AntiQuantum Paradox


The anti quantum paradox

The most astounding fact of ‘modern science’, is the lack of scientific evolution of social sciences, which has not passed at best the A)level of the scientific method (recollection of data), often not even that step, given the systematic deformation of historic facts by ‘nationalist schools’ and economic ones by ‘capitalist doctrines’ and both by ‘communist dictatorships’.

What is the reason humans among all disciplines of science, have systematically failed to develop the most important of them, the study of human themselves at the i+1 scale of complexity – why there are not truly any serious objective model of social sciences that explain the reality of planet earth today?

This is due to two reasons, one which has an easy, positive solution – the lack of a proper theory of social organisms, which explains scientifically the nature of History and the eco(gnomic)system.

Today we have such model, as we have shown in this blog – it is the model of Complexity and systems sciences discovered by this writer, which has shown to fulfil all the expectations of a true science – explaining the why, tabulating and predicting the future cycles of the species it studies (as earlier as 94, we predicted the 2008 year crisis of overproduction of e-money, robotic blue collar and white collar pc, and the collateral damages in labor, finances and war.). And finally we have, as we show in other posts and at the end of this blog, clear scientific solutions to those present and future existential crisis of mankind, modelled with the discoveries of systems sciences.

And yet, the reader which is versed in the subject should be aware that all this wealth of new knowledge is not exactly mainstream in public Universities and power rooms, which are still using the usual ‘nationalistic’ and ‘capitalistic’ ideologies to explain reality and design their policies for the future . Why?

The reason is a negative element, that social sciences have to deal with of difficult solution:

The ‘anti quantum paradox’ is the fact that the social scientist is in inverse fashion to the physicist, so small compared to the ‘object’ it studies – the human social super organism, that he is limited by the ‘informative castes’ that rule those social organisms with its language of information (verbal laws and digital money) and care nothing for ‘truth’ but only for ‘power’ – the control of societies for their own benefit, deforming social sciences to cater to its selfish or tribal agendas.

Thus unlike any other science, where the natural advancement of the human intellectual understanding of reality, suffices to find the truth of the science and its species; in social sciences, it is NOT enough to find out the proper models of social organisms that apply to history and the eco(nomic)system, but humans have to deal with the selfish groups of ‘power’, which deny those laws of social sciences, and invent all kind of ‘ideologies’ to control societies for their benefit, preventing the proper evolution of history and economics.

Thus Social sciences are different from other sciences, as they are the only ones in which the interference of the system over the scientist (as opposed to the interference of the scientist over the system, proper of quantum physics) introduces a level of uncertainty, which prevents him to design and improve the world according to the natural laws of social systems.

And the result is a marked difference between the ‘ideal’ rational world, as it should be built without the interference of the anti-quantum paradox, and the world as it is, controlled by idol-ogies of power.

So the next question to be analysed by the social scientist is the ‘specific’ form in which power transforms social sciences into idol-ogies, and the reasons those idol-ogies dominate the world.

The word which resumes both concepts is: ANIMETAL.

So I re-adress you that article for the human perspective on social sciences censorship. Here we sill deal with themes of methodology of true social sciences and subtle forms of censorship, in part conscious in part subconscious as the human psyche denigrates in the age of minds of metal.


To start with it is all in the jargon. Ever since Darwin defined biological terms, and the socialist school used to explain the fight between animetal idol-ogies and humanism, the biological jargon has been taboo in social sciences, and the jargon of false caring of abrahamic religions and man as the center of the Universe has crippled in, making impossible to fully understand the evolution of this planet and the organic laws that allow it to control.

So most of the posts of this web offer information  WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST concession to the newspeaks and thin air thoughts of social scientists today.

This means to fully enter into the 4 main distinctive elements of bio-history and bio-economics:

  • The laws of the science of complexity and systems sciences, which as Hawking rightly said will be the science of the XXI century. This is a notch above what present biological sciences understand about the life-death cycle of organisms, the structure of social and biological systems, and so on. And it was the culmination of my scientific carrier, when after 50 years of clueless research since the Macy’s congress that founded Information, cybernetics and Systems sciences, I finally could crack those laws and formalise model of an organic, fractal, evolving Universe, knifing its sciences. We shall introduce here the ‘theoretical minimum’ on those sciences needed to fully understand the super organisms of history and how to reform them. More info on this at
  • The existence of the anti-quantum paradox that litters the idol-ogies of history and economics and has always prevented them from following truly the 4 elements of the scientific method:
  • Those laws of truth of a human, scientific method: A)analysis of relevant data B)biological causes C) cyclical patterns and predictability of future cycles D)humanist solutions and reforms.

