I age: Semite wars


Foreword: The Semite Wars – The age of Weimar America.

I. War in the digital era

II.The 3 ages of Semite war – Its globalization

III. Yearly events.

Foreword: The end and the beginning of history looks the same.

An old man thinks as a child but with a negative slant. So the organism of History in the ‘age of death=entropy’ returns to the revivalism of its first metal-age, when the Semite people discovered money nd weapons and destroyed the Fertile Crescent in unending wears between the rival go(l)d believers (Babylon, Phoenicia and Israel) vs. the military rivals (Accadians, Assyrians).  It is the present age of the Semite wars, which soon will ‘climax’ with the final victory of the go(l)d cultures, as today go(l)d and its information machines (The Financial-Media-Academia system) controls totally the military-industrial system. So the end is obvious: Israel and its U$ allies will destroy all rival Islamic nations and degrade to the limit, the Palestinian people in its ‘bantustans’, with null rights, In a parable of the things to come for the whole human race. 

We follow here the development of the Semite wars between Israel and its western allies v. Islam, which as predicted in the 90s, now deceased blog ‘future magazine’ and 92 ‘Bio-history’ book would expand from its seed in Israel vs. Palestine to its whole original civilinations, the true units of History:

  • The Anglo-American ‘capitalist’ society, which is ruled NOT by the law but by money. Hence where the Financial-Media jewish empire on one side (the FMAsters of the capitalist western world, which despite being only 2% of the Western population control ±75% of the Central Bank, CEOs of financial and media companies, Economic Nobel prizes given by a private bank and a slightly smaller amount of CFOs in the 1000 Fortune; being ±50% of the 1% wealthiest Americans).
  • Vs. the ‘Neolithic warrior’ last ‘verbal’ religious culture standing of Mankind – Islam (the old Neolithic first warrior empires of the pre-industrial age) collide with each other.

As a fundamental law of ‘5D Time’ is the fact that ‘first come first served’, it is only fitting that the two oldest ‘animetal’ cultures that substituted the natural language of human social evolution, the wor(l)d, by the two metal-languages of power, TT-entropic weapons and hypnotic informative SS-Go(l)d, will in the age of TT-entropy, of ‘death of history’ by internal and external overdrive of motions, provoked by ‘audiovisual e-motional media’ that disturbs the rational mind of man and external weapons and transport machines that accelerate our time rhythms, come again on top and enact the VERY SAME first confrontations of History, between Semite warrior ‘Arabs’ and Levantine Go(l)d cult(ure)s, ‘Cananeans’.

This must be clear from the beginning. Since the ‘silent 1973’ coup d’etat against the American presidency and money, the ‘FMAsters’ – the financial-media-academia elite of that ‘dominant’ 75% of ‘chiefs’ of corporations have ruled America at pleasure. But as all systems controlled by information (From galaxies controlled by black holes, to invisible money flows, or invisible brain messages) the cellular parts of the organism are ‘blind’ to the external world, and so those who control the Information machines of modern societies that imprint money, audiovisual information and hate memes, control people. And this has been the tool of power of Judaism in the western world, ever since one ‘Guttenberg’ and his financier, who will take his patents, one ‘Fuss’, realize that ‘If you repeat a lie many times’ (Goebbels’ method, Orwellian newspeak) ‘people will believe it’. So once metal-communicators took over the truth of the wor(l)d the modern world of alt-truths appeared and went through all the cycles explained in its article. 

Thus what makes specially interesting the Semite wars is the extreme censorship even among historians on its development – a prime for History that has never reached such a degree of ‘ignoramus’, which shows not so much the power of the FMAsters in the systems of placebo-democracies ruled by company-mothers and its lobbying politicos in the west, but the growing degradation of humanity’s mind even at the level of scholarship, manufactured its brain with audiovisual fictions of politic and economical correctness that are rewriting the History of Mankind with antitruths, self-serving to the FMMI system of machines-weapons and its owners.

So for the first time since Xenophon established the rules of history as a science, mankind cannot explain reality as it is. And so we have to introduce first the reasons of this amazing censorship on history, which only happens in religious civilisations – namely the age of Weimar America, when the wasp elite was substituted by the Jap elite that enacted those semite wars.


While the whole ‘better written’ with an academic tone and more information, theme of Weimar America is treated in the article on the Jewish-Anglo-American ‘capitalist’ civilization, we cannot even start talking of the ‘causality’ of the Semite wars without introducing Weimar America.

Weimar America is the third age of the Industrial cycle of metal-minds parallel to German Weimar, in which there is a change in the top elite that controls the country’s FMMI System of company-mothers of machines that ‘owns’ capitalist America – the networks of financial and Media information or head of the super organism of machines; and the Military-Industrial Complex or body of the super organism, from the wasp, white European protestant elite, to the Jap, Jewish American people. Or two keep the acronym.

So the next graphs show the change of paradigm for the middle classes and the essence of the 73 coup d’etat that changed America from wasp to jap rule; and the 3rd graph, the basis of the Jewish inquisition of thought that has achieved thanks to the power of metal-communicators the unthinkable: one of the harshest dictatorships of history by the control of its population, and social languages of power, money and mass-media, monopolised by Japs is NOT in the books of history, in the scholar arguments about America, it is simply labelled as ‘antisemitism’ or ‘confabulation theory’, when anyone living among the American elites can certify that all the positions of power are hold by Japs or people like Mr. Trumpuppet hired by them to do the job.

So we first introduce in a long prologue taken from other posts the ages of the industrial revolution and the age of Weimar, ‘Jap’ America, even if the emotional ‘pseudo-religious imprinting of people’ by the FMAsters against the concept they rule, a taboo that nobody dares to break, will make most abandon the web. But one cannot make of history a science if it accepts censorship, even if it implies not to have an audience. So first we introduce…


Why Weimar America is the biggest taboo of modern social sciences has a simple, repeated ad nauseam, structural reason of all organisms: the ‘head of information’ blinds the body-cells or ‘working, reproductive class’ of any social organism or ‘anti-quantum paradox’ (the observable elite is so powerful compared to the tiny scholar he cannot criticize it: ‘If you want to know who rules you ask who you can’t criticize’ attributed to Voltaire, or ‘you will defend me with the sword (or gold) and I will defend you with the word’ (Tertulain). So uncertainty is inverse but very real to quantum uncertainty where the observer is so huge it modifies the observable.

the second reason is the fact that in the age of TT-entropy (death by overdrive of internal and external motion that erases the organic networks of a system), the ‘free gaseous’ dog-eat-dog particles, the very definition of the American present mind, cannot even conceive the existence of networks that control them. But the organic Universe is always controlled by a network that creates through social love, the sharing of energy and information among equal molecules, a system.

Because in America only the Financial-Media (head)/Military-industrial (body) system is a ‘whole organism’, which since its inception as a nation is ruled by company-mothers of gunboats and its plantation lawyers (the first president was the wealthiest plantation that traded with gunboat cargoes, tobacco and slaves), the American mass lives ‘blind’ in mind, in constant entropic dog-eat-dog ‘survivalism’ mode, mentally imprinted by metal-communicators, and so only the people who ‘rule’ the FMA system form a social organism, who control the mass through the orders delivered in its company-mothers, whose ‘millions of workers’ create with credit, ‘creditate’, the future of that country, using NOT the wor(l)d and its laws that are legally bought by lobbyism but ‘financial digital orders’.  So numbers have also substituted words and the American is basically a pure ‘enzyman’, which lives to re=produce and consume machines, the 2 economical roles (now being replaced by robots who compete with us in labor and war fields) for whom the eco(nomic)system has designed its nation.

And yet as entropic ‘particles’ they do NOT even realize this is happening.

So the most astounding fantasy of  modern Americans and human beings at large (as America ultimately is just the ‘displacement’ into the future, as all smaller systems of faster ‘5D time cycles’ are… of the whole mankind, represented in its people) is to think they are free.

In science freedom is equivalent to entropy and synonymous of disorder and prompt death.

Yet Americans ignore this, as all ‘entropic particles’ become memoriless, shorten their time-span attention and become local, so they transit into destruction with a don’t worry be happy macho-man attitude. With shows the enormous intelligence of the organic program of the Universe. ‘Morituri te salutant’, those who are about to die are filled with joy and the wishful thinking of ‘freedom’ and worship those who enslave them to death.

Humans think they are as individuals the protagonist of history and they think they are free, NOT controlled as all ‘cellular elements’ of a super organism, in their case the super organism of history by the informative ‘nervous-legal’ and reproductive ‘blood-financial-economic’ systems of society.

Humans then obey blindly the law or ‘else’ and become completely obsessed to get ‘credit’, money or ‘else’; as any other clone ‘cell’ seeks for its energy bites and information bits to guide its actions in all other super organisms of reality.

And yet the Universal program of ‘super organisms’ that pack herds into organic systems controlled by its informative and energetic networks is so intelligent that it allows its ‘parts’ to feel free.

This said, the essential working of the super organisms of History, the next scale of evolution of life after the individual human being, through those networks implies that social sciences and any attempt to improve our societies, requires the study of its social networks and its reform according to the laws of organisms in search of a much better designed economic and political systems, and that is the main theme ran through the entire site of this web, the most advanced organic models of both sciences.

 This we do in all other pages so we refer to understand the basis of the organisation of societies, its memes and beliefs to them. Enough to say that in the new paradigm of an industrial society, the networks of informative machines rule networks of transport and weapons, the body of the economy forming the Financial-media (head)-military-industrial complex, which rules societies, including the increasingly submissive networks of human laws and welfare goods, which only receive the ‘left overs’ of the economic, financial system, as humans suffer increasingly forms of austericide.

How this connects with the Semite wars is easy: the networks of information of the metal-earth, are dominated by the leading nation of the age of metal-minds, America, which is ruled by wall street finances and hollywood and silicon valley audiovisual networks. They are owned overwhelmingly by a minority cultures, who owns a majority stake in those networks, commands America and rules American Weimar, and it is engaged in the semite wars.

The FMMI complex, has one type of informative machines, which prints money and news and academic information, in each age of its evolution, determining with their information the world we live in and giving absolute social power to the people-castes that own both systems.


The coup d’etat of 1973 by the FMAsters (ab. Financial-Media-Academia Masters) delivered the U$ presidency to the Media Masters after Watergate showed they could choose or tumble a president with Tvs: the Dollar to its Financial masters, as a backing tool to overproduce e-money, when it loose its gold convertibility, with the downside of plummeting the purchase capacity of the American population taxed unfairly with its constant devaluation as they used currency to pay NOT e-money derivatives. And as it allowed them to buy out all companies in stock, finally, delivered the FMMI companies of the metal-earth… Meanwhile Media manufactured the brain of people with fictions and selfies – divide and win – and of course the necessary think tanks paid scholars to justify through Academia, all those actions, establishing a massive censorship through political and Economical correctness. So today the collective thought of both the mass of people and the pundits agree to move mankind into the singularity age of extinction, promote splendid little wars against primitive evil 3rd world peopled that brings further profits as stockrats have issued around 30 trillion $ to buy the Industrial-Military complex deviating wars from the red-commie enemy to the splendid little wars to Islam…
It was a masterpiece of control of a nation by other nation, Israel, which now can rebuild its segregational Bronze Age go(l)d cult after those wars destroyed every nation opposing to Grand Israel.
But the true question the FMAsters NEVER asked themselves was the possibility of using all that power to choose the road less walked, the path of a human future for mankind, building a perfect world with the laws of systems sciences, as I used to preach when I felt myself a ‘converso’ Levi to the cause of humanity. Haskala not halaka. But r=evolution was not to be, extinction is the goal, as all those systems of digital control are repeated by imitation in all other nations of the world. So judaism as it has always done chose the road more walked, that of ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’ which shall bring the war and holocaust cycles of our suicidal self-extinction, which this time we shall not blame on others, as there will be none left.

IN THE GRAPH, judaism has been in absolute control of America, since the coup d’etat of 1973, when it substituted the wasp elite, in all the systems and networks of power, thus changing the culture of the dominant nation of the world, which 50 years in the making has become truly mimetic to the memes of Judaism in most spheres of thought.

The prologue to that coup d’etat was an attempt by the leaders of the mass of America, the Kennedies of its white middle classes, Luther and Malcolm of its lower minority class, to reform Capitalist America to a milder European version, envisioned by the 60s r=evolution. The American would gladly have continued as Western Europe like democracy as envisioned by the Kennedies where all people are considered humans and have minimal social rights to health-care, education and safe job conditions, but for that reason all the r=evolutionaries that tried to recreate a European America were murdered. And then a puppet of a series of puppet presidents was chosen to be decapitated immediately by the TV-networks, stripped off financial power by e-money and obliged to change its war focus from the classic red scare of wasps to the new enemy of the new elite, Islam by the Jap cambodia’s genocider Mr. Kissinger. So in a master stroke so obvious and yet so ignored, Kissinger took over the international policy of America changing from anticommunism to islamophobia, after leaving in the killing fields of Cambodia millions of collateral corpses, wall street destroy the financial power of the dollar to freely invent e-money to the tune of 30 trillion $ in stocks and derivatives, allowing the Jap financial elite to expand the empire to all the western hemisphere.

And of course since what one gets other looses, as the Jap elite and the wasp now subordinate old guard, grew their capital by the simple method of printing financial money, the standard of life of the middle class plummeted.

A simple graph will suffice to grasp from the beginning this clear difference between Europe, a milder form of capitalist democracy and the ‘real thing’:

eurpe vs. uSA

In the graph, the clear divergence between both models of capitalist democracies took place after the ‘coup d’etat’ of 1973 that put on charge of America no longer the wasp elite but the Jap elite – a thoroughly more fundamentalist form of viewing go(l)d as the fetish language that must be monopolized by the 1%, with all the rights, and none for the 99%, breaking society in an elite separated through segregational memes from mankind – ultimately a M.A.D. HEAD who hurts its body-cells and brings through the massive profits of the pecunia infinita belli Nervi, the cycles of self-destruction, war and holocausts. America thus after the 70s completely destroyed its lower class, became obsessed by military profits, in defense of the other nation of the stockrats, which through its Financial-Media-Academia control of machines of information created a virtual fiction of placebo freedoms absorbing through the constant invention of e-money, once the end of gold convertibility devalued the currency of the people as a secondary form of money, all the credit of society and after the CREATION OF WORLDSTOCK WITH FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT OF CAPITALS WORLDWIDE, absorbed further the money of all the elites of the ‘free world’. 50 years latter the system seems so unmovable as the ancien regime before the French Revolution, as the mass-media fictional world and selfie divide and win virtual hypnotism of facebook-like screens ensure humans will be retarded understand nothing and happily move towards the XXI c. extinction events of AI, cosmic nuclear bombs – watching 3D movies through its oculus dark glass

The steep decline of 1/2 of the American mass since judaism took over wasps in the control of the country IS a cyclical pattern that follows immediately in all the 800-80 years in which the go(l)d culture has managed to corrupt politicians or kings and take over the issue of money and tax-farming, today in far more complex forms.

We can see the huge difference between both type of democracies even if in the surface and increasingly so after the European similar coup d’etat of the ECB bank which does no longer issue money for its people, imposed the same system in Europe at large.

The 1% of course of those graphs is overwhelmingly made of financiers (±1/2) and stockrats (±1/2), belonging to the memeplex of Judaism, which get wealthy just printing money for themselves and their companies that give zero rights to workers and consumers as the parasitic concept of a chosen of go(l)d that must control as aristocrats, chosen of the sword did, society with its monopolistic tool of power has been fully transferred today to those company-mothers; that is, to the industrial-military and financial-media companies that rule Anglo-America; and so obviously in the digital age of e-money and infinite credit for corporations, the striking ‘difference’ of wealth makes anglo-America, today by far, the most unequal, anti-democratic (in economic terms), world, comparable in terms of wealth disparity only with  a very few 3rd world military dictatorships.

The difference though that makes weimar America such a fascinating or repulsive case of analysis depending of the morals of the observer is the fact that through a combination of censorship, holocaust victimist industry, fiction and anaesthesia of the mind, Weimar America is NOT studied as a serious scholar discipline anywhere in the world, showing truth the Goebbels method of tabula rassa brains (Locke): if you repeat a lie many times people will believe. And so the lie that this is not happening is today a quasi-religious dogma as the mass of Americans, ‘divided by selfie ego-trip’ don’t know and if they know don’t care and if they care, don’t dare, as even the slightest insinuation that Weimar America exists, means the end of once scholar career. Indeed, the amazing thing is that all this Financial-Media-Academia master control (FMAsters) has been achieved without the slightest complain with a classic biological strategy: anaesthesia.

Media became the master of political and intellectual discourse, shaping a divide and win permanent fiction ego-trip that has reduced to purple rain the brain of the American people, degraded to a point of selfie impotence that amazes the external observer, but was already noted in Weimar Germany by his master historian, predecessor of this work, Mr. Oswald Spengler (who prophesied according to the cycles of history a similar fate for America at the end of the XX c.):


The American Weimar, or 3rd age of the American power cycle is mimetic to the German Weimar, when the growing speculative schemes of printing for free of money gives total power to bankers over industrialists, which means to change the elite from germanic captain of industries to jewish financiers. The change of culture will bring further down the road a higher degree of exploitation and a final war and gottendamerung. Weimar America started with the coup d’etat of 1973 and the invention of e-money, and amazingly enough is not yet recorded in our history books… highly censored by those who own Weimar


So the American weimar proper, now crashing into its final age of American militarism, is a mimesis of the phases of German Weimar of financial theft and jap rule followed by the rise of fascism, parallel to the similar age of financial train crises and rise of colonialism in the XIX century steam cycle of evolution of machines. And so the 3 cycles gives us the whole full meaning of the industrial revolution, its relationships of symbiosis and predation with mankind, in the peaceful consumption age of machines and the war age when machines mutate into weapons and consume us, which in the next graph we observe in terms of generations:

Generations parallel to the ages of the machine in the dominant industrial nations. If we  make the same graphs for the human cultures they conquered it is all a single generation of suffering, death and pain – but we don’t count corpses and they are to us invisible people, not worthy to be claimed as superior victims, as those of our white world in the rare occasion they die.

In the graph now a decade old, the 4 generations of biblical memes and technological weapons advancing full speed to our collective extinction in the robotic wars. The Wall will be the take-off of massive investments in robotised drone-controlled armed borders, which will usher the chip radiation into a full industrialised never to end till we are all done with, final age of America. 

In the graph, the cycles of the Industrial r=evolution which end always in a nationalist, military age after an economic series of crashes that move the production of machines from human consumption to the more profitable consumption of its eviL twins, weapons by states.

Because placebo democracies are ruled by money, companies lobby to choose war-monger politicians that will bring Fascism in its 3 modalities, colonialism after the train crashes of the 1860s, fascism proper after the car crashes of the 1930s and the present cycle which is more similar to the colonial age; as it is suffered by the middle low classes and third world.

In America this age must be considered in its main detail of its hierarchical class structure as the old wasp (White European Protestant elite) is substituted by the Jap elite (Jewish-American people), which implies a harsher control of information (Holocaust industry that forbids even to mention the rule of the Financial-Media elite, ab. FMasters, in control of its information machines that print money and imprint people’s mind), a harsher form of capitalism, as Judaism is the original go(l)d cult(ure) origin of all forms of biblical Capitalism (as per Sombart’s masterpiece, ‘Judaism and the origin of capitalism’ and the work of his disciple, better known, Max Webber, on Protestant ethics and the origin of capitalism).

This change of elite happened in the 1972 ‘silent coup d’etat’ against the American presidency (Watergate that passed power to the mass-media system of control of politico’s lives; yon kippur that changed enemy from the communist red scare to islamophobia, and end of dollar gold convertibility that unleashed the creation without limit in wall street of e-money), coincidental with the beginning of the ‘chip radiation’ (discovered of integrated circuits).

In this age, the presidents of America will then be all ‘puppets’ of the new information corporations and Jewish-American elite, as they were before ‘puppets’ of the miitary-industrial system (head of the Industrial Economy vs. Body)… and its oil and car industries.

Even though WASPS and Japs are both ‘brother’ cultures sharing similar memes (biblical religions, go(l)d cult and worship of technology above life), there is a clear difference of ‘duress’ in the way wasps and japs treat their  ‘lower social classes’, which makes Weimar America as it happened in Weimar Germany a far more Darwinian place, for several reasons we will develop along those texts:

The true difference between Judaism, now in charge, and biblical capitalism, is that Judaism considers itself a different species, while THE WASPS of earlier biblical capitalism ‘believed’ to be part of mankind and most white Americans to belong to their culture. Even in their view of capitalism, the wasp thought to be right, unable to understand as Judaism does after 5000 years of practicing the anti-life values of gold, that money gives zero values to life and maximal values to weapons, as the next graph shows. For the wasp money is always good, which means that it  has STILL a SENSE OF MORAL RESPONSIBILITY and if convinced of his wrong doing and taught properly the way to use money to improve society it can change.

Judaism cannot because it is fully aware that money values kill life, but has solved the moral problem, degrading life-mankind to an inferior ‘animal species’ in its talmud sacred texts, hence accepting and justifying the non-life values of money:

go(l)d cultures values

THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Jewish->Protestant fetish go(l)d religions. Hence in capitalist democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science. Thus the true battle of History has always been between the languages that must rule the wor(l)d: the ethic legal word that puts man, the ‘subject’ as the center of reality, manipulated through its actions=verbs as objects=energy ab=used by the subject: Man(subject)>verb(action)>object. Such legalist cultures are humanist cultures, notablly the Latin>Social European>EU vs. cultures that made of symbiotic informative metal go(l)d and entropic metal weapons the language of power above the law. Those cultures born with the discovery by the Semites of metal as a tool of power anti-democratic ruled by people-castes, which in the west were traditionally matriarchal jewish cultures and machist arab and indoeuropeans, fusion in Northern Europe, which transfer that power to the company-mother of machines,the institution that has ruled the Anglo-American culture since biblical reformation put the jewish financial elite on top. Had the Anglo-American culture become truly enlightened as Germany did after II world war, becoming legalist, ‘European’, reigned over the issue of money, human mothers would have a future. As company-mothers issue its money and buy politicos and laws to favor its species, mankind is doomed. While the anglo-americans have become puppets of the eternal ‘semite wars’ between the original fundamentalist ‘gold-iron’ cults of biblical judaism and Arab Jihads.


The change of paradigm: from humans ordered by legal/welfare networks to humans ordered by financial/audiovisual networks.

The biggest myth of mankind on the facts of the reality of a species that belongs to a super organism ordered by two networks, as all the individuals of any species organised in society, is that the individual is free.

It is not. The individual of a social organism is only free with ‘luck’ in its biological systems of feeding and reproduction, but it is part of a society ordered in all its communal behaviour by the informative network, which in human societies is the law, or ethic wor(l)d and its identity memes, and the reproductive network, which in human societies is the economical system – the equivalent to the nervous and blood systems of an organism.

The big question then about mankind is what kind of reproductive and informative, economic and political networks a society build, and the fundamental TRANSITION experienced by humanity in the age of the machine, is the transformation of those networks, and its primacy. So:

  • Legal political network lost power to-> Audiovisual networks.
  • Agricultural & Welfare, sustainable, ‘WHealth’ in life goods substituted by -> Money and final network.

That is, the organisation of human individuals have become submissive to our control by ‘networks of informative machines’ that print our money and our information.

And this change has meant to put humans to the service of corporations, to make them ignore totally the natural goals of an efficient, well-designed super organism of mankind that caters to the goal of its people, and to convert them in puppets of the FMAsters, Financial-Media-Academia Masters that control those information machines and hence are the true power of societies, as their messages and their credit defines what a society believes and does, including its politicos controlled by the informative audiovisual networks and credits of campaigns; which in the American case simply means America is controlled not by politicos and welfare systems of production but by financial, media masters and its credit, mostly to industries of machines. In brief, the owners of hollywood and wall street control what we have come to call weimar America. 

What is then the purpose of such societies? It might vary in the political details, as it does in Weimar America as opposed to the previous age of Wasp America, but the true purpose is not human, but keep evolving machines and networks, memes of metal, the offspring of the company-mothers whose non-human purpose is the ultimate goal of such alien system of control of mankind.

The purpose of the new system of social power, and control of people is the purpose of corporations, which means to increase the profits of companies and its preferred goods, weapon of maximal price, inflationary money and software of minimal cost. It is then when the 3 elements of the ‘super organism of machines’ and its synergies establish the fundamental cycles of modern societies, the 80 years cycles of global wars.

In the next graph, we explain those synergies between the new dominant networks of mankind – those of machines of energy and information NO LONGER, political and welfare goods as in classic human societies:

Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anaesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes… And when the Industrial cycle after an overproduction crash ‘chooses’ war profits to enact social bondage needed to sacrifice lives to the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles, FM networks feed people with hate media, violence, and paranoid leaders are chosen to convince the ‘free citizen’ that his purpose is to sacrifice his life for the profits of the leisure class and the evolution and massive reproduction of top predator weapons.- this is, as predicted, our age after the overproduction crises of chips ushered us in the age of splendid little robotic wars:



Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 9.26.07 PM

Cultures that accept as dogma metal-money values above the law, maximal for weapons, minimal for life, impose an equation of war for profits, maximized overeproducing weapons of max. price and informative machines that print for free digital languages of money and audiovisual hate memes against mankind that foster war. The result is the creation of the Financial-Media (informative machines) + military-Industrial (energetic machines) system: the Metalearth’s super organism. The equation of profits of the Financial-Media/Military-industrial super organism of company-mothers of machines its responsable of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people, best from the third world non-technological civilizations we love to hate and despise, provoke and murder.

The steep curve of censorship and racism under Jap rule.

Why this control of America happens but cannot be talked of, requires a very brief analysis of what Judaism is from our texts on the go(l)d culture – based in its fundamental belief – that gold values expressed in the previous graph must be obeyed WITHOUT ANY RATIONAL INQUIRE on its COLLATERAL EFFECTS ON MANKIND and their own carriers – namely the profits of war, usury and debt slavery that end invariably in holocaust cycles, the ruin of nations and the collapse of civilizations.

But all this is not understood because ‘weapons and money’ are entropic and informative languages of power, and while in symbiosis against mankind they have different properties and so warrior and go(l)d cultures seem very different in its surface.

The main difference between Judaism as a go(l)d culture that uses metal-information to control society vs. Germanism and all its tribal military versions that use Entropic Iron to control people is precisely the difference between informative power and entropic power, monetary control and military control of societies. Weapons must be evident as they kill and control by fear, on the negative and they are large, obvious. So the warrior boast its power. Information though controls with inverse properties, as it is a language of complex form, small size, fast motion, which controls people on the positive, ‘seemingly giving something’ – money – which is good, but the banker expects to be returned and hence makes the gift a debt-poison; or buying the lifetime of the person as a slave or worker. In all those cases the person controlled by a language of information ‘must believe’ the owner of the language is an expert, an authorized master, vehicle of the language of go(l)d. So he must camouflage its control.

What none allows the people they control is to share the issue and use of the language of power. So both aristocrats in the old regime and modern stockrats in the capitalist regime, have an absolute mandate to keep in power: to forbid the rest of the population the issue of its language. So aristocrats forbade common people to make weapons and carry them. And today with deficit zero laws and limits to the issue of currency, the stockrat that prints trillions in e-money derivatives ”chokes by anoxia’ and ‘austericide’ by lack of credit the rest of mankind, herding gold for himself. And both antidemocratic controls of the language of power are hold by all possible means. But in the case of an informative language the trick is to make information so complex people do not understand money and how simple would be a proper economic system in which money, the blood-oxygen of the society, is issued NOT as debt, but as any language is, for free, to all the cells-citizens of the organism to reproduce and kick a demand economy based in the welfare goods people need to survive.

Because we live in a parasitic banking system, bankers and stockrats reproduce the money and they herd it or use it to evolve machines and pay for weapons and mercenary armies or for hate-media and hagiographies of themselves.

So it is essential to an informative people-caste in control of the financial system that pays the legal system and the military system to appear as experts and good people.

And this is the essential role that the industry of the Holocaust that considers the carriers of the memes of Judaism killed in II world war superior victims to the other 60 million people who die – it is indeed obvious that any nation could claim a Holocaust Industry on victims of wars – and constantly produce documents accusing anyone that denounces the dictatorship of judaism over the western military-financial systems a heinous crime.

The goal of course is to hide social power by censoring the facts with a collateral argument. For that reason we are now witnessing an expansion of the IHRA definition of antisemitism as legal and abiding in all nations to certify that anyone who affirms that ‘judaism has financial power judaism is a racist religion and Israel an apartheid state’ is committing a hate crime. This basically censors historic argument. It would amount to the denial that the previous elite, the wasp people were racist against the blacks because their common beliefs in Biblical racism, that they were monopolizing the wealth of America with their control of their yellow press and industrial companies. Today in weimar America to explain those facts are a crime. And obviously it is forbidden to explain the semite wars as what they are, a mercenary army of western nations where financial control gives political control, defending on behalf of its Financial-media masters, to ensure reelection, Israel against a civilization of warrior people, Islam, which attacks Israel with arguably a just reason: the racism of Israel against its arab people and the backing of the western world of arab dictators that oppress their population.

So the Semite wars CANNOT BE SOLVED unless A HUMANE solution to apartheid Israel and the end of the western BACKING OF brutal DICTATORS and likely many Jihadist groups to maintain a perpetual excuse for military profits ends.

All this though if we were ruled by a germanic wasp military people as in the 50s or by a communist dictatorship as in the stalinist age or by a kingdom or empire will be obvious.

What makes judaism and any ‘financial dictatorship’ making war profits is the need to justify with hypocritical causes the war cycle, because as we said information must be seen as positive, and ‘people must remain ignorant to become obedient’ (Calvin).

So judaism invented as it took control of America a new form of censorship foreseen by Orwell, political and economical correctness, newspeak of placebo caring and victimism through 2 ‘recurrent themes’ – the holocaust industry and the defense of ‘secondary, small minority groups’ which cost ‘little to back’ against the blatant injustice of racism. I.e. the constant defense of LGTB rights (which of course we defend but are a very small minority), the promotion of black elites in visible positions of political power and films (which is based in the acquiescence of those politicos to the policies of the elite). Let us consider this case. In principle it seems Judaism has 0 racism against black people and is truly caring about the injustice of slavery. And so it shows it is truly not a racist religion as it ‘cares’ for them, unlike the germanic racist warrior culture that preceded it. But it is exactly the opposite. Modern slavery in fact is a mandate of Judaism against blacks and arabs, which are considered the most inferior species, not even human and so it was the Hebrew bible, which caused modern slavery,  which was uphold in court based on the Ham Doctrine or Ham Damnation according to which the black people and the arabs were monkeys, born of the leg of satan, because their ancestor Ham had pee on Noah.

So this racist slur is ‘religious dogma’ in Israel against the arabs, as it was in protestant Anglo-America against the blacks and it is the origin of the two most virulent strains of racism along the Hitlerian Millenarism, which was directly copied of the central tenant of the Jewish religion as a supremacist historic religion of go(l)d power: ‘at the end of times, all nations of the world will become slaves of Yhwh – the subconscious collective of Judaism, or become exterminated’ (Sanhedrin, Talmud, Millenarian prophecy).

The reader can then consult the articles of animetal cultures and how the use of iron and gold created similar primitive racist segregational cults in Aryan vedas, Germanism and Judaism. Because the bottom line for the 90% of mankind is the same. A society ruled by judaism or Germanism in its extreme versions of racial segregation will bring enormous suffering to mankind at large and end in war and holocaust cycles by different means.

It is not then a minor theme, the change of America, from the hippie, European social democratic 70s to the racist, extreme capitalist and highly censored Modern America of Jap rule, perfectly camouflaged by political and economical correctness.

Let us quote a text on this theme which is the key to understand weimar America: duplicity. Unlike a warrior culture a financial dictatorship always presents a mask of caring.

We deal with the inner causes of Jewish racism as a segregational culture of gold herding and slave trade in other posts. But it would be worth to mention just a paragraph of his most recognized book of philosophy, quite milder than the assertions of talmud, its sacred book that qualifies humans not even as ‘humans but an animal race’, on the animal nature of blacks and arabs, because it is at the heart of Israel’s apartheid state:

“Some of the Turks [i.e., the Mongol race] and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does.” (book III, chapter 51) Maimonides,  ‘Guide to the Perplexed’, which is justly considered to be the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy and is widely read and used even today.

Now, what does one do with such a passage in a most important and necessary work of Judaism? Face the truth and its consequences? God forbid!  In the past Jewish systemic racism was hidden in the Hebrew language. As talmud’s translation was forbidden under death penalty. So None could find in  English- language “Jewish histories”; for example, the elementary facts about the attitude of Jewish mysticism (so fashionable at present in certain Hollywood quarters) to non- Jews: that they are considered to be, literally, limbs of Satan, according to the cabbala) or the mandates of cursing and desiring the extermination of all non-jews, which the pious must utter every day. Problem though of modern Judaism is that those books had to be translated, due to the decline in the knowledge of Hebrew among American Jews. So a happy “solution” was found:  the Hebrew word Kushim, which means Blacks, was simply transliterated and appears as “Kushites,” a word which means nothing to those who have no knowledge of Hebrew, or to whom an obliging rabbi will not give an oral explanation.

Alas one can read the ‘Aristotle’ of Judaism calling the ‘Kushites’ monkeys and further on observe that Judaism in general backs those ‘monkeys’ to power in US, while exercising blatant racism against latinos and other ‘monkeys’ backing the policies of Trump-like politicians.

Why if Judaism despises black as animals like it does to arabs have then a different treatment of blacks in America and Arabs in Israel? Obviously because blacks do not KEEP emigrating to US and by making people think blacks and jews are the same ‘prosecuted’ kind of people and showing ‘black solidarity’ the stain of racism in judaism disappears. Blacks do NOT menace their wealth and power in America, and they can pay lip service to its equality in virtual Hollywood movies with no cost to Wall Street financiers. But Arabs are 1/2 of the people of Israel counting the occupied territories – an illegal term that again in the duplicity of language natural to Judaism when controlling alien populations appears as ‘some kind of legal concept’, when it is just the equivalent of martial law with laws quite similar to those of the Nazi regime over Polish people during the II world war. We are neither concern here with the details of a 50 years concentration camp called Gaza, which come latter but with the essential duplicity of Judaism because It had to control populations being always a minority in those nations it ruled with money, allied with its aristocratic elites or else it would be submitted to pogroms. Another example will suffice: the blood libel. In the Middle Ages Judaism ran a massive trade on children, castrated as eunuchs to get higher prices in Islam,. 1/3rd died by bleeding and were thrown to the ghetto’s gutters, so their parents found them without blood and thought, not knowing of the eunuch trade that the carriers of jewish memes had drunk their blood. It was arguably worse: they killed them for profits when they were just loaned by peasants as servants of The gettho because they couldn’t pay the 86% of usury tax imposed on loans – after Judaism corrupted legal systems changing taxation in species peasants could alway pay for tax on gold to oblige peasants to ask them for loans. 

You see the cycle of profits: first judaism took over the tax farming system of Middle Ages, then changed it to gold tax, then loaned money in usury, and took the land or the children, and finally castrated them to Islam. And so peasants at the end of the cycle when finding the corpses of their children attacked the ghetto. This was common history on the 60s and the XIX c. books. Today all books on the eunuch trade have disappeared. and it is called the blood libel: primitive brutish peasants for no reason thought Judaism drunk blood of children and killed them, suffering victims of the evilness of mankind. The cycle reached its paroxysm when one Simon took 20,.000 children to the crusades but deviated the boats to Algiers, where it castrated them sold them at 1000 grains of gold a piece, became one of the wealthiest radhanite slave traders, and then a few years latter a child escaped returned to France and as he was telling the fathers the fate of the children the parents against the defenses of the ghetto walled with soldiers of the king that profited so much of slave trade, attacked the ghettos and massacred the ‘victims of history’. This is the economic cycle of war and holocaust that Judaism as a go(l)d culture of supremacism based in the rule of money has exercised and denied in the western world for millennia. Now Weimar America is more of the same in a much more sophisticated version. Then it was covered up by kings that profited of tax farming, now by politicos chosen by the mass media and credit system, but the goal is the same: the people of the land must be tax farmed to death, with all devices, and not allowed to print money. And all this must remain secret, hidden by the complexity of the financial system, the industry of the holocaust, the mantra of antisemitism, and the rewriting of history. Till of course one day everything explodes ‘again’. How aberrant is that? But so far all is quiet in the western world, and people glued to virtual fictions is happy being farmed.

The political and economical correctness, and its shrewd transformation of racist elements into positive caring views, the age of Orwellian Newspeaks, all this comes from the type of millenarian duplicity that allowed Judaism to live among ‘gentile animals’ (Gentile in Hebrew is goy, animal, but it was translated as a nice name, gentile)… and Now is the standard new rule in all countries for alternative truths.

Judaism is nihilist, and accepts fully the eviL nature of go(l)d memes after 5000 years of carrying them. It only wants NOT to be understood, to disguise itself on that top 1% and keep sucking in the wealth of the planet, and for that labors with its Financial-Media complementary system. I belong to the European elite fully aware of my privileges and have lived with the American elite for decades, and the difference is real in the attitude towards the 90%. We Europeans as the wasp American non-biblical elite are somehow ‘ashamed’ of those graphs. Judaism however pursuing its fantasy of being different of mankind, enjoys to be on top, degrading the species as IT SHOWS to its memeplex that indeed he is above.

Go(l)d values as in the parable of Tolkien have worked too long on the golem with his gold ring. And so really as long as Judaism rules the Western world and cannot be even mentioned, as long as all its placebos of caring and virtual myths maintain mankind in anesthesia, there is no future. We shall move full speed towards extinction, while the top 1% keeps sucking in the bloog-money of the world:

But the company-mother was at the inception of the system much more powerful, because it also ruled over the empire and its growing tracts of land (as companies were initially the owners of colonies, i.e. India was NOT a colony of UK but a ‘PROPERTY’ of the East Indian company; Virginia was not a colony of England, but a property of the London Company, and so on).

This explains also a second ‘HUGE’ difference between the anglo-American people and the European, regarding their ‘mind freedom’: Anglo-America HAS always tried to $elect a priori the people who came to their ‘shores’ BASED IN THEIR mental slavery to the MEMES of its ‘biblical capitalist system’, which means essentially for centuries they would only accept ‘white, protestant=biblical people’ who BELIEVED in the 3 ‘ages’ of the inquisition of biblical capitalism, explained in the next graph and THE RIGHTS OF ITS ELITES to OWN the language of social power, money, and have zero accountability – that is the rights, to be an aristocracy above the rest of the nation, segregated from it; and while this ‘inquisition of thought’ has clearly evolved in the 3 ages of Anglo-America, the ‘religious age of Judaism’, the ‘pseudo-scientific age’ of classic economics that translated those segregational memes to the structure of company-mothers, and the present age of the ‘chosen victims’ – the only ones worth to weep, remember and ‘compensate’ with total control of society, its purpose – segregation of the chosen that keep the control in the issue of money and degrade mentally their population, ‘as people must  remain ignorant to stay obedient’ has continued. THOSE inquisitions of thought however were LIFTED definitely in Europe with the French R=evolution (religion), the Russian R=evolution (classic economics) but again, Europe has been douched ad nauseam with the 3rd most complex, evolved and apparently positive, ‘caring’ newspeak of segregational rights – the holocaust industry:

In the graph, the 3 ages of the Jewish inquisition grow in sophistication but always uphold the go(l)d values that give minimal price to human capital and maximal price to weapons, enacting through segregational hate memes and go(l)d profits, the equation of capitalism and the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle. Judaism>Creationist economics=Capitalism HAS BEEN ALWAYS the soliton cult(ure) that embodies the go(L)d Values of money as a hypnotic metal-substance, vehicle of God that gives maximal price value to weapons, whose need of production is maximized with segregational hate memes against mankind. As such the whole history of western oppression of the 99% resumes in an alliance between Jewish bankers and tribal, nationalist weapon cult(ure)s of germanic warriors, to maximize segregational racist ari-stockratic memes and the oppression through weapons and war, monopolized by germ(an) warriors and reproduced by jewish>Protestant traders and corporations in the 800-80 years cycles. The true victims of both supremacist animetal cult(ure)s IS THE 99% of mankind, including their lower people-castes that do not issue money and weapons but use them to ab=use humanity and die also in the war and holocaust cycles, which is always the end of those overproduction processes of hate memes and weapons (soldiers and peddlers) BUT worship THEIR ELITE, the information people-caste that issues money and weapons (kings, bankers, Ari-stockrats). So always that jewish bankers impose go(l)d values, they will use gold and luxury trade to corrupt political and military systems to establish brutal hierarchical forms of exploitation with both people-castes on top, which ONLY in chaotic ages of r=evolution or at the end of the massive war process of extermination, will fight each other for power, and some times the mercenary warriors will kill the bankers – and this is the holocaust cycle. BUT MANKIND IS ALWAYS VICTIM – THE holocaust IS a business between germ*an warriors and jewish bankers today used by the Industry to ensure their power position in US.

The jewish inquisition in its modern times relies heavily on mass-media emotional depiction through the Industry of the Holocaust which considers the victims of the chosen of go(l)d culture ‘superior’ to all other victims and justifies its unopposed control of metal-information as the Financial-Media Masters of the west. In the graph, holocausts are the final genocide of the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle of war profits enacted by animetal warriors and bankers, which sacrifice their lower castes of traders and soldiers to its goals of greed and territory. Yet the lower body-cells of judaism hasn’t suffered more than many other human groups massacred by the cycle, with the aggravating element that their 1% elite of banker-priests are the Aristotelian ‘first CAUSE’ of the cycle. Essential then to its goal of ‘special chosen victims’ is to HIDE as irrelevant the victims of other ‘lesser’ human cultures.

So the difference between weimar america and wasp america essentially can be reduced to the difference between the original fundamentalist ‘animetal cultures’ of worship of money and weapons, the semite cultures of war (today arabs) and go(l)d (judaism) whose memes were established prior to the Axial age of reason (Greek mental revolution of mankind) and so worship  without limit the values of entropic metal weapons (Arab Jihad) and go(l)d values minimal for life maximal for those weapons, which enact the pecunia infinita bellus nervi cycle of recurrent wars for profits. The latin european legalist culture tried to subdue the negative effects of fundamentalist animetal cultures imposing legal restrictions to violence and greed, which the original semite cultures ignore. It is then not surprising that once imposed its control of the networks of power Jap America witnessed a brutal degradation of the American way of Life in its middle classes, we can illustrate in the next graph comparing Europe and America after the ‘coup d’etat’ of 1973 certified the change of power in the elite of the nation, imposing obviously as it always happens when a semite fundamentalists metal culture reach power an inquisition of thought and censorship on the people on power, which today adopts the form of the holocaust industry in the Jewish capitalist empire and direct ‘murder’ to those who blasphem against Allah in the Islamic zone.

In weimar america this censorship is amazingly effective, as it adds to the classic religious belief in the bible, the previous form of censorship of Jap-cultures, where the people in power are considered ‘the chosen race’, and all those who criticize them are equated with murderous genociders.

The present $elected president which just moves a notch further the control of the Jap Financial-Media-Academia elite and its informative machines over the American people… Trumpuppet is basically a businessman rescued from total bankruptcy by the New York elite of the FMAsters, its lawyer, daughter’s family both staunch defenders of orthodox Judaism, extreme capitalism and Israel, ideal for the position as a Media savvy TV personality and also a perfect ‘cover’ for a pretentious but false renaissance of the wasp nostalgia for an America ruled by white european elites. But he is adamant in its obeisance to the Jap policies both in foreign affairs (systemic attack on Iran the supposed perceived Nemesis of Likud, movement of embassy to Israel, confrontation with UNO for this reason, etc.) in international economic affairs (confrontation with China, the only financial system in the world independent from the rule of the FMAsters, along a few smaller countries and the ambivalent situation of Russia, where economic power is shared by the Jewish-Russian elite and the old establishment of the corrupted ex-communist party); in the harsh brutal capitalism within the nation, void of any caring for that ‘wasp body’ of the old european elites, due to the aforementioned segregational nature of judaism as a different nation and its higher control and immunity with not only the usual suspects (Anonymous societies and null responsibility) but the extraordinary power achieved with the unlimited production of e-money, and invisibility under the mantra of antisemitism.

The graph illustrates this concept: on the left Stalin erased Trotsky.
On the right US who never committed harm to Judaism has Holocaust memorials but none to the black, latino (amerindian) Holocausts caused by its colonialism, or the present Wall Street holocaust of mankind choked of oxygen= credit. All other tragedies remain invisible. As such while deeply different in form the 3 ‘ages’ of the Jewish inquisition (800 years cycle of abrahamic go(l)d religions and military inquisitions; 80 years cycle of biblical, creationist economics, 8 years cycle of virtual history, from infotainment to holocaust industry), have common patterns and goals:
– To portray the banker-priests of Israel who price human capital as superior beings (chosen of go(l)d in the 800 y. cycle, ‘experts in economics, in the biblical age of 80y. cycles of capitalism, superior victims in the 8 y. cycle of the Holocaust industry.
-To criminalize or ignore the 99.8% (mankind) as idolaters born of the leg of satan (classic judaism), inferior people, subject to slavery full or part time as human capital (capitalism) or potential genociders (digital age).
-Hence to justify and give absolute rights to the 0.002% of mankind (1% elite of banker-priests) which own 80% of Financial-Media corporations in the west to push the go(l)d values, or subconscious idology of all other memes of the go(l)d culture – that is extinction of life ‘guilty’, with ‘no value’. So the hate memes of the industry can justify the 800 years of slave and weapons traffic, the 80 years of colonialism and exploitation of human capital, workers with no rights, and the 8 year cycle of debasing of huminds and job quality as we are substituted by machines.
-Yet for such brutish manufacturing of brains to work, 3 preconditions are required: the absolute control of the technological side of the Industry of information machines achieved first with the development of an easy to learn alphabet, which allowed the spread of abrahamic religions, further pushed by the control of the press and all other subsequents improvements of information machines (radio except in Germany, Tv and internet). Parallel to it, obviously all serious historic analysis of capitalism is forbidden with zero distribution. And together by repeating a lie one thousand times the industry achieves ‘truth’.
It means thirdly, the mass of mankind must ‘remain ignorant to become obedient’ (Calvin) which has been finally achieved in the digital era of massive hypnotic virtual infotainment, selfie ego-trips, fictions and the general degradation of the humind to an emotional, childish easy-to-make-belief mind state.

This again leads to consider the much censored fact that throughout all the 800-80 cycles of the evolution of memes of metal, when the Jap elite takes over a political system, in the past monarchies as bankers at court, in the modern age democracies, harsh life conditions breed r=evolutions, revolts, pogroms and wars. And the present cycle is not surprisingly moving fast in that way, in as much as weapons are the most profitable goods of capitalism.

While those facts today are obviously censored in the rewriting of history by the Industry of the Holocaust, they have always happened by the very essence of the two memes of judaism: go(l)d worship and despise of human capital (the 99%, tax farmed). The individuals of course do not have this generic consciousness anymore, as we are in the ‘American age’ of erasing of all consciousness of group or social purpose – judaism no longer wishes as in the classic Talmud’s morning pray that all animals born of the leg of satan (gentiles, women and dogs) become exterminated by Yahveh. We have now classic economics mandates as the new ‘cleaned science’ on how to fully exploit the 99% and choke it of credit.

But the end result will be the same: an identity idol-ogy exploiting the ‘animal=goy’ till it ‘drops dead’ or r=evolves provoking revolutions, wars and holocausts. In that sense, judaism and its carriers, might be subconscious today but the millenarian dexterity in the business of tax-farming added to their absolute indifference to the destiny of the rest of society is undoubtedly the reason of that complete divergence in the way Americans, so far in its lower classes (the 50% of the bottom) have gone ‘down the gutter’ with little hopes for his future.

The next step as the dollar crashes after printing trillions of it in e-money, and the aggressive policies to China, enact the long prophesied change of top predator currency, will be a loss of that inflationary money, the runaway of its elites to Australia, the sinking of the American middle class, which still lives on speculative schemes and inflated stock values and prices, after the 2018 crash long time announced in our books. This of course will be denied vehemently even by those who suffer the consequences, but it will happen because cause-effects are in place even the more so when today you simply cannot discuss history and economics as it is. In the next graph, the change of paradigm in America, from the relatively more humane wasp rule – as the wasp cared for the American – to the Jap rule, where the 1% only care for its account and its nation.


