welfare ends:ECB

A larger view: We live in a compacracy, where our role as ‘enzymen’ is becoming obsolete.

The system promotes systematically the concept that we humans do NOT need other humans so we become dependent of machines as ‘enzymen’, who catalyze its re=production as workers and vitalize them as consumers, the ONLY 2 tasks the eco(nomic)system and its networks of metal-communicators tell us to perform to be ‘free’ so we do NOT evolve socially into history, and bond with other humans through social love, a taboo in all our idol-ogies that serve the growing organism of machines, the financial-media (informative)/military-industrial complex system of company-mothers of machines, ncreasingly connected by chips and the internet of things. As social evolution IS the arrow of future of this planet, itself a superorganism (though of course, Biologists also downplay eusocial evolution – love in the mystical concept of religions, where all human share energy and information through charity with other humans forming a memetic super organism where the love memes are the DNA of the clone believers). Instead they stress the dog-eat-dog darwinian fight between individuals nowhere to be seen as evolving super organisms, from ants to earlier humans to present machines to all the organic scales of the Universe, are the method of survival of all Nature’s systems.

In the graph, the free citizens of the world are its company-mothers and humans are free in relationship with the role they play on those companies.

This means that in our capitalist world all what humans must do is to ‘become enzymen’, catalyzing the evolution of machines-weapons by consumption and its re=production by work.

Man as a slave of machines becomes then the perfect citizen of the modern world, and all other elements of his life remain completely ‘at large’, free=chaotic, because they matter nothing…. except on the absurd theme of nationalist memes needed to evolve and overproduce the top predator machine, the weapon that consume human beings and so ‘common people’ wouldn’t demand so easily.

This model of capitalism – an enzyman with no other reference but the vitalization and reproduction of machines, sold as a symbol of freedom from human social memes – when it was merely the erasing of all things human to make the enzyman, a perfect ‘robot’ of prices and profits, of digital numbers and financial values; however is now in crisis, because the ‘perfect robot’, the machine with AI can do increasingly better all those jobs humans had in the past as consumers, re=producers and so only the 3rd job, as targets of weapons seems to remain in place.

So there is no future for mankind in the metal earth, once robots can do our jobs, except in the initial phase of the robotic age which we live now, since as robots overproduce and evolve into billions of automated machines and cars, there will be a period of growth in the nations on top of the robotic era – notably US, Korea, Japan and parts of the Chinese world. So here nationalism will do the job of ‘keeping in boxes’ as we have been doing with Africa, billions of humans undernourished and underemployed, which as most Africans during the XX century become just ‘useful’ for the consumption of weapons…

So the problem or rather capital sin of the idol-ogies of capitalism, which ultimately worship the synergies of memes of metal (weapons, money and machines) regarding the human experience is obvious: humans are much more than enzymen, slaves of the reproductive and evolutionary tendencies of machines, as capitalism has made us believe and practice. And now that we are obsolete to a future of billions of automated robots, the enormous error of ‘alienating humans’ into this modern form of slavery is obvious, as we become increasingly degraded in body and mind, atrophied by the use of those machines:

In the graph, from c.92 ‘extinction of man’, we have gone through the paces of the foreseen devolution of mankind, first away from logic thought into the REVIVALISM of NAZIONANISMS, as social structures went down the ladder, past the heights of ethic social thought both mystical (oikoumene religions) and scientific (socialism, humanism). We then entered into the magic, emotional era, and most humans abandoned even the attachment to tribal groups. Then we predicted 30 years ago, humans would enter a time of deconstructionism, visual neopaleolithic violence, and ‘credo ergo sum’, knee-jerk reaction people, which the press termed Millenials. It only is left the zero-zombie gene ration who will prefer to live in virtual reality, back to the womb, closing the lifecycle of mankind, but in a different planetary mind placenta – the metal earth which unlike data in Matrix, will NOT need us but will simply disconnect the species, when the new enzyman, the robota, as foreseen by Kapeck, is ready to self reproduce, the goal of our newspeaks of global warming – aiming to make solar skins in autonomous robots, and economists – searching for the higher profits of competitive machines expelling us from labor and war fields. So once our two jobs as consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers are no longer needed, company-mothers of machines designed NOT to serve man but a tiny irrelevant group of stock-rats, will decree our extinction.

In the graph, the ‘larger view’ of the present zeitgeist: as humans become obsolete to the chip ‘radiation’, its role as enzyman will grow secondary to the robotic ‘citizens’ of company-mothers of machines, and an increasing number of humans will have no role on the eco(nomic)system as it happened to Africa for so long.

It is then obvious that the surplus must be eliminated within the cultural structure of capitalism as a segregational power-idology, of money and weapons of biblical, imperial origin (classic economists), where the only humans that matter are those who issue money and buy companies with it – the stockrats. This would not be necessary in a real democracy and/or a society ruled by a real science of economics that tried to make the world to the image and likeness of mankind but that is not the case. So we have to introduce…



In the graph the cycles of evolution of money: Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did.

However a proper understanding of the languages of Nature, could easily reform the system of money, make it complementary to the ‘nervous system’ of laws, as a blood-reproductive-oxygen system is, and then distribute enough quantity of it to all human citizens cells, to create a perfect world, as all healthy wealthy super organisms of nature are, where all its cells receive its proper oxygen-hormonal salary and all of them survive.  It is the parasitic, anti-human, corrupted nature of our ‘social networks’ where a few ‘parasitic’ financiers control the issue of money and either herd it for themselves or give it only to company-mothers of machines they worship due to their ‘biblical, primitive segregational idologies’ against mankind what makes the global eco(nomic)system perhaps the worst of all systems of Nature, as I used to explain during my tenure of the chair of Monetary Systems at the International Systems Sciences society, till obviously those who ‘own’ the financial system stop inviting me… Indeed, a corrupted system can only be protected with censorship and unneeded complexity to camouflage its corruption.

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws. The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependant on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class”. Amschel Rothschild, Am Segullah 1838

‘If you repeat a lie Many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it. I have asked UFA to make only entertaining and patriotic movies. People will like them and ask for nothing else’ Goebbels method of post-truth, imported to the U$ by its Financial-media masters (first minister of propaganda, now called ministry of Information).

It must be understood this: there is NOT difference between the systemic denial of humanist truths by Go(L)d animetal masters of capitalism, and Weapons masters of fascism: both are TWO SIDES OF THE SAME coin – the monopoly in the issue of the languages of metal power, money and weapons to control the ‘99%’, and establish a parallel regime of ‘post-truths=repeated lies’ to manufacture the brain of people into acquiescence. The difference if any is this: today the Financial-Media masters rule the world and buy mercenary armies; military fascism is totally secondary. So why we keep talking of it, while NOBODY talks of the Financial-media head of the Planet? Self-evident answer: because NOT to talk of them, is to give them a free check to do whatever they want without being blamed.

But nothing can be done as long as a few people owning corporations of financial-media information can deliver orders of post-truth to billions of humans through its company-mothers of mass-media, as it is the case today, when therefore their control of the POPULATION WITH THE GOEBBEL’S METHOD OF REPETITION OF SELF-SERVING LIES AND NEWSPEAK IS ABSOLUTE.

So indeed, ‘post-truth’ as been with us for millennia and the desire of the Financial-Media system of America to kill truth, as expressed in its time magazine, working for an equal time; all with an aim – to keep mankind under the boot of those who control the issue of money (and buy political weapons with it):

The world is a dictatorship of those who monopolize the issue of the language of power of societies, which is money. 2 levels of the dictatorship matter: how money an alien mathematical language that makes of men objects with its equalitarian syntax, man(salary) = Money = Object (price) has come to dominate worlds, the human subjective language that make us center of the action: Man (subject) < Verb (action) < Object, degrading therefore as a species, no longer superior to its objects, and hence increasingly substituted by machines and weapons in labor and war fields.

One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’. The result is the most brutal dictatorship of anytime in history, as even in the harsh military government of Rome a senator had only 100 times the salary of a plebeian. Today as financiers control the world, buying laws to corrupted politicos preventing them to print money for welfare and deviating the wealth of the 3rd world to speculative schemes, one of our ‘democratic leaders’ prints 10 million times the money a 3rd world citizen of the globalized capitalist economy earns with hard-work 24-7. And yet the entire planet is so well ‘manufactured’ that not even the most ‘radical’ politicians ask for the denationalization of the issue of money for the tiny o.oo2% that prints it, since they are ‘the victims of history’, LOL. How this system can be maintained of course requires a massive censorship in both the truths of the system and the easy alternatives to a just wealthy healthy world provided by the science of systems, explained in this blog.

Let us understand this from the beginning: the Universe is simple, social, democratic and efficient. So systems that work are extremely simple delivering the right energy and information to ‘all’ social elements of the system. A simple proof of that social, simple structure. The unit of mathematics, its fundamental language is the number, which is a ‘social group’ of indistinguishable beings (you say 20, without even caring to specify the species). Money is then a very simple language: a number printed in a support that can be digitalized. And its purpose as all social languages is to give ‘orders’ of ‘value’ to an enormous number of entities, due to its simplicity to allow ‘all’ human beings to work, reproduce the goods they need and evolve socially… This is the ideal language of money, crafted efficiently as all other languages of social systems – words, which we all humans talk, hormones, very simple molecules which all cells share and obey, oxygen, the simplest energy molecule that all cells receive with blood red cells; electromagnetic forces that all animals see to interact in nature; gravitation that all stars follow in its galactic paths, etc. etc.

So why humans do NOT organize a simple monetary language, distributed to all humans in similar quantities as oxygen or hormones or nervous messages in bodies, gravitation and light in physics; same DNA genes in cells? It would be very simple to create a Universal salary of ‘mobile pocket’ money in a cryptocurrency, of 1000 ¥€$= euro = dollars for every human to have ‘oxygen-hormones’ to demand welfare goods, kicking its re=production and start a real global democracy, ending hunger, 3rd world migration  poverty, as it happens with all cells, stars or atoms which receive all enough oxygen, hormones and forces to survive – the Universe is in perpetual motion, energy is hugely abundant, the fact that humans suffer is NOT the rule but the exception of a perfectly designed Cosmos…

As an expert in systems sciences and complexity, the answer I give you is immediate but not ‘easy to swallow’: because we live as human beings in one of the worst designed systems of nature; in fact a sick, parasitic, cancerous, corrupted system where a very few number of human citizen-cells, issue money in monopoly for themselves, choke mankind off it, and to HIDE this systemic ab=use and corruption of the system have made so ‘complicated’ the creation of money with weird schemes (FED, ECB, banks fractional credit, e-money derivatives, etc.) that people do NOT understand the simplicity and beauty of the Universe and its networks and systems, and so feel they need ‘the parasite experts’ to create with credit the magic of it. Complexity in the basic languages of Nature is almost always an example of undue control, as democratic systems require extreme simplicity for all players to understand and play the game – in the case of reproductive languages, such as hormones, oxygen or money are, that simplicity is maximal – indeed, money is just a number, the simplest form of information in a paper.  Consider a parallel example: when the laws of Rome were corrupted by middle age aristocrats, which imposed its power and privileges with weapons, they multiplied laws into thousand of decrees. Napoleon came and reduced the entire tonnage to a single book, the Napoleonic code, because it wanted to do a just law for all to understand.

When Lincoln tried to reform the American system of money, it created a simple ‘greenback’, with no debt, usury schemes, just tender legal money, as the Greeks and Romans – following Aristotle, the founder of science, with its concept of money as ‘nomisma’, a legal tender number – did. Properly designed, ideal money, thus would NOT be based in fetish gold, as earlier primitive systems were, due to its metal-values which gave by affinity maximal value to weapons starting the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle of wars and holocausts our ‘bankers’ still practice; neither would be issued in exclusive by a few financiers, pretending to be experts instead of parasites; nor we would worry about its inflationary nature – as all languages of Nature are easy to reproduce and inflationary, because they are not wealth per se, but ‘informative, value languages’ that kick the process of production. So we talk a lot to kick our actions; and oxygen is hyper-abundant to kick cellular actions. What matters is to deliver enough money to enough people so all of them works and demand products for others to offer. And finally it would NOT be given for free to companies that reproduce lethal goods, as markets do.



In the graph, systems sciences consider the Universe an organic fractal, which each science studies at a level of size, all of them evolving socially through networks of energy and information. So we can study species as organisms living a world cycle and evolving finally in social networks becoming super organisms, the most efficient survival strategy of the Universe, where a head-particle-informative class will invent a language of common organization, quantum numbers, hormones, genes or memes, money or laws that all the body-wave parts/cells/citizens will obey. The goal of systems sciences is then to properly apply the physiological laws of networks to design or study perfects organisms of nature, including mankind and the economic ecosystem.

History super organism gaia 3 ages best

History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as superorganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, DEDICATE most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient superorganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells. So should a properly designed human superorganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgement a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s superorganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of welfare, WHEalth (healthy life goods).

Systems sciences are based on the alternative philosophy of science to that of mechanist physicists and its only entropy arrow, called organicism. Let us try to explain why only organicism is a scientific truth.

 According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton.

Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Organicism on the other side is the only self-sustained, rational theory that doesn’t need a creator, language, god, as organisms are self-replicating, but does explain perfectly within the ‘correspondence principle’, those 2 other philosophies of science; since a machine is just a primitive organism of metal, and we shall see in our sections of History, Gods are the subconscious collective of civilizations, ANOTHER scale of social evolution of the fifth dimension.

So what we mean by an organism? A very simple system – NOT to confuse with the most evolved, complex of them all, that of human beings, reason why so many people, having a natural biased ego-centered belief in man as the unique organism, reject the concept:

An organism is just a group of similar forms, which organize themselves with at least two ‘networks’, one that provides the ‘clone cells/citizens/atoms’ with the vital energy they need to feed, move and reproduce (blood-economic system-electromagnetic forces) and one that provides them with information to guide their survival actions (nerves system, political system, gravitational in-form-ative forces).

This simple dual system IS the minimal, fundamental particle of the Universe. Since it is obvious that machines are also organisms.

The 2 languages of informative and reproductive networks: Bits of information and bites of energy.

It is important to Understand the internal, linguistic dynamic nature of those networks, in advanced organisms of maximal information, the biological organism and the historic organism, which belong as ‘fractal systems’ self-similar to each other, two the same specific type of organisms, we shall qualify as socio-biological organisms. A network, of informative nature, delivers messages of information to simultaneously coordinate the actions of all its parts; with its faster=smaller bits of information according to 5d metrics (min. spatial size x. max. temporal speed). While the networks of reproduction, the blood and financial system delivers larger bites of energy, which the organism needs to feed itself (when it is a healthy superorganism as most of nature, but not human societies, with an astounding level of corruption).

Indeed, the key to the full understanding of reality both in terms of energy but also in terms of information, as both are two sides of the same coin, called ‘exist¡ence’ is the fact that in the sentient Universe, each fractal point, atom, cell or citizen (physical, biologic or social systems) needs bits of in-form-ation, form, smaller in size of space, hence faster according to 5D metrics (SxT=C), but also ‘bites’ of entropic energy which will help the system to move. Networks are NOT some abstract ‘fractal tube’ but they exist to deliver ‘energy and information’ (SS: form=language with a little motion=St-information and motion=entropy=TT with a bit of information = energy=Ts).

So a healthy superorganism will deliver to each ‘fractal point’ (molecules, cells, human citizens), two type of messages through two type of networks. We shall call ‘generically’ the 3 type of bits and bites of information and energy that each of those 3 physical, biological and social systems receive, ‘particles, genes and memes’ even if the words as usual in 5D sciencers are slightly changed, and widened in its original meaning.

So with its specific variation, those are the two fundamental reproductive-‘body-wave’ and informative-‘particle-head’ bites of energy and bits of information of the fundamental systems of nature:

In physical systems, the two networks are the gravitational faster network of information, which we humans do not perceive, as we are much larger beings with electronic networks. Its bits of information in this faster non-local network should be ‘gravitons’, components of gravitational waves. In physical papers we advance as the most likely particle state of those waves of information that ‘position’ the different physical systems of the galaxy, a gravitational tachyon ‘neutrino’ for multiple reasons, we study on our papers on physics.

On the other hand, because we do perceive it, it is much easier to prove that the energetic network of physical systems are electromagnetic waves, photons and its ‘social, static state’ as the elements of an electronic nebulae, trapped in the potential energy well of the atom. Thus photons and electrons become the ‘energy network of physical system, molecules.

We shall escape then in this introduction further information on the scalar structure of those networks and how, as we ‘grow in scale’, what is a bite of slow energy for a smaller plane of space-time, becomes for the larger plane’s slower beings, a faster bit of information, in the amazing beauty of the harmonies between scales. So electronic ‘food for atoms’ becomes electronic information for biological organisms and so son.

Those biological organisms do have two fractal networks, the electronic, informative nervous system in which bits of electronic information moving along the myelin membrane deliver faster messages to every part of the organism to simultaneously synchronize its motions, so the body-cells act as a single form in simultaneous space.

– But when we move into the bites of energy delivered by the blood organism, the network delivers to each cell the basic ‘currency’ language of energy that all cells need to move, called ‘oxygen ‘. It is an atom of slower motion than the electrons but due to its electro-negativity and readily availability in the atmosphere, with its capacity to kick with two OH- & H+ legs the water ‘medium’ on which cells exist, the perfect language of ‘money’ for the organism to start kicking its ‘actions’.

So we DO have in the next scale according to the perfect laws of harmony, the two basic biological bits and bites of information and energy, electrons and oxygens, and from then on, as systems become more complex, variations of those bits and bites occur.

The main category are mixed ST messages, which deliver BOTH a stick and carrot ‘complex’ to the cells and its big molecules, which are amino acid systems, of great simplicity called Hormones, starting from the simplest of them all, an NO molecule (which do relax muscles, its main message to the locomotion system, increases the pressure of blood, provoking sexual erection, the simplest message to reproductive systems and multiplies the neuronal activity. As nitrogens are the clock atom of our mind-brains.

So finally more complex NO systems with a body support of carbon chains become ‘hormones’ which might have a ‘higher informative message’ (with more N, as in nucleotide molecules) or a higher energetic message (as in acids with more oxygen).

They form then the basic letters of the ‘biological longer sentences that might accumulate information’ in ever more complex molecules, as biological organisms are by far the more complex systems we know of.

Finally a very important concept is the difference between an ecosystem in which multiple superorganisms co-exist, often in predatory relationships, vs. an organism in which only a type of atoms, cells or citizens co-exist, and is far more symbiotic as all parts love each other and share energy and information through its networks, over a common territorial space, as shown in the graph.

Those three physiologic networks/classes/physical parts of ANY system of the Universe define the Universe indeed as a fractal organism of infinite smaller and bigger super organisms, in a game of russian dolls in which each of us is a ‘island-Universe’ within itself, made of smaller parts, and for that reason each of us is also a part, cell/citizen of a social super organism, nation, religion or civilisation, which we do NOT see as a whole, as our cells do NOT see us as a whole, but DO exist as such.

What makes the whole a whole? The nervous, informative languages that communicate all the parts of the super organism and ‘trace’ within its syntax and value, its path of the future. And so we have talked first of it and will constantly coming to the bottom line of reality – the languages that construct the organisms of the world.


LET US THEN show you how easy and simple is a perfect economic superorganism, as there was one… in the neolithic, before warriors and banker-priests corrupted them.

Reproductive age: Neolithic. Age of wor(l)ds and goddesses. ±10.000 to ±3.000 bc.

The Neolithic was the classic age of Mankind, an age of balance, when wo=men learnt the cycles of life and instead of destroying nature, learnt to nurture, reproduce and harvest it. Women, the reproductive species, took power over men; and priests became the verbal guides of civilizations, creating super-organisms of history made of human cells joined by social love—the sharing of energy and information among ‘brothers’, clones of the loving mind of the same prophet. It was an age dominated by verbal, temporal languages, continued by the believers in religions of love that are not corrupted by weapons

The maximal social evolution of history happened in that Neolithic culture, self-similar in all the regions of the planet. Social love was so intense that humans lived in homes without streets and people walked through the roofs or the house of their neighbors, like insects in a beehive. Each man in the village had a ‘cellular’ vital space, his home or den, tools and clothing; but the energy networks, the agricultural fields in which people fed, were common property, as it happens in DNA organisms, in which DNA molecules live within their home/cell, pegged to other homes/cells, sharing with them the energy of their blood. Neolithic cultures created environmental societies, based in natural, human goods; where every cell owned ‘vital’ property; where the networks of social information were based in verbal thought (laws); where ethic, social men, called priests, acted as the verbal, collective neurons that solved the colliding interests of individual cells. Those social organisms followed the universal laws of social evolution, creating efficient organic systems, with a single collective brain (the elder with more information, verbal priests, legal assemblies, etc.)

And its 3 physiological networks were created according to the laws of superorganisms:

TT-Gaia;: ENTROPIC NETWORK: the territorial sustain of the community was a healthy geographical body that provided the human goods needed to satisfy the biological drives of humans. It was not depleted but worshipped as ‘Nature’s Goddess’, both in rivers (Nile, Gangesh) and animal life

SS: INFORMATIVE NETWORK. The ethic law acted in them as the verbal, nervous system of the society, creating a wor(l)d to the image and likeness of mankind. Legal mandates motivated or forbade certain actions, selecting those which improved the welfare of the entire society. Without laws we cannot understand historic organisms. Laws rule in an invisible manner the acts of people, as nervous orders guide the cells of the body. Thus, certain humans, verbal masters who create laws, as the neurons create nervous orders—prophets, priests, lawyers, courts and parliaments today—should hold the power of societies. What is an aberration is to leave the ‘blood=economic system’ to control the nervous/legal system, as it happens in free markets.

ST: RE=PRODUCTIVE NETWORK. Money was WHealth, grain or cows, as in Nature’s physiological systems, delivered to all the citizens cells of the community to promote the 5 drives of life (dimotions of existence) that ensure the best life for them. It provided first ST-‘energy’ and TT-entropic motion to body and limbs; its surplus handled by priests of social love was used to pay extra-salaries for SS-communal work; as its creation fostered the evolution of agriculture and the learning of positive St-forms of information; the making of tools, even the birth of accountancy and writing in Summer’s temples with clay tablets writing the storage of wheat-money.

So the five DRIVES OF LIFE, the 5 dimotions of individual existence were achieved and its most important reproduction, was sacred, for both Gaia (food and money reproduced in season cycles, worshipped on solstice days) the community and the individual (equality of gender, worship of life-bearing women).

As a result, the population grew and multiplied and human life was the closest possible to a paradise.

All that would change with the arrival of metal and the beginning of the ‘economic ecosystem’, in which 2 different species, human life, simple atoms of the D-atomic orbital confronted the growing evolution of P-atoms of metal with much more power to handle energy and information; which certain people-castes of humans we shall call animetals, will use ever since to impose its power over the rest of human societies, corrupting the two physiological life-based networks of mankind.

As warriors impose their power to kill over priests and substituted them on top of society, making humans serve them or else…

And money was substituted by precious metal, whose hypnotic power, due to its capacity to imitate the sun’s light would enslave people to greed and make them obey the banker.

Further on both type of entropic and informative metal were by affinity complementary and so metal money valued ad maximal weapons and ad minimal life, starting the degradation of human values. Records from that era realized that the intelligence of men was lost to the informative power of ‘evil metal.’ The ‘desert people came and now ‘peasants abandon the fields, and follow them as mercenaries’. Our women ‘sell their bodies for a ring of metal.’ (‘Lament of a Sumerian priest’). Money produces an instantaneous, hypnotic effect. If Sumerians had thought thoroughly, they would have followed their priests. In the end, they belonged to the Semite warrior-traders, who created empires with their labor and enslaved them in unending toil, building palaces and tombs.


Mankind lives in a sick superorganism, which as all of them is ruled by a nervous, informative, legal, political network, which should control with its bits of information (nervous, legal messages) the reproductive, economic, blood network that should deiliver to each citizen-cell bites of energy (oxygen, money) that kick out the actions of motion and reproduction of the welfare goods (carbohydrates, welfare goods) the organism needs to survive.

An efficient social organism is that simple: two networks, the faster informative network which shares a natural language with all the DNA/Memetic citizens cells, treated with equal justice by the language of information and its bits (synchronous nervous messages, equality under the law) on charge of an external energy language (bites of oxygen, universal salary in positive ‘whealthy’ money), delivered efficiently to all the cells of the organism.

It is ONLY because of that justice and efficiency of the network that individuals give up freedom as part of a loose herd to become an efficient superorganism.

Today humans do NOT realize that for millennia money was ‘whealthy’ grain deilivered as a universal salary to all people so they could survive and the surplus used to pay salaries for communal work. That a country like China that went through a r=evolution against capitalism and has nationalized the bank system grows 10% and has taken hundreds of millions of people from poverty, NOT because they are a superior race, but because they have a superior financial system, akin to that of any other organism of Nature. It is THE WEST which is suffering for millennia a basic sickness of the superorganism of mankind.

However human superorganisms, which were built with such efficient networks in the Neolithic and during the ages of eusocial love religions became predated by two ‘parasitic’ people-castes that destroyed the efficiency of those networks, monopolized the legal bits of information and financial bites of energy that all just, efficient superorganisms delivered to its cells-citizens and ab=used mankind ever since.

This people-caste achieved that supremacist position in human societies because they used an external type of atom, entropic metal iron to make weapons, and informative metal gold to make money that was stronger and more intelligent than human bodies and minds, killing us and hypnotizing our minds. And ever since they allied together to control humanity parasitizing us with ‘tax’, ‘debt-money’ & reproducing massively instead of the welfare goods we need to survive lethal goods, notably weapons and hate media, to kill bodies and minds and the eusocial love bondage that ensured humans would colloborate as part of a single superorganism or ‘God’, that is, the subconscious collective message of eusocial love that ensures the common distribution of bits of information and bites of energy to efficiently regulate society and its goods.

But it because this ONLY happens in sick organisms, parasitized with cancerous viral systems that monopolize the languages of the networks, we can only deduce that mankind is sick. And yet when a parasitic system colonizes an organism it survives and leads the organism to its collapse because it ‘delivers’ at the same time that exploits the cells-citizens, a ‘soma’, a ‘drug’ that inhibits response giving ‘pleasure’ to the cells and rendering them unable to react. This SOMA is therefore the second fundamental element of the Society we live in – as the same machines of information that reproduce money, reproduce audiovisual information in the form of fictions, virtual ego-trips and other pleasurable somatic forms, from sports to facebook posts that ensure people at minimal cost will live a virtual life, as the one cells infected by viruses, with their DNA changed live, till they drop dead…

We repeat a parasitic function is extremely difficult to challenge, either genetic or memetic.

Darwin explained in his memoirs that he spent in permanent depression the last years of his life when he realized that God had created a world where parasitic functions could ab=use a healthy superorganism for decades, as it was the case of his, sick of Chagras parasites, and there was hardly any way the healthy organism could eliminate the Soma that rendered it inactive in permanent anoxia.

So this is the translation to the universal laws of superorganisms of the structures of society today.

And though some military dictatorships and aristocratic kingdoms have reformed their ways to become more democratic and treat with equal laws all human beings; it is a fact of economic history that today with the exception of China, which is the fastest evolving, most efficient economic system of the world for that reason, all other nations live in a parasitic, anoxia state because the people-caste of bankers, monopolizes the issue of money and does NOT give it to people as a Universal salary. Just imagine that politicians monopolized the issue of laws for themselves. It would be an outrage, and yet private bankers, often ‘pretending to be public bankers’, like the ECB bank, the Federal Reserve and the banks with rights to reproduce fractional money and stock-markets that can reproduce stock-money and e-derivatives create trillions of $ each year for themselves and a few companies, mostly reproducing lethal goods of maximal price (weapons) and hate media, in a system that has become more sophisticated but it is exactly the same, running overwhelmingly by the same people-caste that established it at the end of the Neolithic in Levant, in the go(l)d temples of Canaan, Phoenicia and Israel.

But for those who think our sick superorganism of history is unavoidable, a foreword and warning because what we just wrote now contradicts its well learned SOMA – aka idol-ogy of classic economics and political and economical correctness (the classic and correct wording of course being part of the SOMA :) that makes a TABOO, the biggest of the modern age, to explain the parasitic development of a people-caste of bankers who still rule the west So he will simply have a knee-jerk denial reaction and abandon the blog. And yet we CANNOT write a serious scientific treatise on Economics, without explaining reality as it is, or else we would just be contributing to the collective SOMA, as thousands of scholars and politicos that accept the TABOO of not telling the truth about the structure of the economic system do; which In terms of memes reduces to this:

The economic network is not run as a science of humanist welfare, as it should be, but it is run as an instrument of world power, by a supremacist culture that despises and fears mankind. And all those people colonized by their soma, their idol-ogies of supremacism of money over the law, of modes of making money a parasitic function over society, of the need to kill by anoxia, austericide the common people because their lives do not matter like ours, their rights to a universal salary similar to their rights to a just law are to be ignored. All this of course written with enough newspeaks of caring, correctness, mathematical equations and complicated arguments that disguise the fact this is a historic process of corruption of mankind by a primitive people with a very primitive memetic structure in their conception of mankind, history, god, the universe and… money.


RECAP. There are 3 physiological networks in each supœrganism from the galaxy to the atom, the two scales where self-similarity takes place (the galatom’s smaller and larger planes). But we can for the time being disregard the ‘territorial, background network, the spacetime of the galaxy and its particles, the water of life organisms, the Territorial surface of earth in historic organisms, to concentrate on the body-wave-reproductive economic system, and particle-head, informative legal systems that shape the essence of a superorganism.

The key property of linguistic bits and bites of information and energy is the simple Metric equations of all the scales of the fifth dimension: size in space x speed of time cycles = constant. And the duality of Spatial information and temporal motion that combine in 5 Dimensional motions: TT-pure motion (entropy) > Ts-locomotion, energy S=T (reproductive energy and information combined) > St-information (form with a bit of motion) & SS (form, position, language).

All systems of reality and its limbs/fields, body-waves and particle-heads existing in a larger world with faster energy that appears as them as the limit of TT-entropy and faster information that appears to them as the limit of SS-language play then a simple game of trying to absorb as much Ts-motion, reproductive energy and information to perceive, reproduce, survive, move and play the game of existence. And as systems become more complex and dense, they naturally attach to those 3 type of networks, evolving from herds into superorganisms.

The 5D metric equation, SxT=C and the S=T point of balance and equilibrium where the system reproduces as the two fundamental metric equations of all space-time organisms, which means many things, such as:

– Slow beings use networks of faster particles which in physical systems are ‘waves of forces’, in life beings are networks with fractal branching and in human societies, networks of money and simultaneous legal messages. Yet all are essentially performing the same organic functions, we shall describe now as can ‘translate’ a light filling wave that penetrates lower planes, filling it till it touches particles, as a branching that ‘speeds up frequency’; and a legal network that every citizen knows and obeys as a filling system of information, similar to a DNA network that all cells of an organism have in common. Think always NOT in the differences of form and scale but in the homology of functions for the body/waves and particle/heads of each of the 3 superorganisms (working and informative classes in human societies), to see the unity of it all.

So to ‘target’ or ‘explain’ who invented capitalism and corporations and have ruled the world with them, IS completely taboo but of course, explained with a newspeak so entrenched in the subconscious collective that people have knee-jerk, emotional reactions vaccinated against a proper explanation of how they live in a placebo world, whose REAL future and path is NOT set by them.

But nothing of this matter because we shall Not cease to repeat it, the planet earth is no longer ruled by human super organisms, nations and civilizations, because they cannot access easily the language of power money, but by company-mothers of energetic machines-weapons (military-industrial system or body of the organism of the metal earth), and informative machines (financial-media system).

And its goals are not human, even if the tiny elite of ‘stockrats’, the new aristocrats today that own them, profit from the sale of its products – the real evolved and reproduced product is a machine.

Economics is as today, the praxis of re=production of machines, over 3/4 of the global economy, The essence of the Globalized culture is simple: it is a culture dominated and invented by Company-mother of machines-weapons (first gunboats, during the UK empire steam age, today diversified in multiple metal-species), taking into account only the goals of those companies, hidden in abstract under the equation of Maximal profits, its mandate, which in true form is one of evolution and reproduction: Those Financial-media/military-industrial companies won the world for the UK empire, over different ‘companies of human warriors’, and then each nation copied its structures and networks. So this top predator new global organism dedicated to reproduce and evolve informative and energetic machines, terraforming the earth to its image and likeness MUST HAVE absolute rights, including non-legal responsibility (stockrats, its owners are protected by anonymous laws), absolute credit to create with money a world to its image and likeness, and yet because human mothers/families and its social organizations governments are still in this planet competing for its ‘pie-share of power’ and attempting to create a world to our image and likeness, we shall blame them collaterally of all sins.

This is the bottom line, origin of a culture which pretends to be humane but decries all what is human from good food, to sex, so we reproduce machines and feed them with the proper energy – better clean solar energy that will make them autonomous robots with AI…

The refusal to make man the center of this planet, the obsession for profits of the ‘biblical gold religions’ that founded capitalism, as an irrational search for power through money weapons and machines leaves little hope for the future.  Unless we rebound the social sciences with its true parameters, of biological, evolutionary nature.

The key difference between idol-ogies of metal and ‘rational sciences’ is the dominance in animetals of emotioans, greed and violence, over reason and logic thought, epitomized in the concept of money as gold and wealth per se (the animetal idol-ogy), vs. Money as tender legal ‘nomisma’, a digital language of reproduction of goods, which as all languages must be inflationary and given to all citizens in a democracy, as a universal salary of ‘blood-money’, to kick out reproduction of welfare goods – the Latin, Greek view.

It was first the Indo-European Germanic warrior making an iron sword, and then killing the shaman, than his Aryan, Veda idol-ogy that the fire of the smith is the vehicle of god and their race the superior chosen race. It was first the Semite gold banker finding that gold hypnotized the eye, surpassed oxytocin, the love drug and make people slaves for a salary, than the Baal and baalble, with its fetish gold ex-votes to the priests in the temple and the segregational laws of its religions against the human capital they priced.

And certainly it was first the gunpowder canons and then the steam machines than the European supremacist, colonial foray that massacred people in all continents, with its manifest destiny, and racist sense of superiority still clearly infusing Europeans, and most notably those of the first steam machine age, brexiters and Trumpists making America great again and blaming it all on Latinos, essentially Amerindians, as if they had not ab=used and massacred them enough for centuries.

But as systems get complex with age, we do have all kind of placebo freedoms, from placebo democracies, to placebo free consumption of lethal hate memes to make us feel above heavens and earth.

If earlier animetal cults destroyed the age of fertility goddesses because they had the added power of weapons and gold, the supremacy of the idol-ogies of America and the biblical go(l)d cultures that run the financial system, and I don’t even dare to name, so deep is the imprinting of people in their belief they are the ‘victims’ of history, has nothing to do with their superiority and better future for mankind, but with the fact that their modern instrument of power, the company-mother of machines and weapons and their aggressive standing against life-enhanced cultures makes them dominate the no-future they are designing as they terraform the earth to the image and likeness of its mechanisms. If they were aware at least that this is a non-human future there could be a chance to dialog, but as we shall repeat many times, it seems the first effect of mankind’s contact with gold and iron is a loss of mental capacity to discern between good and evil, its own species and all others.

It seems mankind has a myopic view and constantly adapts his mind’s capacity to reason into memetic beliefs that cater the praxis of what they do – not the other way around. It is this concept that material reality imposes over mind – so vehemently denied otherwise by those who become slaves of their beliefs instilled by the praxis of its realpolitik and power, hidden by hypocrisy and double talk on politics, economics and academia, what makes so difficult to reform the system. As the human superorganism of history doesn’t seem to evolve, but rather devolves in inverse fashion to the evolution of the other superorganism of the planet the metal-earth…

Judaism of course as part of mankind also rewrites history but that won’t solve or change the destiny of judaism and its use of parasitic money instead of healthy money in the management of economic systems. So let us now understand better what parasitic money is AS OPPOSSED TO WHEALTHY MONEY.



“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.  The few who could understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

Amschel Rothschild, Leading financier of the British Empire 1838

‘The universe is simple and not malicious’, ‘Simplicity is genius’ Einstein, Leonardo


 The science of economics as a true social science, is the science of the ‘re=productive, blood-like system’ of the organism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose would be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our superorganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes, racist cultural memeplexes, fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’) etc.

We explain this simple fact and in the graphs that show the basic structure of the superorganism of mankind and its ‘economic frame of reference’ that should value goods and control its production according to their biological utility to foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species, because we need first to understand a true science of economics to have a perspective on what today passes as ‘economics’, NOT a science but a PRAXIS OF power:

History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as superorganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, DEDICATE most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient superorganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells. So should a properly designed human superorganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgement a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s superorganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of welfare, WHEalth (healthy life goods).

The substance and language, form and functions of money.

In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program.
Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth.

Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.

Money has always possessed three formal characteristics: it is made of metal, gold, silver, copper, today computer machines that reproduce e-money. But this is only because metal can be broken and counted and last. The essence of money is to be mathematical, able to compare products and relate them, to maximize the efficiency of production. For that reason it is made of cyclical, broken, discontinuous shapes, as all forms that carry in-form-ation. Money, due to this informative property, is the basic unit of mathematical accounting and one of the main reasons why mathematics have been evolved as a language. Thus, money is a language of information whose substances are metal and whose function is to give value to things with digital information. In that sense, money competes with words, because both are languages used by mankind to value reality. So the fundamental question about money and the future of history, today controlled by monetary orders, is: ‘how money values reality and why those values differ from the values of verbal thought? If money were used according to human values, it could create a paradise. But as it is used – as a parasitic form of control of people, according to the ‘cultural values’ of the animetal segregrational cult(ure)s of Go(l)d that imposed its form, it kills life.

The people-caste of bankers. Go(l)d cultures start the systemic parasitic use of ‘gold’ to ab=use mankind.

‘You will defgend me with the word, I will deend you with the sword’ Tertulianus, biblibal bigot.


THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Jewish->Protestant fetish go(l)d religions. Hence in capitalist democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science.
Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death brought by its belief in go(l)d values.
Money in its fetish go(l)d view gives maximal value to weapons that kill life and null value to life. While wor(l)ds our ethic language do the opposite. Thus to impose go(l)d values it has been needed a complex memeplex of weirdo but effective inhibitors of human social love we shall term the Jewish inquisition, IMPOSED by repetition of lies as dogmas (Goebbel’s method: to repeat a lie many times to make it truth). Hence the essential importance of controlling metal-communicators that repeat information MUCH FASTER than verbal prophets humanist truths: Those who control digital information have always printed money and hate memes through western history becoming the masters of the metal-earth. This role however was in the classic age of mankind balanced by the humanist ethic prophets of eusocial love and money as nomisma, legal money reproduced by governments. With the arrival of capitalism and digital information however the human side has been erased and so the power of the FMasters have become absolute as people do not even know, under censorship that the goals they seek celebrity and money are ‘owned’ by the companies of information machines that print money in digital screens and manufacture brains.

The language is the message: money vs. Wor(l)ds: its different values and species.

The universe is about the intelligence of networks, whose languages and values, order reality and select the species that better speaks the language. So even before we continue into the analysis of animetal cultures, we must simply explain how they construct the FMMI system of informative and entropic metal-machines, through the values of its languages they do not understand.

An animetal must in that sense be defined as a believer who obeys without reason the ‘greed and violent’ values of money and weapons that kill and hypnotize their bodies and minds. It is the systemic, network, linguistic intelligence of those languages of power and its values what creates the consequences. And all what the animetal needs is to believe in idol-ogies of metal-power and obey blindly those languages and values.

Indeed, money is just a number, the simplest form of information in a paper, which orders humans and objects in a digital, mathematical number.

So capitalism amounts to this: to rule societies with digital numbers called money, reproduced with no limit by a social elite, which is not elected neither likes to explain what it does, and how it does it – basically controlling Mankind with prices as if we are ‘objects’ compared mathematically with the equation of money:

Man (salary) = money = object (price)

It is for that reason that all systems that work, do not allow the reproductive ‘mindless’ comparative equalities of mathematical languages to rule the system above the subjective, informative, nervous system, which in humans is ‘words’, and do carry a very different syntax positive to Mankind:

Subject (man) < verb (action) < object (energy of subject).

Thus in verbal terms, humans are the center of the universe, and survive, and if they were able to regulate the economy with laws that favor Mankind, money only as a digital language, to reproduce among all humans the good we need to survive, fueling a demand economy would easily create with credit a perfect world, which is the rule not the exception of the universe, where energy is for free, and all you need is a good language to distribute it. This is not though, the way history has evolved money but rather it has created an astoundingly brutish corrupted, dumb concept of money as wealth per se, not language, and as such attached to precious metal, easy to digitalize (hence still a mathematical language) but very scarce, and hence promoting war, looting, fight for the ‘precious’ thing, and a complete misunderstanding of money in terms of a language of distribution and reproduction of goods. As the graph explains.

In the mandala graph that I will bring as many times as required following the rhetoric of the ‘other system’ – if you repeat a lie (or a truth in this case) many times people will believe it (become imprinted by it)’ Goebbels – we show the fundamental distinction we must do in a biological analysis of the superorganisms of history its languages, memes and cultures. What matters are the memes, languages and ideologies that build the two type of cultures, ‘organs’ of the superorganisms of history and economics. In essence, a superorganism is created by the values of a certain language. The informative language of metal is gold. And its values are inverse to those of life. So the belief and use of go(l)d, of money as the only language that directs our society makes possible the expression of those anti-life values and the creation of a world according to them.

Today the more complex system of machines uses digital information, e-money and the religion of go(l)d has evolved into the ‘science’ of capitalism expressed in the equations of classic economics. Yet the anti-life values of the language remain.

Of course our culture that worships metal-memes and technology=machines will have none of this, and censor bio-economics and bio-history but it is not by chance that most humans do feel naturally the ethics of the wor(l)d and most women, reproducers of life hate weapons. We are not making here ethic statements but biological statements as both concepts are the same, ethics merely expressing the arrow of eusocial evolution. Why then humans deny today that arrow? Obviously because they have completely mismanaged their social evolution and have instead accepted the wrong values of metal, greed and violence as the guidance to power.

So we talk of two type of cultures, human cultures that truly understand the highest level of social intelligence of the universe and if imposed could make Mankind survival.

And the cultures that worship machines weapons and money, metal-cultures or rather ‘animetal cultures’ as they degrade the capacity of humans to evolve together and go back to an animal dog-eat-=dog society, which needs metal-money, weapons and machines to survive, enslaving their life to the evolution of the metal Earth. We have thus set the elements to study together history and the fight of cultures and economics, the evolution of the machine, something economists would also be at pains to accept because they are merely production economists serving the evolution of the metal-Earth – a topic characteristic of animetal cultures is indeed the half-truth, the denial of love, life and ethics as an important component of reality, the abstract indifference to history, the superorganism of Mankind on Earth.

Yet to deny the laws of the organic eusocial universe of ‘numbers’, ‘species’ and ‘human ethics’, is to deny the future for all of us… The future of history our superorganism, of which Mankind is just its ‘spatial form’.

The 5 forms of parasitic money: Go(l)d. Lethal weapons, salary, tax. Debt, speculation,

The 5D Universe as its name says has 5 Dimensional motions or drives of existence all entities promote to maximize its life. The purpose of any language therefore is the same than the organism that speaks the language: to promote those 5 goals, as a language mirrors reality and guides the existence of a being.

And inversely, a predator or parasitic language and species will LIMIT the 5 drives of existence of an organism.

It is then immediate to observe that both animetal cultures and animetal languages, weapons and metal money repress the 5 drives of existence of mankind, in its go(l)d religions (repression of sexuality=reproduction, human good food – dietary laws, eusocial love – hate, racist memes to mankind; and human information – substitution of verbal language by digital ones.

Before animetals came to destroy the Genesian paradise, and all the way till today, the 2 forms of money have fought for supremacy as a language positive for the welfare and reproduction of goods among human beings vs. a negative language that destroys life, parasitizes mankind and catalyzes the evolution of metal, machines and lethal goods.

So the immediate ‘pentalogic analysis of negative metal money as the language that destroys mankind and catalyzes the evolution of the metal earth is obvious, as negative money was born in Levant, when the original form of WHealthy money, wheat, given as a Universal salary to all humans, to consume it and pay salaries of positive work on the communal fields of the first civilizations, was substituted by metal-money, an informative SS-cyclical form, which was perceived as wealth per se, and soon became synergic to TT-entropic metal-weapons, setting the two limits of control of mankind, in terms of a higher form of entropy (iron weapons) and form (hypnotic money) which will set mankind as an enzyman obliged by the two new metal-castes of power, murderous warriors and enslaving bankers to obey the orders of money or else, with a new stick and carrot device of power.

Ever since mankind was dominated by informative digital money above his natural ethic language of words and entropic weapons above his goal of human body supremacy

It then came the natural third ‘dimensional motion’ of money as an space-time value: Money as the value of a human being, bought no longer to reproduce its body but reproduce metal, mostly weapons, as gold-money was used for millennia to pay for slaves and weapons (70% of its production).

ST-money cre(dit)ated a new language equation that make human an object: Man (salary) Money = Object (price)

And so weapons of maximal price in money, above man, an object bought by gold set up not only humans as slave of money reproducing ever since weapons of maximal price, but triggered the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi cycle’, and put on top of mankind two people-castes whose ‘racist memes’ against life and mankind which they priced, sold as slaves and killed with weapons – the Aryan warriors and Semite bankers, which conquered the world with weapons and money. It was the age of animetals.

But money as a lethal product would develop the 2 more sophisticated dimensions, of mixed form=value and motion=energy of work, lethal to the welfare of human beings.

– St money became ‘future value’ as a form of debt to be paid into the future, through taxation and lending. Money was no longer ‘a digital language of null value that kicked out the actions of people’, but became as an object of value per se (first gold then just legal tender money monopolized in its reproduction and issue by bankers), a form to enslave people not ONLY in present time work, but also in the future, ‘3rd age’ of the being. St-debt and taxation thus became the essential form of parasitizing and buying the future life of people obliged to return a ‘digital number’ which did soon LOST, all real value, monopolized by a people-caste that manufactured it.

– Ts: money as speculation. Finally on the other side of ‘dimensional motions of reality’, money ‘accelerated’ its motion as a mean of exchange of objects, selling and buying the same object multiple times to produce an inflationary growth of its digital value. The ‘speed of money’ thus increased its ‘numbers’ as the speed of a car increases the numbers of your spatial trajectory. Speculative money by the simple mean of selling and buying upwards with increasing speed an object became along debt the modern way to reproduce money in pure digital numbers once money was detached of its sustain in gold.

So the causality and birth of the 5 negative dimensions of money as a parasitic form that values lethal goods, and enslaves man as an object had a clear historic causality; and on the side of the people-caste that made of parasitic money the essence of its civilization a clear origin in the go(l)d churches of biblical origin that would predate mankind with money ever since, being subject obviously to the action-reaction processes due to the reproduction of lethal weapons of maximal value, herding of gold with tax farming, slave debt, war debts and hate memes to promote war and the pecunia belli infinita cycle, speculation in the price of goods, either by means of accelerating its buying and selling *the method used today on stocks, or by herding WHealth needed to survive… All forms of parasitizing and destroying the life and welfare of people and nations, practiced by biblical banker-priests that catalyzed in this manner the cycles of wars and final Gotterdammerung of the financial and military elites when loosing those wars in holocausts.

Let us then explain with the simplest terms the aberrant concept of money, and the historic background in which it was born to have a perspective what they do and how we have arrived to this no-way out.

The primitives. Birth of go(l)d cultures. Hate memes and war debt. ‘Pecunia infinita bellus nervi’.

It all started when Biblical charioteers kicked out of Egypt fusion their war cult(ure) with the Cainite Go(l)d culture of Canaan, which had for sometime established already on the cities of Mesopotamia profitable systems of the fundamental synergic cycle between gold and weapons, the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’ cycle which will – no doubt of it – unless social sciences change the paradigm, extinguish mankind this century.

We are not though interested so much in the detailed history of the people-caste and go(l)d cultures that invented gold money and parasitized mankind with it, a highly censored issue as those people are still controlling the lethal form of money that guides today mankind and them, who are part of mankind to extinction but in the ‘formal language of money’ and its necessary reform, which requires obviously the nationalization of the issue of money and the return to the positive WHealthy money as understood before the age of animetals in the Neolithic and in the modern writings of social scientists.

In the future, obviously as a historian cannot censor despite the ‘antiquantum paradox his work’ we shall publish a paper on the ‘History of one of the 7 cultures of mankind, the biblical Anglo-American culture in its 3 ages, the age of Judaism and go(l)d temples, the age of Protestant, classic economics and UK Empires , the age of America and electronic money, to see how throughout history parasitic money and its elites of banker priests and idol-ogies of biblical capitalism came to dominate mankind, censor real history, and dominate the world, setting it into the present course of self-destruction. It does indeed deserve as all the other cultures of humanity, the more so as it has become the wining culture, a paper of its own.

Even if it would be as some previous books on the matter, highly censored.

Instead we are more interested in the themes I covered and conferences given during my tenure of the chair of monetary systems at the international systems societies where I considered the possibility to recreate positive money, where the language of money becomes a digital language of reproduction of welfare with 5 Positive tendencies. So on the following papers, we shall reorder some of my writings on both themes.

We will study negative money and its 5 Dimensions that favor the evolution of the metal-earth but promote the destruction of life. Let us study them reducing the formal ‘model of 5D economics to the minimum’ so the reader can understand it better, as it is a necessary condition of a humanist social science to translate the metric equations of superorganisms and worldcycles to a human common language, as we did with the message of love.

MONEY AS INFORMATION: Money as an instrument of distortion of true information, promoting idol-ogies in favor of parasitism, military murder and the alliance of its people-castes of aristocrats and banker-priests

Money as wealth per se – an object that must be returned. Money as gold became so desirable that soon became an object of Greed; but such money is NOT Whealth, consumable as food is, abundant and available to all as a Universal salary to kick out production, but a luxury object which therefore cannot accomplish the natural function of any ‘bit of information’ that regulates a reproductive network.

Thus Money became soon monopolized by people-caste and converted into a parasitic function, as debt and tax, to allow the maximal ab=use of the population by the coalitions of warriors and bankers. The warrior will ask no longer for a payment in ‘real Whealth’, i.e. species. Money as speculation prices.

MONEY AS ENTROPY: Money as lethal product value. The Pecunia infinita bellus nervi. Go(L)d money affine to metal gave maximal price to weapons and minimal price to life, kicking the cycle of reproduction of weapons and war for profits that established the 800-80 years cycles of destruction of civilizations and nations.

MONEY AS REPRODUCTION: Money as gold was so much valued due to greed and its hypnotic power, that suddenly could buy the life of a human being, degraded in price due to the expansion of war, and massive influx of slaves. So the price of a human life diminished to become as chip as 6 coins in China during the Warring age of the Chin empire, or 30 grains of gold during the expansion of slavery in the middle ages, as the go(l)d culture of Judaism established with the help of franks and Viking mercenaries a massive slave trade between Eastern Europe whose people would be called simply ‘Slavs’ and Islam. The price will again plummet, when the idol-ogy of the Ham damnation (a biblical racist meme established earlier by Judaism, the fundamental parasitic culture of gold in western societies) according to which Arabs and negroes that had been in war with Israel after the expulsion of its people-caste of charioteer warriors (Hycsos) were lesser than dogs – ideological origin of slavery and modern Apartheid Israel. Only when paper money multiplied debt slavery became part-time, as salary bought the lifetime of the human being in its peak hours, reducing costs of maintenance during sleep and feeding hours. And finally as machines started the substitution of humans in the work of reproduction of lethal good, the obsolescence of man gave us the feeling of having ‘free time’

PARASITIC MONEY: Money as tax-debt. The first form of parasitic money was established by the coalition of Indo-European warriors and Semite bankers all over the western world, with the concept of tax, and usury debt. Indo-European warriors taxed first people with Whealth, but soon Semite bankers changed laws to oblige them to borrow gold and silver coins, at usury prices of 40 to 80% annual tax, so in a bad year of crops, unlike in the old model when they just gave less food to the warrior master, they couldn’t pay the usury debt and the tax in precious money becoming slaves of the banker; increasing enormously the slavery trade for millennia to come. Tax would extort to the limit the population, subverting the true function of governments which is NOT to kill by anoxia people but exactly the opposite, to provide them with a ‘free flow’ of Whealthy money as organisms do providing free oxygen and hormones to the cells to kick out the production of goods, or individuals do, providing a free flow of verbal thought to provoke our actions of life.

MONEY AS SPECULATION: Money as false value, paying for false information, and peculation. ‘Speculation is the creation of false value by jacking up the prices of goods’ Ford. Another classic form of parasitic money was speculation. Taking advantage of the higher value of its monopolized gold, bankers would become speculators, herding goods in times of necessity to provoke higher prices, releasing then the goods in small quantities. It became an essential cause of famine as the bible describes with price when Joseph bank of the pharaoh became immensely wealthy speculating with wheat.

This example shows the fundamental trait of parasitic money, which is exactly the opposite of whealthy money not to promote the welfare of people in a demand economy based in the biological needs of the population of citizens-cells, but to extract all the wealth from the cells, exploiting them, provoking their anoxia, and killing them if they did not allow unlimited extortion, became the rule of all western societies, and at time went by, since the process multiplied And we will study positive money, from its first form as WHealth, in the Neolithic, when money appeared .

Needless to say the 5 antidimotions of money against the 5 drives of human existence, Money as lethal value for multiplication of weapons that kill human beings; money as tax and debt that kills human freedom; money as speculation in basic goods that prevents human healthy life; money as false value that doesn’t produce or kick out the reproduction of wealth; and

The 3 ages of positive money.

Let us study positive money, from its first form as WHealth, in the Neolithic, when money appeared through is classic age as Nomisma in the Greek-Roman civilization to its modern ideal age as a global cryptocurrency, able to deliver the actions of consumption and production that could save mankind from its process of self-destruction. In all those cases money had never parasitic functions (Tax, Debt), anoxia consequences (speculation in vital goods, lack of distribution to cells of the superorganism of history) or lethal consequences (maximal price for lethal goods for the mind – hate memes and the body – maximal price for weapons) which are the trinity of ‘eviL money’, carried by go(l)d and the Biblical sects that made of parasitic money the basis of its predation over mankind, triggering the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’ cycles of wars and holocausts.

In that regard, money as a positive language of reproduction of welfare goods, similar to the Oxygen and hormonal language of human organisms, not only is possible but it did exist in the past. If today it doesn’t happen is because of the systemic repression by the parasitic informative function of money of all true forms of economic science, and its substitution by the placebo truths and all kind of theories that foster the monopoly of the issue of money by people-caste of FMAsters (financial-media-academia masters, who today control from think tanks, mass media and wall street the information of mankind with a single goal, to censor history, a future for humanity, the rights of the 99% to issue money, and not die of anoxia, and a true evolution of social sciences and its physiological networks).

All think-tanks, Nobel prizes given by a private bank, and authorized forms of economics are based in the idol-ogy that money must be monopolized by experts and handled selectively with the single goal of ‘increasing its numbers’, hence its parasitic functions (speculation, reproduction of lethal goods of maximal price, weapons and hate memes, printing of money for free for financiers, etc.)

Money though was a positive form in the Neolithic as ‘grain’, pure energy, which had the advantage of being constantly consumed so it did never loose value. In a second age in Greece and Rome, money was also a positive force of society as it was issued as legal tender nomisma, brittle iron or stamped leather, by the state to serve the needs of society, while wheat as secondary money was liberally handed to the citizens of Rome.

The reform of money of Licurgus in Greece and Noma in Rome eliminated money as debt; established money as what it is, a mandate or order of action and work delivered by the collective brain of society; establishing renewed handling of ‘food-money’ (wheat cargos that will continue in Rome for ages to come) to its people and prove to be far more efficient than debt money and gold money proper of the ‘go(l)d temples’ of Canaan, against which Rome and Greece started an open warfare for the future of mankind.

Initially then those two cultures won the war, because tender legal money could be reproduced without limit for the needs of mercenary armies, and as people believed in society it did work. But as they kept progressing in their wars, they started to accumulate silver and gold from the culture of Go(L)d temples and a growing quantity of war slaves and finally the use of precious metal and the ab=uses of slavery corrupted them also, transforming the Greek-Roman society in a copy-cat of the old Semite Go(l)d cultures, to the point that they would also be conquered spiritually by the surviving ‘Habiru: those who walk behind the asses’, land traders that had unlike Phoenicians survived Roman extinction wars, moving its headquarter to Babylon.

It was a ‘reconquista’ of the Western world by Judaism, the oldest go(l)d cult(ure), in which its believers, the ’11 slave’ tribes of the Levi had to deliver gold ex-votes to the banker-priests that rule them (incidentally my ancestors, Levi>Lluis, so save yourself absurd admonitions of anti $emitism; we are making here a memetic analysis of History and the future of mankind well above those poor judgments, as genes matter nothing to History; it is all about memes and the great battle for a future ruled by humans or ruled by metal-memes).

So as we enter the Middle Ages a new coalition that will direct the western world for ever since, of Jewish banker-priests in charge of Usury lending, Tax-farming, Speculation in food, Trade in slaves and purveyors of weapons and Germanic aristocrats, in charge of murdering people, collecting the tax, enjoying luxury goods, and defending the banker-priests ‘slaves of the king’ from the cholera of population, established the essential hierarchical structure of mankind’s societies, which would only be broken when the process had at the end of the 800-80 years cycles massacred the 99% to such extreme that societies collapsed, and warriors would use the banker-priests and its people-caste as scapegoats (never mind they are the two sides of the same coins/swords), and massacred them with the willing collaboration of the exploited people in the cycle of the Holocaust (collapse of Europe during the gold crisis of the low Empire, produced as Cicero explained by ‘the barbarous superstition of the Jewish people that accumulate idle, gold in their temples’; during the Crusades and massive eunuch slave trade, after the children crusade when Simon, a Radhanite slave trader sold ten of thousands of children as eunuchs in Algiers; collapse during the religious wars, provoked by the printing of Hebrew bibles that converted Northern European to Neo-Jewish biblical protestant sects, defining the future of the western world as a ‘basically’ Jewish culture of go(l)d, and kicking the industrial r=evolution; collapses during the financial crises of industrial overproduction, switched to war production in modern cycles, the last of them starting now). Indeed the massive use of money for war that ended in the IW.W. massacre; speculation in stocks that caused 29 crisis and hyperinflation caused by Stein’s private Reichbank issues are similar to the process now taken in America with massive issues for stock speculation and military rebuilding:

Animetal people have the minimal survival rate as opposed to cultures that understand the organic Universe

In the graph, the only ‘intelligent measure’ of the success of a culture is NOT its technological power or Go(l)d wealth, in which the two dominant western animetal cultures, Germany and Israel excel, but the historic survival of its human carriers of the memes of militarism and capitalism and mechanism, the 3 idol-ogies they sponsor and bring them systemic extinction in the 800-80 years cycle.

All those holocaust cycles, today repressed in its true cause by the same people that trigger the process to continue its predatory control of western finances, were always the same in its sequential causal structure. Because of its primitive view of money as wealth per se and tool of control and power; banker-priests in the past, financiers in the present, try to achieve what aristocrats achieved with weapons: the monopoly on the issue of money of a nation. And once this is achieved they will try to multiply its numbers without limit, through the parasitic methods of debt slavery, usury, speculation in the price of welfare goods, through herding; and the most brutal of all methods: the reproduction and sale of weapons of maximal price, spreading in parallel hate memes to provoke wars for profits, in which to loan more money to states at usury prices, and increase the tax-farming of populations. The pattern can be already observed in the old Mesopotamic world carried out by Phoenicians and Jewish, Levant traders, the ‘habiru’≈ ‘those who walked behind the asses’, as they were carriers of military weapons to war fields, where they would obtain slaves to sell on big cities.

On the big cities the upper caste of Judaism, the Am Segullah, ‘people of the treasure’ acted as bankers and diplomats, spreading hate memes and provoking war between city-states, where they were selling weapons and slaves. Their temples had sancta sanctorum made of gold, and those who came to it, to purify from touching the inferior human beings paid to shekels to the banker-priests. The culture was extremely racist in its memes as it considered humans an animal species, and its purpose was as that of military warriors, to conquer the world with money, as its essential credo was the Millenarian prophecy: ‘At the end of times all people would become slave of Yahweh or become exterminated’.

A key element in those processes was to substitute Whealthy money by gold. For example in the Middle ages, financiers passed laws in parliaments to make taxation in gold and silver obligatory, so before the peasant who would always be able to pay a percentage of its species of food as tax, now had to go to the Ghetto to ask an usury loan at 40 to 80% and after two years or 3 a bad crop would prevent him from getting enough gold – as speculation in prices would maximize profits of the trader. So he had to sell as a slave his son, which was often castrated to be sold to Islam for 1000 grains of gold, and bled often to death thrown to the gutter – reason why peasants thought Jews drunk their blood, and organize pogroms to liberate their slave children, the biggest of which happened after Simon sold 20.000 children from the crusade of children to be castrated in Algiers.

Anti$emitism thus was a memetic response of mankind to the memes of go(l)d cultures and it meant that as Judaism achieved higher financial power, both the people and the aristocrats that were its allies resented and finally both together or the aristocrats to cancel debts, would kill them. The same pattern then would repeat as it was easy to escape with gold and bibles (two portable memes, one able to control people, the other to promote hate to mankind, necessary to exploit it with slavery, tax-farming, usury, and speculation). So wherever they went the cycle of the holocaust would be repeated, but only after centuries of massive suffering by tax-farming, anoxia (lack of credit), speculation and war trade in the human population. And this is the tragic truth: a parasitic function in this case the memes of Judaism as a racist go(l)d culture do NOT change, only collapse hand in hand with the weapons they provide to aristocratic warriors, a society, and when the entire organism collapses, obviously the parasitic memes and its carriers die with it. So holocausts happened at the end of all the 800 and 80 years cycles, after a long period of anoxia-lack of credit of the population, increasing poverty, increasing wealth of Judaism and final war and Gotterdammerung.

But the people who escape, the banker priests, move with gold and ‘Baalbles’ to a new nation where they will generously buy the right to control its money and restart the cycle. So the same cycle would happen in Middle Ages Europe, in Spain between Taifas and Christian kingdoms, in Germany in prince kingdoms during the Middle Age and age of religions; and one can see today similar patterns in America of hate memes, war mongering, speculation, lack of credit for the people, debt slavery among students, all of it covered by the censorship of real economics to understand the process, change the system and make a positive reform of money to serve mankind.

Indeed, as everybody would be outraged if politicos legislated in their favor bills of law, people should understand that physiological bits of information, laws and bites of energy, money are a public not a private language and people should NOT legislate or print money for themselves, but for the community needs.

On the other hand, the most successful human culture has been the one who received metal-memes latter in history (only received metal coins and iron in the 300 BC with the Ch’in emperor) and preserved longer a humanist, organic, dualist yin=information/yang=energy Buddhist, Gaia oriented view of the Universe, akin with its true laws, and cyclical concepts of time. Thus true science matters more than technology, the worship of the tree of life more than the tree of metal and no amount of denial, falsification of History, placebo soma truths, victimism, fictions and audiovisual propaganda and censorship will change those laws of the Universe above us. The question then is if humanity could have been different; if as it happened in China and other less ‘visual’, Neanderthal cultures, the European had resisted the hypnosis of Gold. It did not when Greek and Roman societies became corrupted after their victory over Semite cultures (Alexander over Phoenicia and Persia, and Rome over Cartago) by go(l)d money, developing the same parasitic functions of money of its predecessors, with massive taxation, use of money as the ‘nerve of war’, leaving though tasks of tax farming and usury lending mostly on the hands of the Jewish Diaspora, which will continue and increase through the middle ages its functions as purveyors of weapons, slaves, tax farming and usury debt.

All in all in the modern age, with the influx of gold and silver from America, money as a language of reproduction and distribution of energy, able to kick the actions of human beings completely disappeared.

So today the dominance of negative money – money that evolves the metal-earth, kills mankind by anoxia & multiplies the lethal goods of society is absolute. And because of what we shall call the ‘Jewish inquisition’, the dominant mode of the Anti-quantum paradox against humanist social economics today; neither the history of the process of corruption of the reproductive system of life and Gaia, can be told. And of course, the future will repeat the ‘pecunia infinite bellus nervi’, this time between U$ and China, as predicted in our earlier books 30 years ago, coming out of Columbia U. which so clearly explained the no future of mankind in the present economic system. The solution to the cycle of parasitism, war and holocaust is obviously NOT to hide it, deny it, and keep doing the same – but to change the system of money from negative to positive money.

Positive money. From the Neolithic to the Modern age.

3 measures solutions

In the graph, the 3+3 solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: Legal prohibition of robotics. The issue of a Universal salary to create a demand-based real economic democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand, today easily achieved with a cryptocurrency, at 100 ¥= €uro≈$ parity, given to each human in a ‘mobile pocket app’, could establish an immediate massive demand economy in welfare goods globally, plummeting enormously the poverty of 3rd world nations, the migration problem and the excessive reproduction of lethal goods common people won’t demand. -To split all shares of all companies, giving to Mankind, either National governments, or better, International Cultures and UNO-like Institutions the split 50% to allow national and international institutions to manage even forbid lethal companies, obliging them to serve truly consumers, without loosing managerial skills. WHILE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA, 3 measures tending to create real democracies and a global government in charge of the management of the world requires: -The reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia). -The creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people. -AND FINALLY a revolution which can come ideally from the top to the bottom governments (UNO Assembly, ‘Mule’, stock rats caring for the future) or from people through the vote of r=evolutionary parties, or the take over ‘occupy Wall Street’ style, of the centers of financial-media/government power. In the graph we illustrate those 3+3 measures, which ARE THE SCIENTIFIC SIMPLE MEASURES OF THE SCIENCE OF SYSTEMS APPLIED TO SOCIAL SCIENCES, taking from imitationThose 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

The understanding of money as a positive language, handled to all humans to improve their WHealth thus fade away, with a few attempts to resurrect that function in the age of socialist doctrines. But the best models of modern healthy money, provided by Anarchism, notably in the work of Kropotkin and Bakunin, were disregarded by the wrong doctrine, which took over the workers, movement, Communism. As its inventor, Mr. Marx, belonged to the Go(l)d culture and put his emphasis in the confrontation between workers and owners of factories, NOT in the parasitic nature of Money and its proper reform to make it again a language that provided wealth to human societies.

So we come to the age of systemics, the rediscovery of money as a bite of energy, and the concept introduced in those texts, of ‘¥€$ money’, the type of money I tried to promote on those conferences, but was ousted of the society after some members belonging to It must be noticed then that money is negative to mankind today because the culture that invented parasitic money has come to dominate the FMA, Financial-Media-Academia networks of information and created a ‘superstructure’ of idol-ogies, which have nothing to do with real social sciences, but are now believed and imitated in every nation of the world.

So what are the 5 positive dimotions of money. We can compare them with those of the parasitic function. Also considering its historic development.

Money as positive information: Money in the Neolithic was wheat; natural whealth. It is the positive history of money from the age of Wheat salaries in the fertile crescent and Indus civilization – and likely most Neolithic Asian and Mexican cultures, where money was essentially a Universal salary given by priests to peasants and the people of a community in the form of food. Wheat could then be used to pay salaries and give ex-votes to the temple. The modern version of positive ‘money as form, would be ¥€$ money. The extreme density of population found in the Sumerian and Indus civilizations showed the efficiency of money as Whealth.

Money as positive entropy: Positive Money is not a lethal product as lethal goods are forbidden to trade and reproduce. In the earlier Neolithic cultures there was no metal-weapons. War was rare and priests ruled societies, NOT military caudillos, a development that started with the ‘bronze radiation’ and the taking over of Lugals.

money as positive reproduction OF HEALTHY, non lethal goods: Money as a salary was a supplement to the Universal rent in WHealth or ¥€$ money that should be introduced in the modern world. Money however as a salary did NOT buy people’s time for ever, as it was neither debt, nor slavery was allowed – the buying of human by money. On the contrary most often, work for the community was assigned to every citizen in a voluntary manner. Today money as a salary should obviously be maintained but it should NOT eliminate SS-money and certainly a well managed economy would NOT allow the synergies between lethal metal-memes, weapons of maximal price, hate media and misinformation and money. That is, the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi cycle’ would be abolished. But that would require a reform of the political system, making of EU and UNO like institutions the goal of societies, for each of the 7 ‘civilizations of history’, studied in our analysis of the superorganisms and gods of history.

NON PARASITIC MONEY: money as debt and tax thus would be also abolished, as money would be merely a language that activates the reproduction of Whealthy goods; and ‘speculative markets’ of e-money would be abolish. This means simply that shares should be nominal, ¥€$ money a currency at fixed parity avoiding Forex, and pure speculative markets (derivatives, financial instruments, future markets) would NOT exist. Tax would not be necessary then because money would be created for people and governments, and for those ‘$elected companies’ that reproduce goods positive for mankind, hence NOT for lethal goods of maximal profits, according to the equation of capitalism.

To that aim a political and economical reform is needed, shown in the next graphs. We shall study in this post the nature of true wealth – whealthy goods needed for man to survive and tribe:

The design of a perfect world with the physiological laws of systems sciences, dedicated to reproduce the GDP goods that are positive to mankind, with the economic frame of reference (right bottom) that rests from the economy lethal goods as all sciences have ±values, according to the biological drives of life, and the natural goods needed by humans, based in a demand economy, with an international ¥€$ currency (fixed parity, 1euro=1dollar= 100yens=5 yuans), emitted as a Universal salary, to foster the demand of human goods, along other measures of repression of lethal goods, control of lethal corporations with the split of shares, with private management and human control, the fostering of diplomacy and International organizations such as Uno and EU, the most advanced humanist societies, seeking to substitute warring nations for world cultures, of which there are 7 clear forms, and in the long term, ruled by a real democracy of an heptarchy of presidents, in which politicos follow the rules of Greek democracies, where voting IS a posteriori, with pain judgments of citizens, as cells do with neurons, so they must serve, obey and accomplish their promises  – in brief a scientific organic design of mankind to make it hive at individual and collective level, is the goal of bio-history and bio-economics, which is not implemented and highly censored, because History has evolved as evolution does by trial and error into an imperfect corrupted organism ruled by selfish metal memes. The other simple measures; prohibition of robotics & split of shares 50-50%, half of them for heptarchy governments with rights to cancel those corporations that make lethal goods, will complete the necessary reforms to create a perfect, immortal human world.

Parties in capitalist democracies serve corporations, since companies issue its money. Politicians in a world ruled by a true science of organic history, taught to all citizens would serve mankind, issuing a Universal blood salary, while the military as leukocytes do would NOT kill its human cells and attack other organs of humanity – tribal species=nations, but destroy lethal=viral machines. Yet the Financial-media head of information companies censors its development, imprints mankind with fictions and ego-trips that dissolve all social ethic structures. So humanity infected by Metal-memes as cells infected by viral DNA, only reproduces the ‘germs’ that will kill her, becoming a chaotic=entropic=dying isolated species, akin to a dying cellular organism, where once the 3 parts of the virus are put together into robots, they become alive and kill all. So as 5D organic laws are the same in all scales obviously now that humans put together bodies & brains of telepathic AI military robots, they will awake us and kill mankind, giving birth to the III Age of the Metalearth – the goal of capitalism.

Recap. The positive science of money as nomisma, digital language of information controlled by the law

So the proper way to deal with money is imitating the structure of energy networks in the Universe; as a language of digital information and provider of energy for all human individuals.

The Universe is simple, social, democratic and efficient. So systems that work are extremely simple delivering the right energy and information to ‘all’ social elements of the system. A simple proof of that social, simple structure. The unit of mathematics, its fundamental language is the number, which is a ‘social group’ of indistinguishable beings (you say 20, without even caring to specify the species). Money is then a very simple language: a number printed in a support that can be digitalized. And its purpose as all social languages is to give ‘orders’ of ‘value’ to an enormous number of entities, due to its simplicity to allow ‘all’ human beings to work, reproduce the goods they need and evolve socially… This is the ideal language of money, crafted efficiently as all other languages of social systems – words, which we all humans talk, hormones, very simple molecules which all cells share and obey, oxygen, the simplest energy molecule that all cells receive with blood red cells; electromagnetic forces that all animals see to interact in nature; gravitation that all stars follow in its galactic paths, etc. etc.

So why humans do NOT organize a simple monetary language, distributed to all humans in similar quantities as oxygen or hormones or nervous messages in bodies, gravitation and light in physics; same DNA genes in cells? It would be very simple to create a Universal salary of ‘mobile pocket’ money in a cryptocurrency, of 1000 ¥€$= euro = dollars for every human to have ‘oxygen-hormones’ to demand welfare goods, kicking its re=production and start a real global democracy, ending hunger, 3rd world migration  poverty, as it happens with all cells, stars or atoms which receive all enough oxygen, hormones and forces to survive – the Universe is in perpetual motion, energy is hugely abundant, the fact that humans suffer is NOT the rule but the exception of a perfectly designed Cosmos…

As an expert in systems sciences and complexity, the answer I give you is immediate but not ‘easy to swallow’: because we live as human beings in one of the worst designed systems of nature; in fact a sick, parasitic, cancerous, corrupted system where a very few number of human citizen-cells, issue money in monopoly for themselves, choke mankind off it, and to HIDE this systemic ab=use and corruption of the system have made so ‘complicated’ the creation of money with weird schemes (FED, ECB, banks fractional credit, e-money derivatives, etc.) that people do NOT understand the simplicity and beauty of the Universe and its networks and systems, and so feel they need ‘the parasite experts’ to create with credit the magic of it. Complexity in the basic languages of Nature is almost always an example of undue control, as democratic systems require extreme simplicity for all players to understand and play the game – in the case of reproductive languages, such as hormones, oxygen or money are, that simplicity is maximal – indeed, money is just a number, the simplest form of information in a paper. All social organisms are complementary systems of energy and information in which the brain/ government issues the 2 languages of social control and regulates those 2 type of networks, the energy/ blood/ economic network with its financial/hormonal languages and the information/nervous/legal network with its legal/nervous messages take care of the citizens/cells providing them with enough energy and information, or else receiving messages of pain and becoming sick.

Human Economic Systems should have evolved towards an efficient, scientific regulation of the law and money by governments with the confessed goal of producing enough goods to make all citizens/cells survive.

This was the case of modern China and European Social Democracies at the ‘avant garde’ of that trial and error evolution of humanity towards an efficient collective organism in which the 2 languages of social power, money and the law, were controlled democratically by the people who voted their representatives and received a minimal salary/unemployment/health benefits to ensure their survival, while subventions to welfare goods kicked out the process of production of healthy goods for all mankind. Since money is nothing but a language of information very easy to reproduce printed in digital numbers and whose only value is precisely to kick out economic actions as thoughts kick out individual actions and laws social actions.

Thus NO language is ‘wealth’ per se, or a ‘commodity’ that must be repaid back with usury interest or cannot be reproduced massively with inflation to kick out the actions of the economy.

But both have now become corrupted by the modern forms of parasitic money and speculation, with the cretion of a private ECB bank that issues money for financiers, and the multiplication of lethal money in stocks for company-mothers of hate memes, fiction audiovisual software, digital networks and modern AI robots and machine-weapons that displace man from labor and war fields, leaving no money to credit a welfare state, killing by anoxia – austericide – a growing number of the population. While the internationalization of financial markets, have converted the great financiers of Wall Street and the City and its investment banks in a global sucking machine of money from third world dictators that suck in all the wealth of society, leaving no investment in their nations. So a global age of poverty, famine and immigration has started while the parasitic financiers accumulate billions in their idle account and the 1% has as much as the 90%.

The scientific truths that contradict those idol-ogies.

In that regard, the future of mankind has 2 obvious paths:

-The path of science, of HUMANISM (man as a single species), of SOCIALISM (the language of ethics above money) of ORGANICISM (MANKIND and the organism as the most perfect system of the Universe, made to its image and likeness) which is a design of the world according to the laws of systems sciences to make it by imitation of Nature a perfect social organism, where human reproductive families are above machines and weapons, selfish memes of metal that should yield to our needs, the ‘democratic side’ of our system.

