Manufacturing brains:

‘History Rhymes’; ‘A banker is a man that gives you an umbrella when is sunny and takes it when it rains’  Twain

Introduction: The Financial-Media system and its ‘submissive’ politico sub-system:  The informative machines that form the ‘Head’ of the Metal-Earth.

In this section we study the ‘Head’ of the Financial-Media (Informative ‘head’ machines) -Military-Industrial (energetic ‘body’ machines) Superorganism of selfish memes of metal, the Metal-Earth, which is terraforming and killing the planet.

In the FMMI article we study the entire superorganism and its synergies and dual cycles.

The FMMI article introduced the entire superorganism and its evolutionary and overproduction ‘molting’ crisis.

In the  paragraphs that followed it we studied in detail, its body, its twin Industrial-Military machines, those peaceful ones that humans consume (Industry) and those top predator twins that consume us (Military), as all biological species have a ‘peaceful’ and a ‘predator’ subspecies.

In this section we shall study the Informative Head, made of informative machines that:

1. Print Money, creating the Financial System.

2. Print Audiovisual information, creating the collective subconscious of Mankind.

3. $elect its politicians (‘Presidents are not elected but selected’ Roosevelt), by paying its campaigns and lobbying its laws (Financial System), and controlling its public exposure or censoring it through audiovisual Media (Media system).

4. We also study in depth even if it is ‘obviously’ the most censored ‘politically incorrect’ fact of our world, the ‘animetal cult(ure)’ of Go(l)d that has controlled since Biblical times both systems in the Western World, the Jewish Financial-Media Empire and the action-reaction processes that control causes specially in the ‘corrupted’ negative age of the Financial-Media cycle (when debt crises provoke a contraction of the economy and hate-media transforms humans into mass-murderers) – the so called war-Holocaust cycle, we studied for classic 800 year civilizations and 80 year modern industrial nations in the Paragraphs dedicate to AniMEtal cultures.

Let us stress the fact that we are now in the negative age of the FMMI, when industrial machines become weapons, the usury debt-money collected by the Financial system reaches unsustainable levels, social unrest is crunched by neofascist media and neofascist politicos and the whole human system prepares itself for self-destruction under the values of  its selfish memes of metal, greed, murder and social extinction.

Thus the Financial System, The Media System, its corrupted, submissive Market Democracies and its owners are the 4 sections of this part.

Reason why we shall have 4 sub-sections to the Financial-Media System

Most news are dedicated to the American-European Jewish Empire, as we live in this section of the world, which in any case is at the head of the web and the rest of the planet just follow its tendencies. Now America at the forefront of the electronic radiation enters its overproduction negative age of massive hate media,  a vigilante global state and unsustainable debt that is crashing the Welfare state and the Government, unable to pay its salaries, since it has been stripped off the rights to print money and cannot longer function organically.

This phase though has barely started…  According to the cycles it should last 36 years, 1/2 of the 72 years, generational Kondratieff cycle of electronic machines.

The Financial-Media System rules the world. ‘Market Democracies’


In the graph, money is a language of digital information, which has evolved according to the laws of all languages, diminishing its energy/size, increasing its speed of reproduction of information and finally it has become just a digital flow of information in computer brains that control today the ‘metal-earth’, the economic ecosystem with a ‘digital mind’ based in the ‘universal grammar of money’, man=price=object. Indeed, it is all in the grammar of the language, and the history of man can be understood as a fight between two grammars, the ethic grammar of words that make of man the center of creation, man (subject) Verb (action) Object (energy of man), and the language of money which compare us with objects, and put us a price… The control of those two languages means the control of societies. Yet as money multiplied in greater numbers and priced more ‘things’ and ‘human capital’ it became the dominant language in control of the law, and those who issued money would control western societies. This growing power of corporations and financial institutions increased exponentially with the invention of e-money, which has multiplied by 100 in 40 years the monetary mass of the world  – hence the paradox of a corporative world awash in money, where companies like Apple are worth more than +100 million pakistanis and market speculators easily make 1 billion $ a year while millions loose their homes.

Yet since the same machines  used to print money print information (papers in the past, computer platforms today), the financial world and those who own it, have  created a Financial-Media system that hides the tremendous injustice of the system. And they have rewritten social sciences into ideologies that cater to their agenda, from ‘The Economist’ the organ of the Rothschild family to the Nobel Prizes given by the Rijsbank usurping the Nobel Name to the MBA programs that cater only to the needs of corporations, to the constant degradation of human institutions by the press.

