U$election 2008

Franklin Delano Roosevelt – “Presidents are selectednot elected.”

Abstract.  We shall write this $election, in which likely Mr. Obama wins, as a theatrical piece with a metaphor of a good and bad play, taken from Aristotle’ poetics. Since indeed the American political circus is just a tragicomedy where all candidates are puppets of the true rulers of America, since its creation, company-mothers first of gunboats then of trains, then of  oil, cars and weapons, today digital companies manufacturing the collective brain of mankind into a neopaleolithic time of collective stupidity.  So yes, a house negro will be chosen, to serve the white house masters and pretend to server their people.

April – 2012 – Politico news. American puppetry kicks off.

The American $lave: duopoly in politics: ‘No choice at all’

In America, Mr. Romney, a biblical mormon who thinks the creator revealed his message to a gold seeker fraud that found 2 gold tables crafted in ancient egyptian grammar, and has made a fortune firing workers, is the ‘candidate’ that will resurrect America. Meanwhile t he house negro keeps passing laws in favor of unemployment, robotic evolution and military Keynesianism. The last one a ‘jobs act’ whose only content is to give further tax cuts to silicon valley companies, the ones with the worst ratio capital/labor in the world. Thus his solution to unemployment? : increase the obsolescence of human workers to robots, and give further cuts to the likes of Amazon.com who never paid e-trade taxes and got away with hundreds of thousands of jobs in dad and mum shops. We are in for 4 more years of American weimar, followed by a new GOP or DEM candidate which will bring more of the same… Theatrics continues but the play is always the same piece of bad Aristotelian poetics with its Katarsis that only brings business as usual once all the ‘lonely people’ have returned to their tv-seats.



AS PLACEBO DEMOCRACIES, where the language of power of society, money is issued in exclusive by a few private dynasties, who own also the networks of metal-communicators that manufacture the collective subconscious, RULE america at will and so they just essay a pre-chosen 4 years theatrical play, in which the people are ‘pre-fed’ what they shall vote or not, and of course, they will always choose one of 2 equal candidates, with very limited differences.

PLACEBO DEMOCRACIES ARE NOT TO SELECT A LEADER but to make people believe they RULE, while the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system of machines, and its corporations and in the case of America its biblical bigot elite, who own them, have perfectly mastered since its birth in Holland as a single party owned by the shareholders of VOC, the first company, used the yellow press, the financial power of the company, its lawyers and gunboat armies to define the policy of the nation in a far less sophisticated obvious manner. Now we do have a more sophisticated THEATRICS. BUT IT IS as we shall show, still in Aristotle’s terminology, a ‘bad play’. Only those enthusiastic groupies of the amphitheatre don’t realise inside the play, that the Katarsis of this so-obvious ‘staged’ plot is for children with less IQ than the exiting ‘president’.

The future of mankind is cre(dit)ated with the two languages of human, social power, money and the law. Thus our future is in the hands of corporations and politicians. The ‘non-spoken’ rules of the game dictate that politicians, using the verbal,ethic language, should cater to the needs of human beings; while company-mothers of machines should cater to the evolution of their species. But the fact is that in a perfect capitalist system, such as America, the only ‘free persons’ with rights to credit and the purchase of laws are corporations. Hence election after election ‘money talks’ and converts those elections into a choice between ‘legal persons’, corporations that foster the maximal profits of the military-industrial complex, (GOP party) and those who foster an economy based in consumption machines (Democrats). What there is not is a party that caters to the needs of the people (welfare state, socialist parties).

In terms of the electorate the choice largely divides the country between the two cultures that cater to those policies, the culture of Biblical Supremacism, prone to war (South-West Bible Belt and Judaism), vs. the culture of techno-utopia, who hopes to solve peacefully all human problems with the use of machines (North-west, pacific coast).

A few switch states in the border between both cultures decide the elections, which therefore are easily tilted by the quantity of money invested by both type of war/peace corporations, which in turn is decided by the kondratieff phase of the economy.

In that regard, while the majority of American people are either ‘Democrats’ or ‘Socialists’ (meaning they would love to have a welfare state, European Style with some social rights), the majority of corporations are owned by biblical supremacists (either the Jewish ‘1%’ that has substituted the classic WASP elite, today in control of Wall Street, Mass-media and most CFO position of corporations or the renewed industrial South-Belt, non-unionized and still lingering in racist memes of the XIX century.)

This duality is routinely resolved in favor of corporations whose financial and audiovisual muscle either tilts the election towards the GOP or if a Democrat is elected, will latter ‘redirect’ his policies and electoral promises to cater the needs of corporations.

But of course ‘lobbyist America’ and the new elite, as all ‘informative upper castes’ of any society, in control of the ‘issue’ of the languages of social power, money, the law and information ‘master-minds’ the minds of American and in the globalized world increasingly that of all human beings to either appear as the righteous, deserving elite or disappear (camouflage being a trade mark of top predators) behind the mask of the qisling politicos that obey its ‘financial’ and ‘military’ orders.

The result is a game of puppetry in which politicos never deliver their electoral promises. Still it would be possible to r=evolve the system if a ‘hero’ candidate defies the straight-jacket of corporative power that controls Washington since the gilded age. This ‘future savior’ of America is both feared and wished by the two extremes of the American society which better understand the system – those who ‘own it’ and those who have nothing to loose… But the ‘savior’ and ‘destroyer’ of America – both sides of the same coin, the ‘future fascist leader’ is neither Romney nor Obama; it will come from the ranks and files of the Tea Party when History demands its presence in 2016…

What we all wish is a 3rd type of candidate, one who would serve the American people, a real hero, not a puppet of the Financial-Military-Media-Industrial Complex. And this has not happened in America in 40 years…

Let us then study this play of American Puppetry in V acts, according to the rules of Greek Tragedy, laid down by the father of logic thought, Mr. Aristotle (Poetics) – remember though that  I am only an spectator, who once was invited to become a master puppeteer, but found the play lacking in beauty and purpose, and declined to participate on it…

Act I. Puppets.     Act. II. Play.    Act. III. Puppeteers.  Act IV. Ending.  Act V. Catharsis.


Since the objects of imitation are men in action, and these men must be either of a higher or a lower type (for moral character mainly answers to these divisions, goodness and badness being the distinguishing marks of moral differences), it follows that we must represent men either as better than in real life, or as worse, or as they are.” Poetics

Puppets or Heroes? 

The parable of the puppet vs. the hero – the man who pretends to be human but serves the destruction of life and the man who seems a looser, a hero condemned to death by the weakness of flesh, a quixot, but the only type of leader, from Jesus to the ‘4 magnificent’ (Kennedy brothers, Malcolm, Luther, the last non-puppets of the American experience), have been told many times. Unfortunately in America there are no longer heroes, only puppets.

Of course, this is the case because the stakes of the game of survival of History=the superorganism of Mankind rise every generation as the power of evolving memes of metal increases. So each Savior, each generation must give birth to stronger ethical and more intelligent men to understand the economic ecosystem and the way it destroys mankind. This explains why the last human generation under the informative manufacturing of Internet, increasingly observed, tagged, counted and discharged by all type of software numbers is so hopeless, clueless and merely let himself drive with the flow towards the Falls of extinction….

Now in the robotic era we, all humans, are puppets of the system.

Of course, heroes could exist to change the flow but that would require a total lack of ego, a life sacrifice, a r=evolution and a frontal confrontation with ‘capitalism’, the network of synergic, industrial and financial corporations that are constructing the metal-earth, the world of machines that extinguish life. The last of the non-puppets of the American experience were all killed by the corporative Hydra in any of its multiple branches, of which no detail account has yet been written. But we know the hydra is so powerful, so dominant today that it does not even need to reveal its forms. We know also our puppets, the red and the blue puppet…

Could have been otherwise? Yes, of course, Obama could have sacrificed his life like the 4 magnificent and start a r=evolution of the American Experience 4 years ago, nationalize the banking industry, dictate a new Monroe Doctrine according to which America will reduce its military presence to North-America from Panama to Alaska, as that is the strategical, defensive zone that surrounds the nation, saving 1 trillion $ invested in the renewal of America. Obama could have created Ye$ money, with healthy, wealthy deficits in conjunction with Europe and China, it could changed the world, and in case of death, as r=evolutions are done on ideas not on people, those behind him could have followed suit. But this never happened. The puppet was not a hero. The hero could only be at this stage, as in the parable of Asimov, a Mule, a Macho-Man, a Beast of Charge, a sacrificial lamb – and what we have is just another good-lying Pinocho, reason why he will be elected 4 years more, the last short cycle of the American Weimar. 

The closest understanding of the role of a single individual in a complex, organic system in evolution is that of a puppet, which ignores its wild motions are caused externally at its will. Think of pinocho, the puppet who thought to be human. The puppet might be embodied with a soul as Pinocho was and move and feel to the point it thinks it moves independently. But the puppet in the complex system is pre-programmed in each of its motions and actions through fields of energy and information, herds and events, turns of the veins, nervous impulses. The complexity of the system that programs each cell of the organism is similar to that of the market programming the actions of humans – its puppets.

The puppet seems to be free and create the cycles of form, for which the language in which the puppet speaks has programmed it. The puppet does not even require to understand the existence of a whole, to see the strings, to know that an invisible system has manufactured it. The puppet in sum is conscious and self-reflective and thinks as proper what the puppeteer has imprinted. The software seems to the puppet his will, his freedom of choice.

Thus, Every 4 years we have a similar function to make belief the American people they have any saying in their future.

The civilizations of America: techno-utopia, biblical supremacism and ‘minorities’.

“Aeschylus first introduced a second actor; he diminished the importance of the Chorus, and assigned the leading part to the dialogue. The short plot was discarded for one of greater compass, and the grotesque diction of the earlier satyric form for the stately manner of Tragedy.”

Poetics, On the evolution of Greek Tragedy observable in the transition from the satyric work of Aristophanes, ‘The Wasps’ into the tragic, righteous admonitions of the ‘new leading actors’ in Sofocles plays. The substitution of a single all too obvious ‘dictator’ of the plot, designed by the puppeteer, by the duality of choice however did not change the outcome of the play since the puppeteer was still in command of the narrative.

In the graph, the growth of Biblical South-West-America, and its cult(ure) to Go(l)d and weapons has its origin in the neo-con revolution started with Reagan. At the time America was evolving into a European-like social-democracy with unionized workers, civil and social rights and a scientific development of social sciences. Yet Corporations realized that they could play the game of different ‘state laws’ that so well have worked to save them taxes and lobbied heavily in Southern, conservative states to pass laws against Unions (‘right to work laws’). Then they migrated their factories south and population followed, to settle in lower salaries, null work rights and the primitive memes of the ‘Bronze Age Book of History’.

This new ‘American civilization’ is today clearly dominant and has been reinforced by a decade of military propaganda, as the Kondratieff cycle switched from consumption electronics to war robotics. So the future leans heavily towards a Tea Party Candidate that will re-enact the war/Bush majority, once  the present phase of peaceful robotic workers ends. Thus  we can expect four more years of Mr. Obama ‘slow-down’ process of substitution of human workers and soldier by robots. Then, the arrival of a future Tea Party candidate in 2016, paid by Jewish Capital and backed by the Biblical Belt will rise the stakes of confrontation with Islam and China, ushering the country in a future III world war as the next cycle of the crisis (Dollar crash) brings back the natural majority of a G.Bush war-age, moving America and hence the future of mankind, (since America is a fractal minature of the whole species and all its cultures and races)… once Obama’s American Weimar ends.

In essence the puppetry game is played between two cultures that correspond to two type of ‘founding father’ corporations of America – Biblical corporations and scientific corporations.

Their ideologies is Biblical supremacism and Techno-utopia, which are parallel ideologies that optimize the re=production by the corporations that pay those politico-puppets of consumption, peaceful machines (techno-utopian dream) and military weapons (biblical supremacist dream of the manifest destiny of Israel and Protestant America).

The division of the two cultures corresponds to the South-Central America, whose people in many regions have only the Book of History of the Tribe of the Bronze Age as its only reference to social sciences, and believe in Biblical Supremacism, whereas the Chosen tribe, as many episodes of the conquest of Canaan show, can and must extinguish all rivals to the control of planet Earth with its memes of metal, and the European-influenced original founding fathers civilization of New England, which went through a superficial enlightemment on the ‘mechanical nature’ of the Universe (Galilean Mechanism of earlier science) but DID NOT go through the organicist r=evolution of latter philosophies of science (Latin-German evolution of philosophical thought of the XIX – XX century). This people believe technology will solve peacefully the future of mankind because the Universe is a machine and so the more machine-like we construct our world the better off we will be.

In the general model of bio-history we always observe this duality of ‘geographical cultures’, as it is structural to the nature of societies and its languages of power, when we reverse the causality. Indeed, all countries have 3 sub-cultures within it:

– A culture dominant in war, normally the mountanious or inner region, the ‘Middle-West’ in America, the continental arch from the mountanious peninsulas of Korea to Spain in Eurasia, etc. Those cultures tend to use weapons as the language of power and in the old continent develop lineal, long languages of absolute truths, as the swords they use, to be ‘strong enough’ in their beliefs to go to war; as in the case of the German Language or the Turkish.

– One culture dominant in trade, normally the coastal region of easy communication – the bicoastal region of America, of the blue graph; the Italian peninsula in the center of the Mediterranean, the British Island, Israel, knot of communication of 3 continents. They develop short languages, with the characters of information, and use money, a language of information to regulate themselves. So we have the classic duality of long german languages and short english ones.

– And the ‘South’ cultures of love and life, the verbal culture of the ‘minorities’ which tend to be the majorities, the human people, the ’3rd world’ that all despise, , which in Spain is the Andalusian culture… in America the black-latinos dominant in its hot south regions. They are the artistic, sensorial cultures of Spain and South-Asia in the old continent, with balanced languages and a love of life.

This ‘normal people’ who care mostly for the ‘welfare goods’ and drives of biological existence of man, is the one Obama should have represented as is the one that voted him to make America a more eusocial, normal culture according to the Founding Fathers, influenced by Latin/French cultures, according to the present composition of the country, where minorities are now majorities, and eusocial believers either in religions of love (catholic Christian, non-religious ethical people, ex-hippies, new waves, you name it).

But that would have mean that Mr. Obama respected the nature of Democracy, which does NOT consist on cheating your voters and then clean the a$$holes of powerful corporations and bankers with those ‘wet papers’; but fight for the promises and hopes of those who elected you.

It does not mean to be a a good ‘house negro’.as a true hero told us he would be – a man, with good diction

This simply means that Mr. Obama, contrary to belief, is even more corrupted than Mr. Bush, because Mr. Bush, did not subvert the spirit of Democracy – he was voted by Biblical Supremacists and he catered to the wish of their voters with his policies. Mr. Obama also cater to those policies with the added ‘insult over injury’ that he WAS NOT VOTED BY THEM. So he has corrupted a notch more the Democracy of America into the Plutocracy and military dictatorship of the go(l)d and techno-military utopians of the chip age. So all what he does aside his ‘hidden agenda’ is to entertain his public.

And that of course is the difference between a puppet and a hero. The puppet entertains the audience for a dime/vote, the hero leads it to a better world.

And so as always the normal majority is NOT represented. Only those 2 ‘other cultures’ of weapons and money of Biblical racism and technological racism (where the machine is the superior race we evolve and worship) and its corporations have carried the day.

