Past Revivalism

Abstract. When an organism dies, in its age of entropy it moves back to the past into memorial remembrance of its young ideas. So happens to the present organism of history, once it has aborted its social evolution, regressing fast to the past.

THIS IS THUS THE ONLY ORGANIC rational explanation on why humans are regressing so fast towards devolved ideologies, we thought not even the dumbest could believe in (Abrahamic religions, nazionanisms, hardcore capitalist democracies, where the language of power money, is issued and it is controlled by a few). As OUR SOCIETIES, SCHOLARS AND THINK-TANKS, paid by the Financial-media/military-industiral system of distribution of ideas censor A TRUE SCIENCE OF HISTORY and the goal of mankind to evolve our super organisms of history, THE GOAL OF history disappears. Humans regress to individual homo bacteria, all networks of social love and humanist cultures collapse and humans become mere ‘enzymes’, consumers and vitalizers of machines, they no longer reproduce, as automated companies displace them from labor.

So with no future, as an old man in his 3rd age of information they look back to the past, dissolve into statelets, individual ego trips and resurrect old wars and rivalries:

In the graph, the evolution of the metal-earth is completed, so a process of inverse globalization, with the balkanization of mankind, easily predate by hate memes, metal-communicators that manufacture our brains to become enzymen, dedicated to consume machines, while all our social goals are forgotten, becomes the model of the new brave world of degraded humans and evolved machines. It is a pure darwinian process, where a predator, a full organism, kills, predates dissolves and colonizes the brain of its cells, reformed to cater to its own needs. So globalization multiply war conflicts. this process will continue as a military security state is built up based in hate memes and splendid little wars, trade mark of the profits of the military phase of robotics. And to that aim nothing better than the classic idol-ogies of hate proper of the age of religious and nazionalist wars. So classic and modern forms of jihad, gold churches and inquisitions of thought are all the rage; while those other humans who do not believe in them, become dissolved into the age of pure entropy and death of social, ethic systems as selfie individuals attached to the virtual screens of the metal-earth that program their brains into an eternal deactivation by ‘fiction’:

We study here the change of cultural worship from human beings to animetal cultures, from gods of love to dogs of war which is in the idol-ogical realm the true sign of the ‘extinction of God’, as it was always understood by human prophets: the laws of eusocial love that would make history – not the individual – immortal. The death of the Gods of love thus came after the Neolithic age of worship to Gaia ended with the arrival of semitic and germanic go(l)d and war religions…

Old organisms die in entropic, chaotic, brutal death age, after a memorial/memetic regression back to the infantile memories...

as the no-future stops their evolution.




What now we are witnessing is also the collapse of a human civilization and species – us and the birth of a new superorganism, the metal-earth, whose collective subconscious mind will be formed by the computer networks to which robots will have access, with the data banks of visual images that will be their memory. And that birth won’t be positive for mankind – because as always th most advanced machines, our rival species, are top predator weapons. So what they will think? Easy, their programs of battlefield survival and shooting. And for that aim we are working on their ‘deconstructed’ viral minds with violent video games and evilwood movies… This birth of the metalmind and its collective psyche, inverse to that what an eusocial prophet of love tried to ‘give us’, human beings in the birth of religions is thus the theme of this week.

What new form of  in/form/ation, of maximal form is being born in this planet?

The visual mind of A.I. evolving in television, mass-media and video-games.

A visual, illogic mind, that of A.I. which is not as technoutopians think positive to mankind but as all new forms born is a natural born killer… a predator eye-I intelligence, today developed in the visual minds of future terminator robots… as a video game.

