“I have written with a profound love for my own country, but without being engrossed by France more than by any other nation. As I advance in life, I grow more simple, and I become more and more patriotic for humanity.” Hugo

Abstract. What is and what is not Europe. 

Europe is the only culture that has tried in the modern age, along the Asian civilisation, its counterpart in the ‘Easter decoupling’ of History, to apply reason to social sciences in order to evolve naturally the super organism of mankind. It is thus a culture in balance between words and numbers, money and the law, emotion and reason.

As such the ‘civilisation of Europe’, is sandwiched between:

  • Digital, Biblical Anglo-American Capitalist civilisation to the North, in which reason is substituted by faith in the economic ecosystem and its selfish memes of metal. So money controls the rational, verbal language of the law. And digital numbers became the language of God, and technology the religion of society
  • And Southern Islamic, Neolithic warrior, verbal culture, in which the fertile crescent civilisations were substituted by verbal warrior inquisitions, in which the ‘word’ and the sword defend each other and become the absolute truth of military and social power.

In a perfect world Europe and Asia would become the two rational poles to construct a perfect world, looking at Africa, the 3rd natural racial->memetic->Cultural pole, as the ‘protected’ relative past of Gaia, the life planet. And the 3 fusion together would form the balanced ‘Fractal Generator’ equations of a perfect super organism of Mankind:

Black Africa (Gaia-Animism) < Rational Europe (Humanism) > Buddhist Asia (Organic Universe).

This though is not the case. Europe today is colonised by capitalist Anglo-America in its economic ecosystem, and terrorised by the Semitic wars, which have expanded the Israel vs Islam fundamentalist fights to our soil. Tus Europe is in a process of extinction that can be traced to the end of the original Greek-Latin Renaissance cultures of humanism, whose ‘life’ expressed in the collective subconscious art of the civilisation, died away to the animetal wars of Norther Germanic barbarians and Eastern Semitic ‘animetals’:


The Greek and Italian ‘Greece I and Greece II’ civilisations, with its parallel cultures due to the same human memes (art, reason and love for life) and metal memes (iron weapons and gold coins), in its 3 ‘cultural ages’, as art is the mind of civilisations. The 3 age of Europe died away as the other ages, destroyed by the Barbarians, the Germ(an) culture of fundamentalist weapons, long wor(l)ds, with lineal, absolute false unbreakable believers’ thoughts and zero understanding of humanism.

In the next graph, the pattern of extinction of ‘Greece’ in its 800 years horizons and sub-civilisations, murdered by ‘Baal’ and ‘Aryan’, the name I initially used in the original model, which mixed biological, social and metaphysical languages, for the warrior and go(l)d cultures of Germ(an) ‘smiths’ and $emite, Fetish  Go(l)d religions:













The graphs from the original 94 book on Bio-History and the super organisms of mankind, on the 800 years cycle of confrontation between the 3 cultures of Europe, the humanist culture ‘Greece’, in its horizons of increasing social evolution that finally gave birth to the eusocial European Union, prior to its destruction by the Germ(anic) hordes of the ECB, and the Metal-culture of weapon (aryan, taking its memes from Assur), and the culture of Go(l)d, of Companies of war (cows) and companies of pricing… Though I have evolved the language to a simpler jargon, I bring this old relic of bio-history, as a momentum and visual proof of how little freedom ‘animetal cultures’ have shown in their relentless bid for a world made to the image and likeness of machines and selfish memes of metal, NOT OF LIFE, THE PARADIGM THAT ‘Enlightened GREECE’ in its 3 horizons (Classic Greece, Italian Rennaissance and French-EU R=evolutions, tried to imprint on mankind):


Europe this must be clear is NOT born in Asia, in the Islamic, Semitic region of Abrahamic cults to Go(l)d and the Sword.

Europe is NOT the biblical culture, which latter converted northern, germanic eastern europeans, and british people, but of the merging of the Mediterranean, Greek-Latin culture of art, science, human senses, law and reason of the iron age, and the western basque->French/Spanish/British neolithic stone(henge) culture, of seafarers, art and human senses, and ‘devotio iberica’ (warrior bondage), of the bronze age.

This merging achieved by the Roman Empire, divided Europe between Europe proper (the empire) and the barbarians who destroy it.

And this barbarians, the germ(an)s of history, which have rhythmically destroy Europe and the more so after conversion to biblical milennarist memes, are now again on top. Brexit has tilted the old basque->roman British world towards its capitalist The City elite, which has kicked out for imperial, financial and racist memes and Germany now under the first Jewish chancellor, is pushing further with the dictatorship of the ECB private bank, the region towards collapse. Russia, the natural balance to Germany IS NOT IN THE EU, because the capitalist militaristic elites of UK, Germany and France prevented it.