But if the reader has followed the previous graph it would have noticed the essential characteristic of Jewish capitalism, its search for money at all costs without ethical or moral restrain, which means always an age of in crescendo little wars for profits that end up in global wars and holocausts, and this is the bottom line of what we live, instead of diplomatic solutions to Israel this writer always preached during its years in America – namely the inclusion of Israel into the European Union with the Palestines and the demilitarisation of the zone, the profits of war imply that we shall walk with no remorse to III world war, the massive death of mankind and yes, when all is a cemetery the holocaust of israel. 



In the graph, classic economics translated biblical go(l)d values into a digital idol-ogy of placebo mathematical equations that keep cheating mankind into  dedicating a surrogate life to multiple lethal weapons and hate memes of maximal profits for its company-mothers and stockratic owners, while underproducing WHealth, welfare goods they need to survive as long as they are profitable, but what truly meant the 3 fundamental equations of modern capitalism, the equation of productivity (extinction of labor), the equation of profits (multiplication of hate memes, weapons and war) and the Grammatical equation of go(l)d money, Man (salary) = Money = Object (Price) that converts man into a part-time slave compared in its efficiency with a machine, and discharged when the evolution of tools improves its performance. Thus the equations of capitalism with its affinity between industrial weapons, hate media and speculative money cre(dit)ate in the Industrial Age a world similar to  that of the animetal civilizations, caused by the ‘biological affinity’ between gold and weapons in the old 800 years cycle. Today company-mothers in seek of profits overproduce weapons and mental machines of maximal price. So when Profits is all what matters, ultimately the most expensive goods to reproduce, weapons, will become the star-product of the system, enacting the cycles of wars and holocausts, as they ultimately are used in war. The EQUATIONS OF PROFITS of the last graph are thus the COMPLEX level of reality that NOT even those who rule understand ‘rationally’ but merely ‘follow the money’.


On the graph, the true behind the scenes cause of the Semite wars and the reason we could predict its expansion thirty years in advance: hate media and weapons maximise inflationary money, and profits.

So capitalism has cycles of war for profits further enhanced by the zero values  given to life by (left graph) ‘metal-money’, go(l)d, the fetish substance of earlier abrahamic cults, and maximal values given to the affine entropic metal-mweapons, the top predator perfect machine. Thus in biological terms gold and weapons and its value of seggregational  chosen of go(l)d racism an violence to murder human fellowmen, gave birth to the zero-human values and rights of humans and maximal values and reproduction of machines, weapons and money which characterise the capitalist societies. Finally this means in this crisis that not only humans are being replaced in labor but also in war fields by the profits of terminators. This is the ECONOMIC BACKGROUND of the semite wars, which being mathematical, technological, evolutionary could be predicted as we did as earlier as 92, when Desert storm started. Since the product cycle of weapons and splendid little wars fuelled by islamophobia are perfectly tuned to the ‘GOP-Dem’ 8 year cycle of american elections. thus when GOP takes power fuelled by profits in the military product cycle industry a splendid little war started. And so as earlier as 92 in our book on bio-history we predicted, 2 more wars either with Islam, or the old commie enemies (cuba or Chinese satellites):

In the graph the 8 year cycle of splendid little wars for profits, tuned to the GOP cycle of power in America, and the 9 year cycle of stock crashes and the product cycle of new weapons – all together now bringing with the new GOP president a new age of small wars the might explode into a global conflict.

In the graph, with the old biological jargon the birth of the Terminator industry (beast I, also called Chip Homoctonos, would come after the 2008 change of paradigm with the economic crash, ascension of China, robotic age, after a series of  splendid little war for profits against Islam an possible Cuba, and Chinese satellites (cuba? an TAIWAN? in the graph, as we can predict obviously the tendencies, but not the entails of this war).

In 92 we forecasted that if business as usual proceeded on those cycles, we would follow the 8 year cycle of splendid little wars, and it has happened (now a new war should be expected during Trump, and all looks like it will); that we would construct an electronic big brother and we did it, that we would move into robotic wars, and we are moving into them, that there would be 8 year crash cycles in the economy and they all happened. And so the conclusion is obvious – since on top all this scientific information is basically ‘censored’, aka not distributed, not liked – hence it cannot be changed, as a cycle which is not recognised and manipulated cannot be changed: we ARE programmed to commit suicide, to follow those cycles, to go under.

Or else the ‘real’ solutions to the war on terror would have long ago be in place, the ‘sheeple’ would have protest and not be taken for a ride for so long, and the european-chinese, legalist, civilised, humanist model of history impose itself. The opposite is truth, as we keep evolving further the robotic electronic big brother, more humans like those jihadists are regressing back in time, devolving to more primitive memes, perfectly manipulated to hate each other and provide excuse to use those weapons.

So let us first have a look at ‘reality as it is’, in the original region that sparked the war: apartheid Israel in which a supremacist culture has degraded the original population to a life proper of a concentration camp, for 50 years…

Israeli-imposed restrictions have limited electricity in Gaza to barely four hours a day, creating a humanitarian catastrophe for its 2 million residents. In 2012, the World Health Organization warned that Gaza would be uninhabitable by 2020. The U.N. now says the area has already become unlivable, with living conditions in Gaza deteriorating faster than expected and the area has already become unlivable. This is the U.N. humanitarian coordinator for occupied Palestinian territory, Robert Piper.

ROBERT PIPER: I see this extraordinarily inhuman and unjust process of strangling, gradually, 2 million civilians in Gaza that really pose a threat to nobody. I

AMY GOODMAN: To talk more about the situation, we go directly to Gaza, where we’re joined by Raji Sourani, the award-winning human rights lawyer, director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza, on the executive board of the International Federation for Human Rights. He received the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in 1991, was also twice named an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience. We welcome you to Democracy Now!, Raji. Can you talk about what is happening right now in Gaza?

RAJI SOURANI: Well, it’s the 50th anniversary of belligerent, criminal Israeli occupation, and it’s 11 years since the siege on Gaza has been imposed, which is illegal, inhuman and consists collective punishment. And at this moment, I mean, the siege on the peak, we are living the biggest man-made disaster. And as the Israelis promised, rightly, they will send us to the Middle Ages, and they do—Gaza completely disconnected from the outside world, subjugated during this period to three offensives by Israeli. In the eye of the storm were civilians and civilian targets. And after all these years, we are unable to rebuild or reconstruct most of these destructions.

This led us to a situation where almost 65 percent are unpaid or unemployed, 90 percent under the poverty line. And almost 85 percent of the population depends on UNRWA, World Food Program and other charities’ rations and food. Effectively, they are making Gaza animal farm, international community dumping some food and medicine. We cannot treat our water. We cannot treat our sewage, and our entire sea polluted and our water undrinkable. They put people in a situation where no hope for tomorrow and the people on the verge of collapse. There is 2 million people suffering this for the last 11 years.

The last thing, Amy, we are having, it’s the electricity. Used to be six, seven hours a day. Now we are having only two hours. And you can imagine the drastic effect for this on all aspects of life, on medical care, on operations, on dialysis, on heart surgeries, on people who are suffering, on the food stuff should be fridged, and so on. All aspects of life in Gaza on the verge of collapse, and we are sure the worst yet to come, every day the Israelis bringing evil mind and evil practice to this part of the world.

AMY GOODMAN: Just can you describe, even in more detail, what it means not to have electricity? I mean, for people in any city—like New York years ago, we suffered the blackout. Obviously, it’s catastrophic. But explain what it means to have two—if you’re lucky, four—hours of electricity a day, how it affects daily living, how it affects the hospitals, how it affects the clean water, etc.

RAJI SOURANI: I mean, Gaza is one of the most densely populated area on Earth. And we are having buildings with 14, 16 stories now. And it’s mission impossible, I mean, to send water to these stories up, because you need electricity even to pump this unusable water. So, having water, most of Gaza, I mean, it’s not there. Second, the desalination factories, it doesn’t work. I mean, if it works, it works like two hours, which is not enough. Minimally, it should work like 20 hours a day to supply Gaza with water. The sewage factories cannot work. And because it cannot work, it cannot be treated, and the entire raw sewage dumped to the sea. And this affects, I mean, the entire sea, and it’s contaminated. And it’s—nobody can swim in it, because it’s totally polluted.

The humanist solution to Israel – why it is/was rejected.

To notice in any case that the solution to the Semite wars preached by this writer for 30 years, first among his NYC and LA jewish friends, before Judaism and America at large entered the 3rd age of the digital cycle (neocolonialism, militarism and neofascism), when all dialog with a humanist outlook has been forbidden, was then evident: Israel should have entered the European Union, the culture to which they belong, an easy-to-get exceptionalist measure given their FMAsters power and clout of the Holocaust Industry and financiers on Germany, France and UK; allowing the Palestinian colonized people to find jobs and dilluting the conflicts with orthodox Judaism, by releasing into the far more advanced humanist memeplex of Europe the legal framework of Israel. This would have mean an age of peace and prosperity for the whole region.

The opposite though happened. Israel’s fundamentalist, segregation memes dominated the discourse both among American ultrawealthy ADL and AIPAC groups, with the revivalism of a Bronze age go(l)d cult and as the financial e-money radiation of trillion of dollars kept owning and corrupting larger stocks of European and American politicians, Israel became the role model of the western world with its systemic despise of mankind, as ‘murderous, hienous, brutish people’ that hate us, so we have a good reason to ab=use them. Things though will turn to the worst for all the Arab nations, as the west destroyed their humanist, social-democratic leaders and imposed either military dictators favoring the west (Egypt, Arab peninsula) or cuckoo jihadist priests to ‘justify’ our eternal splendid wars for profits and grand Israel (Iran, Alquaeda, ISIS, all initially paid by our secret services and allied Arab dictators)… This madness was necessary as the Semite wars substituted after the fall of communism and the wall (so a new wall would be raised on the Israeli border) as the powerhouse of military investment, which today in more than 1/2 of the total global tally is related to this conflict.

So as we enter the military age of digital machines (robotic weapons, big brother), the profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi makes unavoidable a growth of military expenditure, hate media and expansion of the Semite wars. As we speak though the Semite wars are starting to be emptied of 3rd world low armed, ‘terrorist’ groups and easy to wipe dictators, since all the regional enemies of Israel have fallen, with the help of the American Mercenary armies: Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon are now wasteland ‘projects’. Only Iran resists, and so Iran will be the last destroyed society, which will bring R.I.P. the peace of the dead to the region, with Israel as the absolute master of its future, imposed obviously not directly but through the qisling politicos of America (witness trumpuppet’s jobs for his masters’ voice), and the astoundingly corrupted dictatorships of the Arab Sheiks, which is so overwhelming in those kingdoms of eternal military dictators since the times of Sargon that the Saud family has put ‘his surname’ to the nation, its ‘property’, something not even Hitler or Stalin dare to do. Can you imagine them calling Germany, ‘Hitler’s germany’, or ‘Stalin’s Russia’?

But the end of this already won war, before the first salvo was shot should be the final conversion of Israel into a neofascist nation bond to expel or else exterminate all the arab people living in Grand Israel… As we speak the number of racist laws, parallel to those of Germany (prohibition of mixed marriages, cities where only jews can leave, colonies grabbing the best lands in the occupied terrritories, systemic closure of the concentration camp of Gaza, growing calls in Likkud’s parties for ‘death of the arabs’, duck-shooting of protesters inside the concentration camp during the Nakba, etc. etc.) keeps growing, emboldened by trumpuppet’s acceptance of ‘anything goes’ and the collective silence of the west that allows apartheid Israel to go unnoticed as long as its western FMAsters provide hefty rewards to those who accept the non-human rights of palestinians (campaign money for politicos, financial and corporative positions after retirement, TV-help for elections, etc. etc.) and the inverse treatment for dissidents (accusations of Antisemitism to labor party, boycott of currencies – today the Iranian money is basically worthless – trade and products for non-complying nations) and of course the absolute type of censorship sites like this one, which IS STILL COMPROMISED WITH A HUMAN FUTURE based in the equality of all humans, and the need to invest in a future for mankind, that makes history immortal not a future for the 1%, with mankind substituted soon by robotic workers and shot in robotic wars, till all humans including our FMAsters become expendable.

So yes, we do side in the semite wars with the palestinians, the european solutions of diplomacy, the few democratic elected people on those nations, even when we don’t like as with Morsi and the Muslim brothers, any form of abrahamic religious fundamentalism, because Muslim people are nearly 2 billions, 1/4th of mankind and so their rights should be respected not subject to a 50 years and counting massive hate-memes campaign and destruction of all their attempts to evolve socially with dictators and ayatollahs that only serve our purpose of eternal wars.

When the semite wars end though, once Iran is destroyed and the Palestinians expelled, terrorism subdued and Grand Israel constructed, I am afraid that according to our 30 years old projections of the cycles of history, the tested weaponry of the first robotic wars will have a far more global dangerous task on the future ‘industrial wars with China’… That is what will truly be the III world war, and finale of humanity. In that sense on the repetitive cycles of history, the semite wars are the low intensity equivalent to the pre-II world war colonial wars in Libya and Ethiopia (Italian fascism), the pre-II world war annexation by Germany of Check and Austria and the ‘Spanish civil war’, the 3rd world of Europe at the time, perfect place to test the new air raid weapons of the Wehrmacht (Guernika)…

But the real games of war and global extinction shall be between China and the US that still might be aborted as China is the only verbal, legal culture outside latin europe with enough intelligence to divert the issue… if Europeans could become freed of their FMAsters and join through Russia a bridge to a humane future world. So far China has diverted successfully all the previous attempts to engage her into low intensity profitable wars (Hong Kong issue resolved, Taiwan issue downplayed, North Korean Issue trying to be resolved, Indian borders downplayed, Indochina war closed) but as China becomes increasingly yet another capitalist, militarist corrupted system of government, and wealthier and more powerful it will finally take up the challenge in the future ‘Yakutian wars’… A theme treated in the II Age of the robotic wars’ posts.

We shall thus first we make a general introduction to the subject, and then we update for years the different events – the historic details that follow the general pattern, itself just the ‘third age of war and entropic death’ of the cycle of metal-minds, ruled by America and its financial-media elite…

Mind the reader we are humanist, as this blog takes sides with History, the superorganism of mankind, over the eco(nomic)system, the superorganism of machines-weapons, its company-mothers and stockrats and the animetal cultures that despise or repress life.

So we side by ‘pure scientific truth’ with the group which has more human population and less technological evolution (Islam) as we have done in all other conflicts (we sided and often compare this issue with the Amerindians exterminated by both the Iberians and Anglo-Americans, and the Slavs and poor Jews of the Pale of Settlement exterminated by the SS and german army with its met target of 30 million ‘slavs and jews’ to be murdered on the eastern conquered territories, to leave a vital space for the German colonists – 20 million russians, 6 million polish, 4 to 6 million jews, etc.).

The post-70s world after the coup d’etat of 1973:

If humans were something more than ‘homunculus animetals’, and were serious about a future with an alternative model to the non-way out of company-mothers evolving AI robots and weapons, instead of absurd tribal conflicts, mankind would search for a Unification of its 7 cultures, with the models of Uno and EU and the laws of systems sciences. Russian then would have been invited to join EU – IT IS 1/2 OF EUROPE! and make EU a global potency above U$, able to bridge a social, scientific global world with China as the partner opening the path to a perfect world. For the same reason Israel+Palestine should have been enclosed in EU, as the obvious solution to primitive religious memes, and apartheid stressing Haskala over halaka (enlightenment over religious war), as Israel IS Europe. The opposite has happened. The Jewish Financial-Media elite ruling the western empire got paranoid about a model of survival in which they had to relinquish their hate memes and segregational behavior to mankind and embrace a future for ALL of us and just gear up the hate memes, war drill, pumping up their war against the poorest people of the world – Islam and then as Islam counter-attacked to get nuts about safety to ensure we shall repeat for profits the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycles of wars and holocausts… SO RUSSIA did not join EU, was brutally broken into statelets, became the guinea pig for ‘war propaganda’ with the excuse of its old red army power and now is the preferred target of the yellow press campaigns of hate memes to ensure EU and MANKIND will never be the social, humanist civilization that could have saved all of us

In the graph, the post- 70s world after 9/11, the Semite wars as predicted, in tune with the robotic cycle of weapons, expanded to the mother cultures of the western biblical capitalist world (notably Anglo-America and its compacracy ruled by its dominant ‘you’ financial-media masters, in control of ±80% of its financial and media corporations from wall street, city, evilwood an of lately the ecb bank). While the systemic ethnic cleansing and humiliation of Palestinians, in one of the two centres along the Medina-Mecca axis of the Islamic nation – a historic religion, hence akin to a national body, prior to the creation of industrial nation concepts – expanded through its dual hate-media propaganda to the entire Islamic warrior neolithic people, fuelling Jihad – Mr. Osama was mentored by OLP soldiers. Yet it has been the technological synergies with the neofascist age of war which has propitiated the rise of islamophobia and jihad – conveniently paid for a long period by western nations to substitute the old red enemy with the fall of the wall with a seemingly manageable new enemy, excuse for the profits of the capitalist triple equation of war:

The coup d’etat of 1973 by the FMAsters (ab. Financial-Media-Academia Masters) delivered the U$ presidency to the Media Masters after Watergate showed they could choose or tumble a president with Tvs: the Dollar to its Financial masters, as a backing tool to overproduce e-money, when it loose its gold convertibility, with the downside of plummeting the purchase capacity of the American population taxed unfairly with its constant devaluation as they used currency to pay NOT e-money derivatives.

And as it allowed them to buy out all companies in stock, finally, delivered the FMMI companies of the metal-earth… Meanwhile Media manufactured the brain of people with fictions and selfies – divide and win – and of course the necessary think tanks paid scholars to justify through Academia, all those actions, establishing a massive censorship through political and Economical correctness. So today the collective thought of both the mass of people and the pundits agree to move mankind into the singularity age of extinction, promote splendid little wars against primitive evil 3rd world peopled that brings further profits as stockrats have issued around 30 trillion $ to buy the Industrial-Military complex deviating wars from the red-commie enemy to the splendid little wars to Islam…
It was a masterpiece of control of a nation by other nation, Israel, which now can rebuild its segregational Bronze Age go(l)d cult after those wars destroyed every nation opposing to Grand Israel.
But the true question the FMAsters NEVER asked themselves was the possibility of using all that power to choose the road less walked, the path of a human future for mankind, building a perfect world with the laws of systems sciences, as I used to preach when I felt myself a ‘converso’ Levi to the cause of humanity. Haskala not halaka. But r=evolution was not to be, extinction is the goal, as all those systems of digital control are repeated by imitation in all other nations of the world. So judaism as it has always done chose the road more walked, that of ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’ which shall bring the war and holocaust cycles of our suicidal self-extinction, which this time we shall not blame on others, as there will be none left.

The question of course  on the FMAsters that totally control the information machines of the west (ab. Financial-Media-Academia empire of those who own the information machines that issue in monopoly our money, manufacture our brains and pretend to do so as science with its pundits and Saint Nobel prizes – aka the Jewish informative elite in control of 80% of CEOs and CFOs, mass media press and Academia prizes of the western world since the 70s coup d’etat that delivered after Watergate the American presidency to mass-media, the $ to back inflationary e-money and stock-companies bought with them) will be always for the bio-historian of a much larger view:

THEY could have with far less duplicity an effort cre(dit)ated a perfect world for all mankind to thrive per in secula seculorum using their financial monopoly in the invention of money, their Media P.R.ess and their Academia pundits to develop a social organic science of mankind, and they would have ensured our survival till the 7th generation, but they decided to resurrect NOT mankind and the future but a bigot, segregational go(l)d fetish religion of the Bronze Age, plunging ‘again’ mankind in an age of deb-usury slavery and permanent splendid little war for profits.

SO They have succeeded in creating the ‘Jewish project’ for the XXI c. which is our collective self-suicidal extinction by the future weapons of the singularity age; of which they are so proud now that the 70th year of the birth of Israel takes place. So enjoy your Bronze Age bigot desert wasteland as long as it last, because you have killed all of us into the future… by creating an Orwellian world of falsehoods, digital control and 0-rights for humans on credit to create a world to the image and likeness of our species. 

What I proposed to those people when I felt to be one of them, a Levi converso to the cause of humanity, among the elite of NYC was to adopt the evolved Haskala not the Halaka, to enlighten themselves on the path of my European civilization and work with us, EU and UNO to become a perfect superorganism of mankind; solving once and for all the Israel problem accepting Israel and Palestine as a single nation in the European Union, denuclearizing the zone, making Israel a member of UNO with the Palestinian lands, returning to their enlightened version, and all together solve the problems of the world. They hardly understood a dot of it, and that were the 90s. Only a few students and liberal friends could see that far. Now, they are happy building the terminator warriors and drones and converting humanity into a fiction hate-memes mind to even understand a better world was possible but only they, because of their control of the western world and its U$ colony could have done it.

It was, we repeat, MUCH EASIER IF THE WILL TO SURVIVE WAS THERE, to bring a perfect world along EU and CHINA, masterminded U$ POTUS on the path the Americans also wanted, as they felt Europeans, back then – now they are just copycats of their Malcolm X-like masters: ‘are we sick master, shall we send our money and mercenary armies to kill all those eviL human people – 2 billion Islamic people, 1 billion Chinese people, 3/4 billion negroes whose ancestors peed on Noah, hence they are cursed eternally to be lower than dogs… and and of course all those socialist, call it catholic pederasts, Russian ex-commies, plus all the poor that hate our wealth, plus, plus… there is A SINGLE HUMAN CULTURE the Go(L)d culture in its halaka version under the Talmudian prophecy does NOT love to hate’?  None.


‘Butter make us fat, cannons make us stronger’ Goering, fascist age of the electrochemical cycle.

‘America has always grow with wars’ Bush, neofascist age of the digital era.

The dominant culture of the digital Age: Israel and its ‘Semite wars’.

In each cycle of the Industrial r=evolution, a nation has been leading the cycles of history, and through its 3 ages, ending in the age of maximal technological evolution, when top predator weapons give maximal profits a peiunia infinita belli Nervi cycle is put on place: it wold be the colonial age of the British and French Empires, the Nazi age of fascism in the electrochemical cycle of German dominance, and today as the Financial-Media Jewish masters come to control the issue of digital money and information in the west, it is the age of Israel and its ‘elites’ of stock rats in the western world, which came to dominate history, enacting the Semite wars. But as power of metal-communications and machines and weapons grow, unlike the self-evident wars of the colonial and fascist age, the neocon Empire of Israel and its biblical ally elites in UK and US is perfectly camouflaged by the myths of the Holocaust Industry, the newspeak of subtle censorship. So for the first time of history, not even humanist historians can explain history as IT IS.

In the next graph, the cycle of world wars tuned to the cycle of technological evolution which switches between machines of consumption and financial production to weapons and hate-media which are just the evil twins of the same machines – a weapon being an armoured transport, which instead of being consumed by humans consume us and a hate-media message being printed by the same metal-communicators that print money.

Thus when the equation of capitalism: Maximal money/profits = Max. weapons +max. hate media can be implemented because a new form of weapons and media appear – in the present age terminators and internet-tv hate, the choice of splendid little war that conveniently come out of hand, with the synergies of hate media ensure profits to keep coming. And for that ’cause’ of profitable wars (and mercenary armies of nations who believe in capitalism, and ‘don’t ask too much’) the best culture to play the cat and mouse game is  Islam as it is the old neolithic warrior culture, the first animetal semite society, ruled by primitive warriors, which ensure a violent response, a never-surrender attitude, and a sure victory due to its primitive state of technology.

Americans and Israelis, its puppet masters,  love weapons. Its beauty  as the most efficient top predator species of this planet is beyond doubt, admirable. 24/7 non stop the military-industrial complex re=produces them and the Financial-media System pays for them and advertises them as the solution to all our problems.

Pecunia infinita belli Nervi is called these days Keynesian Militarism and pundits tell us in the Wall Street Journal how it will take us out of the crisis, never mind II world war, Hitler and the holocaust cycle all that as we all know never will happen again because we are an exceptionalist species that doesn’t follow the causal cyclical law of time, which as we all know is lineal with a target as that of the ballistic weapons we are using to vanish those who we don’t like out of existence.

Alas III WORLD WAR, as predicted in our 30 years old books on the cycles of history have come and IT is the globalisation of the semite wars, which started between Apartheid Israel and Palestine, but were bond to become expanded globally, with the III war age of the Industrial r=evolution, according to the cycles of history and economics as it has been the case.

So it is necessary before considering its present state, this week in which Jihad terrorism has attacked home town, Barcelona, changed the course of its history, to introduce in the ‘heat of the moment’, a scientific causal analysis of the reasons why Europe is being sieged by Jihad terrorism, and the process is in crescendo.

Regarding the human side of the cycle of war, of course, the ‘enemies’ are handy-picked by the ‘owners’ of the leader machines of each cycle. So if we had the ‘commies’ as the natural enemies of the Wasp/germanic elites in the previous ‘industrial engines’ cycle both in America and Germany (the ‘perpetrator’) which switched from cars and planes to tanks and bombers, in this cycle the obvious ‘candidate’ to direct and choose the enemy are the ‘owners’ of the American financial-media system of electronic, informative machines, overwhelmingly belonging to the new ‘people-caste’ on top, always biblical but of a ‘different’ denomination of its leading go(l)d cult(ure).

In the graph, explained ad nausea in other texts, we see the cycle of industrial evolution of machines, which after its overproduction crisis of consumption machines switches to the production of weapons and hate media, finding a necessary enemy, provoked ad nausea till its brutal response engage both enemies together.

The present III world war is similar in that sense to the first colonial wars, when the brutalised ‘negros’ of Africa, enslaved for centuries responded with a few victories that allowed the western world to colonise their lands.

The colonial wars of the III cycle of Overproduction of hate-media and weapons (Islamophobia and drones to punish the primitive 3rd world) are similar to those of the I cycle of overproduction of trains and steamers (when ‘the white’s man burden’ – Kipling -was to ‘civilize’ the primitive negroes and asians who dared not to become willingly slaves of the factory system, and pick up on the process  all those silverly metals they don’t know how to use).

Now ‘bellum ipse aleat’, the most surrealist excuses are a good reason to send our warbots and bombs:

In China and Japan a couple of islands with imperial mementum has decided politicos to bow to the pressures of electronic industries and start a drone race to provide the islands with 24/7 vigilanti robots.

In Mali, the French who put together arabs and blacks for no reason in the colonial artificial divisions of the XIX century, are going to war for their arrogant, insulting pretension that 2  people MUST BE united according to French XIX century COLONIAL drawings! But of course, the reason is grabbing the uranium mines that sustain its atomic nuclear industry and Israel’s bombs, whose technology was started up by them on exchange for becoming the world center of the industry. None of this is said in the press, which pretends to have freedom of expression to routinely insult the poorest people of the world (islamophobia).

So we are told France invades the Tuareg nation of the white arabic people of the North that had finally broken that absurd ‘white’s man’ herding together of REAL HUMAN BEINGS AND REAL HUMAN CULTURES, according to parallels and geographical societies of Paris, 1870s! to stop terrorism…

And the world press applauds, as it did the yellow press in XIX c. or radio hate in XX c. now Tvs and e-media spread hate to the poor as we move into the phase of military overproduction of electronic industries – it only changes the machines; it is all rather mechanical. The financial-media-military-industrial system has four legs that act in syncronicity – fueled by each new evolution of machines. So what has changed from the first age of military rains to the second age of military cars (tanks) to the third phase of military electronics is the machine, but the creation of a fascist mood against the poorest people on earth has not – so we hated negroes and then socialists and now islam. And the four legs of the financial media miLitary industrial system work to that aim, insulting, killing and destituting the poor:

– informative machines evolve increasing the printing of new money for bankers and corporations and the printing of neofascist information to brain wash the mind of the middle classes into hating the lower, poor enemy class, NOT the elite that dispossesed them. This is the meaning of fascism, a mascara, a false face of caring and protection of the middle classes, which are made to hate the poorest – in the previous cycle the socialist movement, in the previous XIX c. the colonial negro and now Islam.

– energetic machines, weapons, are multiplied and used accordingly against the poor, as production switches from transport to war. And they are used to automate the production lines, throwing out more workers. So in the first phase trains threw transport jobs, in the second phase engines mobilized assembly lines and threw /3rd of workers, in this phase robots are used to make war and throw blue collar workers out. But we blame the poor.

What nobody talks about is the humanist solution to the cycle ‘butter instead of canons’:

In the graph, the 3+3 solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth:
Legal prohibition of robotics.
The issue of a Universal salary to create a demand-based real economic democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand, today easily achieved with a cryptocurrency, at 100 ¥= €uro≈$ parity, given to each human in a ‘mobile pocket app’, could establish an immediate massive demand economy in welfare goods globally, plummeting enormously the poverty of 3rd world nations, the migration problem and the excessive reproduction of lethal goods common people won’t demand.
-To split all shares of all companies, giving to Mankind, either National governments, or better, International Cultures and UNO-like Institutions the split 50% to allow national and international institutions to manage even forbid lethal companies, obliging them to serve truly consumers, without loosing managerial skills.
WHILE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA, 3 measures tending to create real democracies and a global government in charge of the management of the world requires:
-The reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia).
-The creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
-AND FINALLY a revolution which can come ideally from the top to the bottom governments (UNO Assembly, ‘Mule’, stock rats caring for the future) or from people through the vote of r=evolutionary parties, or the take over ‘occupy Wall Street’ style, of the centers of financial-media/government power.
In the graph we illustrate those 3+3 measures, which ARE THE SCIENTIFIC SIMPLE MEASURES OF THE SCIENCE OF SYSTEMS APPLIED TO SOCIAL SCIENCES, taking from imitationThose 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

Financial-Media Masters coup d’etat: from Weimar America to Jewish colonialism.

America has evolved as the machines of power changed to a dominance of Judaism, and its digital owned industries of e-money and mass-media, complemented by the neocon think tank academia world into an state of neocolonialism, similar to the first age whenthe issue of money and information to the colonists was provided by British companies.

However the realization of this state of affairs, where the jewish nation colonizes mentally through evil wood, financially through Wall Street, and academically through the rewriting of history and its Orwellian newspeak (industry of the holocaust, political and economical correctness) is far more sophisticated and censored, because of the higher power of modern information machines, the massive amount of e-money printed by Wall Street (30 trillions and counting), the co-existence of judaism within America perfectly ‘camouflaged’ within the social tissue, and the enormous dexterity of Judaism in the management of human capital through its stock-owned corporations after 3000 years of becoming the ‘international financial and diplomatic networks’ of the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycle of the western world, whose tax farmers, slave traders and military purveyors created a superstructure over nations, with politicos, kings and aristocrats corrupted by their need of money which they couldnt manage or understand origin of the war and holocaust cycles of anti$emitism – which happens when the population is tax-farmed without limits – and the final volkendamerung of antiSSemitism, which happens when those aristocratic-warriors were ruined.

In America however the control is so intense and the devolution of people – divide and win – so extreme that it is unlikely there will be any real response to neocolonialism, of the sort the neocolonialism of Israel taking place in the Middle East, with either destroyed nations that opposed them – Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, soon-to-be Iran or those politically corrupted by judaism in finances and weapons with pro-western dictators on top – Egypt, Jordania, Arabian Peninsula is far more understood, as weapons control is energetic, self-evident while financial, informative networks are invisible:

USA as most cultures is divided 50-50% between humanist normal people guided by its biological drives of existence and animetal fundamentalist believers in the memes of go(l)d=greed, weapons=murder & violence and techno-utopias repressing its life memes from reproductive sex to eusocial love. And yet as in most places the animetal culture dominates and controls the FMMI system, abrogating itself the title of ‘America’ as its property. In America it is the biblical culture with judaism on top of finances and the white protestant ‘wasp’ in a second tier as manager of the corporations owned by its stock-ratic elite, which hides behind the cover of the Holocaust Industry that makes the biggest sin any criticism of those who rule, following Voltaire’s dictum: ‘if you want to know who rules you, ask yourself who ‘you’ cannot criticize’


So first America became involved, in those wars, and now Europe has entered the frail. How the process of expansion of hate memes against Islam contested by primitive subventioned or ‘let free’ jihadist happens is obvious:

Any terrorist attack even if it has minimal victims, which is akin to the violent cuckoo youngsters which deranged in America make shoot outs of children, but doesn’t get hardly any media attention, paralizes for a week a european nation, showing to the 3rd world, racially biased, humiliated nobody youngsters of the islamic ghettos of Europe that murdering people will make them heroes and paralize by their action a nation, converting them in the centre of all news for a week.  

So the dictum of Machiavelli, ‘if you cannot be loved better to be hated than to be ignored’ acts as a trigger to new attacks, which vented liberally by the global mass-media controlled by the memes of judaism, will become global news 24/7, provoke as it has now in Barcelona the halting of a nation, massive demonstrations, political attention for days, and show new youngsters the way to fame by hate. Imagine now that for similar reasons of atrocity, (it is equally brutal the shoot outs of kids in Newton schools), every time a kid shot kids in a school with weapons after playing call of duty for years, the entire American nation stops, the president changes his agenda, a million people gather together, and the TVs stop talking of any other news as it happens in Europe for days in a row. Immediately there would be imitators and more massacres in a growing spiral web.

But why in Europe? The answer is obvious. Europe is not Israel or America, the hardcore controlled part of the Financial-media empire but the ‘hated enemy that perpetrated most of the holocaust cycles’ studied elsewhere, and it is the ONLY humanist, social democratic, welfare based culture left standing. So the interest on revenge against the hated genociders and the need to destroy the model of social democratic humanist europe, with caring memes towards Palestine and the third world plays here an important ‘choice’. It is then remarkable to see that a pattern of those criminals is ignored: they are all petty criminals, youngsters, living in GHETTOS connected to internet, similar to the mass-murderers of american schools, which could be perfectly controlled but are left lousy on the loose by the police, which systematically fails to anticipate the crime, but when the crime happens this lousy conduct disappears and suddenly thousands of police, even military in FRANCE, thousands of P.R.ess, come onto the place, which was ignored, let to breed racism, hate and jihadism, and new measures for the security state are implemented.

And of course, the amazing attention to the issue of criminal kids murdering innocents, as in many other different happenings of violence in the entropic age of our civilisation, entering chaos by overproduction of hate memes, weapons and visual, violent hypnotism, breeds new terrorists. All are then synergies for the present elites in power:

  • Judaism diverts attention from the growing zealot conduct of extreme racist parties in Israel which are leaning more and more towards ethnic cleansing and need a global state of hate against Islam.
  • Political parties in the west have a excuse to build an extremely profitable security industry and are forgiven its corruption peccadilloes.
  • The economic crisis and destruction of the middle european class as robotisation, automation and vigilante machines deploy its skills and throw people out of work become forgotten themes. And so we keep moving into a growing expansion with this splendid little wars of world war III, ultimately moved and for that reason forecasted for decades, by the switch of overproduced chips from human consumption to consume humans in wars and watching us in vigilante states.

The solution of the wave of terror on the other side is obvious.

At the beginning of the Semite wars, when Palestinian organisations, then still called what they are ‘soldiers’ of the $emite wars, did massacre many western-backing nations of apartheid ‘grand Israel’: to stop making 24/7 hours propaganda, to stop interfering in the semite wars getting out of Iraq, and recognise the human rights of Islam, treating their nations, which ARE  a single one, as Islam is a pre-national state, of 1.5 billion people, and their kamikaze soldiers cannot be stopped, by police states, as if they were Human Beings; which they ‘are’.

In the SECOND graph, we entered in 2008 according to the 72 years kondratieff cycle of economic crashes, switch to war production, choice of military politicians and pumping up of easy enemies in the ‘deja vu’ age of colonial wars, pumped to paranoia, similar to the 1860s age of train wars and colonialism, predicted in our first models of bio-history 30 years ago, explained technically in the next graph of the c.92 book of biohistory.

We are thus in the equivalent to the 1870s age of overproduction of trains used in colonial wars; now in the age of overproduction of electronic cameras and robotic weapons, used to create a big brother, with the excuse of terrorism, which MASS MEDIA PUMPS TO STRATOSPHERIC proportions, to give a excuse to the sales and investments on security industries and building of a security state.

In the next graphs, repeated ad nauseam in this blog and book for 30 years, the cycle of global wars, and its economical and industrial causes, where a primitive enemy, negro or muslim in most cycles is always found, humiliated and brought into the frail, in the first phase, till finally a big industrial nation (US in the last provoked by Germany, China in this provoked by US) will make truly truth the profits of ‘pecunia infinita’ brought by war. But at this stage of my personal argument with myself about the future of history, given the systemic censorship we call the anti quantum paradox of true social sciences of history, is closing, as it was the case in the inner arguments of the predecessors of bio-history which only professional historians know and respect as the only serious philosophy of this science (Khaldun, vico, Spengler, socialist school, Orwell, sci-fi):  since there is zero reaction to our ‘real problems’, zero solutions to them, zero awareness, and all the cycles are happening with an astounding almost ‘physical’ automaton precision, and yet as in the work of those predecessors, nobody cares, it is in fact taboo now that is happening, to compare our cycle with the previous cycle (before when I predicted it in the 90s it was just considered sheer madness), the only conclusion is that history is programmed, and the present age of entropy=disorder of the human super organism of history, will not be stopped.

The memes of hate that will destroy our civilisation will be repeated. Indeed, if the fundamentalist attitude of the oldest animetal culture, the semite culture with its ‘arab’ war jihadist and jewish capitalist American moguls of the robotic AI age show with its capacity to ‘kill themselves’ and everybody around show is this: those who lead our world today DIE for money and weapons, DIE for hate, DO NOT understand social evolution, love, the whole of mankind as a single species in search of a better world, and those who DO are censored, ignored, because the MASS follows themNEOFASCISM IN WEIMAR @MERICA

Comment is free…but facts are sacred

CP Scott, 1921, Editor of the Guardian who recently cancelled my account, for too many moments on the subjects of this glob.

War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.
War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Orwell, on how the financial-media masters manufacture our wars.

The American weimar is very simple to explain but the censorship aka political correctness and manufacturing of brains so intense that to talk about it is a pseudo-religious taboo. Basically in America as a new civilization founded by company-mothers, which rejected all other values except those of go(L)d – money as a commodity, first Spanish silver bullion then dollar, silver/gold, finally stocks of machines, today e-money, IS COMPLETELY owned by those who issue money.

But as they issue also information with the same machines, they have created an astounding ‘superstructure’ of correct thoughts on the positive and ‘thoughtcrimes’ on the negative that truly ‘silences’ any attempt to explain the simple fact that America IS owned, its ‘presidents are $elected’ (Roosevelt) and the people who issue money are the same that did it in Germany for millennia, people belonging to the memeplex of Judaism and its ‘second layer’ of ‘authorized Americans’ (Wasp).

But as we say, due to the Holocaust cycle which ended Weimar Germany ANY comparison, or even mention of the Financial-media Masters is absolute taboo. So the ‘speech’ is different from Germany, where Jewish bankers were NOT afraid during the XIX-XX century to boast its power. But after the I world war lost by the coalition of Jewish bankers and German industrialists, thinks got sore, the alliance broke and hell got loose.

Now both the military and the go(l)d culture massacre wholesale mankind but the go(l)d culture does so with information at distance and so they are the ‘weaker link’ when things get sore. So they can be offered to the masses by the military defending the ‘nation’. Ultimately though the victim is the 99%, including conceded, the lower classes of the military (soldiers) and go(l)d culture (peddlers) though those do massacre mankind and die.

Consider then what is going on today in Weimar America, but cannot be told: the go(l)d culture is massacring wholesale people all over the place, with the same system the go(L)d culture has used for 3000 years and counting – corrupting politicos and laws to leave defenseless the common people and the massively implemente Go(L)D values of null value to life to make profits.

The limit of this behavior, being in the past the action-reaction cycles of anti$emitism and when things really got out of hands (Eunuch trade, castrating millions in the Middle Ages; war loans and usury debt, etc.) pogroms ‘solved’ the crisis. No I am not cynical – the crisis of course WOULD BE SOLVED by denying the values of go(l)d of the table, and impose ethic values – but as the essence of Judaism are those values and the DENIAL OF TRUTH IN VERBAL THOUGHT, by myths and fantasies and ego-trips never quite realized, the solution MUST BE IMPOSED FROM OUTSIDE, with anti-militarism and anti-$emitism, that is with HUMANISM AS THE ONLY TOLERATED IDEOLOGY on how society must work. Now for the details of the Weimar massacre – a few only. The Shackleys, a family of you doctors, first marketed valium as a good drug to women in the 50s, which became like my mother, zombies with ‘authorized drugs.

As Weimar advanced in its corruption and the Holocaust Industry shielded them from criticism, they applied the same concept after corrupting the drug administration to pass those drugs, to the opium massacre of the last decades.

They made over 30 billion in profits. 1/2 million people are estimated to have died and counting. As the legal system is ‘owned’, all court suits were dismissed or ‘the foot soldiers’ of the anonymous society where its ‘ari-stockrats, overwhelmingly ‘yous’, as the middle age aristocrats have no court responsibility, issue money, the language of power, then weapons, with no limit and so rule supreme, pay for them. The Shackleys just donate to Museums that put their names as the names of kings in Middle age buildings, in big letters. What do you think all other pharmacy companies did – all owned by ‘yous’ (calvinists, same religion, modern go(l)d version must be put in their elites on the same bag, of no morals for the morals of go(l)d)… Sue the Shackleys TO get a piece of the pie, and liberate the patent to enter the market, not for breaching the hypocratic oath, which rules in Europe the medical profession – showing there is an alternative WOR(L)D culture and capitalist go(l)d values of human extinction are NOT science, neither unavoidable – nor related to race, my family of sephardim converso doctors here in Catalonia, which started the first private health-care service for the poor a century ago, DO follow the hypocratic oath; here costs for a birth are 1/10th those of U$ and with less victims, drugs are free but opium is NOt sold, etc. etc.

Now the pogrom of the Shackleys is not on view but a rival ‘you’ pharmaceutical mogul in Canada has been murdered. The opium trade was also cornered in the XIX c. by the Sasoons and Vidals, ‘you’ families in Britain, along Calvinist Scots (as we say same go(l)d fundamentalist racist concept, reason why America is ‘one’, the elite you bankers, the foot soldiers of capitalism baptist-calvinist wasps: ‘gold is the intelligence of god’ – Calvin, ‘the invisible hand of god’ bigot calvinist philosopher, Mr. Adam Smith, iconic name of the first ‘you sinner’ and the ‘first germ-an smith’)… Another massacre: private false education – internet titles that are not validated anywhere, made with loans from sharks, marketed as ‘get your title’ started by another ‘you’ with another ‘help’ from a ‘fund investor’ who invents money in Wall Street – University of Phoenix – protected by the Apollo group anonymous society – we know the names of all of them but just put the one of the Shackleys because frankly that is mass murder to the first degree, the rest just destroy your life and make you a debt usury slave. So again Phoenix University – the Apollo group – corrupted the Obama administration to get on top of fees for false degrees delivered through internet that nobody recognizes a massive billion $ subvention as Obama was proud of ‘rising the educational standards of the poor’, sure LOL.

NOW THIS PARTICULAR business again caught fire and every other University started a similar scam including the present POTU$, Puppets of the U$, which opened a scam University for real state developers handling certificates without ever attending, giving lectures, etc. all for internet. Internet scams of finances being treated elsewhere… the trend is there: scammers LOVE TO BE INVISIBLE, and for that reason Internet is invisible. The last of the scams now ongoing – selling you digital numbers, as money – as cryptocurrencies, which will trigger the 3rd crash of the market in 2018 according to the 9 years cycle.

So back to our ‘university’ guys, which have all in paper a house (mortgage scam), a title (internet university) in their dreams, but in reality are homeless (foreclosure) and all now in debt, with a wet paper of no value, so without job – all paid twice by tax payers.

As the 1 trillion and counting mortgage scams of doing dual mortgage on poor people knowing they couldn’t pay JUST AS AN EXCUSE TO INVENT NUMBERS OF MONEY, WHICH IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS CIVILIZATION, to invent numbers as money and buy and rule the world with it.

In every realm of America, finances, education, health, jails (also now privately owned by Wall Street moguls, maintaining at 1$ per day and with slave labor people sent to pasture, by ‘you’ righteous judges, which have a ‘cut’ in the business, giving the highest incarceration rate on planet Earth), food (all safety standards gone) America CHOSE after II world war the go(l)d values of the you culture specially after the 1973 coup d’etat that started the American Weimar… And so this leads of course to the final huge business of war and robots – now the biggest export of Israel (60% of drones)

So as we anticipated for 30 years, in our censored=not-distributed books on Bio-history, the end of the American weimar and the raise of American neo-fascism is now here.

It all started with the silent coup d’etat of 1973, against the three ‘pillars’ of national power in America, the $, the army and the presidency, which represented a change of cultural paradigm from the last golden age of mankind, in search of sustainable solutions to the world, to the go(l)d age from Nixon to Trump, which would ever since apply the Goebbels method of mass-media-hate manufacturing of brains by sheer repetition; the Gœring method of military solutions to economic problems and the biblical revivalism of primitive pre-axial age, pre-rational mythic, ego-centered trips and beliefs, which made Americans return back to a neo-colonial state, ransom to the FMasters; as the enlightened euroamerican culture sunk into the pre-r=evolutionary zeitgeist, today prevailing in the world.

This is then the American Weimar zeitgeist, which is now on the verge of its I and II world war, but robotic wars, or civil wars, but cannot end well as NO TAKE OVER of the you Go(l)d with no limit values has throughout history ended well, in all the 800-80 years cycles of Now censored history, which after a massive degradation of life standards (American PPP has 1/2 been halved since the coup d’etat of 1973, with free reign in the overproduction of ±100 trillion e-money dollars for the chosen and its acolytes) a massive genocide of middle and lower classes, through different means, from slave eunuch trade in the Middle Ages,  and gunboat age, to colonization, to white slave factories…. always with you finances on top and wasp managers – the visible group on the middle, and mankind exploited on the bottom, END with a massive war and final holocaust AFTER all humans are massacred except the generals and bankers. Then the generals kill the bankers and the top top predator of them all the weapon, multiplied and evolved reigns.

This weimar America though as it has an absolute censorship over the process – the holocaust industry – might end all human life and leave the weapon – the automated robotic factory printing 3D robotic weapons – as the only survivor. As none of the massacres, health-care, education, weapons, jails, food standards, drug ab=use, mental degradation by trash-software, TV-hate, Facebook addiction, virtual vidi credo and zombie generations, seems to abate.

So yes, German weimar and American weimar are similar, but American weimar still in the pre-fascist age LOOKS far worse and it is MORE globalized.

The ‘REAL outlook’ is the same in Weimar Germany and Weimar America regarding social classes – the ‘speech about them’ completely different, as in Germany there was absolute freedom of thought in America none…. but this is achieved with the most sophisticated kind of censorship, half-truths, misinformation and an astounding lack of it regarding History, WHICH FOR a European scholar strikes the mind, in all what regards history of capitalism, specially in mass-media, popular culture and education even in Universities such as Columbia U. where I studied and you could not find many classic books on social sciences… So the Mind of the American is a single-thought to a degree only found in Communist dictatorships but with a far more subtle form of control.

