Bronze age: first animetal cultures.

In the graph, semite cultures are distinctively unique by its linguistic topology: VSO. It means they use imperative languages, barking orders, a deformation unique to the first animetal semitic cultures which discover how to enslave humans to go(l)d and murder them with bronze weapons, moving from cattle ranchers into ranchers of human sheeple. Semite warriors were therefore at the beginning of eviL=anti-live memes, and have suffered all their life the cycles of wars and holocausts which they have imposed to the rest of mankind. As humanity comes to an end and the cycle of its world existence closes, semite warriors and go(l)d traders are again on top brutalising history into revivalism of mythic, primitive barking societies – it is the neopaleolithic age. So if history of evil started with the first semitic wars between Assyrians warriors and Jewish-Phoenician traders, in the present age jihad semitic warriors and jewish go(l)d bankers continue the brutal treatment of the rest of mankind under the grammar of money: man=object=slave and the grammar of weapons, man=corpse<weapons, submitted without freedom to the topology of its ‘barking language’, in which a warrior or go(l)d priest leader, often camouflaged as a ‘god’, talks to the submissive believer asking him to sacrifice its life to the go(l)d-iron idols of its memetic language:

47-language-valueschairon europe


In the graph, we can see the values of go(l)d (and weapons) the original confrontation between semitic warriors, ‘assyrians->arabs->syrians’ and semitic go(l)d priests, ‘cananeans->Jewish->Israelis’, which turn back after the failed evolution of mankind into a single eusocial god was aborted by the globalisations of the semitic go(l)d, biblical capitalist concept of a hierarchical pyramid with semitic bankers on top, following go(l)d values and a mass of human dispossessed, submitted to the power of its selfish memes of metal. As the Jihad, semite warriors is far less important for the future of the planet that the semite go(l)d master, and it is widely covered by hate media, we shall therefore concentrate on the go(l)d master and the history of its biblical go(l)d religion, which is shaping with its anti-human values the no-future of the wor(l)d:


The selfish memes.

We can now conclude this analysis returning to the principles of biological science used to describe cultures at the beginning of this text. We said that organisms are structured in informative, neuronal cells and body, energetic ones, that they are controlled by Genes and that they, reproduce, evolve and expand in a biological way. The same process happens with the two types of superorganisms of history described in this web:

– Those whose memes=historic genes build superorganisms of metal, oranimetal civilizations, based in the memes of weapons, gold/money and machines…

–  And those based in the memes of historic, human superorganisms, the verbal language and its codes of democratic laws or love religions expressed in democratic constitutions, welfare states that preserve and enhance the life of humans, art and a way of life in which man is the measure of all things.

And the difference between those civilizations is clear: in societies based in metal-memes what evolves are the selfish memes, weapons, money and machines, not human beings. In such societies, like in biological organisms in which the individual is controlled and ultimately evolve the selfish genes (Dawkins), the human being is sacrificed to the perceived, higher good of the weapon, the money or the machine.

And since now all societies based in the memes of love have been corrupted and dominated by the memes of weapons, money and machines, we can fully grasp the consequential fact that history is dying, substituted by the economic ecosystem and the memes are taking over the humans who carried them.

And this of course, translates in the fact that all cultures of love, from religions of love to real democracies, based in legal wor(l)ds of equality are being substituted by the culture of greed and murder, gold and iron that carries the selfish memes of money and weapons.

Since once the bid for the evolution of the human kind into a global single organism based in the memes of love, in the sharing of energy and information among all humans, is gone, History as a science and those who tried to achieve it, become degraded to the next, lower level of comprehension of reality, that of tribal history in which this planet has reverted.

The paradigm of the fight between memes: American dual civilization 
In the graph the evolution of money and the people-culture that invented it, whose ‘experts’ have created a system of myths in favor of its use to control cultures, that have evolved from go(l)d religions into Classic Economics. A real science of Economics however must be based in the description of money as a language of information controlled by verbal laws, to guide the physical body of the economy for the benefit of ALL mankind. In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program.Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth. Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.
It is of course, one of the tenants of  a scientific approach to history thatracist religions, nationalisms and competence between humans is plainly against the natural law and yet tribal history dominates reality and it is in fact the basis of our economical and historical outlook and certainly it dominates the most important culture of the world, which invented capitalism and is dominant in insular cultures such as Japan (Amaterasu legend), and the old British Empire and the modern Jewish-American empire.
Let us briefly analyze this last case, as the Jewish-American empire is the culture that has been globalized and so its memes are today the memes that define the ideas of all other cultures by imitation. Indeed, a few hundred thousands of Jewish-Americans, Europeans and owners of corporations with their armies of millions of employees design the future of the world. And they do so unfortunately from the perspective of tribal history NOT of scientific history.
In that regard the Japanese insular culture and its myth of the chosen race – because it is closer to the birth of the Sun-God –  is not different from the myth of the ‘chosen’. They are all ego-driven opinions, made from a self-centered ‘Copernican’ subjective perspective.   Let us though compensate the myth with the ‘external objective vision’ of those who are outside our tribal history…

The Chinese, the next people to the East of Amaterasu called the japanese woku, ‘dwarf pirates’, because those who came to China were primitive, small people, and had as main occupation the murder, pillage and rape of Chinese coastal communities…   –

That is the kind of objective history about tribes and humans that comes from the ‘higher, more perfect memes’ of those who believe in the equality of all men and the need for social evolution: the more arrogant, racist ideologies which make people to feel more important, turn out to be in objective history, the most primitive aberrant real stories.
So then we come to the ‘founders of capitalism’ and dig in ‘Biblical Archeology’ and read the Tablets of Mari, the accounts of Egyptians and Sumerians about the ‘chosen people’. It turns out that they were not as the bible says the sons of ‘Gods’ who married women, but according to the Mari and Sumerian chronicles, they were donkey-breeders (translation of Habiru: ‘those who walk behind the asses) of the Bronze age. And it turns out that Moses was a former soldier of the Egyptian army by the Egyptian name of Mesh-u (same radical than Ra-mesh, son of Ra, known today as Ramses). And even if we were not there, objective science tell us that Meshu, the donkey breeder probably was just an ignorant cattler of the age of myths that saw a bush burning too long and thought it was God talking to him.
And what about the myth of the chosen? and the name of the God? Well, in all tribal histories all the people of the tribe are routinely called ‘Men’ or “god’. Almost all ancient tribal cultures translate in their language the name of their people as ‘human’ or ‘god’. All Japanese are in Shinto descendants of God, with exclusion obviously of the ‘Geinji’, the ‘impure’ foreigners.
So happens in Judaism, Adam means ‘man’, and all Jewish are descendants of God (since Adam was born of him), with exclusion of all foreigners called ‘Goy’ which means impure. As time passed, this tribal people called themselves Jewish or Yvwh, words which are essentially the same, (in Semitic languages you don’t write vowels so Yvwh and Jwsh and many  self-similar wordings are  synonymous) since before the word nation was invented nations were called ‘Gods’ in tribal history. So the Germans before Germany was invented called themselves Goths, which is the German name for God, but obviously they meant the ‘society of all the Germans. The Assyrians called themselves also with the name of their God=nation, Assur, also the name of the capital. And so the word Yvwh simply means Jewish people, and the Book of Yvwh, the bible is just the book of History of the Jewish tribe.
Perhaps another linguistic anecdote will suffice to realize to which extent humans are addicted to the memes of metal-power and repress all information about them. Most people call the Jewish also  the ‘chosen people’, which writes ‘Am Segullah’ in their original language. This seems to be just another case of tribal history, but the truth is far more revealing of the nature of capitalism. Since ‘Am’ means people and ‘Segullah’ means ‘treasure’. So the ‘Chosen people’ are in fact the ‘People of the Treasure’; since they invented the culture of capitalism, and the concept that the accumulation of money is the symbol of go(l)d likeness. And so they became a people-caste of traders, peddlers, arm and slave dealers and bankers, making of gold their fetish and of greed their leit-motiv and so they applied the values of go(l)d to mankind. And that choice of language of power, in a world dominated by other racist tribal ‘histories’ and ‘Gods’=Peoples, who choose the seemingly more obvious language of weapons to oppress other humans is what indeed made them different. Since go(l)d, an informative metal, a meme able to be the support of digital languages of information turned out to be far more powerful as a ‘carrot’ to guide human donkeys than the weapon which kills them.  This is what the leading rabbi of Israel expressed recently: ‘gentiles are like donkeys, the must be kept alive so they are not a loss for the ‘effendi’=Jewish masters for whom they work’.

This is indeed the civilization we live in, one who gives mankind ‘carrots’ to make us labor for the memes of metal, today the machines we evolve. A civilization in which the carriers of the memes of go(l)d that hypnotizes and degrades the mind with greed have finally after many turns and downturns come on top and today rules supreme in a very hierarchical system, ruled by corporations, gathered in World-stock, the government of the Earth. But of course, this is denied, and we talk of ‘free markets’, we can’t explain the cultural origin of our economic system, since it is a ‘science’ (meaning it is the only truth possible) and we can’t explain who controls the market (this is called hate crimes and carries prison for antisemitism).

Why all this matters is clear now that we understand the duality of the laws of love vs. hate or perception of equality vs. perception of differences: the only possible choice for a better future for mankind is obviously the promotion of memes of equality and love. But because memes reproduce from generation and become imprinted not rationally but emotionally at earlier age by inquisitions of thought, tribal history has never evolved. And the consequences are obvious: mankind is not evolving into a social organism but has halted its evolution, hijacked by the wrong memes.
This struggle between tribal history and  evolved ideologies is obvious in America, which has always fougth between the ideals of equality of its Constitution and the myths of tribal history of the bible/Talmud of its rulingcastes.
In that regard tribal history/religions cannot be dismissed as most scholars used to do no longer ago thinking they are  irrelevant to history. On the contrary, they influence history enormously.
Each culture has those myths of subjective superiority and so there are many accounts of tribal history, none of them worth to mention, if it were not by the fact that those myths are active part of history and in fact motivate people to act in history far more than the complex books of scientific history, most of them censored or ignored  because they are objective and they don’t make us happy.
Indeed, the Bible might be nothing but a book of History of the bronze age, but it has survived as a meme, the genetic carriers that create the super-organisms of history called cultures; it has multiplied and reproduced as a memorial pattern in the minds of generations of Jewish people in the same way DNA genes reproduce in the cells of our sons, and it has created a super-organism of history called the Jewish people. Moreover it has colonized minds of billions of people (Protestants that give more value to the old testament than the gospel that reformed it with the right memes of social love), extended the kingdom of Yvwh to a billion strong minds, which act as a single organism (Torys, GOP, right wing European northern parties, etc.)

The wrong and right  memes for the future of mankind.

But does it matter for our survival that we believe a burning bush created the Universe (the habiru myth)  and chose the Am Segullah, the culture of those who discovered go(l)d and hypnotized mankind with it, as the leaders of our memetic civilization? Are those memes of any importance, more so than the logo of coke or the Eiffel tower is for the French – nothing more than a symbol without consequences? Of course, it matters, because there is indeed a real science of economics, the biological science of evolution of machines, money and weapons described in this web.

And only if humans learn science not myths, they will be able to control and take advantage of the memes of metal for their own good. the proposal of the people of the treasure, is quite a different one: to control an enslaved mankind with the carrot of go(l0d and the stick of iron weapons, which leads to the degradation of life and the evolution of the weapons and money needed to control it.

And so the result is the creation not of the superorganism of ‘history’ but another super-organism, one of corporations that reproduce machines and divide humans into a smallish minority of People of the Treasure, and alliedcastes in other nations and an absolute majority, essentially ‘Mankind’ that toils to evolve machines and consume them, so the People  of the Treasure can sell them and accumulate the gift of Go(l)d. In that regard, all cultures on planet Earth can be divided in two types of memetic cultures:

– Those who think in tune with the laws of social evolution that create the Universe and its complex social systems, from atoms to galaxies, to human societies in harmony: ’love each other’ in mystique terms, share energy and information as cells do in a body, through your economic=energetic=blood system and informative=nervous=legal one, in scientific ones. Such cultures that can be traced to the first fertility cults, and evolved with self-similar memes through religions of social love (Christianity, Buddhism) and finally became cultures of Socialism, ecologism and welfare states in a sustainable planet are the cultures that would ensure the survival of mankind.