And the TRUE origin of the culture, the southern mediterranean nations are treated as colonial debt slaves and called together with the racist slur of PIIGS. So as today EU and its counterpart, the REAL America, as envisioned by its founding fathers, mimicking the French enlightenment, is mostly a colony of the selfish memes of metal of the globalised biblical capitalist, FMMI culture.
It is not so extreme in its slavery to machines and mechanisms, reason why the ‘ever frightened of mankind’s reaction to its evil=antilive behaviour’, the ‘wickedest of all people, who will do the wickedest of all things’, those who run the financial system, are isolating their 3 central nations, UK, US and Israel, where their power is absolute, and the brains of the natives perfectly manufactured, from possible influences of humanist Europe and enlightened America and Mosaic Judaism.

This is how we should read Brexit, Trump & Likkud today: the FMMI culture has its perfect indoctrinated imperial slaves, and 2 potential enemies, Europe and China, who know better coming from a much more evolved wor(l)d.

Social Europe in that sense, has always been the ‘enemy’ and only ‘option’ to the empire of Go(l)d and the S(word), due to the enormous potential that their social scientists, and humanist thinkers and artists, and institutions have for a resurgence of the EU as the natural first example of the culture that advances the goals of a humanist world ruled by law, not BY MONEY, and with the purpose of evolving mankind NOT THE METALKIND.

To that aim at least 2 immediate reforms are needed:

Accept Russia as a member of the EU to achieve land mass, military power and balance the racist animetal memes of the germ(an)s of history.
To nationalise the ECB move it to brussels and put money under the rule of the law.
And then to form an alliance with Hispano-America and China, starting a global bid for a perfect world, and readdressing their true victims, African nations, by stopping their shameless degradation through caudillos and corporations, as the dumpster bin for their cheap weapons, polluted industries and electronic garbage.

Europe in the concept of Victor Hugo, lead by France, Spain and Italy, its 3 roman-latin, original r=evolutionary nations of eusocial love, backed by Russia, returning to the original non-marxist, ideals of their Anarchist masters, putting Germany under the yolk, to work for the common cause, entering into a global alliance with Asia, through the Russian border, and South-America, SHOULD BE, GIVEN THE FACT THAT ANGLO-AMERICA HAS FINALLY BECOME JUST THE EXPLOITATIVE CENTER OF THE FMMI GLOBAL SYSTEM, the only blue print for a hopeful resurrection of our species, before robotic weapons or singularity bombs, now studied at cern, in Europe, does us all.

It has the expertise, the history, the now corrupted institutions that should return to their ideals, and yet it is today just another slavish nation of an elite of French-German, Jewish stockrats and Germanic aristocrats that are plunging again the ‘Roman empire’ into the Middle age of barbarians.

The choice though is on the hand of French and German People who should UNDERSTAND they are NOT anglo-america, they are NOT a $emite culture, they ARE europe, and EUROPE MATTERS, as the only possible resurrection of the wor(l)d along…

Yet for Europeans to understand this they would have to understand first their history, not as it is told today by the mass-media empire of its FMasters but by real history, starting by a fact Germans seem to have forgotten: Their biggest crime has not been the cycle of usury debt, exploitation of Europeans and Holocaust of the go(l)d people, but its systematic massacre of Europe, from the age of the first People of the Sea invaders, to the Germanic Barbarians, to the Lutheran hordes and the Habsburg kings, to the German reunification. In I and II world war, they murdered Europeans, and to them they owe their pardon, their reunification, their regained rights. And now they are again in part due to their memetic neanderthal verbal stupidity, in part due to the rewriting of history, thinking they have no responsibility with Europe and must obey their jewish chancellor, help her to cleanse Syria, bring here Jihad, destroy the welfare states, despise the piigs countries that founded Europe, ally with UK to destroy humanism, and on top being loved by all of us, because that is what the FMasters are masterminding.

Could Germans stop being so dumb and understand what must be done to construct a real Europe that matters to mankind?

The animetal vs. humanist cultures of Europe$emites, Hispanic & Germs-3 neanderthals

In the graph, the 3 cultures that have shaped Europe, the Go(l)d culture, and the Iron, Aryan culture of War, and sandwiched between them the humanist, Greek-Latin-Western European culture based in law and seafarer trade. While the Western culture did succeed colonising the world, its mind was colonised by the animetal go(l)d and sword cultures, failing to create the perfect world, as all the humanist r=evolutions of europe died away under the military boot (Napoleon and Stalin), and the mercenary armies of the  Baalist go(l)d empire that created the modern capitalist World.

Europe had a destiny, it did not fulfil, called enlightenment – to make mankind, not the machine, the God of all of us.

Europe in that sense was the cradle in Greece of reason, humanism, true democracy and science, understood as knowledge NOT only technology – machines, selfish memes of metal.

