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One of the funniest modes of newspeaks are the placebo mapping of ‘respectable think tanks’, with sonorous names, such as the ‘Nobel Committee’, the ‘Institute for Transparency’ the ‘Happiness Institute’, the ‘OCDE’, the ‘FMI’, etc. etc.

WE SHALL THUS explain here the hidden newspeaks of those maps for the visual ¥-zero generations of new children of thought, so they ‘don’t worry be happy’, of living in ‘the best of all systems’, ‘placebo democracies’, where all infotainment is ‘fiction’ and the bad guys on the mappings are those lesser beings of 3rd world primitive islamophobian nations of terrorists, or highly oppressed yellow monkeys, which are brutalised by corrupted single-parties, where on the summit of slavery, the ‘monetary language o social power’ is NOT issued as it should by our ‘$elected experts’ of the ‘Biblical culture’ of victims of history, and used as Mr. Smith not of Matrix but of the ‘wealth of nations’ asked in ‘police, army and security’, so the inferior non-selected 99% can enjoy democracy, guided properly because only ‘if people remain ignorant will be obedient’ (Calvin) and so politically correct… So here we shall introduce from time to time the interpretation of those politically correct  mappings from time to time…

The index of transparency

The new mapping of transparency org. that funny think-tank for showing the disgusting corruption of the enemies of ‘free markets’, who dare not to let our Banksters rule in total transparency our politico Placebo democracies is here again to illustrate and enlighten us about: the brutally corrupted Venezuelan nation on the Americas…

the repulsive corruption of the 7 nations (no longer the 7 oil infamous sisters) of terrorists, which our leader of the free world rightly wants to ban, also on top in the Old world:THEY ARE NOT ONLY filled with terror and genocide, and hate us, reason why they want sometimes to travel to the homeland heartland of the free (to blow it up McVeigh style) but alas, they are the most corrupted, heinous parts only overcome by Venezuela.

Never mind we have been at providing the thug dictators and jihads of those nations liberally with our subventions for decades, so we do have a perfect wasteland to test our drones, justify the generalisation of eviL to all muslims, specially those heinous Palestinians that deserve to be in concentration camps, and well you see there is also Mexico filled of bad hombres, also soon deserving a Wall of Shame, and China-China, problem is

China is doing so well, that the west is having trouble to demonise China, as James petras wrote recently in an awesome simple article, whose beginning we quote:

China’s Great Leap Forward: Western Frogs Croak Dismay
Introduction: From their dismal swamps, US academic and financial journal editorialists, the mass media and contemporary ‘Asia experts’, Western progressive and conservative politicians croak in unison about China’s environmental and impending collapse.

They have variably proclaimed (1) China’s economy is in decline; (2) the debt is overwhelming; a Chinese real estate bubble is ready to burst; (3) the country is rife with corruption and poisoned with pollution; and (4) Chinese workers are staging paralyzing strikes and protests amid growing repression – the result of exploitation and sharp class inequality. The financial frogs croak about China as an imminent military threat to the security of the US and its Asian partners. Other frogs leap for that fly in the sky – arguing that the Chinese now threatens the entire universe!

The ‘China doomsters’ with ‘logs in their own eyes’ have systematically distorted reality, fabricated whimsical tales and paint vision, which, in truth, reflect their own societies.

As each false claim is refuted, the frogs alter their tunes: When predictions of imminent collapse fail to materialize, they add a year or even a decade to their crystal ball. When their warnings of negative national social, economic and structural trends instead move in a positive direction, their nimble fingers re-calibrate the scope and depth of the crisis, citing anecdotal ‘revelations’ from some village or town or taxi driver conversation.

As long-predicted failures fail to materialize, the experts re-hash the data by questioning the reliability of China’s official statistics.

Worst of all, Western ‘Asia’ experts and scholars try ‘role reversal’: While US bases and ships increasingly encircle China, the Chinese become the aggressors and the bellicose US imperialists whine about their victim-hood.

The good guys.