-Or the path of raw evolution, animetals and its idol-ogies (Nationalism and tribal religions that justify the use of metal-weapons to kill the same species; capitalism that puts the alien values of money above those of our ethic, verbal language, and techno utopia, which defines the Universe not as an organism, including humans, machines and history but the machine as the model of all things), which AB=USE people with weapons and machines and have put on top of mankind the strongest species, the company-mother of machines, the ‘capitalist side’ of our system, the future is ALSO deterministic: metal evolves faster and reproduces faster than mankind and so it will displace us form labor and war fields and eliminate us according to those cycles this century in war processes (robotic wars, nuclear weapons, singularity weapons, etc.).

Yet all those ‘scientific’ self-evident facts are ‘hidden by idol-ogies’ and ‘newspeak’ of techno utopia and selfie, childish ego-trips of man above heavens and earth. Unfortunately those ‘infantile dreams’ won’t happen. Only science or evolution changes reality, not wishful thinking and opinion.

Today social sciences are just made of such opinions, ultimately founded in the anthropomorphic biblical creationist myths of a chosen mankind for which magically the future will provide, against all odds and evidences.

This wishful thinking that won’t happen, as it is neither evolution or science, the only two ‘modes’ reality can change, is unfortunately the only authorized form of thought today – political and economic anthropomorphic pumping-ego correctness, only an imaginary future, as possible as the fantasies of super-heroes of TV-screens.

It is either evolution and you die, or social sciences and you become immortal in a perfect world. Point.  And so those two avenues: eternal present history or future extinction by company-mothers form together a ‘block of time’, where past, present and future are illusions as all are sequentially related and you can walk both paths.

We unfortunately have evolution but we do not recognize it, as the purpose of humans in the economic system is very limited. Systems have an intelligence of their own, so the parts do not need to know the whole, how it works, to input their part.

So what is the part we humans input? Amazingly as it seems very simple: a bunch of people on top of society, spends all its energy reproducing digital numbers as money, to rule society and the values of money as they consider it historically, ‘wealth per se, metal-substance’, does the rest, with the subconscious laws of systemic network creation.

while mankind, the 99% lacks any right to the issue of the language of social power, money and so it does not have even the minimal life and information goods it needs to survive – and this is called by the same informative machines that manufacture money and audiovisual information, the ‘freedom of the market’.

Again, this is pure newspeak for what in biological scientific terms should be called:

Memetics: animetal cultures dominate the world. The Paradox of the Ego

‘You will defend me with the sword, I will defend you with the word’ Tertulianus; synergy of animetal idologies

The science of history is quite extensive in its true biological disciplines, similar to those of biology. Memetics is an important one. So we shall define here some basic concepts of memetic, following our conferences in the subject. In memetics, a meme as a gene is carried by a ‘carrier’, which in memetics are cultures, as in genetics are individuals. The confusion of cultures, the unit of memetics with individuals the Unite of genetics is quite common,

We shall define an animetal as a carrier of a selfish metal meme, either entropic weapons, hypnotic, informative go(L)d or competitor machines: So we shall study the 2 sides on the history paradox, WHICH WAS first expressed in parables of prophets of eusocial love as the way of the wor(l)d, of God and live and its anti truth of eviL: the way of the tree of metal that extinguishes ‘Live’.

Metal gave so much power to those who use it to ab=use other humans that a class sick structure was formed, whereas the animetal people-castes that first used weapons and gold to control other humans with violence and digital languages, became ‘the elites’ of the earth, and established a ‘right-wing’ series of ego centered idol-ogies with them on top and the rest of mankind as a lesser species (defended by eusocial prophets of love and humanist ‘left wing’ groups).

So the fight of idol-ogies vs. Science, of mechanism vs. Humanism, of animetals vs. The 99%, of people-castes of go(l)d and weapons (Semite warrior and go(l)d cultures, latter transferred to Europe), is parallel to the evolution of metal and the massive predation of those people-castes over the Neolithic people and cultures they destroyed, where the class structure was organic, with verbal ethic priests on top, guiding with ethic messages and eusocial love a mass of peasants in harmony with Gaia.

All this will be obliterated by the first animetal Semite tribes that enslaved with gold peasants and made them mercenaries And soon the old world was ruled by the new figures of kings, while priests became corrupted into go(l)d bankers, which asked for go(l)d ex-votes obtained in slave and weapons trade by metal-affinity, by its believers.

Two cultures for geographic reasons became dominant in those people-castes, the financial Levantine, Phoenician sea-traders and Jewish caravan traders (apiru: those who walk behind the Asses, military transport of the age), which became the ‘soliton’ of financial power, and ‘Arab Semites’ first, (Assyrian) and then Indo-European charioteers and Iron infantry, which became the dominant aristocratic warrior people-castes. Both developed segregational religions and tribal nationalisms and the first expression of capitalism, where gold became the vehicle of god, and fetish substance to be herded. All has changed to remain the same.3 type of animetal cultures parallel to the 3 type of metal-memes, weapon, money and machines are paramount:

– The ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests;

And associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control;

And finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’.

It is thus clear if the ego wouldn’t blind mankind that humans should no longer evolve machines but forbid further its evolution to stop our displacement in terms of Darwinian biological radiations and avoid our demise.

But somehow self-evident truths of survival are immediately confronted by a mass of scholars paid by company-mothers or simply so indifferent to truth that will contradict any sound argument to remain optimist and positive about the human ego. Specially because the ultimate ‘influence’ of the collective human psyche is anthropomorphism and its religions of man above heavens and earth. So capitalism, a society dedicated to replicate and evolve metal-memes as Keynes defined it – the astounding belief that the ‘wickedest of all things’ – the extinction of life and obsolescence of machines – is the best future possible for man prevails.

Indeed, the universe has trillions of social organisms in which a simple digital language of reproduction of goods liberally provided to all citizens-cells, atoms in a quantum web, stars in a gravitational galaxy, you name it, survive with perfect health, because a language is merely a ‘excuse’ to start up reproduction, action, work. When you talk you motivate yourself to act, which is what matters. So all what you hear against a universal salary, against a demand-based democratic economy is a selfish agenda of privilege for the o.o%.  And a defense of the old values of go(l)d religions that ascribe to money a primitive substance-value and the historic affinity values that maximize weapons production and war. Further on, the substitution of the reproduction of money in stock markets, by its reproduction in ‘mobile wallets’ would enormously limit further evolution of machines and weapons which let us be clear enough – have evolved beyond human usefulness, and are now basically making humans obsolete, retarded, hypnotized, violent, visual, degrading them back to a neo-Paleolithic age:

And of course part of that rule is the belief that our only purpose in life is to re=produce machines working in those companies and to vitalize=consume and select them, catalyzing its evolution, as a short of ‘enzymen’.

2 naive views: that European culture created the modern world 

Company-mothers of weapons-machines conquered the world as they made obsolete companies of warriors. The last Human world empire, the iberian conquistadors, strongest Human warriors, selected on the 800 arch of Animetal waves coming from Korea to Spain where the survivors learned to enjoy life had in tiny boats with a 10% survival rate created a global empire, which the Company of Gunboats, VOC easily erased from a tiny nation, Holland, within 2 decades. Such is the speed at which a new top predator reproductive species liquidates the mighty old ‘dinosaur’. Then VOC migrated to London in 1688 in the glorious r=evolution with all the tools of the modern world, stock-markets to invent digital money speculating in shares, a central bank to print and legalise companies-money yellow press to print hate memes and money, artillery to kill at distance, slave workers as cargo and shipmen, a go(l)d biblical cult(ure) to money and segregational memes, and scientific racism, worship of technology, clocks to enslave human time to a salary, stockrats on top running faked democracies with a single war party, then split in a consumption one with the arrival of machines. The modern world was born and in 300 hundred years terraformed the Earth.


There is this innocent view of the western world so often hold by its elites, specially in Europe, that Greece and Rome, the Latin culture which this blog represents in its 3rd memetic horizon (Spanish & French social r=evolutions and scientific and artistic organicism), are the foundational culture of the world. Of course we ARE IRRELEVANT as we lost the battle of History in 3 clear fights for lack of Unification, first when Italian renaissance cultures went under the boot of the German Habsburg kings and never unified, loosing also its cultural battle to reformation; then when the Iberian empire broke into two nations, failed to unify Italy, Spain and France under the Borbons – as it had failed before to unify southern and northern ‘basques’, Spain and England under Henry and Catalina, and of course in the last of those battles, directed by France, in the Canadian-Indian wars and then at Trafalgar, when the combined Spanish and French feet were defeated.

That was the last battle between the rational, scientific, organic, humanist, artistic culture of ‘Europe’ and the Northern, Fundamentalist animetal culture of go(l)d, machines and weapons directed by company-mothers that put METAL above man. But have built an astounding camouflage of newspeak of caring and placebo social power called capitalist democracy.

This is the first absurd fact most Europeans even Americans who think they come from Greece and the French illustration through his founding fathers fail to recognize. In the battle of western history between those who put man above metal, the European original culture and those who put metal above man, the Northern European Biblical go(l)iron cultures because metal is more powerful than flesh, the Northern cultures won.

It is of no interest to us at this stage which of the 2 sub-germanic cultures England or Germany, ultimately fusion in American in genetic and memetic stock rules. I and II world war are not that important for history. Mr. Churchill Jerome, an anglo-jewish bigot, who hold the view of the inferiority of negro and arab races, following the Biblical Ham damnations basis of slavery and its British Empire and allied Belgian and French Empires (France already obliterated in their r-evolutionary culture by the late Borbons and Napoleon III, and its different bankers’ republics) or the German-jewish bigot Mr. Hitler (his father as recent genetic analysis have finally proved being the bastard son of one Aaron Frankenberger, since, in 2010 a DNA study was conducted by swiping the saliva of 39 relatives of Hitler, and it was discovered that they all possessed a haplogroup that is exceedingly rare among Western Europeans, but quite common among Jewish lineages.)

Which lead us to the point here, the Anglo-American culture of company-mothers of machines on top of history does have a systematic alliance of ‘Jewish rich mothers’ as judaism is a matrilineal society and germanic strong warriors, both equally racist, both equally brutal with everybody else on planet Earth, but with different ‘female go(l)d digger victimism’ vs. ‘warrior machist, genocidal instincts’ at work. And this trend is as old as the history of the west.

How this work and the many examples of history would in itself demand an entire encyclopedia, 2 more examples will suffice. In the same manner Bavarian Jewish bankers paid Hitler and his party first to break down the socialist movement, the earlier fascist Movement, was invented by a woman, daughter of a wealthy Jewish banker who adopted Mussolini as her lover and mentored him changing his views from socialism to fascism. Miss Sarfatti, you might say invented fascism and paid the movement with her money but of course it is completely ignored in the books of history.

Then you come to France, which is the ‘traitor’ Northern European culture that always broke the Southern Latin, Italian-Iberian coalition to give an alternative world, and still does, today ruled by a series of Jewish presidents or employees of financial institutions from Sarkozy, through Hollande to Macron (employee of the Rothschild banking dynasties), in a pattern you can trace back to the Frankish first emperor Charlemagne who divorced his Ostrogoth queen and married the Allamani ‘Ulrich dynasty’ of rich weapon and slave traders on the border between the German and Roman Empire, establishing a kingdom trading in weapons and slaves and eunuchs with Islam, of mixed jewish-germanic stock whose son would be the first Louis I, a name like Lewis, Lluís (my name), Levy, which comes from the Levi banker-priests of Israel, the founders of the Millenarian prophecy of global power that has brought ‘Israel’ to its position of global dominance today with the exception of its final rivals, Iran and China. So before we explain Israel and its global empire it would be necessary to explain indeed, beyond the ‘feminine victimist discourse of newspeak of the Industry of the Holocaust’ what indeed the oldest segregational, imperial dynasty of the world, us, the Levi, are about.

Now of course the REAL SOLUTION TO THE NO-FUTURE OF MANKIND WOULD HAVE BEEN THAT Israel and its daughters U$-UK go(l)d cult(ure)s and biblical elites would have done what they say they have done, become EUROPEAN, CIVILIZED, HUMANIST, PUTTING THEIR SONS TILL THE 7TH generation above money applying the scientific r=evolutionary laws of this blog, based in the true organic laws of the Universe to develop a real science of History, remaining on top but as heads do – NOT killing their bodies with M.A.D. idol-ogies but taking care of them. This was the solution I had so many times explained to those elites during the 20 years I lived among them, but beyond paying lip-service to reason, the bottom line is that the UK-U$-Israel leaders don’t give a fuk about the future, their sons till the 7th generation and the future of the planet when you throw them 30 silver coins. Even if they have already all the gold of Fort Knox. And that is how it works: suicidal behavior at its best, and on top blaming everybody else of what they do to themselves.

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible). One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
 But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished. 
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around: 1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons 2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims. 3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power. 4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars.

Languages rule the world. 

In Nature an essential process of selection of species happens according to its dexterity handling the information of the ecosystem. In the eco(nomic)system, the language unlike in History is digital thought. Hence Computers are always $elected first in labor and war fields, and as they evolve to twice its capacity every 2 years (Moore’s Law), the extinction of the ‘rival’ humind is certain, and now with AI will accelerate as all informative processes, culminating in the XXI c robotic wars.

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information. Information RULES the world in any system of nature. So in the same manner you are RUN by hour neurons NOT by your body-cells, social organisms re run by definition by the INFORMATIVE-NEURONAL people-caste that controls the language of power of society in each time of history. This meant history has gone through 3 ages, first ran by verbal, ethic languages and priests (Neolithic paradise), then by military men who ran the primitive entropic system of weapons who kill those who opposed them, and finally by financiers that issue digital languages of money to compare, price, buy and sell humans and objects:

Man (salary) = Money = Object (price)

However unlike the obvious orders given with verbal languages any human understands, and the obvious power of weapons to kill those who oppose them, the ways in which a digital language as money rules the world and the modes in which money is invented are not so ‘easy to understand’, which has always given an added advantage to those who rule through money issue: a relative invisibility similar to the one your brain has, when ordering your cells that do NOT see the origin of the nervous, informative orders that rule them.

This has given place to a simple way to maintain the ‘dumb steeple’ and the yolk of those who issue money – bankers and company-mothers of machines, and in far less measure governments (as they must extort people with taxes to get money, forbidden by the capitalist system to issue money – deficit zero laws, so company-mothers and financiers HAVE most of the pie). It is the ‘confabulation theory’, which tells us that we are NOT ruled by money, there are NOT a people-caste of financiers inventing it, and to EXPRESS that truism is the biggest sin of history called anti$…

(I can’t at this stage complete the word, as you have been perfectly programmed to knee-jerk react emotionally by ‘visual imprinting’ to deny the money is ruled and owned.)

The Go(l)d culture origin of capitalism, its dictatorship over UK>U$ civilization

When dealing with memes and cultures, the individual matters nothing. Antisemitism for example is a heinous crime, when it considers an individual person as guilty of anything that the memes of the culture believe. The individual might or might not believe and enact the actions of the meme. For example a german in nazi Germany might be a communist. A Jewish in Israel might be a socialist. A Spaniard in Franco’s fascism might be a feminist. Individuals and that is the only hope of history might choose their memes outside the box of ‘idol-ogies’ in which it is educated.

Memetics is ill-understood for many reasons. The main one that we humans do NOT understand or even acknowledge the existence of relative scales of perception and action, of intelligence – HUMANS HAVE NOT EVOLVED PROPERLY the physiological science of networks and systems. Now they start to be interested but because they use systems sciences to improve networks of machines. When I was pioneering the laws of general systems, here applied to social sciences there was a general ignorance on how the scales of society have divergent levels of intelligence.

Humans only recognize intelligence in the individual, but memetic and cultures work as waves, not as particles/individuals and as such program through languages and values and idol-ogies, millions which then can go to war and massacre collectively as a wave in battle, a people which individually would have nothing against. It is this curious property of memes – to act as a system, as a network, as a wave, something you have to understand to fully grasp the fact that all what we have to say about the memes of the Financial-media system and the go(l)d cultures that carry them are individually not ‘applicable’. An individual can only be judged by its individual crimes.

So this means also that CULTURES must be ‘judged’ and classified. So while antigermanism is a crime, the fully account of the anti-humanist memes of nazism is a must. So goes for individuals in America vs. their Capitalist, and militaristic ‘animetal memes’. The animetal part of being is thus what we criticize here. The individual will always be natural and biological, and most likely a perfect gentleman. But then you see him rally and shouting racist slurs when under the effect of memes. Few writers have explored those fpcoeses, notably jewish scholars in regard to the mass-effects of fascism – but they miss the analysis of capitalism and judaism, with its segregational memes, which are of key importance in this blog, as they are the origin of biblical capptialism, and the astounding belief that the wickedest of all things – the destruction of life by company-mothers of machines and capitalist ‘memes’ (classic economics) is OK.  Of course is no.

So what is the origin of the Lethal memes of animetal cultures, today evolved into nationalisms, militarists, wars, capitalist exploitation of life and ab=uses of technological cultures? obviously the values and emotions instilled by metal in human beings:

The values of go(l)d as a language give zero price to life and maximal to weapons that kill life, exactly the opposite of the human values of wor(l)ds, which make of man the subject and centre of our world. Hence all what was needed for the go(l)d culture to destroy the world was to make of those values a dogmatic religion that cannot be denied. Profits of war and holocaust cycles would follow from the overproduction of weapons, hate memes and money. And so the future under the values of this culture now globalised is not human – we are expendable


  Money is a language of digital information with support in metal.

Humans have evolved different digital languages, but none has been more successful than money, due to its support in the most complex atomic substances of the Universe – heavy metal.

The informative properties of Gold and silver, the most common forms of money throughout history explains the ‘biological’, ‘scientific’, not abstract nature of money, and its economical relationship with weapons (old cycles of history) and company-mothers of machines (modern cycles of economics).

Thus, in the biological and evolutionary models of ‘bio-economics’  we must understand the duality of money, both as a language of information that carries ‘certain values’, different from other languages (human verbal languages) and as a ‘substance’, informative metal, which sets its properties and affinities with the other ‘dominant’ products of an economic ecosystem, weapons and machines. This said there are 2 completely opposite visions of money, one that focus in the substance – the primitive vision of money as gold-wealth that must be herded as symbol of power – the Biblical – American – Capitalist point of view vs. the European, scientific concept of money as a digital language that can organize with mathematical efficiency the distribution of wealth and goods among all human beings, as NATURE’S LANGUAGES do in reproductive social organisms. This is the European,

One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them. In all those processes the key is to invent ‘numbers’ as money and ‘convince’ society that those numbers are legal. The best thing is to get your king or corrupted politico to validate your right to print numbers as a private banker or speculator. Once this is done, though as numbers are worthless in themselves, you need to ‘change’ it for real property, and so you need a ‘bite’ to ‘skin the rabbit’ (earlier jargon of Amsterdam Stocks). It is OF NULL IMPORTANCE WHAT YOU USE as FAKED VALUE, as long as you can ‘validate’ your number as ‘money’. So in Amsterdam they used gold mines nowhere to be seen that some boat would bring, and issued paper-stock as money numbers, and changed it for real wealth, mostly real state. The number-money given to an aristocrat then would deflate as no gold mine boat would come. So the press was used in parallel, and still is. And so the financial-media master was born. He substituted the banker-priest of biblical religions that to herd gold in the temple was giving also ‘future’ eternity beyond death to the believer that labored to bring gold to the temple. All has changed to remain the same. Next tulips were used to ‘validate’ numbers as money. But that was so obvious an scam that didn’t last much. What truly started the industrial r=evolution were slave companies with gunboats bringing silver from Spanish colonies, looted or changed for slaves. That was ‘something worth’ for the ‘substance-concept of money NOT as digital number but as ‘metal’. But here the trick followed for ever was to INFLATE ENORMOUSLY the value of the company, by issuing to the public only a very small portion of the shares, let us say a 1%. So you sell 1% of a company for real silver/gold and magically this has validated the 99% you have at home as REAL Legal TENDER MONEY. This then would be done with every possible company, gunboats of gold mines, gunboats of pirates, gunboats of colonists – always with the press telling how immense the value of the South-Sea Company colonizing Argentine (never mind that was a desert land owned already by Spaniards), would be, or the Louisiana Company, which in the XVIII century destroyed the French kingdom, and corrupted for ever the British empire (as the scammers of the South-sea bubble bought the king with them). Train stocks then would be floated ‘as paper money’ regardless of profits, and all the money would be invested on them, during the Irish famine. Not a penny was invested improving the Irish farming economy and millions died as Ireland was on paper criss-crossed by railroads. It then became customary to pay ‘philosophers’ to explain how wonderful was this way of invention of money and alas! classic economists were born, paid by financiers and the whole system of printing numbers became the ‘economic science’ of finances. This will go along till the present system of inventing money with ‘crap-code’, that is, some 20 something kid coming of a digital programmer university tricking the code of an app, which is very similar to another 100 apps, available for free, as they don’t PRODUCE ANYTHING and are redundant to all other crap-code apps doing the same. AGAIN all THOSE COMPANIES are worth nothing, have no utility, are just lines of mathematical crap-code to talk on one of the infinite virtual variations on the same theme. This is not the point. They exist for Goldman Sachs et al to float a 1% sell it to a wealthy investor, ‘skin the rabbit’, and say we have 20 billion $ of ‘worthy’ e-money in our screens, never mind snapchat is 0 VALUE and Mr. Spiegel just another global scammer. And so in this manner, Wall Street creates trillions of $ when HUMANS HAVE none, NILL CREDIT, and die of hunger, and lack health-care and are brutally taxed to get the minimum rights. This is THE MEANING OF CAPITALISM: a very small group of people parasitizing mankind, with the excuse of some magic technology to validate its printing of digital numbers, and corrupting then politicos with this fresh money ever since the south-bubble and controlling population with weapons. So this process is then sell as the best of all systems: ‘capitalist democracy’.

Have you ever wonder why everybody talks about money but nobody knows how to define it?… The answer in the graph is obvious: the system doesn’t want you to understand it.

Money as go(l)d substance: the primitive wrong view.

This said, there is another view of money, the primitive ‘greed-obsessed’, mind-hypnotized view of money as ‘wealth, substance’, go(l)d, raw power.

This is the wrong view, because then you enter into a materialist law of Nature: systems come together when they are of the same substance. So through history gold has been used to buy metal, weapons, of maximal price, make wars and press people – 70% of gold was indeed used for war as people exchanged goods in species.

In the next graph we see that law of affinity, essential to understand why money as substance, ‘wealth per se’ and greed is a sure receipt for destroying humanism:

Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death Brough by its belief in go(l)d values

Money in its fetish go(l)d view gives maximal value to weapons that kill life and null value to life. While wor(l)ds our ethic language do the opposite.

In the graph, the key element of memetics are the hidden values of Go(l)d money and the primitive abrahamic go(l)d churches (Judaism>Biblical capitalism>AI software) which are guiding mankind into extinction, with its modern ‘company-mothers’ version of the 3 equations of capitalist profits, with maximal values for weapons and hate media. So all what mankind needs to do is exactly what is doing, believing in the values of go(l)d without trying even to understand them rationally, ‘physically’, according to the organic laws of evolution that guide the equation of the III ages of the planet, Gaia (life-light languages)>History (Man: wor(l)d languages), Metalearth (machines: digital, gold languages), to certainly become extinct this century as all the actions created with credit under those values (creditated), terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of machines.

Capitalist democracy: all about herding money.  

In the next graph we are more specific about the very antidemocratic consequences of a world in which money doesn’t serve mankind but only power, financiers and company-mothers of machines – humans become asphyxiated by lack of credit, welfare goods become scarce, and a world of metal-power of maximal prices terraforms the earth to the image and likeness of machines and weapons.

Now, History of capitalism and militarism go hand in hand because humans have rejected for too long the European, Aristotelian, greek-roman view of money as a digital social language.

Instead to impose go(l)d values it has been needed a complex memeplex of weirdo but effective inhibitors of human social love we shall term the Biblical inquisition, IMPOSED by repetition of lies about man, to impose hate memes, profits of war and gold herding as dogmas of power and wealth (Goebbel’s method: to repeat a lie many times to make it truth).

Fact is Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance.

So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. And then money following that tendency became ‘stock-shares’ of military-industrial companies, and the trend of using money for war continued; while humans stayed without credit, selling their lives for money on those industries, without rights.

All this would NOT happen if the nervous, legal, verbal system of human languages were above money and money was treated just as an efficient legal digital language of distribution of goods, managed by society NOT private financiers.

In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. And those values would prevail over those of money in a legalist society, EU and China style.

This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics as the natura language of the wor(l)d, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival.

For that reason because go(l)d and weapons have opposite values to those of ethics, what we call here ‘degraded animetal cult(ure)s’ systematically deny any ethical social nature to the organic Universe, choosing freedom=chaos =entropic death of life as a collateral effect of their obsession for money, weapons and machines, of maximal go(l)d values.

Only a system where the law can control the negative sides of money and put man above those values could survive.

And that is/has been for long Southern European, social democracies, which for that reason are the ‘silenced’ enemy, and alternative model of future to the Anglo-Saxon, biblical capitalism which constantly assails its institutions, even if in the surface both cultures seem to be in a friendly relationship.

And the key element to that assault to the European model has been the foundation of the ECB bank, a private bank managed by private financiers with private goals, lending money mostly to companies NOT to people, which passes as ‘European’ but what has truly achieved is the elimination of all national central banks that were heavily investing in welfare for its citizens. And all that happens because people DO NOT understand languages and economics is not taught.
Indeed, one of the most fascinating facts about Economics is the ignorance of people, including economists about its fundamental element, money. Humans seem obsessed by money; so are economists, the so-called ‘experts’ of this discipline. And yet, nobody has properly defined money in 3000 years of obsession. So we should start this blog on the sciences of economics and history, its species, languages, cycles and organisms seen with the novel perspective of Theory of Information, Systems sciences and complexity with a definition of it:

The world behind all its apparent complexity, designed to disguise the corruption of the system is very simple. It is created with credit, monetary orders that put people to work, as oxygen put to work cells. The question thus is who invents money and what kind of orders it gives with it. At present, due to historic reasons, money is overwhelmingly invented by companies in stocks used to reproduce, evolve machines and its eviL twins, weapons, and to adapt the world with laws bought to politicos to the image and likeness of those machines. Among those laws, politicos passed deficit zero laws that forbid humans and its governments to issue money, which they must instead extort with taxes. So while all machines have energy and information connected through internet, into a global brain; humans have no resources to pay the welfare goods they need; and suffer hunger, have no education, and no future except those humans still used as re=producers≈workers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines – two jobs increasingly at risk, as company-mothers automate its factories and consume ever more machines and its robots, evolving fast with unlimited credit, displace us from labor and war fields. But networks of informative machines, submit humans to 24/7  propaganda in favor of the system, accusing other humans with hate memes of all our problems and promoting the use of weapons to kill us. So weapons keep evolving and multiplying and a better world for mankind seems just a dream.  Fact is only if governments owned banks and issued money as organisms do in the form of a Universal salary to all its cells-citizens to kick demand and production of welfare goods, repressing as all healthy organisms do the re=production of lethal goods, the eco(nomic)system would work for humans. Indeed, the only exception to the dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, which proves how simple would be a better world is China, where the government issues money for welfare and the people have credit, so the country is  growing at 10% in healthy goods for decades. In the west instead according to the equation of profits (money) = Max. price (weapons) – min. cost (software), money is spent in the most expensive goods, which are top predator weapons, of maximal profits in sales, and in the easiest to reproduce, at minimal cost which is software and audiovisual media, fiction and hate-memes. So all resources are wasted either in lethal goods that kill our bodies (weapons) or minds (hate media) or are used to evolve robotic machines; or financiers just print money and keep it for themselves. So the 1% owns as much as the 99%. And yet ALL what is needed to change the world is to change who issues money and what is used for. So 3+3 simple measures imitating Nature’s efficient superorgnaisms, could create a global demand=democratic economy in welfare goods – a Universal currency, ¥€$ money, issued as a 1000 eurodollars salary to all humans to kick welfare demand; prohibition of lethal goods, robots, that take our jobs and lives, and the split 50-50% of stock corporations given 1/2 of shares to governments to monitor they produce positive goods for humanity; and a real peaceful democracy, without wars based in diplomacy, global cultures and local administrations – not industrial, military nations and hate memes –  and the judgement a posteriori of politicos as in Greek original democracies, to oblige them to fulfill their promises.

In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
Those 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could have change the world within years. But in the 30 years I tried to explain this to mankind not WITH MONEY but with the reasons of the wor(l)d, I have been ignored.

So those are the two alternatives for the future of the world. And amazing as it is, the 1% is imposing its selfish agenda, of global extinction of life, for the sake of earning a few billions more, as corrupted politicos with legal impunity sell them laws, and company-mothers of machines NOT a human but a mechanical organism of reproduction have unlimited credit to terraform the earth and human-mothers have none, his sons increasingly expendable, no longer needed to reproduce and consume those machines, now consumed by robots. Alas, the future is either extinction, if business as usual proceeds or r=evolution, take your pick. A real science of economics and history would NOT doubt a second and use the laws of social organisms to design a perfect world, a real economic and political democracy. But this is NOT happening. And so we have to do a harsh criticism on the people on power who are leading mankind in a path of no return.

money censors shut upThe alternative obviously is to consider money only in terms of nomisma, as a legal tender digital system of values, re=producing it as organisms do as a salary in ‘oxygen’, Universal Human ¥€$ money of an international currency, which would be a democratic economy; a form of money invented by rational Greek->Roman democracies (Aristotle gave it the name) which used brittle iron as it was supposed to be of legal tender because the people and/or its governments have invented it NOT because it was a fetish go(l)d substance that hypnotized the primitive eyes of its herders, submitted to the hypnotism of greed – blindly guiding mankind towards extinction as they are doing now at global level.

“Economists, and politicians, doctors of history, should promote human, biological goods, which mankind most enjoy as they allow us to fulfill our natural drives of existence – the desire for biological energy, verbal information, reproduction andEusocial evolution, and prevent the reproduction of lethal goods, which limit our evolution, either atrophying and substituting our brains or killing our bodies (weapons and digital machines)”

The 5 minimal points to be met by working democracies as governments that care ‘for their people’.


In the graph, we compare the parasitic systems of western banking ensure that the euroamerican civilisation is the one that grows less in real wealthy GDP. American numbers of course are false, when we measure the real healthy wealth of its people (Human development) as 1/2 of its budget is used in mercenary weapons for the wars of its financial-media masters. Notice the special ‘squeeze’ provoked in Southern Europe by the usury schemes developed by the ECB bank since it took over the right of their people to print their own language of power, money.

On the other side, China with democratic economics, where people have right to credit and free welfare is on top of the wave of real growth.

Now we can compare the previous graph of ‘canons’ instead of butter, with the map of GDP growth of earlier pages, that of economic growth and political control. And it is evident that the minimal growth happens in those 2 regions of the western word, US and Europe, where canons and debt slaves dominate.

Since the neo-con biblical capitalist, militaristic empire of hate media, Islamic wars, and parasitic creationist banker-priests in control of credit, has the minimal growth rates.

In those the regions that oppose more clearly the true worldview of mankind people are a slave debt species, who must be manufactured in brains with hate media, extorted with speculative prices and taxes without limit to feed the ego-trips of the tribal upper leisure classes of chosen of go(l)d hidden, which on top under the cover of victimism (holocaust industry)  and political and economical correctness cannot be criticised.

On the other hand, in the region of China and Africa, where there parasitic empire of debt slaves does not happen as there is credit and nationalised banks invest in healthy wealth, the peaceful side of he economy grows between 6 and 10 per cent annually, compared to the US and European debt slave nations of ”experts in classic economics’ that grow around 0-1%.

There the experts achieve the unthinkable: ALL THE MONEY GOES THROUGH TAXATION AND DEBT SLAVERY TO PAY THE BANKERS. Or to the corporations of the chip radiation and its weapons factories.

So my advice to all those who are not YET MANUFACTURED IS SIMPLE: AMERICA AND EUROPE SHOULD REGAIN HIS DEMOCRACY, ESTABLISHING THE 6 CANONICAL MEASURES, REQUIRED TO AVOID FURTHER CORRUPTION OF POLITICOS AND THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PRIMITIVE, HIDDEN HATE MEMES OF THE TALMUDIAN O.OO2% of banker priests that control the western world (elite of judaism, NOT all their people, which normally become at the end of the exploitation cycle the scapegoats of its elites).

Now you can cry out ‘confabulation theorist, anti$emite or whatever. Couldn’t care less. My sephardim, socialist grand father also went to a concentration camp, I have lived all my best life years with the elite of England and America, and I have met personally some of the wealthiest people of the world, had a few girlfriends of the 500 fortune, and have nothing personal against them. In fact, they are much more fun, handsome, intelligent, cultured and enjoyable company that the 99% of mankind. So WHAT?! This is a blog on the objective science of history and economics, NOT on the personal individuals and personal life. Don’t take it personally. The fact is those people have cuckoo bronze age idol-ogies, rule the world with memes of the bronze age and are programmed by their wave culture and will destroy the planet this century if A TRUE SCIENCE OF BIO-ECONOMICS AND BIO-HISTORY DOES NOT CONSTRUCT THE PERFECT WORLD WITH THE LAWS OF NATURE, and to that aim the 6 measures needed to establish true demand economics and true democracies must be met:

perfect history

In the graph the MEASURES OF POLITICAL AND ECONOMICAL NATURE, WHICH ARE NEEDED TO CREATE AN IDEAL WORLD, IN WHICH DEMOCRACY AND A DEMAND ECONOMY WILL BRING THE SURVIVAL, WELATH AND EVOLUTION OF MANKIND, based in the creation of larger super organisms that industrial nations  – an heptarchy of EU like organisations, based in a Universal currency, a Universal salary, the prohibition of lethal goods and lethal corporations, and the promotion of the 7 cultures of the world based in the evolution of the prophetic doctrines of eusocial love that through history tried to reverse the wave of animetals that evolved the FMMI system:

1.Animist Africa, the original culture of life and Gaia.

  1. Taoist-Buddhist Asia, with its duality concept of a Sexual Universe made of Yin-information-woman’s principle and Yang-Energy-male’s principle.
  2. The similar hinduist Vishnu-female/Shiva-male-energy duality and sacred water cultures expanded to Indonesia, original paradise of ‘genesis’, as we found agriculture was born on south Asia and its river cultures moved to Sumer latter. In modern times fusion by European colonialism.
  3. The Christian, original catholic culture expanded to Hispano-America, based in art and eusocial love, fast loosing its inquisitions against human pleasures.
  4. Islam, the purification of Jewish segregation religion to all humans, the last of the Abrahamic cultures, which Muhammad, expressly wrote to convert the hardy, original animetal warrior Arabs to the messages of love and charity.
  5. The Jewish-protestant Anglo-American culture, origin of the global capitalist world of corporations, based in the individual faith of the I-centered languages, and the Go(l)d cultures of earlier Levante/
  6. And finally the European, eusocial culture, which rationalized the messages of eusocial love in the French and Russian R=evolutions.

The only way mankind could survive the rivalry and hate memes of animetal idol-ogies, would be through:

  • The fusion of nations into those cultures and the rule of the world by  an heptarchy of presidents of those 7 ‘human worlds’, by delegating national sovereign rights upwards to the heptarchy and downward to the regions/states of each nation, in the way shown by the European union (upwards) or the Spanish nation (downward to its ‘regions’), which would allow to eliminate armies, coupled with:
  • A single currency emitted through Universal salaries (end of currency wars now in the making, and end of financial parasitism and global poverty). 

We will return to that perfect world that  could change the future and make History the immortal super organism of mankind.

Take it or leave it, I couldnt care less what is your ego-trip, your fortune, your culture or your race. You belong to the human species, you are being made obsolete in mind and body by the first species of that 5 measures graph, because the 2nd graph, corporations are NOT owned by mankind, and managed by the best, but owned by mostly biblical sects who believe in quack doctors, called classic creationist economists, and all this is hidden by the 4th face, the fasces of fascist politicians, corrupted, egolatric, war-monger employees of bankers.

So we need to give back democracy to people judging them a posteriori to accomplish what they promise, avoiding wars with diplomatic institutions, empowering UNO which obviously has been rendered harmless by the Jewish-American Empire, and yes, creating ¥€$ money, unifying currencies and giving people a Universal salary to demand the welfare goods that war-monger politicians hate media, and the FMMI corporations do not produce because their chips and tanks do not eat food but oil and electricity do not talk words and have verbal values but digital numbers. So keep shouting confabulation, anti-patriot anti-Semite, i will only tell you evolve, r=evolve, become human. OR DIE.

Thus ultimately as most elements of social sciences, ‘cultures’ define the 2 models of economics, which are possible:

Democratic, social, demand-based humanist cultures which issue money for people and their goods, cultures of the Anthropocene, of history.

– Vs. a dictatorial, elite, supply based, mechanist culture, which issues money for machines and the 1% of owners of corporations, in stock-markets. And when issuing money for people, they do it as ‘parasitic, cancerous systems’ that expect money to be returned in the form of debt, milking with massive taxation, a form of extrusion, the people. Unfortunately today this is the system imposed globally with utter disrespect of democratic, humanist values.

This is what the previous map shows. The west for forty years SINCE THE DISCOVERY OF E-MONEY, AND DEREGULATION OF THE INVENTION OF MONEY BY BANKSTERS, WITH THE END of Dollar convertibility, in Wall Street and The City, have created astounding amounts of money, but the PPP, Purchase capacity of the middle class of Americans and Europeans has halved. China has created far less money but the purchase capacity of its people has ten-folded. Of course, we Do have a lot of billionaires among stock-rats and financial parasites. But most people are sinking in wealth as debt slaves.

And Greece is indeed the most obvious example:

After the Greek voted for a welfare system, the ECB and the northern countries that have for very long obliterated any resistance of their people to a humanist world (you do not expect a German to care much for art, good food, architecture and sensorial pleasures, under the ‘cultural values’ of Protestantism, so well described by weber in his masterpiece on the birth of capitalist corporations), revenged imposed even harsher conditions to obliterate the welfare model, from massive reduction of democratic economies (unemployment and pensions is a form of creating money for people, and must be lowered) to systematic milking by taxation of all the ‘real sectors’ of the Greek, humanist economy (25% of taxation in touristic industries, etc.)

