Truths of the World


Since +3/4 of Nobel prize economists given by a private bank, CFOs and central bankers, belong to a single ‘culture’ the founders of the monetary system of human slavery,  we had to introduce the human factor – the people who control the world and whose culture will never care to save the humankind or allow the science of bio-history to spread the ‘news’ that actually the salvation of the world is as simple as creating real democracies where people do have rights to give financial orders, by creating not only the words that make them act but the digital money that make them work…


So the question is why, within a few centuries all humans have lost their sense of collective consciousness? Obviously the machine has broken them into consumers, indifferent to the neighbor. But there is a deeper truth: when a system dies and mankind IS DYING, each cell goes alone, in rigor mortis feeding of blood, without ethic, nervous informative messages, clueless, selfish. This is the state of history: post-mortem of Mankind, our ‘God’, by lack of eusocial love between its cells, cut into pieces by the viral memes of metal, which the Go(l)d people first found – so they were the first to be corrupted.

In the graph, the highest level of awareness on the process of history is that of understanding mankind as a social super organism with 3 ages as all organisms have, reflected in their subconscious collective, the memes of culture and art. Those super organisms die by war, under germ(anic) wars and their weapons of choice and $emitic banksters who make them for profits. But Artists, and love prophets the true masters of mankind, have always denounced them. Because there was always the solution of social love that makes cells share energy and information among them and create a perfect world. The choice was there, between maintaining healthy super organism of history in the immortal adult age of balance between body and mind, Gaia and the human collective brain of the species, and survive for ever, or entering a 3rd age of negative technological information, weapons and robots that will kill us.

Now once this is understood, we can talk of 5 levels of truth in social sciences according to the depth of our analysis of humanist needs, from the point of view of machines and the 1% to the point of view of mankind and the Universe, whose ‘scientific laws’ are the ultimate judge of the future of our species and the Earth at large:

  1. So the first level of understanding is the ‘fairy tales’ of rosy fictions about the future provided by the anthropomorphic dreams of our elite. According to this level which is pure fiction=damned lies and statistics, we live in the most perfect of possible worlds, machines are progress, our elites are experts who care, we are free, democracies are the power of people, the future will improve as technology is always positive to mankind. We are NOT becoming more stupid hypnotized by chips but more clever. All will be cured and we shall be eternal immortal and conquer the stars with the ‘force’ and ingenuity of the supreme species.

This is what 90% of mankind believes because it is forced fed and repeated by the mass media corporations and industry of misinformation aka social sciences in universities, newspapers and TVs. It is all ‘bull$hit’, but the thing has spread so widely and for so long that is today common wisdom (from the age of Bronze and the first western religions of power till the modern virtual fiction world which our youngsters, increasingly erased and isolated by those virtual realities, belief as the absolute truth).

Problem is that this level merely acts as soma, as the kind of ‘animal farm’ lies that keep the sheeple under the rule of the ‘pigs’. It is just a fairy dream for the ‘sheeple’ to enter happily into the slaughter house of the future. I call it honoring Orwell, the ‘animetal farm’.

  1. So a higher level of awareness would be the point of view of the ‘pigs’ of the animetal farm, our banksters, politicos and mass-murderers aka the military that defend us. This level has certain controlled ideologies, which pass as science or virtuous beliefs – nationalism, capitalism, economic science, military ‘defense’. And it is a bit less of a fairy tale, as it allows our elites to brutalize, murder and kill by hunger masses of humanity for the ‘future best’.

That is, again, because technological, machine evolution justifies it all as opposed to the natural evil and stupidity of the masses (so drones are good for defense and humans are enemies and the true danger; the destruction of labor by machines is good because in ‘the future’ magic jobs will appear, and voting embodies all the freedoms needed by humans, so that is good enough for politicos to declare the system free, and of course, they are the experts that know better).

  1. Now there is a third level, of awareness, which you can find in the so called derisively by version A-rosy and B-judgmental, the ‘left’ (meaning obviously they are NOT right, and they are losers, pessimists, unaware of the beautiful rosy future of technological wonders).

This awareness consist, in just to enunciate the facts, in historic terms. How humans tried to evolve socially into perfect societies, how certain predatory cultures took over the languages of social power, money, weapons and the law, and degraded and controlled mankind, how human rebelled and found democracies after catastrophes, wars and holocausts, how power elites, fought back with weapons and machines and money and reduced back mankind and yet implemented a faked dream of ‘freedom and democracy’, and so on…

This would be the simplest level of truth about history. Whereas version 1 and 2 are flat, complete lies.

  1. But this blog goes beyond that level, with 2 levels of higher awareness. The first is the level of applying biological laws to history and economics. Since humans are biological beings and its machines biological imitations.

This level then answers to the fact that as all in ‘history and economics’, which are the sciences of mankind and in the present ‘capitalist format’ the science and point of view of machines, there are two components, the human component, (today unfortunately only the point of view of the 1% and the financial culture that has chosen a non-future path for mankind); and the ‘mechanical component’, the industrial systems of machines and its language of information, money that drives that future in a rather automatic ways (which however could be driven properly if there was a real science of history to design the better future for all of us).

And so we deal at this level with a new biological jargon, where parasitic cultures, predator machines aka weapons,  super organisms, called religions or nations, company-mothers that protect machines at all costs, as their offspring and social classes similar to the informative neurons and body worker cells, follow biological patterns of evolution and organization that allow us to predict the future.

This is the main level of this blog, the level that allow us to do predictions that have happened, and the one I hope you understand and believe through reasons, both in its negative future and its positive solutions. But there is an even higher level.

This level is the level of the 5th dimension, of systems sciences, of fractal space-time, of laws of physics and complexity, of my deepest level of scientific discoveries, which we have termed ‘complex history’, of which there are a few articles and references. It is a level of awareness that goes beyond history and economics and positions man within the Universe and its laws, its social scales of evolution and the ultimate arrow of future of the Universe, that of the fifth dimension of social scales that evolves systems from parts into wholes, from atoms into organisms, stars and galaxies, societies and civilizations.

This arrow of absolute future is called eusocial evolution, love in poetic terms, the strongest force of the Universe. But there is nothing mystical or new wave or hippie about it. We are talking of hard science, which we study in depth in our blog on complexity sciences,, where we use the hardcore jargon of space-time symmetries and travels through the 5th dimension of social evolution to explain the life and death of mankind.

Why I quote all those levels before entering in the ugly truths of the first and second levels of facts of history, power ab=uses and human slavery to the selfish memes of metal?

For a simple reason, if there were only the first level, then our masters and chosen races would be right. The world would be a fairy tale. If there were only two levels, we could think that they might be still right, but in a more Darwinian brutal way. They are power because the Universe is simple, dog-eat-dog society and they have taken the memes of power, metal weapons and hypnotic metal. So as much as we don’t like it they are right because in their brutality the 1% knows better the laws of the Universe. In that regard, if there were only those 2 first levels, the 3rd level of humanist, good people and left-wingers would be just as the first level of rosy future, a fairly tale.

Truth will be the 2nd level, the ‘animetal pigs’, the smarter animals who control with power a bunch of wannabe idealists and sheeple, who sings ‘four legs for legs’ because they can’t do better.

But there are two more levels, which show how deeply wrong are those animetals with their racist religions and nationalisms, their belief that the Universe is about dog-eat-dogs and they know better.

Those are the fourth level which puts Darwin back to his findings: species NOT individuals survive. And humans are A SINGLE SPECIES, there are not homo judaicus and homo americanus above, despite their control of money and weapons in the west, as long as they can mate and have children with homo mexicanus and homo palestinus.

Since the real fight is between man, the carbon life supreme species and machine the metal species man creates, and only if man controls and prunes the tree of science for his good, and eliminates rival species, it will survive. The thesis of 2: machines will always obey us, and we shall control inferior humans with them (this of course perfectly camouflaged with complex theories of political and economical correctness) will NOT work according to real biological laws.

Evolution is NOT a theory of individuals NEITHER a theory of carbon atoms, but a theory of evolution of INFORMATION that applies to the selection of the best forms, and we humans are giving machines the best forms, to a superior more complex stronger metal atom. So A.I. will certainly exist, and we will certainly die to robots or nuclear weapons of harder stronger heavier atoms, more intelligent and faster than us. Point.

This level is hidden by the anthropomorphic myths and Abrahamic religions that subconsciously predate all western forms of culture, whose origin in the animetal cults of power history we shall explain in detail.

Thus the solution is biological and implies a selection of products by their usefulness for man, with the destruction of entire sectors of the economy or its nationalization to make them ‘obviously’ less efficient and control its machines, while the sectors that provide good goods and machines for mankind should remain private and efficient. Further on governments should form global diplomatic alliances as members of the same species, and the language of social power money, produced globally as Y€$ money by fusion of yuans, yens, dollars and euros into a global single currency, produced as a Universal salary, a blood-money for all humans to breathe and have goods.

But then there is the 5th level, which goes beyond biology and unifies all sciences under the laws of the fractal universe and its scales of relative size, parts that become wholes and show further that indeed social love among members of the same species is the strongest power of the Universe, or else there would not be even atoms, (societies of particles), let alone the next scales of evolution, molecules, cells, multicellular organisms, matter states, planets, global societies, galaxies and networks of galaxies. THIS IS THUS the absolute law of the Universe: social love among members of the same species, which the 1% , its myths, racist nationalisms and religions, worship of metal money, weapons and machines  – the other species – violate.

Further on, the Universe is perfect in as much as it eliminates all those species that do not make the cut, that do not show eusocial love to its members, that do not fight together for survival, that do not care for reality and become crazy heads that harm their body (the 1% that harms mankind and Gaia). So the reader should be surprised that I am not hysterical ‘anymore’ about it. When I was younger I was more hysterical, more angry but the end of my long search for truth, which was my completion of the model of unification of all sciences, with the metrics of the 5th dimension and the formalism of the science of complexity, for which I was better known in my age as a scholar calmed me. Indeed, if we, humans, in this planet do NOT survive, because the 1% racist myths, idol-ogies and utter brutality to their species, which accepts that treatment as sheeple, does not grasp the obvious truths of eusocial evolution and love to the species, it will be just.

Further on, there will be infinite other planets where a similar ‘fractal species’, a proper history triumphs because the prophets of love triumph, and the species come together as a single perfect social super organism in control of machines that become slaves of man, not the other way around as it is happening in this planet.

And so all this said we can deal now with the 1%, its myths, its brutalization of mankind and its misuse of the language of social power, digital money to commit collective suicide and mass-murder of life, while reaching the zenith of stupidity, thinking they are sooo smart doing that.

Truth is they never will win the game of history, because if they win they will kill mankind, of which they are part. So they will never invent the laws of science and the Universe. The Universe gives its species the freedom to know and follow or not those laws. When species do not follow those laws, the Universe understands this, as a denial of its laws of existence and gives you the anti-solution: extinction. This is the final anti-solution our elite programmed in the past, present and future for mankind, and the pity is that the 99% plays sheeple to them and dies, instead of throwing them from power, take the bull by the horns, cure history with the laws of the biological Universe and survive.

Let us then anticipate even if we cannot explain it in full detail, what would be a perfect world, a total r=evolution of mankind and social sciences, whose praxis, politics, should learn bio-history, guide and cure as the doctors of history, the Human super organism. To that aim as always in this blog, we shall consider the 2 sides of bio-economics and bio-history: business as usual under the laws of Darwinian evolution, namely our extinction, and the alternative, a miraculous transformation of our elite of eviL=anti-live, self-suicidal fuc*tards, who for a change decide not to kill their ‘sons’ till the fourth generation, in the nearby future, for ‘profits’ and decide to ‘deserve’ existence, fighting for the survival of its species, creating a perfect world…

This is the end of the Industrial R=evolution we have been explaining for 20 years, a gradual process of substitution and displacement of humans from labor and war fields, which in biological terms is amazingly fast, as it will be completed thanks to the idol-ogies of mankind in a mere 300 years.  So what happens when you explain this to ‘scholars’ of economics or politicians?

The great silence… of believers, in a previous outdated ‘paradigm of science’ as Thomas Kuhn explained in its masterpiece of the nature of scientific revolutions and we resume in a paradox, ‘the anti-quantum paradox of social power’.

But there is of course a non-philosophical, more organic explanation of the Great Science that has engulfed bio-economics:

TODAY all human neuronal elites have become corrupted, as they are always corrupted in each historic cycle by its memes of metal – the equivalent of a crazy brain. And then the crazy brain kills his body and dies. But the body cells revere them and cannot even contemplate the truth, as all body cells are ‘blind’ and obey always the languages of information and messages of its brain (in our civilization the financial-media languages of its neuronal, informative people-caste. We always have lived in that censored body.

Thus, all what the doctor of history can say is that the crazies of the capitalist world, our banker-priest thus are close to redemption, and will soon enter the dream of Morpheus, with all of us, because they will never take the red pill. Amen.

But of course, they could evolve, who knows. FOR THAT REASON, we have included in this introductory post also the highest of all the levels of understanding of reality that of complex history and the ultimate laws of ‘God=the mind of the Universe’, the laws of Eusocial evolution of parts into wholes, the laws of the 5th dimension… as love is indeed the true power of the Universe, that makes immortal those wholes.

But ultimately our animetals seem to lack the freedom of the mind needed to survive…

Men as enzymen and animetal, back to the basics.

Now it is clear where we are. At the end of History. And yet men love it, because they have now become absolute slaves of the go(l)d greed and violence weapons memes that imprint them. Moroever they are degraded into individual egos, which need to attach to machines to run faster, seem more intelligent. They cannot longer exist without them, as they are becoming degraded, but need the ego-trips of their idol-ogie s of power to feel happy. It is the end my friend, it is the end.

So men are getting fat because they ran with cars, stupider because computers calculate for them, and passive as metal-minds and Intelligent Algorythms run the world in their place. And this was a biological process similar to any other process of nature in which the ‘enzymatic’ species, the symbiotic element were loosing its ‘qualities’ as it substituted them by the other ‘part’.

So in a carbohydrate ‘warrior enzyme’, who killed with the metal part the other carbohydrates as the human warrior did with his weapons, the ‘carbon part’, the ‘human part’, was atrophied, as the warrior atrophied its ‘human senses’ and ‘ethics’.

  1. A Perfect World: The laws of the organic Universe applied to the design of a just politic system and an efficient economy. The anti-quantum paradox: censorship in social sciences.

Unlike all other scientific endeavors in which humans are free to manipulate at will nature, social sciences suffer what we have termed the anti-quantum paradox of social science:

In an inverse fashion to the uncertainty of physics, in which the observer is too big and influences the observable, making its exact measure impossible, in social sciences, the observer is too small respect to the observable – the social informative castes which control mankind with their false, pseudo-religious primitive financial and nationalistic ideologies and the ill-designed political and economical systems they have imposed historically with them.

Thus those huge networks and its informative castes in control of the legal nervous messages and monetary ‘oxygen’ of mankind, censor and prevent the ‘diminutive’ social reformer to act, observe and manipulate the networks of the human superorganism to design and implement the necessary reforms that would create a perfect world.

Our civilization is a degenerated organism, predated by a ‘mad culture’ on top, the Financial go(l)d cult(ure) and its corporative company-mothers, which are destroying the world with its anti-human myths, religious, racist ego-trips, economic cult to machines and hate of life.

But humans can r=evolve and create a perfect world if they take control of the ‘blood’ of those corporations –money.

For that reason, the solution to the antiquantum paradox needed to cure the world has always been a social r=evolution against those elite castes, either from inside (a group of social leaders who reform the system from its position of power, the preferred system of change, as it is less invasive; or a social r=evolution of the cells of the human social body which suffer poverty (lack of economic energy) and are brutalized by the false information provided by the ‘heads’ of human societies (unjust laws, myths, fictions, ideologies and lack of education about the scientific laws of social sciences and the organic Universe).

Let us then define the ideal perfect world with those laws, despite the practical difficulties to construct it, caused by the antiquantum paradox that explains why previous social scientists failed; from Plato, sold as a slave by Dyonisius, the Tyrant of Syracuse, when he tried to reform its kingdom through Lenin & Trotsky, killed by Stalin, the Tyrant of Moscow, who destroyed the Russian revolution imposing a brutal military dictatorship, to the Social Scientists of post II World War European welfare states, the last attempt to properly reform the organism of mankind, cast aside by the present financial dictatorship of the ‘private’ EC Bank that stole the right of governments to reproduce and deliver to all the cells of the European social body the ‘monetary oxygen’ its citizens need to work and survive.

In that regard, there are two kind of dictatorships imposed by corrupted social networks:

– Military dictatorships which steal from people the right to equal laws, akin to the equal nervous, informative messages that all the cells of the body receive in simultaneity.

– And financial dictatorships, in which private financiers, either banks or stock-markets steal the right of all social cells to receive a Universal salary in monetary oxygen to activate their actions and demand the welfare goods they need to survive, as all cells do in an efficient organism.

The fact that the west has been a financial dictatorship, since the XVII century, with the creation of private banks and stock-markets – the so-called capitalist system – and the abstract ideologies that hide the aberration of such system (nationalism and classic economics) makes the antiquantum paradox much more stronger in the economic field. So, after designing the ideal perfect world, we will analyze the errors of those 2 ideologies that form a global straightjacket that prevents the r=evolution of mankind of course hides as all , both the political and economical networks of human superorganisms have fallen too often prey to corrupted neuronal castes, who cared nothing about their body, provoking according to the laws of selections of efficient superorganisms, its rhythmic collapses throughout history.

In that regard, some basic laws of an efficient, evolved superorganisms, such as the most perfect biological entity – the mammal – are not met by most societies today in history.

The triumph of the ‘parasitic world’ is possible only because it maintains human societies and human minds as  primitive systems dominated by lower, body passions – greed and violence that blurs eusocial love and rational consciosuness.It is similar to any other biological parasite, ruled by blood instincts, where the ‘blood/monetary’ language controls the nervous/legal one, as it happens in Nature in worms and parasites…

The result of such ‘brainless’ systems is the incapacity of the organism to distinguish and control lethal goods, reproduced by the system or external to it (in history the reproduction of lethal weapons and other selfish memes of metal). Thus one of the advantages of a socio-biological model of History and Economics is its capacity to design a Perfect World, a perfect super-organism of mankind the same species that should evolve together under the laws of eusocial love, as cells with the same ‘DNA’ species do – a task we carry about theoretically  in this blog,

And so to explain the fundamental duality of Human ‘cultures’, the i+1 scales of our species, between ‘cultures that care for mankind and life’ vs. cultures that care only for money and machines, I had to return to the study of languages, and consider what was wrong with ‘America’. Since obviously living there, and having worked in the East and west coast, in Wall Street and Hollywood and Silicon Valley, from where i was often giving conferences on the hard-science aspects of systems theory.

And what i discovered is that ‘languages’ had different ‘syntactic orders’ that defined their values. And that while the Americans were individually human beings, caring and in many ways far less racist and far more generous than the Southern Europeans or East Asians, who cared far more for life and the welfare state humans need to survive; they have adopted a language ‘money’ as the supreme language of mankind, whose syntax values enslaved human beings and made them objects.

