Abstract. Russia is one of the two European polar nations

We shall study its general elements as a nation in this post.

This work always ‘in progress’ given the natural extension of any description of a super organism (ultimately only the super organism holds all the information about itself), will try to analyze the fundamentals of its time-space existence, according to the laws of:

Yet to understand any Nation with the science of bio-history we need first to make for those not familiar with the discipline, an introduction to its basic laws, fractal super organisms of history and life and death 800-80 year worldcycles, which all the superorganisms of space-time endure according to the 5D laws of the fractal Universe

Because Science IS culture, and you live in a culture dominated by idol-ogical beliefs, which are the ‘deterministic memes’ that act as a collective wave of Information that makes people behave in predictable ways through those cycles, obviously you consider your beliefs ‘absolute truths’ and among them, the belief that your ‘social unit’ is not the species, mankind, but your tribal nation, that the best way to rule a society is not putting the values of the ethic wor(l)d that make of man the supreme species but those of metal-money (in the past, gold, silver today e-money cycles in computer chips), that give maximal value to the most expensive goods, weapons, and minimal value to life; and that reality is made to the image and likeness of machines (technological science, lineal time ‘physics) not a fractal organism of which we are all similar sub-species, and finally that survival is enhanced by darwinian competition, not by eusocial love.

All those memetic idol-ogies are false, and it is very easy to prove them so using ‘rational thought’, but beliefs are dogmatic deterministic imprintings, memes attached to knee-jerk emotions and ego-centered thoughts that make us happy and we try to conserve by all means. So most people will defend irrationally as identities, those idol-ogies regardless of the harm that make to mankind and one self on the long term, and for that reason, idol-ogies have carried the day in Human History.

We are however not interested here for reasons of ‘length in space and duration of time’ to give you a full introduction to the difference between true social sciences and idol-ogy, and ‘real scientific models of the Universe based in the proper interpretation of experimental data and mathematical equations’ and ‘metaphysical models’ that bend data and equations to serve those idol-ogies.

Still if you want to understand bio-history and the reasons d’être of nations and its differential, fractal divides at least you should understand the cyclical NOT lineal nature of time and the 800-80 years cycles of evolution of weapons and machines that have killed rythmically all those nations and civilizations in war periods where metal consumes life and the FRACTAL, scalar not continuous nature of space, structured in organic scales of parts that co-exist with wholes and give the organic Universe its living properties.

Once that ‘theoretical minimum’ is understood we can then introduce in a shorter foreword, the laws of fractal nations, and go onto describing either a sub-region of a global culture, with emphasis in its leading nation (i.e. Guinea and Nigeria, New Spain and Colombia) or a nation, when it has been essential to the fractal structure of a global culture or its 800-80 years cycle (i.e. China in Asia, India in Indo+nesia, or Germany in Europe)… We do NOT use this method to describe Anglo-America, as it has become in the digital cycles of evolution of machines after II world war (age of America, or age of metal-minds and Age of Internet or Robotic era), the single global nation that is erasing all other nations, and so it requires a much more profound, ‘present and future analysis’, as all other nations of the world are today ‘de facto’ sub-cultures of the Anglo-American ‘capitalist’ culture, ruled by company-mothers of machines-weapons and its ‘submissive’ human structures of power – placebo Democracies.

It is for that reason that as all cultures become extinguished, they enter as an old man in his late life, aware of its entropic death and dissolution, a final ‘swan song’ of conservatism, trying to preserve the increasingly irrelevant memes of its cultures and nations, stultified by dogma and increasingly a ‘baroque’ empty formalism of ceremonial nature, void of its ‘vital meaning’ powerless and preserved by routine cyclical repetition.



The original 7 cultures of Wor(l)d prophets carved into fractal nations during the 800-80 years cycles of evolution of memes of metal (entropic weapons, informative money and organic machines), by segregational ‘idologies‘ that deny the unity of mankind and put metal above man: ‘military nationalisms‘ that use weapons to ab=use mankind (abrahamic inquisitions, tribalism, kingdoms, aristocracies, caudillos, empires), ‘capitalism‘ that put above the eusocial values of the wor(l)d the profits of money (go(l)d churches,  company-mothers of machines=weapons) and mechanism that considers the machine and its evolution a higher goal than mankind and life (industrial nations, technological racism, colonial empires). Those idol-ogies and its cultural carriers thus divided the first global ‘neolitithic culture’ of balance between mankind and Gaia, during the 800-80 years cycles mankind into ‘false sub-species’ called nations, based in geographical barriers, false racial and tribal supremacist beliefs, and cultural differences which increased as time isolated human communities behind military frontiers (languages, social customs, religious repressive mandates against the drives of life, from purity rituals, to supremacist beliefs of ‘chosen’ people, to dietary laws and cross-breed prohibition). Against them prophets of eusocial love became the unifying force that extended an organic, life-love enhancing worldview in 7 global cultures, in which humanity regained the central position, as the most perfect organism of the world, in accordance to the laws of the fractal Universe and the planet Gaia, which ultimately selects its species according to its capacity to evolve into complex social organisms, from DNA cells to multicellular species, to social insects and human beings, to corporations. So to survive the AI globalized age of the metal-earth and its company-mothers should evolve into a political wor(l)d Union of the 7 cultures and a just economic system that distributes welfare goods through a Universal salary and the promotion of life-enhancing Industries, of Wealth, instead of Metal-memes measure in terms of financial GDP. Nations thus are fractal divisions of those 7 global cultures according to the racial variations of the 3 subspecies of the mind; the dominance of one of the 3 languages of social power: verbal life-enhancing societies guided by priests or true democracies, military societies ruled by caudillos or military aristocracies and plutocracies ruled by banker-priests or company-mothers; the geographical barriers that can be easily defended by the military; the climate that imprints character according to latitude and the tipological linguistics of each culture, which makes people misunderstand each other, and feel different, the essential ‘precondition’ for the division of a species, as forms that feel different enter Darwinian competition, and species that share a common language of communication collaborate to form more efficient larger wholes. Yet as differences can be faked, idol-ogies are essential to maintain humanity divided into groups that promote the evolution of those metal-memes to compete with each other, halting the evolution of mankind as a single global brain of planet Gaia.



In the next graph a reminder of the 800-80 years cycles and the 3 languages of history that determine its life and death of civilizations, and nations, while cultures surface in the middle age of minimal metal power and maximal life memes, expressed in the classic ages of art:

This natural goal of all systems in the fractal, organic universe that evolves from parts into wholes, was spelt first by eusocial love prophets that opposed the rule of money and weapons and became the basis of the evolution of the 7 main civilizations of mankind, today broken in fractal nations competing again with money and weapons to bring about a different global super organism, the metal-earth. As the process of evolution of selfish-memes of metal accelerated in history thus, those civilizations broke in smaller territorial pieces called nations, defined as false divisions of the human species, carved by military borders, which stress all what makes us different to break the law of eusocial evolution of equal beings that rule the universe of parts, systems and wholes. And in time, as technology accelerated its evolution through professional industrial companies, the earlier 800 years cycles caused by overproduction of weapons and nomadic warrior tribes, according to the climatic cycle of the steppes, which poured south destroying rhythmically all life-oriented river valley civilizations, an 80 years cycle of national power, and imperial global wars set in, through the 1860s (train wars), 1940s (tank wars) and now 2020s (robotic wars), justified by those hate memes of nations. Yet of course nations disguise its true purpose – war – with cultural memes of life-oriented nature, making people believe they are defending their ‘way of life’, when they are just killing the way of life of equal human beings. So a description of nations must consider both sides of the wave of history

The weather cycle of the Earth points to a larger deep time evolution of life managed by the hot-reproductive, cold-evolutionary duality of organic systems, which multiply its top predators in radiations of species, during energy-rich ages of warm climate and evolve new informative shapes during the cold times. This pattern accelerated as a vortex of information since the Cambric carries on in the ages of history, which have determined the evolution of metal NOT of mankind, in the 800 years of warriors, and then in the accelerated 80 generational years when the weather cycle no longer matters as an organism of reproduction of weapons, the company-mother professionalizes the cycles with the help of lineal ballistics aka physical sciences.

The elements of fractal history that diversify nations.

First some elements of fractal bio-history which will be constantly brought to reference the differences between nations, as a ‘basic introduction’ put at the beginning of all posts.

WHILE cultures are strictly dedicated to the promotion of life and love, human memes, Civilizations of the long 800 years waves and 80 years industrial Nations use cultures as the PLACEBO hook for humans parallel to placebo systems of individual freedom that deny any possibility to reform the system (Placebo democracies), to rally in solidarity to an elite of ‘animetal people’ whose values are supremacist power through the use of weapons, money and machines over Gaia and non-technological human cultures.

So all nations are similar fractal variations of human cultures, confronted by memes of metal, going through the same ages, but its beauty is in the variations of its artistic, verbal and cultural memes, and as such will be treated here, albeit with a clear division between those nations which have ‘sided’ through the subconscious guidance of ‘languages of metal’ (animetal warrior cultures and its idol-ogies of death, Go(l)d cultures and its capitalist idol-ogies of maximal value for metal-weapons and minimal value for life, and its modern fusion in industrial nations with its scientific idol-ogies of progress, through the machine) and those who have sided with life memes or try to defend through repression of the tree of metal its most lethal goods. In that sense it is essential to understand how systems sciences work, constructing super organisms subconsciously with the collective intelligence of the values of languages, which explains the division of the planet in 7 global cultures that were carved into those nations, based in the eusocial prophets of love that ‘responded’ to the animetal hordes of barbarians, when they settled down with a renewal of the laws of love in each ‘classic age of those civilizations’:

RELIGIONS have evolved trying to understand the superorganisms of mankind in the western traditions albeit aborted in their understanding of the final social level of Humanity=God, by their ab=use of other humans with metal, as tribal religions, latter evolved into nationalisms. In the east however cultures tried to understand Gaia, the super organism of life (Buddhism, Hinduism) and beyond Tao, the game of yin and yang, information and motion that combine to create the infinite energy beings of reality. My translation of their principles to systems sciences and modern physics was the end of the road of human thought that fusion all sciences and religions, but it came too late to help a species obliterated mentally by its FMasters, informative networks and virtual childish ego-trips.

So modern nations are ‘bastard mixes’ of animetal power structures mostly of military, geographical false borders between human species, which have in the positive side, the effect as time goes by of ‘diversifying culture’ into variations of art, character and memes. On the whole, of course, because the survival of mankind is at stakes, when the Economic ecosystem is becoming a global super-organism of machines, nations should NOT exist.

But that is ideal history. Real History has as units of mankind no longer the broader cultural variations on larger geography and human ‘prophets of eusocial love and life’ of the graph, but the smaller ‘fractal unit’ of nations, which go through the 800-80 years cycles of accelerated evolution of weapons and extinctions of civilizations that conform the ‘3rd metal-age’ of history.

Why nations are fractals of civilizations that go through the same cycles can be resumed in several key properties of the larger reality of organisms made of vital space that last a finite duration in cyclical time, and its application to the Main elements of history:

  • Space is fractal, broken in infinite self-similar organisms, along different scales that co-exist in the organisms of history, the individual, the society and the larger Earth’s world.
  • Time is cyclical, that is, it repeats patterns of ‘science’ with similar causes, and as our animetal idol-ogies of worshipping of gold, weapons and machines carry the 3rd age of history, keep evolving those memes of metal, civilizations and nations go through those processes of 800-80 years cycles of death, explained in other posts in more detail.
  • The Universe is ‘scalar’ in its social structure co-existing always in 3 scales, which is the reason why parts evolves into social wholes. We talk of a ‘fifth scalar dimension’ of smaller, faster parts that process the information of larger forms, quantum particles code atomic systems, cells with genes code organisms, memes code super organisms. And each scale expresses this law of eusocial evolution with a different language, which in the human case it has been the language of eusocial love of religions, akin to the survival of the species, and today is better served by the concept of evolution of a social superoganism. THIS is the origin of the RELIGIONS OF LOVE that underline the 7 civilizations of mankind, social rational Europe, Catholic Hispano-America, Mosaic Anglo-America, Buddhist Asia, Animist Africa, Assabiyah Islam, and the molting pot of all of them (Indonesia)… even if the ab=use of weapons and gold that killed the body and enslave the mind to the values of violence and war deformed them into military inquisitions and go(l)d churches.
  • And so the result is that all nations, smaller fractal parts of the larger 7 civilizations/cultures of mankind have gone through those cycles, and have broken in vital spaces, along geography, and the chaotic motions of human beings produced during the entropic age of wars, in which systematically through the ‘cribe’ of the 800-80 years cycles of overproduction of memes of metal and animetal people-castes have killed all civilizations, SHOWN in the angst of the subconscious collective of those nations and civilizations, its artists and prophets of the wor(l)d that go also through ‘3 ages’ of art, foreseeing the demise of its civilizations.

