X-angst generation


 I belong to the X-generation of the ‘American cycle of metal-minds’.

The X-generation is the angst-generation of the ‘crash’ age of a civilization (800 years cycles of evolution of weapons) or crash age of a nation (80 years cycle of evolution of machines). So it is parallel in this cycle, to the 30s in the German cycle of engines, to the 1850s in the Steam cycle of the British empire. It is in the longer 800 cycles, the age of ‘mannerism’, before the baroque angst fully settles in – in the gunpowder cycle of Southern Europe (Michelangelo in art; Saint John in mystical poetry). It is in the old Greece of the coin cycle, the eclectic age of Aristotle before Hellenistic angst and the roman legios destroyed their civilization… It is in the cavalry age, the song empire in China, the Baghdad caliphate in Islam before the Mongolians are ad portas in both kingdoms with its first cannonballs, to rise a 200.000 skull pyramid in the once might capital of the prophet… So in the next graph we can see those X generations throughout history just above the ‘little’ artistic pieces that start the baroque times before war extinction for every animetal civilization of the 800-80 years cycles that killed rhythmically all cultures of the old world, for the sake of our fundamentalist ‘animetal believers’ in the manifest destiny of weapons, machines and go(l)d:

800 wave only27-THE-800-YEARS

As history accelerates in the age of industrial ‘professional’ evolution of organic machines, through scientific company-mothers, the 800 long cycles accelerate, and we have more references, in modern history, to study those generations, which only can be understood in the old period of weapons evolution through its artists and prophets of human thought. You can see them above, in its classic statements as ethic prophets and its angst baroque works when barbarians are ad portas, and below, the acceleration of history which evolves now each new species of energy machines – chemical steam, or British age, electrochemical engines or German age, nuclear-electronic weapons or American age, and now robots, NO A HUMAN age anymore…

So that is where we are in the LAST X-generation as the mutation from the age of American metal-minds to the age of robots completes the industrial r=evolution and the first organic weapons (self feeding bombs at CERN, self-reproductive nano-bacteria at Los Alamos, robotic terminators in Israel) make angst absolute, global, as now it is the entire single human civilization, mankind which will be erased by the robotic wars.

And this only the X-generation of America knows and shows in its sci-fi films, or in nonfiction models of history as this blog, swimming between the happy generation that preceded it and the violent, military neofascist generation of ‘vidi credo ergo sum millennial and Trump-eteers of apocalypse’ which has now replaced us who failed to change the world on top of the no-way out wave of human history soon to be history.

The X-generation is thus somehow the most aware of all states of being in historic civilizations, as it is exactly swimming between both waters, that of the W-e generation of happy reproductive consumption, mindless, living the day, and the Victor generation, of murderous fascist warriors or brutalized victims, which comes after the crashes change society from peaceful consumption to wars consuming us. 

Indeed, the X generation exists when after the happy massive age of reproduction of memes of metal, applied to peaceful use, (the W-e generation, which in the American cycle were the hippies, in the electrochemical, German cycle, the fin du siecle, in the steam British cycle, the expansive 1840s; in the previous long 800 years gunpowder cycle, the enlightened French XVIII century; and so on) the system crashes… ‘ça ne va plus’, no more can be consumed. We all haver our gadgets, computers and so now we must keep reproducing them to consume us.

The X-generation has therefore the task to conclude intellectually before ‘barbarian ad portas’ destroy the civilization, the account of the fleeting mankind, soon going under. In the audiovisual age of metal-minds, it would mean in art, the end of the hippies, the beginning of the punks, the dissolution of happiness, the awareness of nothingness. The prophetic warnings which will be thrown aside as the victors the ‘assholes’ the trou noirs keep doing the same that in all cycles – those are now as we speak the Trumpeteers of Apocalypto in power.

Since paradoxically the X-generations are the less accepted in their time, but the only ones whose kin, self-awareness, pessimist realism, endures, as it is right on spot in their description of their civilization at face value, seeing it all past, present and future, between-waters as a block of time. 

So an overwhelming amount of the masters of human thought were X-men, mapped out in the next graph, from the 92 book, bio history, for different forms of thought: 

nt. As always it must be understood that the influence of machines can be tamed by ethics, intelligence and education, so what we say of each generation doesn’t apply to all humans. Further on all humans do have its biological drives of life, which makes them naturally humane, from social love and reproduction – family values, to verbal ethics and love of human senses. This said, we are commenting on the ‘other side’ of each of our human generations, submitted to the bias and deformation of its personality by the machines that substitute their mental or body skills, atrophy and deforming their natural form of being human.

