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The systemic intelligence of Networks.


In the graph, systems sciences consider the Universe an organic fractal, which each science studies at a level of size, all of them evolving socially through networks of energy and information. So we can study species as organisms living a world cycle and evolving finally in social networks becoming super organisms, the most efficient survival strategy of the Universe, where a head-particle-informative class will invent a language of common organization, quantum numbers, hormones, genes or memes, money or laws that all the body-wave parts/cells/citizens will obey. The goal of systems sciences is then to properly apply the physiological laws of networks to design or study perfects organisms of nature, including mankind and the economic ecosystem.

For all what we have said it is eivden that we must add to the 3 canonical dimensions of space in a single plane of reality, now gifted with motion, hence ‘dimensional motions’ or dimotions; the fractal structure of the Universe in scales, which means to add two new dimensions. The canonical dimensional motion (ab. Dimotion) of entropic dissolution and death proper of classic physics – arrow of time, and the inverse dimensional motion of parts that become wholes, of social evolution, of growth of information, as those parts emerge into a whole. We shall call this Dimotion, the most important of the Universe, the dimotion of social evolution, of love.

How then it happens that parts become wholes is the key to depart from a mere abstract, quantitative analysis of reality and add the organic nature of all what exists, the dynamic interplay of parts that ‘network’ and connect to each other, forming simultaneous spacetime organisms, which synchronizes its clocks, emerge as a whole and develop all the intelligence and complexity of the systems we observe around us:

In the graph, we see the ternary network structure of the nested organisms of the fractal Universe as ¬Æ topological planes composed of ‘similar fractal points’ (atoms, cells, individuals) joined by 3 physiological lines=networks, whose 3 functions, distribution of locomotion, information and its ‘combined’ energy define the 3 conserved Dimotions of any system of the Universe. A final element though is needed to make sense of those superorganisms, the still mind of information, mapping out the whole and controlling it to perform its Mandate of existence, Max. SxT (s=t), to survive, grow and multiply.

It’s all in 5D metric equations, SxT=C and ¡ts S=T point of balance & equilibrium where the system reproduces as the two fundamental metric equations of all space-time organisms, which means many things, such as:

– Slow beings use networks of faster particles which in physical systems are ‘waves of force’ in life beings are and networks with fractal branching and in human societies, networks of money and simultaneous legal messages. Yet all are essentially performing the same organic functions, we shall describe now as can ‘translate’ a light filling wave that penetrates lower planes, filling it till it touches particles, as a branching that ‘speeds up frequency’; and a legal network that every citizen knows and obeys as a filling system of information, similar to a DNA network that all cells of an organism have in common. Think always NOT in the differences of form and scale but in the homology of functions for the body/waves and particle/heads of each of the 3 superorganisms (working and informative classes in human societies), to see the unity of it all.

The 2 languages of informative and reproductive networks: Bits of information and bites of energy.

It is important also to Understand NOT in pure abstract mathematical terms, but in LOGIC, LINGUISTIC ones, the INTERNAL, DYNAMIC nature of those networks, because only then we can proper understand how they work in advanced organisms of maximal information, the biological organism and the Historic organism, which belong as ‘fractal systems’ self-similar to each other, two the same specific type of organisms, we shall qualify as socio-biological organisms. A NETWORK, of informative nature, delivers MESSAGES OF INFORMATION to simultaneously coordinate the actions of all its parts; with its faster=smaller bits of information according to 5D metrics (min. spatial size x. max. temporal speed). While the networks of reproduction, the blood and financial system delivers larger bites of energy, which the organism needs to feed itself (when it is a healthy NON-corrupted superorganism as most of Nature, but NOT HUMAN SOCIETIES, whose astounding level of corruption we shall explain in detail).

Indeed, the key to the full understanding of reality both in terms of energy but also in terms of information, as both are two sides of the same coin, called ‘exist¡ence’ is the fact that in the sentient Universe, each fractal point, atom, cell or citizen (physical, biologic or social systems) needs bits of in-form-ation, form, smaller in size of space, hence faster according to 5D metrics (SxT=C), but also ‘bites’ of entropic energy which will help the system to move. Networks are NOT some abstract ‘fractal tube’ but they exist to deliver ‘energy and information’ (SS: form=language with a little motion=St-information and motion=entropy=TT with a bit of information = energy=Ts).

So a healthy superorganism will deliver to each ‘fractal point’ (molecules, cells, human citizens), two type of messages through two type of networks. We shall call ‘generically’ the 3 type of bits and bites of information and energy that each of those 3 physical, biological and social systems receive, ‘particles, genes and memes’ even if the words as usual in 5D sciencers are slightly changed, and widened in its original meaning.

So with its specific variation, those are the two fundamental reproductive-‘body-wave’ and informative-‘particle-head’ bites of energy and bits of information of the fundamental systems of nature:

In physical systems, the two networks are the gravitational faster network of information, which we humans do not perceive, as we are much larger beings with electronic networks. Its bits of information in this faster non-local network should be ‘gravitons’, components of gravitational waves. In physical papers we advance as the most likely particle state of those waves of information that ‘position’ the different physical systems of the galaxy, a gravitational tachyon ‘neutrino’ for multiple reasons, we study on our papers on physics.

On the other hand, because we do perceive it, it is much easier to prove that the energetic network of physical systems are electromagnetic waves, photons and its ‘social, static state’ as the elements of an electronic nebulae, trapped in the potential energy well of the atom. Thus photons and electrons become the ‘energy network of physical system, molecules.

We shall escape then in this introduction further information on the scalar structure of those networks and how, as we ‘grow in scale’, what is a bite of slow energy for a smaller plane of space-time, becomes for the larger plane’s slower beings, a faster bit of information, in the amazing beauty of the harmonies between scales. So electronic ‘food for atoms’ becomes electronic information for biological organisms and so son.

Those biological organisms do have then two fractal networks, the electronic, informative nervous system in which bits of electronic information moving along the myelin membrane deliver faster messages to every part of the organism to simultaneously synchronize its motions, so the body-cells act as a single form in simultaneous space.

– But when we move into the bites of energy delivered by the blood organism, the network delivers to each cell the basic ‘currency’ language of energy that all cells need to move, called ‘oxygen ‘. It is an atom of slower motion than the electrons but due to its electro-negativity and readily availability in the atmosphere, with its capacity to kick with two OH- & H+ legs the water ‘medium’ on which cells exist, the perfect language of ‘money’ for the organism to start kicking its ‘actions’.

So we DO have in the next scale according to the perfect laws of harmony, the two basic biological bits and bites of information and energy, electrons and oxygens, and from then on, as systems become more complex, variations of those bits and bites occur.

The main category are mixed ST messages, which deliver BOTH a stick and carrot ‘complex’ to the cells and its big molecules, which are amino acid systems, of great simplicity called Hormones, starting from the simplest of them all, an NO molecule (which do relax muscles, its main message to the locomotion system, increases the pressure of blood, provoking sexual erection, the simplest message to reproductive systems and multiplies the neuronal activity. As nitrogens are the clock atom of our mind-brains.

So finally more complex NO systems with a body support of carbon chains become ‘hormones’ which might have a ‘higher informative message’ (with more N, as in nucleotide molecules) or a higher energetic message (as in acids with more oxygen).

They form then the basic letters of the ‘biological longer sentences that might accumulate information’ in ever more complex molecules, as biological organisms are by far the more complex systems we know of.

Finally a very important concept is the difference between an ecosystem in which multiple superorganisms co-exist, often in predatory relationships, vs. an organism in which only a type of atoms, cells or citizens co-exist, and is far more symbiotic as all parts love each other and share energy and information through its networks, over a common territorial space, as shown in the graph.

Those three physiologic networks/classes/physical parts of ANY system of the Universe define the Universe indeed as a fractal organism of infinite smaller and bigger super organisms, in a game of Russian dolls in which each of us is a ‘island-Universe’ within itself, made of smaller parts, and for that reason each of us is also a part, cell/citizen of a social super organism, nation, religion or civilizations, which we do NOT see as a whole, as our cells do NOT see us as a whole, but DO exist as such.

What makes then the whole a whole? The answer is: the nervous, informative languages that communicate all the parts of the super organism and ‘trace’ within its syntax and value, its path of the future. And so we have talked first of it and will constantly coming to the bottom line of reality – the languages that construct the organisms of the world.

Let us then define the ‘stair of Universal supœrganisms to understand this:

Let us then define with similar templates the ‘stair of nested Universal supœrganisms, of the 3 stientific varieties – physical, biologic and social:

∆+3: A galactic organism is a population of stars, related by energetic electromagnetic networks and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of black holes, and a membrane made of strangelet matter symmetric to:

∆-3: An atomic organism is a population of particles, related by energetic electromagnetic networks and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of quarks, and a membrane made of electronic matter symmetric to:

∆+2: A star organism is a population of electronic plasma, related by energetic networks of electromagnetism and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of atoms, and a membrane of photonic radiation symmetric to:

∆-2: A light organism is a body of energetic waves over a quantum potential field of gravitational neutrinos, directed by its particle, informative photon state…

∆-1: A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and coded by genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey) coded by instincts.

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy, coded by human memes.

Networks that share energy and information between parts and wholes that expresses the structural unity of all scales connect all systems of reality. Networks ‘fill’ space ad maximal to connect fully the whole with the parts, achieved in the Si=Te point of parallelism and self-similarity. But they enter in a region of faster motion. So while Space ‘tends to remain constant’ in each scale thanks to filling networks, time accelerates. So the 5D metric refers NOT to the whole Universe of 5D planes but to a given family of ‘supœrganisms’ of which mankind in it 3 scales of ‘biologic cells’, human individuals and societies is undoubtedly a ‘phyla’. When we go down in scales, the Universe ‘enlarges’ for a traveler that becomes smaller and accelerates its temporal energy.