And that simple fact, already noticed by Tocqueville in ‘Democracy in America’ – ‘no other nation in the world loves so much money as the Americans do’, is what made America an inhuman place who would never care for the future of mankind.

So obviously in my search for knowledge i had to redefine linguistics and widen the work of the last of its masters, mr. chomsky whom which i had some exchange of letters, in order to fully grasp the ‘destiny’ of history…

To understand though this final ‘science’, the one we should care more about – the description of mankind at its i+1 scale, we need to resume ‘organically’ all those other scales we have been re-defining in terms of languages.

Languages of power: syntax and values.

Epistemology: I<exi-action> E: the Universal Grammar of all systems and languages.

– In languages i used the same formalism, (here very simplified in its enormous beauty and capacity to explain all Universal phenomena), to explain the syntax of all grammars that followed the ternary principle of those 3 time ages, and its symmetry in geometric space.

For example, all verbal languages had the Universal grammar of:

I(informative subject) < Verb (action: exi)> E (object, energy of the subject).

All visual languages were coded with 3 colours:

Red (energy colour) < Green (balanced, reproductive liked by women) > Blue (Informative).

Even art forms, were coded with the same formalism.

For example, western music is written in a minor-major diatonic scale of 10 Intervals repeated 3 times with higher frequencies – the 3 scales of music; its bass-energy/treble-information ‘relative dimensions of time’, modulated by melody, while painting was just a bidimensional simplification of the information of a system.

Why languages reflected the 3 elements of all systems, was obvious. We humans use language to perceive and reflect the Universe.

Languages are all synoptic reductions of the 10 dimensions of reality to fit within the human language, mirrors-mappings of the Universe…

Since only God, the game of the Universe, was a painter in 10 Dimensions that created all kind of perfect systems.

We Humans were reduced to make D<10 partial theories with our mind languages of the total information of a system. So for example, Relativity was a D4 (Sx, Sy, Sz, Tpresent) analysis of the Universe, Evolution a D7 and so on.

It only remained to apply those codes to the understanding of History and Economics, which I did. So I wrote and published a book called, ‘Bio-History, bio-economics: A theory of Unification’, which explained Economics and History as a Superorganism of Humans and Machines in a process of evolution, where company-mothers of machines (corporations) and Human families with its ‘reproductive values’ and acted in symbiosis, as we invented machines by imitating our biological organs on metal (so chips are metal brains, cameras, metal eyes and so on).

Indeed, languages can determine how those 3 ‘components’ of all systems (nt.1) are related to each other. And human languages always make man the subject. And this is what makes the law and ethics (the love for man) the best way to judge the actions societies must follow. Since other languages do not favour man.

And that is the case of money, a digital language, whose syntax writes:

Human = money (salary) = Object (price).

But weapons, the sacred language of the Germ*ans, was even more brutal in its syntax:

Warrior > Weapon > Human.

As here the weapon always killed the human, by virtue of its use by the warrior. Humans were thus corpses in the syntax of war, that was their purpose. In the german culture thus the warrior is the subject, the action the weapon in ar and the energy of the weapon/verb, the human killed. War was a notch above the cruelty and brutality of the enslavers cultures where humans were objects with some value (a salary)

So man and object becomes the same, but at least man ‘lives’. Humans under the values of money and its hidden syntax thus become ‘human capital’, labor, money, objects which can be sold, degraded and treated as slaves. And under the values of war and weapons become pure energy to be cut into pieces by those weapons:


In the graph, the fundamental parameter that ‘creates’ the future of any super organism is the informative ‘nervous’ language that creates the networks of simultaneous actions that coordinate the organism. The future thus is created collectively by ‘linguistic cultures’, whose ‘hidden’ syntactic values define the future, selecting the ‘species’ which are evolved and reproduced, and those who are used as ‘energy’, dissolved and ab=used.

In the graph we can see the case of 3 ‘languages’ and those hidden values, or ‘syntactic codes’ of the language. In verbal languages, the natural human, nervous system, the subject is man, the measure of all things. So the ethic values (i+1 scale) of verbal languages always evolve and favour man, and should be the languages that dominate all social structures (legal, latin and founding father ‘constitutional’ point of view of history). Thus a perfect human social organism should be ‘an evolved’ organism, similar to a ‘mammal’, where the nervous system controls the blood-reprodutive system. That is, politics should control economics and human governments and people should invent money with a Universal salary and a massive investment in welfare goods that humans naturally demand.

On the other hand, money, which has been traditionally an informative form of metal (gold, till it became e-money cycles in computer minds) favour by affinity ‘metal’, and gives maximal value to weapons that kill human life. this astounding parallelism between the values of money and the values of war cast an obvious future over mankind: extinction as company-mothers of machines will keep evolving weapons of maximal value and profits till they kill all human beings in wars, when the corporative benefits reach its height. And it explains why societies which at i+1 level, regardless of their individual human values, make money the language of power, are dog-eat-dog societies where all the laws of social evolution break and weapons and war become the fundamental task of society.

This process of devolution of human values thus started with the invention in the Semite age of history of money and weapons made of metal, and was confronted by the humanist culture of southern europe (greek-roman culture), which rationalized and evolved the human mind from the mythic semite age of ‘neanderthal, visual values’ and hypnotism to gold and weapons with its greed and violent subconscious values, and considered ‘money’ nomisma, tender legal, money, (Aristotle, Numa, Licurgus).

In old Rome and Sparta, money was a worthless piece of brittle iron or a leather with the ‘verbal’ values of the people, used for the goals of the state. thus through western history an eternal confrontation between the semitic, mythic, anti-natural, anti-human subconscious values of metal with its promotion of greed and violence, versus the evolved, rational, artistic, scientific, natural culture of southern europe took place. And this is the proper way to interpret the ‘dialectics’ of human history through the attempts of mankind to ‘break free’ from the myths of fundamentalist abrahamic religions and its memes of metal-war, metal-money and defiance of the laws of Nature=God, across cycles of r=evolution, (French, Russian and American r=evolutions being the last episodes) unfortunately destroyed always by ‘animetal castes’.

So Napoleon militarized and destroyed the French Revolution, Stain converted the russian revolution in the harshest, most brutal dictatorship of history. So did hitler with the weimar revolution; while in the anglo-saxon, jewish-protestant go(l)d culture, money alway destroyed the chances for freedom of the human kind.

Those anti-human cultures, notably the culture of war par excellence (germ(an) cultures) and the cult(ure) of money (Levantine, jewish-calvinist cults) have been unable to ‘evolve’ into the rational, artistic, humanist age, rejection their social evolution.

Again the key is the analysis of their language syntax…

Capitalism and nationalism are not sciences of history and economics but ideologies of ‘viral power’.

Biblical capitalism cannot be understood without this imperative degenerated grammar that eliminates man as the centre of the free will. Yvwh, a toponym for Judea and its people, as written in Egyptian texts in a time where ‘god’ meant tribal nation, so Assur was the nation and god and capital of the assyrian people, is nothing but a geographic term, the subconscious collective of ap primitive culture of go(l)d fetish bankers, hypnotised by gold fevers, who built temples where the sancta sanctorum was made of pure gold, acted as a temple, and whose ‘pedlers’ and slave and weapon traders, hated all over the ancient world had only a mandate – accumulate gold for the temples at all costs, even risking their lives, because it was an imperative mandate of their greedy superstitious banker priests. As cicero master of verbal thought told to the senate: ‘this barbarous jewish superstition of accumulating idle gold in their temples is ruining our economy, they export all our gold to jerusalem’.

So titus went there and burnt the temple and with the gold it took reconstructed Rome, from the coliseum to the forum. This has never changed. We are NOT talking of race but of culture, of language and memes. We are talking of 2 racist cultures of people who think themselves superior by the power of death of its iron swords, the germ(an)s of history that kill all who opposed them and are still going strong, plummeting mankind in a new dark age, and the chosen of go(l)d whose imperative mandate is to accumulate idle money by all means, including weapons production, usury, theft, and enslavement. And both hide this, lie about history, and deny the truths of the human wor(l)d.

This people who cannot think positively about humanity, who despise humanity and show it in all the facts of their history and culture, who don’t even care about htier own life and die for weapons and money MUST  be taken away from power, quarantined, till they convert to mankind. Jihads, bankers and germ(an)s are destroying humanity and the right, humanist cultures of the american founding fathers, the social-democracies of europe and the Chinese legalist system with nationalised banks dedicated to human welfare take over, NOW.

A coup d’etat of the American president, the chinsese president and the EU president with a global welfare program, the issue of a global currency yes money, made of yuans euros and dollars, with a universal salary of 1000 euros for each human citizen, with a split of all corporations, 50-50, where 50% goes to governments, and the other to private management, to re-adress the problem of overproduction of lethal goods, forbidding robotics, the species that will kill us, must be implemented NOW. For 20 years those 3 basic rules for the survival of mankind have been preached by this writer, robotic ban, nationalisation of banking and global yes salary, 50% split and destruction of lethal goods and promotion of human goods… The imperative, objectual germans and usury bankers will not do it. They are inhuman cultures, animetal non-rational minds.

This is known to historians since Hesiod, who talked of the dark iron age, to Vico, to campbell and we do tabulate in the left side those periods of darkness, when germanic and semitic warriors and bankers controlled the humanist, greek-latin- european and american cultures. Today of course true history is censored by the dominant germanic-semitic cultures even penalised with jail. It is quite surrealist: the 2 most racist cults of history, do not accept any criticism, because it is supposed to be racist to deny racist cultures… So we must let them destroy ‘again’ the world with their racist memes and that is OK.

But the series are unmistakable – when they rule the world enters its dark ages: first we had the paradise of the Neolithic when money was wheat and all people received in the fertile crescent a salary in food. Society flourished, Sumer became a land of ‘honey and wheat’, with a huge population density, peaceful societies and artistic artisans. Then the ‘chariot’ indo-european invaders from the Urals and the Semite slavers from the golden rivers of Arabia destroyed the fertile crescent. The Genesis was written at the fall of Ur, as a parable of a future of darkness, and extinction of life, by golden apples and the bad fruits=weapons of the tree of science.

A new rational age of worship of man and life came with the Greeks. Science was invented. Art flourished. Music, life pleasures the rule of the law over money, no longer gold but cheap brittle iron or stamped leather brought about the classic age of Europe.

But as Romans became corrupted by Gold and shifted currency to precious metals, Jewish bankers took over and spread christianity, just another arrogant ideology of a self-portrayed son of go(l)d, while in the North, spur germanic barbarians attacked the borders and history plummeted in the dark ages ruled by Jewish usury traders who put a 46% of interest and changed laws obliging peasants to borrow gold and then sold their children as slaves, which were neutered and sold as eunuchs to the warrior semitic Islamic cultures.

Languages degenerated, and germanic ergative, object-first languages with long words like their swords, established the germ(an)s of history as the aristocrats of the west. Now germ(an)s will cyclically extinguish every attempt of Europe to become enlightened throughout the Middle Ages till today (emperors vs. pope, religious wars, I and II world war, modern II reich of Miss Merkel and the ECB). They were sometimes allied to Jewish bankers sometimes fought each other for absolute power over the european, humanist people who believed in social love (holocaust cycles).

Still during brief periods humanist, artistic, legalist latin europe took over and life flourished. it was the renaissance, and the enlightenment of French origin, and the founding fathers of America and the French and american revolutions, and finally the welfare state created by France and Italy, after the defeat of the Germ(an)s and the nationalisation of the financial industry. Yet the germ(an)s and the usurers had moved to America where they imposed a harsh dictatorship of weapons and private banking, which returned to Europe with the ECB and the Unification of the Germ(an)s.

So now again we enter a dark age, in which weapons and go(l)d destroys welfare states and advances the robotic r=evolution, censors all criticism, massacres the poor and on top tell us this all good, all for our future. We thus shall be happy as in their fantasy religions in the future after our death. While they will take all our wealth and be happy in the present. And if you protest of course, you will receive the ‘greek treatment’ from our Northern Germ(anic) friends, who speak the most primitive language of history, where the human subject is hidden and the object comes first (see wor(l)d post above to understand how those cult(rue  )s have degraded their verbal minds.

So to the question what is worst? A banking or a military dictatorship, the answer is both, as both work together against the freedom of the people. In the XIX c. lending was the origin of colonialism. When the sultan of Alger didn’t pay France its ‘paper debt’, the French invaded and colonised to be paid in land wholesale. Mexico was invaded and a European Emperor put on power because it didn’t pay. Rothschild got the british to war with America in 1814…

But if capitalist democracies are merely an ‘idol- ogy’  of the 1%, to hide and justify their parasitic accumulation of money, why then it has triumphed, overwhelmingly? There are several answers to this question, according to the point of view we adopt.

– The belief of the leading 1% of the western world that has created the system, and its ‘willing slaves’, the blind cells that believe in them, is the most pleasant: because both, the biblical religion and the technological religion are proofs of the divine or superior nature of mankind as the chosen or ‘only intelligent’ species of the Universe. This is the anthropomorphic version today dominant among human beings: machines are and will be our slaves, which will create a better world, and our ‘elites’ are experts who know what they do. But anthropomorphism and ‘partial visions’ of a single ‘social group’ are not sciences, which means are not likely truth.

– The objective view: the elite are just the less important part of the ‘whole’, which is what dominates the world – the company-mother and its offspring of machines. By controlling an organization and a species, which is evolving fast and surpassing human capacities very fast, the elite multiplies its power enormously. And so due to the objective laws of ‘super organisms’, and the properties of metal, a more complex stronger atom than human carbon, the ‘elite’ is getting away with murder, not because they are ‘chosen’, or different above or below mankind, but because as ‘animetals’ controlling hierarchical corporation which ‘enslave’ for a price-salary, billions of human beings, which act on their behalf, their ‘momentum’ multiplies. But the catch is that ultimately they work for the other species, which will be justly rewarded once its evolution is complete, ‘taking over’ both the humankind and the elite that artificially separates from us.

But why bankers and warriors prey over humans, members of the same species, if according to biology, members of the same species must help each other? Something that is called in human languages, ‘ethics’, whose love each other messages, merely translate that darwinian ‘selection of the species?

The answer is that ‘equality’ is a perception. So to love each other you need to feel equal.

Thus, the second truth of nature is that darwinian systems prey into each other when they ‘feel different’. Yet for that to happen they needed to feel different, because entities that are similar work together, love each other and become wholes stronger than individuals. The result is that warriors always evolved ‘ideologies’ that made them feel superior to the rest of mankind – aristocrats, racist nazis and so on. In general they develop ‘energy body racism’, genetic racism, because their superiority comes from ‘energy weapons’. This is in essence the origin of one kind of anti-live = eviL memes: military dictatorships. The second type of racism is ‘informative racism’, developed by those who used go(l)d to enslave humans. This is mental racism. People who thought because they used gold, the bankers, they were mentally superior, as people who ‘controlled information’. So they became banker-priests, chosen of go(l)d. And so they could enslave others.

But all this is called ‘taboo’, you can’t even talk of it. The dictatorship of bankers is so strong, that even to think about who they are shocks people. They have been perfectly indoctrinated.

A couple of precissions then. We are not talking of races – meaningless thing, since genes only work on the individual biology not on the collective mind and we do not call people by haploid numbers but by ‘cultural words’. And we only talk of the ‘1% of each culture’ the elite, the ‘nazi party’ to put it right not the germans, the bankers not the pedlers. let us elaborate on those two elements.

Essentially, all banking and military dictatorships are attached to ‘cultures’ which for idol- logical reasons, felt that as weapon masters or gold masters they are superior. They are racist cultures. And this is self-evident in the two fundamental cultures that invented weapons (germans) and money (jews). The first have body racism, the second religious racism. And this second type of racism has gone unnoticed because we are ran by bankers. So they control information. But Talmud, where humans are called animals, is along Mein Kampf, the most racist book ever written. It doesn’t matter that ‘the chosen race’ is a religious meme. Yvwh meant in fact Judea in the first books where it is found (egyptian text) because then the word God mean nation, a word not invented. So basically what the Jewish banker said is that his nation, Yvwh, was superior, and indeed, the german said, his nation was superior. And the jewish said in his millenarian prophecy, that ‘at the end of history all human tribes would be slaves of yvwh of become exterminated’ (Talmud, sanhedrin), while the german said all nations will be slave of the germans.

It is then only natural that today, 90% of central bankers and CEOs of financial corporations are jewish – we talk of idol -ogy not of race, meaningless for a non-racist social scientist. Jewish is an idology of supremacism. We do not say haploid whatever we use a ‘word’ for a ‘religion which has a text that can be read, where men are called animals and are asked to be exterminated. The same goes for Germans, who still hold most places in top military positions and military industries. Who are still the backbone of American racism. Who are brutalising the Greeks. It is embedded in their ‘culture’. And latter we will see it is also embedded in their language.

Now, the difference is that again, ‘body racism’, military abuse is obvious. information is censored. So it is fundamental for the bankers to exploit mankind to appear as victims, to censor criticism, to have in brief an industry of the holocaust highlighting their tragedies as unique – also a proof of racism, meaning that 60 million corpses in II world war do not matter, the 4 million chosen dead in that war are special victims. they of course are victims, latter we will explain how german aristocrats never cared for the dead of their poor, and jewish bankers for the dead of their poor. Which brings us to another differentiation of biology.

Cultures have a guilty head and a blind body. The body cells are energy of the information neurons who are the only to take decisions. So the predators are the head.

The nazi party, the German aristocrats, the Jewish banker-priests and rabbis. Their people, their 90% are programmed victims and blind murderers.

It was all simple at the beginning. A caste of ‘Aarons’ realised they could as the golden calf story explains so well, convince people that gold was a a sweat of the sun, to be worshipped. In the region of trade between Africa and Asia, Mesopotamia and Egypt they developed a culture of fetish go(l)d, of Baal, and their ‘body cells’ became specialised in slalave and weapons trade to bring gold ex-votes to the temple, whose inner sancta sanctorum was of pure go(l)d.

This 90% has been always slaves of the elite, as the warrior is of the military caudillo. Thus when we talk of “jewish’ as a culture that should be forbidden, of course we mean the bankers and rabbies, the bankers should be taken his private issue of money, the rabbies treated probably in some asylum for lunatics? This of course probably reduces to 1% of lunatics, how many germans were of the nazi party? How many ‘brahmins’ in the racist hindi religion born at the same time – in the hardship primitive bronze age – think the untouchables are less sacred than their cows?

That might seem rude. What we did to the members of the nazi party? We forbade their books, we didn’t really killed them as they killed millions. We are compassive. What we can do with people who read the talmud and believe on it? The emperor Hadrian put them to death if they were found. Well… It is only a question of time, idol-ogies of that kind, Jihad – the use of weapons to change your ‘beliefs’ that make you slave, Judaism or new forms of nationalistic fascism, liquidate humanity ‘again’. And again as we talk of ideologies, what humanity should have done long ago is to forbid nationalism, the invention of the german tribes who thought homo sapiens was not the species but Homo Germanicus, Homo Frankus, and they had to kill each other. And forbid judaism, the idea that god chooses a certain race, because it has mor money.