Plainly speaking, the ‘dictatorship of industrial and financial corporations’ now global, is on a single task in Europe to destroy the last standing model of a humanistic historic civilization, which was perfectly ran and Whealthy before the coup d’état of the European bank destroyed the right of those nations to issue their money, and made them colonies of the Mechanocene. And now it is extinguishing the last ‘historic civilizations’, which managed the Anthropocene and put the Mechanocene to the service of the human kind. And this is NOT a scientific concept of economics, but a power struggle between 2 different civilizations.

Of course, all this hidden with newspeaks of ‘European solidarity’, insulting deprecations of Southern Europeans, and massive propaganda through industrial mass-media communication, and massive censorship of the work of Humanist scientists of economics, ousted of think tanks, ministries of economy and finances, public positions, international congresses of economy, relegated to blogs, like this one… We are indeed, in the ‘neo-fascist, war cycle’ of the economic ecosystem. In the 30s bis.

And so as massive production of weapons, hate media, financial theft, spread globally, it is not so difficult as this writer has done for 20 years, to forecast with accuracy, how the present cycle of self-destruction of mankind by ‘classic and financial economists’ will end – exactly as the 30s ended.

Now we are in the age of ‘splendid little wars’, when Southern Europe – Spain, was the perfect field to spend the overproduced weapons of the most wealthy nation of Europe, Germany, as always in European history the ‘culture’ that destroys it. All has changed to remain the same.

Never mind that now the weapons of mass destruction are drones instead of panzers – not yet used in Europe but in northern Africa, from where droves of innocent people escape to sink in the Mediterranean, the hate mass-media is not radio but TV, the inferior race is called the Pigs and the chancellor is a woman and the ‘discourse’ is not militaristic but Orwellian, with its ‘newspeaks’ of political correctness and ‘loving caring discourses’. In that regard, the ‘military age’ of the III cycle of the Mechanocene, the age of metal-minds, is more similar to the end of the I cycle, when colonial wars outside Europe and yellow press dominated.

Then also, Lord Palmerston declare war to the Greeks, blockading them, when one Don Pacifico, usurer from Gibraltar protested because he had not been paid on his loans…

And yet, corporations keep producing unending quantities of money for its machines and financiers keep pumping up e-money prices for its stocks. While the ECB that is killing thousands of Greeks without medicines in hospitals, have start to issue money… to buy debt NOT of states but of corporations, which have an open free printing money machine already on the stock-market. Let us indeed see the astounding quantity of money, corporations have printed studying the shortest of those e-money cycles, the 8 years cycles of e-money speculation.

 The short 8 years cycles of the chip radiation: 2000-2008-2016

I first forecasted the 200o-8-16 short crash cycles of overproduction of e-money and the increasingly growing global war age that would ensue, 20 years ago in my first book on biological models of economics, after correcting the shorter periodicity of the cycle Kondratieff, found studying the train wave in Russia, an underdeveloped country that receive the wave latter, already developed in its ‘discovery phase’ in Britain. Thus I mined data from UK and US statistics, finding a periodicity of 72±7 years, which corresponded to the generational cycle of human beings (72 years) and the short product cycle (7 years) of new forms of machines and fiat money printed with them.

Then I realized there were two waves already completed from 1857 (crash of trains and stock-paper) ±72 years = 1929 (crash of engines and ticker money), so by adding + 72 years, we could forecast the crashes of and e-money overproduction. And then since each ‘medium wave’ in all Systems decompose in 3 small ‘ripples’, consider the existence of two other ‘crash waves’ as it happened in the XIX and XX century, the 2008 and 2016 crashes of e-money that now starts in earnest.

It was then easy to hypothesize the causal duality of the cycle, created b the invention of new energies, moneys and machines by industrialists and financiers that lead historically each nations and its wave of memes of metal to the top position of the world, as owners of the ‘international currency’ and best imperial weapons.

Thus I found the historic parallel British Imperial cycle of steam machines (1784-1857), the German Reich cycle of electro-chemical engines (1857-72 years -1929), and finally the American cycle of electronic machines (1929-2001) that would enter its Imperial, military phase after the forecasted end of the electronic cycle in 2 big future crashes of electronic money in 2001 and 2008. And since the dotcom and derivative crashes of the short-product cycle of 7 years later (2008). As those hypothesized facts are now ‘history’, the scientific method proves the biological model of ‘memes of metal’ is the true science of economics.

And yet, the Kondratieff canonical cycle of 54 years does work in econometric models and stock-speculation. Why? This needs a deeper analysis of the cycle and its inner structure.

The 72 year cycle of stock-crashes ads on two 36 year sub periods of reproduction of peaceful consumption machines till overproduction and market saturation reduces consumption, profits plummet, coinciding with overproduction of stock-money, which finally crashes the market. Then our imperfect democracies allow war lobbyism as industries switch production of the evil twins, weapons and pay politicians to buy them, starting a new cycle of profits based in Keynesian militarism, the modern newspeak for the fascist motto ‘canons instead of butter’. As both machines and weapons are the same product. Armored trains conquer the colonial world. Armored cars are tanks and armed robots are terminators made by the same companies. So the 72 year cycle is:

Human consumption of machines – Crash – Weapons consumption of humans.

But there is a 3rd phase of ‘discovery of new energies’ and machines, with limited economical effect as production is minimal, of another 36 years – which is the ½ generational life in which humans between youth and 3rd age are at their working prime. So the total cycle of grand-fathers, sons and grand sons for a total of 104 years is:

36 discovery years+36 peaceful consumption (crash) + 36 weapons production.

And what scholars know as the Kondratieff cycle is 104/2=52 years, which if we draw the entire wave as Bell curve, shows the exact middle point.

Why then the crash is not every 104 years but every 72? Because the irrelevant young age of discovery of new energies overlaps with the 3rd age of war, as the youth of the grand-son overlaps with the 3rd age of the grand-dad. So only studying the entire technological wave, as Kondratieff ‘experts’ do, you can find 104 years waves and divide them into the spring and winter phases. But for a true historic analysis and prediction of the key phases, the 36 reproductive phase and crash and 36 depressive and militaristic phase, the 72 year cycle is more proper:

1784 (Watt discovers the steam machine) + 36 years –> 1820s, Britain starts the train wave –> 36 years of peaceful train machines -> crashes of 1857+7 years->1864+7 years ->1871.

1850s: Discovery of oil and electric engines+36 years->1890s, 1st cars and light bulbs start the reproductive phase of electro-mechanical engines-> 36 years -> overproduction crashes of 1922-1929-37-> 36 years of bomber and tank wars till Vietnam.

1930s. Quantum, electronic physics are laid down-> 36 years of discoveries of TVs, Atomic bombs calculated with first Eniac computer -> 60s to 2000s ->36 years of peaceful reproduction of electronic gadgets till the overproduction crisis of chips and TVs & the crashes of 2001-08 -> beginning of the militaristic age of vigilante chips coinciding with the discovery of robots…

The last wars

You can then easily forecast that the wave of robots will explode in the 2030s as China and India take over America on top of the wave, and around the 2073 in a world saturated with peaceful robots, the crash of the economy determines that those 2 nations, China and India start the Himalayan, Robotic wars over border disputes in which complex autonomous flying insect-like A.I. terminators, reproduced by 3D automated factories, complete the Industrial R=evolution and become a single species, eliminating mankind, with a shorter variable if A.I. is found earlier in a potential Yakutian wars between China and the US around 2036. So far those 20 year old predictions are happening.

It only rests to explain the shorter 7 year ripples of those crisis the so-called ‘product cycle’ in which new forms of fiat money are invented, provoking 3 smaller crashes of the financial industry and the wealth of nations to explain why around 2016 the euro-dollar will crash, sending the western world into a full blown war age if business as usual continues as it happened in the previous cycles.

To understand why we have to reduce our analysis of the overproduction age of money printed by new machines to the so-called product cycle of business. As every 7 years corporations invent a new variety of its star product. Thus overproduced stock-paper in the I cycle, ticker money in the II cycle and e-money in the present cycle had 3 shorter 7 year cycles in which they target ‘new wealth products’ to exchange for the overproduced fiat, digital money. But economies produce massively only 3 ‘real assets’ to change for so much fiat worthless money: stocks, real state and currencies…

So once the speculator invents in the ‘inflationary phase’ of the credit cycle fiat money that is only a language of information – it is not wealth per se – to become richer he will Taylor it as a product to be exchanged for one of those 3 forms of real wealth that suffer a boom and bust cycle as the speculator acquires it. And so there are 3 short crashes of ‘currency, real state and stocks’, each time a new information machine overproduces fiat money:

– The 1857, train stock crash; 1865, real state crash & 1873, silver currency crash in the 1st cycle.

– The 1922 Mark currency crash; 1929 stock crash & 1937 real state crash in the II cycle.

– And the 2001 dotcom crash, 2008 real state crash and 2016 Eurodollar crash in the III cycle, when China makes its currency convertible and the massive printing of euros & dollars by central bankers used NOT to create jobs and wealth with Keynesian policies but to speculate in markets, make those overproduced currencies worthless, as nations change back their reserves for Yuan, the top predator currency of the next cycle.


In the S&P graph, we see those 3roverproduction waves, the last still forming:

– Panic of 1857: train stocks crash due to overproduction of peaceful lines. Mr. Lincoln, an Illinois Railroad lobbyist declares war to the south to liberate black slaves but also to build railroads to haul cheap cotton to Northern mill factories of ‘white slaves’. The new ‘demand’ continues for decades thanks to the railroad act that gave away massive amounts of money to the first robber barons to lay tracks to the south and the West, causing the Indian genocide.

– 1865: Real state crash. At the end of the war the south plantation system collapses, as slaves abandon the land, which is not given to them, since carpet-baggers want to buy it at bargain prices.

– 1873: Silver demonetization causes a global currency crash as deflation ruins middle classes. But corporations keep printing stock-money and politicos push buy trains for colonial wars.

– II Cycle: 1922. Crash of Mark, overprinted by the private Reichsbank to embezzle their owners and pay reparations, ruins Germany. The banking elite depletes German banks of gold moving to New York where the Warburg Syndicate creates the Federal Reserve and overproduction ensues.

– 1929: New electric machines (tickers) overprint tape prices. Stock speculation becomes rampant, as Federal Reserve and Bank of England fuel credit and then contract it causing the 1928-9 crash.

–  In 1937 after a new wave of speculation based in loose credit – NOT invested in the real economy, due to the limited scope of the New Deal – multiplies for 3 stock values, a new crash of stocks and real state, ends the skyscraper era. A much bigger New Deal could have avoid it, creating real welfare but the opposition of industrial and financial corporations favor the solution already implemented by Germans, ‘guns instead of butter’; that is, fascism, war and holocaust.

Then you add 1929+72 years, as I did 20 years ago forecasting 3 new e-money crashes:

2001: Greenspan’s loose credit policies and deregulation fuels speculation in worthless internet stocks with no profits. NASDAQ overcomes in value NYSE, then crashes mimicking the 29 curve.

– 2008: e-money is tailored to real state with the repacking of worthless 2nd mortgages in CDOs sold to global investors at AAA ratings by the American Financial-Media system till they crash. Instead of ‘erasing’ this false money from their accounts bankers pretend it is real wealth and their peers in Central Banks start massive reproduction of currency NOT to create a welfare Global Deal to get out of the crisis but to buy the toxic assets banks didn’t sell; while politicos overtax people ruining them and hand out their money in further bail outs to financial companies that in this manner sell 3 times for real currency, the worthless mortgage assets they invented for free.

– 2015-16: As the process of printing money for banks and speculation NOT for the economy continues sinking western nations the crash of the euro and dollar is now unavoidable.

Since only China is following the right Keynesian policies printing money to create real wealth and a sustainable economy, growing at 10% annually while Europe and America contract the real economy, since bankers do NOT give credit, as speculation, which is just ‘the manipulation of prices to profit without creating real wealth’ (Henry Ford) continues. The date will likely be at the end of the Obama Presidency when the Tea Party rises to power, the GOP provokes China with anti-communist war rhetoric, China liberalizes its currency market and sells Treasuries in revenge.

Then as it happened in Germany, with a similar social structure, neofascism will rise in America and civil wars or a World wide war, blaming China will further bring ‘guns instead of butter’.

Overproduction crises of e-money. The final crises. 2016 currency wars. Update. Jan. 2016. 

As we predicted in our first papers on the subject (c.92, 94), the 3 short ‘overproduction crises of e-money’, with dates in 2000-2008-2016, have happened. If there was ever a proof of any scientific theory is its predictability. So as in the previous 72 years cycle (1857, overproduction of paper-stocks, 1929 overproduction of ticker-money), there were 3 crisis of overproduction of e-money, exchanged latter by real wealth on the 3 assets of the economy: 2001, crash of dot com, 2008 crash of real state and 2016 currency/Chinese crash. Further down this article we explain them in more detail.

Fact is 2016 have come and stock-market crashes are back, as we predicted, starting in China… Its final phase will be currency wars, which should usher the world into a global war age has now started with the first wave of crashes in Shanghai. The process is self-evident and will mimic similar crises in the other 2 cycles:

As the crash in 1928 of British stocks and pounds, brought a massive withdraw of assets from British holders in wall street, which triggered the 29 crash, the Chinese crisis will intensify during the year and continue through the 8 years short cycle of e-money derivatives. So, China, after a Republican bullies them, and with growing cash problems, to sustain its inner speculative markets, will start withdrawing its investments in treasuries.

This will trigger a currency war and a crash of the Eurodollar with the arrival of a new republican administration prone to war-talk… The cycles of history thus follow the patterns predicted 2 decades ago. But this can only be possible IF the thesis of those initial books were certain: we live in a dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations.

That is, the Financial-Media (informative machines)-Military Industrial System (energetic machines), and its corporations control the world, because they do issue 95% of new money, and with it they give the orders of consumption, production and wages that put people to work, creating a world to the image and likeness of its offspring of machines.

As stock markets and speculative commodity and FOREX markets create trillions of money annually all that money goes in a 95% to cater the needs of machines, while only 5% is ultimately invested on mankind, and that difference fully explains why mankind and life become extinguished and machines re=produce and multiply.


Euroamerica masterminded by financial-media systems: the business of bankers are its politics.

There are only 2 kind of nations and people living in them, those who are free, because they own their armies and money; and those who are slaves because they don’t issue their language of informative power, money and the law, which money can buy; and so their armies become mercenary and their people slaves – that is, they are ‘bought’ for a salary. Both €urope and U$ political systems are slavish of the Financial-media system that issues its money and manufactures the brain of their people with their informative machines. This is a sad realisation, which means also the death of their common civilisation, based in the power of the law above money, the equality of all their people under those laws, and the bill of rights that ensure the freedom of their citizens. What culture has substituted them? Obviously the culture of corporations and the culture of owners of their Financial-Media system, the ‘Am Segullah’ culture of animetals. Hence our passion for their fictions, religions and wars.

As slaves contrary to belief, love their masters more than their own.

So Europeans and Americans have come to love machines and the go(l)d culture more than theirs; but none of this can be said because obviously information machines manufacture their brains with opinions in favour of their masters, who call such information a ‘Komploten theory’.

In complex social sciences we call this paradox, the anti-quantum paradox because in inverse fashion to the quantum uncertainty of physics, where the scientist is so big that it influences the observable, as the Britannica recognises to be the main handicap for the development of a real social sciences, power is so strong that influences the observer, the scientist that exist inside the super organism of history. Thus from Plato chained by tyrant of Syracuse, through Socrates murdered by the corrupted Athenian democracy, though Cicero author of the ‘res-publica’, slaughtered by the military dictators of Rome, to the masters of humanist, historic or socio-biologic, ‘real’ schools of economics, plagued with r=evolutionary corpses, all those who defy the monopoly of weapons and money that prevent mankind to develop a real democracy are at best silenced or else… This we said in advance because both, you and me are inside the Superorganism of History,hence submitted in different forms to the anti quantum paradox, you as a believer in the system, me as a system science that knows it is the anti-system of humanity.

Thus the end of the European and American democracy happened with the arrival of e-money, which in America meant immediately (1972):

  • A Financial dictatorship through the destruction of the people’s money power (end of dollar convertibility, freedom to invent e-money with no limit in wall street).
  • A Military dictatorship with Yon Kippur that made the American army mercenary for all future wars in crescendo of Israel vs. Islam
  • A Political dictatorship with watergate that showed Tv-media could kill a president for silly-nilly peccadilloes (at the time, a mere micro on a watergate hotel, when every president had in his bag pack all kind of crimes). Ever since all politicos in US and when the system was imported to EU with the ECBank, Brussels lobbyism and the present Jihad war, in Europe ‘are owned’ by tv-add money/campaign and the Damocles sword of media hate memes that crash his campaigns.


Let us then understand how all western democracies have become just placebo ceremonies to cover up for the real power, of the Financial_media (informative dominant machines)/Military-Industrial (entropic-energetic machines) system, whose goals are completely antidemocratic – to implement war for profits and take away wealth for the elite of stockrats on top of society.

The key to all the process is the private issue of money, which is a 3000 years old trend, explained in the next graph:

The scam: inventing digital money of null value exchanged by real wealth & used to corrupt politicians.

Money as go(l)d, as precious metal hypnotised informatively with greed the mind, who called the ‘stuff’ the sweat of the sun, appeared so earlier in history in the pre-rational pre-greek age of ‘myths’ and fetishes, not the age of Nomisma, and rational use of it, that it became the most desired form of the human Universe, with a value superior to man. So first it converted man in an object which gold could buy, called a slave. And as time went by more complex forms of obtaining money with slaves were deviced, call taxation, war for profits, debt slavery, STOCK scams and internet bubbles. In all those cases 3 elements are needed to ‘create digital numbers’:

  • A support for the language of money, as we humans create words, the language of man on our brain. But it must be external as we do NOT talk numbers. So a worthless, cheap ‘support’ for the language is required, first useless gold, then tulips, then paper-stock; now computer screens. As MONEY is not wealth perse, just a language of power to give orders to people and things, as when you ‘talk’ (salaries, prices).
  • An informative expert to print news that jack-up the prices and cheat investors to exchange the worthless digital money for real value (artists in the tulip craze, which convince people to change his home for a dyng tulip; doctors in the tea craze, which claimed to cure all sickness; false news in the gold/colonial craze of enormous wealth in the Louisiana swamps bubble or the Argentinean minds of the South Sea bubble; and then when machines came scientists and techno-utopian P.R.ess and economic P.R.ess, Wall Street journals and rating agency’s experts in the railroad scam, the radio scam, the dot com scam, the e-money derivatives scams. Then when all this support makes money become ‘real numbers’; the banker-speculator can multiply it by creating debt slaves – lending it to people, which will have to pay back with real assets, land, real state, hard currency, etc.
  • Yet for al this to work the Banker with its informative machines to print digital money and Public relations P.R.ess needs an authority, which often is a debtor or receives ‘hand outs’ and validates the scam and protects the banksters, obtaining finally real wealth exchanged for the ‘inflated money prices’: Kings that handled go(l)d chosen farm taxation and slave trade rights, to milk the work of peasants and slaves; or colonial rights on lands to stock-gunboat companies; or entered in wars fuelled by the P.R.ess hate media to loot the enemy and pay the debt to the banker. Today it is basically the ‘Private-er’ Central banker, who does NOT lend to people for real investments, infrastructure, health-welfare and job creation but has printed trillions of $ in the ECB and FED handed to bankers and speculators to jack up prices of worthless internet companies. So billions are created by suffocating by anoxia, the credit of all the other elements of society. While in countries where banking is public like China, massive investments in real wealth, welfare and roads happen.   

So only societies in which money were issued for the people with a Universal salary, and investment in welfare goods, as organisms do giving all cells a salary in oxygen and the goods they need to survive, would be a real democracy.

YET OF COURSE, censorship and manipulation of information is due, and corrupted politicos that will never talk of NATIONALIZING BANKS, ARE BOUGHT, SO PEOPLE THINK THAT TO ENSLAVE FOR TAXATION while others invent billions for free is Ok.

The madness of it is difficult to overstate: there you have the equations of economics telling mankind, we are going to kill you, take your job, and give it to a machine, so we can make ‘money’ with your death and job destruction, but that IS good for you, it will make you FREE and WEALTHY. And you cheer ‘heep, hurrah!

It is not an exaggeration. The sheeple do sing ‘4 legs 4 legs’…



debt slaves

Abstract. Now it is essential to understand why Europeans no longer LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY, a concept that escapes people:

Only a society in which people or its representatives control the language of power, which in the modern world is NOT the law but money that buys the law, is  A REAL DEMOCRACY. 

SO EUROPE stop being a democracy when the ECB took that right from people and ab=uses it ever since to CUT AN USURY DEBT interest on nations that ‘BORROW MONEY’ while giving it for free to corporations.
Thus in  SINGLE STROKE, Europe has become the most cut-throat capitalist world and dismantles its welfare state and becomes a copycat of America, with Brussels lobbies, Banksters ruling, neofascism on the rising, and the few people who understand something very angry and muted as this blog is.


Money is a language of information, and so IT IS NOT wealth per se, NEVER the goal of society or life. LIFE is about ACTIONS, which we perform in space and time. We LIVE through actions which start with a motivation provided by a language. If the motivation is our internal verbal language, we think first a lot of words, and then ACT. If the motivation is money, we have money and then we act and produce with money ‘real wealth’. But money is JUST a printed paper in computer screens today with NO VALUE. And so IT SHOULD BE FREE IN A MINIMAL MEASURE AS WORDS ARE FOR ALL PEOPLE TO KICK THEIR ACTIONS.

So societies that HAVE money creation for people to ACT prosper, with a limited inflation, and distribution of money through welfare states and Universal Salaries, and grow much more (as China does at 10% annually due to the massive hands outs of money to people and welfare corporations to act and re=produce the goods they need to consume).

In the body the same happens with oxygen, and hormones which code the actions of cells. They are not wealth per se- oxygen is free, and merely kick the motion of cells, hormones are simple, cheap to reproduce ‘money orders’ with no value per se. They KICK THE ACTIONS OF THE BODY.

SO THE BIGGEST MYTH THAT HOLDS POWER TOGETHER IS THE CONCEPT THT MONEY IS WEALTH per se, and must be given back. And the Great CANCER of society is the fact that the oxygen-blood of the body is NOT reproduced for free for all cells to act, as words are in the brain, but a group of people, private bankers, DO hold money in monopoly, and so control and dictate the actions of society, or else choke and parasite mankind by converting people in debt slaves, toiling to return the oxygen that should be given to the to kick their actions.

So the nations today where this DEBT SLAVE SYSTEM of private bankers on top reproducing all the money of society and corporations of machines reproducing all the money while people have systemic anoxia, is that those nations (EU, US) grow far less than all other nations, and on top invest massively on the weapons to control the population, to impose power and debt slavery and on MASSIVE FICTIONS, mass-media fictions that degrade people and make them NOT understand the corruption of the system, and convert them in happy slaves.

,pneyIn the graph, money has evolved as a digital language that controls the ‘value’ of all species on Earth with ‘prices, salaries and bribes’, by increasing its capacity to carry information: it has become quantized into smaller bits of information that require less energy and increase its units; hence its capacity to value more things, from gold to printed paper, to electric data to electronic bits, invented with a computer program. And the key element in the ‘censored’ history of the world is the group of people that invents in first place money. 

Today it is so abundant that it values all entities of the planet, substituting verbal thought, a language with lesser capacity to carry information than numbers, and broken into multiple tribal species with different values. So the law is submissive to money in all societies, politicians are easily bought and corporations and its offspring of machines, have become the dominant systems on planet Earth.

So only societies in which money were issued for the people with a Universal salary, and investment in welfare goods, as organisms do giving all cells a salary in oxygen and the goods they need to survive, would be a real democracy.

In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program.
Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth.

Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.Now to understand money, a language of digital information, the reader should understand this basic truth about money. To that aim, the easiest path is to think of money, a language of information, in terms of ‘words’, another language of information.Then you can understand what it is money about:

  • On one hand money as words give you the capacity to give orders to others and to yourself (so you think before you act, and if you get money you do receive an order to work and act). This is the main purpose of any language of information, to inform and motivate the actions of the species that speak the language. 
  • On the other both words and money value, inform us about things, with prices (the best machines, the most expensive) and ethics (the best goods for mankind the most verbal cherished goods)

So words and money exists to give orders and value things with human ethic values in words, with prices in money.It is not a value per se, but something that acts as a language and so it has a third quality:

  • To be very easy to invent, since information is inflationary, we need to make a lot of words and money and waste a lot of it, to kick out actions, to pump our will to act, and the will of others to act. Thus MONEY must be produced in huge quantities to promote the creation of the society.

It is thus important to understand those 3 qualities of languages of information:

  • To give orders hence to be the source of power over people; to value things.
  • To give values, hence to be the system that selects the species wanted and those discharged – the most expensive or ethically valued species and actions survive.
  • To be inflationary, easy to reproduce in massive amounts that increase the power of the owner of the language to guide society with those orders and values – hence the constant increase of the mass of words and numbers of our societies.

So there is not such a thing as ‘deficit’, NOR THERE IS SUCH A THING AS DEBT, but usury and parasitic exploration, since money is like words a language with o value, which we ‘talk’ to kick out actions and productions. And so all resumes in a choice: who invent money to kick out the production of the economy, and what kind of goods we produce. If we lived in a democracy people would produce money, in the form of a universal salary to kick the production of welfare goods they need to survive. Or in its defect, states would invent it to produce infrastructure and welfare goods for ‘free’.

BUT BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A WORLD RULED BY CORPORATIONS, they invent 95% of the world’s money in electronic screens and stock-paper for company-mothers of machines, which therefore use it to overproduce those machines; and so the world is awash with electronic machines because wall street invents trillions of $ for them, 30 billion for a couple of kids that wrote a bit of software for whatsapp, 1 trillion for another couple who wrote a bit of software called google. And so on.

AND THAT IS THE ONLY explanation why the cycles are so exact – all the resources of this planet are basically used to create a world of machines, while humans just get the left overs, and because economists, we shall see, are production economist not ‘history teachers’ who care to understand the Consequences for mankind of those changes.

In that regard the theme of money is quite simple in its democratic praxis: money is the language of digital information that has substituted the law in the order and creation with credit of the future. As such it should be NOMISMA, as democratic Greece explained – NOT in private hands, or else we live in a dictatorship of those who issue money, but INVENTED AS WORDS ARE BY AND FOR HUMANS AND ITS WELFARE GOODS, in a demand economy.

So WHY IT IS SO complex in praxis? BECAUSE CAMOUFLAGE AND COMPLEXITY IS THE WAY TO CHEAT people with information. So for bankers and corporations to issue money in monopoly they MUST appear as complex experts, who are the ‘ONLY’ Popes who speak the Latin of Go(l)d, and without whom the system would collapse.

This is the mantra OF THE DICTATORSHIP OF BANKERS, to make MONEY so complex in its issue that people think it is magical wealth that only expert bankers know how to handle. So the American people since Lincoln was killed precisely because he simplified the entire scheme of usury debt and just reproduced greenbacks money as orders to win the war and tried to continue this policy to reproduce money to raise the life standards of the Negro, the financial-media elite of America has used money to control the country and its people, and parasitising them with taxes and anoxia (taking away the right to inert money to people and governments).

Money of course is necessary but in a democracy its issue cannot be in private hands. Today money works better than laws because is a digital language and numbers are more precise than words.

So as a language of digital information of higher efficiency to ‘target’ beings with values, made homologous by the homogeneity and continuity of numbers over words, made money necessary. The solution though to its ‘metal-values’ come obviously from its substitution by legal money in hands of human beings, which has always been the humanist solution to the problem of money, certified by Nature who offers the same solution.

But Nature do have also the equivalent of parasitic, capitalist private issue of money. It is called a cancer, and that is the organic view of private banking: a cancerous solution that absorbs all the ‘oxygen’ -money of the organism of mankind, and give absolute power to those who control money and the information printed for ‘free’ (at minimal cost) with their informative machines.

AN ECO(NOMIC)SYSTEM OF FREE COMPANIES issuing with informative machines, money and inhibiting fiction, to eliminate any reaction, whilereproducing without limit energetic machines (weapons and fast evolving future top predator autonomous transport machines). The result is the creation of a perfect super organism of company-mothers of machines, where all humans will soon become expendable:
This aberrant world is the capitalist world, not a science but merely the idol-ogy of a few human beings (the 0.02% of owners of corporations), which have a ‘primitive cultural brain’, who believes Mankind is NOT a single species, but the ‘tribe’ is (tribal religions, nationalisms, capitalist class structures) and so the superior ‘race’ or ‘chosen of go(l)d’ (nazi-onanist and segregational cults to the tribe) MUST be on top exploiting the ‘inferior human-cells citizens’ absorbing all it ‘oxygen-blood-money’, preventing the creation of a demand economy of welfare goos; where the hypnotic power of go(l)d (subconscious greed values) and the murderous iron violence of weapons must be let free, so the cancerous cells have it all, and ‘grow and multiply’ without limit.
THIS IS NOT AN ANALOGY BUT A HOMOLOGY: It is a tenant of system sciences that ‘the laws of biology happen regardless of scale’. Hence the laws of BIOLOGY ARE THE SAME THAN THE LAWS OF BIO-HISTORY AND BIO-ECONOMICS. We only to correct for the scale of size. Since bigger super organisms, have ‘slower time rhythms’ as bigger systems have slower metabolism. The process and solutions to its sickness HOWEVER ARE THE SAME:
screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-08-04-46In the graph the immediate model at the lower biological scale of a capitalist world of free corporations, with unlimited rights to reproduce their destructive machines, while delivering inhibiting happy fiction somas is a cancerous growth, which has the exact 3 ‘processes that we can follow in all capitalist dictatorships: the cancerous cells multiply its wealth by absorbing the oxygen=money of the system, provoking an hypoxic anoxia state to the other cells, which receive then inhibitors (fiction soma) to deactivate their reaction, while the cancerous cells absorb the oxygen of the blood system, multiply its destructive toxins and finally, as they cannot survive without the body, once the body is infected and killed (end of the cycle of wars), they die in the final gottendamerung of the organism.

money censors shut upIn the graph, capitalism is a dictatorship of THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM and its FMasters, a few dynasties of private bankers that control the informative machines of the Financial-media systems, and forbid with deficit zero laws and lack of a Universal salary in blood-money, the creation of a demand based economy, in which humans democratically vote for the goods they want to be reproduced. As only a few bankers and corporations can issue the bulk of money, they decide what the system produces for profit and power (weapons of maximal price=profits to repress people; inflationary money to keep it and make them rich and give them power to buy laws and workers, and audiovisual hate media of easy reproduction through waves and hence of null cost and maximal sale-profits, able to manufacture the brain of mankind simultaneously by zillions, who then favour and vote the dictators of democracies).

You must understand that money is just a digital inflationary language of information, which is NOT wealth per se but as oxygen in cells and words in humans, pump up the desire to act and puts in motion the economic ecosystem or human system to work. So money IS FREE TO PRINT, it cost nothing, it must be PRINTED inflationary to motivate people to work, as free oxygen and free words are multiplied in cellular systems and individuals to motivate them to work.

So reality is really simple as “Nature is simple and not malicious’. The complexity of the system today only camouflages the cancerous anoxia of bankers and corporation that keep all the money for themselves to reproduce lethal goods that kill our body and mind (weapons and hate-media) so they can control democracies and buy politicos that will deliver wars when needed in the cycle of profits and power.

How Bankers and speculators Invent Money in boom and bust cycles.

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint,  without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

 Rothschild, Go(l)d Master, head of the British Financial-Media System, cycle of bodies of metal.

‘The banker is a man that gives you an umbrella when is sunny and takes it when it rains’  Mark Twain, American Wor(l)d Master, cycle of bodies of metal.

‘The Price good men pay not caring for politics is to be ruled by evil men´ Plato, Greece, Coin Cycle.

How then those private corporations, private  bankers and financial houses invent money in a capitalist system in which they control its issue in near monopoly – at present 95% of new money, which is invented as digital numbers by speculators, financiers and corporations?

Free Market invention of money: The 3 boom & bust cycles of the Industrial age.  The first thing we must understand with such scientific approach, scorning myths, ideologies and selfish agendas is the meaning of money the language of information that regulates the economy and how it must be issued – since all economical crisis of overproduction of ‘selfish memes of metal’ start with the mismanagement and appropriation by a selfish ‘parasitic group’ of eeonomic agents – the private banker – of our collective language of social power – money and its boom and bust cycles.

 From a technical & political perspective the process starts with the invention of a new machine that prints money and breaks the balance between ‘democracy’ (the issue of money by governments in currency) and ‘capitalism’ (the issue of the new forms of digital money with machines), tilting it in favor of corporations that awash with new fiat money buy politicians, pass deficit zero laws and steal the privilege of inventing money from the people.
In a previous graph we observed those ages of free printing of new digital numbers = money, thanks to the discovery of such new machines, caused of the boom cycles and bust crashes of financial economics; as we humans have invented a new type of energy applied to machines of information, hence to increase and improve the printing of money every 72 years generation:
– The speculative bubbles of stock money in the XVII to XIX c. culminating in the 1857-73 crashes of trains.
– Then with the discovery of electricity, the creation of ticker money that invented stratospheric prices for stocks in the XX c. culminated 72 years after the 1857 crash in the 1929 crash of ticker money, caused by the Morgan House and UK bankers.
– And finally with the arrival of computers the explosion of e-money in the XXI c. that has 100 folded the quantity of digital money on Earth, kept by bankers that now control with those computers the production of 95% of new credit on this planet, making ‘states’, powerless dwarfs with only a 5%. And the subsequent crash of 2001 (dotcom) and 2008, 72 years after the similar causal crashes of 1929 and 37.
But why bankers ‘crash’ their reproduction of money without limit, if they can print it for free with those new machines?
Here is the hidden secret – because free money, is worth nothing, remember is a language of information. You do Not eat money. So the important thing for the banker or speculator studied at the end of this post – but equally important in cre(dit)ating money with high prices – is to change the ‘language’, the ‘worthless’ numbers for REAL assets, real wealth, real work, and real power.

Let us  then resume from this perspective the boom& bust cycle of debt-money creation repeated in all financial crises:   

– First bankers issue as much fiat money as possible, with no limit, which costs them nothing and creates debt and inflation. And they lend it to an adoring crowd that knows nothing about their sovereign rights to reproduce that money for free, since the media system and financial economists working for power misinform them. So at a point the entire society owes huge amounts of ‘soft debt’ to the bankers. And this is good for the bankers who receive ‘interest’ for their debt.

– Then they stop lending and contract the monetary mass. So money becomes scarce and there is deflation. Companies fire workers as they cannot pay them. Production halts. The economy shrinks but this is done in purpose because it is even better for the wealth of bankers as now scarce money in a deflationary environment is worth more as ‘it buys more things’ deflated in price. And so the huge debt society has with the financial system becomes worthier – with their payments bankers can buy many more things. Since debt has NOT contracted, as it was established in the age of monetary expansion.

Further on, as now there is no money available to pay the huge debt society cannot pay it with the fiat worthless money that created it and must pay with taxes in hard currency, work, real state wealth, national assets and sheepish obeisance to the power orders of bankers who implement their selfish agendas.

So bankers in this phase end up controlling most of the wealth of society and its politicos obey them.

Thus, in this phase, the entire eco(nomic)system is geared to extort money from people to pay debt, with higher taxes while governments give handouts to bankers and pass laws of privilege for their corporations. In the Train age in this phase the Law of Anonymous Societies that eliminated all responsibility from the owners and managers of corporations and the first anti-deficit laws that forbid governments to issue money were passed.

So stockrats, owners of corporations became the new aristocrats, with the same privileges the rules of the ancient regime had: no court responsibility for their actions (in the Middle ages aristocrats could only be judged by peers in special courts) and monopoly in the issue and use of the language of social power (now money; weapons in the Middle Age, which only aristocrats could carry and use.)

The proof that the system of invention of debt-private money is automatic and guided by mere greed is the recurrent periodicity of the cycles: as soon as a new form of inventing private ‘debt-numbers’ happens, financiers will find any excuse to print for free numbers of money, speculating upwards with prices of stocks and real state to ‘get’ a tax for the higher price they create, or issuing massive amounts of worthless stock, for companies without profits, or reselling ‘fiat money’, mortgages, new stock issues, privately issued currency, fractional credit, etc.

The specific ‘financial instrument’ that prints money for bankers and speculators, latter paid as taxes and higher prices or exploded bubbles of false money downloaded on the middle classes does not matter so much as the capacity to print ‘new money’ with new digital machines and ‘invent’ a figurative, huge value with mass-media propaganda, censored information and attached ‘private agencies of ratings and economic press and think tanks’. So i could as soon as computers were applied to creation of e-money and monetary markets were deregulated 20 years ago, forecast the repetition of the long and short, 72-7 years crashes of fiat private electronic money, in my first papers coming out of Columbia University on Monetary Systems.

And indeed, there was a predicted a crash of worthless stocks, whose prices had been jacked up by speculators and unloaded before bursting the bubble on the middle classes in 2001, 72 years latter after the bubble of 1929; and there was 7 years latter a crash of false real state value, the mortgage crash, 72 years after the crash of New York Real State skyscrapers in 1937. And so it is only left of those speculative schemes the crash of the Dollar, as fiat money is now printed without limit by the Fed NOT to kick out the economy but to pay wars and bail outs to banks, similar to the 1922 crash of the mark that brought fascism to Germany.

All this we predicted 20 years ago, and it has happened as a ‘cancerous’ system of absorbtion of blood-money, our capitalist society with private bankers on top CANNOT avoid to print and waste amazing amounts of fiat money and pay all kind of corrupted politicos, economists, think tanks and financial press to hide it all.

The stock racket: inventing money for crapcode companies. How Financiers invent money.

