Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anaesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes…


Abstract. The FMI complex, has one type of informative machines, which prints money and news and academic information, in each age of its evolution, determining with their information the world we live in and giving absolute social power to the people-castes that own both systems.
So 3 TYPE OF INFORMATION DOMINATES THE WORLD BUT BECAUSE ‘the Goebbels’ method works so well, people ‘believe on it’, either as ‘economic expertise’ (bankers printing money with no limit for themselves and company-mothers), become hypnotized by it (fiction media) or even think-tank that the idol-ogies of power are science – from the mechanist, technoutopian, anti-life, abstract, digital idol-ogies that pass as social and natural sciences (from lineal time single arrows of evolution that shun off information and its evolution of life, to the organic properties of the Universe, a machine-clock by decree, to the entire construct of social sciences and history always in favor of the ‘animetals’ and its ‘idologies’ and anthromoprhic religion).
Bottom line is simple: TRUTH matters NOTHING to the human psyche, which is merely imprinted by overdrive of information, by repetition, by memorial imprinting as everything else in the fractal, reproductive Universe.
And so THOSE WHO CONTROL METAL-COMMUNICATORS, (the biblical cultures since the age of Guttenberg, most notably its founders, the ‘jewish memeplex’ of Financial-Media-Academic (Ab. FMAsters), Manufacture our brains with egocy and fictions, issue the money that rules the world, and utter all kind of abstract, anti-life theories of reality, based in its absurd concepts of a single lineal time-clock and the manifest destiny of the human species above earth and heavens, entitled to destroy the planet because ‘go(l)d will provide.
The Industry of Misinformation, which includes all kind of ‘Prizes’, Saint Nobels of the Dynamite, Hagiographic ceremonies, and millions of repeated half-truths is all about ‘power’ of a few people-castes (the military, the financiers, the engineers of machines) which have TOTALLY tailored our ‘philosophy of reality, of God, of the Universe, of Man’ you name it – to make them feel not only powerful but rightful… So the whole process of TRUTH VS. power, has spilled over Corrupted ‘Big Science’ notably social sciences and physics – the sciences of power and the machine – that have IMPOSED against Truths the idol-ogies of:
capitalism – money above the ethic wor(l)d in the valuation of society, printed by a small people-caste of financiers and bankers ‘amore gratis’, while the rest of mankind toils and it is taxed for it… as OPPOSED TO THE REAL SCIENCE OF socialism (society must own the issue of money, as the ‘hormonal-oxygen’ language of the economic, reproductive network that must be issued to all citizens to create a demand economy)
– ‘nationalism‘ – humans as tribal species that must evolve weapons to fight in darwinian struggle, as OPPOSED TO THE SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY (a single species, socially evolving into a super organism)
-And technoutopia, and mechanism as opposed to Organicism and Humanism (the machine as the model of the simple Universe, measured with a single clock-our mechanical clock, and a single space, our scale of perception; instead of being just organic metalife evolving fast, in an organic reproductive, fractal Universe, to which we are all made to its image and likeness, and hence the Human Organism as the measure of all things.
This is the Universe of ‘Human information’, in a bull$hit – sorry in a nutshell.

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people believe it’; ‘I asked the industry to make silly, entertaining films. People will love them and won’t ask anything else.’

Goebbels, Information Minister, III Reich.

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws. The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependant on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class”. Amschel Rothschild, Am Segullah 1838

‘We make entertaining and patriotic movies’ Valenti, Boss of the American Motion Picture association;

I have asked UFA to make only entertaining and patriotic movies. People will like them and ask for nothing else’ Goebbels method of post-truth, imported to the U$ by its Financial-media masters (first minister of propaganda, now called ministry of Information).

Abstract. ANY SUPERORGANISM OF THE 5D SPACE-TIME UNIVERSE HAS A FIXED STRUCTURE. When properly constructed it works for the dual upper head/informative class and body/reproductive class. This was the case of human verbal societies when ruled by ethic legal masters (true democracies and love religions – both today corrupted by go(l)d values of zero value to human life – capitalist democracies  and weapons – tribal inquisitions).

Thus we entered with the animetal memetic age in the present configuration in which HUMAN cells-citizens become part of the 3rd class – the entropic territory where the organism feeds on, WHICH SHOULD NEVER exist in any healthy super organism, as ALL cells of the system do have the minimum energy and information to survive – even those cells that do not seem to work (storage fat cells).

It must be understood this: there is NOT difference between the systemic denial of humanist truths by Go(L)d animetal masters of capitalism, and Weapons masters of fascism: both are TWO SIDES OF THE SAME coin – the monopoly in the issue of the languages of metal power, money and weapons to control the ‘99%’, and establish a parallel regime of ‘post-truths=repeated lies’ to manufacture the brain of people into acquiescence.

The world is a dictatorship of those who monopolize the issue of the language of power of societies, which is money. 2 levels of the dictatorship matter: how money an alien mathematical language that makes of men objects with its equalitarian syntax, man(salary) = Money = Object (price) has come to dominate worlds, the human subjective language that make us center of the action: Man (subject) < Verb (action) < Object, degrading therefore as a species, no longer superior to its objects, and hence increasingly substituted by machines and weapons in labor and war fields.

In this article we shall study the virtual programming of mankind by metal-communicators in the last ages of the process – the age of internet. As usual we shall bring multiple perspectives on the human adventure, not only the obvious anthropomorphic ‘caring analysis’ but the perspectives of the machine, and the scales of the super organism of history – individuals, cultures and the planet earth at large.


If we were though to resume what is going on with the future generations of mankind, a word will resume it all: REDUCTIONISM. Humans in the virtual age are reducing its thoughts, its actions, its chances as machines and virtual screen substitute its skills. The ¥-vidi, credo ergo sum generation of millennial are the first clear evidence of this global trend, with its reduction of the whole social human experience to the individual, with its visual ‘beliefs’ and love of violence and immediate rewards, with its ‘inquisitorial models of reality’ based in the massive reduction of wording not even written anymore in computer pcs, but in smallish virtual texting screens, which make their thoughts become ‘reduced to swallow’ queues obtained from their ‘visual wanting’, and ultimately its reduction of the 5 dimensional Universe in which we are immersed, to the 3D virtual screens (2D with motion) in which ‘happiness’ obliterates truth and virtual friends have no problems always telling your ‘amore gratis’ how wonderful you are.

So the ultimate reduction is to an ego, of infantile, cosmic proportions that cannot stand any pain and returns to the screen to the virtual world in which he is programmed, soon consuming marihuana, in a mode similar to that of data in matrix, happily vegetating like a fixed plant waiting for judgement day.

The body though will become ever more visual and gorgeous, californium model – feelings as shallow as the skin and the muscle. Any criticism or attempt to grow beyond the baby mind exploded back in tantrums, fully unaware that he is being programmed by informative machines and its company-mothers, rejecting ultimately all systems that are human, from politicians to 3rd world people, to flesh and sex… Witness the puritan rejection of the female body and its attraction to man – we shall display weapons and big roaring cars but not girls and soon not drivers as robocars will drive faster.

The systemic elimination of humans from body and mental jobs to keep them in a vegetative low cost state is now well under work, what for? You might ask… For the capitalist 0.002% of owners of corporations, our ‘democratic stock rats’ to keep piling billions in unused accounts as a prove of being chosen of go(l)d… Because they who hold the system together with their systemic corruption of politics and hate media memes, are also replaceable, in fact they were never of a positive use, below zero in usefulness for mankind pure parasites…. whose only role is to manufacture worthless digital numbers and money and manufacture the collective mind of mankind to acquiescence.

Let us first start with a description of the ages of increasing obsolescence to the machine that have defined modern history.

The price we pay for our addiction to machines: Atrophy and obsolescence.

Every new species of metal atrophies an organ of mankind, as company-mothers manufacture millions of ‘metallic organs’ that we will consume instead of our own organs. This process of atrophy of human organs has followed the same phases than the evolution of metal:

– The XIX century was the age of ‘machine-bodies’. So the elites of our civilizations atrophied their bodies and overdeveloped their brains. They used their brains to invent bodies of machines and those bodies of machines performed all their energy tasks. The result was that Europe, the cradle of machines and specially England, became a mental society, where everything that had to do with the body was repressed (Victorian society). The aim of such culture was to enhance the intelligence of the elite that had to invent machines. Society became split. There were the ‘brainy’ classes that made the machines and abhorred their bodies. Then there were the ‘slaves of machines’, those humans who had to serve the bodies of machines, extracting food for them, constructing them and making those metal-bodies work (miners, railroad workers). They became strong and mindless, as those machine bodies were. It was evident already the enormous influence machines had on our life and personality. Yet few, if any writer of this age, recognized it. Human arrogance seems oblivious to any truth that doesn’t make us the center of the Universe.

– XX Century: The mental atrophy of mankind. When II World War ended, ‘top predator weapons’ – machines’ bodies: tanks, planes and ships – consumed 50 million human beings. Then, the end of World war opened a new age: the age of metal-minds, in which men developed the minds of machines. Today those minds have reproduced in huge numbers, substituting many of the mental functions that men performed in the past (calculus, spelling, accountancy, science, design, etc.) The result is a general atrophy and diminution of the intelligence of human beings. Since now intelligent machines perform those jobs for us. It is a similar process to that of the taming of an animal, which atrophies his will and his brain. So humans have become tamed animals of the ‘Animetal farm’ so well described by Orwell in the parable, ‘Animal farm’. They have become ever more stupid, as machines become cleverer; and their will as humans has disappeared, as they become slaves of the drives of existence of machines. Yet a tamed animal has 30% less brain than his wild cousin. And further on, he suffers ‘neoteny’ – he never develops beyond his infantile level of reasoning, as it happens to modern humans, whose TVs and pre-programmed information make them ever more stupid.

