vs. Social sciences

True Social sciences are defined as any science by the laws of the scientific method.

Yet, because the Anti-quantum and Ego paradoxes of all Systems apply to social sciences specifically in the human realm, the scientific method is often eliminated in the social discourse:

– The ego paradox makes man the center of its perceived universe, so all negative facts about humanity, and all objective analysis of man as yet another evolving animal of this planet is eliminated.

– The antiquantum paradox (the observer is much smaller than the observable who modifies his measures, in inverse faction to the quantum paradox). The antiquantum paradox means that the social scientist is so small compared to the organisms of power in which he lives that he caters to those organisms and lies and transforms truth and so it does not obey the scientific method of social sciences,

Thus before talking of the laws of social sciences we shall study the scientific method and its 3 steps – data collection, cyclical analysis and larger mathematical-logic model – to describe the humans and economic ecosystems:


We need first to overcome the zeitgeist of the day, (censorship) in its most sophisticated version of ‘false caring’ called political/economical correctness (newspeaks) that merely consider ouelites of people-castes wonderful humans, ignore the sufferings of the 90%, pretend to ‘protect’ beliefs as the center of human beings – not as what they are, the chains of our minds that make us slaves of those privileged elites that usurp our democratic, social and economical rights, and finally close the loop affirming there is no other alternative society, neither a better system can be designed; and if needed give you the ‘will of God, grace of god, chosen of go(l)d’ mantra, with increasing degrees of degradation and manufacturing of the human mind – so some freedom of speech is allowed in universities that however have null exposure to media, a bit more can be said in small print books and free radios, but none in mainstream magazines, Tv-channels and any other outlet that could change the mind of enough people-voters to change the system.

This of course, is part of the sophisticated methods of capitalist dictatorships aka ‘democracies’ that makes them appear better than dictatorships so obvious as the Cuban military dictatorship usurping a previous r=evolution where all the information is given by a 4 leafs grandma pamphlet. Instead we have 100 channels of hate tv in news and fiction tv that makes you crazy and happy inhabittan of virtual realities, where the ‘filling or content’ is defined as the advertising propaganda that ensures you will be a worker and consumer in loved with the values of weapons – murder is the solution to all hero problems and money – making it the goal of all telelfims when you don’t have to murder.

In that regard, the basis of our industry of misinformation aka propaganda is a shrewd concept understood by Goebbels: anti-truths. To say exactly the opposite of what is truth so the brain enters into a shock state of irrationality, as when you laugh in front of an absurdity. Anti-truths is the staple of our information: the poor and disposesed are the guilty of this crisis provoked by the most wealthy who never have enough and are faming them. But those who caused the crisis are the experts that will solve it, making it worse. The epitome of slavery, the capitalist system in which humans become full time slave workers in the past, now part-time slaves because that saves lodging and food since the XIX century, toiling 8 hours without rights and total obedience is the epitome of Freedom. The machines that purposely disinform us degrade our mind to maintain us as happy idiots under ‘big brother smiley’ is the industry of information. The ministry of war that is making huge profits with the robotization of armies that will extinguish us in the future is the ministry of defense, and the industry of arms that kill and ruin us, will take us from the crisis with ‘Keynesian miitarism’. Even the laws of darwin that says biology is the fight of species whose individuals collaborate and survive Aganst other species that prey on them (metal-weapons and money that preys and substitutes our bodies and verbla, logic minds, killing us or making us stupid) has become the aberration of individual fight of man against man. So tribalism is ‘oK’, etc. etc.

– Unknown-2 So we need to tell the harsh truth and for that reason, in this web there is a  layer of information that uses the common jargon of classic economics and history and focuses mostly in unveiling elements of those sciences censored by power. Since social sciences are submitted to what we call the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ – the scientist is so small that it is influenced by the observable, the systems of power of society. Thus we explain in detail the nature of banking, the ways in which money and corporations control the world.

images-1Or we consider alternative, humanist, economical policies that could design a better, sustainable world with a ‘future’ for mankind.

Unknown-2Most of this posts are found in the lower left side, on ‘zeitgeist’, ‘newspeaks’ and ‘ideologies of the econ(nomic)system’, and deals with those aberrations of thought that today pass as ‘political and economical correctness’, with the pretension of Financial Economics, to be the scientific model of this discipline, when IT IS ONLY AN IDEOLOGY OF POWER OF BANKERS AND CORPORATIONS, latter study in more detail (see point C-the creation of a true model of social sciences).

censorhsipBut this people ignore – the Financial-Media system depicts bankers as experts, who care for the 90% – civil servants who are the only people who knows the ‘only’ scientific model of the economy. They are not told at all why the ECB bank cares nothing for Europeans and its only obsession is to ‘prevent inflation’. What they don’t say but do is this: ‘dear European citizens, this is a private bank to the service of private bankers, to whom we lend money almost for free, while you don’t have any right to do it, and we shall have only a mandate, to avoid inflation so the big bond holders of Wall Street and Newport beach that lend you money because you no longer have that democratic right, make an even bigger cut. Never mind you are unemployed, you die without health-care, you are usurped of your sovereign rights, this is not our concern. We follow the glorious tradition of our forebears, which are not the fathers of the European Union but the millenarian usury traders that have controlled your money per in secula seculorum. Amen.

