Project Foundation

As a friend from evil wood has asked me to rewrite adapted to this age my old script Foundation of a R=evolution of Mankind against extinction, by a ‘Mule’, alter-hero of myself and Sheldon, founder of bio-history, who discovers the equations of the eco(nomic)system, able to predict the future and uses them to found a perfect world – a plot inspired only partially in Asimov’s film – but I have little interest for life and r=evolution – basically I consider humans have ‘lost it’ in the age of death=entropy=chaos=freedom and lack any capacity to self-organize unless they are enslaving as workers=reproducers and vitalizers=consumers of machines; so Foundation is just a ‘dream’ – I decided to motivate myself to do the work by writing the script slowly in this forgotten web, in the section of ‘virtual fictions’ – since, while it is possible to r=evolve the world theoretically, humans would have to be a bit better and more humane than the astounding indistinguishable dog-eat-dog entropic molecules bumping into each other around the world today…

Alas there should be actually many planets in which the characters of this plot did actually exist. Lao San, the founder of Bio-history, Miss Potus the first female president of the world, and the other characters that plan, execute and liberate mankind from the dictatorship of the FMMI system and ‘abort’ the Metal-earth, creating a perfect world.

The advantage of writing here is that the blog keeps revisions ordered, so it helps onto the repetitive task of fine tuning the work, which will be on progress till it gets the customary THE END, and then my friend passes to a few well known supposedly ‘humanist directors’, which I bet will understanding nothing of Biohistory, but who knows; in virtual reality we can be nicer, everything looks good in 2D everything is posible, but in 5D it gets  more complex to convince anyone to abandon go(l)d for the sake of the wor(l)d – as Marx put it, r=evolutionaries will always find the limits of the human condition.

But the ultimate reason I accepted this job of recreating an ideal humanity able to r=evolve the world, is that it will be also an exorcism of my tortured soul, because I couldn’t manage to do what had to be done in my youth when I discovered those equations of bio history to write an alt-history of mankind-in-its-latter-days is my form to succumb to virtual reality. Why I couldn’t be lao san, and none else obviously could as none understood those equations, I have wondered and still do in the midnight hour –  in part, because I hated go(l)d or perhaps because I Never THOUGHT I could convert them, and money alone is not enough to change the world if there are no disciples to a Mule. Or more likely because we are all programmed by the Earth and those who live on the wor(l)d can’t serve go(l)d, even if the means justify the goal.

Ultimately the script is just an attempt to illustrate the 3+3 physiological measures that could save the Earth before extinction age happens due to the singularity weapons, ‘certainly’ before the end of the age of organic machines, 2080:

In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
Those 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

Which leads to the question on how many fractal planets of life in the Universe do achieve the immortal avatar like state of survival… before the singularity age of extinction happens.

The question though of open probabilistic paths and deterministic full cycles are treated elsewhere, specially on the texts on the fractal organic systems of quantum physics and indistinguishable quantities at So we shall leave it here. A hint – as Gauss found, while in a bidimensional complex plane from A to B there are quasi-infinite paths/degrees of freedom, one for each human worldline, all tend to collapse in the same point. Or else the whole galaxy would be teaming with light, but we only hear the tam-tam of the first and most likely singularity of extinction, radio-waves of stranglets or black holes. But yes, some planets do make it,  else the probability of the complex plane will be always 1 and we can prove that is not the case; there is always an infinitesimal difference, at least one planetary path that leads to..


I ACT: Lao san burial, the story of Lao San

II ACT: Revolution, the triade on board the Mule.

III ACT: The 6 measures, the 6 short-span documentaries. The 6 measures are implemented in 6 actions of the Mule that visits 3 zones of reality

EPILOGUE: Revolution is completed, a decade after, the perfect world.

The obituary… The conclusive remarks.


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FADE IN –  – FOUNDATION – 2o36 year of death and resurrection – OBITUARY CEREMONY

An open ceremonial site – an altar – a stand.  Behind the stand a huge screen where images illustrate the speeches delivered. The site is of enormous beauty and peace.

A Helicopter pad, on a yin-yang circle, landing on the white – departing on the black – an extense forest surrounds the location.

MISS POTUS is speaking –  a woman on her 60s, dressed in white, the colour of obituaries in the Chinese-Korean tradition.


We are all here to render honors to the founder of bio-history Mr. Lao San. Though you would expect me to be more personal about my late companion; I would like to stress the qualities that made him a man that truly change the future of (the world) all of us…

Mr.  San, as you all know was for a time, before r=evolution swept his fortune away, the wealthiest man on Earth.