The same of course with Calvinism. The idea that because in the old times nation was called God, gives some people right to be racist. Or because some of them died in wars, they have to be forgiven, today of their crimes is silly. But again, german racism is all too obvious even today. The problem with information is that is very complex. So today it has evolved. In the past the banker was son of go(l)d, the elite was making you slave, gold was obvious. Today all this is no longer called usury but classic economics. So today people do not realise, we are living under the memes of very primitive tribal people. It is called ‘capitalism’ and ‘nationalism’. And people are proud to be bigots. ‘Americans’, or “Jewish’, not HUMANS. And they think that defending usury is ‘free market’ and protecting private ownership of banks ‘liberalism’




In the next graph, in systems sciences, we do not only talk of a living planet, the body of Gaia, but of a living super organism of History, mankind the neuronal mind that controls the body of Gaia. And so the design of a perfect world should be based in biological laws.

The 3 super organisms which are today paramount on Earth, a living organism:

  • The human being, and its social super organisms of history.  The right one is a humanist social super organism, America prior to the coup d’état of 1972, when it became merely an organism of reproduction of machines, with the end of true social power (Watergate destruction of the president by mass-media television, end of dollar currency as fundamental form of money with the end of gold standard and liberalization of e-money, and first use of the American army as a mercenary of the ‘other nation’ of the bankers). At that stage both America and Europe started – coinciding with the beginning of the Chip radiation (discovery of the integrated circuit – the final downward path of obsolescence of Humanity.

Welfare and the achievement of human WHealth was first taken out of America, where the power of the financial elite was harsher, and then with the creation of the ECB from Europe. Next we see the new super organism running increasingly the planet, the Financial/Media-Military/Industrial Complex of information and energy machines, which reproduce them in company-mothers in control of flows of e-money spent only in the creation and evolution of those machine, which compete and displace humans in labor and war fields, making them obsolete.

Thus increasingly humans loose their two biological, symbiotic roles in the eco(nomic)system as consumers=vitalizers of machines and re=producers, workers, as robots automatize company-mothers and both robots and companies consume most of the mechanical wealth of the planet measured in GDP.

In the graph, the parallelism between a Human super organism and a historic super organism (nation of civilization) which structure our species at individual and social level, as opposed to the Financial-Media (head of informative machines), military-industrial system (body of machines and weapons and its networks of information, energy and transport) is obvious: Human superorganisms cater to human cells-citizens and required the creation of WHealth, the natural biological goods that make us survive. And it uses the verbal, legal language to organize itself.

On the other hand the FMMI system (abb. Financial media, Military-industrial system), has a different mother species the corporation, and a different offspring, machines, which need different products, so both systems compete from limited resources, and since the economic, blood system controls the nervous, legal system, and company-mothers have far more power than human mothers, the world is designed to the image of those machines, not of man.

The creation of that Mechanocene world, against the future of mankind, the choice of the wrong side of the equation of history as our collective future – the progress of machines over humanity – is a choice of the crazy head of mankind and its financial media-system which guides the military-industrial system that kills us.

And for that reason WE HAVE POUNDED ON THEM, AND THEIR OWN SELF-SUICIDAL CYCLES, just in case they wake up. nothing personally really. Though I guess they won’t take it so objectively. And will never give a damn about their survival and ours.

The top side of the wave equation of history is however A CHOICE OF OUR ‘animetal’ IDOL-OGIES that favor the Mechanocene. And so we have coined new bio-economic words essential to explain that process.

Thus it is only when we observe the fight of history between those ‘metal masters’ or rather those cultures, who merely ‘worship’ blindly the tree of metal and its machines and weapons because they give them power over nature regardless of any negative, collateral consequences, and the rational, humanist life-prone cultures who put man on top and would like to control the lethal tools of the tree of science, when we can make sense of both the evolution of history and economics; and if our metal masters were not self-suicidal, murderous slaves of mechanical progress, find the proper solutions to it.

In that regard, to explain the symbiosis that is destroying the world, between the leading ‘organisms of metal’, financial and industrial company-mothers and its owners and idol-ogies, (the ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s and its memes) that is the belief that the evolution of machines and weapons aka the tree of technology, NOT the evolution of man and the preservation of the tree of life, is the  meaning of History and existence, in depth, we shall make now a detour and consider the levels of truth on social sciences, before we plunge in a level of truth the reader has never known and it is vaccinated against – that of bio-economics and bio-history.

Since the dominant point of view is that of animetals, the result is B) a biological Darwinian world of extinction of life, through C) cycles of overproduction of weapons and machines that extinct and substitute man in labor and war fields, because  anti A) and Anti D) the elements of a true science of history, its true data and its D-humanist solutions are repressed by the anti quantum paradox and substituted by idol-ogies of machines.


So let us now deal with the world as it should be in a real social science; to tackle then the origin of what passes today as ‘social science’, the tribal ‘data’ collection of facts of history (hardly the first phase of the scientific method) and the blind accumulation of monetary ‘digits’, without ANY hypothesis or global model of WHY things happen, what the world is, and how it evolves, and how it can predict the future (the true marks of a real science in any discipline…)

Let us then study the two sides of this graph, the upper part, the structure of the government, or rather the meaning of the Human constitution and the lower graph, the steps that the leaders of the cultures of the map could follow to create the perfect world.

In the next graph, we show the existence of a perfect world which could be by now perfectly developed if bio-history had been taken seriously at the point in which it was given to social scholars (1992, during my stage at Columbia University). At that time the perfect world could have been fully developed by the Clinton Administration. It was indeed the true moment of opportunity, when Clinton and Gorbachev could have done it with very little opposition. The anti-quantum paradox prevented it. Today, as of 2016, it would require the alliance of an unlikely to be chosen humanist POTUS, and an unlikely to be repeated, Confucian Master at the head of the CPC, following the scientific laws of bio-history, and the Human Constitutional Goal of developing a perfect world, the 3rd, central theoretical head of mankind, put together into an Asimovian ‘Mule’, backed by the human population (this requisite would actually be the simplest one, as humans naturally learn social truths, embedded in the ethics of most civilizations):

In the graph we see the perfect world, its political structures and its 7 cultures. What we call the rainbow planet.

The ‘rainbow’ planet is formed by the 7 main cultures of the world, and since it is a cultural association, requires not of army borders, only internal police in each ‘department’ of administration or ‘region’ of the culture. Terminology and newspeak of course in the rainbow planet is positive to peace and comprehension between groups of mankind.

The rainbow planet requires obviously an economic equality between all the members of society to a minimal degree of ‘satisfaction’ of the pyramid of Maslow or Paretto curve of utility which means a global financial UNO based currency which emits a global fiat money, salary of legal tender in all nations of the Rainbow planet, the  perfect super-organisms of mankind.

The rainbow planet

world union

The postulate of Democracy. Max. human Goods (Hg) x Min. Lethal Good s (Mg)

Democracy means the government of the people, which therefore must control the languages of power of society, its reproduction and use. Point. This is a definition, a postulate, and so it cannot be bent. People specially through complexity that fogs truth have transformed this clear-cut concept and hidden dictatorships as democracies but ‘naming’ dictatorships as democracies, from the Korean ‘democratic’ republic, to any of the dictatorships of corporations of the west that pass as democracies, does not change its meaning.

A democracy is a government OF the people FOR the people, that is, the perfect system to regulate History, the life of mankind. And as such if democracies existed, humans would survive, because as all rational entities of the intelligent universe they would follow the law of survival of the species and suppress the lethal goods of the tree of science and life that kills them – from Ebola viruses to robots – and overproduce those that improve, evolve and make survive humans (from food to housing, health-care education and peace).

This IS NOT THE CASE BECAUSE democracy does NOT exist, ANYWHERE in this planet. And so we affirm that the creation of true democracies is equivalent to the promotion of human survival and the solution to the existential problem of mankind.

Moreover, we affirm that NOTHING matters to mankind more ANYWHERE in time and space that the survival of mankind,  and hence the reform of the system to create TRUE democracies.

Now, to understand truth in any science, we must depart as all sciences from some short of ‘unproved’ postulate, over which we ‘build up’ our knowledge. This is the case of all sciences. Geometry started with the unproved postulates that define a point with no breath – latter corrected in Non-E geometry where points do have volume and are crossed by parallels.

So E-Geometry was not an absolute truth, but it was able to construct an entire Universe with this simple postulate. This universe was different from the one constructed with ‘Non-E Points’. And this gives us a clue regarding social sciences: If we choose a certain initial postulate to construct the world, all what follows will imitate that postulate.

And the world will look ‘proper’ even if it is rather inaccurate. So if we choose the Earth at the center we can calculate the motions of planets and stars, but it will be rather cumbersome with some errors. If we choose the sun we can develop Newton’s formalism, more accurate. If we choose light space-time (Einstein) the point of view of the galaxy, filled with constant light space, our view is larger. All those views thus have meaning and truth. But they portrait a different reality and MAKE CERTAIN ENTITIES MORE IMPORTANT THAN OTHERS.

As humans demoted the Earth and man, who sees the Earth fixed as its center, the sun and the machines that perceived it as the center (telescopes, clocks, used by Galileo), became more important than human senses and the Earth. And this trend now continues with ‘the economic postulate’, which considers the ‘wealth of nations’ money, understood in classic economics as a gold-informative metal and machines – industrial wealth, which is also made of metal, and hence by affinity has higher price than flesh, life, which has higher value on the natural flesh language of man, words.

You, see i don’t want to go into depth too early, on the relationship between languages and values. But is rather obvious that a world ruled by the postulates of economics and technology, puts man in a second range of values, with minimal ‘monetary price’, ‘without importance in the concept of future progress=technology’, without control of the language of social power, money, and so ultimately, expendable, as the facts of recent history dominated by economists and prices show. This trend will only increase in the present system till humans will be indeed ‘spent’.

So what should be the ‘initial postulate’ of a human world, of a future for all of us? Obviously NOT the concept that progress is mechanical progress, the language of power, money must rule the world and be produced only by corporations of machines or private bankers, without social responsibility.

The world that will come from this present ‘free market of corporations, will be a world of machines, where humans are ‘slaves’ sold for a part-time salary to those corporations to ‘earn their survival’, where his only role is to work=reproduce machine and consume=vitalize them, and not even that anymore as chips act now as human brains reproducing machines in automated factories and consume them in robots. Again a world where increasingly the ‘zoon ekonomikon’, the human worker/consumer is no longer needed. And since the ‘free market’ is a business of corporations and machines where nothing else matter, a non-worker non-consumer is a hindrance, which the economic ecosystem eliminates in wars or ghettos.

On the other hand, history did evolve as a super organism of ‘human beings’ when it was guided by verbal languages, natural to the humankind and so it finally evolved in the most advanced cultures of the west (the  Greek->Latin->Humanist European culture and its 3 modern r=evolutions, the French, American and Socialist R=evolution) in the concept of a ‘real democracy’, that is, a real ‘government of the people’, who to that aim controls the 2 languages of social power, verbal laws and digital money, to create a world to its image and likeness.

And so we do have a postulate that of a world made to the image and likeness of mankind, where humans are free, because they organise socially into a system that controls the nervous-informative legal and blood-reproductive-monetary languages of social power for the common good. This postulate is what we shall call the HUMAN CONSTITUTION, the law that organizes an efficient human social super-organism in parallel to the laws that organize any efficient system of nature, where the blood/money and legal/nervous system are BOTH controlled, and issued by the collective brain that represents and serves all the cells/citizens of mankind.

The present ‘sentences’ that define such constitution will be upgraded in this blog, using the laws of system sciences and its homology with the laws of social organisms. But we do have some clear definitions in the bills of rights of those social r=evolutions and its constitutions: the equality of all men in front of the law AND its social rights, included in some but not in others, and the pursuit of happiness AND truth, the right to proper information, education, health-care and all those basic goods.

This is NOT included in constitutions which are born after a failed r=evolution, such as the American r=evolution, which failed when Jefferson by lack of economic knowledge gave the bank of America, (and latter deeply regretted it) to private financiers, which did not use it for the common good but created the concept of an ‘elected’ 1% with religious, biblical rights to control society as the ‘superior race’ – a concept endemic in all Jewish-protestant biblical northern-European civilizations, origin of the colonialist, fascist, capitalist, Abrahamic monstrosities we have witnessed in the past centuries.

We shall in that sense, create a far more precise concept of the Constitution of History, in biological terms, by considering a simple ‘biological equation of it’:

Max. Human Goods x Min. Lethal goods = WHealthy Constitution of the organism history

It is a simple equation. A perfect world will be one ‘whealthy’, with healthy wealth, where the lethal goods that degrade man are not produced; only those who make us better, and help us to survive (human goods).

Latter we will farther mathematize the equation with a frame of reference that value as positive whealthy goods and negative lethal goods, so we can calculate properly, the whealth of nations, which today grows precisely multiplying the negative ‘weapons’ and ‘digital trash software’ that kill us.

BECAUSE OUR PRESENT constitution is NOT human but MECHANICAL. It calculates wealth and progress in terms of mechanical values and prices. And we will explain also mathematically all that:


 In the graph the biological frame of reference of WHealth. In the perfect world it guides the decision of economic corporations, which split 1 to 1 shares given to governments to reinforce and guide the production of the bio-economical frame of reference. The only solution to the existential crisis that mankind will face during the 4th wave of machines, the singularity age of robots and extinctive weapons that will make us an obsolete species in war and labor fields is to change the ideology and myths of capitalism=mechanism for a rational, science of history and economics that aims to create a sustainable world made to the image and likeness of mankind, not of the machine, according to the organic laws of social systems.

And to that aim money must be printed by human beings, and in a lesser degree by governments and corporations that re=produce WHealthy goods, healthy wealth, based in the natural, biological needs of man.

In the graph, the scientific analysis or frame of reference of the human constitution – what we call also the Postulate of Democracy, as its fundamental measure is a yes money or universal salary equal to all humans –  has the advance over previous legal constitutions of being ‘global’, ‘mathematical’, hence measurable through the tools of biological economics, and its ‘frame of reference’, which values goods according to its ‘value for human beings’, by introducing ‘positive and negative prices’ as all scientific frames of reference do.


Indeed, in a perfect world since humans do NOT eat nuclear weapons, the harshest military dictatorships of the XX century, North Korea and the Soviet Union, once Stalin massacred all r=evolutionaries would have showed its ‘real’ GDP, almost null, as military expenditures were ginormous.

So it would happen today in America, where most wealth is of ‘negative value’ (weapons that kill human bodies, hate-media that kill human minds, speculative money that in the hands of a few ‘banksters’ and corporations corrupt democracies)  – a fact that explains why the US despite being by far the wealthiest nation is very low in whealth, (today partially calculated with the IHD parameter of human development, further improved by the ‘bio-economic frame of reference’).

This and many other advances of biological, social sciences could in a world truly ruled by humans, signal the proper path to develop a healthy wealth world in which the overproduction of human goods NOT of chips, e-money, robots and terminators, would be the goal of the economy.

Thus the biological frame of reference (graph right side) of human healthy wealth is the key to know what goods should be produced; and the control of money by the population, the ONLY way it ensures that those goods will be demanded and overproduced.

This should be evident to the reader. Human beings obey a Maslow pyramid of needs. And so the first money they receive is spent in the goods that make them survive.

The 1% of stockowners, however put the money in idle accounts, or spend it in luxuries, or in ‘abstract’ nationalist religious, speculative and other lethal or wasteful memes (one must read the ‘leisure class’ of Veblen to fully grasp this). While bankers mostly use it besides that to corrupt the political system, to buy out corporations.

In that sense, what is truth in history depends on the point of view. Our point of view is mankind, so truth is that which helps mankind thrive and survive. The truth of machines and its corporations, or company-mothers in biological terms thus is judged for its value to mankind. So are the truths of the 1% elites, which are ONLY, that, 1% of mankind, and the elite cultures which rule the west, which are also less than 1% of mankind. They matter nothing if they defy the best for the 99%.

Because the survival of the 99% matters more, we talk of the Human Constitution, the Human Wor(l)d, of a World without ‘nations’, only regions and global cultures, the world of the 99%, of flesh and life not of ani(metal) cult(ure)s:

Indeed there are 2 paths of future, and the previous graphs were always supposed to be ‘the maximal probability, if business as usual continued’ – an elite slave of money and its mathematical cycles, whose corporations would disregard totally the needs of the bulk of mankind, as they were doing for centuries. The model should ‘break’ if an only if humans were free to control the economic ecosystem for the benefit.

So the reader should not be surprised that unlike any other scientist who ‘loves’ to prove his hypothesis, every detailed prediction I did provoked on me a deep depression when it happened. As it meant a step further into the path of extinction. And of course, paradoxically, the more the model confirmed those tendencies, the more rejections it suffered from the blind ‘establishment’ and the pre-programmed optimist individual ego-humans that cared nothing about it.

Indeed, the experimental proofs of those biological models, and the incapacity of humans to even understand the process means the bulk of mankind is powerless confronting the lethal company-mothers of the eco(nomic)system and its money, machines and weapons.

The dictatorship of ‘free market corporations’, ONLY GAVE HUMANS two roles as consumers= vitalisers of machines and workers=reproducers of them. We had no other ‘reason d’être’ in capitalism that reproducing and buying≈consuming≈testing and ‘vitalising’ machines. This fact little understood by social scientists, let alone by the common people reduced human ‘values’ to monetary values and simplified enormously human cultures and goals, but at least allow us to survive.

The problem now is that those 2 ONLY roles, the ‘human part-time slave’ performed in corporations are no longer needed. (The ‘workers’ of the first corporations were full-time slaves, but with the radiation of paper money, it became cheaper to buy a part-time slave for a wage; so companies didn’t need to provide food and shelter for them). Since today chips can do both functions better than humans do, integrated in machines and automated factories. So we are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

And we will remain so till extinction, as long as humans do not regain their power to design the future, by controlling the language of social power, money, today re=produced almost exclusively by corporations (95% of new money is invented by them).

In theoretical terms, this means to impose the human constitution at global level:

Max. human goods (Universal yes salary) x Min Lethal goods (robotic ban)

Since the human constitution is the ‘first law’, fundamentally proved by the first necessary need of all biological beings, survival. In any Maslow pyramid the first goal of any species, including Homo Sapiens is survival by eliminating lethal entities (robots) and multiplying its specific biological goods (human goods). All systems have a pain/pleasure, negative/positive nervous/legal vs. monetary/blood, systems of control and the Human super organism is no exception, hence the Natural Quality of this mathematical/biological/sociological law.

This means in practical terms the conversion of fiat money of the SDR FMI currency, made with yens, euros and dollars, enlarged obviously to accept yuans at the easy 1 euro=1 dollar = 100 yens =5 yuans fixed parity value, and the immediate emission of a 1000 yes universal salary to all the citizens where those currencies are valid money of legal tender – with the invitation to all other nations to enter at fixed parity on that currency system. While the same nations ban legally robots and any goods in which they do a substantial work load, within its free trade region.

