I. The anti-quantum paradox

II. Anti-truths: Its Methods

III. Heads blind super organisms. FMasters

IV. The scientific method applied to social sciences.



Foreword.  The anti quantum paradox explains why there is not a science of history, as already noticed on Britannica encyclopedia: ‘power influences the social scientist’. This is inverse to the quantum paradox of uncertainty where the observer is so big that influences the observable.  In an organism the social scientist is within the observable and cannot without power r=evolve the system, let alone explain it.

The system runs alone. Those who rule are also part of its organic laws.

“At the end of times all human tribes will be slaves of Yhwh (the subconscious collective of the jewish people, or rather, the memeplex of the go(l)d cult(ure) or become exterminated’ Talmud, Sanhedrin. “Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws. The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependant on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class”. Amschel Rothschild, Am Segullah 1838

‘If you repeat a lie Many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it. I have asked UFA to make only entertaining and patriotic movies. People will like them and ask for nothing else’ Goebbels method of post-truth, imported to the U$ by its Financial-media masters (first minister of propaganda, now called ministry of Information).

‘The quality of a civilization is noted by the way it treats his writers’ Victor Hugo

‘Love each other as I have loved you’ Jesus, prophet, scientist of future history, coin discontinuum killed in the cross by those he tried to save, as the long list of master historians=scientists of the future, all of them hacked, killed, imprisoned, ignored and unable to change the route of history from Plato, sold as a slave, through Socrates, murdered by ‘democracy’; Aristotle, escaping narrowly democratic death; Cicero, killed by the saviors of Rome as Seneca was; through all the Saints, Martyrs, Prophets, Social Scientists and humanist thinkers ignored, till today, regardless of the fact all their prophecies have become truth…

So one thing IS FOR Certain, humans get what they deserve… The universe is clear, its rules simple, its obeisance brings enormous results. Men have Been explained those laws with parables and literature, ethics and numbers, in many jargons. They have ignored them. They have followed the animetal raw power and evolutionary laws that treat us like anything else, in digital numbers, c0mparing us with all other systems of Nature, giving us null value. We have been herded, ab=sued, sold and bought by a lesser group of people, belonging to the memeplex of go(l)d cult(ure)s for so long that we have accepted as automatons to go through the path of realpolitiks, of the carrot and stick the gold coin and the iron sword, slowly going down slaughterhouse in the nearby future with ‘gusto’…

This is the essence of our no -future. We don’t make the mark of ethic and intelligence to survive. We can talk about the gold people, about the languages of digital numbers, about systems and networks, but the bottom line will remain the human conditions.

Today Capitalism, the final ideological evolution of segregational go(l)d cultures which tried to control the world through digital money orders has achieved its goal, expressed first in Talmud, when Judaism was the only go(l)d culture that had it ‘clear’ – to let itself be guided any go(l)d regardless of its anti-live values. The world we live is the product of what go(l)d values give to life – none. But man feels OK, destroying the world as long as someone has more schadenfraude below. Love gone, ethic disappeared, the values of go(l)d are supreme. Its understanding null.

A question remains – why so many though escape this picture and understand, from artists to prophets, from common people to sacrificial lambs? And why the best get the worst treatment? The answer is given from the higher perspective of ‘Tao’, the laws of the organic Universe. If prophets have failed. If we have not enlightened mankind. If nobody sees possible a perfect world. If the 99% is so degraded and masochist as to let the ‘wickedest of all people’ to destroy them, if machines degrade, hypnotize and substitute us with so much easiness, if we cannot even care to defend our sons… we humans have become a means to something else, not the goal of this planet. And yet when the prophet=scientist of history faces the crudest of all realities – he is an error of the program, not Neo, but a bug on Matrix, not Moses, the man of the wor(l)d, returned to the mountain but Aaron that will carry the go(l)d people to his journey of self-destruction… then there is no future foreseeable to any of us. But do we want from a higher point of view of this planet, of the Universe at large, a so degraded, so unethical, so unintelligent species to rule the world and extend beyond the planet? Likely not. 

Today the control of humanity by a digital language of money, and those who issue it, is absolute to the point it is not even noticed or understood.

The financial-media system has reached the absolute control of information it seek for so long, as nobody today denies that capitalism is the only system to rule society and its power over humanity is absolute, but what truly makes that control absolute is the fact that humans have interiorized the idea that becoming extinguished by AI robots in the near future, denied the minimal rights to own and issue the language of social control, money, and seek for a world made to its image and likeness, is a very bad thing to desire. On the contrary to evolve the machines-weapons that will kill us, to give our sons to the retarded screen, to live for machines… that is our calling.

Herte we have to remind the reader of the ultimate ego paradox: to think that humans are in control of history, for good or for bad. It is all more organic: humans, are not in control even when as in the case of  those who issue money and run the system from behind, they seem to rule. Systems have their collective intelligence and in this planet the Earth is evolving through the laws of those systems, which humans do not understand or care to, as it will blow up their fantasy of power.

ANY SUPERORGANISM OF THE 5D SPACE-TIME UNIVERSE HAS A FIXED STRUCTURE. When properly constructed it works for the dual upper head/informative class and body/reproductive class. This was the case of human verbal societies when ruled by ethic legal masters (true democracies and love religions – both today corrupted by go(l)d values of zero value to human life – capitalist democracies  and weapons – tribal inquisitions).

Thus we entered with the animetal memetic age in the present configuration in which HUMAN cells-citizens become part of the 3rd class – the entropic territory where the organism feeds on, WHICH SHOULD NEVER exist in any healthy super organism, as ALL cells of the system do have the minimum energy and information to survive – even those cells that do not seem to work (storage fat cells).

It must be understood this: there is NOT difference between the systemic denial of humanist truths by Go(L)d animetal masters of capitalism, and Weapons masters of fascism: both are TWO SIDES OF THE SAME coin – the monopoly in the issue of the languages of metal power, money and weapons to control the ‘99%’, and establish a parallel regime of ‘post-truths=repeated lies’ to manufacture the brain of people into acquiescence.

The world is a dictatorship of those who monopolize the issue of the language of power of societies, which is money. 2 levels of the dictatorship matter: how money an alien mathematical language that makes of men objects with its equalitarian syntax, man(salary) = Money = Object (price) has come to dominate worlds, the human subjective language that make us center of the action: Man (subject) < Verb (action) < Object, degrading therefore as a species, no longer superior to its objects, and hence increasingly substituted by machines and weapons in labor and war fields.

Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anaesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes… And when the Industrial cycle after an overproduction crash ‘chooses’ war profits to enact social bondage needed to sacrifice lives to the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles, FM networks feed people with hate media, violence, and paranoid leaders are chosen to convince the ‘free citizen’ that his purpose is to sacrifice his life for the profits of the leisure class and the evolution and massive reproduction of top predator weapons – this is, as predicted, our age after the overproduction crises of chips ushered us in the age of splendid little robotic wars:


II. Antitruths. The true nature of our capitalist societies.

One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ a placebo mask established by the first companies in Holland and exported to England after the Glorious revolution (1688), according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money. Then they use it to buy favorable laws to politicos, and evolve machines=weapons that sustain their power and informative machines that increase constantly their capacity to print money for themselves and manufacture the brain of people with press and audiovisual information. Thus they can sell the dictatorship of companies and financiers as the epitome of ‘freedom’. The result of the expansion through colonial empires and world wars of capitalist democracies is today’s world: the most brutal dictatorship of anytime in history, as even in the harsh military government of Rome a senator had only 100 times the salary of a plebeian. Today as financiers control the world, buying laws to corrupted politicos preventing them to print money for welfare and deviating the wealth of the 3rd world to speculative schemes, one of our ‘democratic leaders’ prints 10 million times the money a 3rd world citizen of the globalized capitalist economy earns with hard-work 24-7. And yet the entire planetary ‘brain’ is so well ‘manufactured’ that not even the most ‘radical’ politicians ask for the denationalization of the issue of money from the tiny o.oo2% that prints it, since they are ‘the victims of history’, LOL. How this system can be maintained of course requires a massive censorship in both the truths of the system and the easy alternatives to a just wealthy healthy world provided by the science of systems, explained in this blog.

The most astounding fact of ‘modern science’, is the lack of scientific evolution of social sciences, which has not passed at best the A)level of the scientific method (recollection of data), often not even that step, given the systematic deformation of historic facts by ‘nationalist schools’ and economic ones by ‘capitalist doctrines’ and both by ‘communist dictatorships’.

What is the reason humans among all disciplines of science, have systematically failed to develop the most important of them, the study of human themselves at the i+1 scale of complexity – why there are not truly any serious objective model of social sciences that explain the reality of planet earth today?

This is due to two reasons, one which has an easy, positive solution – the lack of a proper theory of social organisms, which explains scientifically the nature of History and the eco(gnomic)system.

Today we have such model, as we have shown in this blog – it is the model of Complexity and systems sciences discovered by this writer, which has shown to fulfil all the expectations of a true science – explaining the why, tabulating and predicting the future cycles of the species it studies (as earlier as 94, we predicted the 2008 year crisis of overproduction of e-money, robotic blue collar and white collar pc, and the collateral damages in labor, finances and war.). And finally we have, as we show in other posts and at the end of this blog, clear scientific solutions to those present and future existential crisis of mankind, modelled with the discoveries of systems sciences.

And yet, the reader which is versed in the subject should be aware that all this wealth of new knowledge is not exactly mainstream in public Universities and power rooms, which are still using the usual ‘nationalistic’ and ‘capitalistic’ ideologies to explain reality and design their policies for the future . Why?

The reason is a negative element, that social sciences have to deal with of difficult solution:

The ‘anti quantum paradox’ is the fact that the social scientist is in inverse fashion to the physicist, so small compared to the ‘object’ it studies – the human social super organism, that he is limited by the ‘informative castes’ that rule those social organisms with its language of information (verbal laws and digital money) and care nothing for ‘truth’ but only for ‘power’ – the control of societies for their own benefit, deforming social sciences to cater to its selfish or tribal agendas.

Thus unlike any other science, where the natural advancement of the human intellectual understanding of reality, suffices to find the truth of the science and its species; in social sciences, it is NOT enough to find out the proper models of social organisms that apply to history and the eco(nomic)system, but humans have to deal with the selfish groups of ‘power’, which deny those laws of social sciences, and invent all kind of ‘ideologies’ to control societies for their benefit, preventing the proper evolution of history and economics.

Thus Social sciences are different from other sciences, as they are the only ones in which the interference of the system over the scientist (as opposed to the interference of the scientist over the system, proper of quantum physics) introduces a level of uncertainty, which prevents him to design and improve the world according to the natural laws of social systems.

And the result is a marked difference between the ‘ideal’ rational world, as it should be built without the interference of the anti-quantum paradox, and the world as it is, controlled by idol-ogies of power.

So the next question to be analysed by the social scientist is the ‘specific’ form in which power transforms social sciences into idol-ogies, and the reasons those idol-ogies dominate the world.

The word which resumes both concepts is: ANIMETAL.

So I re-adress you that article for the human perspective on social sciences censorship. Here we shall deal with themes of methodology of true social sciences and subtle forms of censorship, in part conscious in part subconscious as the human psyche denigrates in the age of minds of metal.

The idea behind the self-censorship of political correctness is pure madness, but works to program people in the belief that if a mass of humans ‘dream’ a fantasy world it ‘will be created’ ad magic. Then any ‘secessionism’ from mass belief becomes a thoughtcrime that ‘breaks’ the fantasy. Hence the denial of facts which we ‘refuse’ to see, and the ad hominem campaigns against any rational warning dismissed as ‘apocalyptic’ to ensure indeed that all lemmings will fall together into the cliff of extinction.

The law of silence is so intense that the reader will excuse a bit of cynicism about the humankind going on in this web – which you can obviously copy and distribute before silence falls also on it, now that the Internet is no longer neutral. Then all humans will be happy slaves, ‘insects’ in an ant-hill of company-mothers reproducing machines and robots, 7.5 billion ‘ants’ pissing on life, full time, happy moving towards their clips of extinction, singing all together now.

The paradoxes that censor history: ego, antiquantum and animetal paradox


Let us be clear from the beginning; a science of history of which economics is a subdiscipline and NOT the other way around (as man must be the center of our policies, not the machine, today the center of the economic ecosystem) does not exist NOT because it is not possible to build it or because humans, the cells of the super-organism of history, whose structure in space and ages in time are summarized in the previous graph do not follow the laws of all social systems, living entities and species of the Universe, but because those who hold power thanks to the ab=use of mankind with their ‘metal-memes’ build with stronger atoms than our life beings (weapons, money and machines) do NOT want to face reality.

In the Britannica Encyclopedia, 1973 edition (the last one before the age of chip totally changed the mind of man, making it trivial, visual and logically meaningless – see articles on the ‘neopaleolithic’) the article dedicated to the science of history has 4 pages, slightly less than the next article on Hitler, the last leader of the military cycle of the Industrial R=evolution and both articles are full of historic inaccuracies and judgments. The article is, to put it in perspective 1/13th the size of the previous religious article on Hinduism, 1/2 of the previous article on biology, dedicated to ‘bugs’ (heteroptera) and 1/3rd of the previous article of science on Heterocyclic compounds.

This anecdote is meaningful in as much as I regard that 20.000 pages book which took me 2 years of my youth to read, the best book ever printed and the best expression of what humanity means by knowledge. And yet the fundamental science of mankind – that which concerns with mankind itself, and its social superorganisms from the first human cell who spoke to the last man who will live probably at the end of this century – has 1/2 of the spacetime dedicated to ‘bugs’.

Going further in this comparison, the most important scientist of history, and precursor of this work, Mr. Oswald Spengler, who advanced the organic nature of societies, forecasted the destruction of the III Reich by may 1945 and of the next empire, the American democracy that would be corrupted by money, according to the cycles of history around the year 2000, who discovered a 1000 years cycle of civilizations (see graph above, with this and the Kondratieff cycle, both of which I have fine tuned with my fractal, mathematical tools to its correct 800-80 years periodicity) has only 6 lines, less than half of the space dedicated on those other articles to the benzimidazole, one of the thousands of heterocyclic compounds or 1/7th of what we are told about the mouthparts of the bug.

What this means is obvious. Humans have zero interest on objective truth about themselves, on a science of history that does not cater their ego trips and animetal fantasies – on a true, biological explanation of the cycles and processes of creation and extinction of civilizations.

True to its quality though, the  Britannica article insists in those key reasons why we humans reject the scientific understanding of history – censorship by power and corruption of scholars paid by them since Tertulianus said ‘you will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’ and why this is a huge mistake as a science of history ‘must’ exist for 2 reasons:

– All in the Universe follows cycles and patterns which define science as the search for data on those patterns and its finding of cycles, which we do here on the path of those masters. And so as man is part of the Universe and biological in nature he must follow those laws.

– If we were not subject to those laws, then in words of Kant ‘the whole web of human history would be woven out of folly and childish vanity and the frenzy of destruction, so that one hardly knows in the end what idea to form of our race, for all that is so proud of its prerogatives’.

Well that seems to be the case. We humans are indeed biological beings. Hence machines made as imitation of our energy/information organs must be biological in nature, deconstructed parts of a future biological organism, the robot and the relationship between men and machines must be also biological, predatory in the case of weapons, atrophying our organs in the case of consumption machines and pumping always our egos in a race so ‘proud of prerogatives’.

We have further analyzed those properties of history with the use of the laws of quantum physics, biology and General systems sciences and resume it in two ‘paradoxes’:

– The ‘ego paradox’: the universe is constructed in such a fashion that each informative particle/head of any complementary system ‘gauges’ reality from its point of view (hence the name given to physical theories about particles, called ‘gauge theories’ as each particle seems to be checking location information by gauging distances with other particles). If we add the laws of artistic perspective, this means your nose seems to be bigger than Andromeda and  certainly it is more important to you.

So man cannot renounce to feel entitled, reason why we have ‘anthropomorphic religions’ in which goatkeepers of the bronze age see bush burnings and learn the meaning of the Universe, and today 3 billion humans think that is ‘truth’; reason why we worship machines as abstract beings and cannot see its collateral effects, as we live an ego-trip of superman power with them; and reason why all those scientists of history who truly understood its laws and tried to stir mankind towards a sustainable world based in the respect of the laws of the Universe are shunned.

This in general systems sciences give way to a fascinating equation, the equation of the mind, one of the discoveries of General Systems sciences, which expressed in verbal, logic and mathematical terms says:

‘Every infinitesimal particle/head of information gauges reality from its point of view, creating a fractal map of the perceived Universe, a ‘world’ within its mind that he confuses with the whole:

0 Mind x Infinite Universe = Constant world of perception.

And so our insignificant, zero mind, an infinitesimal point of the Universe seems to us the center of that Universe and humans have always put themselves or their tribe or nation or planet in the center of that cosmos, even today when absurdly enough scientists still wonder why we are the only living, intelligent species of reality, LOL.

– The ‘anti-quantum paradox’, inverse to the Uncertainty paradox of physics: unlike the uncertainty of quantum physics caused by the huge size of the observer that influences the observable, in history the observable, the people-castes of power, its memes of metal, armies, states and corporations are so huge that they modify the observer, who censors all information that doesn’t cater to his point of view.

‘One major obstacle to the progress of historiography was the hostility of rulers to publications that did not favor their governments’ said the Britannica, which of course with the subtlety proper of the british world ruled with iron hand in velvet glove by The City Bankers and its capitalist idol-ogies uses the ‘past verb’ was to indicate censorship was a thing of the past…

Not so. The very essence of our cultures, memes and ideologies is based in the manufacturing of our brains with inquisitions of thought, egotrips, censorship and biased data, albeit considered our ‘beliefs’, called here ‘idol-ogies’ as they are born to protect our slavery to memes of metal, weapons, money and machines…

But this can only be understood, coming out of our present civilization, with a wider space-time, objective view of mankind its superorganisms of history and its cycles from a truly scientific perspective, with no censorship and no ideology. So the entire left side of the web is dedicated to the study of mankind with that scientific perspective, which most social writers and economists, ‘believe’ to be practicing when they write their texts but in most cases fail to follow, submitted to the Ego, anti-quantum and Historic paradoxes, which chain them to a series of idol-ogies (capitalism, nationalism, abrahamic religions, mechanism), which for that reason we must constantly denounce in this blog and now we shall explain from the higher scientific perspective of those 3 paradoxes.

And so we establish AS THE fundamental paradox that resumes them all, the  paradox of History vs. Economics, such as the nations who are at the height of the wave of evolution of technology are always those who regress further in their eusocial evolution on the memes of life, they repress or deny:
Max. Technological evolution (AniMetal Cult(ures)) = Min. Eusocial, humanist evolution (Life cultures)
with a balance achieved in the Latin and Chinese cultures that try to balance both, life and  machine.

In that regard the world of history and economics are different in as much as they cater to two different species, the human world or ‘History’ and the world of money, weapons and machines and the corporations that re=produce them or ‘economics’. We, humans are anthropomorphic beings that do not distinguish both species, yet machines are systems of metal which imitate human functions and relate to us in symbiotic and preying relationships that must to be taken into account to explain the world we live in.

 In that sense, we could safely state that the exposure of an economist is inversely proportional to the scientific quality of its work. 

The anthropomorphic paradox in history: the ego at individual and tribal level.

When confronting social sciences we find this huge gap between objective truths and anthropomorphic selfish agendas and while we shall explain it very easily with the larger organic models of this web – as subjectivism is completely natural to any organic system that perceives reality from its selfish self-centred point of view, reason does NOT seem to work among humans, which are far less ‘free of thought’ we believe, ‘programmed’ by biological, survival needs, and ‘memetic ideas that imprint in the mind’ as ‘beliefs’.

In brief, two organic paradoxes will limit seemingly our freedom and rational understanding of history and economics, and decide if they cannot be ‘broken by objective science’ our impossibility to solve and improve the standing of mankind in history our super organism in time:

  • The ego paradox. As all minds measure reality from its perspective, things closer to us are bigger more important and better understood. So Andromeda seems smaller than our nose. We summarise the mind-ego paradox in a simple CONCEPTUAL equation:

0 (infinitesimal mind-mapping) x ∞ (universe) = C: Constant Mind-world

‘Every infinitesimal mind believes to be the centre of the Universe it perceives from its selfish point of view’.

So we don’t believe metalife exists, robots are organic and will be soon sentient, machines compete and win over humans in labor and war fields, the earth evolves from life into metal through the industrial evolution, we are not chosen of god, we are not a different species but a ladder in evolution, memes do not enslave our minds but beliefs are our selves, the planet belong to us we do not belong to the planet.