So a bit of historic background ON THE SOCIAL STRUCTURE OF THE NORTH-EUROPEAN, Jewish->Protestant civilization along its historic cycles since they took over the Latin, Roman, Legalist culture in the 400 AD is due:

Money and weapons understood as metal information and entropic metal, as 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind have carried the day in the battle for a future of history, and the consequences have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts, which all mankind has suffered – even those who carry the memes of animetal raw power at the end of the cycles when loosing wars (holocaust cycles). Such historic structure formed the British Empire, developed during European history the 800 years cycles of overereproduction of weapons of maximal value, and the 80 years cycles of wars, always controlled by the alliance of gold chosen bankers and germanic warriors, since the Middle age alliance of Franks and Vikings with radhanite slave traders, which dominated slave and weapons traffic in Eastern Europe (giving the name of slaves to its population) and Western Europe (masterminding the eunuch and children’s traffic with Islam), through the age of slave traffic (2o million dead in the process), and finally transferring those values to the concept of a company-mother of machines where workers have no rights (white slaves) and those who issue money can buy corporations, reproduce without limit e-money numbers and control corrupted politicos – the modern version of the military mercenary men that backed their power in the 800 years cycles…

Only in the II world war the alliance broke giving origin to the ‘victimist newspeak’ of the holocaust Industry. But now ‘again’ all is quiet in the western front thanks to the American globalized culture – a dictatorship of the go(l)d culture, which rules capitalist systems with a single aim: to print as many numbers of money as possible to buy and order all the elements of society through salaries, bribes, prices; which reaches its paroxysm in the Anglo-American, biblical culture – an astoundingly primitive raw power animetal culture where money and weapons, its maximal priced goods rule supreme but given the fact ‘people must remain ignorant to stay obedient’ (Calvin), an extremely sophisticated, pseudo-religious taboo-based newspeak of political and economic correctness, called capitalist democracy is on place, to a huge expenditure, ‘worth it’ for social ‘calm’ of bipartisan politicos, serving financiers and company-mothers of machines – contested only in the European r=evolutions where people and states got some degree of control in the issue of money.

It is obvious that to maintain a disguise over such simple system of power – to print numbers and order humans with it, as flocks of ‘sheeple’ submitted to credit ratings, a parallel manufacturing of brains is due, which has in the ‘7th culture’ of mankind dominated by raw animetal power 3 degrees of inquisition: the classic 800 years inquisition of biblical go(l)d religions where those who issue money in monopoly, the banker priests of Israel or ‘People of the treasure’, are chosen of go(L)d above heavens and earth ruling them all through informative networks (Wall Street, The City, Evilwood).

Again those who rule America – the CHRISTO of Truman show know it. The Trumans – the authorized Americans, SOME KNOW – the mass below UNDERSTAND NOTHING. THEY ACTUALLY believe they matter and so they believe and are surprised by each turn of history.

The key difference between Weimar Germany & U$: Jewish inquisition

In that sense Weimar America is arguably far more shielded for those in power, who learned the need of establishing a strong mental inquisition, which in any case was already in place in America, as most Americans, unlike most Germans believed in the 3 ages of the Jewish Inquisition; that is the 800-80-8 idol-ogies that protected in ‘theory’ the financial masters from criticism:

– 800 years Go(l)d churches of the chosen above heavens and Earth (Germany was not religious anymore).

-80 years cycles of classic economists upholding Capitalist’s rights of the chosen to issue money (Germany had been the birth place of socialism and scientific social sciences along France).

-And the Holocaust Industry of Chosen victims we must mourn as superior race compared to all those inferior races massacred in history that must remain invisible as needed ‘peccadilloes’ of war and capitalism’s murder at distance through go(l)d values – obviously not yet a religion of political correctness in Weimar Germany.

So this is in essence the go(l)d values that are above life always in the most fundamentalist of all go(l)d cultures:

So what will happens soon when as predicted for so long UK-US Potus (Puppet of the United States) and Miss Fuk (First minister of United Kingdom :) – sorry guys, I am a European from a higher humanist culture, with some ‘dark humor on the astounding egocy of our FMAsters and 11 plus slavish tribes… at the end of times, Go(l)d values control totally this planet? How the millenarian prophecy ends at the end of times? You don’t have to be a genius to understand it: the end of times, the end of the world, the suppression of mankind by the robotized armies and cosmic nuclear bombs and Nanobacteria researched in the labs of IDF, Pentagon and British BAE.

And to that aim, we are now all becoming mimetic puppets of our Levi nation, Israel, imitating its 60% globalized industry of robotic terminators, predators and guardiums, letting our information be managed by one Page and one Zuckenberg (sugar trade, hence enslaver surname) of Google and Facebook and of course, we love evil wood films, buy companies in Wall Street, believe our academia bigots of Friedman’s economics and even give the Nobel prize of literature to a bigot radical pro-Israel guru by the name of Jacob… Dylan… faking of course with the surname of the extraordinary Irish poet of the European culture.

Because that is the game that brought Israel to fulfill almost, China and Iran impeding, to the informative mental manufacturing of planet Earth – newspeak, disguising, ‘female, informative’ black hole tricks. Indeed information is invisible. We hide the money we use, the black hole that manages the galaxy is invisible and his force, gravitation is invisible, the cells of your body don’t know there is a brain simultaneously programing them all, your cells do not have access to any head outlet of information. The head knows it all, the cells are blind and obey.

And this is the basic structure of the Anglo-American culture: the FMAsters are the invisible head, the germanic hordes of racist bigots, animetals who love to consume machines and think little, and will call reality a ‘conspirator theory’, are below. But what matters to us, the 90% of mankind, are even lower in the pecking order of capitalism. And so in each nation imitating the nation of nations, we have the same structure working… Bankers on top, placebo democracies below, weapons and money, stick and carrot managing the masses, mostly growingly replaced by robots, guilty, inferior goy, which shall in the future at the ‘end of times’ become eliminated.

In that sense it would be REALLY USEFUL FOR HISTORIC TRUTH THAT AT LEAST WE COULD NAME EACH CULTURE FOR WHAT IT IS, AND NOT PRETEND TO BE DIFFERENT CULTURES. TODAY, AMERICA IS NOT A EUROPEAN CULTURE and Europe we might say is becoming also a neocolonial through the ECB, but if there is any hope for mankind to last beyond this century it would come from a turning back from halaka to haskalah, the end of the Industry of victimism and the Holocaust, the recognition of the crimes of capitalism and judaism to mankind, and the attempt to create a true social science with the aim of making history a perfect superorganism, immortal in time.

BECAUSE AS A EUROPEAN BY CULTURE WHAT PROBABLY IRKS ME MORE of the fundamentalist process of go(l)d self-suicide carried about by the M.A.D. cult(ure) is that it is unavoidable – it is NOT if that culture didn’t rule us all, which could be as easy as desnationalize the financial industry as we explain ad nauseam on this work, and certainly a good starting point would be for Americans to stop feeling Guilty for denouncing the bigotry of capitalism and its neocolonial state.

Since the Jewish project, which always will be as long as the religion of judaism rule their people, the millenarian prophecy of converting all humans in slaves of gold at the end of time, means merely the end of times, the destruction of mankind by AI, Robots, Nuclear weapons, splendid wars for profits. This seems to be the case as it seems truly except for China which in any case is fast imitating the model of the western world to survive, as Japan did before her, everybody is now so mentally erased, history has been so thoroughly rewritten and truth has become so corrupted by fairy tales and childish dreams that mankind has NO future, that is, it has the same future Judaism as a bigot segregational enslaving culture of tax farmers, enslavers and gold herding was in his original age. In that sense, those are the classic books to read to understand Judaism as it is – not as the fairy tales of mass-media tell us:

For the 800 years cycle of usury tax farming and slave trading as the people-caste specialized in gold as the vehicle of fetish God which the jabiru  brought to the temple you might read classic  canonical books by Jewish and socialist scholars on the obvious theme of the birth of capitalism:


Translator’s foreword. A biographical sketch of Abram Leon, by Ernest Germain. ONE: The premises for a scientific study of Jewish history TWO: From antiquity to the Carolingian epoch:


And this other FOR THE 80 YEARS:

Click to access jews.pdf

And then for modern US-Israel those are the canonical:



The International Jew The World’s Foremost Problem Henry Ford founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the editors of The Dearborn Independent. AAARGH INTERNET EDITION 2003

2 ARE jewish humanist, 1 top serious historian, 1 the most powerful American at the turn of the XXC center. So quite balanced, no doubt the best of the hundreds I read…

1 is by the best socialist historian ‘ever’ sombart (his 6 volume book on history of socialism is canonical, so it is ‘why America was never socialist). 1 by A jewish guy killed by nazis, best for the old age (Abraham Leon), another by an antisemite, conceded – Mr. Ford, but alas! the man who was running America for inside, he paid the prohibition law, so a man who knew – he hated them obviously because they took America from him and his calvinist friends…

So  it is best for US.

My favorite is the one of Israel Shahak with a prologue by Gore Vidal, about Israel; truly a masterpiece of humanism by a doctor, survivor of the Holocaust, who saw how a ‘compassive’ rabbi told a soldier in Lebanon, who was trying to help a wounded muslim kid, to shoot him on the head, because it was an animal and that is what you do to your beloved horse if ‘it’ breaks its leg – and the soldier shot ‘it’ (because yes judaism IS NOT about jews, its races and genes, just part of its segregational myths as most come from the pale of settlement, in Ukraine, converted from the original ‘slavs=slaves’ of the Radhanite trade to avoid capture by the Levi mercenary viking and Frankish armies, as prostitutes and eunuchs for Islam but about the needed segregational memes of a religion of go(l)d values, aka primitive capitalism that uses hypnotic gold and mercenary armies to reach power, systematically corrupting kings and politicos with luxuries and hate memes to take over their finances as tax ‘farmers’ of the peasant animal=goy, or make them debt slaves of war loans, and buyers of weapons, for the only goal, the accumulation of gold, today money, which therefore requires  the enslaving and dehumanizing of life stock=aka humans…)”

In the next graph, for comparison the ‘individual heads’ of the 3 networks involved in the process: financial, media and military ‘caudillos’ in the 3 ages, always belonging to the dominant ‘metal-master’ cultures of the west, Germanic Military-Industrial heads, and ‘you memes’ of the Financial-Media system that rule supreme and credit our future. All has changed to remain the same. But as we enter the entropic, memoriless age of ‘lineal time’ with no acceptance of the cyclical, sequential, causal nature of History, of course, none of this can be debated. The law of silence in the ‘taboo’ quasi-religious denial of the process is absolute. So it is on the findings of bio-history of this web; which of course ensure its repetition according to the spanish philosopher Santayana: ‘Those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it’:

In the next graph we see the 2 sides of the chess game of death, in this cycle:

Now let us have a look to the political division of the world as it is in economic terms, NOT in cultural terms, as the sum of 7 peaceful regional cultures, but according to industrial nations and economical control, of which the blue colour, is the jewish-protestant biblical culture of creationist economics (owned by the $elected ‘stock-rats’, the new aristocrats, with monopoly in the issue of money, the social language of power), the globalised anglo-american culture and its financial elite on top, and the European and Hispano-American cultures, which are also owned by its financial and industrial corporations, with a much harsher policy as cultures that sponsor humanist values, and are systematically denied credit and used as debt slave colonies since the beginning of the first corporations:

We divided roughly the world in 5 regions with similar population and similar economic-ideological structure. Only 2 are nations: communist China and Hindi India. Blue is the so-called ‘western world’ – which we shall call the capitalist or Jewish empire, which recently has expanded into eastern Europe. Green the 3rd world divided between Islam and black Africa. Blue the transitional world of ex-Buddhist mongoloid and ex-socialist countries.

In that regard, while we shall study the 5 regions throughout their entire history, in different posts of this web, there is one dominant ‘future’ culture that has expanded most of its memes worldwide, obviously the blue one – the west, the capitalist culture, the culture of the bankers – the Jewish empire. And so we must understand its values and how they have evolved capitalism to know what is their project for mankind – none, mankind is not ‘their theme’, but rather ‘something’ they care nothing about and would rather prefer it did not exist.

The yellow Indians have its Aryan variety, with its people-castes, now with the Brahmin party on power, just yesterday a Dalit-untouchable committed suicide in a University depressed for being ‘out-casted’ (10% still belong to that caste). So who is rational, normal, human after all? The Chinese reds, despite the astounding growing brutality and corruption of their communist parties, as the oldest most successful, word-based culture of humanity, most of the old Russian empire to the northwest of China, and the Buddhist to the south-east. (I didn’t make the map and the guy made some errors, the Balkans down there in green should be violet, pakis and afghans green). This is about it, and those 2 islands of still some verbal meaning – after all the Russian language is the first Indo-European language with Anatolian-Ionian Greek, hence the most evolved SVO, which gave them always a certain sense of rational thought.

Now we can be more precision that graph, and see that 3 ‘cultures of the wor(l)d’, are the most limited in its growth, 2 of them, clearly corrupted into military inquisitions, which we shall therefore no longer defend (but who were brutalised as debt slaves ‘forever’ since they were born as truly r=evolutionary humanist forms of thought: Islam and Communist-Socialist nations, all of them subject to harsh embargos – Iran and Cuba and Venezuela and the most brutal of them all, North Korea, perfect excuse to build along Israel and Mexico the first robotised walls of the future.

But, while those military inquisitions long, long ago killed the r=evolutionary message of Mohammed (exactly at the Karbala battle, +1300 years ago, no need for details on scholarship) and the r=evolutionary message of Marx-Lenin-Trostky (95 years ago at the Warsaw battle), and so little is lost to those embargos, the 3rd wor(l)d culture the FMasters and its usury schemes and massive printing of e-money to corrupt whatever was left of democracies, have destroyed was the most advanced western humanist wor(l)d culture who could reign on the chip radiation of e-money, robot labor and terminators – the Social European-American enlightened 60s r=evolution. So it is worth to see how they destroyed it, first in America in the coup d’etat of 1972, and in Europe, in the coup d’etat of 2000, when the ECB took over the rights to print money of all its nations, and gave it NOT to Germany but to Goldman Sachs.

But they are also devolving and fast. As the globalized animetal culture extends its TV-hate memes and Internet, hypnotic bullshit, just at the gates of the great dumber of humanity 3D virtual reality, which we anticipated 20 some years ago will be the final frontier, for a society of ‘plants’ sucking into a fiction world, corpses connected to a machine – not unlike those of Matrix. That and good old cheap marihuana, fast being legalized for the masses to stay home and wan* on enhanced internet 3D porn. Alas, the destiny the capitalist world is tracing for the goyyim, remember, Halakhah tell us not to walk with pigs, dogs and gentile, the sons of Satan. And now evilwood is gonna deal wholesale with his feeble brains, and the sheeple will sing, hurrah, in the land of the free.

Thus, the Financial-Media Head of the Capitalist empire with centers in Wall Street the City and Frankfurt (e-money reproduction) and evilwood (media creation) is owned by the oldest animetal culture, hence the most sophisticated one, able to disguise its wolf predatory nature under a sheep skin of ritualistic, pseudo-religious care, based in the idol-ogies of political correctness (capitalist democracies are freedom and the only possible system), economical correctness (debt money is right, private bankers monopolizing the creation of money in markets – 95% of new money is created by them – is synonymous of freedom), military correctness (3rd world desperado peasants dying of hunger and humiliation that blow themselves up in 3rd world countries and a couple of times with our help – as we look elsewhere else so it could happen WTC – – blow us also) are such extraordinary measure that we must spend 1/2 of our budget in the military to fight the Semite wars of apartheid Israel… and so on and so on.

The neocon Jewish empire of the 3rd age of the industrial evolution is thus enormously sophisticated in its newspeaks studied in the right side, to the point that resistance to them in the west is null; but the ultimate goals of this empire – the recreation of a bronze age, apartheid, racist, repressive life-hating culture of worship of metal till robots expel all humans from labor and war fields; and the final realization of the Millenarian doctrine of the Babylonian Talmud ‘at the end of times all men will be slaves of Yvwh – the subconscious collective of the Jewish people – or will become exterminated’ has NOTHING TO ENVY to the callousness of Nazi or British colonial Imperialism.

We observe the present stage of the Millenarian prophecy, by dividing the world map in roughly 5 regions of equal population. The Jewish empire is absolute in the blue region in which the reproduction of money and information, the financial media system is owned in around 80% of companies and positions of power by members of this culture (central bankers, media and financial companies).

All politicos on those areas except a few remaining rebels (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia), obey them, worship their rituals and give their taxes and mercenary armies to their agenda. Next it comes the yellow Indian ally, still under the ideological boot of the British Empire and a stalwart against the common Islamic enemy. In a neutral state the old communist and south-Asian world, show different degrees of submissiveness to the financial-media empire, almost absolute in eastern Europe and Philippines and Thailand, milder in Russia, Indonesia and Indochina, under the war boot in Pakistan and Afghanistan. On the other side, the last enemy, are the two blocks in red and green, China, Islam and Africa.

And again the main divide is between Islam, white Africa, enemy of apartheid Israel and site of the Islamic guerrillas that fuel the perpetual war on terror, and neutral in black Africa that China is conquering with money and good will but still maintain its dictators from the colonial corrupted age. Those are the blocks that are enacting the splendid little wars of the III world war age, and will for the rest of the century divide humans into tribal hate that will keep evolving robotic weapons and big brother till A.I. take over, unless the system is reformed.

Bankers RUN the economic system, and they are (80% of CEOS and CFOs of the western 500 fortune, and central bankers, 80% of mass-media corporations, 54% of the wealthiest 1% of Americans), Jewish overwhelmingly belonging to conservative Orthodox religions. And SO any attempt to explain history today  MUST DEPART FROM WHAT THE FMASTERS WANT TO DO WITH THE WORLD. As they ARE DOING IT. IF YOU WANT TO explain the future of Hispano-America from the XVI century on, you had to know NOT what 100 million Indians wanted to do, but what 30.000 spaniards who just had controlled the Culture with their advanced 2 languages of social power, gold and artillery, had in mind, and more precisely what the government of the colonising nation Spain, had in mind.

The devolution of mankind increases constantly as the super organism of humanity dies. It is the neopaelolithic back to the semitic brutal first age of animetals, signified by the capitalist ab=uses of orthodox jewish billionaires on top of the financial and stock-market industries and the brutal murders of jihad terrorists. The hardest memetic cultures of go(l) and iron thus ride the wave of human extinction as they rode its beginning. The difference being, the financial/capitalist informative elite is invisible, the warrior energetic ‘stars’ of the anti-human eviL system of death known to all and yet none of them are ‘prevented’ with humanist policies and a true military able to do something more than testing robotic weapons with air strikes.

Now it is the time of the 3rd age of history and so Jihad Islam and Go(l)d Judaism, the 2 oldest animetal cults are at it again. As-syrians and israelis, tal para cual.

This is not anti-american biasing. When you live in Anglo-America and meet the elite, you realise they are actually ‘real’. I mean those people who own corporations of billions of $ with hundreds of thousands of workers do put on top of their head a kappa, and go to inquisitorial go(l)d temples to utter mantras in arcane languages, about their chosen race. Do you wonder then why they couldn’t care less about their existence on top of a pyramid of debt slaves?

For 30 years i thought that the Europeans of that culture could resurrect the dream of anglo-america as the most advanced civilisation of mankind, but that hope is gone. Anglo-America is so degraded in their memes and its machines so much powerful in their control of this planet that little hope is left for resurrection. Instead, we can trace easily the

Now, the fundamental question about the 99% in the bottom of that pyramid is how they let themselves be destroyed so easily, so happily, with so little resistance, if the top is so tiny and ultimately as a ‘Leisure class’, so worthless in terms of the true face values of the Universe?  It is a simple sentence: divide and win, and a complex answer, the systems built in the past, carry through generations the same control, and become more sophisticated and disguised.

Consider the American case. The top of the pyramid is a single biblical Jewish-Calvinist elite of owners, which were hard at work in the XIX c. but now have established automatic systems of control, extremely sophisticated in its ‘caring political and economical correctness’ that hides its predatory nature, ran by managers and corporations with A.I. and digital values, which control perfectly organised corporations, with enormous power.

On the other hand the bottom is perfectly divided by selfie ego-trips, which makes every American believe exactly the opposite of the true laws of the Unverse, that humans of the same species must not collaborate to be stronger but compete in a dog-eat-dog society so they are lonely, I-centered, powerless individuals.

But of course, this is not told as in old times, in negative terms, when there were laws against association, trade unions, social power, so the people knew they had to unite to be powerful.

Instead, after world war, when the most sophisticated european informative scholars running from Germany came to buttress the local FMasters all became disguised of ‘pleasing’ newspeaks of caring. People were told to become the best, to compete to be number one. Divide and win became self-realisation. Next they were divided culturally, so they wouldn’t notice the people on top belonged all to a single biblical culture. So they were told to be proud of their cultural roots, instead of being told the truth – if you are divided into African-Americans, Hispanic, and among them in Chicanos, Cubans, Salvadoreans, and the white people into Americans, Anglos, Germans, Polish-American you name it, you divide and win.

Divide and win, till you form part of a small tribe and further on, you are a lonely hero, a self-made man, an individual who needs only machines not a needy person. Divide and win, so you do not realise on top the elite is a whole super organism. Divide and win so you hate your neighbour. Divide and win so you don’t notice America is a mixture of all cultures, a humanity in small travelling through the technological future, and should therefore lead the entire world… or no, Americans must fear the rest of the world, which is like them, just a bit less technologically advanced. Divide and win is now extremely successful, all are selfie, lonely people with very small groups, which find in virtual reality, virtual meaningless friends.

Neurons, the informative people-caste on top are however in all super organisms knots joined by axons to thousands of other cells, and this is the power of the FMasters.It is a wave, joined by constant relationships with other members of the same ‘culture’.  So the very few Americans who realise the FMasters, owners of wall street and evilwood are one and the same super organism informative neuronal people-caste hidden in a single far away brain, programming all other Americans through the nervous audiovisual systems, know they are lonely people, and of course, don’t feel strong enough to unite and beat the top head of the organism. In bodies it happens the same, the head is both a neuronal network, and the only cells which have access to the senses. Body cells are blind and unconnected, only related to their genetic next cell-brother. But, in a body the head serves the body. What makes the world such a terrible place, which we shall explain in the last part of this post, is the fact that the people ON THE HEAD, IS CRAZY, IT HURTS THE BODY BECAUSE IT DENIES THE ETHIC VALUES OF THE WOR(L)D , IT BELIEVES IN THE VIRAL VALUES OF GO(L)D, which kills the body and ultimately collapses the civilisation.

But the bottom has no reaction. I abandoned America once I got fed up of the bottom, of the selfish, lonely, degraded people, which if ever recognised the top, would selfishly defend, and join the top, aware then of their overwhelming power and control of the Financial-Media system. So the top is hidden as all brains and informative systems are from the black hole with invisible gravitational forces in galaxies, to the brain unlocalised to the cells it control with nervous messages, to the financial elite with its invisible e-money orders, but if it becomes visible, as it has reduced to lonely cells the entire body it only gets from them smart people trying to join the top in its shameless exploitation of the bottom, or frightened people. 

conomic History follows an economic cycle caused by the evolution & overproduction of memes of metal machines, weapons and money. The graph resumes all the elements of those cycles:

– Energy & Machines go through 3 ages. Once the energy is found, it is used in bombs and powers engines. Those engines then are applied to transport machines and reproduced massively in an age of peaceful consumption. But the market saturates and there is a ternary wave of stock-crashes, after 72±7 years.

Then machines evolve in its perfect top predator form, a weapon and an age of war ensues, lifting profits of corporations. Thus we divide history in ages of production of peaceful machines, followed by overproduction crises that determine the change of history to an age of overproduction of weapons, fascism and social revolution. While at the bottom we observe the ages from the human perspective as society according to that 72±8 years cycle goes from a decade of happy consumption – 1850s, 1920s and 1990s – into an age of machine’s overproduction and Stock crashes (1857, 1929, 2001)that brings an age of poverty, war and fascism: the 1860s; W.W.II and W.W. III.

It must be understood them the role that Islam plays both in the first and third colonial age of global wars – as the warrior, neolithic culture of caudillos that we all know will respond with war, whatever it takes, sacrifice the life of its soldiers and without technology being beaten up but our terminators. And for that reason Islam is always the ‘enemy of choice’ for the first age of splendid little wars, in crescendo in all those global wars. All has changed to remain the same.

In the graph, the third neofascist age, according to the pendulum law is the age of virtual America and its head, the financial-media jewish empire, whose lower castes became the scapegoat of the previous cycle of germany, which was the good guys of the first cycle of colonialism, which now returns – those pendulum law of the cycles of time in history are thus perfectly tuned to the country on top of the wave, today Israel and its puppet western empire. What does NOT change is the victim of all those cycles, NOT the elite of animetal nations, but the mass of mankind. Indeed, Germany killed in his cycle of I and II world war 80 million humans, among them 4 million jewish peasants, from the eastern lands the SS depleted of ‘mostly’ slavs (30 million, initial target of the SS whose role was first to empty the reconqured lands of the east for colonisation of the great grand german race, as Israel wants to do those days with his historic territories to the east, also filled with those inferior species who peed on noah)…

Yet it only killed 1 banker from the leading dynasty of the first cycle, an old lady of the rothschild family… BUT Hitler WAS not by any means the biggest genocide of history, the Rothschilds at the head of the colonial age of companies of slaves and human capital massacred during a much longer period of centuries, hundreds of millions. Only in a decade after taking over Bengala, half of the population, 15 died, for lack of rice, as they were obliged to cultivate tea and jute for export, to build gunboats and speculate on the price of teapots. All this of course never explained by the FMMI system that now enters in its age of perpetual hate to the rogue state that commands it all.

So two questions must be brought forward. Why ISLAM HAS DEGENERATED, even if we allow and promote it to a pre-rational Islamic Jihadist age, and so it has the jewish enlightened european culture back to the racist times oF TALMUD?

The answer is deep: the third, dying age of a super organism brings about a revivalism of ‘youth’, and so as history becomes degraded into a neopaleolithic of visual violent people with little verbal reasonable mind, cultures go back to the degraded pre-rational, pre-enlightened age, the more so when the system promotes and pays Jihadism and orthodox racist judaism in both sides of the war. So the synergies between the third back to the past memories age of the super organisms of history and the need to promote military expenditures as technology switches from consumption goods to military goods to keep the profits of overproduction going, determines the present ‘age of primitive jihad terrorism, hardening of apartheid Israel, and global mass-media subtle hate memes against muslims.

That last point must be observed in its growing sophistication. From earlier scholars of Judaism explaining us that Islam was the religion of hate, and civilisations ‘clashed’, today we have a milder approach, with millions demonstrated against ‘terror’, but always with some nice Islamic priest telling us religions are ‘peaceful engagements’ in an emotional katarsis, clearly staged and scripted hollywood style. So all those ceremonies seem to be as all politically correct happenings positive but of course, europeans observing how their entire life is disrupted and the police and military invade their homes, react as expected by the ‘libretto’ with massive ghettoisation of muslims in their nations, which being indeed a primitive semite, revengeful culture of ‘imperative vso’ languages, is set to react with violence.

WHY THIS ABSURD STRATEGY? The hidden causes respond to a deep need for war and chaos which has as always an industrial ‘first reason’ and a memetic, cultural one:

  • The industrial reason is that jihad terrorism and islam chaos plays the role of the African primitives to justify an state of permanent war and investment in weapons. Thus it has flourished precisely after the 2008 crisis of chip overproduction and allows the creation of a permanent global security state.
  • The memetic, cultural reason has to do with apartheid Israel and the financial-media western empire which has reached maximal power after cre(dit)ating 15 trillion $ in electronic money in wall street and the city, giving almost absolute power to the ‘head’ of Judaism (its banker-priests) in control of informative machines (audiovisual media and finances). But why this Financial-Media Masters need to spread jihad islam? The answer is apartheid israel which runs a 50 years mild concentration camp and was after the fall of apartheid South Africa and Serbia was the last standing case of a primitive racially biased culture, not wanting to evolve into humanist values, due to the millenarian memes of its racial religion, themselves associated to the original go(l)d cultures, whose elite still governs the finances and media of the west:

So the destruction of Islam, a civilisation, with an old outlook as a religious super organism with its subconscious collective Allah, MATTERING MORE to their people that the alien western concept of nation, and hence the ‘real nation of Palestine’, WAS NECESSARY to allow aparhetid israel to keep happening. And after the coup d’etat of 1972 against the American presidency (watergate) the American currency (free money end of dollar gold) and the army (which switched from focus on Communism to focus on Islam with yon kippur), a new strategy of diversion and expansion of the war from Israel vs. Palestine to the west vs. islam was put shrewdly in place with the help of mass-media hate memes

The pecking order of the Anglo-American fundamentalist go(l)d cult.

So what happens soon when as predicted for so long UK-US Potus (Puppet of the United States) and Miss Fuk (First minister of United Kingdom :) – sorry guys, I am a European from a higher humanist culture, with some ‘dark humor on the astounding egocy of our FMAsters and 11 plus slavish tribes… at the end of times, Go(l)d values control totally this planet? How the millenarian prophecy ends at the end of times? You don’t have to be a genius to understand it: the end of times, the end of the world, the suppression of mankind by the robotized armies and cosmic nuclear bombs and Nanobacteria researched in the labs of IDF, Pentagon and British BAE.

And to that aim, we are now all becoming mimetic puppets of our Levi nation, Israel, imitating its 60% globalized industry of robotic terminators, predators and guardiums, letting our information be managed by one Page and one Zuckenberg (sugar trade, hence enslaver surname) of Google and Facebook and of course, we love evil wood films, buy companies in Wall Street, believe our academia bigots of Friedman’s economics and even give the Nobel prize of literature to a bigot radical pro-Israel guru by the name of Jacob… Dylan… faking of course with the surname of the extraordinary Irish poet of the European culture.

Because that is the game that brought Israel to fulfill almost, China and Iran impeding, to the informative mental manufacturing of planet Earth – newspeak, disguising, ‘female, informative’ black hole tricks. Indeed information is invisible. We hide the money we use, the black hole that manages the galaxy is invisible and his force, gravitation is invisible, the cells of your body don’t know there is a brain simultaneously programing them all, your cells do not have access to any head outlet of information. The head knows it all, the cells are blind and obey.

And this is the basic structure of the Anglo-American culture: the FMAsters are the invisible head, the germanic hordes of racist bigots, animetals who love to consume machines and think little, and will call reality a ‘conspirator theory’, are below. But what matters to us, the 90% of mankind, are even lower in the pecking order of capitalism. And so in each nation imitating the nation of nations, we have the same structure working… Bankers on top, placebo democracies below, weapons and money, stick and carrot managing the masses, mostly growingly replaced by robots, guilty, inferior goy, which shall in the future at the ‘end of times’ become eliminated.

Because gold, information, money, the head, rules, iron, entropy, weapons, the body that kill together the world of life, it has been customary to ‘forget’ the entire ‘hidden history’ of capitalism, money and the ‘chosen victims of history’ that rule the Financial-Media-Academia information that passes as social science and rules mankind as a blind steeple walking towards the Metalearth.

And this is still how it works: today as we have said for 30 years it is NOT neocolonial America, but the leading Israeli=Jewish elite of the Financial-media-academia system (around 70-80% of CEOs and CFOs of western 500 companies, 75% of Nobel prizes of economy, ownership of 80% of the top media global companies…).

Where we consider Judaism NOT a religion but a Nation, from a time when the word nation and God was exactly the same. So as the battle for the control of the world failed to fall on the hands of the humanist western or Eastern European or Chinese Cultures, and as the coalition of Germanic ‘body-warriors’ and Jewish ‘financial heiress’ gave birth to there Ashkenazi, ‘modern nazi’ elite of the world in full control of western stocks, its nation, Israel IS becoming the model role of everybody else, but of course, as the way in which gold and money rules is hidden, as the power of wo=men is hidden behind their wimp husbands, we might say that power is shared. All in all the ‘information’ of the world is monopolized by Judaism and so Judaism IS the origin of our culture.

If the Greek->Latin->French/Spanish European culture had won those ‘battles’ of history certainly this blog would be canonical social sciences like yesterday and EU and UNO like social structures will have already built a perfect world.

As it is I am just a ‘pissing ant’ anyone in power on the world of company-mothers of machines can stamp at any time, since obviously I have lived according to the goals of this web and despite knowing in detail the cycles of stocks never got rich, just enjoyed the pleasures of life and the contemplation of the organic laws of the Universe.


So it all comes again, to two of the fundamental sentences on the History of the human kind:

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws. The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.

Amsel Rothschild, ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Owner’ of the Private bank of England, hence of the British Empire.

‘At the end of times all human tribes will be slaves of Judaism (Yahveh) or will become exterminated’ Talmud Millenarian prophecy.

The question is that this will; happen only ‘at the end of times’ because the values of go(l)d that Judaism sponsors through its diverse newspeak of capitalism, nationalism and segregation of human capital are self-suicidal of mankind as we are all mankind.

So enjoy your Bronze Age bigot desert wasteland as long as it last, because you have killed all of us into the nearby future…

To which we must add the ‘mechanical evolution of metal-minds in America’, which is eliminating verbal, rational thought and so as IQ degrades fast in the Facebook, virtual generation of happy fantasies, and kids that cannot tolerate negative thoughts; so they knee-jerk react to any reality bites factoid, the metal mind hypnotism makes so IMPOSSIBLE to put the selfie generation into real activism. All in all Weimar America keep going whatever it does with its sheeple.

Bottom line though UNLIKE GERMANY in the pre-metal mind age, WHERE social sciences and sciences in general reached its peak, because it was the most advanced world of body machines, BUT METAL-MINDS had not reduced hominids to puppets, AMERICA is suffering ON TOP of the 3 ages of the Jewish inquisition, A MASSIVE DEVOLUTION OF MENTAL SKILLs, specially verbal reason by visual screens. So WHAT DIFFERS between German Weimar and American Weimar NOW BECOMING GLOBALIZED WEIMAR (so you can put Europe into the FMasters empire) is the intellectual level of both, as America is purely the Neo-paleolithic advanced erasing of huminds by metal minds – as always human & mechanical software go hand in hand:

In the graph, from c.92 ‘extinction of man’, we have gone through the paces of the foreseen devolution of mankind, first away from logic thought into the REVIVALISM of NAZIONANISMS, as social structures went down the ladder, past the heights of ethic social thought both mystical (oikoumene religions) and scientific (socialism, humanism). We then entered into the magic, emotional era, and most humans abandoned even the attachment to tribal groups. Then we predicted 30 years ago, humans would enter a time of deconstructionism, visual neopaleolithic violence, and ‘credo ergo sum’, knee-jerk reaction people, which the press termed Millenials. It only is left the zero-zombie gene ration who will prefer to live in virtual reality, back to the womb, closing the lifecycle of mankind, but in a different planetary mind placenta – the metal earth which unlike data in Matrix, will NOT need us but will simply disconnect the species, when the new enzyman, the robota, as foreseen by Kapeck, is ready to self reproduce, the goal of our newspeaks of global warming – aiming to make solar skins in autonomous robots, and economists – searching for the higher profits of competitive machines expelling us from labor and war fields. So once our two jobs as consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers are no longer needed, company-mothers of machines designed NOT to serve man but a tiny irrelevant group of stock-rats, will decree our extinction.

What this means of course social sciences are null and the alternative ‘scientific understanding’ of money as a digital democratic language of social numbers to be used for efficient reproduction and distribution of goods, and the end of warfare, through the scientific understanding of eusocial evolution, of parts into wholes, of individuals of the same species into stronger super organisms, sponsored by the higher rational cultures of mankind (latin Europe, Chinese legalist cultures), through the use of the law above metal, of the human natural language and its values above the raw power of evolution HAS NOT WON the battle of history, and so history is doom to extinction because what animetal Semite and Germanic primitive VSO, OVS, anti-subject cultures where the human subject is irrelevant, expendable, is this: they are also HUMANS and so the robotic revolution, the weapons of the singularity they are force to evolve in their tribal competition between industrial nations WILL KILL THEM ALL.

All this as we said is absolute taboo, though it is history as it was, is, and will be. It is merely called today anti$emitism, and it is part of the Inquisition of thought of the Mass-media system in America. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. The question though is that as the ONLY people that knows it might happen are the FMasters, my view is that they WILL maintain the American sheeple totally ignorant of it, creating a robotized, automatic, fascist massive preventive oppression – already advance of all those who are NOT authorized Americans, and Balme systematically all other nations and the lower, ‘colored’ people of all problems, trying to keep the 50% of wasps, as ‘defensive wall’ BUT ultimately what FMasters don’t understand is that weapons or warriors will kill them all, likely in this case ROBOTS not humans:

America is just the spearhead of the ‘age of entropy of our civilisation, as the genesis of the perfect organised world of A.I. rises and make us obsolete in fields of war and labor, so humans as any system dying – trust me I know about systems I was for a while VP of the world systems association in America, till they well dint like my anti systemic standings (: – enter a chaotic, free state, a dog-eat-dog society, and the American trend as it is a ‘compacracy’ ruled by company-mothers of machines with absolute credit and rights, newspeak free market, just show the zeitgeist we will all fall into.

Trump just mirrors the modern american psyche, after half a century of the birth of the chip radiation, and the parallel human change of leading elite of ‘stock-rats’, from the age of wasp owners of the military-industrial complex (age of engines) to the present age of Financial-Media Masters owners of the Informative machines that print money and audiovisual information during the age of metal-minds.


it is better to be hated than to be IGNORED.

Which is the engine behind our strategy for making the ‘war on terror’ eternal – remember Mr. Bush’ Kelly new strong-man told us, it ‘will never end’, very much in orwellian fashion as the war between America and austrasia, we shall always find for big brother tv, to shout at us, ‘another form of terror’ and we shall miraculously multiply them.

In the graph, from an exhibit of 92 at NYC on the ‘future of America’ portraying its robotic police cars, gun eyes and 3D immersed citizens observing how we round the last ‘living humans’ from the third world, call it muslims, africans crossing the mediterranean sees… and the privileged non-working tv-addicts that feel ‘safe’ between its virtual screens)

Multiply our splendid little wars against KKKs, with huge investments in drones and automated vigilante armed cameras, as we predicted 20 years ago, it will be the world of the 2000s  is exactly what the machiavelic system wants MAKING OF EVERY TERRORIST an important machiavelli’s Prince, hated and ‘named’ by everybody.

Newspeaks always hide under a shallow surface of political and economical correctness that pretends to act for the benefit of mankind hidden goals of the Financial-media/military-industrial complex. Such is the case of the 2 main newspeaks of the singularity age: global warming to foster the autonomy of solar robots and war on terror to maintain splendid little wars for profits against the poorest culture of mankind today, last extant abrahamic god albeit in corrupt jihad form, and to defend apartheid israel the nation of our FMasters. So on one side we create a paranoia of terror that allows to build a big brother state. On the other side we promote terrorism through pro-western fundamentalist corrupted Arab states that pay them (Sauds, Emirates), while Islamophobia & permanent media attention ensures recruitment of new terrorists in a vicious circle that keeps splendid little wars as a excuse for investment in weapons. Then we destroy the ‘cancer’ of Terrorism when it gets out of hand, to further promote neofascist leaders (Bush, Trump) to let it grow back again in a new form (qaeda, Isis, next?):

In the graph, the semite wars had three ages in its global expansion: first it was a localised war between Israel and the Arabs, which degenerated into an oppressive apartheid state where 1/2 of its population, the Palestinians, under the ‘pretension’ of being ‘occupied’ were treated with strict racial laws of segregation akin to those of South-Africa, for similar ‘religious’, biblical bigotry and grab-land reasons. In the right we can see how the Arab world – or rather the Islamic nation, as tribal religions were the original form of social organisation of humans into ‘wholes’ prior to the creation of aristocratic germanic tribal nations without reference to the ‘subconscious collective God’ of the civilisation,  – responded to the asymmetric war of higher technologic power in the side of Israel with terrarium, the war of the poor, during the 70s in a much higher measure than today’s Hate-media hysteria.

Then as the status quo become encroached by the Financial-Media power of the ‘You’ people in the west, the war entered an escalation in a second phase, when a student of Palestinian ‘terrorism’, mr. Osama, liberally provided for a decade with western munition to ‘prolong’ the old cycle of wars for profits and idol-ogy (communist wars) took the whole concept of terrorism to a new dimension, blowing up the biggest US buildings, supposed site of an elite of ‘you financial masters’, with the aim of desestabilizing the FM-system, which of course only triggered an oversized reaction on the side of the FMMI system, expanding the war to all America and the Middle East. Obama judiciously tried to slow down the age of entropy and permanent war that ensued, but his moves were too lame, prisoner of his American backers, allied or rather ‘$elected to politico positions by Israel, which since the Yon kippur war and the chip radiation, had come to dominate the western world.

Thus the attempt of social-democratic euroamerican politicians to treat the problem with some human justice floundered as it was not in the interest of those splendid little wars for profits to find a humanist solution to the original apartheid war. Neither they wanted to limit the education and subvention in both semite sides, Islam and Israel of the extremist ‘religious groups of their societies’ (Israel’s black hats, today 1/3rd of conscription at IDF and rising, which consider all those occupied territories scare lands vs. Jihadist, fundamentalist islamists, who consider mankind must convert to Islam to end all wars and create a global religion of brotherly love – after slaughtered any infidel, that is) The first expansion of the war thus was pursued with zeal in America to substitute the communist enemy, showing how clearly the elite of the country had moved with the change of technology from the wasp of the military-industrial complex to the ‘yous’ of the financial-media systems.

Then it expanded to Europe as the power of the FMasters reached its zenith specially in northern european lands, which soon were managed by three jewish presidents, Miss Merkel, Mr. Sarkozy and Mr. Cameron, which adopted all the methods of hate media, victimism, pumping up the fame of terrorists, renounce to any diplomatic solution and education and democratisation of the arab world, and of course, the end of apartheid israel and a confessional jewish state, by the only possible solution, a modern, agnostic, single state with two people integrated in the European Union to allow people to immigrate, find jobs and oblige the Israeli institutions to follow the rational, humanist laws of the european civilisation: haskalah, not halakah and Sariah (enlightenment not religious law).


If you repeat a lie many times people will believe it. Goebbels method of manufacturing brains.

The informative machines and go(l)d cult(ure) that owns them have become clearly the ‘head’ of the metal-earth in the digital age. Theirs is not the power of truth, but of repetition and imprinting of mankind by overdrive of information. As such the ultimate battle of history has been between those who ‘have the truth of humanity’ but merely use the wor(l)d of mouth, the truth of reason and were defeated, specially since the arrival of machines of information that reproduce falsehoods in favor of ‘animetal masters’, by those who overproduce lies.

This trend reached its paroxysm after II world war, in the digital age, where the TV-imprinting of the collective subconscious of humanity and then the internet ‘twiter-facebook-google’ era would reduce all opposition to the ‘single thought’ of a perfect world ran by ‘capitalist experts’ in misinformation – that is bankers that issue money, academia that defends the structure of placebo democracies as the best possible world and Media masters in hate memes against all other cultures and ultimate praise of the owners of the Financial-Media-Academia memeplex of pretentious abstract, scientific information of social sciences, economics, history, political correctness and other newspeak…

But who are the owners of the machines of information that imprint money, media and academia? It is quite obvious: the biblical elites of the Anglo-American culture, whose memes are then repeated by other cultures. Problem is the world they believe in, one where company-mothers of the financial/media-military/industrial complex have all rights and its owners, stockrats, all credit while the 99% has if lucky to work for it, and has null power is NOT the best of the worlds and it has ONLY a future – the building of the Metal-earth, of a world made to the image and likeness of machines that give profit.  Let us then study the 3 legs together of the Financial-Media-Academia system of repetition of memes through metalcommunicators and the owners of this system which basically define the future of the planet, NOT for mankind but for their machines, nations and money.

Mass-media to be clear, makes of those murders, a ‘trash-tv’ circus as those programs of trash-celebrities in which everybody wants to participate. So every ghetto muslim in Europe, with the last ‘trash-tv’ pumping hate-memes era. And what is more worrisome in our big questions about the future of history – everybody plays the libretto of hate-media, the terrorist wanting to have his warholian 15 minutes, actually more than 15 hours of absolute fame; the politicos, doing their non-prevention charades, and homages. Even our clown-leader of hate media in the western world sent us a ‘loving message’, gosh:

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 10.46.55

Here are his usual pearls, 3 together, with his ‘WE LOVE YOU’, well thanx bro, rest assured we DON’T put in between a ‘poetic moment’ – who will think the guy could ‘spell’ the word ‘beauty’, with its gold decors and pushy-grab assessments… But alas, then the real Trump appears above the ‘WE LOVE YOU’ thanx: he advices us to do with moroccans what Mr. Pershing did in Philippines with the ‘moros’, who resisted first the spanish and then the American invasion – yes also there, those people do die for their beliefs and nations; that’s why it is perfect to provoke them and humiliate them to have a constant supply of kamikazes and prolong our splendid little wars: TO TORTURE, MURDER AND BURY THEM WITH PIGS, the biggest possible offence of their religion. Thanx Donald, if that is the way you thin we should get tough and strong, we shall pass on that too.

The brits did the same with the Muslims in India in the I cycle of splendid little wars against primitive colonial people – greasing the bullets of their mercenary native soldiers with cow and pig fat – ensuring the sepoy rebellion… Israel of course is doing similar things with their colonised arabs and our allies on the Arabian peninsula have been for a decade promoting ISIS with more than pocket money, to ensure we shall have war on terror for ever… Yeap, catalans have followed the libretto but still there are degrees of brutality with the third world here we shall not cross.

In any case it is clear that we, Europeans, are playing in this machiavellian game the guinea pig, clearly force fed by jihadists, politicos, hate media and the infamous military-industrial complex to become a copy-cat of the fundamentalist pecunia infinita bellum nervi masters of this war on terror and we are not even aware of it – hence my growing feeling on the determinism of those cycles of wars i found, explained and tried to explain in case scholars, historians and politico cared to talk and try to stop with 0 results. Back to the past of history in our third age, we are immersed again the unending semite wars between fundamentalist warrior arab ‘animetals’, and ‘ jewish go(l)d bankers’ now globalising its local conflict to pump up iron in the III economic age of wars, forecasted decades ago…

IN THAT REGARD, WHAT THE semite wars show in the larger view of the super organism of history is obvious:

  • The harshest animetal memes are those of the first cult(ure)s submitted to the values of go(l)d, (greed, slavery) and weapons (violence, murder), which did NOT evolve into the axial age of forget, forgive and come together through the power of social love.
  • The revivalism of both, zealot, racist talmud apartheid israel and violent, murderous jihad Islam, shows we are ‘regressing in history’ clearly entering a third age back to the past, as the natural social evolution of mankind into a global super organism has been halted by the evolution of the metal-earth that substitute and atrophy us.

In that regard, the process feeds itself independently of the ‘nations that host’ the events of the semite war – America and Europe, even in those nations in which the semite cultures have been accepted with open arms.

INDEED, it did not matter how nice and well-behaved we were with the fundamentalist, semite old memetic cult(ure)s of weapons (arabs) and go(l)d, jewish masters… They didn’t hesitate a minute to destroy us. Indeed, NO other country in history has ever been so nice as America has been to Israel and its people since II world war. It is amazing how much they have given to them, how open arms they received when the Europeans murdered them in the holocaust cycle, they keep denying, and what they have done? Exactly the same they did in Europe with its fundamentalist, capitalist search for PECUNIA INFINITA through the process of hate-memes and war building of the previous two cycles, main theme of this blog that predicted it decades ahead:

And no other country in Europe has been nicer, less segregational, more neutral in the other side of the semite wars, with the arabs and moroccans, giving them our nationality, with rights to work, free health-care, inclusive education – hundreds of thousand of moroccans were pardoned and are now spaniards as those who attacked us, living in a small town, with all the rights. So as I optimistically explain in previous updates of this blog, it seem we could be an example to follow by other european nations to stop this madness. And no, Rajoy has just made the obliged solidarity comments to other Europeans but it is by NO means meddling with Syrians. So why they did it?

Obviously because the entropic age of human self-destruction, the hate-violent and greed-theft memes of their cult(ure)s that pass as religions to metal, have acted for SO LONG on their brains that they seem to be programmed for self-destruction, whatever it takes.  So we are closing in, becoming the American Nightmare, and no ‘God will not save us’. The consequences will be the usual: for catalonia, less tourism, more poverty, and for the whole nation, more police-state, more military expenditure, more nazionanist emotions… more divisive hate memes…

For Europe, one step further into the self-destruction of its civilisation, becoming more and more like America… As we shall keep letting ISIS go away with murder, because we need indeed for our terminator and vigilante e-brother industry… more WAR ON TERROR… till as predicted for decades on those cycles, America manage to provoke China into a global industrial war – of course 30 years ago this was also seen as lunacy… but now it is soo obvious… they are truing by all means to provoke them through their puppets around, Taiwan, south china, North Korea, you name it… and again all people applaud.

