Abstract.  Judaism is the memeplex of rules of behavior, which came into being in Levant, during the 1st age of Go(l)d cult(ure)s, when in the knot of trade of 3 continents and two civilizations, a people-caste of traders, the apiru ->Habiru->Hebrew, (‘those who walk behind the asses’, its military and goods transport), refined for millennia a set of customs related to its profession. Over this people, hordes of charioteers of the Yamna radiation that extinguished all civilizations of the Old world, massacring its males (up to 90% of male extinction from Spain to Pakistan) and taking over its women, came back and forth through Palestine to Egypt as the Hyksos, back to Palestine where they settled after massacring the local population, as his book of History, the Bible explains.

There, because geography imposed profession, they became the ruling people-caste of a trading civilization, the Cainites or Canaanites divided in two zones; Phoenician sea traders and Hebrew caravan traders. So a two class society, the ‘People of the Treasure’ or ‘Am Segullah’, an elite of ‘Brahmins’; that is banker-priests with a similar ‘covenant fetish religion of metal’ to that of the Aryan, but not based in the fire of the Smith (Avesta culture) but in go(l)d ex-votes as vehicle of God, the Levi (incidentally my ancestors) and its lower class of  apiru, established a global trade network along the Phoenicians, its allies; in which the apiru would as ass transporters trade mostly with metal and luxury goods and slaves, exchanged by weapons, sold for gold, which they gave to the go(l)d temples as ex=votes to purify from contact with the human capital they traded. We thus talk along with Hinduism, with the essential animetal religion whose differences are those between informative metal-gold and iron-metal. But both share extreme racist laws of separation from the inferior people they ab=used with weapons and parasitic money, as opposed to the neolithic priests of fertility goddesses, wheat money and tools instead of metal-weapons.

We thus started the 3rd age of history, the animetal age; and as all first species, which in Nature become first top predators and only then evolve into milder species, the me(n)tal Idol-ogies of Aryan brahmins and Baal Go(l)d priests were extremely dismissive of the rest of mankind, treated as animals in Judaism, as lesser than cows in the Rig vedas (cows give us milk, Dalit only wheat). 

Judaism thus evolved soon through the wor(l)d of its prophets, as it settled down on the conquered land and its network of traders became monopolistic in banking at the courts of smaller Asian kingdoms, into the human custom side of the first age of capitalism, with a very different view of money, no longer as a language that must spent to deliver orders of work and wealth to every citizen of society (Nomisma, Greek, Sumerian view, based in the natural laws of reproductive networks that give enough ‘oxygen=money’ to all cells to ensure its survival), but a set of customs and laws to repress the ‘human life drives’ of its lower people-castes (prohibition of sex, of good food with dietary laws, which also purified the believer from the contact to the inferior race, prohibition of social love to mankind, use of magic numbers instead of human wor(l)ds as the language of money, despise of the body, machist treatment of women and qualification of life and fertility goddesses as an abomination, etc. etc) to ensure they would dedicate its life to work and the herding of gold for the temples, where its elite of banker-priests will learn to use the excess of money in loans to other nations as banker-at-court for the purpose of war. Thus Judaism brought about all the parasitic function of money as Go(l)d, based in the null values for life and maximal for weapons of metal – a different species, whose values thus became inherited by Judaism who worshipped go(l)d:

This had an immediate 2 negative consequence for mankind – the destruction of wealth by substitution of positive money by parasitic money, and the stigma of Judaism – the confrontation ever since of its people with mankind in alternative cycles of exploitation of people with money and murdering of the carriers of the memes of Judaism by people, in the action-reaction cycles of parasitic money and holocausts; and one positive, the apparition within Judaism of prophets of the wor(l)d that preached a reform of its laws to convert money in positive, charity money (Islam) forbidding the corruption of the worl(l)d by money (Christ), and bringing back to the fold of humanity and history, the jewish people (conversions).  The result was the minimal survival of the memes of judaism in human beings, either by conversion to more evolved religions of social love or by genocide in the action-reaction cycles of the Holocaust. So as today, Judaism despite being the oldest culture of mankind is the one with lesser people but paradoxically as gold herding continued – with those who died trespassing his wealth to the banker-priests, judaism after being the soliton of banking in the west for millennia, became immensely wealthy with the Industrial revolution and today monopolizes both in theory and praxis the economy of the west (54% of the American 1%, 90% of central bankers in the west, 80% of CEOs of financial industries in the Anglo-American civilization, 75% of Nobel prizes of economics given by a private bank). Judaism thus translated its values of go(l)d where the mass of humans have no rights, but are just the people to be priced as human capital or sold in slavery for gold, or be subject to parasitic negative money, to the values of capitalism, with its expansion to Protestant sects that put the Bible before Gospel and imitated those memes. Capitalism thus is a daughter culture of judaism, as Max Webber regarding protestant daughter religions and Sombart, his professor established in two landmark books of Sociology and economic history.

In the next graph we resume the values of go(l)d, of parasitic money and the consequences for Judaism: accumulation of wealth, Holocaust cycle, and for mankind, destruction of healthy wealth, war cycles of ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’ (money is the nervous system of war, and to make infinite money one has to make war).

To mention finally that today Judaism simply censors history, rewrites it as a fairy tale, transforms facts into a new memeplex (industry of the holocaust) to blame only mankind and not go(l)d and its fellow animetal cultures of war of the process of cyclical death of its carriers after a cycle of parasitic money; so to protect ultimately its idol-ogy of capitalism and maintain paradoxically the same cycles of its past history projected into the future – the industry of Holocaust though thanks to the control of the networks of mechanical information by its practitioners have become an effective taboo that has completely transformed the truth of history and make a ‘thoughtcrime’ to even attempt as we shall do in this paper to explain the real history of the first age of capitalism:

The 5 negative drives of parasitic money as go(l)d-metal, today evolved into cycles of e-money in a metal-mind computer or stock-money that represents a company that reproduces mostly machines and weapons over mankind: speculation jacks up prices of welfare goods provoking scarcity, poverty and famine; taxation extorts hard won money from people, gold as money has no value per se, or negative value – becoming today the biological chip-brain of robots, gold money gives maximal value to weapons enacting the pecunia infinita bellus nervi, and high interest – usury – becomes parasitic money as it absorbs the wealth of working people; finally money as wealth becomes a debt that must be returned, when in Nature, money is akin to oxygen, a free energy to kick out actions of work and consumption, which has NOT to be returned and must be deliver to al citizens-cells of a superorganism, since it forms the reproductive network; NOT herded by a monopolistic people-caste provoking austericide, general anoxia, and final death of millions of those cells without oxygen to live. But today as Judaism transferred its go(l)d values to classic economics and capitalism, those 5 forms of parasitic money are accepted ‘economic science’.

love survival VALUES AND WAR copy

In the graph, regardless of the astounding myopic view of History of animetal cultures the Universe is just, organic and favors eusocial evolution and the species who love their own so legalist verbal cultures have survived far better – the true proof of intelligence – in history than those who hold the present fundamentalist memes of America, go(l)d and weapons, which the reader could observe are synergic species that value each other far more than life. Only a legalist nation could then respecting mankind and truly upholding the values of equality create a future for humanity.


As Levant was the first place in which Go(l)d, parasitic metal-money and its values, maximal for affine metal-weapons, substituted WHealthy money (food, the original form of money, as a bite of energy that ensures the welfare of all the members of a society); 

the origin of the idol-ogy of capitalism, the belief that mankind must be ruled by Go(l)d NOT by the law, and that money must be used therefore to control people. It was born as a memeplex in the Bronze Age, when go(l)d was considered a fetish ex-vote, the ‘sweat of the sun’, with the first ‘metal cultures’ of Mesopotamia and Levante, in the merging of the Siberian Charioteers of the Andronovo culture (Hycsos) and the EXTREMELY OLD go(l)d culture of Jericho, as knot of trade of 3 continents and two civilizations, with its cult to Baal, ruled by Banker-priests that herded money, as ex-votes in sancta sanctorum, and tried to accumulate the fetish go(l)d, origin of banking. Of course, because Judaism soon got expert in the parasitic forms of money herding, from tax-farming to ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’ – in fact the name Hebrew, derives from apiru, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, as the low class of judaism was military and slave purveyor to Mesopotamian cities (Eliade, Mari tablets, Abraham Leon, Sombart), while the elite of banker-priests were bankers at court in those cities and diplomats, a vicious circle of ‘hate memes, war memes’, trade in weapons of maximal price, slaves, tax-farming, usury, debt-slavery provoked on one side the constant accumulation of gold and silver in temples and on the other a massive anti$emitism of mankind towards the memes of judaism, deriving in the cycle of Holocausts and its paradox: Judaism is THE LESS SUCCESSFUL culture IN SURVIVAL of its memetic carriers, the jewish people, and the MORE SUCCESSFUL in herding of the ‘energy bites’ of the human reproductive=blood=economic system, money. But NEITHER of those 2 facts is positive for the carriers of judaism and mankind as money DOES NOT NEED TO BE A PARASITIC function, that destroys societies but a POSITIVE SYSTEM of reproduction of welfare goods as IN ALL WORKING SUPERORGANISMS.

This is the solution to both the tragedy of judaism – the holocaust of their people – and the tragedy of mankind, the suffering by anoxia of the people subject to the specific form of economics, called Capitalism, the modern version of Judaism.

Thus Judaism is a memeplex which epitomizes ad maximal the paradox of history vs. metal-earth: max. metal evolution = min. life evolution.

But for you to understand that you would have first to understand what would be healthy superorganism of history and the two forms of money, parasitic money and whealthy money.


History super organism gaia 3 ages best

History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as superorganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, DEDICATE most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient superorganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells. So should a properly designed human superorganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgement a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s superorganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of welfare, WHEalth (healthy life goods).

Systems sciences are based on the alternative philosophy of science to that of mechanist physicists and its only entropy arrow, called organicism. Let us try to explain why only organicism is a scientific truth.

 According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton.

Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Organicism on the other side is the only self-sustained, rational theory that doesn’t need a creator, language, god, as organisms are self-replicating, but does explain perfectly within the ‘correspondence principle’, those 2 other philosophies of science; since a machine is just a primitive organism of metal, and we shall see in our sections of History, Gods are the subconscious collective of civilizations, ANOTHER scale of social evolution of the fifth dimension.

So what we mean by an organism? A very simple system – NOT to confuse with the most evolved, complex of them all, that of human beings, reason why so many people, having a natural biased ego-centered belief in man as the unique organism, reject the concept:

An organism is just a group of similar forms, which organize themselves with at least two ‘networks’, one that provides the ‘clone cells/citizens/atoms’ with the vital energy they need to feed, move and reproduce (blood-economic system-electromagnetic forces) and one that provides them with information to guide their survival actions (nerves system, political system, gravitational in-form-ative forces).

This simple dual system IS the minimal, fundamental particle of the Universe. Since it is obvious that machines are also organisms.

The 2 languages of informative and reproductive networks: Bits of information and bites of energy.

It is important to Understand the internal, linguistic dynamic nature of those networks, in advanced organisms of maximal information, the biological organism and the historic organism, which belong as ‘fractal systems’ self-similar to each other, two the same specific type of organisms, we shall qualify as socio-biological organisms. A network, of informative nature, delivers messages of information to simultaneously coordinate the actions of all its parts; with its faster=smaller bits of information according to 5d metrics (min. spatial size x. max. temporal speed). While the networks of reproduction, the blood and financial system delivers larger bites of energy, which the organism needs to feed itself (when it is a healthy superorganism as most of nature, but not human societies, with an astounding level of corruption).

Indeed, the key to the full understanding of reality both in terms of energy but also in terms of information, as both are two sides of the same coin, called ‘exist¡ence’ is the fact that in the sentient Universe, each fractal point, atom, cell or citizen (physical, biologic or social systems) needs bits of in-form-ation, form, smaller in size of space, hence faster according to 5D metrics (SxT=C), but also ‘bites’ of entropic energy which will help the system to move. Networks are NOT some abstract ‘fractal tube’ but they exist to deliver ‘energy and information’ (SS: form=language with a little motion=St-information and motion=entropy=TT with a bit of information = energy=Ts).

So a healthy superorganism will deliver to each ‘fractal point’ (molecules, cells, human citizens), two type of messages through two type of networks. We shall call ‘generically’ the 3 type of bits and bites of information and energy that each of those 3 physical, biological and social systems receive, ‘particles, genes and memes’ even if the words as usual in 5D sciencers are slightly changed, and widened in its original meaning.

So with its specific variation, those are the two fundamental reproductive-‘body-wave’ and informative-‘particle-head’ bites of energy and bits of information of the fundamental systems of nature:

In physical systems, the two networks are the gravitational faster network of information, which we humans do not perceive, as we are much larger beings with electronic networks. Its bits of information in this faster non-local network should be ‘gravitons’, components of gravitational waves. In physical papers we advance as the most likely particle state of those waves of information that ‘position’ the different physical systems of the galaxy, a gravitational tachyon ‘neutrino’ for multiple reasons, we study on our papers on physics.

On the other hand, because we do perceive it, it is much easier to prove that the energetic network of physical systems are electromagnetic waves, photons and its ‘social, static state’ as the elements of an electronic nebulae, trapped in the potential energy well of the atom. Thus photons and electrons become the ‘energy network of physical system, molecules.

We shall escape then in this introduction further information on the scalar structure of those networks and how, as we ‘grow in scale’, what is a bite of slow energy for a smaller plane of space-time, becomes for the larger plane’s slower beings, a faster bit of information, in the amazing beauty of the harmonies between scales. So electronic ‘food for atoms’ becomes electronic information for biological organisms and so son.

Those biological organisms do have two fractal networks, the electronic, informative nervous system in which bits of electronic information moving along the myelin membrane deliver faster messages to every part of the organism to simultaneously synchronize its motions, so the body-cells act as a single form in simultaneous space.

– But when we move into the bites of energy delivered by the blood organism, the network delivers to each cell the basic ‘currency’ language of energy that all cells need to move, called ‘oxygen ‘. It is an atom of slower motion than the electrons but due to its electro-negativity and readily availability in the atmosphere, with its capacity to kick with two OH- & H+ legs the water ‘medium’ on which cells exist, the perfect language of ‘money’ for the organism to start kicking its ‘actions’.

So we DO have in the next scale according to the perfect laws of harmony, the two basic biological bits and bites of information and energy, electrons and oxygens, and from then on, as systems become more complex, variations of those bits and bites occur.

The main category are mixed ST messages, which deliver BOTH a stick and carrot ‘complex’ to the cells and its big molecules, which are amino acid systems, of great simplicity called Hormones, starting from the simplest of them all, an NO molecule (which do relax muscles, its main message to the locomotion system, increases the pressure of blood, provoking sexual erection, the simplest message to reproductive systems and multiplies the neuronal activity. As nitrogens are the clock atom of our mind-brains.

So finally more complex NO systems with a body support of carbon chains become ‘hormones’ which might have a ‘higher informative message’ (with more N, as in nucleotide molecules) or a higher energetic message (as in acids with more oxygen).

They form then the basic letters of the ‘biological longer sentences that might accumulate information’ in ever more complex molecules, as biological organisms are by far the more complex systems we know of.

Finally a very important concept is the difference between an ecosystem in which multiple superorganisms co-exist, often in predatory relationships, vs. an organism in which only a type of atoms, cells or citizens co-exist, and is far more symbiotic as all parts love each other and share energy and information through its networks, over a common territorial space, as shown in the graph.

Those three physiologic networks/classes/physical parts of ANY system of the Universe define the Universe indeed as a fractal organism of infinite smaller and bigger super organisms, in a game of russian dolls in which each of us is a ‘island-Universe’ within itself, made of smaller parts, and for that reason each of us is also a part, cell/citizen of a social super organism, nation, religion or civilisation, which we do NOT see as a whole, as our cells do NOT see us as a whole, but DO exist as such.

What makes the whole a whole? The nervous, informative languages that communicate all the parts of the super organism and ‘trace’ within its syntax and value, its path of the future. And so we have talked first of it and will constantly coming to the bottom line of reality – the languages that construct the organisms of the world.



In the graph, systems sciences consider the Universe an organic fractal, which each science studies at a level of size, all of them evolving socially through networks of energy and information. So we can study species as organisms living a world cycle and evolving finally in social networks becoming super organisms, the most efficient survival strategy of the Universe, where a head-particle-informative class will invent a language of common organization, quantum numbers, hormones, genes or memes, money or laws that all the body-wave parts/cells/citizens will obey. The goal of systems sciences is then to properly apply the physiological laws of networks to design or study perfects organisms of nature, including mankind and the economic ecosystem.

