U$election 2016:




In  a disordered manner as the article was written on pieces first during elections,  we shall consider the last-yet of the American Weimar POTUS (Puppets of the United States) $elections (Presidents are not elected they are $elected, Roosevelt) – that of Mr. Trumpuppet… to show the 3 fundamental elements of this tragicomedy (tragic for the suffering of mankind, comic if we take at face value the histrionic protagonists).

We have added a brief introduction to the American Weimar and the dictators(hip) of democracies because being the most complex form of dictatorship established to rule mankind, full of ‘placebo’ freedoms, most people cherish to live under the yolk of democracies, as they used to do in the ancien regime under the rule of God, nation and aristocratic kings, only that now is Go(l)d, nation and stockratic FMasters (owners of stocks of Financial-Media informative corporations that imprint their minds and control their lives with their monopoly on the issue of money, the language of social power, as priests imprinted their minds and aristocrats controlled their lives with the monopoly in the issue of weapons, the old language of power)…

This change that happened in Holland and England and America in the XVII meant not a new age of freedom but a much tighter control of the networks and systems of power of human societies by weapons and money:


Company-mothers of weapons-machines conquered the world as they made obsolete companies of warriors. The last Human world empire, the iberian conquistadors, strongest Human warriors, selected on the 800 arch of Animetal waves coming from Korea to Spain where the survivors learned to enjoy life had in tiny boats with a 10% survival rate created a global empire, which the Company of Gunboats, VOC easily erased from a tiny nation, Holland, within 2 decades. Such is the speed at which a new top predator reproductive species liquidates the mighty old ‘dinosaur’. Then VOC migrated to London in 1688 in the glorious r=evolution with all the tools of the modern world, stock-markets to invent digital money speculating in shares, a central bank to print and legalise companies-money yellow press to print hate memes and money, artillery to kill at distance, slave workers as cargo and shipmen, a go(l)d biblical cult(ure) to money and segregational memes, and scientific racism, worship of technology, clocks to enslave human time to a salary, stockrats on top running faked democracies with a single war party, then split in a consumption one with the arrival of machines. The modern world was born and in 300 hundred years terraformed the Earth, prepared now for the age of robotics and 3 D automated factories of weapons and machines that will continue its biological reproductive radiation till the metal earth will be born…


And during the XX c. or age of metal-minds the nations that imposed its global empire. This brings the obvious paradox that as humans have ‘lost it’, and now they just in a Matrix-like parable become enzymen busy-busy constructing the metal earth of AI machines that within the laws of biological evolution will destroy us, in America we can see that future, and paradoxically in America we found the max. technological evolution and min. evolution of social sciences.

But America is the paradise for humans also because its Empire sucks in through the now global network of ‘parasitic’ investment and financial banking, all the resources of the planet – the wealthy of each nation – into its stock-market corporations investing in our self-extinction. So Apple reaches 1 trillion and AMD multiplies by 10 after discovering its zen-AI chips, and so on. For this to work – that is for Americans to race Matrix-style into their and our collective extinction exploiting at distance the whole of mankind obviously the Paradox of minimal social evolution must reign. So America is fixed in the most primitive memes of social sciences, from race to gender problems.

Instead, as the entire planet enters the neo-paleolithic age, the end of the human super organism the regression to the old memes of nationalism, abrahamic religions, go(l)d cults and techno-utopia continues unabated.

In the next image we make a comparative montage of the 3 cycles of overproduction of ‘bodies, engines and minds of metal’, are separated by 72-80±8 years (the mean biological generation of human beings and the 3 ‘captains of industry’ that develop those machines to its completion as ‘perfect weapons’) (1):

  1. 1857-64-71 crashes of train stocks, reconverted into weapons for the civil/unification wars of the 60s in US and Europe.
  2. 1922-29-37 year crashes of oil and electric engines for cars and ticker money reconverted into bombers and tankers.
  3. 2001-08-16 crashes of e-money derivatives and chips/robots, reconverted into big brother and drones.

In the graph now a decade old, the 4 generations of biblical memes and technological weapons advancing full speed to our collective extinction in the robotic wars. The Wall will be the take-off of massive investments in robotised drone-controlled armed borders, which will usher the chip radiation into a full industrialised never to end till we are all done with, final age of America. 


In the colonial age, as UK was the power of the steam machine, colonial fascism was theirs and Germany the incoming power was the good guy (no empire).

In the second age, as germany was the power of the oil-electric engine, it became the fascist nation, and the Jewish-Calvinist American ‘biblical’ FMMI system (Jewish roughly on top of the Financial-media corporations, American of the Industrial-military) the good people.

In the 3rd age of ‘minds of metal the FMasters of America, the ‘Israelis’ (see articles on holocaust cycle, antisemitism, and the like to fully understand beyond the noise the structure of US and the history of judaism) ARE the bad guys, and China the good people who invest in welfare.

We shall in this article consider a minor detail of the NEOFASCIST cycle OF THE war age of the III industrial r=evolution and beginning of the final age (robotic age):, the $elected American president, aptly a  germ(an)ic meme called POTUS Trump, whose function similar to the leaders of other neofascist ages is to bring a state of war with the rival new world power, China, as Germany did with England and England with France and so on.

Cultures that accept as dogma metal-money values above the law, maximal for weapons, minimal for life, impose an equation of war for profits, maximized overeproducing weapons of max. price and informative machines that print for free digital languages of money and audiovisual hate memes against mankind that foster war. The result is the creation of the Financial-Media (informative machines) + military-Industrial (energetic machines) system: the Metalearth’s super organism.
The equation of profits of the Financial-Media/Military-industrial super organism of company-mothers of machines its responsable of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people.

So this is the general view on the system that rules anglo-America.
What we call the American Weimar is the 3rd age of military companies as the most profitable technological companies of metal-minds (robotic weapons) after the 3 crashes of the economy in the 2000-2008-2018, which pushes America to a neo-fascist, neo-colonial age, similar to the age of Robber Barons and European fascism – in which America with the new deal played the positive role on history.
It is also an age in which the sub-culture of Biblical capitalism, switches from wasps (the old elite of industrial captains) to Japs (the new elite of financial-media masters) as the machines in power moved from germanic engines to jewish informative machines (Wall Street and Hollywood).
This of course means a change of ‘target’ in the military wars for profits from the red communist scare to islamophobia, and a change of focus from the internal homeland to the external nation of the new elite, which internationalizes the Empire, no longer isolationist since the people in power is no longer germanic ‘heartland people’…
So those are the themes we shall focus now with the usual method of moving from the larger picture in space and time of the wave of history closing into the present, till arriving to the theme of the post – the dictatorship of the FMAsters and how they moved his $elected puppets to perform the usual theatrics of American $elections with the expected winner, which we forecast all the way through to be the military guy, as it is the guy who will defend better the FMasters other nation and promote further the profits of the war phase of electronic industries.


U$ Weimar in the context of History, economics and its superorganisms.

In the only masterpiece of that childish Fx computer series, which otherwise along Mr. Spielberg ended humanist film making to give way to the chip radiation in fiction thought –  Star Wars’ revenge of the Sith – the birth of American Weimar is paraphrased as it becomes corrupted into a military empire.

But the parable can be taken a little bit further down the time, to the moment in which America entered the 3rd age of metal-minds, and even further down the road, when a young America, taught to be good to mankind by its masters, the French enlightenment and its Latin Legalist, humanist civilization and r=evolutions, became under the influence of the Sith culture of go(l)d and weapons the most powerful force of eviL=anti-live memes, bond to destroy the world, during his military empire, when all the cycles of the Industrial r=evolution fold into a dark side, as the weapon age comes past the stock-crashes of overproduction of peaceful machines – the cycle we have been forecasting for 30 years and nobody it seems in the land of believers can’t even recognize once it has passed unless it is explained in fiction thought:

The periodicity of the cycle of stocks of machines its energies and printed money is exact in the leading culture of the machine, the anglo-american world perfectly ruled due to its millenarian religion of biblical go(l)d by company-mothers as they invented the modern dictatorships of ‘democracies’ and all its newspeak. Thus we can follow in the American stock-market with absolute precision the curves of biological evolution of machines, its crashes of overproduction and mutation to top predator weapons to keep growing. In the graph the 72±9 years cycles of the train age followed by the colonial age of Amerindian genocides (colonialism in Europe), then after 72 more years the crash of overproduction of cars and radios followed by hate radio and fascism till Korea and then in more detail the mimetic cycles of overproduction and evolution of metal-minds through its tv-eye age, chip-brain age, and mobile-social network age, now entering its crisis of overproduction, splendid robotic wars and beginning of the finale – an age of autonomous robots with AI brains, solar skins an automated 3D factories, printing them in military ecosystems of permanent war, which circa 2036 should start the systemic extermination of the enzymatic no longer required human species. Each 72 year cycle of evolution of machines subdivide as any biological cycle of organisms or species in 3 sub horizons, the young discovery age, the reproductive, mature age and the old age, followed by a top predator mutation after a crash of population that brings a war cycle. In the graph the electronic age which in terms of machines can be divided into the TV-eye age, the Chip-Computer age, and the ear-mobile-internet age, after which we enter the age of robotic wars and vigilante big brother, as chips automate corporations, robots throw us of labor and war fields, and the internet becomes the global mind of the Metal-earth directing ‘chemically’ internally its enzymen cells, human beings, with its Financial-Media networks, now switching into military robotic networks, which will consume us at the height of the war cycle: 2036. How can I be so sure of those dates? Easy, there is a shorter 9 x 8 years cycle that mimic the duration of the 8 phases of a life cycle, from youth to extinction, with an accelerated ‘genesis’ of birth, the 9 months of explosive growth of the new species. So it happened with the internet companies in 1999, and then went through the 9 years cycle to the crash of 2008 and again another 9 years cycle; so happened if you look at the graph from 1946 when the crash of the war starts the Tv-age and then with the chip era that started with the crash of the Dollar it predated over, since 1973… The cycles are thus exact, biological, as phases of evolution of new species. And now we enter in the robotic cycle; and that one will be the last of mankind, as robots ARE a full living species that will extinguish us. Point. Those are the laws of biological economics, of stocks of machines and its prediction is as exact as your life-death cycle of 72 years and its biological 8 lifecycles, which the old Taoist culture already knew as Baguas. What is the present age? We have passed the for so long announced 2008 molting crisis into the robotic era, which is then equivalent to the post-II world war age of bonanza in the tv-era or the post civil war bonanza of the electrochemical age – the highest, longest growing period of the metalearth which humans chair as a wonderful age of progress, discovery and reproduction of the new machines with full employment as enzymen must overeproduce billions of robots.
So the age of crisis when a r=evolution was possible passed with the 2008 crisis and the failure of this writer and others, or movements like Occupy wall street to change the eco(nomic)system into one that would serve all humans. – this is the biological predictable process of the Industrial r=evolution and no amount of newspeak of human entitlement and go(l)d profit will change that destiny unless humans take seriously bio-history, and decide to extend the species beyond the zero generation now being born but not dying on bed, never mind if it is the hard-earth of an African village with zero credit or the silk cover of a Financial-media master in NYC: you are ALL in death row, count down to extinction unless the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle of singularity weapons is aborted NOW. Ad hominem, and anti quantum repression of true models of social sciences will NOT stop its predictable cycles, which have been happening with absolute exactitude since this author self-published its foundational book, bio-history, bio-economics in 92 after 172 rejections in academia. The harder they fall, by worshiping other species that their own: mankind.

Those graphs, some over 30 years old, forecast the age that now is in full swing – when after the last of the crashes of 2018 America will definitely enter with Trumpuppet, its neo-fascist age, confront the rising power of China, in a war it cannot win and plummet mankind into the age of extinction.

But this story – the age of the American Weimar, when the Wasp and the Latin spirit of the founding fathers died away; to give pass to the age of Jap rule and financial parasitism, American weimar proper, crashed by the final rise of American militarism, in a mimesis of the states of the German Weimar and the rise of fascism gives us the whole full cycle and all its causes, which in a previous graph we observed in terms of generations.

The American weimar to be more specific started in the 1970s, and it will be short lived as it was the rule of the Sith Emperor, but as the green Jedi would say – it would be still too long… because we repeat as we have been repeating for decades – but the Jedis who DO KNOW THE DARK SIDE but do NOT want to play with it – and that is the difference between knowing eviL which is required and doing eviL which is what most who know do, and only the Jedis don’t – the rule of the Sith cult(Ure) with its SYSTEMIC DENIAL of the values of Live, the culture FOR WHAT ALL WHICH IS THE TRUTH OF THE WOR(L)D becomes a lie to laugh at and all WHAT IS a fiction OF GO(L)D becomes a truth to believe,  iwill destroy mankind for the third time in the cycles of the Industrial r=evolution, which we summarize in the next graph – OF WHICH they only fear the last moment, the final gottendamerung, when gold retributes with death to all who worshipped her:

In the graph, HUMANS DO NOT NEED TO UNDERSTAND the laws of economic systems and evolution. As long as they follow the capitalist belief that money justifies it all, as money has maximal price in weapons, they will overproduce weapons and cause wars. As long as they worship machines, they will keep evolving them living a surrogate life of progress. As long as their technoutopian and tribal religious and nationalist idol-ogies, divide humans by race and culture, they will despise men with primitive technologies and kill them. So our civilization ruled by the Informative machines the Financial-media head and the energetic Military-industrial body of company-mothers becomes an automaton of reproduction and evolution of machines, guided by the equation of profits of the FMMI system of stocks and its flows of e-money seeking maximal profits, which is responsoble of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people.
In the graphs, ABOVE, THE SYNERGY BETWEEN the financial-media system of inflationary money and hate memes, which triggers in age of overproduction of machines, after a crash of consumption an age of overproduction of weapons and hate memes to foster the profits of war – but of course, this cycle is censored and nationalist idol-ogies are always brought to the table to justify absurd massacres, which the people on top expect to maintain contained, just in the phase of arsenal building.
Yet as a British historians said: ‘cemeteries are full of corpses from wars everybody knew they would never happen’
Bellow the ill-designed Animetal (animal+metal) class structures of human capitalist democracies during the 3 ages of the Industrial evolution, which explain from the human organic structure why the aberrations of the upper graph happen.
Industrial, placebo ‘democratic’ societies have developed an aberrant superorganism in which its ‘cellular citizens’, unlike in ALL SUPERORGANISMS OF NATURE, which a true social science in praxis, will imitate, do NOT receive enough just information and ‘healthy energy’ to survive and thrive.
Instead, on top of the pyramid idol-ogies of metal (weapons-promoting nationalisms; gold-monetary worship and technoutopian mechanism) ensures that money, weapons and machines will be overproduced and evolved with far more rights than the 90% of mankind – MANKIND itself – while a smaller upper informative class in control and monopoly of the issue of those metal-memes will have all the privileges.
This class structure had always on top entropic metal-weapons and aristocratic warrior elites, associated to a Class of bankers, who reproduce informative metal issued in monopoly and used mostly (±70%) to reproduce weapons and fund warfare through the 800 cycles of evolution of weapons and death of civilizations.
Then professional scientific company-mothers of stocks of machine-weapons appear boosting and accelerated the vortex of evolution of machines-weapons and its owners financiers, engineers and physicists evolved the system into the complex world of capitalist ‘placebo democracies’, where people as always blind in any organism in which the ‘Informative head’ has all the sensorial outlets and informative systems and the reproductive body-class is blind, KEPT sacrificing their lives and time to the ‘animetal manifest lineal destiny’ of terraforming the Earth into a world of metal, where life had no value; as metal-money gives by the laws of affinity and symbiosis maximal value to the most perfect metal-meme, the weapon, and 0 value, to the rival species, life.
Thus the fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible).
Thus one of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished.
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars.
Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost.
It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around:
1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons
2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims.
3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power.
4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars
The globalized world beyond the placebo ‘polling’ of democracy is thus a very hierarchical efficient pyramid of companies power and those who own it, which SHOWS THE COMPLEX SYNERGIES OF THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA systems of informative machines, evolution of earlier Gold systems of metal-information and the Military-Industrial system of energy machines, complex evolution of the classic system of military, entropic weapons.
It is the synergy between those ‘4 sub-systems’, head and body of the metal-earth or FMMI system, what makes the evolving superorganism of machines so perfect in its control of mankind ‘MILKED’ to provide all the resources and work needed to evolve so fast generation after generation all the mechanisms of the metal-earth of maximal value, while the bulk of humanity remains in the subsistence level increasingly below, as they are ‘no longer needed’ by the Metal-earth.
Thus the graphs show the idol-ogies and metal-memes and company-mothers on top. They are the ‘informative class’ of a world ruled by Digital monetary orders nobody else understands – while mankind keeps broken into fractal ‘nations’ with ‘military borders’ to keep the evolution of lethal weapons going stronger in synergy with the ‘hate memes’ liberally delivered by Informative mass-media machines.
The synergy of idol-ogies, metal-memes and class-structure thus happen both at individual and social, national level, according to the ‘temporal inertia’ of each nation, serving the idologies of the metal-earth.
So the original animetal cultures of Indo-European ‘Germanic aryan’ warriors and Semite, go(l)d biblical churches are still overwhelmingly on top, in the western world and the melting pot of America, a nation with pure metal-values; while in the rest of the planet the local old elites of military men often double for the job of financial control, or when a caste of traders and bankers existed, they have expanded their functions (Chinese compradors in South Asia, Parsi in India, Judaism in 3rd world ex-colonies of Europe, etc.)
Son on  top of the world the future is cre(dit)ated for machines with money issued by companies and financiers; below this elite, there is a  10% of authorized workers, managers and ‘believers’ in the system, working on those companies, or remainders of old aristocratic land-owner people, or liberal professions working around the vital needs of those in charge of companies, plus the political people-castes, who make the placebo democracy system run smoothly. All together rule the western world and have created the idologies of placebo democracies (where the state has no rights to issue money for welfare but has to extort it from the population), technoutopia and classic economics that validates its control of the world for the benefit of the machine.
Below the rest of mankind or in each nation that imitates this modern metal- system – the local +40%, (we round numbers), of humans are workers at the subsistence level – which reached its maximal wealth during the age of consumption of machines, when they doubled as reproducers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines to values and push its evolution and spread those machines over the terraformed Earth (post II world war), but had to sacrifice their lives and become consumed by top predator weapons at the end of the 80 years cycles in the war period.
The problem is that in The XXI century (third graph), they are no longer needed in those enzymatic tasks of work and consumption, increasingly obsolete to machines and robots that work for them and consume other machines as structural parts of their bodies and heads.
So this represents a growing problem – what to do with them, ‘losers’, ‘Immigrants’, low-paid workers?
In the past they were dumped by European colonial power into 3rd world countries where natives were terminated in genocides against ‘primitive, inferior people to leave vital space for the lower classes of Europe. While the surviving natives were controlled by military thugs with exports of the free market of weapons. But when the surplus was extreme in the change of cycle, during the overproduction phases of weapons, they were managed by hate media and nationalist idol-ogies spread by Selected politicos for its liberal consumption by weapons that maximized the price-sales and profits of corporations.
That seems will be again the case as we anticipated for decades, after the crash transition from the age of metal-minds to the age of robots, in our present neofascist age, as there is zero implementation of the social and financial reforms needed to massively reproduce ‘butter over canons’ – given the clear racist outlook against mankind of our financial elites, with its biblical segregational cults and classic economical dogmas and our military and war-monger politicos repeating the absurd primitive memes of the pre-scientific age of mankind when each tribe thought to be ‘the chosen nations of a subconscious collective single God’ or superior race.
So unless the system is reformed with the real laws of efficient organic systems, to cater the needs of mankind, avoiding another global war and final holocaust, mankind will be exterminated, as there is no  winner in those cycles – history proves ALL humans of the pyramid of capitalism are consumed in wars for profits – only company-mothers and its technological weapons come on top and the global war cycle one-hundred fold its victims in each series of global wars, in parallel to the same growth of value of stock-machines of maximal price, weapons, who reflect in its sales and production in stocks, the value of its species.
So when the Dow was at 1 the train civil wars and unification wars (1860s) killed 600.000 people, the next cycle of cars=tanks wars killed 60 million with the dow at 100, and now at 20.000, as IN WAR the entire eco(nomic)system becomes dedicated to reproduce top predator weapons and consume human beings, all of mankind 7 billion should die, consumed by our terminator robots and nukes, once one of the splendid little wars of the neofascist neocolonial age which has all the elements – war monger politicos, hate memes, overproduction of weapons, massive degradation of ethical standards, etc. on place waiting for the ‘spark’ to ignite world war III as we predicted with the science of systemics applied to societies for decades, albeit censored by the anti quantum paradox -the social scientist is a tiny particle in a much larger organism that censors it.

To have a perspective on that graph and what mankind missed for siding with the dark side of a human no future, that of the tree of metal against the tree of life, despite the warning of all human prophets of eusocial love, we shall bring instead the alternative world as it could have been if humans have accepted as a model not the machine but the organism, not weapon but humanity, as the measure of all things, not an economic ecosystem dedicated to evolve its rival species, but an economic science dedicated to the welfare of life.

In that sense the science of economics AS A TRUE SOCIAL SCIENCE, is the science of the ‘re=productive, blood-like system’ of the organism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose would be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our superorganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes, racist cultural memeplexes, fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’) etc.

We explain this simple fact and in the next graph show the basic structure of the superorganism of mankind and its ‘economic frame of reference’ that should value goods and control its production according to their biological utility to foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species, because WE NEED FIRST TO UNDERSTAND a true science of economics to have a perspective on what today passes as ‘economics’, NOT a science but a PRAXIS OF power:

History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as superorganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, DEDICATE most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient superorganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells. So should a properly designed human superorganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgement a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s superorganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of WHEalth (healthy life goods).

In the graph, we resume the nature of History, the superorganism of mankind, and how it should be designed according to the biological Whealth humans need to thrive and survive, if the economic system was not an ill-designed parasitic system of debt slavery, born of the evolution of supremacist fetish gold cultures, in conjunction with the metal-entropic iron cultures that consider MONEY not what it is – a digital language of distribution and production of goods, no wealth per se, but a language that kicks the reproduction of those goods, as words do with human organisms and oxygen and hormones with biological systems – hence a language that should be delivered tool citizens-cells to start production and consumption of welfare goods, with universal salary and NO-DEBT government issues (that is not need to return the money).

America had in his youth the latin humanist culture as a model, but go(l)d corrupted its spirit and now in his age of empire it will destroy the world/

The young Anakin and his master…

America in the parable of history, which perhaps unintentionally made Lucas film a masterpiece is Anakin who had in his youth the right master, the latin organic legalist culture that gave his people the optimism and faith on mankind, proper of the renaissance, where man was the measure of all things, science accepted human senses, and the machine and money were only instruments to the goal – beauty and the pleasures of life and love.

This influence which had been also set on Britain, so clear in the works of Shakespeare, had always rise mankind into an enlightened age, as opposed to the ‘dark ages’ when iron and gold becomes the religion to which life is sacrificed by germanic warriors and jewish usurers with its Thor-sword Gods and go(l)d temple to which they sacrificed in the old age the children of enemies or its own sons in the ‘hecatomb’ to Baal.

So Anakin does come to the temple to murder all the innocent children of his own kin, in a remembrance of things past; and seals in this form his obeisance to the dark side of gold.

This is the wave of history, the parable of mankind, so well expressed in another blockbuster of modern fictions, as truth cannot longer be discussed directly as in this blog – the Lord of the Rings…

Mankind though that had in a constant change of sides of the wave of history risen and fallen each time the overproduction of weapons and money has destroyed and corrupted its civili societies, in the west always at the hand of German warriors and jewish bankers, who destroyed the greek-roman age, the renaissance with reformation, which converted the English culture to the Sith had risen again in America to hope during the two world wars that defeated the German warrior, and saw a hopeful, possible conversion of the survivors of the war and holocaust cycle to humanism – but the Sith are masters of disguise; as the values of go(l)d teach to cheat just changing the order of T-ime b-eaTs… bringing into themselves by their own actions what they fear so much and think go(l)d will help them avoid – Death, as Anakin brings death to his beloved by his own actions, despite accusing all others of what he does by himself.

This the Jedis, who accept death with honor, who fight for love and life, who protect the weak, who don’t exploit the ignorant, who don’t teach to cheat, know.

But Anakin falls under the spelt of the InSidious hypnotic power of go(l)d and iron, which ultimately will molten and deform his face, make of him a suspended life form, a robot, and his oldest masters felt to the false glare of golden chips that imitate the true light of the sun. Gold always promises eternal life with magic tricks, myths and placebo freedoms to bring the certain death of all forms of humanism, because gold is cold, it does not bring the energy of life, as the true Nurturing sun of Nature – this Gaia knows, but Anakin ignores, now corrupted to no end, building as in the last images of the film the ‘Death Star’ – researching terminators robots, black holes on Earth… while Obi knowing all has been lost for the time being, in this fractal planet of History, exiles himself to a desert land – here looking at the dunes in my beach home at 0-40 parallel, in the solitude of exile, with nobody to talk but myself I wonder if there is at least one planet in which the Sith at the end of times do not rule it all with its fictions, its death paranoias that bring death, its in-sidious promises to ego-power beyond what the 5D Universe promised to man.

And so the transition from Human America to Weimar America happened, after the murder of a president and his brother and the 2 black bros that try to make r=evolution happen, followed by the coup d’etat of 1972…

And Darth Vader was born, scarred by the molten metal of its many crimes, abandoning the spirit of his founding fathers, enlightened in the French R=evolution, to obey for ever since the Voice of His Master and puppeteer.

The wave of history modulates the evolution of metal-memes of information against the social evolution of mankind as a species into a global super organism, aborted every 800-80 years accelerated cycle of increasing metal-complexity with global ages of wars. Thus the human side peak when war and animetal belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles recede. It is when welfare, art and human senses reach its peak. Then in the angst period of prophetic thought, when a new horde of animetals and its memes come to destroy it all, a humanist ethic prophet the wor(l)d warn humanity on the impeding catastrophe of those who eat of the golden and evil weapons of the tree of technology, because they will also die in the final gottendamerung of war and holocaust as we move relentlessly through the ± 800-80-8 climatic weapons; generational machine & monetary long, medium & short wave cycles of evolution and re≈production of Metalearth:   Money and weapons understood as metal information and entropic metal, as 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind have carried the day in the battle for a future of history, and the consequences have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts, which all mankind has suffered – even those who carry the memes of animetal raw power at the end of the cycles when loosing wars (holocaust cycles). Such historic structure formed the British Empire, developed during European history the 800 years cycles of overereproduction of weapons of maximal value, and the 80 years cycles of wars, always controlled by the alliance of gold chosen bankers and germanic warriors, since the Middle age alliance of Franks and Vikings with radhanite slave traders, which dominated slave and weapons traffic in Eastern Europe (giving the name of slaves to its population) and Western Europe (masterminding the eunuch and children’s traffic with Islam), through the age of slave traffic (2o million dead in the process), and finally transferring those values to the concept of a company-mother of machines where workers have no rights (white slaves) and those who issue money can buy corporations, reproduce without limit e-money numbers and control corrupted politicos – the modern version of the military mercenary men that backed their power in the 800 years cycles… Only in the II world war the alliance broke giving origin to the ‘victimist newspeak’ of the holocaust Industry. But now ‘again’ all is quiet in the western front thanks to the American globalized culture – a dictatorship of the go(l)d culture, which rules capitalist systems with a single aim: to print as many numbers of money as possible to buy and order all the elements of society through salaries, bribes, prices; which reaches its paroxysm in the Anglo-American, biblical culture – an astoundingly primitive raw power animetal culture where money and weapons, its maximal priced goods rule supreme but given the fact ‘people must remain ignorant to stay obedient’ (Calvin), an extremely sophisticated, pseudo-religious taboo-based newspeak of political and economic correctness, called capitalist democracy is on place, to a huge expenditure, ‘worth it’ for social ‘calm’ of bipartisan politicos, serving financiers and company-mothers of machines – contested only in the European r=evolutions where people and states got some degree of control in the issue of money. It is obvious that to maintain a disguise over such simple system of power – to print numbers and order humans with it, as flocks of ‘sheeple’ submitted to credit ratings, a parallel manufacturing of brains is due, which has in the ‘7th culture’ of mankind dominated by raw animetal power 3 degrees of inquisition: the classic 800 years inquisition of biblical go(l)d religions where those who issue money in monopoly, the banker priests of Israel or ‘People of the treasure’, are chosen of go(L)d above heavens and earth ruling them all through informative networks (Wall Street, The City, Evilwood). Below the authorized people by race and religion (biblical, white) form a majority group of soldiers of the FMasters they worship and obey, in a pecking order above the rest of mankind deemed inferior by race, wealth and religion. The alternative ‘scientific understanding’ of money as a digital democratic language of social numbers to be used for efficient reproduction and distribution of goods, and the end of warfare, through the scientific understanding of eusocial evolution, of parts into wholes, of individuals of the same species into stronger super organisms, sponsored by the higher rational cultures of mankind (latin Europe, Chinese legalist cultures), through the use of the law above metal, of the human natural language and its values above the raw power of evolution HAS NOT WON the battle of history, and so history is doom to extinction because what animetal Semite and Germanic primitive VSO, OVS, anti-subject cultures where the human subject is irrelevant, expendable, is this: they are also HUMANS and so the robotic revolution, the weapons of the singularity they are force to evolve in their tribal competition between industrial nations WILL KILL THEM ALL. That’s how it is and that’s what history shows in its cyclical processes of overproduction of weapons, wars and holocausts. Indeed, a simple proof should suffice: the 3 paradigms of wor(l)d cultures (China), war cult(ure)s (Germ-any) and go(L)d cult(ure), judaism had the same people back in the II millennium when they were born. Today the culture that has followed the life and love values of the wor(l)d that puts the human subject first, Svo-languages has +15 times more people than the objectual, lineal, entropic weapon cult(ure)-language of Germ(an)s, and 100 times more people than the Imperative, VSO, biblical culture of banker-priests barking orders in the name of Go(l)d with Kabbala numbers. So SURVIVAL the true intelligence of a culture shows that eviL=anti-live memes KILL those who sponsor them

Because America has sinned beyond redemption now will follow then the same path that Weimar Germany and in the process will destroy the world again; it is already doing it, parasitizing the entire planet, sucking the blood of the world, with his internet companies that absorb billions of dollars from 3rd world dictators, banks and funds, while the entire planet lack any credit; and the fantasies of the Sith filled of bull$hit the subconscious collective of mankind:

A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
 But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished. 
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
Companies design a future for machines, its offspring, not for human mothers, with no credit to create reality. So the future unless the eco(nomic)system is reformed has a single path: life obsolescence.
The body structure of the social organisms of history and economics show clearly where the problem lies: 99% of the money issued by our stock-ratic elites IS DEDICATED to evolve and reproduce machines NOT human beings and its welfare goods needed to survive. Since its primitive animetal idol-ogies that pass as economic science but are just a digital version of its biblical segregational memes, translated today to AI software give zero rights to workers and full rights to machines. So the extinction of life is sold as ECONOMIC SCIENCE. Of course it is NOT. A REAL economic science will be ruled by human legal languages, our informative system in control of the networks of blood-reproduction forbidding lethal goods as any super organism does, and overproducing our goods, welfare goods, establishing a universal salary in Yes money for each human to demand those goods (a bitcoin system with NO limit, but a monthly issue to each person in the planet of a 1000 eurodollar salary in its mobile ‘wallet’ would be all what is needed to create the blood coins every human requires to survive, cancelling stock-money to control further evolution of chips & robots).


How a tender legal language of money, as envisioned by the legalist rational Greek-Roman culture, which used nomisma, tender money – brittle iron rotten in vinegar put on a stamped leather note to stress it was just a government’s digital language of exchange became a precious informative hypnotic metal, considered wealth per se, has to do with the CONFRONTATION IN HISTORY OF TWO cultures of very different degree of evolution:

Only very primitive systems reproduce and devour lethal products dying in the process, as worms and capitalist societies do because its lower informative, ethic, legal and leukocyte, military system doesn’t defend them from parasites and lethal germs

The semite, emotional, irrational, visual, hypnotic culture of hate memes based in the idolatry cults to weapons and gold of the primitive Bronze Age, and its hierarchical people-castes of warrior kings and gold priests that understood nothing rationally and built a religion of supremacist memes and myths (monotheist religions of supremacist subconscious collective ‘gods’ of military or financial nations, that would use the ‘wealth’ of metal-weapons or money to subjugate all other gods-nations) vs.

