alt-history:fractal planets

planetTo UNDERSTAND alt-history you must recall a bit of popular science about quantum physics and its interpretation of parallel Universes, which in the organic paradigm of the fractal Universe, DO exist but IN A SINGLE COSMOS, as reality is fractal.

What this means is that there are INFINITE, SELF-SIMILAR PLANETS IN WHICH ‘HISTORIES’, that is, mankind in time is HAPPENING, with small differences, BUT IN THE SAME GALAXY… And as ‘systems’ in nature are ‘quasi-identical particles’ with minimal variations, there are probabilistic histories, with similar NOT necessarily human bodies but obligatory LANGUAGES. Because the Universe is about lanwaves, waves of similar beings speaking the same Language..

And so in those planets verbal vs. Go(l)d beings are fighting for a dual future, and there are probabilistic paths that SAVE MANKIND, BECAUSE the equivalent verbal beings DO HAVE ETHICS AND INTELLIGENCE TO BE HUMBLE ENOUGH WITH THE ORGANIC LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE AND SURVIVE, EVOLVING into human social perfect worlds.

In that sense when we ‘pass’ the ultimate system of organization of reality – the quantum paradigm – to its XXI c. version – the fractal the paradigm, expanding its elements to a much wider understanding of all the scales of the Universe, a new interplay between determinism and probability takes place. Determinism comes from the ‘limits’ of any super organism that will trace a BLOCK OF TIME as part of its existence, BUT FREEDOM AND PROBABILITY COMES FROM THE FRACTAL NATURE OF SPACE and cyclical form of time, which makes each ‘island Universe’ ABLE TO STOP LOCALLY ITS TIME FLOW AND RETURN TO THE PAST, WHERE YOUTH IS ETERNAL:

1. The 3 Ages of History

All systems of nature can be modeled as super organisms of a certain scale of size, ruled by the 5D metric equation, S (space size=energy) x T (frequency of information clocks) = Constant, which is the fundamental law that allows systems to be super organisms, traveling in the 5th dimension from birth as a fast seed (semen, meme, black hole) which will reproduce and organize into an emerging superorganism, living 3 ages of increasing information till either evolves into an even larger super organism (men into the global earth, cells into multicellular systems, galaxies into universes) or dissolves into an entropic death (big-bang, m=e/c2, death, war). Such is the fractal Universe in a nutshell. And so the trick to make a system immortal is both to organize it socially and to maintain it in the balance of the mature age, repeating its cycles without evolving an excess of information that warps and kills in the 3rd age the organism. Men are doing exactly the opposite, evolving further technological information and multiplying entropic weapons that divide us.

IN THE GRAPH, ALL LIFE-DEATH WORLDCYCLES are dual, in its solutions as we can either go towards the right, moving into the final entropy of ‘explosive’ desegregation of its cells, particles, citizens in biology, physical or social systems (wave solution), or EMERGE AS AN EFFICIENT whole organism and survive (particle solution).

In simpler terms all systems can ‘repeat its eternal present state of balance’ between energy and information, or move towards and excess of information warp, wrinkle and then when all energy is exhausted explode back into energy and die. This motion towards less information, and dissolution of the whole into its parts that humans are so clearly suffering IS THE meaning of death in the scalar organic Universe of the fifth dimension.

Those 2 solutions of entropy=death or social evolution ARE the general solutions of all organic systems that multiply and either become a stronger super organism or die into scattered wave of hate that feeds other super organism.

history balance pointSo happens to history: there are 2 solutions to the wave paradox of metal -memes vs. human memes, and multiple fractal histories happening in similar planets with different paths towards r=evolution or extinction. In the graphs from the 92 book, we see the duality depending on which memes each carbon life species chooses.


Yet while the final goal – a super organism of history or one of metal are similar, the paths of history to reach that goal are multiple in between the 2 solutions. And those are the alternative Histories we can think of – what would have happened if Alexander had conquered India and fusion all the Buddhist and Aristotelian memes rising the height of the human organic cultures well above what would become its inverse devolution by the revivalism of Abrahamic religions and animetal go(l)d memes?

What would have happened if Philip II had moved the capital of the Iberian empire to Lisbon and kept the jewish bankers that would destroy the empire from Amsterdam and The City? Would a Latin World empire had stopped for the sake of life the machine on time? Would a Buddhist Greek civilization had reached a golden mean balance with Gaia?

What would have happened if the Neanderthal had not crossed with the verbal man, and imposed its visual axis with its emotional irrational obsession with go(l)d visual hypnotism? What would have happened in a planet without the Scandinavian Germanic peninsula, or the British coal-iron big Island? Are all planets of history similar identical Bose particles within the organism of the galacell, bond to repeat history and end up in the singularity events? And so on and so on.

