Literature? Music?

Abstract. The wor(l)d is the soul of man. Its language of time and survival, where he is the center of creation. The beauty of the wor(l)d are its ethics. Before i learned all other languages I wrote, first poetry, then fiction, then scripts, non-fiction came last. A man cannot be a true mind if he does not think with words to exist. But today there are very few people with a developed verbal mind. We dedicate a full series of articles to topological linguistics, to analyse how wor(l)d syntaxes determine cultures.

It is precisely in the ethics of the wor(l)d and the depth of knowledge the wor(l)d has provided to mankind, now all but gone, where we really notice the d=evolution of man, a digital species for which wor(l)d does not carry truth, only fiction… And so often accompanied by accessory languages, images, music…

The neopaleolithic degeneration of man has no comparison in any other ‘part of being human’ than in the word, in the age of the digital machine and go(l)d values. The incapacity of man to survive this time is determined by his lack of interest in the wor(l)d of thought. The outcome is a simple man for which audiovisual media, in which the word is the excuse reigns supreme.

For that reason history has it so difficult, since its soul is the wor(l)d and the wor(l)d is gone, and what is left is faked wor(l)ds. So we wanted to comment today on the Nobel to the faked wor(l)d…

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This year the Nobel prize of literature has surrendered to the 2 human-mechanical trends of the ‘FM system’: it has been given to a pop singer, the ‘fiction soma of revolution’, provided by industrial networks of metal-communicators to create the virtual ‘concept’ of r=evolution, deactivating real revolutions.

Indeed, the 60s revolution America as the 2000s one FAILED precisely because it became ‘virtual’, trapping millions of potential young revolutionaries which instead of Occupying Wall street went to woodstock and posted in Facebook.

If Nobel wanted to honor the use of words with audiovisual media IT SHOULD HAVE LONG AGO, honoured the maximal quality (max.i-nformation), of both mixed forms of art, happening in Richard Strauss modernist opera and Mankiewicz-Southern, two top films against the values of go(l)d and war: citizen kane, and weapons: Dr. strange love, which also provided in Easy Rider, the true description of the beatnik aborted free revolution – ending aptly massacred by a truck. BOTH SIGNIFIED in his collaboration with the BEST two directors of post-war America (Welles and Kubrick) the height of scriptwriting art.

 As it happened i took writing lessons with Mr. Southern and we became friends (always drunk when we left columbia I accompanied him to his home and stopped to take ‘one for the road’ and talked of the divine and human – my activist film against the nuclear industry, which accompanied my suits against CERN, has many ‘references to his’, as when Dr. Strangematter, aka Hawking, the man who wants to make black holes on earth, (first singularity extinction event) to get a ‘nobel prize ‘s cut in parallel to Dr. strange love.

Which bring also an essential fact of wor(l)d masters: they talk their walk…

Unlike the faked placebo go(l)d masters that pretend to be ‘humanist’ by focusing not on the good but the evil of mankind – mostly their ‘rival’ nazionianists… as they please. THEY are all about faked humanism and money making.

And unfortunately they are these days mostly from our FMasters strain. So we have the likes of politicos like Miss Stein, the ‘ecologist’ candidate of 2016 $election, investing in military companies, or Mr. Musk, telling us AI will kill mankind while dedicating all their money and time to evolve it (indeed, mr. Tesla, is evolving AI self-driving cars with solar skins, soon to apply to military autonomous tanks that won’t need us, and tell us with cynicism he is evolving Ai to ‘watch it’).

And so this lead us to the Nobel prize of this year, indeed mr. Dylan – a bigot Orthodox Jew, who defends Israel’s most radical colonist, racist movement since ALWAYS, but became astoundingly enough, and still is, the ‘leading’ supposedly leftish, humanist ‘you’ singer of all times – the equivalent in movies of Mr. ALLEN, who raped repeatedly his adopted daughter and keeps getting prizes and Oscars, in this CULTURAL Truman show of debasing of all what is sacred in culture

Dylan: the essential faking culture.

Now, the connection of Dylan is NOT just with Israel, but with the most extremist, ‘terrorist’ organisations of the colonist movement, no more no less than Mr. Kahane. From policed wikipedia not exactly an ‘enemy’ of Israel:

(Kahane)…” was known in the United States and Israel for supporting violence against enemies of the Jewish people, calls for emergency Jewish mass migration to Israel due to a potential “second Holocaust” in the United States, proposing that Israel’s democracy be reserved for its Jewish citizens, and, hopefully, eventually adopt Jewish religious law, and endorsing the annexation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  Kahane proposed enforcing Jewish law, as codified by Maimonides… including to forbid sexual relations between non-Jews and Jews,”

(Maimonides is the bigot spanish philosopher, which ‘you’ intellectuals repeatedly compare to Aristotle, who said to kill a gentile was a duty when you ‘won’t be caught – as tripping a stair or throwing one to a well (sic), mongoloids were monkeys, and gentile women ‘shiska’≈animalistic whores, so intercourse with them should be a crime of bestialism (told in talmud)… etc…)