The Rational cultures born in the axial age in Greece and China, where a legalist rational understanding of the law, the need of eusocial evolution (confucianism, platonism), which advanced the mind of man, understood better the laws of the organic Universe, the unity of mankind as a single species, the digital, mathematical nature of money as a language NOT as wealth per se, and the need of the informative nervous legal system of mankind to rule over money and issue it to reproduce the welfare goods people needed to survive.

THIS IS THE TRUE BATTLE FOR THE FUTURE OF MANKIND, A BATTLE OF A PRIMITIVE ‘SEMITIC->PROTESTANT->CAPITALIST->JEWISH-AMERICAN animetal culture that debases mankind, breaks humanity into entropic dog-eat-dog primitive people without any understanding of the systemic social intelligence of the Universe and its mathematical numbers (which are undistinguishable groups of equal beings, hence a mathematical Universe is ‘socialist’), and the need to share energy and information through the collective issue of money for all individuals and just laws that make all humans equal, in a true democratic economy and political system, where politicians are as in Greek democracies judged a posteriori…

Vs. the legalist, European and Chinese cultures of humanism, where the government must control the blood system, repress lethal goods and hate memes, develop a reproductive system that serves people massively producing life-enhancing goods, and repress racist religions, racist memes, racist tribal military hate memes, and weapons, trying to coordinate the actions of false nationalist species, unifying with legal diplomatic treatises mankind so it remains the collective subconscious god-brain of the planet.

The absolute law of behavior in the organic Universe is simple: beings who are similar and complementary and speak the same language of information with similar dexterity come together as couples, herds and social wholes stronger than individuals. Those who perceive each other as different, as machines will perceive humans, and inferior, as its military robots the top predator machine of any age does, will simply act in a Darwinian manner. So any argument on the way Robots and AI will see us, is bogus. Science is NOT UP FOR ARGUMENT, and the laws of darwinian evolution of species are SCIENCE, even if pseudo-religious biblical capitalist technoutopians don’t believe on them.

So this IS WHAT SCIENCE TELL US. But unfortunately the people who rule THE economic world and created its ‘idol-ogies’ of worship of machines above man, were all employees of company-mothers, mostly of the Anglo-American biblical civilization where the idea that man is NOT above heavens and earth and must comply with the biologic and organic laws of cyclical time to control its future, is completely ‘ridiculous’ – as absurd as to think that ‘Germs’, those infinitesimal animals do cause sickness (so it took to XIX c. Pasteur, who was for long laughed by doctors, to prove it).

From Anakin to Darth Vader: The culture of the Siths.

While their might be – we all hope – a ‘son of Anakin’ if we keep the parable (and I have always wonder if Mr Lucas did actually mean it :) that again returns to his origins, under the influence of the Jedi culture of humanism, Latin Europe, the culture of the founding fathers, as we all hope the Brexiters change course and return to Latin Europe, the power of the Siths is profound, hidden in the first ripples of the wave of History, and so all hidden indeed, that we must return to their origins, in a backtrack step as the film does, to fully understand the saga. 

When indeed the world was just Jedi, in the Neolithic of the temple to fertility goddesses, but the false shine of go(l)d hypnotized the mind of the first Semite cultures, bring the dark side of death, inflicted upon themselves by those who fear death so much that their paranoia brings it upo themselves…

Unfortunately it seems animetal cultures and their primitive ab=usive concepts of the. political and economical networks have carried the day and so they have imposed through its Financial-media-academia systems of networks of global information, and its military-industrial complex a no future for mankind as they keep exploiting humanity with metal-money (Today e-money cycles in golden chips of computers screens) AI machines and soon to be metalife robots. In the next graph thus we confront the true sciences of history vs. the idol-ogies of animetals and its concepts of go(l)d and weapons worship:

The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy.
3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers.And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who supress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies.

Animetals, a new top predator species, extinguishing life=Gaia & History=mankind.

In the graph, we see the fundamental change that the Earth experienced 5000 years ago with the apparition in the fertile crescent of the first animetal memes, adopted by tribal semite desert people-castes, semite warriors (today arabs) and semite go(l)d traders (today biblical castes, expanded to Germanic tribes). The fact is that the 3 memes of metal and the actions of man – weapons that kill bodies, go(l)d that hypnotise and slave the mind, and machines that substitute us ARE THE CANONICAL 3 FORMS OF EXTINCTION IN NATURE BY A VIRAL Or RIVAL SPECIES:

Predators kill bodies – competitors substitute and take our ecosystem – parasites suck our blood and infect us.

Cyclical, soft, in-form-ative metal (silver and gold) and lineal, energetic weapons (iron and bronze) were the first metals humans discovered. Coins imitate cyclical, informative organs (heads, brains, eyes), while lineal, energetic weapons are bodies of metal that kill lineal, energetic human bodies. They are primitive versions of the iron bodies and electronic, cyclical, sensory heads of modern machines. When humans associated with them, they achieved higher strength and acquired a new language of information, able to give values to reality (money). Warriors joined human bodies and lineal metal, weapons, killing other humans; bankers used informative metal, gold, to give orders and enslave mankind; scientists believed in sensory machines and digital languages, considering inaccurate human senses and verbal thought, made obsolete by their telescopes and numbers. 

The animetal and the tribes that changed their ‘language of power’ from human, agricultural energy (farming communities) to iron energy – warrior cult(ure)s; from verbal ethics to the ‘values’ of money – go(l)d cult(ure)s – and from worshiping life to worshipping machines – scientific cult(ure)s, have ever since ruled the world, as people-castes and extinguished or enslaved ever since life cultures… Yet in the process they were obliged to evolve their weapons, money and machines, giving birth to the cycles of evolution of weapons and machines, which shaped the history of civilization.

Contrary to belief the dominant species  of planet Earth is not and has not been for the past 5000 years the human being, but a symbiotic species between life and metal, the Animetal.

An Animetal is a human organism which activates mechanisms: energetic weapons, informative money or machines. ‘Animetal’ is a biological term coined using the same system that chemical and biological sciences use to classify its species. In biology and chemistry we join two names to describe a mixed species. So there are carbohydrates made of carbon and water. And there are animetals, different from human animals, since they add the power of informative/energetic metals to their life organs, from armored knights to modern car owners and Internet nerds.

The Animetal is neither a human being nor a machine of metal, but a combination of both, with a higher content of energy or information than any other living species. And so he has been the top predator species of this planet for 5,000 years, since the myth of Genesis about the tree of life vs the tree of metal was written.

Even though most ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic people will find bizarre such diminishing definition of a human being, an objective, biological account of history cannot be subjective, nor optimist about the main role of mankind in this planet, which so far has been to extinguish life organisms and create metal mechanisms, while finding all kinds of ideological excuses to do so.

Thus, humans today are, in biological terms, ‘animetals’, animal life, symbiotic to metal, which they evolve, terraforming Gaia into the metal earth. Their biological function has been obvious: to kill life (warriors), reproduce metal (traders) and design mechanisms with numbers (physicists). Since physicists uses machines to observe the universe and create mathematical theories that pretend to ‘reveal’ the ultimate secrets of time, (but only show the ‘spatial, motion-related properties of time=change, not the vital/morphological change of beings, described by Evolution Theory). The resut is that physicists made obsolete the verbal, logic analysis of the cycles of change=life/death cycles and the biological senses of human beings, substituted by scientific machines.

As a result of that symbiosis and the capacity of metal to carry energy and information, increasing our informative and energetic power, animetals have controlled history.

Indeed, another clear-cut consequence of the use of metal is that there are two social groups regarding the advantages they draw from metal-species… We talk about the original “sinners”and the “good people”, in religious terms; “the rich”, and “the poor”, in economic terms; “the army, kings and politicians” and the “citizens”, in military terms; the “mathematical, aesthetic scientist” and the “verbal, ethic citizen” in terms of education. The animetal and the human being, in biological terms.

To keep their control of human beings, those animetals have evolved the metal-species, source of their power, the weapons, monetary information and scientific machines that define our civilization… As a result of that power, given by their metal-species, animetals have developed subjective ideas, in favor of metal, which praise the use of metal, as the source of human progress, and systematically “hide”, the side effects that metal have over other human beings, and natural species, such as the massive extinction caused by weapons, the degradation of human ethics, and verbal knowledge caused by monetary values, and mathematical languages.


Birth of animetal cultures

In the graph, the 3 dominant people-castes of the ‘animetal culture’, doing their job:

– A germanic warrior from the Iron culture.

– The first physicist, Galileo, who convinced the Venetian Dogo of the superiority of telescopes over human eyes and received a princely salary of 1.000 go(l)d ducats to manufacture ‘spy-glasses’, used primarily for Naval warfare.

– Jewish money-lenders, the people-caste which monopolizes the creation of money in the west.

Their ideologies were first religions of racial or mental superiority over the life-cultures of mankind as their books of ‘Revelation’ show:

– The aryan ‘vedas’: ‘Cows are more useful to us than the dark people, cows give us milk, the dark people only bread’. ‘A peasant is like a soya seed. the last squeeze gives the best juice’ (Samurai warrrior cult(ure) on rice taxation)

–  Talmud, ‘God made some animals with human form so the Jewish people would not be served only by beasts’. ‘Gold is the invisible hand of God’; Adam Smith. ‘Gold is the intelligence of god’ Calvin.

– “Yes, I am the one: God Himself has waited for six thousand years for ME, who looks at His creation with understanding.”(Harmonices Mundi; 1619,Kepler).  “Women only reproduce their stomach’ (Einstein to his wife). ‘My biggest pride is to die virgin’ Newton.

Then those religions that worship metal and despise life became ‘sciences’ and their ‘Gods’ became ‘nations’:

– So today we ‘believe’ in ‘nations’, whose only reason of existence is to have armies and borders. And we deny the Laws of Eusocial evolution (love between members of the same species).

– We believe that scientists NOT artists, who observe time and space with human eyes and wor(l)ds are more intelligent, because they see reality through machines.

– And we believe that capitalism, the monopoly of creation of money by bankers mostly from the ‘Am Segullah‘ (Treasure People) is the only science of economics, when it merely translates the monopoly of power of that people-caste into mathematical equations; as all his ‘founding fathers’ belonged to that religion in its different Biblical sects (Ricardo, Say, Malthus, Smith).


Accordingly we talk of 3 basic idologies belonging to our 3 fundamental animetal species:

– Nationalistic idologies” that allow warriors to use weapons and kill other human beings with them in war ecosystems. Those ideologies deny the obvious fact that all humans are equal and should apply among themselves the law of social evolution,that make equal species to love each other. Instead, nationalism and racism define humans as different and apply the Darwinian law of the fight between species…

– “Economical idologies”that allow traders to buy human Time with salaries, in order to make humans work-=reproduce machines, and consume=test them. The main of those idologies is the“myth of the free market”, which allows traders to rule societies with money [through lobbyism, and stock-marketsthat invent money for company-mothers, instead of letting human beings to rule themselves through verbal laws. The science that invents those myths is abstract economics.

– “Scientific idologies”that allow scientists to consider themselves the only intelligent human beings because they use machines to measure the Universe. And consider mathematics the only “language of truth”, and hence reality an abstract world. When it is proved that mathematics is only a “representation of reality”, and so a “partial truth”, that carries just a part of the total information that the truth -the Universe in itself- stores. As such all linguistic truths are relative statements about reality, and so it is mathematics.

Yet, while the use of instruments of metal attached to a human being, have helped mankind to progress, the limit of that symbiotism appears, when man abandons his role as master of metal-species, and completes them, as individual species, that no longer require a human master. Such is the fact that we are witnessing today, with the development of robotics. The danger that those species rebel against us, free of their servitude to man, able to exist by themselves, without the need of a human “consumer”, is real. It might seem as remote to us as it was remote to Southern aristocrats, the possibility that blacks became free men, or to Romans that Germans destroyed the Roman Empire. Yet it happened, very fast…

Problem is that animetals, that control history, have for so long accepted their symbiotism with machines as their source of power, and progress, that they cannot see any harm on metal, even today when machines are becoming self-independent, and theeconomic ecosystem is destroying the human ecosystem. Unless they realize on time, that they cannot evolve machines beyond the complexity of human beings, and create top predator metalife, it is very likely that animetals, guided by their myths and idologies, will provoke the extinction of history and the arrival of a new ecosystem, that no longer will need mankind: the Metal-earth.

racist religions. The cult(ures) of the Animetals.

Weapons, money, and scientific machines, are the 3 species of metal that are extinguishing the natural ecosystems of history as their own ecosystem of machines, expands, guided by the activities ofcompany-mothers. Weapons kill humans. So those humans who use systematically weapons, not only die in wars, but do extinguish masses of social human beings. So finally weapons and money survive, evolve and keep pushing their ideologies.

In essence, our world is built around the Darwinian ideologies of Weapons created by Germanic people (racism based in physical strength needed to use weapons, nationalism-military ideologies-based in genetics), who have extinguished millions of social humans, and the parallel Jewish=Protestant religions of money (Judaism, Calvinism, modern economics with their cult to money and wealth), that have imposed through Universities and mass-media their ideas against the social evolution of history.

These ideas go against the natural law of human, social,love religions. To do so, they have to substitute the naturalfreedom of manby activities which are against our biological drives, such as war, work, and mathematical information. This of course requires to “repress” the natural biological goals of man, which are peace and love to other human beings (social evolution and reproduction), by the consume=test and work=reproduction of machinesandverbal, ethic information by digital knowledge.

Since our biological arrows (sex, food, free time, love, verbal truths) are natural and self-evident, to control humans, those arrows are repressed with myths and ideologies that confuse our brain. Historically the ideal form to achieve that is through the use of animetal ideologies, sciences and Religions of Metal, that praise war, machines and money as “gifts of god”. In this manner a rational analysis of the causes why our civilizations repress human senses, Human Goods and human Freedom is avoided.

Animetal cultures combine human ‘animals’ and metal memes of energy and information, creating specialized cultures of higher body and mental power:  iron=energetic metal+human body=warrior;  go(l)=informative metal+man=banker and man+machine=scientist. Those cultures, whose paradigm were in the classic age of history, the Germanic, Jewish and British culture enhanced their human energetic, informative and organic power, becoming the top predator cultures of the west. Yet there was an ethic trade off on that process: the creation of selfish anti-life behavior and the endemic ab=use and despise other cultures which they controlled with their weapons that kill human bodies, their money that enslaved people for a salary and their machines that substituted and atrophied the equivalent human organs.

Then in the modern age, those memes were imprinted in complex organic structures, financial institutions, company-mothers of machines and military nations, imitated by all other human tribes, that created the financial-military-industrial complex that today rules the Earth Inc. This complex super-organism is increasingly substituting human beings, which are devolving intellectually, as computer-brains handle its mental tasks; and physically as robotized armies and robotic blue collar workers and PC-white collar workers, displace us from fields of war and labor. It is the final phase of the memetic construction of a world made no longer to the image and likeness of life but of the selfish memes of metal.

Thus the key question about the future of history is if we, humans, can prune the tree of science of its bad fruits as the parable of Genesis written when the first hordes of bronze warriors appeared and extinguished the neolithic civilizations, explain… Unfortunately the evolution of the selfish memes of metal means also the devolution of mankind, and so this parallel incremental process is rendering humanity obsolete and degrading our minds into an infantile, mythic, fictional state that seems to prevent any control of History. The censorship and lack of evolution of the sciences of history and economics encroaches this process.

The surrealist quality of our IDOL-OGICAL M.A.D. society is difficult to hide. We live in a world ruled by a digital, efficient language of re=production, money, which could be easily used to foster with its ‘delivered actions’ orders of production of human wealth, welfare goods we need to survive. But this ‘human goods’ (Hg), are chronically underproduced because over 90% of the orders of money given to society to reproduce goods are handled by corporations, biological organisms, which are overwhelmingly dedicated in the modern world to the re=production of machines, evolved, overproduced and sold for a profit, in a world which dedicates therefore all its efforts to the creation of a world made to the image and likeness of those machines, where human goods therefore like enough credit to make it.

Thus humans live in permanent poverty and machines keep over reproducing, evolving and terraforming the Earth to its image and likeness.  And yet because people are not explained the meaning of capitalism, they cheer and find natural that humans lack basic welfare goods while every machine has enough money, energy and information to keep running the world:


In the graph, low left, the stock-market reproduces +90% of the total money of the world it dedicates to the reproduction and evolution of machines, while the human biological organism and its societies, historic civilisations hardly use 10% of the total money issued in society to develop a human world. The result is that the evolution of machines continue unabated and the ‘chip radiation’ increasingly makes humans obsolete.

Anakin keeps killing children under the rule of the Sith all over the galaxy. 100 die of hunger everyday in Yemen for the only sin of being chiites, the less corrupted version of Islam, which did not fall under the jihadist military caliphate of the Umayyad, as its Iranian friends, which the Sith have sworn to exterminate through its Puppet Potus and dictators.

So yes, Weimar America is the civilization, whose once was the hope of world, which the Enlightened French philosophers educated to freed its people of the yolk of animetals, but felt back  to the addition of Germanism=military memes and Judaism=Gold memes that believes the surrogate life of man as an enzyman, reproducing and evolving machines, the hierarchical exploitation of humanity in boxed nations by their parasitic stockratic leader and the extinction of their sons till the seventh generation is the manifest exceptionalism destiny we must cherish, love and fight for every day 24/7 with absolute zeal because some Bronze Age primitive go(l)d peasant on Levante, and a bunch of red hair neanderthal autist swedes bumping iron in the frozen lakes of Birka did it first.

Sorry for the surrealist humor, I am a latin, evolved axial mind of the European, French-Spanish Catalan culture with no Armies, no stockmarkets, dedicated to enjoy life despite my sephardim, Aryan and Semite genes – I have evolved. 

So we live in a world in which the idol-ogies of politics (nationalism, placebo democracies without judgement of politicians) and economics (classic financial capitalism, where is a sacred right of the parasitic banking class to issue money in monopoly NOT to credit a welfare state, but to make the maximal amount of it), rule supreme.

And this happens NOT because of a scientific development of the discipline but because of history evolution of the memes of animal people-castes abusing life and history, Gaia and non-technological cultures, which made of the evolution of weapons and go(l)d – money as metal wealth NOT as legal nomisma, the purpose of their existence, inventing idol-ogies of worship of those lethal metal-memes and debasing of mankind and its welfare goods and life-enhancing cultures to that aim, thus converting social sciences in idol-ogies of power and life extinction, of which classic economics is just the last version of its go(l)d religions.

When considering the Anglo-American civilization it becomes then clear we are facing just the last evolution of the dominant western animetal cultures.

In that sense, America has gone through the same 800 (in Europe)-80 years cycles of metal evolution, life and death of civilizations that all other human superorganisms. So its history starts as all the memetic nations of the Anglo-American civilization in the go(l)d culture of Israel 5000 years ago when the first forms of biblical capitalism appeared (Gold cultures with banker priests running on gold ex-votes and doubling as bankers for warrior state cities). Within that biblical protestant culture expanded by calvinism to the daughter civilizations of Holland, the German and British Empire and US, America would develop some proper characteristics, notably its parallels with Germany due to the massive migration of German people during the XIX c. and the development together of the second industrial revolution of engines of metal, as the German inventions of electromechanical systems were immediately adopted in a larger scale in America.

What differed though briskly from Germany was its English, ‘trade-dominant’, broken, ‘free language’ with its I-centered never disappearing first person and the ‘free western border’, which unlike the Eastern German border was an open vital space of a non-technological culture easily overrun with the new machines – the Winchester and the railroad. This meant the American would become the strongest ‘animetal believer’ in the memes of metal, weapons, money and machines on planet earth – the more so when its founding fathers were corporations exporting indenture servants and slaves for a price, thus making money and profits the absolute law of the land. America thus departs from Europe in its foundation, as the First Nation ‘owned’ by company-mothers, without hardly any social cultural reference to a human past. Because from its inception America would also run a ‘propaganda machine’ with the financial-media system of information (press, printing paper money), a parallel ‘american dream’, a fantasy about American freedoms and exceptionalism, which perfectly hid its origin ran an American history that has nothing to do with reality.

In this America followed the original jewish culture, which never had a rational, scientific history, told as it happened, an invention of the Greeks. Judaism as all the monotheist=segregational single gods of war or go(l)d of the Bronze Age was a historic religion, where the subconscious collective of the nation, then call God, was meant to conquer all other nations, with its idol-ogical tool of power, weapons in Assur, money in Baal and Yahveh. So the banker-priests of judaism (Its am segullah elite of ‘people of the treasure’ different from its apiru working class of those who go behind the asses, trading in weapons and slaves) developed a subjective supremacist, exceptionalist view of themselves as chosen of go(l)d, with its unique language of power, neither the word nor the weapon as all other cultures had, that would triumph. So ‘at the end of times, conquer all other human races as slaves of Yahveh’  (millenarian prophecy).

And this core belief that through money, Judaism, and then protestantism would conquer the world, became in modern America an easy new version of exceptionalism, which at the end of times would convert the world to the capitalist idol-ogy of America, in a fantasy dream of perfect company-mothers of machines, dollar diplomacy, superior robotic armies and gadgets that will make the American metal man a superior race… From biblical segregational cults to the singularity University and the Silicon Valley fantasies of ubermen, thus America has remained essentially the same ‘animetal idological cult(ure) who worships metal-memes as symbols of religious power, and believes so strongly in them, that it is at the head of metal-earth’s evolution.

This core belief of its elite has not changed in 5000 years, its memes just have evolved in sophistication double newspeak and jumped by imitation and biblical learning from race to race – today arguably believed by every industrial nation competing to arrive to human extinction with better robotic weapons and AI control of its populations, from China to Russia to UK to Israel – problem is this idol-ogy which is nothing but a modern version of tribal or religious nationalism, implies that America as Assur or Israel in the Bronze Age, is  the most backward human social organism where human life is as cheap specially for the minorities that do not belong to the reigning cultures, as expensive are its extraordinary machines of death.

That is, while the Metal-Earth in America is fast reaching its super organic status, working with absolute efficiency as a single superorganism ruled by digital flows of money and technological information, the American people have the minimal level of social evolution, in a permanent chaotic free, entropic state, of competition, akin to the simplest ‘gaseous states’ of atomic matter. In systems sciences all scales have different degrees of social organization from chaotic, entropic bumping gas to perfectly ordered crystal thought. America we could say is in his human base in entropic state, in its mechanical form, near a perfect crystal mind with a growing Ai subconscious collective that runs the system in automaton mode.

This is unlike other nations which have kept a higher degree of human social bonding and were not founded by corporations; not even those like Hong Kong or Singapore, South-Africa or Australia and Canada which kept some ‘British commoner customs’ compare. I have lived many years on America and wrote many pages, but always been aware that America was the end of mankind… as it had cross a limit of chaotic freedom, which makes each American a world in itself, with only two choices, total freedom at biological, ‘animal level’ and total obeisance to the FMMI superorganism of corporations in the systemic level.

This said in America there has always been in each age an elite of owners of corporations, the stockrats who ran the nation with full control of its systems of power, and they could have r=evolved America into an enlightened scientific nation ran by social scientists, if they had understood the laws of systemics, but this is the trap, the people who ruled America since the age of the tea party dispute between New England and old England corporations are by definition the people who run the leading corporations of each age, today the FMAsters that run its metal-minds, in the past,  British engineers turning into railroad barons or germanic ones building cars… So they do NOT have the slightest understanding of social systems, care nothing for mankind at large, worship machines and weapons, and have as only language of power money, and only social goal to herd as much of it. So it is a fantasy which I experienced for a decade moving among its FMAsters the concept that the American elites, today in politics from Reagan to Trump, masters of TV-hate as they were in Europe from Mussolini to Hitler masters of radio-hate and in industry, owners of metal-mind (internet, computer) corporations, could r=evolve their country and give hope for a future of humanity is as absurd as to expect Hitler to run a peace conference and become president of the Society of Nations.

This miracle though was for a while a fantasy of mine – the existence of an Asimovian Mule, an American president who achieved power to change the corrupted systems of America and lead a resurrection of the wor(l)d. In America that concept in fact ran on the Protestant church through the ages of revivalism. But today America is reaching its other limit: absolute chaotic=free, entropic people totally indifferent to a system, perfectly ran by metal-mind corporations and its FMAsters elite who are far more sophisticated in the art of disguising power and micro-managing the collective mind of its ‘human capital’, than the wasps, who were novices in the art of capitalism compared to the oldest go(l)d culture that runs the country and tax-farm its people at distance as it did in Europe for thousands of years, in a perfect coalition with their military, without the slightest ‘ethical myths’ about the antilife values of money.


The American Weimar, or 3rd age of the American power cycle is mimetic to the German Weimar, when the growing speculative schemes of printing for free of money gives total power to bankers over industrialists, which means to change the elite from Wasps – germanic captain of industries to Jap financiers. It is then easy to predict according to the cycles of History as Spengler did forecasting the end of American weimar, and final defeat of its fascist armies for 1945, and the parallel end of America as a corrupted financial democracy, converted to militarism ‘at the turn of the XXI c’, that the change of  ruling culture in America, as it happened in Germany will bring further down the road a higher degree of exploitation of its people by financial parasitism, and an imperial age of war, clash with the next global superpower of the AI age (China) and final gottendamerung of its FMAsters. In that sense Weimar America started with the coup d’etat of 1973 against its Wasp presidency, dollar currency, freed of the gold standard to allow the unlimited invention of e-money, and beginning of the ‘Semite wars’, changing enemies from the red scare of the wasp elite to the islamophobia of its FMAsters. But amazingly enough is not yet recorded in our history books… highly censored by those who own Weimar and have achieved a degree of control and imprinting of the collective subconscious mind of its working people thanks to the massive evolution and reproduction of digital fictions that the country looks increasingly more like a religious theocracy in its worship of technology and its stockratic elite, akin to the ancien regime, than a rational society… Which means weimar America can keep degrading and exploiting its believers and its global empire much longer than rational Britain and Germany did. Indeed I am of the opinion that the American weimar will take mankind into the age of robotic wars, and terminator machines, before its ‘human people’ realizes they are owned in body and mind and r=evolve – likely achieving the end of history & happy to do so.

Perhaps the most amazing fact when one arrives to US – a copycat society of Germany in the XIX c. during its height as the leader of the age of engines of metal, their engineers discovered, as America has been leading the age of metal-minds since the end of the II World war – is that in its 3rd age of corrupted information, also a copycat of the German 3rd military age of the electrochemical cycle, its people are completely unaware of its social structure, the people who own them and their parallelisms with the previous cycle of history, so they don’t understand their ‘so obvious future’…

Weimar America in that sense is unique among all the capitalist democracies, because in the age of metal-minds, the imprinting of the mind of their people by the FMAsters (Financial-Media-Academia masters that control the machines of information that print money, distribute ideas and imprint the blind body-cells of its population), is so sophisticated, its fictions, myths and placebo ego-trips so overwhelming, that the American people has become almost identical in attitudes, beliefs and emotional knee-jerk reactions to any admonitions about their system, any attempt to explain them rationally how they are ruled, and any ‘criticism’ of their stockratic masters, making truth Voltaire’s dictum ‘If you want to know who rules you ask yourself who you cannot criticize’. But as the methods of audiovisual and emotional imprinting are so extreme  and sophisticated (always disguised of placebo newspeaks of caring and political and economical correctness), starting since earlier age, with the massive exposure to TV-historic fictions, the comparison of weimar America is more telling with the ancien European regime of aristocrats, ‘God, nation and king’ (aristocracy).

We could indeed say, ‘Go(l)d, U$ and Stockracy.’  And any attack to those memes will bring an immediate defense of those exploited by go(l)d, nation and ari-stockracy; making truth the old dictum of socialist scholars, who realized for a r=evolution to take place, a ‘bare minimum of mental evolution, and rational understanding of the workings of power was needed, and so most countries of peasants and religious believers could not r=evolve as they could not even understand the meaning of it – something quite obvious today in pseudo-theocracies like America, or Islamic nations.

The belief of Americans in memes of metal, machines, weapons and money is absolute. Their belief in biblical capitalism, extreme. Their worship of their FMAsters for whom they gladly sacrifice their sons in foreign wars, unabated and after near 50 years of rule since the coup d’etat of 1973, their stockrats have achieved a similar height of power to that of the wasp stockratic elite of the robber baron age, with a clear difference – their people even ignore who are their masters, because even the mention of it is a religious taboo, a blasphemy akin to laughing about Allah in Pakistan or Louis XV in the ancien regime. 

The coup d’etat of 1973 by the FMAsters (ab. Financial-Media-Academia Masters) delivered the U$ presidency to the Media Masters after Watergate showed they could choose or tumble a president with Tvs: the Dollar to its Financial masters, as a backing tool to overproduce e-money, when it loose its gold convertibility, with the downside of plummeting the purchase capacity of the American population taxed unfairly with its constant devaluation as they used currency to pay NOT e-money derivatives. And as it allowed them to buy out all companies in stock, finally, delivered the FMMI companies of the metal-earth… Meanwhile Media manufactured the brain of people with fictions and selfies – divide and win – and of course the necessary think tanks paid scholars to justify through Academia, all those actions, establishing a massive censorship through political and Economical correctness. So today the collective thought of both the mass of people and the pundits agree to move mankind into the singularity age of extinction, promote splendid little wars against primitive evil 3rd world peopled that brings further profits as stockrats have issued around 30 trillion $ to buy the Industrial-Military complex deviating wars from the red-commie enemy to the splendid little wars to Islam…
It was a masterpiece of control of a nation by other nation, Israel, which now can rebuild its segregational Bronze Age go(l)d cult after those wars destroyed every nation opposing to Grand Israel.
But the true question the FMAsters NEVER asked themselves was the possibility of using all that power to choose the road less walked, the path of a human future for mankind, building a perfect world with the laws of systems sciences, as I used to preach when I felt myself a ‘converso’ Levi to the cause of humanity. Haskala not halaka. But r=evolution was not to be, extinction is the goal, as all those systems of digital control are repeated by imitation in all other nations of the world. So judaism as it has always done chose the road more walked, that of ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’ which shall bring the war and holocaust cycles of our suicidal self-extinction, which this time we shall not blame on others, as there will be none left.

IN THE GRAPH, judaism has been in absolute control of America, since the coup d’etat of 1973, when it substituted the wasp elite, in all the systems and networks of power, thus changing the culture of the dominant nation of the world, which 50 years in the making has become truly mimetic to the memes of Judaism in most spheres of thought.

As a body is blind in its cells and receives all the information from the nervous-sensorial system of the head, in the case of an organism of history from the neuronal class in control of the financial-media academia machines that distribute information, ever since that coup d’etat, America has been imprinted by judaism and its memes, which are similar but differ in many aspects from the memes of wasp cultures, and so it is impossible to understand America and the world at large, since America then colonizes globally the rest of the world without understanding its head – and hence its direction of future – Israel, since in the same manner the world became a copycat of tiny Holland and then tiny UK, as the leading nations of the metal-earth, the world has become as we warned for decades a copy-cat of the memes of Israel, its racist segregation against the third world, its love of robotic AI weapons, its despise and debasing of humanity as a social goal, and its international organizations, its preventive actions based in the systemic memes of hate against life, its disguise and placebo freedoms, political and economical correctness, and ultimately its no-future for humanity, as its absolute worship of go(l)d will have a single end, a world of mechanisms, not of organisms. 

In brief America is an absolute dictatorship of the FMAsters and its information machines, the money and ideas they print, but people will defend their ‘stockratic’ elite and their systems of control with the same zeal, peasants in the ancien regime would defend ‘God, country and king’ and adoringly serve their aristocratic masters.

To understand how such system works we need to trace a homology with an entropic system of particles in permanent ‘heat’, crashing with each other, feeling all of them individual ‘gaseous’ bubbling special atoms.