All those variations of alt-history in the fractal paradigm means infinite relative planets where life survived.

All of them are self-similar solutions varying only in a few details  but the type of culture achieved, humanist or mechanical are the 2 only possible outcomes:

Most lead to one solution, extinction through one of the 3 singularity points of the metal earth, a strangelet/black hole (dominant solution); a metal-bacteria (second solution), a terminator planet (less likely) and a human avatar-like planet where biohistorians take over (preferred solution).

As it is this planet seems to walk steady towards the most likely dominant solution: a black hole or strangelet cosmic bomb.

It seems human survival is not a solution as the homunculus is completely immersed in the matrix of the metal earth and its childish idologies of reality will drive him there.

So where to find humanist solutions? In other fractal planets of the Universe, which understand the arrow of absolute future, of social evolution and Avatar-like become a single global super organism leaving behind the memeplex of animetal idologies that drive us to extinction:

In the left the solution chosen by the ‘you gold’ ‘military germ’ and brutish mechanics memes of our ego centered human civilization, drives finally into self-extinction by AI, BH bombs or iron nano-bacteria the planet. In the right the humanist social solution.

To understand it you need to understand the two different behaviours of ‘time cycles’ in the Universe, expressed in the next graphs – the arrow of absolute future, or arrow of social evolution towards larger super organisms, which is the dominant arrow of the Universe; or ‘arrow of lineal time’; and the arrow of cyclical zero-time, which seems different in its detailed paths, but ends in the same finale – extinction of man by lack of social evolution:
In the graph, absolute and relative timespace. Absolute timespace is the fifth dimension as wholes come after parts, evolution selects wholes and so the arrow of wholes dilates time adding ±scales, as each whole will be ‘grounded’ on a smaller part. I.e. a bigger whole will feed in entropic smaller beings, whales in plankton, galaxies in light space-time, Universes in dark entropy… Below the arrows of relative time, as all life-existences are zero-sums which return to its origin.

In the graph, the arrows of lineal time and cyclical time in the Universe. Lineal time grows on the long term social wholes from smaller parts, creating larger super organisms of history. Cyclical time, might vary in its ‘quantum paths’, and details but ends always in the ‘death’ of the system, back to its entropic state; as the system fails to reach immortality transcending into a new social organism, fit to survive.

As human history is failing in the organisation of mankind as a super organism, but machines are far reaching that future, it seems in this planet we shall not reach the goal of immortality.

Thus two different outcomes then happen in Alt-History:

  • Paths of History which end in the same zero-sum future, the extinction of man with alternative ‘tribal histories’ where a nation might make a bigger empire by individual decisions, but as all humans are guided by tribal idol-ogies of metal, military nationalisms, capitalist go(l)d religions and mechanist techno-utopians, it doesn’t really matter if it is England or Spain who controls the world empires; or Japan or USA colonises the west, etc. All of them will evolve finally the three weapons of the singularity age that extinguishes life, because none of them accepted:
  • Social evolution of History into a larger whole. This alternative history means the victory of one of the prophets of eusocial love and the creation of a global super organism of mankind. And so here alt-histories might also vary but all save humanity. It doesn’t then matter if we are all Christians, or we are all Buddhist or we are all Muslims or we are all Socialists or we are all UNO nations or we all belong to the rainbow planet – the last social solution narrated in this blog. All those alt-histories evolve a loving mankind into a single God=Humanity with different ‘memetic variations’ of the same theme: ‘love each other as the prophet=scientist of future history has told you’, Amen.

Let us consider some examples of both types of alt-history.

Extinctive alt-histories. Alternative military empires.

In the graph, alt-history gives a lower probability to the paths of History of mankind, yet in ‘complex time’, the two arrows of future are possible, and so there are infinite other planets in which alternative paths of history are taken.

It is a tenant of general systems science that the Universe is a fractal of self-similar forms of information that repeat ad nauseam in all the scales of the Universe.

Alt-history thus is born of such thesis; as there should be in the infinite galaxies and planets of the Cosmos, infinite self-similar geographies with slight variations, similar to the Feynman paths of a quantum wave, scattered in its motion towards the same ‘zero-sum end’, of a cycle of life and death of a super organism of history.

Thus Alt-Histories are happening in infinite other planets – a thesis first posited by Giordano Brunno, which burned at the stakes for it.

In such ALT-histories there are then many planets, where humanist histories beat the fundamentalist animetal cultures of this one, where we seem to have no way out of  a future metal-earth after the incoming age of robotic wars.

Let us see some examples of those different solutions:

Japan’ s global empire, substitutes UK as father of the modern world.

For example, from a question at Quora I answered on a possible alt-history, in which Japan NOT Russia or USA, conquers most of the Northern hemisphere.

