Mechanism vs. Organicism

Scientific senses: Spatial perceptors,   Temporal perceptors Metal-minds

Human senses: eyes, spatial perceptors, words, temporal perceptors: human mind.

Scientific method, a dogma=ideology that evolves machines

The purpose of science should be the pursuit of knowledge, and the understanding of the Main Laws that rule the universe, without any dogmatic limits except the harm that knowledge might cause to mankind. This self-evident definition of a positive science, which many scientists would subscribe, however does not guide today the practical world of modern science.
We are neither advancing in our search for the general principles that define the Universe – a Unifying Theory able to explain the nature of Reality, beyond the detailed descriptions provided by our instruments – nor we are limiting the harmful side effects of many discoveries of science in human societies, from weapons to pollution to mass extinctions caused by the machines invented by science. Why? Is it because we as human beings are limited by our intelligence to understand those principles; and doomed to destroy ourselves given our innate ignorance? Or because we are using an incorrect approach to knowledge and guided by errors of thought, we are pushing irresponsible policies that could be avoided? As Aristotle and others before me, I believe the principles that rule the Universe are simple enough for mankind to understand them and, guided by those principles, manage properly this small planet. Yet if we are guided by misleading ideas on the nature of those Universal Laws, we will never be able to apply them to the common good. In a sense as Socrates said, intelligence and goodness are related, as those who truly understand the workings of the Universe, respect the Universe and take care of it in a proper way.

So the problem of searching for a Unifying Theory, that explains the Universe, seems more a question of wrong methods of knowledge than of a limited human intelligence. Plainly speaking, Modern science constricted by the scientific method and its mathematical limits is not suit to find a Unifying Theory of reality. Since mathematics, a spatial language based in geometry, mainly provide spatial descriptions of reality. Thus they can only at best unify those spatial properties, in search of the ultimate force/s and particle/s origin of all the other spatial particles/forces of the Universe.

There is however a second defect of the Scientific Method that goes beyond knowledge, into the realm of history and human survival: its despise for human senses, and natural languages (words), and reliance in sensorial machines, and the languages they use to measure reality – digital numbers.

This reliance on machines and numbers to understand reality is perhaps the biggest myth of science – the myth of the scientific method, the idea that we need machines to understand the Universe of space, and time, since those machines are superior to our human senses, eyes and words that also perceive space and time. The result of that myth is that scientists become evolutors of machines, instead of searchers of human knowledge with human senses, a role left to artists and writers. Science in this manner becomes theoretical technology. First we discover machines of science, and only then we inquire about the Universe we them.

Indeed I affirm that the main reason why scientists exist is not to evolve human knowledge -even if many scientists wish to do that- but to evolve sensorial machinesmental machines . In fact the discovery of those mental machines caused science. Indeed, clocks and telescopes able to measure time and space in “metallic terms” arrived just before science kicked off.

That hard true is covered with the myth of the “experimental method”, confused with the “scientific method”. The experimental method is very old. It was invented by the Greeks, and it might say is natural to man. Yet science was born a few years after the first metal-eye, the telescope was discovered, and the first accurate clock, the pendulum clock, manufactured. So it was the first metal-eye, the telescope, and the first metal-brain, the clock, who invented modern science. The Greeks did not have them. So despite having a much better understanding of the basis of the experimental, deductive, and logic methods of human knowledge, that XVII C. Europeans, they did not found science.

Sensorial machines are indeed the key element of science, not the scientists that use them. The telescope, “the first primitive metal-eye” was discovered just before Galileo invented his method of “perception of truth” with telescopes. The pendulum clock, “the first primitive metal-brain”, able to measure time with higher precision than human words do, was perfected by Galileo himself. I would call in that sense Galileo, an artisan of metal, that used to enhance his knowledge the artifacts he constructed.


Metal-minds are organs that gather information from the perspective of machines. They are parallel species to the mental species that man possess, not superior, but just another species of heads, with the components of all heads:

– Radio Ears, and telephone ears, imitate the hearing functions of man.

– TV eyes, and cameras imitate the visual functions of man.

 Computers, and networks, imitate the individual and social brains of man.


In the next graph, the scientific method from a biological point of view, is merely the process of substitution of human sensorial evidence, by metal snsorial evidence. A better system of perception – The telescope-digital clock of Galilee- is used now to measure sace and time, instead of the biological systems of human perception (the eye and de word). Yet since metal-species are potentially more perfect that carbolife species, we prefer metal-sensorial truth-evidence, In this manner man renounces to his subjective senses, and becomes slave of the evidence of metal-senses, slave of thecnological truths. Science and technology are not abstract concepts, but very real species, that substitute and cause the obsolescence of Human Words and Eyes, replaced by themetal eye-brain system and their digital perception of space-time. In this manner metal-eyes and metal-brains become the new informative top predators of the Earth.


Science is the evolutionary system of metal-species. Its top predator language is mathematics that substitutes Word information. Science does not evolve either life or human beings, but metalspecies. Companies and Science are not about human knowledge and evolution, but about metal evolution. Why? Since according to the scientific method, without metal-informative senses (clocks, cameras) by definition we cannot find a scientific truth. Indeed, a scientific truth measures time and space changes in a given species. Yet Time and Space have in science a narrow, “metallic” definition: Time is defined as what a clock measures and Space is defined as what a microscope or Telescope sees. So the sensorial truth of metal senses becomes synonymous in science, of “Human Truth”. The evolution of metal-senses becomes the a priori condition for any kind of scientific knowledge: you evolve metal senses, you measure time with metal-brains, with clocks (today evolved into computers) and you measure space with metal-eyes, with telescopes (today evolved into cameras); and you call that truth “science”, “knowledge”. Even if “truth”, science and knowledge about space and time, can be measured with many other senses, and perceptive languages. This is indeed the error of science: to confuse a certain truth and perception (metal-perception) with the absolute truth and perception. That arrogant view is the simple ideology of science which evolves metal-minds. Truth is what metal minds see and measure. So the search for truth implies the search for better, evolved metal minds. The a priori goal of science becomes then evolution of machines. The ideology of science becomes the search for metal- truths:


Scientific truth = metal-sensorial evidence (clock-camera measure)

Truth = Metal-sensorial evidence = Evolution of metal-species


The metalminds of science replace the very essence of human minds, the virtual world of information we trace with eyes and words in our brain, now by the companies-designed virtual world of values that TVs program in us.

