The paradoxes that censor history: ego, antiquantum and animetal paradox

Let us be clear from the beginning; a science of history of which economics is a subdiscipline and NOT the other way around (as man must be the center of our policies, not the machine, today the center of the economic ecosystem) does not exist NOT because it is not possible to build it or because humans, the cells of the super-organism of history, whose structure in space and ages in time are summarized in the previous graph do not follow the laws of all social systems, living entities and species of the Universe, but because those who hold power thanks to the ab=use of mankind with their ‘metal-memes’ build with stronger atoms than our life beings (weapons, money and machines) do NOT want to face reality.

In the Britannica Encyclopedia, 1973 edition (the last one before the age of chip totally changed the mind of man, making it trivial, visual and logically meaningless – see articles on the ‘neopaleolithic’) the article dedicated to the science of history has 4 pages, slightly less than the next article on Hitler, the last leader of the military cycle of the Industrial R=evolution and both articles are full of historic inaccuracies and judgments. The article is, to put it in perspective 1/13th the size of the previous religious article on Hinduism, 1/2 of the previous article on biology, dedicated to ‘bugs’ (heteroptera) and 1/3rd of the previous article of science on Heterocyclic compounds.

This anecdote is meaningful in as much as I regard that 20.000 pages book which took me 2 years of my youth to read, the best book ever printed and the best expression of what humanity means by knowledge. And yet the fundamental science of mankind – that which concerns with mankind itself, and its social superorganisms from the first human cell who spoke to the last man who will live probably at the end of this century – has 1/2 of the spacetime dedicated to ‘bugs’.

Going further in this comparison, the most important scientist of history, and precursor of this work, Mr. Oswald Spengler, who advanced the organic nature of societies, forecasted the destruction of the III Reich by may 1945 and of the next empire, the American democracy that would be corrupted by money, according to the cycles of history around the year 2000, who discovered a 1000 years cycle of civilizations (see graph above, with this and the Kondratieff cycle, both of which I have fine tuned with my fractal, mathematical tools to its correct 800-80 years periodicity) has only 6 lines, less than half of the space dedicated on those other articles to the benzimidazole, one of the thousands of heterocyclic compounds or 1/7th of what we are told about the mouthparts of the bug.

What this means is obvious. Humans have zero interest on objective truth about themselves, on a science of history that does not cater their ego trips and animetal fantasies – on a true, biological explanation of the cycles and processes of creation and extinction of civilizations.

True to its quality though, the  Britannica article insists in those key reasons why we humans reject the scientific understanding of history – censorship by power and corruption of scholars paid by them since Tertulianus said ‘you will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’ and why this is a huge mistake as a science of history ‘must’ exist for 2 reasons:

– All in the Universe follows cycles and patterns which define science as the search for data on those patterns and its finding of cycles, which we do here on the path of those masters. And so as man is part of the Universe and biological in nature he must follow those laws.

– If we were not subject to those laws, then in words of Kant ‘the whole web of human history would be woven out of folly and childish vanity and the frenzy of destruction, so that one hardly knows in the end what idea to form of our race, for all that is so proud of its prerogatives’.

Well that seems to be the case. We humans are indeed biological beings. Hence machines made as imitation of our energy/information organs must be biological in nature, deconstructed parts of a future biological organism, the robot and the relationship between men and machines must be also biological, predatory in the case of weapons, atrophying our organs in the case of consumption machines and pumping always our egos in a race so ‘proud of prerogatives’.

We have further analyzed those properties of history with the use of the laws of quantum physics, biology and General systems sciences and resume it in two ‘paradoxes’:

– The ‘ego paradox’: the universe is constructed in such a fashion that each informative particle/head of any complementary system ‘gauges’ reality from its point of view (hence the name given to physical theories about particles, called ‘gauge theories’ as each particle seems to be checking location information by gauging distances with other particles). If we add the laws of artistic perspective, this means your nose seems to be bigger than Andromeda and  certainly it is more important to you.