If Japan had declared war on the USSR instead of attacking Pearl Harbor could the Axis have won the war?


Before invading China, the discussion was on the table. And the true wonder about japan in fact is WHY it didn’t invade siberia as it was the logic move and Japan was fiercely anti-communist and his ideology was ‘Pan-Asian’: expulsion of Europeans from the ‘mongoloid, vital space’. Plus it had won already a war to Russia easily in 1905 for the same reasons: closer logistics to neighbour siberia.

IT was thus easy for Japan to take from Harbin the transiberian in a blitzkrieg to Novosibirsk, reaching the Obi and regaining the ‘Asian’ land of his ‘Altai forebears’, to create a huge empire: by taking Mongolia, Manchuria, Sajalin (with gas and oil fields a few miles from Honshu), and the whole empty East Siberia.

It was in fact the preferred solution of the army but the emperor preferred Tojo; the police boss, who wanted an absurd war against China – too many people, zero resources, as those of manchuria were already taken, and then took over USA, the factory of the world. So it was a huge strategic BLUNDER, born of the Japanese ‘inferiority complex with mainland – the Korean and Chinese culture’… his emperor for millennia had disputed the supremacy of the throne of the central kingdom, and the navy’s astounding arrogance.

The infamous Tojo, of Unit 731, wanted to be also a war hero, and won the favor of the emperor over the army, with a much sounder plan of war. He was not even a soldier, despised by the army, in a parallel case to that of the animosity between the SS and the Wehrmacht – when his time came he showed his cowardice refusing a painful Harakiri- shooting himself in a shameful act against the Bushido code.

Then, of course, USA would have not entered the war in Europe as it was isolationist and Germany might have won the war against a crippled Russia, without the Siberian retreat, and with two fronts as Japan would have advanced further to the Urals – the ultimate Asian border.

All the answers here are in that sense biased by the western strain of ‘exceptionalism’. So they assume the argument happening latter, after invading China and even some after Pearl Harbor, which is nonsense. Of course with 3 fronts Japan would have lost. But the REAL argument happened before invading China, which was the Tojo alternative to taking Sajalin and east siberia.

Irkutsk was on the corner of Manchuria, but thousands of miles from Moscow. And in the earlier 30s the red army was in shambles as Stalin had killed all his Trotsky’s officers. It took them a decade to rebuild it… with German help.

The Gol battle quoted above happened in 1939, when all the army was engaged in China. In 1932, when the argument was put on the table, and the army favoured Siberia against the navy view, it was a sure victory. A surprise attack on the transiberian would have mean the fall of Irkutsk in three days, by the time the news arrived to Moscow… hundreds of thousands of Japanese would have taken krasnoyarsk and offer peace before the Russians had any chance to organise resistance in an empty land – the left-behind pocket of Vladivostok surrounded.

The first and only battle would have taken place in Novosibirsk, if Russia had responded swiftly; and so the Obi river would have been the truce border.

The russian revolution was pragmatic. Without a working army till the training of new stalinist officers and a massive plan of rearmament latter in the decade MADE with the help of the Nazis, in exchange for building also german tanks and planes to circumvent the ally’s prohibition, in 1932 they had no chance. And would have willingly signed off East Siberia, as they gave away, western russian at Brest-Litovsk. The ‘Novosibirsk’ peace of 1934, in ‘Alt-History’, perhaps happening in ∞ other fractal planets of the Universe, would have made Japan and Siberia one – given the fact that the Japanese ethnic group comes from Siberia, via Korea (Altai->Manchu->korean languages), and Asians received them as liberators, a common ideology of ethnic Manchurian unity would have easily solidify the pride of the new empire.

But Japanese, which used to be called wo-ku, ‘dwarf pirates’, by the Chinese, had the celestial empire’s superior culture as their obsessive reference. So they made the same mistake that in the XVII century, when after copying the Portuguese, became the leading musket producers of the world after Spain in decline. So their right choice was to invade the American west, easily reached with the kuroshio current, just discovered by Urdaneta, or Philippines, south, on the route to Australia (called then ‘java la grande’) and take over those empty lands, soon-to-be filled with their 30 million people.

The Spaniards knew it, and feared it, writing about the amazing numbers of Japanese, their craftsmanship with weapons, higher precision of their ‘tanegashima’, dexterity with swords and bushido code; so they forbade further engagement, abandoning the ‘Kirishitan’ to his faith. Diplomatic letters showed panic when a Japanese boat arrived to Acapulco within years. Plans were drawn to build a border fort at Monterrey; as they had no hope of defending northern California, and were ready to retreat, which would have put the central valley on the hands of Japanese farmers, making North-America today, west of Missouri a part of Japan.

