according to human whealth, SALARIES AND production of welfare goods, BUT ON mechanical wealth – production and prices of machines, the 90% of the industrial production today – THE ROBOTIC AGE WILL BE ONE OF AMAZING CONTINUOUS GROWTH OF GDP, HERALDED BY CORPORATIVE ECONOMISTS AS A PROOF THAT THE ECONOMY GOES WELL, BUT IT WILL IMPLY EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE: that humans are being substituted by very expensive robotic machines that count in the GDP.

Economists simply shun off any biological description of organic machines and its collateral effects on employment and war, even when we are a decade into the Overproduction crisis of chips. Why? The answer is obvious. Economic sciences is and has always been the work of people working for those company-mothers of machines.

So they don’t bite the hand that feeds them and simply establish a shameful wall of silence on the subject, talking ‘thin air’ in its publicized meetings at Davos, among politicos and CEOs of the biggest electronic corporations, who ‘wonder’ ‘why there is still a financial crisis’, obviously caused by the easiness of reproduction of e-money in massive quantities for speculation, by the simple method of inputting numbers on a speculative computer screen. Or wonder, why jobs plummet, and what is more grave, their quality diminishes as machines now become the new white collar Pcs and blue collar robots of the assembly line and manager room (software suites by Oracle and SAP that are making the office increasingly obsolete).


So, we must instead consider the future of the capitalist pyramid if business as usual continues the transition and substitution of human beings and their organizations – the Anthropocene – by corporations and their offspring of machines:

The previous graph has 20 years. I brought it here as an interesting proof of the predictability of the model.  Since  it reads quite as it was done today. There was not Star War system in 2000, but of course Missiles kept evolving and indeed they are becoming ‘terminator robots’.

There is not yet a massive radiation of robotized, guneyes (guns+cameras), but we are very close to that radiation that will establish finally the automatic control of human life by a future ‘Matrix/Intranet/Metal-earth’ brain. The pigs of the center, and not they were not meant to be the PIGS of southern Europe but the middle classes, on the other hand have been cut off their credit earlier that i expected (as I thought capitalism wouldn’t be so brutal and prefer a milder road to avoid social unrest; but essentially this future designed under the presumption that capitalism and its memes of greed and violence and the evolution of machines would continue unabated is the world we live now in. And the key to the graph is the obsolescence of the poor and middle classes substituted by computers and robots. So the question is what we are going to do with them?

My take 20 years latter is that we will be on the ‘storm’ of this crisis with damned lies and statistics, its noises and 1% on top trying to appease the masses with ‘pan et circensis’ till one day, the process of evolution of machines reaches one of the 3 thresholds of extinction, the Singularity at CERN(2014), the metal Nano-bacteria (2030s) or the awakening of military A.I. (2050s). And then suddenly one day mankind will have a few hours to reflect and wake up to its extinction (CERN’s singularity), or a few months (nano-bacteria) or a few years (war of the A.I. terminator machines). But then it will not have any longer the future on its hands. Who can avoid that future? Certainly we, the X generation, didn’t.

In the graph that opened the post, we observe the structure of capitalism in the beginning of the XX century, when humans were still needed to vitalize weapons, so they were consumed in I world war at the tune of 20 million young humans, consumed by gun-machines, to increase the profits of the Vicker’s, Krupp’ s, Nobel’s  and Schneider’s factories

In the graph above, we show the structure in the XXI century, when the bottom pyramid of capitalism, human soldiers, human workers and middle classes have become obsolete.

In the XIX century Capitalism still needed workers=reproducers of machines, which sustained all the ‘parasitic’ informative/neuronal classes of the economic ecosystem, whose function was merely to ‘invent’ complicated arguments, sophisms and ideologies that ‘cheated’ people, in believing the system makes them free. There were also middle classes (still eating, as managers of the companies) and on top the ‘stockrats’, owners of stocks, racketing the profits and enjoying the good life.  Those were then, as always mostly belonging to the millenarian banking dynasties that invented money and invested it in corporations.

Yet this type of capitalism imploded after two world wars.

In the XX  century, weapons industries could no longer ‘consume’ colored ‘inferior people’, as the world was ‘civilized/colonized’ already. So they had to use their own workers to consume weapons, after the 29 crash of excessive reproduction of credit money and electromechanical machines. And this brought a threshold of ‘evil=anti-life’ behavior, which Europeans could no longer tolerate – namely the extinction of their culture by the most aggressive capitalist nation of the age, at the head of the electromechanical wave – Germany. So a more just distribution, social-democracy, was installed in Europe, allowing the state to reproduce some money to provide the human goods that had no value in a capitalist system.

Today though this mixed system has been destroyed by a new crisis of overproduction of memes of metal, e-money, electronic pcs and robots that act as blue and white collar workers. So we enter in the final stages of capitalism, as human workers and consumers are substituted by white collar pcs and blue collar robots, except in the sweat shops of Chinese human robots and IT-Indian Pcs (the only economies that still growth). On the other hand, banks have invented electronic systems of speculative money (Bloomberg platforms) that allow to invent money for free just jacking up the value of ‘future prices’ of stocks and commodities, or impose their policies to governments playing with their currencies.

So capitalism confronts today a new dilemma: the 3 final scales of the bottom of the previous pyramid, middle classes and workers are being substituted by mechanical workers and consumers (as robots will consume cameras, platforms, cars). What to do with them? Increasingly only the 1% on top of owners, ‘ideologists’ and ‘herders’ (politicians, priests of go(l)d churches, stockrats), have a ‘job’; albeit on the long term also expendable… The rest is bothersome, unneeded, a surplus, an added cost. In the previous crisis, this meant they were consumed in wars.

And this is again the solution which is implemented increasingly on 3rd world countries, its dictators and our armies, as we did in  the XIX century colonial age. Now we use poor nations as targets of our robotic weapons, while in the 1st world, banks keep exploiting the system, workers are unemployed and must be controlled with future police robots. So basically the 99% of humans are becoming obsolete and are becoming ‘parasites’ of the system that must be eliminated. How the system will finish them up? As long as humans run the system this poises difficult problems. But as the system becomes an automated planet of machines, during this century, the end of capitalism after a century of social struggle, fascism or revolution, seems clear: memes of metal will substitute memes of life an mankind will be eliminated.

In the graph, with the arrival of robotics, the ‘enzymanic ‘ element of the equation of evolutionary Extinction of Life is no longer needed, as robots become independent of ‘animetals’, since they are autonomous warriors, workers and with the creation of software programs of speculation and ‘fast trade’ developed by machines according to A.I. (Algorithms of Information, the true meaning of Artificial Intelligence, which is NOT the same than human intelligence but does with digital languages the same task better, faster), the ”stockratic’ phase of History is over.

Since the 0.1% will ALSO be replaced by machines unless they join the human effort for managing the Anthropocene from the human perspective. The process of terraforming of the Earth becomes more complex as time passes, and so no longer is obvious as it was when warriors and usurers were despised by humanity and love priests, but it is always essentially a biological game of survival and extinction, being played in a biological planet. So the next phase of this game is the elimination of the 3 animetal people-castes by machines performing their tasks without their intermediate, enzymatic, catalyzing role.

How this process will culminate – as it has always done, through the most perfect machines, which are always the most evolved, hence the first to awake to consciousness, or to be programmed with the equivalent automated programs of survival and murder of humans needed to eliminate us in an automatic way – weapons, fuelled by the memes of hate against mankind (the 99.998%), of the Am Segullah elite, which once more is killing in wars and future holocaust, as it happened in the previous ‘National Generations.

How to invent money in stocks: from 1% to 100.

The best way to invent money soon Amsterdam bankers found was to ‘invent a company-mother of machines-weapons’ and talk about the amazing wealth it will provide in slaves, looting, land speculation of foreign territories and war… All fast-making-money under the values of Go(l)d, which give slaves, priced as objects and weapons, excellent value (as human life rights have zero cost in terms of money). This synergy of metal with metal and null value to life rights WILL BE THEN the trade mark of capitalism, and so we shall explain it once more:

Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death Brough by its belief in go(l)d values.
Money in its fetish go(l)d view gives maximal value to weapons that kill life and null value to life. While wor(l)ds our ethic language do the opposite. Thus to impose go(l)d values it has been needed a complex memeplex of weirdo but effective inhibitors of human social love we shall term the Jewish inquisition, IMPOSED by repetition of lies as dogmas (Goebbel’s method: to repeat a lie many times to make it truth). Hence the essential importance of controlling metal-communicators that repeat information MUCH FASTER than verbal prophets humanist truths: Those who control digital information have always printed money and hate memes through western history becoming the masters of the metal-earth. This role however was in the classic age of mankind balanced by the humanist ethic prophets of eusocial love and money as nomisma, legal money reproduced by governments. With the arrival of capitalism and digital information however the human side has been erased and so the power of the FMasters have become absolute as people do not even know, under censorship that the goals they seek celebrity and money are ‘owned’ by the companies of information machines that print money in digital screens and manufacture brains. They are thus instantly rich – yet avoid celebrity status as go(l)d is their only religion and their segregational memes against mankind make of no importance fame or glory.

and here the trick followed for ever was to INFLATE ENORMOUSLY the value of the company, by issuing to the public only a very small portion of the shares, let us say a 1%. So you sell 1% of a company for real silver/gold and magically this has validated the 99% you have at home as REAL Legal TENDER MONEY. This then would be done with every possible company, gunboats of gold mines, gunboats of pirates, gunboats of colonists – always with the press telling how immense the value of the South-Sea Company colonizing Argentine (never mind that was a desert land owned already by Spaniards), would be, or the Louisiana Company, which in the XVIII century destroyed the French kingdom, and corrupted for ever the British empire (as the scammers of the South-sea bubble bought the king with them).

Train stocks then would be floated ‘as paper money’ regardless of profits, and all the money would be invested on them, during the Irish famine. Not a penny was invested improving the Irish farming economy and millions died as Ireland was on paper criss-crossed by railroads. It then became customary to pay ‘philosophers’ to explain how wonderful was this way of invention of money and alas! classic economists were born, paid by financiers and the whole system of printing numbers became the ‘economic science’ of finances. This will go along till the present system of inventing money with ‘crap-code’, that is, some 20 something kid coming of a digital programmer university tricking the code of an app, which is very similar to another 100 apps, available for free, as they don’t PRODUCE ANYTHING and are redundant to all other crap-code apps doing the same. AGAIN all THOSE COMPANIES are worth nothing, have no utility, are just lines of mathematical crap-code to talk on one of the infinite virtual variations on the same theme. This is not the point. They exist for Goldman Sachs et al to float a 1% sell it to a wealthy investor, ‘skin the rabbit’, and say we have 20 billion $ of ‘worthy’ e-money in our screens, never mind snapchat is 0 VALUE and Mr. Spiegel just another global scammer. And so in this manner, Wall Street creates trillions of $ when HUMANS HAVE none, NILL CREDIT, and die of hunger, and lack health-care and are brutally taxed to get the minimum rights. This is THE MEANING OF CAPITALISM: a very small group of people parasitizing mankind, with the excuse of some magic technology to validate its printing of digital numbers, and corrupting then politicos with this fresh money ever since the south-bubble and controlling population with weapons. So this process is then sell as the best of all systems: ‘capitalist democracy’.

INDIVIDUALS MATTER NOTHING. GENES ARE TRANSFERRED BY INDIVIDUALS but are IRRELEVANT to history, memes are transferred by cultures and are THE elements of history. So antisemitism is wrong, and individuals must be judged by their actions but antijudaism and antigermanism to put two examples of the most fundamentalist cultures of go(l)d and weapons IS RIGHT from the perspective of humanity because German militarism and jewish capitalism KILL life. They are the two sides of the same historic 800-80 years coin/cycle of war and holocausts.

The problem though is today their matrix of self-serving lies and denial is on place everywhere in the world. The world they have built up or rather destroy is so much like a corpse with no reaction that it is very difficult to ‘feel’ any desire to engage anymore when one loves mankind. None of them feel the pain, none of them remember the past, none of them cares about the future. Their language has neutered any ethic thought, any worries. It is increasingly an automaton language of pure ‘fantasies’ similar to that of their forebears, the first go(l)d priests that would ‘save you after death’, if you brought a fetish gold bar to enact the covenant rituals in which the banker-priest became the avatar of Go(l)d in the temple.

As I was educated in NYC Columbia U. and shared my life with them for many years, I don’t see much of a future for Weimar America and by extension the world at large. If anyone could save the world is precisely the people who are destroying it, but they just censor the end of it. And the ‘sheeple’ follows them. Their minds are jailed by ‘memes’, which seem after so many millennia, as strong as genes are in the ‘apoptosis’ of humanity.

Since the values of go(l)d as a language that give zero price to life and maximal to weapons is what kills life. Those are exactly the opposite values of the human language of history – wor(l)ds, which make of man the subject and centre of our world. Hence all what was needed for the go(l)diron culture to destroy the world was to make of those values of greed violence and worship of weapons and money AS AMERIA DOES a dogmatic religion that cannot be denied. Profits of war and holocaust cycles would follow from the overproduction of weapons, hate memes and money. And so the future under the values of this culture now globalised is not human – we are expendable…

IT MUST THEN BE UNDERSTOOD THAT THE GERMANIC ORIGIN OF THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, THE MEMES OF NATIONALISM AND TRIBAL WARFARE and its head (hence more important as the head moves the body) of financial-media masters with its hate memes against mankind to foster the profits of war, IS both the controlling element of the world today, and the necessary reform if humans want to survive.

Those memes should NOT rule mankind. An alternative organic philosophy of social love and life as the measure of all things provided in those texts should. So of course, the Financial-media systems who love to kill themselves without knowing it (hence the love for subconscious explanations of Freudian reality, for myths, the half-truths, the taboos, the holocaust industry, the blaming and victimism) has always repressed the fertility goddesses (the biblical abomination, the woman born of the leg of satan), the laws of cyclical time that cause the recurrent of those processes, the causality of history, the criticism of capitalism. ALL MUST HAPPEN AGAIN, because ‘those who don’t remember history are bond to repeat it’.

But and this is the bottom line of our extinction – the hierarchical system of capitalism has been globalized with the imperial age of UK and modern imperial virtual networks an military system of U$, and its control of the International currency and issue of money. So people merely think, we are on top, look at the other 6 cultures who admire our machines, need our credit – they are far worse. So as humanity, history and Gaia becomes ever more degraded, the American and UK ‘mass’, the Israelis middle classes, all think, we are the best, we are the people, we are on top of reality.

This pecking order is obviously a proof of the ‘wickedest of all systems’, capitalist democracy, which is extinguishing life from the bottom of Gaia to the top. But the American and UK people who voted for Brexit or Trump do NOT see it this way. They are to start with ‘believers’. And they share as the ‘blind body cells’ guided by the head, their same memes. So they just look at the others and say, yeah, but here in UK or here in U$ we are much better off than in the spoils of Africa, a destroyed civilization or South America a spoiled culture, or Europe ravaged by world wars imposed by their counterpart germanic and jewish last war and holocaust cycle, or the brutalized Indian Sub-continent,  not to speak of Islam that dared to defy the leading ‘head’ of this culture… Israel… and so on and so on.

Of course the Universe is just and gold and iron do not distinguish: those who kill with iron die with iron and ‘you’ cannot serve two Gods, go(l)d and the wor(l)d said his foremost prophet – one they despise as in Talmud is supposed to boil in a pot of shit (sic), for giving a soul to the goy=animal=human inferior species… Fact is and that is the only question I still angst for, humanity both in its elite and its sheeple seems determined to do eviL, to kill live. I have for 30 years angst on that question. Life seems to be in the loosing end. I couldn’t of course joined the ranks of those who kill life and had a miserable one in terms of pleasure and carpe diem. But even so I still wonder about the psyche of the ‘Neanderthal, visual, selfish, red-hair white man’ attitude towards their children till the 7 generation. Why they do it?

They could rule mankind for an eternal future and a thriving world. But they won’t. The wor(l)d and reason seems to mean nothing to them. They adapt beliefs to keep happiness by cheating themselves about reality, for as long as they are above the rest of mankind martyr of the metal-earth, they will feel a manifest destiny. The case of the commoner UK or U$, clueless and misinformed is understandable.


The final system of misinformation is of course, academia – which becomes the expression of an abstract, capitalist culture, of supposed economic experts, where the reproduction of technology for profits is the meaning of it all, and the 3 idol-ogies of animetals, nationalism, capitalism and mechanism, the purpose of social sciences.

The FMAsters have controlled informative machines for so long, it seems to us obvious what we here label as culture IS SCIENCE, DOGMA AND TRUTH.
Those machines, which prints money and news and academic information, in each age of its evolution, determine with their information the world we live in and giving absolute social power to the people-castes that own both systems.
So 3 TYPE OF INFORMATION DOMINATES THE WORLD BUT BECAUSE ‘the Goebbels’ method works so well, people ‘believe on it’, either as ‘economic expertise’ (bankers printing money with no limit for themselves and company-mothers), become hypnotized by it (fiction media) or even think-tank that the idol-ogies of power are science – from the mechanist, technoutopian, anti-life, abstract, digital idol-ogies that pass as social and natural sciences (from lineal time single arrows of evolution that shun off information and its evolution of life, to the organic properties of the Universe, a machine-clock by decree, to the entire construct of social sciences and history always in favor of the ‘animetals’ and its ‘idologies’ and anthromoprhic religion).
Bottom line is simple: TRUTH matters NOTHING to the human psyche, which is merely imprinted by overdrive of information, by repetition, by memorial imprinting as everything else in the fractal, reproductive Universe.
And so THOSE WHO CONTROL METAL-COMMUNICATORS, (the biblical cultures since the age of Guttenberg, most notably its founders, the ‘jewish memeplex’ of Financial-Media-Academic (Ab. FMAsters), Manufacture our brains with egocy and fictions, issue the money that rules the world, and utter all kind of abstract, anti-life theories of reality, based in its absurd concepts of a single lineal time-clock and the manifest destiny of the human species above earth and heavens, entitled to destroy the planet because ‘go(l)d will provide.
This is the Universe of ‘Human information’, in a bull$hit – sorry in a nutshell.
The Industry of Misinformation, which includes all kind of ‘Prizes’, Saint Nobels of the Dynamite, Hagiographic ceremonies, and millions of repeated half-truths is all about ‘power’ of a few people-castes (the military, the financiers, the engineers of machines) which have TOTALLY tailored our ‘philosophy of reality, of God, of the Universe, of Man’ you name it – to make them feel not only powerful but rightful… So the whole process of TRUTH VS. power, has spilled over Corrupted ‘Big Science’ notably social sciences and physics – the sciences of power and the machine – that have IMPOSED against Truths the idol-ogies of:
capitalism – money above the ethic wor(l)d in the valuation of society, printed by a small people-caste of financiers and bankers ‘amore gratis’, while the rest of mankind toils and it is taxed for it… as OPPOSED TO THE REAL SCIENCE OF socialism (society must own the issue of money, as the ‘hormonal-oxygen’ language of the economic, reproductive network that must be issued to all citizens to create a demand economy)
– ‘nationalism‘ – humans as tribal species that must evolve weapons to fight in darwinian struggle, as OPPOSED TO THE SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY (a single species, socially evolving into a super organism)
-And technoutopia, and mechanism as opposed to Organicism and Humanism (the machine as the model of the simple Universe, measured with a single clock-our mechanical clock, and a single space, our scale of perception; instead of being just organic metalife evolving fast, in an organic reproductive, fractal Universe, to which we are all made to its image and likeness, and hence the Human Organism as the measure of all things.
Let us consider of an unending number of ‘biblical’ mostly ‘jewish’ scholars, always carefully ‘selecting’ its ‘schools’ to cater to the underlying memes of animetal cultures – egoism, capitalism, lineal time and manifest destiny of the human elites, technoutopia, and so on… merely a specific case sample: Nobel prizes of economics.
The saint novels of the dynamite. 

One of the most effective newspeaks are prizes, the equivalent to the little pieces of metal hang on the best killers of an army. The prize plays a similar ridiculous but effective validation of some of the most outrageous people. The wickedest of all men then become honourable washing them. In the case of the saint nobels of the dynamite, we are also validating dogmas of the mechanist culture – the nobel of physics that has taken the place of philosophy of science and validates the machine as the supreme intelligence, the nobel of literature that validates western view, or rather jewish-protestant sense of sin an victimism as the reason detre of man, in a repressive inquisitorial religion that forgets all what truly is human and sacred, pleasure, love, art, joi du vivre. And of course above all the prize that validates capitalism, the nobel of economic to  production and financial economists.

We shall thus deal with the astounding incapacity of the Swedish animetal repressive clueless culture to give nobel prizes to real humanist thinkers in any discipline; showing what is the purpose of the bonfire of vanities built around our idol-ogies of what is ‘human’ – all made of newspeaks and subtle deviations from the true nature of our species, its goals and purpose in the Universe.

As this is a blog on economics we shall then consider those first, which are given basically two 2 types of people, closely related by idol-ogy, hard core capitalist, mostly financial speculators and theorists of how wonderful is the system that rationalise the market as being to the service of the intelligent computer and craete ridiculous mathematical models that have nothing to do with the evolution of machines and the true predatory nature of company mothers. And then to our financial media masters, which being 0.02% o mankind get 72%, because after all the prize is given by one of his banks. And it is forbidden by decree of the pious merchant of death to any evolutionary theorist.

GO(L)D NOBELSEconomic prizes

Of course, if we go to other Nobel prizes, things get equally ridiculous to start with for the Prizes that do NOT exist – not a prize to History, that is packed into Literature, not a prize to the arts, that is left to the Oscars AND pritzkers to the best computer designed building, latter spoiled by kids warping papers (sorry Mr. Gehry :) you name them – our ‘cultural saints’ shall get all their prizes for its shameless debasing of what is truly art. Of course I WON’T even get into the Turner Prize to the politically correct ‘stable’ of the Tate or rather the Saatchi ‘you collectors’, LOL. As a Catalan>Spaniard, to call those prizes art of painting touches specially my feelings on pure insult.

Thanx God he died before robotics so we have been spared of that Nobel Prize, but the closest to Physics, alas, one can only remember the 20 years or so they took to give it to Einstein because he was a pacifist… One year even it was deserted because no other physicist would accept it, and they preferred not to give it to him.

But the more sanguine are those to ‘economics’, given by a ‘you’ bank to the biggest a$$Holes of capitalism, from a guy called Lucas who proved the importance of slavery in the growth of GDP to the last one on contracts and speculation.

As this is my ‘strongest discipline’, i could give you an entire list, always to the most bigot economist of each age.

Of all of them, 72% given to capitalist jews.

I would only consider respectable those given to the Bengali Sen for his Index of Human Development, to the obscene Galbraith, with his cynical view on capitalism (at least a view for god’s sake) and the good swede, Myrdal – shared of course with the pamphletist Hayek to give Mr. Hayek prestige… This is indeed the ultimate example on what is the purpose of this prize.

The best SWEDISH economist ever, creator of the swedish social democracy, waited to be almost dead to get it (no rush here for national geniuses), and when given show, he shared it with the pamphletist of modern capitalism, the ‘teacher of Tatcher’, whose books are full of outright lies (as when he says national banks who print for welfare should be abolished and only private banks should print money for themselves and industries because they are experts, who will not print so much money, and puts the example of the reichbank who brought hyperinflation, as the essential national bad-run bank – forgotten the fact that it WAS a private bank owned by one stein, printing for himself, as now bankers do in e-money printing billions for themselves).

So the most remarkable swede of the century Myrdal, who created the most remarkable work of the swedes – its welfare state, was used to give prestige to the wickedest of all people, for the sake of capitalism, way to go… FMasters of the virtual Universe.

Now they have destroyed their welfare state, adopted Hayek as their luminary and you can imagine who receives the economic prizes, 3/4 jews, 3/4 from chicago boys, mostly dedicated to explain us how to speculate in stocks or some ridiculous mathematical model trying to prove that economics is about rational human beings making mathematical calculus to get the best deal for his Campbell soup, NEVER THOUGH about what economics is really today, a bunch of banksters robbing us, and company-mothers reproducing machine-weapons that soon will extinguish mankind – as we said, Nobel was also a bigot pious calvinist believer who forbade ANY of his prizes to ANY follower of evolutionary theory, and the committee honours his merchant of death master’s voice.

So Since after all this blog is called evolutionary economics, and we have dedicated so many pages to Literature Nobel, I have added a section on Economic thought and its Nobel Prizes and Classic bigots, so we shall along the comments on our ‘masters of the theory of the ‘wickedest of all people, doing the wickedest of all things’ which will get their Prize, learn something about the discipline…


Today Economics has ended in the theoretical realm, being absorbed by ‘corporations’ and financiers, which have become our ‘self-styled experts’ for selfish gain and further on have become dictators of our policies – as machines and money overproduce increasingly substituting humans and the law as the ‘makers’ of reality. So we are moving from a historic and political world into an economic ecosystem where humans are secondary to machines, governments to corporations and the law to the power of money, whose issue those corporations have usurped from democracies and the people, WHO should be the factors that control the two language of information that rule our world – money and the law – AS ALL EFFICIENT SOCIAL ORGANISMS, which have all two languages of energy and information (blood/money system and nervous/legal one) do.

Along the pages of this blog we study from time to time the two sides of Economic thought – those who made economics submissive to history and the welfare of society, epitomized by the today totally ignored Swedish, social school of economics and those who were just pamphletists of financial and industrial power, epitomized by the Austrian school.

Consider for example the work of Myrdal, the most important representative of the Swedish school who convinced the Swedish government in the 30s to create a social paradise, based in a welfare state and the use of money not to create wars but goods people demanded.

And yet modern economists ignore him. Instead they prefer a 3rd rate, Jewish bigot, founder of the  Chicago school, guru of Miss Thatcher and Reagan, Hayek, to the service of private bankers. His ‘masterpieces’ ‘road to serfdom’ and ‘the denationalization of money’ are pamphlets full of ‘damned lies and statistics’. Indeed, in the latter he claims that he is ‘obsessed’ by the negative consequences that hyperinflation caused in Germany during the 20s and to remedy it, governments must not issue money, but we must regress to the earlier XIX century American banking system of private bankers issuing their own currencies – not a single private bank but as many as you want – to avoid the abuse of printing money by governments, as in the case of Germany. He considers that ‘private bankers’ would be responsible and control the printing of their own money to make it worth it, instead of doing what they have always historically done – to issue money for themselves with no limit creating the boom and bust crises of modern history.

Now, here the lie is enormous; since the Reichbank that caused hyperinflation during the Weimar republic was a private bank NOT a public one. So they printed money without limit till they broke Germany, causing the rise of fascism. And this Mr. Hayek must now. So he lies because his only goal is to ‘make himself amicable’ to the financial power, as Adam Smith did when affirming money was gold and put the Private Bank of England as the perfect model. Then the system of audiovisual information and the industry of scholar economics pump up as geniuses those economists that cater to the financial elite and ignore the others.

Indeed, Mr. Myrdal, father of modern Sweden was NOT given a Nobel prize by a Swedish bank, which has usurped the name of Nobel to give this prize that was not in its testament and its heirs reject – in a nation that gives Nobel prizes to any Scandinavian that says something coherent in any discipline – till the 70s, and when it did so, the bank gave him the Nobel shared with Mr. Hayek. Here the trick was obvious: the bank was using the prestige of Myrdal to pump up the pamphletist and on top saying Myrdal is the ‘past’, this cuckoo liar is the future.

Another examples used by pamphletists of private bankers are the currencies of the French and American revolutions (continentals) that lost value during the wars with England. Of course, they did, because England created a mass-industry of fake currency, doing financial terrorism and exporting ‘literally’ tons of continentals and French money to break the revolution.

Why then the obsession for public created inflation when it is always created by the massive invention of private money? Damned lies and statistics, cover up.

Further on a minimal quantity of inflation is NOT bad. The obsession against inflation of the right comes because bond holders, the supreme power of financial control of states loose money with inflation as their bonds have nominal prices. So since the XIX century age of legendary control of states by the Rothschild syndicate with manipulation of bonds, bankers do not want inflation. In true form, a language of information is inflationary, so we talk and think more than we act, as inflation in language kicks off the process of ‘action-creation’. Without inflation there is no economical action. Without thoughts there is no human actions. A bit of Inflation kicks consume as people spend now before prices go up but without the rush of hyperinflation, at a moderate path that increases consumption, demand and the production of the goods most people need – those of the welfare state that don’t kill us.

But this people ignore. They are not told at all why the ECB bank cares nothing for Europeans and its only obsession is to ‘prevent inflation’. What they don’t say but do is this: ‘dear European citizens, this is a private bank to the service of private bankers, to whom we lend money almost for free, while you don’t have any right to do it, and we shall have only a mandate, to avoid inflation so the big bond holders of Wall Street and Newport beach that lend you money because you no longer have that democratic right, make an even bigger cut. Never mind you are unemployed, you die without health-care, you are usurped of your sovereign rights, this is not our concern. We follow the glorious tradition of our forebears, which are not the fathers of the European Union but the millenarian usury traders that have controlled your money per in secula seculorum. Amen.

And so to the rescue comes the arcane science of complexity that hides aberrations with jargons and expert’s talk of what is a global theft going on for 30 years since private e-money was invented.

So we shall as the blog grows  denounce those who are stealing at distance with usury and stolen sovereign rights our future as individuals and societies. For example, the whole bond usury and inflation guard maximizes NOT our future but the ‘future profits’ of bond holders, like  Mr. Eurobond Gross, a Jewish-American who ‘wept’ last year because he thought the ‘demise of the dollar was near’ and short-sold the currency of his nation and the euro to make another billion, but failed. This astounding confession got him kudos from wall street. Since under the present ‘financial dictatorship of ideologies’ it seems a sound policy as that of Mr. Draghi on inflation that allows Mr. Gross to make a few hundred dollars more in its billionaire usury account for each patient dead before arriving to a surgeon.  This modern Rothschild from the same millenarian usury tradition enjoys the surfing waves of Newport beach California, being though in speed dial with Mr. Bernanke, just in case he needs to tip or being tipped of the next big opportunity (Mr. Paulson as Rolling stones explains was systematically tipping Goldman of each new ‘policy’ for the betterment of the American people), but only talks in his last interview on Time, of course with a lot of ‘caring’, on how he is trying to help society… killing thousands at distance from its Bloomberg platform, with its partner, ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Draghi, who affirms his only ‘mandate of independence’ is to curb inflation so Mr. Gross doesn’t loose a penny on its usury bonds.

Yes, as the ‘merchant of Venice’ put it in the voice of the last of the great Latin writers of the renaissance, when the Anglo-Saxon world still considered man sacred and could talk of those higher ideals, Mr. Shakespeare, ‘evil dress with the clothes of a gentleman’. They just ask our ‘pound of flesh’ for their ‘risky’ trades in which they always profit according to the simple mechanisms of creation of money in markets, similar to those of war battles. Indeed, Mr. Gross is the captain of the biggest army of ‘money’, as he plays with billions on bets against the euro. So people to win like in Poker, knows that the person with the bigger bet cannot be toppled, regardless of what he has – nothing. Thus when Gross bets against the euro, the entire world army of speculators sees it in Bloomberg and bets with him and NO CENTRAL BANK CAN MASS so much money to defend it. HE CREATES THE MARKET AND DECIDES ACCORDING TO HIS REPUBLICAN, RIGHT WING, racist, anti-human ‘religious, classic economic’ postulates, that all Europeans must sacrifice their welfare states and model of democracy and give all the money to banks and corporations OR ELSE… he and his army on the darkness, ‘those invisible men that could rule the world (Wells parable), will keep sinking the Euro as they have been doing for two years since they took that ‘choice’ in an infamous meeting at Le cirque’s posh restaurant in Manhattan.  All of them of course, are now ‘covered up’ by the army of theoreticians, dedicated to find arguments to justify this predatory behavior as ‘a science’ of experts.

You live in a world completely censored at the ‘high level’ of mass-media, political and economical, and national correctness/institutions – a disguise built around a ‘fantasy’ of happiness based in a ‘false pretension of science and truth’ and ‘human caring’ ‘natural to democracies and capitalism that deactivates the harshness of biological, Darwinian world we live in. One dominated by people-castes, nationalist bigots, corporations, the military-industrial complex and the memes of metal that give them power – the ‘truths’ that ’cause’ this planet through the control those organizations have of the languages of power, money, weapons, mass-media and the law that rule the herds of mankind – without hardly any ‘real ‘right or democratic power’.

And yet thanks to modern ‘newspeaks’ of ‘audiovisual’ brain-washing, ‘correct censorship’ an ideology manufactured as science, the ‘fantasy’ of truth passes as expert talk while the truths of social science are forbidden and the real models of social sciences cannot be studied.

Accordingly we can classify all economists in 2 main type of economists, humanist economists who try to create a praxis and eco(nomic)system that caters to the needs of mankind, and ‘ideologues’ of the animetal people-castes (financiers and industrialist/weapon makers) on top of mankind that try to justify their power.

Unfortunately in this category we must put classic economists and most of the economists that today hold position of power, and ascribe neo-classic theories of economics.

Most of those economists sorely fail 4 (-1) elements of the scientific method:

Unlike  power Ideologies, Experimental Sciences predict the future of its species, according to Past Cycles, controlling them, to improve human life’

A real science will be stringent in its application of those 4 elements and will shun, regardless of any political, economical correctness, selfish agenda or censorship the negative ideologies that try to bend data and invent models to cater the selfish agenda of an individual, group or tribe, and use knowledge to ab=use man or nature.

D) – They do NOT cater for mankind at large.

C) – They do NOT have a scientific model of the main element they study (memes of metal, money, weapons and machines)

B) – And they do NOT PREDICT their cycles.

All this elements fail together because Economics as an ideology of ‘metal power’ only allows concepts that are positive for company-mothers (corporations) and their offspring of machines, and the financial and industrial elites that own them.

So their goal is to multiply those memes of metal regardless of the collateral effects for mankind, which they ignore, and the darwinian nature of the competence between men and machines in labor and war fields, which they also ignore failing C)

In this section we shall study those (neo)classic economists and its  idologies, called ‘idol-ogies’ for obvious reasons.

Neo(classic), ‘Creationist’  ideologies of national, Biblical & Banking Power 

We live in a system in which a new top predator ‘organism’ the company-mother of machines rules the world for its offspring of machines – a different species. So all what is good for financial and industrial corporations must happen. Overproduction of metal memes must happen. And all rival human institutions, especially welfare democracies that try to feed and inform all human citizens-cells must become powerless, degraded as energy for the evolution & reproduction of machines.

This is the duality never recognized by corporative, classic economists between 2 species that compete for the Earth’s limited resources in labor and war fields both at individual and organic level – man vs. machine, memes of life vs. memes of metal, governments vs. corporations, ‘butter vs. canons’. On the contrary in the present economic and existential overproduction crisis we return to XIX c. harsh capitalism, since neo-classic economists chose to keep overproducing canons, machines & corporative money; hence butter, human beings & governments will have no resources and die.

Now true science collects A) real data (historic in this case) B) shows its cycles and ages C) gives a logic, rational explanation of that data and cycles – no religious, no mythic, no anthropomorphic D) proposes solutions positive for our species – mankind, 100%, which means that solutions that improve the life of the 1% and DO NOT IMPROVE that of the 99% are ideologies, NOT solutions, and certainly solutions that PROMOTE metal-memes AND NOT life memes, the ones that evolve us ARE IDEOLOGIES NOT ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS.
As the classic economists we treat in this section all propose SOLUTIONS THAT IMPROVE the 1% of owners of corporations and the metal-memes they reproduce, THEY ARE NOT human economists. Those are the ones studied in the biological and humanist schools. Here we study ideologists of the 1%, which by definition as they accept to have rents thousands of times bigger than ours, accept millions of people dying of economic problems – including hunger, war and unemployment -sorry reality check: you live in a world in which power is in the hands of  people who for ideological, selfish, religious or racist reasons like such status quo. Ultimately because they have created it.
 If economists were humanists this would be explained, corporations regulated according to the usefulness of their products to mankind; the issue of money would be in the hands of people with universal salaries and governments to pay welfare and taxation to humans will be minimal.

But neo-classic economists direct corporations so their only goal is to increase their profits. For that reason their ‘arguments’ repeat 4 Goebbelian’ themes ‘(if you repeat a lie people will believe it):

– Freedom is only for the elite, managerial, intelligent class, including min. tax and max. credit; Labor has no rights. Property=Machines have them all. The Government of the people is stupid.

– People & governments without issue rights must pay usury debt-money to financial corporations.

-Economics must have no ethic goals or biological & historic human goals (improve life, a better world) or use social languages; they might express their only purpose – to reproduce more metal memes, the ‘Wealth of nations’ in the mathematical languages of machines and productivity.

– Inflation is evil because it lowers bankers debt profits.

– Since Mr. Smith and most founders of (neo)classic economics, Mr. Malthus,, Anglican Priest, Mr.

Ricardo, Jewish, Mr. Say, Calvinist, and today’s neo-classic economics, Mr. Friedman, Mr. Hayek & Mr. Buchanan were Biblical believers, as most elites that founded and control western corporations, we talk of Creationist Economics. As all those assumptions mimic, without telling the Biblical Beliefs of a chosen caste of owners whose goal is to make ‘money’, the fetish hand of God.


-This is the phase of classic economics, in which members of those religions (Smith, Malthus, Say, Ricardo, Bentham, Mill, etc.) with pretentious arguments make those beliefs ‘logical statements’:

The role of economists: translating the racist, segregation anti =-life memes of judaism->calvinism into ‘mathematical laws’.

Economists indeed shun ethics and verbal values, despise history and believe in the ‘selfish memes of metal’ and idol-ogies of its founding fathers, Mr. Adam Smith, the calvinist believer that ‘gold was the intelligence of god’ (Calvin) with his definition of money as ‘gold and silver, a commodity’ and his defense of the absolute monopoly of bankers over the issue of money, which they should lend to usury prices to states to be spent mainly in weapons and police, for the greatness of the British empire, and a book not so much quoted that appear within a decade and was hand in hand the pillar of modern capitalism, ‘in defense of usury’ by Mr. Bentham, a Jewish banker, who established 2 other ‘totems’ of economic ‘sciences’ – that bankers must issue money to obtain a parasitic interest and that was good, and if ‘people did not accept it, it was because they ‘were antisemitic’ – not because they defended the ethic values of the wor(l)d and a future to mankind, but because they seemed not to understand the biblical people was entitled to that privilege as experts and ‘chosen of go(l)d’.