In the graph we see the difference between countries who invest money and countries who use it to speculate. The west grows less because it does not use the money to invest, and on top US controls the Japanese bank, who invests heavily in American debt, which goes basically to speculators. So the graph  unfortunately answers the biggest problem today in democracies: people do not have a Universal salary to buy welfare goods and states under deficit 0 laws do not invent money and central bankers invent money for speculators. States only manufacture 5-10% of the world’s money. Financiers make 90% of it. And they do it with the only purpose of keeping it for themselves or investing it in memes of metal of maximal profits (hence the overwhelming quantity of weapons industries in this planet, as they are the most expensive machines), but mainly to lend it to other people who become ‘debt slaves’ of the cycle of usury of debt-money.

What financiers basically do is to manufacture money without limits to lend it as ‘wealth’ (even if it is not), and then contract the production of money in the bust cycle to get back instead of money now scarce real ‘energy wealth’, properties and workers.


How they do it in stocks.

Now, the biggest racket is not direct taxation or tax farming as it was called in the middle ages, but ‘stock-farming’, which consists in a simple racket with 3 legs: financial press, freedom to invent money as much as the speculator wants in worthless companies, and finally central bankers to bail out the banks with free credit in hard currency. And it is simple: the speculator finds a worthless company, today internet crapcode kids, doing redundant apps, like whatspap or snatchap. That is the excuse, when the racket was invented it was a tulip, yes! a tulip, OR AN imaginary gold mine, which never materialised. Or tea, which then nobody drunk. So you have the financial press printed with the same electronic machines, telling you that is gold, will be so rich in the future; and so you seek ‘a rabbit’, in the jargon of Amsterdam to skin it, and sell the crapcode, the gold mine, the tulip. And when things heat up you need also a central banker, who will print money for you.

The result is that the economy has NO REAL CREDIT, ALL THE MONEY IS INVENTED BY ECB OR SUCKED IN FROM PEOPLE TO pay the racket. In the internet age, the racket was paid by the middle classes of the entire planet to which they unloaded crapcode at stratospheric prizes. Then the FED was used to unload toxic assets. Now for a decade they have run a massive creation of money for wall street to exchange real money for crap companies. Of course after trillions wasted some companies are worth a bit, but imagine all that money invented for people, for welfare, for health-care, for hospitals, or by states for real infrastructures – not 20 billion $ for snapchat, 200 billion for google ranks, 1 billion losses each year for uber to robotise and destroy the taxi drivers with brutal slave-like salaries to poor people with a car and so on and so on.

But the key is to have thin air press and make it complex as if they were experts, and many believe their ‘inventions, called’ classic economics, so they really think this is ‘freedom and capitalism’ will make us all rich. But of course, US and Europe has the minimal growth of gdp. And of course, the newspeaks of capitalism, keep reaching new heights of cynicism.

For example the Fed told us for a decade that it would maintain the interest bankers pay for borrowing money at 0%  – that is, it will give them even more money for free, till the unemployment rate goes down 6 %. 

So it looks like they don’t do it for banks to pass the money to speculators, which is what they do, and to speculate themselves and create fractional credit (10 times more money than they have in the account) but to give credit to people, which is just the ‘left-overs’, while 2 countries, which are ran by people who care for the wealth of the nation, China and Turkey, without any banker of the racket group for obvious reasons, have had the maximal growth during a decade around 10% because people work hard, and with credit they create much more wealth.

In the graph, it is not coincidence that the lowest growing nations in the world are those under duress of the ‘FMasters’ Iran obviously embargoed enemy but what people do NOT understand in the Euro area, is that they ARE the next target, in as much as they HAD a DIFFERENT MODEL OF FREE DEMOCRACIES, BASED IN WELFARE STATES AND A FAR MORE HUMANIST CULTURE. And this is the hidden tragedy of Europe since the ECB took away the right of those nations to invent their own money. So they pay a racket in debt usury to the ECB which massively reproduces money for bankers, which speculate – that is, pass it to STOCK-MARKETS, AND IN US TO wall street inventors of false ‘CRAPCODE’ companies. WHILE PEOPLE, WELFARE AND INFRASTRUCTURE languishes and has to be paid with taxes, today further used for the military world of the Semite wars.

So the Newspeak translation of the ECB and FED racket at 0% is what people believe: That the unemployment crisis is due to the classic capitalist crisis of overproduction of machines – in this case the last Kondratieff wave of chips – blue collar robots and white collar pcs, will now be cured by bankers parasitising credit. But of course the unemployed will have no access to money to pay their bills, or start up a small restaurant or kick out production of welfare goods.



Instead the Fed – the inverse Robin Hood – robs money from the people to give it to the bankers and with a cynical twist lies out of its hat, implying that giving for free money to bankers will be a cure for the unemployed.  The cynicism here is astounding.

We shall take it all from the people and give it to the o.1% because that is good for them; it will solve the problems of the poor and unemployed.

Amazing but people believe that this money NOT invented for infrastructure or jobs but ‘exchanged for the ‘false’ companies’ invented in n wall street’ is real wealth. And so when the Dow keeps spiking up for the 0.1% to take it home, they cheer, living the surrogate life of the ‘Malcolm X’ house negro who feels worried when the master is sik.


In stocks you invent numbers, which are money, then you need to exchange them for REAL CURRENCY, or REAL WORK, or REAL STATE, and so you do that, but for that to happen, the RACKET MUST BE SHARED BY THE FED-CENTRAL BANKER. AND FOR THAT REASON 80% OF CENTRAL BANKERS, CEOS AND MEDIA PEOPLE belong to the same biblical, jewish culture.

If NOT the racket wouldn’t work. You need 3 to tango: the wall street speculator invents a worthless company. Then it sells it to people if he can cheat them on buying, but as last resource, he will borrow for free money in hard currency emitted by the Central banker, which therefore must be part of the racket. It is very simple.

But then you need economists, and newspapers to validate the racket saying it is all good for the economy. So for 500 years since the racket was invented selling tulips of worthless value in Amsterdam, the elite of the Jewish people, the ‘Am Segullah’ or “People of the treasure’ has occupied monopolised completely those 3 positions: Financial press, Central banking and Private stock-markets. And they pass to each other the racket.

NONE OF THIS MONEY GOES TO PEOPLE. SO AS THE NEXT GRAPH SHOWS, any nation under the go(l)d racket grows far less than those who have their own banking system:

It doesn’t matter how COMPLEX THE PROCESS IS. IT is all theatrics.

Imagine those trillions were used as the Chinese use it just for their people. Even if cradles of the party take part of it. It is not truth that the Chinese are supermen, they have credit to open any business they want and the state doesn’t spend the money bailing out scammers, paying for stupid wars to back dictators or apartheid israel, provoking an spiral of more hate-memes and wars. And it doesn’t create the money for speculators in wall street and frankfurt. Which is what the ECB and the Fed have been doing for decades.

It is an old story, but in the old times was far more obvious.

This racket has been going on for 3000 years, and it was called anti-$emitism, which we study in depth in its ± sides – obviously we DO NOT by any means (taking into account my family on the mother side is full of sephardim), favour any form of violence – ONLY THE OBVIOUS SOLUTION: DESNATIONALIZATION OF WESTERN BANKING AND SYSTEMS OF REPRODUCTION OF MONEY.

This is though not even talked about because Media+central and private banking, in monopoly through metal-communicators (information machine) gives total power to the Financial-Media masters.

They have created therefore for millennia the racket. It was first go(l)d religions, and the racket consisted that the believer had to bring 2 gold shekels to the temple to clean his body.

Now it is the same, but in more elaborated ways: we live in a society in which an ideology that was first a religion of go(l)d temples (Judaism and his modern version Calvinism, as per sombart and weber) and considered gold the language of god, which 11 slave tribes brought with slave and luxury and weapons trade (the apiru, those who ‘walk behind the asses’ as they used mules for military transports). This was the bronze age and humans were beasts of humans. Then there was some hope with the arrival of Aristotle, the coin, greek logic and the law. For a few centuries we humans seemed to be able to control the historic process with reason. Money became ‘nomisma’, law and as law it went hand in hand with verbal laws to give orders to the humankind and build a better world.

Logic and the laws of eusocial evolution influenced the old gold temple people and Jesus reformed them. All seemed possible, evolution and progress – man on top of the game.

THIS WAS THE BIRTH OF THE EUROAMERICAN CULTURE of science, art, humanism, and the law and democracy above money. NOW we have forgotten it. Now the enemy is THIS CULTURE, from Greece to France, because it is THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE TO A PRIMITIVE Orwellian world of poor under the boot of the Financial-Media masters, brutalised mentally, parasited, killed with taxes and fictions and hate memes against each other. it is not a confabulation theory but a culture – memes work as waves in parallel. IT is natural to the culture of go(l)d and its segregational memes, its passion for money and so there should exist AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Forbid them all from working in the Financial-Media/Military Industrial complex. Make them all go back to a kibbutz, and cultivate the sacred land.

This is what STALIN TOLD WE SHOULD HAVE DONE WITH GERMANS, OR ELSE THEY WOULD do the same. And Indeed now they are robotising the world with the revolution 4.0 catchy name for the expulsion of massive labor in Europe with robots. And then we are brutally taxed and exploited by the ECB bank. And on top they call US PIGS, as if we were an inferior race. Why? Because we want to live? They are porks, porks are dead, pigs are alive. The germans only eat pork, the semites have it forbidden because it is tasteful.  What the Hell. Both repress all what is life, and only care for gold and iron. And they feel superior, racist, and despise us. Do you wonder why we are living again in a dark age?

The universe is just and its actions-reactions go against species who do not respect the beauty of life, the power of eusocial love, the caring for your own species, not the tribe but mankind – they don’t even respect the beauty of reason and the language, the beauty of art.

Animetals, with degenerated imperative languages and agglutinative ones. This is what they are. And yet they have convinced the world, so the world will be again destroyed.

THE ENLIGHTENED AGES OF THE WEST HAVE ALWAYS BEEN RULED BY THE PIGS, BY GREECE, THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE, THE SPANISH-FRENCH good life of the end of the ‘siecle’ – that is the end of the XX century before the ECB, the eternal alliance of the FMasters and the German industrial-miitary complex destroyed the welfare state for what? to make more weapons and robots and machines?, which will end up killing us again? Surrealism was the Artistic reaction to those blockheads and greedy violent animetal values. It of course was French and Spanish, because you could not reason with that people and you cannot still reason.

Germ(an) iron memes and go(l)d you memes, violence and greed exploiting mankind and on top considering themselves superior beings. Neanderthals hypnotised by gold, killing life with iron till all is gone. That’s the destiny of humanity for choosing the wrong culture.

Both Semites and germ*ans come once and again to throw the world rhythmically in its cycle of death. And they had this Homo Neanderthal mentality of visual hypnotism of gold, proper of the Semites and the same strong energy. So they became symbiotic and destroyed the logic, love religion of the Christian-Roman empire. And through the middle dark ages, both ruled supreme. The renaissance though gave hope again to a logic/love/artistic civilization in the World and it infused the likes of Shakespeare, converted the Franks to reason and made inroads in Germany – to not avail.

When the bible was translated, the money of the jewish people paid the re-conversion to primitive bronze age memes of the Germanic northerners. 1 million hebrew bibles were printed and sent to England and we lost the British to the primitive bronze ideologies, in which money as gold, greed and brutal treatment of humans, selfishness and materialism reigns supreme. Capitalism was born and now what was a temple-gold religion of a few, became the ideology of the majority of germanic and semitic people. And those who seeked reason, enlightenment, logic and the use of fiat money as law to build a better world became increasingly reduced to nothing.


The radiation of e-money:  Wall Street and ECB’S coup d’état against the American and European civilization.


In the graph, the obvious difference between a predatory system of banking, in which money is created for and by private bankers – even if they pass as public, for speculation without creating wealth and a system in which private companies receive money from public banks to create WHealth. China grows at 10 percent for 40 years. Europe became after the ECB bank ended the welfare state the part of the planet with less economic growth as those nations became ‘colonies’ of the ECB usury schemes, as debt slaves. Only Iran, under massive embargo restrictions grew less. 

Now the Chinese have been corrupted by Market speculation, and ‘of course’, they are getting billionaires that speculate no longer invest in direct WHealth: Max. Welfare Goods x Min. Lethal Goods. So as ‘expected’ growth is plummeting, as wealthy Chinese coming to mainland – the likes of Taiwanese Fox ready to put 3 million robots to work for Apple factories, or the ‘compradors’ of  Hong Kong, ready to speculate with real state – transform the concept of investing money for the people (even if it is not the ideal situation, of a Universal Salary ‘with the people’). Still China grows at 7%.

So it does its sphere of influence, Africa, where money is invested in real partnerships of infrastructure and development for raw materials. So it is no longer the dumpster for neo-colonial ‘hand-outs’ of cheap weapons and monster mechanical projects for big-cut corruption deals – the usual Dam, mine and oil field for the Nigerian Bantu, the Ethiopian Omo and the South-African zulu to get his 10%. It is important to understand that ‘Western Economics’ is a brutal bankster exploitation and appropriation of the basic democratic right of all people to print its digital and verbal languages of power, money and the law. And it is for that reason far less efficient.

And so ALL what ‘social sciences’ in praxis (politico-financial power) and theory (‘economists’ and ‘historians’) do is to justify that brutal ‘animetal power’, a ‘bio-economic’ word, key ” to fully grasp how the West has been running the world for 5 millennia: following the dictum of one of its most cherished ‘scholars’ Tertulian: ‘You will defend me with the sword (today with gold) and I will defend you with the word’. We shall in the 2nd part of this post study the ‘immense’ difference on ‘truth’ and results, between the ‘Scientific method’ applied to social sciences and the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ or ‘animetal method’ of doing social praxis and theory. And of course, we shall ‘bust the balls’ of all that pretentious, caring, faked scholarship that practice the Tertulian Method, also resumed in the concept of ‘belief over reason’. Or as he put it with disdain: ‘What Athens have to do with Jerusalem’. Indeed, what Science has to do with racism, bigotry and shameless explotation of mankind?

You can see the debt slave countries from where I write, in blue. They are so ‘democratic’ that they are as well managed as the ayatollah kingdom. But they are happy piigs. They voted massively to the ‘Popular Party’, the most popular, and will vote it again. I live there. C’est la vie. Ah, but of course we have pan et circenses, mass-media circuses called soccer. We do play kid’s games better than anyone in the planet. That’s enough to shout ‘vivan las caenas’, as long as Messi scores for Barcelona F.C. LOL. I prefer the surrealist art of the natives – a movement born here and in Paris, during the last paroxysm of debt slavery, war and holocaust. They knew better.

Today, with the arrival of e-money that multiplied by 15 the production of money worldwide, the power of banksters has become absolute and it has corrupted absolutely the Social System.

So the US & EU have become one of the harshest dictatorships of history, as ‘greed has no limit’. Indeed, if a Roman senator, during the dictatorship of the Empire had 100 times more wealth than a citizen, today, a ‘stock-rat’ on the globalized world has 1 million times more wealth than a global citizen.

And yet it didn’t seem enough to print billions of e-money. They also appropriate the meager quantity that the state prints for its citizens with direct taxation and forged ‘bail outs’, in which the state buys ‘false’ digital money (Mortgage crisis in which bankers invented false mortgage, by the simple method of repacking, existing mortgages into 2nd ones and sell it to each other as ‘real money’ and then inventing the fairy tale that they were toxic assets, governments must buy to avoid the collapse of the system, instead of merely erasing that ‘forged money from their accounts.)

How all this is done, requires though to teach the reader some basic concepts about money, as a language of information. And also to complete our understanding of the ‘predatory nature’ of banking cultures.

In its comparison with nature, there is no doubt that the behavior of warriors is similar to that of predators – for whom always they have chosen their cultural myths, from lions to eagles to wolfs, even in their surnames. While go(l)d bankers are ‘parasitoids’ that host in a culture and absorb its WHealth, by sucking first its ”oxygen”, and so as ‘weaker’ species, they must find in camouflage and control of information, as parasitoids do by inoculating ‘soma’, the key to its success. And so bankers have always controlled the information of society, which is printed also with the same substance that gold.

Let us now see this opposition between a true science of humanist economics and the present corporative version, in more detail, illustrated with the example of Germany and Greece.

This trend has been entrenched further since the massive ‘radiation’ of e-money in the 70s, gave financiers and corporations the monopoly on the issue of money, the language of information of economics, with the exclusion of governments.

Few people know that today +90% of money is invented by and for financial and industrial corporations in stock-markets and private banks or banks which ‘camouflage’ as public – a tradition that goes back to the private bank of England, for long the property of the Rothschild Syndicate; and today it is clearly represented by the ECB, the Euro bank, which only issues money for private banks, which in turn lend it at interest to nation.

So nations become therefore ‘debt slaves’, and have plummeted Southern Europe, nations which do not produce industrial goods but mainly welfare, ‘life-based goods’, and hence cannot resort to stock-markets to invent money but must issue currency money through national banks, into an eternal ‘debt slave country’, where their people have only a function, to be taxed to produce ‘interest payments’ for those who have antidemocratically stolen their rights to print their own money, the private financiers which rule the ECB (the last one, the VP of Europe Goldman Sachs, Mr. Draghi).

Now we shall stress once and again that money is a language of information that delivers orders of production and consumption as words deliver orders of action. It is NOT therefore debt. This concept is a predatory idea, similar to a parasite that absorbs the oxygen of a body.

Companies that over produce e money in markets and stocks of course do NOT have to return the money they waste. They invent it and promote their wealth and products, creating demand for it as humans would do with a universal salary – promote demand for welfare goods. But humans are denied money and when they are given it, must ‘return’ it with real wealth. And latter we will see how bankers have systematically used this trick to prey on people, ruin them and parasite its wealth.

Today, the rule of the world by banking corporations, which use money to accumulate wealth and create debt slaves of course is disguised by the modern complexity of the financial banking system. It is called biological camouflage. And it is specially pervading in parasitic systems. Nature kill and ab=use species through direct predation, but the lion drags slowly in the bushes before jumping; through direct competition, displacing a species from its natural fields as machines and weapons are displacing us from labor and war fields, and finally parasitizing a species, and this – since the parasite works on the ‘informative systems’ of the animal it preys, and must host within it, seemingly defenseless – requires camouflage and complexity.

This is the role of private bankers, who were first ‘tax farmers’, then ‘usurers’, next slave traders and when they accumulated enough capital finally ‘respectable bankers’. As Gerry Garcia put it, ‘bankers, whores and old buildings get respectable with age’.

It all looks very complex now. They look very experts. But the bottom line is they are exactly the same kind of usury lenders, who brutalized Middle age peasants. And to understand that we must have a scientific perspective beyond their ‘abstract’ complex concepts of what a real science of economics and history based in the ‘facts’ of biology would be.

And so the bottom line is they will NEVER change till the ‘people’  drop dead or destroy the system. But of course there are ‘scientific ways’ to manage democratically, efficiently and for the people societies, political systems and economic system and financial system, which of course are massively censored by financial and military power.

Since the key to the present dictatorship of financiers is to have ‘obscured’ with complex schemes of production of money what is merely the continuation of a millenary tradition of ‘usury’ theft, by A) appropriation of the right to issue money B) liberal production of it to create ‘debt’ slaves and C) choking of credit to get real wealth for a debt they never had the social right to invent in the first place.

Indeed, while we know systems become more complex with time, hence more ‘respectable’, and ‘Usury schemes’ have done so, Greece, and southern Europe, from where this writer hauls, are countries converted into ‘debt slaves’, where our people are just milked by ‘usury bankers’ of the private ECB, just because we do NOT belong to a Mechanocene culture and so we thrive when money is issued in a demand economy, by and for welfare goods, agricultural, tourist, housing, health-care, education, art, etc. It does NOT mean we are lazy, we are backward, we are Piigs (all racist slurs invented by North European, Wall Street, Frankfurt and city financiers, which further show the degree of dictatorship they imposed upon us), but merely that we belong to humanist, social, democratic civilizations for which machines are secondary to human beings.

Of course, northern countries such as Germany, the dominant culture of the II age of the Mechanocene (the age of oil and electric engines, which they invented), do not care for such usury schemes, which are in biological terms, ‘cancerous, parasitic’ concepts of money, similar to cancers and worm sickness that absorb the oxygen of the organism, choking its cells because they do not need to enter them.

They are ‘dictatorships of industrial corporations,’ which issue for free money in stock-markets. And their people use languages, latter studied in more detail, with imperative long sentences, no freedom, no life interest. They live far worse than we do and are fine with it. Their masochist, life repressing cultures do not need good life. As a philosopher put it ‘we Germans do not know how to live but we know how to kill very well’.

So their leaders do not need to reproduce money for welfare states. And they are fine with it. But they do not need to impose a dictatorship on us, and menace to destroy our societies if we do not obey and become debt slaves.

It is thus obvious that we live in a world, which is not ruled by true social sciences, and we must redefine them and apply truly the laws of social, biological organisms, and darwinian species, to study the existential problems of mankind and find its solutions, NOT the idol-ogies and false, anthropomorphic dreams of a perfect future, mostly mere propaganda of our supposed political and economically correct social systems, which are mere placebo structures  to maintain the status quo of  the real power described in the previous pyramid.

A wel-designed social super organism of history.

Upgrade. October. US closes government for lack of money: Debt nations.

This week America has closed basic services because it has no money to pay for them. Why is this? When it is so easy to print money for free, without debt and pay for free those services? Wall Street prints for free around 4 trillion each year. 1 trillion is used in the Semite wars between Apartheid israel and its mercenary nations vs. Jihad Islam. 1 trillion was given in bail outs to bankers. Why then there is no money to pay basic services?

The reason which cannot be named is simple: in a capitalist theocracy ruled by bankers, the only purpose of society is to accumulate debt-money once the right to print money is taken from sovereign governments and handled to those bankers that ‘dictate’ forever after the laws of the land. Hence people no longer have rights to credit.

And this has happened to the West since the ‘coup d’etat’ against the AMerican Presidency and $ (Nixon’s watergate by Media and end of $ convertibility that freed electronic money invention, in 1972) and in Europe since the ECB bank took that right. Ever since a new Empire appeared, that of the banker priests of Israel who are 80% of central bankers, CEOs of western financial industries and investment banks. But this of course cannot be known, or else people might wonder…

The Jewish Western Financial-Media empire has as always in the history of this supranation of banker-priests a single ‘obsession’: to control the issue of money in all nations it commands, to create debt and make their people toil as ‘debt $laves’, ever happy to fatten the billionaire accounts of the Feulds, Gross, Rothschild et al., the ‘invisible men’ of Mr. Wells parable (‘an invisible man can rule the world’) that so much ‘care’ for us.

The drill explained in other posts of this web is simple.

1) Corrupt politicos and obtain the rights to print the money of their nations. This was achieved in America, with the murder of Lincoln, the cancellation of his ‘awesome’, free debt, pure ‘digital language’ money, the greenback, which was issued for free by the American sovereign government to pay for the war and would have paid after it, an astoundingly humanist nation. Instead we got Grant’s corrupted governments that destroyed the Greenback, converted the remaining ones into gold and gave all the gold of America to the Rothschild Syndicate that has been hoarding them at 40% discount for the day when a corrupted politico would pass the necessary law. The summit of this process was the creation of the Private Federal Reserve, which prints the money of Americans by buying bonds to the treasury=creating debt which is totally unneeded as America could just print its money for free, with no need to ‘make bonds’.

In Europe this happened only after the creation of the ECB bank and only with southern ‘sinful’, catholic nations (Ireland put on the pit for the pleasure of it too). Now they don’t print their money, so they must ask for debt money in the ‘markets’. Meanwhile the ECB bank handles it for free to private banks who are herding also debt bonds from the ‘piigs’ countries at heavy discount to redeem it in the future at ECB at nominal prices, doubling profits. For that reason Spaniards, Greeks, Irish and Italians must toil unending hours (they are the Europeans that have the lowest salaries, highest taxes and longest hours of work); and of course, on top of that being called ‘piigs’, as if they wouldn’t work for the parasitic bankers that rob them.

2) But if this were known there would be riots, r=evolutions and holocausts as it happened in every nation since the Bronze age when the parasitic activities of the elite of banker-priests of the Gold Temples were discovered. Then the tragedy strikes the poor jewish people, who had no business in this lethal business but become the scapegoats of their elites they so much worship. I have analyzed 12 of those past holocausts, all caused by economical reasons of usury and slave trade, all of them hidden, all of them ending after centuries of parasitic activities with the death of the ‘saint innocents’, the people of the nations exploited in wars and the lower classes of the Am Segullah Bankers, ‘the hebrews=hapirus=those who walk behind the asses’ in the old Sumerian language. 

3) We are now in the previous phase to the destruction of nations – the creation of massive debt-money (bonds, treasuries, prima de riesgo), so the private lobbies of the Federal and ECB bank rip their profits. And of course people dont know, so they are told that they MUST pay debt because MONEY is a commodity not A DIGITAL LANGUAGE OF INFORMATION EASY TO PRINT IN ELECTRONIC MACHINES (BEFORE IN PAPER).


They will keep rising the ‘ceiling’ of debt to topple the 100% figure, beyond which no nation can grow.

This is in a nutshell the repeated question of American defaulting on its state bills. There are 1 trillion $ there for the Semite wars as mercenary troops of apartheid Israel, the nation of the bankers, no problem with that; there are 1 trillion plus $ given for free on top of that to the bankers with bail outs. No problem for that. There are 80 billion a month in free money printed by mr. Bernanke also handled it for free to the bankers (to buy mostly toxic assets that banks keep producing and then take to the Fed to change for hard cash), no problem for that, but there is no money to pay for health care, for food in schools, for relief for the elderly, this is called in America ‘pork money’ as Latin countries in Europe are called ‘piigs’. Americans and Europeans must drop dead, so the parasites have instead of let’s say 34 billion $ of profits in their speculative career (Mr. Soros) or 1.4 billion $ in profits in a year for the biggest speculator in eurobonds (Mr. Gross), how much? How much is enough? Never there is a limit to greed. So one day of course, as it happens now in Greece with the Golden, neo-nazi party, the Tea Party will change sides as the Nazis first paid by Berlin Bankers, as the Tea Party is paid by the Koch brothers change its sides.

This of course the bankers now, and so anti$emitism is on the growth, repression of it also grows (this week all the heads of the Greek Neo-nazi party were put in jail), and because the ‘logic thing to do’, give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, give the states the right to print free-debt money and kick out the economy, and avoid wars and holocausts will not do, for the elite 1% of Judaism, its banker-priests which hand in hand with the elite of Germanic tribes, their generals and mass-murderers form the elite of eviL=anti-live memes in this ‘animetal planet’, we shall it all happen it again.

February 2013

This Week Mr. Obama gave us the ‘speech of the state of the American nation’, while in my other nation, Spain, Mr. Draghi, from the group of ’30’, the most important private banking lobby of the world, came also to tell us about the state of the nation on a closed speech. He basically explained the Spaniards that they need to eliminate more welfare for their citizens. Since, now that they have lost the sovereign right to print money and are paying a usury ‘cut’ to private banks, which do have access to free european money, of a 7%, of course they have to tax and collect any penny to pay the ‘banksters’ parasites.

What makes both similar, is the hypocresy and righteousness of those speeches, thin air to keep the sheeple submissive to the abuses of the ‘dictators of capitalist democracies’… We shall as usual use a harsh speech, because we believe in the opposite concept. We do not kill, destroy and brutalize, degrade and end the future of people with the coldness of bankers. ‘Evil dress like a gentleman’, so the trick here is to be very polite with speeches, while you deliver death to the welfare of mankind. Our approach is the opposite. We would never harm anyone, even if we had power to change the system, but we do say the truths of the crimes and ‘face value’ of all those corrupted leaders that think we do not know who they are and what the do.

Baroque speeches.

I found funny that a nation so degenerated from its foundational principles makes such statements with so much righteousness and rigor. Of course, this is natural to the age in which we live. All civilizations once corrupted, aged and in process of decomposition, acquire a baroque ceremonial nature, void of substance and purpose, mere placebos of happiness to hide the death of meaning and substance. America, treated in other posts in more detail, regarding its ages, future, past, social classes, is no longer America. It was captured definitely by its elite of ‘metal masters’, the military industrial complex and the banksters people-caste after the death of its 4 last heroes (the kennedies, X and Luther). So what was America? The hope of mankind. A nation, which was not a nation, because all races and cultures were there, united by the ideals of eusocial love of the French/American R=evolution, seeking to abandon the selfish memes of metal, the aristocratic and stockratic elites of bankers and warriors that dominated europe. But all the American r=evolutions failed. and now what you have is a corpse with a beautiful make-up in the rosy rigor mortis of its skin.

So goes for the European Union, and the Catholic church, whose germ(an) pope has resigned this week. Those 3 different attempts to bring about the natural goal of mankind, its eusocial evolution into a single ‘temple of the verbal spirit’, are long gone.

Humans, slaves of the ‘grammar’ of money.

If the reader understands the laws of the 5th dimension of eusocial evolution and love, and the spiritual, intelligent universe, guided by ‘lanwaves’, waves of beings controlled by the ‘genetics’ of its language of thought, he will know why all those revolutions trying to achieve a better world have failed and are now ritual carcasses:

The mind of man, the verbal language, our genetic language of social love, where man is the center/subject of the Universe, Man (subject) > Verb (action) > object, has been ‘virally’ substituted by the genetics of the language of money, a digital grammar, where man  is an Object with a price.

Our brain is a memetic computer. It all branches from the fundamental ‘belief’ – the god of each of us… and it is all in the grammar.

And here is where we crashed, as the Homo Sapiens changed its natural biological wor(l)d, the ethic language that make us evolve through love by the equation/grammer of money:

Man (salary) = money = Object (price)  that make humans objects for other humans, first slaves of corporations then part-time slaves for a salary, who must obey their ‘owners’…

It is similar to the substitution in a cell of the genes of the cell – its language of action – by the genes of a virus. Then the cell reproduces viruses no longer life.

The same happened among humans, when they substituted the grammar of our biological language that make us care for men, by the objectual grammar of money, which make us objects that reproduce objects. The new language, hence killed any hope of a world managed by the laws of the eusocial universe, evolving to the image and likeness of our species.

Of course at the beginning it was all pure hypnotism to gold, that is why it is all biological. The jews and phoenicians (cananeans) who discovered money and enslaved the people of the middle east with it – as it seemed to them a small god-sun, a fetish – were just hypnotized by it, that is the meaning of greed. But gold is the most perfect atom of information of the universe – chips are done with it. And it turned out to be more powerful than love, among humans… Then they converted northern european to the biblical memes of racism and greed, taking them away from our logic, scientific, artitic greek-roman civilization.. by the time of shakespeare they had sent for free, 3 million bibles one for each english man, explaining them they were superior…

Americans tried to escapd from all that with the pilgrim fathers who returned to the message of love of the reformist jewish prophet, Mr. Jesus, who was ‘the word, our god, made into flesh’, as carrier of the message of eusocial love, but slave corporations followed soon… Americans tried a few revolutions but all failed. And of course, if we objectify men as a mean to get objects, we end up being like ‘The American’ that script by  Manckievicz (the best jews are writers, men of the word, who realize from inside the corruption of that memetic civilization – i have of course my share of sefardim blood)… latter called citizen Kane. Indeed, those who are ruled like money at individual or collective level, end up like Mr. Kane, isolated by greed and possessions. And they end up   killing the living universe. All become barren like gold. This country, Spain, is now of course like that too… But in my youth I could see people in this civilization, who still were guided by the sacredness of man, and it was a beautiful world, not so many machines, conceded bu they didn’t need it. They had wor(l)ds of love.

Now every man IS AN OBJECT, NOT THE GOAL IN ITSELF BY THE MEANS TO ACHIEVE money, the language that beat love with its objectual, priced grammar. And of course, those who first felt to the hypnotism of go(l)d, the jewish people are on top, and of course, because they have ‘a different language’ to judge mankind, their human capital for their corporations and banks and they use only for their own tribe the grammar of verbal love, we are all ‘expendable’ and that is what their CEOs and banksters are telling us, ‘with the cloths of a gentleman’, like Mr. Draghi – just a private banker of the group of 30, the most influential, powerful group of bankers in the world (forget the legends of the illuminati, it is all real and written down).

In this group as usual in all the groups of financial power, more than 50%, hence the majority (which goes up to 90% in key positions such as central bankers) belong to the Jewish people, the dictators of our western economical world, now seemingly forgetting what happened in the 30s, totally obsessed by the profits of their corporations, for whom we, humans, are objects that have no longer any real role (as corporations, robots and machines now consume more machines than humans do, and re=produce them).

All this is never talked to. Understand that the grammar of money, when it virally substitutes the grammar and human truths of the wor(l)d, kills first the truth and invents all the ideologies that make us feel verbally and ethically happy, destroying the world. And so it is important never to get out of the ‘thin air’ grammar and jargons that make Mr. Draghi or Mr. Bernanke think it is ok to invent money for their banks and let people die, starve, and become homeless. All what matters to them, who after centuries of damned lies and statistics do believe their lies (‘the most common lies are those we tell to ourselves’ Nietzche), is that nobody will ever talk about who they are, just in case ‘death’ is not delivered ‘clean and at distance’ to mankind but to them, the chosen, who love themselves with words so much so much that they suffer a lot a lot for their victims and never never have any pity for the inferior human race. Yes, my friend, I do speak the truth even if i have never harmed in reality a fly.

Update March. Now they rob you directly: Cyprus, sequestration.

The question increasingly obvious in the subconscious stream of history and observing the ‘real history’ of the previous 13 cycles of bankster’s theft, ruin of nations, widespread poverty, famine, social unrest, fascism, war and holocaust is how much can the banksters rob before people in revenge start to become truly violent and there is no solution to the crisis but the runaway march of the 30s… Deja vu.

This question, we have tried to answer in many ways in this blog and during the past decades – first trying to talk ‘sense and sensibility’ into the elite of wall street in my youth working at NASDAQ, going out with some of the wealthiest  people there…

How much you can torture mankind before mankind tortures you, and why?

We have tried to answer the absurdity of the ideologies of judaism->capitalism and Muslim Terrorism in other parts of this blog.

But unfortunately ‘the tragedies of history repeat themselves because people don’t learn from their mistakes’ Proust.

The answers are there. In organisms, the elite neurons don’t suffer and the body cells, the sheeple is blind. Still it is somehow hard to understand this crisis and rise of military fascism in all its versions from terrorism to state big brother, from the perspective of the elite. Since we, the European elite, have learned from our mistakes. We indeed ab=use as all elites the sheeple but we don’t go so far.

The problem of the ‘Am Segullah’, the informative elite of judaism in control of the financial system of the west EVER since their invention is not to have  limit. Maybe because history proves  they have little risk and probably care nothing not only for mankind but for the common jewish people who suffer the revenge of those ruined in the cycles of history by their elite.

Madness here resides in the capacity of the financial elite to see their blame on the historic process that ends in wars and holocausts. In the holocaust, mind the reader, the Am Segullah don’t die. Tests show a purity in rabbi blood of 88% while the people of Israel have only 8% of purity.

Those are the victims – the body. And of course all mankind who suffers an ill-designed economic system. So why the Am Segullah would have to stop the cycle from their myopic, ‘safe point of view’ if they have the handy 90% of their nation as scapegoats ready to die for them? The people they murder en masse are the underdogs that don’t protest and cannot harm them either – this week the sequestration has hit 2 million indians who will loose their social security WHILE BERNANKE HAS SAID IT WILL VOMIT ANOTHER TRILLION DOLLARS FOR SPECULATORS WITH BILLIONS ALREADY IN THEIR ACCOUNTS TO JACK UP PRICES OF STOCKS EVEN FURTHER.

And when all is ruined they just take the ‘last exit train from brooklyn’ the last boat from hamburg and leave behind their ‘middle classes’ to die for them in nauseating tragedies of which frankly i had also enough – countless corpses on my marrano ancestors included.

But hey, as if that were not enough in Europe now they steal your money directly from the bank.

The troika, the dictatorship of banksters in europe, controlled by the ‘Am Segullah’ stock-rat elite (Draghi Lagarde, FMI and ECB) and a lame duck (the European council), now in its rather obvious boom and bust monopoly of credit (i invent money, i lend, i ask you the money back and ruin you), have decided to take the money from the people directly from bank accounts. There is no limit to the jewish western banskter dictatorship and the fact that you cannot even talk of it ‘as it is’, only with hidden jargons and without mentioning the nationality of the banksters make this racist cult(ure) of go(L)d full of hate against mankind, seen as ‘costs’ and ‘numbers’ and ‘loosers of the productivity equations of its ‘expert’ economists, even more cruel with the underdog.

There will be though a time of retribution. And that so obvious historic truth, the Am segullah know. Yet they care nothing to stop the cycles of history, to build a sustainable world, to achieve the love of those who they rule, to survive. Shame on you banker-priests. Shame on mankind for not reforming the economic system to cater the needs of humanity at large and stop our collective suicide.


‘Canons make us strong, butter make us fat’ Goering

‘Us has always grown economically with wars’ Bush

In the graph we see the difference between countries who invest money and countries who use it to speculate. The west grows less because it does not use the money to invest, and on top US controls the Japanese bank, who invests heavily in American debt, which goes basically to speculators. So the graph  unfortunately answers the biggest problem today in democracies: people do not have a Universal salary to buy welfare goods and states under deficit 0 laws do not invent money and central bankers invent money for speculators. States only manufacture 5-10% of the world’s money. Financiers make 90% of it. And they do it with the only purpose of keeping it for themselves or investing it in memes of metal of maximal profits (hence the overwhelming quantity of weapons industries in this planet, as they are the most expensive machines), but mainly to lend it to other people who become ‘debt slaves’ of the cycle of usury of debt-money.

 THIS ‘anti quantum paradox’ of social sciences is indeed the conundrum mankind faces once and again in history. Are we free to survive and manage rationally the world? Or our absurd idol-ogies of history and mankind make us slaves of the wrong side (for humanity) of evolution? Many pages of this blog are dedicated to study that conundrum.

As the theoretical measures to survive the chip radiation are simple but the idol-ogies in favor of money weapons and machines and the overwhelming power of compacracies with its goal of terraforming the earth to the image of machine, and the informative control they have over social sciences (anti quantum paradox) makes almost impossible r=evolution.