Now this means in a global r=evolution the conversion of all shares to nominal fixed values, and the yearly emission of 7 trillion of new money to kick out the economy, which transfers the reproduction of money from company-mothers of machines to human mothers, fathers and children.

Of course at this stage, this or any r=evolution is difficult to spread, since not even the science of it is known and will remain so in the internet age in which Mr. Google decides the value of ‘information’ (and obviously ‘the mind of metal’ values this web at almost 0).

In legal terms, the Human constitution is similar of course to democratic constitutions, only that being mathematical is easier to understand and more difficult to corrupt.

Both do start with a simple proposition, the ‘truth we all consider self-evident’, that all men are born equal and they should therefore be equal in front of the law, live in a ‘humanist democracy’, whose purpose should be to the achievement of the natural goals of mankind, to survive, reproduce, feed, love and live… in truth and happiness.

And to do so, the canonical system must be a democracy, as we hold all humans equal, hence with the same capacity to decide what to do WITH BOTH LANGUAGES OF SOCIAL POWER, INFORMATIVE, VERBAL LAWS AND DIGITAL MONEY. And here is the problem of our social systems. They are NOT democracies, governments of the people, because half of its social organism’s network, the blood-money system is not controlled by the people and its representatives. Only laws, the weaker system is.

And this is an aberration of Nature.

Indeed, human societies are akin to any social organisms (in which its cells, in this case of human beings,  which are the cells of societies, are organized as all systems are by 2 languages of power:

  • One that reproduces energy, and goods, the financial=digital=reproductive=’blood’=positive networks.
  • And the other that reproduces, information and its mandates, the ‘legal’=verbal=nervous ‘pain’ negative networks.

So a real democracy would be like a well organized living system, one where the ‘citizens’ cells and the collective government, not a ‘private’, tiny number of ‘cancerous cells’, reproduce the laws and money of society for the common good, or else, most non-cancerous cells will starve and be chocked as a tiny number of them absorb all the blood of the system.

Money, is of course the key of it all. A society is only free when the two languages of power, verbal laws, the negative-painful nervous language that forbids behaviors and digital money, the blood-positive, creative language that makes people work and construct reality, are owned by the people.

This means that they elect their legislators (representative=imperfect democracies) or vote laws in referendum (direct=perfect political democracy) and also they elect their goods with monetary orders through a Universal salary (direct=perfect economical democracy) or demand a welfare state to their government, which should produce the human goods humans need to survive (representative=imperfect economic democracy). AND BOTH systems of power of the social super organism, the production of ‘blood-money’ and ‘nervous laws’ must be on the hands of the people for a real democracy to exist.

Imagine indeed, an organism where the collective brain would only control half of the system, either the nervous or the blood system. And a minority of ‘cancerous cells’ controlled the other. The system wouldn’t work. The organism would enter constantly in contradictions. And this is exactly what happens today in free markets, where the free citizens that invent money are financial and industrial corporations, and citizens can only indirectly control laws with politicos, which have no money and hence are easily corrupted by corporations.

So before we continue with the description of true democracies – nowhere to be seen today on Mother Earth – let us see with a bit of detail how the dictatorship of corporations and ‘banksters’ ‘do it’, how they indeed manage to destroy the world, with the acquiescence of the sheeple they fire, step by step with their equations of higher ‘re=productivity’ .

The key of course is complexity – to reproduce money, which is just a number of null cost – with so much ‘theatrics’ and weird schemes – that people understand nothing; and to explain it only with mathematical concepts and obscure jargons, so people loose its minimal ‘free democratic rights’ to produce laws and money, without even realizing they are loosing their freedom and whealth.

The political side of the perfect world: the Wor(l)d Union

In the lower part of the graph, we show the other side of the perfect world, the Wor(l)d Union, a rainbow Earth, a planet made to the image and likeness of mankind and its 7 main cultural super-organisms.

How this rainbow planet is achieved. Simple. The model is the EU, before to the coup d’état of the private EC Bank, who has stolen the right to invent money to the entire European population sinking it into a 0 growth and anti-humanist, neo-fascist policy against the 3rd world as a mercenary puppet army for the neo-Nazi state of the banksters, mimetic to the behavior of US (hem the reader should forgive me the more exhaled r=evolutionary terminology of this text).

Let us then imagine, the world takes the first and single measure that would start the r=evolution – the denationalization of the financial western industry from the neo-Nazi state, by ‘decree’ of Mr. POTUS, THE ONLY INFINITESIMAL OF THE SUPER-ORGANISM OF HISTORY THAT CAN START THE R=EVOLUTION.

Once this is done, whatever it takes, Mr. Potus, the ideal character than in this or any parallel world-history of the fractal planets of the galaxy, starts the scientific r=evolution of bio-history and the super organism of mankind, it follow that a ye$ currency can be produced with the help of China and Europe, which should follow POTUS in this ‘science’-fiction of future history.

Thus the concept here is first, to unify currency with ye$ money and end global poverty with ye$ universal salaries: 7 billion humans x 1000 yes a month = 7 trillion ye$ money of Monetary Mass reproduced annually, to foster demand of wHealthy goods.

Once this is done, which requires obviously the conversion of all world shares to nominal stable values, not to provoke inflation, the rest, trust me would be easy.

The political concept here is simple: to eliminate the middle ‘super-organisms’ of ‘animetal nations’, by sending up and down of the social scale, of mankind, the institutions positive of nations, and cancelling the negative ones.

That means to eliminate nations and potentiate local-state-region government and global government by the presidents of the 7 biggest cultural nations (initially those of the biggest nations of each region, by willing initiative of the other nations, latter elected in each culture), the American, Brazilian, EU, Chinese, Indian, Muslim Brother’s and Nigerian presidents.

As each of those nations is essentially much larger than the next two ones of each culture (with the exception of the Muslim brotherhood’s president from Egypt the biggest one from Arab-speaking Islam).

The 7 just talk among themselves, promise to follow the Human Constitution and do whatever it takes, meaning the liberal use of all the networks of power of society, to get there.

They promise also to stick together and vote for all measures with acceptance of the result of the 7 votes. This simple measure puts over 2/3rds of mankind and its GDP represented by those 7 nations under the rule of bio-history and needless to say the r=evolution now is easy… there is no real opposition, beyond the necessary integration of Russia as member of the UNO, and the necessary reduction of the neo-Nazi state and its globalized financial memes to a humanist frame of mind with relatively peaceful measures… ending the perpetual war focuses around those 2 nations, from North Korea to Syria.

So the 7 magnificent initiate with their fellow cultural nations a process of integration, EU style, starting by the acceptance of yes money as the currency of each nation (managed by an FMI-World bank refurbished office in the US); and then the reduction of military units and its fusion in a cultural army, above nations which only keep police, of a one million strong army for a 7 million strong global military army.

The integration of those 7 cultural civilizations both at the i-1, national scale and the i+1 global scale, would design a perfect ‘unit’ for the different varieties of human cultures to flourish in a world designed to maximize human life and information.

They correspond to the 7 humanist ages/cultures that opposed the 7 cycles of animetal wars (II.16) and can fusion ‘national feelings’. In time order:

  1. Violet, Black Africa: Pre-metal age: sensorial, life-oriented, where God is Gaia – all the living have souls.
  2. Orange, Genesian Mosaic Jewish-Protestant, Anglo-America, that should deny its racist go(l)den calf memes.
  3. Yellow, Mongoloid Asia: Buddhism &Taoism: God is a game of ∞ beings of Yang=Energy & Yin=Information.
  4. Red, Hispano-America: Based in Christian’s eusocial love and artistic, sensorial, life oriented memes.
  5. Green, Islam: Oikoumene, Love Religion, focused on God’s Wor(l)d as the collective mind of History. It must though deny its corrupted ‘Animetal Arab’ warrior memes and the resulting Jihad.
  6. 6. Sea Blue, Indonesia: invaded by all, hence its melting pot, focused in Gaia’s ‘sacred water’. It must ad the Australian territories to develop its northern coast and truly achieve the melting.
  7. Deep Blue, Europe based in rational, social-democratic French & Russian R=evolutionary memes. It must r=evolve against the dictatorship of the ECB ‘private’ bank.

Its 7 capitals are: Kinshasa, New York, Seoul, Panama, Alexandria, Singapore & Brussels + UNO (latter a new ‘Troy’ between 2 continents), as the World’s capital, where the Heptarchy of Presidents of the 7 civilizations sign a pact of no aggression, demilitarizes the World & governs by majority, establishing the Perfect World and its 3 ministry networks, (right graph), guided by the Human Constitution.

While they handle day-to-day administration to the 1000 Regional ‘organs’ – many of them formed from present States/cities or by dividing nations into manageable ±107 populations, whose ‘governors’ will also form the legislative parliament of the World Union.

As today the Wor(l)d Union’s can only be created by a coup d’état against the dictatorship of the Financial-Media (informative machines)≈Military-Industrial (energy machines) system of global corporations and hired politicos, ruled by Worldstock’s money, by 2 or 3 Presidents of the biggest nations of the World’s leading civilizations, US, China and EU. 3 ‘Lots’ – the perfect number suffices to save the World. If you don’t know how, just read (-:

The Asimovian 3-mules’ announce the foundation of the Rainbow Planet, the Wor(l)d Union, with a 10 years transitional government to build its structures, before elections.

They nationalize all banks, split all corporate shares, keeping 50% and issue to all its citizens the 1st ¥€$ Money salary. Presidents of the biggest 4 nations of the other 4 Civilizations, Brazil, India, Egypt and Nigeria are invited to join the Heptarchy, whose decisions are taken by simple majority. UNO organs act as transitional systems, prior to construction of the World’s networks.

All other UNO nations are asked to join the Wor(l)d Union by pegging their currency to Yes-money, do 50% splits, bank nationalization and sanction as inner laws those issued by the heptarchy, subject to scrutiny by its 7 Supreme Courts, which accept the Human Constitution above all laws, abolished when they oppose its goals.

As nations join the Union, they start to build down into regions and transfer up diplomatic and military power.

While the World Union builds its final structures, the Wor(l)d Government and its 3 physiological networks use enlarged versions of present supranational organizations, refocused in human goals:

-I.e.: An enlarged NATO, under the rule of UNOs security council’s, reformed to fit the heptarchy, becomes the war ministry, dedicated to protect Humanity against Weapons, destroying most – unlike today’s NATO and its military lobbies, whose corporations evolve, overproduce & sell weapons to nations for profit; having no qualms to promote ‘splendid little wars’ in the poorest nations of the World, with the excuse of terrorism, which is dealt instead by Police and Courts and Education. And yet Wars in rogue nations must be quenched.

So Russia, Israel & ISIS come first. They are offered entry in EU & NATO on exchange for inner demilitarization. Russia will accept. Judaism might not. Since today it rules the capitalist world through its majority stock-holding of Worldstock corporations. ISIS won’t.

Thus, the heptarchy’s Global army of 7 million will invade ISIS, occupy Palestine and ask ‘a last time’ Judaism to abandon its racist Talmud’s ‘Chosen of Go(l)d memes’ and reform. Humanity is our Only true Social God-Mind of the Whole Species, above all cultural minor Avatars.

Thus Racist religions and nationalisms have no place in the Wor(l)d Union and face memetic (not genetic) ban. North Korea & Iran follow suit…

Above, in the graph, we showed the political structure of an advanced phase of the World Union:

The neuronal brain of the World Union is made of Politicians & Ethonomists, Doctors of the Superorganism of history, which study Systems sciences and the laws of the organic Universe – and direct the 3 ‘physiological systems’ or ‘Ministries’ of mankind.

They are also heptarchies formed by the fractal branches of its 7 civilizations, which handle most work to its lower social scales, its demilitarized ∑i-1 Regions, similar to modern states and cultures.

Political parties and lobbies that invent Laws with wishful thinking to foster selfish agendas are forbidden.

The Laws of the Human Constitution are researched by Ethonomists & Bio Historians, proposed by the Supreme Court, voted by a Global 103parliament, made of the Elected a priori and Judged a posteriori Presidents of the 1000 regions of the World; and finally enacted by the executive action of its 7 Cultural Presidents.

How to design those civilizations and the global super organism would be a simple task if humans were ‘all for it’, as the laws of super organisms offer not difficulty.

Simple immediate measures: the nationalization of all financial, ‘blood’ networks, the creation of a global ‘yes’ money salary to all humans to create a demand economy that would multiply human goods, the legal prohibition of the robotic industry that conflicts with humans in labor and war fields, the inversion of ‘powers’ in democracies between the judicial system above the political system, with politicians subject to ‘pain messages’ a posteriori in case to fail their ‘contract promises’. And so on.

It is very easy to create such a perfect ideal world in paper and it is perhaps the most astonishing fact of ‘social sciences’ to the service of ‘animetal’ (military & financial) power, that social sciences have never reached a degree of scientific analysis to make such program for a perfect world explicit in the past, at least when humans had a big chance to implement it.

Today the perfect world is – I am conscious – an utopia, as humans have become slaves of machines and their brains controlled by ‘the medium’ and its ‘technological messages’. Yet the perfect world must exit in a sizeable number of planets… of the fractal Universe, where the  super organism of history has been properly created and designed.

As such the perfect world is a planet in which all men are equal despite its cultural differences, and dedicate their lives to enhance their existence as human, socio-biological beings, in its 3 spheres of existence, the biological, survival sphere, for which ethonomic sciences provide enough welfare goods to survive, the human, individual sphere, for which the proper information allows to develop a full human being, and the social sphere, in which an efficient government, create the conditions to prosper.

Such perfect worlds exist in infinite planets that have not destroyed themselves under the parasitic rule of ‘animetal cultures’ of warriors and debt-bankers.

As such perfect worlds have evolved socially through the scales of eusocial evolution of mankind into an immortal super-organism of history: an efficient world designed with the law of super organisms, imitating nature, with no parasite cancerous cultural organs (bankers, warriors and animetal people-castes) on top of the organism, sucking its energy in wars and labor fields for the service of machines and its information with debt-money.

The perfect world is a planet where humans thrive, either because men are moral enough to control the negative energy/information of selfish memes of metal and control its evolution, or because there is simply no metal, no weapons, no technology in such planets.

In both cases the perfect world evolves departing from the natural eusocial collective human minds of a non-technological world, the 7 cultures of mankind, whose origin in the evolution of subconscious collective gods of mankind is explained now in this text, to close the introduction to all the themes of Bio-history. Namely know you will know the MEANING OF GOD. But only now for those who have gone so far in those texts, perhaps one every other month…


The super organism of mankind, its physiological networks and collective artistic minds.

All systems of the Universe are super organisms, whose clocks of time vary in frequency according to the laws of size – slower larger beings vs. smaller faster ones. So the super organisms of history live longer in time, and its cells are human beings, its mind is collective art, which manufactures the memetic brain of its cells, and its ages those of any organism, its networks, economic blood networks, where digital money provides the orders to each cell, and must be given to each cell in just proportion for it to survive, its nervous informative system, the law and the culture, and that is why culture and laws are sacred and must be just, to harmonise the motion of all human beings, as bodies do with their cells, and that is why all brains MUST obey and serve, al financial systems must obey and serve the human kind, and ALL POLITICOS IN A TRUE democracy must be judged a posteriori by the cells of the body with pain messages, as in the greek democracies, when they do not full fill their mandates. The laws of medicine are the laws of economics.

This now seems an analogy but as we get into deeper thought in this web, we shall see that the process is real, because indeed, humans are cells of those organisms, whose collective subconscious art, followed the same ages and styles that the individual mind, and whose systems, as those of your organism are mimetic of a cell, are mimetic of those of a living being:


In the graph, human civilisations as organisms, whose 3 ages are mimetic to its artistic ages, all extinct by the waves of war.


All economists should be fired and doctors put in their place. They just need to apply the laws of physiology and cure the organism of history, deliver blood-money to all citizens and save mankind.

Affirmative action means all classic economists should be banned for any position of work in the economic ecosystem, as they just poison and quack doctors do the super organism of mankind, and all politicos fired, and substituted by doctors and biologists, while they learn the laws of their craft.

But of course Americans do not understand anything of this. They are glued to their TVs and the war on terror, in defence of the other nation of its banksters, and happy to die as mercenaries on it.

This why before we introduce the degradation of their mind by the ‘wrong culture of go(l)d and its memes against all what is human biological natural and required to survive, we have introduced in the previous graph, the true nature of the human super organism and its artistic mind, with the example, of the highest mind of the western world, the Greek-Latin culture that now is a guinea ‘piig’ tortured as a debt slave nation by the go(l)d priests that are murdering wholesale life.

D) The author and why he cannot implement the solution.

Now, the model is there for decades, power will not care to implement it. The ones that run the show now, are unlikely to understand, as they have ‘dogmas’ – among them, the dogma that ‘economics and history’ are water and oil, they don’t merge. This is convenient for economists, which ONLY CARE TO produce. They are all microeconomists, not macroeconomists. They are good at producing, reproducing machines. They work for corporations. This blog is the science of macro-economics and history, and they are connected.  But this again is TOO much for the human ego.

Thus it seems while the ego of humans could improve astrology into astronomy, and quack doctors into germ theory, and evolved the importance of humans for stars (astrology) and  deny the ‘evil spirits that killed people, in economics and history – that is, in the praxis of it – politics and finances, there is zero intention to understand what money is, how it rules societies. how  the invisible hand of Go(l)d works.

So quack doctors are still with us.

And the same in History, with politics, so the doctors of history, politicians run societies ‘with opinions’ not with science. Now the world will be run by Mr. Trump, a real state speculator with ‘weird opinions’, and that seems OK, because humans have decided that there SHOULD NOT BE  a science to design the world properly but it is all about people’s opinions.

It is what I call the anti-quantum paradox of History.


The anti-quantum paradox of social science: HFEs: History Field Equation Solutions.

Now as we try to be always objective and scientific, we shall give a physical name to this process of censorship and idol-ogical bull$hit that litters both, the praxis of social sciences (economic and financial and political discourse) and the theory and mind of its ‘believers’.

So we shall term it the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences that introduces a degree of uncertainty or ‘idol-ogical’ content in mainstream economics, in an inverse fashion to that of Physical sciences, where the human observer is so huge that he interferes and often destroys the observed particle. In social sciences, however, the observer, the social scientist, is so small, compared to the observable, the ‘eco(nomic)system’ and its people-castes in power that if he is objective in his search for truth, and follows the ABCD legs of the scientific method, he will be censored or eliminated.

It is heavy indeed, because mankind, and even those who spend billions trying to guess the future, could have just read that paper and made a fortune on stocks (-: and win a few of the previous wars we announced and save their lives in the ones that will come, as a few personal friends have done (not me, I only make money shorting banks on the 2000-08-16 crashes, so I have always lived my way :)

Now, of course, the anti-quantum paradox is a ‘classic’ of History of knowledge.

