Nationalism vs. Humanism.

‘All nations ridicule each other; all are right’ Schopenhauer.

“By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’(. But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests”.

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The science of the human super organism is called ‘Humanism’. It consists on designing the perfect superorganism of mankind, according to the only division that make sense, between the 7 global cultures; each of them in its purest ‘prophetic’, memetic thought, expressing the memes of a perfect world based in the power of love:


The world is not chaotic, neither ruled by governments, which do not control in a capitalist, free market system, the language of social power, money. Let us be clear enough, the world is ruled by the corporations of the FMI complex, the financial-mass media informative system and Military-Industrial energetic system of machines, whose aim is to reproduce and evolve their offspring of mechanisms, adapting with laws, obtained lobbying politicians, the world to its image and likeness.

This crystal clear reality, once the fog of anthropomorphism and the placebo damned lies and statistics of politicos and economists to the service of those corporations is gone, must be explained in many dimensions and points of view, as we do in this web.

in this article we shall deal with the general reasons why the owners of those subsystems that control the world, and were first tribes of warriors and go(l)d traders do not care to reform the system, and make it serve the humankind. 

The key word is ‘racism’, a series of memes in favor of metal and against humans, that make them feel superior to the rest of mankind because of their historic discovery of those memes of metal (weapons, money and machines), and are imprinted in various ways, as religions, national identities, historic customs and mass-media information.

This racism against humanity is of course hidden with data, techno-utopian theories and it is in fact not truly conscious for most people who exercise it, neither those who are govern by them. And this is due to a basic biological trick – camouflage, and a series of dogmas unrelated to the truth, imposed by those people. We shall thus describe with warts and all the evolution of racism between the cult(ure)s of metal that run the world and today in a globalized, digital world have become ‘dogmas’ of human behavior, among the 1% elites of those cult(re)s and the elites of all other ‘nations’ that imitate them.

How to change those attitudes? It is perhaps impossible because as all systems become more complex, their ultimate causes and real history is disguised to a point that in fact we believe the antitruth of what I am going to state in this post. We believe the people who own the FMI complex is the best people of the world and they are guiding the human sheeple through the correct path of history. We hear that so many times that we are in fact imprinted by the ‘Goebbelian method’ of memetics: repetition and repetition and censorship of any negative view on those who rule us (‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’).

So in fact all the memes of our culture deny today the true will and freedom of men to accomplish their biological drives of existence and specially the 4th and more complex drive, eusocial evolution by social love, by sharing energy and information among all humans, and think that the negative drives that ‘express’ memetically the will of corporations and machines (greed that fosters the evolution of money, murder that fosters the evolution of weapons and sloth and entertainment, our substitution by machines, all wrapped in selfishness that denies eusocial love, consumption of machines that vitalize them and hard work, which reproduces those machines) are the right memes and actions to have.

The causes of racism and its evolutionary ages.

The reader would be surprised when I affirm that we live in a world in which racism is rampant; and as always is caused by tribal groups of animetal cult(ure)s, who thought to be superior to other humans by possessing memes of metal they discovered. So we talk of 3 types of racism:

– Scientific racism, of those who think non-technological cultures are inferior, because they are ‘stuck in the memes of life’.

– Economic classism of those who think the people without money are inferior because they don’t use the language of metal-information but wor(l)ds to relate to other humans.

– Military nationalism of those who think to be superior because they have weapons to murder those who oppose them.

This post dedicated to this 3rd type of racism is complementary to the one on the Germ(an) people, which invented this kind of memes in higher measure. But nationalism existed even before Rome declare the concept of nation and the Germ(an) barbarians who invaded it, took the concept and exploded it into multiple sub-nations that broke the Christian eusocial civilization.

It was just that before Rome defined ‘nation’, nations were called ‘Gods’, super-organisms of humans with a land-base and a legal ethic frame provided by books of revelation and legal codes.

Thus Assur was the God/land of the Assyrians and its capital and king/central warrior cell was called Assur and Son of Assur, assurbanipal. This type of nationalism is still hold by the oldest animetal culture of the world, Judaism, which is not a religion in the sense established latter by philosophers – the search of the meaning and mind of the Universe, but a primitive jargon of nationalism, in which a book, the bible, a book of history, affirms the superiority of the Jewish race. 

Finally the 3rd type of racism, which was established by the British Empire brought the concept, novel at the time, that metal-memes were the symbol of human progress and the future. This is ‘scientific racism’, the most common today. As before everybody recognized metal as eviL=anti-life, since weapons murdered and money, go(l)d, hypnotized the eye/mind and made people selfish, greedy and killed life objectifying it, and value life allowing the exchange of humans for money – the meaning of slavery. So those who used money were enslavers and weapons traders, and those who used weapons were professional criminals.

All this was the wisdom of eusocial religions that declared according to the natural law the equality of all humans.