So man cannot renounce to feel entitled, reason why we have ‘anthropomorphic religions’ in which goatkeepers of the bronze age see bush burnings and learn the meaning of the Universe, and today 3 billion humans think that is ‘truth’; reason why we worship machines as abstract beings and cannot see its collateral effects, as we live an ego-trip of superman power with them; and reason why all those scientists of history who truly understood its laws and tried to stir mankind towards a sustainable world based in the respect of the laws of the Universe are shunned.

This in general systems sciences give way to a fascinating equation, the equation of the mind, one of the discoveries of General Systems sciences, which expressed in verbal, logic and mathematical terms says:

‘Every infinitesimal particle/head of information gauges reality from its point of view, creating a fractal map of the perceived Universe, a ‘world’ within its mind that he confuses with the whole:

0 Mind x Infinite Universe = Constant world of perception.

And so our insignificant, zero mind, an infinitesimal point of the Universe seems to us the center of that Universe and humans have always put themselves or their tribe or nation or planet in the center of that cosmos, even today when absurdly enough scientists still wonder why we are the only living, intelligent species of reality, LOL.

– The ‘anti-quantum paradox’, inverse to the Uncertainty paradox of physics: unlike the uncertainty of quantum physics caused by the huge size of the observer that influences the observable, in history the observable, the people-castes of power, its memes of metal, armies, states and corporations are so huge that they modify the observer, who censors all information that doesn’t cater to his point of view.

‘One major obstacle to the progress of historiography was the hostility of rulers to publications that did not favor their governments’ said the Britannica, which of course with the subtlety proper of the british world ruled with iron hand in velvet glove by The City Bankers and its capitalist idol-ogies uses the ‘past verb’ was to indicate censorship was a thing of the past…

Not so. The very essence of our cultures, memes and ideologies is based in the manufacturing of our brains with inquisitions of thought, egotrips, censorship and biased data, albeit considered our ‘beliefs’, called here ‘idol-ogies’ as they are born to protect our slavery to memes of metal, weapons, money and machines…

But this can only be understood, coming out of our present civilization, with a wider space-time, objective view of mankind its superorganisms of history and its cycles from a truly scientific perspective, with no censorship and no ideology. So the entire left side of the web is dedicated to the study of mankind with that scientific perspective, which most social writers and economists, ‘believe’ to be practicing when they write their texts but in most cases fail to follow, submitted to the Ego, anti-quantum and Historic paradoxes, which chain them to a series of idol-ogies (capitalism, nationalism, abrahamic religions, mechanism), which for that reason we must constantly denounce in this blog and now we shall explain from the higher scientific perspective of those 3 paradoxes.

And so we establish AS THE fundamental paradox that resumes them all, the  paradox of History vs. Economics, such as the nations who are at the height of the wave of evolution of technology are always those who regress further in their eusocial evolution on the memes of life, they repress or deny:
Max. Technological evolution (AniMetal Cult(ures)) = Min. Eusocial, humanist evolution (Life cultures)
with a balance achieved in the Latin and Chinese cultures that try to balance both, life and  machine.

In that regard the world of history and economics are different in as much as they cater to two different species, the human world or ‘History’ and the world of money, weapons and machines and the corporations that re=produce them or ‘economics’. We, humans are anthropomorphic beings that do not distinguish both species, yet machines are systems of metal which imitate human functions and relate to us in symbiotic and preying relationships that must to be taken into account to explain the world we live in.

 In that sense, we could safely state that the exposure of an economist is inversely proportional to the scientific quality of its work. 

Biological Languages of information .

The Universe in time is complex, uncaring, hiding its laws in its multiple, ‘invisible scales’ and languages of information, often invisible to the parts of its whole systems, which are manipulated by them. Since on the surface, in space, it seems simplex, caring and beautiful. This makes of camouflage and censorship a basic tool of all systems. The capitalist superorganism or rather ecosystem of humans ruled by governments through words and machines, ruled by corporations through digital flows is a paradigmatic example. And due to its proximity to us, a fascinating case of study for complexity (if the complex theorist is able to escape its own programming, which rarely happens).

The key always to understand that complexity is the language of information that regulates a certain system. In the human world the language is words, and yet because the human world has become submissive to the will of corporations, impersonal systems of reproduction of machines (+75%, dominant part of the economy vs. -25% of the human economy of welfare goods), the true language of power are digital flows of money and its economical, mathematical equations, where men are costs.