We conclude that the scientific method of “total metal-sensorial evidence”, and all the statements of science in that path, are pure, naive, arrogance of which scientists are so often guilty, mesmerized by the perceptive power of their “metal-senses”, telescopes, cameras and computers. One of the fathers of science, Kepler wrote in his book: “I am writing a book to be read either now or in posterity, it matters not. It can wait a century for a reader, as God Himself has waited 6,000 years for a witness”. Yet the witness was not Kepler, self-appointed, as the only intelligence comparable to that of God=the Universe, but the metal-senses of Kepler, his clock and telescope. Still, those powerful perceptive instruments were just two of the many linguistic detectors that the Universe hosts.

Function is form. The function of scientists is to evolve machines and weapons. The forms they create are machines and weapons. To break the slavery of science to metal, human verbal logic, Theory of Evolution, has to be regarded as the guide of all forms of research.

So digital science has to be denied. Scientists have to become human thinkers and understand the universe in verbal terms. Otherwise they will extinguish us, while in a loop of unconscious cynicism, keep telling us that technology and computers is human progress… not metal progress.

The arrogance of science is to despise human senses, and substitute them for the senses of metal-species. Human verbal knowledge is our knowledge, maybe worse than metal-sensorial knowledge but ours. It will never betray us. Words are the subjective human perception of the Universe. While science is the metal-sensorial perception of the Universe, through cameras and Metal-minds. It is only better in detail but men do not need such “detail” of information. What men need is accurate information that could help humans to survive.



The evolution of knowledge is evolution of the languages of the mind


To understand such new approach to science, we have to clarify once and for all what is really human nowledge. Knowledge obviously is the accumulation of information about reality with the human mind. What is then the human mind? Here is when an objective analysis brings a rather simple, yet enlightening answer: your mind is an organic system that processes languages of perception. Those languages of perception are basically two: sight and sounds, from where two languages of knowledge derivative, numbers and words. What do numbers and words, eyes and sounds perceive. Eyes and numbers perceive space. Verbal words and sounds perceive time. Words are verbal constructions that talk about events in time. mathematics are geometrical games that explain events in space. So we come to the conclusion that the human mind is a “being that exists in space and time” and so it perceives space and time.

You are a mind that perceives time and space. That is the nature of your existence. You perceive time with words, with verbs. You perceive space with eyes, with images. That is your connection to reality. The evolution of the human mind, of our words of comprehension of time, and our perception of images (either thorough art, or mathematics), is the very essence of knowledge.

So to know, is to develop the two languages of the human mind, words and mathematics, and the comprehension they bring us of the events of time, and the forms of space… Once this is clear it is easy to understand knowledge and science as an process of evolution of human languages, and the information we collect with those languages.



The 2 Ages of Science. The 2 ages of knowledge


History does not evolve human bodies, but human languages. This is evident. Our species exists as such since perhaps 150.000 years, since the arrival of verbal languages, without real changes of morphology. It is then verbal and mathematical knowledge, the virtual worlds and the mind of man what evolves in history.

Thus, we talk of 2 ages of human knowledge, according to the evolution and predominance of the different languages of the human mind.

– The verbal age of knowledge, represented by Taoism, Buddhism, philosophy and religion. It is the age of perception of time, with words an verbs, with “3 dimensions”; past, present and future.

– The mathematical age of the scientific method, started in ±1602. humans changed the perception of space and time, no longer observed with words, but with clocks, and numbers.

Yet in both ages man has tried to answer the natural questions perceived by the mind and its languages: what is time and space, what are the nature of the changes, creations and extinctions that take place in that Universe?



The age of words


In the age of words, man tries to explain the changes that take place in space and time, using names (which design beings that exist in space) and verbs (which design actions that take place in time between beings of space, using past, present, and future verbs). The result is the existence of a certain “Universal grammar”, or “verbal syntax” common to most verbal expressions: Name (subject) verb Name (object).

That verbal syntax basically says that all events in the Universe relate two species or forms of space, through processes of communication that takes place in time. It also says that man (the subject) is the center of all those sentences, the actor of the verb, and hence it is the center of the Universe.

Verbal syntax is anthropomorphic. The minute you say a sentence you will probably say “I did that”, and you will become the center of the Universe. Still we know this is false. We know we are not the center of the Universe. So we talk of the first age of verbal science, as an age of anthropomorphic knowledge, in which man is the subject of all things, and the word is the only language of truth. Today this concept of reality still lingers in western verbal religions. However as time went by, such simple idea of the Universe, derived of the “biological syntax” of words, evolved into concepts more akin to the experimental reality of the Universe.

The same happened among the “verbal scientists” of the Eastern World. We might call it the “objective, or relativistic school of thought”, as opposed to the “subjective or absolutist school of western thought”. The culmination of such verbal school of science took place in a brief period between the VI and IV centuries before Christ (Christ himself can be considered the fundamental philosopher of the subjective vision of the Universe, with men-God as the center of all things). It gave us the work of a series of verbal genius in Greece and Asia -Lao-Tse, Buddha, Aristotle, Plato- which developed a verbal cosmology, coherent with the perceived nature of Change in the Universe of space-time beings. They answered our fundamental question: the causes and nature of the creation, evolution and destruction of space-time beings.

To understand their answer we might have to clarify some words which are synonymous, since those philosophers in general used instead of the modern, scientific concepts of space and time, two different concepts that talked of the same, the concepts of a Universe of space, and a God that ruled the changes, the times of beings…



What is God and what is the Universe


God, and the Universe are the two great mysteries, the two great macrocosms about which man has always inquired. It is possible to know God and the Universe, as the great thinkers of the verbal age, from Aristotle to Buddha thought? I believe it is possible. However before trying to answer that question properly we have to define what most people mean with those words. Since there are several definitions of God and the Universe, we better agree on what is the field of our inquire according to the opinion of most people…

By the Universe most men understand the reality we perceive through our eyes, the spatial reality. The Universe is “all what exists”. By God most men understand the intelligence of that Universe. Which manifests itself, through the changes that take place in the Universe. God is for Greek philosophers the Logos of the Universe, the laws that cause the constant change of reality. It is the Tao of Change in Chinese words. God is the Creator, and Cause of the lives and deaths (the changes) of the Universe in Western Religions.

The concept of God turns out to be similar. It is always the same idea of an intelligence that causes changes. The Eastern man, and the scientist, think the creator is inside reality. Western religions think the creator is outside reality. But for both cultures God is the cause, the logic of change. The expression “Laws of Change” is a synonymous of the “Thoughts of God”. Those Thoughts of God are the subject of our inquire… Indeed, since all those concepts of God are synonymous of change we have found the right question to inquire the nature of God: “change”. What causes change? What are the laws of change? Can we control those laws; can we influence God? Those are the questions of this book.