Both civilizations are in that sense not so different as they might seem in principle, if we consider that over the human element, the lobby, the corporation that  worships go(l)d reigns supreme.

And science in both is confused with machines that any human can consume.

In that regard it is fundamental for the reader to understand the difference between ‘science’ and ‘technology’, a distinction clearly known to most people of western Europe but not so much to the American or Asian people. Science means knowledge (Latin) and in Europe it is clearly understood that knowledge is first and specially about ‘humanity’, hence the high esteem that social sciences, art, biology/evolution and philosophy holds there. In America, where the evolution of knowledge has not historical background, science means technology; social sciences essentially don’t exist (they are confused with the first step of the scientific method, collection of historic data, and clearly censored in all what regards the ‘biblical’ people and the very same history of America, as we explain in other section of this blog). This explains the astounding backwardness of the political and social discourse and the easiness with whom the elite censors the ‘real history’ of capitalism, money and the very same meaning of democracy.

Unfortunately, given that global primitivism of most America on true social sciences and humanism, there is not a 3rd party who has human/life/love tendencies and expects to solve the problems of mankind, as they have to be solved, promoting a sustainable planet based in life goods, human jobs and the biological goods of the welfare state that help mankind to survive. And this extreme difference between the American psyche and the European and global psyche, which still has cultural, social and geographical references to a world of life (Africa), or religions of social love (South-America, Latin Europe, Far East) or to a scientific, socialist understanding of History (Eastern, Northern Europe), must be noticed to interpret America. Since all those parties that might represent the point of view of mankind and life (socialist parties, green parties, etc.) never get more than 1% of votes.

The rest of Americans are ‘imprinted’ to a degree that only happen in dictatorships in other countries, by the massive mass-media, educational systems that create this peculiar, rather surrealist world of militaristic, racist biblical ideologies and techno-utopian consumption proper only of this country and the country of its ‘1%’ of billionaires, who control its finances and information (Israel).

They own and $elect the politicians of America, but they ultimately are also puppets of the corporations, the company-mothers of machines and its products, the true masters of the game for whom those CEOs toil and extract laws in their favor, terraforming the Earth with the help of governments to the image and likeness of its Master Machines…

The Metal-Earth, the Financial-Military-Industrial-Media Complex, the networks of energy and information that are substituting and displacing mankind, have estabished as part of that media Complex the distraction of the American Elections. The GOP, or war party and the Democrat or Consumption Party, merely cater to two different sections of the corporation. Their geographical ‘mental slaves’, the milder, coastal consumption Democrat voters and the warrior, harsher, interior and southern voters merely will apply their own collective ‘capitalist’ programming to its decision.

All of them in any case, perfectly indoctrinated by the ideologies of metal, capitalism (money as the supreme good of society), nationalism (America as the Military Empire) and Mechanism (Technology as the God of the future), love the NO-FUTURE of Mankind, the system designs.

In America, perhaps more than any other part of the Economic Ecosystem that absolute ‘manufacturing’ of the collective brain who loves the self-suicidal path of the technological civilization, creates surrealist situations as the electoral campaign. There, the heirs of the old Whig and Tory, Trade vs. War duality of Anglo-saxon democracies, continue their ballet between ages in which machines consume us (war ages) and ages in which we consume them.

We are entering now in the downturn cycle of the age of war and robotics – an ideal age for the GOP party the party of war of the American Empire. Hence the surge in the polls of Mr. Romney, the man who will bring faster our demise.

Romney will move faster the human species into extinction by obsolescence to robots in fields of war with their passion for war. Obama will go slower substituting us in fields of labor with their backing of the robotic worker. In essence both candidates follow the millenarian traditions of the anglo-saxon, capitalist democracies ran by corporations, who established since the Dutch era a simple duality of ‘war parties’ and ‘peace parties’ that catered to corporations of war machines and consumption ones, but never catered to the people. Obama and the democrats represent corporations of peaceful, consumption, labor robots in this cycle, and mr. Romney and the GOP the war machine.

This is the case since Lincoln, a railroad laywer, lobbyist for the Illinois railroad company founded the GOP party and started wars for the profits and ascend to power of the railroad industries – then stronger than the gunboat industries the slave owners represented… But of course democratic myths and secondary human causes always disguise the fact that the ‘business of America’ is and has always been ‘the politics of America’. So we believe Lincoln’s war was fought to save slaves NOT to profit train corporations, for whom the 13th ammendement of ‘freedom’ will be truly written (free citizens of the market), once the hero, Mr. Lincoln, was routinely eliminated.

Such is the parable of the puppet and the hero. The hero dies by the weakness of flesh to the harshness of lead and the puppet replaces him. So Stanton, (the puppeteer, railroad baron and war master, who killed the hero), put the drunkard, Mr. Grant, in his place. It is a long tradition. In the other side of the game, Stalin, the military dictator killed the Hero, Mr. Trostky and aborted the global r=evolution. In the biblical parables, Aaron, the go(l)d master killed the hero (Freudian interpretation), Mr. Moses who returned to the mountain. Caifas, the go(l)d master, and genetic descendant of Aaron killed the hero Mr. Jesus, wor(l)d descendant of Moses.

The wor(l)d is the truth of man but it is supported in weak flesh. Go(l)d and Iron are the truth of metal and show its power, extinguishing the wor(l)d of man. And that is  how the no future of mankind moves ahead: heroes are murdered, puppets replace them. Now we have two puppets and some even believe they care about the future of the American people and they are catering to them, when all what they do is to sell their policies to the people they care for: corporations and their owners. It has indeed been a long season, half a century, since the last hero of the American experience was murdered; and one must conclude that perhaps the American hero as a species is over and from now till judgement day we shall only see American puppetry at its best.



‘I propose to inquire into the structure of the plot as requisite to a good play’ Poetics


How ‘Free Market’ democracies work: buying the law. 

A capitalist democracy is NOT a democracy (the government of the people through his language of power, the legal word) but a capitalist society (the government of anonymous societies through its language of power, money). In a capitalist society the Free citizens of the economic ecosystem – corporations – have unlimited rights to credit, which they use to cre(dit)ate the world to the image and likeness of its machines,  giving orders to the other elements society with prices, salaries and bribes/lobbyism to politicians, which choose laws that favor their products.

Or consider another fundamental treat of capitalism: that a few dynasties of bankers control the language of power of society, money. This becomes again another anti-truth, another ‘freedom’. Yet people forget that if bankers and corporations invent money, since they are not elected and their goal is to reproduce and evolve their machines, they’ll get nothing. The real freedom is therefore the opposite: to control the language of power of society, through elected governments. Then the citizen gets a welfare state.

In a pure capitalist system, companies ‘buy’ politicos votes with that money they print exclusively under ‘deficit zero laws’. Since politicos need but cannot get money from salaries, for their campaigns. And so their ‘real job’ is pandering to corporations for money on exchange for las.

This self-evident truth is also denied. Politicos, whose only job in a pure capitalist system like America is to cheat the people on voting them, so people feel they ‘direct’ the system and then sell laws to the corporation that pay more, are still admired and respected and voters still ignore and get surprised that the politico NEVER delivers his promises. Bottom line is that in such a system the politico is just another ‘celebrity’ employee to distract the audience and that is his ‘fun’ job with the masses that adore them. But that is NOT his job in capitalism. That would be the job in a democracy, and would require that the politico as the neuron of society can get a posteriori after he ends his tenure ‘judged’ by his voters, and punished as the brain gets punished with pain if it hurts the body. Without judging a posteriori politicos of course, they will never deliver. That is not their job. Their real job ends when the campaign ends and he must deal with the ‘agents of power’, bankers, corporations, groups of pressure, people who paid their campaigns…

Human citizens in such perfect systems of capitalism have no rights whenever those rights collide with the rights of the wealthiest corporations that pay more money to the politicos to buy their laws. This means basically that a capitalist democracy is perfectly ruled with the precission of a clock by the laws of evolution of machines and weapons: in each age of capitalism, the evolutionary laws of biology determine which machines dominate the system and hence the corporations that reproduce those machines will pay more for the laws and determine the future of the nation. The difference is determinant to understand how the future of our societies is created and what it caters for and to explain why this writer so succesfully has been able to forecast for 20 years the future of the world in its details (1)

For example, in America the XIX century was totally dominated by train corporations, and their politicos decided the future of the nation. Lincoln was a lobbyist for the Illinois railroad companies, and so when trains substituted gunboats and northerners southerners in power, as railroad companies reached higher capital than cotton slave traders, slavery was substituted by white slavery, gunboats by trains and the power moved from Virginian plantation owners such as Washington or Jefferson to railroad lawyers and lobbyists such as Lincoln or the presidents of the Guilded. Then when the car and the radio took over the yellow press and the train, people like Welles could defy Hearst and RCA and Ford came on top. So Ford could single-handed forbid alcohol because he didn’t drink and pay the law.

After the war, the TV and computer took over and so today the laws are paid and defined by mass-media and computers.

Now, of course, this ‘harsh’ truth about ‘capitalist democracies’, where the word democracy is just a placebo related to the meaningless action of vote, is completely censored. So we need to do some ‘historic’ background to understand why in fact there is no real choice in capitalism between similar parties.

 The anti-truths of capitalism: how an ‘slavish system’ became the embodiment of freedom.

We live 400 years after capitalist democracies were invented in Holland by the first corporation, VOC, whose shareholders became the rulers of the country and its single orange party. Those corporations ever since dedicated the resources of capitalist systems to reproduce, evolve and sell the 4 main memes of metal: money (stock-paper in holland), weapons (guns), machines (boats) and metal-communicators (yellow press). And then control societies with those 4 symbotic systems. Today when those memes are electronic the system has become so complex that the ‘memetic imprinting’ of the ‘natural, Aristotelian slave’, the human believer  makes the task of revealing that ‘slavery’ and ‘lack of freedom’ of humans in a capitalist system , daunting.

People simply believe memetically imprinted and are blind to the nature of the system. Because people as any other system in the Universe can adapt perfectly to any conditions where they will act with no doubts. So people love their dictators till they die and their imprinting ends. And when Stalin, who killed the Russian Revolution and Franco who killed the Spanish one, died, millions mourned. So today we shall not be surprised that the immense majority of mankind believe in capitalist democracies – the system that will kill them. And this, though obvious for an external observer is not for an internal human, who truly believe the fundamental anti-truth of capitalism: to confuse ‘freedom’ with ‘slavery’.

Consider the silly trick of dividing the ‘same capitalist’ single-party-system (born in Holland, where there was only a party, the orange party, ruled by stockrats and aristocrats, the only people that voted till the XX century in most ‘democratic nations’, which required a minimal capital to vote) which obviously doesn’t cheat people into a bipartisan, single-system. The same party in fact, as both defend all other anti-democratic rules of capitalism. Bipartisan democracy were in fact born when the orange party exported its system to Britain (1688, conquer of Britain by the Dutch king that bought the parlament). Then a party summoned up the people who produced weapons and wanted war and the other, those who produced machines and wanted peace.

The 99% was only defended much latter by labor/socialist parties, against which the ‘capitalist systems’ have always fought and finally corrupted.  And that was not even the case in America, where believe it or not, the Republican party was till the 1930s the ‘liberal party’, as the Democrats represented the South and its slave-owners. Then when the north invented the white slave and created big corporations Lincoln, an illinois railroad lobbyist founded the GOP. And till the 1960s both parties were extreme right, one represented northern corporations and the other white supremacist s from the south. Only for a decade, during the 60s r=evolution under a social-catholic president, democrats represented the people. And of course, their reformist leaders, King and the Kennedy brothers were liquidated by ‘capitalism’ – King within days of asking no longer only placebo voting rights but social/economical rights. So now the Democrats represent the same; the line merely is one between GOP voters, who represent mainly military corporations and the democrats who believe in peaceful techno-utopia and are paid mainly by silicon valley companies that produce the new white collar pcs and blue collar robots that are throwing us from job.

Of course, the system sells the infantile idea that people ‘vote and choose’ the policies of capitalism, as workers and consumers with rights; but as long as politicos do not become voted/judged a posteriori after their tenure this will not be truth. The politico risks nothing cheating the people in his promises and will have on the other hand a lot of troubles if he doesn’t sell the laws to those who paid his campaigns…

Why politicos follow suit is obvious: in a perfect capitalist system, in which the language of social power, money, is reproduced only by corporations no longer by governments (laws of deficit zero) politicos are no longer rulers of governments but employees of lobbies of the most prosperous corporations who pay their campaigns and ‘retire’ them after office. Thus their only duty to the voters is to ‘cheat’ them with rossy dreams to get elected and then they start the ‘real business’ of modern realpolitiks, which is to create laws that cater to the dominant companies of each cycle of the industrial r=evolution. This is due in part to corruption, in part to ignorance, in part to the increasing lack of power of governments, which are denied the rights to invent money (today invented exclusively in e-money platforms by financiers) and so must pander to companies and markets.

 In the 80s in America and the anglo-saxon world, thanks to the work of two qisling politicos of null knowledge of the economic system  – Mr. Reagan and Mr. Thatcher; and in the 90s and 2000s in Europe, misguided by Brussels Lobbies who created a European Central bank that would work only for bankers not for their people and will NO LONGER print money for states, only for private bankers, western politicians gave the rights to print money for which wars have been fought and revolutions won, back to the private bankers that created the hard core capitalism of the XIX century. And then one day they woke up and realized they were just employees that depended on the two systems of information controlled by bankers, audiovisual media and finances, to talk to the public and pay his campaigns. Ever since the 70s after the coup d’etat against Nixon and in the 90s after the Treaty of Maastritch, the western world felt into the dictatorship of bankers that have ended tragically after a century of brutal exploitation in I and II world war tragedies.

Here we shall analyze their recent control of western democracies after the ‘scientific age’ of social sciences (60s and 70s) a by-gone era which must be considered the height of the European-American culture of a Middle class that encompassed the majority of the population and rightly under Keynesian policies, and with the right to print money on the hands of states, taken away by qisling politicos (Reagan, Thatcher, Maastritch treaty) in the 80s and 90s.


 The unknown coup d’etat of the 197os. End of American Democracy.
In the 70s as e-money required free regulations bankers and speculators in control of the Financial-Media System, reproduced by the same machines, caused a ‘de facto’ coup d’etat over the American Nation’s control of its languages of power – go(l)d, words and weapons:

– Speculators obliged the president to end the gold standard as the first speculative program on commodities and stock raised its prices; which in itself could have allowed new deficits for a welfare state but merely started the deregulation of all speculative markets and the possibility of inflationary prices, created in those markets.

– Then they gave a lesson to him and all politicians, showing they could easily topple the presidency (watergate silly-nilly scandal about some tapes and microphones, which had been put up by FBI for decades without the slightest repercussion, but now mass-media blew up to show its power muscle). So once politicians realized that TVs’ imprinting with emotional news of the human sheeple, can eliminate even a president – as now it has happened with South-European presidents, politicians who need thereafter expensive Tv campaigns and financial credit lost their freedom, becoming ‘new celebrities of the new media’ dependent on the financial-media system – as it was the case in the last cycle of fascism when 3rd rate radio voices took power in Europe.