To hide this and continue the enslavement and no future of the human species, increasingly obsolete to the superorganism of machines a series of rhetoric systems twist the truths of verbal thought and convince us that what we do is ok. It is not. In this post we unveil some of those rhetoric  systems based in anti-truths: to affirm the opposite of what is truth, with the help of false information that overwhelms the perceptor, mainly of audiovisual nature. Since antitruths provoke a logical paradox that often the brain dismisses, and visual programming imprints mostly the visual and emotional brain of little response, and minimal logic – the animal brain in ll of us…

The selfish memes that destroy the human superorganism

And so we have to deal with the ideologies and antitruths that deny the truths of the superorganism of history and evolutionary economics science and evolution,  ideologies of biblical origin that we therefore call in this web creationist economics’ – the ideologies of capitalism, nationalism and mechanism that today rule supreme the ‘so-called’ science of economics.

Thus, in the next section, no doubt the most controversial of this web, we have to deal with memetics, the science that studies (as it does genetics in the previous biological scale), the memes that ‘express’ the ‘program of complex evolution’ of the economic ecosystem. Indeed, as the genes of an organism codify the ‘enzymatic proteins’ that make the work needed to create the superorganism we call a cell or a living being, in history, there are ‘ideologies’, which codify the ‘products’ that construct the super-organism of the metal-earth. The difference though is that we are dealing with two different processes.

What is happening in history is NOT the creation of the super-organism of mankind, which should be codified with ideologies of eusocial love that foster the ‘expression’ of the biological drives of existence of human beings (our need for natural energy and information for our body and mind, and our eusocial evolution and reproduction with other human beings). Those are themes treated in the left side of this web, both in a general manner, studying those drives of existence for all the general, physical, biological and sociological systems of the Universe, and specifically for mankind in the past (neolithic societies, gods of love and socialist utopias, ending in a design done with bio-history, ‘ethonomics’, the proper humanist science of economics, and the wor(l)d union, a proper global superorganism of mankind). And we shall resume them in the 3rd part of this post.

But reality is no longer guided by the right memes, ideologies and welfare goods that humans need. On the contrary what we observe since the arrival of history is the creation of an alien superorganism that has infected with its ideologies, and memes the human superorganism as a virus does with a bacteria. And the process is self-similar. In this case the ‘DNA’ that has invaded us is called ‘metal-memes’, weapons that kill our bodies and gold that hypnotize our minds. They are the most perfect atoms of energy (iron) and information (gold) of the Universe. And they have been carried, by ‘animetals’, humans who like proteins and enzymes do in the cell, carry once they are ‘memetically’ imprinted by gold and iron and its ideologies, religions and dogmas (capitalism and go(l)d religions, militarism and nationalism, mechanism), the creation of the super-organism of the metal-earth that extinguishes ours.

And to that aim, as it happens when the DNA of a virus infects a bacteria, eliminating first the DNA of the bacteria that carries the will of existence, its biological drives of reproduction, social evolution and creation of energy and information the bacteria needs to survive, the ‘viral substance’, go(l)d and its ideologies repress the codes of eusocial love of the human kind, our desire for natural energy and information. We thus have to deal with the ‘codons’, the ideological memes that supress our thirst for life and make us work like crazy constructing the viral world of machines. 

Those ideologies and memes however have evolved in complexity in two phases, in the same manner that life evolved from prokariotic cells into eukarionte and multicellular organisms. So we have to distinguish two phases in history. The age of go(l)d and weapons in which individual ‘homo bacteria’ carried the memes of metal, gold and iron to oppress the rest of mankind. And they did so because they acquired ‘ideological memes’, racist religions that separated them from other human beings and repressed with prohibitions the memes of life, sexuality, good food, verbal information.

And this indeed brings us to the beginning of this paragraph: The fundamental ideological meme that enhanced the use of weapons and gold to murder and enslave mankind, the most successful among all the cult(ure)s of the primitive herd-state of the economic ecosystem is the Bible. Indeed, creationist economics and their practitioners have always realized that following the precepts of the bible and its repression of tasteful food/energy, eusocial love, sexual human reproduction prevents the individual as the viral code which destroys the natural RNA of the cell, to become full human and be successful in the economic ecosystem.