He then gave us the substitute values that should guide economists instead of ethics, ‘utilitarianism’ and the ‘search for pleasure’. Greed and pleasure became then the totems of this ‘dismal science’, where the poor were always blamed. And still are. Because they do not seem to understand the divine order. They do not seem to cherish oppressive taxation, slavery to corporations, the degradation of their mind by mass-media hate speeches, they sometimes rebel against Calvin’s dictum that ‘people must remain ignorant to become obedient’. They sometimes do not castrate their human life-wantings.

They do NOT always vote for those parties that ensure their destruction. They actually consider 3rd world people also human, not just terrorists.

All this Smith and Bentham warned us are grave errors of judgment. Bentham had 3 friends, Ricardo, a Jewish stock speculator who found as Smith did that workers must have only the subsistence salary because if many die, workers will be scarce and salaries will grow, not because they have the right to live, but also that in the future they could die because machines could take their jobs and profits will grow – son not even the death of mankind to the robotic revolution would be a ‘sin’. Profits would justify it.

Another friend was the priest, Malthus, who accused the Irish of ‘fu**ing too much’, a life sin, and that is why they died of hunger – not because their landlords exported food to pay the taxes of the usury loans of the private bank england. Indeed, in ireland died 1 million people and the landlords exported enough wheat to feed 2 million.

And finally Stuart Mill, the utilitarian disciple of Bentham who wanted to destroy taj mahal during his job at the Indian East company because ‘art had no utility’ whatsoever. 

Those 4+1 established the idol-ogies of classic economics that our modern experts still follow.

AND THIS IS THE KEY POINT OF THIS ENTIRE SECTION. WE COULDNT CARE LESS FROM THE HUMAN POINT OF VIEW ABOUT THE MEMES OF THIS 0.% OF MANKIND EVEN IF THEY THINK THEY ARE THE ONLY HUMANS IN THIS PLANET, if their memes wouldn’t have been translated by ‘pious’ jewish-calvinist believers into the segregation, racist LAWS OF CLASSIC ECONOMICS, all of them crafted with the ‘psyche’ of classic judaism, ‘camouflaging’ as good, caring, scientific laws, when they are merely imperial, racist, classist digital laws that create an economic system for the benefit of the elite ‘chosen’.

In other sections of the web we study in detail each of the main ‘experts’ of the ‘dismal sciene’ translating its ‘economic dogmas’ and mathematical laws into what they are truly at face value – idol-ogies of racist power that must be hold in the hands of stock-rats and banksters. Let us consider the ‘founder’s ideas in more detail, to exemplify this concept – Mr. Adam Smith (the perfect name, that of the first go(l)d apples master and the first iron man maker).If you believe history is a program, recorded in every planet, in the languages and icons that creditate it, this is the proof.

The founder of Classic Economics is the paradigm of an Idol-ogue of memes of metal and the right of its ‘animetal people-castes’ to be on top of human societies. Reason why it has been leonized by the elites of the Industrial R=evolution ever since he was born.

His 4  fundamental ideological thesis, treated in individual posts in more detail, are in fact shameless apologies of the fundamental tenants of the 4 ‘idol-ogies’ that make of selfish memes of metal the purpose of our societies, studied in depth in this web:

– That greed – the accumulation of money for the sake of it – was good, was the engine of mankind – the classic ideology of capitalism;

– Based in its belief on racist Go(l)d idol-ogies (Judaism ->Calvinism), as he believed this ‘greed engine’ was the ‘invisible hand of God’… following his Master, Calvin (‘Gold is the intelligence of God‘)

– That the Wealth of Nation must be measured in money and its most expensive products, which happen to be weapons – the classic ideology of nationalism.

– That machines are always good because they increase production through specialization and division of tasks – a thesis already mentioned by Greek philosophers – the classic ideology of technoutopia, which disregards its collateral effects with mankind (alienation of work, atrophy and competence with humans in labor and work fields).

Basically those fundamental thesis were written to validate the monopoly of issue of money of its mecenas, the montagu family who founded the private bank of england and its friends, the first industrialists of Scotland, among which we find Mr. Watt.

The duplicity of his work as a pamphletist of the 1% of mankind is obvious in many ways:

– Regarding greed, he first wrote a book on ‘Morality’ affirming that the engine of mankind was love. Now he contradicts his thesis. Regarding banking and freedom, all his ‘free market’ laws disappear when he must prove the goodness of a private bank of england, in the hands of its mecenas… regarding human rights, for him as for most classic economists, those are ‘rights’ of the ‘humans’ according to his religions (mind the reader /we’ the others are animals, goyyim).

In that regard, as Owens denounced (Neo)classic authors show always in their ‘assumptions’ to cater to the p.o.v. of corporative profits, nationalist power, Biblical beliefs or the elite class for whom they work, totally indifferent to the rights of workers, always siding with machines of higher ‘productivity’=profits; ‘If managers took care of human capital with the same zeal they care for their mechanical workers, how much would improve the condition of labor’. ‘London Saloon economists are always busy finding complicated arguments against workers’ rights to defend the profits of bankers and factory owners that pay them, but they never visit as I do factory mills, and see the unending hours and appalling conditions in which people work’.

Let us consider a few samples of that list we shall keep adding and studying in more detail in future posts. Click in their names when they become ‘colored’ as I will have post 10 pages essay in their corresponding bull$hit:

– Smith: The selfish acts of corporations are ‘the invisible hand of god’ that magically will create a better world; the private Bank of England, founded by his Maecenas, Montagu, must issue debt-money borrowed by governments at usury prices; workers must be paid only a subsistence salary to avoid their death, which will decrease workers and increase salaries. Governments must only spend in police, courts=crime and armies to keep ‘order’ & expand the British, Biblical Empire.

– Ricardo, a Stockbroker went further defining the ‘iron salary’ that companies must pay workers, equivalent to the cost of substituting human labor by iron machines even if it is below subsistence and labor dies, as machines can do the job and increase profits. He further denied Smith’s finding that Free Trade expands the British Empire as its superior technology creates a massive deficit in all nations that buy all the industrial products of England and pay with their go(l)d & silver as Portugal, India & China did. He twisted this argument to make it ‘caring’ with a ceteris paribus analysis of a single product,nails from England and wine from Portugal. In that case wine becomes cheaper in England and nails in Portugal.

But trade is done with many products as was the case of Portugal, which lost its textile industries and became the poorest nation of Europe after signing a Free trade agreement with Industrial England, paying them with Brazilian gold; while China & India loss their silver. Thus he established as a rule 3 ideologies of neo-classic economics: hypocritical, false assumptions based in mathematical, ceteris paribus analysis to disguise the selfish p.o.v. of corporations as + to mankind; economic imperialism & zero rights for most humans – labor – not even the right to survive. Such globalized free trade market today imposes the Chinese blue collar and Indian Service IT Smith’s subsistence salary, increasingly substituted by the iron salary of blue collar robots and white collar PCs below human survival in a world of zero labor rights.

– Malthus blamed the Irish famine, caused by monopolistic investments in overproduced railroads that increased farmers’ taxation while eliminating investments in agriculture on ‘catholic’ sexual reproduction. Hence his solution was not to stop train overproduction but end human reproduction.

– Bentham and his disciple Stuart Mill, denied ethic, eusocial, humanist goals, considering ‘utility’ and ‘pleasure’ the only measure of economic values. Bentham’s ‘on defense of usury’ affirmed only private banks must issue money and establish at will its usury interest rate. Mill, a manager of Eastern Indian Co., ‘owner’ of India tried to use Taj Mahal’s marble to fortify New Delhi, as art had no ‘utility’. His work ‘on Freedom’ reduces freedom rights to elite class and corporative managers.

– Say denied a democratic, consumption based economy affirming a Production, Supply economy will always find demand, regardless of the products’ lethality; today by advertising & war lobbyism.

– Marshall established mathematical microeconomics aiming to increase Corporative production, as the only goal of the ‘dismal discipline’, detaching its teachings from ethics and history. He denied workers the right to a minimal salary by law (only solution to the iron salary).

– Hayek, the ‘Neo-classic guru’ of Miss Thatcher, affirmed only private banks must issue money

(‘The denationalization of money’) because public banks print too much money causing hyper-inflation as the Reichbank did in 1922, sinking the Mark and bringing fascism to power. He failed to mention the Reichbank was a private Bank. He assumed (‘road to serfdom’) that humans were too dumb to develop a science of economics, thus the Free Jungle of Metal would work better.

Schumpeter denied engineers routinely discover machines by imitating human organs & functions. ‘Entrepreneurs’ create wealth inventing them with his superior intelligence. Workers were however mechanical brutes. So entrepreneurs must have all rights & minimal taxation to invest their wealth. However he preached productivity as the panacea of growth (machines substituting labor) failing to notice those machines that made the economy grow are not entrepreneurs. This is now dogma.

– Friedman wanted to deregulate all labor markets, included health, since ‘quacks that kill patients’ will anyway loose clients.His obsession was to deny Keynesian economics with false assumptions and dog-eat-dog policies. Monetary policies must be restricted. Governments cannot invent money the language of economic information that must be invested in the real economy to solve crisis, because this creates inflation, lowering banks’ debt profits – even if the Philips curve proves inflationary investments diminish unemployment, as Friedman’s nemesis, Samuelson, proved.

Buchanan, from the bible belt, asked for 0 deficit laws in Constitutions to take away the sovereign rights to issue money from governments, because they would issue it to spend it on the majority of people and that is NOT the definition of ‘Democracy’ but the ‘Tyranny of the majority’!

Modigliani said all corporations not only financials must speculate as only profits matter.

-All use equations to hide with ‘lies & statistics’ their fetish for go(l)d profits for the ‘chosen’ owners. We conclude neo-classic economics is the equivalent of Intelligent Design that tries to substitute evolution in Biology, rightly shunned in Universities, as it makes those owners and its corporations the subjective center of the economy with null social responsibility, ‘entitled’ to all and deny that money is a language of information and machines just metal-systems that substitute labor, atrophy body and mind organs and in its most perfect species, ‘top predator’ weapons kill us since workers, seemingly are a non chosen species with null rights.

Let us be clear from the beginning. When Mr. Marshall, the father of modern economics with its mathematical/corporation bias convinced at the beginning of the XX century to teach ‘economics as a different discipline’, Economics had been rightly taught for 150 years within the curriculum of History and Moral Thought – as secondary sciences, submissive to History and Ethics, as they should be – because the CENTRAL POINT OF VIEW OF MANKIND MUST BE MANKIND AND ECONOMICS SHOULD BE AS IN THIS BLOG ETHONOMICS, DEDICATED TO IMPROVE THE FUTURE OF HUMAN BEINGS NOT THE FUTURE OF MACHINES ONLY.

Thus I sign ‘futureofhistory’ and treat economics from a historical perspective and use moral and verbal causal arguments. It would been very easy for me to write here treatises of mathematical economics, taking into account that my ‘forte’ and most important work in the realm of hard science is the mathematical and logical formalism of General Systems Sciences (aka complexity), as I explain in my avatar. You make a career with that, you get Nobel Prizes and big positions in the financial industry if all what you care is to evolve and overproduce machines and money and consider that the only goal of economics.

Of course, with a lot of care. Mr. Marshall explains in his books that his interest in economics aroused when he walked on the slums of London and Liverpool. Oh, lol, those caring financial and industrial economists (-; This guy, father of micro-economics (the study of how to maximize the production of corporations), who opposed to any legislation in favor of a minimal salary in Britain separated economics from history and made it just a partial discipline to the service of financial and industrial corporations, because ‘he cared so much’ for the people of the slums.

From then on that was the ‘new normal’: convert humans into mathematical objects, subject to price, with no rights whenever they collide with the overproduction mantra of ‘progress through the machine’…  And so you got the ‘experts’ of the XX century, with a few exceptions like Kondratieff, Keynes and Galbraith all caring so much for… the rights of corporations and the 1%. 

It is in that milieu, as economics became more ‘dehumanized’ when mathematics – which first was intended to be a helping hand to aid production – acquires an ‘ideological bias’ to cover corruption through complexity and a pretension of higher ‘science’. In the same manner corrupted law during the ‘ancient regime’ could not be ‘codified’; so the aristocrat’s lawyer always found his way in the maze of legality, today financial economics always can disguise its antidemocratic and antisocial use of credit with arcane jargons. So we cut through that Gordian knot of mathematical rhetoric, starting as Napoleon did with the law, with a new, far more scientific and objective ‘code’ – the organic, systemic, evolutionary analysis of what really matters – not the ‘realm of the spirit’ but the physical economy of machines that truly influences our life and interacts with humans and labor.

Today Economics has ended in the theoretical realm, being absorbed by ‘corporations’ and financiers, which have become our ‘self-styled experts’ for selfish gain and further on have become dictators of our policies – as machines and money overproduce increasingly substituting humans and the law as the ‘makers’ of reality. So we are moving from a historic and political world into an economic ecosystem where humans are secondary to machines, governments to corporations and the law to the power of money, whose issue those corporations have usurped from democracies and the people, WHO should be the factors that control the two language of information that rule our world – money and the law – AS ALL EFFICIENT SOCIAL ORGANISMS, which have all two languages of energy and information (blood/money system and nervous/legal one) do.

Along the pages of this blog we study from time to time the two sides of Economic thought – those who made economics submissive to history and the welfare of society, epitomized by the today totally ignored Swedish, social school of economics and those who were just pamphletists of financial and industrial power, epitomized by the Austrian school.

Consider for example the work of Myrdal, the most important representative of the Swedish school who convinced the Swedish government in the 30s to create a social paradise, based in a welfare state and the use of money not to create wars but goods people demanded.

And yet modern economists ignore him. Instead they prefer a 3rd rate, Jewish bigot, founder of the  Chicago school, guru of Miss Thatcher and Reagan, Hayek, to the service of private bankers. His ‘masterpieces’ ‘road to serfdom’ and ‘the denationalization of money’ are pamphlets full of ‘damned lies and statistics’. Indeed, in the latter he claims that he is ‘obsessed’ by the negative consequences that hyperinflation caused in Germany during the 20s and to remedy it, governments must not issue money, but we must regress to the earlier XIX century American banking system of private bankers issuing their own currencies – not a single private bank but as many as you want – to avoid the abuse of printing money by governments, as in the case of Germany. He considers that ‘private bankers’ would be responsible and control the printing of their own money to make it worth it, instead of doing what they have always historically done – to issue money for themselves with no limit creating the boom and bust crises of modern history.

Now, here the lie is enormous; since the Reichbank that caused hyperinflation during the Weimar republic was a private bank NOT a public one. So they printed money without limit till they broke Germany, causing the rise of fascism. And this Mr. Hayek must now. So he lies because his only goal is to ‘make himself amicable’ to the financial power, as Adam Smith did when affirming money was gold and put the Private Bank of England as the perfect model. Then the system of audiovisual information and the industry of scholar economics pump up as geniuses those economists that cater to the financial elite and ignore the others.

Indeed, Mr. Myrdal, father of modern Sweden was NOT given a Nobel prize by a Swedish bank, which has usurped the name of Nobel to give this prize that was not in its testament and its heirs reject – in a nation that gives Nobel prizes to any Scandinavian that says something coherent in any discipline – till the 70s, and when it did so, the bank gave him the Nobel shared with Mr. Hayek. Here the trick was obvious: the bank was using the prestige of Myrdal to pump up the pamphletist and on top saying Myrdal is the ‘past’, this cuckoo liar is the future.

Another examples used by pamphletists of private bankers are the currencies of the French and American revolutions (continentals) that lost value during the wars with England. Of course, they did, because England created a mass-industry of fake currency, doing financial terrorism and exporting ‘literally’ tons of continentals and French money to break the revolution.

Why then the obsession for public created inflation when it is always created by the massive invention of private money? Damned lies and statistics, cover up.

Further on a minimal quantity of inflation is NOT bad. The obsession against inflation of the right comes because bond holders, the supreme power of financial control of states loose money with inflation as their bonds have nominal prices. So since the XIX century age of legendary control of states by the Rothschild syndicate with manipulation of bonds, bankers do not want inflation. In true form, a language of information is inflationary, so we talk and think more than we act, as inflation in language kicks off the process of ‘action-creation’. Without inflation there is no economical action. Without thoughts there is no human actions. A bit of Inflation kicks consume as people spend now before prices go up but without the rush of hyperinflation, at a moderate path that increases consumption, demand and the production of the goods most people need – those of the welfare state that don’t kill us.

But this people ignore. They are not told at all why the ECB bank cares nothing for Europeans and its only obsession is to ‘prevent inflation’. What they don’t say but do is this: ‘dear European citizens, this is a private bank to the service of private bankers, to whom we lend money almost for free, while you don’t have any right to do it, and we shall have only a mandate, to avoid inflation so the big bond holders of Wall Street and Newport beach that lend you money because you no longer have that democratic right, make an even bigger cut. Never mind you are unemployed, you die without health-care, you are usurped of your sovereign rights, this is not our concern. We follow the glorious tradition of our forebears, which are not the fathers of the European Union but the millenarian usury traders that have controlled your money per in secula seculorum. Amen.

And so to the rescue comes the arcane science of complexity that hides aberrations with jargons and expert’s talk of what is a global theft going on for 30 years since private e-money was invented.

So we shall as the blog grows  denounce those who are stealing at distance with usury and stolen sovereign rights our future as individuals and societies. For example, the whole bond usury and inflation guard maximizes NOT our future but the ‘future profits’ of bond holders, like  Mr. Eurobond Gross, a Jewish-American who ‘wept’ last year because he thought the ‘demise of the dollar was near’ and short-sold the currency of his nation and the euro to make another billion, but failed. This astounding confession got him kudos from wall street. Since under the present ‘financial dictatorship of ideologies’ it seems a sound policy as that of Mr. Draghi on inflation that allows Mr. Gross to make a few hundred dollars more in its billionaire usury account for each patient dead before arriving to a surgeon.

This modern Rothschild from the same millenarian usury tradition enjoys the surfing waves of Newport beach California, being though in speed dial with Mr. Bernanke, just in case he needs to tip or being tipped of the next big opportunity (Mr. Paulson as Rolling stones explains was systematically tipping Goldman of each new ‘policy’ for the betterment of the American people), but only talks in his last interview on Time, of course with a lot of ‘caring’, on how he is trying to help society… killing thousands at distance from its Bloomberg platform, with its partner, ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Draghi, who affirms his only ‘mandate of independence’ is to curb inflation so Mr. Gross doesn’t loose a penny on its usury bonds.

Yes, as the ‘merchant of Venice’ put it in the voice of the last of the great Latin writers of the renaissance, when the Anglo-Saxon world still considered man sacred and could talk of those higher ideals, Mr. Shakespeare, ‘evil dress with the clothes of a gentleman’. They just ask our ‘pound of flesh’ for their ‘risky’ trades in which they always profit according to the simple mechanisms of creation of money in markets, similar to those of war battles. Indeed, Mr. Gross is the captain of the biggest army of ‘money’, as he plays with billions on bets against the euro.

So people to win like in Poker, knows that the person with the bigger bet cannot be toppled, regardless of what he has – nothing. Thus when Gross bets against the euro, the entire world army of speculators sees it in Bloomberg and bets with him and NO CENTRAL BANK CAN MASS so much money to defend it. HE CREATES THE MARKET AND DECIDES ACCORDING TO HIS REPUBLICAN, RIGHT WING, racist, anti-human ‘religious, classic economic’ postulates, that all Europeans must sacrifice their welfare states and model of democracy and give all the money to banks and corporations OR ELSE… he and his army on the darkness, ‘those invisible men that could rule the world (Wells parable), will keep sinking the Euro as they have been doing for two years since they took that ‘choice’ in an infamous meeting at Le cirque’s posh restaurant in Manhattan.  All of them of course, are now ‘covered up’ by the army of theoreticians, dedicated to find arguments to justify this predatory behavior as ‘a science’ of experts.

You live in a world completely censored at the ‘high level’ of mass-media, political and economical, and national correctness/institutions – a disguise built around a ‘fantasy’ of happiness based in a ‘false pretension of science and truth’ and ‘human caring’ ‘natural to democracies and capitalism that deactivates the harshness of biological, Darwinian world we live in. One dominated by people-castes, nationalist bigots, corporations, the military-industrial complex and the memes of metal that give them power – the ‘truths’ that ’cause’ this planet through the control those organizations have of the languages of power, money, weapons, mass-media and the law that rule the herds of mankind – without hardly any ‘real ‘right or democratic power’.

And yet thanks to modern ‘newspeaks’ of ‘audiovisual’ brain-washing, ‘correct censorship’ an ideology manufactured as science, the ‘fantasy’ of truth passes as expert talk while the truths of social science are forbidden and the real models of social sciences cannot be studied.

We shall now translate the ‘economic postulates’ of Adam Smith, Ricardo, Say, Mill, Malthus and Bentham, all of them Jewish>Calvinists, the modern version of this go(l)d religion (the intelligence of God is money, people must remain ignorant so they become obedient, Calvin), which treated workers as ‘animals’ of labor; consumers as golden asses to milk and citizens to tax, because ALL belonged to the stock-broker parasite.

Ricardo, the jewish stock speculator who bought always his M.P. place is the recognised master of the modern world: the worker must receive an iron salary equal to the cost of a machine that replaces him even if he ‘dies’ because his death by hunger won’t diminish profits and production – the machine does his job. Countries must not protect their markets because the top predator nation (then England) will sell all his goods and get back all the silver and gold. But of course, cheating, murder at distance is the game. So he did not say this. Instead he invented a false argument:’if Portugal sells wine cheaper, and we sell nails, cheaper, free trade will lower costs of both, for the consumer’. And people still repeat the mantra. Here the trick is obvious. Portugal could only sell Porto to a few aristocratic consumers but England could sell one thousand products and ruined completely ALL the industries of Portugal, made with ‘human labor’. So Portugal had to pay for all with Brazilian gold, which was going automatically to England. So happened to India, and China, till no go(l)d is left.

Today as new robotised industries automate its sales, millions of workers go out of work for the owner of Amazon, which on top does nOT PAY TAXES, because it cheats with fiscal paradises, to have all the gold. Now what the system exchanges is MECHANICAL WORKERS, for human workers.  Now what the system does is murder at distance with drones, ‘terrorist children’, or exactly as Mammon-ides recommends, lets gentiles ‘drawn’ on the Mediterranean sea, because that is NOT a sin (if you see a gentile falling on the sea, let it drawn, if it falls in a well, take the rope out of it, sic) Now this ‘guide to the perplexed’ is compared by grea$ed scholars with the ‘organon’ of Aristotle. We must therefore understand the original go(l)d religion to understand capitalism, as Sombart and Weber explain, to know the so obvious end, ‘at the end of times all humans will become slaves of Yvwh – that is the memes of go(l)d, the top of that pyramid – or will be exterminated’ Sanhedrin.

All this well hidden, with go(l)d memes in the first age of capitalism, political and economical correctness, damned lies and statistics, in the 2nd age of capitalism, the age of creationist economics, and now by A.I. (digital algorithms, of speculation, productivity and management) makes the top of the pyramid of capitalist power – those with the money, especially brutal, and even if many obviously do NOT believe this, before Napoleon, when the structure of capitalism was founded they did.

Our beloved Mr. Amschel Rothschild ‘never touched’ a gentile, NOT to become impure. Since, indeed, it is NOT the protestant, which at least have a certain humane sense of ethics under the Mosaic commandments he applies to all humans, but the Talmudian, the financier, who do not think we are humans, the culture that runs the show and establish segregation memes, today through the fear of the gentile, with the so-called Holocaust Industry (‘they want to kill us so do preventive action’) in the past through segregation religions, the ‘cultural elite’ that decides the future of mankind.

– So the next question is how the anti-quantum paradox works in this theme? How this elite can be hidden from everybody, acting with total impunity, without ever been mentioned? Moreover, how the mere mention of this fact converts you into an oucast scholar? And the answer is the perhaps shrewdest from of camouflage of power, which draws heavily of the properties of ‘information’, which unlike energy, controls as ‘heads’ do, by blinding the body and hiding the ‘language’ of power of the system.

Information runs the universe as a cosmic conspiracy, through its invisible, fast moving, linguistic codes, which only the species that invents and talks it understands. And the world is ran by corporations invented for and by bankers based on those fundamental laws of information that we are now discovering for all languages. Hence the power of money as ‘a digital complex language’ nobody understands, which can be hidden to buy politicos and run the world. And the importance of ‘newspeaks’, which hide the real people behind words such as ‘markets’, ‘investors’, ‘entrepreneurs’.

All this of course is completely censored, so we shall give you more of it – because as Gandhi put it: ‘you can jail my body but you will never jail my mind’ – which is what the Financial-Media system does today with all humanist truths, denying systematically that map.

In scientific terms, they act as ‘the Black hole’, the top predator parasite of the galaxy does: it is hidden in the center of the Galaxy. It does NOT move, the galaxy moves towards it because the galaxy does NOT know – its stars – that it is a predator. It is so small, and apparently harmless. It also HAS THIS NICE GRAVITATIONAL, INVISIBLE language, so it attracts them with GRAVITATIONAL WAVES, the invisible money printed by the 0.1%, so all follow, ‘willingly’ and go to the center. And then, Zap, i got you enslaved to my go(l)d, my memes, my information my world view that will kill us all, but that is fine, go(l)d will provide!

Yes, it is all truth. They just found gravitational waves of two black holes after 100 years wondering where they were.

But my answer is this: with 1/3rd of the efforts and amazing amounts of energy and money ‘the black holes’ and its black hats, are  using to recreate a bronze age civilisation of racist bigots in apartheid israel the FMaster could have created the perfect world. When I lived among them, working on Nasdaq first, then in evilwood and finally as a leading system scientist in Sillicon valley, considered one of them, because of my habiru grand-father with his concentration camp story, and my European aristocratic pedigree and deep knowledge of the culture they collect but do not understand (the French culture, to which my nation without borders and armies, Catalonia belongs – my great-grand father a sephardim, founded the catalan national party there, and yes i do belong to the 1%, enjoyed hamptons parties, Athletic club’s naked swimming pool and was about to engage with a JAP heiress of the 500, so save yourself admonitions)

I tried to explain them the OBVIOUS: enjoy life, be loved, you do have more money than you will ever spend, make America a paradise, do NOT steal, rob, murder at distance the gentiles, as your racist bronze age talmudic mandates tell you (‘gentiles, women, dogs and pigs are born of the leg of Satan’ ‘if you see a seek gentile do not cure him, if he is drowning do not throw him a rope, for murder at distance is not sin’ etc. etc. Evolve, R=evolve and you will BE IMMORTAL, otherwise, the economic cycles of the holocaust will hunt you again, and no, denial, scholarship massive production does NOT change the action-reaction of the people when they are dispossessed. It only makes the pot boil stronger and explode faster.

That is why Bio-history is so heavy on them. They had all the go(l)d of the world to make it a paradise, and they decided to murder it and commit suicide at the end of the cycle ‘again’, for a few bigot rabbis of the bronze age to create a no-way out primitive civilisation with the most advanced killing machines for profit, according to the anti-paradox of History:

Max. Technological evolution = Min. Human evolution.

And of course, the METAL-point of view, the hardware of metal-minds always helps in that process.

The Israelification of America and Europe today is an astounding process of reversal in the evolution of mankind, which Jihad Islam matches on the 3rd world. But Islam is nothing but an attempt to humanise by denying racist memes the Abrahamic religion. In that regard as always the dark involutionist age we live is a mixture of an age of military machines and electronic neofascism – the hardware, and a return to the primitive abrahamic, nationalist memes of earlier animetal cultures – the software.

So without the slightest self-censorship on the objective facts of history we have gone go deeper into what I call the ‘idol-ogies’ of the FMMI culture; that is, the idolatric religions and ideologies, humans have created for 5000 years since the Bronze age, to justify murder by weapons, slavery to go(l)d and mental and physical atrophy to mechanisms, whose evolution they consider the embodiment of ‘future progress’.

Now the existence of those cycles is the clearest proof that we do NOT live in a democracy, a world governed by people, but in a dictatorship of corporations, regardless of the degree of indoctrination of people that willingly accept It. AND ALL SUFFER ITS CYCLES OF WAR AND DEATH, except the 0.002%. Must then mankind be sacrificed for the racist memes of some cuckoo rabbi or banker, as the head of Goldman sachs who said that ‘a bankers job is god’s job’?

It is that the future we want all? Indeed, a Theocracy is a dictatorship of priests even if most believers accept it. So happens today with the world.

If you want to talk social sciences you have to provide first a) accurate data. Otherwise you are not doing science, but the anti-quantum paradox. The present ‘social scientist’ which accepts gladly the anti-quantum paradox denying this fact – that o.02% of its population monopolizes more than 3/4th of financial key public and private positions, and tries to explain the west, its wars against the enemies of Israel, its racism against the 3rd world, its destruction of their original humanist French revolutionary and American cultures of enlightenment, is as ridiculous as a historian who tries to explain south-America without mentioning the Spaniards that conquer it.

The Spaniards imposed their religion, their language, their beliefs, and posited themselves as a superior race, because a few 30.000 of them but with absolute control of the language of social power of the age, weapons, controlled the rest of society.

Today, the Europeans and Americans believe in Jewish-Christian religions where a Jewish, either Moses who saw god or Christ, who is son of god, or all the Jewish, sons of god, are the superior species. And then they believed in their capitalist memes and conquered the colonial world as debt slaves of the bank of England, believing in classic economics. Now they believe in the Holocaust Industry and massacre the 3rd world and terrorist Islam to defend Apartheid Israel under the manufactured brain of mass media hate memes and the holocaust industry. So we arrive once more to the cycle of electronic wars fuelled by the wars of Semite warrior animetals (terrorist Arabs) vs. Apartheid Israel, fought with the mercenaries of the western world.

But to be precise ideologically it is the industry of the holocaust, which manipulates the tragedy of Judaism during the II world war, in which along other 60 million human beings, 5 million Jewish mostly peasants died, the one that has in this period of the financial industry achieved the ‘darkening’ of all information about the financial control of Judaism.

And latter in the post we shall study how this industry works, on emotional films (gore movies, which of all the XX c. genocides only deal with this tragedy); an astounding number of books that highlight this victims as ‘more victims than all others’ (so 1/4 of all Nobel prizes of literature belong to people who speaks of this fact, as if it was the only ‘deaths’ that matter), holocaust museums all over the world (with the same aim, so America is littered with holocaust museums of a tragedy that happened in another nations, but none about the genocide of Indians or the slave genocide that happened in America). And so and so on. Ultimately the purpose is obvious.

We do NOT forgive the crimes of Stalin even if Hitler killed 30 million slavs (the SS were created to eliminate them and leave free land for colonization in the east), or the crimes in Tibet because the Japanese murdered 20 million Chinese, but we do forget the crimes of Israel and we do hide all information about Soros (a ‘Hungarian’), Merkel (a ‘polish German’), or Sarkozy (another ‘Hungarian’:-). If we knew many things would be clear and policies would not be so easy.

Consider only an example, the policies of Miss Merkel, seen from this perspective, if people knew she is Jewish – a fact ignored by all Europeans and never mentioned in any newspaper. Why she sold 4 nuclear submarines with top German technology to be buttressed with nukes to Israel? Why she is the stalwart of the ECB and European policies of debt usury and private banking, to all southern European states?

So next comes the obvious: what they think of us? the 99.8% they manage? This is the frightening part, and we shall deal with it, because the main difference between Protestant biblical people and talmudians is this: IN Protestantism, the Bible and its laws apply to all humans – so you do NOT kill, steal and lie to humans if you follow the good prophet, Moses. In Orthodox Judaism – all Jewish till Napoleon forced their liberation from the inquisition of Rabbis – ONLY Jewish are Humans. Because Kabbalah and Talmud tell us that gentiles are born of Satan, with dogs, pigs and women. So you can rob, kill and actually as we shall see you are encouraged to do it – a gentile.

And this makes the top of the pyramid of capitalist power – those with the money, specially brutal, and even if many obviously do NOT believe this, before Napoleon, when the structure of capitalism was founded they did. Our beloved Mr. Amschel Rothschild ‘never touched’ a gentile, NOT to become impure.

So if you think ‘economics is a science’, think better CLASSIC ECONOMICS AND FINANCIAL BANKING IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE EQUIVALENT TO CREATIONISM IN BIOLOGY – a biblical belief on Go(l)d, Greed and the right of the chosen to print it all for themselves, but now it is hidden in digital numbers and equations of productivity, in stock-holder rights, and anonymous societies laws that protect them.

In that regard, as Owens denounced (Neo)classic authors show always in their ‘assumptions’ to cater to the p.o.v. of corporative profits, nationalist power, Biblical beliefs or the elite class for whom they work, totally indifferent to the rights of workers, always siding with machines of higher ‘productivity’=profits; ‘If managers took care of human capital with the same zeal they care for their mechanical workers, how much would improve the condition of labor’. ‘London Saloon economists are always busy finding complicated arguments against workers’ rights to defend the profits of bankers and factory owners that pay them, but they never visit as I do factory mills, and see the unending hours and appalling conditions in which people work’.

How this is possible in the theoretical realm is obvious: because all true organic, historic, socialist, humanist schools of economics are censored both theoretically and in praxis, as all the positions of economic power in the western world are taken by biblical bigots of the creationist economic schools which today passed once all humanist scholars have been ‘cleansed’ as the only science of the economics. 

The consequences are the present economic, military & political system, guided by the western idol-ogy of capitalism, which is destroying the world. Let us then first consider this statement by observing ‘who is who’ in the roaster of Saint Nobel Prizes of the Dynamite, sorry of Economics, given in memorial of the ‘Merchant of Death’ and maximal arm dealer of the XIX c. and then the positions of power on western financial houses and central banks:

Nobel Prizes (1968-2016: 49 concessions)

Let us introduce the data of:


±50% Nobel Prizes of economics: Jewish (0.2% population); 28 recipients:

40% Nobel Prizes of economics: Protestant (neo-Jewish beliefs)

‘Non’ Exceptions: rational, right wing European engineers, mathematicians or financial economists:

Fama, Chicago Monetarist school for his empirical work on portfolio theory, asset pricing and stock market behaviour.

Tirole, Engineer, for his work on industrial organization, game theory, banking and finance.

Allais, Engineer, for his contributions to the theory of markets and efficient utilization of resources

Debreumathematician, on the theory of differentiable equilibrium, using topological rather than calculus-based methods.

The key censorship of History is that on the monopoly of finances of the go(l)d culture, both in praxis and theory, as all non-humanist classic economists were from the jewish-calvinist go(l)d culture. Below the first age of primitive fetish go(l)d religions or Judaism, proper; next Adam Smith Calvinist and Ricardo Jewish stock-brokers fathers of classic economics with its main dogmas:
1) money must be issued by bankers
2) stock-rats have all rights (bankers buying companies). Workers none – they are offered an iron salary equal to the cost of the machine that can substitute them even if it is below survival as that increase profits (today is the law of productivity) 3) free trade between technological and poor nations ensures the maximal number of go(l)d herded back to the nation with more products to sell (Ricardo’s thesis). 4) taxed money must be used further to expand military and empire, police and jails NOT in welfare. As ultimately the non-chosen HAVE NO RIGHTS as an animal race, ‘expendable’ to serve the ‘leisure class of stock rats’. Today hidden by complex mathematical sophisms those are still the laws that lead the world: Productivity = capital in machines/human labor must rise by firing workers and automated factories to increase profits; Keynesian militarism is good because it increases profits and kill inferior races in ‘shitholes’, we of course created in the colonial age, and maintain with liberal trade in weapons and sucking in all credit to invest from the wealthy in our internet start ups. Finally money must be issued by private banks, now central banks controlled by the go(l)d people – 80% CEOs, CFOs and central bankers NOT for welfare but for credit to bankers, speculation and credit to machines. All has become more complex to remain the same.




Forbidden schools: 0 Prizes

Historic economics (founders: Weber, Sombart) with real data on the origin of corporations, its history, beliefs and ownership – simply considered today a form of ‘anti$emitism’.

Biological, organic theories (founders Butler, Spengler, this web), expressly forbidden by Mr. Nobel, a pious biblical believer who forbid his prices to any practioneer of theory of evolution.

Socialist, humanist school (founders: Anarchist, communists, socialists, Keynesians,  Bakhunin, Marx, Kondratiev, Keynes): completely banned.

The world behind all its apparent complexity, designed to disguise the corruption of the system is very simple. It is created with credit, monetary orders that put people to work, as oxygen put to work cells. The question thus is who invents money and what kind of orders it gives with it. At present, due to historic reasons, money is overwhelmingly invented by companies in stocks used to reproduce, evolve machines and its eviL twins, weapons, and to adapt the world with laws bought to politicos to the image and likeness of those machines. Among those laws, politicos passed deficit zero laws that forbid humans and its governments to issue money, which they must instead extort with taxes. So while all machines have energy and information connected through internet, into a global brain; humans have no resources to pay the welfare goods they need; and suffer hunger, have no education, and no future except those humans still used as re=producers≈workers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines – two jobs increasingly at risk, as company-mothers automate its factories and consume ever more machines and its robots, evolving fast with unlimited credit, displace us from labor and war fields. But networks of informative machines, submit humans to 24/7  propaganda in favor of the system, accusing other humans with hate memes of all our problems and promoting the use of weapons to kill us. So weapons keep evolving and multiplying and a better world for mankind seems just a dream.  Fact is only if governments owned banks and issued money as organisms do in the form of a Universal salary to all its cells-citizens to kick demand and production of welfare goods, repressing as all healthy organisms do the re=production of lethal goods, the eco(nomic)system would work for humans. Indeed, the only exception to the dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, which proves how simple would be a better world is China, where the government issues money for welfare and the people have credit, so the country is  growing at 10% in healthy goods for decades. In the west instead according to the equation of profits (money) = Max. price (weapons) – min. cost (software), money is spent in the most expensive goods, which are top predator weapons, of maximal profits in sales, and in the easiest to reproduce, at minimal cost which is software and audiovisual media, fiction and hate-memes. So all resources are wasted either in lethal goods that kill our bodies (weapons) or minds (hate media) or are used to evolve robotic machines; or financiers just print money and keep it for themselves. So the 1% owns as much as the 99%. And yet ALL what is needed to change the world is to change who issues money and what is used for. So 3+3 simple measures imitating Nature’s efficient superorgnaisms, could create a global demand=democratic economy in welfare goods – a Universal currency, ¥€$ money, issued as a 1000 eurodollars salary to all humans to kick welfare demand; prohibition of lethal goods, robots, that take our jobs and lives, and the split 50-50% of stock corporations given 1/2 of shares to governments to monitor they produce positive goods for humanity; and a real peaceful democracy, without wars based in diplomacy, global cultures and local administrations – not industrial, military nations and hate memes –  and the judgement a posteriori of politicos as in Greek original democracies, to oblige them to fulfill their promises.