– And those who think in tribal terms and hence break the fundamental law of survival of the species – help the members of your own species to control your environment. Since for them we are not the same people. Since some are ‘more equal than others’, because they have control of ‘powerful memes’, weapons of iron, the strongest, energetic metal of the Universe that cuts our flesh; go(l)d, the most complex, informative atom that hypnotizes our watery mind; or technological machines, also of metal, organic systems that imitate and substitute our organs as better brains=chips or better arms=cranes, etc. This people and memes and cultures of which the habiru culture, who invented trade is its paradigm along the germanic culture which discovered iron swords and named itself the tribe of the goths, mixed in the British islands, whose mind is colonized by the habiru memes and his body belongs to the germanic world, and so it mixes the memes of the mind of gold and the body of iron of today’s most advanced robotic machines…

You can see where we are leading: this now global capitalist culture is based NOT in the laws of social love, of democracies, of equal rights, but care little for the other humans. And this is expressed through their fundamental institution – the corporation, which is also a superorganism that re=produces machines of metal, weapons or money, hardly reproduces life (+70% of stock value is in companies that cater to machines). So what this culture thinks – the myths of their tribes, according to which they have a manifest destiny to lead the humankind with money, weapons and machines – and what they are really constructing – a superorganism of machines, called the economic ecosystem in which humans have no rights because they must sacrifice themselves to the ‘higher goal’ of technological progress, developing precisely those 3 types ofanimetal memes that give power to their master tribes – is completely different.

Of course if you believe those myths you will certainly think that the apiru are chosen, that the Germans are the superior race or that the British have founded the truth that ‘trade (in weapons and machines) is civilization’.  But if you are  a member of the despicable races of inferior Negros, Latinos and Muslims, submitted to the harsh treatment of the ham damnation or the modern myths of being ‘terrorists’ or  ’illegal aliens’; if you are a worker without rights, a part-time slave that can be fired and substituted by a robot, because of the myths of that culture, now global, you will not feel those ideals quite right. On the contrary, it seems that we face the dumbest of all possible cultures. One which enslaves for the evolution of other species, the machine of metal, the weapon, the language of metal-information called money, which is both substituting us, killing our comprehension of the laws of the Universe and in the short term in historic time, probably extinguishing us (since the evolution of machines has taken only 300 years to the robot, while humans have taken millions to get here, you must not be a genius to understand according to Darwin’s struggle among species that we are in what biologists call a ‘radiation of a top predator species’, which is annihilating life:

First horses died to the iron horse and 90% were slaughtered. Then Negros, energy of the chosen became obsolete to the picker, and now the middle classis becoming displaced by PC white collars and blue collar robots… And we have never had a break… a paradise since the people of the animetal memes came and enslaved us. This techno-Utopian paradise has always been far away for most of mankind except the leading tribe which in each cycle of the evolution of machines explained in this web, has been on top: the British with steam machines, the Germans with electro-chemical motors, the Americans with electronic gadgets and always on those cultures over them, the habiru with their monopoly in the invention of go(l)d the language that has substituted the wor(l)ds of love in the direction of history.

So indeed the memes we believe matter to our survival, because the memes ofcapitalism, Go(l)d and the bible, which go together as Marx, Webber and Sombart masterfully explained in their censored books, are ‘cheating us’. They tell us we are the superior species but enslave mankind to the reproduction of machines, forbid our own reproduction (sexual sins), deny our language (words of social love) substituted by the language of machines, mathematics, the only carrier of truth today, and finally even as we speak deny us energy. Famine is rising because for example, America uses now half of its crop of corn to make ethanol and feed machines.

In other words the myths of the biblical culture,  its memes are totally meaningless in themselves but form together a repressive system of life, who fosters work, which is the reproduction of machines, hate among human species that fosters war, which is the consumption of weapons and so they form an ‘iron cage’ that traps mankind as an inferior species to the memes themselves, which is what we are evolving. In that regard, the book of Mr. Dawkins, the selfish gene, which explains that the existence of life is just a vehicle to the evolution of genes, applies also to the superorganism of economics, of machines, the memes that we are evolving.

Selfish memes become transferred to machines.

But today capitalism is global. So maybe are we antisemites after all, by excessively putting the emphasis on that culture and its original memes? No, we are not. The history of how the memes, mores, dogmas and social castes of capitalism were created are treated elsewhere in this web, but the point we are making is still relevant, because ‘all has changed to remain the same’. All has become as it happens in any informative system more complex. So now the exploitation of aristocrats and money-lenders is not so obvious, because there is a ‘placebo’ structure called ‘democracies’ which give minimal rights to people and maintain the donkeys with some carrots at low cost; so we think we are free and banksters and caudillos do not control us. And yet, when we consider we pay enormous taxes on hard-work earnings while banksters merely press the printing machine to make money (‘we have an awesome technology, the printing machine that allow us to make dollars essentially at no cost’ B.Bernake) and it turns out that Mr. Obama, the ‘democratic president of the people’ last year spent ALL the budget (without deficit – that is all thetaxes) of America in the military and the banksters bailout… the answer is our democracy is more tyrannical than the Middle Ages kingdoms ruled by aristocratic armies and money-lenders, since now we ALL pay. At the time, most people escaped into the agrarian economy and self-sustained communities.

And what about the Bible? Certainly the Japanese do not believe on that meme and behave the same. But of course, the Bible, as we said is not relevant ‘literally’ but as a vehicle that:

A) Represses the natural drives of existence of the human kind, our need for natural food (tasteful foods, seafood and pork are forbidden), for social love (humanity is evil, it ‘kill us’), for sex=reproduction (taboo) and right information (in words not in numbers that we do not understand). the fulfilling of those 4 drives or dimensions of existence or arrows of time, different names we use in complexity to define them is in fact the essence of existence as human beings, and so their repression make us slaves of the arrows of time of machines. We work instead of reproducing children in corporations that are company-mothers of machines. We hear mathematical truths from polls to digital images in information manipulated to cater to the message we love technology and war and so on.

In other words, the Bible could have been written in thousand of different manner, and probably it is written in infinite fractal planets in which man exist in different texts, but all of them, certainly should help the evolution of money=slavery, war=weapons and technology=machines by repressing the evolution of humans, our reproduction and our need for others through social love.  And so those messages that were carried by the Bible are now carried by the new bible put in the altar of our homes, the Television, whose memes are made in eviLwood by the same people who denied the arrows of Live for its anti-values of eviL, that what kills life.

All has changed but the essence of the selfish memes of metal and its attached repressive ideologies of life embedded in those racist, anti-humanist religions, cultures and behaviors have stayed.

And as such, once greed is translated into mathematical equations of economics, founded by calvinist and jewish believers and into fascist, violent films that repress sex, multiply weapons and use technology to hypnotize humans, no longer with gold but with the same greed and violent and visual values, it has been possible to globalize the culture of capitalism and colonize Chinese, Indians, Japanese and Eskimos that would have found a bit harsh to believe the myth of the bush, as the seemingly less verbally-enhanced white man race did.

The organic class structure. The American paradigm.

We said that the 3rd tenant of a scientific analysis of human super-organisms is the division of mankind in a class structure as all organisms of the Universe, according to which a reduced number of cells – most often around 10% – control with their absolute monopoly in the production of information, around 90% of energy ‘blind’ cells that obey them. Consider the structure of a human being. The neuron cells that form your consciousness are the only ones that see the external world. All outlets to that external Universe are in your head and go directly to the neurons. The body cells are enclosed, blind and obeying the messages of the nervous system, toiling for it. So happens in societies, in which a people-caste, profession or social group tends to control with the 3 languages of power of human societies, the verbal or religious law, informative money and weapons, the rest of the cells, or energy class.

So societies have always had an information caste and an energy caste. And while this is unavoidable, the construction of a healthy organism requires an information caste that ‘cares’ for its energy cells. This is for example, the case of China, a functioning organism, where the nervous system of members of the party cares for the rest of the Chinese people. So while they have the privileges of an informative caste proper of all organisms, they work for the people and China grows.  What happens though in the West once you understand that the political/democratic system is just a false mask of people’s power and society is ruled by corporations and money or weapons is a different situation: you are living in dysfunctional ‘crazy’ organisms, in which the informative castes harms systematically the body cells causing periodic wars, and self-destruction.

This dysfunctional structure can be traced to the first Semite empires in the middle east and continues through all the history of the west in which money-lenders and iron warriors, mainly Jewish and Germanic people have controlled and exploited from cities and castles a mass of peasants that toiled for them. Attempts to reform such society to create a just superorganism of history have always failed. The church tried to become an alternative informative ruling caste but was tumbled down by gunpowder aristocrats. Social democracies tried to distribute wealth and provide with minimal energy to the working classes but global corporations ended with them and bought their politicos, who today from Blair to Zapatero to Obama are just pretending to care for the people while working for the elite of military and bankster castes.  It is within that dual structure where we can inscribe the memes of judaism and how they have evolved to maintain the same dysfunctional class structure.

As Abraham Leon, a no longer Jewish but socialist in his memes, killed by Hitler explains, in the bronze age, the Jewish already became a people-caste allied to the warrior castes, living in cities and collecting taxes from peasants. This is confirmed in the Talmud which states flatly that ‘farming is the lowest job on Earth’. The same structure continues through the Middle Ages, where peasants are taxed, obliged to pay on gold which they obtain from Jewish banksters at 86% of annual usury rate and when unable to pay, converted on slaves or selling their sons for the eunuch trade. Thus a double structure of a parasitic warrior/bankster elite that uses the memes of metal, killing iron and hypnotic gold to herd a mass of peasants, becomes the essential structure of western societies before the industrial r=evolution of organic metal, machines. This structure has been maintained in the world colonized by the west albeit growing in sophistication, complexity and disguised with all kind of placebo fictions to avoid r=evolutions. And the key to the structure is obviously the maintenance by the warrior and bankster elite of the monopoly in the possession and use of money and weapons to herd the peasants and industrial workers into submission. It has also been improved by allowing in certain countries the access of all kind of people to the elite groups and castes by merit. So while the injustice of the system remained, the individual could always feel in working democracies that he could progress from the energy caste to the informative castes. But this of course is a deceiving myth, since those upgraded have always been a minority. The ownership of stock is still in the hands of founding dynasties and banksters in 90% of its value.

Take the case of America. The first thing the neutral observer notices is that as in the Middle Age burgs of Europe inhabited by warriors and Jewish traders while the population lived in the fields, the informative castes are essentially Jewish=Calvinist, the brotherhood of biblical and go(l)d memes, both by inheritnace and by mental evolution after 5000 years of specialization in city trades. So the people-caste controls around 70% of media information and wall street firms and CFOs that produce financial information, while being only 2 perfcent of the people of America. You can add then an 8% of mainly Calvinist and other individuals (who have to show like Mr. Obama a complete subservience to the goals of the people caste to make it) to get that 10% of managerial ruling castes. The rest of the people, like the cells of the body are blind to the real external world, its workings and meaning, controlled in its verbal memes by a book that tells them their informative caste is the ‘chosen people’ of God; by a mass-media system that portrays their elite as victims of history and a corrupted military-industrial complex all too eager to find illusory enemies of America to keep the profits of their industries going.

And of course, the power of that elite is multiplied by the hundreds of millions who work for them in corporations as part-time slaves. this structure is thus as solid, unjust, and powerful as the structure of Middle Ages kings with armies of soldiers opressing the peasants, only that now is global and instead of armies of soliders it has armies of workers. And so the brain of America is Jewish, the senses and head cellss are Calvinist or capitalist believers in the technological machines of the tree of science, the reproductive body of worker cells mainly robotic and pc machines and white people and the bottom energy limbs that do the more energetic tasks blacks, machines and legal Latinos; while the stopmped grass is Nature, illegal Latinos, and foreign enemies of the head’s other nation, Islam.

And yet because the body/limb cells cannot grasp reality as they have no information about ut, only myths created for them to love the elite, the structure is as solid as any body is: even if the neurons are crazy and self-suicidal, the body will obey them and throw itself to the cliff.  Military dictatorships were the brain is not occupied by go(l0d masters but iron masters prove it ad nauseam: the people oppressed by the military love their dictators because they know nothing about them.

And so what the placebo rights of democracies, the growing sophistication of mental indoctrination by big brother smiley and the circuses of tv have done is to make that wrong structure of human societies even more difficult to tumble. In the Middle Ages everybody knew who the soldiers of the king and the tax collectors were. Now it is all more difficult to grasp.

The problem of this structure as opposed to the example of China in which the elite cares because it considers itself from the same race/culture than the rest of the body is obvious: the brain of the west is cuckoo – it hates the body, Humanity, which is considered either an impure, inferior ‘animal species’ (Talmud), since it is indeed deprived of information as body cells are. Or today when the Talmud myths are substituted by the Holocaust myths, it considers the 5 million Jewish victims of Hitler more victims’ than the rest of mankind’s victims and instills the idea in all Jewish that mankind hates them because they are superior, righteous, honest and mankind is vile, stupid, violent an must be feared. So the elite has decided to control the body with money and mercenary armies, without even acknowledging it is controlling it for fear of prosecution, while caring nothing for the donkey species (mankind) with whom it only relates through interposed machines (audiovisual media) to instill further hate (witness the job of Murdoch, who denies the fact that his mother is indeed Jewish and keep pumping hate globally).Murdoch is the paradigm of this new tough reality of Jewish banksters that invent money for Jewish corporations that keep pumping up its agenda of global control and now face a dilemma: because machines are becoming white collar PC-workers and blue collar-robot workers of factories with minimal costs and only the iron salaries of IT Indians and Chinese shop factories can compete with them, the West has a surplus of around 1 billion people which never will find jobs. What to do with them? Ideally a red button should exist to exterminate them, but there is no red button and those people-like-animals resist, want to live.