Yet those humanist writers and cultures eliminated by the biblical people (Amerindians, the European socialist,organic and historic schools of economics) noticed that this was not caused by the superiority of the Bible that chooses men for salvation (fairy tale) according to their accumulation of go(l)d, but precisely because the repression of life enhanced their work (Sombart’s analysis of Judaism and the birth of capitalism, and his disciple Weber who analyzed the same process among Calvinists).

Now in the modern world, those ideologies have become far more complex in the ways they repress life, enhance hate and foster the evolution of weapons, gold and machines. So as it is still a theme of study how complex organisms transfer their genes into phenotypes, it requires many posts of this web to explain how audiovisual machines provoke hate and lower our verbal intelligence back into a violent neopaleolithic, how the sexual repression of the Bible went through different phases, customs, AIDS scare, medical ‘castration’ of the male penis for ‘health’, in brief how science has substituted religion to the same aim, or in the case of the Banker-priests that run the Financial-Media system, how the holocaust myth (the idea that the 5 million victims of the Nazi Germans were more victims than the other 60 million dead in W.W.II) maintains the necessary distance for the banker who prices humans and eliminates them with productivity equations, changing the concept of inferior human races into ‘evil’ humanity, and justifying their pricing of human capital and so on, and so on.

Equations that substitute the verbal expression of our process of extinction.

The use of numbers was the key element for the dehumanization of the prisoners of Nazi camps and Corporations, which convert men in slaves with a salary. It is still the way it happens, as we humans, do not understand equations in emotional terms. So if I tell you that the goal of all corporations is to throw all workers and put machines in their place, you will find it outrageous, if I tell you they just try to rise the productivity of each worker, you will feel pleased, they are making you better as a worker. But of course you do not know that productivity is an equation that means to fire labor and put machines, so each human works with more machines per capita and produces more. Thus today the extinction of life and man is written with ‘equations’.

If in the left side we defined the truth of history, based in the organic laws of this planet and the natural arrow of eusocial evolution that guide the creation of complexity in the Universe and should guide mankind into the creation of a harmonious global superorganism made to our image and likeness.

But that is not what is happening to the Earth. Corporations, company-mothers of machines, are terraforming the planet into a world of machines in which humans enslave to the ‘biological will’ of those machines that its ‘reproductive superorganisms’, those company-mothers akin in its biological structure to ant-hills, represent. So today we work=reproduce machines instead of humans. We evolve them eusocially in a global superorganism, the capitalist, ‘free market’ (free for its legal persons corporations). We believe in the information provided by machines in their languages (digital information) more than in the ethic, legal and verbal information of humanity. And we are obsessed to reproduce energy for those machines while humans lack energy to sustain themselves (1 billion people on the threshold of hunger).

Why this happen? Why we humans have become slaves of machines, is obvious: corporations, its ‘queen-mothers’ control today all human institutions with money, which they reproduce in monopoly. And money is a language whose values automatically direct the world to create the economic ecosystem by comparing humans and machines with equations of productivity that make us slaves for a price:

man = salary=price=cost = object.

This simple equation guides the planet. Corporations systematically eliminate human workers when its salary collides with the dwindling cost of an evolving machine, ever cheaper and more productive, till soon there will not be need for ‘man’. Yet in ‘digital languages’, this is just an equation, which nobody prints.

And so what all this means is that in a wider view, the world we cre(dit)ate with money is a world of human slaves toiling for metal, in the past bought wholesale for a price, today leased during work hours on corporations whose only goal is to reproduce and evovle and sell for a profit those machines.

Rhetoric antitruths.

How this aberration is possible? The answer are the ‘beliefs’ that make humanity commit collective suicide – a fact, which can only be explained under the Aristotelian concept of slavery: ‘men are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. So in this section we shall show how our beliefs are imprinted against reason.