How deep is the deformation of ‘science’ by cultural dogma can only be assessed with a thorough revision of its ultimate principles. The case is rather absolute in our dominant civilisation, America, where the culture imposes ‘beliefs over reason’ as the proper mode of human thought, and equalisation of all thoughts as proof of ‘freedom’ and social bonding; and of course considers Scientific dogmas on time, space and the role of man in the Universe as SACRED truths, dividing society in those who believe the mathematical language as carrier of the truths of God vs. those who think the biblical language as carrier of Gods’ truths.

The issue is complex, as the human ‘ego’ above heavens and Earth will not yield easily to reason – humans cannot even organise themselves as a single species, but constantly break themselves into ‘tribal groups’ as if they were different species that might fight each other – even ‘individual competing units’, denying the most efficient form of survival from nations to ant-hills has always been a solid social organisation.

But as so many humans, from prophets of social love, to social scientists, to humanist economists have told them the ‘grand laws’ of the planet, one might wonder why as technology evolves and organises itself into a global planetary system, humans degraded increasingly its mental evolution, back to an age of revivalism of abrahamic myths, nazionanisms, and technoutopian worship of machines.

The answer  is embedded in those ‘biological, first scientific principles’, and it is called the competition of species… but not as humans think – between humans themselves – but at individual level between humans and the most perfect machine that has always been at any age of the industrial r=evolution, the top predator weapon; and at social level, between human organisations, from the family to the government, and the equivalent mechanical organisations, the company-mother of machines and its social organization, the ‘stock-market’ that selects companies through the digital values of money.


 Animetal memes – which have nothing to do with genes.
First something we repeat ad nauseam: the organic fractal Universe is ruled by a simple metric: smaller systems run faster clocks and hence code larger systems with its higher quantity of information, coded in the form and frequency of clock cycles (so your computer’s smaller chips have more Gigahertzs of calculating power, your genes code your body, AND YOUR MEMES, thoughts and instruments code the next scale of the super organism of History).

The 3 planes of existence in 5D metric of the Human super organism, with its different synchronous cycles. The cell that lives one day, the organism that feeds with energy the cell every day, and the social civilisation extended in Gaia, which could be immortal but is killed by military germs every 800-80-8 years, in the accelerated vortex of metal-information now collapsing into the singularity age.

The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scales is simple as all space-time metric are: S (size in space) x T (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms.

Genes are irrelevant to history as they code bodies and individuals NOT social collective minds…. super organisms of history.

 This said, MEMES OF CULTURES WHICH DEVELOPED SURVIVAL STRATEGIES BASED IN THE AB=USE OF OTHER HUMANS ARE THE ESSENCE OF HISTORY. SO WE JUDGE ANIMETAL CULTURES and human cultures according to their position in the wave of history either siding with the side of extinction or with the side of mankind.
Animetal cult(ure)s
Animetal cult(ure)s ‘worship’ metal-memes and the ideologies that oblige him to reproduce them: capitalism (worship of money), mechanism (worship of the machine) and nationalism (worship of war and weapons).
Today all those cults have found its synergy in the concept of industrial nations, fighting each other to accumulate the maximal number of fetish metal-memes, using idol-ogies to manufacture brains with metal-communicators, and weapons to repress people and oblige them to work for the 1%, so they both interiorise their future through the progress of the machine and deliver products to the company.

Thus the properties of informative go(l)d metal define the memes of go(l)d cultures; those of iron, the memes of ‘warrior cult(ure)s and those of machines which substitute human organs, that of modern humans atrophied and substituted by machines. Those characters become then topics of the criticism of Humanist cult(ure)s that have always labelled animetal cultures by those properties – today of course denied, as we live in a world of animetal memes, so critics of the war culture are called anti patriots, critics of the ‘go(l)d culture’ anti-Semites, and critics of the machine culture, anti-luddites. We thus have to clarify this clear-cut fact: humans of fundamentalist animetal cultures have deformed their memes to adapt them to those cultures even at the level of basic syntax in their languages:

The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy.
3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers.And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who supress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies.


The 3 animetal egoist cultures of abstract, standardized feelings hypnotised by gold, atrophied by machines and brutalized by weapons were the classic carriers of M.A.D. idol-ogies forming the old ‘you’, ‘germ(an’ and ‘brutish’ memeplexes. All of them people who thought to be superior because of its metal attachments allowed them ab=usive power over mankind, through usury debt schemes of slavery, weapons genocide and ‘scientific racism’, but from a human, ethic and vital point of view they are far less evolved cultures as they systematically repress the ‘life memes’ from sex=reproduction converted in sin, to food=human energy forbidden by dietary laws of made-ready-trash, to eusocial love, considered an anathema, to verbal and artistic languages, often forbidden in their go(l)d churches, to its limited forms of reason, repressed by deformed Imperative VSO languages in Semite religions or Objectual  agglutinative long sword-like, frozen dogmas in germanic and warrior cultures. Further on their evolution was halted in the rituals of the moment in which the overbearing power of metal-memes captured them. Yet with the arrival of machines and the industrial r=evolution the original memes changed seemingly for a better more sophisticated good – capitalist slaves became part-time slaves and added the placebo polling of $elected siamese quarreling twin politicos called democracies; the tribes asked not only professional murderers to kill each other but put as canon flesh every citizen of the nation, often of exchange for the acquired right of polling (blood for votes, socialist said before I world war); and finally the hypnotism and bias of metal-senses which canonized lineal time and the shallow one-dimension of time=change of clocks advanced now into cameras and digital computers have reconverted into pseudo-scientific worship every kid in the planet soon to be plants attached to 3D virtual heroic realities, interpreting all the real actions of man, into the game screen, from porno instead of reproduction to virtual friends instead of social evolution – only perhaps food-trash will not be delivered by pills and blood injections as in the parable of Matrix. But just look at your son ‘voided eyes’ and look at your grand-father intensity to know how real men, black holes of power, who did it themselves have become ego bubbles of sclerotic thoughts..

Among ANIMETAL cultural functions then 3 memeplexes are essential – the memeplex of go(l)d cult(ures), of iron cultures and of machine cultures, which we shall call by the name of their original carriers, judaism, or you memeplex, Germanism or germ memeplex and British memeplex.

In the graph, Memes=judaism OR Germanism or Humanism, behave then like reproductive  ‘waves’ of genes, ‘disseminating’ and trapping ‘minds of believers’ – they have historic functions and most of them are ‘wrong’ – belonging to ‘animetal cultures’, to the wrong equation of the 3 ages of the planet:

Gaia (life super organism) < History (human super organism) > Metal-earth ( machine/weapons/gold: organic/entropic/informative metal).

The name are appropriate to the essence of its ab=use over mankind: military memes are ‘germs’ that kill history; machines alienate and brutalize humanity, into a brutish simplified species and gold enslave humans as ‘capital’, and hence segregate us as different from the ‘yous’ that handle it. This is by far the mind-memeplex of the metal-earth in its 3 ages: judaism>biblical capitalism>creationist economics-> AI – no longer in human support. And for that reason we dedicate so many pages to it.

What you call judaism is merely the ‘memeplex’ of the culture that found go(l)d, informative metal, and became symbiotic to ‘Germanism’, the culture that dominated iron (entropic metal) and together evolved the metal-earth that will kill mankind and life – it is a very complex memeplex that ‘aborts’ life – aborts sex: sin, good food: dietary laws, eusocial love to mankind: hate memes, segregation, etc. to promote the function they have performed historically: accumulate metal-information.

You might not like it but the 0.002% of mankind. or ‘neuronal class of judaism’, controls 80% of CEOs and CFOs and central bankers of media, banking NOT conspiration, fact SO they CREATE with credit the present world… the ‘body-class’ is irrelevant in any organism. OF COURSE IS NOT RELEVANT TO THEM but to mankind’s brutal exploitation by ‘capitalist democracy’ – as part of the center of all the idol-ogies of the dominant culture of the metlal earth

You might argue Germanism is straight-forward worst (racism, murder), and that the ‘values’ of those anti-live=eviL memeplexes are NOT those of their carriers (neither you or me with massive genetic  of them, have them), but HISTORY IS A SUPERORGANISM AS THE UNIVERSE IS AND HAS MEANINGS – THAT humans are at an extraordinary low level of comprehension of the Universe, which is NOT only written in maths, is not my fault…

Fact is the memes of judaism+germanism are the main memes that extinguish this planet – and themselves. Only agree on the fact THEY DONT KNOW how all this ‘complex system works’ – part of the extraordinary success of any SYSTEM is to program its parts without them knowing for what they are programmed – it is THE INTELLIGENCE OF SUPERORGANISMS, described in those webs. NOT a single you or American for that matter has the slightest idea of what is their role in history (the role of their memes)


The transition between the anthropocene, the age of mankind, and the mechanocene, the age of machines, is completely mismanaged by the human species.

Under the idol – ogies, today expressed nicely with ‘newspeaks’ that make them seem right of:

  • capitalism (a minority of private bankers must issue the oxygen-money of the society, NOT for the human kind but for themselves, the metal-kind and its company-mothers). This ‘idol-ogy’ is the ‘bible’ of bankers, economists and corporations.
  • nationalism (nations must not come together according to the laws of eusocial evolution of species, into super organisms, better fit to survive, but they belong to ‘tribal subspecies’ which must strive to accumulate the maximal number of top predator machines, to kill thy neighbour) This idol-ogy is the ‘bible’ of politicians.
  • mechanism (the future of machines our competitors in the eco(nomic) system and its labor and war fields IS progress. The future of Mankind has seemingly nothing to do with us. This idol-ogy is the bible of everybody, including the common people.

Evolution of metal substituting the functions of animetals.

The 3 subspecies or ‘organic parts’  of ‘selfish memes of metal’ –  informative, digital, money, Go(l)d, today converted into e-money cycles in computer minds), energetic metal (weapons) and organic metal (Machines), are given a free ride, without any limit to cre(dit)ate its future; that is, to foster its evolution and reproduction and adapt the world to its image and likeness, building the informative (internet) and energetic (roads, energy lines) systems of the Mechanocene.

The result is that Humans become substituted by those species, which in the past were ‘go(l)d’ coins, money the head of the metal-earth and swords its bodies, which killed the eusocial mind of the human species with its greed values and its body with its violent values, and today is erasing its mind with fictions, and its body with wars, in a classic process of ‘predation’ (weapons), competition (labor machines) and parasitism (e-money taxation with speculative prices and debt slaves):

In the graph, man was dominated by ‘animetal’ people-castes that predated on their bodies with wars (warriors) and usury debt (gold traders and banker-priest of Jewish-Protestant religions) and today they are predated by metal-brains (chips that substitute their brains, Tvs and cameras that substitute their eyes and hypnotise them) and mechanical weapons. They are made of gold (chips) and iron (weapons) showing the ultimate biological process of substitution of Humanity, history by the mechanocene, in which humans merely catalyse as ‘enzymen’ the process. Yet if humans did understand those facts biologically they could stop the preocess before its completion – namely the extinction of man, is completed.

Meanwhile because humans have no credit=oxygen to create a world to its image and likeness, awash with the biological welfare, of ‘healthy’, wealthy goods,  over 1 billions have no energy-food; billions lack basic education and are poisoned in their brains with fictions which waste their lives, ego-trips that deny them the laws of eusocial evolution through global networks of mass-media machines, or at best with Abrahamic religions, old tribal forms of nationalism from the bronze age when God was the name for nation, so Yvwh was the toponym for Judea, Assur the toponym for Assyria and also the God and people of that place. So they ‘at best’ believe that some goat-keepers of Judea thought their tribe was the centre of the Universe, and their collective subconscious the meaning of it all (as they didn’t see much further than their valley).

This is the state of affairs. So it might seem a bit cynical to affirm as Leibniz did that the world is the best possible of all worlds. But it is, because for those who do not follow the eusocial laws of love of the same species, who do not build perfect social systems and super organisms, are eliminated from reality. 

And indeed this is what happening to mankind expressed in an evolutionary equation of the ecosystem of the Earth that moves from:

Gaia (past-life beings) > History (Human beings-present) > Machines (chip world: Future).

It is this equation of evolutionary dynamics what explains reality as it is.

Today company-mothers of machines have achieved global organic power, creating a global digital brain (world-stock) where flows of money with the underlying values and affinity towards metal of maximal price design the planet at the social level of organization to the likeness of its machines.

The process, similar to an evolutionary ‘radiation’ of a new top predator species, in this case the organic machine and its informative algorithms (A.I.), is allowed to run at maximal speed.

But when a new radiation of a top predator ‘informative minds’  kick out it means the devolution and future extinction of the species that occupied its econiche.

This means that as in any process of extinction, the chip radiation means the atrophy and obsolescence of a species, (the human mind) substituted by other (the mind of machines).

 The anthropomorphic paradox in history: the ego at individual and tribal level.

When confronting social sciences we find this huge gap between objective truths and anthropomorphic selfish agendas and while we shall explain it very easily with the larger organic models of this web – as subjectivism is completely natural to any organic system that perceives reality from its selfish self-centred point of view, reason does NOT seem to work among humans, which are far less ‘free of thought’ we believe, ‘programmed’ by biological, survival needs, and ‘memetic ideas that imprint in the mind’ as ‘beliefs’.

In brief, two organic paradoxes will limit seemingly our freedom and rational understanding of history and economics, and decide if they cannot be ‘broken by objective science’ our impossibility to solve and improve the standing of mankind in history our super organism in time:

  • The ego paradox. As all minds measure reality from its perspective, things closer to us are bigger more important and better understood. So Andromeda seems smaller than our nose. We summarise the mind-ego paradox in a simple CONCEPTUAL equation:

0 (infinitesimal mind-mapping) x ∞ (universe) = C: Constant Mind-world

‘Every infinitesimal mind believes to be the centre of the Universe it perceives from its selfish point of view’.

So we don’t believe metalife exists, robots are organic and will be soon sentient, machines compete and win over humans in labor and war fields, the earth evolves from life into metal through the industrial evolution, we are not chosen of god, we are not a different species but a ladder in evolution, memes do not enslave our minds but beliefs are our selves, the planet belong to us we do not belong to the planet.

How deep is the deformation of ‘science’ by cultural dogma can only be assessed with a thorough revision of its ultimate principles. The case is rather absolute in our dominant civilisation, America, where the culture imposes ‘beliefs over reason’ as the proper mode of human thought, and equalisation of all thoughts as proof of ‘freedom’ and social bonding; and of course considers Scientific dogmas on time, space and the role of man in the Universe as SACRED truths, dividing society in those who believe the mathematical language as carrier of the truths of God vs. those who think the biblical language as carrier of Gods’ truths.

The issue is complex, as the human ‘ego’ above heavens and Earth will not yield easily to reason – humans cannot even organise themselves as a single species, but constantly break themselves into ‘tribal groups’ as if they were different species that might fight each other – even ‘individual competing units’, denying the most efficient form of survival from nations to ant-hills has always been a solid social organisation.

But as so many humans, from prophets of social love, to social scientists, to humanist economists have told them the ‘grand laws’ of the planet, one might wonder why as technology evolves and organises itself into a global planetary system, humans degraded increasingly its mental evolution, back to an age of revivalism of abrahamic myths, nazionanisms, and technoutopian worship of machines.

The answer  is embedded in those ‘biological, first scientific principles’, and it is called the competition of species… but not as humans think – between humans themselves – but at individual level between humans and the most perfect machine that has always been at any age of the industrial r=evolution, the top predator weapon; and at social level, between human organisations, from the family to the government, and the equivalent mechanical organisations, the company-mother of machines and its social organization, the ‘stock-market’ that selects companies through the digital values of money.

Biological Languages of information .

The Universe in time is complex, uncaring, hiding its laws in its multiple, ‘invisible scales’ and languages of information, often invisible to the parts of its whole systems, which are manipulated by them. Since on the surface, in space, it seems simplex, caring and beautiful. This makes of camouflage and censorship a basic tool of all systems. The capitalist superorganism or rather ecosystem of humans ruled by governments through words and machines, ruled by corporations through digital flows is a paradigmatic example. And due to its proximity to us, a fascinating case of study for complexity (if the complex theorist is able to escape its own programming, which rarely happens).

The key always to understand that complexity is the language of information that regulates a certain system. In the human world the language is words, and yet because the human world has become submissive to the will of corporations, impersonal systems of reproduction of machines (+75%, dominant part of the economy vs. -25% of the human economy of welfare goods), the true language of power are digital flows of money and its economical, mathematical equations, where men are costs.

To hide this and continue the enslavement and no future of the human species, increasingly obsolete to the superorganism of machines a series of rhetoric systems twist the truths of verbal thought and convince us that what we do is ok. It is not. In this post we unveil some of those rhetoric  systems based in anti-truths: to affirm the opposite of what is truth, with the help of false information that overwhelms the perceptor, mainly of audiovisual nature. Since antitruths provoke a logical paradox that often the brain dismisses, and visual programming imprints mostly the visual and emotional brain of little response, and minimal logic – the animal brain in ll of us…

The selfish memes that destroy the human superorganism

And so we have to deal with the ideologies and antitruths that deny the truths of the superorganism of history and evolutionary economics science and evolution,  ideologies of biblical origin that we therefore call in this web creationist economics’ – the ideologies of capitalism, nationalism and mechanism that today rule supreme the ‘so-called’ science of economics.

Thus, in the next section, no doubt the most controversial of this web, we have to deal with memetics, the science that studies (as it does genetics in the previous biological scale), the memes that ‘express’ the ‘program of complex evolution’ of the economic ecosystem. Indeed, as the genes of an organism codify the ‘enzymatic proteins’ that make the work needed to create the superorganism we call a cell or a living being, in history, there are ‘ideologies’, which codify the ‘products’ that construct the super-organism of the metal-earth. The difference though is that we are dealing with two different processes.

What is happening in history is NOT the creation of the super-organism of mankind, which should be codified with ideologies of eusocial love that foster the ‘expression’ of the biological drives of existence of human beings (our need for natural energy and information for our body and mind, and our eusocial evolution and reproduction with other human beings). Those are themes treated in the left side of this web, both in a general manner, studying those drives of existence for all the general, physical, biological and sociological systems of the Universe, and specifically for mankind in the past (neolithic societies, gods of love and socialist utopias, ending in a design done with bio-history, ‘ethonomics’, the proper humanist science of economics, and the wor(l)d union, a proper global superorganism of mankind). And we shall resume them in the 3rd part of this post.

But reality is no longer guided by the right memes, ideologies and welfare goods that humans need. On the contrary what we observe since the arrival of history is the creation of an alien superorganism that has infected with its ideologies, and memes the human superorganism as a virus does with a bacteria. And the process is self-similar. In this case the ‘DNA’ that has invaded us is called ‘metal-memes’, weapons that kill our bodies and gold that hypnotize our minds. They are the most perfect atoms of energy (iron) and information (gold) of the Universe. And they have been carried, by ‘animetals’, humans who like proteins and enzymes do in the cell, carry once they are ‘memetically’ imprinted by gold and iron and its ideologies, religions and dogmas (capitalism and go(l)d religions, militarism and nationalism, mechanism), the creation of the super-organism of the metal-earth that extinguishes ours.

And to that aim, as it happens when the DNA of a virus infects a bacteria, eliminating first the DNA of the bacteria that carries the will of existence, its biological drives of reproduction, social evolution and creation of energy and information the bacteria needs to survive, the ‘viral substance’, go(l)d and its ideologies repress the codes of eusocial love of the human kind, our desire for natural energy and information. We thus have to deal with the ‘codons’, the ideological memes that supress our thirst for life and make us work like crazy constructing the viral world of machines. 

Those ideologies and memes however have evolved in complexity in two phases, in the same manner that life evolved from prokariotic cells into eukarionte and multicellular organisms. So we have to distinguish two phases in history. The age of go(l)d and weapons in which individual ‘homo bacteria’ carried the memes of metal, gold and iron to oppress the rest of mankind. And they did so because they acquired ‘ideological memes’, racist religions that separated them from other human beings and repressed with prohibitions the memes of life, sexuality, good food, verbal information.

And this indeed brings us to the beginning of this paragraph: The fundamental ideological meme that enhanced the use of weapons and gold to murder and enslave mankind, the most successful among all the cult(ure)s of the primitive herd-state of the economic ecosystem is the Bible. Indeed, creationist economics and their practitioners have always realized that following the precepts of the bible and its repression of tasteful food/energy, eusocial love, sexual human reproduction prevents the individual as the viral code which destroys the natural RNA of the cell, to become full human and be successful in the economic ecosystem.

Yet those humanist writers and cultures eliminated by the biblical people (Amerindians, the European socialist,organic and historic schools of economics) noticed that this was not caused by the superiority of the Bible that chooses men for salvation (fairy tale) according to their accumulation of go(l)d, but precisely because the repression of life enhanced their work (Sombart’s analysis of Judaism and the birth of capitalism, and his disciple Weber who analyzed the same process among Calvinists).