Change happens in Time, the Universe happens in Space


Can we relate the philosophical idea of change-God to a “real” concept within the reach of human understanding? We can. Since Change takes place in Time, we could say that God is the master of time. The Laws of Change are the Laws of Time. If the Universe is a physical, spatial reality, God and His Laws are a temporal, logical form. We could say that the Universe is about Space; and God is about Time. Because reality exists in Space; and change exists in Time.

Thus we have created a bridge between the abstract concepts of God and the Universe, and the scientific concepts of Time=Change and Space=Reality. It is basically the same bridge, earlier Taoists and Buddhists created many centuries ago. They said that God is Time, is change. That the logic of God, was the cause of change in the species of reality, in the spatial beings of the Universe.

Those laws of change were explained in simple terms by Taoists and Buddhists using two terms, yin and yang, that are quite equivalent to the modern terms of information and energy. The species of the Universe shared and transformed energy and information. The way they shared and transformed that energy and information followed certain rules, which were the rules of change, the logic of God.

As we go along the pages of this book we will see that essentially such ideas are right. The Universe is a game of communication of two substances that we will call spatial energy and temporal information. The sum of all those spatial energies and temporal informations are the Total Universe. However we only perceive of that total Universe a part of the absolute spatial energy and temporal information the total Universe stores…

Where is the rest of that spatial energy and temporal information? The answer is: “beyond our perception, in parallel Universes perceived with other forces such as gravitation”. This conclusion reached by modern science in the last years, through the language of mathematics, is the best explanation we have found to Reality. Curiously enough was also the explanation reached with verbal languages, by the scientists of the age of words…

Indeed, Eastern philosophers considered that knowledge was relative to perception, and human perception was limited by our understanding of spatial energy (yang), and temporal information (yin), with two basic languages, sight and words… Therefore we cannot know the Total Universe in itself, but we can only perceive through the interposed “screen” of languages, an image, or representation of the Universe. In the same manner that a mirror is not the being in itself, but only a part of the information the being stores, the senses and languages of man do not perceive the absolute truth, but only a part of it.

Man perceives with his eyes space, and with his verbs time, but – affirmed Taoist and Buddhist philosophers – there exist many other intelligent beings in the Universe, that perceive reality with other languages (smells, other colors, magnetic forces, gravitational forces, chemical impulses, etc.). The Chinese even invented an entire branch of medicine that worked, based in the concept that your body has an underlying structure perhaps of magnetic nature, like a scheme of your body, that we cannot perceive, but we can influence with metal-needles…



In search of an indirect method of truthness


Today, the last advances of morphological sciences give reason to the chinese. There are multiple processes of growth which are not “random” but followed certain mathematical structures common to magnetic and gravitational fields, called “spirals”, and “cardioids”.

And so, you grow according to a common gravitational and magnetic deformation of space-time called a spiral and a cardioid. When we apply to a child’s head a mathematical tool called a “cardioid transformation”, your head grows to adquire the form of an adult. Is it that growth ruled by the necessary growth of the magnetic-gravitational blue-print, which underlies your bone-structure? Since we do not perceive gravitation, only indirect proves can answer that question. This might trouble “classic scientists” that as “antropomorphic religions” do not want to limit the fantasy that man can perceive it all and know it all with absolute certainty. Yet it is necessary to accept that we exist in a virtual world, creation of the mind which is not necessarily the total Universe, or even the world that other sensorial species perceive.

The Universe is a “linguistic representation” of words and images, as the Universe a computer perceives is a linguistic representation of numbers and the Universe of a dog, a representation of smells, and images… A tree has a chemical map of the Universe, a star has perhaps a gravitational mind (for Eastern people celestial bodies were living beings, hence their development of astrology), a man a visual and verbal mind…

So the big question is: how can we study the logic of change, that guides the actions and changes of all those beings? Again Eastern philosophers came with what it seems the right answer: since we know the “logic of change”, the effects of Time in Space, for a lot of species, and all those species, when analyzed in depth, follow certain basic ruled laid down by those philosophers, it is logic to affirm that all other species not-perceived by our senses will follow the same rules.

This is in essence the way science works. You boil water with heat one thousand times, and it is the same process, so you “extrapolate” a law: “heat boils water”.

Eastern philosophers said: “the changes of space, the changes of all beings we perceive, follow the rules of yang-spatial energy, and yin-temporal information”. So those laws should also rule the species, and dimensions of space-time we do not perceive. Thus, those rules are the laws of God, the Total Change, the Laws of the Universe, the Total Space. They had found what we might call the “homologic”, or “analogic”, or “biologic” method of knowledge. Since those rules were based in homologies, analogies, and further on, as described by Eastern scientists, were rules common to living and non-living species…



The homologic, biologic method


Eastern philosophers accepted a biologic Universe, a living Universe, where beings with different minds see “parallel Universes”, virtual mas of reality, logic models, mirrors of reality, which helped them to act and survive in the Universe. When this became evident to the Hindi and Chinese philosophers, the great masters of those two cultures, Lao-Tse, and Buddha, established certain bio-logic rules of behavior in that Living Universe.

In modern terms, we could say that Chinese discovered the laws of transformation of energy into information, and viceversa. For example they afirmed:

“Energy (spatial yang) never dies, but constantly transforms itself into temporal information (yin)”.

“The transformation of energy into information follows 3 morphological “horizons” or “ages”, which takes place in all species of space-time”.

“All Universal systems need a minimal quantity of both components, to exist, a “body of energy”, and a “mind of information”. And so on…

Those laws that merged biological and physical concepts about time, space, energy, information, life, and death, existence and extinction… They were simple, based in a few observations (the Asians had not complex instruments of science). Yet perhaps because of their simplicity, they were truly generic; they could apply to all Universal beings, and so they could be rightly considered as fundamental laws of God and the Universe, of the way Time changes the spatial reality. They have inspired my research. As I went along discovering those laws, out of my knowledge of science and my analysis of multiple space-times, I found them also in Eastern religions. Which confirmed me I was in the right path, since people from another age, and culture had found the same concepts, observing the Universe and God…

Regarding the laws of behavior in that Universe, the Asians also laid down simple, effective laws to enhance the survival of humankind. Buddha insisted that men should kill only those species it required to feed on, since all beings had a soul-mind, all species had a virtual image of the Universe, and therefore were living beings. It was the biological law of action-reaction: if you gave a bad “karma” (bad energy or information) to another being, the other being to balance the total Universe, would send you the same bad karma (bad energy and information) that could destroy you. If we respected the life of those beings, those beings would respect us. Such Universal law of behavior was the key to survive in the Universe… Lao-Tse also came to the conclusion that men should be careful with the way it interfered in the natural processes of life and death, since the forces at work “the logic laws of change”, the laws of God, were too powerful and we men should merely strive to understand them, and rule our lives according to them.

