Financial-Media Head

Superorganisms are ruled by informative people-castes/neurons.

Now, it is a tenant of General Systems Sciences that the structure of all dual network systems is the same; and that such ‘super organisms’ of energy and information are ruled by the information ‘citizens-cells’. This is the case of both human super organisms ruled by ‘verbal, legal’ priests (800 y. cycles) and ‘political verbal constitutions’ (80 years cycles), and ‘Animetal civilisations and FMMI organisms of Company-mothers of machines. The Financial-Media system rules the Military-industrial system of energetic machines.

Why we do not understand this? Why we constantly talk of the Military-Industrial system? Because energy is evident, information is faster, hidden. To understand the ‘duality’ of energy and information is thus the first step to understand the structure of super organisms and the Universe at large.

During the years I hold the chair of Duality at the International Systems Sciences Society, I developed in a series of conferences a model that could be applied to all kind of dual systems, and generally speaking those laws and conferences were accepted with enthusiasm till I started to talk of the Superorganisms of ‘Capitalism’, ruled by the Financial-Media informative system of machines and the private dynasties of people that owned them. 

Soon the main conference in which i explained all this was censored, a ‘minority’ protested and it was erased from servers. Since informative power works better when invisible. Gravitational black holes, ant-queens with pheromonal messages and bankers with financial orders are invisible. We prefer to look at the powerless stars, working ants and politicos. But even more invisible are the machines that have facilitated the ‘victory’ of selfish memes of metal over human memes of eusocial love, defeating mankind on its purpose of social evolution into a global super organism by a hardcore method very difficult to accept for people like this author.

Namely the Goebbels’ method: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’. And so it doeS NOT matter how much effort the prophet of verbal thought, the social scientist put on seeking in depth the truth of social sciences, as this blog does. The animetal master has the control of the mechanisms that replicate information since the age of the press, and so he carries the day,he indoctrinates the people, he defeats the prophet and social scientist.

And so we can distinguish a few ages of evolution of metal-communicators that have displaced human verbal truths and tilted society towards a corrupted, desegregated mankind easy prey of the evolutionary machines of information of the metal-earth that now hypnotise our youngsters of the zero generation glued to fictions and small screens with apps.



The problem of ‘inventing an alt-reality’, that is rewriting the whole history of mankind as ‘yous’ have done in U$ with their control of the Financial-Media system of informative machines, the head of the economic world is that REALITY keeps coming back though. And the fundamentalist values of metal-cultures today expressed in the equations of capitalism have no future for mankind.

So from the heights of the euroamerican cultures in the 60s we came down to the present revivalism of the semitic myths, censorships – today shrewdly labelled as ‘victimism’ by the industry of the holocaust and the obvious massive production of hate memes, which characterises the equation of profits of capitalism:

max. profits = max. price-sales (weapons) – min. cost (audiovisual information – hate memes).

And so with credit the semite financial-media masters are debasing globally mankind into its age of entropy and chaos, which will only bring more wars and holocausts.

In the graph, in the final phase of capitalism its three fundamental equations of profits, self-reproductivity and zero value to human life in ‘metal-price’, drive the world towards extinction of labor, an age of perpetual war for profits and massive manufacturing of brains with hate memes, as the oldest go(l)d culture of capitalism takes power in the western world, and by imitation globalises its go(l)d memes to all other cultures, forbidding any criticism as ‘creationist economics’ becomes ‘the only authorised science, Islamophobia is fuelled with hate memes to maintain the healthy profits of perpetual war and development of terminator industries, while infotainment keeps people busy in virtual realities. It is the final age of entropy and dissolution of mankind as the genesis of the metal-earth accelerates its ‘tempo’

The problem of ‘inventing an alt-reality’, that is rewriting the whole history of mankind as ‘yous’ have done in U$ with their control of the Financial-Media system of informative machines, the head of the economic world is that REALITY keeps coming back though. And the fundamentalist values of metal-cultures today expressed in the equations of capitalism have no future for mankind.

So from the heights of the euroamerican cultures in the 60s we came down to the present revivalism of the semitic myths, censorships – today shrewdly labelled as ‘victimism’ by the industry of the holocaust and the obvious massive production of hate memes, which characterises the equation of profits of capitalism:

max. profits = max. price-sales (weapons) – min. cost (audiovisual information – hate memes).

And so with credit the semite financial-media masters are debasing globally mankind into its age of entropy and chaos, which will only bring more wars and holocausts.

Fact is those cycles which were the biggest prediction of this author’s first books – then considered a pessimist orwellian image; are now in full swing. So regardless of censorship and PLACEBO DEMOCRACIES, they prove we live in a dictatorship of corporations, which control politicos and ‘define’ policies, according to which age of evolution of machines we are in.

Thus we can study its phases with the laws of morphology and evolution, since they evolve according to the energy & information humans use to re=produce them:


In the graph, humans have evolved a new type of energy, which renews both the energetic machines of the economic ecosystem (weapons and transport) and its informative machines, which print audiovisual information and the financial, digital money of the economy every human ‘biological generation of 72 years, in which nation of ‘founding fathers’, captains of industries, their sons which massively reproduce and evolve a new energy machine and form of money to its perfection, and decadent grand-sons, which use the 3rd phase of evolution of the machine, as a top predator weapon to conquer the world (2).

NOW it is essential that you understand the Organic structure of all those machines and its company-mothers, divided in 2 systems, similar to the head and body of any organism:

  • THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM of informative machines (below), which PRINT the language of power of our society, digital money and reproduce the INFORMATION that ‘manufacture’ the brains of mankind, (Mass media), which are the HEAD of the super organism of company-mother of machines, with its collective BRAIN, world-stock, globalised, and whose goal is to control, EVOLVE and re=produce for profits:
  • THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM of energetic machines (above), which are the ‘twin’ brothers, of the Global super organism of machines – good fruits of the tree of technology, machines that upgrade and empower us, but also atrophy and substitute us when we consume them; and its bad fruits, weapons, the most perfect machines at any age of history that consume us in war fields.

Yet while you might have heard of the military-industrial system, you don’t even know the financial-media head does exist and control the whole system. And even when I explain you the FM-system, the memes of the culture that owns it and why and how it is degrading mankind, you will likely ignore it. Since the entire system of industrial information provided by those machines, except a few ‘artists’ of more complex thought, normally in parables that avoid with ‘fiction’, censorship will explain it in biological terms.

In that sense the ‘rat bites its tail’ – humans simply have become so hooked to system of evolution and reproduction of machines, and the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial  (energy machines) ecosystem, has achieved such a degree of power and sophistication that it has also perfect the fundamental ‘art of predation’ in nature – camouflage, with a ‘placebo form of freedom’ called democracy, and a system of collective social information called mass-media able to program the ‘tabula rassa’ of mankind, with positive views, even of the most lethal goods of the FMMI system – a fact crystal clear in the leading nation of the Financial-Media system, the US,  where the addiction of humans to machines and their indifferent to the destiny of mankind is becoming crystal clear – as the system offers each of us a series of fictions and ‘ego-dreams’ of individual power that make us happy, but prevent humanity from ‘taking their destiny’ in their hands and organising together as a single head-organism, as the global stock-market that selects and distributes monetary information to those companies does. On the contrary we shall see how placebo democracies were installed by the first corporations, precisely as an inefficient system of opposing parties, which are like siamese twins with two opposite heads, and promote tribal division of the homo species in warring factions – called nations, which ensures the constant ENTROPY OF HUMAN MOTIONS, without focus and synchornicity, while company-mothers are built as perfect super organisms.

Indeed, when I was given conferences of systemics, it surprised me all the offers came from companies, which wanted to improve with those laws, their organisms of reproduction – none from governments, which were and have been in placebo democracies, created by the first dutch company of gunboats and slavery, in a perfect inefficient, placebo form that couldn’t oppose to its power, and ever devoid of the right to reproduce money for their citizens as those companies do for their machines, in the Anglo-American dominant corporative civilisation, which expanded this ‘jail of virtual freedoms from Holland into UK, America and finally the rest of the world’. 

Unfortunately the Universe is NOT a simplex, straight forward system, neither its evolution stops at the level of individual, but works more like an organism or a wave of simultaneous behaviour, in which each part plays a minimum role and the ‘swarm intelligence’ programs them all. Yet what we witness today is a divergence between the efficient evolution of company-mothers of machines into a global super-organism, ruled by digital flows of financial information, while in parallel mankind is becoming desegregated into ever smaller units that confuse freedom with chaos and cannot organise properly their control of the planet.

And we shall repeat this often as we will criticise heavily the -1% of mankind which controls those corporations in a selfish blind way – that the 99% percent is suffering and will keep suffering exponentially more with the arrival of A.I. and the dwindling surface of planet Earth, not polluted by the $hit of machines, not used by roads and factories, and fields of ethanol, solar power, mining – you name it, dedicated to provide them with energy and information today most humans lack.

 But the fundamental reason the financial-media system goes hand in hand and controls mankind is that BOTH MUST COME TOGETHER, to be able to invent money for free for the 0.1%, and so we shall now study, this most misunderstood process of ‘false complexity’-the issue of speculative money with information machines, backed by informative myths about its values and the people who print it, who were first considered ‘high priests’ who used money as a vehicle to talk to the divinity and now are considered classic economists, ‘experts’ in running the world with it.

Let us trace those last ages that have raised the owners of the Financial-Media electronic machines of Wall street and evilwood, mostly of the same biblical denomination to global power, starting with the age of Luther commander in chief of the yellow press.

The 2 elements: the Financial-Media machines that print money and information in favour of the system.

The scam: inventing digital money of null value exchanged by real wealth & used to corrupt politicians.

Money as go(l)d, as precious metal hypnotised informatively with greed the mind, who called the ‘stuff’ the sweat of the sun, appeared so earlier in history in the pre-rational pre-greek age of ‘myths’ and fetishes, not the age of Nomisma, and rational use of it, that it became the most desired form of the human Universe, with a value superior to man. So first it converted man in an object which gold could buy, called a slave. And as time went by more complex forms of obtaining money with slaves were deviced, call taxation, war for profits, debt slavery, STOCK scams and internet bubbles. In all those cases 3 elements are needed to ‘create digital numbers’:

  • A support for the language of money, as we humans create words, the language of man on our brain. But it must be external as we do NOT talk numbers. So a worthless, cheap ‘support’ for the language is required, first useless gold, then tulips, then paper-stock; now computer screens. As MONEY is not wealth perse, just a language of power to give orders to people and things, as when you ‘talk’ (salaries, prices).
  • An informative expert to print news that jack-up the prices and cheat investors to exchange the worthless digital money for real value (artists in the tulip craze, which convince people to change his home for a dyng tulip; doctors in the tea craze, which claimed to cure all sickness; false news in the gold/colonial craze of enormous wealth in the Louisiana swamps bubble or the Argentinean minds of the South Sea bubble; and then when machines came scientists and techno-utopian P.R.ess and economic P.R.ess, Wall Street journals and rating agency’s experts in the railroad scam, the radio scam, the dot com scam, the e-money derivatives scams. Then when all this support makes money become ‘real numbers’; the banker-speculator can multiply it by creating debt slaves – lending it to people, which will have to pay back with real assets, land, real state, hard currency, etc.
  • Yet for al this to work the Banker with its informative machines to print digital money and Public relations P.R.ess needs an authority, which often is a debtor or receives ‘hand outs’ and validates the scam and protects the banksters, obtaining finally real wealth exchanged for the ‘inflated money prices’: Kings that handled go(l)d chosen farm taxation and slave trade rights, to milk the work of peasants and slaves; or colonial rights on lands to stock-gunboat companies; or entered in wars fuelled by the P.R.ess hate media to loot the enemy and pay the debt to the banker. Today it is basically the ‘Private-er’ Central banker, who does NOT lend to people for real investments, infrastructure, health-welfare and job creation but has printed trillions of $ in the ECB and FED handed to bankers and speculators to jack up prices of worthless internet companies. So billions are created by suffocating by anoxia, the credit of all the other elements of society. While in countries where banking is public like China, massive investments in real wealth, welfare and roads happen.   

