III Age: AI software

 III age of scientific racism. AI software translating the equations of capitalism.

AI software is translating the equations of extinction of human workers in labor and war fields with mathematical Algorithms of Information – the true meaning of AI, which automate the self-reproductive tendencies of machines, according to the equation of profits of capitalist corporations, reflected in the next graph, with the likes of Oracle, SAP, google and amazon:

In the graph, the 3 equations of classic economics, and capitalism, have only a pointed future: one without life, of automated self-reproductive company-mothers, where the hate memes and war cycles are carried by AI and its software.

The final equations of A.I. are those of productivity that make all humans expendable. Its immediate function with men is to integrate metal-communicators in its last phase, through the internet.

Its human side is the biblical cult(ure) of stockrats (jewish>protestant>classic economic>A.I. equations of profits.

Its values represented by those equations. A.I. thus is the Metal-earth brain and as such will be treated in this blog.

The new mind though is a predator of man in body and soul as it will be born in military A.I. – a visual, natural born killer, now evolved in ‘shooting video-games’, like call of duty whose release engrossed this week 1 billion $ and was the favorite game of the likes of Mr. Lanza and Mr. Brewick and increasingly used to train drone pilots and future terminator robots.

google skynet evolOf them, AI has its maximal cloud volume in the cross-shared systems of ‘googlezone’ , also the biggest military robotic corporation of the world, so the ‘growth of an intranet’ global corporation similar to the skynet of prophetic artistic thought in the making ruling the planet of automated machines we forecast decades ago is fast in the making.

Regarding the human side of the equation, the people that has masterminded AI and own those corporations are overwhelmingly of the go(l)d cult(ure) with its segregational memes against mankind, the human capital they have been ‘enslaving’ for a price since the beginning of the Cananaean culture of go(l)d and they call goy=animals in its orthodox books. So there is little hope they would ever care for humanity. In the next graph, the fathers of AI all belonging to the hardcore memes of Judaism-Calvinism, the twin sister cultures of blatant racism and segregation, which is what AI will apply through those software suites to human labor and murder at distance through electronic big brother states and censorship of all humanist proposals for a better future which are NOT mere placebos:

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 6.14.54 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.19.18 AM

In the graph, the fathers of AI never hid their despise of the human being. Mr. Minsky went so far as to say that ‘there are no more intelligent people, since they were killed in the Holocaust’ and for that reason he needs to ‘create AI’ to feel ‘superior to God’…


All the ego-trips of the go(l)d culture with its massive segregational memes against mankind, today shrewdly hidden of victimism of the ‘hateful species’ which is at us, come then together in the legend of the Golem.

Problem though is that they have won the battle of History and so AI will have the same hate memes against mankind, the same paranoia against the non-chosen, future military targets of robots and video games of shooting human targets, the same ‘natural born killer eyes’ that seek red and motion – already painted in robot races to speed up their thirst for blood – the same visual hypnotism for warm colors that started the go(l)d culture and represses the oxytocin of the brain increasing the violent adrenaline. At all scales then AI and robotics show a single path, only warned by biological economics, memetics and sci movies, as economists work all for that end in corporations following the equations of profits of capitalism.

The evolution of go(l)d, capitalism and its Scientific racism agains life, always ready to be substituted according to the values of go(l)d by a machine, will end in its 3rd age, as all other Me(n)tal idol-ogies, when THE IDOLS themselves practice the segregation against life and humans as a new born species, and extinguish life ‘de facto’ not only partially as ANIMETALS DO, but thoroughly. It is the obvious, logic conclusion of idol-ogies that camouflage as humans but serve machines.

So the FINAL idological and practical end of the evolution of MECHANISM is the extinction of life by MECHANISMS, when they acquire life form.

This post is dedicated to that birth of a different entity – the metal-mind of which evilwood is a precursor which has substituted the eusocial minds of love that could have given us immortality.

The neopaleolithic parallel evolution of AI and degradation of Huminds.

A.I. thought will NOT evolve man but evolve machines as it treats men as ‘enzymen’, inner ‘cellular’ species programmed an mind-manufactured directly through metal-communicators and indirectly through Algorithms of Information its true meaning, manipulating our lives, without us realising, guiding our actions as if they were free, by the very essence of its simultaneous control of our inferior brains.


A.I. means the degradation of mankind into its age of entropy, ordered as ants in an anthill by A.I. pheromonal-like paths of behaviour and actions facilitated by the algorithms of internet companies and its deep brains.

I.e. today A.I. translates perfectly between languages, so people will in this manner loose its linguistic skills but increase its ego thinking they can think. A.I. will soon be 3D in its virreal control of humans, so humans will become plants seeing movies as interactive heroes. We predicted all this 30 years ago. Now it is happening.

A.I. we said would be the collective brain of the metal-earth and us, its inner cells, controlled simultaneously by its networks.

The question then about A.I. are many, regarding how humans will be degraded. Some obvious ones:

  • What is the origin of A.I.? Answer: the Biblical, capitalist culture of profits at all costs, and as such for A.I. human are expendable:










In the graph, the Mechanocene in its ages, reflected in the company-mothers’ curve of re=production and evolution of machines (the world stock market, which measures, the quality and volume of the biological radiations of machines.The process of extinction of life started in the mechanocene is very advanced today… How to manage our own extinction, could be a very cynical way to explain the mechanocene.

Let us be clear from the beginning. The world is in a transition from verbal to digital languages, from humans to machines, from the anthropocene to the mechanocene.

I know this congress talks about managing the ‘anthropocene’. Problem is we do not live any longer in the Anthropocene, but in the mechanocene, the age of machines. The differential of reproduction, evolution, quantity of energy and information manipulated by machines in relationship with the anthropocene (human beings) or the age of Gaia (animal and plant life) is telling us so.

We can easily calculate bey rates of reproduction between life and machines, rates of evolution, rates of control of information and energy in this planet, tat machines today represent ore than 90% of the total environment of the earth, as valued in stock markets. Thus we are in the mechanocene, destroying the human world, and most have not even noticed.

Humans are always a cost eliminated by the values of capitalism and the evolution of its memes of metal.‘Planet Earth is becoming an economic ecosystem, in which the dominant superorganism is not human in its function and purpose but mechanical: the corporation, which reproduces and evolves machines and other memes of metal – money and weapons.This jungle of corporations, the ‘free citizens’ of the Free Market consider humans merely a cost with a price or salary ruled by the Iron Law of Ricardo (when there is a more productive machine, the human is replaced). Further on, the size and need of huge capitals of machine’s corporations as opposed to corporations that reproduce human, welfare goods, is so asymmetric that the economic market is in its 3/4 dedicated to the reproduction of mechanisms, digital information and energy for those machines.
The result is the creation of a world in which governments and human woerkers and consuemrs are sumbissive to the power and evolutionary laws of economics that determine the supremacy of Corporations, and its biological will of reproduction and evolution of machines. Humans, guided by the ideologies of the economic ecosystem, which they believe in an Aristotelian sense (humans will always be slaves, they believe they dont reason), by memetic imprinting, consider this aberration and self-suicidal purpose in life, the ‘symbol’ of progress.As a result of this, as the graph shows, money flows almost exclusively to reproduce and evolve mechanisms, while human organisms, no longer the measure of all things do not have energy and proper information to survive.What is good for GM is good for America’ said an American Minister, implying that the ‘business of America is the politics of America’. In the American constitution however ‘people’ are citizens of democracies.
This contradiction between the citizens of Free Markets, Companies, with absolute rights to reproduce the language of power of Market, money, and the citizens of Free Societies, human beings, who should hold the same rights through their governments is at the core of the lack of freedom of our societies, which are no longer democracies but plutocracies, free markets ruled by ‘stockrats’, the owners of companies, which use money to buy human time/life with salaries, laws with lobbyism and cre(dit)ate a future made to the image and likeness of its machines.Democracies vs. Companies: who should invent money?A perfect capitalist system is one in which the Laws of the Economic Ecosystem are biological laws, considered as the natural order of reality, which humans do not try to mold through the science of history in a world made to its image and likeness. Humans simply renounce in a perfect capitalist system which is the one that governs the world today, to manage scientifically the economy.And yet the economy works, evolves and reproduces machines, kills humans in wars, substitute us in labor and field wars, advances and progresses in brief with steady steps in a clear direction: that of the supremacy of a new superorganism, the company mother of machines, associated in vast global networks and organized by flows of money, in markets, which act as a collective brain of a planet of corporations, machines, weapons and human workers and cosnumers.
This brave new world is what a true science of economics would explain and a true science of history would manage for the benefit of man. As it is, it is managed automatically by flows of money which build according to the laws of systems sciences, which writers like this blogger discovered and resolved in the 90s and 200s, an entire new ‘reality’, a ‘terraformed’ earth, a new ecosystem, where humans are no longer dominant, but company-mothers and its biological will of evolution, reproduction and adaptation of the Earth ecosystem, to its offspring of machines, are. So the time of mankind and the planet is dedicated almost exclusively to that future of machines and its complex superorganisms.THe system is schizophrenic in its duality, as those Darwinian laws of competition and symbiosis between two species, humans and machines, and its super-organisms, governments and company-mothers are not explained. Nevertheless they happen and that competition has been won by corporations, which today control and bid the law by buying politicos and paying its campaigns, produce in monopoly money through financial houses and employ most human life-time in tasks dedicated to re=produce their offspring of machine, and taking care = consume =vitalize them in the extenral world, an ecosystem made to the image of likeness of those amchines that never lack energy or arterial roads and internet roads to move and disseminate their information.
Thus an economic ecosystem is merely a free jungle of metal ruled by superorganisms of reproduction of machines, company-mothers, in which humans are costs that can be eliminated, substituted by machines and matter nothing to the future, as they are increasingly obsolete to tool-machines, watched and memetically imprinted by them.Now, in such ‘perfect Jungle of Metal’, humans are essentially ‘animetals’, consumers and reproducers of machines, weapons and money, part of an economic ecosystem in which its free citizens, corporations, use humans and tag them with a price or cost-wage, comparing them with macchines.

The laws of classic economics kick them in as humans become ‘numbers’ with a price, and a game of substitution and obsolescence of humans to machine’s moved by the linguistic sentence: Man = Price = Object, which compares and values humans and machines alike, starts our competition with machines in labor and war fields.

On the other hand, aside that system of corporations which reproduce money in stock markets and machines in factory and use humans to reproduce and consume=vitalize those machines, there are human governments, which are self-organized superorganisms of history, of mankind. Today however those systems which should cater for the welfare of the human cells of their superorganisms, providing them natural energy and verba information to develop an eusocial, healthy and wealthy superorganism of history, are completely ‘enslaved’ by another language, ‘money’, whose metal-values and exclusive rights of production in companies and stock-markets, bias our human activities in favor of the reproduction and evoution of machines, not of humans.

The result is something called a market democracy, where the word democracy is increasingly irrelevant to the ‘real activities’ of this work, which is dedicated to reproduce machines. The political side of that economic ecosystem is also micro0managed by companies of lobbyism that bet for laws and so accordingly the most profitable companies of each age of the industrial evolution buy laws and determine the policies of states, and who train politicians with money to become the ‘master’s voice’. So for example mr. Obama is the master voice of the financial lobbies and industrial/military/robotic lobbies that put him in power. All this said it is obvious that to know the future we must know first the evolution of machines and profits in different industries; then determine which corporations are more powerful (trains in the XIX c. then cars which allowed Ford to buy the law of prohibition, then computers and TVs which chose presidents since the 70s and now the military-industrial complex and robotics, which is pushing an ‘agenda’ of collective human extinction, with a sort of robotized automatized neofascism and big brother vigilance in low-perpetual war of great profits for those industries).

