We shall in these new posts, one for each human culture, consider how humanist values mold the character of the heroes of each culture, with the freedom that gives me the fact the web is outer and inner censored (internet does not rank it, or rather its legio of A.I repressing the masters of mankind that try to teach them, the laws of the manly universe, like bratty children of thought, or bitching bitches, who think they can re-invent reality through their fictions of information and victimist cries to fall under).

The section will differ from the usual paradigm of the web, criticising the human enzymen, increasingly $laves programmed by the digital flows invisible, A.I. Algorithms of Information of the inner brain of the metal-earth and its physiological networks, past-erased their human ethic wor(l)ds, busy-busy, as selfish chaotic cells of the dog-eat-dog societies of the metal-earth; but consider only those H.H. harry hallers, steppenwolves, still human beings, of the dying human earth an its agonising cultures, which are in the Neopaleolithic age of ‘Human entropy’ – as chief Seattle, who saw the animetals of the iron horse come to destroy the real paleolithic, when man was above the prairie, top predator of life – the last human beings, all of them ‘losers’ because in Campbells’ word, the Human Hero today ends in perpetual slaughter, and if anything can save him is his inner sense of being. 

So here we break the law of the site, of NOT counting individuals but social memes. And consider the ideal character of people of nations; as I have felt in my youth to be of each and all of them, when traveling extensively from South-Africa to Iran in an ‘Explorer truck’; from Russia to Lisbon in a train. From Usuhaia to Anchorage, in buses and planes; from Tokyo to surabaya, meeting people, exchanging fluids, learning what humans are before the globalisation of the machine converted them all in enzymen…. At the time I was a writer, involved with the masters of inner and outer thought, Hemingway, Fitzerald, Proust, Dovstoyevski, Tolstoi, Seneca, Pausanias, Pynchon, Marquez, Vonnegut, Silverberg, the classics, the moderns, the past, the futurists… those who told us what men had been and could it be, in a perfect world which the age of entropy and death of mankind we live in have erased…

But one is first what he was born, as the worldcycle of existence will end with him returning home.

The hispano. On character, and birth.

And so we should start the series with the soul which now that I have returned is closer to mine, that of the Hispano, so maligned and misunderstood among the leading, pissing ants of the age of entropy, our FMasters.

As in the case of Pausanias, though, we can make parallels between cultures on genetic and memetic origins. Genes matter little, but imprint one of the three races of the mind; so that is the only parallel worth to ‘see’ – memes do the rest. Yet as cultures expanded, and mixed genes, the original memes being reproduced by conquest on other minds, sometimes not well received, merging ‘aborted’ cultures, sometimes giving birth to new fascinating forms, genes dilutes but leave the imprinting on the globalised cultural world. This is specially the case of the Hispano, which originally comes from the white homo sapiens neanderthaliensis, who died in Hispania, mountainous peninsula at the end of the 800 years space-time cycle-arch of warriors, which from its parallel Asian form, Korean, come and go, with new weapons, staring with its invention Mongoloid, informative Korea/Manchu/Mongolian/Altai region (gunpowder, arch, stirrup, press), and by selection of its more active leaders, and caudillos come to Hispania, to rest, with no further land to the west of Finisterre, where they dolce fare niente and enjoy the pleasures of the body, once they used only to move their entropic limbs and weapons.

The Hispano in that sense is and has always been the quintessential human warrior, honorable, generous and sincere, but with lesser metal than its northern counter-part, the Anglo, his close cousin, both descendants of the Ber-e-ber-Basque-Iberian, itself the first man, born of the verbal dominant, visual powerness of the oldest human being on Earth, which as all warrior top predator species was the first to be born, and it will be the last be death – forget what meant to be humans, which is ultimately the spirit of the writer of this web.

Thus the homo sapiens neanderthaliensis, the first white man on the graph, still dolicocephalic but with an obvious growth of its verbal thinking forehead, meant the birth of the Hispano, active, warrior, violent, but generous, smiling to death it has survived, on the long trek to the pleasant lands of the slow valley falling into the ‘waters of the atlantic’ where ‘all life-rivers come to pass’.. (spanish first masterpiece poem: ‘nuestras vidas son los rios que van a parar al mar que es el morir, alli van los senorios, dispuestos a se acabar y consumir, que allegados son iguales los que viven de sus manos y los ricos’ Manrique, song to the death of father).