The solution, which we already foresaw a decade ago is in the making and self-similar to the one implemented in Europe after the 29 crash, to lie, absorb all the possible wealth of America nad move with the best American corporations to Australia while investing in Asian IT/sweat shop factories, making the jump when things got clearly screw up in America, leaving the navie, Jewish poor as scapegoat of the anger of the American people. This is in essence what the elite of German-Jewish moguls of German corporations did when in 1917 seeing the war lost, took of the gold of Germany abandoned their own energetic Jewish castes of lesser bankers, shop owners and liberal professions to their fate, and move to the more profitable American future. This is indeed what triggers the Holocaust cycle: when the informative elite of the informative elite, the dynasties of stock onwers and banksters abandon their lower castes of poor polish peasants they seal their fate. So the fate of the actually non-Jewish (in as much as they dont have the memes of the talmud and gold, liberal americans will be sseiled by the conservative, orthodox banksters and corporative moguls that will leave them to their destiny in a ruined nation, when the Chinese yuan becomes convertible and full inverstments in chinse corporations are possible for the american banksters.

What nobody even argues is the only proper solution: to forbid further evolution of robotics to keep human jobs and to distribute wealth to avoid r=evolutions, because ultimately the final slavery of man to metal, to go(l)d greed, iron murder and technological atrophy, as we become substituted by physical an mental machines, has never been challenged even argued. And so the ruin of America seems today unavoidable.

Of course you might think that the lower energy castes of pedlers and bank tellers, doctors and real state managers of Judaism would know and limit the greed of their banksters to avoid a new Holocaust cycle, but they dont know and they are the first people to be programmed emotionally not to know the real history of the west. So they will defend their banksters tillt he last minute, when mr. Bloomberg moves his platofrm to Sidney and takes the ‘last plane’as his ancestors did when they moved from germany with the go(l)d of the deustche bank.

But this of course is good for the machine which will keep evolving, new terminators will be built, security cameras put all over wealthy suburbia, and the panoply of weapons Americans use against mankind will be used against Americans. Because the bottom line of the superorganism of machines we build is that it always comes on top as long as humans do not argue the nature of machines and metal, of money and weapons and their effects and capacity to program subcosnciously the hyman mind.

Indeed, the conclusion is obvious: the biblical/go(l)d memes of capitalism today converted in mathematical laws of economics, translated into equations of productivity that treat humans as ‘numbers’ and ‘costs’ that can be eliminated without further ado have a real function beyond the laughable fantasies of those myths: to construct a world of metal, in which humans will be sacrificed as the Phoenician traders sacrificed their children to Baal and Mot, the god of death. What those absurd memes do is to deactivate the natural love of individuals for the members of their own species, the natural desire of man to complete his biological drives of existence, feeding on natural energy (repression of food), natural information (spoken with words, our biological language that expresses the mandate of love) and natural reproduction (as sex becomes eviL when it is the essence of Live).

And so indeed, regardless of pretentious scholars doing a cleaning up of those myths now presented as mores, customs to be respected, the memes we choose matter much more than we think for this life, even if they won’t get us into another life – trust me neither the bush, nor the golden calf or even the semantic term used to design the tribe of the habiru, Mr. Yvwh, is going to give you a single minute more than your biological clock, but they might ‘kill your children till the 4th generation’ if their unrelentless evolution of the ‘selfish memes’ keeps happening – if we don’t make man, all of them, as the measure of all things.

Let us then be sincere. We live today in a global culture, called capitalism, whose original memes are money and the bible, and those memes control still the key nations and people of the world, America, the old nations of the British Empire and the 500 Fortune corporations that rule the world. This is no longer ‘politically correct or economically correct’ to say, because the memes of capitalism are today much more complex as the super-organism it has built har become richer in information. So in the same way in biology the relationship between the genes and the ‘expression’ of those genes in the super-organism and actions of the individual are hidden, today few people could understand, even among serious, objective historians, the connection between biblical memes, go(l)d memes (the name we use in this book for money) and the actions of everyday people.

Consider for example, the case of America, where those memes are more extended. Most people think outside America that the South is full of  racist people, but hardly anyone knows that racism is based in the two mentioned memes – the slave trade, which exchanged human beings for go(l)d and the Biblical meme called the Ham Myth who flatly stated that Negros and Arabs are animals, inferior to humans, because they were enemies of the Habiru at the time that episode of the bible was written (Egypt and Nubia formed then a single nation) . Most people think in that regard that capitalism, is a science called economics, not a culture founded in those 2 memes, which has evolved and transfered the values of go(l)d and the racial bias of the bible to the structure of markets, corporations and economical social castes. Indeed, why corporations must be owned by stock-holders who don’t work, obtain all profits, control as part-time slave workers and fire them, substituted by machines, without any remorse? The answer of course, is in the history of corporations, founded by one Cohen, a Jewish or perhaps Calvinist converso (Cohen is the name of the high priests of Israel) who had two memes, go(l)d and the Bible and considered natural to treat workers as slaves, a trend that ended creating part-time slaves, workers without rights, owned by corporations.

But since II world war and with the excuse of Hitler’s crimes the History of Capitalism is an absolute taboo.

In that sense, the inquisition of thought about the true nature of money, weapons, machines and the cultures that carried those memes is neeeded or else nobody would believe in a system so unjust and with no future, as the one we have created in this planet no longer of flesh. So an entire scaffolding of myths, inquisitions of thought, racist ideals embedded in sacred books (the vedas, the talmud or bible, Calvin’s or Adam Smith’s books) have been imposed against reason, to control the people of those animetal tribes to such extent that they can’t even recognize the harm that weapons cause to humans and gold to those who carry the selfish metal-memes, we humans evolve.

What this means of course, is that blogs like this one who preach the right memes of history are repressed, because if there is something a group of informative power knows is how to censor the natural truth that can defeat the myths of racist history. And this needs to know a bit better how organisms manage their ‘internal information’.


Information is censored in biological organisms.

If cultures are super-organisms, information has in any culture a submissive function to power. And so in the same manner information is censored by the brain, whcih gives to its individual cells a very limited access to the ‘external world’ but just orders according to their genetic program, in the superorganisms of history, the informative castes (the equivalent to the neurons that rule completely the energetic cells of the body), that dominate the languages and memes of power of history (weapons, laws and money), do not give to the cells of their cultural bodies (the energetic castes or people who work for them), much information about history.

And so history as a science is truly an oxymoron, because history as a science will be always censored by the informative neurons that control our civilization.

Indeed, i get all kind of criticisms about this web and other self-similar works. That there are errors of English language, poor production, not enough marketing, self-styled writing, lack of ‘quotes’, and all those kind of superficial misdemeanors that a minimal budget to pay a couple of English native-speaking young idealist secretaries with a salary would solve. But for 25 years since my University time I have often asked for grants to all kind of institutions to develop this so-important science of history to not avail. And so as those predecessors I had to work in the most absurd tasks, waste my time and resources and the result of course is similar to the work of Marx or Spengler, full of passion, insights, deep laws of history and economics and data stored in my neurons but not the ‘scholar outlook’ that the industry of information and the resources provided by the think-tanks of corporations provide.

That is the routine: ‘censorship, damned lies and statistics’. So instead the moguls of greed can meet at Davos and talk ‘thin air’, Orwellian expression for the words of politicos. With time in fact censorship becomes a ‘custom’ justified with ‘thin air’ concepts such as political correctness, antisemitism, evil socialism and of course, money and jobs paid by corporations that ‘manufacture consent’.  Everybody at the end knows we live in a ‘pool of merde’ as Apollinaire would put it and we are just happy trying to preserve a private life as human beings. So we the scientists of history, the most important of all sciences, since it deals with the future of mankind, have all ended up in retirement watching from a certain distance the unbelievable stupidity of those who are guided by iron and gold, by murder and greed. Or as another philosopher of history from my country put it watching the demise of his civilization ’when a culture is so corrupted that defies any attempt to reform, the philosophers must retire and wait for extinction’ Lucius Seneca

And yet there is more knowledge about the meaning of History and economics in the work of those pioneers than in all the milliions of books, documents and data printed by the entire community of ‘economists’ and historians of the XX century. If you were to read only ‘Erehwon’ by Butler, ‘Sas Kapital’ by Marx, ‘History of capitalism’ by Sombart, ‘ The Jewish question’ by Abraham Leon, ‘A scienzia nuova’ by Vico, ‘The decadence of the West’ by Spengler and ‘Go(l)d and Evil: economic crises’ by Sancho you would understand more about the wrld you live in that if you dedicate 60 years of your life to read all what biblical economists have written to make you think you live in a perfect world ruled by idealistic scientists, who try to create an economic ecosystemfor the benefit of the people, the ‘consumers’. Nothing further from the truth of a system built to cater to a few dynasties of stock-holders that never worked but parasite 7 billion human beings.

You can easily google all the data of this web and find it is right, salvo minor errors of memory. You can read my ‘bad Latin’, as any scholar of the XVII century wrote in bad Latin and nobody stopped reading Descartes because his latin was bad. What matters is not so much the defects of this web but your capacity to love and seek truth and ‘feeling’ it when you read it. but for that of course, you cannot be a programmed brain, with the memes of the wrong culture.

Why then to write a model of scientific History if it will be censored by the memes of tribal history? Because the future of mankind depends on our capacity to evolve as a super-organism away from the tribal memes of capitalism and create the future of mankind with the true laws of efficient survival social organisms, forming a proper, functioning, efficient global organism no longer based in tribal history but in the proper science of history.

The absurdity of an impossible science… My personal experience.

What i will tell now might surprise the reader. My first attempt to create this science of history back in the 90s, during my life in NY and master studies at Columbia was precisely directed to avoid the next cycle of 800-80 years war, the ‘robotic wars’ that should come as production switched in the 2010s from pcs to terminators, within the corrected Kondratieff cycle of evolution of machines I had discovered, to avoid both, a III world war and a possibleHolocaust of my friends in Ny – then all belonging to the Am Segullah world. What I had found was that in each of those 800-80 cycles the excesssive reproduction of weapons and money brought invariably wars and holocausts and so the ‘selfish memes’ not mankind were the ultimate cause of those processes. Indeed, as Animetals keep re=producing the weapons and go(l)d obtained with their trade, till those weapons are used. And during those wars in which massive number of innocent human beings are killed, warriors also killed the go(l)d traders. So I have also spotted and studied in detail 13Holocaust cycles of exploitation of people with go(l)d, higher profits with weapons and final Holocaust of mankind and the Jewish people, and this discovery clearly forecast albeit with less mathematical precision by Vico, Marx and Spengler IS the cyclical pattern required to talk of a science of history, in which objectively with total indifference for the ‘human species’, our behavior as a super-organism, our memes, our existence is framed.

This i know since i discovered the cycle at Columbia University during my masters, 20 years ago. But since I was part of the organism of history and death is a subjective process I did try to reform the system by appealing with data to those who rule it, which precisely live and study in New York and Columbia University. It is then when the scientific historian faces a very ugly truth: the cycle exists precisely because the people who enact the cycle, the common human herd, the warriors and traders and their weapons and go(l)d, do not change, do not accept to become bio-historians, and guide the organism of history towards a paradise, as an efficient informative caste able to sacrifice themselves for the whole historic organism.

Let us be clear. I am not a scholar but a r=evolutionary who has failed to create a r=evolution. I haul from a political sephardim family from Barcelona, Spain. My great-grand father, one of the founders of the National party of catalonia, also a doctor and a major of the city, set the first laws of this organic model of History, established the first Health-care system of Europe, presided the world organization of doctors and was loved by his people, who commissioned a statue which still stands in a major square in the town, made by Gaudi, the organic architect. His work and that of his generation infuses present Catalonia, one of the few evolved places on Earth, where around 20% of people have Jewish genes but none has Jewish memes. And this differences us from Judaism. Indeed, given the fact that despite the myths of Judaism, around 50% of Jewish people in this country converted to the advanced memes of christianity and love, generally speaking Catalans are part of the most evolved informative mind of history, given the fact that in complexity information evolves much faster than energy systems and so the mind, its connections, neural networks and general IQ of the Jewish race is indeed higher than the rest of the white man – conceded – but we have evolved our memes. We do not share the most primitive memes of mankind, those of earlier tribal history. And that difference has as a result a very obvious difference between this multi-racial city and culture of 8 million people and the Israeli culture, also Mediterranean, also multi-racial but brutal with the ‘non-chosen’.  So indeed, I always thought a science of History was possible, a conversion of the leading people-caste of the west to a milder ideology, could happen as it happened with Christianity, in Catalonia, in the XIX century with the socialist movement and in California, if briefly during the hippie r=evolution. But with time and insight, after meeting during my years at Columbia, in which I was engaged with that small elite of ‘owners of America’, and almost married and converted to one of the 100 richest families in the world, I came to understand such conversion will not happen. In the same manner the military will never stop using weapons because they hurt people, Wall Street and the culture of economics and corporations the memes of Judaism have built will not be undone.