In the graph, the physiological networks of some super organisms of the Universe

The 2 languages of informative and reproductive networks: Bits of information and bites of energy.

It is important also to Understand NOT in pure abstract mathematical terms, but in LOGIC, LINGUISTIC ones, the INTERNAL, DYNAMIC nature of those networks, because only then we can proper understand how they work in advanced organisms of maximal information, the biological organism and the Historic organism, which belong as ‘fractal systems’ self-similar to each other, two the same specific type of organisms, we shall qualify as socio-biological organisms. A NETWORK, of informative nature, delivers MESSAGES OF INFORMATION to simultaneously coordinate the actions of all its parts; with its faster=smaller bits of information according to 5D metrics and the chip law (min. spatial size of a bit x. max. temporal speed of information) So nervous and legal networks have fast simultaneous languages that reach all cells/citizens immediately. While the networks of reproduction, the blood and financial system delivers larger bites of energy, which the organism needs to feed itself (when it is a healthy NON-corrupted superorganism as most of Nature, but NOT HUMAN SOCIETIES, whose astounding level of corruption we shall explain in detail).

So a healthy superorganism will deliver to each ‘fractal point’ (molecules, cells, human citizens), two type of messages through two type of networks. We shall call ‘generically’ the 3 type of bits and bites of information and energy that each of those 3 physical, biological and social systems receive, ‘particles, genes and memes’ even if the words as usual in 5D sciences are slightly changed, and widened in its original meaning.

So with its specific variation, those are the two fundamental reproductive-‘body-wave’ and informative-‘particle-head’ bites of energy and bits of information of the fundamental systems of nature:

In physical systems, the two networks are the gravitational faster network of information, which we humans do not perceive, as we are much larger beings with electronic networks. Its bits of information in this faster non-local network should be ‘gravitons’, components of gravitational waves. In physical papers we advance as the most likely particle state of those waves of information that ‘position’ the different physical systems of the galaxy, a gravitational tachyon ‘neutrino’ for multiple reasons, we study on our papers on physics.

On the other hand, because we do perceive it, it is much easier to prove that the energetic network of physical systems are electromagnetic waves, photons and its ‘social, static state’ as the elements of an electronic nebulae, trapped in the potential energy well of the atom. Thus photons and electrons become the ‘energy network of physical system, molecules.

We shall escape then in this introduction further information on the scalar structure of those networks and how, as we ‘grow in scale’, what is a bite of slow energy for a smaller plane of space-time, becomes for the larger plane’s slower beings, a faster bit of information, in the amazing beauty of the harmonies between scales. So electronic ‘food for atoms’ becomes electronic information for biological organisms and so son.

Those biological organisms do have then two fractal networks, the electronic, informative nervous system in which bits of electronic information moving along the myelin membrane deliver faster messages to every part of the organism to simultaneously synchronize its motions, so the body-cells act as a single form in simultaneous space.

– But when we move into the bites of energy delivered by the blood organism, the network delivers to each cell the basic ‘currency’ language of energy that all cells need to move, called ‘oxygen ‘. It is an atom of slower motion than the electrons but due to its electro-negativity and readily availability in the atmosphere, with its capacity to kick with two OH- & H+ legs the water ‘medium’ on which cells exist, the perfect language of ‘money’ for the organism to start kicking its ‘actions’.

So we DO have in the next scale according to the perfect laws of harmony, the two basic biological bits and bites of information and energy, electrons and oxygens, and from then on, as systems become more complex, variations of those bits and bites occur.

The main category are mixed Smessages, which deliver BOTH a stick and carrot ‘complex’ to the cells and its big molecules, which are amino acid systems, of great simplicity called Hormones, starting from the simplest of them all, an NO molecule (which do relax muscles, its main message to the locomotion system, increases the pressure of blood, provoking sexual erection, the simplest message to reproductive systems and multiplies the neuronal activity. As nitrogens are the clock atom of our mind-brains.

So finally more complex NO systems with a body support of carbon chains become ‘hormones’ which might have a ‘higher informative message’ (with more N, as in nucleotide molecules) or a higher energetic message (as in acids with more oxygen).

They form then the basic letters of the ‘biological longer sentences that might accumulate information’ in ever more complex molecules, as biological organisms are by far the more complex systems we know of.

Finally a very important concept is the difference between an ecosystem in which multiple superorganisms co-exist, often in predatory relationships, vs. an organism in which only a type of atoms, cells or citizens co-exist, and is far more symbiotic as all parts love each other and share energy and information through its networks, over a common territorial space, as shown in the graph.

Those three physiologic networks/classes/physical parts of ANY system of the Universe define the Universe indeed as a fractal organism of infinite smaller and bigger super organisms, in a game of Russian dolls in which each of us is a ‘island-Universe’ within itself, made of smaller parts, and for that reason each of us is also a part, cell/citizen of a social super organism, nation, religion or civilizations, which we do NOT see as a whole, as our cells do NOT see us as a whole, but DO exist as such.

What makes then the whole a whole? The answer is: the nervous, informative languages that communicate all the parts of the super organism and ‘trace’ within its syntax and value, its path of the future. And so we have talked first of it and will constantly coming to the bottom line of reality – the languages that construct the organisms of the world.

Let us then define the ‘stair of Universal supœrganisms to understand this:

Let us then define with similar templates the ‘stair of nested Universal supœrganisms, of the 3 stientific varieties – physical, biologic and social:

∆+3: A galactic organism is a population of stars, related by energetic electromagnetic networks and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of black holes, and a membrane made of strangelet matter symmetric to:

∆-3: An atomic organism is a population of particles, related by energetic electromagnetic networks and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of quarks, and a membrane made of electronic matter symmetric to:

∆+2: A star organism is a population of electronic plasma, related by energetic networks of electromagnetism and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of atoms, and a membrane of photonic radiation symmetric to:

∆-2: A light organism is a body of energetic waves over a quantum potential field of gravitational neutrinos, directed by its particle, informative photon state…

∆-1: A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and coded by genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey) coded by instincts.

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy, coded by human memes.

Networks that share energy and information between parts and wholes that expresses the structural unity of all scales connect all systems of reality. Networks ‘fill’ space ad maximal to connect fully the whole with the parts, achieved in the Si=Te point of parallelism and self-similarity. But they enter in a region of faster motion. So while Space ‘tends to remain constant’ in each scale thanks to filling networks, time accelerates. So the 5D metric refers NOT to the whole Universe of 5D planes but to a given family of ‘supœrganisms’ of which mankind in it 3 scales of ‘biologic cells’, human individuals and societies is undoubtedly a ‘phyla’. When we go down in scales, the Universe ‘enlarges’ for a traveler that becomes smaller and accelerates its temporal energy.

The 2 languages of history: Verbal, legal, ethic ‘nervous messages’ and ‘WHealthy money’.

So we arrive to the human social networks, which we anticipate are in the present form ‘completely corrupted’ by the existence of a parallel ‘economic ecosystem’ of lethal goods, weapons, and corrupted parasitic money. So it is difficult for the reader to understand how simple, easy, and efficient WAS in the past, before the age of Metal, in the Neolithic, or during the ages of social religions of love or could be in the future with a proper design of the social networks of money and law, a PERFECT superorganism of history as efficient as those we just have described. In such superorganism, there are exactly the same networks: Legal verbal just networks of bits of word information that shapes the informative and cultural systems of the wor(l)d. And a healthy form of money, delivered to each citizen cell as a Universal salary so humans have enough energy to survive and buy its natural welfare goods, which must be classified NOT by price but by its biological usefulness to mankind, reason why we give them positive and negative values in the ethonomic frame of reference, according to its use for the 3 organic parts of humanity at individual and social level.

The previous graph explains them. Since vital, topologic, physiological network laws are the most important to consider when studying History in Space, as the reader can observe in the previous graph, since History, the ∆+1 scale of superorganisms of mankind follow all the exact laws of a lower organic plane – that of a biological organism, albeit, due to its ‘primitive’ degree of evolution is NOT a well designed organism, but one clearly ‘sick’, infected by ‘lethal goods’, with dysfunctional parasitic economic systems (as the language of reproduction of goods, money, is absorbed by a minimal number of people, or used to reproduce those lethal goods). And so the study of History as a superorganism has 2 different parts:

– On one side we can consider a perfect, efficient superorganism of History with the laws of vital topology just by imitating perfect efficient superorganisms of Nature, which are the majority of them – History is in fact an exception – as we said a sick organism.

– On the other side, we can study our superorganisms, as they have evolved in time, spotting their degrees of corruption and sickness of its 3 physiological systems, the life Earth, Gaia that sustains them; the economic and financial system that reproduces its goods, and the informative cultural and legal system that synchronizes its citizens cells. It is then when it will become evident what went wrong with ‘human’ history, one of many likely subspecies in the infinite fractal planets of the organic Universe that likely will not make it into the future…

In the next graph we can see a historic super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive, belonging to the ‘ideal species’ that would be efficient, provide to the 100% and survive…

History is a super-organism made of human cells, extended over a geographical body of energy called Gaia, the vital-space or body, where historic, social organisms evolve. In that sense, a human and a social organism, a nation or a civilization, have in common the elements of all super-organisms:

  1. Cellular units. These are cells in a human body, citizens in a human society.

Networks of energy or vital space; provided by Gaia, a super-organism made of living beings, joined by a common network of visual information and networks of life energy, gathered around her ‘river veins’. Since Gaia is also the living organism that hosts the social organisms of Mankind.

  1. Networks=Languages of This is the nervous system that organizes cells in a body, or the verbal/visual information that organizes human societies through laws, ethics and art.
  2. Networks that reproduce energy and information. These are sexual systems in individuals; and economical networks that reproduce goods and cultural networks that define how humans reproduce in societies. This is the blood system in a human body and the economic networks of production & transport in a society that favor ‘WHealth’, that is, goods that satisfy the needs of the ‘3 physiological networks of life-existence that make us human beings, whose ‘proper frame of reference’ (left) is NOT based on financial values, manipulated by financial institutions and companies that set prices, but by ‘biological true values.’

So a human organism Is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of nervous information and energy (blood). And a supœrganism of history is a population of citizens, related by legal, cultural, informative and economic-energy networks ‘predating’ over a territorial geography, on the outer ‘membrane’ of planet Earth.

The role of true social science, its politicians and economists in a natural, efficient superorganism of history.

The same laws that apply to the study on how cells becomes wholes through its connection through physiological networks, of energy, reproduction and information, apply to the way humans are organized by energetic territories, economic, re=productive networks and informative, cultural, legal networks. So we can design a perfect superorganism of Humanity just by imitating the laws of social systems, in nature, which do construct perfect superorganisms all over the place where all cells receive enough energy and information to survive. As Humanity does not manage properly its social superorganisms, they become ‘infected by lethal products, weapons and hate media which kills those social super organisms.

In the graph, we sum up the nature of History, the superorganism of mankind, and how it should be designed according to the biological Whealth humans need to thrive and survive, if the economic system was not an ill-designed parasitic system of debt slavery, born of the evolution of supremacist fetish gold cultures, in conjunction with the metal-entropic iron cultures that consider MONEY not what it is – a digital language of distribution and production of goods, no wealth per se, but a language that kicks the reproduction of those goods, as words do with human organisms and oxygen and hormones with biological systems – hence a language that should be delivered tool citizens-cells to start production and consumption of welfare goods, with universal salary and NO-DEBT government issues (that is not need to return the money).

The science of economics as a true social science, is the science that should manage and design  the ‘re= productive, blood-like system’ of the superorganism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose should be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our superorganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes and fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’).

As those are the ± goals of all re=productive networks of Nature’s superorganisms.

And so since mankind is a superorganism, and its legal, nervous political network and re=productive blood economic network its physiological systems, politicians and economists as ‘doctors’ of history should imitate Nature in the design of such efficient superorganism, which is extremely easy since in Nature no superorganism leaves one of its citizens-cells without enough food and welfare goods they need to survive, no superorganism allow lethal goods to reproduce within the body system, and no nervous system, emits unjust ‘legal messages’ which do not treat all cells as equals and synchronize its motions.

We explain those simple facts of nature, and the proper models of social sciences, in more detail in the graphs that draws the basic structure of the superorganism of mankind, History, including an ‘economic frame of reference’ that value positive and negative goods  according to their biological utility, as organisms do.

In such a frame of reference, negative goods like weapons will have negative values, subtract from the GDP and be forbidden, because their use harm people.

And so the nervous and leukocyte, blood system would forbid and control its production.

While on the positive side we put the goods that foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species. So a healthy, wealthy society with an efficient re=productive system would overproduce those goods.

And this would be done simply with the same system that organisms use to kick out the production of the goods its cells require: through a ‘hormonal language’ of orders controlled by the legal/nervous system that defined what to produce and what to inhibit  and a common ‘energy language’, oxygen – money in the economic system, which is given to all cells to kick out their actions of consumption and production, within the restrictions of the legal nervous system.

As simple as that. So a healthy wealthy economic system would be similar to the social-democratic welfare economic systems of the European Union in the XX century or China, before both systems became corrupted and changed its economy to a model of massive reproduction of lethal goods, and lack of credit for its people, imitating the economic system of American capitalism, where a few parasitic private bankers choke their people of credit, welfare, healthy goods are chronically under produced and lethal goods are massively overproduced to control and harm its population, which the corrupted political system does NOT serve, as it happens in organisms, with their neuronal system that serves the body – because the cells of the body can harm with pain the mind if it does not serve them.

In our corrupted organisms of history, akin to a cancerous body where a few cells absorb all the oxygen-money for themselves and viral germs multiply and attack the citizens-cells, nothing of this simple, obvious organization that happens in all evolved mammal systems, in all superorganisms of nature, takes place. 

In those societies the reproductive bites of energy, ‘money’ is given to each citizen as it was in the Neolithic, and today could be given with a universal salary.

Healthy money 

Money then was ‘food’, healthy wealth and given to all citizens.

We do know that one of the most widely used moneys and measuring units for large transactions was the ox or cow. From Ireland to the Mediterranean to Africa, cattle were used as a means of exchange, and especially as a measure of value.

In Sumeria is known the power to organize the welfare of the whole world was a temple hierarchy, who held centralized control over the economy. Compulsory labor service could be required for public works, and the priests instructed what and how much to plant, and how much of the harvest would go into storage. Agricultural commodities by weight served as the primitive money system in the ancient Oriental societies. It is presumed that in earlier agrarian societies, loans had been made in seed grains, animals and tools to farmers. Since one grain of seed could generate a plant with 100 new grain seeds, after the harvest farmers could repay the grain with interest in grain. Similarly, when animals were loaned they could be repaid with interest in the form of sharing in any new animals born.

This is the natural form of ‘bites of energy’ as ‘money’ should be delivered to all humans to multiply the Healthy wealth, WHealth of the society.

As a result of this natural organization that appears in all dense population of a single organism, the population of Sumer grew to amazing densities, not reached till modern times, with many cities in the Delta of around 10.000 people, and multiplied and human life was the closest possible to a paradise.

Then Siberian charioteers, massacring all males, raping women, becoming hierarchical kings and people from the desert with pieces of metal enslaving women with earrings and taken men as mercenaries and slaves saw the beginning of a new age of top predator ‘animetals’. And from a single global superorganism of mankind we moved into the eco(nomic)system, an ecosystem of two species.