Then they wrote with relief and surprise when Hideyoshi launched the conquest of the Ming dynasty by way of Korea; ascribing rightly the strategic error to the enormous arrogance of this people, who ‘think their ruler is God’, and forecasted their defeat: ‘They have started the only war they can not win’…

But the ‘tragedies of history repeat because people don’t learn of their mistakes’ (Proust).

It is also vane the upvoted maximal answer – that they preferred to attack pearl harbour for ‘oil resources’. Sure, the Siberian resources are smaller than those of the ‘famous oil fields’ of honolulu (: Exploiting siberia would have made an american embargo both irrelevant and unlikely- as all would have applauded an attack on the communist revolution.

The emperor, who wanted to occupy the throne of the celestial empire, backed a ‘saddam hussein type’ rising from the Japanese GESTAPO, NOT the army, which was professional and would have never confronted US. But Tojo was a shrewd manipulator of his egolatric master; which we forgave and kept in power to subdue any possible evolution of Japan into a more social, r=evolutionary, republican, free, humanist culture, which is not – today forbidding even Asians to work there as cleaners and nurses, as they prefer robots to fill their tasks in an ominous sign of things to come.

So an amateur policeman, changed the destiny of history, showing how absurd are the quarrels of mankind, and the militarism that now brings us closer to an age of robotic wars that might extinguish our species. Indeed now we have the same kind of militarism rising in the region towards a III world war. All has changed to remain the same.

So indeed, in this alt-history Japanese Samurais live in LA, but they build the same robots that will kill us all, likely building a Wall of SHAME, against Mexicans as Trump is doing today.

FOUNDATION – a human solution



A different alternative history in a different planet could be ‘Foundation’, a script I tried to make while I was a scriptwriter in eviwood. It was a r=evolution made by a Mule, of 3 people representing the presidents of US, EU and China, an alt.history which if it had been understood and applied in the 1990s, could have indeed made already the world a paradise.

this was the beginning of the script…


Theme. The film recreates a human paradise on Earth based in the science of biohistory, as biohistorians enact a revolution on planet Earth – similar to Asimov’s Foundation – a galactic Empire managed by the equations of Psychohistory.

WE bring back to our present society the concept of a humanist, organic science of history – the classic concept of philosophy of history from Aristotle to Spengler to modern systems sciences – void of idol-ogies, tribal nationalisms and technoutopias that disguise our present world ruled by company-mothers of machines, where humans are increasingly obsolete but fictions, power ideologies, and selfie egotrips censor the solutions to the existential problems of this planet.

Thus the theme of Foundation is the recreation of an utopian world, very different to ours, closer to Avatar, in which a r=evolution happens to create a sustainable planet, where life not the machine becomes again the measure of all things, managed with the laws of organic systems and the equations of bio-history, where politicians become the ‘doctors’ of history that cure our social sicknesses, caused by the overeproduction of lethal metal-memes (weapons, the germs of social organisms), and the idol-ogies that sustain them.

The film dramatizes the r=evolution of biohistorians, explaining how 3 leaders of the present Earth, Miss POTUS, the president of EU and the Chinese President come into contact with the alter ego of ‘Hari Seldon’ (the character which finds those equations in Asimov’s foundation and has used them to become the wealthiest person on Earth TO PAY FOR FOUNDATION), becoming his disciples to make a r=evolution that creates a truly free, efficient, sustainable, organic planet, – reforming the eco(nomic)system and designing by imitation of Nature, a perfect superorganism of history.

Thus the key to the film’s success is:

VISUALLY. The recreation of a world of human beauty and art, similar to the other key utopian novel of XX c. history, ‘the glass-bean game’ of Hesse, Castalia, a place dedicated to art, welfare and beauty. This recreation of a ‘renaissance of the senses’, with life as a model, of organic ‘Gaudi-like’ architecture, British gardening, renaissance sculpture, and Nature at its best. It must create a feeling of a better world where man is still on command – not autonomous robotic cars with solar skins, terminators, ugly machines and polluting industries.

EMOTIONALLY. It must explain in parallel the coming of age, and struggle to take power and r=evolve the world of 3 leaders, Miss POTUS, the Chinese president and a European leader. The 3 come to meet ‘Lao San’, (the alter ego of Seldon, which used the equations of biohistory to become the wealthiest man on EARTH and will pay their way to power and final r=evolution). So the 3 leaders learn the laws of biohistory and take power to implement together the r=evolution.

SCIENTIFICALLY. The fact that there is actually a science of biohistory, the ‘superorganism of mankind in time’, with equations that can both:

-Predict the future based in the cycles of evolution and reproduction of machines and its effects on nations and wars (in the tradition of Vico, the socialist school, Toynbee, Kondratieff, Schumpeter and Spengler)

-And design with organic, physiological laws the economic and political, ‘blood and nervous’ informative networks of the planet to serve mankind is what makes possible Foundation.