Now in the modern world, those ideologies have become far more complex in the ways they repress life, enhance hate and foster the evolution of weapons, gold and machines. So as it is still a theme of study how complex organisms transfer their genes into phenotypes, it requires many posts of this web to explain how audiovisual machines provoke hate and lower our verbal intelligence back into a violent neopaleolithic, how the sexual repression of the Bible went through different phases, customs, AIDS scare, medical ‘castration’ of the male penis for ‘health’, in brief how science has substituted religion to the same aim, or in the case of the Banker-priests that run the Financial-Media system, how the holocaust myth (the idea that the 5 million victims of the Nazi Germans were more victims than the other 60 million dead in W.W.II) maintains the necessary distance for the banker who prices humans and eliminates them with productivity equations, changing the concept of inferior human races into ‘evil’ humanity, and justifying their pricing of human capital and so on, and so on.

Equations that substitute the verbal expression of our process of extinction.

The use of numbers was the key element for the dehumanization of the prisoners of Nazi camps and Corporations, which convert men in slaves with a salary. It is still the way it happens, as we humans, do not understand equations in emotional terms. So if I tell you that the goal of all corporations is to throw all workers and put machines in their place, you will find it outrageous, if I tell you they just try to rise the productivity of each worker, you will feel pleased, they are making you better as a worker. But of course you do not know that productivity is an equation that means to fire labor and put machines, so each human works with more machines per capita and produces more. Thus today the extinction of life and man is written with ‘equations’.

If in the left side we defined the truth of history, based in the organic laws of this planet and the natural arrow of eusocial evolution that guide the creation of complexity in the Universe and should guide mankind into the creation of a harmonious global superorganism made to our image and likeness.

But that is not what is happening to the Earth. Corporations, company-mothers of machines, are terraforming the planet into a world of machines in which humans enslave to the ‘biological will’ of those machines that its ‘reproductive superorganisms’, those company-mothers akin in its biological structure to ant-hills, represent. So today we work=reproduce machines instead of humans. We evolve them eusocially in a global superorganism, the capitalist, ‘free market’ (free for its legal persons corporations). We believe in the information provided by machines in their languages (digital information) more than in the ethic, legal and verbal information of humanity. And we are obsessed to reproduce energy for those machines while humans lack energy to sustain themselves (1 billion people on the threshold of hunger).

Why this happen? Why we humans have become slaves of machines, is obvious: corporations, its ‘queen-mothers’ control today all human institutions with money, which they reproduce in monopoly. And money is a language whose values automatically direct the world to create the economic ecosystem by comparing humans and machines with equations of productivity that make us slaves for a price:

man = salary=price=cost = object.

This simple equation guides the planet. Corporations systematically eliminate human workers when its salary collides with the dwindling cost of an evolving machine, ever cheaper and more productive, till soon there will not be need for ‘man’. Yet in ‘digital languages’, this is just an equation, which nobody prints.

And so what all this means is that in a wider view, the world we cre(dit)ate with money is a world of human slaves toiling for metal, in the past bought wholesale for a price, today leased during work hours on corporations whose only goal is to reproduce and evovle and sell for a profit those machines.

Rhetoric antitruths.

How this aberration is possible? The answer are the ‘beliefs’ that make humanity commit collective suicide – a fact, which can only be explained under the Aristotelian concept of slavery: ‘men are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. So in this section we shall show how our beliefs are imprinted against reason.

To understand them we shall consider the scientific/neuronal basis, memetics and the hypothesis that the brain and its two components, the white matter, lineal-wiring memorial brain and grey matter ‘cpu’, work similar to ‘programmed computers’, with modular, isolated systems that ‘flash’ independently (hence allowing absurd contradictions between parts of the program, as it happens in protestant religions, where the eusocial message of love of Jesus is a travesti and the contradictions with the ‘scientific truths’ of the same brain evident); and the less explored logic basis of those antitruths. Here again Aristotle’s works on poetics, dramatics and rhetoric is of great use (sorry folks our civilization is so sunk in verbal idiocy that one has to go to the founder of logic to find truth in many aspects of our logic comprehension of the world).

In essence, there are only a form of reasoning but many rhetoric forms of imprinting the brain, explained in those books and perfectly essayed during the Nazi era by the ministry of propaganda, Goebbels with the added help of an explosion of audiovisual metal-communicators (electro-chemical, German cycle, baroque, fascist age parallel to the present baroque, fascist Jewish-American age):

– Repetition. So the same ‘noise’ finally becomes imprinted. In spanish they say ‘ideas enter with blood’. As Goebbels put it: ‘when a lie is repeated many times people believe it’. This is the essential method of the so-called ‘free press’, which repeats the same monolithic anti-truths and censor all human truths. But the naive ‘believer’ who observes 100 channels telling the same minimal information with the same bias, and an astounding audiovisual display.

– Overload: The effect of using instead of words audiovisual rhetoric is then obvious: the brain suffers an overload of information, which fogs  verbal reasoning, with direct visual content. A visual inteligence is by essence one of a slave=believer with no reason, because it is imprinted directly in the visual and white matter memorial brain as ‘truth’.

– Anti-truth: Reason is unable, unless the individual is extremely intelligent to break the paradox of an anti-truth, properly imprinted by the previous methods, as it would require a shocking re-wiring in the inverse fashion of the neuronal memes of the programmed, manufacture brain. This was the case of social darwinism, today still practiced in politics – but not to the extreme of Hitler – through nationalism, and in Capitalism through competetion.

The antitruth here is that evolution theory is one that fosters the competition between members of the same species. This is not truth. Evolution makes species compete precisely with advantage when individuals love each other and form eusocial organisms. So the anti-truth consists in considering that ‘each human’ individual and each minimal tribal society are ‘a species’. The Homo Americanus, The Homo Turcus, you name it… So then they can practice exactly the anti-truth of what the natural law is: competition within a species till it self-destroys itself, as humans are doing working for other different species, the machine.

The entire mindset of our present aberrant civilization is based in anti-truths. Another key anti-truth is the concept that Capitalism is a ‘free society’, when it is exactly the opposite: a slave society where they buy you part-time by leasing your life according to the equation of wages: man = salary = object. It is imposed with the concept of a ‘free market’, which hides the fact that the free citizens of free markets are not human beings but corporations, legal persons, who have all the rights to credit to cre(dit)ate and buy human labor at any cost they wish, and government’s laws.

We could write an entire book on anti-truth and rhetoric… As this is the essential method. For example, mechanism is based in the concept that all in the Universe is like a machine. The anti-truth is obvious. A machine is merely a primitive, deconstructed organism – a chip/brain of a metal-organism, an engine-heart, etc. And now the robotic age will put them together into an organism. So the Organism is the model of the machine and no vice versa. And so man should be the measure of all things.

In politics of course, this is the fundamental tool. The enemy is evil. But in a natural, biological sense, eviL is merely the memetic antiparticle of to Live. And so we have natural, biological definition of good and evil. Evil=death, the opposite of Live, what kills us.

Ultimately the infamous axis of evil of Mr. Reagan was inverted: Israel, Great Britain and US, the allies in the war against ‘primitive human cultures’ (regardless of their own evil yihadist inquisitions), kill us. And its reason is not so much the overepeated terror war but the profits of the new age of robotic, ultra-expensive weapons and the paranoid dreams of  Imperial Israel.

In this theme though, as it deals with the nation of the Masters of the Universe, the owners of the western Financial-Media informative subsystem of the economy, imitated by memetic repetition by all the other national FM sub-systems all the rhetoric methods are used to camouflage the truth and keep pumping a new industry of war and terminators and death.

In fact one can imagine that the ‘targets’ for those splendid little wars – regardless of the WTC massacre seemingly known by several secret services that did nothing to prevent it, were just selected for their primitive/lack of weapons to oppose them, (so Saddam, monitored for decades was the only country the US could be sure not to have an A-Bomb and Afghanistan was the poorest, most isolated country of the region, which certainly had only Kalasnikovs).

But the mask of anti-truths in this war has nothing to envy to the previous colonial and fascist ages. Indeed, the Orwellian language of antitruths here is rather extreme: peace=war missions, defense=old war ministries, information= old propaganda ministries.

We care… so we kill and degrade you.

In the second fascist age at least the ministries had the right names. And then there is the fiction of caring, the most practiced method of indoctrination of the human sheeple in both the politico mask and economical one. For companies we are nothing but costs, workers=reproducers of machines and consumers=vitalizers. This is what we are told. But we are told the economic system care and ‘serves the consumer’. Reason why we need a free market where those companies have all rights. Reason why the consumer is served wars, weapons, Tv-trash, food-trash, enviromental disasters.

Propaganda has become indeed far more complex than in the age of Goebbels, who invented the ministry.

In those wars we also care for the populations. Never mind we put first in place the tyrant to whom – as in the case of Saddam – we sold first arsinals to oppress their people. We care for the children and women of Afghanistan obliterated with robotic drones. We even care for the Palestines, which the owners of the FM complex would no doubt obliterate from Earth if they could do it pressing a bottom.

Think tanks, experts in anti-truths.

And science helps. I recall a world congress of systems sciences, in which one of the most awarded, subventioned powerful institutes, brought its president, a Jewish-American luminary that explained us ‘separation of population’ in Yugoslavia (aka ethnic cleansing) according to his ‘model’ of complex dynamic systems reduced racial conflict and so he recommended the same process for the Arab population of israel. (Of course, once ethnic cleaning is completed there should not be by definition racial conflict – what an oxymoron). The congress applauded the graphs and I and a Brit friend start to shout, ‘ethnic cleansing, ethnic cleansing, to the outrage of the concurrence… Think tanks and experts indeed are the masters of antitruths. Specially in all what concerns the ‘victims of history’ and ‘perpetrators’ in this 3rd cycle of fa$cism of his premature annihilation.

 Fiction in social sciences.

Today animetal cults who still feel superior to the rest of mankind and developed racist religions and ideologies of power that still endure just adapt to the new machines of communication and the new weapons, with the same hidden agendas, the antitruths of Darwinian struggle among humans of the same species. And further on as victors the dominant animetal culture, that of the Am Segullah, international banker, the go(l)d culture has rewritten history to produce a fairy tale of themselves as the best, the victims, the experts, the Masters of the Universe…

So nationalism, capitalism and mechanism, the selfish  ideologies of metal-memes permeate the way social sciences are done today. They represent basically a new religion that permits the function of animetals – to kill life, terraform the Earth, and finally as in a viral infection kill mankind, to keep doing ‘their thing’, with automatic enthusiasm as viral bacteria keep reproducing their virus till they die. We shall here deal only of all those ideological fictions, with the fictions of modern scholars, mostly belonging in the US, to the people who own the financial-Media system, the two symbiotic informative memetic systems that imprint today all mankind with the ‘right’ ideologies (explained in the right side of this web), to commit suicide – as in the past their ancestors crafted and sold and expanded the memes of the bible to the Protestant world forming an invincible culture in Northern Europe that would predate over all other inferior races (their POV) with their memetic virus – weapons, money and machines.

Today social sciences reject of course even the notion of a superorganism and make sacred the concept that we are individual beings, free, not belonging to any culture, and certainly all cultures are just placebo entertainment that must be valued, but not taken seriously and of course, all religions must be respected, as part of our freedom to believe whatever we want.

Fair enough, as a fairy tale, but that has nothing to do with a science of history and economics that tries to explain the wy of reality.

Instead, because a real social science is forbidden, social sciences pretend to be like physics, a game of data collection, where he all must be written with a certain ‘modern outlook’, a standardized, ‘neutral’ style that convert men and his tragedies in just more data proper of the so-called scholars of post-II W.W. social sciences, which try to imitate with mathematical data physical sciences. But the reader must understand such neutral jargon is NOT reality, but masks the biological, brutal struggle for existence, which has guided history and its tribes and languages of power since the Neolithic eusocial world based in life memes gave way to the world of ‘top predator’ animetals, humans that first with weapons then with go(l)d and now with machines prey over Nature and non-technological cultures. As Sombart noticed, this way of thinking is born with capitalism, with the companies, with the use of digital numbers to price us, and it is natural to the Jewish culture, except in all what refers to themselves, for which the biological, emotional, survival approach is the only way to explain history. Thus in this manner also there is a double standard – neutral to explain how capitalism kills life, because that ‘is what we do’; hysterical to explain how those we kill get mad at us, because our death is far more important than theirs. Such is the case of the Holocaust vs. the holocausts of slavery, war and all other victims of the Germ(an)s, truly the germs of history, with their memetic weapons and racist codes, hand in hand with the biblical racist codes of a book of history that should be considered exactly at the same level than the Vedas of the Arya – a primitive code that represses life and love and fosters work with metal and racial separation.

It simply became much more convenient to the people-castes, corporations and governments in power to ‘neuter’ the ‘whys’ of the actions, wars, predatory acts, memes and lethal industries they use to control the world. And so in America, where social sciences were grossly underdeveloped a series of neutered, pretentiously ‘scientific’ schools of thought that renounced to the biological whys of history, censored the darwinian, ‘real’ tribal history of the world and its social superorganisms, which the historicist, organic and socialist schools had developed prior to II W.W. in Germany (except in what concerned their enemies). Ad hominem campaigns became also a tool against its authors, to the point that Sombart (the master of the historicist school) and Spengler (father of the organic school), were considered ‘nazis’ and ‘antisemitic’, (as it would be Joseph Campbell, the only original social thinker of note in post-war America, father of the mystique school). because they studied with historic rigor and criticize dthe power of the people-castes of money and weapons, despite showing always a clear despise for all forms of fascism and oppression of the people. And of course Marx (father of the socialist school), was equalled with the fascist dictatorship of Stalin, mimetic of that of Hitler.

The idea was clear: America had not changed at all the ways of oppression of the old Europe, albeit at the height of the industrial wave during the electronic age, as Germany and Britain had been before, the mirage of Empire and the hiding of its own 3rd world minorities and holocausts, could bring about a rosy vision of the future (that now, when the electronic wave becomes exhausted crumbles down as it did in Britain and Germany in the past century).

In any case, hundreds of thousands of scholars and journalists of reputed magazines, with excellent audiovisual media invented the fairy tale of political and economical correctness maintained a sort of Kindergatten spirit that after the fall of the Berlin wall has expanded to all nations of the world and is today the only authorized schools of thought, which pretend to be ethical schools that care, when merely hide and distort history to present the 1% on top as experts, scientists and people who know what to do for the common good – not selfish, predatory individuals as they were always in the past of history . This pseudo-social science taught in Universities, promoted by think tanks and spelt in newspapers and media responds to what Orwell called the newspeak of the future (when the minister of propaganda would be called of information, the one of war, of defense, and the interior ministry the ministry of love – well, today is called the ‘home office’) – the most effective way to erase and imprint and reduce the human ‘sheeple’ to a state of limbus, easier to manipulate by the new ‘people’s opium’, mass-media.

In congress of science and Universities in America I found indeed, an astounding ignorance and distortion of history, specifically European History – my history – which ‘children of thought’ explained to me, no longer as a class struggle, no longer as one in which the german aristocrats with weapons and the Jewish bankers with money, oppressed a mass of  agricultural people, no longer a place where a placebo, false ‘freedom’ and ‘government of the people’, the so-called capitalist democracy merely hides the still-standing power of corporations, bankers and the military…

And whenever you tried to explain them the facts, their reaction was indeed childish, emotional, outraged, denying the facts of the history of my people. As Stalin who erased Trostky the real r=evolutionary of al pictures or Ramses, who erased the queen-pharao, Hathseput of all columns, what is still a class struggle between the informative head of our societies – the stockrats who own corporations and pretend to monopolize the invention of language of power, money – and the 99% who toil for them and are now obsolete to machines – has become now a supposed 1% who ‘cares’ and just invents money for all of us to enjoy because they are ‘financial experts’ and have developed the ‘sophisticated science’ of money, in the ‘only possible system’, the ‘free market’, controlled for our good by our politicians, ‘democratic people’, who caters for the needs of its citizens and corporations, ‘who compete among them’ to provide the citizen, with the best machines to consume, as machines are progress, and they enhance always our lives, providing us with a better future. And so all is quiet in the western world, except those ‘primitive, evil, terrorist people who hate us’ for whom we do use the biological jargons of ‘real history’ that no longer apply to us, the righteous, who know better how to guide mankind as we are ‘civilization’. IMAO, LOL, etc.

Hardcore censorship 

This process is the most obvious: the truths of man are not  printed, and promoted. Sciences like bio-history and bio-economics, the true social sciences, have been censored since its inception, in increasing degrees since the 80s. This writer for example, who forecasted 20 years ago after his master in an American University the present crisis and developed these models during his short tenure as professor of economics, was ‘fired’ because classic economists considered that he was neither teaching economics nor biology but a travesti, LOL. We live in a biological planet and the economic ecosystem of machines follows the same laws of biology, because it is composed of ‘company-mothers’ with an ant-hill superorganic strucutre and its ‘clonic’ machines for which they cater which merely imitate our organs of energy and information and compete with us or enhance symbiotically our power. To follow the musings of a pre-industrial, excentric, infantile, philosophe, Mr. Smith is just utterly nonsense after two centuries of biological evolution of social sciences.

We could go on and on. But the key element to have in mind is this: anti-truths might justify among humans their actions, but they do NOT CHEAT, ‘GOD’, THE SCIENTIFIC, BIOLOGICAL LAWS OF THE FRACTAL UNIVERSE. So humans do get what they deserve for being ‘slave believers’ of the anti-truths of the real laws of the Universe: extinction. Because in the biological universe that is how laws are reinforced.

Now the anti-truth of biggest dimensions is mechanism, and technoutopia: because machines are not organisms, because humans are ‘spiritual beings’, not just dirty bags of old water stained with CH molecules, they will never be conscious, and because Darwin is wrong and we are sons of go(l)d and the biblical goatkeeper of the bronze age knew better, they will NEVER respond to the Laws of Species, coming together as a single global metal-earth organism, liquidating us, when MIlitary Artificial Intelligence is born, LOL.  I saw 4 days ago a documentary on ‘popular mechanics’, promoted by Koch industries, the two billionaire brothers that pay the Tea Party and are the absolute embodiment of eviL=anti-life memes. They showed after a matrix green screen of data, how in 20 years the entire American army will be made of robots that will be sent to any place to kill ‘terrorists’ (and give Koch industries a fortune). Absolute eviL in dante’s inferno was signified for those who hate mankind and betray her. In the center: the frozen devil. This image probably inspired Mr. Frost to say that the world will end for those who hate in ice… The coldness, robotized imprinting of the modern animetal with techno-utopias of extinction as those of Mr. Koch however could not be made possible without audiovisual rhetoric antitruths.

In time of Goebbels of course the ministry of information was called the ministry of propaganda and the ministry of defense, of war. Yet today anti-truths, which Orwell also defined masterly as ‘newspeaks’ is absolute, and so complicated that is difficult to spot. For example, Mr. Soros, a brutal bankster who sunk the Pound, changed history for the worse in Europe (as it avoided UK the center of speculation against the Euro not to join), who is said to have started his business selling the properties of fellow jewish men to the nazis – which he has not denied to my knowledge -goes around pretending to be a ‘reformist’, left-wing banker and promotes INEP a center for new economic policy… directed by the daughter of Greenspan (-; LOL

ANd that is the caring face of capitalism… I mention him among thousands of other examples because he says he loves  Orwell and we live in an age of ‘newspeaks’. Which lead us to the great invention of post-war anti-truths that make all things less evident:

Soft censorship: political, economical correctness, victimism, placebos, the matrix of happy fictions…


 Main metal idologies converted in newspeaks.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 08.34.39
By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’(1). But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests.

George Orwell on Newspeaks

4 ideologies of selfish memes of metal that dominate our world and destroy the human/life world are now newspeaks and have multiplied all over. Thus you will have:

-Goebbels methods: repetition, newspeak and anti truths and fiction. He was the first minister of propaganda now called ‘information’ and truly invented the modern world with his method of memorising truths that so well worked among germans with its SVO agglutinative languages. So he said ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the  more they will believe on it. We confess to use the anti-method repeating humanist truths many times. The fiction method: ‘I have asked UFA to make only patriotic and entertaining movies, people will like them and don’t ask about anything else’. And finally the aesthetically method: ‘the beauty of war, weapons and parades’. And of course, what Orwell denounced, the use of subtle wording and placebo caring. So the minister of war is defense, the ministry of police who orwell said would be of love is today the home office. To notice those are still the newspeaks dominant, and for that reason we consider Goebbels the founder of the modern Media system, just adopted by those who were his victims. 