The 2 languages of history: Verbal, legal, ethic ‘nervous messages’ and ‘WHealthy money’.

So we arrive to the human social networks, which we anticipate are in the present form ‘completely corrupted’ by the existence of a parallel ‘economic ecosystem’ of lethal goods, weapons, and corrupted parasitic money. So it is difficult for the reader to understand how simple, easy, and efficient WAS in the past, before the age of Metal, in the Neolithic, or during the ages of social religions of love or could be in the future with a proper design of the social networks of money and law, a PERFECT superorganism of history as efficient as those we just have described. In such superorganism, there are exactly the same networks: Legal verbal just networks of bits of word information that shapes the informative and cultural systems of the wor(l)d. And a healthy form of money, delivered to each citizen cell as a Universal salary so humans have enough energy to survive and buy its natural welfare goods, which must be classified NOT by price but by its biological usefulness to mankind, reason why we give them positive and negative values in the ethonomic frame of reference, according to its use for the 3 organic parts of humanity at individual and social level.

The previous graph explains them. Since vital, topologic, physiological network laws are the most important to consider when studying History in Space, as the reader can observe in the previous graph, since History, the ∆+1 scale of superorganisms of mankind follow all the exact laws of a lower organic plane – that of a biological organism, albeit, due to its ‘primitive’ degree of evolution is NOT a well designed organism, but one clearly ‘sick’, infected by ‘lethal goods’, with dysfunctional parasitic economic systems (as the language of reproduction of goods, money, is absorbed by a minimal number of people, or used to reproduce those lethal goods). And so the study of History as a superorganism has 2 different parts:

– On one side we can consider a perfect, efficient superorganism of History with the laws of vital topology just by imitating perfect efficient superorganisms of Nature, which are the majority of them – History is in fact an exception – as we said a sick organism.

– On the other side, we can study our superorganisms, as they have evolved in time, spotting their degrees of corruption and sickness of its 3 physiological systems, the life Earth, Gaia that sustains them; the economic and financial system that reproduces its goods, and the informative cultural and legal system that synchronizes its citizens cells. It is then when it will become evident what went wrong with ‘human’ history, one of many likely subspecies in the infinite fractal planets of the organic Universe that likely will not make it into the future…

In the next graph we can see a historic super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive, belonging to the ‘ideal species’ that would be efficient, provide to the 100% and survive…

History is a super-organism made of human cells, extended over a geographical body of energy called Gaia, the vital-space or body, where historic, social organisms evolve. In that sense, a human and a social organism, a nation or a civilization, have in common the elements of all super-organisms:

  1. Cellular units. These are cells in a human body, citizens in a human society.

Networks of energy or vital space; provided by Gaia, a super-organism made of living beings, joined by a common network of visual information and networks of life energy, gathered around her ‘river veins’. Since Gaia is also the living organism that hosts the social organisms of Mankind.

  1. Networks=Languages of This is the nervous system that organizes cells in a body, or the verbal/visual information that organizes human societies through laws, ethics and art.
  2. Networks that reproduce energy and information. These are sexual systems in individuals; and economical networks that reproduce goods and cultural networks that define how humans reproduce in societies. This is the blood system in a human body and the economic networks of production & transport in a society that favor ‘WHealth’, that is, goods that satisfy the needs of the ‘3 physiological networks of life-existence that make us human beings, whose ‘proper frame of reference’ (left) is NOT based on financial values, manipulated by financial institutions and companies that set prices, but by ‘biological true values.’

So a human organism Is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of nervous information and energy (blood). And a supœrganism of history is a population of citizens, related by legal, cultural, informative and economic-energy networks ‘predating’ over a territorial geography, on the outer ‘membrane’ of planet Earth.

The role of true social science, its politicians and economists in a natural, efficient superorganism of history.

The same laws that apply to the study on how cells becomes wholes through its connection through physiological networks, of energy, reproduction and information, apply to the way humans are organized by energetic territories, economic, re=productive networks and informative, cultural, legal networks. So we can design a perfect superorganism of Humanity just by imitating the laws of social systems, in nature, which do construct perfect superorganisms all over the place where all cells receive enough energy and information to survive. As Humanity does not manage properly its social superorganisms, they become ‘infected by lethal products, weapons and hate media which kills those social super organisms.

In the graph, we sum up the nature of History, the superorganism of mankind, and how it should be designed according to the biological Whealth humans need to thrive and survive, if the economic system was not an ill-designed parasitic system of debt slavery, born of the evolution of supremacist fetish gold cultures, in conjunction with the metal-entropic iron cultures that consider MONEY not what it is – a digital language of distribution and production of goods, no wealth per se, but a language that kicks the reproduction of those goods, as words do with human organisms and oxygen and hormones with biological systems – hence a language that should be delivered tool citizens-cells to start production and consumption of welfare goods, with universal salary and NO-DEBT government issues (that is not need to return the money).

The science of economics as a true social science, is the science that should manage and design  the ‘re= productive, blood-like system’ of the superorganism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose should be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our superorganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes and fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’).

As those are the ± goals of all re=productive networks of Nature’s superorganisms.

And so since mankind is a superorganism, and its legal, nervous political network and re=productive blood economic network its physiological systems, politicians and economists as ‘doctors’ of history should imitate Nature in the design of such efficient superorganism, which is extremely easy since in Nature no superorganism leaves one of its citizens-cells without enough food and welfare goods they need to survive, no superorganism allow lethal goods to reproduce within the body system, and no nervous system, emits unjust ‘legal messages’ which do not treat all cells as equals and synchronize its motions.

We explain those simple facts of nature, and the proper models of social sciences, in more detail in the graphs that draws the basic structure of the superorganism of mankind, History, including an ‘economic frame of reference’ that value positive and negative goods  according to their biological utility, as organisms do.

In such a frame of reference, negative goods like weapons will have negative values, subtract from the GDP and be forbidden, because their use harm people.

And so the nervous and leukocyte, blood system would forbid and control its production.

While on the positive side we put the goods that foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species. So a healthy, wealthy society with an efficient re=productive system would overproduce those goods.

And this would be done simply with the same system that organisms use to kick out the production of the goods its cells require: through a ‘hormonal language’ of orders controlled by the legal/nervous system that defined what to produce and what to inhibit  and a common ‘energy language’, oxygen – money in the economic system, which is given to all cells to kick out their actions of consumption and production, within the restrictions of the legal nervous system.

As simple as that. So a healthy wealthy economic system would be similar to the social-democratic welfare economic systems of the European Union in the XX century or China, before both systems became corrupted and changed its economy to a model of massive reproduction of lethal goods, and lack of credit for its people, imitating the economic system of American capitalism, where a few parasitic private bankers choke their people of credit, welfare, healthy goods are chronically under produced and lethal goods are massively overproduced to control and harm its population, which the corrupted political system does NOT serve, as it happens in organisms, with their neuronal system that serves the body – because the cells of the body can harm with pain the mind if it does not serve them.

In our corrupted organisms of history, akin to a cancerous body where a few cells absorb all the oxygen-money for themselves and viral germs multiply and attack the citizens-cells, nothing of this simple, obvious organization that happens in all evolved mammal systems, in all superorganisms of nature, takes place. 

∆±¡: 2 scales of human superorganisms. Its collective mind: art and religion.

The 2 super organisms of mankind at the individual and social level and its informative, nervous or legal/ethic networks, and reproductive blood or economic networks. Those 3 physiological networks collapse with germs and wars that kill civilizations. Religions are inscribed within the ethic/visual collective mind of its informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilization expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Love Religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture. In the graph, the blood-reproductive network of economics, the digestive-entropic territory in which we feed and the nervous informative systems of politics are parallel and in systems sciences must follow similar laws. So we should tailor economic systems with laws of medicine, and put the nervous system above, as all evolved organisms. It follows that as doctors are in charge of curing and maintaining healthy the social organism of cells, through the caring of its physiological networks (blood=reproductive, nervous=informative and digestive=entropic, energetic systems), to the point that doctors say all sickness are not of cells but of physiological networks, historians, economists and politicians on charge of the theoretical and practical well-being of human societies should take care of those economic, political=legal-informative and Gaia=entropic, energetic networks of life that shape the human superorganism. In the graph below we consider in more detail one example of those superorganisms, the most important for mankind – the superorganisms of humanity, nations and civilizations.

Organicism puts man again @ the center of all things, because we are the most perfect superorganism. So biology & medicine that cure the physiological networks of sick organisms, are the true sciences of history and economics, since the goal of both is to create perfect physiological networks of economic welfare production and just democratic systems of nervous control and pain to the brain-politicians that do not obey the organic laws and develop a wealthy, healthy, humanist world to the image and likeness of man, made to the image and likeness of the fractal organic universe.

Historic nations and civilizations as super organisms in space, its physiological networks of energy (economic system) and information (culture and political system) and in time through its life and death=war ages and cycles, themselves a mirror image of the larger cycles and physiological networks of the whole superorganism of mankind, history. Mankind in time and space as a superorganism and a worldcycle: in the upper part its full world cycle as a block of time, in the down and right its life and death through civilizations of which the subconscious collective artists and ethic prophets form its ‘neurons’ – while the equivalent metal earth has in its scientists, their collective brain that increasingly confuses technology (metalife), with science (knowledge).


Systems sciences is based in a profound analysis of the ‘subconscious intelligence’ of the Universe which goes beyond the individual ‘solid’ ego, creating ‘network relationships’ that ’emerge’ as a new intelligence, organizing parts into wholes.