The corruption of history metal-masters.

superorganism of humanity

All systems of nature can be modeled as super organisms of a certain scale of size, ruled by the scalar laws of all systems of the Universe, that co-exist at atomic/cellular/individual and gravitational/organic/social scales. As such their ‘cycles’ followed the scalar metric equation of ‘Deep time’ (Hutton, who discovered in geology, inventing the name of super organism for the Earth): S (space size=energy) x T (frequency of information clocks) = Constant, which means larger systems LIVE slower time-cycles than its parts, which STORE the information of the system in its faster frequency of time clocks. So physical organisms are coded by quantum particles; biological ones by genes and human systems by memes that construct those super organisms of history,  from birth as a fast seed of information (crystal cell, semen, prophet with verbal memes) which will reproduce into similar clones (crystal units, multicellular organisms, identical beliefs of human beings in nations, civilization and religions); and become connected by informative nervous-political-gravitational and reproductive, blood-economic-electromagnetic systems… thus finally emerging as a larger superorganism. Such super organisms then will be living 3 ages of increasing information, as the informative systems dominate the whole, and absorbs its energy, warping the system till its exhaustion and death (galaxies feeding its informative gravitational black hole, nervous systems wrinkling the vital body cells, human elites persisting the reproductive working class), which is an entropic explosion of that warped/wrinkled/absorbed energy: big-bang, m=e/c2, death, war).      Such is the fractal Universe in a nutshell. And the application of those laws of general systems, which I systematized in my youth, to the super organisms of history and economics the scientific basis of this blog. Finally to notice that some of those systems do become immortal, as death is caused by an excess of in-form-ation, which warps them, when the neuronal, informative, financial/military people-caste on top do NOT parasite their body-citizens or reproductive middle class, exhausting it, and causing the cycles of wars, r=evolutions and holocausts that end up killing the entire super organism, from the bottom to the top of the social pyramid, as the accelerated 800±80 years cycles of the image, which all civilizations and nations have suffered prove.  so the trick to make a system immortal is both to organize it socially with efficiency and justice, feeding all working cells with enough energy and information to survive and to maintain it in the balance of the mature age, repeating its cycles without evolving an excess of information that warps and kills in the 3rd age the organism. Men are doing exactly the opposite, evolving further Algorithms of information that substitute our brains and multiplying entropic weapons that kill us. In the graph, the 2 super organisms of mankind at the individual and social level and its informative, nervous or legal/ethic networks, and reproductive blood or economic networks. Those 3 physiological networks collapse with germs and wars that kill civilisations. Religions are inscribed within the ethic/visual collective mind of its informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilisation expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Abrahamic religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture. Yet when they fail to evolve socially mankind, a culture normally ends in an age of entropy=war and death which provokes the dissolution of its individuals into chaos=freedom, and finally its reformation into ‘particle-heads’ with the memes of the new super organism. This is the collective age of mankind, but the superorganism that colonizes us is no longer human but the memes and virtual screens of the metal-earth and its machines.

WAR CYCLE 800 The Wave of History

The wave of history modulates the evolution of metal-memes of information against the social evolution of mankind as a species into a global super organism, aborted every 800-80 years accelerated cycle of increasing metal-complexity with global ages of wars. Thus the human side peak when war and animetal belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles recede. It is when welfare, art and human senses reach its peak. Then in the angst period of prophetic thought, when a new horde of animetals and its memes come to destroy it all, a humanist ethic prophet the wor(l)d warn humanity on the impeding catastrophe of those who eat of the golden and evil weapons of the tree of technology, because they will also die in the final gottendamerung of war and holocaust as we move relentlessly through the ± 800-80-8 climatic weapons; generational machine & monetary long, medium & short wave cycles of evolution and re≈production of Metalearth:   Money and weapons understood as metal information and entropic metal, as 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind have carried the day in the battle for a future of history, and the consequences have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts,

In graph, 3 new people-castes destroyed the Neolithic imposed their idol-ogies of worship of metal memes:

Even though most ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic people will find bizarre such diminishing definition of a human being, an objective, biological account of history cannot be subjective, nor optimist about the main role of Mankind in this planet, which so far has been to extinguish life organisms and create metal mechanisms, while finding all kind of ideological excuses to do so. Thus, humans today are in biological terms, ‘animetals’, animal life, symbiotic to metal, which they evolve, terraforming Gaia into the metal-Earth. Their biological function has been obvious: to kill life (warriors), reproduce metal (traders) and design mechanisms with numbers (scientists), latter used to observe the universe and create mathematical theories that ‘reveal’ the ultimate secrets of time, thus making obsolete the verbal times and biological senses of human beings, substituted by scientific machines. Yet those 3 castes of metal-power that substitute life by metal do not understand their self-destructive processes. Instead, their myths and ideologies make them feel superior and righteous: warriors ‘defend’ people. Bankers create ‘wealth’. And physicists deliver the ‘truth’ about time, when in fact, they merely study with their clocks the less important of all times=changes, the motion of beings in space; and they ignore everything about the 3 ages of the life/death cycle of morphological time – the type of change that really matters to human beings, which do not move at the speed of light (the time studied by Einstein and modern physics). Why then humans worship ‘physicists’ and ‘mechanists’, who know so little about time; warriors, who kill life; and money, a mere piece of ‘informative metal’? Because those tools of metal give power. Weapons kill and people obey warriors to preserve life. Physicists invent machines that enhance the energy and information of Mankind. And humans become hypnotized by the ‘formal’ properties of gold, which preserves form and reflects the sun’s light, our informative ‘language’ of perception. It is metal, not the superior intelligence of scientists, the higher force of warriors or the productive capacity of bankers, what hooks man.

Warriors, who murder with iron, the strongest atom, the body of man; ‘bankers’ hypnotize and enslave them with gold, the most informative, the mind, and ‘physicists’  who substitute our verbal, conceptual languages that describe the 3 arrows of time, past, present and future, and its causal relationships – the true essence of time, with digital clocks and our visual, artistic eyes with telescopes and microscopes, feel superior human beings, ‘different’ to us,  ‘only’ life beings, hence applying NOT the law of eusocial evolution between ‘undistinguishable’ beings, who come together into tighter boson wholes in any scale (Einstein-Bose statistics) but entropic laws, of dog-eat-dog colliding states of ‘heat’. This is the present state of our societies, the lowest state of ‘big-bang’ existence promoted by their philosophies of reality, from lineal time to big-bang creationism. So they justify the constant evolution of weapons and control of the mind of man and its life-time with money and its atrophy with machines, as future progress since they confuse their progress as the 1% on top with those selfish memes of metal, with the progress of life and mankind as a whole – they no longer perceive as the same people, but a primitive heinous group that lacks enough iPads and virtual screens or money and weapons to impose their rights. 

Yet as those idol-ogies came together with the values of go(l)d and metal, needless to say MODERN JUDAISM has them as ABSOLUTE REFERENCE, with the perhaps deepest nationalist idol-ogy, Israel, techno-utopia – its elite of scientists and go(l)d culture (Wall Street, The city, and its solutions of banking in the west).

Idol-ogies substitute the organic science of Humanism and socialist evolution.

History, the superorganism of mankind should be designed according to the biological Whealth humans need to thrive and survive, if the economic system was not an ill-designed parasitic system of debt slavery, born of the evolution of supremacist fetish gold cultures, in conjunction with the metal-entropic iron cultures that consider MONEY not what it is – a digital language of distribution and production of goods, no wealth per se, but a language that kicks the reproduction of those goods, as words do with human organisms and oxygen and hormones with biological systems – hence a language that should be delivered tool citizens-cells to start production and consumption of welfare goods, with universal salary and NO-DEBT government issues (that is not need to return the money).

Why this has not happened then has to do with the Historic fight between political and economic true scientists and the brutal predation of those who ab=use life with 3 type of selfish metal memes:

1) Top predator Weapons that kill bodies, manufacturing corpses and the people-castes of Indo-European warriors that carved the human superorganism and its 7 cultures into maimed artificial parts inventing the concept of tribal nations.

2) Competitor Machines that atrophy humans organs & substitute us in labor and war fields, making us lazy or killing us in far larger numbers than simple weapons did & the people-caste of scientists that invent them.

3) Informative metal ‘Go(l)d’ with no real value per se that hypnotizes the eye; degrading the mind, provoking greed, and converting people in slaves, which initiated the use of money to parasite people with debt, taxes, inflationary prices (speculation) and triggered the Pecunia infinita bellus nervi, with its affinity to value metal-weapons higher than welfare goods (Whealth) and the people-castes that invented the use of parasitic money to exploit mankind (‘Kainite’=Canaan Baal and Bible cultures).

Idol-ogies are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregation memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who suppress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is exactly what happens in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies. It is necessary to understand how obvious and simple are the true social sciences that take care of the physiological networks of mankind:

We talk of 3 fundamental scientific truths of the organic Universe applied to social sciences that could take care of the physiological networks of mankind and its ‘inversion’ by idol-ogies of selfie memes of metal:

Organicism Vs. Mechanism: Man as the measure of all things, the most perfect super organism, which we should cherish and imitate to build a perfect human world. As the universe is an organism, as opposed to a simple machine and its idol-ogy of ‘Mechanism’.

Humanism Vs. Nationalism: All humans belong to the same species and so should evolve together into a global supœrganism; no weapons and borders that murder members of the same species

Socialism v.Capitalism (financial parasitism): Humans should live in a true democratic ruling themselves and their languages of power. So all humans should receive a Universal salary of blood-money to kick out production, and governments should reproduce money to promote welfare, biological goods first, and only when those basic needs are covered, mechanisms selected in production according to utility for society to be free. Those are the true 3 physiological sciences of the superorganism of humanity vs. the 3 idol-ogies that kill us.

Unfortunately because metal gave higher power to warriors to kill human bodies and bankers to enslave human minds, hypnotized by greed – the imitation that gold and silvery metals did of the sun’s light and its reflections, which made primitive humans think they carried a fetish ‘sweat of the sun’, a ‘small god in their pockets’, and the synergies between weapons and money of maximal price, animetals and its idol-ogies would be gaining power ever since money and weapons appeared subverting social sciences, in an increasing tempo that would accelerate with the arrival of machines that fulfilled the 3 ‘dimensional motions’ of mechanisms:

-Entropic Machines-weapons of maximal killing mower (mass murder) which definitely will wipe out non-technological civilizations at global scale.

Transport machines that spread at a faster rate, from the age of chariots to the age of planes, the people-castes and idol-ogies of animetals.

Sensorial machines of information that substituted and atrophied human mind senses, making digital thought the new language of truth over verbal thought, and of metal-eyes, the new senses over artistic ones.

-Machines of information (metal-communicators) that reproduce biased information in favor of a future NOT based in human evolution and reproduction but in mechanical progress. Those would be essential with the arrival of the press to spread the anti-human repressive and racist memes of the Bible, the Sacred book of the go(l)d culture through its global networks of trade, imposing the ham damnation of modern slavery (arabs and negros as inferiors to dog), the belief on a superior race that should herd gold to control mankind (capitalism), and hand in hand with nationalist tribal idol-ogies impose the modern age of war.

It is then necessary despite censorship (antiquantum paradox that makes the social scientist a small observer inside a big observable that modifies its information or destroys it), to denounce the zeitgeist of our age. Even if it seems nitrolife species as so perfectly programmed by those memes to self-destruction that they will rather kill their sons till the 7th generation that learn to respect the laws of eusocial love and the organic Universe, and treat each other as members of the same species. As of today it seems that our financial-media-academia Masters, (ab. FMAsters) are happy to develop a M.A.D. brain of egocy and revivalism of its old Go(l)d cult(ure)s and nazionalisms, as slaves of their millenarian metal-memes and primitive Gods of hate and victimism. It seems a hopeless situation as reason does not seem able to lift the cover of e-motional evil=antilive memes and repression of all the drives of life that make beautiful existence. The harder they fall…

Let us then consider of those sciences new elements: The cycles of those supœrganisms in an accelerated vortex of d=evolution which kills them when animetals multiply weapons, money and print hate memes, symbiotic elements of maximal price that kill life with an 800 years cycle of history due to change in weather that multiplied nomadic warriors, professionalized by company-mothers of machines weapons in the modern age, and finally the ‘issue’ of the issue of money, and the minimal physiological laws to ‘cure’ the superorganism of history and make it immortal.


As the reader will have noticed, ‘the science of politics & economics’, as branches of physiology do NOT rule the organisms of modern history, due to the corruption of the proper, efficient societies (social democracies, religions of  love) by the selfish memes of economic organisms (corporations). If in the parallel post to this one, we study the global corporation and its company-mothers from the perspective of the science of complexity, as an entity in itself that evolves machines into a global super-organism, in this post we shall study the human=historic point of view on the corporation by considering a historical analysis of the selfish memes and dysfunctional culture that gave birth to the corporation, allowing the inhuman treatment of this institution that today rules with its monopoly on the two languages of power of society, money that it invents in a monopolistic manner and the law that it buys through corrupted politicos… since indeed, while in the other post it becomes obvious that the global stock market corporation and its company-mothers are now global and independent of any culture, following its natural arrow of evolution, embedded in the mathematical laws of economics, what we call the economical science and the corporation is merely the translation to complex mathematical languages and economical systems of the memes of a certain millenarian culture that acted as the ‘soliton’ of trade and banking for most part of history.

History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as superorganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, dedicate most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier Greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient superorganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political =informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells.

So should a properly designed human superorganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgment a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s superorganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of welfare, WHEalth (healthy life goods).

We distinguish then 3 ages in the increasing exploitation of mankind by selfish metal-memes and its people-castes that destroy the true democratic, demand-based Whealthy economy and social rule by the best:

3 ages capitalism

The memeplex of the metal-earth form a body of supremacist idol-ogies in which the carriers of iron, gold and mechanical memes feel above heavens and earth and all forms of life and cultures of history. Its evolution departing from earlier semite cults to gold and bronze went through 3 fundamental phases; supremacist religions with gold and the fire of the smith as the center of cults, in which the banker-priest or smith became the vehicle of the gods of the tree of metal; evolved latter by influence of humanist greek cultures into milder religions of human supremacy; fusion together in biblical cults, a proto memeplex of capitalism which fully acquires is modern form in Amsterdam, with the fusion of both, the memeplex of judaism in charge of finances as the head of the metal-earth and the biblical memeplex of dutch and British hard germanic sea-soldiers, working for slave gunboats, and genocidal train corporations, which conquered the world departing from the British empire. The memeplex of despise to life of null value and gold herding was then translated mathematically by the first economists of the empire, making of the machine and its equations of profits (max. in weapons, inflationary money and digital media), the goal of mankind. This constant transfer and purification of human elements – even those of segregational character are carried further in America, where all men become undistinguishable particles of minimal credit, bought as part time slaves to work for corporations. A FINAL transfer of this memeplex of gold values, which give zero value to life considered an inferior obsolete species comes today to full fruition as capitalism transfers from Wall Street and evil wood its memes into AI and re=productivity = 0 human labor becomes the goal of the metal earth where the segregational memes of earlier Judaism reach its full meaning: a world in which all humans are expendable and will be spent, including the earlier germanic and semite tribes that started the cult to gold and iron against life, so well described in the parable of genesis, written by one of the last survivors of the paradise of Ur, where wheat was money and the fruits of the tree of metal, gold and weapons were not yet evolved enough to kill us… as its warning says.

– The age of classic alliance of weapons aristocracies and tax-farmers who ab=used mankind with weapons and debt slavery; in an alliance that substituted religions of fertility and social love on top of neolithic societies. This age will establish a worldcycle of life and death of civilizations of 800 years, based in the small glaciation cycles and the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’ cycle (inflationary money is the nervous system of war) as most of metal money (±70%) would be now dedicated to reproduce weapons, which would rhythmically kill all the civilizations of the western world, as mankind was no longer an immortal culture, of repetitive cycles of reproduction of food and welfare goods, as it had become in the Neolithic. Thus history accelerates its death as a life supeorrganim, starting the evolution of the lethal goods of the tree of science.

– The modern age of professional evolution of machines and weapons by company-mothers which establish new synergies between technological science, weapons production and new forms of parasitic money (stock paper), where money represents a part of a company-mother of machines-weapons, first gunboats, then trains and finally all kind of machines that imitate human organs, in clear biological cycles of evolution (XIX c. age of bodies of machines; XX c. age of minds of machines; XXI c. age of organic robots). In this age parasitic money can be multiplied without limit by multiplying the digital value of stock-paper; so company-mothers become the most powerful institution on Earth, establishing a false placebo system of democracy, with corrupted politicos without right to issue money, pandering to companies for it, and a population obliged to go to war for ‘free’ in defense of the selfish memes of tribal nationalism, to increase the consumption of weapons in age of economic crisis.

Judaism thus is the soliton age of go(l)d cultures; and that is the way we must interpret its human side – the professions of its carriers, diaspora, the holocaust cycle, and its set of preceptive laws of repression of life values of null value for go(l)d.



LET US THEN show you how easy and simple is a perfect economic superorganism, as there was one… in the neolithic, before warriors and banker-priests corrupted them.

Reproductive age: Neolithic. Age of wor(l)ds and goddesses. ±10.000 to ±3.000 bc.