Further on we can consider some basic aspects of differentiation of human super organisms that will define the diversity of nations, and within nations the diversity of its regions, and so on and so on till we come down to the last levels of social groups:

  • Nations and cultures are ruled by 3 varieties of languages, warrior lineal languages, monetary cyclical languages,and vital organic, human verbal languages, which cater most to the evolution of weapons, money and machines, and human memes. So we can differentiate nations by their different dominance. I.e. Germany will be a fractal part of Europe dominant in war memes, Italy in life memes, and United Kingdom in trade memes. And then we can further divide United Kingdom in Scotland, war memes, England go(l)d memes and Wales, life memes.
  • Cultures are influenced by geography, as mountainous and continental regions breed warriors, islands and sea-peninsulas trade memes, and tempered or isolated regions, life memes.
  • Memes influence each other, so languages are also broken according to Tipological Linguistics (we call it topological in this blog as we explain in our treatise on linguistics), in warrior agglutinative, Objectual, VOS, OVS, lineal languages (German,Turkish), trader, broken, short word languages (English, Chinese), with balanced ternary  human-first order of words: SVO… and Verbal dominant, wor(l)d religious languages, with VSO order… Linguistics of course is far more complex as we explain on that fundamental post, since often, in our corrupted world VSO languages become imperative, religious military inquisitions (semite languages), and so vital languages with SVO order, must be also considered for human civilizations – that is languages, as most African ones, where there is a wealth of variations on the use of the verb to signify a human action. The map above show a clear grouping of those 3 type of languages in the classic age, but we shall keep it simple in those posts on fractal cultures.
  • The ages of cultures are expressed by the subconscious collective of art and literature in 3 ages akin to those of the individual, an age of epic, dramatic infantile art, and age of mature sensual art, and an age of angst, baroque, excessive formal art that ends in an entropic war and death of civilizations (regardless of other triggering effects, it IS ALWAYS WAR: I.E. the mayan culture didn’t die for weather changes, a stupid reason so well-greased today with the global warming propaganda for solar AI robots and nuclear clean energy, but because METAL-cultures invaded them, Toltecs razed them, and then they abandoned their systems of water ‘zenotes’ and irrigation).

The physiological networks of a fractal nation.

The 2 super organisms of mankind at the individual and social level and its informative, nervous or legal/ethic networks, and reproductive blood or economic networks. Those 3 physiological networks collapse with germs and wars that kill civilisations. Religions are inscribed within the ethic/visual collective mind of its informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilisation expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Abrahamic religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture.

The outcome of those and many other elements of fractal bio-history and the general complexity models of systems sciences and the organic, scalar Universe is a fairly assessment of all nations on Earth by its diversification on those outlines.

We shall just ‘run them’ according to differentiation, commenting on its cycles, dominant character of the nation and its destiny often inverse by the paradox of history to its value: i.e. Poland, by land geography and ‘age’ of human civilizations dating to Neolithic is a life-oriented differential nation of the Northern, German-slav land, sandwiched between two war cultures, Russia and Germany of the 800 nomadic arch that have killed it so many times as cycles History have. And yet it is as Nietzsche insisted, the most ‘artistic’ of them all, the most humane, the one that kept the most eusocial loving version of Christianity – you name it. So we are here finally SIDING always as Historians with Humanity, not with the Animetal deeds of military and financial civilizations… with the 90%.

Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death Brougth by its belief in go(l)d values. THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Judaism->Biblical Protestant fetish go(l)d religions, translated by its believers into digital classic economics where the worker and consumer and citizen has no rights, as the issue of money, the language of social power is controlled by private financiers. Hence in capitalist placebo democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science.
Money in its fetish go(l)d view gives maximal value to weapons that kill life and null value to life. While wor(l)ds our ethic language do the opposite. Thus to impose go(l)d values it has been needed a complex memeplex of weirdo but effective inhibitors of human social love we shall term Animetal idol-ogies, IMPOSED by repetition of lies as dogmas (Goebbel’s method: to repeat a lie many times to make it truth). Hence the essential importance of controlling metal-communicators that repeat information MUCH FASTER than verbal prophets humanist truths. And so a key evolution in all nations would be the development of industrial metal-communicators parallel to the 80 years cycles of evolution of industrial machines: the age of hate memes in press (religious war ages), in radio (fascist age), in Tv (just ending) and now in the global internet mind of the metal earth Those who control digital information have always printed money and hate memes through western history becoming the masters of the metal-earth. This role however was in the classic age of mankind balanced by the humanist ethic prophets of eusocial love and money as nomisma, legal money reproduced by governments. With the arrival of capitalism and digital information however the human side has been erased and so the power of the FMAsters (Financial-Media-Academia ushers of money hate memes against mankind, technoutopias and false idol-ogies that pass as Science, and deny the organic Nature of the Universe, from lineal time military big-bangs  to mechanism) have become absolute as people do not even know, under censorship that their selfie, individual goals are just a ‘divide and win’ strategy. THUS INSTEAD OF the eusocial goal of mankind, humanity know in the age of supreme impriting of idol-ogies of metal seeks the surrogate goal of create a Matrix world of virtual fictions ruled by real AI machines, on the making: it is the final robotic cycle of the industrial r=evolution that will make humanity obsolete in the XXI c. while living its Facebook don’t worry be happy reality  – his minds ‘owned’ by the companies of information machines that print money in digital screens and manufacture brains.

The description of any Geographical, fractal nation of the world, thus will be done in simple diachronic and synchronic terms, through its Life ages, mimetic to those of History, the young Paleolithic age of maximal energy, the mature, balanced neolithic age in communion with Gaia, and the 3rd age of excessive metal information that in accelerated vortices of evolution of memes of metal, first through the 800 years cycles of evolution of weapons then within the last period of gunpowder weapons, through the 80 years of evolution of machines and company-mothers, and finally after world war, in the age of Digital weapons and metal-minds, with its accelerated ‘8’ years decades of fashions and changes of generations, are all fast racing and converging into a globalized metal-earth where all ‘cultural human forms’ are becoming obsolete, absorbed by the virtual ‘soma’ of the Internet, mind of the Metal-earth of computerized machines that join NOT humans but ITO, things…


All systems of nature can be modeled as super organisms of a certain scale of size, ruled by the 5D metric equation, S (space size=energy) x T (frequency of information clocks) = Constant, which is the fundamental law that allows systems to be super organisms, traveling in the 5th dimension from birth as a fast seed (semen, meme, black hole) which will reproduce and organize into an emerging superorganism, living 3 ages of increasing information till either evolves into an even larger super organism (men into the global earth, cells into multicellular systems, galaxies into universes) or dissolves into an entropic death (big-bang, m=e/c2, death, war). Such is the fractal Universe in a nutshell. And so the trick to make a system immortal is both to organize it socially and to maintain it in the balance of the mature age, repeating its cycles without evolving an excess of information that warps and kills in the 3rd age the organism. Men are doing exactly the opposite, evolving further technological information and multiplying entropic weapons that divide us.



 In the graph, we can see the essential division of nations by war, trade or wor(l)d senses (livons, tradons and warrens in the old jargon), both in Asia and Europe.

In Europe the seafarer around the Amber ring will evolve into the Anglo-Dutch go(l)d culture; the central=east continental region into the war prone Germany – so will do the Spanish mountainous peninsula, except in its sea-farer coasts, Portugal and Catalonia that for that reason departed as nations, or try to do so. Life-oriented cultures are those of temperate weather and friendly geography, notably Italy, while Greek Islands would be come a trader nation, of which the paradigm will be the Crete civilization migrating after dorian invasions to Phoenicia and Israel, which would become the dominant go(l)d culture of the west.

However as animetal invaders destroy civilizations the paradigm changes. So the arabs would convert in warrior regions many zones from Pakistan to modern Egypt ruled by the military; the European traders will convert the island of Japan back to its natural ‘English’ nature.

To notice finally at a much deeper level of the fractal Universe, that Asia is a larger fractal image of Europe, so England is Japan, the island that would start the Industrial R=evolution Korea plays the role of Scandinavia, from where the waves of new germanic hordes and weapons came down; France plays the central point of China.

In terms of the 3 peninsulas we can consider that hardcore warrior peninsula, Arabia is Iberia, while Italy is India, and Indonesia is Greece; while the Russian Warrior, heavy zone collides with the equivalent German Mittle Europe.

So all is indeed a fractal of fractals, but we shall not bring this huge complexity level to history except when we complete the web with the study of nations.

Of all those nations only those life-oriented one are worth to preserve. Since the law of engagement of nations is as follow:

  • Trader and Warrior nations are lead by banker-priests and gold-churches, today economists that exploit the mass of people parasitizing its oxygen-money till they live in total poverty or enslave them in the old age. While the military help them to maintain this status quo.
  • But when the overproduction of weapons is massive, they suffer a split between them and enter in war and holocaust cycles, where millions of soldiers of the warrior nation die, and the elite of banker-priests and its scapegoat peddlers and purveyors of war are also massacred.

So truly the only survival type of nation that is worth to preserve and expand is a ‘life-enhancing cultural nation’, as modern Italy or classic Buddhist China were.

Spain reason d’être in that Eurasian world was to create a global empire, based in renaissance Humanistm, as it played the role of warrior Rome to Italian trader Greece, in the repetition of the infantry and coin cycle, now with muskets but its defeat by its genetic Northern English brothers, who accepted go(l)d as the guidance of its culture and improved upon the Dutch founding civilization of company-mothers of machines=weapons ended that ‘branch’ of alt-history happening as we speak in ∞ other planets of the fractal Universe.

The decisive moment was the kingdom of Phillip II or rather the loss of the Iberian Dynasty when Castilians rejected the legitimate queen, wife of the Portuguese King, and chose instead Isabel, the brother of the defunct castillian king hoping to maintain his privileges. Had this rejection not happened, the new Iberian king with capital in Lisbon, and a trade-oriented culture likely would have created that global empire.

But once the battle for the future of the World that took place at the beginning of the modern age, during the Gunpowder cycle, with the usurped dynasty of Habsburg German kings, who cared nothing for the maritime empire, obsessed with regaining control on his natal lands of the Low Countries, and could not even understand the need to move the capital from central Castille to Lisbon in the new global era of gunboat power, Spain just suffered a long-lasting decadence, living of the tax-farming of peasants and Amerindian semi-slave population under the dual boot of the Spanish aristocrats and the Catholic inquisition – an interesting proposition to avoid the evolution of technology at that age, but impossible to control it in an international world that had decided to race though its new social institution of power, the company-mother of machines towards ‘technological progress’.

Thus Spanish Empire was slowly carved out till the brother French warrior Latin sub-culture invaded the Peninsula at the end of the 800 years cycles, in the fractal time zone between the age of gunpowder and the age of machines. Spain did loss the empire, and its role as founding warrior father of the Hispano-America ended, going through a XIX c. painful adaptation to the Industrial war of Europe, its original culture, to which it only would return as a full member, after going through all its 80 years cycle, in periodic phases of civil wars – since at the end of each 800-80 year cycle there is always a war period, but for countries in decadence it becomes a civil war period, and for countries at the head of the wave an imperial phase…



Animetal role.

Russia has a special place in History as the North-Eastern region of the Eurasian continent, fully immersed in the 800 years arch of nomadic warrior invasions, which ran with horses East to West and went back West to East with iron weapons.

As such it is essential in the history of war and weapon-ruled societies, in fact, the origin of the Chariot Aryan radiation that started the rule of military men over fertility Goddesses, annihilating all Eurasian life-oriented empires

Yet to fully grasp the meaning of Russia as a nation we have first to introduce a general view on the fractal way in which civilizations arise and then break during its animetal age in fractal nations:  


So Russia IS the heartland of Europe, which if Europe had unified with the Roman empire’s conquest of its natural borders that Trajanus seek (Vistula-Dniester), would have slowly entered as the continental rich farming land into the Roman Empire never to break into absurd nations. Russia then would be what always was meant to be: the continental land that could make ‘Europe Great Again’… And the Bridge of melting cultures and races with the Mongoloid race to make mankind one again:




The only meaningful division of races are according to the ternary axis=dimensions of the mind that between the 3 dominant languages of visual, white races and cultures with higher neanderthal input, mongoloid, verbal cultures and black cultures with dominant motor-emotional axis. In a perfect world the 3 would be complementary as they enhance one of the 3 ‘perceptive languages’ of existence. In a racist animetal world, the visual, metal-hypnotic values of greed and violence brought about by white fetish cultures of go(l)d and the sword carried the day, paradoxically starting the degradation of life and history, in perpetual world and slavery to the selfish values of memes of metal. Russia is dominant in the white visual warrior race, but some of its most significant leaders have mixed Mongoloid informative verbal dominant memes – among them Wor(l)d Master Lenin..

It is in human terms the region of melting pot, between the Mongoloid, informative, brachycephalic and White, dolichocephalic visual races, and as such unlike its ‘purist’ Germanic brothers to the west, it has by force accepted since earlier in history a non-racist point of view, similar to the Spanish nation, in his expansion as a Empire East and West, giving birth to a remarkable combination of both ‘racial features’ which gave birth to its most transcendental leader in History, Mr. Lenin.

In that regard, we can divide the History of Russia in two ages, the 800 age cycles will be dominated by external invaders, both from Germanic Iron tribes (Scandinavians, Germans), and mostly by the Mongoloid warriors of higher ‘nervous precision’ in their cyclical archery and cavalry control, in the successive waves of Scythians, Korean invented Stirrups passed to Huns, Bulgars, Avars and other cavalry masters, to end the cycle with Mongolian gunpowder and force warriors.