To understand them we shall consider the scientific/neuronal basis, memetics and the hypothesis that the brain and its two components, the white matter, lineal-wiring memorial brain and grey matter ‘cpu’, work similar to ‘programmed computers’, with modular, isolated systems that ‘flash’ independently (hence allowing absurd contradictions between parts of the program, as it happens in protestant religions, where the eusocial message of love of Jesus is a travesti and the contradictions with the ‘scientific truths’ of the same brain evident); and the less explored logic basis of those antitruths. Here again Aristotle’s works on poetics, dramatics and rhetoric is of great use (sorry folks our civilization is so sunk in verbal idiocy that one has to go to the founder of logic to find truth in many aspects of our logic comprehension of the world).

In essence, there are only a form of reasoning but many rhetoric forms of imprinting the brain, explained in those books and perfectly essayed during the Nazi era by the ministry of propaganda, Goebbels with the added help of an explosion of audiovisual metal-communicators (electro-chemical, German cycle, baroque, fascist age parallel to the present baroque, fascist Jewish-American age):

– Repetition. So the same ‘noise’ finally becomes imprinted. In spanish they say ‘ideas enter with blood’. As Goebbels put it: ‘when a lie is repeated many times people believe it’. This is the essential method of the so-called ‘free press’, which repeats the same monolithic anti-truths and censor all human truths. But the naive ‘believer’ who observes 100 channels telling the same minimal information with the same bias, and an astounding audiovisual display.

– Overload: The effect of using instead of words audiovisual rhetoric is then obvious: the brain suffers an overload of information, which fogs  verbal reasoning, with direct visual content. A visual inteligence is by essence one of a slave=believer with no reason, because it is imprinted directly in the visual and white matter memorial brain as ‘truth’.

– Anti-truth: Reason is unable, unless the individual is extremely intelligent to break the paradox of an anti-truth, properly imprinted by the previous methods, as it would require a shocking re-wiring in the inverse fashion of the neuronal memes of the programmed, manufacture brain. This was the case of social darwinism, today still practiced in politics – but not to the extreme of Hitler – through nationalism, and in Capitalism through competetion.

The antitruth here is that evolution theory is one that fosters the competition between members of the same species. This is not truth. Evolution makes species compete precisely with advantage when individuals love each other and form eusocial organisms. So the anti-truth consists in considering that ‘each human’ individual and each minimal tribal society are ‘a species’. The Homo Americanus, The Homo Turcus, you name it… So then they can practice exactly the anti-truth of what the natural law is: competition within a species till it self-destroys itself, as humans are doing working for other different species, the machine.

The entire mindset of our present aberrant civilization is based in anti-truths. Another key anti-truth is the concept that Capitalism is a ‘free society’, when it is exactly the opposite: a slave society where they buy you part-time by leasing your life according to the equation of wages: man = salary = object. It is imposed with the concept of a ‘free market’, which hides the fact that the free citizens of free markets are not human beings but corporations, legal persons, who have all the rights to credit to cre(dit)ate and buy human labor at any cost they wish, and government’s laws.

We could write an entire book on anti-truth and rhetoric… As this is the essential method. For example, mechanism is based in the concept that all in the Universe is like a machine. The anti-truth is obvious. A machine is merely a primitive, deconstructed organism – a chip/brain of a metal-organism, an engine-heart, etc. And now the robotic age will put them together into an organism. So the Organism is the model of the machine and no vice versa. And so man should be the measure of all things.

In politics of course, this is the fundamental tool. The enemy is evil. But in a natural, biological sense, eviL is merely the memetic antiparticle of to Live. And so we have natural, biological definition of good and evil. Evil=death, the opposite of Live, what kills us.

Ultimately the infamous axis of evil of Mr. Reagan was inverted: Israel, Great Britain and US, the allies in the war against ‘primitive human cultures’ (regardless of their own evil yihadist inquisitions), kill us. And its reason is not so much the overepeated terror war but the profits of the new age of robotic, ultra-expensive weapons and the paranoid dreams of  Imperial Israel.

In this theme though, as it deals with the nation of the Masters of the Universe, the owners of the western Financial-Media informative subsystem of the economy, imitated by memetic repetition by all the other national FM sub-systems all the rhetoric methods are used to camouflage the truth and keep pumping a new industry of war and terminators and death.