Because humans stop their intelligence in the individual ego, they don’t understand systems, and that has a paradoxical consequence: the higher systemic intelligence of the Universe controls them without the need of any ‘confabulation theory’ – or rather we could say that the Universe IS a confabulation theory; that is, as individuals come into communication with each other through a language of values, they form networks of destructive entropy to absorb reproductive energy and construct with it new forms of information, in a creative process that will JUST BECAUSE A CERTAIN herd of similar beings, FOLLOW the often misunderstood ‘values’ of the language, emerge as a ‘system’ or ‘super organism’.

This is the essence of the eusocial creative processes of the Universe. So Humanity changed in the future they were created, when it substituted the language and values of wor(l)ds that gave maximal value to humanity and so was in the process of creating a world to the image and likeness of a life super organism called ‘Mankind’ by the language and values of a metal-digital, informative language, called money, in informative metal support (Gold, silver), which by affinity of substance, gave maximal value to entropic metal, weapons that killed life.

As SIMPLE as that when you understand the intelligence of the Universe. The change of ‘culture’ from one that made of wor(l)d values either in religions of love or real democracies, to one which gave metal supremacy over man, either entropic iron that killed the body or informative metal go(l)d that killed the ethic mind of man (we use on purpose the word, wor(l)d and go(l)d as the language (l) that creates a human ‘world’ or in gold cultures is taken as the vehicle of gold and blindly obeyed regardless of its collateral effects on mankind).

The result is the transition from renaissance to the modern age, when humans under the values of weapons and money above the law will start the reproduction and evolution of memes of metal over man, some symbiotic, some lethal, but on the whole, the race of evolution in this planet had a clear winner: memes of metal. In the previous graph we see, how this evolution then acquire a growing rhythm in an accelerated wave, which now ‘at the end of the industrial evolution’, collapses into AI robots, with gold chips and iron bodies:

Do humans realize what they are doing? Of course not, specially those cultures that worship memes of metal, and we shall call ‘animetal cultures’, since their human traits have been diminished by the subconscious values of go(l)d greed and war violence, so they ab=use other humans with them, and break the ‘law of eusocial, biological evolution’ of species into larger, better fit for survive social wholes, as expressed first in love religions by the prophets=scientists of history of the lower graph first, then by Biological scientists and finally today by systems scientists.

Science is culture.

Physics and entropy

Modern Physicists’ interpretation of physical facts and equations is biased by their historic culture, Military Germany of worship of weapons and entropy=death, so they denied the arrow of ‘crystal=solid’ information and Einstein/Godel’s cyclical, big-crunch solutions happening in thermodynamic matter and cosmological galaxies, where we LIVE dominated by evolution NOT entropy, which balance the gaseous and vacuum space expansion, in reproductive liquid and steady state immortal ‘present’ systems. As time went by since most humans are memorial believers those sided theories of reality became dogma, and today in an age of increasing mental devolution as humans are substituted by thinking machines, mankind just repeats its model errors, spread also into social sciences and biology, always in favor of the arrow of death.

UNDERSTAND THIS: SCIENCE IS CULTURE, and everything except data and mathematical equations, is then subject to interpretation, including physical concepts such as Lineal Time (when obviously all time clocks are cyclical, from your wrist to the orbits of the day-year’s earth and its seasons).

Since modern physics were born of the ‘germanic, lineal military interpretation’ of those mathematical equations at the height of German military power, when the idea that entropy=death rules the Universe and information=life doesn’t matter was enshrined as dogma.

Science IS culture even in biology, born in its ‘interpretation’ of the hard-facts of eusocial evolution that always select the loving species that organizes itself in systems with other similar forms, so carbohydrates evolved into cells that evolved into multicellular organisms that evolved into social superorganisms, of which the ant and the human in the two scales of animal life are SO DOMINANT that they together represent 2/3rds of the total mass of life on Earth, yet biologists still stress the final entropic ‘fight between individuals’. 

Science IS culture also in our social models that rule the world, NOT with the law of placebo democracies, but with the language of money, privately issued by those on top of the capitalist pyramid that buy laws, objects and people with bribes, prices and salaries.

This hierarchical antidemocratic system of controlling society with money was in fact, born much earlier in history with the birth of go(l)d cultures where biblical banker-priests enslaved its believers to bring them fetish go(l)d coins – the sweat of the sun – as ex-votes to their temples, mostly through the trade in the ‘objects’ of maximal price, weapons and slaves; and latter those memes (genes matter NOTHING to history, which is about memes, idol-ogies and instruments) were transferred through reformation to biblical believers who founded ‘CLASSIC economics’ in Imperial Britain, and as they conquered the world, extended the idol-ogy of capitalism to all nations, becoming the present ill-designed pyramid of capitalism.

Since the issue of the language of power money IS NOT as in all efficient super organisms, re-produced by all cells that use it to kick a demand economy (blood oxygen delivered to all cells in a human organism, electromagnetic energy shared by all atoms in a physical system, and so on), but by a people-caste of private bankers and ‘stock rats’, the new aristocrats that substituted those military ‘Germanic elites’ in Europe, when the company-mother of machines-weapons substituted the king on top of power, and the concept that we must obey the king by the grace of god was replaced by a more sophisticated system of placebo democracies, according to which we must obey the law, issued by corrupted politicos to the service of those company-mothers…

So science as culture has created a completely deformed image on how the Universe truly works, which resumes in the denial of social love and the belief that entropic (weapons) and death rules it all, and man is an inferior species, we should not care for, all of it of course disguised of PLACEBO CARING, in a twisted hypocritical world where a virtual reality make us believe we are happy, and all goes well, when the true workings of the ill-designed system is destroying the world, and this is specially truth and harmful on the realm of social sciences.

Because we live after 5000 years of metal-civilizations in a world tailored to those idol-ogies of metal above man, as we have said our experts in social sciences, and rules of the world, politicians, economists and entrepreneurs don’t have a fuking idea (sorry for the lack of newspeak and politeness of this web), where they are going in such a deterministic way, why they arrived here, because they DENY intelligence to the systems of the Universe and as THE VALUES of the wor(l)d among which truth and love are ‘essential’, have been debased by their worship of gold and weapons (informative and entropic metal) today evolved into machines (organic metal that transforms back and forth energy into information), they have a very reduced ‘verbal intelligence’. Indeed, their love religions are today degraded into go(l)d churches (biblical sects, class segregation, according to which gold worth is the measure of human worthiness) or military inquisitions (Hinduism, Islam, Nationalism that denies humans its equality as species, and allows an individual or nation to kill other human), and the ‘queen’ of all idol-ogies, ‘technological racism’ according to which the evolution of machines NOT of mankind is the purpose of our species, which acts as an ‘enzyman’, catalyzing that evolution while leaving behind the bulk of mankind, the undernourished, ab=used, uneducated 90%.

Now, even if this blog is titled ‘evolutionary economics’, because in this planet indeed, only machines are evolving today under the rule of money over the law, we shall warn you that we ‘side’ with History, the super organism of mankind, the 90% NOT with economics and its systems of power, by the rule of money and weapons, on top of ‘placebo democracies’, submissive to them. So it is in fact a blog of history, even if my education was primarily in the field of economics.

And so as the eco(nomic)system is obviously NOT serving a future for mankind, the only way out is to reform globally the system. Yet this is a tall order, because as we said humans ignored due to their self-centered perception of reality, the social intelligence of ‘mathematics’, the language of digital money, made of numbers which are ‘social groups of indistinguishable equal beings’, since the highest intelligence of the Universe is social, mathematical, but humans are NOT reaching that intelligence, specially those on top of the ‘pyramid of globalized capitalism’.

Ego paradox: subconscious rule of digital money as a network language that controls Earth’s evolution.

So the fundamental limit for humans to have a future in this planet and thrive is the paradox of the ego – a truth so obvious to the philosopher that it was cast as the capital sin in the first parable of History on the symbiosis and competition between the species of the life tree and the species of the tree of metal. In brief, humans are so self-centered that they cannot acknowledge organic properties to machines, (just systems of metal fast evolving into organisms), to the planet Gaia (whose 3 organic ages of life, of mankind – History proper – and the growing eco(nomic)system of machines we call the metal-earth is ignored), or even to their societies beyond the individual (clear super organisms regulated as all super organisms by a reproductive, ‘blood-like’ system or economy and an informative, nervous-like system or political and cultural system of laws and memes).

A humble human being could go much further into the design of a perfect world, by first understanding the higher intelligence of the Universe, which reproduces and evolves systems through linguistic networks, which individuals follow without being aware of their collective intelligence. 

Let us then start with a simple description on how humans become ‘managed with two physiological, linguistic networks as any other system of nature, illustrated in the next graph, which we repeat ad nauseam, humans won’t recognize because their intelligence doesn’t go beyond the ego, but precisely because they don’t recognize the intelligence of the Universe, they can paradoxically be controlled much more easier, by those 2 linguistic physiological networks of laws and money and the political and financial people and power structures ill-designed to exploit them:

Societies are superorganisms ruled by laws of systems sciences; yet humans do NOT recognize any intelligence beyond the ego, so they fail to understand the physiology of societies, and further on ignore the predatory Nature of some lethal goods and cultures of the tree of science that parasite and kill human super organisms. So they live in an ill-designed system, ‘capitalist democracies’, where the eco(nomic)system is parasited by company-mothers of machines=weapons and private bankers that issue in monopoly and choke off ‘oxygen=money’ most of the cells=citizens of the human super organism, overeproducing lethal goods of max. profit, weapons & hate media that kill or atrophy our body and mind, building a world to the image and likeness of those machines and weapons, which as a viral leukemia does, obligues all its cells to reproduce only those virus=machines, limiting the reproduction of the welfare goods its citizens need to survive. The result is a chronic scarcity of life goods, which maintains most of mankind in a permanent state of poverty, and an overproduction of memes of metal, as its super organisms, company-mothers, terraform the life earth into the metal-earth. So only a proper reform of the economic and political system, by imitation of Nature’s efficient super organisms, could allow mankind to survive and thrive this process of self-extinction. But the paradox of the ego and the incapacity of humans to understand the social intelligence of the Universe prevents them from committing a proper reform of the system, which only favors the small elite of people and cultures that have made of memes of metal is idol-ogy of power and repress any attempts to improve the system.