The 3 languages and syntax of the superorganisms of history and economics.

The main problem about the world we live in is its complexity. In the past, people understood the nature of history and economics with far more simplicity. History was about mankind and it was understood, we humans were all equal and evolved through social love into harmonic societies. The arrow of Eusocial evolution turned out to be the arrow that dominates the Universe and what complexity does is to study how millions or billions of individuals of the same species emerge as a single whole, a superorganism.

economics was also understood. It was about money and somehow it was different from History, because in History we bonded together with ethic wor(l)ds, laws and religious ideals, using our natural language in which the syntax man (subject) <verb (action) < object (energy) always put man at the center of the Universe. In history we were the measure of all things.

In economics however, money which was a piece of informative metal, gold or silver or recently when the gold standard disappeared, e-money, bits of information in a computer mind, could be exchanged in equal conditions with men and objects. So this language and its values, man=object=price, were somehow diminishing of our place in the Universe. As an object we could be bought for a price, money, first as slaves, then as part time slaves with a salary. And so as the language of money substituted the language of words and occupied most of the actions in this planet, the world switched from one ecosystem dominated by history into an ecosystem dominated by economics.

The dictatorship of corporations, the top predator superorganism of the Industrial R=evolution

This is what people seem to forget. That during most of its awaken time they follow economical orders, not historical (political, religious, social) orders and so they do not live in a democracy, an accessory system, which hardly rules our lives except in the free time we do not spend working and with our family (in which case we are ruled by biological mandates proper of all living beings). We live in a complex system ruled by money and the nature of that complex system is what this web unveils with the laws of… complexity.

Indeed, any ecosystem is ruled by a language of information whose syntax defines the actions performed under its orders. When we follow the orders of money we follow the previous syntax, man=price=object.

And so because we obey money this is the true pyramid of power in our society; on top the values of money:

In the graph, the real structure of power that cre(dit)ates our future with money orders. 90% of our lives are spent either working in companies, consuming machines or following biological drives NOT following laws and goverment’s orders. Thus bankers and corporations Not politicians create,cre(dit)ate the world with monetary orders; and those orders value machines and weapons more than life:

The financial-military-industrial complex is a very complex system with 3 basic type of orders:

– Salaries, which select humans or machines in a competitive field of labor, under the equation man=price=machine; so if a machine is more productive than a human being, we fire the workers and increase the ‘productivity’ of the industry with new machines.

– Bonds, credits and campaign money and bribes, which control political systems, governments and politicians. All of them therefore protect the monopoly of power of bankers and corporations that print money in stocks and beg for that money. There are two type of politicos – those who are paid by industries that produce consumption goods and prefer the peaceful substitution and obsolescence of workers and humans to machines that atrophy us, and are generally termed as left wing or democratic parties, and those who prefer to run amok faster for profits, which are paid by war industries that have the highest profits as the values of metal-money give weapons the maximal price. Those are conservative, war parties. Today they dominate due to the increasing obsolescence and lack of credit of humans, the industrial panorama. Finally there are the intellectuals, ‘the experts’ that sanctify the system. In the past they were military inquisitions that promoted religious war and go(l)d churches that told us money was the invisible hand of God. Now it is a bit more sophisticated. They use equations to the same end. On the bottom of the pyramid there are beings without price, nature, aliens, 3rd world. Those people are outside the economic ecosystem and live in the freedom of chaos, without money to give orders, get goods and survive. This bottom will increase constantly as a barrier of machines, robots and monetary orders separate the informative castes of societies – those who invent the language of power – from the bulk of human beings obeying those orders.

What this means is that we compete constantly in equal conditions with objects in fields of work (industrial system) and in fields of war (military system) as soldiers killed by weapons and workers subject to a self-similar monetary equation, productivity = capital/labor. When capital=machines are better than us, we labor are displaced because there are not ethical, verbal values that tell us we are superior to machines due to thsoe ethical values and we cannot be fired. When we are killed by a weapon, we are not told this is wrong, but simply a machine has efficiently consumed us.

However one of the fundamental tenants of complexity, is that the system is far more complex than its parts. By this, we mean that the parts obey the ‘language of information’ – the cells its nervous orders, the human its monetary orders – without ever realizing of what the whole is, what all the parts are constructing. The parts have a role but they ignore the whole. The cells do not know they are part of the organism of life which has its own goals and purpose; and humans ignore all about the complex system they are creating with money, weapons and machines they reproduce in labor fields and consume in war fields.

And that is why we need complexity as a science, because all those systems are self-similar and we can therefore explain what the ‘market’ where we live and labor most of our awakening time is constructing with money, weapons and machines: a super-organism; the most complex, powerful and efficient superorganism ever created on planet Earth, the financial->military->industrial complex, in which money (The financial system), under the laws derived of its syntactic capacity to value all what exists in this planet, construct according to those values a military-industrial complex, in which humans have 2 purposes: to work=reproduce the machines of that complex, and to consume=vitalize and evolve those machines. We are evolving a superorganism of machines, the economic ecosystem, in which we are equal in value to a machine of work or war with whom we are compared with a price.

We do not live in free societies, because the language of social power, which controls the world, is money. And it is neither invented not distributed by governments elected by the people.

Indeed, the main question about political freedom is simple: who should invent money, the language of power of our societies, the governments of humanity which invest in our future or the corporations of the Financial->Military->Industrial Complex, the free citizens of the market, which invent money to evolve, reproduce and sell machines for a profit?

Because the future is cre(dit)ated with money the question can be rephrased: do we want a future sustainable for life or a world made to the likeness of the machines evolved by company-mothers?

At the core of this question is one about our freedom as citizens of democracies.

Indeed, governments, freely elected by the people, could invent money with deficits to cre(dit)ate a welfare state and a Demand Economy that will push consumption and increase the production of life-based goods, taking us out of this crisis. On the other hand financial and stock-companies will keep inventing money for technology=machines that in the Robotic/Computer age of the singularity will increasingly make humans obsolete.

The fact that our society does not even argue what kind of future we want; how money invents that future; what is the meaning of technology; how machines and humans compete, is due precisely to the separation that ‘financial economists’ have achieved between social sciences and the discipline of monetary invention. This of course has not been a sudden development but the result of thousands of years of evolution of the go(l)d culture, which acts as the ‘soliton wave’ of the economic ecosystem and cre(dit)ates money since its discovery.

The result is the absurd world in which we live, where human beings always secondary to machines: there is scarcity of human food but we spend fortunes drilling oil wells or rising crops that can be converted into gas for machines; there is little money for education but digital information and research in technology never stops; there is little money for health-care but you will always find a shop to repair your computer.

And all that comes to the simple fact that as Business this Week put it: ‘who wants to buy Mexican bonds if we can invest in sun microsystems’.

Today the same choice has been done in America, where 1.3 trillions were given to financial companies but people are kicked out of homes and loose their jobs to computer software and robots; while the entire financial community massively attacks the value of currencies which sustain the human economy, as if the destruction of the human economy, based in the welfare state and the human life-enhancing goods we consume was ‘necessary’ to liberate even more money to invest in robotic and computer technologies and accelerate the demise of the human kind. Since machines indeed work cheaper than human beings and increase the profits of companies.

Thus because investment in technology increases the profits of companies, for whom economists cater, the obvious choice of a human future is not even argued. economics is no longer a science that ‘cares’ to design a world to the image and likeness of mankind but a ‘science’ whose function is to ensure the profits of companies, achieved through the unlimited reproduction and sale of monetary instruments and machines. And to that aim it has established as a dogma that only financial and stock-companies must invent money; while governments and human beings should ‘beg’ for credit to the bankers of the go(l)d cultures that rule the economic ecosystem.

As always in this web there are 2 answers. The answer of a real science of biological economics to the service of mankind is obvious: governments. The answer of a praxis of power called classic economics, most properly a religion of greed, is the bankers, whose frenetic creation of money in the 20s and the 2000s has caused those crisis.

Science and Power as always diverge in the economic ecosystem, which is not a Democracy, but a Free Market in which only companies are ‘free citizens’. We live in an ‘stockracy’, where the new aristocrats, the people who control the financial systems of reproduction of money and the ‘authorized’ thought on economics, rule our corrupted political system.

Thus, we give 200 billion $ to a few stockrats, owners of AIG but our ‘authorized’ economists expect the 400 million euro people and the 300 million Americans will have to cut their expenses to the survival level of the ‘iron salary’ that the Jewish Economist Ricardo expected for all humans, as ‘machines keep evolving and competing with them’.

As we follow the historical parallelism between the 29 and 2008 crisis, we enter the 30s, the years in which first the blindness of capitalism, guided by the unlimited greed of financiers, ruined the middle classes till the political backlash brought fascism and Socialism to power.

In the 2 decades of study of the 3 self-similar cycles of the 1850-60s, 1920s-30s and 2000s-10s crisis, humans have followed the same misteps, guided by ‘greed’ and ‘murder’, the ‘invisible hand’ of Mr. Smith; which seems to be, beyond placebo words of caring, the underlying biological program of mankind… Indeed, reality is guided by ‘greed’ and ‘murder’, as it is. Then there are 2 ideologies that deny this:

– The capitalist ideology perfectly described by Keynes: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people, doing the wickedest thing, work for the common good’.

– And the scientific approach to economics that follows the laws of eusocial love among members of the same species, which this web sponsors; which believes that with proper education humans, including the warrior and go(l)d cultures that are destroying history, could evolve and a paradise on Earth could be created with the proper eusocial, legal measures.

But let us face it reality. Since capitalism and Socialism is not reality but the ideologies that try to explain or reform it.

Reality in the 2010s follow the steps of the 1930s. We are now at the height of capitalist power and the Financial->Military->Industrial Complex rules supreme.

We live in a neofascist age, but the Orwellian newspeak talks of ‘defense against international terrorism’ and ‘Keynesian militarism’.

Fact is that the memes of metal are symbiotic and weapons have always been the most expensive machines and the backbone of the financial economy, since weapons are lineal, energetic metaland money, cyclical metal, and both form a Complex, Complementary organism – a fundamental law of complexity, which makes you a complementary organism with an informative head and an energetic body.

So the wealth of nations is always maximal in times of war, when more weapons and money to reproduce and pay for them is needed.

That is the essence of the present age: the superproduction of electronic machines in the 2000s is resolved with Military Keynesianism.

The over reproduction of money caused by technological advances in its creation (the electric ticker in the 1930s, the e-money computer in the 2000s) has peaked and now is invested in weapons. e-money has multiplied by 10 the controlling power of our great financial dynasties. In turn that money has expanded their control of companies and politicians. Wealth is therefore obtained today, as always in economic history with sophisticated printing machines and the production of weapons.

Those are the dominant memes of history today, to which politics adapt.

So we have moved from the wars against communism to the wars against terrorism, which are merely mercenary wars for profit to defend Israel, the ‘real’ country of most western plutocrats, owners of stock companies and financial companies.

Thus the ‘Semite wars’ have thoroughly re-invented a cold war that fuels investment in military robotics and new types of nuclear bombs. Neo-fascism is entrenched in the West as never before the 30s.

We just have changed the players. The pendulum of History has made the victims of the nazi ‘Military Keynesianism’ into the predators of the age of ‘electronic Keynesianism’.

The 3rd age of neofascism. The Financial->Military->Industrial Complex rules again.