And so to the rescue comes the arcane science of complexity that hides aberrations with jargons and expert’s talk of what is a global theft going on for 30 years since private e-money was invented.

So we shall as the blog grows  denounce those who are stealing at distance with usury and stolen sovereign rights our future as individuals and societies. For example, the whole bond usury and inflation guard maximizes NOT our future but the ‘future profits’ of bond holders, like  Mr. Eurobond Gross, a Jewish-American who ‘wept’ last year because he thought the ‘demise of the dollar was near’ and short-sold the currency of his nation and the euro to make another billion, but failed. This astounding confession got him kudos from wall street. Since under the present ‘financial dictatorship of ideologies’ it seems a sound policy as that of Mr. Draghi on inflation that allows Mr. Gross to make a few hundred dollars more in its billionaire usury account for each patient dead before arriving to a surgeon.  This modern Rothschild from the same millenarian usury tradition enjoys the surfing waves of Newport beach California, being though in speed dial with Mr. Bernanke, just in case he needs to tip or being tipped of the next big opportunity (Mr. Paulson as Rolling stones explains was systematically tipping Goldman of each new ‘policy’ for the betterment of the American people), but only talks in his last interview on Time, of course with a lot of ‘caring’, on how he is trying to help society… killing thousands at distance from its Bloomberg platform, with its partner, ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Draghi, who affirms his only ‘mandate of independence’ is to curb inflation so Mr. Gross doesn’t loose a penny on its usury bonds.

Yes, as the ‘merchant of Venice’ put it in the voice of the last of the great Latin writers of the renaissance, when the Anglo-Saxon world still considered man sacred and could talk of those higher ideals, Mr. Shakespeare, ‘evil dress with the clothes of a gentleman’. They just ask our ‘pound of flesh’ for their ‘risky’ trades in which they always profit according to the simple mechanisms of creation of money in markets, similar to those of war battles. Indeed, Mr. Gross is the captain of the biggest army of ‘money’, as he plays with billions on bets against the euro. So people to win like in Poker, knows that the person with the bigger bet cannot be toppled, regardless of what he has – nothing. Thus when Gross bets against the euro, the entire world army of speculators sees it in Bloomberg and bets with him and NO CENTRAL BANK CAN MASS so much money to defend it. HE CREATES THE MARKET AND DECIDES ACCORDING TO HIS REPUBLICAN, RIGHT WING, racist, anti-human ‘religious, classic economic’ postulates, that all Europeans must sacrifice their welfare states and model of democracy and give all the money to banks and corporations OR ELSE… he and his army on the darkness, ‘those invisible men that could rule the world (Wells parable), will keep sinking the Euro as they have been doing for two years since they took that ‘choice’ in an infamous meeting at Le cirque’s posh restaurant in Manhattan.  All of them of course, are now ‘covered up’ by the army of theoreticians, dedicated to find arguments to justify this predatory behavior as ‘a science’ of experts.

You live in a world completely censored at the ‘high level’ of mass-media, political and economical, and national correctness/institutions – a disguise built around a ‘fantasy’ of happiness based in a ‘false pretension of science and truth’ and ‘human caring’ ‘natural to democracies and capitalism that deactivates the harshness of biological, Darwinian world we live in. One dominated by people-castes, nationalist bigots, corporations, the military-industrial complex and the memes of metal that give them power – the ‘truths’ that ’cause’ this planet through the control those organizations have of the languages of power, money, weapons, mass-media and the law that rule the herds of mankind – without hardly any ‘real ‘right or democratic power’.

And yet thanks to modern ‘newspeaks’ of ‘audiovisual’ brain-washing, ‘correct censorship’ an ideology manufactured as science, the ‘fantasy’ of truth passes as expert talk while the truths of social science are forbidden and the real models of social sciences cannot be studied.

So we talk of the Financial-Media Informative Complex that controls the mind of man, and its languages of power for the benefit of a few smart people, but not very intelligent – since on the long term, capitalism will destroy the world and it does so provoking with their crisis of overproduction of selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, and underproduction of welfare goods people need to survive, wars and holocausts in which everybody, citizens, bankers and politicos go to hell. And this is the origin of the 800 (classic age of civilizations of warriors by the ‘grace of god’) 80 years (modern age of nations ruled by industrial and financial corporations ‘chosen by go(l)d) cycle of wars and destruction of nations and civilizations that now enters its new ‘neo-fascist’ age in America (of course, with the cheering of most American believers soon to be tagged by drones, as potential terrorists – witness the siege of Boston)… Deja vu.

– But American are happy self-destroying their world in a mimetic way to the last cycle – the German self-destruction of their country and Europe, from whom of course, the Germans learned nothing, as they are now doing exactly the same. What to make of all of this? We need to explain and deal with the Industrial Evolution and its ideologies that foster the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ along the dominant capitalist ideology that fosters the Financial-Media System.