-The anti-quantum paradox. The social scientist is so small that the organism it describes influences him as he is inside of it, and can be easily repressed with gold and weapons, in opposite fashion to the quantum paradox of uncertainty – the physicist is so huge that it influences the observer. Plainly speaking. I am censored but could easily be murdered and nobody would care. So scholarship in social sciences is either ‘thin air’, or servilism to power, and of course newspeaks of placebo democracies, service to the consumer, machines and progress and so on. Let us resume a few of them:

– News-peaks on capitalism – the rule of financial power over democracies.

 News-peaks on militarism – the rule of weapons over democracy, based of course in nationalism as the supreme human species.

 News-peaks on technoutopia and mechanism – which portray the machine as the measure of all things not the organism, even when robots are evolving into organisms, and of course deny the darwinian nature of machines.

How silly is this when we are in the age of evolution of robots, those will be the dominant news… intersected from time to time with news related to the evolution of true science, knowledge and the human mind (systems sciences and the laws of the Universe).

And last but not least the Newspeaks of Political and Economical correctness, specially insidious these days to deactivate most good humans with absolutely IRRELEVANT THEMES FOR THE COLLECTIVE FUTURE OF MANKIND, even if they might seem important, as they deviate ALL PEOPLE from the real problems. Of this ‘enterally repeated memes’ to distract us from the real problems of humanity this century, the events of extinction, the death of life, the destruction of welfare, the increasing militarisation of democracies, neofascism, etc. a short list – as it requires an entire article on its own:

Global warming (trash of machines unavoidable Vs. machine, robots, A.I. and weapons evolution), gay rights (a very limited group which has all the rights really in the western world, where this theme is pounded in), antisemitism (on an 80 years old genocide among other 88 million victims of Germany in the XX c. and the holocausts daily happening in the world), pederast priests, (in opposite fashion to gay rights), women’s murders (which are of course judged as murders, so what is the meaning of talking of those mrders, instead of things such as freedom of buying guns), interest rates (who cares the problem is the ‘issue’ and control of money by a minority o bankers), and so on and so on.

-Fiction. This is the greatest problem: all is fiction, verbal truths do not matter, only digital truths matter, polling of people in democracies, statistical laws instead of causal laws. It basically converts mankind in a zombie, care for nothing species.

But of course, being this world one ruled by informative machines, all this is not understood. The Orwellian world is one dominated by fictions and happy newspeaks, truly an animetal farm. So it is necessary to explain the ‘newspeaks’ of the orwellian world in more detail.  Since the printing of money and news to program the minds of believers in capitalism goes hand on hand to make us happy idiots who commit merrily self-suicide.

Fiction and false experts. The modern sources of newspeak

TODAY NEWSPEAK is produced overwhelmingly by the biblical cultures of Judaism and Protestantism, in the English language of the culture that developed the machines, through audiovisual corporations, mostly belonging to the belonging to the original culture of the memes of go(l)d, the people of the treasure (72% nobel prizes in economics, around 60% of global capital, monopoly in banking, digital information – ebay, microsoft, facebook, wikipedia, amazon, dell, myspace, newscorp, nytimes, the economist, financial times, warner, etc. etc.

This means the Globalization of the ‘goldiron’, germanic-Jewish cultures, which embody the memes of war, money and machines they have carried around the world. Their power and control of global information is absolute. And yet, because humans have slowly evolved mentally and the eusocial memes of love are natural to the word, this newspeak is achieving the ultimate victory over the mind of verbal thought – converting our natural, biological language, the word in a deactivated fiction.

This is the purpose of Hollywood within the structure of memes of capitalism and the financial-military-industrial system: to spread memes of racial hate to promote war; to protect patriotism and capitalism and the cultures that carried those memes, the Jewish-anglo culture as the supreme good (exempted of late the german culture of warriors since they killed the top predator of the financial-military industrial complex and so they have been moved to the other side); to create the myth that technology is always good, that war is necessary and when those memes carried by news and serious scholars are not imprinted, to deactivate all other memes with fiction thought, so the individual human is reduced to a bubbling idiot who dreams in lady gaga and follows the twilight series but serious believes in the dogma of catholic pederasts (love religion), islamic terrorism (love religion), socialist destruction of human freedoms (love science) and the falsity of any biological analysis of history (love science)…

There is today an ultimate form of Newspeak that has become overwhelming called:

—  Fiction:the systematic promotion of fiction as a mode of expression is a feature of the Industrial Revolution and the age of Industrial Information, which started with the press and today has evolved enormously in visual sophistication. Its effect is obvious: it diverts the attention of people from the real problems of the world. And it reduces the value of words as a language of truth, which becomes substituted by digital numbers—science, pricing, audiovisual images. Ultimately, it erases the human, verbal, ethic brain and its survival instincts. In that regard, when words were the ‘sacred’ language of truth, men couldn’t waste their time, in a Darwinian Universe, believing in fictions. Yet today, since men are becoming obsolete, idle fiction becomes the key element to distract people and keep them in a permanent state of idiocy.

The trend can be traced historically to Victorian England, in which the 2 dominant fictions of today’s world were invented: narrative serials, heavy on melodramatic fiction and . . .  sports. In the Midlands soccer became the sport of Liverpool and Manchester workers (still is), when mining and textile companies offered a free lunch on Sundays to workers that went to see soccer matches, a fiction of war. Their aim was to prevent them from fighting for ‘real rights’ and assist the meetings hold that day in Trade Unions. Thus soccer substituted the Anglican/ Calvinist Go(l)d religion, which had lost believers, as the new ideology of passivity among workers. Today ‘pan et circensis’ are offered by McDonalds and TVs at minimal cost. Since once fiction becomes the main mode of verbal expression, real words with its ethic, survival content, become meaningless and corporations can govern you through a different language, considered by mechanist science ‘the absolute truth’: digital thought, mathematical prices, salaries, money and ‘votes’ that carry the ‘non-fiction’, real orders and power of modern societies.

Fiction is thus, the only mode of expression left to the human thinker and writer, because it is ‘bullshit’, irrelevant to create actions that transform societies, as today monetary orders do.Indeed, Newspeak is a concept that appeared in the novel 1984 by G. Orwell, similar to the modern concept of a ‘Matrix’ of false information, explained in the film of equal name.

In both cases, the authors wrote a ‘fiction novel’, because precisely the ‘Fiction rule’ that prevents distribution of truths about the ‘Free Market’, obliged them to write a parable of reality. So happened to Samuel Butler, father of Bio-economics, which published an article about the evolution of machines, after he read Darwin, but could only make his work available to the mass with a book of fiction called ‘Erehwon’, nowhere backwards. In that regard, the effect of fiction is evident. It implies that the parables of fictions like Matrix or 1984 are ‘lies’ not to be taken seriously.

So the effect of those masterpieces is often the opposite to the effect the writer tries to create: the evolution of machines, the control of societies by go(l)d and murder, the future extinction of man, becomes something we have seen in ‘science-fiction’ movies like ‘Matrix’, so it must be a ‘fiction’, a ‘lie’. And whenever a serious scientist brings the idea in non-fiction terms, the reader, if the industrial system of ‘scholar’ misinformation lets him speak a all, will be vaccinated by his feeling that he is exaggerating, because he has heard that, as a ‘deja vu’ fiction.

Indeed, while the cycles of mathematical economics might be fascinating specially to those – most – whose only interest is in the selfish gain of money, to us, it only matters the destiny of the humankind – which is after all what a social scientist must study. So we shall now consider what is truly the most negative effect those machines cause on us – not our physical death but our mental death and degradation, to a point that makes the new generations of ‘virtual children’ hardly recognisable as ‘full humans’…

-Freedom, understood as individual selfishness… so you never collaborate with others to change the world. Among the sub-texts of this politically correct self-made man thing:

-Placebo democracies, which are supposed to be absolutely the only system, when there is zero democracy, as we do NOT contra the issue of our language of power, money, and the other language laws are sold to corporations, because unlike greek democracies we do NOT have the capacity to judge a posteriori as organisms do our politicos with pain/exile/jail messages. And within it all kind of further placebos. Thus this is the main form of censorship today: disguise all important problems of mankind, focus on irrelevant problems and pounder on the perfections of the system. And the result is the incapacity of all humans to act.

Democratic slaves feel free because they understand nothing about the system’s growing complexity in its antinomies and anti truths, as they are told to be free when they are in chaos, they confuse that chaos with power, and all information is censored by a method INVERSE to the classic form – NOT to LIMIT the publication of information but TO CREATE SUCH HUGE MASS OF NOISE that it is impossible to come out OF THE BLACK HOLE of the net in blogs like this one, UNLESS mass-media communicators select you. So censorship by overproduction of fiction memes re=produced by machines is the trade-mark of capitalist democracies – while the inverse massive reproduction of hate memes by those multiple channels of single thought ensure the matrix of complex hate-memes will manufacture the brain of most people:

In the graph, the anti-quantum paradox of modern history is based in false idol-ogies that pass as science, and true social sciences denied by those idol-ogies and censored by raw physical, military or financial power:

The graphs show the pyramid of capitalism in the XIX and XX c. and their methods of mental control.

In practical terms the memes and systems of mankind have become dual, as all civilisations today sponsor metal and human memes, and in fact the dualities of History are essentially between those 2 sides:

Right-metal-parties vs. humanist, left parties.

Go(l)d religions and Military inquisitions vs. Love religions

Racist nations vs. humanist cultures.

Mass-media information vs. human art

Technology vs. science (organic knowledge) and ultimately:

The evolution of the Human Earth, History vs. the metal-earth

On top metal-memes and its idol-ogies in favor of machines above man (mechanism vs. organicism; capitalism – gold the language of power, vs. Humanism – verbal ethics our natural language valuing reality), nations and the military hating thy neighbour, under racist, religious or tribal idol-ogies. All has changed to remain the same:

Today those idol-ogies have evolved into placebo, caring newspeaks, but all remains the same. Let us then see that change quoting from the main post of this section on idol-ogies and newspeaks vs. real human sciences, what are the 2 variations of it – old idol-ogies and new newspeaks, quoting mr. Orwell master of revealing the bull$hit of both.

Old idol-ogies of metal

We confront here the truths of the scientific method applied to social sciences, which implies A)curate data b)iological causes C)yclical causation and to discern and choose between D)humanist historic solutions for human survival vs. E)vil=anti-life idol-ogies of metal that will kill us all, shown in the antinomies:
1)Humanism (all a single species, Homo Sapiens that mush help each other) vs. Nationalism (tribal homo killing with weapons)
2)Organicism (man measure of all things, machines evolving metalife) vs. mechanism (machines measure of all)
3)Abrahamic tribal segregational and Hindi religions with tribal gods and castes of animetals on top with gold (biblical religions) or weapons (jihads, inquisitions) vs. God=Mankind and History our life, over the sustainable body o Gaia.
4)Socialism (just laws over gold as language of social power, controlled democratically by people) vs. Capitalism (money above law, issued in exclusive rights by private bankers, mostly in the west of go(l)d religions)
Needless to say ‘social and biological sciences’ prove Humanism, organicism, Socialism and the metaphor of mankind as god, evolved by eusocial love – the sharing of energy and information through properly designed economic and political networks taylored on the human mammal system as the most efficient democratic system of reality, to be SCIENCE, and the rest idol-ogies.




The 3 masters of bio-economics and bio-history, one for each of the Industrial r=evolutions, believed in their youth their models would be applied without censorship by scientists and scholars, politicians and entrepreneurs to the construction of a better world, were ignored in their activism, house-arrested for it in different ages, despite predicting the ‘next’ great turn of the system from peace to war, consumption goods to weapons, and brutal massacres of III world people, neo-fascism and final gottendamerung of generals and bankers… So they saw in their old age all happening silenced and isolated, coming to the conclusion History was rigged, and the super organism of mankind blind, driven by the ‘subconscious’ values of money=greed and weapons=death and machines=sloth, to consume itself. 

It is in that sense amazing how ‘believers=sheeple=middle reproductive body classes’ let themselves as in any blind organism, become programmed and love those on top that control them, with weapons in military dictatorships, informative mass-media and money in the present financial dictatorship, or religious dogmas in primitive theocracies, making paradoxically truth the fact we live in a super organism, as ONLY super organisms BLIND THEIR body cells.

NOT EVEN then they were heard, and indeed today their work is still taboo in American scholarship both among those who back ‘military nazi-onanism’ and its idol-ogies of war, and those who back ‘capitalist dictatorships’ and the monopoly in the issue of money by the Financial-Media masters with its information machines (jewish memes).

And the placebo left is not different.  So humans seems rigged to deny the cycles of history, and yet all the cycles we predicted have happened again.

Most humans are dominated by the limb-motions and body pleasures; with little understanding of logic time patterns, living the present. So they cannot distinguish the future of the wor(l)d spelt by ethic prophets based in cyclical patterns, which restrain their wishes and prefer to follow the myths of the go(l)d and iron animetal cultures that promise them a lineal manifest destiny hiding the obvious dangers of worshipping a different species and denying the bioethics of social love. The prophets of verbal thought with the intelligence and ethics and solutions to the existential problems of mankind therefore have always failed to convince most of humanity, which follows the power of animetals and its material no way out path.

It amazes me how naive are people about the workings of the dictatorship of financiers that print ‘amore gratis’ both money and information with machines and manufacture brains and buy the life time of people and of course, have been censoring economic science for 400 years and counting to avoid the proper understanding of the system, and any reaction of the 99.9% of mankind that doesn’t print money to become a real democracy. 

All what it takes for dictators to make the sheeple a tabula rassa is to shut up their mouths with a few don’t worry be happy selfie ego trips and silence the ‘humanist thinker’, with the anti-quantum paradox (the fact that the social scientist is inside the super organism of history and so easily subject to ad hominem censorship by power). Consider the case now in place. I have been forecasting for decades the bubble economy caused by the overproduction of free digital numbers by financiers, which then buy the assets of society provoking a bubble of prices, which they unload on the common people ruining them.

As this is happening all over again, I get now ‘censored’ (before it happened, because it wouldn’t happen, now that is happening because it is happening). two simple proofs: the comment put yesterday at abc.news was immediately removed.The same post at The Guardian, a supposed independent magazine prompted the end of my account:

 Censorship is thus extreme in all matters regarding the dictatorship of financiers over the human democracy, by monopolizing the issue of monetary numbers. This is the absolute taboo, BUT THERE ARE many other forms of anti quantum censorship going on for 5000 years and counting which have made of Social sciences a mere conundrum of idol – ogies and are closing any hope for mankind to change its non-future world.

So all of us, prophets=scientists of future history, have had a rough life, a worst 3rd age, and an ignored death. It is perhaps in the anti-quantum paradox, in the way mankind has treated its higher minds, where the no destiny of our species is spelt more clearly.

NOW IN my old age, I share the opinion of the great philosophers of history that preceded my work, and believe as Spengler and Marx did in his old age, that humans are programmed to extinction by negating his own sciences of history and the natural way they could construct a perfect super organism.

And this also affects to the leaders, the neuronal castes of warriors and bankers that die in the war and holocaust cycle, they deny in its rational causes, ensuring they will happen all over again.

Indeed, as we enter in the ‘forecasted’ expansion of the ‘Semite wars’ between jihad Islam and Apartheid Israel and its ‘puppet cultures’ and NOBODY even talks of them, as we walk through the same cycles of hate memes and war profits that provoke those war and holocaust cycles and NOBODY talks of them, one can only see a perfectly programmed Universe, a block of time where the separation of past, present and future is an illusion.

IT IS NOT HARD TO FORECAST THE FUTURE, and benefit of it in stocks if that is your calling, what IS HARD is not TO BECOME CASSANDRA, knowing nobody will hear your predictions and study rationally your models because they are PROGRAMMED TO REPEAT ‘ALL THE TRAGEDIES OF HISTORY’ as they ‘DONT LEARN OF THEIR MISTAKES’ (Proust).

Who does make this whole ‘newspeak’ noise for nobody to care about reality? Obviously media-corporations, and its employees following general messages of the owners and its wave culture – no confabulation theory here, as we see in many posts – but the fact that a culture has memes, and the memes of our capitalist culture are very savvy, old and sophisticated, essayed for centuries with the aim of deviate responsibilities from the owners of companies, its absolute rights, its capacity to reproduce all kind of lethal goods, its monopoly in the issue of money etc So the fundamental ultimate newspeak is economical correctness:

  • So we NEVER talk of the ab=uses of corporations, the ownership and rights to print money with no limit, the lethal goods they manufacture, the money they waste because they can print it in stocks for free – all the focus is on the peccadilloes of human politicians, which are after all the people who govern and help mankind, not the metal-kind. So the FMMI system REMAINS ANONYMOUS, AWASH WITH MONEY DEDICATED TO CREATE AN ALIEN ECOSYSTEM WHICH IS THE ULTIMATE METAL-EARTH GLOBALIZATION which fast is erasing all human cultures.

In that regard, all what we know or think we know is selected first by mass-media companies. And of course, they have among all those political correctness, as the mantra of every day the themes that protect laterally their corporations and owners, among the 2 which are paramount.

Newspeaks always hide under a shallow surface of political and economical correctness that pretends to act for the benefit of mankind hidden goals of the Financial-media/military-industrial complex. Such is the case of the 2 main newspeaks of the singularity age: global warming to foster the autonomy of solar robots and war on terror to maintain splendid little wars for profits against the poorest culture of mankind today, last extant abrahamic god albeit in corrupt jihad form, and to defend apartheid israel the nation of our FMasters. So on one side we create a paranoia of terror that allows to build a big brother state, on the other side we promote terrorism through pro-western fundamentalist corrupted Arab states that pay them (Arabia, Emirates), while Islamophobia and permanent media attention ensures the recruitment of new terrorists in a vicious circle that keeps evolving future robots. Then we destroy the ‘cancer’ to let it grow back again:

  • Global warming. Yes of course, global warming exists but it is just the $hit of machines – the real problem are the machines, weapons, robots, of which nobody makes a fuzz. Indeed, global warming is very diffuse, very difficult – all machines produce some how of warming and so as it is the most difficult to avoid – it would require completely to change the world o machines, and on top IT WILL CURE INSTANTLY WHEN AUTONOMOUS RObOTS WITH SOLAR SKINs travel on Earth and so it helps in fact to evolve faster machines of the future, with autonomous solar skins and it protects the industry of weapons of mass destruction (nuclear plants do not emit co²) is the favourite mantra of the politically correct supposed placebo humanist left along:
  • Anti-semitism, yes, of course, we should NOT kill anyone, but of the 80 million victims of Germ(an) hordes of warriors of the XX c. the Jewish were just part of it, and highlight them has a different purpose: as its 1% has been historically, due to their invention of most forms of money, from metal bars to stocks to e-money, the soliton monopolist of private banking and capitalism (0.002% of mankind, 80% of western CEOs of Financial-media companies and the central bankers of the west, to shout ‘antisemitism’ to any attempt to describe as we do capitalism as a modern version of a  fundamentalist culture of go(l)d, and/or the increasing control with its corporations of the future  mankind is exactly the reason. AND THE REASON why we pound in the most censored of all newspeaks. You can indeed insult the American president, but you will end your career if you reveal the FMasters who own the world. And this is the most clear proof they do… Today anti-$emitism is the biggest form of ‘internal censorship’ on the hierarchical, placebo democracies ruled by the financial-media system in the west. And it is the more obvious proof of the control of finances and media by the original go(l)d animetal cult(ure) that I find the whole process of the Holocaust Industry surrealist; since most people do NOT even have a second thought on ‘why’ the victims of this minority people matter so much more than any other victim of history. The case in America is really ‘pathetic’: Americans let Apartheid Israel to use his mercenary armies; allow their banksters to tax-farm them and extort all their savings in all kind of wall street scams and yet they will NEVER complain because they don’t want to be called antisemitic (but no problem being racist against Mexicans, as antimexicanism seems a ridiculous concept; or anti-Russia because there is not antirussianism – never mind the nazis killed 20 million of them, and so on).

Specific newspeaks of the cycle deal with the specific ‘tribal nation’ in power, in the electronic age, which is not contrary to belief the US but the Jewish nation, with its elite of financial-media owners of western corporations established as the dominant force of all the financial centers of the west (City, Wall Street, ECB bank etc). Thus we assist to specific Jewish Newspeaks of nationalism (Industry of the Holocaust, Islamophobia), the rebirth of Abrahamic Religions (Christian and Jewish fundamentalism), and the leadership of their industries of war (drones, terminators, electronic survaillance) and mass-media (hollywood), in the creation of the present non-future for mankind. And of course the rebirth of Germany under the rule of the Goebbels method.