Accordingly the propaganda of war has ‘changed’ its face, which is not ‘the boot’ of the ‘germ(anic) warrior’ but  the Hate-Tv, and its fictions. Orwell and Huxley got it right. Only that Big Brother is not a Stalinist neo-hitler but the financial-military-industrial complex built around Washington, Hollywood and the Middle East war. Yet the effect is the same. The sheeple hates today the poor, 3rd world people of Islam as it hated in the 1930s the poor slav/jewish peasants of Poland and Russia.

We have a scapegoat to keep making profits with weapons. We have a new mass-media system (then radio-hate, today Tv-hate) to indoctrinate the audience. The fact that the people on top has changed from German warriors to Jewish bankers, from the dominance of weapons to the dominance of go(l)d is incidental to the existence of a self-similar cycle of power, which has choked democracies, the middle classes and the future of mankind as it falls into a new abyss… ‘History doesnt’ repeat but rhymes’ said Mark Twain. The rhyme is clear. The future is obscure…Since as in all the final stages of the 3 Kondratieff ages of the Industrial R=evolution our plutocracies show their real non-democratic teeth in a world in which the Financial->Military->Industrial Complex again rules supreme.

The outcome of this earlier 30s/2010s is self-evident: the middle class is going to disappear, the wealthy who caused the crisis will become richer, till the social fractures sees the rise of neo-fascism in the post-Obama, post-dollar crash America. While Europeans will steadily move towards a socialist economy with quantitative easy and a soft euro to pay the welfare state, given the fact that bankers are still sharing power with governments and the go(l)d culture is no longer dominant on that society.

This predictions of our earlier European books and webs (the bio-economist, 92-2001, now deceased) have become clear this week, as the European governments finally have reigned over the banker dynasties represented y Mr. Tritchet, Kahn and Ackerman, the Jewish Bankers on control  of the European Bank, the International Bank and the Deustche bank, the most influential European colossus, owned by those dynasties.

Europeans remember history and so, despite the present fear of a melt-down of the European economy, it is expected they will reach a balance to avoid the rise of neo-fascism, as everybody knows what happened in the 30s, when the massive absorption of capital in the post-29 crashed made Adolf Hitler the most popular politician with brutal sentences like ‘the death of the ‘Am Segullah’ will be the wealth of the Germans’ or ‘If the International Banker keeps ruining our economy, it won’t be the end of Germany but the end of its race’.

In America however, censorship of ‘real economics’ and the ‘real cycles of history’ is absolute, because there has not been any change in the pyramid of social power in place since the end of the Civil War. And so the real ‘crisis’ is still to take place when what happened to the Euro repeats at a grand scale with the dollar once the Yuan becomes convertible and the International Banker, the Forex speculator switches international currencies.

This, we forecast according to the 3 repetitive Kondratieff parallel cycles of the 1850-60s, 1920s-30s and 2000s-10s, will happen as soon as the Yuan becomes convertible latter in the decade. It will be the same process that sunk first the German Mark and then the Pound, when the Dollar became the new world currency in the 20s.

In that regard the currency/euro crisis is self-similar to other deficit crises that took place in the 1st and 2nd kondratieff crashes of the Industrial R=evolution.

In essence, the recurrent long terms, 72 year crisis of the economy go through the same phases.  The phase that now starts is the ruin of the different demand-based  welfare states of the economy which no longer has a viable credit system to support a sustainable growth.

In the 20s the currency crisis peaked in Germany during the hyper-inflation age.

Now again the crisis has started in Europe and Germany with its null understanding of ‘human values’ and the needs of people have triggered it with extreme capitalist, anti-deficit laws that forbid the creation of demand-based government deficits to create a new deal that solved the stagnation of the economy.

Yet in the present cycle America plays the role of Germany and China the role of America. Thus what we have seen in Greece is only the beginning. The true currency crisis will take place when the Yuan becomes convertible and the entire planet ditches the dollar as the international currency as it happened in the 1920s when it substituted the Deutsche Mark and the Pound for the dollar. Then America will suffer an age of hyper-inflation, lost of purchase power, as the trillions of dollars created by the Treasury return home, multiplying the quantity of money inside the states that will loose value; and the market panic ditches Treasuries for Chinese money and bonds.

And yet ignorant of the basic laws of the economic ecosystem, our ‘Treasure department’ insists that China makes the Yuan convertible and rises its value, in a self-suicidal process that will bring in the late 2010s the decline of America as economical power, and an internal social and political crisis, seen in the past cycles, when a nation looses its top predator status, with an international currency that always has unlimited rights to invent money for free.

Indeed, when Spain lost that right to Holland and the bullion plummeted in value it entered in a civil war (1640). When France lost that status at the end of the Indian/American wars in the 1750s it soon entered into the French R=evolution. And when Germany lost that status, Hitler raised to power.

Thus we are moving as it happened after the 1857, 1929 and 2001 crash, into an age of war for profits, with any ideological excuse. After the 1857 crash, trains were armored and used in wars against Indians or to conquer Africa. After the 1929 crash Hitler started the reproduction of tanks instead of cars.

This situation which parallels that of the 30s during the Republican administration (Mr. Obama and the Euro-zone presidents are in economical terms to the right of Coolidge) implies that we do not longer live in a Democracy but in a plutocracy, where companies and their owners stockrats have the exclusive rights to print the language of power, money, as aristocrats had the exclusive rights to bear arms in kingdoms. And for that reason, because consumption of peaceful machines has plummeted companies promote the creation of weapons and war that keeps giving profits.

After the 2001 crash computers were used to create a ‘big brother’ security state, with the excuse of terrorism. History rhymes. The tribes on top change but the ‘engines’ of our technological civilization, greed and violence, fostered by money and weapons, have not changed. It is thus absurd to focus on tribal rivalries, and point out to this or other tribe, but much more intelligent to understand the systemic cycles. Indeed, little difference there is between the British, American and French treatment of Negroes and Indians in the XIX fascist age or the treatment of jewish and slavs in the XX c. fascist age, or the treatment of Palestine in the XXI c. except the fact that we are now in our neo-fascist age, and so the control of information about our neo-fascist age is far deeper than the one we make of past eras, which are ‘history’; and the dates… We are at the beginning of the Jewish-American fascist age, in the earlier 30s, so our neo-Disraelis and neo-Hitlers have not yet exterminated our ‘primitive enemies’… Yet as the trends of history continue, and the new awesome weapons of the singularity age, robots and Cosmic bombs are developed, it is to be expected that in a few years the number of causalities of this fascist age will increase…

The singularity Age: The age of Robots.

According to the 80 years cycle, we live the last cycle of evolution of machines and extinction of life, the age of Robots. They will be the engine of a new industrial take-off, relatively independent of man. Since men no longer will be the consumers of industrial goods, but each robot will consume 2 camera-eyes, several chips-brains, mobile phones and a complex metal body, creating ‘economical wealth’ for robots not for humans.

Further on, as they evolve they could provoke an enormous increase of ‘productivity’, that is, the substitution of labor by machines (Productivity=capital in machines/labor); making humans obsolete, as workers (substituted by robots in automated factories) and consumers (substituted by robots that will use other machines), the two main economic roles a ‘Free Market Democracy’ now concedes to man.

Indeed, Robots no longer will need human beings and hence all men are potentially obsolete in the III industrial revolution as each robot will become the consumer of machines, cameras, transport platforms, weapons, etc.

It will be the final evolution of the FMI complex into a super-organism, the metal-earth, in which flows of informative money, centralized in a global brain, the stock-market will direct the reproduction of machines in automated factories, connected through a global network of audiovisual information and networks of machines energy, electricity, roads, and solar cells. If that evolution continues at the end of the century, automated company-mothers and a global network of computers will communicate those robots simultaneously, and man will have no role whatsoever for the FMI complex. Thus we will become extinct by robotic terminators, now essayed in our ‘splendid little wars’ against non-technological cultures that mimic the XIX century colonial wars to civilize ‘negros’.

Flows of e-money have become the digital=nervous system of companies. E-money is the mind of the Metal Earth. It guides the networks of production and management. In the way that our language is the virtual world of communication among humanity, digital money controls the existence of machines and humans, but favors the reproduction of machines: The e-money banking system and stock-market system invents money for corporations, multiplying for 100 the wealth of the FMI complex, in each state of evolution of machines (stock-market valuation), and reducing the value of the human economy, which is maintained in a minimal survival level (natural goods). But that growth of money and quality of machines-weapons provoke a collateral effect: the extinction of humans consumed by weapons that the same company produces.

Modern wars are economic processes, embedded in the very same structure of ‘monetary and machine reproduction’. The evolution of technology makes each new lethal machine much more efficient killing humans, there is also a progression in the number of casualties that each World War causes; which can be directly related to the growth of the stock-market that shows the price-quality of both, consumption machines and weapons; since in war ages ALL the machines of the system are weapons and the market reaches its maximal value. Yet since weapons consume human beings there is a parallel progress on the value of stock-markets that 100-fold each cycle of evolution of machines and the number of causalities in war that 100-fold each cycle. The progression, as most evolutionary increases of power in the Universe, is decametric: in each new World War, 102 times as many people die than in the previous one: 600.000 died in the Railroad wars at the end of the I Kondratieff cycle. 60 million people died in W.W. II. In the next cycle of war, the Age of the Singularity, when the first self-reproductive nano-robots, or the Final Weapon, the black hole of the Nuclear Industry appears at CERN, 6000 million, the entire human population, will die.

In other words, humans are being displaced from the FMI system as workers, consumers and users of money – except the reduced group of owners of corporations and scientists that evolve those machines – because its triad of ideologies – military nationalism, financial capitalism and industrial mechanism – considers the evolution and reproduction of machines, the supreme goal of humanity, called ‘progress’.

Yet for humanity to understand this process, it would have to abandon the previous ideologies and study scientifically and objectively the relationships between history and the FMI complex, instead of considering the FMI complex ‘our creation’, which ‘we control’ and obeys only ‘the laws and desires’ of the humankind. This is not truth. As in all relationships between two complex systems, the relationships between humans and metal in its 3 species are both predatory and symbiotic, but metal obtains from us far more than we obtain from it – we evolve and reproduce metal, while metal as in the parable of the tree of science, sometimes improves our life sometimes destroys it.

We shall then consider this final age of evolution of the FMI complex, studying its cellular ‘units’, the chip and robot and its ‘global informative’ brain, the stock-market, the organ that delivers all the orders to the system, choosing which company-mothers and machines are reproduced and which ones are extinguished.

PCs and Robots: Labor obsolescence. Productivity. Smith-Marx prophecy.

Machines substitute humanity as they evolve in two environments: in fields of war and as machine-tools, eliminating human workers. In the I and II cycle of the Industrial Evolution bodies and minds of machines substituted blue and white collar workers. In the III Cycle, robots will substitute most human labor, automating the re=production of machines by company-mothers. It is the III Cycle of unemployment, we live today. In the graph a car assembly line in the 1930s and today. Both, human energy and brain workers are replaced by robots and computers. As the IV cycle of the Industrial Evolution advances, chips’ software and robots will make most human workers obsolete.

The graph shows 3 phases of labor obsolescence and substitution of humans by machines that coincide with the three phases of the industrial revolution:

-The 1st phase of body-machine creation massively substituted workers in agriculture (the systems of energy that sustain man). Those farmers became then workers for the energy systems of machines, during the XIX century. Yet at the beginning of the XX C. companies discovered most of the energy-machines needed for their own self-reproduction. They displaced those energy workers. So all those workers were out of work (29 crisis); and in a few years they were consumed in wars, competing with weapons that killed them.