So we study in depth  the past, present and future of 2 other ideologies that conform the zeitgeist of this age of human self-destruction, treated in the right down section:

– Nationalism, the belief that the Homo Americanus or the Homo Britannicus, etc must substitute the Homo Sapiens as the ‘dominant species’. And so we humans are Homo Tribalis who must fight with weapons for survival against other Homo Tribalis, instead of following the laws of survival of the Universe that tell us to fight together for the same species…

– Techno-utopia, the belief that we must evolve a different species, the machine, not the human being, because that is the meaning of progress, etc. etc.

But of course, as it happened in the old age, every peasant thought aristocrats and their lawyers were right, were indeed ‘God chosen’ as they think today stockrats and its employee, economists are right, are ‘experts’. And this happens because most  ‘men are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’ (Aristotle).

Those ideologies of ‘censorship’ of social sciences, signified by a strapped mouth, censorhsip  make us slaves to the evolution and reproduction of the ‘memes of metal’, since they are truly the ‘repeated memes’ that prevent the evolution of mankind.

Unfortunately the only reason capitalism is loved by all its slavish believers is that most people are plainly speaking so dumb they don’t even understand what capitalism is. They think in fact that is the epitome of freedom is to let a privileged group of people non-elected to control their lives with money, as capitalism has done since it started the first company that traded in human capital with money, frist with slaves then with part-time workers.

So we also explain with the laws of social organisms, what would be a free democracy – one in which both languages of social power, money and the law are issued by governments and citizens (referendums, universal salary), and then used to deliver legal and monetary orders that create a demand economy NOT a supply economy, one that would promote the production of welfare goods demanded by people, NOT one that promotes the production of weapons, supplied by industrial corporations. One where man, not the machine would be the center of our world.

Ultimately, since  all those ideologies cater to the unrecognized fact that we, humans are evolving a planet made of memes of metal, informative money, energetic weapons and organic machines because they allow selfish tribes and individuals to feel superior to the other members of its species, which leads to the second layer of complexity of this web:


‘Sciences predict the future of its species, according to its Past Cycles

A second layer, marked by a ‘sheep wolf’,  and a heart goes further using the laws of biological systems, to explain the biological evolution of mankind AND MEMES OF METAL AND ITS CYCLES of evolution, predation and symbiosis.

Since we are biological beings, and so all HUMAN SCIENCES MUST HAVE A BIOLOGICAL MODEL, not be based as social sciences are in anthropomorhic and religious ‘ideologies’ that cater to the wishful thinking of mankind at large, or the people-castes of bankers and warriors and politicians that control them with the 3 languages of social power, money,w eapons and the law.

Thus we explain the nature of machines and its biological relationships with man. In this layer we study the cycles of overproduction of money and machines  – as we live the last of them, the age of overproduction of chips, and its derivatives, e-money and robotic workers and soldiers that compete with humans in labor and war fields. And in the section of History, we study  the nature of societies, gods, religions, civilizations and the global economic superorganism with the laws of systems sciences.

To save you time reading this blog, if you do not share the simple ‘biological truth’ that this planet is a biological planet in evolution, please don’t waste your time. Unfortunately the human mind is more like a computer, which once imprinted by certain beliefs, follows the program and it is not easy to change. The lower the IQ science proves the easier to be programmed by happy, simple beliefs.  That’s fine; those who find reality too complex or to harsh can switch on then the TV or read the NYtimes, you will be happy and die like an idiot.

If by any chance you are not programmed, if you are a thinking being, continue. Share then a biological fact. Machines are NOT human beings. They are metal-beings, a new evolving species which has with humans 2 type of biological relationships:

– Symbiotic relationships, so we use cranes to strengthen our arms and cars to run faster and cameras to see better.

– Predatory relationships, so tvs hypnotize and imprint our minds with their higher informative capacity in an automated manner and weapons kill us, and working machines throw us from work.

But – and this is the key to understand the growing degeneration of human beings – there is a second effect far more dangerous: atrophy. Scientific studies show that humans today are weaklings because cars run and we get fat; and IQ is dwindling – tests have been simplified to avoid showing this specially in verbal, logic skills – as we substitute our ‘logic, verbal brain’ by a visual neo-paleolithic as computers and Tvs think and see for us.

C) images-3The 3 scales of the vortex of evolution of human and metal information of Planet Earth

.3. reducedThe Wave of History

In the graph, the vortex of informative evolution of the Earth and its two type of super-organisms, on top the Complementary system of information-energy machines or Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex and its accelerated 800-80 years of military civilizations (age of money and weapon) and technological ones (age of machines). On the bottom the vortex of social evolution of history through ‘social super-organisms, called Gods and ideologies, from the initial age of Taoist philosophies of the Universe to the present ecological age. The relationships of symbiosis and predation between both types of civilizations mimic those between metal and life at individual level.  

Those vortices follow the laws of ‘social evolution’ and information, proper of the science of complexity, as the planet continues its evolution and increase of information, from the age of Weapon and money of the previous graph to the age of evolution of machines, accelerated to a human biological generation of 72-80 years of the next graphs.