Such r=evolution is indeed possible, if the 3 leaders of the world (-50% of people, ¾ GDP) take the minimal 3+3 measures needed to change the 2 physiological networks of the living planet and its superorganisms of history: its blood≈ reproductive≈ eco(nomic)system and its cultural≈political ≈informative ≈legal system… as the science and equations of bio-history are real, do work, and its models of historic superorganisms could indeed create a perfect world.

Thus unlike the ‘economic paradises’ of technoutopian movies, (including the saga of Foundation) the future paradise is based on the organic laws of the fractal Universe, proper of systems sciences and complexity (which Hawking rightly considers the science of the XXI c.).

So the narrative IS THAT OF a successful r=evolution that make History, immortal, controls for the benefit of mankind the machine, pruning the tree of science of its bad fruits and creates the paradise on earth.

which take the work of Toynbee and Spengler – the most remarkable philosophers of history of the XX c. to its completion

HOW many alt histories exist, we wonder. It all depends on the physiological networks and systems not in the individuals but only the ‘mules’, the individuals on top of the wave can change it.

Consider this alt history if an individual, HITLER would have been a biohistorian…

PAST – SIMULATION – 1940, Hendaye…

The Meeting of Hendaye, or interview of Hendaye took place between Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler on October 23, 1940 in the Spanish-French border, attended by the Foreign Affairs ministers.

The meeting marked the acceptance of Spain to join the Axis powers in their war against The British Colonial Empire, due to Hitler’s exposition of his plan to create the First Empire of Mankind, based in the Teachings of the German Scientific, Organic and Socialist Schools of History and Economics, the most advanced of its age, to be proclaimed next Christmas in the city of Lisbon.

Franco’s accepted the Presidency of the Hispano-American Republic, one of the 7 Cultures of the Empire, and dispatches were used to the 5 other ‘natural’ presidents of the World: Mr. Hitler with carefully chosen words, asked their presence, as the Kingdom of Mankind will be ruled by democratic laws and it was needed therefore a quorum of 4 votes to choose the First Emperor for the 10 years period with possibility of 2 re-elections or ‘condemns’, that will transform the planet Earth in a World made to the Image and likeness of Man.

Mr. Roosevelt of the Anglo-American Republic, Mr. Hitler of the European Republic, and its vice-president Mr. Stalin, Mr. Mao, of the Asian Republic, Mr. Gandhi of the Indonesian Republic and the Presidents of the Muslim Brothers and South-African National Party, formed the executive government. The ‘Human Constitution’ was published and the first meeting was hold to prepare the plans for the next phase of the war, the conquest of Portugal, where the Empire will be Proclaimed, giving time to the rest of Presidents to arrive to the meeting or send a representative or decline the invitation.

Within a week Lisbon felt to the offensive of the Pantzers and hardened Spanish Soldiers which after 3 years of war had no difficulty breaking the defenses of the city. At the same time, Mr. Rommel, a distinguished commander in the French offensive successfully captured Gibraltar, closing the straits and establishing a base for the U-boat war, allowing the displacement of 2/3rds of the German Army to Africa by the time the Empire of Mankind was proclaimed.

it was of course to be expected a political fiasco, as nobody believed the quorum of 4 presidents would attend the quixotic dreams of world power of Mr. HItler but it was not. England had tried its best to prevent the attendance of Mr. gandhi jailed, the Muslim Brotherhood president, jailed, the President of the South-African National party, also jailed, and easily convinced Mr. Roosevelt not to attend. And yet the quorum was reached and the Empire of Mankind in which we happily live at the turn of the millenium, was founded. And the Land with no eviL came to be, as men planned.

As it happened in the previous preparatory ears, ignored by all groups of power except a reduced group of scholars, Mr. Stalin and Mr. Hitler, both socialist believers in their youth, and admirers of the biological schools of science, of Darwin, Lamarck and its historic application by Marx and Spengler, had created a commitee directed by Mr. Oswald Spengler, in charge of drawing the natural borders and physiological, economical and political laws for the foundation by the first ‘scholar’ generation of bio-historians, of an efficient global superorganism of mankind.

So, the proposed vice-president of Europe, Mr. Stalin and the President of Asia, Mr. Mao, travelling through Siberia, from his Northern hide arrived on time. The Muslim Brotherhood, a perfect cellular body, joined by Its Assabiyah to Allah, named a new president and finally Mr. Hitler, Mr. Nassar, Mr. Mao and Mr. Franco, elected for 4-0 votes Mr. Hitler, For the position of President of the Empire. Immediatly Mr. Stalin accessed the vacant place of President of Europe, reinstauring the quorum and an ultimatum with the authority given by the Human Constitution to the President of the world was issued to England for rendition and liberation of the jailed Presidents of the Republic of Africa, South of the Sahel and the Republic of Indonesia, which comprised at the time the Indian Empire, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Australian and New zealand islands.