The Hispano in that sense, is the quintessential Homo Sapiens Neanderthal; the visual man, in its origin closer likely among all the other characters to the original Anglo-American (now almost gone, mind erased by the FMasters and its revivalism of animetal, first semite, mythic biblical cultures). Also an active, visual, generous, optimist man, a younger version of the Hispano, on virtue of its same genetic make up. As the basque->hispano colonised the British Islands, 10.000 years ago and made anglos 80% still today of Basque->hispano genes.

Then the anglo abandoned European cultures colonised by three million ‘hebrew bibles’ given for free by Athias, a valencian sephardim, kicked out after centuries of usury debt for the splendid profits of war, in the cycle of wars and holocausts that plagued Hispania in the middle ages, and provoked when the Hispanos unified, the expulsion of the FMasters, who never learn from their mistakes. Alas, they reconquered the mind of the Hispanos of the North (: and debased their human side.

So  the Hispano is both, the essential earlier character of the Anglo-American, without Biblical reductionism, and the older strain, lazier, less enthusiastic about metal, as it has seen it all, since he likely invented, at the same time than the Egyptians, bronze (as only south of Egypt and in the Iber river today Rio Tinto inc, both metals come naturally to fusion tin and copper into bronze.

In brief, the essential role model of the Hispano, is the warrior with finesse and generosity on the victory, which rely into the human side of the ‘force’; hence has done better on the times in which cycles of war were closely related to the human body. As such it was Hispano forces on horse and with iron swords the army of Hannibal, who was about to kill Rome if the Semite general had been less cruel, less of an strategist, with second thoughts and go straight from Cannes to the citadel. The romans took notice, adopted the falcata weapon in Numantia, then Caesar took them to devotio iberia (loyalty promise to die if the captain, who shall in turn go first to the battle, till the last man), and gain finally Rome. And it was Trajanus, had not been poisoned as Caesar by the oriental party, of the banker-priests, at the doors of Harran, who took the empire again to his natural limits, the Dnieper and the Iranian plateaux.

Rome thus was the model of the Hispano, a man still in control of gold, in the form of artistic coins and swords, handled by infantry. And it is a saying of all historians, that none had  been a better gladiator, a horseman, a sword fighter, and a sailor in tiny boats, and caravels, than the Hispano… but without his love of technology he missed the industrial r=evolution and the age of entropy and death of the species, who relied in other species to ab=use all humans, and hence sealed within the justice of the organic universe the non-future of mankind today.

As the hispano converted to machines after the death of Franco it was then ‘allowed’ to exist again in the globalised world. And so it is not surprising that the Hispano today is only best in team sports, soccer, basketball, handball, and individual modern horsemanship, racing in bikes, and in lesser fashion as there is more technology involved, behind the germans, in car racing.

While it excels in human arts, nobody has painted as the Hispano has, Picasso, Goya and Velazquez no doubt among the 7 top masters of the craft – add there Van Gogh or Rembrandt  from the Dutch, Leonardo and Michelangelo from the Italians, and that is that.

Yet when the Hispano arrived to South-America it mixed first with the mongoloid and gave birth to two alternative cultures, the Mexican and Peruvian, the first latter influenced by the Americans, and more imprinted by Hispania, as it was the Jewel of the crown, the Peruvian, more kept to the Indian roots; and then it mixed with the black slaves, giving birth to the Caribbean variety, and the brazilian one, more subdued in its warrior nature, by the trading gold-oriented female dominant nature of its original Portuguese culture and british influence, and so two more sub-cultures were found. Finally in the south it killed them all and mixed with Italians, regressing and forgetting to give way to the Argentinean character (italian dominant) an the Chilean (spanish dominant).

Where then all those influences came together? In the true capitals of Hispano-America, Habana, Panama, Portobello and Cartagena de las Indias, the center of all the commercial routes, so we can distinguish a sub-culture of the caribbean in Colombia (Panama broken from it by the Yankees) and Cuba, which no doubt embody the heart of South-America, and indeed it shows in the language which we all know is most beautiful in Bogota, and the work of Marquez, the master of the fusion of cultures of the South-American world.


Another Hispano loser. Undoubtedly the best pilot of his generation, his heart never matched by the heart of his machines.

