1. Bronze

The 1st empires in which castes of warriors using lineal metal-energy, dominated the rest of human beings, , appeared thanks to the deadly power of bronze weapons.Armies created hierarchical societies, establishing castes, social classes, and ritual murder (war) as the form of control of the common human cell, and their previous wor(l)d rulers, the artists, and prophets of the word.

The new masters of mankind, were less concerned with the knowledge of the Universe that with themselves. So they also built religions of tribal nature, no longer interested in the cycles of life of the Universe. Instead they built with slave work, tombs, and epic art to revere themselves, the brutal caudillos of the new era. Soon the Neolithic paradise was lost. It is the age of the animetal.

The age of Bronze infantry

The first Empire-civilizations were created by armies that had become invencible thanks to the power of bronze swords. In the south of Egypt, a king in control of copper mines built an army that conquered the North and unified Egypt. So happened in different zones of Mesopotamia. It was the beginning of Metal-History…

The arrival of bronze weapons allows military castes to control for the first time in history huge numbers of people, that fear the massive deaths that the new weapons might cause. It is the beginning of organized empires, that displace the mild, paradise-like life of the Neolithic villagers, focused in nature, and the human senses [age of Goddesses, and fertility cults, Myth of Genesis against the tree of metal-technology that destroyed the paradise].

As in all the cycles of war, that cause the destruction and birth of civilizations, when those bronze weapons were discovered and reproduced in massive numbers, they brought an ‘interregnum’ of world wars, a ‘dark ages’, around -3000 BC. After those ages, the first empires of the western world were born.

The first radiation of the age of metals is copper, and gold. The age of gold and copper two soft metals, coincides with the Jen [‘harmony’] age, the Neolithic, in which priests still control their herds of human beings. It is an age that extends roughly from 8.000 BC. till the arrival of Bronze empires in the 3000 BC.

Neolithic farmers without imperial=metal civilizations are controlled by wor[l]ds of wisdom, by prophetic and religious minds. Copper exists, but there is not hard metal, no alliance between weapons and money. So the world still controls society. It is still the biological, informative language of man which rules supreme.

The parallelism of all the copper cultures – Sumer and India, Taoist and Mayan cultures – in which priests control Neolithic farmers, and the Universe is considered a living reality, and Time is Cyclical, show that an ecological balance between men and nature, was natural to man, as to all carbolife species.

It was an age of love, the ‘Jen Age’ that Chinese philosophers told us about; the Golden age of Hesiode, before money and weapons conquered our societies.

The 3 ages of the Copper Radiation.

The length for that dual ‘radiation=cycle’ of metal and agriculture is of around 5 thousand years. We talk of 3 ages for the copper radiation, as for any other wave of a product, and its organic existence.

Evolutionary Youth.  Obsidian age, Neolithic paradises.

The first Neolithic radiations of weapons are stone radiations in the obsidian age. Its length  shows wide variations. It lasts approximately between ±10.000, ±8.000  in its initial Anatolian-Jericho sites. Since the forms of the weapon are still ‘mild’ in complexity and strength, the obsidiane radiation imposes slowly among humans. It is the first age of agriculture, and yet we do not find social classes, and weapons in abundance. It seems that the lack of hard metal makes weapons a very secondary concern for society. Still the main trade of this earlier Neolithic is in obsidian, which has several uses for art, agricultural tools and weapons. For this reason we talk of the obsidian age which makes those zones with obsidian mines in Anatolia, and trade knots such as Jericho, the site for the first cities, the biggest centers of population.

We call this age the Jen or ‘harmony age’ since there is trade, there is art, often with copper, [still not produced in enough quantities]. Yet there is not much war and governors are portrayed as soft, people, the art of fear, typical of societies in which we find warriors as rulers, have not started. The Jen age is the age of man, the age of the Wor[l]d, of Human Goods, the paradise, where man evolves, instead of metal.

Probably the genesis that describes perfectly that harmony between man and nature was born at the end of the copper age, at the beginning of bronze…

We talk also of the Obsidian age, displaced in times and space, both in America and Africa. In Meso-America it is Teotihuacan the top cultural city of that age also close to obsidian mines. In such societies metal is secondary. In the highest American culture, the Mayan culture, it does not exist. Yet the Mayans as the old Chinese, are the cultures closer to understanding the sentient Universe as a complex game of herds and living organisms. Animetals have not repressed with Copernican arrogance, the truth of the Universe… Men feel small and respect the strength of that Universe. It is the age of Animistic cultures, and religions of the living Universe.   We can deduce by the homologic method of social parallelism that similar structures of communal property to those of America existed in the Jen age of Europe, the earlier Megalithic cultures. The Jen age is based in religious beliefs of the sentient universe, in social evolution that primes over individual selfishness, in collective burials and collective property… Men knew the nature of cyclical, organic times, and believed each organism had a mind of his own. They had a high level of social life, in which priests were the top of the culture – and their ruling over the people based on words and reason, on verbal sciences, and rituals of worship to the Universe. We do not find violent forms of imposition, and there is no slavery in such societies – a fact that extends latter to Asian societies. Even in the IV century before Christ, in India, Megastenes comments surprised that the Indians have no slaves…

Men are free, they are not property. And Property is still submissive to the goal of social evolution. Collective property serves to enhance the communal knots of humanminds, and their solidarity. Bartering – as much an act of trade as an act of verbal communication and friendship – is the common method of trade. Nature is a living game of organisms, that has to be respected.

This age survives longer where there is less metal [America, South China, Eastern India, African animism]. We know by the homologic method such culture, observing the cultures of those regions before they were degraded by the white man.

