Abstract. the Hispanic world has its memetic origin mostly in Spain, its genetic origin mostly in the Amerindian, mongoloid world. Hence it is a mestizo culture, where nationalism is the most aberrant of all memes, as there is no other culture, except the globalised biblical anglo-america so much ‘identical in its memes’. And yet, the key element to divide Hispano-America has always been different forms of nazi-onanism. So you will have in South-America caudillos paid-per-view by the British and then American financial elites to carve nations, exploit as debt slaves and tax-farm its people and rise some silly-nilly flag.

So in each of the cycles of market-crash, both in Hispania and Hispano-America there would be new ‘regions’ that want to become nations. And so destroy the culture as a factor for the humanism of the earth – being after all a legalist, artistic, humanist, life oriented, Mediterranean European rational culture. Thus we shall now talk here of the process that no doubt will keep in crescendo in Spain, the usual suspects going up in flames ‘pretending to be’ ab=used by the center. WE TALK OF CATALAN and Basque “Industrial racist nationalism’. As those were the 2 nations who made first the Industrial revolution and started then to despise the rest of Spaniards. Proof: on their side they do have basque-speaking and catalan-speaking regions (Navarra, Valencia, balear islands) who never stop feeling spanish, because they did NOT make industry but as  farmers, felt part of a national geography, the spanish peninsula, the ‘nation’ (a military absurd concept in any case, which should be erased in the World Union, but when happening must be referred to geography as frontiers must be easy to defend, hence Hispania is the Nation, Hispano-America the culture). 

The nation as such was carved by the British empire which fought for global supremacy with the Iberian Empire, which came first as the global empire in Roman style, with law above money, money as currency and infantry as war. This re-birth of the Roman empire at global level should have had the capital in Lisbon, the kings NOT Dutch-German block-heads, Habsburg, racist dictators, who care nothing for the global empire, only for their birth-place in Holland. And then I would be writing in Spanish, from Lisbon in a mestizo world with less machines, more sex and toreadors (: A different “history’ in a different planet, not to be in this one, certainly to live longer with less weapons and digital screens.

So once Portugal was carved and made a colony of England, all became downwards, military foreign German and then French Kings, caring nothing for the Hispano-American people, and in troubles, all wanted to secess. But the present nationalism is of the Socialist-described XIX c. industrialist strain – the same that made the industrialised Checks different from the farming Slovaks, the steely Ukranians different from the farming Russians (machines make people feel superior, as they do NOT recognise them as a different species) and now make after the Brits, the Germans, the Americans so ARROGANT with the rest of the real Amerindians, aka Mexicans living where they lived for 20.000 years – in North-America.


Now Spain was born when the northern people reconquered it from Islam in 3 sub-cultures, eastern Catalonia-Aragon, conquering as far as Murcia; western Galicia-Asturias, conquering South from Leon to as far as Lagos, and Basque people speaking Latin with the only 5 consonants, of his arcane language, conquering Castilla. So to think that Catalans, Basques and Gallegos are NOT spaniards, when they are the founders of Spain, latter merged as a nation, by geography is as ridiculous as thinking that Parisians who conquered South France is not France, or New Englanders are Not Americans. 

In graph, the 3 nationalistic crises of Catalonia (Eastern Spain) during the 3 ‘overproduction’ crises of capitalism: 

On the left, Gaudi’s monument to Mr. Robert, made with tits nurturing the people of catalonia who drunk of his wisdom (-; and great-great-grand father of the blogger, founder of the National Party, in the XIX century, during the crisis of overproduction of steam machines, which Catalonia, the industrial powerhouse of Spain, used to manufacture textiles for the whole Empire. This young age of the National movement was focused more in cultural elements and meant the resurrection of the Eastern spanish, ‘catalonian language’ and artistic culture.

In the center, the II crisis, in the aftermath of the 29 crash of overproduction of electromechanical industries (radios and cars), which caused a civil war and the death of 3 million Spaniards of all cultures. The war ended when the ‘Castillian right wing nationalists’ broke the left wing ‘Paysos catalans’ in two reaching the Mediterranean, after the Ebro Battle. Since ultimately Catalonia has no geographical, defensible borders or enough manpower to win a war.

In the right, the present crisis, masterminded again by the National Party and again mixing financial and cultural themes. We shall use this theme to introduce the wider global view of nationalistic crises that will spill all over the planet, to cover up for the financial culprits and the robotized machines that are ‘sacred’ in our capitalist, techno-utopian civilization – so humans must be blamed one way or another.

Overview: the resurgence of nationalisms in the military phase of kondratieff crises.

In the 3 military cycles of the Industrial R=evolution (train age, 1860s, car=tank age, 1930s, robotic age, 2010s),  the overproduction crises of money and machines shifts from an age of  overproduction of informative money and transport machines into the harsher age of  hate information and weapons; as the attention of the people is shifted by mass-media, from economical to political issues. It is the ‘nationalistic’ age of those crises.

The change from overproduction of money to overproduction of hate speeches is easy, since Mass-Media is produced with the same ‘new informative machines’; hence controlled by the same industrial groups.So the machines that manufactured money and ‘economic information’  now will manufacture hate-speeches(press that overprinted train stocks and then yellow press/hate speeches in the colonial era; electric ticker that caused the speculation of stocks in the 20s and then radio-hate that brought fascism. And so now we move from e-money, internet speculation to hate-bloggin and hate TV.

Yet ‘energetic machines’ suffer the same ‘easy’ mutation, since weapons are the evil top predator version of machines that consume us instead of being consumed by human beings. So their ‘company-mothers’, corporations switch easily from peaceful consumption machines no longer bought by unemployed humans to the production of their evil twins, weapons, and pay war-monger politicians to exaggerate national conflicts. And so the world passed from an age of overproduction of trains to war ‘the Unification wars’ of the 1860s in Italy, German and the US, fought with armored convoys. Then in the 30s production switched in Germany from cars to tanks. Now we are switching from robots and Pcs to drones and vigilante networks.

From the human perspective though all this is ignored. Since humans are anthropomorphic beings self-centered in their ‘perceived human issues’. Further on our ‘ideologies’ of metal, capitalism, technoutopia and military nationalism forbid  to talk of the underlying  financial and industrial causes of those conflicts. Only Marx in the first cycle dared to advance a proper explanation of the nationalistic crises that swept Europe in his age. Then in the 30s the masses were easily guided by right wing fascist politicos, qislings of bankers and corporations, that used nationalism to hide their corruption and mismanagement of the economy, declaring world war. Now the puppets of the financial Industry and the industrial corporations are essayed ‘splendid little wars to get out of the crisis’ (Theodore Roosevelt on the economical bonanza that the spanish-American war represented, ending the 1897 recurrent crisis of overproduction of steamers and trains.)

People thus in all those eras, without any knowledge of economics and finances, the eternally censored ‘dismal sciences’, is easily manipulated an an upsurge of nationalism ensues, normally parallel to a phase of blaming on the poor and the immigrants. Some of those conflicts will be resolved peacefully while others will end up in wars.

Fact is industrial nationalisms were first born in the 1860s all over Europe in those zones of higher industrial power, most affected by the crisis (Catalonia, Belgium, Checkia). Then again in the 1930s and now again resurface all over the world.

Difference between culture and nationalism. The Catalan case.

By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

George Orwell, Wor(l)d Master of the ‘British Baroque’ (III age of the Industrial cycle of overproduction of electromechanical engines), author of the masterpiece on the II crisis of Spanish nationalisms, ‘Homage to Catalonia’.

In the first graph of this post, we illustrated the 3 ‘nationalist’ crises of Catalonia, a culture, 1/2 French, 1/2 Spanish which  became the second region of the world to industrialize after the Midlands, as it provided textiles for the Spanish Empire in the XVIII century (Barcelona was then after Manchester the second city by number of steam machines)... while the basque country provided the high quality iron needed to make the steel of the British Industries:

– On the left, one of the founders of the national party, during the XIX century economic crisis, which as it happens is one of my ancestors, Doctor Robert Yarzabal, a catalan-basque, who would declare a  ‘fake war’ to Madrid, by closing the banking industry and latter became major of the city... at the same time that the Basque country created its movement. 

This first crisis was though milder after the failure of the first Spanish Republicproclaimed in 1873 at the height of the economical crisis of overproduction of steam engines during the 1873 crash; since it soon focused in cultural elements. Thus for example, in Catalonia Mr. Robert, a doctor, who latter during his tenure as Major would develop the first health-care system of Europe for the citizens of Barcelona, co-found the Lliga Regionalista, with a modernist architect, tuning down the political movement which a cultural renaissance which is always positive to a society but MUST NOT BE CONFUSED with the nationalistic, financial (on the side of the industrial regions) and militaristic ab=uses (on the side of Castillian nationalism) during those crises.

Thus in the first crisis the ‘stakes’ of future ones will be defined as always from the perspective of the ‘information/neuronal castes’ of the historic superorganism and his languages of metal-power, the Castillian warriors and the industrial regions where money is supreme :

– On one side the ‘lazy’ imperial aristocratic ‘madrilenos’, who had made a way of life by farming taxes and exploiting South-America for centuries, with weapons, would try in all crises to farm the taxes of the Catalan industrialists, who in turn will defy Madrid for economical reasons and rise the banners of nationalism in a dance of two evils that now starts again in this ‘III crisis of capitalism’.

– On the other side, the Basque and Catalan industrialists developed those nationalist movements also for industrial reasons, as the first crisis of overproduction of steam machines reached its zenith and the ‘class’ conflict intensified between the factory owners of local extraction and the ‘unemployed maketos of Castille and Andalusia that worked for them. Indeed, the clear proof of the ‘industrial nature’ of those crises is the fact that the agricultural sections of both cultures (Basque Navarra and Valencia) did not suffer the same crises. In fact, they became the ‘staltwarts’ of Spanish nationalism, site of the ‘ultra-conservative’ ‘Carlista movement’ in defense of the ‘King Carlos’,  that will derive in the recurrent ‘Carlistas wars’. 

In the center the Spanish civil war after the 29 crisis, in which Spanish Nationalism of the aristocratic, idle ‘tax farmers’ of Central spain massacred around 3 million people. As this crisis, prolegomena, of second world war, is well-known, we shall not comment much on it. The Castillians with the help of the ‘Navarra’s requetes’ will finally win, breaking through the ‘Carlista’ zone of North Valencia, reaching the coast and provoking the ‘Spanish holocaust’.

