wealth of nations

Weapons maximize the Wealth of Nations
One of the most hidden secrets of the monetary economy is the relationship between ‘informative metal’, money and its most priced goods, ‘weapons’. In essence, when we use the values ofmoney to measure wealth instead of the utility of goods for human beings, the highest GDP per capital belongs always to nations at war, which reproduce enormous numbers of weapons andmoney to cater for them. In fact, before machines became the most reproduced goods of the financial economy, 70% of money was dedicated to the Industry of war. The effects are obvious: Industrial war creates a curve of world wars with steep growth in causalities. The arrival of machines makes the scale decametric: 600.000 deaths in the steam wars, 60 million in the oil wars and 6 billion in the Age of the singularity?
Indeed, the Dutch masterminded it through the first company of ‘scientific machines and weapons’. They invented stock paper and inundated the market with it. Then they had to rip profits to keep the bubble and started to mass produce guns for the Germanic Empire – sold to both sides, the Austrian catholic emperor and the Northern Lutherans; and to that aim they ran the first massive printing propaganda machine with massive attack to the catholic ideology of the emperor (even as they were selling them their guns). It is the first peak of the graph, but then the cycle roughly corresponds to the 70-80 year generational cycle of evolution and reproduction of industrial war, and its crisis of national power between new countries with new technologies or bigger monetary/military mass that substitute the previous one.
So we find the next peak when Britain imitates Holland but with bigger mass, and becomes the new top predator weapon defying the Dutch first in the 1688 war and then the Spaniards in the 1700s.
The next peak will be the fight for global supremacy between the artillery of the French and its state-run companies and the gunboats of the Brits and its private companies. Paper speculation will again be rampant, paper pamphlets the rule and the duality of ‘war for profits’ defended by the Tory/conservative party and trade with peaceful gunboats defended by the Whigs, will become the origin of the ‘duality’ of war/peace capitalist parties in all democracies, which is not really a choice of system but merely adapt to the needs of the industry. Indeed, In holland where ‘market democracy was invented’ there was only an orange party because holland was always at war.
The Brits introduced the novelty of bipartisanism between two equal parties that shared same values, as today in America, where the Democrats are the party of peace and the GOP the party of war.  Then you have the ‘crash of the train’ and the train wars of the 1850s, 60s (Crimea, Civil war lead by a railroad Illinois Lobbyist in America and a railroad engineer in Germany), when trains were converted into military after the crash of overproduction of trains; then another generation and we have the dual wars (as in the case of the French vs. England confrontation of the XVIII century) of overproduction of cars and electromechanical machines.
Those cycles treated in detail in the sides of this web show the absolute relationship between industrial profits and war and forecast the beginning of another age of global war with terminators for profits, with the excuse of ‘fundamentalist islam’, soon to repress internal populations with robotized police, with the excuse of cutting the deficit.
Yet behind the newspeak of human caring and defense and security there is only one cause: greed, the engine of the wealth and extinction of nations.
of course all this information is censored, that is, never distributed beyond blogs and small print books, never taught in schools, where in any case nobody studies economics, since the ‘head’ of any superorganism must keep in wishful blindness the body of cells it exploits. And capitalist economics is NOT a science, as all other sciences, but the ideology of power of financial and industrial corporations, who act up the previous cycle; and justify it as always with the ‘ideologies’ of FuCMaN: Fictions, mostly racial or religious, Capitalism (greed and profits), Mechanism (Machines and weapons are always good wealth) and Nationalism (tribal warfare is honorable because the Homo Sapiens is in fact nOT a species but a phyla of its own, with fundamental subspecies, like the Homo Britanicus, the Homo Americanus… and of course, some individuals similar to humans but of monkey nature, like the Homo Negrus (exhibit by the French in the section of apes till I world war), the  Ape Australianus (with whom no treaties were done as it was not considered a human species by the brits), or the Homo Slavus and Khazarus (slaves and anti-races for the nazi makers of tanks) and of lately the Homo Islamicus (that primitive, antisemite who pretends to live in our historic territories, just because he has been living there for 50.000 years, LOL). As always ideologies adapt to find a perfect non-technological enemy with whom to test the wealth of nations. but the Universe is just and those who kill by iron will die by iron, in this war probably as the century advances when military A.I. wakes up to consciounesss.

Technologic & Economic myths: Wealth ≠Health of nations.

The economical ideologies that pass today as a science have a tribal or religious origin, as the work of Adam Smith and Ricardo, the founder of Biblical economics cannot be separated of the process of building the British Empire thanks to the industrial reproduction of gunboats and slavery, the 2 ‘first products’ of capitalism, which showed the true face of this ideology – to makemachines of higher price, aka weapons, and to convert humans into full time or part-time slaves with a salary. While those traits are now disguised, they are still the foundation of capitalism, which has produced as many good fruits (tools) as bad fruits (weapons) of he tree of science, for the simple reason that weapons are the products with highest go(l)d value and hence the products that gives higher profits; and because capitalism was born as an ideology of tribal power, they also foster war.