In the graph, Humans are  part of social super organisms, similar to any other super organism ruled by 2 physiological informative and reproductive networks.

In any system those networks are ‘designed’ by languages of social power (hormones, oxygen and nervous messages in life organisms, money and laws in human ones).

So the first fact we must understand is how humanity is collectively designed by the values and laws of systems applied to their two languages of social power:

  • Money, a digital language that compares them mathematically with objects, man (salary) = money = Object (price), making them compete with objects in labor and war fields, and putting on top of the ‘timeline’ in which they obey money (working, consuming), the people and institutions that issue money (bankers and company-mothers of machines).
  • And words, a logic language that puts man as the subject and center of the Universe: Man (subject) > verb (action) > object (energy of subject) and controls people through nervous, legal orders.

Only very primitive systems reproduce and devour lethal products dying in the process, as worms and capitalist societies do because its lower informative, ethic, legal and leukocyte, military system doesn’t defend them from parasites and lethal germs

And the first obvious truth of well designed systems, is that the informative, nervous language that puts man above, the law SHOULD rule the financial, reproductive language that compares us with other objects. As only primitive ‘worms’ do NOT let the nervous system to control the blood system, becoming constantly poisoned by lethal goods they eat without control; as humans are through the overproduction of selfish-memes of metal that kill us or atrophy our minds and bodies.

And this has been the case since the beginning of go(l)d cultures, where a group of people decided to ‘worship’ the sweat of the sun, whatever it takes, including the risk of loosing their lives and killing other humans to get maximal price through the essential equation of monetary values (when is NOT understood as nomisma, depending on the law, as the Greek, Latin, legalist civilization did, but as a fetish good):

Indeed the key to understand the illnesses of the world is the concept of MONEY over the LAW and money as a fetish gold religion, a substance which is wealth per se, born in the biblical culture dominant today in Anglo-America, not AS tender legal nomisma, a LANGUAGE SUBMISSIVE TO THE LAW hence able to be properly managed to serve the entire sueprorganism of mankind, History.

What then would be a simple reform of such systems that could make humans thrive and control their future? Obviously one that by imitation of efficient organisms of nature, made the political and economical system efficient and at the same time managed to make people more free. We shall only consider some immediate reforms to that aim:

  • Politicians should be ‘voted’ a posteriori with pain messages as in earlier Greek Democracies, where the main vote was NOT the election (often a mere lottery that put any citizen on charge for most positions) but as in organisms, where the true vote is the pain message the body delivers to the governing brain if it harms it a posteriori, a judgement with jail, exile, even death penalties after tenure. In this manner politicians WILL have to obey and govern for the people. And in the international arena, nations should understand they are cultural organs of the same global species, mankind and promote not boycott EU-like and UNO like organizations to achieve increasing peaceful global interaction.
  • Corporations should split its shares 50-50% remaining private for efficiency but giving 50% of its voting power and profits to governments, so the collective mind of people could control lethal goods and receive the benefits that laws immensely favorable to those companies allow them to control society. And money should be created as blood does, through Universal salaries to all citizens to kick off a welfare, demand economy instead of a supply non-democratic economy in which companies reproduce any lethal good sold through propaganda, as people cannot have democratic economic votes through such Universal salaries.

An intelligent, humble mankind could create an immortal perfect world.

This foreword thus seems necessary before we explain the astoundingly inefficient and self-destructive systems which humans have NOT devised but found by trial and error and raw power to conform their societies. Since indeed without understanding that an intelligent design of society with the laws of systems and super organisms is possible, the entire account of ‘raw power’ through history and its ‘disguises’ and predatory modes, placebo forms of freedom and relentless evolution of metal above man, through the worship of the language of money, would seem totally deterministic.

It is not, if humans, we repeat, were more humble about the intelligence of the Universe and its physiological networks and collectively took advantage of those laws to design a better world.
We shall thus in this blog, show how ‘raw power’ has evolved a very-ill designed system, which puts metal above life, ruled by idol-ogies that worship the use of metal to ab=use other humans; and how an alternative world could be designed if humans had the proper humble, intelligent attitude towards the planet and the organic laws of science that rule it.

In the graph, the 3+3 solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth:
Legal prohibition of autonomous robots, as humans can only command planet Earth if there is NOT a rival species, fully autonomous that do not need us as soon AI robots with solar skins will be.
The issue of a Universal salary to create a demand-based real economic democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand, today easily achieved with a cryptocurrency, at 100 ¥= €uro≈$ parity, given to each human in a ‘mobile pocket app’, could establish an immediate massive demand economy in welfare goods globally, plummeting enormously the poverty of 3rd world nations, the migration problem and the excessive reproduction of lethal goods common people won’t demand.
-To split all shares of all companies, giving to Mankind, either National governments, or better, International Cultures and UNO-like Institutions the split 50% to allow national and international institutions to manage even forbid lethal companies, obliging them to serve truly consumers, without loosing managerial skills.
WHILE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA, 2 measures tending to create real democracies and a global government in charge of the management of the world requires:
-The reorganization of nations EU-like style in the 7 regional cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia), each one with a politically efficient president to form a Heptarchy of global presidents in charge of the harmonization of all laws and economic policies globally.
-The creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
-AND FINALLY the inversion of government power devolved to local communities so the main ‘idol-ogy’ of lethal military goods – nationalism – is void of power by transferring upwards to the 7 cultural regions and downwards to its local entities, its decisions.  Unfortunately such efficient design of Mankind to empower people and put the species above the present power organization, company-mothers, its global digital language of money and government, ‘world stock’ which we have preached in the milieu of systems sciences for decades soon will be impossible to implement as the end of the Industrial r=evolution will make the future of mankind ‘expendable’.

In that regard, when we consider the ‘paradox of history’ and its cultures, there has always been two attitudes towards the future of humanity, today signified by the European Union on one side and the American system on the other: Europe after going through unending wars and revolutions which nearly extinguished his population after 100 million corpses in two absurd, perfectly unavoidable world wars, finally understood that ‘intelligent design’ based in a true social science, where the law was above money, was the only way to have a non-extinctive future; and so it try to manage such future to favor MOST of the cells of its social super organisms, the ‘90%’.

America on the other hand, which was born of the first enlightened group of European philosophers of social science that tried to achieve that goal, and for a while was at the head of those attempts to evolve mankind socially, regressed in those wars, to a system of raw power, where the Financial-media (informative machines)-Military-industrial (energy machines) system came on top of the legal, human system, till reaching the present corrupted world of ‘Weimar America’, quite similar to the society of Germany in the first half of the XX century, where the 90% had no rights, and the abuses of financial and military power completely destroyed the world.

All other ‘7 cultural regions of mankind’ have more or less aligned under those concepts, DESPITE NONE OF THEM, truly evolve social sciences imitating the systemic laws of nature, hence none of them including EU being properly designed.

Roughly speaking, on the side of a system where the law is above money, we find the Asian region, commanded by China, which however lack obviously a proper control of its political system by its citizens; and in and out the Latin-American region, where military power so often debunks the legal control of society, but has always had as ideal the French and European r=evolutions.  On the side of the Anglo-American way, in which company-mothers have overwhelming power over governments and societies, we find most of the Indonesian region, colonized by the British empire.

While the two other regions Africa and Islam, notoriously ab=used by Industrial nations in the past and the present, as the place to ‘dump’ hate memes and weapons of maximal price=profits, are still the ‘suffering’ tissue of mankind, where billions of humans live under poverty, war, brutalized by military thugs, terrorist fundamentalism and the free lunch of global corporations.

Unfortunately of those 2 models, one is clearly on retreat, the post-war European Model and its EU and UNO institutions, while the ‘pre-war’ German model today copycatted in America has through the digital revolution of Internet corporations and the military war on Terror come to dominate the non-future of humanity, since let us be clear from the beginning. If humans leave to ‘raw metal-power and evolution’ the design of its future, they will have no future at all. Nature will simply continue under the ‘equality’ of the language of money, and its monopoly by company-mothers of machines and weapons, whose PURPOSE is not human, but mechanical – the evolution and reproduction of those machines – comparing non-evolving humans and increasingly evolved AI machines and discharging humans till automated self-reproductive company-mothers and its autonomous AI robots, in an increasingly possible scenario of a new world war between the two superpowers, as predicted for decades in the models of bio-history since evolution is a predictable science, China and US, make our species irrelevant.


The present world is a dictatorship of those who monopolize the issue of the language of power of societies, which is money. 2 levels of the dictatorship matter: how money an alien mathematical language that makes of men objects with its equalitarian syntax, man(salary) = Money = Object (price) has come to dominate worlds, the human subjective language that make us center of the action: Man (subject) < Verb (action) < Object, degrading therefore as a species, no longer superior to its objects, and hence increasingly substituted by machines and weapons in labor and war fields. It is for that reason necessary to fully reform the system, imitating perfect superorganism of nature where the subjective,e informative, legal, nervous language controls the reproductive languages of money/hormones/blood/electromagnetism, from the point of view of the brain that favors the survival of the system (black holes running galaxies with gravitation, cells running with DNA genes, brains with nervous messages, societies with the law above money when they are well designed)

Only very primitive systems reproduce and devour lethal products dying in the process, as worms and capitalist societies do because its lower informative, ethic, legal and leukocyte, military system doesn’t defend them from parasites and lethal germs

The political network is the informative, nervous system of a social, human organism. In Human systems is completely corrupted by its dependency of the financial blood-system, a process of predation by financiers who make the law serve its system of production with no limits of memes of metal that ensures a constant overproduction of lethal memes, weapons, hate media of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle, and new batches of evolutionary machines-weapons.