The Neolithic was the classic age of Mankind, an age of balance, when wo=men learnt the cycles of life and instead of destroying nature, learnt to nurture, reproduce and harvest it. Women, the reproductive species, took power over men; and priests became the verbal guides of civilizations, creating super-organisms of history made of human cells joined by social love—the sharing of energy and information among ‘brothers’, clones of the loving mind of the same prophet. It was an age dominated by verbal, temporal languages, continued by the believers in religions of love that are not corrupted by weapons

The maximal social evolution of history happened in that Neolithic culture, self-similar in all the regions of the planet. Social love was so intense that humans lived in homes without streets and people walked through the roofs or the house of their neighbors, like insects in a beehive. Each man in the village had a ‘cellular’ vital space, his home or den, tools and clothing; but the energy networks, the agricultural fields in which people fed, were common property, as it happens in DNA organisms, in which DNA molecules live within their home/cell, pegged to other homes/cells, sharing with them the energy of their blood. Neolithic cultures created environmental societies, based in natural, human goods; where every cell owned ‘vital’ property; where the networks of social information were based in verbal thought (laws); where ethic, social men, called priests, acted as the verbal, collective neurons that solved the colliding interests of individual cells. Those social organisms followed the universal laws of social evolution, creating efficient organic systems, with a single collective brain (the elder with more information, verbal priests, legal assemblies, etc.)

And its 3 physiological networks were created according to the laws of superorganisms:

TT-Gaia;: ENTROPIC NETWORK: the territorial sustain of the community was a healthy geographical body that provided the human goods needed to satisfy the biological drives of humans. It was not depleted but worshipped as ‘Nature’s Goddess’, both in rivers (Nile, Gangesh) and animal life

SS: INFORMATIVE NETWORK. The ethic law acted in them as the verbal, nervous system of the society, creating a wor(l)d to the image and likeness of mankind. Legal mandates motivated or forbade certain actions, selecting those which improved the welfare of the entire society. Without laws we cannot understand historic organisms. Laws rule in an invisible manner the acts of people, as nervous orders guide the cells of the body. Thus, certain humans, verbal masters who create laws, as the neurons create nervous orders—prophets, priests, lawyers, courts and parliaments today—should hold the power of societies. What is an aberration is to leave the ‘blood=economic system’ to control the nervous/legal system, as it happens in free markets.

ST: RE=PRODUCTIVE NETWORK. Money was WHealth, grain or cows, as in Nature’s physiological systems, delivered to all the citizens cells of the community to promote the 5 drives of life (dimotions of existence) that ensure the best life for them. It provided first ST-‘energy’ and TT-entropic motion to body and limbs; its surplus handled by priests of social love was used to pay extra-salaries for SS-communal work; as its creation fostered the evolution of agriculture and the learning of positive St-forms of information; the making of tools, even the birth of accountancy and writing in Summer’s temples with clay tablets writing the storage of wheat-money.

So the five DRIVES OF LIFE, the 5 dimotions of individual existence were achieved and its most important reproduction, was sacred, for both Gaia (food and money reproduced in season cycles, worshipped on solstice days) the community and the individual (equality of gender, worship of life-bearing women).

As a result, the population grew and multiplied and human life was the closest possible to a paradise.

All that would change with the arrival of metal and the beginning of the ‘economic ecosystem’, in which 2 different species, human life, simple atoms of the D-atomic orbital confronted the growing evolution of P-atoms of metal with much more power to handle energy and information; which certain people-castes of humans we shall call animetals, will use ever since to impose its power over the rest of human societies, corrupting the two physiological life-based networks of mankind.

As warriors impose their power to kill over priests and substituted them on top of society, making humans serve them or else…

And money was substituted by precious metal, whose hypnotic power, due to its capacity to imitate the sun’s light would enslave people to greed and make them obey the banker.

Further on both type of entropic and informative metal were by affinity complementary and so metal money valued ad maximal weapons and ad minimal life, starting the degradation of human values. Records from that era realized that the intelligence of men was lost to the informative power of ‘evil metal.’ The ‘desert people came and now ‘peasants abandon the fields, and follow them as mercenaries’. Our women ‘sell their bodies for a ring of metal.’ (‘Lament of a Sumerian priest’). Money produces an instantaneous, hypnotic effect. If Sumerians had thought thoroughly, they would have followed their priests. In the end, they belonged to the Semite warrior-traders, who created empires with their labor and enslaved them in unending toil, building palaces and tombs.


Mankind lives in a sick superorganism, which as all of them is ruled by a nervous, informative, legal, political network, which should control with its bits of information (nervous, legal messages) the reproductive, economic, blood network that should deiliver to each citizen-cell bites of energy (oxygen, money) that kick out the actions of motion and reproduction of the welfare goods (carbohydrates, welfare goods) the organism needs to survive.

An efficient social organism is that simple: two networks, the faster informative network which shares a natural language with all the DNA/Memetic citizens cells, treated with equal justice by the language of information and its bits (synchronous nervous messages, equality under the law) on charge of an external energy language (bites of oxygen, universal salary in positive ‘whealthy’ money), delivered efficiently to all the cells of the organism.

It is ONLY because of that justice and efficiency of the network that individuals give up freedom as part of a loose herd to become an efficient superorganism.

Today humans do NOT realize that for millennia money was ‘whealthy’ grain deilivered as a universal salary to all people so they could survive and the surplus used to pay salaries for communal work. That a country like China that went through a r=evolution against capitalism and has nationalized the bank system grows 10% and has taken hundreds of millions of people from poverty, NOT because they are a superior race, but because they have a superior financial system, akin to that of any other organism of Nature. It is THE WEST which is suffering for millennia a basic sickness of the superorganism of mankind.

However human superorganisms, which were built with such efficient networks in the Neolithic and during the ages of eusocial love religions became predated by two ‘parasitic’ people-castes that destroyed the efficiency of those networks, monopolized the legal bits of information and financial bites of energy that all just, efficient superorganisms delivered to its cells-citizens and ab=used mankind ever since.

This people-caste achieved that supremacist position in human societies because they used an external type of atom, entropic metal iron to make weapons, and informative metal gold to make money that was stronger and more intelligent than human bodies and minds, killing us and hypnotizing our minds. And ever since they allied together to control humanity parasitizing us with ‘tax’, ‘debt-money’ & reproducing massively instead of the welfare goods we need to survive lethal goods, notably weapons and hate media, to kill bodies and minds and the eusocial love bondage that ensured humans would colloborate as part of a single superorganism or ‘God’, that is, the subconscious collective message of eusocial love that ensures the common distribution of bits of information and bites of energy to efficiently regulate society and its goods.

But it because this ONLY happens in sick organisms, parasitized with cancerous viral systems that monopolize the languages of the networks, we can only deduce that mankind is sick. And yet when a parasitic system colonizes an organism it survives and leads the organism to its collapse because it ‘delivers’ at the same time that exploits the cells-citizens, a ‘soma’, a ‘drug’ that inhibits response giving ‘pleasure’ to the cells and rendering them unable to react. This SOMA is therefore the second fundamental element of the Society we live in – as the same machines of information that reproduce money, reproduce audiovisual information in the form of fictions, virtual ego-trips and other pleasurable somatic forms, from sports to facebook posts that ensure people at minimal cost will live a virtual life, as the one cells infected by viruses, with their DNA changed live, till they drop dead…

We repeat a parasitic function is extremely difficult to challenge, either genetic or memetic.

Darwin explained in his memoirs that he spent in permanent depression the last years of his life when he realized that God had created a world where parasitic functions could ab=use a healthy superorganism for decades, as it was the case of his, sick of Chagras parasites, and there was hardly any way the healthy organism could eliminate the Soma that rendered it inactive in permanent anoxia.

So this is the translation to the universal laws of superorganisms of the structures of society today.

And though some military dictatorships and aristocratic kingdoms have reformed their ways to become more democratic and treat with equal laws all human beings; it is a fact of economic history that today with the exception of China, which is the fastest evolving, most efficient economic system of the world for that reason, all other nations live in a parasitic, anoxia state because the people-caste of bankers, monopolizes the issue of money and does NOT give it to people as a Universal salary. Just imagine that politicians monopolized the issue of laws for themselves. It would be an outrage, and yet private bankers, often ‘pretending to be public bankers’, like the ECB bank, the Federal Reserve and the banks with rights to reproduce fractional money and stock-markets that can reproduce stock-money and e-derivatives create trillions of $ each year for themselves and a few companies, mostly reproducing lethal goods of maximal price (weapons) and hate media, in a system that has become more sophisticated but it is exactly the same, running overwhelmingly by the same people-caste that established it at the end of the Neolithic in Levant, in the go(l)d temples of Canaan, Phoenicia and Israel.

But for those who think our sick superorganism of history is unavoidable, a foreword and warning because what we just wrote now contradicts its well learned SOMA – aka idol-ogy of classic economics and political and economical correctness (the classic and correct wording of course being part of the SOMA :) that makes a TABOO, the biggest of the modern age, to explain the parasitic development of a people-caste of bankers who still rule the west So he will simply have a knee-jerk denial reaction and abandon the blog. And yet we CANNOT write a serious scientific treatise on Economics, without explaining reality as it is, or else we would just be contributing to the collective SOMA, as thousands of scholars and politicos that accept the TABOO of not telling the truth about the structure of the economic system do; which In terms of memes reduces to this:

The economic network is not run as a science of humanist welfare, as it should be, but it is run as an instrument of world power, by a supremacist culture that despises and fears mankind. And all those people colonized by their soma, their idol-ogies of supremacism of money over the law, of modes of making money a parasitic function over society, of the need to kill by anoxia, austericide the common people because their lives do not matter like ours, their rights to a universal salary similar to their rights to a just law are to be ignored. All this of course written with enough newspeaks of caring, correctness, mathematical equations and complicated arguments that disguise the fact this is a historic process of corruption of mankind by a primitive people with a very primitive memetic structure in their conception of mankind, history, god, the universe and… money.

That they exist and have invented economics as it is today is obvious.

– they are the bulk of classic economists whose theories we shall rebate in this text; they have a religion, Judaism, which spread to protestant sects, notably Calivnism and Anglicanism as a supremacist religion of go(l)d, as the language of god – ‘the intelligence of God’ said calvin, ‘the invisible hand of god’, said Adam Smith a Calvinist, and they wrote extremely racist texts that considered humans an animal species (talmud) or in the milder Calvinist and Anglican version a non-chosen race (all other humans) imposing wholesale slavery. And they are still today 80% of Nobel prizes in classic economics, and a similar amount of CEOs of financial companies, central banks, Mass-media corporations and CFOs of the main corporations of the Western world, specially in the Anglo-American civilization and its placebo democracies, they invented 400 years ago… if we reduce to Judaism, and over 90% of nobel prizes if we include protestant sects. So they have invented the way we run the economic system.

This amazing group of people whose ‘beliefs’ expressed in sacred books, consider humans an inferior race, which must be exploited and tax-farmed, and charged with parasitic debt- entered obviously in an action-reaction cycle of History, confronting mankind, the ‘inferior species’, allied with aristocratic warriors to oppress them, and only when their parasitic functions, monopolizing money, debt, taxation allied to those warriors, collapsed civilizations as people became poorer and finally ‘drop dead’, literally… they killed each other in wars and holocausts.

Since let us be clear, this people are NOT a race but a religious nation, from a time when the word nation was not yet known,

This is the simple fact of the 800-80 years cycle of war and extinction of civilizations that have directed mankind ever since parasistic bankers and murderous warriors, we shall call animetals, and its racist idol-ogies of nazionalism and capitalism infected with its mental and physical ‘germs’, the superorganism of mankind, our God, and we repeat, while the system have become far more complex, has disguised its brutality with all kind of placebo democratic false freedoms, it remains the same:

Mankind is the only superorganism of the Universe that does not deliver to all its citizens cells enough oxygen-money to each citizen to kick out the reproduction and consumption of the welfare energy bites, ‘life goods’ they need to survive.

Now the absolute soma that prevent us to talk of those facts are gore film on TV which explain NOT how during all those cycles of History, the alliance of warriors and bankers have exploited mankind, collapsed it, overeproduce weapons and when the organism of common people collapsed of anoxia, poverty and tax-farming and debt slavery, killed each other in wars and holocausts.

So we just see movies in which the last of those coalitions, the German-Jewish coalition that brutalized Europe in two global wars, killed each other, the Germans massacred the Jewish lower people-castes, as its bankers ran away with their money to U$, and from U$, the bankers massacred the Germans. So what? The 99% was exploited by both, are the true victims of that ill-designed financial network, and what matters to us is how to reform the network so no new wars and holocausts and collapse by anoxia of mankind happen again. But what matters to Germanic warriors and bankers, now from U$ is to deny the causality of the cycle the wrong doing of the economic system and with the SOMA of gore movies convince everybody that is a taboo to talk of the wrong doings of the system, because, yes, obviously at the end of the process everybody dies.

Now, to those who consider Judaism a genetic race this is absurd. First genes have nothing to do with history, which is about memes, reason why we talk of ‘Judaism’ a memetic word, not of Haploid J. I have the hapoloid of Moses from Sephardim roots, but I have NOT the memes of parasitic money so what? History is about memes. And for those who consider Judaism a religion which has to be respected also 2 things. A religion can be a racist memetic system as the Hindoo and Jewish religions are – again quoting Darwin, ‘Yahveh is a murderous hateful god akin to that of the hindoos’ because it affirms the superiority of the jewish race. Why this is the case needs then a basic understanding on supremacist tribal religions akin to supremacist nations – subconscious collective of a national people that considers itself superior and tries to conquer the world with weapons of money. This is the case Israel, understood as the nation of all the Jewish people, since as we have seen Judaism is ‘obviously’ not a race, and western anthropomorphic religions are subconscious collective minds of a certain group of people, hence synonymous of a nation, the more so in ‘animetal nations’ whose religions appeared in an age in which the word nation did not exist, so each animetal tribe had a God, name of its people, land and kings and even capital. I.e. Assur was the God capital, name and people of Assyria, and Yahveh and names from the same root were the people, ‘Jewish’, capital ‘Jerusalem’ and land ‘Judea’ of the Jewish people – both bronze age supremacist religions then denied the existence of ‘equal people’ – other tribes with equal rights, and tried to conquer the world with weapons (Assyrians) or gold (jewish people, millenarian prophecy: ‘at the end of times all people will be slave of Yahveh or become exterminated.) This essential supremacist nation of chosen of go(l)d, thus took over America in the same way it had taken before over the British empire when Rothschild said ‘it doesn’t matter who seats on the throne of Saint George, the people who control the issue of money in Britain controls the British Empire and I do control it’…

The system an animetal Go(l)d culture comes to control a nation is unlike a warrior animetal culture, NOT through the control of weapons in monopoly (as the Spaniards would do in south-america) but the control of money in monopoly, which becomes the only language of power authorized in the society, buying weapons and the law. And that is the essential purpose of Judaism as a supremacist Go(l)d religion and by extension any other Biblical culture. It is then necessary to understand the class structure of the Anglo-American civilization, with Judaism and its financiers on top of an elite of Anglo-American stockrats, allied to them, below, and a mass of authorized protestant white people below; which form the core of the civilization, and obey by a common religion, belief in ‘capitalism and money as the social language’ those who issue money, including politicos that sell their laws. This society is the essential core culture of the Metal-earth, and will no doubt of it, without pause, proved by the absolute synchronicity of the 72-80 years cycles of its industrial r=evolution, bring during the robotic cycle an age of wars that will extinguish mankind.

All this now is denied by audiovisual SOMA. And all this said, what matter to us, is that this culture is the origin of the Classic Economic beliefs that are destroying mankind.

The ill-designed organism of mankind.

Because of the extension of the paper we escape a long introduction to 5D laws so the reader is advised to look at the first pages of the paper on the 5D Universe of space-time organism. We just mention its key concepts to get a feeling for them.

It is though necessary to understand that History is a superorganism, which means in space it is structured by 3 phyiological networks, the territory of its civilizations, ‘Gaia’, the reproductive, economic and financial network, and the informative, nervous, political network, which as all systems is symmetric to its temporal ages, S=T.

This means the first age of man corresponds to the dominance of the life network, the age of Gaia (Paleolithic and Neolithic), but and this is specific of the ‘species’ of superorganism, we call history, mankind in time from the first man who spoke to the last that will do it; the second network of mankind, the financial network, based in the ‘bites of energy’ proper of all blood-networks (oxygen red cells in a biological organism, electromagnetic networks in a physical organism, money as Whealth, grain in the Neolithic, a global ¥€$ currency and Universal salary if the system were reformed), thus dominate today the 3rd informative, political nervous network, and that is an aberration of Nature. Moreover, it is a predatory network akin to a cancerous system, as it does NOT reproduce oxygen-money for all cells, but it is reproduced by a very tiny group of people, the financial system; and has no chances to be reformed. There has not been in that sense, any evolution of the financial network to stop being a parasitic system, and serve mankind, as it has been the case of the political network, which in many countries have an imperfect but minimally functional democratic system to serve people and at least everybody understands that all humans should be equal in front of its informative network – the legal system.