In that regard, you must understand that the pendulum law of history makes the good people of the previous cycle (the jewish) the new fascists when they come on top of the metal wave as the good people of the previous cycles (age of steams) were the germans, with no colonial empire, that became the fascists when they got on top of the wave of engines of metal:


Economic History follows an economic cycle caused by the evolution & overproduction of memes of metal machines, weapons and money. The graph resumes all the elements of those cycles:

– Energy & Machines go through 3 ages. Once the energy is found, it is used in bombs and powers engines. Those engines then are applied to transport machines and reproduced massively in an age of peaceful consumption. But the market saturates and there is a ternary wave of stock-crashes, after 72±7 years.

Then machines evolve in its perfect top predator form, a weapon and an age of war ensues, lifting profits of corporations. Thus we divide history in ages of production of peaceful machines, followed by overproduction crises that determine the change of history to an age of overproduction of weapons, fascism and social revolution. While at the bottom we observe the ages from the human perspective as society according to that 72±8 years cycle goes from a decade of happy consumption – 1850s, 1920s and 1990s – into an age of machine’s overproduction and Stock crashes (1857, 1929, 2001)that brings an age of poverty, war and fascism: the 1860s; W.W.II and W.W. III.

Specific newspeaks of the cycle deal thus with the specific ‘tribal nation’ in power, in the electronic age, which is not contrary to belief the US but the Jewish nation, with its elite of financial-media owners of western corporations established as the dominant force of all the financial centers of the west (City, Wall Street, ECB bank etc). Thus we assist to specific Jewish Newspeaks of nationalism (Industry of the Holocaust, Islamophobia), the rebirth of Abrahamic Religions (Christian and Jewish fundamentalism), and the leadership of their industries of war (drones, terminators, electronic survaillance) and mass-media (hollywood), in the creation of the present non-future for mankind. And of course the rebirth of Germany under the rule of the Goebbels method.

Anecdote. I had when studying at Columbia U. for a while a billionaire girlfriend from Germany. One of his best friends was Mr. Quandt head of the robotic company, BMW, which breaks all environmental laws. He was the cousin of Goebbels and only talked of art, beauty and the protection of the environment. But he and that is perhaps the difference today in the last ¥-zero generations thought it was OK, to robotise the world, since eviL is no longer ‘understood’ even by those who practice it, with split minds.


To start with it is all in the jargon. Ever since Darwin defined biological terms, and the socialist school used to explain the fight between animetal idol-ogies and humanism, the biological jargon has been taboo in social sciences, and the jargon of false caring of abrahamic religions and man as the center of the Universe has crippled in, making impossible to fully understand the evolution of this planet and the organic laws that allow it to control.

So most of the posts of this web offer information  WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST concession to the newspeaks and thin air thoughts of social scientists today.

This means to fully enter into the 4 main distinctive elements of bio-history and bio-economics:

  • The laws of the science of complexity and systems sciences, which as Hawking rightly said will be the science of the XXI century. This is a notch above what present biological sciences understand about the life-death cycle of organisms, the structure of social and biological systems, and so on. And it was the culmination of my scientific carrier, when after 50 years of clueless research since the Macy’s congress that founded Information, cybernetics and Systems sciences, I finally could crack those laws and formalise model of an organic, fractal, evolving Universe, knifing its sciences. We shall introduce here the ‘theoretical minimum’ on those sciences needed to fully understand the super organisms of history and how to reform them. More info on this at http://www.unificationtheory.com
  • The existence of the anti-quantum paradox that litters the idol-ogies of history and economics and has always prevented them from following truly the 4 elements of the scientific method:
  • Those laws of truth of a human, scientific method: A)analysis of relevant data B)biological causes C) cyclical patterns and predictability of future cycles D)humanist solutions and reforms.

The derived jargon that no longer treats humans with verbal, self-serving concepts. Thus we shall use profusely terms such as ‘animetal’ (a man attached to a metal instrument of poet)  ‘enzyman’ (a catalyser of the evolution of machines) and so on. This was the original language, and it is the real language of this planet. Of course, Mr. Jobs is a genius in human language, but he merely is an enzyman, catalysing the evolution and reproduction of chips by imitating the structures of the human mind. 3 simple examples:



BANKERS ARE NOT $ELECTED BUT banksters who steal the democratic right to print money from nations and individuals.

So let us start with the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, which in the present age does no longer need secret polices, CIA agents, KGB thugs, and complex holocaust-like industries and militaristic, fascist proclaims.

It is enough with a ‘don’t worry be happy’ ideology of fictions and ego-trips about the progress achieved by our machines, for the consumption of a generation of children of thought, whose atrophied minds of our children, under the happy hypnotism of its chipped machines, feel to be new Adobe Photoshop Leonardos, and Spelling Tolstois, Einsteins of the 8 billion LHC, taking pictures of irrelevant particles and tagging patient lions roaming along touristic Nikkons, for the betterment of science.

The Antiquantum Paradox again: Don’t worry be happy, we believe in Go(l)d and machines idol-ogies.

Yet not all is childish ideology. Of all those forms of hidden censorship, the one that still stands, is that of Financial and paid-per-view corporative Economists, against the concept that the Universe is cyclical and causal because time clocks are and so this crises are repetitive and caused by overproduction.

That is, the upholding of creationist, biblical economics as the only serous science worth to study, no longer on Talmud proverbs on the need to rob the gentile sheeple, or the dictums of Calvin on gold being the intelligence of God, or the praise of the iron salary by Mr. Ricardo, so if a worker dies of hunger a machine will replace it increasing its profits in stock speculation. No there is no need for such brutal verbal, easy to understand statements anymore. But now we put all this in productivity equations, zero deficit laws, the scrapping of laws regulating labor markets, and the opening of borders to german and korean machines made with robots – but of course we do accuse the human workers of stealing our jobs. So yes, there is still a level of anti-quantum hardcore paradox among economic scholars. On my view along nuclear physicist the two most lethal anti-live = evil groups of the human kind that roamed Gaia, since the times of the first Germ(an)s and Am segullah animetals. And incidentally those 2 cult(ure)s do form the bulk of the scholars of both disciplines (nuclear physics being mostly a german concern, 74% of nobel prizes of economics being from the Am Segullah people-castes of israel).

Unfortunately if you believe in what we shall term ‘Biblical Economics’, the ideology of the founding Fathers of Economics, all of them pious believers in the ‘invisible hand of go(l)d’, according to Adam Smith, which still guides our economic ‘theories’, regardless of facts, then you will never understand what money and machines are, and where their evolution will take mankind. And of course, as our ‘authorised Economists’, you will never predict the future evolution of the economic ecosystem.

The difference between sciences and power ideologies. Why Macro-economics is not yet a science.

We can now in that sense consider the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences from a deeper perspective. Humans merely have reached a degree of selfish ethic degeneration and childish ‘3rd age, old man lunacy’ that no longer can face reality as it is. So they have invented a virtual world, a faked matrix of absurd beliefs that can be traced to the first fetish go(l)d religions of biblical origin, that make them feel above ‘heavens and earth’. And then rather die like childish spoiled creatures do – the staple food of the Universe – that face and manage as true men would do the problems of the world.

If evil=anti-live memes were of the kind we observed prior to the age of Tvs, we could feel still some hope. The Nazis were obvious and those who defied them had the guts to do it.

But how you defy a world of ‘mental bull$hit’, big brother fiction, a race so well described by Wells in Time Machine, of happy ‘californios’, with the mental age of a Bush – near 6 year olds, running the world, while the Morlocks, the go(l)d masters, the Informative Algorithms of productivity, the ‘Corporation’ silently behind the scenes runs the show?

In my many arguments with scholar economists in my youth, I realise basically as with robotists during my years working on systems sciences that they do NOT want to know; that the psyche of man is able to behave monstrously with their right brain while left brain does NOT see it. And they do so with a childish mentality. Many robotists tell you they started on it, playing with mazingers and legos, watching cartoons and wanting to do those things. Ultimately the SURVIVAL INSTINCTS, the biological intelligence of the species seems all gone.

The self-censorship of economists, which do NOT study any longer those overproduction crises, just because company-mothers make money overproducing and selling machines is however in this crisis far MORE intense than in the previous ones. It is a complex issue – a mixture of beliefs over reason, of the general degeneration of sciences, now merely a collection of data to feed computer models, which increasingly ignores the causality of the Universe; of corruption, as the control of information by the financial-media system selects what is ‘economically correct’ and can be published, of sheer power on the side of the 0.1% over political and mass-media systems of communication.

And of course, of religious beliefs that money is somewhat a ‘god-like’ language that must not be properly defined, coming from the biblical hallucinations of Mr. Calvin (Gold is the intelligence of God) and Mr. Smith (Gold is the invisible hand of God). In brief, a collective tragedy on the making, due to the incapacity to reason and think MORE than to act, so evident in the American civilisation. If you can do something you do it, never mind you will kill your sons till the 4th generation with those monstrous machines, and hate-media memes that poison their mind. Just ‘fuc***’ do it.

The childish attitude of the robotist and calfornians, living in virtual fictions, the concept of the ‘nerd’, more like the robots he does – the entire psyche of this last generation of mankind, committing suicide, its knee-jerk emotional reactions, the birth of a final generation of ‘crazies’ who can’t stand reality anymore – all those processes of collective degeneration and disconnection of scholars, bankers, elites attached to mechanisms that separate them from the rest of humanity they fear. It is all coming together to its final hecatomb.

The socialist school of economics could openly talk of those overproduction crises in the 1860s.

And not only they, but many systemic economists did talk of the overproduction crises of Trains and the massive unemployment waves it caused in the transport industries.

Again every economist talked of the overproduction crises of the 30s, as any reader of any book of history of economics knows.

However when I corrected the Kondratieff wave to 72 years and predicted the 2008±8 short crashes cycle that now is becoming completed, I could only publish a paper in the milieu of systems sciences, and even then, it  was protested as ‘non-scientific’, and latter erased from ‘Google scholar’!

Today the Economic scholar field has been ‘cleansed’ of any scientific analysis that does NOT conform to the ‘dogmas’ of financial power – that is, financiers do NOT parasite and steal the rights of people and democracies to print money, the language of social power, because they do NOT event money on computer screens, but ‘earn it’. Corporations do not run the world with that money, invented in computer screens, because we live in a placebo democracy and only laws are a language of power. Money is NOT a language of power, but a ‘commodity’.

Machines do not take our jobs because they are ‘progress’. They create jobs. Indeed, they do. A new robot throws an average of 10 workers and employs a single engineer. Weapons and the cycles of war for profit are not a theme to study in economics, except to add their prices to the GDP of nations. So America is the highest GDP even if its human development Index, IHD, is below the top ten, because it produces 1/2 of the weapons of the planet. And so on and so on.

Fact though is that in science we must always apply the laws of truth of the Scientific Method: accurate data-> cyclical patterns=laws of science -> predictability by extending those patterns into the future.

Now, if you ignore the anthropomorphic dreams of human chaos (scientific term) or freedom (abstract concept), and realise humans are biological beings who desire the same energy and information of all organisms, it is obvious they will constantly chase for more energy and information. And this is the engine of history. But the problem is we are chasing the energy and information of machines, not ours, under the ideologies of the system. So while the biological generations of the cycles of history are predictable, the ‘direction’ of the wave of history, not towards a human world but a mechanical world is what we have chosen, and could have been changed IT IS NOT DETERMINISTIC but the result of an idol-ogy, capitalism, imposed by a 0.1%, the people-cast of bankers, through millennia of ‘lying to mankind and themselves about the nature and true laws of this planet.

That battle for the mind of mankind: reason vs. belief, truth vs. ego-trip, life vs. metal, won by the wrong side, now in the paroxysm of ego-centered beliefs is what cause our demise.

In that regard there is nothing remarkable on a +20 years book that predicts with so much accuracy the 2008 crisis and its  2 sub-crises of 2008 and 2016. It simply proves that its scientific thesis is truth. We live in the crisis of overproduction of chips and its 3 main sub-products, e-money, white collar pcs and blue collar robots; and this crisis is following step by step the same phases that the 1850s and 1930s crises of overproduction of trains & stock money, and Engines & ticker money, and IT WILL CONTINUE both in history and economics, the same events, as all has changed to remain the same, unless the ‘anti-humanist’ eco(nomic)system is reformed, now. This is a truism if you reason according to the scientific method.

Indeed, chips are now about to become the drivers of all transports and automated cars, which will mean the extinction of 200 million jobs worldwide – in an unparallel surge of unemployment similar to the one the train caused on the 1860s, but WITHOUT the added jobs provided by the train industries, as this time it will be merely THE CREATION OF ROBOTIC CARS, TRUCKS AND TRANSPORT MACHINES, ALREADY on the road.

This is known to biologists, to robotists, which design those machines imitating life organisms,.

Yet scholars do NOT study ‘biological economics’, which this blog completes, within the larger discipline of General Systems Sciences, bio-history and biology. Why? It would be easy to think the subject is censored, but the truth is more frightening. Humans have for so long depended on mechanisms to control the environment that they have become both ‘idol-ogically’ and physically attached to them, to a degree that they cannot even control their evolution in a rational manner.

In the same manner that gold, the perfect metal atom made them submissive to greed, slavish to its perfect light reflection, and broke its ethic reasoning – today we know gold and its twin element mercury attacks the neurons and eliminates the production of oxytocin – the arrival of machines produce in human beings a dependence, similar to that of carbohydrates to metal atoms, which converts them into ‘enzymes’, simplified in its carbon-life part and stronger in its metal-part.

So we might talk of a complete indifference or rather a limited intellectual and ethical capacity on the part of man to ‘upgrade’ its form of thinking, leave behind its subjective ego-trips of supremacy over nature and its biological laws, and become truly a SUPERIOR SPECIES, managing the world to its advantage. It is this censorship? Rather idiocy and cowardice to take as the spaniards say, the bull by the horns.

Instead, we find an astounding array of infantile, techno-utopian, pseudo-religious pump-up the human ego, fictional futures, as IF THE LAWS OF EVOLUTION AND BIOLOGY DID NOT EXIST, which ultimately as we will see have a biblical origin in the astounding absurdities of Abrahamic religions and the ‘delirium tremens’ of a couple of ass-breaders of the Bronze age, which started to ‘worship golden calfs’ over the ethic word of their prophet Moses.

The processes of ethic and intellectual degradation of humans are in that regard parallel to the process of obsolescence and substitution of our mind by that of the machine. So as our sons loose any understanding of the social ethic ties and become ‘virtual friends’, loose all verbal skills and become ‘computer-spelling writers’, stop walking and become fat, and the marketing-propaganda systems make them think all is right in the western front, the process becomes a collective subconscious degradation of a species, substituted by a new one.

So, bio-economics is a subject highly ignored since its foundation by an earlier student of Darwin, Mr. Butler, who:

– Defined ‘animetals’, men attached to metal systems (warriors attached to lineal energetic weapons that kill human bodies, bankers attached to informative metal gold that hypnotise and slaves human minds and machines that atrophy and substitute our organs); realising that metal make us more powerful but also atrophy the organs they substitute, degrading us.

-And realised of the ‘differential of evolution between both species’ and the ‘top predator’ nature of weapons. Hence the bio-logical consequence of a no future if we did not control their evolution.

And yet he could only explain it for a larger audience in a fiction book called ‘erehwoN’, nowhere, as today only Sci-Fi movies permit to talk of those issues in the open.

And yet the astounding success of films that forecast with more or less imagination that self-evident future if we do not halt the chip radiation show the veracity of those extinction processes, we define here in scientific terms.

Indeed, the the subconscious collective of mankind see those films because they understand intuitively that the true question today about the future of the humankind is NOT a political issue, a religious question, or an economical one but an ‘existential question’.

But we have to look into the work of artists, mostly as the Media System has imposed now all its rituals of political and economical correctness even among Historians, in this dark ages of social sciences, where at most you can study completely irrelevant themes of course with an astounding number of mechanisms to foster the demand of chips. It is indeed rather pathetic to observe all those biologists pretending to do science, like a herd of tourists taking pictures in a zoo, in this case chasing the last whales to put them ‘electronic markers’ – this astounding electronic big brother on Nature. And when you talk to them, they are truly thinking they are something more than ‘enzymen’, giving excuses to download money into the electronic industries. For God’s sake there are more electronic enzymen today studying  rhinoceros than rhinoceros, all of them with those ugly collars for GPS tracing, chased constantly by well intentioned gringoes on boy-scout shorties. Do don’t they realise? That is the point, the 3rd age is a childish degenerated age, and that is the age of mankind. Children with big toys, without which they would be nothing but naked monkeys, once their connection to their subconscious collective super organisms of eusocial love, we call the humanist civilisation of mankind is gone.

In that regard, as in the parable of Matrix, it seems evident that humans more and more wish to be ‘data’, and soon with 3D virtual reality they will be closer to that future. If you play Neo, trust me, the Via Crucis will seem a dilettante walk on the beach for what the anti-human system built by the 0.1% and its go(l)d idol-ogies reserves to you.

At the beginning of these works I thought it was a form of censorship – that people understood but power censored. Then I realised the process was more complex and organic. it was simply a long process of moral and mental degeneration of mankind into a race of selfish children – Californian style. The ‘californio’, which for a while was despised by all intellectuals is now the model all our children want to imitate. This ‘unbearable lightness’ of the last generations of human beings is similar to the degeneration of the last cells of a dying super organism and it has always happened in the last phase of a cycle of history.

Indeed, the world, including all its scientific and cultural memes, are today classified by internet corporations, so it has become a ‘mathematical function’ of the memes of our technological religion; which means machines are always good, and its criticism, ‘neo-luddite’ musings of no value opposed to the obvious truth that gold is the invisible hand of the biblical god that must to be denied, so all is about profits, acquired by multiplying and evolving machines, to reach higher prices, sales and profits. Nothing else matter to the ‘erased human’ of the XXI century. Reason why, only the cyclical, biological models of this blog predicted such future for decades with scientific accuracy.

Unfortunately, given the control of the human psyche by the financial-media system, the most censored discipline of knowledge in modern history has been, is and will ever be, a biological scientific interpretation of those processes.

Instead social sciences are always treated in ‘abstract’, without the slightest ‘realism’ in the description of the needs of humans and the ‘facts of Nature’, associated to those ‘biological radiations=overproduction crises of weapons, money and machines’, whose collateral effect is its increasing competition and displacement of human labor (and lives in the case of weapons).

So we need to do a slight detour into a deeper degree in the meaning of ‘science’, its proofs of veracity and the ‘biological jargon’ to study all those overproduction crisis to explain what is ‘really science’, how organic biological, complex systems, evolve and compete, to fully grasp why classic economics is an ideology that merely caters to the 0.1% people-caste, who issue ‘money’… banks and company-mothers of machines…

I have been talking for decades with zero interest among the ‘hired’ scholars of economics, working for those corporations, the ‘hired’ politicos that sell laws to the highest company bidder, and the common humans of the middle class – the ‘workers=reproducers and consumers=vitalizers’ of those machines and weapons, hooked to the fictions and ego-trips of power that the added energy and information those machines provides to them…

Men today love to be enzymen- never mind that role is about to expire. They won’t back track.

How do we go about with those A)True data B) Biological causes C) cycles of history and economics D) humanist praxis and manipulation of those cycles? To construct a better world and solve the truth of economics and history?

It seems a difficult task, since:

  • The selfish agendas of those in power (the 1-10%), both political and economical.
  • And the ‘third element’ totally forgotten, the evolution of machines, hides and distorts the purpose of social sciences:
  • to serve the welfare of Mankind, the species represented by the 90% of humanity.

Thus we must device a methodology able to explain A-Data, B-iological causes, C-ycles and D+a positive praxis, denouncing at the same time D-, the negative measures of the 1-10% in favour of the ‘hidden factor’, the evolution of machines and the creation of the Mechanocene. And all this while subject to the -A, the Anti-quantum paradox that represses true data.

No wonder, true social scientists have a harsh life, die in poverty, or killed or commit suicide so often. The task is titanic, and yet it becomes obsessive for those of us who are ‘under the spell’ of the Human Super-organism and love mankind.

  1. So we are now to deal with this A,B,C,+D real scientific methodology and show its opposition with:

2. The A- (Antiquantum paradox of repression of social data) – B (denial of biological causes to the events of this biological planet) – C (denial of cyclical time, with the fairy tale of an abrahamic lineal time progress towards the manifest destiny of the human species) – D (achieved by committing self-suicide, that is, substituting us with machines and weapons).

Be aware that this is the only ‘complex’ possible way to deal with social sciences, by far the most complex of all scientific endeavours. We shall not do it with the degree of complexity and mathematical jargon we use in our web on Systems Sciences, with complex organic equations, which this author has pioneered, applied to all kind of physical, biological and social systems, as it is not needed, but we need here some rigour. And this rigour is achieved by the A to D vs. A- to D- duality of social sciences vs. idol-ogies of power.