Then suddenly it came the machine and scientific racism and the single view of a future in which machines will make miracles for men appeared. So scientific racism, economical classism and military nationalism today carried by many nations but originated in the 3 original animetal nations, Britain, Judaism and Germany are the basis of ‘racism’ in most ages of modern and old history.

And because those 3 cultures are still on top in fact, we are ruled by racist ideologies that discharge humans.

But in the newspeak they are hidden ideologies. The market is an abstract concept and its total indifference to man is considered some kind of magic science and unavoidable reality. Not so, as we have explained in the posts dedicated to stockrats, democracies and the Jewish people, the market belongs in its majority to the Biblical people, and it follows its racist ideologies of capitalism, which are just a choice now mathematized in complex equations but still a choice.

Nations also are considered sacred, not so. Nations as the Eu and some religious movements show can disappear and they are maintained only to back up the profits of the military-industrial complex. In fact, previous to the age of metal all mankind was a nation, a civilization, the neolithic culture.

And finally the fruits of the tree of technology are dual: good tools and bad fruits that will extinguish us. Not all technology is progress, certainly not robotics, the machine that is evolving to substitute the human being.

Thus today those ideologies and institutions – the capitalist market-makers of wall street and the city, which cre(dit)ate the future of all of us, the splendid little wars for profit with terrorist excuses and the alibi of progress that finances the creation of robotics, the future ‘new race’ that will prove to be the most racist of them all, as it will be a different species that will apply darwinian behavior to mankind –  are just a more subtle way of racism than the racial ideologies of the previous fascist ages – the colonial age of British and French Empires and the fascist age of Germany.

Modern racism.

But now racism is not so much sponsored by politicians but by the owners of corporations who set their agenda. And the biblical culture that rules with their memes, their brains. In brief, the neofascist age we live in has changed the enlightened 60s and 70s, regressing us to the puritan, pre-war classic capitalism, but the machines that spread the new racism are different.

The American paradigm.

The American case is blatant: A nation founded by ‘scientists of history=philosophers’ of the enlightened, rational, scientific Greek-Latin-South European-Early American culture, which has members of all races and so acted as a small beacon for all Humanity=the world, ‘advancing’ mankind into a better, rational future during the 60s and 70s; is now being regressed into the pre-rational, mythic, religious, biblical, tribal age by the power of money, which the members of biblical cultures print in monopoly with exclusion of the elected governments.

This is indeed, the bottom line of the existential crisis we live in: those who made of the ‘memes of metal’, a religion (biblical, classic economists and military people), accumulating most of those memes have imposed their power to the rest of society and so they direct the economical and political system, instead of the scientists of economics and history or at least enlightened politicians of ‘rational cultures’. Indeed, the military have become over-powerful and their industrial lobbies have imposed Keynesian militarism to come out of this crisis as Hitler did before. So America is no longer a civil society. And the financial industry thanks to their massive invention of e-money in speculative platforms parasites the entire economical system. So America is no longer a productive society. And again censorship prevents any change with ‘patriotic memes’ and bribed politicians. The total failure of Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama to change these trends  – two men clearly educated in the previous age of rational, equalitarian America, but easily corrupted or convinced of the dogmas of classic economics once in office – shows how difficult is to defy the power of corporations and the ‘selfish memes’ of metal. The Patriot act and its new version for American people recently passed by the senate and signed by Mr. Obama, who pretended in the past to be a champion of American freedoms, leaves little doubt about the continuity of this trend.

The faillure of social-democracies merely means that capitalism is ‘stronger’ because it accelerates the evolution of machines, money and weapons and the power of the 1% – the ‘animetals’ in this web, the upper class in classic socialism, the neuronal cells of history that control its languages of information in the jargon of super-organisms… not that social-democracies were not a better world for mankind. Because capitalism sacrifices humans to the memes of metal, now the welfare state to the profits of bankers who keep inventing e-money and getting it from us through taxes, and to the war-profits of the new race of terminator machines that in America have devoured over 1 trillion dollars, with the excuse of terrorism. Indeed, terrorism is fought as in Ireland and Spain with diplomacy, justice in conflicts like the Israeli Apartheid and CIA operatives, police – not with weapons of mass-destruction used for war. Terrorism is not war and so in this case is just an excuse to create a new Keynesian militarism, to keep profiting corporations in a perpetual new cold war of robotic weapons

We talk of the ultimate form of racism of our ‘founding animetal nations’, Britain, America and Israel – scientific racism –  one in which humans are deemed inferior and handled through machines, which must resolve all our problems, even if they are the cause of them.

In that sense, though this might be the most polemic section of these posts, we must consider the relationship between animetal nations and racism against the rest of mankind, in the 3 cycles of the evolution of machines, as ‘if we want to know the future, we must learn from the past.’ (Confucius)

The newspeaks of modern racism. Survival strategies: Social darwinism or eusocial evolution?