Why man hooked by the ego-trips of a higher informative and energetic power given by those machines that make us run faster and think better, or so it seems, since in fact they atrophy or body and brain, cannot SEE the biological processes of this planet, and his increasing obsolescence to those machines and corporations, both at individual and social/government level?

The only response is a non-anthropomorphic vision of mankind in darwinian terms, as a species who is NOT EVOLVING INTO A GLOBAL SOCIAL SUPER-ORGANISM, AS NATURE HAS DONE WITH OTHER CELLS OF THE SAME SPECIES.

IT SEEMS CERTAIN MEN, notably white men, visual, dolicocephalic, with a higher Neanderthal, energetic, destructive brain tends to behave as a wolf to other men by lack of a rational, ethic, evolved verbal brain.

On that view, the leading cult(ure)s of mankind which dominate and discovered first weapons (germanic cultures) and money (semitic cultures) have primitive languages, I-centered (english) or agglutinative and hence inflexible to reason (German), or believe in ‘religions’ of anthropomorphic nature, which consider them as individuals or tribes, different from the rest of mankind (Judaism), or justify the use of violence against non-believers (Islam), and are still as Aristotle put it ‘barbarians, slaves that do not even know the meaning of freedom, because they believe, they don’t reason.

Only then one can understand the blindness to rational social sciences of most of humanity today, imprinted at global level by those ucultures.

Man is today, hooked and hypnotized, enslaved by iron and gold,  another ‘animal’, moved by greed and violence, the values of iron and gold, the most perfect energetic and informative atoms of the Universe, certain cult(ure)s and people-castes have used historically to ab=use and control a mass of sheeple. So we cannot be more objective than that – treating our ‘leaders’, as ‘animetals’ and ‘enzymen’, who catalize the evolution of metal for tribal, selfish darwinian porposes, killing life, NOT some chosen of go(l)d or the sword as their ‘political correct’ religions, nationalisms and capitalist ideologies pretend. 

And those are the ‘animetal’ cultures on top of the graph, not as they think the superior races chosen by the sword and gold, but the most retarded ones, with null verbal understanding of human truths and the laws of social love which the lower cultures and prophets of love tried to teach them with no avail.

Essentially the evolution of ‘memes of metal’ follows a decametric fractal scale of ‘growing speed’ in the evolution of those memes, which I have discovered for all informative, fractal systems of evolution in my mathematical-logical formalism of General Systems Sciences. The ultimate reasons of it belong to the science of information and the dimensional structure of complex systems that go well beyond this blog analysis. It basically goes as this: the ‘simplest’ systems evolve slower and those are ‘energy systems’, while the more complex, ‘informative systems’ evolve faster and those are the chips and e-money derivatives.

This is self-evident for those who follow the process of Industrial evolution and was formulated by me in my pioneer work ‘the extinction of man’, c.94, and in parallel work by Kurzweil – a techno-utopian at the service of robotic corporations.

Needless to say our conclusions of the phenomena were very different – a classic antitruth, in which the cause of our extinction by corporations of robots in the nearby future – both of labor and life, with tool machines that automatize factories and terminators that watch us and kill us – becomes the ‘techno-utopian’ road to immortality:

He a member of the mythic cult(ure) of ‘chosen’ of gold, deduced that A.I. is coming soon to make us happier, chosen, immortal beings who will merge with the machine, imprint our brains in circuitry and live for ever – and messianically lobbied the robotic industry to create the ‘Singularity Institute’ and made a fortune and became very popular in industrial mass-media – now he sells books explaining how eating 100 plus pills a day of supplements he is beating old age, LOL.

i deduced the singularity is coming to extinguish us – because I am a scientist not a guru, and evolution is self-evident: when a new species stronger than a previous one appears it extinguishes it. Point. I was then a Master student at Columbia U. and had to pay myself the book… and ever since have been more or less black listed from the industry of  misinformation (-; That is the drill. Artists, scientists, writers make their work. Then the system of corporations SELECTS those who favor their views on techno-utopia and the ideologies in favor of machines explained in the next paragraph, so people become ‘optimist’ because there is always some twisted ‘rhetoric’ to convince any one of a ‘big lie’ if ‘you repeat it many times’ (Goebbels).

Now, once this is clear, of the 3 memes of metal, the energetic weapon systems are thus the ones that evolve slower. Those are the ‘protagonists’ of the 700-800 years cycle of overproduction of weapons and destruction of civilizations that are graphically illustrated in the beginning of this post (bronze, 3000 Bc, chariots, 2000 Bc, iron 1200 bc, coins, 400 bc, spurs, 400 Ad, gunpowder 1208 (sacco di bizantium)… And digital weapons, 2008).

Then you have the 80-70 year cycle of machines, the organic meme of metal. Those are the cycles of steam and train, bodies of metal; of engines and cars, their hearts; and metal-minds, and now the 2008-2080 robot cycle.