It is known to scholars from the times of Socrates, eliminated for denouncing the falsity of corrupted, placebo Democracies that do not follow D: Democratic solutions to our political problems, and his disciple Plato, sold as a slave for reforming the dictatorship of Syracuse…

To the times of Moses and Jesus, eliminated and censored by Aaron and Caifas, the banker-priests of Israel, for denouncing the racist memes of their go(l)d cult(ure), still in command of the financial Industry, which do not follow D: Demand based solutions to our economic problems…

To the time of Baboeuf and Trotsky, vaporised by Napoleon and Stalin, for denouncing the dictatorial modes of those 2 caudillos that did not follow D: R=evolutionary solutions to our social problems.

To the times of this author, vaporised for denouncing in theory and praxis the dictatorship of financial and Industrial Corporations, which do not follow D: Democratic, Demand based R=evolutionary solutions to our Global problems.

So if you find my name and google it in the industry of misinformation there would be over 100.000 people insulting me for trying to save the world in the future, literally… The harder they fall.

Today not even at theoretical level is any longer possible to speak the truths of mankind, only the anti-truths and half truths and economical correctness that ensures our demise are ‘scholarly’ permitted.

But this is how most anti-artists and anti-scholars behave, since the times of Tertulian, the Christian Inquisitor, who affirmed, ‘you will defend me with the sword and I will defend you with the word’, denying the need of reason, as he embraced wholeheartedly Aristotle’s dictum ‘most men are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’, claiming with pride ‘what Athens have to do with Israel’…

And in the modern age, to most social scientists and every mass-media guru, who follow modes of self-censorship of increasing sophistication, today called political and economic correctness…

Moreover, if scholars wanted to understand those cycles they could easily. Every scholar in the 30s defined the 29 crisis and fascist age that followed as an overproduction crises – then of electric and oil engines in cars and tickers, which became engines for German tanks and bombers. It is indeed amazing that 10 years into the crisis, 20 years after my first papers on the theme, millions of economists and financiers NEVER talk of overproduction of chips. But they won’t, as they are on top of the pyramid of capitalism.

I still have to be invited to power-player forums of economists. Instead the model had to be explained in systems sciences congresses where I introduced the concept of the Financial-Media/Military Industrial System on my conferences as chair of monetary systems. Yet when I added the concept of ‘financial responsibility’ and the ‘cultural nature’ of our economical dogmas – NOT a science but a praxis of greed and appropriation of the democratic rights of people to control the language of social power, which is money that buys the law and can be traced to XIX century colonial policies, my position was cancelled and the paper on the ’72 crisis of weapons, money and machines’ erased from google scholar – now at that ‘dumpster’ called vixra. And this is what I call the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences.

And yet the fact is that despite billions of dollars spent by Wall street, the Pentagon and CIA to name a few, to understand the future, because they DO NOT ACCEPT THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD in their macro-economical studies, they keep failing to guess anything with their multimillion dollar computers, programmed with platitudes, abstract damned lies, statistics and biblical economic postulates. They should indeed keep consulting the taxi drivers of London, than in The Economist’s test of future indicators won over Financial ministers, just with common sense (-:

So now we talked enough of A) data, B) biological causes C) predictable cycles and D) the solutions, and the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences – why this is NOT known, and likely even if you got here reading, you will not be astonished, spread by word of mouth this work, and help to cure mankind.

So this is the future of mankind for good or bad in a nutshell. If this is the science of it, and abcd prove it is, it will happen the way we describe. You can copy, cut, reform, publish with your or my name, any part of it, pass it on, use it. This is NOT my stuff. It is objective science (and if you prove abdc wrong, and have a model that proves abdc better than this one, I will argue it is not, but so far, i still have to find a better model, so in science, as perfectible as the model might be, the one that follows better abcd should be implemented and accepted).

This I thought 30 years ago, but i didn’t get it implemented. Consider it please a failure of my character; not of the model. I have a short temper; i have as women would say of men ‘little attention to the details’, and i am now old and angered. No good. Plus of course, i don’t even live in America anymore, the only place at this stage along China, where this model could be implemented (since europeans are lost into tribal nationalisms and no other nation has the weight to do it – except of course the elite of the banker-priests that run it, which is a mixture of class and nation, of which we talk too much, part of my anger – you should dismiss right away that part, if you pass the model. Don’t get personal with it. That is also my problem).

Of course for very long I tried with better antics, and younger, and with Americans – now retired and in poor health i cannot; and of course, for very long I thought humans were free, ethic, intelligent and once the solution was found, it will happen. I was, let us put it this way, an optimist American believer on the freedom of mankind, the future of our species, and the glory of the world…

My thoughts today are far darker. I hope to be wrong, but ‘hope’ is not expectation. My expectation is that humans will NOT solve the situation. So this view, which in any case seems common to the few predecessors of the science of history worth to mention (Khaldun, Vico, Marx, Spengler, Toynbee) – after a young activist, r=evolutionary age, a doom mood settles in, is something I do wholeheartedly apologise for, specially if you are a young reader. Consider it the only subjective point of view here, that of an old man who did reach the maximal rational understanding of the super organism of history but failed miserably to change the world for good. Perhaps before collapse, a younger generation will. But to do so you will have to obey the laws of science, make enormous sacrifices, pass the word and organise with hundreds of thousands of other young people, or if you are a ‘mule’, an outstanding member of the elite class of the few nations who rule the future, disguise your Karma, and take power within the system.


Now we shall call the solutions to the Equations of bio-history H.F.E.s, here expressed as an elementary level (if i live longer enough they will be put up at with the mathematical formalism of the 5th dimension). In the ideal ‘Foundation-like’ world, a single planet is ruled by bio-historians, who use those equations, or the similar physiological laws of the most perfect mammal super organisms, to rule the world. Needless to say there are not monopolists of power (military, politicos and financiers) with ‘opinions’. History is another science of the fractal Universe. And so as it would be crazy to leave the making of bridges to the opinions of elected civil servants, to become a politician you must have a degree in bio-history and bio-economics. And of course, you would be judged post-tenure with a punishment/reward vote as true democracies should.

Now those equations or the equivalent laws of physiology have in this planet a problem – we have followed a wrong mutation, a wrong path of evolution, which has no future, essentially a non-efficient super organism, a worm-like greedy system ruled by blood not by law/nervous messages, which is as some larva do, feeding and killing the host plant, and bloating, dying of greed. Or as a parasite worm, in which a few financial cells absorb and choke the system; or as a cancer in which viruses substitute the DNA of the cells by the fictions of techno-utopia, so humans instead of reproducing the tree of life, reproduce the tree of metal, the machines and robots that will kill them. So in a cell with a viral dna the factories reproduce the 3 parts of the virus, the 3 ages of the Industrial r=evolution, legs, bodies and minds, and then the 3 are assembled into a virus, into a robot, and the robot-virus kill the cell. Or as a larva mutating into a hard insect by the action of men, of enzymen that once completed the metal-earth, reproduce a new race of hard enzymes, robots, which once born, kill the soft enzymes of the soft, life larva and the hard metal insect, is born. I could put a lot of examples, at all scales of the organic process of self-destruction of humans, as the Universe is homologic. So we are building a cancerous, parasitic, self-suicidal mutation – a planet that soon will discharge us, and do robots with its iron and silica sand.

But the HFes I am interested in are the most difficult to implement, once mankind took in the age of the tree of metal the wrong mutation by abandoning the tree of life, at the time of genesis, when a sumer writer realized that the first bronze age hard ‘animetals’, were about to destroy the neolithic world.

So the question is are there solutions to HFes (History Field equation solutions), which can steer back the system to a Humanist world? yes. But they are obviously more difficult, and the more difficult the longer it takes to implement them, the further than the road of finite history we are.

It was easier to solve history being Caesar in March 15, Alexander or Trajan entering Babylon, Mhmd on his dying bed, Henry VIII, or Charles V at Pavia or Phillip II at Lisbon, or Napoleon in Campo Formio, Hideyoshi at Yamazaki, or Zheng He at Guandong… and so on – characters, in certain point-particles of the spacetime Lagrangian, in which a new Feynman path, a new ‘history’ or probability of future was open to ‘take the road less travelled’, in the step by step actions and errors of history traced by mankind.

Mind the reader the Universe is an organic fractal, which means there are infinite parallel Universes in this same Universe. This is the 5D solution to the conundrum of quantum physics: We see equations with a finite number of electronic paths. So some said there are finite parallel Universe, each one with one path, but we do not see them. On the contrary when we take a picture of an electron, we see a nebulae, with all the paths in a fractal form, in the picture, each point a possible trajectory of the electron. So as we see the galaxy, one of the key elements of those HFes is now confirmed – that each star will have as brunno though the same fractal form, with planets around. And so there will be infinite histories, each one variations of this one, since the number of planets far exceeds the number of combinations – to the point that as electrons are identical particles in many cases, there is an identical ‘you’ in other planet.

All this goes beyond the purpose of this conclusion to the introduction. What it means is that in those planets, there is a certain Caesar, which heard Calpurnia, ended with the ‘Eastern party’ of Brutus and the Optimates and Gold temples of the East and conquered Babylon, converting the western world to a humanist rational, scientific culture and History survives. How identical the energy-human of the wave is there matters not – the language and time history will be self-similar, as the robota that will kill history will.
Now close to the end of the path, the solutions are diminishing fast. I did have solutions obviously on my hands when solving the HFEs but failed to implement them ‘twice’, and have suffered guilt for decades after that. Now that my lifespan ends can look back with hindsight and understand my errors…. decades latter.

So the solutions to the equations of history are now few, as the EFE solutions to Einstein’s equations of space-time are few. This I know, but they exist. And they are as those of EFE of basically two types, the ‘singularity’ or Mule, the master of power that takes over the top of the pyramid and changes the system from above, and the ‘res extensa’, solution of vacuum space, the mass that enlightens its heart, sacrifices its life and takes over.

The solution I tried, failed. It is the steady state solution of minimal invasive interference. In terms of EFE it was the Einstein’s solution (I am primarily a physicist and time theorist and my fundamental work is the metric of the 5th dimension of evolution of systems from scales of size, from particles to atoms, molecules, cells, and so on, at unification so do not be surprised with some mathematical and physical analysis). This solution means to change the system without changing its structure. As I belonged to the elite class, studied in the elite Universities of London and NY, worked with the elite in Wall Street, evilwood and silicon valley, but could not be the mule – being born a catalan from Barcelona, the French-Spanish mixed latin culture of Southern Europe, could not be chosen Mr. POTUS, this solution was not mine. So for 20 years I tried to convince without irritating the American elite to implement the minimal measures required to r=evolve the world, keeping still its enormous wealth, but giving a minimal future to mankind. I tried hard in the times of the first Clinton, as communist dictatorships had fallen and there was a window. Trust me, I did meet the people who could have changed the world. They couldn’t care less.

So of course this blog is brutal against them. I can’t care less if they erase it, or they erase me. I know my karma. I know their karma. There is here a split destiny: I cannot change them to save the world, but if they don’t change they will destroy it and destroy themselves in the process.

This i said, because as i told to the last guy who took seriously this model – a Canadian film maker who made a film about it, which i guess was suppressed, put it trying to pump me up to behave properly, write nicely, and live up to the quality of the model – the model is not mine. If you think it is mine it won’t help. Science does not belong to egos. Egos are all twisted, deformed and selfish, childish. Science is objective, direct, rational. And I am not in my best, pass the 1/2 century, with heart condition, agnosia, cancer etc. short life-span. If you are going to present this as the work of LS when Ls is basically gone, it won’t work. This is a huge error of social scientists and artists. If you take the model, and use it for mankind it might work. You can copy, suppress information, rewrite it, it is not mine. I don’t have money, power and the right birth at this stage to help, beyond the ‘discovery’ of it.

The last time I tried to talk to power on D) was after the cycles proved the model truth, 10 years ago, and I was already out of the picture for them, due to my activism against the nuclear industry, which had a lot of exposure. So i was tagged. But of course, all what I said then, happened and keeps happening – precisely because the model is not mine. I am not the Mule, I am not the hundreds of thousands that should have occupied or will occupy truly wall street to change the world. I often thought maybe when I die, which will be ‘at last’ soon, as it happen before with other masters of history, the thing will be considered. Orwell said to his secretary-wife, you will be rich when i die, and people are not scared of me (I love his sentence i always practice:)’a good writer is one who said what people don’t want to hear) Marx, which was a good historian but a bad economist as he protected the financiers, of his people-caste who parasite the economy and threw against each other the two groups of producers, managers and workers, was left alone, and only, unfortunately after his death, his work triumphed – the model was that of anarchists – control of machines, cooperatives, no military states, no burocracies. But the point is this, all this material is free, and as I used to say to penpal Chomsky, why don’t you publish articles on bio-economics, if you sign them, they will have far more exposure (latter i found out mr. Chomsky is a new marx, who does not talk against wall street):

Amazingly enough though after they happened, social scientists did not show much interest on them. I thought then of Planck’s dictum when he discovered quantum theory and nobody would have any of it:

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

Problem is all humans might die before a new generation grows and becomes familiar with the laws of bio-economics. Oh, well. Enough of my daily dose of bio-economics. The planck-point goes to the sea. at this stage, Planck’s other dictum is still in place, tired of being for a decade the only person on the planet who believed in quantum theory (Einstein was for 2 decades the only one who believed in relativity, and as it happens, after so many rejections, Planck in 1905 obliged publishers just after his quanta were accepted to publish Mr. Einstein, and then suddenly the two points become the entire subconscious collective of mankind, but that never has happened with social sciences – the anti quantum paradox seems to be stronger than the quantum paradox, the fact that the observable is larger than the observer seems to be more dangerous for science). So he said:

‘New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.’

The difference though between science and belief and damned lies and statistics, is that we have the abcd method of truth, to prove something right. So as Einstein put it, when they wrote 300 physicists against Einstein in nazi Germany ‘why 300 if i were wrong one alone would suffice’ – with the reasons of the scientific method. But as we shall show social sciences are spread not with reason and the scientific method but with beliefs and religious methods. So an argument today between rational humanist economists and financiers, cartoonist economists and their employed politicos is exactly the same no-dialog between a scientist and a priest. The priest will tell you, look 5 billion think Meshu the ass-breeder of the bronze age saw God, so if so man people believe it must be truth. And he will tell you look, how many mosques and churches, how many artists have worked for us, and how beautiful is the sixtine chapel, it must be truth. Yes, I will say, show me a single dead resurrected, show me how an infinitesimal bronze age bush burning can create the infinite Universe. Belief uses power, weapons, money, rhetoric, rituals, laws, emotional discourses, happy childish tales, languages people do not understand, latin, numbers, equations, statistics, authority, to impose falsity.

Problem is the universe is scientific not religious, the universe dominates reality and imposes the future, the universe is biological not rhetorical, and so. On the side of the point-scientist there is the entire Universe and its laws. This Planck and Einstein knew. This is what they meant. The Universe exists. The dreams of the mind that make are happy don’t. And so those who are guided by dreams and nightmares do not exist on the long term. Today quantum and relativity exist. Because they were scientific truths. Nazism does not, because it was an aberration as it was its science. Tomorrow this only this I will tell you: capitalism will NOT exist in the fairy tale version of our religious believers. That is capitalism is not human and will NOT exist with humans on top. If it will exist it will be with flows of e-mine information directing digital machines in the language they understand, and humans will be extinct.

Humans can only exist with D) the humanist solutions to the design of the eco(nomic)system. This the people on top which I constantly blame, because they are the humans to blame, do not understand. The steady solution I proposed to them, the less surgical, traumatic cure, they – believers in go(l)d churches, rejected. So only two solutions are left, the mule, and the r=evolution of the people. As the easiest path, is the lagrangian of any equation, the path of least time and least change, I essayed the steady state solution.

But while Nature loves Lagrangians, the top of our societies abhors nature. This we know. In the bible, as Campbell noticed, the goddesses of fertility and Gaia were called the abomination. So the solution for good (survival of man in a balanced economic ecosystem, without anoxia, with the 3 minimal measures implemented) or for bad, capitalism, which is not a human solution, are the only solution left. Unfortunately the most likely is still the less invasive, which at present is obviously the same routines, the system implemented, capitalism, with the 0.002% on top, till at the end of the century (robotic r=evolution) or much earlier (3rd generation of nuclear bombs), the human, obsolete part of that solution is gone. Man will have though before that, the chance to implement with great effort, as the steady state people won’t collaborate, the 2 human solutions left.

Of course if nothing happens, it will be because people were not ethic and intelligent enough to survive, what will never happen is that the organic laws of the universe ARE not met. That is what Einstein meant: science (the scientist being only the discoverer) always happens, regardless of how many humans know its laws. The laws of physics and history do NOT need human approval to happen. If humans cannot overcome the quantum and anti quantum paradox of both, they will in fact ignore those laws but they will keep happening.

For deep reasons, concerned with the ternary symmetry of all systems, made of 3 components that live 3 ages (so you have an energetic limb, a reproductive body and an informative head; a physical system, an energetic field, a reproductive wave and an informative particle, a social system 3 classes, the energy, the reproductive working class and the informative neuronal caste), History has only 3 solutions in favour of the human organism. At this stage the wave solution failed. Only the field solution, r=evolution or the particle solution, the Mule can be implemented.

In the more complex models of the super organism of history, based in my pioneer work formalising General systems sciences and the 5th dimension, the perfect solution was to convert the elite of financiers that rule us, into the Foundation of Asimov, into bio-historians. This was 30 years ago, when I was in columbia U. had a fiancee then on the 20 some place of the 50o Fortune, was young, idealist, proud of my sephardim genes, etc. It was the time of the Clintons, the time and moment, place and people to implement the wave solution.

With hindsight i have come to realise that Einstein’s steady solution did not happen either in the Universe. Even though it was his preferred solution.

The deep reason of course is that the wave, which in terms of Time states is the present solution, is forming already the system as it is. It IS the system. So it is the solution that won’t change. Now, my time is gone, and though I tell myself not to write more on this blog, as my mind is declining and I am spoiling it, the angst however gone; the future solutions left are those 2. I will always wondered why Occupy Wall Street did not even attempt to occupy wall street. I know why the Clintons did not implement the solution – they were the Mule of America; a film ‘true colours’ and a book by their cousin Gore explained it. Though their end was so pathetic, it still revolts me – instead of repeating the elections in Florida and pass the presidency to Gore with more stamina, he spent his final hours pardoning the biggest tax-evasion criminals, one Mr. Rich, of Glencore fame, etc. And then I guess for a huge cut, or thinking that his wife would take back the 8 year cycle of alternate presidencies, he let Bush be president with the interference of the conservative Supreme Court in what was tantamount to a coup d’etat.

This of course brings me to my second mistake. My 2nd solution was that of joseph Kennedy. 30 years ago I should have married my J.A.P. Heiress, instead of getting pissed off with their orthodox family, leave her with a famous actress and move to evilwood with a silly contract for a movie with a new actor Mr. Pitt, to that land of ‘posers, fuc*ing posers’ as the song goes, to waste my last sweet youth years on sex, drugs and rock and roll. Character is destiny and on my view the HFes felt on the wrong brain. The path was to have not so much emotions but a cold mind, a purpose. To be humanist, spaniard, with a german drive, logic planning.