Kahane in US…   “founded in 68 in the United States, the Jewish Defence league, involved in terrorism, murder, which even ADL, the right wing anti-defamation league considers a bunch of “thugs and hooligans’; classified as “a right wing extremist group” by the FBI in 2001 and is considered a radical organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to the FBI, the JDL has been involved in plotting and executing acts of terrorism within the United States… In 1971, he was convicted for conspiracy to manufacture explosives. He founded also the Israeli political party Kach (“Thus”)… which… in 1988, after polls showed Kach gaining popularity, the Israeli government banned for being “racist” and “anti-democratic” (wikipedia)…

So our man, loved the guy from the beginning, went to his JDL meetings: 

“According to Kahane, Dylan did attend several meetings of the Jewish Defense League in order to find out “what we’re all about” and started to have talks with the rabbi.” (wiki)

… and in a 1971 interview for Time magazine, Dylan said:

“He’s a really sincere guy. He’s really put it all together.”

And now keeps shamelessly helping and writing songs for the cause.

So we talk very often here of the astounding control our Financial-media seem has of informative machines to print our mind and brain with hate memes, shrewdly ‘hidden’ under the ‘political correctness’ of newspeaks of placebo caring, while degrading our minds and future…

As a writer admirer of good literature needless to say the prize irritated me, and it irritated me even more that not a single article in mass-media has been written on the ‘bigot-side’ of Mr. Dylan – at best they have after praising enormously the ‘quality’ and humanism of the bigot, argued if a musician even of the extraordinary quality of Mr. Dylan deserved a literary prize. NONE, NILL nobody, not even those more sanguine about musical nobel prize ‘know’ or ‘dare to know’ who is Dylan, as NONE, NOBODY, NILL, has after the Oscar to Allen’s last movie dare to speak in favour of his raped daughter.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the FMasters control of money and media means all are ‘willing’ sheeple of the wolves with faked skin.

So we shall comment on the character and quality of Dylan and the Saint nobel of the dynamite, in this perfect parable on how weapons and go(l)d somehow come always together to debase all what humans should cherish including art and wor(l)ds.



Mr. Dylan’s true nature in 4 pics: 3) a neo-fascist bigot… 2) who can’t sing, neither writes more than bad copies of the modernist poets he admired in his youth… 4)when at least was a humanist youngster, is back… 4)to the ‘fold’ of eviL=anti-live Go(l)d cult(ure). Now it is heralded as the ‘inventor’ of r=evolutionary music, showing how an institution which pretend to honor humanism, completely misunderstands the devolutionary, destructive, soma-purpose of the FMMI system of newspeaks.

So indeed the prize was given – and this is the second side of the Financial-media system of information machines, owned in monopoly by Judaism, the Go(l)d cult(ure) that invented capitalism – to an ‘egomaniac bigot’, staunch defender of apartheid Israel, 2nd rate poet, imitator of the great Masters of english modernism: Ezra Pound->Elliot->Thomas Dylan, showing that the Nobels ‘ARE’ just part of the web of faked prizes to faked humanists, part of the placebo newspeaks. Indeed, before II world war they were given overwhelmingly to the ‘European’, leading colonial-industrial nations with a clear ‘military taste’ (Germans, French and English).

After II ww the prize had some merit during the humanist age of the European Union (from Hesse to Camus), then it became ‘lost’ in meaning and so it was given to ‘formal writers’ (from Elliot to Marquez); in the 2000s in a moment of wisdom, it tried to go to non-european authors (but only to those with westernised Old XIX c. narrative styles as it always was the case to the point that the one to Japan on the 60s, to Kawabata, prompted a ridicule moment, when the japanese author with their national sense of ‘honor’ argued Mishima, the true embodiment of his nation’s real beauty in spirit and form, should be the receiver. And to those who ‘backed the placebo democracies’ as ‘dissidents’ against other social models. But also after II world war as Judaism and its Financial-Media system (wall street, evilwood) became the globalised cult of the planet, it started to back the industry of the holocaust massively.  So those idologies: pretentious ‘thirst for freedom’, read ‘capitalist democracies’ and ‘lateral backing of Israel and our FMasters’ show the obvious, establishment nature of the prize, and the complete lack of understanding of true human values of the swedes, after all the ‘original culture of the germ(an) military animetal:

I.e. the last 3 prizes are given to people who all have ‘sung’ the holocaust, obsessively in the case of Modiano, as a main theme in Alexievich, and now also the main theme of Mr. Dylan staunch defense of Israel; what is more risible is the reason: “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”; as if Mr. Dylan, with his null music, and pretentious faking of the modernist school of british poetry, had ‘created’ – alas another titan-genius of the FMaster superior race – the beatnik movement. Mr. dylan has created nothing, and as a modernist poet ranks very low, as an activist frozen below zero.