The derived jargon that no longer treats humans with verbal, self-serving concepts. Thus we shall use profusely terms such as ‘animetal’ (a man attached to a metal instrument of poet)  ‘enzyman’ (a catalyser of the evolution of machines) and so on. This was the original language, and it is the real language of this planet. Of course, Mr. Jobs is a genius in human language, but he merely is an enzyman, catalysing the evolution and reproduction of chips by imitating the structures of the human mind. 3 simple examples:



BANKERS ARE NOT $ELECTED BUT banksters who steal the democratic right to print money from nations and individuals.

So let us start with the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, which in the present age does no longer need secret polices, CIA agents, KGB thugs, and complex holocaust-like industries and militaristic, fascist proclaims.

It is enough with a ‘don’t worry be happy’ ideology of fictions and ego-trips about the progress achieved by our machines, for the consumption of a generation of children of thought, whose atrophied minds of our children, under the happy hypnotism of its chipped machines, feel to be new Adobe Photoshop Leonardos, and Spelling Tolstois, Einsteins of the 8 billion LHC, taking pictures of irrelevant particles and tagging patient lions roaming along touristic Nikkons, for the betterment of science.


The Antiquantum Paradox again: Don’t worry be happy, we believe in Go(l)d and machines idol-ogies.

Yet not all is childish ideology. Of all those forms of hidden censorship, the one that still stands, is that of Financial and paid-per-view corporative Economists, against the concept that the Universe is cyclical and causal because time clocks are and so this crises are repetitive and caused by overproduction.

That is, the upholding of creationist, biblical economics as the only serous science worth to study, no longer on Talmud proverbs on the need to rob the gentile sheeple, or the dictums of Calvin on gold being the intelligence of God, or the praise of the iron salary by Mr. Ricardo, so if a worker dies of hunger a machine will replace it increasing its profits in stock speculation. No there is no need for such brutal verbal, easy to understand statements anymore. But now we put all this in productivity equations, zero deficit laws, the scrapping of laws regulating labor markets, and the opening of borders to german and korean machines made with robots – but of course we do accuse the human workers of stealing our jobs. So yes, there is still a level of anti-quantum hardcore paradox among economic scholars. On my view along nuclear physicist the two most lethal anti-live = evil groups of the human kind that roamed Gaia, since the times of the first Germ(an)s and Am segullah animetals. And incidentally those 2 cult(ure)s do form the bulk of the scholars of both disciplines (nuclear physics being mostly a german concern, 74% of nobel prizes of economics being from the Am Segullah people-castes of israel).

Unfortunately if you believe in what we shall term ‘Biblical Economics’, the ideology of the founding Fathers of Economics, all of them pious believers in the ‘invisible hand of go(l)d’, according to Adam Smith, which still guides our economic ‘theories’, regardless of facts, then you will never understand what money and machines are, and where their evolution will take mankind. And of course, as our ‘authorised Economists’, you will never predict the future evolution of the economic ecosystem.

The difference between sciences and power ideologies. Why Macro-economics is not yet a science.

We can now in that sense consider the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences from a deeper perspective. Humans merely have reached a degree of selfish ethic degeneration and childish ‘3rd age, old man lunacy’ that no longer can face reality as it is. So they have invented a virtual world, a faked matrix of absurd beliefs that can be traced to the first fetish go(l)d religions of biblical origin, that make them feel above ‘heavens and earth’. And then rather die like childish spoiled creatures do – the staple food of the Universe – that face and manage as true men would do the problems of the world.

If evil=anti-live memes were of the kind we observed prior to the age of Tvs, we could feel still some hope. The Nazis were obvious and those who defied them had the guts to do it.

But how you defy a world of ‘mental bull$hit’, big brother fiction, a race so well described by Wells in Time Machine, of happy ‘californios’, with the mental age of a Bush – near 6 year olds, running the world, while the Morlocks, the go(l)d masters, the Informative Algorithms of productivity, the ‘Corporation’ silently behind the scenes runs the show?

In my many arguments with scholar economists in my youth, I realise basically as with robotists during my years working on systems sciences that they do NOT want to know; that the psyche of man is able to behave monstrously with their right brain while left brain does NOT see it. And they do so with a childish mentality. Many robotists tell you they started on it, playing with mazingers and legos, watching cartoons and wanting to do those things. Ultimately the SURVIVAL INSTINCTS, the biological intelligence of the species seems all gone.