– Now in the 3rd global crisis of overproduction of machines and weapons of the electronic era, again nationalism arises in Catalonia. But its reasons are clearly economical (the ban says in the picture: not to the fiscal pact, independence), used as a disguise to cover the corruption of the National Party and exploited both by Barcelona and Madrid, governed by right wing parties, ‘puppets’ of the financial elite, to hide the true crisis – the destruction of the sovereign rights of spain and all its cultures and nationalities to print his money, taken away by the ‘private ECB” bank, explained in many posts of this web. But this, of course, the people of Catalonia doesn’t understand, as the People of Israel studied in our previous two posts on the American elections and the Gaza war don’t understand how they are manipulated and ab=used in their fears by their elite of ‘banker priests’ and the military-industrial complex.

The reader might be surprised, as he might have been if he read the previous posts of the november diary, on defense of the American commoner and the commoner Palestinian/Jew exploited by the ideologies of Biblical Supremacism and technoutopian militarism that this writer with cohenite genes and catalonian pedigree will side with the ‘other side’ of the game – not the 10% elite but the 90% of human beings, exploited in all nations by the alliance of capital and weapons-machines, which systematically destroy their humanist cultures and welfare goods they need to survive, poisoning their brains with the fantasies and ideologies of metal that are extinguishing life in this planet.

But as we repeat many times in this blog, our nation is mankind, our goal its survival, our guide logic, reason and science, which dictates that the true laws of evolution of the  organic Universe are those of eusocial love, altruism and cooperation and so unfortunately we must set the record straight also in this issue.

We are all humans and according to the laws of eusocial evolution of the organic fractal Universe, wish to be part of a community – a new scale of that fractal Universe made of superorganisms. So through history humans have evolved continuously into larger groups with the natural aim of reaching the final goal of history – a global superorganism of all human beings, working for the common good.

This has always been known to ‘verbal masters’, from the age of Plato with its ‘ideal human’ on the cave, reflected in all of us, origin through the neoplatonic Decapolis influence in Christ of the theology of Christianity and other Oikoumene religions, to the age of Socialism and its dream of an ‘international global revolution’.

This is the law of survival of the Universe: only a global nation could have avoided the scourge of perpetual war we shall live always till terminator robots do us all at the end of the present Kondratieff cycle of overproduction of chips and weapons.

All this said, one of the most beautiful facts about mankind is the diversity of customs, more and cultures which is all together a different subject.

Paraphrasing Orwell’s we could say ‘cultures good, nations bad’ (four legs good, 2 legs bad).

But in the age of military keynesianism, during the height of corruption and newspeaks, the ‘discourse changes to ‘four legs good, 2 legs better’, that is ‘cultures good, nations better’, as only nations ensure the creation of borders, armies, conflicts, the evolution of weapons and the hefty profits of militarism. Nations have also in an International world controlled by bankers and corporations the capacity to hide the real power, the black hole of monetary control, in which we live, and distract the audience from more important issues.

And this unfortunately is the most common case in Spain, both in Madrid and Barcelona, capitals of the castillian and catalan latin sub-cultures whose true nature, differences and historic evolution we shall try to define in this post…

Intermezzo.  Sports entertain/blind your mind–mine too, sometimes (-. O-|

But before we do so, as the world is becoming indeed a comedy soon to turn into tragedy, my email has received a ‘news’ which deserve a small comment. Mr. Vettel, or rather ‘the machine’, aka Red Bull, has won, Mr. Alonso, or rather ‘the driver’ at F1, a paradigmatic example of the facts and tendencies explained in this blog.

All people on the ‘circus’ of money, engineering and propaganda of the mighty machine ruled by yet another Jewish Go(l)d master, Mr. Ecclestone, which is F1, recognizes Mr. Alonso, the best driver of the last decade since their initial pulse with his predecessor, Mr. Schumacher, and yet ‘the machine’, Red Bull and Newey its engineer have won

As it happens the ‘machine’ is run by a germ*an, the cult(ure) of the machine par excellence, the man is a spaniard, the culture of life par excellence.

And once more the Spaniard has been defeated, the man has lost, the machine has won – as it will always be if men keep evolving robots as workers and soldiers, regardless of how ‘supermen’ one of us can be. And yet humans never learn this basic lesson to ensure their future survival in this planet.

It has been an epic battle on the rain, with only 3 final points differentiating them. Yes, like in an evilwood film, it has been a close call, but unlike in an evilwood film that always pumps the human ego, the terminator has won, the machine, the engineer.

But of course, that is only half of the story. In a capitalist system, all is rigged, the machine must always win, man is the looser, the ‘bad guy’, either the primitive moor or palestinian, the chicano or the spaniard. So as it happens Mr. Vettel made 3 infractions, any of which should have made him lost the career, 2 passing 2 cars, one of his ‘other team’, with yellow lights, one crossing on the path of a car and provoking an accident. None were accepted and at the end of the race il capo Mr. Ecclestone dismissed them as ‘trivialities’. Donde digo diego.

This again differentiates the old sense of ‘honor’ of the spaniard, after all the last of the primitives, from the paintings of Picasso to the bushido quotes of Mr. Alonso, against the material pragmatism of the go(l)d believer. Ecclestone knows that cars are made in Germany and that is the market. Also he knows, the driver is just really the puppet of the machine and Mr. Alonso is a rebel, who doesn’t like to be a mechanical puppet, of the ‘estirpe’ of Mr. Serna, when cars were cars and drivers heroes. Now they are as all other machines of the crisis of overproduction of electronics, chipped to the bone, soon robotized and certainly able to self-drive themselves as most boats, planes and soon trucks and cars that will create another 100 million unemployed queue of humans and automate further as trains did the distribution of goods between corporations, which are substituting and expelling humans from labor and war fields, with the present wave of robots. 

So he has lost already 3 championships in the last race to see if he ‘learns’ the lesson, quien manda manda. In the last year, an Australian suspicious of working for red bull’s australian team -latter fired – made him stop when the championship was won, for no reason, loosing the vital points. The year before his own team, who hired him to teach how to drive  the nice good house negro that so well adapted to marketing, latter boycotted his careers and of course the house negro no yet fully trained lost and Mr. Alonso lost by a point.

But a man-man is always a looser in the age of technology, where the machine owns mankind and needs only puppets that go with the flow – so the house negro is the flavor of this neofascist age for ‘forefront men’ with Obama on the summit and the dwarf heroes of evilwood as its cohort, hiding the hands of the pupeteers  – remember Tocqueville, the Indians will die because they won’t accept to be puppets, the negros will do anything to survive.

So at the end of the day, of course, we realize all was rigged, an intermezzo, a distraction in which the script previously written by ‘il capo’, the go(l)dman of the day, must happen ‘a la letter’. And so it did.

The world has indeed become a theater, where there is only a master, the selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines that are extinguishing life, and Spain, regardless of this ‘nationalisms’ is still the paramount culture of life of the western wor(l)d. Let us then return to Spain and its cultures, once the hero, once more has been humiliated by the golem – to rise and fall again the next year in a new circus for the profits of the dwarf golem and his ring of go(l)d.

Cultures of war, money and the wor(l)d.

Only in a sport where the machine doesn’t matter, as soccer is, the spaniards can show their excellence, regularly beating the Germans, once they put their art in the game (Barca 7 – Leverkusen 1 in the last match I watched back home); only in a language, wor(l)ds as this texts is written, we can show our soul and ‘science’ of the living Universe, because, yes, ‘we’, the Catalans, whatever it happens this night, which I hope it teaches a lesson to the oportunistic, corrupted, right-wing nationalist party, a shadow of what it was in the past when culture was its center, are all Spaniards, have always been and will always be, a country, which as all countries have 3 sub-cultures within it:

– A culture dominant in war, normally the mountanious or inner region (Castille in Spain, the ‘Middle-West in America, whose culture was explained in our post on US puppetry this November’s elections).

– And one culture dominant in trade, normally the coastal region of easy communication (els Paysos Catalans and Portugal-Galicia in Spain – yes Portugal is part of ‘Hispania’ even if it is a different nation thanks to the work of the puppet masters of earlier Europe, the Brits, but that is another story – the bicoastal region of America, whose culture was explained in that post).

– And the ‘South’ culture sof love and life, the verbal culture of the ‘minorities’ which tend to be the majorities, the human people, the ‘3rd world’ that all despises, which in Spain is the Andalusian culture… in America the black-latinos dominant in its hot south regions:

The detail: the 3 cultures in the geographical nation of spain.

The nation of ‘spain’, whose etymology comes from Hispania, is as all nations a military ‘invention’; hence according to strategy, a geographical division with defensible borders. From a cultural point of view it is divided as all other nations in subcultures according to the language of social power – money dominant in coastal regions, weapons in montanious and inner isolated zones, and life goods in tempered southern ones. In the left the cultures of spain and its languages. In the right the ‘nation/empire’ at its height, responsible for the genocide of 90% of the Amerindian population and the initial slave traffic by Sephardim/Portuguese ‘compradors’, between Africa and the Brazilian Sugar ‘gold mines’ they controlled, latter continued by the Dutch and British Empire. While the initial Spanish/Portuguese 70s r=evolution acknowledged the tragedies of earlier Hispanic nationalisms and rebuked the empire age, developing an admirable Federal, welfare-based state in promotion of cultures, in the present neofascist age, once the country has lost the sovereign rights to print money to the usury ECB bank, Spanish nationalisms have an obvious financial reason, unlike the opposite trend of the lands imprinted by the Hispanic culture (South-America) where there is a clear resurgence of unionism and social experiments that try to resurrect the rights of the majority of the native populations against the abuses of the market and the criollo castes, we imposed upon their people (Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela & Brazil).

In Spain there is only a nation, Hispania, divided by a false border with Portugal, established during the fight for the control of the world with weapons (Iberian->Basque->Castillian->Spanish Empire by chronological generation) vs. Money (British Empire).

Because of the difference of language of power in the bicoastal regions of Hispania (Portugal and Paysos catalans vs. Castille), the british financial empire (later conquered in a curious twist of history by Jewish Sephardim, coming from Spain->Amsterdam to the Bank of England, a story we shall deal with another day not to focus too much on the “Masters of the Universe’), was able to divide Hispania on the left side, while the French almost succeed to divide it in the right side with the annexion of Catalonia.