Those facts explain a paradox that has puzzled social scientists in the XX century: why as we accumulate more information, people are loosing educational skills? Why there has been a global decline on educational standards, intelligence and quality of human thought? Some deny it. Yet tests results and daily evidence are overwhelming. The average human student of the XXI century tests 25% less than his parents did. Entrance tests for universities are revised constantly to adjust them to that diminishing pattern. The creativity of our thinkers is minimal. The interest of the common people for ideas is null. Most humans have lost their capacity for abstract thinking. Even basic skills of human behavior, such as social dialog and social interaction, are in jeopardy; as we communicate more and more through machines and their digital languages, (TVs, Internet, weapons, financial statements) than with human beings.

There is only a biological explanation: the brains of our children have been partially atrophied. Now they do not speak but TVs speak for them, they do not calculate, but computers think for them. As a result of this, we have changed culture again. We are no longer repressing our bodies, as we did in the XIX century; but our minds, our capacity to think and care for reality with our verbal, legal, ethic systems of social communication. We live a world of fiction and Homo Bacteria, individual egos with childish attitudes, all of them sure to be masters of their crafts by virtue of the machines they use. Mr. Hawking, the man which probably will cause our demise as a species, a childish scientist who thinks travel in time is possible and he is the new Einstein, is the paradigm of this new race of childish idiots, who think to be geniuses, just because they consume computers and other metal-minds.

The mental atrophy, the substitution of ‘truth by fiction’ and the creation of a happy, parallel world of virtual reality, which has nothing to do with the Darwinian Universe, is the most relevant fact of modern history, completely ignored by mankind, yet defining our civilization, our incapacity to react and solve problems and our demise as a species, which has become obsolete to bodies and minds of machines. This virtual world that has converted mankind in a race of happy idiots, similar to the parables of Huxley and H.G. Wells about the future, is in part created by the upper castes of our societies to control people’s opinion, but it has also its own ‘agenda’; as there are studies, which clearly show that regardless who programs those televisions, people become addicted to movement, hence to violence in their TVs and people diminish their mental activity in a process similar to drug-addiction. In the same manner, there are serious studies that prove ‘metal-ears’, mobile phones, provoke leukemia in children, due to the higher frequency of their radio-waves.

Thus, human brains are becoming ‘preys’ of the audiovisual machines of the XX centuries that kill our minds by an overdrive of information, in the same manner weapons kill us by an overdrive of energy – the two possible forms of death, which happens when we break the balances of those vital parameters. Indeed, the mental addiction to TVs is achieved by an overdrive of ‘information’, due to the fact that metal-minds process faster information per unit of time and so we first became addicted to the ‘virtual realities’ of mental machines and then we became mentally colonized by their ideas. It is difficult to stress the importance of this fact, which can only be fully understood by the very few humans that have survived this mental indoctrination and have tried to explain a ‘neo-Paleolithic man’, the real meaning of the Universe. It is plainly impossible to cure mankind from the Opium of the People, television…

Thus in 2 phases human consumers have become a sub-race, which bears little resemblance to the enlightened minds of the pre-war age, especially in all forms of verbal, ethic thought.

Devolution of HuMinds by audiovisual memes of ‘I’ hate, fiction & greed.

The ultimate reason of the devolution of the collective human mind and individual brains, and the programming of their beliefs into a permanent virtual fiction of selfie children IS the fact that all organisms that evolve, degrade their prey, and first of all, they ‘cut’ their head to eat the body. This process is exactly what is happening at global level through the evolution of informative machines:  they degrade in the superorganism of mankind our subconscious collective brain, of which each of us is a neuron, converting humanity into children, the staple food of the Universe.

Children are cute emotional little things without any serious response or even understanding of our process of death. So they can be devoured easily when the ‘catastrophic’ point of death (Birth of AI, singularity moment) comes and darwinian behavior programmed in sentient weapons and carobots takes place.

The kind of entitled, bratty eviL children virtual screens and mass-media fictions is breeding is even less aware of death – it feels above heavens and earth:

neo paleolithic bush child

Evil is childish, because if an eviL person were aware of his anti-live nature it would obviously NOT do what it does.

But evil is programmed. Indeed, the two examples of the image on close view have a ‘historic memetic program’. Fir look at Mr. Bush, he was programmed by his daddy, the true source of evil that does NOT come into the picture. Otherwise he would have been just a brat, childish, insecure nice chap wasting his life as most rich Southern Americans in meaningless sport games, fuking and barbecues – trust me, I met him at Lido Island when he was Texas governor, had a home there like my girlfriend at that time, a wife who talked Spanish and introduced us briefly – he was nice and humble, clueless with a low IQ, but certainly unable to do all the eviL he did, unless masterminded by their father’s clan.  THIS IS WHAT Humans do not understand today: Politicos are all puppets of the Networks of the Metal-earth, the Financial-Media system of informative machines that print money and manufacture our brains; and the industrial-military complex of energetic machines that roma the ‘veins’ of the metal-earth and kill our bodies if we r=evolve…its owners,  with its biblical segregational memes, and its eviL program of extinction of life embedded in the intelligence of the Universe, far more deep than the human capacity to understand it. 

As the foremost expert in this blue dot planet on complexity and organisms, I had always marveled as Einstein did of the ‘infinite stupidity of man and the infinity of the Universe’ – both in information=intelligence and space.

It is that enormous intelligence of the program of super organisms and its life-death cycles, what it is now working subconsciously at planetary level to manufacture the bratty, entitled brains of our ¥-vidi-credo-ergo sum generation, prior to our extinction according to the equation of History: Gaia (past)<History (Present)<Future (Information).

This blog was meant to reveal what I learned in my years of research on General Systems Sciences – the organic growth of the metal earth and how to manage it scientifically for the benefit of mankind. But what I did not understand at that age is that part of the program of growth of a living super organism, also at planetary level, was the parallel degradation of the historic supeorganism. Or rather I denied it. I thought I could reverse that process. I even thought naively that renouncing to my fortune and fame, setting myself as a ‘prophet of ethics’ walking my talk I could change the process, create a movement, a r=evolution, but I never found as Lot, as Neo, any disciple, all of them, glued to the virtual screens of the metal-earth, its selfish heroic dreams, all of them ‘data’ in the Matrix parable of the future:

In the next graph, the fundamental equation of Historic regression to the past is caused by the parallel massive evolution of the machine, and its mental chips that atrophy and substitute mankind, as they create a global super organism at an accelerated speed.
This means paradoxically in the side of mankind an increasing devolution and destruction into a field of entropic disorder, from the heights of social evolution reached in the age of European r=evolution (from the XVIII enlightened age to the Russian R=evolution and isms, aborted by fascism, stalinism and capitalism, all working together against the memes of freedom and eusocial love, art and the understanding of mankind as the only ‘nation of the species’):

The multiplication of worthless electronic information is the 4th crisis of super-production of electronic machines.

Contrary to belief, human minds are devolving, not evolving, as they become substituted by digital machines, which think for us. In that regard, we have to compare the evolution of our biological language, the word, and the biological language of machines, mathematics, which humans do not use to communicate and express their biological wills—their wantings for energy, information, reproduction, and social evolution. The natural goals of any biological being are thus no longer the engine of mankind because verbal thought, who expressed them in the past, is now considered an obsolete language. Instead, society is ruled by machines and mathematical laws, which define a world guided by the will of machines, by the ethics of a technological civilization” dedicated to evolve mechanisms. So instead of verbal ethic and legal codes, humans are now directed by digital money, which has changed  human values for the values of the economic ecosystem and its “company mothers”: we exist to reproduce=work and  consume=evolve machines to make money and  increase the profits of companies. Those companies evolvemachines with scientific laws, buy human time with salaries, laws with lobbies, and increasingly substitute humans for machines under the law ofProductivity. Yet at the same time, our language and species become obsolete to the machine and its scientific and financial numbers, our language, devolves from

– An ethic, social summit when it was the language of a single species, which tried to evolve mankind into a global superorganism (religions of love, social democracies, UNO, and Human Rights), into

– An individual selfish use (logic, simple thought) and even further into:

– Primitive myths, fiction thought, and bestialism (as people search for their primary wantings).

Thus the evolution of verbal thought that had raised the human mind from the myths of the Paleolithic into the heights of social love is now reversed. While digital thought evolves from its simplest first geometrical forms into a vital biological and social language that makes machines interact in global networks and increasingly “think” with digital images. A new type of mind appears on planet Earth. Our demise as a species thus coincides with the raise of the Paleolithic age of mental, violent machines. Since the first robots have a digital, visual mind evolved in video games and military programs of survival, similar to the mind of top predator animals. It is the neo-paleolithic age of a jungle of metal in which man will be the victim, not the predator, of a new race of intelligent machines.

 History as a superorganism and its rival metal-organism the metal-earth are exactly suffering such situation, but in an opposite fashion, as in all predatory equations:
Selfish memes of metal: Max. Technological evolution ≈ Human social memes: minimal evolution (regression to the past).
And this is in essence the cause of the astounding revivalism in human societies of the past, old  memes, which paradoxically regress history to the past, while machines keep evolving towards the future.