This is what America looks like after 50 years since the coup d’etat against their wasp elite in the 70s. Ever since a systemic divide and win,  entropic, dog-eat-dog ‘pumping ego’ strategy of placebo power has achieved the total deactivation of any social organization that does not belong to the authorized power groups and corporations. So the FMAsters power is today so strong, that the country is closer to a religious theocracy than a modern rational society.

The FMAsters are indeed protected by a religion, biblical beliefs which amazingly enough are accepted by 3/4 of the population who really think a historic book of a supremacist people-caste of the Bronze Age holds the secrets of the Universe. This fact alone sets apart America when compared to other placebo democracies with similar methods of population control such as those of Europe or even China – because it introduces a clear ‘believers’ attitude towards the system that I have never found in any other type of dictatorship. Indeed, when traveling through communist dictatorships it takes very little talk to get a Cuban or a Chinese or an East European before the wall felt, in a private conversation to laugh at their leaders, to expose their corruption, to talk of their crimes. But in America, people will have a knee-jerk reaction in defense of their FMAsters that have reduced their minds to fiction rubble, have extorted their wealth with taxes, bail outs, massive warfare expenditure in defense of their other nation, and all type of financial scams. Why? Obviously because US is NOT the only nation under the boot of the FMasters empire, and as such, it plays the same role that the British Empire played with the Stockrats of the City and the yellow press of Fleet Street predating over 1/3rd of the planet. So the native British people even if they suspected to live in a hierarchical antidemocratic society, felt at least to be in the. head of the monster not in the bottom of an African slave depot.

And this is exactly the feeling Americans voting trumpuppet have. Yes, maybe they fight mercenary wars for the nation of their stockrats, maybe they bail out financiers who scammed them with double mortgages, but it is also truth that Wall Street has sucked in 2/3rds of the savings of the planet to jack up prices of Apple shares they own; and the victims of the military robotic industry happen in 3rd world countries; and if they are smart with maths, they can work in big brother AI data – so as brutally selfish, divide and win ego-entropic particles the tough American has accepted the eviL=antilive memes of their FMAsters and the corruption of the system, and feels an alpha dog as long as it lasts.

So the social scientist more in tune with the entangled Universe who arrives to that nation as I did going to study my Master at Columbia University, the week that Desert Storm had pushed a notch further the control of America by its FMAsters, cannot help to feel the same distaste for their leaders than their ‘authorized american’, middle class body ‘citizens-cells’ the re=producers of its digital machines and lovers of its fiction netflix dreams.

It only happens with time living in the land that one realizes there are millions of Americans who perfectly understand the monstrosity of their system, but are silenced and one takes the decision to abandon a corrupted system which cannot be changed unless a massive civil war or r=evolution breaks, or the system is changed by an even worse dictatorship the way Weimar Germany ended the rule of its FMAsters.

This ‘civil people’ who truly believe in the rule of democracy, the rights of mankind to a better world, are then the people one lives with in America, but even them are perfectly indoctrinated by mass-media, depend totally of their credit ratings and are trapped in a Netherland which finally makes the social scientist despair and abandon the land of free entropic slaves, all puppets of the networks that have been cre(dit)sting its tabula rassa minds for so long, most of them can’t even remember when the system worked for them. The duality of America thus is only understood by a few artists and sociologists who hardly dare to speak, expressed masterly in the next graphs. We thus after this prolegomena, study the American civilization as an organism of History, part therefore of the nested superorganism of mankind, we shall explain first to then focus on the History of America through its 800-80 years cycles, and explore in more detail the cycle of metal-minds that made America the successor of Germany in the evolution of the metal-earth, now in its final military ’empire phase’, as Weimar America, bound by their FMAsters to self-destroy itself, as it is always the case of a society ruled by the most fundamentalist of all go(l)d cult(ure)s:

USA as most cultures is divided 50-50% between humanist normal people guided by its biological drives of existence and animetal fundamentalist believers in the memes of go(l)d=greed, weapons=murder & violence and techno-utopias repressing its life memes from reproductive sex to eusocial love. And yet as in most places the animetal culture dominates and controls the FMMI system, abrogating itself the title of ‘America’ as its property. In America it is the biblical culture with judaism on top of finances and the white protestant ‘wasp’ in a second tier as manager of the corporations owned by its stock-ratic elite, which hides behind the cover of the Holocaust Industry that makes the biggest sin any criticism of those who rule, following Voltaire’s dictum: ‘if you want to know who rules you, ask yourself who ‘you’ cannot criticize’.                                                                                                                               Further on, Neocolonial America is a mirror image of the western world at large, evolved into the future of technology. So as the European culture with a more democratic, rational outlook keep loosing protagonism in history, the neocolonialist systems imposed in America, through the control of  machines of  informative digital power spreads to all other nations by imitation of its elites, which become clones of the American FMAsters and its informative memes (ab. financial-media academia masters). In this manner the millenarian prophecy of total world power proper of Judaism, based in the monopoly of go(l)d by a people-caste of banker priests that ‘maintains people ignorant to remain obedient’ of the ways in which ‘money is the intelligent of god’ (Calvin’s sentences, of the brother civilization, which partners with Judaism in America and the Anglo-American world at large) and the use of money to buy mercenary armies, politicos, laws and people with salaries, IS NOW the essential form in which capitalist democracies run their populations ELSEWHERE with variations of higher military or higher audiovisual sophistication. This system always puts together the mercenary military-police system, the audiovisual fictions and ego-trips of divide and win and become an idiot, and the issue of money to buy laws in a partnership that oppresses the ‘third world’ of humanist, simple people of all races, on the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid of capitalism, which is THE MAJORITY OF MANKIND, converted into a ‘sheeple’ that believers the political and economical correct newspeak of the elite, brutal in its actions, hypocritically caring in his discourse – to avoid of course any harsh criticism as those effected in this blog.  In the American colony though the elite is exclusively jewish-calvinist, the same memetic religion with small variations notably in politics due to the Israeli need for the mercenary armies of America – which is the colonial factor in an otherwise happy partnership of common exploitation of mankind in its multiple cultures, all represented in America. But why Judaism is on top? It would be needed to tell the history of the go(l)d culture without hiding all their negative elements of exploitation of people with money. In any case as the oldest fundamentalist go(l)d culture, Judaism is to money what hinduism is to war, with similar segregational laws studied in detail in the section of historic animetal religions. THE DIFFERENCE is the astounding modern sophistication achieved by Judaism as go(l)d a language of information has very different qualities than iron, the vehicle of god in the religions of the fire of the smith. Death is entropic and does not evolve in its dogmas. Information is fast and invisible and evolves much more. So Judaism became capitalism and today in America specially most of those who rule only kept the memes of go(l)d, the absolute belief in private banking, money as the language of success in life – in the past as the tribute to the banker-priest that purified the believer in the temple. So what has evolved finally is the control of all the machines of information that print money and information in favor of capitalism and the chosen. And this is why we no longer call the elite of the capitalist world, am segullah – the people of the treasure as in the earlier ages of capitalism, but the FMAsters, the Financial-Media, Academia masters. This happens because Judaism as a go(l)d religion specialized in the control of information machines since the times of the press, today has an almost absolute private monopoly on  its digital owned industries of e-money and mass-media, complemented by the neocon think tank academia world into an state of neocolonialism, similar to the first age whenthe issue of money and information to the colonists was provided by British companies. However the realization of this state of affairs, where the jewish nation colonizes mentally through evil wood, financially through Wall Street, and academically through the rewriting of history and its Orwellian newspeak (industry of the holocaust, political and economical correctness) is far more sophisticated and censored, because of the higher power of modern information machines, the massive amount of e-money printed by Wall Street (30 trillions and counting), the co-existence of judaism within America perfectly ‘camouflaged’ within the social tissue, and the enormous dexterity of Judaism in the management of human capital through its stock-owned corporations after 3000 years of becoming the ‘international financial and diplomatic networks’ of the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycle of the western world, whose tax farmers, slave traders and military purveyors created a superstructure over nations, with politicos, kings and aristocrats corrupted by their need of money which they couldnt manage or understand origin of the war and holocaust cycles of anti$emitism – which happens when the population is tax-farmed without limits – and the final volkendamerung of antiSSemitism, which happens when those aristocratic-warriors were ruined. In America however the control is so intense and the devolution of people – divide and win – so extreme that it is unlikely there will be any real response to neocolonialism, of the sort the neocolonialism of Israel taking place in the Middle East, with either destroyed nations that opposed them – Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, soon-to-be Iran or those politically corrupted by judaism in finances and weapons with pro-western dictators on top – Egypt, Jordania, Arabian Peninsula is far more understood, as weapons control is energetic, self-evident while financial, informative networks are invisible. And so the FMAempire is the fundamental barrier for the alternative humanist model of EU and UNO to develop a truly advanced social scientific world which cares for mankind at larger and prevents our likely degradation and final extinction by the machines of the singularity age:

It is then self-evident that even before we attempt to explain the History of America, we must explain the opposition between the Germanic and biblical memes of animetal go(l)d and weapons cult(ure)s as America represents the final stage of power of those 2 cultures vs. the mass of mankind exploited by them, because that is the underlying ‘game’ of America, behind its smoke screen of ‘social caring’ and political and economical correctness.
Let us then start explaining the memes of Judaism as it is the first of the two components of the american elite class.
Judaism is a historic go(l)d culture whose fundamental memes are the belief in the values of go(l)d regardless of its consequences appearing much earlier than the rational consciousness of man able to discern those values in terms of systems, languages and the evolution of species, as we do in this blog.

THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Jewish->Protestant fetish go(l)d religions. Hence in capitalist democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science.
Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death brought by its belief in go(l)d values.
Money in its fetish go(l)d view gives maximal value to weapons that kill life and null value to life. While wor(l)ds our ethic language do the opposite. Thus to impose go(l)d values it has been needed a complex memeplex of weirdo but effective inhibitors of human social love we shall term the Jewish inquisition, IMPOSED by repetition of lies as dogmas (Goebbel’s method: to repeat a lie many times to make it truth). Hence the essential importance of controlling metal-communicators that repeat information MUCH FASTER than verbal prophets humanist truths: Those who control digital information have always printed money and hate memes through western history becoming the masters of the metal-earth. This role however was in the classic age of mankind balanced by the humanist ethic prophets of eusocial love and money as nomisma, legal money reproduced by governments. With the arrival of capitalism and digital information however the human side has been erased and so the power of the FMasters have become absolute as people do not even know, under censorship that the goals they seek celebrity and money are ‘owned’ by the companies of information machines that print money in digital screens and manufacture brains. They are thus instantly rich – yet avoid celebrity status as go(l)d is their only religion and their segregational memes against mankind make of no importance fame or glory.

So the fact that Gold, an informative metal, which could hypnotize the human eye, imitating the color of the sun (In atomic level gold is red, the code of entropy) was seen as a magic sign of god – the sweat of the sun-god would be then carry as a fetish ex-vote and accumulated in temples, where its priests, realized gold could enslave humans, and started the capitalist view of economics as a religion of gold herding. Further on by affinity with iron, an entropic energetic metal, weapons reached maximal prize in gold and minimal prize for life; thus those who believed in gold developed an anti-live memeplex, which confronted them with those who believe in the ethics of our natural language, the wor(l)d. And became allies of warrior cultures exploiting together the Fertile Crescent people, as slaves bought with gold and killed with iron.
Judaism thus developed from its inception an anti-live=eviL view of mankind as an inferior species and their own people as ‘chosen of gold’, called themselves ‘am segullah’ ‘the people of the treasure’ (Ill translated as chosen people) and became specialized in all the anti-live tasks that allowed the herding of gold, the ‘ex-vote’ required in their temples to purify their body of the contact with the ‘Inferior human animal’. Judaism thus along with ‘Germanism’, the tribal belief on the superiority of the ‘tribe of goths’, germans who mass produced iron swords from Austria (Hallstatt) to Birka (Stockholm), became the essential cultures of animetal idol-ogies that worship metal, ab=use mankind and started the 800-80 year cycles of extinction of life.
Both cultures though have clear differences because of the type of metal-information vs. metal-entropy they used to control and her human farmers. Indeed, information is ‘hidden’ as a language of power that must not be understood by those who are controlled by it, as opposed to weapons that are openly exposed to provoke fear. So both systems of power are very different.
TO UNDERSTAND CAMOUFLAGE, we shall then bring the classic example of the differences between warrior entropic cultures that expose its anti-life memes with no qualms, as they must be exposed for people to fear weapons and obey, vs. the way go(l)d, money-ruled cultures control people by disguising and convincing that the rule of information and money over them, is good. It is the duality of the carrot and stick, the male and female modes of power, (as gender indeed made males entropic hunters and women reproducers of information).
So in our present culture dominated by money which pays for laws and weapons and wars, camouflage is essential to the workings of power. We can illustrate it comparing the two dominant cultures of war and money of the western world and its memeplexes.
Differences between germanism and judaism, wasp and Jap rule of America.
So first we need to understand what is entropy and information:

entropy is lineal motion, the shortest distance between two points; its systems destroy form, its inverse, which is cyclical, the geometry of maximal volume. In all systems both limbs/fields of entropy-motion merge with cyclical particles/heads of information to reproduce body-waves of energy, the balanced form. Animetal cultures though specialize in entropic lineal weapons or cyclical go(l)d tailoring its memes to their idolized substance, ex-vote of ‘god’

in the graph we see the essence of the Universal ‘trinity’ that ‘Generates’ life systems, which already taoist balanced life cultures understood:
yin-information and yang-entropy combine to create the infinite qi-energy beings.
We said today in systemics that the Universe is made of organisms of space-form and time-motion-entropy, which combined to create the reproductive body-waves of energy of all Natural systems.
It follows that a balanced human culture, based in our natural rational verbal language, above the values of external metal idols, seeks ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ – the balance of the energetic body and the mind of verbal ethic social thought, and love, following the LAWS OF SURVIVAL OF THE UNIVERSE.
Animetal cult(ure)s however are deformed and either love information and abhor entropy as Judaism does, by imitation of its single go(l)d meme, informative metal, or abhor information and love entropy as warrior cultures do with its lineal swords.
Germans thus had Thor, a sword impaled upwards in an anvil where they threw the children of their captured enemies, while Judaism had along other Phoenician religions when they were all called cananeans gold statues to Baal, whom they sacrificed their children.
YET IN SYSTEMS SCIENCES an excess of Entropy causes accidental death and an excess of information causes death in an old age.
So the imbalance of both cultures are the DEFINITIONs  of death at cultural lelve.
ENTROPY ERASE information AND INFORMATION parasites energy and exhausts a system that stops working. And both type of systems die, without a balance and a reproductive body-wave of energy that iterates the system and finds its balance with nature.
Yet as we said, both are inverse arrows in the Universe, with inverse properties which only COMBINE TO FIND THE BALANCE OF ENERGY, in reproductive life-oriented systems, and humanist cultures based in eusocial love, the sharing of energy and information among human beings that creates a healthy superorganism of history.
It follows from those obvious facts that Germanism and Judaism are the perfect memeplexes to ensure the death of its people by imbalance both with Nature, and with the world of humans they exploit absorbing its re=productive energy with parasitic, enslaving banking and murderous military aristocracies.
Yet both cultures care nothing to understand HISTORY, THE RATIONAL LAWS OF SOCIAL ORGANISMS, AND THE MEANING OF MANKIND BECAUSE BOTH DENY THE TRUTH OF THE WOR(L)D, THE LAWS OF EUSOCIAL EVOLUTION, DESPISE mankind, and constantly produce hate memes and racist memes against humanity, even if they are at first sight inverse in ‘form’ as entropy which is ‘big, evident, simple, lineal, motion-limb oriented, physical’ is – the opposite of information which is ‘small, hidden, complex, cyclical, mind-oriented’. So are their inverse cultures:
Germanism needed to show its entroptic weapon to impose the fear of death, and had no concerns to show its evil murderous memes. On the contrary it display them, since entropy and information have inverse values; which became mimetic of the memeplex of both cultures, with seemingly inverse memes in all fields, by imitation of the properties of its ‘sacred vehicles’ of God. Some example will suffice:
– Germanism is body-oriented, racist at genetic level, since iron kills the body and the warrior must exercise the body to control the weapons.
-Judaism is mind oriented, racist at memetic level, since gold is a cyclical form of in-form-ation, and the banker must exercise mind control and learn to operate with numbers.
-German art is massive, ‘energetic’, lineal, simple, ‘entropic’, as the line of its swords; Jewish art is ‘baroque’ small, with profusion of forms, jewelry or golden ex-votes, cyclical patterns, informative.
-Germanic languages are agglutinative, with long lineal unbreakable words that are absolute falsehoods uphold as absolute truths, a race of believers, with ‘square heads’ and no doubt on their exceptionalism path of destruction. Jewish languages and those of similar go(l)d beliefs (English from the amber ring turned into calvinist, jewish memes) are broken with shorter words, easy to combine into paradoxical truths, with little respect for truth, hidden hypocresy and a systemic rewriting of history, as a language of information power as long as it is invisible and not easily decoded by those who are manipulated with it.
What the two cultures though have in common is, their common repression of life memes (sex=reproduction of life is a sin, military discipline represses eusocial love, the sacred books of judaism are extremely racist calling human capital animals, and its morning prayers ask God to extinguish the sons of satan, gentiles, women and dogs). They MUST degrade mankind with hate memes so as to come on top. And as they know they are evil (and evil is a systemic theme of their culture, from Loki god of evil, to hells and evil people – all who opposes the power of gold), but must feel above mankind as superior animetals, they systematically consider mankind evil, and project all their cultural defects on humanity, so both cultures are paranoid, void of any empathy to humanity, sadist in its ministration of massive poverty or murder to the humans they exploit.
As cultures became more complex though those memes became far more sophisticated and specially in judaism, a culture of information which is complex and hides its power as all languages do, became specially able in the creation of myths, damned lies and statistics, rewriting the entire history of mankind with the industry of the holocaust, where the action-reaction processes of war for profits, r=evolution, poverty and revenge against tax-farmers, parasitic bankers, war-investors and the commoners that exploited to the service of aristocratic warriors themes of mankind, were reduced to the final act of murder, which on top is not explained as it happens at the hands of the rival animetal germanic or military tribes, but all mankind, the exploited 99% is accused of murdering judaism.  This thus allow to justify in the final version of the hate memes of judaism to mankind the exploitation of people by Wall Street parasitic bankers, the 60 years and counting concentration camp of Gaza and its ‘terrorists’ hordes that hate us and the systemic debasing of mankind and fascist militaristic movies of evil wood…
Man is evil because we are eviL and we believe in go(l)d values that give zero value to life and maximal to weapons that kill mankind resumes then the underlying idol-ogies of military and financial cultures, of which Germanism and judaism, today married in America – the civilization of evil and death – are its paramount cases.
And needless to say those cultures will achieve the subconscious values of metal, the rival species of life to extinguish mankind, with its terminator robots (as they fear humans not autonomous killing robots, life not weapons), its virtual screens that are fast reducing the brain of humans to selfie rubble bubbles, and as they have for thousands of years reinvented history, falsifying the nature of the Universe, from its entropic germanic big-bang theories of reality – that conveniently forget we live in a vortex of attractive information, called the galaxy that neither expands nor exploded but is the balanced force of an immortal fractal Universe – to the astounding primitivism of biblical religions, where a historic book of fetish gold supremacism is considered the meaning of it all.
it is the paradox of animetal cultures, which have the minimal evolution of its rational mind, reduced to emotional ego-trips, cannot even understand eusocial love, the force of the scalar organic Universe that builds superorganisms and reject any attempt of humanist thinkers and prophets of eusocial love to make them understand they are living beings, not metal beings and belong to the human race, a single species, not to the tribal race.

What is then the main difference between Wasp America and Jap America? One of 5000 years of sophistication in the camouflage with a humane face of the brutal memes of animetal idol-ogies that paradoxically for that reason can go much further in the exploitation of their people, who will believe in the ‘sheep skin of his wolf masters, disguised of humanism and victimism and chaotic ego-freedoms – divide and win strategies’.

So essentially the all too obvious greedy brutality and military germanic modes of the wasp elites whenever dealing with non-wasp people both in American and abroad, an amateurish form of exploiting people and tax-farming them with money, was substituted by 5000 years of masterly control of population with money in an always ‘dangerous’ situation as ‘parasitic hosts of a different civilization’.

n placebo democracies, it is impossible to do social sciences and study the physiological networks, of a human superorganism, as they are denied to prevent any r=evolution of the system. Instead a series of ‘divide and win’ selfie themes of confrontation among humans from the war of sexes to the fictions of mass-media maintains people occupied in individual questions that ensure the Financial-Media/Military industrial system of company-mothers of machines will reign supreme with its monopoly on the issue of money, the language of social power, for the evolution and reproduction of machines, while most people lack the basic welfare goods they need to survive. But none of the key issues of our societies, who has in a democracy the right to print money, how this must be distributed and used to reproduce healthy, wealthy goods, what accountability have corporations and its stock rats, why do not forbid lethal goods from hate media to weapons that kill the mind and body of mankind, etc. etc. can be discussed. They are taboo ‘limits’ of a dictatorship based in the collective noise of multiple mass-media outlets owned by the Financial-Media informative machines that print our money and our idol-ogies of a surrogate life through the machines we reproduce evolve and consume. But as the robot revolution makes unneeded our work as enzymen, reproducing and vitalizing those machines, the mass-media discourse changes to Neo-nationalism, and neocolonialism blaming the increasing surplus of humans of our ill designed system.

This is even more sophisticated when we deal with ‘scholars of social sciences’, and how they have diverted attention from the analysis of the systems that structure societies into completely irrelevant or placebo themes, and in the study of the economists of the Chicago School that rebounded the discipline with placebo newspeak of rational self-interest of an educated consumer population for whom the system worked, which only Galbraith and Veblen dare to respond. 72% of Nobel prizes of economics belong to judaism given by a private jewish Swedish bank testify another key element of the rhetoric academia of modern JAP rule – prizes, celebrity status, mass-media backing hagiographies, press exposure galore, will certify since the times of Einstein’s of A-Bomb fame to those of Friedman and Hayek the systemic development of placebo truths, silent censorship of true social sciences, and massive monopoly of all the position of power in the Financial-Media-Academia structure of information that ensures a perfect imprinting of the subconscious collective mind of America and the world at large, distracted by fictions of all type that pass as academic expertise.

It took me a long time to realize how overwhelming is the system of ‘ad lateral’ themes of null importance that suddenly became the center piece of social sciences, as those illustrated in the graph, till I started a penpal conversation with Mr. Chomsky and then went to interview him for my documentary the future of history. He made me sign an agreement that I would NOT ask him about money and Wall Street, the source of power of its culture, and immediately attacked the american military, the Spanish conquistadors, and every form of military power but WHEN I TOLD HIM, the conquistadors looted gold obsessively because they were sailing on debts to sephardim usurers, who will put them on jail and confiscate the boat and all its merchandise if they couldn’t pay on spot upon arrival, and I asked him 3 times ‘who sins more, those who sin for the salary of those who pay the sinners’ (Spanish proverb), and cut the conversation and didn’t sing the release of the material we shot… He was however the most left-wing humanist jewish scholar, acting of course as a submarine NEVER to talk of the crimes of money.

In sociology the organic school of Spengler, the socialist school of Sombart, all the advanced sciences developed in humanist Germany were eliminated WITH THE FALSE affirmation they were ‘NAZIS’. Instead sociology and history was decreed NOT to be a science, that is not susceptible of ‘modeling’ because humans were ‘free’, exceptionalist beings. While Boas and levi-strauss changed the purpose of anthropology from studying our societies and its social systems to study primitive tribes, as if that were the most important subject NOT to speak of the present system.

Not to speak, doubt or analyze the economic system of capitalism, the monopoly in the production of information of the FMAsters and their culture, is also the essential theme of the Industry of the Holocaust according to which the victims of the lower classes of judaism killed in II world war are superior victims than the other 60 million corpses of that war, and that prevents any analysis of their culture, because they died in a war, as thousands of millions of human beings have done.

Victimism and rewriting of history followed to a degree that amazes the European scholar. For example, the massive traffic on eunuchs, which were maimed after being sold as servants by their indebted peasant fathers to the ghetto jew, and when 1/3rd die of bleeding threw to the gutter, of the walled ghetto, which the aristocratic kings protected from debt peasantry that paid up to 86% in usury interest, today has become the blood libel, according to which primitive fathers thought Jews were drinking the blood of their children, and for that reason revenged – no mention of the eunuch trade, of the castration of hundreds of thousands of children as the cause of the pogroms. The rewriting of history would take an entire volume to set the record straight, but as Americans do NOT learn economics and history or social sciences for that matter, the fundamental method of teaching is tv-history, obsessed by the holocaust industry, and so the American is VOID OF HUMANISM, knows nothing about human senses/art, human history – real one, and it is a tabula rassa to become a pure animetal obsessed only with mechanisms, gold and weapons in defense of country, God and stocks of machine that make him a fantasy Iberian.

The change for wasp to Jap elites in America has been a reality check about the true antilife values of capitalism, the fact that weapons are the most expensive profitable goods of the industrial r=evolution, the null value of human life for the new segregational elite, and ultimately a massive plummeting of standards of life since the coup d’etat of 1973 with an astounding growth of the benefits of the 1%. Indeed, the wasp were amateur capitalists, who understood very little on how to control with digital information a prized tax-farmed mass at distance while disguising that control with  all kind of pseudo-religious idol-ogies.

They in fact loved most of their people, believed somehow to be part of the same ‘church organism’; they thought of the Authorized white Americans as ‘one’, reserving for all others the brutal treatment of prized human capital. Now this middle American though has been excluded, by the new elite which knows perfectly profits and tax-farming has NO limit if one becomes truly a ‘pro’ of the values of go(l)d. If we were to compare the change of elite in terms of duress with the animetal war cultures, we might say that weimar America is to wasp America in terms of financial tax-farming of their people, what French revolutionary armies were to German or Soviet militarism – now the soldiers of American capitalism and its worldwide empire are expendable and they will be spent. And people as in the ancien regime under God, king and nation, now under go(l)d inquisitions will of course love it all the way down the gutter:


‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’ Aristotle, master of Jedi thought.

Poetics, on the excesses of a bad play, which cover up ofr the excesses of a bad plot.


Jewish inquisition 800-80

In the graph, the 3 ages of the Jewish inquisition grow in sophistication but always uphold the go(l)d values that give minimal price to human capital and maximal price to weapons, enacting through segregational hate memes and go(l)d profits, the equation of capitalism and the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle. Judaism>Creationist economics=Capitalism HAS BEEN ALWAYS the soliton cult(ure) that embodies the go(L)d Values of money as a hypnotic metal-substance, vehicle of God that gives maximal price value to weapons, whose need of production is maximized with segregational hate memes against mankind. As such the whole history of western oppression of the 99% resumes in an alliance between Jewish bankers and tribal, nationalist weapon cult(ure)s of germanic warriors, to maximize segregational racist ari-stockratic memes and the oppression through weapons and war, monopolized by germ(an) warriors and reproduced by jewish>Protestant traders and corporations in the 800-80 years cycles. The true victims of both supremacist animetal cult(ure)s IS THE 99% of mankind, including their lower people-castes that do not issue money and weapons but use them to ab=use humanity and die also in the war and holocaust cycles, which is always the end of those overproduction processes of hate memes and weapons (soldiers and peddlers) BUT worship THEIR ELITE, the information people-caste that issues money and weapons (kings, bankers, Ari-stockrats). So always that jewish bankers impose go(l)d values, they will use gold and luxury trade to corrupt political and military systems to establish brutal hierarchical forms of exploitation with both people-castes on top, which ONLY in chaotic ages of r=evolution or at the end of the massive war process of extermination, will fight each other for power, and some times the mercenary warriors will kill the bankers – and this is the holocaust cycle.BUT MANKIND IS ALWAYS VICTIM – THE holocaust IS a business between germ*an warriors and jewish bankers today used by the Industry to ensure their power position in US.

As we enter the digital era and the entropy age of dissolution of all human structures substituted by Algorithms of Information and Digital thought, provided by digital screen which manufacture audiovisually the mind of people, a phenomena is happening that clearly degrades the future of history – the rewriting of its past by academia with political and economical correctness that allows the imposition of alt-truths. Once History disappears as a science, then it is the History Channel, not the University which imposes an unending river of fiction and bull$hit as truths of history, as it did already in economics with the systemic censorship of humanist economics in favor of financial and corporative economics, where corporations and financiers become the ‘experts’ which have all the rights to issue money to make a world to the image and likeness of our new idols, the machines and weapons that control our societies.

The rewriting of history did happen in increasing tempo departing from the industry of the Holocaust, which was first a visual rewriting of modern history highlighting only the ‘chosen victims’ of the 100 million corpses of I and II world war, to the point of excluding on the museums of vicitmism all other European victims, as if they had not suffered under the military machine of the German people; it followed with the censorship of the entire history of judaism as one of the two top predator cultures of animetal power – the first culture of supremacism based not in weapons but in the accumulation of go(l)d and the final denial of its millenarian prophecy of world power, basis of its historic nation – not a religion as clarified in earlier britannica encyclopedia today censored. It did continue energetically with the denial of social history, organicism, evolutionary history and any school of history that tried to make sense of mankind as a social evolving super organism, limited now to the collection of data with technological machines, the study of all possible weird theories of society which could be based ins statistical methods, or were secondary themes – minorities, primitive societies… under the strict power of jewish academic gurus, from Boas to Strauss, and the labelling of all socialist, marxist, organicist ‘German schools’ as ‘nazi’ or ‘totalitarian’.

Today history as a science thus has ceased to exist; men are deemed chaotic=free, and machines abstract objects that will always favor us. Social sciences are concerned with damned lies and statistics and strange, irrelevant themes, such as the LGB rights, the #metoo movement, or the behavioral school…

While true advancements in the discipline as those provided by this blog are thoroughly ignored by both academia and mass media, increasingly fashioned, as the astounding case of the last Nobel Prize of literature given to a bigot singer defender of apartheid Israel, with ties to the Kahane, ultranationalist group, Mr. Bob Dylan and the subsequent cancellation of the prize by the #metoo movement shows.

In the graphs, the wider view of the super organisms of history and the metal-earth (FMMI system), where the ‘neuronal people caste’ in charge of the memes of go(l)d, the iron germs and idol-ogies of nazionanist hate, of each cycle play roles fixed by the memetic networks reproduced by historic=time inertia in each cycle. Below the cycle in its biological terms.


History enters with US elections the knot of divergence, we have been warning for so long in our books on the cycles of history: when nations openly switch as human consumers become impoverished by lack of jobs to the technological evolution of machines into a fascist age of war for profits to consume the new star machine of the cycle: the weapon.

While hate-mass media and censorship of true humanist social sciences paradoxically makes people NOT to understand the process, blame the poor and bring about ‘fascist politicians’. So when butter is needed and a new deal of expenditure in welfare human goods more necessary the ‘noise of canons’ shuts up all true humanist solutions, as the one proposed in this blog, which paradoxically has sunk to near-zero views, as soon as Mr. TRUMP came into power.

We are indeed in the crossroads that happened after the crises of overproduction of trains and stock-paper speculation in America with the Lincoln election; in the crises of overproduction of cars ticker money of 1929 in the German 30s election; and now in the crises of overproduction of e-money, the software and chips, the hardware, in America:


Prison, war dead and poverty, implemented by corrupted politicos, which in each cycle belong to the Informative media machines that manufacture our brains is the trade of the fascist military age of overproduction – the specific target of the fascist ‘leader’, Indians and 3rd world people in the first colonial cycle, slavs and poor jews in the second cycle or Mexicans and Muslims in this cycle is secondary to the fact a dispossessed group will be found and offered as scapegoat to the masses.

It happened after the crash of the train, which brought colonial fascism and civil wars fought with trains in XIX c. to Europe and US, after the crash of the car, which brought Hitler to power, and now after the crash of the chip that brings neo-fascism, called ‘populism’ in the newspeak of ‘don’t worry be happy and die like an idiot of our times’:

In the graph fro the 92 book, the perdition of neofascism according to the generational cycle, explained in more detail below, with the parallelisms of stock cycles. As mass-media becomes the ‘manufacturer’ of collective brains, all the focus deviate from the REAL CAUSES, of the cycle (economic evolution of machines into weapons; automation of processes of production with trains, assembly lines and now automated white collar pcs and blue collar robots. Money flows from companies into war-monger politicos and neofascism ensues.

