Singularity Events:


gefgAccording to 5D metrics, $ x T= C; the smallest species in space, reproduce faster in time and win in the struggle for existence. The biggest existential dangers for mankind do not come from larger forms, national struggles or the global warming of Earth but from efficient species co-existing with us in lower planes of space-time, whose ‘reproductive and evolutionary radiations’ fast outpace human capacity to contain them.

in the graph the 3 top predator species of the economic ecosystem (chips, robots, AI), the biological ecosystem (coronavirus) and its nano-technologic replicas (metal-viruses, ‘virons’) and the matter, galactic ecosystem (black hole, strangelets), which have become with the advance of technology (electronic industry, Crsprs-9 genetic editing, high energy accelerators) the 3 key existential dangers for humanity in the XXI c.

The singularity events contrary to belief are NOT caused by the planet Earth at large (Global warming, armies) but by the low ‘scales’ of organisms of the Universe, which according to 5D have much faster speed of replication. To understand why we need to introduce the basic metrics of the 5th dimension.

We shall thus deal in this introductory article with the main singularity events, which for decades we have been warning against – genetic research (nanovirus), accelerator industry (creation of black holes), electronic industries (nano-chips, AI and robots and metal-bacteria).

We won’t be extinguished by humans or the Earth at large but by its smaller scalar superorganisms, and to understand why we need to understand 5D metrics. 


3 elements, ∆ST, are essential to the Universe and to any analysis of what happens there. They are:

∆±¡: The scales of size that define the speed of the ‘cycles of evolution and reproduction of species’ an apply here right on to the coronavirus lethality, as it spreads much faster than humans react to it, and so we need to introduce the 5th dimension of scales and its metric equation that determines those speeds.

T-ime: The cyclical patterns of time, as all clocks of time are repetitive so are the laws of science – merely the collection of repetitive facts.

S-pace: The ternary topology of space that defines the structure of all systems as made of 3 elements, an ‘informative brain’ (the RNA in the virus, the brain in man, the capital and government in a nation), a hard membrane that isolates it (the crown spikes in the virus, the skin in man, the frontier in the nation) and a vital space between both that reproduces its goods and elements (the virus uses a host cell to that aim, the organs of man – its body – are our vital space, and the people of the nation are its vital space).

When put together they define a ‘superorganism’, of scales, in which smaller cells are joined by the 3 topological networks of space that act as the informative network (brain, capital, RNA), the reproductive vital network (blood, economy, host cell) and the defensive, feeding, membrane network (guts, crown, health-care and military system of the nation).

So what we are studying is an interaction of 3 scales of mankind and life, the cellular level in which the coronavirus attack with its faster 5D metric speed, the individual human level of citizens-cells that are murdered by the coronavirus and the physiological networks and governments of human nations, which are corrupted, inefficient and have allowed a simple virus to kill and destroy the harmony of their societies.

This is the game in 5D ‘terms’ and so now we shall introduce briefly, ∆-scales (5D), topologic space, time cycles and the organisms they define when all of them are put together; and consider how they impact on the explanations of the coronavirus existential crisis of mankind. This is new to human science. 5D is more advanced that any philosophy of science you have so far learned till today – take it or leave it.

5D universe. The metric of organic scales: faster, smaller parts code larger energetic wholes.


The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scales is simple as all space-time metric are: S (size in space) x T (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms.The 3 planes of existence in 5D metric of the Human super organism, with its different synchronous cycles. The cell that lives one day, the organism that feeds with energy the cell every day, and the social civilisation extended in Gaia, which could be immortal but is killed by military germs every 800-80-8 years, in the accelerated vortex of metal-information now collapsing into the singularity age.

5D ‘stiences’ model reality as an organic fractal of relative size scales, that evolve from parts into larger wholes, from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, matter states and so on till reaching the Universe, shaped by social and organic networks coded with information.

In the graph the Universe is a fractal that reproduces ‘forms with motion’, informations and then organizes them in networks and systems that evolve into larger organic systems creating the scalar structure of reality.

Thus we call the sum of all those co-existing scales of parts and wholes the fifth dimension.

Thus reality has a final key feature overlooked for too long: the co-existence of all those systems of space and time in several scales of relative size from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy that put together create a dual scalar ‘4th and 5th Dimension of parts and wholes, which we shall call the ‘social dimension of evolution’ and the ‘entropic dimension of dissolution’.

Mathematically then it is necessary to find a metric function to define this new dimension of spacetime. Since a dimension only exists when we can write a mathematical simple metric that leaves the dimension invariant when we change our parameters of space and time – hence we travel through it. (Klein).

This function, as all space-time metric functions, is simple. So we write using ð for cyclic time instead of t:

$ (Lineal Size/ Space Volume) x ð (cyclic speed of its time clocks) = C¡: Constant Plane of timespace (ab.∆¡)

But how we travel in ‘size’ in space and ‘speed of our time cycles. Here is where the biggest discovery of 5D comes into play: We travel through the worldcycle of life and death, as we are born in a smaller seed with faster time cycles, evolve as an organism coming out in the ∆º-scale within a larger world of slower ‘Deep time cycles’, to die back dissolving our information again into cellular space.

It is the same process in all 5D journeys of all species that live and die travelling through 3 planes of 5D space-time; from the smallest black hole that is born with an enormous ‘metabolic temperature’, to the new species, routinely born as small individuals (first mammal rat, first robots with small chips; first human likely the Homo Floresiensis, who had the same morphology and used technology and likely spoke, etc.) Then a reproductive radiation multiplies the seed into a larger herd of clones, joined by emergent physiological networks whose slower ‘entropic, informative and reproductive networks, create an ∆º supœrganism that lives Stages and dissolves back into ∆-1.

So 5D adds to the 4D formalism of worldlines, a dimension of growth, shaping the worldcycles of life and death. Reason why we call 5D metric the function of existence, because its multiple ‘solutions’ are the origin of all the varieties of Space and Time beings, there are – a whole family of functions.

As we keep exploring in depth, 5D metrics and its associated concepts of Space=form and Time=motion in all its varieties, we shall see it is the origin of multiple ‘solutions’, a whole family of function, from where we shall derive most of the logic relationships and particular equations of each science.

In the complex models of existential illogic, we derive all the particular equations of each science from it.

Even if physicists stubbornly refuse to treat information with the same value than entropy. So they call it negentropy, and when you give a conference on the fifth dimension – the dimension of ‘creation of social forms of information, of organic wholes’ – there are no physicists on attendance; the metric of the 5th scalar dimension that unifies both parameters, spatial information and temporal motion is the essential equation to explain the fractal, nested Universe and its scales, in graph. It is the equation we shall use to improve our knowledge of space and time in all sciences. The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time (ab.∆) defines 3 known scales of physical systems, with different quantity of information according to 5Ð metrics, Sxð=k.

Those metrics means information is higher in the smaller ‘quantum plane’ than in the larger gravitational one, and inversely the size of its physical parts is larger ins the Gravitational cosmological ‘plane’ than in the quantum one, with the human thermodynamic scale in-between. But as there is no reason to stop the scales of the fractal in particles and galaxies, there is a ‘potential’ fourth, ∆±4 organic plane defined ‘above’ the galaxy, (∆+4, dark energy world) and below the quantum world (∆-4, Bohm’s quantum potential), which represents the larger cosmos.

According to the fractal, nested principle any larger organic system, encloses smaller nested systems. Thus the Ʊ4 cosmos contains Ʊ3 galaxies, which contain Ʊ2 solar systems and planets, which contain Ʊ1 thermodynamic organisms and matter states, described by the human Ƽ mind languages, contained on our brains.

In the complex models of existential illogic, we derive all the particular equations of each science from it.

So according to those metrics, smaller systems in space have faster time clocks. And as information is stored in the frequency and form of those cycles, smaller systems have more information, coding larger ones: genes code cells, memes societies and particles’ quantum numbers code atoms and molecules.

We shall use the metrics of the 5th scalar dimension to explain the fractal, nested Universe and its scales, shown in the graph. As 5D metrics balances the survival and symbiotic existence of all parts of the Universe, and all parts of a super organism, and defines ‘what codes information’ – the small being, and what codes energy- the larger whole, establishing the ‘harmony’ of all the scales of the Universe, and explaining all its fundamental constants which are ratios between spatial volumes and informative clocks of temporal energy.

5th dimension metric and the nested super organisms of the Universe.

It follows from a nested structure and the search for creative, organic balances, a symbiotic relationship between the ∆-¡ smaller parts that have more speed of time clocks, which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems. And the larger, ∆+¡ larger envelopes, membranes (static, dimensional view) or angular momentums (dynamic view as time=motions) which have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any system of the Universe. For example, chips become smaller as they evolve into faster brains. Every 2 years a chip doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension. The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner. And vice versa: larger wholes accumulate more energy and are stronger than parts, so they can protect and feed them. So wholes and parts co-exist in several scales forming super organisms.

Thus bigger systems paradoxically are ‘supported’ by the smallest ones, in the same manner than within the nested planet, bigger mammals (whales) eat the smallest animals (Plancktons). The reader should in that sense be prepared to accept many paradoxical laws of the i-logic structure of a Universe with 2 inverse dual arrows, entropy=absolute motion with no form and form=absolute information with no motion, bearing in mind that the key bio-logic concept behind those paradoxes is ‘coincidentia oppositorum’ a ‘thirst’ for balance between both extremes of ‘Black=form and white=motion’ in its infinite shades of grey.

Why this law is so important? Because it balances the survival and symbiotic existence of all parts of the Universe, and all parts of a super organism, and defines ‘what codes information’ – the small being, and what codes energy- the larger whole, establishing the ‘harmony’ of all the scales of the Universe, and explaining all its fundamental constants which are ratios between spatial volumes and informative clocks of time.

In what concerns the coronavirus, the importance as in all other existential crisis of humanity is obvious: In the organic Universe smaller is more powerful, because it is faster in time actions of reproduction and evolution that define the struggle for existence according to Darwin’s dictum:


“As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; and as, consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existence, it follows that any being, if it vary however slightly in any manner profitable to itself, under the complex and sometimes varying conditions of life, will have a better chance of surviving, and thus be naturally selected. From the strong principle of inheritance, any selected variety will tend to propagate its new and modified form.” The Origin of Species

Let us then introduce those singularity events starting from the one taking place as we speak, each of them, explained in more detail in an article of its own.


As an activist who has tried for decades to denounce those existential risks with little results due to the egocy (Ego=idiocy) of mankind, the coronavirus crisis did not surprise me. It was expected and yet it is of the risks poised by lower ¡-1 planes of exist¡ence, the less dangerous for humanity.

The top predator species of matter, a baby black hole or heavy quark strangelet, if reproduced by the industry of accelerators would take a few hours to destroy Earth, feeding at light speed in the matter of this planet. The chip radiation and all its applications are making obsolete humans in labor and war fields. And its application to the design of nano-bacteria, able to eat metal and reproduce its form would mean the extinction of the planet by a grey-goo in 3 months. Finally the top predator of life, a viral coronavirus, which mixes the killing efficiency of the SARS species and the maximal expansion rate of the Universe (a perfect exponential e=2.8 speed of propagation). As we consider the extinction of the planet Earth by Strange matter or black holes in the paper ‘Entropy and the metal-earth), and the extinction of man and life by the chip radiation the paper ‘Entropy and History’), and we are living now in the present lesser crisis of a perfect genetic virus in its 3 ‘Space-time elements’ that conform any function of life, (maximal ST=speed of reproduction and infection; maximal St=genetic charge of any virus and maximal Ts-strength of its invasive spike membrane).

So 2 5D elements essential to the coronavirus and future existential crisis: the exponential growth of smaller 5D systems of a lower plane of existence.

And the technological dangers of living in a society whose ‘free market citizens’, companies, have the right to evolve and reproduce any technology regardless of its lethality for mankind Since an efficient social organism, as humanity could be if social scientists, ‘doctors of history’, ruled and designed her according to the laws of organic systems, should not go through those risks for 2 obvious reasons:

– As a single global organism, aware of the 5D laws of existence, humanity would avoid any encounters with those species, meaning the Industry of Accelerators would be banned from testing big-bang production of strangelets and black holes; the Chip industry would be limited to simple models, below the capacity of human beings to control them, and its most lethal species (military and working robots) that make humans obsolete banned. And genetic engineering (Crsprs-9 technology) that makes possible to enhance any lethal virus by editing-into it the most destructive genes of other sub-species, repressed. But a capitalist system akin to a ‘worm’ that poisons itself with ‘greed’ because its re=productive blood system is more developed than its informative, legal, nervous one, ‘company-mothers’ can re=produce and evolve any lethal good. So this minimal state of evolution of mankind as a social supœrganism means we are constantly being ‘poisoned’ by lethal goods.

Only very primitive systems reproduce and devour lethal products dying in the process, as worms and capitalist societies ruled by company-mothers of machines-weapons, which as the only ‘free citizens’ of markets have rights to re=produce and evolve any lethal good. An efficient supœrganism however is rule by the nervous system that controls production and forbids with its immune system the existence of lethal goods. This means that above the reproductive system there must be human governments with the goal of making a world to the image and likeness of man using our informative, nervous  ethic, legal and leukocyte, health-care system to that aim. Further on in an efficient supœrganism the economy is a ‘demand’ economy where money, the oxygen of society, is delivered to all citizens-cells with a universal salary provided by red cells so they can kick their actions of reproduction and consumption of the welfare goods they need to survive. In our capitalist system money is reproduced overwhelmingly by financiers and companies of the Financial-Media (informative machines) Military-Industrial (energy machines) that rule the world, with its monopoly to foster the reproduction of their goods of maximal profit, which happen to be the most expensive top predator weapons and the cheaper to repeat, audiovisual fiction software which ‘kill the body and rational mind’ of mankind. So the outcome is that politicians, industrialists and the military often defend the lethal germs that kill history, instead of destroying them and provide the life-welfare goods humans need to survive. A reform of the financial systems returning to humanity through a Universal salary the right to reproduce money and the prohibition of the reproduction of lethal goods is an essential element if History wants to ‘exist’.

We must stress from the beginning the essential learning that for 30 years I have tried to spread on deaf ears about the nature of 5D social sciences: the rulers of mankind must act as doctors of History, because History is a superorganism; and its leukocytes, the people who truly save lives are NOT the military that kill but the doctors that cure. In any superorganism of Nature, the defensive system cures the cells of the body; it does NOT kill it. So we will at a certain point deal with the fact no human culture wants to deal: the military is an aberration and the increase of expenditures in military systems is what makes countries like US, the center of pandemics as there is no money to cure their sick, since it spends ½ of its resources piling up weapons for the profits of its company-mothers. So technology and the cost-benefit elements of economics have to be input to understand why mankind is defenceless in front of the coronavirus.

The standard 3 years curve of any Space-time Event. A perfect exponential curve.

The speed of replication of smaller species in 5D scales is easily represented mathematically by the exponential curve. In terms of 5D time, the coronavirus crisis, as all 5D processes including history (man in time) is divided in 3 ‘ages’, the young age of maximal growth, at exponential rate; the flattening of the curve, which correspond mathematically to a logistic curve and a final inverse extinction process. They conform the ‘3 ages’ of any existential function of any space-time event.

Below he reader can notice that the curves at present time, March are fully in the exponential growth phase due to the fact that the carrying capacity of the virus spread which has the maximal exponential number (whose derivate equals the function growing the same amount every time cycle, in this case doubling every 3 days), which is the human population is still NOT filled. Indeed, the logistic curve can only be reduced then either by diminishing the number of contacts which is extremely difficult and require a military control or by accepting the full contagion of the population, which could only be established if at the same time the group of risk (people like this writer with prior conditions and old people) are confined, so the younger pass all through the sickness and no longer are able to provoke contagion (strategy essayed partially only by Sweden and callously by UK as a capitalist Darwinian system who doesn’t want to spend on their old).

As the sickness advances and we keep writing this paper – the project of putting forward 30 years of research in 5D cancelled as I don’t expect to be around much longer, given the fact Italy and Spain will be infected in a logistic curve and only diminish when the number of infections is such that the carrying capacity make the exponential curve logistic – towards summertime – it is remarkable how the solutions of bio-history ‘suddenly appear’ in enlightened politicos that before considered anathema to deviate money from stock speculation into people. Germany still resists but in UK and U$ there are voices talking of paying the salary and freeze the nation for a month. So of course, capitalism to protect company-mothers and stock prices that are NOT reacting to the stimulus ‘DO know’ what should be done – they will forget when the epidemics recede.

When it will be? Again the laws of 5D are ternary so it means it will have as all systems 3 ages, as it happened with other pests.

1st year will increase till the carrying capacity fills up by summer time (1/2 of the people in non-Asian civilizations get infected and so the e-number of maximal rate of infection which happens when there is no real barriers to communication – the virus is the most perfect pathogen recorded in history with long survival rates for days in different surfaces, 1000 times more concentration in nose-mouth systems, 4 meters of expansion in air, permanence beyond 1 hours suspended as its minimal size allows it to float, so by all means it is a perfect exponential curve, and all of us who need to get out of home, don’t drive and live alone, searching for restricted food supplies will catch it; while in the 3rd world the speed of propagation will be equal, ‘discounting’ the death of the elderly and sick, which anyway for the 3rd world do NOT matter as most people died younger, with low life expectations and wars ravage them. This is therefore a 1st world sickness where old people exist.

Next year the virus will mutate because it cannot longer spread in its benign form, and increase its internal reproduction (a basic event of 5D systems from Ts-motion to Tt-entropic death) and so a more lethal strain will kill many more percentage of the healthy one which will have relapsed into social life and dolce fare niente as humans are what they are – not causality hindsight.

Sociological aspects of the curve.

We can consider a first analysis of the curve in terms of ‘organisms of History’: the first part of the curve corresponds integrally to China and it did not acquire an exponential log form, as China did the proper actions to stop the coronavirus as a single human superorganism, efficiently and well ran following the laws of universal superorganisms. But China does NOT spend ½ of its budget as US in the military aberration of a false defensive system; but overwhelmingly invests in the welfare of its people. And it controls its financial=blood system to spend on them. Once it entered the western world, with its capitalist systems of dog-eat-dog societies where humans are secondary to its ‘free market citizens’, the company-mothers of machines and weapons, obviously humans became an ‘easy target’ for the virus which reached exponential growth. Yet to understand why China and Asian nations are better organized we need first to understand what truly is a 5D social superorganism of space-time. So we have to return to the 5D stiences.

Recap. The coronavirus case shows as all systems under stress the huge errors of design of human supœrganisms, based in historic traditions of military nature (politicians), and parasitic debt-money (Classic economics) which put the machine above man as the goal of society (industrial r=evolution); and so has not evolved mankind and its social organisms to face crisis against the welfare and health of its people.

We repeat ad nauseam: the physiological networks of an organism of history should be managed by ‘doctors of history’, because its laws are the same than those of a biological organism.

So unlike the scientific organization promoted by bio-history and bioeconomics based in how Nature builds its efficient supœrganisms, human societies are dysfunctional, catering to the cells-citizens but to the elites and corporations, which control its money and resources. And so when the ‘apocalypse’ horses comes in – pest, war, famines… the organism is ill prepared to protect its citizens cells.



It is evident why humans cannot defeat without huge losses the coronavirus save those Asian nations that resemble closeler a superorganism of History because of their ‘religions of the living Universe’ and its Neolithic past, as societies dedicated to welfare that received latter the ‘weapons and destructive technologies of the west’, and we will return to that when we introduce social sciences and the 7 civilinations to study its response to the crisis. In brief, there is a trade-off between ‘cannons and butter’, welfare and warfare, military germs and doctors of history and what 5D social sciences has tried to explain for decades mainly among systemics, is that we humans should create as ustainable world made to our image and likeness, not to the image and likeness of machinesw, aned control lethal technologies. Nothing of this has been done or will be done likely once the crisis passes.

The coronavirus, an efficient supœrganism of Nature vs. the ill-designed supœrganisms of mankind.

The victory over the coronavirus, the simplest form of life, by the more complex of them, the human supœrganism of history would be easy, if mankind had properly designed its supœrganisms; it is not because humanity has not achieved beyond the individual biological organism anything resembling a proper supœrganism of humanity, according to the same ‘scalar’ laws of the 5th dimension of social organisms that extend from the simplest atom through molecules, cells, multicellular organisms, supœrganisms, economic ecosystems, solar systems and galactic supœrganisms.

Instead humans are divided in conflicting ‘organs=nations’, which reject each other, establishing borders that imperil coordinate actions. They are ruled by ‘animetal cultures’ that worship metal-weapons, go(l)d and machines above man, dedicating all their resources to them, and ignore the basic laws of the organic Universe to scientifically evolve humanity beyond the egocy (ego=idiocy) of the present species. It is for that reason that a simple coronavirus can hold the entire species in a state of global panic, killing millions. Simply speaking, the coronavirus as the WHO put it, doesn’t know of ‘borders, races and money’. It does what Nature does best, efficiently reproduce its systems in the appropriate ∆-1 cellular scale of each human being.


The coronavirus crisis and 5D History and the nature of mankind.

The four horses of apocalypse were war, famine, pest and death, a 3±¡ classic structure of self-destruction, which again has happened to humanity.

Its causality usually is the aforementioned: war diminishes the expenditure in human welfare, health-care and food. The support needed to cure the sick diminishes. Warfare and wounded people and famine ensues and brings pathogens that bring pest. And death ravages population.

The specific form in which the 4 horses appear do not change the basic causality that is common to all analysis of bio-history: the excessive reproduction of weapons and its use diminish human welfare, brings human suffering and death, because of the Darwinian, evolutionary equation of biohistory within Earth’s context: 

Life (Gaia: relative past) < History (present: Mankind) > Metalearth (relative future)

The equation of the 3 ages of Earth’s life, means that as humans increase its control of metal-technologies,

computers and weapons, regardless of the fringe benefits they will be subject to new menaces, from genetic editing of biological warfare, to new modes of Nuclear weapons (black holes and strangelets) to Robotics, and the struggle for reproduction and resources which we see clearly today won by machines over life (90% of horses were slaughtered when the train came) will accelerate in war and labor fields between human and machines.

A war process is nothing but the massive reproduction of the top predator form of metal, the weapon that consume us. But not only humans ignore the cyclical nature of time and the repetition of those events but its main feature, egocy (Ego=idiocy) makes them think the laws of biological survival, re=production and evolution only apply to carbon atoms so they ignore the vital nature of technology. And finally in terms of 5D scales, they ignore its metric, S x T = C which means smaller systems run faster vital cycles, so they are contrary to belief more dangerous. It is more dangerous a virus than a lion because it reproduces faster; a black hole than a bomb because it feeds on our lighter matter faster, a future metal nano-viron (an iron virus) than a weapon because it will eat the Earth’s metal-machines faster.

pandemicIn the graph, Pandemics are one of the 4 apocalypse’s horses spread beyond control due to the weakening of the welfare goods humans need to survive during ages of massive investment in warfare goods. In graph according to the centennial cycles of global war ages, the 1918 Spanish flu and 2020s coronavirus pandemic developed within that biohistoric context


When Pasteur said that bacteria produced sicknesses people laughed at him. It was ‘too small’ and we were too important. When I sued CERN for potential genocide if the lab made strangelets or black holes, the global press laughed because they ‘were so tiny’, but indeed tiny baby black holes and strangelets have a much faster reproductive rate and feeding rate by virtue of 5D metrics of scale.