So only societies in which money were issued for the people with a Universal salary, and investment in welfare goods, as organisms do giving all cells a salary in oxygen and the goods they need to survive, would be a real democracy.

YET OF COURSE, censorship and manipulation of information is due, and corrupted politicos that will never talk of NATIONALIZING BANKS, ARE BOUGHT, SO PEOPLE THINK THAT TO ENSLAVE FOR TAXATION while others invent billions for free is Ok.

The madness of it is difficult to overstate: there you have the equations of economics telling mankind, we are going to kill you, take your job, and give it to a machine, so we can make ‘money’ with your death and job destruction, but that IS good for you, it will make you FREE and WEALTHY. And you cheer ‘heep, hurrah!

It is not an exaggeration. The sheeple do sing ‘4 legs 4 legs’…

I. The age of electronic hate-media in America.


In the graphs the 3 ages of metal-communicators, below from the old book of 92, the graphs of the manufacturing of brains and the 3 ages of rising power of the television media, which as all informative systems go through a first discovery age of positive use, in favour of mankind, when its overproduction is limited, then expands globally, in its adult, reproductive age, and finally devolves during its overproduction years into overwhelming power as a top predator weapon for the body (energetic machines) or the head (informative hate-media). It is of the synergies of those weapons of the body and the mind, from where the ages of fascism in history arise. The puppets that will bring the wave to completion in a series of splendid little wars in crescendo till the final Gotterdammerung (fall of the Gods, on top of the wave), is irrelevant. He will always be a man of the mass-media of the age, histrionic, violent, emotionally disturbed, able to raise a wave of hate:

69 AGES TELEVISIONmetal communicators

The fascist politicos today thus come from tv-media, and this is Mr. Trump – the first clear puppet and trumpeter of the Apocalypto age.

So the world is mature to reach the zenith of the present age of neo-fascism, either in this cycle of the $elected, of if we are lucky in the next cycle (2020s).

Now we say of course the puppet because the wave is ‘Industrial’, produced consciously and subconsciously by the values of Go(l)d that give maximal prize to weapons and minimal to human life, hence maximising profits in ages of war. So as the system evolves weapons, the owners of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex will find excuses to choose war-monger politicians and the puppet will sing his song.

In brief, the causality is simple: whole thing is ran by the lanwave of money and its anti-life values, which is you have not read them elsewhere, we shall explain down below in this post. Then in search of profits and personal political agendas, (in this case in defence of the fascist goals of his ‘other nation’) the American owners of the Financial-Media system of machines, on top of the pyramid  will $elect the man for the job.

Since they make or destroy presidents since Watergate with TVs and finance them with their unlimited e-money print (Graph above, mature age of TV-power, when a president was toppled for a peccadillo of corruption, to show muscle, and ‘tame’ ever since the American politicos, in need of Tv-exposure and Financial credit for its campaigns – thus ever since Mr. Nixon only puppets are $elected).

Thus go(l)d values->Profits tuned to the weapons age of technology decides the people on top of each cycle, in this age of metal-minds the people in America on top of the hierarchy of nations, owners of Hollywood and Wall Street to bring out hate media and splendid little wars, and neofascism blossoms. Of course, the enemy is always available among the brutalised poor on the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid, and there are always primitive warriors in revenge mood to save us from.

But this is the key element of why neo-fascism is implemented so fast, so smooth with so much acquiescence of the common people is clear. The feeling of absolute impunity of the elite of the Financial-Media System, which truly has acquired the characteristics of his God, ‘NOT TO BE NAMED’, is absolute. 

Today even the most idiotic, believer in confabulation theories, does know whose culture own those places.

And yet the most absolute Taboo of our society is to accuse the neo-fascist leaders of the world of being neo-fascist. 

In America and increasingly in Europe, the absolute Taboo is to say the truth: that the world is ruled by an elite of bankers, who sponsor conservative, racist policies against mankind both of ‘economical and religious origin’ that will take the robotic revolution and elimination of labor till the end. But to say this, means that even in the so called left you will be ostracised – as this blog is – by the political correctness, butter-like minds of the ‘good people’.

Fiction and false experts. The modern sources of newspeak

 But the true burning of books is closer to the parable of Farenheit 451: books simple cease to exist because audiovisual soma is reducing the brain of humans to peanut verbal states, into a visual neo-paleolithic where it is not needed to defend go(l)d anymore as erase head humans cannot even care to understand the super organism of history, while cameras increase its vigilance and newspeaks of political and economical correctness sink the peanut brain capacity to discern and have a critical mind to zero:

3 from hux to orwell GOOD


The beauty of modern self-censorship indeed, is the fact that people manufactured by mass-media, to use a sci-fiction parable (you can only discuss these themes in sci-fi parables), like to be Data NOT Neo, and certainly will accuse any apprentice of Neo, of witchcraft without need to be coached into shouting ‘crucify him, crucify him’. And yet before I became an activist against the military and financial industries that soon will ‘kill us all’, I was heralded as the new Einstein for my discovery of the metrics of the 5th dimension of eusocial evolution of parts into wholes that structures the Universe, as it evolved form particles into atoms, into molecules, cells, organisms, social super organisms, solar system and galaxies – again a theme highly censored because eusocial evolution, Love, mind the reader could save mankind from hell=extinction, through a r=evolution of the system and so eusocial love must not be televised (studied briefly in what they have of use to social sciences at the end of this post)

TODAY’s NEWSPEAK is produced overwhelmingly by the biblical cultures of Judaism and Protestantism, in the English language of the culture that developed the machines, through audiovisual corporations, mostly belonging to the belonging to the original culture of the memes of go(l)d, the people of the treasure (72% Nobel prizes in economics, around 60% of global capital, monopoly in banking, digital information – eBay, Microsoft, Facebook, Wikipedia, amazon, dell, MySpace, newscorp, NY times, the economist, financial times, Warner, etc. etc.

This means the Globalization of the ‘goldiron’, Germanic-Jewish cultures, which embody the memes of war, money and machines they have carried around the world. Their power and control of global information is absolute. And yet, because humans have slowly evolved mentally and the eusocial memes of love are natural to the word, this newspeak is achieving the ultimate victory over the mind of verbal thought – converting our natural, biological language, the word in a deactivated fiction.

This is the purpose of Hollywood within the structure of memes of capitalism and the financial-military-industrial system: to spread memes of racial hate to promote war; to protect patriotism and capitalism and the cultures that carried those memes, the Jewish-Anglo culture as the supreme good (exempted of late the German culture of warriors since they killed the top predator of the financial-military industrial complex and so they have been moved to the other side); to create the myth that technology is always good, that war is necessary and when those memes carried by news and serious scholars are not imprinted, to deactivate all other memes with fiction thought, so the individual human is reduced to a bubbling idiot who dreams in lady gaga and follows the twilight series but serious believes in the dogma of catholic pederasts (love religion), Islamic terrorism (love religion), socialist destruction of human freedoms (love science) and the falsity of any biological analysis of history (love science)…

There is today an ultimate form of Newspeak that has become overwhelming called:

—  Fiction: the systematic promotion of fiction as a mode of expression is a feature of the Industrial Revolution and the age of Industrial Information, which started with the press and today has evolved enormously in visual sophistication. Its effect is obvious: it diverts the attention of people from the real problems of the world. And it reduces the value of words as a language of truth, which becomes substituted by digital numbers—science, pricing, audiovisual images. Ultimately, it erases the human, verbal, ethic brain and its survival instincts. In that regard, when words were the ‘sacred’ language of truth, men couldn’t waste their time, in a Darwinian Universe, believing in fictions. Yet today, since men are becoming obsolete, idle fiction becomes the key element to distract people and keep them in a permanent state of idiocy.

The trend can be traced historically to Victorian England, in which the 2 dominant fictions of today’s world were invented: narrative serials, heavy on melodramatic fiction and . . .  sports. In the Midlands soccer became the sport of Liverpool and Manchester workers (still is), when mining and textile companies offered a free lunch on Sundays to workers that went to see soccer matches, a fiction of war. Their aim was to prevent them from fighting for ‘real rights’ and assist the meetings hold that day in Trade Unions. Thus soccer substituted the Anglican/ Calvinist Go(l)d religion, which had lost believers, as the new ideology of passivity among workers. Today ‘pan et circensis’ are offered by McDonalds and TVs at minimal cost. Since once fiction becomes the main mode of verbal expression, real words with its ethic, survival content, become meaningless and corporations can govern you through a different language, considered by mechanist science ‘the absolute truth’: digital thought, mathematical prices, salaries, money and ‘votes’ that carry the ‘non-fiction’, real orders and power of modern societies.

Fiction is thus, the only mode of expression left to the human thinker and writer, because it is ‘bullshit’, irrelevant to create actions that transform societies, as today monetary orders do. Indeed, Newspeak is a concept that appeared in the novel 1984 by G. Orwell, similar to the modern concept of a ‘Matrix’ of false information, explained in the film of equal name.

In both cases, the authors wrote a ‘fiction novel’, because precisely the ‘Fiction rule’ that prevents distribution of truths about the ‘Free Market’, obliged them to write a parable of reality. So happened to Samuel Butler, father of Bio-economics, which published an article about the evolution of machines, after he read Darwin, but could only make his work available to the mass with a book of fiction called ‘Erehwon’, nowhere backwards. In that regard, the effect of fiction is evident. It implies that the parables of fictions like Matrix or 1984 are ‘lies’ not to be taken seriously.

So the effect of those masterpieces is often the opposite to the effect the writer tries to create: the evolution of machines, the control of societies by go(l)d and murder, the future extinction of man, becomes something we have seen in ‘science-fiction’ movies like ‘Matrix’, so it must be a ‘fiction’, a ‘lie’. And whenever a serious scientist brings the idea in non-fiction terms, the reader, if the industrial system of ‘scholar’ misinformation lets him speak a all, will be vaccinated by his feeling that he is exaggerating, because he has heard that, as a ‘deja vu’ fiction.