In that regard, the amazing thing about the Literature and Peace Nobels is that these people actually do want to give the prize not to bigots, and yet presidents of israel, the ultimate racist nation who has provoked the return to the primitive semite war age, in which we live, and go(l)d writers, with his self-masturbatory and victimist themes head the statistics. Such ‘anti-quantum paradoxes’ are proper of our faked age. Those who do war get the Peace Price and those who ignore all about the eusocial values of the wor(l)d and is antagonism with the value of Go(l)d – selfie, victimist writing, got most to literature? While the true wor(l)d masters, which by essence are anti-$emite, anti-Go(l)d values get none:


‘You cannot serve two masters go(l)d and the wor(l)d, because you will hate one’, Jesus, neoplatonic master of eusocial love.

So a short list of those who did not get it, would have truly made meaningful an ‘anti-nobel prize’ given by UNESCO: Ezra pound NOT dylan as the master of modernism (but he was an anti-$emite), Heidegger NOT Sartre as the master of XX c philosophy (but he was an anti-$emite), Miguel Hernandez, or any of the other astounding poets of the 29 spanish generation instead of Alexandre (but Hernandez had content and the prize is to form); Proust and Kafka if you need ‘self-masturbatory you victimism’ (since at least proust was a masturbation about BEAUTY, and Kafka, a personal victimism with no apologetic intention’; Mishima not kawabata (the real dying wor(l)d of ethics and beauty of Japan, not the westerniser), Orwell & Huxley not Churchill on the meaning of the British empire, Fitzgerald or Passos not Faulkner & Hemingway (again content over form) in the lost generation etc.  Indeed, ‘political and economical correctness, Euro-centrism, go(l)d cult(ure) faked newspeaks and FORM over content, define the prize, which forgot the fundamental law of good literature:

(Eusocial, Life)… ‘Ethics is the beauty of the wor(l)d’


A true artist uses human senses – the beauty and harmony of the eye and the proportions and complex forms of the human body, the ethics of eusocial love, and the thirst of life of the wor(l)d to create works of literature and art. Since a true human master ‘thinks better and sees better’, and so it becomes an uberman, in human terms. Faked ethics ‘bitch about life’, repress ‘real human drives – from sex to the happiness of love; and talks of human evil. Faked ethics are the trademark of the pretentious ‘masters of humanism’ of the go(l)d culture, which have imposed its bitching mood against humanity in art & literature. So do NOT expect prizes to true verbal masters of life and ethics or artists of human form (we discuss the astounding decadence of art, since Warhol ended human art substituted by art-vertising; and the degeneration of film, signified by the other totemic false prize, the golden oscar of evilwood.  The last trend?  mechanic art, with Pcs doing music & robots dancing

So the new Saint Nobel of the Dynamite prize of ‘Literature’ is Mr. Shabtai ben Avraham, a recent ‘converso’ to orthodox Judaism, who once was a good imitator of a serious irish poet, Dylan Thomas, who of course as almost all important humanist writers of the XX century never got the Saint Nobel.

So to put in perspective this neo-fascist prize, given to an audiovisual media guru, as if they had not enough media attention (he has also his oscar and pulitzer, LOL, what else for another ‘FMaster’, chosen of go(l)d? The harder they fall.

Some quotes on the character and his views:

What a jerk Bob Dylan is. What an immature, self-important, inflated, cruel, shallow little creature, lacking in empathy and contemptuous of anyone who was not himself or his lackey. Did we actually once take this twirp as our folk god?

‘Roger Ebert’

‘What next a soccer player?’ Vargas Llosa, neo-fascist Peruvian winner, who at least commands the language beyond repeating ad nauseam and twistin words.

“Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man
His enemies say he’s on their land
They got him outnumbered about a million to one
He got no place to escape to, no place to run
He’s the neighbourhood bully”

With its opening lyrics parroting Israel’s own narrative of being the blameless, perpetual victim of Arab violence, “Neighborhood Bully” came just a year after Israel’s bloody invasion of Lebanon that would claim tens of thousands of lives…

An example of the evolution of our ‘human rightful people’, who once cared for mankind.

Mr. Dylan though never to loose a good chance to make money has updated his site:

The Lyrics: 1961-2012
OCT 17, 2016

A beautiful, comprehensive volume of Dylan’s lyrics, from the beginning of his career through the present day—with the songwriter’s edits to dozens of songs, appearing here for the first time.


Never cheap Mr. Avraham, who has refused a few concerts on 3rd world countries for paying less than his astronomical fees, offer us its masterpiece with ‘new edits’ to make it ‘new and ‘worth buying’ for the prize I bought a huge book on the masterpieces of Leonardo…. our you genius shouldn’t be worth less.

Prizes and literary critics trying to impose the ‘western canon’: the justice of time.