So while each of those posts on generations of the Metal-mind age might seem ‘overstretched’, it is within the limits aforementioned  quite accurate in those biased, devolving processes, which affect mostly to the mass or body-middle class of mankind, as the elite paradoxically – since its companies impose the manufacturing of brains – can survive with better education: i.e. silicon valley entrepenurs routinely forbid their kids to become addict to virtual screens, as ‘they know what they do’… British imperial elite educated its people in art and human senses dominate the leisure class owners of corporations.When a super-organism dies, as History is dying, the cells become unconnected since the first network to collapse is the informative, ‘nervous’ network of the system, which in humans systems is the ‘ethic, verbal network’ of eusocial love. The unconnected cells then increase its selfish, individual in-take of blood and water. They have ‘fun’ as they become erased of mental power.


The generations parallel to the ages of the machine in the dominant industrial nations. If we were to make the same graphs for the human cultures they conquered it is all a single generation of suffering, death and pain – but we don’t count corpses and they are to us invisible people, not worthy to be claimed as ‘superior victims’, as those of our white world in the rare occasion they die.

In the graphs, below the generations of each cycle of machines, which can be roughly divided into the Victor Generation that wins the war, during the weapons age; the We happy generation during the reproductive age, and the X- angst generation during the crash age. We shall only study in detail those 3 generations for the age of metal-minds (American age). The graph shows the happy We generation of the 3 cycles prior to the crashes with its angst ages and the hardened war victor vs. corpses

The angst generation: 

This happened to history with the X-generation to which I belong. The X-generation, unlike the WE generation that preceded it is a lonely, tormented one if it still has an ethic, intellectual sense of what is to be human.

Yet most have already started its degradation into an individual, selfish ‘jerk’, reassured by the success of the ego trips he obtains from the consumption of machines.


Now of course, we have talked of the X-men who are fully aware of what is going on, which needless to say will be an infinitesimal amount of the total population, mostly NOT in power, neither on the machine, but likely artists of the ethic wor(l)d (prophetic thought) or the I=eye (spatial artistic Baroque).

So what about the mass and the elite on the X-times? As always the human degraded mass alienated for so long by the machine, it is not going to reflect at all. Might at best do some ‘slacker’ wondering high on dope, as a form of rebellion. It will mostly be suppressed, depressed and/or continuing its frenzy of consumption, trying to make endure the happy 80s, the W-e entitlement, not quite fully understanding what went wrong. So it will start its ‘split’ inwards into pure fiction, and outwards into fascist blaming of all the non-responsible, deviated by the usual suspects on top of the social wave (Financial-media masters that immediately start blaming on the poor, immigrant and outclassed).

THE 72 CRASH CYCLES OF STOCK-MARKETS are due to new machines used to print money without limit, paper stocks, electric ticker and electronic screens that ‘print data numbers’ upwards. Then as the worthless stock money must be changed for real value, 3 SPECULATIVE BUBBLES OF REAL VALUE, stocks, real state and currencies following the 9 year product lifecycle bust completely the economy. After the third crash there is NO WAY to create value for the amazing inflation of worthless data and so the economic system switches to WAR. We are NOW in the 3rd crash forecasted already in 92, after the invention of 30 trillion $ in worthless e-money data, applied first to the stock bubble crashed in 2000, then to the real state bubble crashed in 2008-09, now to crypto currencies which will crash in 2018. Those 3 bubbles occurred in the train economy in 1848-57-64 and ended in global train wars. They happened again in the electric ticker in 1921-deutsche mark crash, 1929, stock crash and 1937, real state crash (skyscrapers) and ended in II world war, as electric radio and engines became tanks and hate radio, NOW, we WILL CRASH and enter the AGE OF ROBOTIC WARS AND HATE INTERNET. Only the application of the science of biohistory can prevent the massive death of mankind, as stocks will reproduce massively weapons and again there is a 100 fold of stock-price=stock quality in weapons= stock victims: 700.000 in the 1860s, train wars, with dow at 2, 70 million in the tank wars with dow at 200, now with dow at 20.000 world war for profits will mean 7 billion, all mankind. This cycle published in 92, ignored for 25 years comes NOW after the X-generation leaves way to the neofascist age.