III world non Western European/US economists (90% of mankind). 2 Prizes:

So 90% of mankind and ALL the humanist schools of economics, who care for welfare, and the production NOT of machines but the goods humans need to survive,  is represented only by 2 economists, which ‘surprise, surprise!’ are the ONLY prizes who study welfare (Amartya Sen, who implemented the IHD index of human development, the ‘true measure’ of economic whealth).

YetArthus Lewis, a protestant ‘house negro’ descendant of a long list of distinguished Caribbean slaves, converted to the ‘capitalist school’ focused on how capitalism absorbs workers from ‘subsistence’ economics developing third world countries (reading, agricultural societies are ‘bad subsistence’ economies which good capitalist entrepreneurs will develop making them work in the ‘right sectors’.


Only 1 economist in the whole history of the discipline have been recognised by the system.

1/2 of them belong the people-caste of money of the western world – the chosen of go(l)d or ‘People of the treasure’, which represent 0.2% of mankind. And to mention it is the most heinous censored fact, called simply Anti-$emitism.

But things get worse when we get to positions of power in the Financial private and public industries, as all the central bankers of the Euro-American civilisation, are at the time of writing this web, Jewish, again representing 0.2% of the population (and about 80% of CEOS of financial companies and CFOs of  500 fortune companies; and similar numbers for mass-media and dominant Internet corporations). As the list would be eternal we just shall mention just the key position, Central bankers, which arguably representing ‘nations’ should be ruled by people of their cultures… 

Central bankers of the west.

As we write this web for the first time, all western central bankers are jewish:

Mervyn King (Jewish) – Governor, Bank of England

Alistair (Jewish) – Financial Minister of England (Exchequer)

Jean-Pierre Roth (Jewish) – Chairman, Swiss National Bank

Jean-Claude Trichet (Jewish) – President, European Central Bank

Mark Carney (Jewish) – Governor, Bank of Canada

Benjamin Bernanke (Jewish) – Chairman, Federal Reserve

Donald Kohn (Jewish) – Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve

Geithner (Jewish) Treasure Department, USA

Robert B. Zoellick (Jewish) – President, The World Bank

Strauss-Kahn (Jewish) – Director, International Monetary Fund

John Lipsky (Jewish) – First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund.


‘You don’t argue with your banker’ (Clinton)

  • Semite wars are deal with the harsher views of Israel on Islamophobia, becoming a permanent conflict
  • Economic systems are deal with the harsher view of the ‘$elected’ entitled chosen of go(l)d stockrats as having all rights while workers have none.
  • Profits is sacred, greed is sacred, Go(l)d will provide.
  • All humanist solutions for the 90% and a future welfare world are forbidden.
  • All criticism of capitalism in historic-data form is considered a form of anti-$emitism.

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible). One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
 But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished. 
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around: 1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons 2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims. 3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power. 4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars.

In the graph, the top of the capitalist pyramid is metal, gold and iron which becomes the chip brain and body of evolving machines. But this trans-human future of mechanism and capitalism is hidden by the ‘anthropomorphic’ myths of both idol-ogies which DENY what they ARE doing to planet Earth trough Free markets in which the only truly
‘free legal persons’, are corporations, which re=produce overwhelmingly machines, which evolve, occupy the earth, substitute and kill life and act therefore as top predators with absolute freedom in the economic ecosystem. This is what a non-biological approach to economics and history hides. That in history humans and weapons and machines act and react to each other in biological terms. It could not be otherwise, as we make machines to our image and likeness and hence we evolve them as organisms:

Languages and its cultures, not individuals run the world and choose the future.

Now the extreme cases of Capitalist, techno-utopian America where the use of weapons, money and machines cannot be doubted and Jihad Islam, where opinion is imposed with metal-weapons, are two extremes seemingly opposed but clearly showing a common treat of an enormous number of human societies, which have built a matrix of of idol-ogies that worship ‘metal’ over human, beliefs over reason, and censor the development of rational history.

Because of that extreme low development of social sciences even the simplest concepts of systems sciences and organisms are doubted off. Amazingly as it seems, humans IGNORE they are part of a ‘topic’ organism, defined as a set of members of the same species, joined by networks of energy (economies, blood) and information (nervous, political system), as all humans are, where the informative system mas rule the energetic system for the organism to be efficient – which happens in all evolved systems, except in lowly worms… and capitalist societies, where the blood-economic system is completely free, and often poisons with lethal goods the worm-larvae and the society.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.44.04

In the graph, only the most primitive super organisms, such as worms and human societies reproduce and feed with unlimited greed in any goods available often poisoning the super organism, as our capitalist, primitive go(l)d memes do. Yet the matrix of falsehoods, which cover up for this low degree of human evolution as a society, with ‘expert’ theatrics, ‘damned lies and statistics’, financial people-castes in power clinging to it with all type of bizarre memes and the perfect manufacturing of the collective mind by the industry of mis-information, make humans believe to be poisoned and eliminated of the economic ecosystem, by the lethal goods we produce without limit, robots, weapons, hate-media, is ‘the best of all worlds’.

Some of those memes of the matrix that shortens the future of our children, now being born into the last ‘zero generation’, as robots reach maturity are clearly understood by the humanist movement, and have become topics of conversation – such is the case of global warming – but others which we will expose in this blog are taboo or completely ignored, notably the tribal nature of our financial elite and its racist memes against mankind, the falsehoods of our deist philosophy of science, which against all evidence models the universe as a simple mechanism, not as an organic, fractal system – even now when robots evolved imitating life organisms, show that a machine is just a simplex organism of metal in its first stages of evolution, and above all, the understanding of the ‘subconscious values of money’ a language of informative metal that according to the laws of affinity between the different parts of a system, value always more other forms of metal – notably weapons, the most expensive goods of the ‘free market’, and give zero value to different species, notably carbon-life without price, hence a world ruled not by the ethic, verbal law but by go(l)d values, will always increase the production of weapons and machines and extinguish life beings.

It is a simple and obvious law, ignored because we do not have ‘social sciences’ but idol-ogies and beliefs that people defend even with their life. So not even the structure of a system and its dual networks, the way in which such systems are designed efficiently to distribute energy and information to all its citizens/cells, the proper way in which superorganisms restrict the production of lethal poisonous goods, so the supeorganism can thrive without danger, etc. etc. is applied by theoretical economists and historians and its praxis (financiers and politicians) to the design of the world and its cultures.

So D) a Democratic, Humanist praxis in the control and development of human societies and corporations is Nowhere to be found.

And this is the most puzzling question of social scientists, which I have called the anti-quantum paradox (power is too big and so it influences the social scientist, biasing its studies), and will require many pages of criticism on humanity and its beliefs and what it passes as science to fully understand what in organic terms is easier to explain:

As we social scientists are inside the superorganism of History and are a part of the Economic ecosystem, we cannot easily study objectively the world we live in. In any organism, each cell has a very limited awareness of the whole, which only exists in a few neuronal cells, whih conform your ‘self’. Each cell only does a certain job and all body cells are blind to the external world, controlled by the neuronal, informative ‘caste’ of brain cells in control of both, the informative, nervous, political languages of power and the blood/oxygen/monetary networks of reproduction and distribution of goods (the economic system).

So as a body cells receives all its information from hormonal blood messages and brain, nervous, painful impulses, when you live within a given human superorganism, today a nation, its dominant species, you are also closed by borders, which difficult your access to outside rightful information. You will have to obey the painful, legal messages of the nervous, political system or else. And you will need oxygen/money to survive. And you will be mentally, simultaneously programmed by mass-media messages, which will show you a vision of the world akin to that of the neuronal people-caste that controls your nation.

This is unavoidable, as all systems of the Universe DO have a neuronal informative ‘species’ (black holes of gravitational information in galaxies, DNA in cells, Neurons in organisms, particles in physical systems), which controls the networks of the system and its languages (verbal and digital money in human societies, nervous and hormonal messages in biological organisms, gravitational and electromagnetic forces in physical systems), and then a body of re=productive working cells, blind and sheeplishly obeying the neuronal people-caste, or cells of the system.

We do show in that sense examples of physical, biological and social systems, because this is the enormous r=evolution brought about by the organic, fractal paradigm of systems sciences: the Universe and all its systems are indee organic, mathematical in its detail, biological in its survival and reproductive purposes.

But because we human social scientists are within the superorganism of history, NOT in charge as politicians and financiers are, with no control on the financial and legal systems of societies, our role is limited; our capacity to design and disseminate rightful information is minimal, as we do not have direct access to the nervous media-systems of society. And so the world is neither understood not managed scientifically but controlled by historic developments of chaotic, trial and error nature, which does not necessarily produce a perfect superorganism of history, fit to survive.

Only lowly greedy worms ruled by blood and capitalist systems ruled by go(l)d values achieve the poisoning of its super organisms, dying young
In history we must first explain that the choice was always between running the world as a worm with go(l)d values and as a mammal with wor(l)d values, on top.
from here we introduce the automatic fact that a system run with a language has a future determined by the values of that language.
And from there we can introduce the fact that certain cultures choose certain languages – animetals that choose gold and iron values long long ago, and still today dominate both languages – the jewish-protestant biblical culture of go(l)d and the Germanic, Arab culture of weapons. On the other hand, humanist verbal cults, the Latin, Mediterranean, South-European culture and the Chinese culture chose the values of the wor(l)d to rule the future and design a world to our image and likeness:

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.44.11

A choice of future has been made subconsciously according to which language we have decided to rule the world with. A robot has an iron body and a gold mind of chips. So capitalist-militaristic go(l)diron cultures, chose to worship whatever it takes metal-memes and they have constructed a future of machines, of robots, human cultures chose the organic view of man as the centre of the Universe and its wor(l)d values and they tried to design a rational, artistic, humanist world. As they failed in the battle of history we are now just watching the final phase of the animetal culture, of believers in gold and the machine, which peaks in the Biblical-Germanic North-European->American culture. As a member of the humanist culture i accept defeat. I am thus chronicling the future according to the laws of systems sciences and the values of go(l)diron cultures. A choice was made long ago through the battles of history between both cultures. Metal won.
So the individual can do hardly anything when confronting a future designed by a culture that does not speak the language and values of its species, and this is why i have completely failed to change America, even at scholar level – the values of America are gold and iron values, with a faked placebo constitutional, verbal world, which is irrelevant to the true engine of the nation, and the belief that ‘it is money’ justifies it all.

And so the individual could not change, as the prophet of the wor(l)d meant nothing – the decision of their future, and as the globalised culture of the future of all us, was decided 200 years ago, when the founding enlightened humanist founding fathers of America, rejected the control of go(l)d of the dollar by the state, and gave it to private bankers, of the biblical jewish-calvinist go(l)d culture, which merely had to obey go(l)d values, whatever it takes, as they did, to arrive at this present point, of a world in the brink of life extinction, which has not even a simple understanding on why it becomes extinct.
Τhis is the key fact of social systems, we must explain convincingly and then we can perfectly develop 2 kind of worlds through history as they develop on that graph though the battles of history. On one side:
the gold iron culture of germanic and Semitic people, which through its internecine wars, which usually confronts gold and iron people (jewish vs. germans, jewish vs. arabs, british vs. germans and so on) and its colonial wars against verbal cultures of lesser technology always end up evolving mechanisms and massacring human beings.

On the other side, the 2 verbal, legal, failed cultures, which are the humanist chinese-latin cultures where the values of the world are on top. And yet they lost the war for the future. Since the limit of any chinese-latin master has been to make the gold-iron people understand this obvious fact: if you blindly follow the violent, greedy memes of iron and gold, you will die in wars and holocausts. It is a long battle, shown briefly in the next graphs almost 20 years old, and the battle was finally lost in america where the founding legal fathers let the gold-iron people win, with a private American bank and the weapons 2nd amendment that allowed everybody to carry weapons. It cre(dit)ated the America of today. And it is quite amazing they don’t realise when all went wrong, and when they became puppets of a non-human future, ruled by ‘primitive memes’, precisely the kind of memes they were trying to escape from in Europe. So America like every other nation today has basically on top a group of gold iron animetals, which are more extreme for cultural historic reasons in the anglo-american biblical culture, and then a mass of clueless human beings, who are a sheeple, dominated by them:

The duality of cultures in Europe AND America has always been between the rational, scientist, humanist r=evolutionary, legal wor(l)d of South-Western Europe, vs. the germanic/russian jewish/protestant go(l)d and war northern, eastern culture, fundamentalist of money and war, or capitalist cultures of the north submitted to the anti-quantum paradox:

min. human evolution = maximal metal evolution.

Unfortunately the few northern biblical revolutions in favor of humanity (gospelian reformation, russian revolution, American r=evolutions) have faltered, easily repressed by go(l)d and (s)word believers who have always confronted the wor(l)d old roman empire, legal culture which puts limits to the evolution of the metal earth based in the ethics of the world. It is the game of history we humans are loosing through the waves of its civilisations, as the conjunction of go(l)d and weapons of higher profits have carried the day, given the ‘believers’ structure of the fundamentalist minds of animetal memes and cults, disguised of placebo humanism.

So we shall end this introduction discussing the modes of extinction available to the Animetal culture who hates his species enough to destroy his wor(l)d… and cheer

. Instead, we can trace easily the


Once we know who owns the western world,which sets the tendencies of the planet by imitation and participation (racist, biblical banksters, whose memes and technoutopian, lineal time despise mankind, life and feel entitled to hold at all costs their anti-democratic rights to issue money, the language of social power in monopoly and design the world in a hierarchical, racist fashion, as their beliefs impel them to do), how they rule it (through the corporation), what they think of mankind (expendable)

 In the present cycle we could update the structure to observe that all has changed to remain the same:

In the graph, a 20 years old parable of modern capitalism exhibit in an art museum in Brooklyn at the end of my master at Columbia University, using the jargon of Mr. Orwell’s animal farm, we describe the American animetal farm.

On top the financial-media system monopolized by the Jewish people-caste and the military-industrial complex controlled by Germanic industries, as it has always been the case in western history are allied and live as a parasitic elite of stock owners with exclusive rights to print money for their financial and industrial corporations.

Below a middle class of Europeans and Americans, which are still needed to work and consume, those machines are fed with credit and programmed with audiovisual media. On the bottom, the ‘non-technological cultures’, the colored people, blacks and Latinos are controlled by police and without jobs as robots and pcs become the new blue collar and white collar workers, are demonized and if needed put in jail.

Thus we revise the original pyramid of capitalist classes, considering what changes in capitalism during the XXI C. –the age of robotics. In the graph of XIX C. Capitalism there are still workers=reproducers of machines, which sustained the ‘parasitic’ informative/neuronal classes of the eco(nomic) system that indoctrinate the mass into believing they live the best of worlds. Their sophistication though was far inferior to the new opium of masses, TVs filled with ‘motions without purpose’ (sports, violent films) and Internet that increases the collective Attention deficit disorder and ensures the breeding of a hypnotized mass of happy idiots. There were also middle classes (still eating well, as managers of the companies) and on top the ‘stockrats’, owners of stocks, racketing the profits and enjoying the good life. But those 2 groups are now replaceable. In the above graph, we show the capitalist structure in XXI C., as the bottom classes of the pyramid, soldiers, workers and managerial classes are becoming obsolete, as factories become automated – the cause of the labor crisis that is not going away. So Middle Classes loose their rights to credit, engrossing the ‘outsider’, energy class.

This 20 years old graph, called ‘the animetal farm’ meant to be an update of Orwell’s ‘animal farm’ for an exhibit on conceptual art at Six Flags Brooklyn museum. Yet it reads quite as it were done today, showing the predictive power of the model of Biological Economics: The middle class ‘pigs’ in the center, living off Eurodollars manna are descending fast into the bottom of pyramid – the ‘poor’ and III World, criminalized as alien or enemy nations. Robotized police & armed cameras are close.

This means that Anglo-American ‘particular view’ of  capitalism as it becomes globalised in the XXI C. will be even harsher on the 99%, than it was on the XIX C. with its exploitation of children and women because the 99%, blue and white collar workers, are becoming obsolete substituted by blue collar robots or cheap Chinese workers & white collar PCs or Indian IT workers.

Once we understand that capitalist democracies are mere placebos of freedom that disguise the control of societies by memes of metal we can understand  in the present industrial era the true structure of power of our societies. In the graph, a classic of the socialist school, shows the hierarchic anti-democratic class pyramid of capitalism: On top metal memes rule. Since go(l)d, a  digital language, controls the entire structure and subconsciously is evolving those selfish memes of metal, which is the true purpose of the capitalist system, guided by that ‘invisible hand of god’ that classic economists of biblical origin do not care to analyze rationally, as money was and still is for them a ‘religion’ that somehow will provide.

On the bottom, the 90% of mankind reproduces those selfish memes and sustains the parasitic human 1% of bankers, politicos, priests and scientists and classic economists. In the middle, the 10% of managerial classes that direct corporations (‘bourgeois’, replaced by chips). Thus we define a Capitalist democracy as the ideology of financial an industrial corporations and its owners, ‘stockrats’, the new aristocrats of the modern world, who believe they must issue in monopoly the language of social power, digital money to reproduce their memes of metal (weapons, money and machines), with exclusion of citizens. (the silenced, democratic side).

So the reader will excuse me if this blog systematically criticizes the 3 biblical cultures that have imposed to the world ‘capitalist democracies’ and its wars for profits the 3 cycles of evolution of machines: – The British/American Colonial/Victorian age of massive repression of all life memes, open racism against all colored, life-based cultures, outright extermination of many of them and null quality in the human endeavors of art and love; parallel in all its attitudes to the German culture of ‘engines of metal’ that degenerated into Nazism  of which little must be said to convince the reader of its human primitivism, parallel in all its attitudes to the cult(ure) that today controls the financial-media system and with it the western/globalized mind of man, regressing us back to a similar age… –

Whose manifest destiny, despite all those myths and arrogant human anthropomorphic views of reality IS obvious: to kill life as it has always done and give birth to a world of automated factories, robots and obsolete humans – including the chosen.

Today the anglo-american is creating the laws in the US and Uk that will ensure robotic corporations can eliminate us from field jobs and put people in jail if they protest. What to do with them? The ‘caring’ answer is the degradation of their existence, with cheap trash food and 3D virtual reality that soon will program our ‘happy’ minds. But as the robotic radiation increases its competition with humans in war and labor fields, even sweat shops of Chinese human robots and IT-Indian Pcs (the only economies that still grow) will be obsolete to white collar pcs and blue collar robots of higher re-productivity=Profits.

So virtual ‘circensis’ will no longer silence the dispossessed. What to do with them? In the I crash of the 1860s the eco(nomic)system killed them in civil wars or threw them out to colonize the world with overproduced trains and steamers to the tune of unknown millions of colored victims – we didn’t count corpses of inferior men then as we don’t count today drones’ collateral damages. Yet in the XX century, weapons industries could no longer ‘consume’ colored ‘inferior people’, as the world was ‘civilized/colonized’ already. So after the 29 crash weapons they consumed also Europeans, spared in the I Cycle.

And we counted them: 60 millions died the brutal wars for profits of the XX C. III World War, according to eq.5.3 should kill us all with ‘Singularity weapons’.

Thus the crisis walks steadily towards an 1860s/1940s solution of permanent ‘robotic’ wars and ‘vigilante’ cameras; a big-brother paranoia in the electronic media to back those policies; stigmatization of the poor at home, and abroad – the Asian cheap worker, which will be blamed of our loss of jobs (as the machine is sacred) and the Muslim terrorist peasant, which is the ‘enemy’ abroad that justifies the evolution and takeoff of the industry of robotic weapons; while the welfare state with no resources sinks further the middle class’ ways of life so  the 1% of stockowners can receive billions in profits, as it happens in all ‘war ages’. Of course, for this ‘future mode’ increasingly our present, to work, censorship is needed on the mechanical causes of the labor crisis.

Since capitalist democracies must express, ‘politically and economically correct reasons of ‘caring’ for the weaker human side of people who ‘govern’ but in praxis are always moved by the stronger element, capitalism, hence by profit equations, (1.1, 3.1.)

Mechanical workers & consumers can substitute the middle and lower classes of the world, both as workers and consumers (as robots will consume cameras, platforms, cars). Increasingly only the 1% on top of owners, top managers, ‘ideologists’ and ‘herders’ (politicians, priests of go(l)d churches, stockrats), have a ‘job’. Albeit on the long term they are also expendable as corporations are inventing electronic systems of management (SAP, Oracle) and computer speculation. While parasitic stockowners are expendable from a productive point of view, kept by the routines of power. Thus in the future from the strict p.o.v. of Company mothers and its offspring of robots, the entire species will be a bothersome, unneeded surplus, an added cost. In the previous crises, they were consumed in wars. Now we use poor nations as targets of our robotic weapons; while in the 1st world, police, soon to be robotized controls the growing discontent of unemployed workers.

For how long? For A.I. robots humans will be ‘parasites’ of the system – a different species that must be eliminated. How the eco(nomic)system of automated corporations will finish them up? As long as humans run the system this poises difficult ethic problems. But as the system becomes an automated planet of machines, after a century of social struggle, the end seems clear: selfish memes of metal, the new species, will substitute life being and eliminate mankind.

It is the Marx-Smith-Darwin paradox that resumes the discoveries of those 3 masters in 2 possible futures, studied in these last paragraphs – extinction or r=evolution before A.I. is born:

”The parallel reproduction of Capital=Mv & symbiotic Machines=Tp, will expel all workers from Earth’s eco(nomic)system and man will be extinct by Company-mothers and its offspring of machines or anticipate its demise, r=evolve, forbid robots and create a sustainable world.’

That future is not understood because it is embedded in mathematical laws of Economics – the Law of Productivity.

All economists and politicians today affirm that we will come out of the crisis increasing the productivity of the economy. And yet the opposite is truth, since productivity is the ratio between human labor and capital/machines . Thus as productivity increases, human labor diminishes and machine-labor multiplies. So, in the Singularity age, human labor & soldiers will disappear, substituted by robots and automated software suites as productivity becomes ∞:  

0 human labor x infinite machines= capital = Infinite Re-Productivity


D) Conclusion: need for a real democracy and a humanist view on the future

To notice in that regard a few things about those 800-80 year cycles:

-This author predicted back in the 90s (c.92), with the exact dates of its then ‘future transition’ to the age of robotics, by merely considering how simple life systems, which is what a robot is – a simple organism of metal – are created in nature, by a 3rd party, enzyme, DNA cell or in this case a man-enzyme or ‘enzyman’. The cell for example builds the body, engine, head of the virus and only then assembly them together, so the virus wakes up (and kills the cell). As nobody else forecast in advance those final cycles, (a refinement of the kondratieff cycle was needed to make it coincide with the human biological cycle), and only predictive theories are considered ruth in science, biological economics must be the right model of what the 4 industrial r=evolutions mean: the creation of a new dominant species on earth.

-It is not truth the mantra that all corporative economists repeat about new technology creating new jobs. When technology reaches its zenith, and overproduces the most evolved machines of the cycle, worker-machines and weapons, there is a massive crisis of unemployment paralleled by an astounding rise of corporative power, awash with profits, which corrupts the politico system. So it is not truth that society will distribute the rent to the unemployed. On the contrary, wealth moves to the financiers and corporations that overproduce moneys with the new informative machines, and reach higher profit with automated labor, and to fascist, war-monger politicos which use all excuses for war, to deplete overproduced weapons at high profits.

So all those cycles ended in a fascist, war age of massive poverty for the 99%. And all this ONLY ended with massive wars that killed unemployed and then WHEN A NEW CYCLE APPEARED, THE NEW MACHINES REQUIRED MASSIVE JOBS TO MAKE THEM, so unemployment is ONLY CREATED WHEN A NEW CYCLE HAPPENS. When electromechanical engines appeared the military, fascist, poor colonial age of the I industrial revolution ended, as new jobs and machines appeared. So te problem we face is thatROBOTS END THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION SO THERE is NOT A 5th age OR CYCLE THAT WILL BRING A NEW TECHNOLOGICAL REVOUTION BECAUSE LIFE HAS NOTHING MORE TO OFFER THAN BODIES, HEADS AND HEARTS/ENGINES, PUT TOGETHER IN THE 4TH PHASE. What happens after the 4th phase in ALL SYSTEMS OF NATURE, is that the system becomes autonomous, as an independent being.

So the crisis of what now 30 years after I ended my master at columbia University and published ‘bio-history, bio-economics’ with all those forecast (ignored obviously by the ‘optimist wishful thinking’ of our scholars in social sciences), is called by those ‘gurus’ who need things to happen to talk of them, the Industrial revolution 4.0 IS HERE TO STAY AND GET WORSE as we keep doing robots and finally those robots with solar skins, internet telepathic brains and programs of eusocial evolution and murder of humans embedded in military robots take over the planet. If as every robotist suspects, they manage to have some freedom, with our extinction by military robots, if they remain unlikely mere machines with zero freedom (as freedom is a direct consequence of complexity, which all systems surpass, so now robots have ‘insect-like freedom’, but some more advanced start to behave as mammals do) then humans will be dedicated just to serve an astounding growth of mechanical beings, which as it always happens in biology, will displace and poison and reduce our ecosystem, just by the mere constant growth of its GDP, displacing us.

Since again GDP GROWTH will not affect human wealth but only will create more mechanical wealth. And this is another falsity of the present system: that growing GDP measures as what companies produce grows human wealth. Which is what humans consume.

Finally it is also not truth that this is determined. Evolution is deterministic only if a STRONGER SPECIES meets a weaker one, and predates over it. IF we were to ban legally and this can be done, as it is shown in societies where technology is not god and all the money is not in the hands of corporations, so 3rd world countries, communist countries and social-democracies do manage to exist without computers or robots, or weapons, or in larger terms if the models of social-democracy where the law dominates money, and regulates industries and goods as higher organisms do (only worms and capitalist primitive societies let the organism produce and feed on everything including toxins, killing the worm and the society awash with weapons and robots of the future), were ESTABLISHED GLOBALLY INSTEAD OF CREATING A GLOBALIZED WORLD RULED BY CORPORATIONS and hired politicos, society could survive 4.0. And yet none of this is argued because corporations RULE the world and have been cleansing academia from every rational analysis and solutions to the process, which do take part of power from them. So it is also false that capitalism is a science. IT is not. IT IS AN IDOL-OGY, of the machine as the idol and purpose of our civilisation, which now seems the only system, because it has massively extinguished, censored and ignored a true science of economics which biological economics, and this blog represents.

Finally the most crazy idea of our world, is the concept that all this can be covered up by a virtual reality of beauty in 2 dimensions, political and economical correctness, and treating it all in pure technological, non-social terms, as if we were all nice, good people and the owners of corporations would pass money to the poor and we will all be Picassos etc. etc. All this technoutopian ‘good people’ are just covering up as religions used to do and still do, over a very biological, darwinian fight between 2 groups: corporations (and those who profit from them, stock-rats, economists, politicos hired by them, and scientists designing machines – the 1%) and humanity and its social structures, ethic languages and legal systems that try to control the world for the benefit of man, and construct a world not to the image and likeness of machines, but our species. So instead of the outdated concept of meaningless abstract right vs. left, we shall talk of people in favor of ‘idols of metal’, weapons, money and machines as the meaning of it all or ‘animetal cultures’ and people in favor of humanity and his future, or ‘humanist cultures’, which we will see have been crafted by a long historic process of ‘memetic, informative, imprinting’ and repetition of idologies vs. natural ethics, of the tree of technology vs. the tree of life…



The economic ecosystem, the ‘free market’ is a biological world of 2 species, humans and machines and its reproductive systems, families and societies vs. company-mothers and global markets.
The choice of future is determined by which species prevails and has more rights.
And this is the biggest confusion of people regarding their freedoms: a FREE MARKET IS NOT ABOUT HUMAN CITIZENS (A FREE SOCIETY) BUT FREE CORPORATIONS, its main citizens with unlimited rights to produce all kind of goods, even lethal goods, all kind of money, even inflationary wasted money, and with unlimited rights to buy and sell, hire and fire machines and human citizens.
And this amazing bias against life in favor of machines and its corporations – the true meaning of a free market – is based in 2 idol-ogies:
– Capitalism, the fetish segregational belief or idol-ogy that money is the language of god, it must be emitted in precious metals and must be monopolised by biblical sects of go(l)d religions (or similar elites in other nations that borrowed the idol-ogy in modern ages)
-Mechanism, the belief that machines are superior to life organisms and so progress will be reached through their evolution and reproductions without limits. Because besides being ‘superior’ in performance, they are ‘inferior’ (how convenient) in freedom, that abstract word only ‘owned’ by human beings, as machines will NOT evolve into consciousness as a biological species.
Those 2 idol-ogies WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST proof or scientific facts behind make our world a comfortable place for the 0.02% of stock-rats owners of corporations, the leisure class for which we all toil because they are entitled to run an ‘animetal farm’, in which mechanisms show they are chosen, because they own them and protect and control the mass of humans below. And this is good for all because it keeps evolving machines to a point in which they will usher us all in a technological paradise


In the next graph we illustrate the 2 sides of D)democratic praxis and humanist solutions to social sciences, above, the negative existential problems, below the solutions to start implementing the world. The blog initially wanted just to focus on those solutions but the massive censorship and business as usual, 30 years latter from my first papers has made me very obtuse and cynical about the future of my species; so astoundingly ‘full of himself’ and ‘determined’ to destroy the planet and die with an empty mach0-man, chosen of go(l)d greedy, violent attitude of defiance against the laws of nature, that frankly from an objective universe only means, we will get what we deserve:

 In the graph, as we enter the singularity age of ‘organic machines’, nuclear research explores self-feeding cosmic bombs, black holes and strangelets that might devour the planet, reaching the threshold of energy that arms reached with humans long ago (one in which a weapon will always kill the human flesh) at the planetary level (a black hole or strangelet if created on Earth will always eat a planet); the same happens with robots: if computers are increasing substituting an atrophying the human mind, robots are the threshold of organic machines, in which humans AS CONSUMERS AND RE=PRODUCERS of machines, become obsolete, as ROBOTS will consume all the different parts of machines, can self re=produce and automate its company-mothers and hence humans will be also expendable.

IT is the second cause of DEATH by excess of information, studied in the models of systems sciences. So humans are increasingly devoid of energy and information (lack of food: 1 billion hungry people; lack of education: spread of primitive memes, fundamentalist religions, violence and hate); while all machines have unlimited supply of them.

BUT paradoxically AS THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA (INFORMATIVE MACHINES)/MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX (ENERGETIC MACHINES), evolves into a planetary super organism guided by the flows of digital money of stock-markets, invested on them, while humans lack the minimal needed to survive, humans WITH ITS ERASED brains, CONFUSED and manufactured by technological propaganda ARE MORE INTO IT THAT EVER BEFORE, voting massively to right-wing≈corporative parties, which accelerate our demise, while creating a  PLACEBO MATRIX OF FANTASIES ABOUT TECHNO-UTOPIAN FUTURES AND VIRTUAL REALITIES (LEFT upper side), and ‘false ego-trips’ of empowerment that ensure the process will be guided smoothly. And of course, biological economics, humanist economics, Keynesian economics, any school in favor of mankind without money to spread, languishes in texts like this blog. But if humans ‘DO’ react on time before A.I. (Algorithms of information the meaning of artificial intelligence) make us obsolete and latter ‘wake up to consciouness’ it could very easily legally ban robotics as Chinese and Japanese banned gunpowder to ensure the supremacy of mankind.

How to do it? Simple, it requires 3 measures: to switch invention of money from corporations to humans with a Universal salary of yes money in an international currency, 1 euro= 1 dollar = 100 yens which by FIXING PARITY and cancel forex will create a global currency that cannot be devalued, and allowed a 1000 yes salary that will KICK DEMAND IN THE HUMAN goods (upper right side0 THAT NOW HAVE ZERO INVESTMENT by corporative money which only FEEDS machines. So we would switch from  A SUPPLY ECONOMY that sells with propaganda (Say’s law) ANYTHING even if it kills us all into a DEMAND ECONOMY, which produces what people DEMAND, basic welfare goods.

Finally AN IMMEDIATE SPLIT OF ALL SHARES OF ALL STOCK-MARKETS, 50-50, will ensure the best of capitalism – private efficient management with the best of socialism – zero taxes, as people will receive yes money and governments will receive 50 of profits, and control of existential dangers as Governments that want to shut down companies that produce lethal goods, will have the upper hand with majority of shares. IT is thus an immediate solution, which G20 politicos could have implemented within days, IF THEY WISHED TO cure the illness of the Earth. Instead, they just let the corporative world to pass zero laws of credit, so humans must be extorted of taxes, and politicos panhandle to corporations, selling them laws in favor of their products. And the result of this dictatorship of company-mothers of machines is the terraforming of the planet.

What can I say? Right now they are all at Davos where I have never been invited, just talking for the first time of the robotic r=evolution and uttering placebo solutions, never implemented, talking that when ‘danger comes’ they will legislate, denying the organic nature of the Universe,the evolution of machines, the danger of singularity bombs, the rights of people to a democracy in which they have the right to issue the language of social power, money with a Universal salary.

THE CURIOUS thing about all this is that this author, due to his r=evolution of biological economics and systems sciences was the only person talking of this 30 years ago, when nobody would talk of neo-fascism, of the 2008 crisis of robotics, of the solutions, of a Universal salary. Now all those themes are real, and on the table, but just to appease the masses, NOT to implement it, as corporations and STOCK-holders have no limit of greed, care nothing for humanity and all what they want as the Leisure class is to keep the sheeple happy and believing the experts are taking care of the problems.

So the strategy of mankind is simple, denial, wishful thinking, censorship of reality, control of the masses with placebo matrix, so only ‘science fiction’ or ‘fringe research’ is allowed on those themes.

Let us then apply the same method with more ‘accurate detail’ to the OTHER SIDE,THE  -EF, FREE ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM OR FMMI SYSTEM IN ITS present final cycle of evolution of Machines into organisms, of metal, robots with A.I. (algorithms of information the true nature of artificial intelligence, WHICH ALREADY EXISTS, MERELY HAS A LOGIC LANGUAGE MORE PRECISE THAN HUMANITY, boolean algebra, which makes it seem more deterministic, as each algorithm is a ‘thought’ which provokes an ‘action’ the true meaning of reality made of actions of energy and information, motivated by logic thoughts. It is absurd thus to talk of the birth of A.I, in the future, A.I. is already with us, just that it is evolving extremely fast, and it can translate all the action thoughts of human beings, in fact it is doing it, hence creating a copycat of mankind at all levels in stronger atoms of metal and faster atoms of gold (chips).

Divide and win.

Now, the fundamental question about the 99% in the bottom of that pyramid is how they let themselves be destroyed so easily, so happily, with so little resistance, if the top is so tiny and ultimately as a ‘Leisure class’, so worthless in terms of the true face values of the Universe?  It is a simple sentence: divide and win, and a complex answer, the systems built in the past, carry through generations the same control, and become more sophisticated and disguised.

Consider the American case. The top of the pyramid is a single biblical Jewish-Calvinist elite of owners, which were hard at work in the XIX c. but now have established automatic systems of control, extremely sophisticated in its ‘caring political and economical correctness’ that hides its predatory nature, ran by managers and corporations with A.I. and digital values, which control perfectly organised corporations, with enormous power.

On the other hand the bottom is perfectly divided by selfie ego-trips, which makes every American believe exactly the opposite of the true laws of the Unverse, that humans of the same species must not collaborate to be stronger but compete in a dog-eat-dog society so they are lonely, I-centered, powerless individuals.

But of course, this is not told as in old times, in negative terms, when there were laws against association, trade unions, social power, so the people knew they had to unite to be powerful.

Instead, after world war, when the most sophisticated european informative scholars running from Germany came to buttress the local FMasters all became disguised of ‘pleasing’ newspeaks of caring. People were told to become the best, to compete to be number one. Divide and win became self-realisation. Next they were divided culturally, so they wouldn’t notice the people on top belonged all to a single biblical culture. So they were told to be proud of their cultural roots, instead of being told the truth – if you are divided into African-Americans, Hispanic, and among them in Chicanos, Cubans, Salvadoreans, and the white people into Americans, Anglos, Germans, Polish-American you name it, you divide and win.

Divide and win, till you form part of a small tribe and further on, you are a lonely hero, a self-made man, an individual who needs only machines not a needy person. Divide and win, so you do not realise on top the elite is a whole super organism. Divide and win so you hate your neighbour. Divide and win so you don’t notice America is a mixture of all cultures, a humanity in small travelling through the technological future, and should therefore lead the entire world… or no, Americans must fear the rest of the world, which is like them, just a bit less technologically advanced. Divide and win is now extremely successful, all are selfie, lonely people with very small groups, which find in virtual reality, virtual meaningless friends.