The self-censorship of economists, which do NOT study any longer those overproduction crises, just because company-mothers make money overproducing and selling machines is however in this crisis far MORE intense than in the previous ones. It is a complex issue – a mixture of beliefs over reason, of the general degeneration of sciences, now merely a collection of data to feed computer models, which increasingly ignores the causality of the Universe; of corruption, as the control of information by the financial-media system selects what is ‘economically correct’ and can be published, of sheer power on the side of the 0.1% over political and mass-media systems of communication. And of course, of religious beliefs that money is somewhat a ‘god-like’ language that must not be properly defined, coming from the biblical hallucinations of Mr. Calvin (Gold is the intelligence of God) and Mr. Smith (Gold is the invisible hand of God). In brief, a collective tragedy on the making, due to the incapacity to reason and think MORE than to act, so evident in the American civilisation. If you can do something you do it, never mind you will kill your sons till the 4th generation with those monstrous machines, and hate-media memes that poison their mind. Just ‘fuc***’ do it.

The childish attitude of the robotist and calfornians, living in virtual fictions, the concept of the ‘nerd’, more like the robots he does – the entire psyche of this last generation of mankind, committing suicide, its knee-jerk emotional reactions, the birth of a final generation of ‘crazies’ who can’t stand reality anymore – all those processes of collective degeneration and disconnection of scholars, bankers, elites attached to mechanisms that separate them from the rest of humanity they fear. It is all coming together to its final hecatomb.

The socialist school of economics could openly talk of those overproduction crises in the 1860s.

And not only they, but many systemic economists did talk of the overproduction crises of Trains and the massive unemployment waves it caused in the transport industries.

Again every economist talked of the overproduction crises of the 30s, as any reader of any book of history of economics knows.

However when I corrected the Kondratieff wave to 72 years and predicted the 2008±8 short crashes cycle that now is becoming completed, I could only publish a paper in the milieu of systems sciences, and even then, it  was protested as ‘non-scientific’, and latter erased from ‘Google scholar’!

Today the Economic scholar field has been ‘cleansed’ of any scientific analysis that does NOT conform to the ‘dogmas’ of financial power – that is, financiers do NOT parasite and steal the rights of people and democracies to print money, the language of social power, because they do NOT event money on computer screens, but ‘earn it’. Corporations do not run the world with that money, invented in computer screens, because we live in a placebo democracy and only laws are a language of power. Money is NOT a language of power, but a ‘commodity’.

Machines do not take our jobs because they are ‘progress’. They create jobs. Indeed, they do. A new robot throws an average of 10 workers and employs a single engineer. Weapons and the cycles of war for profit are not a theme to study in economics, except to add their prices to the GDP of nations. So America is the highest GDP even if its human development Index, IHD, is below the top ten, because it produces 1/2 of the weapons of the planet. And so on and so on.

Fact though is that in science we must always apply the laws of truth of the Scientific Method: accurate data-> cyclical patterns=laws of science -> predictability by extending those patterns into the future.

Now, if you ignore the anthropomorphic dreams of human chaos (scientific term) or freedom (abstract concept), and realise humans are biological beings who desire the same energy and information of all organisms, it is obvious they will constantly chase for more energy and information. And this is the engine of history. But the problem is we are chasing the energy and information of machines, not ours, under the ideologies of the system. So while the biological generations of the cycles of history are predictable, the ‘direction’ of the wave of history, not towards a human world but a mechanical world is what we have chosen, and could have been changed IT IS NOT DETERMINISTIC but the result of an idol-ogy, capitalism, imposed by a 0.1%, the people-cast of bankers, through millennia of ‘lying to mankind and themselves about the nature and true laws of this planet.

That battle for the mind of mankind: reason vs. belief, truth vs. ego-trip, life vs. metal, won by the wrong side, now in the paroxysm of ego-centered beliefs is what cause our demise.

In that regard there is nothing remarkable on a +20 years book that predicts with so much accuracy the 2008 crisis and its  2 sub-crises of 2008 and 2016. It simply proves that its scientific thesis is truth. We live in the crisis of overproduction of chips and its 3 main sub-products, e-money, white collar pcs and blue collar robots; and this crisis is following step by step the same phases that the 1850s and 1930s crises of overproduction of trains & stock money, and Engines & ticker money, and IT WILL CONTINUE both in history and economics, the same events, as all has changed to remain the same, unless the ‘anti-humanist’ eco(nomic)system is reformed, now. This is a truism if you reason according to the scientific method.