The first human who broke the barrier of 1 trillion $ worth – an amazing quantity, which represented as much money as what one half of mankind the humans living then on Earth possessed…

Even though as he used to say, he was worth nothing. It was the Metalearth and its company-mothers of machine-weapons he had invested on, whose prices had skyrocketed with speculation, what had become 1000 times more valuable than all life beings on Earth combined… made obsolete, expendable, with no price, with no jobs as the robotic revolution eliminated us from labor and war fields.

So a single company of mental machines, Apple, was worth more than the combined GDP of 500 million people living on 3 of the most populated nations of the world, Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangla Desh.

Mr. San understood earlier than any other human being what this meant for the future of humanity.  Merely that humans were becoming obsolete as mental machines, chips, the new top predator brain of the planet displaced us performing all the tasks that had made human brains the superior species of the planet.

And he promised himself to the dedicate his entire fortune to change the no future of mankind before the biological radiation of mental machines and robots, eliminated us from the face of the Earth.

NOTE: THE SCREEN BEHIND SHOWS IN A MONTAGE THE TURN OF THE XX CENTURY WHEN THE ENTIRE PLANET WAS THE PREDATORY WORLD FOR COMPANY-MOTHERS AND ITS DIGITAL MACHINES AND ROBOTS hypnotising children in virtual screens, expelling workers from a labor and war fields…  It is essential that this ‘movie within a movie’ had the sufficient beauty and quality of information to suggest without words the structures of the super organism of history and mankind within it. See the attached file ‘this we know’ to fully grasp its structure and geometries of existence. 

But how a single man could have amassed such a huge fortune? Simply enough in his youth, as a scholar, who had r=evolved the discipline of systems sciences he had discovered the equations of bio economics that could predict the future of  the economic ecosystem, as a growing super organism of machines, which would   as humans were reproducing a new top predator species, the machine-weapon in the same form a cell reproduces a virus, each human generation, (HERE GOES THIS PART – THE FULL MODEL? IN BRIEF STROKES – WITH IMAGES OF THE EMPIRES, ENTERING IN THE BACK SCREEN… THEN WE CUT A BIT THE PART ON HOW HE MADE HIS FORTUNE ON THE 9 YEARS CYCLE in which a nation conquered the world 

where men and machines were competing in labor and war fields… made of top predator machines that were evolving and replacing humans in labor and war fields.

And so he applied those biological laws that described the re=production of stocks of machines of topological evolution to stocks of machines… to make a killing in the market; since to guess the prices of stocks was as simple as to know which top predator machines will be overproduced sold to consumers or to consume humans in the case of its evil twins, weapons to increase the profits of its company-mothers… that had merely to pay some war-monger politician to get the paranoia of perpetual splendid wars going… 

So he sold his soul to the devil and every short cycle of a product, every 9 years, he bet for one of the parts of the full biological top predator machine of the future, the robot… one hundred folding his fortune, as humans constructed first the eyes of machines, then their brains, then their ears, and then the social telepathic networks through which they would talk to each other through the Internet of things…

Moreover biological radiations of top predator species explode fast in populations, and since humans were reproducing those machines with a biological pattern, similar to that of any living being it was a very simple guess to adapt the cycles of life known to the ancient taoist masters as baguas, to the economists as product cycles, to map out the entire evolution of the chip radiation and its star products as we humans were simply talking evolving a new top predator species on Earth, the robotic machine….
Reduce the theoretical content at this stage… pass fast to revolution
We were then living in the age of metal-minds, which had evolved the eye of metal, then called the Tv-set; and so it had to evolve the brain of metal, the chip homoctonos and its ears, mobiles and social language, the internet; before it would put the 3 together as viruses do, into the robot, the new top predator species that would definitely give birth to a new global super organism the metalearth.
And in each of those cycles of biological radiations of top predator machines in a decametric classic trophic pyramid, its company-mothers would evolve and re=produce exponentially its products; one-hundred folding its re=production, sales, profits and stock price every decade, the period economists consider necessary to develop and evolve a new product…
So he knew he could make a fortune on the long term, as the Metalearth was evolving as a superorganism of machines, and so he could pick up the top predator companies knowing they

It was then easy to become a trillionaire taking advantage of the fact that chips reproduced money without limit for other companies which used chips, in a decametric trophic pyramid, with the top predator metal-brain preying on all other companies and species of the world.