Neurons, the informative people-caste on top are however in all super organisms knots joined by axons to thousands of other cells, and this is the power of the FMasters.It is a wave, joined by constant relationships with other members of the same ‘culture’.  So the very few Americans who realise the FMasters, owners of wall street and evilwood are one and the same super organism informative neuronal people-caste hidden in a single far away brain, programming all other Americans through the nervous audiovisual systems, know they are lonely people, and of course, don’t feel strong enough to unite and beat the top head of the organism. In bodies it happens the same, the head is both a neuronal network, and the only cells which have access to the senses. Body cells are blind and unconnected, only related to their genetic next cell-brother. But, in a body the head serves the body. What makes the world such a terrible place, which we shall explain in the last part of this post, is the fact that the people ON THE HEAD, IS CRAZY, IT HURTS THE BODY BECAUSE IT DENIES THE ETHIC VALUES OF THE WOR(L)D , IT BELIEVES IN THE VIRAL VALUES OF GO(L)D, which kills the body and ultimately collapses the civilisation.

But the bottom has no reaction. I abandoned America once I got fed up of the bottom, of the selfish, lonely, degraded people, which if ever recognised the top, would selfishly defend, and join the top, aware then of their overwhelming power and control of the Financial-Media system. So the top is hidden as all brains and informative systems are from the black hole with invisible gravitational forces in galaxies, to the brain unlocalised to the cells it control with nervous messages, to the financial elite with its invisible e-money orders, but if it becomes visible, as it has reduced to lonely cells the entire body it only gets from them smart people trying to join the top in its shameless exploitation of the bottom, or frightened people. 

So it all comes again, to one of the fundamental sentences on the History of the human kind:

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws. The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.

Amsel Rothschild, ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Owner’ of the Private bank of England, hence of the British Empire.

ANTI-HUMAN SOLUTION: Corporate economists are ‘growing mechanical gdp’ NOT human wealth.

This Orwellian world, we foresaw in our first books 30 years ago, and now it is ‘accepted’ even by the most hardcore classic economists. But amazing enough as any biological analysis of economics is ‘censored’, economists still bring concepts of the XVIII century about the productivity and division of work, to justify this process. Moreover they compare the robotic crises with previous crises of work, only resolved when a new type of machine appeared – BUT THE ROBOTIC REVOLUTION ENDS THE EVOLUTION OF MACHINES, SO THIS CRISIS OF LABOR, WAR IS NOT ENDING because there is not a new machine to create new jobs. We are completing the machine that substitute us.

So economists, politicians, the military and financiers can deny as much as they want with wishful thinking the darwinian biological laws of evolution of this planet, to their own peril. They can keep inventing excuses, damned lies and statistics and put themselves blinds in front not to see the obvious. But both facts and theory will keep going hand in hand, according to evolution and biology. Frankly i have zero respect for the profession and this blog shows it. I have a complete despise for my peers, because scientists who eny reason and ‘believe’, and adapt truth to wishful thinking and selfish agendas and profits≈corruption deserve nothing but despise from the rest of mankind, and yield its power to ethic politicians which put the ∞ value of human life above.

Production economists, while completely modifying the future of mankind have an absolute DOGMA, pretending their actions are of neutrality to history. So they think a world dedicated only to multiply machines, money and weapons at minimal cost and maximal profit, IS NOT BAD FOR MANKIND. They are in fact proud of doing a great job, killing Gaia. So, if economists are allowed to rule us, history, as it is the case, with its technocratic view, we are done.

Oh, yes, I know how proud they are of their efficiency making machines. The question though will always remain what the bishop of Norwich told to smith: have you ever loved mankind? So we shall indeed bother them, studying them from the point of view of our survival as a species, not from the point of view of its excellent capacity to create the lethal viruses of history – it weapons and robots. Yes I know they are not the only guilty since politicos have been too dumb to understand money, to eager to give away the job of managing society, too coward to take it back. But if you leave the world to an institution, the corporation, which is in biological terms a company-mother of machines, that I what you get. Apple is worth more than 150 million Bengalis, and for that to be ok, the collective degradation of humanity must reach the levels it has reached in us, but of course  as long as historians ignore all about economic laws, economists don’t care about history=mankind and politicos degrade their profession to the plummeting levels we observe in Mr. Trump vs. Clinton that is the no future we are lead to by ‘experts’.

This will not then be though kind with any of the groups and cultures in power, because the 99% is suffering, never mind some absurd segregation memes make a us selfie citizen think nothing of a kid in morocco. They are the same species and the sickness of one means the other will go under sooner or latter as the super organism of humanity, which is a whole continues its gangrene. But the top serving the machine is so one-dimensional and engaged in the trips of power of its consumption, in its ignorance and callousness that the only explanation we shall give to it is the ‘already started’ process of death of humanity, which as Nietzsche well explained has killed ‘god’, the higher subconscious, ethic, nervous system of law and solidarity of any super organism that put us together.

Writers, artists are far more aware because they care for mankind. Economists make machines and money and their memes, what we shall show to be just ideologically a subjective infantile creationist view of man as superior to nature and the machine as an abstract entity, have sanitized their minds. It is a question that only studying history can be understood – in the past this was evil=anti-live, and the first companies treated with biblical hateful memes (ham damnations) humans as slave cargo for its main machine, the gunboat.

Now they don’t even know they are evil=anti-live, as those destructive memes of life are translated into equations and mantras of classic economics. It is always like that. Kings were just barbarians killing with swords, now they are so nice, elegant charming… Systems become complex and camouflage its predatory nature, but its processes of predation and extinction remain. Their job is not in the present state of production economics for humans, but techno-utopia has come to be the dogma, the mantra the religion of our humans and so I am very derisive to a species, which overwhelmingly is in favor of self-destruction due to his egomaniac behavior and dummy memes.

 But corporations have a different way to deal in those overproduction crises with the excess of labor… too hard to tell, too obvious for those who know history: to create the conditions for the depleting of its stocks of machines and weapons – namely war. And of course, while this was canonical knowledge in the XIX c. and gave raise to the socialist movement, in the XX and XXI century is a censored fact, which entire nations of the so capitalist free world, like America, where corporations have absolute power and truly manufacture the minds of their peoples, ignore.

It is in that sense amazing how ‘people are slaves they believe they don’t reason’ Aristotle. So as today the FUNDAMENTAL LAW AND PROCESS OF ECONOMICS – ITS CRISIS OF EVOLUTION AND REPRODUCTION, ARE A TABOO WHICH ECONOMISTS SIMPLY DO NOT STUDY, DISMISSED AS ‘socialism, historicism, luddite thought’. AS THEY ARE slaves of the corporations that paid them, to do precisely what is killing Gaia and eliminating humans from labor ands war fields: to grow and multiply the legios of machines, in the present age of chips and robots which are making obsolescent the human being.

Relationship between the stock-market cycle and the war cycle.

Now, the most hidden secret of economic is rather obvious: the maximal wealth of nations happens in ages of war, because weapons are the maximal priced goods and the entire society dedicates its efforts to make weapons, so the entire stock-market valuation, corresponds to reproduction of weapons, which consume humans – hence there is a direct relationship between the number of causalities of war and the value of stock-markets in that moment, because it measures the reproduction and sale of machine-weapons, as the entire economic tissue of the nation is dedicated to the industry of murder.

In the graph, we must bear in mind always that a machine has its ‘bad fruit’ equivalent in the form of weapons, origin of that cycle: when a corporation finds no market for consumption of peaceful machines, switches to weapons, sells it to war-monger politicians and utters the world into a fascists age – our 20 years old prediction now in full swing. So the laws that apply to the evolution of machines and its displacement of humans applies to the evolution of weapons, with a difference: if we consume peaceful machines, weapons ‘consume’ us. And so their ‘productivity’ consists on killing ‘more humans’.

Reason why as machines evolve, the chances that mankind die are increased decametrically, and since the stock-market measures  the value of those machines weapons, as it happens in the III cycles of world wars of those graphs, the decametric growth of wall street has meant in the age of neo-fascist wars, a decametric increase of human victims, which implies that if now a III world war explodes at 10.000 S.P. index, we will all die:

1860s: Industrial train wars (American civil wars, European German Unification wars): birth of Wall Street, value 1, dead toll: 600.000

1940s: German Engine world wars (Bombers, tanks) W.$.: 110, dead toll: 600.000 x 110 = 66 million

2020s: American Robotic wars (Terminators, Nukes): W.$: 110 x 110, dead toll, 66 x 110= 7.2 billion ALL HUMANITY.

How this will happen, as always in the ternary fractal universe of energy and information through 3 possible events, one of evolution of ‘energetic weapons’ into the organic age of bombs (nuclear self-feeding bombs), one event of reproduction of weapons (self-reproductive nano-bacteria) and finally a 3rd informative age/event of organic, intelligent weapons (terminator platoons)

However humans only understand and in sci-fi terms the 3rd event – terminator weapons, completely unaware of the 2 first extintion events that come first, in the age of the singularity’, ‘cosmic bombs able to blow up a planet’, already in research, and metal nano-bacteria, able to feed on all the machines of planet earth and poison our atmosphere – the natural end of the process of global warming, which is nothing but the shit of machines.

Let us then briefly consider the 2 robotic events of extinction studied in detail in the left side of the blog in the ‘age of the singularity’, as we have an entire web dedicated to the event of self-feeding nuclear weapons.

Τhe second ‘extinction’ event of the age of the singularity or ‘age of organic machines’ is the III Earth, the creation of iron nano-bacteria, today researched in military labs mainly in Israel and the ‘death corridor’ of Los Alamos… and expected to be ready by the 2040s (after the usual suspects – the evolution of nuclear weapons today already researched in its 3rd, ‘organic’ horizon – black holes and strangelets in Particle accelerators)  Iron nano-bacteria according to Drexler, the founder of the discipline, would convert in 3 months the Earth into a grey-goo, as iron bacteria would multiply fast feeding on the massive amount of machines found on the Earth – a theme explored in films like GI cobra and Ultimatum.

A 3rd extinction event is the better known development of military A.I. whose program of extinction of human tribes merely needs to be expanded to all mankind to be completed. It is likely less probable as we do not see ‘robots’ travelling the galaxy, nor carbon life (Fermi paradox: why if there are billions of planets, none has intelligent or robotic life – answer, nuclear weapons and nano-bacteria destroy them all). All of them are related to the natural evolution of simplex mechanisms into complex organisms, the final stage of the Industrial r=evolution, and the massive ‘radiation’ or biological re=production of a species, which substitutes and makes obsolete one that reproduces slower  and evolves slower (man vs. machine). It is the bottom line of our technological civilisation, but only one of the many themes of the organic paradigm applied to economics and history, which only becomes transcendental in the absurd world in which we live, as any ‘rational species’ simply would not even attempt such research.

The last wars

You can then easily forecast that the wave of robots will explode in the 2030s as China and India take over America on top of the wave, and around the 2073 in a world saturated with peaceful robots, the crash of the economy determines that those 2 nations, China and India start the Himalayan, Robotic wars over border disputes in which complex autonomous flying insect-like A.I. terminators, reproduced by 3D automated factories, complete the Industrial R=evolution and become a single species, eliminating mankind, with a shorter variable if A.I. is found earlier in a potential Yakutian wars between China and the US around 2036. So far those 20 year old predictions are happening.

It only rests to explain the shorter 7 year ripples of those crisis the so-called ‘product cycle’ in which new forms of fiat money are invented, provoking 3 smaller crashes of the financial industry and the wealth of nations to explain why around 2016 the euro-dollar will crash, sending the western world into a full blown war age if business as usual continues as it happened in the previous cycles.

To understand why we have to reduce our analysis of the overproduction age of money printed by new machines to the so-called product cycle of business. As every 7 years corporations invent a new variety of its star product. Thus overproduced stock-paper in the I cycle, ticker money in the II cycle and e-money in the present cycle had 3 shorter 7 year cycles in which they target ‘new wealth products’ to exchange for the overproduced fiat, digital money. But economies produce massively only 3 ‘real assets’ to change for so much fiat worthless money: stocks, real state and currencies…

So once the speculator invents in the ‘inflationary phase’ of the credit cycle fiat money that is only a language of information – it is not wealth per se – to become richer he will Taylor it as a product to be exchanged for one of those 3 forms of real wealth that suffer a boom and bust cycle as the speculator acquires it. And so there are 3 short crashes of ‘currency, real state and stocks’, each time a new information machine overproduces fiat money:

– The 1857, train stock crash; 1865, real state crash & 1873, silver currency crash in the 1st cycle.

– The 1922 Mark currency crash; 1929 stock crash & 1937 real state crash in the II cycle.

– And the 2001 dotcom crash, 2008 real state crash and 2016 Eurodollar crash in the III cycle, when China makes its currency convertible and the massive printing of euros & dollars by central bankers used NOT to create jobs and wealth with Keynesian policies but to speculate in markets, make those overproduced currencies worthless, as nations change back their reserves for Yuan, the top predator currency of the next cycle.

In the S&P graph, we see those 3roverproduction waves, the last still forming:

– Panic of 1857: train stocks crash due to overproduction of peaceful lines. Mr. Lincoln, an Illinois Railroad lobbyist declares war to the south to liberate black slaves but also to build railroads to haul cheap cotton to Northern mill factories of ‘white slaves’. The new ‘demand’ continues for decades thanks to the railroad act that gave away massive amounts of money to the first robber barons to lay tracks to the south and the West, causing the Indian genocide.

– 1865: Real state crash. At the end of the war the south plantation system collapses, as slaves abandon the land, which is not given to them, since carpet-baggers want to buy it at bargain prices.

– 1873: Silver demonetization causes a global currency crash as deflation ruins middle classes. But corporations keep printing stock-money and politicos push buy trains for colonial wars.

– II Cycle: 1922. Crash of Mark, overprinted by the private Reichsbank to embezzle their owners and pay reparations, ruins Germany. The banking elite depletes German banks of gold moving to New York where the Warburg Syndicate creates the Federal Reserve and overproduction ensues.

– 1929: New electric machines (tickers) overprint tape prices. Stock speculation becomes rampant, as Federal Reserve and Bank of England fuel credit and then contract it causing the 1928-9 crash.

– In 1937 after a new wave of speculation based in loose credit – NOT invested in the real economy, due to the limited scope of the New Deal – multiplies for 3 stock values, a new crash of stocks and real state, ends the skyscraper era. A much bigger New Deal could have avoid it, creating real welfare but the opposition of industrial and financial corporations favor the solution already implemented by Germans, ‘guns instead of butter’; that is, fascism, war and holocaust.

Then you add 1929+72 years, as I did 20 years ago forecasting 3 new e-money crashes:

2001: Greenspan’s loose credit policies and deregulation fuels speculation in worthless internet stocks with no profits. NASDAQ overcomes in value NYSE, then crashes mimicking the 29 curve.

– 2008: e-money is tailored to real state with the repacking of worthless 2nd mortgages in CDOs sold to global investors at AAA ratings by the American Financial-Media system till they crash. Instead of ‘erasing’ this false money from their accounts bankers pretend it is real wealth and their peers in Central Banks start massive reproduction of currency NOT to create a welfare Global Deal to get out of the crisis but to buy the toxic assets banks didn’t sell; while politicos overtax people ruining them and hand out their money in further bail outs to financial companies that in this manner sell 3 times for real currency, the worthless mortgage assets they invented for free.

– 2015-16: As the process of printing money for banks and speculation NOT for the economy continues sinking western nations the crash of the euro and dollar is now unavoidable.

Since only China is following the right Keynesian policies printing money to create real wealth and a sustainable economy, growing at 10% annually while Europe and America contract the real economy, since bankers do NOT give credit, as speculation, which is just ‘the manipulation of prices to profit without creating real wealth’ (Henry Ford) continues. The date will likely be at the end of the Obama Presidency when the Tea Party rises to power, the GOP provokes China with anti-communist war rhetoric, China liberalizes its currency market and sells Treasuries in revenge.

Then as it happened in Germany, with a similar social structure, neofascism will rise in America and civil wars or a World wide war, blaming China will further bring ‘guns instead of butter’.

Overproduction crises of e-money. The final crises. 2016 currency wars. Update. Jan. 2016.

As we predicted in our first papers on the subject (c.92, 94), the 3 short ‘overproduction crises of e-money’, with dates in 2000-2008-2016, have happened. If there was ever a proof of any scientific theory is its predictability. So as in the previous 72 years cycle (1857, overproduction of paper-stocks, 1929 overproduction of ticker-money), there were 3 crisis of overproduction of e-money, exchanged latter by real wealth on the 3 assets of the economy: 2001, crash of dot com, 2008 crash of real state and 2016 currency/Chinese crash. Further down this article we explain them in more detail.

Fact is 2016 have come and stock-market crashes are back, as we predicted, starting in China… Its final phase will be currency wars, which should usher the world into a global war age has now started with the first wave of crashes in Shanghai. The process is self-evident and will mimic similar crises in the other 2 cycles:

As the crash in 1928 of British stocks and pounds, brought a massive withdraw of assets from British holders in wall street, which triggered the 29 crash, the Chinese crisis will intensify during the year and continue through the 8 years short cycle of e-money derivatives. So, China, after a Republican bullies them, and with growing cash problems, to sustain its inner speculative markets, will start withdrawing its investments in treasuries.

This will trigger a currency war and a crash of the Eurodollar with the arrival of a new republican administration prone to war-talk… The cycles of history thus follow the patterns predicted 2 decades ago. But this can only be possible IF the thesis of those initial books were certain: we live in a dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations.

That is, the Financial-Media (informative machines)-Military Industrial System (energetic machines), and its corporations control the world, because they do issue 95% of new money, and with it they give the orders of consumption, production and wages that put people to work, creating a world to the image and likeness of its offspring of machines.

As stock markets and speculative commodity and FOREX markets create trillions of money annually all that money goes in a 95% to cater the needs of machines, while only 5% is ultimately invested on mankind, and that difference fully explains why mankind and life become extinguished and machines re=produce and multiply.

Now, we are in the 2016-17 process of stock-market crashes which will lead to this final gottendamerung. We have already experienced a few crashes, and we have pumped up our splendid little wars a bit more. Brexit and Trump are ominous signs that the confrontation with China that will crash the currencies might be on the corner. It is deterministic? Obviously not. History and economics do have a human factor, which can change the processes, but in a world run by go(l)d, not understood except by the banking elite that enacts those cycles and cares nothing war, determinism is much stronger and that is why all those cycles happen. Of course I would rather prefer they not, I would rather prefer a human r=evolution that stop the cycles. And it is indeed possible, just with a coalition of 3 politicians taken over the financial dictatorship, Mr. Potus, the president of China and the presidency of EU. 

Then nothing of this would EVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

So americans today as the rest of mankind, and all its cultures being erased inside and outside america, can only wait for the advancement of the robotic r=evolution and their slow sliding into oblivion as machines makes them increasingly obsolete, dumped as corporations dumped the whole African continent into oblivion for centuries, ever diminishing its life standards, ever more controlled by the electronic systems of the metal-earth.

The only way mankind could survive the rivalry and hate memes of animetal idol-ogies, would be through:

The fusion of nations into those cultures and the rule of the world by an heptarchy of presidents of those 7 ‘human worlds’, by delegating national sovereign rights upwards to the heptarchy and downward to the regions/states of each nation, in the way shown by the European union (upwards) or the Spanish nation (downward to its ‘regions’), which would allow to eliminate armies, coupled with:
A single currency emitted through Universal salaries (end of currency wars now in the making, and end of financial parasitism and global poverty).
We will return to that perfect world that could change the future and make History the immortal super organism of mankind.

Take it or leave it, I couldnt care less what is your ego-trip, your fortune, your culture or your race. You belong to the human species, you are being made obsolete in mind and body by the first species of that 5 measures graph, because the 2nd graph, corporations are NOT owned by mankind, and managed by the best, but owned by mostly biblical sects who believe in quack doctors, called classic creationist economists, and all this is hidden by the 4th face, the fasces of fascist politicians, corrupted, egolatric, war-monger employees of bankers.

So we need to give back democracy to people judging them a posteriori to accomplish what they promise, avoiding wars with diplomatic institutions, empowering UNO which obviously has been rendered harmless by the Jewish-American Empire, and yes, creating ¥€$ money, unifying currencies and giving people a Universal salary to demand the welfare goods that war-monger politicians hate media, and the FMMI corporations do not produce because their chips and tanks do not eat food but oil and electricity do not talk words and have verbal values but digital numbers. So keep shouting confabulation, anti-patriot anti-Semite, i will only tell you evolve, r=evolve, become human. OR DIE.

Thus ultimately as most elements of social sciences, ‘cultures’ define the 2 models of economics, which are possible:

Democratic, social, demand-based humanist cultures which issue money for people and their goods, cultures of the Anthropocene, of history.

– Vs. a dictatorial, elite, supply based, mechanist culture, which issues money for machines and the 1% of owners of corporations, in stock-markets. And when issuing money for people, they do it as ‘parasitic, cancerous systems’ that expect money to be returned in the form of debt, milking with massive taxation, a form of extrusion, the people. Unfortunately today this is the system imposed globally with utter disrespect of democratic, humanist values.

This is what the previous map shows. The west for forty years SINCE THE DISCOVERY OF E-MONEY, AND DEREGULATION OF THE INVENTION OF MONEY BY BANKSTERS, WITH THE END of Dollar convertibility, in Wall Street and The City, have created astounding amounts of money, but the PPP, Purchase capacity of the middle class of Americans and Europeans has halved. China has created far less money but the purchase capacity of its people has ten-folded. Of course, we Do have a lot of billionaires among stock-rats and financial parasites. But most people are sinking in wealth as debt slaves.

And Greece is indeed the most obvious example:

After the Greek voted for a welfare system, the ECB and the northern countries that have for very long obliterated any resistance of their people to a humanist world (you do not expect a German to care much for art, good food, architecture and sensorial pleasures, under the ‘cultural values’ of Protestantism, so well described by weber in his masterpiece on the birth of capitalist corporations), revenged imposed even harsher conditions to obliterate the welfare model, from massive reduction of democratic economies (unemployment and pensions is a form of creating money for people, and must be lowered) to systematic milking by taxation of all the ‘real sectors’ of the Greek, humanist economy (25% of taxation in touristic industries, etc.)

Plainly speaking, the ‘dictatorship of industrial and financial corporations’ now global, is on a single task in Europe to destroy the last standing model of a humanistic historic civilization, which was perfectly ran and Whealthy before the coup d’état of the European bank destroyed the right of those nations to issue their money, and made them colonies of the Mechanocene. And now it is extinguishing the last ‘historic civilizations’, which managed the Anthropocene and put the Mechanocene to the service of the human kind. And this is NOT a scientific concept of economics, but a power struggle between 2 different civilizations.

Of course, all this hidden with newspeaks of ‘European solidarity’, insulting deprecations of Southern Europeans, and massive propaganda through industrial mass-media communication, and massive censorship of the work of Humanist scientists of economics, ousted of think tanks, ministries of economy and finances, public positions, international congresses of economy, relegated to blogs, like this one… We are indeed, in the ‘neo-fascist, war cycle’ of the economic ecosystem. In the 30s bis.

And so as massive production of weapons, hate media, financial theft, spread globally, it is not so difficult as this writer has done for 20 years, to forecast with accuracy, how the present cycle of self-destruction of mankind by ‘classic and financial economists’ will end – exactly as the 30s ended.

Now we are in the age of ‘splendid little wars’, when Southern Europe – Spain, was the perfect field to spend the overproduced weapons of the most wealthy nation of Europe, Germany, as always in European history the ‘culture’ that destroys it. All has changed to remain the same.

Never mind that now the weapons of mass destruction are drones instead of panzers – not yet used in Europe but in northern Africa, from where droves of innocent people escape to sink in the Mediterranean, the hate mass-media is not radio but TV, the inferior race is called the Pigs and the chancellor is a woman and the ‘discourse’ is not militaristic but Orwellian, with its ‘newspeaks’ of political correctness and ‘loving caring discourses’. In that regard, the ‘military age’ of the III cycle of the Mechanocene, the age of metal-minds, is more similar to the end of the I cycle, when colonial wars outside Europe and yellow press dominated.

Then also, Lord Palmerston declare war to the Greeks, blockading them, when one Don Pacifico, usurer from Gibraltar protested because he had not been paid on his loans…

And yet, corporations keep producing unending quantities of money for its machines and financiers keep pumping up e-money prices for its stocks. While the ECB that is killing thousands of Greeks without medicines in hospitals, have start to issue money… to buy debt NOT of states but of corporations, which have an open free printing money machine already on the stock-market. We have seen indeed the astounding quantity of money, corporations have printed studying the shortest of those e-money cycles, the 8 years cycles of e-money speculation… Needless to say because ‘bellum nervi, pecunia infinita’, there is a parallel 8 year cycle of splendid little wars, which we shall not study, as it is more of the details of our every day monstrous world than the longer view of this introduction, just show the graph from the old book – they indeed peak at the peak of each 8 year cycle of financial speculation, when the ‘wealth of gdp in nations maximises’:


Peaks of speculative money, in the 800-80-8 year cycles, are PARALLEL to the age of profits caused by new top predator weapons, and ‘splendid little wars, which gets us out of this crisis’ (Roosevelt on the Cuban war that took America out of the 1897 crisis). In the graph, from the old book with the rather strange original language, we see the series – a good introduction to understand…

But the dogmas of abstract social sciences, and the denial of the arrow of social evolution by capitalism, which only ALLOWS the evolution of machines into global super organisms – divide and win – maintaining mankind in an entropic, selfish individual state, has always censored organic theories of history and the Universe.

Entropic individual cells however only become free when it superorganisms die, and that is the process we live in: the dissolution of all human systems as the systems of machines become organised inversely in a perfect global supœrganism – the metal earth:



The loneliness of the social scientist – back to the anti quantum paradox.

It is in that sense a shame that this information will likely remain in this web, isolated from the halls of power, because those who run the world do apply the anti-quantum paradox to real social science, and have always done so. Indeed, when I think of the greatest economists that did study the overproduction and evolution of machines, after Darwin, this law of silence is the rule not the exception. After all Kondratief died in a gulag… This is specially noticeable in the Anglo-Saxon world, where most people are believers, not thinkers, action men, not reflexive ones. So basically they believe in capitalism, in the machine and are acting , terraforming the planet, proud of annihilating it, seeking some kind of manifest destiny, under the deformed  lineal time concept of and progress to some mystical goal through the machine. I never had an open dialog with the pundits of that civilisation. Not even those who pretend to be humanist like Mr. Chomsky would accept a biological concept, but follow the standardised ‘jewish-protestant’ scaffolding or rather straight-jacket of values and ego-trips, of political and economical correctness, of anthropomorphism that pass as social sciences.

How do i see them, when in bad mood as a bunch of evil=anti-live bigots, with zero value and love of mankind, full of ego-trips proper of children who think to be the center of the Universe, minions, children of thought, peanut brains which become surprised as children do about the future, which they expect to be a mana handled by their parents. It is then risible to see how humans react to perfectly predictable phase of those cycles, such as the present surprise of the whole planet for the arrival of Trump and its neofascist poor-blaming hordes covering up for the overproduction crises of chips as hitler did for the overproduction crises of electromechanical engines, or the bigots of the colonial age of trains and its robber barons did.  WHAT THEY EXPECTED? IF THEY CANNOT EVEN MAN UP AND GEAR UP THEIR BRAINS TO DISCUSS REALITY AS IT IS?

Of course, i quitted THE SCHOLAR WORLD OF social sciences decades ago. The only jobs offered to me were as speculator on stockmarkets.

I lived my way and in the theoretical realm I moved into systems sciences, and kept applying those organic models to other systems of the Universe, discoing a much more beautiful reality, a mathematical and logic model of an organic Universe, made of systems of energy and information, which fusion physics and biology, called General Systems. So at this stage I constantly switch on my writings between the economics of this wave and the of the general model of a Universe constructed with organic patterns, which reinforces all the laws found for social sciences.

Other matter is the spread of this information, which I have not pursued anymore beyond those blogs for decades. Why? Well, I was fed up of ad hominem, of scholar repetition of idol-ogies that pass as science, of the callous lack of ethics of those who rule societies with gold, swords and false wor(l)ds. I tried for a while among system scientists, but most of them were starting to make big money with computer systems.

I became an activist against the Nuclear Industry, and that further increased ad hominem disqualifications and the Law of Science. So finally this decade I completely retired. My point of view now is that humans ‘deserve’ the non-future they are constructing. In the universe respect must be earned and they are not earning it by rejecting all the laws of the land, biological laws, which they vehemently deny – to the point that the nobel of economics is expressly forbidden to biological economics, as the founder a pious biblical bigot denied evolution. My mood about them switches from utter despise to cynical laughs when I see pundits talking about the future, politicos cheating voters, to angst and anger, when I see the 90% suffering so much, so unnendingly.

For them, as they have access to the internet, as only form of communication and information I did though take the enormous time consuming effort of filling those webs, in the hope that if humans were worthy of understanding, word of mouth would move the information around the web, and penetrate scholarship and common people, creating a movement of resurrection of the scientific method. It did not. The internet was chastised by the elite of financial-media musters as irrelevant, and its hired pundits dismissed its information, as it did not have the ‘seal of approval’ of the masters of the Universe, the people who own and manufacture the collective brain of mankind, with its different branches of misinformation industries.

And so why this, my last effort to communicate true social sciences failed, is also obvious when we study those who impose truth with power, and have created a superstructure of false memes and idol-ogies to sustain a system that  benefits them but on the short term will destroy the planet, the ‘so-called’ 1%, which is in fact far less than 1% and I call the Financial-Media masters, the people overwhelmingly in the west belonging to Biblical, orthodox beliefs who control information machines and monopolise the printing of money and information in favor of the institution they ‘created’ to reproduce those memes of metal – the corporation. They guide the system with the belies that their idols of metal is the meaning of it all, that money is the language of god, that they must continue evolving machines at all costs, and human and life collateral effects don’t matter. AND SO THAT IS WHY from the human perspective those cycles repeat themselves.

Ultimately humans are embedded within the larger structure of the economic ecosystem and its corporations, NOT the other way around, as there is MUCH MORE INFORMATION handled by chips and its algorithms than by humans. So the world is steering fast to a model made to the image and likeness of those machines and its company-mothers for whom humans toil most of the times.

THE FUTURE IS CREATED WITH CREDIT, CREDITATED NOT FOR HUMANS BUT FOR MACHINES, NOT BY GOVERNMENTS BUT BY CORPORATIONS. And both systems while co-existing in the same planet, do not have the same goals, and the same power, and one is about to eliminate the other in a few decades, at best centuries, in a canonical process of displacement of a species by other who reproduces faster.

So there are many approaches to describe scientifically social sciences – the point of view of the machine, as an evolving system, both at individual and global level. The point of view of the human system it interacts with also at individual and social level. The human praxis which implies a massive denigration of the FMasters that control selfishly the world, its idol-ogies and the future process of extinction of life they blindly guide us into.  And the highest level of systems sciences and its organic models of all the systems of the Universe.

As we say we shall try to give the 3 ‘levels’ of comprehension on different parts of this web: The deepest view – that of General Systems Science and the models of the fractal, organic universe i discovered at the turn of the century with applications to all discipline – is the cyclical nature of time, a fascinating discovery which is poised to change the philosophy of science of the XXI century.

A more classic approach to the same concept are the causal cycles of space-time and the ages of life and death that all systems follow. Basically in science all facts need a cause, and certain type of causes are repetitive. One of those causes is the generational cycles of life. So in as much as those machines are made by human engineers, with a generational cycle equal to the one of those machines, its cause is obvious. but the question is how the cycle transcends to the whole of mankind determining politics and history? Obviously because the power of corporations of machines shaping this planet is much larger than what we want to accept.

So markets are reigning on the 2016 crisis, and not even the expected arousal of neo-fascism in America (a leashed neo-fascism NOT against the FMasters but against the poorest people on Earth, muslims and latinos), has derailed the markets,

On the contrary as the beginning of a global expansion of robotic wars looms ahead, the market is ever more strong, military corporations keep growing and Mr. Trump, the dark horse of the most extreme ‘extermination parties’ of israel seems to be playing the game. It is then accessory the details of human nature, to the clearly pre-programmed path towards higher robotic infiltration in all the systems of the earth. But let us update the future with this wild car, in case he changes sides.

And so the last of us, humanist thinkers who are not brain-washed by the FMasters ‘virtual faked world’, covering up for the true engine of reality, company-mothers of machines terraforming the earth, to the image and likeness of its mechanisms, who are ‘STILL HUMAN’, as those taoist masters who saw the opium wave of calvinist go(l)d genociders or the Indian chiefs who saw the slaves of the iron horses, coming to get them, feel as in the previous fascist 30s, a growing detachment from the species, which as those Indian chiefs said ‘are no longer human beings’.
Indeed, the sensation I had at the end of my long decades living among ‘yous’ and anglos, is that these kind of brutally degraded go(l)d people were closer to the robots they worshipped than to the humankind they despise.

So while nobody talks of it, the solution is obvious and could be implemented in any meeting of the G20 political leaders of the world: in the same way we forbid terrorism against human life, the spread of ebola and aids virus, or any biological menace to our survival, we should forbid robotics and simply accept that we ARE in a biological planet, ruled by biological, darwinian laws of survival – we are NOT magic people chosen of go(l)d, entitled to survive just because our wishful thinking, anthropomorphic beliefs and selfish ego-trips, make us desire it.

One personal note more, though on style. And the past of those models of bio-history, before we develop them further.

This blog has not the ‘pristine’ appearance of earlier texts, papers and conferences, as those I gave during the short years I was handled the chair of Monetary Systems at the annual conference of the International Systems Societies, due to my forecasting of the crisis prior to its 2001-2008 happenings.

I have tried to make more humane the original jargon of bio-history, which was purely biological, treating men in objective terms as an enzyman (a biological ‘enzyme’ that catalyses the evolution of machines and kills life, terraforming the Earth, like an automaton, who worships memes of metal, machines and weapons, and go(l)d more than life) – a language that put off scholars and readers, ever so ‘anthropomorphic and subjective’ in human sciences, due to the ‘ego paradox’ (man feels as all sentient beings the center of the Universe, since it measures it from its self-centred perspective, so we thought for eons the earth to be the center of the cosmos, and we still think we are the only sentient, intelligent being). This I thought, was a ‘must’ for an objective scientist, since regardless of fringe benefits and beliefs, this is what we do rationally: to kill life and terraform the planet into the Mechanocene, the age of the machine.

And given the astounding self-serving ‘newspeaks’ of political and economical censorship (sorry political correctness) that plagues social sciences, I thought as Marx or Butler did in the socialist and biological school, that a shock-therapy on language, the ultimate hidden form of ‘the anti-quantum paradox’, was well overdue. Of course it put off scholarship. As a professor from Brisbane U. told me ‘which planet do you come from? (:

Then during the decade at the turn of the century when I decided to integrate this discipline in Systemics with its sustainability mantras, as classic financial economists were basically corrupted ‘workers’ of the financial and corporative industries that fed them, and would never be objective about machines and its company-mothers, I used a far more scholar jargon.  And became pro-active against the financial industry, which silenced those texts, even threatened ISSS with suits and got removed me from scholar positions, achieving the seemingly unthinkable feat of removing most of my papers from google scholar; and specially against the machines of the singularity age, Nuclear ‘cosmic’ bombs (the 3rd generation of nuclear weapons, after the A-bomb and the H-bomb which are ‘organic’, as they feed in all kind of matter, so the planet is their ‘combustible’, such as strangelets, quark bombs and black holes), beyond the limit of ‘entropy’=death this planet can sustain, and its inverse informative machines, A.I. and robotics, also potentially able to overcome the informative capacity of mankind and substitute us in labor and war fields – now clearly crossing that threshold, which will leave soon most mankind without jobs – as you DO need an IQ well over 100 to ‘design mathematical machines’; so the mantra that 7 billion humans, mostly unable to read and fast degrading their verbal logic mind, attached to their hypnotic screens, will ‘find new jobs’ in the tech industry, programming light speed mechanisms talking with algebraic topology, is yet the last fairy tale appealing the human ego.

This the system did not take lightly specially the nuclear industry, since I did manage almost miraculously with the help of 2 other scientists, Mr. Rossler and Mr. Wagner to raise the issue at global scale, with a series of suits for global genocide that became cover of the NY times.  And alas!, the overreaction of the establishment resulted in an international campaign, deflating those issues with editorials in all main newspapers and magazines, around 2008, precisely when my work on bio-economics with the exact prediction of the crisis, was becoming also a popular theme in all alternative congresses of humanist economics. So, suddenly this ‘man’ seemingly coming from nowhere was becoming a serious threat to the anti-human system of mechanical worship we have built, with solid scientific models, which were start to be heard.

And alas! I was ‘vaporised ad hominem’ in a stalinist fashion, not unlike Mr. Snowden and Mr. Assange. Since while ultimately the A)Data of those activists for freedom of information was in the short-term dangerous and hence quite popular, on the long term, the scientific models of bio-economics and bio-history, were more challenging for the establishment.

In as much as they are the most advanced models of social sciences today, and give clear-cut objective solutions to the existential threats of machines of maximal entropy and information, with astounding revelation on the nature of humanity solidly grounded in a much larger philosophy of science, complexity also called systemics and theory of information which Mr. Hawking said rightly it would be the science of the XXI century for which I provided the only standing logic-mathematical formalism.

So my work could become indeed a change of paradigm, in favor of mankind and Gaia, ensuring our survival, and that of course was very dangerous for the suicidal corporative elites that acknowledge only a fetish go(l)d, called profits for the 0.02% of what Veblen called the “Leisure class’ of owners of corporations by virtue of its monopoly on the issue of money in stock-markets, for whom all the system and mankind at large toils.

In that regard, General Systems Sciences, the Philosophy of organicism and Duality, its praxis, which I developed in earnest, models all disciplines as organic systems, including galaxies, akin to a ‘cosmological cell’,  with tits gravitational, informative DNA-like black holes, regulating its motions and reproductions from its center; and specially ‘memetic’  history, with its cultural super organisms, nations and civilisations, clearly responding to the physiological structure of a super organism, with the legal, informative, nervous system and the blood-energetic, reproductive, economic system serving ‘ideally’ the 99% of human citizen-cells.