The financial system thus would have to be reformed and put in control of the legal system if humans wanted to redesign the world to cater to its needs, instead of those of company-mothers of machines that now run the legal system through ‘subventions’ to  politicos.

Ideally in the perfect world the political network would be global formed by the fusion of the 7 cultures of mankind into a single global super organism, and politicians will obey ‘democratic laws’, being judged a posteriori after tenure, with pain messages as all efficient super organisms do.

Then, they will have to obey its promises and since democracy would be real, they would have as all evolved mammal organisms, nervous control over the financial-blood system, reforming it, to provide to every human being, a universal salary, to create a demand economy.

Such system would be easy to implement if humans were memetically free. But all seems to indicate they only have a ‘virtual pretension’ of freedom, as nobody even doubts of the ‘goodness’ of cre(dit)ating the Metalearth. Just for starting these are the 6 measures to create a perfect world:

And now reality as it is – we escape the placebo version of virtual reality called ‘free markets’ and ‘democracies’, thanx.



So, as this is where we are – not in a perfect world, a democracy and a well designed economic system but in the military phase of the starting radiation of weapons,  for you to understand reality as it is, WE had to introduce the hardcore science of memetics, as it is, in the above graphs, of what is really the idological system of the world.

This must be understood, such as system could only be imposed by an ECONOMIC not MILITARY, not political, but ECONOMIC  coup d’etat against the DICTATORSHIP OF CORPORATIONS, TO RESTORE A REAL DEMOCRACY, of the most powerful nations of the world, which would establish first the economic measures, and the global currency, which means an Asimovian ‘Mule’, Foundation style, of a triad of presidents, of the 3 most powerful entities of the planet China, US and EU… which then would expand the system to the rest of the planet, creating a global super organism of mankind that would design a world to our image and likeness.

The three political and economic measures that could ‘save’ history… nowhere to be seen in the present zeitgeist of ‘enzymanic slavery’ to machines and its corporative super organisms ARE VERY SIMPLE TAKEN FROM NATURE’S DESIGN OF SUPERORGANISMS and would enhance the freedom of the people and ensure its future: legal prohibit of robotics, universal salary, control of politicos and corporations, and a world based in diplomacy and culture, not industrial competition and nazionanist wars.

Since the key to a real social science is obviously to follow the objective organic models of reality which shape both the human super organism of history and the eco(comic)system.

In the graph, explained in great detail in other posts of this text, the 6 measures needed to create a political, informative, nervous network for the planet, in which humans are the subconscious collective mind, and the verbal language, and its values, expressed in just laws, resumed in the human constitution, the informative network or head that should guide mankind to achieve maximal ‘biological freedom’ and survival as a species.

The simple pill: 3+3 physiological measures to save the world. 

In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
Those 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.


In the graph, the design of a perfect world with the physiological laws of systems sciences, dedicated to reproduce the GDP goods that are positive to mankind, with the economic frame of reference (right bottom) that rests from the economy lethal goods as all sciences have ±values, according to the biological drives of life, and the natural goods needed by humans, based in a demand economy, with an international ¥€$ currency (fixed parity, 1euro=1dollar=100yens=5 yuans), emitted as a Universal salary, to foster the demand of human goods, along other measures of repression of lethal goods, control of lethal corporations with the split of shares, with private management and human control, the fostering of diplomacy and International organisations such as Uno and EU, the most advanced humanist societies, seeking to substitute warring nations for world cultures, of which there are 7 clear forms, and in the long term, ruled by a real democracy of an heptarchy of presidents, in which politicos follow the rules of Greek democracies, where voting IS a posteriori, with pain judgements of citizens, as cells do with neurons, so they must serve, obey and accomplish their promises  – in brief a scientific organic design of mankind to make it hive at individual and collective level, is the goal of bio-history and bio-economics, which is not implemented and highly censored, because History has evolved as evolution does by trial and error into an imperfect corrupted organism ruled by selfish memes of metal.

In the graph, the basic 3+3 measures to reform the Metalearth (prohibition of robotics, 50/50 split of shares and a Universal salary in a world currency to create a demand economy); and the 3 political measures (a REAL democracy with a posteriori vote, substitution of nazionanist, self-serving war promotion Trump type by EU and UNO organizations, and diplomacy). So those simple measures following the efficient super organisms of nature, where all cells can send PAIN MESSAGES a posteriori to neuronal informative people-castes in power, no ORGAN DECLARES WAR TO OTHER ORGANation; NO production of lethal goods and poisons and toxins is allowed within the organism, and THE BRAIN and informative, legal system RULES the blood-economic financial system, should be IMPLEMENTED IPSO FACTO by the G20 politicos GIVING A COUP d’etat against the dictators of capitalist democracies, the Financial-Media/Military industrial system of the metal earth.

Now how easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow. Trust me if I were Mr. Trump I would have done it already. But alas, ‘presidents are selected, not elected’ – said Roosevelt. So it would require a Mule in the Asimovian sense, a bio-historian, who takes power without showing his true colors and then get rid of the whole corrupted viral super organism of history infected by company-mothers of machines, idol-ogies with 7.5 billion viral brains with their DNA converted to the memes of the viral machine, busy-busy in a frenzy reproducing it.  And for you to understand that homology, WE NEED to introduce the hardcore science of memetics, as it is.

Of course, such as system could only be imposed by a political coup d’etat of the most powerful nations of the world, which would establish first the economic measures, and the global currency, which means an Asimovian ‘Mule’, Foundation style, of a triad of presidents, of the 3 most powerful entities of the planet China, US and EU… which then would expand the system to the rest of the planet, creating a global super organism of mankind that would design a world to our image and likeness.


This was the scientific result of my application of the laws of super organisms and systems sciences to social sciences 2 decades ago, when I was a leading research of those disciplines, chairing in the International Systems Sciences society the disciplines of duality and monetary systems, warning that if humans did not take seriously an efficient reform of the system, we would enter after 2008, according to those cycles, into a global economic crisis of overproduction of chips, e-money, robots and terminators, ushering mankind in its age of ‘entropic death’, mental devolution and obsolescence to chips and robots. So you might wonder what happened next? Exactly what bio-economics predicted, as no politico or human scholar cared at all to implement the organic laws of the Universe, promote wealth and apply bio-history to the immortality of mankind. In fact I soon lost the chair of those congresses; as people must remain ignorant to become obedient.

And to that aim, of course, NOTHING of the real workings of social organisms, EVEN THE EXISTENCE OF NETWORKS, which control them and provide power to those in charge of the Financial/Media (informative-brain machines)/Military-Industrial (Energy-body) system of the Metalearth, or the parallel Legal Government (informative brain)/Police-economic networks.

So while in principle it seems obvious for any objective observer that humans beyond their natural biological freedoms, lack any social freedom in placebo democracies, and the use of some complex institutions that pretend to enshrine those freedoms serve the people – bipartisan politics with its polling $elections, ‘expert bankers’ who know better how to control our social language of power, a mass-media filled with ‘Fictions’, ‘infantile ego-trips of faked virtual power’ and ‘hate-media memes’ against all the enemies of the people-caste in power (which given its millenarian control of Mankind, as the soliton carriers of the ‘pecunia infinita Nervi belli’ with money and hate memes are  hate memes against ‘most human cultures’)… because humans are kept in chaos, IGNORANCE, and virtual fictional state of the mind… actually the MEMEPLEX WORKS: THEY DO THINK THEY ARE FREE…

In the graph, the real structure of power that cre(dit)ates our future with money orders. 90% of our lives are spent either working in companies, consuming machines or following biological drives NOT following laws and goverment’s orders. Thus bankers and corporations Not politicians create,cre(dit)ate the world with monetary orders; and those orders value machines and weapons more than life:

The financial-military-industrial complex is a very complex system with 3 basic type of orders:

– Salaries, which select humans or machines in a competitive field of labor, under the equation man=price=machine; so if a machine is more productive than a human being, we fire the workers and increase the ‘productivity’ of the industry with new machines.

– Bonds, credits and campaign money and bribes, which control political systems, governments and politicians. All of them therefore protect the monopoly of power of bankers and corporations that print money in stocks and beg for that money. There are two type of politicos – those who are paid by industries that produce consumption goods and prefer the peaceful substitution and obsolescence of workers and humans to machines that atrophy us, and are generally termed as left wing or democratic parties, and those who prefer to run amok faster for profits, which are paid by war industries that have the highest profits as the values of metal-money give weapons the maximal price. Those are conservative, war parties. Today they dominate due to the increasing obsolescence and lack of credit of humans, the industrial panorama. Finally there are the intellectuals, ‘the experts’ that sanctify the system.

In the past they were military inquisitions that promoted religious war and go(l)d churches that told us money was the invisible hand of God. Now it is a bit more sophisticated. They use equations to the same end. On the bottom of the pyramid there are beings without price, nature, aliens, 3rd world. Those people are outside the economic ecosystem and live in the freedom of chaos, without money to give orders, get goods and survive. This bottom will increase constantly as a barrier of machines, robots and monetary orders separate the informative castes of societies – those who invent the language of power – from the bulk of human beings obeying those orders.

How money creates reality against the historic ecosystem, how money orders reality? Through a process that we will define with a new verb: cre[dit]ation. It means that you can create reality with credit. If you can invent money, that is if you have a credit, then you can give orders to people with that money, they desire, given its value which can be changed by anything else. In this manner to have credit implies the right to create reality: cre[dit]ation means that credit is creation, credit creates reality. So those who control credit, who can invent money invent reality. It happens that credit is today not in the hands of human beings, not even in the hands of governments, which have “laws of deficit zero”, that prevent them to create credit, but in the hands of company-mothers and banks. They cre[dit]ate reality inventing first money very easily with null-cost paper, in stocks and notes, which are by law money. They have an enormous privilege over society, since nobody else can invent money merely by going to a place called the stock-market and saying they have something of value. It does not matter if it is truth or not.