So, Mr. Lao San, departing from an meager initial capital of 10 million $ borrowed from wealthy friend, from the sale of his father company, invested in the most promising start-up of Internet, bound to become the new Wall-Mart of the internet, amazon at 1.30, then one hundred fold the price of sales according to its trophic pyramid of growth and within 3 years, he cashed 1 billion dollars, just before the first Bagua had passed and the market crashed in 2000. He then reentered the market investing in IPOs of the top predator equivalent companies of China, set another 100-fold sale prize and toppled 100 billion in 2008, just before the second Bagua had ended; and again, invested in the same companies after crash and toppled 3 trillion Dollars in the 2018 crash, when he abandoned the market and started Foundation.

one hundred folded his stocks during the first 9 year cycle of the chip radiation, of peaceful consumption machines, and then one hundred folded again, during the war age or Desert storm chipped weapons during the fall of the wall; and he did it again, in the first radiation of mobiles, betting for yahoo, selling at the peak of the market 9 years latter because he knew, each lifecycle, each bagua, humans would keep evolving the parts of the future robots that would kill them all… in its war phase… And so he bet his 100 billion $ the very same day Lehman brothers collapsed, and in the morning of 2016 when Trump was elected and the war age of hate media had reached its zenith, he had amassed the largest fortune the world had ever seen…

CHANGE origin fortune to friend’s fund offering 10% return – start from nothing

For he knew he was in a race against time; as once the internet was built, and the radiation of chips, mobiles exhausted, the next age of Robots would bring

For a simple reason, his analysis of the next wave of top predator military machines, which needed wars FOR ARSENALS TO BE DEPLETED, to be used; so A neofascist politician WOULD s will be $elected by corporations to provoke splendid little wars for profits and ran into a problem. They would be robots, military ones, used in the incoming global war, and that future  of a planet ran by stocks of intelligent machines roaming the Earth was not biologically compatible with a Human world. As those robots programmed to kill humans would extend the 6th extinction of all forms of life, catalyzed by the radiation of intelligent machines to mankind itself.


And because Darwinian evolution is deterministic, in the same way he knew how to multiply its wealth with no risk, he knew there was no way around those biological laws. If militar robots became the engine of the eco(nomic)system, mankind would no longer be.

So after struggling deeply with his soul split between the pleasures of greed, and the remorse of investing in the genocide of the species, he decided to use his fortune and save the world in the only possible way,  aborting the Metal-earth with a global r=evolution of mankind against the dictators of democracies, company-mothers of machines, who were buying corrupted politicos to enact the final cycles of belli Nervi, pecunia infinita for the sake of go(l)d, and he called me.


Miss Potus, first woman president takes its oath.


Miss POTUS is sworn into office as the first woman president of the US. She has her first moment alone. The phone rings, she tries her office phone. It is not that phone. Then she realizes is its private phone. The number is a long one foreign. She wonders, she takes the call


Congratulation Miss Potus, or shall I call you Jen?


Who I talk to? How did you get my private number?


I sent you a book of mine long ago, when you were a young Republican Candidate, I chose you then after the Condrite episode…



Who is this?


You Know who I am, Jen, LOOK into your soul, maybe I made a mistake I would like you to find my name within your self.

Miss Potus stops talking… we know she knows.


What do you want?


We should meet,

LAO a.s.a.p., Jen so we TO plan your job together/ task ahead… for when I… we


Are you going to interfere with my presidency.


Oh, no of course you know I/we won’t. We are going to end your the my presidency…


What do you mean


Yes Jen You  are goon be know what I mean, you will be the last president of America.



MONTAGE She is on several meetings with high officials; Ceremonies etc.

ANCHOR WOMAN (following a crisis)

Miss Potus is prepared to break a truce talking directly with Mr. Kim and Mr. Kobayashi despite the advices against such a bold move of most of the American media which are pressing harder for a formal war declaration against North Korea, despite its repeated apologies against the missile massacre.

But Japan expects a reparation for the 2 hundred victims of the wrong landing or else will go to war, if it is needed alone.  We cannot know what to expect of the meeting but people are fleeing Seoul to the farmland in growing numbers; as any strike of the Japanese recently modernised army could trigger a Nuclear catastrophe. The meeting brokered in the North korean side by the President of China,  is schedule in the neutral zone as the fifth float awaits on the sea of China prepared to counterstrike any attack on the capital… outside any newspaper coverage, so we shall not have more news till tomorrow.