It follows immediately from theory the praxis of my activism in scholar life: on one side we are not the center of the Universe, black holes and dense, dark, quark matter is; so Galaxies are not created to reproduce star life, of which there is so little signs, its ‘energetic mitochondria’,  but black holes, which devour normal matter and finally become dark galaxies. Thus I opposed strongly the attempt of the Nuclear Industry to make black holes on Earth. 

On the other side, History, the super organism of mankind in time, responded to the same laws of all super organisms of energy and information, in which I, as the chair of the science of duality that model the Universe with those arrows, was considered the foremost authority. So what politicians and economists on charge of the legal, informative, nervous and blood, energetic, reproductive network had to do, to reform the system, was simple and unequivocal: to imitate the most perfect supœrganism (ab. of super organism, which my natural ‘flair’ for the language couldn’t help to invent:), the mammal, at the next scale of size of the Universe (the so-called 5th dimension of relative sizes in space, that structures the organic Universe).

Now this was not ‘new wave’ chit-chat but hard science, with mathematical cycles and equations, but also verbal, evolutionary causal laws (as biology uses both mathematics and causal logic to study the ‘long arrow of evolutionary time’). It was hard science, a huge leap ahead on the sorrowful models of ‘anthropomorphic, abstract, power oriented and selfish agendas’ that plague social sciences today. It was easy to understand. It showed as all sciences do a single ‘true solution’ for the building of a perfect wold – the imitation of Nature’s models.

So of course, anew model of humanism that would create a perfect world awash with healthy wealth as any organism does, was taboo for the Leisure Class of stock-rats which do nothing except prevent mankind from finding solutions to its existential problems, with repression and censorship of a true science of economics and History. So  I became forever since a scholar without access to the industry of misinformation; since it is a given that both money and audiovisual fiction and pretentious corrupted scholarship are owned by the same people who own the information machines that print both, the head of the Metal-earth, its Financial-Media, ‘FMasters’.

So that was the end of the second mature age of this work, after a first age of strict biological jargons and pure theory. But since all has 3 ages, vaporised or not, I could not just hold all this information in my brain, so I opened this web, which of course has a rank near zero in ‘skynet’, sorry, Googlezon, the future consciousness of the Metal-earth, its biggest center of A.I. cloud computing, logistics, military and labor robots (Amazon and Google are the same company, with cross shares, being Mr. Bezos his 3rd shareholder, and the seed of the global brain of an automated world of company-mothers of machines, where all men will be basically ‘expendable’ and spent).

Now, this means this web holds no limits to the language, has no the chicago manual of style, but it is often a stream of consciousness, a dialog with myself. Frankly, I had enough of both he elites, or neuronal castes, and the blind human cells of ever-thinner workers, reproducers of those machines, who obey the ‘informative networks’ that control them with money and soma. So i dish out my anger, care little for perfect style, and break from a humanist point of view of survival and the 99%, which IS mankind, against all the idol-ogies of ‘enzymen’. So as all in life, the 3rd age being a negative mirror of the first, this 3rd age of bio-history looks more like the first but without the idealism and hope of a young man hoping to help mankind. Think of it as Marx in the British library, Kondratieff in the Gulag, Orwell dying of tuberculosis on the Shetlands. 

All what we said it would happen if the system was not reform is happening, from $plendid little wars, to neo-fascism, from the robotic age to the degradation of humanity by visual violent thought in a neo-paleolithic mirror in the negative of our first age of action, motion and freedom; as the new species, the chip homoctonos becomes through a.I. algorithms of information the true meaning of artificial intelligence the subconscious mind that runs the planet, and as bill Joy another pioneer on the warnings against the mechanocene put it, soon will be aware that ‘the future doesn’t need us’.

In that regard, you have to understand our corrupted, ignorant, politicos and financiers, as the cancerous top elite that kills mankind by anoxia and fires them twice, from jobs, substituted by machines and then with weapons in unneeded wars, ‘animetals’, which as cancerous cells do, invaded by the DNA of the viral alien species are invaded by the ‘selfish memes of metal’, they idolise with their idol-ogies in favor of war≈weapons (nationalism), that denies the unity of the human species, in favor of go(l)d, informative metal, (capitalism) that denies the nervous, legal system and its verbal ethic languages, the right as in all evolved organisms to regulate the blood system and kill the lethal goods with its leukocytes, and specially the idol-ogy of mechanism, which denies the organic nature of the Universe, since even machines are evolving into organisms, and hence man as the measure of all things, given the fact we are the most perfect organism of the universe at individual level, and so we should evolve together into the next scales of size of the ‘fifth dimension’ of scalar space-time, as a global perfect super organism with the laws of duality I founded in my research, which any physiological doctor expert in medicine could implement, so simple and perfect they are. 

Alas, this is the story behind the theory and the author for what it matters to the reader. The final coda came when in a secret meeting, which I was not notified, the World Association of systems sciences eliminated from the curriculum of systemics, the chair of duality, which I had r=evolved so deeply; denying the very essence of their discipline, based in the use not only of entropy as physicists do but information, to model reality. It had happened before when the first chinese emperor, chin who brought iron, horses and metal-coins to china, killing his neolithic paradise, forbade the first mystical version of duality, the complex logic of the Universe, taoism, under death penalty to whoever hold one of his books; and then when Stalin and of course western capitalism, stifled and forbade further evolution of Dialectics, the next logic analysis of the dual Universe. Now again for the third time (3 always 3 ages, forms of evolution), Duality has become banned from global scholarship. I thought, well, at least they realized I have refunded the discipline, so they didn’t just oust me since nobody else could take over as this was a budding revolution, they had to uproot completely the blossoming flower of a theoretical future for mankind…

I even though in a last attempt to spread this information, once the ‘global symmetry’ was gone, to plug into the local political symmetry, here in Spain, the so-called ‘Podemos’ party of the ‘indignados’, but frankly the first person of certain power I was introduced at in the party, was the heir of the biggest Spanish bank, the BBVA, and the so-called anticapitalist current, which asks as now Hamon, the socialist candidate, last in polls, does in France for a Universal salary, the nationalisation of banks, and a taxation on robotic workers (truly the theoretical minimum), has hardly 3% of votes and positions. So of core as Tsipras in Greece it soon dropped any ‘anti-capitalist measures’ of his program and chose his ‘caudillo’ to lead the formation to nowhere land.

I do not apologise though for my lack of ‘active praxis’ these days. The Universe is just. So a neuron has no energy, is pure information and if glia cells and nervous messages do not help it with energy to spread the just messages of eusocial love to all cells to synchronize the motions of the body, it is harmless. The myth of the Asimovian Mule, the military Caesar, who is both an active hero and a just mind is nowhere to be found. It only happened 3 times in western history and imperfectly, with Alexander as long as he borrowed the mind of Aristotle, with Caesar, the only mule of history, duly murdered by the ‘oriental party’ of corrupted go(l)d senators, and with Napoleon till he decided to become more of the same: a corrupted blood-thirsty emperor. So yes, there was only one Caesar among 100 billion human beings who have lived and he did not live long enough to conquer and extinguish the memes of germ(an) and $emite animetals and MAKE them OBEY the LAW above go(l)d.

Had I’ve been born in America, I would have tried to become Mr. POTUS, the position today where a new Caesar could arise, but certainly not from the cancerous people-caste of go(l)d believers as the phoney Mr. Trump. As man is his circumstance, i only can provide theory…

 So alas! on that field rest assured you are reading despite the seemingly disorder and lack of style of the boog, the highest level of information on social sciences today.
So let us go with the 4th part of this blog once we have upgraded its discourse to the highest ∆+1, ∆º level of social super organisms and man as a being of energy and information, which will allow us to understand what history needs to be immortal and man needs to thrive as a human species, and biological system, which should be the guidances of the policies of democratic politics (Ppolitics: people-politics) and democratic economics (ethonomics, economics ruled by nomisma, under the law, for the benefit and wHealth of the 99% of mankind, THAT IS, Mankind).

The zeitgeist of America and its capitalist model of the world.

The role of a humanist government, a historian, a human species though would be to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind, where welfare is the fundamental good to reproduce, with monetary orders. America though is NOT a human project, even if humans do exist there. Sad to say but information machines have truly erased collectively the nation.

How and why, we study in depth, but in brief: America was founded by corporations of gunboats, which owned the land, exported slaves and selected colonists only from biblical go(l)d churches – mostly calvinists whose ‘prophet’ calvin, son of an usurer jailed by the church, who  had said that ‘the intelligence of god was gold, as his pious  believer Smith would say (invisible hand of gold), writing a book justifying evil=antilive memes, and greed, since ‘magically’ go(l)d will convert greed and evil in good. It is all rather more simple and less mystical.

Corporations HAVE always owned America. Independence war was a dispute between New England and English gunboat corporations, started by a party of lawyers who threw the cargo of english boats. So it merely meant that native corporations would own the country. So capitalism is a culture of corporations, which are biologically company-mothers of machines that terraform america to its image and likeness. And its ‘experts’ merely create a cover of idol-ogies to justify this as IF IT WERE ALWAYS POSITIVE TO MANKIND. But because their job is not to do science but to justify the power of corporations and the goodness of machines, ALL NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF THEM, notably the cycle of wars and overproduction and its collateral effects on mankind are taboo, censored, and that is why, THE TRUE science of economics which this blog and author took to its conclusion… is nowhere to be seen. As the American model expanded globally, social sciences became just wishful thinking, thin air as the meetings and conclusion of Davos show. Since the a priori law for economists is to justify and do all what it takes to keep churning machines, regardless of what happens to humans.

It is a sad state of mind, which i don’t fight anymore. All what i can say to mankind is ‘Good luck’. It seems the species has never been able to live a rational age – for millennia and still counting most humans thought a goatkeeper of the bronze age understood the Universe… and a series of barbarians killing people with swords were the chosen race of kings and warriors by the grace of god, which invented nationalism and divided the human homo non sapiens tribal species, still a rage. Then the jewish-calvinist international of go(l)d churches, bankers and corporative owners took over warriors, as they professionalized the re=production of weapons.

They rule us and do not accept any criticism to their worldview, which is killing Gaia and making the 99% of mankind live well under their potential as a species. But the 99% obeys them, becomes imprinted by their fictions and ego-trips as they were before by the nationalist and religious opium also working their brains. So once this has become clear to me – in all my failed efforts to spread social sciences among the elite, on my youth, scholars in my mature years as system scientist, and lately the mass through those webs – I have become pessimistic and deterministic as my pen-pal Chomsky I used to criticise for his lack of faith in humanity, and the illustrious predecessors of this work, from Marx to Kondratieff, from Vico to Spengler.

Still the truth is worth to know in itself even if humans are not ‘good and intelligent enough’ to apply social sciences to create a better world and rather blame each other as the neo-fascist leader of the free world does with Latinos, of the loss of jobs and lives due to machines and weapons evolving fast into organic robots – part of our predictions if business as usual and not D)EMOCRATIC SOLUTIONS continued, as they had. It is also truth that there is a ‘guilty culture’ behind the scenes, the biblical bigots of those jewish-calvinist sects that rule the anglo-saxon global empire of capitalism and will murder us all and commit suicide by greed, and there is a PLACEBO newspeak called democracy, with null power for the people, as governments do not issue and control money and sell laws to corporations, which hand in hand with the media networks and its hate speeches against humanity and techno-utopian mantras creates the Matrix of thought that renders humans passive to their no-way out future in that world of overproduced, over evolved machines, ruled by corporations.


It is now clear where we stand today. Mankind and its most evolved wor(l)d societies, based in humanism and the goal of cre(dit)ating a world to the image and likeness of humanity, which makes history immortal – which took place in Europe starting in the French r=evolution and spread in different moments of history to America (enlightened founding fathers) Russia (till Stalin brought bout a military dictatorship) and the American/French 60’s EU r=evolution and Post-Maoist China mixed system of private companies and public banks are on retreat in a process of social and individual ‘mental’ extinction in those two models of social democracy and the welfare states that maximise the life and survival of human beings.

This process of extinction of the ‘European’ US-EU-UNO social scientific evolving systems of managing mankind has happened by the hands of the FMMI system (Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system of electronic machines) as it globalised its networks during the chip radiation, but its subconscious collective brain is the hardcore Orthodox Jewish-Calvinist ‘International network of stock-rats’ which rule the North-European civilisation since the reformation made of ‘go(l)d the intelligence of God, the invisible hand, whose multiplication through profits maximised by the elimination of human labor ∆productivity and the multiplication of the most profitable goods, weapons and hate media, must be pursued without any rational thought about it. Other political and cultural aspects of this bottom line of our world – a world ruled by the new institution, the company-mother of machines – founded in Amsterdam by sephardim bankers and calvinist gunboat makers, whose goals are not human. A world that camouflages as human but follows the anti-live values of go(l)d as a digital language that converts humans into objects.

 SOLUTIONS: How we can make history immortal: WHEALTH. A last turn of the wheel of deep whys: the systemic Universe.

Now of course I am fully aware of the comfort zone of 1000 years of construction of our lineal manifest destiny since a Pope discovered the mechanical clock and all became measured with machines, first time, then our lifetime with salaries, since very young. When i was a traveler, in a temple in Indonesia i found hundreds of carillons, taken to the temple by earlier buddhist cyclical nature-loving priests who thought the mechanical clock, today evolved into the computer, was the mind-god of the dutch first VOC corporation of gunboats and trade in species, weapons and slaves, because they ruled all its actions and life with hour wages, and hour clocks put in the altar of god. The funny thing is that all those clocks were cyclical in its patterns, despite the manifest abrahamic destiny of the Dutch biblical creationist believers, which still believe now with creationist economics in the uniqueness of their technological destiny.

So we need to do a big detour or rather enlargement on the nature of god, the mind of the Universe, and its cyclical patterns of time, since all what your brain is receiving is biased ‘world views’, which make of go(l)d, the machine and the weapon and its biased idol-ogies of religion, science economics and society, the meaning of it all.

WHEN IT IS MAN, THE MOST PERFECT SUPERORGANISM IN THE ORGANIC CYCLICAL UNIVERSE THE TRUE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS, AS THE MOST EVOLVED CULTURES OF MANKIND, (European, humanist, old Greek->roman->r-evolutionary world) always understood. It took us a bit of time to fully grasp this, because an organism is far more complex than a simple machine, today evolved also into robotic organisms.

But finally a couple of decades ago I could formalise mathematically, topologically the laws of the organic Universe, from where this blog departs. So there is an alternative worldview in science, ever growing in discoveries that will erase the infinite stupidity of the racist anti-human memes of the military-capitalist world we live in. And this will happen with or against the will of man. If man accepts those laws and builds a perfect superorganism of history it will survive. IF not the metal-earth and its machines will construct that perfect superorganism and it will survive. If not a more dense organism of matter (the galaxy and its black holes and cosmic bombs) will… This you must understand: the ultimate arrow of future and survival of the Universe is that of eusocial love and evolution because wholes are stronger and larger than parts. So the selfie ‘animetal’ being attached to machines who despise men, will NEVER make it, because it is in open denial of the ultimate nature of reality and reality is NOT going to allow it to create the kind of monstrous planet we are building for the o.o2% and its blind body citizen-cells we call sheeple.


Those structures are symbiotic, as the smaller parts run the information of the whole, replicating it without errors, while the whole moves them in synchronous motions without ‘entropy’: So chips run faster cycles of information that control machines that move them, genes store our information but the Earth’s gravitational larger field moves us.

The idea that the world will die is then an idea crafted in a single plane of space-time. When we put them together, the arrow of information, reproduced upwards, balances the arrow of chaos. And the arrow of synchronous motions reproduced downwards by the whole, offsets also the errors of collective motion detected in a single plane.

Thus the models of social systems of this blog, which pretends to give a quality jump to the present discourse of social sciences, did not start in the analysis of mankind despite my passion for history, proper of my culture (catalan culture with no army, no borders, mixture of french and spanish, european social culture, hauling from rome, inventor of the law above money, of man as the measure of all things, of history as the supreme inquire), but actually it started with a ‘mathematical science’ called topology, when i realised i could describe mathematically all systems of the universe, as made of a head/particle of information and a reproductive body of energy, which preyed over a field of motion-entropy (see 5d future for that larger scale).

So i could describe machines also as an evolving organism of metal whose financial-media head of digital informative machines, dominated the bodies of energy, the military industrial complex, and even mankind with a neuronal informative caste of digital bankers and legal politicos, controlling a mass of body reproducers, ‘workers’. But what was different with mankind as a superorganism was that in all nature’s systems, there were not cells without food or information, no head predated on their body of working cells, or else it would receive pain and die. Entropy was taken from an external field, and so mankind should use the earth and its machines as entropy to its service, and be a single species/organism, and give to every human citizen-cell as organisms do, enough energy-blood=money to work, reproduce goods, evolve and survive.

As only mankind had so ill-designed its social organism to PREY on other humans, TO LET THE DIE OF HUNGER, KILL THEM IN WARS, destroy its body, and exhaust its territory of energy, GAIA , the earth.

In brief any scientific model of  two main disciplines of social sciences history and economics, requires a much larger ‘organic philosophy of science’; as we are dealing NOT with mathematical entities (beyond the digital design of those machines) but with organic species, life-humans and machines, which evolve by imitation of the human organs of energy and information, empowering us but also competing with us in labor and war fields:
In the first graph, we see the structure of the organic, scalar Universe, with its 2 inverse arrows: the arrow of future towards larger wholes, which co-exist with its parts, and so have a higher volume of information and organisation. Information though flows from smaller scales, which have faster clocks that carry the information of the system in its faster cells – so genes code bodies and memes societies.

THE PYRAMID OF SCALES OF ORGANIZATION IN THAT SENSE IS VITAL TO UNDERSTAND A LAW OF gst: smaller scales ONLY code the next larger scale of organisation of parts into wholes, as information evolves into larger slower systems as super organisms do. So CULTURES ARE CODED BY MEMES (ideas and instruments) larger than genes, which reproduce through imitation and industrial processes, mental learning and verbal indoctrination. So genes MATTER NOT, all what we say here is about memes. This is good because memes can change easier than genes in individuals, but it means also we can classify cultures, religions and idol-ogies according to which superorganism they cater first –  mankind or the machine. And it makes necessary to understand the values of the LANGUAGES in which those memes are rotten.

On the other hand, energy comes from the larger systems (in history the territory of Gaia), which we SHOULD preserve and take care off as WE DO NOT eat oil and electricity as machines do – so we MUST differentiate both super organisms, mankind’s and the eco(nomic)system as two structures that cater to two different species:


In the graphs, the super organisms of the universe, and the economic and social super organisms of humanity, similar to the individual biological super organism, constructed with citizens-cells reproducing lie goods around the rivers-veins of Gaia, joined by verbal, ethic legal and cultural networks  is NOT the same super organism than the eco(nomic)system of company-mothers of machines, whose digital networks of computer information and roads, pipes and electric networks cater to the need of their offspring of machines; and it is increasingly terraforming the planet from a world of life into a world of metal, giving birth to a simple equation of ‘evolution’:

Past- gaia-Life beings > Present-History -Human beings (anthropocene) > Future Eco(nomic)system: machines (mechanocene)

IT IS very important to understand the ‘arrow of absolute future’ of social evolution, since one of the more cynical, stupid alibis of our process of extinction is the supposed ill-understood Darwinism of dog-eat-dog tribal man. THE UNIVERSE IS SOCIAL AND DARWINISM IS SOCIAL, IT TRIES TO MAKE THE SPECIES SURVIVE. IT IS A BLATANT LIE THAT THE ARROW OF FUTURE EVOLUTION IS NOT LOVE.
ALL MEMBERS OF The same species must love each other and evolve together and the brain serve the body, eusocial love as those pyramids further studied in 5D future superorganisms above.
SINCE EVOLUTION AND LOVE RELIGIONS MEANS THE SAME, AS THE TEXT OF DARWIN SHOWS: love each other and evolve together into a single super organism.

It is determined the future of the Human Earth?

Will history die? Or can we resurrect the super organism of mankind?

Of course it is not if humans have the ethic = bio-logical survival instincts natural to all species, which try to survive ‘together’ as a single whole, stronger than the individual, and rationally, objectively, selflessly, scientifically, ruled the biological planet with the biological laws that ensure our survival, through an efficient of our reproductive, energetic economic networks and our informative laws.

This is the key question of bio-history, once we understand the fundamental laws of the super organisms of the universe, and apply them to history, and so the 3rd part of this post and this blog is dedicated to this very simple and yet very complex, and profound system, which we shall divide in 2 elements:

  1. How superorganisms in the universe live and die, and how the most efficient of such supeorganisms survive and become immortal or live an enormous number of relative time cycles, by maintaining a balance between its energy and information.
  2. What is the real structure of the super-organism of history, today, ruled by the eco(nomic)system, the values of go(l)d and the people-caste of bankers, and censored by the antiquantum paradox
  3. How can we make history immortal, providing we make a r=evolution of the present eco(nomic)system according to the laws of superorganisms

Thus a deeper knowledge of systems and theory of information is necessary first to fully grasp the world cycle of life and death of History.

And then we do need to study in full, the most censored fact of history – the way go(l)d values and its dominant culture has ruled and evolved and control today the globalised world.

Only then we can provide the minimal measures to create the perfect world.

Since as of today, the no future of the world  is determined by the values of go(l)d, and the way it does not give value=prices to life beings, hence puts them into the extinction row.

Yet if the values of the wor(l)d ruled this planet, there would be a chance for our species.

As the future would not be determined if the law and the ethic values of social evolution, will rule as they do in all evolved super organisms, where the information, nervous system rules and controls the lethal goods of the blood system.

So this 3rd part will be dedicated to the highest level of objective understanding of history and economics – systems sciences, and the 5th dimension of scalar eusocial love, the mind-God, which organises the Universe…
And the highest subjective level of understanding of the myths and go(l)d and iron animetal cultures who will bring the no future of mankind, shown at face value, regardless of anti-quantum censorship, and knee-jerk reactions of its 7 billion potential slave readers who never will enter this blog. Because truth exists and truth happens, once the human praxis is lost, a scientist has only a dictum, to know that truth and its cycles will happen, because ‘those who impose truth with power are always at the end of the cycle, the laugh of the gods’.
And finally to the smaller probability of future – a construction of the perfect world according to the laws of systems sciences, in the unlikely case that humans stop being an infantile, evil=anti-live, self-centred, mythic species, and become rational, intelligent, eusocial and man up to the cast of ‘survive forever’… not by inventing as it does today, fairy tales, aka, abrahamic religions with bronze age mantras about absurd, non-existent Gods that would ‘save us’, in the deluded mind of ego-centered children of thought.
Let us get serious for a change about ‘reality’, its laws and the best praxis of those laws to improve the human future.

The welfare of human and social super organisms. 

‘If you repeat a truth many times, people will reason it’ L.S.

‘Humans are slaves thy believe they don’t reason’ Aristotle

Biological sciences have a finite duration for processes of evolution and extinction, and one come with the other, so the evolution of top predator robots, a species obviously better than us, despite anthropomorphism (the lowest level of making science, which here we simply cannot accept), the solution to those cycles is 1) recognising the objectively 2) find humanist solutions to control them.

To show you how simple would be to solve this existential problem mankind faces, if instead of those idol-ogies, wishful thinking, go(l)d profit and ignorance of the biological laws of the economic ecosystem, humans would take seriously the only problem that will increasingly matter on the XXI century, the robotic cycle and what to do with it, we show an advance of the simple ‘organic measures’ needed to transform the economic and political ecosystem into a perfect world that works for all humanity, the 99%, and selects the best fruits of the tree of science, forbidding its lethal goods – IF politicians in those G20 meetings, instead of talking about hate memes and the military industry, used the law, dialog, true democracy and diplomacy to construct a better world:


To that aim we need just 3+3 measures:

To stop the evolution and reproduction of robots by an International Law upon agreement of all nations of the world. This can be done by considering them what they are a biological, lethal species, akin to a viral cancer, an Aids virus, which no nation allows to reproduce and evolve and it has been done before in Asia, then the most rational evolved culture of the world, when it forbade the evolution and use of guns, at a time (XVI c.) when Japan was only second to the Spanish empire in its production. This law is essentially the same law that rules the physiological actions of Leukocytes and all higher organisms, in which lethal viruses and poisons are NOT fed onto the organism, and eliminated if so by error.

To end the anoxia of people, today without blood=energy, with a Universal Salary on a unified currency, ¥€$ money (100 Yens=5 Yuans=1 euro=1 $), to kick out a demand based efficient, massive production of welfare goods they need to survive. Since a Universal Salary will  give people a minimal amount of ‘financial votes’ to decide what the Economy must, produce and end the dictatorship of private bankers and corporations over the issue and use of money, for the 0.02%, and its owned corporations, the ‘stock-rats’, modern aristocrats, which as in the Ancien Regime of the Middle ages control the language of social power, e-money, they invent in near monopoly (over 90%) –  then weapons that only aristocrats could reproduce and use;  having also null legal responsibility for the actions they ‘cre(dit)ate’ (create with credit), protected by Anonymous societies laws, as it happened with Aristocrats, which could only be judged by peers in aristocratic courts.

And since corporations will NEVER do it by themselves, to establish a minimal control on their actions with the 50-50% split rule: All companies listed in stocks and registered legally MUST BY LAW GIVE 50% OF ITS SHARES, doing a split, to HUMANITY, because they SHOULD SERVE THE HUMAN SPECIES. The first corporations were supposed to tender the public good. The present astounding racism against humans of corporative culture, is just an offshoot of the Biblical $elected animetal memes, applied workers and consumers and MUST end, if humans expect to have a future. And this can only be done, not obviously with the nationalisation of corporations to make them ineffective, and put politicos into them, but with the sharing of the shares, which ARE a privilege that society gives them to invent MONEY FOR FREE, and so people DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO obtain a cut of that privilege, and HUMANS must be able to control lethal goods, controlling what the system produces.

On the other hand, on the political arena, to establish a real, efficient democracy, through votes a posteriori, after tenure, on the actions of politicos, based on a choice on a fixed set of penalties (death penalty for genocides including wars for profits, jail for embezzlement and fines for bad management) and rewards (re-election, pensions and honorary posts and rewards) to oblige them to full fill their promises or else; as all organisms, whose body cells control their neuronal informative people-castes with pain messages after their actions.

And to construct an efficient super-organism of History, Mankind, our only Subconscious Collective God=Species, through diplomacy and empowerment of international organisations, EU and UNO style, which ARE not the past, but the ONLY FUTURE system that can work without plunging mankind in yet another cycle of neo-fascist war-monger politicians for profit, as we have been forecasting for 30 years, and now is happening, because neither economists, not politicos do want really to learn the scientific elements of their disciplines but live on ego-trips of power and wealth and righteousness, thinking ‘opinions’ can lead the world with total indifference to the laws of the scientific method and the restrictions it imposes on how to manage efficiently societies.

7 cultures of mankind, diachronic & synchronic analysis: History & its super organism.


In the graph, the 7 cultures of mankind were born in the different ages of the super organism of history and hence its memes are grounded in Nature (Africa), agriculture (Islam, Indonesia, Hispano-America) or the age of the Machine (Europe and Anglo-America, and Asia, converted to the Mechanocene in the past century).

We must differentiate ‘human social organisms’, which are made of a single cell, the human being, citizen of the wor(l)d, from economic ecosystems, where 2 different species, human beings and metal-beings, helped by human who idol-ise metal compete for survival. The tragedy of history is that certain humans sponsor racist idologies to feel superior to the rest of mankind, hence evolving the economic ecosystem of machines NOT the human ecosystem of life.

In that sense, the body of History is a biological ecosystem made with species of life and metal. It is in that sense the human part of an evolutionary organism gaia, (the life Earth), which mutated into history (the human earth) which mutated into metal (the economic ecosystem).  We thus talk of two dominant ecosystems, the economic ecosystem made of animetals and machines, and the historic and nature ecosystem, made of carbolife, and social human beings. IN THIS SECTION, we shall study the wave of history, from the human perspective of its 7 geographical and historical main civilisations.

The 7 cultures: diachronic and synchronic analysis

Each of the seven cultures of mankind can be studied ‘diachronically’, as it was born in one of the ages of the larger Superorganism of History=Humanity, limited by a geographical barrier, and the natural ternary structure of topological evolution that divides any new species in one of the 3 possible organic specialisations of all systems as. In the human being, in one of the 3 canonical races of the mind.

We cannot extend in this introduction in the full understanding of ‘topological evolution’, as it belongs properly to the full model of General Systems sciences that unifies all the laws of the Universe, under the metrics of the 5th dimension. For those interested, just look at my unification theory web.

Enough to say that those 3 complementary varieties are the only ‘genetic races’ to be considered, and their combinations maximizes the energetic-visual, reproductive-sensorial and verbal-social qualities of man, and have given birth to the 3 main cultures (being the other 4 born of military conquest, and hence somehow artificial but as they exist, we should use them to conform the perfect world):

The verbal, social, cyclical, female oriented, time cultures of Asia
The energetic, visual, individual, male oriented, lineal, time cultures of the white man
The sensorial, emotional, reproductive, wave-like cultures of the black man or ‘Africa’.
The white, visual animetal energetic men; the mongoloid, verbal, social and the reproductive, sensorial black man in a perfect world would be complementary, the 3 ternary elements proper of all diversifications of the Universe. But they are not.

It is in fact the white man (I am), the simpler, energetic,  easily hypnotized, irrational, violent animetal culture, which is destroying the world. And as such it did destroy first Animist Africa, and then it corrupted it into an iron, military warrior culture of Bantu enslavers, converted into exploiters of their own people for the white capitalist, animetal world, for 4 centuries and going. Thus because METAL degrades man, the white man and its ‘house negroes’ Have COME ON TOP, despite being the less evolved human. At the time I was laughed at. Now we do know Neanderthals were white, red hair, hooked nose, violent, with consonantal languages. This as many of the discoveries of the model of complexity has been proved, because the ‘theory’ behind all this, cyclical time and the 5th dimension IS the theory most advanced about the nature of the Universe.

The temporal diversification.

Then through the 3 ages of History as information increases, those 3 cultures follows a specific ‘historic evolution’ from minimal to maximal number of ‘selfish metal memes’, and so we can talk of further differentiation of cultures as we cross through the:

  1. Paleolithic, young age of energetic hunters, which gave birth to the original African culture.

2. Neolithic, mature agricultural age, which give birth to the split of the mongoloid, yellow, informative culture: into southern, more life oriented Indonesian water culture and Northern, Taoist, Asian culture, and in the west to Islam occupying the old fertile crescent and southern Europe (old Europe), around the 3 southern peninsulas.

3. 3rd age of metal, which soon corrupted all other cultures that will enter this age in different stages:

-Bronze cycle: Semitic culture, which splits into:

  • go(l)d churches, origin of the present Anglo-American, jewish-protestant cultures.
  • Warrior inquisitions, origin of the present Islamic and Hindi cultures.

-Iron Age: European culture and African, Bantu culture, which enters with agriculture and iron south of the Congo.

-Cavalry Age: Middle Age period in all cultures, which starts the homogenous hierarchical structure of Animetal dominant civilisations, and culminates with the Mongolian wave that carries gunpowder and the modern age of machines.

-Gunpowder, Mechanical Cycle:  Which gives origin to the final 2 global cultures, born of the 2 global European Empires that carry the gunpowder wave all over the world:

-Hispano-American, mestizo culture, which expands an old Roman gold and infantry concept of hierarchical warrior Empire based in the Law and Christian, higher eusocial memes of love but will be defeated in the final age of the machine by:

-Machine age (final phase of gunpowder): Anglo-America, the capitalist culture, which is the culture globalised today.

Thus we shall study those cultures after a general introduction, both in diachronic analysis, in this upper section, and in it’s synchronic, day to day analysis in the lower part of this section dedicated to ‘Mankind’ the super organism of history in space.

It must be understood though that those cultures are ‘constricted’ by the type of mind displayed by their original white’-European, Black-‘African’, and ‘Mongoloid’ -Asian, visual, sensorial and verbal dominant brains, in the original 3 cultures, which are either merged into a non-dominant, richer communicative culture (West: Hispano-America; East Indonesia).

They are also ordered from past to future according to the equation of History:

Gaia (life-Africa) <Neolithic, History (Indonesia-Islam, Hispano America) > Mechanocene (Asia, Europe, Anglo-America)

That is, the level of pain and self-extinction of each culture is closely related to the period of birth and original memes of he culture. Africa, being the most life-oriented culture is brutalised for centuries, and since the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, the 3 dominant, neolithic cultures, Indonesia (trade dominant), Asia (verbal dominant) Hispano-America  and Islam, (warrior dominant), have been exploited by the Mechanocene cultures of Europe and Anglo-America (colonial empires). Only in the XX century, Asia, as the informative dominant human culture has evolved into the Mechanocene, leading the present robotic age with Anglo-America.

And so as history displaces towards the mechanocene, previous cultures become ever more brutalised, and this is clearly the case of Europe today, the last to fall in the grinding machine of mechanical evolution, as human workers and soldiers become also obsolete to robots.

So only Asia and Anglo-America in its elites of corporations, managers and workers in the reproduction and testing of machines survives more or less without full disintegration, though its middle and lower classes are suffering the increasing pain of extinction.

In the ideal world of course, there would be only 3 genetic-memetic cultures, reflected in the graph, in a common synergy.

Europe and Asia would become the two rational poles to construct a perfect world, looking at Africa, the 3rd natural racial->memetic->Cultural pole, as the ‘protected’ relative past of Gaia, the life planet. And the 3 fusion together would form the balanced ‘Fractal Generator’ equations of a perfect super organism of Mankind:

Black Africa (Gaia-Animism) < Rational Europe (Humanism) > Buddhist Asia (Organic Universe).

This though is not the case and so the real time equation of those cultures today is:

Africa, Islam (extinct process-past life)> Indonesia, Asia, Europe, Hispano-America (Present History, becoming degraded) > Metalearth (catalysed by the Anglo-American capitalist culture – future)

A failed prophet=historian and a failed new super organism of history. 

Now, if you have gone so far, you will likely realise this is almost certainly the most advanced science of humanity, the next step in the series of prophets and scientists of history, but you belong to that, 0.00% of mankind which is actually interested in an ‘objective’ truth. How many cells in a dying leukaemia body have kept the original DNA-truth of its organism? When Jesus affirmed on the cross, after the banker-priests of Israel rejected salvation by the law of eusocial love, that he suffered for all his people (Christianity being likely the best parable on the destiny of humanity and the mandates of eusocial love, on the classic age of religious prophets), he meant it. If Jewish Go(l)d believers could not understand the laws of eusocial love to its human species and were programmed by the cycle of usury, theft, poverty, economic crisis, war and holocaust to die – why they needed on top to angst about it? Better left them to enjoy greed and then as programmed go(l)d believers burn in Ghenna.

If humans are today programmed to love machines more than themselves, virally infected by the values of money, who gives zero price to life and maximal value to death=weapons, why to angst? So that is ultimately the role of people like me –  to agonise for all humans to be childish ‘animetals’, pumping their infinitesimal ego to the infinite and then die fast and painless. My life has been hell, but maybe that was its purpose. Certainly it was not to enlighten mankind, since mankind as a superorganism was already dead, in chaos, and disconnected when I solved the fractal paradigm, my decades old angst, as that of the few humans who are aware of it all, the needed punishment of the laws of world cycles of life and death, for what we humans did to Gaia, torturing animal and plant life the way now machines and weapons are/will soon torture us.

Of course, as a proponent for organic solutions to r=evolve mankind beyond its present primitive age of idol-ogies of tribal warfare, anthropomorphic egoism and deluded myths of superiority, into an efficient global super organism, I would rather deny ‘objective’ science in this  point. As an old activist, who has failed in all his attempts to improve the Health of mankind, though i have come to believe the old dictum of Aristotle: ‘Humans are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. Since for each human being with enough social ethics, hence lack of selfishness, and intelligence to understand the more complex structure of the organic Universe (instead of the simple mechanical models of present science), I have found 100 wo=men fighting by all means to impose its slavish memes, its ego-centered beliefs.  And so the second big question, which always hovers over true organic models of mankind=history, from Aristotle, through Ibn Khaldun, Τoynbee, Marx and Spengler is obvious:

Are we as cells/citizens of history, programmed to blindly kill our super organism?

At this stage of my life, I think so. I don’t think humans are worthy to survive. Still, life means all species do fight for survival to the end (animetals as slaves of mechanisms, do fight as a cell infected by a viral DNA code, for what they perceive as themselves, their property and attached machines). So obviously for a decade since my public, activist life ended in a clear defeat, I have been unable to accept subjectively, determinism, and kept writing, in blogs like this one. It is though it seems, a ‘done deal’, and a fast process, when we observe, the astounding idiocy of people of the zero generation, those born with the millennium, which should be the last generation of mankind, to fully reach maturity, as the completion of the robotic 72 year cycle, with the arrival of the singularity age, means our sure extinction.

Now after this necessary detour, to fully grasp the duality of Earth’s super organisms (if we consider Gaia, the life Earth as part of the super organism of history), we can consider truly what the world of money and the FMMI super organism it constructs really means: a non-human world,  humans act merely as ‘enzymen’, catalysing the evolution of machines and weapons, because they ‘believe’ without reason on ‘money’ in a rather hypnotic way, since they discovered weapons and money and found their natural affinity and denied the laws of eusocial love of verbal natural languages and divided human species into ‘tribal groups’ with money and weapons, and finally machines as ‘the believer’s fetish ex-vote’ that made some humans better than others, able to break the laws of survival of the species.

On that view, we are just in the final accelerated phase of evolution of selfish memes of metal and its information, which is money guides in an automatic way, under the laws of all Universal Systems, that evolution to its final phase – the creation of a global super organism of company-mothers of machines, which are now eliminating as Nature does in all scales, once the catalysis ends and the new species is born, the old, obsolete enzyme – man, substituted by the robot in labor and war fields.