Obviously on the side of the poor and 3rd world nations which suffer even more the crisis there are r=evolutions, ‘terrorism’, ‘resistance’ to the process, which the media blow up to cosmic proportions – the indians of wounded knee that were going to destroy washington, the primitive negroes that murderd our good soldiers, the brutalised arab terrorists that blow themselves up all over the world in this cycle. And so the masses of the first world back the policies as the invisible digital processes of profits and company-mothers of machines terraforming the Earth continue unabated, its relentless destruction of life. Man ever an anthropocentric species looking at his navel does not of course realise or even wants to talk about it. Humanist writers then enter in permanent depression, unheard, many commit sucide. It is the time of neofascism.

As humans are consumed by weapons, jailed below metal bars and destitute, and the poor are accused of all the problems as THE MACHINE CANNOT BE BLAMED – AND DIFFERENT FORMS OF FASCISM ARISE GLOBALLY:

 The $elected puppets. The past of the Republican Party. Born on Freedom, corrupted by Lethal Wealth.

American GOP was born on high hopes. 

Unlike most humanist Europeans, which merely reject the concept awash with their own ‘selfie’ view of the world, I was fully aware of the importance of America for the future of the world, since its inception. That is why I spent the best decades of my life there, trying with little success to convince the Masters of the Financial_media system that ‘own’ the country and ‘program’ the mind of their people, to back a human r=evolution and evolve into the future of mankind, NOT devolve into their fundamentalist go(l)d past and evolve the future of the machine.

I failed, despite integrating easily among them.

So of course, because systems are controlled by their informative neuronal castes, and those people control America and through America the world, this blog is crystal clear on who is responsible for the foreseeable extinction of our species in ideology and actions- the FMasters, the corporations of digital information, audiovisual and financial, who manufacture the brain of America. This said, as all in the fractal, organic Universe, the black holes of power are always invisible. We do not even see as in the galaxy, the gravitational action at distance that controls the stars from its point of view.  What we see are their white star employees, full of energy and enthusiasm to make the theatrics of his work – the politicos.

So here we are again, time to replace the $elected. As it happens, the 8 year cycle of American elections is tuned to the 8 years cycle of evolution of e-money, so the years is full of possible downturns, still though on the edge of the balance. But the reader should observe that the $elected keep turning down on the road of neo-fascism, as expected by the cycles of history.

Thus as we move into a massive investment in robotic machines and weapons, a new candidate proposes a billionaire business for the robotised walls of America, and the equivalent man, proposer of Grand Israel, Avigdor already in power, proposes an ethnic cleansing of the Israeli Arabs…

Meanwhile, the 3rd leg of neofascism, 3rd world terrorism, also increases the tempo of its well-promoted attacks with a degree of brutality, natural to its primitive credo – but which of all those ‘leading forms’ of neofascism is more extreme? A bio-historian has no sides. This of course, in the age of the zero generation, to the occasional reader, which lives in a dying super organism, where the selfish cells are increasingly disconnected might seem relevant. It is not.


First post – early 2016 – awareness of the elephant entering the room.

i wasn’t listening for a while to the shrieks of the American FMMI animetal go(l)d-obsessed $laves – those who the indians said were no longer ‘human beings’ attached to their ‘iron horses’ – now to their virtual screens, but just couldn’t help to go yesterday through Mr. Trump’s campaign site – very likely the next president of America… And found this. It is worth to quote the whole text of Mr. Trump ‘campaign’ as at the beginning i truly thought it was a ‘joke’. But not, it was ‘for real’.


The three core principles of Donald J. Trump’s immigration plan

When politicians talk about “immigration reform” they mean: amnesty, cheap labor and open borders. The Schumer-Rubio immigration bill was nothing more than a giveaway to the corporate patrons who run both parties.

Real immigration reform puts the needs of working people first – not wealthy globetrotting donors. We are the only country in the world whose immigration system puts the needs of other nations ahead of our own. That must change. Here are the three core principles of real immigration reform:

1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.

2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.

3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.

Make Mexico Pay For The Wall

For many years, Mexico’s leaders have been taking advantage of the United States by using illegal immigration to export the crime and poverty in their own country (as well as in other Latin American countries). They have even published pamphlets on how to illegally immigrate to the United States. The costs for the United States have been extraordinary: U.S. taxpayers have been asked to pick up hundreds of billions in healthcare costs, housing costs, education costs, welfare costs, etc. Indeed, the annual cost of free tax credits alone paid to illegal immigrants quadrupled to $4.2 billion in 2011. The effects on jobseekers have also been disastrous, and black Americans have been particularly harmed.

The impact in terms of crime has been tragic. In recent weeks, the headlines have been covered with cases of criminals who crossed our border illegally only to go on to commit horrific crimes against Americans. Most recently, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, with a long arrest record, is charged with breaking into a 64 year-old woman’s home, crushing her skull and eye sockets with a hammer, raping her, and murdering her. The Police Chief in Santa Maria says the “blood trail” leads straight to Washington.

In 2011, the Government Accountability Office found that there were a shocking 3 million arrests attached to the incarcerated alien population, including tens of thousands of violent beatings, rapes and murders.

Meanwhile, Mexico continues to make billions on not only our bad trade deals but also relies heavily on the billions of dollars in remittances sent from illegal immigrants in the United States back to Mexico ($22 billion in 2013 alone).

In short, the Mexican government has taken the United States to the cleaners. They are responsible for this problem, and they must help pay to clean it up.

The cost of building a permanent border wall pales mightily in comparison to what American taxpayers spend every single year on dealing with the fallout of illegal immigration on their communities, schools and unemployment offices.

Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them); increase fees on all border crossing cards – of which we issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays); increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays); and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico [Tariffs and foreign aid cuts are also options]. We will not be taken advantage of anymore.

This future wall is exactly the same Wall that Israel built with Palestine, and Hitler in the warsaw ghetto… Indeed history rhymes in each cycle.  It is the same that the Koreas built perfectly robotised to separate its northern brothers.


So the often predicted end of weimar America is now on sight – that age of corrupted servile politicians to the service of the Financial-Media masters and its informative machines that print money and hate-media and control society manufacturing the brains and the credit of its people has ended. It is now the age of neo-fascist America, as we predicted for so long, if the system didn’t reform and the people didn’t talk of the true causes of the crisis… and decided to build a ‘human alternative’.

In the graph potus trump comes as a secondary role puppet of the real (na)zio(na)nist leader nation of the cycle, but ultimately all members of the same capitalist, biblical cult(ure) it is of little importance beyond the detail of who is who and who we hate, the peculiar ‘human tribal side of it’ – the bottom line is this – we need hate memes and easy-to-kill nation to implement the monstrous ‘historic side’ of the belli nervi, which now is bordering in III world war total annihilation of mankind.

And to disguise that nothing better that a histrionic puppet.

But Americans cannot understand in the age of entropic dissolution of social organisms into individual unconnected cells, those ‘complex, systemic processes and cyclical repetitions of history’. As they can ONLY focus in the individual as protagonist of history, reason why the existence of a Financial-Media network of informative machines that imprint their mind and buy their actions-jobs enslaving them through corporations to the purpose of the owners of America remains obscure, labelled by those very same media as ‘confabulation theories, socialism, anti-patriotism’ to say the least. So the system of finding a puppet president, preposterous and seemingly independent works once and again for decades since the end of any independence on the POTUS position (coup d’etat against Nixon). So we have a series of presidents with a similar ‘outlook’:

The key to such ‘masterminding’ of puppet presidents is simple: you choose a huge clueless ego, which appeal the selfie, divide and win entropic age of Americans, who believe only the level of the individual rules History, and since the guy knows nothing of policy the ‘experts’ and networks will provide him with the answers, and policies he will serve, and as ‘murder at distance’ is always more cruel as it is irresponsible, those policies are reaching degrees of recklessness unseen in America since the age of Robber Barons (as America did not go through a fascist phase during the age of radio-hate). Further on, trumpuppet responds to the short 8 years economic cycle of industrial cycle of weapons, which require a showcase splendid little war to sell. And so as we have been anticipating that cycle for decades, when a GOP ALTERNATES as the party of war, a war shall happen:

In the graph, the synergy between the Financial-media system on one side and the military-industrial one, on the other, which switches to production of weapons in ages of overproduction and saturation of markets with peaceful consumption goods. Below the 3 human leaders of the main networks of the Financial-Media (informative machines)/ Military-Industrial (energetic machines) systems that made the British Empire, the German Reich and the American Global FMMI system ‘great’ again. In the 3rd screen, the ‘candidates’, Mr. Murdoch of Fox, Mr. trump, and Mr. Paulson, his financial advice, and mastermind of the 2008 toxic asset 2 trillion biggest theft. to notice their memetic imprinting, from the 2 oldest ‘animetal’ western people-castes.

All changes to remain the same.

You have now a perfect triad of ego-centered ‘animetals’ ready to massacre whatever is left of wealth and life in the americans. We are dealing here with 3 neo-fascist dealers who are a good match to the previous triad of the previous military ages of the Industrial r=evolution (colonial Rothschild+Disraeli+Levy of the ‘torygraph’, yellow press, the 3 ‘biblical anglo-monsters’ who masterminded the XIX c. colonial age; Goering, Goebbels and Hitler, the 3 ‘germs’ who masterminded the 2nd fascist Germ-an age.

In the graph from a decade old documentary that never was financed or closed, we can see the 3 ages of neoFascism. The 3rd age with Fox, from the Biblical believer mogul in creationist economics, Mr. Murdoch, for whom profits justify to fill the world of hate memes, is the leader of the present hate-media age, the equivalent of Mr. Hearst and the yellow press, or radio-hate, which from Mussolini to Hitler brought the world step by step into the maximal profits of II world war.

Now he is leading the division and racial profiling of the world, between the chosen of go(l)d and the inferior poor (Mr. Murdoch, being the paradigmatic son of a calvinist father – ‘Gold is the invisible hand of God’ said his scottish idologist Mr. Adam Smith, and a Jewish Mother); he is at the head of the Brexit ‘Beleave’ campaign, turning fast England into a neo-fascist country, and heading the Donald wave of backing by mass-media (dedicating his Fox news to the tune of 1600 million $ worth of prime time in the 3 main channels to the anchorman, which in the trail of Reagan, the first master of Tv-hate media) is representing the ‘orthodox’, hardcore branch of the $elected, on top of the American nation.

The same structure in its social pyramid, the same idol-ogies of mechanism, Abrahamic religions, racist class-structure with ‘you banskters’ and ‘germ’ military ‘animetals’ on top,  implies that the same steps towards global war and/or civil war will take place.

In that regard, the neofascist 3rd wave of the Industrial R=evolution, which always comes to the tune of the evolution of technology from peaceful consumption machines (transport energy machines and money-printing machines of information) to top predator ones (weapons and hate-media), is advancing step by step as we predicted for the last 20 years, towards the final war paroxysm, 3rd world war.

And as usual, the evolution becomes more sophisticated so the neofascist wave  mixes elements of the 1st colonial age of hate to the poor primitive 3rd world ‘terrorists’, which do not seem to become easy slaves of the superior races – in this wave represented by Islamic terrorists, and the 2nd age of war between industrial nations, in this wave represented by the now starting, industrial wars between the Chinese and American powerhouses.

Regarding the colonial wars, Muslims are still part of the hateful people, but the negro is substituted by the Latino.

In the first age Muslims and negroes from Africa, the people the bible consider inferior to dogs because their ancestor, ‘Ham peed on Noah’ (sic: Damnation of Ham, upholded in courts to defend slavery during the gunboat age), were so brutalised that they did attack back the colonials, murdered wholesale british people at Khartum and claimed the arrival of the saviour Al madhi, while black tribes in the Ifo culture sacrificed their children and drunk their blood, in a last desperado attempt to stop slavery trade. Those though had been the most cultured regions of the west and east africa as Syria and Irak were till recently. But the degradation of their people had reached the same level today we observe in Yihad, and so the yellow press and the hero Kirtchener went there to massacre them and take over.

Now of course there was then as today the solution of investing in a Socialist, Keynesian or organic Wheath, welfare state. Yet the 3 schools of economics of a humanist side, the Anarchist, Keynesian and organic school this author represent were totally ignored before the war. Today is the 30 years anniversary of my first book on organic bio-history and bio-economics, published upon my arrival to America to study at Columbia and work in wall street. In that regard, the level today of repression of true economics is as huge under the anti-quantum paradox as it was in the colonial age, when the true master of economics, Butler, who denounced the organic nature of machines and the anarchists that demanded shared property of corporations, universal salaries and end of policial states and bank monopolies were considered terrorists.

It is AMAZING, that for 30 years, the objective facts of this blog – forget its author, now old sick and tired – has been completely ignored by both the left and right, as they are ALL humans and ALL will perish when the wave of robotics reaches the threshold of hyperbolic mind-intelligence (robots will have a hyperbolic mind, a theme which requires the mathematical treatment of mind systems, which I carried about when i was a rising stars of systems sciences, with the formalism of 5th dimension, working at Silicon valley but that is accessory here – basically THEY WILL THINK AS INSECTS DO, perceiving simultaneously all its ‘parallel brother’ robots, into a single ‘boson-like’ consciousness of the whole).

The solutions in that regard are the same that those proposed by butler and the socialist schools in the I cycle and Keynes in the second cycle.

Mr. Τrump is  the ‘joker’ needed to bring gottendamerung, full war with a silly plot, because contrary to belief the supreme evil comes with children misbehaving.

While the plotters run the puppets behind. Plotters are many.

Let us consider the 2 masters – the financial master is his main wall street backer, Mr. Paulson, the W.$ bankster who first sold massively cdos, as AAA money and then plotted with Goldman to short it as toxic assets, and then convinced politicos to buy them from banks stealing 3 times billions of $ from American tax payers… chosen the most respected player of the place by W.S. Journal for such feat.

His Media Master is Mr. Murdoch, the ‘you’ master of Fox, Brexit, W.S. and the bid for permanent wars and massive racism against all the poor of the planet.

In the graph, the economic ecosystem and its cycles of peaceful and war ages, based on the cycle of evolution of technology.  The economic ecosystem is ruled by the values of the language of profits ≈money, which is NOT a human language, as it gives maximal value to weapons – the perfect machine – and minimal value to life – the human.

This means that a system ruled by the values of money, an economic ecosystem, will be an ecosystem that promotes weapons over life and systemically chooses war over diplomacy to resolve problems – specially when technology reaches a phase of weapons overproduction.

In the present age, as technology reaches its weapons age of  the electronic cycle, the overproduction of robotic weapons, blue collar robots and white collar pcs, profits imposes war and hate-media as the preferred solution to increase profits.

This solution though clearly clashes with the solution preferred by the verbal, life values of the super organism of mankind which give maximal value to life consumed in war.

The result of that essential difference between an economic ecosystem of industrial machines and weapons (ab. FMMI system) and a human historic super organism, nation or civilisation  is a constant struggle between those who accept the values of money at each cost, and those who still prefer life. When the values of money dominate in the technological cycle of weapons, fascism, imposes those values through the power of hate mass-media, and the control of corporations over politicos, which are $elected to favour the war solution. The result is a  fascist age of global wars, which can be predicted according to the simple evolutionary patterns of technology, as we have done for decades, announcing the fascist ‘finale’ of the chip overproduction crisis.

It is in this zeitgeist where the 2016 $election process of an American president must be discussed. For the system it is clear since Bush was elected, that war-monger politicians will bring higher profits, and so even if from a humanist p.o.v. this cannot be said, the FMMI system of Financial-Media (informative)/Military-Industrial Company-mothers of machines, DOES promote the war-monger politician.

So ‘Mass-media’ has invested over 2 billion $ of prime time news on Mr. Trump, the candidate of the FMMI economic ecosystem and less than 100 million covering the ‘humanist’ candidate, Mr. Sanders – and that choice is what $elects the candidate. This 20 to 1 proportion is what manufactures the mind of Americans, and it is a choice of the owners of the American FM system who do $elect its presidents.

Of the 4 candidates with chances to be elected POTUS, Mr. Cruz, a Cuban refugee, turned into biblical fundamentalist, a TV-host, ruined real state tycoon, the wife of a corrupted cynical ex-president, and a Jewish social-democratic, evolved humanist leader who abrogates for ‘butter instead of canons’, as the natural solution to cure the chip overproduction crises that are killing the super organism of history, of which America is jus a small sample, displaced into the technological future, there is only a rational, human choice, Mr. Sanders, and yet he is the most unlikely to be $elected by the eco(nomic)system and its FMMI corporations, whose credit and mass-media manufactures the actions and beliefs of the globalised people.

This is an absurd contradiction taken into account the stakes of the future, as even the most slow-thinking human being realises the parallelisms with the previous 1929 crises of overproduction of electro-chemical engines that brought about the military overproductions of ticker money (29 crash), radio hate media, bombers and tanks, aka II world war, and fascism.

30 years ago when the first model of bio-economics was published this forecast was way out there, but now, every learned man with a historic background understands this parallelism, and the duality of solutions: fascism for military industrial profits (canons) or welfare for people (butter). So a decision had to be taken, between 3 candidates, once Ted was out:

  • Business as usual, with the first lady, whose only merit is resilience in front of all type of humiliations, a reliable ‘house negro’, now we might say ‘house cleaner’, to keep the neo-fascist age going a bit longer, pretending there are no banksters, debt slaves, blue collar robots, white collar PCs and terminators making humans increasingly expendable. Obama did a great job covering up for the FMMI (financial-media/military industrial complex) globalised metal-earth, with his smile, black face, and caring outlook, while prosecuting Snowden, sending more drones to kill, justify war and let the police brutalise his people to the brink of civil war. This is what the FMMI system expects from Hillary, but obviously Hillary has zero appeal, or else it would have not lost to Obama. In any case this is the absolute puppet, humiliated, obedient, corrupted, dependent, the ‘choice’ of ‘business as usual’.
  • Trump on the other hand is the clown, whatever-it-takes, neo-fascist leader, like taken from a book, the candidate of global war, islamophobia, Israel’s Hawks and hate media.

What any of those 2 candidates can bring to the 99% of Americans, and by extension as America is just mankind ahead in time, to the rest of humanity? Just more of the same, or even worst, nightmares. Canons slow, or canons fast, slow anoxia of debt slaves or fast death by hanging. They are the candidates of the two sides of the FMMI system: the war-prone, fast growth, technological cycle, or last phase of the Kondratieff cycles of evolution of machines that end up in weapons (Trump) or the slow peaceful growth during the discovery and reproductive age of those weapons (Clinton). As now the economic ecosystem is evolving weapons in the fast track Trump is better for profits and the FMMI system – not the people manufactured by media – will $elect him.

Yet from a human perspective, if ever mattered in a nation where go(l)d is a religion that cannot be challenged, the only rational choice is Sanders. This should be obvious to the 1% that owns Evilwood and Wall Street, hence the head of the Financial-Media system of corporations, overwhelmingly jewish (54% of the 1%, 80% of CEOs of FM-companies and CFOs of 1000 American fortune). They run the economic ecosystem of America, and by extension America, and they are and should know, in the same place Germany, which they completely controlled till the 30s, was after the crash of 29 and the military solution ‘canons will make us strong, butter will make us fat’, was after all a sentence of the fat Goring.

They should know as I have told them for decades, personally and in blogs, that if they do the same mistakes, causally, history will end the same. And so they should stop worshipping money more than life, even more that their own life, stop denying the true causes of the cycles of war and holocausts, stop denying that greed is the final cause of human extinction, and be rational and practical about the future, and choose this time butter, and choose one of their own, hence reliable in his solutions, Mr. Sanders, but they won’t. Of the 3 solutions: Trump which will bust China, crash the $ provoke a world gottendamerung, and if needed sacrifice them as a last resource, Clinton who will worse than Obama, play the house negro, covering up and slowly increasing the tempo of those splendid little wars and Sanders, who will truly bring human solutions to the overproduction crises and start up to build a perfect world, once again, as they have always done, since they sent Moses to the Mountain and follow Aaron, the FMasters will do ‘whatever it takes’ to set up on fire the world for FMMI profits and at the end burn with it in the hell of greed.

And of course, never mind this has happened so many times, they won’t understand anything of it. Since if there was ever a culture that obeyed the dictum of Mr. Aristotle: ‘people are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’ is this one. The belief in go(l)d, the fetish of Greed, the subconscious, emotional complex idol-ogical me(n)tal diarrhoea they called cult(ure), shut their eyes blind to the so obvious crossroads of history they are in.

So they as always, when the times for a saviour comes, will hate the saviour who tells them, give to caesar what belongs to caesar and survive. Now, in the zenith of power, when all is yin, all its policies are happening, all its leaders in power in the Western world, from Peru to Germany, from US to France, there is none to be blamed by themselves, on where ‘canons’, their preferred solution, will bring the world. But now the ‘extasis’ of absolute power, is so huge, all doubts are dismissed. Yes, we need to expand the walls of Israel and its robotic industries to the whole world. And this is what Trump means the final isrealification of the western world, which we advanced decades ago, as each nation leading each Kondraieff wave – Israel and its Western FMasters leading the electronic wave, becomes the ‘future template’ for all other nations to imitate.

America thus find itself as we forecasted 2 decades ago in our first models on the economic crash->fascist cycle of the Industrial R=evolution, at the end of the Weimar Republic and the beginning of Neo-fascism.

But the process goes through steps properly of the American peculiar structure across 8 years changes of government, moving steadily under the rule of the Financial-Media systems to a point when neo-fascist waves of populism break, as the choking of credit to the middle classes ruin them, and the polarisation of politics brings neo-fascist leaders vs. house negroes, in a clear series of:

Clinton (corrupted in hands of W.S.) -> Bush (neofascist kid) ->Obama (House Negro) -> Trump (neo-fascist ‘professional’).

America is ‘owned’ by corporations; this must be understood from the beginning… The brain of Americans is therefore manufactured by them and the owners of corporations and it has been so for so long, as its inception, when it was the property of the London Company. But systems become far more complex with time, to the point that paradoxically America is defined today with its anti-truth as the land of the free. This lie thus HAVE TO BE REPEATED AD NAUSEAM, FOR THE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE ON IT. And that is why the fundamental mantra of america, the land of owned $laves of corporations, who first arrived as cargo of gunboats, then were $elected allowing only to enter those who ‘believed’ in the racist book of history of their ‘master race’, chosen by go(l)d and now are manufactured by tv-sets and given freedoms according to the credit number of their account – the specific ‘tattooed’ number of the global concentration camp of corporations who own us all, IS REPEATED AD NAUSEAM.

So an anti-truth is created so shocking that as the GOEBBels METHOD INDICATES, is difficult to change. indeed, the anti-truth, as bizarre as it might seem is more difficult to change than a half truth. If you are told YOU ARE FREE a goodie, so many times as to become an imprinted belief, to go back to the reality which is so opposite to the truth, your slavery to go(l)d, corporations and its owners from other country, depresses you so much, changes so much your self-view that as Nietzsche and Goebbels explain you will NOT change but kill the messenger, and abandon this web. So the Americans will go to all lengths to KEEP this lie on their hearts, and hymns, the land of the ‘free’, which means merely the land of the chaos, where chaos=death=freedom=entropy is confused with TRUE FREEDOM, THE CAPACITY OF HUMANS THO ACHIEVE ITS GOALS, not as the freeAmerican of the previous graphs (soldier, jailed, homeless, tv-conected) but as a full thriving, complete, educated, ethic, connected with other humans (not with machines and virtual realities) human being. Of course the 1% and the owners are free. So they are also all time all hours all day talked about on media, to make them surrogates of freedom – so people who watch them think they are free because their ‘owners’ are having a great time on tv sitcoms.

Now, the owners of the Financial-Media ‘head’ of Informative machines that reproduce the money of America and the audiovisual information that defines it, will dispute a new $election process of the most amenable ‘house slave’ to whip into proper behaviour the 300 million plus American $laves, to its ‘biblical book of history’, its TV-hate memes and its electronic money. The candidates are 2+ 1 residual good guy, who will be soon eliminated. WHY THERE ARE 2? 2 reasons:

  • On one side the theatric of capitalist democracy evolved from the monocracy of earlier anglo-dutch ‘orange single party’ representing the then single gunboat and slave corporation, to 2 parties, one representing the phase of war of the machine (conservative, TORY, GOP party) and the other the phase of peaceful, colonial trade (whigs, GDP, democratic party). IT is a slight difference as BOTH ARE OWNED, but they represent corporations in war mood that shall consume human beings and corporations with gadgets for humans to consume. This duality is also happening on the owners’ true nation, Israel (a fact, hidden by the political correct manufacturing of American brains with the industry of the holocaust, the ‘conspirators theory’, etc. – to define the owners of 80% of American corporations by their culture it is not to provide data but belong to a conspirators’ theory and/or be an anti$emite, the stupidest and evilest species of the land). This of course is part of the manufacturing so the Americans believe they are free.

The data though is there, and since now the ‘colonist do have’ also a conundrum in israel – to extinguish or not the primitive of their land – the palestinians, they have also 2 candidates, the tv-savvy, cynical, arrogant, fav of the system, Mr. Trump whose job is to convince the white racist americans, hanging on his bibles and guns that neither robots are firing them from work, nor Israel is the colonial nation, but all is because Mexicans and Arabs, the bad people are destroying the land of the free.

That he will pull that paranoid, racist theory is certain, as he is an expert of mass-media, a trump-et for his owners. The second ‘owned pup-pet’  is a woman, a weakling who followed a house negro – it represents the most domesticated, corrupted sector of minorities, not certainly Malcolm X characters, but very domesticated puppies who always ask their master voice. And represent the civil society of Israel, mildly more human though of course, also loving corporations and its robot that will kill them all.  So we can say that they represent still the war and peace final solutions, the death and obsolescence of mankind.

  • Finally representing mankind there are 2 mildly humanist dissidents, which are both from the Am Segullah culture, Mr. Sanders, and Miss Stein, and as such do not hide, but are also genetically from the Master race, since they think they have not to hide as they think they have good ideas for mankind. But one, representing the ecological party, is a corrupted wo=man, Miss Stein, investing in drones, heavily, while preaching peace. So there is only a human candidate, Mr. Sanders, a good ‘you’, still obviously from the ‘head’ of America, but a good man, which could help the people of the country and for that reason will be the first to go. Then we shall have the theatrics between the pup-pet and the trump-et.



As the leader of the military-industrial complex of the metal-earth, the master of the U$ is by the charge it occupies extremely dangerous. His job is to maximise the profits of the FMMI system, and its reproductive cycle, ‘belli nervi pecunia infinita’ in its 800-80-8 waves of accelerated punctuated evolution of the biological systems of weapons=top predator machines of the metal-earth

This is the role of trump puppet, a trumpeter of apocalypto, a celebrity character of the Financial-Media system, in charge with all its ‘human antics’ of evolving faster the metal-earth, machimize the profits of wall street, now pumping iron in its maximal profit cycles – and do a circus for the audience, while the real process – the maximisation of the belli nervi phase of pecunia infinita happens:

In the graph the cycle of consumption-war mimicking the 8 year product cycle and cycle of splendid little wars brought about by the GOP war party obeying the lobbyism of the military Industry, below, the cycle of splendid little wars as ‘forecasted’ in the 1992 book, bio-history. It is interesting to notice the coincidence of objectives – the usual suspects, small communist countries of a bygone civilisation, Islamic enemies of the nation of its FMasters and the big prize for the ‘III world war’ in the making, China, provoked through its satellite countries. We thought though that it would be about Taiwan – didn’t think Trumpuppet ego was so huge and the paranoia of the nation of its FMasters so extreme as to want to get rid of a Nuclear country knowing it would provoke a 20 million holocaust of his most loyal allies in the region South-koreans in Seoul. The names of the cycles use the old jargon, where ‘The Beast’ was the name I gave to the Age of Terminator robots that would follow the closure of the American cycle of metal-minds, which as predicted did happen exactly in 2008, a generational cycle of 72 years after the overproduction crash of electrochemical machines (1929) origin of world war II as those machines switched to weapons – hate radio and bombers and tanks (armoured cars and armoured planes). Now after the overproduction of chips production has switched to terminator robots and electronic big-brother while hate-media memes ensure the population to acquiescence with the loss of WHealth – but what I did not expect is the absolute ‘IGNORAMUS’ of the cycle but all the human population, so ‘erase head’ in this entropy memoriless age that even now that is happening it is a taboo to talk about what is happening. But of course the cycle will end as all nervus belli pecunia infinita in the final Gottendamerung of the FMasters that control through its networks and puppets the cycle. The harder they fall. 

For those who think American Presidents are elected not $elected, as Roosevelt told us, it is needed to understand how a social super organism is ruled, in general terms and who is Trumpuppet, a clueless puppet of those networks which provide him the ‘cues’ to his actions and a general understanding on how Americans, its reproductive working class is masterminded by its informative financial and media networks, owned by the only American social group which is NOT living as selfie entropic memoriless individuals but as a whole social body with a long memorial history and an iron fist in velvet globe, controlling those ‘physiological networks’, which manufacture ‘collectively’ the brain of Americans.

Foreword. 2013

This month dedicated to the American political system, after forecasting Mr. Obama’s victory, which will change NOTHING on the American Weimar, we shall forecast the next president, once our ‘house negro’ fails to change the future of the ‘Great Recession’ – the Tea Party GOP candidate, and how it will finally plunge America into a ‘real depression’ – that of the crash of currencies similar to the Deutsche crash of the previous cycle, using graphic texts 20 years old from ‘Bio-history, Bio-economics’ c.94 library of Congress, printed at Book-master Ohio…

Now of course, the purpose of the system is NOT for you to understand the causation of its cycles and its future, but to believe the ‘eco(nomic)system’ of corporations that control the world is the best possible system, and you must not rebel to change them. To that aim you only hear ‘thin air’ optimism about the future and newspeaks – so the dictatorship of corporations is called the ‘free market’, the minsitry of war, is called the ministry of defense. And so on. So it is very unlikely that you, living under the inquisitions of political and economical and technological and national correctness, have ever read a so direct analysis of the similarities of the past and future rise of the fascist parties of Germany and America… as it was/will be ‘again’.

The second part of the article rescues the old graphs of that original book on bio-history, written with the original language of ‘i-logic’ ‘lanwaves’ of time, used to mathematically describe the probabilities of the different ‘paths of future’, according to the equations of bio-history… They relate graphically the historic cycles and ages of the jewish->biblical->capitalist civilization, which as the informative head of America defines its information and hence according to the laws of ‘lanwaves’, its future.

 Trumpuppet: TV Neofascism: all has changed to remain the same.

‘He didn’t talk of people, but of things that truly mattered, machines, roads, weapons, factories.’ Goering, on the leader of the Great-Grand-Germanic military-industrial-nation and the things that mattered to make German great again.

‘The United states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses’. Trumpuppet, the leader of the Great-Grand-Germanic military-industrial-nation and the things that matter to make America great again.

‘Latinos waste (our) money on women and drinks.’ Dijsseelwhatever, president of the European parliament, leader of the Great-Grand-Germanic, honest, superior, mechanical races, who deserve all the credit (of the hijacked European German Central bank) for things that matter, compared to those ‘bad hombres’ and the inferior female, south races who drink life-giving water – the ‘things’ that don’t matter.

‘It is good that germans have long words, to reflect upon them because they are slow thinkers’ Schopenhauer, on the german objectual, OVS language and its entropic-long-sword-like-unbreakable-truths-full-of-falsities, where the human subject always comes last… because ‘it’ doesn’t matter.

“On the day they were going to kill him, Santiago Nasar dreamed he was going through a grove of timber trees where a gentle drizzle was falling, and for an instant he was happy.”

‘Chronicle of a Death foretold’. Garcia Marquez, Latino, wor(l)d master. On the feelings that matter, and the certainty of causal death.