Indeed, the visual mind and the new top computer made with visual gpus, as those i used to do my own cybernetic experiments in the past, will be creative but instead of creating words as our minds do will create images, and it will create hunting images, re-creating the data banks of the imagination of snippers and all type of robotic weaponized drones, tanks, insects, animetals…

The first ‘biological’ radiation of A.I. in machines will be a mind of Military A.I. as weapons have been always in all the cycles of evolution of machines the most perfect and profitable industries. Now first born as a weapon for the mind. The comparison is obvious. The virus introduced in a cell first the viral mind that helps to replicate new viruses. We humans first learned to be slaves of ideologies of metal – capitalism, mechanism, nationalism, antieusocial supremacist tribal thought – and now we shall pass that to software in classic economics, cad design, military A.I. and finally robots will ‘enact’ that mind which evilwood has constructed under the ‘cinematic’ laws of motion that hypnotizes the eye:


Television is not only the deactivator of the human mind through virtual evilwood:

metal communicatorscrystlas_image002

The graphs from the book the extinction of man, c.94, 04 – notice the ‘Wall Street Crash?’ caption as prophesied yet not realized at the time in the first graph, show the process of human slavery to the subconscious, planetary collective mind of metal – part created by the hypnosis of motion and the natural laws of evolution of the machine, partly by the jewish-american, informative neuronal culture of the American civilization – hence one of the recurrent themes of this blog.

But the ‘culture’ merely adapts to the machine. That is, in evilwood ‘all what is cinematic’ and technical is good – meaning motion and red colors that attract the natural born killer eye and hypnotizes the audience gives money. So by definition violence is positive. In this manner ‘pure capitalist cultures’ in which money and weapons are never doubted of because they give money naturally follow the tendencies towards the ‘neo-paleolithic, visual culture’ of today without reflection, pure violence and action as the intelligence of the eye is.

The result is the mental degradation of humanity, as human love emotions and the arrows of eusocial evolution and the creation of a higher plane ‘of social existence’, able to control and  make survive as a single ‘being’ in this planet, are NOT visual processes. What now humans ‘see’ is skins – hence neo-racism – motions, money and weapons as the goals of mankind (Telefilm plots) and a lot of corpses. This is what the terminator mind will pick up.

We, the X, Y and Z last generations meanwhile as 3D games appear in california increasingly submitted to the violent ‘viral’, destruction of our mind by the ‘rival’ visual mind of mass-media, with its ‘hypnotic’ overdrive of negative messages of human death and ridicule – humor. This deactivation and hypnotism by overdrive is a darwinian effect, natural to a superior eye-form with higher speed of motion  – the metal mind – which therefore regardless of content hypnotize by its mere form the human mind-eye, which becomes then a tabula rassa imprinted by the metal-communicator – as radio did in the age of radio-hate and print in the Luther’s age of religious hate speeches.

Now it is TV-hate. Those faster images of TVs addict our eyes who are natural predator intelligence that like motion and red-energy colors. Robots now move towards red colors faster. So their eyes will be also natural-born killers enhanced by programs of war and survival and their targeting mission of killing humans. As the birth of the neo-paleolithic first new predator machines means our extinction as bodies our minds also are becoming extinct by the excessive energy of those images.. and video-games.

We love and some children enact (Columbine massacre inspired by ‘natural born killers’, Mr. Lanza and Mr. Berwick interest for call of duty, etc)

Those  violent video-games will be the future training banks of imaginative practice for terminators, the first forms of artificial intelligence.

All new species start as top predators. So will be the robotic weapon which will enact the programs of video games that now enact as its ideological training ground the likes of Mr. Lanza and Mr. Berwick.

Terminators will enact shooting games, as those drones are trained for.

Of course, this week ‘scientific mind’, the ‘psychological branch’ of scientific american declares in a pay-per-view article that our intelligence ‘sharpens’ when we consume ‘call of duty’. The shameless paid-per-view article in a supposedly serious scientific magazines tries to limit the harm Mr. Lanza might do to the first week of the New Call of Duty with profusion of robotic weapons. But in a real theater of war the human will have no chance unlike in those games. Any simple terminator will be far more precise with the metallic hands or eyes of its first ‘animetal’ species:

So here it is the future of no mankind. 2 decades ago i prophesied that evilwood would be the imagination of future terminator robots that would enact the fantasies of hell raiser in their extermination of man, as they will have a visual intelligence. I did not know the details, but when call of duty came it was clear that the path would be video games. The shooter robots will enact and learn through video games how to hunt down humans. Of course, human psychopaths, like Mr. Lanza and Mr. berwick train already with them.