Amazingly as it sounds, mankind seems to consider that living in a cancerous blood system, affected of an obvious leukemia, which provokes the anoxia of most of the population is OK, it is the best of all systems.

This was also the case for the political system when warrior top predators, we shall call animetals, the first clear species of the Metal-earth came to control mankind with aristocracies and kings that killed those who opposed them. Then they transformed the financial system into a parasitic tax-debt system but the financial system and its people-castes have NOT been reformed. Attempts to reform that happened in the XIX c. were all halted and only today China has something similar to a natural financial system, where the political brain controls the heart and delivers easily credit to its citizens. The rest of mankind lives in a parasitic system of finances, ruled by a minority group, mostly from the same culture. And it is a tribute to the extraordinary predatory intelligence of this people, in their handling of information, with damned lies and statistics, fictions, myths and academia that this state of affairs is NOT challenged, and any challenge is easily censored with SOMA, which is the fundamental form of control parasitic systems have on the cells or citizens, they control.

Though that is the theme studied in our papers on the Metal-earth, and considered in more detail in History in Space, as we study the two networks of bites of energy and bits of information (reproductive-blood-financial network and informative-nervous-legal networks of mankind). In this work as we come closer in time to the modern age it is unavoidable, despite censorship on the issue, to describe scientifically the process – that is with real historic data – on how the financial network came to dominate the political network, and cause a global anoxia unlike in any other superorganism of the Universe, save those who die. And indeed, that history is about to die, infected by lethal metal germs, weapons, hate-media visual screen, robots, pollution machines, is kinda obvious if we were NOT living in the age of SOMA, of Newspeaks and placebo fictions, selfie egotrips and what any leukemia does with the DNA-cells, a massive substitution by their own DNA, that is memes in favor of a world of machines, we shall call idol-ogies: nationalism that worships weapons, capitalism that worships go(l)d. And technoutopia that worships machines more than life. So mankind under SOMA and with a new DNA from the tree of science despises life, kills it and commits suicide and all this cheering as a virally infected erasehead.

This said in other papers, we have upgraded minimally the Sciences of the Universe into ‘stiences’ of space-time supœrganisms and define its fundamental laws we shall study the human supœrganism, history with 5D metric equations & laws. As we don’t have space in those longer papers to do so, the reader is adviced to consult at least the first pages of the paper at academia.edu on the 5th dimension and its metric – as long as it lasts – it is my experience that given the SOMA produced within History anyone who writes serious scientific models of history and economics receives the ‘royal treatment’ – the antiquantum paradox of 0 distribution and cenorship, as the observer is so small that the organism of History, corrupted to the bone in inverse fashion to the antiquantum paradox, modifies the observer: ‘You will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’. Or rather, it is talking to humans who have so much SOMA in their brains they cannot longer think straight, which is increasingly the age when metal-communicators have filled our brains of fiction and reduced to purple rain reason, survival instincts and anything that is not childish ego-trips of nitrolife supremacy over mother Earth, which is by all means a planet with a heart of gold, covered by iron and silicon, who is clearly covered by ‘humanity, a thin mush over a rock lost in the Universe. So departing of those facts we can talk about man’ Schopenhauer.

Still to be Nitrolife is good enough if we were happy just as such. The problem of History are those who cheat the laws of the Universe and among them the fundamental law of any species and superorganism made of networks: to love your DNA/memetic equal cells/citizens and through the arrow of social evolution, DOMINANT, in the Universe, to evolve together as a single species, without parasitism, internal ab=use of others, thinking you are better because you have some pieces of iron weapons or go(l)d to hypnotize the mind of other humans, which is how historically started the corruption of the economic, financial and political, military networks of mankind, whose relentless degradation of humanity in mind and body with its idol-ogies menaces our think layer of mush.

RECAP. There are 3 physiological networks in each supœrganism from the galaxy to the atom, the two scales where self-similarity takes place (the galatom’s smaller and larger planes). But we can for the time being disregard the ‘territorial, background network, the spacetime of the galaxy and its particles, the water of life organisms, the Territorial surface of earth in historic organisms, to concentrate on the body-wave-reproductive economic system, and particle-head, informative legal systems that shape the essence of a superorganism.

The key property of linguistic bits and bites of information and energy is the simple Metric equations of all the scales of the fifth dimension: size in space x speed of time cycles = constant. And the duality of Spatial information and temporal motion that combine in 5 Dimensional motions: TT-pure motion (entropy) > Ts-locomotion, energy S=T (reproductive energy and information combined) > St-information (form with a bit of motion) & SS (form, position, language).

All systems of reality and its limbs/fields, body-waves and particle-heads existing in a larger world with faster energy that appears as them as the limit of TT-entropy and faster information that appears to them as the limit of SS-language play then a simple game of trying to absorb as much Ts-motion, reproductive energy and information to perceive, reproduce, survive, move and play the game of existence. And as systems become more complex and dense, they naturally attach to those 3 type of networks, evolving from herds into superorganisms.

The 5D metric equation, SxT=C and the S=T point of balance and equilibrium where the system reproduces as the two fundamental metric equations of all space-time organisms, which means many things, such as:

– Slow beings use networks of faster particles which in physical systems are ‘waves of forces’, in life beings are networks with fractal branching and in human societies, networks of money and simultaneous legal messages. Yet all are essentially performing the same organic functions, we shall describe now as can ‘translate’ a light filling wave that penetrates lower planes, filling it till it touches particles, as a branching that ‘speeds up frequency’; and a legal network that every citizen knows and obeys as a filling system of information, similar to a DNA network that all cells of an organism have in common. Think always NOT in the differences of form and scale but in the homology of functions for the body/waves and particle/heads of each of the 3 superorganisms (working and informative classes in human societies), to see the unity of it all.

So to ‘target’ or ‘explain’ who invented capitalism and corporations and have ruled the world with them, IS completely taboo but of course, explained with a newspeak so entrenched in the subconscious collective that people have knee-jerk, emotional reactions vaccinated against a proper explanation of how they live in a placebo world, whose REAL future and path is NOT set by them.

But nothing of this matter because we shall Not cease to repeat it, the planet earth is no longer ruled by human super organisms, nations and civilizations, because they cannot access easily the language of power money, but by company-mothers of energetic machines-weapons (military-industrial system or body of the organism of the metal earth), and informative machines (financial-media system).

And its goals are not human, even if the tiny elite of ‘stockrats’, the new aristocrats today that own them, profit from the sale of its products – the real evolved and reproduced product is a machine.

Economics is as today, the praxis of re=production of machines, over 3/4 of the global economy, The essence of the Globalized culture is simple: it is a culture dominated and invented by Company-mother of machines-weapons (first gunboats, during the UK empire steam age, today diversified in multiple metal-species), taking into account only the goals of those companies, hidden in abstract under the equation of Maximal profits, its mandate, which in true form is one of evolution and reproduction: Those Financial-media/military-industrial companies won the world for the UK empire, over different ‘companies of human warriors’, and then each nation copied its structures and networks. So this top predator new global organism dedicated to reproduce and evolve informative and energetic machines, terraforming the earth to its image and likeness MUST HAVE absolute rights, including non-legal responsibility (stockrats, its owners are protected by anonymous laws), absolute credit to create with money a world to its image and likeness, and yet because human mothers/families and its social organizations governments are still in this planet competing for its ‘pie-share of power’ and attempting to create a world to our image and likeness, we shall blame them collaterally of all sins.

This is the bottom line, origin of a culture which pretends to be humane but decries all what is human from good food, to sex, so we reproduce machines and feed them with the proper energy – better clean solar energy that will make them autonomous robots with AI…

The refusal to make man the center of this planet, the obsession for profits of the ‘biblical gold religions’ that founded capitalism, as an irrational search for power through money weapons and machines leaves little hope for the future.  Unless we rebound the social sciences with its true parameters, of biological, evolutionary nature.

The key difference between idol-ogies of metal and ‘rational sciences’ is the dominance in animetals of emotioans, greed and violence, over reason and logic thought, epitomized in the concept of money as gold and wealth per se (the animetal idol-ogy), vs. Money as tender legal ‘nomisma’, a digital language of reproduction of goods, which as all languages must be inflationary and given to all citizens in a democracy, as a universal salary of ‘blood-money’, to kick out reproduction of welfare goods – the Latin, Greek view.

It was first the Indo-European Germanic warrior making an iron sword, and then killing the shaman, than his Aryan, Veda idol-ogy that the fire of the smith is the vehicle of god and their race the superior chosen race. It was first the Semite gold banker finding that gold hypnotized the eye, surpassed oxytocin, the love drug and make people slaves for a salary, than the Baal and baalble, with its fetish gold ex-votes to the priests in the temple and the segregational laws of its religions against the human capital they priced.

And certainly it was first the gunpowder canons and then the steam machines than the European supremacist, colonial foray that massacred people in all continents, with its manifest destiny, and racist sense of superiority still clearly infusing Europeans, and most notably those of the first steam machine age, brexiters and Trumpists making America great again and blaming it all on Latinos, essentially Amerindians, as if they had not ab=used and massacred them enough for centuries.

But as systems get complex with age, we do have all kind of placebo freedoms, from placebo democracies, to placebo free consumption of lethal hate memes to make us feel above heavens and earth.

If earlier animetal cults destroyed the age of fertility goddesses because they had the added power of weapons and gold, the supremacy of the idol-ogies of America and the biblical go(l)d cultures that run the financial system, and I don’t even dare to name, so deep is the imprinting of people in their belief they are the ‘victims’ of history, has nothing to do with their superiority and better future for mankind, but with the fact that their modern instrument of power, the company-mother of machines and weapons and their aggressive standing against life-enhanced cultures makes them dominate the no-future they are designing as they terraform the earth to the image and likeness of its mechanisms. If they were aware at least that this is a non-human future there could be a chance to dialog, but as we shall repeat many times, it seems the first effect of mankind’s contact with gold and iron is a loss of mental capacity to discern between good and evil, its own species and all others.

It seems mankind has a myopic view and constantly adapts his mind’s capacity to reason into memetic beliefs that cater the praxis of what they do – not the other way around. It is this concept that material reality imposes over mind – so vehemently denied otherwise by those who become slaves of their beliefs instilled by the praxis of its realpolitik and power, hidden by hypocrisy and double talk on politics, economics and academia, what makes so difficult to reform the system. As the human superorganism of history doesn’t seem to evolve, but rather devolves in inverse fashion to the evolution of the other superorganism of the planet the metal-earth…

Judaism of course as part of mankind also rewrites history but that won’t solve or change the destiny of judaism and its use of parasitic money instead of healthy money in the management of economic systems. So let us now understand better what parasitic money is AS OPPOSSED TO WHEALTHY MONEY.



“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.  The few who could understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

Amschel Rothschild, Leading financier of the British Empire 1838

‘The universe is simple and not malicious’, ‘Simplicity is genius’ Einstein, Leonardo


In the graph the cycles of evolution of money:

Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did. However a proper understanding of the languages of Nature, could easily reform the system of money, make it complementary to the ‘nervous system’ of laws, as a blood-reproductive-oxygen system is, and then distribute enough quantity of it to all human citizens cells, to create a perfect world, as all healthy wealthy super organisms of nature are, where all its cells receive its proper oxygen-hormonal salary and all of them survive.  It is the parasitic, anti-human, corrupted nature of our ‘social networks’ where a few ‘parasitic’ financiers control the issue of money and either herd it for themselves or give it only to company-mothers of machines they worship due to their ‘biblical, primitive segregational idologies’ against mankind what makes the global eco(nomic)system perhaps the worst of all systems of Nature, as I used to explain during my tenure of the chair of Monetary Systems at the International Systems Sciences society, till obviously those who ‘own’ the financial system stop inviting me… Indeed, a corrupted system can only be protected with censorship and unneeded complexity to camouflage its corruption

 The science of economics as a true social science, is the science of the ‘re=productive, blood-like system’ of the organism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose would be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our superorganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes, racist cultural memeplexes, fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’) etc.

We explain this simple fact and in the graphs that show the basic structure of the superorganism of mankind and its ‘economic frame of reference’ that should value goods and control its production according to their biological utility to foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species, because we need first to understand a true science of economics to have a perspective on what today passes as ‘economics’, NOT a science but a PRAXIS OF power:

History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as superorganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, DEDICATE most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient superorganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells. So should a properly designed human superorganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgement a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s superorganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of welfare, WHEalth (healthy life goods).

The substance and language, form and functions of money.

In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program.
Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth.

Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.

Money has always possessed three formal characteristics: it is made of metal, gold, silver, copper, today computer machines that reproduce e-money. But this is only because metal can be broken and counted and last. The essence of money is to be mathematical, able to compare products and relate them, to maximize the efficiency of production. For that reason it is made of cyclical, broken, discontinuous shapes, as all forms that carry in-form-ation. Money, due to this informative property, is the basic unit of mathematical accounting and one of the main reasons why mathematics have been evolved as a language. Thus, money is a language of information whose substances are metal and whose function is to give value to things with digital information. In that sense, money competes with words, because both are languages used by mankind to value reality. So the fundamental question about money and the future of history, today controlled by monetary orders, is: ‘how money values reality and why those values differ from the values of verbal thought? If money were used according to human values, it could create a paradise. But as it is used – as a parasitic form of control of people, according to the ‘cultural values’ of the animetal segregrational cult(ure)s of Go(l)d that imposed its form, it kills life.

The people-caste of bankers. Go(l)d cultures start the systemic parasitic use of ‘gold’ to ab=use mankind.

‘You will defgend me with the word, I will deend you with the sword’ Tertulianus, biblibal bigot.


THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Jewish->Protestant fetish go(l)d religions. Hence in capitalist democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science.
Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death brought by its belief in go(l)d values.
Money in its fetish go(l)d view gives maximal value to weapons that kill life and null value to life. While wor(l)ds our ethic language do the opposite. Thus to impose go(l)d values it has been needed a complex memeplex of weirdo but effective inhibitors of human social love we shall term the Jewish inquisition, IMPOSED by repetition of lies as dogmas (Goebbel’s method: to repeat a lie many times to make it truth). Hence the essential importance of controlling metal-communicators that repeat information MUCH FASTER than verbal prophets humanist truths: Those who control digital information have always printed money and hate memes through western history becoming the masters of the metal-earth. This role however was in the classic age of mankind balanced by the humanist ethic prophets of eusocial love and money as nomisma, legal money reproduced by governments. With the arrival of capitalism and digital information however the human side has been erased and so the power of the FMasters have become absolute as people do not even know, under censorship that the goals they seek celebrity and money are ‘owned’ by the companies of information machines that print money in digital screens and manufacture brains.

The language is the message: money vs. Wor(l)ds: its different values and species.

The universe is about the intelligence of networks, whose languages and values, order reality and select the species that better speaks the language. So even before we continue into the analysis of animetal cultures, we must simply explain how they construct the FMMI system of informative and entropic metal-machines, through the values of its languages they do not understand.

An animetal must in that sense be defined as a believer who obeys without reason the ‘greed and violent’ values of money and weapons that kill and hypnotize their bodies and minds. It is the systemic, network, linguistic intelligence of those languages of power and its values what creates the consequences. And all what the animetal needs is to believe in idol-ogies of metal-power and obey blindly those languages and values.

Indeed, money is just a number, the simplest form of information in a paper, which orders humans and objects in a digital, mathematical number.

So capitalism amounts to this: to rule societies with digital numbers called money, reproduced with no limit by a social elite, which is not elected neither likes to explain what it does, and how it does it – basically controlling Mankind with prices as if we are ‘objects’ compared mathematically with the equation of money:

Man (salary) = money = object (price)

It is for that reason that all systems that work, do not allow the reproductive ‘mindless’ comparative equalities of mathematical languages to rule the system above the subjective, informative, nervous system, which in humans is ‘words’, and do carry a very different syntax positive to Mankind:

Subject (man) < verb (action) < object (energy of subject).

Thus in verbal terms, humans are the center of the universe, and survive, and if they were able to regulate the economy with laws that favor Mankind, money only as a digital language, to reproduce among all humans the good we need to survive, fueling a demand economy would easily create with credit a perfect world, which is the rule not the exception of the universe, where energy is for free, and all you need is a good language to distribute it. This is not though, the way history has evolved money but rather it has created an astoundingly brutish corrupted, dumb concept of money as wealth per se, not language, and as such attached to precious metal, easy to digitalize (hence still a mathematical language) but very scarce, and hence promoting war, looting, fight for the ‘precious’ thing, and a complete misunderstanding of money in terms of a language of distribution and reproduction of goods. As the graph explains.