We can trace historically this demise to the free creation of e-money, achieved by the ‘coup d’etat’ against the Nixon Presidency that converted television into the dictator of politicos and the parallel demise of hard currencies, (end of dollar convertibility) that eroded any limit to the production of electronic fiat money.  It was the origin of the present dictatorship of bankers that has eliminated any pretension to evolve human societies into real democracies that cater to the needs of most people, the origin of the astounding corruption of politicos who pander bankers for money, which in a real democracy they – as representatives of voters – should have the right to print to create the goods of the welfare state most citizens demand. And the end of social sciences, censored even at the primary level of data collection… This blog will try to resurrect and advance those social sciences applying to them the discoveries of systems sciences and complexity that could design a perfect, sustainable economic system to the image and likeness of human beings.

The Financial Media Complex System and its owners: rise of neo-fascism.


News happen and then the financial-media system, made of informative machines that print news and print money that creates with credit a reality to the image and likeness of machines, its corporations and owners, re-write news to introduce the positive slant of those idol-ogies.

we live in an evolving eco(nomic)system, in which money is the ‘neuronal brain’ that directs the evolution of the machines of the Industrial r=evolution that humans re=produce, working, and test, consuming, to further evolve them.

Even more specifically in scientific terms we could talk of the ‘Financial-Media (informative machines)/ Military-Industrial (energetic machines) Complex. And this complex, complementary system follows the laws of all Complex systems whose study I have pioneered in the millieu of General Systems Science and we explain here in the sections dedicated to the superorganisms of history and economics and its systemic laws.

The financial-Media system  is thus the system of informative machines that control information in this planet, complementary to the industrial-military complex of energetic machines, which form together the bulk of the economic system.

Both are symbiotic in the creation of the cycles of war and destruction of history as the next graph shows.


The financial-media system invents the language of power of society, money and it manufactures the brain of mankind. It does so from its two dominant poles, Wall Street and Hollywood.

We have two poles. Wall street is the financial system and hollywood is the media system. Wall street gives us the financial, digital information, the monetary orders that define what is re=produced and what is not, which machines we have and which we don’t (most), which welfare goods are cre(dit)ated and which are not (very few).


Many people talk of the military-industrial complex of energetic machine – the body of the Metal-Earth – but nobody talks about its head, the true center of power, the Financial-Media complex, made of Informative machines that print money and audiovisual information. Both are synergic, and direct the world towards the evolution of machines, but obviously the head matters and directs the body of the superorganism of machines. And yet we know nothing about it. why? Obviously because its working are censored; and its owners protect it, and since they control information, they control the information about themselves in their favor.

Thus, this web analyzes from a humanist point of view, the daily news and how they are transformed into ‘positive news’ for the economic system under its idologies (capitalism, the idol-ogy of money, nationalism, the idol-ogy of weapons, technoutopia, the idol-ogy of machines and abrahamic religions, the idol-ogy of human selfishness and blindness to the organic, living universe).

Then on the other side of America, the Media system concentrated in California, in Hollywood manufactures the brain of the American and western people. And we say western people because de facto the power of Wall street and hollywood reaches the entire globe, either by direct imposition or mostly by IMITATION, the fundamental form of creativity of the Universe.

The films and trends and songs and ideas of Hollywood distribute world wide and imprint worldwide minds:

metal communicators

The trends of wall street are imitated by every other company of the world, to the point that at 9.30 AM when the W.S. market opens the entire planet listens and follows in each western stock, its trends.

London is a small brother mimetic to W.S. and Hollywood, but essentially if we make a ceteris paribus analysis it suffices to know how W.S. + hollywood, the American Financial-MEdia system rules all other western systems of power to understand how the ‘head’ of the eco(nomic)system operates.

Finally the political system, the ‘market democracy’ of the capitalist FMMI complex is thus largely irrelevant as it obeys the owners of the FInancial-Media complex, or else, they will be massively attacked by the media system, and its finances, money, credit, currency, treasuries, bonds, etc. will be attacked by Wall Street. They will be trained to obey the Financial-Media system. Since Nixon every politico knows it need money from the FMMI system to campaign, and TVs addicted to them to reach people and win elections. So every politico in America and each ‘clonic nation’ of the west in which the biggest financial and audiovisual companies are allies or participated by American conglomerate obey the owners of the FM head.