But nations, we said, are military concerns, which should in fact be abolished, and so as such, they are naturally limited by geographical, defensive barriers, in the case of Hispania, the Pyrinees. Hence our affirmation that in the Iberian Peninsula there is only a nation, Iberia or Hispania, ‘Espana’. As it happens though, in the same way the Jewish-Protestant culture has hijacked the name of America, the Nation as if it were only his (while in America the nation of all cultures, explained in other posts there are many others entitled to it) – even one might say the name of the entire continent, the castillians, or rather their capital, the madrilenos, with its French-imported Borbonic centralism have come to call themselves ‘Spain-only’.

Yet to be fair to this concept of Spain-Only, and its old Empire, it did have some remarkable place in the History of Mankind as it was the LAST warrior empire before the company-mother of machines took over, and represented a milder, more humane view of humanity as a culture, hauling from the Greek->Latin->European legalist view of humanity as the measure of all things and man above go(l)d. So likely if that Empire in its different ‘alt-history’ avenues, no doubt happening as we speak in other fractal planets of history had taken over. So let us detour for a moment on alt history:

Alt-history: A world ruled by the latin culture.

The role of Spain and the Latin culture exists in many fractal planets, as the victory of the go(l)d culture over the Spanish-italian-french latin world or European world is by no means certain the more complex equations of quantum history as a wave of possible paths between Humanity and Metal-earth, some of which stop before arriving to the singularity of extinction of metal-earth. This is obvious as Spain is the origin of the western civilizations genetically (brits and western French being essentially 80% basques)_. So an alternative non-fundamentalist more human self-centered culture could have arisen in the west, either from Spain or France. Here in this planet, the 3 key alt-history moments for this likely more positive=survival detour of mankind were:

-, the Catholic kings if the Portuguese instead have become kings of the whole peninsula and not thrown out the Sephardim Go(L)d masters, which would destroy the empire from Holland and then the city…

-same for Philip II if HE HAD been less ‘catholic’ and moved capital to Lisbon, controlling all the elements of social power, religion, money and weapons with more ‘finesse’,

– and finally with capital either in Catalonia or more likely in Iron, in 1700s, when Philip V inherited the French & Spanish crowns.

It must be noticed then that the abortion of those Latin planets were mostly due to the diversion of forces to quench Portuguese and Catalan r=evolutions, which in the Portuguese case might have been justified as indeed Lisbon NOT Madrid should have been the capital, but in the Catalonian case were just product of local, selfish, corrupted, low rank officers and aristocrats peddling money to the British and Austrian forces against their legitimate kings and cultures. The diversion of forces to quench the Catalan rebellion might have indeed aborted the French ruled union of both countries in the 1700s, which would have created a legalist world above money, with man at the center of all things and likely NOT put mankind today on the religious gold iron, jewish-german->American path towards robotic or singularity extinction. Alas, once those alternative Latin worlds were aborted we became all ruled by the baalble, the company-mother of machines weapons and Spain carved with Portugal going to England, and the Basque and Catalan northern regions developing their nationalist, racist memes against the poor non-technological Castilians and Andalusians during the XIX c. industrialization, as an epitome of the industrial nationalisms so well explained by the socialist school, which IS the origin of the modern racist separatist movements in Basque and Catalan countries – regardless of my ancestors being at the heart of those movements. We are her memetic historians, couldn’t care less the monuments the city built to my bigot family (:


Company-mothers of weapons-machines conquered the world as they made obsolete companies of warriors. The last Human world empire, the iberian conquistadors, strongest Human warriors, selected on the 800 arch of Animetal waves coming from Korea to Spain where the survivors learned to enjoy life had in tiny boats with a 10% survival rate created a global empire, which the Company of Gunboats, VOC easily erased from a tiny nation, Holland, within 2 decades. Such is the speed at which a new top predator reproductive species liquidates the mighty old ‘dinosaur’. Then VOC migrated to London in 1688 in the glorious r=evolution with all the tools of the modern world, stock-markets to invent digital money speculating in shares, a central bank to print and legalise companies-money yellow press to print hate memes and money, artillery to kill at distance, slave workers as cargo and shipmen, a go(l)d biblical cult(ure) to money and segregational memes, and scientific racism, worship of technology, clocks to enslave human time to a salary, stockrats on top running faked democracies with a single war party, then split in a consumption one with the arrival of machines. The modern world was born and in 300 hundred years terraformed the Earth, prepared now for the new role-model nation of the age of robotics, Israel…

In that regard, as Catalonia was the center of the Jewish culture in the Middle Ages – sepharad – and my family has roots on sephardim doctors, it is also self-evident that a Spanish rule could have modified the fundamentalist derive of the present go(l)d financial-media masters of Israel towards it primitive Bronze Age memes and leave their middle age halakah over the haskala, that is enlighten them to a Milder human view and reformation of its fundamentalist segrgational memes that today rule the world from Israel and its puppet states (the UK-US city-wall street-evilwood owned empire and by imitation of all other cultures the globalized world).

So ultimately Spain is an abortion as a culture, but a tragic one which had as the other two latin cultures Italy and France, a chance to enlighten mankind, now seemingly lost with the reborn of a IV reich and the ECB usury bank.

What happens today in Spain, is just ‘pathetic’ as it comes in the full meaning of that word, which the British bitches like so much to pour on the macho man… Yes mankind is increasingly a pathetic species. So what do Spain does this days, forgotten its meaning? Mostly have fun, entropic fun, that is. And in that sense Spain equalled to fiesta and tourism, sun and good food, let us say, has chosen perhaps a better form of entropic destruction than the usual suspects – the American animetal fundamentalist believer in childish technoutopias and war games?

I think so. I returned to Spain being today both an ex-patriot of America and an ex-patriot of Spain, and certainly an ex-patriot of my nazionalist Catalan family, just because one has to close his world cycle where he was born, if there is no chance of repetition and emergence into a high reality – that of a social, immortal mankind, which the seed of those texts of bio-history could have formed, but obviously the fundamentalist American go(l)d cult did not want to hear or implement, busy-busy running hammock towards their final robotic war and holocaust cycle…

So well, Spain was a tragic history but it will end in the entropy of man with a lot of fun, and as the Latin culture IS the humanist western culture – as Indochina IS in the Asian decoupling, this days human drives of life, good sex, good food, good visual art, not so good verbal thought, dying all over under hypnotic screens is going well over here, in any of the sub-cultures of Spain, from north to south. The political and economical elites of course are just a pathetic – and now with the full meaning – memetic repetition of the American colonial mind I so well know for I had lived among them for decades, finally giving up on any attempt to enlighten the people of Wall Street, evil wood and Silicon Valley where I worked, lived and loved away the best ‘baguas’ of my lifetime.

Symbiosis of Wor(l)d languages and power languages.

So what makes a civilization? Both, the metal-language of power  and the culture of love and life, both the use of weapons and money, and its  artistic and verbal  language and social reproductive customs, which in fact influence each other. And so humanist cultures are those where the human senses the I=eye>wor(L)d that measures time and space in human beings dominate. 

You might say there is none left today, but in the entropic rests of humanity, as I have traveled the world in my youth and now re-start the wonderings and wanders on the human map of existence, Indochina and Southern Europe IS still the places where some human joy can be still found. And so we are a point of view THAT WHILE NEVER DISTRIBUTED can JUDGE AS I JUDGE the animetal cultures that defeated us and righteously play the high popes of mankind with its hypocritical inhumanity, dressed of political and economical correctness from London evil wood and NYtimes, not to speak of Israel, pretending to be human when they are dishing out more of the same massive repression of all what is good and human from sexual pleasures now called ‘me too movement’ of macho castration, in defense of evil wood mogul mr. Weinstein – an old acquaintance of mine – when he WILL enter jail? Because that is about ab=use of power NOT lecherous particle-men not knowing how to enter a caressing wave-woman with permission and finesse? to the paranoia of hate memes to foster eternal wars for profits? When YOUs will learn that eviL=antilive memes is their inner soul of go(l)d values THEY PROJECT ON MANKIND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND: YOUs are judging US, loving people on account on what YOUs find on your corrupted gold soul… implementing paranoid preventive war for profits instead of joining the ark of salvation… and so on and so on.

So yes, I couldn’t care less nobody reads this blog, it is an island, or shall I say a Sancho’s insula of the old Spanish humanism dying away but proud of it.

Indeed, in other parts of the science of bio-history represented by this blog we have studied how the use of cyclical, informative, small, money as language of power,or lineal, energetic, long weapons, has molded through millennia the collective psyche of human nations and cultures, influenced both, as to the point of dividing and breaking ‘languages of trade nations’ and fusion them in long, agglutinative words in warrior nations. So the archaic Germanic language divided into the long, warrior words of German and the short, cut words of English, with Dutch as an intermediate phase. And so warrior nations have long languages, from Turkish to Germany to Arabs to the Aztecs, and trader nations have short languages, from China, to England. This division can also be applied to the linguistics of portuguese/catalan vs. Basque/Castillian, but it is not so marked, which to me is another proof of the relative harmony of the different spanish cultures.

Indeed, the Castillians will say ‘mucho’ (two syllable) and the catalans ‘molt’ (one syllabe)…  So that is a small difference compared to the ‘twice as much’ length of a English to German translation.

Incidentally as I am told I don’t explain enough this science, the reason is not so obvious but clear. When you connect words in single long chains as the Germans do, ‘truths become absolute’, because you cannot change the order and the meaning, and so the german is by language a true believer of absolute lies, which can in that condition be easily programmed to fight and die for a sword. Had he more malleable brain, he would doubt of the kind of absurd theologies – today banking capitalism – that make him murder systematically and destroy Europe. On the other hand, money is a ‘cheating language’ (see article above) that has no real value in its commodity, historic form (gold).

You trade gold for real food, real goods, and you cheat as a trader. So cheating trader cultures from Judaism, the paradigm as German is the paradigm of warrior cultures to England, develop hypocritical, double talk, short words that can be broken, twisted and so truth is always a matter of degrees. This again is the case of the Asian duality of China, the trading, cheating language, where maybe is yes, and no also might be yes (-l, and the Japanese, the Germans of Asia with their longer words.

