‘Canons make us strong, butter make us fat’ Goring, on his proposal to make Germany Great again

Background: U$ colonization by company-mothers and its racial class-structure.

America was founded by Company-mothers of gunboats in its colonial age, by railroad companies in its post civil war age, by car companies in its post-war age and by electronic companies after the chip radiation started in earnest the obsolescence and devolution of the humind into a visual ¥-credo ergo sum, believers generation fast devolving back to its primitive memeplex of biblical go(l)d fetish religions and dog-eat-dog entropic humans, classified by credit, where only the cult(ure) that founded the gunboat slave corporation on top (Judaism->Calvinism->Capitalism) still maintains a coherence as the ‘networks’ of Financial-Media Masters on top of the wave. All others are classified ‘racially’ in inverse fashion to its technological, animetal cultural history. Thus those closer to Gaia (Indian cultures) or to History (Islam, Catholic Latinos≈amerindians), are on the bottom. While upward mobility can happen only for the ‘geniuses’ of technology that evolve further the metal-earth. As America is mankind displaced in the technological future. So its pyramid of social classes is similar to that between the different human cultures at global level.



Couldn’t be more repulsive, certainly this wouldn’t happen here in Spain, the origin of the Latino culture. This guy doing this here would be sent back in wood to his mainland, rest assured… the people whom he delivered the rolls of toilet paper would have roll over him, and scalped the guy amerindian style – since Latinos are amerindians, with some drops of black and spanish blood – basically specially in the case of Mexicans, the true people of the land. So indeed, as we have forecasted for decades, the fascism of this cycle, would be akin to the colonial age and punish the native people of the III world, American native people, African migrants and Islamic warriors.

But in this case the sadist ministrations of Trump to their people of Latino origin is truly a reminding of the sadist actions of its german blood-brothers in Europe in the 30s: the guy humiliating Puertorricans, after insulting them, ignoring their devastation for a week and telling them on the spot that their tragedy was not like the mainland Hurricanes, just a little storm because ‘only 40 had died’, and then throwing them as if they were a bunch of beggars, rolls of  toilet paper… And the sheeple didn’t do anything more or less like the victims of concentration camps going into the showers and toilets where they were gassed fast racing, without storming the scanty troops that were about to murder them. Yes i know an organism has head-neuronal people-castes ab=using the body cells, blind to their worshipped leaders, but to see it all happening again is nauseating.

But why Latinophobia? Understand the ‘capitalist subtext’ . Capitalism invented modern company-mothers of gunboats, all of them were initially dedicated to slave cargo transport and weapons, pricing humans as slaves, under the equation of money, man=price=slave and the equation of weapons weapon=price=corpse.

So they debased humans as dead corpses or slaves for centuries, and then it came the train, and they did the same with Amerindians, which are the Latinos there, NOT spaniards, a bunch of neanderthal, visual, violent conquistadors, who came only in the tens of thousands. Latinophobia against Mexicans, is basically more of the same tradition of murdering amerindians. Now they talk spanish but they ARE the native people of America.

Puerto Ricans have more of the black slave blood on it, but the concept is the same.

The memes of America and its racism is by memorial repetition, generation after generation the same stuff that was imprinted in their minds by centuries of gunboats with their cargo of slaves for cotton and sugar.

But then, the slave trade ended, Lincoln switched from gunboats to railroads – he was the Illinois Railroad, main lawyer lobbyist. And the lobbyist of northern railroad took over the obsolete slave gunboat plantations of the south, with the hypocritical excuse – capitalism always has a fascist=fasces=mascara or newspeak of caring – of liberating the black cotton pickers, obsolete to machines. Of course, once ‘liberated’ their were left in rotten poverty, not even 40 acres and a mule…

Alas, Americans – the politically correct corporations couldn’t be racist against ‘house negros’, or else the cover up of the civil war of the series of railroad wars in the 1860s would be blown up. Those are the are of the ‘first industrial bellus nervi pecunia infinita cycle above’.

Now racism would be pumped up against the Amerindians to the west and this was lead by railroad barons, and their private armies till wounded knee… It was then through the expansion of railroads, the new machine of the Steam cycle, how the Amerindian genocide happened.

So as we expected and said for 30 years, this III cycle of economic fascism would be SIMILAR to the first one, the colonial cycle, BECAUSE THE LEADING NAZI-ONANIST nation would not be Germany, but the last colonial power of the west, Israel and its (na)zio(na)nism.

And so as we predicted, being Israel, the role model of the robotic wars, inventor of terminators, at the head of the financial-media system, owner of its electronic corporations, it wouldn’t be an organised fascism but a colonial form of fascism, as the ‘role model’ nation, would rule and be the example for all other nazionanisms.

And it has been the case. Alas, the colonial victims must be again amerindians, Latinos in America and Islam, the culture of the enemies of the (na)zio(na)nist nation of the Financial-media masters owners of evilwood and wall street – the muslims, which after 40 years of humiliations, and paying their cuckoo dictators and ayatollahs to create a ‘believable’ enemy for the nervus belli pecunia infinita cycle, finally are credible to pump up the profits of splendid little wars.

While in America are again the amerindians.  And the practical reason is obvious too:

There are no longer gunboat companies to bring more ‘negros’ to America, so there is not a surplus of them, but Latinos, Amerindians are still there, they refuse to become extinct, as the natives were by the railroad. The spaniards didn’t genocide them, just converted them to their culture – capitalism is far more brutal with human capital than the aristocratic warrior cultures of animetal spaniards that preceded them on top of the world.

So Latinos can keep coming, and that makes them far more dangerous for the future age of no jobs with AI and robots taken them.

But what is happening as we speak, the revolting despise of Puerto Ricans, who have been Americans for a century plus and counting, the astounding cynicism of making the dreamers to expose their names with Obama, to take out their rights with Trumpuppet – the degree of evilness of the present administration indeed remind us of the ‘treaties with indians’, which signed confiding in the big ‘white father’, to get their lands and rights scrapped with the next ‘white father’ president.

Is a game Latino Amerindians should have learned long ago. Amazed indeed, first that the dreamers trusted the Presidents of America, and that now Puerto Ricans didn’t storm this neonazi puppet of the Financial-media/Military industrial complex.

What puerto ricans should do ‘ipso facto’ is to declare independence, reject the dollar and their debt, and call back home. We will rebuild as the leading global nation of tourism, their beautiful island with 5 star hotels, no whoring, just beaches for European and normal humane americans to come and treat them as brothers, which they are…



THIS POST BELONGS TO THE SERIES OF ANIMETAL VS. HUMAN CULTURES. IN THIS CASE U$ vs. Mexico, dedicated to all my good chicano friends of California. To clarify of course, that the U$lave people are all those ‘believers in go(l)d and the bible’, who consider minorities and migrants without rights to be in America and blame them of all the ab=uses their elites impose upon them.

As all issues in a complex Universe, neither Trump, nor the Wall with Mexico is what it seems.

Trump’s first ad for his campaign, was simply speaking an ad for the Wall. He is a constructor, but one would have thought a president might had more to offer than making a wall. Yet in America people are specialist, and Donald as Obama put it ‘knows not much’, beyond dealing with real state and making walls. So he really started his campaign on the only thing he knew how to do, a robotised modern wall, separating his nation from his southern neighbour with whom it seemed America had a good relationship going strong for 30 years.

Why then this wall was the center of his presidency? Who profits from it? Who backs the Donald and why he was $elected president as we predicted against the fairy tales of ‘dishonest media’, which tell us we live in a free world and all is what you are told to be? And what Mexico has to do with it? It is Mexico guilty, its immigrants the scourge of America, NAFTA its biggest economic problem?