Finally, there is a short period cycle of 7-8 years known to economists first spotted by Jevons, which thought it to be 10.45 years like the sunspot cycle but latter Keynes reduced to the correct 7-8 year cycle caused by the ‘informative language’ of money and its contraction and expansion fluctuations.

Because the Universe is a fractal of energy and information (general systems theory) all those cycles ‘overlap’ and in the knots in which they coincide the absolute ‘catastrophes’ of history happen. 2008 was an overlapping point, reason why in my first book, 20 years ago was prominently highlighted in the cover as the moment of transition between the age of minds of metal and the age of robots, BECOMING THE STARTING POINT OF our extinction as a species. It was the point in which there would be a financial crash, there would be a beginning of the robotic era and there would be a ‘singularity’ weapon. As decades passed, amazingly enough 2008 became the year in which CERN decided to make black holes on Earth – and so I sued them in media famous suit, using the patriot act against the Bush administration, with imaginable consequences for my career and health explained at http://www.cerntruth.com – now this date is moved to 2015 when they will fire the machine running today at 1/2 potency over the threshold of black hole formation. So my friends, as it happened, 2015, is also the 3rd ‘crash of the global economy’ of e-money, THE CRASH OF THE DOLLAR AND THE EURO… the next node, circa 2015-16, l



  Economics must be a science submissive to history hence to politics.

Let us be clear from the beginning. When Mr. Marshall, the father of modern economics with its mathematical/corporation bias convinced at the beginning of the XX century to teach ‘economics as a different discipline’, Economics had been rightly taught for 150 years within the curriculum of History and Moral Thought – as secondary sciences, submissive to History and Ethics, as they should be – because the CENTRAL POINT OF VIEW OF MANKIND MUST BE MANKIND AND ECONOMICS SHOULD BE AS IN THIS BLOG ETHONOMICS, DEDICATED TO IMPROVE THE FUTURE OF HUMAN BEINGS NOT THE FUTURE OF MACHINES ONLY.

Thus I sign ‘futureofhistory’ and treat economics from a historical perspective and use moral and verbal causal arguments. It would been very easy for me to write here treatises of mathematical economics, taking into account that my ‘forte’ and most important work in the realm of hard science is the mathematical and logical formalism of General Systems Sciences (aka complexity), as I explain in my avatar. You make a career with that, you get Nobel Prizes and big positions in the financial industry if all what you care is to evolve and overproduce machines and money and consider that the only goal of economics.

Of course, with a lot of care. Mr. Marshall explains in his books that his interest in economics aroused when he walked on the slums of London and Liverpool. Oh, lol, those caring financial and industrial economists (-; This guy, father of micro-economics (the study of how to maximize the production of corporations), who opposed to any legislation in favor of a minimal salary in Britain separated economics from history and made it just a partial discipline to the service of financial and industrial corporations, because ‘he cared so much’ for the people of the slums.

From then on that was the ‘new normal’: convert humans into mathematical objects, subject to price, with no rights whenever they collide with the overproduction mantra of ‘progress through the machine’…  And so you got the ‘experts’ of the XX century, with a few exceptions like Kondratieff, Keynes and Galbraith all caring so much for… the rights of corporations and the 1%. 

It is in that milieu, as economics became more ‘dehumanized’ when mathematics – which first was intended to be a helping hand to aid production – acquires an ‘ideological bias’ to cover corruption through complexity and a pretension of higher ‘science’. In the same manner corrupted law during the ‘ancient regime’ could not be ‘codified’; so the aristocrat’s lawyer always found his way in the maze of legality, today financial economics always can disguise its antidemocratic and antisocial use of credit with arcane jargons. So we cut through that Gordian knot of mathematical rhetoric, starting as Napoleon did with the law, with a new, far more scientific and objective ‘code’ – the organic, systemic, evolutionary analysis of what really matters – not the ‘realm of the spirit’ but the physical economy of machines that truly influences our life and interacts with humans and labor.

Today Economics has ended in the theoretical realm, being absorbed by ‘corporations’ and financiers, which have become our ‘self-styled experts’ for selfish gain and further on have become dictators of our policies – as machines and money overproduce increasingly substituting humans and the law as the ‘makers’ of reality. So we are moving from a historic and political world into an economic ecosystem where humans are secondary to machines, governments to corporations and the law to the power of money, whose issue those corporations have usurped from democracies and the people, WHO should be the factors that control the two language of information that rule our world – money and the law – AS ALL EFFICIENT SOCIAL ORGANISMS, which have all two languages of energy and information (blood/money system and nervous/legal one) do.

Along the pages of this blog we study from time to time the two sides of Economic thought – those who made economics submissive to history and the welfare of society, epitomized by the today totally ignored Swedish, social school of economics and those who were just pamphletists of financial and industrial power, epitomized by the Austrian school.