As England did not respond, still laughing iin its newspapers the madness of the project, the war continued. At the time of the last humurous comment of Mr. Churchill however, Mr. Rommel was advanced fast to liberate Egypt and the first columns penetrated Timbuctu, on his way towards El Cabo where the capital of Africa will be founded.

it had not been a plan without shrewdness; now the German army backed by the majority of the nations of the world (Brazil and Argentina had just joined the Hispano-American Republic and the proposal of a capital in the Nicaraguan lake where a new pamanan channel at water level would be built, permited the dispatch of what would become the conquering army of America). roosevelt though could not imagine what was in storage and england dismissed the scheme as an impossible dream. it did not count though of the nenthusiasm that the opressed colonial Africans and Asians have already shown for the plan of a free world…

By the time Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, now without the alliance of the Germans, who were siding with China in his conflict, El cabo had fallen, Alexandria had been acclaimed as the capital of the new Islamic Caliphate and the surprise attack of the Russian army over New Delhi, down the path of kahbul had permitted also the liberation of Mr. Gandhi… so Only the Anglo-American president, the ‘rebel’ as it was called in the world press resisted the obvious victory of the Empire of Mankind, our true God, over the Empire of Go(l)d.

Now Mr. Roosevelt had to decide. To help him Germany had also declared war to Japan but so had done England. In the table he had two letters, one of Mr. Hitler asking him to accept its position at the summit of the Anglo-American continent – which certainly meant to conquer or dissuade Canada to join United States and declare war to Britain, or otherwise accept the invitation and declare war to the Empire of Mankind…

news though on the war were clearly negative for England and even for America. At Nicaragua, spies indicated many of the machines to build the new channel where the capital of Hispano-America would be proclaimed were tanks and an army was assemblied. It could conquer panama in a week and break communications between both coasts, then it could advance through the atlantic coast and certainly Mexico was not a country to trust, and a blietzkrieg through the prairies from texas to minessota, heavily populated by germanic sympathizers break the nation in two and end the war. And even if America resisted, what chances it had to reconquer asia and africa, let alone defend Britain from the packs of u-wolves? None, he knew the war would fail before starting – a pacific front, a mexican front an atlantic front, and what for? to fuel the profits of the bank of England ?

The phone ring. He was expecting it. Mr. Churchill could perhaps be on the line to pressure him further. But no, it was not Mr. Churchill, of course… He had already talked with him twice without giving him a Yes. So now he was expecting a call from the true master of the empire, the grand-son of the man who once had said ‘doesn’t mind whose puppet seats on the throne of the empire who never sees the sun set, as long as I issue his money, I am in control’, the owner of the bank.

At the other side of the Empire of Go(l)d, a Member of Parliament for the site of the city, an obscure position for a man who had so much power, being de facto the ‘invisible president of the world’, was seeing for the first time in 3000 years his position as supreme being, Chosen of the Chosen, tumble. Could it be possible? What would be of all of us, if the Empire of Mankind triumphed?  Their only hope was the sacrifice of America, 300 million workers producing weapons to defend them, this was their only hope, and fast, the old continent seemed lost but perhaps we could isolate America and the Islands, the sea was still theirs, even though the bright strategy of fighting only with u-tubes had decimated the fleet, radars now had made that strategy fail, but not for too long. The Russians were showing a surprising capacity to manufacture excellent weapons pouring out of the baltic and Ireland could soon fall to an invasion, then they would be surrounded, and starved to death, not him of course, soon to leave to New York. Yes, Roosevelt had to be convinced to fall on the side of free market democracies, after all he was one of them.

The phone rang twice, three, four… It kept ringing, it was never stopping, it was ringing and ringing, but mr. Roosevelt did not pick it up. He had made the choice, he was writing the letter. The phone kept ringing but Mr. Roosevelt took the proper gordian solution. He pulled out the cable. At least, silence… the inquisition was out of his mind. he felt releif and restarted the letter:

‘Dear Mr. Hitler, after earlier eskepticism i have come to the conclusion a Human Empire is perhaps the only solution to this war, despite our fraternal friendship with the British people. I agree with most elements of the Constitution of Mankind, specially with your reinstating of fiat money without debt, Your Feder currency, which here have the glorious tradition of the Greenback, though i regret the need for this war andhope to end it soon and return to an expanded global new deal based in butter not in guns, even if as Your Minister of War, put it – get us fat (well i believe Mr. Goring must like then more butter than canons, even if he takes it in secrecy, given is exhuberance :)