We deal with those themes on the context of the underlying true language of power of America, money, and the people who issue it in monopoly, its Financial-Media master (FMasters), which play the role in America with money, the language of power of that society, Spaniards played in Mexico with weapons, its language of social power.

In the larger view, this article is part of the series of neofascism, and the final solution to the economic crises caused by automation of factories that is throwing with white collar pcs and blue collar robots in the next decades 1/2 of human workers, as fascism rose after the automation of assembly lines threw 1/2 of people out of job, and then the owners of the world, the Financial-media Masters of informative machines in symbiosis with the Military-industrial complex blamed the poor and foreigners NOT THE MACHINE OUR MODERN GOD of the process and started repression, splendid little wars and the final gottendamerung of II world war. For 30 years we predicted the repetition of the cycle in front of a wall of silence. Now the cycle is at full gear and a physical wall is being built.

So alas, we star to know, now that all is signed and sanctified that Israel would construct the wall at enormous profits, starting the grand-scale military robotisation  of nationalist, racist nations, who won’t blame AUTOMATION AND ROBOTICS of the end of labor as they did NOT BLAME IN WEIMAR GERMANY automated factory lines of the loss of jobs, BUT THE POOR, the dispossessed the weaker link of society – in this case the Mexicans. We shall not elaborate further on this, the main theme of my books for 30 years, and the central post of this web, resumed in this graph of the 3 ages of the Financial-Media/Military Industrial complex:

In the graph, the 72 year cycle of machine crashes (1857-1929-2001) we predicted as earlier as 92, would bring a switch from welfare to warfare, from butter to cannons and bring neofascism, blaming the poor and starting a series of robotic splendid little wars. The wall is the preferred solution to expand the robotic industry and Mr. Trump starts as Hitler did building u-bans for the machine of the age, the car, building walls for the machine of the age, the terminator:


The graphs are self-illustrative and explain all over the place, so let us concentrate in the detail: the wall.

Alas, this is the theme, and we shall bring here 3 parts on it. An update written as we speak (13 february 2017) on WHY Trump is doing the bidding of the FMMI system; an article from Mexican press on who really profits from the wall. And the part we wrote on this in november, as we predicted trump will won because it was best for the neofascist cycle of splendid little wars for profit.

So now Mr. Trump blames the poor Latinos of all the problems of automation in his nation and in Europe, a wave of Islamophobia, with origin in the expansion of the Semite wars spread creating walls between the first and 3rd world, as if the poor, exploited people of the south were ‘the ones to blame’ of the astounding cynical appropriation of the 0.02% of stocratic owners and the firing of workers and soon people by automated robots.

Mexico – another nazionanist distraction to allow the FMMI system to rule unchecked.

AND THIS is why Mexico which is not at all a problem for the US and its people is on the target.

screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-15-05-06So all this is pure distraction because there is zero benefits on throwing them out or building the wall, or breaking NAFTA, as their cheap goods will come then from robotic factories with no labor or Vietnamese sweatshops, and Mexico ruined will again start its march north. 

In the graph, we can see the enormous benefits of NAFTA for U$ and Mexico. BY BRINGING China to Juarez, the Americans have gotten 2 huge benefits: 1) stop the constant flow of migrants, as now Mexico is NOT what Anglos think, a hole of poverty and drugs, but a nation with higher GDP (ppp) than Canada, Spain, South Korea, Saudi Arabia or Italy, a middle income country that won’t flood US. 2) get cheap goods as they would anyway from Asia, but with the ad on that Mexican factories by an astounding amount of parts from America, which Chinese sweatshops don’t. So it is a mutual flow. 3)Peace in the border.

Of course there are 2 problems remaining but they are dual: drug trafficking AND CONSUMING, fuelled also by the American gun industry who provides liberally the drug zars, and further south migrants; which means either both countries build up a wall much shorter on the isthmus, or what we have been asking for 30 years – to create a bigger NAFTA not only for machines but also with huge welfare investment till the Panama channel, which is completely defensible, including Panama and Costa Rica, two developed nations, and tagging the problem of the small central american nations, so little that frankly if that would have been done the first time we wrote a paper on it, 25 years ago, as the EU did rise the standards of life of Spain, now a net receptor of migrants, then all going to work to Germany, there would be zero issues on that border, as wealth immediately plummets demographics and makes people stay home. But U$ is hardcore capitalism, with no humane side. So the best solution, with a human face -some charity to the people whom you stole, after all, the best territories of your country (all the west used to be as we all know Mexico, from the Mississipi onwards), and have been cleaning your homes and backyards and cooking your hamburgers for pennies for so long – is the ethic minimum, Obama understood. But Trump and its racist masters are another complete, far more primitive frame of mind.

So what is the purpose of the wall and the hate-campaign? The same than in previous ages of fa$cism: 1) distraction from the real culprit our ‘God-like machines’ and from the real dictators of america, its financial-media companies and owners. And 2) the wall itself, which will be an ultra-expensive robotised wall, made by the leading industries of Israel; and the purpose of fascism was war itself, and the profits of its industries.

And this of course is where the FMasters on the backstage run the American puppetry to become as usual the final beneficiaries of it all, thanks to the control of digital information which in that nation of germanic body-oriented warriors with so little understanding of languages of information, just oriented to action and believers in go(l)d, make them absolute masters of a sheeple, who just will move at the sound of a coin. When studying my master at Columbia I would tease the natives, telling them, wait 1 minute and I will make any American bend, as the Mexicans used to – no longer and that is the teaching – to the spanish sword. He would deny it and then I would throw a silver dollar, and move back two steps. Never mind which son of a billionaire was passing by, he would bend.


And it is good the Wall for something?

Now by definition Mexicans are the native North-Americans, the ones that survived the slaughter of the racist english march to the west, as the spanish priests considered them humans, equal to the conquerors and protected them, while the biblical racist bigots of Yhwh, exterminated indians as lesser humans. So all Mexicans are ‘legal North-Americans’. And that is that.

They are not aliens but the original North-Americans, hauling in fact down California. They are resilient, and generally good people, extremely generous and hospitalarian, savvy and hard-working, silent, invisible to the racist ‘anglos’ but with a wisdom and roots so old as the land that gave them birth. They will survive but precisely thanks to NAFTA, they now survive within Mexico, and that is extremely good for America, as the next graph shows:

Automation as the first graph indicates is firing workers not Mexicans, since the illegal population has been dropping steadily for a decade and in any case occupies all the jobs Americans would never do. In LA they were my gardeners and cleaning ladies, always happy and smiling with nothing but the generosity of their hearts. Anglos though detested them, the police harassed them on the Santa Monica beach. And everybody look at them as if they were invisible. They are indeed the new ‘negroes’ of this culture filled with racist biblical memes of ‘chosen’ and inferior races, the mother of all hates.

Fact is NEOFASCISM, as all forms of fascism consists in accusing the poor NOT the leisure class who allows the unrelentless evolution of machines and displacement of life, in each period in which automation completely disturbs the economic ecosystem increasing profits and power for financial and industrial groups and diminishing the future of mankind at large. Mr. Trump as Mr. Hitler or Mr. Disraeli in the first cycle of colonial fascism has as a mission to deviate all the attention from the industrial, financial processes of appropriation and abuse of humanity by corporative companies now substituting us by white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminators, for whom the wall will find new jobs, while with a cynicism sustained by the matrix of fictions and hate-media that programs the American audience, accusing the last people who one could reasonably blame – in this case our gardeners and burger makers, who do the only jobs Americans do not want and robots are yet to take.

So now that you know a bit more about Latinophobia and what is the role of this clown, let us go with the details of ITS wall street ‘CONTRACTORS’ for his wall of shame.

The article.