This is the world we live in: a complete fake, where all what is lie seems a truth, and all what is worth in human values, has no go(l)d prize…

Indeed, prizes and ‘scholarship’ are going down the ladder of self-service to the FM networks and this is what this prize today means. It might not be so openly bigot as the other great ‘center’ of ‘pretentious literature criticism’, New York Jewish literature scene which i frequented in my youth, where one Harold Bloom, a self-confessed Kabbalist (that lore of racism, where ‘women, gentiles and dogs are born of the leg of satan’), has been for long the ‘most celebrated man of letters in the Usa’ (guardian), the god of literary criticism, with its astoundingly biased ‘western canon’ that even in Europe was sold propagandistically as the ‘ultimate work to understand our civilisation’. All what we can say of it is that again the best, most influential 2 writers of the western canon in the XIX and XX c., Mr. Dostoyevski and Mr.Orwell are not among the 26 chosen for being anti$emites. What the author of’ Kabbala and mysticism’ has to say about european humanism and how the world of literature allowed him to ‘fabricate the western canon’ is indeed another proof of the power of the FMasters – the medium is the message, an so those who control the medium, $elect the canon.

The answer of course is more of the same go(l)d cult(ure): form over content, aesthetics over ethics. This is a man who does NOT even understand that ethics is the beauty of the wor(l)d, and so he coined the term School of Resentment to describe literary criticism which in the r=evolutionary 1970s were preoccupied with political and social activism at the expense of aesthetic values.

But at least he had a laugh to the pretentious attempts to convert in ‘high-minded’ writing the best-sellers of Rowling and King.

Now it seems the Nobel canon from the man who made most of the cannons of the XIX-XX c. wars along to Mr. Krupp, is reaching new lows unparalleled even in Mr. Bloom taking seriously the work of Shabtai Abraham (the faked r=evolutionary with the faked name). And we are here considering only the summit of modern literary criticism. Difficult indeed to hope for a resurrection of the wor(l)d. But and this is the only comfort zone, time always puts humanism back in place as the power of the age fades away. So indeed, Mr. Dostoyevski spent most of his youth in a gulag, Mr Orwell self-printed his masterpieces, as Nietzsche did, but he knew a master of the wor(l)d  as long as humans exist will find his way to the hearts and brains of the subconscious collective in the future, which cannot be bought, so he said: ‘a good writer is one who says things people don’t want to hear’ and also to his secretary-wife: don’t worry when I am dead an bother nobody, my  books will sell by the thousands. He was wrong, they sold by the millions and now every humanist knows we are living in an Orwellian world.

 Abstract. The d=evolution of the wor(l)d


 In the graph, The wor(l)d degrades itself from the heights of its eusocial goals as the language that communicates humans and teaches them to love and share energy and information among them, as social super organisms do in the complex, social jen≈harmony, axial age, which peaked in the moment coins were invented, when gold started to prize all and change the values of money. So the wor(l)d made a final effort, with Plato, buddha, Lao, Confucius, Socrates… who tried to explain people the wor(l)d could be more PROfound than the numbers of Pythagoras and THALES, the first mathematicians hauling from the Lydian Greece where coins≈digital numbers were invented.

THE COIN ended the sacred purity of the wor(l)d with God≈mankind above all, then the individual subject, the verb action, and the energy object:

God < Subject (man) < verb (action) < object (energy)

Now a planet ruled by the values of Go(l)d, and its mathematical equations converted humans into objects, compared by the syntax of numbers: Man = Price = Object.

We moved then into simplex Aristotle and its scientific lineal logic, but that alas, would be still above, the next degrading age.

Our age – the neopaleolithic of angry selfie bio-pics, infantile masturbatory analysis of the self and negative, victimist and accusatory mantras.

And now with pop music the word further regresses to the infantile first age of the human when not yet fully evolved, it needed the crutches of music to accompany it. And within pop music of course, degradation goes from the repetitive poetry of Mr. Dylan and the Beatles (how many times they say i ‘hate you’ or ‘i love you’), which in perspective compared to Miss Spears and gaga girl, seem genius to me.

Though the prize to Britney Spears or Justin bieber should have been more proper as a final statement of the committee, before cancelling the prize alleging there was nowhere to be seen anymore mast of the eusocial values of the wor(l)d. Indeed, just tell me a writer of the category of Mr. Tolstoi -or Mr. Proust – (christian-gay by the way) at the fin de siecle…?

BUT THAT IS not only the fault of Gaga or Spielberg, if we talk of audiovisual media but also of the degraded human people they have to portray in the neopaleolithic age, as the artist is in stendhal’s terms, a crystal mirror of the world that must leave a transparent image. 

Thus in the 3rd age of the word, similar to the infantile first age of art, we no longer read but ‘hear’ the pseudo-poetry of childish ego-centered musicians. And so we do get Nobel prizes of literature to ‘shallow little creatures, lacking empathy’, who think bitching around is ‘good poetry’. Has this guy actually read the real DYLAN, always hiding behind a master, trying to copycat, in really bad imitations, the landmark of the ‘you’ which buys with gold the work of others in wall street companies, imitates the art of others – Mr. childish rapist alas, woody allen imitating Bergman… Or yeah, like the 2 characters of ‘persona’, the real artist, the actress, and the envious care-taker, which tries to impersonate her; and mr. Dylan imitating THOMAS:

I think, that if I touched the earth,
It would crumble;
It is so sad and beautiful,
So tremulously like a dream

or yes, I have dreamt a wor(l)d without borders, but the wor(l)d is so fragile, so sand in his latter days…

The imitator, one can see, started close with ‘going in the wind’ going where though, what answer my friend? can you respond? but alas, then he moves into hate and bitching, its real ‘persona’ for 50 years and counting. Camouflage, imitation they do well. BUT once the meme is revealed, the you is a segregating meme, of perfect portrait of all what is hateful in mankind – nothing tremulous though, nothing touching lightly mother Earth, what their go(l)d has destroyed. 

