Censored Info

Biological Information: /Informative censorship of the neuronal castes of superorganisms.

Information is censored in all super-organisms by the brain/nervous/informative system, ‘who’ censors the body to control its working, ‘blind cells’ without access to external reality through the senses, ALL put on the headmaster.

So the body works and it is exploited by the head because it  knows only the information those nervous systems provide.

But what is aberrant is the fact that in our economic system, the body doesnt get eenough energy to survive. The head is crazy, because not only censors the ethic truths of the wor(l)d and the survival strategies mankind should follow, but it actually kills the body.

So we must think on what happen to the world under the rule of the parasitic animetal castes of warriors and bankers that prey on mankind with debt-money and weapons more as a top predator, external organisms that kills devours the superorganisms of humanity.

In our present Financial->Military->Industrial system which evolves the selfish memes of metal (money, weapons and machines), humans live in a matrix of fiction and false information, ideologies that always back those memes and make us love money, weapons and machines, even if money deactivates our mental memes of love, weapons kill our bodies and machines substitute and make us obsolete as organs of energy and information more complex than our organs (so we run with cars and atrophy our bodies, we see TVs and forget what is reality, seen with our own eyes, believing the ideologies of the corporations that create tv programs and we calculate and spell with computer, forgetting how to multiply and read, and so on.)

All this can be compared to the way the brain programs cells to become atrophied, weak masses living closed in organic systems and obeying the mind. But at least in a living organism, there is a symbiosis and confluence of goals between the brain and the body cells – both work to survive and the body can send pain messages to the brain.

This is not the case of the organism of history, where the top cells that reproduce machinesmoney and weapons – the animetal castes of society – care nothing for the cells of the body and kill them with weapons or substitute them with machines in war and labor fields whenever it is needed. So the most apt comparison is that of an organism whose DNA cells have been substituted by the cell of a virus in a leukemia process of death: the virus of history are the memes of selfish metal – not those instruments that enhance our life, the welfare goods of social-democratic states, but the raw memes of money, weapons and digital machines that control and degrade our minds and bodies. Those are the key memes of our financial-military-industrial system and to protect them, the ‘leukemia classes’ of bankers, military and audiovisualmass-media control our information and explain us that we must love money, weapons and machines and despise human beings, fight tribal wars and consider the epitome of Freedom to reproduce machines in company-mothers(work) and evolve them=consume them. All this is the nature of organic censorship in a sick body of history, which is dying as machines substitute us and a matrix of fictions program our brain. And the ultimate meaning of it is the paradox of Darwinian behavior: the predator, in this case the animetalcastes that live on those memes, despises and degrades the victim, the rest of mankind, and its ideologies and points of view find those cruel acts necessary realpolitik of biological information.

The fundamental paradox of organicism, the biological description of history and economics is the ‘Paradox of History vs. economics’, which is defined as the paradox of information of any biological ecosystem, in which ‘information’ is never objective, but always biological, selected by the individual from his point of view, to satisfy its needs. The POV of the gazelle is different from the POV of the lion. The lion feels powerful and beautiful, the gazelle thinks of the lion as a horrible species. We hate insects because they eat us. We find wo=men beautiful because they reproduce.

The Galilean paradox: self-centered beings and tribal caste power.

The paradox  of information is obvious the paradox of the ego which incomplexity is called the Galilean paradox , and hence it is also the paradox of mankind, which becomes extinguished because only he considers himself intelligent, vital and despises machines as objects even if they are evolving into organisms.

Individual minds gauge reality from their own perspective. So they are always selfish, ego-centered, and consider themselves too important, too big to fail. And yet from an objective perspective we are nothing but dust of space-time.

The paradox of biological information explains why any organic model of the science of history and economics is censored and rejected, because it challenges the ‘myths of power’ which build the realpolitik of our nations withselfish memes and tribal history, with monopolies of weapons and credit that break our social organisms in Social Castes . So instead of a science of history we have glorious deeds of our warriors and bankers.