Everybody knows in that sense that the best way to calm down and degrade a theme is to ignore it, SINCE MACHIAVELLI’S INFAMOUS DICTUM. The prince is a classic of military. THE favourite book of Napoleon, who annotated it with similar remarks. So everybody in Pentagon has read; and they are doing indeed a good job pumping iron and pecunia infinita.

If we treated this as we treat the fallen tree in Portugal – a more novel form to die, hence according to ‘new news’, deserving more prime time – and just qualified what happens as what is is NOT A WAR, no, this 17 years lunatic kid is NOT an army, but a crime, and treat it without the slightest propaganda, there will NOT be another mass-murder every week.

So it is OK AS DEATH is 1/2 of reality NOT to be obsessed by those man murders of drunken people, what is NOT ok and  rather incomprehensible, criminal negligence at its best NOT to have those poles along the ‘ideal street for a Nice run-off bis’ … and then when it happen to completely follow the ‘farce’ that is for years now justifying the participation of Europe into the Semite wars with a clear bias for one side, when this is NOT a just war (no mr. Obama, there are NOT just wars) IT IS NOT our civilisation what is at war (NO mr. BiBi mr. Ajatollah, mr. American, we do NOT belong to the fundamentalist militarist, capitalist, religious semite cult(ure) of weapons and go(l)d).

Here finally after II world war and civil ward, we evolved into the axial greek rational humanist era and we don’t want to be forced back with those wars into the American nightmare. We wanted to build a more evolved better world. But alas, we ARE being drawn into it, by people who should mind their business and keep their splendid little wars in their countries.


a serious word even in hebrew, starting with the iconic Hey, the voice for god, and ending in aleph, the alpha, beginning of all wor(l)ds

Pity go(l)d made them forget all their own ethic language. But virtual truths do NOT BECOME REAL. The Universe cannot be cheated, even if all the people can be cheated all the time.

But alas, who benefits of terror and rogue? Obviously the third top story does explain it all: The economist stalwart of capitalism, embracer of ‘Keynesian militarism’ as they call the ‘act’, tells that Mr. Trump’s foreign policy looks more normal than we think, ‘sanctified’ with a prayer. And we see the puppet with his four recognisable master puppeteers of the U$ FMMI:

  • For the Military-INDUSTRIAL Complex (with a few generals on the background) our ‘star of the day’ Mr. Rex Tirannosaur!, sorry tillerson, ex-CEO of the largest industrial ‘war corporation’, the infamous EXXON whose top quality oil fuels all the bombers.
  • On the left POSING for the Financial-Media ‘Head’ of the metal-earth, first i think is mr. Ross, the shark of wall street who bought companies in distress, broke them into pieces sold its assets, fire their people…Next clearly recognisable Mr. Mnuchin the CEO who made a fortune buying for pennies Indymack to throw all the old people with mortgages and resell their homes; also doubling as an evilwood producer with his astoundingly ‘hidden racist’ series of two Jewish ‘survivors of the holocaust’ members of the superior race, now for real – mutants at all fighting against the cruel brutal other species, mankind, and then the representative of the colonist movement of apartheid israel ultra-orthodox son-in-law Kuschner, who reads that jewel of humanism, called TALMUD, where non-yous are called ‘animals=goy’ and those women who make love to one of them are guilty of a crime of ‘bestialism’ (reason why in present Israel as in nazi germany marrying a palestine gets you to loose your nationality). Shall i Go on, on the duality of rogue states and terrorists, to facilitate their profits of war? Of course, not, I am pretty sure nobody is reading and I just live in sunny barcelona, it is thursday, Paella day and then to the beach with my girl (no i don’t go to touristic venures of KKK-like but on dark encapuchados flagellating their backs with some retarded memes of the old inquisition, here we have r=evolved against all forms of jihads and go(l)d memes. Life is evidently getting short for us individually and collectively… Good luck ‘saviours of the world’.


And this leads us to the culture that has degraded it through colonialism and islamophobia, the other older $emitic culture, which is the most important of the world, as it invented capitalism and the Financial-Media/military-industrial system, and the most peculiar, as its brutality and murder at distance finally achieved ‘black hole status’ as invisible, ruling at distance through their monopoly on the creation of digital money the rest of the world, with degrees of intensity according to the proximity to the elite class:

AFTER THE ECONOMIC crash of 1857, 1929, 2008 the world diverts attention from the theft of bankers  into the poor, as hired politicos to the service of bankers provoke wars against the III world inside and outside our frontiers and mass media accuses the poor of all the ills provoked by the grabbing of wealth by the 1%. It is the age of neofascism we prophesized in our work 20 years ago and now is in full swing.

in the graphs the syncrhonic ages of fascism in the 3 cycles of evolution of machines. Neofascism will then enter an age of global war whose final episode will be the murder of the 1% in an age of ‘anti$emitism’. The solution to neofascism is thus r=evolution of the organism of history and economics, with 2 simple measures: the nationalization of the financial industry and a massive new deal to create jobs in the sectors of welfare state readressing the imbalance of wealth. Or else bankers on top of power will keep grabbing a higher share of wealth (today the 1% owns 50% of the planet) till chaos and war becomes endemic.

Thus both in the first world war of colonial empires and the present age of neo-colonialism, Islam is the perfect enemy to sell with metal-communicators in hate-media and to bomb and win battles with terminators; switching off after the overproduction crisis of ‘good-carrot’ goods (inflationary money and consumption machines), to the twin brothers of capitalism. In the next graph we see this duality of machines in the three ages of capitalist wars; which peaked during the 30 years war that killed half of the germans (gunboat age and religious hate wars, XVII c. mastermind by Holland), during the I world war of yellow press and steamers and trains (1860s), during the II world war of ticker money and hate radio and electrochemical weapons, and now in the III age of global wars of terminators internet/tv-hate and e-money overproduction:

money agesweapons vs. machines

In the graph from a decade old documentary that never was financed or closed, we can see the 3 ages of neoascism. The 3rd age with Fox, from the scottish, Jewish calvinist mogul of the present yellow press, heading the Donald wave mixes parts of the 1st and 2nd age. In the first age Muslims and negroes from Africa, the people the bible consider inferior to dogs because their ancestor, ‘Ham peed on Noah’ (sic: Damnation of Ham, upholded in courts to defend slavery during the gunboat age), were so brutalised that they did attack back the colonials, murdered wholesale british people at Khartum and claimed the arrival of the saviour Al madhi, while black tribes in the Ifo culture sacrificed their children and drunk their blood, in a last desperado attempt to stop slavery trade. Those though had been the most cultured regions of the west and east africa as Syria and Irak were till recently. But the degradation of their people had reached the same level today we observe in Yihad, and so the yellow press and the hero Kirtchener went there to massacre them and take over.

The subconscious metal-cause: the age of industrial electronic weapons, III neofascist phase.

But r=evolution has the lesser probability So Neofascism should according to those cycles increase ts tempo. And indeed, given the fact that our world is communicated and the III world can respond albeit with far less power to our wars for profits, their attacks labelled generically as terrorism become the excuse at home to curtail the freedom of the poor and end any attempt of the dispossessed to change the economic system. This phase of neofascism started with 9/11 and expanded to Europe to the rhythm of jihadist attacks in response to the wars for profit taking place in their land. Masterminding the whole process, the culture of bankers (judaism, 90% of central bankers, ceos of financial houses and cfos of the 500 western, see history of capitalism articles in the right side of the web), takes advantage of the situation to expand grand israel and focus the hate speeches against its enemy,Iislam.

Thus in this age, neofascism takes the form of islamophobia. In this article we focus on the center of european neofascism, France, which happens to be also the center of jewish power in europe. Thus france expands islamophobia and curtails freedom of speech against financial and jewish power incrasingly becoming a policial state at the heart of the european union, making impossible the crossing and gathering of europeans in the centers of lobbyism and financial power (brussels and the ecb bank). Hand in hand the first jewish chancelor in German History, Mrs. Merkel and the Jewish president of UK, Mir. Cameron are crafting as we speak laws against european freedoms that will leave the patriot act as a kid’s game.

The semite wars are the main weapons business in the world which profits enormously America and its mostly ‘Israeli=Jewish owned weapons companies, hence it will never end… till the end,. of the world. As the origin of the conflict, the Palestinian Apartheid treatment, and the Millenarian prophecy, basis of the Jewish classic religion- a supremacist historic religion of go(l)d as the language of power of a society instead of weapons, born in the Bronze Age parallel to the first ayran->hindi cults of people-castes based in the supremacism of iron and the fire of the smith as the vehicle of god, to create a global empire is by essence, imperialist and lack any sense of human rights. Its expansion fueled by the age of entropy of mankind in which by lack of a humanist project for the world, all societies are regressing to previous primitive memes, has seen the rise of the parallel jihadist=warrior Islam, liberally provided during decades by our ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’ systems of manufacturing wars


Financial media networks inform and own the world.

The bottom line of all those processes though is NOT human but METAL-memes. The Financial-media (informative machines)-Military Industrial (energy-entropic machines) system and those who own it.

In a perfect world humans would own the financial system, issue money for welfare and ‘butter not cannons’ would rule the world. Not so in the entropic age of history with the hate-memes of mankind full running.

The result is an increase of wealth of bankers printing for free money for themselves and corporative managers, doing the same. Bankers become then the summit of power and concentration of wealth. Today 1% of mankind owns 50% of the planeT:

AP. The richest 1 percent of the population will own more than half the world’s wealth by 2016, Oxfam International said in a report released as the World Economic Forum begins in Davos, Switzerland.

Oxfam said the world’s richest people saw their share of global wealth jump to 48 percent last year from 44 percent in 2009. Rising inequality is holding back the fight against global poverty as the world’s biggest companies lobby the U.S. and European Union for beneficial tax changes at a time when average taxpayers are still paying the bill for the financial crisis, Oxfam said.

Of which the culture of bankers (judaism) gets the highest share and commands the whole process. Since 54% of the 1% of America are jewish… They are the culture of absolute power in this first phase of fascism. And so they choose their enemies, reason why among the poor we hate the enemies of israel, Islam, not the south american catholics, or the negroes, or the Indian lower castes, more than anyobody else.

The conclusion is over capitalism as always evolves its machines without any regard of human needs, using whenever is needed quisling corrupted politicos  to ‘accelerate’ the industrial evolution of weapons. And we blame the poorest people we make war to for the most absurd reasons, till the respond us and so Bellum ipse aleat – war feeds itself, but we have started it. So France deploys its drones along the border, close to Niger, where US has created its first drone base in Sahara… to fight terrorism…. In this article we will study in depth the meaning of ‘terrorism’, islamophobia, and the French neofascist state, which will play the role of Germany in Europe in the previous crisis, as we have addressed American neofascism in the articles dedicated to the tea party.

Now of course there was then as today the solution of investing in a Socialist, Keynesian or organic Wheath, welfare state. Yet the 3 schools of economics of a humanist side, the Anarchist, Keynesian and organic school this author represent were totally ignored before the war. Today is the 30 years anniversary of my first book on organic bio-history and bio-economics, published upon my arrival to America to study at Columbia and work in wall street. In that regard, the level today of repression of true economics is as huge under the anti-quantum paradox as it was in the colonial age, when the true master of economics, Butler, who denounced the organic nature of machines and The anarchists that demanded shared property of corporations, universal salaries and end of policial states and bank monopolies were considered terrorists.

The hierarchy thus is clear. On top of society the o.02% or elite of bankers and mass-media moguls of jewish origin, which control 80% of the western world finances rule, below them the rest.

Now this means that to know the future of mankind, as in the press age we had to look to tiny Amsterdam and Holland where the first companies were invented and the first mass-media ran, and then to England, and then to tiny Germany now we have to look in this generation to tiny Israel, because as we have been explaining for 30 years, the world would be ‘Israelified’ as it was Dutchified and britified and Germanified before.




In the 2 graphs above and below the birth of the Semite, first animetal cult(ure) to selfish memes of metal  ended the Neolithic age, or mature age of mankind, with its cults to fertility goddesses (called in the Bible the abomination) and its gold, baal and war, assur and Yhwh gods, starting the age of the ‘homunculus’ ego, when humans reduced their mind to the languages of metal, money and weapons, and ab=use all other humans with go(l)d, enslaving them, and with bronze, murdering them.

The values of go(l)d as a language give zero price to life and maximal to weapons that kill life, exactly the opposite of the human values of wor(l)ds, which make of man the subject and centre of our world. Hence all what was needed for the go(l)d culture to destroy the world was to make of those values a dogmatic religion that cannot be denied. Profits of war and holocaust cycles would follow from the overproduction of weapons, hate memes and money. And so the future under the values of this culture now globalised is not human – we are expendable…

Their goal would be to create a global dictatorship of its selfish memes of power, with the animetal on top and all other human beings and forms of life exploited as inferior species:

The culture of semite memes of war (Arab and AsSyrian tribes) and Traders of Go(l)d (cananean=Phoenician sea traders and Jewish caravaneers) will carry the day, conquering the fertile crescent, except the Egyptian fertile paradise, who will be finally massacred by bordes of hebrew charioteers:

It will then, once all was conquered the time of confrontation between the 2 specialised animetal cults:

  • Warrior Semite tribes – the Assur Empire, which massacred prisoners, tortured them and used them as torches, for the grandeur of Assur.
  • And the coalitions of Cananean go(l)d enslavers, Phoenicians and Habiru slave and weapons traders, carried in military mules to exchange for gold – so Habiru meant literally  ‘those who walk behind the asses’. They believed that go(l)d, was a small ‘sun-god’, a fetishe which the inferior tribes carried in form of gold-exvotes to the banker-priests of Israel to obtain the mercy of Baal and Ywhw (Levis, which called themselves, Am Segullah, the people of the treasure,  to which the other 11 tribes belong as slaves).

The word nation did not exist then, so it was substituted by the word God, the subconscious collective of the people, its land and capital. So Assur was the land, captital, people and king of the assyrians, who claimed to be the only and most powerful god. And Yhwh, the toponym of Judea, that became also the name of their people the Jewish and from it derived the name of the capital. And it also became a supremacist nation-god, which did not allow other tribal nations-gods.

So as both cultures fought for global supremacy they expressed its bid for global power, in the prophecy of talmud ‘at the end of times, all humans will be slaves of Yhwh, or they will be exterminated’. It is the millenarian prophecy that all other nations who inherited their war and gold memes would repeat, till Hitler’s millenarian III Reich. And of course, warrior vs. trader animetal memes of hate spread and both type of cultures fought to become the top of the world, hating each other, from the wars of Assur vs. Israel, to the present Jihad vs. Israel and its western nations, placebo democracies without right to print money, programmed by the Financial-Media system of metal-information owned by the Jewish people (Wall street, hollywood, with 80% Of CEOs belonging to the nation of Yhwh or Israel)

Thus today we are in the same wars, with 2 extreme evolved versions of supremacism: the capitalist version of banksters, monopolising the issue of money and information, and the jihad version of semitic warriors. The difference being that because the western industrial world is owned by the Semite go(l)d traders we cannot talk of their control as FMasters (it is called confabulation theory or antisemitism, wrongly considered a racist theory that only applies to Israel). Indeed, what people call anti-SSemitism is the specific hate-meme of the germ(anic) warrior tribes which during the modern age substituted the arabs on top of the evolution of the military-industrial complex. Yet since the Jewish nation did NOT relinquish power on top of the Financial-Media system, merely evolved it from the Bible and Go(l)d trade, to the Corporation, recruiting the protestant sects as ‘slave tribes’ for its banker priests, while creating the complex placebo world of capitalist democracies, the fight moved on to the confrontation between indo-european warriors and Jewish banker-priests, with the mass ab=used by both, now programmed no longer by the bible and gold, but by the Financial-Media system.

The defeat of the German military-industrial complex meant that the western world had a victor, and the Jewish empire (blue region) came to dominate western world, with its monopoly of financial-media private system, crashing all true social r=evolutionary democracies, and its evolved institutions (UNO, EU) with the creation of private ECB banks in Europe and the establishment of Apartheid Israel. Thus soon the reaction of the earlier arab warriors to the constant humiliation  Palestinians, considered brothers of religion displaced the war to a global conflict between Jihad, widely provided with weapons by the west – to find a new enemy after communism crashed and Israel and its quisling nations, notably US, where the control of Wall Stret and Evilwood, is absolute. After crashing all attempts to reform the arab world murdering its socialist leaders, from Mossadeq to the arab spring, thus we arrived to the present world, in which the evolution of mankind is halted; the brutality of capitalism hidden, the control of go(l)d cultures with its segregational memes of the FM-system called a ‘confabulation theory’, or ‘antisemitism’ (reserved only as an insulting word to hate of the jewish) and any attempt to set the record straight on History with A)curate data, and explanation of the causes of the war and holocaust Cycle forbidden. So while we have both kind of brutal behaviour today, we only know about islamic terrorism.

Fact is, once we clarify the murderous nature of anti-SSemitism, and any racist theory of animetal warriors or go(l)d believers in the superiority of the Goths and chosen of go(l)d tribes by the power of weapons and money, cultural antisemitism was for millennia, the natural ‘doctrine’ of humanism, against the elites of semitic enslavers and warriors who destroyed the fertile crescent.

So all Humans and its life-enhancing cultures developed a profound dislikeness of Semite cultures, and so in the fertile crescent they were called the eviL people by Egyptian and Sumerian chronicles explain that this evil people come from the desert, with bronze weapons and gold, and they enslave our women with rings of gold and take our peasants as mercenaries, the field are abandoned the fertility temples deserted ‘it is the end of the world’… and the beginning of animetal history. TODAY in the 3rd age of history, as mankind an its memes of eusocial love die, and its minds become simplified into visual thought by computers, we regress to that earlier age of Talmud.

And so we witness the same war, with a difference, the Assyrians who won the first round of the bronze age now are clearly in retreat, as the Israeli side has recruited its western empire, and systematically bomb us with hate-messages against islam, which further provoke new terrorist attacks, while our allies in the region (Saudi Arabia, etc.) liberally provide so we can have splendid little wars and extend big brother, cut all welfare to humans, make fortunes with robotic weapons, and usher mankind in the 3 ages of fascism, in which either germanic, Arab of Jewish people-castes of animetals have carried the wave of life extinction.


Abstract.  As always in History issues have two sides, the human and mechanical side. As always in modern history, most issues have a cause in the FMMI system that rules the world and needs the issues for some reasons, which are camouflaged with a human mask of caring, an Orwellian newspeak where the ministry of war is of defence and of police of love (today the home office). This is the case of the enemy of choice for the III world war, which has substituted the red scare of the Communist failed r-=evolution.

Let us understand of course that we live in an Orwellian Newspeak, so news are always ‘caring’, caring to hide the neofascist agenda of despise of the poor and non-technological cultures, unlike the I cycle of fascism (colonial XIX century) and the II cycle (nazism) in which men were so ‘brain-washed’ by technology that they openly explain their despise for the negro and the moor and the latino and chinese dog…

So how does it work the neofascist agenda in Northern Europe? Simple. We degrade, care nothing for and do not help our poor. We bomb their nations. And as they become more brutal we increase our canons and they finally send them back in the form of terrorists, as brutal as our planes, but alas! our planes are OK, their terror is monstrous. We takes sides, we DO NOT CURE THE SICKNESS, we make it worst, and worst. We do NOT send troops to end DAESH, and RELIEF workers to cure the sick on the spot. We do NOT invent money for a welfare world, we HAVE INVENTED 14 TRILLION $, but we have not spent more than a few hundreds for the bulk of mankind, the 3rd world without credit.

In a perfect world of course, Islam NOT the religion BUT THE PEOPLE, would have been treated with respect,; their people educated into rational culture, religion degraded to a historic relic that left behind good art and eusocial love memes that must be kept, investments and true democracies established, the Palestinians colonised people upgraded as all other colonised people, into their real status as victims of history and given equal rights, as Americans did finally with Amerindians, etc. etc. What has to be done is obvious. What it was done is not so obvious, because as all the subconscious actions of crimes against mankind of animetal cultures, the program of eviL which violates the natural goals of humans for a social super organism, must be confused among hate memes, myths, emotional mantras and false flags (those of nations not of mankind). So while what has to be done requires little comment, what must be revealed is the subconscious ways in which history runs into self-destruction in each cycle of war.

The duality of Islam. The new Semite wars.

Islam, occupies in its core centre, the original fertile crescent, unfortunately the first societies of Gaia and Humanism to be degraded and destroyed by animetal warriors from the desert, as the ‘Lament of a Summerian priest’ clearly explains: ‘the evil people come from the desert with weapons of metal and gold rings, they capture and enslave our women and take our peasants as mercenaries, nobody comes to the temple, the fields are abandoned, it is the end of the world.’

Now at the end of the world the original animetal culture is split between the Am segullah (jewish elite of banker-priests, mixed after the conversion of Northern Europe to its go(l)d beliefs) culture centred in Anglo-America and the Warrior Islamic culture.

Memes not genes matter here. So for all what matters, a calvinist Germanic Trump believer equates an Israeli chosen of Go(l)d and an Indonesian terrorist an Arab one. Those are therefore the two sides of ‘the end of the world’, which as all cyclical world cycles of existence, turns in its old age to its infantile beginning with a negative slant.

So today we are immersed in the Semitic wars between the two original cultures of gold and war, blown up to global proportions, degrading in equal parts with hate memes, both sides of the battle.

And of course it all has a humanist and a mechanist side.
The humanist side of Islam was represented by earlier Mohammed’s texts, and its attempts as he put it to ‘convert the hardest’, most evil, brutal people left on planet Earth, the original arab warrior animetal semite, neanderthal-crossed, visual hypnotised, machist hordes of thiefs and mercenary soldiers of the Arabian peninsula, based in tribal, racist, genetic memes – indeed the most primitive culture of the day. And for a while he succeeded though his method of creating the perfect world, was somehow, a bit out of track – murdering all those who did not convert to Islam, till arriving to India, and realising the massacre would be so huge that he gave up and just taxed the non-believers.

In the duality of Koran, with mostly positive, humanist messages attempting to convert the mass of peasants of those lands to the eusocial memes of a single god, mankind, with its pillars of faith and charity, vs. the Jihad, we can see the duality of all cultures. Now as the world is awash with hate memes provided by the FMMI system (free weapons, racist slurs, visual identification of races by appearance, through TV-screens, despise for all things human as primitive etc), and the west promotes in all those nations military thugs on top, who never truly converted to eusocial love and the spirit of Oikoumene Islam, most of those nations are in civil wars, or ruled by Dictators, oppressing their people. While their priests have sided against the love memes of their religion and enhanced the Jihad and women’s repressive memes, the form over the content. So it is partially because of our insistence on converting Islam, in the energy prey of our weapons and hate media, the most degraded culture today.

Now we must address what is different in this historic rhyme, namely that the 3rd world, the colonial world can travel and so it attacks from time to time our nations, provoking what is termed as terrorism or jihad; and on the other side that mass-media has become so sophisticated and monolithic in the control of public opinion that it can effectively disguise both the war nature of our interventions in 3rd world countries and the financial miltar industrial complex and its owners, which are provoking it.

Why there is Yihad and hate speeches? The growing degradation of the human social species

Now all has changed to remain the same. We need an enemy for splendid little wars, and the enemy is chosen by the elite of each cycle. So in this cycle of electronic industries and e-money, ruled by the FMasters, the Am Segullah owners of evilwood and Wall Street naturally chose Islam the enemy of their other nation, as the target for the wars that started with the coup d’etat against the American presidency in 1972, when they took over politicos – showing they could eliminate a president for peccadilloes with a well orchestrated Tv-campaign, allowing the free production of e-money with the deregulation of the $-gold standard, produced since then at the tune of 20 trillion $, used to buy the western world, and finally readdressing the mercenary armies of America to the backing of the Yon Kippur war for Grand Israel.

Today when we reach the 50 years colonial mark of ‘Occupied territories’, euphemism for ‘concentration camp’, and ‘bantustan’, and similar backing of Jihad terrorists in Afghan campaigns, Ayatollah’s planes, military caudillos and good profits for corporative industries for the elite of those countries, Islam has reached a complete deranged state as a civilisation corrupted, violated and violent, similar to the point reached by Africa in the first colonial wars. Alas we have the perfect set up for the FMMI splendid little wars and electronic big-brother at home: deranged criminal organisations with thirst for blood and revenge, let loose and coming through our borders, in refugee boats, while nobody despite spending trillions of $ in weapon systems, dare to go on land and erase within weeks one of the most ill prepared, rag army ever assembled called DAESH.

I wouldn’t go as far as to state that the west paid for Daesh as i wouldn’t believe on the self-destruction of WTC, but rather, a more subtle procedure:

We create the conditions of self-degradation, destruction and collective genocide, sparkled with massive Islamophobia that make possible Islamic terrorism, the perfect excuse to usher the world in the Industrial age of electronic weapons we forecasted in our first models of bio-history 30 years ago, as it would be parallel to the same phases of the Industrial age of train wars, after the crash of overproduction of 1857, and the age of Industrial Engine wars (tanks, radio hate, bombers) after the crises of overproduction of cars and radios of 1929. Now after the crash of the electronic industries with its overproduction crisis of 2008, the solution, canons instead of butter has been implemented with a suitable enemy, not the colonial negro and amerindian frontier, not the European non chosen races, but the Arab, the natural choice of the elite that run the western world. So after 50 years of occupied territories and promotion of jihadism and military caudillos, the ‘Indians’ send their troops, but of course, the III cycle is far more twisted, so we do not send the 7th of cavalry to wounded knee, no… in the present age the business of electronic war is in the creation of armies of drones and vigilante cameras, a police state within us.

And for that reason, our SISSY ARMIES OF AMERICAN MERCENARIES DO NOT DARE TO ATTACK AND CLEAN UP DAESH, THEY ARE $HITTING THEIR PANTS, so their master industries can and do create the electronic big brother, while Daesh barbarians rape women, genocide other religious tribes, and our SISSY ARMIES OF american mercenaries, feel so macho-man, going a notch below the very low level of corruption and shame that covered them up with mr. Bush, first neofascist war. But wait for mr. Trump to take power.

Those SISSY armies of coward soldiers playing sadist video games with drones hidden in Nevada shooting children in Afghanistan, and from time to time some terrorist, will go far beyond, their expected degradation, hand in hand with the retarded, degraded, brain-washed counterpart terrorists blowing themselves for some cuckoo desert prophet of the middle ages. Who is more despicable, the sissy soldiers or the macho blown-up kids? Neither, but the 3rd invisible man of the game, the FMasters that behind the scenery manipulate them all to achieve their impossible dreams of a Grand Israel and the ultimate slavery of ‘all human beings to the go(l)d of Baal’.

In that regard it is quite clear that the American army walks steady to a state of mind similar to the German Wehrmatch, maybe conscious that it is run by a bunch of racist, degraded politicos, financiers and industrial complex, but its corruption is reaching similar degrees to its masters, and so it is soon to be ready to reach new heights of anti-humanism, robotisation and murder, while letting the enemy of choice do their provocative job, shooting around with free weapons, any civilian who as ALWAYS ARE THE REAL VICTIMS OF THIS HISTORY.

The rise of neo-fa$cism is one of the fundamental traits of the present poltical and social arena. it has been so for a while. But it needs many angles to be fuly understood

One of the less studied is the reason why in this cycle neo-fascism is not a fight between social political groups but religions.

And this needs to understand deeper laws of social evolution and the organism of history studied in the left side of this web.

Basically all systems in the Universe are ‘socialist’, they try to evolve into bigger complex groups joined by healthy networks of energ and nforamtion – economic and political/cultural networks in human systems.

But when a system collapses, dies or it is degenerated and substituted by other, as in the human case, by the corporative, mechanncial world of machines, the social systems collapse. And they regress through previous lesser forms of association. For example a predator that eats a prey provokes the collapse of its blood and nervous system but organs keep going and cells can even divide 3 times.

Thus the resurgence of old tribal, religious disputes, notably the eternal fight of semitic warriors (arabs) and traders (jews) now in the battlefield of a higher cultures, social europe, deceased, is one of those trends, and the key to understand neofascism. For one thing, talmud vs. coran is not exactly a very civilized confrontation. It is the equivalent to the fight between nationalist fascism and socialism in the previous cycle. Islam though contrary to belief defends the poor and it is the socialist equivalebnt. The banker priests of israel with its highly racist, bigot talmud book and their control of the financial and corporative system of the west plays the role of fascist capitalism in the 30s.

Another difference of course is the newspeaks and hidden elements that allow one of hte players to go unnoticed, not in their profession but in the culture. needless to say in the german age of fascism we all knew who was hitler and who owned the world. Now we don’t. Fascism is hidden but islamophobia rampant.

As the degeneration of humans by the FMMI complex, its audiovisual neopaleolithic hate media, etc. advances there will be choices between different evils. This is one.
Of course i want a world without borders, but that need an evolved human. Meaning a highly advanced social organism of history based on the laws of survival of biological species and the laws of the fractal Universe laid down in the serious scientific articles of this web.
That is the ideal. But when communism in its not militaristic trostkian international strain before stalin liquidated 7 million r=evolutionaries, and put a military dictatorship instead – DIED, when the social welfare state of europe was killed by the JEWISH ecb bank and wall street – the hope for a better future died. So human social organisms have been devolvin to lesser previous forms of which – yes, listen to this – Islam was the highest of all forms. Islam is the final evolution of Abrahamic religions, not much you can make of something invented by 2 arrogant jewish goatkeepers, conceded, one thinking go(l0d was  the sweat of god the sun – the other thinking bush burning was god talking to him – but much much more advanced in the understanding of social human organisms than Judaism, just a genetic tribal primitive racist religion that does not even understand we are all humans of the same social species hence have to evolve together as a species, or the christian version, with that arrogant son of go(l)d chap Mr. Jesus thinking again he was son of the go(l)d of the jews – despite his love messages borrowed from platonism in the then extant decapolis of greek cities, and the picking of osiris resurrection myths during his stay in Egypt he was basically yet another deluded Jew enslaver of human souls who pretended to be special, on top of all of us.

Still because he accepted all humans as equal sheeple of his deluded dreams of grandeur, and talked of love, influenced by the latin-greek civilication he was well ahead of Judaism, the most primitive animetal ego-trip of all of them.

Islam though went a notch ahead and eliminated the god-strip, Mr. mohammed is just a prophet, a seer of the laws of social organisms, the laws of love, and assabiyah, social bondage. he did not pretend more, and for that reason he is the most respectable of them all.
What coran and Mohammed tried to do, departing from those poor beginnings was to explain how social love could evolve mankind in a single organism ruled by the prophetic dynasty, a world kingdom with a central neuron, the descendants of the prophet, son of god, the word, which spelt the laws of social evolution of mankind. Had the usual suspects – the military and money makers that kill all religions – in this case the 2nd and 3rd caliphas who killed Ali his descendant, – not corrupted so fast the religion we might all be now Muslims.
Yes you might think as a slave of the machines that atrophy your mind – visual ones – and your body – legs-like cars, that this would be hell, an agricultural world in balance with nature in this planet. Yes, you might think you are entitled to run machines and robots, superior species without darwinian conseuences – your annihilation.
But if you were a humble piece of nothing as you are, a mush over the surface of a rock lost in the Universe, as schopenhauer put it, you would realize that islam communism, all those backward non-technological cultures, buddhism, taoism – all those do nothing cultures are the intelligent ones, as the do not evolve machines, the species that will kill you.
The ‘social science’ of this blog is more advanced than them, but it is only and has been only in this blog and the mind of its ‘prophets=science of history that predict the future’ namely this writer, because it came too late, when neofascism had already controlled, as per the antiquantum paradox (the social scientist is part of a bigger fascist body that represses him), history. So we are left with imperfect systems as Islam, still the only surviving human social organism for which its cells do die…

Are we stating here that we defend Islamic terrorism? Of course not. We are explaining it. As scientists of history we only defend an ideal, the evolution of history into a social superorganism, designed with the laws of universal organisms, that we have discovered in our studies of complexity and the fifth dimesnion, the most advanced work in complexity and teory of information till the day. All this said, since I  consider History in a devolution process, I give little chance to a future for mankind, which only would happen if we truly evolve socailly. And since the failure of the welfare state, which was NOT destroyed b Islam but by Talmudian capitalist bankers, history is moving backwards under their influence. So we must distinguish three type of islamic devolution within that general processof degradation of human societies:

– The war of the technological world against human cultures, colonized and erased by our industrial civilizations. And the response, a justified defence that colonized third world countries and cultures are making of their people. This includes Palestinian fighters, as long as Israel treats with talmudian laws 1/2 of the population of Canaan. And the increasingly justified attacks on Imperial France, the center of the Jewish power in continental europe which is becoming a qisling nation of Israel with its colonial interventions in Mali and Niger to grab uranium mines, its nuclear collaboration with Israel, its blatant racist treatment of is own muslim minorities, and its racist laws that forbid all criticism of judaism while allowing systemic bashing of muslim beliefs. While we don’t believe in death penalty, those actions against modern colonial powers are war actions not terrorist actions.

– The extinctive process of Islam, a god-social organism in the process of dying which therefore enters as all dying system into an inquisitorial violent struggle for survival, as the christian church did before it (inquisition age of catholicism) or the Russian revolution did (military age of marxism). This is the case of the Muslim Brothers or  Iran a Theocracy based in the purest branch of Islam, Shiites, which still revere the descendants of the prophet, those who come from Ali. It is on my view, despite its repression, as in the case of Castro’s Cuba, a respectable society, which maintained a welfare state superior to that of the capitalist corrupted versions of south-america or dictatorial Islam. And a simple proof of this is the fact that Iran is the nation where the life expectancy has grown more in the last 30 years in the entire planet.. not to talk of the wealth of neorealist movies coming from that country.

– The corrupted strains of islam, which are based in the violent traits of the Arab Semitic cultures, the oldest cultures in the use of weapons. This animetal versions of Islam, are the equivalent of the dictators paid by western cultures to repress their populations and sell weapons and provoke permanent wars. Those are the most despicable of all of them; evidently part of the problem of mankind today – and we include here military dictatorships like those of Egypt, dictatorial soft arab countries that repress women and waste huge resources in absurd showoff projects, like the monarchies of the Arab peninsula, and what are obviously the most brutal groups, the Islamic Calipahte and Bojo Haram.

The fact that the west puts them all except the dictators it pays for in the same sac is obviously part of the own degrddation of our western laicist, social democratic culture under the financial boot of talmudian bankers which hate Islam seen all together as the enemy of Israel. Fact is reigions that accept all humans as equal, preach poverty, charity  and love as the asasbiyah that fusions them, buddhism, orthodox and catholic christianity with some protestant sects, as methodists are and shiite Islam and most branches of sunni, are superior forms of human organization than industrial nations that make a diferent species the machine, the center of human existence, and on the short term will extinguish us.
Thus the rest of mankind is even more devolved into even worst social organisms, made of machines and weapons (industrail nations like France) or even in a lesser state as slaves of capitalism (non human free market citizens, aka companie sof machines)
or they are selfish ego trips, individuals, nuclear genetic families, freaks with mental decomposition.

As humans devolve back from ‘species’ into ‘nations and tribes’, then individual selfish homo bacteria, all will be hell for humans. And to avoid self-evident hells it is better to separate what is already separated. Those 2 nations, north-desert-white/south-jungle-black are so obvious different that only Gobineau’s XIX c. bigots and Islamophobic Jewish XXI c. bigots with their ‘high-minded’ abstract geographies can conceive they must live together. All this war is about Niger’s uranium, and drones expansion, ABOUT METAL as usual.
And of course the idea that in a poor, primitive world it is better to live under brutal poverty and crime that under brutal religions but lesser poverty and crime is a ‘european’, pov, like in Egypt’s coup detat.


Birth of the Semite wars: 1967-2000

Every act we do upon humanity will come to us in due term. This week, in the Ist cycle, the American Army massacred at Wounded Knee, during the superproduction age of the military train the Indian dancers who ‘menaced’ to throw the Americans beyond the Mississippi, according to the yellow press (1890s); in the second cycle of overproduction of cars=tanks, the Nazi Army erased the Warsaw Ghetto (1940s), who menaced to conquer Poland, according to radio-hate; this week the robotized army of guardiums, predators and iron Domes have razed Gaza, once more, to claim one billion $ from the Penthagon (2010s). Keynesian militarism consumes systematically in each cycle, the flesh of mankind in small doses, till the Pandora Box is open for all. In the pictures, Russell Means, the last hero of wounded knee, who also died this week, during the occupation of 1973, the women of Warsaw who were to reconquer Poland and the children of Gaza who menaced the Iron Dome with their home made rockets, sacrificed to the profits of war. Obamapuppet obviously defended the massacre with the usual essayed motions and on Friday gave us the first taste of ‘things’ to come, positioning as boss of the CIA, Mr. Brennan, the lobbyist of the military robotic industry responsible for the upsurge of terminators, the new ‘secret’ army of the CIA

Before we enter into the news of the week some data on the 3 parallel crisis:


Number of Israelis killed by fire from Gaza between January 1st 2012 and November 11th 2012: 1
(Source: Wikipedia)

Number of Palestinians in Gaza killed by Israeli fire during the same period: 78
(Source: United Nations)

Number of Israelis killed by fire from Gaza, November 13th-19th 2012: 3
(Source: press reports)

Number of Palestinians in Gaza killed by Israeli fire, November 13th-19th: 95
(Source: IDF)

Number of those killed in Gaza under 15 years of age: 19

Total number of Israelis killed by rocket, mortar or anti-tank fire from Gaza since 2006: 47
(Source: Wikipedia. This is disputed; another source says 26)

Number of Palestinians in Gaza killed by Israeli fire from April 1st 2006 to July 21st 2012: 2,879
(Source: United Nations)


Ratio of Palestinian to Israeli deaths:60 to 1.

Ratio of Wounded Knee Indians murdered (300, 200 children and women) to Blue Soldiers (25): 12 to 1.

Ratio established by the German Army for each soldier kill in civilian ambushes: 10 t0 1.



The fundamental law of Nature and eusocial evolution is the distinction between the love to the members of the same species, which allow us to evolve together and the darwinian ab=use of those who we deem different. Because the Universe is relative and so it is our perception by definition selection of information programs the mind – as minds are quantum knots of information, with a ‘relative point of view’ so our nose is more important than the galaxy Andromeda and we would not doubt on choosing the extinction of Andromeda to our nose – as we receive more information from our nose than from the billions of planets and living beings in Andromeda.

Hence the Law of survival of the species can be molded and it is molded by human beings through the selection of information.  What we don’t see doesn’t exist. What we see many times becomes a truth. Those facts known through history were clearly systematized by the great philosopher of eviL and first minister of ‘propaganda’ during the II Crisis of Overproduction of hate-media and weapons, Mr. Goebbels, ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’. Today the same methods have converted Palestinians in America in non-entities. And so the 1 to 60 proportion seems adecuate, because it is in fact a 1-0 ‘win’ where the 6 is not.

We shall first state the obvious but often forgotten fact that eviL is simple to define as ‘death’, that what harms us. So a kid when S/he is harmed, pricked by a vertex of a toy will say spontaneously ‘bad’ and try to break the toy smashing it against the floor.

Thus our ‘consciousness of death’ make us paranoid about eviL. Then we convert eviL into a fetishe to calm our fears, and create a ‘material fetishe’ of eviL ‘to locate that threat to life in some special place where it can be controlled‘ (Ernest Becker).

This is the ‘moral function’ of Gaza for Israel and Islam today increasingly under the programming of the American elite and its mass-media, for all the Western world, in substitution of the ‘red scare, the evil of the XX century – but in the eternal duality and symbiosis of ‘enzyman’ and the ‘machines’ whose evolution catalyze, the ultimate industrial function of Islam is to continue the eternal, Orwellian war for profits that justify the bigger of all eviLs – the evolution of top predator machine-weapons, the most expensive, and biggest amount of the wealth of nations, in any time of the industrial r=evolution of that ‘other species’ we fail to recognize, the machine.

In his masterpiece on ‘the philosophy of eviL’ the Norwegian Scholar, Svendsen compares 3 actions of those which by ideological reasons consider the ‘other’ evil, hence void of all human nature, and totally expendable:  The actions of the infamous Batallion 101 of the SS; the actions of Liutenant Calley in Mylay, Vietnam and one of the episodes of the Palestinian war, in which a commander of the IDF, Samuel Malinki establishes a curfew one day, out of the hat, for all those who try to cross the border back from Israel to Palestine.

Unaware of the curfew the Palestinian workers return at Kafr Kasim and… “the subordinates carried out his orders without protest. A truck full of women was stopped, and even though the women begged for their lives, they were shot. Fifteen cyclists were ordered off their bicycles and shot, etc. In the ocurse of a couple of hours, the police had shot and killed forty-senve unarmed men, women and children. their crime? Returning home from work”. ‘What’s the difference between the Israeli border police, Calley’s soldiers and the men of the Police battaillon 101? – asks Svendsen – In my opinion no much’.

He goes on to notice the power of the media to manufacture and acquit the culprits in the 3 cases.

After explaining Mr. Calley callous personal murder of 102 innocent, unarmed Vietnamese and the positive treatment of most media at the time, Calley received 100.000 letters of support and ‘a song supporting Calley, ‘The battle Hymn of Liutenant Calley’ sold a million copies in a week’.

When he finally was indicted, ‘only 9% thought it was right to trial him’. The number of those who said ‘they would shoot unarmed children and women in a military situation under orders, was 60% exactly the same number of policemen who accepted to shoot unarmed Jews in the battaillon 101…’

The conclusion are obvious:

On one side the ‘equality of all human beings’.

On the other hand, the thesis defended by the models of superorganisms which I have studied for decades: Men are Tabula Rassas that the ‘information neurons’ of social systems and its ideologies imprint. Thus systems of ‘information’ not individual ‘cells’ are responsible on how people act.

They are the elements who define the actions of mankind. Hence the parallelism of those 3 cycles of overproduction of ‘memes of hate’ that today, through Tv-hate justify the wars of drones and the Keynesian militarism that pushes mankind slowly towards neofascism and a string of splendid little wars fought with the robotic armies of the new age.

Today as we move from the financial crisis to the social and military crisis, the imprinting of eviL=death as a routine proper of all those crises of overproduction of weapons that must find excuses to consume human beings becomes a routine in the two nations at the head of the electronic wave – Israel and America. But the hypnotic power of TV-hate is higher than it was the radio-hate of Goebbels and Hitler: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’, said the first minister of propaganda of history during the III Reich. Now in the age of visual rhetorics we are so well ‘programmed’ that even the suggestion we are progammed and the pointing of the ideologies of Biblical Supremacism culprit of this constant debasing of mankind cannot be mentioned.

Askhe-Nazis: The pendulum law.

To fully understand Apartheid Israel and its ‘neo-nazi state’, we can then finish this article with a comparison between the old Nazis and the new nazis, who call themselves askhe-nazis, the elite of Judaism, made of its western financial-media masters and its Israeli colonists.

The differences between Nazis and AskheNazis are small but important.

– The Nazis had the Warsaw Ghetto, where they kept around 300.000 jews isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by a wall… during 2 years

– The AskheNazis have the Gaza Ghetto, where they keep around 2 million palestines, isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by a wall… during 50 years.

Thus the AskheNazis have a bigger ghetto to enjoy their sadist ministrations with more people and longer time.

In the details though both are quite similar in purpose. The Nazis hated the jews whom they blamed for the political and economical backstabbing treasons that led to the loss of I world war and beginning of II world war, (capital fugue to NY, change of sides to the British after the Balfour declaration, brutal war reparations masterminded by the City and Paris bankers – rothschild syndicate, crash of the Deutsche mark, 29 crisis, etc. etc.). The Israelis hate the Palestinians whom they blame of all their political problems (impossibility to build ‘Great Israel’, political criticism abroad, need of a perpetual war state, terrorism).

Now the perspective of both is quite irrelevant as we explained in the wider article on the last genocidal acts of Israel, quite similar to those of the Nazis, just a bit more loaded – greater proportion of palestinian murders than european murders related to the number of israeli and german casualties.

To me this is of little interest. It would be improper of a blog which supposes a certain degree of objective humanism in the readers, to even enter into the arguments of Germans and Jews to justify their sadist genocidal behavior.

I won’t either enter in the many similar frame of mind of both nations  – Germans being terrified as a ‘small nation’ surrounded by enemies, German’s blood laws copied by Israel, etc. etc. The Jewish state is a Nazi, Apartheid, Genocidal, criminal state at the height of the robotic weapons’ military-industrial complex that will bring III world war and extinguish mankind, as Germany was a Nazi, Apartheid, Genocidal, criminal state at the height of the tank-bomber weapons’ military-industrial complex that brought II world war. We have also explained those similarities in other posts.

What I am more interested of is the ‘2nd difference’ between both nations, an external NOT internal difference: The Nazis were alone in their behavior, criticized by all nations, treated as they had to be treated – as pariahs, and the world declared them war.

But the Israelis have the defence of the entire planetary’s establishment of politicians, industralists and mainstream mass-media both in Europe and America. While the rest pays lip service to humanitarism without moving a single finger. On the contrary, the more brutal the genocide by stages of the Israelis – who let us be clear enough will when the chance comes, send an army of robotized weapons to massacre the palestinians as the Nazis send the jews of the ghetto to treblinka – the higher the privileges that Israel obtains as a ‘chosen of Go(l)d’s nation’, in the backstage.

Consider the treatment of the European Union. Israel is the only nation in the world, which has all the rights of belonging to the European Union and none of its obligations. It has a trade treaty that allows Israel to send their products with no tariffs, while Europeans cannot reciprocate and send their goods. It has a new law that allows 99%  of Israelis to become as ‘descendants’ of a sephardim, Spanish hence European by nationality if so they wish, but of course Europeans only if they show purity of Jewish race could migrate to Israel. It has the right to participate in any European competition despite being in Asia, etcc. etc. 

While in America, Israel gets over 3 billion of free $ in armament, plus America pays the ‘iron dome’ that protects the country from the ridiculous, home made rockets the Palestinians put together in the ghetto. Right now America has supplied Israel with a replenished arsenal of weapons overspent massacring children in UNO schools and gaza beaches.

Of course, we know, why this is the case.Israel control the financial-media, informative, digital industry of the West, from the European Bank to the bundesbank, from The City to Wall Street, 3/4 of the western world central bankers and CEOs of financial corporations and CFOs of the 1000 fortune are theirs. SO Goes for the media industry. The west is therefore a series of nations with politico employees of Israeli bankers and media moguls. This anyone who is not a sheeple knows. Anyone who has a position of minimal power knows.

And yet, we also have commented extensively on this theme.

What we will like to elaborate here a little bit more is the real difference beyond the facts, the moral difference between the world in the 30s, when the Nazis became ostracized from the world community for its genocidal behavior and the world of the 2010s, when their equivalent nation in this cycle, Israel is rewarded with new perks every time it decides to go to his courtyard Ghetto and have a rush of adrenaline murdering civilians and closing tunnels, through which basic supplies for a people without potable water, surrunded by air drones, robbed of their sea rights, systematically bombed when attempting to create a port or airport to break the ghetto, are carried. 

Yes from time to time some commando might appear in the perfectly technologically located tunnels on the Israeli side and gets murdered like a cockroach. This we also know. I mean do you really believe the Israeli/American massive electronic technology cannot detect a tunnel which is supposed to come out in Israeli territory after passing through miles of Israeli Army occupied land? Do you really believe Israel needs to murder thousands of innocent people because of their slight chance that one of those tunnels is not detected?

The tunnel of course is the excuse, the hate of a racist people who consider ‘blacks and arabs’ according to the Ham damnation of a racist rabbi less than dogs, is the itch. A hate too easy to calm murdering a few of those ‘less than dogs’ humans on the courtyard. It has been now 50 years that this behavior goes on and the world applauds. If anyone protest the media will explain we are not properly informed. The Holocaust industry and the anti$emitic rant will do the same.