By law, obtained through political control companies have obtained from societies that privilege: to go to a place and obtain free money in the form of shares. Since “stocrats”, the people who rule companies, and rule stock-markets want to speculate, to invent money. So any excuse is good. In the beginning of stock-markets, they even used flower, tulips, and tea. You could go to Amsterdam with a tulip and say, it was worth millions of guilders, and people said it was. Today we do so with internet companies. You go to Wall Street with any crap code or program obeying the laws of extinction of labor and increase of mechanical profits Like UBER or TESLA and you get billions of dollars to extinguish the ‘inferior human species’ – labor, because the memes of Judaism>Biblical Gold religions>Classic Economics under the astound ego paradox of its culture despises life and cares nothing for the future of human workers, as long as more gold keeps coming.

Then Uber or Tesla can loose billions on the way to riches, and can spend that money creating the product and the machines you want.

Yet any human who wants to open a business not related to the main industries of the stock-market (technological and machine industries) cannot invent money, neither get credit. So we cannot invent reality as human beings. You cannot go to the stock-market with a project for hospitals, schools, farms, resorts for holidays, environmental care, and get billions of dollars. Even if those projects are far more important for the welfare of mankind. Only company-mothers of machines can do that. Why? Because stock-markets are controlled by people, “animetals”, who worship machines more than they care for mankind. So they credit a world for their machines of energy, and information.

We have given to company-mothers (or rather they have taken from mankind through acts of war and bribery) the right to invent money in stock-markets and banks. They have taken that right from our human governments that used to help the reproduction of Human Goods, with deficits (inventing money in notes).

The result is that we work for such companies. We give them our life-time, through work, which they monopolize because they have all that unlimited money they invent with shares and notes, to pay for our life, our time. We have given them rights to make laws that cater to the benefits of their machines, because we allow legally them to bribe our politicians, our human leaders. We have given them the right to be bad with humanity, and to destroy our energy and information, because we do not ask them any political, economical and legal responsibility, thanks to unjust laws such as the law of anonymous societies, that concedes anonymity and non-legal responsibility to the people that work in those company-mothers. We have given company-mothers and machines the rights to be our top predators, our masters, to be the owners of our times, our laws, and our goods.

At the same time we have denied our best human species, the best writers, and ethic men, the priests and legalist politicians that used to rule our societies with verbal mandates, which make man the center of the Universe, the rights to construct our ecosystem. We have made all verbal institutions weak. Instead, we have decided that money, a bit of metallic information, should be controlled and reproduced by company-mothers in stocks, and banks, which undervalues human beings (since money values machines and weapons more than Human Goods) the right to invent reality.


As this perfect world does not exist, what we find, is the duality of the paradox of history: Metal-earth vs. Human Earth, expressed in the duality of parties: right-wing, metal-earth parties, who cater the needs of selfish memes of metal, even though this is not told as the human view is they cater to the owners of those memes and its ‘animetal idologies’, (military dictatorships, capitalist, corporate and financial elites) vs. human parties, who try to create a perfect world to the image and likeness of mankind, of which today the only non-corrupted, non-placebo parties are the ecological parties, which never go beyond a 10%, hardly 1% in the leading animetal nation of the mechanocene (US). Hence the little chances for a resurrection of history as the nervous, informative brain is ‘dead’, corrupted, in complete chaos= freedom, without any real organisation of its citizens-cells and any expected r=evolution of the system.

Right=mechanist vs. left=humanist Politics, expression of the paradox of History.

There are 2 types of parties, those who try to create a world to the image and likeness of life and man, or ‘Humanist parties’, today basically extinct, except perhaps the green parties in European nations and to a lesser extension the Chinese Government; and those who try to create a world to the image and likeness of go(l)d, machines, weapons, its values and its company-mothers, today almost all the parties of the world.  Since the economic ecosystem has become supreme. Yet when there was still a struggle between both worlds, the meaning of parties was clear: “Right=Metal-parties defend the Metal-Earth and its machines, opposing Left=Human parties, which defend the Life-Earth and its human goods”

Why democracies back economic ecosystems?

There has been always a historic opposition between left and right parties, but what that opposition really means? In fact that opposition is yet another case of the paradox of history that confronts two ecosystems, the economic ecosystem in which metal-species have higher rights, and reproduce in great numbers; and the historic, human ecosystem, based in carbolife species, in which man is the measure of all things, and their natural goods, human goods, are reproduced in greater numbers.

So what you call left parties, are basically parties that cater for the rights of mankind, understood as the great mass of the Organism of History: they try to increase the quantity of human goods of a society, and improve the welfare of mankind.

While right-wing parties, are basically parties that cater to the species of metal, money, company-mothers of machines, and weapons; and the few humans symbiotic to them, the Animetal castes. So right-wing parties try to increase the quantity of weapons a society has, and the quantity of machines. They worship technology, invest in machines, and reduce the money, societies dedicate to human goods.

It then should be obvious that the majority of humans should vote only for human parties, for left wing parties, and elect democratic governments that cater for their needs; human goods, and peace. And yet we live in an age in which metal-parties dominate politics. The main nations of mankind are ruled by metal-parties, or parties which pretend to be human parties, as the Democratic party of America, or the Labor Party in Britain, or the Social-democratic party in Germany, or the classic Communist parties of East Europe, but cater also for machines, technology, and invest their money in the evolution of metal, and weapons; not in human goods and the evolution of mankind. They accept the myths of the “free markets”, and promote free ecosystems ruled by company-mothers where men have lesser rights than machines, the property of company mothers; and are brain-washed to become workers=reproducers and consumers =testers of machines.

We might say that today all political parties except perhaps the ecological parties that obtain merely a 5% of votes at best, in elections cater for the needs of the Metal-earth, reproduce and evolve the Metal-earth, and hence by the Paradox of History push the extinction of mankind. Why is that? Why there is such contradiction? Are we a suicidal species? Yes and no. What really happens is that “democracies” are not political systems in which human beings can freely express their desires, not the process of voting, represents really the will of the human kind. Democracies are in fact “stockracies”, societies ruled by money, specifically by stock-money and the organizations that control that money, company-mothers. Yet to hide that control “stockracies” have developed a political mask called “democratic governments” that pretend to represent the will of the people, but dilute, and eliminate that will of the people, expressed in elections, withmultiple mechanisms of control, that eliminate that will and substitute it by the will of company-mothers.

Those mechanisms of control act systematically against the programs of left-wing=humanistic parties, which cannot develop their policies. The main of those mechanisms is the control of money which is given by “constitutions”, laws that cannot be changed, to stock-markets and companies. So left-wing parties have their hands tied up, since they cannot invent money unlikecompany-mothers and so they cannot pay for their welfare policies. Their policies become then false promises, attacked systematically by the free market. The rules of the democratic=stockratic game, therefore forbid truly the creation of a human ecosystem, in which the governments elected by the people, create a paradise of human goods with credit to such products. “Democracies” are tricked, and do not really act as free human societies, but only as free economic markets.

In this page we will study how the myths of democracies have transformed the game of political parties, in a tricked game, in which the will of the people is manipulated at pleasure, and our ideas are deformed in such manner, that we vote against our welfare, and the future of mankind. Who are the people, the caste of power, that controls democracies, and invents the myths that people believe, in order to act according to the desires of those castes of power, and vote against the welfare of mankind?

If you are a cultured man, with an independent point of view, who has read extensively, and knows history; who has cultivated his capacity to differentiate truth from lie and myth, you don’t need an answer to this question. You know already that corporations, lobbies and mass-media companies control democracies. You know they have done so since its beginnings . You know they manufacture ideas and laws in favor of machines and technology, in favor of “free ecosystems of machines” (free markets) in favor of company-mothers, (such as the laws that give company-mothers free credit in stock-markets, and forbid governments from having free deficits to produce human goods).

You know all those laws, tricks, and misinformation, prevent people from taking the right decisions about how to govern their nations. Those ideas are then expressed by metal-communicators, which people easily believe… You know that among those ideas the most important ones are “the myths of democracies” that convince people they really govern themselves, to allow company-mothers to control without opposition, in the hidden, the economical and political system…

Yet if you are a naive citizen, who never cared to question much, what he was told, if you are by nature a “believer”, easy to convince by those myths, you will think citizens control democracies, due to those many myths. Among them the most important is the active myth of voting: people are told they are powerful because they put papers, called votes in a box with the name of a person they do not know. This fairly meaningless act seems to protect the life, rights and freedoms of mankind…

Let us then tell you, really what is going on in the political world, to understand why those parties who truly try to defend mankind, such as the ecological parties today, never get enough votes to take power…

We need to do so a little bit of historic perspective on the birth of democracies, founded by company-mothers, and how those company-mothers invented voting as an alibi that could disguise their control of government, under the umbrella of a false power of the people.

The trick of democracies: the myth of verbal power.

People do not govern in democracies. Democracies are governed by a small caste of people called politicians, which are controlled by a bigger group of people called lobbyists, themselves controlled by a bigger group of people who own companies, who own governments.

The few hundred politicians that govern America, have around 60.000 lobbyists dedicated to corrupt them legally and make them vote for laws in favor of corporations. In turn around one hundred thousand people that we call stocrats, the new ari-stocracy, who are the elite that own around 90% of stock-companies or work as managers for the main corporations of America, control those lobbyists. They are the owners of the American government, and their companies are dedicated to reproduce metal-goods and machines (bulk of the 500 fortune).