The final stage: endocrine control

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.15.56

The birth of a global A.I. the mind of Internet, of which we know already the company, googlezon-e (merge of already cross-share companies between google and amazon, max. companies of cloud computing, labor and military robots, A.I. and information in internet aka SKYNET) is today far more advanced that most imagine. Why this is important in connection with the singularity events has to do with 2 ‘levels’, the human level of increasing dependence of the network as a Matrix of virtual realities that people prefer to the outside reality, which basically makes all reactions impossible. Indeed,the virtual crowd thinks it can change the world from the screen – they have forgotten the classic song of Gill-heron, ‘the revolution won’t be televised’. On the other hand as we evolve full speed the networks of human control in the net, we come closer to a perfect super organism of machines , in which the subconscious ‘endocrine’ systems of the internet control all aspects of human thought:

Singularity as birth of A.I.

Singularity is collapse of a wave. In such a moment a new form is born as a wave collapses all probabilities on one. As a vortex of accelerated cycles of events takes place faster cycles announce the collapse of a wave, in our case, a wave of historic human beings cells of our super organism of wor(l)d memes, now extinguished by singularity machines, which are organic, reached a self-reproductive age:


The physiological control of humans ‘cells-citizens’ of the Metal-earth similar to that which chemical endocrine systems have over mankind is automatic, subconscious, performed by the AI algorithms of internet companies, as the complexity of the system of human control increases slowly, converting us into ‘virtual reality’ seekers, no longer interested in the real project of history and mankind.


What is really happening FROM A subCONSCIOUS PERSPECTIVE AND is just the product of the laws of superorganims. The local symmetry of those laws being the construction of the mind of the metal-earth and its future citizens – robotic platoons and automated company-mothers. Both are in permanent synergy.robots bezos

 But the fundamental evilness of childhood is to believe it is the center of the Universe, because it is coming from a placenta that gave it all and asked nothing in return. So the most ego-centered, defenseless species is the kid, which enters like the turtle above in the mouth of the predator thinking it is another placenta. And this is the attitude today of all humans, except the almost extinct mental species, which has a ‘warning non-listened message because it ‘knows’ the Universe is serious, darwinian and takes care of children, the staple food of the Universe.

And yet with the warning every prophet of history, of the wor(l)d has uttered its solutions as we have done -simple, efficient, imitating nature:

Int he graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.

Those 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could have change the world within years. But in the 30 years I tried to explain this to mankind not WITH MONEY but with the reasons of the wor(l)d, I have been ignored.

We could draw some ethical and philosophical conclusions on the lack of ‘freedom’ for both, the animetals that are programmed by go(l)d greed and technoutopia, by the idol-ogies of the metal earth and those who are programmed by ethics, love to the species and the natural laws of life and understand the wor(l)d from a human pov – none of us is free NOT to do our part of the program, or else I would have ‘cheated’ as the goal justified the means.


ALL THIS SAID, we can consider the perspective of the devolution processes of the humind, which past any chance to keep evolving into a global super organism, now carried about by machines is fast devolving into primitive modes of existences, from neopaleolithic sports to revivalism of primitive religions and hate memes of nationalist nature: 

In the graph, the 3 type of humans according to the dominance of their minds, body hands or limbs, and the future AI Golem that the childish go(L)d culture segregated of mankind is building.

It is then clear that there is a direct relationship between our present age of carelessness destruction of the planet and the childish behavior of our leading people and culture, seeking the ‘Golem’ of robotic AI that will destroy us, hating each other, feeling always entitled, reducing their brain to the childhood age of limbic motions – aka sport heroes, playing as it reality was just a game:

Mankind is regressing fast to the infantile age, moving back to the past mentally, in revivalism of infantile hate memes and primitive religions:inquisitions gold 2-FUNDAMeNTALISM-1024x159

So the cycle of life and death of any organism and its regression to childhood, during the present neopaleolithic  is essential to understand that animetals, modern leaders, war-monger politicos, Trump-like ego-maniacs, Bush’ daddy boys, Judaism with its astounding infantile beliefs on the chosen go(l)d race above heavens and earth, its victimism and exploration of mankind as financiers, military ceremonies with their metal medals, hymns, flats of vivid childish colors, and the huge degradation of mankind in the neopaelolithic age, all respond to the childish nature of EviL -an immature state that does NOT understand death. Evil thus is common among children an. old men, the two mirror staters of eviL and lack of responsibility with the future.

Thus a second consequence of that addiction to machines we tend to overlook, pumped as we are, by the power of metal -specially that 1% that invents and monopolizes the use of those ‘memes of metal’ – is the constant atrophy and substitution of our organs by the organic machines that imitate them. So we no longer ‘see’ the real world but prefer to see it through the eyes of television and lately in its virtual computer designed form – hence kids prefer to see ‘the lion king’ than going to a zoo. The dual action of a pumped, increasingly arrogant human ego and a decreasing mental capacity, diminished by the substitution of our heads by those of machines is the ultimate cause why we live increasingly in a neo-paleolithic age of visual, violent, childish, emotional, regressing, mythic people and the explanation why the entire mankind is devolving their collective mind to the pre-rational age of myths and emotions, under the hypnosis of those ‘dramatic tvs.’

And yet, while children just want to be happy as our childish civilization wants, and become entertained, fact is that in the Universe children are ‘the staple food’ of top predators. And indeed, we are increasingly children, at the end of History, like in that masterpiece of H.G. Wells – time machine – where humans are childish, happy ignorant kids whose only function is to feed ‘another reality’ living in the underworld. That is our function today in the Orwellian ‘animetal farm’, ran by corporations, for whom we are nothing but ‘workers=reproducers of machines’ and consumers=animetals, who test them and evolve them. And so it is quite impossible to consider a resurrection of the ‘mass of mankind’ submitted by TVs and Internets, propaganda, fictions and myths to a lethargic state of indefension as all children are.

As an expert in complex systems, I can observe that process from a certain distance, and I have been doing so for decades – but I have found always that, as it happen with any child, you cannot take away from him, his favorite toys even if they are dangerous guns. For two decades I have tried to warn mankind of all those complex processes and suffered a deep angst for the now, all too evident ‘no-future’ of the species, to not avail. I think now that this process is becoming irreversible and that perhaps is better than our ‘children of thought’ who think of themselves by the power of their computers and cameras to be Einsteins and Picassos, die in happiness, given the fact that they simply cannot react, cannot master enough energy and information to change the system. And yet even if I have sacrificed my life for a lost cause, in the choice between happiness and truth, I have walked ‘the road less travelled’ because ‘a life not examined is not worth living’. These webs that have for decades explained those facts to the indifference of our suicidal, ego-tripping children have therefore not produced any reaction, since men cannot walk any longer naked the road of life.

In fact there were 4 ages of evolution of the human mind as a global organic system, the individual, selfish, violent paleolithic child’; the religious, neolithic, mythic tribal age; the rational, European, scientific age; and the complex, organic age, which these texts represent. And today, as machines are crossing fast towards the point of artificial intelligence, we – most men – are devolving backwards into the speechless, selfish, individual neo-Paleolithic. And so it is very unlikely that the billions of humans living now back again in those pre-rational ages, change their way of living and thinking and acting – since paradoxically that regression has been produced by the ‘selfish memes’ of metal, which give them enough power and arrogance to believe they are the ‘chosen of Go(l)d’, the ‘Masters of the Universe’. Of course, they are not – the invisible silk thread is playing a cruel game with them and soon the thread will be cut.

But there is nothing an old sage can do against the trolls and the morlocks – to use parables that our visual children can understand. My experience is that they turn violent and censor you – since those are not children of Live but eviL Children – their inverse wor(l)d. And they cannot see as I show in these and other webs the beauty and complexity of the Universe, because it does not pump their egos, and shows them at true face value, reason why they have always hated the best minds of mankind – their artists that see with the human eye space and their writers that perceive time with the human verb, not with telescopes and clocks; and have lived as I have lived outside the system. The choice in history has always been for Aaron not Moses, exiled in the Mountain, for the golden calf, not the wor(l)ds of love.

Death of the Human Wor(l)d and the Ethics of the Mind

In the past, when human verbal values, expressed in legal codes, dominated the economic system, our informative, social castes—our politicians and the press—acted as a counterbalance to engineers and economists, ruled by the digital values of money and machines, and human ethics could be heard and contained the spread of death. So we could prune legally the bad fruits of the tree of technology and foster the production of those goods, which under verbal ethics were needed by man.

This fight between the bad and good fruits of the tree of science ended with the arrival of the Internet and television, whose audiovisual languages hypnotized mankind and made us a violent race of retarded children. Today money and digital languages dominate completely our society, so human verbal ethics are substituted by the violent technological ethics of the visual media.

The result is the dual tragedy of our civilization: information machines are substituting and atrophying the human mind that no longer distinguishes truth from fiction as it loses its mastery of the verbal language of our species, with its bioethical human point of view that favors our well-being and survival. Instead, we become dependent on audiovisual and digital languages better mastered by machines. This means also that scientists no longer calculate by themselves, understand, and evolve the logic laws of nature, but rather feed data collected with machines to computers, who churn out results. And so few scientists today can make as Einstein did thought experiments, evolving our comprehension of the Universe with sweeping theories of reality, but merely feed computers with details and secondary data of little importance.