The detail. The Iberian languages and cultures.


So in Spain there are several cultures, the mother of them all the old Iberian warrior culture today surviving in the Basque country of long words, which speaks modern Iberian (never mind that for nationalistic causes this is Taboo to explain anywhere in Hispania – you see how convoluted start to appear the ‘lies’ of nationalism), its direct descendant, Castille, which was first a Basque county, separated, and then spoke Latin with only the 5 vowels of the Iberian-Basque, and then the two biocoastal regions, the Gallego-Portuguese culture and the Paysos Catalans (Catalonia, Balear Islands and Valencia – though Valencians have decided to have their own language also for nationalistic details, they do speak a dialect of catalan).

Now, how this works in terms of ‘culture vs. nationalism is rather obvious.

The pieces of those cultures that became ‘nations’ were those who were powerhouses of go(l)d and weapons and ‘felt’ superior to the rest of the spaniards. So Navarra, the original basque country did not want to become independent, speaks both languages and lives in a relative calm. But the industrial region that exported iron to Britain thought to be superior and they invented, LOL, the Ikurrina, which is exactly the flag of Great Britain, with the old colors of the Count of Vizcaya (green and red), ‘invented’ by the Sabino Family who used to buy his shoes in Bond Street. Galicia did not want to become independent, but Portugal did, as the center of the spice trade and go(l)d vs. Silver profitable exchange trade. And Valencia and Balear Islands, from Els Paysos catalans did not want to become independent, only Catalonia, the powerhouse of the steam industries of the XIX century.

So the difference is clear: cultures are at ease within the present Federal System of Spain, ‘animetal elites’ of money and weapons are not.

Of course, to make it even worst, it must say in discharge of all those cultures that ‘Madrilenos’ and “Madrid’, its kings and aristocrats could easily range hand in hand with Russian Oligarchies and Jewish banker-priests as the worst power castes of the history of mankind in the arrogance, parasitic behavior and total disregard of the rights and needs of those they have ruled. But that applies to every Castillian Peasant too. So the problem of those ‘modern spanish nationalisms’ are the hate-discourses against the ‘brother cultures’ of Castille instead of focusing into the politico and financial castes of Madrid and each regional government.

For the non Spaniard who will find this entangled, let us divide the issue and summarize:

– Hispania is the geographical nation, defensible by natural borders as Great Britain the island is the natural nation, and Ireland with North Ireland is the natural nation and France with coast, the Rhine and the Alps, and Italy as a peninsula and so on and so on. Yet once the Spanish empire was defeated, their enemies tried to divide it along ‘languages of power’ and succeeded with Portugal, which meant de facto the end of the Hispanic attempt to create a worldwide Empire with the ‘natural capital’ of Lisbon, at the end of the longest river.

Had the hispanic kings kept his jews and moved to Lisbon, rest assured you would be now talking Spanish (which would be a mixture of portuguese and castillian, languages at the time 97% equal), by the rule of money and weapons of course. No much change though – the basques would have made as always all the weapons but now for the entire planet; the Conquistadors genocide would have spread to other lands and the Catalans and Sephardim would have established Wall Street in the Tagus.

But that is perhaps the beauty of those so much insulted ‘catholic’ kings that pretended to regulate the greed of gold of conquistadors, usury lenders and Northern Pirates and impose among them some of the eusocial messages of love – to end like Quixots, broken, laughed at and defeated. Since perhaps, and this is a recurrent theme on this blog, given its importance for the future of all of us, we humans are unable to love ALL the members of the same species and take destiny in our hands, without the stick and carrot of weapons and gold to automatically guide us.

In brief, returning to the issue.

– Spain has 4 cultures-languages, Catalan, Basque, Castillian and Galician.

And so catalonia is a culture but will never be a nation. Why? Simply speaking because ‘nations’ must have armies and defensible borders, and whenever Catalonia forgets that and defies the ‘warrior’ Castillians, with far more manpower, armies and a knack for taking any excuse to do military coups, it only spell trouble for everybody.

This is not to chicken out, just to state the obvious. In catalan we say ‘els diners i els collons per las ocasions’ (money and bravado for the right time).Today unlike in the times of Doctor Robert, the catalan culture, language and customs are fully respected. So there is no reason to create such a fuss. So what is all the fuss about?

The misuse of cultural identity by ‘fa$cist’ parties to hide those crises.

Inventing national identities: The Spanish flags derivates from the Catalan one, simplified and adopted for the whole kingdom by Charles III; the Basque flag, the ‘ikurrina’ was invented by the industrial elite who sold iron to the British steel factories and merely adopted the Union Jack with the original colors of the shield of Vizcaya (right side), origin itself of the county of Castille, where the basques learned to speak Latin with the only 5 vowels of Euskera, the modern evolution of Iberian languages that once reigned all over Spain and France. Because nationalism is related to the memes of metal (weapons and money) unlike culture, only the industrialized regions of the Basque and Catalan culture became nationalists (Euskadi, Catalonia), while the agricultural zones (Navarra, Valencia and Balear Islands) remained within the geographical nation of Spain.

Those 3 subcultures, the ‘Meseta’ warriors, the bicoastal traders and the ‘livon’ Southern cultures and artists – with whom I recognize myself – today dance together the tragicomedy that Hispania, now a colony of the usury ECB bank, without sovereign rights to print its own money, dictates.

So our ‘president’ is now Mr. Draghi and her ‘Jewish-German Mistress’, Miss Arkel Mengele, sorry Angela Merkel – ts, ts, this keyboard has ‘time lag’ (-;.

This wo=man working for the International Banker with his hamelin flute has at home a few rats to sing her song on the national parties of both cultures, castille and catalonia, the PuPpets, sorry the PePes of Mr. Rajoy (PP, right wing nationalistic party of Castille) and the Caganets, sorry the Convergents of Mr. Mas, the secessionist.

In fact, they are both the same, corrupted ex-Spanish, ex-nationalists frontmen of the big corporations and banks that enslave the country and have taken our sovereign rights to print money and pay our culture, epythom of the welfare state that so many envied and now are hard at work destroying, while spending their summer in our beaches.

We shall not enter in details for an international audience of whom is more corrupt, who lies more, who cares less for the future of our people and culture, if Mr. Mas or Mr. Rajoy. Both enjoy the show, because and this is the terrible tragedy of the people of all nations and cultures, nationalism perfectly manipulates the need of humans to belong to communities halted by nationalism a scale just below what we humasn need to survive, a  New World Government (not a New World Order).

So whatever happens in this election, you shall see the right-wing parties of all the Spains rise and cover up the usury lending and ab=use of Brussels and Frankfurt and their hidden Masters, Wall Street and the Mighty Machine and its company-mothers. The polls tell us that due to this ‘new issue’ as if the Spaniards had not enough problems, both parties will reach the 1st and 2nd position in Catalonia, distracting the audience as they loose their health-care service (10% of spaniards in waiting lists for operations will die before they arrive to the surgeon, while to get any prescription drug, Mr. Mas has slapped a 1 euro tax, which my brother a pharmacist says is just a nightmare to account for, and totally useless to reduce costs)…

And yet this nightmare on the rising started as all things humans, when moderate (remember solon ‘never too much’) as a good cultural thing when my ancestor, Doctor Robert and his friend Lluis Domenech, an architect founded la Lliga Regionalista to foster the ‘renassance’ of the Catalan culture…

And indeed, there is a catalan culture but not a catalan nation with defensible borders.

As we repeat ad nauseam in this web, unfortunately the cycles of overproduction of memes of hate that follow all the crisis of overproduction of e-money every Kondratieff cycle of the machine have arrived to the multiple spains. Catalunya is for historic reasons a country divided almost 50%-50% as it is the Basque country when you include Navarra, between those who feel their ‘nation’ is Spain and those who feel their ‘nation’ is Catalunya and I have little doubt that will remain the same. Every election remains the same and so there is no special reason to deviate all the problems of the country into a stalemate issue that is already solved in the only way it can, through ‘de facto’ federalist system which runs Spain and give wide rights on culture, health-care, police and education to each culture.

Unfortunately as always in this decadent world where cultures are manipulated by ‘animetal castes’ in power to push their military or financial agenda, the real reason of the fuss is the economical, financial crisis, what they call there ‘the fiscal pacte’, which consists, given the fact that CiU is the party of the rich, corporations, multinationals and European Bankers, in blaming your brother of what your master is doing to both of you.

Or as they say in castilian ‘a perro flaco todo son pulgas’. I will not enter into the ultimate reason of this new secessionist, which always runs in all the cycles, including that of Doctor Robert, money, how much money the catalans give to spain. I am pretty sure they do give more than they receive because they are richer. So happens here, California gives more than Iowa. So what?  This jewish mentality – all for me, nothing for all, I am the victim you are the oppressor – and this is not antisemitism but the recognition that essentially the Catalan culture has been molded in character in many ways by Judaism which formed its elite during the entire Middle Ages, as Catalonia was the border of trade between Islam and Christianity – is exactly of what Orwell talks.  We are all humans and those ‘who have a lot, must give a lot’. Point. Yes, Catalonia gives a lot to Spain but it has also a market for his goods, it has had millions of hard working Andalusians exploited by their earlier forms of capitalism, and in any case, according to my calculus, it gives 3 times more in usury lending to the ‘private’ ECB by lack of a sovereign currency than to the rest of the Spaniards.

That is the theme. To distract the natives while the right wing financial slaves of both parties cater to their true masters, for whom all the spaniards today are tolling and dying. They would do much better coming together with all other cultures of Europe and going to Frankfurt and destroy La Bastille of Usury before it ends will all artistic goods and welfare states for the benefits of a few banksters, its billionaire accounts – most of them enjoying the good weather of California like Mr. Gross, the bondman at Pimco, who tomorrow will again tax all the spaniards with a few millions – the invisible men that run the world – the so called markets, which do have names and numbers.

quien quiera entender que entienda.