How that happened? How democracies became corrupted? Unfortunately, they have not become corrupted, they have always been like corrupted, owned by stocrats. In fact those people, the stocrats founded the first modern democracies in Holland and Great Britain, the model which all other democracies have repeated all over the world.

Hence we have to call modern democracies, stockracies. The very same word democracy is another myth, to disguise the real name of those political systems, and convince the demos, the people, they govern. Stockrats are the bottom level of power-decision in democracies. Stockrats meet, and decide what is good for corporations. Corporations then pay lobbyists, or acting directly motivate politicians to create laws that favor them. It always was like that in those countries where democracies were invented (Great Britain, America), and hence where the system is more pure.

Even the good politicians were like that. So Mr. Washington was the richest men of America, a lobbyist for the slave plantations, which opposed the introduction of blacks as humans, in the constitution, and kept them as slaves, since plantation companies, and gunboat companies that exported cotton wanted them as slaves. While Mr. Lincoln who apparently freed those slaves, actually was the lobbyist for the Illinois railroad company, paid by those companies who wanted to end slavery, and control the cotton of the south and export it to the North. The reason of that war was a tariff question that favored the south. The North companies wanted high tariffs to get the cotton for themselves. They paid Lincoln who found a democratic myth (Freedom) and used it to make war.

Then he mad the “free railroad act” to favor railroad corporations, which were the only people that became truly free with total rights after that war, starting the age of robber baron.

So was Mr. Hitler an elected politician to the pay role of iron companies who started rearmament to allow Daimler, Krupp and Thyssen to multiply his tanks. Or Mr. Clinton, who represents metal-head companies and implements Laws that oblige to put chips in TVs, computers in colleges, and promotes robotics and smart weapons, because Chip companies pay his campaigns and motivate him to legislate in this favor. In this manner Laws are created in democracies always for company-mothers. Among those laws the control of money by company-mothers (laws ofstock-markets), the special rights of stocrats who have no legal responsibility (laws of anonymous societies), and the use of tax-payer money to pay for weapons, are the most important laws that democracies systematically create, to favor the economic system, against human goods.

Before democracies existed, instead of money, weapons imposed their criteria to politicians. Then those castes of warriors who invented laws were called aristocrats. Now those castes of traders who invent laws are called “stockrats”, since they are similar to old aristocrats, only that now they own instead of weapons as aristocrats did, money, stocks, companies.

The trick of control of the mass of human beings, the citizens, in both, aristocratic and stockratic systems is the same: a digital language of power, alien to man, based in a metal-communicator of life and death, either money or weapons, substitute the natural language of man, verbal thought, as the vehicle of power-orders. So verbal Freedom becomes irrelevant, since now money is the language of social power.

Then citizens are not given rights to reproduce or invent money, nor governments have right to invent it (laws of zero deficit) but in fact the little money government selected by the people have, is stolen to citizens by law through the mechanism of taxes (myths of the free market). Meanwhile, companies acquire all the rights to reproduce money for free in the form of notes (banks) and stock-shares.

To avoid rebellion of citizens against such injustice, economical truths are changed by economical myths, the way stock markets invent money is hidden, and the loss of verbal power of societies is also hidden. Instead a great theater game called voting, and a great rhetoric about governments is created. So people think governments govern, and vote is important, and then they are given rights to vote. Yet citizens ignore that their vote is meaningless, that it not longer create reality.

The myth of verbal power, which is no longer relevant, since people can lie, politicians can lie, companies can lie [propaganda, advertising] without being hold responsible, holds then the belief of people.

People do not realize they are no longer ordered by words, and laws, but my monetary orders of consume (price) and wages (labor). So those who control money, the stockrats, can give orders of power, as those who controlled weapons, the aristocrats, gave orders of power in the past. Democracies do not exist, because previously, the power of words have been emptied. Those who hold sacred the power of words, religious prophets, intellectuals and writers, honest politicians, are laughed at, scorned, corrupted and ignored by the system. It is either the menace of violence (dictatorships), or the prize of money (democracies) what motivates society, politicians and people [workers and consumers] to act, what controls our lives, no the verbal will of the people, or the ethics of verbal languages.

Only a political system in which the will of the people would control, money the language of power of modern societies, could be called rightly a democracy. Such system unfortunately does not exist today in any nation of the world. So real democracies do not exist.

The Dutch/Anglo-Saxon Democracy model of modern democracies

History proves that thesis right: companies invented democracies and designed a system in which their will could create laws, and the will of people could be systematically cheated. The first modern democracy was invented by the stockrats, owners of the first company, VOC, a Dutch East Indian company.

To the point that in those primitive first versions of democracies, there was no disguise: The positions of shareholders, mayors and members of the first parliaments in Amsterdam and London were held by the same individuals, the stocrats, who allied themselves with the warrior elites of the ancien regime (aristocrats). Only shareholders, the military, and landholders (old aristocrats) could vote. That stockratic system was then replicated in America, when it became independent.

The concept in all those democratic (stockratic) nations is always the same: a lobby of politicians represents the power of a certain top predator machine whose company-mother supports laws favoring its rights to reproduce and cre[dit]ate its product. When a new top predator product with maximum sales and profits appears, the company-mother’s lobbies bid more and new legislation is made in favor of the new product. Because they are very expensive, weapons pay for many laws, and wars. This system is easily understood in America. Laws favor expensive products, mainly weapons, that have strong financial and political backing. Sometimes the fight between weapons lobbies will cause a civil war to be won by the stronger, for example between English and American gunboat traders as a result of the War of Independence, and between northern railroad barons and southern cotton/gunboats due to the American civil war.

In this manner the evolution of weapons and machines is subsidized by the government. The power of companies and their shares/money that pay for laws explains the permanent victory of eco[nomic]systems over history in America. The Constitution states “all men are created equal”, but slavery was legal in America because it benefited American gunboat companies. The opposite paradox exists today when children can buy weapons. The railroad age took all the credit from farmers and gave it to railroads. Lincon’s Free Railroad Act gave huge tracts of land to railroad barons. He was in fact a political pawn of the Illinois rail road company. Next the car age brought laws which supported the automobile industry that made the tanks that won World War II. Ford allowed himself to amend the Constitution (alcohol prohibition paid by Ford’s lobbyists). Many other laws were bought and paid for by the Morgan-Rockefeller tandem.

In present days America legislators are subsidized by computer lobbies to put free chips everywhere, creating the “chip-tv” law, the “internet for schools” law, and the air wars of modern days. It is logical to assume that the Third Industrial Revolution of metalife will also be protected in law, despite its ability to bring about the extinction of our species . Unless American political reform occurs, the American evolution of autonomous machines, backed by the laws of the stockrat elites, may bring an end to humankind.

In “democratic” nations, constitutions are designed to create abstract rights for humanity while a wealth of detailed laws protect the property of companies, rather than human property and human rights. On the other hand there are no limits to laws that favor companies (Laws of Anonymous societies). Human rights of a social nature, health care, education and agriculture are minimal in order to enhance money dedicated to technology.

The result is chronic scarcity of human goods, high prices for those goods, and overproduction of metal-goods, which cause periodical wars. Hence against the will of the people, the democratic age, is the age of constant warfare.

Against that situation left-wing political parties, that represent the will of most people, have historically rebelled. Some of them understood the tricks of democracies, and tried to change the entire system (communist parties). Yet once in power, stocratic nations declared them war, and so to survive, they had to raise big armies (red army, Napoleonic army), which in turn, took power over the left-wing party, and transformed the party into another metal-party in favor of weapons. The r=evolution of social history in search of human goods, was thus destroyed by the need of those nations to create armies. Napoleon destroyed the French revolution, Stalin destroyed the Russian revolution, and Hitler the Weimar revolution. Yet they were elected because stocratic nations declared war to France, to Russia, and choke financially Weimar Germany. To those stocratic nations war is profitable, and they rather have a military dictatorship that a real democracy dedicated to the creation of human goods, that could be a real example of how to crate a human paradise.

A few countries influenced by those previous humanist revolutions (France, Spain, or Italy influenced by love religions) tried in the XIX century, to transform from within the system, promoting welfare products with government credit. They tried to balance metal and human rights with government deficits, but “World-stock” the collective brain of company mothers, attacked them, not with weapons, but with monetary speculation against their currencies, as today attacks the Euro, and promotes the dollar that defends stock-market investment in machines. So finally even Europe has imposed total rights to stock market to credit machines and null to governments to credit human goods through the Maastritch Treaty. So all nations walk tied together towards a world in which the power of the people is nil, as in people cannot control or vote for the languages of power: laws, cre[dit]ation of money and production of weapons which are all in the hands of stocks/companies. In a true democracy, people could vote for the elimination of weapons, the accreditation of human goods and laws that did not suppress human rights. These are precisely the laws that stock-democracies never vote in because weapons/machines produce higher profits than human goods.

People vote for politicians who obey constitutions that limit government credit in favor of company credit. These constitutions are good at creating limits that make the whole democratic process a rhetorical exercise of nil verbal power. Politicians have no credit and minimal monetary power and are held morally responsible for the slightest error of human (sexual) desire (witness Clinton-Lewinsky). But lobby-based corruption is ignored. So companies have all the advantages and (honest) governments all the disadvantages. Any honest politician that fights companies can be destroyed through legal tricks, lack of credit and mass-media campaigns. Meanwhile, companies cannot be defeated, restricted in credit or have individual employees taken to court.

In those conditions the will of the people expressed by voting, is merely a placebo will unable to change the real mechanisms of economical and monetary power that rule our societies. Let us consider that myth in more detail.

The Myth of Voting. The True Purpose Of Voting

The myth of political freedom says that because a man can go on a certain day to put a piece of paper marked with the name of an individual (politician) in an box, he is a free man.

It is difficult to pinpoint the nature of this freedom, that influences our life every day, based as it is on this brief event which has what importance for each of us.