Now as usual those think tanks are smart so they DONT openly tell us what they want us to learn, that the capitalist democracies of Anglo-America and related biblical nations of bigot banksters on top of a pile of national and international ab=used people without rights to print their own money are clean. So yes, they put above, so you believe the mapping is right the obvious candidates to a well-run society today, which are the social-democracies of the Scandinavian world, with high regulated banking, free social security, and unemployment benefits (a form of Universal salary) and on top little land, so huge natural resources for good income (state oil in Norway, iron mines and forestry in the rest).

So yes, we coincide with the top, but the problem is what comes next, the FMMI nations, from US to Switzerland, where bigot creationist banksters, either of Jewish or Calvinist denomination (US vs. Switzerland) are on top.

He, he. That is where the post-truth comes in and what they want you to learn.

Then you can explain that all these graphs made from the perspective of that capitalist ‘post-truth’.

My friend U$, where I lived 20 years is the most corrupt country in the world because it is the system that is corrupt in its underlying structure, as money is invented for and by a crony group of bankers from a single cult(ure). And people have no credit, no health-care, no dictum on the system

There the money only is made by wall street speculators by decree, and the truth is forbidden because all information is infotainment, fiction, matrix, and therefore there is no corruption because CORRUPTION is legal: Laws are sold to the highest bidder corporative company, with the most evolved machines of each age.

So the laws bear the name of the lobbyist who paid them. I.e, the inheritance law is the Gallo-Dole for the billionaire that made the payment (Gallo) and the lobbyist that put it (Dole) Ie. there is no corruption in social security SIMPLY because there is NO free health-care.


Notice that just after the Scandinavians comes the MOST corrupted of all capitalist nations Switzerland, the Calvinist stronghold of the $elected that only gave rights to vote to women in… 1973…, living on the pile of corpses of the fortunes of African dictators. She is always up there among the less corrupted nations of the world LOL

IMAO, very close comes Israel, the less corrupted nation of the Islamic world (yes Israel is a white colony in the Semite World culture, one of the 7 cultures of this planet). OF course, meaning it seats over a concentration camp of 5 million occupied Palestinians, with Apartheid laws of ‘blood purity’ similar to those of Nazi germany (where if you marry a palestinian you can loose your nationality; something never heard of since the milder purity-blood laws of Spanish inquisition, where you could not opt certain public places, and the late-nazi laws against aryan marriage)


This method works for all those copycat institutions of capitalist post-truth, such as the GDP maps (not PPP, purchase per capita, or IHD, index of human development – So we measure A) production not human consume and since weapons are the most expensive goods, you always get on top America.

YET in Human development THE EU appears ALWAYS ON TOP.

And of course, what NOBODY DOES, is to INCLUDE the 3rd world NATIONS, exploited and destroyed by the western weapons trade, splendid little wars and imperial growth, because THEY SHOULD BE ADDED to the mix. Indeed, Afghanistan and Iraq SHOULD BE added to USA and Israel, awesome GDP and trade in robotic weapons. Because they are the nations consumed by our ‘splendid little wars for profits’ of the 3rd age of neofascism=weapon industries on top of the lobbyist systems of the most corrupted nations of the world. They are though invisible, on the bottom of all the graphs as a proof that WE that corrupt, massacre and degrade them are the most ‘transparent’ free market democracies, and all the nations we bust, massacre and prevent for evolving by killing their democratic leaders from Mossadeq to the Egyptian muslim brothers to put thugs and ayatollahs on top, are the ‘required enemies’ perfect for our awesome GDP In weapons:

In the graph, in the neo-fascist age of robotic wars, jacks up our awesome U$ GDP in weapons, and make us the richest nation in the world in terms of companies-production, thanks to having an extraordinary pool of ‘bad hombres’ in Islamic nations, to massacre in the $emite wars, with the excuse of a permanent war on terror, and a pool of 3rd world nations filled with corrupted dictators to provide us with ‘free goodies=raw materials’  extracted in poisonous African mines, so all those nations can sink into the lowest levels of all indexes.

And of course, we have none to do with it, as news are perfectly ‘hidden’ after the laws of ‘transparency’ and subtle censorship of our google-ranks and privacy laws that ONLY apply to CORPORATIONS AND ANONYMOUS SOCIETIES.