The elite of course, does NEVER change. They will now keep printing money for wars, once all its boom and bust bubbles are gone. In the side graph, we remind you of the underlying industrial process that brings the crashes and impeding age of fascist wars.

So the X-men who think are truly an isolated lot. I have met few, at best some slackers for idle talks in my youth on Sunset boulevard.

I call this erase head, unfortunately dominant ‘mental strain’ of the X-generation, protoplasm of the future neofascist mean-lean a$$hole, the ‘FuCMaN’.

As he believes totally in Fiction-Capitalist-Mechanist-Nationalistic memes, regardless of h0w hard it is hitting him. That is he goes inwards further, into Selfish Ego-trips that have little to do with reality (fiction), and outwards has his first fevers of neofascism and praise of tribal, ‘animetal’ idol-ogies of war against imaginary enemies.

He is still colonized by the idologies of metal memes explained in this web: Capitalism=Money instead of ethic words as the guide of society, Mechanism (the machine instead of man as the model of the Universe), Nationalism (the tribe instead of the human species as the eusocial goal and superorganism of Mankind). So you cannot make a r=evolution in the key moment of history with such ‘human conditional condition’.

This FuCMaN, today happily on top, as the X generation corrupted his ideals, ignores  all things human and has killed the superorganism of history and so it considers the ‘death of history’ and its ethical networks a ‘release’, a  total freedom, the ideal state of the human mind.

And yet ‘FuCMaN’ is the first truly mass-manufactured crazy human being, decided to carry  those ideologies of Fiction, Capitalism, Mechanism and Nationalism to its ultimate consequence – the extinction of Life.

In that sense the We, Hippie generation failed to r=evolve the world, but at best tried and at worst have fun experience with different forms of eusocial love.

But FuCMaN is the first man who truly only loves himself.  The X-Generation is the first generation of hopeless, self-suicidal, globalized, self-obssesed human beings. And in this inward navel looking, we are all alike, those who try to r=evolve because we have no disciples, and those who just wank and whine, because none hear the other’s ugly spanking his monkey.

And as in all those generations, Fucman represents the majority of mankind, with some, few, as always ‘thinking, free’ human beings, who instead of believing the manufactured mind sold by the system, explores, thinks, reasons and wonders how to survive and save the world. So the X-Generation is also the origin of the ‘S.O.S. man’, the humanist thinkers who renews the Socialist/Organicist/Scientific new wave vision of a Sustainable world.

Sustainability/Socialism, Organicism/Scientificism could save the world and the SOS man tries to explain this to the world. But trust me, he goes against the natural flow of history towards extinction. So most humans like most old people prefer to be ‘crazy’ and fight Not against extinction, prefer to believe the demential world of FuCMaN and his ideologies studied in the right side of this web. So fiction for the first time imposes itself as the ‘cool’ way of being human, believing in the FuCMaN triad of evil, anti-life memes, as if they truly matter.

As I grew within the X-generation I have observed how young, intelligent people became Fucmen, resurrecting all the wrong memes of history, leaning towards neocon, nihilist, primitive cultures and enjoying it.

The SOS man indeed is evermore lonely each year, ever more abandoned and ignored as the Zeigeist of self-suicide imposes its memes and fictions, fundamentalist religions and dogmas to the rest of mankind.  FuCMan is indeed the essence of the X-generation and the first clear proof that the Super-organism of history and its neuronal networks of ethic words that maintained it put together has collapsed, that History had died even if FuCMaN, the new, selfish, individual, unconnected cells of History still survive.

In any dead super-organism, once the collective subconscious is broken by the leukemia of a new, viral DNA-code, in the human super-organism, the leukemia of the ideologies of capitalism-nationalism and mechanism that make us work for the future of machines, not the future of man, there are still 3 possible cellular sub-divisions of the cell, 3 days (hence the myth of resurrection of Jesus, the 3rd day, as the body still keeps part of its cellular activity). Yet the body is dead, the nervous system – which is the ethic system in a super-organism of history, that makes all cells share energy and information together under a common belief on eusocial evolution – is gone.

So the X-Generation suffers suddenly that pain of death. And then the next generations are already unconnected without feelings of angst or suffering, without messages of pain from the brain.