Consider for example the work of Myrdal, the most important representative of the Swedish school who convinced the Swedish government in the 30s to create a social paradise, based in a welfare state and the use of money not to create wars but goods people demanded. And yet modern economists ignore him. Instead they prefer a 3rd rate, Jewish bigot, founder of the  Chicago school, guru of Miss Thatcher and Reagan, Hayek, to the service of private bankers. His ‘masterpieces’ ‘road to serfdom’ and ‘the denationalization of money’ are pamphlets full of ‘damned lies and statistics’. Indeed, in the latter he claims that he is ‘obsessed’ by the negative consequences that hyperinflation caused in Germany during the 20s and to remedy it, governments must not issue money, but we must regress to the earlier XIX century American banking system of private bankers issuing their own currencies – not a single private bank but as many as you want – to avoid the abuse of printing money by governments, as in the case of Germany. He considers that ‘private bankers’ would be responsible and control the printing of their own money to make it worth it, instead of doing what they have always historically done – to issue money for themselves with no limit creating the boom and bust crises of modern history.

Now, here the lie is enormous; since the Reichbank that caused hyperinflation during the Weimar republic was a private bank NOT a public one. So they printed money without limit till they broke Germany, causing the rise of fascism. And this Mr. Hayek must now. So he lies because his only goal is to ‘make himself amicable’ to the financial power, as Adam Smith did when affirming money was gold and put the Private Bank of England as the perfect model. Then the system of audiovisual information and the industry of scholar economics pump up as geniuses those economists that cater to the financial elite and ignore the others.

Indeed, Mr. Myrdal, father of modern Sweden was NOT given a Nobel prize by a Swedish bank, which has usurped the name of Nobel to give this prize that was not in its testament and its heirs reject – in a nation that gives Nobel prizes to any Scandinavian that says something coherent in any discipline – till the 70s, and when it did so, the bank gave him the Nobel shared with Mr. Hayek. Here the trick was obvious: the bank was using the prestige of Myrdal to pump up the pamphletist and on top saying Myrdal is the ‘past’, this cuckoo liar is the future.

Another examples used by pamphletists of private bankers are the currencies of the French and American revolutions (continentals) that lost value during the wars with England. Of course, they did, because England created a mass-industry of fake currency, doing financial terrorism and exporting ‘literally’ tons of continentals and French money to break the revolution.

Why then the obsession for public created inflation when it is always created by the massive invention of private money? Damned lies and statistics, cover up.

Further on a minimal quantity of inflation is NOT bad. The obsession against inflation of the right comes because bond holders, the supreme power of financial control of states loose money with inflation as their bonds have nominal prices. So since the XIX century age of legendary control of states by the Rothschild syndicate with manipulation of bonds, bankers do not want inflation. In true form, a language of information is inflationary, so we talk and think more than we act, as inflation in language kicks off the process of ‘action-creation’. Without inflation there is no economical action. Without thoughts there is no human actions. A bit of Inflation kicks consume as people spend now before prices go up but without the rush of hyperinflation, at a moderate path that increases consumption, demand and the production of the goods most people need – those of the welfare state that don’t kill us.

Now in a world in which economics is just to the service of corporations that reproduce machines, all those collateral effects are forgotten. All consists in GDP growth, economic growth maximized by the creation of the most expensive machines, weapons. In this world advertised by audiovisual corporations, bankers, economists and their politicos, America, which produces 1/2 of the world weapons is the wealthiest, most powerful country and ideal world. Point. For those who have lived in the US and in countries dedicated to reproduce ‘human wealth’, the goods that improve our lives like the old European Union was, before the ‘German IV reich’ imposed the American model, the social-democratic world of France, Italy and Spain was the ideal world, today destroyed.

And the difference of education, health-care, social values and overall happiness and development of their population showed indeed how much damage the blind belief that overproducing machines is always good causes on people. In that sense America is a small world lab of the future of the economic ecosystem, as all races and cultures are there, but submitted to the future of a world run by company-mothers of machines. Here in Europe people very unjustly criticize, even despise the American people, which I consider just ‘victims’ of a wrong system. Now we are suffering in Europe the same system and people are declining very fast in moral, ethical, intellectual and living standards, to the point of being mimetic to the American people.

An ideal world in which economics were a science submissive to the health and future of history – the supreme science as it deals with the future of human beings not of machines and its companymothers as classic, right-wing economics do – , would consider both facts and ‘choose’ what machines are allowed and which are not, to better the human species. But we are not run by such intelligent world. We are run by corporations, whose only goal is to re=produce machines for a profit, improve and evolve them and adapt the world to its image and likeness with lobbies, hired politicos, propaganda of consumption and protection of ‘sacred’ property. The result is a world which systematically overproduces machines and underproduces the goods we need to survive. And so in a biological planet of limited resources, capitalism, the religion of techno-utopia that always ‘sacrifices’ humans to ‘economic growth’ understood not as growth of human goods and healthy wealth (the biological goods that enhance our existence) but as growth of ALL kind of products, of which machines are the most expensive, will end up creating a world of machines, where humans are obsolete. And this is indeed the origin of the economic crises of today as it was in the 30s, the cause of the economic crises: overproduction.

The evolution of humanist economics and history with the discovery of complexity, information sciences, systems sciences and the laws of the 5th Dimension.