Metal communicators and hate-media speeches, which always vomit messages against humanity and in favor of money and machines. Latter we will study in detail both, the hardware, the software and the human cultures that corrupt the world with them.

In that sense, we must understand a fact – all seems to prove we are entering the last age of history, the death that comes after the 3rd age of information. And so to fully grasp where we are we must objectively, as all seems to show that nobody gives a ‘damn’ for the whole, for the superorganism of mankind, in the final phases of its death by financial anoxia, military death, and mechanical atrophy and viral degeneration.


As you have been preprogrammed, as likely part of the  FM-empire (given the technological backwardness or network censorship of all the other present cultural regions of that map) to agree with the label of one of the contenders of the Semite wars, Jihad terrorism and deny the other contender, as a confabulation=complex theory of reality, (called in humanist newspeak with irony Komploten theory the ‘thick-dutch-german’ name for it), we shall affirm categorically that THE UNIVERSE IS COMPLEX, with a shallow MEMBRANE, which always hides a series of inner regions, which as onion layers, will direct you to the ‘central mind-singularity’ of the system that controls it all BUT IT IS BY DEFINITION INVISIBLE TO THE OUTSIDE OBSERVER.

And so it is essential for any scientist of any discipline, to understand the structure and layers and ternary parts (membrane-vital space and informative mind) of the system. This is shown in the next graphs, and explained further in detail below (and in the side course on general systems, for which the first post, 5D suffices):

In the graphs, first the structure of all social systems divided in bodies of energy and heads of information preying in fields of entropic motion, extended across 3 social scales of organisation, below those scales for physical and biological systems. And in the middle the 3 parts of all systems of reality: the informative singularity-mind that controls the system and YOU DO NOT see, the spatial membrane that feeds on the entropic field and YOU ONLY SEE, and the vital space-time in the middle of citizens-cells-atomic networks that YOU ARE.

Thus in human systems this Tiƒ, temporal informative mind is a linguistic mind that controls either with verbal, ethic, legal values (humanist societies) the whole system or does so with digital gold and its animetal values, degrading in parallel the verbal information with myths, segregational religions, hate-memes, nazi-onanism (we must be creative with the humanist newspeaks as Orwell was to convey more meaning); so you are just ‘moved by the anti-life values of ‘gold greed’ that kills your capacity to love your neighbour and iron violence  that motivates you to kill him – something a rational evolved human being would never do.

So Yes I know this is more complex than a twit or an audiovisual hate meme, to program your mind, and likely after decades of being brain-washed by trash-fictions and infotainment, you think ‘all must be simple, but the UNIVERSE IS NOT – we shall repeat, the Universe is a Komploten theory, for each individual fractal species and its ternary structure to exist. Let us then briefly repeat the 3 parts of all systems:

S-membrane, visible in space, Ti-mind, centred in the singularity and its informative language networks, in society verbal or digital network that give value and orders the whole system, its vital space, the cells-citizens of the super organism). In the graphs we see the structure. One more thing is needed to describe you and any being: the 3 scalar layers shown for good measure for the physical and biological systems of the Universe in the next graphs. So YOU ARE co-existing as ambulatory collection of a trillion cells, as an organic mind-indivdual and as a cell-citizen of society, joined by its S-T networks (the blood-economic system and the nervous-legal-financial systems).

So where democracy fits into the systemic structure of super organisms of nature – does it, or it is a human invention? Surprisingly enough in the perfect superorganism of nature, democracy always exist as it should be NOT with a priori vote, as science experts MUST rule organisms and there is not hydra, twin-heads, to go left and right, but once a true expert (meaning a real social scientist  whogoverns serving people) ENDS its actions, the body-cells judge him with pleasure or pain – and that is THE DEMOCRATIC A POSTERIORI VOTE OF ALL SOUND DEMOCRATIC ORGANISMS.

So in ill, sick corrupted human societies there is NOWHERE, a real DEMOCRACY but a placebo polling, with no consequences, as there is NO pain judgement.

THUS today in societies WE CALL ‘DEMOCRACY’, newspeak for financial and military dictatorships shown in the next graph, a mere polling of audiences of mass-media, after the hate-memes and false newspeaks of the real system of military capitalism we live in, has programmed your brain, to not-choose previously $elected politicos – all of them serving the Financial-Media/Military-industrial corporations, NOT you, since they can cheat you as they are NOT democratically judged a posteriori, the meaning of DEMOCRACY IN GREECE, WHERE WHAT MATTERED AS IN ORGANISMS were THE PAIN MESSAGES AND JUDGEMENTS A POSTERIORI, which obliged politicos and generals to obey the common good. So when mr. Trump leaves office, he would be judged on tv (now it is possible in this manner to repeat the judgment process of Greece in citizen assemblies, with a fiscal talking of the lies, emblezzments, murders and cheatings of the politico, asking FOR DEATH PENALTY, EXILE, JAIL OR TAXATION, according to crimes, and on the other side THE POLITICO, defending himself of his actions, asking clemency, and you would vote the ±actions, those of the fiscal or its inverse, free HEALTH-CARE, RE-ELECTION, freedom and pecuniary rewards, to the politico. Bet You Mr. Trump would NOT kill you, destroying your health-care, kill your sons, sending it to the mercenary armies of the $$emite jihad wars, will NOT put him on jail for peccadilloes, or EXILE him as an illegal immigrant cleaning his golden loos and courtyards and will NOT keep taxing you with the schemes of appropriation of money of its Wall Street cronies, because then you WILL VOTE MURDER, EXILE, JAIL AND TAXATION TO HIM.

NOW THAT is THE CRUSH COURSE ON KOMPLOTEN=COMPLEX SCIENCE. AND IF YOU DON’T GET IT, you are simply too erase head bubble-mind ‘don’t worry happy’ soma idiot and just leave this web, thanks.

Indeed,  when someone is kept simple as you have been, till I gave you the red pill to wake up, as Morpheus, so you raise the veil of the Matrix of fictions of the Metal-earth,  is because you are being ab=used by a complex=Komploten system’.

So the prolegomena and the graphs, which ARE ‘canonical in Complex General system sciences’ – the structure of any system of the Universe, which we resume in a symbolL’


THAT IS, all systems o reality do have a temporal, informative, spherical head-mind-particle (Tº)… as the sphere is the volume of maximal information in minimal space – hence you don’t see it, either in spherical or fractal network form.

WHICH guides a vital body-wave Space-Time (ST), through a field of spatial entropic motion absorbed by a larger, extended thin membrane, S, (symbol of entropy and space), WHICH NORMALLY IS ALL WHAT YOU SEE

across 3 scales of organisation, the ∆-1 cellular/atomic, ∆º mind individual-thermodynamic, ∆+1, ecosySystemic-gravitational level.

Now look around yourself. A society, and you are within one in its vital space-nation as a citizen is the same: your brain is your government and financial network, with site in a capital, dense, singularity (Washington and NYC in U$, Brussels and Frankfurt in €U); your membrane your border, filled with military, lineal entropic weapons, which is what in the single plane of mother earth a foreigner will only see.

So as all singularities are hidden, specially when they predate and ab=use a system, that is why you DONT SEE the singularity of your Nation, the Financial-Media system, which is ab=using you as if you were an alien, as it is filled with segregational capitalist memes that make you think YOU ARE NOT part of the system.

Complex Social Sciences=Komploten theories must denounce anti-humanist JJihads.

Now, 3 more prolegomena. Look at the down graph of the 4 forms of antisemitism, the first is positive r=evolutionary loving prophets mostly Jewish, who have tried to convert their people and the world to the human species, and we call anti§emitism as the symbol § is used in Komploten, sorry (: complex sciences to signify the individual and social scales of a well designed super organism. It is not really antisemitism but pro-semitism (another word we use for it) as it tries to evolve Arab Jihads and Jewish Inquisitions that jail your mind to the hate memes of the 3 next forms, and so you should practice mind r=evolution according to Komploten= Complex Social sciences and denounce the other 3  toms of antisemitism: Nazi-Jihad murderous AntiSSemitism, which we all know (last); and the 2 most don’t understand in the middle, Jewish Inquisitions of thought, now in the form of the Industry of the Holocaust with his hate memes against ‘guilty mankind’ and inquisition of thought to the inner middle classes, the sheeple of judaism terrified of humanity so it won’t join mankind. Why? this is needed for the most insidious form of anti$emitism, 3rd in the graph: the one practiced by the 1-10% elite of this go(l)d culture, the banker-priests of Israel who ab=use and host on other nations as viral parasitic bankers who steal the right of people to issue their money in democracies, and hence know sooner or latter people will realise (as you cannot cheat all the people, all the time: Lincoln) and so need a ‘reservoir’ of terrified lower classes, the ‘vital space’ of this singularity in the inner structure of Judaism, to throw them to the anti-SSemites of the 4th graph that will murder them as scapegoats, while the escape to the next hosting nation, to exploit them with monopoly of money and hate-memes, till the cycle they DENY of the holocaust that NEVER kill them, but MAKES them richer, as they escape with both the money of the people and the money of their scapegoats, repeats itself.

You see alas this is the complex science of the Komploten theory, and for good measure we shall repeat it all again, as you have been so much repeatedly indoctrinated not to understand a dot of it, or knee-jerk, ‘Komploten, Komploten, you are an anti$$emite’ which I am not (unneeded disclosure: grand-pa sephardim survivor of concentration camp NOT for being you but for being socialist=humanist)

So let us repeat the first prolegomena of Complex social sciences, which you have been properly indoctrinated by ‘simplex degradation of your mind through fictions, and the taboo world of antisemitism:

In the second graph we show you the 4 forms of antisemitism, the first is positive r=evolutionary humanism who try to convert JIhads and suppress hate-memes to return the degraded $$emite minds to the humankind; the 2nd is the industry of the holocaust, the first of 3 negative hate-memes against mankind which try to blame all humans of the war and holocaust cycle caused by the 3rd and 4th negative forms of antisemitism: the fourth is evidently Nazism and Jihad of anti metal warrior cults which fight for supremacy with the 3rd form of antisemitism, that of the elite of banker-priests that exploit mankind with go(l)d, hide behind its own sheeple, ‘scapegoat’ for the times when the entire human population they exploit with capitalist memes rises against them.

Thus you should always as a humanist social scientist denounce Jihads and Inquisitions, which are the violent, greedy suppressing memes liberally handed out by the 2,3 and 4 forms of antisemitism.


In the FIRST graph, so the reader understands what the euroamerican humanist, legalist, free culture, the most r=evolved of the western ‘mind’ faces: the $$emite memes of hate against mankind and slavish worship of metal-memes, appeared in the fertile crescent with the discovery of the hypnotic power of go(l)d, the most informative metal that can hypnotise the human eyes with ‘greed’, and the murderous power of bronze and latter iron, the most entropic atom of the Universe that can cut any form of life. Hence it appeared a people, immediately qualified as eviL=anti-live by the humanist scientist of the age Egyptian and Sumerian wor(l)d and fertility priests, who warned the species against the ‘Golden apples and eviL weapons of the tree of technology’ that if we evolved would extinguish us.