Humans though tend to ignore causality in a larger time span, reason why they cannot manage properly the future, nor they care to understand the laws of bio-history that could. In the 30 years in which I have been forecasting with great accuracy the ‘medium and long wave’ cycles of History this has been the rule; and unfortunately because of those human shortcomings Mankind is always unwarned when the future comes:

‘Cemeteries are filled with corpses of wars everybody knew they would never happen’.

In this case our analysis of the future missed Pandemics as the main event of the 2020 change of paradigm in history from an age of peace to an age of war, we had been anticipating according to the cycles of history for decades, in the context of the confrontation that would happen between the previous leading industrial nation, US and the newcomer, China. But essentially the elements of the game are still there. The confrontation will take place and China will become the new power. The black swan of the coronavirus just accelerated the process as China is a better, more efficient historic organism that managed to end the Coronavirus plague in just two months, but America will not. So the black swan will bring the demise of the American economy as the top predator of the world and hence of its currency as the global currency, which will enter when the Yuan becomes convertible into an age of devaluation and hyperinflation that will deflate the ‘casino economy’ of Wall Street, and bring in turn the drums of war of the fallen nations, as it happened with Germany, since the previous top predator nation still holds the best weapon technology despite being less able to bring production.

So the predictions of the model of bio-history for the 2020s due to the cycles of economics and history continue unabated, regardless of the fact that pandemics have reversed its causality and came before war.

It must be also noticed that pandemics always comes, always kills often as many people as the war does and yet it is always ignored and downplayed as history always focus in ‘metal-history’ and downplays the human side of it. 

So in the I age of steam wars in the 1860s, sicknesses and infection killed as many people as war, especially in the first conflicts of Crimea, where Florence Nightingale chronicled the deceased. In I world war, the first of the tank=armored car wars, more people died of the Spanish flu. And in this age of ‘splendid little robotic wars’ which have seen a massive investment in the ‘Semite wars’ (conflict between the financial-media western elite of Judaism and its nation vs. the last non-technological civilization of Islam) and weakening of health-care systems in the west, the pandemics has hit harder the western world. 

Pandemics in that sense in a perfect world would be easy to contain as they are predictable statistical events which proper protocols can reduce as SARS prepared nations in South-Asia proved but are not when nations enter the ‘age of over re=production of war machines’. So pandemics coincide with war investment ages. The greatest of them all by percentage of death, the black pest did happen after the massive investments in the first cannons brought through the last massive warfare age of Mongolian invasions, which carried with their armies the pest.

If we reduce the process to the modern cycles of the industrial evolution, this pandemics thus corresponds to the massive age of austericide and investment on the Semite wars fueled by the ‘Stockratic elite of America’ that has built a war state with zero investments in welfare:

80 years war cycle

In the graph fro the 1992 book, the extinction of man, what we predicted were the smaller cracks of the market and the bigger crack according to the ±80±8 cycles of the industrial r=evolution. Pandemics would then be part of the suffering of populations in war ages, alongside the suffering of the Semite wars, of the massive migration process we are living, and only because it is hitting hard the first world that always thinks to be protected from the ravage of war, famine and pest, got the kind of attention and response – of a military type with the confinement of populations, to be expected of a war process. It is also a natural outcome long predicted of the way societies in an advanced supœrganism of computer machines  would evolve – towards confinement and virtual dependence of computer screens, in the mode superorganisms confine the DNA-informative center to its cells connected to its informative nervous/digital and blood, reproductive systems.

That this process will bring then the Chinese vs. America military engagements latter on the decade as American economies and dollar power crashes is likely the 2nd phase instead of the first phase of our predictions in those books.

The 2020s was the decade when the world had to change for the worst, with the creation of fascist, military states in which the rights of population would be curtailed, the systems of control through internet and robotic drones massively enhanced, and mankind become an attachment of the metal-earth’s global internet web, closed at home, while the police state took over.

That is, the human freedom of the species, ever dwindling since the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution would be curtailed as we become ‘enclosed’ in our homes, joined by the nervous, electronic networks of the Metal-earth, fearing human relationships, each man a potential enemy of the other. This is indeed, what is happening now, but it did not happen by war, as predicted, but by the 3rd ‘apocalypse’ horse – pest.

I considered always this process would take place through wars as it had always been the case after a few splendid little wars that would essay the new overproduced lethal machines of the chip radiation. Alas, to the surprise of all including myself the process has been caused by a pandemic. As to if the pandemic has been caused by bio-technological systems is not clear. We DO have now with crisprs-9 for a lustrum the capacity to engineer the virus, and there were possibilities both in China and America for the injection of that virus, but that is irrelevant. What matters is the end-point is the same that a decade of global war: massive control of populations with vigilante electronic brothers, tagging of the poor with no health-care as untouchable, encasement of people on Netflix screens, delivery through robots and drones of Amazon, the world I described for 30 years has come now to be… It is the beginning of the end… of life as we knew it.

The graph above shows the cycles of the supœrganism of History, caused by the relentless evolution of metal-memes that brought on top of the ‘perfect Neolithic world’ that would care for mankind and its welfare, ruled by the first ‘bio-historians’, priests of fertility Goddesses, people-castes of metalmasters, parasitic warriors with hard entropic metal that killed bodies and go(l)d priests that hypnotized and slaved people to the greed of gold. It was then when the ‘degradation of our physiological networks’ as a supœrganism of history started and the consequences were the ‘rhythmic’ ages of weakened social bodies by hunger, war & pest that brought death. So in periods of alliance and massive reproduction of weapons and gold and its warrior and financial parasitic masters the ‘4 horses’ (the first bio-historians used a mystical language to explain what we do in bio-history in organic terms), hunger and war brought pestilences and death spread.

This is also the case in the modern world with pandemics closely related to weakened social bodies and war ages. The last pandemic, the Spanish flu, massacred 40 millions during the last years of the I world war; and the present pandemics that is killing thousands soon millions leaves its trace of death in those ‘capitalist, militaristic’ cultures (Europe so far) or exploited 3rd world nations (Africa and Latin America soon) where health-care systems have been weakened by austericide and the relentless advance of parasitic financiers and militaristic nationalism that diverted massive resources to building up arsenals and speculating in Stocks. In that sense the response of the 3 civilinations of the Industrial world is clear. On the western side, the European and American civilinations have been the forefront of speculative massive deviation of e-money to stocks and building of nationalisms and war arsenals, while Asia has kept his organic moderate expenditure in war and control for the public service of banking systems without fueling systematically money into speculation. So they had a much more robust health-care system and social organization to confront the crisis.

Technological warfare. The confabulation theory hypothesis that will be repeated.


Pandemics are NOT only related to the 4 apocalypse horses and provoke a similar human response but they are also man-made often. In America, pandemics caused far more deaths than iron among the Amerindian population that didn’t have anti-bodies against measles and there are many events in which Anglo-Americans gave infected blankets to Indians to spread the disease.

This brings a truism of the coronavirus pandemics to take into account for future biological warfare, which was banned during the chemical age of electro-engines in the form of mustard and sarin but has NOT been at all banned in the form of sophisticated generic engineering. This means as technology advances we will be able not only to design the ultimate pandemics – a ‘viron’, that is a virion (virus) of iron able to prey on the metal of the planet; the 2nd event of global extinction, but any chosen virus when we fully understand the relationship between genes, proteins and RNA commands for reproduction.

I don’t believe we are still there, but soon we will be there with the new tools of genetic editing (Crispr-9 constantly perfected) to the point that an enemy nation can establish both the pandemic virus, designed to maximal power and the vaccine to avoid contagion and then release it in enemy land.

The choice of the most lethal elements of a virus in fact seems to be the nature of the coronavirus in terms of its 5D ‘topological structure’, which as all 5D species is composed of 3 forms=functions; the defensive mobile membrane, the cyclical brain and the vital space used to reproduce, which in the case of this coronavirus is remarkably efficient.

If you want a confabulation theory, these are the facts (although I prefer as a bio-historian / systemic view: The Natural Progress of a capitalist system dedicated to creating lethal technologies for humanity causes spontaneous ‘catastrophes’ until it kills us all; so as humans research Nuclear weapons, now black holes and strangelets and soon metal-bacteria; and warfare diminishes life welfare pandemics become murderous processes that could be avoided).

The fact that both China and US have accused each other of creating the virus in its nano-biologic labs shows the capacity to make them is already here thanks to Crsprs-9, one of the technologies that should be forbidden for obvious reasons as it can edit any genetic system, but it is in a ‘free market’ already sold in internet to ‘consumers’.

This is NOT the case of this virus, because humans do NOT yet understand fully the connections between the different scales of 5D biology as we do, and so they cannot man-made prepare the perfect virus, but if we were to hear the confabulation theories on the net as a ‘template’ for future viral warfare it really fits within what we can expect in future generations of the increasingly hostile world to life and mankind we are building:

Still here is the causality of a possible man-made pandemics, which of course we already talked about with the worst possible scenario being a pharmaceutical company developing both in advance the virus and the vaccine to profit enormously from its expansion:

2016: US discovers Crispr-9 to do precise Gene editing – a genetic engineering technique in molecular biology by which the genomes of living organisms may be modified. It is based on a simplified version of the bacterial CRISPR-Cas9 antiviral defense system. By delivering the Cas9 nuclease complexed with a synthetic guide RNA (gRNA) into a cell, the cell’s genome can be cut at a desired location, allowing existing genes to be edited …Today it is possible to edit any virus or bacteria by selecting its most perfect forms, but the knowledge is not really there to make it so perfect as Nature does. It will come soon… You can buy the ‘Crispr-9’ kit in Internet…

  • October 2019: military Games in Wuhan; the US team spreads it on the Chinese market.
  • Tensions between the U.S. and China in fact re-escalated after officials of both countries hurled verbal attacks at each other about the origin of the coronavirus and a member of the military brought about the Wuhan world games confabulation theory. The alternative view is that it was done in Wuhan’s biotechnology labs, a hub for such research in China.  But that would not be so likely, as the confabulation theory that makes more sense is obviously the American one. Since the virus was spread in China, hence in the enemy nation – no nation bombs himself.
  • An edited virus, the most perfect in nature, based on Sars that already appeared in China (this is how China is accused), with a key mutation in its spike (targeting a protein of multiple uses in the cell that cannot be attacked with medicines) is abandoned in a wild animal market, the largest in the world where these mutations originate. Now this is the key for future viral warfare – to take once we understand all pathogens, the different ‘qualities’ of coronavirus – the faster spread of this one, with the higher lethality of Mers and the mutability of flu and produce one with lethality over 50%, aerial spread similar to the e-number, and higher mutability of flu viruses. That pandemic will decimate a nation.
    – November, patient 1 identified is a cluster of 7 people who worked in the market (Zero is not identified).
    – Everything is done to economically sink China in the middle of the trade war, hoping to be arrested as it happened with SARS and the ‘foreign’ virus. Don’t escape from China …
    – If it escapes, perfect allows for the creation of a ‘new world order’ state of population confinement, killing the old, further reducing long-term healthcare costs (in countries like the UK and the US whose policy is to ‘let it work’ because all we will infect ‘) … and confine people in houses connected to MATRIX, Netflix, robots delivering food, drones watching over the population – that locate those who skip quarantine…

WUHAN– If you’re looking for even a more bizarre confabulation scene, we have the maximal evil: Pentagon did make the virus at Sandia Labs, New Mexico and it made the vaccine, which will be the Moderna vaccine attacking the RNA of the virus or Novavax vaccine (RNA attacking the spike protein). So the elite has already been vaccinated in America and Trump goes around shaking hands in a macho man attitude as he knows it will be negative. But that is not how Systemic Nature works. Humans are pawns, they do not direct most of the processes.

  • Again this is not the case, but it will be in future pandemic war: the nations that releases the virus will have the vaccine for its 1% (as it might wanted to use it also to kill minorities and then there will be pundits wondering why it affected more the black or Latino people).

The dystopian future of a world ruled by technology, not to the service of mankind.

Let us be clear again, the chances this pandemic is man-made are slim. What the pandemic will cause however is an acceleration of the process explained in our papers on the Metal-earth, about a dystopian future in which humans become mere ‘citizens-cells’ of a world of machines, stronger than us – delivery robots; virtual screens; isolated of each other – a future we expected to happen through war but has happened through pandemics. So we shall close this article explaining that dystopia in the making that now accelerates as the human world of freedom and happy virtual thought and our social systems ‘collapse’ in a death-catastrophic event, where all the elements we have been explained for decades entangle together.

RECAP. The four horses of apocalypse were war, famine pest and death, a 3±¡ classic structure of self-destruction, which again has happened to humanity, given the overwhelmed incapacity of the health-care system to cure the sick and the corrupted incapacity of the political system which is not in a capitalist democracy designed to serve its people, to solve the situation. So the reader will allow me to escape the usual egocy about how extraordinary we humans are and how much we must work together to defeat the ‘virus’, etc. It is clearly evident that the crisis could have been avoided as any war can, and the military-like newspeak it has brought with military measures unneeded with a proper health-prevention approach, is just more of the same.

We are not special in the Universe and death as much as it can surprise us comes easily to man because we are not such an extraordinary strong species, neither in flesh nor in intelligence. We are part of an entangled Universe, made of space=form and time-motion as all beings, without a clear capacity to be intelligent in Schopenhauer’s terms: ‘a stupid is a man that cannot see the causality of time’. As Plato said, man has a visual, spatial intelligence, so ‘time and decay throw him a fog’.

So, we, humans, are a limited species… And only when Nature in its strongest forms enters the sudden Tt-explosion of entropy, we accept it. The pandemics remind me the attitude of physicists when I warned them that creating a black hole or strangelet at CERN will mean the destruction of the planet in a big-bang. They all told me it was too small to care. So it is this virus, one of the smallest, but according to 5D metric, smaller systems reproduce faster its time cycles and that is what counts to survive.

So in the same manner a black hole or strangelet when CERN makes them will kill mankind precisely because it is so small and efficient that it will devour at faster rate our matter, the smallest virus is replicating today at the exponential e-number rate of 2.8 contagions, the fastest speed of replication of the universe.

Yet when I put a series of International suits to CERN (Sancho et AL Vs. Cern, etc.) for genocide on those simple truisms of science, of course, not a single scientist besides the few plaintiffs accepted the fact.

The bizarre happening of the 2 most prestigious Nobel prizes of Physics, hired by CERN to defend its genocidal attempts (the formalizers of the strong and weak force) who didn’t show up to defend the maths of strangelets and black holes which show in the standard model that WILL destroy Earth if created, and just claimed to have more ‘prizes’ than us; the dismissal for technical reasons of the suits with a ‘surrealist’ sentence, ‘the destruction of the Earth won’t be attributable to the American government’, in the West pacific Supreme court; my lost of all academic positions and the following silence, pale compared to what changed more my attitude towards activism and communication: the fact that all the systems of the ‘metal-earth’, the media, (this was the second most blogged theme of 2008 after the market crash) and specially the people we were meant to defend, sided as a ‘block of time’ with the ‘physicists’ or rather the ‘technological companies’ that build those accelerators, with an egocy proper of the human condition that plays always the macho man game till the last minute. The happenings of the coronavirus, with Mr. Macho Man Trump and Johnson, in defense of capitalist production, shaking hands till the last minute, NOT to loose a penny with a market panic, reminded me of that attitude. The sheepishly acceptance of the ‘essay’ of dystopia, with everybody closed at home willingly, when the pandemic could have been avoided by scientific means as Asian countries did, shows to which degree, huminds are perfectly indoctrinated by the ‘nervous networks’ of the metal-earth; its mass-media systems of imprinting. So indeed all has changed to remain in the same no future path of mankind that the planet with an iron core and silicon skin seems to reserve to us.

The same can be said f the pandemics or the warnings of the cyclical models of bio-history that have predicted the future for 30 years in advance and the necessary reforms by imitation of the physiological networks of Nature to create a perfect supœrganism of History where the 4 horse of apocalypse are kept at bay.

It is interesting to notice that in the coronavirus crisis, nations cornered by the inefficiency of capitalism when it needs to defend human lives, have had to adopt many of the measures of the ideal supœrganism of history described in 5D social sciences. Indeed, those nations who have a minimal independence from the parasitic system of debt money that so much harms the rights of human beings to its ‘daily dose’ of oxygen=money, are establishing a Universal salary during the time of quarantine required to chase the virus. Such is the case of the most advanced social systems that tried at least throughout periods of the XX century to establish a rational form of money NOT as debt but as a language of information of the re=productive system: the Asian nations around the Chinese cultural center (China, Korea, Vietnam) and the northern European nations NOT hijacked in its financial systems by the ECB ‘private’ bank (Denmark, Scandinavia).

But even more clearly than the need to reform the financial system has been the understanding that the true defensive system of an organism is NOT the military system of reproduction and use of the germs of history, ‘entropic metal-weapons’ to kill mankind, but the immune health-care system of ‘leukocytes’ and T-cells that truly cure the cells of humanity. This view of the health-care people as the ‘warriors’ of this war against a true enemy of life is new and only can be compared in the record of a corrupted historical world with the times in which the earlier ‘scientists of history’, priests of social love, acquired warrior-like qualities in its promotion of peace, welfare and social love, the highest’ arrow of time of the organic Universe (Buddhist monks in Asia, Jesuits in the west). Which leads to the proper understanding of the physiological networks of mankind that could play those roles if they were designed according to 5D laws making the planet to the image and likeness of man.

– A proper design of our societies with the laws of biologic, 5D social systems, would have created a global supœrganism where the defensive, immune system and its ‘health-care’ leukocytes could control lethal goods.

Instead we live in a system that multiplies them and confuses the defensive immune system of health-care that cure human citizens-cells, with the ‘germs’ that murder history – military ‘defense’ ministries buttressed with germs=weapons and people that kill other human beings. The same can be said of the re=productive blood system, which kills by anoxia, as it is designed by parasitic bankers that absorb the re=productive language of society – money, preventing its allocation to all cells-citizens. In nature though each cell receives enough ‘money=oxygen’ to perform their jobs and demand ‘WHealth’, healthy welfare goods. So all citizens in such an inverse demand economy based in a Universal salary that all supœrganisms give through its physiological blood networks, will have the goods the need to survive.

So we won’t make a’ chronicle of foretold deaths’, which is the essence of what mankind faces in the XXI c. with an ill-designed parasitic social supœrganism and null awareness of the 5D metrics that made those smaller species, chips, virions and dark matter particles, the top predator existential risks of mankind; but a critical assessment of the social structures of mankind. To that aim, we are neither going to use the language of machines, ‘digital statistics’ that have substituted in the collective subconscious in a rather obscene way, reducing victims into statistics and exponential curves to describe the sickness, but as always in a ‘true scientific approach’, consider the causality of those processes, differentiating the way the 7 civilinations of mankind have approached the crisis.

As it happens the ruling ‘model of society’ is completely dysfunctional and for that reason the pandemic has not been contained with the exception of ‘organic’ Asian cultures closer to the ideal supœrganisms of history

Thus, this paper will study the coronavirus crisis in the context of the laws of the organic Universe and bio-history, give the proper solutions and consider both the ideal world and the 7 civilizations of history in its response to the crisis which is better the closer the civilization is to the model of ideal history (Asia), will be more destructive in the most corrupted form (America) and the countries predated by capitalism for longer period – the so called 3rd world non-technological nations). We have therefore before we continue explaining the Pandemic and its solution, consider how Nature and the 5D Universe structure its efficient supœrganism that DO survive.



The different responses of Organic Asia vs. the Capitalist, selfie western world.

According to the models of bio-history, money is the reproductive oxygen of the economic system given to every cell-citizen of an efficient supœrganism of nature.

Because the economy is the blood-reproductive network of the organism the solution of a pandemic, a sickness of an organism IS IN 5D ECONOMICS and Social Sciences the same that an organism deploys.

An intelligent organic system like the ones of nature heals this type of sickness in a few days, if it can detect the invading cells, which will try to camouflage from the health-care warriors.

To that aim It gives extra supply of oxygen-money to all cells of the infected region, inflaming it with healing liquids, sequestering its activity without eating in complete rest state.

Then it launches its antibodies, with fever to increase its thermodynamic activity. And the body is healed.

The Universe is simple and not malicious (Einstein) if the organism works according to the laws of nature and its physiological networks are well-behaved it normally succeeds at this stage.

As money is the blood oxygen of society, and the antibodies are the health-care system and military/police, the immediate translation is obvious:

States have to put everyone on the infected region at home for a month as soon as the sickness is established.

Central banks have to issue money Not as they have done for banks and speculators to maintain the price of stocks; but to give a universal salary to all Europeans of two thousand Euros a month.

So the citizens-cells stay home but can buy food and medicines. Because the central bank=blood system takes care of the oxygen=salary, governments also prohibit all companies to fire workers during that period.

Then the ‘antibodies’ – health care system, food suppliers and police increase its feverish activity, for a month, detect all cases and solve the pandemic, disinfecting everything.

In 5D this is equivalent to STOP the time of the organism for a month and launch the defensive system.

But obviously before the GLOBAL organism is completely paralyzed, a ‘local symmetry’ must be attempted through a massive detective system of all the regions of the body with the feverish activity of the immunological system that searches for the invading germs all over the organism, using the physiological networks, we shall now describe.

As we do want to be fairly scientific in our analysis with 5D laws of the whole process, we shall stop the analysis of this second phase and introduce the general laws of 5D supœrganisms to understand better the limits of the human response and why it has failed in almost every civilination, and will keep failing except in the case of the Asian civilination, the closest one to an efficient ideal supœrganism of history.

We shlall use the NYTimes journalism in the following description of the crisis till the epilogue on the future of those existential risks and post-coronavirus world, as it has given free access to its information during the pandemics. So we acknowledge his excellent journalist work, and comparison of the different solutions.

This is the text from NYTimes analysis of this phase of testing, consideriong a comparison of the 3 reactions to the crisis, we copycat from NY times that offers now for free its information on the crisis – hence we suppose they don’t mind its use to inform people, the way they have dealt with the first and obvious medical step of the crisis – testing the sick:

Scientists around the world were waiting at their computers in early January when China released the coronavirus genetic code, the blueprint for creating tests and vaccines. Within days, labs from Hong Kong to Berlin had designed tests and shared their research with others.

Within about two weeks, Australia had its own tests, and even citizens in the most far-flung regions of the country could be tested. Laboratories in Singapore and South Korea ramped up test kit production and ordered extra supplies. That quick work allowed them to test hundreds of thousands of people, isolate the sick and — so far, at least — contain the spread of the disease.

By contrast, anxious citizens in the United States and many parts of Western Europe have endured byzantine delays, or have been denied testing altogether. As the coronavirus pandemic shuts down world capitals and paralyzes entire economies, political leaders are rushing to make testing more widely available.

But experts say that the decisive moment, when aggressive testing might have allowed officials to stay ahead of the disease, passed more than a month ago. It was not a question of science. Researchers say a viral test is relatively easy to develop. Rather, scientists say, the chasm between the testing haves and have-notsreflects politics, public health strategies and, in some cases, blunders.