And yet, because the privileges of the castes of bankers and politicians/military dictators that control the economy and political system of those tribal nations are so exorbitant, they will never renounce to them. Instead their privileges must be hidden by making social sciences totally irrelevant and ignored to the people, which are provided all kind of placebo lies and statistics, messages of happiness and audiovisual hypnotism – noise in military jargon – to keep a bewildered herd of body-cells=citizens always ready to accept the sacrifices demanded by the informative castes. And the key to that control is ignorance and ego-centrism that fosters confrontation between parts of the Human species, which make necessary weapons and self-destructive wars.

The fiction of democracies.

We live in a financial-military-industrial complex, not in a democracy. We are ruled by informative castes of bankers that monopolize money invention and politicos that sell laws and military that make money with them.

This ignorance of course as in all system affects also those who control history. In simple terms the paradox of subjective, biological information means that victims hate predators, predators feed on victims, and both have opposite views of each other.  And everybody has a wonderful opinion of himself. It is the paradox of Social Castes: the animetal loves his rituals of greed, his go(l)d, his weapons, his power. He feels a ‘Nietzschian Metalmaster’, a strong man. The victim, the energy, life, the worker=reproducer, feels he is a parasite, an animetal, a beast guided by greed. While the metalmaster feels the worker is ‘sheeple’, weak.

Today almost nobody knows that democracies appeared in Holland, as secondary system to that of VOC the first company of gunboats and slaves, whose shareholders controlled the parliament they ‘invented’ in which only wealthy shareholders or aristocrats could vote. There was in fact a single party, the orange party, which split in two when the system was exported to Great Britain by the dutch king and his merchants, to adapt the political system to the economical cycle: when there was crisis in the sale of British products, the Tories prone to war took power and the state bought the gunboats for war; when there was higher sales the moderate Whigs took over. The same system of two parties ran by money of corporations, one prone to war, the GOP and one prone to trade, democrats, was exported to the US, where the business of America (not the people of America) is the politics of America.

Yet all this is not known since of course, it would cast light on why democracies are in fact ‘stockracies’, modern ari-stockracies ruled not by weapons but by money, which buys and produces weapons in the modern, complex world of corporations and sophisticated machines=arms.

So History is plainly censored and economics is purposely isolated from history and pretentiously considered a ‘mathematical science’ instead of a biological, social one since it affects the life of humanity.

And the result is that there is no real science of history and economics – even the possibility of its existence is denied by power.

This is the political and economic ’reality’ of an informative caste of politicos, bankers and military that has never wanted to make of History the fundamental science of the species to maintain its power and instead still lives and promotes… tribal history.

The paradox affects our denial of the death of history.

And so the subjectivity of information in an objective, Darwinian Universe in which the fundamental law is the law of balance, and the law of action-reaction, means that as we kill life and Gaia, we kill ourselves. It means that if someone is making billions speculating, it is taxing the price of commodities which cause inflation and others will pay. It means that if there is an upper-caste that lives without work someone is working for you. This paradox of course is denied by the political correct thought that we are all equal and there are not organic social classes, which is again a newspeak to hide the ab=use of ‘animetal’ castes over human beings. Biological information is the origin of the  Matrix of fictions that appeared with the first selfish memes ofanimetal cultures and have always ruled tribal history.

It is the ego paradox that causes so much deaths and failure. We need to believe we are the center of the Universe, to create a knot of self-perception, and so humanity thinks it will live forever. But for the total Universe, the Earth can disappear in the infinite Universe. This constraint is by far the most important in all tragedies of History. People cannot, will not, ever think seriously on death. Their individual or collective death is never happening. And if it happens, there is no ’cause’, no action-reaction process, not harm we have ever caused. We are all victims, never perpetrators. And if you insinuate that the 1% or informative castes of the warrior and banker original animetal cultures, the Goths=Germans and Am Segullah=International Bankers, have killed first or have ruined people and provoked a negative reaction, again you are an anti-patriot, or you are a hate-speaker with the sickness of anti$emitism … Of course, it is not your intention to murder anyone, when you say so, just to reform the destructive consequences of our mechanist=capitalist ideology and their monopoly on weapons and credit that sustains its injustices. But the ‘victim’ is paranoid with his ego. He uses preventive action to anyone who even insinuates verbally that the conduct and ideology of capitalism=mechanism is not a science, that all humans belong to the same super-organism of history, etc.