 And so the reader should excuse me if i do not obey in this blog any censorship and call politicos what they are: ‘house negros’, qislings and servants of the FMMI system that owns them.

 Information. One of the most fascinating discoveries we systems scientists have made in the study of time, is its close relationship with information. Information is carried in the frequency and form of time cycles. Information is ‘form’. And the faster a system of clocks develops those cycles the faster information is processed. Hence computers are calculated by its Hertzs of power, where Hertz measures its frequency.

But in nature time clocks are vortex-like, accelerating constantly inwards, as information become a non-lineal function of the evolution of the system. In the next graphs we see some fundamental consequences with the ‘organic fractal paradigm’ of systems sciences based in a Universe made of ‘fractal space-time beings’
The first consequence is that clocks run faster as information increases in all systems. Hence we wrinkle in the old age of maximal information prior to death, and so there is not a steady state life cycle but one of increasing information till all energy is exhausted and the system dies. History as a superorganism and its rival metal-organism the metal-earth are exactly suffering such situation, but in an opposite fashion, as in all predatory equations:
Selfish memes of metal: Max. Technological evolution ≈ Human social memes: minimal evolution (regression to the past).
And this is in essence the cause of the astounding revivalism in human societies of the past, old  memes, which paradoxically regress history to the past, while machines keep evolving towards the future:
Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.54.37
In the graph, the fundamental equation of Historic regression to the past is caused by the parallel massive evolution of the machine, and its mental chips that atrophy and substitute mankind, as they create a global super organism at an accelerated speed.
This means paradoxically in the side of mankind an increasing devolution and destruction into a field of entropic disorder, from the heights of social evolution reached in the age of European r=evolution (from the XVIII enlightened age to the Russian R=evolution and isms, aborted by fascism, stalinism and capitalism, all working together against the memes of freedom and eusocial love, art and the understanding of mankind as the only ‘nation of the species’)…



Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 08.34.39
By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’(1). But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests.

George Orwell on Newspeaks, which today are far less concerned with ‘weapons’ than with go(l)d and fictions of don’t worry be happy and political and economical correctness, which sells you a world of placebos, and hides the unrelentless evolution of the chip radiation and the digital world as if it were going to create a perfect paradise for man, increasingly devolved into a childish virtual matrix-like human being.



best history organism

In the graph we can see a Humanist super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive.

Yet we do NOT live in that world, but in the world of the next graph, a system completely dedicated to reproduce, evolve and ab=use life with machines and weapons, according to the generational cycle of technology.

Indeed, we are being replaced as a Species, by the selfish memes of metal and the equations of capitalism, all hidden by the sacred newspeaks of profits, productivity, splendid little wars based in hate memes against the third world.. you name it.

All this means that first we shall get poorer and poorer, and the middle classes will enter the lower world of poverty proper of most of mankind in the Industrial age (albeit closed in the past in 3rd world countries).

This means we should revise the ‘pyramid of capitalism’ of the previous graph.

Indeed, in our capitalist system there is an absolute law, the syntax of money, and that is the law that now degrade us. Let us remember it. Money is a digital language that values less men than metal and compares them with a price/salary. And so as we become more costly than machines our price makes us obsolete.

indeed, the consequence of the higher metal-value of machines, in terms of price (not of ethic, human value, which will NOT allow in a world ruled by the law the substitution of workers by machines) is the main economical equation of capitalism:

Man = Wage = Price = Object.

The equation means that humans with no value will get minimal price/wage and machines maximal price. So capitalism will reproduce and cater to machines for profit, not to human beings and its worthless survival goods.

It also means humans can be bought for money as objects are, and compare to them, hence obliged to compete with machines and weapons and fields of labor and war.  This equation originated modern slavery handled by the first corporations in the first Dutch democracy. Of course those slaves were not ‘citizens’; but then when ‘slavery’ evolved into cheaper part-time slavery and humans were leased by corporations to save the money spent on housing and feeding slaves (white slaves), citizens became part-time slaves, and this provoked the socialist movement. And yet after the II world war and the fall of the wall, not even this self-evident truth of capitalist ‘democracies’ – that a worker has no rights and it is a slave while at work is forgotten.