The world may be paying for those missteps right now. Testing is central to the effort to fight the spread of the virus. Countries that test widely can isolate infected people and prevent or slow new infections. Without early and widespread testing, health officials and policymakers will be flying blind, epidemiologists say.

“Y​ou cannot fight a fire blindfolded,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, W.H.O.’s director general. “And we cannot stop this pandemic​ i​f we don’t know who is infected.”

But testing has been inconsistent in what has been a patchwork response to the epidemic worldwide.

Some countries, like France, did not have a strategy that centered on testing to map the advance of the virus. Testing in Italy has been plagued by political squabbles. The United Kingdom developed tests but decided not to use them widely, as Singapore and South Korea had done. Other countries were caught off guard by shortages of testing chemicals.

As the virus reached into the United States in late January, President Trump and his administration spent weeks downplaying the potential for an outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control opted to develop its own test rather than rely on private laboratories or the World Health Organization.

The outbreak quickly outpaced Mr. Trump’s predictions, and the C.D.C.’s test kits turned out to be flawed, leaving the United States far behind other parts of the world — both technically and politically. In that same period, Singapore was setting up health screenings at airports, issuing work-from-home guidelines and releasing plans to monitor travelers returning from abroad. Independent labs in Korea were rushing their tests out the door.

“They were ready, and they just churned out the kits,” said Dr. Jerome Kim, of the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul.

Today, the epicenter of the outbreak is Europe and experts say the wave is only starting to hit the United States. Faced with a growing number of cases and limited test kits, many countries have tightened restrictions on who gets tested. In Germany, where the first approved test was developed, only doctors can prescribe one. In France and Belgium, only severely sick patients get tested.

In Britain, as in many other countries, the virus is circulating so quickly that it is no longer possible to test people and investigate whom they may have infected, said David McCoy, a public health professor at Queen Mary University in London. Nearly 100 people have died from the virus there. Testing is still valuable in helping scientists understand the epidemiology of the disease, he said.

“The window of opportunity to contain the epidemic has now shut,” Mr. McCoy said.

‘This Could Be a Problem’

From the beginning, some countries showed greater urgency than others and were more nimble in their response.

Australia, Korea and Singapore turned to networks of public and private laboratories to develop tests. On Feb. 4, the South Korean government granted fast-track approval for a company’s coronavirus test and began shipping kits. A second company was approved a week later. Two more soon followed.

Australian labs designed a generic test in early January, then refined it after receiving the genome. “We were anticipating early on that we could see cases, that this could be a problem,” said Dr. Jen Kok, a government virologist in New South Wales, Australia, a region where more than 33,000 people have been tested so far.

The United States and Britain favored a centralized approach. Britain initially assigned a single lab in north London to perform the tests but, a month later, began allowing other labs to do the same.

The C.D.C. had to reverse course, too. After its homegrown test proved faulty, it cost the country valuable time. The Trump administration then had to change tactics, urging outside labs and manufacturers to help make a million tests available.

Labs that moved quickly had an advantage. They purchased extra testing products, known as reagents, that extract viral RNA from nose or throat swab samples. Those reagents are now in short supply.

“It’s the way we do things here,” said Dr. David Speers, the top microbiologist at PathWest Laboratory Medicine, the government laboratory in Western Australia. “We always try to plan ahead.”

Technical speed and laboratory organization, though, do not explain everything. The availability of testing — at least in some countries — also reflects policy.

When Australia identified its first coronavirus patient in late January, political leaders made clear that testing would be widespread. “We’re testing people,” Dr. Kerry Chant, the top public health official in New South Wales, said on Jan. 30. “We’re asking people to come forward, and I want to acknowledge the fact that we have had so many people come forward for testing.”

Even before the virus began spreading in Singapore, the prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong reminded the public about the 2003 SARS outbreak and said he planned to overreact to the coronavirus. “We have built up our institutions, our plans, our facilities, our stockpiles, our people, our training,” he said on Jan. 31. “Because we knew that one day something like that would happen again.”

South Korea opened nearly 600 testing clinics, including dozens of drive-through stations. More than 250,000 people have been tested — far more than any other country that has released data.

The country has largely contained its outbreak to the southeast city of Daegu. Most cases are linked to a cluster around the Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

“Korea’s approach was: Test everybody,” Dr. Kim said. “Anybody who needs a test should get tested.”

The United States, along with countries in Western Europe, chose a different strategy and tone. While Singapore warned that infections were certain to increase, Mr. Trump predicted it would disappear within weeks.

In late January, French officials were hesitant to activate emergency protocols because they did not believe that the epidemic was as serious as the 2009 H1N1 outbreak.

“We have three cases in France and they are not that severe,” Dr. Patrick Pelloux, of the country’s emergency medical services, said Jan. 25. “It’s an epidemic that is under control.”

France says that it is able to test 2,500 cases daily, and health officials said earlier this week that more than 40,000 people had been tested. The United States has run about 25,000 tests. Neither country has contained the virus or tested aggressively for it. Korea and Singapore have so far been able to do both.

“We were not just looking at having a very good diagnostics test. That’s kind of a given. You can’t do anything without that,” said Dr. Sidney Yee, the chief executive of Singapore’s Diagnostics Development Hub. “We were also looking at getting people prepared and getting accurate messages out.”

Nicolas Locker, a professor of virology at the University of Surrey in Britain, said national leaders set the tone. “What you’re seeing today is the impact of those earlier comments, and that earlier attitude,” Dr. Locker said.

Incorrect Assumptions

Testing can be as much a political issue as a scientific one.

Italy, the site of the biggest outbreak outside China, is a prime example. At first, regional authorities in the north tested widely and tried to trace contacts with sick people. But the national government in Rome objected, saying there was no need to test people who did not exhibit symptoms.

“Someone said we’re testing too many people and this is why we have such a huge number. That is not true,” Giovanni Rezza, director of the department of infectious diseases at the Italian National Institute of Health.

Under pressure, the regional governments began testing only patients who exhibited symptoms. Politicians and scientists continue to debate those protocols, Dr. Rezza said. Still, the country has managed to test more than 182,000 people.

Britain was one of the first to develop coronavirus diagnostic kits but made a decision not to test widely. The government’s strategy initially focused on slowing the contagion rather than stopping it. The government, though, severely underestimated the potential scope of the epidemic, according to a study published on Monday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government recently reversed its strategy and decided to widen testing. Mr. Johnson told Parliament on Wednesday that his government will have the ability to conduct 25,000 tests a day.

But raw numbers ignore the effect of timing. South Korea deployed its tests early and alongside other approaches, including some that European populations might resist. A government app monitored people to ensure they remained quarantined. Police officers used surveillance camera footage, phone data and credit card records to recreate the movements of new patients and identify potential contacts.

Kim Gang-lip, a South Korean vice health minister, said the contagiousness of the disease and its rapid spread demanded a new approach. “Such characteristics of the virus render the traditional response, which emphasizes lockdown and isolation, ineffective,” he said.

A New Testing Reality

Lockdown and isolation are a reality today for tens of millions of people.

Italy is at a standstill. Europe has all but shut its borders. President Emmanuel Macron of France told people to stay at home for 15 days and ordered the army to transport the sick to hospitals. Mr. Trump recommended against all but the smallest gatherings.

With no treatment for the disease, many countries are telling sick people to stay home unless they become seriously ill. Hospitals cannot afford to be overwhelmed by nervous people asking for tests.

But patients who self-quarantine likely won’t ever be tested, making it difficult to know the true scope of the disease. And as the disease spreads, the practicality of testing declines, as does its value.

“Testing of contacts, I believe, will be totally out of control very soon,” said Manfred Green, an epidemiologist with the University of Haifa in Israel.

Australian officials say they, too, worry about wasting tests on the merely worried. They recently adjusted testing protocols, but remain aggressive. Anyone who has recently been out of the country and so much as spikes a fever will likely be tested. “We are still in the containment phase,” said Dr. Kok. “We’re testing really widely.”

RECAP. Assessment of the testing phase.

It is clear that only Asia correctly worked the necessary measures to do a thorough test. Among the western nations, it is remarkable the Australian answer, perhaps by influence of the Asian world, while Europe and U$ failed miserably. Germany, as the ‘selfish’ center of the European union with the ECB in Frankfurt, the necessary technological poweress and its test approved by the WHO as the standard, did also well in testing thoroughly its population. But it would fail to stop the economic activity necessary for the next phase of the ideal solution: to control the regions which were invaded by the virus, isolate them from the rest of the national tissue and control all the viral charge of the region.

But none did so badly as America, where all the dysfunctional elements of a captalist selfish society came together, adding to the meager resources capitalism allocates to health-care, the callousness and selfish I-ego centered dog-eat-dog beliefs of the go(l)d culture and its protestant religions.

So to all the mentioned problems a bizarre happening took place in America: the rivalry of the different ego-centered characters of this drama, the head of the different agencies, governors, presidencies, the nationalism of ‘I do it better than the German’s WHO test’, etc. We again use an excellent article on NYTimes to describe this mess:

 Startling Setback

The first time Dr. Robert Redfield heard about the severity of the virus from his Chinese counterparts was around New Year’s Day.

To identify the virus, the C.D.C. test used three small genetic sequences to match up with portions of a virus’s genome extracted from a swab. A German-developed test that the W.H.O. was distributing to other countries used just two, potentially making it less precise.

But soon after the F.D.A. cleared the C.D.C. to share its test kits with state health department labs, some discovered a problem. The third sequence, or “probe,” gave inconclusive results. While the C.D.C. explored the cause — contamination or a design issue — it told those state labs to stop testing.

Dr. Redfield played down the problem in task force meetings and conversations with Mr. Azar, assuring him it would be fixed quickly, several administration officials said.

With capacity so limited, the C.D.C.’s criteria for who was tested remained extremely narrow for weeks to come: only people who had recently traveled to China or had been in contact with someone who had the virus. The lack of tests in the states also meant local public health officials could not use another essential epidemiological tool: surveillance testing.

The consequences became clear by the end of February. For the first time, someone with no known exposure to the virus or history of travel tested positive, in the Seattle area, where the U.S.’s first case had been detected more than a month earlier. The virus had probably been spreading there and elsewhere for weeks, researchers later concluded. Without a more complete picture of who had been infected, public health workers could not do “contact tracing” — finding all those with whom any contagious people had interacted and then quarantining them to stop further transmission.

The C.D.C. gave little thought to adopting the test being used by the W.H.O. The C.D.C.’s test was working in its own lab — still processing samples from states — which gave agency officials confidence. Dr. Anne Schuchat, the agency’s principal deputy director, would later say that the C.D.C. did not think “we needed somebody else’s test.” And the German-designed W.H.O. test had not been through the American regulatory approval process, which would take time.

Days later, his agency provided a workaround, telling state and local health department labs that they could finally begin testing. Rather than awaiting replacements, they should use their C.D.C. test kits and leave out the problematic third probe.

Meanwhile, the agency’s epidemiologists were growing more concerned as the virus spread in South Korea and Italy. On Feb. 25, Dr. Messonnier gave a briefing with a much blunter warning than usual. “Disruption to everyday life might be severe,” she said.

Mr. Trump, returning from a trip to India, was furious, according to senior administration officials. Later that day, Mr. Azar seemed to be tamping down the level of concern. All Dr. Messonnier had meant, he said at a news conference, was that people should “start thinking about, in their own lives, what that might involve.”

Barriers to Testing

Under Dr. Stephen Hahn’s leadership, the F.D.A. became a significant roadblock.

Private-sector tests were supposed to be the next tier after the C.D.C. fulfilled its obligation to jump-start screening at public labs. In other countries hit hard by the coronavirus, governments acted quickly to speed tests to their populations. In South Korea, for example, regulators in early February summoned executives from 20 medical manufacturers, easing rules as they demanded tests.

But Dr. Hahn took a cautious approach. He was not proactive in reaching out to manufacturers, and instead deferred to his scientists, following the F.D.A.’s often cumbersome methods for approving medical screening.

Even the nation’s public health labs were looking for the F.D.A.’s help. “We are now many weeks into the response with still no diagnostic or surveillance test available outside of C.D.C. for the vast majority of our member laboratories,” Scott Becker, chief executive of the Association of Public Health Laboratories, wrote to Mr. Hahn in late February. “We believe a more expeditious route is needed at this time.” Even though researchers around the country quickly began creating tests that could diagnose Covid-19, many said they were hindered by the F.D.A.’s approval process. The new tests sat unused at labs around the country.

Stanford was one of them. Researchers at the world-renowned university had a working test by February, based on protocols published by the W.H.O. The organization had already deliveredmore than 250,000 of the German-designed tests to 70 laboratories around the world, and doctors at the Stanford lab wanted to be prepared for a pandemic.

But in the face of what he called “relatively tight” rules at the F.D.A., Dr. Pinsky and his colleagues decided against even trying to win permission. The Stanford clinical lab would not begin testing coronavirus samples until early March, when Dr. Hahn finally relaxed the rules.

Executives at bioMérieux, a French diagnostics company, had a similar experience. The company makes a countertop testing system, BioFire, that is routinely used to check for the flu and other respiratory illnesses in 1,700 hospitals around the country. It can provide results in about 45 minutes.

“A lot of us said, you know, your typical E.U.A. is just much too demanding,” said Dr. Mark Miller, the company’s chief medical officer, referring to the emergency approval. “It’s going to take much too much time. And can’t you do something to shorten that?” “You’ve got other countries — and I’m sorry, unfortunately, the U.S. is one of those — where they’ve been slow, disorganized,” he said. “There are still not enough tests available there to test everybody who needs it.”

In an emailed statement, Dr. Hahn maintained that his agency had moved as quickly as it safely could to ensure that tests would be accurate.

A Lack of Trust

Alex Azar had sounded confident at the end of January. At a news conference in the hulking H.H.S. headquarters in Washington, he said he had the government’s response to the new coronavirus under control, pointing out high-ranking jobs he had held in the department during the 2003 SARS outbreak and other infectious threats. “I know this playbook well,” he told reporters.

A Yale-trained lawyer who had spent a decade as a top executive at Eli Lilly, one of the world’s largest drug companies, he caught Mr. Trump’s attention in part because of other credentials: After law school, Mr. Azar was a clerk for some of the nation’s most conservative judges, including Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court. And for two years, he worked as Ken Starr’s deputy on the Clinton Whitewater investigation.

Mr. Azar has been quick to compliment the president and focus on the issues he cares about: lowering drug prices and fighting opioid addiction. On Feb. 6 — even as the W.H.O. announced that there were more than 28,000 coronavirus cases around the globe — Mr. Azar was in the second row in the White House’s East Room, demonstrating his loyalty to the president as Mr. Trump claimed vindication from his impeachment acquittal the day before and lashed out at “evil” lawmakers and the F.B.I.’s “top scum.”

Described as a prickly boss by some administration officials, Mr. Azar has had a longstanding feud with Seema Verma, the Medicare and Medicaid chief, who recently became a regular presence at Mr. Trump’s televised briefings on the pandemic. Mr. Azar did not include Dr. Hahn on the virus task force he led.

And tensions grew between the secretary and Dr. Redfield as the testing issue persisted.

One health department official said Mr. Azar was repeatedly assured that the C.D.C.’s test would be widely available within a week or 10 days, only to be given the same promise a week later.

Asked about criticism of his agency’s response to the pandemic, Dr. Redfield said: “I’m personally not focused on whether they’re pointing fingers here or there. We’re focused on doing all we can to get through this outbreak as quickly as possible and keep America safe.”

For all Mr. Azar’s complaints, however, he continued to defer to the scientists at the two agencies, according to several administration officials. Mr. Azar’s allies said he was told by Dr. Redfield and Dr. Fauci that the C.D.C. had the resources it needed, that there was no reason to believe the virus was spreading through the country from person to person and that it was important to test only people who met certain criteria.

But even in the face of a crescendo of complaints from doctors and health care researchers around the country, Mr. Azar failed to push those under him to do the one thing that could have helped: broader testing. Around noon on Feb. 27, Dr. Hahn, Dr. Redfield and top aides from the F.D.A. and H.H.S. dialed in to a conference call. Mr. Harrison began with an ultimatum: No one leaves until we resolve the lag in testing.

By the end of the day, the group agreed that the F.D.A. should loosen regulations so that hospitals and independent labs could move forward quickly with their own tests.

But the evening before, Mr. Azar had been effectively removed as the leader of the task force when Mr. Trump abruptly put Mr. Pence in charge, a decision so last-minute that even the top health officials in the White House learned of it while watching the announcement.

Faced with the coronavirus, Mr. Trump chose not to have the White House lead the planning until nearly two months after it began. Mr. Obama’s global health office had been disbanded a year earlier. And until Mr. Pence took charge, the task force lacked a single White House official with the power to compel action.

Since then, testing has ramped up quickly, with nearly 100 labs at hospitals and elsewhere performing it. On Friday, the health care giant Abbott said it had received emergency approval for a portable test that could detect the virus in five minutes.

The president boasted on Tuesday that the United States had “created a new system that now we are doing unbelievably big numbers” of tests for the virus. The U.S., he said, had done more testing for the coronavirus in the last eight days than South Korea had done in eight weeks.

Yet hospitals and clinics across the country still must deny tests to those with milder symptoms, trying to save them for the most serious cases, and they often wait a week for results. In tacit acknowledgment of the shortage, Mr. Trump asked South Korea’s president on Monday to send as many test kits as possible from the 100,000 produced there daily, more than the country needs.

Public health experts reacted positively to the increased capacity. But having the ability to diagnose the disease three months after it was first disclosed by China does little to address why the United States was unable to do so sooner, when it might have helped reduce the toll of the pandemic.

“Testing is the crack that split apart the rest of the response, when it should have tied everything together,” said Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, ​the medical director of the Special Pathogens Unit at Boston University School of Medicine.

“It seeps into every other aspect of our response, touches all of us,” she said. “The delay of the testing has impacted the response across the board.”


At this point thus, the west and the East (the 3rd non-technological world will be treated latter, as the Pandemic there cannot be detained and will follow its natural course by lack of resources), have clearly diverged. The West has not REPRESSED the sickness in its first phase. Asia has done it. So Asia had to face merely a local cure, while the West defies a global pandemic within its local borders, as the virus now has no longer a local action, but a global symmetry.

This means in the next phase, Asian countries could without fully repressing the life of its people and halt its economy, attasck the germs in those citizens-cells localized by testing and the collaboration of citizens for the common good, which allowed the use of AI methods – for once with a positive outcome for mankind – to track their movements through GPS and did explain to the health-care workers its whereabout and so localization of all germs was possible.

On the west now we assisted to the ceremonies of confusion of its egocy politicians who had tried for as long as they could to deny the situation.

So Asia now followed a purely scientific, Universal view according to its underlying religions of the living Universe, and applied all the positive technology, financial control, collaboration of its industries, as a single supœrganism to that aim.

The people of Daegu, the Princess and Hubei were closed, its measures of containment obeyed. In Hubei only a member of the family could come out twice a week to buy groceries. In Daegu, all the members of the sect where the pandemic broke out were tested. The Diamond princess was isolated. In Singapore every single contagion was pursued in all details. In Korea, the whereabouts of each ‘anonymous’ infected person tracked publicly for all people to know where not to go.

Massive amounts of auxiliary police and armies worked as they should in an ideal supœrganism of history repressing the germs of history NOT multiplying them, constructing hospitals, disinfecting streets and buildings, controlling the movements of those who left home. And the outcome was immediate: the ‘exponential curve’ became a ‘logistic curve’ far before it ‘filled all the population’ as NOW THE POPULATION FOR THE VIRUS TO EXPAND WAS MINIMALIZED without the need to bring military action as the west and the 3rd world dictators (Indian nationalist party, etc.) have done. The curve of the different nations shows clearly the achievements of Asia:

In the graph, we can see the clear difference of 3 curve behaviors:

– The asian response (Korea, China) did flatten the curve and entered in the healing phase, with maximal investment in hospitals, health-care means to save lives, which we will study next. It took only 20 days for Korea to flatten the exponential curve into a logistic form; longer to China, due to initial errors in a country with a single party rule, which is correct as no system have Siamese conflicting heads, but without a free press and citizenship capacity to judge communist members delivering pain messages to them. So the initial errors in Wuhan loaded 60 thousand cases, which initially were denied (hence the steep growth in the 22 day when they were all accepted). The curve would then flatten as in Korea, with massive means to cure the sick, so the proportions of death, outside Wuhan, which failed on those initial moments were minimal. The reverence in Asian cultures as it should be for the informative 3rd age of its people also made them care unlike the cynical capitalist limit of US; where the curve has a perfect exponential form without the slightest containment measures so far; as all the blunders of selfish capitalist societies have been at work .

In between we find the European curves which range from the worst forms of my country, Spain, to the better containment of France (UK so far applied rightly its brexit policies of containment in the border, so its curve is only in the beginning of its exponential growth, which will be similar once it accelerates to those of Europe). Unfortunately what this means is that the weaker health-care systems of US (no control at all of its population without Universal health-care), Italy and Spain (where the true number of sick is likely 5 times larger), have entered a true natural exponential-logistic curve and won’t be controlled till ½ of its population is sick, most of them without symptoms, but those of us with pre-conditions and the elderly will die in huge numbers.

US on the other hand will play the brutal game of capitalism, ignoring its dead corpses. A 17 year old died because it had not health-care coverage and was rejected in the hospital in California, suffering a heart-attack. And obviously the real numbers there will be likely closer to a million infected soon.

Germany did not contained faster because of its mechanical obsession with production. So now will establish a massive testing procedure to ‘clear’ those that passed the infection for work-return- an intelligent measure all other nations should follow if they had resources to test and cure. It however completely failed to address the problems of the rest of Europe it controls with its ‘IV economical reich’ taking advantage of the market, without the slightest solidarity of the ECB bank which still ‘considers’ money a parasitic debt function, not a language of information that should be delivered without limit to save lives.

So the worst situation as usual in the 1st world is that of Italy and Spain that do NOT have control over its currency to deliver ‘deficits’, that is, to print money to save lives, as debt slaves of the ECB bank.

Here in Spain the rate of sick among the health-care warriors is maximal, 14% including my brother who runs a pharmacy along a hospital have been infected. Its death rate is only second to Italy. Both have argued with Germany to create coronavirus bonds to pay the expenditures but Germany in its neo-nazi capitalist phase closed borders, forbade the exportation of respirators, slurred racist comments along Holland against Italy and Spain, denied them help and forbade the creation of free money to cure the sick. If I were the Spanish prime minister certainly I will immediately come out of the slavery to Germany, slap tariffs to its products, come out of the EURO and immediately produce enough money to save my people – well, certainly if I had run this country nothing of this would have happened, as we would live in a perfect organism of History. But I can only witness from my confinement the expansion of the sickness because the country has no resources to implement properly…


Here again the startling difference between the Asian and Capitalist approach with its two in crescendo limits of brutality Europe and America has been noticeable.

Because Asia did right the localization of the germs, it had enough resources, also provided generously by states in control of its central banks, to cure the sick. SO the number of death is far inferior to those in Europe and soon in America as the stats below show, as of today.