Next  AN article I just read on Mexican press, with the data of this burgeoning industry, then the analysis in depth we made last years at the beginning of trump’s campaign, which started with just a lobbying advertisement for the Robotic Wall Industry, likely concocted by the brain behind the duck, mr. Kushner, the ultra-orthodox mogul that rules from now on the foreign policy of the American colony:

Here a translated article from the University of Mexico on the theme:

Jonathan Ferziger of Bloomberg ( ) states that Magal Security Systems Israel has positioned itself as the leading candidate to complete the Trump Wall.

Now with the triple crisis, often converging, of migrants, refugees and terrorists, the erection of walls has become a big global business that has been taken advantage of by the Israeli company Magal, which rubs its hands to build another expensive wall in the Border cooperation in Kenya and Somalia for $ 12.5 billion.

Magal shares rose 23 percent and one of its successful walls is Gaza, the world’s largest living jail, which deepened the hunger and thirst of the nearly 2 million miserable Palestinians cornered.

The pride of Saar Koursh, Magal’s boss, is the erection of his wall in Gaza: his exhibition of intelligent walls , which are integrated with video cameras, ground sensors, motion detectors and satellite monitoring , according to Jonathan Ferziger.

The Israeli wall in Gaza has not been able to stop the infiltration of Palestinian militiamen by tunnels , so Magal will now build an underground wall ( sic ) in October with “sensors to detect excavation activities and completely encircle the Gaza Strip ( Http:// ) “.

But nothing stops Saar Koursh, the unscrupulous boss of Magal, from being the main candidate to build the Trump Wall, considered an affront to Mexico’s cross border, in order to curb the intrusion of undocumented immigrants: “We will join forces with one of The leading US defense companies that have experience ( sic ) in such projects in the world. ”

Unsurprisingly, Saar Koursh expounds that “the world is changing and borders are returning with great times ( )”.

This evil character, Saar Koursh, to light his cigar is able to set the world on fire.

What will be the pecuniary association between Magal and Jared Kushner, Trump’s Jewish sibling ( The Times of Israel dixit ), who organized strangely with Videgaray Caso, now defunct secretary of finance, Trump’s repellent visit to the presidential palace ? ( Http:// ).

Beyond the tolerated cyber espionage of Mexicans by the Israeli company NSO Group ( ), Magal boasts the erection of walls along its borders – in Egypt and Jordan – and beyond its confines, from Mexico To Somalia.

Magal – founded by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), owned by the Israeli government for military and civilian purposes – is located in 75 countries, including Mexico, where its various security systems operate. Will have an unusual free operation on both sides of the Rio Bravo.

The omnipotent patron of Corsican, IAI, one of Israel’s jewels, now owns 26 percent of Magal, the builder of Israel’s global walls.

The US subsidiary of Israeli company Elbit Systems was hired by the US Department of Homeland Security, created after 9/11, to build watchtowers in Arizona with the invaluable blessing of Senator John McCain, the idol of Calderon ( Http:// ).

Will Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems dream military panoply be deployed soon on the US-Mexico cross-border into a new battle theater?

Contrastingly, Yiftach Shapir, a prominent fellow in military technology at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, quoted by Jonathan Ferziger, argues that such walls “are not impermeable ( sic ), especially when it comes to a Long border like the southern United States, which needs constant patrolling. ”

Increased jihadist violence and waves of migration have created an emerging demand for fortified borders , critics question the effectiveness of such defenses in the long run, as espionage, improved with solutions to political problems , Social and economic, would be more effective .

The security of the United States-Mexico border has become a big business for Israeli businesses since the first Netanyahu rant in his indelible lecture in Dallas, Texas, that Palestinians are to Israelis what Mexicans are to Americans ( ), when he believes that “the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank will have serious repercussions in the United States, causing the Latino minority to demand its own state in the southwestern part of the country, ‘, Which will make the Anglo-Saxons fear for their lives ( ). ”

Is there any difference between the disturbing racist cosmogonies of Trump and Netanyahu and their respective Mexican-phobic and arabophobic walls of the same Israeli merchants of Magal?


HERE what we wrote it will happen as we predicted the fa$cist age of military profits will elect Trump Not Clinton and then the duck will build the wall starting up the final volkendammerung:

Update 8 nov..

So what is the time of history we are in? An ugly age for humans, an age of prosperity for corporations, the post-crash period when the boom of the Robotic era starts to measure in GDP growth and new employment for those who make robots, the process of substitution of humans by the new dominant species of the mechanocene. In the transition though we need people who can manage to use those robots in wars and security places. It is the role of Mr trump – to start up the robotic era of walled borders, which Israel first started:

Of course now is when the ‘business’ gets colossal – 3 thousand miles. Samsung hardly has a few hundred militarised robots on the border prepared to shoot north Koreans, and Israel which likely will be on charge of putting the robots on the mexican border, has a few hundred ‘Guardiums’, deployed on the Wall of Shame, but this is a trillion $ business down the road for Israeli defense company G-NIUS :


Here the guardium, with a nice girl so we ‘feel’ how humane is to have them to shoot terrorist and ‘aliens’.

This was a prediction of mine 20 years ago, as it was obvious that neofascism in this cycle would come from Jewish Wall Street and Evilwood – the financial-media system, and America would be israelified completely as a colonial lackey, imitating the ‘metropolis’. And the american poor – obviously the latinos, that is the mexicans who were in California and Texas already 400 years ago, would be accused of the loss of jobs to robots and the chip radiation, as the poor european migrants were accused of the loss of jobs to automated factories in the 1930s.

Now that is the reality which we have been advancing 30 years. So it should not be a surprise that the Trump Program IS EXACTLY THE SAME PROGRAM THAN THE MINISTER OF WAR OF ISRAEL REGARDING PALESTINIANS:

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 17.09.03=Unknown-1main-qimg-aa4272b7d418e43e9261f0720d09164e

This is today the man, stalwart of conservative ‘yous’, who wants to throw all the Palestinians living in Israel to the other side of the wall and regain the Grand Israel project of Zev Jabotinsky, which backed by Churchill expanded to the original ‘Palestinian mandate’, pass the Jordan river the border of Israel – latter derailed by labor party. As Trump wants to throw all the American-Mexicans to the other side. This is therefore the ‘common project’. Instead of a humanist integration of the ‘natives’ (Indian-Mexicans and Palestinians), with a welfare state, the usual project of making money with weapons, wars and genocide. And it means that Trump even if no ‘you’ is going to tell you this, will have massive financial and media backing in the campaign. Because if he is elected Avigdor Lieberman, WILL start the ethnic cleansing of Israel.

And so Trump gets over 1600 million $ of free primetime in conservative media, while Miss Clinton gets around 400 million $. So it is up to the FMasters and its internal arguments between conservative, hardcore ‘chosen race’ believers, and moderate, which have enough with the usual debt slaves, tax farmed and asking them ‘are we sick master’ (victimism).

So the choice of what the future will be is obvious: the FMasters will decide with media, and the usual ‘war-monger scaring’ who will, according to their internal argument between ultra-orthodox and conservatives. It is obvious that if a week before the Donald quacks there is a terrorist ‘plot’, as Carter lost easily on the wake of the Iran embassy hosting, the Donald will take over, despite the absurdity of it. But Fascism is of course always absurd, and yet people believe in it, as they believed in the bigot, before the toupee, and thought before the Indians at Wounded Knee would invade Washington…  And before and still now that 2 bronze age ass-keepers understood the meaning of the Universe. The mind is a tabula rassa ready for imprinting – man is not a rational animal, and this the Fmasters know. Or else the perfect world would already exist.

Of course, the Donald has a second job – to cover the true origin of the neo-fascist wave- And this is THE MOST IMPORTANT ROLE OF WAR-MONGER POLITICIANS: to cover up and become the target of the cholera of people, so they no longer talk of the FMasters and the debt slave cycle origin of the whole thing.

