Global warming

Global warming started as a stunt by the Nuclear Industry to recast itself after Chernobyl as a clean energy, that didn’t vomit dioxide. I know that cause i was at the time one of the leader of the antinuclear movement, and to my surprise when I contacted the founder of the Gaia’s hypothesis which I subscribed and have widened to the evolution of the Earth in 3 ages, Gaia, History and the Metal-earth, found he had married to a young ambitious woman, Sally who handled his agenda and would only accept interviews NOT against the Nuclear industry’s pollution of earth but in favour of the Nuclear Industry, which he promoted as the solution to clean energy.

Then the fourth cycle of evolution of machines kicked off and Wall Street started to bet heavily into the future of solar energies for autonomous robots independent of man – the true panacea for technoutopia as it would liberate definitely the machine from the control of humanity, with AI telepathic brains and Solar skins – nobody will have to plug the robot. He will be a true species. This though is NOT necessarily understood by WALL STREET. You have to understand that Wall Street merely needs to find ‘EXCUSES’ to print free money and to do so bets into some future ‘supposedly’ immense price of a thing.

This is the heart matter that rules the world. To invent digital numbers as money which humans cannot do but Speculators, stock-rats can, there must be some excuse and as things are not worth 5 trillion $ more from one year to the next which is what stock-rats invent every year in e-money to keep it for themselves or credit company-mothers of machines the excuse must be some immense value of something in the future.

In Amsterdam when it was invented it started with gold mines – suddenly fake news came around about a boat that came loaded with gold and the sephardim on charge of the business would spread rumours and sell the boat BEFORE it arrived to the port. So alas, when the boat was entering the price peaked, and then la ‘caza del conejo’ as they said it (the skinning of the rabbit) which consists in selling the false wealth of the ‘future’ to people completed, the boat was loaded with.. scorbutic men, massacred by conquistadors in their attempts to get the silver of the ‘galleon de la plata’…

So when the thing dried up and nobody believed the next boat had the silver of mexico loaded, it came the tulip thing: you would sell more expensive a tulip on the amazing reason that in the ‘future’ will die away, and you had to hurry up to get it before it ‘died’. That is how blind is greed – people would see the price going up bitcoin style before the government clamps down on the stuff (to return in the future as the actual digital money of robotic systems but that is another story)…

So alas, they did the same with the bubble of internet companies that will be worth billions in the future, and once they skinned the rabbit of every middle class american, they of course had handled trillions to start up companies, choking off credit mankind and stole billions to them, to keep it for themselves.

And then came solars. One of the biggest lobbyists for the nuclear industry Mr. Al Gore, a corrupted pretentious politician of the hot south, made with the help of evilwood a pretentious catastrophic movie-fiction about how horrible would be that 1/2 of the land mass which is in the northern plains would multiply its temperature save billions in winter heating and produce much more wheat while the Dutch and Indonesians will have to made better infrastructures to contain the swamp but for that will have one hundred years. And alas, the thing caught on because suddenly the system realised if the entire planet was talking about such an absurd catastrophic newspeak they would NOT talk about anything else. This was ‘again’ once more the essential philosophy of modern newspeaks as deviced by the founder of the modern informative world, the first minister of information, then called ‘propaganda’ (newspeak was in its initial stages and hadn’t perfected its dialog), Mr. Goebbels… the uncle of an old friend Mr. Quandt, the owner of the robotic company BMW ahead of the future robotic solar de luxe cars, which then was doing tanks:

‘If you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more you repeat the more they will believe’

‘I have asked UFA (German Film Industry) to make patriotic and entertaining movies, people will like them and don’t ask about anything else’.

So that is all you need to do, to sell and imprint people with some ‘simple idea’ as people are simple, one-dimensional and need to feel they understand the problem. The shit of the machines though is NOT the problem THE PROBLEM IS THE MACHINE-ROBOT soon to be transformed into an autonomous solar machine-weapon that will no longer need us and will not be able to be unplugged:

Newspeaks always hide under a shallow surface of political and economical correctness that pretends to act for the benefit of mankind hidden goals of the Financial-media/military-industrial complex. Such is the case of the 2 main newspeaks of the singularity age: global warming to foster the autonomy of solar robots and war on terror to maintain splendid little wars for profits against the poorest culture of mankind today, last extant abrahamic god albeit in corrupt jihad form, and to defend apartheid israel the nation of our FMasters. So on one side we create a paranoia of terror that allows to build a big brother state, on the other side we promote terrorism through pro-western fundamentalist corrupted Arab states that pay them (Arabia, Emirates), while Islamophobia and permanent media attention ensures the recruitment of new terrorists in a vicious circle that keeps evolving future robots. Then we destroy the ‘cancer’ to let it grow back again:

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