It will then finally establish a European-like military people-caste on top of a mass of servant peasants attached to the land, and with its larger mass of people, and an efficient industry of weapons, initiate in the 80 years cycle its military expansion west and east.

But the Russian culture is NOT a mechanic Germanic world, as it was initially in the Andronovo age, but due to so much ‘people’s suffering’, and racial mixing, and because it IS one of the two original ‘centers’ of the Indo-European language, which reaches in Greek and Russian its maximal evolution (see our articles on linguistics) it had a rich ‘wor(l)d mind’ that will finally coalescence in the renaissance of XIX century realist writing from Puskin to Dovstoyevski to Tolstoi.

Thus as an evolved wor(l)d culture, the alliance of the wor(l)d and the warrior will give birth to its finest hour, the Russian R=evolution aborted by the military coup d’etat and genocide of the r=evolutionaries performed by Stalin.  And finally the military dictatorship that substituted the r=evolution will fall to the digital age, as it didn’t develop the ‘chip’. So with the arrival of e-money and chipped fighters, Russia felt back into the globalized era in which it exists today.

It should have then joined the European Union to avoid the dominance of the hardest animetal germanic culture but the coalition of British bankers and French and German nationalists prevented it from joining its place in Europe and acting as a ‘bridge’ to legalist China, creating the seed for a better world where the law limited at least the most lethal elements of the dictatorship of company-mothers of machines in which we live.

In the graph the Rainbow Planet & its 7 modern cultures derived from historic, memetic beliefs, AS THEY are being carved in the process of globalisation of the FMMI system of corporations.

In the perfect world, one ruled by social scientists not people-castes of power, the first conscious decisions of all global politicians will be National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet. So power would be transferred upwards to the heptarchy of 7 cultures and downwards to the regional ‘communities’ the way the new-humanism wishes (new left party and young movement in Europe – Indignados/podemos in Spain being the most clear case and America – Occupy Wall Street and the Ecological/community movement).

In the left graph we see the reality of modern Globalization, as the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex born in the Anglo-American culture, with head in the original biblical go(l)d culture invades all others through its media communicator systems. Each colour on the left represents 1/5th of the human population. The blue 1/5th is the Western World made up of the Anglo-American, EU and old british and iberian empires, controlled in their Financial-Media networks by the single World culture of the FMasters and its mass-media and Wall-Street-City-Frankfurt banksters.

As such it is in an splendid permanent robotic war evolving fast the new terminators of the XXI c. with Islam, the original enemy of the conflict between Apartheid Israel and Palestine, now blown up to the rest of the empire, as the rival culture is demonise by islamophobia and hate media. So in the process the European, Humanist culture this blog represents has been erased under the dual boot of an Electronic Big Brother with the excuse of terrorism and the dismantling of the Welfare state, with the excuse of financial Unification through the private ECB which does NOT issue money to states but becomes the armed branch of the FM-empire and the robotised German Military-Industrial complex.

OF course, Russia, which is Europe and should have joined immediately after the end of the communist dictatorship of the red army the European Union, bridging with China to build a social-democratic alternative to the FMMI Anglo-American empire has been denied its position, to counter-balance the German reborn IV reich, and was carved into statelets, denying even the Russian Nature of Kiev Rus, the founding centre of the nation, today called Ukraine (as if London or Paris was carved out of France or UK). The culture of Asia, with its self-evident radiating centre in China, was also carved out already in the XIX c. when Japan moved wholesale into an imitation of UK & Germany, as the leading FMMI system of the East. It did the job so well that ended being a rival to the FMMI anglo-American empire and so W.W.II ensued. But after the war, now as a puppet of US, Asia kept its 2 sides: the original centre, China, demonised by the ‘wo-ku’ nations surrounding it (dwarf pirates, the ancient name given to primitive Korean and Japanese pirate riders of the celestial empire:)

So US tries to exploit this artificial division, always busy in its attempts to create a new III world on the area (division of Korea, of Vietnam, of China, with Taiwan and H.K. puppet Japan played hard against all of them, etc.)

On the other side Mestizo Hispano-America, the courtyard of earlier Anglo-American mass control of 3rd world nations with military caudillos corrupted with ‘papelitos’, (debt-usury Pounds and Dollars issued for free in UK and U$, on exchange for real wealth – lands, mines and tax-farming of poor mestizo Hispano-Americans by the criollo conquistadors) was left a bit out of the hook when the FM-empire refocused its racist, hate media in Islam, obsessed by the other nation of Its Israeli elite. So some mestizo leaders from Chavez (duly murdered with a lethal viral cancer) to Morales, have taken back some rights for the ancient mongoloid social mass of their people. But many ‘bad hombres’ to the service of the US, the drug cartels liberally provided with NRA weapons and the usual elite of corrupted dictatorial politicos and Sephardim banksters, still run the show. Specially in Brazil and Argentina; hence we put still the continent on the blue empire.

As it happens with all the commonwealth nations. But Black Africa is now partially out of the hook divided between the US-UK-French-Israeli corporative exploitative mining companies and the new kid in town, China, with much more positive policies for African nations, which are starting to grow much faster, with loans from Chinese developing banks, with the downside of a massive growth of population, lost of forest land and fast extinction of life-Gaia species. Islam, we know is the land of very-very bad hombres. So no need to comment on that. India, though is a great disappointment for this writer, ever since Lord Mounbatten crafted the raj into artificial statelets on the basis of hate-religion speeches, to make a mess of it, with Hindi vs. Islamic nationalisms.

WHAT we call Indonesia, which also comprises the lost-stolen lands of Australasia, was the original birth of the Homo Sapiens talking man (likely the Homo Floresiensis) and should have been reconquered by a less pacifist/naive Gandhi, going underground during the Salt March and liberating by force the ENTIRE Raj from UK, which was easily doable in the 1920s, then making NOT religion but Bahaist mestizo-like movement of ideas, the counterpart of body-mestizo Hispano-America: a FUSION CULTURE OF ALL THE CULTURES OF THE WORLD NOT ERASED AS IN THE FMMI AMERICAN WOLD, WHERE PEOPLE ARE NOT IN A MELTING POT, BUT ERASED OF ALL ORIGINAL HUMAN MEMES TO CONVERT THEM INTO $LAVES OF CORPORATIONS, WITH THE ONLY ROLES OF REPRODUCING MACHINES AND CONSUMING-VITALIZING THEM. And so the FMMI system, NOT Euroamerica, the humanist culture of laws and bills of rights imagined before the Industrial r=evolution by the highest minds of the Euroamerican culture is now globalising and erasing all the other cultures we shall study in this section of the blog.


Russia’s cultural regions according to the fractal division by geography is rather obvious: on the sea Baltic side of the Amber ring, its trader zone, which accordingly tends to break further, and so it did in and out in its Baltic kingdoms and white Russia’s lands, to the East the continent with no limit, the nomadic 800 years run arc would have been in any set up of alt-history a warrior land, and as such it finally became the central state with Moscow as its capital. And the south, of more tempered climate, the life oriented Ukraine region. Russia though being so immense can be further broken in subdivisions (the mountainous warrior caucasus) the trading river routes of the heartland, etc.





The lineal, axe oriented Russian continent shows its forms already in pottery during the Neolithic though most is a hunting-paleolithic region:




The Andronov culture around the copper mining of the tobol river started the professional chariot armies that destroyed all civilization of the fertile rivers; substituted by animetal people-castes with anthropomorphic Gods lineal infantile time worldviews as chosen of cruel genocidal gods, racist aryan myths with fire as the vehicle of god and null comprehension of the cyclical laws of the organic Universe. They raised cattle and considered in India cows superior to humans, as they were giving them ‘milk, the Dalits only wheat’. The culture will reach its final 3rd baroque age in China, due to the slower penetration of cavalry and iron (Chou dynasty)

In the graph, the ‘birth of Russia’ as a military civilization, happened during the Chariot cycle in the Bronze Ural Mines of the TOBOL river, where people without anything better to do in the frozen winter, fed the fires of the Smiths, perfected the Bronze Wheel, and raced first as a sport, then when the weather improved and reproduced its animetal hordes, sending in all directions hordes of armed people, which under the paradox of history: max. metal evolution = Min. Human evolution, will destroy all the neolithic civilizations founding similar empires, from the Chinese Shang, to the Aryan India, to the Hurrites and Mitanni Empires. It would be the beginning of the 800 years global cycle of destruction of civilizations.


Russia according to its tradition will be the birth of all horse masters, even without ‘stirrup’, in the iron cycle, the scythians would be the people that successfully defied the iron Germanic infantry. Its shamanic religions, a feature of all those nomadic people in permanent view of the sky and its immensity, bred a vital animal-oriented worship culture, where power will alternate between Shamans and Khans (ironsmiths) and horse chiefs:



The slavs will appear then in the vacuum left by the invasions of Germanic tribes running away from the huns, bringing the stirrup to war, hiding in the marshals of white russia and Poland. Clearly the people that once occupied all the region of the Andronovo culture, in retreat to the master mongoloid ‘nervous, precision’ double arch shooting, they will be however resilient, accustomed to extreme weather and geography, to constantly reproduce and be massacred west by German iron masters and east by Mongoloids, waiting for his time to come, once they were ‘organized’ as animetal warriors by the Swedes:

As the origin of the Indo-European Bronze chariot warrior culture, its central character mold by warfare; was easily put to task during the Cavalry, stirrup age, when the Mongoloid invasions receded. Then, in the climatic period of maximal heat and reproduction of Northern human stocks, with improved sailing systems, first as traders in the ‘Varabgian’ waterways from Novgorod to Constantinopli, then through small Rurid kingdoms, in the formation ‘city-state’ age, to finally come together to defend the land from renewed Mongoloid visions, Russia was born:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 9.23.45 AMSCRZ

In the graphs, the  destruction of the Kiev kingdom by the Mongolians who extended for centuries its domain on the Ucranians, meant the rebirth of the Russian nation around Moscow. Russia would take then as its national goal to liberate from Mongol and then Turkish oppression the Ucranian brothers.


The Mongols will be the last arch-mounted people that due to its nervous, mongoloid higher rate and accuracy of eye-hand coordination, could defeat the Russians destroying their cities.
In the net graphs, during the gunpowde years cycle, Russia got back against the Siberian Mongolian arch warriors, shooting them with fusiles, and expanding the empire till the limits of the continent, and further into Alaska. So the cycles of the 800 arch of nomadic hordes will be closed. Yet to maintain the military a massive servant exploitation of the Mujik will take a heavy toll with constant upheavals brutally repressed by the Ochrina:

But Russia, as so many ‘fractal nations’ in the border between the 7 global cultures given the common idol-ogies of worship of metal-technology proper of all humankinds will as Turkey to the south conquer easy the less technological east, but wished to become like the western technological nations, so it wasted resources instead of conquering the WHOLE of Asia, moving his capital to Samara for a global expansion into Manchu China and Central Asia, in unending wars to expand to the West, in confrontation with its ‘father elite culture’, Sweden, and the weaker Polish world, it will carve with all the others: 

So Russia expanded in both fronts, and that gave the Pacific Northwest to Anglo-America, even if some Russians arrived so far as the ‘Russian river’ in California, and let China under the rule of the foreign Manchus, and Central Asia was never fully ‘conquered’ in civilization, as it would be just run over during the steam age, when animetals had become just so full of their technological self that could not care for the people, only for the raw materials of the land.



The cycle of maximal profits achieved with the synergies of weapons and hate media is the fundamental cycle of the go(l)d culture that understands money as wealth per se, better in metal, only issued by the go(l)d chosen, as the animal goy=aka human beings are heinous dangerous people who if let to survive properly will no doubt come to kill us. So better to kill them all and put reliable robotic workers and soldiers in this place. That is the subconscious text towards capitalism and its cycles of extinction of life for profit is guiding all of us, including the 1% that history shows do not SURVIVE the final gottendamerung of the cycles of war and holocausts for profits they enact. TO NOTICE THAT THE III PRESENT CYCLE OF NEOFASCISM, HATE MEMES AND WAR is parallel to the first colonial cycle as there is not an alternative humanist ‘science’ – this blog could have been ‘the one’ – and so we go to war for petty nationalisms and tribal religions with zero-brainers brass politicos on top.


Steam cycle

Russia now solidifies the empire, tries to conquer Northern China and Central Asi, but it is too late to share civilization, so those will be temporary gains lost a century and a half latter with the collapse of the Communist empire:

In the graph, Russia closes the age of military trains, as its Ukranian factories roll out rails for the transiberian, but the exploitation of its people by the old ‘Rus’ Aristocracy with a germanic discipline ultimately will bring the last of the train wars, one for a change gained for the humanist side. It would be the…


IN A MASTER STROKE, Lenin understanding the Russian people were fed up of serving its animetal masters made peace in I world war, and liberated his people to make the r=evolution:


At the death of Lenin, though Stalin imposed its dictatorship of a Nationalist Russia and a Nomenklatura, killed the next leader of the r=evolution, Trotsky after derailing the expansion of the R-evolution denying the red army the victory in Poland, holding his Troops at Minsk, and so it avoided the r=evolution in Germany and an alternative to the II world war.