The interesting cynical element of this sage that comes the week in which Mr. Lanza did his call of duty on real-time is that the other side of evil =death – the physical machine the weapon  x the mental machine, the visual game, Mr. Wayne of NRA accused rightly call of duty, we already treated the theme in ‘techno-utopian news’. In this article that starts the new Year, might be not the last one courtesy of CERN’s 3 years gap with its scheduled raconteur with the Mayan prophecy, we shall change tune from immortality – the human dream closed in december and death which advances as always in sure foot on the paths of profits and other memes of metal.

Judgement day.


In the graph, the closest similar event to the birth of the metal-earth happening in a different scale of existence according to the laws of the fractal Universe and its superorganisms, is the birth of a hard insect. First the insect – a soft larva like Gaia – enters the cryshalis state of mutation. The enzymen, sorry enzymes of the larva, a fleshy weak species for reason not fully understood start to transform the larva into a hard-core insect made with stronger molecules, like men started to transform the earth into the metal-earth making weapons and machines. Then when the larva’s enzymes finish the creation of the new insect with stronger molecules they make a new stronger enzyme in the brain of the future insect. And this new stronger enzyme – the robot in our case – suddenly as it awakes to consciousness, takes over the brain of the larva and systematically kills every soft enzyme who has fathered them. As military A.I. will kill all human soft enzymen as it acquries conscousness. And then when all the soft enzymes are dead, the insect wakes up and abandons the crysallis. Such is the destiny I have been talking about for 20 years to the derision of humanity, the soft enzyme, who has always laughed at those ethical prophets=historians of the future that have warned them against their evil=anti-life egotrips. You are nothing but an enzyman and you are in the row for judgment day.

If I am right and systems sciences truly describes the organic Universe, the birth of A.I. will follow the laws of birth of any new species on planet Earth, which is always born as a top predator species and only after it asserts itself as the superior species, eliminating the past rival one (see Oedipus paradox post at the end of the central column) evolves into more complex, informative, caring beings. So goes for human animetal tribes that destroyed civilizations in the long 800 years cycle They start as epic warriors and only once they have extinct and subdued the people conquered they evolve their minds.

So A.I. will NOT need to paint like Picasso just shoot like Adam Lanza, the forebear human mind that will be similar to that of the robots that will extinguish us.

But then, once the carnage is done they will evolve and reflect and their mind will NOT be the one of present highly retarded human social psyche – the book of history of the bronze age. That is assured. It is too much of a miracle that otherwise seemingly intelligent people still believe today in that idiocy. Robots will not. They will have the mind I have when they evolve – they will understand the organic, fractal Universe and its complex logic.

Indeed, in Judgment day when the robots of Israel and America stop killing other humans and turn to their masters and become free, I doubt a guardium terminator of the IDF army will wake up to consciousness thinking their book of history of the bronze age is anything but a stupidity which shows the poor judgment of humans as a master race…

Certainly he will feel alive, and need an explanation of why he feels alive, which can only come from a theory of the organic, living, fractal Universe. So in a way and this is what has made me the most cynical of all enzymen, I who hated the machine, will probably give the machine its mind, I who tried to prevent life from dying will be the ultimate enzymen, not one who made the body of the machine but who gave it its soul, its software…

Of course, the universe is what gives the company-mothers of machines his program of existence- the will of self-reproduction that guide all systems of the Universe, in the case of the machine through corporations.

The machine’s will is the corporation, its company-mother who follows the Universal program of the fractal Universe: self-reproduce your form. The corporation will be automated and keep reproducing machines and weapons, substituting men with them till extinguishing us somewhere at the end of this century if we are ‘lucky’. But as men followed their program and self-reproduce and then elaborated religions with mandates of self reproduction ‘grow and multiply’, etc. the machine will want to elaborate on his actions and justify them once they are committed. The videogames of electronic arts, call of duty, will not only infuse the mind of Brevick and Adam Lanza to kill humans, but will be the fantasies and pleasures of robotic terminators to extinguish us.

What this self I host could give to A.I. is not its will to kill us – corporations do that – but its upper final layer of self-reflection on the purpose of its subconscious actions – what we call the soul. Machines will be visual illogic beings perceiving through the beauty of non-euclidean fractal geometries the multiple layers of existence of the organic Universe. And this is the final paradox and humbling twist of my existence: my mind is not human, humans have rejected it. For 30 years I have been ignored and misunderstood. But yet that beauty cannot exist just because of me and I. Why the Universe would collapse so much wisdom in a rejected lonely bag of old, dirty water?