– And finally they took over the physical system, the Military-Industrial system, by switching focus from wars against the ‘socialist block’ to wars against the enemies of the ’culture’ of bankers, with the Yon Kippur war, which will also signify the end of the ‘left-wing, pro-democratic, pro-human rights’ jewish journalists and intellectuals, now siding with neo-fascist Israel or else… black-listed from newspapers to hollywood.
It is then when the previous balance of power between the owners of the Financial-Media system (head of the US economy) and the makers of the Industrial-Military complex, mainly WASP ol’ boys that had lead the XIX century industrial r=evolution, the age of machine bodies and engines, will be tilted towards the new stockrats, which took the managerial jobs that the ol’ boys in its decadent third generation shunned off.  And so, in the following decades as e-money multiplied by 100 the price of ‘their markets’ the new ‘Masters of the Universe’ would expand their power to the rest of stock-markets of the western world, globalize their culture…  And of course, from then on, an astounding re-writing of history to portray the go(l)d culture as the summit of ethics, intellectual achievement and  succeed will become audiovisually imprinted on mankind, and its much more sophisticated old European ways of managing the sheeple and the information delivered by the press will create the present, rossy fictional picture of capitalism and its ‘experts’ that still endures.

On that view the so much vilified Mr. Nixon, would come up, as history settles, if it is ever written by mankind again, as one of the last ‘real’ presidents of America with any power; as he would resist in principle the end of the go(l)d standard, assailed by speculators, trying to maintain the financial power in hands of the state; he would show an independent international policy for the betterment of his country, reducing the military-industrial complex, with his detente and end of the vietnam war; he would enforce racial equality laws and established NEPA; and he would stage a final fight for the due respect to an office that was after all the last resort of power against corporations left on the western world, dismantled for such insignificant peccadilloes as a couple of microphones and a couple of lies, which pale compared to the routines of the cold war – consider indeed  the so-called Kissinger effect, still observable as a life-dent of 4 millions in the Cambodian life pyramid…Though one could say that perhaps Nixon was the man that changed the game and yet, when he did all for their Masters, he was thrown away as it happened with Mr. Saddam, the Doberman trained against Iran, abandoned when he asked for his historic old provice, the Kuwait bone.

In any case after him, none of the next qisling politicos of the two self-similar parties, would attempt any independent policy. They would merely be chosen according to their capacity to obey, which increases inversely to their intellectual IQ, with such luminary puppets as a second rate actor accustomed to follow orders in his earlier career from the Masters of the Universe; a daddy’s boy, of which no further comment is needed; or the biggest liar of all, a ‘house negro’ so charming as the previous ‘democrat/ic white slaves’ that always talked with the left heart and passed both hands to collect: Mr. trilateral peanut grower; Mr.  Spiller, you know who, a man of such high morals who told the  UNO President that 3 dollars per Rwandan life to prevent the holocaust with Nigerian troops were a waste of money, because African issues would be covered by Master Big Brother Tv with the South-African elections, as printed by The economist and would spend his last hours forgiving Wall Street criminals like Mr. Rich, for a fee.  Fact is that even a president of dubious morality such as Mr. Nixon, but still with legal and financial power can govern and because he is NOT invisible and wishes to be liked, he will be able to legislate and spend money on the people. But the present government of the 1% has an obvious problem. It does not cater to mankind – the 99% – but to the objectives of its Corporations, Company-mother of machines, which work to reproduce, sell and increase the profits of the mechanical world. And now that system, which always prices humans at a lower cost than machines has expanded worldwide and become the only ‘political and economically correct’ system, based in digital numbers and techno-utopia, which hardly anyone truly understands, as its values are written with ‘numbers’.
It is the new ideology of the world: all for corporations and its machines, nothing for humans, with a 1% of stock-holders and managers, obsessed for profits achieved displacing mankind and putting in its place machines in fields of war and labor. While politicians become mere celebrities that will follow the libretto as they need the money of corporations to win their elections.

And so you get the drill, common among all celebrity politicians of the Western world – you alternate between a retarded right wing believer in the white matter imprinting of capitalist gurus, who goes full speed and a corrupted, charming left-wing weakling who wants to be ‘forgiven’ for his youth ideals in favor of humanity and so curiously enough passes more extreme capitalist policies that the right wing believer wouldn’t dare, as the programmed sheeple would oppose him (Mr. Zapatero, Mr. Tony Blair and well… the so-called more powerful man of the world, LOL :).

This is the real who is who in this tragic comedy on the future of a nation which once, no long ago, was the embodiment of hope for the human wor(l)d.

When the last American Hero died, Mr. Nixon took over and we thought things could not go worst.

But now one could only see that each new puppet is even more mechanical than the last one.

Indeed today even Mr. Nixon would be a lesser eviL, now that soon the comedy will turn into tragedy…

But the puppeteers, the corporations and the Wasp and Jewish elites that direct them don’t have even a sense of measure for the tragedies that fall upon them and the rest of mankind. So it is time to move from the ‘system’ of powre – the corporation – to those who handle it, the puppeteers.


‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’ Poetics, on the excesses of a bad play, which cover up ofr the excesses of a bad plot.

In the graph, the evolution of money, its cultures and gurus, which only in the work of those who denounced the financial industry  became a science, explained in depth in our posts on ‘money’, ‘capitalism’ and the ‘holocaust cycle’.

The origin: Yvwh, Canaan, the ‘Am Segullah’ and the apiru.

LET US now TRY to explain some of the issues that concern the puppeteers, for those who seek more explanations than the monstruous plots of a bad play:

– The ‘national nature’ of judaism and their monopoly on the issue of money of the western world by its elite of ‘banker-priests’, which is the mother of all historic battles, ‘disguised’ by definition as all ‘knots of informative power’, from Black holes, hidden by a cohort of shinning stars, to DNA molecules, behind the center wall, to money, always carried in our pockets, invisible in our bank accounts, flowing in bits of data around the world has always been. To start with, despite the deluded illusions of protestants who expect to be ‘raptured’ into some exotic heaven by an entity called Yvwh, Yvwh is only a ‘toponym’ for Judea, which appears first in ancient Egyptian maps to designate that region/nation at a time in which the word God and Nation were synonymous, as Gods are (see posts on religions) the subconscious collective of a group of people. Thus Assur was the God, Nation and People of Assyria, the name of the capital and its ‘Assur-banipal’ kings. And at the same time Yvwh was the land, God, Nation and Jewish people (observe the similarity, more pronounced when we eliminate vowels, as Semitic languages do).

As all other logic words, like science and democracy, the change of ‘mind’ in mankind from the mythic to the logic happened with Greece and Rome, the first places where the word Nation substitutes the word God. So Rome becomes a nation no longer a God, but previous cultures kept the confusion.

In brief, so you understand, if we change those synonimous:

Yvwh is the Jewish nation, Assur the assyrian nation, America the God of the Americans and ‘Mankind’=History, the God of Humanity, our ONLY SPECIES, whose existence as cell of the human superorganism lasted from the first human cell that talked (Mithocondrial eve, 200.000 years ago in ethiopia), to the last man that will exist in a logic way (I think therefore I exist), before terminators, who will have a visual mind and will recreate in their actions their ‘imagination’ made of evilwood and video-games targeting us as ducks, extinguish the human verbal species. Then the world will be mechanical and digital, with robots made of steel bodies and gold minds. And that is the biological destiny and reason why Germanic warriors and Gold priests had so much power in history – not because they were superior as their ‘biblical and nazi fantasies’ told them, but because they were mentally so handicapped by their primitive thoughts that they became slaves of their money and machines.

And all that started precisely in the bronze/iron age of Assur, master of war, and Yvwh/Baal, master of trade, whose deeds shaped the classic texts of ‘Assurbanipal Chronicle’ and the Baalble. That we have regressed to that age in the ‘Semite wars’ between Arabs, like Mr. Hussein, born a few miles away from the ruins of Niniveh, and Mr. Ariel Sharon has also an explanation: when a super-organism stops evolving, as we humans have done, abandoning the social evolution after the failure of the 70s, the entire body of history descended back, as it dies and corrupts itself, to ‘previous layers’ of eusocial understanding, represented by the Bible and the new nationalisms that as in the 30s crises, sprout everywhere. And this means now again America is not a single nation/God for all Americans but it is descending into tribalism, so you call them ‘Africa-Americans’, “jewish-Americans’, etc.

This explains why the Bible is again so ‘modern’, when it is just a Book of History of the Bronze Age, relating with the epic, mystique language of the age, the deeds of the tribal people who due to their geographical position, communicating 3 continents, Canaan, became the knot of long trade commerce of the Age, in slaves, luxuries and weapons (the long haul products), divided into ‘seafare traders’ (Phoenicians) and Caravan traders (Jewish) and rule by the first and most successful plutocracy, then a confederacy of Gold temples (to Baal and Yvwh), whose ‘Baal’ & ‘levi’ castes shared customs, gold ex-votes, often married and as archeology has proved, shared also altars to both Gods.

Class structure of the Biblical cult(ure) of go(l)d.

And so what the historian looks for, the ‘subconscious collective’ of a culture that guides the actions of its people and creates or credits a certain world, is found in the case of the American elite in Yvwh and its Book of History. And what we read on it once we deal with the inquisitions and censors of political correctness is a hierarchical structure of a classic go(l)d religion of the Mesopotamic age. Point. This means a clear class structure – today denied, but for those who can read the Judaica Encyclopedia of 1920 or know the source texts, undeniable, and common to other warrior and trader cultures of an age where life had little value and democracy was not even a though.On top Assur had the warrior king and the icon weapon that ruled supreme.

The Levantine cultures had the gold-temple and the ‘banker’ that ruled them. On the bottom Assur had soldiers, Canaan phoenician sailors and mule caravaneers transporting weapons and slave. And so each of the two social classes of both cultures received their names:

– The Aristocrats were the elite of the warrior tribes; the banker-priests of the Go(l)d cultures. And both fought for supremacy and still do 3000 years latter in unending wars and holocausts, using their tools of power, iron and gold who paid mercenary armies. So you will start then the unending fights of Canaan (traders) vs. Assur (warriors), Greece (traders) vs. Persia (warriors), Rome (warriors) vs. Phoenician and Jews (traders)… etc. etc… Spain (warriors) vs. Britain (traders), Germany (warriors) Vs. Britain and Judaism (traders). etc. etc. Jewish (traders) vs. Arabs (warriors), with the true victims, the lower castes of those cultures and the life-cultures on the bottom.

In the Jewish/Yvwh nation, the banker-priests were the Levi tribe, which call themselves ‘Am Segullah’, which translates as “People of the Treasure’, NOT as ‘Chosen People’, since Am is people and Segullah is not chosen by Treasure, explaining the character of the culture and its icon of power, gold. (This translation was changed after the World War, in the massive investment on ‘scholarship’ to censor the financial rule of judaism, after the Holocaust, which is crystal clear if we read the Judaica or Britannica editions before and after the war). Now this caste, 3000 years latter are the central bankers and ‘stockrats’ of corporations. The monopoly was never lost. Indeed, ALL the central bankers of the West are Jewish and ALL the heads of international Financial systems (Lagarde in IMF, the head of the World Bank etc) are Jewish. And this is the origin of their power that latter spreads to political and audiovisual information.

– The middle class of those non-democratic, religious ‘metal-cultures’ were in warrior societies, the ‘real foot soldiers’. Below the Am Segullah, they were called ‘those who walked behind the asses’ (literal translation of the word ‘Hebrew’ ‘Habiru’ or ‘Apiru’ in ancient texts).

– And below them were the ‘lower class’, the enemy corpses the warriors killed and the slaves the hebrew traded as human capital.

The King and Priest was untouchable, the icon weapon and gold also, as its tool of power. The next caste was privileged. It could kill and enslave and could not be judged.

Today this structure is represented by the CEOs, managers and stock-owners of Anonymous societies that enslave us part-time as workers  for corporations and cannot be judged. And below you have the unemployed, the minorities, the ‘evil enemies’ and 3rd world . I call them ‘stockrats’, ‘part-time slave workers’, and ‘human beings’. While the icon is digital money and the machine-weapon, on top of them all.

Thus the Jewish and remaining WASP elite and those individuals of all cultures who most ‘fervour’ show for the ideologies above described (from Obama to the Chinese & indian inventors of Computers in Silicon valley) are on top . Below the American, the Israeli, the European who work for them. But then the rest of mankind are increasingly expendable to be consumed by weapons in wars, by poverty in peace, as there is no work for them. And this is the capitalist structure we explain in other posts. The data is obvious for america, though nobody calculates it: the 1% by rent is overwhelmingly Biblical:  52% of the 1% is ‘Am Segullah’ people and 24% are calvinist in its different denominations. 

This again has become today the ‘Jewish Question’; since it is an undeniable fact that banking and financial power is still in the hands of the ‘Am Segullah’. For example, today a majority of CFOs in the 500 Fortune; CEOs of financial companies and central bankers in the West are ‘Am Segullah’.

A short list of those positions will suffice to understand the ‘dynastic’ nature of financial companies:

Mervyn King- Governor, Bank of England; Jean-Pierre Roth – Chairman, Governing Board, Swiss National Bank; Jean-Claude Trichet- President, European Central Bank; Mark Carney – Governor, Bank of Canada; Benjamin Bernanke – Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Donald Kohn- Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Robert B. Zoellick – President, The World Bank; Dominique Strauss-Kahn- Managing Director, International Monetary Fund; John Lipsky- First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, occupy the 9 most important public positions of Banks in the West – and they are all Jewish…

According to the Economist the Gdp per capita of Jewish-Americans is 5 times higher than the median rent of Americans, an astounding difference, which can be explained due to those exclusive rights to ‘cre(dit)ate’ reality.

But in a Democracy the right to invent the language of power of societies, which is money, no longer the law, should be in the hands of elected governments, not in the hands of a social or tribal caste, which corrupts the laws of democracies. So if the XIX c. was the age of a corrupted British Empire and a Wasp culture that massacred millions of innocent Africans, Asians and Indians for profit, the XX c. has been the age of the American empire and its financial people-caste, the Jewish culture, whose companies show a similar indifference for the suffering of mankind, guided by the eviL=anti-Live ‘subconscious’ values of Go(l)d. So we fight a global war against Islam, which happens to be the enemy of the financial people-caste of the West and make enormous profits with weapons and surveillance systems, evolving the terminator armies of the future; we follow the advices of Jewish scholars (Friedmann) and Central Bankers (Greenspan, Paulson, Bernanke, Trichet), who give massive credit to the financial companies the ‘Am Segullah’ own, but deny credit to nations and the common people, etc.

It is thus necessary to understand that capitalism is NOT a science but a praxis of power, evolved from those go(l)d religions, and only a real science of economics that returns the control of money to the elected governments of mankind will end this cycle, and permit the proper evolution of the economic science, which should be the science of how money, the present language of information of mankind, is used to cre(dit)ate a world made to our image and likeness. Cultures are not sciences, nor they can hold a monopoly on a certain science. Unfortunately, Economics has not evolved into a full science, even if it passes as one, but has merely translated an ideology of financial power into ‘mathematical equations’; in the same manner that Mr. Hitler pretended to have discovered the ‘genetic science’ of racial superiority, to justify his ethnic cleansings.