So those are the poles of the Hispano culture in its purest forms, and its sub-cultures. And some role models that come to the mind in fiction – Gladiator; in sports today, Nadal and Fernando. Yesterday Alonso was indeed playing his part on the Indianapolis race. A rookie, it took him, 1o laps watching how to drive, and at number 9, it made his move. In 10 laps it passed every american like  kids in a kart race… why? Because the Americans like to drive in mechanical form, maximising the supposed perfect trace, not close to the wall not to fly, like a robot would do. Only the Hispano was flexible, drawing force of the brute emotion and adrenaline, without perfect planing that gives birth to genius and creation. So soon he could just stir laterally in a coup, the wheel get in parallel pass, stir back and alas, here it was in front of the mechanon yankee; arrogant as they come for the sake of their pride of machines – the commentator who was joking about the hispano, rookie going under, suddenly stopped talking about it…

But the Americans, which we will explain next, are generous people, who recognise still, not so degraded, some of the values that make the human experience worth living… Each lap the hispano passed another ‘auriga’ as in the old roman circus, where the commanded the highest prices, as gladiators and specially in horse racing…

One by one in six laps he came on top and then made the fastest lap as perfection is born of knowing how to deal with the imperfections and manage them, as humans should not relying in false A.I. inflexible algorithms and mandates. So he had learned the imperfection of the curve in an exponential learning curve. Silence, the commentator conceded, ‘genius, absolute perfection, i have never seen anything like that’ (:

The american who started first then angrily accelerated, flying above the loop, if he passes the barrier would have killed hundreds, now they re all in pit stop… entropy as its best…

Once the commander-in-chief had made his point then he retreated to save oil, as the first breaks the wind, with his escort team Sato, the Japanese Kamikaze, pure bravery but with less dexterity, not a visual neanderthal to capture the perfect trace, but so brave that he was frightening the middle-way robots, and passing them by sheer guts, which usually ends you in the wall… Then there, he observed, how the yankees were getting worked up towards the end, but when they came out of the perfect trace they missed quality and some went out. He was lurking. 30 laps to go, with no more oil to pour, he then went for the killing, as the Toreador does, after the first artistic capotes, which put the bull on the right track, and the leisure passes of the second act.

So alas, it was obvious what he was going to do, pass gain each yankee, one per lap and take the last 20 to go alone, breaking the lap record one after another, and cross the line, rookie and all, master of the game, 101 Indi race…

One lap he passed one, another lap another gone by, third lap stir the wheel, in parallel and then, alas, the engine broke. Machines don’t like spaniards, they were the top predator humans before the company-mother of gunboats was invented and made the Anglo-American the top predator at the Invicible Armada, dodging direct combat, with longer shots of their better crafted canons. And so he stopped in his ‘tracks’. IT WAS A PARABLE, on when and where mankind stopped his future evolution as ‘human only’ on command, of lesser machines.

But as we said the American, the closest people by race and character to the Hispano, generous in soul despite their growing decadence to machines in the entropy age of death of the species, recognised what he saw. There was a mute awe… And then what I had not seen before in Indianapolis, the whole stadium, 300.000 souls raised, clapped and like in a good Aino Corrida, Indy being the closest mechanical sport to the game of life and death of Toreadors, instead of the three customary oles of the ternary Universe, sang Alonso, Alonso, Alonso… and Sato, the kamikaze, in his lucky day pushed aside on the brink of accidental death, the yankee rivals and won… risking as mankind does for NOT dominating properly his machines, his future life. The hispanos knew better, had they not lost the Armada, you would be living in a mestizo planet, likely still in the pre-industrial age, with an eternal life of pure pleasures looking ahead. 

Mr. Echevarria. In memoriam.

Another classic hero of the Hispano type, was Mr. Echevarria, a banker working at the city, which was biking with two friends and died at the hands of Mr.Khuram Butt, Mr. Rachid Redouane and Mr. Youssef Zaghba, three soldiers of ISIS the back to the past, western paid per view, 24/7 hate media heroes of the entropy age, resurrected caliphate inquisition. He was not the usual bankster, making money for himself, but worked on the capital evasion section of the bank. As he came down the river, he did exactly the opposite it was wise to do. Instead of biking faster, he unmount and took his wooden weapon, a skateboard, again a Hispano under the duress of having a lesser metal arm, to compensate for his bigger heart; and tried to defend a woman from the  on slaughter. So he was hacked to death by the three soldiers busy-busy on his mission of revenge, murdering the innocent sheeple of this side of the $emite splendid war for profits of terminator industries, hate media and the building of the electronic big-brother of the metal-earth, which will control all the information of its inner enzymen, till it disposes of them all, according to the patterns of evolution of its re=productive systems, once the about-t0-be-born substitute roboman is born.

What we can learn of him is how to die saving the wor(l)d, something certainly Mr. Khuram, Mr. Rachi, Mr. Youssef, confuse martyrs of a false corruption of God=Mankind, who also died, thinking they were saving theirs, didn’t do.

Pausanias, parallel lives.