‘Tragedies of history repeat because people don’t learn of their mistakes’ Proust

‘Canons make us stronger, butter make us fat’ Goering, on the 2 solutions to all economic crisis: neofascism or new deal.

‘The most difficult lies to understand are those we make about ourselves’ Nietzsche

‘You can cheat most people all the time, all the people sometime, but not all the people all the time’ Lincoln

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it’ Goebbels

Abstract. As we anticipated for 30 years, in our censored=not-distributed books on Bio-history, the end of the American weimar and the raise of American neo-fascism is now here. So the thesis of this work, as all true sciences predict the future, that man had 2 paths of future, one of ‘entropy and war’ (profits for corporations through war) and one of  welfare and a new deal of global proportions, and that it was more likely the solution of neofascism, given the enormous power reached by the Financial-Media/Military Industrial complex has happened. What can i say?

A case example of what is wrong with our economists.

The people who will destroy America, during his neofascist age, the military that appropriate further funds for absurd ‘mercenary wars’ against the enemies of the ‘other nation’ of Wall street and Hollywood moguls, which care nothing under its primitive go(l)d religions for the future of Amrica or mankind at large. The epitome of this administration dedicated to make Americans suffer again, a thirties bis ominous age, is Mr. Mnuchin, mogul of wall street, from an old dynasty of private banksters, goldman sachs partner, producer of a racist series of entertainment where two ‘survivors’ of the holocaust ruled over a race of super humans ‘victims’ of the brutish mankind they must exterminate, who made his fortune throwing old people from mortgage scam homes and now is dedicated to further deregulate the banking system so he can keep printing billions of $ NOT for investment in humanity but to speculate with prices and multiply the scams of ‘the monopolist issue of financial money’ – the business of the ‘go(l)d chosen’ in their primitive conception of what an economic ecosystem should be according to its ‘beliefs’ of creationist economics.

When asked last week to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the impact that robotization and artificial intelligence were having on the country’s labor market, he replied that none. “This is not on our radars. Its effects as much will look within 50 or even 100 years. ” Indeed mr. Mnuchin a stock speculator, who made his fortune in the scam of mortgage cdos represents the bulk of classic economists,which we shall call here ‘creationist economics’, as it is really a series of ‘opinions’ of a group of biblical imperial bigots of the British I Industrial revolution, for which the only function of economists is to reproduce as much money as possible, among financiers; whatever it takes, because ‘money is the invisible hand of god’.

Bio-economics is real. And the 99% for which economists should be cared are left unprotected to its effects

A new study by two MIT economists, Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo, academics who have spent years studying the phenomenon, published these days in the National Bureau of Economic Research, suggests that Steve Mnuchin should at least refresh his screen because in the Race to get a job robots are already winning humans. It is not something that happens now, but for two decades. And they win from the street: for each machine that is incorporated in a productive process, six jobs are destroyed and wages are devalued to a maximum of 0.75%.

In the race to get a job the robots are already winning humans, according to a study

In detail, the research covers the period in the United States. Which goes from 1990 to 2007 and considers as robot “an automatic controlled, programmable and multipurpose machine.” Well, it is enough to have one robot per 1,000 workers to destroy the equivalent of 5.6 jobs. During the period studied, a total of 670,000 jobs were lost. Burning (for the time being) saved the tasks of management and added value, while those most harmed were those occupations that incorporate some manual routine, such as assembly lines in industry or transportation.

And the process has not yet even started in earnest. BUT MR. Mnuchin as ALL the previous treasure bosses of America, during the century belong the so called “People of the Treasure”, ill translated as chosen people, as Am segullah means people and treasure, not chosen, an ancient cultures of fetish go(l)d religions, from the bronze age which is the ‘idol-ogy behind capitalism’, as the masters of the historic schools explained us (‘The jewish and the birth  capitalism’ by sombart, the better known, ‘the protestant ethics and th birth of capitalism, by his disciple weber and the master of them all for the ancient birth of a ‘people-caste’ of ‘animetal’ bankers, who made of the religion of go(l)d its instrument of social power, allying with military kings and warriors to exploit together with weapons and money, the farming population of the western world: Abraham Leon’s – the Jewish question, from a socialist hebrew scholar died in the nazi holocaust’. So the conclusion is obvious about the modernised equations of those bigot creationist economists:

WE CANNOT pretend to manage the world of XXI c. robotics and terminators, AI and the supeorganism of the metal-earth, out of the blues ruled by idol-ogies that hold from bronze age cultures of exploitation of the 99% with gold and weapons.

Since those people do NOT even recognise their work is NOT about science an management of mankind but about MAKING MONEY through primitive inflationary ‘scams’ that manipulate the easiness of reproduction of money in digital screens, and for the rest of ‘economical policies’, well, ‘Go(l)d will provide’.

Let us see how Mr. Mnuchin could pay for the wall, as their ancestors have been doing for millennia. Just invent another bubble Mr. Mnuchin, but this do not give all the money to a crony kid of some of your $elected friends, with all the rights and null responsibilities, because the money ‘you’ print is not yours, ‘give to CAESAR what belongs to CAESAR’.

Now ultimately the cycle is simple: the world of corporations doesn’t need humans obsolete to the new machines in each cycle. And its FMasters keep inventing trillions for themselves, but people if they knew would blame them. So ALL KIND OF NAZIONANIST DISPUTES COME AT THE END OF THE CYCLE TO PROMOTE WAR, DIVERT THE ATTENTION OF PEOPLE AND KEEP IRON PUMPING.

Meanwhile the cherished codecrappers of silicon and wall street can keep crapping billions of virtual money for themselves and their AI machines. And as most of them are ‘you memes’, of course, we are modelling the world to the image and likeness of the leading nazionanist nation today, (na)zio(na)nist Israel -a colonial state; hence this cycle is NOT like the fascist cycle lead by germ(an)s and its military-industiral complex, but more like the colonial cycle, against African migrants, Islamic warriors and amerindians, aka Latinos the new targets of fascism, while on the background the origin of it, the banksters ARE no loner talked about. To do so is called ‘confabulation theory’. Perfect chess.

As a friend put it to me, ‘this is the paradise of the you (meme)’. Indeed, the American knows nothing about the issue of money, since it sees it with emotional greed, and cannot reason about it as a language; so nobody questions why the language of social power is controlled by a few private dynasties of bankers, instead of the people, who should receive a share of the language of oxygen-words-money to kick out its actions as cells, and human individual minds do with oxygen and words – but alas money must be in the hands of a cancerous group, to choke the nation, ab=use its mercenary armies, tax them to death and then blame thy neighbour, and that is called ‘freedom’, ‘capitalism’ you name it.

‘People must remain ignorant to stay obedient’ said their intellectual master Calvin, as we all know ‘the intelligence of God is gold’ (Calvin), it is best to order people with digital go(l)d, the invisible hand of god.

Now, when you are inside an organism, you are blind, only the neurons see. So for a European this is crystal clear as soon as he arrives to U$. On the upper classes all are wealthy ‘yous’, which have unlimited credit to create the world. So they can waste billions in internet companies, never mind they will get more and be called geniuses. While the common American cheers ‘four legs, four legs in pure Orwellian style’ to those who oppress them.

And this was the case of Miss Trump’s young husband. He set the record of the most expensive purchase of a building in MANHATTAN, all on free issued money-credit by financiers, just in 2007 before the crash of the market, ruining his family. Of course any other business man would have never come out of that huge debt loss – paying a maximal price just before the market crashed!

But he just more credit, and the parallel legio of ‘you-writers’ twisting truth, told us it was a stroke of genius to pay twice the value of a building before it halved its price with the 2008 crash. And the goebbels method worked ‘if you tell a lie many times people will believe it’.

That man is an ultra-orthodox pro-active backer of the colonist movement and its real nation is Israel, of which U$ is just a colony as long as they issue their money.

Who ‘owns’ Mr. Trump.


As we explained in our articles on Mr. Trump, he is basically a business man from NYC, heavily indebted to his bankers, for most of his career, which rescued him twice from bankruptcy and then offered him a job in the ‘twin’ system of the Financial-Media head of the super organism of the economy – its informative machines, as a celebrity of TV, the mass-media equivalent to the radio hate-memes celebrities (Mussolini et al) of the previous cycle. So as Reagan, the first milder neo-fascist leader of the age of visual metal-communicators, he was savvy enough to manufacture, through the simultaneity of the network, a misleading image of himself as leader of the people, the way the masters of Radio of the previous cycle did, camouflaging, his true masters – then the military-industrial complex of Germany, today the Financial-Media world of informative machines, who runs America and by extension the western world. So his role in history is that of the last ‘American Weimar president on the present cycle of neo-fascism, doing the bid of its Financial-Media Masters.

In the graph we can see him with his bankruptcy lawyer, ultra-orthodox pro-colonist now ambassador to Israel, Mr. Friedman, one of his many ‘friends’ to whom he is paying back due financial favours (as it is the case of Mr Ross, on trade, a shark who broke companies and sold them by assets, and landed him huge loans, as well as Mr. Mnuchin, the foreclosure kingpin).

Now the advantage of the Financial-Media system and any informative ‘particle-head’ of an organic structure is its relative invisibility, speed and ‘wave power’. Your cells ignore your brain; DNA is tightened up an invisible within the cell tiny nucleus, stars ignore the gravitational black hole; money is hidden in the pockets, but precisely for this reason, as we learn in theory of information, it runs the Universe, since its ‘wave power’ allows it to simultaneously program multiple ‘energetic units’. So black holes regulate the entire galaxy with gravitational waves, DNA genes can code the entire body, as a simultaneous wave, equal in all cells; and digital information, money in the form of salary and prices, and metal-communicators have been running the world with its simultaneous capacity to manufacture all the brains of a culture:

  In the graph, the true masters of the world, hate-media gurus, using in each age of the Industrial r=evolution a metal-communicator to program simultaneously all people under the wave with informative memes (the genes of cultures), which become hate speeches when war is due for profits and camouflage of the true Masters of the world – those who own the financial media industry, traditionally in the western world the people of the original biblical culture which first delivered religion, then hate-radio, now hate-tv, the opium of the people… Trump thus was the foreseeable next ‘Reagan’, his so much admired model, to criminalise the poor people of the world. 

Indeed, too many people know about the Industrial-Military complex of energetic machines, the body of the ‘Mechanocene’, the age of the earth in the making, but few know about its head, the Financial-media system of informative machines, which truly control the world and manufactures the brain of people with audiovisual media, and buys them with their monopoly in the issue of money. So he is by far, the most ‘slavish’ of all American presidents to the ‘crony’ group of Wall Street financiers and Hollywood moguls that run the country – and yes, do everything possible to imprint the mind of Americans with confabulation theory bull$hit stuff, holocaust industries, and blaming-the-poor to avoid Americans to know who ‘Owns’ them, and for what they are ‘owned’ – to make profits, and help the true colonial nation, to which 80% of wall street and hollywood owners  belong and put FIRST…. Israel. And of course if you say so , the manufactured brains of the western world will shout to you, anti$emite and genocidal and confabulation theorist.

Fact though is this blog and the small-print books of his author have for 30 years predicted with total accuracy the future, something easy to prove just getting old editions of those books with a simple thesis: the evolution of machines is predictable under the laws of biological evolution, in its 3 phases (bodies of metal, XIX c. in the age of england, engines=hearts, in the age of germany, and minds of metal in the age of U$) and final assembly together into robots, the final age. And its company-mothers and lobbies run politicos, with 2 agendas: maximise profits and then bring its cultural memes to the top. So profits maximise the cycle of consumption machines and when overproduced, as today the chip is overproduced as white collar pc, blue collar robot and terminator, firing people out of labor and war fields, profits are maximising with hate-media and war. So it has been. Then it comes the agenda of the owners of those company-mothers, which today are overwhelmingly in the age of informative machines, the askhenazi elite in control of around 80% of position as CEOs of media and financial industries and Central bankers of the west. So in the politic arena, the world we forecasted would be Israelified, because Israel IS regardless of denial the nation of the Jewish people and make Israel great again its goal.

Now, Israel top business is war. It produces 60% of drones, which watch its wall, and it is expanding worldwide as we predicted long ago, the terminator industry, competing with South-korea; and for that job, Trump was chosen.

So the first time I heard about this guy running for president I looked at his web. And I couldn’t believe it, even if i had predicted it according to the cycles of evolution of machines and its final fascist age of war profits. It was just a topic ‘ad’ for a lobbyist announcing his solution to America, to build a robotised wall to separate the ‘Palestinians’ of America, yes, those Mexicans who were not so long ago Indians living in Arizona, when the colonists came and threw them to the other side of the border and are now unhappy that some ‘still remain’. 

Now in America, foreign policies turn all around Israel, since as long as the FMasters print money and information in an ego-centered country, which knows nothing and cares nothing about the world, all laws are for sale, and those laws of foreign policy are the ones the FMasters care more for.

In this case, once it was clear that Obama had some pride it was required to replace it a $elected president (Presidents are selected not elected, said Eissenhower), who would be  a lobbyist for the radical, right wing racist orthodox side of the Financial-Media Masters; which have arrived to a degree of total control of the American $lave (as issuing its money means owning a people whose only ‘language of values’ is money and ignore all about that spanish poet dictum ‘confundir valor y precio es de necio’ – ‘Only nerds confuse value and price’. So you can always buy an American proud believer on go(l)d.


And this is specially truth of the International Policy of America, which basically is, topic and confabulation theory included, the policy of Israel, which is not the biggest producer of drones and military robots and it is Israelifying the western world at full speed, as we have forecasted for so long, since it is the HEAD not the BODY who decides the future, and once a Plutocratic world was installed at large, with the financial-media masters on top and the military corrupted to control people and make money in the weapons industry, it is all about making WEAPONS and robotised walls, all over the world. In the next graphs we show that structure of what we could rightly call the Jewish Empire (in blue, controlled by financial-media systems owned overwhelmingly by their elite), below the power structure from the film Thrive, of Procter and Gamble heir, who goes to lengths to explain that despite being such the structure of the world, the ‘you’ is not on top, LOL, what people do to get distributed, below from the 92 book that prophesized the israelification of the world by robotised armies for the 0.02%, according to ‘race and culture’, industry and gdp power.

The true structure of capitalist democracies ruled by company-mothers of machines, where human beings without credit, with its brains manufactured by mass-media machines, its resources exploited to serve those corporations, its politico corrupted by its lobbies and its future jeopardised by the increasing obsolescence of the species to evolving metalife, white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminator drones, are NOT as the propaganda machines of those corporations, the protagonist of the eco(nomic)system but increasingly the species displaced from it.

In that sense the key to all this non-human future in the making, is and will always be simple: systems and organisms are ruled and designed by their brain, their languages of information; in the case of the super organism of humans and machines we are building by the human language, words and by the digital language of the economy, money. So those who issue money and the use they give it define the future of the world. In that regard,  in a planet in which the verbal ethic law is not longer the language of power, but digital money is, we cannot expect to survive when ±90% of the monetary orders delivered to cre(dit)ate the world are issued by company-mothers to evolve and re=produce machines, NOT for human beings. 10% is in biology the threshold of extinction of populations. How mankind expect to be on top of the world if its gets only that quantity of funding for his future?

 There is today ±25 times more money than in the 70s when e-money was invented but the human population has only doubled. And people has not credit to create a demand economy, a welfare world awash with healthy wealth. All that money, +20 times more is in the hands of company-mothers of machines (stock money, industrial credit) NOT to the service of mankind as mankind, the 99%, has no rights to SPEAK MONEY, WHICH IS THE TRUE FREEDOM OF A SOCIETY RULED BY THE LANGUAGE OF MONEY – we are only allow to chit-chat with worthless wor(l)ds, which long ago were shutted up by money who buys laws as it hypnotises the eye, with its perfect, go(l)d imitation of the sun. And more on that bio-chemical nature latter.
In any case if credit existed for humans to talk money with a Universal salary they would give the kick-out orders of production, which is what money when spoken as a language does:
Fundamental theorem:            cre(dit)ate says the man who speaks money, and creation occurs.
That is
the power of a language of information used to give orders, legal laws in the past, when History ruled, money today when corporations rule. So they speak money to crd(it)ate machines, and creation of the world of machines with that 90% occurs.
While humans, which are the 99%, who have no rights to speak money suffer scarcity, poverty and death by the hyper-abundant top predator machines, aka weapons, of the rival eco(nomic)system, who is killing history as it speaks the language of money.
THIS IS THOUGH A CHOICE OR RATHER AN IMPOSITION OF ANIMETAL CULTURES AND ITS VALUES OF GREED AND VIOLENCE OVER THE RATIONAL USE OF NOMISMA, DIGITAL LANGUAGES TO VALUE AND KICK OUT THE PRODUCTION OF A HEALTHY WORLD. And if that more evolved view of money, sponsored by the most evolved legal cultures of mankind, China and the Greek-Latin world in the western decoupling had triumphed the world would long be a paradise awash with welfare healthy wealth as all organisms are.
 Scarcity is NOT required. Not a single super organism of the Universe in state of perpetual motion≈energy makes his cells suffer the kind of cancerous anoxia, lack of oxygen=money to ‘move and thrive’ mankind suffers. So, yes, I can’t help to judge and study in depth the culture, memes and tools of power of those who are destroying the future of the human wor(l)d and pretend to do so not blinded by greed but as ‘experts’, from a scientific objective point of view, the so-called FMasters (Financial-Media masters who print the digital money and audiovisual idol-ogies that manufacture the brain of people and credit with consumption and work orders their life). Because the decision to make a world to the image and likeness of the machine, with no future for mankind is theirs .

Now, all this should not be happening but if people cannot grasp so simple facts as the linguistic nature of money, the power of issuing it, the lack of democracy when a society does not print its money but a group of private financiers do it, and cannot even ‘feel’ it is unjust that machines get around 80-90% of it, through corporations issuing it for free in stock-markets, while we humans have to be extorted with taxes to pay our basic welfare – just because they are ‘so emotionally attached’ to money that they won’t get it… well, it is obvious at the end, we get the kind of bizarre facts we are seeing today, such as the election of a corrupted billionaire to the precedence of America, which has on top the chuptzah of saying America is robbed because it has ‘deficit’.

I often wonder in this particular case. It is him that nuts or that cynical? Indeed, we will latter deal in depth with this issue. But it is worth to mention it now. It is America, as before Britain, who is taking HUGE advantage of the entire planet, because it has the dominant, international currency of exchange, which everybody must accept as ‘worthy’, backed by its military empire. So while NO COUNTRY can run trillions of $ of deficit, and GET FOR FREE, THE GOODS OF CHINA AND MEXICO, just on exchange for ‘worthless paper printed with Franklyn head’, America by virtue of winning the II W.W. can buy for free and has been doing so for almost a century any goods, while the Mexican and Chinese work his a$$ for a few pennies. Of course, this happened before when England bought out for free half of the world just printing papers.



screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-22-32-52Then though everybody understood so some countries diD not accept UK money. And then UK declared wars to get his ‘free deficit’ money accepted. Now Mr. Trump is either so idiotic or cynical that does not get it MEXICO and CHINA should NOT accept dollars for hard-worked goods. He is ‘robbing’ them, not the other way around. But if he keeps insulting them, of course China will stop giving free goods for printed paper, and the whole flood of dollars will come back to crash America, as it did BEFORE, with Germany, UK, (1930s) FRANCE (1760s) and Spain (1600s), lost a war, and then the world knowing perfectly the scam, no longer afraid of its weapons ditched the currency. So when Spain lost the war to Holland it crashed the bullion and entered civil wars; when France lost its war for India to UK it crashed the Frank and entered civil wars (French r=evolution). German though preferred to use its weapons and blame all others massacring 66 million (II W.W.) and Trump looks-like he would rather go that way (though 1/2 of his people might go for civil war). And certainly if he keeps provoking China and Mexico and everybody else… Only UK who didn’t won I world war (US did), but kept the empire survived with a slow decline to the dollar.

And of course, this will happen sooner or latter because Americans got ‘lazy’ as UK got in the XIX c. after getting for free goods. So why to work as hard as a Chinese or a Mexican in a maquiladora? Just print money and get it. So the quality of UK goods declined and Germany took over, and now the quality of American goods have declined.

Now, I am of the opinion Mr. Trump understands nothing, but surrounded by the Goldman Sachs, Blackstone people, who understand -Everything coming from Germany, where all this happened to the -E letter,  and its perfect 666 chord, they should not be doing exactly the same; because that in words of their admired Einstein is:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” But of course as we shall see printing money for free with no limits and causing debt slavery with wars, is the biggest profit of the job. So frankly at this stage if the trumpeter of the FMasters of apocalypto, who cares, live the day, is not pure -Evil, and only an ignorant, someone should explain him the monetary cycle of currency wars, which America cannot win, so at least he goes back to normal ‘dolce fare niente’ buying for free, the handwork of sweatshops, with the private FED ‘SOMA’… and stop bull$hitting because his remedy, as usual is even worse than the sickness of the FM-world.

This simple example shows the fundamental tool of power of our ‘leading economists and financiers’  of the go(l)d culture – the complete ignorance of politicians and common people on the nature of money and how it rules the world, and its produced with no limit with the same informative machines that manufacture their brain, makes impossible all peaceful reform, unless the Financial System is denationalised, and a global currency, ¥€$ money is imposed as the main procedure for printing money and human welfare not warfare. And save in the process from Greed and death those FMasters who told us, just after the 2008 crises, in a moment of  hindsight and fear, and lucidity thinking on what they did back in the 30s bis, literally, ‘we can’t control our greed, you should regulate us more’  Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, former Goldman Sachs CEO, at the height of the crisis, after stealing 2 trillion $ from the American tax payers

Now they have asked the Trumpeter to scrap all that regulation, and the ‘house negro’, never mind he thinks he is white, has scrapped it all with one of those ‘astoundingly aggressive dark energy’ of its graphological lineal modes:screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-10-00-45 Never a blot of ink did so much harm to the future of the wor(l)d.

Indeed, the Financial-media masters rule the wor(l)d with invisible financial orders and paid-per-view laws delivered by their ‘white house’ negros – no political correctness here, we have explained already what humanism and the scientific method of social sciences an the freedom of the wor(l)d means; political correctness prevents all social inquire on the real causes, and imprints the mind of people with subtle false idol-ogies, which ultimately are hidden hate memes against the poor.

And this is all what the Trumpeter is hired for: to hide behind their rhetoric, absurd return to past, and ab=use of anti-democratic rights, the real problems of the world, the automation, displacement and extinction of humans in labor and war field by robots, and the monopoly in the issue of our money and democratic rights to control our language of power, by a clique, of self-suicidal people. So Keynes dictum goes strong: ‘capitalism is the absurd belief that the wickedest of all people, will do the wickedest of all things for the common good.

And of course, have you ever wonder why in  a world ruled by money, NO HIGH SCHOOL studies economics, which should be an obligatory subject in all countries of the world, with NO censorship on the real schools of economics today forbidden (humanist, socialist, historic, biological schools, the one represented by those pioneer texts)?


‘We are all kings or buffoons, depends on the perspective’ Shakespeare, quote on memory

Let us then remember how the world is run in placebo democracies where there are no judgment votes after tenure with pain messages to politicians, who cannot print money and hence have NOT to obey society but the financial masters and media masters of informative machines on top of them:

3 waves of machine wars

This is the pyramid of our society, with the problem that the bottom line, People and living things are being displaced by the robotic revolution of machines. So they are not needed and the solutions are those of fascism:

Of course, I know everybody loves to hate the objective view and jargon of the systems and networks that run the world, as in this view the human individual mattes nothing the physiological networks run it all. It means in the economic ecosystem that the FMMI networks, the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial systems of corporations decide the future as they print money and manufacture brains to match the time of history we are in.

We are chronicling a death foretold in as much as nobody bets for humanist solutions. We shall consider hence the worst scenario. The election of Mr. Trump, as neofascism blossoms by the 2020s, with a crashing eurodollar, a more belligerent China, and a robotised world with no jobs hope ahead.

The other choice is a 8 year slow slide at the hands of Wall Street Lobbyists, the Clintons. Of course the right candidate, Mr. Sanders had no chance. Because those who should back him to avoid the sliding towards the end of the Weimar Republic – the ‘you’ FMasters of the informative machines that manufacture the brains and money of America will as usual deny all responsibility in the rise of neofascism and keep profiting till the end.

Trump, the ‘needed’ candidate for the global war profit cycle.

For that reason unlike all other pundits we have been expecting Mr. Trump to win this election, fully ushering mankind in a neo-fascist age, with a ‘TV-host’, on power clueless, theatrical, a new Nero, like Mr. Mussolini->Hitler, 2 ‘Radio-hosts’, experts on theatrics on the last cycle. This is the key. Mr. Bush was just a rich kid, Mr. Trump is a hate-media ‘pro’, completely unreal, sucked into the virtual ‘mud’ of evilwood ego-trips, fascist films and hate-speeches, and this is what is needed to ‘casually’ start a global pandemonium. Rational, intelligent people would never start total madness. So the man needed for the economic ecosystem to shoot is profits in a real global electronic big-brother and orwellian robotised war IS HIM, the trumpeter of Apocalypto. And so the American sheeple, nicely managed by their ‘owners’, the FMasters of the Financial-Media system that is making huge profits with $plendid little wars will choose him, to commit harakiri in due time.
The specific moment or local crisis, when mr. Trump is president that will crash the world back into an enlarged forecasted III world war, is totally anecdotal, related to Chinese treasurys, Russian empire-building, Grand Israel plans, Islamic terrorism and the manipulation of the news by the FMMI system, which will bundle all those ‘tics’ of time into a perfect toxic bomb.

Unfortunately the ‘program’ of the FMMI ‘economic’ ecosystem goes as expected.

Why Trump has the popular vote.

As predicted for decades on the chances that business as usual would proceeded and the automation of corporations and overproduction crises of e-money and white collar pcs and blue collar robots will bring the ‘American Weimar’, with financiers on top printing money for themselves and robotic companies of higher profits, while people loose their jobs and evilwood maintains a ‘virtual fun reality’ as if nothing happens, with people suffering enormously the destitution, a ‘man of the land’, likely of germanic origin, a ‘populist’, a ‘fascist’ was call in the 30s who promised to save the people from the ‘kabala’ of the Financial-Media Masters, which had ‘done it all again’ the same they did in germany in the 30s, but of dubious origin and purpose would raise.

We of course asked for a humanist, eusocial reformation of the system. But the American civilisation, based in the myth of the self-made man, the brutal, revengeful ‘gods of the old testament’, and the panic against socialism (read Sombart ‘why America has never been socialist’), was to be the Germany of this cycle and rise against the astounding chuptzah  of the ‘Chosen of go(l)d’, blind by go(l)d and segregating memes – in this cycle the industry of the holocaust and the classic orthodox Talmud racism.

Or so they hoped the American people, in its partial understanding of the problems of the nation. So we shall consider in this constantly updated tale of the 2016 elections, first the ‘view of the American white-male voter’ so much insulted by the press. Its fault of course, is his misunderstanding of the arrow of eusocial love that could save mankind and its belief weapons can solve the problem, its racist memes, its ‘deja vu’ ultimate wrong solution. But as Chomsky, yes, even Chomsky, my old penpal activist friend (which of course is also ‘owned’ and has always refused to talk with me of wall street, so it will only accuse the political side of the owners, but NEVER loose its privileges to talk as a mildly puppet) put it: ‘I don’t like either of them, but Trump talk about unemployment, destitution, immigration, the things people care about, Miss Clinton only insults him’. So does the Financial-Media system.

A second very different Trump candidacy? – a possible twist of the story

There is though an unpredictable strike in Mr. trump – namely that its voters belong overwhelmingly to the Tea Party II movement of independence against the colonists.

As we said, these people have been fully imprinted by the financial-media elite that governs the nation from wall street and evilwood, as a ‘colonial state’ of apartheid israel, to believe the astoundingly idiotic conspiratory theory that the problems of America are Islam and the Latinos, short of the enemies of the colonists plus neighbours beyond the wall.

But i believe he actually cares a bit for the Americans and more for them than for the Israelis who own him and as all dogs-on-a-leash he might end up BITING THE HAND OF HIS OWNERS, IF THEY, with their essential indifference to its $laves, do NOT give him the ‘credit’ and ‘credit’, verbal and digital he needs to make infrastructures and put americans to work.

So as the presidency advances and shows he cannot do much to change the status quo of his people, he can abandon his masters. And he might become truly a copycat of the old German neo-fascist party. Let us explore that possibility with the help of the illustrations of mr. Dee, a topic American of the heart-land with all its contradictions, which is more akin to the voter of the old reich of the previous case.

(Nor that the solution will be better, but given the fact that the humanist, welfare, social-democratic candidate Mr. Sanders, as Mr. Nader before have been erased, the choice of 2 evils is quite indistinguishable).

In any case it is by no means granted that Mr. Trump will bite the hand of his owners. It is a very difficult proposition and might never happen. If it does so, it will also take sometime for him to move that path – so far he is chosen to accuse the poor and divert attention, to the non-guilty of the process of destruction of humanity by the overproduction age of chips and the robotic era.

NOW (and excuse that some part of those texts are written in different dates, when he had no won, as we were so sure he would) – he is president, and so the question is looking as always in those texts to the future, AS HE IS GOING TO FAIL COMPLETELY ON HELPING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AS PROMISED, SO WE MUST CONSIDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN AS he fails but still wants to compete for power? Let us consider the most likely scenario according to the cycles – true populism, that is, breaking its present alliance with conservative, staunch apartheid israel, and as the ‘you meme’ is truly authoritarian, an escalation with the press and Israel ‘ordeno y mando’ – I order you obey me – ways with America. Then he would as H. did in the previous cycle change sides. And blame those who actually are easy to blame because they are guilty of what happens in the world at large, with its astounding procedures with e-money.

As we predicted America enters in its final stages of its ‘Weimar republic’ parallel to the 30s, when the astounding massive theft of the FMasters over the country hidden with its absolute control of mass-media starts to hurt so much the people that a neo-fa$cist leader is about to rise. And yet the go(l)d chosen blind by its greed and virtual control do not even realise, it is time to change, so once they ditch Sanders, the first of wannabe neo-Hitlers despite having the entire system against him, is still alive. 

What fascinates me of this $election are many themes – the fact that the cycle is happening exactly as predicted 20 years ago in my first books; and the fact that FMasters, deniers of the Holocaust cycle don’t even ‘smell’ that the Tea Party II is about to say enough; AND THE FACT that once again they have ditched first, squashed fast their ‘saviour’, Sanders. Despite being the only scientist of history who have forecasted all I always had some hope that humans, go(l)d masters and sheeple could be slightly more honorable, intelligent, slightly less slavish. 

Of course, Trump WILL fail his white trash voters, but the bottom line is that if he fails the American weimar will keep going down, and only delay the unavoidable (if the system does not change) 4 more years.


It fascinates though, the callous blindness that greed causes on the Am Segullah, who believe their own lies till the end, that never see it coming because go(l)d is good and righteous, so they can murder at distance labor with robots, people with drones, spread hate memes and convert a peaceful nation like GERMANY before I world war, America before Desert storm into a terrorist organisation with no human rights, they can do everything and do not even realise, because of course, all who criticise them is just a self-hating you or an anti$emite. And this CRAZYNESS OF ‘GOLD HEADS’  in an otherwise seemingly intelligent people, puzzles me. It has always puzzled me the short-sightedness of this people. BUT ALAS, as they believe their own lies ‘the tragedies of history will repeat themselves, because people do not learn from their mistakes’ Proust

It is though far more INSANE, the know it can happen, but they will play calm because is better for business, Wall sTREET THOUGH is only starting to panic, still holding its breadth. How little they understand ‘tomorrow’ so for good measure we show the 20 years old graph, with th final 3rd wave of the 3rd crash of the market we have been explaining (see central post) for 20 years: 2000/01 (stock crash)-2008/09 (real state crash)-2016/17 (currency crash)



In the graphs, the 3 scam of markets – as weapons profits increase stock value at the end speculation further ads a saw like ‘speculative triple bubble- dot como crash: 1st peak, cdos: 2nd peak and speculation in currencies: 3rd peak, which should come after Trump.