The obsidiane age overlaps with the first age of copper and Gold. Yet copper and Gold are used mainly for artistic matters, and religious status. As it would be used again by the Catholic church. Subconsciously the bio-logic mandate of repression of money takes place in both Humanistic societies: the less gold circulating as money, the less economic activity there will be, the more the word will hold power…

Of course today our Historians consider such strategy the cause of the lack of economical evolution of countries like Spain, which merely showed a finer instinct of survival than other nations…

 Mature copper age:

-8.000, – 6000 years.  It is also known to historians as the II Neolithic age. Ways to obtain copper from ore are found; and copper multiplies. Its use in weapons, mainly arrows, is limited, but effective. The first walled cities in the knots of trade appear [Jerico]. Symbiosis between weapons and money start. Undoubtedly Jericho is the first example of a metal-city, the cradle of the oldest Semitic trader culture, defended by copper arrows and walls, accumulating wealth in the trade between Egypt and Mesopotamia. Other walled cities appear in Anatolia. Copper and Gold use as the first coin system  hypnotize the human eyes with its brightness. Eyes look for light and perception, which is the main ‘program’ of informative species. Hypnotized peasants now will not reason but obey the animetals of copper.

Without copper we cannot understand the beginning of metal-culture. The Copper radiation imposes fast, to the point that in Mesopotamia – where the first civilizations of the West started – the main river was called, Euphrates: ‘river of copper’. It devolves the Mesopotamic Priest-based Theocracies, into Go[l]d cultures, with temples, ex-votes… and Semites on top, no longer as ‘mayors’, but as Kings.

Wheat is no longer the preferred form of money. Now it is copper, and trade in copper becomes the monopoly of wealthy traders going up and down the Euphrates. It is the first trading route of international character.

Trade is still dominant over weapons that will be imposed only with harder bronze.

It is important to clarify here that the civilizations of the Jen age are not the  degenerate present state of their surviving cultures such as African, South-American, Chinese and South-Indian remains. This belief is an alibi of Western animetals, in favor of progress. Since westerners have degenerated those culture with Western influences, they tend to consider all past  cultures as parallel to their present equivalent cultures, and hence ‘degenerated’. Yet it was the colonist, the alcohol and rifle what degenerated the beautiful Animist culture of the Northern Indians. Then they became degenerated. Those who saw them before the degeneration speak of the beauty of a culture in constant harmony with nature that took care of forests to preserve them till the seventh generation.

I doubt the present Americans will see their seventh generation before extinction comes…

Westerners today become astonished to the understanding of time and space, of energy and information by Mayans or old Chinese… Since they were not mathematicians and had no computers. The systemic despise of the Human intelligence by scientists which need scientific machines to think is telling.

The great architects of this century like Gaudi, or Maillart, who built their works with visual graphs, were ignored by many contemporaries who did not trust their buildings and bridges. They were mathematically impossible to calculate. Yet they worked, as the models of churches in the middle ages worked.

Any language is good to describe reality. Words, numbers, images… all show the same Universe. Gaudi and the Mayans did not need complex mathematics to build monuments of knowledge, and beauty.

The past left alone is pure and bountiful. When it is ab=used by the metal-culture as energy it becomes degraded – as tamed animals become degraded by man. But wolfs are not dogs, lions are not cats, pigs are not wild boars. Man is not the present TV-eye slave. Those are degraded forms controlled by ‘metal mind species’. Perhaps an example should suffice: in Benin the highest level of expressionistic Bronze statues ever achieved flourished in the XIV-XV century. Then a Portuguese Señor Lanzarote in behalf of the gunboat, started slave capture in his coasts. Dutch, French and English gunboats followed, ravishing the kingdom, and forcing Black kings to become either providers of slaves, or slaves themselves. Bronze art ended briskly and the kingdom degraded itself. In 1890s the British consul heard of certain ‘fiestas’, the ‘costumbres’, taking place in the capital. The British went there and found the entire court in an orgy of cannibalism. Some of their own children were sacrificed and their blood poured in those old master bronzes to ‘give life to the dead, powerful warriors’ who had not suffered the European massacres. The British were horrified, the ministries of the king were killed, the city was burnt by the ‘honest English’; and the facts publicized as a prove of black brutality. It was though the product of 400 years of slave degradation under the equation man=price=Product=slave. That degradation was not caused by Benin, but by the British who now accused the degraded people of their state. The end of the Jen age, was also caused by Western armies, Bronze armies of Indo-European Charioteers that destroyed Egypt, Summer, India and China.

The Great Flood. First warrior hordes.

As we said the cycles of 800 years radiations of weapons are often parallel to the biological=climatic and geographic cycles of the Earth.

Even though weapons might appear before that period, it is the growth of people in the steppes, which creates the conditions necessary to push them into the plains, multiply their new weapons and attack human societies. We might say that to break the mandate of social evolution of love to other humans, people need to be in danger of survival themselves. There is perhaps another earlier case that proves this point.

Now it has been proved that around the times the first warrior art appears, the Black sea became flooded by the Mediterranean; which broke the Bosphorus, and inundated a fertile plain of 200 kilometers in width in a mere 200 days. Soon after the age of the Great flood, between ±5600-4.800 years, the first empires, warrior systems and symbols of ‘artistic’ power become common place.

There is increasing evidence that the ±200 miles of land swallowed by the great flood in a few months, displaced an enormous number of people towards the Turkish mountains, where the first symbols of warrior power appeared. Obviously people would only survive the catastrophe by means of war, looting on villagers as they advanced against the flood. Those who arrived to the Asur mountains ‘invented’ in the run the concept of a professional army, and the social classes in which metal power is based. Those who had bronze surely survived. Those who had not, perished. Bronze became the king and God of Indo-European. It would be latter used in their chariots to extinguish all other Eurasian cultures of the 800 y. steppe arch.