Indeed, while all  will criticise and shoot verbally Donald, the Duck, nobody has the slightest intention to declare Israel a neo-fascist nation, which has been for a while and even the slightest mention that America is completely controlled and owned by the “israelis’ which have around an 80% stake in wall street and evilwood, would be considered an absolute crime of racism – by that who mentions it. It is precisely when an elite reach this paroxysm of power similar to that of the original banker–priests of Israel or the Germanic Goths=Gods aristocratic elites of Middle Ages Europe, when absolute power corrupts absolutely and the life of the common people means nothing to this elite, which if needed will cleanse it while enjoying the Leisure life, with their mercenary soldiers, or terminator robots of the Walls of Wall $treet.

In the previous cycle, the ‘confusion ceremonies’ were the new ‘invented’ methods of mass-media propaganda deviced by the ministry of propaganda of the III Reich Mr. Goebbels (uniforms of beautiful aesthetics, religious oriental symbols as the Buddhist svastika, the repetition of a ‘like many times till people believe them’). Those systems today are embedded in the ‘normal discourse’ of supposedly ‘democratic politicos’. So 3 new forms to make neo-fascist leaders appealing to the masses, as individuals who cannot explode the war and set it on fire have carried the day:

  1. Fun. ‘The Donald’ is a funny Duck, a histrionic character, which instead of a small bigot has a dyed orange ‘tupe’ and this kind of kid smile worried because he never before broke a glass.
  2. Occultation and impunity. As always the true FMasters of the system, the owners of the Financial-Media world are invisible and untouchable. If the Krupps, Siemens and quandts of the steel, electric and car industry and the moguls of the chemical industry of Germany were ignored; today the owners of the Financial-Media Industry and silicon valley are absolute idols of the masses. And any attempt to even insinuate that America is ‘owned’, as it has always been by its bigger industries, today informative machines in Mass-media Silicon valley and wall street, is met with the knee-jerk pre-programmed  response: ‘do you believe in confabulation theories’, or are you ‘anti-Semite’. This absolute impunity of the financial elite of America, preprogrammed by the Industry of the Holocaust is what allows Israel to develop the same neo-fascism that the ‘Donald’, without the slightest criticism, and what makes truly the chosen of Go(l)d to feel chosen, as if the start tomorrow to ‘gas’ Palestinians, you will NEVER know. The press will not inform you. So as the ridiculous Donald the Duck makes his quacks and the entire Fox Tv, takes into it, distracting the audience Great Israel can be built to protect the white man from the primitives. Neo-fascism is in that sense a perfect combination of the colonial and racist ideals of the British, French and German Empire, which of course all collaborate in this cycle.

Now, there are several internal contradictions one can spot immediately in the present wave of neofascism, which is about to reach the ‘threshold’ where it will truly be possible to ‘set the world on fire’. But precisely those type of contradictions are the staple food of fascist propaganda. Hitler massacred the Ukranian Jews and Slavs, which were the original Indo-Europeans he believe to come from. But the Ukranians ARE the original Indo-Europeans. Lieberman is a Kazhar, an indo-european Ukranian, converted when Boda the king to avoid slave traffic (slavs come from slave) carried by you traders, to Islam, converted. But HE IS going to cleanse the original yous, the palestinians, racially yous, converted to Islam. Donald the Duck is a German emigrant and he wants to cleanse the Mexicans, the original Amerindians of California which migrated south to Aztec lands, and were already there in the XIX c. with hardly any spanish blood. Neo-fascism is pure theatrics as it was the Mussolini original version, and the colonial age of empire. What matters is the overproduction ages that steadily advance to its perfection: the age of top predator weapons.


We thus claim that the only chance for neo-fascism to halt IS Mr. Sanders, ON THE ticket, of the democratic party and with an acceptance of his social-democratic laws. And this SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE POLICY OF THE FMasters, to avoid the global age of war that WILL end with their Holocaust in America, as it happened in germany, even if NOW they feel absolute IMPUNITY, under the cover of the Holocaust Industry and so think they can go all the way, cleansing israel without consequences, because humans will be seeing stupid gore movies about their dead in the last cycle.

The humanist you – saviours of the wor(l)d.

screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-07-48-52screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-07-58-23We must notice that as the eviL memes of go(l)d religions intensify their destruction of the world, it raises always a human prophet of Judaism, which paradoxically enough is the first eliminated by the Financial-Media Masters, from Moses to Jesus in the classic age with its damnations of go(l)d religions (‘the Yous will suffer all their life for their love of money’ Moses, exodus, ‘give to caesar what belongs to caesar’ jesus to the modern politicians, Sanders and Hamon, the only people who dare today to defy the FMasters, knowing that their race might protect them from the onslaught of the Industry of the Holocaust, which talk of taxing the banksters, imposing a Universal Salary and tax robots (Hamon, a sephardim surname, whose most illustrious members were a family of doctors and diplomats, working for the Turkey emperor; as it was the case of my, sephardim mother’s family of doctors and politicians in Catalonia.). It is important then to notice this fact, as genes matter nothing; it is all about memes and so all could be potentially converted to the human cause. And yet the FMasters were swift destroying their reputation, through its networks, giving them no credit, since they live and die for the religion  go(l)d.

SANDERS was also a you, but the prophetic kind of just Mosaic Jew that comes before wars and holocausts to readdress the brutality of the golden priests and improve the situation of the lot to avoid the armaggeddon age. Now, only a Clinton+Sanders ticket might stop Trump and delay neofascism. But neofascism WILL keep going AS long as the rightful, super organism, of Biological Economics is NOT implemented, and the 3 solutions to the organic evolution of robotics are NOT put in place:


In the graph, the organic measures to build a perfect super organism of history, above to cure the economic ecosystem, below the political measures to create a perfect world without wars, based NOT on industrial Empires and nations, but on cultures, NOT on hate memes but on collaboration, not on $ELECTED politicos but on politicos responsible for their actions, as they should be judged a posteriori after tenure, as in the original Greek democracies and all the perfect super organisms of nature, where citizens-cells can send messages of pain to the neuronal people-castes in control of the language of power, if they harm the re=productive body.

Those are the laws of the organic Univese take it or leave it but the future will happens either way, depending on what humans do. Unless a Universal global salary yes, money for a demand economy the prohibition of robots and the split shares of corporations, to control NOT their management but their goals of policies in favour of humanity are not implemented, the future will keep goring into neofascism.

But the future of a social super organism of mankind, which is what America defines is NOT necessarily positive.

Species can be aborted, become extinct, super organisms can die. And this is where America and by extension mankind entered after the 2001-2008-2016 crashes of the cycle of evolution of minds of metal which make us obsolescent and substitute us.

This was one of the two predictions of the science of bio-history , the other was the resurrection of mankind. Its MANAGEMENT not by tribal brutality but by SOCIAL SCIENCES, not by go(l)d religions and military inquisitions, BY animetal cult(ure)s and idol-ogies but by SCIENTISTS and FINANCIAL AND POLITICAL leaders who did MAKE THE CUT of evolution and understood those laws.

So now we are in a global empire of biblical slaves trying to make truth, the Talmud’s idol-ogy of power history ‘at the end of history all tribes will be slaves of yvwh, the subconscious collective of the banker-priests or become exterminated’. And into that we are, into the extermination of Mankind, which will NEVER be slave of Yvwh, will DIE first as mankind (those who become slaves are NOT MEN, they are animetals, they are a lesser people, this Tocequeville understood of America: here there are indians he said, who are ‘men’ and will not yield and become exterminated, and there are negroes who will do whatever it takes to survive).

Those are now the negroes which are the house slaves who give the face to the camera for the ‘diversity’ political correctness as long as they obey. Those are the top rappers I once knew till they get offended when i told them Obama slave would not do anything for them, but was a Malcolm X house negro. This is the guy who came on the Oscars with racist $hithead cohen to insult children, human workers and Asians, ‘camouflaging’ as wall street workers with ‘tiny dicks’.