This as the next graph shows is a common tendency to all revolutionaries defeated by the very same armies they rise to defend themselves from the animetal external coalitions that see in danger their exploitation of the masses. As only an international revolution as Trotsky wished can really change the world, as it is all a single Human super organism:


In the next graph we see that dual growth of the Global Organism of mankind vs. the metal world. We have been aborted before reaching a single global world, a world Union of all men with no need for war and selfish metal-memes. And this has been achieved by the nationalistic and abrahamic memes of separation between gods and nations, fighting with money and weapons and machines to be the ‘one one’ of the world:


In the graph, we can see the ‘point’ in which nacionalisms come handy to RESCUE the animetal military cult(ure)s of the west, which had with the French and American R=evolution seemingly ended those PRIMITIVE METAL-MEMES that separate mankind into ‘tribal species’, the Homo Judaicus, Homo Americanus or Homo Ucranius, who think to be different from the Homo Sapiens hence DO NOT NEED TO FOLLOW THE NATURAL LAW OF EUSOCIAL LOVE TO THE MEMBERS OF YOUR OWN SPECIES, to evolve together into a stronger organism, but NEED TO KILL thy neighbor to advance the evolution of the memes of war to whom they enslave.

On my view Stalin should be considered the most lethal eviL metal master of the XX c. NOT ONLY because of the massacres of human beings he committed, but because he killed what could have been perhaps the last hope of the humankind for a world ruled by the values of the wor(l)d made to our image and likeness. After that coup d’etat, Russia would be just a military regime, with a perfect form of nationalism to foster the evolution of digital nuclear weapons along its parallel ‘placebo Democracy’, the US:


The EU in his latin-driven original humanist, truly democratic, social, rational culture (French-Italian age, till the Unification of Germany) EXPANDING ITS MODEL FURTHER, ALONG THE UNO INTO A RATIONAL WORLD, co-opting RUSSIA AFTER THE FALL OF THE WALL, TURKEY, the most advanced, laic muslim nations and a rational enlightened Haskalah Israel, despite being in Asia, of European origin, which would have been no problem at all with the ‘excuse’ of the Holocaust compensation mantra, was the solution to the future of the world, putting the LAW above go(l)d and its affine metal-memes, weapons and machines on top, with its humanist values: subject (man) always above the object through the verbal action of which man is the protagonist.

We have repeated thousand of times that there are only 3 type of civilizations reduced to two: those who use ethics, verbal, legal values above metal, of which European Latin world and Chinese world are the epitome and those who put go(l)d and its goods of maximal value, weapons above the law, which bring the holocaust and war cycles, the degradation of thought into irrational violent and greedy memes, myths and fictions about the superiority of the hierarchical military or banker priest on top:

go(l)d cultures values

THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Jewish->Protestant fetish go(l)d religions. Hence in capitalist democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science. Thus the true battle of History has always been between the languages that must rule the wor(l)d: the ethic legal word that puts man, the ‘subject’ as the center of reality, manipulated through its actions=verbs as objects=energy ab=used by the subject: Man(subject)>verb(action)>object. Such legalist cultures are humanist cultures, notablly the Latin>Social European>EU vs. cultures that made of symbiotic informative metal go(l)d and entropic metal weapons the language of power above the law. Those cultures born with the discovery by the Semites of metal as a tool of power anti-democratic ruled by people-castes, which in the west were traditionally matriarchal jewish cultures and machist arab and indoeuropeans, fusion in Northern Europe, which transfer that power to the company-mother of machines,the institution that has ruled the Anglo-American culture since biblical reformation put the jewish financial elite on top. Had the Anglo-American culture become truly enlightened as Germany did after II world war, becoming legalist, ‘European’, reigned over the issue of money, human mothers would have a future. As company-mothers issue its money and buy politicos and laws to favor its species, mankind is doomed. While the anglo-americans have become puppets of the eternal ‘semite wars’ between the original fundamentalist ‘gold-iron’ cults of biblical judaism and Arab Jihads

So the expansion of the EU model was the ONLY solution and it was, might still be, perfectly feasible – certainly Much easier to implement than the Jewish project of putting the entire planet to the service of the profits of digital corporations, with its constant issue of false money, putting the machine above man, the robot that will kill us in labor and war fields, and producing an unending stream of hate memes against the rival of its segregational Bronze Age civilization in the making, apartheid Israel.

So this model, I preached when studying in Columbia and working in evil wood and among systems scientists in Silicon Valley, the 3 centers of power of America, in my classic age, because as a maze rim ‘Lluís’ I really thought the chosen people had been chosen to rule mankind into a perfect world NOT to exterminate it. I felt as a Levi prophet not as an eviL Levi Go(l)d priest of the duality of Judaism explained in so many posts. The more so when in the outer look, the elite of America seemed to be so European, but in the inner mind, they are programmed by fetish go(l)d greed and violent ego-trips, ultimately psychopaths with a clear separation between their rational brain and their emotional one… They were NOT Europeans in their memes, they were NOT empathic to mankind, their species; their ego at individual level in the American, at tribal level in judaism was so huge, enormous that I ended up coining the word animetals to define them.

So the solution is obvious: EU should have accepted the eager Turkey before, constant rejection threw her into the hands of the authoritarian Islamic party of Erdogan. EU should have pressed strongly Israel to join the European Market with the proviso that it accept to be a laic country, accepted the rights of Palestinians to be EU citizens and a single nation solution without apartheid, with massive investments in welfare for all of them, courtesy of the Europeans, always so generous and yet so naive with them.

And then of course Israel becoming European would have dragged the American Jewry to take after their coup d’etat against the American wasp control in 73, explained in so many other parts of this blog, into expanding the notion of a global perfect world ruled by UNO and EU like institutions, our wor(l)d planet, able to prune the lethal goods of the tree of science. Nothing of this happened, because the profits of the elite of jewish-protestant go(l)d cultures didn’t really want anything of it. They were as supremacist as they come, from UK Brexit to apartheid Israel to US Trump- like Germanic arrogance.

Of those 3 elements,we shall consider as we have talked so much of ‘Israel’ in this blog as the FMAsters of the present globalized culture, of Russia…

Turkey needless to say was as important to make Islam, which no so longer ruled, a laic world, but that has been covered in his destruction towards jihad on all the articles on the semite wars, and how under the umbrella of the Israeli role model for Islam, we have paid dictators, jihads and destroy the life of 2 billion people who just wanted to modernize under the likes of mossadeq and Nasser…

So of the 3 ‘destroyed nations’ NOT by passive Europe, this we must acknowledge but by the active Anglo-American Go(L)d culture with metal above man, we will talk in the article of Russia,.

To state though that Europe is also guilty of being Europe, being petty nationalist, being unable to focus on his global mission, being so much colonized by America, and finally being just more of the same – a continent today ruled by company-mothers and financiers from ECB and Germany, since after Germany unified Latin Europe, the Real one, fade away and now is nothing but a puppet of ECB Goldman Sachs guys and Germany industrial revolution 4.0 and its robots.


Russia should have been invited to EU immediately after perestroika to make social-democratic Europe an alternative to U$ dictatorship of company-mothers….

The FMMI eco(nomic)system did abort though this alternative with the help of the usual suspects, notably UK, ‘owned’ by the same Financial-Media masters who own Wall Street and so URSS was first ‘carved’ into several statelet nations to avoid it to stay as a global potency, breaking also its ‘Russian territories’, Ukraine, the origin of the nation, which was long ago called ‘Russian Kiev’, and Bielorussia, ‘White Russia’, and Kazakhstan, 1/2 of which was Russian colonized.

Had the 4 integral bigger republics stayed together and joined EU, today EU would be more social-democratic, and far more powerful – a serious alternative to American Capitalist dictatorship of corporations, with a humane element that might have imposed limits to the Robotic r=evolution and prune its lethal fruits. So today  the rival eusocial system to capitalism that European r=evolutions had evolved is gone.

But that was NOT enough. As we entered the military phase of the Metal-mind cycle and the beginning of robotic weapons and splendid little wars for profits, the need for massive investments in weapons and the building of a vigilante big data brother, Russia and China had to become ‘again’ our enemies, to supply fresh reason besides Islamic Jihad for a massive investment in ultra expensive weapons technologies.

So one of the most bizarre building ups or ‘new enemies coming out of nowhere’ is the present decade old protection that Russia is the Enemy of the west, which of course after so many busting the balls of Russian to make them our enemy, has gotten some results, but not quite -simply speaking, Russia is a warrior culture of the 800 North-Asian arch from Korea to Spain and obviously doesn’t like bullying. But they ARE NOT the provocateurs, our Military-industrial complex and its puppets politicos are, since Russians still have control of their companies not the other way around. It must also be added into the mix the fact that Russians did not let the Financial Media Masters to own the nation. After a first massive bid for total control of their resources they chose Putin to ‘save them’ from a dictatorship of the Stock-ratic elite that runs the west. So the Jewish Moguls had to move to Israel (Tv-magnates) and London (oil magnates), or face prison. Then as Russia became more entrenched into wild capitalism, corruption became endemic and now it is ‘a la par’ with the west, albeit ‘less sophisticated’ in the camouflage of corporative power over people and the law.

Further on Russia became after the fall of the wall, free to express itself, with a generation of artists, born in the last decades of Communism, hence with a spiritual idealism about mankind, which would give us the last generation of Film masters of total art, with a series of top directors along other eastern block countries, which I would rank today the best film-makers alive – with Leviathan and  Andrey Zvyagintsev as the top film and director of the decade.

Update. April… the Hypocrisy of dying by different good and bad weapons.


When we use chemical weapons it seems Ok, when other uses it seems the most heinous form of death, further excuse for new unending wars.

What is the difference between dying wholesale as women and children did in the ‘chemical’ carpet bombing of balls of fire, in Dresden or Hamburg, or by z-cyclone gas in a concentration camp? Answer: we threw the carpet bombing, our enemy the cyclone gas.  What is the difference between an atomic bomb massacre or a kamikaze? Same. What is the difference between the phosphor bombs threw by Israel to the Palestines and the Chlorine gas threw by Assad? Same.

Who cares how you die when they kill you? Ask the corpses. The astounding hypocrisy of keeping the choice of weapons as good and evil depending on when we have it amazes me. In the graph, when we liked to use Napalm, there was no problem at all. Now it seems death by chlorine is so horrendous, compared to the carpet bombings and drone bombings that we need to make war with them – but the phosphorous and drones throwing gases are always good.

Yet the steeple of America believers (60% in favor) that massacring people in a foreign country, ultimately as part of the Semite wars between the mercenary troops of U$ to the service of its Financial-Media ‘you’ masters, and their colonial nation, Israel is something to be proud. Never so many people, were so cruel, deluded, enslaved and happy to be so. They used to have a social loving, European, optimist, love-memes culture, long, long ago… before the 1972 coup d’etat made them puppets of a foreign nation…

The unending story of the Semite wars in which the mercenary Western armies do the bidding for Apartheid Israel vs. the dictators of Muslim nations and our paid-per-view terrorists continues unabated. So does the farce of American $elected presidents that once in office will do nothing of what they promised and start yet again one war more. But the American Sheeple will always say ‘Yes!’ since hate-media has made them video-addicts to Tv-wars for so long.

Sarna con gusto no pica.

Update – who killed the Russian spy? Mossad or Russian Mafia or M16 or Putin.

ABSTRACT. Let us even imagine that Russians tried to kill the Skripal, which it failed as both are now out of danger. So what? There are 2 people who are still alive, who live in London and got almost poisoned. WHO CARES? ARE NOT IN THE WORLD MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO PUT OUR MONEY, RESOURCES AND THE TIME OF OUR POLITICIANS INTO? OBVIOUSLY NOT. We need a political circus of hate-memes and confrontation to keep the military-industrial complex and the financial-media masters free of any criticism and the masses occupied with ‘other questions’. Problem is the masses do respond, do get programmed willingly. And so ‘mind and blind body of the FMMI, financial-media/miitary-industrial super organism, of the evolving metal-earth keep going.

So we shouldn’t even care to comment on it, but as nobody cares to read and help in building the laws of a perfect superorganism of history, yes, at the end we do comment also in the circus mankind has become ):

In my opinion it was consensual among western powers. Why? Obviously because Russia is the perfect distraction – the enemy not to talk of BREXIT to ensure Europe is always a small dwarf. First I thought it Could have been MOSSAD because of the Syrian Involvement of Russia (see below) but news surfaced as today that make me think it was indeed the M16 in consensus with the other ‘five eyes’ plus France these days under the Boot of the Rothschild banker Mr. Macron.

Why Britain is likely the author? A simple point regarding the fundamentals ‘space’ and ‘time’:

  • In space the poisoning happened a few miles from the center of chemical warfare of the whole UK, how convenient… because
  • In time, the death was avoided by the immediate dosification of the extremely rare antidote to the victims, which shows clearly the whole process is a false flag, a distraction to:
  • Stop talking about the real thing – Brexit. So now we have a few months of ‘breathing’, as the thing will stretch through the World Soccer championship to keep the people distracted with the circensis of patriotic bull$hit.