By now my son on his 30s, no doubt with a huge IQ and my/my fiancee looks, would be ready to be the first Kennedy-like, Jewish-hispanic POTUS by 2020, hiding his true colours, a new Lincoln for the GOP and then, ah my friends…. 4 years latter the World Union would have been a paradise. But i was too pure, and once I stopped loving her, and their lot I left. This I admire from Germs and yous, their discipline of eviL. Had they that discipline for life, or we, the living systems, but life and emotions waste us.

A decade ago i had also another solution to the 1st singularity event, and failed. So yes, I have a deep angst and sense of sin, and now I feel OK and will as Leonardo, soon say, ‘at last! Solitons with solutions there are always in all waves. At all points of the path, there has been a divergence. But it seems, we humans are failing in most planets. It seems the dominate solution is neither the Savior of Campbells magnificent account of the Tree of life vs. the Tree of science, nor the robotic solution (or else they would be around), but the black hole singularity, the master of the galaxy, exploding planets. The Fermi paradox… Obama of course was also a possible solution. As I think he was not that bad, certainly not so corrupted and dilettante as Clinton. And he had another point of History. If he had nationalised the Financial Industry which ha had bailed out, and had accepted the rules of bio-history, which he wouldn’t even read – this was my last attempt to steer history… but he was just a house negro, Malcolm x style ‘are we sick Master’, X said about them, those who lived in the white house exploring the plantation ones. Now, we have to pawns, and the Mule solution is subdued.

Clinton’s wife, a pawn of Wall Street, or the Trump-eter, a heavily indebted NY mogul, with his daughter married to another ultra-orthodox member of the ‘wave’, are more of the same. America is too corrupted for such solutions. All politicos are screened and $elected. Europe has gone under the ECB bank dictatorship. China is highly corrupted and about to explode with the robotic age of cheap labor. So to be frank, I see only a window, and the least liked, an occupy wall street that puts up the 3 measures and models history as a super organism, with the laws of mammal systems that any doctor can explain – free salary against anoxia, demand economy, prohibition of germs≈ robots, control of the organic production, corporative production of lethal goods.

What any healthy whealthy organism of nature does.

It is that simple. billions of superorganisms in this planet do the right thing.

Only man goes against the laws of Nature. This was my huge scientific advance 30 years ago – the discovery of the laws of super organisms that all the scales of size of the Universe follow, from the simplest cell to the galaxy, except Mankind. All mammals control the blood-reproductive money system with nervous-legal messages. It can be done. China forbade gunpowder, so did Japan. Spain forbade science. It is the law, and there are global organisations, and in this blog many blueprints. And in nature billions of rats doing it. The stock-rats, our modern aristocrats, with control in the language of power (now money then weapons), exclusive use of it, and over the law (then aristocratic courts, now Anonymous societies) are the only neuronal caste of any mammal super organism which has gone crazy with its chosen of go(l)d religious and economic myths, its belief they are a different race from the body cells that share its same DNA, its denial of its control of the FM-system and its incredible, parallel crazy mind, called ‘fiction’, the virtual matrix of a madness that will sink the planet.

In that regard, I tried and did my best, and all what I can say now, is that i don’t angst anymore about it. Humans will certainly get what they deserve. If they want a future is for them to take it.

All what I know is that the clock of finite history keeps ticking and does not have chord beyond the century, as by 2080, the world will be controlled by A.I. digital software and robots, unless it is rewinded, and the hour pushed backwards in the evolution of its mechanical time-beings. I will be spare that sight. Your sons won’t. They are the zero generation, born with this millennium, the last that will reach maturity, the last that can change the clock.

Will they? The prophet=scientist of history that can predict the future, as all scientists do, will no longer be an actor of this play. But that is accessory. The Christian solution took place after Iesu’ s departure (but failed); only the Military Mule must be on place. And often it takes the doctrine from others, as the first Napoleon before becoming a ‘Napoleonid’, giving his thrones to family – instead of declaring the European Union, at Wien, refunding with the ideals of the Revolution the Sacrum Romanum Imperium, or Trotsky before absurdly letting Stalin take over.

This is also a question which always puzzled me – why we, those with the point-particle solution and the knowledge of it, tend to err more than those with the extinctive solution, which on top live so much. Life is fragile, the calix of the prophet of eusocial love of wood, which metal easy crafts to his form. We all though have our punishment, when we fail. This much I can tell you. All those who think the tragedies of history are not deserved – at collective level, the individual ego being irrelevant except for point-particles, the wave of cultures, being the memetic protagonist of history think twice, on which errors their culture, their ancestors committed. And those who think to be on top of history, know that because they won, History will end.
In any case the probability for a human solution, is now on HFes only a 10%. Once the first B.H. is produced or the first A.I. algorithm replicated in Mobiles, it will fall to 0.

Of course, I know our experts are considering a whole set of different solutions, such as rising the interest rate of the money invented by the Fed for private bankers, explaining us how important to move from o.o, to o.1 will be for the creation of labor, and or the building of a cuckoo robotised wall on the river for the creation of high paid jobs on the garbage collector industry, and obviously that Holy sacred problem of kids with kalashnikovs terrorising the world… I am not talking mechanical solutions to fictional problems. Mankind moves today in Matrix. So the funny thing is that HFE, seem fiction and fiction seems today real. It is the old, 3rd age of a system, when the old man or the kid, no longer distinguish reality from danger. Kids and old men are the staple food of the Universe.

So once we have shown the ego-paradox of the universe, the Mule solutions that failed, we can consider the wave solution – negative solution  that is being implemented, that of the crazy neuronal people-caste of America, which are well, doing their routine, the self-suicidal cycle they always implement, of ruining nations, provoking wars for profits and go under with the rest of society, only that this will likely be the Final Solution for the whole species, as robots will do truly a final war once A.I. is born…



The web is dedicated to the biological model of economics and history and its evolutionary equation:

Gaia (Life beings) > History (800-80 years wave equation) > Mechanocene (chips: 8 years cycles).

We study the wave equation with the A) Data and anti-data (anti quantum paradox), B) biological causes C) Cycles, D) Humanist praxis method of human sciences.

We do so in 3 scales:

  • IN this general post, the Home page, we treat the general theme with emphasis in the 80 years industrial cycle, ending with the solutions.
  • In the upper sentence we do so with emphasis in the elements of the science of history and economics.
  • In the sides we do so extensively: The right side is dedicated to the successive 800-80-8 year cycles of the accelerated vortex of the Mechanocene. The right side to the Science of History, its D) humanist praxis (today only theoretical) because B) the biological creation of the Mechanocene under the anti-humanist praxis of Economists and the idol-ogies of the anti quantum paradox, its animetal people-castes and cults to weapons, machines and money prevent it (anti-D).
  • So the left side is A-C) accurate cyclical data and the right side B-D) Causes and solutions.

Thus we shall study in this blog first a biological, systemic science of economics, which shows clearly its cycles and overproduction crises, and then a Humanist science of history, which will have to deal not only with the ‘design’ of a perfect super organism of mankind but also with those human beings, which use metal to ‘prey’ and control humanity, instead of evolving the super-organism of mankind into a perfect world, using machines for our advantage, and making the ‘reproductive network’ of economics – akin to the blood/reproductive network of a healthy super organism, produce the goods the species need to survive.

And thus we need to ‘open the eyes’ of the reader also to a true, biological analysis of History, which is even more censored by the idol-ogies of the Mechanocene, with all kind of subterfuges, from ‘political correctness’, to ‘patriotism’.

So this blog studies first the complex laws that define social  super organisms in the Universe, then it considers the structure of the 2 super organisms evolving on planet Earth, History, the super organism of mankind, and the global stock-market and its corporations, the super organism of machines, its two languages, verbal thought or ‘Wor(l)ds’ the social language of humanity and its values, and digital thought, money, the language of company-mothers and its ‘priced’ offspring of machines; and the relationships of symbiosis and competition between them in labor and war fields; considering finally how the laws of complex systems would allow to create a perfect world, with a scientific design of the informative ‘nervous’ political and cultural networks of humanity and its ‘re=productive’, economic, ‘blood networks’.

Since obviously such perfect world exist, in as much as the Universe constantly produces perfect super organisms.

In that sense, the web has 3 levels of depth:

-This central blog considers all the elements of the model.

– The sentences above:

-“Complex History”: Super– Organisms:

Humanity : History vs.  

AniMetal,  Anti-quantum          Cycles:Economic  Idol-ogies of   The Financial/Media-Military Industrial complex:

Machines &    Money:  vs. The Perfect Wor(l)d: ¥€$ Money

widen the model with more specific analysis of its main ‘parts’ and wholes and the interactions between both super organisms – that of humans or history and that of machines, the Metal-earth’, defined in scientific terms as the  ‘Financial-Media/MiLitary-Industrial Complex’. And finally it considers the design of the PerfectWor(l)d

, with those organic laws, which obviously requires both a reform of theoretical social sciences and a r=evolution of the human-kind against the people-castes and idol-ogies that prevent our species from becoming an immortal, perfect, efficient, social system that maximizes the freedom and welfare of its individual citizens-cells, as most 10D super-organisms of the Universe are.

– And the posts on the sides, which go into the details of all those elements with special emphasis in ‘real history’; that is, the wrong evolution of mankind and history as a process which has never truly cared to design Humanity, beyond a few social reformers and love religions, but it has been dragged on by the selfish agendas of the people-castes, who use ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons, money and machines to impose power to the rest of humanity (which we shall call for that reason ‘animetals‘, half animal, half metal-meme). Those 3 ‘people-castes’ of warriors, bankers and technocrats thus have an alternative vision of history, expressed in its 3 main ‘idol- ogies‘, nationalism, capitalism and mechanism, which today dominates the planet and guided by the values of money constantly evolve those memes of metal, through cycles of war and holocausts that are terraforming the planet, from a world of life into a world of mechanisms, from the Anthropocene into the Mechanocene…

Thus for a briefer vision of the model read the main articles on the upper sentence, the first time ∞ super organisms, dedicated to the wider model, the intermediate words to the age of history and its parallel fight between the ecosystem of the tree of life and its cultures vs. the tree of metal, ending in the design of a perfect world. 

And so in this blog we move from one to the other future, the ‘less probable’ in practical terms, but the only in which humans survive – the evolution of history into a single global super organism dedicated to cre(dit)ate, create with credit a world made to the image and likeness of mankind, investing in welfare goods.

And the world of animetals and machines, the likely practical world but with no future for mankind, a world of overproduction of selfish memes of metal where humans soon become obsolete.

We shall according to objective truth, dedicate more pages to the most likely future – the world we see, but with its truth – not with the placebo fantasies of capitalist democracies which pretend it is a wonderful world for the human kind. It is not. And then given its lesser probability, we shall consider the design of the perfect world with its true human sciences. A Humanist, Socialist, Organicist, complex planet dedicated to create a paradise for human beings, by imitating the perfect super organisms of nature.

Regarding the origin of all this the only logic-mathematical model of General Systems Sciences, a Unification Theory of all sciences, based in the concept that the Universe works as an organism, not a mechanism, I recommend the reader who wants to upgrade his mind to this perennial philosophy of the Universe to read the simplified model on the previous hyperlink (above complex social systems).

This site basically departs from those models in a simplified non-mathematical jargon beyond some cycles, to explain the i+1 scales of mankind, as social organisms, of machines and its social global organism world-stock, and its ages of evolution, etc.

It is in that sense Complex Systems sciences means a jump in ‘scientific rigor’ respect to earlier theories of social and economic sciences, even more than the advances on Physical and biological models, in as much as we departed from a very poor level – that of ideologies of power and classic economics of production of machines, the ‘myth of progress’ as model of the Universe

The reader should understand the fundamental proof of veracity of a scientific model, which is its predictability (Lakatos, Kuhn, Popper). And only the model of bio-economics and bio-history and its wave of evolution of ‘selfish memes of metal’, has achieved that feat, easily proved by the books published and c. in the 90s, describing the overproduction crises of chips and all its collateral damages for mankind.

Yet for the model to work, the hypothesis in which it was based had to be truth – that company-mothers of informative and energetic machines controlled the world and were evolving according to biological laws into a global superorganisms, the Financial-Media (informative machines that print money and manufacture brains to acquiesce with the system), military-industrial (energetic machines and weapons) system. Moreover this dictatorship of corporations had to be so ‘strong’ and dominant over all other social systems that the cycles would work with astounding precision.

And this has been the case. Now the writer is not interested in the mechanical, mathematical side of it as much as the historical side (though in other posts and the larger part of this one, we study in detail those cycles). And this is the main reason the model has not surfaced, since a necessary element for a dictatorship to work ‘smooth’ is the acceptance by the population after the initial resistance is subdued of the system. Essentially capitalism achieved that acquiescence in the Anglo-Saxon world with the reformation, when ‘Go(l)d’ and the pursuit of wealth became the ‘religion’ of Biblical sects (‘Gold is the intelligence of God’ said Calvin, ‘money is the invisible hand of God’ said Calvinist Adam Smith, client of the Montagu family, founder of the Bank of England). It spread to Europe as those Believers in Go(l)d at all costs founded Classic Economics (still today an astounding 90% of all Nobel Prizes in Economics given by a private bank, are awarded to people of those beliefs).

Once this is clear, as the writer never hid the collateral effects and implications, the model did not, could not enter the Scholar circuit, and when the writer took over the conferences of Monetary Systems at the International Systems Society, after his conferences on the Financial-Media-Military-System the society received warnings of legal suits for introducing political and historical elements on his description of the FMMI system (1).

This is what we call the anti-quantum paradox without which is impossible to explain social sciences. Of course, the anti-quantum paradox recognized even by Britannica as the main case of the underdevelopment of social sciences, and somehow explained by Marx, when he affirmed that ‘culture’ is often the ‘super-structure’ that justifies the economic ecosystem of a society still works; reason why I have long ago given up the cumbersome task of sending scholar papers to economic congresses, or trying to influence the world that should ‘knot itself’ to be able to manage mankind.

But that does not invalidate Bio-economics and bio-history for those who seek truth and knowledge. General relativity has no use for practical life and yet it is considered the summit of humans knowledge about time in the XX century, and the basis that allowed me to expand philosophy of science and develop the metrics of the 5th dimension, and the scientific models of eusocial evolution and super organisms in which bio-history is based.

Indeed, do not think that we are different from any other system of the Universe, we follow the same topologies in our languages and forms, the same 3 ages of evolution, the same pyramidal social structures. The only true difference is how badly we have constructed them, and how little interest we have shown in following the laws of nature to make a perfect, immortal human world. I tried all my life to spread those ideas but the anti-quantum paradox didn’t let me go very far.

Under the Anti-quantum paradox.

20 Years ago, when I finished my Master at Columbia U. I published a book ‘Bio-history, bio-economics: a theory of Unification’, where I used well known biological laws combined with my pioneer work on Systems Sciences, to describe societies as super organisms of history, of which each human was a cell, joined by an informative, nervous, ‘verbal’, political and cultural network, and an energetic, blood ‘digital’, economic network – the political and economic systems.

The model allowed me to study with far more scientific rigor both disciplines, whose truths, unlike those of natural sciences, are limited by power censorship, (what I call the anti-quantum paradox: unlike physics, in social sciences the scientist is so small that the observable, power, influences his opinion). I did then since the model was not ‘influenced’ by the routines of political and economic correctness and shallow optimism about the supposed freedoms of ‘democracy’ and the progress of ‘technology’, and could not then be ‘raised to status of truth’ by power, which it defied and criticized, a simple test of truth, which in science is called predictability:

A model able to predict the future is true science. One which is not is false. So I put on the cover of the  c.92 edition, a graph of the future, with its key date, 2008, which will be the equivalent of the 1929 crash – the end of a cycle of history, that of ‘minds of metal’, evolved by America -and the beginning of a new cycle – that of robotics, which will signify the completion of the Industrial R=evolution of ‘organic machines’.  If the date happened as it did, it meant that the biological model of history and economics was right.

How to avoid that final cycle, which would not be good for mankind, as the competition of robots in labor and war fields would provoke a massive crisis of war and unemployment? I did design the solution: the creation of a perfect super organism of history, which politicians could carry about if there was an understanding of the non-future of mankind in a world of robots, and decided to treat machines in organic terms, pruning the tree of science of its bad fruits.

But of course, if ‘power’ kept censoring ‘true social sciences’, substituted by a ‘faked’ ego-trip of fictional human power  that appealed to the natural anthropomorphism of the species, and corrupted democracies kept politicos to the service of financial and industrial corporations, making of the evolution of the machine, not of man, the ‘official future’ of this planet, humans would become extinct at the end of the next, now present century.  This was the tale of biological history and its two networks. And since the crisis did happen 15 years latter, and all the other predictions of that bulky 1000 pages book, stuck with mathematical equations of systems science and complexity, one must accept against his own desires that the model is ‘the science of economics and history’, as no other model except the predecessors of this science (Spengler in History, Schumpeter and Kondratieff in economics), had come even closer to make a long term prediction on both sciences.

Next it came the question of the Antiquantum paradox? Would power accept the limits of technology, even consider the discussion of the theme in serious academia? Or it would close the eyes to that future and keep going with the usual happy fictions of a ‘chosen species’, entitled to break the laws of Darwinian evolution? The future of mankind depended on them, and their capacity to be rational, scientific and truly care about reality and the future.

To be even more precise, the power to design the future of history could be reduced to the power of the leading nation of the future, America,  because it was:

  • A small sample of all the races and cultures of mankind, ‘projected into that technological future’.
  • It defined by imitation the future of all other nations, setting the trends of the planet, as the leading nation of the ‘age of metal minds’

So the question reduced to power in America and how it would confront the 2008 crisis of ‘overproduction’ of minds of metal, chips and its derivatives, e-money, white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminators (similar in its trends and phases to the 1929 overproduction crisis of cars, radios and its military equivalents, tanks and hate-speeches, which closed the previous age of Germany and its ‘engines=hearts of metal’).

There were two options: to keep all the idol-ogies of metal-power and go ahead, even accelerating the tendencies, as Germany did, and usher the world in an age of splendid little wars, with primitive nations (Islamic wars, similar to the wars against primitive Africans in the previous cycle), followed by a XXI century confrontation with the new industrial power, China (similar to II world war). This would be ‘business as usual’ and it would imply that the process of robotisation of armies, control of populations with electronic big-brothers and a virtual mass-media fiction of shallow optimism, censorship of the real problems and hate-TV against the 3rd world abroad and inside (power, immigrants) will reach the heights of the 30s. Censorships of social truths will reach a zenith and humans would move into a world of ever more powerful machines and ever more stupid hypnotized virtual minds, till A.I. woke up in military machines, whose purpose was to extinguish mankind, as weapons are always the most advanced machines, hence the first to wake up to A.I.