In fact one can imagine that the ‘targets’ for those splendid little wars – regardless of the WTC massacre seemingly known by several secret services that did nothing to prevent it, were just selected for their primitive/lack of weapons to oppose them, (so Saddam, monitored for decades was the only country the US could be sure not to have an A-Bomb and Afghanistan was the poorest, most isolated country of the region, which certainly had only Kalasnikovs).

But the mask of anti-truths in this war has nothing to envy to the previous colonial and fascist ages. Indeed, the Orwellian language of antitruths here is rather extreme: peace=war missions, defense=old war ministries, information= old propaganda ministries.

We care… so we kill and degrade you.

In the second fascist age at least the ministries had the right names. And then there is the fiction of caring, the most practiced method of indoctrination of the human sheeple in both the politico mask and economical one. For companies we are nothing but costs, workers=reproducers of machines and consumers=vitalizers. This is what we are told. But we are told the economic system care and ‘serves the consumer’. Reason why we need a free market where those companies have all rights. Reason why the consumer is served wars, weapons, Tv-trash, food-trash, enviromental disasters.

Propaganda has become indeed far more complex than in the age of Goebbels, who invented the ministry.

In those wars we also care for the populations. Never mind we put first in place the tyrant to whom – as in the case of Saddam – we sold first arsinals to oppress their people. We care for the children and women of Afghanistan obliterated with robotic drones. We even care for the Palestines, which the owners of the FM complex would no doubt obliterate from Earth if they could do it pressing a bottom.

Think tanks, experts in anti-truths.

And science helps. I recall a world congress of systems sciences, in which one of the most awarded, subventioned powerful institutes, brought its president, a Jewish-American luminary that explained us ‘separation of population’ in Yugoslavia (aka ethnic cleansing) according to his ‘model’ of complex dynamic systems reduced racial conflict and so he recommended the same process for the Arab population of israel. (Of course, once ethnic cleaning is completed there should not be by definition racial conflict – what an oxymoron). The congress applauded the graphs and I and a Brit friend start to shout, ‘ethnic cleansing, ethnic cleansing, to the outrage of the concurrence… Think tanks and experts indeed are the masters of antitruths. Specially in all what concerns the ‘victims of history’ and ‘perpetrators’ in this 3rd cycle of fa$cism of his premature annihilation.

Falsity in social sciences.

 Fiction in social sciences.

Today animetal cults who still feel superior to the rest of mankind and developed racist religions and ideologies of power that still endure just adapt to the new machines of communication and the new weapons, with the same hidden agendas, the antitruths of Darwinian struggle among humans of the same species. And further on as victors the dominant animetal culture, that of the Am Segullah, international banker, the go(l)d culture has rewritten history to produce a fairy tale of themselves as the best, the victims, the experts, the Masters of the Universe…

So nationalism, capitalism and mechanism, the selfish  ideologies of metal-memes permeate the way social sciences are done today. They represent basically a new religion that permits the function of animetals – to kill life, terraform the Earth, and finally as in a viral infection kill mankind, to keep doing ‘their thing’, with automatic enthusiasm as viral bacteria keep reproducing their virus till they die. We shall here deal only of all those ideological fictions, with the fictions of modern scholars, mostly belonging in the US, to the people who own the financial-Media system, the two symbiotic informative memetic systems that imprint today all mankind with the ‘right’ ideologies (explained in the right side of this web), to commit suicide – as in the past their ancestors crafted and sold and expanded the memes of the bible to the Protestant world forming an invincible culture in Northern Europe that would predate over all other inferior races (their POV) with their memetic virus – weapons, money and machines.

Today social sciences reject of course even the notion of a superorganism and make sacred the concept that we are individual beings, free, not belonging to any culture, and certainly all cultures are just placebo entertainment that must be valued, but not taken seriously and of course, all religions must be respected, as part of our freedom to believe whatever we want.

Fair enough, as a fairy tale, but that has nothing to do with a science of history and economics that tries to explain the wy of reality.