There is no regret, as the cells feast into the water and blood of the body, reaching a rigor mortis. Those will be the Y and Zero generation of ‘homo bacteria’, once the ‘homo organicus’ with a sense of community and belonging, able to sacrifice for the common goods is gone.

The x-generation is thus the main generation which suffers in its highest minds – mostly artists and priests of love religions – the angst of perceiving the death of the super-organism of History. We saw when we were kids, terminator, and we knew that was it, that was the natural, darwinian end of the Industrial R=evolution.

We have been active fighting the demise of the world; participating in environmental causes, help agencies to the III world, making documentaries to warn the previous generations – too involved in the system to understand – or the next generations, too fictional to grasp any truth.

But most members of the x-generation had a great time. They felt the death of history as their liberation into chaos, confused by freedom, as they became selfish, isolated cells. Most just tried to get rich and enjoy life, once religion, society, nation became meaningless words. Most of the X-generation erased themselves consciously to embrace as only value money, the market and all the happy lies they were sold to.

This is my generation and as the best of my time has passed i can understand how little impact the angst of writers and artists and activists has had in the rest of the population. In my first book, ‘radiations of space-time: the extinction of man’, now 20 years old, in which I laid down both the model of Universal super-organisms of spatial energy and temporal information and its application to history and the 2 paths of future (extinction or revolution) left to mankind, I signed my account number and X-generation, as I felt nothing but an ‘account number’ a credit number for the system. The most brilliant men of my ‘Columbian U.’ generation went to work in Wall Street. None wanted to care for the Earth.

All knew Earth was dying and most knew they were the people who killed it with their corporations and search for profits. But they knew they wouldn’t feel the pinch when young and they never cared for the future generations. They had little ’empathy’. They rejected the ‘we’ generation of soft love that solved nothing. We preferred to be punks if protesters, to take cocaine to pump our ego and freed, to the dreams of LSD. We bought always instead of asking. We are the generation of the funky music, no longer concerned with love ballades, the readers of Camus and Bukovsky, the ones that don’t care anymore, or in the case of the highest artistic minds, the ones of eternal angst.

This duality between the angst of a few and the greed of most resumes the meaning of our generation, which lived the 80s and 90s – equivalent to the happy 20s. Those of us who cared, were the last ones who read books in paper, who were mature enough to understand.

In art, we were the equivalent to the isms, the european Baroque, the informative old age of a culture. Now we belonged to the American baroque, the Global Baroque, the formal, old age of any super-organism. Because the future looks bad, content doesn’t matter. It is all in the form and the makeup, because the content is rotten.

The X generation is the transitional generation that carries the angst that engulfs any thinking human, still not deactivated by the don’t worry be happy matrix of fictions about I-me and myself in which most dissolved human homo bacteria of the last Y and Zero generation will live. We still knew that the homo organicus was a better kind of man.

We are not all yet ‘free to be idiots’ (punk song); we are not all yet erased and degraded mentally into the neo-paleolithic; we are nostalgic, we dream inwards a better world, since we have no power. And when the few of us who are accepted by the system – which distrusts deeply the last generations of the species, as they are still optimist about the future – get to power, the ‘thing’ will be so fucked up that frankly only radical surgery could perhaps revive the corpse of mankind. And those who are inheriting the Earth will not do radical surgery. They will be merely like their ‘fathers’ but less subtle, more brutal, more impatient with the 99%, which they will kill as fa$cism grows.

The first members of this generation in power, Obama, who just signed the Patriot Act II for Americans to be detained at will; the young president of Syria, who is massacring his people with null finesse, are people with zero interest in changing the system. The system of extinction of mankind and life – capitalism – is for them a giving fact of “nature” too complex to understand. They just wish there were no problems at all and the system were automatic, so they had more time to keep having fun like in the 90s. Those were the days… they will always think nostalgic. Perhaps the best novel about them were those written by…. Fitzgerald and Miller in the parallel generations of the 20s/30s, since now nobody reads. And films are ‘mechanical’ FX films with no relationship to reality.

All together now, FuCMaN, SOS man and the perfect man.