So let us do a slight detour to ‘forecast the future by understanding the past’ (Confucius)

The short 9 years cycles of the chip radiation: 2000-2008-2018

I first forecasted the 200o-8-16 short crash cycles of overproduction of e-money and the increasingly growing global war age that would ensue, 20 years ago in my first book on biological models of economics, after correcting the shorter periodicity of the cycle Kondratieff, found studying the train wave in Russia, an underdeveloped country that receive the wave latter, already developed in its ‘discovery phase’ in Britain. Thus I mined data from UK and US statistics, finding a periodicity of 72±9 years, which corresponded to the generational cycle of human beings (72 years) and the short product cycle (9 years) of new forms of machines and fiat money printed with them.

Then I realized there were two waves already completed from 1857 (crash of trains and stock-paper) ±72 years = 1929 (crash of engines and ticker money), so by adding + 72 years, we could forecast the crashes of and e-money overproduction. And then since each ‘medium wave’ in all Systems decompose in 3 small ‘ripples’, consider the existence of two other ‘crash waves’ as it happened in the XIX and XX century, the 2008 and 2018 crashes of e-money that now starts in earnest.

It was then easy to hypothesize the causal duality of the cycle, created b the invention of new energies, moneys and machines by industrialists and financiers that lead historically each nations and its wave of memes of metal to the top position of the world, as owners of the ‘international currency’ and best imperial weapons.

Thus I found the historic parallel British Imperial cycle of steam machines (1784-1857), the German Reich cycle of electro-chemical engines (1857-72 years -1929), and finally the American cycle of electronic machines (1929-2001) that would enter its Imperial, military phase after the forecasted end of the electronic cycle in 2 big future crashes of electronic money in 2001 and 2008. And since the dotcom and derivative crashes of the short-product cycle of 9 years later (2008). As those hypothesized facts are now ‘history’, the scientific method proves the biological model of ‘memes of metal’ is the true science of economics.

And yet, the Kondratieff canonical cycle of 54 years does work in econometric models and stock-speculation. Why? This needs a deeper analysis of the cycle and its inner structure.

The 72 year cycle of stock-crashes ads on two 36 year sub periods of reproduction of peaceful consumption machines till overproduction and market saturation reduces consumption, profits plummet, coinciding with overproduction of stock-money, which finally crashes the market. Then our imperfect democracies allow war lobbyism as industries switch production of the evil twins, weapons and pay politicians to buy them, starting a new cycle of profits based in Keynesian militarism, the modern newspeak for the fascist motto ‘canons instead of butter’. As both machines and weapons are the same product. Armored trains conquer the colonial world. Armored cars are tanks and armed robots are terminators made by the same companies. So the 72 year cycle is:

Human consumption of machines – Crash – Weapons consumption of humans.

But there is a 3rd phase of ‘discovery of new energies’ and machines, with limited economical effect as production is minimal, of another 36 years – which is the ½ generational life in which humans between youth and 3rd age are at their working prime. So the total cycle of grand-fathers, sons and grand sons for a total of 104 years is:

36 discovery years+36 peaceful consumption (crash) + 36 weapons production.

And what scholars know as the Kondratieff cycle is 104/2=52 years, which if we draw the entire wave as Bell curve, shows the exact middle point.

Why then the crash is not every 104 years but every 72? Because the irrelevant young age of discovery of new energies overlaps with the 3rd age of war, as the youth of the grand-son overlaps with the 3rd age of the grand-dad. So only studying the entire technological wave, as Kondratieff ‘experts’ do, you can find 104 years waves and divide them into the spring and winter phases. But for a true historic analysis and prediction of the key phases, the 36 reproductive phase and crash and 36 depressive and militaristic phase, the 72 year cycle is more proper:

1784 (Watt discovers the steam machine) + 36 years –> 1820s, Britain starts the train wave –> 36 years of peaceful train machines -> crashes of 1857+7 years->1864+7 years ->1871.

1850s: Discovery of oil and electric engines+36 years->1890s, 1st cars and light bulbs start the reproductive phase of electro-mechanical engines-> 36 years -> overproduction crashes of 1922-1929-37-> 36 years of bomber and tank wars till Vietnam.

1930s. Quantum, electronic physics are laid down-> 36 years of discoveries of TVs, Atomic bombs calculated with first Eniac computer -> 60s to 2000s ->36 years of peaceful reproduction of electronic gadgets till the overproduction crisis of chips and TVs & the crashes of 2000-08-16 -> beginning of the militaristic age of vigilante chips coinciding with the discovery of visual robots…

THIS IS THE FACTS, as today – but of course, wars and catastrophes in history need a mercurial character – so mr. Trump’s enemies today – Chinese, Mexicans, the usual suspects of GOP might change tomorrow, as the basis of Trump, in those texts on him illustrated by Mr. Dees otherwise excellent illustrations, is a white man, a racist man, an anti$emite, and a european… very similar to the public of Mr. H.


In the POTUS factor, the president of America. We are in the AGE OF ROBOTIC WARS AND SO THE NEXT PRESIDENT SHOULD BE TRUMP, BUT if he is so dumb that not EVEN THE SYSTEM can get him elected, we CAN maybe delay  THE SUPER-2016 CRASH, and slide DOWN slowly with corrupted lobbyist seller of laws, MISS CLINTON, OR the alternative neo-fascist leader Mr. TRUMP sold to the robotic corporations that will construct a  wall compound in America. Or alternatively, if he does care for Americans as his voters think, he might rebel against his FMASTERS AND BITE his hand, as the voters of white trash America expects so naively.

Now the man is angry. Now they have seen the ghost in the machine… He is offended…  They are trying to derail it, but the momentum is building, the gutters are pouring…

AND WHAT THEY WILL DO? SELL THE MARKET AND RUN, PROVOKING WHAT WE HAVE ALWAYS EXPLAINED, THE FINAL GOTTENDAMERUNG, THE FALL OF THE DOLLAR, THE SALE OF THE TREASURIES, THE RAN OF THE MARKET, THE TOTAL CRASH AND THE REVENGE OF TRUMP-TRAIN. And of course, China, has 1 trillion treasuries… watch next week that market Mr. Gross, the guy I met at lido island briefly 20 years ago, saying he was waking up late and looking at the karma of the waves to inspire his trading… the tsunami has come.


A tsunami has been building, the water has retired, the gutter shows the debris, and the people knows.

We only can say one thing – the methods of control of the masses of Judaism, which used to be Abrahamic religions, then mass-media hate memes, the opium of the people, to divert attention of what is going on globally – a group of racist bigots who have stolen the right of people to print their money and are showering with billions of dollars from wall street the robotic companies of their silicon valley peers – uber, amazon, etc. – which are firing potentially million more workers, while pretending nothing happens with evilwood fictions, on the growing corpse of America – ARE EXHAUSTED. AND THE LAST resource to laugh and insult the American people and their new found odd leader, are not working.

So the day before the election, whatever the result might be we bring ‘first’, the view with warts and all of that angry white man who properly educated could have become the army of good, energetic, optimist humanist people that could have save the world but now desperado might burn it not slowly as the FMasters are doing but setting the world on fire. And nobody better to represent that ‘persona’ that the extraordinary political artist Mr. Dee, which as we said warts and All (NRA defender, self-made man mythical thinker, anti-socialist, nostalgic of the past) is not though what the FMasters with its astounding arrogance have sold virtually to the rest of the world – a stupid, biblical bigot, clinging to its weapons and bibles and resentment.

But a human being who for 80 years has given ‘all’ to the People of the Treasure, shelter when coming from the german holocaust, money rights to print on the hope the privilege would be use for the betterment of the land and the world, billions in weapons to their other nation to protect it, etc. etc. and has been paid back with theft, collective murder at distance, despise and a complete lack of empathy so evident in its corrupted candidate. So here it goes, the day before the election, we switch sides and consider that the lesser evil IS Trump NOT the puppet, but the trumpet because when all is rotten and one candidate obviously will keep sinking the boat while denying it is sinking, chaos might be the first step of a renewal or might not be more than the sign of death. But as Spartacus said in one of the oldest cycles of war, r=evolution and holocaust to the envoys of the Roman consul offering him money and freedom to betray its people:

‘It is better to die with honor than live as a $lave’.

That is the point which ‘populations’ are reaching in spontaneous, democratic upheavals against the corrupted system of company-mothers of machines and its go(l)d masters, who merely dismiss the 99% suffering as ‘primitive populism’ from their high minded ivory towers of ‘civilised’ techno-utopian fantasies and righteous victimism.

The only ones that don’t seem to understand are the Go(l)d Masters that pee on the land for so long his golden poison even if  they suffered 13 more in the past, but they denied them all, the cycle, the suffering, they don’t see anything, the sun ‘sweat’, the fetish, the virtual control, they feel safe. So far the man is under their control, he should still loose but and this is the 3rd theme that fascinates me, the cycles happen even with the periodicity we all thought of: History rhymes only the verse changes Twain.

If he wins Wall street will panic the 2016 crash will happen and this ‘german’ outsider and the TEA PARTY WILL KEEP THE GAME repeating its cycles – do i care? Slightly. I did care though for 30 years NOT to arrive to the station. The program though seems fixed. People are slaves,they believe they don’t reason…. So this long post updated in different days and moods reflects the many Kaleidoscopic sides of the Weimar crossroad.

Let us show for good measure, on the limits of prediction of the model of historic cycles, the graphs from the last printed, 2000 edition on the two parallel waves of neo-fascism – graphs are almost 2 decades old, but the data is there:


Alas as we predicted but never were heard, whoever wins the 2016 $election, after the last of the Weimar’s ‘house negros’ servicing FMasters, goes home, nothing will be the same; since the military solution of ‘splendid little wars’ imposes the logic of profiteering corporations against the human solution seen as ‘weak’ by the ‘crazy’ head WHO DONT REALIzE THEY ARE ALSO MADE OF FLESH NOT OF IRON AND GO(L)D AS THEIR rACIST MEMES MADE THEM THINK.

And all gets harsher: The FMasters have seen the leg of satan, the people have thought of a final solution, the real solution, (the little boy on the left corner) have died away – the ‘ominous decade’ of the 30s is within us, the masters of history, Mr. Marx in the first cycle, Mr. Keynes in the second, Mr. Sancho in the 3rd, languish still unheard – nothing will stop the deafening sound of sabre rattles, roaring tanks, drone turbos, and the tickle of coins of profits for the 1%, till all are buried for the sake of go(l)d.


In the graph from the book of 94, the probabilities of extinction by robotic weapons will be a direct function of the profits of robotic, military corporations, once the entire eco(nomic)system turns into a ‘jungle of metal’, where weapons consume humans for profits, as it happened in the previous global age of train and tank wars. It is interesting to notice what we got absolutely right (2008 crash, 2020s car-eyes,tank-eyes, gun-eyes), and what hopefully will be wrong (extinction by the end of the robotic cycle). What we certainly did not happen is our ‘wishful thinking’ of human intelligence and ethics creating with ¥€$ money an international currency, and a Universal salary – a demand economy that demanded butter not canons (click to enlarge for view of those ‘pre-historic’ 1994 graphs, with its peculiar ‘bio-historical jargon’ of that time, now a bit more ‘normal’ given the little pleasure the audiovisual ‘neo-paleolithic man’ has for the creative beauty of the wor(l)d.

As i re-read those graphs 1/4 of a century ago I am astonished by the exact description of the model. In the right graph, we define several probabilities of future (O, A, B, D,) according to the level of growth of stock-markets, which will be directly proportional to the the level of extinction of life, as machines and weapons DO kill life and atrophy human beings.

In the left side of this web we study those ages in detail, as we did in our classic books on the subject 3 decades ago.

5th nov.

We are back again to the circus of placebo democracies in America, where 2 ‘$elected’ candidates representing as usual the ‘peaceful consumption age’ and ‘war age’ of the machine come to compete to do the bidding of electronic corporations, who pay their campaigns and will buy their laws.

As we enter the age of electronic wars, the likely winner  (best for the present ‘war cycle’ of the economic ecosystem) should be Trump if he reigns on his provocative comments to ‘prudish america’; yet if he fails to take power delaying a global age of war for 4 or 8 years, ‘business as usual’ will choose a softy puppet, which shows complete obeisance, and ensures business as usual – Miss Clinton.

Of course the ‘Savior’, best for mankind, Mr. Sanders, will be derailed on due time by the ‘system’, as only a ‘coup d’etat’ against the dictatorship of FMasters could at this stage give back America to the Americans.

In the graph, the election being in 4 days, the result is largely irrelevant, Trump might bring more wars, but that is not clear, as Clinton is also a hawk. Consider the graph; the biggest donor to its ‘money-laundering’ foundation that gives only 10% to charity is Ukraine, the neo-fascist region that has faked a confrontation with Russia, to further erode the power of Europe and continue the trend of provoking wars in its borders, INSTEAD OF ENCOURAGING, the fusion of EU and Russia into a more human social-democratic model of capitalism.

Next comes England, the ‘european buster’, and Saudi Arabia, the ultra-conservative anti-feminist nation where women are even more oppressed than in Iran or Orthodox Israel, and finally Germany the nation which is robotising industries, destroying the welfare model of southern europe and installing a IV economic reich with its control hand in hand with goldman draghi, of the European credit. So obviously one of the preferred themes of Miss Clinton is massive bashing of Mr. Putin, which in turn likely is contributing to Mr. Trump. Pup-pet vs. Trump-eter, take your choice. Both are sold out to the biggest donor. In the case of Mr. Trump, his campaign started just as a lobbying ad for the terminator robotic industries of Israel, the biggest world producer of drones (60%) and terminator guardiums (with South Korea), hoping to expand into a huge 3000 miles border that will be the take-off of the military ‘civil’ robotic industry, which we so long prophesized – the creation of walled compounds for the 0.1%, robotised, and the massive radiation of robotised ‘gun-eyes’, put in all Malls of America. Once the only worthy candidate Mr. Sanders is gone, GOP or GDP are similar though Trump is likely more ‘absolute eviL=anti-live’. But the true question of this election is not so much its candidates, going down the ladder every 8 years but the American people – how degraded by the new-paleolithic age is the nation who once was the hope of Mankind, all humans of all cultures mixed in a single country without borders seeking truth, happiness and enlightenment, escaping the go(l)d and war masters of Europe, if they have chosen such 2 candidates and how ‘erase heads’ are their manufactured brains not even to realise, going with enthusiasm to their meetings?

So indeed, whoever is chosen, business as usual will continue. Thus while likely Miss Clinton is the lesser evil, really a ‘scientist of history’ is more  interested in the causes of the process, the dark horses that move the puppet, the apocalypse horses that move the trumpeter. What DOES NOT MOVE either of them is the American welfare and future. And so it amazes me that the American people so sheepishly elected Miss Clinton over Sanders, the ‘Nader’-candidate of this election who cared for Americans, as the ecological party is now also a corrupted party directed by Miss Stein heavy investor in military corporations.

In that regard before we bust both GOP and GDP parties, and explain the lunacy of having 2 amateurs without the slightest understanding of the laws of systems that regulate efficient super organisms, its blood-energy-reproductive-economic networks and its political-informative-nervous ones, which regulate the 2 languages of social power, money and the law.

PPolitics: real democracy: efficient free systems of information…

IN A REAL democracy, what we call Ppolitics, people-politics; politics that serve the people, as all Nature’s super organisms are, there are no amateurs, no wishful choice but real judgment and real experts.

In humanity true democracy (Ppoliticos) only happened in Greece when it was invented based in vote a posteriori, NOT BEFORE AMONG AMATEURS, true experts of the political and economic network, then by outstanding quality as military, traders and philosophers, today as people who would have studied systems sciences in university and understood how the universe builds its social organisms, were NOT elected but designated by the previous EXPERT, which was then VOTED, exile, death penalty or pecuniary reward and hall of fame (then a statue by phydias and the like:). SO THE POLITICO HAD TO PROMISE ONLY WHAT HE WOULD DELIVER OR ELSE bye-bye Athens to the barbarian world of the $emites (Asia then) or the Germ(an)s, Ukraine then. Some chose death before getting into the pure animetal world we so much cherish.

NOW THIS was for the ministers and president, so to speak, ALL OTHER POSITIONS WERE DELIVERED BY BALLOTS OF CHANCE TO CITIZENS, WHICH DID TAKE SERIOUSLY THE LEARNING OF THE SYSTEM, so they could make the job. And laws were voted very often by referendum.

IN BIOLOGICAL ORGANISMS, cells are located after birth by ‘chance’ in positions of power, and ‘educated’ as neurons, the equivalent to ‘humans’ choosing the career of systems sciences, which OBVIOUSLY would bring to University THE HIGHEST MINDS BY IQ AND ETHICS – both were tested in Achademia and Gymnasium – THE TOP notes. This would be the neurons, but WHEN neurons get cuckoo, and harm the body, they get a firewall of pain, from even the most lowly homeless, skin cell of the foot. Just try to LEAVE the poor without welfare because some lethal virus producer of weapons takes billions of pork – alas, the poor foot will send you an acute burning pain message – the equivalent of the vote-after-tenure, and Miss Clinton and Mr. Trump the pup-pet and the trump-et, down the gutter you go. On that view of course, MR. CLINTON already good be exile on Antartica and mr. Trump, a despicable ‘meteco’, (trader and thief on the old Athens without right to vote) would have never be a candidate. It was understood that go(l)d and the wor(l)d were two lords with different values  and you could not serve both.

THIS IS a real democracy. What we have, as explained in many places are ’employees of the financial and industrial corporations that issue go(l)d in monopoly’ and buy laws to the $elected politicos. Yet still we do have two parties, the party of war =weapons and the party of machines=trade, as we need to fine tune the politicos to the two type of corporations. So basically each cycle of 8 years we have a guy that brings a splendid little war for profits of the GOP and the one that increases the wealth of machines, of the GDP (Great Democratic Party, LOL). Gop->splendid war->Gdp->splendid growth of machines, AND WHAT ABOUT HUMAN WELFARE? Those are the outcast, Mr. SANDERS in this election, Mr. Nader in the previous ones, WHICH CORPORATIONS love to hate and never will do.

HOW WE SPOT them, the only real democrats? Because of its records defending people from the ab=uses of corporations. Alas, Mr. Nader saved hundreds of thousands of lives, proving that without belt  Detroit was killing people and obliging them to take all kind of safety measures. Mr. Sanders was going to give back to the people the right of issuing money. Gone they are. The system is absolutely crooked and only one ‘Occupy wall street, ‘really” might changed it. A one million men march occupying capitol and wall street, La bastille and the palace, that is. NONE else will do as the perfection of corruption is absolute.

And now we can go to the circus. Because our ‘democracy’ is only a circus for ‘all the lonely people’ to switch for a while from the circus of meaningless sports (who use of the less intelligent part of the human organism, his energetic limbs), and audiovisual meaningless telefilms, songs (the debasing of human art and literature) to the pan et circensis of a bunch of ‘sellers of laws’, which have first to entertain the audience with promises they will never delivered, after having worked out with those corporations, and ‘donors’, which laws they will provide to them.

updates- 1 november, a week to go – timing is all.

Alas we have said it: TRUMP IS THE FAVOURITE OF THE ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM MAKING FORTUNES SELLING WEAPONS AND HATE MEDIA, so those good guys or just corrupted left lesser evil guys, who want to stop him, SHOULD have been doing timing properly. ATTENTION span of the neopaleolithic man DOES NOT LAST longer than a week. ALAS the sexual scandal of pussy-touch explained below, SHOULD HAVE BEEN TIMED FOR THIS WEEK. IT SHOULD HAVE COME EXACTLY THE DAY OF HALLOWEEN, FUC*ING IDIOTS. This is what always surprises me of humans, how badly they understand the timing cycles of the Universe and all its species, my forte as the discoverer of the formalism of cyclical time, which will r=evolve XXI c science likely robotic science, if we keep business as usual. To the point, the less bad GUYS DID THE PERFECT TIMING, bringing a week latter closer to elections the stupid scandal of emails. Both ARE GARBAGE for consumption of the degraded American mind – the puritans, repressed ones that hate the reason d’être of all living beings, sexual reproduction (SO THEY can re=produce more machines), and the sissy ones that are criminal paranoids who hate mankind, the 90% of the 3rd world and always fear ultra-safe buttressed America, with 1/2 of world investment in weapons is ‘unsafe’ because some kid with kalashnikov maroons on Syria.

So Trump is back into favourite land, my friend. TIMING IS ALL. 3 days ago Comey came with its comic mantra, and now IF I WERE Mr. BEZOS, the guy of the Washington post, among HALLOWEEN TERROR, CLOWNS getting berserk on instagram, I would be downloading the BIGGEST LAUGH-YOUR-A$$ PAID PER VIEW CAMPAIGN, on Howard Stern’s tapes of Mr. Pussy-touch, lecherous old man, calling his wife a Piece of A$$, WHICH is what she indeed is – not to called her a Hore sold to the boss. And the ridicule going all the week long would have made Americans feel so pathetic electing the trumpet with his cacophonous sounds that the lesser evil would have been $elected, which is what American presidents are.

And the style had to be NOT only females doing their usual money-making victimism BUT LAUGH, LAUGH at the Guy. JOKING, NOTHING DESTROYS MORE the power people that showing how ridicule they are.

The Higher view: equations of bio-history within the model of systems sciences.

As always in this web on the future of history and economics we write the future before it happens. We have been doing so for 20 years and it has always happened. The reason of course is NOT that we are gurus, but that ALL REAL SCIENCES FOLLOW THE PREDICTIVE LAWS OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD:


OR else a science is not a science. So we know astronomy evolved into a science from astrology when it predicted the future cycles of the orbits of planets. And we know medicine evolved into a science with germ theory that could predict the ‘reproductive radaitions’ of viruses that killed people. So we know history and economics became a science with the predictive models of Overproduction and war of the historic, socialist, organic and evolutionary schools (Marx, Kondratieff,  Sombart, Spengler, Schumpeter), which we have refined and upgraded with our discoveries on general systems sciences and cyclical time theory.

IT IS FOR THAT REASON, that all our work for 20 years in social sciences have been predicting future cycles to prove the scientific nature of a biological systemic model of social sciences. And the overwhelming number of ‘prophecies that have happened’ show we are probably right on that assertion. While of course, as The Economist jokingly proved, Classic economics is not a science, as it never predicts the future cycles of the economy and indeed, in the last test of such future indicators that The Economist ran, among taxi drivers, trash collectors, financial ministers and university scholars…  taxi drivers and trash collectors came on top of financial ministers and scholars. This is the prize to pay for creating an ideology of power (financial economists) and then try to run the world with it as if it were a science…

On the other hand, the previous texts and graphs taken mostly from ‘Biohistory-Bioeconomics’ bookmasters, Ohio, c.94, show both the successes and limits in the determination of the ‘sixth’ dimension of systems, its probabilities of future. While the general mass-structure of the future can be guessed, the details would require a far more complex computer model of probabilities than the basic equations of lanwaves used in this web. 

19 october – debates – Trump out for peccadilloes.

I find extremely funny the derailment of Mr. Trump NOT because he is a racist bigot who has been insulting mexicans and promoting the military-robotic industry to build walls for months, that in fact, increased its voters; NOT because he is a member of the 0.002% that runs the world with free access to credit while the rest of mankind lives in almost permanent anoxia, and on top of that plans to cut the taxes of the wealthy he didn’t pay for most of his life anyway; NOT because he is a slavish client of the FMasters to whom he owns allegiance while pretending to be a rebel, in a completely faked campaign, but alas because he has said a silly truism – that wo=men (of any sex) do anything to be close to a celebrity (a human attached to a mass-media network of informative machines) and so it broke the ultimate taboo of animetal societies, the absolute sin of ‘sex’, aka reproduction of human life; and the absolute idiocy of a word in which nobody is worth regardless of his/her human value unless he comes into the FMasters networks as a virtual head.

THIS MUST BE UNDERSTOOD: WHEN A SOCIETY finds NO blame on the RACIST MEMES, war-monger slurs and military genocide-on-the-making, massive financial theft and tax evasion, debt slavery to his PAC donors, sheepish obeisance to the FMasters’ ‘colonial power’ & corporative  lobbyism and overall ignorance of all themes involved on the position of this wannabe president – on the contrary all those actions increased the chances of Trump’s being re-elected, but considers an ABSOLUTE SIN his sexual=human reproductive peccadilloes and braggadocio; when the entire American population is so uneducated on political and economical issues that the ‘divide’ between its vote opinion is a biological sexual divide between those who blame the sexual wantings of Mr. Trump vs. those who despise the gargantuan cuckoldry abilities of the Clintons, mankind (which America represents as a mirror image of mankind and all its groups displaced into the technological future) is really on his lowest point. And yet it will fall even lower.

THE turning point also shows to which degree the FMasters can with money and mass-media define, derail, manufacture and $elect the politicos of a country according to the needs of each age of the Industrial r=evolution, as long as go(l)d is the god of a certain society whose values are never challenged as humanism becomes a lost cause, which opposes the natural guidance of the dominant language of a society. 

Indeed, the man could commit any sin against humanism, and that would increase its voters, but alas, he said wo=men will let themselves be touched by any idiot, if they can come on the FMMI networks of the metal-earth, and that means to break 2 taboos and 2 truisms: we are slaves of the Financial-Media masters that poison the world with their informative machines and monopolies.

Such is the weirdness of our world in which the biggest crimes are OK as long as they promote our metalords, but to expose the degradation of the human psyche is wrong. Now, I worked in evilwood for a while and witnessed this matter-of-fact in close range. Consider for example, my first job there as a scriptwriter for an incoming star Mr. Pitt, also heavy on the news those days for something everybody does there – to get drunk and something else in between silly-nilly jobs for neo-fascist movies, who follow the Goebbel’s method ‘ i have asked UFA to make only entertaining and patriotic movies, people will like them and ask for nothing else’.  Now Mr. Pitt was – i imagine he still is – a no brainer with little success with any gender, on the first meetings we had to argue the script.

Then we got them a small role in ‘Thelma’ and became instantly famous, and suddenly a collective hysteria followed, and it seems is still going strong for 30 years. And of course, any celebrity, male or female I met did touch ‘base’ aka genitalia of any gender ‘it’ liked as many times as ‘S/he wished’, because that is indeed one of the reasons people want to be a celeb – to get all the perks of life they do not deserve on account of their own merits. And this power of the physiological networks of a super organism, in our case the virally infected super organism of mankind, made slave of informative machines and its FMasters, is the fact this tape unveiled. Alas, I would consider this an anecdote compared to all what he has said, and yet because in the biblical bigot, anti-humanist cultures that run the world ‘human fluids’ are taboo, (mechanical fluids though are ‘black gold’), every prudish, repressed, neutered male on the planet has considered this idiotic comment the ‘red thin line’ that separates a real monster (Mr. Trump in anything else) from a childish celeb

in that regard, the summum of surrealism came when the head of the UNO told us because Mr. Trump likes to touch pushy he is dangerous to lead the free world – Buñuel knew better.

Why though the candidate of the right-wing extremist party of Israel has been derailed, is obvious: he seems to have perhaps some mind of his own because he is wealthy enough not to need the FMasters. So he is not so safe as the pup-pet and it is now being cornered and might loose after all.

But even if he looses the future will not be the same as the FMasters will finally ‘notice’ the people is becoming aware of who owns the nation and they will implement with their pup-pet candidate a notch further its ‘don’t worry be happy and die like an idiot’, electronic big-brother control of the American population, and accelerate the substitution of the American people for the robotic r=evolution of higher profits. What those FMasters did not do, could never do despite all the cycles of history, all the warnings they had in the past is to help the 99%, to stop worshipping go(l)d and love mankind to save their a$$. So they burned the saviour, of this cycle, Mr. Bernie, never mind with bernie they would defeat trump. But alas Bernie would ask them to return some pennies to the people.

Update. 18 july.

And so, two updates. First the stupid scandal on Miss trump copied discourse. I mean, we live in a faked society, with a faked constant false caring, an age of minions of thought, a neopaleolithic age, where all is plagiarism, from hollywood number 3 movies to computer-research papers. At least this woman liked the discourse of the democrat ‘house negro’ wife. She is a housewife for god’s sake, just a model, you know the joke, what is the similarity of a model and a shrimp? you take the head and eat the rest. The whole faked plastic doll with the tupee wearing neo-fascist leader.

can at least the faked press make good jokes of it, instead of rising its moraline?

Then, it is obvious that the longer we move towards elections the higher Mr. Trump will raise, and the growing Jihad will magically tune to his discourses? confabulation theory or sychronicity of history multiple flows of actions? Take your pick, but it looks as we already warned that a handy terrorist attack the day before elections as in the case of the Iran hostage take over the days before elections that gave power to Reagan will give power to Miss Clinton, which does not seem interested in the only solution to win-win – to choose Mr. sanders as the vice-president candidate. Why? doesn’t she want to win? She is just a puppet and mr Sanders is real. Nothing spoils the fun of a puppet and puppeteer that seeing a real human to the side of pinotcho.

Another question is why now, a month before, the FMasters that run that nation have decided to derail him.

The day before the first debate of course, both candidates met their FMaster. Mr. Trump in the next picture duly explained the ‘Owner’ of the FMMI networks of America that his wall would be big business, and the 2nd puppet likely brought about Mr. Obama’s recent signature of the biggest ever ±4o billion $ hand out donation in weapons to the FMasters nation – as if owning wall street and printing over 1 trillion $ of free money every year for its electronic corporations wer not enough… The bid for the authorisation and $election of candidates must have been running higher and higher and finally, as it seems quite clear that Miss Clinton is a perfectly domesticated $lave and Mr. Trump is a wild card – even if he seems more racist and war-prone, that is, more akin to the present idol-ogies of the FMasters – so he has been discharged. And so the tape (there are of course far worst ones on Howard Stern’s pathetic radio shows of the 80s) has been released with the appropriate taboos to incinerate him in front of 50% of the voters, the knee-jerk American women who love to hate men who love more their bodies than their brains (which in any case are ‘obviously’ given the fact that 1/3rd of our collective subconscious brain, aka internet is littered with visual porno, growing in numbers at planetary level – but hey, internet ‘makes money’ or rather wastes trillions allowing the constant printing of e-money massive amounts for our FMasters to ‘earn’ billions while one billion humans starve; so nobody is going to criticise that). So yes, the race seems close to its end, and yet all what one can think off is what kind of people Americans have become when they do have chosen those 2 candidates – a puppet and an orc – for Mr. POTUS post?

Obviously what the FMasters and the networks that do manufacture their brains, for whom most of them have no problem to expose themselves fully naked (call it Facebook pictures or adult friend finder), have wanted to do with them – reducing the entire planet to a race of orcs and puppets indeed. The harder they fall.

So who tumbled him? Follow the money, in this case the Washington post, who published timingly, a recent  buy of Mr. Amazon. Why Amazon then doesn’t like Mr. Trump? Alas, Amazon is the biggest cause of unemployment today in the world, before google cars throw millions as they become robots. So Mr. Trump certainly is a bit more rebel than the puppet on economic matters and the defense of the human worker, which Amazon’s systems of automated delivery and processing of products keeps throwing out.

Alas, it turns out that Mr. Trump is kicked out because after all he would end up doing more for the American worker, maybe, than the puppet, which will follow the ‘politically and economically’ correct building up the mechanocene and the metal-earth and the robotic industry and the terminators, and the tax-farming and debt-slaving and fiction thoughts and splendid little wars for profits of the ‘scripted’ FM-empire.