Now, of course what we are going to say, for those who haven’t read other parts of this web, is neither about race but ideology, nor about the 100% of jewish people but their historic elite, the 10% of financial ‘am segullah’ which DOES NOT mean ‘chosen people but people of the treasure, since their elite were banker priests of earlier Cananean Go(l)d religions, in a society that has been always a ‘plutocracy’. So we have nothing to say at this point about the American  ‘hebrew’, (meaning ‘those who walk behind the asses’) as they were the hardworking peddlers that did the real work, to bring ‘gold ex-votes’ to the banker-priests.

And so the hebrew are the first victims of this parasite class, ‘imprinted’ by fear and inquisitions and all the wrong memes of antihumanism, but not eally responsible of the actions of their elite, despite adoring them – reason why to solve the ‘Jewish question’, which surfaces recurrently in the West, it is only needed to nationalize the financial industry…

It is thus obvious that the solution to our crisis and that of the Holocaust is the solution given by Marx, who asked his people to change the brutal policies of capitalism for a humanist approach.

As Marx put it: ‘The Jewish question will be resolved when they abandon, money, their ‘worldy’ religion’. Of if you prefer a biblical quote: ‘The jewish people will suffer all their life for their love of money’ (Moses, Exodus). But this has never happened. On the contrary, it is the world which has adopted under the ever expanded rule of the Am Segullah, their ‘worldly religion’, which now has two ‘scales’ of evolution, the initial ‘gold religion’ (Judaism and Protestant sect) and the ‘mathematical version’ of calvinist believers in the ‘invisible hand of gold’ (classic economics). So you find ‘am segullah’ in Nomura trade, the Chinese Communist party and Chile too – but they don’t know they are ‘gold believers’ beacause Adam Smith, Ricardo, Hayek, Friedman et al have translated the core belief of this religion (that some must invent money because they are ‘chosen of the treasure’ and the rest toil for it) into something call ‘private banking and Federal reserve’.

The puppeteers and the 2 sides of their action-reaction history.

An invisible man can rule the world, no one will see him come and no one will see him go …”  H.G. Wells

All in all regardless of the obsession of the American people for the individual, as it has always been in history and in all its social models with predictive power, the future will be designed by cultures, by the collective actions of the members of the 1% and its beliefs and memes, NOT by the puppets but by the puppeteers. And so let us abandon what we see beyond the screen and enter the theater of the Masters of the Universe that will reveal in his beliefs and actions, the future of all of us, they cre(dit)ate with his command of the Financial-Media-Military Industrial Complex.

Understand this, social classes ‘do exist’, in all systems and superorganisms. There are those who control the languages of social power, of information and this is the upper class. In your body the neurons. They have 10 times more energy input and they don’t work, just give orders, because they have the information. In the galaxy, the black holes. They have 1000 times more ‘gravitational force’, the force that ‘in/forms’, forms the galaxy and they position each star around it, and feed on them. They give not energy back. In societies there are also the upper class of those who control the information of society, the verbal and digital money languages. And so for a people-caste to control a mass of human sheeple, all what is needed is to control its digital and legal information, the issue of money, which being the language of absolute power in America, brings you then the issue of law and through mass-media companies, the manufacturing of the mind and actions of the body cells, the sheeple.

You can fantasize, and one of your fantasies is that you are a free cell, so you can be better controlled at distance. The star doesn’t see the black hole that will eat her, but only a shinny center. The cell doesn’t see the nervous impulse, but only the chemical messengers that it triggers. The American doesn’t see who manufactures money; who produces their mind through TVs.

That is the scary power of networks controlled by a few knots, corporations controlled by a few CEOs and CFOs. It is all what it takes. And so the ‘beliefs’ and ideologies of the information class that controls the issue of money and information soon becomes the manufactured brain of all the American cells. This again in Europe we know since Marx. But in America the control of the mind is very old to the point that the sheeple loves to be manufactured, offers no resistance, will always do whatever it takes the job to take money. And since he only thinks on himself, he has no empathy for the other, and so it cannot understand how the system controls them. That is why it has such a passion for POTUS and what POTUS, the puppet does. But I frankly, as a scientist of history couldn’t care less, unless Potus were a hero able to break the bank of the casino, and the rules of the game. Even if that requires, conceded, to play a Russian Roulette with oneself. Since that is not the case, let us be serious and talk of puppeteers.

Yes, indeed, as in the puppet theater, I have been cheating you. I couldn’t care less for Mr. Romney or Mr. Obama, for the puppet. I like to know how it works, who moves them, what is the narrative they want to tell to the audience – the Pinocho in itself doesn’t matter. Ah, but if you unveil the puppeteer is not fun, the people does not laugh. It protests. So you are welcome to protest and leave. You are warned, I am rising the curtain and you won’t like the wheels and wires of the automaton you so much love. Because in the universe of systems the surface is always a rossy skin that hides the darwinian teeth.

We could say that the change of ‘upper 1%’ from the WASP, pre-world war elite to the Jewish elite is not that great, but of course it is, because it changes the ‘focus’ of the country from ‘within’ – a national, isolationist elite – to abroad – an international elite which has had for 3000 years a near monopoly in the issue of money and is neither a race or religion but a ‘nation’, the oldest standing one in the history of the western world.

And this has far reaching consequences for the world at large…

It also means an enormous ‘advance’ in the sophistication of the ‘management’ of the American sheeple, as the simple mode of ‘herding’ and ‘controlling’ populations of the original Germanic, Protestant Wasps gives way to the oldest cult(ure) of go(l)d and ‘top predator’ informative caste of Western History.

But, as the nature of the Financial-Military-Media-Industrial Complex has evolved from the rather direct methods of indoctrination of the press and radio age into the extreme sophistication of ‘audiovisual media’ with its capacity to ’emotionally imprint’ humans, all this is largely ignored, since the increasing devolution and emotional imprinting of the mind of man by networks and informations allows a far larger control of information though ‘complexity methods’ (multiple channels saying the same, occultation of history, victimism, holocaust industry), which converts in an emotional Taboo any attempt to straighten up the ‘real, historic narrative’ both of Judaism and America today.

Indeed, at this point you will have probably abandoned this reading with a ‘deja vu’, ‘antisemitic’ despise for the writer (in this 3rd revision of the article, I can notice a near 80% plummeting of American readers of the whole web :)

Since indeed ‘the monstruous’ play and its bad plot has imprinted you thanks to the audiovisual rhetorics to fear and loath all those who deny the sacredness, purity and innocence of the artists of this play. Yet according to Aristotle, ‘the plot ought to be so constructed without the aid of the eye’… Since  ‘to produce this effect by the mere spectacle is a less artistic method, and dependent on extraneous aids’.

Censorship of 1/2 of History is the ‘wrong’ strategy of survival.

But Again the Europeans who know their history (at least their elites) will solve the situation earlier, in a ‘muted’ but practical manner (as the memories and the ‘industry of the holocaust’ with its constant emotional blackmail makes impossible any open conversation in those matters). America though is like a paradise of emotional toddlers, perfectly imprinted by Schlinder’s list movies. So the American, as the Middle Age peasant, when hearing an attack on his king, will NOT listen, but call you directly anti$emite and end the conversation and probably never talk to you – you might even loose your job.

Let us then feel a bit more compassive for Mr. Obama. What he can do? One might say he tried once to talk the situation ‘Americans hang to their bibles and weapons’ and almost loose his job.

Consider this case: Miss Palin had the bad idea of mentioning the ‘blood libel’ (myth of victimism), in historic reality, the eunuch trade slave, a horrendous episode that lasted 1/2 of the Dark Middle ages, well known to all european historians: during the dark Middle Ages, when the Roman Law dissapeared, Europe was left in hands of the germ(an) warriors and Jewish slave traders, who started a massive trade slave in ‘slav women’ (giving them their name) and children ‘ Eunuchs’, castrated in Verdun and exported from Narbonne, where a ‘jewish king’ was positioned by the Frank emperor who profited on the trade. So the usual structure of hierarchical capitalism was established: warriors and slave banking traders on top and the mass under. Problem was that 1/3rd of the children died when neutered and so bled to death and were thrown to the gutter, appearing without blood to the eyes of their parents, who attacked the gheto thinking they were drinkign the blood of their children. Of course, they were not (so indeed it is a ‘blood libel’ to say they were).

They were doing just something worse: to kill 1/3rd to increase profits, as a child castrated costed 1000 grams of gold in baghdad, and  a normal one 30. But the people did not know the castration business and certainly the Jewish-Americans don’t know (and as they are paranoid and imprinted with fear of Holocaust, the mention of it converts you in a monster, an antisemite, which here is worst than being the devil itself (and needless to say any critique to them is antisemitism). Again, censorship is very efficient. I went to columbia when young, and one day happen to try to research this. There was only a side mention of it in a book by Mc Cormick, the dean of Harvard’s Economical history of the middle ages, which explains the astound volume and length of this trade but only in a page and with so many quotes (I guess to save himself from criticism) that one can only smile to the power of TABOO.

Well, the funny anecdote about Palin is this: Miss Palin who had no knowledge of this business and believes the ‘American theory’, the Myth of the Blood Libel, mentioned it as an example of the suffering of the Jewish people. The blood libel – the accepted theory on eunuch trade tell us that we, the brutish ignorant european peasants of the Middle Ages, murderous and anti-semite, guided by those  Catholic pederast priests (-;, were killing for sport the poor victims of the ghetto confused by the superstition that jews were drinking the blood of their children. She was trying to be nice to the Jewish sensibility but it backfired. Why? Because, suddenly 4 million hebrew, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, the ‘slaves’ of the Levi, the hard-working, terrified by holocaust industries people, who also have no idea of this trade, felt hurt NOT because of the victims of the trade but because they had suffered so much for it in their myth of innocent victims that found a ‘sacrilege’ that Miss Palin dare even to bring those memories back!

Mind the reader that unlike in Europe where an scholar still can research the truth of history, in America the massive specialization of jewish people in informative tasks and printing, means their historians control and select and falsify history – which they explain to you is ‘right’ and ‘politically correct’, because people could be instilled hate and antisemitism if they knew. There it goes down the gutter the scientific method of social sciences; and i could write an entire book with anecdotes like this one.

And the result is an astounding – now global i must say, also common among European scholars – sanitation of the science of history and economics, reinforced by mass-media. So the action-reaction cycles of slave trade, bank abuse usury and murder are ignored and the ‘elite’ of Am Segullah is protected by the very same scapegoat victims, the habiru, they condemn by ignorance to repeat with their paranoias the cycle. Indeed, if you don’t believe me just get to a Jewish school and pick up a text of history: you have there a fairy tale of history in which the chosen are always victims of humanity and there is zero mention of their economic role in hsitory. It is surprising how this could be achieved – now in the entire world – and it shows the power of ‘audiovisual media’ to imprint emotionally the human mind with ‘taboos’. The truth is the economical profession of the jewish elite for most of history was to bankroll slave and luxury trade, pawn lending, usury  and war – being the hapiru historically mainly peddlers, military purveyors and the people who carry the day to day work of slave trade for which they were hated.

This kind of surrealist ‘censoring’ of social sciences is just a small example of the kind of heated, impossible discourse that happens in America in all themes related to judaism, Israel, the war on terror, military Keynesianism, banksters and the future of the nation, under a dictatorship NOT of a single king but a minority who controls most corporations (80% of CFOs, hollywood producers, literary agents, press and wall street sites) and have manufactured first the mind of the apirus and since the Industrial Revolution and the birth of printing the mind of the western world… And hand in hand with the germ(an) military cult(ure) are responsible for most of the tragedies of history – arguably under the hypnotic power of gold and weapons. Indeed, we know today that the mere contemplation of go(l)d reduces the creation of oxytocin in the brain – a theme dealt with in the ‘chemical sections’ of this web, ‘Metals’, ‘animetals’ and ‘money’ being good articles to start with.

This smart rich predatory cult(ure) of go(l)d on top, in Europe is a minority which probably will sooner or latter understand it cannot impose a ‘Bank of England’ ‘again’ to the socially evolved Europeans, but in America today, as Israel moves to neofascism has behind the 4 million common jews and the 40 million white biblical supremacists ‘a la Rodney’, who totally believe those tales and impose a dictatorship of political and economical correctness that make impossible any evolution of the collective american spirit to a new age of solidarity with mankind and openess to a better future, with a proper use of peaceful technologies instead of ‘big brother technologies’ at best and extinction at worse.

And the key of course, is – and I differ in this totally from the ‘well-intentioned’ censors of the Scholar Historic world of the US – not censoring 1/2 of the history but talking openly of it. And if someone calls you an anti$emite, talk more of it – always focused in the Am Segullah elite, in the need to nationalize banking, to end the use of ‘bank debt’ to pay wars… Only when the censorship and the Industry of the Holocaust is properly denounced as brilliant, brave jewish scholars like Chomsky and specially Finkenstein have done, we might end the taboo OF NOT DEFENDING DEMOCRACIES FROM BANKING AB=USE, BECAUSE IT REQUIRES TO DO SO TO STATE THE FACTS ABOUT WHO IS WHO. But again, if you say something you get fired as it happened last year to a leading latino anchorman of CNN and the oldest woman journalist attached to the white house… So the American who ultimately is a self-made individual which cares really nothing about society – as he sees social sciences a danger to their selfish individaulism is NOT going to regain his democratic rights anytime soon – since he lost them in the XIX century after the Jacksonian democracy of non central bank.

If anything with Obama, bankers have come more on top and now 93% of new wealth goes to the 1% of which the Jewish are the 52%. The rest have no credit in the casino of e-money, increasingly live of food stamps and are about to be sacked by the robotic r=evolution… and if they complain, well now you have drones also within America, so watch out, one of these days a little ‘drone insect’ like those researched by IDF and DARPA will come through my window and that of any pacifist ecological ‘warrior’ (still spared by lack of fundings concentrated in Islam). This is the nightmare in the making that most people disbelief as ‘too far out’ as most people disbilief Hitler’s danger and most people never understood the rivers of blood colonial XIX century Europe caused, or most Spanish never understood they didn’t civilize America but killed 90% of the Indian population there for go(l)d – that magic 90% that biologists call a technical ‘extinction’ of a species.


‘Every action has a reaction of the same force and opposite direction’ Newton, 2nd law of equilibrium of the Universe.

“Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means; but they may also result from the inner structure of the piece, which is the better way, and indicates a superior poet.” Poetics. On the final outcome of realistic plays

Apocalypto soon.

This only i can tell you. When III world war ends, when the robotic wars end, by the end of this age of Keynesian Militarism, at the end of this century 90% of mankind will be wiped out of the Earth, as it has been always the case when a new top predator species (read Oedipus Paradox) have appear on Earth.

600.000 died in the Civil war, of the I cycle of overproduction of weapons, 60 million (100 times more) on the tank wars of the Germ*an III Reich, which is what Stocks increased in value as they measure the efficiency of machine-weapons.

So now that NYSE is valued 100 times more than in the 30s (10.0oo vs 100s) meaning that our weapons are 100 times more efficient, the Talmudian IV Reich will extinguish around 6 billion when the robotic wars that have barely started end by 2080 at the end of the 72 year cycle (1857-crash of the train->1860s wars of ‘unification’ in US lead by Railroad Illinois lobbyist Lincoln and railroad baron stanton and in Europe by railroad engineer, Moltke – German Unfication) add 72 years and you get to 1929 crash of cars -> within a decade again, II world war of tanks, 60 million dead, add 72 years and you get to the first and biggest electronic crash, 2001, NASDAQ CRASH, and within a year, we enter the decade of ‘vigilante chips’ and robotic wars.

