Damned lies & statistics

Abstract. This post will deal and grow from now on as the focus of the articles on economics, which have been too much stressing the dictatorship of financiers and company-mothers mostly belonging in the west to the biblical supremacist go(l)d culture – but if we didn’t make clear enough that economics is a raw idology of power, not a science we cannot really hope for a r=evolution based in the science of systems.

Here thus, once it is clear that the postulates of economics are about preserving the rights of a tiny elite to control mankind with digital numbers, study in depth the entire discipline from the humanist point of view. This is longer overdue. So my apologies as the original notebook was missing since my studies at Columbia U…. 30 years ago…

here thus we shall deal with all the lies of capitalist=classic economics about wealth, freedom, rights to issue money etc. etc.


 Damned lies of economists 

‘Saloon economists here in London dedicate all their efforts to find complicated arguments to defend the financiers that pay them’ Owens

We all believe today economists know what they say and what they say has the purpose of growth and positive future economic development for mankind.

This is NOT the case, regardless of the fact that as people are memorial beings, the same way everybody thought God existed when that was the only thing they knew about, today all think economics is NOT an idology of power, but a science that truly caters to mankind.

This has some obvious effects: people think the future the go(l)d culture and company-mothers design for mankind is unavoidable. If they knew is just an idology of power, they would fight for alternative paths.

Consider a few questions that are economic dogma but have a spurious origin on the XIX c. economists to the service of the city financiers…


-Why inflation is good but capitalism decries it as it dimishes the wealth of renters. THE HUMANIST ALTERNATIVE.

Inflation is natural to languages, as we talk more than act. Money is not wealth per se, but a language that allows reproduction.

Inflation affects people with higher rent and those who issue money which loose value, so saloon economists have always concerned to deliver to their masters good excuses… It is also typically used by companies to limit the salary of workers. Saloon Economists are warning that higher wages will lead to inflation.

What if we tried an experiment and waited until inflation actually began to rise substantially before raising interest rates too quickly? Even if prices did rise, salaries rise more so stock-rats which are renters are the ones that loose.  Economics textbooks thus were at pains to invent complicated ‘statistical damned lies’ to tell us that when the unemployment rate falls below standard measures of full employment a  “wage-price spiral” starts to take effect: Companies start paying more to find scarce workers, those higher wages necessitate higher prices and inflation soon becomes a nasty problem.

Stockrats print trillions but economists accuse the dwindling share of wages of ‘inflation’, not the invention of trillions of money that loose value, hence you need more to pay goods which is the definition of inflation.

But recent experience has shown us that the economy can operate at low levels of unemployment — even lower than “full employment” — without inflation becoming a serious problem. For example, now that robotics and AI requires workers to keep making the new species that will do us all in America there is almost full employment Inflation, according to the Fed’s preferred measure, has mostly remained well below its target of 2 percent since 2008.

On the other hand, the real cause of inflation which is a lesser value of money, HAS ALWAYS BEEn the massive invention of money by speculators. In fact the birth of e-money in the 70s-80s caused the largest period of inflation. But NOT a single economist has blamed speculators. Oh, no, the worker and his salary is always guilty, even if it is increasingly the smallest part of the cost of any product:

-Why the wealth of nations is not its GDP maximized in wars but the welfare of people.

Weapons have maximal value in terms of money but minimal in terms of words. So maximal Gdp is achieved in wars, in a pure predator ecosystem of machines-weapons.

-Why economists never talk of war profits, which dominates free markets.

Obviously it would prevent them from achieving ‘maximal GDP’ and maximal wealth.

-Why economists make it so complicated to issue money, so people don’t understand it.

They appropriate it for themselves. And as they don’t understand money as a digital language of ‘hormonal information’ they can even imagine it is for the good of ignorant people as they are the experts.

-Why economists prefer to talk of the financial economy as wealth, instead of the real economy.

Greed is the go(l)d culture religion. So they see money as wealth, not as a language.

-Why the Nobel prize is by decree never given to humanist economics

-Why economists talk of productivity that fires human labor as the goal of factories.

It is in the tradition of Smith and Ricardo’s iron salary and worship of technologyy.

-Why economists never predict the future of its indicators.

-Why economists always think the future will be better.

-Why stocks keep growing with no limit.

-Why economists talk of risk in stocks when there is none on the long term.

-Why economists love private banks, and deficit zero laws.

-Why economists love indirect taxes and low taxes for corporations.

-Why economist love technology.

-Why economists don’t want to consider the collateral effects of their discipline in history.

-Why economists care nothing for the rights of workers.

-Why economists only want to express their laws in mathematical equations.

– Why economists insist in free trade – the Ricardo argument.

– Why economists talk of free markets whose only citizens are corporations.

-Why economists talk of entrepreneurs as innovators when machines are organisms that repeat human organs.

-What is money, a digital language, and its syntax.

-What is whealth and how to measure it.

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