But did he ever understood his master, his poem “A Refusal To Mourn The Death”, this ‘neighbourhood bully’ all day long morning the holocaust victims? That of course, is for what those prizes are made. To remember the ‘correct single thought’.

Saint Nobels of the Dynamite to 2nd rate writers and Holocaust cycle… deniers.

How Anti-humanism in all its placebo ‘newspeak’ versions of care extend and hide true humanism?

One of the best ways to do it is giving ‘prizes’ to people who pretend to be humane and pretend to understand Human nature, mostly prizes given by FMasters to FMasters, which systematically ignore the real humanist Masters.

But each year the 2 best known art prizes, the saint nobel of the dynamite to literature and the go(l)den Oscar fall a notch lower.

Indeed, one of the most irritating days for a writer like me, is to hear the ‘FMasters’ giving their prizes, oscars to holocaust and gore movies, nobels to politically correct boredoms, pritzkers to computer design spoiled by kids warping papers (sorry to Gehry :) you name it, our ‘cultural saints’ shall get them for its shameless debasing of what is truly art.

So i thought, once more a notch lower, when I heard Mr. Dylan not the poet but the audiovisual network ‘meme’, re=produced ad nauseam through the metal earth is considered the best writer of the year.

IT IS OF COURSE, no news, but expected.

After all he is the perfect ‘fake’ humanist unable to praise the beauty of being human, all repressed in the go(l)d culture from good food, to good sex, to good love – expert though in funerary ceremonies, as Ebert well explain.

Such perfect fakes are always seeked after. Consider the most perfect, Obama, the house negro who got prize to peace for his drone wars, along how many ‘Israeli presidents”, all dedicated to the peace… of the death that is, in the land of Saint Apartheid.

3 aspects are of interest on this theme:

– FIRST AND NOT COMMENTED HERE BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF THIS silly-nilly price is the fact that as all organic 3rd age phases of existence, the old man comes back to the young age. So we are now giving word prices to singers, and the first words were indeed evolved through music. We are coming thus closer to an old 3rd age, but not of epic ‘homer’ singers, but of ‘negative’, old men bitching around which is what Dylan and most ‘you’ writers do.

2nd of course, it is the monopoly of yous on prices, which the world pretends it is because they are soooo superior in quality but merely means they have so much power to self-concede them to themselves and used them to exploit their cause – call it the economic prize given by a private you swedish bank to the most conservative exploitative economists of each day, or the peace prize, so often given to those who ensure the eternal wars of apartheid  – here though as it is given by Norwegians, and camouflage of war as peace, is not that easy, apart from the fact that the country, which has gotten more presidents with the prize is Israel!! from time to time you have your mother Therese, etc. Now let us concentrate on the Literature ones:

1/5th of all Nobel prizes of Literature have been given to mourning victimist people making Holocaust books or doing apologies of the chosen as victims and supreme beings (there you can include Mr. Sartre, Mr. Churchill and a few more). For god’s sake 2 years ago they manage to find still another ‘living’ guy explaining out of his ‘childhood memories’ how terrible the french were in the occupation, because they permitted the Nazi holocaust, and so somehow they also killed all those nice yous. Spielberg, remember doesn’t go to Cannes, because the French didn’t die defending them from Gestapo.

In any case this geniuses ‘yous’ do get his fair share: o.2% of human population, over 5o% of the 1% of wealthiest, and on the key nobel for Mind and go(l)d control – 72% of economics prizes. , 72%, and so on.

And 3rd on the Literature prize – the amazing capacity NOT to choose the real values of the wor(l)d, when actually the modern swedes do try to find the best.

BUT SOMEHOW, not even trying they can distinguish faked wor(l)ds from real ones. After all the swedes are the origin of the Germ(anic) people who murder history and have never been at ease with anything truly human from sex to love. So Alas, even if they try to be human since II W.W., they look so ‘dumb’. The exception being precisely the decade after the War, when they were finally, briefly noticed what technology and ‘idealism’, german or go(l)d one had done to the world. So yes, between Hesse and Camus, you did have an enlightened swede group. 

But as the cold war set in, things of course fast degenerated. So you got the one of Churchill aand from then on, always the politically correct holocaust (economic cycle) deniers and the ‘supposedly rebels seeking for freedom in communist countries, like Pasternak or the recent Chinese guys).

So in a century and counting just a decade after 66 million corpses, made the swedes understand what humanity is all about.

But at least they tried to be serious=boring. Now?, welcome to the celebrity circus.