Warrior=trader empires started very likely as a consequence of O-| bronze evolution, and parallel Earth cycles of selection of species, in the Arabian desert and the Great Flood zone. The cataclysms of the Great flood in the Black sea, surely broke all ethical contention, as the massive displacements of people towards the Caucasus, Ukraine and Turkish mountains, created the first nomadic waves of warriors, which probably imposed their metal symbols of power. Once they controlled the peaceful Neolithic villages of Mesopotamia, they started the first empires. Indeed we suppose a change of human attitudes towards humans, fostered by the need of survival the Great Flood of the black sea provoked. The subsequent survival run towards the Anatolian mountains and Indo-European plains created top predator cultures, origin of so many metal empires. In that zone, latter, Assur and Urartu would be the futuremodel for iron empires [Asur>Persia>Macedonia>Rome].

Metal power was the wrong path of history that has caused most of the evils of history. It killed at perceptive level the sentient Universe, now ‘sacrificed’ by virtue of metal power and arrogance to the Copernican vision of the warrior as center of the Universe [anthropomorphic religions].

So the Indo-European called themselves ‘Gods’=’Goths’ for centuries to come.

It has caused the extinction of life in the long term.  So soon the Indo-Europeans will be called corpses, by the robots they have created.

Hard Bronze weapons and natural catastrophes would structure a new mode of relating people to people by force and servitude, that latter waves of 800 years of heat and new weapons would expand worldwide. Men have registered the ‘Sea of death’ tragedy in their books of History [Gilgamesh, Genesis]. That event expanded death power, globally, creating the process of metal history and warrior empires. Indo-Europeans expanded south, east and west, extinguishing Western Neolithic cultures. The milder ‘stone age’ of the Western Megalithic with origin in Iberia by way of Eastern trade – a culture of highly advanced social, trade and religious rituals – dies away, to the chariot and iron invaders.

To the East much latter Indo-European charioteers extinguished the Ganges and probably the North-Chinese cultures, substituted by an elite of charioteers [Hindi invaders, Shang culture]

The southern branch of survivors created the first military ‘cultures’ in Turkey. It would meet his only rival  to the south, a wave of desert people bringing bronze to the Mesopotamian, Priest-ruled Goddess-Neolithic villages – the Semites.

Bronze also brought the ascension of the hardy Semite races, that would break the ‘paradise’ of the fertile rivers. Who founded it first? We don’t know. Who cares?

The beginning of metal history is a radical new proposal of human organization in pyramids of power with God-like animetals at their top. It seems to start with Pharaohs, Semite Empires and Indo-European warriors of the Caucasus, pushed by the conditions of geographical bio-history.

Indeed, the harshness of the dessert and the steppe, obliged those tribes to be cattle ranchers. When they radiated with their new weapons over the sedentary people of the valleys, they used their methods of control of cattle, in human cattle… No doubt the cruelty between men and farmed animal was now extended by the Germanic ‘Gods=Goths’ or ‘Sons of Gods=Semites’, to his dealings with the valley people of the Neolithic.

We talk of the radiations of metal guided by animetals as the main cause of extinctions of civilizations of History. In a given place a new metal form is found. Then the metal radiation is carried by animetals, who conquer part of the world. They will pass the radiation to others who will conquer instead of them [Hitites giving iron to Assur, Assur giving cavalry to the steppe, Chinese giving gunpowder to Mongols, and Mongols to Arabs and Arabs to Europeans]. What man has been unable to stop is the metal radiation itself. This is because metal is harder, better as a weapon. So it expands its devolutionary function by war, almost as fast as Novas explode. There was a massive radiation of stirrup through Huns, and of Bronze charts through Indo-Europeans. The gunpowder radiation created the Turkish, Iberian, Dutch, French and English Empires. The recent massive radiation of A-weapons hold as top predators the Russian and American empires.

Sometimes a product appears simultaneously in several places, but this tends to be because the radiation moves real fast.

We can explain the process of extinctions of cultures in old history through such radiations.

Metal does not evolve human societies, it destroys them, under the natural law of fight between species. Only social love, religions, and culture evolve human societies…

Who are the Indo-Europeans?

The amazing catastrophe of the Black sea seems to be the origin of the first waves of Indo-European warriors, the first specialized caste of military, that will for ever guide the evolution of weapons, as Semites with origin in Jericho cultures, will guide the evolution of money. Those cultures [not races, but cultures of the mind] are still with us. They imposed themselves as aristocratic castes, expanding their languages, Indo-European and Semitic languages that substituted all other languages in the west.

For example Indo-European kingdoms included many races, that became ‘lower castes’ of those metal-cultures. Only the Indo-European elite metal-castes have been traditionally white, dominant ‘Aryan’, as only the elite of Spaniards which imposed Spanish in South-America are of European origin. So much for purity of race [a myth of those cultures, that consider themselves superior to all other humans].

The degree of purity of the animetal race on that view, depends only on the degree of Holocaust the animetal race perpetrates against the invaded culture…

There are clearly two origins to the western animetal cultures latter merged in North-Europe and North-America in what we call the Culture of Scientific  Companies: Semites and Indo-Europeans. The Indo-Europeans were born in the North-East shores of the Black Sea. The Semite in the shores of the Arabic Desert.

The linguistic analysis of the initial Indo-European language, shows in  temporal and spatial studies the existence of a common culture according to common wor[l]ds in all Indo- European languages, that should come genetically from around the date of the Great flood.

The geometrical center of all Indo-European expansions and nations is also in that region. Considering a simple physical law [reproductive radiations over a common energy surface are geometrically efficient], the Indo-Europeans must had such initial center: the Black Sea.