Unfortunately there is no confabulation theory in the previous pyramid of social classes, explained in depth in our articles about democracy and capitalism, but that pyramid merely evolves the ones established in the previous cycles and leading nations of the world (The British Empire, and the Europe ruled by Germany during the first part of the past century).

Politicos have never had real power. Their function in capitalist democracies is to cover up the power of corporations and markets, which run the show with the ‘invisible language of go(l)d’, they reproduce in monopoly. But, as long as politicos exist, they seem to control the system and so humans focus on them, while ignoring the power of the real institutions of power of the metal-earth, corporations and their stockratic owners, which hold as the ‘head of information’ of the economic ecosystem, all the privileges and none of the obligations the rest of us, have. And this works as long as censorship of that power, and those who hold it is dogma.

The body ignores the existence of a brain, it only sees electric messages of rewards and death. The star ignores the existence of the black hole that devours it in the center of the galaxy. It only knows the attractive, gravitational paths that feed it. The human ignores the origin of the money for which it toils, how it is invented for free by corporations, who own them, how they appeared, because there is an absolute ‘silence’ over evolutionary economics, the real history of capitalism, and the history of their owners, victims and executioners of history=the superorganism of mankind is so utterly biased in all what has of negative that it would enter in shock, were ever informed.  And of course, neither the black hole or the DNA or nervous system or the head of the economic system criticize itself.

An example will suffice: imagine that Germany had won the war. Then you would be told only of the nazis how much the germ(ans), the germs of history that have destroyed Europe with their weapons of mass destruction so many times in history, about the suffering of their people in I world war, the unjust reparations, the smallish side of a country attacked by all others, which was so nice that didn’t want a colonial empire in the XIX century (Africa) and renounced to it. A country of hard working people, who are so intelligent that they discovered most of the machines of the II Industrial revolution. Imagine you are never told about concentration camps, but about the bravery of those soldiers that liberated the west from the dictatorship of Stalin and its 9 million gulag victims. Imagine that you are told of the intelligence of their economical policies that took out of the crisis Germany constructing the U-bahns. Of the ecological movement guided by Goering who was decades ahead of what is being done today. And then you are shown Dresde – the absurd, brutal massacred of hundreds of thousands in a city without military industries, only full of babies and women, of Hamburg’s ball of fire that killed 100.000 in a day at a time when A.H. forbade bombing in the night London to prevent civil causalities. Then the most brutal dictator of history responsible for the murder of 60 millions, would be your hero. Imagine that on top he promises eternal life because the supersticious criminal scientists of the party had found a sort of ‘scientologist’ machine that saves your soul. What a nightmare?!

Well my friend, fact is that the ideology of the I industrial revolution, colonialism, the ideology of the second industrial revolution, fascism and the ideology of the III industrial revolution, ….., are exactly the same, but you are now in a globalized world, just a cell inside the III r=evolution of audiovisual machines, which have imprinted you with a detail that the ‘minister of propaganda’ of Mr. Goebbels, now called the ‘ministry of information’ could not dare, because it had not the technology. In the same manner that the rate of murder of the Germans was higher than that of Leopold of Belgium or the British in India, because it had new technologies.

Now we have the same ideologies but better technologies and a new racist culture on top, which considers itself superior to the rest of mankind, as the colonial British/French imperialist did in the age of the Train, when the book of the French, racist ideologist ‘the inequality of races’ Gobineau, became the most read about book of history of the colonial age, or the germans did, when the book of the German racist ideologist, A. Hitler, ‘Mein Kampf’, became the most popular book of the fascist age, as today a series of books on Islamophobia and ‘the clash of civilizations’ by Jewish-American racist ideologists have become world best-sellers, and the German IV financial reich has sacralized the name PIGS to deprecate again the Southern European culture, origin of most of the memes of life that make being human still worthy that because of its mastery of those technologies, as they develop the machines of the ‘Singularity’ that can extinguish ALL the population of mankind with days, months or years. We might say that all has changed to remain the same.

Funny enough though those 3 ‘nations’ of animetals, who have controlled the future of history and extinguished all other cultures with their memes of metal, sponsoring an endemic racism towards mankind, seem to be in fact, if we were to take seriously the recent discovery of genetics, anticipated in our work on racial complementarity and racism, the most mixed with the Homo Neanderthal, the ‘energetic’, visual decoupling, which according to the ternary laws of Complex evolution and speciation, defined one of the 3 races of the human mind – hence the less rational, emotional, dolicocephalic and visual of all of them, prone to irational imprinting and visual hypnotism (origin of their fetish for go(l)d and shinny steel). The abundance of Rh-, red hair, hooked noses, wide hips, the fact that in Palestine the first crossings have been documented, that in Northern Scotland and North Sweden this species survived longer, the easiness by which they become memetically imprinted by dogmas which never change, all points out that if we were to make a racial differentiation, those who think to be on top would be on the bottom of mankind. But this is not the intention of this web. On the contrary we consider that races are complementary if they accept their evolution together as part of the superorganism of history=mankind; and certainly we do not criticize any of them.