Systems have social classes, but they are efficient and relatively just. 

Social classes do exist in all systems but are never so unequal as they are in our ‘3 worlds’ society:

– All systems and subsystems of power, from corporations to nations to religions to cultures, have at least two classes, the informative/head class which controls the languages of social power (neuronal cells in living organisms, black holes in gravitational-based galaxies, bankers in economic organisms ruled by money, priests and politicians in human societies ruled by words), and the reproductive, body/working class.

And then there might be two invisible upper and lower classes that do not truly belong to the organism:  a ‘3rd energy class’, ab=used by the organism’ and a ‘super-class’ external to the organism, which might control this and other organisms with a different, faster language. This might be positive or negative to the system.

For example in corporations you have the stockrats – the superclass that controls multiple companies; the managers, the information class, the workers, the reproductive class, and the external energy, raw materials and… consumers, who provide matter and money to the corporation.

In a love religion there are priests that spell the eusocial message of love of the prophet (the super-class, which is however positive to the religion, as it uses the same verbal language) and the mass of believers – all mankind. In corrupted religions however there is an energy class (the heretics and non-believers) abused when the corrupted religion is in power, and external languages that corrupt the church, military memes, which create inquisitions and go(l)d-money, which chooses certain believers as best.

In military nations, there is also enemies and an external language, weapons, which create a caste above the law, the aristocrat or today the army.

All this is needed for you to understand why our society is corrupted. Ideally it should be guided by ethic laws, but it is ruled by an external, supranational caste, the International Banker and speculator, who rules all our societies and politicians with money. This is how all systems end up being by ‘natural selection’ to become efficient.

So today the ‘Siamese human system’ of ‘capitalist’ + ‘democracy’ have degenerated and both languages, money and laws are controlled by corporations and their lobbies. Yet this must be hidden, and so politicians are more like celebrities that cheat the people into feeling they have power and then they cater to the owners of the system.

If our society were properly designed as a democracy, the government of the people, the opposite would occur:  the laws would control money; as in all efficient organisms, which are not Siamese bicephalic systems, both languages would be controlled by the same system (so in the body, neurons control both nervous impulses and chemical, hormonal messages). We do have two parties as placebos of freedom, yet both bicephalic heads obey in capitalist democracies the money, and so only when governments have right to issue money as in social democracies in Europe in the 70s, we have a working democracy.

But of course, as I said you are imprinted by the fiction that you only exist as a free life-based individual, and the system caters to your natural will and all those ideas that there are classes, people-castes, complex systems is a confabulation theory, a socialist meme, a lunatic rant, and now you ‘must’ abandon this web that is poisoning your ‘pursuit of happiness’ over all attempt to know the truth.  But if you keep taking the red pill, Morpheus will wake you up from your REM American/global dream to the nightmare of capitalist truths, in which the welfare goods you need to survive will always be scarce. Because the system, its company-mothers of machines and the financial corporations and 1% of ‘stockrats’ that rule them, are not interested in you.


Monetary orders substitute verbal information: credit creates reality

In the graph, the real structure of power that cre(dit)ates our future with money orders. 90% of our lives are spent either working in companies, consuming machines or following biological drives NOT following laws and governments’ orders. Thus bankers and corporations Not politicians create, cre(dit)ate the world with monetary orders; and those orders value machines and weapons more than life:

The financial-military-industrial complex is a very complex system with 3 basic type of orders:

– Salaries, which select humans or machines in a competitive field of labor, under the equation man=price=machine; so if a machine is more productive than a human being, we fire the workers and increase the ‘productivity of the industry with new machines.

– Bonds, credits and campaign money and bribes, which control political systems, governments and politicians. All of them therefore protect the monopoly of power of bankers and corporations that print money in stocks and beg for that money. There are two type of politicos – those who are paid by industries that produce consumption goods and prefer the peaceful substitution and obsolescence of workers and humans to machines that atrophy us, and are generally termed as left wing or democratic parties, and those who prefer to run amok faster for profits, which are paid by war industries that have the highest profits as the values of metal-money give weapons the maximal price. Those are conservative, war parties. Today they dominate due to the increasing obsolescence and lack of credit of humans, the industrial panorama. Finally there are the intellectuals, ‘the experts’ that sanctify the system.