In our present moment of sorrow for the recent victims of the Japanese attack, I want to express my gratitude to the Human Empire for declaring war to Japan and to coordinate our military operations in the Eastern front, I am inclined to accept my position in the World Council in representation of the 70% of the population of Anglo-American Republic…

We will not however participate on any military operation against the British Islands whose Prime Minister, a personal friend of mine, I believe could be peacefully convinced to join the union, occupying the natural vicepresidency of our bicoastal culture. Yet even if he refuses and continues the war, I ask you kindly, once operations in Asia have concluded to reduce the bombing of London and merely use peaceful tactics of maritime blockade till rendition is understood.

Looking forward to meet the other members of the council, in the hope of a prompt peace to dedicate our resources to reconstruct a better world.
Yours Sincerely

Potus (-;

And so when Mr. Churchill was deposed, during the famine years of the blockade and labor took over nationalizing the Bank of England, and Japan left alone accepted an honorable peace, the war was over, with a 10% of the causalities a lesser strategy could have caused. And the empire proclaimed the Pax Humanista for a new reich of one thousand years. The goals were set for the creation of a perfect organism for the year 2000, in which all cells of the body of mankind would receive enough energy and true information to achieve happiness and freedom. To that aim the 7 republics, each one represented by a color of the rainbow, accepted a global single currency issued automatically as a ‘universal salary’ for all members.

And the Supreme Court of Biohistorians, in charge of upholding the human constitution and make it real, started to pass to the council the first sets of scientific laws to regulate history…

Now of course, ‘this tour de force’ means to illustrate several points of the science of history:

– That individuals do not matter but super-structures and ideologies do. So if instead of ‘Hitler’ and the “nazi party’, a war group to the service of the German military-industrial complex, Germany had been ruled by a people-caste of scientists of history (so for Stalin and its Russian dictatorship), a perfect world could be designed, EVEN IF IT IS NEEDED TO CREATE A HIERARCHICAL structure of military power to transition between our corrupted capitalist world and a sustainable planet.

– That nations must be eliminated and substituted by cultures, so war ceases to exist. In the previous ‘rainbow’ planet, the 7 natural cultures of mankind become its nations, each one headed by a ‘president’, whose first role would be to conquer all other nations of the culture, destroy its borders and armies. And finally, as one of the 7 permanent members of the executive government of mankind, ‘give up’ their armies, leaving only a police body in each cultural nation, without inner borders, as the 7 presidents ‘govern’ together and need no armies to defend from each other – all conflicts resolved by diplomatic means.

– That a democratic society will need a global currency, ISSUED AS A GLOBAL SALARY TO THE PEOPLE, not as STOCK-MONEY TO CORPORATIONS, since only a democratic demand based economy in which humans vote the goods to produce will create a world to the image and likeness of mankind. Thus the Human Empire establishes a GLOBAL salary of 1000 ‘rainbows’ (Today Yes money) for all its citizens to have enough information and energy as cells do.

– That ELECTIONS MUST BE A POSTERIORI. We cannot ELECT THE LAWS OF SOCIAL ORGANISMS, BUT SCIENTISTS OF HISTORY MUST CHOOSE THEM, and pass them to the executive, which should vote them and make them legal. WHAT DEMOCRACY MEANS IS TO ‘BE ABLE’ AS BODIES DO TO SEND MESSAGES OF PAIN TO THE MEMBERS OF THE bio-historic, legislative and presidential, executive, and local, administrative civil servants, after their MANDATE. SO WE JUDGE the performance of our civil servants. WE DO NOT ELECT THE LAWS OF EFFICIENT SOCIAL ORGANISMS, WHICH ARE SCIENTIFIC LAWS, BUT THE BEHAVIOR AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THOSE LAWS BY the people. This second vote of ‘punishment’ or reward to civil servants is more important than the placebo elections between two parties controlled by financial castes happening in the west.


The first scene, as brief as possible tries to define the perfect world as a human world and show the fundamental concepts behind it.

The story is the flash back of a revolution, and creation of a perfect world, starting with the ceremony of death of Mr. Lao San, an anonymous Taoist-like character, who published at the turn of the XX c. an obscure encyclopedic work on the waves of history its equations and how to manage them, which only now after death comes into the public eye.

We thus walk as the people come in attendance through the site of Foundation:

a hyperbolic spiraled building, which shows the wave-equation of the 3 ages of the superorganism history, the Paleolithic energetic youth, the mature Neolithic – the age of the goddesses and fertility cults, which foundation recreates with selected technology – and the 3rd informative age of metal, which would bring our collective ‘entropic age of death’ and obsolescence if it is not managed properly…

At the center of the spiral, there is Museum of Human art, gugenheim style, on top of which lays the council of Foundation, where the ceremony is taken place.