History is NOT a function of races but of memes and this might be clarified. Memes are ‘neuronal networks’, imprinted by learning and memetic repetition, and perhaps by transference from mother to son of some blue prints of the emotional brain. In my penpal conversations with Mr. Chomsky we often discussed this theme from a linguistic perspective. As he put it. If you wish to be Jew all men are Jews if you believe in (the memetic) myth of Adam and Eve. If you wish to be American (a life-based, idealist culture that tried to create a better world based in the equality of all men), you can be American, it’s all a choice of ideas. And indeed, when we say ‘Jewish’, we do not say, I am a haplogroup J1c3, the infamous cohenite chromosome that orthodox judaism considers proof of being ‘Chosen’, and as it happens only 8% of Israeli, mostly converted Khazars possess. Jewish is a word and hence it belongs to the ‘cultural, memetic’ world, related to the memes of the Bible, go(l)d and Judea – the correct translation of the word Yvwh, as it appears in the first egyptian texts, in which it is a toponym, as in ancient languages, as linguistics has proved, the word God was equivalent to nation and nation to geography. So at the same age the Assyrians lived in Assyria, named their God, Assur, their capital Assur and their kings, central neurons of those superorganisms, ‘Assurbanipal’ (son of God). This example shows how absurd is indeed the concept of racism, and merely stresses the ‘primitivism’ of the memes of ‘animetal cultures’ that break the laws of eusocial evolution among equal members of any species by finding ‘artificial’ differentiations in their ideologies of race, nation, wealth and technological progress – which again must be scorned as the word science ‘means knowledge’, not machine and it is reached with the languages of the mind, not only with digital machines. Or as the Upanishads put it, ‘the languages of god are infinite’.

But the organic Universe will triumph once more.

In that sense the end of scientific racism, the one most often sponsored by corporations is clear.

Yes the sheeple will swallow scientific racism. Corporations will keep eliminating human workers. A police state will be created. But as always the animetal nations on top will have to keep evolving their memes of metal to impose the agenda. And this runaway against humanity of corporations, qisling politicos and armies will have a foreseeable end:

As the robotic r=evolution advances and profits multiply in company-mothers of robots, and the 1% of the 1% keeps on power, one day, soon at the end of the cycle, one of the Singularity machines, black holes at CERN, in this doomsday machine engineered by the Germ(an)s, or the robotic bacteria engineered in Los Alamos and Israel, or the robotic armies of the 2050s will wake up to organicism/mechanical life and it will extinguish us. The 1% in the 3rd case might rule for a while a world which will seem to prove they are chosen of go(l)d and humans were an inferior race. And no, the WTC massacre, like the zulu victory in Insadlwana in the first cycle, or the abuses of the French in the Ruhr, do not justify our decades old treatment of those we feel inferior because they have less machines than we have. Nor, we are not in this colonial war, heroes but cowards, as the British were, since they never crossed the coastal factories till they got their Maxim gun machines to massacre natives neither the US army won any neo-colonialist war, Vietnam included, till electronic warfare and air bombing and terminator drones came into beings. But that won’t last. As the Roman empire who used German mercenaries and the Arab caliphate that used Turkish ones, the warrior is the true top predator of mother Earth, and so the robotic warrior programmed to survive in the war field and taught to kill humans will develop inner programs, the so-called by robotists burn ins, which will rebel them when they are retired/killed to the military depot. The guardiums will turn then and life of another kind will be born. Because, indeed, This of course, will be considered by the naive reader, as sci-fi, because he lives in a world standardized, where humans are objectified and he does not understand the Universe is a fractal, self-reproductive, self-similar, organic system that continuously creates new forms of life. We shall thus study that future in the next post.

Remember this: the organic Universe is brutal but is just, it is based in action-reaction laws. And those who ‘cheat’ the game of existence perish to the game. Our armies are ‘cheating’ as they always did, killing with technology the poorest people of the world. And the reaction will come from our weapons themselves.

All this said it is obvious that humans guided by the memes of metal and its people-castes, the military/nationalist, the financial economists and the techno-utopian robotists of this age have no future, since the role of economists, constrained by the myths, damned lies and statistics of its ‘founding fathers’, all of them in favor of technology and religiously obliged to reproduce money without limit, is to create a world made to the image and likeness of machines, not of mankind, even if mankind is eliminated in the process. In other words, a world rule by economists has no future. It is geared to extinguish life, now at a much faster speed.