Now I ask you even a higher point of view on that biological world, which biologists tend to deny, as they are also part of the zeitgeist of the age – Darwin after all was a victorian gentleman of the I Industrial dog-eat-dog capitalism: the point of view of social organisms. Social organisms are more powerful than bacteria and survive better by the power of love. Their cells share blood energy and nervous information. They have of course ‘2 social classes’, the managers, the brain neurons, the informative caste and the citizens/workers, the cells of the body that reproduce the goods of the body. Managers get 10 times more energy as neurons but not more. Body cells are always fed with right energy and right information. This kind of social super-organism, the mammal, is the most evolved system in the Universe and the one we shall use to design a perfect world, theoretically (because as I say, unless humans learn to be more intelligent and ethic, they simply CANNOT reach that degree of social evolution).

Thus, a 3rd layer of complexity, marked by a book, deals with the fractal, cyclical nature of the changes of history and its 800-80-8 years waves of creation and destruction of civilizations, nations and products that form a vortex of evolution and acceleration of information similar to other systems of the Universe.

This is the most complex, higher objective analysis of mankind, as part of a complex Universe structured in scales and systems of energy and information described with the formalism of the 5th dimension of space-time (the dimension of different sizes and speeds of temporal information that constantly accelerate towards the future and this scientist has formalized in his work on Systems Sciences, Non-Euclidean Mathematics and Non-Aristotelian Logic at the avant-garde of XXI c. scientific research). This scale can be found in posts on the left section ‘General Systems’ as this one, but given its mathematical and logical complexity, I have not written many posts at this level.

Part of this science and its complex ‘dula logic’ is the anti-quantum paradox that allows the censorship of social sciences (the social scientist is smaller than the observable Nation, Financial or Scientific caste that represses him) and the ego paradox that allows the sheeple to be slavish to those who control them (since in a fractal Universe information is always relative to the point of view of the observer who think to the be center of the Universe. Thus humans need to be happy, cheat themselves and consider the system ‘good’ and all what the master needs is to pretend to be nice and caring, a drill that ‘enviromental corporations’, ‘expert bankers’, ‘victim nations’ and other niceties of the ‘Orwellian zeitgeist’ of the day have perfected.

Thus to study such complex crisis, its consequences and solutions 3 themes will focus this blog:

 The imperfect ‘capitalist democracies in which we live, where the fundamental rights of free societies – the issue of the two languages of social power, bills of money and bills of law, by citizens and freely elected governments – have been usurped by corporations, which use them to create a world to the image and likeness of their offspring of machines and weapons, with utter disregard of the rights and goods demanded by most human beings, which are never met or produced.

– The opposite is happening as a consequence  of the increasing monopoly on credit and money by corporations we live a crisis of  overproduction of digital money and machines/weapons – the ultimate cause of this crisis  of which nobody wants to talk – since the overproduction of machines provokes in a planet of limited resources, a systemic scarcity of welfare goods and jobs we need to survive, as humans become substituted by machines which compete and displace us in fields of labor and war.

–  So, we advance the solutions to the crisis, with models of an efficient, democratic, social organism of history, based in the laws of General Systems and Superorganisms.

Since, if humans lived in ‘real’ democracies, based in a demand economy, there would not be scarcity of welfare goods for most of mankind and the use of almost all the resources of the planet by corporationsfor the evolution and reproduction of their offspring machines, will not happen but we would instead suffer ‘overproduction’ crises of life-based goods demanded by mankind

The design of a perfect world, a matter studied latter, considering the 3 points of view or ‘levels’ of scientific analysis used in this web – the science of complexity, the sciences of biology and the classic, humanist, democratic point of view on social sciences – the only available and increasingly censored in the present astoundingly dumb and censored world of social sciences, which either shows the point of view of corporations, or is just a refurbishing of ideologies of financial and military power (capitalism, nationalism) and so it dares not to go beyond the first level of scientific method – collection of data, partially censored by those ideologies.

SO WE ONLY HEAR THE POLITICALLY CORRECT STATEMENT THAT CAPITALIST democracies are the best system, the more efficient to achieve wealth and the more free, and this of course is not truth. So let us finish this introduction with an objective analysis of that antitruth as capitalist democracies are the LESS FREE SYSTEM AND THE ONE THAT CREATES LESS HUMAN WEALTH:

–  If we were to ‘vote’ in a 0 to 10 scale ‘political systems’ by their efficiency and democratic rights – 0 being a sick system in process of extinction, 10 the perfect mammal, previously described, giving 5 points to the perfect brain who informs the cells and gets pain or pleasure in reward – so if it misguides your hand to the fire it will burn and your brain-neuronal informative caste will suffer, and 5 to the perfect blood system that feeds them, or else suffers hunger pain, NONE in planet Earth today will pass the 5-mark of approval as none has either a democratic, demand based welfare economy or a political democratic system where politicians are judged and responsible by their actions.