On attendance the heptarchy of presidents of the Wor(l)d Union, one for each of the 7 global cultures of mankind, which rule the rainbow planet – Anglo-America; Latin-America, Africa, Islam, Europe Indonesia and Asia… (Through the film, we introduce the physiological laws and design of the perfect world as the background underlying atmosphere for the whole film).

Yet the narrative of the r=evolution and cre(dit)ation of foundation is personalized with flash backs on the life of the 3 ‘ASIMOVIAN MULES’ original leaders of the Heptarchy, the most important of which is Miss Potus.



Miss Potus is talking first. Her voice resounds through the screens and spaces of Foundation, as we follow the arrival of different members.


‘Wo=men are waves, the vital energy that guides the motion of its complementary particles, the in-form-ative male gender, that surround them. Those 2 first quantum states of space-time are born to love, for their properties enhance each other’s role. And so through social love particles and waves evolve together in growing scales of complexity, creating new wholes connected through networks of energy and information, till the emergence of the most perfect biological organism, of which we all human beings are citizens-cells, the superorganism of History, mankind in time, the collective subconscious brain of Gaia, its body, the planet Earth.

The purpose of mankind is thus clear, to create a perfect world in which both scales, that of the human couple and the organism of history can thrive, become immortal and master the future of all of us in an organic, sustainable scientific way’.

We all know today the first sentence of the anonymous book on the waves of history that started the movement of Foundation, but at the time I read that work nobody had yet explained the meaning of the complementary equations between particles and waves, or applied properly the laws of biology to the study of history. And so it strike to my senses that a book history could be written with the equations of quantum physics …

Her discourse is illustrated by a huge screen that recreates the quantum wave-particle complementarity through the scales of the Universe, as we see the duality wave-particle developing the complementary species of reality, from photons and light waves to electronic ‘female waves’ and quark ‘male’ particles, through molecular states of DNA particles and RNA waves, into biological, human and social waves….

As she talks we return to the present age, with TWITrump as leader of the ‘free world’, Jihad, security states, hate memes, robots and terminators on the making…

it also surprised me that the strongest force of the Universe that surrounded us but we couldn’t see was the power of love, the attractive force that through those scales of the fifth dimension of space-time evolved parts into wholes, making them stronger, more efficient, helping them to survive.

We all know today those are truisms of the organic, living Universe but at the time, Love was anathema, life was dying away and kill thy neighbor had become the law of the land…

We all lived in the dark ages of nazionanism, when the superorganism of mankind in time, History, was broken in tribal species, fighting each other in splendid little war for profits, and hate-media reigned supreme, making truth the old dictum of Schopenhauer, ‘all nations ridicule its neighbor, all are right’.

But the virtual noise of our corrupted civilization, was so strong and the propaganda in favor of a world ruled by machines so repetitive that we confused our future with the future of technology and truly thought History was progressing for the best; when the opposite was truth.

Since most people lacking any education, had regressed backwards in time, reducing our only god mankind, into tribal nations and warrying Gods or were eraseheads seeking refuge in fictions, primitive, religious revivalisms and selfie ego-trips, unaware that the clock of extinction was ticking… Since mankind had no credit to create a perfect Human world with the physiological laws of biohistory, and company-mothers of machines used all the resources to evolve the rival species, robots and AI which were displacing human workers from labor and war fields.

CUT TO THE PAST as we enter the screen behind Miss POTUS…


The second scene should establish the discovery of bio-history by the triad of future r=evolutionaries, a GOP politician, an EU leader and a party member… how they decide to become the Asimovian MULE and reach power without revealing its intentions to create the perfect world…

FLASH BACK – Miss POTUS, then a young US politico

I was then a politician in the GOP party that dominated the realpolitiks of the age, in a high position on the current administration…



ANOTHER set of solutions to alt.history are those in which a System of inquisitions of war, either abrahamic Islamic like religions or humanist self-centered artistic warrior cultures do conquer the world and fix evolution in a steady state solution that make history immortal.

For example the arab solution passes by the defeat in the kerbela battle of the military Umayyads, usurpers of the Ali caliphate, of those who were genetically related to the prophet and wanted to conquer the whole planet.

Once this is achieved the dynasty of sons of the prophet maintains the planet in a middle age technological stage.

Another solution passes for Recalde taking over Plymouth’s Drake fleet, conquering England and the rest of the world Phillip II didn’t still own and maintaining the world through inquisitions of thought in a social-catholic aristocratic artistic steady state:


So steady state solution before AI develops are humanist solutions that make History immortal.

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