We talk of 3 ages of Indo-European cultural expansion, of great transcendence to history. [History is a game of races of the mind, of cultures, so it does not matter the body forms but the mental forms attached to cultures that jump over body forms, as the Semitic culture of the old testament, transfer to Protestant Germanic people proves]:

–  The I prophetic horizon of Great Flood survivors. What kind of culture was this one? We might apply our basic knowledge of bio-history, in this case the syntax of languages.

In bio-historic linguistics we define 3 type of languages that are symbiotic to the cultures that use them: warrior long languages, trader short languages, and balanced humanistic languages. The fact that the first Indo-European languages are short languages, in which the mono-syllabic word is similar to English, another trader language, as opposed to long German words means the first Indo-Europeans were a civilization based in trade, which by ‘bio-geographical conditioning’, means a sea-culture probably around the black sea. Thus from the Chalcolithic to the -5000 BC, when the culture shocked by the Great flood becomes militaristic, the black sea was the center of a peaceful Neolithic culture. Then suddenly the tragedy occurs, and in the first texts of history the black sea receives another name: ‘The Death Sea’…

– The second mature horizon of Indo-European cultures, is based in weapons of cyclical bronze. It is the chariot radiation. [2000 BC, -200 BC]. And weapons of ironcarried by Hoplites [1200 BC, 400 BC, 400 AD main dates for radiations of Germanic tribes].

Those are now militaristic cultures, where the fundamental icon weapon is also a God, an ex-vote found in tombs, and the center of rituals and industries. So first bronze swords, the chariots and finally iron weapons multiply in each radiation.

Chariot invaders lived for and around the chariot, a fact proved by the common wealth of wor[l]ds referred to that weapon in all Indo-European languages of the age, and their abundance in royal Tombs.

In the next radiation, iron warriors will make of Wo-Tan the God of swords, and of Smiths=Schmidts, the bosses of all tribes. They reproduced so much that today is the most common Germanic surname. Finally the horse radiation will create the cavalry middle age culture. Now languages grow in size, and length. The primitive Germanic languages such as the High German or the Swedish are still long, putting together sentences as you put together atoms of iron to make a long sword, and you put men in files to make an army of hoplites.

–  Finally the Indo-European animetals go through a III horizon of gunpowder radiations [European cultures], which is the final extinctive age of Indo-European cultures, that become today submissive to a worldwide culture of metal reproduction. We live today in that Company culture where the language is mathematics, and the species in power machines… about to mutate into pure metal forms.

Remarkable indeed, that earlier war specialization of Indo-Europeans, that either discovered or reproduced and evolved in massive numbers all the weapons of history.

Only the Semites of the individualistic eye-desert Arabic culture, the other western animetal group, who expanded bronze spades and arrows, probably with origin in Egypt to Asia had such a remarkable importance in the evolution of metal. They have been the great traders, and inventors of new species of money. They discovered them all except the coins that Greeks multiplied and gave power to South Europe.
Semites also resisted the Indo-Europeans in the Western World, keeping their culture alive till today. They did that thanks to their social organization. Assur, the paradigm of Semite warriors, imitated the  weapons of all Indo-European waves, and reacted back in the form of and empire [iron, and cavalry].

Both cultures brought the  destruction of Goddess cultures, of fertility rites, of Earth worship, of perception of a sentient Universe, of the paradise of the Neolithic with men as top predators doing nothing except feeding, hearing their verbal priests and making love to their families. Those life based Neolithic cultures would last longer in the zones the Indo-European or Semites did not arrive till very late. Or zones that were so populated that they absorbed their invasion without many changes on their social structures, [Egypt, India, America and Chinese cultures].

The 3 ages of the Semite cultures.

Yes, again as all organisms of the Universe, we can talk of the Herds of Semites and their 3 ages:

We talk also of 3 Horizons for the Semite culture of animetals.

Since they are based in information unlike the Europeans based in energy, the Semite expansion is inferior in population numbers, yet their influence in history is much bigger than that of physical Northerners, since its superior informative- mental power, and verbal evolution determines that on the long term, through money they have imposed worldwide their culture.

Indeed, we live the Jewish culture, not the European or Greek culture. Hollywood, e-money, the Bible, and its ethics and derivative laws are Jewish. Jewish are the main holders of stock-markets, that control us. Jewish=Protestant rituals of repression of the human will [sex, good food, verbal ethics], set our behavior…

Yet the power of Semites is based not in weapons evolution beyond their initial bronze age, but in monetary evolution, the marker product of his 3 great cultural ages, Which proves that information rules energy, and informative ‘black holes of power’ despite being less evident are far more important to explain History: 

– I horizon: Semite cultures of Gold traders, based in metal bar currencies and bartering.

This age comes as early as the 8000 BC when Jericho is walled protecting trade between Mesopotamia and Egypt. It extends till the arrival of coins, and even latter in the Phoenician&Carthaginian trade culture of bartering. It is very likely that the extreme linguistic capacity of Jewish, and the myths-truths of their systemic lying as a culture, to the point would say a cynic of lying themselves [victimism, chosen of God], appears in the hardships of bartering. undoubtedly those who lied better to the natives, those who speak better languages, would survive, become rich and have more babies. It is a fact that Semites became soon the doctors, lawyers, traders and writers of this age [all the informative professions that they still hold]

– II Horizon: Semite cultures of coin traders, which take soon over the Greek culture of coin minters. It has as leading subcultures the Jewish and Syrian-Muslim trader cultures, in the  Hellenistic, Roman, Christian and Islamic empires.