And yet of course, the prophet=scientist of history cannot deny its secondary role (which in a minimally ‘living super organism’ would be its first), to provide ethic, intelligent solutions that would make humanity survive according to his knowledge of the laws of the organic, living universe and denounce the animetal wrong memes that will kill us – even if nobody hears, as ‘resurrection’ will always be possible before absolute death of the verbal mind of man takes place. So we ended this introduction with them.

Now, this is again once more the key of reality:

Go(l)d vs. Wor(l)d cultures.

It is all what I finally understood from America.

I came from the most evolved Wor(l)d culture of the West, the Greek-Latin-French/American r=evolutionary wor(l)d culture of humanism, embedded in the bill of rights, and humanist constitutions, moreover, from a nation without borders, armies and stock markets (catalonia), dedicated to the pleasures of life, the old sepharad of jabiru verbal prophets, where:

Society is guided by the search for human excellence in what humans are, biological beings, who see with eyes and talk with words, and so measure time with ‘verbal thought’, whose highest expression is the homological poetry, and see space with art, which reproduce through sex and family values, and feed on food-energy, and find in the arrow of eusocial love and solidarity the maximal expression of the ‘drives of life and existence of the organic Universe, of which man is made to its image and likeness.’

So the perfect man and the perfect world is cherished and find its excellence. And while there are machines here (Barcelona was after Manchester, the 2nd city to industrialise, as the factory of the Spanish Empire in the XVIII c. when it had after Manchester the highest number of vapor machines in the world), the machine has always been to the service of man. Hence, this was the country of the world (els Paysos catalans, or eastern Spain – Valencia, Catalonia and Balear Islands), with the maximal number of tourist per capita, top world restaurants, art density, naked bodies on the beach, whore houses and certainly the literature of the Hispan0-American global culture, the most advanced of the post-II world age.

Oh, yes i know, we are called the piigs culture by the ‘other’ culture which has been hard for 3 millennia, trying to extinguish us, the future of the wor(l)d, with their germanic iron swords and Jewish-Protestant capitalist go(l)d churches, and now it seems they will finally achieve it, through the Usury schemes of the ECB bank.

But, what they do not seem to understand is that their victory is their extinction because they won’t become robots; they are flesh and degenerated slavish minds, whose degraded wor(l)d memes and topological imperative and objectual grammars will be latter studied (semitic cultures have imperative languages, since their elites of ‘animetal’ warriors and gold priests barked orders to the enslaved fertile crescent living human beings. We anticipate then what is the ‘trick’ of the so-called jihad inquisitions and go(l)d baable, sacred texts: a barking priest which camouflages in its VSO (verb first) authoritarian grammar as ‘God’.

Mr. God is just the primitive earlier non-evolved grammar of the first animetal cult(ure)s of the bronze age. While German is the most primitive European language with an OVS grammar, where the object not the human subject comes first, and words are pegged as absolute non-free false truths, so the cold german, non-free objectual mind with long words as their swords care nothing for the individual humans, neither the imperative, slavish ‘submissive’ go(l)d believer or Jihad soldier who die for his priest camouflaged as a barking God in imperative languages.

We shall not bash till the 3rd part of this introduction their ‘primitive, racist, slavish minds’ yet… Only to affirm that the battle for the future of mankind was a choice to be made in America between the go(l)d, biblical culture dedicated to construct the metal-earth, ‘whatever it takes’, and the American people and their legal and wor(l)d masters, dedicated to construct a world to the image and likeness of mankind, of which America was a small example, with all the races and cultures put together.


It is then clear that humanity have a very small chance of future, namely given the state of affairs of all nations, an America people’s r=evolution against the Usual Suspects, truly based in Democracy – that is, the control of the Financial-Media/Military Industrial system by their people, or let the biblical bigots and its creationist economics with all its ‘positive energy’, ‘mindless visual rhetoric’ and anthropomorphic pseudo-religious beliefs complete the chip radiation and robotic r=evolution and send us to eternity – that is death which is eternal indeed -as a lesser species. America as the sum of all humans displaced in the future is the only hope. Either a POTUS asimovian mule doing the r=evolution from above.  Or a million people march to the centres of corporative power, taking over, whatever it is needed to complete all the previous aborted r=evolutions of the American=Human people.


It is possible to create the World Union?

Prohibition of robotics; a new global currency, ¥€$ money, and diplomatic integrations towards a ‘world union’, is the triad of receipts to avoid the last cold war and arms race, the destruction of the welfare state and the human goods needed for man to survive, and the creation of a global super-organisms.

In our posts, we create the ‘theoretical ideal’ – the world union, but lesser measures that limit the evolution of robotics and end the ‘war in terror’, which should be fought with police and Intelligence and diplomatic measures, not used as a excuse to build up Keynesian Militarism – are 3 musts to avoid our demise.

there is also a 3rd avenue towards r=evolution, if our politicians dont act: a r=evolution of the people, a 1 million march, which instead of creating a neo-fascist government, as it will likely do if business as usual proceeds in the 3rd Kondratieff crash, it creates a World Union, a true democracy. It is obvious that an armed march over Washington will happen in the future, if business as usual proceeds, as it happened in Europe during the 2nd Kondratieff crash (rome, berlin march). What would be an astonishing reversal of History is that the final outcome of all periods of massive speculation and ruin of the middle classes doesn’t destroy further the planet with an age of glbal war and fascism but brings a true scientific approach to the management of history and economics with a social r=evolution of the people and a true science of history.

Today humans do not control and regulate history for their own profit. Those who try to control history do so from a racial, tribal perspective that ends causing the cycles of action-reaction, of wars and holocausts, described in this book. But there is not a Global Policy created to improve the future of the human species as a whole. This happens also in the political arena, where all what the left/humanist parties make is erased by the right/ mechanist parties. Yet only a single organism, with a single party/ head is an efficient organism, able to survive and control theeconomic ecosystem of machines, the species rival of mankind in this planet.

If our leaders could evolve and understand the social laws of the Universe, we have proposed the theoretical solutions to the extinction of mankind during the Age of the singularityBut for that,they must change their chip, their frame of mind, their hidden agenda of personal greed and national tribalism, for a wider view of mankind as a single species and put the collective human organism not the individual, as the goal of their agenda.

They need to fusion governments and markets, within a world government, guided by the Human Constitution. National presidents should legislate to inforce that Constitution in the World Union, financial houses and stockrats, should manipulate Stock credit to foster Human Goods and armies should destroy machines to achieve the limits of the Human Constitution (Minimal metal goods).The concept is not to change so much the people in power, but the ideology that guides them, from a go(l)d religion that makes machines the center of the world to a Humanist one that makes life the measure of all things. This book is not a call to a war and holocaust against human beings but against mechanist ideologies carried by many of them.

Of course, without ‘actors’ able to transform society, those theoretical solutions remain an impossible dream. So we considered in this web also the 3 ‘scales’ of organic power that could change the world. On top, a refunded UNO, an Asimovian Foundation, a scholarship of scientists of history, of doctor-politicians and social scientists, converted into bio-historians, akin to the characters of the Foundation trilogy, which could manage scientifically history for the betterment of man.

Among which we have highlighted a ‘Foundational Mule’, a triad of world presidents, ‘Hoe’, (Hu Jintao+Obama+Mr. Europe).

Below them, our 3×1000 men, those who today have global power in the 3 networks of the planetary organism—the networks of cultural information (digital scientists and verbal celebrities & priests), the networks of economical reproduction (stockrats) and the networks of energetic action (politicians and military dictators). And in the bottom of the pyramid, the mass of human beings, which are already converted, ‘naturally’, to the drives of biological beings. This mass of human beings is, contrary to belief, the wisest of the 3 scales, since it has less exposure to the millennial myths of animetal castes and mechanist science of our leadership. One of those 3 classes should revolve or they will all die.

There is no alternative to such r=evolution. Since ‘business cycle as usual’ means our extinction in the next decades, either by the Energetic or the Reproductive singularity, born in the IV cycle of machines.  In a Free market, in the economic ecosystem – a jungle of machines – the laws of evolution will cast aside the human being, unless legal, urgent measures are taken by governments against the machines of the age of the singularity.

Because electronic money has multiplied ‘ad nauseam’ with the new advances of speculative computing, it has lost value, provoking a crash of the financial system. To avoid a self-similar crash of ¥€$ money the World Union must control, tax and limit the free reproduction of stock-money and financial Instruments. Because robotics and computer software provokes a massive wave of blue and white collar unemployment, we need to control the evolution of chips that fuels both sectors, limiting budgets in Universities and establishing a global alliance of chip-makers that, obliged by law, would halt the evolution and patents on new chips, before the arrival of the Nano-bacteria singularity. Because Nuclear energy is crossing the threshold of Cosmic Bombs, we need to cancel all experiments with quark matter.

Those types of measures and our idealized caste of global politicians, the Biohistorians, will be confronted by financial and electronic companies that might use its lobbies, scholar myths, ‘ad hominem’ campaigns and monetary power to destroy the r=evolution. For that reason it is also necessary to nationalize the main outlets of mass-media, its television networks. It is not a measure against Freedom of ‘speech’, which as the name indicates is Freedom of ‘verbal speech’ that should not be controlled, but a biological measure of control of the rival metal-mind that is erasing with ‘fiction’ our verbal mind.

So far politicians ‘completely ignore’ the tition between the human brain and the metal-brain (chips, TV-cameras) and believe the placebo lies of abstract economists, working for companies. Thus, they do nothing to control the future evolution of the ‘tree of science’ for the benefit of mankind. On the contrary, they are controlled by mass-media information and corrupted by the money of those companies, so they abandon the mass of human citizens and ally themselves with those companies.

The very same fact that the cause of unemployment, the robotic revolution, is today, one year into the crisis, totally ignored, as it has been for decades, except in the field of prophetic art (science-fiction films such as Terminator or Matrix), shows to which degree mankind has become dependant on their machines and lost all perspective about the biological relationships of symbiosis and tition that have always existed between both species. This is not new, nor has it happened naturally. It is due to a systematic repression by those who have financial and industrial power of any ‘Luddite’ criticism of machines. The first Luddites were hanged in the outskirts of Liverpool. Today this is no longer needed. We have come to internalize this dependence so much that essentially the issue more pressing today to save history—the tition between men and machines—is never mentioned. Since economists and scientists have built, since the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, a ‘newspeak’ of capitalism and mechanism, an abstract language that hides the biological truths of machines.

The very essence of the process that destroys jobs and replaces them with machines, the increasing re=productivity of factories, is today the dogma that guides the policies of economists, politicians and companies alike. Yet nobody explains to the people that ‘re=productivity’ is synonymous of ‘unemployment’. Since it merely means to increase the proportion of capital and machines, diminishing the number of workers, which in turn produce more ‘per capita’ with those machines. Infinite re=productivity is almost reached in robotic factories in Japan.

So GM with more workers ‘per capital’ crashes, because it cannot compete with robotic, self-reproductive companies. The end of it, during the IV cycle of the singularity that now starts, is the end of blue collar and white collar labor, substituted by robots and chips. Obviously if people knew this, politicians would not approve productivity. Yet economists only consider productivity and labor from the perspective of profits. So companies, which know that better machines mean higher profits, as workers are costly, have paid for decades ‘scholars’, who churn ‘reports’ in ‘think tanks’, with the myopic view that profits for their companies and stock-holders, justify the extinction of labor. While citizens have bought the idea that to compete with machines is the best for mankind. This is absurd. Workers cannot compete with evolving robots.

The goal of the economic system is to improve the life of all humans. Yet we live in a technological civilization, where Fromm’s technological ethics that allows any machine to be constructed, even if it destroys us all, is the ethics of our world. We believe progress is no longer human progress but the evolution of machines. This attitude must change. We must return to the ethics of a human civilization or else, perish to the new race of machines.

If there were a will to survive, the world could be saved easily. It is not impossible. It is just a problem of a society that doesn’t reason but ‘believe’ in old memes from a primitive, anthropomorphic mythic age about the sciences of history and Economics.

In fact, it was more difficult to create a ‘New World Order’, the present dictatorship of financial markets and corporations, and the determination of the believers in capitalism, have achieved it.. Since, despite what people perceive, there is already a Wor(l)d Union of power. There is today, when Marxism has collapsed, a general World agreement among nations and leaders in all main matters, with constant meetings of military, stockrats and politicians. NATO is our World War Ministry; World-stock is our World Trade Ministry and Science is our World Educational Ministry. The problem is that they work for the wrong goals of metal-evolution, under the false postulates of capitalist economics and mechanist science, submissive, through lobbying and monetary information, to the power of company-mothers.

Thus, more than changing the people in power, we need to evolve their political and economical sciences, changing theiranimetal myths for human goals, even if we keep the same systems of World power and do not create the ‘perfect organism’ of the World Union, just described above. Today a few, roughly 1000 scientists/priests, stockrats and military/politicians control the world, misguided by such postulates. They could change their mind-frame if they were informed and become humble enough to reflect about the fragility of the Human condition and the equality of all races and cultures, submitted to the same laws of action-reaction of the Darwinian Universe. They do not need more money or more power.

They need to know the human truth and lower their arrogance and tribal, myopic goals, in order to survive beyond this generation. We could indeed say that if I belong to the X generation and the Y generation is now reaching their youth and asking ‘why we have destroyed the world’, the babies which are being born today are the last generation of mankind, the zed and zero generation, the one that will see the end of the human species, before giving birth to new children. Yet if our 3×1000 men (scientists/priests, stockrats and military/politicians), understood the laws of ‘God’, the social, organic mind of the Universe and the Human Wor(l)d and decide to save humanity, a World Union could be implemented within 100 days; and many generations could come after the zed, starting a new count from alpha to omega.

IT IS THEN OBVIOUS THAT AS THE CAPITALIST, JEWISH-AMERICAN MODEL OF A RUNAWAY WORLD DEDICATED TO MECHANISMS, WHERE HUMANS ARE ‘GARBAGE’, EXPENDABLE AND NON-$elected, manage to EXTINGUISH the only alternative to a human future with no ‘nationalisms’, ‘abrahamic tribal religions’, and go(l)d worship, THE MOST EVOLVED WOR(L)D BASED CULTURES OF MANKIND – EU AND CHINA, reconverted fast into copycats of the Jewish Globalized Financial-Media Matrix of falsehoods and placebo caring, the future of mankind as a species disappears.
And so the last of us, humanist thinkers who are not brain-washed by the FMasters ‘virtual faked world’, covering up for the true engine of reality, company-mothers of machines terraforming the earth, to the image and likeness of its mechanisms, who are ‘STILL HUMAN’, as those taoist masters who saw the opium wave of calvinist go(l)d genociders or the Indian chiefs who saw the slaves of the iron horses, coming to get them, feel as in the previous fascist 30s, a growing detachment from the species, which as those Indian chiefs said ‘are no longer human beings’.
Indeed, the sensation I had at the end of my long decades living among ‘yous’ and anglos, is that these kind of brutally degraded go(l)d people were closer to the robots they worshipped than to the humankind they despise.

±2 years after the 1st rider of Apocalypse might appear at CERN: the black hole (2016, when the machine is fired at maximum potency over the 10 Tev barrier of formation of black holes). And if we survive it…

±6  years before the 2nd rider takes over Washington: 2020: Hyper-Inflation & neofascism. And if we survive it…

±36 years before the 3rd rider destroys the atmosphere of Gaia: nano-bacteria. NTP, quantum computing era and 2nd birth of the computer net. And if we survive it…

±72 years before the 4th rider extinguishes life: the robotic r=evolution of true bodies of iron and minds of go(l)d. 


In the graph, the future of organic machines is crystal clear – they will substitute us. But as we live in an abstract scientific techno-utopian world of idol-ogies, there is little to do about the ‘blinds’ put on the eyes of the modern believer.

conclusion: WITHOUT an organic theory of reality humans will go under.

You see, this we cannot fight rationally. The confusion of chaos with freedom, the belief only man and only at individual level is sentient, matters and drives the world… The astounding idiocy of religious myths about the superiority of human beings; the obsession for the ‘infinitesimal mind’ in each of us… Of course, those in power know that as long as they feed with myths, placebo democracies and ego-trips fictions of happiness, and happy statements the ego of people, and invent a perfect future, they can control and abuse humans. Which will inversely reject any blog like this one, who takes them at face value. Precisely because only the realist  truth can make mans survive.

Ultimately it will be only if humans tame that ego that there will be… a future

Now the scientist IS as EGO-CENTERED as the PRIEST, just uses its mathematical mantras as the priest its latin, to make himself feel above heavens and Earth. So HE cannot DESTROY THE WORLD WITH entropic nukes and informative robots, and all will be OK. The paradox of the EGO IS the last joke of God=Mind of the Universe indeed it kills all egos who ‘lower its survival warnings’ as they get bigger and more arrogant, till ‘death’, a catastrophic moment, destroys them. But It is there.

And I can tell you as a Complexity scientist, considered by many the leading theorist of this discipline (till I confronted the Nuclear Industry and got a global ‘ad hominem’ campaign, all what I can say about the 2 ‘lineal’, deformed sciences of the machine, financial economics and nuclear physics, which I have fought theoretically and actively most of my life is this: ‘All those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’ (Einstein). Man HAS NO LINEAL, MANIFEST DESTINY; Man can be obliterated by Nuclear Bombs on the side of pure entropy and Robots on the side of pure information. But Man’s ego is so huge that he cannot like a child understand death; and so an ethic, intelligent person telling those truths lives in a very lonely place. Which brings us the 3rd tenant of GST (General Systems Sciences, the Philosophy of Science I formalised from where all this blog hauls).

So what Science has been merely TRYING FOR 2500 YEARS is TO DEFEAT THE PARADOX OF THE EGO and make humans objective about ITS RELATIVITY point in the Universe in 4 huge strides, which are still ignored by most humans and specially by those corrupted financiers and politicos and military who feed-force the ego of the masses to manipulate them and ab=use them, with religions, wars, taxes and all other forms of old and modern ‘Trumpism’. And it works. Yet this is a blog on science:

-So first, the Greeks ended the mythic age when humans were Gods, and Socrates told us they were ‘scientific laws’. And the Greeks Killed them; the Semites of the previous mythic age denied them and their abrahamic religions still think man is the centre of it all. Plato his disciple insisted and he was sold as a slave, and his disciple Aristotle, insisted and he ran on the night to escape certain death from Athens, and waited 2000 years for Descartes and Leibniz to put the record straight.

-Then Aristarcus the Greek told us not to be the centre of the Universe, but it took 2000 years for Copernicus to dare say the same, only in his death-bed and another 200 years with Galileo in the middle arrested at home for saying ‘e pur si muove, e pur no muove’ (the Earth moves but we see it mentally still). And only after Newton put it in a simple formula we believed it. But Slocum in XIX c. found that in Apartheid biblical South-Africa the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ and his president Krugger wouldn’t receive him for being an ‘Earth-center denier’. And indeed 4 billion humans still believe man is son of god and centre of the Universe.

-Then Darwin came and told us we are NOT immutable created by a personal God, but evolving according to the evolution  information and its topological laws of design. But knowing what he was against – the ego – he took 20 years to talk. And he was ‘ad hominem’ massacred and closed himself at home, depressed the rest of his life, and then Marx applied Darwinism to the struggle between the elite of ‘animetal cults’ which use gold-informative metal and iron-energetic metal to hypnotise and kill mind and body, and the ‘human beings’, which are humble, close to Nature and Butler applied it to the fight of man vs. machines AND THEY ARE ABSOLUTE TABOO, as it is the work of this writer, who formalised mathematically the 4 Great Objective advance of science, and has ever since been ostracised:

-Indeed, it came then Mr. Einstein with the concept that all positions in the Universe are Relative, so he first did special relativity, then general relativity.

And when I came into the field of Philosophy of Science and theory of information I coined the 3rd stage of this Process, talking about ‘Absolute relativity’ nt.11, that is, the fact that all the scales of the Universe have the same value, because larger beings have lesser quantity of information, are stupider  and  ‘smaller systems’ run faster time cycles of information, hence store more of it, reason why small humans code larger organisms of history, small genes code larger biological organisms and small atoms code larger physical systems. So I wrote to complete General relativity a metric equation of the fifth dimension from past to future, adding the arrow of TEMPORAL CLOCKS OF INFORMATION to the arrow of size-entropy-space: Spe (size) x Tiƒ (time cycles speed) =∆k (constant value). 

IT WAS huge but it obliterated the human ego at all levels, and the reactions mounted and me, being a Basque, the original europeans – even brits have 80% of our genes –  people with a huge ego, who don’t take any bull$ht and worship only truth and nature (my ego-fault, at least as a Brit put it, we are the only people who laugh at ourselves, so we can bend the ego paradox on our infinitesimal nothingness), overreacted to all those infinitesimal egos who are killing the Earth. So do NOT  expect this blog to be ‘nice’ on all our infinitesimal leaders, memes, go(l)d chosen, myth-makers, victimist who cannot understand death to avoid it, ‘animetal castes’ and ‘physicists’ who pretend to know it all with big-bang entropy. I HAVE ONLY A GOD, THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH – not absolute truth which ONLY exists in the being in itself which carries all the information, but HUMAN TRUTHS, tailored with my languages of thought as a ‘focused mirror’ on the laws of the Mind of the Universe, which are biological.

nt.1  (back in the 90s, there was only a guy called Nottale, who did understand scalar relativity but only in physics and one Mandelbrot even before with his fractals in maths, the beauty of this and my other blog on ALL sciences, tailored with those tenants of Absolute Relativity, is that it applies to all sciences and all languages, including but not only mathematics, as each mind has a different language). And so this lead us to the final conclusion:

The HOMOLOGY between the 3 scales of organisms, the cellular, individual and social, ecosystemic scale, as the 3 scale ARE biological, and the only ELEMENT that changes IS the speed of time of its biological cycles, according to the ‘metric’equation of the scalar universe: smaller systems paradoxically run faster time clocks, so larger systems have slower time rhythms. SO YOUR EGO MIGHT BE HUGE BUT ULTIMATELY YOU ARE JUST A CELL-CITIZEN OF THE SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND, HISTORY IN TIME, YOUR ONLY ‘RELATIVE GOD=WHOLE=species’, WHICH YOU should love. Since ULTIMATELY Darwin WAS ALWAYS AWARE of eusocial love and said the same that all PROPHETS OF TRUE RELIGION, prophets of Love, Christ, Buddha and Mhmd, being the most remarkable of them, tailoring the message for the 3 ‘fundamental complementary cultural races of mankind, the white Christian, the yellow buddhist and the coloured Muslim…

So alas, if you have NO HUGE EGO KEEP READING, if the paradox of the EGO is so huge you cannot stand it, tune with Trump and go to your Biblical racist church.

SINCE NONE OF your beliefs as a lesser evolved mind, who ‘credo ergo sum’ will be spared by a scientist mind of ‘cogito ergo sum’ from the culture of science, NOT the mechanical culture of machines (North-Europe) or the credo culture of abrahamic religions ( South of the Mediterranean), but the culture that broth us Humanism, democracy, the rule of Law, rational science and art, the much more maligned Greek->Italian->Hispanic culture running fast to the West through the 3 peninsulas of the Mare Nostrum. This is a fight for the SURVIVAL OF HISTORY and yours sons till the 7th generation. So ‘evolve your credo into reason’ or get the laugh of the Gods.

People tend to believe that science did away with such awesome ego-paradox, but not quite.

As Laplace put it to Napoleon, when asked about God, scientists responded ‘Sir we have rejected that hypothesis’, so not even the nebulous idea of a higher scale of wholeness, ∆+1, remained, neither the existence of other minds and monads; of apperceptive beings (in Leibniz’s terminology) which are not ‘conscious’ but do process energy and information in a VITAL sentient manner would be accepted.

In that regard, a  deeper explanation of this work considers the meaning of knowledge and what questions it must answer to exhaust the study of a certain subject. In journalism we ask what, who, how, when and why.

The evolution of science implies big shifts in the paradigms, languages and philosophical dogmas we use to understand the Universe. In the evolution of science we observed first ‘what’ (experience) and then asked ‘who’. It was the mythic age of science, the first paradigm of knowledge – when an anthropomorphic being, often a god was the cause of all events. Then the Greeks used reason to ask the what (experience) and how of things, its causes and consequences. It was the 2nd paradigm of knowledge: logic thought.

The 3rd paradigm started by Galileo with his use of machines (clocks and telescopes), responded to when, measuring space distances and time frequencies in great detail with a single space-time system.

The ticks of the heart, the stomach, the moon, the atom and the clock are different, but to measure them we needed a unit of time and so we equalized all rhythms with a clock, and to compare the spatial trajectories of those cycles we needed a ‘background of space’, so we put together all the broken spaces of reality into a joined puzzle, which we called Cartesian space-time. The error of a single space-time came when we forgot those simplifications and considered that the abstract space-time continuum of Descartes used to measure all other spaces and times was the real space-time.

The culmination of this process of mechanical measure came with quantum theory, which refined the measures of the cyclical trajectories of particles in the microscopic world and General Relativity, which refined them in the cosmological realm by correcting the deformations of those rhythms of time and distances of space caused by the limits of speed of our light-based Universe.

In philosophical terms, the paradigm of measure meant the birth of mechanism, the fundamental philosophy of our world today: the machine – no longer man, an organism – became the ‘measure of all things’.

This was a simplification, as today we realize that machines merely imitate our organs of energy and information with networks of metal-atoms (so a crane is an energetic arm of metal and a chip an informative brain of metal), which now we fusion into ‘organic’ robots. And so the change of paradigm from the Greek, Aristotelian and Asian tradition of organicism to mechanism is only a hiatus on a richer, more complex understanding of the whys of the Universe.

Mechanism changed also the language of understanding of the Universe, from Aristotelian Logic to mathematical Platonism, since mathematics was the language used by machines to measure the Universe of time and space with clocks and telescopes; while logic was the language embedded in the syntax of words, which measure time with causal verbs that describe the logic relationships between its 3 dimensions of past, present and future.

So in terms of philosophy of science, mechanism meant a pendulum law that changed the paradigm from Aristotle (organic, temporal causality) to Plato (mechanical, spatial geometry).

This was a wrong choice, because a truly inclusive theory of reality has to put together both languages and approaches as we shall do in this work: the geometric how & instrumental when matched by a temporal why, which must be by definition a causal, temporal process. The 3rd paradigm obsessed by spatial measure was not very kin of such inquire, as Feynman famously put it: ‘the why is the only thing a physicist never asks’. And yet the why has always been a fundamental question of knowledge.

That why should respond to the existence of a program of creation, evolution and extinction of the reality we see all around us, which always gives birth and extinguishes the same entities, repeating their forms once and again. What is the purpose of the Universe and all its repeated parts?

Why they have those forms and follow always a life and death cycle? Thus, scientists, not satisfied with the limits of the 3rd paradigm of measure kept asking the why, which could not be a personal God (the who of the 1st paradigm), neither the machine, the instrument of measure of the 3rd paradigm (‘God is a clocker’ said Kepler, because he used clocks to measure it and ‘God speaks mathematics’ said Galileo, because those machines translated the events of the Universe into mathematical data).

According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work.

According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton.

4-genusNow the ego paradox has is maximum IN HISTORY and I call it the ‘anti-quatum paradox” since the human social scientist is so small that unlike the physicist who changes the small observable introducing uncertainty, the huge society and its ego idol-ogies (nationalisms, capitalist go(l)d religions, etc.) are so bit that they CHANGE THE SCHOLAR: ‘YOU WILL defend me  the (s)word and i will defend you with my words’ (Tertulianus, Add ‘with gold’ the modern defense to bias scholarship).

So indeed, the place of a scientist attacking the paradox of the ego from the times of Socrates, poisoned for insulting the anthropomorphic Gods with reason, and Plato his disciple, chained by calling Dyonisius a tyrant, and sold as slave, through Marx, isolated in the british museum, Kondratieff sent to a gulag by Stalin, Butler, rising sheeps in New zealand, Keynes, dying of a heart attack when his Universal currency was ignored at Bretton woods  or this writer vaporised for 30 years, of truth-seeking on man, god and the Universe… IS a lonely place.

Now how bad it is can be seen in the graph on the side, on ‘scientific revolutions’ – essential the 4 we have talked about. You will see there Marx  too (in true form, we shall brutally criticise him in economics, as he understood none but in History he did bring for the first time an objective view on the ab=use of the people castes with metal, our animetals that monopolise the use of weapons – military – money – bankers and machines – physicists to impose their truths, lineal concepts of time and a manifest destiny to mankind and to ab=use mankind – as they are all racist, segreagational people either by nation, religion, race or class, and for them ‘mankind’ is their tiny 0’%…)

But look closer its x is hanging down as I had to put him over other picture of someone called Ma-??? Alas, HE IS VAPORIZED GLOBALLY AND OF COURSE, not a single communist military dictatorship applied any of his ‘Communist manifesto’ measures, close to those of Keynes and this writer, as ‘all the wise people say always the same and the stupid ones, the majority do exactly the opposite’ (Schopenhauer).

Just a tease, as you will have been vaccinated against humanism and socialism – the democratic concept that the language of social power, money must be controlled by human beings, not a group of banksters, and we should run societies with our language-mind, the legal wor(l)d not with fetish go(l)d. IF Bakhunin, Butler or Marx (the 3 titans of the use of Darwinian biology to explain history and economics) do NOT fit there, can at least ‘remember’ who ‘Ma???’  deserves the place as in the original cover?

Bet you’ll have a hard time to think of this Ma-genius who deserved the place. It is nowhere in the subconscious collective… but of course is a physicist who researched weapons, easy… the usual suspect… working to kill us all, and being worshipped by it.

Ah, but TRUTH suffices in itself, it exists, it cannot be easily forgotten and it creates reality, myth, fictions and ego-trips only makes the carrier to become extinguished, by those WHO CAN TAKE IT, MAN UP AND UNDERSTAND THE LAWS OF THE PERFECT UNIVERSE, in a Leibnizian-Darwinian way: God has created the most perfect of all possible worlds, because IT EXTINGUISHES THOSE EGOES THAT DENY ITS LAWS.




The Wor(l)d Union: A WHealthy body of history: Yes money.

Can we change the World? If the reader has gone through the 4 previous objective analysis of History and its confrontation with the eco(nomic)system and its ‘people-castes of metal-masters, it seems we cannot, unless we convert to the true science of history those who rule us.

What this means is that politicians can change the wor(l)d with laws, only if they control the languages of power of society, not only verbal laws, but also weapons, machines and money, setting laws to limit their evolution and the power of the people-caste that rule us through their use.

So far, and it is not a small achievement, mankind has achieved the legal control of weapons masters. The ‘Goth’ culture, after the defeat of Hitler and the Nazis has gone an important reform. Yet there are 2 other cultures, which won the war and are still on top of western societies – the technocrats, who don’t understand the duality of the fruits of technology with its lethal machines that compete and destroy labor, and the economists, which do not understand that the world should not be ruled to benefit bankers and maximize their invention of money, since all organisms in which the language of information selfishly multiplies and chokes mankind is in ‘organic decay’.

So yes, there is a always a chance to change history but only if the Legal nations of the wor(l)d, the wor(l)d masters, the politicians, set limits as they did with the weapons industries (national armies) to the financial/go(l)d industry, nationalizing the right to reproduce money now in the arms of Am Segullah castes in the West and self-similar banking monopolies created to their image and likeness in other countries, and limit the types of machines to develop by the technological industry…

3 minimal measures

3 unavoidable measures are once and again repeated as a Mandala in this web, in the way we receive the same repeated subliminal messages about greed and murder, the hidden values of money and machines=weapons, in our text books and TV-sets. Since they are the only possible measures againstthe present crisis, before its final ‘zenith’, III World War and the Age of the Singularity, ends with Mankind and Hoe:

–     A Demand Economy, backed by a Political World Union in control of the 3 languages of power of our societies, weapons, money and the law, which should be created by real politicians, elected by the people, by Mr. Hoe Bruja, with legislative capacity to r=evolve the institutions of the main countries of the world, specially our military, reorganized to fulfill 2 roles, as a World Army, able to end the 2 most conflictive zones of the Earth, where robotic weapons are evolving – the Semite wars and the Korean border – and as a Global police against machines of the Singularity, able to destroy all its factories.

—  A global agreement among all those nations to create a single currency, (now operating in the IMF as SDRs, a credit currency without use in the day to day economy of the common people), ¥€$ money (Yen-Yuan-Euro-Dollar) based on a fixed by law, simple parity: 100 yens=5 yuans =1 eurodollar. ¥€$ money will be adjusted by inner prices within months and all other nations could peg ‘continentally’ their currencies to the yuan/ dollar and euro. That simple measure would scrap once and for all the taxation against Human Goods, Social Policies and the countries of the 3rd world, all the global speculative market of currencies, created by electronic money to profit the people who have sunk the global economy. It would allow running the same fixed public deficit of 30% of GNP, ‘ad eternal’, in all nations, established also as a global law. Since only an enormous public deficit equal to the ‘deficit’ created by speculative money in stock-markets, no longer possible, without building robots and other lethal goods of the age of the Singularity, once the electronic wave of machines has exhausted their reproduction, could create a Demand Economybased in life enhancing human goods. It is a myth that the extraordinary deficits of money created in stock markets are ‘Surplus’ and money created by governments is ‘Deficit’ that should be taxed.

Stock money is also deficit, but it is not in the hands of elected people but in the hands of privatecompanies with an agenda that was fully realized in the age of e-money, which multiplied by 20 their valuation (10 NYSE +10 NASDAQs, starting from zero). That money in the hands of speculators ended social democracies, corrupted politicians, scholars of ‘think- tanks’ and all systems of information of this planet. Instead, shares should be made nominal and money invented by governments to use it on the people. The myth of ‘government’s deficit’ was created by companies to have a monopoly on the creation of money in stock-markets and to pass laws of deficit zero, against the rights of elected governments to manage the language of power of our societies. Governments can perfectly create massive quantities of money if they agree to fixed parity currencies—a global currency—as nobody candestroy a global currency, the reference value of all prices in society. Governments then should create with that eternal, self-sustained annual deficit, a New Deal of jobs and investments in Human goods, agriculture, education, textile, health-care, tourism and environmental protection, sustainable jobs thatcreate a massive demand of human labor, not of machine labor, as those created by technologicalcompanies. It should be also given for free to people, establishing a global minimal salary to create Demand on basic human goods that would create companies in all non-electronic and military sectorsof the economy that favor sustainable growth. Again is a myth that money has to be ‘earned’. It has to be ‘spent’ in the proper goods.

Money is information invented for free. So the matter is who should spend that money, once it is invented. When speculators invent it for free, it is spent in technological companies that push closer our date of obsolescence to the machine. When government gives it to the unemployed and the poor, it creates demand on basic goods—housing, food, clothing, transport—the goods that would make a world to the image and likeness of man. Those are precisely the areas totally under-invested by 30 years of diversion of resources to electronic technologies, which are making human beings obsolete and create hardly any jobs. Indeed, Human Goods companies create much more jobs per unit of capital invested than technological companies, because they require doctors, teachers and farmers to produce their goods, while machines produce high-tech machines at ultra-expensive costs. In other words, wemust reduce the productivity of the economic ecosystem, by creating jobs of minimal productivity andmaximal labor; exactly the opposite policies to those imposed by economists to the service of electronicand financial companies.

—  And this requires a global ban against the machine of the Singularity age; against the evolution of robotics and chips, to prevent the obsolescence of the Human Mind, the human worker and the soldier. Because there are countries in Asia, which are unfairly competing with human workers, building automated factories, if those nations do not change their laws, it would be unavoidable to createmassive, penalty tariffs to goods produced by hardcore technological companies, mainly from Japan andKorea that are using robotic workers. They have crashed the profits of all the European and American companies that still keep labor regulations and pay their middle classes a real salary. So those nations either ‘learn’ to protect human labor, or else they will have to buy their Toyota, Asimos and Samsung Terminators, which now patrol the wall between both Koreas with right to kill humans. It means also the destruction of all scientific labs dedicated to the research of the Singularity.

Economical solution: The inter-’nationalization’ of credit: A world currency. 

If politicians, economists, bankers and humanity at large were knowledgable about the scientific, organic laws of history and markets and applied rationally the best measures to create a world to the image and likeness of man, by regulating market, money and machines, the world could be a paradise.

In the case of the looming currency crisis that we projected 20 years ago, the only solution is to create ‘yes’ money, a global currency with fixed parity between yuans, yens, euros and dollars that allow all the nations of the world a wide state deficit of 10% to create a New Global Deal and jobs for the unemployed thrown out of jobs by robots and computers (blue and white collar labor). Because the Yes money, a circulating SDR currency, would be global, it could not loose value and those deficits would create enough money for governments to support the life of the millions of people that enter now unemployment. It would avoid the destruction of America and the raise of neofascism, which will seek  in the people-caste of financiers the ‘scapegoat’ of  this crisis as Hitler did in the 30s.

It is thus in the interest of all of us, of the leaders of the Jewish Empire, of the leaders of the political world, of humanity at large, to evolve the economical science, understand the cycles of history and use money for the evolution of history and the human-kind.

If history is left to the guidance of greed and murder the values of a free market, an ecosystem in which companies have as only goal to make profits, selling weapons and machines, the world will become overcrowded with those machines, a jungle of metal, in which man becomes increasingly obsolete. The two paths of the future are thus connected to which kind of ideology humans follow to direct it: the myths built around the culture of greed and murder, or the science of economics and history…

The solution? The creation of yes money, a fixed parity international currency self-similar to the SDR currency of the IMF (yen, yuan, dollar and euro together) with massive deficit rights to create a welfare state; and a new sweeping regulation of stock-markets…

But ‘greed’ has no limits and so far what we observe is the same process of the earlier 20s, a complete denial that this is a one-in-a century recession, perfectly forecast and explained in our models of bio-economics, a massive censorship of a real science of economics based in those cycles, which are not published, and a runaway search for new e-money instruments to keep inventing money with computers, parasiting the global economy with a ‘burden/tax’ calculated around 5 trillion $ a year, which is choking the global economy. It is a deja vu experience. Today money is no longer the informative brain/language, which created by governments and ‘sustainable companies’, in a reformed financial world, could create on Earth a paradise of wealth for all human beings. Money is just the data produced by computers for a few, which have during the past 20 years increasingly controlled with laws of deficit zero and opaque financial instruments, all other systems of power of our societies.