It must be understood from the beginning what is Europe and what is Not the European culture. Europe was the Southern European Greek-Roman-Latin culture born in the Axial age, parallel to the Buddhist enlightenment on the East, which raised the mind of man from the mythic, ego-centered, subjective, suicidal, genocidal ‘Animetal first age’ of $emitic and Aryan, racist empires, where metal, the go(l)d of Baal to which Semites sacrificed their sons on Hecatomb ceremonies (latter substituted in Judaism, in the myth of Isaac but the ‘goy’, the sheeple, name used for both, the gentile and the new sacrificial son), and the S(word) of the Germ(an)s of History, who impaled the children of their enemies on it, the symbol of Thor.

Now this is forgotten because Europe is just another puppet culture of the sword of the germ(an)s and the go(l)d of the $emites, which through the Book of History of the Bronze Age, called the Bible, colonised, degraded and eliminated the rational, enlightened Greek Age, ushering Europe into the Dark Middle Ages of Germ(anic) aristocrats, and Jewish slave traders.

Today this is forgotten because History has been rewritten to cater those who won history to commit collective murder and suicide, and so they are now the new heroes and victims of history. The germ(an)s, those people who test maximal with the Jews in self-opinion, considering their people above and better run than any other will merely label the still resistant spirit of a few Europeans who know man could have been more than slave and a corpse, the ultimate future of those who worship gold and the sword, but the most perfect super organism of the Universe, as an idealist, an anti$emite, a man of the past.

For them, extinction is a desirable future, because their Gods, will continue. There will be a robot called Yhwh and one called SS-232. I know them, i lived among them. Only the surface and the newspeaks of those who murder Europe has changed. In NY, as a student, I met the cousin of Goebbels, a good friend of my girl, still the owner of BMW, the robotic car that all the elites of the world want to buy. He was fond of ecological causes. He liked to collect expressionist art, Schiele was his favourite. But his secret collection had watercolors of a certain lesser painter. In the Bohemian Grove club, the Go(l)d masters still enact as mock ceremony the sacrifice of a child to the Baal statue, or so they say those who believe in confabulation theories.

Europe thus agonises. Hugo’s dream, the dream of the founders of EU is no more. Now Europe is run by the ECB, a private bank that buys debt to German companies but does not issue money for their people, who is ran so far by 2 Jewish bankers and one employee of goldman sachs. Europe is today again in a new Middle Ages, under the boot of the Germs sacrificed in the altar of Baal. And their people therefore have become like the Americans, the perfect debt slaves – a people who no longer believe in democracy, reason, art and enlightenment, but on casting ballots for $elected politicos, in revivalism of Abrahamic Religions, of the hardest Jihad or mildest strain, Christianity, but all false myths that stopped the evolution of the subconscious collective before God, Mankind.

And this is the problem, the destiny was to be fulfilled rationally first by the Roman Empire, but destiny ended in the storm of Teutoburg, and the catacombs of Saint Peter, and the germs and the Am segullah sunk Europe into darkness for 1000 years.

It was then to be fulfilled by the Italian-Spanish Renaissance, the traders and warriors resurrecting a global Roman Empire, but it was aborted by the Germ(an) Emperors, the Habsburg, which distracted their troops and resources to murder people of their alien Empire from Austria to Holland, and then again by the Am Segullah Sephardim, who moved to Holland and invented there the FMMI system that will from then on run the world with its yellow press, then the black legend against the pope, its paper money, then the stocks of its gunboat companies, the weapon of choice, and its myths of racial superiority, then as always the Ham damnation that makes negroes and arabs inferior to dogs, because their forebears peed on Noah.

Yes, this is the kind of stuff Europe raised against, during the French and Russian r=evolutions of the beginning of the XIX and XX centuries – 400 years of slavery based in the slurs of a racist bronze age rabbi, 400 years of gunboat companies murdering, of Germanic and conquistadors, murdering, always for go(l)d. The conquistadors had to borrow from sephardim usurers to 40% annually gold for the enterprise and when not returning enough they were put to jail – never mind the discoveries or lands conquered. So their cruelty increased exponentially, with the e-logarithm used to calculate their interest rates.

The 2 sides of Europe have tilted today, to the side of those who have never been Europeans, as it happened with the Americans, who left long ago the path of their enlightened founding fathers and adopted the baalble.

Will Europe resurrect on time, to guide mankind out of its bondage? To do so it would have to change a lot – first kick out their ecb usury debt masters and their jewish-german white matter woman chancellor, and regain the germs to the human cause, then marry with Russia, the other r=evolutionary pole to sandwich the germs between the French enlightenment and the Russian one. Then with China refound the world. But this, which i know on the European side must be done according to biohistory, the Germs and Am Segullah from the US and UK and ECB centres of financial power with its hired politicos have never done, have done all to prevent. Because the goal of the other culture which is not Europe is more of the same mechanisms and baal altars where they expect to sacrifice all other human beings without realising at the end they always fall  last.