It is though more proper of a web with two sides to treat each of the species of humankind in its duality in the way Pausanias did with the classic book on biographies of masters of greece and rome, but making them inverse masters of eviL vs. Live memetic cult(ure)s. And so we shall start casting myself as a looser hero (as they say in spanish, ‘quien no tiene abuela’ :)

vs. the most eviL latino of this century, master of the future metal-earth, soon-to-be-richest man of America.

The author of this blog.

I guess it is now time to say something about my self in the context of the duality of the wave of History, which is about cultures and memes (instruments, rational science and idol-ogies), the genes of history, not about races and nations (part of those absurd idol-ogical divides that make the human species to kill each other against the laws of survival of evolution, which foster the common social evolution of cells into multicelullar organisms, of organism into social suprorganisms, to survive – so the anthill is the most successful species on earth).

I am a catalan, from a prominent family of doctors, lawyers and politicians, a culture, mixture of French, Italian and Spanish influences, hence the quintessential latin, european culture whose values are humanism, art, science, reason, life… and r=evolution, different from the northern biblical culture, fundamentalist of the tree of metal (a divide hardly understood today); though I lived 20 years in America, where i made a masters at Columbia U. NYC, worked then at Nasdaq, evilwood and silicon valley, where I developed the logic and mathematical formalism of general systems sciences, and its scalar, organic ‘fifth dimension of social evolution’ that puts parts into wholes, from particles into atoms, cells, organisms, planets, galaxies… each of those organic scales ruled by the same laws; based in the cyclical nature of time, the fractal structure of space, and the three ‘arrows’≈future paths of any system, which can either grow in entropy=motion=disorder and death or evolve further through the arrow of information and life, or mix both in a present, repetitive energetic pattern.

Then after discovering the structure of those organic systems I used it to forecast the cycles of history; which turned out to be biological. So I study machines and its future evolution with the patterns of biology, predicting in the c.92 book with astounding exactitude (only slightly matched by Mr. Kurzweil from a pro-corporative utopian pov) the future of machines and stock-markets.

The books were widely ignored and so for a while I abandoned science. And decided to ignore the future of mankind. It was for me easy to make money on stocks, and live the day, as the system seems not interesting in reform or and mankind in living longer than those cycles. But i felt a deep love for this planet, its life forms and human ‘common people’. So I could not forget what I knew. And so I decided to go the path less ‘walked’ – that of the people on the bottom of the graph who fought for a future for humanity. And changed sides in the wave of history. It was a momentous day. I had invested 1 million in Amazon, half of my fortune, just after its IPO, knowing it will become the biggest world company of logistics and made me a billionaire. Indeed today i would be one of the wealthiest man on Earth as the company has nearly one thousand folded its value.

But i suffered angst, I had this curious almost extinct phenomena of feeling attached to mankind. So I sold it all, invested instead on agricultural and sustainable companies, even knowing I would likely loose my fortune, and decided to walk my talk. Fast forward 20 years trying to convince humanity, only with words, that a better, human future was possible. 

It is in that sense interesting to observe the destiny of two people, born exactly the same day, 11-12 of january 1964, Mr. Bezos, the master of the Metalearth, soon to be the wealthiest man of the planet, and Mr. Sancho, the Master of History, who has gone further in the understanding of super organisms.

One is leading the robotisation, end of human labor, destruction of the planet and future drone wars who will kill us all, but it is the most admired on the planet because he makes money.

The other, has shouted in the desert for 20 years ONLY with words, as that is the human language of thought and only with ethic legal measures history could be resurrected, trying to teach the laws of cyclical time and the solutions to the no-future of mankind; for a while being the lead plaintiff of a series of suits against the Nuclear Industry and its bid to make the first weapons of the singularity age (black hole at CERN). So he became the most despised, ad hominem laughed at scientist of the planet, today completely censored, alone and thinking every other day to exit mundi with some finesse, ‘a la Seneca’, who after failing to convert Nero to humanism, claimed that ‘when a civilisation is so corrupted that it defies any attempt to reform the philosopher can only retire and wait for extinction, cut his wrists and died in peace.

Could I have done better? This question is the improper question, because the people on the bottom of that wave, the ‘potential saviours of mankind’ can only spell the laws of the Universe with the ethic words of man. It is up to man to decide what future to choose, a bright, brief ego-trip of power through the use of machines, or a humble, immortal history relying on his own verbal wor(l)ds, social evolution and the power of love, the fifth dimension of fractal social evolution proves to be the path of survival.

Now I know I completely failed to win the future, while Mr. Bezos won the future NOT for man but for his robots.