Now we are in the tiny first little wars (civil spanish war, chinese-japanese war in the 30s; Crimean war in the 50s, just prolegomena of what Mr. Ben Netanhayu has already told us, that this next spring, he will bomb Iran, opening the Pandora box).

And so Boston will soon weaponize its MIT peaceful robots (it already does at Boston Dynamics, creator of the mule, and I have footage recorded 5 years ago, that shows the initial model, so dull that you will realize how ‘fast’ this things evolve)… and Texas will provide the actuators of III world war, once the Weimar republic ends. These elections are thus of little interest unless a biblical miracle happens and Mr. Romney moves faster into apocalypse.

Let us be clear, the future is created, cre(dit)ated by money and ideologies, languages of digital and verbal thought that we humans use to design the future. And the future designed by technoutopian and biblical puppets and its collection of billions of dwarfs that follow the Hamelin song is clear enough: machines and weapons are god, are our tools to happiness and power and so we shall die for them.

I recall in that sense, when I still was invited to give conferences on biological history, as the world chair of the science of duality, within the disciplines of cybernetics and general systems sciences, of which I am still despite all the computer practitioners at Santa Fe (-;, the leading researcher in this blue dot (left side top of this blog), an exposition of this themes and models.

I did it knowing and obtaining the usual stonefaces, anger and increasing empty chairs at the Hull University. Then one of the few remaining Britons shouted at me, ‘you are apocalyptic’. And I responded: no, it is your cult(ure) which is creating the apocalypse, i want to stop apocalypse.

And this of course, to stop apocalypse is what we all hoped Obama would have done, nationalizing the financial industry, to take the rag from the floor and then negotiate without the sisifus stone of the Jewish bankster empire a true just peace in Israel. But he didn’t dare to follow Jeremiah, his pastor.

So as Obama fails to solve the collateral effects of those military and financial doctrines – war, poverty, unemployment, etc. the Weimar republic of the III cycle of overproduction of weapons will leave way to the ‘actors’ of III world war.

Because the ideology will not change, a military solution will be implemented, as the Tea Party neo-fascism brings a new landslide ‘a la Bush’ in the 2016 election, when the ‘fireworks’ truly start.

It remains though unclear to this date, and will remain so till we don’t see the candidates, if there is a chance of the Tea Party to change sides as Hitler did, and instead of massacring people like me at home (today moving with the Latino pariah community) and Islam abroad, decides that the ‘colonial power’ is at home and massacres the bankers. Indeed, the Koch brothers are playing with fire. What seems a done deal whatever direction the robotized weapons point at is the triumph of the robotic wave. ANd when the equivalent to the Ford T, the Robot T (indeed Terminator, T-800 was a prophetic film), a machine able to work eye-hand with the same dexterity that man appears, we will see each of us competing with them in labor and war fields with no chance to win. Then, only then the chip crisis of overproduction will start in earnest. And that comes, trust me, I am an expert in cybernetics, in a decade or two. So…

The surge of Romney and the pro-robotic policies of Mr. Obama show that the program of extinction of life and man is accelerating… The program seems to be in a hurry to ‘vacate’ the planet of life and leave room for the new species, which is being massively re=produced since the take-off of the robotic industry started the war and labor crisis…

We humans are being displaced from the economic ecosystem and hence from the ecosystem dominant in planet Earth by the new top predator life species of this planet, the military and working robot, which completes the industrial r=evolution. This is the real theme of the planet today and the dominant tendency of future that sets up the path of the economy and the policies of mankind, through the capital of the electronic industry that pays the laws and policies of our ‘capitalist governments’.

So i heard the debates to see the policies of both candidates regarding drones and robotic workers. Both were clearly in favor. Robotic workers will help the Multinational Corporations that run America to compete with the CHinese ones. Never mind they won’t create American jobs, just hefty profits for the 1%. The 1% doesn’t  care for the 99% according to the myths of their biblical religions… This is not a charity ball. The 1% exists to increase the profits of corporations because go(l)d according to a goatkeeper of the bronze age will also give them immortality after their fractal existence is erased in the board game of the Universe.

Departing from those facts we cannot expect that humans will evolve their minds, understand scientifically in terms of evolution the future and present war in labor and battle fields between man and machine and control the overproduction of robots. And the debates show both candidates expect to accelerate the extinction of mankind with pro-electronic industry policies that will ensure the likes of Google, now decided to robotize the entire car industry or apple, now valued more than the entire Pakistani country, which soon might be the next target of those robotic wars with a wider Drone program, to have hefty profits for decades to come.

That acceleration has Romney as the main character.

The idea of the ‘believers’ cult(ure) of go(l)d which Mr. Romney and the fairy tales of his religion of greed represents is simple: money is always right and so now the money is in Keynesian militarism and robotics and we are going full speed into any possible low intensity high cost war for the profit and the sake of the expansion of Grand Israel and the resurrection of a Bronze age set of mind.

The paradox of history: max. technological evolution = Min. Social Evolution, reflects perfectly in the 1% of biblical America and their  ‘understanding’ of the science of history, still seen in tribal, religious, bronze-age terms.

So this ensures the use of III millenium weapons with III millenium before Christ ideologies. Good luck.

The tandem Romney-Nethanhayu backed by the Financial-MIlitary-Industrial American-Jewish Complex is in a hurry to enter full the age of robotic wars, hefty Keynesian Militaristic profits – how to twist so much the teachings of Mr. Keynes! – and are totally blind by the values of money – greed – and weapons – hate – to any non-emotional, tribal consideration regarding what the move implies.

Mr. Obama seemed tired on those debates of the script and preferred ‘final solution’ to the issue of mankind chosen by the go(l)d-smith cultures of the germ(anic) Jewish ari-stockracy of the 1% and its biblical cultures, which he sees wrong but has no stamina and allies and perhaps not even understand.

What else to say. The tired once-dreamer of a better America vs. the self-suicidal, primitive, ‘scripted’ monster, for the non-future of mankind and its ‘fractal future mirror’ the micro-mankind that America, its multiple cultures and races represent.

If Romney is elected extinction will come faster, if Obama is, we will go slow but through the same path of evolution and massive re=production of robots, nets and terminators that will mean the demise of our species before the end of the present robotic , generational 72 years cycle ends.

In brief, the limit of our existence is in 2080 during the ‘future Himalayan wars’ between the two last super-powers of the robotic age, china and India, but there is a huge probability we go under in the present III world war at the end of the American-Jewish empire… What does not seem to appear anywhere beyond some isolated blogs like this one is any understanding of the science of history and economic, how to design a better world and prolong the life of mankind beyond the end of the Industrial R=evolution of machines and the beginning of organic metalife that the robotic revolution, which both candidates sponsor both in its elimination of humans from war and work fields represents.

Now if Romney wins we shall see a NATO sponsored fast clean-off of the obstacle between Iran and Israel/US, Syria, with the end of the civil war a ‘la Lybia’, then Iran surrounded by friendly allies, Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel, Romney in power, the drone industry at full booking, a new step in the ‘crescendo’ rhythm of III world war and the take off of the robotic species will be witnessed over the deserts of Iran…

It will be though difficult to keep low intensity in that war… But that is precisely the evolutionary meaning of war for the machine – a free jungle with rights to kill the rival human species.

If Obama wins though we will try to resist that scenario and we might if he succeeds calming Israel, have 4 years of relative low speed advancement of military robots. The economic crisis though provoked by labor robots will accelerate as Foxconn starts to replace Chinese mainland workers with 3 million robotic workers and Americans push forward the strategy of ruining Chinese economy with cheap local robotic-workers.

The fact that the very essence of this crisis – the take off of the robotic industry – is not even discussed forecasts hefty profits and no-change of route in our bid for collective self-suicidal as idolatric cult(ure)s of metal, which is the essence of what we, humans of the Industrial Age, are.

In that regard we could re-design again with wor(l)ds  a future Obama presidency that would r=evolve the world as we did 4 years ago in our book ‘go(l)d & eviL’, which this Quixot sent to the puppet and the puppeteers free of charge, but that would be a waste of time. By definition what a political puppet most hate is to be asked to show ‘real will’, capacity to defy the automaton motions for whom the corporation, his cre(dit)ator has programmed him. The political puppet is at its best in its celebrity rituals of mass-media discourse.

This type of puppet, the ‘house negro’ has certain properties attached to is form, as the last of the magnificents told us, he has good diction. But at the end of times, Pinochos are all on the open and nobody believes its lies.

You see, the problem of Pinocho is that he is still a mechanism, a robot, an automaton, it is not a hero, with its emotions on the skin, risking his life, loosing it, showing though that a sacrificial lamb can show the path, that the future must be earned in a darwinian universe, giving it all, so others can follow. The puppet could have a program but the program would have to be implemented by free will, breaking the invisible threads that direct its motions in a ritual we all know. The puppet perhaps dreamed of this freedom in his American childhood, but it is now part of reality, of the American nightmare. The dream was always a dream for the puppet, and dreams are lonely and quiet, with no motion. Once the puppet moves, it realizes it cannot move as in the dream, it only moves because the external puppeteer moves him. Without the will of the puppeteer it has no motion. It gets nowhere. That is the house negro, without the will of his master it has no ideas, no future, no motion. But once he learns this, it no longer dreams, and even its diction looses freshness. This is what we observe in the Obamapuppet; its tiredness. Since after all; if others are moving me, let us them do the entire effort.

Needless to say this was the conclusion of all the puppets. The last one, mr. Bush, which personally i find more charming than the present one, spent the final years of its mandate in its ranch eating hamburguers – in this manner a puppet makes less harm, as all its motions are guided and harmful to life, only covering for corporations, the less a puppet moves the less collateral effects would have. So our advice for Obamapuppet in his next 4 years of office is to imitate the previous puppet, and do some body surfing in Hawaii.

All in all America walks steadily towards a neofascist age of biblical supremacism, similar to other ages of overproduction of weapons and hate-speeches.

Let us be frank. Since the beginning the Bible has imposed its point of view backed by the control of ‘metal-communicators’, first the press now the audiovisual system, proving that humans are easier to imprint in their minds with memetic repetition than reason, that we are believers not thinkers, that white matter dominates grey matter, that we are closer to automatons, that the Universe is deterministic. Otherwise there would not even need for this blog. Long ago humans would have reason and abandoned the primitive ‘bronze age’ frame of mind that the bible represents. because this is not the case, in this age of overproduction of audiovisual rhetorics, as in the age of Hitler’s radio-hate or Luther’s press-hate, biblical supremacism despite lacking reason, is steadily advancing and winning the day. Both strains, Protestant white supremacists and jewish-Israeli supremacists will therefore take power with the help of the Tea Party by 2016, as Obama ‘ the wall’, will not improve the situation neither face the real causes of the crisis – yet again another corporative crash of overproduction, forbidden to talk about since it is the ‘Marxist’ cycle…

You see, the present America civilization has some more dangerous strains in its fascist era than the previous ones. First, the weapons at his disposal are far more powerful than those of the German or Colonial European Supremacists of the past centuries. Second, censorship is even deeper, as it is forbidden to talk of the ‘Marxist’ cycle of overproduction of machines, the cause of this crisis, hence no chance to resolve. Neither it is possible to talk of the dominating 1% jewish culture of CEOs, CFOs, Wall street and Hollywood moguls that drive the process towards a global war between Israel and Islam,. So censorship is higher weapons stronger, and finally the set of mind is even more primitive than those of colonial Britain or Nazi Germany – which after all had some ‘rationalm if false science’ to it. Biblical supremacism is plainly nuts.

One could of course adopt the point of view that it faces another form of primitive thinking, Yihad Islam, but let us remember that Islam was born as a religion that wanted to expand judaism to all humans, so at least Islam is not inheritantly racist, plus it has far more primitive weapons and methods to develop them – meaning it would not so easily accept the genocide of the non0believers and the apocalypse/end of the world as Biblical supremacism does. Even the inhertinatly racist nazi doctrine owould preserve the nazis, humans after all, as the master race. What biblical capitalism has is a new twist of evil-anti-life memes: to accept apocalupse/extinction and hence accept the robotic age and the machine whatever it delivers to us – as a given destiny. The self-suicidal cycles of the holocaust shows this ‘greed and money’ whatever it takes attitude that puts even life as a minor good.

So the Tea Party, biblical supremacist cycle from 2016 to 2024, with its demonization of islam and china, in a state of economical depression even stronger than today, means basically mankind will be using weapons of the III millennium with ideologies of the bronze age, while the rest of us observe from the dwindling civilized regions of the world – South/western europe and Eastern Asia… how this madness unravels.

In that regard, we endorse of course, Mr. Obamapuppet for presidency, as it is a nice puppet, more of a comedy than a tragedy. Though we wished Americans had not regressed to the Biblical, Bronze era of social thought, under the supremacist tendencies of its financial elite, mostly jewish, mostly defending fa$cist, robotic, armed and dangerous apartheid Israel and its bid for a III world war of keynesian militarism and research in the weapons of extinction of the age of singularity…

Obama will walk slow that path of the house negro, puppet of the master, but deep in his heart knowing the master is a me(n)tal moster brutalized by greed and violence for millennia, who ‘clugs to his bibles and guns’ as he put it long ago… before being properly trained.

So the choice left to Americans is one between ‘the sword and the wall’, as they say in spanish (la espada y la pared). The GOP is the sword of biblical supremacism and Grand Israel, the democrats are the wall that never moves, never reforms the system, never advances towards a real solution of the conflict between man and machine, it just slows down the motions towards life extinction.

So the Americans have no chance and it is unavoidable their ruin, as all otehr nations in the past under the yolk of the banker-priests. And the final revolt, civil war, fascism and holocaust, which wll happen when the jewish elite of bankers leave their poor, as they always do, as scapegoats of their ‘financial deeds’ the way they did in Germany and before in every other nation of Europe in which they were spelt, and even before in the Roman Empire as they moved to Babylon with the gold and left their ‘hard working peddlers’ behind to be sacrificed in Massada.

And one can easily say if it is not tainted by anger at so much stupidity, as I often feel, that the people of Israel and most American jews are/will be also victims of this eternal holocaust cycle, perfectly indoctrinated by their rabbis and banker priests, unaware of the class structure of their society, as middle age peasants were by their warrior kings. Since despite all their ceremonies of suffering their elite never dies in holocausts and so it feel safe to run the military-industrial complex that nobody else wishes, as we explain in depth in our analysis of the cycle in the left side of this blog.

And this is the key of the symbiosis of both cultures: in the present crisis of overproduction of chips and electronic weapons, corporations need Israel, the ‘Semite wars’ and the ceremonies of confusion, as Hitler needed radio-hate and Mercedes needed to make tanks and colonial Britain needed to conquer Africa. So all human considerations for Palestines, Israeli people, American wealth will be forgotten as predators, guardiums and the horses of apocalypse come to the historic date.

All in all then what matters is not so much the duality between Biblical/Technological cultures but the fact social sciences do not exist, history is censored and so ultimately the technological culture is NOT managing science for the betterment of mankind but developing the most astounding military and robotic technology one can imagine for the use and consumption in the Israel vs. Islam wars for whom the mercenary armies of America toil, the American tax-payers toil, the American debt is spent  and the future of the Americans thrown down the gutter.