Yet even with this ad on, to ‘stand tall’ on the corpses of the children we sacrifice into the altar of Baal, for 3000 years and counting, we rank far lower in GINI and IHD (rent inequality and human development):

So we shall continue with this  POST-TRUTH mappings.


Post-truth friend HAS FOUND AT last the most surrealist of all measures, that of the ‘happiness’ enshrined in the American Constitution (as opposed to the search of truth, which should be the goal of evolution of the human mind as a ‘life not examined is not worth living’ Aristotle, since ‘most humans are slaves they believe they don’t reason’, same guy).

So don’t worry be happy and die like an idiot is the motto of our MATRIX-LIKE society, of half truths and damned statistics of happiness, made by a capitalist institute, according to GDP, Swiss full of suicides and boring being also on top:

Now in this little piece of the bull$hit institute we show the ‘mantra’ of all those grape, which DO NOT MEASURE of course what they say; do not include the whole nation – that is, those nations made INCREDIBLY UNHAPPY by the tops of the graph, in this case the Calvinist swiss banksters sitting on top of the flesh and corpses of the unhappiest nations (by GDP per capita which is the index highest weighed sub-element) – the African dictatorships protected systematically by those banks who hide their stolen fortunes. So maybe we should ad ‘sub-Saharan africa to the Swiss?) And what about to add in Israel’s highly regarded to happy nation of biblical bigots the 6 million very unhappy palestinians kept on concentration camps? And what about adding to Germany 4.0 with its happy robots automatising and throwing out of job ALL the workers of Southern Europe from Portugal to Greece, made a debt-slave nation, with 40% of children now undernourished, without basic medicines in hospitals, having to serve the few wit jobs the teutonic hordes of happy summertime visitors, on their statistics?

Alas, another key element of political correctness is half-truths. You must always ad some truth into the biased half-truth and static. So the second and 3rd weighted indexes are those of health-care (social security basically), and this weights correctly. One is happy when is healthy and it is healthy when he can afford social security, reason why US goes down (Israel mind the reader only counts 1/2 of their people; the slaves don’t have rights in this peculiar institution, called the Occupied territories, which ads on no doubt to the happiness of israeli bigots, as the spanish proverb says ‘mal de muchos consuelo de tontos’ (free translation: ‘the suffering of many only gives happiness to evil jerks’).

In any case, as I visited all those nations except the cornered islands of the world (new zealand iceland) and have cousins in happy scandinavia, I can testify this. Despite al that wealth, the unhappiest nations in the world are Scandinanvians, because of unhappy weather, reclusive life, selfie-instincts that prevent any human true constant exchange of life-thoughts and fluids – and yes, we can be more properly informed on happiness by the index of suicides:

Alas not surprisingly the unhappiest world is the cold northern, industrial nations (on top being the MOST ADVANCED NATION OF THE DIGITAL ERA TODAY, SOUTH KOREA – save Guyana, where Ethnic Indians have been seen to make up the vast majority of suicides poisoning themselves by consuming agricultural pesticides; in what should be qualified as a Genocidal index, due to the 400 years and counting brutal exploitation of their people by the first gunboat, slave companies, who are now destroying their jungles and OSV curious religious Wor(l)ds of Gaia with the planet ‘first’. But in South-Korea, which IS have no doubt of it, along Israel, the top world nation of the robotic age, ahead also in the building of a military-robotic nation with its MILITARY ROBOT WALL, made by samsung tech, there is not a genocide of humans by corporations, oh, well yes, there is one, as the entire korean youth becomes isolated in front of hypnotic galaxy 8.0 machines. In fact, an awesome 40% of people under 35 are virgins because they prefer to have sex (same in Japan) with 3D manga, sign of things to come.

Next you can look at the Islamic world culture, where the 2 most western nations Morroco and Israel have the highest indexes – even if Israel as we said, only counts 1/2 of its population in all statistics (Palestinians vaporised stalinist fashion)

This was to my a surprise, which can be generalised to the rather unhappy Jewish Global nation, since it is on top of the world in wealth and appropriation of other people’s rights (all in Israel, financial rights to issue your money in the western world Financial-Media empire). Consider their rent on top of the Financial-Media system of America:

As owners of America, of course, with 80% of CEOs and CFOs of financial-media industries, protected by anonymous societies laws and the industry of the holocaust of any criticism, living on top of the supposed top nation of the world, they should be immensely happy. But aside from their very happy atheist, cynical comedians, and Hollywood people, my experience is that they are not.