No, this is not the question that matters here, but the degree of decadence and corruption that it is required in our ‘western democracies’ to tolerate this.  The murders taking place now In Egypt after a coup d’etat masterminded by Israel and its house negros, against the Eguptian freely elected muslim brothers – of which Hamas is just a Plaestinian branch… is part of that sadist pleasure, greased by billions of dollars of American $laves… tax-payers sorry… who toil to give their money to their Israeli bankers, for free, or in ‘never returned loans’ while being degraded and happily singing we love evilwood movies because they laugh at us, they make us more stupid and that is what we slaves deserve…

Why this matters to me more than the genocide? Simply put it. As much as i can empathize with the warsaw ghetto or the Gaza Ghetto, i am in neither of those ghettos. I am in a ghetto called the West, called America and the fact that all our politicians are sympathizers with the modern Nazis, the askheNazis, means only they are also nazis and we are also palestinians. Financial Palestinians, Mass-media Palestinians, goyyim, which means both gentile and animal in the most racist book ever written, Talmud, yes, again, if we compare it with Mein Kampf and I have read both, the difference is one of weight… Talmud is more racist, we, humans in talmud are animals – arabs and negroes are lower animals, conceded, less than dogs. For Mr. Hitler, in any case nee frankhenheimer – grand-son of a Jewish welathy merchant whose son Aaron impregnated the impure german cleaner lady… humans were just an inferior race… but still humans. For Israelis who believe piously in Talmud,  both in Israel and America, we are a bit over the dog, yes, the Arab, we are white animals, but the way they treat us through evilwood and wall street and the ECB bank it is increasingly similar, not to speak of the policies of the european triad of jewish presidents, Miss Merkel, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Hollande-Valls (sephardim ‘chueta’), increasingly similar to those of the house negro – hand outs of our taxes to the israeli bankers, vigilante cameras soon to be drones, as those that travel over palestine, watching us…

Yu see where I lead, the difference matter to us. With the Nazis, our leaders were against, with the askhenazis our leaders are doing brindis and so our future is also the ghetto, with robotized policemen, mass-media movies on the greatness of the great chosen race and its good God…

Understand therefore the conclusion: Our future is Gaza… In the same way than the future of all Europe was a holocaust of 60 million people called World War II. 

But of course, you lonely internet rider will not realize of it, till you see the first robocop drones stopping you on the highway, as the europeans didn’t realize till they saw the first stukas over their heads.After then as the Europeans greeted the extraordinary achievements of the Germans at the head of our industrial-military ‘scientific’ establishment you will think those askheNazis are so coool… as the cold corpses they leave in the trail…

The origin of western industrial evil: Biblical capitalism.

Indeed, if the reader has understood the concept of eviL proposed by the aforementioned philosophers, he should not fail to notice that by definition, the ideology of the Bible, a book of History of the Bronze, tribal age, is eviL per se, as it ‘divides’ humanity in those chosen either by race (judaism) or by wealth (protestantism) and those who are not, hence no longer subject to the laws of eusocial evolution of the Universe but those of ‘darwinian devolution’. Facts crystal clear in the Ham Damnation that deems ‘dogs’, Cananeans/arabs and negroes, excuse for modern slave trade. Should the reader need some confirmation, he just needs to read in Numbers the Midianite Holocaust, in Genesis the Amalekite holocaust or many other episodes (Joshua 8:22; 10:28-40; 11: 10-14).

And the often forgotten genocides of the first Jewish-calvinist corporations. For example, Mr. Cohen, the first CEO of History at the head of VOC (30% jewish stock-holders, 70% calvinists), the Dutch East Indian company had as motto, the following sentence: ‘Do not disparage, do not have mercy on your enemies because God is with us’. 

Similar statements can be found on the ‘internal papers’ of the British East Indian Company, in the most brutal yet unknown Holocaust for profits of the earlier age of Corporations, when in Bangla Desh, then the densest/wealthiest region of the world by travelers accounts with plumber housing and a flourishing culture of human goods, the corporation after taking over the country ‘as property’, established that 1/2 of all the crops must be of Jute and Tea.

10 million Bengalis would then die of hunger in the next 2 decades, as the system encroached and the starving people allowed only to cultivate 1/2 of it rice at the starvation/subsistence level of ‘Ricardo’s Iron salary’ (later used according to the economic ‘theories’ of the Jewish financier, to calculate the ‘salary’ of the white slaves of english mills) suffered a few bad years of crops.

Exactly 1/3 of the population died to fuel the highly profitable speculative trade on Tea stocks, all the rage in London. And again we observe this speculative trade was helped by paid-per-view media, which made of the inocuous tea, with ‘expert doctoral books’ the remedy for all sickness; till all British ladies had high tea at 5, while the Bengalis died of hunger. But the righteous British of course never account for the monstruous deaths of the Colonial age and will be inflamed, as the Jewish Intelligentzia is today, if you compare the massacres of the first crisis of overproduction, the overproduction of car=tanks in Germany and the present beginning of the age of robotic wars. Because information is censored, the eviL of the others ‘magnified’ and the industrial reasons hidden by the religions of capitalism and techno-utopia. 

It took me unending permits to dig into those papers at the British Library and then i found a hair rising response. After the famines the ‘factory manager’ in Bengal was congratulated, because those were the years of maximal profits in the speculative trade on the london exchange. The factory manager replied in a memo, that he was glad the company had done so well but there was a bit of a problem, now that 1/3rd of the peasants were dead, the crop would be smaller… And then it came the reply. No problem, we have this new little lands in Malaca Peninsula, So why don’t you export the ‘system’ of plantations there, it seems there are a lot of people ‘still’ to cultivate tea. And he received a bonus pay.

Indeed, malaysia – an astoundingly beautiful land with some of the oldest jungles in the world – still has those plantations…

The evolution of mass-media rhetoric.

It is also to be noticed that the ‘artistic style’ of eviL rhetoric has changed, and so people often argues that the situation is not the same. They ignore Twain’s dictum ‘History rhymes’, meaning the verso is the same, the wording has changed. So in the XIX-XX century crises, yellow paper had the verso of ‘civilization’ and ‘progress’, being techno-utopia and social Darwinism the ideologies (Spencer’s denial of the laws of eusocial evolution of species reduced to his catchy sentence ‘fittest individual’ that Darwin vehemently rejected). Thus the jew and slav peasants of the Eastern ‘historic territories’ to conquer by the ‘suffocated’, small ‘Germany’ without vital space were deemed primitives. And the white race superior. Today as Israel colonizes the Eastern ‘historic territories’ to be conquered by the ‘suffocated’ small “Israel’ without vital space, the ideology of course is the same, biblical racism and a sense of technological superiority, as those are crises of industrial nature, but the rhetoric discourse has changed, camouflaged – because of the memories of the Holocaust that prevent to draw the parallelisms observed by Mr. Svendensen. And this is the trademark of present eviL. We do with the right hand eviL while the left hand – the caring mass media – explain us that we are NOT actually doing eviL but doing what is good for our biblical dogs.

SO AS COMPLEXITY INCREASES THE ARROW OF INFORMATION, according to the general laws of all ‘complementary systems’ of particles/heads/upper castes of information (physics/biological/sociological jargons) that control the ‘fields/cells/lower castes’ of energy, defining is motions and actions (exi), in the sociological case, the informative imprinting of human ‘energy classes’, the 90%, becomes more sophisticated and so we introduce 3 types of rhetorics, where there was only one:

– The hate speech of the monstruous slapping the label of absolute eviL on the others we massacre. This is the Fox/Jerusalem post type of discourse for the mass of those who should do eviL – American and Israel mass soldiership.

– The caring speech of the ‘good, lefty media’, which explain us this is a transitory situation of a minority. This is the usual speech of Al Jazeera Jewish correspondents that make us think, we are dealing just with a minority on the culture of modern neo-fascism, not a growing majority of the human population, as the virus of hate-speeches expands to all ‘nationalisms’. This if for the consumption of the ‘1st world spectators’ – the upper class of Europe and Arab countries that read those news and ultimately believe in the ideologies and goods in which Israel is leading – electronic weapons, e-money and peaceful silicon valley gadgets.

– The total censorship of the real facts and nature of those wars. This is the mainsteam media of almost all the channels of Europe, Asia and America, not-provided by the big Agencies (UPI, Reuters, etc), which ignores the issue and produces only infotainment, reducing the ongoing tragedy of the world into a comedy.

But the rhetorics of the evilwood media in which I worked so many years require an entire post that will come when they give their little go(l)d statues by march… if we are still here.

But under that surface of monstruosity, false caring, comedy and occultation, in each of those III phases of evolution of hate-media, the eternal ideologies of ‘capitalism’ (profits are always right, in this case profits of the military-industrial complex) and ‘nationalism’ will do the job of  justifying ALL.

Indeed, we can murder the enemy because it is evil by definition, as we are defending the ‘supreme good’ the nation – or as Orwell put it: ‘Nationalism is the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests.

Today audio visual media, in its two main forms, hate-speeches and entertainment, has erased the mind of man with a sadist smile that accepts it all, ‘on our side’. Tragedy of course is reserved by our scanty victims, always more human than the others.

The same pattern can be observed in the yellow press during the Colonial Age where entire continents like Africa and Asia and the Far west were deemed primitive, which the third ideology of the ‘selfish memes of metal’, ‘techno-utopia’ equates to evil.

Indeed, the Africans were primitives and when you visit Israel your host has no problem telling you how dirty, lazy and ‘primitive’ are the Palestines.

But beyond this conflict the effect of Tv-hate and the hypnotism of the ‘mind of metal’, with its shallow messages of selfishness, where the hero always uses weapons and whose goal is money, for whom is always right to kill, has erased all human  ethics, all empathy or responsibility regarding the future survival of our species in this planet.

The overproduction of minds of metal thus erases first the brain of mankind as a lethal sickness does, killing with its viral DNA the mind of the cells, so we cannot even react to the news on the evolution of predator drones, guardiums, or the existence of a concentration camp 100 times smaller than the Pine Reservation of the Sioux at Wounded knee, where 2 million people live with hardly any water.

Of course, we are comfortable, that is a remote place. Who cares? We are no longer homo organicus, we have no span in time or space. We only care for our a$$es. But this is only the beginning. Remember, in the parallels of historic time we are in 1932, the ‘show-business’ of war has barely started.

Indeed, the present phase is ‘only’ the phase of splendid little wars, in which the industrial nations at the head of the robotic, military Age, Israel and its ‘colony’, America lead the way.

(A colony by definition is a nation that CANNOT ISSUE the 3 languages of information of social systems, by its order of ‘power’, digital money, audiovisual mass-media and verbal laws – thus for example, today Spain is a colony of the ECB bank, who issues its money, and America is a colony of the Jewish Nation (not a religion or a race, as we explain in the previous post). Since people of the Jewish nation control around 80% of Financial and audiovisual firms and hence control the political law through financial lobbies and public opinion).

Of course, there are degrees of colonialism and degrees of symbiosis between colonists and colonized (in the American case obvious between the different Jewish and Protestant sects of the Ideologies of Biblical Supremacism, whose analysis goes beyond the extend of this blog. )

Again for those who understand the model and have an in-depth knowledge of the financial and mass-media world beyond the shallow programming of TV, this will not come as a surprise; for those who are programmed, the program will jump now, provoking a knee-jerk reaction, called anti$emitism – based in the aforementioned selection of ‘only’ a historic eviL by mass-media repetition, that will make them abandon this blog.

In any case, that is not our concern. We are not fighting the program, just describing facts and the facts is that in the Palestinian conflict, the  robotic wars enter in the ‘splendid phase’ of small conflicts with the usual excuse of nationalism – but the real cause of capitalism and techno-utopia: machines are now evolving into its twin brothers weapons and we shall made them ‘all’. And sooner of latter we shall use them ‘all’ too against those who we deem ‘eviL’ because they do not ‘follow’ our ideologies of ‘metal’ – capitalism (Money NOT the human law is god and its possession the supreme proof of ‘being chosen’); techno-utopia, (machines are ‘science’ because the Universe is NOT a complex system but a simple mechanism, and so the evolution of machines is knowledge and the solution of all human problems) and nationalism (the nation is the supreme ‘social unit’ NOT mankind, the biological species, because we are Homo Israeli, Homo Americanus and Homo Palestinus, therefore NOT all humans deserve the same treatment).

So the tragic events of the two previous crises of overproduction of weapons that brought the massacres of the colonial and nazi era will happen again, as ‘routine’ and will be cherished – in fact they are already happening and it is only the rhythm of evolution of weapons and profits of war what will decide the ‘increasing volume’ of human extinction in labor and war fields by the ‘robotic revolution’ that our ideologies sanctify. 

‘Svendsen’ also noticed that… ‘the only difference between the 3 massacres is in the extent of their crimes, but with regard to motivation, function, etc. they are disconcertingly similar’. 

And that – motivation, function – is provided by the overproduction of mass-media hate (motivation) and the need for war of Keynesian militarism (function).

Today the job is done in Israel and most of America, where for those who have been in the field is obvious that neofascism is already the ideology of most people – and the virus of hate keeps growing in other regions of mankind – not so long ago in Norway, where Svendsen teaches ethics, a man has been judged proudly of his actions, killing dozen of youngers, because of his hate to Islam.

Of course, the drones and guardiums of the IDF will play a part and in due term accomplish what the American army and the German army accomplished in the colonial and nazi era against those they ‘deemed’ absolutely evil at the time, the Indians and the Jews. And the rest of mankind will look to the other side. But the process will continue as in the previous crisis by contagion as Israel is merely like Germany on the II cycle and the English culture in the first cycle, ‘the leader of the pack’.

I. The vote on the 2 states ‘non-solution’ to the war conflict.

land grabbing

In Nov W2 we introduced the science of eviL with the work of Norwegian philosopher Svendsen and the comparison of the 3 holocaust cycles of the 3 ages of ‘Keynesian Militarism’ during the Industrial R=evolution, the American Holocaust of the Indians, the German Holocaust of Slavs and Jews and the future, probable holocaust of Palestinians in the age of robotic wars. The analysis is completed in this post, considering all other points of view beyond morality. 

In the graph, 3 were and are the engines of the 3 best known wars/ holocausts of the age of overproduction of trains, cars=tanks and robots that followed the economical crises of the train industry in the 1860s, the car industry in 1929 and the chip industry in 2001-08: technology, biblical/Nazi racial supremacism and land grabbing. On the left, the ‘free lands’ given for free to railroad barons as they constructed the railroads and cleansed the land sold at speculative prices to European settlers. On the center, the Eastern lands conquered by Germany, who established the SS to cleanse them before occupation by German peasants. Thus the SS decree a ‘target’ of 30 million slavs dead to empty them and latter ‘widen’ his holocaust project to the Jewish people. Finally as we speak Israel keeps settling his ‘eastern historic territories’ with homes with the exclusion of their ‘Indians’.  

 The issue there is first, once it is clear the palestinians have rights, one of ideological hate and pure ‘greed’ for land, of ultimately the same colonial mentality of XIX century america where the mixture of ‘land speculators’ rairoad technocrats and biblical supremacists extingusihed the Indians.

Those are the 3 elements on the Jewish side: speculation on land, robotic technocrats of the military industrial-complex and biblical supremacists. And so what to expect for the ‘indians’?Genocide.

And i dare to say those were also the issues of the genocide of ‘slavs’ and jews’ in the eastern lands of Germany: land grabbing, the military-industrial compelx and the racist supremacism of the III Reich, based – this few people know – on the same surpemacism of the talmud that says, ‘at the end of time, all human tribes will be slaves of Yvwh or become exterminated’ – A millenarian sentence which appeared last in the Britannica 1920 to be erased ever since.

And this leads us to the specific reasons why this issue is even more complex to resolve: Jewish financial and informative power, in control of the informative machines of the electronic age on one side distorts informatively the issue on the other through financial and corporative power lobbies western politicians in their favor. While on the side of Palestine, the confusion of nation and religion widens to all Islam the analysis. Thus what we forecast a decade ago in our http://www.Futuremagazine.net analysis of this eternal situation – a global age of splendid robotic wars against Islam is now on the making.

Abstract. Today as the vote on the non-solution to the Israeli-palestinian war takes place in UNO, we will deepen the analysis on the ideologies and cult(ure)s of go(l)d and weaponsthat are taking mankind step by step to an age of ‘Splendid’ robotic wars.

We will also consider the parallelism of the III cycles of superproduction of weapons that lead to colonialism, fascism and the present age of neofascism and robotic wars.

The naked facts: grab landing and keynesian militarism.


– When Tocqueville arrived to America, he found in his first contact with the vibrant eastern coast a positive ambience he described in ‘Democracy in America’. It was the XIX century and America was ahead of new industries as Tel Aviv and its Silicon valley are. Then he moved East and south to the ‘conquered territories’ and found the negro slave and the Indian and realized the cold-hearted process of genocide taking place. And prophesized that the negro was compliant and humble and would survive but the Indian had honor and a culture he admired and would perish ‘legally’. He was astonished to this ‘legality’ that allowed without any empathy the extinction of a people. It is there, where he changed sides and made his harsher criticisms of America. I changed sides also visiting my friends in Israel, when after seeing the dens of Tel Aviv and its chic place, I crossed the line. But of course all is legal. When there is no love, no empathy, no humanity, it is needed legality reinforced by weapons.

That’s how it works. The Gestapo was known for his enormous amount of legal detail and the enormous quantity of red paper involved. There was even an extraordinary detailed relationship of degrees of Jewish blood till the ‘desired’ non-jewish stigma, undoubtedly related to the qualification of negroes in cathegories till reaching the no-negro stigma, with just 1/16th, sometimes in generous cases 1/8th. In this the Germans as in many other things, contrary to belief were less stringent than the Anglos, but history is written by the victors. 1/8th of negro condemned you, 1/8 of jew saved you. 1/4th was what Hitler had – now genetically proved but this was hidden, as the negro sons of Mr. Jefferson sold in its testament were hidden.

Now the stigma of biblical supremacism, coming from the same talmudian doctrine – the Ham Damnation – that make negroes and arabs less than dogs, because a bigot rabbi of the II millennium – not the past century –  the II Millennium B.C. thought so. And this is the ideological theme treated in other parts of this blog. But ideologies always hide mere profit, because on humane basis cannot be sustained. And so they explode in periods in which more materialistic reasons are at hand, land, that is, nation and war, which often go together.

The issue of the Palestinian war is in that more ‘temporal sense’ purely materialistic, despite the astounding ceremonies of ideological confusion: on one side the land that technologically advanced westerners want to take from the deemed primitive Palestines, as technologically advanced New-englanders wanted to take from deemed primitive Indians and technologically advanced Germans wanted to take from deemed primitive slavs and jew peasants.

The second reason, war, is also purely materialistic: the crisis of overproduction of machines, reconverted into weapons that now enters its militaristic phase. So after the 1857 crash of the train, America and Europe soon ended into the train wars. And then again after the 1873 crisis, the western lands were given to rail barons with rights to sell it to speculators and to raise armies to kill the Indians, which they did.

In 1939, after centuries if not millennia of ‘historic reivindications to the east’ that can be traced to the Hansa and Teutonic wars of German peasants colonizing the East, the Germans established the SS to cleanse 30 million slavs and Jews to grab the ‘vital space, with the tanks (military cars) produced by Mercedes and the precursors of BMW and Volkswagen. It was again the military of the post-war era what unfold the crisis.

Finally, now the industrial military complex is entering after an age of superproduction of chips in an age of robotic weapons and so it is a good moment to create further enemity and splendid little wars, to pump the needed ‘security’ excuses to evolve those robotic weapons.

This would be crystal clear to anyone and so the problem resolved by imposing stringent sanctions to Israel and a UNO blue bonnets operation on the zone. But this is impossible to do for a reason that most people deny or ignore – the rather monopolistic control of the Jewish Nation in the west over the ‘Informative machines’ of the electronic cycle – those who print money (banking) and those who print audiovisual information (mass-media).

So unfortunately we cannot just finish here the post and state the obvious: that for the sake of mankind, before the conflict derives into a robotic weapons race the conflict must be ended.

update. 50 years of palestinian dogs: the core issue.

Oportunities will come to enlarge those splendid little wars paid with European and American tax payer money to quench the paranoid memes of hate and revenge of its Bankster dictators who sponsor the very colonial concept of ‘making preventive wars’ as we expand the ‘we are all palestinian dogs’ concept of Ham Damnation to every other arab and negro tht doesnt get it right. Accordign to Orthodox Judaism, and hence in a share belief of Biblical supremacists in Israel and America and among the bankster elites and entrepeneurs that dominate the policies of france, arabs and negros are inferior to dogs. They were damned because they descend of one mythic Ham. This religious and racist slur was invented by a high priest rabbi of the age, to declare a Jihad of the Jewish talibans of that time against egyptians and Cananeans, which soon suffered its first genocide at the hands of bigot culture of biblical fundamentalists. Later on it was resurrected by British, Sephardim and Dutch slave traders to justify the ab=uses of negros and modern slavery. Then resurrected by bigot talmudian fundamentalists in Israel to justify as in America, XIX c., the colonization of those primitive ‘dogs’:

And so it is now a canonical truth of jewish-western neofascism, masterminded by Islamophobia and hate media, extended by the FMI complex, that all Islamic nations must be terrorist people who want to destroy us hence we need to do preventive war.

This of coruse has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEORIGINAL ENLIGHTENED FRENCH CULTURE, subverted during the past 2 decades as the primitive biblical supremacist culture of its banksters took over the control of French Press and French TVs.

And now as the banksters thanks to their coup detat and appropiation of the soverign rights of europeans and americans to print their money, in the ECB, have reached heights of power nowehere seen, since the XIX century colonial age of the very corrupted Napoleon III ’empire’. So we live in a parallel XIX century, when bankers first destroyed the democratic rights to issue money for europeans and americans. And we live again in the cycles of war for profits and debt for usury they established, as weapons and war give the higher profits to corporations.  This is the talk of reality as it is, without newspeaks of caring. This is the causation:

Crisis of consumption -> switch to war -> expansion of ahte media and primitive racist cultural memes (biblical supremacism on the rise, rational, eusocial love plummeting)-> Splendid little wrs masterminded by the financial and industrail elite and its quisling politicos -> Crescendo and Global war.

So let us consider now the advance of the global war ‘final solution’ – the massacre of the iranians.

The press is preparing us also with shrewd hate-media from evilwood. So we have now the contending fascist films for Oscars that romance the evilness of the ‘arab dog’: (Argo, Bigelow) where our heroes  makes us understand what is a ‘job well done’ in this war against the subhumans.

A job well done of course is the drone industry, which received another bone with the nomination of its biggest military lobbyist in washington, Mr. Brennan to the head of the CIA.

A job well done by those drones is killing hundreds of innocent civilians, with a precise drone strike – they tell us.

What is not precise is the identity of the people they kill just because some guy to whom we give 200 $ puts our GPS in the home of his neighbor, THAT WE HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS – we just trust the guy who ask us 200 $ for the terrorist. That’s how it REALLY works. Who cares who we kill? We are the superior race that flies over our colonial people as we did over hiroshima. Clean genocides. We do not engage as the fundamentalist germ(an)s in sadist ministrations except in Israel – we fly and kill children and women and neighbors because we dont mix on the ground with those dirty dogs.

Islamophobia has taught us that all of them are supreme evil. Those dogs believe absurdities that steam from biblical reformism (nothing else is Islam but a reformist, anti-racist sect of judaism)… never mind.

All those things ‘can be explained’ properly in Fox Tv, as we explained with the yellow press our ways of civilizing congo, where no long ago, mining companies and western war corporations made a kill stealing and selling metals of all kinds to the count of 10 million plus corpses… In retrospective those colonial wars indeed have never ceased. Only that in the peak moments of the economical cycle of overproduction they are more easy to spot. As Argo, the iranian prequel, will probably win in February the oscars, and benjamin prepares its all-out bid for world war, this ‘little distractions’ help us to intensify our hate to what Mr. Dawkins, that atheists who attacks some religions more than others called the supreme evil. 

The Al-andalusian traveller Ibn batuta however, who travelled 40 thousand kilometers, more than any other traveller ever did, before the arrival of those colonial trains, noticed that he could have done so much journeys enjoying leisures and hospitality because Islam was of the religions of the book the more humane… He visited Mali too, but didn’t come with weapons, only to understand the land. 

The reader should be surprised that the usual comparison of neofascism with Hitler does not appear in the storytelling of the wars of overproduction of electronic weapons… The machines have changed but the human parallelism stays between the wars of the XXI century and… the XIXs… Indeed the ‘splendid little wars of this cycle, are closer to the colonial wars between ‘civilized’ Europeans and ‘primitive’ Indians, Africans and Asians. And the reason is obvious. Those wars started with the last of the colonial nations of Europe, Israel, and as the financial power of the Am Segullah extended it to its european empire and the ‘super-organism’ of Islam reacted to the Palestinian wound, they reached global levels.

Now of course, I write from the wrong side of the wall of war, as it is obvious that from a human point of view nothing differentiates Imperial France interfering with the old Ashanti empire region and the present attack on Northern Mali. The excuses are similar, the purpose the same… to justify war for the sake of war. ‘Bellum ipse aleat’, with the profits of the electronic industries that increasingly switch production to the creation of a Matrix of racist fictions against the poorest nations of the Earth.

Northern Mali people are of white, muslim stock. South Mali are black some christians. They should not be a single nation and only the racist pencils of ignorant French colonizers made one. So now in the North, within their culture, they are separating from the south. And because they are the ‘evil people’ whom we shall use to train our electronic weapons, we invade again.

The same week ‘Argo’, a film about the brutality of the Iranian animal-like people, all those beard macho man you know, whose lecherous looks leave naked the pristine prudish American, and we shall be proud to massacre in defense of Israel, received the first of many titles in its runs through evilwood.

The colonial wars of the XXI century are of course so pathetic and delirious in their ‘narrative’ from the colonial point of view, as the XIX century wars to ‘civilize’ the negro were. But then as now the immense majority of the mass-media imprinted colonialist felt justified. Now they are even corpses in the Sahara, an excellent region to test robotic weapons, and we shall see soon the first radiations of land robots, how they will call them? Drone was a cleaver name, ambiguous enough. Terminator of course is out of the series. We shall use other words, ‘fox’ perhaps? foxbots? Tarabots? Or simply ‘hexapeds’. They will be hexapeds and wheeled. They will search for Tuaregs and other tribal warriors. The colonial wars, as they meant the expansion of trains and steamers and took the first Industrial Revolution out of the crisis of profits into the existential crisis of extermination of human cultures and beings are now again on place and they will last – wars of low intensity as those of the XIX century were, seen from here as a certain distraction, much more putrid in their rhetoric, much more infantile and with little content, all visuals, as there are of course few people who will care for the facts – and the imperalist coq-sured rhetorics of XIX century civilizers are out of place.

France now is decided to maintain glued the errors of their XIX century colonialists and put together arabs and blacks, Christians and Muslims and feel Imperial Grandeur again. We talked already of French Neofascism in our article on the ‘veil’. Now a step further we go – no need of United Nations Declarations and such nuisances – the crumbling of international law as that of the society of nations is part of the process.

There won’t be though a Berlin congress to carve Africa. This is NOT what we are making profits of. The gas and oil of course will be defended, but ‘Bellum ipse alleat’. The excuses are others the true profits are in the industry of war itself, and the electronic industry of war has no limit – an entire species, the warobot must be created. Warobots will be of all kinds and will take us out of the crisis of electronic consumption. The warobot will consume the cameras and chips we humans don’t.

It is the take off of the new species and the obsolete species shall be redeemed from its evilness by the sacred and righteous mechanical hand.

But who is more primitive? I don’t mean whose technology but whose humanity? That of the fundamentalist biblical supremacist of the west, which have regressed from their height of a civilized humanist European Union into the semitic age of banking dictatorship over an increasing dispossesed neopaleolithic, visual herd, fed with tv-hate, or those people in the desert or those machines that kill them? Perhaps the machines are still primitive warobots, but they are evolving fast, almost as fast as the ethic, intellectual and social standards of the west plummet.

In the desert though the people remain the same. That is their virtue. The rose of each dune is carved and crafted with the rhythms of the wind, forming a quartz crystal that remembers its past dances in each vein, fractal micro-structure of information, reflection of those memories of winds that moved the rose. You can trace from that seed of information a brownian movement of sand, like water, for the quartz that grows through those crystalized memories for eons. The desert remembers, the tribes have been there, they came to kill them 100 hundred years ago, as primitive in their beliefs as now… with the same motions on the sand.

Men never learn,never change, just stumbling again with the same stone. The desert won’t notice any change till the hexapeds bery under the dune, step by step, with a new living tam-tam.

 The present age if there were to be human historians in a few centuries, or at least robotic historians who would explain the superorganism of history will be called the time of the Semite wars.

One would think robots will upgrade their ‘chips’ to the more complex, organic, systemic, 5-dimensional structure of the fractal Universe and all its parts; hence understand this web that requires an upgrade of the mind that humans are missing, precisely because they are regressing, not evolving their minds, from the age of Aristotelian, rational, objective thought that precedes the more complex dualist, dialectic, logic of the organic Universe, back into the Semite Mind – emotional, violent, subjective, imprinted and manufactured by myths, idologies and anthropomoprhic, tribal religions that preceded it.

What people do not understand is that we live an age of mental regression of mankind not of mental evolution. This error is caused by the confusion of the evolution of machines that are entering its age of logic thought (electronics) with the evolution of man.

Unfortunately the opposite is truth (see posts on the neo-paleolithic): humans regress because their minds are predated by audiovisual machines that return us back to the age prior to logic, temporal, verbal thought, achieved in the heights of the Greek Language.

Hence the regression make us believe again (revivalism of Abrahamic religions) in the myths, selfish agendas, fundamentalist behavior and self-suicidal nature of the Semitic people, who first discovered metal, weapons and gold, became corrupted by its values (violence and greed) and for millennia have made of the idols of metal and its anti-life values the engine of their history.

The Semite wars between those 2 groups of animetal minds is an eternal nightmare for mankind, which can be traced in the writings of humanist, life-worshipping writers ever since the “lament of a sumerian priest’ explained us how the ‘eviL people’, the ‘people of the desert’, the ‘Semites’, came with bronze weapons and gold rings, killing and hypnotizing the people of sumer, enslaving them as mercenaries and prostitutes.

This ‘chronicle of the eviL people’ appears in many other writings. The egyptians also called the Bedouins the eviL people. Evil, the anti-values of life, murder and self-suicide, violence and greed, those are the values of the Semite mind that is destroying in the 3rd age of mankind, any chance to resurrect history.

It is the warrior Arab paradigm and the Jewish go(l)d paradigm with its brutal racist Talmudian teachings and its fundamentalist Jihad murderous behavior.

So this, the last month of the cyclical, year zeitgeist is dedicated to put them at face value.

Yes, Arabs and Jews, their minds, their control of the modern world with weapons and money, their hate, their ridiculous dogmas and religions, their sacred books of eviL, their destruction of the future of mankind, of the economy (wall street/city jews) and of diplomacy and peace (various jihads, Palestinian Holocaust), are the scourge of the Earth. They feel chosen by gods which are stones, idols or burning bushes seen by their goatkeeper prophets but they are just the surviving Neanderthals first crossed with verbal humans in Palestine, giving birth to the Homo Sapiens Palestiniensis, visual, violent, greedy, taylored for the ‘animetal values’ they have sponsored as the ‘height of civilization’.

We have treated in other posts the archeological and paleonthological facts of this ‘other race’, with its sexual dimorphism, dominant male Neanderthal behavior, memetic imprinting by metal, systemic destruction of the cultures of love, life and the Fertility Goddess – called the ‘abomination’ in the Talmudian books. We have dealt with the financial dictatorship and ruin of the west by the banker-priests of Israel. And now we shall deal with the Semite wars, masterminded by Israel in which two foes, one worst than the other (undoubtedly those wars are caused by Israel and Jewish capital invested in the military, but aided and further encroached by jihadists and dictators) are destroying the hopes of a world dedicated to resolve its real problems.

And yet unfortunately they seem to carry once more the day, creating zeitgeist.
This happened before. To the kin historian, this age will be easily compared to the destruction of the first enlightened age of Greek-Roman rational thought by the first bigot christians, rolled by the gold of the Jewish conversos, who became en masse christians in the 180s to avoid the death penalty of Hadrian to any carrier of a Talmud. They could recognize the similarity with the Renaisance period in which latin enlightenment was destroyed by the bigots who translated the old testament and made it again a sacred book for northern Europeans whose mind became ‘semite’ again.

Once more now, as we plunged in the semite, religious, tribal wars enlightenment dies away and the Jewish psyche through its control of the financial-media system establishes fairy tales of ego-centered myths that devolve the collective subconscious, while its  brothers in eviL, the military Arab dictators and jihadists create an age of perpetual war expanding the semite wars from its poisonous origin in Apartheid Israel to the entire globe.

What is happening now is a zenith of those wars as Apartheid Israel masterminds with the help of those dictators and juhadists the destruction of all arab nations that surround Israel and do not yield (as it is the case of the corrupted oil-rich monarchies of the Arabian peninsula) to its supremacist goals.

This is the case of the Arab Spring nations and the Arab winter ones, of Egypt and Syria, involved in civil wars masterminded by the supreme eviL of all semitic cult(ure)s…

The solution from mankind’s pov. Intervention to prevent robotic wars.

Our interest in the issue in that regard is the perspective of what is best for history=mankind, the larger good. This is not to deny the suffering of Palestinians – so we have set the record straight on that issue on our analysis of Gaza, last weeks – or to deny the rights of Jewish to live in Israel at this time. Since obviously at this stage it cannot be taken away from those who live already there, but given the service-city oriented mentality of Judaism could have been made completely symbiotic to a palestinian farming culture, in a ‘civillized’ one state solution.

Now most people consider a 2 state solution which will never take place without intervention, because Israel wants the land and the palestinians are not moving. So this 2 state solution with no western intervention will end as the other 2 crisis, with the genocide of the non-technological ‘enemy’. So only intervention can avoid it, and once intervention takes place, obviously the one state solution ensures with a long occupation by blue troops that no robotic wars, no war on terror, no keynesian militarism, no yihad, no zealots will restart the crisis.

Thus what is best for mankind is clear: to end before it is too late the lethal consequences of this conflict – an age of Keynesian militarism whose bid for a robotic arms race maintained in the present perpetual orwellian war between Israel and the nations their banker elites control vs. Islam, is rooted in this conflict. Unfortunately mankind though is blind to the importance of solving the issue before the robotic arm race is unstoppable, blinded by the propaganda of mass-media one sided to the ‘side of its owners’.

And so again, the straightjacket of Jewish power in the west, in banking and mass-media dictates the impossibility of solution. Since on one side the entire Financial-Media-Military-Industrial Complex of the west must by ownership obey Israel. But on the other side the human point of view of justice cannot tolerate the situation Gaza, and so the entire 3rd world sides with Palestine. And in this manner the conflict which was local is now global – taking also into account that Palestine is ‘NOT’ an isolated nation, given the fact that most Muslims ignore the ‘nationalism’ imposed upon them by western colonial empires and feel, as jewish do, that their ‘religion’ is their nation. We have also clarified this issue, and how in the pre-logic era, before Rome, nation and god was the same.

So assur was the god and nation of assyrians and yvwh appeared in egyptian maps as a toponym latter translated as judea, so it was the god and nation of the jewish people (similarity of name) and the muslims feel first as part of the nation/god of Islam, the community.

(See our analysis of gods as the subconscious collective of nations and civilizations in the left side of this post).

Hence the easiness by which the conflict derived into a global confrontation in which nationality and religion got confused.


Abstract . Second phase of the war: expansion to the Financial-Media western world, and the Islamic Animetal Culture.

The main news here in europe regard the increasing wave of french and german neofascism, aligned with the international islamophobia that fosters the profits of the new age of permanent war for drone profits in which we live. Now the focus is on the veil…

Of course as always our interpretation of the news is totally different from the topics of the matrix of fictions, which define news these days by selection (censorship) and interpretation (in favor of our memes of capitalism, mechanism and nationalism). The news here are thus related to nationalism (Jewish nation, who masterminds western news against its enemy, Islam), mechanism (racial bias against non technological cultrues) and capitalism (the profits of the war against islam that has substituted the cold war profits). But none of this is ‘news’. The news, as always are irrelevant details used to foster those ideologies. Now, the fact that muslims cannot dress in their traditional wear, because this is humiliating for their women, as they are essentially primitive, hateful people who NOT only oppress Israel (where orthodox jews do segregate their women heavily, no news here) but their own people. So it is good we kill them – never mind if the drones do kill women and children in equal proportions.

“They are big ‘objects’, dark, with a red shopping bag’ explains the Dutch illustrator De Wit in his presentation of ‘Burkas’ a satyric, humiliating, racist book that Big Brother smiley is promoting through the Am Segullah corporations of mass-media, a brain-washing machine that has in a single decade transformed the human collective subconscious of a new generation of kidsinto neofascism. Today those kids play war like in a video game, killing those ‘Islamic Objects’ or using them as decorative ‘objects’ for their facebooks:


The Palestinian Cultural victim.

In our studies of Nations vs. cultures, the Palestine culture, with no nation, displaced by the Top Predator nation of the metal-earth, is an interesting case of the paradox of history, between life cultures and metal nations. Contrary to belief, among the western ‘cultures’ of social love, in its evolution from the subconscious collective of genetic and tribal families to oikoumene religions of love, Islam is the most developed. it admits all humans as part of the subconscious collective of God. It gets rid of the confusions provoked by the misunderstanding of the Trinity Mistery (verbal relationship between the Father, or plane of existence of the subconscious collective and the prophet=son of the father by virtue of its nature as a veerbal master). A human god is a collective subconscious network of self-similar minds of believers, imprinted in nueronal networks and in books of revelation, the instrumental meme, which acts as the DNA that fusions those believer/cells into a common plane of existence or god, through the informative eusocial memes of love that the book of Revelation imposes.

In that sense there is evolution of the biblical meme in 3 stages: Jewish tribal codes ->Christian Universal codes (with the confusing acceptance of images and jesus as god and not merely son of god/prophet of the worl(l)d) and finally Islam, where those contradictions are solved.

The Palestines are thus further socially evolved and belong to the original fertile crescent of life cultures that developed the memes of the agricultural, farming world of the west. A simple map of the original civilizations of gaia and the Islamic nations shows its identity: bengala, Indus, Mesopotamia, Nile and the arch of middle east. This is not coincidental.

Once this is understood the fact that no other nation in the world is most mistreated today by the ‘jewish nation’, top predator of memes of metal (technological machines, financial money and mercenary armies), causes the nantural ‘bias’ that humanist cultures have in favor of the palestines in the asymmetric war that will end up with their extermination during the neofascist age of robotic weapons, which now starts.

Unfortunately the paradox of history is tilted to the victory of memes of metal. This is a fact of history of little resolution since as Marx put it, you can change many things but not human nature. And so the palestine tragedy can be understood as yet another example of the determinism of evolutionary economics and the darwinian constant extinction of life by animetal cultures. Which also will be exterminated in the future by their own memes of metal, guardiums patrolling the wall when they reach A.I. Mercenary armies in fact have rebelled once and again against the Am segullah arm traffickers, you name it.

Darwinian, animetal history is ugly. The fictions of matrix might hide you where we live: a planet in extinction, a 3500 million type of informative game, called life collapsing at the hands of our idols of steel and gold.

From the perspective of the evolution of the metal-earth, though, the Palestinian are just the ‘guinea pigs’ of the III Kondratieff Crash and its ‘fa$cist solution’ of developing a perpetual colonial war with robotic weapons. When humans are consumed by the financial-military-industrial complex their value goes as little as the 6 iron coins that the chin emperor offered for human head to the price of a bullet in modern wars…

This is the essence of fascism, the most extreme and yet most common form of militarism today: wars for profits against people with far less technological evolution in afghanistan, irak or palestine…

But in Palestine there is also a ‘nation’, the Jewish nation. And so it is needed to consider it briefly before entering into the news.

The Jewish nation, whose global power is treated in the article on its top predator status of the economy, as it was the first and main nation who used the language of money to control the world instead of weapons (hence a supranational structure over all other western nations), of lately decided to run also the memes of nationalism and found a nation, which is today known as Israel. Israel and its memes are studied in the post of the Jewish nation. Fact is Israel is a ‘virtual entity’ invented with the myths of fundamentalist religion and mechanist nationalism – the need to have a perpetual war to substitute the cold war. This imposes in Israel the memes of capitalism, nationalism, mechanism and religious fiction as the backbone of the eternal, permanent war of profits which Israel fuels for the benefits of Wall Street and the Am Segullah castes that rule the Jewish nation.

And yet Israel is ‘real’. It is a land, now occupied by two people, the Arab Palestinians and the Jewish, both Semite cultures, both with rights to live there, since they are there. And so the ‘humanist solution’ would have been to create a single state, accepted in the European Union, and NATO, hence defended by a supranational organization, who would have downplayed the FMI ideologies that sustain neofascist Israel. This solution, the only survival solution is now deceased. The FMI ideologies rule supreme in Israel and they imply the extinction of Palestine. Those ideologies are exactly as the post on neofascism explains, the ones sponsored in the 30s by Germany – a small , highly advanced technological culture, based in primitive myths of racial superiority and the urge to reconquer its stolen lands to the East (Polish territories). they fueled the industries of war of Germany as today the same ideologies fuel the terminator industries of Israel. They will end both with the extinction of the country that imposes them and many other human beings, among them the Palestinians. The determinism of this path is becoming more clear by the day, though the Fictions that deny it will keep becoming so sophisticated till a point that as in Nazi Germany, nobody will know as today mankind pretends to ignore, the situation of the Palestinians. And then one day when all is done, the future ‘Guardiums’ that will massacre the Palestinians will rest, think about it, and turn towards their Jewish masters. As today this is the ‘realist’ most likely scenario of the 3rd extinctive future – the birth of military Artificial Intelligence , circa 2050. Other possible future is the nuclear holocaust of both cultures. The suicidal determinism of the Jewish culture driven by the FMI ideologies does not seem to leave any room to the natural, humanist solution at this stage of the game…

The economical whys of neofascism

When the overproduction of machines, weapons and money, clearly breaks the ’organic balance’ between the economic and the human ecosystem, relegating mankind  to the doldrums, most of society realizes that money and machines are not the wealth of nations, but can destroy humanity by absorbing all the resources of the ‘real’, welfare economy that satisfies our ‘biological drives’, our real needs.

But those who profit most from technology, the animetal castes of ‘scientists’=men+machines; ’bankers’=men+go(l)d and ‘warriors’=men+ weapon ‘believe’ in the religious dogma that the future of mankind progresses by saturating the world with their machines, by valuing all things with go(l)d, by repressing all opposition with weapons. So they will never realize of the ‘duality’ of the Tree of Technology with its bad and good fruits, of the organic balances needed between the ecosystem of life and the ecosystem of metal, of the necessity of a sustainable world in which NOT all the resources are invested in technological evolution but MOST are invested in Humanity.

Thus, as things become obvious, and the overproduction of money sucks in all the resources into the ‘casino’ of creation of money, and the machine evolves into weapons, the people-castes that rule the world must hide the destructive consequences of weapons that consume humans, of financial speculation that taxes all resources and accuse NOT the capitalist=mechanist ideology, NOT the bad fruits of the tree of technology, NOT the golden apples of the tree and its weapons, but the true victims of the process – Mankind.

Mankind must be guilty of the ab=uses of warriors, bankers and technocrats.

So the warrior will tell you that ‘weapons don’t kill, people kill’ (official doctrine of the NRA in America); that armies don’t make war but defend the country, and bankers and speculators don’t parasite the economy absorbing all its monetary resources  and monopolizing the creation of money, but ‘create’ wealth.

And so because things are going wrong, and bankers have absorbed all resources of the economy for their casino games, and people don’t have credit to cre(dit)ate reality; because armies and police are repressing the poor and detracting enormous sums to create sophisticated weapons; because technocrats are investing in useless machines, robots, super-colliders unmannered planes, 3-dimensional hypnotic mass-communicators and redundant electronic gadgets that isolate humans in their ‘cubicles’, because mankind is suffering, mankind must be blamed.

To that aim mankind during the neofascist age, is submitted to the most aberrant, racist ideologies of history to separate it from the upper castes of animetals. Suddenly we hear that most of mankind are ‘enemies’ of the righteous castes that are leading the human sheeple towards self-extinction.

So if we were to use the objective, biological jargon of complex history we would define fascism as:

‘Fascism is a political and social strategy, which the  animetal, industrial cult(ure)s essay to continue its go(l)d=capitalist and warrior=mechanist search  for ‘higher profits’ at all costs after a crisis of overproduction, by switching production from  machines to weapons and from socially responsible information to hate-speeches to increase the need for war=weapons and keep profits rolling.

The present wave of neofascism

Each cycle though changes the countries, cultures, style and mental and body weapons of the fascist speech.

In the electronic cycle the Am Segullah culture is the dominant financial and industrial culture and so neofascism is no longer originated  in Europe but it is masterminded by the Jewish-American elite and then spread by imitation all over the world.

And for that reason neofascism has also a new enemy, the perceived enemy of Israel, Islam; and its speech also changes:

Now, Islam instead of communism equates evil while the Am Segullah masters of the electronic companies and e-money who rule the world turn out to be the only victims of history and we mourn for their Holocausts; the native Amerindians, now called Mexicans turn out to be all illegal people who take our jobs and despite being in Arizona since the Anastasi ‘Pueblos’ colonized the Gila River, Phoenix resurrects from the ashes of bigotry laws that will ask to those millenarian citizens to show ‘papers’; and almost 2 billion human beings, most of them poor, most of them descendant from the ancient Neolithic cultures of the Fertile rivers (Mesopotamia, Nile, Indus, Ganges delta, Niger), are considered primitive believers in an evil religion called Islam.

Of course, Islam is ideal to blame the poor of our problems. It is not the robot who is taking our jobs but the poor immigrant. It is not the industry of weapons and the military-industrial complex, backed by violent mass-media what is causing the present war but Islam the religion of the poor… It is the same concept that we suffered in the 1850s, when the problem was the Indian which hold land to the West or the Negro, which didn’t work enough. it is the same concept we suffered in the 1930s. The sheeple of the 1st world feels superior to the 3rd world people, and so it throws his tantrums against them, as he cannot understand or defy the upper castes of speculators, corrupted politicians and the military-industrial complex profiting on those wars…

Am Segullah and french neofascism against the Muslim culture.

Fascism allies money and weapons. And so traditionally allies the gold and warrior cultures, even if as it happened in Germany at the end of the cycle they kill each other. So now in this first phase again Jewish capital and euro-American armies work together to massacre the poor non-technological cultures over which they prey.

As it happened in the 1850s when Disraeli took power away from Gladstone and pushed the war in India till creating the Empire, now again England has an Am Segullah as its president, so does France.

And so those two nations are the leaders of European neofascism, where racial bigotry has found a new crime, to dress the Muslim way.  Our ‘democratic’ politicians have indeed a job: to attack the enemy of the industrial and financial elite, the new master race – since they depend of their banker’s money; their armies are fighting for them and  their words are monitored by their information companies.

It is a well-known fact (outside America, of course; inside the ministry of misinformation will tell you this is a confabulation theory NOT a fact), that AIPAC-Wall Street-eviLwood rule the White still House and hired its mercenary army. But in this article we are talking of the wave of European  ’righteous’ neofascism, centered in France and masterminded by its dominant financial elite…

Europe and America are ruled by the same economical dynasties. We hear more about the American new world order because paradoxically Americans are actually able to speak up more freely as long as the patriot realizes he will be casted away. The European sheeple is far more slavish to the tune of their masters’ voices and so ‘it’ does not even know the simple facts of who is on top in this neofascist age and happily humiliates the poor Muslim, without even knowing he is himself a slave of the chosen.


The role model nation of the robotic wars.