Update, Electoral results:

In the graph the orange left side till the red sector, the secessionist parties, right wing CiU and left wing ERC, though under the myth of nationalism both will join forces to govern and ask for an illegal referendum under the present Spanish Constitution, which in turn will provoke a ‘macho man’ response of the ‘warrior castillian culture’ whose gravity will be assessed in its moments, as the country repeats the ‘ominous decade’ of the 30s – since soon the basque warrior culture will have to resurrect ETA to keep ‘a la par’ with Catalonia. On the right side starting in the red section (socialist party) the unionists, being PP the castillian national party and ICV (my personal choice if i had to vote), the green, new left, with empathy for African and South-American immigrants, and more focused on the financial problems and its real causes. The reader should observe that the proportions of ‘nationalists’ vs. ‘unionists’ is exactly the same than 4 years ago. Nothing has changed ‘internally’ to the policies of Spain, and so we must conclude that the cause of this secessionist ‘bluff’ with foreseeable consequences as the crisis further encroaches the problems of spain is as in the previous I and II Kondratieff cycle of overproduction of ‘memes of metal’, strictly demagogic – a diversion to avoid political responsabilities for the loss of sovereign rights of European nations to Central bankers. 

And so as it was obvious, the results were the usual results. The secessionists got a bit over 50% of the votes and the unionists (to use terms of the American civil war0 got a bit under 50%. Exactly as in all previous elections. Nothing has moved except the increasing social fracture that will grow as nothing moves in the real financial crisis and the real labor crisis of overproduction of e-money and robotics.

As the leader of the secessionist parties Mr. Mas has immediatly, contrary to previous affirmations that only a huge majority for his party would guarantee the process (obviously to push electors to his side), affirmed he will go ahead with the referendum, and such referendum is illegal under the spanish constitution, this issue will escalate to the pleasure of the National Spanish party (Popular Party) that will cash in the rest of the nation ‘offended’ by the secessionists to win a new majority on the General Elections. Because both parties are corrupted puppets of the military-mass-media/industrial-financial complex – and that is the only theme they don’t want to discuss or even understand; the issue will explode in hate speeches on audiovisual media, while the national Spanish party will increase investments in security, and the national Catalan party will increase pressure on immigrants, who will be blamed of the 25% of unemployment in the region. Meanwhile quietly both will dismantle the welfare state to obtain money to pay the likes of Mr. Gross in NewPort Beach California and Mr. Cohen in Newport Beach, Conneticut, the bond market speculators that rip the benefits of ‘la prima de riesgo’ and the likes of Banco de Santander and Deutsche Bank for whom the European bank prints money at no cost – which in turn they lend to the Spanish governments at 6-7% of usury price. 

But anyone who knows finances knows Spain cannot pay his debt – no country on Earth can be sustained today without printing their own money. Thus colonial Spain no longer a sovereign nation, paradoxically will be discussing ‘imaginary’ freedoms, consisting mainly in discussing which flag and politico occupies which position.

A single anecdote will suffice: the Spanish flag derives from the Catalan flag. It is in fact the same flag, which Charles III, the king of Sicily and Napoles, ex-colonies of Catalonia, adopted first for the Spanish ships and then for the whole nation, simplifying it.

Paradigm of things to come…

Thus, today Sunday 25th of November as the National Party starts its secession process of Spain, we consider open the 3rd crisis of European Nationalisms, which will continue in Scotland, where the Industrial revolution begun and continue in Belgium, the 3rd Industrialized country of the XIX century.  

All in all is clear that the world continues its march, according to the models of biological history, and the cycles of evolution of machines, step by step towards the 3rd age of industrial global wars…, which we anticipated already in our books on the model of cultural super-organism 20 years ago in our book ‘The Extinction of man’

Indeed in that book (c.94) we mapped out those possible future conflicts of the 2008 crisis, considering the maximal probability a ‘future’ repetition of the nationalistic conflicts of the 30s, between China and Japan and Spain; since those were also the key conflicts that started II world war 3 years in advance of the 39 world war. Then 3 ‘splendid little wars’ allowed the Great Industrial Powers the testing of the new weapons of the 30s, which were essayed in guernika, Nanking and Ethiopia. History rhymes indeed and so we have this week conflicts rising in Spain, China vs. Japan and the ‘Goldberg variation’ of the same tune, instead of fascist Italy massacring Ethiopian and Lybian ‘primitives’, predators and guardiums have disposed of a few Talmudian ‘dogs’ (the Ham Damnation of the Talmud defines Arabs and negroes as ‘dogs’ inferior to human life, and it is the ultimate origin of racist Israel and the slave trade justified by Calvinists with the Damnation).

When 20 years ago I completed the model of evolutionary economics and refined the fractal calculus of its cycles and subcycles I imagined all this would happen. Not it is real ‘again’ and as we explain in our post on ‘the historians of the future’, humans will act short-sighted, guided by money and weapons, greed and violence, without the slightest ‘scientifc, objective’ analysis of the wider view.

It is interesting to notice the paradox – humans believe to be free and they are chained by their concept of ‘freedom’ to the absurd destiny written in those cycles. Indeed, the ultimate reason, the model of biological superorganisms, applied to history has failed to become mainstream is that ‘fantasy’ that human have about the future not to be predictable, because they are ‘free’ selfish homo bacteria, whose collective processes cannot be explained. Not so, the laws of systems science are the same for atoms, herds and molecules. I used to model, when I was interested in hardcore research, models of motion of human beings with those of quantum particles, and then show them overlapping in the same screen. They were identical. That is in essence the reason why masses are so easy to manipulate.

But the motions of all ‘cellular herds’ need a head, an informative language that guides them.

The motions of the western world today have also that head as always since the beginning of the Industrial revolution and the modern banking world. That motion though is NOT the future of the Spanish people, or the European people at large, but the profits of its banks. As Europe has finally conceded to become a copycat of the Anglo-Saxon world, where profit, absolute capitalism and the banking industry dominates completely all other industries and systems of democracy. So it is time for the few spaniards who might read a blog in English, to come out of their innocent, ‘new rich’, ‘new democratic’ naivite – trust me it is astounding in his degree of ignorance of the ‘system’ in which they live, to explain them what we anticipated before – that the world is ruled not by politicos but by financiers, and that those financiers are curiously enough in a great number spaniards, but of other ‘race’, jewish, sephardim initially in England, then askhenazis-Germans in Wall Street.

Those banking dynasties have ruled for centuries the anglo-saxon world and now rule Europe with the new jargons of computer finances, rule from the opaque lobbies of Brussels and the ECB – a bank, copycat of the old private bank of England, who charged usury of 6% (la prima de riesgo) to the British government in times of war.

So without further ado let us explain to the catalans who are truly their masters. Since they are people who love money, maybe they will understand what money is…

Money as debt vs. money as democratic right.

In other parts of this blog we study the 2 a priori conditions for the existence of democracy: the free election of candidates and the issue by the government of the two languages of social power that cre(dit)ate societies: the law and money. They act in a human social organism as the nervous/legal and blood/energetic system of the system. Thus without the right to issue money and distribute with them orders to society, there is no democracy. But this astoundingly enough is not understood by the Americans, as it was not understood by the British people till Ricardo first in the XIX century and the Canterbury Bishop during World War explained to the parliament and the British people the existence of a ‘private bank’, the Bank of England, ran by a private group of financiers most of them Jewish and Dutch Financiers, arrived with William III, who charged interest to the British Government for issuing its money! And hence, as the interest on the money depended on the needs of the British government for debt, it had become the engine of perpetual wars, and the cause of most of the brutalities of the british Empire. 

Let us explain this key concept of the entire history of mankind, since people don’t seem to understand information at all. Money is a language of information as words are which can be printed as you can talk with zero cost, in papers and digital screens. So as the nervous system of your brain regulates your actions with words emited for the whole body societies in democracies invent money to regulate the nation and create the goods, the voters demand. Once they loose that privilege a society is no longer sovereign. So today for example, Southern European countries have become colonies of the ECB which works exactly as the Bank of Engalnd. IT DOES NOT PRINT MONEY FOR FREE FOR THE SOVEREIGN KINGDOMS TO IMPLEMENT THE WELFARE POLICIES THEY DEMAND, AS CORPORATIOSN DO IN STOCK-PAPER TO CREATE THE MACHINES THEY WANT.

Now countries like Spain, in the neo-colonialist era of  International Banks, MUST borrow from Private Banks at usury cost, bcause the private ECB bank (passing as public) ONLY PRINT MONEY FOR PRIVATE BANKS. SO the ECB prints money for the Banco de Santader, who lends it then to Spain at 7% ‘free usury profit’. But how can Spain or any modern country pay back a debt, when it has to use that money, up to 30% of his GDP to pay the welfare state? TAXING TO THE LAST PENNY EVERY SPANIARD.


Now, this is known – that Spain will enver repay his debt. So why the banker sdont got scare to recoup their money?

If you got what i say, as they get it – because for private bankers with the sovereign rights to print money to pritn money has no cost. So all what they want to get back is the usury interest. THIS IS THE PROFIT, THE DEBT INTEREST. THE DEBT IS MADE FOR FREE. SO THEY DONT CARE HOW LONG IT TAKES GREECE OR SPAIN TO BECOME TOTALLY RUINED ON TAXATION, THEIR ONLY PROFIT THEY EXPECT TILL THEY GET RUIN IS THE INTEREST.


The Bank of england printed money for free, passed it to the government at 6% interest, and the government used that money for war. The more wars there were the more interest the state paid. It never mind how much was the principal. Then when Ricardo denounced them, well, they just forgo the interest but not to the rest of British, including the irish ‘catholic dogs’. And that of coruse ruined and killed the common people of Ireland.

Indeed, the Irish famine took place because of the high interest the Bank charged, which required to impose new taxes, so the food of Ireland was sold by the British owners of the land to pay the taxes, exporting 1/2 of the crops during the famine years, which kill a million people. This perpetual war indeed created the British Empire to enormous costs of life to the entire world  and so finally after World War II the Bank was nationalized. Europeans though had the experience of the Louisiana Bubble which ruined France and precipitated the French Revolution, masterminded by John Law, a scottish financier who followed the teachings and manipulations of the Bank and English stocks. And so the French revolution and all other continental revolutions understood that a society could not be free, unless the money was issue with the law by the same government. And so the government can issue money and pay the welfare state.

Now this system was ‘sold’ to every english-speaking country, which therefore had eternal wars to increase debt NOT welfare states to create wealth for the people. AND THIS IS THE KEY: IN II WORLD WAR AMERICA REACHED 120% DEBT. So the Federal Reserve, then a private bank, got maximal returns in interest.