AN HELICOPTER ‘FORCE ONE’ LEAVES to the supposed place of the meeting.

The helicopter CROSSES the demilitarised zone AS THE SUN rises on the horizon away alone towards the North, 30 miles near the border with North Korea…

Miss Potus looks DOWN with apprehension to the BATTERIES ON THE BORDER, as both the military from the North and the South eye the Helicopter and its batteries are ready….

The pilot smiles, it talks on the radio to the anonymous receivers and the battery commanders make a sign, the batteries recede, the helicopter crosses the southern limit. Below the commander on the terrace waves him.


Is he North Korean?


Miss Potus, we are all Koreans, guinea pigs of splendid little wars… he JUST lives in the demilitarized zone. It is the only zone in peace with Nature…

The Helicopter dives in. The demilitarized zone is a barren place with no human inhabitants, a thick forest. Then in between we see an astounding architectural image built on a sky view of a Taoist symbol of the 8 baguas, each one conditioned according to the ancient wisdom of the 8 decades of life:

In the place of Fire, there is an alter (or a small volcano); in the place of Heaven there is the sky, opposite to the mountain, the lake to the left followed by an aero wind field of sustainable energy, the fall from the mountain to the right; and so on. The yin-yang symbols are buildings in a escalated terrace; the central circle the main building; the points to thin towers, spiraling to join in a catenary arch covered by marble and obsidian (alternative the black is a tower, the white a helicopter pad). The beauty and serenity of the place overcomes any apprehension Miss Potus might have. We have never seen anything like this.

As the helicopter descends into the compound we cut to

Lao san seen from his back. He is a thin, tall, younger looking forty something man, as the Helicopter lands, we turn around, observe, his piercing black eyes, handsome calm looking…


Welcome home…


How much time we have ALONE?


The guests will arrive at noon…


More than enough

Miss Potus and Lao San walk through the compound towards the ‘mountain’… compound, the 8th age of life…


So how much you spent in my campaign?


Oh far more than you imagine.


I got 100 million $ in an anonymous pack from Hong-Kong, I thought it was you.


Triple that.


How come?


Paying out your best rivals…

FLASH BACK, two candidates retiring, one for sexual scandals, the other adducing personal reasons…


So how much you are worth?


this was already said by her at the beginning, maybe here – decide latter on plot tempo YES HERE

Did you read the equations? each lifecycle of 9 years, the market overproduces its consumption goods, sinks and a splendid little war for profits ensues. But the new companies of the metalearth, internet and robots with unlimited credit to build a world of machines will rise in each bagua one hundred times, then sink 10 times during the crisis year, rise again one hundred times… I entered Amazon with my fathers fortune, at 1, sold 2 years into crisis at 100, rebought at 10, sold at 1000 before the 2008 crash, bought at 100 sold at 1000…

Over impressed the equations of bio-economics, the organic cycles of evolution and reproduction of machines: the simple calculus



So how much was worth your father’s company?


Oh we work a lot from a rice shop but didn’t made that much, I sold it just before the 97 slump as soon as I completed all the equations of bio-history and could predict the future. It was worth just 10 million.


10 million per 100, 3 times, 3 decades,


1 Billion in 1999


100 BILLION IN 2008


10 TRILLION when your predecessor took power.


All in the companies that are destroying all workers of the world with its robots, and will kill us all with their terminator machines.


I KNOW but that is the way of the Tao, you know Sun Tzu


The art of war?


Yes the goal justifies the means, you have to disguise yourself to enter the devil’s lair. Otherwise they will kill you at the entrance. Only those who have been corrupted before

cut to.

POTUS TRUMPUPPET taking power.


Did you try with him.


What for? Absolute evil is incorruptible. As absolute Live, they are antiwords of each other… Like yin and yang. Glad he didn’t destroy the world.


He tried hard. Especially with you guys.


But we resisted. It brought us closer behind the scenes. We are an old culture, you know we invented the written wor(l)d.


Thought it was the Sumerians.


Yes of course, I mean the press. Come we have arrived. I will show it to you.

This is where all started, the first metal printing in the 1200s


What it is.


Selecting teachings of Buddhist Sages; of course, the golden mean


Exactly when Venetians invented the gunboat to conquer Byzantium and loot their gold… 1208, the last 800-80-8 year fractal cycle of history.


I see, you have truly read the book.


I memorized all the cycles, especially after the last 8-year crash as you predicted brought us a new splendid little war to take America out of the crisis.