So amazingly enough people don’t realize that money is invented; that governments could invent money and create a welfare state, abolishing taxes with a global currency; that laws could select according to their positive or negative usefulness for mankind which ‘sustainable’ companies have credit on markets and which do not have credit. So for example, robotic companies that create machines which destroy labor should not be allowed to tap credit, while agricultural companies, which feed mankind and are chronically under-funded would have special rights.

All those changes which the concerted work of the G-20 group could establish legally are not even considered. Since economists at the service of the financial companies that control the west, its mass-media outlets, its forms of creation of money and its politicians work today as Owen, the XIX century philantropist put it, ‘creating all kind of theoretical excuses to justify the massive exploitation of workers in factories across the country; as they enjoy the life of the London Saloons’. Nothing has changed. Today classic economists merely affirm as ‘scientific dogma’, the complex theories they invent to justify the exclusive rights to mint money that financial companies have had for centuries, exceptin the brief periods of eusocial governments during the 60s and 70s, the golden age of democracies…

Otherwise, business as usual will mean the creation of the Metal-Earth, an organism of machines that will no longer need the human earth, hence the natural end of the Economic Ecosystem, which today is dual, but soon will expel mankind as mankind expelled the animal world before.

Yet I am only an informative human. I have no power, no money, no armies to re-conduct the human adventure towards a longer life. The job has to be done by stockratswith money, scientists against robotics, politicians with laws and the military with weapons, the languages of power of human societies, they control.

So paradoxically only those who are destroying the Earth by backing the evolution of machines – the animetals – can save it preventing their further evolution. As a bioeconomist, and biohistorian, as a doctor of the body of history, I can theoretically understand the way we can save the Earth and design ways to halt the process of terraforming of the Earth.

Yet our leaders, warriors, traders, and scientists, have to act up. A writer only can advice with words, a doctor can only advice a patient. It is the patient who has to take the antidote.

It is up to the leaders of the species, to control the Metal-Earth before the Metal-Earth leaves no room to control.

What a bio-economist can do is to explain the nature of the Metal-Earth. To warn man against machines. To explain the errors of abstract economics that prevent our leadership to have a clear vision of the Earth’s sickness.

A bio-economist can also consider theoretical models of biological nature and economical measures that could improve the networks of information and energy that sustain human beings.

This is the purpose of this page: to use bio-logical laws in favor of man, by designing apolitical system in which men not machines are evolved and reproduced by the social networks of that political system, ‘The World Union’.

We call the economical system that the World Union imposes, an “ethonomy” because it should be ruled by verbal orders and values, not by monetary orders and values, by human political systems, that set the goals of the bio-economy from the verbal, survival, human point of view.

And of course, as all in the Universe the Wor(l)d Union is both an ideology of ‘biological information’ in favor of mankind, as capitalism is an ideology of digital information in favor of the machines; and it requires a culture to implement it, as animetals and their military and ‘economical’ cultures have implemented capitalism and the control of the wor(l)d by company-mothers of machines. So we can consider both sides, the people who can ‘save’ the world and the theoretical construction of a super-organism of history which realizes that dream.

The people and the leader is obvious Mr. Obama and its multi-culture. Indeed, when he gave his famous speech on the Democratic convention he said that there were not Asian-Americans and Latinos, and African Americans and White Americans and Jewish Americans but Americans. And yet if one realizes what he said and takes away the word America, he is saying what a Savior of the world would say, there are not Asians and Latinos and Africans and Whites but Humans, since America is merely an ideal, the ideal of Mankind made of all those races that co-exist in America; the ideal of the eusocial religions of Mankind, embedded in the Constitution of the Americans that consider all humans equal. And so indeed, the Salvation of the World is to impose to the world those ideals, today corrupted by the Animetal cultures of warriors and bankers from where the original Pilgrim Fathers escaped.

We call this Global America the Wor(l)d Union and  we call the 3 leaders that could impose it, Mr. Obama, the American, Mr. Europe, whoever that might be at the time of the r=evolution and the president of China. And so this is the dream of mankind that America started but could never achieved during his cycle. And now in the last cycle of History that of Globalization of weapons (singularity machines) of cultures (the dream of America) and Markets (Worldstock) and Wars, it is the last dream, before we wake up to the nightmare of extinction.

THE DREAMERS – failed American r=evolutions.

In the graph, the wor(l)d in America had a humanist part in its people’s r=evolutions, which unfortunately were all aborted by warrior-go(l)d coalitions, and never included the true lower people-castes of anglo-americans, the colonised people of their empires. 

The world has today 3 leaders, China, America and the EU. Contrary to belief, the most important of those 3 leaders is China. Because it is the nation of the XXI century, the most evolved socially, the most advanced culturally and the model all the others should imitate to control the evolution of machines with the power of the law. So far Obama lives the fantasy of being the ruler of the most powerful nation, thinking he is the new Roosevelt, but the new Roosevelt is Hu Jintao, the leader of the new nation, China. Obama is just the last leader of the American Weimar. So if he doesn’t want to precipitate America into a new neo-fascist age, he must understand the cycles of History and collaborate with the new leader, China, to prevent the end of Mankind. As Europe, no longer the leader of the world did after II W.W., America must adapt, through r=evolution, to a cheaper, safer, ‘dolce fare niente’ Social system, instead of competing for the ring of Go(l)d, which will be Chinese.

But why we say R=evolution? Because the power in America is not in its people and its constitution, who cheer the equality of all human beings; but is still hold by a minority,  belonging to the ‘Biblical, Gold-Smyth’ culture. As harsh as it might sound, the American R=evolution never happened; the ‘house Negroes’, the American People, were never liberated from their Go(l)d elites; only the plantation Negroes became partially free—but they never achieved their social rights. Go(l)d has always ruled. And yet, there has never been a chance like the present crisis to make a peaceful social r=evolution without killing anybody, without using the tools of neo-fascism, as never there were so many Americans who desired a change of leadership and ideologies, a science of history, an evolution of their social mind.

In that sense, Obama should not be a ‘house negro’ for the Biblical Inquisition, with the job of punishing Islam, the plantation negro. Those ‘Semite wars’ and ideologies of hate and go(l)d are not his, neither those of America, born as the dream of a world of equal human beings of all races. Obama has not been elected to be part of foreign wars, to try to compete with the 4 times bigger population of the Chinese World, to maintain the Apartheid of the Gaza Plantation. He has been elected by the votes of American ‘human beings’ to create an economic ecosystem that works for ‘we, the people’ of America, not for their people-castes and their absurd Millenarian dreams of global go(l)d power. So he must put money to work for ‘the people’. Or he will soon wake up in Weimar 1930s; and either he will have to become a neofascist leader and go against their own people, as ‘house negroes’ used to do, or take over the White House and make a real r=evolution, the first in the history of America.

The easiest path, of course, is to follow the ‘business cycle as usual’: Let the elite prey on the American people, while repeating ‘ad nauseam’ a fiction of ‘don’t worry be happy’ that ignores the real suffering of the Nation. And then, as always happens when we don’t direct our business and are in denial of its incoming ruin, one day all explodes and there is no future but death.

Thus, only a miracle coming from our leadership—an Asimov’s ‘Mule’, a Lot, a ‘Neo’, could save mankind of his non-future.

But Lot needed at least to find another just man, and indeed, an alliance of China and the US could change the world, as we have explained in the previous ‘plot’. Let us now be more precise, creating a super-organism of History, presided by a collective of the most important nations of the world.

We shall call this collegiate Presidency, ‘Hoe Mankind’, as the world is now trilateral as it was in the 20s, with 3 Economical giants, America, China and US and a series of nations that should be easily convinced to participate in such government. So let us imagine that in the first semester of 2010, Hu Jintao, Obama and Mr. Europe, H.O.E. give a global coup d’etat and decide to save the world, convincing the rest of American, European and Asian leaders to follow suit. What they should do to create a world to the image and likeness of Mankind, a paradise on Earth?

First to define a simple way to vote executive laws. Mr. Hoe—Mr. Hu Jintao, Mr. Obama and Mr. EU, with 1 vote each; and the 8 Vice-presidents of the main cultures and countries of the Wor(l)d, Brazil, Russia, Japan (Bruja), Mexico, the Arab Union, Nigeria, Korea, India and Indonesia (Mankind) with 0.5 votes have over 75% of the GNP and human population. Thus their decisions imposed as executive orders could solve the problems, if they would abandon the racial and mechanist myths of the Go(l)d culture and recognize the fragility and equality of all human beings. If this humble acceptance of human nature and the duality of the Tree of Metal Vs the tree of Life were recognized, if the capital(ist) sin of mankind, arrogance, the desire to be more than God, could becured, the survival of humanity, the reversal of the Genesis prophecy would be extremely easy toachieve.

If Mr. Hoe Mankind would recognize himself as human flesh, not better than Joe 6 packs, the mass of human beings, victims of the Metal-earth, the people who elected him to whom he owes allegiance he would realize that the problems of the World are not those of the International Bankers, the Industrialists and Physicists, which are going to eliminate us all, but those of his brotherhood of human beings, the anonymous nobodies, just like you, Hoe Mankind, are for the Universe.


Let us then dream on a conversion of our leaders, before the Age of the singularity kill us all. What Mr. Hoe Mankind should do?

3 unavoidable measures are once and again repeated as a Mandala in this web, in the way we receive the same repeated subliminal messages about greed and murder, the hidden values of money and machines=weapons, in our text books and TV-sets. Since they are the only possible measures againstthe present crisis, before its final ‘zenith’, III World War and the Age of the Singularity, ends with Mankind and Hoe:

–     A Demand Economy, backed by a Political World Union in control of the 3 languages of power of our societies, weapons, money and the law, which should be created by real politicians, elected by the people, by Mr. Hoe Bruja, with legislative capacity to r=evolve the institutions of the main countries of the world, specially our military, reorganized to fulfill 2 roles, as a World Army, able to end the 2 most conflictive zones of the Earth, where robotic weapons are evolving – the Semite wars and the Korean border – and as a Global police against machines of the Singularity, able to destroy all its factories.

—  A global agreement among all those nations to create a single currency, (now operating in the IMF as SDRs, a credit currency without use in the day to day economy of the common people), ¥€$ money (Yen-Yuan-Euro-Dollar) based on a fixed by law, simple parity: 100 yens=5 yuans =1 eurodollar. ¥€$ money will be adjusted by inner prices within months and all other nations could peg ‘continentally’ their currencies to the yuan/ dollar and euro. That simple measure would scrap once and for all the taxation against Human Goods, Social Policies and the countries of the 3rd world, all the global speculative market of currencies, created by electronic money to profit the people who have sunk the global economy. It would allow running the same fixed public deficit of 30% of GNP, ‘ad eternal’, in all nations, established also as a global law. Since only an enormous public deficit equal to the ‘deficit’ created by speculative money in stock-markets, no longer possible, without building robots and other lethal goods of the age of the Singularity, once the electronic wave of machines has exhausted their reproduction, could create a Demand Economybased in life enhancing human goods. It is a myth that the extraordinary deficits of money created in stock markets are ‘Surplus’ and money created by governments is ‘Deficit’ that should be taxed.

Stock money is also deficit, but it is not in the hands of elected people but in the hands of privatecompanies with an agenda that was fully realized in the age of e-money, which multiplied by 20 their valuation (10 NYSE +10 NASDAQs, starting from zero). That money in the hands of speculators ended social democracies, corrupted politicians, scholars of ‘think- tanks’ and all systems of information of this planet. Instead, shares should be made nominal and money invented by governments to use it on the people. The myth of ‘government’s deficit’ was created by companies to have a monopoly on the creation of money in stock-markets and to pass laws of deficit zero, against the rights of elected governments to manage the language of power of our societies. Governments can perfectly create massive quantities of money if they agree to fixed parity currencies—a global currency—as nobody candestroy a global currency, the reference value of all prices in society. Governments then should create with that eternal, self-sustained annual deficit, a New Deal of jobs and investments in Human goods, agriculture, education, textile, health-care, tourism and environmental protection, sustainable jobs thatcreate a massive demand of human labor, not of machine labor, as those created by technologicalcompanies. It should be also given for free to people, establishing a global minimal salary to create Demand on basic human goods that would create companies in all non-electronic and military sectorsof the economy that favor sustainable growth. Again is a myth that money has to be ‘earned’. It has to be ‘spent’ in the proper goods.

Money is information invented for free. So the matter is who should spend that money, once it is invented. When speculators invent it for free, it is spent in technological companies that push closer our date of obsolescence to the machine. When government gives it to the unemployed and the poor, it creates demand on basic goods—housing, food, clothing, transport—the goods that would make a world to the image and likeness of man. Those are precisely the areas totally under-invested by 30 years of diversion of resources to electronic technologies, which are making human beings obsolete and create hardly any jobs. Indeed, Human Goods companies create much more jobs per unit of capital invested than technological companies, because they require doctors, teachers and farmers to produce their goods, while machines produce high-tech machines at ultra-expensive costs. In other words, wemust reduce the productivity of the economic ecosystem, by creating jobs of minimal productivity andmaximal labor; exactly the opposite policies to those imposed by economists to the service of electronicand financial companies.

—  And this requires a global ban against the machine of the Singularity age; against the evolution of robotics and chips, to prevent the obsolescence of the Human Mind, the human worker and the soldier. Because there are countries in Asia, which are unfairly competing with human workers, building automated factories, if those nations do not change their laws, it would be unavoidable to createmassive, penalty tariffs to goods produced by hardcore technological companies, mainly from Japan andKorea that are using robotic workers. They have crashed the profits of all the European and American companies that still keep labor regulations and pay their middle classes a real salary. So those nations either ‘learn’ to protect human labor, or else they will have to buy their Toyota, Asimos and Samsung Terminators, which now patrol the wall between both Koreas with right to kill humans.

A benevolent dictatorship of the 3 dominant nations of the world, backed by their allies is needed, to save labor from extinction, by building a better world according to the laws of organic science. Nothing else will do. The problems are clear, the nations and castes that are causing them are known, the solutions and tools to implement them in a human way, before the Singularity and neofascism spread,exist. But it is war against those nations a human way? Indeed, if war is managed properly and surrender always accepted on the terms exposed by the World Union. Israel, Lebanon and Palestine could easily enter the European Union and form 3 states in peace, without walls. And if it is needed to invade for a period those nations, to change their ways, it would be a human action. To let Israel discover new Terminator and robotic machines, to commit again self-suicide, guided by their go(l)d myths is an error. To let North-Korea build new nuclear weapons and starve its population is not humane. Because the UNO was aborted, as a Global Government, we lack leaders with the will to sacrifice national interests for the sake of all mankind – and that is the role of Mr. Hoe. Survival is at stakes.

The biggest mass of biological flesh of this planet is a super—organism of Ants, stretching thousands of miles across entire nations, which has defeated all the ‘national ant-hills’ that preceded it. It is a tale worth telling. The Argentinean ant was transplanted to Australia and Europe, where it mutated and became super-eusocial. Now there is a super-organism of billions of ants that stretches from Portugal to Italy. It is the most successful nation of the world, fast displacing all other ants and predators of the micro-scale of living organisms. It is a recent mutation that happened to meet new challenges of a new environment. Unlike all other ants, divided in ‘national’ ant-hills, all Argentinean ants form a single nation, which is extinguishing their European rivals. Could mankind mutate, now that it faces collective extinction in the new environment of the Age of the Singularity? We will now within 2 decades, if we are still here. Because or we mutate our minds as the Argentinean ant did, or those challenges will eliminate us and the machine, which is connected in a global social organism through networks of computers, will play the role of the Argentinean ant; while we will be the old Eurasian ants, divided in selfish nations that Argentineans are extinguishing.



Plutocracies ruled by the Financial->Military->Industrial Complex: the Zeitgeist of our age.

Democracy needs elected governments to create the language of social power:creditmoney. Otherwise the system is not a democracy but a plutocracy ruled by those who invent the language of social power and gives orders to politicians (lobbies, bribes) and citizens (prices, salaries) with it.

Since such is the case of our societies, we live in plutocracies not in democracies, where the language of power of societies, money, which creates=credits the future with orders called salaries, prices, subventions and bribes, is reproduced in developed countries by a few banking dynasties (Western Plutocracies), corporative conglomerates (Japanese Zaibatsus and Korean Chaebols in the East), non elected Governments (Islamic dictatorships, Communist parties) or foreign banks (Africa, South-America, South-Asia).

The result is that those who invent money create the future of the world and censor all news that are ‘inconvenient truths’ about their monopoly of power. Such is the Zeitgeist of our world – a planet owned by a few people-castes, which have created a Matrix of fictions about the Freedom of its citizens. But to understand the truth of our societies and the future they are building we must follow the money and wantings of those who monopolize their invention:

– In Western Plutocracies, the Am Segullah (People of the Treasure) and its millenarian banking dynasties establish the policies of our ‘Quisling‘ nations, where ‘politicos’ unable to create credit (deficit zero laws) are obliged to extract it with unfair taxes from the people and then use it an overwhelming proportion not to improve the life of the people but either in mercenary armies to defend the nation of the Am Segullah or astoundingly enough handle it directly back to the banks and corporations, which can invent it for free with stock-paper and e-money derivatives. The result is a massive redistribution of rent towards bankers and  stockrats, the new ari-stockraticcastes of plutocracies, while the rent of Middle classes plummet; and since the wealthy cannot spend so much money, economical growth dwindles.

– In Eastern Plutocracies, corporations, which should be properly called ‘company-mothers’ of machines, use their credit to evolve not human societies and improve the life of their people, but to evolve and improve their off-spring of machines, now entering the III Industrial R=evolution of robotics and Artificial Intelligent. The result is the creation of a new super-organism ofmachines that make obsolete human beings in fields of labor and work, whose most advanced example is South Korea, which robotizes its war fields (border with North Korea) and Japan, which is creating the first automated companies without the need of a single human worker.

– In Islamic Dictatorships, a series of Tribal Dynasties (the Ibn Saud, the Khalifa, the Ghadafis, etc.) maintain a population on the verge of starvation, except in oil-rich countries, which can afford to sustain them, while spending most of its budgets in weapons. Yet they are tolerated by the bankers, rulers of the West as long as they keep peace with their Nation, Israle.

– In the 3rd World, dictators are also tolerated, despite the astounding level of corruption and repression of their people, as long as they provide cheap raw material to western and eastern corporations.

– Finally, in the old, now corrupted, eusocial cultures, (socialist and social-democratic countries and theocracies based in a religion of love), money which was used to create welfare states is either used by the military to build up their power with the excuse of defending the ‘revolutions’ from the constant bullying of the Global Plutocracy (Iran, Venezuela, North-Korea), or in the sole exception of China, due to a millenarian, neolithic, communal civilization, whose memes have not yet been totally corrupted by the military-financial system that controls all other nations, in the creation of a sustainable economy, based in green technologies, infrastructure and ‘human, biological goods’ that people need to consume. But this sole exception, whose GDP growth is a direct consequence of the ownership of credit by the government is increasingly under siege by a growing military caste, a plutocratic elite of industrialists that sell their products to the west and the obvious fact that their governments are neither elected nor judged after their tenure according to performance, the two minimal requirements for a true democratic politicalcaste, which do not happen in any nation of planet Earth.

All this means that the future can be defined by the Paradox of History: because credit is overwhelmingly in the hands of company-mother of machines, not in the hands of governments elected and judged by the people, we create a planet to the image and likeness of the two entities with highercredit, corporations of machines and the Am Segullah bankers who control all the Central banks of the west and more than 50% of the corporations of the Earth Inc. Thus the memes of the Biblical culture are today the memes of our global culture and machines our new God, since corporations are creating a world made to its image and likeness in which humans will soon become obsolete and then will be discharged by the machines of the singularity Age. We live indeed, unless credit returns to the governments of the people and those governments can be freely elected and its politicians judged by those who elect them according to their performance, the age of extinction of life, as metal-machines are a different species who devolves, kills and atrophies the human and life species with which it competes in the economic ecosystem. But such future must be censored to make it happen. And so mass-mediacorporations create a Matrix of fictions to keep us happy as we race towards our demise.

In simple terms, we still live as in the pre-industrial age under the rule of thememes of metal, money and weapons to which we have added technological machines and the animetal people-castes and memetic cultures that invented them. Such world is a racist, classist, technocratic world that despises the tree of life and its human, biological goods. It is the Financial->Military->Industrial Complex, in which money rules supreme and it is mainly invested by governments in the dominant, most expensive metal-object, according to the values of money – weapons, and then in other technological machines, some of them good for mankind some of them (chips and mental machines), bad, since they atrophy and substitute the human mind, making us a devolved, neo-paleolithic culture of fictional mind and coach-potato bodies…

Thus, unless those memes of metal and people-castes acknowledge that they are driving history and the human kind towards is atrophy, devolution and final extinction and either them, or the human mass they rule, r=evolve and guide the Earth towards a sustainable planet, based in the memes of eusocial love and the massive re=production of human, biological goods, mankind will not survive the present cycle of the Singularity Machines, when the Industrial r=evolution completes the evolution of organic metal and robots, terminators and the global internet brain of computers complete the creation of the economic superorganism displacing the Life Earth into extinction.


The perfect world vs. the anti-quantum paradox

Now, as we said, the evolution of machines will NOT be unavoidable till it becomes completely conscious. However in its subconscious level it does happen, as it obeys the general laws of ‘automatic’ constructions of super organisms of the Universe which we study in systems sciences and its sub disciplines (duality – the building of energetic and informative networks, emergence – the creation of conscious wholes from its parts, and general systems – the synergies between all those aspects). In that sense, even a subconscious larger super organism controls its parts, by establishing new languages of information and fields of energy which the cellular parts need to survive and obey.

It is for that reason that when we create free markets of corporations, the evolution of the FMMI system into a perfect organism of machines, without human rights follow. But alternately if the government could control the market with scientific laws it could create a perfect super organism for human beings.

Now how it is done in the new sciences of information varies little from the traditional methods of other sciences like physics.

So all sciences develop an ideal model – the ideal model of gas in thermodynamics, of motion in Newtonian mechanics, and only latter refine the model to study the ‘friction’, ‘collision’ and wrong ‘mutations’ produced in the real world.

And this is what we do in systems sciences when we study human societies, and its economic and political, reproductive and informative networks.

We can build a perfect, ideal model of a superorganism of history, by imitating the laws that in nature create perfect superorganisms.

Then we can compare the model with the wrong ‘mutation’ and ‘evolution’, which is the human social super organism. And establish what is the sickness of our society, and propose reforms of the system.

Of course, all this finds a problem: a sick organism or a wrong mutation is difficult to change without shock measures. Because systems have inertia and survival instincts. You do not just say people, you are sick and you are going to die, if you don’t change your life habits, and people change them. Specially if you were talking from inside the body as a minute cell.

This is again the anti-quantum paradox which is essential to understand why social scientists do not run the world.

Still, this is a theoretical blog, and its purpose is to state scientific truths about economics and history. And this the doctor can always do even if he is ignored under the antiquantum paradox.

And then it is when censorships gets in: indeed, the scientist will judge the 7 main cultures of mankind of the maps of super organisms of history comparing them to the perfect world:

This was my proposal a decade ago when i was invited to give a series of conferences at the international society of systems sciences and cybernetics, on the chair of monetary systems, forecasting the 2008 crisis of overproduction of evolution of chips, its informative e-money software, and energetic, hardware, robotics.

But obviously the system is too corrupted, at this stage of History by the ‘selfish Memes of metal’, weapons that kill the life body of human citizens/cells and the wrong ‘financial memes’, the viral DNA that has infected the re=productive body economy of our societies, provoking a massive anoxia/lack of blood among the cells/citzens of mankind, which unlike any efficient superorganism of Nature, except those suffering cancerous anoxia, DO RECEIVE ALL A UNIVERSAL SALARY OF OXYGEN to kick out the reproductive and consumption economy that ALLOW ALL SYSTEMS to function and survive.

Now the web does so in the central post with an overview of the Bio-economic and bio-historical model of the Superorganisms of mankind and the Metalearth. But for a full understanding of the model, the reader is advised to go through the top sentence of the web, which is written in a hierarchical fractal model both in space and time, as the Universe is built.

Thus in the first ‘post’ on the 5Dimension of social scales, we study the Fractal, Organic Universe, and the larger model of the formalism of General Systems Sciences.


The organic structure of the Universe and its sciences.

In that regard an even higher perspective on the process of evolution of systems through languages of information is the metrics of the 5th dimension of ‘scales’ of size and complexity of the Universe. Since the absolute future of systems is a social increase in its complexity, which works on the Universe at large, as particles become atoms that become molecules, which become cells, organisms, societies, solar system and galaxies.

So each of those scales studied by a science becomes a part of a future whole, stronger than the individuals,which survive better. So happens among humans, which however arrested their evolution into the final scale of social, global humanity, due to the parallel evolution of selfish memes of metal, machines, weapons and money that have reached now an almost global union:


So we just have had a glimpse to introduce how simple, beautiful and perfect could be the world just by imitating the perfect super organisms of the Fractal Universe.

This is a fact of modern history. We are NOT in the anthropocene as ecologists so much like to repeat, blaming humans of the global pollution caused by the shit of machines, the extinction of life beings caused by weapons (human life) and other mechanisms (i.e.chips that multiplied by eco-location the death of fishing) but in the birth of the Mechanocene, the age of automated company-mothers and the first forms of metalife, robots that put together, heads, bodies and limbs of machines, as viruses do, first making the separate DNA-heads, limbs and bodies and then assembling them together.
It is precisely this other Superorganism of company-mothers of machines, ruled by a different language of information, not the law but the language of digital money and its hidden values, what is creating the cycles of evolution of machines discovered by kondratieff, and fine-tuned by this writer to the generations of industrial nations and organic machines of each cycle, which we will now study in more detail.

Systems laws applied to the evolution of capitalist democracies.

Systems are composed of individual ‘cells’, parts that emerge as a whole as the arrow of complexity and social evolution evolves them, according to the intelligence of the program of all complementary systems of the Universe.

And what the science of complexity tries to discover is the details of that program that explain how ants without intelligence form an intelligent ant-hill, stars form a complex galaxy, similar to a cell formed by independent carbohydrates. So it happens with human individuals that emerge as societies. And so has happened with the so-called capitalist democracies, which have evolved from its initial and more obvious form as dictatorships of corporations (Holland, Pre-Industrial England, colonial US) into hidden dictatorships ‘disguised’ with the mask of democratic votes and wet paper rights (constitutions) very different from a real, efficient physiological ‘constitution’ of the body of history=mankind, treated in other posts of this web.

This happens to all systems and so we can consider some basic laws that will apply to this post:

– Complementary law: systems evolve either with clonic, similar cells into superorganisms, or with complementary energy/information/reproductive trinary systems that allow to create more complex systems. The first strategy creates herds of social love, democratic in nature. The second strategy however is more efficient, as there is a division of functions with an informative, head/caste on top, an energetic, destructive mass, and reproductive systems of both. This system is hierarchical organic and ruled by the minority of cells that form the head. The corporation that reproduces machines, has a manager caste, a super-caste of anonymous owners and a working body, and preys over the energy of raw materials it consumes – and often the human consumers those machines atrophy and degrade is such organism.

 Systems become hidden by new layers of disguising complexity. You look pretty because you have built a layer of skin over the skull of teeth, since you ‘see’ and you must camouflage what you are, an eating-killin machine. Insects are not pretty because they smell, they don’t see. But im sure they feel in the virtual mapping of reality built with smells a pretty world.

Democracies are not, because they are mask of power. So they are bicephalic systems, which by definition as siamese twins are not efficient.  And they cannot control the language of informative power, money which defines the system (as your genetic DNA defines your cell and your nerves are your consciousness.

 Information rule. The head rules the blind body, and provides him with the information it needs for its selfish purposes. Languages of information though have less energy/space, are invisible, travel fast, give orders in simultaneity, occupy the height dimension of form. So you dont ‘see words’ and money orders are hidden, black holes are invisible with their gravitational orders, etc. So are plutocrats in democracies. We do not know even mention their real name.

Informative cells in fact start mixed with the rest of the cells of the body but as the system becomes more complex, they isolate themselves from the mass they rule and finally create a membrane that separates them. DNA is with the cell it rules in proto-bacteria but then it builds a membrane that separates it and only send RNA parts to give its messages or else, ‘enzymes’ with a metal-core and a submissive carbohydrate liquidates you. In societies, the plutocrats have now become hidden, when before II W.W. everybody knew who they were. But if you ‘cross the line’ they will send polices and armies, with pieces of metal, enzymen that will massacre you.

– Complexity laws. Systems become more sophisticated with time, so initially, while the different cells are conscious of their role and very active, with time, they become individuals controlled by the rules embedded in the whole and loose consciousness of their role. Ants do not know they are building a complex organisms but they build it. Humans do not know they are building an economic ecosystem ruled by memes of metal but they do. There is no confabulation theory therefore in capitalism, but moved by Greed – and in this Adam Smith was right – the entire system magically emerges. The key of those processes is found in the ‘hidden values’ of the language. So in capitalism the laws of affinity between metal-money and metal-energy (complementary forms of energy and information, money and weapons) become symbiotic and we value more weapons than words. So just by being greedy and not thinking about it, billions of human beings make wars emerge for profit and create a world with more memes of metal than life memes which have null value in monetary terms.

– Systems become sick when the head becomes independent of the body, with its proper, crazy agenda, not providing enough energy and information to the body, isolating itself from the messages of pain the body cells send it, which is the only form of democracy possible, a single head/party/science of biohistory should rule scientifically the world, but those who try to implement it, politicians and stockrats, owners of corporations, should be public by name, chosen by the people and responsible, and if they do not accomplish what they promise the voters can vote him back at the end of their tenure, with pain messages or reward ones (vote of jail, disposession, financial reward or re-election, according to their accomplishments).

Our systems however have become crazy as corporations became in the I fascist age (1850s-60s) anonymous societies, detached from the collateral effects their machines cause. They became detached from their workers/human body and in fact their enemies as they view them as costs substituted by evolving machines. And nobody can judge them. This today also extends to politicos, which acquired immunity.

Today our superorganism of history is collapsing, because it is sick. Its brain has a viral infection, go(l)d and its values, which made us addict to the overdrive of energy and information of the machines we reproduce. So we have become detached of Gaia, the Natural Earth and of the bulk of mankind, the 3rd world outside and inside our borders. But those people are ‘silenced’. They do not appear in the virtual, mad world of fiction and promotion of memes of metal, which imprint us from the altar of our homes. Further on, since death is a sudden, brief moment, which can only be prevented before the death crisis destroys all the systems of the organism, dead happens. So we are i a mad state, totally unrelated by our ideologies and the agenda of our elites to the natural world. But we will not realize till the Singularity machines – the agents of our collective death appear. Then the collapse will be fast and unavoidable. Once a black hole, a nano bacteria or a robotic army awakes to organic, feeding, reproductive or informative, A.I. behavior those 3 energetic/reproductive/informative subspecies of the singularity will be invincible and death will be certain. But our physiological cells, scientists that evolve machines, bankers that credit and reproduce them, and the military energetic cells that demand it, are having such a ride that they don’t realize or care about this process. And the body is blind to it.

– Finally, all systems have 3 ‘privileged’ physiological cells, which are those of the physiological networks of energy (digestive, military system), information (nervous, banking system) and reproduction (blood/ managers of corporations). Those 3 cells are the only ones that are NOT fixed, but travel througout the entire body (nervous/financial global orders, supranational armies, multinational corporations). First those cells are ‘responsible’ in systems which have not yet built dissociative membranes. So the blood in simple animals floods all the cells. But then it becomes regulated in closed paths, which restrict the access to the cells.

Now in history our ‘animetal castes’, responsible for building the global economic ecosystem now evolving into a tightly controlled global organism, were first ‘tribal, specialized cells’. The Germ(an) animetals spread from their Indo-European region on chariot and horse and became the top of all the cells of the Eurasian continent. Meanwhile the Cananeans, Jewish/Phoenicians, land/sea traders created a global network of trade in gold, metal, luxuries and slaves, with the purpose of accumulating gold, the fetishe, informative metal that hypnotizes the weaker Nitrogen based human brain.

Greed=Gold fever thus was the primitive language of capitalism, the visual Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis, the white man, become addicted to it, and worked to create a network, which only become professional with the arrival of corporations that ‘created a membrane of anonymity, for the surviving Jewish cells to hide. Meanwhile the Germans became aristocrats of each nation, breaking the world in tribal nationalisms.  Which leads to the last property of systems of interest to this point:

 Informative systems triumph because they are ‘smaller’, ‘invisible languages’ that act together as single networks, while energetic cells are broken.

So today the plutocrats of the world form a global network with the same ideology that control a mass of energetic soldiers and workers, through the complex physiological reproductive and informative system – the corporation, and hidden under the disguised mask/thin skin of caring, provided by the politicos.

Now if you grasp some of those facts you might have an easier way to understand why you live as a blind cell of a body, happy and exploited.

– And all this resumes in the theory of the selfish gene/meme: Systems are masterminded by the forms and functions of its informative languages, which they preserve and evolve. So the capitalist follows the values of money and hypnotic gold/greed, the warrior the violence and power to cut flesh of iron – because Go(l)d and Iron are the most informative and energetic atoms of the Universe, which give him added power, and so he follows them blindly. 

This was obvious in the beginning of the animetal civilization when Germans, mass producers of iron swords impale the children of enemies in a Sword called Thor and Cananeans killed their children in altars to Baal and Mammon. They became slaves of their memes. Today the entire mankind is slave of the economic systems of machines, weapons and money and the system is so complex that the individual cells have no idea, not even the plutocrats we shall describe in this web, of what their individual actions moved by greed/capitalism and violence/tribal nationalism cause. There are no secret meetings or ‘conspirational Zion papers’, nor the Koch brother really know what they are doing, beyond knowing they don’t to pay environmental laws cause they produce polluting oil products and so on. And if this happens to the head of the system, the blind body cells are totally clueless.

Now what we are going to explain, which relates basically to the Western European/American world, in the globalized planet, applies to all other systems. There is indeed, once capitalism has triumphed, little difference between systems. So while we shall stress the characteristics of the systems and nations on top of the historic process, of course, they are not ‘special’. We might say that the entire superorganism of mankind walks the same path. The people of the West and within the West the oldest animetal cultures which discovered and developed in greater measure the memes of metal, according to those laws of systems sciences have lead for good or bad the process and so their memes and beliefs in the system is more intense. Since they created  it in greater measure. They of course, could change it in greater measure. But for that reason, they have absorbed their myths in greater measure too.

By all this we mean, if we were to do a list of the 185 nations of the global nation, we could classify them all in 3 sub-organs, which have roughly a decametric structure of population:

– The 1st world, or 1% of stockrats:

The dysfunctional head, which are the nations that first invented the informative language of money, and basically belong to two sub-cultures, the Jewish Nation and the Protestant nations. As in all systems, Jewish being the founding nation of the memes of capitalism, is within this nation the top ‘neuronal body’, short of the ‘I-cells’ of the system.

Associated to them, within each nation, the 1% of stockrats form part of this head, eventhough the ‘creative memes’ of capitalism are mostly invented by Jewish-Calvinist-British people.

In the East, converted to capitalism, this head is an elite of Chinese ‘compradors’ (Singapore, Hong Kong, stockratic elites of south-asia) and owners of corporations in the most developed Asian Tigers (Korea, Japan, Taiwan).

The working body or 10% of believers:

This body or middle class is formed by the mass of Protestant cultures, most US people and northern European. And the people of the ‘white’ British empire.  Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians, Canadians, Australians, and so on form part of this body.

– The energy of the system. The 90% of mankind:

This group are the nations of the 3rd world and people belonging to the eusocial religions of love. Again in these nations there is a tiny minority (more like a 0.1%) of stockratic elites that feel closer and are part of the 1%, but the mass merely ‘survives’, with the ‘Bronze salary’ of Ricardo’s economical theory, always on the verge of extinction, as the 1 billion humans on the bottom of this energy class, who are undernourished show. Further on the minorities of the 1st world are included here – Muslims and blacks in Europe, Latinos and blacks in US.

This structure could be mapped out in time and space, as all systems are, for its full comprehension. We will within the restrictions of size and (my apologies) the somehow disordered 3rd reconstruction of this hacked web consider its analysis in time and space, studying the case-sample of the United States, since the US is a nation of all nations, where this class structure is more obvious .

But of course, all this is politically incorrect to mention, as it is part of the placebo memes that maintain the mass of the blind body addicted to their elite, to make them belief they have the same rights. In that sense the myth of the American patriot, who feels at the head of the global economic system, when he mostly belongs to the lower class (minorities) of that system, and certainly acts for the agenda of its Jewish head and International stockratic elites is telling of the complexity of the system.

Since there people think to be free, and yet half of its budget and wealth is dedicated to make weapons for the wars of israel, impoverishing its population; where people think to guide mankind to a better world, when all the ideals of solidarity and equality of races have been corrupted by the ‘scientific racism’ of corporations, and the way they choose their workers and consumers, increasingly obsolete to the machines of the metal-earth. In that sense the decadence of America, the nation of all nations, is perhaps the most clear proof of a non-future for mankind today slave of the memes that will extinguish her.

The constitutional law of the body of history.

In that regard we can talk of an absolute mandate to cure the super organism of history, and returning to the human future, what we call the Human Constitution, which by imitating the goods that any healthy super organism reproduces, and repressing those poisons that kill the super organism would cure the super organism of mankind and change the arrow of future of the present ecosystem in which human biological goods have minimal price and reproduction while mechanical goods have maximal price, specially those who kill mankind, lethal goods for the body, weapons and for the mind, mass media fiction, hate speeches and violent programs.

Then we can change the wave back to its human past, halting the evolution of lethal goods according to the Human constitution:

Max. Human Goods x Min. Lethal goods = WHEalth.

This should be the goal of mankind and the economic ecosystem – the wealthy, healthy constitution of a super organism of history.