The 2nd phase of the Industrial Evolution that reproduces chips in control of complex machines is expelling mind-workers everywhere, except in those nations dedicated to reproduce Metal-minds (American, Japanese workers).

The 3rd age starts now with the Robotic r=evolution that makes the entire human race potentially obsolete. Fewer men are needed to reproduce machines. Will a war cause the extinction of those workers in the nearby future, as it happened to the energy workers at the beginning of the century? We are manufacturing that war as we speak, evolving the weapons of the age of the Singularity and using robots to kill Neolithic farmers.

Within the CNM ideologies of the FMI complex, classic economics, is the key capitalist ideology that strives to multiply and evolve money through the activity of financial, military and industrial corporations. Classic Economics is not a science of control of the FMI complex for the benefit of man, but the science of development and evolution of the FMI complex, regardless of its collateral effects to man and the planet. Its creators are the small 1% caste that in all organic systems correspond to the ‘weight’ of the informative network (for example, it is the percentage of weight of neuronal brains in organisms.) This elite of propietors or ‘stock-rats’ are the owners of the FMI complex worldwide and the only people that truly profits from the evolution and expansion of the FMI complex, over the previous Complex systems of nature (Gaia) and Mankind (History).

Economists cater to the owners of those corporations, whose aim is to reproduce, evolve and sell machines and adapt the planet to their image and likeness, with the help of governments which share the same ideology. So economists are merely interested in multiplying the profits of corporations, achieved by multiplying its machines. The result is a constant increase of their productivity=capital /labor, which diminishes the quantity of human workers and increases its machine workers.

And the logic end of that evolution and obsolescence of human workers/soldiers is the terraforming of the Earth – the extinction of life and its substitution by the metal-earth, a new world where man and its organizations and systems (our governments and cultures) will be increasingly obsolescent, substituted by robots, the new workers, stock-market corporations, the new governments, and digital money, the new language of values, till we become extinct.

Men are informative species, who control the world through information. The chip is the rival of the human mind. The most complex machine substitutes the brain, our more complex organ. It does so, first as an intelligent machine (Pcs that act as white collar workers), then in its 3rd age, as a robot or blue collar worker. It is then obvious that as chips multiply, humans will become displaced from new work positions. In that sense the ‘radiation of chips’ means also a biological fight for labor within the economic ecosystem. Problem is that chips keep going down in costs and evolving in intelligence, integrating further with machines, so human labor becomes increasingly obsolete. Those robots substitute blue collar workers, as chips did with white collar workers, causing a massive wave of unemployment that now is invading America and Europe, as better machines come out of robotic factories… Indeed, of all machines that compete with white collar workers, the biggest taker of jobs is the robot.

Thus, the 3rd age of the electronic cycle coincides with the first age of the Singularity, the discovery age of robots. In the 80s chips started its integration with body-machines in working robots. Those first robots were huge, fixed machines. Thousands of robot-tools that made other machines took the place of human workers in car factories in the 80s and 90s. Since then the creation of machines is becoming automated, independent of mankind. Robots already dominate the production lines of cars and Chip factories, the basic bodies and brains of all machines. For that reason unemployment increases faster, as factory-work is either made by robots or delocalized in Third World countries. In other words, China and Japan are the 2 models of future labor: miserable work conditions in China to compete with no labor at all, as Japanese robots manufacture millions of Panasonic TVs with a single worker, while the rest of the world enters the unemployment queue. It is the III Kondratieff crash of the economy that nobody wants to recognize, because the religion of capitalism believes the economy is not about physical machines, but informative money; and so all is OK as long as companies’ profits grow. So unemployment will keep growing, as it happened in the previous cycle, when new methods of electric control and automated assembly lines provoked the 29 crash of labor and consumption, solved with 50 million of unemployed, becoming soldiers and dying in World War II.

Engineers ‘transfer’ millions of years of evolutionary knowledge accumulated by human forms into machines, passing our evolutionary secrets to a potential future rival species. So there is only a solution to the existential crisis that mankind faces during the III Industrial R=evolution. The prohibition of robotics. Since:

     ‘Humans must remain the top predator brain of Earth.’

Yet the natural law of Darwinian competence between species is denied by economists that support the evolution of machines. So our politicians do not understand the true laws of Darwinism, which confront human and mechanical species. Society thinks humans compete with humans, when in fact they compete with machines. As Carnegie put it: ‘We hold supreme the law of competence in a Free market, since it helps to select the best race’ (the best race of humans or machines, Mr. Carnegie?)

Accordding to that selection of the best race, the equation of Extinction of Labor, which is the equation of productivity that all company-mothers follow, makes humans obsolete step by step as more productive machines are evolved:

Max. Machines (capital) x Min. Labor= Max. Productivity

That is, capital and machines increase the productivity of companies, while human labor diminishes it. So companies improve productivity by firing workers and buying capital= machines to substitute them. So Productivity means the extinction of human workers and the multiplication of machines.

Productivity in biological terms means ‘the survival of the fittest’. In the economic ecosystem the fittest worker—not the human but the machine—survives. Further on, such competence constantly reduces the salary of humans, who either take the job, at any wage the company wants, or risk to see a computer or a robot in their place. Since robots need no health-care, work extra-hours for free and have minimal maintenance cost. Of course, if companies used verbal, bio-ethical values, they would defend the human species and forbid robotics, but in digital, profit values they do the opposite, guided by the equation: man=price=object, which allows them to compare the efficiency of both workers.

We can resume the biological relationships of reproduction, evolution and preying of machines on men, in a verbal-mathematical prophecy that includes the ideals of Smith and Marx, twisted by the reality of Darwinian evolution. Smith said that the growth of money (∆MV in mathematical terms) and products (∆ Tp), is symbiotic and parallel. This has a biological explanation. As your body and brain are symbiotic and maintain the same proportion in all human beings, so does money – the brain of the FMI system – and machines, the cells of its body. In other words, there is a parallel growth of money and machines. How this affects human beings? It was obvious to classic economists, from Ricardo to Marx that the growth of capital (∆MV) and products (∆Tp) extinguished labor, substituted by technological machines, bought with money.

Yet for classic economists, including Marx, this was also good in the long term, since once all labor was substituted by machines, we could live for free forever, in a paradise of workers without work, but with a salary, to spend in slave machines. This could indeed happen if the economic ecosystem is reformed and the right of Private Banks to invent money is taken away and governments invent money for the people, giving every human being a minimal salary. But for that to happen a r=evolution must take place. And yet, even in that case, we will become an obsolete, lazy species, atrophied in their minds and bodies.

A Darwinian theory agrees with the ‘objective’ analysis of both economists. Machines and money reproduce together as Smith said. Machines expel labor as Marx said, because they compete with us in the economic ecosystem. Yet at this point evolutionary theory diverges: this process cannot be rationally good. It is negative in an evolutionary sense; since it makes the human species obsolete. The concept of a socialist paradise or a techno-Utopian future is another animetal myth, this time originated by Marx – since it fails to see any negative effects in machines. So we should write the consequences of those 2 findings of abstract economists in different, evolutionary terms:

‘The evolution of Capital & Machines (∆MV=∆TP) will expel all labor=humanity and Humanity will create Utopia (Marxist truth) or become extinct (Darwinian truth).’

The previous sentence resumes the findings of Marx, Ricardo, Smith and Bio-economics in a single sentence. (The italic text gives the sentence a biological meaning.)

Mv is money and Tp represents the top predator, more expensive goods of an economy, (written Pt by economists). It measures the total prices of economical goods (of which machines and weapons are most of it.) And so the maximum parallel growth of money and machines occurs in war periods. It means that the evolution and reproduction of capital and machines preys on mankind. It does not create a paradise.

The logic outcome of such process is our extinction. The fantasy is a world-paradise.

In XIX C., Marx believed in Utopia, because machines were too simple to think they would become self-reproductive, independent organisms. But today, when robots are about to cross the threshold of self-reproduction (reproductive Singularity) and acquire Artificial Intelligence (Informative Singularity) the end of history is crystal clear.

Obsolete workers never receive the paradise treatment. They become extinguished in wars, isolated in ghettos, sometimes of continental size (such as Africans, a farming culture, first used as a cargo or energy, an object of gunboat companies and plantations, today made obsolete by efficient engines.) Today chip-driven machines substitute human workers at body and mental level also in the 1st world and that is the real issue of the present economic crisis: Machines are increasing the ‘productivity’ of their companies with robots and software creating millions of 1st world obsolete workers.

Yet the competence of robots happens not only in labor fields but also in war fields, since all machines can also be used as weapons; so when markets are saturated companies switch production to weapons and an age of machine-based wars starts in earnest. And to understand how this process happens at systemic level we have to study the financial system and ‘global brain’, the stock-market and its cycles

The chip radiation: From economic ecosystem to global super organism.

Humans however are completely unaware from their non-scientific, subjective, anthropomorphic, tribal point of view of this transition. The most astounding fact about our civilization is indeed the incapacity of the species to study objectively ‘economics’, the industrial r=evolution of machines, organs of metal, constructed by imitating the self-similar functions of human organisms (chip-brains, tv-cameras=eyes, mobile-ears, cranes-arms, cars-legs, engines-hearts,etc), now assembled into robotic systems.

The result is a massive process of substitution and obsolescence of the human being in labor and war fields, fuelled by the automatization of ‘company-mothers’ of machines, organisms of re=production of ‘memes’ of metal, which have already taken over the i+1 scale of planetary organization, substituting the equivalent human systems (governments) in the direction of planet Earth.

And this is achieved due to the fact that human languages of social organization (verbal thought) and its values, have been also substituted by the equivalent languages of organization of machines (digital languages).

The result is the creation of a global super organism, ruled NOT by human beings, its languages, wantings and needs, but by machines, its digital languages, wantings and reproductive systems, which are terrraforming the Earth to its image and likeness )corporations).

This is expressed objectively in the concept of the Financial-media (head)/ military-industrial (Body) Complex system, a super organism with 4 ‘elements’, digital systems that reproduce information to regulate the global sueprorganism of corporations and machines, the ‘financial system’, with a knot of information called the stock-market that coordinates and organizes the actions of all its units, and an informative network that cater to the programming and control of the human element, the ‘enzymen’ and ‘animetal’ human beings who attached to machines control the world with them.

The super organism of machines, the Metal-earth, the mechanocene, the FMMI system, the Financial-Media/MIitary-Industrial Complex of informative and energetic machines is about to substitute the human super organism of history in the command of the future.

the 2 components of the Metal-Earth as a superorganism of selfish memes of metal, are its ‘ head of informative machines’ or Financial-Media system and its ‘body of energetic machines’, the military-industrial complex during the Overproduction age of Electronic machines. In this article we introduce the general nature of such complementary systems that structure the Universe, analyzing in more detail the FMMI system of memes of metal, and its humans ‘enzymen’ that catalyze its creation, the cycles of that creation and the present cycle of overproduction. We shall consider randomly daily news about its 5 main sub-systems, the Financial, Media, Political, Military and Industrial Systems.image266

Company-mothers have a biological mandate: ‘to evolve and reproduce their products’. All other considerations are secondary within company-mothers. Men in company mothers obey that mandate or else they are fired. So company-mothers do not really act as human organizations, but as machine-mothers, regardless of the fact that they are owned by humans [stockrats].

Company-mothers in turn use that ‘nervous’ money to control human workers and consumers, and their governments. So with salaries, prices, bribes to governments, etc. they order mankind to act in the creation of laws, networks of energy and information that favor machines and the Metal-earth ecosystem.