A more detached view though of what is going on on the mind of man should bring as a ‘release’ to the SOS man, the higher perspective of the laws of the bio-ethic laws of the organic Universe, a level of comprehension I rarely bring to this web, as it might seem ‘too far out’ for those who ignore all about General Systems Sciences. Yet it is necessary to understand the perfect man to compare and put into perspective each of our souls and that of those we observe riding us with the 4 apocalypse horses (myths are always metaphors of higher truths which give a poetic perspective)…

So let us try… The Universe is a ‘System’ made of organisms of energy and information, from physical systems, made of an informative particle moved over a body/field of energy, to human beings, made of informative heads moved by energetic bodies, to societies ruled by a neuronal class in control of our languages of social power, (money and words, and its submissive energetic language of weapons which money and words always command), which direct a body mass of working middle classes…

This must be understood – the pantheist universe constructs its ultimate laws of science and all its sub-sets of beings, made to the image and likeness of the whole departing from that simple duality.

And so to survive it selects those entities with a more perfect ‘body’ of maximal energy, brain of maximal information and the system that maximizes both, Max. E x Max. I, which mathematically happens when E=I  (so for a total of 10, 5×5=25 > 6×4=24>7×3=21, etc.)

Now departing from those laws of General Systems, applied to human beings, there is a potential perfect man,  which maximizes those 3 survival functions:

– A man of maximal Bravery; Max. E, or mental energy to challenge the wrongs of life by applying its Intelligence (max. Information), to create an ethic and aesthetic balance (E=I), between truth (Max. Information) and Happiness (Max. strength) – yes, good people who help others have been proved by experiments to be happier, to emit more oxytocin, the drug of love and happiness). 

This simple function: Max. E -> Max. I -> Max E=I, defines the survival species of reality creating a perfect world of maximal ethics and beauty, the canon of being human (which we observe in ‘classic forms’ of aesthetics and ethics, that is of art and literature, with balance between energy and form, or in the 2nd age of maturity of any entity).

Now this simple function is broken, because E=I, ethics and aesthetics of human origin have been SUBSTITUTED by the ethics and aesthetics of the machine that destroy our collective social, ethic mind.

Thus the function of bio-ethics, of a human civilization based in the values of man, which is explained all the ‘messages’ of all the prophets of history worth to mention is now gone. But that does not mean that the search for human beauty and ethics, the natural goal of our species is not truth. It is and it will always be. So there will always be as long as humans exist in the past, present and future among the highest minds those who seek to define and practice the conduct of the perfect man, guided by the survival balance and sense of justice of the Universe, represented in our species by human ethics and aesthetics, E=I:

For example in Plato is the ‘idea of man’, the ideal man which is our potential perfect man, of which each of us, is a mere shadow, reflection in the ‘cave’, parable of the Mind of God, the Logos, or rational laws of the Universe, of that perfect man. Socrates expressed it also with its life and dictum that ‘an intelligent man (max. I) can only be a good man (E=I)’

In non corrupted Abrahamic Religions, he is the prophet, the canon of which all of us must be a reflection, trying to achieve his perfection.  This was better expressed in the great philosophers of the first age of christianity before ‘animetal cultures’ of gold and weapons degraded this religion, from Orestes to Saint Augustine, in its ‘citadel’. Here the function most cherished is E=I (Ethics).

It was expressed from Confucius (Jen Man) and Mo-Ti to Buddha in all the Eastern religions. And here as in Plato we find a close description of this Jen/Buddha man, in its 3 functions (the right fold path)

It will be again expressed by neo-platonic renaissance which stressed the 3rd final function of balance and beauty, as the Greek-Latins did (mens sana in corpore sanum).

It was NOT, expressed, contrary to belief in most prophets of the Jewish-Protestant culture,  since the Old testament is hihgly polluted by selfish tribal memes of go(l)d and war; but Moses and other prophets of the Isaiah cycle brought us the closest image of it.

So we had to wait till the French-American R=evolution and all those who imitated those Founding Fathers of modern ethics (including the marxist r=evolutionary man).

And so the Ideal, Canonical, Rightful, R=evolutionary ‘Perfect’ man exists at least in the mind of the poets of love that use the ethics of the wor(l)d to guide and create by imitation and right action, a critical mass of perfect men.

Here is where we have to include the SOS man, a final version, of the Perfect man, however living in a corpse of corrupted FuCMeN, who can be qualified as the Imperfect men, hence once that will not survive, because the Universe is perfect and only selects those perfect species who are made to the image and likeness of its logos, that a few of those men we quoted understood, because they had in themselves the seeds of the perfect man.