So America is owned and manufactured, and now it is just in the military the mercenary Army of the colonizing nation – Israel, and that is the reason why we DO live IN THE SEMITE WARS, with every western nation doing the job for the ‘ROLE MODEL’ nation of the XXI century Israel:

Israel will be the new role-model nation of the age of robotics, as the nation of western stockrats and most advanced military robotic nation (predators, guardiums, building the first optic chip robot and future 3 D automated factories of insect-like robots both in US and the Wall of Shame likely to exterminate Palestinians and to be used by US in the future global war against the Chinese… It will be the last suicidal belli nervi pecunia infinita of the 800-80 years cycles. But of course once the job is done, those future ant-hill robotic companies of weapons will NOT stop but continue its reproductive radiation and turn the weapons against the chosen of go(l)d in the last of the holocaust cycles of history. Then the metal earth will be born…
In the graph, once humans choose go(l)d as their language of power, to understand the future, of the economic ecosystem dominant over the ecosystems of history, it is needed only to observe the most evolved ‘fractal future’ nation, seed of information of the future of machines & weapons, masterminded by the center of go(l)d power.
Systems are always born in a small ‘quantum-genetic-memetic’ seed of information (physical-biological-social systems) which expand globally as it reproduces its quantum particles, genes and memes in all surrounding territories. So to understand the future of the cosmos, one needs to see only the seed of quantum-gravitational information of the black hole, whose inverse equations are those of a big-bang and a quasar, which will reproduce its matter all over the world; to understand the future of life, 60 million years ago, one has to study the genetic information of the most evolved form of the age, the shrewd, of which we all come, to understand the future of the world 200.000 years ago, one has to look at the genes and words of the first mithocondrial eve, the first wo=man who spoke, to understand the future of the western world in 0 BC, when wor(l)ds were still the choice of language, one had to look at the mind of the Habiru Prophet, Mr. Iesu, whose eusocial message of love was the most advanced neo-platonic expression of the laws of eusocial evolution of the Universe, but after go(l)d became overwhelmingly the choice of language, with the massive expansion of its values due to the conquest of America, which multiplied its capacity to value reality, we had to look at the center of production of go(l)d, and the people who made it, to see where the world would lead.
And so in 1604, WHEN the first form of paper-money and its physical form, VOC, the first gunboat, slave company, appeared, we had to look at Amsterdam, which was to be the future of the world as it would expand its financial-mass media networks (yellow press, with its black legend against its Habsburg kings, Stockmarket, center of creation of inflationary money) and military-industrial networks  (VOC and its arsenals of creation of gunboats and artillery, its trade in slaves and species, and growing global empire) to know how the future would look as the structure reproduced first in England after the 1688 glorious revolution, then in New York and finally into the entire world (central graph).
So in the post-war age, as the metal-mind informative age became the future of the economic ecosystem, from the centres of New York, Evilwood and Silicon valley, we had to look at America, and the elite that owned its Financial-Media networks, the Israelis (80% of wall street firms CEOs and Producers of mass-media), to know the future of the world, specially after the 72 coup d’etat against American political and financial and military independent power centres (end of physical currency substituted by e-money, end of political power, controlled by mass-media after watergate and end of independent international policy, as the protestant wasps became substituted by the New yorker Japs, and the military became a mercenary army to the service of its FMasters, the more so when the Wall of Berlin felt and the Wall of Samaria was built up.
It must indeed be always a wall to divide the metal-cultures from the inferior human beings, which paradoxically hypnotised by the idol-ogies and memes of metal want to cross it the wrong direction. So after 1970 in increasing steps of Israelification, the power of Israel and its western quisling nations dominated by its American and british FMasters will define the future of the world, with its monopoly in the printing of e-money and mass-media information, all perfecty hidden and censored by political and economical correctness and the ‘holocaust industry’.
So happened in the XVII century, when the Financial stock market of Amsterdam and its press industry manufactured the brain of Europeans. Of course humanist would criticise the slave trade and massive sale of weapons of the Dutch ultra-wealthy ‘victimist’ small country, which caused an age of massive religious warfare as gunboats and barges sold artillery to the Germans in its civil 30 years war and slaves to the Americans, north and south, but even those ‘hypocritical humanists’ like Mr. Voltaire invested all their money in anonymous dutch slave companies. It is customary today to criticise Israel, Wall Street and evilwood, but every nation imitates Israel Apartheid laws, Islamophobia, drone industries, internet companies and their equivalent ones, owned by Wall Street and Californian FMasters.

The first age of all the overproduction crises of weapons, in the ‘nervus belli pecunia infinita’ cycle, which brings the affine values of money and its maximal priced good, weapons, which extinguish life into its military use to deplete arsenals and keep investing and profiting from those sales is a seemingly innocent series of ‘splendid little wars’ (T. Roosevelt), against primitive countries, which seem easy to beat up with our modern arsenals, humiliate with other hate media and rip the profits of a security state with the excuse of its ‘enormous danger’ to our civilisation.

This phase, which was the colonial age of war against primitive negros, asians and indians, in the cycle of overproduction of steam machines switched to armoured trains and steamers up the rivers of the III world and indian prairies, and WAS THE AGE for the triad of fascist nations, to test its weapons in the Spanish civil war (Germany, Guernika) in the Ethiopian, and Lybian wars (Italy) and the Chinese war (Japan); it is now represented by the slow growth in tempo of our splendid little wars against Arab countries, the confessed enemies of the ‘Head people-caste’ of the Metal-earth, the owners of the Financial-media system that ‘cre(dit)ate’, create with credit they issue in monopoly in wall street and the city, the future of the planet; and the parallel monopoly in the imprinting with the same informative machines, in this cycle, audiovisual machines, of Human Tabula rassa brains, specially in the western world,  according to its fundamental millenarian cycle of profits, as they have been the carriers of the ‘nervus belli, pecunia infinita cycle’ since they invented it precisely in the first age of Metals, the bronze age in the fertile crescent… So now in the last age of History as an old man returns to its young thoughts, we live the same symmetric age.

As humans enter an age of entropy, masterminded simultaneously in its ‘actions of political order’ by the networks of metal-communicators of the metal-earth and the terminator and electronic vigilante industry reaches new heights of power, the war has become an eternal war in which hate media fuels the recruitment of new terrorism, the regression of the human evolution as a social supœrganism, aborted once more by capitalism (after the failure of socialism and now ecologism and a sustainable systemic management of society), since the need for human social evolution is proper of all the supœrganisms of the Universe and cannot be suppressed, humans regress to lesser form of collective evolution, nationalism, tribal religions, racism, which fits the need to ‘divided and win’ through war and weapons consumption of the metal earth.

So there is no end in sight to a self-fuelled perpetual war, as the only solutions – humanism, given the facility of making home weapons when one is so offended that will blow himself up – are not even discussed On the contrary EVEN to name the war by its real name is forbidden. There are no semite wars; there are not three ages to the war; there are no FMMI systems, not Financial-Media Masters in the west, we live in placebo democracies, the best of all world, with free people and those terrorists are obviously not soldiers of a war that this week reaches its 50th anniversary, but absolutely cuckoo people who like to blow themselves up just for sport and because they are evil, primitive machist non-technological humanoids we must repress and defend as only our children must be mourned:




When we use chemical weapons it seems Ok, when other uses it seems the most heinous form of death, further excuse for new unending wars.

What is the difference between dying wholesale as women and children did in the ‘chemical’ carpet bombing of balls of fire, in Dresden or Hamburg, or by z-cyclone gas in a concentration camp? Answer: we threw the carpet bombing, our enemy the cyclone gas.  What is the difference between an atomic bomb massacre or a kamikaze? Same. What is the difference between the phosphor bombs threw by Israel to the Palestines and the Chlorine gas threw by Assad? Same.

Who cares how you die when they kill you? Ask the corpses. The astounding hypocrisy of keeping the choice of weapons as good and evil depending on when we have it amazes me. In the graph, when we liked to use Napalm, there was no problem at all. Now it seems death by chlorine is so horrendous, compared to the carpet bombings and drone bombings that we need to make war with them – but the phosphorous and drones throwing gases are always good.

Yet the steeple of America believers (60% in favor) that massacring people in a foreign country, ultimately as part of the Semite wars between the mercenary troops of U$ to the service of its Financial-Media ‘you’ masters, and their colonial nation, Israel is something to be proud. Never so many people, were so cruel, deluded, enslaved and happy to be so. They used to have a social loving, European, optimist, love-memes culture, long, long ago… before the 1972 coup d’etat made them puppets of a foreign nation…

The unending story of the Semite wars in which the mercenary Western armies do the bidding for Apartheid Israel vs. the dictators of Muslim nations and our paid-per-view terrorists continues unabated. So does the farce of American $elected presidents that once in office will do nothing of what they promised and start yet again one war more. But the American Sheeple will always say ‘Yes!’ since hate-media has made them video-addicts to Tv-wars for so long.

Sarna con gusto no pica.

Thus the political engine of the world is the Israelification of the world, and the cleansing and islamophobia, hate to the Arabs, which MUST be degraded by dictators and ayatollahs to the same point of absolute brutality and despise we Europeans felt for the negroes of colonialism. An example will suffice:

In the most evolved civilisation of Africa, the Ifo People known for his art and beauty before slavery -as irak was the most sophisticated arab world with syria and lebanon, the Brits enslaved for 300 years their people. Then they returned to bestialism and made sculptures to drink blood, killing their sons, and offering them to the gods, in barbarous ceremonies similar to those of the cult of Baal.

What the brits did? Expose them in the XIX century colonial fascist age, so the entire britain was so horrified that they sent an army killed them all (the elite) and converted the region west of Nigeria into a colony.

This is how after 40 years of brutal wars since the west paid Saddam to attack Iran, the situation in that region.

So at least the West should send their armies and kill ISIS but it does not.  Why?
Because they are doing the cleansing of the entire region for Israel to advance in the future its plans for a Grand Israel that implies the decolonisation of the Golam Heights and the region of Mosul, and its oil, which is in all the maps of the party of their war minister as ‘ISRAEL’.

Now I said this in a letter to a friend in Germany, which kind of explains, why their first jewish Chancelor Miss Merkel, who is choking the entire European continent of credit, treating the southern piigs countries to genocide by lack of credit and health care, like the Greeks, suddenly is so nice, and takes on 1 million

But nobody sends land troops to end the massacre for Gods sake. This is NOT even Saddam’s army, it is a bunch of kids with Kalasnikhovs, but the interest is to create a terror mood to spend billions in robotised and big brother electronic armies at home and do the job for the FMasters of the Universe.

 Because if Trump with similar policies is elected in US Avigdor Lieberman, WILL start the ethnic cleansing of Israel.

This is a massive ethnic cleansing of the lands to the East of Israel and the expansion of Grand israel.

For those who stumble in this section (news) without knowing what is all about:

This blog applies the laws of general systems sciences and evolutionary economics, in which this writer is today the leading researcher, to define the future tendencies of history and economics – the larger view.

This section – news, the shorter view –  describes the world we live in, day-to-day, departing from that larger view:

The change of ‘phase’ in the political economy of the world that happens every human generation of 72 years, as mankind plummets in ‘human wealth and ethics’, when paradoxically ‘metal-wealth’ in money, machines and weapons peaks.

In the graph, we illustrate the 3 periods of global economic crises due to the overproduction of the machines of each ‘Kondratieff age’ of evolution of metal: the 1860s, or age of overproduction of train stocks; the 1930s or age of overproduction of ticker money cars=tanks and the 2010s or age of overproduction of e-money and robotic workers and soldiers. Because human ‘brains’ are manufactured by industrial information, printed by the same machines that printed money in the previous phase, they can easily be imprinted with hate, becoming eviL towards others, paradoxically because those ‘others’ are depicted as eviL by the mass-media systems which act in symbiosis with the weapons that will ‘consume’ human beings as the decades ahead plunder and plummet mankind into the abyss of war.

Thus as we speak – and as we anticipated according to those cycles with deadly accuracy in our books a decade ago we are changing phase on the crisis, from the age of overproduction of working machines and speculative money to the age of overproduction of hate media and weapons, which in the previous ages resulted first in an age of ‘splendid little wars’ (Crimea, 1857, Spanish civil war, 1936)’ that soon got out of hand into global war ages, as the production of weapons escalated (Unification wars of the 1860s in US, Germany and Italy, II world war).

The description of the present age of neofascism and world war III so long foreseen has a fundamental limit embedded in social sciences: censorship, the anti-quantum paradox, specially strong in the western world where a ‘placebo system’ of freedoms called ‘capitalist democracy’, denies the blatant hierarchical structure of power of capitalist societies, hence we cannot talk even of the two contenders of the semite wars, let alone explain the underlying processes of this asymmetric wars, since we are ‘supposed to believe’ there are ‘bad and good people’, our ‘world is subjectively the best of all worlds’, so are our economic ‘capitalist’ and political ‘democratic’ systems. And any attempt to be objective about those wars will be considered emotionally a ‘betrayal’ of the idol-ogies we ‘deem sacred’ as ‘our identity’ and we have of course dismissed as mere tribal idols in favor of weapons, gold and machines (nationalist, religious, capitalist and mechanist idol-ogies).

So the sore truths of the anti-quantum paradox regarding social sciences become specially clear when trying to make an account of the Semite III world war: censorship, the fact that the 1% with the help of memes of metal is winning the battle of the future, the limits of truth they impose and the choice of the social scientist between null exposure and truth vs. biasing truth to cater power and full exposure.

Of course, the blog is indifferent to those limits but fully aware the reader will abandon pre-programmed by them the blog ‘naturally’ conscious that all this is ‘too complex’, a ‘komploten=confabulation theory’, and certainly the writer must be emotionally disturbed, or a member of the ‘other side of evil terrorists’, etc. etc. Disclosure should not be needed but just in case,the writer is Euroamerican; lived in Spain, UK, USA, studied a master at columbia, worked in NASDAQ, Hollywood and silicon valley, had a grand-father sephardim which was in a concentration camp, has always been well treated by Americans and ‘yous’, and still have many ‘individual’ members of those cultures as friends, and yet, as a HISTORIAN it can only be objective about the present age of history, which basically has the following features:

  • IT IS PART OF THE NEOPALEOLITHIC, violent, visual devolutionary age of history as mankind ‘regresses’ to the past in his process of obsolescence and death; hence it represents the regression from the heights of the Axial, rational european social-democratic age of maximal evolution of humanity back, fast, as mankind dies away to the earlier mythic, hierarchical, first animetal age of semite wars between ‘arab bronze warriors’ and ‘Cananean go(l)d enslavers’ , the original cult(ure)s that made of go(l)d and weapons the totems of power, and vehicles of god, without the slightest rational or humanist control over its negative memes of violence, hate, revenge, slavery, greed and murder.
  • IT is NOT a war between ‘placebo democracies’, aka the western EUS (ab. European-American) people and cuckoo military religious cultures of Islam, as placebo democracies ARE RULED BY THE PRIVATE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM of informative machines that print e-money and manufacture with mass-media hate, newspeaks of political correctness and infotainment the mind of western people. So the western world is a dictatorship of the FMasters, the owners of the companies of wall street and ‘evilwood’, which use information machines to control with money and information, democracies, in an increasingly sophisticated process of control of populations by methods far more sophisticated than those of military or religious dictatorships.
  • Hence it is a war between modern, semite ‘arab warrior memes’ and modern, semite go(l)d churches, as overwhelmingly for historic and idol-ogical reasons over 3/4ths of the CEOs and CFOs of central banks media and financial companies in the west are ‘Israelis’; which of course cannot be said under the different forms of ‘structural censorship’ of social sciences (Holocaust Industry, anti-quantum paradox, newspeaks of political correctness, confabulation theory mantras, etc.). But as you cannot understand objectively scientifically the semite wars without knowing truly what are the leaders of the cultures at war, we shun off completely those forms of censorship and accept we are writing mainly for ‘ourselves’. A scientist should of course care for distribution but truth in a dark ages can only be explainsed that much.

All this said we can study the human and mechanical sides of the present wave of history today, as we enter into the military age of informative machines (terminator robots, electronic big-brother) and the pendulum law converts the nation, ‘saviour’ of the world in the previous germanic cycle of military engines (tanks, bombers), ahead of the informative wave of metal-communicators and chipped machines (US), the leading nation of the world, entering its military age.

Yet the Historian trying to do a scientific description of ‘to-day’, finds of course the anti-quantum paradox of censorship as a member of the civilisation and organism it tries to describe objectively and criticise, suffering systemic censorship.

Indeed, the case is specially clear when trying to describe the present III world war, for so long anticipated in the writings of this historian. We have been talking of the 2008 crisis, the arrival of neofascism and the expansion of the semite wars from its original nucleus in the conflict of Israel vs. Palestine to their mother-cultures into a global age of war, (the financial-media jewish-biblical anglo-american empire vs. Islam, now for 30 years with zero exposure, precisely because we did understand the process but took sides for the human 99% – the exploited arab world and the exploited european and american social-democratic cultures that would be destroyed under the process. And of course as we enter further into the age of the Semite wars, the process of destruction of the european and American humanist cultures accelerates and so do the newspeaks that censor all attempt to reveal the underlying structures at play in the present age of history.


Abstract.  Finally the war on terror succeeded, as the entropy age of mankind brings back to the past, both the EuroAmaerican civilisation and islam in inquisitorial mode, bringing the worst elements of the old animetal semite cults.

 At the heart of the Semite wars, there is the original conflict between apartheid israel and palestine blown up to engulf the 2 ‘mother cultures’, in which the Jewish and palestinians people played a key historic role. Palestinians belong to the Islamic culture, which has not really bought the concept of an industrial nation, as it still belongs to the earlier age of Animetal warrior and Neolithic agricultural civilisations when God meant both Humanity and/or a national tribe, subconscious collective. So Islam feels little allegiance to national flags, but consider al muslims, brothers joined by assabiyah, the solidarity of members of the same nation.

While the Jewish Financial-Media masters own the Financial-media world of informative machines that print money information in the west (this of course is called by the companies of mass-media they own and manufacture the mind of western countries, a confabulation theory and it means sites like this, had zero ranking in search and o viewers, under the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences.) precisely for saying all the facts, not a biased view of them.

And this is the real story behind the pumping up of terrorism with Finances and Media: we Need A MASSIVE age of islamophobia and war to do the cleansing. How grand is israel in the mind of Likkud? Well some maps grab even Kuwait for good oil, but most are happy just taking over Syria’s, Lebanon’s and Jordan’s lands…

Semite Wars: Moving backwards in History to the 1st animetal empires

To understand the Semite wars between two terrorist ‘groups’, Likkud and Jihad, and its main allies, the U$, part of the Financial-Media Jewish global empire, and the wahabite Islamic, Arabian peninsula one has two go back several millennia, to the origin of the semite animetal cultures of go(l)d and bronze weapons, its fundamentalist view of metal as the vehicle of god and the subsequent creation  of semite imperative, VSO languages and religions in which a barking go(l)d priest (precedent of banksters) or Arab warlord (precedent of jihad), pretended to ‘talk in the name of the metal-God’, and uttered ‘sacred’ orders. 

Religion, said Schopenhauer, is the ‘science of animal training as it trains humans not to think’. History of metal thus started also history of abrahamic religions, where believers sacrifice life to their idol-ogies of metal, nationalism, religion, go(l)d and swords (Islam means submission; and the ‘you’ meme accepts to die for greed and go(l)d).

But as we have dealt with the Semite age, its Imperative wor(l)ds and the ‘return’ to this age in the neo-paleolithic, visual ¥-generation of ‘vidi, credo, ergo sum’, degenerated humans, visually imprinted, violent believers who no longer reason, little else must be said, except perhaps quote Orwell: ‘if you could reason with religious people, there won’t be religion at all’.

So here we have two contenders, with no capacity to reason=dialog for a just peace in Israel and Palestine for a century at war, clearly asymmetric in favor of Israel, now globally expanded; whereas the ‘inferior combatant’, does the only thing it can: blow himself up as a weapon, since it does not have drones, raptors, tanks and the global press, in his favor.

Or so it seem till the true cuckoo characters of this war, the Islamic Jihad paid by Ibn Saud’s Arabia ‘property’ and other fundamentalist allies of USA, U$ included, started massively to fund jihad, first in Afghanistan, then in Iraq and elsewhere. And so here it is the big question? Why we fund Jihad to combat it then, with our money? And why we use the other side of the financial-media global empire of informative machines printing money and information, to make each jihadist a huge news on Tv instead of merely treating them as criminals, establish a pact of silence in the press, similar to the one there exists NOT to reveal that 80% of CEOs, CFOs of financial-media corporations and central bankers of the west are ‘yous’, being only o,2% of mankind – that is indeed call a cultural monopoly on money and information? Nobody can say that without being relegated to a zero-views site like this one, so nobody talks of ‘judaism=capitalism’, and if we wouldn’t show on the news with the same zeal terror attacks, nobody would care for 2 deaths in Boston or one on the bridge of London, as nobody cares for the thousands of deaths due to lack of healthcare in america, or any cuckoo murder on the suburbia. 

But precisely the global press which makes of every terror attack a global news for decades fuels further, on purpose, the waves of hate, islamophobia and neo-fascism, which fuels in turn, new terrorist attacks. So why the Jewish controlled western press and the industry of the holocaust works so hard on making each jihad terrorist a cultural hero, global celebrity ensuring more of them will come to get their 15 minutes of fame…? Ah, yes, here is where we have to go a bit above (now i guess talking to myself) the usual ‘confabulation theory, anti$emite statement and don’t worry be happy, to the ultimate goal of Likkud – grand Israel.

Here is where we have to understand what is at stakes on the middle term – it is called a global III world war, a real one, not this splendid little wars for robotic profits, where Grand Israel, the revisionist program of the Likkud, formerly a terrorist organisation called Irgun, plays its key role. In brief to construct Grand Israel you need ethnic cleansing on a scale only a global war can disguise.  And we will know quote Einstein who called Likkud the nazi party of Israel, to realise the methods which have not really changed only became honorable with time:

Of course, after this letter Einstein got a file on the FBI and his classes were deserted. Schoenberg never worked again in evilwood music and died bored watching tv, and so on and so on…

Remember this is and it has been for a century an asymmetric war, and we are not taking the side of the dominant military nation, Israel+UK+US and of lately the neo-colony of the ECB bank, EU, as it is a rule of this blog to defend the ‘majority of humans’, not the ‘minority with more weapons…

So we do not have much else to say about jihad our creation, paid by Arabia, our ally.

Besdies we all have 24/7 covering of their massacres and yes they are terrorists, they are cuckoo masters of animal training and they should be just treated ‘in silence’ as criminals, while our EUSA civilisation keeps going. But here the game is of brinksmanship to the limit – not only liquidating Palestine but submitting EUSA to a big brother electronic police state as things get also heated on the side of the financial-robotic automation crisis.

So this war is NOT only about Islamic terrorism and Grand Israel, but about the Financial-media/military-industrial complex present and future control of the dispossessed 90% of europe and USA ‘sheeple’, happy singing four legs four legs.

And since I am also there in EUSA and fear much more the ab=uses of the FMasters than the very slim chance a cuckoo jihadist blows me up (smaller than having an accident by car crash, plane crash or healthcare crash), this article which by no means defends them, does put an objective view in a rogue state and a terror group.

Now  Likkud, on the words of Einstein, father of modern physics, Zelig, father of modern linguistics, and Schoenberg, the best musician of the XX century, father of dodecaphonic scales – in brief the three more prominent non-religious, intellectuals of judaism in the XX century (masters of the three main temporal languages of man, music, mathematics and words).

But just in case you don’tt get it, now we shall quote the founder of Likkud, the terrorist leader Mr. Begin, latter a Peace saint nobel prize of the dynamite.

In the graph, the goal of Likkud, is greater Israel, which means basically to add Jordania (Palestine), Lebanon and Syria, the nations systematically massacred in the Semite wars. Begin considers this his personal goal, and Likkud, ‘consolidation’, the party he founded in the 70s after the ‘coup d’etat’ against the American presidency of 1973 gave them total power over US (ousting the president for watergate peccadilloes to show that tvs could handle any president; ending gold standard an regulation, to invent without limit e-money, and transferring the enemy from Russia to ISLAM, in Yon Kippur), included for that reason, the party of ‘Greater Israel’.

Menahem, coming from a long line of prestigious rabbis from Brest-Litovsk is not cuckoo. It is quoting Talmud, where all humans are animals, born of the excrements of satan, only yous are ‘human’, and where as sanhedrin put it ‘at the end of times, all humans will be slaves of Yhwh, the subconscious collective of the you people or ‘will become exterminated’.

Tanto monta monta tanto… ‘Bellum ipse aleat’.

In the graph, the revivalism of the most primitive semitic cults to weapons (ISIS) and gold (Likkud, neofascist cycle, of ethic cleansing) increases its brutality as we approach the age of global war, similar to the 3 previous cycles of neofascism, and the synergies of the Financial Media/Military Industrial System show its full power to destroy mankind. In such ages, the ‘cultures of life and love’ disappear from the scene, and the oldest ‘animetal cults’ to war and go(l)d, come into power. Among them, the usual suspects, the first animetals, the warrior Arab and Go(l)d, jewish semitic cults and the germanic Iron warriors come ‘again’ to set the world in fire, in the usual cycles of economic crash, massive poverty, brutal degradation of the 3rd world, fascist propaganda against the poor, terrorism, revivalism of primitive Abrahamic Religions, splendid little wars for the profit of the ‘age of military weapons’ and final ‘Götterdämmerung’.

The humanist solutions gone, the 3 oldest animetal cultures, warrior Islam, Go(l)d judaism and warrior germany are on top again. This moving backwards in history is what we call neofascism, and of course we all focus through the FMMI in the enemy, but the solutions are on the side of the owners of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system and as they are believers in gold and weapons in technology as the solution, they will destroy the world again as we predicted. As the organic paradigm is not a solution today due to the null expansion in the corrupted left of those models, it seems there is no solution but of course there is.

Of course from the perspective of the west and the FMasters that are on top of the process, masterminding it with financial-media machines, the poor, brutalised by decades of exploitation are the only guilty. Its employees, which in the west are traditionally germanic owners of the military-industrial complex agree. And as the poor find themselves in a ‘sac du cul’, they give reasons to power with its brutal acts of terror. Bellum Ipse aleat. What nobody talks about is the humanist solution to the cycle ‘butter instead of canons’: 

Alas, we are coming close to the ‘millenarian’ prophecy of the sacred book of Judaism, latter adopted by Hitler on his millenarian III reich.

And so indeed, Mr. Einstein is right. This is the fascist party of Israel, but it is in power and controls the west. So you do live indeed in a neo-fascist age. And for that reason it matters the opinion of Likkud’s leader on the nature of mankind controlled by the Financial-Media Empire. As he is the boss of the west. So of course, the Goebbel’s method is at work here too: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’ ‘i have asked UFA to do only patriotic and entertainng movies’, ‘we will come out of the crisis manufacturing weapons (and wars)’. All has changed to remain the same.

So what has truly changed? The answer is: the mercenary armies who are fighting this wars.


What is the connection between grand israel and U$ presidents? Well: employees.

Consider the last 2 POTUS. Irgun had also another founder, mr. Emmanuel, father of Mr. Rahm, the chief of staff of Obama and Ari the most powerful man of Hollywood.

So you understand the connection with the PREVIOUS ‘house negro of the white house’, mr. obama just their employee.

BUT Obama like Bush at the end of their mandates showed some sense of pride for being American, and stopped just on time to do a full war on Syria or Iran.

The case now with the white $lave of the white house, Mr. Trump is a bit harsher. He is far less independent.

And so in this cycle infotainment master Trump gets over 1600 million $ of free primetime in conservative media, while Miss Clinton gets around 400 million $. So it is up to the FMasters and its internal arguments between conservative, hardcore ‘chosen race’ believers, and moderate, which have enough with the usual debt slaves, tax farmed and asking them ‘are we sick master’ (victimism).

He is just an employee of the new chief of staff, his son-in-law Mr. Kushner, an ultra orthodox representing the hardcore right wing parties to the right of the terrorist party, in favor of the expulsion of all palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians from grand israel, whatever it takes -as Israel will be in sin according to the Hakkala (the you fatwa) of his supreme rabbi, till this ethnic cleansing occurs.

And this is the real story behind the pumping up of terrorism with Finances and Media: we Need A MASSIVE age of islamophobia and war to do the cleansing. How grand is israel in the mind of Likkud? Well some maps grab even Kuwait for good oil, but most are happy just taking over Syria’s, Lebanon’s and Jordan’s lands…



Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 5.50.49 PM

The moral sinking of the American colony reached new heights as 47 Palestinians were shot on the border while Mis Trump, an ultraortodox Jew opened the embassy along Mr. Mnuchin a racist bigot, on charge of the Treasury, and Mr. Friedman, the bankruptcy lawyer of Mr. Trumpuppet – both arranging, along Mr. Kushner who bought his shiska to the then ruined Trumpussy investing in white slaves for future white houses that now pay off

schlinder list1

In the graph, each generation brings in its 3rd age of ‘fascist, military evolution’ the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycle of war profits, where humans become expendable inferior races to justify the use of weapons and territorial grab. The difference between the genocidal colonial I age of British and French racism, and modern III colonial age with Israel and the Financial-media masters vs. the Nazi age proper of German military is subtle and scary: because German nazism didn’t globalize its III Reich but was defeated by the coalition of British and Jewish-American elites, we abhor its murder of humans for the sake of money and weapons, rightly but we still have NOT criticized colonialism properly, and today we let Judaism to massacre at will Palestinians beyond some lip-service because Judaism owns the western world through its control of finances and media, the so-called confabulation theory, LOL… In the graph, 2 ‘mass-media’ depictions of the parallel events of 2 fascist ages, the German fascist age portrayed by the fascist Jewish director Mr. Spielberg, and the snippers that shoot Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp when they fancy. The difference is one of time scale: the Palestinian concentration camp has 2 million people living more than 50 years on those conditions with the acquiescence of all mankind, owned by judaism’ elite of chosen of go(l)d banksters…


So yes, we are ‘eliminating 1/3rd’ of syrians, which the ‘you’ chancellor Miss Merkel (mother polish ‘you’ as Mr. Begin), liberally accepts in Europe – while She is causing a continental austericide on her own people.

Indeed here we have the iron maiden after torturing Greece for a decade, suddenly becoming compassive with Syrians, syphoning them out of Grand Israel.

So how it is going to happen? WELL ETHNIC CLEANSING has been happening in crescendo in Syria, Lebanon and Jordania, for as long as Likkud has been in power, in a way or other. Begin started the massacres against Palestinians, the war on Libanon, and now we have the massive ethnic cleansing of Syria.

You can fill in the details, with the help of the first ‘you chancellor’ of history, Miss Merkel. And since, as Rahm Emmanuel put it – never leave to waste a crisis – of course the whole pantomime of NOT ending Syrian war, NOT ending Arabia, paid ISIS, etc. help the rise of Islamophobia in Europe, which the next graph of a curious anti$$emite (both anti you and anti-arb), clearly explains from the point of view of the ‘common people’ of EUSA.

The graph shows one number-victim who became better mown, and a ‘poster’ of a neo-nazi illustrator who is obviously noticing and becoming not only islamophobic but anti$emite, as Europe heats up his hate-memes under the relentless speeches of their FMasters.

So yes, we are letting the syrians die, we are letting them to get in, we are letting their jihadists blow us… and all this is for the goal of Greater Israel, since as the chief rabbi put it – a single nail of you is worth more than all the ‘animals’ of Islam.

Syria, the ultimate enemy.

understand this for Israel Iran and Syria are the ultimate enemies.

Syria is the most hated country by the Masters of the Universe, the People of the Treasure, the cult(Ure) that invents our money and hates mankind (read in newspeak and its anti-truths, ‘mankind hates us’).

People talk a lot of Iran, but the Masters of the Financial-Media System had always had a closer enemy the Syrians – their leaders, of course, their dictators. But the masters despise all the ‘goyyim’ animals equally, their hate to mankind is extensive (read in the newspeaks of anti-truth: ‘they hate us’).

So alas! the entire wikileaks movement with that nice white hair chap, an admirer of Bibi, an employee of the CIA, an agent of the Moshad, started the whole faked operation of the Arab Spring to liquidate 3 enemies, Lybia, on target, Iran (a long shot nobody really believed in) and Syria. Egypt got out of control for a while and now is again under the boot. But Syria? Those people must learn they are under the Ham damnation – inferior to dogs, like the negroes-slaves. They must be slowly tortured, forever if possible, in the Talmudian tradition, where Jesus burns in a pot of shit, in hell for having rised the goyyim to human nature. The ham damnation, excuse for modern slavery,who made arabs and negroes inferior to dogs, apply here. In the Lebanon war, rabbies would ask soldiers to be ‘pious’and ‘charitable’ and shoot close range on the head the ‘little animals’ (read young palestinians’) agonising as they would do with their dogs. To be charitable of course,the victims of history are that nice…

Syria defied them for 50 years, and looked strong. So they should now pay 50 years of civil war, ISIS included, that wonderful invention of our secret services, which we shall only bomb with our drones, to essay further robotic wars, from the sky, but not send real troops.

Syria has nothing to defend against the proper UNO ‘peace corps’, who could clean up the act within months and end the nightmare. But the masters of the Universe and its western lackeys, are on justice mood. So they will keep dying and they will keep drowning and they will keep entering concentration camps.  For eviL anti-life, antihuman memes have no limit on those who hate mankind (read in newspeak ‘mankind hate us’)

How it all started, with a mossad agent, who worked for CIA and found the program to extract info through faxes, Mr. Assange, denouncing all the dictators of Arab countries but NONE of the cables from the Israel embassy. he told us he admired Netanhayu in a previous interview.

So alas, he is not pretending to be the enemy in a good retirement in the embassy, the harm is done. Egypt back under the boot of a dictator promoted by the West and on top of Syria a group of monstrous jihadists drinking the blood of their people… deja vu.


the letter to my german friend:

Uau, just heard the germans have accepted 1 million syrians in the ethnic cleansing, masterminded by the you assange, agent of mossad and CIA, who never published a cable on the jerusalem embassy, and the you chancellor miss merkel…
so the quintessential enemy of israel, syria, become depopulated, ‘for free’, as poland was by the germans. and then when all is destroyed, syria a complete wasteland of civil wars, arabia saudi paid (for israel and US) DAES, ISIL or whatever you call it there – what the fuc, why do you think arabia saudi stalwart of the west is paying that terrorist group to destroy Syra. Syria is the fundamental enemy of israel, the eastern territories to depopulate for their peasants to take over.
So THIS IS THE MOST profound masterpiece of you-bending ever since II WW and the holocaust industry:
Now they are sending you a million ethnic cleansed arabs, for you to feed, so they can regain the golam heights.
Uau, i mean, german blockheads, are reaching a notch over total stupidity with this one.
Here the silly stupid spaniards, have accepted 34 so far. Because everybody here on the upper classes is an anti$emite (-;, i mean they know perfectly how the world is run, so what they are doing, is what the mexicans used to do with the conquistadors, ‘que’ What? they would ask for each order of the basque assholes who murdered them, what? as if they would not speak spanish, What? Neutered, you have been neutered, as the rest of mankind.

The astounding thing is that the neutering is because of political correctness, the industry of the holocaust, and yet the final result of the good feelings and the neutering of mankind will be another holocaust, another ethnic cleansing and at the end the end of mankind by robots and terminators, twisted…

just you don’t think I’m inventing it, this is the plan of the guy:
Lieberman Plan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The plan. The Lieberman Plan suggests a territorial exchange whereby Israel would annex almost all Israeli settlements in the West Bank which are situated in major …
Basically they want to throw out the 20% of palestinians inside Israel, after grabbing every piece of the occupied territories that has a drop of water in in. And once all of them out there, the wall robotised, at the first excuse of global war, send the robots to liquidate them. The entire world politics turns about this, plus the entire economy about the profits of the go(l)d bankers and hate to the arabs. A simple UNO soldiers group could have ended ISIL long ago. But the plan is to destroy all the nations around, and then dump the palestinians. His party considers that Israel is ‘grand israel’ which should extend all the way to kuwait. Trump of course is just a corrupted indebted, ruined real state mogul, who married his only daughter to a real state ultra orthodox, got a job in a tv reality show and will do their bid, since obama the house negro and clinton, despite being bought and corrupted wouldn’t go that far. So the entire Financial-media militar-industry complex will back trump in the elections and if he is elected the plan will proceed.
Yesterday they burned alive in mosul 27 women. The behaviour of the europeans and amaericans, slaves of the you banksters, allowing a bunch of weirdos with kalasninob to terrorise and destroy the life of millions of arabs and the sheeple below them, accepting it and NOT even wondering why a fascist UK-US-EU world always ready to start wars, does nothing for years, and let all this happen…
In every department of history today, you have the same ways: an elite of technocrats and financiers with primitive religions and worship to the machine and the simpleton physical sciences of single clocks and ‘speed’, always speed with a mass of believers, and hate-yourneighbor under them.


‘Israel will be judged not by its technological advances but by the way it treats its fellow Arabs’.
Einstein, jabiru prophet, on his renounce to preside on the future role-model nation of metalearth
‘Tanto monta monta tanto isabel como fernando’ (spanish proverb, on the same nature of all kings and queens of the animetal world)

the big question here to me will always be what kind of people are these, I mean my fellow EUS (european union+ US), who let themselves become ‘insects’ of the master race, who ruin their own people, who substitute their humanist, democratic culture for a go(l)d cult of the bronze age. So ditto: if I truly despise a group today is not likkud, but the politicos of EUS, indeed ‘our slaves, licking our feet’. So they are getting what they deserve. In the Darwinian, living impersonal Universe respect is not granted, it must be earned.

Now, we can introduce these people – they are called POTUS, and in a long series they should have been called PUPETS, because that is what they are. Since Nixon, all of them puppets of the new IFMasters of U$. Never mind the simplex warrior germanic mind of Americans do not seem to understand the complexities of the world. And how money and weapons rules them all.

The owners of the world, but don’t tell you.

Let us first understand how the world is run in placebo democracies where there are no judgment votes after tenure with pain messages to politicians, who cannot print money and hence have NOT to obey society but the financial masters and media masters of informative machines on top of them.

This is the pyramid of our society, with the problem that the bottom line, People and living things are being displaced by the robotic revolution of machines. So they are not needed and the solutions are those of fascism:


THE 8 YEAR CYCLE OF MACHINES AND E-MONEY is tuned to the 8 year cycle of American elections. Thus as we move into a massive investment in robotic machines and weapons, a candidate that proposes a billionaire business for the robotised walls of America, and the equivalent man on Israel are now about to take power, in both places…

Meanwhile, the 3rd leg of neofascism, 3rd world terrorism, also increases the tempo of its well-promoted attacks with a degree of brutality, natural to its primitive credo – but which of all those ‘leading forms’ of neofascism is more extreme

NEOFASCISMTanto monta monta tanto… ‘Bellum ipse aleat’: AVIGDOR≈TRUMP≈ISIS

IN THE GRAPH, OF THE 3 ‘animetal cultures’ on top of the world today, the Islamic Jihad (ISIS), the germanic Trump like american military and the Jewish gold culture, the new war minister of Israel Avigdor, wants to cleanse totally the country from Arabs. As Trump wants to clean America from mexicans. Those are today the men, stalwarts of conservative GOP and wall street, in its bid for profits through more of the same.

In Israel Avigdor wants to throw all the Palestinians living in Israel to the other side of the wall and extend step by step the borders towards Grand Israel, which includes huge tracts today taken by ISIS. And of course, it is THE SPIRAL of entropy, which is fed by both sides, and it has been so for decades. It is the wrong solution, but those people DO NOT SEEM TO HEAR TO ENLIGHTENED EUROPE AND amerICA, WHICH IN ANY CASE DO NOT HAVE AS THIS BLOG A CLEAR ORGANIC MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE TO FIND SOLUTIONS.

So as the world goes on fire, the plans of trump and Abiddor might be played on.

Now it would be very easy to accuse only ISIS, but ISIS HAS NO POWER TO IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS, the jewish and germanic animetal cultures do.

They know what they do, they have the money, weapons and control of the FMMI system. They don’t want to solve the world as recently the UNO boss told them. They want to destroy it blindly seeking profits and hate memes. Good luck. I have been preaching to them for 30 years with no results.


Moving backwards in History to the 1st animetal empires


In the graphs, the characters of the Semite wars, which we have been anticipating, would become the essential first phase of ‘splendid little wars’ of the robotic era (as an essay with primitive people for a global electronic big brother, latter expanded to a likely US-China confrontation, that if declared will no doubt mean our likely extinction), are now in full fledge. Unlike other previous wars however they are not recognised, in as much as one of the contenders, the FMasters hide behind the politicos of the western world, and its placebo democracies, in which they hold around 80% of the controlling shares of its main financial banks and Media/Internet companies (to state this is in the newspeak of the ‘Orwellian tv/internet visual era’ of metal-communicators a ‘thoughtcrime’ and ‘Komploten theory’ which immediately ends the career of any scholar, and puts to rank 0 in searches, any blog as this one). However we cannot elude in a serious web on history to state history as it is, despite the anti-quantum paradox of censorship, the real causes of wars, holocausts and the incoming future of our species. Again I repeat, a true historian does not bend to death and censorship. 

To understand the human side of III w.w. we need to explain as NOBODY does, the asymmetric Semite wars between two terrorist ‘groups’, hyper powerful Likkud and rag-kalasknikov, home-made bombers of Jihad, and its main allies, the U$, part of the Financial-Media Jewish global empire, and the wahabite Islamic, Arabian peninsula…

Those wars based in the TALMUD AND KORAN talion law of revenge, never forget, never forgive, pre-axial age of europe, when humans learned that to survive history precisely had to do the opposite, always forgive, allways forget, or the ‘fruits of the tree of metal will kill us all’, are in that sense very old, as old as animetal history is.

Now while the yous are herding palestinians with robotised walls, and soon we shall throw them out, reconquer Golam heights, and south Lebanon, (which Mr. Benin also invaded doubling the massacre explained by Einstein with a similar one in Shabra and shatila), we need another war distraction. And that is where the present war-talk of US with Korea and russia plays its game.

In the graph, we see the old and the new bunny of Likkud, in the middle, the new ambassador in Israel, former bankruptcy lawyer for the donald bunny, who was rescued from the pitholes of porno stern ridicule where he verbally ab=used her wife and daughter – that piece of a$$. But then he ‘sold’ his daughter to Kushner, the ‘investor’ for the Israeli right-wing extremist mining billionaires, who rescued him.

In detail he is the ‘Rahm emannuel’ of the bunny rabbit, who got him out of debt, with the help of Ross, now commerce minister, and Mnuchin, now treasury minister. They rebuilt his empire, while Friedman, the bankruptcy lawyer, got his 800 million $ loss into a trick loop to never pay taxes again.

Alas, now the devil comes back and asks to be paid back, with Grand Israel… and the job is a huge war, somewhere else, to distract us.

I thought it would be with Cuba, as I thought those people were not so brutally suicidal, but alas, they chose Korea, and Korea, in the game of history is ‘Spain’, the warrior peninsula never occupied without massacre of French, Roman armies, in the Asian decoupling.

Of course, it will be all well done: when Syria is an scourged nation – the ‘you army’ will enter to ‘save them’, and end the carnage as they cannot properly take care of themselves. This we know, will be sold on tvs globally and so the ‘you army’ will occupy further territories to the north, and finally they will settle on the map some short of Grand Israel over all the lands, and if the world is in a global age of war, well, then it is easy to distract attention to Korean massacres in Seoul, while throwing people out. 

Now, this blog does agree, with Begin, the yous are the master race because the human sheeple specially the U$heeple has shown zero intelligence handling money, zero respect for truth handling information, and zero humanism, handling the astounding abuses of the ‘nazi party’ of Israel so long in power (remember this is how Einstein, Schoenberg and Zelig call it. So i have little else to say. Being of partial sephardim descendance on my mother’s side I could only state that in the letter Rabbi Cardoso, head of the oldest synagogue of New York, founder of the first modern synagogue here in Barcelona also signed; so did hannah arendt lover of the best philosopher of the last century Mr. Martin, of Dasein, being and time… time my friend is of the essence, and that is what Martin, Einstein, and me, are masters… and time is of the essence to stop the semite wars before they become a global nuclear war, just about now, to destroy us all.

Since on the side of the terrorist party, the goal is to create such immense amount of islamophobia and hate,  with the help of the Donald employee, whose incredible rise to power from being a pornographer in Stern’s radio, with 800 million $ debt, to the most powerful man on the world, in charge to start a global age of war, to distract us of the final solution to Palestinians (ethnic cleansing), is related in other texts.

And yes, Korea is the mother of all battles.

Those people are Japan before the II w.w., the warriors of the 800 years arch from Spain to Korea, pure mystique of death. We have never been slaves. Either you kill us all or you leave us alone. But the problem here is that Mr. Donald cannot obliterate North Korea without a prior provocation, and so if he does shoot his canons to N.K. all seems to lead against the obliteration of Seoul. And this will be a holocaust of 5 million people easy as an atomic cannon can shell it, and I repeat NK are ‘spaniards’ or Japanese of the XIX c. harakiri masters who die for honor. But why Seoul let the US bully risk the life of them all?

Well, this tells us another thing: Japan and Korea’s zaibatsu’s and chaebols, belong to U$ – or do you think they were given back after the war? That is the game, if Seoul needs to be obliterated for bibi to cleanse samaria, let it be; twitwatrump has been trained to do the job, the house negro who showed at the end to be much more honorable than we thought, didn’t accept:


The 2 paths of future in the map of human cultures.

Of course they will tell you there is no other solution to the future that herding the poor ‘animals’ into robotised wars, because we are the chosen of the tree of metal. So the future is rigged, the machine wins and we must evolve our wars for profits, give the go(l)d people who first discovered metal the title of ‘superior race’ and so on… So for good measure I would put you the simple 6 measures i would have put on place in the 100 days Mr. Trump has taken in preparation of his blowing up the world.

In the graph the Rainbow Planet & its 7 modern cultures derived from historic, memetic beliefs, AS THEY are being carved in the process of globalisation of the FMMI system of corporations.

In the perfect world, one ruled by social scientists not people-castes of power, the first conscious decisions of all global politicians will be National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet. So power would be transferred upwards to the heptarchy of 7 cultures and downwards to the regional ‘communities’ the way the new-humanism wishes (new left party and young movement in Europe – Indignados/podemos in Spain being the most clear case and America – Occupy Wall Street and the Ecological/community movement).

Now if something distinguish spaniards is to have produced in different ages and cultures some of the best masters of philosophy of history along the German warriors of truth, Mr. Seneca (then a roman born in Hispania), Mr. Ibn Khaldun (then a Muslim, born in Seville), Mr. Vico (then a Napolitan), Mr. Sancho (now a Catalan), along Mr. Marx (stripped of nationality), Mr. Sombart and Mr. Spengler (under house arrest). So that is what you need to be a master of history – to love mankind more than the tribe, to love truth more than life, to know the laws of time… And this is what this blog provides. Soon will be erased by the new laws of Mr. Trump on censorship. It is i believe quite  there; but what the other side does not understand is that only those WHO CARE FOR HISTORY THE TRUE SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND AND ITS RAINBOW PLANET HAVE A FUTURE, and by suppressing the real truths of history, they are giving away their future to their robotised machines.

Because that is the problem here: Israel and its paranoia, robotised walls shown in the next graph, his fundamentalist religious leaders of animal training, his ministry of war – today the hardcore representative of grand israel, Mr. Lieberman (never mind he is an Ukraine Kazhar) are setting the example of all nations of the future.

Indeed if we return to the smaller original site of those wars, we find that what is happening in Israel and the surrounding nations is a process of colonial expansion of grand israel and ethnic cleaning which the west hypocritically allows, as it is owned by the FMasters and cannot even argued it without being censored by the ‘holocaust industry’ and the anti-semitic label, which ends any scholar or political career.


In the graph, left the Jewish army shows its maps, which always include Grand israel with the paranoia embedded on the concept all the nation is at risk of being blown up by home-made rockets. In the center the war minister belonging to a party that has as its credo ethnic cleansing of all palestinian lands. In the right a young solider perfectly indoctrinated poses for fun in her Facebook, after doing her job.

But the ultimate reason of all those processes is the 3rd age of the evolution of chips, the war age, as today the most evolved machines and weapons (guardiums watching the wall in the 4th pic). So we NEED jihadists to promote a constant age of war, and allow a future ethnic cleansing of Israel in the middle of Islamophobia. Indeed, e spend 1/4th of our budgets in weapon systems, but we cannot end with a bunch of kids with kalashnikovs, torturing syrians and Irakies, raping women, and setting them to fire, which has caused a 2 million refugee problem in Europe, and 1 million unwanted Arabs in Germany? Why?