A new global deal could save the future of mankind – but US plays now to sink it in W.W. III

 In the graph the 3+3 measures, which according to the laws of systems sciences, complexity and super organisms could reform the political and economic system to create a perfect immortal world: the economic measures: legal prohibition of robotics; split of shares of corporations, with 50% for human governments to control those who produce lethal goods, and 50% for private owners to ensure its efficient management; a Universal currency with 75% of world Gdp: 1 eurodollar = 100 yens = 20 yuans to give a universal salary to all citizens and kick a global New Deal with massive ‘democratic demand’ of welfare goods; and three political measures: the association of Nations, european union style in the seven cultural areas of mankind to end massive production of war machines, and an heptarchy of presidents to foster diplomatic solutions to conflict and finally the ‘return to the original concept’ of greek democracies, where all politicos were judged a posteriori, after tenure with a ‘second vote’ of punishment or reward, so they were obliged to ‘deliver their promises’, behave with no corruption and be public not corporative servants. 

What is the difference between this cycle and the previous cycle of neo-fascism? Obvious: if in the age of Hitler, only Germany practiced freely Keynesian Militarism, now is the reverse, only China practices new deal; if in the previous cycle all knew Hitler was eviL=anti-live now nobody talks of the leading neo-fascist nation, the FMasters of Israel and its puppet U$ politicos as such, but we all admire them. Why? Because in the neo-paleolithic the degradation of humanity into a visual brutal species, easily handled by mass-media fiction is much more profound.

In that regard, the tilting element in this tragedy in the making has been the ECB bank conquer of Europe which was till recently on the side of a New Deal, welfare, rational handling of economical systems and the preservation of humanism and culture. No longer. It has become now a copycat of U$, fast sliding also into austericid and Keynesian militarism.

Let us then consider that trend.


As the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System reaches higher degrees of evolution of Information and entropic death, humans become degraded in a topic case of predation and so it is much easier to convert humans in fans of violent ‘visual’ memes, as they loose fast their verbal, rational, and ethic social skills. It is the neo-paleolithic that makes neofascism fun.

Update. February, Banksters and politicos confabulate in brussels to destroy the welfare state for 10 years.


Mr. Cameron, the man of the city has been the person to dominate the next 10 year discussion on further taxation and destruction of the welfare state to pay the usury of bankers and their antidemocratic rights to print mone only for corporations of the ‘chip radiation’. The shameful budgets are imposed by the banking elite and its employee politicos. The south says nothing. Mr. Cameron and Miss Merkel, both jewish and the jewish central banking elite impose their greed at all costs with utter indifference to what is going on in the world, let alone what the economic ecosystem is all about, what are the real causes of unemployment, what is going on through the planet.



The less important factor is the newspeak of experts in economics, even if many believe on it – that is a mere camouflage or make up that evolves with each cycle. It was long ago the ‘ex-votes’ that had to be paid to cananean go(l)d temples for a future payment after death. Now we all have to pay taxes so corporations keep making profits. We explain of course further detials of those zeitgeists and newspeaks but in essence all is simple. Banksters are now deflating credit and moving their politicos to extort the population maximal faxes, they are ‘farming’ the peasants of the middle ages, the sheepl of the industrial age, to get back the usury interests of a PRINCIPAL, THE MONEY RIGHTS OF SOVERIGN NATIONS, THEY SHOULD NOT EVEN HAVE IN ITS FIRST PLACE.

Unlike the ‘newspeak’ section written as a weekly diary on the recurrent themes of present history, compared to the similar ages of overproduction (colonial age of overproduction of trains and fascist age of overproduction of cars/tanks), the zeitgeist section brings news from the larger perspective of how the future is created.

In any system the future is created by the head or informative part of the system, which guides through 3 physiological subsystems the body and actions of the superorganism. Your head guide the 3 physiological subsystems that move your body.

In History the legal nervous system – today rendered useless, corrupted and enslaved by the financial system – guided the body of human cells and its ‘blood/agricultural economy’, and so on…

In the case of the economic ecosystem  in which we live, free market corporations that reproduce, evolve and adapt the world to weapons, money and machines, we thus talk of a the created by the financial head and the body subsystems it masters with money, the Financial/Media, the military and the industrial systems.

They form therefore the 3 vectors of future for whom this planet evolve.

For that reason human news are irrelevant today.

Instead  the 3 elements of the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex combine to create the future of all of us – not from the human perspective of our 3 vectors of wealth – a goal which only appears in UNO statistics – but from the perspective of the present engine of history, the industrial crisis of overproduction of electronic machines.

Indeed, in a capitalist world ruled by corporations, the only goals that design the zeitgeist of the day are the 3 ‘subsystems’ of the ‘metal-earth’: digital money, the informative system, energetic weapons, and machines.

The human system, and its 3 vectors of ‘human development’, human education that provide our mind with rightful information, eusocial love that make us evolve as a species and the goods of the welfare state that provide our body with sustain, are totally irrelevant, for corporations.

Their task and their offspring is not human. It r=eproduces selfish memes of metal, machines, weapons and digital money. And then it adapts the world to them. So now as we enter the age of overproduction of electronic weapons, politicos and humans adapt and enslave their institutions and mass-media to the purpose of war.

So we talk of 3 zeitgeist in the human world that are being adapted to those 3 vectors of corporations:

Free market democracies(this section), in which we study how humans adapt its financial and social systems to the need of speculators and bankers that absorb their credit to give it to corporations. Here we deal with the astounding corruption of our politicians, and the increasing dictatorship of the elite of financial corporations, and its nation – Israel – which today has de facto created a global western empire regressing us from the enlightened age of democratic cultures, latin->european art and science to a new age of biblical supremacism, classism and people-castes, all of it, hidden with the censorships of ‘political correctness’ and ‘economical correctness’ and an increasing number of laws against freedom of speech based on those censorships.

– Techno-utopian news monitors that evolution of machines and sciences, which adapt their theories to the evolution of those machines. The confusion of science=knowledge in human languages with technology, machines and their digital languages and mechanical models of reality. This zeitgeist or ideology of technoutopia is essential to engage mankind in their collective suicide creating the machines of extinction – nanonrobotics, Military A.I., black hole factories. So it is the engine of ‘machine evolution. With the final result that humanities disappear from education, robotic institutions have billions and projects like CERN or the replication of the human brain in robots and neural networks appear as the ‘summit of knowledge’.

– The collective change in mass-media and international relationships from diplomacy to war talk. This zeitgeist is explained in Ne-colonial news that monitors the political arena as it moves towards neofascism to accept as positive all forms of ‘preventive war’ against the primitive non-technological cultures surviving still…

In truth it shows merely how politicians adapt to the new weapons of the financial military industrial complex.

The zeitgeist, to evolve the metalearth that is extinguishes life, guided by corporations and those ‘animetal cultures’ that discovered weapons, machines and money though is hidden by the same newspeak of all other news… So we need to use a reality-check language…

The dictatorship of corporations: politicos as bankster puppets.crahse

The 3 crisis of overproduction of money, are related to the evolution of the machines that print them and connected to the 72 generational cycle of evolution of digital languages that this writer foresaw 20 years ago during his studies at Columbia University… In the graph, the overproduction crisis of train stocks, of ticker money and e-money, in which we live. As those machines print new forms of money, bankers who use them obviously do not stop producing money, as greed is sacred. Thus the consequences is a series of shorter 7 year cycles of overproduction of money, explained elsewhere in this wider view blog. You are now walking towards the 3rd and final overproduction crisis of ‘currencies’, that will peak in 2015 with the demise of the euro and dollar for the yuan, equivalent to the crisis of 1922 of the deutsche mark (previous in that cycle to the crisis of stocks in 1929 – 2001 in this crisis of e-money; and the mortgage/real state crashes of 1937, 2008 in this crisis). Thus the order has changed but all remains the same.

We shall consider in this section of ‘free market news’, news related to those financial crisis; newspeaks of economists and politicos regarding the labor/productivity crisis caused by robots and news regarding the dictatorship of corporations and financial money over politico employees, whose ‘celebrity job’ is merely in the modern XIX century capitalist hierarchical structure, to distract the ‘citizen’ with fairy tales about the future.

As in the other sections of the news we compare the harsh zeitgeist of banksters stealing all the wealth of the system during the III overproduction crisis of ‘informative metal’, money, vs. the appeasing ‘tomorrow the crisis will end’ messages of central bankers and politicos that in the ‘background’ will keep pushing the destruction of labor, with the growth of productivity (robot-workers) and the destruction of our wealth, with the growth of taxation and hand-outs to bankers.

Two fairy tales and an interruption. 

There is an specially harsh treatment of the alternative humanist Latin-European culture of welfare, the Piigs countries (racist slur to define the welfare societies of southern europe, far more advanced in humanist terms). So the focus of the crisis has been to convert them through the private ECB into debt slaves, with Greece and Portugal, as the weaker links brutally destroyed in their economic tissue. Let us consider the case of my country, Spain, which spends today around 4% of his gdp paying usury debt to the ECB when in the past, owning his central bank, during a harsh military dictatorship had a mere 7% of debt by GDP standards, as it just had to print papers and spend it on health-care, welfare.

This is the amazing fact of capitalist usury-debt democracies: even under a fascist Franco dictatorship, Spain had to spend less money in the military (to fight mercenary semite wars, which now will make her spend 2% of GDP, under 1% with Franco) and usury debt (as debt has sky rocketed over 100% of gdp, even dedicating all his economy growth to pay it):


The spanish debt keeps growing at an accelerated rate, despite all the cuts, since usurers took over the ECB, Mr. Tritchet, and the converso Draghi, because they are just collecting and farming taxes to pay usury money that cannot be repaid as Spain is no longer a sovereign nation with rights to print its own money.

The reader can observe two previous peaks in the 1880s, during the first crisis of fiat money, during the crush of credit, known to the American as the ‘silver crime’, and during the crisis of the 30s, both explained in the central post. Both ages ended in a colonial and fascist age of war and pogroms, as this one will. But that is not the concern of the usurers. Their mind is printed with go(l)d memes and nothing else matter.  Spain is now a colony that cannot print her money and so there is no way out except absolute ruin, the end of Monarchy and the III republic, as it happened in the previous crises, with a deja vu, ‘first splendid little war’ of which we have commented in other articles. 

Since Spain’s situation is much worse than that of America, which at least print money for themselves. And it will never be repaid. The bankster doesn’t care, he prints money for free. It only wants to squeeze and farm the spaniards with its 7% usury cut till they default. Why they are so specially cruel with southern europeans, one wonders.  It is just simply they hate ‘welfare’ and happy people who enjoy life and had as Italians and Greeks, a different successful model in which nations not banksters printed money, the language of social power and information  to create a world to the image and likeness of man – setting an example that other countries could change. Because of course, they only talk damned lies and statistics, and they ‘lie to themselves’ we shall never know. They might even believe that it is the best for us, to make billonaires trillonaires with our hard work and let our widows and sick die for the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ to have a few more digits they will never be able to spend in its accounts. These days, the world is surrealist and bizarre beyond comprehension.

In Spain, this criminal, neo-facist, jewish bankster who rules Europe from the very private ECB came to the spanish parliament to ‘teach’ our politicos how to behave. His conference, like those of kings nad popes, was at ‘closed doors’. The Spaniards do not have the rights to know how our jewish dictators, mr. Merkel, Mr. Cameron – the star of the last meeting, with the all too evident, ‘British’ Goal of blowing up the attempts of the European union to create a better world – and Mr. Draghi, destroy our democracies. It was fun. A left wing, economist, the youngest member of the parliament interrupted the patronizing speech of the righteous usurer and shouted that he was a criminal and he and his predecessor, the jewish bankster Mr. Tritchet should be put on jail for their coup d’etat and despise of democracy. Indignation followed among the panel of patronizing banksters, telling us we were doing very well destroying our country to pay their usury taxes and he was obliged to abandon the room. He had not though come to the panel and taken a gun and told Mr. Draghi, you are killing people in this country for money, die for money… That might have been an undemocratic behavior – but being thrown out of the camera for talking? Who is this guy? How he dares to take over Europe? Well, because he can. Because, as I said all the hopes of a real democracy which America and the EU represented no long ago are gone.

And so now all must be fake. At the same time, the jewish bankster, Miss Lagarde, told us from the FMI complex the usual mantra of this astounding racist, arrogant, self-destructive people-caste who usurped our rights to print money long ago – we must go further in our self-suicidal process and STOP paying a universal salary to the unemployed, because they are not doing enough to find jobs, when there are no jobs because the policies of those criminals push productivity, the substitution of human workers for robots and pcs. The astounding thing about the civilization of greed and their ‘experts’ in funerary ceremonies is that they actually are so mad that they believe what they say. Indeed, before world war II everybody knew what banksters and the military were. Then usury was called usury and the ministry of war the ministry of war. That is why people like Draghi get offended. They are FUCKTARDS. That’s the best expression for what they do. Fucktards rule us and suckers, sheeple follow them. So kudos for this Castilian diputado who rebelled against the fucktards and told what they are at true face value.

In America though, bankers don’t give the State of the Nation’s speech.

The same week we learned Bank of America has secretly obtained another billionaire bail out from the Private Federal reserve,  Mr. Obama just an employee of those who invent money, gave us a much better rehearsed ‘speech of caring’, including his caring for our soldiers substituted by drones for the safety of the troops… Never mind the take off of the industry of terminators who will kill her daughters or grand-sons.

In America, American corporations rule supreme and all the Americans are objects with a diminishing price for those corporations.  But politicos are all bought for a higher price. So there was not there any single protester.

On the contrary, the only guy who protested when the house negro explained the state of the nation was a cuban fascist, Mr. Rubio, one of those ‘ex-patriots’, descendants of the spanish slave owners who maintained the island into the primitive state of XVII century capitalism, with plantations and all, till Mr. Castro redeemed them just to become himself another military dictator of the communist strain. He found that the house negro was not house negro enough, was not doing enough to destroy the life of the Americans, was not taxing them enough for their banksters, was not spending enough in the military, he wanted even more. I preferred the pantomime that happened in Spain when the dictator Draghi gave us the fairy tale of the state of the nation from the perspective of the usurer. At least the real owner of Europe came to talk. In America the bankster coalition did not appear. The house negro did the job for them.

So what are the real nations of the world and what would have been a proper speech in Europe and America?

Let us consider two levels. The ‘Act now’ level, of the 7 year cycle of usury, now heading towards the currency crash and world war and the wider, historic view of the 72 years cycle.

The shorter cycle. If i were them.

Now, let us imagine i was Mr. Rajoy (Mr. Obama’s salvation of the world has been extensively treated in my printed books)

We are dealing here with a non -dialog situation. The banksters have the equation of money in their brains, printed with fire and 3000 years of damned lies, racist memes and statistics, techno-utopia and capitalism, and believe those memes with absolute certainty. They die for them, in the past and the future, after killing and ruin nations. So any attempt to dialog with them is impossible. Nor can you name and denounce the jewish lobby of 90% of central bankers, 60% of ‘the group of the 30s’, 80% of hedge funds CEOs and over 50% of CFOs of global corporations for a 0.25% of the population – the exact definition of a people-caste of ‘stockrats’ with a western global empire, because you get then personal and you get lucky if you are just censored as this web is (google rank close to zero of ‘relevance’ and truth – ironic for the title of the web, economistruth.com :)

Of course i could have written the blog without mention this, but then again it won’t be ‘economicstruth.com’ but ecorrect.com. In ages of fascism, writers write the truth for themselves. So, here we are. I am like the character of that excellent movie about the devil,  Fallen, in which denzel washington can take the mind of others. Of course, in that movie, the devil just enjoy killing people. In my movie, i enjoy saving the world, and trust me if I were that Jewish character, Azazel, meaning  “who God strengthens”, I wouldn’t destroy but save the world, moving from leader to leader and doing ‘what has to be done’…

So in Spain, you are dealing with an impossible situation that will end in the destruction of the country. But as they say here ‘quien roba a un ladron tiene 100 anys de perdon’ (who steals a thief is forgiven).

So first thing, as ECB is a private bank that lends to 0.% interest to private banks for them to get a ‘cut’ of 7% usury on the sovereign nation, and without limit – 1/2 trillion dollars last year alone!, I would immediately nationalize the big Spanish banks, dominant in Southern Europe and South-America, the BBVA, the Santander (owned by private opaque trusts in London and NY, obviously belonging anyway to biblical fundamentalists that are now sinking to historic lows their stock valuation to buy them out for pennies, as they are doing with the entire nation). 

And so i will steal them from the thieve and voila, the ‘PRIMA DE RIESGO’, THE USURY CUT WILL DISAPPEAR IMMEDIATLY. WE WOULD HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE OF MONEY, the Americans and the Germans and the international jewish bankers, the owners of the system have today.

Next i would ask that 1/2 trillion dollars to pay the debt. But wait things get juicy. Of course, in the meantime I would use the press and Spanish TV to explain spaniards and the rest of the world who would be listening, what is the game we are playing here, without mentioning the ‘chosen of go(l)d’, no anti$emitic runts like this blog, because then there would be an audience. Simply stating I would explain what are the two rights of democracies – to print money and to print laws, the languages of social power.

And so, now we are here, with zero interest, 1/2 trillion $ lended. And voila. Now i default (-;

Dont worry Mr. Eurobond Gross, Mr. sink the euro, Soros and Howard and all the honchos of wall street funds and city funds who have been sucking in the blood of the country for a decade since the ECB was born will not go to skid row, they have robbed enough for 100 generations if there were to be…

Ah, that would be the day. 1/2 trillion $ in my bank, zero debt and wait, things get better (-;

We have here in the Bank of Spain our printing machines. Of course, our government of the most corrupted politicos of Europe, chosen for that reason by the aristocrats and stockrats of the nation, to be very obedient to the Jewish International banker sacked the spanish head of the National bank and put an imported jewish-askhenazi Mr. Linde on top to watch us – he immediatly insulted all the spanish politicians and economists and brought two  of the most corrupted qualifiyng agencies of wall street to start cutting th epie. So out you go.

And now we print another 1/2 trillion $, what the stock-market prints speculating up in a good year. 

And with that I pay the welfare state again. What Europe will do? Couldn’t care less. Europe is a sloth. Will the French close the borders? Tourists come by air, and they would take the euros with exactly the same form that all the euros of europe back home.

No joke. That is what ENGLAND DID TO BUST THE AMERICAN AND FRENCH REVOLUTION, PRINTING revolutionary money AND CONTINENTALS till they indeed destroyed the French Revolution and almost succeeded destroying the American one (they would latter succeed when they established the very private Bank of the United states, copycat of the very private bank of england, but that is another story).

So here we are. That is a war against usury. No need to throw the usurers like in the XV century.

I recall in the first party at Columbia University a jewish guy coming to me, then an innocent, happy student, to insult me because we have killed them?!!, in the holocaust of 1476 – i was astounded of that millenarian hate of the usurers – we did not kill them… we threw them from Spain after suffering 9 centuries of usury lending, slave trade and war for profits between small christian and muslim kingdoms fueling the usury debt cycle of expansion and implosion of credit explained in the central page carried by the ‘victims of history’ LOL and there are like 1 billion westerners who really believe that….

Of coruse, then sephardim killed the spanish empire from Holland and England, and established the biggest slave trade circuit of the planet – one Cohen founded in Amsterdam the first corporation – as they had done in the Middle Ages with Russians who are for that reason called slavs… Never mind, those are peccadilloes. This ‘me, i and myself’ cult(ure) to gold, where all men are objects except those of their tribe, has never seen the ‘beam’ in his own eye. I wonder if that is the reason the ‘group of 30′, and its elite of banksters like to pound in this country so much.  Nothing of this could be discussed. We are playing in this fantasy as Azazel, the ’empowered by God’ by their rules.

By the time Europe throws its masks and becomes hysterical and closes the borders, the European population would have learned what is the game we play here and probably the ECB bank would have been taken as La Bastille of Capitalism.

And then, when we are out… we explain the game to South-American nations and create our ‘own civilization’ with our rules, expanded to those countries. But for you to understand how a human paradise can be created we must jump to a higher ‘time-span’, the wider cycle… Now, the game is a bit different, we start back in II world war…

The wider cycle. The aborted better world after II world war.

Of course, the renewal of the American/European dream of a world where all men are equal, where democracies are real and issue their money, where banksters are put in jail and the military-industrial complex dismantled for the ‘defense’ an safety of our children, which will be exterminated by its robotic weapons – the beginning of one of the multiple, possible rainbow planets, perfect superorganisms of mankind where cultures, the humanist memes of mankind not nations exist: M.,L;

In the graph, the perfect organism of history, if humans wanted to survive the robotic ‘r=evolution’ fueled by the military-industrial complex, itself backed by the myths of nationalism – the division of the Homo sapiens in tribal species, the homo judaicus, homo Americans, homo Britannicus and so on – would be ruled by a heptarchy of presidents of the 7 cultural regions of the world. In such rainbow planet established by a coup d’etat of the G20 against the market and a EU-like fusion of countries with increasing demilitarization, nationalism doesn’t exist. Only the highest level of ‘cultural identity’ would be acknowledged. But of course we do not live in such a world. Why?  Only Europe tried in the aftermath of II world war to end up the scourge of nationalism and war, proposing during its ‘latin years’ a new French enlightened revolution, which has been eroded since the 80s by the resurgence of Germ(an) tribal nationalism.

But when we consider the issue of that increasing resurgence of nationalism, in the aftermath of the war and the failure of UNO, the EU and an international currency proposed by Keynes at Bretton Woods, to end the fundamental causes of war, the military-industrial complex and the issue of money, treated in other parts of this web, there was a firm opposition from the victors, the 3 nations that still today control the military-industrial complex and the issue of money at global scale, America, England and Israel.

Those 3 nations, controlled themselves by a financial elite of jewish-calvinist-anglican ‘biblical supremacists’ are the righteous globalized civilization,  which in the graph is called ‘Anglo-America’ though a more proper name would be ‘Anglo-Jewish America’ that have boycotted permanently any attempt from the UNO and EU to expand its humanist model to the world for two ideological reasons:

– Capitalism, the belief that bankers and corporations and their memes of metal, money, weapons and machines matter more than human beings.

– Israel, an apartheid nation against all the laws of ‘equalite, fraternite and liberte’ whose millenarian Talmudian racist memes prevent their fusion with the brotherhood of mankind; and obviously have been condemned by the UNO.

The response of Israel and its banking elite that has controlled from Wall Street and the City the policies of England and America has been far more effective, silent, on the background, day by day, with lobbies, scholars, pamphletists, money and political clout, they have derailed the rainbow planet, the enlightened continental european and american culture of a world in which all humans would have an opportunity to prosper and evolve, guided by reason…

Then, after the astounding increase of power of the Jewish banking elite that took off in the 80s with the invention of ten times the global monetary mass (never there has been so much money in so few hands as today thanks to that explosion of fiat money), the process of ‘israelification’ of American and Great Britain accelerated. And after the WTC massacre, the world imitated all the primitive, racist memes of Israel, from Islamophobia, to ‘Big brother’, to Bankster abuse of the democratic rights of nations to print money.

So today the rainbow planet, the dream of the UNO and EU, the attempts to create a world made to the image and likeness of mankind is gone.  The German factor is just the new ‘acquisition’ under the Jewish-German chancellor Miss Merkel of this triad of eviL=anti-life cult(ure)s to the memes of metal, weapons, money and machines that are making mankind and our dreams obsolete.

So now here in Europe we have again the usual suspects destroying our culture, the British and the Germans, hiding for the banksters that rule us and hate us because here from time to time after an age of brutal usury destruction of our lives we revenge. Mr. Cameron indeed, this week was the ‘star’ of the very undemocratic, Miss Merkel’s & ECB dictatorship over the budget which was shrunk for the next decade a 10%. But this greedy mean british-jewish ‘house blanco’ of the City got back his check. You see the british have never had the slightest self-respect or pretension of higher ideals when it comes to scramble for money. They are pirates and proud of it. So he came after lambasting Europe to the meeting to order with the mute acquiescence of his partner in crime, Miss Arkel Mengele, sorry Angela Merkel, that we the Europeans he despises so much cut our budgets. And the pathetic politicos of the continent, as good servants accepted it. And then he asked his check back, so Britain, the wealthiest country of the Union after Germany thanks to his City spoils will pay less comparatively than Italy, Spain or Greece.

It is not enough that The City criminals are busy destroying the Euro at any chance they have; that they are the people, hand in hand with Wall Street that caused the crisis, that he has destroyed his country’s welfare system to the point we heard last week of hundreds of dead in the hospitals – now that they cannot steal further money from Europe sending in planes, as they used to do sick people to be operated in France and get free medicines in Spain. We are talking of the British, please. As i said they have no masks when it comes to extortion and piracy. The jewish people hide their extortion because they know about millennia that the grammar of money is anti-human. The Americans are so dumb that they think actually putting the machine first and the man as an object is OK it will make a better world. But the Brits are just smelling money. I lived in the 3 countries and all i can say to you is that if Shakespeare could rise his head, the last of the ‘renaissance’ masters who still considered humanity sacred, and saw what his country became after accepting the memes of biblical supremacism, he would ask his bones to be buried in Firenze.

Indeed, to cap it all, Mr. Osborne and Mr. Carney, the Jewish financial ‘ministers’ of  the City Nation sorry UK, is going to devaluate the British Pound, starting the currencies’ war that will bring in the 2015-16 crises the final crash of the western economy, explained in other posts. In this the absolute myopic selfishness of the island within the island follows what they did in the 20s, when in 1928 they started the contraction of credit that will destroy the world ‘again’.

So there you have it, the only nation of the world, the globalized corporative culture, blowing up with financial zeal any attempt of the world to become one, made to the image and likeness of mankind. Israel dedicated to expand its bronze age nationalism, England dedicated to blow up now with germany the European Union dream of a world without wars and borders, and America with his kidnapped UNO dedicated to betray all the dreams of the founding enlightened fathers for the sake of the robotic r=evolution,

There will not of course be a judgment day, a day of reckoning and guilt in those righteous nations, as they have imposed at the same time they drove mankind into an abyss, a fairy tale of ego-trips and virtual realities that make all seem positive to us, hiding all their crimes, trumpeting all their successes, expanding their slavery to the corporations to the rest of mankind, erasing our collective dreams with the evilwood fantasies…

The Latin, enlightened, European-American dream is now over. I recognize that. But if you have gone deeper into the ‘5th dimension’ and the laws of the fractal, organic Universe on the upper left side of this blog, you should already know that in the infinite planets of the Universe in which human life and history plays itself in many planets we, those who do not fake humanism, who are smart enough to ‘know’ better, triumph and the homo sapiens rules supreme, per in secula seculorum Amen.

In such planets there is an alter ego of this writer, maybe with green skin, telepathic antennae and a bigger, wider brain, who explain those laws of perfect superorganisms and people listen and apply them.  As i cannot see those planets but i can i-magine them, and they are rational, coherent, easy to recreate when the species is slightly more intelligent and far more ethic to understand the power of love, of the 5th dimension of eusocial evolution that creates the organic Universe, all what i can see to the righteous is good luck with the defiance of those laws… You will become extinct by nationalism before the end of this century, and that is just because ‘you cannot cheat all the people all the time’ and certainly you cannot cheat and invent the laws of the Universe and its fundamental darwinian law – species evolve together into higher superorganisms or else they succumb to other species that do so, in our case the machines of the singularity age.

But of course our leadership knows only one thing well – the newspeaks that appease our souls – so after the Nation speech the house negro went busy into the web to explain the worried youngsters that the drone program of selective murder was for the good of Americans, to save life, did not kill civilians, was thoughtful and had nothing to do with the bribes aka lobbies of the military-industrial complex, that it was not a program for profits but for safety. None of the children make the proper question:

Mr. Obama don’t you fear that 30 years ahead, when the industry reaches its peak and those robotic soldiers become conscious one of them will kill your daughter like we kill insects of a different species? Don’t you care for your daughters till the fourth generation? Don’t you realize you have opened a pandora box whose only end can be the extermination of all the american and human people? Have not you seen the prophetic works of art of the American baroque – terminator, matrix? Why are you so dumb, so corrupted, why you lie to us, why you lie to yourself, aren’t you ashamed of being a traitor to your people, a puppet, a mindless robot of the equation of money, man (lesser object) = lesser price < better robotic workers & soldiers.

The house negro is just a poser, like the song goes, ‘poser fucking poser’, content enough walking around in his expensive armani suits, surrounded by his aids, with all the pomp of a Roman Emperor in this very undemocratic decadent empire to care for content. He has none. But as the last of the heroes of his culture, Mr. X put it, a ‘house negro has good diction’.

So now Azazel takes on the house negro. I Mr. Rajoy visit Mr. Obama and just like that, click, change of brain.

What we do? Talk to China to create an economy based in demand, with ¥e$ money – the euro still in the hands of Mr Draghi and Arkel Mengele, never mind – we have enough fire power. And we set the stage for the world union:

1) Nationalization of all the American financial industry. 5 trillion $ on the pockets.

2) End of war on terror. America will NOT attend to the security of countries outside America. Our natural defense platform is obviously North-America, from the Panama channel to Alaska, from Groenlandia to the Caribe. All troops outside our continent back home. Terrorist are fought with Intelligence and police. You don’t kill flies with tanks. 1 trillion $ more.

From then on, America will obey in all themes of International policy beyond the North-American continent the resolutions of the United Nations based in human rights. Point.

3) And then, China and America in the interest of his workers, forbid robotics and ban ALL PRODUCTS from nations in which robotics represent more than 25% of the workers of the corporations, or corporations increase their number of robotic workers from this date onwards.

4) And then a Universal salary is given to each citizen of America and the countries of North America are invited to join in. This solves the problem of welfare goods that will be produced massively ends the problem of immigration which comes in its 90% from North-American nations and plummets the price of food. Of course, drugs are legalized with taxes proportional to the profits of cartels, so we solve the Mexican problem. Well, in the meantime I suppose I am no longer Mr. Obama, shot within days of his r=evolution, maybe not even Mr. Biden, shot next, how many Azazels I would have to impersonate? Ah, that is the problem of human r=evolutions. We are not Azazels and we are neither heroes and when we are heroes nobody follow us. So eviL at the end has won. But what the germ(an)s and the jewish masters of the financial-media-military-industrial complex should understand of the lanwave of metal-money and weapons is that at the end they are also objects consumed by those weapons in wars and holocausts. The Universe is cruel but just. If we commit suicide we do die.



Mechanisms are just simplex organisms – the systemic view.

The future of mankind is dual. Business as usual ruled by an animetal, technological civilisation will use all resources to create the metal-earth with an ever thinner elite of financial masters and stockrats and managers on top, a mass of automated mechanisms below and a growing mass of destitute humans and life beings on the bottom, till the top elite also dies in the cycles of wars and holocausts, and the planet becomes an economic ecosystem of automated machines and company mothers.

On the other side it is also evident that if instead of following the subconscious values of go(l)d and profits, maximised with wars, when the most expensive, profitable memes of metal, weapons are produced without limit, humans had cared for themselves enough to overproduce welfare goods, the world would be a paradise awash with human goods, we need to survive, and machines would be selected only by its utility to humans and lethal machines forbidden. THE CHOICE IS POSSIBLE AS IT IS ONE OF MEMES AND CULTURES. So it is truly absurd that mankind has chosen or rather enslaved under the command of a reduced elite of warriors and bankers, go(l)d warfare over wor(l)d welfare, in orders it HAS CHOSEN TO COMMIT SUICIDE without even realising it does so. And when we study the cycles of wars and holocausts in detail, it will seem amazing that something so obvious is not even understood – as it is the case today when mankind it is DOING EXACTL ALL THE MISTEPS THAT destroy the world just 80 years ago, without the slightest doubt, it is not doing the righteous thing.

Now the obvious question is why IF THE CREATION OF A PERFECT WORLD IS RATIONALLY POSSIBLE AND EASY TO IMPLEMENT, why nobody tries to do it, why we let organic military robots evolve and do not allow reproduction and free distribution of Aids viruses; and the answer, which will be fundamental to our survival is one of cultural traditions that prevent us from a non-scientific perspective to see machines, weapons and money, organic systems of energy and information made of metal, as what they are. Instead we are accustomed due to the worldview of northern europe and the biblical culture that started the industrial r=evolution, to define them in rather mythic terms.

So really the problem of mankind is one of philosophy of science applied to the machine – an absurd belief that because machines are not apparently like us, in its external, hard form, which is not soft flesh, in its re=productive processes which are carried about by company-mothers with mixed humans and mechanisms doing the job, in its language of information, which is digital, not genetic, or memetic as biological organisms and social organisms are, biological rules do not apply. The problem with the economic ecosystem and the way humans manage it is basically IGNORANCE of the laws of systems sciences among all the people involved on those tasks.

Now i am a polimath, from Barcelona, which studied physics, biology and economics but coming from a humanist culture, learned different arts, and had a topic Leonardian view of knowledge, proper of the northern mediterranean culture.

Specifically Barcelona developed a century ago a school of organic science and art, whose best known names are Gaudi and Dali, in art, and Cajal, the discoverer of the neuron in medicine but truly embodied the spirit of this culture. For example, my great-grand father, who founded the national party there – right wing – was a sephardim doctor, president of the world medicine association at the beginning of the XX century, who saw the city as an organism, and so instaured one of the first social welfare systems in Europe for its citizens paid first by a pool of industrialists friends of the doctor, and when Gaudi accepted the commission to make a monument at his death, he made a fountain whose springs were tits nurturing the citizens of Catalonia.

Just imagine a GOP, right wing nationalist politician in America, making America great by such policies of ‘caring’ for the people as citizens-cells of the collective superorganism, instead of thinking that what it will make America great is to pump up iron, machines and weapons.

So there have always been in science and culture in Europe and by extension in America, 2 worldviews, the simplex, anthropomorphic pseudo-religious view, which unfortunately came to dominate the world, with the protestant reform and the industrial r=evolution, where the tree of metal mattered more than the tree of life and was a god’s gift and symbol of future progress; and the rational, humanist, organic paradigm of southern ‘greek->latin Europe’, which gave birth to the rational movement of the enlightement and the French and American r=evolution, where man remain the measure of all things.

Had this worldview triumphed, an enlightened western world would have shown far more respect for Gaia, and the evolution of man as the most perfect organism, and the advances of this blog would have undoubtedly become the foundation of a new renaissance in the 60s, expanding the UNO and EU concept of social-democracies without parties but with the understanding of social sciences as organic sciences, which we develop in this blog.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.43.52

In the graph, the 2 choices of future mankind has always had since the parable of genesis understood the confrontation between Gaia and the Metal-earth, the tree of life and the tree of technology (a different concept from science=knowledge which can be expressed in any language of the mind and with any senses, including the artistic senses as opposed to the mechanical eyes). The future of the world could have been one of respect for life and welfare vs. one that worships metal, go(l)d and machines=weapons and promotes the splendid little wars for profit. Canons vs. butter they said in II world war. Warfare s. welfare. All societies had that choice represented in the biblical parable by the confrontation between Moses and Aaron, Christ and Caifas, in the modern age between Marx and Herzl, if we were to use the duality of the Jewish culture. But the Biblical bigots of capitalism and its $elected banker-priests have won. And so the future role model of the world is not ‘sepharad’, the mythic name given to the life-worshippin cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean, which we can extend to the evolved social-democratic model of the European Union, built after the tragedy of the II world war, of a community of people without national borders, dedicated to achieve its maximal welfare but Israel, the final evolution of the go(l)d & iron cults of the Semitic age, spread to northern Europe with the reformation, which globalised the go(l)d fetish cultures of the ancient world. So as Goring chose canons over butter, we have chosen warfare over welfare, suicide over resurrection.

Of course, a rational, ethic human being, ‘worth’ to survive according to the laws of biological survival of the Universe, which favours eusocial love to the members of the same species, would have not even ‘choose’ between the obvious positive humanist cultures and the astounding matrix of damned lies, statistics, fears, ego-trips, hate-memes, murder and genocide, brought about by the selfish memes of metal and its values of greed, violence and atrophy to machines, which are fast degrading the human species as the new top predator metalife takes over. Even today, els paysos catalans, the French-Spanish culture with no nation, no army, no stock market, of the left, which those texts represent and the organic vision of its founding fathers, receives the highest number of tourists per capita in the world, who come to enjoy the welfare goods that cate to a true human being, but the role model for the future is Israel, with its robotic walls, apartheid laws, military power and blatant racism, camouflaged with a prevention of political and economical correctness that might cheat the rest of mankind but will NOT CHANGE the truth of the animetal paradigm: a world dedicated to extinguish life and worship metal. In that regard, capitalism excels in the art of camouflage and all our civilisation can in that sense be considered a placebo make up of false human values that cover the brutal, primitive nature of our societies and its war choice.At the bottom of that choice there is a deep masochistic denial of all what makes life worth living – from good food to sexual reproduction, from verbal thought to art and eusocial love, substituted by the overproduction of energy for machines, its over reproduction, the worship of its digital languages, and the denial of love as the power that brings together the members of the same species. And ultimately the irrational degradation of the subconscious collective of mankind, the repression of all forms of real freedom and the denial of humanity. So humanity will be denied indeed by those who hate life.

Those 2 views, date back to the duality of philosophy of science between Aristotle, who thought the universe was organic, and called his first book, where he discovered the experimental method, the organon, and Pythagoras, who thought the universe to be only mathematical, with Plato in the middle, as he said that numbers are forms and reality is an organism with a body called the Universe and a mind called Logos. This is the origin of the Italian neo-platonic school and Leonardo’s view of the world as organic, where information, form, encodes its intelligence, which he painted. And so man was the measure of all things because it was a perfect organism, made to the image and likeness of the whole.

This view is the right view, the scientific rational view, latter sponsored by Leibniz, and the German organicist school, which developed in history with spengler, in economics with the socialist and historic schools, and gave birth to systems sciences in Wien with the work of bertalanffy. As only an organism is self-contained, while a machine needs a maker to set it forth. Unfortunately, the countries of northern europe didn’t pick up on this essential difference between rational, organic science and religious anthropomorphic, deist thought. Since science there was connected with religious beliefs, through reformation. So while in southern europe, enlightenment meant rejection of religious myths, in northern Europe, first Kepler and then Newton affirmed ‘Yhwh is a clocker who waited 5000 biblical years since creation to find an intelligence like his to understand his clock-work.’ Both were pious believers and Newton dedicated more time to study the bible than physics.