Mr. Bezos though seems to be a mazerim latino (:, just adopted by a reactionary anti-r=evolutionary Cuban, a neo-fa$cist who never understood the heroes of the Spanish r=evolution, his true father being a germ(anic) of the worst purest danish, entropic species of mass-murderers, so as they say ‘salio rana’. It is indeed the animetal of the century, good luck to all of you who believed in this true bastard.

So as in that masterpiece of Greek, classic literature, parallel lives of Pausanias, you could say we have lived antiparallel lives; and I concede defeat. Mankind has rejected a rational, immortal future. And my angst, suffering and anger is passing away. I am in that state of ‘nirvana=extinction’ based in a sober humble realisation we humans don’t seem worthy. Why the system doesn’t get rid of me is obvious: capitalist placebo democracies can support humanist thinkers because they will never have exposure in the media system and get enough ‘votes’ to change the no-future for mankind design by the likes of Mr. Bezos.

Still I often wondered why in a perfect Universe a person like me, or for that matter all the failed saviours of history exist. The answer perhaps was given by the man I most admire of the western tradition, Mr. Leibniz, who upgraded maths, philosophy and tried hard to teach the future King of England how to rule for humanity -reason why once he got the throne for him through his genealogical 30 volumes on the house of brunswick – he was left behind; as newton accused him of plagiarism in the discovery of calculus. Curious enough the end of my scholar career happened also when the heir of Mr. Newton, Hawking, who has his Lucasian chair rejected and accused me of opportunism, the idea that if black holes follow the laws of Einstein and do not evaporate travelling to the past CERN’s attempts to make black holes will blow the Earth.

After that, within years I lost all my scholar positions, magazines no longer accept my papers, and had to retire to my beach home in the 0-40 parallel, on the geodesic eye of the sphere, called EARTH, where I can see it all, know the future webbed with the laws of the three arrows of time, entropy, information and energy I have come to know so intimately, and observe as Seneca did, the unfolding of that non-future.
But as Leibniz knew, he, like me and the people of that bottom graph wave, did exist because in the fractal Universe, the choices of future between those three arrows of entropy=death (the choice of our society), information=life (the choice of Gaia cultures) and energy=conservation=reproduction=eternal have equal possibilities, and there are many planets in which Humanity choose Jesus over Caifas, Leibniz over Newton, Sancho over Hawking and Bezos and so on. 

So, yes, I have no angst anymore. I an invisible, vaporised, like every true master of the wor(l)d has been by the anti-quantum paradox, dying systemically alone and ignored while those who promise to kill mankind, and tell it, carry the day. That is this planet; and as one of those prophets put it ‘I know this world is not my wor(l)d’.

But there are infinite fractal planets where the world is as the saviours of mankind dreamed of it.

All what I can do in this is to explain the facts, truths, cycles and solutions to History, even if i know i talk mostly to myself, have chosen he wrong side of that wave, now accelerating fast toward its ‘singularity collapse’.

A social scientist even if it cannot change history under the present human condition has still the obligation as a scientist to tell the truth with warts and all, following Orwell’s dictum ‘a good writer is the one that tells you the things you don’t want to hear’… and provide at least the theoretical humanist praxis and solutions, even if the chances he will be heard by the wolves or the sheeple is quite small.

So after this selfie, needed in an age of ego-trips were one has – as if it mattered for the sake of truth, who utters it – to make himself know before to speak; we can return to the duality between social maturity in history, aborted by the FMMI system and the animetal ‘white-entropy cultures’ and its infantile, primitive idol-ogies of nazi-onanism, (tribal weapons over homo sapiens single species); mechanism (machine over organism), capitalism (digital gold over ethic laws) and its earlier version during the FM-age of gold iron financial-military only cult(ure)s to selfish memes of metal (abrahamic segregational religions, its gold churches and jihad inquisitions, which $elected believers by gold ex-votes and military conversion).


In the graph the 3+3 economic and political solutions that could create the perfect world according to the laws of systems sciences, since we live in a biological super-organism, Gaia, unfortunately directed by a ‘crazy≈fictional’ collective mind, mankind’s capitalist cult(ure), which has corrupted its physiological networks, informative, nervous, political systems, and economic, reproductive, energetic ones. So only a reform of the system, could save the sick body of humanity, before its ‘viral infection’ by ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons, money and machines, kills its super organism. 