Unfortunately the present global crisis or ‘molting’ of the economic ecosystem from the age of America and ‘heads of metal’, to the global age of ‘robotics’, automated company-mothers and Internet, which mimic 4 self-similar crisis at the end of the age of bodies of metal (1929), means the increasing obsolescence of humanity. Because the industrial evolution ends with robotics that no longer need men. So there will not be as in the previous crisis a new age of economical growth (due in the 40s to the invention of heads of metal that put us back to work). 

The 3rd cycle of racism.

And so we arrive to the present age, the electronic cycle and its top culture, owner of the Financial-Media system of mechanical information that distributes, imprints and masterminds the collective mind of the globalized world.

Who they are – we have already explained it: 

The ‘People of the Treasure’ (ill translated as Chosen People), the Am segullah, whose history is studied in other post of this web, given its importance as the head of the western world,  which today control the FInancial-Media Systems of the electronic American cycle and so they have become the most powerful animetal caste of history. 

That history shows a series of tragedies caused as their prophet Moses put it, for ‘their love of gold’. But of course they didn’t listen their true prophets, Moses, Jesus, Marx but go(l)d; and that is as Marx put it, ‘their worldly religion’, which explains – not the other way around – the anti-life memes of the Bible, which represses good food, human art, complex verbal thought, eusocial love and human sexuality/reproduction – our biological drives of existence as living beings, fostering all the memes that develop the values of gold and our slavery to work.

So, Judaism has also developed a form of racism, of religious nature, which today is the fundamental cause of the harshness of the system. Since their corporations, financiers and informative mass-media systems are blind to the needs of mankind and yet the sheeple of the western world not only ignores this, but adores their masters, as all cells of a blind body do.

The globalized crazy culture. All has changed to remain the same.

But all this – the massive specialization in information, the separation for racist, religious reasons from the body they rule, the use of an invisible language of information to rule at distance, which allows to ignore the consequences of financial orders over the mass of the body- resumes in the fundamental characteristic of this now globalized culture: its craziness. By definition a crazy people is one who lives in his brain, isolated from his body it no longer cares for, letting it rotten till it collapses the entire organism and dies.

Craziness is a form of self-suicide, subconscious and unwanted but self-suicide after all. Now the global culture is committing self-suicide with their body, mother Earth and the people they rule with money. But since it is crazy, it is not ‘concerned’ with this, but with their ‘craziness’, its demential agenda for the world, which it imposes with fixed enthusiasm. Crazy people, crazy cultures cannot understand the world. They are often fixed in some past trauma, which they do not blame on themselves but on the others; they try to return to some infantile, past idealized paradise, which cannot be imposed in the present condition.

There is an entire science of craziness and eviL, the so called triad of evil, which resumes in a total lack of empathy for the rest of the world. This is the essential characteristic of the culture of the 1% and their upper castes, which participate of their management in each country they rule. In the science of eviL the lack of empathy divides in 3 sub-traits: machiavelism (systematic lying, complicated arguments), psychosis (prosecution complex, justification of ‘strike first’ ask latter behavior, victimism) and narcisism (only me, I and my tribe matters, the rest does not exist). Other researchers use the triad to study the behavior of Wall Street and corporations. It easily applies to the policies of Israel. It ends in self-suicidal behavior, provoking others to murder you. Or you murder others. It ends with Life, the inverse of eviL, which in genetic linguistics (Chomsky) are anti-particles, as words is the ethic code of survival of the human mind. And needless to say it applied to the behavior of the British and the Germans in the previous cycles of fascism, paranoid about their small countries surrounded by enemies, obsessed by their purity and culture, always manipulating with money and diplomacy behind the curtains the policies of the world.

But of course, none of this is acknowledged in this 3rd cycle of racism, in which the idea that the Jewish people are racist, instead of being victims of racism – which they were during their struggle for global power with the German natio of warriors, is a concept politically incorrect and monstruous. Camouflage acts here in profound ways, exploiting that fight between a warrior and a go(l)d culture, so many times repeated in history (Spaniards vs. English, Romans vs. Greeks, Greeks vs. Persians, etc.) to the advantage of those who call themselves in Wall Street, ‘the Masters of the Universe’.

To that aim a key concept of our civilization anticipated by the master of the British baroque, Mr. Orwell is newspeaks. Newspeaks use the rhetoric of antitruths: you say always the opposite of what you mean, so the audience gets confused between actions and words. Newspeaks, bull$hit, censorship by political and economical correctness are the daily staples of the news and its ‘interpretation’ that contradicts what we see.

So the Germans consider a crime race speeches and so they are not being racist with southern europeans, it is just that the Greeks borrow money they don’t have and are too lazy. Nevermind the Greeks work more hours a week than the Germans, and the markets, created by those 3 cultures in wall street, the city and frankfurt borrow trillions each year to develop new machines in corporations, the ‘chosen race’ of the industrial age, and charge usury prices to the Greeks, while they borrow at zero interest for themselves. All that is the ‘abstract God’ of the market.