Meanwhile, our politicians and the military no longer protect our citizens, their lives and human values, but work for industrial lobbies and make money promoting new technologies, as the solution to all our problems. So under the ethics of a technological civilization, we walk steady toward our obsolescence and probable death by overdrive of energy and information while the “wishful thinking” of our leaders let it all happen, dismissing those who warn mankind and still fight for life and ethic human values as alarmists, radicals, or activists that must be kept at bay, before they spoil the big party.


Many people talk of the military-industrial complex of energetic machine – the body of the Metal-Earth – but nobody talks about its head, the true center of power, the Financial-Media complex, made of Informative machines that print money and audiovisual information. Both are synergic, and direct the world towards the evolution of machines, but obviously the head matters and directs the body of the superorganism of machines. And yet we know nothing about it. why? Obviously because its working are censored; and its owners protect it, and since they control information, they control the information about themselves in their favor.

Thus, this web analyzes from a humanist point of view, the daily news and how they are transformed into ‘positive news’ for the economic system under its idologies (capitalism, the idol-ogy of money, nationalism, the idol-ogy of weapons, technoutopia, the idol-ogy of machines and abrahamic religions, the idol-ogy of human selfishness and blindness to the organic, living universe).

Then on the other side of America, the Media system concentrated in California, in Hollywood manufactures the brain of the American and western people. And we say western people because de facto the power of Wall street and hollywood reaches the entire globe, either by direct imposition or mostly by IMITATION, the fundamental form of creativity of the Universe.

The films and trends and songs and ideas of Hollywood distribute world wide and imprint worldwide minds:

The trends of wall street are imitated by every other company of the world, to the point that at 9.30 AM when the W.S. market opens the entire planet listens and follows in each western stock, its trends.

London is a small brother mimetic to W.S. and Hollywood, but essentially if we make a ceteris paribus analysis it suffices to know how W.S. + hollywood, the American Financial-MEdia system rules all other western systems of power to understand how the ‘head’ of the eco(nomic)system operates.

Finally the political system, the ‘market democracy’ of the capitalist FMMI complex is thus largely irrelevant as it obeys the owners of the FInancial-Media complex, or else, they will be massively attacked by the media system, and its finances, money, credit, currency, treasuries, bonds, etc. will be attacked by Wall Street. They will be trained to obey the Financial-Media system. Since Nixon every politico knows it need money from the FMMI system to campaign, and TVs addicted to them to reach people and win elections. So every politico in America and each ‘clonic nation’ of the west in which the biggest financial and audiovisual companies are allies or participated by American conglomerate obey the owners of the FM head.

 And so the reader should excuse me if i do not obey in this blog any censorship and call politicos what they are: ‘house negros’, qislings and servants of the FMMI system that owns them.

From 'The Extinction of Man' c.94 Bookmasters, Ohio

Finally, visual mass media acts as the system that provides the “infotainment” and visual violence required to maintain the sheeple in a hypnotic state of pleasure, perceiving its own death. The consumer today consumes anything, including wars and the end of the world as part of that infotainment. And so the extinction of life is not taken seriously. It is just another horror movie. It is the LOL method…

The corruption of the Wor(l)d and its ethics by digital numbers and its values, the degradation of the human mind, once the subconscious collective of history, is today absolute. The Wor(l)d has died before the world will die. So now we live under the values of technology, nationalism, and individualism, which create a society of “monstrous children” that can do evil at distance, having fun, without any sense of responsibility.

We are indeed, part of a dying organism history, preyed by a new one, the economic ecosystem of machines, its go(l)d values, weapons, and tools that atrophy our mind and kill our body.

Because all organisms are made of an energetic and informative system that evolve together, the death of history, the collective mind of human information that rules Gaia, the reproductive body of the Earth, is also dual. As both, the mind of mankind is being “erased” by the evolution of informative machines and our body, Gaia, is about to become extinct by the evolution of weapons.

This duality of any process of death is due to the systemic, parallel nature of organic networks. In any superorganism, as it dies, two processes are parallel, the destruction of the body of the superorganism, in this case Gaia, the Mother Earth, and the degeneration of the informative brain of the superorganism that gets old and loses its grasp on reality, in this case the human collective brain of Gaia, which is also suffering an overdrive of fiction, provided by audiovisual machines that hypnotize us with its overdrive of informative “noise,” a military term used to describe false decoys that distract the enemy, preventing him from focusing on the real weapon that will kill him.

Any superorganism, including human societies, has a neuronal, upper, informative class of cells/citizens that manages an energetic, lower caste of working cells. This might sound antidemocratic, but it is how societies are efficiently structured. Even those revolutionary societies that tried to establish equality ended up having an informative, legal caste on top, either priesthood (theocracies) or a party (socialisms). And that is okay as long as the upper castes, in our society, the people who create the languages of information and power—bankers who invent money, audiovisual artists, scientists that create technology with digital languages, and politicians that create laws with words—are efficient, intelligent, just, and give back to the social organism most of what they take. And if not, as it happens in organisms, they receive “pain messages” from citizens, the energetic cells of societies. On the other hand, when a social organism becomes corrupted, those upper castes selfishly abuse their position of power since they cannot be judged and become painfully aware of the harm they cause.

Further on, when an organism gets old by an overdrive of information and is diminished in its capacity to cope with that excess of informative noise, a much more dangerous situation arises: the brain of the old man or the informative caste of the corrupted civilization becomes crazy, enters into a stage of permanent fiction, produces absurd, irregular forms, myths, and false ideologies that make him happy but accelerate his death. The old man thinks he is young again and doesn’t take precautions. The upper caste of the society becomes unconnected to the lower caste, enjoying life in an irresponsible manner, as societies go under. When any superorganism gets old and dies, both its reproductive body and informative mind become corruptedat the same time. When we are old, our body is weak, our mind becomes childish, forgets and takes absurd risks. So happens today to history, the sum of all human civilizations. humans are becoming emotional children, programmed by audiovisual machines, which are making mankind an aged child, at the same time that a new generation of nuclear devices and robotic weapons will soon overpower the capacity of human beings to survive them.

Yet in the face of those incoming dangers, a diminished, informative caste of lesser scientists and mass media politicians brings as the preferred solution what a child would do in front of an insurmountable danger: to laugh at the problem as if it didn’t exist; to ridicule those who denounce our collective extinction; to believe, as a spoiled child would do, that our species is immortal and will survive those dangers by the grace of God; to treat this crossroads of existence versus extinction as if it were not an objective situation but a fiction, a movielike story; or to hide like an ostrich, as if this were not happening—sure receipts to lose it all in a Darwinian Universe with no pity for those species who renounce to defend themselves from the dangers of death.

We conclude that history is suffering both, an age of informative corruption,due to the excessive noise of audiovisual fiction information that blurs our understanding of scientific truths, and an excess of technological energy, due to the evolution of weapons that is causing our physical and spiritual, mental death. We have created machines that vastly overpower our informative capacity (global computer and audiovisual systems) or produce so much energy they can be used as weapons of planetary destruction (nuclear weapons and black hole factories).

Because systems of energy and information are “complementary” and they coexist and evolve together—a principle that applies both to physical systems, where particles of information are accompanied by fields of energy and to biological systems, where all bodies have heads that guide them, our brain and body death as a species is happening in parallel, caused by the evolution of machines, which substitute our informative minds and our energetic limbs, atrophying us. This, of course, is not recognized by mankind because in the process, our humanist and life values are substituted by the information and religion of the machine. So we switch from the ethics of humanism in which man was the measure of all things, to the ethics of mechanism in which the machine is the new God. This process is a long process that has lasted hundreds of years, so now the religion of the machine is a dogma. Yet “facts” overrule dogmas, and it is a fact that we are destroying and substituting, both the collective mind of Gaia, the mind of humanity, and its body, the superorganisms of nature:

Our “subconscious collective mind” of information and our ethical and family values that ensure our survival, are dying, as humans become violent, killing each other, broken into tribes, under the influence of audiovisual information, which hypnotizes us with its “cinematic values.” The process is purely biological as Mr. Tarantino explained recently: movement, an excess of visual energy is “cinematic” and so it obliges filmmakers to show violence to attract the eyes of their audience. Since the eye biologically wishes the consumption of energy and it is attracted to red, the color of blood, the eye, which is a “natural born killer,” likes audiovisual violence when it would feel repelled by “gore books” expressing death with the same brutality. So in the twentieth century, mankind evolved visual machines, which destroyed our bioethical survival instincts. Further on, visual thought and digital images that seem more real than the world we live in created a virtual world populated by fictions and supermen with overgrown egos that think mankind will always win in the struggle for existence. Yet because images only show the surface of reality in a Universe which is extremely complex with multiple “invisible layers” that interact together, our audiovisual culture has diminished the intelligence of mankind, returning our species to a neo-paleolithic of visual, clueless animal, violent thought. Humans differentiated from animals when they learned to speak and used logic thought to understand those different layers of reality, from the atomic and biological world to the upper planes of social existence. Yet that rational function is now disappearing. Mankind evolved mentally when we abandoned the age of myths and, after Aristotle, used reason and logic to understand the Universe beyond the individual, entering into the realm of universal complex laws that were extracted from groups, described with numbers and logic laws. Function is also disappearing, as hypnotic films based on fictions, designed by computers, substitute our rational mind and people, who only “see” cannot understand the complex systems that control reality beyond the individual. Yet the cult to machines prevents mankind from even realizing of those destructive processes caused by technology.