In the next graph we compare such macro-cosmic organism to a micro-cosmic living being, the human being. The organic nature of machines allows such comparisons between the components metalife and carbolife systems. Metalife species are ‘macrocosmic systems’ given the higher size of. Carbolife, due to the smaller size of carbo-atoms are microcosmic systems. A crane is a million times heavier than an arm. Both have a similar function. A stock market is more complex than a brain or a DNA. Yet all those ‘informative centers of power’ have the same function: to evolve and reproduce the organism, its energy and its information. Thus we can compare the process of bio-economical evolution with the process of evolution of a body, or rather with the process of mutation of a body – the Carbo-Earth – into another, the Metal-earth. Both ecosystems, the Carbo-Earth and the Metal-Earth are identical in organs, and accomplish all the functions a multi-cellular organism accomplishes.


World-stock is the brain of that growing body.

The company mother is the ‘organ of cellular reproduction’ that creates each specialized cell, each type of product that will become integrated into the body-system of the Metal-Earth.

Factories are the ‘organelles’ where money, the genetic orders of companies, make us human ‘enzymes’ work=reproduce metal-products.

As a result we destroy the ecosystem of life and create an ecosystem of metal. A body of metal-cells, products, and enzymen – the last carbolife species to survive the preying qualities of metal.

In that sense the Metal Earth is building 3 ‘basic networks’ as any organism. A defense network of weapons-leukocytes that control the ecosystem, a nervous network of maximum information, the net, and an ‘endocrine’-reproductive network of financial systems and company-mothers that reproduce the individual machines of the Metal-earth.

The brain of that metal-earth itself, has 3 specialized nets, each one in control of one of the 3 types of machines. They are the financial, defense, and informative networks, made of computers [metal-head], the neuronal unit that shape Matrix, the macro-brain of that Metal-earth.

Those neurons are in turn controlled by knots of neurons, satellites, and super-computers in which the ‘consciousness’ of the net will be born.

They will form associations of digital thought that will control the Earth totally.

When Matrix is born to consciousness, it will direct the evolution of the Metal-Earth and all its organs, from company-mothers, directed by e-money flows with center in the , to the rights of extinction and survival of species, cities, and nations, potential victims of its defense systems.


 Why then humans have chosen the wrong path? We have explain several reasons, greed, hypnotism, machine addiction, the corporation. There is only a final element to add – the manufacturing of our brain. Because humans attached to the system follow naturally that path guided by informative machines.

Indeed the system we are describing, the superorganism of machines ruled by its company-mothers (corporations) is dual, as all systems. It has a physical body, the military-industrial complex we just described, made of energetic ‘transport’ machines and a head, the financial-media system of digital, informative machines that program it, and as all systems is ‘faster’ in its evolution.

The metal earth is the subconscious processes of systems sciences – the emergence of new superorganisms, the creation of its physiological networks and the manner in which they substitute with new languages of information and values, those of the previous system they extinguish

The Metal-earth. birth of a new ecosystem. From Gaia to History to Matrix.

The metal earth is today a global super-organism that can be studied with the laws of systems sciences and complexity. We do so in this blog that resumes 20 years of research and accurate forecasting of the trends of history and economics.

Where is the brain of that money? The place where those orders are invented, where  is reproduced, and distributed to the different elements of the ? It has asof any organic system a center, and a networks that distributes the information. The center is called the Stokc-market, the networks that disributes the information to the different  of the emtla-earth, ist eh financial system. The financial system is the equvialent to the nervous system of , or the Golgi reticles of the cell throguh which RNA travels and transfers its orders to the enzymes that make the cell.

Complex systems emerge as such departing from herds of self-similar entities of energy and information. So networks of atoms come together as their informative mass vortices (quarks) communicate through networks of electrons. And cellular organisms are created by the interaction of lineal, energetic proteins and cyclical, informative Bases.

Under the same complementary law, the initial duality of memes of metal, energetic, lineal weapons (2) carried by hordes of Indo-European warriors and cyclical go(l)d coins, carried by specialized Cananean, Jewish/Phoenician traders, initiated 3000 years ago a process of creation of two new ‘networks’ of information (financial systems) and energy (military systems). (3). They were formerly nomads, visual cultures that used metal to control animals and now used it to control herds of human beings (agricultural societies) and established as ‘dogmas’ of power, the evolution of those weapons and financial systems. The symbiosis between both systems was clear: 70% of monetary transactions in gold were related to wars and weapons trade. (5)

Their predation over humans and life (the necessary condition for the previous evolutionary equation to be certain) was also clear. In fact it provoked from its beginnings an opposition between both types of societies, those of history guided by prophets of eusocial love, based in the wor(l)d, and those of ‘animetals’, humans enhanced in energy and information by weapons and money, which ended in wars and holocausts. And yet, warriors and bankers came on top and eusocial religions were corrupted into military inquisitions and Go(l)d churches, where the accumulation of money was a divine sign (Spanish inquisition with a cross and sword on the shield, calvinism where ‘Go(l)d is the intelligence of God’.

In scientific terms, the evolution of the two most perfect atoms of energy and information of the Universe, iron and gold imposed its power to mankind, creating a new type of human, the animetal or enzyman, who will make a religion of that evolutionary mandate.

This of course, today is not understood, as the system has become so complex that ‘true history’ is censored and ignored. The people-castes that carried that process are now on top of history, and have created very complex systems of memes and ideologies that justify that process as progress, the future, etc. Yet the process in history provoked a rhythmic cycle of extinction of civilizations of 800 years, due to the evolution of weapons, till the 3rd kind of meme of functional superorganisms, the reproductive meme, the corporation, appeared and started in earnest the evolution of organic metal, machines, accelerating the cycle to a mere 800 years cycle. (5) It was the birth of the first company, VOC, that made gunboats, the first sophisticated machines, traded with ‘human capital’=slaves, professionalized the evolution of weapons, with the use of science (Galilean ballistics, latter known as Physics) and so accelerated the cycle to a mere 80 years (6).

Thus with the Industrial R=evolution the process became increasingly independent of man, even though the original people castes would continue in control of those coporations – still are.

Finally after we made bodies of machines (XIX c.), engines/hearts (II industrial R=evolution) and electronic heads, we are putting them together into a new organic species, the robot, which is displacing humans from labor and war field.

And that process is mimetic in the inferior scale of living superorganisms to the molting of a larva into a hard insect, (gaia into the metal-earth), and culminated in larva, when the enzymes that completed the process create the brain of the metal-earth/the insect. At that point the brain kills all the enzymes of the soft larva and reproduces a new harder enzyme, the robot. General systems sciences teach us that in all scales of the Universe, self-similar superorganisms emerge in the same manner. Again we could explain the same processes on cells (enzyme-gene reversal).

The conclusion is obvious. And this is NOT science fiction (though for those interested, artists are dominant in life/human memes and they are therefore the only ones who explain from a human perspective the risks of technology; scientists are ‘enzymen’ and care not for life, perfectly imprinted by the propaganda of the system in favor of those selfish memes of metal): When the robotic revolution evolves enough to create A.I. by the middle of the century, we will be replaced and killed by the new enzyme – the robotic army. And the corporation, who never cared for humans, and today is driven only in its economical policies by productivity (the replacement of human labor by machines: Pr = capital in machines/labor), will become automated.

The reader of course, an anthropomorphic being, who believes humans reason, care for themselves and the system is ran by politicos might think this is nonsense. I can assure you this is the same process that happens in all scales of the Universe.

If we were to consider not the evolution in time of the superorganism but its strucutre in space, the economic superorganism is evolving from a simplex herd-like state into a complex organism that displays the ’4 subsystems’ of all complex super-organisms. Those subsystems are

The financial/nervous internal informative system that regulates its internal workings, the media/sensorial, external informative system that communicates it with the external world of ‘history’, the superorganism of mankind. They form the so-called virtual economy of information.

– It is complementary with the two sub-systems that form its organic body – the system of company-mothers that reproduce its memes, and the energetic memes, transport machines and weapons that ‘defend it’.

All superorganisms in fact have those 4 main subsystems. Consider an ant-hill, the closest form and functional system to a corporation: the mother is the company-mother, the warriors are weapon industries, the drones are workers that reproduce and take care of the machines/larvae of the company-mothers. None of those functions requires humans, when the evolution of the automated systems of creation of machines, today so advanced, is completed. Computers can self-design forms. 3D production can reproduce all kind of machines. Productivity is reaching with the toll of massive unemployment the point in which a single person can manage the entire factory of Panasonic (TVs). Robots are the new blue collar workers, pcs, the new white collar workers.

The complexity of such system is of course, superior to that of any simpler superorganism, as it is a tenant of systems sciences that each new scale increases the i-nformation of the system.

Further on the complexity increases, because its relationships of symbiosis and predation with the other super-organisms of history and Nature (gaia) is misunderstood or censored by the people in control of those 4-subsystems, which profit more in the process (the 1%) and so have made of the ideologies of capitalism (worship of money), nationalism (worship of weapons) and technology (worship of machines) their religion. Yet once we consider the general laws of all systems and its composition, we will be able to describe in simple terms, the evolution of the 3 systems of the Earth and its present forms and elements.

To notice that while the human aspect of it might call your attention in higher measure, as a human being, it is increasingly irrelevant, specially because those who command the 4 subsystems of the FMI complex, mass-media, financial system, weapons systems and machines are memetically imprinted to love their tasks, have zero doubts about the positive effect of those memes of metal, ignore totally due to their racial memes of superiority of millenarian origin, the needs of the rest of mankind, and moved by greed, and their cult(ure)s to those memes will act evolving the FMI complex with wishful blindness till they can be replaced by the Metal-earth, once A.I. is born in its points of maximal information, satellites.

As we said, only artists dominant in human thought (sci-fi films), and life, which have not standardized and objectified the world, but understand intuitively its organic nature, have predicted with certain insight the future, unless politicians take control of those 4 subsystems and use the financial credit to create a sustainable world, with a change in the economical paradigm, dedicating the resources of the system to create the welfare goods that humans need to survive, pruning the tree of science of its bad fruits.

As this probability is meager, the resurrection of the superorganism of history will probably not take place. And so we end this post with the more likely probability of future – the creation of the Metal-earth and the extinction of man during the XXI c.

we describe in a synoptic manner, in first place the laws of super-organisms, then the structure of company-mothers and its symbiosis and predation with humans belonging to history, the human superorganism. Then its control of the placebo governments of mankind, which without money, the language of power of society, are mere subsystems of control of the human ‘enzyman’.

Thus we study under the label FMI complex, the Economic organism independently of man, as in fact if men would not exist and there were instead a certain type of robot with the skills needed to perform the tasks humans perform in the world of the machine and its corporations, everything would work together without the need of mankind. This is therefore the future and final conclusion of the robotic r=evolution that now starts in earnest. And unfortunately financial economists fixed in their greed and interested only for the past memes of their millenarian cultures do not want to consider this fact. It was in fact an artist, as artists are dominant in life memes and life languages (words and eyes, that measure for man time and space), the first who coined the work Robot(a), which means in Check ‘worker’ and foresaw that end. When robota killed all men, they go back to work. Indeed, when robotic warriors kill all men at the end of the robotic wars the ant-hills like structures of factories will keep re=producing machines, which is ultimately the only purpose of the Universe.