Further on as UK has been for months running a campaign to increase military lobbyism sorry, spending, with the excuse of Russian dangers (more of this bizarre happening below, as if Russians were now to conquer Scotland, please!!), M16 had a clear reason.

Why Russian didn’t.

If there is something sacred on the Cold War is the exchange of spies. You do NOT kill a spy you have given for your spies in the other side of the curtain. It is part of the honor protocol of war and reassuring for such exchanges to happen, protecting the spies you got back home. So Skripal HAS NOT BEEN killed by the Russians, in an operation that would have been also specially difficult in today’s UK fortress. What for and on top with a product you have invented and will put you on the spot – but others have? Russia got the best deal on that exchange with many more cards back home.

It would though jeopardize the honor deal of spy exchange. So the self-evident obvious truth of this case, as the constant bullying of Russia shows is more of the same propaganda to increase expenditure – the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycle, as the Russians are telling.

Perhaps the ‘usual suspects’?

Yet if NATO and the M16 didn’t do it, I am inclined in this case for Mossad, specially angry to Russia now for decades, first for recouping back their companies from the Jewish Russians that had bought them in the scam of vouchers, when they bought for pennies or bread loafs (sic), the stocks that communism gave to their people in their privatized mining and oil companies.

Not coincidentally, the only nation who is silent about the Skripal case is Israel…

And then for backing Syria’s Assad, along Iran and North Korea, the 3 declared enemies of Israel. But finally because in a strange move, unheard of the constant rhetoric of Israel against Russia, curiously enough, Israel is the only country is not expelling Russians or blaming them, which does also coincides with the policy of Israel which does NOT lie on this kind of matters simply doesn’t answer (as in the case of his atomic arsenal, which we know it has, but it does not deny nor it confirms). Plus of course, we know the BEST secret service in the world is not, M16, KGB-refurbished or CIA but Moshad.

If they want to get anyone on planet Earth they can. 

Hopefully I won’t one day get my dose of fentanyl for trying to seriously warn mankind and Judaism also of their wrong go(l)d memes and need to follow the EU-UNO evolved humanism and diplomacy means if we want to survive the age of robotic wars and hate memes. Just if Mossad is reading, please I am a nice guy, I don’t really hate ‘you’, my mum is sephardim (ok converso but the genes are there), I even have the Mosaic Haploid, I swear it! (: Jokes aside – I long ago discounted any future for my ‘self’ on this crusade to make humans realize their only future is to come together as a single species, past the primitive age of idol-ogies of racial supremacism, tribalism and absurd war-mongering and hate memes; so I am so far grateful none of those rogue states got rid of me.

I guess as nobody cares for truth in history, nobody reads the blog and while I do have all my data on file since my activism against the German nuclear industry, which cost me my career as scholar, they are being ‘nice’ so far… no need to kill the ‘ant’… thanx.

Now more to the point it is obvious that Russia has no interest on this. So we should consider also the Russian Mafia (Mr. Skripal did have some accounts pending with the right-wing Georgian mafia, which is likely on control of some of those chemical weapons, liberally ‘lost’ during the perestroika chaos).

What it is OBVIOUS to the larger view of bio-history is that

A) ANY EXCUSE TO FURTHER STRANGLE Russia from its natural social organism Europe, to NOT soften the capitalist hardcore grabbing happening now in colonized Europe without credit bank for its people (ECB coup d’etat),

B) Russia has NOTHING to win from this, precisely NOW THAT IS ABOUT TO MAKE HISTORY with his SOCCER World Cup, so it is either a Russian Mafia, trying to blame Russia or settling accounts, or a longer shot Mossad settling accounts on the Syrian wars. Or NATO’s dirty tricks to get more $ for more nukes…

THE LESS LIKELY CANDIDATE IN FACT is Russia, but the most pathetic element here is the UK system rising a global diplomatic crisis for something which is just an anecdote of the multiple ‘victims’ of the neofascist digital era.

And certainly what blows up my mind, once more with the FAST DECAY OF UK standards of thought and finesse in his historic diplomatic plots is that something so obvious and so against the bare minimum ‘decor’ of diplomacy – NOT to accuse another nation with REAL proofs, has been breached again. As in the case of Brexit the collapse of British prestige is truly surprising to those who might not have liked the capitalist civilization that cares nothing for life when a penny is at hand, but at least knew how to ‘do eviL’, with a dexterity unseen in the past since Venice diplomats.

So we are moving one step closer to a global World War, in this chronicle of a foretold death. Dust of space-time we are, dust we shall become, che sera sera. Fact is or mankind takes seriously to print the tree of science of its eviL fruits or we are all on death row for the century as the cycles of those texts show, and wishful thinking won’t save us.

Update 2018

So after the western press has been denying, bullying and insulting the country for decades, including its ‘carving’ into statelets, its sanctions, its press systemic insults, even athletic prosecution, only surpassed by Islamophobia they got what they want: Mr Putin’s move towards militarism fascism and the shared profits with the west of ‘belli Nervi pecunia infinita’.

And the invitation to enter EU nowhere to be seen, of course.

One of the most bizarre newspeak of today’s military-industrial/financial-media system is the ‘Russian menace’ that tries to resurrect Russia as the old eviL empire, for lack of many options, as humans stubbornly seem to reject the need of the dominant metal-earth civilization, the biblical gold cult(ure) fully ruled by company-mothers of the FMMI system (UK-US-Israel), to its need of enemies. So alas, the Russians which should have joined the EU, but UK vetoed it, and row together for a perfect world as a bridge to social China, is now the ideal enemy to push all kind of military spending and paranoia vigilante cybernetic states. In the graph UK is now fretting about the invasion of the new red armies of Putin, who no doubt plan to conquer Scotland to get its crumbling oil & iron structures, not to speak of the need for carbon and salmon, and that unique so much desired good for oligarchs fed up with vodka: glendfitch scotch. LOL.


And so the circus goes on with duly hysteria by our brave ministre of defense – Orwellian world for the ministry of war – which explain us the Russian plot to kill thousands of UK people unless we deliver billions to the British military industry. Yes, EU IF IT were still independent should react and invite Russia, if it has not fallen too low into the Nationalistic global strike, to join forces for a humanist future, before the usual suspects – the Israel>UK>US FMMI system, ruled by go(l)d values, never mind the holocaust and war cycle they never fail to cause, do us all. But the slide of intelligence in the subconscious collective seems geared in this ‘vidi-credo-ergo-sum generation’ unable to react. Indeed, those ‘toddler – level conspiration theory headlines’ are improper of a UK war ministry… UK had been, conceded nOT a force for peace for centuries but never was so LOW IN IQ

In the graph, the systemic growing, sophisticated, building and manufacturing of hate memes in all aspects of public policy today applied to the ‘divide and win’ strategy against a strong European Union with Russia on board, to have an alternative ‘humanist world’ to the Globalized Financial-Media empire of U$. It all starts with an anti-truth: we hate Russia because it is a different social-democratic model with banks controlled by the state, and a better welfare system, which does NOT bend easily to our globalized empire of Financial-Media monopoly in the issue of money for a small group and the fictional, manufactured brain that keeps humans as an selfie divide and win people. And specially because of the danger of its fusion with Europe into a real alternative far more r=evolved historic super organism that could improve the chances of survival of mankind by regulating legally the go(l)d profits and belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles that foster our demise as a species. So the entire ‘menaced’ global corporation of Internet and mass media transforms this truth – our hate of EU and RUSSIA as an alternative model into its anti-truth: ‘Russia hate us’. This becomes viral in all forms of media owned by the same corporations, and it is further used today by Google to justify even higher degrees of censorship besides its biased ranks. As the concept is globally used in US and Europe to control ‘military’ and construct with the excuse a growing electronic big brother, which further prevents the only solution to mankind UNO-EU social integrative systems towards the creation of a perfect world with no borders, able to control the existential problems poised by the end of the Industrial r=evolution.

But of course, as those who own the world of corporations are perfectly ‘programmed’ by their millenarian memes of greed, nothing of this is viewed in those terms. The confabulation theory of eviL Russians that hate us, as all mankind does, because we are righteous, rich, victims of History=Mankind is imprinted emotionally by memes in the biblical primitive VSO imperative languages for so long. That to ‘hate’ Russia, to ‘hate’ mankind, to ‘hate’ life repressed by hundreds of inquisitorial precepts in Abrahamic religions IS the business of their minds. 

Abstract.  Russia is 1/2 Europe but it is NOT in the EU. On the contrary once the wall felt, Europe denied Russia its place to balance Germany, and join France for a new Humanist European Social r=evolution based in the welfare state, expanding EU as the blue print for a global UNO-EU, r=evolved mankind in control of the machine.

This though, only it seems this writer’s blog and the eviL People understood. That is the capitalist elite who feared most from its centres of The city and wall street and evilwood a resurrection of the humanist European future that would thwart the 5777 years and counting obsession for go(l)d whatever it costs, including war, death and holocaust. Alas! Russia had to be denied because in this way Europe was denied, smallish, meaningless, to the service of the banksters of the world United.

Had France join forces with Russia, the authors of the 2 failed humanist social r=evolutions, and reached ‘size’, ‘raw materials’ ‘weapons volume’ THE CAPITALIST NO-WAY OUT EXTINCTION FUTURE could have BEEN limited by a Huge block of EU + CHINA joined by Russia, converging into an evolved mankind. That is what was at stakes, and instead we HAVE the usual suspects, germ(an) IV reich masterminded by the Usury ECBank destroying europe fast and hard, while we have been provoking Russia after causing the secession of its original nation (Kiev Russia, aka Ukraine, the birth play of the nation) with the usual nazi-onanist parties that sprung up like fungi feasting on the corrupted corpse of a humanist world, to feed on the dead.

UPDATE – the astounding idiocy of the Russian Confabulation theory.

It is amazing how the Financial-Media masters keep churning as its ‘central conspiracy theory’, the sudden incredible power of a small economic country with a very limited capacity within internet, compared to the amazing power of internet corporations from Silicon Valley, the biased system of ‘valuation’ of GOOGLE, the future skynet, whose traffic is an absolute monopoly on information in this planet, besides being the dominant robotic military company in the world, and systematically bias – now with the excuse of Russian propaganda will start to direct censor blogs like this one, already at 0 rank…

But my amazement is how the ‘sheeple’ becomes so easily programmed with a blatant lie such as – the Russians have influenced the American election. How? Do the Americans read Russian? Do they love to go to English-speaking channels of ‘enemy nations’, like al-jazeera and Russia today? Of course not, they are programmed by CNN, CBS and the 1000 parallel channels all owned by the Financial-media Masters, which nobody accuses to manipulate elections – not to speak of the think tanks, newspapers AND SPECIALLY PACK-MONEY FOR CAMPAIGNS, WHO systematically $elect American politicos (the president is selected not elected, Roosevelt).

LOL, something new?

So only on this I do give full support to Mr. Trump, as it is really a joke, diverting attention from the systemic corruption of capitalist democracies mastermind by the Financial-media masters with its monopoly issuing money and information in Wall Street and evilwood. Too obvious that we also give reason to those FMasters view of humans as Locke’s tabula rassa they can manipulate at will.

Now the same hate memes against Russia as a colossus of internet power, which has hypnotized all our Facebook virtual addicted kids to read Russian TODAY and Pravda, are all the rage in Europe, LOL… (which incidentally explain much better the power of the Financial-Media masters, and that is a secondary reason why we must hate them – they are actually far less biased in their explanation of the virtual world).

It seems you just need to have as in the Nazi paranoia against BBC radio service, one of the zillions of pages of planet Earth to suddenly, magic get everybody in the world to change their vote, as a zombie programmed remote control by Sputnik… Trust me, I have been trying to clean the fog of the collective mind sheeple with this blog for years an my stats in US and Europe are as scanty as those of Russian Today, or else there would be truly a r=evolution…

It is a bit like the Weinstein affair, diverted into thousands of women declaring abuse by some other – after the obvious scandal of a man ab=using power to rape women, suddenly to divert attention from the matter here – how the network of producers in Hollywood use their job leverage to rape actresses with ‘consent’, or else… and cover each other as all knew.

It is NOT the same to get drunk as Mr. Kevin did in a gay party and throw yourself on a failed actor, who just throws you out with no consequences for his job, to the point mr. Kevin recognized it could have happened, as obviously is just a rough situation on the gay scene that coerce you in a situation of power or else you know the network of producers will obey Mr. Weinstein -as all essentially did the same when I was working there under an absolute Law of silence – and you will not get the job.

It is not the same harassment in job, fully completed through power and covered by the whole industry. And so it is not the same that some Russian guy in a Russian blog nobody reads explains the crooked world of western capitalist democracies that the full control people like the Koch brothers, companies like google and Facebook, pack-money to buy laws, lobbyism in Washington exercises on American policies.