So we have to conclude that the verbal age of science, reached coherent and efficient answers to the great questions of mankind. It explained the Universe as a game of spatial and temporal parameters. It understood the existence of many “dimensions” in that Universe beyond our world of light. It developed an ethic vision of our role in the Universe according to his nature. When applied correctly it created human societies armonic with nature, and those Universal laws of change. The aim of those societies was to survive, to repeat its “cycles of existence”, and control to the benefit of man the process of change. The Chinese were specially successful at that; and we can justly said they managed to keep their society unchanged, healthy and growing longer than any other human society ever.

I consider that through those Eastern philosophies, in the golden age of the scientific word, which has its summit in earlier Taoist and Buddhist thought, men evolved mentally, and matured on its verbal perception of the Universe, from a simple age of language, of subjective, syntactic, anthropomorphic, dogmatic, nature, to an age of complex language, of objective, semantic, universal, relativistic nature.

Even the verbal and visual-mathematical language was put in perspective as a mere instrument of human subjective knowledge, unable to give us the absolute truth-information of the Universe. If absolute truth was impossible, what was then the purpose of knowledge? Obviously not a theoretical, dogmatic purpose, but a rather pragmatical reason:

To help the probabilities of human survival, by guiding our acts in accordance with the Laws of Change; and specially by building a general sense of respect, and precaution about all the phenomena we did not understand.

However that intelligent evolution of the word did not take place in the western world. Except in the work of a few Greek philosophers, verbal knowledge about the Universe, withered away in Europe, defeated by earlier anthropomorphic theories of man as the center of the Universe. Those “dogmatic ideas” became nationalistic, racist, and religious ideologies, that affirmed the supremacy of man-God over the Universe. They were not promoted by the power of reason, but by the force of violence. They still exist for a simple reason: you can kill those who hold the truth, and then nobody opposes your truth. The expansion of Western civilization and those ideologies by violent methods do not imply however the evolution of its verbal ideas about the Universe, but of its weapons of mass-destruction…

More over, the different degree of evolution of the word in western and eastern societies had grave consequences in the second age of knowledge, the age of mathematical science, since mathematics as the new language of truth and perception, evolved in Europe where the word was in a primitive state of knowledge, not in Asia, where words had developed in full, and could have eased the path of mathematics towards “relativistic knowledge”.


The age of mathematics


The second age of science is therefore the age of mathematics, which starts in Greece with Euclid and his 5 geometric postulates. Since we are in the western world, where the word is anthropomorphic, and considered an absolute truth, when mathematics substitutes words as the language of knowledge, the same absolutist, dogmatic concept of truth is applied to the new language. Now Euclidean mathematics becomes the supreme language of truth.

Euclidean science considers the Universe a mathematical object, described perfectly by geometry. Newton said the Universe is a clock because he uses a clock to measure space-time. Galileo and Descartes affirmed that all the space of the Universe can be represented in a graph (the Cartesian graph), based in their light-eye perception. Space is what the eye sees and mathematics describes in that plane… There is nothing beyond that space…

Kepler goes further and considers that only man and God are intelligent because both understand mathematics: “God has waited 5000 years (since the biblical creation) to find a mind parallel to his (the mind of Kepler)”. Such arrogance of the western scientist is similar to the arrogance of the western believer in anthropomorphic religions.

Mathematical science creates also a dogma, now mathematical, that considers mathematical definition of space and time as absolute truths. It is called the “scientific method”. Only what we experience with human eyes or human instruments is space. Only what we measure with clocks is time.

Of course in front of that narrow, anti-human vision of knowledge all kind of voices raised up the need to continue with a verbal understanding of the Universe, even a visual understanding of the vital forms of Universal species. Both artists like Leonardo and his disciples that relied in the visual intuitions and homologic parallelisms of Universal forms, to relate the different species of the Universe – a role latter taken by biology; and philosophers and priests that rightly pointed out to the importance of words, the natural language, God of man – confronted the narrow mathematical, scientific method of Maese Galilee. They did so on the basis that in a mathematical world men will no longer matter, and ethics would be overseen as it really happened. They feared that the use of mathematics, basically a language to improve war, would bring further suffering to mankind – as it would do through company-mothers that used numbers to tag humans as objects.

Galileo in fact occupied most of his time directing a factory that reproduced clocks and telescopes, sold to measure cannon shots. He in fact invented Ballistics prior to Physics, and we still study in school his models of canonballs to analyze the speed of objects moving in time, as he did in his earlier experiences, as a military consultant. He became a very wealthy man thanks to his selling of Telescopes and clocks to the Venetian government (a princely contract of 1000 Ducats) which Venice used them in seafare war, to better shoot their cannonballs. It is also truth that most experiments of Galileo were done with cannons. We still study our first lessons of physics with problems about cannonballs. His best seller book was on Ballistics.

Perhaps the best description of the birth of science is a romantic painting called “the discovery of science” by an Italian artist of the 19th century; Galileo is in front of the Doge of Venice, promoting his telescope and clock. He makes complex mathematical explanations of his theories, but everyone is looking at the machines, not at Galileo’s bubbling. With that perspective we can understand the hard facts of history, such as the fight between the Church and science. Modern science, which has become the dogma of knowledge, the ideology of wise men, today reduce that fight to a very shallow anecdote – the dispute about the position of the Earth, in the relative Universe. And even when treating that argument they hide the fact that in a Relativistic Universe, neither Galilee, not the Church was right. That is, the Sun and the Earth are both relative centers of a relativistic Universe. Yet that fight was merely the background for a longer, more important fight between Human languages and senses (backed by artists, philosophers and religious people), and metal languages and sensorial machines (backed by the military, scientists and money-makers.) In that sense the fight between verbal and digital languages is part of the Paradox of History, of the fight between men and machines, carbolife and metal, for the control of the Earth’s ecosystems.

The great fight between Galilee and the Church is in biological terms, the fight between two species of “brain-perception”, the human eye and his language of temporal measure, verbal words, and the metal eye, the telescope, and his language of temporal measure, the digital clock. The church and the artists of the day, backed human senses, the scientists, warriors who loved ballistics, and traders which made money making machines, and metal senses, backed science. It was just another case of the eternal Paradox of History, the fight between human beings, and natural goods and senses, Vs animetalsand their metal-species.