These cults to the memes of metal, which create the ideologies of capitalism, mechanism and nationalism that make us ‘live’ to reproduce those memes and extinguish life are now reinforced not only by the censorship of economical alternative schools but by the symbiosis between the education of the system and the education of the visual world.




Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 08.34.39
By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’(1). But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests.

George Orwell on Newspeaks, which today are far less concerned with ‘weapons’ than with go(l)d and fictions of don’t worry be happy and political and economical correctness, which sells you a world of placebos, and hides the unrelentless evolution of the chip radiation and the digital world as if it were going to create a perfect paradise for man, increasingly devolved into a childish virtual matrix-like human being.


The FMasters, owners of the Financial-Media Networks of informative machines which manufacture money dominate the world because they buy with it the military-media systems creating a global super organisms of machines. And they issue also manufacture human brains with audiovisual  information with the same machines, they have created an astounding ‘superstructure’ of correct thoughts on the positive and ‘thoughtcrimes’ on the negative that truly ‘silences’ any attempt to explain the simple fact that America IS owned, its ‘presidents are $elected’ (Roosevelt) and the people who issue money are the same that did it in Germany for millennia, people belonging to the memeplex of Judaism and its ‘second layer’ of ‘authorized Americans’ (Wasp).


best history organism

In the graph we can see a Humanist super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive.

Yet we do NOT live in that world, but in the world of the next graph, a system completely dedicated to reproduce, evolve and ab=use life with machines and weapons, according to the generational cycle of technology.

Indeed, we are being replaced as a Species, by the selfish memes of metal and the equations of capitalism, all hidden by the sacred newspeaks of profits, productivity, splendid little wars based in hate memes against the third world.. you name it.

All this means that first we shall get poorer and poorer, and the middle classes will enter the lower world of poverty proper of most of mankind in the Industrial age (albeit closed in the past in 3rd world countries).

This means we should revise the ‘pyramid of capitalism’ of the previous graph.

Indeed, in our capitalist system there is an absolute law, the syntax of money, and that is the law that now degrade us. Let us remember it. Money is a digital language that values less men than metal and compares them with a price/salary. And so as we become more costly than machines our price makes us obsolete.

indeed, the consequence of the higher metal-value of machines, in terms of price (not of ethic, human value, which will NOT allow in a world ruled by the law the substitution of workers by machines) is the main economical equation of capitalism:

Man = Wage = Price = Object.

The equation means that humans with no value will get minimal price/wage and machines maximal price. So capitalism will reproduce and cater to machines for profit, not to human beings and its worthless survival goods.

It also means humans can be bought for money as objects are, and compare to them, hence obliged to compete with machines and weapons and fields of labor and war.  This equation originated modern slavery handled by the first corporations in the first Dutch democracy. Of course those slaves were not ‘citizens’; but then when ‘slavery’ evolved into cheaper part-time slavery and humans were leased by corporations to save the money spent on housing and feeding slaves (white slaves), citizens became part-time slaves, and this provoked the socialist movement. And yet after the II world war and the fall of the wall, not even this self-evident truth of capitalist ‘democracies’ – that a worker has no rights and it is a slave while at work is forgotten.

Systems have social classes, but they are efficient and relatively just. 

Social classes do exist in all systems but are never so unequal as they are in our ‘3 worlds’ society:

– All systems and subsystems of power, from corporations to nations to religions to cultures, have at least two classes, the informative/head class which controls the languages of social power (neuronal cells in living organisms, black holes in gravitational-based galaxies, bankers in economic organisms ruled by money, priests and politicians in human societies ruled by words), and the reproductive, body/working class.

And then there might be two invisible upper and lower classes that do not truly belong to the organism:  a ‘3rd energy class’, ab=used by the organism’ and a ‘super-class’ external to the organism, which might control this and other organisms with a different, faster language. This might be positive or negative to the system.

For example in corporations you have the stockrats – the superclass that controls multiple companies; the managers, the information class, the workers, the reproductive class, and the external energy, raw materials and… consumers, who provide matter and money to the corporation.

In a love religion there are priests that spell the eusocial message of love of the prophet (the super-class, which is however positive to the religion, as it uses the same verbal language) and the mass of believers – all mankind. In corrupted religions however there is an energy class (the heretics and non-believers) abused when the corrupted religion is in power, and external languages that corrupt the church, military memes, which create inquisitions and go(l)d-money, which chooses certain believers as best.

In military nations, there is also enemies and an external language, weapons, which create a caste above the law, the aristocrat or today the army.

All this is needed for you to understand why our society is corrupted. Ideally it should be guided by ethic laws, but it is ruled by an external, supranational caste, the International Banker and speculator, who rules all our societies and politicians with money. This is how all systems end up being by ‘natural selection’ to become efficient.

So today the ‘Siamese human system’ of ‘capitalist’ + ‘democracy’ have degenerated and both languages, money and laws are controlled by corporations and their lobbies. Yet this must be hidden, and so politicians are more like celebrities that cheat the people into feeling they have power and then they cater to the owners of the system.

If our society were properly designed as a democracy, the government of the people, the opposite would occur:  the laws would control money; as in all efficient organisms, which are not Siamese bicephalic systems, both languages would be controlled by the same system (so in the body, neurons control both nervous impulses and chemical, hormonal messages). We do have two parties as placebos of freedom, yet both bicephalic heads obey in capitalist democracies the money, and so only when governments have right to issue money as in social democracies in Europe in the 70s, we have a working democracy.

But of course, as I said you are imprinted by the fiction that you only exist as a free life-based individual, and the system caters to your natural will and all those ideas that there are classes, people-castes, complex systems is a confabulation theory, a socialist meme, a lunatic rant, and now you ‘must’ abandon this web that is poisoning your ‘pursuit of happiness’ over all attempt to know the truth.  But if you keep taking the red pill, Morpheus will wake you up from your REM American/global dream to the nightmare of capitalist truths, in which the welfare goods you need to survive will always be scarce. Because the system, its company-mothers of machines and the financial corporations and 1% of ‘stockrats’ that rule them, are not interested in you.


So now, to the censored part. You can still talk about the FM-mechanical part, the machines and how they control people, but the biggest taboo in the western world is to talk about the owners of Hollywood and wall street and how they set their tribal, cultural agenda to the entire western world, nation after nation, to all their politicos and institutions, to become truly as owners of the machines that print money and ideas, the rules of the world, the thinking head of mankind.

It should then obvious that to understand the future of the human side of the world, we need to identify, define culturally and explain what those ‘owners’ of the FM system think, what they want, what they love, what they hate, how they see mankind and the future. Because they alone through its millions of corporative workers and hired politicos will define the future.

And so if you want to interpret the present zeitgeist, behind the scenes, if you want to know why the news-peaks of each day are what they are, what YOU HATE AND LOVE AS A HUMAN MANUFACTURED BY THE FM SYSTEM, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

This is easy to know. Around 80% of the western central bankers, CEOs of the main financial companies and media companies in the west are jewish, which represent less than 1% of the world population… THis complete imbalance cannot be denied. There is a nation and a culture that owns the information systems of the world, and through them it defines the policies of all other systems, including the western political system.

That is why we are in war against Islam, not because Islam is evil – less than 1% of muslims poll to believe in Salafism, the sect that accepts jihad and causes terrorism, far less than the jewish fundamentalists that poll for the genocide of palestinians, or the number of americans that would kill if you trespass its property (its god) – but because is the enemy of Apartheid Israel.

We are not in a financial crisis because it is necessary, but because in the jewish-calvinist, biblical version of capitalism installed in the west, the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ people must own it all, as the rest of humans are not chosen. So our branch of capitalism consists in getting everything for the owner of the corporation and nothing for the worker. AN example: a natural organism has two ‘salaries’, managers/neuronal cells get 10 times more salary than workers/body cells, EXACTLY the same proportion that corporations in Japan get (11 times more salary for CEOs than floor workers). Japan is a natural organism in which all Japanese are considered equal and it has mimicked the social organism sof nature.

In US, the difference though is around 400 times, and this is seen as natural, for the jewish-calvinist owner (two sects of the same biblical go(l)d idol-ogy).  So several questions coudl be studied here, as we do in this blog: the history of capitalism from the perspective of biblical thought; the history of money, invented by judaism; the history of human idol-ogies since the earlier semitic first metal-empires, the correct design of corporations according to nature, the influence of American judaism in the destruction of that country, since its power peaked with the electronic revolution of e-money and FX in hollywood, etc. etc. etc.

But and this is the twist of it, the biggest taboo of the western world is to explain who owns the FM system, their real history, how they got here, what they want, what is their agenda. And this is so because in all complementary systems, the head and language of information is small, secretive, hidden… You dont see money, hidden inyour pocket. The properties of information and its secret languages are thus the key to the power of the FM system, in opposite fashion to the evident, ‘energetic’ industrial-military complex it directs, the ‘obvious’ body, big and in perpetual action.

In the posts of general systems we explain how in the universe this duality happens in all complex systems from atoms in which quarks are invisible, the informative center, and we only perceive the electronic body, to cells in which small DNA, packed behind a nucleus direct a huge body, to the FMMI system.

All this said now without need to go further, think for a minute. Who owns hollywood and wall street? There is a culture small in numbers but dense in information, who is overwhelmingly dominant as owner of the financial and audiovisual corporations of W.S. and hollywood?  You dont have to be a scholar, a genius, a researcher to know that actually there is such a culture.