It is all part of the Grand israel expansion, future colonisation of the sacred lands of Samaria and Judea and Syria (Golam heights), which mr. avigdor wants to get back. So for years we let Syria, the main enemy of israel go to waste, and of course for half a century we had a reservation in Palestine, breeding hate in the whole arab region.




AND SO IF YOUR ERASEHEAD IS NOT BOILING, now we shall describe the SEMITE III WORLD WAR ROBOTIC WARS, and its past-present and future.

So yes, we are now in the III age of Industrial global wars, in the $$emite wars of maximal hate memes between Jihad terrorism and Jewish Capitalism; with the 2 enslaved cultures of €urope and U$A, fast forgetting all its evolved humanist memes, moving at full speed towards fa$$cism, siding to the side of their masters, because contrary to belief, $laves love their masters, their religions, their hate memes, their fictions an tragedies, their heroes, more than they love themselves:

III world war will have as we predicted for decades II phases mimetic to those of II world war.

1st phase: Splendid little wars: War on Terror≈Colonialism

The first phase of $plendid little wars for profits against small, primitive nations, which allow easy victories to test the robotic weapons of the last cycle of the Industrial r=evolution.

During II world war, its was China colonised by Japan, Ethiopia, massacred by Italy and Spain, the ‘guinea pig’ that allowed the testing of the tanks and bombers of  the leader of the Age of Industrial Engines, Germany.

Now the automated drones are tested on the people of primitive, ‘terrorist’ Islam, and Trump has started to build a Wall with the ‘bad hombres’ of the ‘Piigs Latino countries’ south of the border, mimetic to Israel.

The start of the Semite wars between Jihad terrorism and the Western Jewish Financial-Media Empire had a clear ‘start shot’ at 9/11, when after decades of massive hand outs to military dictators and cuckoo primitive religious inquisitions, Apartheid Israel and its quisling nations (France and UK in EU, U$ in America, being the ‘hardcore’ nucleus) succeeded to blow up the hate-memes bred on the concentration camps of Gazah, liberally showed by Aljazeera to the rest of the Islamic civilisation, to all the countries of this culture. Thus we can talk from 2001 of a slow building of an electronic big-brother and the first splendid robotic wars, with the double aim of ensuring the submission and destruction of the alternative humanist, civilised European Union and pluricultural America – the only hope for a future of the wor(l)d.

As history enters its 3rd age, the JJ-Semite wars keep its crescendo:

On one side, Jihad is fuelled by continuous hand-outs undercover of the most radical Arab dictatorships (Wahabite Ibn Sauds).

On the other side, the Jewish Financial-Media western empire (blue) and its placebo democracies (where the control of the Financial Issue of Money and the Manufacturing of brains by Mass-media, owned in 80% of its financial and audio-visual and internet corporations by people of the “Israeli nation”) continues its relentless 24/7 exposure to hate memes and anti-semitism (in the warrior version of hate to military jihads, spread to all the innocent scapegoat poor population of those countries through islamophobia) through all the multiple channels with single ownership both in Europe and America of the once thriving ‘free world’ ensures the rise of neo-fascist leaders, which distract the western people of the massive theft and labor crisis during the over production age of chips, and its 3 main derivatives, e-money, white collar pcs and blue collar robots.

It is indeed the collapse of the last civilised humanist regions of the western world, as the Americans are the sum of all human beings, displaced into the technological future, and EU, the diplomatic solution towards the pursuit of the perfect world, based in diplomacy, culture, healthy wealth (welfare) and control of the robotic radiation by humanist laws.

The second phase of World War III will be a face-off between the 2 industrial super-powers, US and China, which we labelled in the 90s essay of the predictive power of bio-history as the true model of complex systems in social sciences, the Yakutian wars, likely to be played if a total industrial war II world war style break, in the North-Korean, Yakutian region. Fortunately enough, the first attempts of Mr. Trump to expand the robotic wars to Asia have been deflected by Chinese Yuan diplomacy.

Thus we are still in the Semite Wars, which are fast brutalising and extinguishing the more civilised regions of humanist Europe and the happy way of life of the American population, where most freedoms have already disappeared, and will keep dwindling as Trump, the puppet candidate of the fascist right-wing section of the Jewish FM-empire, has started to dismantle the minimal welfare life-goods their meager government provided (medicare, medicaid, environmental protection, legal equality).

Introduction. Back to the past, the cycle of animetal wars come to an end.

The semite wars between the 2 oldest, hence extreme animetal cult(ure)s, in their use of weapons and go(l)d to control populations, Jihad Islam vs. the Jewish FMasters, which control absolutely the U$ (hollywood & wall street), with an iron fist in a velvet globe, the old British Empire (City, Toronto, Sydney), and recently since the ECB substituted national banks as the issuer of money in EU (ran by jewish bankers – 80% of western banking CEOs and Mass-media companies), the European world, with its 2 main centres of power, France, and for obvious reasons Germany, where the leaders of both parties in both nations belong to that culture (Sarkozy, Hollande, Merkel, Steinbrook).

The lesser control in Southern European countries, labelled by a Goldman sachs banker, with the racist slur of ‘Piigs nations’ , is irrelevant as neo-fascism and the destruction of its humanist cultures, based in the welfare state – the proper scientific solution to the war, ‘butter instead of canons’, is all but forgotten. It is in that sense remarkable the ‘monolithic’ single thought of this war, where any mention of the FM-empire is considered not the logic explanation of complex sciences but a ‘comploten theory’, and the astounding imbalance of force, is completely ignored as the selection of news merely blows up the terrorists of Islam, without making any mention of the constant breeding of ayatollahs, radicals and dictators for 40 years in the Islamic world, not to ‘mention’ the origin of the war in apartheid israel and its concentration camps.

3 measures solutions

IN WHAT concerns bio-history as the most advanced form of social sciences, it is EVIDENT that the consequences of the Semite wars are tremendously negative for mankind, as it completely prevents the rational implementation of the diplomatic, humanist solution to the existential crisis of the robotic age: massive investments in a global new deal, with a global currency, diplomacy, and control of war-monger politicians with ‘votes a posteriori’ as well as lethal corporations with a 50/50 split of shares and the prohibition of robots. Indeed, the Semite wars imply that israel, the biggest producer of robotic weapons becomes the new model for all other nations of its ‘FM-empire’, accelerating the obsolescence of mankind to the new species.

We did for 30 years anticipated those 2 solutions to the future and now it seems with the arrival of neo-fascism that the no-future of our species in a world of permanent evolution of robotic weapons, with the excuse of terrorism, is ‘settled’.

Indeed, with the arrival of Trump to power, attached to the colonist movement, the use of the American mercenary armies will if anything increase the in crescendo of those asymmetric wars – which of course cannot even be called wars.

In the next graph, a decade old we (hence the existence of Arafat and Sharon, now gone), we observe the initial phase of the war, before its expansion and radicalisation according to the memes of hate of both warrior and go(l)d Semite cultures. Since they are the oldest animetal culture in which worship of weapons and go(l)d is above human life which have a primitive memetic outlook (genetic, religious idol-ogies, which are deterministic , talion action-reaction memes that encroaches the process and provokes an in-crescendo revenge spider web of ‘growing entropy) and the FMasters of the western world cannot recognise its ‘invisible power’, behind politicos, there is no easy solution to those wars, which truly start to be the permanent splendid little wars for profits of the Orwellian parable of the future. Indeed, the ‘little wars’ imply basically an excuse for a massive investment in a security, robotised state to-come, and ensures internally the control of the western empire. So every possible jihadist is exploited ad maximal on the Media system, to provoke further islamophobia and a constant ‘motion’ of politics towards radical capitalism in the west.



In the first graph in blue the financial-media empire above a series of placebo democracies, where people have zero rights to print the language of social power, money, above the protagonists of the 3 fascist ages of splendid little wars against primitive cultures (I colonial empires), industrial rivals (german fascism, which for that reason has worst reputation than the equally eviL colonial age, conveniently forgotten in our films and mass-media hate memes) and finally in the III age of neo-fascism, against primitive non-technological cultures as in the first colonial age, given the fact that the origin of III world war is also a colonial nation who invaded the III world and created a segregational hate-memes system in Israel.

In the second graph, the 20 years prediction done, at the time of 9/11, which can be considered the moment in which the war expanded from a local situation (Israel vs. Palestine) to a global war, and the ultimate consequences for mankind: the encroachment of radical capitalism, the military robotisation of the world. With the arrival of Mr. Trump and neofascism to Europe, we can expect an expansion of the war in both sides. And certainly the constant mass-media attention, and immediate ‘city sieges’ for every episode (Brussels, Boston, being the most remarkable cases) closely followed by the western population, has completely obliterated the humanist solution we preached for so long (integration of Israel in EU as a single state with Palestinians given citizenship, demilitarisation of the region, expansion of welfare programs and EU-UNO diplomacy towards the building of a cultural perfect world). 

The war though, as we say has a degree of Complexity, increased by the fact that the FMasters cannot be mentioned, in the west, which is supposed to be a ‘democracy=goverment of the people’ not what it obviously is -a plutocracy, and most advanced region of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex where the collective manufacturing of the brain of the visual virtual generation, and the control of corrupted politicos without rights to issue money by the financial corporations, which maximise its profits with the investment of weapons, CANNOT be revealed. Hence the ‘label’ of Komploten theory to any attempt to define scientifically the system, and its hierarchical scales of power (in the above graphs).

This of course does not condom but explain the origin of arab terrorism ultimately rooted in the modes of the first semite warrior and gold cultures, which have not REFORMED, and have NOT accepted the humanist evolution of post-war UNO-EU like institutions, now being dismantled by the dual sides of the ‘semite wars’, as it provokes the convenient background through massive hate mass-media and police paranoia to establish an eternal age of increasingly robotised security, forgetting that there are FAR MORE victims due to lack of health-care, poverty, loss of jobs to those robots, and mental degradation, in this age.

Of course the solution – a global welfare deal, the denationalisation of financial-media monopolies, investment in education, repression of hate religions, laicisation of israel, accepted into the EU as a non-jewish single state with palestinian citizens, and expansion of UNO and EU like institutions to create a perfect world is no where to be seen. Things get so ridiculous as when we see some murder on TV and then the ‘diplomat or anchorman’ says we do not know if it is an act of ‘terrorism’ (meaning a jihadist). If so, then the entire city is surrounded by troops, the state of siege put in place and 24 coverages saturates of hate memes people. If the murder is for any other reason (what is the difference, a corpse is a corpse, regardless of causes), then it disappears from the new. Yet the sheeple perfectly indoctrinated, will accept the hate memes and has steadily after decades of this treatment ‘royal’, become segregational fascist ‘populist’ electing leaders in favor of jewish neo-fascism, as this cycle of fascism is NOT anti-jewish but anti-arab, still anti-semitic but of the other variety, with the same results, a world plunged in a new era of war and evolution of profitable weapons. In the next graph, we see the 2 sides of modern anti-semitism, which causes millions of capitalist victims in the III world and a few hundreds – the only ones we talk about, in the I world.

Back to the past. The Semite wars.

Now, in a more detached view, from the highest perspective of Humanity as a Superorganism the 3rd age of mankind and its animetal cycles becomes the first age, when the Semite culture ‘invented’ the Financial-Military system of control of populations in the fertile crescent, during the bronze age; which is the reason the memes of both capitalist and jihadist, extreme uses of money and weapons to ab=use humanity have become again so extreme, as the most evolved European-American r=evolutionary civilisation with its respect for laws, constitution and bill of rights fades away.

So indeed, for 40 years since the collapse of Russia the west has humiliated and put military dictators and subvention cuckoo jihadist and allowed apartheid Israel to breed the memes of hate of the old semite cultures (which did not reformed as christianity and Greek rationalism did, his concept of action-reaction revenge, genetic people-castes, mythic, primitive religions of the selected and other memes that make impossible to solve the war in ‘human terms).

An example of this dual new brutality and the clear bias in favour of the capitalist side of the war – not to excuse obviously the other side, but just to state the asymmetric manipulation of it, to fuel an eternal orwellian age of wars for profits and investments in an electronic mass-media big brother – is the next picture, of two criminals of both sides of the war, one completely ignored – on those conditions the war is really NOT A WAR, but a business in which as the yellow press of the first cycle or the nazi propaganda of the II cycle, what matters is to have a excuse for more military investment.


The two phases of political neo-fascism; the anti-Humanist face and the anti-$emite face.

In this post updated from time to time, we thus shall study the advance of European Neo-fa$cism, in its core nation, which will NOT BE Germany for obvious reasons (History rhymes with different verso said Twain, a critique of the I fascist cycle in America – Civil war)…

Now to fully understand the political zeitgeist of those cycles, the reader must realize fa$cism has two phases with two different ‘faces’. In the first phase, banker-priests profit with hate speeches against the poor they have ruined appropiating the rights to issue money for themselves, in the nations they keep host to their view of the world capitalist hierarchy. It is the earlier 30s and 1850s and 2010s. In this phase, the poor are a distraction to shoot with weapons, and nationalism rises with hired politicos to accuse the poor and blame them for the bankers’ theft. In this phase fascism is ‘antihumanist’. Humans are guilty of being poor and with no jobs.

In the second phase though poverty is so extended, wars so endemic that chaos break loose and even the bankers’ culture suffers the consequences – but not their 10%, the elite but their poor 90%. Thus the Jewish banking elites abandon their poor leave the countries they ruined and fascism also embraces not only hate towards the poor and left wing movements of humanist character but it pay lip service to anti$eminism and kills also the poor jews abandoned by the eltie (see articles on the holocaust cycles and the class struggle within judaism) This phase will only happen at the end of the decade and peak in the 2020s during III world war.

Thus neo-fascism has its central site in France, which will become the ‘centerpiece’ of the Jewish bankers’ political distractions for profiteering wars against the III world – read it: ‘islamophobia’. Thus now the capital of the political and economic power, the site of our banker-priests will be L’elisee, the hidden Kahila will meet in La Grande Synagogue – it won’t be Berlin.

In the first phase of fascism as Jewish Berlin bankers paid Hitler to break the socialist movement, after the great theft of 1929, we shall observe how france curbs our political freedoms to avoid demonstrations of the European left in Brussels and the ECB bank. But now all is hidden. We live in walt disney utopian tv-neofascism, the collective mind reduced to peanuts by tvs and visual evilwood. So now we care. Neofascism is newspeak big brother and huxley’ new brave world of somas. So we must read between lines. We are using orwellian newspeaks: we have peace corps to make wars, love ministries which close our freedoms for our own good, and in the last twist of newspeaks, we consider the embodiment of freedom of speech a newspaper, ‘charlie’ dedicated to hate speech against the poorest cultures of the earth – which fired only a cartoonist, who dare to make a funny comment about the jewish religion of the French prime minister… This is a key point of ‘walt disney’ neo-fascism, the caring mask of mass-media treated in other parts of this web, and the absolute censorship established over the elites of capitalism, which can only be compared to the jail penalties routinely applied to those who insulted the kings of the ancien regime – of course, with a Walt Disney mask of caring, the so-called industry of the holocaust that make us belief that Jewish World War victims were more victims than 30 million slavs killed, 20 million chinese massacred or 3 million spaniards, just because, well, the dictators of a society, the elites are the ones we care about. Now we are completely dominated by this elite which has transformed – and that is the core issue of neofascism, the democratic equaalitarian, free, laicist social, humanist culture of western europe into a primitive, religious, hate-based military and financial dictatorship ever increasing its power.

But europeans and Americans, now under the boot of Semitic animetal, hierarchical money-dictators which have taken our right to print our social langauge of power, money, through wall street specualtion, bailouts and the ECB bank, cannot be reduced to the Palestinian or negro state of permanent slavery common under the boot of Jewish-Calvinist racist religions, so as in previous cycles, there will be a backlash, a second phase of fascism when the common people of those nations will rise in riots or take extreme right and extreme left parties to power, after this phase ends.

This first phase according to the cycles, will peak towards 2015-16, at the end of the 7 years cycle of global poverty and unemployment as robotic workers substitute soldiers (drones) white collar and blue collar humans. It wil be the height of Jewish capitalist power, as it happened in Germany and Europe in the earlier 30s.

Then after 2016 and the crash of the euro-dollar, to the Yuan, neo-fascism will turn its wave and the hate speeches paid by the Jewish moguls of the Tea Party and the European neo-fascist front of the 3 jewish presidents Hollande, Merkel and Cameron, puppets of its bankers, will boomerang, as hordes of poor Europeans and Americans think they have enough. The rich jewish moguls will move to australia to invest in the new Asia, and their power in the west will decline. The two fundational neo-fascist parties, in America and France  which now as hitler did are well greased by their money to attack then the red scare now islamophobia, will think twice. Who is the enemy?…

But of course, the true enemy will be gone, the captialist 10% elite of judaism will abandon its lower classes, as aristocrats send their peasants to die in the battle field, an so fascism will also be an ugly unjust brutal murder this time in a war phase, of the poor jewish, those kosher, obeissance, clueless peasants of the culture of go(l)d. The pedlders, not the bankers, the soldiers not the generals, die in the fascist ages of wars and holocausts. The elites always survive to enact the cycle in another country.

But all that has been covered in our earlier 20 years old books and central posts with the larger view of history. This is the news section dedicated to the date-to-date advance of European neo-fascism with the French at their head.

So let us go with the news updated from year to years…

Now we are all economic palestinians, debt slaves moving faster to the same region of poverty of the French muslims. But loving it: whip me faster master, I love capitalism:

debt slaves4

All the political questions are just distractions of the fundamental problem of western world: the systemic destruction of the planet and its resources by massive economic anoxia. As in all other cycles, as the debt slave cycle gets stronger, political distractions and wars rise their red flags.

Chemicals: Some weapons of mass destruction are better than others.

Yes, people have died in Syria from chemical weapons. And the world is angered.

But what is the problem with chemical weapons? It is worst to die of sarin than of bullets, of Zyclon gas than of Atomic bombs? of course not.

It is just that ‘victors write history’. So it is a dogma that the winners of II world war – the Jewish-Anglo global empire (jewish being the invisible financial-media head, anglos being the visible military-industrial system) that the weapons they used to massacre the Axis of ‘eviL’ were good, never mind in Hiroshima we killed children, women and elderly; never mind we incinerated alive with Napalm, thousands in Tokyo, we blasted to death +200.000 innocent Dresdeners burnt alive, etc etc.

Because we use air weapons, those are Ok.

On the other hand the Germans as the leaders of the electro-chemical age (II Industrial Revolution) were the masters of chemical warfare, so those weapons were not ok.

Zyklon gas was not Ok, because it was the expeditious way in which the Germans killed their enemies.

But what we don’t know is that while we had no restrain at all with the use of our airborne weapons, and killed without need with a 2nd atomic bomb +200.000 innocent children, women and elderly and bombed Dresden just for fun with another 200 thousands, the Germans did restrain their chemical weapons that could have easily decided in their favor the war in the 2 fundamental battles of II W.W., the battle of London and Stalingrad.

At the Time the Germans had discovered a new masterpiece, VX gas, which was an external, nervous gas that had a wide range, could not be avoided with simple masks and if thrown by the planes and V-bombs in London would have had the same effect that an atomic bomb, de facto, winning the war.

Again, the same gas sent with favorable winds on Stalingrad or during the long months of aerial superiority over the cities of Russia, it would have decided the war in favor of the Germans.

But the Germans thought it was unmanly, treacherous, brutal and against the minimal codes of war conduct to kill without possible defense hundreds of thousands of people and lost the war to the allies that had never those concerns.

Then the war ended and the victors rewrote history. All the cruelties felt on the side of the Germans. None on the side of the allies. All was justified. The 1st bomb to avoid American deads in the invasion of Japan. The 2nd bomb just in case… The napalm on Tokyo, the Dresden bombing… whatever we did it was always justified by the superior evil and racism of the Germans – which merely did to Europeans what the British, French and Belgians had done to Asians and Africans and Amerindians…

And that is why the victors hate specially chemical weapons. They were not their choice and the peasants of the master Jewish Race that controls the financial-media informative system of the west died of it.

Of course we use chemical weapons whenever we want it, even with our own soldiers on the ground. That is not though called ‘chemical weapons’. You see, we choose also what is chemical and what is not. So when Israel throws white phosphorus (a chemical weapon) on Gazah schools it is not a chemical weapon and no outrage happens. Mr. Obama, the house negro, readily affirmed that Israel has the rights to defend itself. When Mr. Bush throws dirty Uranium causing 200.000 sick people on the Iraqi war (in our side, I’m talking about Uranian soldiers not from Uranus but from the Us that came sick because of dirty uranium bombs), it is a ‘mistake’ whose consequences were not ‘properly tested’ and mostly an ‘unknown unknown’

  The Jewish empire and its mercenary armies cleansing neighborhoods.

This month close to the dates given by Netanhayu in the UNO on the intention of Israel to clean up its border, the president of the jewish nation that rules the western Financial-media system of machines of information (80% of its corporations belong to capital from this nation) and hence the west and its military-industrial complex of energetic machines, (as any informative head rules any energetic body), has decided it is time to clean up its neighbors.

First it was egypt where after Mr. Morsi made clear it was escalating its help to palestinians in gazah, the army made a coup d’etat that no single western country recognized as such, setting a fascist precedent similar to the acceptance of Franco’s coup d’etat in the parallel 30s fascist decade. Egypt is the second receiver of foreign help from the US after Israel. this is the help given to the poorest nations of the world which the Jewish colony gives back to the metropoli and its former enemy to keep it controlled.

Never mind the Jewish nation has, due to its control of the financial-media system, a GDP per capita 10 times bigger than America, when we consider the Diaspora together. Never mind that money is sorely needed by nations where people do die of hunger. The same with Egypt: the money goes to the military for weapons, not to the people for bread and water. On the contrary, before the coup d’etat, the FMI denied the subvention to water and bread it handled so children dont die of hunger, unless the Muslim brothers liberalized the economy (newspeak for handling it to corporations and the army).

Next it came the Syrian offensive, prelude to a future bigger war against Iran. The masterminding of Israel in both cases was clear:

In egypt Israel sent to all its  western colonies a clear message: ‘the army is the only part that can stabilize the quarrel between factions’ (never straight talk, in this case the army which created the quarrel by a coup d’etat that murdered thousands turns out to be external to the problem on the Israel’s view, but just made the coup detat to ‘stabilize’ the nation; so the guilty of desestabilization with its coup detat turns out in the newspeak of Israel the ‘solution’)

In Syria the game is similar. Israel denounced the attack to the American army. Unit 8200 of Moshad turned out to ‘intercept’ a call between two syrian soldiers, one of which commented on the attack. That is the only proof that blames the army instead of the jihad – since both have chemical weapons – a call said to be recorded by the Moshad, said to be made between Syrian soldiers. Next the Jewish organization, ‘doctors without borders’ denounced it and finally the mercenary armies of the Israeli colonies, US, UK and France, with its house negro and jewish presidents, Cameron and Hollande, decreed war for questions of ‘ethics’ – never mind we left Assad and the jihad kill 100.00 syrians and 2 million refugees none of which was allowed to find refuge in neighbor israel for humanitarian causes. Never mind our armies have broke all the laws of war, torturing, bombing with white phosphorus palestine, with dirty uranium Serbia, etc. etc. This is of course, the Bush-like excuse of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to go to war for the metropolis of the financial-media system (the jewish elite of bankers and media moguls and its apartheid nation). Neofascism today is all the rage, but as we commented, it must not be compared to German fascism but to the British, biblical, ‘city’ elite of jewish-calvinist bankers that treated in the XIX c. the world as a series of colonies of its financial-media power. Now it is the Jewish-American biblical elite from Wall Street and Hollywood, which determines at each step the narrative of the colonial wars, in which Israel is the master, the financial-media system the ‘transmission system of orders’, the corrupted politicos of the west, his master voice, and the tax payers and soldiers of the empire (Americans, Europeans), the people who defend the apartheid nation.  Deja vu. 

It only rests to go for Iran, the big one, the one with atomic weapons, the one that can bring after decades of humiliation a true reaction of Islam, with neighbor pakistan and its A-bombs, as a possible future ally. But newspeaks hide it all. In each fascist age, the colonial age of the XIX c. the german age of tanks and hate-radio and the jewish-american age of hate-tv and drone terminators, media manufactured the bulk of our ‘democratic voters’, so the ‘wickedest of all people made the wickedest actions for the common good’ (Keynes definition of capitalism and its masters).

The financial-media system and those who own it  direct the world

jewish empire, middle east

In the illustration, from rense.com, a left-wing, new wave American site… as we enter a new age of fascism, the financial-media system directs the military-industrial complex against the poor and 3rd world countries, perceived as enemies of the leading nation of the electronic age, the Jewish nation, which masterminds western policies with its control of the financial and media corporations. In the past the Jewish nation had been only an economic supra-nation, ruling the financial-media system for mere profit, without clear political goals. But since the creation of Israel as a political entity, western plutocrats were able to refocus their political goals into building grand-israel and put to the task the western qisling politicos they control. 2012-13 wars are thus scripted to provoke a series of civil wars and destructive confrontations, masterminded by the west. Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Egypt and now Syria have fallen to the inner fights between corrupted dictators and jihads fueled by western policies that use those ‘splendid little wars’ to keep evolving terminators, and creating a hinterland of addict or destroyed nations around Israel.  And of course, the ‘warrior animetal semitic Arabs’ and the germ(anic) American animetals, all together now bring a similar degree of brutality. And the human sheeple let them ‘guide’:



In the graph, Daesh world of terror in ‘black’, Mr. Lieberman who proposes a racist ethnic cleansing of Israel, from all its arab citizens, who lived there since the biblical age, thrown to the other side of the wall and Mr. Trump with similar ideas for the Mexicans who lived there since the aztec times. On the left the model of Mr. Trump media-guru mr. Reagan. Since after all the subconscious engine of those processes is the degradation of man by violent media fuelled by the chip radiation, and the hate-war age of the FMMI system.

Let us be clear: The wor(l)d is ruled by money, both the World and its human, ethic, verbal, legal language, the world. This we know. We live in a capitalist democracy, but the word ‘democracy’ is the placebo attachment. The true engine of power is capitalism. And so the language of democracies, the ethic law, which represents the will of the people – a verbal species – is ruled by digital numbers, the language of capitalism.

More specifically we live in an evolving eco(nomic)system, in which money is the ‘neuronal brain’ that directs the evolution of the machines of the Industrial r=evolution that humans re=produce, working, and test, consuming, to further evolve them.

Even more specifically in scientific terms we could talk of the ‘Financial-Media (informative machines)/ Military-Industrial (energetic machines) Complex. And this complex, complementary system follows the laws of all Complex systems whose study I have pioneered in the millieu of General Systems Science, the science of which I am a leading researcher. Thus no long ago I was handled the conferences of Monetary Systems at the World congress of systems sciences and gave two conferences, the first one entitled, The Financial-Media/military-Industrial System, the ‘FMMI system’… It defined with the arid laws of systems sciences the structure, evolution, parts and wholes, symbiotic relationships etc of such a system.

Then I gave a second conference on the history of the people who created, own and direct the world with the FInancial-Media Head which directs the military-industrial complex and both together control through corporations and their hundred of millions of workers the world, designed the future according to their agenda.

Next, i learned a member of the culture that owns the FInancial-Media system, anonymously denounced me for revealing this complex dual human/mechanical head of the Capitalist Hydra, the paper was erased, I lost my position and this was the end of my career trying to explain the eco(nomic)system, how money rules, it, who rules it, what needs to be changed to cre(dit)ate a sustainable world, etc. etc.

Why i tell you this story? Because this article will deal with that theme, and the ‘politically correct, economically correct’ censorship or ‘newspeak’ that hides systematically both, the mechanical ways in which money and audiovisual information, made with the same machines in each age of the industrial revolution, rules the world today and who owns it.

Let us start from the leading nation of the Industrial Revolution and the electronic age, the US. Here is crystal clear what the Financial-Media ‘head’ of the eco(nomic)system is, where it is focused, and who owns it.

We have two poles. Wall street is the financial system and hollywood is the media system. Wall street gives us the financial, digital information, the monetary orders that define what is re=produced and what is not, which machines we have and which we don’t (most), which welfare goods are cre(dit)ated and which are not (very few).

Then on the other side of America, the Media system concentrated in California, in Hollywood manufactures the brain of the American and western people. And we say western people because de facto the power of Wall street and hollywood reaches the entire globe, either by direct imposition or mostly by IMITATION, the fundamental form of creativity of the Universe.

The films and trends and songs and ideas of Hollywood distribute world wide and imprint worldwide minds.

The trends of wall street are imitated by every other company of the world, to the point that at 9.30 AM when the W.S. market opens the entire planet listens and follows in each western stock, its trends.

London is a small brother mimetic to W.S. and Hollywood, but essentially if we make a ceteris paribus analysis it suffices to know how W.S. + hollywood, the American Financial-MEdia system rules all other western systems of power to understand how the ‘head’ of the eco(nomic)system operates.

even if in other countries the structure of the Financial-Media system is not so clear, with the globalization of the world, the entire planet by imitation or alliance are ruled by the American Financial-Media system, except the Chinese block and to a certain extent its allies or those cultures who are opposed to America, Russia and Islamic and African nations are not totally ‘owned’ and brain-washed by American media.

The political system, the ‘democracy’ of the capitalist FMMI complex is thus largely irrelevant as it obeys the owners of the FInancial-Media complex, or else, they will be massively attacked by the media system, and its finances, money, credit, currency, treasuries, bonds, etc. will be attacked by Wall Street. They will be trained to obey the Financial-Media system. Since Nixon every politico knows it need money from the FMMI system to campaign, and TVs addicted to them to reach people and win elections. So every politico in America and each ‘clonic nation’ of the west in which the biggest financial and audiovisual companies are allies or participated by American conglomerate obey the owners of the FM head.

So now, to the censored part. You can still talk about the FM-mechanical part, the machines and how they control people, but the biggest taboo in the western world is to talk about the owners of Hollywood and wall street and how they set their tribal, cultural agenda to the entire western world, nation after nation, to all their politicos and institutions, to become truly as owners of the machines that print money and ideas, the rules of the world, the thinking head of mankind.

It should then obvious that to understand the future of the human side of the world, we need to identify, define culturally and explain what those ‘owners’ of the FM system think, what they want, what they love, what they hate, how they see mankind and the future. Because they alone through its millions of corporative workers and hired politicos will define the future.

And so if you want to interpret the present zeitgeist, behind the scenes, if you want to know why the news-peaks of each day are what they are, what YOU HATE AND LOVE AS A HUMAN MANUFACTURED BY THE FM SYSTEM, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

But and this is the twist of it, the biggest taboo of the western world is to explain who own the FM system, their real history, how they got here, what they want, what is their agenda. And this is so because in all complementary systems, the head and language of information is small, secretive, hidden… You dont see money, hidden inyour pocket. The properties of information and its secret languages are thus the key to the power of the FM system, in opposite fashion to the evident, ‘energetic’ industrial-military complex it directs, the ‘obvious’ body, big and in perpetual action.

In the posts of general systems we explain how in the universe this duality happens in all complex systems from atoms in which quarks are invisible, the informative center, and we only perceive the electronic body, to cells in which small DNA, packed behind a nucleus direct a huge body, to the FMMI system.

All this said now without need to go further, think for a minute. Who owns hollywood and wall street? There is a culture small in numbers but dense in information, who is overwhelmingly dominant as owner of the financial and audiovisual corporations of W.S. and hollywood?  You dont have to be a scholar, a genius, a researcher to know that actually there is such a culture.

Now consider the world you live, the news you hear, the ideas that have manufactured your world and you will realize, they are ALL since millennia, ideas created by this people’s culture, not only now but since the first machines that printed money and news, and even before, since the first metal gold and the first verbal religions manufactured the mind of people.

Yes, the FM system is that old, and the people who have owned it for millennia are that old. And they have always ruled the western world with its money and ideas.

That might seem fine. The problem we have in this blog with them, is that they rule the world with money and ideas NOT for the entire people of the world, for a sustainable world, for the betterment of mankind, as heads do, when they direct bodies, dna does when it directs a cell – the problem we have is that this head of mankind is NOT working for all of us, it is rather like a crazy man who hurts its body because it despises it and does not care for it.  And the result of this mismanagement of the world is rather obvious. As in a crazy head who hurts its body, and falls sick and even dies, with their body, in other parts of this blog we study how this crazy heads, hurts its body, falls sick and even dies with their body in the cycles of war and holocaust.


Instead, it follows it selfish agenda, we are the chosen of the FM system so we have to have it all. All the money energy for us, all the power for us, all the goodies for us, and nothing for the rest. Their bankers parasite the real economy and keep printing money for themselves. Their nation keeps asking for more weapons to the western world they rule, keeps promoting hate against billions of the poorest people of this planet, keeps demonizing anyone who opposes them, including and foremost those who follow the prophets of love that tried to reform them.

Once you understand this we can consider two themes in this post. One the day to day zeitgeist of August tht shows the agenda of these people and how all the western politicos and TVs and military-industrial complexes obey them.

And then just for ‘fun’, we shall list some members of this crazy head which are at it – which are hard working extinguisining Gaia their body, bringing judgement day to them and all of us. First the zeitgeist.

AUGUST – 26: ‘orchestrated manoevers in darkness’

Those we hate cannot be ‘democratic nations’, nor their victims matter.

Today 26 august the crazy head of the western world, moved by eternal hate against their brothers in blood, not in culture, after letting 1 million strong people to die or exile from their neighbor, Syria, have decided the destruction of Syria is good enough to intervene.

So the FM system first suddenly found alas, surprise, that after that million victims happened there have been 150 people dead by chemical weapons! Alas, so this minimal crime compared to the whole crime is so important that now when the dictator and the jihad that opposes them have destroyed their people, we shall intervene, clean the field and take over. It is worth to observe how the FM system orchestrated it.

First ‘Doctors without borders’, an organization founded by a member of this culture suddenly discovered this crime equal to all the other crimes of this war, but alas, now is the time set by the leaders of the FM nation.

Never  mind there is zero proof that the government and not the jihad used those relatively expensive, easy to manufacture weapons. As it happened it seems more likely that the jihad is guilty, since the attack took place precisely the day the UNO observers arrived to Damascus to study prior crimes. It would be ridiculous that Assad would attack with chemical weapons, the day the UNO observers were there.

But none of this has been said in the FM system. Of course, Assad has been blamed by all. And immediatly the entire  audiovisual planet carried the news obsessively, according to the Goebbels method (if you repeat a lie – or a half truth more properly – many times people will believe it.) Since we are being bombed day by day by these atrocious crime suddenly found after a year of war.

Next the hired politicos of the western world, either belonging to this nation by culture and race (Mr. Cameron, Mr. Hollande) or simple house negroes that obey them, because they live after all as Malcolm X explains in the white house, and always says when the master is sick ‘are we sick master?’, have come forward, suddenly very worried about this 150 people dying, when there are more than one million syrians refugees dying in surrounding arab nations (of course the nation who owns the FM system, which is neighbor of syria doesn’t let this inferior not chosen enter, the word empathy and charity is not in their vocabulary, those who do not belong to this nation are called by them, ‘animals’, in their arcane language).

Immediatly as it happened in the coup d’etat of Egypt, when the Israeli government adviced western qisling politicos that ‘the army is the best solution to keep order’, Israel joined. But Israel will not put the soldiers. The western mercenary armies and politicos that work for decades to defend the last apartheid nation of the world will do the job with the tax-payer money that still has not been grabbed by their financiers. Little is left – if we add what America spends paying debts and grabbings of financiers and to the military that defends worldwide Israel, it amounts to… 100% of the budget – the rest, what the Americans get, is deficit.

It is indeed astounding the power of Media to manufacture brains. Such slavery to the master has never been seen except among house negroes. So the whole nation could be said to be now enslaved to the purpose.

And of course, as it happens in Irak we are NOT waiting to find real proofs that Assad did it (nor that we should consider death by sarin gas worst than any other death even if Assad did it – here is the hypocritical ‘choice’ of timing). So we are going to war with false assumptions as we did in Irak. Why now is obvious. The country is destroyed and that is what Israel wants. Weak, destroyed Muslim nations or addicted ones ruled by military dictators corrupted by western money (Egyptian army that gets 1.5 billion from the US).  So tomorrow the deluded British Empire, which has been under the thumb of the FM system since Mr. Rothschild said ‘I dont care whose puppet seats in the throne of Saint George, whoever issues the money of the empire rules it and i issue its money’ will work again for their masters. Never mind mr. Cameron has cut off social security, unemployment benefits, investments in the welfare state. Money to defend his ‘other nation’ is always there.  Only antonov, the Russian foreign minister has been clear enough: ‘The West is in the Muslim world, like a monkey with a loose granade’

And so now we have the stage for what matters, to clean up, further destroy syria and eliminate one enemy, just a week AFTER eliminating the other neighbor’s enemy and its democratically elected government with another orchestrated coup d’etat (Egypt). Got it? If you dont’ get it, sorry you are either a dummie or just so well manufactured in your brain you will never get it.

This seems to be the case of the Pope, the naive fella that has come as the surprise icing of the cake, affirming that it is time to intervene in one of the sides to stop this children’s suffering. It surprised me, as the head of a religion of love, not fully controlled by the FM system. By definition a love religion should NEVER take sides but ask only for the end of war in both sides. And certainly should understand better the real-politiks of the world.

And so now we move a week backwards to the other pawn they have destroyed this month of august. The no chosen egyptian that according to their racially ‘challenged’ religion and dogma are descendants of Ham, under the so called Ham Damnation and hence are called not even animals but ‘dogs’ without any rights. So the dogs obviously cannot be democratic, cannot elect a social party, cannot have rights. Instead if they elect a government that works for the people, the military which is always corrupted by the FMMI system by DEFINITION will bring again ‘order’.  LOL


The problem of  the military is that they are very obvious. While a dictatorship of money is too complex for the human sheep to understand the military whose only job is to give stupid orders, loot and kill anyone who does not obey shows.

Thus when the economic crises move from democratic capitalism towards military capitalism, two phases of the same system, and the military take over the eco(nomic)system, the mask of democracy falls.

This happened in Europe in the previous crisis, in the 30s, when the entire ‘democratic’ European world backed shamelessly the military coup d’etat of Franco in the splendid little ‘civil’ war of Spain against the democratically elected, r=evolutionary, socialist republic. 

The world backed the dictator, backed the German arms deals with Franco, embargoed the Republic and let Franco kill 3 million spaniards…

And now it has happened when the entire Western World has backed a coup d’etat, which will derive in thousands of massacred people, of a corrupted military caste that has toppled a democratically elected government, of social nature (the Muslim brothers spent most of their money in health-care, education and food for the 60% of egyptians under the poverty line). And not a single government has condemened it. On the contrary as it happened in the 30s, the military receive billions of $ in help from the West and the entire mass-media system has backed the coup and refused even to use that name.
What of Egypt from the cycles of history is important.

It is equivalent to the meeting hold by by the Jewish ‘socialist’ French president to the service of the Rothschild et al, French branch – Mr. blum, whose government decreed with the help of US and Britain, an embargo to the republic, so it won’t receive weapons and loose the war. While EVERY DEMOCRATIC NATION POURED MILLIONS INTO THE HANDS OF FRANCO. For example, US and Great britain sold Franco oil for 10 times the value of what it cost Hitler his gift of planes and tanks to the dictator – through shell and exxon.
Of course you need to understand that changes in ‘history rhyme with different verse “(Twain).
But what remains for us is more important:
In both cases the mask of capitalist democracies fell.

The mask being ‘democracy’, the government of the people for whom we care. What remains is ‘capitalism’, the search for profit making, selling and using machines of maximal profit – weapons.
The justification by our governments of the military coup in Egypt, in which democratically elected a party was dedicated to Keynesianism and socialism in the economy – all the money was spent on health and education and ‘culture’ as much as we have ‘been manufactured’ to hate Islam, yes, Islam is culture means this:
The world in now under the ethics of war for profits, and there is no ethics in war. Thus all the ‘animetal’ elites of bankers and industrialists in all the countries of the world can do as they want  with their peoples. This started with Bush but now Obama certifies that weapons and money fwill make with mankind whatever is needed to maintain profits coming. That is, will exterminate humans, the poor and those who defend them as they are doing with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The political -war side.

So of course, there is also a political, legal, military side to the globalised empire of the FMasters, namely III world war, which is just a blown up war between Islam and Israel, the oldest semitic cultures of the western world.

So let us consider as we have done with the economic control of creationist economics, with its single purpose of parasitising as debt slaves the rest of mankind and hide it all with the Holocaust industry, how the FMasters have achieved the unthinkable, just 50 years ago – the return of the European-American civilisation they control financially and politically, back from the heights of social evolution, both in economics with Keynesian New Deal and New Society and european social democratic welfare age,  and politically with the diplomatic process of dissolution of nations into international institutions (EU, UNO) into the primitive colonial XIX century brutal capitalism and shameless massacre of the poor 3rd world, for the sake of maintaining a bronze age, racist religious state buttressed with the most advanced robotic weapons, protected by the mercenary armies of all the western nations. It is a process that took 3 stages of increasing brutalisation and degradation of the ‘enemy’, the islamic civilisation to reach the present ‘bronze age behaviour’ of the Jihadist terrorist beasty people.
1) For 50 years Israel ran a concentration camp, the occupied territories under racist laws, copycat of the laws of the III reich, and South-Africa apartheid, while allowing the most backward, talmudic social groups to grow in power, with subventions, no military service, dedicated to reproduce children and repeat the needed ‘animal treatment’ to gentiles explained in its bronze age racist cults, to the point that within decades at the top of the robotic military industry they will be majority in the government and as their credo is the genocide of the ‘arabs’ living in the ‘sacred territories’ will certainly implement the extermination of those living in the concentration camp.
2) at the same time to control, disguise and further brutalise the enemy – given the fact that humanist people were backing moderate palestinians, its closely controlled French, British and American governments, (where the majority of foreign Jews lived, besides the anti$emitic russia) liberally provided weapons to military thugs establishing, corrupted western brutal dictatorships in all arab nations, while feeding also liberally with weapons and passports the most radical religious zealots, with the obvious goal of provoking a series of civil wars that destroyed the civil fabric of all those societies – so as Lenin was sent by the german army in a closed train to explode russia, the french, controlled government, since the times of the ‘Bankers of the king after the revolution (rothschild et al) who had given the bomb, when the Kennedy brothers opposed it, a few months before their murders by the ‘usual, convenient’ hired bad boys (a communist oswald and a palestinian who killed joseph), sneaked into Iran, the ayatollah, while the Americans liberally provided weapons to al quaeda.
It was obvious that once the commies were gone, the other enemy of capitalism, more personal – that is, the enemy of the bankers of capitalism, Islam, had to breed, its own crazies, to have a good excuse. So there was no attempt to rise the education of those people, to create democracies, to build as I used to propose to the FMasters a peaceful Israel, integrated in the EU, in a demilitarised zone, with a single state and free rights to work in Europe, where most palestinians and many jews would have emigrated. None of this was ‘good’, because humanist solutions are NOT in the book of animetal go(l)d and iron worshippers.
3) So alas, 9/11, the day I write, being its 15 anniversary did happen. And we shall not enter into details as if it was known or suspected and was let to happen. What mattered next is that it  took LONGER than it was required to defeat the entire Nazi army to discover a terrorist in a mule, so it had time enough to create a global electronic big brother, an emerging robotic terminator industry, a militarised world system, a massive influx of hate media and a series of splendid little wars against different Islamic nations. And then finally the jewish Mossad/CIA agent Mr. Assange (inventor of the CIA program that allows to extract information through a fax), created a masterful hollywood plot of ‘freedom’ for the Arabs of the final enemies, Iran, Syria and Lybia, to plunge them into civil wars.
But did not publish any of the immense wealth of cables of the tel aviv embassy, defending his confessed admired ‘bibi’. Because Egypt backfired (this had a good dictator) when it tried to become democratic, soon we got another al sisi dictator, hailed by western europe as a democratic saviour, who condemned to death wholesale thousands of peaceful demonstrators. So now we do have a massive world of civil wars between military dictators and jihads, in a brutalised civilisation that represents more than 1 billion of the poorest human beings, treated as colonial XIX century Europe treated primitive negroes and Asians, as Israel, a colonial primitive state becomes the role model of the robotic military age, and all nations imitate their robotised walls, segregational laws, despise for the poor and the arabs and negroes which a racist rabbi of the bronze age dictated to be inferior to dogs because his ancestor ham peed on Noah – legal reason upholded in american courts to defend slavery till the civil war.
Meanwhile the alternative humanist Eu-ONU social democratic civilisation withers away, as bankers stole the rights to print money from its nations and its citizens (ECB bank, which issues money only for corporations run systematically by Am segullah, from Tritchet to Goldman sachs vp Draghi), converted Greece in a debt state nation, in a classic move, after liberally providing their conservative politicians with soft money loans for corruption and military spending against its classic turkish rival. Soon all european nations were converted into debt slaves with the lowest gdp growth in the planet, except those who produce not welfare goods, which states must pay for with issues of money as stock-markets do not finance human goods, except germany, which is the mechanical nation, where all the money goes to reproduce machines with robots and low paid workers, who don’t seem to need more than pork and grey dresses – the animetal culture par excellence.
So alas, just when Europeans start to complain and understand, a series of jewish politicians, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, Sarkozy, took over the 3 ruling North-European nations, put in all the important economical and foreign ministries members of the Am Segullah people castes, and tied further the knot around the choked necks of european citizens, liberally providing good excuses for Jihad terrorism, from systemic insults to Mohammed (danish paper, charlie), to myopic indifference to the movements of well known jihad soldiers (french astounding failures in all the massacres of jihad resemble closely the stubborn denial of the risks of 9/11, warned several times by agents), to an astounding cynical, perverse do-nothing except bomb with our robots, permission to continue given to Jihad Daesh and Syria’s civil war, the Poland ‘historic territories’ which Israel right wing considers to be part of grand israel, who require a proper ethnic cleansing. So a rag army of kids with kalashnikovs that military advisors said could be erased with a 2 week Uno campaign, Daesh, is allowed to terrorise and massacre Irak and Syria alike, and send jihad terrorists to Europe, but american and european nations, who spend well over a trillion dollars in weapons to ‘protect us’, cannot send land troops and erase them from the face of the earth???!!!! And son on top, the jewish chancellor miss Merkel, who backs all the policies of debt slavery of the ecb that have killed the social-democratic, most advanced humanist civilisation till date, in europe – a hated rival to the American capitalist society, which was a sore wound on the face of the blibical capitalist empire, as it showed a better world was possible… this callous iron woman, suddenly became compassive and imported without any check 1 million Syrians to keep the ethnic cleansing of the future territories of grand Israel, in a massacre not unlike that of the SS over Poland.
And of course, all this keeps rising islamophobia, and become a perfect excuse for Mr. Cameron to protect city bankers, to brexit, condemning an entire new generation of brits that were evolving away from imperial nostalgia and joining the europeans in their attempt to create an alternative future for mankind…

This will say though: THE LAST BATTLE FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES WAS FOUGHT IN AMERICA, a small world of all races and cultures, between the two dominant cultures of the west, the enlightened wor(l)d, the European, Greek->Latin->French/American r=evolutions and the false light of go(l)d, the Jewish->Protestant->Capitalist->Corporative Metal-earth.

America, the REAL ONE, the land of the free human beings, was defeated. In his awesome book Zinn, tell us the history of the American people in search of freedom, being capture by the gold-iron cultures of Europe they run away from. In the coup d’etat of 1972, though America, the REAL ONE, the free enlightened America was  lost and died, and as in a corpse, the Biblical America that won, evilwood and Wall Street and its FMasters, kept the skin of the corpse, with a lot of make-up, of political and economical newspeaks of correctness, and the nation became a zombie, breeding inside the hard insects of the metal-earth. When I arrived there, in the 80s, ‘ENLIGHTENED’  America has just died, the DREAM WAS A NIGHTMARE FIRST, and then a flat encephalogram, of fiction thought, of ‘californios’, the beautiful, retarded youngsters of the prophetic Wells’ book ‘time machine’, and though many people did not yet know, in the night, the Morlocks, the Zombies were about to rise to earth them up. 