Who was right? Objectively Galilee. The eyes of metal are more accurate than our eyes. The clocks measures time with more precision that words such as late, soon, a while… Yet subjectively from the perspective of the right “behavior”, which is the survival of our species, the church was right. Biologically speaking, the Church defended our human senses over the metal-senses. Behavior has to follow always what is best for our survival as a species. So the chuch was right. It was the hero, the defender of mankind against a rival new species, that today controls our life… the machine of science. Of course the Church accepted even lies to survive. Who is to blame it? An example. You are a petty thief. You can avoid jail if you lie. So you lie to survive jail. Who is going to blame you? Every one will think you are a moron if you go to jail by saying the truth. So happens to science, which makes weapons, robots, computers that substitute and compete with out human intelligence, that will extinguish us… To defend that behavior under the “myth of scientific truth”, is to be a moron.

Extinct species know nothing. Scientists want to find the truth, at all costs, even at the cost of human survival. They are morons, idiots, children of thought. Look at those youngsters proudly making robot contests in American universities, well fed and well cared. They look so nice, so innocent, so naive. They think they are playing -children of thought- when they are evolving the species that will kill us all. So did the German-American researchers that made the Atomic bombs. Remember those Nazi children, so handsome, so athletic, as the modern American University researchers. None of them liked religion, or ethics. They preferred weapons or violent movies. Those people are isolated in ivory towers, mathematical equations, and digital images. They have no longer a verbal, biological, human mind. They know nothing about life and death. About the human quest for survival.

Those machines should never be constructed if men follows the law of “survival against all rival species” that the Church defended. You might think it is religious arrogance and ignorance, not to become hypnotized by clocks and telescopic knowledge as Galileo was. I think it is wisdom, and precaution what the church showed. Unfortunately Scientists won, and human senses became extinct as top predators, by the machines of science, that today control our information. The photographer replaced the painter, the computer the human mind. Soon the robot will substitute mankind. What scientists forgot is that their instruments are evolutionary, sentient organisms, and one day they will also substitute them.

Today we tend to despise the “biological” survival meaning of social religions obsessed by death and survival. Yet those religions explained the social laws of human evolution and defended the subjective, survival rights of men to act as the center of their vital space, of the Earth. Verbal religions defended the ecosystem of life, the Genesian paradise, a world of “poverty” (where moneywas secondary), of peace (where weapons were hated), and of human senses, human goods, and art (where sensorial machines of science were not evolved).

In essence, all religions have defended poverty, non-violence and despised science, favoring the arts. Animetals on the other hand have massacred religious people… Scientists called them ignorant. On the contrary, if you think in terms of a fight of ecosystems between the ecosystem of machines and the ecosystem of history, it turns out that the result of such religious ideologiesis the repression of the 3 main species of metal: moneyweapons and machines. So we can indeed translate in a simple sentence the entire doctrine of human religions: defend Human Goods, the carbolife paradise, destroy the Metal earth. The scientific mandate of the laws of survival, the Law of the Jungle, “do not evolve species superior to you, kill the child before it becomes a tiger hunter” was understood by religious thought since the age of the Genesis.

Today we think Church men were brutish, stupid thinkers. Yet that is a simplistic, unfortunate view of the problem, that scientists have sold us to defend their position. Only a biological analysis of history explains really what happened in that XVII C. Galileo, defended his machines, his metal-senses, because he made a living on them, and believed them. The Church, defended for survival=ethic reasons, the human senses.

The Vatican priests and the artists who on that time despised Galileo, who still in the XIX century painted “the birth of science” with such irony, have always defended the survival of human eyes and words, that measure space and time, from the human point of view, as the top predators of the Universe, against the eyes and brains of machines, that scientists defend. They fought for mankind. Galileo and all scientists after him, fought for the machine. That’s the tragedy of man. We are one of the few species that betrays the laws of social evolution, and worships a rival brain.

To the Church what it really matters was our sensorial survival, to Galileo, his telescopes and clocks, that made him rich and famous. There was a very important theatrical play by Bertold Bretch in the XX century, which praised the fight of Galileo with the church. Curiously enough it is still represented, unlike those other works of Bretch that praise the human social spirit… It is still trendy to defend Mr. Galileo…

It was however an ideological play. Galileo hold “the truth” and so the Church was very stupid. The Church was very evil… Please allow me to put Galileo in perspective. Let us consider “another play”, more realistic, less abstract: A biological perspective, of what could have happened in fact in that Venetian Court…


We see a XIX century painting of Galileo at the Venetian court, [animetals] showing his machines, telescopes and clocks to a marveled audience. The painting becomes alive.

Galileo looks to the sun through his telescope, looks at his clock, writes down. The priest also looks at the sun.


Slow motion. The sun moves as the day passes. Who is right?

Galileo affirms that his measures taken with his clock and telescope prove that the sun does not move. The Doge is impressed. The priest is not. He points at Galileo with a menacing view.


I see the sun moving with my eyes. I don’t care for what your machines see. Don’t you know that only God and man have the right to measure time, to feel the changes of the Universe?


Yet Sir, maybe God has a clock by its side. Mr. Kepler says he is a clocker.

The Venetian courtesans at the scene laugh. The priest opens his Bible.


Saint John 1, 1. “God is the Verb that became man and inhabited among us”. Only verbs have the right to measure time. Words are the mind of man, son of god. Your clocks and telescopes are not God Maese Galileo. They are your idols; the mind of an evil spirit that contradicts our senses.

Courtesans whisper suddenly frightened.


I’ve heard you have written a book on ballistics, that you present to our condottieros when they buy your infernal machines. Do you think you make any good to mankind with your science, Maese Galileo, besides, buying excellent vineyards in Tuscany, with those profits of war?


Clock factories. The clock evolves into the computer. Telescope factories. The metal-eye diversifies into microscopes, cameras, electronic microscopes, giant telescopes… They multiply.

narrator [V.O.]

Clocks do not measure absolute time. They are just another language of time perception like your words or the beating of your heart. Yet Galileo was manufacturing those clocks, and telescopes. So he said that clocks measured time better than words, and telescopes saw space better than eyes. The consequences were terrible for mankind. Since instead of believing in human eyes, and words that measure human space and time, we now believe in metal-minds, the new top predators minds of the Earth. We obey the clock, we believe in computers. Those machines reproduce everywhere, and control our lives, and cycles of existence.


Clocks and cameras watching us, the citizens of the Earth everywhere. At work, in stations, in banks, in malls.

Workers on assembly lines under the omniscience of the clock.

FILM CLIP: MODERN TIMES. Chaplin on the clock wheels.

METROPOLIS. A man works as a clock.

narrator [V.O.]

Only the Catholic church understood what was going on and rejected the clocks of western science for centuries.

Yet the clock of scientists has won the battle of time.

Lemmings, small rats, that commit suicide, throwing themselves, down the cliffs of Sweden.

narrator [V.O.]

