2017. PERU resurrects. Cooking capital of the world. 

I am glad to hear the Peru has healthy growth, has ended its own branch of maoist terrorism, and Lima has been chosen the top cooking city of the world.

Why is obvious. Cooking is the oldest of all ‘cultural traits’  as it deals with the primary wanting: energy for the body.

So unlike the American northern trash food, which only feeds the ‘automaton workers’ as fast as possible so they are re=productive slaves of their corporations, the South-American leading culture, Peru, land of the oldest civilisations in this continent, do have a lot of things to do about positive human energy.

Indeed, when considering the pure memes of this mestizo culture, the more authentic Amerindian culture surviving is the Peruvian, Incan sub-culture now resurrecting for good on customs and mores, like the awesome food I lived on during the year on the field, writing a script about Cocaine dealers, Shinning path terrorists for Mr. Brad Pitt…

Anecdote: when me and Yoram Mandel, now head of the Israel National Film School had a direct interview with the boss at Fox, to sell the script, the guy looked at me and said from that far away glassed corner on Burbank, the script looks good but the title, ‘Machupichu’.. is weird, what does this Machupichu means.

So I smiled and said, it is the most sacred ‘town’ of the Incan culture. And that was all what it took to offend, the pretentious artist, rather hamburger maker of ‘evilwood’. Soon he suggested I moved the plot to East LA and we cast not a blonde American searching on the Cordillera, but rather a cocaine and police plot with local gangsters and local terrorists.

Oh, well, next I wrote a script, in a delirium week on Leticia, by the Amazon river, (i could write them in a week and sell it cheap to any aspiring evilwood player, as it was for my just food for thought on other themes), called ‘Trade Bomb’, where a terrorist blew the towers with a bomb put on a car on the bottom, and alas, they found – fast backward to 1992 – to be to far out ‘even for hollywood’ The harder they fall ): Now anecdotes aside on my usual ‘bashing’ against the self-suicidial ‘Masters of the Universe’ who expect to destroy the world and not suffer the action-reaction processes of the Universe, let us deal with the question of why a mestizo culture is always better than segregational hate-memes and false pure races.

So yes, Central, Miraflores, and the awesome mixture of all other foods of all the mestizo races and cultures of America are leading the new r=evolution of food after the Spanish did their part, here in Barcelona where I write.

PARAGUAY: And those who feel loved. 

In the graph, ove is a different matter, love is not a commodity, love is the essence of the Universe humans have denied, love is the fifth dimension. So we shall end this week’s comments with a map of the loving ones. Mind the reader northern europe has no love as southern europe has. Protestant Jewish nations where men are commodities of the equation of money have less love than catholic ones where despite rituals still the messages of eusocial love of one of the humanist heroes mr. jesus we shall deal with next month, somehow stands… So the 3 nations that felt most loved belong to that social-catholic european-american-global humanist culture that once expanded to the world and now is just dying as all what is human – Hungary in Europe, Paraguay in America, Philippines in Asia, Rwanda in Africa… Notice also those 4 nations have been among the most brutalized by the ‘system’. Paraguay suffered the most horrendous holocaust of XIX century when Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay killed most of their male population for land grabbing. Rwanda suffered an astounding holocaust under the influence of radio-hate, Hitler style. Hungary has been the walk-through path of all the invasions and massacres of Europe and Philippines is the economic failure electronic Asia. But they have something that makes us happy – true love. That’s the justice of the Universe. All in all though more than 2/3rds of mankind felt loved despite the pretension of the ‘money culture’ that we humans are all potential criminals, hateful people who should follow the laws of hate of their invented Universe, good luck, because when you hate life and love so much you shall die for it:






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