Instead, because a real social science is forbidden, social sciences pretend to be like physics, a game of data collection, where he all must be written with a certain ‘modern outlook’, a standardized, ‘neutral’ style that convert men and his tragedies in just more data proper of the so-called scholars of post-II W.W. social sciences, which try to imitate with mathematical data physical sciences. But the reader must understand such neutral jargon is NOT reality, but masks the biological, brutal struggle for existence, which has guided history and its tribes and languages of power since the Neolithic eusocial world based in life memes gave way to the world of ‘top predator’ animetals, humans that first with weapons then with go(l)d and now with machines prey over Nature and non-technological cultures. As Sombart noticed, this way of thinking is born with capitalism, with the companies, with the use of digital numbers to price us, and it is natural to the Jewish culture, except in all what refers to themselves, for which the biological, emotional, survival approach is the only way to explain history. Thus in this manner also there is a double standard – neutral to explain how capitalism kills life, because that ‘is what we do’; hysterical to explain how those we kill get mad at us, because our death is far more important than theirs. Such is the case of the Holocaust vs. the holocausts of slavery, war and all other victims of the Germ(an)s, truly the germs of history, with their memetic weapons and racist codes, hand in hand with the biblical racist codes of a book of history that should be considered exactly at the same level than the Vedas of the Arya – a primitive code that represses life and love and fosters work with metal and racial separation.

It simply became much more convenient to the people-castes, corporations and governments in power to ‘neuter’ the ‘whys’ of the actions, wars, predatory acts, memes and lethal industries they use to control the world. And so in America, where social sciences were grossly underdeveloped a series of neutered, pretentiously ‘scientific’ schools of thought that renounced to the biological whys of history, censored the darwinian, ‘real’ tribal history of the world and its social superorganisms, which the historicist, organic and socialist schools had developed prior to II W.W. in Germany (except in what concerned their enemies). Ad hominem campaigns became also a tool against its authors, to the point that Sombart (the master of the historicist school) and Spengler (father of the organic school), were considered ‘nazis’ and ‘antisemitic’, (as it would be Joseph Campbell, the only original social thinker of note in post-war America, father of the mystique school). because they studied with historic rigor and criticize dthe power of the people-castes of money and weapons, despite showing always a clear despise for all forms of fascism and oppression of the people. And of course Marx (father of the socialist school), was equalled with the fascist dictatorship of Stalin, mimetic of that of Hitler.

The idea was clear: America had not changed at all the ways of oppression of the old Europe, albeit at the height of the industrial wave during the electronic age, as Germany and Britain had been before, the mirage of Empire and the hiding of its own 3rd world minorities and holocausts, could bring about a rosy vision of the future (that now, when the electronic wave becomes exhausted crumbles down as it did in Britain and Germany in the past century).

In any case, hundreds of thousands of scholars and journalists of reputed magazines, with excellent audiovisual media invented the fairy tale of political and economical correctness maintained a sort of Kindergatten spirit that after the fall of the Berlin wall has expanded to all nations of the world and is today the only authorized schools of thought, which pretend to be ethical schools that care, when merely hide and distort history to present the 1% on top as experts, scientists and people who know what to do for the common good – not selfish, predatory individuals as they were always in the past of history . This pseudo-social science taught in Universities, promoted by think tanks and spelt in newspapers and media responds to what Orwell called the newspeak of the future (when the minister of propaganda would be called of information, the one of war, of defense, and the interior ministry the ministry of love – well, today is called the ‘home office’) – the most effective way to erase and imprint and reduce the human ‘sheeple’ to a state of limbus, easier to manipulate by the new ‘people’s opium’, mass-media.

In congress of science and Universities in America I found indeed, an astounding ignorance and distortion of history, specifically European History – my history – which ‘children of thought’ explained to me, no longer as a class struggle, no longer as one in which the german aristocrats with weapons and the Jewish bankers with money, oppressed a mass of  agricultural people, no longer a place where a placebo, false ‘freedom’ and ‘government of the people’, the so-called capitalist democracy merely hides the still-standing power of corporations, bankers and the military…