This horizon goes roughly from 500 BC till 1600 AD. It is remarkable since the Greeks invented coins, and yet the higher experience of Jewish traders, made them already the dominant ‘reproducers of money’, holding most of the mints of the Hellenistic empires…

It is then during the Roman age, when both cultures merge, and the higher informative-monetary Semite culture, colonizes the minds of the racially more powerful [body-wise], Indo-European warrior culture. That merge however starts at first as a positive age of mankind, since it is a merge done by a prophet of the World, Jesus, that creates the Christian civilization. A civilization that represses massively the power of Semite traders to corrupt the world [prohibition of interest in commercial loans.]

– III Horizon. It coincides with the third horizon of History, the age of the machine. It starts with the destruction of Christianity by the Metal-press, in great part financed by Jewish investors, it continues with the discovery of science and company-mothers in 1602. It seems that this final age of History , the age of metal-information should have favored enormously the Jewish Semite-informative culture. This is truth to the point that Jewish today hold perhaps 50% of world shares, and control from America the world. Yet it is also the age of the biggest Holocausts of traders by warrior hordes, latter studied in detail. What shows that Gold is indeed a cruel God, that care not for his human believers…

 The bronze age: End of the copper age.

So when Bronze appeared, it destroyed Neolithic cultures worldwide. Beyond their possible use in the Sea of Death [probably still a copper culture] it is proved and found first in Egypt around ±3000 BC, maybe coming from South Iberia where there is a megalithic culture and language similar to Egypt, and copper and tin mines mix naturally. Immediately, South Egypt, less evolved as an agricultural culture than the North, but closer to metal mines, conquers the North and unifies the kingdom… over a pile of corpses [represented in the famous Narmer Palette].

The first Egyptian empire appears, and the South king becomes king of the North. The radiation thus has moved north and created the first hierarchical wave of power in Egypt, promoting the less evolved human culture which becomes the warrior dominant culture by virtue of its simplification through death of the complex social culture. This pattern is constant in metal-history: the lesser culture, or the lesser human overcomes by virtue of metal-power the best culture and best human, who resists the simplification and moral degradation that working with metal implies.

Soon Egyptians are made slaves of ‘death’ – the death of his emperor who builds huge tombs, called pyramids with the blood of his workers. Is this progress? Again only the elite of warriors who glorify themselves in those colossal tombs appreciate the advantages of having massive quantities of workers putting stones one after another, to make a simple pyramid, dissuaded by the power of the sword, instead of enjoying their free time, making love to their wives…

Weapons expand and promote primitive mountain cultures.

How bronze travels? Through warrior hordes. Where those hordes appear?

Mountains have metals and breed warrior cultures, primitive, brutal, harsh cultures that impose their power and degrade the cultures of the plains. It is the eternal return theory of Vico, firs scientist of history – the eternal regression to a dark ages, caused by weapons and technology.

To the East of Egypt from Assur to Aden the ‘Semite’ mountains breed metal.. . To the East of Mesopotamia from Armenia to Susa, we see the ‘Iranian’=Indo-European mountains. Those two groups of animetals become the top predators of the two river systems. Indeed a parallel phenomena to the arrival of Bronze in Egypt occurs in Mesopotamia, till now organized by Neolithic priests and peasants of higher human pleasures. Semites of the desert infiltrate with new weapons and conquer Sumerian kingdoms. Sargon, a Semite of Kish, becomes the Lord of the 4 Worlds, and Sumer decays. Yet the Semites live between Mesopotamia and Egypt. Obviously they have learnt from Egypt the use of Bronze weapons… The radiation of bronze weapons is moving fast through death, and warrior power.

Semites and Indo-Europeans are hated, despised, condemned by the first writers of History that warn them against their methods, to not avail… The fight between the sword and the word starts and the word takes a beating. Yet the word of Genesis survives. Who remembers the hurrites that destroyed Ur? Or maybe the Guti people? Even my memory is weak, unable to remember people of so few human importance.

In the next cycle, the discovery of the war chart, of the wheel of bronze starts again a radiation of new weapons that explodes worldwide. The chart had been found long ago in Mesopotamia moved by the ox. Then the chart crosses to the Steppes, where the Indo-Europeans of the Caucasus apply it to the race horse. The perfect form has been found: the war chart. The Indo-European warrior radiations explode world-wide. The Hurrites and Hitites become masters of Mesopotamia. The Hycsos enter in Egypt. The chart of war appears in the European plains and the new masters control the previous society. Around 1500 BC the radiation crosses the plains of Eurasia, and it appears simultaneously in China and India. In India it massacres the old Neolithic cultures of Harappa, probably expanded to all the Ganges long before. The invaders kill the people on the streets and set fire to the capital. In China, perhaps brought by Mongolian tribes, suddenly from nothing it appears a very elaborated Bronze, and chart culture.

The abstract historian without the model of biological radiations of weapons that extinguish and create new civilizations, still argues where the Shang dynasty started. It did in Sumer, a few hundred years ago, when the first bronze wheels were applied to transport.

Metal radiations are fast.

The extinctive processes they cause are also fast. Wars, revolutions, ends of the world happen one after another as the wave of war expands worldwide with each new main weapons discovered by mankind.

Those waves of war can be found in History periodically since the first bronze swords appeared. Around 800 years latter bronze chars have the same effect worldwide: the end of civilizations and the substitution by new civilizations ruled by a caste of charioteers.

Two bronze weapons, first the sword and the chart, start the amazing series of 800 year biological radiations of weapons=cycles of war, that have marked history. Bronze signifies the arrival of waves of warriors, and the end of the Neolithic and the life paradise: with bronze warriors the first empires and symbols of oppressive power will appear. Social castes based in metal become ‘natural’ to this new age of mankind.

Then another 800 year after the radiation of charts [±1200 BC], iron is discovered, and a new age of destruction starts… Cavalry, spurs, gunpowder, and finally digital weapons calculated or possessing computers power [atomic bombs, robots, electronic machines], will become the cycles that complete the evolution of metal-weapons towards conscious form.