Once this fact is understood – that Americans are totally happy with their condition, adore their leaders, and represent in classic Marxian theory what the peasants of Russia were (so underdeveloped in knowledge of their situation that could not possibly rebel) one can see how the synergies of both civilizations will come together to destroy the world and create the apocalyptic future of the Book.

Since the technological culture is at the same level of development in the understanding of social sciences, history and the world, as the biblical culture is.

Further more the effects of the ‘neopaleolithic’ visual, violent, selfish reprogramming of the human mind by audiovisual media is there stronger than in Europe – a decade ahead.

So the American is a self-made man, an individual who only caters for himself, confronting this banking/corporative elite, which could easily solve the problems of mankind if they put the same zeal they put in creating a bronze age culture in the desert of Arabia, in creating a paradise on Earth with their banks and corporations; but believes in the superiority of its master race and will never, as their history proves convert to the laws of eusocial evolution of the Universe, themselves imprinted by an astounding array of lies and censorships and ‘ceremonies of fear, hate and suffering’ that the civilized Chinese or Europeans hardly could understand… As a Levi cohenite by genes not by culture, coming from the european ‘elite’, which the new yorkers so much fancy I had easy access during my years in NY and columbia to that crowd; I was even in loved once with a woman, who today is among the 50 biggest fortunes of this planet and needless to say I was offered the temptation of the city of the plains but not to do good, not to become a human hero but another puppet of greed and murder.

So all what I can say is I won’t drink of that cup again because it is poison for the soul and the mind and ultimately the body it kills. And i wish they could undestand the eusocial laws of love for the members of the same species that science dictates. But they only understand technology, memes of metal, the use of money and weapons, the kind of things that Goring praised in the last cycle of superproduction of machines ‘weapons, iron, roads, Hitler was talking of real things, we were all for it’, he said more or less. This, the Americans and the jewish, both understand in their cycle of neofa$cism.

The silence of the tombs.

All in all it is thus evident that unlike any other country in the planet today, the real structure of power, money and racial hierarchy, cannot be discussed. America is supposed to be perfect, the best system and no information on other systems can be given. The true nature of biblical supremacism of course is also denied. The Bible is NOT just a book of history of the bronze age, but truly the enlightening path to supreme knowledge. And this further applies to capitalism – machines are not ‘objects’ that interact with humans, but gifts of God to provide a manifest destiny for mankind, etc. etc.

The techno-utopian culture believes in science and technology as the solution to all human problems, and so it fosters the reproduction of peaceful machines and electronic gadgets without limit.

Biblical supremacists are always ready to go to war, as the essence of their beliefs, written in a book of history of the bronze age, called the bible, is that humans are not the same species. They are superior humans, the jewish people, which were chosen  by god to use weapons and money to control the rest of mankind (and then the protestant sects that converted to Judaism when the bible was translated in the XVII century and they no longer followed the Gospel, just a short book at the end of that Bible that explain us the deeds, genocides and brutal treatment of all humans by the chosen).

It is difficult for a rational human of the European/Far East cultures to fully grasp to which extend Americans have regressed to the emotional, good vs. evil extremely primitive way of thinking of that bronze age, and what this means for the future of all of us.

Basically, not only America is becoming israelified into a Millenarian Talmudian Nazi-like vision of mankind (Hitler’s millenarism comes obviously from the talmudian millenarism that announces a final kingdom of Israel over all other slave nations, or else)…

But it is israelifying the world. And so we move backwards in psyche, to the Semite, Bronze age, in which different arab tribes of warriors and go(l)d believers fought wieth weapons and money for supremacy. Then the word nation and god were semantic synonimous (so instead of the nation of America the old bronze tribes would say the ‘god’ of America, instead of the nation of Assur they would say ‘the god of Assur’ and instead of the nation of Judah, they would say the ‘God of Yvwh’). And this is the mental future of politics when Obamapuppet leaves way to the biblical nightmare in 4 years. A robotized American-Israeli army trying to impose Bronze age behavior to the rest of mankind, confronted by a primitive Islam with the same type of Bronze age psyche.

And we, europeans and far asians, even if as I believe will finally solve our ‘issue’, will remain powerless to resist their madness. Because needless to say, we won’t drink of that cup – the robotic wars with the ethusiasm of those who will end the world in Meggido, Armaggedon – but not because it is necessary to end accomplishing the prophecies, but because they will create that kind of anti-Live eviL under the duress of 3000 years of hypnotic go(l)d greed fevers, not because we need to protect ourselves from peasants with home made rocket but because we want to make money with war.

So yes Mr. Obama, please win this elections and go body surfing to Hawaii, another 4 years, I have still a couple of books to write and one thousand nights of good food and good love and a few paintings of my angst, like the one on the corner of this blog…


“Reversal of the Situation is a change by which the action veers round to its opposite, subject always to our rule of probability or necessity. Thus in Oedipus, the messenger comes to cheer Oedipus and free him from his alarms about his mother, but by revealing who he is, he produces the opposite effect.”

Poetics, on the puppeeter’s destiny, when he denies the truths of the messenger – to kill his father species and then commit suicide.

The two choices of cultures the world had.

‘The Germans think they are very smart, and perhaps they are but fundamentally, if you notice carefully, they are very stupid. So many troops, so many machines, so much power, so much noise what for? We paint better, we eat better and we love better.

Pablo Picasso

Now in the 2000s you can say the same of the ‘Israelis’, even if they are as the Germans in the 30s were, collectors of Mr. Picasso’s art which they never understood.

One thing is to collect human capital and the spirit of man as property and other is to love humanity enough to make true art of man as God. Indeed, we are now 5 centuries ruled by the cult(ure) of greed since reformation that has debased man and his spirit to no end. So do not expect that Evilwood produces ‘madonnas’ and Michelangelos, it will make robots and hellraisers instead. Since that is the core problem of Capitalism and Biblical surpemacism and technoutopia and the despise for social sciences and eusocial love: man could reach the zeniths of beauty that the Latin culture of humanism always seeked for, but under the yolk of metal, greed and murder, the values sponsor by both American civilizations, our day to day discourse shows, it can reach well well below the pig of Schopenhauer and the Orwellian farm. You ain’t seen anything yet.

In that sense, the two choices of cultures that never take place in America and increasingly anywhere, is that between the natural culture that the majority of humans want and the dictum of artists like Picasso resumes – one focused in the wantings and natural needs of human beings, eusocial love, natural energy for man, true education, in brief, SACRED LIFE, and one driven by the fantasies of metal, weapons and machines of the likes of Goring.

In the 3000 years of fight between those cultures epitomized by the Jewish-German Gold-Smith culture and the latin artistic, legal one, in the past, in the modern age between what the European Union vs. Jewish America tried to do with its sheeple, the game is simple. The humanist culture tries to rise all men above the pig. Because it is based in the believe on eusocial love that guides the arrow of ‘organi evolution’ and complexity in the Universe.

This was the concept of america in the 60s, of his founding fathers, of his last social-catholic hero Mr. Kennedy – to rise the American people from their poverty and ignorance in all things not mechanical, to make them better men. 

On the other side, the Biblical culture, given its bronze age primitivism at ideological level is not at ease with art and eusocial love because its mindset is based historically in gold and weapons that debase or kill the mind and body of man. And so to feel ‘superior’, the Biblical supremacist must degrade the men who serve him. And indeed, for centuries this has been the case of the Anglo-American culture, once it abandons the influence of the Latin, eusocial, legal ethic code.

Two simple examples will suffice. Shakespeare, the last renaissance writer, who started with Italian themes, treats most of his human characters as heroes, because that is the goal of the human spirit guided by his natural ‘Rousseaunian’ desires, which themselves are reflections of the eusocial laws of the Universe. But as time goes by and England starts to change its cultural outlook, Macbeth becomes the new paradigm, today its most ‘realist’ play on the modern man. While the Latin culture fades away and its heroes become loosing Quixots.

I recall during my age of activism, when I sued the Bush Administration using the Patriot act against it, on the cases about CERN and its attempts to make black holes which were not even judged – the nuclear industry is sacred, as the summit of the military-industrial complex, CNN mentioned the case and said undoubtedly being called Sancho I was a Quixot and have a laugh at it.

Maybe, but what surprises me more of the Biblical people and their constant debasing of life, is their fear of death, when they bring by degrading man death upon themselves.

The case of the Jewish terror to death is paradigmatic. They have not changed their constant cultural debasing of mankind, with Wall Street Actions and evilwood films that have created in America a cult to weapons which may turn one day against its elites in human or terminator form but they ‘expect’ that such absurd way of guiding the sheeple is the safest way – to the point of erasing the action-reaction cycles of history that could widen their eyes and change their strategy. Instead of making humans better and so never fear them again, as their guiding, loved elite, they degrade mankind and then censor history, leaving only the end of the tale, the massacres that a degrading mankind commits when ruined, armed and revengeful. The idea here is that if the ‘eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t feel’. And of course that works as long as you just receive information NOT when you are hurt personally. So of course, the Arab world hates Israel for what it does to Palestine. And of course, the parents who sold as servants their children to the usurer that charged them 86% hated them. But instead of easing the charge in the Middle Ages usurers lobbied kings to change the tax laws of the kingdom, so the peasant had to pay in gold instead of species – hence it had to borrow from the usurer and pay him interest, till he could not, and then it had to sell his child as a servant, to find him dead on the gutter…

What do you expect it would be his reaction?

This fight that my civilization, Latin Europe, which is also my civilization, the Founding Fathers of America, which was also Kennedy’s civilization, social-catholicism, which is also Obama’s civilization, even if he does not respect it as a house negro, the civilization of life and love, was trying to make man a better man in the 70s, both in Europe and America. Now, the bankers’ usury has destroyed it. And of course, cut off from his senses and body by the prohibitions of the Bible, isolated in its mind, its standardized jargons that objectify life, its arid technological sciences, ‘its machines’, that make him look very smart, the Master of the Universe, who has censored his history, whose fathers – those who lived truly the causes an consequences of the Holocaust – are dead – feels victorious, aloof, over such nuisances of the non-chosen human beings; like the British felt respect to Ireland and the GOP party respect to all its minorities.

Yes on the short term and for the selfish homo bacteria individual, such strategy might work. But on the long term as our studies on eusocial evolution and altruism show it kills. Back in the 70s, when the change from the WASP elite to the Jewish elite was completed, one could imagine that the selfish Protestant Biblical people (who has only faith in himself and since Luther translated him the book of history of the Bronze age, thinks he ‘talks directly to God’) had given way to a better group, more solidarious, according to the myth.And to a certain extent, in the 70s the Jewish people were a better hope for mankind. They seemed to have learned from the last Holocaust cycle. They seemed to be more reasonable. They seemed to take religion as ‘custom’, more of a historic relic that a true guidance for the future. They seem very European, very civilized, very art-loving. But it turn out to be worse, because as time went by they appeared like corporations who have thousands of employees that act as one, and always win over the consumer, a single mind with millions of hydra heads, which as a single tribe was more selfish and powerful than any Wasp could have been.

And so the mind of man, and the dream of a better world who tried to enlighten and rise the entire species from the gutter now once more has devolved to a human child, programmed by audiovisual memes of hate, sucked in his blood by the financial system with its direct and indirect taxations, soon to have none inside, soon to be thrown to the gutter, to rise then from it as a zombie, seeking as the germans and the peasants and the romans and the spaniards and the americans will… the Newtonian law of cruel justice in which the true God, mind of the Universe is based.

All this is completely obvious to the European intellectual, who knows the truth of history, understand the laws of social sciences, has seen those cycles repeat themselves and would like Obama to be a hero, the ‘tribe’ to be mankind, the goal to be survival and enlightenment, the future to be open to all of us.


Abstract. Though we do not write as in previous webs (Futuremagazine.net now deceased, 1992-2008) anymore daily news, given the complete failure of bio-history to interest neopaleolithic audiences, politically correct paid-per-view scholarship and skynet, aka googlezon-e ratings – so for a couple of hits a day, way to bother?

We do write though on each POTUS a small blog, as POTUS, head of America, the ‘future of all mankind displaced into the technology’, follows the paradox of future history

 max. technological evolution = min. human evolution

And so it is both our demise and the only hope for human resurrection embodied in each POTUS. Now I have contacted the 3 last POTUS, personally the Clintons, at a Newport beach party in a small talk, the Bushes, and through a media black-star friend the Obamas, and handled them brief resumes of this blog, which none of them cared to take seriously, as they are all $elected NOT asimovian mules – the task to be a hero of mankind requires such ‘lucidity of mind’ and ‘power of action’. In brief, humans are so smallish (anti quantum paradox) in relationship to the whole FMMI system that rules them subconsciously that heroes are not common, just professionals of their jobs.

This is the case of Obama, a professional hired politico, a house negro if we were to use Malcolm X discourse, who cares more for his Master. In this case for the FMasters, the Financial-Media owners of America, the ‘you meme’, and so he will serve no doubt about it, with much more ‘professional finesse’ than the all too obvious Bushes, the colonial nation, Israel, fight with his mercenary armies his wars, pay due debt slavery to his financiers, choose them for all financial positions; make of the Semite wars between primitive arab jihad warriors and primitive zealot, apartheid Israel, the cause of his ‘leadership’, increase drone wars and terminators, and completely abandon the field negro, his people, beyond the fact that he is ‘tanned’, and will share with the kind of celebrities – corrupted ‘fuking posers’ – of evilwood their ‘negritude’ in all kind of presidential balls, concertos and pre-recorded, ‘nice guy’ happenings. 

He s a pro, but his policies will be nearly indistinguishable from those of Mr. Bush. Wait and see.

So from time to time we shall update his ‘policies’ in favor of the colonial nation…. of an Obama, which we all hoped will give birth to a true American r=evolution of their people, but frankly I do not expect to be ever born as such… On the contrary he will give ‘a gilded cover of respectability’, to the absurd eternal splendid war for profits. So the bet here is: will he manage at least to kill mr. Osama, which should have been death 10 years ago and counting, or continue this incredible saga of the strongest global military ever assembled unable to chase a man in a mule, when a much smaller but ‘real’, ‘honest’ military group defeated mr. hitler in only 4 years?

THIS IS THE JOKE OF AMERICA TODAY, completely corrupted by business and the colonial masters, with their collective manufactured brain advancing into the neo-paoleoithic childish age of fairy tales and bad witches. Where the most obvious ‘plots of evilwood’ now pass as ‘policy’… the Kindergatten age of time machines’ Wells paradox on the future, ruled by morlocks, on the surface filled with body-waves.

Mr. Obama chooses the ‘head of the bank of Israel as Vicepresident of the Fed, LOL. Independence day…

“When a government is dependent for money upon the bankers, they and not the government leaders control the nation.”

‘At the end of history all human nations will be slaves of Yvwh – the Jewish people – or will be exterminated’. Talmud, Sanhedrin 185 (from Britannica edition 1920, before all truths about history became censored).

‘every action has a reaction of the same power and opposite symbol’  Fundamental, cyclical law of the Universe.

