Hispano America is perhaps the most ‘particular’ of all cultures and less understood of all of them.

I am though an expert in the subject because as it happens is my original culture (though as a Catalan, I exist as a frontier individual of 2 cultures, Europe and Hispano America, and as a Humanist, I do not follow ‘national flags’ and ultimately consider myself only human).

Because of this particularity, to make it brief, we have call the culture ‘Ole’, the oldest interjection of this very ‘Old’ culture, which today is a merge of the original Native Amerindian (unfortunately extinct by Biblical Capitalism in Anglo-America, on its mainland, beyond the survival of the extreme desert people, north on the iceland, and south on the previously Hold Hispano American Arizona, and reconquering Mexicans :) and the Conquistadors and Priests of The Iberian Peninsula, with the important ad on of the Black African culture, specially in the Caribean and Brazil.

Thus it plays the role in the western decoupling of the Mixed Melting pot of the water culture of Indonesia. But as Hispano America has a warrior, mountainous backbone (the Sierra Madre and Andes, and the Spanish Peninsula) vs. the trader, seafarer nature of Indonesia, we might consider it in concordance with the warrior vs. trader duality of the western vs. eastern decoupling (line vs. cycle, animetal vs. agricultural, men vs. women etc.), Hispano America is the mixed warrior equivalent to Indonesia.

The symmetries between the Eastern and western decoupling of the Human Experience is a fascinating theme of cultural analysis beyond this introductory blog, which fills many pages of my artistic studies.

We have called in any case Hispano America, The Mestizo culture; a ‘Mixed World’, made of the Iberian warrior culture of thirst for life and games with death, so similar to the Aztec – hence  today Mexico is the dominant Hispano American Mestizo memetic culture along Brazil, where the genetic mixing of Mongoloid-Amerindian, Black and White races, shows the key example on how a Perfect world should end being – a melting pot of genes and positive memes, with elimination NOT of genes but of negative memes that imperil mankind.

So while, when considering the pure memes of this mestizo culture, the more authentic Amerindian culture surviving is the Peruvian, Incan sub-culture now resurrecting for good on customs and mores, like the awesome food I lived on during the year on the field, writing a script about Cocaine dealers, Shinning path terrorists for Mr. Brad Pitt… Anecdote:when me and Yoram Mandel, now head of the Israel National Film School had a direct interview with the boss at Fox, to sell the script, the guy looked at me and said from that far away glassed corner on Burbank, the script looks good but the title, ‘Machupichu’.. is weird, what does this Machupichu means. So I smiled and said, it is the most sacred ‘town’ of the Incan culture. And that was all what it took to offend, the pretentious artist, rather hamburger maker of ‘evilwood’. Soon he suggested I moved the plot to East LA and we cast not a blonde American searching on the Cordillera, but rather a cocaine and police plot with local gangsters and local terrorists. Oh, well, next I wrote a script, in a delirium week on Leticia, by the Amazon river, (i could write them in a week and sell it cheap to any aspiring evilwood player, as it was for my just food for thought on other themes), called ‘Trade Bomb’, where a terrorist blew the towers with a bomb put on a car on the bottom, and alas, they found – fast backward to 1992 – to be to far out ‘even for hollywood’ (: The harder they fall ):
Now anecdotes aside for my usual ‘bashing’ of the ‘Masters of the Universe’ (maybe my Hispanic origin, you know we are the ‘losers’ of the global empire):…

Hispano-America IS the MESTIZO CULTURE, with the highest level of LIFE THIRST, in the tropics, only comparable to the Black world but with more stamina and variety, which one can only perceive travelling to the wind, as so many of them do through the huge region of quasi-identical languages.

And its future path is to abandon the ‘conquistador’ warrior side of it and promote as the Peru-Bolivian sub-culture does more its native people.

As it is essential for the development of Hispano-America that it forgets its ‘criollo’ spanish dominance and allows the Mongoloid and Black elements of the culture to come together and start the ideal of the perfect world, which in many ways Brazil represents: the communication, mixture and acceptance of all cultures, constantly merging otowards a better hole.


(Work in progress)

The dominant hispanic memes of the culture.

The Iberian Peninsula and South-America form together an homogenous culture, built on the basis of ancient, warrior-farming civilizations, evolved eusocially through the christian, catholoci, socialist r=evolutions it has experienced as it has crossed the different discontinuums of the Wave of History


the Latin culture  made of man the image and likeness of all things and its heroes ‘sacred – a perspective never considered in the world at large under the new world order of ‘anglo-jewish’ globalized capitalist religion and its anti-human language of money (man=price=object).

Its main 3 horizons moved the culture across the mediterranean peninsulas, in Greece (youth of the culture) Renaissance Italy (Maturity) and Baroque Spain, each one trying to repeat a culture based in human I=Eye-Wor(l)ds and senses (human art and eusocial love literature and religions) putting the law over metal (law over digital money and law over war):

iron age rome


coin cycle


gunpowder europe


gunpowder cycle

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