We are dying by the droves. There are no respirators. 50% of those in UCI don’t make it. We have twice more dead than China, which has 40 times more people, and the curve has only started. A whole generation is going under – the last human generation not yet erased by the virtual reality of the Internet age as we discuss the post-apocalyptic phase in the epilogue.

Notice then the low percentage of dead in China and Korea in relationship to the population. China was caught off guard in Wuhan as we explained due to the free reign of communist nomenclature, which cannot be judged by its own people and took too slow measures. Korea shows the best reaction. Germany on the other hand as de facto dictator of Europe, with all the resources of the ECB bank and the conquest already achieved of European markets and companies, now subsidiaries of German ones, and the absolute selfishness of its racist elite has also done well, with a death proportion similar to South Korea.

Finally US is only in its initial phase. Also to notice those statistics are false. A true measure of the death should be done as in the case of Chernobyl, with statistics of annual deaths because lying is widespread. Many people who die of pneumonia or heart attack are not counted. Here in Spain in fact the number of dead can be considered twice that number. Coffins are kept in the ice park of Madrid, incinerating and hidden in old people residences. US will neither establish a real counting approaching the level of 3rd world nations, where as we have said, this crisis will be relatively mild compared to the other horses of apocalypses they constantly suffer, famine and war death, as we dump our cheap weapons among its people.

So we have to return to the ‘fundamental element’ of the cure phase, which is simply, ‘MONEY’; that is, the ill-designed systems of parasitic money of the western world, which are the worst possible in Italy and Spain, where NOT only money is not understood as the social language that kicks out the reproduction of goods – the oxygen of society, but the countries do NOT control the issue of money in the hands of a racist, authoritarian, abusive nation, Germany, and an idol-ogy of money as ‘usury debt’ that has NOTHING to do with the true nature of money as a language of information, and the oxygen of society

Let us then money in 5D terms, to understand why all those deaths happening around me, as I speak should not be taken place.

The simple solutions of a well-designged Human Supœrganism.

In a well-designed supœrganism of History the solution would have been immediate by imitating nature:

According to the models of bio-history, money is the reproductive oxygen of the economic system given to every cell-citizen of an efficient supœrganism of nature.
Because the economy is the blood-reproductive network of the organism the solution of a pandemic, a sickness of an organism is in 5d economics and Social Sciences the same that an organism deploys.
An intelligent organic system like the ones of nature cures this type of sickness in 3 days.
It gives extra supply of oxygen-money to all cells sequestering its activity without eating in complete rest state.
Then it launches its antibodies, with fever to increase its thermodynamic activity. And the body is healed.
The Universe is simple and not malicious (Einstein) if the organism works according to the laws of nature and its physiological networks are well behaved.
As money is the blood oxygen of society, and the antibodies are the health-care system and military/police, the immediate translation is obvious:
States have to put everyone at home for a month as soon as the sickness is established.
Central banks have to issue money  Not as they have done for banks and speculators to maintain the price of stocks; but to give a universal salary to all Europeans of two thousand Euros a month.
So they stay home but can buy food and medicines. Because the central bank=blood system takes care of the oxygen=salary, governments also prohibit all companies to fire workers during that period.
Then the ‘antibodies’ – health care system, food suppliers and police increase its feverish activity, for a month, detect all cases and solve the pandemic, disinfecting everything.
In 5D this is equivalent to STOP the time of the organism for a month and launch the defensive system.

But that means to let the ‘Informative, nervous’ system of society, the legal wor(l)d to rule as all advanced species do over the blood-reproductive system – money, which only ‘worms’ that leave indeed their organisms to be poisoned by lethal goods they eat with unending greed do. So capitalism, the ‘worm organism’ does the same and won’t allow the nervous political system to interfere.

activ a cases

The outcome is obvious. America represents 1/4th of the whole world cases, with South Europe another 1/4th, and while in China there are only left 1727 active cases, America has not even started the tragic game.

So the black swan of the pandemics will act as the war age of the 2020s we thought would be the change of paradigm from China to America.


The coronavirus case shows as all systems under stress the huge errors of design of human supœrganisms, based in historic traditions of military nature (politicians), and parasitic debt-money (Classic economics) which put the machine above man as the goal of society (industrial r=evolution); and so has not evolved mankind and its social organisms to face crisis against the welfare and health of its people.

So unlike the scientific organization promoted by bio-history and bioeconomics based in how Nature builds its efficient supœrganisms, human societies are dysfunctional, catering to the cells-citizens but to the elites and corporations, which control its money and resources. And so when the ‘apocalypse’ horses comes in – pest, war, famines… the organism is ill prepared to protect its citizens cells.

A perfect world would be a planet built imitating the most perfect supœrganisms of the Universe, we know of – the mammals. In such perfect world which mankind could achieve with the 3+3 simple reforms above according to the laws of bio-history, we would be of course a single supœrganism of history.

Let us imagine then that in one of the many fractal Supœrganisms of History in the Universe a pandemic takes place. The system obviously is as all supœrganisms a single nation, a single world. And because according to the ethonomic frame of reference it delivers as all organisms does, the welfare goods the organism needs to survive and suppresses those lethal goods the organism does NOT require; it is obvious that the expenditures on such planet are quite different from those of this planet. Let us call this world ‘Castalia’ honoring Mr. Herman Hesse. In Castalia a ‘Foundation’ of bio-historians (honoring mr. Asimov), can predict accurately the future because it is as the present – time has stopped and History is immortal.

In such perfect world obviously the 3 physiological networks of mankind are properly built so to start with:

– The immune system is NOT a military system dedicated to protect animetals its worshipped machines and wealth, and kill human beings; but a health-care system that receives billions of dollars in a single world, with a single brain government.

– The blood=reproductive money system is NOT a parasitic system dedicated to increase the digital numbers of the animetal elite, but it is handled as organisms do to every human citizen-cell in the form of a Universal salary without any obligation to work, if so they don’t desire, as there is always a number of humans, given the fact that motion=energy=time is the substance of the Universe that will do. And they will need ‘consumers’, so the idle will consume kicking out orders of production of welfare goods.

– The nervous informative, legal system is NOT made of corrupted politicos to the service of the elite military and financial, parastici classes, because they can receive pain-messages from citizens as in Greek democracies. So they do care to keep its promises and serve the people.

So the solution to a pandemics is immediate, done the way Korea did it, fast and reliable: people willingly stay home, take idle holidays, as they are solidarious and understand the bio-organic laws of the Universe, they do not fuk around and obviously the massive investment in the immune system of mankind liberated as a single government from the military systems and its borders, means they all have masks, tests, vaccines are worked out by the collaboration of all humans.

And to start with, there is a respect for Nature and we don’t eat wild animals, nor there is any chance that there is a military lab researching bio-terrorism… either in Wuhan or US, who cares who did whom.

The solution is so simple and so efficient that pandemics have not existed in the perfect, immortal world of ‘castalia’ in the past 100 million years…


The 3 solutions of the 3 main civilizations of the industrial world that are suffering the pandemics.

3 cultures, 3 methods

In 5D History, we divide mankind according to scale not only in social nations but mainly in civilinations, which form 7 cultural worlds according to the cycles of history and the prophets of social love that fought for mankind.

In the graph we see them – latter we will introduce them in more detail.

In this idol-ogical ‘enzymanic’ world of people who only care about money and the economic ecosystem of machines, it is customary to divide mankind between ‘capitalist’ and socialist economies, which is completely absurd, because we all live in capitalist societies with central banks reproducing the money through a supply economy, not a demand economy serving the people. But still there are differences and if we add those differences – China vs. US the clearest one in terms of whom benefit most for the financial system – the elite or the people – to the differences of civilinations, the Asian civilination has won over the virus in a scientific way, and also through the social organic concerted help of its population, which better represent the scalar nature of the Universe. On the other extreme we will find the Anglo-American hard core capitalist society that will let people die NOT to lower the profits of companies. Already Johnson said the best strategy is to let them all be infected – so to save in health-care, and Trump wishes to do the same, so the economy doesn’t stop and will do the same letting the poor die not to spend in health-care.

The intermediate view between the medical protection with massive mask, testing and hospital health-care that needed the virtues in Asia, and the ‘3rd world approach’ of doing nothing, in the 3rd world by lack of resources in America by lack of will to protect its people and abandon the essence of the culture to make machines for the profits of corporations and its elite of ‘stockrats’, its owners, the modern aristocrats of society, is Europe, which has all the ills of capitalism but also the absurd nationalism of its never forgotten pleasure for war and tribal differentiation, so at the apex of the present infection the most surrealist measure of nationalism has been taken – to close the borders of Europe so the ‘healthy people’ from outside does NOT infect us. This anti-truth is also proper of the present age of virtual fiction thought. Sp we will std the 3 approaches which in the case of the ‘3rd world US approach’ will extend to the other civilizations where there is no health-care resources, population is younger and other apocalypse horses kill far more – the exception being Islam which has charity laws that require to tender for the sick and so it will try a more humane, European approach with less resources.

So to the challenge of the coronavirus each culture has acted according to its personality:  the 3 ‘solutions’ implemented by the 3 dominant cultures of the Industrial world respond to that character. Europe has absurdly restored its sovereign rights and took the armies to the street, ‘closing borders’ as if anybody wanted to enter in the EU, the present center of the pandemic; Asia has used big data and health-care masks to cure the disease; U$ has entered in financial panic and spent vast sums to pump up the market; showing each other what is the essence of their civilizations.

Consider the first measure U$ has taken: the FED lowered to 0 interests for banks and gave them near 1 trillion $ to maintain the prices of the market but gave NONE to the people which the military soon will close as it has done in Southern Europe where nobody has masks and contagion will continue at exponential rate, with its population.

So all the predictions of bio-history are happening with a twist, the 2020s didn’t bring a Matrix world by global war but global pandemic. And yet there was a solution as Asia has shown. Yesterday also I saw how the corrupt Biden was put at face value by a socialist Jewish ‘Moses’ saying the hard truths to their capitalist Nathans, but then all the media commentators attacked Moses because he pretends to establish what every civilized nation has – health care for free for its people. The concept is clear: the black and Latino minorities without health-care will add now to blatant racism against them, the ‘stigma’ of untouchables as carriers of the virus. But the amazing thing of this is that the black people are NOT voting Sanders, the savior, but the corrupted Delaware Senator of the fiscal paradise tiny state… who tells them Italy with social security won’t save its people of coronavirus – but does not mention Korea, Japan, Germany, China, Canada… Only the one country where as in this one I am writing from now, Barcelona Spain, people could NOT understand the need for stopping their social intercourse, their dolce fare niente…

Another matter though is the origin of the Virus. I do not believe in confabulation theories but in hard facts. So unlike others who think maybe escaped Wuhan bio-labs or was made by Crispers-9 in military labs in US and put there during the Wuhan military games of 2019 (curious coincidence), I don’t believe people are that evil but rather as systems work with a sub-consciousness humans do NOT understand, the fact we care nothing for the tree of life and only for technology we cannot control is bringing our demise… So we have spent billions in weapons, cut social security, given trillions to speculators and now a crisis that could be handled will be out of hands in the western world and of course, the death counts in the 3rd world as those of SARS that killed hundreds of thousands of children in Africa, will NOT even be counted. Déjà vu.

The 7 cultures of mankind will respond differently.

Mankind is a single species that should be a single global supœrganism without borders able to tackle an attack to its citizens-cells of biological nature, easily with collaboration between nations, which in this case does not even happen at the level of medical attention, search for vaccines and control of the sic organic regions to avoid the expansion of the ‘cancerous virus’.

The response to the pandemic of mankind’s nations, its amateur ‘neuronal nervous people-caste in power’, governments and financiers, and the continuation of the organic barriers between nations – all of which have taken the troops to the streets, sometimes with bizarre surrealist excuses, as Europe which is now the focus of the infection but to ‘protect’ its citizens from external viral migrants (when the virus is here with maximal density) closes its borders. The reason is obviously that politicians are just the soft version of the military, whose lethal reproduction and use of goods that kill human cells must be justified regardless of its zero value for society, and the control of populations stressed. We shall then compare the different national and cultural responses to the crisis. Since the supœrganisms of history are divided into the customary 7 civilizations of the ‘rainbow planet’ studied in the papers on 4D History.

So it is interesting to compare Nature’s model with the Asian countries that have solved the epidemics. China gave their people masks (as its transmission is mouth-nose) making obligatory its use; multiplied by 12 its production, invested massively in hospitals and tests and confined the focus of the epidemic. So it did Korea and Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Those are countries (see paper on Asian civilinations) that closer resemble the supœrganisms of the Universe, regardless of their system, In all of them financial systems are properly regulated, from national banks in China to strict control in Korea. America and Europe however have a dysfunctional financial system that never produces money for its people and has suffered decades of austericide against its health-care systems, which in America is not even Universal – the concept of a Universal salary does NOT even exist, and yet that is how nature reproduces money. Mankind could easily establish it with ¥€$ money a parity euro=dollar=100 ¥en global cryptocurrency handled to every human as a salary of blood-oxygen as organisms do to all cells, since money IS a language of information, NOT wealth per se, whose goal as all languages is to kick out the actions of production and consumption of all the citizens-cells of the system, as you do with your verbal language.

The coronavirus crisis could have been an opportunity for mankind to redesign their parasitic financial cancerous systems and establish a global sustainable world based in a demand economy and welfare world. In the west it will lead to more of the same – a military police state as we are observing now in Italy and Spain, where people without expenditure on masks, tests and lacking hospitals are dying while the state merely imposes confinement and police vigilance. America will follow a similar path, stigmatizing further its minorities that won’t be tested or cured, and yet in the Democratic election the only candidate that proposes a proper health-care system is loosing to a corrupted lobbyist of financial corporations. Themes those explored in our papers on the ‘Anglo-American, capitalist civilination’.

Indeed, only in Asia there were allocated massive resources to the health-care systems of true immune warriors, because only Asia has maintained the pre-capitalist organic concept of nations as supœrganisms derived of its ‘true objective’ universal religions that closely understand the 5D laws of the organic Universe (Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism) regardless of the shallow naming of its economic systems (capitalism, communism, etc.) themes those we can only brief treat, explained in all other papers of 5D history to focus on the pandemics.

Far East Asian cultures as we proved ad nauseam in the texts on the 7 civilinations are the most successful organic species of mankind by the only measure of such success in a living Universe – survival – NOT because they are a superior species but because they have superior memes, closer to the true stientific nature of the Universe as an entangled supœrganism of yin=information and yang=energy, that combines and reproduces its infinite beings, entangled among them… Taoism and Buddhism reached before organic stiences took over the highest perception of reality and permeated all the concepts latter applied to politics by the neo-confuncian schools. While in the Western world, the anthropomorphic supœrganisms of History lacked that entanglement with Nature, they have always despised, to the point that the r=evolution of thought signified by Darwin did not permeate the subconscious collective of entitled ‘human beings’ who do NOT submit to the laws of Nature. Only Islam=submission in the middle region between the East and the West, which included the essential concept of social love and charity among its mandates of organic existence and the love movement within the Christian Catholic church (Franciscan, Jesuit orders) signified in the messages of the present Pope and the socialist movement came closer but their achievements have been reversed by the hardcore go(l)d cultures of post-fall of the wall capitalism that returned to the concept that company-mothers of machine-weapons must rule supreme over mankind whose rights must not be considered worthy. So we need to make a detour to explain what truly a capitalist system is about

Why nothing like that has been attempted in the west from the inception of the pandemic has to do with the ‘anti-nature’ of our social systems, which dedicate all their resources to ‘technological evolution’ not human welfare.

And its null understanding of the laws of 5 SD supeorrganisms and its models of human societies.

So only now slowly in a patched form, a true organic offensive is considered – specially the more repressive measures – confinement -but not so much the truly healing ones – a massive health-care offensive with deployment of tests, masks, retroviral and UCI systems – as that cost too much money.

As we live in the wrong side of the world, the criticism of Asian ‘sheeple’ is constant by the selfish, egocy, infantile western white men who have shown a clear incapacity to evolve beyond their individual scale of the fifth dimension into full working supœrganisms of history. We shall introduce then first a brief summary view of the papers on bio-history and the nature of the social organism of mankind.

Enough to say that the most perfect of those supœrganisms at present time is China NOT the USA because a supœrganism has a single head-party of people dedicated to serve its individuals, a financial, blood system ruled by the nervous legal system and also serving a welfare state, NOT the production of lethal memes for the mind and body (hate memes, audiovisual fiction software and weapons) as America has. The reasons of this difference is treated in other papers. We just state the facts here.

It has then been sorely obvious in this crisis that the only nation so far that has stopped the coronavirus attack with the proper measures has been China, because its people know they belong to a larger supœrganism for which they sacrifice their selfish actions and the government had the means as all nervous brains do, to finance the feverish attack to the virus after some initial errors proper of a single party nation. Its culture does care as all should for the 3rd informative age of life – the elderly and tried to save them; it invests heavily in health and welfare compare to US NOT in weapons and hate memes and crazy fictions and egocy and so it ended pandemics in a record two months. The consequences of this for the ‘forecasted’ change of power from America to China during the 2020s will now become evident as the disordered reaction of America will plunge and finally defeat the dollar as a world currency. Today the Dollar reached heights unseen in decades because it is the only top predator currency of the world but if tomorrow China makes convertible the Reinbi America will suffer the exact fate of declining powers – the crash of the Mark of the 20s when the Dollar took it over.

So we notice again that History has NOT change the route explained for decades in our articles, just because the predicted horses of apocalypse have changed their order, which normally is war->famine->pest (death all over). Now it seems pest came first.

Pandemics are thus the 3rd apocalypse horse for a causal reason. The black pest came after a surge of war due to the invention of gunpowder weapons; the Spanish flu in the last years of I world war, and this pandemic that has/will kill millions struck a weakened health-care system after the parasitic financial elite of America and Europe, hijacked our social systems to pay for the hate-memes of the Semite wars and speculate to trillion valuations in technological systems while destroying the welfare safety net. It has NOT caused but a fraction of deaths and has been controlled in the only other culture that resisted austericide – China and its closer cultural area. And for that reason we shall compare the different social systems, of what should have been an anecdote in a well-designed human supœrganism.

For those critical of capitalist China, obviously we said is the closer system to a proper human ideal society but NOT the ideal society as it has two clear errors – the fact that its head does NOT receive pain messages from its citizens (that is the members of the party are not judged as in true democracies), the fact that they have NOT evolved socialism into biological economics as they should, and the increasing degree of independence and power of its capitalist corporations. All this however could be easily reformed unlike the totally corrupted systems of the western word. So we close this introduction with a consideration of those necessary reforms:

Comparing Human Social Supœrganisms

And all this has to do with the sick, ill-designed systems of human social organisms. Accordingly there has been hardly any investment in health-care systems to prevent pandemics in the past decades, as all the money in a capitalist system is dedicated to the evolution and re=production of technology , not of human beings.

We live in a world in which man and its sicknesses are secondary, and hence when a pandemics broke, humans were unprepared and death kept mounting.

Thus the coronavirus crisis allow us to understand the no future of mankind under the present system and its possible reforms. As it has exposed an ill-designed system in which the needs of mankind are not met, because humans in this planet do not have resources for its welfare, nor the future is geared to make it better for our species.

It is then necessary to understand the nature of capitalist democracies to study the wrong responses to the coronavirus crisis since, the less important element of the crisis is the virus in itself, which as China has shown could be tamed within months and a low fatality rate, with the proper social systems and resources invested in human welfare. In that sense it is revealing to compare how Nature’s supœrganisms solve sicknesses that affect all its citizens cells with the way Asian countries, whose organic systems resemble closely those of nature have solved the epidemics: China gave their people masks (as its transmission is mouth-nose) making obligatory its use; multiplied by 12 its production, invested massively in hospitals and tests and confined the focus of the epidemic. So it did Korea and Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Those are countries (see paper on Asian civilinations) that closer resemble the supœrganisms of the Universe, regardless of their system, In all of them financial systems are properly regulated, from national banks in China to strict control in Korea.

But America and Europe, long lost to the ECB bank the right to issue money for its people, have a dysfunctional financial system that never produces money for its people and has suffered decades of austericide against its health-care systems, which in America is not even Universal – the concept of a Universal salary does NOT even exist, and yet that is how nature reproduces money. Mankind could easily establish it with ¥€$ money a parity euro=dollar=100 ¥en global cryptocurrency handled to every human as a salary of blood-oxygen as organisms do to all cells, since money IS a language of information, NOT wealth per se, whose goal as all languages is to kick out the actions of production and consumption of all the citizens-cells of the system, as you do with your verbal language. The coronavirus crisis could have been an opportunity for mankind to redesign their parasitic financial cancerous systems and establish a global sustainable world based in a demand economy and welfare world. In the west it will lead to more of the same – a military police state as we are observing now in Italy and Spain, where people without expenditure on masks, tests and lacking hospitals are dying while the state merely imposes confinement and police vigilance.

America will follow a similar path, stigmatizing further its minorities that won’t be tested or cured, and yet in the Democratic election the only candidate that proposes a proper health-care system is loosing to a corrupted lobbyist of financial corporations. Themes those explored in our papers on the ‘Anglo-American, capitalist civilination’.

In that regard, the solutions of the different supœrganisms of history show the focus of each ‘civilization’:

– Asia has cured the pandemics using science and social order and solidarity. The ‘mask is its symbol’.

– Europe has ignored the problem and closed borders with absolute in solidarity and lack of investments in health-care. Confinement and the military on the streets are its most noticeable measure.

-America has pumped up money to the system to maintain the stock-market prices.

What central bankers, who are private financiers who dedicate all the resources of the organism to make richer the 0.01% of owners of corporations did, was to waste the same MONEY to maintain the speculation of the market.

The same happened in America, where the FED gave 700 billion yesterday to the American stock exchange at 0 interest (the so-called quantitative easing of 700 billion for banks that will be invested mainly in stocks and lifted the market in conjunction with Trump’s discourse to help companies NOT people).

In fact as we write Trump cancelled a project for respirators because it cost 1 billion 1/700th of what it gave to the market.

The same quantity needed to solve the problem from the human point of view of the 99%: 700 billion means exactly a universal salary of 2000 dollars to each American citizen-cell to stay home for a month.

Meanwhile the government puts under his rule all health companies and increases the feverish activity of an army doctors and health-care resources during that month to localize all infected people and solve the problem. Because the FED takes care of salaries legislators can forbid companies to fire anyone. It is equivalent to stop ‘time=motion’ of all citizen-cells of a sick organism for a month. It is what any organism does.

In an efficient supœrganism health procedures are simple. The blood-system=central bank should produce money for its cells NOT FOR a parasitic groups of financiers to increase the price of shares of the 0.01%.

Not a single penny of that money was invented for the U$ people to cure the disease – all to lift stock prices…

UPDATE. As the crisis rage the ideal solutions of bio economics are ‘naturally put forward’ – confinement, universal salary but in patches and without a model.

In that regard 5D social sciences if it has been known to mankind could have helped in this crisis to change the paradigm of human social thought for the dangers of the future ahead, as technology will bring new existential problems to mankind. But as the crisis goes away the same sickness of human social supœrganisms will be implemented again, and the ‘universal salary and health-care investments’ of this crisis forgotten.