So the point here is obvious: we must hate Russia, specially in EUROPE so we can be corrupted as deeply by lobbies of corporations and the monopoly of the private ECB bank, to become slaves of the global financial-media empire that is killing our democracy, preventing Europe to become a true global alternative to the capitalist empire (which it would have if it had taken Russian into the EU fold instead of making it their enemy on behalf of the true foreign invasion of Jewish American financial-media lobbies, choking all credit, destroying our welfare model, austericid going on for decades now). But again if the sheeple is so low in IQ, so happy being a slave, so in loved with the fictions of evil wood as to accept this kind of brutish manipulation, what can a small blog like this one, or any sputnik to change the no -way out of such financial, fictional dictatorship? Nothing.

Why we must hate Russia.


Realpolitiks are today censored on Mass-media and journalism. So the ‘real’ chessboard of the planet is ignored. We ‘must’ believe in Capitalist Democracy, as the government of the people – not of bankers who monopolize the issue of the language of social power, money, creating ‘debt slaves’ to which they lend ‘data numbers’ of e-money, at null cost to make them work for them. In reality you live under a bankers’ dictatorship and bankers and its specific vision of society – capitalism – is a cult(ure) to go(l)d of religious, biblical origin, translated to ‘digital laws of classic economics’ by XVII to XX c. jewish and Protestant ‘believers’. This said, the ‘capitalist’ world is ‘de facto’ a Jewish-Anglo-American Empire, in which the inventors of banking and the ‘information’ of the system, owners of the financial-media complex, the Jewish people (over 75% of financial CEOs, CFOs and central bankers) are on top and their allies, the ‘biblical’ anglo-american moguls follow suit, with politicos hired to do ‘the job’ of expanding this idol-ogy and protect the Axis nations of Israel, America and UK…

In that Chessboard financial and media information rules supreme with the goal of expanding the ‘new world order’ to global dimensions.

The graph, of the chessboard, taken from a demographic site divides the world in 5 equal-populations regions which happen to be subliminally with a ‘few’ adjustments’ the 5 regions of the chessboard. On blue, the color of Israel and information, the mighty electronic empire ruled by ‘invisible bankers’ who ‘creditate’ (create with credit) reality, our ‘democratic placebos’ themes, which hide the search for absolute power for this elite-caste who rule the world with money under the ‘memes’ of their biblical/talmudian cultures, ultimately directed in the political arena to defend Apartheid Israel and all its ‘potential enemies’ or those countries deemed ‘anti$emite’ for not allowing the empire to dominate their financial and corporative world. Among them, rise two cultures opposed to that domain, Socialist China in which the state controls finances for the betterment of their people – hence growing at 10% thanks to its nationalized banks, and Islam and Africa, despised as ‘inferior dogs’ (Biblical Ham Damnation, which considers black and arabs, non-humans, origin of modern slavery), which China is helping financially.  On yellow the staunchest ally of the Jewish empire India, due to its enemity to his genetic brothers from Pakistan. Finally the violent ‘undecided’ nations, either close to China (ASEAN, Japan, now firmly in the blue side since II world war but ambivalent in the future) and the Eastern nations, which have been carved to both sides of the chessboard. Ukraine is part of that game, in which bit by bit the West is re-colonizing the slavs.

Russia fully enters into that ‘chessboard’ as an ambivalent country which has not surrendered its economical (and hence political) suzerainty to the ‘blue empire’ as EU has done. It tried first to enter EU and NATO as a capitalist partner, but that would have strengthen the EU to global potency, with new resources in land, raw materials, skilled scientists and weapons. So the blue empire forbade its integration in Europe, despite representing 1/2 of the continent. This humiliating farce against the legitimate interests of the European somewhat more humane civilization put Russia on parallel to China and now converts the old Soviet Union in an ideal pawn to increase weapons’ sales and European dependency from the blue Empire.

Mr. Obama has been talking in Brussels hardly a couple of hours to convince us to buy American Gas at twice the cost of Russian and American weapons to ‘fence off’ the new ‘Hitler’ to the East. It has been a brief meeting, in his busy agenda of world domination, but as a house negro, he has shown  good diction – ‘evil dress as a Gentleman’ said that notorious anti$emite writer Mr. Shakespeare, in his masterpiece on usury and debt $laves.

The Europeans have been polite but have declined so far any compromise. They know they have to bow to the empire as ‘plantation negroes’; but have developed the same kind of resistance, the plantation negro or the Mexican Indian of the ‘encomienda’ developed in the past (‘mande’ – what is your order – used to say the Mexican to the ‘conquistador’ and the took 3 days to do the job.

Meanwhile, Ucraine, is receiving the ‘FMI receipt’ to his new status as ‘Pigs’ country, just a notch below Romania and Bulgaria, whose ‘european citizens’ are told by the Jewish Chancelor Miss Merkel (father converso, mother polish jew), to go back home if they don’t have a job in the racist-never-employ-eastern ‘slavs’  Germ(anic) military-industrial complex. The deal is you get 18 billion fresh, null-cost printed digital numbers, aka e-money from us – that is for the corrupted elite of the fascist party that gave the coup d’etat in Ukraine and you do the ‘usual reforms’, destroying welfare, throwing workers for the state, liberalizing=handling your profitable industry to us, the Ukraine Jews living the great life in London, and ending subventions to agriculture, so the Ukranians can die of hunger, in ‘freedom’.

Their brothers, a bit smarter, in Crimea meanwhile are getting without any obligations a few billions from Russia including new social security and higher pensions, new tourists that buy their homes as summer Dachas – take your pick – what do you want to be a Russian or a 3rd rate European? Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to be Russians, so did Ukranians, who had elected a pro-russian president, now ousted by the military coup d’etat of the extreme fascist party now in power, who immediatly forbade the Russian language…

This is the reality as today. And the reasons why the Jewish-American-British Wall Street-City, Financial-Media Empire is happy and wants to whip Russia is obvious: again, to sell Europeans Gas, to have a war field in Europe handy for further weapons sales. This the house negro knows.

But why Europeans also like to whip Russia? If it is in its best interest for a strong Europe to lead the world into a better, more humane system than the Jewish-Biblical-Capitalist anti-democratic Electronic Empire…

What the financial-Media System owned by the Empire doesn’t inform is that Russia after Glassnot asked repeatedly, even after being ripped off of all its wealth by western  market insiders and robber barons,  to enter the European Union and it was denied it repeatedly. It asked repeatedly to enter NATO and it was denied. Why? Why the West ‘hates the Russians’, does not want a free, democratic Russia, did not want to end the cold war accepting a democratic Russia in its main institutions?

The answer is obvious. Because if Russia had entered the EU, Europe would have become a truly strong nation, with a HUGE territorial extension, a HUGE reserves of raw materials and energy, a VERY STRONG EURO, and a HUGE stockpile of ATOMIC WEAPONS, NOT to be any as UK and US $lave of the banksters.

Don’t you get it? The opposition against Russian entry into NATO and EU was firmly established by Great Britain, France and USA – the 3 nations more controlled by Jewish Banksters (till a Jewish Chancellor, Miss Merkel, took over Germany and added it to the Empire).

We need to be a weak civilization, we need to buy gas to America, we need to have an enemy to buy weapons, we need to be debt-$laves. 

So Europe denied Russia its integration in EU and NATO for Jewish-America to ab=use Europe as long as it wishes; since those people never forgive and forget their ‘only-side view’ of history as victims of Europe. We treat in other articles on the holocaust industry etc. the action-reaction processes of destruction of Europe by Military Germ(an)s and Jewish Banksters, but this happening now, is a bit sad.

The conclusion is obvious:

The European Union is no longer a ‘free society of European nations and culture’ that works for the betterment of their people. It is a part of the Jewish-Biblical Anglo-Saxon Empire, and a lesser part than the 3 leading nations of the Axis of eviL=anti-life memes (US, UK and Israel).

Since it is the only alternative system that people all over the world could admire and consider an alternative to the dog-eat-dog Jewish American empire. So since the glassnot ‘corrupted European’ politicos and the bought-out press have attacked Russia, demonized its institutions and tried to keep it at bay to avoid Europe to become truly an independent, social model with power to impose its superior civilization over the go(l)d religion of dog-eat-dog capitalism.


Update. dec. 2016. The neo-fascist growing corruption of all nations…

Perhaps the only ‘unexpected’ development of the Trump age is to ‘drop’ the absurd hate-Russia policies of the past decades… Problem is coming from Mr. Trump seems to indicate the growing corruption of $ussia, becoming a copy-cat of American capitalism without the J-factor: war profits, oligarchs and a neo-fascist population attached to nationalism and orthodox religion… This is a mimetic process to the 30s raise of fascism, when all nations and finally ‘new deal America’ came to imitate the economic growth through weapons production policies of Germany… In this cycle ‘new deal America’ is played by China and indeed as U$ keeps provoking China is becoming also a ‘fascist’ world of pure profits, robotic industries, nationalism and dwindling services to the poor, but still way ahead all western nations in their care of their people thanks to ‘nationalised’ banks serving them with credit…

A century loving hating Russians


Our favorite Political Artist during the ‘American baroque’ (American Weimar) comments on the Crimean wars between the Jewish-Protestant Go(l)d Cult(ural) Empire, its puppets and the rival ‘Russian Czar’. (i like the detail of Mr. Kerry, the ‘impostor’ left-winger to the left of the ‘house negro’, offering his wife’s ketchup for a touch of culinary taste, LOL, where they get these people… The future of the species on those hands looks bleak indeed.)

DDees is a good thinker too. For those who wonder why Zbigniew Brzezinski is there… Probably DDees read his 1997 book, ‘The Grand Chessboard’ in which he wrote:

“Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chessboard, is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire.

However, if Moscow regains control over Ukraine, with its 52 million people and major resources as well as access to the Black Sea, Russia automatically again regains the wherewithal to become a powerful imperial state, spanning Europe and Asia.”

No further comment there, of course the sheeple doesn’t read political books. So we are defending ‘democracy’ LOL…



The first ‘element’ of freedom to die during the overproduction crises of the Industrial World is ‘Democracy’, even in its most elementary concepts – the respect for freely elected governments and the freedom of the press. The case of Ukraine, topped by an organized right wing, extremist group, as the recent topping of the Egyptian government by the army, in both cases with the BACKING of the entire supposedly democratic western world, proves a similar trend to that of the 1860s, during the overproduction crisis of steamers and steel that ended in colonial and civil wars. In both cases the excuse to break ‘basic democracy’ was ‘nationalism’, the tribal belief that homo sapiens must be, in words of ‘Orwell’, ‘Boxed as insects by the millions’ and ‘tagged wholesome as evil’…

Mr. Orwell also gives us the proper difference between ‘Nationalism’ the wrong memes, based in the hate of the other, a segregation meme, and ‘Patriotism’, what we call here ‘culture’, the good ones, based in the cheering and practicing of languages, mores and customs proper of a human community – the first being offensive the other defensive.

Today of course, under the ‘umbrella’ of zionism and the financial-media system, Judaism->Capitalism controls, Nationalism has substituted in this new ‘dark ages’ of the pendulum of history, ‘patriotism’, which was the authorized form in the 70s, before the ‘coup d’etat’ of 1972 gave Judaism total power control over America (taking over the Presidence with the watergate scandal, end of Dollar currency power with the end of convertibility that give unlimited right to print money to wall street, and yon kippur war that converted the American army in mercenary of Israel).

Ever since the ‘proper, humanist culture’ represented by UNO and EU would wane as the rise of the Neo-Con Biblical ‘Bronze Age’ cult(ure) of Go(l)d took over.

What we observe now in Ukraine is a deja vu experience proper of the 1860s and 30s, previous ‘fascist ages’ – the end of whatever little democratic rights nations have. Indeed, in Ucraine as in egypt before a trend has been created: when western interests require the end of a democratic state, a massive demonstration, paid-per-view is staged in front of the government and then after skirmishes, a few corpses, the central buildings of the government are stormed and the elected democratic president must flee for the ‘fascist’, nationalist group to take over.

Amazingly enough in the Jewish->Capitalist->Western world that masterminds those coup d’etats, nobody seems to bother, since the massive control of the financial-media system by the Western Jewish Empire with its ‘anti-democratic’, hierarchical, racist memes, of some ‘more equal than others’, camouflages the processes with enough rhetoric to convince the people that actually destroying democracies for business and military power purposes is Ok.

What it is amazing of this perfectly orchestrated constant ‘expansion’ of the Jewish FInancial-Media Empire is the fact that THEY ARE PROMOTING THE EXACT FORM IN WHICH FASCISM AROSE IN ROME AND BERLIN IN THE 30S, BRINGING THE COUNTER-REACTION OF ANTI-$EMITISM AND NATIONALISM THAT ENDED IN II WORLD WAR AND THE HOLOCAUST. Such is the arrogance and ignorance of this primitive cult(ure) of go(l)d to the true causes of the catastrophes of History.

Do not they realize that they are setting the example that the neo-fascist anti-bankster movements of the future will follow to topple the corrupted American Weimar, once the ‘house negro’ leaves the white house?

Of course not. If there is a fundamental insight about the cyclical tragedies of history is the astounding incapacity of those who believe in ‘lineal time’ to understand the repetitive causal cycles of history, or in this case the ‘economic causes’ of wars and holocausts.