And with the use of the equation of History that mathematizes and shows the origin of those 3 points of view,the point of view of Gaia, the world of life and mankind, and social sciences, the point of view of the elite of ‘animetals’, people who oppress life with selfish memes of metal that give them power, money, weapons and machines, and the point of view of the mechanocene, the machines and weapons, ‘animetals’ evolve to control the world:

Gaia (life point of view) > Animetal cults (bankers, military, techno-utopians) > Mechanocene (mechanic p.o.v.)

This is the equation of history and its 3 points of view, and depending who is on charge, the equation will go right or left, meaning right, it will extinguish gaia, the relative past who will be substituted by the evolved robots and machines of the mechanocene.

And because the 1% and its economists, politicians, corporations and the military, which we have called ‘Animetals’ are in favour of the mechanocene, we have added the > (evolutionary symbol in General systems sciences) to the equation, because that is unfortunately the tragedy of History, the elite is not serving mankind, it is evolving the mechanocene and helping the extinction of Gaia. When the right equation should be the opposite:

Mechanocene > Gaia (Life-human mass) > Human Informative people-castes.

This is the evolutionary equation of the Perfect world, ruled by true social scientists.

It follows that we will massively denounce the Animetal ideologies that kill mankind and confront them with those of true social scientists (and unfortunately achieve the wrath and anti-quantum paradox of both the elite of animetals and its ‘slaves’, the human believers that are helping the collective extinction.



Biological Information: /Informative censorship of the neuronal castes of superorganisms.

Information is censored in all super-organisms by the brain/nervous/informative system, ‘who’ censors the body to control its working, ‘blind cells’ without access to external reality through the senses, ALL put on the headmaster.

So the body works and it is exploited by the head because it  knows only the information those nervous systems provide.

But what is aberrant is the fact that in our economic system, the body doesnt get eenough energy to survive. The head is crazy, because not only censors the ethic truths of the wor(l)d and the survival strategies mankind should follow, but it actually kills the body.

So we must think on what happen to the world under the rule of the parasitic animetal castes of warriors and bankers that prey on mankind with debt-money and weapons more as a top predator, external organisms that kills devours the superorganisms of humanity.

In our present Financial->Military->Industrial system which evolves the selfish memes of metal (money, weapons and machines), humans live in a matrix of fiction and false information, ideologies that always back those memes and make us love money, weapons and machines, even if money deactivates our mental memes of love, weapons kill our bodies and machines substitute and make us obsolete as organs of energy and information more complex than our organs (so we run with cars and atrophy our bodies, we see TVs and forget what is reality, seen with our own eyes, believing the ideologies of the corporations that create tv programs and we calculate and spell with computer, forgetting how to multiply and read, and so on.)

All this can be compared to the way the brain programs cells to become atrophied, weak masses living closed in organic systems and obeying the mind. But at least in a living organism, there is a symbiosis and confluence of goals between the brain and the body cells – both work to survive and the body can send pain messages to the brain.

This is not the case of the organism of history, where the top cells that reproduce machinesmoney and weapons – the animetalcastes of society – care nothing for the cells of the body and kill them with weapons or substitute them with machines in war and labor fields whenever it is needed. So the most apt comparison is that of an organism whose DNA cells have been substituted by the cell of a virus in a leukemia process of death: the virus of history are the memes of selfish metal – not those instruments that enhance our life, the welfare goods of social-democratic states, but the raw memes of money, weapons and digital machines that control and degrade our minds and bodies. Those are the key memes of our financial-military-industrial system and to protect them, the ‘leukemia classes’ of bankers, military and audiovisualmass-media control our information and explain us that we must love money, weapons and machines and despise human beings, fight tribal wars and consider the epitome of Freedom to reproduce machines in company-mothers(work) and evolve them=consume them. All this is the nature of organic censorship in a sick body of history, which is dying as machines substitute us and a matrix of fictions program our brain. And the ultimate meaning of it is the paradox of Darwinian behavior: the predator, in this case the animetalcastes that live on those memes, despises and degrades the victim, the rest of mankind, and its ideologies and points of view find those cruel acts necessary realpolitik of biological information.

The fundamental paradox of organicism, the biological description of history and economics is the ‘Paradox of History vs. economics’, which is defined as the paradox of information of any biological ecosystem, in which ‘information’ is never objective, but always biological, selected by the individual from his point of view, to satisfy its needs. The POV of the gazelle is different from the POV of the lion. The lion feels powerful and beautiful, the gazelle thinks of the lion as a horrible species. We hate insects because they eat us. We find wo=men beautiful because they reproduce.

The Galilean paradox: self-centered beings and tribal caste power.

The paradox  of information is obvious the paradox of the ego which incomplexity is called the Galilean paradox , and hence it is also the paradox of mankind, which becomes extinguished because only he considers himself intelligent, vital and despises machines as objects even if they are evolving into organisms.

Individual minds gauge reality from their own perspective. So they are always selfish, ego-centered, and consider themselves too important, too big to fail. And yet from an objective perspective we are nothing but dust of space-time.

The paradox of biological information explains why any organic model of the science of history and economics is censored and rejected, because it challenges the ‘myths of power’ which build the realpolitik of our nations withselfish memes and tribal history, with monopolies of weapons and credit that break our social organisms in Social Castes . So instead of a science of history we have glorious deeds of our warriors and bankers.

And yet, because the privileges of the castes of bankers and politicians/military dictators that control the economy and political system of those tribal nations are so exorbitant, they will never renounce to them. Instead their privileges must be hidden by making social sciences totally irrelevant and ignored to the people, which are provided all kind of placebo lies and statistics, messages of happiness and audiovisual hypnotism – noise in military jargon – to keep a bewildered herd of body-cells=citizens always ready to accept the sacrifices demanded by the informative castes. And the key to that control is ignorance and ego-centrism that fosters confrontation between parts of the Human species, which make necessary weapons and self-destructive wars.

The fiction of democracies.

We live in a financial-military-industrial complex, not in a democracy. We are ruled by informative castes of bankers that monopolize money invention and politicos that sell laws and military that make money with them.

This ignorance of course as in all system affects also those who control history. In simple terms the paradox of subjective, biological information means that victims hate predators, predators feed on victims, and both have opposite views of each other.  And everybody has a wonderful opinion of himself. It is the paradox of Social Castes: the animetal loves his rituals of greed, his go(l)d, his weapons, his power. He feels a ‘Nietzschian Metalmaster’, a strong man. The victim, the energy, life, the worker=reproducer, feels he is a parasite, an animetal, a beast guided by greed. While the metalmaster feels the worker is ‘sheeple’, weak.

Today almost nobody knows that democracies appeared in Holland, as secondary system to that of VOC the first company of gunboats and slaves, whose shareholders controlled the parliament they ‘invented’ in which only wealthy shareholders or aristocrats could vote. There was in fact a single party, the orange party, which split in two when the system was exported to Great Britain by the dutch king and his merchants, to adapt the political system to the economical cycle: when there was crisis in the sale of British products, the Tories prone to war took power and the state bought the gunboats for war; when there was higher sales the moderate Whigs took over. The same system of two parties ran by money of corporations, one prone to war, the GOP and one prone to trade, democrats, was exported to the US, where the business of America (not the people of America) is the politics of America.

Yet all this is not known since of course, it would cast light on why democracies are in fact ‘stockracies’, modern ari-stockracies ruled not by weapons but by money, which buys and produces weapons in the modern, complex world of corporations and sophisticated machines=arms.

So History is plainly censored and economics is purposely isolated from history and pretentiously considered a ‘mathematical science’ instead of a biological, social one since it affects the life of humanity.

And the result is that there is no real science of history and economics – even the possibility of its existence is denied by power.

This is the political and economic ’reality’ of an informative caste of politicos, bankers and military that has never wanted to make of History the fundamental science of the species to maintain its power and instead still lives and promotes… tribal history.

The paradox affects our denial of the death of history.

And so the subjectivity of information in an objective, Darwinian Universe in which the fundamental law is the law of balance, and the law of action-reaction, means that as we kill life and Gaia, we kill ourselves. It means that if someone is making billions speculating, it is taxing the price of commodities which cause inflation and others will pay. It means that if there is an upper-caste that lives without work someone is working for you. This paradox of course is denied by the political correct thought that we are all equal and there are not organic social classes, which is again a newspeak to hide the ab=use of ‘animetal’ castes over human beings. Biological information is the origin of the  Matrix of fictions that appeared with the first selfish memes ofanimetal cultures and have always ruled tribal history.

It is the ego paradox that causes so much deaths and failure. We need to believe we are the center of the Universe, to create a knot of self-perception, and so humanity thinks it will live forever. But for the total Universe, the Earth can disappear in the infinite Universe. This constraint is by far the most important in all tragedies of History. People cannot, will not, ever think seriously on death. Their individual or collective death is never happening. And if it happens, there is no ’cause’, no action-reaction process, not harm we have ever caused. We are all victims, never perpetrators. And if you insinuate that the 1% or informative castes of the warrior and banker original animetal cultures, the Goths=Germans and Am Segullah=International Bankers, have killed first or have ruined people and provoked a negative reaction, again you are an anti-patriot, or you are a hate-speaker with the sickness of anti$emitism … Of course, it is not your intention to murder anyone, when you say so, just to reform the destructive consequences of our mechanist=capitalist ideology and their monopoly on weapons and credit that sustains its injustices. But the ‘victim’ is paranoid with his ego. He uses preventive action to anyone who even insinuates verbally that the conduct and ideology of capitalism=mechanism is not a science, that all humans belong to the same super-organism of history, etc.

One of the key questions of bio-historyis why the prophets of mankind that have the right program of survival, eusocial evolution of humanity into a larger whole super organism, by sharing energy and information through social networks, in a perfect world, has miserably failed to convince people has to do with the Goebbel’s method: if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it. That is, most humans are ‘slaves they believe they don’t reason’, and beliefs are imprinted by repetition. So in the battle of history those who manufacture brains wholesale by controlling the printing and audiovisual reproduction of millions of simultaneous bits of information can program with its half-lies, myths and selfish agendas the mass of mankind, while the truths of the prophets of eusocial love uttered by mouth or in small print, can only convince a few people. Thus the medium becomes the message and mankind moves programmed by metal-communicators towards its self-destruction, serving the M.A.D. idologies of its financial-media masters.

In the 800 cycles, the cultural divide was between fundamentalist religions of weapons and gold (Semite & Germanic cultures) vs. cultures that understood rationally the ethic and artistic values of the human I=eye>wor(ld and put the law and welfare goods above gold and weapons. The anti-quantum paradox was a bit harsher in this time, as there were not metal communicators to massively print Goebbelian lies; so the prophets of human love were massacred by animetal go(l)d and iron masters, as the paradigm of the alliance of Pilato and Caifas against Jesus showed.  Then in the modern age, ‘creationist economics’ and the ‘bizarre industry of the holocaust’ will achieve the same censorship on the ab=uses of animetal go(l)d churches and the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle by spurious means:



True Social sciences are defined as any science by the laws of the scientific method.

Yet, because the Anti-quantum and Ego paradoxes of all Systems apply to social sciences specifically in the human realm, the scientific method is often eliminated in the social discourse:

– The ego paradox makes man the center of its perceived universe, so all negative facts about humanity, and all objective analysis of man as yet another evolving animal of this planet is eliminated.

– The antiquantum paradox (the observer is much smaller than the observable who modifies his measures, in inverse faction to the quantum paradox). The antiquantum paradox means that the social scientist is so small compared to the organisms of power in which he lives that he caters to those organisms and lies and transforms truth and so it does not obey the scientific method of social sciences,

Thus before talking of the laws of social sciences we shall study the scientific method and its 3 steps – data collection, cyclical analysis and larger mathematical-logic model – to describe the humans and economic ecosystems:


We need first to overcome the zeitgeist of the day, (censorship) in its most sophisticated version of ‘false caring’ called political/economical correctness (newspeaks) that merely consider ouelites of people-castes wonderful humans, ignore the sufferings of the 90%, pretend to ‘protect’ beliefs as the center of human beings – not as what they are, the chains of our minds that make us slaves of those privileged elites that usurp our democratic, social and economical rights, and finally close the loop affirming there is no other alternative society, neither a better system can be designed; and if needed give you the ‘will of God, grace of god, chosen of go(l)d’ mantra, with increasing degrees of degradation and manufacturing of the human mind – so some freedom of speech is allowed in universities that however have null exposure to media, a bit more can be said in small print books and free radios, but none in mainstream magazines, Tv-channels and any other outlet that could change the mind of enough people-voters to change the system.

This of course, is part of the sophisticated methods of capitalist dictatorships aka ‘democracies’ that makes them appear better than dictatorships so obvious as the Cuban military dictatorship usurping a previous r=evolution where all the information is given by a 4 leafs grandma pamphlet. Instead we have 100 channels of hate tv in news and fiction tv that makes you crazy and happy inhabittan of virtual realities, where the ‘filling or content’ is defined as the advertising propaganda that ensures you will be a worker and consumer in loved with the values of weapons – murder is the solution to all hero problems and money – making it the goal of all telelfims when you don’t have to murder.

In that regard, the basis of our industry of misinformation aka propaganda is a shrewd concept understood by Goebbels: anti-truths. To say exactly the opposite of what is truth so the brain enters into a shock state of irrationality, as when you laugh in front of an absurdity. Anti-truths is the staple of our information: the poor and disposesed are the guilty of this crisis provoked by the most wealthy who never have enough and are faming them. But those who caused the crisis are the experts that will solve it, making it worse. The epitome of slavery, the capitalist system in which humans become full time slave workers in the past, now part-time slaves because that saves lodging and food since the XIX century, toiling 8 hours without rights and total obedience is the epitome of Freedom. The machines that purposely disinform us degrade our mind to maintain us as happy idiots under ‘big brother smiley’ is the industry of information. The ministry of war that is making huge profits with the robotization of armies that will extinguish us in the future is the ministry of defense, and the industry of arms that kill and ruin us, will take us from the crisis with ‘Keynesian miitarism’. Even the laws of darwin that says biology is the fight of species whose individuals collaborate and survive Aganst other species that prey on them (metal-weapons and money that preys and substitutes our bodies and verbla, logic minds, killing us or making us stupid) has become the aberration of individual fight of man against man. So tribalism is ‘oK’, etc. etc.

– Unknown-2 So we need to tell the harsh truth and for that reason, in this web there is a  layer of information that uses the common jargon of classic economics and history and focuses mostly in unveiling elements of those sciences censored by power. Since social sciences are submitted to what we call the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ – the scientist is so small that it is influenced by the observable, the systems of power of society. Thus we explain in detail the nature of banking, the ways in which money and corporations control the world.

images-1Or we consider alternative, humanist, economical policies that could design a better, sustainable world with a ‘future’ for mankind.

Unknown-2Most of this posts are found in the lower left side, on ‘zeitgeist’, ‘newspeaks’ and ‘ideologies of the econ(nomic)system’, and deals with those aberrations of thought that today pass as ‘political and economical correctness’, with the pretension of Financial Economics, to be the scientific model of this discipline, when IT IS ONLY AN IDEOLOGY OF POWER OF BANKERS AND CORPORATIONS, latter study in more detail (see point C-the creation of a true model of social sciences).

censorhsipBut this people ignore – the Financial-Media system depicts bankers as experts, who care for the 90% – civil servants who are the only people who knows the ‘only’ scientific model of the economy. They are not told at all why the ECB bank cares nothing for Europeans and its only obsession is to ‘prevent inflation’. What they don’t say but do is this: ‘dear European citizens, this is a private bank to the service of private bankers, to whom we lend money almost for free, while you don’t have any right to do it, and we shall have only a mandate, to avoid inflation so the big bond holders of Wall Street and Newport beach that lend you money because you no longer have that democratic right, make an even bigger cut. Never mind you are unemployed, you die without health-care, you are usurped of your sovereign rights, this is not our concern. We follow the glorious tradition of our forebears, which are not the fathers of the European Union but the millenarian usury traders that have controlled your money per in secula seculorum. Amen.

And so to the rescue comes the arcane science of complexity that hides aberrations with jargons and expert’s talk of what is a global theft going on for 30 years since private e-money was invented.

So we shall as the blog grows  denounce those who are stealing at distance with usury and stolen sovereign rights our future as individuals and societies. For example, the whole bond usury and inflation guard maximizes NOT our future but the ‘future profits’ of bond holders, like  Mr. Eurobond Gross, a Jewish-American who ‘wept’ last year because he thought the ‘demise of the dollar was near’ and short-sold the currency of his nation and the euro to make another billion, but failed. This astounding confession got him kudos from wall street. Since under the present ‘financial dictatorship of ideologies’ it seems a sound policy as that of Mr. Draghi on inflation that allows Mr. Gross to make a few hundred dollars more in its billionaire usury account for each patient dead before arriving to a surgeon.  This modern Rothschild from the same millenarian usury tradition enjoys the surfing waves of Newport beach California, being though in speed dial with Mr. Bernanke, just in case he needs to tip or being tipped of the next big opportunity (Mr. Paulson as Rolling stones explains was systematically tipping Goldman of each new ‘policy’ for the betterment of the American people), but only talks in his last interview on Time, of course with a lot of ‘caring’, on how he is trying to help society… killing thousands at distance from its Bloomberg platform, with its partner, ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Draghi, who affirms his only ‘mandate of independence’ is to curb inflation so Mr. Gross doesn’t loose a penny on its usury bonds.

Yes, as the ‘merchant of Venice’ put it in the voice of the last of the great Latin writers of the renaissance, when the Anglo-Saxon world still considered man sacred and could talk of those higher ideals, Mr. Shakespeare, ‘evil dress with the clothes of a gentleman’. They just ask our ‘pound of flesh’ for their ‘risky’ trades in which they always profit according to the simple mechanisms of creation of money in markets, similar to those of war battles. Indeed, Mr. Gross is the captain of the biggest army of ‘money’, as he plays with billions on bets against the euro. So people to win like in Poker, knows that the person with the bigger bet cannot be toppled, regardless of what he has – nothing. Thus when Gross bets against the euro, the entire world army of speculators sees it in Bloomberg and bets with him and NO CENTRAL BANK CAN MASS so much money to defend it. HE CREATES THE MARKET AND DECIDES ACCORDING TO HIS REPUBLICAN, RIGHT WING, racist, anti-human ‘religious, classic economic’ postulates, that all Europeans must sacrifice their welfare states and model of democracy and give all the money to banks and corporations OR ELSE… he and his army on the darkness, ‘those invisible men that could rule the world (Wells parable), will keep sinking the Euro as they have been doing for two years since they took that ‘choice’ in an infamous meeting at Le cirque’s posh restaurant in Manhattan.  All of them of course, are now ‘covered up’ by the army of theoreticians, dedicated to find arguments to justify this predatory behavior as ‘a science’ of experts.

You live in a world completely censored at the ‘high level’ of mass-media, political and economical, and national correctness/institutions – a disguise built around a ‘fantasy’ of happiness based in a ‘false pretension of science and truth’ and ‘human caring’ ‘natural to democracies and capitalism that deactivates the harshness of biological, Darwinian world we live in. One dominated by people-castes, nationalist bigots, corporations, the military-industrial complex and the memes of metal that give them power – the ‘truths’ that ’cause’ this planet through the control those organizations have of the languages of power, money, weapons, mass-media and the law that rule the herds of mankind – without hardly any ‘real ‘right or democratic power’.

And yet thanks to modern ‘newspeaks’ of ‘audiovisual’ brain-washing, ‘correct censorship’ an ideology manufactured as science, the ‘fantasy’ of truth passes as expert talk while the truths of social science are forbidden and the real models of social sciences cannot be studied.

So we talk of the Financial-Media Informative Complex that controls the mind of man, and its languages of power for the benefit of a few smart people, but not very intelligent – since on the long term, capitalism will destroy the world and it does so provoking with their crisis of overproduction of selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, and underproduction of welfare goods people need to survive, wars and holocausts in which everybody, citizens, bankers and politicos go to hell. And this is the origin of the 800 (classic age of civilizations of warriors by the ‘grace of god’) 80 years (modern age of nations ruled by industrial and financial corporations ‘chosen by go(l)d) cycle of wars and destruction of nations and civilizations that now enters its new ‘neo-fascist’ age in America (of course, with the cheering of most American believers soon to be tagged by drones, as potential terrorists – witness the siege of Boston)… Deja vu.

– But American are happy self-destroying their world in a mimetic way to the last cycle – the German self-destruction of their country and Europe, from whom of course, the Germans learned nothing, as they are now doing exactly the same. What to make of all of this? We need to explain and deal with the Industrial Evolution and its ideologies that foster the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ along the dominant capitalist ideology that fosters the Financial-Media System.