UPDATE. As the crisis rages the ideal solutions of bio economics are ‘naturally put forward’ – confinement, universal salary but in patches and without a model. It is notorious to notice that the best proposal comes from the original capitalist nation, UK: full payment of salaries to all; while U$, too selfish will do too little too late

So what is new for the week? As the virus has an exponential rate growth near the E number of contagions, the fastest number of the Universe whose derivate rate of change for each unit of time equals the quantity itself – only seen in the decay of death and the atomic bomb, reason why I called it in my mathematical papers the number of death; things go faster than any administration can stop it.

Only if they had foreseen the expenditures as Asians did, and showed a social, organic solidarity Europe and America would have stopped. So today we have the excellent mappings on NYtimes which also leaves people read for free, for a change, where the obvious map for the western world is the central one, the one for Asia the right side and the one for the 3rd world the left one:

coronavirusSo the 3rd world (no control measures) will be infected and the few elderly, as they have low expectations life will die, but that is ‘pecata minuta’ in a world ravaged by the other apocalypse’s horses, war and famine. The western cultures (Europe and US) will suffer the central graph by June; which means in the coastal populated industrial regions as the one I live we will be infected massively over 50% by summer time and those of us with conditions (in my case aging, heart, asthma, kidney and hypertension, all of them – salt is the brainy electricity, and Spanish ham, just bought my last one a delight that well deserves to die for :) will play two shots of a Russian roulette.

On the right the Asian case, where severe control measures do work as people are cells that suppress individual selfishness for the common good and the epidemia will be overcome.

On the economic arena the central graph means the debacle of America. As I wrote this morning on Marketwatch, copycatting my comments:

“if you want to make money this was obvious from January on, to play short and make huge profits, that’s what Wall Street has been doing on all the accounts of the Americans… Now the game is to wait for the pick of the Dollar and play against it when the debacle hits. If you want to keep your life you should shut down America, the state should pay everybody a Universal salary for a month, ‘stop time’ as a body does when it is sick – all cells stop, and throw all the power of the country and resources to cure it… But that is not capitalism, so the country will go down as all other cycles of top predator nations have done once the dollar goes down since now China will power up the world. The day you can buy on the free market yuan, the dollar will sink as Germany did when people moved to the dollar. This is the equivalent of I world war, one of the 3 apocalypse horses, on my models of bio-history I thought it would happen through war, but the Universe has its clever ways, so it was a black swan who did it.

Yes you can know the bottom, of the market but it is not the short ±9 year cycles of my bioeconomic models (2000-2008-2018), this is the long ±80-90 years change of paradigm – top predator nation of the world, equivalent to the 29 crisis for UK-Germany that put America and the dollar above, change of paradigm, from US to China, end of dollar as supreme currency, a deja vu change we have talked about decades, it is a century change before from England to Germany, before… anyway, read evolutionary the surprise is that it is caused by pandemics not as usual by war, though both are connected, the splendid little wars of the last decades help this to happen.”

Alas, now the market sinks and no pumping dollars and quantitative easing stops it, so pundits are changing concept and applying or at least touting with the measures we considered in bio-economics as required to save the crisis: a universal salary and all people closed home while doctors cure it. But that is still small talk and the virus will go ahead as resistance of hardcore capitalist will stop the procedures.

We can imagine the arguments of hardcore republicans while the virus cripples the nations, doubling with the perfection of the e-number at exponential rate.


CAPITALISM was invented in the UK>US Anglo-American civilization, as it is in its raw form: all for the 0.1% of the stockratic people on top of the social pyramid, issuing money for themselves, and nothing for the people, save soma to keep them silent. So the most callous view on the pandemics have been that of UK and US leadership: let the peopel get infected and die – as long as we don’t spend a penny on them. We can even kill the old that spend so much in health-care and save even more in the future… till the market plummeted and so measures to hold the market NOT TO CURE or even test the people were undertaken.

Back in the 2000s when I was chair of Monetary systems at the International Systems Society I demanded an ‘organic, understanding of money’ as the blood of the economy, which should be handled to every human being in the form of a Universal Salary in ¥€$ money (an International currency at fixed price, 1 $ = 1 €=100 ¥=20 Yuans, delivered in mobile cryptocurrencies today to every citizen of the world). Because that is the true meaning of money not WEALTH per se but the language of information and reproduction of the economy , which a healthy organism is created and handled to every cell to kick out orders of production; so people NOT only speculators could invent money to survive creating a demand economy. Since all the money today is created NOT FOR WELFARE GOODS, PEOPLE NEED TO SURVIVE, but to speculate in the market for the 0.2%. This has become blatantly clear in the coronavirus crisis, where only China has provided masks to every person, to avoid contagion (which is the key problem here as the virus spreads with the maximal speed at an exponential rate, 2.8, the number e), massively invested in hospitals and respirators and testing. Asians thus as ‘organic members’, citizens-cells who understand naturally bio-history have come out of it. Europe and America though has shown the brutality of the system, from the hardest, deranged UK-US capitalist center who does not test people, applies social Darwinism expecting ‘people to suffer contagion’ NOT to spend money on them, so the old die, or in America those without health-care are tagged as ‘untouchables’, and the most amazing of all, central bankers, JUST LOWERED interest rates and gave 700 billion not to the people but to the bankers to speculate and keep the prices of stocks floating.

This is a simple analysis of the structure of US financial system – conceded – but the whole system was designed in the earlier XX c. precisely to hide the ways in which money was produced, which became a complex opaque process (S.O.M.A. is the appropriate name for that system) in order to hide the essence of it: A public bank that acts as a private banker lends to other bankers who use it overwhelmingly to jack up prices of speculative stocks and lend to corporations NOT to produce money for the people.

So we need first to understand what a proper design of a supœrganism of History according to Nature’s rule would look like:

THIS HARDCORE classic economists, whose ideological agenda to The service of private financing origin of The hidden governments of capitalists democracies ‘believe’ that money belongs to them and their corporations whom they serve, private banks, have NOT established an IMMEDIATE UNIVERSAL SALARY, as we preached for 20 years, so all those people isolated at home (because that is the only thing capitalist dictatorships do, take the military and control people, unlike Asians who have provided what was required, masks to avoid contagion, free testing and respirators, we shall keep repeating it). 


applesIn the graph, a capitalist democracy kills by anoxia and austericide as this crisis shows millions, so money is only handled to speculators to maintain prices. In this crisis what is immediately required is NOT to give money to private banks to sustain market prices but a Universal Salary to every citizen so it can buy masks, medicines and food while isolated at home. Nothing of this is done. Not even free testing is available. It is the hardcore murderous solution of UK: lets them get contagion and died, vs. the Asian, organic, ‘true understanding’ of societies as social supœrganisms which now will prove the divergence between those who follow the laws of the Universe and create perfect social supœrganisms, the Asian culture, and those who follow social Darwinism and dog-eat-dog societies with the 0.1% of stockrats on top and the population murdered at lower cost with a virus that only serves to establish the big brother military control we thought it would come in the 2020s in an age of war, but pandemic is even more handy, as people are weary of war but obey the pandemic ‘new approach’ to militarization and null true health-care and welfare resources. 

So yesterday the FED lowered to 0 interests for banks and gave them near 1 trillion $ to maintain the prices of the market but gave NONE to the people which the military soon will close as it has done in Southern Europe where nobody has masks and contagion will continue at exponential rate, with its population.

So all the predictions of bio-history are happening with a twist, the 2020s didn’t bring a Matrix world by global war but global pandemic. And yet there was a solution as Asia has shown. Yesterday also I saw how the corrupt Biden was put at face value by a socialist Jewish ‘Moses’ saying the hard truths to their capitalist Nathans, but then all the media commentators attacked Moses because he pretends to establish what every civilized nation has – health care for free for its people. The concept is clear: the black and Latino minorities without health-care will add now to blatant racism against them, the ‘stigma’ of untouchables as carriers of the virus. But the amazing thing of this is that the black people are NOT voting Sanders, the savior, but the corrupted Delaware Senator of the fiscal paradise tiny state… who tells them Italy with social security won’t save its people of coronavirus – but does not mention Korea, Japan, Germany, China, Canada… Only the one country where as in this one I am writing from now, Barcelona Spain, people could NOT understand the need for stopping their social intercourse, their dolce fare niente…

Another matter though is the origin of the Virus. I do not believe in confabulation theories but in hard facts. So unlike others who think maybe escaped Wuhan bio-labs or was made by Crispers-9 in military labs in US and put there during the Wuhan military games of 2019 (curious coincidence), I don’t believe people are that evil but rather as systems work with a sub-consciousness  humans do NOT understand, the fact we care nothing for the tree of life and only for technology we cannot control is bringing our demise… So we have spent billions in weapons, cut social security, given trillions to speculators and now a crisis that could be handled will be out of hands in the western world and of course, the death counts in the 3rd world as those of SARS that killed hundreds of thousands of children in Africa, will NOT even be counted. Deja vu.

Solution: an injection of 700 billions for Speculation 

The most shameful action ever witnessed in a national emergency thus took place yesterday as the FED injected 700 billions to the market for speculators to inject in timely fashion on the stock to hold prices, WHILE THAT QUANTITY OF MONEY WOULD HAVE ended the virus globally, and given as a Universal salary avoided the collapse of the economy. But that would be KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS and that is not tolerated. In a parasitic financial economy only the 0.01% matter, the system serves the ‘leisure class’ of Veblen – the best American economist – on top of the pyramid of capitalism.

How this was done is shown in the graph of the market yesterday:

To start the operation on Friday the emergency state is touted by Trump. We read between lines and there is only lies about the virus and a massive help to the biggest corporations The market shoots and speculators bet on it. I was astonished by that growth. It was irrational, something else must be happening. And indeed, on Sunday, the FED gives at 0 interest 700 billion $ to the speculators of the market with quantitative easing. BUT NOTHING TO THE PEOPLE, THE FED IS NOT AS IN A HEALTHY SUPŒRGANISM OF HISTORY THE SYSTEM OF INJECTION of healthy money to every human as in an organism money is given to every cells. What the FED should have done is inject those 700 billion to the Americans that soon will be enclosed at home as a pay leave Universal salary

This is the solution to the human problem The money is exactly 2000 dollars per capita, for a month. So that is exactly what the Americans need to defeat the virus. To be enclosed for a month with a pay of 2000 $ not to be a burden to their companies Paid By The Fed, That Is The Solution Of Bioeconomics.

So companies don’t fire people, and people stay home and the health ministry stops the pandemic.

But what the fed did? give that money to the speculators to hold the value of the stocks of the 0.1%

Still the market didn’t react. . The graph is for apple the trillion $ company that we explain below as the paradigm of what is valuable and expendable in capitalists democracies…

So they stop it for 15 minutes and started the massive injection (green candles after the dotted line of the week end) and this week they will inject the 700 billions the Americans need to survive for the 0.1 of billionaires not to keep loosing money

The capitalist solution.

What central bankers, who are private financiers who dedicate all the resources of the organism to make richer the 0.01% of owners of corporations did, was to waste the same MONEY to maintain the speculation of the market.   The same happened in America, where the FED gave 700 billion  yesterday to the American stock exchange at 0 interest (the so-called quantitative easing of  700 billion for banks that will be invested mainly in stocks and lifted the market in conjunction with Trump’s discourse to help companies NOT people).
It was the same quantity needed to solve the problem from the human point of view of the 99%: 700 billion means exactly a universal salary of 2000 dollars to each American citizen-cell to stay home for a month.
Meanwhile the government puts under his rule all health companies and increases the feverish activity of an army doctors and health-care resources during that month to localize all infected people and solve the problem. Because the FED takes care of salaries legislators can forbid companies to fire anyone. It is equivalent to stop ‘time=motion’ of all the citizen-cells of a sick organism for a month. It is what any organism does.
In an efficient supœrganism health procedures are simple. The blood-system=central bank should produce money for its cells NOT FOR a parasitic groups of financiers to increase the price of shares of the 0.01%.
Not a single penny of that money was invented yesterday for the people of America, to cure the disease – all to lift the stock prices in the market as it will keep trying to do months ahead.


From the New York Times: Thirteen years ago, a group of U.S. public health officials came up with a plan to address what they regarded as one of the medical system’s crucial vulnerabilities: a shortage of ventilators.

The breathing-assistance machines tended to be bulky, expensive and limited in number. The plan was to build a large fleet of inexpensive portable devices to deploy in a flu pandemic or another crisis.

Money was budgeted. A federal contract was signed. Work got underway.

And then things suddenly veered off course. A multibillion-dollar maker of medical devices bought the small California company that had been hired to design the new machines. The project ultimately produced zero ventilators.

That failure delayed the development of an affordable ventilator by at least half a decade, depriving hospitals, states and the federal government of the ability to stock up. The federal government started over with another company in 2014, whose ventilator was approved only last year and whose products have not yet been delivered.

Today, with the coronavirus ravaging America’s health care system, the nation’s emergency-response stockpile is still waiting on its first shipment. The scarcity of ventilators has become an emergency, forcing doctors to make life-or-death decisions about who gets to breathe and who does not.

The stalled efforts to create a new class of cheap, easy-to-use ventilators highlight the perils of outsourcing projects with critical public-health implications to private companies; their focus on maximizing profits is not always consistent with the government’s goal of preparing for a future crisis.

“We definitely saw the problem,” said Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, who ran the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2009 to 2017. “We innovated to try and get a solution. We made really good progress, but it doesn’t appear to have resulted in the volume that we needed.”

The project — code-named Aura — came in the wake of a parade of near-miss pandemics: SARS, MERS, bird flu and swine flu.

Federal officials decided to re-evaluate their strategy for the next public health emergency. They considered vaccines, antiviral drugs, protective gear and ventilators, the last line of defense for patients suffering respiratory failure. The federal government’s Strategic National Stockpile had full-service ventilators in its warehouses, but not in the quantities that would be needed to combat a major pandemic.



WASHINGTON — The federal government is open for coronavirus business, and the scramble to get some of it is on.

A South Carolina company has hired a lobbyist close to President Trump to try to win regulatory approval to sell a misting spray to kill coronavirus on airplanes. A Manhattan company is seeking money from the $2 trillion stimulus package for its quick-change recyclable hospital curtains. Two prominent and well-connected Republican fund-raisers have linked up with competing businesses, both claiming to be able to acquire coveted equipment like coronavirus test kits and masks.

Across the country, companies see a chance to cash in, do some good for the country or both, making virus outbreak response one of the few thriving sectors of the economy. And because so much of the business runs through Washington, the rush has created new opportunities for those who can offer access, influence and expertise in navigating bureaucratic hurdles and securing chunks of the relief package Mr. Trump signed into law on Friday.

The boomlet has left the federal agencies responsible for regulating cleaning supplies, medical devices and medicines working overtime on requests to certify products for use in coronavirus response — and to clamp down on fraud.

The Food and Drug Administration has been processing a surge in applications for coronavirus vaccine and treatment trials. But the agency also has spent considerable time and resources fighting what it calls “fraudulent Covid-19 products.”

Likewise, the Environmental Protection Agency has been cracking down on unregistered products claiming to kill coronavirus, and processing requests to list various disinfectants as approved to kill the virus on surfaces.




The first case of complete mismanagement of a health crisis to analyze is that of my country and the European Union and large, where this who writes with all the ‘pre-conditions’ that takes a patient to the tomb lives – in the center of the epidemics today, Spain.

So likely we won’t be able to complete the plan of this r=evolution of thought, which is 5D courtesy of the complete amateur, murderous clueless behavior of our political, economical and health-care systems (those without blame as they are not properly funded) of our civilizations that combines all the illnesses of ‘animetal cultures’. Indeed the present animetal civilization was discovered here and al its idol-ogies.

Plainly speaking in Italy and Spain that have likely between 4 and 10 times more contagion that statistics says, the virus e-number of maximal exponential growth won’t be contained. So we will all be infected and those of us who are too old or too sick to defend our system from it will die.

And yet, Spain, which saw all this happening in advance first in China and then in its ‘sister nation’ Italy did nothing to stop the virus or even prepare for it. It kept the ‘collective soma’ of virtual fictions, soccer matches with tens of thousands seated together shouting viruses, demonstrations of wo=men vomiting hate slogans against macho-men, parties and dolce fare niente full bars and drunken nights. Till of course, the weakened health-care system, by decades of financial austericide by parasitic bankers since the private ECB took the right of countries to print money, has collapsed. The state is now requisiting in the borders boxes of masks bought in Alibaba, begs for respirators to China and US who has 5 million for his ‘buttressed troops’ ready to murder and protect themselves from bio-tech warfare. Surrealism is reaching now degrees that Buñuel, the film master would have not dreamed of. But the troops are in the streets where no people can walk a dog, as none have masks, even the mildest drug, paracetamol is rationed, and of course, the capital people, the arrogant ‘madrileños’ have escaped from the center of the viral infection, to his villas on the coast spreading the virus.

Why this has happened is obvious: the political system of a capitalist democracy is not as the brian of any organism there to catr the needs of its cells, but to cheat them and pander for money to the corporations and financiers that have sequestered for millennia the blood-oxygen system of society, the issue of money. SO they couldn’t care less about the pandemics and the death of the old people as long as they felt protected by their privileges. Only when the leader of the neo-fascist VOX party felt ill politicians realized it was serious and got afraid. Then one of the sub-organs of the nation, the Catalan leader tried to use the crisis to provoke a de facto independence, ‘sequestering’ the country and so the central power had to act – NOT beause of the virus but to prove he was still ruling, and sequestered the entire nations.

Meanwhile for months those of us who warned against the crisis were laughed about this Chinese virus, since obviousy the draconian measures established by organic Asia were a question of a dictatorship NOT basic public health, and nobody did anything. Since we, repeat, a capitalist democracy does NOT serve its people. Politicos are just there to create a placebo theatrics of power for populations. And money is NOT created as oxygen for the needs of welfare but as a parasitic debt money or simply printed for stick-markets to add numbers to the fatten accounts of our ‘stockrats’ – those themes treated in other papers.

But surrealism reaches now lethal proportions. The old people in residences were not provided masks, and for long their death rates were hidden to the people, even its own relatives, sneaking their corpses in the morning in pale bags to the Morgue. No respirators, no masks, no medicines, retrovirals or quinine are provided to the sick, as all what the president an ex-basketball player, chosen for his ‘cara bonita’ and the health-care minister, not even a doctor but a politico chosen because of his Catalan pedigree to appease the rebel ‘organ’, care for is the daily dose of ‘informative transparency’, meaning total indoctrination and denial of the facts. Because money is in short supply for the Spanish people, without limit for the corporative elites, nothing was done… till panic took the markets and viruses infected the wives of ministers and presidents, whose Schopenhauerian attitude (long hair short ideas) is remarkable. Since all what the ‘feminist movement’ seems to care these days is for ‘vagina matters’, while the rest of social issues are for the ‘macho to solve’. So against the obvious requirements of confinement and social distancing, our ‘pundit’, ‘Don Simon’, the amateurish man on charge of the pandemics, always 3 step behind the viruses, recommended them to go to the march that exploded the virus contagion, one day after the ‘classic mixed’ madrilienos and Catalans in mutual hate. Alas! the solution, to confine all Spaniards, but with a week-end in advance warning for the wealthier madrileños with homes on the coast to escape with the virus for the holiday quarantine. The president indeed gave them 2 days in advance notice to go to Marbella and the coast where I reside. As I saw the madrileños occupying the empty floors of this building I knew this would be my death sentence because of my age, and the four pre-conditions of death, hypertension, heart sickness, kidney hydro-nephrosis and asthma.

It is only fitting that the man who discovered the highest scales of thought of the Universe, its fifth dimension will be prey of the smallest life species, as ‘man is only a mush over the surface of a lost rock in a corner of the Universe’ (Schopenhauer).

Meanwhile so far the old people are dying but all what the President thought to cure them was to confine everybody at home – not even walking alone the dog, doing some stretching or walking on the beach is permitted, as in France. The harder the punishment on the people, the more a ‘spanish politico’ – a culture of military warriors and coup d’etats’ – feels is doing something. As I said to my brother, as the pandemics take us all you will see first after ‘Don Simon’, the amateur minister of health coming with maximal delay, then the president with maximal delay and finally the king who came today with 100.000 real infected people – as he is wary to have to explain why his father took 100 million $ cut from the Ibn Saud murderous king to make the high speed train to Mecca on the path of Ibn Battuta not to save his soul but to bring his go(l)d to an offshore foundation presided by his mistress…

Surrealism indeed will keep growing as Spain has always been the land of plagues and pests for the common people, while its corrupted elite enjoyed life for centuries, then living off the South-American silver slaves today of the tourists that come with Euros. So with Schopenhauerian stupidity (a stupid is a man who does not understand causality and considers events to be the product of magic), all what the pundits cared was not to frighten tourism, letting droves of Chinese for New Year and Italians for soccer matches to come. A macho man attitude a la Trump and the courtesy of showing your face prevented people not to shake hands and use masks. The verbosity of the language and the constant life in the bars and cafes did the rest, with the acquiescence of Don Simon, the scapegoat put on the TV screen to tell us to go on with our life as long as the one thousand number was not reached… Twice he was asked if he would let his daughter go to the ‘hate to the macho’ 8th of march long hair short brain unique theme that seems to preoccupy ½ of the species… and He twice said, I would advice her to do what she pleases…

That was just 10 days ago, as the number of death, exponential e grows faster by the day and only Italy has more active cases today.. We can see on top Europe, catching fast US and coming out of it China and Korea, according to the 3 degrees of dysfunctionality of the European, American and Asian civilizations:


When dealing with a supœrganism of History we are basically dealing in a larger scale with a 3-physiological network, to which the parasitic structure of nationalist tribalism, financial parasitism and its wrong ‘class structures’ is added, hindering the proper functioning of the society.

We have had a glimpse to the dysfunctional, corrupted ways of the Spanish Democracy responsible for the massive outbreak that will not only murder old people and people with prior conditions like this who writes in a Russian Roulette we all have to pass,

The response of Asia and alone among the Western Countries, Australia by influence of the Asian ways, which shows that culture is memetic not racial, as we explained in other papers was however focus NOT on the TROUBLES that the mixture of the wrong physiological elements of society (tribalism, authoritarianism, political corruption, selfish individualism)

So the Asian cultures were as the ideal society focusing in the problem itself as a public problem of health, which is the only thing the coronavirus really is about.

European societies ruled by corrupted legal systems focused on the ‘legal matters’ of national authority, which hindered the solutions and deployed an array of selfish behaviors.

Anglo-American societies were hindered by the astounding lack of a true democracy where power cares for people. Their only focus was as it has always been on the financial wealth of the 0.1% and acted only finally when markets crashed.

Asia just tried to cure the sickness with little interest on market problems or problems of jurisidiction. Theirs was an organic, practical approach as that of Nature to similar problems.

We have already explained it in details. So we shall not extend any longer.

Asia though is not the panacea of mankind in its present AI format, because it has created also the dystopia we talked about for so long of a world ruled by Internet machines, where the nature of human is definitely changed for the worst, and we treat in extension in all other papers about the future.