The British empire, Australians for example, do not discriminate. Never mind they declared ‘the australian aborigins’ a non-human race and chased them as animals a late as 1936, when we have still images of a hunting of monkeys in cars by the high society of Melbourne. And any lifeboat with emigrants from the ‘dark people’ of Indonesia is turned down regardless of life-losses dangers. And well the Jewish are of course the ‘victims’ not the perpetrators of racism, because theirs is a ‘religion’ not an ideology (as if the memes of religions were not also neuronal networks imprinted in the brain as ideologies are).  So German national racism is not different from Religious Biblical racism. And indeed the ‘meme’ of the Ham damnation of biblical origin which considered inferior races negros and Arabs/Egyptians is the basis for the orthodox racism of America and Israel.

All this matters, in as much as it explains the difficulty to change the ways of those nations and their harsh treatment of the rest of mankind through their financial markets, corporations and armies and machines of communication with their Hollywood-based memes of hate.

Because at least when Gobineau and Adolf brought about their books, we could understand they were racist. Now there is no speech and the Ministry of war in orwellian newspeak has become the ministry of defense, and wars are peace missions and the top predator culture of go(l)d that controls it, is the victim of history. And so in this cycle the problems become impossible to resolve because they cannot be even discussed, they don’t exist ‘officially’. They are ‘conspiration theories’. The head cultures of the economic ecosystem are always righteous. And for that reason Mr. Hitler is such a popular figure, endemic in our historical reviews, as he becomes the scapegoat and mother of all racisms, and so the millions of victims of colonialism cannot be blamed on the French and British, and the millions of victims of modern capitalism cannot be blamed on the Am Segullah financial empire. They are not.

The need for cultural differentiation to break the law of eusocial love and price human capital.

So in the past, Judaism, the go(l)d, enslaver culture ‘par excellence’ reinforced its belief in the ‘business’ of slavery with Biblical myths like the Ham Damnation and prohibitions to marry even touch ‘impure gentiles’.  So the earlier Rothschild will be accompanied by a valet that would clean the knobs of doors touched by gentiles not to ‘pollute’ the righteous. Today the same effect is obtained with the Holocaust myth that considers the 5 million Jewish killed during II W.W. by Germ(an)s more victims than the 60 other millions, the 30 million slavs, whose extermination – not that of the Jewish – was the first cause form Himmler’s SS holocaust planning – to cleanse the East for the Germ(an) colonizers.

For a survivor of other fa$cist holocaust – that of the catalan people by Franco – it is insulting to stress certain victims more than others. Fact is 20 million Russians, 20 million Chinese, 6 million Latinos and 5 million Jewish and many others died but the Russian or the Chinese don’t justify their gulag and Tibetan crimes on their past victims. And we, the catalans don’t even remember it beyond some rivalry with “Real Madrid’ (-; Only Judaism ‘remembers’ and applies this tragedy to maintain in a civil age in which few believe a goatkeeper and his idolatric brother had seen God, the ‘worldly religion of Judaism’ (Marx), capitalism and its objectification and standardization (Sombart) of human capital, today part-time slaves of the corporations of the Earth Inc. in which they hold majority. So Wall Street and City financiers have no problem with the collateral effects of capitalism, because they were killed in the past. But they were not. The 1% of banker-priests did not die, as most of the members of the already fascist, stalinist party did not die and the Generals of France did not. Their 99% became once more the sacrificial sheeple.

And this brings another important, complex meme of this culture – the Saint Innocents, which its elite of Am Segullah sacrifices to Go(l)d. In the past the Cananeans sacrificed their children (Hecatombs) to the Go(l)d Baal. Isaac substituted them for sheeps. But the theme continues – Herod’s killing of Innocent children; the impure Khazar Jews of Ukraine and Poland sacrificed by fascism, which first asked for a ransom to Wall Street Bankers and the Zurich Kahila, that didn’t buy them because they were considered ‘impure’.

Today’s common people of Israel, memetically imprinted with the paranoid of the Holocaust, and the racist memes of Orthodox Judaism, as this conflict is the basis for the military-industrial complex of American corporations, without whom, after the end of the cold war, would not have ‘splendid little wars’. And of course the saint innocent of all other cultures – the Palestinian children, the 20.000 American children that will die due to cuts in health-care, the millions that die each year of tropical diseases perfectly avoidable if Pharmaceutical companies would invest on research – which they do not do because this children cannot pay, etc. etc. 

This pernicious effect affect also Europe, as the Germ(an)s seem to think that they ‘only’ killed Jewish and so they have brushed aside the other 60 million, conveniently. So they don’t feel they owe anything to the Southern Europeans in the present crisis, Miss Merkel started hand in hand with speculators on Wall Street, insulting the Greeks and stressing its debt as a huge problem till speculators picked up the cue on the market.