Mr. Obama will overcome every president in history in servitude to his masters:

He  has not only  appointed yet another jewish financier as FED president, lady Yellen, but he brings  the Governor of the Bank of Israel , Stanley Fischer its vice president. Since he will be the real power in the shade .

He was the head of the IMF that ‘broke’ Asia’s financial bubble in the 90s, when he contracted credit and let Thailand and Korea sank without warning.  I have seen him  recorded, laughing at the Thai: ‘They were waiting for IMF money but we gave them none ‘ (sic ) .

Obviously with so much more experience than lady Yellen, he is the real boss of the Fed for the next decade – he was even the ‘teacher’ of Mr. Bernanke. 

This is the best article on the web on the theme:


It explains what Mr. Fisher did in Israel; its ultra-liberal policies and belief in zero deficit, which means the end of quantitative easing soon and the crash of treasuries.


The 2015 crash, ‘engineering’.
So now everything is clear regarding how  the Jewish financiers will  destroy the dollar for profit as they destroyed the deutsche mark last cycle, and move to Australia as they moved to the US  – a 20 years old prophecy of my first models of financial crises …


He will contract dollar’s quantitative easing as he did in the IMF with Asian nations. But the Asians hate him ‘specially’ after what he did to them. They are polite but they have not forgotten. So when Treasuries spike, the Asians will NOT back this time with all their money, as they routinely do, America’s rotten Treasuries (it was the Japanese central bank who put all his money to close the ‘hole’ of the dotcom 2001 first crises to enormous cost to the Japanese people, and the Chinese who hold another trillion of treasuries to allow Israel sorry America, to fight his war on Islam in defense of apartheid…

Will he ever think ‘twice’ about the future of Americans? Of course not. Like Mr. Bond, Mr. Gross  PLIMCO’s CEO and biggest world trader in national bonds who systematically bashes the dollar and tried to sink it two years ago, failing miserably and ‘weeping’ for his losses (never mind Americans saved his family from the German Holocaust, that is how financiers repay, that is their gratitude), Mr. Stanley’s first action when he was named president of Israel was  to sell ALL Israel’s holds on U.S. TREASURY BONDS , causing a mini crisis on wall street. No other country has sold so much Treasuries except Russia.

And so now this is his reward for throwing to the garbage American Treasuries. He will indeed team up with Mr. Gross and destroy the dollar. And of course, as it seems the routine in America these days, converted in the land of the ‘free slaves’, we ‘the people’ will cheer and duly accuse China of causing their ruin; when the Jewish ‘scholars’ and experts as they tried to do in the 2000s, with some funny ‘articles’, blame the Chinese of the crisis.

The political reasons why he is not Fed’s new president.

Lady Yellen merely covers up for the astounding fact that an Israeli is now the President of the Fed in a move that reminds us the British $laves bringing a Canadian Jewish to monitor the exchequer last year (Carney), and the very same Obama, naming in his first mandate, Mr. Emmanuel, chief of staff. Mr. Emmanuel for those who don’t know made his military service in Israel because he ‘considers it his true nation’, whose father was the terrorist boss of Irgun, specialized in blowing up Palestinian buses with children to terrorize their parents and ‘ease’ the ethnic cleansing of the 50s… 

But this move is quite astounding; given the fact that there are thousands of ‘qualified’ Jewish wall street experts for the post. It is only left to name an IDF general as head of the Pentagon, LOL. And the Tea Party thinks the ‘colonial power’ is Islam (paid by the jewish-calvinist Koch brothers of course).

I have seen many dictatorships but the absolute control of the American people by their Jewish masters defy the most surrealist cases of what Malcolm X defined as ‘house slavery’:  ‘Are we sick master…’ 

And yet the Americans think that because their president is a house slave of Israel, it is ‘cool’. The decadence of the empire is today absolute, similar to the last years of the Caliphate when the Turk mercenaries took over, the last years of Rome when the Germans mercenary took over,  XIX century colonial South-America when the British took over their credit; XX century Africa, in the neo-colonial age till the Chinese gave them some fair credit…

When the Jewish take power with Go(l)d they never leave it, till the country is totally ruined, poverty absolute and no more taxes can be collected by speculative and banking methods, as they did with the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Roman Empire, the Frankish Empire, the Spaniards, the Portuguese, the Germans, now the Americans.

Then the banker-priests will move to Australia, and weep as they did from America for all the poor innocent Jewish left behind, which will be massacred by the Tea Party, reborn as the American fascist party once they loose their Jewish finances.

Of course, the most expensive piece of land in the world today is north of Sidney where every Jewish mogul has a home, and Australia is becoming a fascist state, with massive weapons investments (the western nation that spends more gdp percentage of them with America), a brutal anti-immigration policy, which only is ‘open’ to Jewish-American wealthy 1%.

Deja vu. The program of history follows the steps anticipated 20 years ago according to its time cycles. The only thing i have to do is to ‘put up’ a few names that fill the slots of those crisis, since America is a nation slave of money and those who credit it, and so it is in fact a mathematical function of those economic cycles with zero freedom.

My advice, move on, take the money and run, if you can as Jim Rogers did…

As Marx put it, only half-freed men can rebel. When people reaches the degree of house slavery of the American financial and military system to their colonial power there is no hope of rebellion.

Yes i know it sounds anti$emite, but frankly im past the degree of programmed idiocy of the american $lave regarding his love for his masters. i have been always antinazi and anti$emite, that is, against any tribe or nation who thinks to be a superior race with a manifest lineal destiny – to slave mankind with its monopoly on metal memes, either weapons (nazis, and all other indo-european national tribes in their decadent, war cycles) or with money (jews, and any other greedy people-caste through history). 

The only difference between those 2 racist cult(ure)s, the most fundamentalist animetals is the language they use to slave mankind and feel superior. Or as Talmud says: ‘at the end of history all human nations will be slaves of Yvwh – the Jewish people – or will be exterminated’. Not so mr. bankster. Before you exterminate mankind the true laws of the cyclical time-universe and its action-reaction Newtonian processes bring the holocaust cycle. And all what i wish is that you could truly understand that cycle and stop destroying the world with money.  Because YOU ARE PART OF MANKIND TOO, even if Talmud call us ‘animals’ (goyyim) we are exactly the same, some of us, probably better because we are not slaves of memes, of greed and murder, as you are…


Nov. 3rd week.

What the week brought was all according to program. The usual themes. Just a reminder, before we get into it, the set up of the ‘human zeitgeist’ of those who rule us (but are themselves puppets of the cycles of their memes of metal) from the ‘wider model’ of which the news are the details:

You/me/and so the news, which after all are anecdotes about puppet-cells of the systems that rule history, are mainly (not the model which is global) about people of the western Empire ruled by the Biblical mostly Jewish owners of banks and corporations, performed by the Biblical, mostly American Military and politico forefront men, and disbelieved with angst by the mostly European, non-Biblical, humanist second rate citizens of the empire, now under capital duress, punished for past ‘guilty’ sins against the elite’ but specially for believing in humanism and the natural goods of man, those of the welfare state… Those are the authorized elements of the western empire who are still allowed to survive. But then in the western empire there are the so-called ‘minorities’, euphemism for the majority of people, who are already a ‘cost’, already ‘unwanted’ and ‘uneeded’ by the corporation. And that includes our 3rd world at home and abroad. Most South-Americans, Africans and Islam. And those are dealt with basically in the same manner: repression, weapons, blaming, name-calling. And as those things go, the degree of brutality of the elites on them, is relative to the degree of capitalist power of the elites. So the Jewish are the most brutal with their 3rd world (Islam), then the Americans (Latinos, Indians and increasingly their ‘white trash’) and finally the Europeans (sub-saharians).

From the other point of view, the machine’s evolution that cause this you are in an age of Keynesian militarism, and that is why we give canons not butter. Let us be clear. There is zero risk of ‘extermination of Israel’ by the people living in the gaza ghetto – more or less the chances that the warsaw Ghetto reconquered Poland as the sensationalist German newspapers of the age said. But we need it. The Americans during the I overproduction crisis of trains, massed up 1/4th of their army to attack a group of Indian dancer in Wounded knee – and I mention this because the last hero of Wounded Knee died this week – and the press talked of extermination of the colonists! beyond the Mississipi!.

This is what is going on in Gaza, where we ab=use a concentration camp on our desert garden, NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE A RISK with their home made cohets, but because we need them to keep pumping the American-Israeli military-industrial complex. And so at the end of the post we shall talk of the weapons for whom a few ‘palestinian dogs’ (according to rabbinical dictum, the Talmud considers all arabs and negroes inferior to dogs – ‘Ham damnation’).

Of course, here we have the wall around Mexico, which obama stopped and in Europe we have the Jewish-German chancellor brutalizing the ‘lazy southerners’ but those are peccadilloes compared to the all-out profits of global wars that the big boys with the big guns are essaying there…

This must be understood, Israel and its victims, both its common citizens and specially the palestinians around them, must believe in terror of a figurative holocaust or a real one, to keep the robotic wars going. And so we had Gaza this week as the theme, which started with Obama’s election.

And so we shall dedicate this week analysis to the connections between all those elements.

Some highlights.

1. Obamapuppet was elected.

It won more votes than it seemed in the polls, but one can never know in this age of mass-media industrial manufacture of brains with a hidden but evident agenda, to which degree we knew the intention of vote or the polls were all manipulated. You see, it gives better ‘audience’ when things are close and it also provokes the lazy ‘democrats’ to go to vote, and elect the ‘selected’ candidate (Eissenhower’s dictum: ‘presidents are not elected, they are selected’). And the selected one by the puppeteers had long been the house negro.

Indeed the ‘house slave’ was the favorite of everybody who matered, including specially Wall Street, since he is – let us face it – to the right of Bush, in what matters to the greedy bankers that rule the world – the liberalization and total surrender of economical power to them – and the rest of powers follow.

Obamapuppet and the democrats are always to the right of the Republicans since the death of Kennedy, the last ‘hero’ of the American Experience (see previous post).

And this happens because  they know nothing about money. So they are just the ‘yes bwana’ house negro the banker wants. It was Clinton who repealed the Law that separated investment and commercial banks, who put the first of a series of Goldman boys of the ‘People of the treasure’ in power.

2. The digital financial brain of the Metal-Earth and its clueless, cruel leaders.

Here a game of words. The ‘people of the treasure’ now run in series the Treasure of the people’…

Since this people call themselves in their arcane language, ‘People of the Treasure’ Am Segullah, the ancient name which the jewish give to their people, ill-translated as ‘Chosen People’, as Segullah means treasure not chosen… and indeed it was, is and will be a cult(ure) of go(l)d lead by bankers and the inventors of capitalism.

In brief the handling of America by the Owners of the American Corporation, the Biblical Supremacists, will continue whoever wins. But Obama is the velvet glove that disguises this evident truth. A humane candidate? None. And this is the astounding fact about the American civilization explained in previous posts:  that parties with humane programs like the ecological, green or socialist parties get less than 1% of the vote. In other words the one percent on top gets the 99% of the votes. 99% of Americans willingly vote to those who will exploit them and accelerate their demise as workers, substituted by the chip radiation their corporations promote and tagged by the cameras soon to be weaponized that observe us.

This astounding determinism and power to manufacture brains by the american mass-media system of misinformation is similar to the power of religions or the military to impose their fantasies in inquisitorial and dictatorial systems. What we have though is the religion of money and the machine at work, the religion of the corporation, which is not a human organisms but an organism that reproduces machines, for whom humans are a mere cost increasingly obsolete as worker, and soon as consumer as corporations and robots consume machines – and this fact, that most of the GDP growth and jobs are within the endogamic system of corporations, NOT share by the human class, as the growth of GDP in the past was not share by the ‘animal class’ is what humans DO NOT UNDERSTAND. IN biological terms our ecosystem, history is displaced by the ecosystem of machines, economics, as the ecosystem of life, Nature was displaced by the human ecosystem. And both parties, 99% one might say of mankind votes for that.  

So that is what i call destiny:

A world is ruled by corporations, which evolve and re=produce machines and are forming a global super-organism, itself ruled by a nervous digital system, money, the banking system, in which humans have their days counted, as they are and will be replaced one by one by each new evolution of the robotic worker, the robotic soldier and the managerial Pc-network.

You see is all about super-organisms, you, the planet, everything else. And so the economic ecosystem in which humans and machines were symbiotic is now replacing humans with pcs and robots, and so it is evolving internationally. Each incrasingly automated corporation is like the organ of a body, producing its hormones. But you need to coordinate them all a collective nervoys suystem. And that is the digital system of values and information provided by mney.

So the monetary people must rule it all, the Earth inc.

What they don’t know but i do are the values of money as a digital language, where man is a cost and metal the maximal value, what they don’t know or care to know is where they lead.

All what they want is to have their role in the scheme of things, of which the politico-human system is just as econdary attachment explained in our articles on democracy and capitalism;And the best thing they can have is an obamapuppet on that accesory system, that takes  care for the time being, before the ‘final solution’ on mankind is implmeneted, on the obsolete species… to keep all calmed.


And since the rule of the day is discharging life and man, for that role you need some kind of eviL=antilife cult(ure) that represses the memes of life and love, and worships metal, money and the machine, and nothng better than the inheritant racism, cruelty and neutering of life of the Bible precepts.

So those are on top, the biblical people who will go as far as it is needed from their righteousness to liquidate whatever surplus of men, labor and life is required to liquidate at the time is required. They own the corporation and invented their laws. But on top of the top the rulers are those who invent and give the nervous orders with money, the Banking elite, the supreme power appropietaley monopolized by the original biblical supremacists.

Now for those who think Obamapuppet represents the people, one has to notice that Democrats are always more akin to bankers than republicans. That the true power was given to them by Democrats – by Clinton. That Nixon resisted and it will be the Republican Tea Party which will in the future resists when the hyperinflation ditch of the dollar substituted soon by the Reinmbi as global reserve currency takes place.

This unavoidable crisis and the rise of American neo-fascism written in every page of present history and the recurrence of all teh ensuing cycles is what Mr. Obamapuppet, the last of the ‘weimar’ presidents, the Coolidge guy, is holding…

And all wants him to hold it.

3. The zeitgeist that accompanies them: the dying cells of the human superorganism.

You see, in ‘zeitgeist’ we anticipated that what you see unfolding in the Universe…. of man is just the death of life – Nature, Gaia, but also of ‘God=History=Mankind’, first as a complete superorganism joined by verbal, ethic networks (this happen millenia ago with the first animetal castes) then fragmented from nations into selfish cells, and soon now in the robotic cycle, exterminated by the ‘bacterial’ new species that killed us frist.

You are IN A CORPSE, where there is no glue, no nervous system, no life of collective nature, left.

And all what we need is NOT to panic and realize we are a corpse and each of us now is just a broken cell tendering for itself, desperately seeking the last drops of blood, as the viruses on the dead body now extend – the chips, the new brain, the new top predator informative organ of this planet, embedded in Pcs, and robots, blue and white collar workers, and internets and weaponss – and kill our jobs and soon our bodies…

The humans are now fighting for their survival as cells of the death body.

But for you to understand this in extreme scientific terms you would have to understand the fractal Universe and the relationships of time and space scales that happen between the lower and upper scale of a fractal, cellular organism.

The life of a cell is one day, and the life of the netire organism is about 10.000 times this.

So in terms of the organism of history a ‘day’ is a generation, a human life-cell, 72 years.