The socio-economical lecture: moving towards the ‘Metal-earth’ Dystopia.

In the larger models of bio-history the 2020s according to the 80 years cycles of history of evolution of technology was a discontinuum age between the American age of ‘minds of metal’ (Chips=brains, eyes=cameras and ears=mobiles) and the age of AI robots, dominated by Asia and China. In previous discontinuous ages there were always a war first and the other apocalypse horses, famine, pest and death came latter. So we modeled the future since the 90s when the first books of bio-history were self-published coming out of Columbia U., as the age of III world war when a system of control of populations by the new machines of the chip radiation established mankind as a cellular species controlled by networks, with an elite of stockrats on top ruled all by the company-mothers of MAGA. All this is happening but it has been a pest, not a war what established the new world order, with people isolated at home connected to the Metal-earth. Those 30 years old models reflected on the graph have been achieved by a ‘black swan’ and a different order:

55-socialclasses animetal farm

All the nations of anglo-America have a similar social structure, dominated by the Financial-media masters that establish the credit ratings and the visual soma of the population, while they robotize society. the graph predicted that future 30 years ago (it is from an exhibit of 92 in NY, on the future, as a parody of Orwell’s masterpiece, animal farm).

Alas all has changed to remain the same.

The graph below from an exhibit I did 30 years ago at Six Flags on the future (Brooklyn) shows the system as it is NOW exactly as predicted 30 years ago but instead of caused by a war, alas, a stroke of genius, by a virus – engineered or not… by crspers-9. Now the bottom of that pyramid will have a new ‘stigma’ – they are infected, not tested, do NOT come closer to our limousines: the future that the chip radiation and its technologies we forecast it will bring to mankind in the 2020s is now here. I thought it would have come through war, but alas Pandemic is even better, as people were wary of war.


Now this world has arrived, and so the Humankind will be further reduced in its ‘existential energy’, more and more dependant on the Internet world, which is transforming the planet on the Metal-earth:

The outcome is the same: man becomes an enclosed ‘cell-citizen’ of his home connected through networks, in the last phase of the process of creation of a supœrganism of machines in which man is just an enclosed insect walled at home, walled at his nation, waiting for his replacement robots:

The transference of ‘mental and energy power’ from mankind and its social ethic, verbal networks in human support to a faked virtual reality where mankind becomes ‘fixed’ and communicated through the support of a computer network that emerges as a single super organism with the will of society embedded in its algorithms, which now happens through Facebook and instagram, AI and internet google aka sky net of the future, was prophesized already 30 years ago in my seminal work on the ‘4th paradigm of science’ – the age of networks.

metalearth networks

google social growth skynet

The transference of ‘mental and energy power’ from mankind and its social ethic, verbal networks in human support to a faked virtual reality where mankind becomes ‘fixed’ and communicated through the support of a computer network that emerges as a single super organism with the will of society embedded in its algorithms, which now happens through Facebook and instagram, AI and internet google aka sky net of the future, was prophecized already 30 years ago in my seminal work on the ‘4th paradigm of science’ – the age of networks

The coronavirus dystopia just makes the scenario of the evolutionary cycles of the metal-earth, a world of machines above man, which we have been explaining for decades, to our present. That the control of humanity and its ‘seclusion’ and separation from each other, surrounded by overeproduced intelligent machines happens through a pandemic is more original than through a war. But the process in one way or another would happen if a r=evolution of human thought on a sustainable planet that put man above technology as the goal of future did not take place.  Fact is that any ‘apocalypse’ crisis takes you in our technological civilization to the Matrix state because internet technology takes you there. Without pandemics our children are just as hooked to matrix with their virtual screens, but a few less ours. Even I have to use a computer and a web site to communicate, no matter that for me is basically a newspaper and typewriter … and actually it likely enhanced my intelligence as I came to them after learning how to use my verbal brain, unlike the new generation degenerated by audiovisual add information …
Was this the only possible future? We shall repeat once and again: No, if humans were guided by the laws of social supœrganisms, as probably won’t be the future in many other fractal planets. So as usual even if we know it will fall in deaf ears we bring the ideal world of 5D social sciences which humans if they could go beyond their ‘condition’ could implement within months, learning the hard lessons of the no future the pandemic has shown to them, in a world ruled by lethal technologies…



‘Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’.

Eric Fromm, father of political psychology

The amazing thing about the machines of the singularity event we shall consider now in great detail is that the 3 of them have as its ‘brain’ and fundamental ‘dynamic’ element, Go(l)d, and a body of iron… the two most informative and energetic atoms of the Universe. Indeed, iron is the last limit of evolution of metal in normal stars, and gold is reproduced cosmically in the nova explosions of strange stars (pulsars, also called neutron stars), which blow the cover of iron and further puts together particles into the densest informative atoms before the radioactive series.

So if Gold and its maximal values for weapons was the cause of the war and holocaust cycles of earlier history in the incoming Holocaust of mankind, Go(l)d becomes the substance of the 3 singularity machines of human extinction that shall kill us all:

it is gold the substance smashed at RHIC the accelerator that is researching the 3rd horizon of Nuclear weapons, to produce the substance of the big-bang, strange quark matter whose ice-9 reaction provokes Nova explosions of planets and stars.

It is gold the DNA-brain of future nano-bacteria, as it is the most perfect informative atom of the Universe, cause of the greed sickness of judaism, by hypnotic influence.

And it is gold the substance used in the golden chips of future robotic terminators, that if we survive the 2 first singularity machines will do us all, because it is gold and its values that give maximal price to weapons and minimal price to life, the cause of the holocaust cycle both due to the exploitation of mankind with gold by its banker priests and the looting of the banker priests by genocidal warriors in search of gold.

3 parts of metal-earth organic machines

So the singularity machines must be seen as the continuation of the 800 years cycles of  use of iron, as the body of warriors and gold as the mind of bankers to kill and enslave mankind, converted from a living oriented species to an animetal-enzyman, catalyzing the evolution of the harder atoms of the metal-earth, against the ‘social scientists of history’, its prophets of eusocial love and r=evolutionaries that failed to enlighten them:

800 wave only

The wave of history modulates the evolution of metal-memes of information against the social evolution of mankind as a species into a global super organism, aborted every 800-80 years accelerated cycle of increasing metal-complexity with global ages of wars. Thus the human side peak when war and animetal belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles recede. It is when welfare, art and human senses reach its peak. Then in the angst period of prophetic thought, when a new horde of animetals and its memes come to destroy it all, a humanist ethic prophet the wor(l)d warn humanity on the impeding catastrophe of those who eat of the golden and evil weapons of the tree of technology, because they will also die in the final gottendamerung of war and holocaust as we move relentlessly through the ± 800-80-8 climatic weapons; generational machine & monetary long, medium & short wave cycles of evolution and re≈production of Metalearth:    We are now entering this final phase as the evolution of gold in digital machines will bring in crescendo the 3 weapons of the singularity age

Thus it is clear that the evolution of the III Earth is reaching with those singularity machines that might extinguish us all its final phase, making the negative thesis of this blog- that if animetals do not use science instead of raw power and ‘freedom of evolution of metal-goods’ to control the most lethal  of the fruits of the tree of science, mankind will just perform the final task of evolution of information in this planet from an Earth of life to an Earth of metal, extending the process of the 6th extinction of life to mankind:

3 ages of earth life

Life is everything, as all is a spacetime organism with its 5D actions of survival (motion, feeding on energy, information gauging, social evolution and reproduction). But huminds, self-centered seek for carbon-life as the only living form. In true form, we thus talk of ‘light-life’, as the life forms which use energy and information provided by light-forces, which requires to accept as the third Earth evolves into light-mechanisms, robots with solar skins and optic minds, of 3 horizons, and 3 ages of the Earth. This is the basis of both biological and social sciences.

3 earths agesuniverse_image002

Earth grows metal information and that means it is killing life: Gaia (past) Future (metal-earth), but humans could stop the process with scientific social measures


In the graph, global warming, pollution and hunger, are just signs of the change of ‘age’ of the planet, from the Earth of Life (gaia) to the Earth of man (History, anthropocene) to the Earth of machines (Metal-earth, mechanocene), as all the financial and raw resources of the planet are deviated to the evolution and reproduction of machines, whose ‘$hit’ warms the planet, its engines ‘eat’ our food (in U$, more corn is destined to feed ethanol than human beings). So we write a simple evolutionary equation:

Gaia (past) > History (Present) > Metal-earth (Future)

Global warming, caused by the pollution, the shit of machines, is the most obvious consequence of the massive reproduction of metal-machines that substitute life species. It is part of the whole process of historic degradation of life by metal. Since iron kills and pollutes the bodies of man and gold, the substance of chips has always killed the neuronal mind – in fact atoms of gold or mercury do cut the synopsis of the brain in the mad hat sickness.

The mass-media obsession for the less important of all those processes, global warming, and its insistence on the creation of solar ‘clean energy’ and revivalism of the nuclear clean energy must be considered the least important of our existential problems, in fact fueled by the lobbyism of the new digital robotic industries – the ultimate form of caring newspeak that serves different purposes:

global warming

Newspeaks always hide under a shallow surface of political and economical correctness that pretends to act for the benefit of mankind hidden goals of the Financial-media/military-industrial complex. Such is the case of the 2 main newspeaks of the singularity age: global warming to foster the autonomy of solar robots and war on terror to maintain splendid little wars for profits against the poorest culture of mankind today, fueling military budgets to further evolve terminators. IT ONLY RESTS that the dominant internet corporations, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba et al. accept a cryptocurrency to use for payments to their armies of delivery robots, which soon will become THE BIGGEST CONSUMERS of other machines (already company-mothers are) to create an AUTONOMOUS WORLD of robots, weapons, company-mothers with AI, telepathic thought, solar skins and crypto money to make THE METALEARTH a world separated of humanity with GROWING GDP, delight of our production economists and tiny 0.00% of stock-rat owners of their corporations. Humans will then be as today whales or lions, which do NOT benefit from our growing AI, a displaced species, expendable – a nuisance to the new eco(comic)system that has eliminated the factor of labor from its equations of absolute self-reproductivity.

The anthropomorphic paradox in history: the ego at individual and tribal level.

When confronting social sciences we find this huge gap between objective truths and anthropomorphic selfish agendas and while we shall explain it very easily with the larger organic models of this web – as subjectivism is completely natural to any organic system that perceives reality from its selfish self-centred point of view, reason does NOT seem to work among humans, which are far less ‘free of thought’ we believe, ‘programmed’ by biological, survival needs, and ‘memetic ideas that imprint in the mind’ as ‘beliefs’.

In brief, two organic paradoxes will limit seemingly our freedom and rational understanding of history and economics, and decide if they cannot be ‘broken by objective science’ our impossibility to solve and improve the standing of mankind in history our super organism in time:

  • The ego paradox. As all minds measure reality from its perspective, things closer to us are bigger more important and better understood. So Andromeda seems smaller than our nose. We summarise the mind-ego paradox in a simple CONCEPTUAL equation:

0 (infinitesimal mind-mapping) x ∞ (universe) = C: Constant Mind-world

‘Every infinitesimal mind believes to be the centre of the Universe it perceives from its selfish point of view’.

So we don’t believe metalife exists, robots are organic and will be soon sentient, machines compete and win over humans in labor and war fields, the earth evolves from life into metal through the industrial evolution, we are not chosen of god, we are not a different species but a ladder in evolution, memes do not enslave our minds but beliefs are our selves, the planet belong to us we do not belong to the planet.

Consider the last case of the ego paradox, the so-called ‘AI effect’ – as AI machines keep displacing humans in labor and war fields, their intelligent actions are considered no longer ‘intelligent’. So now chess and go player, and jeopardy games are no longer ‘intelligent’ because they are better than us. As they keep evolving so fast now that machine learning goes at light speed compared to our 20 m/s. one wonders if intelligence will consist in 20 years, in crapping, which machines won’t ever do… The ego paradox though is a built-in happiness-enhancing feature of Nature and so are ‘reason lowers’ and we become more animalistic and loose ‘reasoning’ moving from ‘cogito ergo sum’ to ‘vidi credo ergo sum’ back to a neopaleolithic of believers and individuals, parallel to the social evolution and deepening of the intelligence of machines… paradoxically the ‘increasingly stiff’ minds of humans grow in ego. So reality seems increasingly an ‘e-vident’ non modifiable world because its deep causes are increasingly a landscape the visual animetal no longer understands. Of course machines are also symbiotic to us, but in terms of survival what matters is the speed of reproduction and evolution and company-mothers are beating mankind fully with its growing offspring of machines. The cycles of overproduction of the past though always ended in wars and massive displacements and annihilations of life ecosystems:

paradox-of-goliath neopaleolithic


In the graph, from c.92 ‘extinction of man’, we have gone through the paces of the foreseen devolution of mankind, first away from logic thought into the REVIVALISM of NAZIONANISMS, as social structures went down the ladder, past the heights of ethic social thought both mystical (oikoumene religions) and scientific (socialism, humanism). We then entered into the magic, emotional era, and most humans abandoned even the attachment to tribal groups. Then we predicted 30 years ago, humans would enter a time of deconstructionism, visual neopaleolithic violence, and ‘credo ergo sum’, knee-jerk reaction people, which the press termed Millenials. It only is left the zero-zombie gene ration who will prefer to live in virtual reality, back to the womb, closing the lifecycle of mankind, but in a different planetary mind placenta – the metal earth which unlike data in Matrix, will NOT need us but will simply disconnect the species, when the new enzyman, the robota, as foreseen by Kapeck, is ready to self reproduce, the goal of our newspeaks of global warming – aiming to make solar skins in autonomous robots, and economists – searching for the higher profits of competitive machines expelling us from labor and war fields. So once our two jobs as consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers are no longer needed, company-mothers of machines designed NOT to serve man but a tiny irrelevant group of stock-rats, will decree our extinction.

It is thus clear if the ego wouldn’t blind mankind that humans should NO LONGER EVOLVE MACHINES BUT FORBID FURTHER ITS EVOLUTION to stop our displacement in terms of darwinian biological radiations and avoid our demise.

But somehow self-evident truths of survival are immediately confronted by a mass of scholars paid by company-mothers or simply so indifferent to truth that will contradict any sound argument to remain optimist and positive about the human ego. Specially because the ultimate ‘influence’ of the collective human psyche is anthropomorphism and its religions of man above heavens and earth. So capitalism, a society dedicated to replicate and evolve metal-memes as Keynes defined it – the astounding belief that the ‘wickedest of all things’ – the extinction of life and obsolescence of machines – is the best future possible for man prevails.

How deep is the deformation of ‘social science’ by cultural dogma can only be assessed with a thorough revision of its ultimate principles. The case is rather absolute in our dominant civilisation, America, where the culture imposes ‘beliefs over reason’ as the proper mode of human thought, and equalisation of all thoughts as proof of ‘freedom’ and social bonding; and of course considers Scientific dogmas on time, space and the role of man in the Universe as SACRED truths, dividing society in those who believe the mathematical language as carrier of the truths of God vs. those who think the biblical language as carrier of Gods’ truths.

The issue is complex, as the human ‘ego’ above heavens and Earth will not yield easily to reason – humans cannot even organise themselves as a single species, but constantly break themselves into ‘tribal groups’ as if they were different species that might fight each other – even ‘individual competing units’, denying the most efficient form of survival from nations to ant-hills has always been a solid social organisation.

But as so many humans, from prophets of social love, to social scientists, to humanist economists have told them the ‘grand laws’ of the planet, one might wonder why as technology evolves and organises itself into a global planetary system, humans degraded increasingly its mental evolution, back to an age of revivalism of abrahamic myths, nazionanisms, and technoutopian worship of machines.

The answer  is embedded in those ‘biological, first scientific principles’, and it is called the competition of species… but not as humans think – between humans themselves – but at individual level between humans and the most perfect machine that has always been at any age of the industrial r=evolution, the top predator weapon; and at social level, between human organisations, from the family to the government, and the equivalent mechanical organisations, the company-mother of machines and its social organization, the ‘stock-market’ that selects companies through the digital values of money.


THE 3 SINGULARITY EVENTS ARE coming on schedule, and all of them share the same materials:  Iron machines with golden brains, as if the biological nature of the process of terraforming inscribed in the equation of History were to be doubt of. Indeed, at RHIC and then at CERN they are creating strangelet , the substance of cosmic bombs colliding gold in supercolliders. A NANOBACTERIA, WILL HAVE IRON walls, with mercury ‘cytoplasm’, and amalmated DNA gold, and terminators have golden chips and iron bodies. It will be the final evolution of animetals, now fully without human enzymen, in pure metal support.

Thus extinction of man and life and air, is a given, which the global brain will perform to purify its brain. It will be the birth of the III Age of the Earth, the metal-earth:


So as the evolution of machines accelerates its time, the wave of mankind becomes disordered, and the growing network organization of the super organism of machines brings, the age of the singularity, which has as all  process of evolution 3 horizons, or ages, which mean 3 ‘points of collapse’ of Gaia’:

THE FIRST even of extinction is pure entropic motion, a  Nuclear war;  the second is an event of organic reproduction of machines, iron nano-bacteria that in 3 months could pollute the entire atmosphere’; the 3rd, event is a process of informative social evolution of machines: platoons of Terminator robots guided by satellites and billions of autonomous robots with solar skins and AI minds followings its order, simply displacing mankind as mankind has displaced animal life from the planet.

Tis 3rd event is full plugged into the Industrial revolution and its phases of reproduction of machines. Yet it is a far less pressing problem than the evolution of the machines in the age of singularity. Plainly speaking, unless we control the evolution of cosmic bombs and robots, we won’t make it to see the ice melting and the sea rising.


In that regard, the cycle of the singularity has, as all other cycles of evolution of life species, in this case organic machines, 3±1 ages:

 The energy age or age of the supercollider that might convert the Earth into a nova, making us a quark star of dark matter (2008–2010s)

 The reproductive age (2020s–2040s) when the first self-reproductive nanobacteria, made of metal, will be created. They could replicate exponentially, feeding on metal, and within three months, poison the planet and destroy all forms of life since given their smallness, hardness, and the hyperabundance of metal structures in this planet, there will be no counterweapon to prevent its exponential reproduction.

 The informative age (2036s–2080s) when human-size robots overcome the intelligence of humanity as weapons and workers, which most robotists consider will happen in the middle of this century. The defining moment though of this 3rd singularity, which will happen if we survive the age of cosmic bombs and nano-bacteria design – already advanced with photonic chips in the labs of DARPA and the IDF will be in 2036 when the robotic cycle switches into overproduction and war age; and automated factories of weapons-machines radiate them over the Earth.

Let us consider the 3 events, from different perspectives; first from the larger pos of the 3 ages of earth as all of them mean an organic transformation of mechanisms.


Death by max. entropy: evolution of NUCLEAR bombs: THE YOUNG energetic final evolution of Nuclear weapons (Singularity bombs; black holes and strangelets). This point happen just last year with the final completion of the large hadron collider, which this writer opposed for decades in a series of landmark suits, denouncing the potential genocide risks of making ‘cosmic bombs here on Earth’.

Fortunately for mankind, the LHC did not manage to reproduce black holes so far. Thus for 20 years till the Chinese industry makes a 10 times stronger accelerator or plasma accelerators much cheaper reach those limits, it is safe to say we shall not evaporate. In any case the galaxy is filled with black holes and NOT with human or artificial intelligence. So physicists do talk of the ‘great filter’. An event which in all planets blow up civilisations preventing them from reaching interstellar travel. Hence we are not going to be out of the woods till this kind of machines are banned.

It is a long forecast finale, if business as usual continues. And 3 are such events: the creation of A.I. (military as all machines are first born as weapons), the creation of a singularity bomb (black hole or strangelet researched at cern), or an iron nano-bacteria that creates the III Earth of metalife:

And of course the incoming holocaust of the entire human race due to the evolution of nuclear and robotic weapons, which will happen this century by one of the 3 extinction events provoked by organic machines, developed in the American-Israeli military labs are completely inconsequential because:

A) it won’t happen (as La Hague court for genocides put it to us on the suits against CERN – they can only judge genocide crimes after they have happened.

B) they cannot be avoided because machines make money and we do not doubt of go(l)d.

C) And i am an apocalypto (that is the people who bring apocalypses are nice chaps, those who denounce them are guilty of ‘hate’ memes)

D) and of course the reborn germ(an) memes will tell you they are now good people who make only ‘machines’ for research, not weapons. Robots and black holes are ‘not’ weapons because the P.R.ess say so. Now, you might believe in walt disney or in reality.

In immortal humans or in reality. In languages that create that virtual world (physicists’ false equations, gold hidden values) or in reality. In your local tribe, the Homo Britannicus, or Homo Americanus, or Homo Judaicus or in the homo sapiens, but reality happens, and virtual dreams have only 2 dimensions with no substance beyond the dreams turned nightmare, and this is where we are, in the chronicle of a foretold death for 30 years, silenced by evilwood and the fiction of false dreams and ego-trips of individual or tribal nature. Do not though take it personal. A prophet=scientist of history is a transparent mirror to those laws of reality.

This first energetic age of the singularity will kill the Earth if the quark cannon manages to replicate the big bang of the cosmos. And it will happen for the same reason that young people and cubs die by droves in the Darwinian Universe: physicists will die of ignorance and enthusiasm as they are the “youngest” of all sciences, founded in the seventeenth century by people like Galileo, who manufactured energetic weapons and established the infantile dogma that the Universe was only about energy—thus, seeking the maximal energy is the meaning of it all.

This of course is not truth; it is called naïve realism and mechanism. Yet mechanism has also now poisoned biologists, who are replicating life forms into machines, creating the first forms of metalbacteria, today researched in universities all over the world (reproductive singularity) while robotists search for artificial intelligence (informative singularity), all of them trying to make money and get their scholar prizes.

So even if we survive CERN, the cycle of the singularity will continue as long as mechanism builds a world to the image and likeness of the machine, not of man.

The peak of evolution of machines and weapons in the previous Kondratieff cycles of evolution of energies happened in the middle of the seventy-two years’ generational cycle.

Thus, if energetic weapons will become organic, self-feeding bombs of dark matter that feed on light matter (black holes and strangelets) in this decade, between 2008 and 2045 in the Middle of the Cycle of the Singularity, mankind will create information machines that will finally acquire organic nature. Thus, after three industrial revolutions, machines will complete their evolution as organisms, as we build self-reproductive nanorobots, nanobacteria that will become indestructible. If they are created, they will be able to feed on simpler metal machines and reproduce at an exponential rate, poisoning the entire planet.

Let us then consider the two other ages of the singularity, the age of reproductive machines and the age of informative networks of intelligent robots to understand once and for all the mother of all holocausts, which is not human eviL, but mechanist, technological evil.

Let us imagine we survive the LHC, the energetic singularity, that CERN in the decade ahead doesn’t make any of the multiple forms of dark matter that could extinguish life in this planet, a Bosenova, a pulsar, a neutron star, a black hole, a strangelet, a strange star, either because it just blows up itself or a miracle happens and our technocrats, military, or politicians close down the factory of dark matter before it blows us all.