2 Responses to “Censored Info”

  1. russell olausen Says:

    Children and freethinkers are the food of the universe. I asked a few people I know to take a look at your work, one who I had seen sit for an hour listening to a solar panel salesman. Well you know where the stoppers are. I have used some of your precepts in an ongoing battle with the female I cohabitant with, a real supporter of the ruling class and scored some points. Has anybody ever accused you of having a violin string broke? Very acerbic person. I see in you A. Einstein, I. Asimov, N. Chomsky, Molliere, and Cervantes. A fascinating list of characters. Think of I. Doestoyevsky as my motif. My visit to Spain has me seeing La Famila Sagreta. Do not doubt that you are paid attention to. The weather in Alberta has been rather more fine than we are used to. The people you say are moving north of Sidney, surely invest in this area and I am hoping I can make them be kind to me. You the man and I have a good hoot every now and again when I think of you doing Hollywood.

    • futureofhistory Says:

      well im not in evilwood these days bt in toronto, your land… and yeap, it seems according to my editor, working on the docu, ‘the future of history’ that im ‘paid attention’ to… he believes the vans that pop up in front of my home with a guy sitting there, belong to the ‘minister of love’ (Orwellian newspeak)… and his pcs according to software have been ‘violated’ recently, while my editor (of books) in spain who published the abertzale movement writes me ‘beware of March ‘Idus’… already with a shoulder-arm broken in 5 pieces during CERN’s suits, the day i had to fly to hawai suddenly 3 guys appeared on my garage and broke it – that must be the connection with Cervantes ‘el manco’ O-: (-; Police came in magically and took me to a rude hospital where they assure me i couldnt leave so i did in the middle of the night to catch the flight at 7 am,without bandage, not to scare the stewarts, painful landing what for? a decrepit oldest judge on the circuit, told us he was a veteran of pearl harbor and this little big-bang of earth was peanuts compared… On the other side all nobel prizes defaulted not to defend the indefensible, but there it came Mr. Smith, of Matrix remembrances for the ‘state’ to assure the nonagenary that all was well in the western front, and what mattered is that US only spent 500 million $, an insignificant amount to have standing; so the judge told us that even if the planet blew up, ‘the destruction of the Earth wouldn’t be attributable to the US Government; (sic)… so acerbic might be but innofensive as all humanist writers have ever been… Wor(l)ds don’t kill, animetals do… they kill entire wor(l)ds and those who fight for them. But they are nothing but clowns, homunculus with big mouths, and bigger hands, but ridiculous brains, who pump up iron and think themselves important because they can torture the wor(l)d. Like those retarded 2 guys on the van outside. It seems your nation has a 4-pact with the other $lave nations of the ‘people who go to sidney’, US, australia, Uk and a huge budget from the electronic industry lobbies to buy big brother ears, andso they have to invent threats to the country. There they are, one comes out often in what seems to be Alberta’s hot weather for their artic thoughts, to the children’s play zone up the street. I would like to offer him a refreshment and tell him, dont worry be happy you are just here so Sony can sell your governement a couple of mikes. But im like you, just a passerby.
      Bottom line is that it doesnt matter how i end… it is the superorganism of mankind=history which is dying according to ‘objective’ laws of General Systems Sciences.. im just like stendhal a transparent glass to that truth… So who cares, none of their sons will live in this planet for too long… because they will never listened to their true prophets of love and the Universe has its rules of perfection – you see the universe is NOT EGOIST but socialist… it makes 10 Dimensional superorganisms, that is the program of survival and those who hate to love die for the game of existence to continue in its perfect form.
      You see when confronting death according to doctors you go through 4 phases, denial, which i long passed, anger, which was the time when i wrote most of this posts, depression, which followed and finally nirvana, the humble realization that it is both unavoidable and irrelevant, our passage through existence, just another of the infinite fractal combinations of topological space and fractal time there is in the universe… It is as irrelevant as it is the life of those who think to be on top of the world. ‘Life is like the flight of a goose on the forest in winter, which hardly leaves some traces on the snow, which the wind will soon erase’ (Song poet, in the zenith, soon to die to the Mongol barbarians, of the highest civilization man has known, taoist-buddhist china)

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