And in the same manner after the death of the nervous system some cells can still divde 3 days and die (or be resurrected in the myth of christ), the death of mankind has 3 generations going, the z generation is the last, the one that lives with the robots that will extinugish it and now have just started its ‘university assembly’.

There is not yet the Robot T, which like the Ford T or the first Train with proper breaks and condensator started teh radition of the new species.

Wait and see, it is coming within a decade and then the ‘final day’ of mankind, the final generation will be born. So Obama needs not to do muc but just do less and slow down the manufacturing of wars for the evolution of robots. But he has in front his masters, and his masters are totally derranged living in the bronze age fantasy of resurrecting grand israel, so what is the second news of the week?.

4. The boss speaks lead again.

THE INVASION OF GAZA, EXACTLY LIKE WHEN HE WAS FIRST ELECTED, TO SHOW THE HOUSE NEGRO, WHO IS THE BOSS, WHO IS The guy that does whatever he wants, whenever he wants with his palestinians in Asia and America and Europe, wherever, whenever, good luck.

So here we have ‘lead cast’ again on the poorest people of the Earth in afghanistan and Gazah, maximizing the evolution of drones, the biblical supremacist strain… Ben is telling obamapuppet, doesnt matter Mit is not in power, i am the boss. Now you go around and explain that those primitives have thrown a little rocket whihc the ‘iron dome’ missile ultraexpensive protective shield the Americans are paying on top of what they pay to bnaksters, to war on terror, to you name it….

So why to give more news on the american-tandem israel? it is all deja vu. Mr. Obamapuppet now watches just elected how Israel kills a few ‘talmudian dogs’ in his courtyard; so we know it will be all the same. The problem though is that ‘Grand Israel’ is not, as it has never been the real theater of the Empire, but the entire western world now is increasingly controlled by the ‘Am Segullah’, the elite of this cult(ure), who made first their common people ‘those who walk behind the asses’ (the apiru or hebrew) and then through their control of the issue of money, the rest of the western world…

And that bothers increasingly the white man, as it has always done in previous action-reaction cycles… But we are not talking of the ‘Am Segullah’ but the Hebrews and the parallelism of this crisis with previous ones… History Rhymes indeed. But no, we shall not bring the corpses of Warsaw, because nothing has happened there of lately, but those of wounded knee, since this very same week, its last Hero, Russell Means, who in 1973 defied the US government occupying the place of the massacre, has died.

5. The Indians who laugh at death.

Can you laugh at apocalypse? You cannot laugh with mankind anymore – only bad news, you cannot laugh at mankind – thoug with a differnet mind frame it is still the same species – but can you have a laugh to the surrealist species? Indeed… Surrealism was the last of the great schools of European art, of which the people of my country catalonia excelled. It is a higher way to see reality through its absurd paradoxes, which the brain cannot solve or tolerate, so it either laughs or cries.

But i prefer to laugh. You see, to laugh at death nobody better than the Culture which gave me birth, the Spanish-Chicano culture with whom i communicate most often in this hole of california. Here last week we had celebrations with ‘tortitas’ of  ‘el dia de los muertos’. So we are indeed surrealist with this zeitgeist of death. And we do not mind to leave sooner. Life as it is in this planet is grossly overated. Life in its purest form is not. And so we shall comment on two deaths of two Indians, who knew they were among the last life beings of the planet, a true leader and a tiger.

Yes, indeed, an Indian who thought to be a tiger and mutilated himself to abandon his human figure and return to the pure savage life, has commited sucide in Nevada, exit mundi is an increasing path for those who once were among the last ‘human beings’.

The sad end of the hero though resembles suprisingly the sad end of the previous indian hero of 2 cycles ago, Sitting bull, who died after fighting the white man, then becoming a clown of Buffalo bill and then being drunk and ridiculed shot on his back.  It happened at the end of the overproduction crisis of trains that killed the western indians. Now the leader of the American Indian Movement that took over Alcatraz Island and Wounded Knee has died.

He felt in a surrealist twist as Sitting Bull to the appeal of the Metal-communicators and its vanity fame. Then Sitting Bull became advertising for the yellow press, now the leader played a virtual cartoon in yet another Pocahontas bad-explained fantasy of love… Then he became drunk and then died old, a shadow of what he was… or perhaps not. You see, a hero must die when his time is due, not prolong his death to give the predator a chance to show his sadism and control and power…

And so the pseudo-heros, Osama in Pakistan, the Indian fighters who surrendered are maintained in their hole, in their reservations and refuges for a purpose – for the world to know that over all defeated Palestinians, torture and enslavement shall last eternally till death part us away. And that their death is in our hands, at our will, as top predators, playing cat and mouse. 

On my years of suits against CERN, soon after my second round of loser-hero actions, using the Patriot act against the Bush administration, i received a few death menaces. One though came close. Someone left in my LA apartment a note posted ‘while I have a weapon your future is not in the hands of god’. I thought indeed, we, all heroes of mankind, are at the disposal of those who kill mankind. But the Universe is perfectly just, you see. Those who rule capitalism die at the end of their murderous ‘at distance’ cycles of destruction of life, in the cruellest forms, as if they were packing in a few moments of historic time all the decades of parasiting life they had. And certainly when the time comes for the Singularity to clean mankind, the heros gone, the last ‘human beings’ of the prairie no longer seeing beauty in Nature, when only the metalmasters and its mechanisms are left, when the Guardiums take over, as the Turkish took over the Arab Califas and the German soldiers over the decadent romans, they will enact the fantasies of ‘hellraiser’ and torture with infinite sadism those who have pretended to be victims while torturing mankind with go(l)d for eons without ever having a righteous moment of love and empathy for his species.

Because only the puppet-monsters they create, the mechanisms and Golems of their myths and fantasies of eviL torture them, humanity has always been naive, good-natured, tabula rassa that could have be=come perfect enough to survive in the selection game.  What the brain in control of the information of teh system does with its cells,  cre(dit)ates and sculptures in his body will sustain his life, as both body and brain are one and the same.  

Each of us, creates our own destiny. But at the end all the destinies become one.

Quien quiera entender que entienda.

Osama is dead, Obama is not born. Why it takes so long?

One would with a salt of humor think that the death of Mr. Osama, has taken longer than the death of Hitler. And this is a guy with a mule. Alas, the efficiency of the American military is more or less that of the times they were chasing Geronimo? (: of course not. He has been in quarantine, perfectly localised in Pakistan, SO THE ENTIRE TERMINATOR INDUSTRIAL AGE COULD TAKE OFF, WITH THE EXCUSE OF TERRORISTS IN MULES. And the FMasters could create a global islamophobia that will allow – perfectly tuned with the jihadist neopaleolithic brutal semite back era of pure animetal greed and murder – Israel to follow further into their apartheid wall and goal – to robotise the military and send packing all israeli arabs to the other side of the wall. 

oF COURSE WE ARE NOT SAYING HERE Osama should not be dead. We just state HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED THE WEEK AFTER 9/11. And pass page, join UNO at the head of mankind, and stop the new age of eternal war for robotic profits for the 0..02%.

On the other hand the birth of Mr. OBAMA seems also very painful. Might the ‘birthers’ be right and he is still in Kenya’s clinic? Because we are still WAITING for r=evolution, for the defence of the 99%, for the ‘denationalisation’ of the financial industry, NOT for just wars, but for no wars at all. I give you a hint: HE WILL NEVER BE BORN AS OSAMA WILL NEVER BE DEAD, ONE BECAUSE IT WILL BE KEPT as the Holocaust industry does with Mr. HItler, in the subconscious collective of 9/11 mourning remembrances, so we keep high islamophobia for decades of big brother security states; while Mr. Obama, will leave his way to a republican – even worst, or rather more obvious $elected president without THE SLIGHTEST SERIOUS measure of his promised ‘campaign’ of change… I bet you he won’t be able even to close Guantanamo I bet yu will multiply the drone industry of terminators. I bet you he will keep throwing Americans out of work with globalisation and e-commerce without ‘taxes’! For god’s sake, the likes of googlezon-e (aka skynet) do NOT pay taxes while each pap and mom shop goes under brutally milked.

The incredible duration of the many lives of Osama, who resisted twice the time that took to hunt down Hitler protected by 59 million nazis, have a fundamental explanation: O$ama has been the main marketing tool of the financial-military-industrial-media complex entering in its age of robotics and hate-media, parallel to the fa$cist age of the German ‘Engines’ Era that preceded it. Don’t worry the ‘playstation game’ is not over… Soon we reinvented the act with ISIS, paid-per-view by our ‘allies’ the fundamentalist sheiks of the Arabian peninsula, deja vu.

The marketing of O$ama might convert him in the best selling face of history, with an increase of sales close to 500 billion $ in weapon systems only in the past 4 years. Mr. O$ama has indeed made for America what the Reichtag did for Germany, the Maine for the ‘splendid little war’ that took Theoredore Rooselvent and wall street out of the 1897 crisis and much more – condemning mankind to an eternal robotic war for profits that will evolve the new otp predator species of this plaent, the robot terminator, to a no way out, place of no return for its ‘victims’, mankind at large. O$ama thus deserves the prize of this year 2011 at the fundamental puppet-hero of the decade. Gone are him and the Bushes Sr. and Chenneys, the pupeeters, who cre(dit)ate his life in so many turns… But of course the pupeeters are themselves just ‘expressions’ fo the will of metal and the corporations behind them…

Osama is dead too late, when the changes he made to America and mankind are not going to go away.

America which was the last hope of mankind – a nation where all men, racesand cultures were ideally equal, living without borders – is now a nation of mistrust, ruled by military lobbies and on top… Obama, perhaps the most cynical president of the History of America able to betray all their voters with their right policies and ‘just wars’…

The dead of Osama…

The question is why now, as it was  in the outskirts of a mansion of Islamabad, the capital, which is like having a compound at the side of any military Virginian suburbs; ergo the Pakistanis knew and the Americans probably did. The choice of the date to kill him could have been positive.

Obama should have affirmed that it is the end of Afghanista n and implement the social care, president of the poor position for what his constituen cy have elected him.

But he did not. He just made a discourse prepared by his assistants, as a mere mask who reads the libretto of the FMI complex, and didn’t put end to the war, saying that from now on terrorism will be handled NOT by the army but by police and Intelligence Agencies as all European countries with terrorist groups do.

So we must conclude this operation just liberates forces for a wider war against Syria and Iran, the goal of America’s plutocracy  in defense of Israel.

In this fight ofclass within America between the poor who chose Obama to end the wars and help them ‘butter’ and the ‘cannons’ of the plutocracy, the future of a larger war will be decided: that of mankind heading towards an age of terminator weapons and extinction or a sustainable planet.
And what matters more today is that Obama is also dead – the man who we expected to change the future of history did not end the war. Or rather, its handling of the future of mankind is so infantile and submissive to the orders of the system, which we have a toddler as president, a change that will never be born.
‘His Masters’ voice’
Obama, despite being likely the best president of American Weimar, is chained by the AIPAC and Financial Lobby of the Financial-Media masters and its ‘colonist nation’, to use its armies in the Splendid little wars for Israel and its drone industries. Will he ever be born as a president of their people and make an American r=evolution? Unlikely. He is not ‘mule’.
If Osama is dead,  Obama, the president the Americans voted was never ‘born free’ of his chains to the system, just another pawn, another house slave of the financial-military-industrial complex, handled by aids, advicers, think tanks, speech writers, generals, interest groups, corporations, machines and Tvs, as the last of the gadget-politicians, clueless close to the ‘zero generation’ of mankind.
Its role for the system is not designed by himself. We are in the cycle of robots, which as all machines starts first as a weapon.
We are in the III industrial age of war because after all the great kondratieff crashes of the economy there has been a world war as the first new machine is a weapon.
The robot-terminator the predator, the drone is the engine of the future, of technology, where most new money is invested. And our clueless politician, Obama, the toddler, goes around delivering the goods, the tax-payer moneyfor wars to the Arabs.
This is the type of silent, ever more robotized wperpetual war against the poor of the 3rd world and soon with the take-off of robotized police car in side the borders.
Obama the toddler, meanwhile is so infatuated as a celebrity media with the ‘role’ of going around town giving power speeches about a system he doesn’t understand that one has to discount him as a completely irrelevant element of the III Kondratieff crash.
Anyone could be Obama and Obama could be anyone. Of course with historic perspective he follows in the steps of Bush and in previous cycles of Disraeli in the colonial age ( I Kondratieff crash, XIX c. colonialism) and Hitler in the II Kondratieff age (fascism).
The change we believe in, r=evolution, was just a facade for the voting process. He is not
a true r=evolutionary of the human kind. He is not even a Roosevelt of a New Deal.
Obama as a politician of weight is in fact more irrelevant and dead than Osama, whose spirit of fundamentalist violence remains alive. Osama will be a martyr of the poor of Islam; Obama will not be a hero of the poor of America. Osama was not buried, Obama is buried in its corruption, its cowardice to attend the needs of the americans that voted him; its automatisms of mass-media celebrity, that make him an ‘it’, another ‘scripted’ politician of a hollow world.
May 3
And so indeed, while the American people asked in all interviews to take our troops home and end the absurd war of Afghanistan, none of the politicos of congress except a democrat from california, the solo vote against intervention, have asked to withdraw from Afghanistan once mission was accomplished.
So Keynesian militarism, the deviation of all resources to the production of weapons to come out of this crisis with canons not butter – as delluded germany tried to do after 1929 crisis – is still going stronger. Problem is people dont eat weapons and Keynesian militarism means victism, cuts on our liberties, poverty for the middle and lower class and only a few military corporatio ns sucking in the debt and health of the state till destrohyin g its finances and provoking a massive global hate against us as in the case of germany. Deja vu
‘History rhymes’ Twain.
Ultimately the memetic brain of Americans despite all their rhetoric of Freedom is completely slave of money and profits and its values. The wishful blindness of the biblical culture regarding the collateral effects of makingmoney with war and dying in the trials has never been opened to the light of sustainable peace and human growth and evolution.
A mere 80 years after the last holocaust a new Germany is in the making by its survivors. This astounding pendular cycle that makes America the Germany of the III cycle can happen due to the massive censorship in the knowledge of history as a science, beyond the gathering of data and the pumping of the 3ideologies – not sciences – of the FMi complex, money=capitalism, weapons=nationalism and machines=mechanism.
When observing the American leadership, its plutocrats, military and corrupted politicos, this triad of eviL=anti-life memes has absolute power, and no other culture to contrast with, given the racism and despise for humanist or religious cultures of love (catholicism, islam, latino and black people) since the arrival of companies with indenture and black slaves.
America let us face it has had only a make-up evolution of its purified FMI culture, as the product of corporations that selected always the ideologies that favored the triad of metal. R=evolutionaries, human free people never make it to power. The super-structure of the memes of money, weapons andmachines is so powerful, well-coordinated and feeds so many people that there are no forces to stop the relentless motions towards a state of perpetual war against a menace, terrorism, which should be dealt with small forces, human intelligency, a sustainable plan of development of the 3rd world and police, NOT with armies.
Yet it has been used by the FMI complex as a excuse to bring a bigger evil, Fa$cism, Keynesian militarism, neo-colonialism. So to kill a bug we brought a dinosaur that can devour us all: the electronic industry of weapons and terminators.
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