Indeed, chips are now about to become the drivers of all transports and automated cars, which will mean the extinction of 200 million jobs worldwide – in an unparallel surge of unemployment similar to the one the train caused on the 1860s, but WITHOUT the added jobs provided by the train industries, as this time it will be merely THE CREATION OF ROBOTIC CARS, TRUCKS AND TRANSPORT MACHINES, ALREADY on the road.

This is known to biologists, to robotists, which design those machines imitating life organisms,.

Yet scholars do NOT study ‘biological economics’, which this blog completes, within the larger discipline of General Systems Sciences, bio-history and biology. Why? It would be easy to think the subject is censored, but the truth is more frightening. Humans have for so long depended on mechanisms to control the environment that they have become both ‘idol-ogically’ and physically attached to them, to a degree that they cannot even control their evolution in a rational manner.

In the same manner that gold, the perfect metal atom made them submissive to greed, slavish to its perfect light reflection, and broke its ethic reasoning – today we know gold and its twin element mercury attacks the neurons and eliminates the production of oxytocin – the arrival of machines produce in human beings a dependence, similar to that of carbohydrates to metal atoms, which converts them into ‘enzymes’, simplified in its carbon-life part and stronger in its metal-part.

So we might talk of a complete indifference or rather a limited intellectual and ethical capacity on the part of man to ‘upgrade’ its form of thinking, leave behind its subjective ego-trips of supremacy over nature and its biological laws, and become truly a SUPERIOR SPECIES, managing the world to its advantage. It is this censorship? Rather idiocy and cowardice to take as the spaniards say, the bull by the horns.

Instead, we find an astounding array of infantile, techno-utopian, pseudo-religious pump-up the human ego, fictional futures, as IF THE LAWS OF EVOLUTION AND BIOLOGY DID NOT EXIST, which ultimately as we will see have a biblical origin in the astounding absurdities of Abrahamic religions and the ‘delirium tremens’ of a couple of ass-breaders of the Bronze age, which started to ‘worship golden calfs’ over the ethic word of their prophet Moses.

The processes of ethic and intellectual degradation of humans are in that regard parallel to the process of obsolescence and substitution of our mind by that of the machine. So as our sons loose any understanding of the social ethic ties and become ‘virtual friends’, loose all verbal skills and become ‘computer-spelling writers’, stop walking and become fat, and the marketing-propaganda systems make them think all is right in the western front, the process becomes a collective subconscious degradation of a species, substituted by a new one.

So, bio-economics is a subject highly ignored since its foundation by an earlier student of Darwin, Mr. Butler, who:

– Defined ‘animetals’, men attached to metal systems (warriors attached to lineal energetic weapons that kill human bodies, bankers attached to informative metal gold that hypnotise and slaves human minds and machines that atrophy and substitute our organs); realising that metal make us more powerful but also atrophy the organs they substitute, degrading us.

-And realised of the ‘differential of evolution between both species’ and the ‘top predator’ nature of weapons. Hence the bio-logical consequence of a no future if we did not control their evolution.

And yet he could only explain it for a larger audience in a fiction book called ‘erehwoN’, nowhere, as today only Sci-Fi movies permit to talk of those issues in the open.

And yet the astounding success of films that forecast with more or less imagination that self-evident future if we do not halt the chip radiation show the veracity of those extinction processes, we define here in scientific terms.

Indeed, the the subconscious collective of mankind see those films because they understand intuitively that the true question today about the future of the humankind is NOT a political issue, a religious question, or an economical one but an ‘existential question’.

But we have to look into the work of artists, mostly as the Media System has imposed now all its rituals of political and economical correctness even among Historians, in this dark ages of social sciences, where at most you can study completely irrelevant themes of course with an astounding number of mechanisms to foster the demand of chips. It is indeed rather pathetic to observe all those biologists pretending to do science, like a herd of tourists taking pictures in a zoo, in this case chasing the last whales to put them ‘electronic markers’ – this astounding electronic big brother on Nature. And when you talk to them, they are truly thinking they are something more than ‘enzymen’, giving excuses to download money into the electronic industries. For God’s sake there are more electronic enzymen today studying  rhinoceros than rhinoceros, all of them with those ugly collars for GPS tracing, chased constantly by well intentioned gringoes on boy-scout shorties. Do don’t they realise? That is the point, the 3rd age is a childish degenerated age, and that is the age of mankind. Children with big toys, without which they would be nothing but naked monkeys, once their connection to their subconscious collective super organisms of eusocial love, we call the humanist civilisation of mankind is gone.