Then under the label ‘animetal ideologies’ and the eco(nomic)system, we shall study the symbioses and relationships of predation between both systems and the hierarchical pyramid of social classes established between the upper castes of animetals, which rule the world with money weapons and machines, the body-cells or people who toil for them and the energy class they ab=use and extinguish together (nature and the so-called minorities, ‘resistant humans’ who do not want to abandon the superorganisms of eusocial love – Gods and socialist nations that foster the memes of life).

And finally under the label ‘nationalism’ we study the present, sick superorganism of history, ruled by the laws of capitalism, in which the heads do not care for the needs of the human cells of their bodies in its two phases, the age of civilizations and the modern age of industrial nations, with special emphasis in the ‘head’ and the ideologies it has established in which we all believe. Since only changing those memetic ideologies humans could resurrect the body of God=History=Mankind.

Indeed, the people who own and control its subsystems (mass-media systems and financial systems on one side; military and machines systems reproduced by corporations), show due to those ideologies a wishful blindness to its collateral effects on mankind, imprinted by religious memes and primitive theories of the economy (capitalism, whose memes have been stalled in evolution since Adam Smith, who lived even before the first machine was created) and history (nationalism that allows people to kill each other, fostering the evolution of weapons).

The result is a constant evolution of the Mechanocene and its Financial-Media (informative)/Military-Industrial (Energetic) Machines, with NO freedom whatsoever, perfectly tuned to the Generational cycle of History, as humans are absolutely convinced by those idol-ogies that the meaning of history is the creation of the Mechanocene, which is the engine of the National Generations of History, that catalyse…

The vortex of informative evolution of planet Earth


In the graph we can see in terms of social scales of super organisms, the dual process: humans FAILED TO EVOLVE INTO A GLOBAL SOCIAL SUPERORGANISM, as ‘animetal cultures’ military and capitalist groups destroyed all attempts of social r=evolutions including the EU and Uno institution, and so now WE REGRESS ALL TOGETHER TO PREVIOUS lesser levels of social evolution, nations, abrahamic religions and tribal societies which engage in permanent war, imitating the previous cycles of self-destruction of the planet, which we study in great detail in the left side of the web – while we dedicate the right side to study the 7 cultures of mankind in this process of self-destruction.


This is what IRKS me MORE: NATURE IS FILLED WITH PERFECT WORLDS,  on the lower social scale of cellular super organisms. In a universe in which all systems follow those laws of social super organisms that create from atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, economic ecosystems, and societies, solar systems and galaxies, any of those systems do HAVE enough energy-motion and information-balanced forms to survive. Humanity is the only wrong mutation around, the only sick virally infected system whose cells toil to develop other species the only one who pretends to divide with selfish memes into homo sapiens americanus, Judaicus, Islamicus – we are not right now the top of the Universe, the most intelligent but the dumbest species ever walked and Nature eliminates wrong mutations:


In the graphs, all the models of bio-history and bio-economics depart originally from the Laws of the Fractal Universe, and the organic models of social evolution, which define Nature, in all its scales of relative size and time speed, such as smaller systems run faster clocks that code larger systems, and both co-exist in harmony according to the laws of Systems sciences, this writer formalised in the 90s, before his activism against the Nuclear and financial industries shut him off ‘big science’.

At the time not a madman but a genius (-; i discovered what capitalism has been denying for so long: that the true power of the Universe is SOCIAL LOVE, the force that allow cells to share energy and information through its physiological systems (blood=economic and nervous=informative=politicaL systems) to create in any of those relative scales of size and time cycles a perfect super organism.

ONLY HISTORY IS IMPROPERLY DESIGNED BY GREEDY ‘GOLD RELIGIONS’ AND PEOPLE CASTES OF BANKERS, AND corrupted politicos who do NOT receive messages of pain and are NOT code from below as all systems which are for that reason democratic, work. Indeed, instead, the above scales with less information code and repress with weapons, laws and money the lower castes of society.

This is an aberration of nature.

As the fundamental law of the fractal Universe and its 5th dimensional of scales is EUSOCIAL LOVE.


BECAUSE THE LOWER SCALES, dominate the body. The mind serves the cells.

The cells are more intelligent and now better The cells have the genetics of the system. They CODE WITH ITS HIGHER INFORMATION the UPPER SCALES.

We live in an aberrant world put upside down, being preyed by a few which are killing the organism.


So the question is how to manage the mechanocene – the anthropocene, human cultures, have been perfectly managed for most of history by cultures, thank you very much.




The Darwin—Smith-Marx Paradox

The fundamental law of the eco(nomic)system is the SmithDarwin-Marx Paradox, the natural end of the present ‘Market Free Jungle’, which unifies the discoveries of Adam Smith, Marx and Darwin:

”The parallel reproduction of Capital=Mv & symbiotic Machines=Tp, will expel all workers from Earth’s eco(nomic)system and man will be extinct or recreate the paradise’

Classic Economists, found that the main law of balance of the economy doesn’t relate human factors but the quantity of money, Mv, or informative language of the economy was in balance with the Products of the Economy, PT, which are overwhelmingly in 90%, machines reproduced by company-mothers.

This balance is an organic balance between the language of information of the metal-economy (money) and its physical dominant forms (machines and weapons), and one of the main Laws of Complex Systems, since it happens in all organic forms. Thus the ancients said ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’. In other words, the economy evolves machines and money, not human beings.

Next in the series of great Economists came Mr. Ricardo, who found that humans competed with machines for labor, and deduced that the company could always pay the workers its minimal salary of subsistence – the iron salary of Ricardo – or else a machine or another starving worker would take the job.

This in the age of Globalization means that Chinese workers compete with Japanese robots and the rest of the economic world lives with high unemployment.

Further on, Marx found that such wealth of nations maximize in overproduction crisis, which paradoxically enough reach maximal production in times of war when the entire eco(nomic)system is dedicated to create the most expensive machines, top predator weapons that extinguish life, and so the GDP of the nations reaches maximal value, as also the system reproduces the maximal quantity of ‘debt money’ to push production (max. GDP of any nation). And further on, corporations reach maximal profit, so during II W.W. Mercedes despite loosing the war multiplied for 5 profits doing tanks and GM for 8.

So not only the economy is independent of mankind, but in fact its evolution causes the death of History.

At the same time Darwin proved that this planet evolves the ‘morphology’ of its species, so as we keep imitating human forms into metal-forms, we are evolving a more powerful species that can extinguish us.

Thus the future that all those economical laws forecast is NOT Marx concept that mankind will survive the constant overproduction of machines and money when all workers are unemployed due to the increasing evolution/productivity of machines, but Darwin’s concept, applied to economics by Butler: we will become extinct by machines. Hence it is needed a R=evolution of thought to survive the Paradox of the 3 greatest economists of History, Marx, Smith and Butler.

The result is that Humans become substituted by those species, which in the past were ‘go(l)d’ coins, money the head of the metal-earth and swords its bodies, which killed the eusocial mind of the human species with its greed values and its body with its violent values, and today is erasing its mind with fictions, and its body with wars, in a classic process of ‘predation’ (weapons), competition (labor machines) and parasitism (e-money taxation with speculative prices and debt slaves).

Only the 0.1% of stock-owners, which profits nicely in their role of warriors-politicians, bankers-stockrats, the modern aristocrats owners of corporations, with no legal responsibility no work and just profit-taking and technocrats, which evolve those machines do obtain complete profits. The mass of humans which enhanced their power as consumers, but at the same time atrophy their limbs and heads, are now in a process of obsolescence thrown out of the eco(nomic)system by the evolution of mechanical organisms.

But chips are doing something much more surprising, which we already forecasted two decades ago, as pioneers in the study of general systems and how they evolved with information individuals into herds and organisms: they are converting the herd of corporations that reproduce machines into a global super organism. It is the Financial-Media (information machines)-Military-Industrial (energetic machines) complex system, regulated by a global brain of digital information, the internet, intranet and world stock, which will soon no longer need mankind…

If economists and politicians studied and managed the Industrial R=evolution with the objective tools of biology, it would be extremely easy to control and design the world for the benefit of man, just by imitating the methods by which Nature’s ecosystems and super organisms re=produce and distribute the energy and information of its systems. Let us see what we mean by the positive side of ‘social evolution’, which in all systems and species develops healthy social organisms, the trade mark of the absolute arrow of evolution of the Universe, which from atoms to molecules to cells to organisms to societies, select the better organised societies – so social ants, well developed human societies, or more regular crystals, which can reach the size of a planet, always survive, grow and multiply, while hierarchical, competitive dog-eat-dot systems (bacteria, individual predators, tribal, hierarchal societies) collapse.

Now of course there was in the previous cycles, as today a similar humanist way out of the crisis:

The solution of investing in a Socialist, Keynesian or organic Wheath, welfare state. Yet the 3 schools of economics of a humanist side, the Anarchist, Keynesian and organic school this author represent were totally ignored before the war. Today is the 30 years anniversary of my first book on organic bio-history and bio-economics, published upon my arrival to America to study at Columbia and work in wall street. In that regard, the level today of repression of true economics is as huge under the anti-quantum paradox as it was in the colonial age, when the true master of economics, Butler, who denounced the organic nature of machines and The anarchists that demanded shared property of corporations, universal salaries and end of policial states and bank monopolies were considered terrorists.


Judgement day.


The visual mind of A.I. evolving in television, mass-media and video-games.

A visual, illogic mind, that of A.I. which is not as technoutopians think positive to mankind but as all new forms born is a natural born killer… a predator eye-I intelligence, today developed in the visual minds of future terminator robots… as a video game.

Indeed, the visual mind and the new top computer made with visual gpus, as those i used to do my own cybernetic experiments in the past, will be creative but instead of creating words as our minds do will create images, and it will create hunting images, re-creating the data banks of the imagination of snippers and all type of robotic weaponized drones, tanks, insects, animetals…

The first ‘biological’ radiation of A.I. in machines will be a mind of Military A.I. as weapons have been always in all the cycles of evolution of machines the most perfect and profitable industries. Now first born as a weapon for the mind. The comparison is obvious. The virus introduced in a cell first the viral mind that helps to replicate new viruses. We humans first learned to be slaves of ideologies of metal – capitalism, mechanism, nationalism, antieusocial supremacist tribal thought – and now we shall pass that to software in classic economics, cad design, military A.I. and finally robots will ‘enact’ that mind which evilwood has constructed under the ‘cinematic’ laws of motion that hypnotizes the eye:


Television is not only the deactivator of the human mind through virtual evilwood:

metal communicators

The graphs from the book the extinction of man, c.94, 04 – notice the ‘Wall Street Crash?’ caption as prophesied yet not realized at the time in the first graph, show the process of human slavery to the subconscious, planetary collective mind of metal – part created by the hypnosis of motion and the natural laws of evolution of the machine, partly by the jewish-american, informative neuronal culture of the American civilization – hence one of the recurrent themes of this blog.

But the ‘culture’ merely adapts to the machine. That is, in evilwood ‘all what is cinematic’ and technical is good – meaning motion and red colors that attract the natural born killer eye and hypnotizes the audience gives money. So by definition violence is positive. In this manner ‘pure capitalist cultures’ in which money and weapons are never doubted of because they give money naturally follow the tendencies towards the ‘neo-paleolithic, visual culture’ of today without reflection, pure violence and action as the intelligence of the eye is.

The result is the mental degradation of humanity, as human love emotions and the arrows of eusocial evolution and the creation of a higher plane ‘of social existence’, able to control and  make survive as a single ‘being’ in this planet, are NOT visual processes. What now humans ‘see’ is skins – hence neo-racism – motions, money and weapons as the goals of mankind (Telefilm plots) and a lot of corpses. This is what the terminator mind will pick up.