And whenever you tried to explain them the facts, their reaction was indeed childish, emotional, outraged, denying the facts of the history of my people. As Stalin who erased Trostky the real r=evolutionary of al pictures or Ramses, who erased the queen-pharao, Hathseput of all columns, what is still a class struggle between the informative head of our societies – the stockrats who own corporations and pretend to monopolize the invention of language of power, money – and the 99% who toil for them and are now obsolete to machines – has become now a supposed 1% who ‘cares’ and just invents money for all of us to enjoy because they are ‘financial experts’ and have developed the ‘sophisticated science’ of money, in the ‘only possible system’, the ‘free market’, controlled for our good by our politicians, ‘democratic people’, who caters for the needs of its citizens and corporations, ‘who compete among them’ to provide the citizen, with the best machines to consume, as machines are progress, and they enhance always our lives, providing us with a better future. And so all is quiet in the western world, except those ‘primitive, evil, terrorist people who hate us’ for whom we do use the biological jargons of ‘real history’ that no longer apply to us, the righteous, who know better how to guide mankind as we are ‘civilization’. IMAO, LOL, etc.

Hardcore censorship 

This process is the most obvious: the truths of man are not  printed, and promoted. Sciences like bio-history and bio-economics, the true social sciences, have been censored since its inception, in increasing degrees since the 80s. This writer for example, who forecasted 20 years ago after his master in an American University the present crisis and developed these models during his short tenure as professor of economics, was ‘fired’ because classic economists considered that he was neither teaching economics nor biology but a travesti, LOL. We live in a biological planet and the economic ecosystem of machines follows the same laws of biology, because it is composed of ‘company-mothers’ with an ant-hill superorganic strucutre and its ‘clonic’ machines for which they cater which merely imitate our organs of energy and information and compete with us or enhance symbiotically our power. To follow the musings of a pre-industrial, excentric, infantile, philosophe, Mr. Smith is just utterly nonsense after two centuries of biological evolution of social sciences.

We could go on and on. But the key element to have in mind is this: anti-truths might justify among humans their actions, but they do NOT CHEAT, ‘GOD’, THE SCIENTIFIC, BIOLOGICAL LAWS OF THE FRACTAL UNIVERSE. So humans do get what they deserve for being ‘slave believers’ of the anti-truths of the real laws of the Universe: extinction. Because in the biological universe that is how laws are reinforced.

Now the anti-truth of biggest dimensions is mechanism, and technoutopia: because machines are not organisms, because humans are ‘spiritual beings’, not just dirty bags of old water stained with CH molecules, they will never be conscious, and because Darwin is wrong and we are sons of go(l)d and the biblical goatkeeper of the bronze age knew better, they will NEVER respond to the Laws of Species, coming together as a single global metal-earth organism, liquidating us, when MIlitary Artificial Intelligence is born, LOL.  I saw 4 days ago a documentary on ‘popular mechanics’, promoted by Koch industries, the two billionaire brothers that pay the Tea Party and are the absolute embodiment of eviL=anti-life memes. They showed after a matrix green screen of data, how in 20 years the entire American army will be made of robots that will be sent to any place to kill ‘terrorists’ (and give Koch industries a fortune). Absolute eviL in dante’s inferno was signified for those who hate mankind and betray her. In the center: the frozen devil. This image probably inspired Mr. Frost to say that the world will end for those who hate in ice… The coldness, robotized imprinting of the modern animetal with techno-utopias of extinction as those of Mr. Koch however could not be made possible without audiovisual rhetoric antitruths.

In time of Goebbels of course the ministry of information was called the ministry of propaganda and the ministry of defense, of war. Yet today anti-truths, which Orwell also defined masterly as ‘newspeaks’ is absolute, and so complicated that is difficult to spot. For example, Mr. Soros, a brutal bankster who sunk the Pound, changed history for the worse in Europe (as it avoided UK the center of speculation against the Euro not to join), who is said to have started his business selling the properties of fellow jewish men to the nazis – which he has not denied to my knowledge -goes around pretending to be a ‘reformist’, left-wing banker and promotes INEP a center for new economic policy… directed by the daughter of Greenspan (-; LOL

ANd that is the caring face of capitalism… I mention him among thousands of other examples because he says he loves  Orwell and we live in an age of ‘newspeaks’. Which lead us to the great invention of post-war anti-truths that make all things less evident:

Soft censorship: political, economical correctness, victimism, placebos, the matrix of happy fictions…

(work in progress)

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