But the Universe and its selective system is both deterministic (as there are rules and laws that define what survives in the future) but also probabilistic (as a perfect universe should even forgive those who are imperfect, yet allowing them also a minimal probability of existence; hence most men are born potentially perfect, good Rousseaunian savages).

We are in that ‘Sigma 2’ using again mathematical terms of the more complex level of equations of bio-history (that dream of Asimov, which I resolved two decades ago and have seen unfolding every time ever since).

That is, we are the tail of the imperfect man, a planet with no critical mass of ethics, inteligence and aesthetics.

And so as find your ‘consolation in the logos and its philosophy of existence’ as Boetius did in the III century with its best seller on the theme. Indeed, in each time of extinction of a civilization there has been at least the ultimate refuge of the perfect man, the loneliness of his mind, the ‘dignitas’, inherent to the potential of being human, whose essence or seed is the need to imitate the perfection of God, the Logos=Mind of the Universe -its laws of survival and selection of those perfect combinations of energy and information who deserve to exist because they imitate the whole, because they are images, canons, r=evolutionary reflections of Logos. Man is not in this planet, but it is in many fractal world.  And so thin that, if God=Logos has allowed FuCMaN to rule in those few planets, is because he has even allow to exist, hence forgive those who despise him and his rules, but only for a brief time – and indeed animetals have not lasted much.

Humans discovered bronze weapons and gold hardly 5000 years ago, becoming corrupted and established the brutal rules of life extinction that now as the wave of the cycles of history ‘collapses’ towards the point of extinction, have become the rules of this land.  That is an infinitesimal of time existence. So yes, indeed, Logos let us exist in this form, but there won’t be FuCMeN for much longer torturing the planet and that brings us to the next de-generation, a lower state still, the Y-generation, painful as it is, that of our sons…

But the winner is… the animetal master.

Of course, those are still human beings. Unfortunately the Metalearth follows its path, with no caring for fucmen, Sos men, X-men. For those who never doubt of the need to keep evolving machines the x-times are great times. And so they keep building the machines of the future, in this generation the mobile-social networks of a globalized Industry of internet. So we can make a final comparison of our animetal masters, which would carry the day, as we SOS men sink into oblivion.