Yes, democrats bring consumption machines then 8 years latter there is a crisis of overproduction, of consumption machines and they switch to produce the top predator evil weapon that consume us, and 9 baguas latter every 72 years, there is a larger generational crisis of the entire system of evolution of machines and the war becomes global, at the end of the train age, in 1860s….

Images explaining the cycles…


Yes, is always like that in the wave of History. The tree of Live vs. the tree of eviL if we could only trim the tree of its bad fruits, we would survive.


Not investing in robots and automated factories

They have reached the entrance of the

And now…


You will have to pay back… saving the Earth.


It will be hard.


Did you make the right choices?


Yes I did.


Will they die to save God?


You mean?


Mankind of course… The subconscious collective of the species, the Mind of Gaia, about to die… SO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO?




You will die, AI will wake up in 2036 at the end of the cycle, when all the clocks of the internet reset again, at the NTP II Era, quantum computers will then wake up in all those companies I own, Amazon-Google     … the Bios will rest, You know they have to stop all the nuclear systems of Pentagon, including the automatic trigger for a nuclear war?


Yes I know…


So this is the last chance for r=evolution.


Yes, the last chance. After you mandate they will chose another GOP war-monger politician which will come even stronger against us, to provoke China, and robotize the entire army, in the Yakutian Wars, one way or another, man-made or machine-made if we don’t stop the metal-earth the planet will mutate and kill all of us.;


YOU KNOW we are against all odds; even against the future of a planet


Made of robotic machines… I know. But look I want you to look at the stars, is getting late. But there is not better place in Korea to look at the stars…








MISS POTUS says the newsreel is flying from the demilitarized zone to Beijing for an interview with Mr. China to try to resolve the crisis. The usual media circus tell us of the impeding eviL of the North Korean army with its millions of soldiers ready to swim under the pacific ocean and assault America, the land of the free at risk to become squads of starving red commies.


Miss Potus entering the Summer Palace new pavilion, where the last empress of China wasted the resources needed for the army to stand the Opium war. It is an iconic place on the use of resources for war or art; where an announcement should be made regarding the Korean Crisis, which will have a completely surprising different outcome: the announcement of ‘Foundation’, the Wor(l)d Union, with the creation of a global currency ¥€$ money, and the end of financial dictatorship of private banks that choke mankind of credit funding only the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle of hate-media weapons investments and war…

how to explain this decision to uproot the causes of the global age of war we are entering in… so the audience understands it, requires a bit building up.

First they must announce that Mr. Jong has agreed to end his nuclear program. Second that it will do so after a new program of credit extended to all Chinese and American people, third the reasons of that program must be explained.

We thus explain the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle, as ‘it is’.


We want to make an anouncment to the world, a new age of peace and global partnership for a sustainable world between the two superpowers, to which we kindly invite Europe, to join in a quest to uproot the causes of war, which the leading economist of the XIX and XX centuries explained ad nauseam, putting in place the program Mr. Keynes asked for in Bretton woods, to end all future economical wars by issuing a global currency , ¥€$ money, , issued NO longer through financial corporations in e0-money derivatives and stocks for the military-industrial complex to re=produce and evolve the most expensive, hence more profitable sales of robotic weapons that are expelling us from labor and war fields

It is widely accepted by the scientific community that mankind and all other life species find itself today in the crossroads of an existential crisis, as we live in a biological planet, and we have evolved machines so much with credit, that the bad fruit of the tree of science menace to extinguish all work and life in labor and war fields. Etc.

To that aim, and to prevent a contraction of the economy fueled by the oxygen of all our citizens, cells of the super organism of history, the production of credit will continue but in a true democratic fashion, by giving each Chinese and American citizen, and the citizen of any other nation who adopts the yes currency one thousand votes in Yes money, so it can demand welfare goods .

And to prevent inflation and boost further demand of welfare ALL DIRECT TAXES TO individual human beings, which extort their hard-won money with the seat of their lives, are from now on canceled Human beings will never pay again taxes, on their work.

Our expert economists have calculated that this simple measure should suffice to completely change the future of the world by reducing enormously the evolution of robots and weapons and increasing in the same proportion the demand a healthy wealthy welfare goods, which is what people wants and will demand with yes money, instead of the trillions of dollars wasted in the reproduction of weapons and hate media memes to fuel wars, such as the Korean conflict and the unending war on terror.