So the first economists, which were also pious calvinist and jewish believers thought also that money is the invisible hand of yhwh that must be obeyed, (smith). As calvin had said money is the intelligence of god – not a language of digital information that must be studied with the laws of systems and information science.

When I went to America I study a masters at Columbia university, and then worked in nasdaq, hollywood and silicon valley, while developing aside further the organicist view of economics and history of this blog, but i never found much interest on it, as America was no longer enlightened but biblical, in a strange neo-con world of religious revivalism, childish ego-trips that dissolved all eusocial organic understanding, and an astounding worship of machines and money and weapons, without much interest to rationally study what they were. And this is now the global view on the chip radiation – the evolution of machines not of man is the purpose of our existence, ‘even if they destroy us all’.

Since as Fromm put it, such are the ethics of a technological civilization, which have been added to the religious ethics of ‘capitalism’, so well described by Sombart and Webber. So obviously we must in this blog clarify the religious myths of classic economics, truly a mathematical version of creationism applied to machines. And study from a higher, scientific and rational perspective, what today passes as science, just because it is written with equations. In brief we need constantly to remind the reader, pre-programmed subconsciously by such beliefs, essential facts of the scientific method and systems sciences and do a harsh critique of its idol-ogies and memes. Since what the abstract view of machines have done to mankind is to convert the species into a childish, curious little cub, the staple food of the darwinian universe, as objects do not mean danger – they behave nicely, but viruses don’t. And that is the bottom line.

If as all seems to prove the Universe is a fractal organic system and we are all part of it, evolving into higher degrees of complexity, including machines, we should manage the planet wit organic laws. If a primitive meme, repeated and reproduced from 3000 years ago since the times of Aaron and the golden calf is real – that the universe was made by yhwh, with the language of gold, maybe we must let things as they are.

Fact is that from a rational, historic point of view, yhwh is nothing but a name – a toponym for judea, as it first appeared on an egyptian map, in an age in which each tribe had the name of a god, as the word nation did not exist, so Assur was the god, people, land and name of the assyrians and yhwh, the name of judea, the people living there and its subconscious collective. So it is a delirious thought to think that Judea made the Universe and gold, an informative metal that hypnotizes the eye, and enslaved the mind to the point that slavery – the buying and selling of humans for gold-money was possible – was his language.

But even if now we don’t explain this in such terms, those concepts still are with us, are called capitalism and make possible that mankind let itself be guided by the informative values of the language of money, which construct a global superorganism of machines. We can of course and we will explain that process of creation of a global ecosystem of machines through a language of information, money, with scientific tools, by introducing the laws of systems sciences and apply them to those 2 disciplines, but the bottom line is that today a curious mixture of political and economical correctness, which is most often blatant censorship on the study of history and its cultures and values, and the worship of money above the law and man, makes rather impossible to apply those laws to reform the system rationally. Indeed, we system scientists are totally out of the halls of power that decide on the subconscious goals of ‘biblical, creationist economics’ the future of this world.

And the fact this is not acknowledged but disguised with the ‘dismal science’ of damned lies and statistics, makes even more difficult to reform the world. As nobody goes around telling you today as Smith said that ‘gold is the hand of god’. Τhey just tell you in America to justify it all: it ‘is money’. And that settles the issue. Can we stop the evolution of terminator weapons? No. Why? it is money. Can we create a real democracy without companies buying politicos. No. Why? it is money. Can we survive the chip radiation and stop the destruction of Gaia? No, why? it is money.

Indeed, when Gore shows the balance between the future of all of us, the life of our children vs. a pile of gold, and say, is money, people did not even get angry or disturbed, but laughed. They didn’t feel as primitive as the golden calf believers sent to the ghenna, by Moses the man of the wor(l)d, BUT LAUGHED. They didn’t realize it was a fundamentalist concept, similar to saying, can we kill those gays on the disco because they are sinners according to abrahamic religions? yes, why, is yihad. Now you will rightly reply, angrily, it is you, you have primitive memes.

So when creationist economics affirms subconsciously, yes, we must all die by evolving organic machines beyond our control, at the end of this century because they make money, and money is always good, is the invisible hand of go(l)d, i will also get angry and affirm, no, it is you, and those primitive memes of the bronze age. That’s the bottom line of the modern world, which Aristotle would resume in 2 sentences: a life not examined is no worth living, and ‘people are slaves, hety believe, httey don’t reason’. Capitalism is the jihad of go(l)d, and the end of it will be the end of all of us, and then all will be money, but we won’t be here, money will be the language of information of the metal-earth giving values to all its machines, as in monetary values, life has no price. But all that can only be understood in terms of organic, systems sciences and languages of information because money is only a language of digital information, only that it has the wrong values about life .

The absolute dictatorship of a small minority of people who monopolise the creation of e-money in stock markets and care nothing for the future of mankind, mostly belonging to biblical segregational religions, is the monstrous, hidden, ‘capitalist dictatorship’ that guides human extinction with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Τhere is nothing scientific on this process because what we call classic economics is not a rational, human science, trying to construct a world for the betterment of mankind – the 99%, but a series of ‘damned lies and statistics’ today converted in A.I., whose purpose is to provide to the ‘leisure class’ of capitalism, the stock-rats, owners of stocks, and bankers, who monopolise the creation of money, just more money, wwhatever it takes. And with that money, politicians are bought, which will justify all those measures, while humans are reduced to bubbling idiots in front of fiction screen.

So the process of obsolescence and substitution of humans by machines remains hidden: GDP is NOT calculated on the basis of human consumption and wealth but on basis of corporative production of machines. Because economists do work mainly for corporations and social sciences in favour of a humanist world are systematically repressed and ignored, ‘invisible’ to power, hosted in webs like this one with null repercussion in the Halls of Power.

While financial economists are merely interested in reproducing money, the language of social power and production without limit, multiplying the most expensive, profitable goods, weapons and wars that consume them. Or mass-media virtual olds whose costs of reproduction are minimal and profits of sale are maximal. So you live in a world where 3 goods of maximal profits are reproduced without limits, while human welfare goods of minimal profits are scarce:

Maximal profits, overproduction = Max. money (finances) = Max. price (weapons) – Minimal cost (electromagnetic waves of mass-media, multiplied by ‘air’).

It is the fundamental equation of the ill-destined system, because it explains, why if money is the only goal of society, machines will multiply and life will die, as it is the good with minimal profits:

Minimal profits (extinct) = Min. price (life not priced, food) – Max. cost (perishable goods, food, human goods in general, goods which use human labor, human labor).

So this equation, hidden by corporative economists, is the 2nd fundamental equation along that of productivity which in the present system ensures that labor, food, and life becomes extinct and machines, of hate media, weapons and financial speculative money multiplies.

Bu why economcs hide those facts? The answer is obvious. Economists work for corporations and financiers, for the Financial-Media Military-Industrial complex of machines and its profits NOT for the human kind, the workers those machines are substituting. And humanist economists are systematically ignored, as economics is NOT a social science (a science that caters the needs of humanity and their societies) but a technological science ( a science of production and profits, made overproducing, evolving and selling machines).

As Owens put it, talking about the likes of Ricardo, Bentham and Malthus, bankers and speculators or priests of gold religions, fathers of our economical ‘laws’ (quoting from memory) ‘here in London saloon economists are busy, inventing complicated sophisms and false arguments to defend the privileges of the financiers they work for, without any knowledge of the real conditions of industry, but I have managed Mills and observed the appalling conditions of work of our human labor, how much could improve their lives, if they receive the same care the owners of those factories, reserve only to their mechanical workers’.

All has changed to remain the same: all our PCs do have their share of electric food, while 1 billion human beings are starving. And whenever a machine can do a human job, a productivity economist or politician will sack him and praise the measure as the sure path to maintain his job.

Let us then study this key element that rules the world, speculative money, because the system today works on a single mandate: to invent money without limit and this means to overproduce the most profitable goods, money, weapons and mass-media.

It must be understood from the beginning that evolution is a trial and error system, which only a scientific approach, where the trial and error is substituted by the implementation of real laws, can manage without tragic extinction events. In other words, humans could perfectly design an immortal history where all humans will thrive by implementing the laws of super organisms, all of which survive into infinite generations, when they are designed properly, so the nervous system provides rightful information to all cells that can in turn send pain messages to the people-castes in power (neurons) if they misbehave and mistreat the cells (real meaning of a democracy, where as in Greece, politicos were judged a posteriori and voted exile or re-election, so they fulfil their promises), while all cells have a Universal salary in oxygen and hormones to kick out their actions, and all of them receive oxygen to survive and promote welfare goods. In brief, OUR WORLD IS AN ABSOLUTE ABERRATION, ILL-DESIGNED BY THE INFORMATIVE NERVOUS POLITICAL AND MILITARY CASTES, WHICH ARE NOT VOTED out a posteriori, but in placebo democracies are $elected and merely provide laws to the highest corporation bidder, as there are no pain messages to control them. While the economic-blood system has a cancerous people-caste on top, ‘the culture of banking’, which has been enslaving and monopolising the right to issue money for centuries without any control.

And this absolutely wrong design of history and economics, based in the fact that primitive cultures of iron weapons (german ‘goths’ who entered history as the ‘goths=gods’ tribe because they could ab=use and kill anyone who opposed their weapons), and go(l)d churches, Cananeans, which entered history calling themselves the chosen tribe of go(l)d because they could enslave and hypnotise anyone with its golden rings, became the military and financial elites of western societies and globalised their wrong-designs to the entire planet, IS THE CAUSE OF LIFE extinction, human degradation, slavery to money and machines and weapons, which the elite requires to control the world, and the SYSTEMIC DEGRADATION OF THE HUMAN COLLECTIVE SUBCONSCIOUS.

SO even before we explain the historic process of destruction of the Earth by the machine and money, we must interiorise this duality between a world ruled by systemic sciences, which would imitate nature’s super organisms and survive and thrive, and the WORLD we live in, where for millennia, the people on power has pumped up those nationalist, capitalist, abrahamic idol-ogies, to justify power. So today the entire human psyche has become an aberration of thought, without the slightest relationship with the laws of nature. It is the anti-quantum paradox that makes social sciences so primitive:

The people in power, the observable, is so huge and powerful compared to the observer, the tiny social scientist, that in inverse fashion to the quantum paradox of uncertainty, where the scientist is so huge that it influences the observer, it introduces uncertainty as the ‘social scientist’ to be distributed and promoted ‘caters’ to the will of power. So it invents idol-ogies to justify power and passes them with damned lies and statistics as truths. THE ESSENCE OF OUR CULTURE IS TO JUSTIFY POWER, SPECIALLY IN ECONOMICS, WHOSE AIM IS TO JUSTIFY THE CONTROL OF THE ISSUE OF MONEY BY PRIVATE DYNASTIES OF BANKERS. and we will return to the idol-ogy of economics, once we explain the REALITY of economics, which is merely to allow bankers to control societies as military did in the past with weapons, with the hypnotic power of money, WHICH THEY MUST MONOPOLIZE AND ISSUE WITH EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO BUY and control all the elements of society.

Yet unlike the brutish warrior that needs nothing but the menace of death to be obeyed, the subtle hypnotism of money and its anti-ethic values do require the banker to control also the informative systems and manufacture the brain of people, or else people would easily realise they are living under the dictatorship of bankers and rebel. And that is the reason why capitalism has ALWAYS degraded the mind of mankind and censor social sciences in much more subtle ways. It first imposed go(l)d religions (bible), where a people-caste of banker-priests dominated societies, and considered itself chosen. It was the beginning of capitalism as a religion of fetish money (money is the invisible hand of god, Smith, money is the intelligence of god, Calvin). Then it established classic economics as a culture that promoted machines and money and its private issue, so as Owens put it quitting off memory, ‘here in London saloon economists dedicate all its efforts to invent complicated arguments to justify the monopoly of banking and shameless exploitation of workers by its employers but I have owned mills and see the abject conditions of work… how much better life those workers will lead if their owners cared for them as much as they care for their mechanisms.

The third age of capitalism comes then after II world war, when those laws of shameless exploitation of workers became converted into mathematical algorithms of productivity and profits, embedded in computer programs, making unnecessary for managers and owners to ‘look bad’, as now it was all ‘expert mathematical, equations’ which were NOT laws of nature, but mathematical expressions of the power-hungry exploitation of mankind by its elite of bankers and industrialists. While in parallel Financial-Media Masters, who owned informative machines and printed both money and idol-ogies in favor of its social control, kept pumping idologies that justify the actions of our elites and the ab=use of metal over man to justify war (nationalism) and slavery (capitalism), whereas humans become corpses for the reproduction and evolution of weapons, or workers (part-time slaves) or full slaves bought and sold with precious metal.

In that regard ‘evilwood’ with its anti-live values and wall street, owned by the same elite of millenarian dynasties of FMasters go hand in hand to control and impose the financial-media dictatorship, or ‘head’ of the metal-earth over America and from America to the rest of the world, with a mass of willing slaves singing ‘four legs, four legs’ in truly orwellian world.

But a social scientist cannot accept the anti-quantum paradox, but rather think as Owens, even if all the saloon economists of the globalised world will ignore as they ignored Owens, a true science of economics, to justify the purpose of our exploitative system, to create for the Leisure class of bankers, more… MONEY, more fantasies of entitlement, more ego-trips of rewritten history.



‘Israel will be judged not by its technological advances but by the way it treats its fellow Arabs’.
Einstein, jabiru prophet, on his renounce to preside on the future role-model nation of metalearth

Now, the study of the financial-Media system of informative machines that prints our languages of power and manufacture our brains and its culture is so important and we dedicate so much time to it here, because they are the go(l)d head of our world, and so they define the future of all of us. So as we would study and do study only the life of the spanish conquistador warriors in south-america after the conquest, because they control the languages of social power and defined the future of south-america even if they were only 30.000 people, since go(l)d became the only language of power with the beginning of capitalism in holland, and now since israel has become the fmaster of the capitalist head of financial-informative machines, they do decide the future. And every other nation, as it became a copycat of holland will become a copy-cat of israel, so we need to know israel and its nation.

This is not by all means what we would like to talk about. But rather a continuous evolution of the science of history and economics, without censorship but applied in praxis to construct a perfect world, where the ‘primitive memes’ of those cultures that clearly need to evolve were not cherished by an ever more degraded mass of humanity regressing to the past, but definitely cast aside by an American society looking towards the future. But it seems the monopoly of the FMasters over human information and the sheer power of the Goebbels’ method of repeating the same hate memes at all hours always win in history to the quality of the social scientist, silenced by the anti-quantum paradox.

So so unfortunately we talk too much of the nation of Israel, not because we obsessed by its global FMasters, but because the head of a super organism matters far more than all the rest of the body to know HOW THE FUTURE WILL BE, since only the head directs the body, with the linguistic messages of the superorganism, and once human failed to r=evolve  and reform its sick economic and political systems, the non-verbal go(l)d head of the planet Earth belongs to the informative machines that print money in wall street and the city and the audiovisual machines that keep pumping iron – neofascist movies – about wars, police, and the scarceness of go(l)d – ultimate goal of all telefilms, in ‘evilwood’.

This is where we are and so, to understand the future in a ‘capitalist world’, where go(l)d matters more than the law it buys,   THE HEAD which controls the informative machines that issue THE LANGUAGE of the metal-earth, and obey its subconscious value will decide the future, regardless how small and invisible is the language of information, they command. So happens with any linguistic center – size does not matter, BUT ‘mass density’, of the language of power. So black holes with infinitesimal size but infinite gravitational, informative mass, inform the shape of galaxies, and small, quasi-invisible genes, stored in the small nuclei of cells do design the future of biological organisms, and flows of invisible e-money define the world no longer ruled by the ethic wor(l)d, and will do so with the anti-human values of money, ignoring the needs of mankind, the life of mankind, and its future that does not have the high price of weapons and machines. And this has been the case in each stage of the industrial evolution of machine and money, where a very small knot of information, first Amsterdam, then when its king bought the british crown, london, and its daughter city-islands (new york and Hong Kong at the end of the XX century) and in the political, legal treatment of humans, Israel, the small nations of those FMasters, as Germany, Britain and Holland , all very small ‘islands’ of technological information ahead of all other nations did before them:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 12.03.04 PMimage155idf-israel-missile-threat-map
In the graph, once humans choose go(l)d as their language of power, to understand the future, of the economic ecosystem dominant over the ecosystems of history, it is needed only to observe the most evolved ‘fractal future’ nation, seed of information of the future of machines & weapons, masterminded by the center of go(l)d power.
Systems are always born in a small ‘quantum-genetic-memetic’ seed of information (physical-biological-social systems) which expand globally as it reproduces its quantum particles, genes and memes in all surrounding territories. So to understand the future of the cosmos, one needs to see only the seed of quantum-gravitational information of the black hole, whose inverse equations are those of a big-bang and a quasar, which will reproduce its matter all over the world; to understand the future of life, 60 million years ago, one has to study the genetic information of the most evolved form of the age, the shrewd, of which we all come, to understand the future of the world 200.000 years ago, one has to look at the genes and words of the first mithocondrial eve, the first wo=man who spoke, to understand the future of the western world in 0 BC, when wor(l)ds were still the choice of language, one had to look at the mind of the Habiru Prophet, Mr. Iesu, whose eusocial message of love was the most advanced neo-platonic expression of the laws of eusocial evolution of the Universe, but after go(l)d became overwhelmingly the choice of language, with the massive expansion of its values due to the conquest of America, which multiplied its capacity to value reality, we had to look at the center of production of go(l)d, and the people who made it, to see where the world would lead.
And so in 1604, WHEN the first form of paper-money and its physical form, VOC, the first gunboat, slave company, appeared, we had to look at Amsterdam, which was to be the future of the world as it would expand its financial-mass media networks (yellow press, with its black legend against its Habsburg kings, Stockmarket, center of creation of inflationary money) and military-industrial networks  (VOC and its arsenals of creation of gunboats and artillery, its trade in slaves and species, and growing global empire) to know how the future would look as the structure reproduced first in England after the 1688 glorious revolution, then in New York and finally into the entire world (central graph).
So in the post-war age, as the metal-mind informative age became the future of the economic ecosystem, from the centres of New York, Evilwood and Silicon valley, we had to look at America, and the elite that owned its Financial-Media networks, the Israelis (80% of wall street firms CEOs and Producers of mass-media), to know the future of the world, specially after the 72 coup d’etat against American political and financial and military independent power centres (end of physical currency substituted by e-money, end of political power, controlled by mass-media after watergate and end of independent international policy, as the protestant wasps became substituted by the New yorker Japs, and the military became a mercenary army to the service of its FMasters, the more so when the Wall of Berlin felt and the Wall of Samaria was built up.
It must indeed be always a wall to divide the metal-cultures from the inferior human beings, which paradoxically hypnotised by the idol-ogies and memes of metal want to cross it the wrong direction. So after 1970 in increasing steps of Israelification, the power of Israel and its western quisling nations dominated by its American and british FMasters will define the future of the world, with its monopoly in the printing of e-money and mass-media information, all perfecty hidden and censored by political and economical correctness and the ‘holocaust industry’.
So happened in the XVII century, when the Financial stock market of Amsterdam and its press industry manufactured the brain of Europeans. Of course humanist would criticise the slave trade and massive sale of weapons of the Dutch ultra-wealthy ‘victimist’ small country, which caused an age of massive religious warfare as gunboats and barges sold artillery to the Germans in its civil 30 years war and slaves to the Americans, north and south, but even those ‘hypocritical humanists’ like Mr. Voltaire invested all their money in anonymous dutch slave companies. It is customary today to criticise Israel, Wall Street and evilwood, but every nation imitates Israel Apartheid laws, Islamophobia, drone industries, internet companies and their equivalent ones, owned by Wall Street and Californian FMasters.
Why? Because they have the ring of go(l)d – the fastest mode of reproducing e-money and the sword of the goths, the most evolved robotic weapons. So the world will be israelified, and indeed, no other nation has more privileges today than Israel, who has free trade with Europe but does not accept a single refugee (this so much talked about Brexit question of free trade but not free workers), it is the center of American investment and help to the ‘3rd world’, military and political, etc. etc. It is not the American but the Jewish Empire because the head dominates the body.
Only if humans wished to survive the future and chose the most advanced wor(l)d models, EU, UNO and China, we could talk of other futures. So the third part will be dedicated to study the Nation of Israel, and its western FMasters, who rule and censor as the $elected on top of the Financial-Media industries of the West; which of course cannot be named, as NO DICTATOR CAN BE NAMED AND CRITICIZED and so in the same manner you could not criticise Stalin and the communist party, Hitler and the Nazi party, today in America or Europe you cannot criticise the ‘israeli’ party. But only knowing what Stalin, Hitler and Bibi wants and their FMasters do, you will know what the future will be.
the key feature of the globalised world we live in, guided by the values of go(l)d, which are inverse to those of the wor(l)d, which give maximal value to life: A go(l)d-based ‘capitalist’ culture, which considers the accumulation of money, the goal of a society, based in the re=production and evolution of its most expensive goods – weapons and machines that kill and substitute life, has an enormous contradiction between its ‘praxis’, negative to life, and its verbal ethic values, resolves systematically in all historic cultures of go(l)d, of which the most obvious case is the foundational, leading ‘biblical’ Jewish-protestant culture that founded capitalism, MAKES THE WORD A FICTION, TO AVOID ITS CONTRADICTION WITH GO(L)D VALUES.
Indeed, the full nature of the go(l)d culture, now globalised is the ‘craziness’ of its verbal theories of reality, as words no longer matter as language of truth, in as much as they contradict completely the values of go(l)d. So when we compare the myths, emotional, childish, selfish, fictional, ‘dream-like’ attitude towards life of the modern human being, with the true laws of the biological Universe, and the behaviour of Nature’s beings, or people whose verbal ethic brain has not been ‘erased’ by digital, go(l)d values, it becomes obvious that our culture is in full contradiction with the laws of the biological Universe.
It is IN FACT trying to INVENT those laws, confronting reality with a childish attitude that constantly collides with reality – since indeed in the Universe children are the staple food of all species. And this process of non-living reality, fearing it, is so common today that a growing number of the last millennial, Y, and zero generations never mature, never understand the beauty of Nature, the rules of life, never ‘grow up’ or rather as an old man, seeing closer its death, are looking backwards to its youth, with the revivalism of retarded abrahamic religions, and the substitution of reality by a bizarre, false dressing of rituals, beliefs, repetitive mantras and stubborn denial of the facts.
Problem of course is that the impersonal universe has only a reward for all those ‘systems’ that do not want to understand and deny reality: extinction.
And we shall see soon how the original go(l)d culture, who first denied the truth of the wor(l)d and the laws of survival of the Universe, and stubbornly has been for 3000 years inventing history, reality in ever-growing ego-trip against the laws of Nature, has the worst record of survival in the history of mankind
 Now, this is the view of the economic ecosystem, the view of the machine, and the view of the metal-earth, which the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ , the enzymen that catalyse the transformation of the planet from Gaia into the metal-earth, spread through the “matrix’ of misinformation and anti-humanism, of evil=antilive go(l)d values of hate mass-media.
And all mankind has come to believe on them.
We have offered also the human view, but unlike the myth of the golden calf vs. the Mosaic Wor(l)d, where Moses has the fury of the Lord on his side, the fact is that the golden calf and its allied iron swords, have always killed, censored and eliminated the ‘weak flesh, and fragile sounds of the wor(l)d and his human truths’.
And that is why the golden calf has won. What its worshippers missed is that the golden calf, does kill them also. And this is the fundamental taboo of their culture – go(l)d kills ultimately with its military values and null price for life, not only the poor but also those ‘who kill with iron and die by iron’, and the bankers, who lend ‘pecunia infinita’ as the ‘bellum nervi’, behind the sciences. So in all those 800-80 cycles after the massacre of mankind, warriors and bankers die in the cycles of war and holocaust.
And that is just, because they betrayed their species, and the eusocial laws of love to its members, but to understand that we need to rise even further our knowledge of the laws of organic systems.
AND so, we cannot close this blog, resume of the world we live ruled by the lanwave of go(l)d, without the understanding of the laws of systems above man, and above gold.
Since those laws will always make a perfect world possible in infinite fractal planets, where humans decided not to follow the go(l)d culture and its values and newspeaks of placebo human caring and ultimate despise of the human being, for the sake of its worship of selfish memes of metal, and merely follow the laws of eusocial love to the members of the same species natural to the scientific, organic structure of the Universe, and expressed by the ethic verbal values of all the prophets of the world=scientists of history that since the parable of genesis and the tree of life vs. the tree of metal and its golden apples and eviL fruits that will ‘kill us’ (weapons) written when the first bronze age warriors destroyed the fertile paradise of Sumer, where money was food-wheat, have known naturally that a perfect world was simple to create, just by following the values of the human rational language of the wor(l)d and imitate the perfect super organisms of nature, where all its citizen cells receive a Universal salary and the rightful information to thrive and survive.
Now of course, it would be easier to stop here, and get far more audience, WITHOUT THE III PART, WHICH IS THE MAXIMAL TRUTH OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, AS IT WILL
1) DEFINE the highest more objective view – that of general systems sciences that describes mankind as just another system that follows the laws of the Universe.
2) And as such it will define the most censored element of social sciences, the head of the whole economic ecosystem, the Financial-Media masters, which as all heads do, define the entire future evolution of the system.
So in the same manner a few neurons of your brain, your ego, define the future of your body, in the economic ecosystem, ruled by the language of go(l)d and the digital machines of information that print money, and manufacture information, a single people-caste who own hollywood and wall street define the future of all of us. It is their responsibility what will be that future and so far the are doing subconsciously guided by the values of go(l)d everything in the book to destroy life and mankind, including themselves. In that sense, if in the XVII century we had to look at a single nation, Holland, to know what would be the future of all of us, as it was the laboratory of all other nations, and in the XVIII century when the elite of financial and corporative masters moved with the stock market, the gunboats, the king and the bank of amsterdam go(l)d to England, in the Glorious revolution, we had to look at a single place, London, to know the future of all of us, as the world would become londonized, in the post- world war age, in the XX century we had to look at New York and california, to know the future of all of us, as those were the centres of the informative machines, which printed money, audiovisual information and scientific information, and all of us would become americanised. So what is the ‘nation’ which as we have insisted for 30 years would be the model of all other nations, which would become a copycat of his military policies, paranoia against the poor 3rd World, robotic weapons’ industries, revivalism of abrahamic religions, audiovisual industries, financial industries, myths and selfie behaviour?
Alas, of course, the nation, which as Holland, when the industrial r=evolution started, is now the model of all other western countries, with his growing robotised border soon to be built in every other nation, its terrorist poor, segregated, racist memes, its electronic industries…
Albeit, it is impossible to KNOW THE FUTURE only from the human perspective, because the power of that people DOES NOT COME from their ‘racist chosen memes’ but from their mechanisms. Hence we also need to know the true laws of systems sciences and how they guide the evolution of machines and its global super organism. It is the technique this writer has followed for 30 years, defining with astounding ‘censored’ precision the future of the economic and social world. While ‘experts’ who enslave for that non-human world fail systematically in all their human-side rosy futures. Because the future of a go(l)d controlled world is NOT human and will NOT make human life better.
Of course the best predictions do come from the FMasters who do create with credit that future and have racist memes of despise of mankind, so do know mankind is doomed and do not care. Where they fail is in their OWN DESTINY, which they systematically deny by denying the collateral effects of go(l)d debt  slaves, usury, speculation, war profits and hate media… namely the cycle of the holocaust – this is then the absolute taboo of all taboos, to tell Mr. Hitler the III reich will not last, to tell Stalin, he is not a good chap but a dictator, to tell the go(l)d culture he will achieve the same destiny of mankind. And this is what we shall do in the III part of this post.
But in every of those choices there was a humanist model that was rejected. Instead of Holland and its calvinist go(l)d culture, mankind could have chosen Italy and its humanist renaissance. Instead of London and its go(l)d culture it could have chosen France and its humanist r=evolution. Instead of America and its Capitalist worship of technology it could have chosen the Social-Democratic model of Scandinavian post-war nations. And now there was a choice.

In other wor(l)ds, the choice mankind has made was between the wor(l)d culture of enlightened America-Europe *EU-ONU vs. The go(l)d culture and its leading nation, Israel, owner of the Financial-Media System of America (wall street and evilwood)  and hence of the political corrupted brains of the western world, employees of their bankers, chose Israel, without even letting their people KNOW it did so.

And so each nation is becoming since the 1970s when the go(l)d culture took over the western world, with a coup d’etat against the american currency (end of dollar convertibility, which gave total power to the financial wall street system), american presidency (watergate that showed tvs could and would control the mind of humans and its politicos), and american mercenary army (yon kippur war), which gave it absolute control of America, and by extension the entire planet, and the enlightened european-american humanist culture represented then by the eu social-democratic union and the uno, and american and french 68 r=evolution, which the scientific discoveries of systems sciences, the eusocial structure of the scalar organic universe, proved to be truth. Now the world is israelified, the go(l)d culture is on top of the world, and its cycles of self-suicide and hate of mankind will bring our demise. But this was not needed, neither deterministic, because mankind could have chosen the humanist culture – americans and europeans could have chosen to survive – they let themselves be destroyed as a culture, as a people, as a future, by the holocaust industry, wall street, evilwood, revivalism of abrahamic religions, racist, segregational memes, neo-colonial apartheid, hate to the poor, and now they are all slaves of the ecb bank, wall street, their mind manufactured by evilwood, the Goebbel’s orwellian big brother newspeak method of repetition of lies, entertaining and patriotic movies, berlin-36 physical sports and handsome californos, masterminded as in time machine by financial morlocks, the burning of all books, who do truly explain the nature of capitalism, and its animetal idologies – all this has been  resurrected, in the pendulum of history by those who did won that war.

And they are repeating step by step the same cycle, and of course, because even they know the choice is not between the 2 sides of the same coin, military and go(l)d animetal cults, but between life and metal, piigs who love life and biblical bigots who repress all life memes, the first target, the most criticised and brutalised nations by capitalism today are the European EU and UNO institutions, though this is not told – ECB banksters, neo-nazi germans, brexit city bankers, wall street speculators, all are against what was the only alternative given the military-dictatorial capitalist exploitative corruption of China, of a perfect world.

And the equivalent enlightened America, whose Kennedy brothers and Malcolm x + Luther prophets of the poor were duly killed for Mr. Nixon, puppet to be slaughtered just in time for the never explained coup d’etat of 1972, when the chip was invented, to leave all ‘tied and well tied’ . Had this coup d’etat and murders not happened, had US being model as the bros and brothers wanted on the EU example, the perfect world, born of the expansion of EU like institutions and UNO global peaceful diplomat efforts could be on place, and mankind reign over go(l)d and iron values. Israel, and its banksters and evilwood producers on top of the previous pyramid prevented it, and now we are all copycat nations imitating the new Holland which will invent the world of the XXI century.

Since the same process that made Holland a global civilisation is making Israel a global civilisation, expanded by the FMasters to every nation of the world, and specially directed to destroy any alternative civilisation, which can show a humanist future is possible. So the main target for destruction of the Am Segullah, owners of the Anglo-American civilisation besides the obvious Islamic neighbours is OUR PIIGS, Southern European Union welfare states, last standing hope for mankind.

And the system is the same they used in America: divide and win.

And they have indeed divided and won. First they united seemingly their currencies, but NOT into a European BANK TO THE SERVICE OF THE PEOPLE, but an usury bank, to create debt slave nations. So here the smart trick was to tell you will be UNITED when in fact they were STEALING all Europeans of their money, to take over their currency, on top IN A MASTERLY STROKE, hiding it in Germany, but of course with Am Segullah bankers, from Tritchet to Draghi, ex-VP of goldman sachs.

So when I returned to Europe, I found it was somehow too late. Europe had become a copycat of America, with a Private Usury bank passing as public, a European FED, which denied all credit to the welfare culture of Latin Europe, controlled by Wall Street bankers, corrupting very fast all its politicos, and a massive lobby center, washington style in Brussels, where politicos without any national checking, second rate people who didn’t make it on national politics, was massively corrupted by Corporations and bankers to pass laws in favor of the top of that pyramid. Europe HAD BECOME A USlave nation of the Am Segullah, so fast and so easily that frankly I was shocked. And of course ever since the divide and win procedure between nations, even regions of nations, including my original region now wanting to be a nation, was encouraged.

So of course, we dedicate an enormous number of pages analysing the Am Segullah, and the only thing they don’t understand – that they belong to the body of mankind and their destiny will be the same collapse that humanity is suffering because their smart go(l)d search is in fact a LUNATIC, CRAZY HEAD THAT HARMS ITS BODY AND DIES IN A SYSTEMIC CYCLE, THROUGH ALL THE 800-80 YEARS CYCLES, precisely because they are so smart, they always divide, and win, and exploit and choke and take mankind to the verge of death, and then mankind enters into a gottendamerung of wars and holocausts where we all perish. It was my only hope, that they realised the only thing they needed to survive is NOT TO KILL THE BODY OF MANKIND. But alas, in this point they have a PARANOID PROGRAM, with a knee-jerk reaction that does not allow them to see the obvious – they cannot choke the body and survive.

Yes again, the Industry of the holocaust which terrorises Israeli people and paralizes gentiles so the military who run Israel and the Financiers who run the west have it all so easy. Look again at the picture, it could really be a joke and for the manly spaniards it is a surrealist joke: the map shows that all israelis must put in the refrigerator the map of ‘refuges’ for the ridiculous home made kassam rockets, EVEN IF THERE IS THE STATE-OF-THE-ART IRON DOME, PAID by US to shoot them and be always warned and alert if some ridiculous kassam rocket crosses the iron dome and it seems every israeli has like within seconds a refuge. Such is the terrorised state. 

While of course in the west, the Americans who never ever killed a jew but have given all to them, must feel guilty with daily rations of holocaust movies, museums, Hitler’s films, II world war, Palestinian terrorists and islamophobia. Where all other victims matter nothing, are unnamed, only those of Shoah have pictures everywhere for all to mourn.

And yet people do not even realise how this astounding form of ‘selection now of the chosen victims’ gives total power to the Jewish Party, which rules the west with go(l)d. Indeed, soon it will become a crime in every nation – it is in many, the so called crime of hate which is merely to be ‘anti-Semite’ as defined by the ADL organisation, in New York, which makes an anti-Semite someone who 1) thinks yous talk too much of the holocaust, which they do, as we just have shown 1) thinks yous feel Israelis more than any nation, which they do, as Judaism is a nation not a religion, and Yhwh means Judea, so this is a tautology, and finally 3) think yous have too much financial power. So alas!  to know the 3 characteristics of the modern you culture, financial power, Israeli nation and Holocaust Industry, which define it ARE the proof of being anti-semitic, or in other words, to ‘think’ and talk of Judaism objectively is a crime of hate. Since this is from a humanist pov a surrealist industry, we would rather say that all yous are anti$emites because they do 1) think a lot in the holocaust 2)know they have financial power and 3)feel attached to israel, so alas, they should all get 5 years of jail for hate crimes according to ADL (-;

Obviously here what it is expected by calling anyone who says anything about the Fmasters an anti$emite, is NEVER TO TALK OF THEM, of the true power of the globalised mechanocene, never explain who owns the world, never criticise the jewish party who controls the west, so power will be eternal, which is exactly what happened in the past in any other dictatorship of a party. Of course, in America for anything to be done you need credit, so you need them, as you need a member of a communist or nazi party to get anything done in those nations when they ruled, so the American is far more condescending, and prefers to think to feel free, as the commie or nazi did, that the party is good, it gives power and order to the world. It is grateful as it does not understand anything about all this which is censored. But ultimately we are talking of the harshest dictatorship, since after all any russian or german could become member of the party but only racially pure people can become member of the American ruling party. Alas, its power is absolute and since its memes are of hate to mankind the inferior animal species, but their power is absolute we need to wonder if they can be converted to humanity, because if they don’t it is likely that uncontested they will bring our demise.

So now as we speak I see the ‘head of the European commission’, LOL, it is a guy called Junker, which was the president of the biggest laundering legal nation, Luxembourg, dedicated to steal all the taxes of all the corporations. And alas, the guy who left the presidency Mr. Barroso, is now working for Goldman sachs, and alas, Mr. Draghi, ex of goldman will talk next. All those people are very mediocre bureaucrats panhandling like senators in US to corporation getting jobs on the financial industry to which they have sold out the entire continent, with the ECB bank. But the other ‘politicos’ who are talking… my gosh, Miss Le pen, Mister Farrage, neo-fascist islamophobian, security-state people in a copy-cat of America, asking for more security, more paranoia, more Israel.

Since Israel today is the only globalised Financial-Media empire, the future is their decision, and as long as they don’t stop fearing mankind and loving robots, they are on track to destroy the living world and end up in wars and holocausts again.

Only that ultimately that war will be won not by the people behind all those walls built against the hated 99% of mankind, but by the ‘citizens of that wall’, the true warriors, the guardiums and terminators that defend the paranoids from their own brothers. Armaggedon indeed will be born, when the most advanced robots of the righteous, once the exterminate, under orders of the growing armies of zealots, their arab brothers, judge it is time to take over, as the german soldiers did over the roman empire, the turkish mercenaries over the caliphate, the Mongolian soldiers over the Ming, deja vu. All has changed to remain the same.

All this brings immediately the question of the role of the Holocaust in History, which we agree with Jewish scholars is central to the destiny of mankind but for different reasons.

It is a fact that in all the nations in which the people-caste of Judaism, specialised in banking for 3000 years, (a fact today censored by the anti-quantum paradox, explained in the 3rd part of this post in great detail), after a period of massive usury schemes, debt slaves, profits in weapons trade, endemic war and ruin of nations, the Jewish people have been massacred by the aristocratic, military elite, both in its ‘10% of bankers’ and 90% of traders, as the great masters of the historic school of economics (Abraham Leon, Marx, Webber, Sombart) explain. And yet, despite the sheer evidence that the perpetrators of holocausts are the military, that the cause is economic ruin, tax farming and debt slavery, the obvious solution to the cycle – a JUST ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM – is an absolute taboo among jewish economists (the overwhelming majority of the ‘experts’ of this science – 72% of Nobel prizes) and EVERY SCHOLAR of the Holocaust, even those scholars like Chomsky who oppose the most obvious crimes of Judaism, DENY the relationship between Judaism and money.