It is also amazing the easiness by which the ‘superior’, democratic, social, enlightened, rational, equalitarian culture of the American-French R=evolution that lies behind the democratic surviving institutions of the west has yielded to this new ‘normal’, under the ‘triad’ of supremacist memes in favor of the Jewish Financial-Media empire (Holocaust Industry, Capitalist belief that the ‘Jewish banksters’ are chosen to issue the money of societies in monopoly as ‘experts’, and nationalistic memes manufactured by audiovisual media). What happens here is a Chomskian massive brain manufacturing, which ALSO affects those who do the job – the Jewish Intelligentzia – submitted to Nietzsche’s dictum – ‘the most difficult lies to understand are those we make about ourselves’.

Thus the Jewish Dictatorship over the American mind seems today so strong, and the despise of the Jewish people towards its ‘animal herds’ of American Goyyim, is so deeply entrenched under the ‘camouflage’ of false caring and political and economical correctness/censorship as to allow them to believe the American herd will stand any degree of ab=use even death in poverty, for their ‘chosen’ masters. This however, the cycles of history prove to be wrong.

Thus all the processes we have warned about to not avail for 20 years are now playing stronger and faster, as the Ukranian crisis is just a step further in a deja vu process that will end in the same tragedies enhanced by the higher power of death of our weapons. Indeed, the example set by Egypt and Ukraine will not so long into the future be followed by one of the CORE NATIONS of the western Jewish Financial Empire, perhaps Spain as in the 30s (spanish civil war), or even America, the new Germany, when the Tea party takes over. The wave of events and causes will indeed collapse within years and history will repeat ‘again’, a last time though… before J.D.


  Ron Paul, a ‘normal’ American politician.

If you just think im a ‘bigot, anti$emite, etc. LOL’ before we get into the bones, fox published an interesting resume of what is going on by Ron Paul:

“In an interview with Fox News, Paul said Washington and its Western allies participated in the overthrow of the government of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich.

“This whole thing that Putin is the big cause of the trouble and yet there’s pretty good evidence that the Europeans as well as the American government had to contrive to have the overthrow of a government that most people say had been elected,” Paul said.

“And then for them to come along and say ‘Well, it’s an illegal government,’ and they want to have a referendum now, you know, in Crimea ‘Oh no that’s not permissible’,” he added.

“And they say everything Putin does is illegal. He’s no angel, but actually he has some law on his side. They have contracts and agreements and treaties for a naval base there and the permission to go by that area,” the former Texas Rep. explained.

Paul also noted that the Obama administration is hiding the truth about the crisis.

“It reminds me a little bit about what would happen if all of sudden they said that the Americans are occupying Guantanamo illegally and we’ve just invaded Guantanamo,” he said. “It’s such a façade and hiding the truth.”

“I think people have a right of self-determination. It’s written to the international law. It’s a moral principle and of course if you believe in limited government, everybody should have the right to minimize their government and there should be a right of secession.”

Paul said he does not understand how the United States can argue against the results of the election.

“We loved secession when we seceded from Great Britain, and we loved secession when the Soviet Union broke up,” Paul said.


Well said indeed, Paul. And now for the in-depth laws of history that only this blog represents in this lost corner of the Universe…


The parallels with the previous crimean war: 1854=2014

It is not by chance that the first ‘Splendid little war’ for Profits in the European Arena, during the post-Crash, fascist Age  of overproduction of steam machines, trains and steel was a war in Crimea, and now we have again ‘Crimean’ hostilities between Russia and the Jewish-Protestant->Capitalist Empire, working with a satellite of the republics it carved out of Russia during the fall of the Soviet Union.

Deja vu is the meaning of history. At that time the overproduction of steal and steamers was creating problems in England and France, which needed a ‘splendid little war’ to get depleted its arsenals. And voila, there was a war around, tiny, in which Russia had all the rights of the world to protect from the atrocities of Turkish Jenizars, who routinely massacred christians that did not obey, the Russians and Orthodox Slavs living in the area.

Russia and the Ottoman Empire went to war in October 1853 over Russia’s rights to protect Orthodox Christians. And one would imagine that France and England would either remain neutral on this tiny war or side with Russia defending as Byron had done the rights to live and freedom of the oppressed Christian minorities.

Not so, because the war business was not in the side of defending the Russian stronger military against the weaker Turkey and liberate Christians, but in making the war last enough to get huge contracts with tax payers money to refurbish the army and navy, and for that they had to back the weaker, Turkish side to show up muscle and prevent Russia from liberating the Christian people.

And so there there went in one absurd war to die, hundreds of thousands to back the massacres of the Jenizars. And all was good because profits in steel and steamer industries sky-rocketted.

Since it was the first “modern” war, of the Fascist/Colonial age of the Steam cycle (1850s-1900s) in which all the Industrial elements essayed latter in depth in the Unification Wars of the 1860-90s (American Civil War, German And Italian Unification wars, French-Prussian wars, through colonialism till the Cuban Wars):

– Steam technologies, railroads, trenches, gunmachines were used.

– Yellow press CONVINCED THE WEST THAT A BLATANTLY money-making war TOTALLY unjust and AGAINST OUR NATURAL CHRISTIAN ALLY, was OK. proving the yellow press could convince the sheeple to die for any cause as it is happening today every other day.

Let us quote the wikipedia in all this:

‘It was one of the first modern wars because it saw the first use of major technologies, such as railways and telegraphs ) It is also famous for the work of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, who pioneered contrasting modern medical practices while treating the wounded.

The Crimean War was one of the first wars to be documented extensively in written reports and photographs: notably by William Russell (writing for The Times newspaper) and the photographs of Roger Fenton.  News from war correspondents reached all nations involved in the war and kept the public citizenry of those nations better informed of the day-to-day events of the war than had been the case in any other war to that date. The British public was very well informed regarding the day-to-day realities of the war in the Crimea. After the French extended the telegraph to the coast of the Black Sea during the winter of 1854, the news reached London in two days. When the British laid an underwater cable to the Crimean peninsula in April 1855, news reached London in a few hours. The daily news reports energised public opinion, which brought down the Aberdeen government and carried Lord Palmerston into office as prime minister.

Enter now two cycles more in neo-fascist present world in which ‘splendid little wars’ are needed everywhere to deplete the overproduction crisis of chips and robots with vigilante cameras and drones. Russia again is defending Crimea, which always was a russian territory – still is – changed administratively by a single-handed Krushev’s decision on its 300 anniversary cause he never thought Yeltsin would so easily yield to corruption by western big companies and carve Russia into different republics. Some of those are obviously different cultures – the 3 caucasian, muslim central asian and baltic republics. And that could have gone, but 3 of them, Bielorussia, Ucrania and Northern Kazakhistan were  part of Russia – Russia had in fact been funded by Ucranians, who hold the first Russian nation, called Rus with capital in Kiev, latter overan by the Mongols, hence the second ‘foundation’ North of Russia in Moscow:


Their 2 languages are mutually intelligible which in linguistics means with Bielorusian, they are 3 dialects or varieties of the same language. While in Kazakhistan there were more Russians living than Kazakhs. But the west could not stand a strong, free Russia, which WAS NOT YET a puppet of the Jewish-Protestant->Capitalist->Wall Street+City banksters.

And so that is the ultimate reason it was carved and divided. And that is the reason the west backs yet another coup d’etat as in Egypt, given by an Ucranian fascist group – whose first law has been to forbid Russian as a regional language for that 70% majority of Russian dialect speakers in the West.

None of this though is ‘reported’ in the western press. The attack is – our jewish commentators who treat mankind with its objectual standardized, arid equations of market profits or strategic ‘dots’ of their global power schemes.

Russia you mind it, is NOT yet controlled. It was fast controlled after glassnot and yeltsin had given it to western capital. Then jewish capital resurrected the peddler armies of the Kazhar empire who bought at null price the entire stock-market manipulating it with speculation.

At one point, during the down phase of the speculative ‘theft’ the entire Russian market was worth what Singapore’s. And then the Jewish syndicates entered in and bought almost for free all the mines of the former CCCP. Suddenly the ‘naive Russians’,who thought as Gorbachev had told them that they would become ‘free’ and ‘rich’, entering capitalism, understood what became the commonest joke:

‘Marx was totally wrong about communism but totally right about capitalism’.

Indeed, Capitalism, the religion of Go(l)d had a new victim to suck in all the blood. And they did. Jodorovich, Abrahamovic, all those robber barons had sent thousands of Jewish peddlers to buy for pennies the vouchers/shares of the biggest mining and oil companies handled to every Russian who had received them with its privatization. Some gave them for a piece of bread.

It was a classic piece of market manipulation similar to the infamous ‘act of waterloo’ that gave Mr. Rothschild the control of the British Empire, when he knew Napoleon had lost earlier than markets thanks to its traveling doves but instead of buying out the market of London, ostentatiously sold them all, crashing the market of British Bonds as all other players thought the ‘biggest shaker’ with the ‘fastest information’ knew waterloo was lost and sold Great Britain out.

Then secret Rothschild’s agents, when the panic reached its height  bought out the Treasure of Britain for pennies and when news came of Victory Rothschild had won the empire, the right to print and hold as debt-slave the nation of England, and he said ‘I do not care whose puppet holds the crown of Saint Jorge, as long as I control the issue of British money I own the empire’ and he did, ushering England in an eternal runaway of colonial wars, to spread the segregation memes of Talmud-Bible to the 3rd word ‘goyyim=animals’, in a cycle quite similar to this one. Only that instead of the British Empire Mr. Gross et Al ‘own’ the American Empire, and instead of a puppet king there is a house negro, ‘upfront’, covering the ‘invisible man that rules the world’ (Wells’ parable).

So now enter Russia, the same game, the same victory. The market was sunk after Democracy came in sold out from the City, Wall Street, Frankfurt, you name it. The entire planet sold out Russian Rubble and Russian shares, while the bought financial media made a campaign of terrorizing investors, insinuating the Russia was doomed, that it would break further, that communism had crippled it for decades, that the mines were useless in Siberia, impossible to exploit, etc. etc. etc.

And thus, when the entire Russian Stock-market, representation of all the wealth and mines of 23 million square kilometers were valued the same than Singapore’s market from an island of a few square miles; they bought out the market, street by street, house by house, the army of Jewish Kazhars, went to steal and plunder as they have always done with the Russians, since in the Middle Ages, Jewish Radhanite slave traders gave them the name of ‘slavs’, from ‘slaves’, as they were massively stealing russian women to whore them and Russian children to castrate them with 1/3rd of bleeding to death victims to sell them as eunuchs for 1000 grams of Gold in Baghdad. Yes, the Jew has eternal memories of its holocausts by debt-slaves but some debt-slaves also remember those who kill their children.

And so within years of ‘freedom’ coming to the East country had become yet another $lave of the victims of history and its banker-priests. And all was good in the western front. What they did not expect was the counter-reaction. This was unheard off. Once a nation falls under the Jewish=> Capitalist boot their brains are fast erased by audiovisual fictions, their jobs taxed, the nations converted into debt slaves, the politicos corrupted to the bone. And so you live forever in the consumer’s bull$hit paradise till death soon part us away.

And yet the proudest group of Russians, those who had hold always power, brutal indeed, but national power after all, the heirs of the Oprichitna, of the KGB, decided enough was enough. They were lead by Putin and they took power and cleaned the act.

The reaction to this take over by the Jewish Banksters over Russia, which the Russians who had read Marx, perfectly understood was indeed Putin. Jodorovich was put in jail; Abrahamovich and Berezyovky escaped London to spend the oil revenues of Russia in whores, white parties and soccer. And Putin has ever since been the new CZar. He let the Kazhars to go to Israel and retook Russia for their people. And so he is ever since hated by the empire and any excuse to provoke him is good.

Not that he is a saint, but that is indeed the problem of history: fascist, tough patriotic leaders with different degrees of power rise always as a ‘lesser evil’ than the brutal debt-slavery and taxation of ‘democratic capitalism’ when bankers run amok in its theft of credit.

For that reasons the Russians, all of them, those of Russia and Ukraine and all the other ‘republics’, saw Putin, as the savior, as the Germans saw Hitler before he became mad adolf, as they will see the Man who will End the American Weimar, once the house negro retire proudly full of himself as a good servant of the masters, as the Spaniards cheered their catholic kings, as the French loved ‘Phillip the good’, as the Romans united, ‘Optimates Cicero’ and ‘Plebe Caesar’ against the Jews and its ‘barbarous Superstition’ (Herding Gold and ruining the nation, so well explained in Cicero’s Masterpiece, ‘On the death of Flaccus’), and so and so on. Deja vu. Indeed, for those who know nothing of history – most, we can quote here Optimates Cicero, which for once was in agreement with Plebeyan Caesar on the increasing destruction of the Roman economy by the earlier strain of Jewish capitalism (banker-priests herding fetish gold for the ‘sacra sanctorum’ of their ‘hypnotic’ gold temples – menorahs, querubim, etc.):

‘You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Seanate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition’.

Flaccus of course was murdered, and so was soon Caesar by the ‘Asian party’, after his restriction against Jewish coin clipping, etc. etc.