The expansion of bronze armies tends to come from the less developed zones of a culture: south Egypt and Northern Mesopotamia, were the less evolved zones of those cultures, where bronze warriors appeared. Soon a massive degradation of perception of the sentient Universe takes place: Animism disappears; the Orgasm God of Amon, leaves way to the Ra-Aton Sun-God of metal-light; and the Copernican paradox of human anthropomorphism reinforced by metal power makes Egyptian warriors to believe themselves Gods, centers of the Universe. So they make pyramids and rituals to be crowned in their life after death. This simplex warrior attitude will be repeated along history: warriors will equal themselves to Gods, even taking the name of Gods [As Germanic iron cultures did in their ‘Goth’-tribes]. Their power of death takes them to the supreme Copernicanism: all is their property, all is their space of order, except themselves – the only people who deserve freedom [as today happens with ‘Stockrats’ which control cre[dit]ation of money. They have all rights and no responsibility, while the rest of people work, have no freedom, education or human goods].  All has changed to remain the same…

The dates

Let us now consider the exact dates of the two bronze radiations of weapons: lineal bronze or sword armies, and cyclical bronze, or chariot armies.

Bronze Age:

Lineal Bronze starts the first empires recorded in History. In ±2850 BC: the first Bronze sword armies appear, taking to power, God-pharaohs and Semite Lugals. Egypt becomes unified. History registers the first Mesopotamian Empires. We consider the arrival of Bronze, probably in Egypt, the beginning of the Paradox of History [Max. Metal Goods=Minimal human goods]. Rhetoric, epic art to the service of power starts also with palaces and tombs, such as the pyramids. Yet for most humans life did not improve, as they were enslaved by warriors and worked in those huge monuments to the arrogance of man. In fact in those cultures where bronze weapons arrived latter, human goods, and sensorial pleasures develop more.

For example in the Indus without metal abundance, the quality of housing was the highest in old civilizations. Then it plummets after Indo-European charioteers invade India. Indo-Europeans only improve architecture in ‘palaces’ and ‘death tombs’.

Also in Egypt, only as the initial wave of warriors recedes, we see the end of Pyramid construction, and a higher quality of life for the common people [VI dynasty.] Tombs now are smaller, full of lively drawings of animals and farmers; and priests regain power over warrior kings, promoting the reproduction of food, and human goods.

Chariot Radiation [Wheels of bronze]: It is the age of the Middle Empire, in classic historiography. The first wave starts around ±2000 BC: A World wide invasion of  Indo-Europeans with chariots from the northern planes destroy all civilizations. It is the extinctive phase of Sumerian cultures, when Genesis is written, and the parable of the tree of science, understood by the most intelligent verbal artists of the age. Charioteer Hordes conquer Sumer and Akkad. The first Hittites empires appear. In Egypt it signifies the end of the old empire and the beginning of the Middle Kingdom.

A clear prove of the Paradox of History, of the fact that where less weapons there are, better is life, is Crete: There the charioteers cannot arrive due to geographical conditions [a sea island]. So in Crete there is a continuity of a culture based on human goods, that makes of Crete the richest, most sophisticated civilization of the west in this age.

The same radiation of Charioteer Hordes will erase the Eastern cultures. From 1500 till 1000 BC. in the first Veda Period, nomadic chariot Indo-Europeans and their ‘sacred cows’ conquer India, impose a brutal metal-racism [castes], against Neolithic Goddesses, women, and the poor. The old culture survives longer in the South.

Charioteers found also the Shia dynasty in China, degrading and partially assimilating the Tao culture of the living Universe proper of Neolithic China. In China, the chariot arrives perhaps, transferred to Mongolian tribes [±1500 BC, Shang dynasty.] The depth and richness of the Neolithic [fully grown and densely populating the South by the V millennia BC], allows the Tao-Neolithic culture of the sentient Universe to survive partially. Yet the Ch’in dynasty and its radiation of iron weapons forbids all non-technological books under death penalty in ±300 BC. Then the wisdom of Taoism that understood so well the dual nature of the Organic Universe, and its Yin-Yang beings will be lost at philosophical level. Though it will inform the basic arts of classic China.

Main Languages of social power and parallel Civilizations:

In the Fertile crescent where the Age of Bronze reaches its apogee, there are 3 natural regions. Egypt, the Levantine coast, and Mesopotamia.

In those 3 regions we find 3 great cultures, each one using a fundamental “language of social power”, to organize itself. Those languages of power are weapons, that create warrior civilizations, money (metal-coins) that create civilizations of traders, and finally the languages of Humanity (words and visual art), that create the ideal civilizations of history, religious, ethic and artistic civilizations. A careful analysis of the cultures of this dawn of History shows clearly those 3 specializations among the castes of power:

-MESOPOTAMIC CIVILIZATIONS, between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. It is war dominant, in a zone of warrior traditions, surrounded by mountains full of copper and tin. It develops cultures based in weapons, among which Assur will become the first militaristic empire.

– EGYPT is a culture dominant in art, isolated and rich in human goods thanks to the Nile.

– Finally LEVANT and CRETE becomemoney dominant, trading through the Mediterranean with metals. Levant is the knot of communication between Egypt and Mesopotamia, and Crete controls sea trade. In that regions the oldest surviving trading civilization, the Jewish culture will be born…


The culture of Egypt where it seems bronze was discovered, South of the Nile from where the first unifying emperors come, is dominant during the first age of swords of bronze, with 3 well researched ages, that expand enormously in time, due to the isolation of the country.