The relationship between weapons and money is even older. It is indeed the foundation of capitalist economies and the memetic tribes that evolved them. The habiru, founders of the go(l)dculture that runs the world, as Sombart proved, and biblical archeology has demonstrated recently, were first donkey breeders (meaning of habiru in ancient sumerian), who acted as war purveyors in the Semitic wars (today mules are no longer used for military transport – they have evolved into ‘robotic mules’ courtesy of the Penthagon), and then became Am Segullah, which means People of the Treasure ill-translated as Chosen people. The memes of this culture of professional go(l)d bankers, slave and war traders were latter transfered to the Biblical, Protestant, Old Testament-dominant sects of Calvinism, which Sombart’s disciple, Mr. Weber, studied as the next stage of evolution of the memes of capitalism. War, slave trade and banking thus became now the 3 pillars of the age of Gunboats, which set up the accumulation of wealth needed to pay the investment in the first mills of Liverpool. And it is at this time when the first ‘economists’ affirmed that the wealth of nations is the quantity of money and industrial machines and weapons a nation has, since those are the objects of maximal value, given the affinity between metal, which according to the laws of complexity and complementarity become symbiotic as the objects of maximal value, while human life made of flesh reduces its value to the ‘iron salary’, the subsistence salary needed to maintain a human being alive. This distorsion of the values of money respect to the values of life is at the core of the problems that an economy, which uses moneyas the only reference for wealth incurs, multiplying weapons, which have been always the bulk of wealth and dominant industry of the Industrial R=evolution, since weapons are always the most advanced machines in history and hence today also at the head of the III Industrial R=evolution of robotics.

But the memes of the go(l)d culture and the warrior, Indo-European, germanic cultures that invented most of the weapons and machines of the Industrial Age,have created an iron Jail (weber), a Matrix of fictions and tribal history, (nationalism) which makes impossible to break the certain destiny of a nation in which the superorganism of History=mankind is divided in states ‘defended’ by armies: a future age of robotized armies that one day will become a single global species and hunt down its masters, who couldn’t evolve socially as a species.

Profits and the ideology of capitalism on one side and the Military and the ideology of tribal nationalism on the other become in this manner the engine of the Industrial Evolution and the parallel devolution of the memes of eusocial love that seal the fate of man in the Age of the singularity. it all started indeed with the first meme of modern capitalism, aptly created by a man with the memetic name of Adam (the first go(l)dmaster who eat the golden apples in the Genesis parable) Smith (the first iron master of the germanic tribes that killed, raped and multiplied its genes as tribal heads of the barbaric hordes).

Memes of metal, weapons, money and machines and the ideologies that back them, do evolve so all can remain the same.

Indeed, in the beginning of the XIX Century, the postulates of go(l)d Religions that considered Gold the symbol of God’s grace and other human beings, inferior races, not Chosen by go(l)d, were translated into an ideology in favor of machinesmoney and the go(l)d believers owners of those companies, called classic economics, invented by A. Smith, a Calvinist believer that considered Gold ‘the invisible hand of God’ and Ricardo, an ‘Am Segullah’ Banker, who affirmed that Free trade is the source of all profits. Yet since ‘weapons’ are the most expensive products whose sale gives higher profits, what truly Adam Smith and Ricardo said is that the ‘wealth of nations’, weapons, should be promoted and traded, instead of promoting ‘Human, life-enhancing Goods’, made with natural products, as all economists belonging to the Physiocratic school, had believed before their books wee published. While Ricardo invented a simplistic, false argument to impose industrial products to 3rd world nations, the goodness of ‘Free Trade’, which he expressed as follows: ‘If Portugal produces wine cheaper than England and England nails cheaper than Portugal, both profit by trade. So Free Trade is good’. At first view the argument seems flawless, because it is simplified to a single product.

Yet in reality an industrial nation produces cheaper most products; not only one single product as Ricardo pretends, but a wave of them. So England will sell to Portugal thousands of products and Portugal only wine, becoming a single-product nation and depleting its monetary reserves trying to pay the rest of English Goods – thus the argument again is just an alibi to accumulate thego(l)d resources of the other nation. So it happened: Portugal sold only Porto to England and had ruined all its industries by the end of the century. So Portugal had to use up her gold; and then it used up its Brazilian gold to pay England, becoming the 3rd world country it was till the European Union, an alternative economic ecosystem with human values, helped Portugal to come out of poverty. The same process happened in every region of the 3rd world colonized by England, which ruined India, China and Africa thanks to ‘Free Trade’.  Thus, what classic economists were doing, was to support the expansion of the British Empire and the accumulation of go(l)d

Free trade: the conquest and expansion of the eco(nomic)system that terraforms the Earth, was achieved under the 2 main ideologies of Ricardo: Free trade that destroys non-technological economies and the law of iron salary, which obliges all workers that compete with machines and other global workers to lower their salary to the slave-level (subsistence level). Those 2 laws are deterministic as Ricardo proved in a Free Market in which companies have higher rights than human beings and cannot be controlled by laws. The result is the bio-economical conquest and creation of a world made to the image and likeness of machines, where humans are inferior species with a diminishing price.