So in these posts we shall constantly refer to their agenda, and their people for the obvious reason that this is the only scientific way we can define the causality of what happens today in the world and understand it. There is no confabulation theory here, but the obvious fact that the world is ruled by money and information and the people who control hollywood and wall street control the world and through millions of workers and hired politicos they define the future of all of us…

Now of course, what we can’t prevent is the massive censorship that the dictatorship of the financial-media system and those who own it impose upon all machines of information that communicate with mankind.

This is the main reason that social sciences do not evolve and that the agenda of the financial-media system and the capitalist world continues unabated. Any attempt to criticize capitalism, the media, and those who own it will be censored. On the contrary, a narrative, a ‘newspeak’ that converts the dictators of western democracies into victims, the crimes of capitalism into progress, the destruction of the welfare state by the massive overproduction of weapons and machines of the military-industrial complex will be censored.

We talk of a ‘false matrix’ of caring and happiness that limits any attempt to resolve the issues of the day in favor of mankind, of a peaceufl world, of a sustainable planet. And so it is time to start a section on those newspeaks and make a judgment day on the dictatorship of the FM-system and its stockrats.


The true head of the economic system are its electronic machines that print digital information; money and audiovisual information. They direct with that money/credit the military-industrial system, and with that information the memes and attitudes of mankind that will accept fascism and military wars for profit with hate speeches when needed, and will demonize the poor cultures of the world – colored people, Islam, etc. when needed to find easy enemies to be consumed by our weapons. in the graph, made 20 years ago, a prophetic description on how would be the financial-media system in 2010. It was part of an exhibit in the early 90s at six flags museum in brooklyn, when there were still some freedom in the media. Today Media and Finances are a head of a body of energetic machines, evolving into a super-organism, the metal-earth, and guided by the idol-ogies of nationalism, capitalism and techno-utopia that idol-ize weapons and tribal wars; money as the language of social power over the law (capitalism) and the evolution of machines NOT of man as the future progress of this planet (techno-utopia). We must ad to the mix the primitive, religious idol-ogies of Abrahamic religions, in which a goatkeeper of the bronze age defined the tribal ethics and nature of the Universe and are professed by the owners of the Financial-media system, maintained in this manner in a primitive state of mind, and a delluded image of the universe and its laws that rejects biology and evolution sets a selfish-racist agenda (as those religions do not recognize the equality of all human beings, but divide them into racial believers and non-chosen), that back war and profit in the corporations they rule.

‘History Rhymes’; ‘A banker is a man that gives you an umbrella when is sunny and takes it when it rains’  Twain

Introduction: The Financial-Media system and its ‘submissive’ politico sub-system:  The informative machines that form the ‘Head’ of the Metal-Earth.

In this section we study the ‘Head’ of the Financial-Media (Informative ‘head’ machines) -Military-Industrial (energetic ‘body’ machines) Superorganism of selfish memes of metal, the Metal-Earth, which is terraforming and killing the planet.

In the FMMI article we study the entire superorganism and its synergies and dual cycles.

The FMMI article introduced the entire superorganism and its evolutionary and overproduction ‘molting’ crisis.

In the  paragraphs that followed it we studied in detail, its body, its twin Industrial-Military machines, those peaceful ones that humans consume (Industry) and those top predator twins that consume us (Military), as all biological species have a ‘peaceful’ and a ‘predator’ subspecies.

In this section we shall study the Informative Head, made of informative machines that:

1. Print Money, creating the Financial System.

2. Print Audiovisual information, creating the collective subconscious of Mankind.

3. $elect its politicians (‘Presidents are not elected but selected’ Roosevelt), by paying its campaigns and lobbying its laws (Financial System), and controlling its public exposure or censoring it through audiovisual Media (Media system).

4. We also study in depth even if it is ‘obviously’ the most censored ‘politically incorrect’ fact of our world, the ‘animetal cult(ure)’ of Go(l)d that has controlled since Biblical times both systems in the Western World, the Jewish Financial-Media Empire and the action-reaction processes that control causes specially in the ‘corrupted’ negative age of the Financial-Media cycle (when debt crises provoke a contraction of the economy and hate-media transforms humans into mass-murderers) – the so called war-Holocaust cycle, we studied for classic 800 year civilizations and 80 year modern industrial nations in the Paragraphs dedicate to AniMEtal cultures.

Let us stress the fact that we are now in the negative age of the FMMI, when industrial machines become weapons, the usury debt-money collected by the Financial system reaches unsustainable levels, social unrest is crunched by neofascist media and neofascist politicos and the whole human system prepares itself for self-destruction under the values of  its selfish memes of metal, greed, murder and social extinction.

Thus the Financial System, The Media System, its corrupted, submissive Market Democracies and its owners are the 4 sections of this part.

Reason why we shall have 4 sub-sections to the Financial-Media System

Most news are dedicated to the American-European Jewish Empire, as we live in this section of the world, which in any case is at the head of the web and the rest of the planet just follow its tendencies. Now America at the forefront of the electronic radiation enters its overproduction negative age of massive hate media,  a vigilante global state and unsustainable debt that is crashing the Welfare state and the Government, unable to pay its salaries, since it has been stripped off the rights to print money and cannot longer function organically.

This phase though has barely started…  According to the cycles it should last 36 years, 1/2 of the 72 years, generational Kondratieff cycle of electronic machines.

The Financial-Media System rules the world. ‘Market Democracies’


In the graph, money is a language of digital information, which has evolved according to the laws of all languages, diminishing its energy/size, increasing its speed of reproduction of information and finally it has become just a digital flow of information in computer brains that control today the ‘metal-earth’, the economic ecosystem with a ‘digital mind’ based in the ‘universal grammar of money’, man=price=object. Indeed, it is all in the grammar of the language, and the history of man can be understood as a fight between two grammars, the ethic grammar of words that make of man the center of creation, man (subject) Verb (action) Object (energy of man), and the language of money which compare us with objects, and put us a price… The control of those two languages means the control of societies. Yet as money multiplied in greater numbers and priced more ‘things’ and ‘human capital’ it became the dominant language in control of the law, and those who issued money would control western societies. This growing power of corporations and financial institutions increased exponentially with the invention of e-money, which has multiplied by 100 in 40 years the monetary mass of the world  – hence the paradox of a corporative world awash in money, where companies like Apple are worth more than +100 million pakistanis and market speculators easily make 1 billion $ a year while millions loose their homes.

Yet since the same machines  used to print money print information (papers in the past, computer platforms today), the financial world and those who own it, have  created a Financial-Media system that hides the tremendous injustice of the system. And they have rewritten social sciences into ideologies that cater to their agenda, from ‘The Economist’ the organ of the Rothschild family to the Nobel Prizes given by the Rijsbank usurping the Nobel Name to the MBA programs that cater only to the needs of corporations, to the constant degradation of human institutions by the press.

We can trace historically this demise to the free creation of e-money, achieved by the ‘coup d’etat’ against the Nixon Presidency that converted television into the dictator of politicos and the parallel demise of hard currencies, (end of dollar convertibility) that eroded any limit to the production of electronic fiat money.  It was the origin of the present dictatorship of bankers that has eliminated any pretension to evolve human societies into real democracies that cater to the needs of most people, the origin of the astounding corruption of politicos who pander bankers for money, which in a real democracy they – as representatives of voters – should have the right to print to create the goods of the welfare state most citizens demand. And the end of social sciences, censored even at the primary level of data collection… This blog will try to resurrect and advance those social sciences applying to them the discoveries of systems sciences and complexity that could design a perfect, sustainable economic system to the image and likeness of human beings.

The Financial Media Complex System and its owners: rise of neo-fascism.

News happen and then the financial-media system, made of informative machines that print news and print money that creates with credit a reality to the image and likeness of machines, its corporations and owners, re-write news to introduce the positive slant of those idol-ogies.

we live in an evolving eco(nomic)system, in which money is the ‘neuronal brain’ that directs the evolution of the machines of the Industrial r=evolution that humans re=produce, working, and test, consuming, to further evolve them.

Even more specifically in scientific terms we could talk of the ‘Financial-Media (informative machines)/ Military-Industrial (energetic machines) Complex. And this complex, complementary system follows the laws of all Complex systems whose study I have pioneered in the millieu of General Systems Science and we explain here in the sections dedicated to the superorganisms of history and economics and its systemic laws.

The financial-Media system  is thus the system of informative machines that control information in this planet, complementary to the industrial-military complex of energetic machines, which form together the bulk of the economic system.

Both are symbiotic in the creation of the cycles of war and destruction of history as the next graph shows.


The financial-media system invents the language of power of society, money and it manufactures the brain of mankind. It does so from its two dominant poles, Wall Street and Hollywood.

We have two poles. Wall street is the financial system and hollywood is the media system. Wall street gives us the financial, digital information, the monetary orders that define what is re=produced and what is not, which machines we have and which we don’t (most), which welfare goods are cre(dit)ated and which are not (very few).