Why then the top nation of the planet in wealth is not happy? I often asked them when living among the $elected and it was obvious to me, they were unhappy because of the paranoia of the Industry of the Holocaust and their nazi-onanism and victimism, which made them fear and hate most of mankind their own species, contra-natura. This inward looking of the whole culture, so obvious in the masturbatory nature of their literature of the ego (from the good ones, Kafka and Proust, to the bad ones, Saul Bellow and the Holocaust chronicles of gore), its repressive ridiculous theories of the mind (Freudian bull$hit), which despite its mass-media quoting (the most quoted ‘scientist of the XX C. LOL) is meaningless science… IS very unhappy, because to be you must be part of the living Universe, connected to your species and nature, as Buddah told us.

Next in this shared unhappiness with the Biblical lot – American believers in Yhwh – comes  the extreme repressive anti-humanist memes of their biblical sects; in the jewish case their religion has around 632 precept forbidding all WHAT IS NATURAL IN HUMAN LIFE DRIVES OF BIOLOGICAL NATURE: FROM GOOD food (dietary laws against the most tasteful seafood and pork), to good thought (eusocial love to mankind) to good reproduction (not of machines but sex please, every day and every position and every race) – mind the reader sex is forbidden with the inferior sons of satan, (women, dogs, arabs negroes and gentiles in general are born of it according to talmud, so if you make love with a gentile, orthodox judaism considers it a crime of bestialism :) Of course, there is a group of non-religious go(l)d believers which are happy – the ones of babylon…

The happiest=less suicidal cultures: Hispano-American ‘bad hombres’ and Islamic ‘terrorists’.

The human side of America

So surprise, surprise, the happiest cultures of the world are the two HATED CULTURES AGAINST WHICH ALL OUR MEMES OF HATE ARE CUSTOMARILY DIRECTED, BY ISLAMOPHOBIA AND LATINOPHOBIA, THE 2 ‘AUTHORIZED’ FORMS OF RACISM of Anglo-America, those lands of ‘terrorists and bad hombres’.


Nobody kills himself there. Arguably the bigot jihadists we have breed with our subventions and the military dictators and torturers, wholesale, do kill many people in Islam, and that is a problem. But in my culture, hispano-america people are happy-happy, these days, with less food but less dictators, once the ‘bad hombres of North-America’ have refocused their ‘bacterial culture’ of breeding dictators to buy our weapons, make us richer, massacred inferior humans, to the Islamic world. Of course, there is the problem of the highly corrupted Venezuela, once Chavez was murdered likely by a Komploten virus (people don’t die that young of a highly invasive viral cancer, if you don’t poison him); the bad hombres of Mexico (where yes, many are murdered by those bad hombres with our exported weapons), and the Peruvian indians who refuse stop talking their pre conquistador languages, (Aymara, quetchua) and still worship their ancient cultures, not brain-washed by our superior memes. Alas! the 3 nations with less suicidal rates on the Whole Americas. ts, ts.

So here there is somewhat a bit of coincidence between the Institute of Happiness and the real facts.

Indeed, if you look a the list there are there 3 happy Latino nations, ranking 14,15 and 17, which i found to be in general terms of the ones I have visited, along Indo-China, the happiest of the world because both areas have a humanist eusocial love culture, with limited repression of life-drives and a fairly well structured social network and minimal health-services, Costa rica, Puerto rico (where Americans positively for once provide investment and non-exploitative tourism  and have the luck of not having armies, one costa rica thanks to a catalan countryman, Mr. Figueres who abolished it, and Puerto Rico by means of outsorcing it to US, and then Brazil that happy perfect reflection of the Latino Culture of mixing ideas and fluids among all the races, so everybody there is a mestizo, even the white elite that denies to be ‘mestizo’ on virtue of their capitalist racism, based in wealth :)

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