In the past they were military inquisitions that promoted religious war and go(l)d churches that told us money was the invisible hand of God. Now it is a bit more sophisticated. They use equations to the same end. On the bottom of the pyramid there are beings without price, nature, aliens, 3rd world. Those people are outside the economic ecosystem and live in the freedom of chaos, without money to give orders, get goods and survive. This bottom will increase constantly as a barrier of machines, robots and monetary orders separate the informative castes of societies – those who invent the language of power – from the bulk of human beings obeying those orders.

How money creates reality against the historic ecosystem, how money orders reality? Through a process that we will define with a new verb: cre[dit]ation. It means that you can create reality with credit. If you can invent money, that is if you have a credit, then you can give orders to people with that money, they desire, given its value, which can be changed by anything else. In this manner to have credit implies the right to create reality: cre[dit]ation means that credit is creation, credit creates reality. So those who control credit, who can invent money invent reality. It happens that credit is today not in the hands of human beings, not even in the hands of governments, which have “laws of deficit zero”, that prevent them to create credit, but in the hands of company-mothers and banks. They cre[dit]ate reality inventing first money very easily with null-cost paper, in stocks and notes, which are by law money. They have an enormous privilege over society, since nobody else can invent money merely by going to a place called the stock market and saying they have something of value. It does not matter if it is truth or not.

By law, obtained through political control companies have obtained from societies that privilege: to go to a place and obtain free money in the form of shares. Since “stockrats”, the people who rule companies, and rule stock markets want to speculate, to invent money. So any excuse is good. In the beginning of stock markets, they even used flower, tulips, and tea. You could go to Amsterdam with a tulip and say, it was worth millions of guilders, and people said it was. Today we do so with internet companies. You go to Wall Street with a diskette of binary instructions, as Netscape did, and you get 7 billions of dollars in a day. Then you can spend that money creating the product and the machines you want. So today everyone has a Netscape Browser in his computer. Yet any other person who wants to open a business not related to the main industries of the stock-market (technological and machine industries) cannot invent money, neither get credit. So we cannot invent reality as human beings. You cannot go to the stock-market with a project for hospitals, schools, farms, resorts for holidays, environmental care, and get 7 billion dollars. Even if those projects are far more important for the welfare of mankind. Only company-mothers of machines can do that. Why? Because stock-markets are controlled by people, “animetals”, who worship machines more than they care for mankind. So they credit a world for their machines of energy, and information.

We have given to company-mothers (or rather they have taken from mankind through acts of war and bribery) the right to invent money in stock-markets and banks. They have taken that right from our human governments that used to help the reproduction of Human Goods, with deficits (inventing money in notes).

The result is that we work for such companies. We give them our life-time, through work, which they monopolize because they have all that unlimited money they invent with shares and notes, to pay for our life, our time. We have given them rights to make laws that cater to the benefits of their machines, because we allow legally them to bribe our politicians, our human leaders. We have given them the right to be bad with humanity, and to destroy our energy and information, because we do not ask them any political, economical and legal responsibility, thanks to unjust laws such as the law of anonymous societies, that concedes anonymity and non-legal responsibility to the people that work in those company-mothers. We have given company-mothers and machines the rights to be our top predators, our masters, to be the owners of our times, our laws, and our goods.

At the same time we have denied our best human species, the best writers, and ethic men, the priests and lawyers that used to rule our societies with verbal mandates, the rights to construct our ecosystem. We have made all verbal institutions weak. Instead, we have decided that money, a bit of metallic information, should be controlled and reproduced by company-mothers in stocks, and banks, which undervalues human beings (since money values machines and weapons more than Human Goods) the right to invent reality.

The Myth Of Justice: metal Rights Against Human Rights

We talk of a dictatorship of companies who control the invention of the language of power; money and laws. Credit controls societies. A true democracy means that the control of those languages of power would be in the hands of citizens and governments. They would support laws related to human rights over property rights. However, this does not happen. We talk of the myth of “justice” and “democracy”, that company-mothers of information (mass-media), politicians and lobbies promote. The myth basically “ignores” monetary orders, and “concentrates” on the freedom that man achieves by “not obeying verbal orders”. Under such myths, we believe humanity is not ordered by wages and prices, but by “verbal mandates”. Economists do not explain properly how money is invented by companies in stocks. Companies, by creating stocks and bonds, create a new form of money. In this manner money constantly goes to “credit” the future, and those human activities that are not valued in stock-markets (love, education, food, health), are “discredited”.