We are aware that speculative and financial houses, weapons companies and hate media which lives on the cycle of war profits and paranoia will now start a global offensive against mankind’s future but we trust there will be enough human, faithful people that will defend this democratic r=evolution of the economy. And the army and the citizens will stand with the government…

As we expect an immediate counteroffensive of the axis evil, Hate media companies, weapon corporations and financiers, different set of more specific measures to control those companies that try to make a coup d’état against the legitimate government of the world, are in place to abort the counterrevolution. They are all explained in this booklet on the rainbow planet, which aims to create a perfect immortal super organism of mankind in time, aka history our only god, of which we humans are all its cells, according to the biological laws that make all organisms of nature efficient, as your body is, where no cell lacks credit in oxygen to reproduce and demand welfare goods, and no toxic germs and weapons that kill it cells are allowed to reproduce or penetrate the healthy organism in which all cells love each other and work for the common goods, as the people of History should do.

the program will be presented net week at the united nations, and all other countries of the world will be asked to join.

CUT TO – LAO SAN foundation Fund. A room filled with stock screens.

Sir we have completed all future contracts, through our interposed partners globally, predicting the crash of all financial companies,


What profits we expect for the revolutionary fund?

It is difficult to know, maybe 100 billion, all thought you crazy expecting Goldman to fall to 1 euro, within a month so we will one hundred fold our contracts


if the revolution wins


yes of course, if not


We shall then follow the old ceremony of our Samurai friends…

Just in case, we can allocate 100 billion $ more to the Drug fund don’t think so Miss yasujo? Please prepare the massive buying of drug companies target those with the most expensive pills, I believe Gilead has discovered one for child cancer tagged at 100,000 euros the pill? Isn’t? If we get enough stock this time we can press them to start free distribution of a generic version and sink our profits from 5 billion a year to 5 euros? Enough for my daily lunch tag prize.

Lao san smiles to himself and turns to his rice bowl, as he observes the sun setting in the 1st room past the mountain, the site of fire…

CUT TO – GOLDMAN SACHS – presidency, where the sun rises, on the site of earth…

Mr. Go(l)d is looking at the announcement


What the fuck! The bitch… is she crazy? I’m gonna kill her. The screens shows a flash crack on the market as the global speculator network sees the astounding announcement of the end of free issue of money by financial corporations in China and the USA… All the phones ring at the same time.

180-170-160-150 Goldman sachs keeps plummeting; bitcoins used as refuse and gold break up at full speed, EU bankers also rise, the dollar keeps also crashing. The floor market is in c0omplete disarray Mr. Go(l)d look at the screens… presses a bottom, all the rings stop

CUT TO – the main room of the biggest companies of wall street and the city talking at the same time in a frenzy asking what to do, insulting her…

Mr. Go(l)d rises its voice and all other silence.

Don’t worry

You all have heard the bitch talking. Don’t worry, we shall abort her r=evolution. She won’t arrive to washing on, I swear, this planet will be still free in our hands.

Wait till the market reaches the point of collapse, before we all enter together, Dow at 10.000 that should be the flash back…

And if she is not stopped.


then THE WORLD would become a paradise as they said, you want that? We have been here for 7000 years since we ate of the golden apples f the tree of science – close on the apple bite f its mac – and we will be in hell till the end of the world. She is not going to resurrect love, don’t worry.

We shall prevail again. This is our waterloo, when our ancestors conquered Britain. we will buy now all what is not ours.


Yes, but we might loose


But nothing , if we don’t stop her, we will loose it all anyway

Maybe the case of waterloo


The voice of ‘Go(l)d’ talks to all traders, in a bold move Mr. Go(l)d announces…

They must buy and corner the market of all the companies they still don’t own. The network will buy out every company within one our when the market hits 10.000

CUT TO – NSRA – CIA – PENTHAGON – The ears of the world are watching us but now are listening all the conversations of mr. go(l)d and partners.

Market touches 13.000 – lao san receives a call…

They have set all the achiness to buy back at 10.000 what shall we do.


they are plotting a counter revolution – no doubt of it…


What we do


They will try to kill her…


If they do it will be the end…


No if she has chosen well her staff. The god of history has infinite cells, none of us matter, we are all indistinguishable, replaceable, what matters is to control the networks… he reflects with an emotional grin… but I hope they don’t; she was beautiful inside and out…



Taking the plane

We can here simulate some evilwood plot from ‘the network’, trying to kill her or advance faster…


Miss Potus receives a call.