Science fiction thus, the only ‘genre’ in which the truth of evolution could be clearly stated would become real, because neither historians nor economists had wanted to develop a true social science void of anthropomorphic myths and techno-utopian ‘single future’.

Unfortunately all my attempts for decades to get funded and start up this science faltered. American universities were far more ‘straight-jacketed’ by political and economical correctness than I thought. And since America defined the future only America could correct it.

But Politicos cared nothing, financiers even less and my attempts to derive those truths into media warnings were limited by the need for happy endings in science fiction and the difficulties of making documentaries… So my vision of bio-history and bio-economics as an ‘iron jail’ in words of Max Weber grew apace. Yes, all my predictions happened in all its details, but those were the negative predictions of ‘business as usual’. What never happened were the positive reactions of humanism, against the destruction of the species by its machines, its polluting ‘global warming’, its weapons, its company-mothers that were terraforming with increasing speed the planet of life into a planet of metal.

Out of hope I retired then, without positive expectations for the future. But latter in the 2000s I became active again when the first of the 2 ‘extinction machines’, nuclear weapons which can kill mankind with an overdrive of energy and robots which can kill us with an overdrive of information – the two systemic causes of death – came into line.

It was the pet project of the Nuclear Industry, refurbished into a newspeak of ‘research’ which was preparing to make black holes and strangelet, ‘cosmic’ bombs on planet earth, starting in 2008… exactly as predicted in the model. I had to take a decision around 2006 when I came out of my isolation. Either to pound on the incoming 2008 crash from an economic perspective, or defy the Nuclear Industry and sue CERN for potential genocide, which is what I did. The suit became ‘globally in-famous’, my reputation as a scientist was ended with ‘ad hominem’ campaigns, and needless to say the much wider model of bio-economics and bio-history did not have a good second start.

And yet, of course, the crisis of overproduction of chips, its derivatives e-money, robots and white collar pcs happened and will still endure till the end of the century, as it IS THE FINAL crisis of evolutionary economics the birth of a new species, metalife, and so it must be seen as a global geological changing era, NOT the Anthropocene, but the Mechanocene. CERN delayed on the other hand its experiments, which have now started as we speak in December 2015, and so in the next years the processes forecasted 30 years ago – the extinction of life by planetary atomic bombs (overdrive of energy, commonest cause of death as in war and accidents or predators) or by robots (overdrive of information as in the 3rd informative age of excess of form, of wrinkles), would come to the species.

This of course, means I am as today, since my suits to cern, an official apocalypto, which is the newspeak for concerned humanist citizens, certified by the media systems who back whole-heartedly the non-future of mankind with its industrial messianism. And that bio-history and bio-economics will keep being nothing but a blog and some failed books lost in the noise of virtual information that silences all voices in favor of life and the human earth.

It must be said though, without entering in details that I had contacts with the financial, political and mass-media elites of America for many years, due to my private life, and so in private I did talk of bio-history and bio-economics with many people who became the elite of that nation, now in their fifties.

My opinion in that sense, is that of the two elite cultures of America, one, which we might call the European enlightened elite, whose memes descended from the enlightened founding fathers of that nation, was opened to dialog and could have if left alone, taken measures to renew the future of the world, and certainly spread the knowledge provided by bio-history and bio-economics.

But ultimately they had no power. Yes, they controlled more or less, the infamous military-industrial complex, or rather owned those companies, which re=produce energetic machines. But as the energetic body is controlled by the informative head, the military-industrial complex of energetic machines was controlled by the informative head, the Financial-Media system of informative machines that printed e-money and electronic information.  You of course have never heard about the Financial-Media system, which is the obvious proof that it does control the world. Since informative power loves to work on the hidden. Black holes are invisible and for that reason they control the galaxy with gravitational information. Words are  invisible but they control the human mind. Money is invisible – we hide it – but it controls the world. Information languages are small, fast and control obvious energetic systems. Black holes control energetic stars in the galaxy. Money controls politicos and the military; and mass-media controls and manufactures the mind of mankind.

So because Silicon valley, Hollywood and Wall Street controlled with its information machines the world, it was the ‘other elite’ of America, which owns those industries, of which we cannot speak on the open (another proof of that absolute control) the one who would decide the future of mankind. It could evolve as some of them tried in the 60s and 70s and join a collective effort for a future, or it could follow its trend, moving backwards towards its past memes, as a racist religion of Chosen of Go(l)d, manipulating with its financial and media control their ‘western empire’ and plunge mankind into a new dark, primitive age of hate memes and permanent war for profits, as it has done.

I spent with them the best years of my life, enjoyed their company in New York, L.A. and Frisco, talked to the people who are guiding the chip radiation in those 3 knobs of their industries – worked in Nasdaq, was a script-doctor in LA and a leading system scientist in the valley, and talked and talked and talked. And came to the conclusion that bio-history and bio-economics would never make it, because they would keep walking like crabs towards their racist past, despising mankind, creating ego-fictions, plunging ahead into a global holocaust now that they are the global culture.

So the Final Solution to the extinction of man, which is to control and prune the tree of science of its bad technological fruits, will not be implemented.  The anti-quantum paradox is winning the match. And the suicidal culture will complete its task. The blog thus is heavy on them, now that I consider the future settled, since the next generation that is taking power, substituting my generation, is so erased, disjoined, made violent and egoist by the mental machines – the hardware – and the mental diarrhea it serves (the software fictions and anthropomorphic bull$hit) that simply speaking, cannot change the world even if it wants. The ‘economic ecosystem’ and the A.I. (Algorithms of information) that run it with increasing automatisms, is on my view beyond human control.

Of course, a coup d’état of our politicos could change that future. But then politicos are corrupted employees of those financiers, which also are the owners of most corporations and mastermind them with money for campaigns and ad hominem campaigns on the press when they rebel and cross the limits of criticism to their financial power.

Now, what matters is their financial power and so the only solution to their mismanagement of mankind is to take financial power from them – to DESNATIONALIZE finances from them, as they control 80% of financial houses and Central banking positions in the west, being only o.1% of the western population. And that monopoly, hidden as ‘economic expertise’, when it is just raw power, corruption and historic control, must end. So democracy returns to mankind and then mankind can find solutions to their problems.

The political details of these people – their wars against Islam, the rival of their small nation; their hate of mankind defined by their racist religion, and hidden under an inverse victimism, their tragic cycles of exploitation of mankind with usury schemes, followed by the appropriation of all wealth, parasitizing with debt, humanity, followed by their massacre by humanity… all that monstrous history of evil, is what I tried all my life to explain to their most enlightened American elites, which seemed not to be possessed by the bronze age memes of their racist religion, so they could pass ‘page’ and look at a better future; that is, make an inner r=evolution, an enlightenment of their bronze age memes, as the French did in their r=evolution, the Americans in theirs, and all other nations of the west, by conquest, war, revolution or reason. Their future and that of all of us, depended on it.

So there was a choice, and the choice is made. They had their intellectuals telling them how to act (having some of their fetish genes, which mean nothing to history as all is about mental memes, I was considered one of them). And on the other side they had their bronze idealized past, to which they finally gave it all. But above all they had their ‘worldly religion, which is money’ in words of one of their true prophets, for which ‘the will suffer the rest of their history’ as another true prophet, told them in Egypt…

What can I say? As a friend from the New York Times put it: ‘it is a religion and you cannot argue a religion’. So instead of reforming and r=evolving they converted the rest of America in 2nd class believers of their religion, and then the rest of the world. So now go(l)d is god and the future program of a language of metal-information, which is what money is, affine to all metal species, which is what money values most, that gives zero value to human life and labor, which is what money extinguishes, will happen, according to the subconscious laws of evolution, systems sciences, information and the economic ecosystem – laws of course so long censored that not a single economist knows (in any case a discipline monopoly of go(l)d cultures, the rat bites its tail).

What happens now: they on top, apparently in absolute triumph, their memes globalized, their power absolute, their enemies brutalized, their money overproduced while the rest of mankind has become their debt slaves… seems to validate their thesis, that they deserve to rule the planet for their own and single profit, because humans are ‘stupid’ (meaning they will never learn how power controls them), and deserve it (meaning they are evil, guilty of past massacres), while they are righteous, intelligent, chosen and the World belongs to them the ‘masters of the Universe’.

Yet, as a corpse which has a fiction cover, a make up, similar to the one evilwood spreads globally, behind the scenes, all is rotten, the robotic insects that will devour the species are evolving fast, their minds of metal and hate messages are devolving all humans, including their sons into a race of children and children are the staple food of the Darwinian Universe they deny, or apply to ‘the rest of mankind’. Indeed, they only perceive mankind as the enemy. They don’t realize that the machine is also their enemy, that their tragic history was not caused by mankind but by metal, gold, which killed their love of the species, made them betray the laws of Darwin (it is not the individual but the species that survives), and treat humans as slaves with a price, as human capital, causing the feedback cycle of wars for profit, poverty and holocausts; and that now the same methods are bringing the entire species to a global holocaust.

Nothing of this can enter though a programmed mind with ‘imperative sacred’ languages, a robotized system, a bottom line of profits, ultimately a very unintelligent people, who are too smart to save their ‘a$$es’. So this blog is a chronicle of a foretold death with a mass-murderer self-suicidal cuckoo culture on top, which despises his body, mankind, and uses its nervous and blood system, of laws and money to poison their own organism till all will be rotten and the metallic insects they worship behead them.

In that regard, if there is still any chance for a solution to the future of mankind, it requires a single first measure: the denationalization of the financial-media industry from this cult(ure), which is not fit to rule the world, given the enormous pain self-inflicted to mankind (and themselves part of it) through history. It is not worth even argue it. A molested child has 5 times more chances to be a serial rapist. And this culture has been molested and has been a serial rapist of humanity for too long. So as long as they rule America, which rules the world, they will guided mankind towards a Freudian, subconscious collective genocide.

And certainly there will be zero democracy as long as the language of social power, which is money, the positive language that creates the world, not law, the negative language that money buys, belongs to them.

Never mind how much they hide those facts, how elaborate are their ‘conspiration theories’, how fictional and happy they can transform the brains of the people they manufacture, the Darwinian laws of the Universe are NOT controlled by them or anyone. They are the true laws of the land, called Earth, with an iron heart and a silicon skin. And what the Earth will do to us, is kind of obvious.

The earth is not dying, all those pseudo-hippies crying for Gaia and the animal world should rather cry for mankind and themselves. The Earth is simply eliminating a species which is either too eviL=anti-live (our leaders) or too stupid (its sheeple), to make the cut in a manly universe where to survive you need a minimal level of force, (maximal energy), intelligence (maximal ‘true’ information, which is different from smart myths, damned lies and statistics, the mark of our rulers, too ‘smart’ to be intelligent, understand that only truth exists and survive).

So now let us describe how those people rule the world, what are their goals (profits to accumulate their go(l)d seeking fetish), and how those goals automatically, according to the true laws of economics will bring soon our demise. Because even if they guide mankind, they are NOT the protagonist of this history. They are themselves slaves of the memes of metal, they idol-ize.

In that regard, even though we shall blame them, because I believe in human freedom, it is very likely that thousands of years of go(l)d worship, of greed has eliminated all freedom on their minds to do that r=evolution. The problem though is that they do NOT step down, and let mankind, those of us who are still free, to make the necessary reforms for our collective survival (and theirs).  This is the conundrum. If they were not there we could still survive. But they do not want to leave and will do anything it takes to stay there, because they think only total power will protect them against their ‘feared myth’ – their own species mankind.

Now we can consider briefly this fundamental case – the go(l)d cult(rue) and their influence with mankind – from the perspective of the 5 levels of ‘awareness’ available to social sciences.

The facts are simple, as all Darwinian process are: This cult(ure) rules completely the West, its politicos and cultural memes, its financial markets and corporations, in brief its future, and through this dominant world culture, the future of the species.

How this power has been achieved is a historic process that started 3000 years ago, when in the bronze age the two essential racist animetal cult(ures) of the west, the Aryan warriors with its Hindi racist rig Vedas, its germ(anic) Goths – as they are indeed the germs that kill history with weapons, and its go(l)d Baalist priests, who sacrificed their own sons to the God of money, appeared in history.

They killed the goddesses of life of the fertile crescent and started a war for global power, with go(l)d – the Canaanites or Cainites, which in the parables of Genesis sided as ‘metal masters’ with the tree of technology against the tree of life. And so for 3000 years mankind, those who believe in life and love, fought against warriors and banksters to become free and control the languages of social power for their own benefit.

The outcome of those fights are the ‘wave of history’ of the graphs of this blog. But mankind felt, not to the obvious evil=anti-live memes of the germ(an)s of history, but to the ‘Abrahamic fairy tale religions’ of human ego-trips, and childish lies, to maintain them passive and submissive to the go(l)d priests.

This is their technique and now we only see the paroxysm of this shrewd strategy of control: lick the a$$es of people with fairy tales that go from self-made man (that is, the isolated egoist man with no social power) to the eternal salvation after insects eat your putrid flesh, from number One ‘America global empire’ of mercenary armies dying for the racist nations, to the ‘give me your taxes’ get ruined and I with 2 billion $ will have your pennies also in my account, because it is not enough to produce 13 trillion $ for free for me…

Those facts however do NOT exist in media, are absolute taboo. And this is the essence of the system: to create an absolute virtual false reality about history, mankind, this planet, the Universe and its laws, to convert a bunch of primitive go(l)d fetish believers in the ‘chosen race’ with rights to control humanity and if needed ‘exterminate’ those who rebel against us, according to the fundamental the is of their religion –  their ‘millenarian’ prophecy of world power (at the end of times all people of the world will be slaves of the Jewish people – Yvwh, its subconscious collective – or will be exterminated, Talmud, Sanhedrin)

And by all means they have achieved that goal. They are destroying their last enemies, the similar fundamentalist zealots of Islam (who are the sons of those Assyrians who opposed them 3000 years ago with weapons, now the Syrians, with similar brutality, with their ‘metal tool of power’).

And they have recruited everybody in the west to that task, through there media, political, military and social control, since the beginning of the e-money radiation, which allowed them 40 years of overproduction of digital money for themselves and their prophecy of power. So nothing moves in the west without consent. All can be erased at will. I could be dead within days if they so choose, for writing this blog. But so far they haven’t done it, as we are nothing. Who cares for an ‘insect’ in a planet they own. Simply with putting this blog at 0 value in Google nobody reads it, point. Just another anti$emitic insect. That’s all.

But this reality responds only to the 2nd and 3rd  level of awareness of truth in history – the second level, the racist hidden truths of their cult(ure), justified by their triumph over the tree of life and mankind; and the 3rd level of ‘humanist’, left-critique of what they do. We have escaped the first level, but it is worth to bring it now: the American, erased, childish, selfish, brutalized masses, degraded during 40 years of control by the People of the Treasure, converted through hate media, taxation and ego-trips of solitude into a herd of easy-to-manipulate sheeple. This level though has been there for 3000 years since a group of fetish go(l)d traders invented an idol-ogy of power, justified with the fetish word ‘God’, to control first their own sheeple, then the populations of the Fertile crescent, plunged into wars for profits, as they traded with weapons, slaves and gold (hence were called the Habiru, those who walk behind the a$$es that transported heavy metal-weapons and gold).

This level is ENOUGH, to understand with reason, and biological laws of survival and extinction, what they have done with history – to destroy it,  and hence explains why 4 billion humans have become retarded believers on the absurd concept that two go(l)d caravaneers, a$$keepers of the bronze age understood the meaning of the Universe looking at a burning bush and will make them eternal beyond the insect banquet. It explains perfectly why there are Abrahamic religions, and how they convert people in mass-murdered, zealots, jihadists and capitalists of their fetish no-questions asked God.

But those 3 levels are NOT ENOUGH TO FULLY GRASP the complexity of history and economics, the ‘good side of mankind’, the fight for a better world, the natural goal of humanity to create a perfect super organism of history where all men thrive, all men know, all men love. For that understanding we need the 4th and 5th level of systems sciences, complexity and the eusocial 5th dimension of the Universe, the true future for those who want to survive. Only then we can understand why this people will never survive their World Project. Why they have lived 3000 years of inferno.

Why the Universe systematically cyclical extinguish them. Why the people who are closer to the laws of the social Universe, and its games of yin-formation and yang-energy and creation have today 100 times more surviving people that them. That is the justice of the Universe. They chose to defy those laws of eusocial love to the species, and invent the laws of the whole, of the Universe at large, of reality and so reality spitted them out. And now that all humans believe in the memes of go(l)d fetish, aka capitalism, mankind will become extinct. Because indeed, we are nothing, but at least we know the truth. They are nothing and they know nothing and they will return to nothingness with all of us.

Can we then judge the Universe? No. It gave us, still gives us the chance to r=evolve and survive and create a better world. And if it extinguishes us it will substitute us for a better world, one of robotized, telepathic, intelligent, eusocial loving machines that work for their common good, united by a global internet brain. The Universe WILL always choose the species that obeys its love laws. And that’s how the Universe maintains its perfection, its justice, its eternity, with a perfect combination of Darwinian selection=extinction and social evolution. When you see the Universe without the dying man, then you realize, this Karma of this people, now our global karma, is what we have chosen and deserve.

And then there is the deepest of all levels, the understanding  of the life and death of super organisms, of the 3 ages of existence that all systems follow. And then, understanding that we humans all are part of the super organism of history, we ‘see’ mankind as a whole – including even those parasites and germs, banksters and warriors that are killing it from within. And suddenly as a whole we realize we live indeed a 3rd childish infantile, old age, as an old man returns to its past memes, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT WANT TO SEE THE FACE OF DEATH, into WHICH ITS INFORMATIVE DEVOLUTION, in its 3rd final age, throws him in.

This level of awareness, which goes beyond present science, of the super organism of mankind its happy energetic youth or Paleolithic, its mature reproductive age or Neolithic and its informative old age of metals, explains perfectly from outside, without judgment, as ‘pawns’ of the game of the Universe, why at the end of history, when machines are taking over, humans are regressing as old men do, to the past, with a negative, violent slant. So the most primitive of all go(l)d cults now rules supreme, as an old man will tell you the memes of his happy childhood that never will return beyond its mad head. And so we do have now after the mature age of social love, and its doctrines of human egalite, fraternity and solidarity, a return to a selfish, infantile, egoist, looking backwards frame of mind, which DOES NOT want to understand the obvious facts of robotics, the crisis of labor and war, neofascism, the lies of Abrahamic religions, the primitivism and brutality of our masters. Nothing of this the old man wants to remember.

The choice has been made in the past 40 years by the culture of banksters that rule the Western world, and now they are just entering the final decay corruption and death of their global super organism, in an Orwellian nightmare of permanent war, permanent madness=fiction till death ends it all. How this death will be – with energetic nuclear weapons or informative robots, when it will be (energy comes always first so if CERN manage to make black holes and strangelets, within a decade; if terminators do the job within a century) does not matter at this stage of the old age of mankind, as understanding calmly all those processes, since ‘a life not examined is not worth living’ (Aristotle).