Why? It required for me to go into many other sciences, specifically brain-sciences to fully grasp, as we describe in our post about races and racism the fact that the brain is more like a computer. It is imprinted at youth at the emotional Hyppocampus level and once those emotional, cultural, religious inquisitions are established, the believer jumps emotionally before you can cross to the rational zone. But then, when you abandon your idea of changing the leadership of mankind, it become self-evident that the mass, the sheeple, the donkeys, the human being of the energy class trust its masters, needs to trust them and has learned to fear rebellion. And so once, the elite knows you have not accepted the ’3 temptations’ of power, money, science and war, which all potential saviors of mankind are presented with, you will be censored. And the people will betray you as it will see you powerless. This is the story of all saviors of mankind who have not been corrupted. And indeed, this does not include people like the present Mandela, who made a deal with the Jewish Stock holders of Anglo-American etc. to maintain their fortunes in South-Africa. It does not include people like Obama, probably always a poser pretending to defend the common people, but a long series of true humanist r=evolutionaries from Mr. Christ to Mr. Marx to Mr. Luther, all of them ignored or killed by the eternal alliance of the memes of war and greed, weapons and go(l)d. Thus, indeed the science of History can be predicted and the science of economics can be predicted. But you cannot teach them, influence society with them or even publish them.

And this difference with other sciences in which the human being is not part of the system and so it can manipulate it externally is the key to our failure not as historians but as r=evolutionaries.

Of course, a miracle can always happen. For example, if I had been born in the US and so I could have been president of that country, I  could have camouflaged my ideals and tried to become in the future the first Latino President, and do what Mr. Obama was elected for by black and Latinos to do: to return America to the ideals of the founding fathers, of equality by birth of all people of all cultures and social love and maybe change America and the world for good. So such miracles might happen in the future, but the chances that a ‘Mule’, term coined by Asimov to define what was needed to control an empire, appear in the nearby future and save mankind are almost null.

Because indeed, if you are born within the body of America you will know nothing and live and die clueless, mastered by your breeders. And if you are born in the elite of America you will have imprinted the memes of the Bible and Go(l)d and your mother-board will have knee-jerk reactions to any attempt to change it.

In that regard, the proposal of the ‘neuronal caste’ of the American society, once the Holocaust ended was not the rational proposal of changing the ways of capitalism, accept the introduction of an international SDR currency explained by Keynes and integrate themselves fully within the mixture of cultures and races of America to lead mankind into a new dawn of the spirit, but more of the same routine, established since the earlier times of this culture, and resumed in Mr. Jesus comment ‘Luke 6:41 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?’

This concept which can be see through the entire ‘righteous’ constant admonitions of Jewish intellectuals on the human condition, their suffering as victims and the blame of all humans, of course encroaches the blindness of the animetal castes, warriors, gold believers and technocrats to the destructive effects of the ‘bad fruits of the tree of science’, of their memes of power and justifies the brutality that the system reserves for the body of human cells, which are not part of ‘our organism’ but ’impure’, full of sawdust.

And so the only difference between the XIX century massive censorship of the effects of the I industrial r=evolution of ‘bodies of metal’ in the human work force in England, a biblical society, that saw nothing but profits; and the degradation of the entire human psyche by the violent, audiovisual neo-paleolithic of the post-war age is provided by the evolution fo machines. In the XIX century bodies of metal degraded our bodies and in the XX century minds of metal erased our brains of ethical and verbal concerns.

The elites didn’t care to analyze the process since profits soared again during the electronic cycle, on the sale of those machines. And the people who suffered were no worthy. All what was needed was to hide and censor history – first in film and Tv programs, then with penal laws against criticism to Jewish history, today even in Universities which have erased from their text books entire sections of history only known to specialists. The idea behind it is part of the ‘mad psyche’ of our ruling castes separated from their body which they don’t recognize as part of the same civilization: if you erase information ‘things haven’t happened’. And so no real attempt to reform the system has ever happened, only the creation with the new audiovisual technologies of a ‘Matrix’ of damned lies and statistics, fictions and comedies that occupy the time of people. This worked fine as long as people were still needed in the work and war place. The problem now is that billions of humans are no longer needed in the III r=evolution that fusions bodies and brains of machines into robot. And while ‘you can cheat all the people some time’ as Lincoln put it, as long as you feed ‘the donkey’, what the West elites confront now is the obsolescence of those billions of humans who cannot be cheated without a minimal cost the ‘brain’ of America does not want to spend on them. Thus the future of the American people seem to move towards an imitation of Israel, with an elite of biblical people and associated ‘technologically’ needed workers, a dwindling middle class and a mass of sub-human ‘Palestines’. The bid now of course is more risky because those American Palestines are armed. But the elite has always had a final card in his sleeve: to escape with its go(l)d and corporations to the new ‘growth region’. So if they escaped from Germany in 1917 (Warburg Syndicate), now it is obvious even if you have not known that elite, that the American corporation will move to Australia and invest in Asia.

What is broken is any chance of dialog. The age of “Erasmus’ that writers like myself or Chomsky, an old penpal more cautious and hence with more exposure, represent, is gone. The Age of Luther has come. Indeed, after the 29 crisis bis is done, the banksters have cleaned up the house, Mr. Murdoch has established the rules of dialog at a violent level without precedents since the 30s, and entire civilizations – Islam and increasingly China and the American people – realize the people on top doesn’t dialog or care – the stakes turn violent. As a Tea Party member – the future Nazi party of America, which will change from repelling the British colonists to repeal the ‘Israeli’ colonists – put it: ‘the shooters wins’.  What i proposed in my active years within this community, during my studies at Columbia, the intellectual center of modern Judaism – the promotion of reform judaism, the prevention of the robotic age, generosity with the printing machine that e-money was becoming, the focus on sustainability, the reconciliation with history and the human kind – now is not even possible to talk about. Absurdly the very same elites of judaism joined forces with the militaristic GOP and crashed the 70s r=evolution, paid hundreds of thousands in Israel to live for free studying the racist Talmud and made of military growth the backbone of the new country industries. Instead of integrating the Palestines and creating a hub of modernity and social experimentation that would have made of Israel what Singapore, ran by ‘ mental, informative Chinese’ is to South-Asia: the engine of growth, the choice has been bigotry and isolation based in the racist memes of Talmud that oblige you not to touch a gentile. Again the comparison is obvious.

If we did a comparison with the Catalans, highly intelligent people, inloved with money, carrying the memes of Judaism that made Catalonia the capital of the meditarranean economy during part of the Middle Ages, but still humanist and artistic, not military-inclined, now we can do a self-similar comparison with Singapore, a country in which I was hosted by a prominent Hindi family. There was indeed a Chinese elite in power, who despised the malayans, the lower, colored castes and had won the battle of power to the Hindis – whose last president of the parliament was hosting me. And the Hindis were worried that the Chinese would create a racial dictatorship to which they were clearly inclined. But the chinese are more intelligent socially, and so without abandoning his situation of power they realized north and south they were surrounded by 230 million muslim malayans and so they went the way Malaysia, also with a strong, wealthy chinese minority, went, rising the Malayans, educating them, and keeping them in a second layer of middle-class wealth to prevent the limit situation to which Judaism is taking the American world – not so much Europe where they still share power with the local elites and fear the repetition of the 40s, since here, we know history, we are all inloved with history and many, many know that Hitler sent to everybody in Christmas a warning: ‘If the international banker ruins Germany it won’t be the end of this country but the end of the European Jewry’. This of course is also censored. Censorship, isolation from the rest of the body ‘as if it not were there’, brings a madness: you keep hurting your body but you have cut your contact with it, as certain drugs do with the body/brain relationship. So the drug-induced consciousness can hurt his body. This is the collective psyche of the American brain, totally isolated by their fictions and fantasies, by their global corporations and managers and workers, and money from the people below. And it seems to work so far because now those memes of isolation of the ruling castes of the mass of mankind through the expansion fo the corporation that carries ‘scientifically those memes has become globalized. In all nations there is an elite of ‘modern habiru’ with the same behavior.

The corporation indeed, today is global. It has the same memes of the old Jewish culture: separation between the informative castes (the management) and the energy castes (the workers) – even if Japan tried an all-together approach in the 70s to management based in the beliefs of their culture as a single organisms of all the Japanese. It has the same concept of ‘impurity’ that obliged Rothschild to move with a servant that cleaned the knobs of doors not to become polluted by the inferior humans. This again is a fundamental meme of the division of mankind in two castes provided by different ideologies in different cultures but crystal clear in the Bible, and far more brutal in the Talmud (being the Bible a milder version of the ‘chosen race’ concept). Why this meme exists is obvious: if you deal with slaves you cannot relate to them except through go(l)d, if you deal with soldiers you cannot related with them except with iron and orders. Both relationships are negative because the selfish memes of metal, always mistreat humans: the informative metal, go(l)d meme converts man in an object with a price no longer a human subject, (the equivalent verbal meme tells you you must love him as your borther), the energetic iron-weapon meme kills (natural energy feeds you and makes you survive), and the machine, organic-metal meme substitutes you and atrophies you (a human organism makes you evolve socially into a superorganism or makes you reproduce).

That is really the difference: the memes of metal that created the 3 castes that control our society, the go(l)d master, the warrior and the technocratic scientist seem to improve the human condition but in fact they have degraded us, and first they degraded the ethics of the cultures that carried them – the Jewish, Germanic and British culture who became slaves of money, weapons and machines. And so a series of ideologies have been created to justify those memes at all costs.  And they are imprinted as ‘very respectable’ ideas, as ‘religions’, or as ‘patriotism’ or as ‘science’ or as ‘market laws’. Yet what we call today a state is merely the evolution of a horde of germanic barbarians, the Franks, the Germans, the Anglos, and what we call a corporation is merely the Institution that embedded the racist and go(l)d memes of the Biblical, enslaver culture into a new structure of power in which the informative caste has all rights and the workers none, in which the ‘meme’ is the goal, go(l)d and the machine=weapon the corporation manufactures, and the human means nothing if it does not improve the meme.

The same can be said of the world of fiction we live in: it is just a more complex elaboration of the biblical memes, with its repression of sex, its love of war, its division of humans in good (us) and evil (all others), its obsession for money and weapons as the goals and means to obtain always a result. All this is just now a globalized psyche that seems totally natural to every human programmed since 3 years old by the Tv-meme.

All this becomes clear to the scientist of history as he abandons the r=evolutionary phase of preacher and prophet of doom and detaches himself of the destiny of his species. The man of the wor(l)d is powerless and when he knows no longer wishes to be part of the world of the (s)word and go(l)d. As he cannot create a new wor(l)d to the image and likeness of man. So the scientist of history that forecast the future, in the past called a ‘prophet’ and today a scientist of History at the end of his life, as the life of Webber, Sombart, Butler, Marx, Orwell, Kondratieff and Spengler show, is an anonymous suffering, back into yourself or destroyed by the system.

Many people still think that Marx failed to understand economics. He did not, and what you live is the III Kondratieff crash of the economy which Kondratieff further improved on Marxist analysis and i further improved adding Fractal mathematics. So marx was right. What was wrong were the Russians under stalin who like obama today, pretended to be r=evolutionaries and were just military thugs. Thus, Marx did indeed succeed in creating a proto-science of history (where his upper classes are the animetals of this text), and he even told us at the end of his journey, that the evolution of a science of history should ad to his astounding insights the work of Darwin in biology. So indeed, this web could be also called biological socialism. He of course, failed to foresee the rise of mental machines, which did not exist in his age. And his followers of course failed to make a r=evolution attacked by all capitalist nations till it became a military dictatorship. This only shows what I am explaining here: that you can forecast the future as I have done for 20 years with astounding success, but you cannot teach and influence the world with your discoveries, as Marx could never do, living in poverty and writing alone in the British Library, and i could never do once I broke with the temptations and abandoned the ‘velvet carpet’ I was given if I accepted them.

And so if you navigate this web you will find 3 sides of it: the true data of history fit in the model and 800-80-8 years cycles I found in complexity; the ethical model with advices that will never be followed unless a miracle happens to save mankind from its extinction by the machines of the III Industrial R=evolution, the Age of the singularity; and finally the musings of an old man, tired of life, mankind, the Goths, those who walk behind the Asses and almost everybody else.