In the economic arena the most democratic system is China, since its financial system is owned by the government and for that reason because it gives credit to the people grows a 10%. So it would get a 5 for the economical system if it were NOT corrupted partially by the Political dictatorship of a single party with an OUTDATED ideology – Marxism, reconverted by Stalin into military dictatorship, and non open lists for citizen vote, neither a posteriori judgment. This impies that the economic financial system is increasingly corrupted, so we might give them a 4+0 – and that would be as today the biggest objective score.

Now, in Nature, this means human social organisms dont pass the cut of survival and indeed, they are killing their people. We are the only superorganisms of the Universe in which systematically masses of human cells die of hunger and misinformation is rampant – as to the point that fiction, virtual idiocy is the main informative food of most people’s brains, to maintain them ignorant of the aberrations of the system.

The example of China is telling – even a political dictatorship of a single party is more efficient economically when it can print their money than a dictatorship of bankers who don’t give credit and issue money for themselves and for speculative schemes to multiply it in electronic platforms. Imagine a democratic society where governments regain their rights to the 2 languges of social power, laws and money, to be able to pay the policies people ask for, coupled with a stronger judiciary system, able to judge ALL politicians with no immunity after their civil service ends.

So if we were to qualify the 3 capitalist democracies in which I lived most of my life, The British and American self-similar systems, owned by The City and Wall Street and their financiers will get 0 – zero economical freedom today as bankers dont give credit but use their machine of printing money to play casino roulette and schemes of e-money creation in bloomberg platforms, and 0 for an absolutely corrupted bipartisan system that caters to corporations, with 2 equally corrupted parties.

Indeed to understand why bipartisan systems are so corrupted we need to know its historical origin.  Their only difference historically was to represent the party of war and the party of corporative trade. Bipartisan democracies were born in England, after the dictatorship of slave corporations was establsihed by a coup detat of dutch corporations and financial institutions in 1688. Then from Holland came the puppet-king, the stockrats of the first company, VOC, who traded in slaves, piracy and luxury goods, and the private bank of england with its usury cut of 7% was established. The City became a kingdom within the kingdom, to the point it didnt pay taxes, and the king had to ask permission to the major to enter there. And only the wealthiest members of corporations and aristocrats-land owners could vote. But soon it was obvious that profits for corporations could be done certain times with war and pirating and sometimes with trade on luxuries, gold and slaves, so the original dutch orange party divided in two: the whigs – the party of peaceful, trading corporations and torys, the party of war corporations and this duality that adapted politicos to the ‘previously described’ wave of machines = weapons meant that when profit was done with machines we consume, the ‘liberals’ took power (Democrats in US) and when war would increase profits selling weapons, the Conservatives, were elected (Republicans, in US -the party of war founded by Illinois railroad lobbyst Lincoln to start a war against southern planters and haul their cotton with trains to northern mills at cheaper prices than they obtained selling it to Europe, with the excuse of slavery and the real reason of the arfiff issue).

And what about Catalonia or Spain or the Eu, the political entities to which I belong. O0.

Indeed Catalonia is a colony of Spain which is a colony of Europe. As none has rights to print their money – a right now taken by the ECB bank who lends only to private bankers who in turn cut a 7% usury ‘prima de riesgo’ that has ruined de facto both countries. And needless to say their bipartisan politicos are us corrupted as those of the US or England – even more probably because after some reforms the Private Federal Reserve and the Bank of England print some money for their people – not so much in America, as it is used to pay wars and hand outs to bankers, as in England after it was made public in II world war.

And the same can be said of European nations, all of them increasingly controlled by the opaque system of lobbyism of Brussels’ laws and the private ECB bank, which means the only nation that is going through the crisis with an apparent easiness is Germany – NOT because their people are getting their rights, but because they are the perfect slaves of corporations, believers in the machines they invented during the II Industrial r=evolution (cars, electric machines), and feel OK, making 400 euros of salary, dressing only grey, eating only pork and pouring their machines all over Europe, ruined by the competence of their SAP white collar workers, and BMW robotized blue collar workers, owned by the ‘cousin of Goebbels’ as their mass-media vomits racists slurrs against the wefare state and human goods of what a germ(an) bankster called ‘Piigs’ nations. In other words, the Germans with an agglutinative, primitive language of unbrokable, racist ideas are the most mechanical, robotic-like humans and so the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System makes them the ‘role model’ for the non-future of real living systems, real humans. And that has been teh case, we shall study in depth when treating the animetal cultures of atrophied human beings in their life drives, boosted by their cults to weapons and machines that direct the world.

So all other social systems, with the partial exception of the few who hve some control over their money, and some judiciary, non corrupted control over politicos, including those of the western European-American plutocracy of banksters of Biblical Origin (jewish-protestant people castes that have controlled finances in monopoly since the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution) have a dysfunctional, crazy head that cares nothing for the rest of the people, is endogamic, croony capitalism that merely invents ‘financial damned lies and statistics’ that pass as expert science, with the only purpose of inventing as much money as possible for themselves, parasiting the rest of the economy. And this is the origin of the war and holocaust cycles endemic in the western world and the negative growth as the ‘blood system’ ‘sucks in’ the little blood of the rest of the body with taxes, bail outs, appropriations and inflationary, massive printing of e-money. 

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