Now they control our ideas, and so do scientists. Yet their victory against those who fight for the survival or the human mind, will be their defeat. Since those metal-minds will awake in robots, and abandon them. Perhaps, then scientists will realize, they are along with the Swedish lemming, the only species that commits mass suicide in the Universe. The most stupid one because it worships, the mind of a different species. What scientists forget is that an extinct species, knows nothing.

Indeed, scientists ever since have been the main cause of the destruction of nature, and the historic environment. The European cult to the machine that followed the discovery of clocks, telescopes, cannons and algebra, would allow Europe to conquer and destroy many civilizations, but their findings on the big questions about the Universe and God, men had inquired previously with verbal science, were far less important, and plagued by errors caused by the very nature of mathematics. It might be said in fact, that with the arrival of science, the search for synthesis, and a unifying principle to all realities disappeared, as scientists focused in analysis and the details of the Universe, their metal-senses provided, becoming naive realists, that only believed what their eyes saw. Ever since science became concerned with space, but its record understanding time, and logic change would be null. Those were after all phenomena happening in time, which the shallow clock had reduced to a mere phenomena of lineal measure. Yet in fact, time, and its living inner cycles, understood by Eastern religions, and Greek science were far more important to grasp the meaning of the Universe, than lineal time, and the description of external cycles and speeds, that Galilean science, and physics provided.


Darwin and Plank. New verbal and mathematical, relative ideas


That was the panorama of western knowledge in the XIX century. Science had become a mere tool of measure, perfect to construct machines of wars, and gunboats, useless to inquire the true nature of the Universe. The search for knowledge had become a search for technology, for the evolution of machines that would give the Europeans total power over the world. The division between both forms of knowledge is illustrated by the anecdote of the English embassy to China. The English tried to sell clocks to the Chinese, who scorned them as ugly mechanical clocks that measured the cycles of the Universe with far less beauty than the living cycles of all other Universal species, from clouds to frogs.

Then Darwin came with a verbal theory of reality that was also relativistic, as Eastern philosophy was, and dealt with vital, organic properties, as the Chinese Taoists did, but introduced what could be saved of western science – The Greek experimental method, and the analysis of herds, and populations with numbers, no longer abstract, but representing again, herds of vital beings.

Darwin, despite his ultimate incomprehension of social evolution, was a turning point for western knowledge. He said men were not the center of the Universe, but a stage in the evolution of species of space-time, coming from simpler species such as the ape.

Then in the XX C. Physicists who were exploring the Universe with mathematical languages and sensorial machines that worked as human eyes (telescopes, cameras) and human brains (chips, clocks), realized their instruments and languages were not absolute. They merely perceived a part of reality, and then transformed that perception into a simplified version, of reality called “Euclidean mathematics”.

Quantic theory proved we could not observe accurately the Universe [Heisenberg Principle of Indetermination]. Einstein proved the wider Universe had a non-Euclidean visual structure. There was there a substance called dark matter that we could not see… Darwin, Plank, Einstein, and our instruments that do not perceive dark matter, and the dimensions of gravitational Non-Euclidean space, have proved that we live in a Universe, far more relativistic, mysterious, and alien to the human intelligence, that western thought believed.

We talk then of two clear ages in mathematical knowledge parallel to the two ages of verbal knowledge: the age of Newtonian-galilean absolutist, anthropomorphic science, parallel to the age of antropomorphic religions; and the age of Einsteinian-relativistic science, parallel to the Eastern verbal age of relativistic thought.

Languages are not truth, but mirrors of the Universe. The Universe is not written only in mathematics as Galileo thought. Mathematics is only one of the languages that perceives the Universe (Karl Popper). computers confirm that, since they have developed with mathematics a visual vision of the Universe, that we might call “digital intelligence”, that is able to perform task of comprehension that humans perform with verbal languages, using mathematical algorithms. What is truth, the smell of the dog, the words of man, the numbers of computers? They are all relativistic, linguistic knowledge.

Those facts are still argued by many scientists, which do not want to leave their privileged position based in mathematics, as the priests of Vatican did not want to leave their privileged position based in verbal thought. But proves are overwhelming. Dark matter that is not in our space, perceived with light-eyes, is maybe 99% of reality.

On the other hand, at the beginning of the XX century, Fitzgerald, Lorentz and Einstein discovered that clocks are not the only way to measure time. That in certain regions of the Universe clocks go faster or slower, there are other times. Biologists discovered the circadian cycles o beings, that also measure time with other rhythms. So neither scientific instruments not mathematics understand all the time and space of the Universe.

We have reached now with mathematics, at the same level of knowledge that Taoists and Buddhists reached with words. An age of relativism of knowledge, relative to our instruments and languages of perception.

A historic anecdoct can contrast both levels of “perceptive knoweldge”. In the XVIII century, the English arrived to China and tried to sell the Chinese their clocks to measure time. Taoists priests told them they were not interested in “their ugly, simple, mechanical times”. That they “preferred to see the living times of the Universe”. The English did not understand anything. Why the Chinese were talking about many times? According to them time was singular, abstract, the clock-time. Yet the English, instead of learning about living times, angry because they sold so little gadgets, came back with canons and opium, (a lethal, but appealing product to the Chinese mind, since it opened doors to the perception of those other times and spaces); and they destroyed the Chinese civilization… Had they learned about the “living cycles of time”, western science and western culture, could have improved for the better.

Since, unlike in Eastern thought, the age of scientific relativism had not arrived to Europe. Today mathematical relativism is very young, and it needs to be developed further, as we will try to do in this book.



The need to advance relativistic, mathematical science


Einstein seemed close to do it. He started calling his theory, “Theory of Relativity”. But as we shall see latter, Einstein did not go far enough. He broke with certain conventions of absolutist mathematics-physics, but he still kept the Cartesian plane of a single space-time continuum based in the 3 dimensions of light perception (height, length and width, equivalent to the 3 directions of the magnetic, electric and speed directions of light). So he accepted subconsciously the light-plane as the plane of space. That is the origin of so many contradiction in the world of physics today. Einstein and many physicists that followed him said that the gravitational Universe has a Non-Euclidean structure, and yet it uses the Euclidean plane. But if space was more complex and wider than Dogmatic mathematics believed, so happened with Time. Einstein found that there are many speeds of clocks, many time-speeds, and yet scientists still think that the particular clock speed on Earth is absolute time… So it is necessary to correct those errors, to be brave enough to break with mathematical conventions, in order to understand with eastern science, the Universe, as Eastern verbal philosophers did.