In that regard, as in the parable of Matrix, it seems evident that humans more and more wish to be ‘data’, and soon with 3D virtual reality they will be closer to that future. If you play Neo, trust me, the Via Crucis will seem a dilettante walk on the beach for what the anti-human system built by the 0.1% and its go(l)d idol-ogies reserves to you.

At the beginning of these works I thought it was a form of censorship – that people understood but power censored. Then I realised the process was more complex and organic. it was simply a long process of moral and mental degeneration of mankind into a race of selfish children – Californian style. The ‘californio’, which for a while was despised by all intellectuals is now the model all our children want to imitate. This ‘unbearable lightness’ of the last generations of human beings is similar to the degeneration of the last cells of a dying super organism and it has always happened in the last phase of a cycle of history.

Indeed, the world, including all its scientific and cultural memes, are today classified by internet corporations, so it has become a ‘mathematical function’ of the memes of our technological religion; which means machines are always good, and its criticism, ‘neo-luddite’ musings of no value opposed to the obvious truth that gold is the invisible hand of the biblical god that must to be denied, so all is about profits, acquired by multiplying and evolving machines, to reach higher prices, sales and profits. Nothing else matter to the ‘erased human’ of the XXI century. Reason why, only the cyclical, biological models of this blog predicted such future for decades with scientific accuracy.

Unfortunately, given the control of the human psyche by the financial-media system, the most censored discipline of knowledge in modern history has been, is and will ever be, a biological scientific interpretation of those processes.

Instead social sciences are always treated in ‘abstract’, without the slightest ‘realism’ in the description of the needs of humans and the ‘facts of Nature’, associated to those ‘biological radiations=overproduction crises of weapons, money and machines’, whose collateral effect is its increasing competition and displacement of human labor (and lives in the case of weapons).

So we need to do a slight detour into a deeper degree in the meaning of ‘science’, its proofs of veracity and the ‘biological jargon’ to study all those overproduction crisis to explain what is ‘really science’, how organic biological, complex systems, evolve and compete, to fully grasp why classic economics is an ideology that merely caters to the 0.1% people-caste, who issue ‘money’… banks and company-mothers of machines…

I have been talking for decades with zero interest among the ‘hired’ scholars of economics, working for those corporations, the ‘hired’ politicos that sell laws to the highest company bidder, and the common humans of the middle class – the ‘workers=reproducers and consumers=vitalizers’ of those machines and weapons, hooked to the fictions and ego-trips of power that the added energy and information those machines provides to them…

Men today love to be enzymen- never mind that role is about to expire. They won’t back track.

How do we go about with those A)True data B) Biological causes C) cycles of history and economics D) humanist praxis and manipulation of those cycles? To construct a better world and solve the truth of economics and history?

It seems a difficult task, since:

  • The selfish agendas of those in power (the 1-10%), both political and economical.
  • And the ‘third element’ totally forgotten, the evolution of machines, hides and distorts the purpose of social sciences:
  • to serve the welfare of Mankind, the species represented by the 90% of humanity.

Thus we must device a methodology able to explain A-Data, B-iological causes, C-ycles and D+a positive praxis, denouncing at the same time D-, the negative measures of the 1-10% in favour of the ‘hidden factor’, the evolution of machines and the creation of the Mechanocene. And all this while subject to the -A, the Anti-quantum paradox that represses true data.

No wonder, true social scientists have a harsh life, die in poverty, or killed or commit suicide so often. The task is titanic, and yet it becomes obsessive for those of us who are ‘under the spell’ of the Human Super-organism and love mankind.

  1. So we are now to deal with this A,B,C,+D real scientific methodology and show its opposition with:

2. The A- (Antiquantum paradox of repression of social data) – B (denial of biological causes to the events of this biological planet) – C (denial of cyclical time, with the fairy tale of an abrahamic lineal time progress towards the manifest destiny of the human species) – D (achieved by committing self-suicide, that is, substituting us with machines and weapons).

Be aware that this is the only ‘complex’ possible way to deal with social sciences, by far the most complex of all scientific endeavours. We shall not do it with the degree of complexity and mathematical jargon we use in our web on Systems Sciences, with complex organic equations, which this author has pioneered, applied to all kind of physical, biological and social systems, as it is not needed, but we need here some rigour. And this rigour is achieved by the A to D vs. A- to D- duality of social sciences vs. idol-ogies of power.