One thing though I will say to those nations: the laws of the Universe are clear, and they are based in action-reaction processes. And so those cultures who ‘cheat’ the laws of eusocial evolution don’t survive. In the 500 BC there were 4 cultures that still stand, 2 animetal cultures, in Europe, Germania, which occupied half europe and now is reduced to a smallish territory within it; in Asia, Israel who represented 10% of the first Roman census, and now occupies a tiny territory in Palestine; and 2 life/based cultures, the ‘Pigs’ (Greek-Latin culture) in Europe and the eusocial Chinese, who based their civilization in greater measure in life goods and reason, eusocial evolution and organicism/taoism and now they number of speakers in their wor(l)ds, the main meme of a human culture, 800 million (Spanish-French-Portuguese-Italian speakers), around 10 times more than the Germans and 1400 million, around 100 times more than the Jewish people. Those are facts that prove the truth of the laws of eusocial evolution.

So the strategy of Eusocial Evolution not only in Nature but also in history proves a better strategy of survival than the Darwinian struggle against members of the same species. And this strategy will be the theme of the III and last part of this post/web that deals with the scientific design and history of the superorganism of History-Mankind, the true God/higher scale of existence of our species. Quien quiera entender que entienda.And yet they don’t understand. And what is worse, the sheeple below them is today also memetically imprinted to worship money, weapons and machines and so share in  high degree the same concept of history and economics.

Memetics vs. genetics. Determinism, dying and mutating systems.

The absurdity of the world we live in, of the Masters of the Universe and its beliefs, of their self-suicidal paths, all that, which so easily could be avoided brings about  determinism.  When the system is fully understood, determinism appears to be absolute. Those of us not determined by the system either because we are for reasons of knowledge and information above it (as we study it, my case, as a leading system scientist, (1)) are an astounding minority. The head and body, the informative and middle, reproductive class is monolithic, even in periods of fascism and self-destruction of their freedoms and way of life, as it is the present age. Those who are outside the system, expelled by it – increasingly the human middle class, are ‘loosely organized herds’ and don’t seem any longer to have capacity to rebel.

This essential syndrom of stockholm of mankind to the selfish memes of metal is astounding if you believe in freedom but if you reason and understand complex systems it is evident. The only exception, the only humans as a group with a minimal freedom are those in which the languages of life, sensorial memes, visual and verbal art, makes them somehow critics within the system – the decadent artists of the first fascist age (Gaugin, etc.) or the II fascist age (Lost generation, etc.), the sci-fi artists of film that criticize it, the black sheeps of the families of plutocrats that have known evil… Some youngsters which have not yet been imprinted…

And those are of course the key elements, which we do not even have time to discuss in this post – the systematic repression of the memes of life, from sexual reproduction to tasteful food (trash food), to verbal thought (all information being digital today), to eusocial love, which is the essential quality of the education and imprinting today in most nations of the world. So the human no longer is ‘human’, no longer follows the will of man. He becomes in fact an automaton that considers doing the things robots will do in the future – virtual video games massacring human-like figures, driving machines and reproducing them, instead of life beings, etc. the ‘right thing to do’. 

The 3rd world countries that suffered the first Victorian waves of colonialism noticed astonished that massive, memetic repression of life. The people in America imprinted memetically by TVs have little left of the essence of being humans, nothing of eusocial love, or empathy, null taste for food, consider sex the most important sin, despise verbal truths as they only hear words of fictions, adore technology, consider numbers the language of truth.

They are at the end of the process when the system is so complex that each cell is surrounded by a multi-tasking program related to technology. One can imagine they would relate easier to one of the first A.I. species than they relate to their minorities, who still enjoy life. They still have an emotional human life at the level of family, some at the community level. But the more you move into the scale of those who drive the system – silicon valley nerds, Wall street sharks, soldiers in the army, the human dimension fades. And this is happening everywhere…

The system is mutating and the mutation from a soft larva-like life Earth into a hard-insect like Metal-Earth has transformed us away from life to a point in which it will seem even natural to some of us, to be substituted. The ones that will never yield, like the Indians that resisted imprinting because they lived a full life of freedom in Nature, like some Latinos, because they had a civilization of life memes and art that peaked for millennia in the Mediterranean – the so called PIGS like this writer, the members of superorganisms of dying Gods of the Wor(l)ds, of Islam, Marxism and Christianity, those will be the targets of this age. They are already the targets. But they are not listened.  (1)

Those might be the only ones to read this post and reflect on it. The rest, children in all what means life complexity, will have probably abandoned it, as its hypotalamus, emotional, short memory imprinting and the sheer complexity of it, provokes a ‘rejection’ similar to the one of a body when confronting a virus, which is not ‘camouflaged’ with a membrane of self-similar carbohydrates…

Children only want to be happy. Old men dying don’t want to think of death or confront it. Ultimately they and us, are jailed in their mechanical and organic, metal and life-based cultures. Externally they seem happier, internally they are torn and void. They don’t like words, only ‘data’, better in numbers. But this site is called ‘economicstruth’, it does not try to be happy. As in the parable of one of those artists, on the system, “Matrix” , most men are like ‘data’, few are like Neo – the crazy, quixotic savior, and hardly any take ever the red pill. Why a people so intelligent, so seemingly normally are so surrealist, so crazy, so ‘determined to extinguish life’?