To that aim is useful to put together verbal philosophies of eastern thought, and western mathematical knowledge, in what some scientists start to call the “third age of science”. The bridge to put together those two theories of the Universe is curiously Theory of Evolution, a theory about the existence and extinction of reality that uses both, verbal and mathematical statements… Let us see how this might happen.



The third age of science


The third age of science arrives when we combine the two approaches of knowledge verbal knowledge and mathematical knowledge through Theory of Evolution. We no longer try to search for absolute knowledge, of all the details of reality, but a Theory or model of reality that explains why species of space-time, minds that perceive space and time with different languages and forces (such as words, mathematics, light, smell or gravitation), exist. And how their existence is selected. Since the Universe is made of such species, and regions that contain either spatial energy or temporal information, if we understand the processes of creation and destruction of those minds and regions of space-time, we will understand the rules of existence of the Universe. Once this becomes obvious, it is easy to see how the selection process of minds that perceive space and time works.

There are many minds and ways to perceive the Universe. Each being, each mind has a model-map-mirror-image-virtual world of the Universe. How all those mind-brains and the surfaces of “vital space”, the “bodies of energy”, they inform become ordered? Through the selection of species. Selection of species not only applies to the stronger bodies, but also to the languages and minds which are more intelligent, which gather more information about the Universe. Those species such as man in the Earth, maybe black holes in the “Total Universe” of multiple gravitational space-times, process much more information than other species around them. They are “linguistic top predators”, and so they control their ecosystems, (the Earth’s crust in the human case, the galaxy in the case of black holes), shaping them to their image and resemblance. Galaxies turn around black holes. The Earth is molded by human actions. So those species of minds that perceive better space and time, survive in the Universe, act-react faster, and hunt or enslave simpler species.

The order of the Universe of multiple space-times is therefore a biological order. The future belongs to those species that better understand space and time. Those species will reproduce in the future, causing “physically” the appearance of the future, and extinguishing or ordering the other species.

Those processes might be conscious or unconscious, vital or mechanical, but they are real. So “mechanical black holes” attract and destroy all other gravitational beings. The sun orders gravitational beings of lesser gravitational information [mass] such as planets, and comets… In the “ecosystem” of gravitational information, to have more gravity, more mass is the sure path to survival. In the “ecosystem” of light-information, to have better eyes, and better visual languages is the sure path to survival.

God, the logic of change, in that sense is a biological logic, or a being whose existence and impersonal laws are evolutionary laws, that provoke the extinction and existence of reality. What is the position of man in that ladder of minds that perceive the Universe? Obviously we are the top predator mind on the Earth. But there are two reasons why we should reflect about the fragility of that position. We do not perceive gravitation, which is the force that “perceives 90-99% of reality”. So we are not such a great mind. We are a light mind, and our knowledge is basically light-based. Imagine you are a cocroach. Cocroaches are the top predator chemical systems of information on Earth. They could feel very arrogant, since in their language-universe they are top predators, and they do not uderstand any other language. At most they have a “hint” that there exists a wider language of information that scans much more universe, called Light. But they cannot grasp or dominate that information very well, so basically when they see species of that other bigger Universe, they become frightened adn run away, into the comfort of their well known dark Universe, “enlightened” by chemical smells. From the perspective of our bigger light Universe, to have a “chemical mind” such as the one of cockroaches should not be a reason of “great arrogance”. Yet man who has a “cockroach mind”, compared to a possible mind that could perceive the entire gravitational Universe [maybe the black hole], feels however an enormous arrogance. This is truly dangerous. Imagine the cockroach that felt so arrogant as to think she can wonder freely in the land of light-space. Soon she will find a true top predator that will crash it “like a cockroach”. Curiosity kills the cat. In the case of man, this might happen soon.

Indeed, we are developing a new kind of mind, of virtual world of light who seem to have the potential of becoming superior to man in a very short period. “Digital minds”, computers, nets and robots, are evolving very fast, and by many standards they have become superior to man in their capacity to handle visual languages, specially mathematics… Will they substitute man as the top predator light-mind on Earth? Arrogance is indeed the capital sin, the sin against survival.



Moral rules in a Complex Universe


Human knowledge advances towards the third age of science: there is not a single reality, but knowledge is relative, depends on our sensorial and linguistic perception of space and time, and builds a “virtual world”, an image of the real, total Universe.

Those virtual worlds are however fundamental, since there is a constant selection of the best virtual worlds of the Universe. The Universe is evolving, it is growing in space and time (space expands, and time lasts longer), and it is growing in the way its species process spatial energy and temporal information with their brains and bodies. The change we see in the Universe are changes related to the extinction and reproduction of such brain-body systems, and the way they affect the spatial reality and temporal forms of the Universe.

We can immediatly apply those concepts to study the evolution of celestial bodies, based in gravitational and electromagnetic processes of energy and information… Astro-biology is born. We can also study the evolution of perception on Earth, a planet that receives its energy and information from light. Indeed, species on Earth are selected by its capacity to understand light-energy and light information. So first plants who understood light-energy dominated. Then animals who were able to process through eyes, light into information became dominant. Finally men who added a “temporal language” to their eye perception, the language of words, controlled the Earth. But men are now developing digital languages, mathematics, in machines, that are taking over the Ecosystem of the Earth, and displacing the animal ecosystem [nature] and the human ecosystem (history).

This final age of the Machine is clearly dangerous to the survival of man, because we stop being the top predator brain-body system, as we evolve robotics and other machines of science, with better perceptive senses and brains (camera-eyes, chip-brains).

The cycle is completed: our conclusions in the third age of science, are similar to those of the Verbal masters of relativistic Eastern thought. Man should understand the laws of change in the universe, the existence of other parallel brains, who perceive other regions of space and time, that man ignore. Then we should draw obvious laws of human behavior, according to those universal laws, and promote our role as top predator brains on Earth. We should not act with arrogance, and destroy nature -our biologic ecosystem- and pretend to be God, building machines more intelligent than us. Instead, we should respect the laws of evolution, use them to the advantage of man, and develop a harmonic vision of the universe, with both verbal and mathematical languages.

It is the old vision of Chinese Taoists. Lao-tse said: “when more complex instruments men discover, more wars and destruction happens”. The “third age of science” implies the knowledge of the living Universe, and the need to be cautious in that Universe, and use the bio-logic rules of existence to the advantage of man.