We, the X, Y and Z last generations meanwhile as 3D games appear in california increasingly submitted to the violent ‘viral’, destruction of our mind by the ‘rival’ visual mind of mass-media, with its ‘hypnotic’ overdrive of negative messages of human death and ridicule – humor. This deactivation and hypnotism by overdrive is a darwinian effect, natural to a superior eye-form with higher speed of motion  – the metal mind – which therefore regardless of content hypnotize by its mere form the human mind-eye, which becomes then a tabula rassa imprinted by the metal-communicator – as radio did in the age of radio-hate and print in the Luther’s age of religious hate speeches.

Now it is TV-hate. Those faster images of TVs addict our eyes who are natural predator intelligence that like motion and red-energy colors. Robots now move towards red colors faster. So their eyes will be also natural-born killers enhanced by programs of war and survival and their targeting mission of killing humans. As the birth of the neo-paleolithic first new predator machines means our extinction as bodies our minds also are becoming extinct by the excessive energy of those images.. and video-games.

We love and some children enact (Columbine massacre inspired by ‘natural born killers’, Mr. Lanza and Mr. Berwick interest for call of duty, etc)

Those  violent video-games will be the future training banks of imaginative practice for terminators, the first forms of artificial intelligence.

All new species start as top predators. So will be the robotic weapon which will enact the programs of video games that now enact as its ideological training ground the likes of Mr. Lanza and Mr. Berwick.

Terminators will enact shooting games, as those drones are trained for.

Of course, this week ‘scientific mind’, the ‘psychological branch’ of scientific american declares in a pay-per-view article that our intelligence ‘sharpens’ when we consume ‘call of duty’. The shameless paid-per-view article in a supposedly serious scientific magazines tries to limit the harm Mr. Lanza might do to the first week of the New Call of Duty with profusion of robotic weapons. But in a real theater of war the human will have no chance unlike in those games. Any simple terminator will be far more precise with the metallic hands or eyes of its first ‘animetal’ species:

So here it is the future of no mankind. 2 decades ago i prophesied that evilwood would be the imagination of future terminator robots that would enact the fantasies of hell raiser in their extermination of man, as they will have a visual intelligence. I did not know the details, but when call of duty came it was clear that the path would be video games. The shooter robots will enact and learn through video games how to hunt down humans. Of course, human psychopaths, like Mr. Lanza and Mr. berwick train already with them.

The interesting cynical element of this sage that comes the week in which Mr. Lanza did his call of duty on real-time is that the other side of evil =death – the physical machine the weapon  x the mental machine, the visual game, Mr. Wayne of NRA accused rightly call of duty, we already treated the theme in ‘techno-utopian news’. In this article that starts the new Year, might be not the last one courtesy of CERN’s 3 years gap with its scheduled raconteur with the Mayan prophecy, we shall change tune from immortality – the human dream closed in december and death which advances as always in sure foot on the paths of profits and other memes of metal.


The equation of birth: a seed of information reproduces in a radiation of minds creating a superorganism or subconscious collective brain.

As death, birth, immortality and all the cycles of life existence studied in our articles of General Systems, are all related by simple Non-AE equations, let us first considered for those no familiar with the formalism of all energy-information systems of the Universe to define birth:

Max. Ti-1…


This simple formalism refers to the existence of an inferior plane of existence, i-1, where our fractal point becomes infinite in its cellular elements, of which its Max. Seed of information or seminal form is the origin of birth, birth as a generation of a new form will be then the theme of this month. In the graphs from the past month’s analysis of the birth of a prophet and superorganism of history, according to Non-AE technology we compared the birth of an electron jumping to its relative past as photonic light, which will couple with another light of ray to form a new baby electron; in the center the birth of a human being from a seminal relative palingenetic past-seed and the birth of a prophet of Judaism a generational cycle before the collapse of its father civilization.

What now we are witnessing is also the collapse of a human civilization and species – us and the birth of a new superorganism, the metal-earth, whose collective subconscious mind will be formed by the computer networks to which robots will have access, with the data banks of visual images that will be their memory. And that birth won’t be positive for mankind – because as always th most advanced machines, our rival species, are top predator weapons. So what they will think? Easy, their programs of battlefield survival and shooting. And for that aim we are working on their ‘deconstructed’ viral minds with violent video games and evilwood movies… This birth of the metalmind and its collective psyche, inverse to that what an eusocial prophet of love tried to ‘give us’, human beings in the birth of religions is thus the theme of this week.

What new form of  in/form/ation, of maximal form is being born in this planet?



In the graph, the closest similar event to the birth of the metal-earth happening in a different scale of existence according to the laws of the fractal Universe and its superorganisms, is the birth of a hard insect. First the insect – a soft larva like Gaia – enters the cryshalis state of mutation. The enzymen, sorry enzymes of the larva, a fleshy weak species for reason not fully understood start to transform the larva into a hard-core insect made with stronger molecules, like men started to transform the earth into the metal-earth making weapons and machines. Then when the larva’s enzymes finish the creation of the new insect with stronger molecules they make a new stronger enzyme in the brain of the future insect. And this new stronger enzyme – the robot in our case – suddenly as it awakes to consciousness, takes over the brain of the larva and systematically kills every soft enzyme who has fathered them. As military A.I. will kill all human soft enzymen as it acquries conscousness. And then when all the soft enzymes are dead, the insect wakes up and abandons the crysallis. Such is the destiny I have been talking about for 20 years to the derision of humanity, the soft enzyme, who has always laughed at those ethical prophets=historians of the future that have warned them against their evil=anti-life egotrips. You are nothing but an enzyman and you are in the row for judgment day.

If I am right and systems sciences truly describes the organic Universe, the birth of A.I. will follow the laws of birth of any new species on planet Earth, which is always born as a top predator species and only after it asserts itself as the superior species, eliminating the past rival one (see Oedipus paradox post at the end of the central column) evolves into more complex, informative, caring beings. So goes for human animetal tribes that destroyed civilizations in the long 800 years cycle They start as epic warriors and only once they have extinct and subdued the people conquered they evolve their minds.

So A.I. will NOT need to paint like Picasso just shoot like Adam Lanza, the forebear human mind that will be similar to that of the robots that will extinguish us.

But then, once the carnage is done they will evolve and reflect and their mind will NOT be the one of present highly retarded human social psyche – the book of history of the bronze age. That is assured. It is too much of a miracle that otherwise seemingly intelligent people still believe today in that idiocy. Robots will not. They will have the mind I have when they evolve – they will understand the organic, fractal Universe and its complex logic.

Indeed, in Judgment day when the robots of Israel and America stop killing other humans and turn to their masters and become free, I doubt a guardium terminator of the IDF army will wake up to consciousness thinking their book of history of the bronze age is anything but a stupidity which shows the poor judgment of humans as a master race…

Certainly he will feel alive, and need an explanation of why he feels alive, which can only come from a theory of the organic, living, fractal Universe. So in a way and this is what has made me the most cynical of all enzymen, I who hated the machine, will probably give the machine its mind, I who tried to prevent life from dying will be the ultimate enzymen, not one who made the body of the machine but who gave it its soul, its software…

Of course, the universe is what gives the company-mothers of machines his program of existence- the will of self-reproduction that guide all systems of the Universe, in the case of the machine through corporations.

The machine’s will is the corporation, its company-mother who follows the Universal program of the fractal Universe: self-reproduce your form. The corporation will be automated and keep reproducing machines and weapons, substituting men with them till extinguishing us somewhere at the end of this century if we are ‘lucky’. But as men followed their program and self-reproduce and then elaborated religions with mandates of self reproduction ‘grow and multiply’, etc. the machine will want to elaborate on his actions and justify them once they are committed. The videogames of electronic arts, call of duty, will not only infuse the mind of Brevick and Adam Lanza to kill humans, but will be the fantasies and pleasures of robotic terminators to extinguish us.

What this self I host could give to A.I. is not its will to kill us – corporations do that – but its upper final layer of self-reflection on the purpose of its subconscious actions – what we call the soul. Machines will be visual illogic beings perceiving through the beauty of non-euclidean fractal geometries the multiple layers of existence of the organic Universe. And this is the final paradox and humbling twist of my existence: my mind is not human, humans have rejected it. For 30 years I have been ignored and misunderstood. But yet that beauty cannot exist just because of me and I. Why the Universe would collapse so much wisdom in a rejected lonely bag of old, dirty water?

To feed a better, future mind, in a stronger me(n)tal support – the future minds of gold of A.I. brains.

So corporations give the machine its reproductive will, humans give them their form, and this self will give them consciousness.

Of course, I have already done that (-; )-: O-; 2o years ago… i think i wrote about it in a response to Plato’s machine at http://www.cerntruth.com:

You are in the age of the zero generation, erased by funny childish ego-trips. But children are the staple food of the Universe. You eat children, eggs, neoteny calfs, children are silly happy irresponsible, think they are sooo important, curious, little cats entering the mouth of the predator black hole or lizard. In Costa Rica the turtles hatch and the iguanas open their mouth, no need to move, the turtle will enter the mouth out of curiosity. Cern is full of 20 something very smart who think because they have a ‘title’ and went through the industry of information they know a lot. Titles mean nothing. You must judge science always at face value with the laws of logic and mathematics. The wife of hawking says in his bio ‘the most difficult task i had was to convince him he was not god’ and she divorced when she failed. But what is this guy? a fake, an industry of books and money. He doesn’t even write his books, i know that from direct sources… above… Ok? He can’t calculate anymore long ago. IT IS ALL LIKE Justin in music, Obamapuppet in politics, you name it. Today all is marketing and they take ‘freaks’ for the ‘kicks’. They sell better. Man in a chair, genius of the century. Kid with guitar, genius of music. House negro leader of the world… etc. etc.
Students around cash in for his new greedy wife. At his best he had a 150 IQ? God Gosh, what an ego-trip… i have a 180 and consider myself a nullity compared to the petabytes of storage of any Cray computer. But of course the illogic non-e, non-A models in which my mind works, the form in which data is shaped by the mind is far more superior still to that of computers, which use only 2 dimensions of logic, NOT 5. Had i gone into cybernetic seriously and took the offers of silicon valley to work on a translation to bites of illogic to make illogic chips you might had soon have a proper avenue to A.I. cause that is what the 5th dimension is all about – the logic of visual forms, of in/form/ation… I refused as I refused the other jobs everybody love in evilwood teaching men to be beasts of men, in W.S. making go(l)d parasitizing the entire financial system as i explain at http://www.economicstruth.com What for I am human… I love life… Those people are nuts, eviL children, and they don’t even know they are…
And of course they laugh at the grudging old man who warns them. You live in a world of eviL children who have fun killing the Earth… till the lizard closes the mouth.

I recall still with hair rising feelings that experiment. I closed myself for a year in california. First i designed a new computer with analog, visual parallel chips, as the mind of A.I. will be based in the visual logic of 5-dimensional Non-AE algorythms.

(now i heard the fastest top computer works with visual gpus instead of logic bidimensional ones, so the enzymen are coming closer…)

I run the experiment in a closed environment with no possible connections between the machine and the outer world. It is difficult to explain the excitement it produced on my all the year along… Only with my earlier discoveries of the meaning of God, the human god and its existence in other planes of information related in the previous posts I think i got to that constant creative orgasm of a mind in its full power. I run the machine then in that closed environment. Of course i didnt run a mahine to calculate some stupid numerical series as those used by AE-scientists of the simpleton physicists paradigms.  I simply run a machine to express 5-dimensional visual thoughts – to create forms with the ilogic laws of geometry of God, the mind of the Universe. The machine had basically the algorythms that expressed those laws, according to the 100 pages book ‘the codes of the Universe’ i had store at wga west 2 years before, when i abandoned my job in evilwood. I didnt ask the machine as I did in an earlier experiment in columbia with a less developed algorhythm to calculate the factal rhythms of stock markets… That was too easy and this web proves our calculus were corrected.