Again, MONEY IS FIAT, INFORMATION, ORDERS, POWER, NOT WEALTH. And the proof of course is that from time to time those countries and bankers have forgo the ‘original, principal debt’.

Now in the modern crisis the same game has been done ‘with e-money derivatives’. Wall Street hs invented money out of nothing, by pushing up prices of worthless internet stocks and creating ‘new mortgages’ (derivatives) on the same houses that were mortgaged, sold as ‘cdos’. So what was the right solution? NOT TO TAX EVERY AMERICAN WITH BAIL OUTS FOR A MONEY INVENTED FOR FREE, AS EUROPEANS ARE TAXED TO PAY A MONEY INVENTED FOR FREE, BUT SIMPLY ERASE ALL THOSE INVENTED ‘DEBTS’ FROM THE BANKS THAT FORGED IT. POINT.

And now America enters a massive age of Keynesian Militarism to pay ‘debts’ for wars fought by their mercenary armies for the ‘Grand Israel’. So they have a ‘fiscal cliff’, meaning they are ‘farming’ with taxes all their people, as the Bank of england did with the Irish and the ECB bank does with Spaniards and Greeks till they ‘drop dead’ (as a German banker – you know the German naked love for brutal truths – put it recently on a German newspaper, explaining that first the PIIGS – name they gave to Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Grece and Spain – will have to be ‘slimmed’ till they drop dead). They know what they do.  But it is so brutal, of course, it has to be censored by the ‘dismal science’ of Economics, which has been busy-busy to translate into ‘expert jargon’ the racket since Smith, paid by Montagu founder of the Bank of England invented this new ‘mathematical way of censorship’, called financial economics.

Ultimately thus the American System as the English before II world war is only 1/2 democracy, as money is private and so it buys the law. But this implies that for centuries both in England and America there has been a massive censorship of social sciences and only those ‘political economists’ to the service of the private bank were allowed to speak and promote – being the most notorious case Mr.Adam  Smith, whose benefactors, like the Montagu family founder of the bank, were delighted by his sophisticated arguments in their favor, while in America all those who defended a national bank, from Andrew Jackson and Del Mar to the present Occupy Wall Street movement are dealt harshly.

Ultimately the fight is between two concepts of money:

Fiat ‘law’ money, the right concept, established by Rome and Sparta (iron money) to become independent from the Cananean (Phoenician & Jewish traders) who used gold to control their economies, and money as a commodity (gold and silver). This fight lead to the all-about war between Rome and the Phoenicians first (carthago delenda est) and then the Jewish capitalism centered in Babylon (Trajanus war, parallel to the revolt of Roman Jewish during his invasion of Babylon and partial defeat of the banker priests). And its episodes mark in Europe a 3000 year old fight between the Greek-Latin-European Democracy and concept of a sovereign nation ruled by rational social sciences, NOT by religion, vs. the pseudo-democracy of pure capitalist, ‘private systems’ based in Biblical Go(l)d Religions imposed by Calvinism – essentially a modern version of the Arrian ‘heresy’ of Christianity, which holds the Old Testament with his use of weapons and money superior to the Gospel, with his neo-platonic message of love, infused in Christ probably by the Greek decapolis that surrounded at that time Jerusalem.

This background though is totally ignored in America, where ‘history’ starts with the fairy tale of their ‘discovery’ of Democracy (-; and the Tea Party revolution in which American companies argued with British companies over tax questions and finally gave power to the lawyers of American corporations that have ruled the nation ever since.

Thus in what regards social sciences, the nature of democracy and political power and the rule of bankers over society, the entire American world is ignorant of the basic principles.

Now the sophisticated reader can tell me that Europe today is in the same situation and we would agree. But it is a very recent development brought about by the opaque lobby system of Brussels, where they created the ECB as a private usury bank that doesn’t print money for European states but only for private banks which in turn put an usury price to states that have to borrow ‘debt’ (the 7% that is ruining Spain and Italy). So today Southern Europe is even in a more backward state that America, where money is printed for the state at near zero interest rate, with the difference that many Europeans know the facts, they know they are no longer sovereign nations, and have returned to the ‘Bank of England’ System, now promoted by the Jewish bankers, Trichet and Draghi, (ECB), weiderman (Bundesbank) and Germany (being Miss Merkel daughter of a polish-jewish and conveso father).

So we could talk today of European ‘house negroes’ or rather a jewish coup d’etat in both parties there. As ALL the new presidents despite being hardly 0.1% of the population, after a decade of ECB power belong to that denomination. So Miss Merkel is jewish and so it is his ‘replacement’ from the ‘socialist’ party, not less than the grand-son of the founders of the Deutsche bank. So it was Mr. Sarkozy and his ‘socialist’ substitutes, being Mr. Moscovici the power in the French socialist. And so it is Mr. Cameron and his substitutes, the Millibrand brothers – all of them obviously in favor of the private issue of money for private banks and the increasing debt charge and destruction of the sovereign rights of southern european nations. In breif, today a western jewish empire is in place and as in all dictatorships, it is completely forbidden even to mention the existence of this empire, and as in the hardest military or religious dictatorships, the ‘sovereign’ by the ‘grace of God’ (biblical supremacism) has rewritten entirely the history of the west, to appear always as victim, and their millenarian control of slave and banking industries and its millenarian control of war debt and production is ignored.

In this situation and since Israel is becoming a neofascist state dedicated to the technology of war and the hate to the Muslim, we all are in that song. And instead of making money for ourselves and our model of welfare, art and life, we are just being taxed to pay usury to the ECB and to the speculators that control our bond market.

This is the problem we have called anti$emitism, and to which we have dedicated this november blog – no this is just for november, the world of biohistory and bioeconomics is much richer than that…

But just in case, the cycle of the holocaust is simple: bankers ruin nations -> social unrest rises military who kill NOT the bankers but the poor jews, scapegoats of bankers.

Thus we call bankers the cause of the holocaust and deem them anti$emites. And we consider the perpetrators, the warriors, antiSSemites. And so we are against both. This is different from classic antisemitism – the ideology of the scapegoat poor jew, who believes his anti$emitic go(l)d masters are pure and have no guilt – the oficial version.

unfortunately this blog has the ‘socialist/christian/love religions’ version, more realistic and the one proper of the laws of superorganisms: financial information must be therefore nationalized to end the cycle. Because the banker-priests of capitalism have no idea how to run the world for the entire community, they are dysfunctional, crazy heads that only think on themselves. Point. And no amount of power point experts will change the underlying causes of the problem.

obviously the elite people not  only of spain but of europe generally better informed than in AMerica are very angry to the anti$emitic bankers that are causing the spread of hate against their entire people, which latter will be blamed of their actions (see the introductory text of this month).

but that never mattered to the people of money as long as they can do it, and the peaceful solution – the nationalization of the banking industry and its issue of credit to create a better world – is not implemented. But as we explain when the peaceful solution doesnt happen the nations get ruined and social clashes start. We shall not continue with the narration proper of other posts of those cycles.

In any case in spain now anti$emitism is all the rage. Recently the Justice minister, who as it happens was a kid whom i played as our parents were friends, but who seem a bit clueless, after studying too many books and live too few lives, has decided to accept all anti$emites that want to be nationalized, as Germany did, getting his banksters today in power. The law now allows any sephardim to receive spanish nationality and one wonders why. I mean why not then all south-americans? The sephardim are the people who from holland first and then from the bank of england they controlled, as perfectly explained by disraeli in his book of sidonia, revenge, destroying the spanish empire. Frankly i am not fond of any empire and i have dished out about the spanish empire before. But to become now a neo-colony of sephardim bankers, who ‘hate us’, frankly… When i went to columbia i had a party first at a kappa organization and half drunk trying to get a chic i get this guy insulting me – what for? because it seems i caused his holocaust – but he was there – 500 years ago. So there we have it. I am sorry, I have sometimes due to my love of life and jewish genes a clear dislike for the banker-priests, anti$emitic filthy reach who destroy nations and then people like my ancestors end up in matthausen. Somewhere here i narrate the adventures of my grand-father. But more than antisemitism what I am is anticapitalist. The right of the spaniards to issue their own currency and the Europeans must be preserved.

So there we shall see the arrival of people to take on the positions of the financial industry. First it was mr. guindos, then mr. linde, who destroyed in 1 month the prestige and pro-human policies of the bank of spain and called a few friends from wall street to audit the banking system.

We do not want to end as America, a nation of puppets. So one maybe should create a different law:

Only the poor jews, those who do not work in banking and hence never had any guilt on the expulsion, the true victims of the XIV century progroms, can stay. The others can invest their false wealth in Israel or go to silicon valley. As one of them, Mr. Varzinsky or something like that of Jazztel fame says now from NY, we are all antisemites here, and he suffered a lot in spain.

Man up boy, here we are machos and have honor and value everybody at face value at least on the times when mr. Hemingway and Mr. welles liked us. But we talk the truth and we say all things from the humane, life/love perspective. That is our culture. And i like it to preserve it. But perhaps is all gone now. So perhaps we should let them in – that is the thought. Who cares anyway, today the real anti$emites travel through the waves of digital thought.

So in honor of this new law, we shall now talk of the guy who really controls our currency, and who will never come here even if it is invited…

This of course, is the second layer of power. The invisible worlds that rule the world, like Mr. Bond, the Jewish manager of Pimco, Mr. Gross, who decides the price of the ‘Prima del riesgo’ in his newport beach windowless room, after enjoying a few sorbets watching the surfers at the coast. As i lived in Newport Beach for a while, in a nice house by the lake that sorrounds Lido Island, with a boat to go to visit my girl friend at the time, a Jewish American Princess who made highways, and I met in certain occasion Mr. Gross, I will take from old archives a little piece of literature about the man who decides the final taxing price of the usury bond, which in the jargon of the Masters of the Universe, – self-name given to the speculators of wall street, it is properly called mr. bond with license to kill with his usury thousands of spaniards that must be ‘farmed’ to get his profits going. We shall call him instead with a rather smaller name, just the ‘president of the world’.


El presidente del mundo es un hombre gris, canijo, de pelo lacio, que sonríe a menudo, quizás para equilibrar esos ojos vacuos de un azul frio y distante, ocultos tras unas gafas doradas que apenas si muestran ningún ritmo de vida. Como dijo Rockefeller, el dinero congela vida.