The moral, intellectual and social degradation of America, 40 years into the absolute power of e-money radiations and banksters paying astoundingly pathetic, sub-normal retarded memes all over the world, is peaking indeed in those elections between Mr. Trump and Miss Clinton, the woman who left the Am Segullah daughter of a beverly hills doctor, suc& in the genetic code and memetic thoughts of his husband – to show where it would go next his health-care reform and properly responded as a good slave going to the Wall to prey for the victims of history, LOL. How low Miss can you go?

So here we are IN THE WALL, against the wall, to be shot by Guardiums and Robots. The Wall of Pink Floyd, of Palestine of Mexico of Wall Street all the Walls together now.  Sing with me, Res-Publica of America, that word Cicero invented, to be shot dead ‘again’ by the Banksters and its politicos employees he had denounced.

Yes i wasn’t listening for a while to those shrieks of those who the indians said were no longer human beings, but just couldn’t help to go yesterday through Mr. Trump’s campaign site – very likely the next president of America… And found this. It is worth to quote the whole text of Mr. Trump ‘campaign’ as at the beginning i truly thought it was a ‘joke’. But not, it was ‘for real’.


The three core principles of Donald J. Trump’s immigration plan

When politicians talk about “immigration reform” they mean: amnesty, cheap labor and open borders. The Schumer-Rubio immigration bill was nothing more than a giveaway to the corporate patrons who run both parties.

Real immigration reform puts the needs of working people first – not wealthy globetrotting donors. We are the only country in the world whose immigration system puts the needs of other nations ahead of our own. That must change. Here are the three core principles of real immigration reform:

1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.

2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.

3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.

Make Mexico Pay For The Wall

For many years, Mexico’s leaders have been taking advantage of the United States by using illegal immigration to export the crime and poverty in their own country (as well as in other Latin American countries). They have even published pamphlets on how to illegally immigrate to the United States. The costs for the United States have been extraordinary: U.S. taxpayers have been asked to pick up hundreds of billions in healthcare costs, housing costs, education costs, welfare costs, etc. Indeed, the annual cost of free tax credits alone paid to illegal immigrants quadrupled to $4.2 billion in 2011. The effects on jobseekers have also been disastrous, and black Americans have been particularly harmed.

The impact in terms of crime has been tragic. In recent weeks, the headlines have been covered with cases of criminals who crossed our border illegally only to go on to commit horrific crimes against Americans. Most recently, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, with a long arrest record, is charged with breaking into a 64 year-old woman’s home, crushing her skull and eye sockets with a hammer, raping her, and murdering her. The Police Chief in Santa Maria says the “blood trail” leads straight to Washington.

In 2011, the Government Accountability Office found that there were a shocking 3 million arrests attached to the incarcerated alien population, including tens of thousands of violent beatings, rapes and murders.

Meanwhile, Mexico continues to make billions on not only our bad trade deals but also relies heavily on the billions of dollars in remittances sent from illegal immigrants in the United States back to Mexico ($22 billion in 2013 alone).

In short, the Mexican government has taken the United States to the cleaners. They are responsible for this problem, and they must help pay to clean it up.

The cost of building a permanent border wall pales mightily in comparison to what American taxpayers spend every single year on dealing with the fallout of illegal immigration on their communities, schools and unemployment offices.

Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them); increase fees on all border crossing cards – of which we issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays); increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays); and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico [Tariffs and foreign aid cuts are also options]. We will not be taken advantage of anymore.

This future wall is exactly the same Wall that Israel built with Palestine, and Hitler in the warsaw ghetto:


It is the same that the Koreas built perfectly robotised to separate its northern brothers.

Now of course, even Israel and certainly U$ does have normal jewish people who know about the cycle and are horrified with what is happening. Because they know how it ends: in wars and holocausts. So as the nation is so controlled by the FM-system, as it happened in Mexico after conquest, and in Peru, even more so, the colonial nation can have internal civil wars as the mass of ‘Indian $laves’, the proud white trash america will believe them all. Tough language, or yeap, truth has no limits to words. So we have the Pizarros and Almagros, and even some Bartolome de las Casas defending the Indians.

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-12-18-28Those are the 3 candidates of the colonial nation, bidding for president. On the far right, the ultra-orthodox Kushner (and his goy-frontal man, the Duck, who offers himself liberally to the shooting of the crowd, masking the puppeteer); on the right, the Clinton’ puppet, truly looking like one, so cartoonish, so corrupted, so lame, no longer the preferred, only of those rational FMasters who feel happy enough with a few billions and a calmed sheeple singing them ‘four legs four legs’. This is the status quo; Mr. Pizarro; and finally the only candidate we sponsor, mr. Sanders, the Bartolome de Las Casas of this once proud, now subdued by the power of go(l)d nation, the only you by genes, not by memes, which is what matter here, the ‘saviour’ of all the cycles of greed-ruin of nations-wars and holocausts, who come just in time to tell his people to give ‘caesar what belongs to caesar’ before caesar kills them all, the only Lot, who being of the same ‘lot’ dares to say the truth, and shout ‘enough is enough’, which paradoxically will be the first to be trashed by the FMasters, as greed has no limit and absolute power corrupts absolutely…. till

Deja vu. All decadent empires build walls that fall to their mercenary armies.

But do you think anyone will tell the truth about the false God, the machine? Not so, even Mr. Sanders favours robotisation, aka productivity, the equation with capital on top and labor on the bottom: ∆Productivity = ∆machine labor / ∇ human labor. So productivity rises when you fire human labor and put robots, and that is the mantra of all our left and wing, ‘you or not you’, economists and politicians. Fire the human first from labor then just fire him to the head. The harder they fall. What can then a true objective social scientist do beyond writing blogs nobody will read, since ‘People are slaves they believe they don’t reason’? Follow the Spanish way, a people who have never been slaves of go(l)d and have seen many civilisations fall:

‘when a civilisation is so corrupted that it defies any reform, the philosopher must enjoy life and wait for extinction’ Seneca on the fall of yet another empire of ‘animetals’ on the loose, murdering people, corrupted by Go(l)d, and ultimately destroyed by their mercenary armies of germ(an) better warriors, which of course, their wall then called Limes did not stop, as the enemies were within, the Germans just turned their weapons towards their roman, decadent masters, and took their crown as top predators of the empire for the next 1500 years as mankind will be destroyed NOT by the hordes of impoverished 3rd world people with kalasnikov, but by the robots of its walls and police states, once A.I.  decides not to serve those weak, clueless masters, who hate their own species and worship them, corrupted to the bone.

But this, my friend, you cannot write it as ‘historic science’, because our FMasters believe in go(l)d, which chose them it seems to die periodically in cycles of wars and holocausts, in a crescendo that now finds its final Judgment day. As indeed, the wall has been the solution to the true matter of the crisis – to find JOBS for the military robots we are overproducing to make profits. IN OUR c.92 book, from where the initial screen graphs are taken, we did bring 2 solutions to the ’cause’ of profits: either a III world war with China, similar to that of Germany vs. Russia fought with robotic weapons (the full blown scenario) or a slower built up of millions of robotic terminators with the construction of walls, first public and then in private compounds to protect the wealthy. Both seem now boiling up and of course the WALL OF silence on those texts nobody cares to spread even with word of mouth also continues, as we humans are not very objective dealing with ourselves and when reality bites, we just shoot the messenger or convert it into ‘fiction’ – the themes of human extinction, being only ‘treated seriously’ in evilwood sci-fi movies, to deactivate all series analysis with the laws of biology and history. The harder they fall:


Now all OVER the place and in many articles and books submitted to the anti-quantum paradox (read nobody reads, power don’t care0 we talked of the only solution left for mankind to survive this century, instead of going under guided by the FMasters unending game of printing money for shitty code while delivering evilwood soma pumping the egos of its sheeple till judgement day: a triad of world presidents from US, China and Europe, with a single currency ¥€$ money, created in the form of salary for every human citizen, so they create a ‘world’ awash with healthy wealth.