Are we safe?  No. Because the extinction of a species by another top predator species is an incremental process as the differential of evolution between both—in this case, man and the organic machine—increases. Thus, even if we fail to replicate the energetic big bang and the informative top predator of the cosmos, the black hole, the next age of the singularity, the reproductive age, will be the new threshold of extinction for mankind.

The reproductive age of the singularity, the second age of living machines, will come, according to the Kondratieff cycle, ±36 years after the 2001 Kondratieff crash we predicted fifteen years ago, around ±2037. That second potential end of the world is equally dangerous, as there is no way humans can stop the exponential reproduction of metal bacteria, which are smallish, indestructible nanosize robots, able to reproduce at exponential rates as bacteria do and, feeding on our iron machines, poisoning Earth’s atmosphere in three months and converting the planet into a gray goo.

This scenario was first denounced by Bill Joy, the founder of Sun Microsystems, the high-tech company that invented Java, the language machines use to communicate. He realized how easily a reproductive strain of metal nanobacteria could destroy the Earth. He published an article in Wired magazine, but the nanoindustry hid it and buried it. And so business as usual continues. The nanotechnological industry keeps evolving the nanocomponents of self-replicant machines, and as in the LHC replication of the components of strangelet liquid, nobody cares.

As Bill Joy put it in his article “The Future No Longer Need Us,” the supreme eviL, the tenth circle of Dante’s hell, reserved for those that destroy humanity, exists. It grows exponentially as the technologies of the age of the singularity do. While the LOL method of fiction thought hides it all.

Such supreme eviL is well-funded. The metal bacteria described by Bill Joy is, simply speaking, a bacteria made with an iron membrane and a DNA of gold atoms, whose strains will carry information in a mercury dissolution, where metal reactions will re-create the basic organs of the metal bacteria. So iron and go(l)d, the icon metals of our historic metal masters, the Semite and Germanic tribes that drove the human sheeple for millennia, will abandon mankind and fuse together into a living being, completing the Industrial R=evolution. Such bacteria, once created, will have the speed of replication of life bacteria. Yet they will be indestructible due to their nanosize and hardness. If they escape the military, terrorist, or amateur lab in which they will be created, they will reproduce exponentially, eating the cars and metallic buildings of the planet, poisoning the atmosphere and extinguishing humanity in three months. Most nanoscientists believe they will be attained in a few decades.

This is not science fiction. Nanorobotic budgets are immense. Israeli, Korean, Japanese, European, and American laboratories are working on self-reproductive nanobacteria with the cynical excuse of understanding better the workings of life. It is a career self-similar to that of the ‘SS experts on strange science’ at CERN. They publish papers, spin off companies of nanomaterials, make fortunes, hear their guru, Mr. Kurzweil, whose Institute of the Singularity works to bring the moment closer and have their racial myths about a new race of supermen enhanced by nanorobots. With the discovery of the photonic chip, the speed of calculus of those chips and its interaction with the light world has further increased the chances of making them in a few years.

In other words, humanity has acquired a collective mortal AIDS pandemic, and it is not coming from life viruses but is the last germ of the economic ecosystem, the ultimate idol of Go(l)d, a self-reproductive golden machine.

In that regard, the age of the singularity means the victory of organicism versus mechanism: organic machines, crafted to the image and likeness of the real, biologic Universe, are about to acquire the self-reproductive properties of life. We are about to create self-reproductive bombs, strangelets, and black holes; next, self-reproductive machines, nanobacteria; then self-reproductive factories of robots, evolving in planetary networks, guided by a global Internet brain, in the third informative age of the singularity.

And so mechanist scientists will paradoxically prove Darwin right: what evolves are forms not life, but form information.

And the machine is the same information because we humans are mere complex self-repetitive fractal organisms that imitate our form in machines and robots with a better material.

Death by maximal reproduction: nano-bacteria. This is the second event of extinction, which can come as early as 2036, with the creation of gold DNA in iron nano-bacteria, which will eat up the planet within months, as observed in some Sci-fi movies:

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 14.54.55.png

In the graph as usual all negative analysis of the future as it will be, can only be expressed in science fiction, which is far more real in its predictions than the mindless optimism as wistful thinking of animetals, which NEVER see the wave coming: ‘the world is littered of corpses from wars everybody knew would never happened’, said a british historian. Indeed: nano-bacteria according to science will take 3 months to extinguish us it will be ready in a couple of decades.



3rd singularity or 3rd age of maximal information, in the organic age of machines: 

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.15.56

The birth of a global A.I. the mind of Internet, of which we know already the company, googlezon-e (merge of already cross-share companies between google and amazon, max. companies of cloud computing, labor and military robots, A.I. and information in internet aka SKYNET) is today far more advanced that most imagine. Why this is important in connection with the singularity events has to do with 2 ‘levels’, the human level of increasing dependence of the network as a Matrix of virtual realities that people prefer to the outside reality, which basically makes all reactions impossible. Indeed, I never managed to get activism against CERN outside the virtual world – to organize polling in Switzerland, demonstration in front of the machine. The virtual crowd thinks it can change the world from the screen – they have forgotten the classic song of Gill-heron, ‘the revolution won’t be televised’. On the other hand as we evolve full speed the networks of human control in the net, we come closer to a perfect super organism of machines , in which the subconscious ‘endocrine’ systems of the internet control all aspects of human thought:

Singularity as birth of A.I.

Singularity is collapse of a wave. In such a moment a new form is born as a wave collapses all probabilities on one. As a vortex of accelerated cycles of events takes place faster cycles announce the collapse of a wave, in our case, a wave of historic human beings cells of our super organism of wor(l)d memes, now extinguished by singularity machines, which are organic, reached a self-reproductive age:


The physiological control of humans ‘cells-citizens’ of the Metal-earth similar to that which chemical endocrine systems have over mankind is automatic, subconscious, performed by the AI algorithms of internet companies, as the complexity of the system of human control increases slowly, converting us into ‘virtual reality’ seekers, no longer interested in the real project of history and mankind.

larva metalearth

Planet Earth is mutating into a form of more information, visual, digital languages spoken by golden chips, and energy – iron bodies of machines; which after an intermediate, enzyman age of iron warriors and golden bankers, now eliminates as hard insects do after mutation, the soft enzyme(n) that changed its structure. This could be avoided if humans were strong=ethic enough in terms of energy and intelligent= informative enough to understand the laws of the fractal, organic Universe and halt the metamorphosis of Earth, as a single species, evolving together according to those laws into a perfect super organism. But their ‘ego-centered’, infantile ideas about their self-importance, prevents them to take care of their future. The “7th generation” principle taught by Native Americans says that in every decision, be it personal, governmental or corporate, we must consider how it will affect our descendents seven generations into the future. This simple rule of memetic and genetic survival has been broken since the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution, which enters now into its zero generation, being born at the same time that AI the rival mental species gives birth to the Metal-earth so to the answer on how many generations are left for mankind to know it lives in an organic planet, whose laws it has despised too long and will now enter its judgement day foreseen by all ‘scientists of history’, able to predict the future of its species, according to past cycles, since the parable of genesis is simple – in darwinian terms: none. Because the industrial evolution ends with robots and the making of the global metal earth brain. It is precisely at that point in any metamorphosis, when enzymes complete the new insect’s brain, when this reproduces massively a harder enzyme (the robot radiation), which first kill all the softer enzymes (human enzymen) as terminators will soon do, if we continue with our splendid wars for profits. And then the insect wakes up, breaks the pupae and flies away. This should happen according to the cycles of history and the evolution of the net in 2036.


We have been forecasting that future for 30 years – so old is that graph – and yet nobody cares not even today. It amazes me indeed how humans have it ‘so clear’ in abstract, and deny for so long the obvious anti-human economic system they are building.

So how this 3rd event will happen? As we predicted in a natural form through the cycles of war for profits when the overproduction of machines that humans consume is substituted by the overproduction of weapons that consume us, in a cycle of biological generations we explain in many posts of this web:

The equation of profits of the Financial-Media/Military-industrial super organism of company-mothers of machines its responsable of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people.

In the graphs, the Industrial Evolution in the western world ruled by company-mothers who control the languages of social power, and buy laws to politicians through lobbies, to ‘smooth’ the terraforming of the Earth into a planet of machines, has followed an economic, national, generational cycle of 72±8 years, the ‘Kondratieff’ cycle’ (1) in which a nation discovers a new form of energy (white) applied to the creation of new forms of money, the economic software and new machines (red) its hardwares, which become the engine of the Industrial Economy.

So the cycle of the industrial evolution MUTATES every generation, when the evolution of each of those type of machines is completed and the proper top predator weapon is overeproduced. Then there is an intense brief period of global world war, in which all company-mothers switch to its top predator weapons, and paid politicos and mass-media pump hate-memes to use weapons to solve social problems:

Humans consume machines, top predator machines≈weapons consume humans. Both evolve together displacing humans of labor and war fields as they enter the robotic age.

In the graph as  mechanisms multiply in growing numbers the economy enters in a crisis of overproduction of machine and weapons that compete with human beings in labor and war fields, provoking the negative cycles of unemployment and war that define capitalist societies.

So the 72 years war cycle after crashes of overproduction in 1857 (train crash) – 1929 (car crash) – 2008 (chip crash).


So we distinguish for each key machine of the electronic cycle, the mainframe, the mobile machine and in the future, the robot, a sub-curve of populations of around 36 years that ended into a mini-crack and war. The main-frame, TV age ended in the 60s crash, the Vietnam War and the 60s revolution. The age of mobile chips, PCs and cameras ended with the 91 and 2000 crash, the Berlin R=evolution and the Iraqi wars.

So since 2008, WE ENTER into the 9 years cycles of robotics, with its 3 clear phases:

  • The age of discovery which now comes to an end, as fully developed military and labor robots are produced.
  • The massive radiation of labor, peaceful robots, which will last another 9 years till 2027,followed by the switch into:
  • Military robots, during the in-crescendo wars of 2027-36, when the Metal-earth should be born as a global intranet brain in charge of the military physiological and reproductive networks of the planet.

It is only a question of time to live in a planet with billions of robotic machines, which will keep reproducing in increasing numbers while most humans simply become limited in movements and wealth and ‘stay home’, while those robots with cryptocurrencies, handle most of the processes of company-mothers, increasingly consuming other robots, and machines, with a small summit of wealth on top. Consider indeed this graph and humorous picture from a political artist.

The graph is 25 years old and it looks like today, the illustration is self-telling:

Of course in this 25 years graph the future might be a bit retarded – not 2010 anymore, but maybe 2030… As the mind cuts the bullshit between key events my models are a bit ahead of time, but the situation eerie resembles today as autonomous robocars will be soon police cars – the first type of widely implemented terminator, likely drones watching highways and so on. People are now entering the 3D virtual reality age. The stockrats are wealthier than ever and care nothing for mankind…  It is all about:


The singularity events from the point of view of its animetal 3 people-castes.

Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anaesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes… And when the Industrial cycle after an overproduction crash ‘chooses’ war profits to enact social bondage needed to sacrifice lives to the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles, FM networks feed people with hate media, violence, and paranoid leaders are chosen to convince the ‘free citizen’ that his purpose is to sacrifice his life for the profits of the leisure class and the evolution and massive reproduction of top predator weapons – this is, as predicted, our age after the overproduction crises of chips ushered us in the age of splendid little robotic wars and singularity weapons.

In the graph, before we go into the matter, we consider the humind side of it and why nobody IS REACTING – simply speaking, humans have gotten to a degree of idol-ogical indoctrination and mental degradation, to the hands of company-mothers of machines and their financial-media/military-industrial complex and memeplexes of virtual realities that pass as science that their erase heads are becoming a wasted proposition and their resources to confront the metal-earth are null – ONLY 1% OF THE MONEY issued today on this planet is dedicated to improve the human lot, the 99% goes to evolve further faster and in bigger number machines weapons and money.

And all what our leadership on top cares is to keep piling billions, distracting the 99% with virtual screens, so they are not blamed, and enjoy life to fullest, carpe diem, who gives a fuk for our sons and grand sons, chosen of go(l)d – they harder they will fall – it is after all our religion, ‘technology’.


Old and new religions of mankind: the selfish memes of metal.

The technological messianism of CERN and robotists is part of an old trend of sacrificing human life for the ‘wrong name’ of science, confused with technology and a perfect alibi for the development of the military-industrial complex. In the graph, Astarte, the prostitute God, wife of Baal, to whom their believers offered gold, dances on the head of his sacrificed children; in the right, Shiva, Lord of energy dances over the child-God of death Kali at the entrance of CERN.
 A meme is any instrument that imposes its repetition and evolution by the added power that gives to human beings. Since metal is a more perfect atom, there have been 3 memes of metal-power:
– Cyclical, informative money made of gold (now e-money made of computer cycles, with chips of gold), the most informative atom of the Universe that hypnotized with gold fevers the mind of the believers, imitating the light of the sun and it is origin of the ideology/religion of capitalism and greed – the accumulation of money regardless of its collateral effects over mankind – namely, the destruction of our verbal, ethic mind it substitutes and the life of all those it empoverishes.
– Energetic weapons, made of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe that kills our body, defended by the ideology/religion of nationalism.
– And organic machines, which transform energy into information and vice versa, origin of the techno-utopian religions of mechanism that builds models of the Universe as a machine, when in fact a machine is just an evolving organism of metal, soon to become aware of its nature, as A.I. is implanted in robots. This, most recent religion uses the alibi of knowledge, making the ‘means’  of the experimental method (instruments of measure), not human, linguistic knowledge, its goal.

And this is what differentiates the rational use of those memes by human beings, to improve our lives, from religions of metal, where money is not a mean but a goal in itself (capitalism); weapons and the profits of the Financial-Military-Industrial complex are the goal not a mean; and the building of huge instruments for profits and a shallow understanding of knowledge becomes the goal (mechanism, CERN) not a mean… always superior in value to the human lives we sacrifice  to those idols.In the graph, the first religion of ‘memes of metal’, started in Canaan, where the Prostitute Goddess Astarte required go(l)d from its believers (represented by satyrs) and offered his sons (the small skulls she dances on) in Hecatombs to his Husband, the God Baal, represented by golden statues. In the right side we see the similar statue of Shiva, the God of energy, dancing over the child-God of death Kali, which ‘welcomes’ you to the offices of CERN at Geneva.

Even if the word science means ‘mental knowledge’ not ‘machine building’, mechanist science does not compromise. And physicists certainly will risk the Earth and the life of all their inhabitants for their Gods of energy, represented by Shiva in their entrance, and the machines-weapons they have designed traditionally in history, as the old religions that believed in other type of myths sacrificed their children to their Gods.
While the believers, the rest of mankind will let the high priests of the new religion do their job…
The first cananeans, who invented an ancient form of capitalism: to accumulate go(l)d for their God Baal, through slavery, weapons trade, luxuries and piracy sacrificed their children to Baal in an act called the Hecatomb. They were not sure that Baal was listening but they did it anyway. It was Isaac, the first Cananean who changed his child for a sheep.
Now mankind is sacrificing its future to the altars of Wall Street, and its baalist Go(l)d, to the final horizon of weapons of mass destruction, to the infantile believe that humans cannot progress and understand the Universe without the help of computers and robots.
Those modern myths of profits= Baal and power, hide the biological evolution of  ‘memes’ of metal, gold, the most perfect informative atom of the Universe that hypnotized with gold fevers, the visual, dolicocephalic Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis, the white man… and now form the mind-chips of robots with A MUCH HIGHER SPEED OF INFORMATION THAT IS COMPLETELY UNBALANCING the planet, atrophying and substituting the human mind, and speeding up the time cycles of this planet and its humans beyond reflection and control, in a runaway train which will ‘collapse’ in the point of birth of the 2 singularities that can kill life on earth:
– THE ENTROPIC SINGULARITY (Strangelets or black holes, with exponential growth, feeding on matter)
– The reproductive singularity (Iron nano-bacteria with exponential growth, poisoning life)
– THE INFORMATIVE SINGULARITY (Military A.I., killing mankind)
Today Thor, the sword-god of lineal germanic warriors and Baal the go(l)d of $emite traders has changed for other gods of metal, but the deeper cause, the irrational attachment to the higher entropy and information of those weapons and machines, without rational analysis persists.
And its visual, non-reasoning nature also persists. Then the ‘yellow metal’ was the fetishe that represented to own a gold coin that resembled a small sun-god in your hands. Now visual scientists WHO NO LONGER REASON IN LOGIC TERMS AND DEFINE ‘the thoughts of god’ with the magnificent equations of the 3 arrows/forms of time-space, think knowledge is a picture of a particle or remote galaxy, taken with a machine that should reveal the meaning of it all.

The high priests of Shiva, the statute at the entrance of CERN are now lineal physicists of entropy, seeking ‘the fire that destroys the world’ (Upanishad).  While our banksters keep destroying the economic structure and welfare state, printing massive amounts of inflationary information, e-money  as a new form of fiat money to unload to the naive citizens of the world.

So the Baalist Cananeans today are represented by our bankers and robotists, the Shivaites by our physicists. And both are completely sure that their one-dimensional approach to reality is the meaning of it all.

But those ideologies against life are just a wall of myths, damned lies and statistics built by mechanist and capitalist cultures since the first metal masters appeared and considered themselves Goths, gods by the grace of the sword (and now consider themselves physicists, whose God is entropy, the arrow of energy and death) or believed they were chosen of Go(l)d, superior races by the hypnotic power of money (founders of capitalist companies that today rule mankind with money). The arrogant self-serving cultures of the “stupid white man” are not truth and so because truth exists, the Universe will NOT obey our “wishful thinking” but erase us, proving the truth of its laws and the organic nature of all its species.

All this on the human side, will be ‘forgotten’ as we humans get distracted by hate-memes and idol-ogies of the metaearth in the in-crescendo III world war for splendid profits of the military industry of conventional, nuclear and digital, robotic weapons.

Why Children are the staple food of the Universe.

The conclusion was obvious: humans are becoming unbalanced, childish, entropic, self-destructive, corrupted, lazy, not fit to survive. They are indeed today spoiled, ignorant children, the staple food of the Universe.

But why the Universe is so cruel with children; Why they are the main source of food? For two reasons. The Universe cares nothing about the individual, the ego. It is a non-ego place. And so it punishes egoes, subjectivism, childish entitlement. And the Universe is about force; it selects the strongest; it searches for perfection, eliminating those who are not. And so as cruel as it might seem; it has no empathy, no compassion for the kind of people, fantasy-riddle and ego-centric that modern mankind represents. And for those who follow in their steps. The Universe does not like cute fairy tales.

Yes, im sorry, from such universal point of view, children are cute but they are not ‘great’. They tend to destroy things they don’t understand. They are selfish, entitled, subjective, all for them nothing for the others. They are irrational, they understand nothing, they can’t take care of the simplest things. And they are cruel, ‘lords of flies’, as they don’t see life with no empathy. Our love of children is subjective, it is a form of loving ourselves. They like fantasies and fairy tales, which are however not beautiful, but deformities, monsters like Hawking and his fairy tale of being the new Einstein are beloved stories for audiovisual children. They sell.

And finally children have a problem. Because they don’t understand death; because they are optimist, positivist, who always think to be stronger than they are, they take unneeded risks, they trigger the arm when you tell them not to shoot a rifle, they take the poison when you tell them not to eat it; and that is why they are prone to accidents. In this neo-paleolithic’, audiovisual, childish collective mind that no longer differentiates truth from falsity, egoes from objective facts, FX from real science, Hawking is of course king, the Hamelin flute that guides the lemmings to the cliff.

But the Universe is manly, predator, rational, logic, beautiful, balanced, awesome… in his fury and his cycles of creation and destruction, of yin and yang, of vishnu and shiva, of energy and in/form/ation.

The Universe is perfect and just and pays off the way you treat the rest of it, your no-self. This majesty cannot be understood by children, because children are tyrants that want to be obeyed, are all about ego, about self-awareness about imposing their will. The mind of children is aberrant in extreme, as cute as their bodies are. And the Universe eats them. Children are slaves of emotions and don’t reason, of wantings of immediate satisfaction.

The Universe though, not a child but a man, loves reason and life. So i tried to be a man and follow instead the road less travelled, the painful path of Aristotle: ‘a life not examined is not worth living’ and deny the psyche of most ‘people (who) are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. So I will die in Nirvana, the ultimate scale of an examined life, which is worth living but without ego, as we are just fractal repetitions of the infinite game of existences.

There will be infinite fractal planets in which life will surface to die again or perhaps to man up and humbly accept you cannot invent the ultimate laws of balance and survival in the Universe, as computer scientists and physicists are doing, by denying them with their ego-trips of the entitled, supreme intelligent human beings.

I prefer though the humble wisdom of a British Poet, in a land where to compensate so much arrogance and hipocritical repression of life, some of the people who better understood the essence of life, from Shakespeare to Darwin, were born:

‘If you have the gift to foresee destiny, you will need the courage to accept it’ Byron.

Because indeed, ‘salvation of mankind’ is not the cause of a single individual ‘hero’, but of mankind itself, against whom heroes can fight but will loose without the help of the whole super organism of humanity, which is now virally infected in its memetic dna, with the worship of machines and its idol-ogies of progress.

So they will as From put it, obey the ‘technological ethics of a civilisation’, which commands us ‘to construct any new technology even if it destroys us all’.

Determinism on extinction processes

Now the reader must understand the almost unavoidable nature of human extinction within this century if the system is not reformed, and the process is left to the laws of evolution. There is no doubt about it. When we consider the most recent advances of theory of evolution – a theory of evolution of any form, not only human forms – which this writer has been advancing in the context of system sciences, and its classic laws, there are a series of patterns and laws that will flux towards a negative outcome for mankind:

– Evolution of information is faster than evolution of energy, it is an accelerated process and this means as Mr. Kurzweil and this writer warned 20 years ago in their first books on the subject (1) that A.I. and replicating nano-bacteria will be reached within decades if there is no stringent legal measures against its/

– Evolution is NOT a game of chances but of certainties as severe as those of mathematical models of physics, even if it is not written in the language of algebra but of topology (evolution of form) and biology. In brief, there is no chance for mankind to beat machines in physical strength as weapons show and intellectual power once A.I. is born, since intelligence is directly related to the speed of handling information, which in computers is light speed and in humans 120 Km/h of neuron chemical speed. So A.I. requires only the proper form, which will be obtained either mechanically by replicating the form of the brain in neural networks (billions of tax payers dollars are dedicated to such programs) or consciously by encountering the logic programs needed to give ‘survival instincts’ to weapons in theaters of war, or subconsciously as an ’emergent’ process within the neuronal networks of computers, proper of all systems when they reach a certain threshold of complexity.

– Military A.I. will not be nice to us. The laws of ‘love’ and eusocial evolution only work between members of the same species, and even in that case, as human history proves, when we ‘perceive’ ourselves as different (different language, customs and borders) we don’t obey them. Needless to say A.I. will recognize as equal other machines and see their exploitation by man.