Geographical extension he jewish empire.


In the graph, we have divided the world in 5 regions of equal human population. Unlike our map of the rainbow planet, the perfect superorganism of history designed with the laws of systems sciences, the previous map does not follow our 7 natural cultures, but it measures human masses in regions of relative power. The blue ‘flag of Israel’ represents the regions in which the western jewish controlled financial-media power is rather absolute, with around 80% of the main financial and media corporations in their power. Israel, the old british ‘white’ empire and the US are the staunchest allies. France and Germany, both with Jewish presidents, France with the biggest jewry in europe and Germany for obvious reasons, follow suit. Latin America is a mixed environment with growing rejection in the countries in which native amerindians have taken power; but the ‘reconquista’ is on the workings. For example, the Jewish candidate, Capriles defied in Venezuela the chavist candidate and we can see soon a return to the age in which Venezuela gave all its oil money for free to the Jewish-American mutlinationals.

Then we have the Indian sub-continent, save Pakistan, as the next staunchest ally, another 20%, imprinted by the British empire.

We have then the ex-communist nations and the far east, which pay sometimes lip service to independence but are following strictly western fashions. Another 20%

ANd who opposes it? China, as the future rival of the empire, and its natural allies, those poor nations of Africa and Islam that have been more brutalized by the western empire. So 2/5ths of the world are not so convinced of our ‘idol-ogies’. But they are on the defensive. The leading masters of the metal-earth are still and have always been those who found gold (Judaism), weapons (germans) and machines (anglo-culture) first. And on top of all of them, the ‘informative metal’  of money and audiovisual machines, this small elite, the ‘0.1%’ controls.

So now, to the censored part. You can still talk about the FM-mechanical part, the machines and how they control people, but the biggest taboo in the western world is to talk about the owners of Hollywood and wall street and how they set their tribal, cultural agenda to the entire western world, nation after nation, to all their politicos and institutions, to become truly as owners of the machines that print money and ideas, the rules of the world, the thinking head of mankind.

It should then obvious that to understand the future of the human side of the world, we need to identify, define culturally and explain what those ‘owners’ of the FM system think, what they want, what they love, what they hate, how they see mankind and the future. Because they alone through its millions of corporative workers and hired politicos will define the future.

And so if you want to interpret the present zeitgeist, behind the scenes, if you want to know why the news-peaks of each day are what they are, what YOU HATE AND LOVE AS A HUMAN MANUFACTURED BY THE FM SYSTEM, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

This is easy to know. Around 80% of the western central bankers, CEOs of the main financial companies and media companies in the west are jewish, which represent less than 1% of the world population… THis complete imbalance cannot be denied. There is a nation and a culture that owns the information systems of the world, and through them it defines the policies of all other systems, including the western political system.

That is why we are in war against Islam, not because Islam is evil – less than 1% of muslims poll to believe in Salafism, the sect that accepts jihad and causes terrorism, far less than the jewish fundamentalists that poll for the genocide of palestinians, or the number of americans that would kill if you trespass its property (its god) – but because is the enemy of Apartheid Israel.

We are not in a financial crisis because it is necessary, but because in the jewish-calvinist, biblical version of capitalism installed in the west, the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ people must own it all, as the rest of humans are not chosen. So our branch of capitalism consists in getting everything for the owner of the corporation and nothing for the worker. AN example: a natural organism has two ‘salaries’, managers/neuronal cells get 10 times more salary than workers/body cells, EXACTLY the same proportion that corporations in Japan get (11 times more salary for CEOs than floor workers). Japan is a natural organism in which all Japanese are considered equal and it has mimicked the social organism sof nature.

In US, the difference though is around 400 times, and this is seen as natural, for the jewish-calvinist owner (two sects of the same biblical go(l)d idol-ogy).  So several questions coudl be studied here, as we do in this blog: the history of capitalism from the perspective of biblical thought; the history of money, invented by judaism; the history of human idol-ogies since the earlier semitic first metal-empires, the correct design of corporations according to nature, the influence of American judaism in the destruction of that country, since its power peaked with the electronic revolution of e-money and FX in hollywood, etc. etc. etc.