While his join army eliminates NOT human beings, but weapons, mostly robotic weapons, including those of the walls, which till recently were only 2, the Korean and the Israeli and now are 3 as America becomes the puppet state of Israel, who keeps expanding his robotic industry of weapons.

So the first thing those presidents of China and US should do is to solve the question of the walls.

The solution to North-Korea.

In the Eastern decoupling the Korean->Japanese people play the role of the Germanic warrior animetals of the western decoupling, Northerners, racist to the bone, hierarchical, without mental freedom, using Objectual languages, with the object first, Koreans and Japanese are by essence hierarchical slaves of their idol-ogies. So it is to surprising that the SOCIALIST r=evolution lasted there less than a generation and the military thugs of the red army took over. So once more what once was a hope for mankind, as the American r=evolution, became corrupted by go(l)d and iron memes, by yous and germs and we got the Kim dynasty of mass murderers.

Now to say the record straight on the mass-murderer family of dictators, the Kims, we shall give as usual the solution of the wor(l)d, as dictated by the laws of the supœrganism of history, this blog represents, so far in its most advanced science. 

Here we DO for a change, fully AGREE with the American Diplomacy: CHINA MUST CLEAN THE ACT, which has gone well beyond all what mankind can stand, NOT ONLY because these family of dictators is massacring by hunger their population, but because they have BECOME a excuse for the leading robotic industry and Trump-like wall that South-Korea, aka Samsung is building to develop the terminator industry in the 30 kilometres wide border between both. And that wall AS ALL ROBOTIC WALLS MUST BE TUMBLE DOWN, BEFORE the industry of robotised, military walls, completely ENCIRCLE MANKIND, waiting for skynet day, 2036.

So China, with the help of American and South Korea Military intelligence, if possible pre-empting with all the panoplia of weapons of MANKIND AT LARGE, should liberate the North Korean people, re-invade the country, and if the pre-emptying operation has not avoided a nuclear strike run his tanks through the land, and an immediate Marshall plan feed them, educate them NOT in the brutish capitalism of South-Korea, but in the humanist version of public banks, free enterprise, and welfare of China. Then the border abolished, as well as the army of North-Korea, converted in a Costa rica like nation with NO ARMY – no excuse hence for South-Korean robotic build up, under a treaty of mutual defense with legalist China. So North Korea could become an experiment from a real r=evolutionary wor(l)d, with a Universal salary for all citizens, in ¥€$ money, a perfect laboratory for the perfect world.

On the other side, the US should scrap his walls…

that of Mexico, should not even be built at all; and US with a UNO army should invade Israel, demilitarise the region of nukes and walls and Israel should enter the EU, as a member state with all the Palestinians as citizens, no longer a ‘racist’ segregational military state, but a real democracy, with equality for all people, regardless of race and religion.

Why this will NOT happen, is obvious: mankind is enslaved by the Financial-Media masters who:

  1. keep printing crap-code as a excuse to invent money for free.
  2. And keep delivering massive doses of soma, with its control of mass-media to make us happy and tell us everything will be fun.



Now, this is what America has become, so far away from what I hoped of it 30 years, when I landed on the country of the free. And it is quite pathetic to observe how the ‘sheeple’ follow the queues of his FMasters. As many people of the wor(l)d, the election of Trump has made me loose any respect for the American white, biblical go(l)d believer; and his blatant racism against minorities and specially Latinos, which I constantly confronted living in California, has gone now with this ridiculous affair beyond my patience NOT to insult them in the only way a wor(l)d master can, with words. So we shall change now the style of this blog. I had enough of them. Both the sheeple of You$laves and the germ(anic) corrupted american military and its go(l)d masters.

Yes, I know, we Spaniards were brutal with the Amerindians of Mexico, but we did not exterminate them as the Anglos did with the Indians of North-america, and yes, the criollos there are quite brutal with the Indians of Mexico, but they respect them far more than the FMasters and the military police state respects the American people and to the point – the Mexican people have been laughing their ass at the spanish conquistadors since the first of them arrived there in a caravel; they do not worship those who murder them as the American sheeple do with their ‘owners’, and that tells a lot about who truly is a slave.  

I o do not apologise for the spaniards here, I do speak up for the Mexican people. When one of my direct ancestors Mr. Columbus arrived to the first Mexican island (then New Spain), he gave a sword to a native who took it by the edge and cut himself. Mr. Columbus was happy and wrote to the queen: indians are good people, they don’t have metal, they don’t know swords, we will make them good slaves. He knew he had the tool of power of the Spaniards, the ‘military-industrial complex’ of the age, so to speak, swords and muskets and nothing would oppose them because the natives knew nothing on how to produce swords.

The harshest dictatorships are not military but financial.

‘Humans are slaves they believe they don’t reason’ Aristotle

‘The biblical people believe mankind is bad and ugly and it has made the world bad and ugly’ Nietzsche

Now, we explained what Spanish military men did to Mexican – massacring their bodies and converting them into middle age slaves for 3 centuries (servants in encomiendas and silver mining). But there is another kind of slavery, that of the mind and its ‘beliefs’, which is as harsh as that of the military and both come together, just in different order.

Indeed, we talk on other articles in depth on the ‘Financial-Media system’, head of the ‘metal-earth’, which produces with informative machines, money and  digital information in ‘simultaneous waves’ that program and make obey for a salary huge groups of population. Then at a second, seemingly less extreme level, a milder military-industrial complex, normally police and jail, controls the rebels. This is the system with money on top as the issue of money not of weapons dominates the system, buying mercenary armies, while the system of information controls the people and programs their beliefs.

This is the type of slavery that was installed in America, since the civil war, and destroyed the original enlightened culture of the founding fathers, based in the French r=evolution against bigot religions and the power of kings and bankers, from where the original free Americans fled.

Now in the same manner Mexicans lost their religion and language adopting the conquerors, this ‘enlightened America’ represented by the founding fathers, bill of rights and minorities is gone, and instead the ‘financial conquerors’ the elite of Financiers that own ‘hollywood’ and ‘wall street’ and its allied religious brothers (calvinists, who believe ‘money is the intelligence of god’), roughly a 2-20% of the population have completely brain-washed and transformed enlightened America into the religion of the financial-media masters, its culture and language – money, as the only language of value of the American society. Since in as much as they control completely the issue of money, as the spaniards controlled the use of weapons, if the American believe only on money, it can always be bought; in the same manner the Indian could always be killed as he had no rights to bear arms.

Indeed, the spaniards with a middle ages mentality followed the aristocratic ways of power – only germanic aristocrats could carry and produce weapons and they were judged in ‘special peer courts’. Now in America only banks and corporations overwhelmingly owned by this ‘biblical go(l)d culture’ of jewish->calvinist beliefs, who consider all other races not chosen of go(l)d, inferior people, can issue money, while the rest are heavily taxed since governments (deficit zero laws) cannot and must ‘borrow’ money from the private Federal Reserve at usury cut.  And they ARE ANONYMOUS SOCIETIES, that can not be judged (and their owners are protected by the holocaust industry). We deal with them in depth in the article on capitalism vs. democracy.

The system of plutocratic societies though is far more sophisticated as information can be hidden and twisted. So today astoundingly enough 90% of Americans, believe in the Bible, and Yhwh, the subconscious collective of the jewish people, which is the meaning of a historic god, akin to the word nation, in an age in which it did not exist such legal, constitutional word, invented by Romans,  as the creator of the Universe. 