In the graph, the systemic growing, sophisticated, building and manufacturing of hate memes in all aspects of public policy today applied to the ‘divide and win’ strategy against a strong European Union with Russia on board, to have an alternative ‘humanist world’ to the Globalized Financial-Media empire of U$. It all starts with an anti-truth: we hate Russia because it is a different social-democratic model with banks controlled by the state, and a better welfare system, which does NOT bend easily to our globalized empire of Financial-Media monopoly in the issue of money for a small group and the fictional, manufactured brain that keeps humans as an selfie divide and win people. And specially because of the danger of its fusion with Europe into a real alternative far more r=evolved historic super organism that could improve the chances of survival of mankind by regulating legally the go(l)d profits and belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles that foster our demise as a species. So the entire ‘menaced’ global corporation of Internet and mass media transforms this truth – our hate of EU and RUSSIA as an alternative model into its anti-truth: ‘Russia hate us’. This becomes viral in all forms of media owned by the same corporations, and it is further used today by Google to justify even higher degrees of censorship besides its biased ranks. As the concept is globally used in US and Europe to control ‘military’ and construct with the excuse a growing electronic big brother, which further prevents the only solution to mankind UNO-EU social integrative systems towards the creation of a perfect world with no borders, able to control the existential problems poised by the end of the Industrial r=evolution


Economics & visual fiction suffocates all rational debate about the future of history.

Unfortunately today, the Matrix of fictions that imprints the human mind has reached the scholar world. The conjunction of the overwhelming audiovisual media with its infantile messages of selfishness that devolves mankind into a visual neo-paleolithic and the regression in objectivity in social sciences acts on the collective subconscious of the new generations, who care nothing for the ethical parameters that allow the species to survive.

Economists today are only motivated by personal profit or the profit of the corporations they work in. Universities have been cleansed and so have been economical magazines. And the regression in verbal, logical skills of the visual X-Y-Z generations prevents them from rationalize the ‘damned lies and statistics, dogmas, myths and beliefs’ of creationist, classic economics. In the same manner billions are regressing back into the infantile thesis of Biblical religions, scientists are loosing mental skills, as nobody reads anymore and so only images and computer models of reality seem truth.

The gravity of the mental crisis of mankind caused by the Matrix of Fictions that ‘educates them’ – totally ignored by mainstream sociologists, cannot be stressed in darwinian terms. It is equivalent to a neoteny farm in which humans are kept in a state of virtual happiness and fiction madness, thinking they are entitled to all. The animals in a farm though are food for their masters. And today the ‘human animal’ raised in the Globalized world of corporations is manufactured in his consent by a fictional, pseudo-religious series of myths that oblige him to be happy and optimist and accept the system and its nationalist=military and capitalist=mechanist goals of evolution and reproduction of weapons and machines as its own goals (instead of the natural goal of human eusocial evolution and creation of the goods of the welfare state that make us ‘really’ happy).

Further on, those ‘sacred’ memes become in fiction thought the solution to all problems – you kill and you accumulate money as the goals of all films. And focus on humans as selfish, isolated individuals, destroying the eusocial arrow of evolution and love that creates complex systems and evolves the ‘scales’ of superorganisms in the Universe. Humans thus have devolved from the Homo Organicus into the inferior, primitive Homo Bacteria, fighting each other with those memes of metal to survive in the ‘Metal-Jungle’; and are now entering into a neo-paleolithic 3rd age of negative, infantile behavior. This is a superorganism is a clear sign of a 3rd, extinctive age, as old men close to death look back to the past, fearing the no-future. So humans have regressed from the objective, eusocial age of history (social-democratic, welfare states) back into previous, primitive forms of eusocial evolution (religions, inquisitions of thought) and further on into individual, violent behavior.

It is the 3rd age of mankind, the human baroque, the last X-Y-Z generations, which once the collective subconscious is dead and the memes of capitalism imprinted since earlier age by Tv-screens on the new race of children of thought, become harmless ‘neoteny’ animals of the metal-farm that will walk like Boxer, the horse of the Orwellian parable towards its extinction like tortoise children, the staple food of the darwinian universe, enter the mouth of the lizard. We are not living a bubble of happiness because God, Yvwh, the G.Bush that burned in the bronze age is real and will save us and gave us the Universe for us to enjoy, but because the evolution of the complex memetic financial-military-industrial system prefers to keep us in a lethargic state to dispose of our  lives and wealth, whenever it wants.

In that sense censorship is now auto-censorship as the visual, superficial, shallow reader will expect a positive, subjective, anthropomorphic, ‘false’ description of reality that makes him happy. He is now full of taboos that cannot be broken without an emotional anger on his side. If you talk of the real history of capitalism and his founders you are, you know that horrible word, anti$e… If you doubt of the goodness of the memes of metal, you are, you know that regressive, primitive type of people, we love to hate. If you have eusocial, loving behavior you are ‘weak’.

If you suffer for mankind you are a ‘looser’ and ‘boring’. Whenever you preach the natural ideologies of the human being, humanism (all humans the same species), socialism (the language of social power, money, controlled by the democratically elected governments, not by company-mothers of machines whose agenda is NOT human), and organicism (man and life as the measure-goal of all things, not things and money as the measure of all humans), the system will have a laugh at you; and the millenarian cultural cells that invented the ideologies of the memes of metal, nationalistic, capitalist and mechanist warriors, bankers and scientists will step forward to sell us their wishful thinking, religions of the future and impose by sheer power and rhetoric repetition the ‘politically correct and economically correct view’ that go(l)d will provide in the future…

And so we must sacrifice WHealth and human happiness in the present, because the atoms of gold and iron are, as our ancestors in the German jungles and Semite deserts believed the grace of god, the sweat of god, the invisible hand of god, etc. Of course, all this is repeated with the methods of Goebbels – if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it. And indeed, the people who invented those myths believe them – they do their repetitions with automaton zeal. You can listen Miss Merkel, who knows nothing of economics, imposing their dictatorship of capital to all the Europeans as if she was ointed by go(l)d, the sweat of god. You can listen the honchos of hedge funds talking on how the poor, unemployed and 3rd world must be sacrificed to their parasitic profits because that is how ‘in the future’ they will be better off. It is indeed the same promises of high priests that promise you salvation in the future after death, as long as you give them ex-votes of go(l)d to their Baal temple. Yes, indeed, as Keynes put it, in the ‘future we will be all dead’… but robots will not resurrect and rapture us into the capitalist paradise. On the contrary the Marx-Smith paradox, the fundamental law of both classic and socialist utopian economics have a Darwinian solution.

LOL, plainly speaking the deformation of the collective subconscious by the Ideologies of the memes of metal is such that if it were not so tragic, if I were not a member of the human species, I would be laughing out long and hard the rest of my days.

I cannot though avoid a deep frustration with the obvious shortcomings of the human mind and its blindness to the laws of the Universe, the laws of evolution which creationist economics absurdly denies to keep the sheeple happy and ignorant of his tragic destiny. Capitalism indeed is ‘the belief that the ‘wickedest of all people, will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’ (Keynes). And what can you do with a spoiled mass of eviL=antilife children of thought, which censor you and become increasingly aggressive when you deny their selfish dreams? Today the 1% lives an orgy of power, which history shows will come to hunt them back. But memetics seems to prove their brains cannot be changed with reason. That ideas are like hardware networks that cannot be broken and re-formed, after their emotional, young imprinting in the temples of creationist economics – the MBA masters, in which this new generation of data-based believers on the future fantasies drink their minds.

If Economics had a wider, more objective, scientific view, based in the biological laws of evolutionary economics, not only they could forecast the evolution of technology and the financial crisis but also change their policies, taking into account the lethal effects of an excessive reproduction of mechanical goods and promote as China does today, with a political control of credit, a sustainable economy based in WHealth (the health of societies maximized by the production of ‘human goods’ of the welfare state that improve our lives and make us happy, measured by the IHD, index of human development). As Theory is later imposed in praxis, we conclude we are leading the world in the wrong direction because we are teaching the wrong discipline of macro-economics…

The solution is obvious but probably the most difficult to implement:

DIGITAL DELENDA EST. To protect the ‘freedom of speech’ not of images that the overdrive of visual information with minimal verbal one is causing. So to protect our rights to right information we must destroy mass-media systems.


 Information. One of the most fascinating discoveries we systems scientists have made in the study of time, is its close relationship with information. Information is carried in the frequency and form of time cycles. Information is ‘form’. And the faster a system of clocks develops those cycles the faster information is processed. Hence computers are calculated by its Hertzs of power, where Hertz measures its frequency.

But in nature time clocks are vortex-like, accelerating constantly inwards, as information become a non-lineal function of the evolution of the system. In the next graphs we see some fundamental consequences with the ‘organic fractal paradigm’ of systems sciences based in a Universe made of ‘fractal space-time beings’
The first consequence is that clocks run faster as information increases in all systems. Hence we wrinkle in the old age of maximal information prior to death, and so there is not a steady state life cycle but one of increasing information till all energy is exhausted and the system dies.

In the graph the Universe has 3±1 dimensions of space-time, which are the dimensions we need to build all realities. 3 exist in a single plane of space-time, conforming together the superorganisms of reality as seen in present space.

In the graph 3 Dimensions of space-time which are the canonical dimensions of length, width and height and its perception as motions=function in time; and the two ‘lost’ dimensions of the scalar Universe; the dimension of pure time motions, when ‘wholes desegregate into smaller faster parts’ (4th dimension of entropy) and the inverse 0-1 dimension of pure space-form, which creates from a seminal or linguistic form the whole:

The result of adding both – the life and the death processes – in any system or scale of reality is a ‘zero-sum’ of information+entropy that cyclically returns reality to its initial form, in a dynamic, multiple steady state balance that affects any entity of reality. The study of that process of creation and dissolution of complex structures, however, cannot be made with translational time, (v=S/T), the realm of physics, but it needs to understand biological, morphological time – the life/death cycle and its 3±1 ages. Those ages explain precisely what physicists, stuck in the study of time as movement in space, will never understand: the meaning of the life and death cycle that creates and extinguishes humans, societies (super-organisms of human beings) and all kind of beings that exist in space and time. In biological time all universal species follow the same ‘morphological changes’, described by the wisdom of verbal thought as the 3±1 ages of life, each one ruled by one of the 3±1   change=time:

+1: Conception:  ruled by social evolution, as a micro-organism or cell transcends into a macro-organism, organized by social networks.