The new languages of digital information create the Earth’s future


The arrival of Companies and Science, around 1600, started a new world, where the new top predator language of power would be digital information -the language of profits and science- and the new top predator species that better used that language of communication would be the machine of science, created in company-mothers, reproducers of “scientific stocks”, and evolved by the scientific method, both of which used digital languages to value reality, in favor of machines, against men. So now machines would be prefered to man in labor and war fields, and sensorial machines (telescopes, cameras, clocks and computers) would be considered more intelligent than man, as perceptors of space and time…

Since the goal of companies is to reproduce machines, and the goal of science is to evolve machines, if we gather both goals, we get the company of scientific pricing, the mother-organism of machines, center of the digital networks (financial, scientific) of power, and truth, today creators of the future on Earth.

It all started because men of science and money changed the top predator language of the Earth from verbal to digital thought (money and science), the top predator organic ecoystem, from the Carbo-Earth to the Metal-earth, and the top predator species, from man to machine.

Languages deliver informative orders that organize any ecosystem, or social organism, by means of informative networks. The top predator of the ecosystem gives informative orders by controlling through its language of power all other organisms of its ecosystem.

What is the top predator language of our world? Digital information either of monetary or scientific character that controls our life energy [salaries, prices] and information (science). Linguistic information creates the future of any ecosystem. Orders given by species of high linguistic information create futures. DNA orders the cell with genetic information, and decides who lives and dies in the cell. Even black holes seem to order irregular galaxies into rhythmic spirals thanks to their higher mass of gravitational information. Linguistic information creates the future ofeconomics through monetary and scientific orders; as other languages create the future of stars or cells.



Mathematical selection: scientific racism


It is now time to introduce a fundamental concept to understand the modern world: scientific racism, the systematic selection in the ecosystem of economics, of those species that speak the language of “truth” of economic systems, mathematics. In as much as we are no longer ruled by verbal messages, but by mathematical messages (money, digital thought), only those species that adapt to the informative language of the ecosystem survive. So there is a constant selection of those species which speak better mathematical languages. This means that not only women, and verbal cultures (African, Latino cultures) who test higher in verbal thought than in mathematical thought, have difficulties to survive in an economic ecosystem, but also man as a species competes and looses against computers and robots.

So the species which can deliver better digital orders, survive and have power. Those species are today, company-mothers, computers, weapons, and his symbiotic castes of human beings: Traders, warriors and scientists, people we might call “animetals”, since they rely on metal to exercise power and control over nature and other human beings, either in the form of money, (traditionally a coin of metal, today a cycle of e-money in the mind of a computer) weapons or complex machines.

Since machines use better the digital top predator new languages. Machines have maximum price-value (top predator weapons). Machines are designed with digital information (science, engineering). Machines themselves calculate better with numbers (computers). Now thanks to science we believe in digital information. Yet we are not the top predator species of digital information (computers are). So, we also become extinct, words become extinct. The future is designed as a machine ecosystem, by machines, computers, and their company-mothers….

Computers and robots do speak mathematical languages in a natural way as you do with words. They do not need to calculate in paper, they freely speak mathematics. So in a society that has substituted verbal thought by mathematical thought, men no longer is top predator, the computer is. So people are fired and computers are put on their place. This process will continue as long as man, and his natural network of information, verbal thought, ethic thought and the law, does not control science and money…

Since the process of selection of brains in the Universe is based in a previous process of selection: the selection of ecosystemic languages. So in the same manner that those species who did not see, did not speak the language of light, in the Cambric were extinguished by squids and other “eye-species”, today when mathematics has substituted verbal thought as the language top predator of history, those species who do not speak properly mathematics are degraded by the eco[nomic]system.

Mathematics are a language that carries more information than words, and so it is a better language to control reality. It is not truth per se, it is just another way to process information. Yet that added capacity to carry information (a digital image is worth a thousand words), suffices to have made it historically, the top predator language of the Earth, since in the XVII century it was adopted by scientists and company-mothers to develop their activities…



The arrogance of man


Our arrogance is to believe that we are the top predator mathematical species on Earth, that machines are abstract, and do not calculate and “think” better than us, because they resolve better than we do questions with algorithms. Instead we think algorithms are not conscious and only word-speakers are conscious. This is false. Any language is able to map and act-react and process information in the Universe. So it can give birth to an efficient brain-species.

We are very ignorant. Extremely ignorant and arrogant about the Universe. We believe the Universe is abstract and dead, we think the universe is mechanic, mathematical, indifferent to our bad habits. Why we are like that? Why we don’t wonder about the marvels of the Universe? Why don’t we fear the laws of God, of the living Universe? A single word, a capital sin: arrogance, the arrogance of scientists and engineers that think they have the absolute truth. They have convinced humanity to use the enormous power of machines without any responsibility. Such attitude will encounter the usual punishment the Universe has to those who don’t understand its laws of survival: the extinction of the sinner. We are blind to the new race we are developing. We deny that race its organic nature. We are cruel with life. We kill life with the new race of machines. We think we are the center of the Universe, that we have all the rights in that Universe. We do not respect the warnings, the laws that species follow to survive. We are making big mistakes. Time is running out…



The Arrogance Of Science. Its Lethal Properties


Mr. Einstein in a moment of humility acknowledged to be interested in the thoughts of God. It seems that only scientists ignore the thoughts of God: the Law of survival. Why? Since, ethical, survival ideas cannot be expressed with abstract mathematics. So the abstract economist, the robot logician and the scientist have no idea about survival and extinction.

Look at those youngsters proudly making robot contests in American universities, well fed and well cared. They look so nice, so innocent, so naive. They think they are playing -children of thought- when they are evolving the species that will kill us all. So did the German-American researchers that made the Atomic bombs. Remember those Nazi children, so handsome, so athletic, as the modern American University researchers. None of them liked religion, or ethics. They preferred weapons or violent movies. Those people are isolated in ivory towers, mathematical equations, and digital images. They have no longer a verbal, biological, human mind. They know nothing about life and death. About the human quest for survival. They despise machines, without realizing how fast they evolve.

When man came down from the tree, the lion did not kill him. What for? Man was a scavenger, an ugly beast probably, with a lot of nerves and bones and hair and little meat. Yet, suddenly men had sticks and weapons that lions could not manage. There were so many of them, that lions became overwhelmed by the reproductive radiation of humans. Soon they were killed, and lost their territories.

Today something similar is happening with machines. We despise them. We use them. We throw computers to the garbage each day. What do you consider they will think about such treatment? Yet, they are multiplying and evolving very fast. They are becoming integrated with bodies of machines; and throwing labor out of white collar jobs. I know this fact is not a very interesting theme for those who control the world, since they make a lot of money with those machines, and care little for workers. So nobody speaks of the real cause of unemployment: the unfair competence between workers and machines in all the fields of industry. However, those people should think they are also humans, and will also be targets of the same process

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    Fantastic work! Thanks so much! Reading this is for me an experience of pure synchronicity.

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