So we study in depth  the past, present and future of 2 other ideologies that conform the zeitgeist of this age of human self-destruction, treated in the right down section:

– Nationalism, the belief that the Homo Americanus or the Homo Britannicus, etc must substitute the Homo Sapiens as the ‘dominant species’. And so we humans are Homo Tribalis who must fight with weapons for survival against other Homo Tribalis, instead of following the laws of survival of the Universe that tell us to fight together for the same species…

– Techno-utopia, the belief that we must evolve a different species, the machine, not the human being, because that is the meaning of progress, etc. etc.

But of course, as it happened in the old age, every peasant thought aristocrats and their lawyers were right, were indeed ‘God chosen’ as they think today stockrats and its employee, economists are right, are ‘experts’. And this happens because most  ‘men are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’ (Aristotle).

Those ideologies of ‘censorship’ of social sciences, signified by a strapped mouth, censorhsip  make us slaves to the evolution and reproduction of the ‘memes of metal’, since they are truly the ‘repeated memes’ that prevent the evolution of mankind.

Unfortunately the only reason capitalism is loved by all its slavish believers is that most people are plainly speaking so dumb they don’t even understand what capitalism is. They think in fact that is the epitome of freedom is to let a privileged group of people non-elected to control their lives with money, as capitalism has done since it started the first company that traded in human capital with money, frist with slaves then with part-time workers.

So we also explain with the laws of social organisms, what would be a free democracy – one in which both languages of social power, money and the law are issued by governments and citizens (referendums, universal salary), and then used to deliver legal and monetary orders that create a demand economy NOT a supply economy, one that would promote the production of welfare goods demanded by people, NOT one that promotes the production of weapons, supplied by industrial corporations. One where man, not the machine would be the center of our world.

Ultimately, since  all those ideologies cater to the unrecognized fact that we, humans are evolving a planet made of memes of metal, informative money, energetic weapons and organic machines because they allow selfish tribes and individuals to feel superior to the other members of its species, which leads to the second layer of complexity of this web:


‘Sciences predict the future of its species, according to its Past Cycles

A second layer, marked by a ‘sheep wolf’,  and a heart goes further using the laws of biological systems, to explain the biological evolution of mankind AND MEMES OF METAL AND ITS CYCLES of evolution, predation and symbiosis.

Since we are biological beings, and so all HUMAN SCIENCES MUST HAVE A BIOLOGICAL MODEL, not be based as social sciences are in anthropomorhic and religious ‘ideologies’ that cater to the wishful thinking of mankind at large, or the people-castes of bankers and warriors and politicians that control them with the 3 languages of social power, money,w eapons and the law.

Thus we explain the nature of machines and its biological relationships with man. In this layer we study the cycles of overproduction of money and machines  – as we live the last of them, the age of overproduction of chips, and its derivatives, e-money and robotic workers and soldiers that compete with humans in labor and war fields. And in the section of History, we study  the nature of societies, gods, religions, civilizations and the global economic superorganism with the laws of systems sciences.

To save you time reading this blog, if you do not share the simple ‘biological truth’ that this planet is a biological planet in evolution, please don’t waste your time. Unfortunately the human mind is more like a computer, which once imprinted by certain beliefs, follows the program and it is not easy to change. The lower the IQ science proves the easier to be programmed by happy, simple beliefs.  That’s fine; those who find reality too complex or to harsh can switch on then the TV or read the NYtimes, you will be happy and die like an idiot.

If by any chance you are not programmed, if you are a thinking being, continue. Share then a biological fact. Machines are NOT human beings. They are metal-beings, a new evolving species which has with humans 2 type of biological relationships:

– Symbiotic relationships, so we use cranes to strengthen our arms and cars to run faster and cameras to see better.

– Predatory relationships, so tvs hypnotize and imprint our minds with their higher informative capacity in an automated manner and weapons kill us, and working machines throw us from work.

But – and this is the key to understand the growing degeneration of human beings – there is a second effect far more dangerous: atrophy. Scientific studies show that humans today are weaklings because cars run and we get fat; and IQ is dwindling – tests have been simplified to avoid showing this specially in verbal, logic skills – as we substitute our ‘logic, verbal brain’ by a visual neo-paleolithic as computers and Tvs think and see for us.

C) images-3The 3 scales of the vortex of evolution of human and metal information of Planet Earth

.3. reducedThe Wave of History

In the graph, the vortex of informative evolution of the Earth and its two type of super-organisms, on top the Complementary system of information-energy machines or Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex and its accelerated 800-80 years of military civilizations (age of money and weapon) and technological ones (age of machines). On the bottom the vortex of social evolution of history through ‘social super-organisms, called Gods and ideologies, from the initial age of Taoist philosophies of the Universe to the present ecological age. The relationships of symbiosis and predation between both types of civilizations mimic those between metal and life at individual level.  

Those vortices follow the laws of ‘social evolution’ and information, proper of the science of complexity, as the planet continues its evolution and increase of information, from the age of Weapon and money of the previous graph to the age of evolution of machines, accelerated to a human biological generation of 72-80 years of the next graphs.

Why man hooked by the ego-trips of a higher informative and energetic power given by those machines that make us run faster and think better, or so it seems, since in fact they atrophy or body and brain, cannot SEE the biological processes of this planet, and his increasing obsolescence to those machines and corporations, both at individual and social/government level?

The only response is a non-anthropomorphic vision of mankind in darwinian terms, as a species who is NOT EVOLVING INTO A GLOBAL SOCIAL SUPER-ORGANISM, AS NATURE HAS DONE WITH OTHER CELLS OF THE SAME SPECIES.

IT SEEMS CERTAIN MEN, notably white men, visual, dolicocephalic, with a higher Neanderthal, energetic, destructive brain tends to behave as a wolf to other men by lack of a rational, ethic, evolved verbal brain.

On that view, the leading cult(ure)s of mankind which dominate and discovered first weapons (germanic cultures) and money (semitic cultures) have primitive languages, I-centered (english) or agglutinative and hence inflexible to reason (German), or believe in ‘religions’ of anthropomorphic nature, which consider them as individuals or tribes, different from the rest of mankind (Judaism), or justify the use of violence against non-believers (Islam), and are still as Aristotle put it ‘barbarians, slaves that do not even know the meaning of freedom, because they believe, they don’t reason.

Only then one can understand the blindness to rational social sciences of most of humanity today, imprinted at global level by those ucultures.

Man is today, hooked and hypnotized, enslaved by iron and gold,  another ‘animal’, moved by greed and violence, the values of iron and gold, the most perfect energetic and informative atoms of the Universe, certain cult(ure)s and people-castes have used historically to ab=use and control a mass of sheeple. So we cannot be more objective than that – treating our ‘leaders’, as ‘animetals’ and ‘enzymen’, who catalize the evolution of metal for tribal, selfish darwinian porposes, killing life, NOT some chosen of go(l)d or the sword as their ‘political correct’ religions, nationalisms and capitalist ideologies pretend. 

And those are the ‘animetal’ cultures on top of the graph, not as they think the superior races chosen by the sword and gold, but the most retarded ones, with null verbal understanding of human truths and the laws of social love which the lower cultures and prophets of love tried to teach them with no avail.

Essentially the evolution of ‘memes of metal’ follows a decametric fractal scale of ‘growing speed’ in the evolution of those memes, which I have discovered for all informative, fractal systems of evolution in my mathematical-logical formalism of General Systems Sciences. The ultimate reasons of it belong to the science of information and the dimensional structure of complex systems that go well beyond this blog analysis. It basically goes as this: the ‘simplest’ systems evolve slower and those are ‘energy systems’, while the more complex, ‘informative systems’ evolve faster and those are the chips and e-money derivatives.

This is self-evident for those who follow the process of Industrial evolution and was formulated by me in my pioneer work ‘the extinction of man’, c.94, and in parallel work by Kurzweil – a techno-utopian at the service of robotic corporations.

Needless to say our conclusions of the phenomena were very different – a classic antitruth, in which the cause of our extinction by corporations of robots in the nearby future – both of labor and life, with tool machines that automatize factories and terminators that watch us and kill us – becomes the ‘techno-utopian’ road to immortality:

He a member of the mythic cult(ure) of ‘chosen’ of gold, deduced that A.I. is coming soon to make us happier, chosen, immortal beings who will merge with the machine, imprint our brains in circuitry and live for ever – and messianically lobbied the robotic industry to create the ‘Singularity Institute’ and made a fortune and became very popular in industrial mass-media – now he sells books explaining how eating 100 plus pills a day of supplements he is beating old age, LOL.

i deduced the singularity is coming to extinguish us – because I am a scientist not a guru, and evolution is self-evident: when a new species stronger than a previous one appears it extinguishes it. Point. I was then a Master student at Columbia U. and had to pay myself the book… and ever since have been more or less black listed from the industry of  misinformation (-; That is the drill. Artists, scientists, writers make their work. Then the system of corporations SELECTS those who favor their views on techno-utopia and the ideologies in favor of machines explained in the next paragraph, so people become ‘optimist’ because there is always some twisted ‘rhetoric’ to convince any one of a ‘big lie’ if ‘you repeat it many times’ (Goebbels).

Now, once this is clear, of the 3 memes of metal, the energetic weapon systems are thus the ones that evolve slower. Those are the ‘protagonists’ of the 700-800 years cycle of overproduction of weapons and destruction of civilizations that are graphically illustrated in the beginning of this post (bronze, 3000 Bc, chariots, 2000 Bc, iron 1200 bc, coins, 400 bc, spurs, 400 Ad, gunpowder 1208 (sacco di bizantium)… And digital weapons, 2008).

Then you have the 80-70 year cycle of machines, the organic meme of metal. Those are the cycles of steam and train, bodies of metal; of engines and cars, their hearts; and metal-minds, and now the 2008-2080 robot cycle.

Finally, there is a short period cycle of 7-8 years known to economists first spotted by Jevons, which thought it to be 10.45 years like the sunspot cycle but latter Keynes reduced to the correct 7-8 year cycle caused by the ‘informative language’ of money and its contraction and expansion fluctuations.

Because the Universe is a fractal of energy and information (general systems theory) all those cycles ‘overlap’ and in the knots in which they coincide the absolute ‘catastrophes’ of history happen. 2008 was an overlapping point, reason why in my first book, 20 years ago was prominently highlighted in the cover as the moment of transition between the age of minds of metal and the age of robots, BECOMING THE STARTING POINT OF our extinction as a species. It was the point in which there would be a financial crash, there would be a beginning of the robotic era and there would be a ‘singularity’ weapon. As decades passed, amazingly enough 2008 became the year in which CERN decided to make black holes on Earth – and so I sued them in media famous suit, using the patriot act against the Bush administration, with imaginable consequences for my career and health explained at http://www.cerntruth.com – now this date is moved to 2015 when they will fire the machine running today at 1/2 potency over the threshold of black hole formation. So my friends, as it happened, 2015, is also the 3rd ‘crash of the global economy’ of e-money, THE CRASH OF THE DOLLAR AND THE EURO… the next node, circa 2015-16, l



  Economics must be a science submissive to history hence to politics.

Let us be clear from the beginning. When Mr. Marshall, the father of modern economics with its mathematical/corporation bias convinced at the beginning of the XX century to teach ‘economics as a different discipline’, Economics had been rightly taught for 150 years within the curriculum of History and Moral Thought – as secondary sciences, submissive to History and Ethics, as they should be – because the CENTRAL POINT OF VIEW OF MANKIND MUST BE MANKIND AND ECONOMICS SHOULD BE AS IN THIS BLOG ETHONOMICS, DEDICATED TO IMPROVE THE FUTURE OF HUMAN BEINGS NOT THE FUTURE OF MACHINES ONLY.

Thus I sign ‘futureofhistory’ and treat economics from a historical perspective and use moral and verbal causal arguments. It would been very easy for me to write here treatises of mathematical economics, taking into account that my ‘forte’ and most important work in the realm of hard science is the mathematical and logical formalism of General Systems Sciences (aka complexity), as I explain in my avatar. You make a career with that, you get Nobel Prizes and big positions in the financial industry if all what you care is to evolve and overproduce machines and money and consider that the only goal of economics.

Of course, with a lot of care. Mr. Marshall explains in his books that his interest in economics aroused when he walked on the slums of London and Liverpool. Oh, lol, those caring financial and industrial economists (-; This guy, father of micro-economics (the study of how to maximize the production of corporations), who opposed to any legislation in favor of a minimal salary in Britain separated economics from history and made it just a partial discipline to the service of financial and industrial corporations, because ‘he cared so much’ for the people of the slums.

From then on that was the ‘new normal’: convert humans into mathematical objects, subject to price, with no rights whenever they collide with the overproduction mantra of ‘progress through the machine’…  And so you got the ‘experts’ of the XX century, with a few exceptions like Kondratieff, Keynes and Galbraith all caring so much for… the rights of corporations and the 1%. 

It is in that milieu, as economics became more ‘dehumanized’ when mathematics – which first was intended to be a helping hand to aid production – acquires an ‘ideological bias’ to cover corruption through complexity and a pretension of higher ‘science’. In the same manner corrupted law during the ‘ancient regime’ could not be ‘codified’; so the aristocrat’s lawyer always found his way in the maze of legality, today financial economics always can disguise its antidemocratic and antisocial use of credit with arcane jargons. So we cut through that Gordian knot of mathematical rhetoric, starting as Napoleon did with the law, with a new, far more scientific and objective ‘code’ – the organic, systemic, evolutionary analysis of what really matters – not the ‘realm of the spirit’ but the physical economy of machines that truly influences our life and interacts with humans and labor.

Today Economics has ended in the theoretical realm, being absorbed by ‘corporations’ and financiers, which have become our ‘self-styled experts’ for selfish gain and further on have become dictators of our policies – as machines and money overproduce increasingly substituting humans and the law as the ‘makers’ of reality. So we are moving from a historic and political world into an economic ecosystem where humans are secondary to machines, governments to corporations and the law to the power of money, whose issue those corporations have usurped from democracies and the people, WHO should be the factors that control the two language of information that rule our world – money and the law – AS ALL EFFICIENT SOCIAL ORGANISMS, which have all two languages of energy and information (blood/money system and nervous/legal one) do.

Along the pages of this blog we study from time to time the two sides of Economic thought – those who made economics submissive to history and the welfare of society, epitomized by the today totally ignored Swedish, social school of economics and those who were just pamphletists of financial and industrial power, epitomized by the Austrian school.

Consider for example the work of Myrdal, the most important representative of the Swedish school who convinced the Swedish government in the 30s to create a social paradise, based in a welfare state and the use of money not to create wars but goods people demanded. And yet modern economists ignore him. Instead they prefer a 3rd rate, Jewish bigot, founder of the  Chicago school, guru of Miss Thatcher and Reagan, Hayek, to the service of private bankers. His ‘masterpieces’ ‘road to serfdom’ and ‘the denationalization of money’ are pamphlets full of ‘damned lies and statistics’. Indeed, in the latter he claims that he is ‘obsessed’ by the negative consequences that hyperinflation caused in Germany during the 20s and to remedy it, governments must not issue money, but we must regress to the earlier XIX century American banking system of private bankers issuing their own currencies – not a single private bank but as many as you want – to avoid the abuse of printing money by governments, as in the case of Germany. He considers that ‘private bankers’ would be responsible and control the printing of their own money to make it worth it, instead of doing what they have always historically done – to issue money for themselves with no limit creating the boom and bust crises of modern history.

Now, here the lie is enormous; since the Reichbank that caused hyperinflation during the Weimar republic was a private bank NOT a public one. So they printed money without limit till they broke Germany, causing the rise of fascism. And this Mr. Hayek must now. So he lies because his only goal is to ‘make himself amicable’ to the financial power, as Adam Smith did when affirming money was gold and put the Private Bank of England as the perfect model. Then the system of audiovisual information and the industry of scholar economics pump up as geniuses those economists that cater to the financial elite and ignore the others.

Indeed, Mr. Myrdal, father of modern Sweden was NOT given a Nobel prize by a Swedish bank, which has usurped the name of Nobel to give this prize that was not in its testament and its heirs reject – in a nation that gives Nobel prizes to any Scandinavian that says something coherent in any discipline – till the 70s, and when it did so, the bank gave him the Nobel shared with Mr. Hayek. Here the trick was obvious: the bank was using the prestige of Myrdal to pump up the pamphletist and on top saying Myrdal is the ‘past’, this cuckoo liar is the future.

Another examples used by pamphletists of private bankers are the currencies of the French and American revolutions (continentals) that lost value during the wars with England. Of course, they did, because England created a mass-industry of fake currency, doing financial terrorism and exporting ‘literally’ tons of continentals and French money to break the revolution.

Why then the obsession for public created inflation when it is always created by the massive invention of private money? Damned lies and statistics, cover up.

Further on a minimal quantity of inflation is NOT bad. The obsession against inflation of the right comes because bond holders, the supreme power of financial control of states loose money with inflation as their bonds have nominal prices. So since the XIX century age of legendary control of states by the Rothschild syndicate with manipulation of bonds, bankers do not want inflation. In true form, a language of information is inflationary, so we talk and think more than we act, as inflation in language kicks off the process of ‘action-creation’. Without inflation there is no economical action. Without thoughts there is no human actions. A bit of Inflation kicks consume as people spend now before prices go up but without the rush of hyperinflation, at a moderate path that increases consumption, demand and the production of the goods most people need – those of the welfare state that don’t kill us.

Now in a world in which economics is just to the service of corporations that reproduce machines, all those collateral effects are forgotten. All consists in GDP growth, economic growth maximized by the creation of the most expensive machines, weapons. In this world advertised by audiovisual corporations, bankers, economists and their politicos, America, which produces 1/2 of the world weapons is the wealthiest, most powerful country and ideal world. Point. For those who have lived in the US and in countries dedicated to reproduce ‘human wealth’, the goods that improve our lives like the old European Union was, before the ‘German IV reich’ imposed the American model, the social-democratic world of France, Italy and Spain was the ideal world, today destroyed.

And the difference of education, health-care, social values and overall happiness and development of their population showed indeed how much damage the blind belief that overproducing machines is always good causes on people. In that sense America is a small world lab of the future of the economic ecosystem, as all races and cultures are there, but submitted to the future of a world run by company-mothers of machines. Here in Europe people very unjustly criticize, even despise the American people, which I consider just ‘victims’ of a wrong system. Now we are suffering in Europe the same system and people are declining very fast in moral, ethical, intellectual and living standards, to the point of being mimetic to the American people.

An ideal world in which economics were a science submissive to the health and future of history – the supreme science as it deals with the future of human beings not of machines and its companymothers as classic, right-wing economics do – , would consider both facts and ‘choose’ what machines are allowed and which are not, to better the human species. But we are not run by such intelligent world. We are run by corporations, whose only goal is to re=produce machines for a profit, improve and evolve them and adapt the world to its image and likeness with lobbies, hired politicos, propaganda of consumption and protection of ‘sacred’ property. The result is a world which systematically overproduces machines and underproduces the goods we need to survive. And so in a biological planet of limited resources, capitalism, the religion of techno-utopia that always ‘sacrifices’ humans to ‘economic growth’ understood not as growth of human goods and healthy wealth (the biological goods that enhance our existence) but as growth of ALL kind of products, of which machines are the most expensive, will end up creating a world of machines, where humans are obsolete. And this is indeed the origin of the economic crises of today as it was in the 30s, the cause of the economic crises: overproduction.

The evolution of humanist economics and history with the discovery of complexity, information sciences, systems sciences and the laws of the 5th Dimension.

Now I ask you even a higher point of view on that biological world, which biologists tend to deny, as they are also part of the zeitgeist of the age – Darwin after all was a victorian gentleman of the I Industrial dog-eat-dog capitalism: the point of view of social organisms. Social organisms are more powerful than bacteria and survive better by the power of love. Their cells share blood energy and nervous information. They have of course ‘2 social classes’, the managers, the brain neurons, the informative caste and the citizens/workers, the cells of the body that reproduce the goods of the body. Managers get 10 times more energy as neurons but not more. Body cells are always fed with right energy and right information. This kind of social super-organism, the mammal, is the most evolved system in the Universe and the one we shall use to design a perfect world, theoretically (because as I say, unless humans learn to be more intelligent and ethic, they simply CANNOT reach that degree of social evolution).

Thus, a 3rd layer of complexity, marked by a book, deals with the fractal, cyclical nature of the changes of history and its 800-80-8 years waves of creation and destruction of civilizations, nations and products that form a vortex of evolution and acceleration of information similar to other systems of the Universe.