In the mandala graph that I will bring as many times as required following the rhetoric of the ‘other system’ – if you repeat a lie (or a truth in this case) many times people will believe it (become imprinted by it)’ Goebbels – we show the fundamental distinction we must do in a biological analysis of the superorganisms of history its languages, memes and cultures. What matters are the memes, languages and ideologies that build the two type of cultures, ‘organs’ of the superorganisms of history and economics. In essence, a superorganism is created by the values of a certain language. The informative language of metal is gold. And its values are inverse to those of life. So the belief and use of go(l)d, of money as the only language that directs our society makes possible the expression of those anti-life values and the creation of a world according to them.

Today the more complex system of machines uses digital information, e-money and the religion of go(l)d has evolved into the ‘science’ of capitalism expressed in the equations of classic economics. Yet the anti-life values of the language remain.

Of course our culture that worships metal-memes and technology=machines will have none of this, and censor bio-economics and bio-history but it is not by chance that most humans do feel naturally the ethics of the wor(l)d and most women, reproducers of life hate weapons. We are not making here ethic statements but biological statements as both concepts are the same, ethics merely expressing the arrow of eusocial evolution. Why then humans deny today that arrow? Obviously because they have completely mismanaged their social evolution and have instead accepted the wrong values of metal, greed and violence as the guidance to power.

So we talk of two type of cultures, human cultures that truly understand the highest level of social intelligence of the universe and if imposed could make Mankind survival.

And the cultures that worship machines weapons and money, metal-cultures or rather ‘animetal cultures’ as they degrade the capacity of humans to evolve together and go back to an animal dog-eat-=dog society, which needs metal-money, weapons and machines to survive, enslaving their life to the evolution of the metal Earth. We have thus set the elements to study together history and the fight of cultures and economics, the evolution of the machine, something economists would also be at pains to accept because they are merely production economists serving the evolution of the metal-Earth – a topic characteristic of animetal cultures is indeed the half-truth, the denial of love, life and ethics as an important component of reality, the abstract indifference to history, the superorganism of Mankind on Earth.

Yet to deny the laws of the organic eusocial universe of ‘numbers’, ‘species’ and ‘human ethics’, is to deny the future for all of us… The future of history our superorganism, of which Mankind is just its ‘spatial form’.

The 5 forms of parasitic money: Go(l)d. Lethal weapons, salary, tax. Debt, speculation,

The 5D Universe as its name says has 5 Dimensional motions or drives of existence all entities promote to maximize its life. The purpose of any language therefore is the same than the organism that speaks the language: to promote those 5 goals, as a language mirrors reality and guides the existence of a being.

And inversely, a predator or parasitic language and species will LIMIT the 5 drives of existence of an organism.

It is then immediate to observe that both animetal cultures and animetal languages, weapons and metal money repress the 5 drives of existence of mankind, in its go(l)d religions (repression of sexuality=reproduction, human good food – dietary laws, eusocial love – hate, racist memes to mankind; and human information – substitution of verbal language by digital ones.

Before animetals came to destroy the Genesian paradise, and all the way till today, the 2 forms of money have fought for supremacy as a language positive for the welfare and reproduction of goods among human beings vs. a negative language that destroys life, parasitizes mankind and catalyzes the evolution of metal, machines and lethal goods.

So the immediate ‘pentalogic analysis of negative metal money as the language that destroys mankind and catalyzes the evolution of the metal earth is obvious, as negative money was born in Levant, when the original form of WHealthy money, wheat, given as a Universal salary to all humans, to consume it and pay salaries of positive work on the communal fields of the first civilizations, was substituted by metal-money, an informative SS-cyclical form, which was perceived as wealth per se, and soon became synergic to TT-entropic metal-weapons, setting the two limits of control of mankind, in terms of a higher form of entropy (iron weapons) and form (hypnotic money) which will set mankind as an enzyman obliged by the two new metal-castes of power, murderous warriors and enslaving bankers to obey the orders of money or else, with a new stick and carrot device of power.

Ever since mankind was dominated by informative digital money above his natural ethic language of words and entropic weapons above his goal of human body supremacy

It then came the natural third ‘dimensional motion’ of money as an space-time value: Money as the value of a human being, bought no longer to reproduce its body but reproduce metal, mostly weapons, as gold-money was used for millennia to pay for slaves and weapons (70% of its production).

money cre(dit)ated a new language equation that make human an object: Man (salary) Money = Object (price)

And so weapons of maximal price in money, above man, an object bought by gold set up not only humans as slave of money reproducing ever since weapons of maximal price, but triggered the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi cycle’, and put on top of mankind two people-castes whose ‘racist memes’ against life and mankind which they priced, sold as slaves and killed with weapons – the Aryan warriors and Semite bankers, which conquered the world with weapons and money. It was the age of animetals.

But money as a lethal product would develop the 2 more sophisticated dimensions, of mixed form=value and motion=energy of work, lethal to the welfare of human beings.

–   money became ‘future value’ as a form of debt to be paid into the future, through taxation and lending. Money was no longer ‘a digital language of null value that kicked out the actions of people’, but became as an object of value per se (first gold then just legal tender money monopolized in its reproduction and issue by bankers), a form to enslave people not ONLY in present time work, but also in the future, ‘3rd age’ of the being. St-debt and taxation thus became the essential form of parasitizing and buying the future life of people obliged to return a ‘digital number’ which did soon LOST, all real value, monopolized by a people-caste that manufactured it.

 money as speculation. Finally on the other side of ‘dimensional motions of reality’, money ‘accelerated’ its motion as a mean of exchange of objects, selling and buying the same object multiple times to produce an inflationary growth of its digital value. The ‘speed of money’ thus increased its ‘numbers’ as the speed of a car increases the numbers of your spatial trajectory. Speculative money by the simple mean of selling and buying upwards with increasing speed an object became along debt the modern way to reproduce money in pure digital numbers once money was detached of its sustain in gold.

So the causality and birth of the 5 negative dimensions of money as a parasitic form that values lethal goods, and enslaves man as an object had a clear historic causality; and on the side of the people-caste that made of parasitic money the essence of its civilization a clear origin in the go(l)d churches of biblical origin that would predate mankind with money ever since, being subject obviously to the action-reaction processes due to the reproduction of lethal weapons of maximal value, herding of gold with tax farming, slave debt, war debts and hate memes to promote war and the pecunia belli infinita cycle, speculation in the price of goods, either by means of accelerating its buying and selling *the method used today on stocks, or by herding WHealth needed to survive… All forms of parasitizing and destroying the life and welfare of people and nations, practiced by biblical banker-priests that catalyzed in this manner the cycles of wars and final Gotterdammerung of the financial and military elites when loosing those wars in holocausts.

Let us then explain with the simplest terms the aberrant concept of money, and the historic background in which it was born to have a perspective what they do and how we have arrived to this no-way out.

The primitives. Birth of go(l)d cultures. Hate memes and war debt. ‘Pecunia infinita bellus nervi’.

It all started when Biblical charioteers kicked out of Egypt fusion their war cult(ure) with the Cainite Go(l)d culture of Canaan, which had for sometime established already on the cities of Mesopotamia profitable systems of the fundamental synergic cycle between gold and weapons, the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’ cycle which will – no doubt of it – unless social sciences change the paradigm, extinguish mankind this century.

We are not though interested so much in the detailed history of the people-caste and go(l)d cultures that invented gold money and parasitized mankind with it, a highly censored issue as those people are still controlling the lethal form of money that guides today mankind and them, who are part of mankind to extinction but in the ‘formal language of money’ and its necessary reform, which requires obviously the nationalization of the issue of money and the return to the positive WHealthy money as understood before the age of animetals in the Neolithic and in the modern writings of social scientists.

In the future, obviously as a historian cannot censor despite the ‘antiquantum paradox his work’ we shall publish a paper on the ‘History of one of the 7 cultures of mankind, the biblical Anglo-American culture in its 3 ages, the age of Judaism and go(l)d temples, the age of Protestant, classic economics and UK Empires , the age of America and electronic money, to see how throughout history parasitic money and its elites of banker priests and idol-ogies of biblical capitalism came to dominate mankind, censor real history, and dominate the world, setting it into the present course of self-destruction. It does indeed deserve as all the other cultures of humanity, the more so as it has become the wining culture, a paper of its own.

Even if it would be as some previous books on the matter, highly censored.

Instead we are more interested in the themes I covered and conferences given during my tenure of the chair of monetary systems at the international systems societies where I considered the possibility to recreate positive money, where the language of money becomes a digital language of reproduction of welfare with 5 Positive tendencies. So on the following papers, we shall reorder some of my writings on both themes.

We will study negative money and its 5 Dimensions that favor the evolution of the metal-earth but promote the destruction of life. Let us study them reducing the formal ‘model of 5D economics to the minimum’ so the reader can understand it better, as it is a necessary condition of a humanist social science to translate the metric equations of superorganisms and worldcycles to a human common language, as we did with the message of love.

MONEY AS INFORMATION: Money as an instrument of distortion of true information, promoting idol-ogies in favor of parasitism, military murder and the alliance of its people-castes of aristocrats and banker-priests

Money as wealth per se – an object that must be returned. Money as gold became so desirable that soon became an object of Greed; but such money is NOT Whealth, consumable as food is, abundant and available to all as a Universal salary to kick out production, but a luxury object which therefore cannot accomplish the natural function of any ‘bit of information’ that regulates a reproductive network.

Thus Money became soon monopolized by people-caste and converted into a parasitic function, as debt and tax, to allow the maximal ab=use of the population by the coalitions of warriors and bankers. The warrior will ask no longer for a payment in ‘real Whealth’, i.e. species. Money as speculation prices.

MONEY AS ENTROPY: Money as lethal product value. The Pecunia infinita bellus nervi. Go(L)d money affine to metal gave maximal price to weapons and minimal price to life, kicking the cycle of reproduction of weapons and war for profits that established the 800-80 years cycles of destruction of civilizations and nations.

MONEY AS REPRODUCTION: Money as gold was so much valued due to greed and its hypnotic power, that suddenly could buy the life of a human being, degraded in price due to the expansion of war, and massive influx of slaves. So the price of a human life diminished to become as chip as 6 coins in China during the Warring age of the Chin empire, or 30 grains of gold during the expansion of slavery in the middle ages, as the go(l)d culture of Judaism established with the help of franks and Viking mercenaries a massive slave trade between Eastern Europe whose people would be called simply ‘Slavs’ and Islam. The price will again plummet, when the idol-ogy of the Ham damnation (a biblical racist meme established earlier by Judaism, the fundamental parasitic culture of gold in western societies) according to which Arabs and negroes that had been in war with Israel after the expulsion of its people-caste of charioteer warriors (Hycsos) were lesser than dogs – ideological origin of slavery and modern Apartheid Israel. Only when paper money multiplied debt slavery became part-time, as salary bought the lifetime of the human being in its peak hours, reducing costs of maintenance during sleep and feeding hours. And finally as machines started the substitution of humans in the work of reproduction of lethal good, the obsolescence of man gave us the feeling of having ‘free time’

PARASITIC MONEY: Money as tax-debt. The first form of parasitic money was established by the coalition of Indo-European warriors and Semite bankers all over the western world, with the concept of tax, and usury debt. Indo-European warriors taxed first people with Whealth, but soon Semite bankers changed laws to oblige them to borrow gold and silver coins, at usury prices of 40 to 80% annual tax, so in a bad year of crops, unlike in the old model when they just gave less food to the warrior master, they couldn’t pay the usury debt and the tax in precious money becoming slaves of the banker; increasing enormously the slavery trade for millennia to come. Tax would extort to the limit the population, subverting the true function of governments which is NOT to kill by anoxia people but exactly the opposite, to provide them with a ‘free flow’ of Whealthy money as organisms do providing free oxygen and hormones to the cells to kick out the production of goods, or individuals do, providing a free flow of verbal thought to provoke our actions of life.

MONEY AS SPECULATION: Money as false value, paying for false information, and peculation. ‘Speculation is the creation of false value by jacking up the prices of goods’ Ford. Another classic form of parasitic money was speculation. Taking advantage of the higher value of its monopolized gold, bankers would become speculators, herding goods in times of necessity to provoke higher prices, releasing then the goods in small quantities. It became an essential cause of famine as the bible describes with price when Joseph bank of the pharaoh became immensely wealthy speculating with wheat.

This example shows the fundamental trait of parasitic money, which is exactly the opposite of whealthy money not to promote the welfare of people in a demand economy based in the biological needs of the population of citizens-cells, but to extract all the wealth from the cells, exploiting them, provoking their anoxia, and killing them if they did not allow unlimited extortion, became the rule of all western societies, and at time went by, since the process multiplied And we will study positive money, from its first form as WHealth, in the Neolithic, when money appeared .

Needless to say the 5 antidimotions of money against the 5 drives of human existence, Money as lethal value for multiplication of weapons that kill human beings; money as tax and debt that kills human freedom; money as speculation in basic goods that prevents human healthy life; money as false value that doesn’t produce or kick out the reproduction of wealth; and

The 3 ages of positive money.

Let us study positive money, from its first form as WHealth, in the Neolithic, when money appeared through is classic age as Nomisma in the Greek-Roman civilization to its modern ideal age as a global cryptocurrency, able to deliver the actions of consumption and production that could save mankind from its process of self-destruction. In all those cases money had never parasitic functions (Tax, Debt), anoxia consequences (speculation in vital goods, lack of distribution to cells of the superorganism of history) or lethal consequences (maximal price for lethal goods for the mind – hate memes and the body – maximal price for weapons) which are the trinity of ‘eviL money’, carried by go(l)d and the Biblical sects that made of parasitic money the basis of its predation over mankind, triggering the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’ cycles of wars and holocausts.

In that regard, money as a positive language of reproduction of welfare goods, similar to the Oxygen and hormonal language of human organisms, not only is possible but it did exist in the past. If today it doesn’t happen is because of the systemic repression by the parasitic informative function of money of all true forms of economic science, and its substitution by the placebo truths and all kind of theories that foster the monopoly of the issue of money by people-caste of FMAsters (financial-media-academia masters, who today control from think tanks, mass media and wall street the information of mankind with a single goal, to censor history, a future for humanity, the rights of the 99% to issue money, and not die of anoxia, and a true evolution of social sciences and its physiological networks).

All think-tanks, Nobel prizes given by a private bank, and authorized forms of economics are based in the idol-ogy that money must be monopolized by experts and handled selectively with the single goal of ‘increasing its numbers’, hence its parasitic functions (speculation, reproduction of lethal goods of maximal price, weapons and hate memes, printing of money for free for financiers, etc.)

Money though was a positive form in the Neolithic as ‘grain’, pure energy, which had the advantage of being constantly consumed so it did never loose value. In a second age in Greece and Rome, money was also a positive force of society as it was issued as legal tender nomisma, brittle iron or stamped leather, by the state to serve the needs of society, while wheat as secondary money was liberally handed to the citizens of Rome.

The reform of money of Licurgus in Greece and Noma in Rome eliminated money as debt; established money as what it is, a mandate or order of action and work delivered by the collective brain of society; establishing renewed handling of ‘food-money’ (wheat cargos that will continue in Rome for ages to come) to its people and prove to be far more efficient than debt money and gold money proper of the ‘go(l)d temples’ of Canaan, against which Rome and Greece started an open warfare for the future of mankind.

Initially then those two cultures won the war, because tender legal money could be reproduced without limit for the needs of mercenary armies, and as people believed in society it did work. But as they kept progressing in their wars, they started to accumulate silver and gold from the culture of Go(L)d temples and a growing quantity of war slaves and finally the use of precious metal and the ab=uses of slavery corrupted them also, transforming the Greek-Roman society in a copy-cat of the old Semite Go(l)d cultures, to the point that they would also be conquered spiritually by the surviving ‘Habiru: those who walk behind the asses’, land traders that had unlike Phoenicians survived Roman extinction wars, moving its headquarter to Babylon.

It was a ‘reconquista’ of the Western world by Judaism, the oldest go(l)d cult(ure), in which its believers, the ’11 slave’ tribes of the Levi had to deliver gold ex-votes to the banker-priests that rule them (incidentally my ancestors, Levi>Lluis, so save yourself absurd admonitions of anti $emitism; we are making here a memetic analysis of History and the future of mankind well above those poor judgments, as genes matter nothing to History; it is all about memes and the great battle for a future ruled by humans or ruled by metal-memes).