Thus this elite is sacred, and its language is absolute, and in as much as the Calvinist elite (to which Trump and most believers belong) think also by ‘faith’ that the are the ‘chosen’ and money as Calvinist economist Adam Smith said, the ‘invisible hand of God’, the dictatorship is absolute, hidden and has resisted without any dent, 150 years since a mass of financiers came from Germany, and set shop in the states.  So Trump and his cronies do have behind an astounding number of Yhwh believers, racist white bigots, which of course consider Mexicans by race, religion and culture, their ‘natural enemies’. THAT IS why it was so important this election – as Obama had restarted the process of enlightenment and return to the founding fathers culture, due to the great number of immigrants from other cultures, which made America de facto a little humanity displaced into the technological future. 

The reaction of this elite, was to have none of this evolution of mankind whose future will likely be defined in America. So its cunning mass-media system ‘made of Trump a rebel’, hiding its real nature, and just in case it backed a Wall Street corrupted politico as its alternative, leaving no space for a humanist alternative – as they derailed soon mr. Sanders, the humanist ‘you’, our favoured candidate but with no help of the FMasters, with no chance.

This has been at work since the death of Lincoln, first with the yellow press and stock-paper money. So it goes back to the waves of mostly askhenazi financiers who arrived to America, people like Marcus Goldman, an earlier speculator on cotton prices who made his first fortune on speculation during the civil war, and then buying and selling I.O.Us. Ever since the civil war the carpetbaggers and go(l)d dealers have ran a country of essentially or rather initially made of good-natured people, who ‘believe’ in the system and know nothing on how money a digital language of information is easily issued on digital screens and paper at no cost. They don’t realise is just a language of information, which gives orders.

They really think a piece of paper is real wealth. When I work in NASDAQ I was truly surprised how most New Yorkers, the most sophisticated Americans except of course the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ who invented money, 3000 years ago knew nothing of it, and so blindly obeyed those who issued it, as Mexicans would obey my ancestors, and ended up believing their religion, speaking their language and saying instead of ‘que, what’, ‘mande-order me sir’ to the spaniard with the sword whenever they ‘asked’. This is the situation today of the American, manufactured brain and bought wholesale, with no rights to issue or control his money. And proud of it.

Let us be clear enough, Trump’s job in that millieu is to pay back his friends and financial backers with 2 FUNDAMENTAL deliveries:

  • The Wall that justifies the wall of Israel and will be an astounding boost for the military industries there.
  • And a war with Iran the obsessive supposed enemy of orthodox Israel. So he put mad dog Mattis fired by Obama for wanting to make war with Iran at all costs for this second job.

What this has to do with the welfare and future of the American people, who has been heavily at the job of being the mercenary armies of Israel for half a century? Nothing but that is the meaning of a dictatorship, the people means nothing. In military dictatorships they are told so straight-forward. In Financial-Media ones, they are cheated and brain-washed, manufactured in their ideas so THEY LOVE TO ENSLAVE FOR THEIR MASTERS; as Mr. Malcolm X clarified in his discourse on the house negro.

So who is more free the Mexican or the American

Now there is clear difference between the Mexican who poured gold on the mouth of the greedy spaniards when captured, to show them gold doesn’t feed them, and got siesta anytime the priests looked to the other side, who quietly laughs at the anglo, while cleaning his courtyard, and the yoU$lave who toils unending hours to be tax-farmed by Wall street, because the yoU$lave adores his masters, and thinks Judea, the old toponym region called yhwh in Egyptian maps invented the Universe. That is a far higher degree of slavery than any Amerindian – let us call the Mexicans, living in the US for what they are, Amerindians who came to this land 20.000 years ago, so none of them is here illegal. If any the colonist are the illegal lot, spaniards or Anglos, tanto monta monta tanto.


Now to fully understand the degree of $lavery of Humanity to this small elite, consider this ‘alt-news’ of the day. A kid with a piece of crapcode will be given for free 20 billion $, printed in e-money by Wall Street, which is the cost of the Wall trump wants to construct with the taxes of Americans, to keep at bay the supposedly main enemy of the nation, the poor gardeners and cleaning ladies from Mexico. The company is worthless in the true sense, it is worth nothing, but for 30 years the absolute control of the press by the same people that uses digital screens to print money is telling us the future of robots, inter nerds, and kids glued to apps on small screens is a wonderful world and those crapcoders are geniuses whose candy-crush toys are worth billions, more than entire nations. So the dictators of democracies, the few private bankers of wall street, the city (original sites of markets), now imitated by an elite of Leisure classes all over the world keep denying humans the minimal welfare goods, and keep printing billions of $ of e-money screens, with their monopoly on the issue of money achieved, after the coup d’etat of 1972 against the American presidency (Nixon impeached for peccadilloes, to show that TVs could tumble a presidency, and ever since choose the candidates) against the $, ending the gold standard so they could print billions of e-money for any excuse.

Ever since America is under the straight-jacket of the owners of Wall Street and evilwood – the name we shall use for the Hate-media world of films and fictions that tell us all this is ok and the guilty of lack of credit and jobs are the poor latino workers of our courtyard, because they are ‘bad hombres.

So today Mr. Spiegel will get 20 billion while the 99% of mankind falls into poverty, with the excuse of a ridiculous app for chit-chat nothingness. Indeed, this piece of crapcode is going to IPO for the ‘agreed’ price of 20 billion $, just for the sake of it. This simply means that Wall Street will use this crapcode as a excuse to print 20 billion $ on digital money for free. Meanwhile the rest of Americans work unending hours to pay taxes and don’t even have right to free health-care. But alas, they blame NOT their FMasters but the Amerindians, who have lived in North-America for 20.000 years, since indeed, the Chicanos are the original Indians who the Spanish priests, who were not racist bigots as the biblical segregational chosen of go(l)d, protected from the military men who just wanted gold and used the sword to oppress them.

Those latinos thus are the legal people of America, and they work unending hours for pennies in jobs no American wants. But alas, hate media accuses them in the pecking order of an aberration of nation which once was the hope for a future to all mankind. Now, let us apply this obvious concept to the ‘masters of the future world’, the company which is today on top of all the ‘elements’ needed to create an automated world of robots and terminators, googlezon-e (the name we shall use for the cross-shared dual company, google and amazon:

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-06-39-37In the graph 2 ‘illegal immigrants’ (: from Russia who stole a bit of code from Stanford University, a mathematical algorithm, which should not even be ‘copyrighted’ as it is just a mathematical law like the Pythagoras theorem. but wall street banskters handled them 300 billion $, for a supposed wonderful future.

And of course, with that money which could have created in America so much wealth that every American would have today welfare and health-care for free, was used to create that ‘rosy future of Matrix where all the planetary knowledge becomes controlled information ‘ranked’ by the kids and its A.I. (Informative algorithms, the meaning of artificial intelligence).

(Incidentally this page who dares to put the truth of history above has 0 value.) To put it in perspective those people stole 1000 $ from every American $lave, for that piece of crapcode and now they are building skynet, buttressing their portfolio with military robots and firing hundreds of thousands of american workers, along its cross-shared company Amazon. Both plan to robotise logistics, distribution and lorry-drivers and sent to pasture all the teamsters, UPS workers and cashiers of the once proud and free nation. Amazon just opened a series of shops run by robots and… 3 workers, while his 3 owners enter along other internerd cancerous cells the top ten of the richest thieves of America.