Y en efecto la vida no parece interesarle mucho al presidente del mundo. Al menos no habla de ella, ni de la suya, ni de la de los billones de hombres cuyo destino esta a su cargo. El presidente del mundo de hecho no habla nunca de cosas importantes. Todo lo que dice es ‘small talk’ – palabra pequeña.

Recuerdo la conversación que tuvimos. Lo conoci en una fiesta en la isla del Lido, no en Venecia sino en America, no en la costa este sino en el Oeste.  Pero el lugar donde vive poco importa, porque en la era digital, en el siglo XXI el presidente del mundo no necesita residencia como la de los políticos a los que manda, una mera cadena de transmisión de sus ordenes financieras que determinan el dinero que se presta a las naciones de acuerdo a sus políticas afines o no a sus ‘gustos’ económicos.

Tampoco importa el idioma en el que el presidente habla porque sus ordenes no usan nuestro lenguaje. Así que cuando habla con palabras prefiere no decir nada relevante y ser un ejemplo de discreción. De esta forma el presidente como en el cuento de Wells mantiene su invisibilidad y su poder.

El presidente es de hecho un hombre al que le gusta mas preguntar que contestar.  Y aun así pregunta, intuyo conforme la conversación avanza, simplemente por cortesía.  Tus pensamientos tampoco le interesan. Al intentar explicarle la crisis del futuro sin embargo pareció interesado. Le explique que yo era un economista teórico, corría el ano 1994 y le hable con convención de la crisis del 2008, cuando le dije acabaría la edad de las ‘mentes de metal’ y empezaría la edad de la robótica, cuando los hombres

El presidente actúa, y para ello no usa la palabra ni sus valores éticos sino los números del dinero y sus valores ocultos que desentrañaremos en este libro.

Por entonces yo vivía de la especulación bursátil, que es como vivir del cuento. Trabajaba una hora al día, que es como no trabajar y ganaba todo el dinero que quería que es como inventar dinero, pues eso es exactamente lo que los especuladores hacen.  Tampoco vivía mucho tiempo en algún lugar. Alquilaba casas de lujo, siempre cerca del mar, siempre con piscina, siempre con barco. Pero mi objetivo no era ganar dinero en si, para no corromper mi alma sino utilizar el dinero para estudiar el sistema. Por lo que había días que perdía cantidades inmensas por el placer de testar una cierta teoría sobre la formación de los mercados. Es así como llegue a conocer de la existencia del hombre invisible, del hombre gris, del presidente del mundo. Y de una verdad profunda de los mercados. Desobedecer al presidente cuando da la orden ‘de mercado’, es como desobedecer al comandante cuando da la ‘orden’ de la guerra o desobedecer al legislador cuando manda una ley. Todo lo que tienes lo perderás. El comandante te matara, el legislador te meterá en la cárcel y el presidente del mundo te arruinara. Porque el es el mercado.

En efecto, el mercado como la guerra es una batalla de poder a poder. En la guerra quien tiene las mejores armas sin embargo casi siempre gana matando al otro y en el mercado el que tiene mas dinero siempre gana, pues consigue que su orden se cumpla, arruinando a los que se negaron a obedecerla.

Esto se llama la ley del mas fuerte, la ley del mercado, la ley del especulador, la ley de las apuestas. Considere un juego de póker. Si el jugador A pone 100 dólares y usted no los cubre, iguala o supera, usted se retira y lo pierde todo. Gana siempre el que iguala o supera la apuesta. Y lo mismo ocurre en el mercado. Por eso el presidente del mundo gana, pues es el hombre que mas dinero juega en el mercado. Por tanto si el presidente dice que subirá el euro y apuesta a su subida, el euro sube a no ser que alguien apueste mas a que baje.

Así a pesar de la complejidad que pueda tener una apuesta se crean en esencia los mercados. Se preguntara entonces usted cuanto dinero tiene el presidente. Cerca de dos billones  que  cada día pone en juego, desde su oficina en la ciudad del ‘puerto nuevo’ al lado de la isla del Lido.  Pero en realidad el presidente tiene mucho mas  dinero, pues todo el mundo que trabaja en los mercados conoce al presidente y observa sus ordenes en las pantallas de ‘dinero virtual’ inventadas por el señor ciudad de los capullos. De la misma forma en una batalla todos conocen al comandante, que nunca lucha solo sino que da la orden y se arroja con sus soldados en masa contra el enemigo.  De igual forma, una vez el presidente del mundo da su orden, todos los que observamos la pantalla del señor ‘de los capullos’ (para abreviar) sabemos que o apostamos con el o sacamos 2 millones de millones de dólares o perdemos.  Así que todos seguimos al ‘líder’, no importa lo que diga. Lo que diga es lo de menos. El presidente lo sabe, la masa que le sigue a veces si a veces no. Pero le sigue con mucha mas fidelidad que los soldados remolones del campo de batalla. Porque a diferencia del campo de batalla donde solo te espera la muerte o una pieza de metal viejo, una medalla, el presidente del mundo no nos dirige hacia la muerte sino hacia el paraíso del dios-oro. Go(l)d será otorgado a quien crea en el presidente. Y el que entre en el mercado antes, en cuanto el presidente de su orden, ganara mas, porque pillara toda la ‘subida’ o la ‘bajada’ que el presidente a exigido.

Así pues el mercado es la guerra relámpago. Un verdadero blietzkrieg que en 10 minutos ya muestra la tendencia del día. Eso es lo que se trabaja en el mercado. Luego se mira indolente, la pantalla por un rato mientras se desayuna (en la costa oeste uno se levanta con la luz del día, cuando abren los mercados en la costa este, cuando empiezan a cerrar en Europa, ‘el enemigo’ del presidente al que seguro derrotamos). La victoria por supuesto esta asegurada porque nosotros somos un solo frente y todos los elementos cuentan a nuestro favor. El enemigo, el Euro, para abreviar, esta dividido. El presidente además cuenta con un fiel aliado, un pastor alemán al que le perdono la vida hace ya tiempo a cambio de que siempre obedeciera.

Mas aun, los jugadores del mercado están todos unidos por una ideología común, el capitalismo puro y duro donde solo importan los números del beneficio y la mayoría de ellos pertenecen además a la misma nación – la que invento el capitalismo.

Así que todos piensan lo mismo. Si usted quiere saber lo que piensa, lea el Wall Street Journal. O mejor aun entre en y lea los comentarios de los lectores, la quinta columna del mercado, especuladores individuales de la ‘nación mas poderosa del mundo’, no la que usted se imagina. Al principio se asustara de lo que piensan. Pues opinar opinar. Dejando al lado sus opiniones políticas que se resumen en la palabra guerra, guerra guerra en los temas económicos existen ciertos dogmas que allí se expresan con palabras y en el mercado con números. Algunas de estas creencias que se podrían expresar con una frase de uno de sus profetas: ‘no mires la paja en el ojo ajeno sino la viga en el tuyo’.

–       Los pobres -son vagos. No tienen trabajo porque no lo buscan; no porque no exista. Son parásitos que además siempre exigen ganar demasiado dinero y que sus empleados les garanticen un trabajo de por vida – vamos para ser ‘funcionarios’; esos otros parásitos que el jefe de los empresarios españoles, el señor rosell dice que sobran y habría que despedir. En una palabra los pobres son culpables.

–       Los políticos comen carne de cerdo, (una comida que ellos tienen prohibida por un dios antiguo que les negaba los placeres de los manjares mas sabrosos, el cerdo y los mariscos). Pork lo llaman. ‘Dinero’ para gastar en los pobres, en seguridad social y desempleo, infraestructuras. En el estado del bienestar. El estado de los puercos.

–       Y nosotros, los europeos somos también puercos, ‘pig’, que significa lo mismo que puerco, pork, pero es carne viva. Los Pigs, Portugal, Italia, Grecia y Espana son como los pobres; gastan mucho, trabajan poco (aunque los griegos sean los que trabajen mas al ano en Europa) y piden mucho.

Allí también vivía mi novia y el entonces Gobernador de Tejas, el señor matorrales, tenia una casa de veraneo.  Mi novia no fabricaba dinero. Hacia piscinas y aunque eso no pareciera una profesión interesante, desde luego en California se fabrican muchas piscinas; otro lugar común de trabajo para l

Gente simpática,

Yo vivía al lado de la isla, en una casa blanca cerca de la autopista numero uno al sur del ‘big sur’ quizás los 100 kilómetros de costa mas hermosos del mundo, donde los millonarios son casi tan comunes como los mendigos.  Se la había alquilado a otro jugador

Para el presidente del mundo la humanidad seria incalificable sin esos números que nos ordenan, clasifican y organizan en cubículos, casas y oficinas, despachos y regimientos con salarios y precios. La humanidad de hecho resulta incalificable y molesta para el señor presidente. Su mundo no es de este mundo. Y lo que a nosotros, pequeños seres incalificables y oscuros, invisibles para el presidente nos ocurra le importa bien poco. Y el presidente del mundo tiene mucho dinero, un par de billones de dólares con los que cada día inicia los movimientos del Mercado, que todos los otros ‘jugadores’ obedecen, sabiendo que no pueden discutir sus jugadas ni opiniones que en cualquier caso no comparten.

El presidente del mundo es después de todo tan solo el mas rico de los jugadores que crean el Mercado, todos ellos unidos por una cultura común  – la cultura capitalista, mas cercana a una religión del dinero que a una ciencia de la economía – cuyo único propósito es multiplicar las cifras digitales de sus cuentas bancarias, sin importar para nada los danos colaterales que puedan producir.

En tal sentido el presidente del mundo curiosamente no tiene mucho interés por el mundo humano cuyas acciones diseñan ‘a distancia’ a través de sistemas digitales colectivos, que multiplican sus acciones en redes globales.

Su juego es otro. El preside sobre el Mercado Libre y sus ciudadanos libres, las compañías-madre de maquinas, las corporaciones industriales que reproducen y evolucionan esas maquinas, hoy por hoy el factor mas importante de la economía.

Cada compañía produce un bien tecnológico, una maquina o una energía, o el dinero que permite a las compañías funcionar, y en ese otro mundo paralelo de maquinas que el presidente dirige, los hombres son un costo como trabajadores o una cuenta bancaria capaz de consumir sus productos.