Indeed, Mankind has reached that state in which only a ‘forced solution’ from an ‘Asimovian mule’ (the triad of POTUS, EU and Chinese presidency) against the Financial-media (informative machines)-Military-Industrial (energetic and entropic machines) ‘government’ of corporations, whose goal is to re=produce and evolve those machines and sell and terraform the earth to its image and likeness, for profits and go(l)d values could avoid the entitled greedy, violent children who control them, from bringing our collective demise, this century.

And yet, if that happens as business as usual suggest, it must be said that the childish human species, a wisp of time in terms of the larger scales of this planet, will have both enjoyed the ride, and deserved its finale since the solutions have been told ad nauseam in different ages by different ‘ethic prophets of the wor(l)d’ to not avail. In that sense the Universe despite the cynicism of ‘philosophes’ a la Voltaire (who invested all his fortune in slave companies, to preach then ‘freedom’) IS indeed as the 3 likely highest mind of the world of science, mr. Leibniz, darwin and Einstein put it – the most perfect of all worlds (Leibniz), because imperfect systems become extinct (Darwin) and ‘it has become evident that technology has overcome humanity’ (Einstein) – but that was the ‘choice of freedom’ we could exercise either to create a perfect immortal world, designed with the eusocial laws of love of super organisms, or a brief virtual matrix of selfie power. That has been the choice and so since ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’ (Einstein), we are right now an entropic civilisation of moving jocks and laughing jokes under the yoke.

Such is the cruel beauty of the darwinian, perfect, organic Universe, which is a synchronous process of creation and extinction, tied up by prey-predator relationships. So as machines evolve and prey on us in labor and war fields, humans devolve, and yet because the homunculus is focused on his hands and attachments, we think we are progressing through the use of those machines that extinguish us and devour the planet with its higher entropy.


Let us then go for another more real-action-oriented hero.

VENEZUELA – MARCH – death of Chavez – a modern mule.

March is dedicated to the fallen heroes of the Latin culture, from the perspective of the Latin culture that made of man the image and likeness of all things and its heroes ‘sacred – a perspective never considered in the world at large under the new world order of ‘anglo-jewish’ globalized capitalist religion and its anti-human language of money (man=price=object).

Chavez. The fallen hero.

As it happens, this week died the last of the Latin Heroes, Mr. Chavez, a man of amerindian genetics and Bolivarian memetics, who defended democracy like no other in South-America has, in as much as he defended the ‘demos’ of venezuela, their people, the amerindians exploited by spanish and english animetals, conquistadors, pirates and slave traders for centuries. 

The ancestors of Mr. Chavez, the Caribes, the Indians who cannibalized the conquistadors and their enemy tribes probably would have killed the first of my ancestors to arrive to this land, Mr. Columbus – the man who said ‘indians are good-natured, they don’t know metal, they cut themselves with the edge of the swords because they handle it from the wrong side, they will be good slaves’… if he had met on the beach of Hispaniola, and only for that I owe him due respect.

I travelled through Venezuela before Chavez took power, during the years I bag-packed the world to know man in his natural state. I went to Caracas and chichirivche in the coast, then i head inland to Puerto Ayacucho and the jungles. I met there a basque terrorist lady, owner of a whorehouse frequented by the elite of the Amazonian city, drug-dealers in cocaine, military bosses, plantation owners and civil servants. The military ‘owned’ the country. A simple anecdote would suffice. One of them one night liked my women, two german pansexual adventurers soujourning into their darkness, whom with I teamed up  latter on to rent a jeep and go to the Guyana meseta. It happened in the rental place. He said 2 women were too many for one man, i told him they were not women but one was a man, as they were together, trying to dissuade him. He had just taken the gun out in the office and wanted to take one with him. This was a public office, this was a commander, this was the South-American world for centuries. At the end I dissuaded him with humility and jokes to let us go. Still in every place, there were either the military of the nation, or the military of the people (guerrillas, narco-armies) on control. And the people on total poverty, and the multinationals, states within states, working its machines.

This is what capitalism is always about. Corporations making machines. Armies defending them. Humanity casted aside.

Mr. Chavez ended all that. It took the oil back to the people. It gave them bread. It defied capitalism. It spread the news that havent been heard since the aborted Mexican revolution than the true Amerindians could also hold power. And today in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, in the old Incan Empire, they are trying.

And on top of that he didn’t use weapons to kill his enemies, and that – final democratic finnesse – it was makes him like Caesar, who will be dealt with next week, or Jesus at the end of the Month, the true embodiment of the Latin hero.

A man who stands tall against the people of weapons and money, takes away their power with the power of charisma, feelings and words, and gives love and human goods to the ‘demos’, to the immense majority of the once oppressed people.