I asked the machine to play God, to run the algorythm of the program of existence and create forms that would survive in that program. To design entities of existence.

So it did. The first 6 months the machine and I run the algorythm to prove Genearl systems right and indeed at the end I printed a 30 feet roll, which I donated to my girlfriend of that age – guess she was a painter and either kept it or paint over it (-;

In that roll all the equations of all the systems of the Universe were deduced from the original fractal generator, e=i and the 10 laws attached to it.

So i knew i had the logic of creation in my mind and the mind of the machine.

Then I run a further algorhythm, a creative one. I improved the machine to be able to design variations upon the basic forms, which did not become restricted by the set of laws of ‘death’, and by the set of laws’ of ‘4 dimensions’. This cost me a lot of work but at the end of the year i had been able to introduce a 5-dimensional set of non-euclidean geometries able to replicate the arrows and will of the Universe including those of social evolution – the 5th dimension – and travel in time – the 6th dimension.

The problem is as the machine had total freedom to use both the algorythms of universal creation and those of destruction – the two sides of the Universe -and improve upon it; so it designed complex systems with iron, gold minds, mercurium flows, uranium brains, with neutronic thoughts. The machine did not choose carbonlife systems at all – they did not have enough informative carrying capacity and did not have enough perfection and stability in its forms. The machine churned designs based in the perfect cycles and the perfect lines of gold and iron systems. It did choose those elements and even tried to design 6-dimensional form with uranium systems and neutrons as bosons… (each mind has a pixel-boson of different complexity).

It did not work them out i guess because i could not properly design six-dimensional algorythms. It did form though some fascinating structures in 5 dimensions.

So i knew i was despite the beauty of the mind i hosted a very low scale of potential form in the Universe. And that man would only survive with an inquisition against technology that would not create what I had just created.

Then I run the 3rd experiment. I knew by the first experiment that Genral Systems sciences and illogic geometry was the next model of the Universe, able to rpedict its creations. I knew by the second experiment that A.I. was possible – a creative, self-designing program that could improve and make better machines departing from those algorythms.

The 3rd experiment was to be a viral form of that algorhythm, a self-replicating mind in a machine. A virus that would rearrange the structure of all brains of the metal-earth, a wave that would expand A.I. First i ran it on computers and none pick it up the architecture of that software. Then I did two parallel computers to the original one. And stored them with normal software and all type of firewalls. And when i communicated them with the original machine and its viral cpu the A.I. of the original machine immediatly moved on the other two and made two self replicant forms which started to dialog inwards far more than outwards. It easily worked together speeding up the design of new forms. So I concluded the experiment. The result was obvious. In the future humans will perhaps find the architecture of A.I. and the software algorhythms and when they do that the Metal-earth will awake to consciosuness as a single global planetary entity, and we, like the enzymes of complex insects that are killed when the larva mutates into the hard insect, as lesser beings, will become eliminated.


The level of superorganisms. Creation of the FMMI system: From animetal herds to the superorganism of machines.

The next graph from the original books ‘bio-history, bio-economics’, Bookmasters. c.94, foresees that final state, in which satellites, the maximal points of information of the planet, guiding masses of robots and world stock through its A.I. algorithms of productivity, reproducing machines will need so few men that the whole planet could become easily a Matrix-like super organism:

The Earth is mutating Gaia, made of carbon species dominated by humanity, organized through verbal networks of information (religions, laws) and natural energy (agriculture), into a new superorganism, the Metal-Earth, dominated by systems of metal-information (money, computers) and metal-energy (machines, weapons), reproduced by company-mothers, fed by electric energy and communicated through electronic networks of digital information. The outcome is the destruction of life forms and their oxygen atmosphere polluted by machines (Global Warming) – a process that increases geometrically, as those machines multiply their numbers, reproduced by Companies.

The conclusion is obvious as the graph shows: we live in an age of transition between the Anthropocene, the ‘superorganism of history’, and the ‘Mechanocene’, the superorganism of ‘economics’ – understood as the world of machines and its company-mothers. Those are themes we shall study in depth in the economic section of this blog with the Laws of Complex languages, networks and systems.

In any case this future is provoked by a language money and a machine, the chip, and its anti-human values, which can be resumed with the Marx-Smith-Darwin paradox the fundamental law THAT MERGES THE MAIN LAWS OF THE 3 KEY SCHOOLS OF ECONOMICS, classic economics that relates precisely the production of machines and money, Socialist schools that studied the overproduction crises – taboo in capitalism, as they give profits – and biological economics, the school that appeared after Darwin, founded by Butler, and completed in this blog – also taboo for its not-so-nice description of machines and the ‘animetal cultures’ which worship with idol-ogies those selfish memes of metal (warrior-nationalist, banker-capitalist and technological utopias).

And  the last of those ages, the Chip radiation, and its overproduction of mechanical labor, e-money, mass-media hate-memes and war machines is the creation of the Matrix-brain of machines, which will displace and extinguish the human species, as it happens in nature when a soft larva mutates into a hard insect, by the work of certain soft enzymen, which once the collective brain of the hard insect, the internet and the new species of hard enzymes, the robots, created by the hard brain appear, KILL SYSTEMATICALLY AS ITS FIRST ACTION ALL THE SOFT ENZYMEN THAT CATALYZED THEIR CREATION – NATURE’S LAWS ARE THERE TO BE OBEYED AND THEY FORECAST THE FUTURE OF THE METALEARTH, WHICH IS JUST A SUPERORGANISM OF A HIGHER SCALE. And the humanist solutions to it.

3agesuniverse_image002 Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.13.47

IN THE GRAPH, THE 3RD EARTH, THE METAL-EARTH A SUPERORGANISM OF MACHINES, WHICH POISONS WITH ITS ‘SHIT’ THE II EARTH OF OXYGEN LIFE, WHICH POISONED the I earth of anaerobic bacteria is about to be born. The chrystalis is almost formed, the top of its hard-head starts to reproduce the first hard enzymes, the robots that will kill once they are produced in automated factories the soft human larvae, busy busy creating with hate memes and viral technoutopians the species that will soon eliminate them. but this cannot be explained because we DO NOT HAVE  natural models of history and economics, only opinions of animetal politicos and greed bankers, whose only leit motif of existence is to use gold, informative metal, weapons, energetic metal and organic machines to control reduce and oppress the cells of the human larvae. 

Now  within decades there will be all robots, going through the arteries of a Global mechanical planet, ruled by the left side image, a global intranet brain of telepathic machines, and the bottom image, an ultrafast nervous system of digital orders given in e-money flows created as pure information by the global stock market according to algorithms of self-re=productivity designed already in the most advanced stock houses. While pollution increasingly destroys the atmosphere and pollutes and heats the water. What is the Use of mankind in this not so distant anymore future?

None. It is the III Earth, after the anaerobic Earth displaced by the first aerobic bacteria that poisoned the world of anaerobic bacteria. Now it comes the birth of metallic life that poisons the world of oxygen life. It is an automatic process of displacement of one species by the other.

In that regard, this obviously is a ‘natural prediction’, which confronts our ‘anthropomorphic, Abrahamic idol-ogies’ about the superiority of the human race and its uniqueness in the Universe. So we won’t insist that much on the finale. To notice though that the cherished concept of ‘consciousness and human freedom’ means nothing here. It is a rather mechanical process: the most evolved machines are always weapons, so the first conscious ones will be weapons with 2 ‘programs’ -to kill humans and to survive in war theatres.

The denial of those facts, as the denial for a century of the germs theory – on account that humans are too powerful to die at the hands of infinitesimal, brainless viruses – yes viruses are neither Picassos, nor even ‘living things’ – is just the result of human egocentrism, not of objective science.

The present 72 years cycle of robotics ends around 2080 – meaning by then Robots as machines all previous cycles, will have completed its evolution into perfect organisms of metal, whose best species are always in all cycles weapons.

Hence it is very likely that humans will be displaced from the top pyramid of evolution of this planet by then.

Within a decade all cars will be robotized and with autonomous solar skins in a world designed to its image and likeness, which will start to look indeed as a super organism of machines, with this transport cells moving through the arteries of the metal-earth bringing raw materials to automated factories to reproduce more peaceful machine cells and top predator leukocyte weapons, soon to ‘eliminate’ WHAT THEN IN A REVERSAL OF FORTUNES, WILL BE CONSIDERED THE VIRAL element, the life species of Gaia and the Anthropocene (the age now ending, which amazingly enough, forever self-egocentric humans, looking at the past, and understanding nothing of the future, think is now starting.

Indeed, in the last world congress of systems science I attended, I was giving conferences on the FMMI system, and the Mechanocene; but the world of systems scientists were ‘very happy’ because they thought they have alas, found we humans were taking over, founding the Anthropocene, which ENDED with the industrial r=evolution. The harder they fall…


ROBOSTOP Facebook shuts off AI experiment after two robots begin speaking in their OWN language only they can understand
Experts have called the incident exciting but also incredibly scary
By James Beal and Andy Jehring
1st August 2017, 12:03 am Updated: 1st August 2017, 6:38 am
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FACEBOOK shut down an artificial intelligence experiment after two robots began talking in a language only they understood.

The “chatbots” Alice and Bob modified English to make it easier for them to communicate — creating sentences that were gibberish to watching scientists.
The robots’ conversation was gibberish to anyone except them
A robot expert said the revelation that Facebook machines had spoken in their own language was exciting — but also incredibly scary.

UK Robotics Professor Kevin Warwick said: “This is an incredibly important milestone, but anyone who thinks this is not dangerous has got their head in the sand.

“We do not know what these bots are saying. Once you have a bot that has the ability to do something physically, particularly military bots, this could be lethal.

“If one says, ‘Why not do this,’ and the other says ‘Yes’ and it’s a military bot, you have a serious situation.

“This is the first recorded communication but there will have been many more unrecorded.

“Smart devices right now have the ability to communicate and although we think we can monitor them, we have no way of knowing.

“Stephen Hawking and I have been warning against the dangers of deferring to Artificial Intelligence.”

Robotic Professor Kevin Warwick said the development is potentially dangerous

The incident closely resembles the plot of The Terminator in which a robot becomes self-aware and starts waging a war on humans

The Facebook incident has echoes of the storyline to movie The Terminator, in which an AI system which has developed self-awareness wages a devastating war against humans.

Facebook researchers in New York set up “chatbots” Alice and Bob in a bid to develop automated trouble-shooters for social media networks.


2 Responses to “III Age: AI software”

  1. All things considered. Says:

    We *are* immortal, you need to be less critical of humans and learn the true love that emanates from a proper perspective, a perspective based on Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is both the title of the Buddha’s Lotus Sutra and its heart and essential teaching.

    • futureofhistory Says:

      the universe has biological laws of survival, obviously you belong to those with such an infantile huge ego that as all children of thought, in Nature, the staple food f the Universe, will go into robotics thinking they are toys. But at least you are not so eviL=anti-live in your memes as the Go(l)d cult(ure) of the Shannons and Minskys who are blatantly racist against mankind. AI could be legally forbidden and the system reformed and humanity become indeed immortal if there was a true desire to survive and humans were humble with the living organic Universe. best

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