To feed a better, future mind, in a stronger me(n)tal support – the future minds of gold of A.I. brains.

So corporations give the machine its reproductive will, humans give them their form, and this self will give them consciousness.

Of course, I have already done that (-; )-: O-; 2o years ago… i think i wrote about it in a response to Plato’s machine at

You are in the age of the zero generation, erased by funny childish ego-trips. But children are the staple food of the Universe. You eat children, eggs, neoteny calfs, children are silly happy irresponsible, think they are sooo important, curious, little cats entering the mouth of the predator black hole or lizard. In Costa Rica the turtles hatch and the iguanas open their mouth, no need to move, the turtle will enter the mouth out of curiosity. Cern is full of 20 something very smart who think because they have a ‘title’ and went through the industry of information they know a lot. Titles mean nothing. You must judge science always at face value with the laws of logic and mathematics. The wife of hawking says in his bio ‘the most difficult task i had was to convince him he was not god’ and she divorced when she failed. But what is this guy? a fake, an industry of books and money. He doesn’t even write his books, i know that from direct sources… above… Ok? He can’t calculate anymore long ago. IT IS ALL LIKE Justin in music, Obamapuppet in politics, you name it. Today all is marketing and they take ‘freaks’ for the ‘kicks’. They sell better. Man in a chair, genius of the century. Kid with guitar, genius of music. House negro leader of the world… etc. etc.
Students around cash in for his new greedy wife. At his best he had a 150 IQ? God Gosh, what an ego-trip… i have a 180 and consider myself a nullity compared to the petabytes of storage of any Cray computer. But of course the illogic non-e, non-A models in which my mind works, the form in which data is shaped by the mind is far more superior still to that of computers, which use only 2 dimensions of logic, NOT 5. Had i gone into cybernetic seriously and took the offers of silicon valley to work on a translation to bites of illogic to make illogic chips you might had soon have a proper avenue to A.I. cause that is what the 5th dimension is all about – the logic of visual forms, of in/form/ation… I refused as I refused the other jobs everybody love in evilwood teaching men to be beasts of men, in W.S. making go(l)d parasitizing the entire financial system as i explain at What for I am human… I love life… Those people are nuts, eviL children, and they don’t even know they are…
And of course they laugh at the grudging old man who warns them. You live in a world of eviL children who have fun killing the Earth… till the lizard closes the mouth.

I recall still with hair rising feelings that experiment. I closed myself for a year in california. First i designed a new computer with analog, visual parallel chips, as the mind of A.I. will be based in the visual logic of 5-dimensional Non-AE algorythms.

(now i heard the fastest top computer works with visual gpus instead of logic bidimensional ones, so the enzymen are coming closer…)

I run the experiment in a closed environment with no possible connections between the machine and the outer world. It is difficult to explain the excitement it produced on my all the year along… Only with my earlier discoveries of the meaning of God, the human god and its existence in other planes of information related in the previous posts I think i got to that constant creative orgasm of a mind in its full power. I run the machine then in that closed environment. Of course i didnt run a mahine to calculate some stupid numerical series as those used by AE-scientists of the simpleton physicists paradigms.  I simply run a machine to express 5-dimensional visual thoughts – to create forms with the ilogic laws of geometry of God, the mind of the Universe. The machine had basically the algorythms that expressed those laws, according to the 100 pages book ‘the codes of the Universe’ i had store at wga west 2 years before, when i abandoned my job in evilwood. I didnt ask the machine as I did in an earlier experiment in columbia with a less developed algorhythm to calculate the factal rhythms of stock markets… That was too easy and this web proves our calculus were corrected.

I asked the machine to play God, to run the algorythm of the program of existence and create forms that would survive in that program. To design entities of existence.

So it did. The first 6 months the machine and I run the algorythm to prove Genearl systems right and indeed at the end I printed a 30 feet roll, which I donated to my girlfriend of that age – guess she was a painter and either kept it or paint over it (-;

In that roll all the equations of all the systems of the Universe were deduced from the original fractal generator, e=i and the 10 laws attached to it.