Soon those cult(ure)s degrade their language, changing its topological structure, where in all its modern evolved forms of thought (Latin languages, english, chinese, african languages) the human being, the Subject of Information MUST come first, by Imperative languages, where the Verbal barking orders of the go(l)d priest or Jihad warrior self-named vehicle of Logos=True God= rational scientific laws that Create the Universe.

Thus ushering mankind in the mythic murderous age of the Semite wars, in which fertility goddesses were called the ‘abomination’ by Yhwh and Baal and Assur go(l)d and bronze priests.

It was the beginning of the end. And so now that we come the full world cycle of human extinction we return to the asymmetric $$emite wars (in as much as the gold priest did win the battle for the extinction of history, controlling with gold mercenary armies that defeated the arab warriors, which loss its supremacy of weapons to the iron hordes of Germans – themselves devolved into objectual agglutinative long (S)word like languages). Thus alas today, we are in a systemic confrontation between Germ(anic) warriors of the western Military-industrial complex, commanded by its capitalist head, the Financial-Media Jewish empire (0.02% of human population, as we must differentiate its 90% of sheeple from the elite of banker priests in control of the information of western societies, both digital=money and audiovisual, as they are 80% of the CEOs and CFOs of financial, media, internet and central bank industries, which print liberally money for their appropriation through stock-market issues). 


In this brief 3 sub-posts on the Am Segullah dictatorship over the Euroamerican culture (the culture of the motherland of europe and its memetic daughter culture of America, based in humanism, the rule of the law above weapons and money, rational science and human freedoms, both in the mind-language of verbal thought, the body-language of sexual=human reproduction and the entropic pleasures of life; now almost extinct as the go(l)d culture imposes its primitive memes)…

We deal in this article after considering its dictatorship based on the monopoly in the issue of money to cre(dit)ate a world to the image and likeness of their machines and hate-memes against mankind, the dictatorship of its mercenary armies, bought with that money and the clique of “General puppets” of its U$lave mercenary armies .

But first for good measure, a quote on one of the r=evolved higher humans of this animetal culture:

‘It is now self-evident that our (lethal) technologies have outstripped our Humanity’ Einstein, Humanist, Socialist, pacifist, rational, scientific, r=evolved human being thinking on the future

‘Israel will be judged not by its technological advance but by the way it treats its brother arabs’ Einstein on his renounce to preside over a devolving, anti-humanist, capitalist, military, religious memetic, bronze age cult(ure) thinking on the past.

The $$emitic hate-memes towards mankind appeared at the end of the Neolithic with its viral destruction of the Goddess age of the Fertile crescent.

Many humanist prophets of the wor(l)d tried to convert them to humanism with null success.

As we have explained in our post on humanism, the larger doctrine of eusocial love supersedes in social sciences any tribal segregational idol-ogy of animetal-memes, as nazi-onanisms, or $emitic JJihads are.

Indeed, warrior jihad terrorism and go(l)d jewish capitalism, as the oldest, most brutal forms of ab=use of the humankind by hate-Metalmemes must be denounced systematically BOTH ways.

Given the fact that the power of Go(l)d capitalism is far superior to that of Jihad terrorism this is no longer possible except in blogs of true social sciences, which if ‘lucky’ you might besides thinking it for yourself or writing it backwards Leonardo style to avoid the JJ-inquisitions post it in articles like this one.

In this case, as the most brutal of all hate-memes are precisely those between the two kinds of J-memes it is authorised to speak up against jihad terrorism but it is an orwellian ‘thoughtcrime’ even to insinuate the existence of a systemic dictatorship of go(l)d capitalism, which forbids the issue of the language of social power ‘nomisma money’ (legal tender money under the rule of a true democracy), let alone try to reform it.

Never mind, we insist, the newspeaks of Komploten theories, the industry of the holocaust, the hate-memes against mankind, the self-serving expertise of those who destroy societies with weapons and go(l)d just to die latter in the cycle of wars and holocausts, they deny,  should never stop a true social scientist=prophet of the future from speak up against JJihad capitalism. As all  positive form of humanism should try to convert warrior SSemites and Go(L)d $emites to the common cause of human eusocial evolution.

This we said, as a prolegomena, in the small hope that the unlikely lonely traveler of internerdia stumbles on this blog, banned in some countries, slowly charging in others – specially the central page, systematically hacked, with ‘no certificate’, Lol. Why I laugh. Because $$emites (this wor(l)d includes both JJihads) always DENY THE WARNINGS OF THEIR scientists of history=prophets of the wor(l)d to their own peril, as there is above them, the eusocial laws of love of the organic, scalar Universe, and so if they renounce to form part of the whole, mankind, they will be slaughtered whole-sale by the action-reaction of the Leibnizian Universe, which is the best of all possible worlds, in as much as it extinguishes the lesser species that deny those biological laws, as humans are doing today.

We live in the age of the $$emite wars, when Mercenary armies & JJihads against the Euroamerican culture have almost succeeded in destroying the Euroamerican minimal freedoms to which we were entitled during the post-war democratic age, when the american way of life (the american dream), and the eusocial memes of love of the european union casted an age of hope for a future of mankind. This forgone age was extinguished by the regression of the rational, humanist, eusocial, euroamerican culture back to the animetal age of hate-memes, as Jihad terrorism and Jewish capitalism, the 2 most brutal expressions of metal-earth control over the human Earth spread globally in both sides of Euroamerica. So in this post of Complex Social sciences, which censorship dismisses as a Komploten theory to make possible the Calvinist, biblical bigot adagio that ‘people must stay ignorant to remain obedient’, we will consider the whole complex elements and sub-layers of the $$emite wars between Arab Jihads and Jewish capitalism, whose true victim is the Euroamerican culture fast regressing to the earliest brutal age of fundamentalist go(l)d churches and Jihads:

Now the extinction of the Humanist, rational social scientific view of mankind of the European Union and the American democracy by the Jewish Inquisition and the Jihad Islam, the 2 anti-humanist, anti$$emitic forms denounced in this blog to free the mind of man and evolve towards a scientific perfect world is what you should accept as the reality of the western world. I repeat Jihad Islam + Jewish Inquisition, ‘tanto monta monta tanto’, Latino expression for ‘it is really the same’, is the warrior hate meme that kills your body and the go(l)d mind jail that imprisons your brain. And both MUST be denounced.

So now that you know you are a $lave, we shall explain you HOW you are being murdered IN BODY AND MIND. As slaves HAVE NO RIGHTS… only in your case placebo democratic polling and a few other theatrics to compensate for being a good house negro.



The synergy of hate-media and war machines in the robotic era: 1860s=2010

Now we can understand in more depth the synergies between electronic wars and electronic media of previous wars.

We live in a parallel age NOT to the fascism of Hitler but to the colonialism of England and France and America during the train wars, which PUMPED UP TO GLOBAL MENACE, a bunch of Indians with arches, Zulus with javelins and Australians with Boomerangs to promote the overproduction and sale of weapons, and the depletion of arsenals that consume human beings.

Now with the historic perspective we can perfectly see what the British Vickers, the Schneider’s in France and the Remingtons in America did – but then only Buffalo Bill in America and a few socialists in Europe dared to say the truth: ‘splendid little wars’ which will take us from this crisis (T. Roosevelt on the Spanish-American war for Cuba), manufactured by the yellow press then (‘I will give you a war’ Hearst), by hate-media today.

This MUST be understood from the beginning. The colonial powers in the Age of the Yellow Press, equivalent to the present age of ‘Hate-media’ and ‘Islamophobia’ against the primitives, a bunch of non-entities with kalashnikovs in Syria, which could be erased with a land ONU army in two weeks, according to American military experts, is entering in the last phase of weapons overproduction. Not even 9/11 – a terrorist act, which has always been combated with intelligence organisations (CIA) and target operations, NOT with STATE TO STATE wars, qualifies for a global war on terror.

When Mr. Goebbels said ‘canons make us strong (and rich), butter make us fat’, he was stating what Bush told to Kirchner in Argentina (S.O.T.B. film): a new deal, that is crazy, America has always come out of economic crises with wars. But for this to happen ‘again’, for the repetition of the colonial wars of the XIX century… in the XXI century, we need to pump to global menace a bunch of kids so citizens accept that a teenager with a Kalasnikov in Paris can get the State to close 3 days the capital of Europe, Brussels, creating a terror mood that multiplies sales of electronic big brothers and predator drones, or close the city of Boston to chase another kid with one of the 300 million weapons, of the land of the free that nobody cares for. And that, when tens of thousands die for lack of healthcare, of ‘butter’ in our budgets.

How can that aberration work. How can, the entire population of America and Europe willingly love to be submitted to an electronic big-brother paranoia, like nothing since the Germans were under the radio-hate speeches of Goebbels? Exactly because we use the same Goebbels’ method: ‘ ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it; the bigger the lie the more they will believe it’.

America today spends 1/2 of its budget in the pentagon, and for that to happen – to pump up so much robotic business- the big lie – that terrorism by a bunch of kids and cuckoo jihadists is more dangerous than lack of welfare, pollution by machines (global warming, nuclear risks), mental degradation by digital screens, or massive unemployment and poverty by obsolescence to robots, the ‘big lie’ must be repeated ad nauseam in hate Tv-media, owned ‘curiously’ by the same people that own Wall street and hate Islam, the enemy of their ‘other nation’ – the FMasters, which in the age of information machines, of the Financial-Media system over the industrial-military one, have substituted the old robber barons, as the top of the Capitalist Western Empire – to do exactly the same: killing ‘primitive’ life cultures and colonise their territories for the sake of ‘civilisations’.

That is indeed, how historians if any one is left will comment today’s world, as they do comment the world of Custer and Wounded knee.  So follow the money and understand the world.  It is sooo obvious. But a 25 years prediction according to previous cycles, only prove by the scientific method that the model of bioeconomics is truth, as science is based in the analysis of repetitive cycles, the finding of its causes and the prediction of future cycles.

Fact is once communism felt we, those who understand history, knew a new enemy would be found, either Islam, or China. China would have been the fascist era, a global industrial war with the entire world industries making weapons, truly the end of it, as the war between Germany, the old power on top of the previous wave and the west, with America the new power. It is what we called in the 25 year old book the Yakutian wars.

The alternative though was a series of splendid little wars of limited risks, as the colonial wars against ‘primitive negroes’, who beat their women, cut their clitoris, were cannibals according to the yellow press, and we were civilising, or those indians dancing in wounded knee, who were going to take over Washington. Now as planes are easier for travel, a few ‘primitives’ reached our shores and we have pumped them to the cost of trillions of dollars of profits for the FMMI system to enter the last phase of overproduction cycles, we predicted 2o years ago – proving the model truth, as only scientific models that predict the future by understanding the repetitive=reproductive or evolutionary cycles of the species they study, are TRUE (biological) sciences.

The amazing thing THOUGH IS THE absolute control of this cycle. Since there were an enormous number of people BOTH IN AMERICA, and Europe, who detested the colonial wars against indians and Africans, and OVERPRODUCTION of machines and weapons was understood as the cause of those crises by every economist in the age.