I advice you not to close your reading because of C), which is not scientific, and spread the word of B) and A), and explore those findings by yourself.

There are always some rays of hope. There is China, an evolved organism of History. There are Am Segullah like Mr. Soros and imprinted Biblical people like Mr. Buffet and Gates, trying to do good and exploring other ideas. There might be a reaction at the last minute when things go so bad that people react. There is the obvious fact that Internet cannot be censored as Wikileaks has proved.

So the future will be open till our extinction closes it. The fight will continue between the memes of love and live and the memes of go(l)d and eviL and the Pendulum law will move nations from one to the other side as always has happened.

Consider for example, the case of America, which today is dominated by the memes of Go(l)d and the Bible but was founded in the memes of the opposite culture to which I confess to belong, the European, continental, scientific culture of the enlightenment, which taught us that all men are equal at birth, that the informative castes of society which control and invent the languages of power, bankers who invent money, politicians who invent laws and aristocrats/armies who make and use weapons, should serve society not be served by them, as neurons serve the body and care for its health, and so on. The founding fathers of America thus were escaping the power of money and weapons, of bankers and aristocrats that oppressed Europeans at that age. Now reality is revered and America has a revival of those primitive memes, which obviously is causing an enormous pain and self-destruction, as the country spends all its resources in mercenary wars to the service of the ‘Chosen people’, who control the law with their banking monopoly that hires politicos, including the last ‘ham negro’, which enslaves himself in the ‘white house’ to ‘disguise’ the people who move the wires of the puppet…   But the puppet might react. Lincoln another puppet of the railroad industry, reacted in his last months and had he been more aware that confronting go(l)d and iron always means a risk for life, he might had succeeded in changing America 150 years ago. So could have happened with Joseph Kennedy. Maybe perhaps a Jewish by race with the memes of love born in America reform the nation before the Tea Party set it into neofascist civil wars when the Chinese Yuan sinks the Dollar and hyper-inflation kicks like in Germany 1920s and hell break loose.

All this of course is taboo, even to argue it, because the ruling castes have decided to go ahead towards self-extinction at full speed while denying it all with propaganda, fiction, marketing and don’t worry be happy we are all donkeys, let’s have a ball propositions.

While in the background they cut distribution of all ideologies of love.  Thus this web as all my censored work of 20 years, which extends to many different sciences, always in defense of the future of mankind, merely tries to help my species, because the present system/design has no future but war, social struggle, and the destruction of Gaia.   But that cannot be said. I even receive death menaces for this web which not only explains objectively the science of memetic, biological history and economics but also denounces  the wrong memes of capitalism=economics and tries to explain the American people what they have lost: from being the hope of mankind, as the place in which allraces and cultures were fusioning under the ideals of equality, just work and the advancement of mankind through true science.

And yet it is in the interest of both, the energetic cells of the body of history and its informative castes to create an efficient super-organism of history if they want to survive. The tragedy of the Holocaust cycle, whose 13 cycles of economical exploitation, revenge and murder are being repeated today in America (still in the phase of economical exploitation in its Weimar republic) show a fact that those informative castes should learn: when a society breaks the organic laws of biological efficient beings (where a neuron gets ‘only’ 10 times the energy=salary of a body cell, and can receive pain orders if it harms the body) and creates a caste of people which ab=use the rest of society with its control of weapons and money, sooner or latter the society explodes, breaks as a super-organism and degenerates into death=war, either state-war or civil wars.

But humanity today is at social level under 50 IQ. And so the fundamental question that the few advanced 150 IQs of History have always wondered, from Vico to Marx to Spengler to myself seems to be answering itself: ‘it is man determined by its economical memes, gold, weapons and machines, or are we in command? Are our absurd ideologies of history, our racist memes and fairy tales, our wishful blindness and self-denial that keep us blind to the evolution of weapons and machines and the suffering of billions of cells of mankind, created a posteriori, to accommodate our happiness to our deterministic, hypnotic, self-suicidal desire to exercize greed and violence as Marx believed. Or are we in command, and just plainly retarded in social sciences?

20 years ago I fully denied Marx theory. I recall a long conversation with Chomsky, much older in which he insisted we were doomed because we were inheritantly evil and i insisted we were not because we were ‘good savages’, Rousseaunian beings corrupted by the bad memes of the tree of metal. Now my vision is closer to Marx and Chomsky. We had our chances, we have our U-turns and ‘paths of the future that bisected’, yet we always chose the bad path. When things are calmed and we could reform, as in the 80s, people just live the day and enjoy the wealth and do not toil for reform. When things are bad and we approach a catastrophic point we turn our heads. And we do so as the astounding case of Judaism shows not to abandon our memes. We are slaves of those memes. Our cultures are determined by them. The individual can escape as people like Chomsky or Marx or myself show. But the herd will then ignore you for most of your life till what you predicted happen. Indeed, now Chomsky has a revival, but I used to visit him in a lonely room in Boston full of books with a single secretary self-printing his works, before his prophecies of American and Israel became truth. Marx had his daughters died of hunger before his anticipated I Kondratieff crash happened; and I might when the Tea Party madness fils America of lonely wolves shooting around, be read. But that is meaningless. We have never influenced, as much as we have tried – the prophets=historians of the future – the path of the world. We have never converted the cultures of selfish memes to the love of mankind.

The approach to analyze this question has been dual. The humanist approach favors the idea that History can be r=evolved in its path towards life extinction, because the people on top, the Am Segullah and Goths, the go(l)d and (s)word believers and their selfish, racist, infantile ideologies can be ‘cured’ by convincing them of the power of eusocial love.

This has been tried by many methods throughout history; but the fact remains that regardless of the optimist efforts we live today under the Am SegullahEmpire as we lived in the past under the Gothic power of weapons, under the boot. A fast historic analysis shows that most of the time mankind, since bronze swords and go(l)d were discovered, have either been submitted to the power of murder or the slavery of money. And part of the process of such slavery, helped by rhetoric art and corrupted churches and inquistions, has been the degradation of the human mind, and all the real, eusocial laws of biological survival of the Universe.

Indeed, today that inquisition of thought is just more ‘complex’ than the ‘simplex’ boot of the military, but not less powerful. It is called political or economical correctness, a ‘newspeak’ of terms that never mean what they say and are interiorized as science no longer understood as dogmatic truths by the sheeple.

The reader might think he is free to think in a democracy=stockracy more than in a dictatorship but this is false. A Democracy=stockracy controlled by money which buys and distributes the information that justifies the power of bankers and companies and its exclusive rights to mint money and tax thesheeple with ‘speculative prices’ and sophisticated e-money apparatus is not less brutal with the common people than a dictatorship of weapons, which kills those who rebel. Capitalism kills slower but with the same precision that the military do.

Evil Vs. Live. Psychological analysis of economical racism.

In that regard it must be understood where the present culture of techno-utopian racism and its mechanical memes, in which profits, machines and weapons are always good, lead us, to the supreme evil of History, the death of mankind, and why racism is indeed evil, regardless of the fact that is not outspoken with words but written today in ‘mathematical equations’ ofproductivity that throw labor and impose machines in its place, and passes as a science called ‘Capitalism’, in which Social Darwinism, the belief that the competence between humans and machines is good, is applied every day as the “law of the market’. Those ideas are NOT a science but the evolution of the culture of slave trade in which capitalism was born. And they are still carried by the go(l)d culture and its orthodox bankers, like Mr.Goldman who said the job of a banker is god’s given, its rabbis, like Mr. Yosef Ovidia, who said humans are donkey to work for the master race.

Where that culture appeared, and how it became not only our master race but one we love because we know nothing about its history requires to dig out in documents and books no longer published. Let us try to summarize it, because under that culture today globalized we can only expect our demise as the’ obsolete slaves’ of the III industrial R=evolution, one in which human workers will no longer be needed.

This trend today seemingly irreversible brings the type of society we observe in America, forming: an underclass of poor ‘white trash’, once called the middle class, and an upper class of stock-owners of automated corporations, mostly Am Segullah (due to their control of global stocks), which will defend their power with the control of mass-media, economical think tanks, politicos and new robotic and police armies. This is the future and to the surprise of all of us, who care and know, this aberration that will lead to the extinction of life and its substitution by a world of machines with a few, primitive, racist cultures on top is in the making.

Yet the future will not be known because precisely the racist culture on top in control of media will deviate attention from the competition of machines to racist and nationalistic, tribal ideologies, accusing the poor mexicans and China of being guilty. Indeed, the Jewish governor of Arizona did pass a law allowing policemen to detain any chicano as suspected illegal immegrant, and our Jewish Treasure man, Mr. Gheithner always uses a good chance to accuse the Chinese of this crisis. The tragic result of course of those racist ideologies is a new fascist age, and an age of unprecedented violence and confrontation of military racism vs. go(l)d racism. So this week a ‘goth’, a young pseudo-nazi shot a jewish politicians which pretends to be left wing but voted for the bailout, for the war, against saving the jobs of the auto-industry (as that is not owned by the am segullah), and in favor of weapons. And yet she was so naive that went to the streets where the poor, armed and racially incensed by fascism, hold the power of guns.

How far this kind of society has gone from the enlightened XVIII c. founding fathers who draw a constitution NOT based in biblical values but in the values of the social, humanist, Latin culture – french version? And yet the culture of greed and the culture of murder seem now in collision course.

And yet as the tragedy of non-labor, free weapons and biblical people throwing their messianic tantrums and techno-utopias continues, all will be censored. Indeed, as today none of the key magazines of economics, from The Economist to the Ny Times blogs explain our thesis and accurate forecasts and what is happening to labor and why the main competence to American labor is that of blue collar robots and white collar pcs NOT immigrants and certainly the guilty ones are corporations that substitute American labor for machines or take those jobs to 3rd world nations where they can exploit Chinese or Indonesian workers, and the financial economists with zero ethics in search of infinite profits for corporations.

What kind of future those people expect? Because biblical economics is not a science but a culture, and the roots of it are religious, this kind of argument doesn’t apply here. A religion of the ‘invisible hand of go(l)d’ and a religion of the bad fruits of the Tree of science (the dominant economical religion today) is not argued. Religions merely censor anyone who opposes their myths.

Today those myths are explained with equations and sophisticated power-point presentations that ‘seem’ scientific, but let us not confuse facts by analyzing the ‘religious beliefs’ of our leading economists. A fast survey of the core, religious ideologies of those who have preached since Ricardo to Greenspan  the substitution of human labor by technology regardless of the consequences for the life of mankind, and the Nobel prizes who have followed that trend and the central bankers who have implemented them renders an overwhelming number of Orthodox Jewish/Calvinist believers, whose core belief is to consider humans an inferior race of non-chosen. So their culture blinds them to an state of null empathy against mankind. In Psychology evil behavior has been proved to respond always to the same ‘dark triad’ of non-empathy against other human beings: narcissism, psychopathic behavior and Machiavellic statements.

Capitalism as a culture of eviL that kills Life. The origins and transformations of its memes.

When we apply those 3 dark traits to the way corporations, wall street and theeconomists that defend them, treat humans, we realize we are talking indeed of capitalism as the culture of the dark triad by excellence – hence a culture that causes eviL=death of those who Live, the genetic, opposite word.

The culture of capitalist economics that dominates our political system is the wrong economical culture and it is eviL, inverse word of Live because it kills life, it kills gaia, it kills the planet for profits.

So films like ‘The Corporation’ and humanist blogs who use the psychological triad to define the Wall Street culture or the narcissistic, machiavelic, psychopathic behavior of the GOP and Israel – the 2 political system dominated by Biblical cultures – are right: this is not a scientific theme but an ethic theme. Do we want to preserve Life or create an evil planet of robotic workers, terminator wars and dying ‘life systems’? This is a question I raise to mankind and politicians who are not totally corrupted, as the fundamental fact of the culture of eviL is to have no empathy, to never listen, to twist truth with machiavelic arguments (such as the one of productivity explained above), which are found in any book of economics, and dismounted in other articles of this blog.

The reader might think that the concept of ‘eviL’ is not proper to define the economical doctrines of a ‘supposed science’. We might agree, if only economics were a science not a culture, the culture that makes of money and weapons the icons of our society and workers were people treated with equal rights than owners, not the last ‘twist’ on the development of slave trade – now part-time slaves leased for a salary and without rights. To fully grasp this, we might consider the historic, also censored approach to capitalism of authors like Sombart, Abraham Leon or Webber: In the Middle East, during the  copper and Bronze Age, it appears a ‘culture’ or rather ‘profession’ (fact) not a race (myth), called the apiru or habiru, which translates as those who ‘walk behind the asses’. This donkey breeders  or habiru start trade between Mesopotamia and Egypt and soon, as explained in the Mari Tablets and many other records, from the ‘Lament of a sumerian priest’ to the Egyptian chornicles, move into caravan merchants (desert Habiru) and sea merchants (phoenician habiru). The hypnotic properties of go(l)d (gold fevers) convert this atom, the most perfect informative atom of the Universe, into a fetishe for this culture, which finds out that the most expensive items to trade for go(l)d are weapons and slaves, because they represent the maximal good for humans, Life, so weapons take it and slaves are life property.