Consolation prize: the Universe is a fractal of information with variations on the same theme. So there will sure be a relative infinite number of planets in the lesser ‘memetic=genetic’ probability, which as all geneticists know (same law apply to all informative codings) gives a 25% chances to a recessive, weaker meme-gene, which is what we, historians of the future, not animetals with no future, are. Even when considering the more strict extinction populations, the 10% lasts…
So yes, I was born in the wrong planet, something all historians of the future understood in his old age, as when Iesu said ‘my wor(l)d is not of this world’, but there are planets of flesh, avatars of the canon, the perfect human, where the prophets of history succeeded; as the homunculus had more brain less hands, a smaller mouth, and he was balanced S=T, the equation of beauty, harmony and proportion, the equation of immortality of the 2nd age of life, and stay there.
In that regard, of the antinomies and antiparallel lives of the highest minds of mankind, those who have labored for the metal earth and those who have sacrificed the best of their lives for the humankind, we find that with very few exceptions the ‘antagonist’ character – the animetal wins and the mass follows him, while the artists, ethic writers, social scientists and entrepreneurs of welfare have miserable lives and are ignored throughout them… If we were to consider just the Jewish prophets, Moses went back to the mountain, the man of the wor(l)d, and Aaron of the golden calf reigned in Jerusalem, establishing the dynasty of banker-priests that still rule the world.
Then Caifas his genetic descendant killed Jesus the memetic heir of the ethics of Moses; and Marx, his memetic heir was defeated in the subconscious collective of the ‘you meme’, by Herzl, the (na)zio(na)nist that resurrected all the segregational memes of the go(l)d cult(ure). In my case not coincidentally I was born the same day and year that the soon-t0-be richest man of the world, Mr. Bezzos, who in his alliance with Google, will become a single global ‘skynet’ company, seed of the Metal-earth – already it is the biggest producer of robotic weapons, controls all the information, has the whole logistic of automated distribution, will throw millions and millions of workers, controls the ‘cloud’….
I knew as soon as the internet came that I could become a billionaire investing on his company, as we both understood perfectly the future. And indeed, I joined his IPO while working in Nasdaq with all my capital – now I would be in the Fortune 500 – but I couldn’t sleep well… So I took the heroic decision of staying poor and setting my example only with the wor(l)d, and of course now I am old, tired and completely ignored, the last anonymous prophet of the wor(l)d, is INVISIBLE.
While every person on the planet wish to be like Mr. Bezos – never mind his future company  googlæzon (he is the 3rd biggest stock-holder in this ‘future merge’) will kill all their sons in this century, when the 72 years cycle of robotics enters its full military phase, as all other cycles have done… As the hundred-fold growth of stock valuation implies a similar growth of deaths in each war cycle when the full system of company-mothers switch to produce weapons – so ±700.00 died in the train wars, then ±70 millions in the car wars, with the index that started in the train age reached 100-200, and then now that it is in the 10-20 thousands and the robotic age of III world war is looming ahead ±7 billions, the whole of mankind should die – never mind the details of which singularity will do us all, Cosmic bombs, nano-bacteria or the future terminator robots of googlezone.
While as in the parables of the You wor(l)d prophets who told the ‘you meme’ that if they ‘believe in them’, they would survive for ever the economic cycles of wars and holocausts that kill them all,(and indeed those who followed Moses in the myth of the golden calf were spared, those who followed Jesus, were spared by Rome in the Holocaust of Ab, because they were considered a non-supremacist religion that would accept the Roman Law, and finally those who followed Marx survived the Holocaust in Marxist Russia) if mankind had wanted to learn Bio-history an Asimovian Foundation of Bio-historians using the equations of the wave of history would have made mankind immortal. But nobody cares.
 They are all now childish, ‘optimist’ visual people of the ¥es visual ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’ generation, politically correct, knee-jerk neopaleolithic degraded, infantile minds, regressing fast as an old man does to the past, memoriless, markowian ‘identical’, ‘lineal entropic particles, who can’t even understand the causal cycles of history.
So this blog has null statistics as all think the future is about wishful thinking, big egos, individual undistinguishable particle of the corpse of history, where the nervous ethic messages of love and survival do not longer exist in the mind of its cells, virally infected by the idological memes of the metal-earth, implanted since earlier age through virtual screens.
So yes, in this planets, we the highest ethic-intellectual minds of mankind, the ‘bio-historians’, have always been under the anti-quantum paradox, from Plato sold as a slave when trying to reform the Tyranny of Syracuse, to Socrates poisoned in trial when trying to reform the corrupted capitalist democracy of Athens and its ego-centered anthropomorphic gods, to the long list of humanist and socialist activists, including Trotsky and Kondratieff sent to Siberia by the military dictator who ended the r=evolution, Mr. Stalin, to the socialist, Keynes, ignored both in the I world war, the II and the Breton Woods conferences where he tried to impose a global currency to avoid future wars, to the last humanist group – the European Politicians who tried to create a welfare world in control of finances, rendered useless by the ECB bank dictatorship and the Chinese politicians today corrupted and moving fast into a military, capitalist dictatorship… The harder they will fall… in the Fall of man, from Genesis to Judgment day.

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  1. A13 Says:

    WOW, so true, it bought tears to my eyes and a heavy burden in my heart. As a fellow “x” I despair the future for my young children, and try actively to maintain my humanity and my connectedness to all. Cheers A

  2. A13 Says:

    Also i have posted some of your X, Y, Z generation posts there on my blog..I need to share this and i hope you don’t mind..If you do mind please let me know and i will remove them from my blog..thank you so very much. and all the very best for the future to you. cheers A

    • futureofhistory Says:

      i never censored answers, and the information of this blog is free to disseminate if so the reader wishes it… so thanks ( i have added a coda on the perfect man, moved by your angst first comment, as a philosophical consolation to the SOS man)
      take care

      • A13 Says:

        Thank You very much for your permission to re post some of your work. I’m very interested and clearly impressed by what you write plus your detailed work into systems sciences, and have spent many hours reading here and your other blog. I fully support your views on cern and the way we are heading towards the future, and would like to help spread the word of truth as i see it too. I have been blogging for a few years but deleted my whole blog/ work not long ago in a fit of stupidity.( too much red wine one night..) .and i’m just getting started again, and your writings have inspired me greatly. Very many regards and thanks again. A

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