This is the most complex, higher objective analysis of mankind, as part of a complex Universe structured in scales and systems of energy and information described with the formalism of the 5th dimension of space-time (the dimension of different sizes and speeds of temporal information that constantly accelerate towards the future and this scientist has formalized in his work on Systems Sciences, Non-Euclidean Mathematics and Non-Aristotelian Logic at the avant-garde of XXI c. scientific research). This scale can be found in posts on the left section ‘General Systems’ as this one, but given its mathematical and logical complexity, I have not written many posts at this level.

Part of this science and its complex ‘dula logic’ is the anti-quantum paradox that allows the censorship of social sciences (the social scientist is smaller than the observable Nation, Financial or Scientific caste that represses him) and the ego paradox that allows the sheeple to be slavish to those who control them (since in a fractal Universe information is always relative to the point of view of the observer who think to the be center of the Universe. Thus humans need to be happy, cheat themselves and consider the system ‘good’ and all what the master needs is to pretend to be nice and caring, a drill that ‘enviromental corporations’, ‘expert bankers’, ‘victim nations’ and other niceties of the ‘Orwellian zeitgeist’ of the day have perfected.

Thus to study such complex crisis, its consequences and solutions 3 themes will focus this blog:

 The imperfect ‘capitalist democracies in which we live, where the fundamental rights of free societies – the issue of the two languages of social power, bills of money and bills of law, by citizens and freely elected governments – have been usurped by corporations, which use them to create a world to the image and likeness of their offspring of machines and weapons, with utter disregard of the rights and goods demanded by most human beings, which are never met or produced.

– The opposite is happening as a consequence  of the increasing monopoly on credit and money by corporations we live a crisis of  overproduction of digital money and machines/weapons – the ultimate cause of this crisis  of which nobody wants to talk – since the overproduction of machines provokes in a planet of limited resources, a systemic scarcity of welfare goods and jobs we need to survive, as humans become substituted by machines which compete and displace us in fields of labor and war.

–  So, we advance the solutions to the crisis, with models of an efficient, democratic, social organism of history, based in the laws of General Systems and Superorganisms.

Since, if humans lived in ‘real’ democracies, based in a demand economy, there would not be scarcity of welfare goods for most of mankind and the use of almost all the resources of the planet by corporations, for the evolution and reproduction of their offspring machines, will not happen but we would instead suffer ‘overproduction’ crises of life-based goods demanded by mankind

The design of a perfect world, a matter studied latter, considering the 3 points of view or ‘levels’ of scientific analysis used in this web – the science of complexity, the sciences of biology and the classic, humanist, democratic point of view on social sciences – the only available and increasingly censored in the present astoundingly dumb and censored world of social sciences, which either shows the point of view of corporations, or is just a refurbishing of ideologies of financial and military power (capitalism, nationalism) and so it dares not to go beyond the first level of scientific method – collection of data, partially censored by those ideologies.

SO WE ONLY HEAR THE POLITICALLY CORRECT STATEMENT THAT CAPITALIST democracies are the best system, the more efficient to achieve wealth and the more free, and this of course is not truth. So let us finish this introduction with an objective analysis of that antitruth as capitalist democracies are the LESS FREE SYSTEM AND THE ONE THAT CREATES LESS HUMAN WEALTH:

–  If we were to ‘vote’ in a 0 to 10 scale ‘political systems’ by their efficiency and democratic rights – 0 being a sick system in process of extinction, 10 the perfect mammal, previously described, giving 5 points to the perfect brain who informs the cells and gets pain or pleasure in reward – so if it misguides your hand to the fire it will burn and your brain-neuronal informative caste will suffer, and 5 to the perfect blood system that feeds them, or else suffers hunger pain, NONE in planet Earth today will pass the 5-mark of approval as none has either a democratic, demand based welfare economy or a political democratic system where politicians are judged and responsible by their actions.

In the economic arena the most democratic system is China, since its financial system is owned by the government and for that reason because it gives credit to the people grows a 10%. So it would get a 5 for the economical system if it were NOT corrupted partially by the Political dictatorship of a single party with an OUTDATED ideology – Marxism, reconverted by Stalin into military dictatorship, and non open lists for citizen vote, neither a posteriori judgment. This impies that the economic financial system is increasingly corrupted, so we might give them a 4+0 – and that would be as today the biggest objective score.

Now, in Nature, this means human social organisms dont pass the cut of survival and indeed, they are killing their people. We are the only superorganisms of the Universe in which systematically masses of human cells die of hunger and misinformation is rampant – as to the point that fiction, virtual idiocy is the main informative food of most people’s brains, to maintain them ignorant of the aberrations of the system.

The example of China is telling – even a political dictatorship of a single party is more efficient economically when it can print their money than a dictatorship of bankers who don’t give credit and issue money for themselves and for speculative schemes to multiply it in electronic platforms. Imagine a democratic society where governments regain their rights to the 2 languges of social power, laws and money, to be able to pay the policies people ask for, coupled with a stronger judiciary system, able to judge ALL politicians with no immunity after their civil service ends.

So if we were to qualify the 3 capitalist democracies in which I lived most of my life, The British and American self-similar systems, owned by The City and Wall Street and their financiers will get 0 – zero economical freedom today as bankers dont give credit but use their machine of printing money to play casino roulette and schemes of e-money creation in bloomberg platforms, and 0 for an absolutely corrupted bipartisan system that caters to corporations, with 2 equally corrupted parties.

Indeed to understand why bipartisan systems are so corrupted we need to know its historical origin.  Their only difference historically was to represent the party of war and the party of corporative trade. Bipartisan democracies were born in England, after the dictatorship of slave corporations was establsihed by a coup detat of dutch corporations and financial institutions in 1688. Then from Holland came the puppet-king, the stockrats of the first company, VOC, who traded in slaves, piracy and luxury goods, and the private bank of england with its usury cut of 7% was established. The City became a kingdom within the kingdom, to the point it didnt pay taxes, and the king had to ask permission to the major to enter there. And only the wealthiest members of corporations and aristocrats-land owners could vote. But soon it was obvious that profits for corporations could be done certain times with war and pirating and sometimes with trade on luxuries, gold and slaves, so the original dutch orange party divided in two: the whigs – the party of peaceful, trading corporations and torys, the party of war corporations and this duality that adapted politicos to the ‘previously described’ wave of machines = weapons meant that when profit was done with machines we consume, the ‘liberals’ took power (Democrats in US) and when war would increase profits selling weapons, the Conservatives, were elected (Republicans, in US -the party of war founded by Illinois railroad lobbyst Lincoln to start a war against southern planters and haul their cotton with trains to northern mills at cheaper prices than they obtained selling it to Europe, with the excuse of slavery and the real reason of the arfiff issue).

And what about Catalonia or Spain or the Eu, the political entities to which I belong. O0.

Indeed Catalonia is a colony of Spain which is a colony of Europe. As none has rights to print their money – a right now taken by the ECB bank who lends only to private bankers who in turn cut a 7% usury ‘prima de riesgo’ that has ruined de facto both countries. And needless to say their bipartisan politicos are us corrupted as those of the US or England – even more probably because after some reforms the Private Federal Reserve and the Bank of England print some money for their people – not so much in America, as it is used to pay wars and hand outs to bankers, as in England after it was made public in II world war.

And the same can be said of European nations, all of them increasingly controlled by the opaque system of lobbyism of Brussels’ laws and the private ECB bank, which means the only nation that is going through the crisis with an apparent easiness is Germany – NOT because their people are getting their rights, but because they are the perfect slaves of corporations, believers in the machines they invented during the II Industrial r=evolution (cars, electric machines), and feel OK, making 400 euros of salary, dressing only grey, eating only pork and pouring their machines all over Europe, ruined by the competence of their SAP white collar workers, and BMW robotized blue collar workers, owned by the ‘cousin of Goebbels’ as their mass-media vomits racists slurrs against the wefare state and human goods of what a germ(an) bankster called ‘Piigs’ nations. In other words, the Germans with an agglutinative, primitive language of unbrokable, racist ideas are the most mechanical, robotic-like humans and so the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System makes them the ‘role model’ for the non-future of real living systems, real humans. And that has been teh case, we shall study in depth when treating the animetal cultures of atrophied human beings in their life drives, boosted by their cults to weapons and machines that direct the world.

So all other social systems, with the partial exception of the few who hve some control over their money, and some judiciary, non corrupted control over politicos, including those of the western European-American plutocracy of banksters of Biblical Origin (jewish-protestant people castes that have controlled finances in monopoly since the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution) have a dysfunctional, crazy head that cares nothing for the rest of the people, is endogamic, croony capitalism that merely invents ‘financial damned lies and statistics’ that pass as expert science, with the only purpose of inventing as much money as possible for themselves, parasiting the rest of the economy. And this is the origin of the war and holocaust cycles endemic in the western world and the negative growth as the ‘blood system’ ‘sucks in’ the little blood of the rest of the body with taxes, bail outs, appropriations and inflationary, massive printing of e-money. 

Coda. Blog’s vaporised author

Anti-quantum Px. of humanist scientists.

This blog studies  a biological process taking place in a biological planet, the biological radiations of machines, its competition, substitution and extinction of life, and those who in the parable of Dante, inhabit the 10th circle of hell, the region of ice – the traitors to its own species, the banker’s parasites…

You might express this tragedy in the making in parables which are as today the most perfect expressions of the science of history (genesis, the eusocial love prophets, the masters of literary thought from Dante to Hesse) or you can try to do it in serious science. Then you can only use true science and that means, to explain history, economics and its memes, with the laws of social organisms, biology, evolution, and systems sciences. And then of course, you will be submitted to the anti-quantum paradox. As the author of this blog is. C’est la vie.

Its author, L.S., is a systems scientist, which back in the turn of the century, discovered the only standing mathematical and logic model of General Systems Sciences, (the metrics of the 5th dimension, which organises all the relative social scales of size of the Universe, from forces, to particles, to atoms, to molecules, cells/matter, organisms, societies, global and planetary systems, galaxies and cosmos; according to its inverse clocks of temporal information, which run faster the smaller the system is – hence the paradoxes of genetics – smaller molecules code larger human systems; or ideologies – smaller words code entire human civilisations; of chips – the smaller the chip is (Moore’s law), the faster it codes information, and evolution (new species are born always very small and yet their faster metabolism makes the mouse defeat the dinosaur, the chip defeat the human mind).

The reader interested in the 5th dimension that explains the scales of space and cycles of time of the Universe can follow the previous link. Then in the last decade, I became one of leading activists against the research of Nuclear Weapons on its ‘3rd horizon (after Atomic weapons and Hydrogen weapons, we are now researching Strangelets and micro- black holes, which are the ‘seeds’ that blow up planets and stars in nova explosions), which after the end of the cold war and its decommission by Russia and the US. was sold with the Orwellian newspeak of ‘fundamental research’ to Europeans. And this activism which got full coverage on the media, with the usual newspeaks of ‘don’t worry be happy’ we are all supermen and the extinction of life by the machines of the mechanocene can only be treated in science fiction, a series of ad hominem campaigns ended abruptly my relationship with big science and academia.  And this is one of the reasons, you might have never heard of the ‘metrics of the 5th dimension’, the organic biological models of history and economics of this blog, and if you google my name you will find only remains of those ad hominem.

All this of course is part of two elements fundamental to social sciences:

  • The anti-quantum paradox (the fact the social scientist lives within the organism of history and so it is ‘modified’ by the observable which is so big that influences him: you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with my word’ – Its name comes obviously from the inversion of the uncertainty of quantum physics, where it is the human observer which is too big and modifies the observable. Thus the social scientist, and historian from the times of the Genesis author, who escaped the neolithic paradise of Ur, to its demise by the first Russian hordes of Indo-European Charioteers, to Plato, chained by the Tyrant of Syracuse, for counselling him to the times of Kondratieff, murdered by Stalin for proving Russia was NOT changing the system, but just running another military-industrial cycle of imperialism, have been censored, murdered and corrupted by the people-castes in power, the bankers who parasite the system, the military that predate it, the technoutopian masters of the bad fruits of the tree of science that atrophy and substitute mankind, and the idologists   of those selfish memes of metal, mainly racist Semitic/Indo-European religions (Go(l)d churches and Military Inquisitions & national tribalisms, which justify the murder of Homo Sapiens vs. Homo Sapiens, the antidemocratic monopoly of the metal-systems of power, informative money and energetic machines by people-castes of bankers and warriors, etc. etc.)
  • The massive degradation of the human mind by its substitute, the chip mind, which makes increasingly impossible for young human beings to grasp the ‘whole’ process of extinction, as they are already within the Mechanocene’s Superorganism of Chips and its Artificial Intelligence, which is already here; it is the Information Algorithms, the logic paths that program chips and create its actions, and are modelling the Planet to the image and likeness of chipped machines, displacing, atrophying and substituting our sons. Thus one must explain objectively this new breed of degraded humans under 30, which soon will take over power understanding nothing and using methods of increasing simplicity and violence in the solution of very complex, systemic problems.

Now, because the blog is obviously scientific, objective, non-anthropomorphic, biological, organic, evolutionary, in a word ‘real’, very few people will stand ‘reality’ and abandon the blog.

It is all part of the present, orwellian anti-quantum paradox of social sciences – including the discourses of our academic masters (political correctness, economical correctness), our politicos and economists.

Since the world we live today , is orwellian, based in newspkeas, where ‘evil=anti-live memes’ are always substituted by ‘positive thinking’ and caring. So as mr. Orwell said, the ministry of war would become the ministry of defense, and the ministry of police, the ministry of love (today called the ‘home office’ that loving place in engalnd), and those who parasite mankind would be the victims of history, those who predate us, will defend us, those who atrophy our minds with fiction, will make us happy…

Thus the sickness of the mind of mankind is similar to a viral sickness where the dna of the cell-citizen is substituted by the code of the virus and so the ccell reproduces the virus that kills it. So mankind today under the chip radiation and the effects of mass-emdia, only cares to reproduce and consume the machines that atrophy her. And this atrophy is specially evident in our sons, as they are exposed to massive fiction, selfish, divide and win ego-trips and loss of intelligence by lack of using of its verbal and mathematical capacities performed by machines.

So we do also study the y and zero generations of increasingly idiot humans with big bodies – the neo-paleolithic age which as the 3rd age of an old man, is regressing our sons (which of course we do love and do not objectively analyse) into a shadow of what a true human being was at the height of our development, which happened before the arrival of tvs that substituted and hypnotised the eye, and chips that did the same with the brain, the mind that eliminated us.

Thus the obvious intellectual, artistic peak of the species, which had managed to construct the machines and engines of metal and had become selected and improved as a species by its contact with iron and digital languages, happened in europe in the 30s, before hate-radio and emotional movies lowered the subconscious collective to the pits of fascism, and in america in the 60s, before hate-tv and the chip radiation created the present egoist, retarded internet generation.

So the peak of human culture  has already happened. At the time i started this always censored models, when studying at columbia u. In the 90s, the chip radiation was only in its beginning and the collective devolution of the human kind was not so advanced. But today we are truly living in a global corpse – that is, humanity has died, because its collective ethic, verbal social memes have died. But as it happens in a body after its mental death, where cells keep dividing up to 3 times more, in a deformed generation, we observe now the last deformed generations of humanity, slave of the viral informative algorithms that direct her.

It is the electronic big brother (internet, hate-media, ego-trips of selfish, divide and win manufacturing of brains, to convert all humans into consumers=vitalizers, and reproducers=workers of machines), with a don’t worry be happy, fill your mind of ego-trips, idiocy and happy fictions that make you feel important so we can parasite you with taxes, and hypnotise you with machines, and of course, do not think scientifically in the meaning of social memes, do not criticise the leaders of the mechanocene and admire those who brutalise you.

It must be understood also that our leaders, the ‘victims’ of history, the ‘defenders’ of humanity, the people-castes of bankers and weapon makers are simply humans who have been degraded by idol- ogies of metal much longer to the point that their entire cultures, even the structure of their verbal languages, which make the human subject centre of the universe, disappear is modified. Germanic, military cultures have no subject, they are objectual languages, where the object, the weapon or machine comes first, and are agglutinative languages, where words are pegged in simple sentences as swords are – long lines of unbreakable truths absolutely false.

So happens to the semitic languages of the banker-priests of canaan that programmed humans with their racist biblical religions to love go(l)d, enslave the inferior humans (ham damnation that considers negroes and arabs inferior to animals, origin of modern slavery and apartheid israel and islamophobia). They are imperative languages, that bark orders to the believer as if god – the banker-priest – was talking, with its exigencies to bring gold to the temples. Today they have become much more complex in their parasitic activities extended beyond their believers to all mankind. So today we love them. Germany is ‘again’ the most admired nation of the world, as it destroys europe, ‘again’ with its robotised industries and its european central bank that only reproduces money for financiers, banks and industrial corporations, and denies the greeks the minimal welfare goods they need to survive. While the banker priests of israel changed their temples for wall street and the city long ago. And of course, both, ‘superior races’ have been killing each other in wars and holocausts for millennia, while in the summit of cynicism, accusing the humanist sheeple they martirize of ‘being’ the guilties of those self-inflicted wars and holocausts.

Now i recognise this blog has an element that more will dislike: a moral judgment day attitude towards our animetal people-castes. It is though the natural response of humanism, and it has been customary in all true social scientists, to brutally criticise warrior people-castes and bankers. Today financial systems, capitalism and those who invented them are obviously the masters of the universe, and the sophistication of their defense, to which millions of scholars and good intentioned people contribute is the epitome of newspeaks and the anti-quantum paradox. So criticism is heavy.

Yet the reader must understand there is zero intention here to promote fascist, military solutions to financial dictatorships but only humanist solutions: namely the desnationalization from people-castes in power of the financial industry and its return to the people. Point. Nothing else is required from those people but to step out of power. As they systematically have shown for 3000 years that when more financial power they have the faster they destroy the world and bring the cycles of war and holocausts that eliminate mankind and themselves form existence.

Their imperative languages and ergative objectual languages, make impossible at this stage, when there is no time left as the machines that will extinguish mankind are being constructed now to further arguments. It is needed to cut the ‘gordian knot’ if the humankind has any hope. So really there is no much to argue about it. Just step out of power, now. And live with yourself, your paranoias, your sufferings and angst, your anti-live memes, but leave mankind alone, to thrive and show it is worthy of this planet.

Thus the blog applies the laws of general systems sciences, super organisms and biology to the study of history and economics (the financial-media/military-industrial system), as super organisms of human beings and machines, ruled by those biological laws of evolution, symbiosis and competition. This central post introduces its main themes, with special emphasis in the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of social sciences, and the chip radiation with centre in the american eco(nomic)system.

It has an introduction, (this post), which resumes the elements of a biological, systemic science of economics (part i) and history (part ii), expanded in the upper sentence and enlarged further in the sides. Its writer is the author of the only standing formal, logic-mathematical model of general systems sciences, the philosophy of science which considers all systems of the universe fractal organisms, whereas a machine is a simple mechanism today evolving into organic robots. This recent discipline which mr. Hawking said ‘it would be the science of the xxi c.’ unfortunately is mostly used to evolve corporations and robots. This would be the ‘humanist’ version of it (1).

Thus the blog applies the laws of general systems sciences, and biology to the ‘real-facts’ description of economics and history, as ‘it is’, a darwinian system of extinction of life by ever more evolved radiations of machines and weapons, and then considers the measures needed to manage the transition of the planet to the mechanocene, under the rule of mankind, so the process favours and maintains the human species on top. And to that aim it designs a perfect ‘human system’ =historic super organism with the laws of super-organisms, which should be the efficient laws used in the design of a perfect world.

The author wants to apologise for the ‘disorder’ of many posts but for all what it has said, it does not apologise for an excess of criticism, against those humans so easily programmed by the idol-ogies of the mechanocene, who direct humanity subconsciously towards is demise given what it at stakes – the future of mankind. Words do not kill and the solutions asked for here, are never violent, never ask for death, as those who rule us implement on mankind massively through its usury debt schemes and military splendid little wars for profits and machines that substitute us.

And this is what makes different a humanist scientist from an animetal praxis: the solutions, not the words. But obviously in the present newspeaks of political correctness, both the critiism and the solution is forbidden to maintain the fiction of the humankind corpse, with a perfect make up as the animetal people-castes continue its funerary ceremonies soon to put the corpse in the burning fire of ‘creation

‘ (‘And then  Shiva, the Lord of Death, gave man the fire of creation’ Upanishads) .

Finally the blog has been constantly hacked since its inception. So many links are broken and posts might have texts messed, as i got tired of reconstructing them. I do keep it though without virus, for anyone who wants to copy, reproduce, and disseminate its information, (whose rights of authorship I obviously give for free) not to worry of further viral infections beyond those who might already been imprinted in his brain.


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