And with the use of the equation of History that mathematizes and shows the origin of those 3 points of view,the point of view of Gaia, the world of life and mankind, and social sciences, the point of view of the elite of ‘animetals’, people who oppress life with selfish memes of metal that give them power, money, weapons and machines, and the point of view of the mechanocene, the machines and weapons, ‘animetals’ evolve to control the world:

Gaia (life point of view) > Animetal cults (bankers, military, techno-utopians) > Mechanocene (mechanic point of view).

This is the equation of history and its 3 points of view, and depending who is on charge, the equation will go right or left, meaning right, it will extinguish gaia, the relative past who will be substituted by the evolved robots and machines of the mechanocene.

And because the 1% and its economists, politicians, corporations and the military, which we have called ‘Animetals’ are in favour of the mechanocene, we have added the > (evolutionary symbol in General systems sciences) to the equation, because that is unfortunately the tragedy of History, the elite is not serving mankind, it is evolving the mechanocene and helping the extinction of Gaia. When the right equation should be the opposite:

Mechanocene > Gaia (Life-human mass) > Human Informative people-castes.

This is the evolutionary equation of the Perfect world, ruled by true social scientists.

It follows that we will massively denounce the Animetal ideologies that kill mankind and confront them with those of true social scientists (and unfortunately achieve the wrath and anti-quantum paradox of both the elite of animetals and its ‘slaves’, the human believers that are helping the collective extinction.

The blog and his author: the anti-quantum paradox of XXI c. humanist sciences.

This blog studies  a biological process taking place in a biological planet, the biological radiations of machines, its competition, substitution and extinction of life, and those who in the parable of Dante, inhabit the 10th circle of hell, the region of ice – the traitors to its own species, the banker’s parasites…

You might express this tragedy in the making in parables which are as today the most perfect expressions of the science of history (genesis, the eusocial love prophets, the masters of literary thought from Dante to Hesse) or you can try to do it in serious science. Then you can only use true science and that means, to explain history, economics and its memes, with the laws of social organisms, biology, evolution, and systems sciences. And then of course, you will be submitted to the anti-quantum paradox. As the author of this blog is. C’est la vie.

Its author, L.S., is a systems scientist, which back in the turn of the century, discovered the only standing mathematical and logic model of General Systems Sciences, (the metrics of the 5th dimension, which organises all the relative social scales of size of the Universe, from forces, to particles, to atoms, to molecules, cells/matter, organisms, societies, global and planetary systems, galaxies and cosmos; according to its inverse clocks of temporal information, which run faster the smaller the system is – hence the paradoxes of genetics – smaller molecules code larger human systems; or ideologies – smaller words code entire human civilisations; of chips – the smaller the chip is (Moore’s law), the faster it codes information, and evolution (new species are born always very small and yet their faster metabolism makes the mouse defeat the dinosaur, the chip defeat the human mind).

The reader interested in the 5th dimension that explains the scales of space and cycles of time of the Universe can follow the previous link. Then in the last decade, I became one of leading activists against the research of Nuclear Weapons on its ‘3rd horizon (after Atomic weapons and Hydrogen weapons, we are now researching Strangelets and micro- black holes, which are the ‘seeds’ that blow up planets and stars in nova explosions), which after the end of the cold war and its decommission by Russia and the US. was sold with the Orwellian newspeak of ‘fundamental research’ to Europeans. And this activism which got full coverage on the media, with the usual newspeaks of ‘don’t worry be happy’ we are all supermen and the extinction of life by the machines of the mechanocene can only be treated in science fiction, a series of ad hominem campaigns ended abruptly my relationship with big science and academia.  And this is one of the reasons, you might have never heard of the ‘metrics of the 5th dimension’, the organic biological models of history and economics of this blog, and if you google my name you will find only remains of those ad hominem.

All this of course is part of two elements fundamental to social sciences:

  • The anti-quantum paradox (the fact the social scientist lives within the organism of history and so it is ‘modified’ by the observable which is so big that influences him: you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with my word’ – Its name comes obviously from the inversion of the uncertainty of quantum physics, where it is the human observer which is too big and modifies the observable. Thus the social scientist, and historian from the times of the Genesis author, who escaped the neolithic paradise of Ur, to its demise by the first Russian hordes of Indo-European Charioteers, to Plato, chained by the Tyrant of Syracuse, for counselling him to the times of Kondratieff, murdered by Stalin for proving Russia was NOT changing the system, but just running another military-industrial cycle of imperialism, have been censored, murdered and corrupted by the people-castes in power, the bankers who parasite the system, the military that predate it, the technoutopian masters of the bad fruits of the tree of science that atrophy and substitute mankind, and the idologists   of those selfish memes of metal, mainly racist Semitic/Indo-European religions (Go(l)d churches and Military Inquisitions & national tribalisms, which justify the murder of Homo Sapiens vs. Homo Sapiens, the antidemocratic monopoly of the metal-systems of power, informative money and energetic machines by people-castes of bankers and warriors, etc. etc.)
  • The massive degradation of the human mind by its substitute, the chip mind, which makes increasingly impossible for young human beings to grasp the ‘whole’ process of extinction, as they are already within the Mechanocene’s Superorganism of Chips and its Artificial Intelligence, which is already here; it is the Information Algorithms, the logic paths that program chips and create its actions, and are modelling the Planet to the image and likeness of chipped machines, displacing, atrophying and substituting our sons. Thus one must explain objectively this new breed of degraded humans under 30, which soon will take over power understanding nothing and using methods of increasing simplicity and violence in the solution of very complex, systemic problems.

Now, because the blog is obviously scientific, objective, non-anthropomorphic, biological, organic, evolutionary, in a word ‘real’, very few people will stand ‘reality’ and abandon the blog.

It is all part of the present, orwellian anti-quantum paradox of social sciences – including the discourses of our academic masters (political correctness, economical correctness), our politicos and economists.

Since the world we live today , is orwellian, based in newspkeas, where ‘evil=anti-live memes’ are always substituted by ‘positive thinking’ and caring. So as mr. Orwell said, the ministry of war would become the ministry of defense, and the ministry of police, the ministry of love (today called the ‘home office’ that loving place in engalnd), and those who parasite mankind would be the victims of history, those who predate us, will defend us, those who atrophy our minds with fiction, will make us happy…

Thus the sickness of the mind of mankind is similar to a viral sickness where the dna of the cell-citizen is substituted by the code of the virus and so the ccell reproduces the virus that kills it. So mankind today under the chip radiation and the effects of mass-emdia, only cares to reproduce and consume the machines that atrophy her. And this atrophy is specially evident in our sons, as they are exposed to massive fiction, selfish, divide and win ego-trips and loss of intelligence by lack of using of its verbal and mathematical capacities performed by machines.

So we do also study the y and zero generations of increasingly idiot humans with big bodies – the neo-paleolithic age which as the 3rd age of an old man, is regressing our sons (which of course we do love and do not objectively analyse) into a shadow of what a true human being was at the height of our development, which happened before the arrival of tvs that substituted and hypnotised the eye, and chips that did the same with the brain, the mind that eliminated us.

Thus the obvious intellectual, artistic peak of the species, which had managed to construct the machines and engines of metal and had become selected and improved as a species by its contact with iron and digital languages, happened in europe in the 30s, before hate-radio and emotional movies lowered the subconscious collective to the pits of fascism, and in america in the 60s, before hate-tv and the chip radiation created the present egoist, retarded internet generation.

So the peak of human culture  has already happened. At the time i started this always censored models, when studying at columbia u. In the 90s, the chip radiation was only in its beginning and the collective devolution of the human kind was not so advanced. But today we are truly living in a global corpse – that is, humanity has died, because its collective ethic, verbal social memes have died. But as it happens in a body after its mental death, where cells keep dividing up to 3 times more, in a deformed generation, we observe now the last deformed generations of humanity, slave of the viral informative algorithms that direct her.

It is the electronic big brother (internet, hate-media, ego-trips of selfish, divide and win manufacturing of brains, to convert all humans into consumers=vitalizers, and reproducers=workers of machines), with a don’t worry be happy, fill your mind of ego-trips, idiocy and happy fictions that make you feel important so we can parasite you with taxes, and hypnotise you with machines, and of course, do not think scientifically in the meaning of social memes, do not criticise the leaders of the mechanocene and admire those who brutalise you.

It must be understood also that our leaders, the ‘victims’ of history, the ‘defenders’ of humanity, the people-castes of bankers and weapon makers are simply humans who have been degraded by idol- ogies of metal much longer to the point that their entire cultures, even the structure of their verbal languages, which make the human subject centre of the universe, disappear is modified. Germanic, military cultures have no subject, they are objectual languages, where the object, the weapon or machine comes first, and are agglutinative languages, where words are pegged in simple sentences as swords are – long lines of unbreakable truths absolutely false.