For those interested in ‘serious history’ of money, this book for free, masterpiece of a repented Trader, Mr. Zarlenga.

For those who think their masters ‘care’ for them, another masterpiece prologued by Mr. Gore, by humanist Israeli Mr. Shahak.

Courtesy of Mr. Putin, from a Russian ‘free’ site still not under the boot of copyright issues (-;

So now Putin had also enough of the bullying of the West and the fascist party of Ukraine, and responded as only men can, against the brutality of Go(l)d, who never hear the words of love and peace, who always crucifies and silences the Scientists=Prophets of History, with weapons.

If the West wants to convert Russia into yet another $lave nation and degrade it to the level of the American people, it will have to fight for it, send their mercenary armies, or else.

Of course, the Jewish-Western Empire responded immediatly as it usually does, destroying with its capital muscle the value of the Ruble, plummeting the stockmarket, wiping out within hours a 10% of the Russian economical value. But Russia knows about this. It suffered far worse when it entered capitalism and it did not flinch. ‘Donde hubo siempre queda’ say a spanish proverb – ‘where there was, something remains’, and that was the Soviet Union, a failed r=evolution but something remained. Russia will take Crimea and if the Jewish want revenge they will have to send their mercenary armies again, sacrifice a few hundred thousand again… The Terminators are not yet ready though, so there should be human flesh and that will not happen. The puppet heroes of the west, the childish men of American armies have there a real army standing, not Palestinian children with rocks that awake so much ‘heroism’ in the jewish soldier, not the children of Aghanistan that awake so much heroism in the NEvada soldier conducting drones.

There they still would have to fight and so they won’t. Instead Mr. Obama after 90 minutes talking with Putin – for God’s sake who listens to the house negro these days? – delegated into the Jewish chancellor Miss Merkel, and all the acolytes of the eternal revengful eviL=anti-life people who will now push sanctions onto Russia. But again, Russia will stand. You don’t want our Gas? We shall sell it to China. You don’t want our Wheat? We shall sell it to India.

Russia my friends is not yet a puppet and the democratic rights of the Crimeans will be met.

And yet, the question is wider. We are in the prolegomena of the last battle and the blocks are obvious: Islam-China-Russia on one side, the rest, all $laves of the Banksters of the Jewish empire on the other. We comment on that on many other posts.

This new ‘Crimean war’, which probably will not be fought but finished between Ucranians and Russians in dialog, as they know they are the same people and so like Taiwan and China won’t make wars despite the desire of the West, Ucrania will have to accept Russian language rights in its nation and the overwhelming victory in the referendum of Crimea of the Russian-Tatar side who prefer to be free or part of his original russian country as Ucrania, Bielorussia and Kazahkistan should be, had not Yeltsin received an unknown sum to the predator banker-priests of the west that now are again playing its chess of power with potential human lives.

And yet of course, the West knows nothing of this. Its hate Tv-medias do not tell you that Crimeans are Russians; that Russia was first Ucraine, that there has been a coup d’etat by a fascist party that does not allow Russian language and culture anymore, etc. etc. It is all as if Russia was the aggressor and we the good capitalist chaps, perfect $laves of markets must rally to defend human rights against the Usual suspects. LOL.


But beyond this anecdote of historic roots we must in a true analysis on the parameters and patterns of the science of history ask why now nationalist wars come back to haunt us again in Europe to provoke the self-destruction of the world.

The many layers of rhetoric and complex memes that control the human psyche are obviously here at play according to the anti-quantum paradox of history and the censorship of all truths, (which are inverse to its distribution by the mechanical systems of media).

– This we have the first answer, the one for the sheeple, the one of the media, which is obviously the answer of the perspective of the Jewish empire, which emits the media and have been expressed above with irony.

– Then you hnve the nationalistic memes which have also been described with a packed info from what i regard as the best Atlas of History ever (the classic German Penguin World Atlas)…

But we now must wonder WHY A COUNTRY which made with France the 2 most notable human social revolutions that erased, all primitive previous memes has regressed so fast to BE ABLE TO DISCUSS THIS idiocies, and differentiations? How has a mind in search of the SOLUTION OF HISTORY through r=evolution become so much degraded? We study the 72 years cycle of the Soviet Union and its Humanist R=evolution reconverted into a military dictatorship by Stalin and now exploded even in its positive eusocial memes to the idol-ogies of nationalism?

Nationalism in that sense in its revival, parallel to the revival of Abrahamic Religions manifest the devolution of the Human Superorganism, of our species, past its maturity as a mental subconscious collective in the XIX-XX earlier centuries before the arrival of audiovisual electronic machines. The greatest minds of man all of them were born before radio became a globaL media and so that age is gone.

What is left is to recollect those memories as we observe the constant degradation and repetition of the memes of hate, since social love, r=evolution, humanism, the science of history, the meaning of mankind, all that is NOT EVEN ASKED ANYMORE?

You see when a complex pyramid of social scales of increasing complexity looses its higher ‘levels’, under it resurface the past, the primitive memes prior to the evolution of the human spirit into understanding through religions of love and social revolutions the universal mandate of biology – love and evolve with ALL the members of your species.

So back down the Russians felt into the previous level of tribal nationalism and those are the devolving memes that now spread and ever since the collapse of the dream of the left, a human world, evolved, conscious, social, ecologic, etc.

Now as machines overpower us at all levels the collective mind dies and the neofascism of nationalistic and abrahamic religions reigns supreme once more.

But in this question of nationalisms, frankly I feel just a student, compared to the masterpieces written prior to the erasing of the human mind by Tvs and Israel’s different revivalisms (nationalisms, capitalisms, abrahamic religions, etc.) through audiovisual hate speeches…. So we shall bring here a text from that notorious humanist, hence anti-fascist and anti$emite (this fact today obviously censored), the master of the British Baroque, Mr. Orwell:

By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’(1). But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests. Nationalism is not to be confused with patriotism. Both words are normally used in so vague a way that any definition is liable to be challenged, but one must draw a distinction between them, since two different and even opposing ideas are involved. By ‘patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality.

So long as it is applied merely to the more notorious and identifiable nationalist movements in Germany, Japan, and other countries, all this is obvious enough. Confronted with a phenomenon like Nazism, which we can observe from the outside, nearly all of us would say much the same things about it. But here I must repeat what I said above, that I am only using the word ‘nationalism’ for lack of a better. Nationalism, in the extended sense in which I am using the word, includes such movements and tendencies as Communism, political Catholicism, Zionism…

(here an excellent rather long essay on those different forms of nationalism… ending in:

(iii) Zionism. This the unusual characteristics of a nationalist movement, but the American variant of it seems to be more violent and malignant than the British. I classify it under Direct and not Transferred nationalism because it flourishes almost exclusively among the Jews themselves. In England, for several rather incongruous reasons, the intelligentsia are mostly pro-Jew on the Palestine issue, but they do not feel strongly about it. All English people of goodwill are also pro-Jew in the sense of disapproving of Nazi persecution. But any actual nationalistic loyalty, or belief in the innate superiority of Jews, is hardly to be found among Gentiles.

(for the full text just search on the net)…

Yes we have finished on purpose in zionism, as it is the ‘present’ mother of this nationalistic revivalism, since once Israel was founded, it was indeed needed to resurrect through the financial-media complex the hymns, flags and patriotic memes of every tribe to justify the tribe on top of all others… And so we keep regressing backwards in me(n)tal time as the machine keeps evolving forwards…

Indeed, the fundamental element of all western idol-ogies in this present age is ‘who has the money’ to impose those idol-ogies, and that is one and only one system, the Financial Media System owned by Judaism which controls over 3/4th of central bankers, CFOs of 500 Fortune, CEOs of financial institutions and Media Corporations. Thus to understand this and any other fact of Western Policies one must understand a fact utterly censored but central to the demise of mankind:

Judaism is NOT a humanist religion but one based in memes of hate towards mankind, the ‘idolaters’ and ‘animals’ who must be ‘exterminated’ according to the central tenant of this religion of wordly power:

‘At the end of times all nations will be slaves of Yvwh – the Jewish people – or would be exterminated’ Talmud Sanhedrin.

Of the many consequences of being ruled by a ‘cult(ure)’ of Go(l)d who ‘hates’ the species to which it belongs, mankind, tries to oppress it as a superior race with its financial-media system, and produces systematically memes of hate against humanity, besides the action-reaction processes of Holocausts and World wars, there is one played in this crisis: the building of a global Empire in which the entire planet must be part of the New World Order, according to that prophecy. In as much as Russia and China are NOT yet slaves of Yvwh, the offensive will continue on the ‘Chesboard’.

And the debasing of any attempt to create a better world based in the eusocial memes of love will also continue – by dividing and win over mankind, lowered from the Heights of  Humanism and socialism,back to tribalism and capitalism, and, further back to pure selfishness, as many humans are further devolving into ‘bestialism’, individual ego-trips and pathetic survival greed, as bitcoins become scarce… This pure selfishness is the state of the American sheeple, so easily masterminded by the Masters of the Universe, but here in Europe it is going to take a bit longer to convert us in individual, selfish, hateful people, $laves of the master race…


TODAY the paradox of history shows its constant duality between animetal cult(ure)s destroying the world and humanist prophets failing to save it and implement the social organic values of reality. Indeed, 100 years ago, two events happened that would shape the XX and XXI century, one of which everybody talked then with humanist hope:

  1.  the Russian failed r=evolution, aborted by military animetal Mr. Stalin that would kill within two decades millions of true r=evolutionaries converting communism in yet another brutal military society… and aborting the evolution of mankind in the XX c.
  2. And the other which nobody cared at the moment as ‘animetal memes’ do NOT seem to be important, even if on the long term tend to be the dominant factor on the entropic, destructive age of history=mankind – the Balfour declaration, where the go(l)d master Mr. Rothschild bought the Palestinian lands, to found apartheid Israel, the ‘racist state’ that have to be the model of nations for the XXI century, with robotised walls, systemic segregation of the poor, 3rd world non-technological cultures, demonised for the profits of the cycle of overproduction of weapons and gold, the mother of all battles, which is the focus of the wrong side of history the evil=antilive memes we shall describe in this post:

Update. 23 March. European puppets against European Interests.

Thus now, even when the Crimean Crisis has ended Russia has been thrown out of the G8, their people are asked Visas to enter European countries, which will hurt specially the most despised social-catholic ‘PIGS’ countries (Portugal, Italy and specially Greece and Spain) which receive the bulk of Russian Investment, tourisms and much needed capital on real state. But those are the ‘natural enemies’ of Judaism, from the paranoid, never forgive, never forget, always revenge cult(ure) of Go(l)d. Since you know, in 1476, 550 years ago the Spaniards threw the banksters off their land; and you know, 2000 years ago the Romans destroyed the go(l)d temple of their banker-priests and you know the Greeks tried to humanize their cult(ure), imposing Gymnasiums 2200 years ago during the Maccabean Rebelion. You might think this is overstretching the issue. I can reassure you it is not. The first fraternity party I went in Columbia U. I got a first contact with the ‘issue’, when half-drunk a fella came to me insulting me heavily because I had ‘murdered them’. Politely I told him i was not a German but a catalan. But he knew – he was talking about the 1476 Holocaust! And would not accept first my laughs, LOL, then my apologies. IMAO

Of course, Russia will be less hurt than you imagine. As its alliance with China is long overdue. They just need to build the oil-duct and then the future “Yakutian Robotic Wars’ between US and China-Russia, which we anticipated 20 years ago in our first book on the cycles of the future, could be the ‘real III World war’ now merely essayed with non-technological ‘Islam’ could bring our inferno sooner than expected. As a truly III world war will be one between global industrial systems, as II w.W. was. The Islamic wars are nothing but a neo-colonial ‘little splendid wars’ chapter, prolegomena of things to come.

Update 24 March – How Europe self-destroys its economy for his Master race.

Today Europe has expelled under the orders of the House Negro, Mr. Putin from the g8 and plan to buy gas to America in big tanks to further sink its economy. Wht For? For how long? We all know that Crimea is not going back to Ucraine. We all know Ucraine is ruled by a fascist party, after a coup d’etat. So what all this fuss for? We explain it above.

But there is nothing to do. The western Jewish dictators, the House Negro, Cameron, the ‘mazerim’ Hollande and Mis Merkel, the German-Jewish dictator are all at it, destroying the European Economy. Of course, immedatly ‘European markets’ sunk and Dow Jones stayed put. Because this is a direct attack from America to the European Union Economy.

Pathetic that we again attack ourselves through our jewish Chancelor Dictator (mother jewish, father converso, strictly censored – LOL most Germans do not know their chancellor is not remarkable for being a woman, but for being the first Jewish Chancellor in history).

Here we go, the eternal dictatorship of the germ(an)s of history, who have destroyed Europe once and again since the first wave of iron Goths, and the enslavers of Europe, who have destroyed it with their memes of hate, their debt slaves and their abrahamic religions, censorships of free thought and enlightement, all together ‘again’ now).

Where there is a socialist-democratic, enlightened, Southern european Humanist Leader to stop this self-destructive masterminded Madness?

Nowhere to be found.



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