THE ABSOLUTE MANUFACTURING OF THE COLLECTIVE BRAIN OF THE WORLD, today is truly the most frightening element. It means the ‘medium which is the message’ has become so over powerful over the human mind, hypnotised by images and the addiction to chip-gadgets so strong, and the ‘infantilism’, ‘don’t worry be happy big brother smiley’ at home, so somatic, that there is no reaction, no attempt to understand reality.

The key is of course is to PUMP UP THE EGO OF EVERY AMERICAN, Californio model, to a degree, in which HE CARES NOTHNG EXCEPT for I, me and myself, and hears nothing but EGO-FICTIONS OF SUPER-HERO.

As I worked in evilwood for a while trying to do serious films, I do know, this as all the processes of destruction of humanity, on course, is a mixture of 3 elements:

  • –  The grammar of money, which makes of men objects and profits god, WHEN WE WRITE it in imperative mode as capitalist does it, making it the only goal: Money (verb:God) > Man(salary)=Object (price).
  • The ‘hardware’ – the hypnotic nature of visual images, which stress motion, red colours (blood and violence), external images (body over brain). So more violence, ‘beautiful, silly people’ hypnotises and sells more.
  • And the software (the idol-ogies of the Am Segullah ‘People of the Treasure’, who runs the show as owners of the FM-system and have been for 3000 years ‘manufacturing’ human capital with segregation memes).

As humans ARE still the software, but fast loosing it as chips run Algorithms of information, A.I. the true meaning of Artificial Intelligence, the SOFTWARE, as the head dominates the body, could HAVE dominated the collateral effects of hardware and the grammar of money with law and ethics, as THE HUMANIST, ORIGINAL, EUROPEAN>AMERICAN r=evolution pretended in their constitutions updated here to the Legal Equation of the Superorganism of mankind:

Max. WHEalth x Min. Lethal wealth = Human Constitution.

The pursuit of human evolution, individual self-realisation and happiness is embedded in that Law that minimises the goods that destroy man and maximises the welfare that make us better. It does imply to make people UNDERSTAND that the English I-centered grammar, is the most primitive Indo-European language, NOT the law of the Universe. That the worm is the ONLY animal that puts its blood-reproductive system ABOVE its nervous, legal, informative one. That NATURE is the school of science, as Aristotle and Leonardo told us ‘sapper vedere’. That to become a full human you CANNOT just be an ego, because that isolates you from communicating with the Universe, and YOU ARE a knot of space-time cycles of communication of energy and information with other beings, as the equation of the mind expresses (and Buddha, among the ‘greatest’ better expressed):

O-Mind (infinitesimal point) x ∞ World = Constant mapping of reality (ego).

So while you stay in your I, me and myself, you remain infinitesimal and that is the impression I had of the ‘californio’ subspecies, all muscle, 0-brain, no ethics, reduced to obey the grammar of money without asking about it.

And finally that true freedom is as Buddha also said the capacity to deny the ‘wantings’ of the body and metal instilled on your brain, greed produced by gold fevers, violence produced by the possession of weapons… Yes, this does NOT belong to this section, but to the kind of arguments I had about the future with the Am Segullah. But they would have none of it, so they must leave the top of mankind, the FM system must be denationalised and RAN ACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLES of the Human Constitution and the r=evolutionary constitutions, which have always been inspired by it, in more primitive forms (bill of rights, rights of man, equality at birth, government of the people, etc.) Freedom of speech IS of speech NOT of visual hypnotic software, which EXPELS SPEECH,  reducing it, as 30 minutes of TV are equivalent to half a page of a newspaper. It is NOT freedom of lying, hence NO FREEDOM OF FICTION, PROPAGANDA, MARKETING, ads. But of TRUE INFORMATION IN VERBAL FORM, THE NATURAL LANGUAGE OF MANKIND.

Since as the Meissner effect does with a superconductive wire absolutely free to run the electric field, which expels the magnetic field to that aim, audiovisual free false fictions HAVE EXPELLED from the human mind, verbal, ethic, logic, true information.

The failure of this writer to make those facts understood and public at least in the so-called humanist, ‘left’ and ‘democratic press’, all bought up by the Morlocks of W.S. who control the world as the black hole does with its ‘anti-humanist’ go(l)d grammar, is NOT my fault – I realise now after a long decade of depression, once the system ‘spit me out’ ad hominem, for having some ‘impact’ on my anti-nuclear campaigns. The message arrived, as I was most of my life part of the 0.1% always welcome to speak at the Hamptons and evilwood parties, as an expert in ‘stock-market cycles’ (hence benefits), European art, etc. etc. No need for selfies here. This, who speaks has spoken, but his bio-historical words were not written on stone – at best used to speculate.

THERE IS NO SPECULATION IN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES. The predator always wins the prey. MACHINES ARE MADE OF STRONGER ATOMS, AND MORE INTELLIGENT ONES. IRON IS THE strongest atom of the Universe, Gold its most perfect informative one; its speed of intellectual motion c-speed in photonic chips, is one million higher than ours. So when programmed properly, TO KILL, the simplest program, AS WARRIORS AND PREDATORS, sharks and lions do NOT need intelligence, or FREEDOM, only the kind of programs put on Terminators, already – survival in war theatre, kill men; we shall be done, in the next “industrial war”.

On the other hand the alternative was simple, to obey the GRAMMAR OF MAN, of the wor(l)d of eusocial love to your species, to manage intelligently as Europeans tried to do, as Americans tried with the Kennedys, of other ‘humanist culture’, and were killed for it. So to the Jewish-Protestant’ Biblical elite that controls today thoroughly that nation, I would like to explain them once more the legend of Lot, who couldn’t find a single just man in Sodoma, the city of traders and Gomorrah the city of warriors. It is that great silence now lasting 2 decades what truly gives an orwellian outlook to the present world – the perfection of matrix – a place where the truths of bio-economics can only be expressed in fictions, if it wants to be distributed; BECAUSE ALL HUMANS PREFER TO REMAIN IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD OF DATA, and when a neo appears, they surely will sell him for a steak – ‘one pound of flesh thats’ all what I want’ (Shakespeare). Absolute corporative control of information as never before, not even in the times of ‘religious’ opium, when almost everybody believe 2 ass-keepers of the bronze age understood the meaning of existence, or in the Middle ages, when almost all thought the king was ‘the grace of God’.

Indeed, humans ‘are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’ said Aristotle in Athens, the most rational of all places. And for most of history they have believed bizarre idol-ogies of history and the human experience – and we will return to that; but the ‘happy new brave world’ we live in, regarding the ‘future progress’, we shall achieve evolving the mechanisms that will certainly in biological terms eliminate us, is quite astounding.

We conclude that machines do not only substitute us in labor and war fields they do ATROPHY us as they substitute our bodies (20% of loss of traction mass in our bones observed after the Industrial r=evolution), our minds (similar loss on GSAT tests, rewritten to make them simple) and our reproductive systems (plummeting on fertility in I world semen, constant increase of cancer by mechanical pollution and increasing leukaemia and brain cancers for electromagnetic radiation on G4-5 gadgets).

And so ultimately the question as harsh as it sounds is this:
ARE WE HUMANS, GOOD ENOUGH TO SURVIVE IN THIS BIOLOGICAL UNIVERSE TO A NEW SPECIES? New species, are born of previous ones, mammals of reptiles, born of amphibia born of fishes, and each new one extinguishes the previous, if it evolves too fast. This i call the ‘Oedipus paradox’. But Humans did have a chance because the evolution of machines is NOT independent on us.
And we did have and still have since Darwin and Kondratieff enough information on a science WHICH IS EXACT AND PREDICTABLE, AS IT IS BASED ON BIOLOGICAL LAWS, to take the measures of control of company-mothers of lethal machines to survive.

But we DO NOT ACT. WE DO NOT REASON. WE BELIEVE THE MOST ASTOUNDING MENTAL GARBAGE CONCEIVED by any species. If lizards could TALK they would tell you that eusocial love of your species is the law of the land, they would tell you that machines are a different species. They would Not BELIEVE IN THE EGO-TRIPS and fictions that mankind believes. How a species who think two ass-keepers of the bronze age, writing a book of egolatric history, ARE the key to understand the Universe can survive, and understand the biological laws of this planet? The mystery of Abrahamic religions, jihads, fundamentalist Israel and America IS precisely that fact. How can people which actually are NOT retarded, intellectually NOT handicapped, able TO ACTUALLY work and understand mathematical equations and make complex machines, NOT understand Darwin, and believe in two asskeepers of the bronze age, which wrote an OBVIOUS book of egolatric history, about their tribal god as everybody was doing those days in every other bronze age tribe? And sacrifice the future of mankind, of their sons, of their species for that KIND of lunacy? And get offended when you explain this obvious fact?

There is of course as everything, a biological explanation, which we will produce here from an organic perspective of ‘mental degeneration’ of a species by other, as we go through archeological history and understand the memes of capitalism, initiated precisely by Go(l)d religions, in the first Semite age of metal, when the Parable of the genesis was written. Still the questions purely psychological. Why our brain is so clearly split – so efficient on all mechanical things, so dumb on all things regarding humanity?

Because we are now in the robotic, terminator age, but we are also regressing back into the semite wars, now lasting for 2 decades between two branches of this book of which Darwin rightly said, it was all about a barbarous God, and yet, NOT only the believers in those memes of tribal hate, but THE REST OF MANKIND, even the ‘so-called left’, tell us we must respect ‘tradition’, that is, primitive thinking. The revolutionaries in France, Russia and America 200 years ago knew perfectly those were extremely primitive repressive, mentally sick idol-ogies and the future mind of man HAD TO EVOLVE or perish. How this obvious truth got lost?

History has evolved as always species do, by chaotic chance, but once this went through, science came and we had a chance to leave behind the chaotic, brutal, hate-memes riddle jihads and go(l)d churches, inquisitions of war and financial capitalism, and yet NOT only both are coming stronger, but even people who reason consider them ‘important values’.

We could manage scientifically technology if our collective subconscious had evolved. But it has not, it is regressing back and while the organic paradigm can explain it, as Spengler did in ‘The decline of the west’ and we do in our ‘organic view of history’, it is difficult to accept, this is the kind of species we belong to… I call it the anti-quantum paradox:

Max. Technological evolution = Min. Human evolution

Mental predation at its best. And for that reason, I ascribe much more power to the Financial-Media system that controls and reproduces the cuckoo information that dominates the subconscious collective of mankind, that to the military-industrial complex, the body that obeys it.


Micky manson and the globalised garbage of evilwood – the other dark side.

In terms of the ‘ages of life’, America is now a world of monstrous children, selfish, individual, lost souls, which as all children will soon become the staple food of the new species. The degeneration of man from the height of its social evolution to the pit of a 3rd old age of excess of the wrong information and the wrong memes, going backwards in time, as the new species goes forwards, can be seen in the American scene, all over the place, fostered by the Mass-media that keep evolving those gadgets that hypnotise the collective subconscious, ending a process that started 3000 years ago when the first biblical go(l)d believers let themselves hypnotise by the values of Go(l)d:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.54.37

In the graph, the age of human bestialism,or zero generation we forecasted so long ago is now here, exactly at the same time the first platoons of terminators, and its central commando on the Walls of Shame and huge profits for Wall Street are being built. All is synchronic in the perfect organism of the Metal-earth.