Mr. Dylan’s lack of value and general lack of value of all Saint Nobels so perfectly in tune with the ‘single thought’ though returns the Prize to their origins.

Nobel  is after all the guy who made most weapons in the XIX c. a biblical bigot, who expressly forbade the prize to any evolutionist form of science, which is to say most of biological and social sciences as ‘they are’. 

So who did not get them, is better to find the real ‘innovative masters’. Of course none who ‘does have enjoy sex after all’… Don’t look for Henry Miller’s Tropics; none who does explore the depths of the ‘Naked lunches’ of our human decadence. This is the place where if you touch ‘whore pussy’ a la Trump you will of course end up a la Assange, as a rapist, that is. Oh, yeah, celebrities do fuK ANY WO=MAN they want. That is a truism of the degradation of humans by metal-networks of communication. In the same way any pretentious idiot a la dylan, with a microphone, bad-imitating the 2 great modern irish masters, Thomas and Finnegan’s way (not creating but breaking and repeating words, not rising the spirit, which never went beyond the blowing wind or the rolling stone, always with no goal, not static contemplation of the absolute window that homology and metaphor of all living inanimate beings bring to us.

Don’t look either when they get ultra-serious in search of the meaning of man and the world of time, for the 2 most influential philosophers ‘still’, of the turn of the XX century, alas, precursors – so they say those who never read it… of National socialism – Mr. Heidegger and Mr. Nietzsche. Like Mr. Wagner, you might not like his lack of political correctness about the go(l)d masters, but if you want to understand the ‘death of music’, the ‘death of god’, the death by ‘time’ of the existential Da-Sein, being, look at them, not at Mr. Sartre, pretentious platitudes, and all the boredom that follows.

Now, the series of ‘dumb prices’  are truly impressive – that of Nobels of Literature, which systematically have missed most of the master WRITERS of the century.

Mr. Tolstoi to start with. But here we must be honest. It was always said that he was offered the prize, but that was the first prize and everybody knew the so-called merchant of death, Mr. Nobel had created it. So if they offer of course Tolstoi would have refused.

But first, to finish the you part, it is truly remarkable to see the same pattern: among the 30 or so jews who got it mostly for self-masturbabory exercises of hate-memes to oneself and the nation that hosts them (from Mr. Saul Bellow, perfectly portrayed by Dali’s ‘the great masturbator’, through Mr. Pasternak, the russian you that hated the r=evolution to this last Jewish-French guy of the holocaust mourning) you don’t find the 2 best, most humanist jewish-genes, HUMAN-memes, writers of XX c.

This 2 non-jews (christian one, socialist/anarchist the other) Mr. Proust and Mr. Kafka – of course – were ignored.

Yes, the long series of humanist non-jews, from Humanist Jesus through christian->socialist Marx, to kafka and proust are worthy. But, nothin worth has been ever written from the human perspective by a ‘you-you’, because a ‘you-you’ is not a race but a racist idol-ogy, a very different proposition, the belief that ‘you’ the ‘you’ are a chosen ‘race’ of ‘gold’, with rights to enslave life and standardise it with numbers and price, always above man – that hateful species.

Mr. proust of course was only by birth, a go(l)den you with a mum of a banking dynasty, but a christian father-doctor. So as always on those mestizos who can compare from Proust to Stone, not the rolling but the Olive(r) – french mum here, father stock rat… they take sides and struggle to understand his human one.

And to complete the view, Kakfa, like Wittgenstein (another one never mentioned by the committee of experts) were not only yo-yos, but hated them – including their families of ‘you’ animetals in control of railroads all over the Empire. Read letter to my father of mr. Kafka, a delight of the senses – he is indeed the cockroach of metamorphosis, left there eaten by insects, as they take their beautiful daughter to walk in search of a go(l)den bride. While Wittgenstein renounced to his ‘death-stained’ fortune and went to teach to a small town.

Mr. Dylan perhaps was not a you on his origins long ago and has some little poems of some note, when he thought he was Mr. Dylan, which we have heard ad nauseam, the tambourine and rolling stones stuffs, but alas, now is Mr. Abraham, prising Apartheid for a lofty prize. So why they give it to him now? Might it be just another ‘prize’ to ‘another’ holocaust cycle denier? 1/2 of the last years? Like the oscars, the amazing thing about this, is that the further we are from the ‘event’ the more movies and books get a prize for it, as of course the power of the e-money printing FMasters grows. Hence my dictum, so many prize to the ‘yous’ is just a prove of its growing price-power.

I could have accepted that they would have given one long ago, for GOD’S SAKE! to a ‘humanist you’ scriptwriter like Mr. Mankiewicz of ‘the American’ fame (latter re-titled citizen Kane), but  NOT to a media meme of null value for the wor(l)d. If the concept is to give the price to those artists who excel, who ‘think better and see longer’. Mr you now reconverted to torah, israel and the clintons has no merit.