The continuity of Egypt proves that without the interference of warrior hordes a civilization can become stable, can last eternally in times. In that sense Egypt is unique. Isolated by the desert, and born from within, their animetal castes will soon around the fifth dynasty humanize enough to make of art, and religion (even in their rhetoric forms) the center of the civilization. For that reason we still admire his deeds, more than those of Mesopotamia, the Semite civilization of war. Egypt is the first human paradise, in a culture that lasts almost 3000 years, 3 sub cycles of war waves, that Egypt absorbs. First Egyptians themselves create the bronze infantry armies that unify the emperor, and reach the height of military arrogance with pyramids. Then the chariot will come from foreign hordes, (the hyscos) but soon the Egyptians learnt how to make chariots and conquer back the country entering the mature age. Finally in the iron age, the become preyed by external civilizations and enter their decadence.

Let us show those 3 ages both in verbal and visual art, with some artistic remains. You can easily recognize the parallelism of form and verbal content between those 3 agesof the Egyptian culture and the generic morphological, and ethic characteristics of the 3 ages of an organism, that we have termed for a human historic organism, a civilization, the warrior, lineal youth, the trader, classic, mature age, and the baroque, prophetic age before the extinction of the civilization:


Ages and war cycles:

I Age: ±III millennium   II Age: ±II Mill.              III Age: ±I Millennium

±2800: Bronze Swords          ±2000: Chariots                ±1200: Iron Hordes

Art Ages:

I age: Lineal, Warrior               II Age: Realist, Trader    III Age: Formal, baroque.

Youth=Energy                        Maturity                              Old Age=Information

Old Empire,                            Middle, New Empires       Foreign Empires

Visual Art:

Portrait: Mikerinos 2548 BC    Akhenaton, 1379 BC                Nero 49 AD

Verbal Art:

I Age: Epic, Arrogant art:       II Age: Sensorial, Logic:     III Age: Baroque, extinctive:

I Mikerinos                                 It was a good land.                           ”Yesterday is gone.

son of Ra-Amon                         Figs were in it, and grapes.                There is not today.”

Lord of the World…                  It had more wine than water.

Plentiful was its honey.

Every fruit on its trees.

Pharaoh Statue                        Sinuhe, the Egyptian                             The book of death

Inscription, ±2600 Bc                        ±2000 Bc                                                   ±1200 Bc


The epic age, is called the Old and middle Kingdom. It lasts till the first conquest of the country by a foreign power: the Hycsos charioteers.

In this age it predominates the lineal, epic, warrior, young art, whose paradigm are the pyramids, and the hieratic portraits of pharaohs, as Gods [“The Mikerinos Group”].

After the Egyptians conquer back the country and expel the invaders, there is a brief period of classic, realist art, epitomized in the figure of Akhenaton [Portrait of Akhenaton].

The arrogant, epic literature of warriors-like-Gods, becomes mundane; and the ‘Energy God’ of the Earth, the Sun, substitutes the pharaoh. However this age is short-lived, because the independence of Egypt lasts only a few centuries. Soon, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans, invade and control the nation. Artists thereafter move into the two basic directions of art, in the baroque age, inwards, or outwards in an eclectic decadent age, sold to the invaders [portrait of Nero].

General rules to understand History of art through its remains.

In the previous texts and art remains of Egypt, as in those civilization cycles that will come latter, we have to distinguish several elements that describe any organism of history through its artistic remains.

– The general age of History to which the civilization belongs. Either its youth, when the ecosystem of metal was underdeveloped, its maturity when there was a balance between economic and cultural ecosystems, or the old age of history, today, when the economic ecosystem controls and suffocates the artistic, verbal, legal, ethic ecosystem, and money and science [digital information] provides most of the information of our society.

– We have also to differentiate within one of those 3 ages, the state of evolution of the 3 languages of social power, weapons, money and art, in the society.

Of those 3 languages, the critical one for the life of the society is the type of weapons the society uses. Since the extinction of societies takes place by war, as weapons evolve, they wipe out entire civilizations, and so we can chronologically place any civilization within two ages of ‘war’ caused by the evolution and massive reproduction of new weapons.

– Then within that age of weapons, we can differentiate the different civilizations according to the dominant caste of power, either as a war dominant culture [controlled by warriors], an world dominant culture [that worships religion, human goods, and art], and a money dominant culture [controlled by monetary information that values all things in society].

At that point we have determined clearly a given ‘species’ of civilization, which will be similar to any other civilization that displays the same character.

So in the previous photos and the next ones, we have considered civilizations that existed in the age of bronze weapons. In the western world there were 3 basic areas of civilization, corresponding to civilizations specialized in money [Levantine cultures, such as the Jewish or Cretan, or Phoenician cultures, since Levant was the knot of communication between Asia, the Mediterranean, the Nile and Mesopotamia, hence specialized in trade]; civilizations specialized in war [Mesopotamic cultures, surrounded by warrior, mountain tribes], and civilizations specialized in art [Egypt, isolated  from warfare and trading routes, to a degree that allowed the civilization to flourish at artistic and religious level.]

So Egypt for example is a civilization of the youth of history, that matured in the age of bronze weapons [swords, chariots], that specialized in wor[l]d culture [religion, architecture, agricultural and human goods], and was extinguished by specialized warrior civilizations, when iron substituted bronze as the strongest weapons [Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians, Greeks, and Roman invaders].

Those hordes of warriors that invaded periodically Egypt, destroying the civilization, set the chronology of the Youth, maturity and decadence of the Egyptian civilization.

We could talk of ‘crisis’ in the life of the organism of Egypt, caused by massive invasions of warrior hordes, that changed the civilization, till finally extinguishing it.