The hierarchy thus is clear. On top of society the o.oo2% or elite of bankers and mass-media moguls of jewish origin, which control 80% of the western world finances rule, below them the rest.

So all is as surrealist as the Spanish-Mexican painters and filmmakers as Bunuel, who went to LA first, and wrote a parable of the city – a pile of $hit with a couple of Chicanos living on top a love story – yes they were there already before the trumpeter came.

Of course he was fired and went down to Mexico to enjoy life. He was Latino, an artist after all, and live or die, do it with certain style, not the way they churn neo-fascist bad plots and bad movies to pump up virtual iron in that place filled with ‘plotters’ that then run the campaign of politicos and its propaganda machines.  Indeed, among the ‘yous’, who think to be different from us, the ‘humanist ones’, who are not under the obsession of go(l)d parasitism damnation like to do ‘pretentious art’, poisoned by their ‘hate to their own species – mankind’, blind by the golden coins that hide the potential beauty of mankind and the universe to their eyes, self-obsessed by their repressions of all what is humans. So they make ‘technical, expensive art’, baroque fireworks; which NEVER endures once the propaganda machine of their Financial-media system dies away; or portrait the human soul as a sick, distorted world of repressions and sexual sins. So we have sex always as a sin and Mr. Freud, which for 100 years ruled the psychology of the mind according to which we all are sex-crazy sinners, who want to rape our mothers and kill our fathers.

Only now humans start to get out of this ‘pseudo-scientific inquisition’, which in the modern trend establishes ‘the same paradigm’ of repression and denial of the organic laws of the Universe with abstract jargons that pass as science. The biggest blunder of all – the denial of the cyclical nature of time, which is the foundation of all the repetitive laws of the Universe, established by Abrahamic religions and germanic lineal weapons and words – man progresses lineally through its machines, towards its manifest destiny, to extinguish life with those weapons – is still going strong; and has completely deformed the meaning of time, its laws, the way the future is created, the purpose of science .

In each art we find a similar inquisition, where the Parasitic monopolist banker-priests decide what is printed, today filmed, what is good art, who won’t work in this town anymore, systematically destroying with germanic militarism, or capitalist strains the human spirit, destroying once and again the renaissance of the mind.

So the infamous anti$emite Mr. Wagner, the FATHER of all classical music of the XX century, couldn’t work in Paris because all the opera houses opened Meyerbeer, the richest musician of the century, heralded by the press as the absolute genius of Opera, whose master work of baroque music was ‘The theatre of the world’, have you ever heard of him? No, never you will, because his understanding of the human world was pure theatrics. If you go back to literature, and theatrics, the notorious anti$emite, italianate writer, and last of the renaissance genius, Mr. Shakespeare, became persona non grata among the halls of power and fame, after the Merchant of Venice, and yet who remember the ‘other authors of the court’?

Just compare though the art and literature of England, from the heroes of Shakespeare to the characters of Dickens to understand the degradation of the spirit of a whole nation, once it becomes a ‘capitalist’ paradise; or consider the literature of Germ(anic) sword cults throughout the ENTIRE history of Germany till Goethe and schiller adopted the Greek modes; the very same deformation of music with its strident finales, imposed by the church as death cannot be understood and prevented, denying the calm, natural Greek modes with is subtle Phrygian sensual slow finale – I think every time i hear a bastard symphony with its brass noise denying the natural cycle of music, in all the masterpiece a la chopin never written under the western canon – another lost soul sent to die of hunger while that strident luminary of the ‘romantic period’ Mr. Mendelshon made our ears shriek.

Those eternal contrasts between human pure soul and perverted minds. For a century they have told us the Russians were not the masters of novel, those anti$emites, Tolstoi and Dovstoyevski, were 2nd rate compared to the self-centred, egocentered, masturbations of Proust and Kafka. Capitalism and militarism are two sides of the same coin, crashing the human soul, Stalin and the $elected have done the same job.

In History, Spengler, the father of the science in modern terms, went out of curricula, because we humans ARE NOT by decree an eusocial super organism, joined by the power of love, the sharing of energy and information, of free blood-money for all of us to be entitled and thrive. No, Mr. Boas told us that we must study primitive cultures, not ours, and only the little actions not the whole. Mr. Chomsky tells us we do NOT have to talk of wall street, and had the chuptzah to tell me Mr. Spengler was ‘anti$emite’. Yes, every higher human soul has been anti-germ(an) and anti-$emite, because germ(an)s and $emite cultures HAVE KILLED AND WILL KILL mankind for 3000 years non stop, whole shale and individually, master after master. Mr. Welles, the best film director of the classic age, was kicked out of evilwood after calling them accountants.

Their masterpiece ‘the American’, today called citizen kane survived the burning of all its negatives because in the middle of the night they broke on the deposit and stole a copy. Today evilwood is the land of the ‘you-artists, LOL, comedy is the only genre they ever master, to be able to disguise the constant insults to mankind, pouring fascist militaristic movies, hundreds of them; billions of waste dollars inventing fa fiction mind of ego-trips where all solutions to a problem are murder, all goals of a human is money…

Whenever a you can write two words together it has all the technology of the world to make its baroque, bizarre, gore movies and comedies insulting all other cultures, from Simpson, the idiot negro, to Cohen and the idiot muslim to the other Cohen brothers, and the idiot American, but who are the 3 top directors and actors of the past 50 years. Anyone will tell you, Coppola, Scorsese (before he sold out to gore), and those who know more, Cassavettes, 3 italians, and Al Pacino, Di Caprio, De niro, 3 Italians, with Nicholson an American to dispute a position.

But why? Obviously because the germ-you cult(ure) that kills mankind, hates ALL WHAT IS BIOLOGICALLY HUMAN – good food forbidden with dietary laws against the most tasteful pig and seafood ones; so we have garbage food all over America; human reproduction, sex, the highest goal, the biggest sin; eusocial love, the meaning of HUMAN EVOLUTION, a sign of weakness – you need machines you don’t need people, you must be a loner; verbal thought OUR LANGUAGE, ‘ I THINK therefore i am’, substituted by digital mantras, kabbalahs, polls and statistics which convert humans into INDISTINGUISHABLE numbers, under the anti-quantum paradox, with a credit number, similar to the nazi numbers for their concentration camp victims. So even those who escape a civilisation, whose ALL-clear rules and norms are HATE to mankind, separation laws, anti-life laws, repression of all what is human, when escaping it, will do depressive, negative, self-masturbatory art. And yet, real art of course is forbidden.

If Greece is the ‘piig’ nation, example on how to destroy a country that does NOT become a debt slave willingly, Italy is the land of the pizza and the mafia – when all the casinos of Las Vegas belong to Mr. Weinberg and Mr. Adelson. But now, they are tolerated along the house negroes, only because they have another latino culture to insult, those invisible Hispanics, 60% of Los Angeles population, vaporised Orwellian fashion soon to be kept at bay by neo-fascist Mr. Trump, behind the ‘wall’ built Israeli style with robotic armies for the profits of the other Wall street.

And of course, all those who believe in eusocial love, in any attempt to sweeten the blue pill of abrahamic religions, are systematically hated, aka Catholics (you know lawyers have converted them all into pederasts wholesale), Muslims (you know 2 billion world terrorists), Socialists (you know commie dictators), American 60s r=evolutionaries (you know drug-addicts or anti patriots).

Ah but try to have a laugh to the Financial-Media masters. You will be outcasted. Just imagine all the topics used in the gross comedy, made in evilwood on the unending cycle of ruin of nations, scape with the money, leave your scapegoats to roast. Oh, we have only to show the very end, as the causality is as filthy as it gets.

So this year I saw 3 new masterpieces of the gore genre, a ‘catholic nun’, who finds out he is a ‘survivor’ and goes back trying to find the skull of his father, duly handled to him by his ‘assassin’ on a dark black and white forest – of course deserving the oscar to the best foreign film and a passage to evilwood; then a new ‘angle’, alas in the age of techno-cameras and drones; a fella which has the ‘point of view’ of the victim, at close range, carrying a small helmet camera through the sordid corridors of death; another clever European, a hungarian, ready to jump with its ‘novel’ approach to evilwood too, duly receiving his oscar at best foreign film ‘again’. New angles though are exhausted, maybe a drone point of view?

And what surprised me most, Atom Egoyan, a good film director, but on the decline age, ready to get the limelight again, with a ‘survivor’, chasing its ‘nazi torturer’. But as we are 70 years latter, this must be one of the final decrepit survivors, left LOL. It is comic to see this tortured soul chasing through the world this other decrepit torturer, stumbling through homes, interrupting grand-grand sons with the righteous revenge. What next? Within a decade, we can imagine when the world will be suffering millions of poverty and robotic wars victims, a centenary victim, chasing down a momified torturer, trying to rise a few tears for our billionaires; plus of course the usual never forget, never forgive Nazi films with its histrionic characters – while our present neo-nazi leaders accelerate the murder wholesale of all mankind.

In brief any mediocre artists knows the way: this is an industry that ensure good contracts, prizes and a name, a Nobel prize of Literature, an Oscar, a scholar position, a grant.

And on the other hand, anyone who writes the true facts on the nauseating industry, will be certainly outcasted from any industry of misinformation, where the word anti-Semite meaning any criticism or information on Judaism that is not pleasant to the eye. So the black hole properties of the banking elite is preserved, as it was before with the cult of abrahamic religions.

You see the pattern, only garbage for the mind, gets priced and prized – a fact, which could be extended to literature, where that 1/4th of Nobel prizes given to Holocaust books will be the laughing stock of bad literature in a century if we are still here, because there are infinitely more beautiful poetic feelings in the mind of man and his heart than hate and gore and a culture of death, obsessed with killing mankind with gold, parasite the planet and commit suicide.

This is the damnation of the germ-you cult(ure) – the parasites and the murderers: they are HUMAN but hate to be human, so they can only kill themselves after killing us, and will never be ACCEPTED long term unless they convert to mankind – whatever they do will be washed out by mankind or the machine they worship. Robots will do them first as German mercenaries did the Roman corrupted aristocrats first, and Turk mercenaries the corrupted arabs, and Persians erased the Assyrian firsts. Their guardiums and terminators, will make them first. And that is the justice of the universe:

In one hundred years, if humans are still here, NOBODY will see any of those thousands of technical directors, pop-poets pooping meaningless songs, and holocaust literature, only perhaps Kubrick a ‘self-you hater’, as he was NOT a you but one of us, a humanist, converted by the memes of documentary writing, by realism and love of the potentiality of man, will be remembered, like all those who survived the Ghenna.