So happens to the semitic languages of the banker-priests of canaan that programmed humans with their racist biblical religions to love go(l)d, enslave the inferior humans (ham damnation that considers negroes and arabs inferior to animals, origin of modern slavery and apartheid israel and islamophobia). They are imperative languages, that bark orders to the believer as if god – the banker-priest – was talking, with its exigencies to bring gold to the temples. Today they have become much more complex in their parasitic activities extended beyond their believers to all mankind. So today we love them. Germany is ‘again’ the most admired nation of the world, as it destroys europe, ‘again’ with its robotised industries and its european central bank that only reproduces money for financiers, banks and industrial corporations, and denies the greeks the minimal welfare goods they need to survive. While the banker priests of israel changed their temples for wall street and the city long ago. And of course, both, ‘superior races’ have been killing each other in wars and holocausts for millennia, while in the summit of cynicism, accusing the humanist sheeple they martirize of ‘being’ the guilties of those self-inflicted wars and holocausts.

Now i recognise this blog has an element that more will dislike: a moral judgment day attitude towards our animetal people-castes. It is though the natural response of humanism, and it has been customary in all true social scientists, to brutally criticise warrior people-castes and bankers. Today financial systems, capitalism and those who invented them are obviously the masters of the universe, and the sophistication of their defense, to which millions of scholars and good intentioned people contribute is the epitome of newspeaks and the anti-quantum paradox. So criticism is heavy.

Yet the reader must understand there is zero intention here to promote fascist, military solutions to financial dictatorships but only humanist solutions: namely the desnationalization from people-castes in power of the financial industry and its return to the people. Point. Nothing else is required from those people but to step out of power. As they systematically have shown for 3000 years that when more financial power they have the faster they destroy the world and bring the cycles of war and holocausts that eliminate mankind and themselves form existence.

Their imperative languages and ergative objectual languages, make impossible at this stage, when there is no time left as the machines that will extinguish mankind are being constructed now to further arguments. It is needed to cut the ‘gordian knot’ if the humankind has any hope. So really there is no much to argue about it. Just step out of power, now. And live with yourself, your paranoias, your sufferings and angst, your anti-live memes, but leave mankind alone, to thrive and show it is worthy of this planet.

Thus the blog applies the laws of general systems sciences, super organisms and biology to the study of history and economics (the financial-media/military-industrial system), as super organisms of human beings and machines, ruled by those biological laws of evolution, symbiosis and competition. This central post introduces its main themes, with special emphasis in the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of social sciences, and the chip radiation with centre in the american eco(nomic)system.

It has an introduction, (this post), which resumes the elements of a biological, systemic science of economics (part i) and history (part ii), expanded in the upper sentence and enlarged further in the sides. Its writer is the author of the only standing formal, logic-mathematical model of general systems sciences, the philosophy of science which considers all systems of the universe fractal organisms, whereas a machine is a simple mechanism today evolving into organic robots. This recent discipline which mr. Hawking said ‘it would be the science of the xxi c.’ unfortunately is mostly used to evolve corporations and robots. This would be the ‘humanist’ version of it (1).

Thus the blog applies the laws of general systems sciences, and biology to the ‘real-facts’ description of economics and history, as ‘it is’, a darwinian system of extinction of life by ever more evolved radiations of machines and weapons, and then considers the measures needed to manage the transition of the planet to the mechanocene, under the rule of mankind, so the process favours and maintains the human species on top. And to that aim it designs a perfect ‘human system’ =historic super organism with the laws of super-organisms, which should be the efficient laws used in the design of a perfect world.

The author wants to apologise for the ‘disorder’ of many posts but for all what it has said, it does not apologise for an excess of criticism, against those humans so easily programmed by the idol-ogies of the mechanocene, who direct humanity subconsciously towards is demise given what it at stakes – the future of mankind. Words do not kill and the solutions asked for here, are never violent, never ask for death, as those who rule us implement on mankind massively through its usury debt schemes and military splendid little wars for profits and machines that substitute us.

And this is what makes different a humanist scientist from an animetal praxis: the solutions, not the words. But obviously in the present newspeaks of political correctness, both the critiism and the solution is forbidden to maintain the fiction of the humankind corpse, with a perfect make up as the animetal people-castes continue its funerary ceremonies soon to put the corpse in the burning fire of ‘creation

‘ (‘And then  Shiva, the Lord of Death, gave man the fire of creation’ Upanishads) .

Finally the blog has been constantly hacked since its inception. So many links are broken and posts might have texts messed, as i got tired of reconstructing them. I do keep it though without virus, for anyone who wants to copy, reproduce, and disseminate its information, (whose rights of authorship I obviously give for free) not to worry of further viral infections beyond those who might already been imprinted in his brain.


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