This culture thus becomes the leading culture in slave and weapons trade and by the first millennium BC, it has achieved a global trade network in luxury items, weapons and slaves, by sea (phoenician) and land (jewish), with a virtual monopoly in those trades. It becomes also the most ‘hated’ culture by all others because of its obsession with the fetish Go(l)d, the fundamental meme of this culture. In other posts of this scientific analysis of history and economics, we have explained what a ‘meme’ the fundamental informative and genetic unit of history is: a form of information, which in historic organisms – aka cultures – plays the role of genes in biology.

History is not a game of races but of memes and some memes are good for history, for the evolution of the human kind, and some are bad. And certainly the 2 memes of the animetal cultures, weapons and go(l)d are guilty of the destruction of history. Yet because go(l)d enslave people with its hypnotic glare and weapons kill us, it soon causes the creation of further memes of verbal nature, books of revelation, Vedas and the Bible/Talmud, in which those who carry the memes of superior power by the grace of metal, confuse the memes with themselves. So the Vedas sing the superiority of the Aryan warrior that can kill with iron and the Talmud the superiority of the Jewish trader that can enslave with God.

From then on a constant fight on history between the cultures of the wrong memes, Indo-European and Semite tribes of warriors and go(l)d enslavers vs. those culture who understand the true laws of the organic universe and the need for eusocial love among the members of the same species develops. This is the engine of history of which Marx talks: the fight of social classes that is carried on, between the memes of go(l)d and racism, the Bible, the Vedas, the Iron Sword, the gold coin, and the memes of Love and eusocial evolution, carried by other cultures (the Gospel, the love for art and human goods). The fight is so old that it is already described in the myth of Genesis, in which the Tree of life is despised by Adam and his son Cain, which means smith. This Adam eats of the golden apples and his son, the smith, commits the first murder of the man who brings the life goods. It is a parable of what the writer of Genesis observed. We are at the end of this process.

And because names are also memes, instead of Adam and Smith the son, we have Adam Smiths clones, economists, now of all cultures, as the wrong books of economics, those of Adam Smith and Ricardo, have become the new ‘memes’ of go(l)d, and go(l)d itself has evolved into the mind of computers.

And so the wrong culture is now global, the memes are books of Adam Smith-like Economics instead of the Talmud and the Vedas and the goal is to accumulate go(l)d, a substance that hypnotize people and can be changed by anything including life beings, but now it has a digital form.

Yet the essence of today’s memes are the same. We are not full-time slaves, but leased slaves who receive a salary and during that time must obey corporations and have no rights. Indeed, the difference between GOP/orthodox economics vs. humanist economics is this: in GOP/orthodox culture the worker-slave has no rights. He can be fired, ordered to do anything for the master and the master doesn’t work; he just owns ‘stocks’, papers of property and gets profits. Humanist economists though expect corporations to respect some basic rights of workers and pay taxes because they enjoy an unfair monopoly in the production of money. So the question has NOTHING to do with science but with ethics and cultural memes: the first corporation was founded by one ‘Cohen’, a jewish priest converted to calvinism, and all its shareholders were calvinist or jewish orthodox people who run corporations to profit from slave trade and make guns to kill enemies.

The first corporation created a corrupted democracy with a single Orange party, where only stockholders and aristocrats with weapons voted. This system was exported to England and America with 2 similar parties, one of war and one of trade (tory and whig, republican and democrat in america), always ran by lawyers of corporations and corrupted politicos. The attempts to create parties of the people and give people rights (socialist, French revolutions) failed. So we live in a world in which all systems are owned by corporations in the west, or directly run by military dictators in the rest of the world, with perhaps the single exception of China, where an increasingly militaristic and greedy party, still however invest on their people and tries to create a sustainable society. And of course, this is the reason why China is guilty of all the crimes of our elites. Yet not even in China there is the slightest argument about the future of human labor, the rights of workers and the problem of robots. And nearby China, Korea and Japan, societies full of warrior myths and racial memes have the same future plans: zero immigrant labor, massive robotic investments and robots and underpaid workers inundating the world with their gadgets.

The race is indeed between Korea and Israel for the discovery of the perfect army of terminators and between Japanese and American companies to create the perfect automated corporation. And all this is explained in a myriad of articles and think-tanks with the most aberrant equations and machiavellic excuses of ‘future jobs’ nowhere to be seen that will be created by the robotic industry???!

But today people don’t understand the fusion of the 2 wrong memes of economical history: racist ideas of books like the Vedas or the Talmud or the Imperial British books on economics by Ricardo and Smith or the pathetic myths kids learn in Japanese schools of history! about the divine origin of the first emperor… All those racial myths and the metal memes of swords and go(l)d coins, who instill violence and greed, has been the engine of our destruction as a species with a future, even if now are unrecognized as anti-life=eviL.

Today all is hidden and new memes maintain the separation between warriors and bankers and the rest of society no longer rule with the world of love and its equivalent legal codes, but with the memes of animetal cultures, money and weapons, which make us all slaves and potential victims of this growing neofascist age.

All this is hidden and if you talk of it you are an anti-patriot and an anti-semite… If we knew history as a science and without censorship people could evolve. But even the word evolution is forbidden. The bible doesn’t believe in evolution, so the evolution of machines cannot be considered serious – the most important issue of history today cannot be discussed with people in power, who regardless of race, believe in all type of myths of human tribal superiority over all other beings of the Universe.

Machines must be abstract and technology god’s given, and capitalism has never done something wrong and those who explain the wrongs of this culture of greed are irrational, evil people. A simple example of how censorship and ‘half-truths, damned lies and statitics’ work will suffice.

During the middle age, as Mc Cormick, the harvard cathedra, explains in his book on Middle Ages economy, a massive trade of Frank swords and eunuch children took place between Europe and Islam carried by Jewish people. They bought children for 30 gramms, castrated them in ghettos with a mortality rate of around 66% and the survivors were sent to Baghdad and Spain, sold for 300 gm of gold to Islam. This is proto-capitalism: a culture that treats humans with profit numbers and cares nothing for death. The children that did not survive bled to death and were thrown to the ghettos sewers were their fathers found them. The parents thought obviously that jewish people drunk the blood of those children since they didn’t know about eunuch trade and profits and hence they attacked ghettos to liberate children.

Now if you read wikipedia, owned by a very clever Jewish fellow, Mr. Wales, who has thousands of people enslaving to work for his totally policed ‘free encyclopedia’ and made 16 million $ this month alone from naive people who give him money so he can keep censoring truth, you will read in ‘anti-semitism’ only a part of this, the official version: that parents were brute, stupid, anti-semites, guided by revengful priests who attacked the ghettos after false preaching that Jewish people drunk the blood of children. And so you feel pity for the victims, the poor jewish fellows NOT for the children murdered by them. And yet what wikipedia says is still truth, just a half truth: indeed, the Jewish people didn’t drink the blood of children – so indeed it was a libellum. Indeed, parents killed Jewish enslavers. What is hidden is the entire part of the causes of those attacks, the murder of children. And it will remain hidden. For example, last week, due to the ‘rage’ of ADL when Miss Palin used the term Blood Libel, I tried to comment on the ‘surrealist’ fact that one of the most hienous crimes of history, the eunuch trade prompted protests from those whose ancestors perpetrated the crime and consider themselves ‘victims’.  The comment was rejected in 30 different magazines, which means we must maintain the myth that capitalism and its original culture are the embodiment of righteous behavior and ‘human progress’.

This is indeed, the essence of the biased economical history we are taught and the bias of any history of the culture of go(l)d: capitalism and those who practice it hide all what is wrong and bad and eviL=anti-life and pump up all their sufferings.

Indeed, consider the myths of the Holocaust. Of course, Hitler killed millions of Jewish, but what it is not told is that the Holocaust was first implemented by the SS as a plan to exterminate 30 million slavs and substitute them for peasants (name given in the middle ages by Jewish radhanite slave traders, as they imported russian ‘slave’ women to Islam due to their beauty, till the clever Khazak king converted to Judaism to limit the trade of their people, from where the Mongoloid Jewish, most of them today – not a race but a culture – descend). The nazis killed 28 million slavs, almost meeting the target, but of course this is not said and nobody forgives the crimes of the Gulag and the military dictator, Stalin, who killed the russian r=evolution, for that. So why this is hidden? Because the holocaust as different type of crime than the Slav Holocaust or the killing of millions of Chinese by Japanese or 200.000 innocent women and children at Hiroshima, etc. allows to keep the ‘ideology’ all those memes of the capitalist go(l)d culture seek for: a justification to the enslaving and lack of empathy for the rest of the human lot they treat as expendable.

Now the meme is no longer the absurd ideas of the talmud, where men, as recently put it by the main ideologist of Israel Joseph Ovidia, head of Shas, are ‘donkeys to work for the jewish masters’, which nobody really can believe but the concept that we, humans hate and prosecute and will kill at the first chance, the jewish people. So the banker, the CFO, the stock-owner does not need to feel any empathy for the ‘donkeys’ that work for them, because they killed their ancestors. This of course, is NOT what we humanist economists propose – only to denationalize the banking industry from the ‘Am Segullah’, the People of the Treasure and give the rights to print money for goods people need to the governments elected by the people in a real democracy. But the discourse is murked by all those myths that sustain the separation between the ‘owners’ and the ‘owned’. All this is not far fetched.

Today the most powerful pulpit of capitalism, The Economist, owned by the Rothschild, whose founder, Amschel was always accompanied by a man who would clean the door knobs so the orthodox ‘chosen’ wouldn’t pollute his hand touching the sweat of a gentile, keeps churning machiavellic statements to keep the destruction of labor and the extinction of life, going strong as something good for mankind.

In that regard, the last twist of the ‘memes’ of  the enslaver culture that ‘needs’ to separate itself from mankind in order to treat humans as numbers, costs with a price/wage, has been the Holocaust myth that the death of 5 million Jewish is worst than the death of the other 55 million humans murdered in II World War. The holocaust meme is yet another variety of the concept that ‘humans are brute criminals who envy and hate us and will kill us at first sight, so we must not mix with them, we can mistreat them in the economical world as they did mistreat us and even if we replace them all by robotized armies and computer workers, we will be fine – we are not after all the same species, we are the righteous, they are the murderers’.

All this of course, is relevant, not because we have a fixation with the Jewish culture, but because it is impossible to understand the anti-life behavior of corporations, founded within the ideological concepts of this culture, without considering its origins not as a science, but as an evolution of racist memes.

Indeed, the key element of capitalism, today as always, is the insistence that the people who toil and work more and should be better compensated by their efforts have NO rights whatsoever, because human labor is expendable, it is not the leit motiv of corporations, which must A) cater to the ‘People of the Treasure’, the stock-holders as the only people who deserve profits and wealth and B)  to the evolution of the product, the machine, regardless of its lethal consequences for life.

The creation of those modern capitalist ideologies of death, of anti-life, to keep profits from the military-industrial complex that in this age of neofascism is choking all other sectors of the economy, is the trade mark of the ‘great minds’ of this culture. Yet what this culture should understand is that at the end of the journey that artificial separation from mankind and the crimes of capitalism bring the crimes of the holocaust. And that an American world of no-labor, massive weapons property and a few stock-owners on top will not last. It will become a new Germany and that must be avoided. People are not that stupid and the net has proved information cannot be controlled. It is time to let go the myths of hate among individuals of the same human species and confront the ‘other species’, which is not another human tribe but the ‘sentient machine’.

And to be fair, we shall end with another account hidden in book of history, that of the British Empire in Bengala. Here the memes are the same, the thirst for go(l)d and the racist bible that allows you to exploit humans, but the race is different, the british capitalists. Bengalis are obliged, when in the 1750s become subdits of the queen, to eliminate half of their rice crops for jute and tea bought by the British company. Famine ensues, 15 million die. Profits of the company soar and the boss in bengala is congratulated and asked, that since there have been ‘famines’ and too many peasants have died, to meet the quota, the same system should be exported to malaysian colonies. In books of history, this is never found. I had to research in the papers of the Company at the British Library to find the astounding document.

Today those memes that originated 3000 years ago, NOT A RATIONAL USE OF OUR RESOURCES and the language of money by politicians and humanity to design a world made to the image and likeness of mankind, rule the world. Greed and murder, gold and iron, the Animetal values. Good luck mankind, you are going to need it, as time is running up and certainly Mr. Obama and the next ‘GOP’ president will not change the situation. This takes us to 2020 when the Middle classes of America will be in a far worst position and the GOP might have raised the hate speech against China to a situation of pre III W.W.