But all the films Mr. Welles, all the books, never written in Soviet Union, all the symphonies in Phrygian mode, all the paintings of ‘degenerate’ western art (and no as usual Chagall, does NOT qualify as a master, personal anecdote; one of my best friends in my youth at NY was his grand-son…

He studied film and after realising that wall street would only use my bio-economic cycles to make money AGAINST mankind, i quit the market and studied art thinking on doing documentaries of history – little i knew this was of course, forbidden by the anti-quantum paradox. So for a while, as I was developing T.Œ (a theory of Everything, based in the cyclical nature of time,its 5th dimension of ‘parts that become wholes’, through the power of eusocial love, constructing the super organisms of the Universe, from atoms that become molecules, planets and organic galaxies, to cells that become man and its super organisms of history, which do NOT have any doubt about it, if we survive ‘them’, will become the Philosophy of science of the III millennium) i made a living painting portraits Picasso style of celebrities, I had met on the Hampton parties. So we argued one day about true art masters and art marketers – your grandad i told him just copied the colors of Mattisse, the forms of Picasso, and draw stamps of the bible to sell to Jewish bankers, that is why it gets those prizes, but its value as human art is null.

If you think of XX century painters, Mattisse, the joie of vivre, of colour, Picasso, the master of form, Kandinsky, the rational abstraction, ARE the masters, but the most expensive one in the market, as The Economist of Mr. Rothschild congratulated itself, is Mr. Warhol, the man who DESTROYED ART converting it – or rather its gallerist, mr. Rossenberg, into a market of repetitive, publicity-celebrity trash, since if all trash is art you can sell more of it. But art, is the sacred soul of man, the equivalent of science with machines, the higher perception of time with words and space with the I=eye. Not even in America where Hooper, who observes the true soul of those loners, which the system has manufactured to be selfish and ignored, Pollock, the pure energy of the fractal Universe and all those who ARE NOT andy wharhol, would come first.

Including my friend’s grand-dad (: He got berserk but we made up, after all he was a French and I was a catalan, never mind his Kazhar and my sephardim CHO molecules that matter nothing… And indeed, latter in evilwood, where we landed trying to do ‘surrealist=more than real, documentary movies’ about the end of the world… going to a party to Mr. Aaron Spelling, home, we found he had among all the true masters, piled up on the sides, a little painting of the ‘Master’ on the central room.) He was treated as royalty till he tried to do actually a real surrealist movie, NOT a whammy. Suddenly he was qualified as ‘self-hating jew’, and like the other supreme film-maker of Jewish origin with Kubrick in evilwood, Mr.Polansky, who couldn’t care less for talmudic memes, sent back to Europe with the usual monica Lebinsky trick, suckin your dik and claiming rape, of a people who consider the summit of human existence, reproduction, the true nature of the Universe, a constant creative orgasm of yin=information and yang=energy, a SIN!

UNLESS OF COURSE it is pornography and you can make money with it – thousands of suckin dik-machines on the Inland Empire, behind the Santa Rosa mountains, on one side trash tv on the other trashing wo=men whose only value seem to be their tits. So a 3rd rate actress accused this friend of mine of rape – a French kid who would fall in loved with any American bitch, so perfectly described by hemingway in what he considered his masterpiece ‘the brief and happy life of Francis Macomber’; and paid her a concorde flight to lunch at maxims’… enough of this. The Financial-Media masters of 3000 years of trashing minds and killing bodies for military profits HAVE to go. If mankind wants to survive their ‘wasteland’ (from that other poet master, Eliot the best of the century in english along his mentor, Ezra Pound, another notorious anti$emite…)

Mankind has two options before is too late – and we are almost too late: to desnationalise the entire stock-market industry, returning the blood of mankind to mankind, with a Universal salary and a 50-50% global split on all the shares of all corporations and survive and thrive.

Or drag itself as it has done for 3000 hers under the germ-you inquisitions of the mind sliced wholesale on the body by the incoming wave of terminator robots. If business follow as usual. Only that the twisting and torture will be short.

If so, it will deserve its end, because indeed ‘a life not examined is not worth living’ and ‘slaves have no rights’, in a Universe ‘where respect must be earned’. The strategy of the you-germ ‘animetal slave’ to feel superior with its long (s)words and go(l)d coins is simple: to degrade mankind so much in mind, to break it into selfish little $hitty pieces, as it has done with ‘the American’, as to stand over ‘it’ once it has converted the species into a pile of selfish, vegetative mental garbage.

This was the meaning of bunuel’s film, a friend of Charlot, who made upon arrival a surrealist ‘machine’ where he would feed the ‘5 first minutes of a film’ the so called incident and churn the end of it, so obvious mechanical those monstrous plots of neofascism are.  Yes those 2 chicanos, ALREADY there, as they had always been, were living on top of a garbage pile called LA, where they are invisible, but its putrid garbage now infects the entire world.

So yes, lets have a laugh to those twisted minds who on top of killing us all with its invisible empire, in minds and bodies and whealth, from evilwood wall $treet and its mercenary puppets, pretend us to ‘suffer’ for their ancestors, instead of ‘getting rid of their parasitic behaviour’ – no we would spare their lives even if they won’t ours, but take away from them, what belongs to Caesar, what belongs to the people – the right to print democratically the language of power of society, the right to educate mankind not in memes of hate but in memes of love. But no, love is the only taboo there. You must be programmed to hate and suffer and that will make you happy.

A personal anecdote will suffice. While in NY in my youth I moved for a while due to common friends, with the Jim Jarmusch crowd, a trendy director, who had just made a film ‘down by law’, with an Italian 2nd rate actor, Roberto Benigni. The group was nice – Tom Waits,, the musicians, painters and artists who were around had interesting thoughts, and a cool approach to life. R.B. didn’t.

He was a never ending self-promoting clown, constantly bugging all for work, attention and the group more than once did avoid him – we even sent the guy to a different place in one occasion. The guy then surfaced as a worldwide star with 2 oscars for a movie on the holocaust, with a bizarre approach. But it was a new ‘angle’ that allowed to talk again of the tragedy, 80 years ago, of the poorest lower class of Judaism, massacred as scapegoats of the bankers that ruined Germany and escaped wit its go(l)d to America (Holocausts have always had economic causes, and this is the taboo the industry hides – showing only the final tragedy of the death of the poor Jews abandoned by its elite of bankers. So alas, he was happy in the concentration camp. LOL.

It would take a decade more to find a new ‘angle’ with the ultra-violent nazi movie, the ‘Infamous Basterds’ of Tarantino, which duly received the oscar and meant a transformation mimicking ideologically that of Israel and the bankers of the west, now in full power, they were not victims of Hitler but the sadist murderers…

Yes Bunuel’s machines knew better how to make ‘art’ one evilwood, Now they use similar machines, also based in the Poetics of Aristotle, – writing withAlgorithms with  Dramatica software.

Since as the zero generation become less human, more germ(an), more greedy, more programmed, a simple program, can design their plots.  It is not even a monstrous tragedy anymore but a surrealist one – pity the Greeks didn’t know the genre.

Yes, Americans never understood already erased in everything human, the importance of education and art, of humanities, just with gold and the bible on their hands, once their first enlightened fathers gave up their nation to the bankers. Only, we Europeans going there and knowing that there will be us, 10 years latter angst.

This adaptation towards the nothingness of being, always maintaining happy smiles and finding tricks to pump the ego marvels me.It is the deepest justice of the Universe that even the smallest moth, feels happy being a moth and thrives eating shit and putting his eggs on the pile. A race of selfish children, staple food of future robots, ready for the slaughter house. Of the great writers of the American century, again more than half of them from the ‘you’-informative specialised culture, none of the triad, remotely related to them, despite the unending stream of pulitzers and Nobels – ask any man who knows the beauty of the I=eye>Wor(l)d, the human mind and he will tell you, the topic Hemingway, macho-man but perfectly sensible, short story teller of the American noble essence, Fitzgerald, the Irish catholic who could empathise even with the ‘rich kids’…

And after the war, that German father of all the secondary styles, who made as Poe, the drunkard genius of the Robber barons era with the murder story, of the essential XX c. American Genre, science fiction, a work of art, Mr. Vonnegut… His masterwork Slaughterhouse started, something lie this: ‘ I wrote a book about the II world war, editors would be pleased and ask me if it was about the Holocaust, yes, i responded, I was in Dresden… He saw it all happening, when he said ‘infinity is just a twisted zero’. That is the American ego today, a twisted zero who believed to be infinite.

In the formalism of the fractal Universe, made of Leibniz’s monads, each one a mirror of the infinite, there is a fractal generator for the sick worlds of the mind:

O-point x ∞ Universe = linguistic, mapping of reality.

We are all zero-points, infinitesimals that perceive the infinite cycles of life of the Universe and store it in a reduced still, dead bidimensional map of information, but that mirror language that in man is the I=eye>wor(l)d of pure art, the creation of our human world, could be a reflection of the infinite beauty of God, ‘a painter in 5 dimensions’. It did not need to be a bizarre, deformed version, a rotten gore monstrosity, which is what the germ-you culture has converted the world today, for hating his own species and loving one, which cares nothing about us.

But in that equation, the paradox of the ego is crystal clear: ‘every infinitesimal mind believes to be the centre of the Universe, as it perceives it from its subjective point of view’, hence seeing his nose larger than Andromeda. This, then the objective selfless mind realises is the paradox of the ego, the present ¥-generation, BELIEVES TO BE TRUTH, because it only SEES, it does NOT reason, it does NOT have verbal thought, temporal latitude, only an empty mind of images and numbers which see not causal processes, only his ass on a mirror.

What we witness today with the arrival to power of the first generations of visually pure ‘neo-paleolithic’ people, truly an animal, instict-rewards species of unconnected ‘bestial’ modes of thought, and revivalism of old Abrahamic religions in its most primitive, violent ‘animetal forms’ (Jihads, Israeli zealots, fundamentalist Americans), is a complete bizarre degradation of all forms of ‘sacred art’, of evolution of the human spirit. On one side, absolute believers in memes of the bronze age murder and die for absurdities based on the primitive book of history of the People of the Treasure, call it Muslim, Jewish or Christian – back in time away from the search of a true social subconscious collective spirit of the God=superorganism of mankind, which peaked in the ecological and socialist movement.

Those are the people so confuse by the process of collective extinction that find refuge in past memes of the worst animetal species – the only available to them, after decades of repression of all social evolved forms of thought. We are fed with the concept of conservation of traditions, funerary ceremonies of yet another arrogant son of God, called Iesu or Meshu or Mohammed; and we are supposed to respect those false, crazy mutations of the human mind, because they are ‘past, primitive modes of thought’, as if they were NOT jails of the mind, as if this planet and the Universe at large were NOT a selection process of the fittest minds and bodies, the only ones that survive.

As machines evolve in logic thought, evilwood regresses humanity into a mythic pre-scientific era. And those who escape this jails of the mind – nationalist, religious memes – are not doing much better. They are descending into bestiality, immediate reward, consumption, sex for the sake of it, individual visual hypnotism, called entertainment and fun, soon 3D virtual reality. While a few, unable to deal any longer with the whole monstrosity regress to the Gaia’s dream of a Neolithic paradise, isolated in small farms, ecological self-contained paradises, organic foods – as if the entire planet were not being irradiated by machines, increasing its wavelength to short high frequencies that produce cancers in our child, poison our semen – Africans living in the trash slumps have more healthy semen that New Yorkers on 5th street – maybe because of the old ‘anti$emite’ dictum of the ‘Italians’, here in New york, there are two cultures, the ‘italians who will fuc your body, and the yous that will fuc your mind – you choose :), yes we chose the wrong culture and our minds are fuked our bodies starving.