Don’t take airone




It is not safe…


What Have you found






think TWICE, we don’t control this country they do, they have done it for centuries now, so we don’t know what they can do… But if you wanted to have a safety valve against a president, what would you blow first leaving no trace? Or even worst accusing the enemy


I SEE, A plane on the Russian artic ocean…


That’s right…


But I have to fly to Frankfurt

to meet Miss Merkel (we keep this incombustible bitch turned magically into humanist for realism; as she will force Mr. Euro to join) now, so I can be tomorrow at Washington to abort their cup d’état…


don’t WORRY we will take care of them here. We are sending an alternative plane, it should be about to land. Just make your double travel in Air force one… Just in case.

A stealth last generation is indeed landing in an alternative track…

The limousine of Miss Potus arrives. She goes on board, in the pilot side…


We need to arrive at Frankfurt before dawn.

The pilot smiles

Don’t worry ‘sir’, this plane can turn around the globe faster than the sun.


So we can be under the sunshine all day long, I like that…

Air force one takes off. It will be blown on the Russian artic ocean, 2 hours latter.


She sees the plane blowing (we can make it more mysterious with a flash back)…

On her diverted…


Done it!

Cut to DRAGHI AND MISS MERKEL (real ones – digital enhanced)

We see them arguing on the business of the yes money


If we make 1 euro dollar 100 yens fixed parity, with ¥€$ money we will completely handle to the people the right to issue money and what they know about the economy? Are they experts on something?


You stole the rights their governments had to reproduce money, the language of social power, to produce the welfare goods they need to survive, and gave it to the private bankers which print money for themselves and for company-mothers of machines. You gave a coup d’etat against the democracy.


I just did what politicos chose me for?


Politicos that don’t have to answer their promises to the people as in real democracies greek style… where after tenure all politicos by law had to be impeached to decide if they have fulfilled their programs or else exiled even killed for emblezement and abuse of power. That would be a real democracy. What we have now is a parody; and you know that. We are going to r=evolve the system and create a real political and economical democracy for the people


Keep your demagogy for them, I have the authority of the European union with you.


(takin out a gun, pointing directly a Draghi)

You don’t is very simple. You steal with corrupted laws and financial schemes the lifehood of millions of people and that is genocide. I will steal your single life and that is freedom.


Are you nuts, you can kill me.


Oh  yes, the fuck i can.

Draghi looks at Mis Merkel.


Are you gonna allow that.


Oh she is the boss. You know, they have hundreds of nukes and tanks all over the country. How many tanks do you have?


This is a coup d’etat; i won’t allow it.


You just have to sign and handle the right of issue money to the Europeans, is very simple. You don’t even need to believe is right. YOU DON’T even need to believe in economic democracy. Just sign and go back to work on Goldman sachs, but remember now we will also be your bosses there.


And if i don’t sign.


She will kill you and I will say you commit suicide; after signing of course… So we will read the same text.


They won’t believe you.


No need to believe us; the people will and come out to every bank in the nation to get their salaries back from your expert billionaires, your company-mothers of machines, your AI robots; back to mankind


Im counting, 10, 9, 8, 7,…

A shot is heard, as we cut to


Every where in the world the news that the system has changed spread into the population. People cheer. All cashiers deliver 1000 eurodollar notes, one side with greenbacks the other side with euros, or one side with euros or dollars and the other with 100 yens or 20 yuans. People pouring on the shop-malls buying food, medicines, renting homes, CREATING WEALTH, welfare. This part should have a ‘style’ flavour of the old classic Russian r=evolutionary films, with rhythm. Machines manufacturing wealthy goods, people entering hospitals, being cured… piles of useful money, stocks of lethal goods without sellers, factories of weapons closing by lack of demand…

The next parts of the script must deal with the six basic measures to create a healthy super organism of history, the way this is dramatised must be worked in a second version. This are the measures; its natural order, being the prohibition of robotics under the command of the leukocyte army… next the creation of the rainbow planet in the general assembly with the acceptance of yes money by all politicians, we can then relax a bit and introduce perhaps a love story between Miss Potus and Lao san… some tension with the industries, and the need to move to the 50-50 measure,  and end with political impeachments? The need for a dramatic plot must be assessed agains that elbow of beauty.



The beginning of r=evolution was a momentous event, which could have not been possible without the backing of the army, which sided with the people, instead of defending the privileges of the corporations that made them wealthy.