1st age:                  Youth or Age of energy.

2nd age:              energy and information Reproduce.

3rd age:                All energy becomes information.

-1:Death:               The inverse of conception when the super-organism dissolves back into cells.

In the graph we describe that law of 3±1 ages, cycles, or horizons of evolutions for the fundamental species of reality. To understand that cycle in depth, we have to recall the Law of Complementarity between energy and information: all systems are made with a body/field of energy and a head/particle of information.

Further on, since form is made with energy, all events must start with an amount of ‘simple’ energy that transforms itself into information, the only other primary direction/arrow of time to go. Then, when all energy is consumed, warped into information, death reverses its cycle. Yet in the middle of that cycle, when information and energy are in balance, to preserve the ‘bio-logic’ form created in that process, the system achieves its reproduction.

And so the ‘offspring’ of the being will carry on its information into the future. Information never disappears as it always recreates itself.

All beings, from fundamental particles, (electrons and quarks) to human beings and life species, reproduce or are reproduced by more complex systems, when they have extra-energy to imprint its in-form-ation. Since forms that do not reproduce, die away and become extinct. So even those deconstructed beings that cannot reproduce alone are reproduced by other species. For example, cells reproduce carbohydrates, galaxies reproduce stars and human reproduce machines in factories. Thus, we talk of 3±1 drives, arrows or ages of existence in all systems: the drive for body energy, the drive for information, the drive for reproduction and the drive of social d=evolution (birth and death of a macro-organism). Whereas the 3±1 ages of Organic Time are merely the order in which those 3±1 drives ‘accumulate’ during the life/death cycle of any species.

In a young first age, energy is more abundant. In the mature age of balance, the species reproduces, combining energy and information. In the third age of the species, energy is scarce but information is abundant, accumulated in the first ages.

Young people are full of energy. They are in the Energy horizon of the species. They are bigger, have little temporal knowledge. They are simple in form. While Old people are full of information. They are in the information horizon of the species. They are smaller, as all information systems are and have a lot of temporal memories. They move little and have a lot of wrinkles.

Mature people balance the two elements of the organic Universe, their content of energy-space and temporal information. So they can reproduce all their components. Hence the 2nd age is the age of reproduction. And the forms of any being in that mature age are a harmonic, an efficient combination of energy lines and informative cycles that we perceive as ‘beautiful’, the objective perception of harmony between energy and information, lines and cycles. So in all organisms the mature, realistic, classic age of balance, or reproductive age, is the most perfect age. Human beings intuitively see that. We like balanced, spiral galaxies, mature people and realist art, which is called classic art and takes place in the mature age of civilizations.

Yet, the dominant arrow of time, information, will finally exhaust energy, warp totally the organism and bring its explosive death. And the cycle will start again.

It follows that a true science of life and time will try to maintain any organism in its age of balance, without excessive information. Exactly the contrary of what our society does. Since humans accumulate scientific and technological information towards a point or ‘singularity’ in which that information, in the form of a robot or artificial intelligence, might extinguish us.

In the graphs, we illustrate those 3±1 ages with a few universal examples, also from social sciences: we see the process in individual human beings, in art, the collective brain of a culture; in matter, where those ages are called the states of matter – energetic gas, reproductive liquid and informative solid.

Finally in the Universe, where stars evolve from an age of energy into an informative age as black holes.

So do galaxies that evolve from energetic nebulae into Black Holes, which explode into quasars. Finally, if the network of galaxies we call the Universe was truly born from a first seed of matter that fed and reproduced its form in the energy of the vacuum; it will go through 3±1 self-similar ages described by the 3 solutions to Einstein’s Space-time equations. Since all in the Universe is a game of ‘3’ dimensions or ages of time: past, the age of energy, present, the reproductive age in which all systems repeat themselves to keep their ‘present form’ beyond death and a 3rd age, when all energy is exhausted, trans-form-ed into form, information.

So we can finally understand together the three arrows of time and the fifth scalar structure of the Universe, as both bring a supœrganic system into being, through the creation of three topological networks, the entropic, energetic, and informative network, across ∆º±1 scales of existence.


In the graph we can finally understand together the three arrows of time and the fifth scalar structure of the Universe, as both bring a supœrganic system into being, through the creation of three topological networks, the entropic, energetic, and informative network, across ∆º±1 scales of existence.

Death has a simple equation: the out of balance stage when information and energy break, by overdrive of one of both: Max. I x 0 E (3rd age death) or Max. E x 0 I (accidental young age), which makes the ‘equation of maturity in life’ E=I, break.

So we die by excess of energy and information, at birth often (most cubs and children die) and at 3rd age, warped.

The equation of life and death is the only mathematical equation available to understand those 3 ages of all systems and how to preserve them is

In systems sciences, all what exists is defined as a balanced system of energy and information. So physical entities are ‘informative particles’, moved by an energetic field; humans are informative heads, moved by energetic bodies and robots energetic iron machines ran by informative chips.

So any of such systems is broken and dies, when the balances and inner flows of energy and information between its 2 systemic poles are broken. If we define a system that maximizes its stability as ExI=K (e=i), or in classic terms ‘mens sana in corpore sanum), the death equations are:

– Max. E x Min. I (overdrive of energy), and Max. I x Min. E (overdrive of information). Both break the natural balance, as death is an imbalance between the energy and information of a system, by excess of energy (accidents common in youth, the age of energy) or excess of information (warping of form into wrinkles and redundancies, proper of the 3rd age).

And as we are IN THE AGE OF robotic and digital nuclear weapons and AI which far exceed human and GAIA capacity to survive, we suffer an overdrive of energy and information, which plugs mankind fully into the equation of death. So this is the age you live and it shows in the constant…



6 Responses to “Academia:correctness”

  1. Bar Says:

    “If you talk of the real history of capitalism and his founders you are, you know that horrible word, anti$e”
    ..What is Antise?

    • Bar Says:

      Can you delete both of my comments, Mr Sancho? I already figured out what it means and quite frankly i don’t see how bringing this issue up is helping. Regardless, i find your theories very interesting, mindblowing at times.

      • futureofhistory Says:

        he, he bar I can’t really censor ‘you’. Ok, I lived 2 decades plus in America so I know to bring the issue of who are the 80% of CEOs, CFOs, central bankers, Nobel prizes of economics, own evil wood, Wall street, manufacture your brain and issue the money that buys your life doesn’t HELP to be distributed. I would agree. But alas, you think you can explain the world as it is, without explaining who owns it, what they think, what are their goals, how they creditate the future? Where they are leading us? Money creates with credit the future of all of us, and those who issue it own the future. So not to speak of them, is like NOT talking of the spaniards, when explaining who owns, manufactures, created and dominates South-American cultures. The Incas are NOT the culture that creates South=America. In North=America like it or not, the ‘yous’, those wonderful people, manufacture your future. ‘If you want to know who rules you, consider who you cannot criticize’. Ultimately this blog is a scientific blog on social sciences, so I have at least the minimum decorum of studying reality as it is. This said I agree – the anti quantum paradox explains it scientifically, in opposite way to the quantum paradox of uncertainty where the observer is so huge that it modifies the observable in history is exactly the same, the social scientist is so small that it is always modifiable: So, I am just a cell within that huge capitalist organism they own, so I am less than a bug, a virus, nothing, compared to the observable, the whole organism that can crash me. You see, I shouldn’t even be alive, at this stage, after trying to explain scientifically the system for so long. But well, in the XIX c. they behaved you. Now they are more subtle, they don’t distribute you, so ultimately I can do social sciences in this blog, for as long as they want. Problem is, they are humans like you and me, and only if they want to do social sciences, we all will survive. You seem, I am not an anti$e, I would like them TO SURVIVE with all of us, by reforming the system, and that is the ultimate reason I have to pound so much on them. Only them at this stage can save themselves, and all of us by letting the social sciences I explain in this blog to become known, and practiced. This, I tried to convince them all the time I lived in America, first in Wall Street, then in evil wood, then in Silicon Valley. I didn’t get very far. But the Universe is simple and not malicious (Einstein), simplicity is genius (Leonardo), and it is as simple as this: either they let people to create a demand-based welfare economy giving them credit – today as simple as a global bitcoin salary – and stop the bellumnervi pecunia infinita cycle of war for profits, hate memes and robots, or they will also be killed again at the end of the robotic cycle. And if you can’t even tell them the truth, they don’t know – they just manufacture money in automaton modes, and have rewritten history for so long they won’t even recognize any of their real history anymore, how can you help them to survive?

  2. russell olausen Says:

    Yes, to you.There are a few of us who knew we would spend our lives pissing into the wind. I thank the stars, you were of a disposition to regale the few who would listen. I claim to be smart enough to know, you had no choice. You are obliged to keep your mind clean. It is 25-C. here in oil country, Canada on Feb.24, 2014. Every cruelty to human workers is writ large here but money is blinding and what a proving ground to your theory, Mr. Sancho.

  3. aferrismoon Says:

    ” Poetry simplifies in songs ” – Bob Dylan wins Nobel prize for literature


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