There is then no hope for the future of America and History=Mankind?

Maybe not. And yet in the other extreme of the planet, China, an efficient super-organism of history with a single head, as all organisms are, with a veritable belief in the equality of all its cells and a far less unequalitarian society, gives us some hope that at the end the right memes of history will triumph and even America will return to its ideals, instead of enslaving for the project of history  that appeared in the bronze age, when Meshu, the Habiru, saw the bush, creator of the Universe, was Chosen by the bush as a superior race of donkey breeders whose descendants must govern the world with the go(l)d memes that his brother Aaron worshipped  (Talmud’s project for the future of history: ‘at the end of History, all the people of the Earth will be slaves of Yvwh – the people of Israel – and those who resist will be exterminated’ Sanhedrin).

But for that to happen, obviously both sides of XXI century history, the Chinese efficient super-organism and the dysfunctional Jewish empire that dominate the west must agree to construct a different type of world to the one we are heading on – a repetition of the tragedy of Germany in America, then a war between Neo-Nazi America and China, and finally as the new generations of robotized warriors evolve into consciousness, the take over of humans by the machines which the industrial r=evolution has created.

And this end brings us to the second side of the coin of history, the economic ecosystem, or ‘global market’ which must be studied also with the tools of biology, since machines are nothing else than human biological functions copied in metal. So we made bodies of metal in the XIX century, heads of metal in the XX century (eyes=cameras, chips=brains and mobiles=ears and now in the 3rd Industrial R=evolution we put them together into organic robots, who make us obsolete as workers and soliders).

All this is in a nutshell what a biological analysis of history as a science, and mankind as a species that evolves like the most succesful species into a global super-organism tell us: we are not the only potentially intelligent species in this planet, machines are evolving fast; and we are not guided by the correct, most efficient memes of history and economics but by the myths of tribal history and the memes of  greed and murder than go(l)d and weapons instilled in our cultures. We dont understand we are competing with advanced machines in fields of war and labor, that we should all form a single, global organism of history and cooperate as 1400 million chinese are doing, as Americans did when they had the ideals of their founding fathers (albeit always struggling against the racist memes of the bible and the memes of weapons and go(l)d, of greed and murder).

At this point though, perhaps tired by my personal struggle of 20 years in the solitude of those who confront power, I am pessimistic about history. This seems also be the case of those scientists of History I recognize as the predecessors of bio-history, all of whom lost hope as they grew older and came to the conclusion tht perhaps we humans are doomed, and our destiny is traced by the wrong memes of history as the destiny of any other organism is set up by the genes inheritted. This planet with a heart of iron and a skin of silicon perhaps was always destined to create a world of machines, and to that aim it needed the wishful blindness of the absurd memes that control our world of fictions. Indeed, the great mystery of mankind today  – the astounding primitivism of our beliefs about history and humanity, its cultures, people and religions compared to the evolution of mathematical machines, its languages and forms – seem ot signal a no way out.

This is what Vico, Marx, Butler and Spengler thought.

I prefer to suspend judgment on that theme, in which I will allow myself to be subjective. Because what i know by my studies on the mathematical, physical and astronomical structure of the fractal Universe is that there are infinite planets in which history happens and even if in most of them, the myths and memes of the wrong culture triumph, making man just a mere phase of evolution towards a robotic era of machines truly made with go(l)den brains and iron bodies,( unlike our arrogant bankers and warriors, whose history shows die as flesh does, cut by the strength of metal), in some of them the potential beauty of the human mind will triumph. There will be planets of flesh in which Castalia, the dream of an artistic planet of Mr. Hesse, or the r=evolution, the dream of a planet ruled for all the people, in which humans – NOT only machines – evolve socially of Mr. Marx, or Erehwon, the dream of butler, of a world in which humans control technology for their own good and forbid the bad fruits of the tree of science, the myth of Genesis, the book of the Neolithic that describes that paradise of life, the dream of this author, the Wor(l)d Union, happens.

In one of those planets the memes of Bio-History will reproduce the laws of efficient social organisms among the informative castes of societies, and convert the ‘self-similar’ chosen Go(l)d people, Goth warriors and scientists to the common cause of making our species survive. In such planet  the right memes of the right culture of equality, fraternity and love (the sharing of energy and information among equal cells that creates the superorganisms of history) will triumph and humans will follow the ultimate mandate of Evolution: ‘solidarity with the members of your own species’. This is indeed the only justification of this web and the existence of many humans that have fought for the right memes of history and survival. If there were no humans who have preached and acted for the creation of a social super-organism based in the dominant arrow of eusocial evolution that creates the complex forms of the Universe; if all humans were so obtuse as those who carry the memes of capitalism and the industrial r=evolution to its ultimate consequences, the extinction of life, certainly not a single human species would have existed.

And so we shall end this introduction to the science of history, whose basic laws we shall describe in the rest of this article with the 2 only messages that matters to our future as a species from the biblical meme: ‘love each other as I have loved you, because those who believe in me=love, will never die=become extinguished’  and ‘do not eat of the good and bad fruits =golden apples and weapons, of the tree of science, because the day you do you will die’.

It might seem a contradiction to end this introduction with 2 memetic messages from the Biblical anti-life=eviL meme, but the reader should understand there is always between black and white a series of greys and the Bible, the History of the Apiru, the culture of enslavers, who used go(l)d to hypnotize and enslave people with its informative quality (gold is the most complex informative metal, today used in the brain of biological robots, in the past causing eye-fevers that blinded man to the memes of love) had also its finest hours in its first and last book, Genesis and Gospel, and so even among the apirus many converted to the cause of the survival of mankind and while i don’t think they will in this planet, and the prophesies of history of those books will be=come, we can always pray for a miracle… the conversion of the informative castes of mankind to their own and only destiny: survival as a single species, able to dominate and prune the bad fruits of the economic ecosystem and the wrong memes of history.

Because selfish memes who evolve absorbing the resources of mankind is what causes the tragedies of history, not human beings, even if our dominant culture today, due to their repression of true, scientific historic information think humans are evil and the cause of all the tragedies of history.

The absurdity of greed and murder, the values of iron and go(l)d.

Indeed, consider the most astounding case in history of self-destruction between the two wrong memetic cultures, that of gold enslavers and warrior murderers – the Holocaust cycle, perfectly recorded as an action-reaction process by which the Jewish people control societies with money – in the past with slave and weapons trade, in the present through corporations, the organisms of reproduction of machines they invented and have owned in the western world, hand in hand with their ‘memetic twins’, the Calvinist scots and robber barons that evolved the machine.  Yet society resents as it becomes poor and enslaved to work unending hours for their masters. So at the endo f the cycle, preisely whyen the power of the go(l)d people is higher and a mass of impoverished humans live under their yolk, progroms and revolutions happened.

And yet, this quite obvious cycle for those who know history is ignored by the same go(l)d people who have gone to unspeakable lengths to censor the economical causes of the holocaust, to protect the selfish meme of gold, even with their own lives. And so whenever a historian tries to explain the two sides of those cycles, the ‘jewish slave’ of the selifhs meme of gold will cry ‘antisemitism’, encroaching the cycle.

Last month the entire world of mass-media controlled by their corporations shouted antisemitism because Miss Palin mentioned the blood libel. The Jewish world felt victim and suffered from the perspective of tribal history and the Copernican paradox, because indeed, in the Middle ages some were killed when people thought they drunk the blood of kids.

But this idea, that the Universe and mankind is twisted, and antisemitism is some short of aberration of our species as a whole except a process caused by a small part of it, confronts the fact that the Universe is efficient, complex and based in duality systems: all actions have reactions. So when we move to the objective point of view, from tribal history into real history and see both sides, history becomes much more ‘logic’ or rather bio-logic:

In the Middle Ages, as always in the 800 years cycles of evolution of weapons, history starts with the arrival of Germanic tribes, carring the new memes of destruction – the stirrup horses. They soon build an empire based in murder and war and weapons and slave trade carried by their Jewish allies, which reaches monstruous proportions to the point that russians are called ‘slavs=slaves’, their only use. In the west they castrate children, witha 66% rate of death to increase 10 times their price (eunuchs sold for 300 grams of gold and were bought for 30 grams). This control of Germanic warriors and Jewish weapons and slave traders lasted an astounding 600 years period till the XII century, when the church finally civilized most Middle Age people with the memes of love. Life standards grew, Gothic cathedrals open to light and Eunuch trade was forbidden. The bleeding children who died and were thrown to the gutters where their fathers found them for centuries, no longer happened. Society resurrected to the search of a human-based world.

It was then though when the revenge side of the cycle started and the slave traders became hunted.  Secret eunuch trade of course continued but now it was far more dangerous for the Jewish traders and their communities, since parents assaulted guettos , thinking their bleeding children had been killed to obtain their blood for passover rituals.  Yet the euncuh trade is censored in Jewish history and now global history and so last month the Jewish cried ‘victims’ and explained us the cruelty of mankind with them.

In the other 2 holocaust cycles, better known to the west, in spain and germany, a similar process took place. For 600 years during the middle AgeCavalry cycle and during the modern age of gunpowder weapons, Jewish traders in slaves and weapons controlled the small kingdoms of christians and muslims (taifas) and the princely courts of Germanic warriors, to maintain a healthy trade in weapons and slaves, ripping the profits of war. Rothschild made his fortune selling german peasants as Hessean soldiers to the British armies; the sephardim, who would migrate to Holand and invent the corporation of slaves, made their fortunes in weapons trade on the ‘Reconquista’ wars. And yet when those countries unified, the Jewish were expelled from Spain and they were murdered in Germany with an astounding level of cruelty and revenge. Of course here two evils were added: the evil of go(l)d racism and the evil of military murder. And the result was that Germans brutalized by wars for hundreds of years massacred 40 million people, among them 5 million jews.

One would have thought that after what happened in Germany, due to the mismanagement of the economy the Jewish would have understand that it was the selfish memes of go(l)d and its hidden values, the murderous memes of weapons and its Germanic carriers – NOT MANKIND – what is eviL=anti-life, what kills them; and so in the next cycle in America, one would have thought they would have promoted the memes of love natural to the american ideals of equality among humans. America was ready to evolve all of mankind into a world ruled for humans during the 70s. And many Habiru converted during the 60s revolution to the power of love, as they did in the Christian revolution or Marxis revolution. yet at the end of the journey, the selfish memes won, the Talmud prophets reverted the 60s spirit, the tribal nation of israel became the fixation of the Jewish people who abandoned their ‘hippie’ love for mankind. And so the cycle of exploitation of bankers corrupting politicians, of weapons dealers masterminding wars, of an increasingly empoverished population is taking place, forecasting a new holocaust reaction. And what the jewihs ‘intellectuals’ do? Denial, censorship, crying fool and moving a head to repeat the cycle, once the brutal treatment of their Palestinian donkeys’ and Americans brings desperados and neo-Hitlers to power.

Witness what is happening in Arizona. The Jewish governor, a woman called Brewer has edicted’ that latinosare all potential criminals (even if they are 30% of the population) and this week it has rejected payment for medicaid putting on death row 200.000 old people. On the other party, which is the same in ideology, but pretends to be softer to cater to naive, good-natured voters, Miss gillford, a Democrat, voted for all the trillions wasted in the mercenary wars the American army fights for israel; voted all the trillions wasted to pay Jewish bankers that had already stolen billions with the scam of CDOs and toxic assets, voted in favor of concealed weapons, that will be carried by desperados when the progroms of the 13th holocaust cycle of economic, selfish memes take place; and only voted against saving the car industry, one of the few industries the Jewish people doesn’t own (since ford, the founder of this industry was anti-semite), even if  millions of people depended on that industry. And so a ‘germanic warrior’, which in the US are represented by Southern, NRA lovers, with the selfish memes of war, imprinted since the Civil one, who had as two favorite books, first, the anim(et)al farm of Orwell and last the Mein Kampf, shot her. Miss brewer might be shot in the future by some desperado latino whose father died for lack of health care. Arizona indeed is the first place in which we can observe ‘again’ how the selfish memes of gold and iron enact again through their controlled memetic minds that worship money and weapons  more than human life, the holocaust cycle. Do you think though that this obviety will prompt a milder policy in Israel and the American jewry. Of course, not. And that is indeed, the tragedy of humanity: our subconscious, ‘white matter brain’, imprinted at earlier age with emotional messages of hate, ideologies imposed by the wrong memes of metal, does not ‘think’ or reason but works more like a computer that can carry only a message or a cell that is perfectly programmed by its genes to suffer ‘apostosis’, self-suicide.And so it is the tribe of the apiru, those ‘who walk behind the asses’. When they appeared in history as donkey breeders transporting military gear in the first Semite campaigns against the love-societiess of fertility in Sumer and Egypt, they were hated, despised, because of their trade in weapons and slaves, scavenging the battlefield of death, and were called habiru or apiru, precisely because the philosophers of the Genesian paradise realized those people would always ‘walk behind gold and sacrificed all, including their lives’ to the golden apples of the tree of science.