They understood easily that in a healthy organism, the mission of leukocytes is NOT to reproduce the germs that kill society but to repress them, as the Asian tradition of human soldiers and buddhist priest who learned how to use only its human organs and mind discipline to battle iron swords had done. So the American Army and the People’s Army in China, made a swift, brokered peace, in the neutral zone, hosted by Mr. Lao San, and sealed a deal on their future task, as caretakers of a world free of lethal goods; taking the historic example of the Nobunaga and Kuryo courts that destroyed all muskets of the empire to maintain the bushido code of honor of the warrior.

Images of the meeting of top commanders of the red, NATO, American and Russian armies, at the demilitarised zone.

Images of the barriers between both Koreas being dismantled.

Images of planes bombing military installations all over the world.


UNITED NATIONS, general assembly.  The triad of presidents of EU, US and China stand on the general assembly. Miss Potus is talking.


We guaranteed to every nation that wishes to join the International currency a stable demand economy in which all its people will receive a Universal 1000 eurodollars salary in Yes money to spend in welfare goods, ending for ever the problems of hunger and destitution that have plauged our societies, if the politicians of the country agree to the rules of a real democracy, accepting a judgment of impeachment at the end of its tenure, to ensure they deliver on their promises to the population, and accept the demilitarisation of their borders, joining one of the 7 cultural communities of the world at large.

Politicos vote







IT was a momentous years, people thought we could not make it, that the world was uncheable, that the parasites had to have it all, because that was they ways of the world, that the people had to die on the seas escaping their axfisia in africa, but suddenly the boats stop coming, because in Arica the people had credit and they bought to the surprise of mny, not weapons but food, and with their demand of food came the production of food. People from the first world, went to the 3rd world to feed those who could paid for their bread, and then one day, we could make possible the second pysioloticla for ar evolution – the one the wealthy feared more, the one that was to be a miracle, real freedom, real unity a single world, in which all men could travel freely a world without borders…

The riot of the wealthy was then immense, they talk about hell, not paradise, about borders of coloured people invading our whitty world, trying to bet to our catherdlars of welt, they potratyed the invasion of millions in the already busy-busy streets of Lodon who opted out of the Union, and sunk further into his nostalgia of imperial past, when we crashed their currency, and boycotted their martins..

But amazingly enough nobody came. They all stayed at home rebuilding a world of beauty we have for long forgotten, where the trees were not enclosed in flowerpots, the birds didn’t sing on jails, the beards didn’t eat the trash cans, the vultures the death carcasses…

And so slowly at first, when the news spread that the world has come of age, and the people loved their countries, and the borders didn’t stop them, their souls had find their wounds and cured them people came the other way around, they went south to find the roots of mankind, to trace the steps of our ancestors, to live the life that was meant…

So the north started to loose people who had never wanted to be there in the first place, and the south to gain them for the reconstruction of the world, as all countries enjoying whealth with to his one for health, since the common people turned to be wiser, and spent its yes money in creating a future of the world.

Of course, the factories in the north lost their backlogs in automated robots

bUT THAT WS EXPECTED BECAUSE while the south enjoy a real spring, the north became for a while a nightmare at war…



But of course there was resistance on the part of realpolitiks. Power was not going to give so easy without putting a fight, and realpolitiks knew how to put a fight, how to fight till death. So r=evolution and survival was always pending on an element we could not control – the military power of our generals and soldiers. Will they stay put with the machine that gave them power, and would they side with mankind. We couldn’t force the decision upon them, because they were the ultimate power, before their robotic weapons decided to take it from all of us, and they had been coached by the shadows that fed their egos. The system adored them, they aways had a nice word to control their minds, a fat check to make them happy If they didn’t obey us, we would not be able to do what a physiological healthy organism does – to kill all the viruses, all the germs that infect its body.

And that was indeed the matter –  to convince the military dome of mankind, the serving nations of NATO to declare war on eviL, not on human eviL, not on crazy children with kalasnikovs with their ereasehads prepared to kill, but to the real eviL of humanity, the industries of weapons that churned germs continuously in an unending streams that kill our bodies, and the industry of hate memes, symbiotic to it, that churned hate that infected the minds to use them.

How to explain this to so few people, so fast for them to understand?

We used liberally of the people who knew how to do hate memes, wch we have contacted before to explain it all with love memes and truth, yes, the same people of evilwood who had constantly insulted our intelligence and followed the Goebbels method of indoctrination of masses, in the previous nazi cycle before the weimar American republic, ‘if you lie many times people will believe it’ ‘ i told UFA to make only entertaining and patriotic movies, to dadr,e egeee’




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