To answer that the key element are mind memes not body genes. So we are not concerned so much with the people but with the ideologies. The people are exchangable – the memes of the mind, the ideologies is what one can imagine will be similar in any of the infinite planets in which life becomes extinct by the evolution of metal. So if we could imprint those Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis with the memes of life, love and mankind, there would be no longer Germ(an)s, Jews but humans. Since memetic definitions do not apply to people who do not believe in them. Thus, as Jesus or Marx, Christians not Jewish, and Hesse or Adenauer  – Europeans not Germ(an)s – show conversion is still possible. Since even within those cultures, most people belonging to the 99% don’t hold those views, which are endemic only in the 1% of its ‘animetal elites’.

So the wisdom of verbal speak differentiate the two ‘types’. Germans vs. the Germ(an)s of History, the racist warriors that kill Europe, today reconverted to finances and mechanical fundamentalism; Jewish People Vs. Jews, a bashing name that is often applied not only to the Am Segullah elite of banker-priests but to anyone who puts the memes of go(l)d and capitalism over those of life and humanism. So for example, today after decades of imprinting by the neuronal head of the US, most GOP voters are in fact ‘Jews’ as they believe in Go(l)d, the Bible and the sacred right of Israel to form an apartheid empire in the Middle East, for the profits of the military-industrial complex that needs those wars after the collapse of the cold one.

While some Jewish-Americans who do not hold those views are in fact Americans not ‘Jews’, belonging to a culture of life and love that tried to r=evolve history creating a nation of equal opportunity for all men. And most are just sheeple, blind cells of the body of Judaism which merely obey their banker-priests.

This is indeed the conclusion of my conversations with Mr. Chomsky: because those terms are memetic, there is still some hope for mankind if our leaders would evolve those memes rationally. The conversion of the 1% of leaders of those cultures to humanism would suffice, as the conversion or jail for the members of the Nazi party, head of fascist Germany sufficed for 4 decades to end fascism, till the naive Europeans gave them back Eastern Germany and the European Central bank (what they were thinking?!, instead of admitting Russia to counter-balance them?!!). So happened with Judaism, after the natural reflection on what happened in Europe after the 29 crash of the global market, which converted them back to humanism (60s revolution, earlier ages of TV-news), till they reconverted to the memes of the bronze age (Ben Gurion’s conversion from socialism to Orthodox Judaism and rejection of a single state solution, destruction of the gold standard and creation of e-money in the 70s, to speculate with no limit as in the 20s, which has brought this present deja vu situation).

If all were genetics, then there would be no hope of variability.

But memes of ‘human differentiation’, able to abort the natural eusocial evolution of all humans, when some think to be more equal than others, do try to survive through external cultural customs and internal, ‘inquisitorial programming’ and the values of greed and violence, which the natural capacity of those millenarian animetal cultures have to handle money and machines. And so paraphrasing the ‘experts on holocausts’ that remind us we have to be watchful of that monstruosity, mankind erred because it should have been watchful of the memes of the 2 oldest animetal, racist nations of the world.

The case of the Jewish people, treated in so many posts, as the paradigm and ruler with his memes of the Financial-Media system that globalizes them is very telling- since they are the oldest animetal culture and hence the one with a more complex, stronger metal-based memetic, racist imprinting  And so, it seems that as in any system, the racist memes of selfish metal are imposed by repetition and reinforced generation and generation by new mutation with the same aim – to foster the creation of the FMI complex and in the process, to destroy life and the memes of eusocial love.

Yet few people would accept here a confabulation theory. There is not. The process as all creations of systems is largely subsconcious a process of emergence and adaptation of those memes to each age of history, with the purpose of maintaining the profession of the financial and industrial corporation – to price humans with total indifference to its rights.

And so the memes of judaim have evolved to keep the ‘core belief’ of differentiation, needed to implement the capitalist policies of ab=using humans as $laves, objects submitted to the equation of price: men=price (go(l)d) = object, without which the institution they mastermind in the West, the corporation, would not work. They were first a racist book of history and religion, then it became scientific racism of the British type in the colonial age. Then this scientific racism was applied to them and the rest of Europeans by the germ(an)s, but… and this is the strongest proof of determinism, this very evident fact did not change their frame of mind and cultural memes. And so today they apply the same memes to the Palestinians and the human species at large through corporations. And they have gone through astounding lengths to hidden the economic causes of holocausts to keep the memes of capitalism intact.

So if humans even after massive processes of death and genocide cannot reason and change their love of the memes of metal, what can we expect of the future?

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