As industrial growth increased the importance of machines in the economy, ruining all alternative economic systems, the thesis of Adam Smith and Ricardo were adopted by all European nations. And today they rule the policies of all states, provoking the same 3 ‘collateral effects’ of classic capitalism: a constant substitution of workers by machines, the endemic poverty of the 3rd world and a permanent overproduction of weapons and war, to increase ‘the wealth of nations’. Nothing has really changed.

Let us consider those collateral effects of the wealth of nations in historic organisms, from the biological perspective of the life & death cycle of civilizations the wars of nations cause.

money feeds war. ‘Bellum ipse aleat.’ And this is truth both, in the old age of civilizations, in which 2 simple species of metal dominated the economic ecosystem, energetic metal (weapons) and informative metal (money), creating mercenary armies that made of war the goal of human societies, guided by aristocratic warriors. And it is truth in the modern age of nations, in which more evolved species of metal, informative and energetic machines & weapons, dominate the economy. Obviously it was easier to understand in the Age of Genesis, when ‘metal’, the substance that the Economic ecosystem has evolved, was so simple that we only had ‘money’=golden apples and ‘weapons’, produced by ‘Cainites’, smiths in the Islamic tradition. Those 2 groups, the Adams and Smiths, whose surname fusions in the master of economical ‘newspeak’, accounted for +80% of the world ‘economy’—as money was used basically to cater and provide for mercenary armies, which then sold prisoners to slave and weapons traders. For centuries Economic newspeak has hidden the fact that long distance trades were, almost exclusively trade in weapons and slaves, carried by animetal castes (Semite and Germanic tribes), as Harvard Scholar, Mac Cormick proves for the Middle Ages and any serious Historian of Modern capitalism knows. Since non-durable goods could not be carried far away and cheap goods were too expensive to transport. So human slaves, carrying weapons of maximal value, represented around ¾ of the monetary economy, before the Industrial revolution. Then, accumulation of capital obtained by slave trade in Middle Age Venice, Amsterdam and Liverpool, will evolve in those 3 cities Modern Companies, gunboat arsenals and Imperial Power, during the cannon age.

Those facts, regardless of modern Newspeak, explain why the people-castes that carried war and slaves/weapons trade were hated systematically by all cultures they came into contact and have been the embodiment of the myths of eviL ever since, which only the censorship of complex written thought brought about by present mass-media could erase. Without slavery and weapons trade or outright murder by war, we cannot understand the racist myths of Germanic and Semite tribes, the 2 main cultures of those trades for millennia, who first were cattle ranchers and then farmed human beings with metal. Today we have so many machines and tools, the economic ecosystem has become so complex and the ‘indoctrination’ of mankind in the Adam Smith’s Postulates of greed and monetary wealth is so deep that without our previous historic background, few readers would be able to judge objectively the extinctive relationships between the Tree of Science and the Tree of Life. Slaves now receive a salary in companies and weapons now have diversified into milder species, called machines that merely substitute and often atrophy mankind’s own organs. While mental machines have created a world of don’t worry be happy ‘Newspeak’, which hides the destructive effects of metal and their ideologies over history, its rival ecosystem. Thus, we have done an introduction to the bio-ethical debate, with the study of the historic cycles of civilizations, to see those collateral effects, before we plunge into a detailed analysis of the modern age of machines, in which all has become more complex but remains the same: metal-masters supply society with unneeded goods, weapons, go(l)d, today financial instruments and machines, which divert human and economical resources from the production of ‘Demanded’ Goods, biological goods humans require.

The sophisticated verbal and mathematical Newspeak of modern economies should not hide in that sense its origin as a ‘Supply Economy’, in which the production of metal-goods is imposed by power not desired by people. In Rome, the biggest penalty, far less desirable than slavery, was ‘ad metalla’, work on metal mines. People would abandon the empire and run into barbaric territory to avoid that condemn. Spaniards decimated the Indian population with the Mita system in their silver mines. The monetary economy was a supply economy of weapons and slaves.