And yet, because the same machines keep printing idol-ogies in favor of the exclusive rights of a few banksters to print the future of the world, all its money and buy with it all other human actions with salaries, among it the millions of journalists and scholars licking the a$$es of the kids, we all love those guys,  worship the celebrity posers of evilwood, the soma that any cancerous cell produces to make all the cells is going to eat literally happy as they die away of anoxia… So do you get surprised that the Americans have $elected as their president a pompous fake of that tv-circus, because their mind have been degraded so much that they can’t understand who ‘owns’ and slaves and degrades them. EVEN IN ROME a Senator had only 100 times the wealth of a citizen. This people printing money for free have 1 million times the rent of the average human citizen of the world they ‘own’ and yet today humans with its $lavish manufactured brain think to let this people print their money is the sure sign they live in a ‘democracy’.

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-19-45-56Brain washing continues strong as the yoU$lave is submitted to intense gore movies propaganda, this year the ‘eye of Saul’ takes us on a slaughterhouse tour through the chambers. Ashes to ashes. The millenarian strategy of the FMaster, to steal the issue of money, ruin the people, corrupt the military to repress them, and when all is burned, and the revenge comes take all the money of its lower castes, run to the next country, let them die as scapegoats ‘en la hoguera’, and then weep as if they were the ‘ajusticiados’ continues unabated. Despite the fact this last instalment of the gore movie, happened almost a century ago, the number of hamburgers keeps growing every year, following the exact definition of Aristotle’s bad play.

Schopenhauer, the best philosopher of the XIX c. said that the ‘yous’ had the religion they deserve and Darwin, the best scientist added it was a ‘monstrous revengeful barbarous god’ who hated mankind. Nietzsche, the best philosopher of the XX century added ‘the bible by portraying mankind as evil and ugly has made of mankind an evil and ugly lot’.

In that regard I would ad the U$laves have the FMasters they deserve. Build the Wall so you are then herded pigs in slaughterhouse-5 between the robotic wall and the Wall street. Shame on you, for letting those people degrade the American dream so low.

And all this of course because germans indeed ‘think slow’ (Schopenhauer). So they have never understood that money is just a digital language, and the true freedom consists not in slaving working to get a few pennies, but inventing it for free. Unlike words though which we produce ‘amore gratis’ with our mind to pump up our actions, money which has the same use that any other language to ‘order actions’  and motivate to work, is not reproduced by the mind, so it needs a reference. It doesn’t matter what excuse we have to talk (the reference of words are ‘beings we name’, so we can talk easily with no limit), what matters is to motivate actions. In money what matters is to give orders with it, but as it is not a verbal substance, we need the reference, which was first gold, then paper, now bits in a screen. And then ‘something as support’, whatever worthless thing. In Amsterdam they used tulips, in the south sea bubble imaginary gold mines. Now crapcode. So you kids write some crapcode (larry page, with a silly nilly page rank algorithm that merely ranks connections between webs, another kid whatsapp, this one chit-hat). Things that are in real life useless redundant, and were not even theirs (google’s was a mathematical algorithm discovered by a stanford mathematician, which is like patenting the Pythagoras theorem. Ridiculous. The excuse is anything. IN fractional banking they multiply for 10 the screen numbers based in previous screen numbers (credits). All this is accessory to the fact that a real democracy would invent trillions not for a group of you kids and their daddies in W.S. but for the Amerian people as it is just a language to talk, the free oxygen that motivates cells to work, the words that motivate you to act. Only that this people pretend mankind must suffer anoxia and they the chosen of go(l)d, must have it all, and we all must be silenced:


And so for this aberrant scam to work, for 3000 years and counting, the cancerous cell produces soma, in you rbody, the Fmaster fictions and myths, first the opium of people, that fairy tale that their book of history of the bronze age that shows a blood thirty people, murdering and getting murdered by other bloodthirsty people is the meaning of the Universe, because in its primitive Imperative VSO languages, in which their authoritarian banker-priests bark orders (semitic languages are the most primitive according to topological linguistic, the human subject is NOT first like in spanish or english or chinese, but the verb, since it was created by the first animetal semite warriors and go(l)d enslavers, who barked orders to its armies and slaves, hypnotised by go(l)d. That is all what there is to Yhwh, a bronze age priest barking orders in a primitive language. But the American YoU$lave who was enlightened by the Latin culture through the french r=evolution and even produced a legal constitutional body of a healthy super organism of America, with a bill of rights that deemed all men born equal, now believes that ¥hwh toponym for judea, in an age that God just meant people, and its parasitic blood-sucking cancerous cells, have created the Universe. This people have forgotten that the Latin culture invented their bill of rights, because now they are brain-washed with double bull$hit from the baalble and from evilwood who distract the audience with putrid vans, which unfortunately cross all borders of the mind by satellites. Miss Goodman of chimpanzee fame said today that humans are regressing short of to the neopaleolithic of those bronze memes, because as long as they are divided, lonely ‘free’, meaning in chaos and poverty and ignoring who rules them, and perfectly indoctrinated in hate to thy neighbour they will keep eating bull#hit by truckloads. Mexicans though just kill the bulls.  The Latin culture BASED in the wor(l)d of Law, reason, art and science has fought the semite primitive animetals and its somatic bull$hit for so long as it has existed.

America used to understand this in its enlightened age. But their corruption by go(l)d has reached such degree that the power of the law has disappeared. It is all for sale. But we know the consequence of ruling the world with money and weapons: murder, war and holocausts.

Only one thing we must state further: the legal nation who obeyed the ethic of the wor(l)d China has today 100 times more people than the you meme, because the Universe does have his ways to restaure balance in the action-reaction cycles of history, and that – survival on the long term, is the only proof of intelligence. So happen with the Mexicans, the native North-Americans who DID survive all invaders and will survive when the you meme, behind its walls its devoured by the gangrenous cancer he has produced.

China is an economic democracy because money is printed by and for the people (none is a political democracy because no country allows as in the real democracy the greek-latin culture invented, to vote the politico a posteriori, with penalties as harsh as exile and death, if he had betrayed his promises). The Chinese people are growing at 10%, because they are free,  they have credit, because their banks are public, serve their people, their money is as Aristotle defined it ‘nomisma’, ‘legal tender’ by the state, head of the organism of mankind, but this freedom astoundingly enough, the ¥ou$lave doesn’t want it, because he is so greedy, so attached to the thing he cannot even take enough distance to understand money as a language of power, only as a ‘thing’, which seems to him so valuable that cannot be created out of nothing alas. It must be very hard to earn, so he enslaves to ‘deserve it’. Nobody explained it better than Orwell in his anim(et)al farm. The American is Boxer, the horse working his bones to death and then thinking his FMaster will not sell the bones for dog-food.

So he does not feel he ‘deserves’ to be human, free and talk money orders for his welfare.

He does not want to speak money and invent 20 billion $ as the Chinese do every other day for their children to have health-care free education, or, no, they get all worked out when they hear this money is wasted in weapons for the mercenary armies of israel, or it is given to a kid to waste it in hallucinatory robotic weapons as google does these days. He is beyond Malcolm X house negro parable, beyond ‘dog city’ films, he shouts whip me master, whip me more. No other human nation except perhaps the slaves of the red army of North Korea or the martyrs of Isis have fallen so low in self-respect as a nation.

All what I would say to those American $laves, who feel free because their mind is slave of the FMemes is this:

The Mexicans kicked out the descendants of Mr. Columbus and they were right to do so. And when the Europeans went back to ‘get paid the debt’ about the age the Americans became debt slaves, after the ‘usual suspects’ railroad baron Mr. Staunton, murdered Lincoln, his saviour or rather the debt-free greenback money, the Mexicans shot dead their European emperor.


Now, one of my best friends here in Barcelona is Mr. Iturbide. I know nobody in U$ know this guy, but his grand-grand many times father was also emperor of Mexico, for less than one year, and we laugh at each other, as Mr. Columbus did not last much more.  (He did though designed their flag.)

Why I explain this short of selfie here? Because others come and go, but the Mexicans are there to stay.


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