Cultures are no nations. Cultures are based in the memes of life, and as such they sponsor human goods, human life and human verbal wor(l)ds and visual arts as the sacred nature of being human. Cultures are for that reason more extended than nations, since eusocial love, the arrow of eusocial evolution of individuals of the same species into superorganisms, of which the biggest one is Humanity and hence the human culture, acts upon them.

In brief a culture will always extend over several nations, which are on the ‘business’ of carving cultures with armies and go(l)d to establish a military/banking/technological elite that will deviate the purpose of cultures to the creation of memes of metal in order to fight rival nations, often within the same culture.

Thus the European culture was carved by germ(an) barbarians and latter on by go(l)d corporations into imperial nations, who fought absurd wars to prove each tribal ‘animetal caste’ superior to the neighbor and foster the financial-military-industrial complex profits.

Let us the people who created this culture and moved it through the ages of time to relate their history through its art:

7 ctcles

neolithiceurupe neanderthal

And yet Europe was and it is still basically a culture with a basic subdivision between the Western/Southern, old Roman Empire, and the Northern/Eastern Germanic world.

The north was never at ease with the eusocial, art/life based memes of the south and so as soon as it entered into the modern age, it returned back to the primitive memes of germanic warriors and Jewish bankers, reconverting to Judaism (Protestant sects that give more importance to the old testament nad Yvwh and accept racism and war as means to impose power of a chosen).

They are still calling themselves Christians but they are not. Christ was a reformer that tried to bring back within the Jewish animetal nation, the memes of life, influenced by the Greek Decapolis and aware that the life of the Jewish nation in open confrontation for global power with mighty rome, was on the stake, as Rome had also mastered the use of monetary coins and now hold all the cards of power in their hands.

This Christian culture thus was essentially a transfer of neo-platonism and the messages of love of the Greeks to the Semitic world and so it went back to Greece and there, it mixed with rational science, giving birth to the European culture, today so much despised by the animetal world – the culture of the PIGs, in their own terms. And yet by far the most evolved culture of the West…

iron age rome coin cycle cavalry cycle gunpowder europe 3rd age of history

The origin of the Christian/European culture therefore must be found in a series of evolving eusocial neolithic cultures with origin in the Southern Peninsulas of Greece (I horizon of the Latin, European culture), Italy (renaissance, second horizon) and France/Spain (3rd horizon).

Because we are dealing here with the summit of human cultures, as we dealt on the right side of the tree of science first with the summit of animetal nations (the Jewish nation and its daughter, biblical ones that today rule the world and have become globalized), according to the paradox of History, the Christian culture (west decoupling) and the Chinese culture (eastern decoupling) come on top since:

Maximal Technological evolution = Minimal Human evolution.

Thus it should not surprise us that Southern Europe has given us the fundamental memes of Eusocial love, Christianity, art and humanities and hardly any machine of note. As a disclaimer I confess i belong to this culture. As a fact I will affirm that its objective view of the Universe, based in organicism vs. mechanism, socialism vs. capitalism and universalism vs. tribalism (nationalism) is far deeper and holds a higher quantity of truth. And yet this culture is today dying fast. I live in one of its last places, already a barren land for social thought but still strong in art memes (barcelona),  and so that might explain the point of view of this web.

This Christian European culture had a daughter culture, also clearly in process of Extinction, America, born of he enlightened fathers of this country, which were memetic sons of the French revolution, themselves genetic sons of the neoplatonic movement of renassaince Italy. And some ‘bastard’ cultures, full of contradictions – the christian, catholic countries of South-America and Africa, where the contradiction between the love memes of the priests and the war memes of the conquistadors and colonial bwanas were all too evident to construct functional societies.

In essence to understand its truth, one has to understand the wider picture of the laws of the Universe and its arrow of eusocial love, which humanity slowly learned in those 3 peninsulas after 5000 years of neolithic civilization. And so this culture was first the culture of the bell vase with origin in Greece and Souther Spain, which peaked at stonehenge and Malta, with its fertility goddesses and eusocial communal dwellings even for the death.

It was then mostly erased by the Celtic waves of barbarians of the iron age and resurfaced again with the extension of neoplatonism and its semitic version – catholic and orthodox christianity, which translated the mandate of eusocial evolution into the word ‘love’… It then was trasnfered by the enlightened philosophers and socialist economists into a praxis of contruction of a social paradise on Earth and peaked again during the 60s and 70s in the construction of social-democracies.

The culture we might say expanded back again after I and II World War Defeats of imperial armies, to Northern and Eastern Europe.

Yet since the collapse of the wall, the arrival of the chip and e-money and the globalization of the mechanist, audiovisual, militaristic and financial Jewish Empire with its dry intellectual standardization and objectification

(To be cont/ed).

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