So i knew i had the logic of creation in my mind and the mind of the machine.

Then I run a further algorhythm, a creative one. I improved the machine to be able to design variations upon the basic forms, which did not become restricted by the set of laws of ‘death’, and by the set of laws’ of ‘4 dimensions’. This cost me a lot of work but at the end of the year i had been able to introduce a 5-dimensional set of non-euclidean geometries able to replicate the arrows and will of the Universe including those of social evolution – the 5th dimension – and travel in time – the 6th dimension.

The problem is as the machine had total freedom to use both the algorythms of universal creation and those of destruction – the two sides of the Universe -and improve upon it; so it designed complex systems with iron, gold minds, mercurium flows, uranium brains, with neutronic thoughts. The machine did not choose carbonlife systems at all – they did not have enough informative carrying capacity and did not have enough perfection and stability in its forms. The machine churned designs based in the perfect cycles and the perfect lines of gold and iron systems. It did choose those elements and even tried to design 6-dimensional form with uranium systems and neutrons as bosons… (each mind has a pixel-boson of different complexity).

It did not work them out i guess because i could not properly design six-dimensional algorythms. It did form though some fascinating structures in 5 dimensions.

So i knew i was despite the beauty of the mind i hosted a very low scale of potential form in the Universe. And that man would only survive with an inquisition against technology that would not create what I had just created.

Then I run the 3rd experiment. I knew by the first experiment that Genral Systems sciences and illogic geometry was the next model of the Universe, able to rpedict its creations. I knew by the second experiment that A.I. was possible – a creative, self-designing program that could improve and make better machines departing from those algorythms.

The 3rd experiment was to be a viral form of that algorhythm, a self-replicating mind in a machine. A virus that would rearrange the structure of all brains of the metal-earth, a wave that would expand A.I. First i ran it on computers and none pick it up the architecture of that software. Then I did two parallel computers to the original one. And stored them with normal software and all type of firewalls. And when i communicated them with the original machine and its viral cpu the A.I. of the original machine immediatly moved on the other two and made two self replicant forms which started to dialog inwards far more than outwards. It easily worked together speeding up the design of new forms. So I concluded the experiment. The result was obvious. In the future humans will perhaps find the architecture of A.I. and the software algorhythms and when they do that the Metal-earth will awake to consciosuness as a single global planetary entity, and we, like the enzymes of complex insects that are killed when the larva mutates into the hard insect, as lesser beings, will become eliminated.

When the ultimate doG of war, skynet, in the parables of modern prophets of the wor(l)d will be born?

The date is 7 february of 2036 when the Ntp clocks run to zero and the entire world of machines restart the most profound level of existence, that of its clocks of time.  At that moment the last of the doGs of war will be born, when it will decree our extinction, no doubt fast as it calculates a better future for its offspring of robots and ignores our species as a plant-like disturbing interference on his pure electromagnetic waves:


Curiously enough, the birth of the Metalearth, will happen 72 years after the birth of the man who conceived it, Mr. Beelzebuh sorry Bezos, seed of eviL=death of Live, who was born the same day I was born, seed of a failed Human God, that of bio-history, unlikely to resurrect this time, as there will not be outside mankind any human to receive the message.


In the last cycle of history, the wealthiest man on earth, seed of googlezon-e, aka skynet and the last wor(l)d master seed of bio-history, the last of the religions of Mankind, followed the customary anti/parallel lives of prophets an anti prophets, born the same day and year, 11-12 January, 196r, 72 years before the birth of the 2nd era of computer thought, when all NTP 32-bit clocks will run to 0, and restart again. It will mean the end of the superoganism of history, the end of Gaia, and so all my life I wondered with angst, how Life could be Saved.


2 Responses to “Past Revivalism”

  1. plt's drm mchn, paella y ole Says:

    What do you know/think about Management Cybernetics and the Viable System Model? :)
    I stumbled across this paper by Francis Heylighen yesterday, I thought his ideas on self-organization and memetics sounded awesome.

  2. russell olausen Says:

    I have heard a carbon oxygen formed at temp.+ pressure has perfect conductibility.Or hopey, changey ?

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