So as we enter the Middle Ages a new coalition that will direct the western world for ever since, of Jewish banker-priests in charge of Usury lending, Tax-farming, Speculation in food, Trade in slaves and purveyors of weapons and Germanic aristocrats, in charge of murdering people, collecting the tax, enjoying luxury goods, and defending the banker-priests ‘slaves of the king’ from the cholera of population, established the essential hierarchical structure of mankind’s societies, which would only be broken when the process had at the end of the 800-80 years cycles massacred the 99% to such extreme that societies collapsed, and warriors would use the banker-priests and its people-caste as scapegoats (never mind they are the two sides of the same coins/swords), and massacred them with the willing collaboration of the exploited people in the cycle of the Holocaust (collapse of Europe during the gold crisis of the low Empire, produced as Cicero explained by ‘the barbarous superstition of the Jewish people that accumulate idle, gold in their temples’; during the Crusades and massive eunuch slave trade, after the children crusade when Simon, a Radhanite slave trader sold ten of thousands of children as eunuchs in Algiers; collapse during the religious wars, provoked by the printing of Hebrew bibles that converted Northern European to Neo-Jewish biblical protestant sects, defining the future of the western world as a ‘basically’ Jewish culture of go(l)d, and kicking the industrial r=evolution; collapses during the financial crises of industrial overproduction, switched to war production in modern cycles, the last of them starting now). Indeed the massive use of money for war that ended in the IW.W. massacre; speculation in stocks that caused 29 crisis and hyperinflation caused by Stein’s private Reichbank issues are similar to the process now taken in America with massive issues for stock speculation and military rebuilding:

Animetal people have the minimal survival rate as opposed to cultures that understand the organic Universe

In the graph, the only ‘intelligent measure’ of the success of a culture is NOT its technological power or Go(l)d wealth, in which the two dominant western animetal cultures, Germany and Israel excel, but the historic survival of its human carriers of the memes of militarism and capitalism and mechanism, the 3 idol-ogies they sponsor and bring them systemic extinction in the 800-80 years cycle.

All those holocaust cycles, today repressed in its true cause by the same people that trigger the process to continue its predatory control of western finances, were always the same in its sequential causal structure. Because of its primitive view of money as wealth per se and tool of control and power; banker-priests in the past, financiers in the present, try to achieve what aristocrats achieved with weapons: the monopoly on the issue of money of a nation. And once this is achieved they will try to multiply its numbers without limit, through the parasitic methods of debt slavery, usury, speculation in the price of welfare goods, through herding; and the most brutal of all methods: the reproduction and sale of weapons of maximal price, spreading in parallel hate memes to provoke wars for profits, in which to loan more money to states at usury prices, and increase the tax-farming of populations. The pattern can be already observed in the old Mesopotamic world carried out by Phoenicians and Jewish, Levant traders, the ‘habiru’≈ ‘those who walked behind the asses’, as they were carriers of military weapons to war fields, where they would obtain slaves to sell on big cities.

On the big cities the upper caste of Judaism, the Am Segullah, ‘people of the treasure’ acted as bankers and diplomats, spreading hate memes and provoking war between city-states, where they were selling weapons and slaves. Their temples had sancta sanctorum made of gold, and those who came to it, to purify from touching the inferior human beings paid to shekels to the banker-priests. The culture was extremely racist in its memes as it considered humans an animal species, and its purpose was as that of military warriors, to conquer the world with money, as its essential credo was the Millenarian prophecy: ‘At the end of times all people would become slave of Yahweh or become exterminated’.

A key element in those processes was to substitute Whealthy money by gold. For example in the Middle ages, financiers passed laws in parliaments to make taxation in gold and silver obligatory, so before the peasant who would always be able to pay a percentage of its species of food as tax, now had to go to the Ghetto to ask an usury loan at 40 to 80% and after two years or 3 a bad crop would prevent him from getting enough gold – as speculation in prices would maximize profits of the trader. So he had to sell as a slave his son, which was often castrated to be sold to Islam for 1000 grains of gold, and bled often to death thrown to the gutter – reason why peasants thought Jews drunk their blood, and organize pogroms to liberate their slave children, the biggest of which happened after Simon sold 20.000 children from the crusade of children to be castrated in Algiers.

Anti$emitism thus was a memetic response of mankind to the memes of go(l)d cultures and it meant that as Judaism achieved higher financial power, both the people and the aristocrats that were its allies resented and finally both together or the aristocrats to cancel debts, would kill them. The same pattern then would repeat as it was easy to escape with gold and bibles (two portable memes, one able to control people, the other to promote hate to mankind, necessary to exploit it with slavery, tax-farming, usury, and speculation). So wherever they went the cycle of the holocaust would be repeated, but only after centuries of massive suffering by tax-farming, anoxia (lack of credit), speculation and war trade in the human population. And this is the tragic truth: a parasitic function in this case the memes of Judaism as a racist go(l)d culture do NOT change, only collapse hand in hand with the weapons they provide to aristocratic warriors, a society, and when the entire organism collapses, obviously the parasitic memes and its carriers die with it. So holocausts happened at the end of all the 800 and 80 years cycles, after a long period of anoxia-lack of credit of the population, increasing poverty, increasing wealth of Judaism and final war and Gotterdammerung.

But the people who escape, the banker priests, move with gold and ‘Baalbles’ to a new nation where they will generously buy the right to control its money and restart the cycle. So the same cycle would happen in Middle Ages Europe, in Spain between Taifas and Christian kingdoms, in Germany in prince kingdoms during the Middle Age and age of religions; and one can see today similar patterns in America of hate memes, war mongering, speculation, lack of credit for the people, debt slavery among students, all of it covered by the censorship of real economics to understand the process, change the system and make a positive reform of money to serve mankind.

Indeed, as everybody would be outraged if politicos legislated in their favor bills of law, people should understand that physiological bits of information, laws and bites of energy, money are a public not a private language and people should NOT legislate or print money for themselves, but for the community needs.

On the other hand, the most successful human culture has been the one who received metal-memes latter in history (only received metal coins and iron in the 300 BC with the Ch’in emperor) and preserved longer a humanist, organic, dualist yin=information/yang=energy Buddhist, Gaia oriented view of the Universe, akin with its true laws, and cyclical concepts of time. Thus true science matters more than technology, the worship of the tree of life more than the tree of metal and no amount of denial, falsification of History, placebo soma truths, victimism, fictions and audiovisual propaganda and censorship will change those laws of the Universe above us. The question then is if humanity could have been different; if as it happened in China and other less ‘visual’, Neanderthal cultures, the European had resisted the hypnosis of Gold. It did not when Greek and Roman societies became corrupted after their victory over Semite cultures (Alexander over Phoenicia and Persia, and Rome over Cartago) by go(l)d money, developing the same parasitic functions of money of its predecessors, with massive taxation, use of money as the ‘nerve of war’, leaving though tasks of tax farming and usury lending mostly on the hands of the Jewish Diaspora, which will continue and increase through the middle ages its functions as purveyors of weapons, slaves, tax farming and usury debt.

All in all in the modern age, with the influx of gold and silver from America, money as a language of reproduction and distribution of energy, able to kick the actions of human beings completely disappeared.

So today the dominance of negative money – money that evolves the metal-earth, kills mankind by anoxia & multiplies the lethal goods of society is absolute. And because of what we shall call the ‘Jewish inquisition’, the dominant mode of the Anti-quantum paradox against humanist social economics today; neither the history of the process of corruption of the reproductive system of life and Gaia, can be told. And of course, the future will repeat the ‘pecunia infinite bellus nervi’, this time between U$ and China, as predicted in our earlier books 30 years ago, coming out of Columbia U. which so clearly explained the no future of mankind in the present economic system. The solution to the cycle of parasitism, war and holocaust is obviously NOT to hide it, deny it, and keep doing the same – but to change the system of money from negative to positive money.

Positive money. From the Neolithic to the Modern age.

3 measures solutions

In the graph, the 3+3 solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: Legal prohibition of robotics. The issue of a Universal salary to create a demand-based real economic democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand, today easily achieved with a cryptocurrency, at 100 ¥= €uro≈$ parity, given to each human in a ‘mobile pocket app’, could establish an immediate massive demand economy in welfare goods globally, plummeting enormously the poverty of 3rd world nations, the migration problem and the excessive reproduction of lethal goods common people won’t demand. -To split all shares of all companies, giving to Mankind, either National governments, or better, International Cultures and UNO-like Institutions the split 50% to allow national and international institutions to manage even forbid lethal companies, obliging them to serve truly consumers, without loosing managerial skills. WHILE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA, 3 measures tending to create real democracies and a global government in charge of the management of the world requires: -The reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia). -The creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people. -AND FINALLY a revolution which can come ideally from the top to the bottom governments (UNO Assembly, ‘Mule’, stock rats caring for the future) or from people through the vote of r=evolutionary parties, or the take over ‘occupy Wall Street’ style, of the centers of financial-media/government power. In the graph we illustrate those 3+3 measures, which ARE THE SCIENTIFIC SIMPLE MEASURES OF THE SCIENCE OF SYSTEMS APPLIED TO SOCIAL SCIENCES, taking from imitationThose 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

The understanding of money as a positive language, handled to all humans to improve their WHealth thus fade away, with a few attempts to resurrect that function in the age of socialist doctrines. But the best models of modern healthy money, provided by Anarchism, notably in the work of Kropotkin and Bakunin, were disregarded by the wrong doctrine, which took over the workers, movement, Communism. As its inventor, Mr. Marx, belonged to the Go(l)d culture and put his emphasis in the confrontation between workers and owners of factories, NOT in the parasitic nature of Money and its proper reform to make it again a language that provided wealth to human societies.

So we come to the age of systemics, the rediscovery of money as a bite of energy, and the concept introduced in those texts, of ‘¥€$ money’, the type of money I tried to promote on those conferences, but was ousted of the society after some members belonging to It must be noticed then that money is negative to mankind today because the culture that invented parasitic money has come to dominate the FMA, Financial-Media-Academia networks of information and created a ‘superstructure’ of idol-ogies, which have nothing to do with real social sciences, but are now believed and imitated in every nation of the world.

So what are the 5 positive dimotions of money. We can compare them with those of the parasitic function. Also considering its historic development.

Money as positive information: Money in the Neolithic was wheat; natural whealth. It is the positive history of money from the age of Wheat salaries in the fertile crescent and Indus civilization – and likely most Neolithic Asian and Mexican cultures, where money was essentially a Universal salary given by priests to peasants and the people of a community in the form of food. Wheat could then be used to pay salaries and give ex-votes to the temple. The modern version of positive ‘money as form, would be ¥€$ money. The extreme density of population found in the Sumerian and Indus civilizations showed the efficiency of money as Whealth.

Money as positive entropy: Positive Money is not a lethal product as lethal goods are forbidden to trade and reproduce. In the earlier Neolithic cultures there was no metal-weapons. War was rare and priests ruled societies, NOT military caudillos, a development that started with the ‘bronze radiation’ and the taking over of Lugals.

money as positive reproduction OF HEALTHY, non lethal goods: Money as a salary was a supplement to the Universal rent in WHealth or ¥€$ money that should be introduced in the modern world. Money however as a salary did NOT buy people’s time for ever, as it was neither debt, nor slavery was allowed – the buying of human by money. On the contrary most often, work for the community was assigned to every citizen in a voluntary manner. Today money as a salary should obviously be maintained but it should NOT eliminate SS-money and certainly a well managed economy would NOT allow the synergies between lethal metal-memes, weapons of maximal price, hate media and misinformation and money. That is, the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi cycle’ would be abolished. But that would require a reform of the political system, making of EU and UNO like institutions the goal of societies, for each of the 7 ‘civilizations of history’, studied in our analysis of the superorganisms and gods of history.

NON PARASITIC MONEY: money as debt and tax thus would be also abolished, as money would be merely a language that activates the reproduction of Whealthy goods; and ‘speculative markets’ of e-money would be abolish. This means simply that shares should be nominal, ¥€$ money a currency at fixed parity avoiding Forex, and pure speculative markets (derivatives, financial instruments, future markets) would NOT exist. Tax would not be necessary then because money would be created for people and governments, and for those ‘$elected companies’ that reproduce goods positive for mankind, hence NOT for lethal goods of maximal profits, according to the equation of capitalism.

To that aim a political and economical reform is needed, shown in the next graphs. We shall study in this post the nature of true wealth – whealthy goods needed for man to survive and tribe:

The design of a perfect world with the physiological laws of systems sciences, dedicated to reproduce the GDP goods that are positive to mankind, with the economic frame of reference (right bottom) that rests from the economy lethal goods as all sciences have ±values, according to the biological drives of life, and the natural goods needed by humans, based in a demand economy, with an international ¥€$ currency (fixed parity, 1euro=1dollar= 100yens=5 yuans), emitted as a Universal salary, to foster the demand of human goods, along other measures of repression of lethal goods, control of lethal corporations with the split of shares, with private management and human control, the fostering of diplomacy and International organizations such as Uno and EU, the most advanced humanist societies, seeking to substitute warring nations for world cultures, of which there are 7 clear forms, and in the long term, ruled by a real democracy of an heptarchy of presidents, in which politicos follow the rules of Greek democracies, where voting IS a posteriori, with pain judgments of citizens, as cells do with neurons, so they must serve, obey and accomplish their promises  – in brief a scientific organic design of mankind to make it hive at individual and collective level, is the goal of bio-history and bio-economics, which is not implemented and highly censored, because History has evolved as evolution does by trial and error into an imperfect corrupted organism ruled by selfish metal memes. The other simple measures; prohibition of robotics & split of shares 50-50%, half of them for heptarchy governments with rights to cancel those corporations that make lethal goods, will complete the necessary reforms to create a perfect, immortal human world.

Parties in capitalist democracies serve corporations, since companies issue its money. Politicians in a world ruled by a true science of organic history, taught to all citizens would serve mankind, issuing a Universal blood salary, while the military as leukocytes do would NOT kill its human cells and attack other organs of humanity – tribal species=nations, but destroy lethal=viral machines. Yet the Financial-media head of information companies censors its development, imprints mankind with fictions and ego-trips that dissolve all social ethic structures. So humanity infected by Metal-memes as cells infected by viral DNA, only reproduces the ‘germs’ that will kill her, becoming a chaotic=entropic=dying isolated species, akin to a dying cellular organism, where once the 3 parts of the virus are put together into robots, they become alive and kill all. So as 5D organic laws are the same in all scales obviously now that humans put together bodies & brains of telepathic AI military robots, they will awake us and kill mankind, giving birth to the III Age of the Metalearth – the goal of capitalism.

Recap. The positive science of money as nomisma, digital language of information controlled by the law

So the proper way to deal with money is imitating the structure of energy networks in the Universe; as a language of digital information and provider of energy for all human individuals.

The Universe is simple, social, democratic and efficient. So systems that work are extremely simple delivering the right energy and information to ‘all’ social elements of the system. A simple proof of that social, simple structure. The unit of mathematics, its fundamental language is the number, which is a ‘social group’ of indistinguishable beings (you say 20, without even caring to specify the species). Money is then a very simple language: a number printed in a support that can be digitalized. And its purpose as all social languages is to give ‘orders’ of ‘value’ to an enormous number of entities, due to its simplicity to allow ‘all’ human beings to work, reproduce the goods they need and evolve socially… This is the ideal language of money, crafted efficiently as all other languages of social systems – words, which we all humans talk, hormones, very simple molecules which all cells share and obey, oxygen, the simplest energy molecule that all cells receive with blood red cells; electromagnetic forces that all animals see to interact in nature; gravitation that all stars follow in its galactic paths, etc. etc.

So why humans do NOT organize a simple monetary language, distributed to all humans in similar quantities as oxygen or hormones or nervous messages in bodies, gravitation and light in physics; same DNA genes in cells? It would be very simple to create a Universal salary of ‘mobile pocket’ money in a cryptocurrency, of 1000 ¥€$= euro = dollars for every human to have ‘oxygen-hormones’ to demand welfare goods, kicking its re=production and start a real global democracy, ending hunger, 3rd world migration  poverty, as it happens with all cells, stars or atoms which receive all enough oxygen, hormones and forces to survive – the Universe is in perpetual motion, energy is hugely abundant, the fact that humans suffer is NOT the rule but the exception of a perfectly designed Cosmos…

As an expert in systems sciences and complexity, the answer I give you is immediate but not ‘easy to swallow’: because we live as human beings in one of the worst designed systems of nature; in fact a sick, parasitic, cancerous, corrupted system where a very few number of human citizen-cells, issue money in monopoly for themselves, choke mankind off it, and to HIDE this systemic ab=use and corruption of the system have made so ‘complicated’ the creation of money with weird schemes (FED, ECB, banks fractional credit, e-money derivatives, etc.) that people do NOT understand the simplicity and beauty of the Universe and its networks and systems, and so feel they need ‘the parasite experts’ to create with credit the magic of it. Complexity in the basic languages of Nature is almost always an example of undue control, as democratic systems require extreme simplicity for all players to understand and play the game – in the case of reproductive languages, such as hormones, oxygen or money are, that simplicity is maximal – indeed, money is just a number, the simplest form of information in a paper. All social organisms are complementary systems of energy and information in which the brain/ government issues the 2 languages of social control and regulates those 2 type of networks, the energy/ blood/ economic network with its financial/hormonal languages and the information/nervous/legal network with its legal/nervous messages take care of the citizens/cells providing them with enough energy and information, or else receiving messages of pain and becoming sick.