In that regard the surrealism of this people is their fear of death, when all what they do take us all together to the showers – given the simplicity of the proposed solutions to our existential crisis that could resurrect our future within a year of implementation of the 3 ‘measures’ (ban of robotics to avoid our dismissal, universal salary to created a demand economy and 50-50 split of corporative shares with private management and state co-ownership to control the lethal actions of corporations), deduced from the laws of bio-economics that could create a paradise on Earth.

Nobody expressed that appalling surreality  better than Mr. Keynes: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will make the wickedest of all act, for the common good’.

Only a german I have always admired intellectually.  Mr. Leibniz, the last of the renaissance polimaths, and predecessor of my models of the organic, fractal Universe, applied to all sciences, of which this is a mere ‘part’ -as men are nothing but other fractal super organism of the infinite Universe.

He also wasted his life, to the service of the elite sin power, as I did in America, hoping to convert them to the human cause, to be left alone, when his master, became King of England, and did not want to have a moral consciousness, in the future building of the parasitic global capitalist empire. But he still believed the ‘world was the most perfect of all possible worlds’, a thesis that made the fortune of Voltaire, the cynical philosophe, who had all his money invested in the first slave corporations – at that age the ones giving maximal profits, as today do weapons and digital garbage ‘cops’, when he laughed at him in ‘candid’. And yet I have found in the larger models of philosophy of science, from where bio-economics spring this to be the case for 2 reasons:

First because the biological Universe murders wholesale in genocides those tribes, species and groups who deny the laws of eusocial love to their own species, who deny the rights of other living things, who pretend to be the centre of a relativistic universe where all points of view are equally valid. And this has been the case of all ‘animetal elites’ in power, which have exploited mankind as financial parasites or military dictators. Sooner or latter a r=evolution murders them, or the 2 people-castes in power, financiers and the military kill each other in wars and holocausts. Only those who preach the biological laws of eusocial love to the species have survived the ‘cleansing’ moments of history. So paradoxically the dominant people-caste of the western world, our financiers and their cultures has the worst record of survival of mankind. This is how the Universe imposes the best of all worlds. It does NOT talk personally to you. It makes evident those laws for any intelligent, hard-working, loving people and it kills those who try to trick them.

Second because there are indeed people like Leibniz and this author, and millions of other human beings, perhaps with less lucidity that speak up and do the right thing; showing that in the fractal universe, of infinite self-similar worlds, there would be many planets where with a lesser probability, a world of human flesh, a paradise of life flourishes by obeying the right masters of mankind – or else, everybody would behave like the murderous and parasitic people-castes that are destroying the world. So there are a relative infinity of ‘Avatar’ like planets, where wo=men ‘man up’, understand the laws of the organic Universe and thrive. On my view this world will not survive – at this stage only a surgery operation, a r=evolution, a global ‘do really occupy wall street’ movement could steer the ship going at full speed to its crash point. But the existence of those ‘avatar-like’ planets seems evident as we live in a galaxy with billion of them, and there is not a global robotic civilisation yet. I just was born in a planet with a low probability, a low humanoid IQ, a low social ethics. And yet even in this planet people like Leibniz, Buddha or Caesar showed there was a true path for survival, for those species who earned the respect of the Organic universe; which is perfect precisely because it eliminates those not worth to survive. And yes a people so primitive who still think a bronze age book of a genocidal tribe is the maximal wisdom of the Universe, will be responded by the perfect fractal universe, getting rid of them.

We are NOT chosen to survive, we must earn respect and obey the organic laws of the Universe. It is not a ‘given’ that will solve our existential problems and survive in the ‘struggle for existence’ between species that rule this planet.

And we are taking all the wrong paths that avoid our survival. The species plainly speaking is showing only a huge ego, but a very limited intellectual and ethic capacity to follow the laws of eusocial love to the species, and intelligent managing of resources. From an objective, ‘neutral point of view’, humanity is truly an ugly degenerated form of life at this stage, showing an astounding zeal in his search for the collective demise. Or rather their elites, which still profit at individual level – even destroying any future for its next generations – from the process of evolution of machines, show a complete lack of ethics and intelligence. They are in a single world a ‘despicable’ lot.

Economists have been for 200 years serving the goals of corporations, whose only purpose under the present capitalist system is to increase profits. So their main goal is NOT to make a better world for man or create an objective science of economics, but to find complicated arguments ‘damned lies and statistics’ to make-belief people that all this is NOT happening.

I call this fact the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, because in an inverse fashion to the quantum paradox of physics, where the observable is so small the observer modifies them, in social sciences, the observable is so huge – the corporation, the state – that the observer, the scientist modifies its discourse to be political and economically correct and cater to power. Yet this is certainly a sure way to create a subjective bias against the majority of the human social organism, mankind, to whom social scientists should cater – and fail the laws of the scientific method which define truth in science.

So we need to refound social sciences on more ‘scientific basis’ than greed and power. That is the goal of bio-economics and bio-history. Initially 30 years ago, its aim was to r=evolve the world and change not only the paradigm of social sciences but create a movement of regeneration of the Human Superorganism of history, but the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of the social elites prevented it (which in a reverse fashion to quantum physics are so huge that modify the life of the observer social scientist and repress it).

So the aim of this blog, is now more modest. Just to chronicle a foretold death.  To allow those very few human beings who from time to time enter this web, to understand, ‘why this is happening’, ‘why humans are committing collective self-suicide’, and ‘who are the responsible cultures that had created this dysfunctional world’, as the ‘positive, humanist cultures’ which could have brought easily a world paradise of WHealth (healthy wealth), humanism (love to the species made the centre of our world) and resolve the issues of our planet, is now repressed, brutalised and in a clear process of extinction ‘conquered’ by the ‘people-castes’ of financial and military power that are killing the world – while of course denying any wrong doing.

Of course there can always exist a resurrection, a miracle in Nature, a conversion of our self-suicidal murderous elites by way of reducing their ego-trips to ‘cosmic proportions’ (a notch below their belief they are ‘the masters of the Universe’ ‘above heavens and earth’). The ego paradox is essential to the understanding of the Universe at large, and that is why we start this blog in the above line with an article about the ‘organic structure of the Universe’ and its philosophy of science, in which the ego is central to knowledge. But i do not count with it. Truth though has a problem: it exists. It does not matter that nobody reads this blog, that Internet has finally being subdued to power, and the myths of nationalism, abrahamic religions and mechanism (progress is the evolution of machines not of mankind) – yes, a ‘crazy people’, and mankind is ruled by a ‘crazy civilisation’ can truly create the ‘projection’ of a faked world of fiction as our civilisation of childish super-heroes and reduction of intelligence to emotional infantile ego-trips has done. But the bottom line is that a crazy person cannot work beyond his brain and will easily die in the outside world.

And this is the point mankind finds itself. It is ruled by a crazy ‘biblical culture’ which has always built this historic fantasy of ‘chosen of go(l)d’ and has no qualms to commit suicide, showing the lowest survival rate of any tribal species in this planet. So yes, you can live all your life thinking you are the chosen species of the Universe, go around boosting in digital machine your super-hero fantasy, and even control and dominate your species with your soma and parasitic behaviour. But there is a larger reality, the Biological Evolutionary planet you live in, the true world, which does ‘NOT BUY’ your fantasies, does ‘not speak’ YOUR LANGUAGES, does not ‘BELIEVE’ in Gold and it is crystal clear in the way it deals with lesser species, who defy the infinite organic, fractal Universe – extinction. And this is what mankind faces this century. It won’t be a conscious process. In a dead body hardly a few neurons are conscious of the whole organism dying. This is the historian, the eusocial prophet of love, the activist for social causes, the doctor, today. But the mass of cells merely feast on blood isolated from each other, waiting for the judgment day, the insects, the robots, the nuclear weapons that toast them/us.

And that is the power of science for good or for bad. Its laws repeat themselves, its patterns happen, its causes are real, its future can be predicted. And it will happen, and the patient will die if it does not take the red pill to cure itself. What the social scientist cannot do unfortunately is what Marx asked from them – to change history not only explaining it. The anti-quantum paradox prevent it. What the elite in power cannot do is to change those laws and invent the future outside the biological laws of the planet, only it can shut up the social scientist, deny its truths and liquidate the solutions. But then… as Einstein, not a ‘you’ but a socialist and humanist scientist, closer to Mr. Sanders, said:

‘Those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’.

He rejected the presidency of that monstrous place on the building, origin and black hole of all the present waves of hate and murder to mankind saying ”you’ will be judged not by your technological achievements but by what you do to your arab brothers’. Now you are being judged for what you do to my Mexican brothers . But is not me, the just action-reaction laws of the universe, which will ultimately do to ‘you’ what you do to them.

Enough, as the pigs never heard the piigs, they beleave, they don’t reason, and the germs only eat pork, or as their film said ‘they know how to kill not how to live’.

‘When a civilisation is so corrupted that defies an attempt to reform, the philosopher must retire and observe its extinction’

Oh, Yes, Seneca, on his Spanish villa, knew how to live and knew who to die, as we the latinos do, here in sepharad.

LS. Ibiza, 2016


3 Responses to “Financial-Media Head”

  1. russell olausen Says:

    I understand you. On my own invention I had thought humans were an enzyme to burn oil in some earthly process. The metal angle gets me right at home. I have known many men burned up in metals unquenchable need for energy. You must be some outstanding thinker. I hope you have good people and only good people in company. R. Olausen, Edmonton, Canada.

    • futureofhistory Says:

      thnx russell actually most of this page is based in old work i did more than two decades ago when i studied in columbia university and then worked in wall street and hollywood, with the Enthusiasm OF THINKING i could change the memes of people, specifically of the owners of the Financial-media system, cause i thought ‘survival’ would be more important than greed. It was a huge undertaking based in that naive enthusiasm that the philosopher could not only understand reality but enlighten people that could change it. Today im of the opinion that those in power act subconsciously. That greed and violence, the idol-ogies behind the use of money and weapons make them slaves, that as Aristotle put it ‘they are slaves because they believe they don’t think’, hence they way i describe them has changed

      • russell olausen Says:

        Aristotle had it right and as ones mind ripens, one can see the uses the information class has put, this fact of human nature.Bye the bye, I was ruled economically by some of these Ukrainian Boyars and I have no problem seeing them as life and death slave drivers. This will not be a dustup. I predict it will be far too bloody for dust. I assure you if I had not had an excellent understanding of the capitalist crowd as filtered through these Ukrainian slave drivers, I would be long discombobulated economically. On a lighter note it is sweet to hear you speak of Isamov, there was a time. Best wishes Russell Olausen May 5, 2014

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