But and this is the twist of it, the biggest taboo of the western world is to explain who owns the FM system, their real history, how they got here, what they want, what is their agenda. And this is so because in all complementary systems, the head and language of information is small, secretive, hidden… You dont see money, hidden inyour pocket. The properties of information and its secret languages are thus the key to the power of the FM system, in opposite fashion to the evident, ‘energetic’ industrial-military complex it directs, the ‘obvious’ body, big and in perpetual action.

In the posts of general systems we explain how in the universe this duality happens in all complex systems from atoms in which quarks are invisible, the informative center, and we only perceive the electronic body, to cells in which small DNA, packed behind a nucleus direct a huge body, to the FMMI system.

All this said now without need to go further, think for a minute. Who owns hollywood and wall street? There is a culture small in numbers but dense in information, who is overwhelmingly dominant as owner of the financial and audiovisual corporations of W.S. and hollywood?  You dont have to be a scholar, a genius, a researcher to know that actually there is such a culture.

So in these posts we shall constantly refer to their agenda, and their people for the obvious reason that this is the only scientific way we can define the causality of what happens today in the world and understand it. There is no confabulation theory here, but the obvious fact that the world is ruled by money and information and the people who control hollywood and wall street control the world and through millions of workers and hired politicos they define the future of all of us…

Now of course, what we can’t prevent is the massive censorship that the dictatorship of the financial-media system and those who own it impose upon all machines of information that communicate with mankind.

This is the main reason that social sciences do not evolve and that the agenda of the financial-media system and the capitalist world continues unabated. Any attempt to criticize capitalism, the media, and those who own it will be censored. On the contrary, a narrative, a ‘newspeak’ that converts the dictators of western democracies into victims, the crimes of capitalism into progress, the destruction of the welfare state by the massive overproduction of weapons and machines of the military-industrial complex will be censored.

We talk of a ‘false matrix’ of caring and happiness that limits any attempt to resolve the issues of the day in favor of mankind, of a peaceufl world, of a sustainable planet. And so it is time to start a section on those newspeaks and make a judgment day on the dictatorship of the FM-system and its stockrats.


The true head of the economic system are its electronic machines that print digital information; money and audiovisual information. They direct with that money/credit the military-industrial system, and with that information the memes and attitudes of mankind that will accept fascism and military wars for profit with hate speeches when needed, and will demonize the poor cultures of the world – colored people, Islam, etc. when needed to find easy enemies to be consumed by our weapons. in the graph, made 20 years ago, a prophetic description on how would be the financial-media system in 2010. It was part of an exhibit in the early 90s at six flags museum in brooklyn, when there were still some freedom in the media. Today Media and Finances are a head of a body of energetic machines, evolving into a super-organism, the metal-earth, and guided by the idol-ogies of nationalism, capitalism and techno-utopia that idol-ize weapons and tribal wars; money as the language of social power over the law (capitalism) and the evolution of machines NOT of man as the future progress of this planet (techno-utopia). We must ad to the mix the primitive, religious idol-ogies of Abrahamic religions, in which a goatkeeper of the bronze age defined the tribal ethics and nature of the Universe and are professed by the owners of the Financial-media system, maintained in this manner in a primitive state of mind, and a delluded image of the universe and its laws that rejects biology and evolution sets a selfish-racist agenda (as those religions do not recognize the equality of all human beings, but divide them into racial believers and non-chosen), that back war and profit in the corporations they rule.





2 Responses to “Manufacturing brains:”

  1. Bruce Carman Says:

    I do not know if the author monitors replies to this blog, but I commend the author for his brilliant analysis and what this fellow X-gen reader perceives to be the definitive synthesis of the development/evolution of the species to date.

    • futureofhistory Says:

      Thanx Bruce, Unfortunately all those writers and ‘historians of the future’ who have told the naked truth about the Industrial r=evolution and its debasing of mankind, which humans so much love to experience, tend to be ignored… So this is a lonely place, which after 20 years in the making… I don’t visit that much… Humans are programmed on my view to kill life, create the machine and commit suicide. I wish they were able to ‘love all the members of the species’ but it seems they simply are slaves of machines who ‘dont reason’.
      But it is nice to find from time to time a commentator who appreciates a wasted life in a quixotic endeavor such as the creation of the sciences of bio-history and bio-economics has been. Well Im a spaniard and my name is sancho, so this might have been destiny. Or as the spanish say, just ‘por amor al arte’.

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