II: The ‘Viron’



Among the 3 events of human extinction, by metal-species, the first one is the 3rd generation of nuclear weapons, black holes and strangelets, made of heavy quark matter, that if born, due to its faster speed of replication (according to 5D metrics smaller systems replicate faster and that is the main element for survival in the Universe), will devour planet Earth within seconds. This event is already being played but depends on something called ‘stochastic cooling’ and ‘luminosity’, namely a good ‘shot’ that produces the first ‘seed’ of a strangelet (a dibaryon ball) or a black hole (likely a hyper dense BCB black atom)…

The second event of metalife that will extinguish is a ‘viron’. We coined the name from ‘virion’, synonymous of virus, but again the Viron is a metal-bacteria, a self-replicating metal-virus that will devour and transform all iron machines into virons and extinguish life on Earth.

The third event which frankly I don’t think we or any similar planet reaches before going under, as it is the most complex to arrive to… and we have not been visited so far by AI strarships… It is the robotic r=evolution…

Those are the 3 ends of history this century, but before we get to that… It is not surprising to notice  that we are already suffering a softer version of it, just a weakling coronavirus, regardless of its perfect nature as a viral species (strongest protein cover, largest, RNA genetic load) and exponential rate of replication…

And yet none of those events as the present pandemics is even feared by mankind a species with a very short ‘timespan of understanding of causality’, a schopenhauerian st-upid: ‘a stupid is a man that doesn’t see the causality of time between events, which he adscribe to magic, religion, causality or ‘science’

The limits of human thought and causality.

The Universe is made of time, not of space. This truism of 5D sciences is little understood by mankind, a visual=spatial species, whose intelligence doesn’t understand the ‘flow of time cycles’ that structures reality.

Time is the great mystery for mankind, to the point that it believes to be described as a fourth dimension of space by some geometric equations, concerning the locomotion of physical systems (Galilean relativity). And when you confront the scientist with the fact that those equations do not explain the passing of time, its ages, the processes of growth and decay, the ‘believer’ that all what matters about time is enclosed in relativity does not have an answers. Why humans have such a short view of time, and what is more puzzling, cannot confront a truly complex view of it, has always surprised me.

The ultimate reason is that Time does have obviously different scales and rhythms, which correspond to the ‘different scales of size’ of the fifth dimension, such as smaller systems run faster time cycles (5D Metrics; $ x ð = K). But humans can only see the scale of time cycles in which they co-exist together, reason why the miss the complex structure of the Universe. As a person who understands the cycles of time of all the scales of the Universe, but has long past the age in which he thought after consuming inordinate amounts of it talking to people, that he could improve human causality and the understanding of the future I have given up on it. As these days I face a likely final hours, the more so idle at home and distanced by law I observe the present pandemics with some amazement not to the process long foresought but to the incapacity of Humans to face with very few exceptions a predictable situation, because the scale of time in which it happened – both in the¡-1 scale of the virus and the ¡+1 scale of humanity, are not perceivable in our human scale… We thus have made an introduction for as long as the pandemic lasts – and if the introduction remains it means that it has lasted enough to cause my exit Mundi, to the ‘present state of time’ the only one humans seem to care:

You ain’t seen anything yet: from pandemics to metal-bacteria

The Universe is a fractal self-reproductive superorganism who cares little for the subjective quantity of our human thoughts.This is self-evident in the present pandemicsof a tiny virus, which is murdering thousands by the day. But you ain’t seen anything yet, because the real danger for mankind as a species is not a life virus against which our anti-bodies will finally win but a metal-virus; a self-replicant simple living form, able to absorb metal and trans-form it into a ‘grey gloo soup’.

Indeed, the second extinction event, circa 2040, will be the potential creation of the first self-replicant metal nano-virus with a ‘gold DNA’ dissolved in mercurium and sourrounded by a wall of iron. Those self-replicant nano-virus according to all robotists could convert Earth into a grey-goo within months.

We shall call this 2nd species that can do us all the ‘VIRONUS”

the  catch though is that the best of such organic bacteria of metal needs to have an amalgamated cytoplasm of organelles that activate chemical metal reactions to create new replicant bacteria, which means a body ‘liquid silver quick’, which is not a very common metal. More advanced designs would require heat conditions for a liquid iron bacteria which are not easier to create. So the Metal-bacteria self-replicant form is not so clear as the two other forms of extinction, strangelet and black hole cosmic nuclear bombs and AI robots in automated military self-reproductive 3D companies with its twin ant species, the warrior robots and the worker robots.

It is being researched at several institutions of ‘high learning’ and military labs. The best description of its danger was given by Mr. Bill Joy, founder of sun microsystems, and the Java architecture that machines use to talk at wired magazine: why the future doesn’t need us.

As we said, the great filter seems to indicate we shall die as black holes and strangelets of the ‘hard halo protein-like’ dark matter cover of strangelets that protects the galaxy (maximal probability) in the nearby future…

Yet if we survive cosmic bombs, even if the Fermi paradox  tells us we are  close to the ‘great filter… we shall face.

2. Mature age of nanotechnology: Death by maximal reproduction: IRON nano-bacteria.

Iron nano bacteria (GOLD DNA, iron membrane, which does not amalgamate, and all kind of dissolved ‘protein’ like metal in the gold mix, to be done in two decades by systems sciences, the kind of people who asked me about how to make ‘organisms of metal in silicon valley’, till i quite so much eviL=anti-live memes) could poison, kill and reproduce over our metal-machines within three months. This I warned long ago (c.92: the extinction of man), but as a small guy, never was quite heard or read. But Bill Joy from Sun microsystems, published it in wired magazine at the turn of the century, Clinton learned and what they did? Clinton put 2 billions for the nano-institute to advance the science ‘first’ and Bill invested heavily on nano for profits. I was left agash. Indeed, gold greed programs humanity into sled-extinction and as long as we don’t know we shall be happy.

So this is the second event of extinction, which is now under heavy civil and military research in DARPA, IDF, Japan and EU (Venice, France). Those gold DNA in iron nano-bacteria, which will eat up the planet within months, as observed in some Sci-fi movies – since the issue NO longer matter, as in the case of CERN, once the few scientists that warn us become silenced or corrupted, the issue is shelved, as if mass consensus, lowering our intelligence would have solved it by DENIAL:

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 14.54.55.png

In the graph as usual all negative analysis of the future as it will be, can only be expressed in science fiction, which is far more real in its predictions than the mindless optimism as wistful thinking of animetals, which NEVER see the wave coming: ‘the world is littered of corpses from wars everybody knew would never happened’, said a british historian. Indeed: nano-bacteria according to science will take 3 months to extinguish us it will be ready in a couple of decades.

And so we ‘don’t arrive’ likely (Fermi paradox), to the third, or else there would be many robots colonising us long, long ago:


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