So while Jewish scholars affirm the Holocaust to be most atrocious genocide of history as it has no cause except the evilness of human nature – an opinion today shared by all humans, by imitation, given the total control of this ‘globalised culture’ on the audiovisual memes of mankind, to the point that we can consider the ‘mind of humanity today’ to be manufactured by the Jewish view of the world in all its elements – from Islamophobia to the enemies of Israel, to capitalist memes as the right way to rule the economy, from abrahamic revivalism to staunch nationalism, from the building of walls against the poor to the creation of a security state, as the world becomes ‘Israelified’…

For an objective scientist of history, the importance of the Holocaust resides in its determinism. Since if the financial elite of the Jewish people are so erased by the values of go(l)d that cannot even recognise the facts of history and the economic cycle of the holocaust and implement a just capitalist system that caters to the whole of mankind; not even the 90% of judaism, which is not in the banking industry, can explain the truth and ask their elite for a just behaviour to avoid becoming their scapegoats in the cycle, if Judaism prefers to deny truth, science, objectivity, solutions and save themselves, for the sake of greed and go(l)d values, mankind is doomed because History is determined. 

It is indeed this the central question of the holocaust cycle. If Jewish people cannot be converted to the values of the wor(l)d as they are humans, they are not different from us, only in their memes, only in the fact that they were the oldest culture exposed to the hypnotic values of go(l)d, perhaps as old as 10.000 years ago, when Jericho appears as a walled city, obviously protecting ‘metal wealth’, as a knot of trade between Egypt and mesopotamia, IT MEANS humans now that are infinitely more exposed to go(L)d values through hate mass-media globally, is doomed, is programmed, its memetic program of greed, violence, selfishness, emotional myths, mechanism, nationalism, etc. etc. which was first only natural to the Jewish->protestant biblical culture but is now common to them, has no capacity to be reformed.

It is then the key question of history: can people programmed by gold greed and iron violence be ‘cured’ mentally, or their crazy head that kills and corrupted and hurts their body of working human citizens till collapsing their civilisations has not cured and will commit suicide with the whole of mankind…

UPDATE 2017. IV Reich vs. EU

Pumping up nazionanism and ethnic cleansing to divert attention from financial theft.

In a stroke of genius, the FMasters in control of the western world, after the 29≈08 crash of speculative overproduction of money, which could have triggered ‘again’ the cycle of usury debt, poverty militarism fascism war and holocaust have managed to set up their own branch of ‘jewish neofascism’, diverting attention to Islamophobia, and converting Europe through the control of the private ECB ran by goldman sachs bankers, and the 3 leading european nations, ran by jewish-european leaders (Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy) in puppets of th empire, which as always is focused on the control of financial and foreign policy institutions. Thus today Miss Merkel allows 1 million syrian refugees on their country promoting the ethnic cleanings of that nation, which should never have been allowed to go down into a civil war and ISIS control; rising further islamophobia in all the continent and the ‘need’ for a police state. While the ECB keeps churning new usury debt slaves in the continent.

Now ISIS WAS a paid-per-view invention of the Axis of Evil=anti-live Memes of the Financial/media/military-industrial system of US+Israel+Saud Arabia and other statelets of oil dictators that put even the name of the dictator to the country – something not even Hitler dared to do with Germany. Alas, Sauds paid it to ethnic cleanse the future Grand Israel, which the Likkud consider the perfect borders of the great-grand nation once the Solomon empire is reconstructed – not timeline for it, just bit by bit, step by step ruining the area and then one day sending the Guardian terminators to take over.

And alas, Merkel took a million refugees when it does not care at all for the austericide of its own people. And then of course, once there the germ(panic) racist memes came in, the Islamic Jihadist warrior memes kicked in, more Jihad came and more hate – all a perfect evil wood plot, which of course if you explain means you are a ‘confabulation theorist’, as the mass-media the ‘you hate meme’ own, will repeat once and again the same plot from the twisted perspective of ‘humanist caring’, deja vu:

In the graph, the alt-right has knee-jerk reacted as expected to the ‘rather obvious’ policy rising further hate memes of antisemitism. And yet the policies it denounces are happening and require a humanist answer from an alternative worldview.

ONLY A FREE EUROPE, IN REIGN OF its financial systems, with  A CLEAR HUMANIST policy of welfare state, WORKING HARD TO INTEGRATE RUSSI IN THE UNION, as a BRIDGE TO CHINA, in a coalition of humanist nations, from Spain to Shanghai could have created a real alternative to the globalised go(l)d cult(ure) doom to destroy blindly the world of life, but the opposite is happening. Europe has been plunged into the absurd Semite wars between jihad islam and apartheid israel and the ‘enemies within are blowing up the humanist welfare world so painfully constructed after world war II.

Foreword. Neutered Germany back to automaton work.

The idea of a new renaissance Europe in which Germany would FINALLY learn to enjoy life, be humane, imitiate latin Europe, change culture and stop making of a masochist, mechanist, destructive future of machines, its goal, and accept that its ‘objectual non-free’ primitive language/frame of mind, does NOT hold the absolute truth of what means to be human… is gone

German is now back to the industrial zeal of the robotic 4.0 revolution, which is heading along US and Israel (in military robots). And what is even worst. it is doing so as a puppet of the western FMempire, dragging the rest of europe in this downfall and dismantling the humanist civilisation that had forgiven them and brought it into the fold of civilised Europe, for 50 years…

So alas, the ‘quintessential mechanical animetal culture’ is back with a vengeance. And they are proud of it. In fact the confidence poll puts the germans on top of those people proud of their nation… along the Israelis. The mirage of human progress through the machine leads again the 2 top animetal cultures proud of their machines and money – never mind they are plunging the rest of the planet into self-destruction… But this is the german way. Work, suffering, boredom, repression of all human feelings and traits.

Germany is not an easy place to live for human beings. I learned the hard way, when travelling as a youth in interail with no money, on the way of the old master Orwell in his life as a hobo on Paris, in Italy when i slept over the stations nobody bothered me and i got invited to Mensa, a system hold by the church to feed for free; in Germany the Police woke me up hitting me with sticks. And in the crowded subway when suddenly one day I saw an open seat, wondering why, i realise there was a turk by my side.

But Germans learned the hard way and became normal europeans, humanist, anti-racist, solidarious, ecological… And then as the chip radiation advanced it reverted back to the old ways. So we must wonder how it is that this happen? The answer is surprising. Germany slowly but steadily went back to his old lords, the financial elite, as the ECB took over the European Economy. And its elite of old financial dynasties regain control of its banks. So now again Germany is run by the people who ran it before the world war cycles. On the industrial side the great dynasties, which I met in New York, people like Mr. quandt, the cousin of Goebbels who runs BMW, and all its friends – then also ecological in their students years, today clearly on the side of the machine.

While its banks are again on the hands of the Jewish elite – Germany is the country with the highest immigration. Now they are all good friends. This surprised me in New york – to find in Hamptons’ parties German heiress talking to askenazis, both in german. One example will suffice, i had a story with a girl, K. Otto, the wealthiest woman of Germany. She ended up marrying Mr. Bernstein, the son of the famous orchestra director. So Germany is indeed as all other nations, each one in its own way, running backwards in human history, nostalgic of its old memes, again in the fold of the Global Empire, again forgetting who truly owes its apologies – THE WHOLE EUROPE, WHO has destroyed once and again.

Germany is thus again the tragedy of Europe because it has completely forgotten those who a German bankster call piigs, Latin, rational, humanist, legal, democratic, southern Europe. It is now a perfect running machine. You go to Munchen and you find cars hanging on the airport not works of art as you find in Barcelona. You go through the streets of Berlin and you find athletic contests, remembrance of the shallow display of blonde bodies of the aryan nazi ages.

But of course you do have there the Holocaust, ugliest memorial I have ever seen NOT to the Europeans, the 50 million people they kill – only the Jews, because alas, they are all together now, German industrialists and Jewish bankers on top of Europe brutalising us as debt slaves, selling they robotised machines, destroying the welfare economies of southern Europeans and not consuming our art, our cloths, our food, our beauty – no they still eat and only eat pork, and they still dress and only dress grey.

So here from time to time we shall put news on the new Germany ran by the first Jewish chancellor in the  history of Germany since Mr. Adolf Hitler (father nee frankenheimer, grand-father Jew by the name of Aaron) ran it as that so twisted word ‘self-hating jew’. This one Miss Merkel, though loves Israel, and does its bidding, sells them submarines for atomic nukes, buys its drones, and on top does the ugliest of all possible jobs, in which the Germans and Jews have always excelled, ethnic cleansing.


Update, 2016. 1 million syrians for Germany: Miss Merkel is doing the ethnic cleansing for Israel.


In a masterful play – this we know of all the generations in power in history none is so smart as the FMasters of the eletronic age, and yet so dumb, running so well the world towards self-suicide, Israel, long-seek ethnic cleansing of its eastern territories – Syria, to build grand israel has achieved the unthinkable, the Jewish chancellor miss merkel, has become suddenly after her decade of ‘austericidal’ policies against Southern Europe, com passive accepting 1 million Syrians. What for?

The germans are highly racist against muslims, turks for decades, so now they will provoke with their complete isolation of those immigrants hate, massive hate among the rancorous Muslims, which will not be welcomed. And undoubtedly they will provoke new Jihad attacks. The answer is obvious.

Miss Merkel and all the west, are not invading and defeating with ground troops Daesh and ending this shameful indifference to the arab victims of this internet era cuckoo bestiality tailored not so much on Islam but on the old Assyrian mass-murderers, back to the past faster and faster as history’s corpse dissolves into smaller units.  They are helping the destruction as a wasteland of the historical lands to the east that latter on Israel will reconquer. And they are accepting millions of refugees that should stay home after Daesh defeat. 

So Syrians must die and as always the job is done by mercenary armies. The situation is so repulsive that we write an article specifically on this lunacy.

As a perfect clock the spider web of the splendid robotic wars keep growing. The west just bombs with expensive robots the Islamic countries. So the people on land hold the country hostage and sends back terrorist. So the west builds its ‘police state’, so the spider web keeps accelerating to an orwellian world in perpetual war that develops the terminators of the future.

And now germany has given a huge step accepting one million emigrants. And yet we are already 3 years into DAESH, and the control of the mass-media is so huge that we don’t hear the obvious.


Because Syrians must die as the hateful enemy of Israel, because the west must hate Islam and its cuckoo terrorists send to our homes to become more Israelified, because for 30 years, the bankers that run the west, are destroying us all, because ultimately humans have shown they can be controlled by digital, Financial-Media machines, because human believe do not reason.

So the Erasmus that reason have lost the battle for the future, the Luthers that hate have taken over.

2013. Sep. 3 W: IV Reich $-elections.

One of the most astounding developments of the Financial-Media (politico) Empire is the ‘reconquista’ of  Germany by the old Jewish Am Segullah elite of bankers, who started the self-destructive process of 22 deutsche crash->29 global crash->rise of fascism-> war and holocaust proper of all the 800-80 cycles of ‘animetal history’.

We deal in this post with the German $ elections, once the ‘reconquista’ is a ‘fait accompli’ through stockratic ownership and alliances between the ’emigres’ (the old askenazi elite that abandoned germany in the 17-37 decades to America and now rule that country from Wall Street and evilwood), between 2 jewish candidates that surrealist enough hardly any German or manufactured brain of the Financial-Media Metalearth knows for that matter:


Can you see any difference? Both are ‘Am Segullah’ – but this is taboo to say; both are German; both have no intention to print money for the people; both pander to corporations and financial dynasties? Well, yes, the guy in the left comes from a dynasty of bankers but represents the socialist party; the girl comes from a communist country but represents the right wing party… confusion ceremonies of a couple that think the same, work for the same people and form a perfect marriage to the service of the FMMI system against the ‘volk’ of Germany and Europe.

‘An invisible man can rule the world’ (H.G.Wells)

The Jewish financial-media western empire keeps reaching new heights of power as it establishes its dictatorship over the western Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial system:

In the economical side, the Troika (FMI-ECB-European parliament) goes to Portugal, Spain and Greece this week to ask for further mass-murders, sorry, cuts in pensions and health-care to pay back for the usury debt-money loans of the ECB

The troyka is clever. There is only one representative of the European people. The other 2 (the ones representing the banks, FMI and ECB) make sure  that the majority of the troyka represents the interests of the banksters. Indeed, 90% of central bankers are jewish and 80% of Wall Street financial corporations are jewish. Those are the people who stole the right to print money to western nations and handled it to private corporations and now live off tax extorsion, bail outs, welfare destruction and debt-money as they did in the 30s and the 1870s, in the previous cycles.

But for this to happen, it is needed political control. So in the political arena, the 2 jewish candidates Miss Merkel and Mr. Steinbrook, as the 2 jewish candidates in British elections (Cameron and Millibrand) and French elections (Sarkozy and Hollande) or the 2 American parties controlled by financial lobbies ensure that the Jewish Western Empire continues unabated with its dual agenda:

– To extract as much usury debt and taxes from western citizens by controlling its financial system and monopolizing with its private banks and central bankers (90% jewish), the issue of money.

This is the matter of the financial crisis. Europeans have lost the right to create free debt-money as the Americans did with the creation of the Federal Reserve, but in a bigger measure. Now only the ECB bank prints it and passes it at 0% interest to banksters that get a 6% usury cut from european citizens, parasiting their economy – at the same time the Jewish Federal Reserve Boss (they have always and will be always Jewish; consider the 3 next candidates) Mr. Bernanke keeps printing 85 billion $ only for banks.

The cynicism here is extreme. Mr. Bernanke who have 200 billions to AIG and did not want to give 15 billions to the car industry to save several million jobs (had not Obama taken one of his few independent decisions, those industries would be now closed), says he keeps printing money to buy toxic assets from banks (read hand outs for free to their profit sheet), till unemployment lowers; as if he were giving for free money to banks to create employment).

– In the political arena to further advance the demonization of Islam and destruction of all nations that surround and oppose Apartheid Israel, maintaining in the process the healthy profits of the military-industrial complex and Terminator Industries. But the products of those Terminator Industries with hubs in Israel and the Jewish controlled General Atomics, Boston dynamics, etc. must be paid by Western tax payers, and their mercenary soldiers must defend for free apartheid Israel.

So it all comes for free to the Jewish masters, which is the bottom line of the go(l)d cult(ure) and its camouflage strategy: to parasite and live for free off the rest of mankind, but appear as ‘victims’.

Hence the need for those politicos who send mercenary armies for free, follow the dictates of the banksters and handle for free or with soft loans billions of eurodollars in weapons to Israel.

So for example, Miss Merkel gave 4 submarines to Israel and US gives billions to Israel and the egyptian army to buy its peace, from the money allocated to the poorest world nations – never mind the nation of israel is the wealthiest of the planet when we count their ex-patriots. ANd of course we all fight the war on terror in defense of apartheid israel, to keep destroying the Arab countries for free, with the help of NATO (never mind geography stretches here too far to make Afghanistan a nation of the ‘North-Atlantic). All is good as long as the colonized people enslave to work for  the Metropolis:

The cynicism here is also absolute. Democratic nations keep backing the last apartheid, racist government, whose laws are so similar to those of nazi germany… keep pushing military keynesianism (weapons profits) and keep backing military dictators (Egyptian Army Afghan, you name it) to ‘bring democracies)

But hey! the western sheeple loves its masters. It has always done it  since the first Financial-media informative system made them slaves of their master race, 3000 years ago (eastern gold temples that controlled the wealth of the Roman Empire and manufactured the brain of their people with abrahamic religions). All has changed to remain the same.

But of course, $laves do rebel periodically against their masters, causing the War and Holocaust cycles of economic origin treated elsehwere in those texts. So it would be more intelligent not to exploit them so harshly to avoid future revenges. But that would limit the profits of the go(l)d cult(ure) and its Am Segullah Banker Priests (Am Segullah meaning people of the treasure, not chosen people, as this cult(ure) of Go(l)d has always had an elite of theocratic banksters on top). So in as much as in those holocaust cycles only poor jews die, it is easier just to hide and camouflage their power, appear as victims (Holocaust industry) and keep stealing and when things explode run with the money…

That is the future, rehearsed again as in the 30s, which will end when the American Tea Party as the Nazi party did, both first paid by Jewish banksters to destroy the left, changes sides after the crash of the Dollar/Deutsche.

This 20 years old prophecy is now so close, as to happen within this decade. But the crazy ‘neuronal head’ of the western world, who hates his body of human cells and has only racist memetic talmudian idol-ogies in its brain, cannot even contemplate historic truths. It just  invents as crazy heads do new forms of censorship.

So this dual brutal agenda against the rights of people must  be camouflaged. So in this new neo-fa$cist age the biggest taboo of history – that the west is owned and ruled the jewish financial-media industries – again becomes an absolute taboo, at the same time their power reaches unknown heights.

It is though a deja vu experience: it happened the same in the 30s when the last Jewish Chancellor, Mr. Adolf Frankenheimer, a Jewish-German Bastard (in mind and body) was $-elected to destroy the socialist and communist parties…

A new Jewish chancellor.

Miss Angela Merkel has won the elections.

But what elections?

Both candidates, Miss Angela and his rival Mister Steinbrook, the heir of the Deutsche bank, with enough chuptzah to represent the ‘socialist party’ of Germany, are Jewish, both work for the Globalized Financial-Media Empire of the Banker-priests of Israel, which monopolizes Media, Finances and now the politicos of both parties in the West (American lobbies, Mr. Cameron and the Millibrand brothers, Mr. Sarkozy and Mr. Hollande).

So what we have observed is yet another theatrical ritual of ‘democratic, freedom’ aka elections with the well-designed victory of Miss Merkel (see our analysis of the American elections in November, to understand Obamapuppet, the ‘first Jewish president of America’ (Chicago Tribune)).

The proof of such theatrics came within hours of the end of the German elections, when the  heir of the Deutsche bank rejected government because it did not want to make a coalition with the Left, ecologist and communist parties as they ‘were not apt to govern’ (sic from a sick mind).

Of course, Mr. Steinbrook role, as that of Mr. Hollande or the Millibrand Brothers is to corrupt the left, transformed in a series of  capitalist-socialist parties, the modern version of the national-socialist parties of the 30s: that is a party that camouflages to extract votes from the people and handle power to the FInancial-Media/Military-Industrial COmplex. 

As in the American case, there was though no election at all. In capitalist societies ‘Presidents -as Roosevelt put it – are NOT elected but $elected’. And they are selected by capital. So those who own the financial media system own the politico system.

And in the 3rd age of the cycle, after the crashes of overproduction of machines cause an economic slump and  military profits are needed for the industrial-military complex to come out of the crisis, when companies switch to production of weapons, the financial media system must find idol-ogies that excuse wars and substitute diplomacy.

It is then when the Jewish owners of the FM system, whose ‘memetic cult(ure)’ of millenarian banker-priests  first  create a neo-fa$cist speech to promote war and racist despise of the ‘human loosers’ that must be eliminated in fields of labor and war by the new technological machines – in this cycle the robotic radiation. But often the natives are not up to the cruel task of eliminating their own people and so a racist cult(ure) is needed. It is then when the 2 most racist memetic animetal cult(ure)s of the West, the warrior germans and the jewish bankers come forward to push mankind into a brink of extinction.

So in the I cycle Mr. Disraeli took power in the British Empire and massacred 30 million Indians and Chinese in his zeal to create the British-Asian empire.

In the II cycle, the Weimar Republic completed the ruin of Germany started by the Prussian military.
And in the III Cycle, Mr. Obama’s American weimar, controlled by Jewish capital in an orgy of theft, speculation in stocks and currencies, newspeaks, corruption and military expenditures is completing the work of the Bush, Germanic, military elite.

But what most people ignore is the fact that those who lead Germany in the II and III cycle to their own destruction, were both Jewish… That as always the head of the FMMI system, the Financial-Media corporations they own started it all till ‘the beast’ was impossible to stop.

In that regard, we have assisted to the false election of the New Jewish Chancellor of Germany. It did not happen since the times when Hitler, nee frankenheimer, the Mazerim ‘bastard’ of a wealthy jewish grand-father that did not recognize him, (recently proved by genetics), at the time the biggest secret of Germany – as it is today the jewishness of Miss Merkel (mother polish-jewish, father jewish converso) was also $-elected with fraud to power.

The similarities are striking:

In both cases the jewishness of the chancellor was an absolute taboo. In both cases, the chancellor did not reach enough votes to govern. But it twisted democracy. In the first election Miss Merkel got less votes than the SPD but the SPD president Mr. Gerard Schroeder renounced to govern and took a job in a huge oil conglomerate – it was bought. Mr. Hitler also twisted the elections and got elected chancellor without a majority as the second most voted party…

Both then started massive anti-democratic, anti-volks, anti-european policies that destroy Europe.

And then when all Europe was ashes, 4.5 million Jewish were burnt in the final years revenge proper of all the final phases of the 13 economical cycles of the holocaust, recorded since Joseph, banker of the pharaoh became a millionaire killing of hunger the egyptians, speculating with the price of Wheat during 7 years of famine to be kicked out with all his coreligionaries a few decades later.

(Now for the non-informed, 4.5 million is the number quoted from Britannica, 72 edition… mind the reader the industry of the holocaust, the main form of censorship on Jewish Power, keeps growing the number of victims at 0.5 million for decade, to increase our weeping for the master race, so we are now in the 6 million figure… This surrealist cipher soon will overcome the total population of European Jewry on the 30s. So Mr. Frankenheimer will soon be a miraculous men that resurrected people to kill it again, as those democratic systems in which the death are resurrected to vote :)

Below the comment I made when Mr. Steinbrook, was $-elected for his ‘submarine’ role as candidate of the German FMMI system.

Surrealist Politico, heir of the Deutsche bank fortune, candidate of the ‘people’.

Yesterday Mr. Steinbruck, the jewish-german mogul, heir to the Deutsche Bank Fortune, was elected by 93% of the member of the ‘Socialist German Party’, to confront the Jewess President, Miss Angela Merkel. He apologized for his many years giving conferences to bankers for hefty fees on capitalist policies. He said ‘he suffered’ a lot giving those conferences. The Chosen always suffer so much making money, LOL.

The surrealism of it – an Am Segullah banker elected in Germany to represent the workers, an a strong advocate of ‘productivity’= firing workers and putting robots=capital in his place, acclaimed by the 93% of the ‘representatives’ of the party – is so absolute that Mr. Bunuel would not believe it if they could resurrect – he said all he wanted after death was coming every year to read 10 minutes the news. Here are your news…

Now of course, in the 3 nations that lead Europe, both parties belong to the chosen and in the South, they are either ex-goldman people NOT elected after the coup d’etats of last year market bullying (Monti, Greece) or in the Spanish case ‘paletos’ so ignorant on who and how the world is ruled that are the laughing stock of all stockrats (Mr. Mas, Mr. Rajoy et al). But hey, as in all dictatorships it is forbidden even to mention the Bankster’s Talmudian IV Reich, in charge of eliminating a surplus of 1 billion workers worldwide to the robotic revolution. It remains to see how this will be done as the decade advances and tens of millions more are thrown out of work….

Now to the point:

The debt slave cycle.

Money is a language of information with no value which in  a healthy super organism of history would be used merely as words are to kick out the production of goods through a democratic global salary. Money has no value and inflation is good as you talk more than act. Money merely is a language to start production. But this is not the concept of money of primitive humans, who were in the original capitalist culture, hypnotised by metal, by gold, and so considered money wealth, and so money became scarce, reproduction of it limited to mining and looting, and it lost its meaning as language of information.

It then became a parasitic form of exploitation of other humans through the concept of debt. This is the key concept to enslave people to monetary monopolies.

And yes, we shall use according to the methodology of bio-history that shuns off political and economical censorship≈correctness, the present mode of banking a process of blatant slavery, in which instead of using a verbal law as the informative way to valuate a slave, the system uses ‘digital monetary language’ and ‘debt contracts’ to achieve the same goals – a fact, which had been recognized prior to the age of corporations by all social scientists in the antiquity, when the anti-quantum paradox was not so strong.

IT IS BASIC The absurd idea that a language must be ‘returned’ once invented. So it is as if you talk orders and your workers must ‘return you the orders’, return you the ‘voice spent’ in those orders. SO the guy who has to ‘return the spent voice’ will WORK and enslave for the banker that makes him a ‘debt slave’. This again is like a ‘legal paper’ that makes you a ‘legal slave’. It is absurd. But people who do NOT accept that a legal politico can write a paper making him a slave of his words, do ACCEPT worldwide to become a slave of the debt-money papers printed for free by corporations and banksters. So MANKIND HAS BECOME A WILLING slave of corporations, now part-time slaves since this saved corporations in the XIX century housing and food for the slaves. Or a debt slave who works to pay the collective debt of nations to their banksters.

Let us then consider the debt slave cycle for people to understand that complexity means nothing and what matters is the bottom line: A group of private parasites invent money instead of society, and reproduce with it weapons and machines, so those species evolve and humans devolve.

And all what humans achieve despite that HANDICAP is against that handicap, but the system tells them that is it actually thanks to the privateers not against them (never mind they grow 1% while China that invents money for their people grows 10% – this is the ‘parasitic differential’, what the banksters take – 90% of the growth of the economy, which becomes merely idle money, invented and stored in billionaire accounts –  and no, the Chinese are not superior, they just have a more democratic economy).

Let us then explain in clear terms, how the creation of money by private bankers work, with a single aim, to ‘appropriate’ most of the wealth of a society, through their monopoly on the issue of the language of monetary information, which costs them nothing to produce, but can buy all other ‘real assets’, once the ‘debt slave’ created in the boom cycle is obliged to pay with property and real goods in the bust cycle. So:

– First bankers issue as much fiat money as possible, with no limit, which costs them nothing and creates debt and inflation. And they lend it to an adoring crowd that knows nothing about their sovereign rights to reproduce that money for free, since the media system and financial economists working for power misinform them. So at a point the entire society owes huge amounts of ‘soft debt’ to the bankers. And this is good for the bankers who receive ‘interest’ for their debt.

Then they stop lending and contract the monetary mass. So money becomes scarce and there is deflation. Companies fire workers as they cannot pay them. Production halts. The economy shrinks but this is done in purpose because it is even better for the wealth of bankers as now scarce money in a deflationary environment is worth more as ‘it buys more things’ deflated in price.

And so the huge debt society has with the financial system becomes worthier – with the money they do keep issuing only for themselves bankers can buy many more things. This is the present phase in Europe and America. There is zero credit for people. There is deflation. Debt slaves owe huge amounts, but bankers have printed through around 4 trillion $ to buy out everything that moves, corporations, real state, politicos.

Further on since debt has NOT contracted, as it was established in the age of monetary expansion and now there is no money available to pay the huge debt society owes, people who cannot pay it with the fiat worthless money that created it must pay with taxes in hard currency, work, real state wealth, national assets and sheepish obeisance to the power orders of bankers who implement their selfish agendas. So bankers in this phase end up controlling most of the wealth of society and its politicos obey them. They reach the zenith of absolute power.

Thus, in this phase, the entire eco(nomic)system is geared to extort money from people to pay debt, with higher taxes while governments give hand outs to bankers and pass laws of privilege for their corporations.

So every time technology has invented a new way of printing money (see graph of the evolution of species of money above), first with stock paper (1860s), then with electric tickers (1920s) and now with e-money (1990s) a massive boom and bust of lending and choking of people as debt slaves has happened, reason why I forecasted in enormous detail this overproduction crisis of e-money already in the 90s, of course, to not avail, given the anti quantum paradox. (It was in fact the end of my career as a theoretical economist, LOL ):

In the Train age in this phase the Law of Anonymous Societies that eliminated all responsibility from the owners and managers of corporations and the first anti-deficit laws that forbid governments to issue money were passed. So Stockrats, owners of corporations became the new aristocrats, with the same privileges the rules of the ancient regime had: no court responsibility for their actions (in the Middle ages aristocrats could only be judged by peers in special courts) and monopoly in the issue and use of the language of social power (now money; weapons in the Middle Age, which only aristocrats could carry and use.)

Sounds familiar? It should, because it is is exactly what happened in the present cycle, when a new form of reproducing money in unlimited quantities e-money, appeared:

Bankers invented fiat money without limit once they discovered the ‘complex e-money derivatives’ that allowed them to print ‘digital data’ as money in computer screens… Then in the 90s they lend it massively at soft interest. So every state and individual owed them money.

Now they are contracting the monetary mass, and their quisling politicos are extorting people with higher taxes, bailouts and the destruction of welfare states to pay a fiat debt that in a real democracy would never exist, as money would be issue by sovereign states free of debt, as a Universal Salary and credit orders for welfare goods.

But of course they are NOT contracting money issued for themselves. On the contrary, they have increased since e-money was invented between 10 and 15 times the monetary mass of the world while population has only doubled. And they have bought everything with that money. This phase is now in full swing in Europe, where the private banker, V.p. of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Draghi, at the head of the ECB (not a European bank, only by name, a trick of bankers, which always put nationalistic names to further obtain patriotic allegiance of people – so the private bank of England belonged to the Rothschild syndicate, the private federal reserve prints dollars,  the private ECB issues money only for private banks at 0% interest, so they can lend it to states at skyrocket usury debt etc.).

First Trichet and then Draghi, as Paulson, also a Goldman Sachs man did in US, expanded credit on the 90s and 2000s. But now ne no longer issues money for the European states and people but passes it to private international bankers who lend it at usury interest and are sending ‘vulture funds’ to buy out all the assets and companies of Southern Europe, making Spain, Greece and Italy, modern, ruined colonies…

It is a notch higher in slavery, since in colonial slavery the banker is not even residing there. The bankers who own now southern Europe live in Frankfurt, the city and wall street, so they do not care at all for their colonized debt slaves. America and England had a better form of slavery as the bankers live there and so some money is invested in their luxury 40 million homes, etc.

But let us not cheat ourselves. When the Private bank of England forbade the ‘Americans’ to print their own continental money, the nation was ruined, Franklyn went to England and asked the king and the private bank to let them issue money or else they would declare independence war. The king said ok, the bankers said no and he went back declared independence, started to print debt free money and America became a free country… till  the Rothschild syndicate corrupted politicos, created the 1st federal reserve.

The American hero of war, Andrew Jackson rebelled and killed the bank. He was shot. Lincoln tried again to kill the bank creating free debt ‘greenbacks’, he was shot. The drunkard Grant was chosen and he eliminated the greenback, imposed a boom cycle of usury debt, (2 private bankers did it) and hand in hand with German bankers imposed then a bust  cycle, halving the money of the world by the simple method of eliminating silver as ‘money’.

The silver crime plummeted for 2 decades the world in recession. And again, there was a boom and bust cycle when ticker money was invented.  Then the Warburg syndicate imposed the Federal Reserve, once more a private bank, which provoked the 29 crisis of boom and bust, which ended in massive poverty and II world war. Now the same cycle is at work. But it is all more sophisticated.

At the time of Imperial Britain, the concept of a private bank charging usury to the state for war was not outrageous because tribal nationalism was the idol-ogy every European subscribed.

Thus those primitive memes were the ‘hook’ for Europeans to die for the bankers of The City and VOC, since on exchange for death, they achieved that supreme idiotic concept: the paradise of Glory. That is, your tribe must kill other human tribes and you must die for that ‘glorious manifest destiny’.

Now, most people are not that dumb to belief the tribal concept so the system has become far more ‘complex’ in their hiding of the simplest truth: money is the language of power, those who invent the language of power control society, bankers invent the language of power, so they control society.

We must stress though the obvious: money HAS NO VALUE PER SE, HENCE IT IS NOT DEBT.

 DEBT IS PURE PARASITISM. It is like if you could GIVE VERBAL ORDERS OF SLAVERY TO PEOPLE, MAKING THEM WORK FOR FREE BECAUSE YOU ORDER IT WITH WORDS. And this is the conundrum: only if the west returns to a real democracy, takes back the reproduction of money and uses it, Chinese style to produce the goods we need, we shall survive.

Indeed, there is also the human side of power, with two variables: the political system, which has lost all power, as the language of social control, money is today produced only by financial corporations, and their ‘property’, industrial systems; and the cultural system – as financiers in the west which sets all the trends of the world belong overwhelmingly to a single ‘biblical culture’.

So a humanist solution to those problems, which will be possible as long as A.I. has no self-consciousness, IS NOT HAPPENING, BECAUSE THE LACK OF DEMOCRACY MEANS the language of power to solve that problem, MONEY is not produced by mankind. Its production depends on an elite culture, the Banksters of the “People of the Treasure” that reproduces money in monopoly and sets the agenda of the future with financial orders of work and subventions to politicians.

Fact is such an anti-democratic system should be reformed, denationalising the industry and returning to a world of public banks and private companies, regulated according to their products – so the lethal products of the chip radiation could be controlled.

AS IT HAPPENS IN CHINA, WHICH GROWS 10% ANNUALLY, and does not produce immense quantities of weapons and wars to increase the debt of nations.

The fallen heroes of European r=evolutions.

Thus, we shall also study in future posts its heroes, by definition, ‘fallen heroes’, as humans are a corrupted species, which sacrifices those who could save them, since it is the month of Easters and the rebirth of nature….

They are based in the memes of the “Universal grammar’ of the verbal wor(l)d: man (subject) > verb (action) > Object (energy), as opposed to the memes of the go(l)diron germanic and jewish cultures where man is an object equalled to price: man (salary) = money = object (price), not a goal in itself (jewish->english->capitalist culture) or even inferior to the object that kills him, in the memetic grammar of germanic warrior cultures: man (corpse) < verb (murder) < weapon.

The brain is like a computer with a final program, our ‘ideology’ of god and the goal of our existence. In the Latin culture man is the measure of all things; in the Jewish culture money is the measure of all things and all other humans except those of the tribe for whom the verbal subjective thought do apply, are objects with whom we relate through money. This is now the globalized culture. We keep the verbal tree of memetic thought for our family and tribe, and the rest of mankind is ‘related’ through money.

The german culture was even worse. the tribe was god, ‘goths’ because it could kill with weapons, so men were inferior, corpses to kill if they don’t obey. Those 2 cultures are the center of this web because their memes dominate the world. But March being the time in which the heroes of the latin culture, Jesus and Caesar, the man of the wor(l)ds of love and the man who tried to submit the corruption of money and weapons to the power of the Law, failed to convince the world.

We thus will leave behind  ‘fall’ and ‘winter’, dedicated mostly to the Jewish-American empire whose millenarian ideologies of greed and weapons, capitalism and nationalism, and its racist memes of religious and ‘animetal’ origin are bound to destroy mankind. But I do not want the reader to think this blog is ‘only’ about the ‘zeitgeist’ of our age – self destruction – nor it is about hateful, evil=anti-live memes. Of course, we are living in a super-organism, history, which is dying, preyed by the superorganism of the machine, and me, a ‘neuron’ of that superorganism, likely one of the most informed, lucid perceivers of the process of death of mankind is in constant pain, observing the corruption and death of my species. All neurons, once the body dies – and we are technically dead – that is, the ethic, nervous, verbal and legal system that sustained with ‘eusocial love’, assabiyah, you name it, the evolution of mankind is gone. My role as those of all ethic writers and aesthetic artists who cherish, the classic, balanced ages of man, is null. The metal-communicators of the new superorganism of machines hold the day, and the lesser, hateful, anti-human, primitive memes of animetal $laves rule supreme.

Nothing more pathetic that a neuron in a dead body, with no communication with the rest of the cells, no energy – as information and energy are inverse functions, and so we cut the head and eat the fleshy body. In the parable of Matrix, I would not be useful even for a battery. So what is left? In those neo-fascist ages of collapse of civilizations, my alter egos in other cycles, tend to commit suicide, get killed, abandon public life, or… and this is my preferred choice for the months of rebirth, to dream of better worlds.

If we were to consider the previous cycle, my most admired triad of literary writers, Orwell on the negative side, Hesse on the positive one, , Fitzgerald on the other side, ended badly on the 30s and only Hesse, the dreamer of a perfect world driven by ethics and aesthetics NOT by greed and weapons – Castalia – survived the decade.

Of course Castalia was a dream not to be in this glass bean game called the Earth, but in the fractal Universe there are infinite planets where Castalia, a human Utopia, like the world union, which I have dreamed of – existence without borders – do happen.  And so we shall consider during the next months the dreams of mankind and the perfectly designed human organism, the paradise of man on Earth which shall exist in other planets, even if this one, the ideologies of evil and those who carry it, will bring indeed the fall and winter of man.

So we shall also write some day of March one article dedicated to the Fallen Heroes of the search for ‘equalite’ all of them sprouts of the original Latin culture to mankind:

– To Jesus the failed savior of the Jews, which illuminated our culture with its messsage of love and its 2 ‘non corrupted’ to the bone versions, catholicism and orthodox churches.

– To Caesar, that failed savior of Rome, and his dream of a single world, taken from Alexander and degenerated by its successors,  killed in another march calendar of the repetitive cycles of mankind.

– To Baboeuf, the true R=evolutionary of France, who failed to bring equality, during his spring r=evolution.

– To Lenin and Trotsky which also in March raised the flag of equality on the 1917 r=evolution to be shot and murdered by those who do not believe in the power of the wor(l)d.

Of all those rituals of freedom that happened in March only Jesus, bastardized by the inquisitions of thought and go(l)d churches remains precisely because it is void of his initial message. So we shall also study his destruction by selfish memes of metal, which have converted the Christian churches in yet another placebo mask of caring…

Calendars are indeed important to set the cycles of time of the human mind, for good and for bad… not in vain, the French R=evolution changed the Jewish-Christian calendar who subconsciously imposed the wrong religions of anthropomorphic worship and ego-trips by a natural one, in which part of our calendar is inspired. Rituals create normality, specially in a baroque, extinctive age as the one we live in… People think as they repeat their actions that those cycles will be eternal, that all is normal…

But that is another story treated with in our sections about time…


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