If all politicians basically work for companies, then what is the real value of voting? It is merely a check on the opinion of people, allowing a better control of their ideas. In fact, the concept of voting evolved parallel to the evolution of companies. There are three ages in the evolution of the “democratic” vote and they coincide with the three ages of evolution of the Metal-Earth: the age of company-mothers, the age of bodies of metal and the age of minds of metal.

In the first age, voting is restricted to the people controlling company-mothers. In the second age, wars multiply and the vote extends to male soldiers to encourage identification with nationalism and war. Finally, in the age of metal-communicators after the first world war, when control of human opinions is absolute, the vote is extended to most adult individuals.

First Horizon: The Age of the Company. Restricted vote: 17th, 18th and 19th century

The first company: the slave-pepper-gunboat company of East Indies invented stockracies in Holland by controlling and reforming the medieval parliament of Amsterdam. The directors of the company, of the government and of the town council belonged to the same families. The system was exported to England by the Calvinist love of go[l]d and Cromwell and became stable in 1688, when the “stock-King” William of Orange moved to London with Dutch capital and founded the Bank of England. Soon suffrage existed as a privilege for stockrats, investors in stocks,and aristocrat land owners. Around 1% of people could vote. The number of voters increased as companies increased their control over more people, although the majority of them still could not vote. Women, who were more likely vote for religious, nonviolent ideals were still excluded. With such restrictions of popular will, the transition from hierarchical systems of warrior power to extended oligarchies of stockrats and companies was complete. In this sense, it is obvious that “democracy” was just a byproduct of companies, existing only where they existed: Holland, England and America.

Second Age: The Age of Body Machines. The Increase of The Popular Vote

During the period from the Napoleonic wars to the first world war, the control of information by physical metal-communicator the press] created a rhetoric in favor of the system, that convinced most people of the goodness of machines and democracy. Once that mental control was developed, access to the vote was extended. The old restricted system of voting still worked in England (maximum stockrat power) but during the French and American Revolutions, people demanded the right to vote, to have control over their own laws. However, in both countries, companies aborted the demand for freedom (land speculators, cotton, weapon and gunboat companies in America that declared Indians non-citizens, and blacks, property, Napoleon that ended the French revolution). With the restoration of the old stockrat system, the control of voting by a minority of wealthy people returned. As companies expanded their middle classes (managers), and the metal-press control of popular opinion expanded, the elite felt confident and extended suffrage to more people:

• Science and warrior ideologies have displaced love religions that promoted social evolutioncompletely. Most humans are perfect animetals who want only to consume and work. They are against all real social r=evolution.

• People have accepted the mask of voting as an expression of freedom. It is easier to let them vote and choose politicians who avoid any direct attack on the credit power of stock-markets.

• Wars became endemic after the French Revolution. Soldiers are no longer paid as mercenaries were. But many states, breaking all the fundamental rights of the individual, oblige men to serve in the military. Often they die for the stockrat system in economic wars. To engage people in war is the norm. Voting becomes an easy alibi that justifies this type of human sacrifice through war. The citizen is satisfied, thinking that the ritual of voting is meaningful. Theatrical freedoms increase with parades, political rallies, etc.

Yet the status of most workers still prevents them from voting; a lack of freedom, of property, or simply being female. At the same time, a “false” opposition is created between the right wing, pushing war products, and centre/left parties, advocating peace products. This divides the government support and subsidies of top predator products between war and peace species.

Third Phase: Metal-communicators Age. 20th century: The Universal Vote is Achieved

Radio, television and metal-press propaganda has reached such a level of sophistication that stockracies can easily control the voter’s opinion from an early age. The only relevant information is provided by computers and cameras. This information is controlled by companies that promote violence and love of money. Mankind has forgotten all it knew about ethics and freedom.

In Europe some real democracy was achieved by social parties that creditated money for human goods during the 1950s-70s. But the global stock market (“world-stock”) ends with those rights.

New metal-communicators (radio and television) allow further control of voting intentions. In 1972 the mass-media gave a coup d’ état against American institutions; Watergate, manipulated by TV power. The stockrat elite realizes that now its control of voters and rebel politicians is absolute. Politicians need metal-communicators to reach their audience, and e-money to pay digital campaigns. So stockrats, by controlling metal communicators and e-money, can imprint ideas supporting stockracies in human voters at an earlier age. After cleaning up the economic science of pro-human theories (e.g. Nobel Prizes given by the bank of Sweden), stockrats eliminate government deficit/rights of cre[dit]ation of human goods (cf. Maastritch, GOP campaign). They systematically bring down the currencies of nations that try to follow social policies. The paradox of the modern vote is that while the masses have finally gained the right to vote, politicians have less freedom, and the majority votes more often for right wing, pro-war, pro-stock politicians, who foster the digital radiations that will extinguish labor and life.

A real democracy requires political and economic ideas in favor of man

Today, a single economic ideology based on machine-ideologies (right-wing=metal economics) rules the behavior of all economical and political parties, either left or wing, socialist or capitalist, communist or religious parties. We have studied how such aberration against the survival of man has happened during the historic past.

Could this trend be reversed? Could at least those parties who used to fight for mankind (religious parties, socialist parties, and the so called left-parties) return to their initial policies? Could they learn bio-economics and ignore the ideologies of machines and capital, that have converted the world in a big market where machines are evolved by consumers and reproduced by companies?

Could politicians and economists become doctors of history? This could be possible if two conditions take place:

The creation of a unified economical, pro-human program of behavior, in all those political parties, economical institutions and religious organizations concerned with the survival and welfare of mankind, able to create Human Goods.

parallel unification of political, scientific, economic, and military organizations, at global level, to fight lethal machines, specially the robotic radiation.

We can resume that dual goal in a simple biological equation, that we shall call the Human Constitution, the constitution of a healthy body of history:

Maximize Human Goods[Economic ministry]=Min. Lethal goods[ministry of defense]

The constitution of a healthy body of History, developed by a healthy World Political Union,and implemented by healthy Economic and military systems of government.

Since only an economical policy based in human goods, could favor the survival of History. Such policy does not exist today. Either pro-machine parties govern our countries (right wing=metal parties, which are basically animetal parties, that support monetary power, technology=machines and weapons). Corrupted, divided left-wing parties (parties that used to support human policies based in human goods) rule governments and defend market policies against mankind (American democrats, British labor, European social-democracies, Chinese communist).

Today human parties are divided into different groups with differing social theories, like communism, ecologism or Socialism, all of them obsolete, and ignorant on the ecosystemic nature of economics. It is that lack of coherence and modernity, what divides and defeats Human parties, in general elections.

However, left-wing=Human parties could forge a valid alternative to assume power, if they were able to unify their economic ideas and social objectives, with the very same theoretical rigor, of “Right-wing”=metal parties. Up until now there is no serious economic alternative to right-wing=metal economics. It is surprising in the sense of the lack of evolution in Human economics, compared to the constant renewal of right-wing=metal economics, that know how to dress-up their objectives in new clothes which the common man fancies.

For the time being, left-wing parties still promote obsolete ideologies, such as Marxism, or have betrayed their voters, and pretend to be Human parties, while catering to right-wing=metal ideas. The rational human voter feels defeated in this landscape. He does not want the failed theories of Marxism, in favor of weapons and machines. He does not want to vote for parties that pretend to defend the citizen against economic abuse, and then become instruments of companies, in Mr. Clinton’s style. Neither does he want to make the defense of the Animal Kingdom the focus of politics as ecologism does.

As a consequence, the three great proposals of left-wing=Human parties, ecologism, Marxism, and socialism, fail in elections. They will continue to fail, given the obsolescence of their ideas, against the technological messianism of companies which control right-wing parties, and pretend to make the world into a great “company-mother” of machines, where humans will become consumers and reproducers of those machines.

Any serious political ideology in favor of the rights of man over machines, has to start with an economic model about money, machines and their networks of energy/information of certain scientific rigor. Since the economic ecosystem dominates the present world, the citizen wants to understand such economic world in which he lives, to be able to change it collectively and improve it for the wealth and health of mankind, through politics. How could Human parties explain in a scientifically rigorous way their social and economic proposals? Very simple: by speaking the truth about economics . In that sense, Human Parties, have a great advantage over the abstract economics of right-wing=metal parties, with their messianic concept of money and machines, as the only tools to make man progress and evolve.

Human Parties, thanks to new scientific approaches to economics [bio-economics], based on theTheory of Evolution, can validate their ideas about what products the economy should reproduce, and how nations should manage the economic world. In fact classic left-wing=Human parties do know and put into practice the right answer to such a question, even if they do not have the theoretical background that explains their correct behavior. Since their policies, special when they had rights to invent money (government deficits) systematically favored Human goods, which are goods that men require to survive, and better themselves: Agriculture, housing, health, education, free time, peace, freedom, textiles, a clean environment, books, art, public transport, etc. Goods that also promote employment since these goods require a lot of human work, because many of them cannot be reproduced by machines alone. Such is the case of art, housing, agriculture, health and education, that need human labor and create employment.

All this means that even within the limits established by constitutions in favor of company mothers, political parties promote still two models of democracy:

The model of right-wing parties, or “machine parties”, the dictatorship of democracies, where the rights of machines, and their “company-mothers” are superior to the rights of human beings and their natural goods.

A model of “humanist parties” or left-wing parties, many of them with a tradition of rebellion against the control of governments by company-mothers and corrupted democratic institutions,where the rights of human beings, their elected governments, and their goods are superior to the rights of machines. This is the only true democracy where citizens have through their governments, power to direct the economy and the politics of nations. Yet it can only be implemented as the previous experience of revolutions show, through a World Government based in healthy, human-biased economical polities, able to control the World stock-market, that at present rule the fate of democracies, human beings and machines, favoring the rights of those machines and their company-mother.


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