Only by observing the continuity of those ideologies transferred from the age of slave/ weapons trade to the age of companies, we can understand the rogue behavior of the ‘culture ofcompanies’, born in Holland and England and now transferred to the entire planet, with laws of productivity (extinction of labor), profit at all costs and minimal salaries. Today companies have replaced the people-castes who invented a Supply economy. But their complete control of workers and the creation of a false supply of metal goods unneeded by people, which shrinks the Demand economy of Human Goods needed by most of mankind, remained. Natural Markets based on the Free Demand and production of Human Goods that citizens wish (which was the original way economies behaved and the one ‘Physiocrats’, the first economists, proposed), have steadily been converted into Supply Markets that cater to the products of war in the past, to the machines of companies in the present. Today the dominant product of those companies is the machine and the most expensive, the machine of war. In the past a supply economy was imposed by law and murder and kidnapping. In the Middle Ages, if you were not an aristocrat=warrior protected by the law or belonged to him as a servant, you could be abducted, sent and sold to the Ghetto where a go(l)d trader would ‘export’ you to the Arab world and vice versa. Then your kidnapper would get 30 grams of gold or a couple of good swords. And the trader will increase tenfold that price in Alexandria. The economical essence of that process is simple: weapons lower ad maximal the price of a human life, so in the war front slaves were cheap, while go(l)d causes inflation and increases the price of life.

So in the wealthiest nations, the price was maximal. And all what was needed was a people-caste of traders, with a strong culture of segregation and far away trade routes that allowed to buy and sell ‘human capital’ which would not return to the remote land from where it was abducted. Canaanites and Greeks in the Old Ages, Jewish and Vikings in the Middle Ages, Sephardim, Calvinists and Arabs in the Modern Ages fit that role; and probably hardened their racial myths and go(l)d rituals century after century to justify the Darwinian Ethics of ‘different species’ needed to trade with life and weapons. In the Middle Ages, Kings would protect slave trade, taxing export routes to Venice or Marseilles and boat loads sent to the Eastern Markets. The entire ‘children crusade’ was embarked in Venice and Marseilles and sold as slaves. In the modern age you sell yourself for a salary to a company, which probably will have a stockrat owner, from the same go(l)d cultures. It is all more ‘civilized’. As Marx perfectly explains, we have been brain-washed to assume as good a salary, which basically makes us slaves part-time, while constantlytalking ‘newspeak’ about our ‘free market societies’. Today advertising convinces consumers with all kind of rhetoric arguments=lies (epics of war, sexuality, etc.) of the kindness of consuming machines, including lethal goods that destroy us, while our Courts pretend to defend the truth. Economic Newspeak is in that sense paramount, when dealing with the industry of weapons that are marketed as the source of our security. Still since consumers don’t demand enough weapons of mass destruction, companies’ lobbies buy politicians, so Governments, against the laws of a real Free Market, spend enormous sums of money in those weapons, exaggerating or even provoking a state of war. Indeed, not only the brain of the consumer is manufactured, but wars are also manufactured, preferably in Third World countries that have Free Markets without even the minimal Democratic rights we have in our nation—as they are ruled by the military or old aristocratic castes.

Those dictatorships are pure Supply Markets. So it is easier to sell and use those weapons in them. The result is that Markets Democracies are interested in maintaining dictators who consume their weapons in the Third World, where citizens cannot complain at all. It is a cynical game. Companies of the Free World sell their excessive supply of weapons to Saddam, Noriega or Taylor. Then our Democracies, which allowed that commerce, become scandalized when dictators use those weapons to repress the democratic desires of their populations. So they wage war to them for not being democratic. It is a perfect excuse to consume our old weapons and to renew our military depots with new arms. This trend intensifies in periods of economical distress, as companies need demand at all costs for their products, triggering ‘splendid little wars’ after an economical crisis. For all those reasons, a Free Market maintains a reserve of dictators to be able to sell weapons that they might use against us, as it happened with Saddam, a by-product of such policies, to whom Britain and America sold huge quantities of weapons that provoked two absurd wars, one against Iran and one against Kuwait, with millions of human beings killed.

If all the nations of the world were pacific Democracies based in a real, ‘democratic’, Demand-based Economy who would buy those arms? So America, instead of pursuing the few terrorists involved in the WTC massacre, let the entire family of Mr. Bin Laden leave the country and has not captured the terrorist in 8 years—twice the period of time Roosevelt needed to eliminate the entire Japanese and German armies. Instead it went for a ‘splendid little war’ in Iraq, with the alliance of Britain, the founding fathers of the Global Free Market, manipulating the original aim of the War on Terror—to punish those who kill the American people—into a War on Profits. Iraq I and II, from the point of view of economics, developed further the security, military and ‘vigilance’, electronic industries crashed in the .com bubble, limiting the freedoms of American citizens. Free Markets, as history proves, are Supply Markets that reproduce, to profit companies, enormous amounts of weapons, whose only use is to wage war and to kill citizens of other countries. And to understand why, we must now return to real, cyclical economics and explain machines as what they are, evolutionary organisms of metal.

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