Now, when history is almost over and we are all habiru, as we all revere the memes of gold and weapons, the self-suicidal behavior of the Jewish people is global. Mankind is commiting self-suicide at an accelerated pace, sacrificing it all to the selfish memes of the machine/weapon and go(l)d. Even the Chinese, the last efficient, evolved society with the memes of socialist love is now a land of capitalist traders, whose memes are identical to those of the Americans, where the loving memes of the 60s revolution have all died. the entire planet submitted to the habiru memes, emitted with audivoisual machines from Hollywood, is merely imitating this civilization. Now in Davos their economical gurus tell us, we must keep giving money to their bankers (all central bankers and 80% of CEOS of western top banks and stock-holders are Jewish=Calvinist=Anglican, mimetic and memetic cultures which in this ook are basically considered one).

It is a mantra repeated today by all economists, who learn from Ricardo, Ayn Rand, Friedmann and any of those 76% of Jewish Nobel Prizes in economics the virtues of sacrificing our human lives so corporations have more money to substitute human workers with robots and pcs and their stock-holders reach new billion dollar marks, while hired politicos cut down pensions, health-care, increase work hours and retirement ages and keep producing laws a la ‘brewer’ to extinguish the obsolete donkeys of mankind.

Indeed, that time has come. And there won’t be a resurrection of man in this planet unless a miracle happen.

The miracle. The myth of the savior.

In that regard, there is only a solution to the mess of maybe 10.000 years of go(l)d memes since the first walled cities were rised in Jericho to protect the stolen ‘wealth’ carried by caravaneers to their secret oasis, the desnationalization of the western banking industry, from the hands of the biblical culture whose memes today have been translated into mathematical equations by financial economists, yet basically tell us the same: that a people-caste of biblical origin must have the monopoly on the reprodution and invention of the language of power of our society, money, to control with it all other sources of power, the law, mass-media, the military, politicians… And this can only be done by the G-20 presidents without any explanation , any dialog, any impossible deal with the bankers. Since they have shown century after century that their memes are just the blind, Primitive greed of golden fevers, NOT A RATIONAL USE OF THE LANGUAGE OF INFORMATION OF THE ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM TO FOSTER THE WELFARE OF MANKIND.

Conider the Chinese model that western ‘democracies’ should imitate. In China companies are becoming private; a market economy reigns in most sectors; except those who must be controlled for the well-functioning of the system. Thus Chinese banks are nationalized, so the Chinese government, a much more evolved socialist culture than the corrupted democracies owned by bankers and corporations of the west, can direct credit to safe investments that improve the infrastructure, health care, education and welfare of the Chinese people.

The result is a civilization on the making based in clean, renovable energies, a reduced military budget, a growingly sophisticated health care system, and a higher level of education, with a single collective healthy head, working for the ecollective, which still needs ‘painful forms’ of making member parties accountable for their work while in office, but in any case is far less corrupted than the unsastainable behavior of politicos like Miss. Brewer or Mr. Obama.

While in the west we have an schyzoid world in which a mask of null power, politico parties, is dedicated to hide the control of our world by corproations and financial institutions, where an elite of stock-holders with null social responsiblity only expect to grow profits firing workers substituted by pcs and robots or closing factories to be built in Asian countries without labor rights. Bankers merely find schemes to keep printing money for free; do not loan to the people that wants to start new businesses and corporations merely follow the mantra of productivity and keep firing human workers and put machines to increase that productivity. While hired economists with astonishing chuptzah tell people that firing workers increasing theproductivity of machines, will in fact ‘create employment’. All those memetic mantras invented by Jewish-Calvinist economists that set the foundation of capitalist economists of course only provoke further unemployment. But there is no government’s investments on peoples welfare and ifrastructure, because all the money goes to the bankers at zero interst, who merely divide the pie between corporations and employees and stock-holders, and it goes to the mercenary wars we fight to defend israel, an apartheid racist state, from their ‘donkey’ slaves, the arabs of Paelstine. This is the world of the EU, America and the old British empire. But all this cannot be explained, as so to that aim there are antisemitic laws, which apply to anyone who denounces the empire of the donkey breeders, and of course an entire ssystem of fiction, entertainment and placebo discourses to keep the donkeys appeased.

Imagine though that Mr. Obama instead of being one of the most despicable politicians in history – a man plainly speaking who has betrayed his people, to serve those who invented the Ham myth that enslaved the negro, indeed a topic house negro as Malcolm X explained – walked his talk. Upon arrival to power, in the midst of the last Palestinian massacre in Gazah, he should have just desnationalized the banking industry, open the gates of credit to Americans for all type of renovable industries and business who produce the goods people need to cnsume. Imagine he had merely stated that Israel is an apartheid state that breaks hundreds of UNO resolutions and so while America would not engage in a war against its former ally, the ideals of equality and human rights bills of the merican constitution forbade him to engage with countries that do not respect those minimal rights, declaring America neutral in that war. Then, in ab old move mr. Obama would have further declared that since the cold war was over america will reduce its military spending to that of the next biggest spender nation and keep military basis only in north-america to shield the country from a very unlikely nuclear attack and an impossible ‘land invasion’ (of canadians, cubans, mexicans with something more than ‘espaldas mojadas’?).

Those two measures together would have returned America to a civil, rational, evolved course of history similar to the one the Europeans took after getting rid of the yolk of the banking and military industries of the Am Segullah and the german goths in a far more violent way, as those 3 wrong memetic cultures fought for supremacy and killed each other in world war II.

Of course, the entire machinery of mass-media would have crusified mr. Obama. Someone might have tried to kill him ‘a la Kennedy’. So what? The solution ot the first problem: a ‘free’ one hour of prime time taken from the 4 majors, ‘for the president to inform the people of the policies taken to save the future of americans’. And tell the truth in that hour. Regarding the murder of a president, an all too common custom of the biblical people against the saviors of America, from Lincoln to Kennedy, I believe the American military is not yet that corrupted not to be able to protect the president. This done meant that once the Am segullah have been taken the memes they use to control the western world, without any drop of blood that would invalidate any humane solution, America could have kept evolving as a society based in the memes of love and the equality of all human beings and cultures at birth. The war on terror would have ended. The deficit would have ended. Trillions would have been invested in the people. The death pannels that the health care industry is going to implemente with the help of politicos like iss Brewer would have ended.  The health care industry would have been nationalized as it is in any advanced political system from China to Spain.

And so Mr. Obama would have entered history as a savior. I dedicated the book of this web to him 2 years ago. I even send him one. But in the same way Napoleon deceived R=evolutionary Europe and gave it to the bankers and army industries, so Beethoven change the name of the III symphony from Bonaparte to Heroic, I understand now he has deceived us all and paved the way for the Tea Party, the future Nazi party of America, when Obama’s Weimar republic ends.

The perfect slave loves his master.

He was perhaps our last hope of a peaceful solution to the recurrent tragedies of history caused by the choice of the wrong memes to guide our species. And so Weimar America will continue its deja vu insanely censored path to self destruction once the Jewish proposal to prove their superiority as go(l)d chosen – the degradation of the rest of the human sheeple they guide – has proved right. And once cannot but wonder if they are indeed right. Since at the end of the journey, the ‘People of the Treasure’ won’t certainly prove themselves a different species and/or make any one with the IQ higher than their donkeys think better of their biblical memes than schonpenhauer (‘the Jewish have the religion they deserve’) but certainly what they have proved, being so few and controlling so thoroughly mankind through the interposed actions of its billions of corporative slaves they rule as majoritary stock-holders of western companies, that humans are susceptible to be treated as cattle and can even love it. I have never witnessed in that sense anything like America. There are indeed dictatorships of all kinds, but people under the yolk from Egypt to Cuba when possible speak up withcomtempt of those who rule them. In our western ‘stockracies’ however the slaves love their masters because they have no information about them, making truth the Kabalistic dictum ‘”Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therfore he will be served by animals in human form.” Midrasch Talpioth.

This concept, that humans can be treated as animals with the memes of metal , weapons that kill them and gold that hypnotizes, the stick and carrot that guides the mule, recently expressed by the supreme rabbi of Israel, who compared the Goyyim (gentiles, ‘impure’ in Hebrew) with donkeys working for the master is the way the elites of America have used to rise a degraded population that in nothing resembles the American of the Constitutional Ideals that saved Europe from the war that bankers and german warriors have provoked.  of course the opposite concept sponsored by the right cultures of history, those with the memes of love who always tried to evolve the mind of man is now dead. We have all being degraded as thePeople of the Treasure were degraded by the hidden values of go(l)d. And so at the end of history, what the defeat of the human cultures that fought for a better world, made to our image and likeness, based in the arrow of love (now just a mere placebo for Obama’s speeches and democratic masks of care) have proved is not the superiority of the People of the treasure, but the inferiority of the human race to the selfish metal memes of the machines, weapons and money we all toil for.

Because even if the American slavery to their banksters might seem too obvious and surprising by the acceptance, the ultimate slavery of man is to their memetic machines that make us feel superior with their enhanced energy and information. so we all love machines. And not a single human realizes he is being atrophied in mind and body for them. And that astounding fact, which to me is so obvious but not human except the unabomber recognizes is what truly takes away all hope, what makes history seem so determinitic. If thePeople of the Treasure has been enslaving and dying for go(l)d for thousands of years and cannot even talk about it without getting mad at you, if the military or NRA afficionado cannot recognize that weapons kill the case of the machine, which so thoroughly controls our existence is even more telling. Because the reader should understand this is not a web against the Am Segullah, mere carriers of go(l)d by geographical location, or the military but a web that tries to explain the confrontation of history vs. economics, of the planet of life, gaia, and the planet of metal we are building that will destroy us. The ethical judgement against go(l)d believers and iron masters, victims of those selifish memes and predators withthem of the rest of mankind is secondary to that deeper truth: machines, money and weapons seem to be positive and enhance our life but in the long terms are the cause of our self-destruction and degradation as cultures and species, the cause we have not evolved from tribal history into a lgobal superorganism of mankind, the ultimate cause of our extinction.

How do i feel about such ‘project’ for our future? Calmed. I have battled 20 years against the selfish memes of gold and weapons, and denounced their founding go(l)d and goth cultures for so long that the destiny is assumed . I am better known in fact by my fight against Germanic modern warriors, physicists which at CERN are trying to construct with German money and German-made machines, and a German ‘ceo’, mr. Hauer, the next generation of nuclear weapons, black holes and strangelets… And yet like the banker of Goldman who said ‘the job of a banker is the job of god’ what i found is that the entire nuclear industry is in denial of those dangers, and in awe of their machine, and have no problem risking their life for it.

Yes, indeed, we are all in a death row as the first machines of the singularityage, the ultimate selfish memes of the economic ecosystem, robotic terminators, black hole factories and metal-nanobacteria are researched in American, Swiss and Israeli labs, the 3 countries in which the biblical Go(l)d Jewish=Calvinist memes that founded our economical world are stronger. One of those memes will kill all of us during this century. And no human with power will respond to that menace. Since we have become a race slave of the selfish memes of metal that control us.

But again there is a myth to which I will never renounce, despite its improbability, the myth of the ‘savior’, so well described by Joseph campbell: after the fall of man who despised the tree of life and ate of the go(l)den apples, we were all obliged to toil. The son of Adam, Cain, which means smith, and all those Adam Smiths that followed kept murdering their life brothers, the Abels of the land, lived in cities and exploited villagers ever since. And yet, because we had fallen into the patyh of extinction by eating the bad fruits of the tree of science, we needed a hero, a savior, a super-man, an Asimovian mule, a neo, a caesar, a human being, who despite his mastery of money and weapon, ha kept pure his soul, loving all of us, sacrificing himself for the community, changing the world, making again man, a true god, measure of all things. This is the myth which for many Obama signified. That he didnt come up to the task even mildly shows perhaps not his corruption but the astounding difficulty of changin a trainwreck of metal, an iron horse at full speed and accelerating… only with two hands. So perhaps he is not indeed ‘despicable’ but like myself not a superman but nothing more than flesh, cantor dust of spacetime, as all other saviors of history have – let us face the truth – become crusified by the pilatos of iron and the caifas of go(l)d. So what is left to Obama, to myself, to the good, brave men who defied eviL, only ‘dignitas’ – that not even death can take from us. And since all of us have fallen more than once, perhaps Obama or other mythic savior rises to the occasion before the selfish memes of the singularity, the new nuclear weapons, robots and self-reproductive machines strip the human race of existence itself.

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