Warriors came in 3 great waves: a first wave of bronze infantry coming from the South [where bronze was mass produced around 3000 BC], massacred Neolithic villagers, till finally unifying Egypt under a single warrior leader, the pharaoh. It was the youth of Egypt, the old empire. We show how the warrior caste imposed lineal art, and arrogant epic literature, to the Neolithic villagers of the ‘infancy’ of Egypt. Then it came a second wave of chariot warriors, from Syria [Hicksos], that controlled Egypt for II centuries, destroying the epic youth of native Pharaohs. Then Egyptians learnt to use chariots and counter-attacked, expelling the [Hicksos>Hebrews], and restarting the civilization. It is the classic age of Egypt. Pharaohs have not longer total power, priests are also powerful, since they were the great organizers of the Egyptian people that defeated the invaders. The mentality of pharaohs change. They become Earthly, and care more for their people. Osiris, the God of the people grows in power. People can also ‘aspire’ to a life after death.  Pharaoh tombs are smaller. The age of huge pyramids to pharaoh-Gods of unlimited arrogance is no more. Yet Egypt cannot survive isolated, against the growing waves of more evolved weapons coming from Asia and Europe. So as the iron age of iron swords grows, hordes of iron warriors menace Egypt. First Hittites, then people of the sea, attack with iron swords Egypt. It is the beginning of the III Age of Egypt. Its artists know that is only a question of time, that the barbarians will annihilate the land of plenty, its honey, grapes and fruits, its sensorial pleasures. Indeed, the Assyrians first, then the Persians and the Greeks and romans, do conquer Egypt. Finally the Jewish-Christians impose their culture, of sensorial repression, and Egypt dies, extinguished. It is around the III century, when Christian priests and Roman soldiers mutilate all the statutes of the God Amon, the ‘God-Creator’, which according to the Egyptian religion, reproduces the Universe constantly. As in Neolithic china, where the principle of fertility and communication between women and men, between informative and energy species, between yin and yang, is the cause of the Universe; the Egyptians thought the principle of pleasure, orgasm and reproduction was the creative cause of the Universe. They were actually right, since we know reality comes from the constant transformation of energy into information. That was a complex concept for a warrior-trader based civilization such as the Roman-Christian civilization, that repressed human senses., So if you visit today Egypt you will see that all its statues, have a hole in front of the hips of Amon.  Roman-Christians had mutilated the ‘erect penis’, symbol of Amon, God of Egypt. Once the Gods [verbal networks of thought] of a civilization have died, the civilization is deceased. So Egypt dies. Since the ‘yesterday of Egypt is gone’, and there is no longer today, for Ra-Amon, Lord of the Universal Orgasm.

You can follow those 3 ages, and the 3 styles of art, they imposed, in the photographs and texts: First a warrior pharaoh, Mikerinos, pretending to be God; then the age of artistic freedom epitomized Akhenaton and the priests of Amon, that dethroned him, and promoted human goods, and sensorial pleasures. Finally when Egypt became a colony exploited for tax purposes, during the age of foreign empires, monetary corruption ruled the nations. Art become prophetic, extinctive, formal, decadent.

Those 3 ages, will take place once and again in all cultures, and yet a few of them, as Egypt did, will manage to exist most of his time in the age of Wor[l]ds. They are the classic cultures of mankind, the apogee of human history: the chines culture, in the far east civilization, the Southern Islands, of Ceylon and Java, in the Indian civilization, Egypt in the Middle East civilization, Italy in the European civilization, and the Mayan peninsula in the American civilization. All of them had a geographical advantage that allowed human goods, and worlds to flourish: they were either peninsulas, or islands, or as in the case of China, civilizations so extended that could absorb the shock wave of warriors and traders, with mercenary armies, and resurrect, their love for human goods. Their artistic styles remained unchanged for centuries, even millennia, and returned to their origins. This today might be considered under ideologies of metal-progress a defect. Yet within the laws of survival of the Universe, it proves they had mastered the true wisdom of Universal species: survival, lasting times.

They had also achieved amazing rates of human density in population, because without weapons and corruption by money, their people were able to live together in harmony.

They are the true successful cultures of History. If we compare for example the life of China, and contemporary money-specialized Levantine culture [Phoenicia, Israel], we realize, that Chinese are today 1.2 billion, and never left their country. Phoenicia however was extinguished, by Assyrians and Romans, that wanted its money and gold. While Judaism, has been periodically extinguished by warriors that wanted its wealth, and today represents 1/100th of the Chinese population.

If we compare the Latin culture [Italy, France, Iberia], and the Germanic empire, we realize that Germans are still isolated in central Europe, despite discovering most of the weapons of history [mass production of iron swords in Austria, around 1200 BC, mass production of chariots in Ukraine around 2000 BC, mass production of gunpowder in XII century, discovery of main weapons of modern age]. People feared so much their lineal, warrior, death-prone culture that once and again, all nations, have join forces to prevent the expansion of a total war-civilization. The much more compromising British, and Iberians, had succeed far more in reproducing their cultures worldwide, despite having less weapons, because they accepted the existence of the ‘others’, they ruled, because they were more humane.

The obvious conclusion is that civilizations based in racial myths whose support is only the power of weapons [German, Japanese cultures], or the power of money [Protestant, Judaism, Phoenician cultures], on the long term fared worse, because they are less evolved human societies, that those which accept human reason and art in a higher degree [Britain, Latin Europe, China].  Unfortunately today, we belong to the American, now worldwide civilization, that worships money and weapons, based in Jewish-Protestant, and Germanic primitive traditions, that made of gold and iron, the center of their culture. As we will see when studying the present civilization, the outcome of such wrong approach to history will very likely be as in the past, in those civilizations, a new age of war, and human suffering.

With a good book on classic art, you can follow now any culture of history in any age or zone of the Earth, and understand it organically. Let us do that now with the rival great culture of the Bronze age, Mesopotamia.

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