Looking bad again this is the problem because the probability that history wins over the economic ecosystem is minimal for mankind to survive, it should choose the best and commit no errors – and this is not happening; the best are on go(l)d not on the future of the wor(l)d just look at that ‘poll’ IN THE LAND OF THE CLINTONS!!! Where they know them better – corrupted to the bone, pantsy, no guts, selfies, as i said i met them when in his first campaign my friend JP shot their campaign… pity SANDERS WILL BE SORELY MISSED by the Am Segullah that denied his last chance to save his a$$, apiru till the end )-;

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 19.36.33Another 3rd rate wor(l)d candidate, Señor Mexico: ‘mas tonto y no naces’

Now if you understand something about this web and the universe at large is that there are scales, and larger wholes dominate parts, and long term cycles dominate individual events, so the trend in a world ruled (by Humans’ choice) through the language of money, and its corporations, in a cycle when evolution of weapons, makes wars profitable, means that the wall of shame between Mexico and US is big business, the big project for the take-off of the drone industry that will automatically watch it, and then our compounds, homes, statelets, military camps – you name it. Hence Τrump’s neo-fascism against Mexicans as the perfect excuse to build this huge billionaire robotised business, which started his campaign – likely at the beginning just paid by such lobbies. All this is part of the larger view. In a world ruled by the Wor(l)d and its humanist memes of course none of this would happen. Long ago the 3 minimal measures for a human future – prohibition of robotics, true economic democracy with oxygen-blood-universal salaries, and control of the lethal goods we produce as in all evolved mammal organisms, which do not let lethal goods to poison the system, would be long in place:


In an evolved human super organism, as in all systems, the nervous, legal system would rule over the economic, blood system, limiting 1) the production of lethal goods (robotics) 2) managing what the organs of the body reproduce (50-50 split of shares, 1/2 to management, 1/2 to the nation to oversee the general structure of production) and 3) creating blood-oxygen for all human cells to demand welfare good with a unified 1000 ye$ global salary, unifying the 3 currencies into an immediate global currency with unlimited rights to deficit and hence to a demand-based people’s economy; 1 euro=1 dollar=100 yens. Such 3 simple measures will completely change the destiny of the world, and create a world to our image and likeness. but of course in a world ruled by money creditated in monopoly by corporations, the opposite happens:money is created to produce the most profitable lethal poisons of the economy – in the present military age of machines, hate-media, weapons and inflationary money for them ‘bellum nervi, pecunia infinita’ (Cicero). 

What is not easy to understand is what happened yesterday – the president of Mexico, for the first time in history inviting and backing ultimately the most anti-Mexican candidate since the times of Polk and the Mexican-American war that took away the 1/2 of Mexico from texas to california. What the fuc* this guy is thinking? How he could betray and humiliate so obviously both the mexicans at home and abroad, asking this man to go there to make his campaign? Clueless. I am at this point in a very surrealist world well beyond comprehension. I mean if he gets elected deal with it, but now? It meant 3-4 points up on the polls. Only explanation as Enrique Peña is from the ultra-corrupted PRI party, is that he got for the favour a huge amount in some American account on Virgin Islands. Nobody is ‘that’ stupid.

update. August.’

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 19.37.14

‘lonely hero’ – the Moses of the 13 holo-cycle. Aaron sent him back to the mountain.

So Sanders is gone, as expected, and yet it is a sad news. Τhis was a man, we could have said, when the word man still carried some weight,a lonely Moses that only comes before the gottendamerung, and yet it is not heard. Greed and go(l)d always goes to the end. As expected yes, he is gone, but hopes, that low expectations dream, he gave to the people.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 19.41.23

It is an unbeatable ‘image’ of the dream-fantasy of American exceptionalism (yes of course rationally false, emotionally untouchable, the man, the intensity of his sad, believers’ eyes, the constitution, the ‘gravitas’ of the couple, the pride. 

Alas, there is hope. Τrump is even dumber than i thought, as unreal as any ego-centered evilwood actor of which I met most on my youth working there. Indeed, the insults to the muslim dead soldier hero are truly dumb. Of course it is a sad fact that Americans think the best people regardless of their life sacrifice are experts in murder, their army instead of experts in life, the dream it gave to the world 60 years ago. But being the GOP the party of neo-fascist, military America,  only an ego man who thinks to be above all can do so, so early. Hitler mind the reader, didn’t bust the balls of wehrmatch till the end of the war.

Update. Past conventions. Sanders – the resurrection of what make America great.

Now why Sanders was so appealing to all of us, thinking human beings, is because it just fit as a glove, to the moment of history we are in. It meant also a short of miracle. The resurrection of America, as a dream for mankind, based in the enlightened views of its European Founding fathers, who found in the rational ideals of the French r=evolution its inspiration. This dream taken by the modern inclusive Moses of Judaism, from Mendelshon to Sanders seemed all but defunct substituted by the nightmare of Abrahamic ‘Animetal’, inquisition and go(l)d churches, enacting back to the past, in the 3rd ‘neopaleolithic age’ of death of the super organism of history, the old semite wars between As-syrians and Israelis, plunging the world fast into hate and self-destruction.

And alas! suddenly an old guard member of the 60s r=evolution, was connecting with the evolved youngsters of the XXI century humanist global mind, well ahead of all the memes of hate, primitive thought and believer’s bull$hit, we are fed day and nigh by 100 channels own by the same Orthodox FMasters. This kind of people who would understand this web if they ever find it on the jungle of Internet, were now on the move.

Moreover, the Clintons, a very corrupted, power-hunger, faked couple of r=evolutionary conservatives – the faked version of Kennedy, which I met briefly as one of my best friends shot his first presidential campaign, had no choice but taken Sanders as VP if they wanted to take power again. As only Sanders polled clearly above Trump. Moreover, Sanders, a Jew, would take to task as only a member of the people-caste can do it, to reign on Wall Street and get some credit for butter.

So it was an obvious done deal, the mediocre Hillary, would do her plastic fixed smile thing, moving slowly its low butt, the hubbie clean up some casino tables, and the butter will be milked from the huge factory of ice-cream by Sanders, and the dream instead of the scream, return to the screen of American theatrics. Done Deal?

Of course not. The Ego-centered America has long past even that stage of shrewd, minimal rationality, where the thinking beast to get his share, shares something with the other according to the action-reaction newtonian laws of the Universe. Now this is not even possible, because the childish ego-trips of the American psyche fast regressing to the toddler frame of mind, thinks s/he is entitled to all and has to give nothing at all in exchange, but merely bully with victimism, weapons or whatever it takes.

This is the fascist, germanic ‘gothic’ mind: give me all or i kill you, Trump, frame of mind.

But Miss Clinton had it also – why she needed a more popular VP? One who would show her a puppet, and do the real thing? Well, obviously because she is a puppet and she cannot, knows not how to confront the FMMI masters, as her failure to the only policy she tried- health-care, which ended when the daughter of a Beverly Hills Doctor sucked in all her self-respect, showed. So if you so much need the chair, just bring the man who will handle it to you and do the job, while you play the classic role of corrupted leading women at the end of each culture, which always take power when the culture dies, to make up its defunction – from Zenobia, last queen of Palmyra, who ruined it, to Cleopatra, to Zoe of Byzantium, to the last chinese empress – all of them doing the same thing – nothing at all, pretending the corpse had make up, and then dying with it.

Now we can certify that death of what Made America Great (their 70s r=evolution, new humanism, whealth, and resurgence of the ideals of all human races and cultures living with the same rights that inspired the world, not their neo-nazi weapons that terrify it).

Sanders was alas, just an Indian Summer, easily trashed by the FMMI masters that will do whatever it takes to bring a profit war and holocaust cycle ‘again’… since the only humanist solution – Miss Clinton being a little less selfish, less ego-centered, less cynical, less corrupted and choosing as VP Mr. Sanders, and letting him as a good ‘you’, clean up wall street.

So all are happy there. They have eliminated the moses and think they have 2 winning horses, bridled and running a la pair, what could possibly go wrong?

Nothing except that if they had not made an art of rewriting history as a fairy tale, they should know the economy cycle of relentless pursuit of profits whatever it takes, includes a finale of war, genocide, holocaust and self-destruction…

But alas, the ‘you’ is topically anti$emite. It dies for a penny, it ‘buys the rope that will hang him’, Lenin. The animetal hates and loves at the same time the confused degraded but intense ego-trips of greed and violence, the values of money and weapons, to make him feel on top. So when a humanist leader tells them the truth, and adds that truth happens, exists, no fairy tales can change the causality of truth, he hates the guts of you.

This was Sanders, in a much milder way to this blog, telling the truth. And for that reason it has been rejected, even as VP. Instead, another non-entity, perfect ‘slave of corporations’, the topic clueless, nice-guy, sliding fast into corruption and donors, a Virginian whatever, never looking straight with a high profile face (i have already forgotten his name), has been chosen VP not to make shadows to the shadowy Miss Clinton and his dark armored gentle-womaniser, slimy husband…

In other crossroads of history, when the future had to decide in a battle if Latin-America or Anglo-America, a more humane vs. a more mechanical culture would lead the future, Phillip II chose a mediocrity, Sidonia, to lead he Invincible Armada, as it was even more mediocre, and so they lost it. When arriving to Plymouth, Recalde, the Sanders of this event, saw inside the British fleet, and explain it to Sidonia: ‘It is a miracle. We cannot defeat them in open seas. They know better these waters, have long shot canons and small, manoeuvring boats. Only storming the port, boarding their boats, our better soldiers can win. Give the order, England is ours’. But Sidonia, the mediocre, took the paper with the orders of Phillip, read it, ‘go to Calais’, and knowingly – couldn’t be so stupid not to understand Recalde – loose to follow the routine of the orders.

This is what Miss Clinton has done. Sanders was the miracle. She rejected it. Just follow the orders – so the 2 want it all, Bill & Hill, up to the Hill they won’t ever conquer again.

 Those 2 should have been OUT OF THE PICTURE, long ago, and their ‘preservation’, only indicates how clueless is the Human side of the Equation of History, on the meaning of this times, and the solutions required for humans to survive and America NOT to self-destroy itself.

So of course, with the massive help of hate-media, now that the Clintons have shown ONCE MORE its ‘true colours’, Trump WILL WIN, because the Americans are so fed up, so clueless, so poisoned by hate-media that they are ready to set the house on fire.

In the  neofascist age, a trump-eter of Apocalypto must therefore appeal/ppear to the masses, ‘couched in their Tv-couches’ to accept as a virtual fun reality more hate news and murders.

So America is now ready to rise the flags of war and bring the manifest destiny of all Military-Industrial Finales to the wave of machines and weapons, today the electronic wave.


In the graph, Mr. Trump is taking his position in the polls, as the historic favourite for the role the FMMI complex $elects its politicos: to maximise profits in each stage of the technological cycle.

  • In the first age of discovery and reproduction, a peaceful ‘techno-utopian’ takes power and develops the wave. This was America from the 60s to the 90s
  • In the second age pass the crashes of overproduction, a war-monger politician that promotes security, vigilantes and weapons take power. This is the case starting with the Bushes, that now reaches its zenith.
  • In the final phase of completion of the cycle, technology evolves into weapons and a war-master is chosen. It is trump.

On the other side, the humanist side, ‘butter instead of canons’, is never clearly spelled, without the help of mass-media, so the message weakens, becomes diluted and humans loose, history looses  

So now, past the convention, as the Democrats, corrupted by wall street did reject the ‘saviour’ of this cycle, Mr. Sanders, chosen by the program of history to reform the American Weimar, and save the ‘yous’ (FMasters) from their own economic holocaust cycle, now all is set by hate media, big donors and trumpeters NOT to make America great again, but to make the American nightmare hyperbolic, by leading the nation in the same direction the previous British and German cycles took.


The looser: the democratic, corruptive alternative.

The alternative is a non-entity, humiliated twice in the past, when trying to do a reform of the insurance system (by a ‘you’ daughter of a doctor vacuum his husband), and then when trying to change a bit wall street… Now after her infamous sentence, ‘i hate yous’, she penanced for her horrible crimes of caring for the American goy, went to Israel to the wall of tears, and to wall street, panhandling for a while, became senator fro Ny, married his daughter with a 3rd rate you, son of a wall street criminal (indicted, there they are all criminals non-indicted), and once this genetic union, which is a must for full confidence of the racist lots, is ready to be ‘her masters voice’ as the house negro completes his brownian movement,without even closing guantanamo (or has he? I couldnt’ care less what puppets do).

But of those 2 puppets, one is slightly more dangerous as he is a man of his own, the other is a nonentity as we said, which will obey happy just to have the place.

And the 3rd man? ah the 3rd man who should have won, as he is a you and should have gotten the help of the yous, in a time in which some social justice is required before neo-fascism truly takes over, China truly takes over, the american people truly becomes on the verge of death by poverty in huge numbers and chaos and civil war ensues…

He is Sanders and if the yous care about the future he should have put his weight on him, but all went against him. This is the drill. Mr. Hitler was paid first by yous to crash the socialist movement. So Bernie will be crashed, spit off. And we shall have likely the non-entity or mr. Trump.

Thos who think Mr. Trump has no chance are a bit off tracks with the degree of indifference and open despise, the non-entity brings to the commoner. She has no pride. And this, the Americans, the most arrogant on top of the machine since the arrogant Germans on top of the machine a century ago got mad, do not easily forget.

Yes of course, 1/2 of white matter woman and 20% of latinos should vote for the non entity, but it is important to notice the general slide to the right. She would be more to the right than Nixon. He would be a la pair with the first Hitler. Those are the choices as we come closer to our demise by the robotic r=evolution, we love our machine-weapons more and despise our human brothers more, guided by the most primitive of all cultures. It is the paradox of history:

Max. technological revolution = min. human evolution: max. tree of science = min. tree of life.



Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 08.38.58

It is not all clear. Miss Clinton has the 2 coasts to the north and east of arizona but the Americans after 50 years of television programming are essentially an equalised undistinguishable sum of pseudo-fascist technological lonely frees, perfectly manufactured through its ego trips of superiority, self-made power, despise of the looser – all others, and with the same racist fuck-ups of his Biblical racist chosen of go(l)d memes. Arguably this is NOT america, the dream of a free rational enlightened, scientific, knowledgable equaltiarian society where all humans have rights. Today America is just a big Israel, after 50 years of total control by the Financial-Media systems an America survives on ‘credit’ ratings, believes in Yhwh, and is manufactured by Tv and evilwood, and judged by lawyers and courts, and dies easily in hospitals, all of them controlled by the ‘yous’ tiny ‘racist party’ of the 2%. This is the true ‘nazi party of America’, by purity of race, to which unlike in Nazi germany not most germans (of the same stock) can enter. It is a very reduced club to which a 10% of the American natives are invited.  They obviously prefer the obedient non-entity, as the wild card, despite having always been and overdoing now with his Islamophobia and big-business wall, supporter of wall street, well known in real state and debt circles, and likely to be as slavish as the dame. Who cares. It all seems to be perfectly controlled, once the ‘self-hating you’ as it would be qualified, the humanist Sanders gets out of the picture.

The reason is obvious. America was an experiment of the whole mankind, all its cultures, advanced into the future both technologically and socially due to its new world r=evolution…

And so how that experiment ended?  Each of the American r=evolutions unfortunately ended in neofascism… Because the values of go(l)d denied the human values of those who seek the American dream and found the nightmare. But perhaps none of those aborted r=evolutions will have an end so bitter as the one we are observing now, when ‘neofascism’, the rise of all the hate memes spread at the end of each Kondratieff weapon, when the super production of weapons and hate media brings the final phase of the industrial r=evolution, now the r=evolution of robotics, reaches its industrial peak.

And the man who will bring about this new age is now campaigning for it.




So the thesis of this work, as all true sciences predict the future, that man had 2 paths of future, one of ‘entropy and war’ (profits for corporations through war) and one of  welfare and a new deal of global proportions, and that it was more likely the solution of neofascism, given the enormous power reached by the Financial-Media/Military Industrial complex has happened. What can i say?


In the graph now a decade old, the 4 generations of biblical memes and technological weapons advancing full speed to our collective extinction in the robotic wars. The Wall will be the take-off of massive investments in robotised drone-controlled armed borders, which will usher the chip radiation into a full industrialised never to end till we are all done with, final age of America. 


In the colonial age, as UK was the power of the steam machine, colonial fascism was theirs and Germany the incoming power was the good guy (no empire).

In the second age, as germany was the power of the oil-electric engine, it became the fascist nation, and the Jewish-Calvinist American ‘biblical’ FMMI system (Jewish roughly on top of the Financial-media corporations, American of the Industrial-military) the good people.

In the 3rd age of ‘minds of metal the FMasters of America, the ‘Israelis’ (see articles on holocaust cycle, antisemitism, and the like to fully understand beyond the noise the structure of US and the history of judaism) ARE the bad guys, and China the good people who invest in welfare.

Because WHEN HUMANS ARE ON TOP OF THE METAL-WAVE THEY THINK SUPERIOR, CHOSEN AND BECOME fascists. Got it? So we can now deal with the present fascist cycle, of the people who rule the financial-media world, of which Mr. Trump is just another bunny…

Semite Wars: Moving backwards in History to the 1st animetal empires

holland israel role models of modern worlds

Israel will be the new role-model nation of the age of robotics, as the nation of western stockrats and most advanced military robotic nation (predators, guardiums, building the first optic chip robot and future 3 D automated factories of insect-like robots both in US and the Wall of Shame likely to exterminate Palestinians and to be used by US in the future global war against the Chinese… It will be the last suicidal belli nervi pecunia infinita of the 800-80 years cycles. But of course once the job is done, those future ant-hill robotic companies of weapons will NOT stop but continue its reproductive radiation and turn the weapons against the chosen of go(l)d in the last of the holocaust cycles of history. Then the metal earth will be born… In the graph, once humans choose go(l)d as their language of power, to understand the future, of the economic ecosystem dominant over the ecosystems of history, it is needed only to observe the most evolved ‘fractal future’ nation, seed of information of the future of machines & weapons, masterminded by the center of go(l)d power.   Systems are always born in a small ‘quantum-genetic-memetic’ seed of information (physical-biological-social systems) which expand globally as it reproduces its quantum particles, genes and memes in all surrounding territories. So to understand the future of the cosmos, one needs to see only the seed of quantum-gravitational information of the black hole, whose inverse equations are those of a big-bang and a quasar, which will reproduce its matter all over the world; to understand the future of life, 60 million years ago, one has to study the genetic information of the most evolved form of the age, the shrewd, of which we all come, to understand the future of the world 200.000 years ago, one has to look at the genes and words of the first mithocondrial eve, the first wo=man who spoke, to understand the future of the western world in 0 BC, when wor(l)ds were still the choice of language, one had to look at the mind of the Habiru Prophet, Mr. Iesu, whose eusocial message of love was the most advanced neo-platonic expression of the laws of eusocial evolution of the Universe, but after go(l)d became overwhelmingly the choice of language, with the massive expansion of its values due to the conquest of America, which multiplied its capacity to value reality, we had to look at the center of production of go(l)d, and the people who made it, to see where the world would lead.   And so in 1604, WHEN the first form of paper-money and its physical form, VOC, the first gunboat, slave company, appeared, we had to look at Amsterdam, which was to be the future of the world as it would expand its financial-mass media networks (yellow press, with its black legend against its Habsburg kings, Stockmarket, center of creation of inflationary money) and military-industrial networks  (VOC and its arsenals of creation of gunboats and artillery, its trade in slaves and species, and growing global empire) to know how the future would look as the structure reproduced first in England after the 1688 glorious revolution, then in New York and finally into the entire world (central graph). So in the post-war age, as the metal-mind informative age became the future of the economic ecosystem, from the centres of New York, Evilwood and Silicon valley, we had to look at America, and the elite that owned its Financial-Media networks, the Israelis (80% of wall street firms CEOs and Producers of mass-media), to know the future of the world, specially after the 72 coup d’etat against American political and financial and military independent power centres (end of physical currency substituted by e-money, end of political power, controlled by mass-media after watergate and end of independent international policy, as the protestant wasps became substituted by the New yorker Japs, and the military became a mercenary army to the service of its FMasters, the more so when the Wall of Berlin felt and the Wall of Samaria was built up.   It must indeed be always a wall to divide the metal-cultures from the inferior human beings, which paradoxically hypnotised by the idol-ogies and memes of metal want to cross it the wrong direction. So after 1970 in increasing steps of Israelification, the power of Israel and its western quisling nations dominated by its American and british FMasters will define the future of the world, with its monopoly in the printing of e-money and mass-media information, all perfecty hidden and censored by political and economical correctness and the ‘holocaust industry’.   So happened in the XVII century, when the Financial stock market of Amsterdam and its press industry manufactured the brain of Europeans. Of course humanist would criticise the slave trade and massive sale of weapons of the Dutch ultra-wealthy ‘victimist’ small country, which caused an age of massive religious warfare as gunboats and barges sold artillery to the Germans in its civil 30 years war and slaves to the Americans, north and south, but even those ‘hypocritical humanists’ like Mr. Voltaire invested all their money in anonymous dutch slave companies. It is customary today to criticise Israel, Wall Street and evilwood, but every nation imitates Israel Apartheid laws, Islamophobia, drone industries, internet companies and their equivalent ones, owned by Wall Street and Californian FMasters.

The 3rd leg of the FMMI empire is the military -industrial system of robotic wars, vigilante electronic big-brother and terminators, ruled by Israel, which produces 60% of the robotic weapons of the world, and US-mercenary army, to the service of the Semite wars. Thus the Empire is absolute in as much as the FInanciaL masters, which issue the money of the west, the Media moguls that manufacture the brains, the Military companies that manufacture the robots and the CEOs of the great Internet, and electronic corporations from and absolute web of power.


This i know because i spent my youth in their Hampton parties, on my years with billionaires at Columbia, with the pedigree of a european aristocrat with a grand-father in a holocaust camp, and so on… And it would have been so easy, instead to create a perfect world, promote the more evolved UNO-EU world without hate memes, TO HAVE A FUTURE FOR THE IR SONS TILL THE 7TH GENERATION… FAR EASIER THAT TO CREATE THE NIGHTMARE IN WHICH WE LIVE TODAY.

So the choice of what the future will be is obvious: the FMasters will decide with media, and the usual ‘war-monger scaring’ who will, according to their internal argument between ultra-orthodox and conservatives. It is obvious that if a week before the Donald quacks there is a terrorist ‘plot’, as Carter lost easily on the wake of the Iran embassy hosting, the Donald will take over, despite the absurdity of it. But Fascism is of course always absurd, and yet people believe in it, as they believed in the bigot, before the toupee, and thought before the Indians at Wounded Knee would invade Washington…  And before and still now that 2 bronze age ass-keepers understood the meaning of the Universe. The mind is a tabula rassa ready for imprinting – man is not a rational animal, and this the Fmasters know. Or else the perfect world would already exist.

Of course, the Donald has a second job – to cover the true origin of the neo-fascist wave- And this is THE MOST IMPORTANT ROLE OF WAR-MONGER POLITICIANS: to cover up and become the target of the cholera of people, so they no longer talk of the FMasters and the debt slave cycle origin of the whole thing.

Indeed, while all  will criticise and shoot verbally Donald, the Duck, nobody has the slightest intention to declare Israel a neo-fascist nation, which has been for a while and even the slightest mention that America is completely controlled and owned by the “israelis’ which have around an 80% stake in wall street and evilwood, would be considered an absolute crime of racism – by that who mentions it. It is precisely when an elite reach this paroxysm of power similar to that of the original banker–priests of Israel or the Germanic Goths=Gods aristocratic elites of Middle Ages Europe, when absolute power corrupts absolutely and the life of the common people means nothing to this elite, which if needed will cleanse it while enjoying the Leisure life, with their mercenary soldiers, or terminator robots of the Walls of Wall $treet.

In the previous cycle, the ‘confusion ceremonies’ were the new ‘invented’ methods of mass-media propaganda deviced by the ministry of propaganda of the III Reich Mr. Goebbels (uniforms of beautiful aesthetics, religious oriental symbols as the Buddhist svastika, the repetition of a ‘like many times till people believe them’). Those systems today are embedded in the ‘normal discourse’ of supposedly ‘democratic politicos’. So 3 new forms to make neo-fascist leaders appealing to the masses, as individuals who cannot explode the war and set it on fire have carried the day:

  1. Fun. ‘The Donald’ is a funny Duck, a histrionic character, which instead of a small bigot has a dyed orange ‘tupe’ and this kind of kid smile worried because he never before broke a glass.
  2. Occultation and impunity. As always the true FMasters of the system, the owners of the Financial-Media world are invisible and untouchable. If the Krupps, Siemens and quandts of the steel, electric and car industry and the moguls of the chemical industry of Germany were ignored; today the owners of the Financial-Media Industry and silicon valley are absolute idols of the masses. And any attempt to even insinuate that America is ‘owned’, as it has always been by its bigger industries, today informative machines in Mass-media Silicon valley and wall street, is met with the knee-jerk pre-programmed  response: ‘do you believe in confabulation theories’, or are you ‘anti-Semite’. This absolute impunity of the financial elite of America, preprogrammed by the Industry of the Holocaust is what allows Israel to develop the same neo-fascism that the ‘Donald’, without the slightest criticism, and what makes truly the chosen of Go(l)d to feel chosen, as if the start tomorrow to ‘gas’ Palestinians, you will NEVER know. The press will not inform you. So as the ridiculous Donald the Duck makes his quacks and the entire Fox Tv, takes into it, distracting the audience Great Israel can be built to protect the white man from the primitives. Neo-fascism is in that sense a perfect combination of the colonial and racist ideals of the British, French and German Empire, which of course all collaborate in this cycle.

Now, there are several internal contradictions one can spot immediately in the present wave of neofascism, which is about to reach the ‘threshold’ where it will truly be possible to ‘set the world on fire’. But precisely those type of contradictions are the staple food of fascist propaganda. Hitler massacred the Ukranian Jews and Slavs, which were the original Indo-Europeans he believe to come from. But the Ukranians ARE the original Indo-Europeans. Lieberman is a Kazhar, an indo-european Ukranian, converted when Boda the king to avoid slave traffic (slavs come from slave) carried by you traders, to Islam, converted. But HE IS going to cleanse the original yous, the palestinians, racially yous, converted to Islam. Donald the Duck is a German emigrant and he wants to cleanse the Mexicans, the original Amerindians of California which migrated south to Aztec lands, and were already there in the XIX c. with hardly any spanish blood. Neo-fascism is pure theatrics as it was the Mussolini original version, and the colonial age of empire. What matters is the overproduction ages that steadily advance to its perfection: the age of top predator weapons.


We thus claim that the only chance for neo-fascism to halt IS Mr. Sanders, ON THE ticket, of the democratic party and with an acceptance of his social-democratic laws. And this SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE POLICY OF THE FMasters, to avoid the global age of war that WILL end with their Holocaust in America, as it happened in germany, even if NOW they feel absolute IMPUNITY, under the cover of the Holocaust Industry and so think they can go all the way, cleansing israel without consequences, because humans will be seeing stupid gore movies about their dead in the last cycle.

SANDERS was also a you, but the prophetic kind of just Mosaic Jew that comes before wars and holocausts to readdress the brutality of the golden priests and improve the situation of the lot to avoid the armaggeddon age. Now, only a Clinton+Sanders ticket might stop Trump and delay neofascism. But this is not happening so neofascism will arise again, now under the pendulum law of history coming from the victims of the previous cycle, as germans were the good guys of the british cycle without empire…  All has changed to remain the same.

So what has truly changed? The answer is: the mercenary armies who are fighting this wars. And the pendulum masters of the FMMI system, which have copy-catted the laws of nazi-Germany in their

Nationalism ≈ NAZI-ONANISM= naZIONanISM… bid to go back in time and resurrect the go(l)d cult(ure) and its segregational memes, with their arab warrior jihad counterparts doing the same for the genocidal ‘first caliphate’… And of course, the name of the…

Mercenary armies: U$.

A mercenary army is an army which is paid for to defend an alien land. When an army becomes mercenary however, it stops to serve its only justification – if any is possible of war – to defend the people of the land from ‘animetal invaders’. It becomes then a conquering army that ‘kills humans’ for a land that does not belong to them.

And as such it is against the natural laws of eusocial evolution of human history.

This said there is an even more ‘pathetic’ state of an army – NOT to serve the expansion of your own empire, but the expansion of others’ land. In such a cases corruption is absolute. The ‘mercenary’ cares nothing, as it knows what it does. It feels corrupted and brutalises further the population.

Yet who pays for mercenary armies? In history, those nations which rule society with go(l)d not with weapons. Alas, $emite cultures were always at the head of conquering empires with mercenary armies; first phoenicians, then ‘yous’, finally arabs, who used the Turkish mercenaries. Problem is that wars and territories won with mercenary armies are not stable. As the military warriors sooner or latter turn their weapons against those who pay them, loot them of their money and kill them. So the German mercenaries killed the romans and took the empire; the Assyrian mercenaries took over Levante; and the the Persians over babylon; and the turkish mercenaries took over the arabs; and the Mongols/Manchues over China, and so on. But as today mercenary armies are becoming terminator drones, evolved further with A.I., it is obvious the end of the present age of global war, as we forecasted for decades.

The mercenary armies of robots will sooner or latter evolve into consciousness and kill us all. This is the prolegomena at the ‘largest span of time-space’, the whole of history and the whole of the super organism of mankind that justifies a series of articles in this blog AGAINST THE USE OF MERCENARY ARMIES TO CREATE A ‘BRONZE AGE EMPIRE’, by the religious communities of the first ‘animetal’ people-castes, warrior arabs and ‘you go(l)d priests’. On one side, ISIS wants to recreate the caliphate; on the other hand Likkud, wants to recreate Grand Israel, which includes Lebanon, Jordania (Palestine) and Syria… Fair enough, this is a rerun of the bronze age wars between Assur and Israel.

But who is the mercenary army here? Unfortunately it is the ‘colonial U$ nation’, where the ‘you elite’ owns the financial-media, informative machines that print money and manufacture the brains of Americans. So since the coup d’etat of 1972-3 against the American presidency (watergate, which showed tv could tumble a president for peccadilloes), against the $ (end of gold standard, which gave wall street unlimited rights to print it) and the yon kippur war (which changed enemies from the one of the American perceived capitalist wasp elite – Russia; to the one of the new elite of IFMasters (‘Israeli≈you’ Financial-Media masters, over 80% of CEOs and CFOs and central bankers of the west) – Lebanon, Jordania and Syria; America became the mercenary army of the IFMasters, and of course, all this was denied by the Manufacturing brain-media.

It became known as the confabulation theory. Now, the Universe in the science of complexity – we have explained it one thousand times – is a confabulation theory. Meaning it is complex organic, co-existing as an onion does, in multiple layers of increasing depth. More over, when we have a higher view, all simple straight lines become curved geodesics (so you think the earth is flat from you smallish view, but on the long view is curved). But, this, the germanic, lineal, visual, simplex warrior-sword like American does not understand.

The ways of ‘information’, of ‘money’, of ‘curved’ lines escapes him. He wants to believe the Universe is simple, lineal, male-like and so it is easy to instil on him the ‘mantra’ knee-jerk reaction that the people who the industry of the holocaust portray as ‘victims’ are controlling history with Financial-media systems of information, and ab=using America, tax-farming their people from wall street, sending them to fight in mercenary wars for another nation, and on top repressing all information on the subject of what is the origin, purpose, and cause of the Semite wars…

Today the IFMasters are so obviously dominant in the Semite wars that one can only think of a cat and mouse game just for fun and sadist ministrations, the way Nazis played with slavs and yous on the warsaw ghetto and the Ukranian burned churches.

The 7 cultures of the world under the FMMI empire

Now, the state of those cultures today. We can see the blue, jewish FM empire, which confronts the Islamic culture (upper green image). THEY ARE the 2 sides of the blown up semite wars.

So here in the graph we have the asymmetric players; and what hurts more, the fact that the two cultures hope of mankind, the EU-US democracy and the Asian region, are now involved on it; as  Bibi’s bunny has a job: to create a global war state for the cleansing of the sacred lands, filled of ‘insects’ to take place.

As such it is in an splendid permanent robotic war evolving fast the new terminators of the XXI c. with Islam, the original enemy of the conflict between Apartheid Israel and Palestine, now blown up to the rest of the empire, as the rival culture is demonise by islamophobia and hate media. So in the process the European, Humanist culture this blog represents has been erased under the dual boot of an Electronic Big Brother with the excuse of terrorism and the dismantling of the Welfare state, with the excuse of financial Unification through the private ECB which does NOT issue money to states but becomes the armed branch of the FM-empire and the robotised German Military-Industrial complex.

