Truths of the World

If in the right side we have studied the ideologies of the memes of metal that are destroying the world and terraforming it into a superorganism of metal memes, in this side we shall study the truths of the world of humanity that could ensure the survival of mankind, by constructing a healthy superorganism of history.

We could create two acronyms to explain the opposition of the ideologies of extinction that are ‘fucking up’ the world and the truths of systems sciences, which if implemented could create a world made to the image and likeness of mankind. We call the first type of ideologies, the ‘fucmen’ ideologies:


FUndamentalist religions





They oppose the Truths of the world that could make us survive:


World Union Vs. Nationalism

Welfare Credit for human goods, and Legal World as language of truth Vs. Capitalism and Money as forms of directing society.

Organicism vs. Mechanism

Realism vs. Fiction

Love (eusocial arrow of superorganisms) vs. Fundamentalist Religions, Egoism

Democracy (government of the people) Vs. Lobbyism (Government of corporations)

In this section of the web we shall develop posts regarding the creation of a perfect superorganism of history based in the Truths of the world, in the real sciences of economics and history, as humanist sciences who should guide mankind towards an eternal paradise in planet earth based in the values of the wthe language of man that caters with its ethic messages to our survival as individual and species

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