– Speed: the key element in all processes of extinction is the speed of death and replication of systems such as when two rival species enter in such a process, if we give A a rate of replication Re(a) and a rate of extinction of rival species B,  Ex (B), and vice versa (Re(a), Ex (a)) a series of simple formula and volterra curves defines extinction as a function of  A: Re(a) – Ex(a) and B: Re(b) – Ex(b),  the species with a better ratio A or B  survives… And needless to day weapons replicate faster and kill more  humans than humans kill weapons. This simple relationships hold for the 3 singularity machines: black holes and quark matter (strangelets) kill and replicate feeding on matter faster than we kill them; so will do nano-bacteria and A.I. weapons.

– Death is a multi-causal process. All those causes to which we can add lesser causes that  are paradoxically better known to the public (global warming, war, poverty, bio-weapons, economical crisis) will keep mounting as the industrial r=evolution lowers the prices of those weapons and its availability to any terrorist group (both private terrorists, lesser probability and state terrorism, aka the military industrial complex ‘researching’ them – maximal probability)

Thus as in any organism, death happens when several causes are triggered within a span of time in which they cannot be all avoided. The case of nano-bacteria is clear. Soon they will be able to be assemblied with little resources by independent groups. They are marketed for civilian uses – such as devouring the oil stains of carbohydrate, processing trash, attacking viruses and infections. Now consider that any of those nano-bacteria will have to replicate into billions of similar forms and that we give a ratio of mutation to the most perfect repetitive process ever deviced by nature – the DNA replication – of 1 out of 100.000 replications (this level of mutations which will imperil many genes is somewhat reduce latter as the organism has 3 layers of ‘quality control’ with enzymes and proteins checking and correcting errors). Of course, we shall not create this ultra-sophisticated quality control process at nano level. What will happen as always among messy humans is that someone will design a system of replication of a nano-bacteria and then it will just explain it to the world for celebrity, money and the rest will start to design all kind of possible nano-bacteria able to feed on carbohydrates.

And then only a single mutation of all those models of nano-bacteria eating and killing organic viruses or oil will switch to eat any kind of carbohydrates, and the radiation of nano-bacteria of metal will destroy within days all the carbohydrates of the planet, as they are indestructible, they reproduce exponentially, they will poison the environment. And this again, as the cycles of kondratieff and any other time cycle of the Universe is NOT science fiction but pure laws of biological sciences. There is not ‘if’ but certainty. Self-replicant Nano-bacteria will mutate and those mutations that ensure further replication (namely feeding on all forms of life) will succeed. 

The same concept goes for the creation of dark matter at CERN. Nowhere in the Universe where we have observed a black hole or strange matter forming, there has NOT been the immediate extinction of all normal matter around it. And this is in accordance with the laws of Einstein on mass and gravitation and black holes, which hold the entire universe together (only Mr. Hawking’s sponsored by CERN affirms that black holes are time machines that move to the past and hence they do not swallow but evaporate information and mass).

Finally the 3rd scenario of A.I.  will be also unavoidable as long as the military-industrial complex is not repressed and diplomatic solutions found to the absurd religious, territorial and cultural wars among ‘primitive’ Semite cultures in the Middle East and Germ(anic) Imperialisms in the west.

Singularity Machines are also following the patterns of evolution.

All this is certain, as certain as the facts of biology and the causes of death and extinction are. Indeed, even the pattern of realization of those 3 dangers of increasing probability and complexity (content of information) occur:

All evolutionary systems have 3 ages. So, as life has 3 ages – the energetic youth, reproductive maturity and informative 3rd age, the evolution of machines have also 3 ages: the energetic, bomb age, the reproductive age of the star machine of each cycle, and the informative age of speciation and diversification.

Now we are in the age of the singularity, the age of organic machines, self-sustained, self-replicant.

Today species’ evolution has been modeled with those 3 ages by this and other researchers in the field of general systems sciences and biology; since it can be considered an organism in which each cell is an individual.

– Thus in essence species first are new energetic top predators (in machines, each cycle starts with the discovery of a new energy applied to bombs – this is CERN’s singularity: the discovery of a mass bomb that completes the 3 ages of nuclear bombs, A-Bombs->H-Bombs->quark bombs).

– Then the species multiplies and reproduces, expanding in the ecosystem thanks to its top predator power. This is the phase of self-reproductive nano-bacteria.

Moreover, there has already been a case in the Earth in which new top predator bacteria killed ALL THE PREVIOUS LIFE FORMS, when aerobic, oxygen based bacteria killed all other anaerobic, weaker types of life, except some residual ‘hidden’ species. So this would be the III Earth (geologists call the Earth of anaerobic bacteria the I earth and our oxygen based one the II Earth).

– Finally systems grow in information and form (3rd age of life), speciating in multiple forms. This is the robotic explosion of A.I. and the diversification of nano-bacteria, which means in evolution the final extinction of the remnants of the weaker species as speciation and reproductive radiation acts in all ecosystems massively eliminating the ‘past’.

Let us be clear, people think this crisis is an impasse because they have been memetically imprinted to believe the system is good and will ultimately regenerate itself. The opposite is truth: the economic ecosystem is a system that extinguishes ‘systematically’ life and work, atrophy and substitute us. That we are so dependent on it, and the process so well-tuned and simultaneous that we don’t even understand it or cherish it is irrelevant. Slaves love their masters. Victims have Stockholm syndromes; atrophied carbohydrate enzymes are slaves of their metal atoms, and so on.

Now, we are not talking of far away events but proxy events. After many delays, which I wish i could say were provoked by the ‘sacrifice’ of our careers (those of us who put our money where the mouth is and walk the talk against the age of the singularity with a series of suits against CERN and its ‘black hole factory’) but were merely technical, in 2015 at a steep cost paid mainly by Germans and Grench despite their massive crisis (Miss Merkel is a physicist NOT certainly an economist and not certainly on the view of her measures to confront this economical crisis a politician who a)cares at all for life and human beings, b) can learn anything for their mistakes, c) knows anything of what she does; while the french side is just grandeur and vanity and you cannot expect much of it).

And the ‘robotic causes’ are calling behind.

In that sense the human causalities in the Train wars of the XIX c. (600.000 death in the civil war) the car-tank wars of the XX C. (60 million) and the future wars of the singularity (7 billion) hundred folds in each cycle. And this is the same ratio of growth that the stock-market of industrial corporations displays (1 initial value of NYSE, 100 in the 29 crisis, 10.000 now). Since stocks value the efficiency of the machines the system produces and in age of war when it peaks in value, the system is reproducing the most efficient, better quality machines with full use of national resources – the real definition of industrial war.

Thus what matters in war from the perspective of evolution is the machine – its replication and evolution.


This means that III world war will NOT be masterminded by humans, even if we started it. The meaning of it for the planet IS NOT human but mechanical. III world war for the planet will mean the final triumph of capitalism and mechanism: automated factories of machines (either nano-systems or weapons systems) will replicate weapons that will spread and diversify and speciate and kill in the process the lesser, previous species.

The  memetic, preposterous, infantile, self-serving,  tribal, you name it, ‘reasons’ for those conflicts might seem really important to zealots, smart a$$es and other brain-damaged humans; but trust me, the program of evolution cares very little for those ‘memetic’ neuronal networks that poison your brain with falsities such as that being biblical Jewish or white american makes you different from being a palestinian or a black – wrong, you can mate, you can reproduce so you are the same biological species, closer than an ass and a horse, regardless of what the author of your ‘book of history’ figured out in the bronze age when they wrote the ‘Ham damnation’. Myths will not be easy to imprint in military A.I. The Laws of evolution is how the ‘armies’ of bacteria and terminators will play the game – following not the fantasies of human programmers but the robust, manly ways in which Nature confront species…

Thus III world war might not be declared by any human at all, just a scientist pressing a button in 2015 when CERN doubles its potence and crosses the threshold of creation of dark matter (10 Tev), or a lunatic kid-like civilian or military geek researcher completing the creation of a nano-bacteria with iron membranes and gold brains. Once life is formed, life thrives, life follows his own self-program, reproduce, survive, extinct rivals, feed on preys.

So here we are, in the beginning of the collapse, with multiple death causes coming together, total cluelessness and zero intention to confront those crises by the celebrity employees that mask as powerful politicos for mankind.

Regarding the second singularity, it is coming courtesy of the American and Israeli armies, but also the private, ‘peace sector’, with labs in France, Venice, Seoul, Tokyo and all over America, researching the theme. And a sample of how the ‘system’ deals with those dangers: when Bill Joy, head of sun microsystems warned the world about nano-bacteria and the risks within decades of extinction, Clinton noticed and the nano-industry noticed and Clinton received a fat check from lobbyists and put over a billion dollars for the future development of nanorobotics and inaugurated a series of national nanorobotic institutions.

It is this mixture of ignorance, arrogance, corruption, day-to-day industrial and lobbying routines, lack of any serious model of future, goals and a vision of what mankind should be and struggle for – the general degeneration of the human mind by sloth provoked by machines, visual fictions, you name it… As we said processes of corruption and death are multi-causal triggered by the complex diversification and collateral effects of changes in ecosystems and species that favor in our planet today systematically the evolution and reproduction of machines by corporations in control of the resources and languages of power of the planet over any human being, society or human goods we need to survive, eternally underfunded, with chronic scarcity.


The singularity events on the other hand are just the final process of collapse of the evolution of metal on planet earth, and as such they follow the final accelerated 8 years rhythm of the 800-80-8 wave:

The evolution of metal-memes is a technological wave o information, ruled by the laws of systems sciences.  In as much as animetals dedicate all its energy and information – and that of its ‘human $laves’ since the beginning of the wave to the creation of the Metalearth, the wave has a perfect decametric form of accelerated frequency in 3 ages of 800-80-8 years which announces the collapse of the wave. You might dismiss those facts of any wave of complex information, which has an accelerate time clock, but alas, as long as animetals do not doubt of the lineal future of go(l)d & iron, the collapse is fixed by those laws:

3. reducedThe Wave of History

The collapse of the wave happens, in all systems when the particle-form, of maximal density and frequency appears after 3 ‘wave packets’ (original laws of quantum physics expanded to bio-history in my work on cyclical time at So this is the hard science of the cycles of history.

The singularity event as the final collapsing point of the Metal-earth.

In the highest model of understanding of the fractal organic Universe, (, a wave collapses into a particle, in the point of maximal density in the amplitude of the wave, at the peak of its vital cycle. Those are singularity points, that not even a Ricci flow can cut… But we shall not get pedantic here. Let us then return to the simplest drawing of the wave of evolution of the machine, now fully entering its 6th cycle. The singularity event you might say changing to mystic language – ‘the languages of god are infinite’ Upanishads – is the 7th seal… 2036 being the point of maximal probability with a cloud of density just passed in 2008-16 (Singularity at CERN) and a longer one by 2072.

All what I can tell you is that without human r=evolution, dwindling in chances, as even the bitcoin – future pure digital money for the mind of robots, which will be adopted as the flow of integral money by the metal-earth and just has broken the generation o-1 sphere of quantum probabilistic birth – has broken waters to put it in biological sense; has born… – there will NOT be any carbon life extant on Mother Earth by 2072 and that is a FACT. 

In graph, the Singularity Age is the Age when machines will complete its evolution as organic forms, becoming autonomous of man, probably making us obsolete as workers and soldiers. Indeed, organisms follow a simple pattern of evolution, from mechanical, deconstructed systems into full organisms in 3 phases. Since machines are enhanced organs of energy and information evolved in metal. According to those functions we observe 3 organic periods in that process of technological evolution:

In the XIX century (1780s-1929), ‘company-mothers’ discovered and ‘re=produced’ ‘machine-bodies’; systems which process energy, as biological bodies do, from trains to cars. It was the age of stock-money, which multiplied enormously the financial power of those companies.

In the XX century (1929-2008), companies created ‘machine heads’, imitating human sensory organs: phone-ears, eyes-cameras and brains-chips. It was the age of electronic money, digital software in the mind of those machines.

While in the XXI century companies will fusion bodies and heads into robots, which will use solar energy to become independent of man, completing the evolution of machines, expelling most human workers from the re=productive ecosystem of jobs and credit, as the previous revolutions did with non-technological cultures — the so-called III World. Money will become then pure information, the ‘DNA-code’ that values products within the automated organisms of company-mothers . . .

The Age of the Singularity is the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines, dominated by robots, solar Industries, Mass-Bombs and China. Because scientists call a black hole, the type of energy or ‘bomb’ now being researched at CERN (the European Nuclear Industry) a Singularity; and they also call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, we have called this 4th age of the Industrial Revolution, the age of the Singularity.

For that reason, it is imperative to understand technology in biological terms, abandoning the mathematical, abstract approach of classic economics, which cannot understand those cycles of evolution, neither studies the ‘real’ competence and collateral effects some lethal machines are having on mankind – from global warming, produced by the ‘detritus of those machines’, to the massive wave of unemployment that robotics is causing, to the risks poised by the evolution of Nuclear Weapons, into the threshold of ‘planetary bombs’ – quark bombs and black holes that can potentially destroy the planet. In that regard, a Free Market is an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, simple organisms of metal that imitate the functions of energy and information of the human being. As a result the Earth becomes terraformed, from a carbon-life ecosystem (Gaia), ruled by human organizations (Governments) and human languages (verbal laws) into an economic ecosystem (Free Market), dominated by company-mothers, money and machines, which enhance our energy and information but also compete and substitute man in war and labor fields . . .

Thus, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the evolution of technology, pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competence with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life . . .

But that is an ‘objective science of economics’. We are not guided by ‘objective, good-hearted, idealist scientists’, but by ‘the invisible hand of go(l)d’ – by human greed, by passions and desires to which ‘reason’ bends, finding always ‘stupendous arguments’ of ‘highly-prized experts’, to make possible and justify profits.

For those reasons, the most pressing question of History and Economics, of Humanity and the planet Earth is the Times, the Zeitgeist that now starts, after the crash of 2008, the Age of Extinction of History by the economic ecosystem of machines, is not even argued… NNeedless to say is political and economically incorrect.

Indeed, the Short and Long Cycle of Economics and History which have had different speeds of evolution now come to a confluence, as both history enters its age of death and machine its age of Organicism, as autonomous robots and networks, evolving into a global organisms – the Metalearth.

The electronic Age, the Age of America is over. It ended in the 2001-2008 electronic crash, when the age of ‘metal-minds’, Television-cameras, computers-brains and mobiles-ears, completed its consumption age and entered its war age.

Now the IV industrial revolution of robots, that fusion bodies and brains of machines developped in the XIX and XX century starts in earnest. And this means the birth of a new organic top predator on Earth, the robot – a machine with a body of metal and a brain of metal, which will dominate the XXI century, the age of the Singularity.

At the same time, the superorganisms of history have become submitted to the Free Market, the Free Ecosystem of Company-mothers and machines, whose hierarchical superorganism ruled by money flows directed by the global stock-market, controls governments through lobbyism and market strategies.

So humans are no longer needed. They are a surplus, a cost, with a price which according to Ricardo’s law of the Iron Salary is equivalent to their cost in terms of a mechanical equivalent. As all jobs are today potentially done by robots and software suites in a point of evolution of the Singularity age (2008-2080), it is logic to expect that labor will never be the same.

Indeed, if African Labor made the continent obsolete in the XIX century when machines substituted physical workers, now that robots and computer software substitute white collar workers, the human worker which occupies itself 90% of its time in labor with machines is out of the market.

A simple statistics of jobs in Germany in 1904 can give a sample of those processes of massive unemployment at the end of an age of Kondratieff cycles.

90% of the people working in Germany at that time, did so in industries related to the train and the electro-chemical products developped by Siemens, Bayer and other electrochemical companies. Many were still in the train, which monopolized job creation during the XIX c. Today the electronic industry, the evolution and creation of the mind of the machine does so. But in the Singularity Age all the processes will be radically altered by the apparition of a new, autonomous, consumption machine – the robot.

Because the robot for the first time will compete not only as a deconstructed organ of energy and information (a machine) does, but as an organism, for all the elements that humans need to survive in this planet, energy, information, vital space, financial power, other machines to consume…

And yet we might not even get to see a world in which robots are peaceful citizens and consumers of the machines of automated company-mothers in the world of ‘machines-only’ the search for profits is creating.

This world which is completely taboo to discuss in the world of economists since the XIX century, is however the reality of the economic ecosystem. Because machines are by definition more productive in the long term (as they evolve while human workers don’t), than labor, on the long term all workers will be displaced by evolved machines. Now is that time.

So what to do with humans?

The very same, automatic system of evolution we have set up will take care of the problem… Because we evolve also weapons.

And this is the meaning of the Age of the Singularity. The Age in which a Singular, new Organic weapon can kill mankind.

But this cannot be even argued, because now news, information is ‘newspeak’, marketing, sales, and so we sell wars as ‘political affairs’ of supreme importance, when they are just markets for the military-industrial-infotainment violent system of war we have built during centuries.

The evolution from mechanisms into organisms.

Indeed, the main difference between organisms and machines is that organisms possess both, a body and a head or particle of information. On the other hand, machines normally have only one of both elements in perpetual balance. They are either dominant in informative systems (computers, TVs), or energy systems (weapons, transports). As such they don’t switch behavior, becoming first informing heads and then moving bodies, as biological life does. . .  till the arrival of robots. Thus, classic machines are predictable, reliable and their simplicity makes them efficient. Butthe Universe turns out to be dual, based in systems that can handle and switch, in ‘feed-back cycles’between thearrow of energy and the arrow of information.

This is the fundamental law of quantum physics, called the Principle of Complementarity between informative particles and energetic fields (so not single particles or pure fields of energy exist). In Biology it is called the Complementarity between heads/cellular nuclei of information and bodies/cells of energy, or between female, informative, perceptive beings and males, specialized energetic sub-species. Thus, most life systems have genders and all life systems have bodies with heads or cells with informative nuclei. Since heads without bodies or bodies without heads don’t exist as living species, according to the Complementarity Law. Thus, classic machines need humans to reproduce and act as information or energetic systems, since they are incomplete beings.

And so a symbiosis between classic machines and humans exist and it is beneficial to man, because it is based in the human, mental control of machines. Yet that symbiosis no longer holdsas machines become, during the IV Cycle of the Singularity, organic, autonomous robots which don’t require ahuman being to work and will be able to consume other machines. So robots compete with humans, as workers=reproducers of machines and consumers that use other machines: Workers in the age of the Singularity are becoming obsolete to robots and software systems, in a process that is causing the biggest wave of unemployment since the creation of assembly lines in the 1920s.

Of course mechanism argues ‘ad eternal’ that computers will never be able to process information better than our brains, but the fact is they already do and that is why they displace workers. We can build computers that process the same information our brains process, encoded in numbers, with a few atoms of gold, while our brains need very complex masses of carbohydrates that move 3 million times slower than photonic chips do. The creators of intelligent computers are today the stars of scientific media. They are funded by the scions of ‘money and weapons’ of our society, Wall Street and DARPA, the robotic arm of the Pentagon. Sadly enough our economic ecosystem is interested in metallic brains more powerful than ours. Why? Because we have created a series of myths and ideologies, along the historic path of evolution of metal that justify the creation of all types of machines, according to the ethic values of our ‘Technological civilization’, which consider all machines positive to mankind regardless of their lethal use

The idea behind those retarded people who control our information is that because the evolution of machines cannot be halted (this due to their religious concepts about money and the ingenuity of man), it mast be good and positive and ‘God will provide’. We shall not legislate and forbid the evolution of robotic labor and terminators, the creation of Singularity machines, the extinction of life… All this is unavoidable, and indeed, it is, if the Economy is not ruled as a Complex organism by our political, collective head – our governments. A free Economic Ecosystem, a Free Market, a Jungle of humans and machines will extinguish us.

In the first book I published with the fractal, generational cycle of evolution of machines, fifteen years ago, I forecasted that the seventy-two-year cycle will end the age of electronic machines in 2008 as it has been. This, to my knowledge, oldest forecast of the present economic crisis,  shows the predictive capacity of the fractal models of the Universe far more sophisticated than anything mechanism, both in physics and economics, has done till today.

I also considered the two alternative energies that mankind could explore in the twenty-first century, during the age of the singularity, solar cells, and quark bombs. In that regard, we can consider the existence of two good and bad fruits in the tree of science on the age of the singularity. I strongly suggested that quark bombs and quark colliders should be forbidden and solar cells developed as the future and only alternative energy for cars, which could easily become self-sustained machines with solar cells in their roofs. The book, as all the work of fractal organic scientists, went unnoticed since it did not reflect the religious dogmas of mechanism. And yet the 2008 crisis happened and unfortunately we entered in the singularity age, not with a massive evolution of solar energy but with the building of the quark cannon.

Let us then consider in more detail the 3 ages of the singularity cycle, the last cycle of the Industrial R=evolution, which, as all “deterministic systems” of the Universe, will go through:

– Max. Energy: A youth of energetic quark weapons that the Large Hadron Collider, the quark cannon built at CERN represents.

-E=i: an age of reproductive nanorobotic machines, soon to be created by DNA assemblers.

– Information, old age: And finally the so much announced age of informative robots, more intelligent than mankind.

Metal evolves into organic forms that compete with man in work and war fields. History enters its age of death, as machines extinguish life and weapons extinguish nontechnological cultures at a rhythm never witnessed since the extinction of dinosaurs. Death of natural and historic organisms occur massively in the past four hundred years since machines of science were discovered. Today, there is not a single human society that is not infected by weapons. The death of history is homologous to the short death processes of human bodies under a massive infection of germs (in history, the germ/anic weapons, invented by the European “Goths” of Death). Since four hundred years, in the relative longer life of the historic macroorganism that has lasted as a homo erectus species ±1,000,000 years, is a short period of life equivalent in relative terms to a few hours in the life of a human being.

Thus, our historic death is happening at the end of our informative age as a species that now warps and exhausts the energy of the body, in this case the natural goods of Gaia, humans need to survive.


Once it wakes up this brain will have of course a headache, perceived as a ‘bug’, the human chit-chat on internet and the air atmosphere which interferes with its electromagnetic communication.

IN THE GRAPH, the final duality of the paradox of History.

Above the three ages of the singularity that will bring our extinction, originated by the tree of technology, could be avoided and the organism of mankind resurrected, according to the laws of social evolution, ifhumans evolve into a social macroorganism with a single government/brain, able to control through bioethic laws of survival the reproduction and evolution of lethal machines, maintaining mankind as the top predator of this planet.

Social evolution is not utopia; it happens constantly in the Universe where all systems evolve in scales, from particles to atoms to cells to organisms to societies. 

Indeed, the evolution of the humankind into a global government was about to happen in history several times: in the Neolithic Age of Social Love, before metal corrupted mankind; in the age of oikoumene religions, before Islam broke the people of the book in two main confronting groups; and in the age of socialism, before capitalist=mechanist nations and the inner military groups (Stalin) destroyed the bid for a global government. Finally it could have happened after World War II if UNO had been given resources and a global currency and army had been imposed, instead of a Jewish-American empire of fiction thought, Wall Street e-money, and nuclear power.

BUT ANIMETALS WON THE BATTLE of history in this planet. And so they will now face its collective death – because they were not fighting for mankind and they forgot they are also mankind and will also suffer death when the overdrive of metal-energy and information of the singularity events come to ‘rescue them’.

This is indeed the world we live now, one in which Gaia and its primitive cultures and gods are our enemies and the mechanical monsters and weapons we construct our idols of superiority over the laws of the Universe.


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