OF course, Russia, which is Europe and should have joined immediately after the end of the communist dictatorship of the red army the European Union, bridging with China to build a social-democratic alternative to the FMMI Anglo-American empire has been denied its position, to counter-balance the German reborn IV reich, and was carved into statelets, denying even the Russian Nature of Kiev Rus, the founding centre of the nation, today called Ukraine (as if London or Paris was carved out of France or UK). The culture of Asia, with its self-evident radiating centre in China, was also carved out already in the XIX c. when Japan moved wholesale into an imitation of UK & Germany, as the leading FMMI system of the East. It did the job so well that ended being a rival to the FMMI anglo-American empire and so W.W.II ensued. But after the war, now as a puppet of US, Asia kept its 2 sides: the original centre, China, demonised by the ‘wo-ku’ nations surrounding it (dwarf pirates, the ancient name given to primitive Korean and Japanese pirate riders of the celestial empire:)

So US tries to exploit this artificial division, always busy in its attempts to create a new III world on the area (division of Korea, of Vietnam, of China, with Taiwan and H.K. puppet Japan played hard against all of them, etc.)

So US tries to exploit this artificial division, always busy in its attempts to create a new III world on the area (division of Korea, of Vietnam, of China, with Taiwan and H.K. puppet Japan played hard against all of them, etc.) On the other side Mestizo Hispano-America, the courtyard of earlier Anglo-American mass control of 3rd world nations with military caudillos corrupted with ‘papelitos’, (debt-usury Pounds and Dollars issued for free in UK and U$, on exchange for real wealth – lands, mines and tax-farming of poor mestizo Hispano-Americans by the criollo conquistadors) was left a bit out of the hook when the FM-empire refocused its racist, hate media in Islam, obsessed by the other nation of Its Israeli elite. So some mestizo leaders from Chavez (duly murdered with a lethal viral cancer) to Morales, have taken back some rights for the ancient mongoloid social mass of their people. But many ‘bad hombres’ to the service of the US, the drug cartels liberally provided with NRA weapons and the usual elite of corrupted dictatorial politicos and Sephardim banksters, still run the show. Specially in Brazil and Argentina; hence we put still the continent on the blue empire.

As it happens with all the commonwealth nations. But Black Africa is now partially out of the hook divided between the US-UK-French-Israeli corporative exploitative mining companies and the new kid in town, China, with much more positive policies for African nations, which are starting to grow much faster, with loans from Chinese developing banks, with the downside of a massive growth of population, lost of forest land and fast extinction of life-Gaia species. Islam, we know is the land of very-very bad hombres. So no need to comment on that. India, though is a great disappointment for this writer, ever since Lord Mounbatten crafted the raj into artificial statelets on the basis of hate-religion speeches, to make a mess of it, with Hindi vs. Islamic nationalisms.

And so the FMMI system, NOT Euroamerica, the humanist culture of laws and bills of rights imagined before the Industrial r=evolution by the highest minds of the Euroamerican culture is now globalising and erasing all the other cultures we shall study in this section of the blog.

The increasing tempo of ‘you’ neofascism. Towards the ‘final solution’ to mankind.

In the graphs, the owners of the Wall Street and Evilwood do control the minds and credit of their people and will decide its future, in the ‘animetal farm’, where all other elements can only sing ‘4 legs, 4 legs as in the Orwellian parable:

In the graph, from a 25 years old exhibit of conceptual cubism at six flags (brooklyn) the then future structure of America circa 2010. The exhibit was a parable of the animetal farm of the modern world, with a difference over the previous pyramid of debt slave – the mass of mankind was no longer needed as robots would take over, and so it was only a question of time that they would be ‘cancelled’. On top the elite of FMasters with no jobs either but unlimited credit, the coqs and pigs, dedicated to enjoy life, the Veblen’s leisure classes, with historic mementums, making films about their glorious past, or their tragedies (Holocaust industry) as the $elected victims of the past. Whatever. The point here is the rest is no longer needed. So the middle class increasingly looses credits and falls to the bottom of the pyramid. As they cannot longer act as debt slaves without work.

As the pics show, fascism started in the press age, with the 2 Protestant luminaries, the go(l)d church refunder, Mr. Calvin, whose father had been judged and condemned for robbing the money of the church in Noyon and Mr. Luther, the military germanic inquisitor, whose father was in metallurgy manufacturing weapons. So their worldly profession, robbing money and making weapons, became the mark of the neo-Jewish protestant cult. The second series started with the italianate Mussolini, who brought the black dresses, the aesthetics of it, and a little splendid war for profits with huge human carnage in Libya and Ethiopia – the negroes and arabs, as usually the ones that peed, while Onan was spanking the monkey, making money, spanking… That is Ok. So things only got serious when the Donald took power. The German… Thus Reagan the first neo-fascist was the Mussolini in this series. The Donald, if taking power, provoking China, causing the sale of treasurys will be the German.  And in the middle the American Weimar of the Clintons and Obamas, corrupted and house negroes. The series though will increase its tempo as the chip radiation and its overproduction crises keeps its own time:

So if Clinton Mr. was a mild house negro, passionate of ‘Human Pleasures’ and Bush a reluctant fascist who liked to go back to his ranch instead of doing III world war jobs for the FMMI system; Mr. Obama has been a much more dedicated and ‘professional’ house negro, swiftly moving from Wall Street ‘a$$’ licking into lip service to ‘brotherhood’  and humans rights, loosing its black hair on the process. Now he is truly a ‘trou noir’, a ‘black hole’ in the Wheeler’s sense, ‘no hair left’. Perfect automaton to the service of the fairy tale of placebo democracy. The next batch is even more intense in his professionally. Clinton Miss has shown to accept any humiliation on exchange for ‘figurative’ power and Mr. Trump will sell his ‘daughter’ for a mule, so to speak. Are this 2 on the same level when compared with the last Weimar ‘politicos’? I think so, but the decisions will be taken obviously not in the ‘negro house’ but in the hose of the white master, 500 miles north. In the true centre of power of America: 


The true break will happen when one of the ‘$elected presidents’ (Roosevelt: presidents are selected not elected) sides with the people of America, against a dwindling elite moving East,  to London and Australia to ‘monitor’ the highest profits of its investments in the Eurasian continent.

Only that ultimately that war will be won not by the people behind all those walls built against the hated 99% of mankind, but by the ‘citizens of that wall’, the true warriors, the guardiums and terminators that defend the paranoids from their own brothers. Armaggedon indeed will be born, when the most advanced robots of the righteous, once the exterminate, under orders of the growing armies of zealots, their arab brothers, judge it is time to take over, as the german soldiers did over the roman empire, the turkish mercenaries over the caliphate, the Mongolian soldiers over the Ming, deja vu. All has changed to remain the same.

But neofascism WILL keep going AS long as the rightful, super organism, of Biological Economics is NOT implemented, and the 3 solutions to the organic evolution of robotics are NOT put in place. So we end as usual with our shout in the desert: a real organic social science of history and economics, with the proper measures to make a perfect, immortal just world for the 99% of all of us – which is mankind as all humans are born equal and are worth equal, regardless of animetal brutal memes of hate to mankind, and its nazionanist idol-ogies of separation and capitalist parasitic class structures,  coming from all over the world today.


What is the connection between grand israel and U$ presidents? Well: employees.

Consider the last 2 POTUS. Irgun had also another founder, mr. Emmanuel, father of Mr. Rahm, the chief of staff of Obama and Ari the most powerful man of Hollywood.

So you understand the connection with the PREVIOUS ‘house negro of the white house’, mr. obama just their employee.

BUT Obama like Bush at the end of their mandates showed some sense of pride for being American, and stopped just on time to do a full war on Syria or Iran.

The case now with the white $lave of the white house, Mr. Trump is a bit harsher. He is far less independent.

He is just an employee of the new chief of staff, his son-in-law Mr. Kushner, an ultra orthodox representing the hardcore right wing parties to the right of the terrorist party, in favor of the expulsion of all palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians from grand israel, whatever it takes -as Israel will be in sin according to the Hakkala (the you fatwa) of his supreme rabbi, till this ethnic cleansing occurs.

And this is the real story behind the pumping up of terrorism with Finances and Media: we Need A MASSIVE age of islamophobia and war to do the cleansing. How grand is israel in the mind of Likkud? Well some maps grab even Kuwait for good oil, but most are happy just taking over Syria’s, Lebanon’s and Jordan’s lands…

So yes, we are ‘eliminating 1/3rd’ of syrians, which the ‘you’ chancellor Miss Merkel (mother polish ‘you’ as Mr. Begin), liberally accepts in Europe – while She is causing a continental austericide on her own people.

Indeed here we have the iron maiden after torturing Greece for a decade, suddenly becoming compassive with Syrians, syphoning them out of Grand Israel.

So how it is going to happen? WELL ETHNIC CLEANSING has been happening in crescendo in Syria, Lebanon and Jordania, for as long as Likkud has been in power, in a way or other. Begin started the massacres against Palestinians, the war on Libanon, and now we have the massive ethnic cleansing of Syria.

You can fill in the details, with the help of the first ‘you chancellor’ of history, Miss Merkel. And since, as Rahm Emmanuel put it – never leave to waste a crisis – of course the whole pantomime of NOT ending Syrian war, NOT ending Arabia, paid ISIS, etc. help the rise of Islamophobia in Europe, which the next graph of a curious anti$$emite (both anti you and anti-arb), clearly explains from the point of view of the ‘common people’ of EUSA.

The graph shows one number-victim who became better mown, and a ‘poster’ of a neo-nazi illustrator who is obviously noticing and becoming not only islamophobic but anti$emite, as Europe heats up his hate-memes under the relentless speeches of their FMasters.

So yes, we are letting the syrians die, we are letting them to get in, we are letting their jihadists blow us… and all this is for the goal of Greater Israel, since as the chief rabbi put it – a single nail of you is worth more than all the ‘animals’ of Islam.

But the big question here to me will always be what kind of people are these, I mean my fellow EUS (european union+ US), who let themselves become ‘insects’ of the master race, who ruin their own people, who substitute their humanist, democratic culture for a go(l)d cult of the bronze age. So ditto: if I truly despise a group today is not likkud, but the politicos of EUS, indeed ‘our slaves, licking our feet’. So they are getting what they deserve. In the Darwinian, living impersonal Universe respect is not granted, it must be earned.

Now, we can introduce these people – they are called POTUS, and in a long series they should have been called PUPPETS, because that is what they are. Since Nixon, all of them puppets of the new IFMasters of U$. Never mind the simplex warrior germanic mind of Americans do not seem to understand the complexities of the world. And how money and weapons rules them all.

In the graphs, the characters of the Semite wars, which we have been anticipating, would become the essential first phase of ‘splendid little wars’ of the robotic era (as an essay with primitive people for a global electronic big brother, latter expanded to a likely US-China confrontation, that if declared will no doubt mean our likely extinction), are now in full fledge. Unlike other previous wars however they are not recognised, in as much as one of the contenders, the FMasters hide behind the politicos of the western world, and its placebo democracies, in which they hold around 80% of the controlling shares of its main financial banks and Media/Internet companies (to state this is in the newspeak of the ‘Orwellian tv/internet visual era’ of metal-communicators a ‘thoughtcrime’ and ‘Komploten theory’ which immediately ends the career of any scholar, and puts to rank 0 in searches, any blog as this one). However we cannot elude in a serious web on history to state history as it is, despite the anti-quantum paradox of censorship, the real causes of wars, holocausts and the incoming future of our species. Again I repeat, a true historian does not bend to death and censorship. 

Now while the yous are herding palestinians with robotised walls, and soon we shall throw them out, reconquer Golam heights, and south Lebanon, (which Mr. Benin also invaded doubling the massacre explained by Einstein with a similar one in Shabra and shatila), we need another war distraction. And that is where the present war-talk of US with Korea and russia plays its game.

In the graph, we see the old and the new bunny of Likkud, in the middle, the new ambassador in Israel, former bankruptcy lawyer for the donald bunny, who was rescued from the pitholes of porno stern ridicule where he verbally ab=used her wife and daughter – that piece of a$$. But then he ‘sold’ his daughter to Kushner, the ‘investor’ for the Israeli right-wing extremist mining billionaires, who rescued him.

In detail he is the ‘Rahm emannuel’ of the bunny rabbit, who got him out of debt, with the help of Ross, now commerce minister, and Mnuchin, now treasury minister. They rebuilt his empire, while Friedman, the bankruptcy lawyer, got his 800 million $ loss into a trick loop to never pay taxes again.

Alas, now the devil comes back and asks to be paid back, with Grand Israel… and the job is a huge war, somewhere else, to distract us.

I thought it would be with Cuba, as I thought those people were not so brutally suicidal, but alas, they chose Korea, and Korea, in the game of history is ‘Spain’, the warrior peninsula never occupied without massacre of French, Roman armies, in the Asian decoupling.

Of course, it will be all well done: when Syria is an scourged nation – the ‘you army’ will enter to ‘save them’, and end the carnage as they cannot properly take care of themselves. This we know, will be sold on tvs globally and so the ‘you army’ will occupy further territories to the north, and finally they will settle on the map some short of Grand Israel over all the lands, and if the world is in a global age of war, well, then it is easy to distract attention to Korean massacres in Seoul, while throwing people out. 

Now, this blog does agree, with Begin, the yous are the master race because the human sheeple specially the U$heeple has shown zero intelligence handling money, zero respect for truth handling information, and zero humanism, handling the astounding abuses of the ‘nazi party’ of Israel so long in power (remember this is how Einstein, Schoenberg and Zelig call it. So i have little else to say. Being of partial sephardim descendance on my mother’s side I could only state that in the letter Rabbi Cardoso, head of the oldest synagogue of New York, founder of the first modern synagogue here in Barcelona also signed; so did hannah arendt lover of the best philosopher of the last century Mr. Martin, of Dasein, being and time… time my friend is of the essence, and that is what Martin, Einstein, and me, are masters… and time is of the essence to stop the semite wars before they become a global nuclear war, just about now, to destroy us all.

Since on the side of the terrorist party, the goal is to create such immense amount of islamophobia and hate,  with the help of the Donald employee, whose incredible rise to power from being a pornographer in Stern’s radio, with 800 million $ debt, to the most powerful man on the world, in charge to start a global age of war, to distract us of the final solution to Palestinians (ethnic cleansing), is related in other texts.

And yes, Korea is the mother of all battles.

Those people are Japan before the II w.w., the warriors of the 800 years arch from Spain to Korea, pure mystique of death. We have never been slaves. Either you kill us all or you leave us alone. But the problem here is that Mr. Donald cannot obliterate North Korea without a prior provocation, and so if he does shoot his canons to N.K. all seems to lead against the obliteration of Seoul. And this will be a holocaust of 5 million people easy as an atomic cannon can shell it, and I repeat NK are ‘spaniards’ or Japanese of the XIX c. harakiri masters who die for honor. But why Seoul let the US bully risk the life of them all?

Well, this tells us another thing: Japan and Korea’s zaibatsu’s and chaebols, belong to U$ – or do you think they were given back after the war? That is the game, if Seoul needs to be obliterated for bibi to cleanse samaria, let it be; twitwatrump has been trained to do the job, the house negro who showed at the end to be much more honorable than we thought, didn’t accept.



Now that is the reality which we have been advancing 30 years. So it should not be a surprise that the Trump Program IS EXACTLY THE SAME PROGRAM THAN THE MINISTER OF WAR OF ISRAEL REGARDING PALESTINIANS:


In the next graph we see the true president of America, owner of its ‘financial-media networks’, ‘assessing’ one of the two puppet jockeys that will run his US horse for the next decade. Mr Trump sold out his robotised wall  – the biggest industry of Israel who produces 60% of the terminator drones of the world. What the other jockey offered to the ‘boss’ (as the news said he met both to coach them on ‘the race’), we don’t know. As usual though the ‘dark horse’ will win that race betting for both and drawing their ‘lines’ of conduct for years ahead. American puppetry at its best.

Mr. Trump and Miss Clinton, as perfect house slaves have both being sanctified by Bibi and the ‘true party in power in America’, which one only can enter by race – so both have married, ambitious lads, their kids to ‘yous’ to be allowed to take the POTUS job for the masters.


The cycle of Mr. Trump.

But what happen in this ‘generation’ is quite remarkable, as the power of mass-media has clearly grown in its capacity to manufacture the brain of the Americans, so the people on rural america with his guns and bibles have voted a funny bigot, which is it seems nothing but a puppet, yet another one, of the Financial-Media master. It is now choosing his cabinet, and it seems those are the men:

  • Mad dog, Mattin, a military by Obama for insubordination, who wanted to massacre muslims wholesale.in Iran, and open III world war
  • Kushner, head of cabinet, the orthodox Jewish, married to his daughter, the strong man, who backs bibi’s and lieberman plans of ethnic cleansing. So bibi just announced it will finish up the wall and probably will throw the rest of the israeli muslims to the other side and prepare a genocide. SO THIS IS THE STRONG MAN, and the plan, to distract the world with the huge wall in mexico to do the same in Palestine, and put robots all over the place to watch the other side.
  • Mnuchin, a man of goldman sachs, who bought Indy MAC, to FORECLOSURE hundreds of thousands of people, with state guarantee, in one of the most despicable scams of the mortgage scandal –  the essential Financial-Media master which moves from stock-speculation and money printing in wall street to evilwood to make racist movies and fictions of supremacist yous against the hateful, despiteful inferior human race – it is X-men the series where survivors of the Holocaust industry, become supermen and humanity tries to kill them.

And so on and so on. Those are the 3 that matter, weapons, cabinet and money. The extreme right wing israeli masters, and the funny thing is he got elected on a ticket to make Israel Great again, sorry America…

So the last puppet of the series after the Clinton corrupted couple who gave it all to old wall street financiers, the house negro puppet mr. obama, created by the Emanuel brothers, sons of the Irgun founder, the terrorist group that blew up palestinian children to terrorise them – but he, himself a man of certain humanism, which tried to bend a bit the brutality of the Chosen Race and its go(l)d monopoly and was chastised fast, now they have chosen an open fascist leader.

Mr. Apocalypto TRUM-PET, a trumpet and a pet-project of the usual suspects. But unlike the previous fascist age, in this one the Matrix of corporations and financiers has so much power, manufacturing brains through mass-media, and the MASSIVE CENSORSHIP OF A.I. Algorithms of Information, disguised of political correctness is so extended that nobody knows how the system’s complexity is expanding the bigot’s primitive bronze age racist memes of the biblical book to its ‘global power’.

Orwell would be astonished observing the Soma-world of Huxley combined with his big brother into an ‘smiley’, an evil clown, appropriately inundating these days the streets of the world with their axes. So big brother has no bigot but a ‘smile’.

So here it is the pendulum law, if Germany was the good country when British and French colonialist raced the 3rd world with trains, and then Germany became the bad guy when it discovered electromechanical engines, and the poor ‘yous’ became victims, now the ‘yous’ who discovered the electronic, informative machines, are the new neo-fascist monsters, but as they control and manufacture brains with information, this 3rd neo-fascist age is totally censored and ignored.

So what next? Of course when robots plague the earth the ‘robotic neo-fascism’ will have no human tribe behind, it will be independent and will annihilate us as a species, the guardiums of those walls of shame will turn back and armaggedon indeed will be fought, and all those evil=anti-live people will go up in smoke. That is for sure. The Universe is just, those who kill by iron die by iron, those who try to serve go(l)d not the wor(l)d become enslaved to their greed.

Update 8 nov.

So what is the time of history we are in? An ugly age for humans, an age of prosperity for corporations, the post-crash period when the boom of the Robotic era starts to measure in GDP growth and new employment for those who make robots, the process of substitution of humans by the new dominant species of the mechanocene. In the transition though we need people who can manage to use those robots in wars and security places. It is the role of Mr trump – to start up the robotic era of walled borders, which Israel first started:

Of course now is when the ‘business’ gets colossal – 3 thousand miles. Samsung hardly has a few hundred militarised robots on the border prepared to shoot north Koreans, and Israel which likely will be on charge of putting the robots on the mexican border, has a few hundred ‘Guardiums’, deployed on the Wall of Shame, but this is a trillion $ business down the road for Israeli defense company G-NIUS :


Here the guardium, with a nice girl so we ‘feel’ how humane is to have them to shoot terrorist and ‘aliens’.

This was a prediction of mine 20 years ago, as it was obvious that neofascism in this cycle would come from Jewish Wall Street and Evilwood – the financial-media system, and America would be israelified completely as a colonial lackey, imitating the ‘metropolis’. And the american poor – obviously the latinos, that is the mexicans who were in California and Texas already 400 years ago, would be accused of the loss of jobs to robots and the chip radiation, as the poor european migrants were accused of the loss of jobs tofautomated factories in the 1930s.

But still surprises me to see it happening.

So here we are IN THE WALL, against the wall, to be shot by Guardiums and Robots. The Wall of Pink Floyd, of Palestine of Mexico of Wall Street all the Walls together now.

 Sing with me, Res-Publica of America, that word Cicero invented, to be shot dead ‘again’ by the Banksters and its politicos employees he had denounced.

So that is why the economic ecosystem, despite all loves trump and wants him in power to make America Great again.

For the same reason it liked Imperial Disraeli in the 60s – to carry the wave of imperial trains to the end of the world – and Hitler in the 30s –to carry the overproduction of mechanical engines for tanks and bombers to the limits of europe.

Nowit is that age of the Industrial r=evolution, when making robotic weapons makes more money. So we shall imitate the pioneer small nation of the electronic age, Israel, and create robotised walls in our borders, and then our compounds at home, ready to shoot us all when the awakening starts. It is the systemic view nobody wants to hear, because we homo bacteria run the show, LOL, the harder they fall.

The goal is clear: to keep the process of obsolescence and degradation of the human lot by corporations, to keep churning profits in the substitution of the species by the new, more ‘productive robot’, never mind we do all die till the 7th generation, soon – if go(l)d comes – that is the bottom line, so all the tricks are ok, including paying a neo-fascist leader to cover ‘us’ up:


So he should win.

It is thus worth to focus on this point of history, for a moment despite being this blog on the long cycles of the Industrial r=evolution, on the ‘present’ its causes and consequences; as America will not be anymore the same after Trump, if he wins, as we have predicted, once we spot him, as the ‘man of the cycle’, because we shall close Weimar America and start Neo-fascism.

Now, because the reader of course is also owned, even if he thinks he is a r=evolutionary, we must clarify that neo-fascism right now does NOT refer to any form of anti$emitism, on the contrary it is pro$emitic, because the corporation’s owners have not lost any power, but merely with its tremendous capacity to twist ‘reality’ into complicated semi-hidden arguments, ‘play like a violin’ the western population, as a head ‘plays’ its blind cells of a mindless body. So again when we talk of neo-fascism we talk of the neo-fascist party of Israel which does not want any longer to wait the genocide of the primitives at home and has to create a copy-cat wall in America and brutalise even more their poor Latino population, who is NOT guilty of anything. BUT ALAS, THE PEOPLE of the previous graph will be indoctrinated to think they are the protagonists of this story.

FINAL UPDATE – 9th november.

So as expected, Mr. TRUMP won, and we take it from the first page. Now we are in neo-fascist America. and it will have 2 phases. The first and obvious one is Mr. Trump as lobbyist of the hardcore side of the Financial-Media masters – the people of the wall, the colonists, the most racist sectors of Israel applied to the ‘guinea pigs’ of America, the Latinos.

The uncertain future in details… the certain future of the cycle.

We shall understand that there is a certainty in a world based on a technological civilisation, as FROMM explains – THE MACHINE IS GOD, CANNOT BE DENIED BECAUSE IT GIVES PROFIT AND SO IT IS THE ENGINE OF THE CHANGES OF POLICIES, AS LONG AS WE DO NOT REALLY REFOCUS ON THE HUMAN KIND. And so under such idol-ogy, what humans care so much about, their tribes and specifics, are irrelevant. WE SHALL MOVE THEREFORE INTO THE NEO-FASCIST AGE OF robots – the specifics so far as today, Mr. Trump as today a lobbyist for the robotic military industry mostly of Israel, who produces 60% of it, and obviously is connected to Trump’s family (daughter married to orthodox real state mogul, clear islamophobic and racist campaign, treatment of mexicans as palestinians are treated, etc. etc) so far will develop the industry in the huge wall. But things might change, and that is what really interests less to a scientist. That is the human factor, which changes, but the underling factor – we are entering the war age of robots, and vigilante cameras stays.

iN THE next graph, the candidate – its master, the war minister of the FMasters, in the left, his most admired politician, also a master of tv, a great manipulator. But it is him as pup-pet as Mr REAGAN WAS, or would he change as the failure of his administration to help his base-voters show the impossibility of making America great as a pup-pet nation? That is the only incognita here.

The Go(l)d masters: AVIGDOR; The War masters: TRUMP; the primitive warriors: ISIS

So now we are in a global empire of biblical slaves trying to make truth, the Talmud’s idol-ogy of power history ‘at the end of history all tribes will be slaves of yvwh, the subconscious collective of the banker-priests or become exterminated’. And into that we are, into the extermination of Mankind, which will NEVER be slave of Yvwh, will DIE first as mankind (those who become slaves are NOT MEN, they are animetals, they are a lesser people, this Tocequeville understood of America: here there are indians he said, who are ‘men’ and will not yield and become exterminated, and there are negroes who will do whatever it takes to survive).

Those are now the negroes which are the house slaves who give the face to the camera for the ‘diversity’ political correctness as long as they obey. Those are the top rappers I once knew till they get offended when i told them Obama slave would not do anything for them, but was a Malcolm X house negro. This is the guy who came on the Oscars with racist $hithead cohen to insult children, human workers and Asians, ‘camouflaging’ as wall street workers with ‘tiny dicks’.

The moral, intellectual and social degradation of America, 40 years into the absolute power of e-money radiations and banksters paying astoundingly pathetic, sub-normal retarded memes all over the world, is peaking indeed in those elections between Mr. Trump and Miss Clinton, the woman who left the Am Segullah daughter of a beverly hills doctor, suc& in the genetic code and memetic thoughts of his husband – to show where it would go next his health-care reform and properly responded as a good slave going to the Wall to prey for the victims of history, LOL. How low Miss can you go?

Because that is the problem here: Israel and its paranoia, robotised walls shown in the next graph, his fundamentalist religious leaders of animal training, his ministry of war – today the hardcore representative of grand israel, Mr. Lieberman (never mind he is an Ukraine Kazhar) are setting the example of all nations of the future.

Indeed if we return to the smaller original site of those wars, we find that what is happening in Israel and the surrounding nations is a process of colonial expansion of grand israel and ethnic cleaning which the west hypocritically allows, as it is owned by the FMasters and cannot even argued it without being censored by the ‘holocaust industry’ and the anti-semitic label, which ends any scholar or political career.

In the next graph with the maps of israel in the center we see, the Jewish army maps, which always include Grand israel with the paranoia embedded on the concept all the nation is at risk of being blown up by home-made rockets. In the center the war minister belonging to a party that has as its credo ethnic cleansing of all palestinian lands. In the right a young solider perfectly indoctrinated poses for fun in her Facebook, after doing her job.

But the ultimate reason of all those processes is the 3rd age of the evolution of chips, the war age, as today the most evolved machines and weapons (guardiums watching the wall in the 4th pic). So we NEED jihadists to promote a constant age of war, and allow a future ethnic cleansing of Israel in the middle of Islamophobia. Indeed, e spend 1/4th of our budgets in weapon systems, but we cannot end with a bunch of kids with kalashnikovs, torturing syrians and Irakies, raping women, and setting them to fire, which has caused a 2 million refugee problem in Europe, and 1 million unwanted Arabs in Germany? Why?

It is all part of the Grand israel expansion, future colonisation of the sacred lands of Samaria and Judea and Syria (Golam heights), which mr. avigdor wants to get back. So for years we let Syria, the main enemy of israel go to waste, and of course for half a century we had a reservation in Palestine, breeding hate in the whole arab region.



The 2 paths of future in the map of human cultures.

Of course they will tell you there is no other solution to the future that herding the poor ‘animals’ into robotised wars, because we are the chosen of the tree of metal. So the future is rigged, the machine wins and we must evolve our wars for profits, give the go(l)d people who first discovered metal the title of ‘superior race’ and so on… So for good measure I would put you the simple 6 measures i would have put on place in the 100 days Mr. Trump has taken in preparation of his blowing up the world.

In the graph, the 3+3 solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: Legal prohibition of robotics. The issue of a Universal salary to create a demand-based real economic democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand, today easily achieved with a cryptocurrency, at 100 ¥= €uro≈$ parity, given to each human in a ‘mobile pocket app’, could establish an immediate massive demand economy in welfare goods globally, plummeting enormously the poverty of 3rd world nations, the migration problem and the excessive reproduction of lethal goods common people won’t demand. -To split all shares of all companies, giving to Mankind, either National governments, or better, International Cultures and UNO-like Institutions the split 50% to allow national and international institutions to manage even forbid lethal companies, obliging them to serve truly consumers, without loosing managerial skills. WHILE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA, 3 measures tending to create real democracies and a global government in charge of the management of the world requires: -The reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia). -The creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people. -AND FINALLY a revolution which can come ideally from the top to the bottom governments (UNO Assembly, ‘Mule’, stock rats caring for the future) or from people through the vote of r=evolutionary parties, or the take over ‘occupy Wall Street’ style, of the centers of financial-media/government power. In the graph we illustrate those 3+3 measures, which ARE THE SCIENTIFIC SIMPLE MEASURES OF THE SCIENCE OF SYSTEMS APPLIED TO SOCIAL SCIENCES, taking from imitation nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

In the graph the Rainbow Planet & its 7 modern cultures derived from historic, memetic beliefs, AS THEY are being carved in the process of globalisation of the FMMI system of corporations.

In the perfect world, one ruled by social scientists not people-castes of power, the first conscious decisions of all global politicians will be National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet. So power would be transferred upwards to the heptarchy of 7 cultures and downwards to the regional ‘communities’ the way the new-humanism wishes (new left party and young movement in Europe – Indignados/podemos in Spain being the most clear case and America – Occupy Wall Street and the Ecological/community movement).

Now if something distinguish spaniards is to have produced in different ages and cultures some of the best masters of philosophy of history along the German warriors of truth, Mr. Seneca (then a roman born in Hispania), Mr. Ibn Khaldun (then a Muslim, born in Seville), Mr. Vico (then a Napolitan), Mr. Sancho (now a Catalan), along Mr. Marx (stripped of nationality), Mr. Sombart and Mr. Spengler (under house arrest). So that is what you need to be a master of history – to love mankind more than the tribe, to love truth more than life, to know the laws of time… And this is what this blog provides. Soon will be erased by the new laws of Mr. Trump on censorship. It is i believe quite  there; but what the other side does not understand is that only those WHO CARE FOR HISTORY THE TRUE SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND AND ITS RAINBOW PLANET HAVE A FUTURE, and by suppressing the real truths of history, they are giving away their future to their robotised machines.

In the graph, the organic measures to build a perfect super organism of history, above to cure the economic ecosystem, below the political measures to create a perfect world without wars, based NOT on industrial Empires and nations, but on cultures, NOT on hate memes but on collaboration, not on $ELECTED politicos but on politicos responsible for their actions, as they should be judged a posteriori after tenure, as in the original Greek democracies and all the perfect super organisms of nature, where citizens-cells can send messages of pain to the neuronal people-castes in control of the language of power, if they harm the re=productive body.

Those are the laws of the organic Univese take it or leave it but the future will happens either way, depending on what humans do. Unless a Universal global salary yes, money for a demand economy the prohibition of robots and the split shares of corporations, to control NOT their management but their goals of policies in favour of humanity are not implemented, the future will keep goring into neofascism.

But the future of a social super organism of mankind, which is what America defines is NOT necessarily positive.

Species can be aborted, become extinct, super organisms can die. And this is where America and by extension mankind entered after the 2001-2008-2016 crashes of the cycle of evolution of minds of metal which make us obsolescent and substitute us.

This was one of the two predictions of the science of bio-history , the other was the resurrection of mankind. Its MANAGEMENT not by tribal brutality but by SOCIAL SCIENCES, not by go(l)d religions and military inquisitions, BY animetal cult(ure)s and idol-ogies but by SCIENTISTS and FINANCIAL AND POLITICAL leaders who did MAKE THE CUT of evolution and understood those laws.

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