But of course the Nobel and the Pulitzer have no merit either. They are quintessential way in which the system tries to ‘wash’ its crimes. Who was Pulitzer after all? The inventor of yellow press, which fought a battle for degrading further journalism with Hearst, the man who made the Cuban ‘splendid little war’ possible. From wikipedia:

Joseph Pulitzer was a Hungarian-American (read you) newspaper publisher of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the New York World. Pulitzer introduced the techniques of yellow journalism to the newspapers he acquired in the 1880s.

In the 1890s the fierce competition between his World and William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal caused both to use yellow journalism for wider appeal; it opened the way to mass-circulation newspapers that depended on advertising revenue and appealed to readers with multiple forms of news, entertainment and advertising…

So as Nobel the essential warrior germ cleaned his act with the Nobel, Pulitzer, the essential hate media guru did it with his prize.

We will escape Pulitzer’s winners, but alas here it is a short list of Nobel winners, till I World War – you can bet each year to one of the worst, conservative, placebo, politically and economically correct idiots of the world to get one:

1901 Sully-Prudhomme

France French “in special recognition of his poetic composition, which gives evidence of lofty idealism, artistic perfection and a rare combination of the qualities of both heart and intellect”[poetry, essay]

This is really the first of a series of ‘poets’, all without the slightest quality, based merely on the form never the content along:

1903 Björnstjerne Björnson, 1901.(1844-1905). Norwegian “as a tribute to his noble, magnificent and versatile poetry, which has always been distinguished by both the freshness of its inspiration and the rare purity of its spirit”[10] poetry, novel, drama
1904 Frédéric Mistral  France Provençal “in recognition of the fresh originality and true inspiration of his poetic production, which faithfully reflects the natural scenery and native spirit of his people, and, in addition, his significant work as a Provençal philologist”[11] poetry, philology

And many, many more. Oh, yes i know what i say – those 2 above are just ‘nationalist’ writers of pretentious poetry to the ‘small nation’ in languages nobody understands.

LET us be fair though, much much latter on the verge of death they gave one to Elliot (pretentious as it is, there you have ‘his quartet’ – which by the way tells me, if you want to give a prize to a serious song writer, please, go indeed for Modern Lyrics and Opera; go for Richard strauss and his quartet of death, on herman hesse poetry, if you go for an imitator of real poetry, go for one which of course DOES REAL MUSIC, DOES REAL POETRY AND WHEN IT COPIES IT GIVES CREDITS TO THEM.

LET US CONTINUE the list and then comment them, just till I W.W. (we shall not bore you to death):
1902 T-mommsen- “the greatest living master of the art of historical writing, with special reference to his monumental work, A History of Rome”[9] history, law

1904. José Echegaray y Eizaguirre Spanish “in recognition of the numerous and brilliant compositions which, in an individual and original manner, have revived the great traditions of the Spanish drama”[11] drama
1905 Henryk Sienkiewicz  Polish “because of his outstanding merits as an epic writer”[12] novel
1906 Carducci Italian “not only in consideration of his deep learning and critical research, but above all as a tribute to the creative energy, freshness of style, and lyrical force which characterize his poetic masterpieces”[13] poetry
1907 Kipling United Kingdom
(Born in British Raj Red Ensign.svg India) English “in consideration of the power of observation, originality of imagination, virility of ideas and remarkable talent for narration that characterize the creations of this world-famous author”[14] novel, short story, poetry
1908 Rudolf Christoph Eucken German “in recognition of his earnest search for truth, his penetrating power of thought, his wide range of vision, and the warmth and strength in presentation with which in his numerous works he has vindicated and developed an idealistic philosophy of life”[15] philosophy
1909 Selma Lagerlöf n Swedish “in appreciation of the lofty idealism, vivid imagination and spiritual perception that characterize her writings” novel, short story
1910 Adolf Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel  German “as a tribute to the consummate artistry, permeated with idealism, which he has demonstrated during his long productive career as a lyric poet, dramatist, novelist and writer of world-renowned short stories” poetry, drama, novel, short story
1911 Maurice Maeterlinck Belgium French “in appreciation of his many-sided literary activities, and especially of his dramatic works, which are distinguished by a wealth of imagination and by a poetic fancy, which reveals, sometimes in the guise of a fairy tale, a deep inspiration, while in a mysterious way they appeal to the readers’ own feelings and stimulate their imaginations”[18] drama, poetry, essay
1912 Gerhart Hauptmann German “primarily in recognition of his fruitful, varied and outstanding production in the realm of dramatic art”[19] drama, novel

I haven’t even cleaned up the copy-paste garbage of wikipepdia list  nations, numbers. All garbage, all of them.

Most of the usual suspects, at the beginning were the military germ(an)/Scandinavian patriots and nation-building racist epic poets, so close to Saint Nobel, precursor of all mass destruction Weapons (‘My factories will end all peace congresses inventing a weapon that will annihilate entire nations with a single shot).  Notice indeed that till I WW 1/2 of them are German-Scandinavian, that is as usual ‘objectivity’.