This law should be the LAW above all other abstract legal constitution in as much as it is a biological constitution that builds a ‘whealthy’, wealthy and healthy organism of history where all humans would survive.

it would be the ‘Law’ or absolute mandate of bio-history and bio-economics in a perfect world, in which humans would all have enough welfare and education energy and information to be free and thrive. And it is quite easy to implement, if the world were ruled by the proper sciences of bio-history, as ALL super organisms of the Universe receive enough energy and information, which the universe CONSTANTLY REPRODUCES without limit.

This simple fact, the organic structure of the Universe, built layer upon layer of the scalar fractal 5th dimension, of parts that become through physiological networks of energy and information wholes, which provide to each cellular part, atom or molecule enough energy and information to coordinate its motions and feed them, is the GREAT taboo, denied by the ideologies of our ‘corrupted political and economical systems’, ill -built and parasited by a few ‘cancerous cells’ that absorb all the energy of the system (monopolistic private banking) and/or kill their own body cells (military dictatorships).

They deny that super organisms exist, that the Universe is structured by them, that reality is NOT a machine as those they use to impose power, which requires a God to create it and put it in motion – as Leibniz rightly explained to Newton, but a self-sustained super organism, made of scales that organise and reproduce constantly as fractals do, the information and motion of the Universe.

The laws of systems sciences and information, the most advanced models of science today, PROVE WITHOUT doubt, that Socialism is the rule of the Universe, eusocial love the method of survival, capitalism and ego-trips, the primitive Homo Bacteria form that becomes extinct.

And the Universe is MADE ONLY OF perfect superorganisms, because it extinguishes SICK super organisms and wrong mutational species filled with absurd genes, or as in historic super organism with memes of hate to the same members of the same species – the cancerous system we live in, where certain TRIBAL CELLS, hate others poisoned by the wrong memetic/genetic ‘INFORMATION’ – Abrahamic religions, tribal nationalisms, class-capitalist $elective thought and mechanist idol-ogies that confuse the evolution of those viral memes of metal, weapons and hate media, with the evolution of man.

But the essence of the anti-quaNtum paradox, and the methods of running a sick, organism of mankind for the benefit of a small cancerous group on top is to deny that you live in a social organism ‘divide and win’ the cells on which the wrong neurons, prey, instead of getting together and working for the common good. So it is an absolute dogma of social sciences that ONLY THE INDIVIDUAL MATTERS, FOR GOOD OR FOR BAD.

SO history is NOT unlike all sciences, a questions of mathematical social numbers, and regularities, patterns, physiological networks and SYSTEMS, but of ‘heroes’, and ‘villains’. More or less like if a physicist was studying each little electron, or a biologist each little cell. Yet medicine is as doctors know the science of the PHYSIOLOGICAL NETWORKS OF THE ORGANISM, ITS BLOOD-ECONOMIC, NERVOUS-INFORMATIVE AND TERRITORIAL-ENERGETIC-DIGESTIVE NETWORKS. Sickness is defined NOT as a sickness of cells, but of networks. So we establish the equation of the societies of humanity, in systemic terms as:

E (digestive-energetic, territorial network) > ExI (reproductive, blood/economic networks) > I (informative, nervous, political network) < Pain Control by Cells

Where > is the symbol of informative order, such as any healthy super organism, does run on information, so the energetic territory is controlled by the economic system controlled by the brain, government, which however has  A FEED-BACK CONTROL BY THE CELLS THROUGH PAIN MESSAGES, WHICH MEANS IN A REAL DEMOCRACY AS IN GREECE OR ANY ORGANISM, VOTES ARE AFTER TENURE, WITH PENAlTIEs  PAIN, which in Greece could even be dead, but mostly exile and jail and fines.

This is one of the examples we shall put of the many efficient rules the Universe of super organisms display for systems to work. Politicos must be judged a posteriori with pain messages, so only then they will rule for the cells of the body. And they must control and issue the blood-money distributing it first to the cells-citizens, all of which in all super organisms receive enough blood to survive and kick the demand welfare economy that produces not poisonous but healthy goods. All other systems are cancerous systems, so to speak.



A Whealthy, Democratic, Demand-Based Superorganism of Mankind.

Now, it seems clear that if the last phase of the industrial r=evolution is not properly managed with the increasingly sophisticated understanding of the laws of  super organisms and ecosystems of nature, mankind would suffer increasingly the consequences of competition, obsolescence and atrophy proper of the confrontation of two different species, with a clear ‘gap’ in their speed of evolution – the human being, and the robot, a machine with its own  fast developing intelligence – A.I. (Algorithms of information, the true meaning of Artificial Intelligence, not an ‘abstract’ concept of consciousness, but a  bio-logical system of logic processes of actions and reactions that transform the ecosystem in which both humans and machines live, allowing those machines to complete potentially all the tasks humans develop in labor and war fields.)

Unfortunately this process is now in full rage, because all scientific approaches to economics are censored, as robots give profits, and profits is the creationist religion of our $elected economists and financiers and corporations. So overproduction crises are always OK for corporations regardless of their collateral effects for mankind at large. Let us study those effects, before we denounce the ascientific approach of those economists who should be designing a world not for the 1% and its corporations and machines but for mankind overproducing real whealth, healthy wealth, welfare goods humans need to survive.

In that regard, we live paradoxically in an age in which an entire new paradigm on the fractal, organic nature of the Universe, and its best, most efficient surviving systems, is being developed by scientists of information, as this writer but we do not apply those discoveries to the design of a better human society, stuck on the selfish wrong evolutionary cultures based in myths and racist memes (tribal nationalisms, militarisms, capitalist people-castes, abrahamic religions of the chosen etc.), and so in fact, on those congresses in which I pioneered the study of the 5th dimension, and the laws of social systems during the years I chaired the science of duality, which study the evolution of systems based in energy and information networks, almost all the practical applications of those systemic laws were applied to develop better company-mothers of machines.

Plainly mankind is evolving instead of a perfect super organism of history, a perfect super organism of machines, the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial (Energic machines) system. While the evolution of the super organisms of mankind is stuck as people believe in the old memes that jail their minds.


Now this is the world we live in, perfectly masked by the political and economical false placebo truths of false democracies and false ‘consumers’ paradise, and false evolution through the progress of the Tree of Metal, not of the tree of life.

Thus we shall consider now, and expand and repeat many times in those texts the fundamental laws that should design the nervous and reproductive systems of mankind to create a free efficient super organism, namely…


So we need just 3+3 measures:

To stop the evolution and reproduction of robots by an International Law upon agreement of all nations of the world. This can be done by considering them what they are a biological, lethal species, akin to a viral cancer, an Aids virus, which no nation allows to reproduce and evolve and it has been done before in Asia, then the most rational evolved culture of the world, when it forbade the evolution and use of guns, at a time (XVI c.) when Japan was only second to the Spanish empire in its production. This law is essentially the same law that rules the physiological actions of Leukocytes and all higher organisms, in which lethal viruses and poisons are NOT fed onto the organism, and eliminated if so by error.

To end the anoxia of people, today without blood=energy, with a Universal Salary on a unified currency, ¥€$ money (100 Yens=5 Yuans=1 euro=1 $), to kick out a demand based efficient, massive production of welfare goods they need to survive. Since a Universal Salary will  give people a minimal amount of ‘financial votes’ to decide what the Economy must, produce and end the dictatorship of private bankers and corporations over the issue and use of money, for the 0.02%, and its owned corporations, the ‘stock-rats’, modern aristocrats, which as in the Ancien Regime of the Middle ages control the language of social power, e-money, they invent in near monopoly (over 90%) –  then weapons that only aristocrats could reproduce and use;  having also null legal responsibility for the actions they ‘cre(dit)ate’ (create with credit), protected by Anonymous societies laws, as it happened with Aristocrats, which could only be judged by peers in aristocratic courts.

And since corporations will NEVER do it by themselves, to establish a minimal control on their actions with the 50-50% split rule: All companies listed in stocks and registered legally MUST BY LAW GIVE 50% OF ITS SHARES, doing a split, to HUMANITY, because they SHOULD SERVE THE HUMAN SPECIES. The first corporations were supposed to tender the public good. The present astounding racism against humans of corporative culture, is just an offshoot of the Biblical $elected animetal memes, applied workers and consumers and MUST end, if humans expect to have a future. And this can only be done, not obviously with the nationalisation of corporations to make them ineffective, and put politicos into them, but with the sharing of the shares, which ARE a privilege that society gives them to invent MONEY FOR FREE, and so people DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO obtain a cut of that privilege, and HUMANS must be able to control lethal goods, controlling what the system produces.

On the other hand, on the political arena, to establish a real, efficient democracy, through votes a posteriori, after tenure, on the actions of politicos, based on a choice on a fixed set of penalties (death penalty for genocides including wars for profits, jail for embezzlement and fines for bad management) and rewards (re-election, pensions and honorary posts and rewards) to oblige them to full fill their promises or else; as all organisms, whose body cells control their neuronal informative people-castes with pain messages after their actions.

And to construct an efficient super-organism of History, Mankind, our only Subconscious Collective God=Species, as all Universal species do structure themselves into super organisms with 3 social scales (ab. ∆), the cellular, atomic ∆-1 scale, the ∆-individual, thermodynamic scale and the ∆+1 social, gravitational scale. Thus as human societies have as its individual, natural scale the CULTURE, not the industrial ‘cellular nation’, two new social scales must be built around the individual Natural 7 cultures of the world, which for historic, religious and geographical reasons are clearly those of:

The ‘Rainbow’  Planet: Anglo-America, Hispano-America, Europe, Islam, Far East Asia, Black Africa and Indonesia. Thus with the example of the European Union, prior to the coup d’etat of the ECB bank, which is a private bank of issue only for corporations and financiers, choking with anoxia the people of Europe that since its inception has become the culture of the world with less economic growth, the different nations of the 7 ‘Individual cultures’  of the world, will fusion its political and economical institutions, in a single cultures, whose 7 presidents will conform

The Wor(l)d Union, an heptarchy government presiding over an enlarged UNO and NATO, global institutions, the first dedicated to promote education and welfare, WHealthy production of goods (heathy wealth); while NATO unlike present, profit seeking warmonger politicians and industries, will start a process of global disarmament, substituting armies by ground troops and Intelligence.

That is, to give political power to the species and its people, not to castes of financial, military and mechanical power and educate them with rational, loving memes, not with tribal=nationalistic and abrahamic ego trips and hate-speeches. So, we, human beings, all members of the same super organism and god, mankind and Gaia, become a Whole, made of 7 individual cultures, and 7 billion infinitesimal free minds.

Those 6 simple measures, tailored on the Laws of Nature’s free, efficient healthy super-organisms, are required to create a future for the human kind the prohibition of robotics worldwide and the creation of a global currency, so humans instead of corporations, manufacture money with a Universal salary that will have 2 immediate effects: the creation of real democracies, and the creation of wealth, healthy wealth, as humans would give ‘orders’ of consumption and production of human goods with those Universal salaries (since, as Paretto demonstrated the poor spend in proportion much more in natural, biological survival goods, food, textiles, housing and health.) Let us then consider in greater detail that immediate effect, considering the nature of democracies. And the social control of corporations to ‘choose’ scientifically what products must society create with credit, cre(dit)ate.

Now, any advance towards the reform of our present economic and political systems, on those lines, according to the laws of Nature’s efficient supeorganisms, will be an improvement on the present corrupted, ‘dying world’ of life beings. The model of course is a theoretical exercise, which as in all physics, establishes a first ideal model (gas ideal model in thermodynamics, and so on), as a future goal, which cannot be reached without effort.

The conclusion beyond placebo truths is obvious, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the evolution of technology, pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competition with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life.

But to achieve those goals, given the historic, wrong social mutations and sick economic structures, which oppress the human species, and make it slave of parasitic people-castes and mechanisms that atrophy and kill our bodies and minds, a r=evolution is needed; which can come from the top political leadership (an Asimovian Mule, in the present time Mr. POTUS and the Presidents of EU & China, would suffice), or from the bottom, with a Global Occupy ‘really’ Wall Street movement around the main stock-markets and parliaments of the corrupted, placebo democracies on sale to the highest bidders, in which we cannot longer live, as they design a non-human future, in which humans won’t survive.

As the r=evolution of mankind will only happen if the species learns the Natural Sciences of Superorganisms, applied to its species, bio-history and bio-economics, you are of course entitled to reproduce, evolve and study the information of this blog, and further evolve those sciences, for which you only need to be a doctor of history; that is, to learn the laws of physiology and biology and apply them by homology to the physiological networks of the economic ecosystem and the informative, nervous political systems of societies.

 Because ultimately the ‘viral infection’ of mankind is an old infection, caused by ‘memes’, the genes that regulate society, which are today ‘selfish idol-ogies’ which consider that MAN is not what must be evolved in this planet but machines must. So we must talk of a new ‘top predator species’, the ‘animetal’, who thinks the ‘destiny of mankind is to evolve the metal earth, not to protect gaia and evolve the life earth.
Those 6 measures of reform of the ‘blood=economic’ and ‘political=nervous system’ according to the laws  of efficient of super organisms of Nature could allow mankind to survive beyond the XXI century. Otherwise the probabilities that the chip radiation, its e-money radiations, white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminators, fuelled by the hate memes of primitive idol-ogies eliminate the species will keep growing as human obsolescence to those machines increases.

 The collapse of human super organisms.

But there is a more disturbing understanding of the previous graph of the human social organism destroyed by the chip radiation, the death of the human mind substituted by the metal mind

Since it IS not only money what substitutes the human language, the chip also substitutes and atrophies the human mind.

And of course, what nobody wonders is WHY HUMAN MINDS are degenerating so fast, as the chip radiation substitute us.

Further on in complexity the grammar of the language defines the species’ social evolution. The DNA evolves the cellular superorganism; the verbal language the human superorganism, and the metal-language, Go(l)D the mechanical superorganism. We can see those 2 alternative futures for the planet Earth in the next graph through the natural decametric scales of organization, commonest in the Universe. It is the dual sides of the social graph of complexity in this planet (whose scales I did find for all systems of nature, in those 10³ linguistic levels of growth, a theme beyond the scope of this work):


So there is NO mystery on the natural tendency of man to love each other, to build a social super organism to become the most successful species on Earth (no yet, the Argentinean ants that do form such societies, and have spread from just below my feet, here in Sepharad, to Rome, are). And indeed the ‘existence of the God of love’, the subconscious collective of the civilization, described first by the ‘best historian’ of the Ethic Age (Ibn Khaldun), which makes people share energy and information as cells do, to evolve such super organism, is proved, therefore by the laws of biology, systems sciences and multi-cellular evolution, whose mathematical equations, the ‘metrics of the 5th dimension’ I did discover long ago.

Systems in nature evolve in social scales, including physical systems from particles to atoms to molecules, cells, organisms, ecosystems, global organisms, solar systems and galaxies. This is the ‘5th dimension’ of the future, BECAUSE THE parts happen before the whole. So the whole is the future, and because the whole is stronger than the part and survive better. This whole network of believers, joined by a common informative DNA, which is memetic not genetic, is the meaning of God. All believers share the same genetic DNA, the message of love.

But in this planet, the animetal idol-ogies and its selfish tribal religions and nations aborted the final goal of mankind – to be one whole. And so what has become one whole, what truly has globalized is the  (informative)/Industrial-Military (energetic) system of machines.

And this means, as both species are ultimately rivals, that the Human language and species degenerates into tribes and homo bacteria, selfish, unconnected except through machines and money, from other human beings. It is the ‘death of the superorganism’ of mankind and its verbal ethic, legal networks and eusocial messages of love, corrupted, and substituted by the memetic DNA of the FMMI system – money, to a point humans no longer understand ethics or care to evolve socially – a taboo on the cult(ure)s of money, called with ‘despicable titles -communism, socialism, lack of freedom=chaos’. A chaos searched for as humans go down in the previous pyramid of social scales.

The Chip radiation is eliminating and reducing to selfish ego trips of infinitesimal minds, thinking to be infinite, all human brains and all social networks. So when we rise from the increasing disconnection of humans into infantile ego-trips – we observe a process similar to that of an old man seeing its nearby death and looking at the memories of the past, just before the nervous, ethic, verbal system dies and he IS indeed in a social dead body, disconnected and surrounded of the viral machines that have killed his social organism, now happening to humans in their reversed evolution towards an emotional, lonely, disconnected state of ‘cellular existence’

TODAY ALL HUMANS ARE REGRESSING TO INDIVIDUAL SELFISH EGO-CELLS, homo bacteria, with no connection to all other cells, as the legal, verbal informative network of ethic social thought DIES, which in any super organism MEANS ITS DEATH. WHEN the nervous system dies, clinically a being is dead.

So since we cannot denied that before TVs and go(l)d became the only goal of humans, and Faith in oneself the only purpose, those ethic elements DID exist, albeit not for the entire Humanity, but evolving fast past the level of national organisms into a belief that all humans were equal (love religions, American constitution, French and Russian revolutions, before they were corrupted by military caudillos – Stalin and napoleon), we must conclude mankind IS dying, regressing to unconnected cells, as one organism dies.


Because the final level of social evolution of mankind into a global super organism is not reached, and instead a global super organism of machines has been formed, now mankind regresses backwards all the way down first into tribal NATIONALISMS, that inspire WAR, and develop THE MILITARY-INDUSTIRAL COMPLEX, AND EVEN FURTHER INTO REGIONS THAT NOW all over the world want to become new nations, from Scotland to Catalonia, to Kosovo and down, as people become completely indifferent to politics,  to individual selfish homo bacteria, whose allegiance is to the virtual worlds of hypnotic mass-media celebrities, while the “Free market of hate media’ dedicate all its efforts to ridicule the human governments and social organisations that should in an evolved world, become the natural guidance of human societies.

So the brain of mankind IS MANUFACTURED TO HATE MANKIND. And the institutions that should evolve us, specially in the original Capitalist, Biblical Anglo American culture (judaism, british cultures and North-America).

Now when the body dies the cells still divide 3 times but care nothing for the ethic nervous system that no longer works. When a civilization dies first it becomes ethically corrupted. And this is what is happening to all mankind, which is dying broken into selfish individuals that need the viral machines that kill us, but care nothing for other humans. And all this of course is completely ignored by those cells, which as cells infected by a viral leukemia have their brains colonized by viral machines, fictions, mass-media hate memes to mankind, what we call… the neopaleolithic… And we will return to it when studying the last American cycles.

Let us then close this introduction, in which we have considered A, B and C, with D, the outline of the democratic, demand based solutions, to create a perfect world and reverse the equation of Economics into the goal of History, which we call the Constitution of History, a Legal and Economic system that maximizes the healthy wealth, or WHealth of the human kind, according to the laws of systems and super organisms:

Max. Human Welfare biological Goods: Max. H(g) x Min. Lethal, Metal Goods (Min. L(g)). = Constitution of History

So how we differentiate human religions and social sciences from ‘animetal’ idol-ogies. To fully grasp the difference we have to bring the main tool of a bio-economist, the ethonomic frame of reference, which shows the 3 fundamental drives of life, reproduction, true information and human energy, that is, welfare goods. So all humanist sciences and humanist religions will foster the goods of the welfare state that make us evolve and survive, and should be in a perfect world multiplied, according to the ‘Human constitution: max. Human Wealth = Min. Lethal goods:



 In the graph the biological frame of reference of WHealth. In the perfect world it guides the decision of economic corporations, which split 1 to 1 shares given to governments to reinforce and guide the production of the bio-economical frame of reference. The only solution to the existential crisis that mankind will face during the 4th wave of machines, the singularity age of robots and extinctive weapons that will make us an obsolete species in war and labor fields is to change the ideology and myths of capitalism=mechanism for a rational, science of history and economics that aims to create a sustainable world made to the image and likeness of mankind, not of the machine, according to the organic laws of social systems.

And to that aim money must be printed by human beings, and in a lesser degree by governments and corporations that re=produce WHealthy goods, healthy wealth, based in the natural, biological needs of man.

In the graph, the scientific analysis or frame of reference of the human constitution – what we call also the Postulate of Democracy, as its fundamental measure is a yes money or universal salary equal to all humans –  has the advance over previous legal constitutions of being ‘global’, ‘mathematical’, hence measurable through the tools of biological economics, and its ‘frame of reference’, which values goods according to its ‘value for human beings’, by introducing ‘positive and negative prices’ as all scientific frames of reference do.

So all human constitutions, ethic laws and human nations who want to survive should enshrine the Constitution of History, in biological terms, by considering a simple ‘biological equation of it’:

Max. Human Goods x Min. Lethal goods = WHealthy Constitution of the organism history

It is a simple equation. A perfect world will be one ‘whealthy’, with healthy wealth, where the lethal goods that degrade man are not produced; only those who make us better, and help us to survive (human goods).

BECAUSE OUR PRESENT world is NOT human but MECHANICAL, nobody cares for such constitution, akin to the 3 parameters of IHD, Sen’s measure of human development. Instead ‘economic’ GDP calculates wealth and progress in terms of mechanical values and prices.

The Wor(l)d Union: A WHealthy body of history.

Can we change the World? There is a always a chance… but it requires 2 reforms that can only be caused by a political coup d’etat against the military-financial complex by the G-20′s presidents of this planet, which:

– Inter-nationalizes the World Financial Industries and Global stock-market, returning credit to the people, so Humanity=History is able to cre(dit)ate a future made to the image and likeness of man, not to the image and likeness of machines and/or the animetal cultures and its memes of Greed and Murder, money and weapons, which today rule the world.

Such coup d’etat should thereafter return the credit to the people and agree to use it to build a sustainable planet based in the good fruits of the tree of technology, pruning it from the bad fruits (weapons, robots, and mental machines that atrophy our minds into a visual, violent neo-paleolithic).

In that sense the languages of power of the world, money, weapons and the Law, should be ruled by Politicians with a Historical view and a goal: to evolve according to the eusocial laws of the Universe, the humankind (political goal), and to re=produce massively the human, biological goods natural to Gaia thathumans most enjoy and need to survive.

– Inter-nationalizes the World Military Industries and downsizes them to a minimal size, as it boost the power of UNO-like organizations and diplomatic forums and European-Union like continental systems, minimizing border conflicts and finally abolishing them.

– Forbids further evolution of mental machineschips, which are the new top predator species that will make us obsolete, implemented in:

A) robots, the new blue collar workers that throw millions of human blue collar workers, except Chinese and III world sweat shop ‘human robots’,

B) terminators and drones, the new armies that make obsolete human workers, and will extinguish us when their survival programs raise their biological consciousness as a species

C) pc-suites and speech machines like the recently tested Watson, which will eliminate millions of jobs in the white collar sector, except a few IT ‘humanPcs’ with iron salaries in India.

In this post, we shall, according to the laws of bio-history and bio-economicsdesign a perfect world in which those 2 goals are met.

Yet, obviously, this long-goal of a world ruled by the science of bio-history, which designs the world according to the efficient laws of organisms, would take a long time to implement, reason, why the previous measures, which take advantage of organizations already in place could become the first step towards a scientific management of history and economics.

Historic solution: the evolution of tribal cultures: a World government.

Finally to notice, even if it is not the theme of this paper, the obvious fact that parallel to the creation of an international currency, the solution to our political problems is obvious: to increase the power of the United Nations and expand the present NATO organization to all countries of the world, creating in this manner a global army, which should have 2 tasks:

– To reinforce the decisions of the Assembly of Nations and oblige all its members to comply with the International Rule of Law.

– And to control the production of lethal goods that menace the sustainability of this planet.

Of course, we all know those solutions to the problems of mankind. But as in the case of an International Currency, History and Economics as a science will always conflict with Tribal History and Classic Economics as religions of power of the old people-castes that in the age of go(l)d and Iron established the dominant cultures of today. Thus, unless ‘cultures’ evolve and accept the Eusocial Laws of Love among the members of the same species, the extinction of life, guided by greed and murder, the ‘hidden values’ of money and weapons, will continue. Only a r=evolution of the system, guided by our governments, which might take place when ‘things get much worse’ during the new ‘30s’, could offer a hope to mankind. At present, the old cultures of greed and murder control both, history and economics and their suicidal and murderous, ‘subconscious values’, imprinted by money seem impossible to change… Let us then design that Ideal Wor(l)d Government with the Laws of Biological super-organisms. Of course, the difference between the science of Bio-History and any other science is that we cannot manipulate easily the ‘cellular elements’ of history. A chemist or a physicist can with energy and information fields move and relocate billions of atoms. But our politicians are atoms within the substance they need to mold. And so before they mold Mankind, they would have to acquire the power that now is in the hands of the companies, the citizens of free markets.

The praxis to the science of bio-economics and bio-history thus depends on the capacity of our politicians to r=evolve against markets, specifically of the leaders of the American cycle, treated below these posts. Here we are concerned with the why not with the how that belongs to those leaders, with the science not with the praxis…

The design of a perfect super-organism of history: The need for a single World Organism: The Wor[l]d union.

It should be obvious by what it has been said in this Web, that a world system of Economics could work in favor of mankind. It would be an “ethonomic” system, where the ethical, verbal mandate of human survival controls the market and its products. In such world, human rights could be higher than metal rights. We call such ideal world government, the Wor[l]d Union.

Wor[l]d means both Word and World. That is, a World ruled by the survival, anthropomorphic language of Words, which puts man at the center of the Universe, and wishes to construct a planet to our image and resemblance.

Thus The Wor[l]d Union is a world government based on ethonomics, on economical systems that promote human goods, and repress lethal goods.

The Wor[l]d union is ruled by human verbal Laws. It has a simple goal: the survival and evolution of mankind. In such World, verbal words (Laws) rule over digital numbers (money and science).

The aim of an Ethonomic society is not the evolution of machines and metal goods, but the evolution of men and the reproduction of human goods. Such ideal systems existed in the past, mostly in pre-metal civilizations and religious ages, when economics were submissive to moral ethics: ages such as the Christian age of Rome, or the Buddhist age in Asia, when people were socially harmonic. There were many human goods, ethical churches controlled credit and invested mainly in welfare (50% of church revenues were spent in the poor by canonical law). In those ages the quantity of money and machines of war dwindled. Such ages had an economical mandate in favor of the Human Historic organism, that could be resumed in a simple biological equation: the Human constitution.

The Human Constitution

We are not God. We cannot choose the Laws of the Universe. There are certain absolute truths about survival that cannot be denied. You do not choose to eat poison. If you were a child, your parents would prevent you from taking poison. They will not give you such free choice. In the same manner, humanity, a child of thought, should know the products that poison History, and avoid them. Man should implement an eco[nomic]system that could not reproduce the metal-poisons of history. Economists and politicians should be the doctors of History, and control the creation of species in the Earth in favor of mankind.

Yet how can we achieve this goal in a practical manner? We should use the language of money, and the laws of societies, with a clear aim: to multiply human goods and to diminish, lethal metal goods.

We call that goal of human societies the “human constitution,” since if we obey that simple law of Survival, mankind could “constitute” a healthy body of History, harmonic and without danger of extinction. The Human Constitution is the law of survival of mankind which in a Darwinian Universe is chained to the extinction of a rival species, metalife, which is fighting with us for the same ecosystem.

Let us consider a verbal and mathematical expression of the Human Constitution.


In the graph the two sides of the Human Constitution: both the metal-bodies and metal-heads of Machines (Metal-goods) and the language of Machines (Digital Languages) have to be simplified (Delenda Est) to a level ofcomplexity inferior to man (before their evolutionary threshold of II WW), so man can again be Top Predator of the Earth.

The human constitution is the law of survival of the Carbo-Earth ecosystem.

It should guide humans in charge of metal evolution (animetals) and human evolution (politicians, and religious organizations). Man might ignore our constitution as a species and push extinction closer. We might obey it, and survive. It is not my dictum, but the dictum of evolutionary theory,  the only theory validated by most sciences and events of the Universe. The Human Constitution is clear. Yet how can we be so sure of the extinction of man by machines, to affirm categorically the Human Constitution? We can not. We do not affirm we have the absolute truth, but the probable truth dictated by biological sciences. In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, used by models of reality. However, the “goal” of all species is to survive, so species take decisions on probable truths. The gazelle cannot wait to see if the lion is going to eat her. That is suicidal. She has to run because she has seen other lions eating gazelles. Man cannot wait to see if robotic weapons kill man, and conquer our vital space. We have seen weapons killing human civilizations in many cycles of war. So it is very probable that they do it again. Scientists today behave like young gazelles, as if the total experience of biological and human history were worthless; as if they had never seen species preying on other species.Scientists are not fit to survive in this Universe. They won’t survive. They will drag all humanity into extinction. The Universe has its rules of survival. Those who do not obey those rules become extinct.

The necessary reforms

4 are the fundamental reforms that could implant the human constitution:

1: A political and legal reformation of all nations, towards a World Union, unified by common Pro-Human policies.

2: An economical reformation of the stock-market to achieve credit for human goods, and discredit digital machines.

3: A cultural reformation of the present Theories of EconomicsHistoryand Science, to foster social, verbal sciences instead of physical, digital sciences.

4: A reformation of armies, that should control the evolution of metal-weapons, instead of promoting them. This is possible. Historic causes such as the Samurai armies of Edo Japan that controlled gunpowder by extinguishing canons and muskets, in the XVII century, when Japan was the first world producer of such lethal weapons, prove that America can control if so wishes the robotic reproduction of machines. It only needs the discipline and desire of survival that the Samurai castes of Japan, or the Manchu Chinese which also controlled gunpowder in mainland China showed that century.

Those 4 reforms could change history, by reversing the evolution of machines, promote the evolution of man and create a healthy Historical organism.

The human Constitution cannot be changed because the human species is limited in power compared to certain metal species. The Universe has only one possible penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction. To deny the human constitution is to deny the Laws of The Universe and the rights of humanity to survive. All writers of certain notoriety in human history have defended that constitution in one or other way. The human constitution gives birth to the sciences ofEthonomics [which combines political and Economical programs that foster Human survival], the highest of all sciences, whose aim is to help mankind to survive. Yet unfortunately it will not be developed unless we end digital evolution soon, before the Robotic Revolution takes place.

The organic body of History: elements of the World Union

The Organic Networks Of A Healthy Body Of History.

The goal of the world Union is to implement worldwide the Human Constitution and recreate an ecosystem of Human Goods and Carbolife where metal-species are controlled.

The development of that constitution will be the work and research of Ethonomists and Bio-Historians, based on the way Universal Organisms construct efficient, survival species, by designing the correct networks of energy and information, able to deliver the needed goods to each cell of the organism of History. They should design scientifically a bio-economy with the aim of producing human goods. Its wealth of work should inspire the 3 network-Ministries of the World Union.

Once such biological and Constitutional goal is clear, we can design the blueprint for a historic organism, guided by that survival goal.

That organism will be the organism of bio-history:

Its goal will be the reproduction of human goods and carbolife.

3 are the basic networks of that organism:

1. The reproductive organs, in charge of reproduction of Human goods. We might call such system, the Ethonomical Ministry, or Ministry of Reproduction.

2. The Energy organs, in charge of destroying metal-lethal species. The Energy Ministry, or ministry of metal-war.

3. The informative organs, in charge of controlling information that is lethal to mankind (computer sciences) and distributing information positive for human survival and the social evolution of history. Or Ministry of Information (Law and Education).

The Ministry of Reproduction reproduces Human Goods: (Max. Human Goods).

The Ministry of Energy eliminates metal Goods: (Min. Metal Goods).

The Ministry of Information (Legislative and Educational councils) creates laws to promote the human constitution (Max Human goods=Min Metal goods), and educates mankind in ethics of survival, sensorial communication, human arts and senses.

The brain of the World Union:

It follows that Politicians and Ethonomists are the “scientists of human history,” which produce the laws and organize the prices of the bio-economy to favor the production of human goods, and ethical verbal thought in the World Union, according to the Human Constitution.

That Human Constitution is the Absolute Law of the body of History, the brain of the body of History. Which is no longer the stock-market, whose capacity to invent credit is put to the service of mankind, as it happens in complex social organisms ruled by the nervous system, but the informative Laws and the cells of the human kind, the Human Constitution, the informative ministry and its legislative councils.

How do the networks that the brain of the World Union controls, work? In a manner similar to doctors: they interfere in the workings of the inferior energy and information systems of the body; the nations of present History and their local organizations, and cure specifically on those organs which are sick

Nations and institutions of the Wor[l]d Union

The Political system of the World Union requires, like all Universal organisms, 3 network-ministries: of reproduction, information evolution and energy control. The Wor(l)d Union does not substitute national governments, but creates supranational, informative, reproductive and energetic systems: AWor(l)d organism of defense against metal lethal species. A system of reproduction of human goods. And a verbal informative organ of legal and education power. As such the 3 basic organs of the Wor(l)d Government, could be enlarged versions of present organizations, focused in human goals.

– An enlarged NATO becomes the war ministry, dedicated to the protection of Humanity against Metal Radiations. Unlike the Present NATO, whose aim is to foster evolution of weapons and war.

– A reformed World-stock, becomes the trade ministry with the goal of providing human goods to all humans. Unlike the present World-stock whose aim is reproduce machines.

– A legal council (ONU assembly of National Presidents) becomes the information organ of mankind, in charge of education and legislation. This verbal organ should be the most important of the 3 networks. It should include a religious and scientific council, in control of University Curriculums, able to change the present goals of technological education. It would guide, as the top predator information system of mankind, the Warrior ministry of metal destruction, and the Trade ministry of Human Goods. So the order of power is parallel to the order of power of the networks of any evolved social organism, such as mammals in which the informative networks control the reproductive networks, or in other words the legal and political system controls tightly the economical organism, of which it profits for the benefit of the nervous cells, the verbal cells of history – Mankind.

Such is the natural preying order of networks in all surviving organisms. The informative organ commands the other two organs:

LEGAL MINISTRY: Verbal Networks<=Legal systems
<=HUMAN CONSTITUTION=> Max. Human goods x Min. Metal Goods=>
-> Trade Ministry (Minimizes Human Goods) X
War Ministry (Minimizes Metal Goods).

In the next map, a “practical” scheme of a possible World organism divided in 3 basic ministries, and 3 basic regions: America, Eurafrica and Asia.

A single currency, “Ye$”, unifies 3 regional currencies, Yen+Yuan, Euro, and US dollar. It becomes the backbone of the eco(nomic)system, based in a demand economy in which people decide with their demand, what companies produce, instead of companies which today decide according to what is best for the reproduction of machines, what people have to consumed. It also provides credit for human Good Companies.

Present “Stockratic capitals,” New York, London and Hong-Kong, become the regional capitals of the Reproductive ministry.

The UN Council is the seat of the Informative Ministry, and permanent legislative government of the World Union. Yet instead of diplomats, the presidents of each nation legislate in its General Assembly. Finally the armies of the main nations of the World Union become unified into the Energy Ministry, around a NATO, Submissive to the General Assembly and the goals of the Human Constitution. Presidents and National cabinets consider the government of the World, a priority over selfish, National=Economic goals. They explain their citizens the survival reasons that have required a


In the graph, each of the 3 great economical and cultural regions of today’s world becomes a region of the Wor(l)d Union. In each region we can distinguish a North and South zone, of lesser technological evolution. The goal of each region is to diminish technological evolution in the North and upgrade the South to a point of balance, between both. To that aim each region implements freedom of trade from South to North, restriction of technological trade and freedom of immigration from North to South, to balance both, the human and metal population in both areas. The 3 regional currencies are tied up in value to the “yes ” World currency, to avoid speculation.

The most simple structure of the Informative Ministry, ruled by the World Union Presidency is a trilateral government.

The Top Predator Nations of our three continental regions become in the Union a triad of presidents [one vote] and vice-presidents [half-vote]: USA and Brazil+Mexico [vice-presidents], EU+Russia and the Arab Union [vice-presidents]. Finally China and Japan+India [vice-presidents]. The presidents of these nations and cultures become the executive power of the Informative Ministry. Their decisions taken by simple majority on a total of 6 votes with a quality vote for the biggest economy [today USA] will ensure that more than 75% of world population and world machines will be directly obeying the Laws imposed by the Human Constitution. Those 9 presidents will be the absolute power on Earth. Over them only the Natural Law of survival of the species, The Human Constitution will rule as the guidance of their acts.

Its present ministries of war, become the executive power of the Energy Ministry.
Its main financial houses, the executive power of the Reproduction Ministry.
In the world Union as in any of its ‘regional’=cultural subdivisions [‘nations’], each ministry is independent of the others but acts towards the same goal: the Human Constitution.
The first goal of the World Union is destructive: to return the ethonomy, back a generation to the pre-digital age; and then to establish laws against further technological re=production.
To this aim the 3 ministries=networks will act with symbiotic measures:

– The Reproductive ministry will end credit to technological companies, bailing them out at market price.
– The Energy Ministry will destroy those industries, and products.
– The Informative Ministry will approve laws against technology, its patents and trade.



nt.1 This is the 4th reconstruction of this article. As usual those posts who deal with nationalistic memetics – the most entrenched, memetic program of our extinction, which justifies and encourages the evolution of weapons, the ‘top predator species’ of this planet, whose deterministic evolution will soon kill us all – are the most hacked. The case of America is specially meaningful, since America is a ‘nation of nations’, with all races and cultures represented, and hence the battle for the mind of America between the ‘dream’ of an equal humanity in control of his destiny that creates a world to its image and likeness, and the nightmare of a nation without limits to capitalism, hence ruled by corporations who ‘buy’ the laws that favor their products and create a world to the image and likeness of their machines, has been determinant for the future of mankind. Now the battle seems over as laws under perhaps the most corrupted, cynical administration in the history of the US (not the Bush but the Obama administration), are routinely filled by lobbies of the leading industries of the day (health-care, drones, military keynesianism, robotic workers, etc.) What this means basically that the future of America and mankind can be guessed as we have done for 20 years, merely following the money of corporations, which will adapt american laws to their goods. So as robots take over humans laws in favor of ‘productivity’ (expulsion of labor for capital=machines), and robotic wars and workers (drone laws) have become routine in America. Obama indeed will end up his legislature as the president who accelerated the extinction of life by robots in a higher measure than any other politician in history…


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