In that regard, the highest view, that of the super organism of history ruled as a whole by the laws of the ‘5th dimension’, will escape to most, as there are few old men who still keep their intelligence and bravery high enough to enter death with sound steps – their body cells corrupted no longer able to function properly, defying the nervous messages of their ethic mind. Moreover, we could assert that now Humanity is ‘dead’ as a super organism even if its cells can still divide 3 times in a dead body – one for each day of the industrial r=evolution in the slower time ticks of larger super organisms, according to the ‘metrics’ of the 5th dimension…

This as I said is not easy to understand, but essentially super organisms are slower the bigger they are, so mice and flies think faster than elephants. So the super organism of history lives a ‘day’ each life of its cells, as your cells reproduce and live a day of your super organism. Thus the 3 ‘last’ days of the super organism of mankind have been the 3 ages of the Industrial r=evolution, when the germs of history, its metal-species proceeded to substitute us in labor and war fields, killed us in increasing numbers in each world war and develop the now-ready weapons of mass extinction that will do us, once our leaders decide to go all the way down the path of neofascism and start a global robotic war. Thus in those terms, the 2008 date was the ‘final heart attack’, when the human super organism does no longer control its body – Algorithms of information, the software of corporations, the true meaning of Artificial Intelligence does.

This is what I found in my activism against CERN. There, thousand of childish physicists, without any understanding of the complex laws of the Universe, are just ‘taking pictures’ with huge machines of ‘God’s particles’, with the mosquito brain of an automaton math robot. And they are childish, naive, optimist, little turtles coming into the sand after hatching, thinking the lizards’ mouth – the black hole top predator of the Universe is a nice chap. To the point that I have seen those little turtles entering the mouth of lizards in costa Rica, happily dying as mankind does, entering its future extinction path, instead of taking the ‘road less travelled’ that of salvation, to die ‘on ice’ (the frozen black hole) or to die ‘on fire’ (the robotic war), paraphrasing a poet=master of the human mind.

As mental minds keep degrading the verbal temporal language of the human kind, reducing our brain to animal visual instincts and simple emotions, unconnected to other humans without social verbal ethics, or reduced to brutal Abrahamic religions of world power (with the few exception of true oikoumene believers in Islamic and Christian true believers on mankind and love, which escapes the Jewish-protestant religion of go(l)d that divides humans in inferior non-chosen races and superior chosen ones – hence by definition always against the 99% of mankind).

You see, now the madness of mankind and its virtual reality, as the madness of a man closed into his own brain, despising reality outside of it, or a yonki starving on the floor of its fantasies is absolute. So the runaway fantasies of the old man run amok. Who cares, if we are mad and we are dying – just let go all the way. So each lonely cell is now an ego-trip, a self-god, a Goth, a go(l)d master. Each American whose ethic value, intelligence and capacity to care for other humans has been nullified goes around wit an attitude. This is the mosquito point when the Universe crashes the parasite – when the cells feasting on the blood of the corpse receive apoptosis. Now in that corpse there are however a small group of neuronal cells – the site of the ego, of you – an infinitesimal point in the brain that portraits the universe with electronic waves.

This site happens also in the corpse of history. I am sitting in that place of the ego of mankind now for 30 years, and it is a lonely place, to the point I have come to think, there is a single ego-cell in the brain, as I never had any disciple, just some listeners, bio-history has never crossed the point of becoming an ideology of the human kind. But then again in a corpse the neurons do not have cells that obey its ethic, nervous mandate. In that lonely place though the laws of the 5th dimension tell us there is a reversal of time, backwards through the memories of the tunnel of death, so the neurons will see when you die a light back as they go through all their past memories of life and remember as they erase their brain of those memories their entire existence, and will likely judge it. This, is how I see the meaning of this blog now, when I face my personal death as well as that of the species, with multiple die-threatening sicknesses.

So I judge. I can see the errors of history, as you will see the errors of your life, I know the villains, Aaron who defeated Moses, Caifas who killed Jesus, Varus who murdered Caesar and his son who commit suicide in the forest of Teutoburg and avoided the conversion to a civilized humanist civilization of the germs of history, Marx who destroyed the socialist movement, protected the bankers of his secret cult, and through the neuronal managers against the workers, creating a dictatorship that prevented the XX century to become the zenith of the humankind; and the warriors from those of Vedas to Hitler and now the American and IDF robotic armies.

I can see also the men who sacrificed their lives for a better future, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and his disciple Alexander, the quartet of disciples, which represented the height of humanity and the humanist culture of the west. The triad of contemporary prophets, Buddha, Lao and Confucius, which were the equivalent in the East, precisely when coins of gold multiplied the eviL power of go(l)d cults – so they raised also the level of ethics of humanity. I can see the battle lost, the Americans giving the bank to the usurers and loosing their freedoms, the Europeans doing the same just a decade ago, the Chinese becoming a capitalist monster, selling the organs of the qulong pacifist traditional religions for money to western moguls in state hospitals; the soviets murdering their true prophet, and last of the magnificent ethic prophets that Judaism has produced to balance their Aaronite High priests, Mr. Trotsky…

The Warsaw battle lost due to the manipulations of Stalin, who divided the red army, allowing the Polish to defeat them – the monster of that revolution, who latter murdered 20 million true socialists in their gulags; the genocide of Kissinger, responsible of the Cambodian tragedy. I can see the monstrous acts of the 1%, against the 99% which systematically abandons their true leaders of eusocial love. I can see then that we deserve our demise.

But most of course could not look at their past with open, enlightened eyes, not even in front of death. Most will just keep inventing in the virtual reality of a mad corpse that no longer rules its future – the systems of evil=anti-live memes he constructed in the past do. So most will not even go beyond the first page of this blog. They are the immense major it of turtles hatched with less than 30 years with visual brains, null ethics, zero verbal intelligence, virtual minds, hypnotized by machines, emotionally disturbed children, for whom all turns around their little ego-trips and programmed TV-fantasies.  I doubt any of them will go further. So this blog is for those around 50 which did know a past where men had real brains, unlike their virtual children, programmed by machines, with freak memes of their oldest past most primitive $emitic warrior and go(l)d believers, now again on top of our history when they should have been forgotten long ago.

Humanity is now in that stage, moving backwards as old men do, caring only for its childhood idiotic memes, waiting for GodoT, judgment day, within a century, without even realizing dead is so close – in a neo Paleolithic, body oriented baby-stage, close to its final anal retainer state, where he will care only for food and immediate rewards – witness the success of ‘food programs’ on TVs, as an old man cares only for the food at 1 pm. And of course sports, the childish walks of baby-boys, who always smile, and think all turn around their baby-faces. So happy, so unprotected, so weak..

There is though another kind of old men, more intelligent, more humble, which enjoys the 3 ages of life and prepares himself for Nirvana, without angst. It sees then all with a higher awareness, it understands all, it is calmed. It knows it truly doesn’t matter, as the Universe after all comes always on top with its justice – the paradise of youth balanced by the tortures of the 3rd age; those who kill even if they disguise their murder at distance, get killed; survivors are those who obey its laws; egos do not matter, they are ‘spatial, fixed’ presents erased by the dynamic Universe. And yet there is an eternal return in all the planets where history will be again repeated, and in some even the lesser human species, will reach its zenith in those cultures of humanism, art, love and the pursuit of awareness and truth (not of happiness and ignorance). And so all is well in the Western Front, even if the war still rages, since all will soon come to an end.

But there is also the dream, the Mule, the man who has both power and thought, the true Heroes of mankind, those who do change in infinite fractal quantum stories of the History of the species, the future, for all of us to thrive. Today only to mules can change the world, better together, but also alone, forcing the other player to play the match of live not of evil, (as our leaders so often do, so they forced war on the goods player), Mr. Potus, reforming America and Mr. CCCP ruining neofascist America before it kills us all, crashing its finances along the Am Segullah, which of course ‘will help’ on the FOREX market against the $ the minute they see it running, but much better together, and even better a triad, with mr. Europe (Germany as it seems, but not this habiru chancellor, a ‘real wo=man’, who do not cheat lie and murder at distance the gentile). So we shall end with a thought on the highest Mule that ever lived, a Greek with the mind of his spiritual father, Aristotle, and the muscle of his genetic father, Phillipus.

Aristotle understood that there is always a central ‘God’, unmoved, invisible, whose language controls all the energy around it, of which he saw many, one in each mind, in each world, in each island-Universe. He knew that only a world united by a single purpose, to make mankind and live the center of it all, would survive. He rejected platonic mathematics as the central language and said the Universe was logic, of a higher logic than that of man. He thus call his experimental method and unification of science the ‘organon’; wrote Poetics on good drama, still the staple food for evilwood (to twist his purpose enhancing the ‘monstrous’), Politics, still the best book in the subject, etc. etc.

And he told his mental son to conquer the world, merge all the races and convert them to the higher culture of art, humanism, democracy, love of life. And if he had lived longer, and had more of Aristotle than of Phillipus, he might have changed the world forever, by making the near east rational, scientific, humanist, ‘Greek->Latin->European’. But he died too young. So did Caesar…

But how the Mule won the Persian empire? Simple, like Pizarro did, in the most famous battle of History. His troops were 50.000 against 10 times that number. But he knew he had only to take the neuronal head of the empire, Darius, protected as always by 3 layers of his warrior skin – as the bankster is protected by the 3 physiological systems of the Economic super organism it builds, by the 3 false idol-ogies of mechanism, capitalism and nationalism, which justify its ‘go(l)d religion’.

It seemed an unbreakable wall extending a mile both sides of the Mighty king. First his scythian Chariots, with steel blades to maim the infantry; then the immortals, the Persian infantry hardened in one thousand battles. Finally the Median cavalry.

But the Mule had something Darius had not intelligence, courage and 50 thousand free men who would die for him. As a Greek of the 10.000 said to a Persian, today to one American slave of Yvwh, you are not free, but i can’t even explain you what is freedom, you don’t even understand the meaning of that word ‘men are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’, said Aristotle his master.

So the 50.000 knew when to obey, when to fight for their own. A similar number could control the 3 centers of organic power of each nation, from within or from without, the financial center, ‘occupy wall street’, the political center ‘occupy the Presidency’, elect a mule, and the army – fight for mankind not for the drone industry, be a warrior not a driver, a murderer at distance.

The Persians didn’t understand freedom, unfortunately today the Americans and Europeans have forgotten Alexander. They can only obey blindly, have no flexibility. And only one Go(l)d.

But Alexander did. So he knew what the Persians would do in advance. ‘The Wall’ came down first – the chariots. They were few but almightily, for 2000 years since they had descended from the Russian steppes, conquering Levante with his warrior Gods, they had been seemingly invencible. But they were beasts of greed, with no reason. So he lured them. The left wing, retreated, moving slower as his novel ‘strategy’, a triangular wedge advanced. He knew the Persians will see that as a weakness, and would send the Wall of Chariots to hunt them. They counted as always that its fearsome spooked wheels with blades will make soldiers open up to leave them their way, while the archers shoot them down.

But they were prepared. As the horse ran amok, each phalanx formed open square boxes, to confront them, and in the last second, push forwards their lances, killing the thrusting energy of the Wall, which threw out its charioteers. Yes indeed, the energy of the wall, the right to print money for free must be taken form them.

But Darius had still 500.000 armed soldiers who obeyed him blindly. So as the left side ended with the wall, Alexander penetrated the center with his phalanx, breaking the second barrier, the national army of immortals that protected the king of kings, because they thought they must protect their tribe – not mankind. This is the army, the police, which does NOT understand, how easy, how simple is to defend the world, not obeying blindly but with freedom and courage, as the Macedonians did – fighting for themselves, for their lives and families, not for the king, ‘one among equals’, never above, by racist, tribal memes.

Then, though it was POTUS, the Mule who had to do it by himself, because for that reason, he leads. Darius didn’t always hidden by their courtesans, and that was his weakness, Alexander knew he wouldn’t fight directly only at distance.

But how to get at him, the third barrier, were made of flesh, the cavalry, the people, life, once the ‘realpolitik’, the metal power of golden charts and iron immortals had been broken.

So life must deal wit life, himself.  He lead the march, but not towards Darius, but to the right. The Trump-eeters announced his march, there is always an adiovisual media to guide, the theatrics, the march to take political power in all r=evolutions, a decided group, around a leader. And so Darius noticed, the leader was on the move. And he sent the cavalry behind him, breaking the 3rd barrier, living the emperor in the nude, even if the leader was seemingly escaping sideways.

But it was all noise, to distract the cavalry that protected the king, breaking the third barrier, and opening a gap.

Hiding behind Alexander, his javelin throwers, foot soldiers that will die that day were ready. Suddenly Alexander shifted full speed into the open gap, while the foot soldiers threw their weapons, neutralising the cavalry, giving time to Alexander, leading the charge, towards Darius, the head, the capital, taking the center, ending the battle, and winning the empire.

Without power, running away, his falsity uncovered, he did even spare his life, the 0.002%, the commanders gone into exile the world was his to make it to the image and likeness of Man.


(nt.1) All this stuff comes ultimately from Systems sciences. Since I was considered in the earlier 2000s, the leading system scientist in the world, as I had formalised the science, after 50 years of mere insights, since Macy’s congress realised we had a fundamental science of energy – physics, but did not have a proper science of information – then I realised the ‘system’ was corrupted and dying, and switch sides to activism, and ‘obviously’ I soon lost all my positions in academia including the world chair on monetary systems, in the International systems societies – in fact, the society received, as her President Miss Jennifer Wilby told me, legal menaces if my papers were not erased, so they were…

That is how economic scholarship works, and i could fill a book of anecdotes about the most corrupted science of the world, did in fact started here a section dedicated to explain 300 years of damned lies and statistics to the service of banksters. But that is wasting our time.  You see, it is all a gordian knot. Alexander simply cut it. ‘Simplify man you are a marine’ is one of my fav sentences in film from ‘Born on 4th of July’… I do have a certified 180 IQ, which is a logarithmic scale, so that is 20 meters of mind-information compared to a normal person,  one in a million -THAT MEANS, enough intelligence to know as Einstein put it, that ‘God is simple and not malicious’.

And true intelligence is to discover the simplicity of it all and the force of eusocial love, NOT to make it malicious and complex to destroy your species and your world. Banksters and their culture is full of complex bull$hit too smart to survive and indeed, 3000 years after its birth as a culture, their population keeps dwindling, while the seemingly simple Chinese culture, starting at the same time, has today 100 times more people. This is the dictum of the biological, simple Universe about those who kill with iron and die with iron, who try to serve two gods, gold and the world.

That’s the whole thing – at the end of the road, once all is understood beauty is in simple lines of Parthenon not in the baroque fetish gold ornaments of Aaron:

Do the Napoleon thing, scratch all the laws of the ancien regime of biblical go(l)d religions aka capitalism, cut the gordian knot, cancel the rights to have no responsibility in front of the law and the monopoly of manufacturing of money from ‘these people’. And give it back to mankind. That is, simplify legal money as Napoleon did with legal codes, giving a Universal salary that makes all human equal, as he did creating a code of laws that all French had to obey, instead of aristocratic courts and special privileges for the ari-stockrats of our world. Then of course, the banksters corrupted him, with loans to pay his wars and the French R=evolution ended, the king came and killed over a million r=evolutionaries and that was the end of it, as Stalin killed 10 million r=evolutionaries. So within 50 years France had all the privileges back in the present form, with anonymous societies, colonial empires, debt slaves (Algeria was colonised because it did not pay its debt, that was the old way to control debt slaves with weapons as it is always with all kind of slaves. Enough of that).

(2)  The content of this web.

The 2 themes of the web, the evolution of economics and history and the design of a perfect world are resumed in the the central page:
– The first post analyzes the economic ecosystem and its cycles and crisis of evolution and overproduction of machines, whose periodicity, discovered by Kondratieff, allows to forecast their future evolution, as all sciences do, by projecting the events of the past, similar cycles into the future. In that sense to understand this crisis we have to have a historic view and study the previous similar crises of 1929 and 1857 all caused by the invention of new forms of money (stock-paper, ticker money and now e-money) reproduced without limit by corporations, which to that aim limited the rights of governments to invent it.
– And this leads to the second theme/post of the web, The Paradox of History, the confrontation between the economic system and those who rule it with money (corporations) and the historic system and those who rule it with verbal and ethic laws (governments), which in times of crisis break their symbiosis and confront each other both at systemic, structural level and at the human level of those who they represent (the 1% who owns corporations vs. the 99% represented ‘ideally’ by social governments).
Then we consider the 5 subsystems of the economic system affected by the crisis of overproduction of electronic machines in more detail, as it is the theme of more interest for the ‘present’ reader:
– The crisis of labor caused by the overproduction of white collar PCs and blue collar robots that automate companies and are making most human workers obsolete.
– The financial crisis caused by the overproduction of e-money and redistribution of rent in favor of speculators.
– The military/war crisis caused by the overproduction of robotic weapons and the creation of ‘splendid little war’ to substitute the demand of consumption machines and take corporations out of the crisis with ‘Keynesian militarism’.
– The ethical and intellectual crisis, caused by the overproduction of information machines, audiovisual media and hate speeches.
– And the corruption of the democratic system and its social consequences for the bulk of mankind. Considering in the final posts 3 cases of the application of the laws of biology and organicism to history and economics:
 The function, form and substance of money, informative metal, whose values rule the world, building the Financial-Media-Industrial-Military Complex.
 The Oedipus paradox in which we compare the human and the metal-kind in objective terms and their differential of evolution
– And Ethonomics, a theoretical example of what a true science of economics would promote and value as wealth if ‘bio-historians’, not financial economists ruled the world.
A second layer of complexity with a wider latitude in time and space and a more biological, systemic ‘real jargon’ is formed by the upper decametric 3×3+1 posts, in which:
– We extend the analysis of the superorganism of history and its ages in time according to the laws of all general systems that promote the eusocial evolution of the individuals of any species into bigger, more integrated social systems, thanks to a common language of communication and the sharing of energy and information among them; laws which in human cultures were explained with the ethic word by the prophets of social love. 

For those who like both form and content, better crafted, written pieces on those themes can be found on my e-books on the subjects treated in this web, offered at reduced prices. You are welcomed to copy and distribute this information as you wish.

(3) UKSS, 2006 conference on ‘the 2008 crisis of e-money-, 2010 ISSS conference on the ’72 years cycle of evolution of machines, weapons and money’ and 2011 ISSS, Hull congress on ‘the evolution of the financial-military-industrial complex’. 

These posts followed a series of conferences given at the International Systems Sciences Society, recently erased from google scholar due to the protests of an anonymous ‘minority’ member of the society that threatened with suits according to the present models of censorship in the discipline based in ‘political correctness’, proper of all forms of ‘Intelligent Design’ – some parts follow the arid discourse of papers with a neutral tone, which can be found in my books at kindle, other parts come from a less elaborated, angry ‘stream of consciousness’ on all those themes that the reader can consult the ‘ad lateral’ posts and pages).



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