Alas, the proper Nobel prize of Literature would be the cancellation of the prize for honouring the biggest germ of XIX century war-history.

Latter on the bias will move to the winners of II WW, the ‘you victims’ of history, and so around 1/4th will go to holocaust deniers (that is denying of the economic cycle of the holocaust), ‘yous’ of various denominations or its apologists like Mr. Sartre, who did not accept the prize (didn’t go to the ceremony) but did accept the price (asked for the money).

Consider for example the 2 only Nobels to Historians; and the 2 given to historic novelists:

One went to Mr. Mommsen, the apologist of Roman armies and empire building.

The other went to Churchill, the racist leader of the british empire, enthusiast of eugenics (Sweden didn’t stop castration of lesser humans, practicing eugenics till the 1970s), and mastermind of Israel’s state whose lobbies always sustained his career.

The 2 notable historians of Germany and England, predecessors of biological History, of course, got nothing – Mr. Toynbee and Mr.  Oswald ‘spengler’ (nowhere to be seen on the list).

All very correct,  of course, so nobody remembers them. So we do have also a prize to the well known imperialist of ‘the white man’s burden: to civilise the brutish 3rd world’ – Mr. Kipling, which neo-fascism loves to love. At least though he does have a certain flair on the language – not certainly on the content.

And the usual reactionary conservative slav, here a pole known by quo vadis on those baddies romans who didn’t believe in the ‘you’ prophet.

Or consider the Nobels of that list to ‘spaniards’. The winner, is considered here one of the worst theatre authors of the language, Mr. Echegaray who nobody ever will play again.

Or consider the usual patriotic prizes to Scandinavians. In this decade we have it one to Selma a swedish of silly nilly childish tales, and to Bjørnstjerne Martinius Bjørnson, whose poetry is as artificial as his name.

Where is then the prize to the true master of Norwegian literature Mr. Ibsen? Indeed, when those prizes were created there were real geniuses on the parroquial world of Swedish culture turning as always around Scandinavia, Germany, Russia, and the British-French, ‘correct modern’ capitalist world. So with no argument, MR. Tolstoi and Mr. IBSEN deserved them, but die to see Mr. Bjornetc. getting it.

Prizes are part though of the cyclic for rituals to fake a reality  THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REAL VALUES O OF HUMANISM, ONLY WITH THE FAKED ONES.

Oscars are even more pathetic. The nobel after all a prize to the merchant of death and maximal maker of weapons of the XIX century and given by pure animetal swedish, reconverting to fascist capitalism, are no exception to the rule of a superstructure of absolute lies about the nature of man, the future and the machine, we are littered with.

So a list of those who were not nobel prizes will always be more interesting for literature: those non-yous, proust and kafka, aforementioned, those argentineans, borges and cortazar, those americans, fitzgerald and dos passos and vonnegut, those Asians, NOT THE CORRECT ones against the Chinese culture today represented by organic communism, not the correct japs, well westernised but the Mishimas… In that regard if Mr. Churchill the fascist leader of the british empire deserved one for its memories, they should given one to Lenin for his ‘Imperalism’. Frankly, couldn’t care less.

AsI said oscars are worst – the bottom of the pit reached with the ‘Silence of the Lambs’ oscar at the best film to a gore movie about a cannibal… pure holocaust stuff on the monstrous – with little poetics, the highest of all arts of words, indeed

I explain the Oscars in length somewhere in this disordered blog, and my knowledge of a few of those oscarized guys, so I won’t go with them.

Of course, if we go to other prizes things get less ridiculous but still one can remember the 20 years or so they took to give it to Einstein because he was a pacifist…

But the more sanguine are those to ‘economics’, given by a ‘you’ bank to the biggest a$$Holes of capitalism, from a guy called Lucas who proved the importance of slavery in the growth of GDP to the last one on contracts and speculation.

As this is my ‘strongest discipline’, i could give you an entire list, always to the most bigot economist of each age.

Of all of them, 72% given to capitalist jews.

I would only consider respectable those given to the Bengali Sen for his Index of Human Development, to the obscene Galbraith, with his cynical view on capitalism (at least a view for god’s sake) and the good swede, Myrdal – shared of course with the pamphletist Hayek to give Mr. Hayek prestige… This is indeed the ultimate example on what is the purpose of this prize.

The best SWEDISH economist ever, creator of the swedish social democracy, waited to be almost dead to get it (no rush here for national geniuses), and when given show, he shared it with the pamphletist of modern capitalism, the ‘teacher of Tatcher’, whose books are full of outright lies (as when he says national banks who print for welfare should be abolished and only private banks should print money for themselves and industries because they are experts, who will not print so much money, and puts the example of the reichbank who brought hyperinflation, as the essential national bad-run bank – forgotten the fact that it WAS a private bank owned by one stein, printing for himself, as now bankers do in e-money printing billions for themselves).

So the most remarkable swede of the century Myrdal, who created the most remarkable work of the swedes – its welfare state, was used to give prestige to the wickedest of all people, for the sake of capitalism, way to go… FMasters of the virtual Universe.

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