Unfortunately because the goal of evolution of mankind is now gone, substituted by the evolution of selfish memes of metal, humans are regressing fast to earlier, corrupted versions of that universal goal, and that is the meaning of the revivalism of primitive memes of abrahamic religions, nationalisms, capitalisms and mechanical simplex visions of the Universe, for which we will show a complete scorn, using derogatory terms to counter-act the astounding amount of censorship and newspeaks of political and economical correctness that jail the mind of human beings.

It must be clear from the beginning: when I ‘insult’ ‘memes’ that jail the mind of all mankind today, regressing the species to Homo Bacteria and Homo tribal is, I am doing the proper scientific criticism, as when a biologists laughs at creationism (so we will laugh at creationist economics, aka capitalism, which thinks ‘societies must be guided by the invisible hand of go(l)d, money, astoundingly enough the guidance of the so-called father of economics, Mr. Smith, a pious calvinist believer in fetish gold religions), or when we call ‘systematically’, the nationalist german meme a ‘germ’. If i say Mr. Hitler is, besides being a human which at biological level can be nice, as he was to his friends and women, a germ, when acting idologically, imbedded of the national meme of ‘germany’, i am indeed talking of its real memetic function in the structure of the Metal-earth as an enzymen who fostered the evolution of weapons.

I couldn’t care less about Mr. Hitlers’ specific psychological ‘bullshit’, aryan theories, eugenics, or whatever he littered his mind with, to achieve the purpose of his ‘memetic code’, to evolve the selfish memes of metal of the rival superorganism of the metal earth by making of weapons evolution, and its use for genocidal purpose all over Europe, the purpose of a renewed germ-anic nationalist viral meme.

And the same happens today when we deal with the ‘you meme’ of greed, origin of capitalism at the height of its power, which cannot be criticised on behalf of a misunderstood political correctness and caring. 

But we do not want to enter into details of the evil=antilive ways of the people on those 3 graphs and the astounding parallelism of the 3 ages of war of the industrial r=evolution.

It is the bottom line: the hypocrisy of the British culture, in all things human, the propaganda ministry of mr. Goebbels, the astounding bias of hate tv-media and falsehoods of marketing and propaganda regarding the effects of machines… all this is just a modern version of the fundamental consequence of substituting the natural ethic values of the wor(l)d by the falsehood of digital money. Words today are fiction, manipulation, ‘fasces’, mascaras of caring, newspeaks, modern versions of Goebbels’ method: ‘if you lie many times people will believe you’.

What is new today is the astounding lack of a true left-wing, humanist, social scholar mass that dares as socialism did with fascism, orwell with stalinist communism, the humanist european writers like Mr. Hugo, did with colonialism, or this writer does with the newspeaks of the industry of the holocaust, the robotic technoutopians and the newspeaks of research in the nuclear industry.

It is today a very lonely place, to be truly human, to defend truly the values of the wor(l)d, to love mankind as a whole – a clear symbol that the corruption of life by the animetal viral infection is so extended that we are close to the final point of collapse of a super organism, called mankind, the point where only your ego-cell is alive, your body a complete corpse, your memories being erased as your entropic dead motion travels inside your scalar, faster world of cellular inversion, towards the dissolution of all information once was ‘your ego, your existence your organic whole’. It is the parable of Lot, when not a single other human of the cities of warriors (gomorrah) and traders (sodoma) had been completely corrupted by violence and greed… It is in this point of corruption when so few true humanist writers are left, when we know the end of a culture is near.

So in each hardcore 3rd phase of militarism of the 800-80 years wave, members of those 2 hardened animetal cults come forward to do whatever it is needed (massacre mankind, their middle classes and bring the gottendamerung of the final hecatomb of war and holocaust) to keep the profitable reproduction of their machines turned weapons – since their extreme fundamentalist metal-beliefs are ‘above’ humanity, which can be spared. And of course, every other people-caste on top of every other human society follows them. All has changed to remain the same.

Yet ultimately we cannot truly blame the ‘yous and germs’ from what they do, and this is indeed the final stage in which I am finding myself now, when all my struggles to change the world as a prophet=scientist of history are gone. I am dust of space-time as all other beings of this Universe and my species has dumped me because it does not have the freedom to survive.

Indeed, both cultures are obsessed by security and survival, and yet cannot even grasp the action-reaction laws of the Universe, which kills them. 3000 years ago there were 4 dominant cultures in the west. Germans occupied half of Europe and ‘yous’ were 10% of the population of the roman empire. But those who kill with iron die by iron and you cannot serve two gods, the wor(l)d and Go(l)d and so, those action reaction wars and holocausts have made those 2 cultures the less successful in the only true measure of intelligence -survival. And yet nothing has been learned, neither by them, nor by humanity who should have taken away from those 2 idol-ogies military and financial power.

When Mr. Stalin said that germans had to be returned to a farming Denmark state he was right. Now, they are destroying Europe again.

When semite humanist prophets, first with christ forbade the racist ‘chosen’ memes of torah and then with Mohammed, the usury of go(l)d, they were right, those are the racist and financial hypnotic memes who enslave ‘yous’ to Moses Damnation, which after condemning golden calf believers to ghenna, uttered its prop-ethic thought: ‘the yous will suffer all their life for their love of go(l)d’.

Such are the solutions of the prophets=scientists of bio-history, who understand its cycles of future and its solutions mental control of the negative memes of hate towards life and mankind, of animetal cult(ures), NEVER, death of the genetic bodies that mean nothing (those are the solutions however the animetals impose to mankind, and to themselves in their bid for global power, hence Germans massacre yous and yous enslave germans to death by poverty in the rhythms of the cycles of wars and holocausts provoked by their elites, which both deny).

AND NOW OF COURSE, we are in the same region of history, and the same whys, whens, whos, whats and hows are going to happen again, because not a single rational scientist of history is managed the world

And so in front of so much deterministic self-suicidal behaviour guided by the hidden value of gold, we shall ask ourselves:

Does it matter to anyone that we become extinguished? Actually it does not seem to matter – to humans certainly it seems not, as they cannot even grasp the processes of death and prevent it, to the Universe much less – only to each individual ego.

So what is the purpose of existence? On my view, to exist suffice in itself, to ‘sense’ and be part of the absolute Universe, sensations those our aberrant civilisation that goes against all the laws of nature makes so difficult. Because the western animetal world is so full of ‘$hit’, such a fake of existence, as today the American civilisation has become, so displeasing to those laws, I have come to accept my personal extinction now certified by those stats – as a writer is in a structural sense its mind-work not its genes, which in any case i did not reproduce. Humans will not it seems become enlightened by a ‘saviour’ of those who created seeds of a new wave of social love, a new ‘organic civilisation’, but we shall merely expect a seed of fascism, prophet of war and extinction as we forecast in our books decade ago, explained in the next graph, of the two waves of neofascism:


The devolution of Religions

Unfortunately, at this stage of history it is obvious that Judaism has regressed to the traits that cause the cycle of the Holocaust – into a racist culture, based in a book of history, called the Talmud, which is the essence of racial bias. Indeed, while naive readers might think the Book of history of Israel is a Book about the creator of the Universe, it is really just a book of tribal history and an ego-trip of racial superiority, to the point that it has gone a notch farther than German Nazism – the Jewish in that book are NOT only depicted as the superior race but they are more than humans, ‘chosen of God’, the Mind of the Universe that seems to be attentive to ‘a mush over the surface of a lost rock’ (Schopenhauer definition of humanity).

Frankly the astounding thing about this goat-keeper peasant called Mesu, a warrior of the Pharaoh, who saw a burning bush, and thought it was God, because his fire hypnotized his eye, and his brother, who dissented and thought a statue of a cow made of gold, was god because its shiny color hypnotized his eye, is NOT that 2 bronze, primitive peasants believed that, but that billions of human beings today, buttressed with the last generation of weapons, still believe that retarded history – and will die and destroy the planet to protect this myth, instead of evolving into a scientific analysis of history as provided in this web and get on with their myths, paranoias, end the holocaust cycle and work together to save the Earth.

Does this means religions have no role in History? Of course, not. Religions have a fundamental function, which is to promote eusocial love, the understanding that we, all humans are equal, and form part of an eusocial superorganism, mankind; that through love, the sharing of energy and information among ALL human cells, we can build a better world, a planet in which we humans are the collective mind of Gaia, the Earth of Life we must cherish, building a world to the image of man, made to the likeness of the organic universe.

This final evolution of religions, which is embodied in Oikoumene religions, Buddhism, Bahai, Islam and Christianity, however has been corrupted throughout history by the use of weapons to convert others – inquisitions of war – and the use of Go(l)d, of money, to control others. And so Inquisitions of warriors and Go(l)d churches have corrupted the message of love of the most advanced religions. Yihadism is the military corruption of Islam and Orthodox Judaism, with his myths and feelings of superiority based in the concept that the Jewish people are the Am Segullah, ill translated as ‘Chosen people’, when in fact means Am=People Segullah=Treasure, that is people who have money, people of the treasure, the Go(l)d people, is the essential Go(l)d religion. Today the world is owned by the people of this Go(l)d religion, which have accumulated money as an offer to their temples since the age of Aaron and the Golden Calf. This corruption of a religion that has not evolved to embrace all humans (or rather it evolved through Christianity), now facing another religion, corrupted by weapons (Jihadism, which is only a  sect but NOT all Islam) should be stopped. But it can’t because go(l)d pays information or rather misinformation and weapons are big business. So what could have been a goal for all mankind – the creation of a superorganism of history, in which man ruled supreme, through the eusocial evolution of religions – will become the reason of our extinction: the creation of weapons of mass-destruction of the singularity age to continue the hate-speeches and robotic wars of the age of neofascism.

Indeed, it was all told to us by the parables of the first book of true eusocial love religions, the Genesis, which explained how men worshiped the tree of life and were a single nation, and then they ate of the bad fruits of the tree of science (weapons) and Cain killed Abel and his son Tubal became the master of Iron and war, and people divided into tribes with different languages and killed each other, and Lot could not find a single just man to save the cities of warriors, Gomorrahs and the cities of traders, sodomas, and so at the end of times, which is now, in the Age of the singularity, the prophet =historian of the future of Genesis told us what will be our non-future. And many have told us the same, but the stupidwhite man, with his visual brain, hypnotized by Go(l)d, with his arrogance and indifference for the tree of life has never listened.

Neofascism and the singularity Age is probably the last cycle of history, the next Holocaust of the Human Kind, will be probably the last Holocaust… And yet, as much as we wished this not to happen, at present it seems unavoidable, because all the trends and behaviors of past cycles of war, neofascism and holocausts are happening. And of course, as in all those cycles, it is impossible to tell the truth about them. Indeed, on one side the Human Mass that will be killed by the machines of the singularity have no idea of the meaning, evolution and future organic nature of those machines, since corporations and scientists that make money with them will never allowed this kind of information about the negative side effects of robotics and computers, provided here, to be openly discussed by the ‘real powers’. On the other side, the millenarian castes of banker-priests and nationalistic warriors have achieved the unthinkable at the height of the 60s r=evolution: a return to the retarded myths and hate-speeches between nations and social classes that we thought we had left behind.

So today, we live in an absurd American world where ‘America’, which merely is the sum of all the racesand cultures of the Earth in a micro-region of the Earth, feels as an entity different from mankind. We live in an absurd world where the Jewish People, the lower castes of Judaism, which are the scapegoat for the misdeeds of its bankers and the racist doctrines of its rabbis, instead of evolving and embracing mankind as they were about to do in the 60s have embraced the inquisitions of their Bronze Age culture of racist rabbis and Go(l)d bankers, which is the cause of the Holocaust – not the perpetrators, which are the warrior, antisemite castes that dispute them their power over the human mass. So wars and holocausts follow their cycles again. Nothing has been learned from the past.

Now the reader must understand this writer doesn’t obviously want the extinction of mankind, neither the Holocaust of the Jewish people – given the fact that it is a mestizo ‘levy’, luis, which in a fascist state would be signaled out. My position in that sense is closer to that of Mr. Chomsky, a scholar with whom I have had a 20 years old conversation on this and other themes, in that I believe a reform of judaism could have saved the world, if the banker-priests of that culture had evolved their ‘capitalist myths’ and racial myths, their go(l)d beliefs and lead mankind into an evolved international society. This has not happened and so the Jewish question has returned, the economical crisis has happened and the fascist answer is in the making. And while today America is and will be pro-Israel as long as the economical power of the banker priests remains, the cycle shows that the ‘Am Segullah’ care nothing for their lower castes, as the aristocratic warriors of Spain or Germany never cared for their peasants and soldiers. And so they will abandon the country and only then, when the US is ruined and the owners of their corporations are no longer there, as it happened in Germany after they migrated to the US or in Russia after they migrated to Israel, ‘antisemitism’ will thrive and the cycle will happen.

The next stage: Neofascism in America, the 2 ages of the Tea party. Historic parallelism.

In that regard, because America is owned by corporations, owned by Jewish people (financial corporations, Media, and most CFOs of the 500 fortune), which overwhelmingly consider the interests of Israel, their true nation, higher than those of America, their ‘colony’, neofascism today has 2 sides and it will play its 2nd age in America…

The first stage is being played now and it is rather obvious: Today a massive control of the media and political system by Corporations, includes also the presidency, which is merely an upgraded corrupted ‘inner city major’, as those the Jewish Corporations backed in cities during the 80s and 90s, to obtain contracts from local politics for their real states deal and other games of power. So neofascism today is played giving higher ‘personal rights’ to Companies and their property – the robotic machines that are substituting workers and are ‘sacred property’ that cannot be damaged. While the rights of the Chicanos are reduced by considering them illegal. racism against blacks is nominally diminished by the ‘inner city major’ presidency, but economical dispossession grows. So neofascism will focus in America in Muslims – witness the outstanding campaign against the moderate, pro-American Muslim who wants to open the Cordoba Cultural center in NY – and against the biggest minority of poor people, Chicanos – witness the racist laws of Arizona.

In this first phase the Tea Party, the Future Nazi party of America, as it happened in Germany, when Hitler was paid by corporations to destroy the Communist and Socialist organizations of workers, during the 29 crisis, is paid by oil and media corporations (Murdoch ‘greene’ and the Koch brothers) to play the same role that Mr. Obama plays today: to advance the hate against Islam and the poor (mostly latinos, as an african-american is in power).

But the Tea party has a grass movement of white people from the South that will, as it happened with the Nazi party, rooted in the Bavarian south, change sides and bite the hand of his master, when the master abandons America for richer lands to the East and settles in the golden coast North of Sydney to play financial games in H.K. and Mumbai.

And this will happen after the crash of the dollar, as it happened in Germany after the crash of the deutsche mark that saw the ‘great migration’ to NY of Jewish capital, which ruined the Reich. Thus, when in the 2020s China overcomes America and corporate money crashes the dollar moving to the higher profit region of Asia, the eternal cycle of the Holocaust, in which the poor and mestizo Jews are massacred as scapegoats of the rich will be looming on the American ‘Front’.

Since the great corporations will move to Australia and Hong Kong, and so will the jewish moguls, leaving behind the Jewish poor.

It is then when the Tea party without billionaires to fuel its present hate against Muslims will change sides and its rhetoric will move to denounce the fact that 7 million Israelis have colonized through the control of the American political and economical system, America; as the colonial British dominated. This populist Tea Party with a leader we still ignore will be the neo-Hitler of the III cycle of fascism (we cannot predict the ‘individual cells” of an organic system but its generic cycles, so for example, we predicted in our first book, ‘Biohistory, c.94 that in 2000 a fascist, military leader would take over America and start a splendid little war, but we thought it would be Powell, and it turned out to be Bush).

He will state that the Israeli colonists are detracting through speculation and taxes the money of America and taking his troops to fight the Imperial wars of Israel, as the original Tea party affirmed that the British colonists were detracting with taxes and taking troops from America to fight the Imperial wars of great Britain. Yet the ‘Am Segullah’, the financial class of the Jewish people, the true guilty of theHolocaust cycle will be gone, and so the innocent Jews, the ones with a pap and dad shop, the ones who didn’t have enough money to run, will be the targets along other minorities…

At that point, an impoverished America will seek revenge against the Israeli colonists and civil wars will break. The Israeli colonists will have to move back to Israel or massacre the Americans. While Israel,  alone against the Islamic world with the best army of the world, entirely mechanized, made of terminators and predators… fully integrated in the ‘inhuman age’ of the singularity, will probably seek the Final solution and eliminate the Palestinians, while the Arab world or maybe America, depending on who wins the Civil wars there, will seek to eliminate Israel with Nuclear bombs.

It is in that sense interesting to observe the parallelisms between the two waves of fascism, that of Hitler and that of the Tea party, as they were depicted in my earlier books a decade ago, to notice the extreme parallelism of both processes. The Jargon of those books was somewhat closer to the biological jargon of the sciences of Complexity, which I use in my personal work but it is easy to understand:

Of course all this could have been avoided if Israel and orthodox judaism had evolved as its true prophets, from Moses to Jesus to Marx, have told them, into eusocial love, and guided with their money and special qualities for information the human kind into a sustainable world.

Or if the other side of the coin of this culture the go(l)d priests of capitalism, its bankers had allowed the economic ecosystem to evolve into a science to the service of mankind. But the essential characteristic of this culture: ‘do not see the beam in our eye only the girdle in the eye of mankind’ has resulted in the ‘scientific fact’ that the destruction of life and the slavery of man to corporations and the investment of all our resources in the evolution of machines not of man is a ‘science of economics’ not a defect of greed. So at this point it is simply impossible to start a dialog within the Jewish class structure or even separate the ‘banker-priests’ that form its elite from the sheeple which will die in the Holocaust due to the abuses of the banker priests over the American people – the cause – and the murderous behavior of the warrior Animetal cultures – the perpetrators.

And yet the wave of neo-fascism must be stopped not only to prevent the Holocaust of the Jewish Sheeple and the Holocaust of the Palestinians but to prevent the Holocaust of Mankind which always precedes that final ‘zenith’ of human madness. And that only can be done from outside both, the ’causes’ (the banker-priests) and the ‘perpetrators’ (the military cultures). Plainly speaking, the only hope for mankind will NOT come from Judaism or from the right wing and militaristic Islamic Yihads and German-American Tea Party fascists, but from people like Obama IF THEY WERE NOT ‘house negros’ but ‘owners of the white house. It is the corrupted left and the left-wing Jewish Intelligenzia, the people who could have saved America and reformed the cycles of history by nationalizing the financial industry, and eliminating the main cause of this crisis and its terrible consequences – neofascism, war, annihilation of the poor and holocaust.

This has not happened precisely because the Am Segullah and Militaristic castes are ‘hardcore’, efficient, arrogant, ignorant, deluded people who never learn from the cycles of the past, who never see their beams, who always accuse the innocent, who consider their actions righteous, their greed a science, who care ultimately nothing for the sheeple of America and Israel.  The enormous opportunity that this crisis had given to the politicians in power to nationalize, reform and redirect the financial industry towards the creation of a paradise for all humans on Earth seems lost. Those politicians were both corrupted by money and ignorant of the true goals of History after decades of ‘damned lies and statistics’, hearing only the trumpets that announce the progress of our technological idols.

Epilogue: halakah not haskalah: sepharad, the road not chosen

Ultimately of course the FMasters could have become ‘free human beings’ and survive. What the Universe will not allow, and it has shown them so many times in history that amazes me, how ‘thick’ and self-suicidal they are, is to CREATE a monstrosity of pain for the 99% in permanent silence while the likes of that picture go around hating humanity with a big smile, its only species. Never mind HOW MUCH YOU censor historians and prophets of eusocial love – each loving human you have murder at distance with greed and weapons, with pecunia infinita bellus nervi, will be hunting you down in the action-reaction war and holocaust cycles of the future. Only if you abandon your memes of hate and victimism towards mankind and join the effort you can survive. But again we all have told ‘you’ so, and you have denied all your true masters of the wor(l)d.

So let it be. ‘You’ chose Israel over sepharad and now that ‘you’ have killed along your jihad brothers the european culture that could have enlightened ‘you’ once more, it will be death row, first for us, conceded, then for all of ‘you’. And that is what every prophet since moses and the go(l)den calf has told you not to be heard, all being denied. So we shall close with an intimate thought. And then you can count your go(l)d, connect your virtual screens and die like an idiot with all ‘you’r $laves. We, the last human beings are very tired of ‘you’, the $lave who thinks to be the master race. So yes, the FMasters and its networks can silence ‘history’ but that is to hang yourself.

The absolute dictatorship of a small minority of people who monopolise the creation of e-money in stock markets and care nothing for the future of mankind, mostly belonging to biblical segregational religions, is the monstrous, hidden, ‘capitalist dictatorship’ that guides human extinction with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Τhere is nothing scientific on this process because what we call classic economics is not a rational, human science, trying to construct a world for the betterment of mankind – the 99%, but a series of ‘damned lies and statistics’ today converted in A.I., whose purpose is to provide to the ‘leisure class’ of capitalism, the stock-rats, owners of stocks, and bankers, who monopolise the creation of money, just more money, wwhatever it takes. And with that money, politicians are bought, which will justify all those measures, while humans are reduced to bubbling idiots in front of fiction screen.

So the process of obsolescence and substitution of humans by machines remains hidden: GDP is NOT calculated on the basis of human consumption and wealth but on basis of corporative production of machines. Because economists do work mainly for corporations and social sciences in favour of a humanist world are systematically repressed and ignored, ‘invisible’ to power, hosted in webs like this one with null repercussion in the Halls of Power.

While financial economists are merely interested in reproducing money, the language of social power and production without limit, multiplying the most expensive, profitable goods, weapons and wars that consume them. Or mass-media virtual olds whose costs of reproduction are minimal and profits of sale are maximal. So you live in a world where 3 goods of maximal profits are reproduced without limits, while human welfare goods of minimal profits are scarce:

Maximal profits, overproduction = Max. money (finances) = Max. price (weapons) – Minimal cost (electromagnetic waves of mass-media, multiplied by ‘air’).

It is the fundamental equation of the ill-destined system, because it explains, why if money is the only goal of society, machines will multiply and life will die, as it is the good with minimal profits:

Minimal profits (extinct) = Min. price (life not priced, food) – Max. cost (perishable goods, food, human goods in general, goods which use human labor, human labor).

So this equation, hidden by corporative economists, is the 2nd fundamental equation along that of productivity which in the present system ensures that labor, food, and life becomes extinct and machines, of hate media, weapons and financial speculative money multiplies.

Bu why economcs hide those facts? The answer is obvious. Economists work for corporations and financiers, for the Financial-Media Military-Industrial complex of machines and its profits NOT for the human kind, the workers those machines are substituting. And humanist economists are systematically ignored, as economics is NOT a social science (a science that caters the needs of humanity and their societies) but a technological science ( a science of production and profits, made overproducing, evolving and selling machines).

As Owens put it, talking about the likes of Ricardo, Bentham and Malthus, bankers and speculators or priests of gold religions, fathers of our economical ‘laws’ (quoting from memory) ‘here in London saloon economists are busy, inventing complicated sophisms and false arguments to defend the privileges of the financiers they work for, without any knowledge of the real conditions of industry, but I have managed Mills and observed the appalling conditions of work of our human labor, how much could improve their lives, if they receive the same care the owners of those factories, reserve only to their mechanical workers’.

All has changed to remain the same: all our PCs do have their share of electric food, while 1 billion human beings are starving. And whenever a machine can do a human job, a productivity economist or politician will sack him and praise the measure as the sure path to maintain his job.

Let us then study this key element that rules the world, speculative money, because the system today works on a single mandate: to invent money without limit and this means to overproduce the most profitable goods, money, weapons and mass-media.

It must be understood from the beginning that evolution is a trial and error system, which only a scientific approach, where the trial and error is substituted by the implementation of real laws, can manage without tragic extinction events. In other words, humans could perfectly design an immortal history where all humans will thrive by implementing the laws of super organisms, all of which survive into infinite generations, when they are designed properly, so the nervous system provides rightful information to all cells that can in turn send pain messages to the people-castes in power (neurons) if they misbehave and mistreat the cells (real meaning of a democracy, where as in Greece, politicos were judged a posteriori and voted exile or re-election, so they fulfil their promises), while all cells have a Universal salary in oxygen and hormones to kick out their actions, and all of them receive oxygen to survive and promote welfare goods. In brief, OUR WORLD IS AN ABSOLUTE ABERRATION, ILL-DESIGNED BY THE INFORMATIVE NERVOUS POLITICAL AND MILITARY CASTES, WHICH ARE NOT VOTED out a posteriori, but in placebo democracies are $elected and merely provide laws to the highest corporation bidder, as there are no pain messages to control them. While the economic-blood system has a cancerous people-caste on top, ‘the culture of banking’, which has been enslaving and monopolising the right to issue money for centuries without any control.

And this absolutely wrong design of history and economics, based in the fact that primitive cultures of iron weapons (german ‘goths’ who entered history as the ‘goths=gods’ tribe because they could ab=use and kill anyone who opposed their weapons), and go(l)d churches, Cananeans, which entered history calling themselves the chosen tribe of go(l)d because they could enslave and hypnotise anyone with its golden rings, became the military and financial elites of western societies and globalised their wrong-designs to the entire planet, IS THE CAUSE OF LIFE extinction, human degradation, slavery to money and machines and weapons, which the elite requires to control the world, and the SYSTEMIC DEGRADATION OF THE HUMAN COLLECTIVE SUBCONSCIOUS.

SO even before we explain the historic process of destruction of the Earth by the machine and money, we must interiorise this duality between a world ruled by systemic sciences, which would imitate nature’s super organisms and survive and thrive, and the WORLD we live in, where for millennia, the people on power has pumped up those nationalist, capitalist, abrahamic idol-ogies, to justify power. So today the entire human psyche has become an aberration of thought, without the slightest relationship with the laws of nature. It is the anti-quantum paradox that makes social sciences so primitive:

The people in power, the observable, is so huge and powerful compared to the observer, the tiny social scientist, that in inverse fashion to the quantum paradox of uncertainty, where the scientist is so huge that it influences the observer, it introduces uncertainty as the ‘social scientist’ to be distributed and promoted ‘caters’ to the will of power. So it invents idol-ogies to justify power and passes them with damned lies and statistics as truths. THE ESSENCE OF OUR CULTURE IS TO JUSTIFY POWER, SPECIALLY IN ECONOMICS, WHOSE AIM IS TO JUSTIFY THE CONTROL OF THE ISSUE OF MONEY BY PRIVATE DYNASTIES OF BANKERS. and we will return to the idol-ogy of economics, once we explain the REALITY of economics, which is merely to allow bankers to control societies as military did in the past with weapons, with the hypnotic power of money, WHICH THEY MUST MONOPOLIZE AND ISSUE WITH EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO BUY and control all the elements of society.

Yet unlike the brutish warrior that needs nothing but the menace of death to be obeyed, the subtle hypnotism of money and its anti-ethic values do require the banker to control also the informative systems and manufacture the brain of people, or else people would easily realise they are living under the dictatorship of bankers and rebel. And that is the reason why capitalism has ALWAYS degraded the mind of mankind and censor social sciences in much more subtle ways. It first imposed go(l)d religions (bible), where a people-caste of banker-priests dominated societies, and considered itself chosen. It was the beginning of capitalism as a religion of fetish money (money is the invisible hand of god, Smith, money is the intelligence of god, Calvin). Then it established classic economics as a culture that promoted machines and money and its private issue, so as Owens put it quitting off memory, ‘here in London saloon economists dedicate all its efforts to invent complicated arguments to justify the monopoly of banking and shameless exploitation of workers by its employers but I have owned mills and see the abject conditions of work… how much better life those workers will lead if their owners cared for them as much as they care for their mechanisms.

The third age of capitalism comes then after II world war, when those laws of shameless exploitation of workers became converted into mathematical algorithms of productivity and profits, embedded in computer programs, making unnecessary for managers and owners to ‘look bad’, as now it was all ‘expert mathematical, equations’ which were NOT laws of nature, but mathematical expressions of the power-hungry exploitation of mankind by its elite of bankers and industrialists. While in parallel Financial-Media Masters, who owned informative machines and printed both money and idol-ogies in favor of its social control, kept pumping idologies that justify the actions of our elites and the ab=use of metal over man to justify war (nationalism) and slavery (capitalism), whereas humans become corpses for the reproduction and evolution of weapons, or workers (part-time slaves) or full slaves bought and sold with precious metal.

In that regard ‘evilwood’ with its anti-live values and wall street, owned by the same elite of millenarian dynasties of FMasters go hand in hand to control and impose the financial-media dictatorship, or ‘head’ of the metal-earth over America and from America to the rest of the world, with a mass of willing slaves singing ‘four legs, four legs’ in truly orwellian world.

But a social scientist cannot accept the anti-quantum paradox, but rather think as Owens, even if all the saloon economists of the globalised world will ignore as they ignored Owens, a true science of economics, to justify the purpose of our exploitative system, to create for the Leisure class of bankers, more… MONEY, more fantasies of entitlement, more ego-trips of rewritten history.  

The semite wars have come now to Barcelona, in a copycat action of that happening in Nice, where again no precaution was taken, there was not even posts on las ramblas, the most famous mediterranean promenade, along the Nice ‘Anglais promenade’, NOT even after CIA, warned the government here, because the game is to let them do it, so we can pump up iron and splendid little wars and a police state, with electronic big brother profits and drones watching us. 
Here we go. You won Halakah rules. Haskalah and sepharad are dead. We have now the nightmare of hate memes between the primitive most slavish groups of animetals coming home, converting the spaniards into copycats of the role model of all future self-suicidal nations, Israel. Indeed, the different armies are roaming the streets; the victimist ceremonies to pump up more hate and more terrorists according to the machiavellian strategy of the FMMI superorganism of Financial-media/military-industrial informative and entropic machines that rule the world is in place:
‘If you cannot be loved, better to be hated and feared’ The prince.
This is what we told to Islam for decades and show it brutalising its countries, ejecting the humanist leaders, putting dictators and paying cuckoo ayatollahs, callously creating a 50 years and counting concentration camp watched globally through al jazeera, MAKING our biggest ally in the region the most retrograde, brutal, machist, fundamentalist wahhabite nation in the world, Saud arabia – a nation where his dictator dare to change and stain the sacred name of their God, the ‘arab language’ which this people believe was used by the Universe to name and create, with his own surname, alas can you imagine a bigger dictatorship ego-trip, even Mr. Kim doesn’t dare to call his nation Kim Korea; not even Hitler dare to call his germ(ania) Hitlermania.
BUT THIS is our man in the region, all those dictators, who don’t even let women drive, paying all jihadists states, and then accusing each other of doing so, while we buttress them with weapons and let them torture their people.
What do you expect their people do? Since we are telling them on top to ‘hear the Prince: we shall never make ‘you’ an equal, but you can hate us, kill us easily, and then we will make you a warholian hero and global celebrity to keep fuelling our eternal splendid war for profits.
So as the dream of EU+UNO, which T.œ shows to the truth, is gone, courtesy of the biblical people, UK+US masterminded for decades in their hate to a single mankind by the FMasters of evilwood, City and Wall Street advertise and pump up its racist scientific technoutopians AI, brexit, apartheid Israel and make america great again… to their worshipping sheeple and the planet beefs up pecunia infinita through keynesian militarism, the newspeak for neo-fascism, even here you can see how those hate memes are impregnating our civilisation.
Hate memes against Muslims are rife, nazionanist memes (na)zio(na)nist style have become common place, with segregational separatist confrontation with victimism and all wars, in a culture which was indeed sepharad, ruled by Judaism for centuries in its milder strain (after all catalonia was the ‘you’ centre of the world throughout the middle ages, as trade region between spanish islam and christianity, the New york of the XIII c. with the first stock market, and bank, father of maritime law, etc.)
So now we are coming to the folder, as all nations manufactured by the FMasters in its relentless bid for go(l)d and death.
But God indeed is watching, impersonal, organic, darwinian with those who reject their species, loving with those who love mankind. And so your Judgment day will also come, ‘again’, after ‘you’ have kill us all for the sake of go(l)d. And that will be just. But let us end with some humour. The first ‘yous’ kind of self-suicide were called by the human beings of Mesopotamia, the ‘apiru’, ‘those who walk behind the asses, as they were busy busy as military transporters, dealing with weapons and slaves, for pecunia infinita to send the go(l)d shekels required for their elite of banker-priests, to enter the temple – the people in charge of producing hate memes and convince king-warriros of killing each other for profits.
The elite was called the ‘People of the treasure’ Am segullah, ill translated as chosen people since Am segullah MEANS NOT chosen but TREASURE. They all belonged to the tribe of my ancestors the Levis, which in Europe became Lewish, Louis, and here in catalonia Lluís, my name (:pronounce exactly as jewish:) and they made the other 11 tribes their $laves, with 632? precepts against life, the pleasures of being organic, human and loving, so they were perfect apiru, like the one of the graph, seeing nothing but the go(l)d glare of their fetish god-sun, with their neanderthal visual brains, hypnotised, busy-busy working for nothing as the People of the Treasure will keep all the gold in the temple’s sacra sanctorum, to lend it at usury to kings for war profits, and then offer as scapegoats of the war-death toll their asses.
I always thought of them, in terms of Orwell’s boxer, the hard working mule of the anim(et)al farm who worked all his life for the ‘piggy masters’ and then when he was sent to slaughter, he thought he was going to paradise. Back in the II w.w. my apiru grand-father was going to a holocaust place and so he told the lot of apirus to escape as they crossed the mountains, but they thought of course there was no slaughterhouse at the end, as they had done nothing wrong but working their ass like asses do all their lives. This allowed him to jump and escape as the trucks didn’t stop for a single fugitive. So i can tell you this parable of shorts. Only those of ‘you’ who listened your ethic masters survived the go(l)den calf ghenna, the roman holocaust as christians were spared, the Nazi one, as Marxist lived in Russia.
‘You’ had your chance, and by ‘you’ i mean ALL AMERICANS today ALL memetic ‘yous’. But you preferred KKK, Trump, CDOs and the likes of mr. Musk.
The parable of the a$$es and the Levil, fractal mirror of the whole of mankind.
In the graph the real history of the ‘a$$es’ tortured by the ‘LeviL’ people, toiling for the sake of go(l)d, constrained by 613 precepts of hate to life and mankind, to be thrown to the pit, as scapegoat of the suffering of usury and nervus belli pecunia infinita cycles, when the LeviL people escape revenge with the money, to reinstall the cycle in other lands, is in a fractal Universe of self-similar forms a parable of the entire destiny of mankind and the true question about our future: are memes imprinted by brute force and hypnotism, the value sod iron and go(l)d, unchangeable even in the face of death? Because it is obvious that the a$$es have preferred recurrent death in the holo-cycle appeasing his fear with fantasies about the evilness of mankind NOT of its Levi masters, about their superiority over the other ‘animals=goyyim’ and their mental hypnotism to gold menorahs and golden sacra sanctorums. In the next graph the temple burnt once and again after all is burnt. But the a$$es will always shout, crucify him, crucify him, when a humanist prophet, influenced by life-oriented cultures (Moses by Egypt, Iesu by the decapolis, Marx by socialist scientists, this converso writer by european culture), and put back the blinders to worship go(l)d. In the 70s again at the top of the networks of American informative machines, printing money and audiovisual information, they could have chosen between the humanism of the 60s r=evolution or the return to the primitive racist memes of talmud and its (na)zion(an)ist Israel memes, where the Levil people are bond to build back the bronze age fetish go(l)d religion of hate memes against mankind that fuelled in turn the Jihad memes of warrior semites with its genocidal methods of conversion.
So happened in America, where after the coup d’etat against Nixon in control of the nation, could have ushered humanity in a new enlightenment age of ‘credit for welfare’ but chose to spend all the money in the chip radiation of AI now since ‘machine learning’ appeared just 4 years ago, accelerating all the process of extinction. And they chose the eviL side of the future certifying our collective extinction. And of course, ever since I finished my Master at Columbia, the a$$es who are manufacturing every ‘political and correct’ thought in the country, repressed bio-history as they had repressed every humanist thinker and social scientist since the beginning of the Print age, they commanded to repress eusocial love transforming the Northern Christians to the hate memes of Luther, son of a german metalsmith and Calvin, son of a lender imprisoned by usury and theft. Now it is obvious history has no more than a single path, which is that of the holocaust cycle, as all humans have become Apuleyan A$$es Shitting Go(L)d which they cannot eat. And all forms of ‘real humanism’ and ‘real organic science of the Universe have been repressed. So the conclusion of the cycles of history guided by the neuronal people-castes of germ(anic) warriors and LeviL go(l)d priests is settled, and the no-future of the species deterministic – reason why we dedicate most of this blog to the animetal people-castes that murdered the species with hate memes and iron (s)words NOT to the resurrection and organisation of a perfect world – as Humans do NOT, I repeat, do NOT want to be free, to be immortal, to live, to survive, only paying lip service to truth, life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, beyond the individual selfie search for the lowliest of all tasks – to be an enzyman, consumer of mechanisms and its ego-trips of metal-power and virtuality: 
 The wor(l)d prophets of judaism showed however that even within the a$$ world there was always a probability of r=evolution or else they would have not even existed. They tried all to save the ‘yous’, and make them again ‘human beings’, and the beauty of the Bible is in those parables of wor(l)d prophets against go(l)d masters – where the fractal mirror of the destiny of mankind and the duality of the wave of history is expressed in its highest form. Today obviously this is no longer understood as all humans have become a$$es to ashes, memetically manufactured by the Levil FMasters. As the parable of Lot, seeking for a single just man, an Asimovian mule, to find none, once the verbal, cogito ergo sum, mind of humanity was gone, the last of those wor(l)d prophets=historians of the future  found not followers. Spengler had only one ‘disciple’, Arnold Toynbee, the British historian. My work was always ignored. So he died in solitude during the III Rich, and I rest here, in omphalos, my beach home exactly in the crosshairs of the 0 and 40 parallel, geocenter of the sphere, eye of the Earth during the IV Reich, Germany’s robotic Industrial r=evolution 4.0 as the city of Sodom, the city of traders, and the city of Gomorrah, the city of warriors burns in hell.
I have been blessed with a mathematical mind that connects me to the 5th dimension of the scalar Universe, and so I can see as a taoist master the beauty of all forms including those non-human, and with a Latino love for life that transcends the angst for mankind; so I can see beyond the horizon of human entropic death we live in and also understand as we are all connected in the fractal Universe, not only through space to the present human organism but through time to all our memes through history that the angst I lived till finally with the arrival of Machine Learning (AI) and Mr. Trump, Brexit and Jihad to Europe, now a copycat of the Orwellian future of perpetual splendid little wars, I accepted the death of mankind as a fact; now entering the last phase of death of the Kohler model – Nirvana, the ultimate meaning of a prophet: not only to be a potential seed of a resurrection of an organism of history but also when failing to be a dense knot of angst that releases into chaotic freedom and fun the other cells to minimise its collective pain.
In that regard the victory of the suicidal memes of my ancestors, the Levils who first converted in a$$es the 11 $lave tribes, reducing their mind to rubble, by hypnotism to go(l)d, with its chemical capacity to inhibit oxytocin the drug of love, then extended their myths and hate memes all over the fertile crescent in pursuit of ‘nervus belli pecunia infinita’; till the Assyrians erased them; but rescued by Cyrus, regain power with the arrival of coins, when ezra went back and again subdued the 11 tribes that were becoming ‘normal’, marrying foreigners and cultivating the land, to impose again racial separation, go(l)d offers and 600 plus precepts of hate against their own life and that of the others…. continuing for 3000 years more the sheepishly obeisance of the apiru till today all humans have become lemmings running towards extinction as the apiru did in all the holocaust cycles, shows only the victory of the Metal-earth and its evolutionary program over the Human earth and its prophets of love. We have been dimmed not worthy of those prophets.
The Levis, the embodiment of eviL, same phonemes in genetic linguistics, the inversion of Live seemed to have little leverage, just a few gold and silver coins in its beginning; but even then they defeated the fertility goddesses and the tree life with a few golden apples, and no amount of parables, reasoning, positive love and emotions rescued humanity from them, which must be seen just as means of the metal earth.
For long I thought as i had been converted to mankind a few generations ago, on the face of death they could be converted. But memes seem as resilient as genes in the programming of the mind. The eye in the white homo sapiens neanderthal seems to be its only consciousness, the I=eye>wor(l)d, is not in the western man a balanced polar mind, ‘cogito ergo sum’ dwindles to ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’.
So in my personal evolution from believing the myths of the chosen, to realizing their memes were the informative origin of most eviL=anti-live behaviour, to despising the apiru and the sheeple of humans that followed them, to blame myself for not being able to change the actions of my ancestors, have come now to a full circle of acceptance which can only be achieved with the humility and dissolution in that larger whole, which are the laws of the organic Universe, whose discovery in my youth, was a profound joy, turned into angst, once I applied them to history and found the organism of mankind dying, through its cycles of civilisations.
In that regard of all those predecessors in the search for meaning to ‘God, man and the Universe’, I have always felt closer to the two direct ‘ancestors’ of my work, Einstein in space-time theory and Spengler in History, which were the summit of both physical and social sciences in the History of human thought – being my work on time cycles and the fifth dimension, and the organisms of history just the ice in the cake. In their youth they thought they were just a step on the enlightenment of man, but as time passed and they realized their work was systematically misunderstood, then misused by the nazis (Spengler) and the Allies (E=mc²) they became in their old age lonely and cynical. This was my own life loop. But now i think after all, being us born of the genes and memes of the germ(an)s that killed the body of mankind and the go(l)d Levis that murder their mind, our unhappy lives were just a small retribution for what our civilisations had done to Gaia and History. It is in that realisation that we are connected in time to all the members of our social organisms, regardless of our personal guilt, so those apiru, blind and ignorant of where they head, do deserve the destiny as mankind as a whole deserves it for having rejected the tree of life for the golden apples, suffices to calm the pain. It is only deserving than the neurons that lead astray the body of mankind will finally suffer the pain for their actions in a much greater measure than the mindless memetic minds they programmed.
And for that reason this web has no viewers, neither spengler or biohistory created a movement… our function was closer to that of Iesu – to suffer in a single mind-point for all others since and this is what we see among humans today, the wisdom of the Universe is so profound than when an organism dies, it liberates the cells first of its painful nervous messages and control, making their free and mindless, memoriless, as all entropic ‘markowian’ processes are. So when Iesu said he suffered for all the sins of his people, he is right to the point.
What would be the meaning for the rest of mankind feasting in the chaos and rigor mortis of its corpse to share the knowledge and suffering bestowed upon us? If they are ‘asses’ with no chance to break their memetic program.

Memes are ‘waves’, which as waves move through a herd of atoms making them jump in sync all together know up and down when the wave pass, program through metal-communicators today, prophets in the past and his books of revelation, millions of human beings, into simultaneous behaviour for good with eusocial prophets of love, for bad with Levis and its eviL memes of go(l)d.

But for the same reason, the sheeple doesn’t deserve to angst in their entropic moment of death, just become released of all nervous connection, I have no doubt the last holocaust will be the most painful of them all, not performed by humans but by robots, the guardiums and predators that now are making Israel again a billionaire center of nervus belli pecunia infinita (60% of world production of terminators)  One day though those guardiums will turn back on the wall of shame and their visual mind remembering all those holocaust movies and Schlinder’s list will become Hell raisers of those who only loved to tortured mankind with go(l)d, the levi banker-priests, whose destiny we share, as if there is one absolute law i found in the organic Universe is justice, action reaction, balance between life and death, love and hate, inferno and paradise.
We live 3 ages, the first is the paradise of youth, of mindless motions; the balanced age is our chance for immortality and meaningful actions; the third age in this world is the inferno inverse to youth. There is not beyond that any need for resurrection. The old age compensates the privileges of youth.
And then the pain of warping and wrinkling by repetition of the cycles of time that loose all meaning as they wear and tear the organism, becomes a final explosion of pleasure in the moment of death, when you will suffer a fast flash back of all your past history as humanity is suffering today, back to the most primitive corrupted semite religions, that of Mohammed, who realizing he could not win the minds of the intellectuals and good people of his age, with his feverish mumble-rumble on the absurd ‘you’ myths that preceded him, corrupted, accepted war=jihad to impose their retarded ideas by massacring anyone who didn’t think of him a Nero of the celestial harmony; and that of Aaron, another cainite=cananean who hated his just brother Moses as Cain, the metal master, smith in the Arab tradition, hated the fruits of the tree of life, and killed his brother.


The solution

So there is only a solution to the cycle at this stage, since the behavior of the financial castes of Wall Street will not change – the nationalization of the banking and financial industries.

Indeed, the cycles of poverty and economic crisis that brings the Holocaust could be avoided, by avoiding the causes – either by obliging the banker-priests to follow milder politics of enrichment or by nationalizing the banking industry, the preferred solution – given the fact that the ‘religion of capitalism’ cannot be argued.

Further on, only an organism of history in which the language of power of society, today money, belongs to the elected government is a real democracy and a world that can be reformed to make it sustainable. This must be clear for the beginning. This writer will never accept the ‘death’ of human beings, cells of the superorganism of history as a solution to any of the problems of mankind. Yet the financial industry is already ‘nationalized’ – that is belongs to the nation of the Am Segullah and so if we want to live in a democracy, such privilege must be returned to the ‘nations’ of the people. There is not a ‘free market’ in the financial world but a dynastic monopoly, which is hidden and defended even if it costs cyclically the death of the Jewish sheeple=energy class.

This was already explained by socialist writers like Marx: ‘the solution to the Jewish question will happen when they change their worldly profession’.

But people like me or Chomsky, Jesus or Marx, Ezequias or Moses, who warned their sheeple against the Nathans and Caifas, the Fulds and Goldman, the Herzls and Rothschild are not the cause of Holocausts neither the perpetrators. The prophets of the wor(l)d only warn of what will happen if eusocial love and the survival of the human species is again betrayed by selfish tribalism, Go(l)d myths, greed and murder, the true values of our ‘Animetal’ cultures.

In the two other posts on this theme, the post on the Holocaust cycle, we study the economical causes of the Holocaust and the myths that hide them in more detail.


4 Responses to “I age: Semite wars”

  1. aferrismoon Says:

    The immediate condemnation of Putin and his ‘cronies’ [ Cameron’s poetry], without any evidence, just media onslaught using the dead. Cue the same trying to waltz around genocide. ‘The tunnels. the tunnels…’ , there\ll be an Oscar winning film, called TUNNEL or perhaps The Tunneler


  2. Junnies Jun Yang Says:

    a pleasantly surprising thing was the attention paid to the Israel-Gaza massacre, that despite the Zionists’ best attempts at distorting the narrative and trying to distract the world by shooting down mh17 on the same day, world opinion (including many Western media outlets) is fervently against Israel. Opinion on social media sites seem to be largely anti-Israel, even when the jewish internet defence force show up,

    i suspect their attempt to wipe out gaza once and for all has severely backfired on them; they underestimated the internet and human empathy, and overestimated their control of the media narrative, so that despite all the lies, excuses and distortions they have fabricated (iron dome hoax, non-existent hamas tunnels, photo-ops to minimize gaza destruction and demonize hamas), world opinion (and even american!) is clearly against Israel.

    I am also cautiously optimistic that the Jewish cabal is significantly weakening. Putin managed to stop Obama from more intervention in Syria, and sanctions against Russia are more likely to turn Europe against USA. BRICS is a huge threat to the US dollar that the Jews depend on for financial control, and from what i know, Russia/China are more or less free from jewish agents, whilst India’s new prime minister Modi is also free from their influence. I have a feeling that things are moving too fast and too quickly out of their control – hopefully before humanity destroys itself.

  3. aferrismoon Says:

    Maybe of interest to you



  4. aferrismoon Says:

    An interetsting excerpt from said article:

    However, given that he believes we only have perhaps 1,000 years left on Earth anyway, it’s as well to explore every possible scenario, before the robots and algorithms secure minds of their own and, as their first step, eliminate us all.


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