Hoy por hoy los hombres son como siempre aunque mas disimuladamente, meros esclavos de esas compañías, como trabajadores, esclavos a tiempo parcial, como consumidores que testan las maquinas y eligen las mas evolucionadas y como mentes diseñadas por la publicidad y las fantasias que los medios de comunicación dominado por ellas nos inculcan para mantenernos en la granja de metal, en perpetua enotenia.

Hoy por hoy en esas pantallas bloomberg, los hombres son un mero factor de las ecuaciones financieras y de productividad con las que el presidente del mundo económico y sus compañías nos controlan.

Como sino dirigir a 7 billones de personas. Seria imposible conocer sus apellidos. Algo que por supuesto a las pantallas bloomberg, que el presidente maneja, no le interesa.

Sus acciones como las del físico que dirigen billones de partículas con un solo cambio en el campo de energía donde habitan, son acciones colectivas en las que se cambia el campo de energía de todo una nación– el valor de su dinero y el precio de sus prestamos.

Pues el presidente del mundo y sus naciones es el hombre que maneja los bonos de préstamo de todas las naciones y el valor de su dinero. El es el hacedor del mercado y como tal en Wall Street se le llama, ‘the Master of the Universe’…

Y en efecto, sus decisiones y las de los otros grandes financieros que dominan los distintos mercados electrónicos que fijan el precio de las acciones, los bonos del tesoro y las mercancías que la humanidad consumen, deciden el futuro de todos nosotros, nuestro modo de vida, nuestros recursos económicos y los políticos que dirigen nuestras naciones y deben acatar sus ordenes si quieren tener dinero – el lenguaje de poder de la sociedad capitalista sin el cual nadie puede operar, y al que todos obedecen.

Esto el presidente del mundo económico, de los mercados, lo sabes.

Desde su pantalla electrónica el presidente del mundo utiliza así sus campos de energía, tasando a los seres humanos, al por mayor y sacándoles a cada uno un pequeño impuesto.

Una de sus películas favoritas sin duda, debe de ser, el tercer hombre. Aunque nunca se lo he preguntado en las breves ocasiones en que hable con el en la isla privada donde vive, para no levantar sospechas de anti-presidencialismo, el presidente, afable,  me recordó al gran Orson observando desde la noria del cielo esos puntos inconclusos, vidas sin importancia en la base de la pirámide. ‘Si cada uno de esos puntos fuera ‘dinero’ y tomándolos borraras una vida humana sin que nadie te acusara de nada, cuantos puntos cogerías’… El gran Orson intenta cogerlos todos especulando con el precio de la penicilina pero Joseph lo denuncia para tener un final feliz de película, y romper el sueno de Orson que sin embargo el presidente del mundo ejerce todos los días: tomar todos los puntos que quiera a discreción, en cualquier parte del planeta, al precio designado por el y nunca ser responsable de su desaparición.

Medio millón de somalíes ha tasado el presidente del mundo y sus amigos hace unos anos.  En principio la idea parecía un tanto descabellada e incongruente. Como poder tasar a los hombres mas pobres del planeta. EL predecesor del presidente, ni siquiera se había molestado en tasar a los somalíes, pero al nuevo mandamás esto le parecía una incongruencia – que en su reino existieran bolsillos de seres sin precio, libres de toda tasa, vagabundos inconscientes de que todo ser humano debe de aportar algo a la presidencia, un exvoto, un pequeño óbolo.

Los somalís no han dado mucho beneficio. Después de todo ya llevaban algún que otro varapalo y mala dieta alimenticia desde que nuestros barcos les robaran los atunes y contaminaran las aguas donde pescan con basura radiactiva. Pero algo han dado. Un niño que requiere leche enriquecida con trigo puede venderse por medio dólar la libra.

Al presidente se le podría también hablar de un antiguo cuento bengalí recogido por Tagore, en el que un príncipe encuentra un mendigo y en vez de darle un óbolo, acaba pidiéndole su bolsa de trigo, porque hay gente que nunca da nada, para eso es poderosa, sino que tan solo exige.

Pero para eso, para absorberlo todo y no dar nada a cambio, uno ha de ser invisible, un agujero negro que no deje rastro de su paso  excepto en la desolación y el vacío, en la tierra quemada y absorbida, en las simas y profundidades de los abismos oscuros a los que relega los seres libres que un día habitaron el paraíso.

Hoy sin embargo para el presidente todo resulta radiante. Es un día magnifico. Las olas del pacifico lamen rendidas la bahía del “puerto nuevo’ desde donde el presidente maneja el destino de los pueblos con sus números.

El presidente se ha levantado tarde; ha tomado un café masciatto y a mirado indolente las olas antes de abrir sus pantallas y dar las ordenes de poder que todos obedecerán de inmediato. El mundo esta expectante esperando sus ordenes. Pero el señor gris, canijo, de pelo lacio y ojos vacuos se toma su tiempo. Ya sabe que a vencido. Las ultimas semanas el presidente estuvo muy ocupado liquidando algunos lideres insumisos, del llamado mundo libre que se habían tomado en serio eso de la ‘libertad’.  Les había dicho que tenían que tasar a mucha mas gentes, al estilo somalí…

Una libra de carne es todo lo que el presidente requiere de impuestos, por cada hombre, y a cada uno según su capacidad.

Al niño somalí esa libra de carne se le resta en el mercado de futuros del trigo, que ha doblado en los últimos anos, bajo las ordenes del presidente.

Pero los somalíes no importan mucho al presidente. De hecho ha delegado la extracción de su vida a subalternos de poca monta. El presidente como decimos se ocupa principalmente de los grandes grupos, de las naciones poderosas a las que se les puede extraer mayores beneficios. Y el resto de sus colegas y empleados se dedican a tasar otras mercancías humanas o no con otros precios. El no daría abasto así pues solo liquida facturas a lo grande y la semana pasada a liquidado un par de peces gordos, de los mayores del mundo que no le obedecían con presteza.

A la calle a dicho a los presidentes de la cultura mediterránea que se rebelaban contra la imposición de su ‘modo de ver las cosas’. Faltaría mas, que se han creído esos millones de puntos griegos e italianos – gentes tan inocentes y tan ignorantes de cómo funciona el mundo que pretendían elegir a sus gobernantes directamente

Y eso que estaban avisados. El presidente es un tipo impaciente cuando no se le hace caso de inmediato. Y a estos puntos griegos se les lleva diciendo ya dos anos que dejen de joder la marrana y que expriman sus últimas gotas de sangre. Como dice un proverbio samurái, el campesino es como la soja, el ultimo apretón saca el mejor jugo.

Y a los puntos griegos aun les queda jugo. Los pensionistas exigen demasiadas medicinas, quieren vivir mas largo cuando ya nada aportan al presidente. Pero que se han creído. La función de cada uno de nosotros en este planeta es aportar al mercado, consumir, trabajar, fabricar maquinas, pedir prestamos. Y estas gentes de cierta edad tienden a consumir poco y además a costa del presidente que todo lo quiere y nada da como un agujero negro. Así que a falta de leyes mas serias como la eutanasia y los paneles de la muerte que algunos amigos del presidente están estudiando en su laboratorio de pruebas en America con bajarles la pensión, venderles las medicinas tan caras que no puedan comprarlas, subirles el precio del trigo y el transporte publico, pequeños detalles que permitan limar de aquí y allá unos euritos va bien.

Razonable no? Piensa el presidente – que esperan que yo que tengo dos trillones de dólares acumulados en una década de ejercicio les de mi dinero? No entienden esta gente que quiero llegar a los 3 trillones, un bonito numero, y que eurito a eurito si se ‘portan’ los alcanzaremos a final de ano.

Pues que les den por culo. La semana pasada el presidente se harto de todos esos puntos griegos, italianos y españoles, de toda la cultura mediterránea que se empeñaba en quedarse su propio dinero y fabricar algo para viudas y desempleados, obras de arte y puentes que salvan precipicios.

Tonterías. A la calle con todos que se caigan de los puentes si hace falta, pero que paguen. En dos semanas el presidente que se ha puesto los machos del mercado y trabajado a fondo, se ha liquidado al griego papanatas, al italiano besaculos y al limpia zapatos, manda huevos, y, a puesto a 3 de sus gentes al mando para que le barran la casa y le traigan todo el polvo de oro que encuentre su legión de parásitos. En el polvo viven los ácaros, seres diminutos que se alimentan de las células muertas de la piel que nos van cayendo y envejecen poco a poco. Los parásitos del presidente también se alimentan de las libras de carne que nos sobran mermándonos poco a poco. Y ahora hay ya gente dispuesta a recoger para el presidente, que ha ordenado su patio con sus números

El presidente pues no se ha levantado pronto hoy lunes ni ha mirado sus pantallas. Ayer por la noche aguanto un rato hasta que vio que de los 3 países de la cultura mediterránea que estaban en su agenda el tercero, el mas obediente e ignorante de todos se portaba y le entregaba el reino en bandeja a su hombre de paja para que quemara a fuego lento 40 millones mas de puntos – esos palurdos españoles que saben tan poco de números pero tienen tan buena disposición para obedecerle, con su limpia zapatos, pobrecito, siempre tan servicial en todas las reuniones de empleados.

Así pues hoy el presidente duerme. Sus ordenes sin embargo están despiertas.

El musculo duerme la ambición trabaja. La presidencia en tal sentido a avanzado mucho gracias a las maquinas inteligentes que obedecen ciegamente a la velocidad de la luz sus ordenes. Nunca fue tan fácil para este señor gris, de pelo lacio, ojos claros venido de Alemania a la costa pacifico, aislarse y reinar a distancia gracias a las maquinas inteligentes y el anonimato que permiten a los Dueños del mundo.

En los viejos tiempos los presidentes tenían que ladra ordenes y claro había resistencia. Así no se podía gobernar el mundo. Resultaba difícil, la gente se rebelaba, había que matarlos en manadas y al final nunca se conseguía mandar en todo el planeta.

Ahora es todo mas fácil. El mundo se dirige como un juguete controlado a distancia.

Lo importante es mantener a la gente en la ignorancia, que nadie sepa ‘mi nombre’, que solo vean mis ‘ordenes’ con números, pero que las vean todos y las amplifiquen los voceros, mis periódicos, mis televisiones, mis políticos alquilados, las radios, la gente de la calle, los taxistas, todos tienen que hablar de las ordenes y ninguno del que las da. 


Deja vu

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