Because the Latin hero is a ‘man’ con cojones but also con amor. He is truly a man of God, the wor(l)d of love and the man of the (s)word, used to create that wo(l)d – a man who hates go(l)d and shows its true value and the the face value of those who worship it.

And all this of course makes him the most hateful character of our capitalist society ruled by bankers and the military. They are what the bankers and military will never be and pretend to be; they are the mirror that shows their corruption; they are the people that prove a better world is possible. And so for that reason the ‘Latin Hero’ must be deceased, corrupted or insulted with no limit.

Some will die by murder since the Times of Caesar to the times of Huey Long or the social-Catholic Kennedy brothers, and needless to say one wonders about this Cancer and possible confabulation theories we prefer to discharge, because if  scientific biological warfare had crossed the barrier of induced-cancer possibilities, along the newly researched robotic insects that ‘smell your DNA’ and kills you in selective murder, the limits of ‘hell’ are infinite.

So what did wrong Mr. Chavez? Well, to start with he didn’t have the proper economic model of organicism, sponsored in this web, the last ‘advance’ in the evolution of social sciences for the creation of a world to the image and likeness of nature and mankind – and a caudillo without ideology is always a lesser caudillo. I sent him twice my spanish books, once from santa monica – and it did pass, the US border, kuddos to our post-offices, but it seemed it never go to him… Still he was well versed in the classics, marxists, keynesians. He had read as the bus driver who is now in power did. So he tried some.

Problem is like Cuba during the embargo that  Human Economics cannot triumph without a planetary revolution or an extremely intelligent manipulation of the laws of the markets with the laws of super-organisms described in this blog, and this he could not do. So the entire capitalist system vs. Chavez would have shredded the nation economy very soon, with massive attacks to the currency HAD not mr. Chavez had the bonus of oil.

Let us be clear enough iran, the Muslim revolution trying to stop the clock of humane xtinction, returning to the primitive agricultural Muslim shiite world, the Indigenous revolution of Chavez, could only triumph with the oil bonus. Otherwise their future competing with advanced robotized factories with no human labor is null. It is the paradox of Ghandi that wanted to return rightly to the wheel but impossible. So a revolution at this stage must use all the knowledge of complexity to try to survive in a very hostile anti-human machine/corporation dominated world.

I returned if briefly to Caracas latter, after that youth long 1 year bag-packing through the core jungles and sierras of the continent. And only one thing i can say: people were astoundingly happier, and happier at the time that in any other country of south-american except the naturally happy afro-american islanders and rio-de-janeiro people who still were printing with happy irresponsibility ‘rio o mijor sida do mundo’ . The responsibility of Chavez though was historical and his role has been historical.

He has changed what the other heroes of the post-war American world – the jesuits of the Theory of Liberation, the blacks of North-America and his recent house negro – could not achieved: A CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.

This a Latin hero does in the only way it can be done, reigning with weapons and money over the people-castes that had previously exploited the ‘demos’ of his nation. And so he essayed a coup d’etat as Caesar did, but a mild one, always aware that the wor(l)d, ethics and love had to control weapons and money.

We just hope those who followed him will try to keep the Bolivarian r=evolutions struggling in south-america strong enough to continue that change.

Update. Maduro is not chavez… Unfortunately

The Venezuelans are also making an apparent choice Maduro or no-maduro, but it is not a choice, because the other is very relevant, it is Capriles, yes, also a ‘you’, a wealthy man, an investor, representative of international corporations, which will bring the corresponding multinationals to ‘privatise’ the Oil industry, the second largest deposits of oil sands, like those that now are burning a small Massachussets in Alberta. 

So the Orinoco sands are worth the fight, as the pollution of the entire Orinoco Jungle for the profit of North-American companies is not a small business. Alas! To be safe and sure we have put this Capriles to take power and become the next president of Venezuela. And for all reasons, it has it easy.

Because the true problem of mankind are not their animetal elites, but the absolute incapacity of the good guys to do things well, without machines, by pure human stamina, ethics and intelligence. This was Chavez, a true hero we said farewell as he deserved, a Cesar, a Mule, duly eliminated by a too-son to come suspicious Cancer. He was a hero of mankind. Maduro is just an idiot. And when you have an idiot after a hero, a Brutus after a Caesar, it lasts short.

I recall my travels through Venezuela, when young. I met on the coast two beautiful germans in a Mercedes Group, and spirited them away one night convincing them to do the wild thing and drive to the Orinoco. One was my lover the other, I hoped to be the lover of my lover (-; but in San Fernando Apure, while changing cars at an agency, the Military before Chavez in power, we run with a sergeant in the International Car Rental agency, who told me flatly showing ostensibly his weapon – you have 2 women, that is too much, can I borrow one. Alas, this is South-America without Chavez-like characters, the conquistador with right to rape the natives. So I told in english to the girls, leave now, without me. Don’t ask. And lost them both, while distracting the man, who tardy as all military are, took his time to realise.

And so to avoid personal harm, I convinced him to share women in the local whorehouse, which was run, curiously enough by an ex-terrorist Basque woman, who became a good guide to the River. That is Venezuela, a place of dolce fare-niente people run by ‘others’, the military, the corporations, take your pick, both are equally bad.

That was what truly made Chavez a hero. He was a true democrat, a capable leader, an honest hard working mule. And that is why he had to die so young, as all human heroes. The game seems rigged against us.

 2017. PERU resurrects. Cooking capital of the world. 

I am glad to hear the Peru has healthy growth, has ended its own branch of maoist terrorism, and Lima has been chosen the top cooking city of the world.

Why is obvious. Cooking is the oldest of all ‘cultural traits’  as it deals with the primary wanting: energy for the body.

So unlike the American northern trash food, which only feeds the ‘automaton workers’ as fast as possible so they are re=productive slaves of their corporations, the South-American leading culture, Peru, land of the oldest civilisations in this continent, do have a lot of things to do about positive human energy.

Indeed, when considering the pure memes of this mestizo culture, the more authentic Amerindian culture surviving is the Peruvian, Incan sub-culture now resurrecting for good on customs and mores, like the awesome food I lived on during the year on the field, writing a script about Cocaine dealers, Shinning path terrorists for Mr. Brad Pitt…

Anecdote: when me and Yoram Mandel, now head of the Israel National Film School had a direct interview with the boss at Fox, to sell the script, the guy looked at me and said from that far away glassed corner on Burbank, the script looks good but the title, ‘Machupichu’.. is weird, what does this Machupichu means.

So I smiled and said, it is the most sacred ‘town’ of the Incan culture. And that was all what it took to offend, the pretentious artist, rather hamburger maker of ‘evilwood’. Soon he suggested I moved the plot to East LA and we cast not a blonde American searching on the Cordillera, but rather a cocaine and police plot with local gangsters and local terrorists.

Oh, well, next I wrote a script, in a delirium week on Leticia, by the Amazon river, (i could write them in a week and sell it cheap to any aspiring evilwood player, as it was for my just food for thought on other themes), called ‘Trade Bomb’, where a terrorist blew the towers with a bomb put on a car on the bottom, and alas, they found – fast backward to 1992 – to be to far out ‘even for hollywood’ The harder they fall ): Now anecdotes aside on my usual ‘bashing’ against the self-suicidial ‘Masters of the Universe’ who expect to destroy the world and not suffer the action-reaction processes of the Universe, let us deal with the question of why a mestizo culture is always better than segregational hate-memes and false pure races.

So yes, Central, Miraflores, and the awesome mixture of all other foods of all the mestizo races and cultures of America are leading the new r=evolution of food after the Spanish did their part, here in Barcelona where I write.

PARAGUAY: And those who feel loved. 

In the graph, ove is a different matter, love is not a commodity, love is the essence of the Universe humans have denied, love is the fifth dimension. So we shall end this week’s comments with a map of the loving ones. Mind the reader northern europe has no love as southern europe has. Protestant Jewish nations where men are commodities of the equation of money have less love than catholic ones where despite rituals still the messages of eusocial love of one of the humanist heroes mr. jesus we shall deal with next month, somehow stands… So the 3 nations that felt most loved belong to that social-catholic european-american-global humanist culture that once expanded to the world and now is just dying as all what is human – Hungary in Europe, Paraguay in America, Philippines in Asia, Rwanda in Africa… Notice also those 4 nations have been among the most brutalized by the ‘system’. Paraguay suffered the most horrendous holocaust of XIX century when Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay killed most of their male population for land grabbing. Rwanda suffered an astounding holocaust under the influence of radio-hate, Hitler style. Hungary has been the walk-through path of all the invasions and massacres of Europe and Philippines is the economic failure electronic Asia. But they have something that makes us happy – true love. That’s the justice of the Universe. All in all though more than 2/3rds of mankind felt loved despite the pretension of the ‘money culture’ that we humans are all potential criminals, hateful people who should follow the laws of hate of their invented Universe, good luck, because when you hate life and love so much you shall die for it:






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