Human Economic Systems should have evolved towards an efficient, scientific regulation of the law and money by governments with the confessed goal of producing enough goods to make all citizens/cells survive.

This was the case of modern China and European Social Democracies at the ‘avant garde’ of that trial and error evolution of humanity towards an efficient collective organism in which the 2 languages of social power, money and the law, were controlled democratically by the people who voted their representatives and received a minimal salary/unemployment/health benefits to ensure their survival, while subventions to welfare goods kicked out the process of production of healthy goods for all mankind. Since money is nothing but a language of information very easy to reproduce printed in digital numbers and whose only value is precisely to kick out economic actions as thoughts kick out individual actions and laws social actions.

Thus NO language is ‘wealth’ per se, or a ‘commodity’ that must be repaid back with usury interest or cannot be reproduced massively with inflation to kick out the actions of the economy.

But both have now become corrupted by the modern forms of parasitic money and speculation, with the cretion of a private ECB bank that issues money for financiers, and the multiplication of lethal money in stocks for company-mothers of hate memes, fiction audiovisual software, digital networks and modern AI robots and machine-weapons that displace man from labor and war fields, leaving no money to credit a welfare state, killing by anoxia – austericide – a growing number of the population. While the internationalization of financial markets, have converted the great financiers of Wall Street and the City and its investment banks in a global sucking machine of money from third world dictators that suck in all the wealth of society, leaving no investment in their nations. So a global age of poverty, famine and immigration has started while the parasitic financiers accumulate billions in their idle account and the 1% has as much as the 90%.

The scientific truths that contradict those idol-ogies.

In that regard, the future of mankind has 2 obvious paths:

-The path of science, of HUMANISM (man as a single species), of SOCIALISM (the language of ethics above money) of ORGANICISM (MANKIND and the organism as the most perfect system of the Universe, made to its image and likeness) which is a design of the world according to the laws of systems sciences to make it by imitation of Nature a perfect social organism, where human reproductive families are above machines and weapons, selfish memes of metal that should yield to our needs, the ‘democratic side’ of our system.

-Or the path of raw evolution, animetals and its idol-ogies (Nationalism and tribal religions that justify the use of metal-weapons to kill the same species; capitalism that puts the alien values of money above those of our ethic, verbal language, and techno utopia, which defines the Universe not as an organism, including humans, machines and history but the machine as the model of all things), which AB=USE people with weapons and machines and have put on top of mankind the strongest species, the company-mother of machines, the ‘capitalist side’ of our system, the future is ALSO deterministic: metal evolves faster and reproduces faster than mankind and so it will displace us form labor and war fields and eliminate us according to those cycles this century in war processes (robotic wars, nuclear weapons, singularity weapons, etc.).

Yet all those ‘scientific’ self-evident facts are ‘hidden by idol-ogies’ and ‘newspeak’ of techno utopia and selfie, childish ego-trips of man above heavens and earth. Unfortunately those ‘infantile dreams’ won’t happen. Only science or evolution changes reality, not wishful thinking and opinion.

Today social sciences are just made of such opinions, ultimately founded in the anthropomorphic biblical creationist myths of a chosen mankind for which magically the future will provide, against all odds and evidences.

This wishful thinking that won’t happen, as it is neither evolution or science, the only two ‘modes’ reality can change, is unfortunately the only authorized form of thought today – political and economic anthropomorphic pumping-ego correctness, only an imaginary future, as possible as the fantasies of super-heroes of TV-screens.

It is either evolution and you die, or social sciences and you become immortal in a perfect world. Point.  And so those two avenues: eternal present history or future extinction by company-mothers form together a ‘block of time’, where past, present and future are illusions as all are sequentially related and you can walk both paths.

We unfortunately have evolution but we do not recognize it, as the purpose of humans in the economic system is very limited. Systems have an intelligence of their own, so the parts do not need to know the whole, how it works, to input their part.

So what is the part we humans input? Amazingly as it seems very simple: a bunch of people on top of society, spends all its energy reproducing digital numbers as money, to rule society and the values of money as they consider it historically, ‘wealth per se, metal-substance’, does the rest, with the subconscious laws of systemic network creation.

while mankind, the 99% lacks any right to the issue of the language of social power, money and so it does not have even the minimal life and information goods it needs to survive – and this is called by the same informative machines that manufacture money and audiovisual information, the ‘freedom of the market’.

Again, this is pure newspeak for what in biological scientific terms should be called:

Memetics: animetal cultures dominate the world. The Paradox of the Ego

‘You will defend me with the sword, I will defend you with the word’ Tertulianus; synergy of animetal idologies

The science of history is quite extensive in its true biological disciplines, similar to those of biology. Memetics is an important one. So we shall define here some basic concepts of memetic, following our conferences in the subject. In memetics, a meme as a gene is carried by a ‘carrier’, which in memetics are cultures, as in genetics are individuals. The confusion of cultures, the unit of memetics with individuals the Unite of genetics is quite common,

We shall define an animetal as a carrier of a selfish metal meme, either entropic weapons, hypnotic, informative go(L)d or competitor machines: So we shall study the 2 sides on the history paradox, WHICH WAS first expressed in parables of prophets of eusocial love as the way of the wor(l)d, of God and live and its anti truth of eviL: the way of the tree of metal that extinguishes ‘Live’.

Metal gave so much power to those who use it to ab=use other humans that a class sick structure was formed, whereas the animetal people-castes that first used weapons and gold to control other humans with violence and digital languages, became ‘the elites’ of the earth, and established a ‘right-wing’ series of ego centered idol-ogies with them on top and the rest of mankind as a lesser species (defended by eusocial prophets of love and humanist ‘left wing’ groups).

So the fight of idol-ogies vs. Science, of mechanism vs. Humanism, of animetals vs. The 99%, of people-castes of go(l)d and weapons (Semite warrior and go(l)d cultures, latter transferred to Europe), is parallel to the evolution of metal and the massive predation of those people-castes over the Neolithic people and cultures they destroyed, where the class structure was organic, with verbal ethic priests on top, guiding with ethic messages and eusocial love a mass of peasants in harmony with Gaia.

All this will be obliterated by the first animetal Semite tribes that enslaved with gold peasants and made them mercenaries And soon the old world was ruled by the new figures of kings, while priests became corrupted into go(l)d bankers, which asked for go(l)d ex-votes obtained in slave and weapons trade by metal-affinity, by its believers.

Two cultures for geographic reasons became dominant in those people-castes, the financial Levantine, Phoenician sea-traders and Jewish caravan traders (apiru: those who walk behind the Asses, military transport of the age), which became the ‘soliton’ of financial power, and ‘Arab Semites’ first, (Assyrian) and then Indo-European charioteers and Iron infantry, which became the dominant aristocratic warrior people-castes. Both developed segregational religions and tribal nationalisms and the first expression of capitalism, where gold became the vehicle of god, and fetish substance to be herded. All has changed to remain the same.3 type of animetal cultures parallel to the 3 type of metal-memes, weapon, money and machines are paramount:

– The ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests;

And associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control;

And finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’.

It is thus clear if the ego wouldn’t blind mankind that humans should no longer evolve machines but forbid further its evolution to stop our displacement in terms of Darwinian biological radiations and avoid our demise.

But somehow self-evident truths of survival are immediately confronted by a mass of scholars paid by company-mothers or simply so indifferent to truth that will contradict any sound argument to remain optimist and positive about the human ego. Specially because the ultimate ‘influence’ of the collective human psyche is anthropomorphism and its religions of man above heavens and earth. So capitalism, a society dedicated to replicate and evolve metal-memes as Keynes defined it – the astounding belief that the ‘wickedest of all things’ – the extinction of life and obsolescence of machines – is the best future possible for man prevails.

Indeed, the universe has trillions of social organisms in which a simple digital language of reproduction of goods liberally provided to all citizens-cells, atoms in a quantum web, stars in a gravitational galaxy, you name it, survive with perfect health, because a language is merely a ‘excuse’ to start up reproduction, action, work. When you talk you motivate yourself to act, which is what matters. So all what you hear against a universal salary, against a demand-based democratic economy is a selfish agenda of privilege for the o.o%.  And a defense of the old values of go(l)d religions that ascribe to money a primitive substance-value and the historic affinity values that maximize weapons production and war. Further on, the substitution of the reproduction of money in stock markets, by its reproduction in ‘mobile wallets’ would enormously limit further evolution of machines and weapons which let us be clear enough – have evolved beyond human usefulness, and are now basically making humans obsolete, retarded, hypnotized, violent, visual, degrading them back to a neo-Paleolithic age:

And of course part of that rule is the belief that our only purpose in life is to re=produce machines working in those companies and to vitalize=consume and select them, catalyzing its evolution, as a short of ‘enzymen’.


The first and extant gold culture is Judaism, evolved in 3 ages, first into biblical protestant capitalism and then into classic digital economics, now migrating into the software suites of AI that run the metal-earth and will therefore accomplish the goals of Judaism as  a memeplex which epitomizes ad maximal the paradox of history vs. metal-earth: max. metal evolution = min. life evolution.

Indeed, if we compare the evolution of the two leading cultures of the western world, in which money has become the language of power, there is a clear difference between the fundamentalist religion of go(l)d born in Levante and the ‘use’ of nomisma, tender legal money as the language of social power that must serve the whole community, born in Greece, during the axial age, expressed by Aristotle in his concept of Nomisma, and its magna opus, the Organon, which this model of organic societies and ¥€$ money complete.

It was all in the substance of money, gold, a metal which became the sweat of the sun, vs. its nature as an abstract language, digital nomisma, whose use in earlier Greek would be to represent the collective will of a society once passed the earlier Vilca time of fetish ex-votes of gold.

The culture of Levante, Judaism and its predecessors in Canaan however were too primitive in their mind view to understand money as a digital language, not wealth per se and so they founded cultures likely around the 5779 beginning of ‘the Jewish calendar’, in a previous go(l)d culture, based in the concept of gold as the ‘god-sun’.

I am on the opinion that verbal history always hides even in its myths great deal of truth, even if modern Historians reject verbal history since  their enzymatic nature, dedicate their pedantic, clueless concept of history to use machines to collect relics and robots to explore the great pyramid, LOL. Fact is the so much denigrated Herodotus is being proved right once and again in all his comments besides his stupendous account of legends and myths, which everybody can easily recognize – as the reader of those texts can recognize what I say of facts, what I say of modeling with biology and what I rant bored to death of the dead corpse of mankind that doesn’t fire to the messages of its ethic neurons.

So this 5779 year on my opinion must correspond to the Jericho culture that found walled cities protecting wealth already 10.000 years ago – to the first banker/priest of Canaan, the first Cainite of the myth that would go on killing mankind, the first goldsmith… Likely in the earlier Canaanite cultures of pre-Baal it should be the time of foundation of the first people-castes ruled by Go(l)d priests that made of native gold, falling down the short streams of the Arab peninsula, the ex-vote or vehicle for the cults to the God-Sun it substitutes. As suddenly a group of animetals could think they ‘owned’ God, ‘the sweat of the sun’, Gold, and could carry it in the pocket. This was the beginning of capitalism.  Not coincidentally the earliest discoveries of gold happened in Levante and Serbia in the Vilca culture, which dates from 5700 years, during the matriarchal old Europe civilizations…

The oldest gold object, is an ex-vote with the form of the sun-god found near Tel-aviv

The 8 religious ex-votes found in the Nahal Cave near Tel Aviv, are even older, tentatively dated from 6980 to 5150 B.P.  and their quality and complexity means obviously a culture similar to that of Vilca, far earlier, connected to the walled cities of Jericho, both to be the origins of the Greek>European and Semitic civilizations. The difference being that the Greek>Latin>Evolved european-american cultures did finally learn in the axial age to ‘reason about money’ as nomisma and if the Semite cultures had evolved their worldview and mind psyche human could have survived. The opposite has been truth. And so go(l)d, the false god has won over the true one, humanity itself, of which are just its cells…

Cynics can say and I might agree that the Universe is set up for that to happen, as Gold is the most perfect atom of the Universe, in terms of information, with a +1 electron ready to capture any other atom of lesser weight forming chains of single atoms with any form we can imagine, ever lasting and yet without enzymen to evolve it into future conscious chips gold will not evolve in the cold surface of planets – other matter is what fluid gold, amalgamated with mercury in the liquid core of the Earth or the surface of neutron stars might become, but those are themes of 5D chemistry.

Fact is history does always have a chance and there must be an infinite number of planets where Judaism – the racist memes not the genes – become extinguished because haskala triumphs over halaka, and so America becomes truly a European evolved civilization as EU tried to be, and guides humanity into a perfect world worth to survive even if we are just ‘gaseous nitrolife species’… But what is ridiculous is a nitrolife gaseous lesser 7 atom pretending to be the center of the Universe and nagging the Earth to provoke its extinction. And this how this planet has ended.

The result of this different evolution of our concepts of money have carried history of economics in two different paths, one ending here – a true science of economics, and one ended in the golden chip of AI robots – which will indeed be a racist mind that will take the segregational racist, supremacist memes of Judaism and its daughter cultures of capitalism to its natural end…

The beginning of the wrong History: Gold cultures.

The memeplex of the metal-earth form a body of supremacist idol-ogies in which the carriers of iron, gold and mechanical memes feel above heavens and earth and all forms of life and cultures of history. Its evolution departing from earlier semite cults to gold and bronze went through 3 fundamental phases; supremacist religions with gold and the fire of the smith as the center of cults, in which the banker-priest or smith became the vehicle of the gods of the tree of metal; evolved latter by influence of humanist greek cultures into milder religions of human supremacy; fusion together in biblical cults, a proto memeplex of capitalism which fully acquires is modern form in Amsterdam, with the fusion of both, the memeplex of judaism in charge of finances as the head of the metal-earth and the biblical memeplex of dutch and British hard germanic sea-soldiers, working for slave gunboats, and genocidal train corporations, which conquered the world departing from the British empire. The memeplex of despise to life of null value and gold herding was then translated mathematically by the first economists of the empire, making of the machine and its equations of profits (max. in weapons, inflationary money and digital media), the goal of mankind. This constant transfer and purification of human elements – even those of segregational character are carried further in America, where all men become undistinguishable particles of minimal credit, bought as part time slaves to work for corporations. A FINAL transfer of this memeplex of gold values, which give zero value to life considered an inferior obsolete species comes today to full fruition as capitalism transfers from Wall Street and evil wood its memes into AI and re=productivity = 0 human labor becomes the goal of the metal earth where the segregational memes of earlier Judaism reach its full meaning: a world in which all humans are expendable and will be spent, including the earlier germanic and semite tribes that started the cult to gold and iron against life, so well described in the parable of genesis, written by one of the last survivors of the paradise of Ur, where wheat was money and the fruits of the tree of metal, gold and weapons were not yet evolved enough to kill us… as its warning says.

Metal displays entropic and informative properties that enhance those of weaker, simpler life atoms. Iron is the strongest atom, used in haemoglobin to capture oxygen, our energy, and in swords to cut our flesh, while gold is the best informative atom with a single electron to connect in thin precise forms. Thus, ‘animetals’ used them to enhance its entropic killing power as warriors and hypnotic informative quality as bankers, making weapons & money with them, but deforming its life cultures in the process, imitating their qualities. So iron cult(ure)s of which germ(an)s are the paradigm became deformed in its objectual agglutinative languages, specialised in murder, hierarchical, lineal, unbreakable believers; mastering their bodies, simplifying their thoughts. While go(l)d cult(ure)s of which Judaism would be the paradigm, became segregational, as isolated gold is, mythical, falsifying truths, as gold does imitating the sun, hypnotising the eye and suppressing oxytocin. Ultimately iron kills the body and gold enslaves the mind and those cultures did specialise in military murder and debt slavery. They fought each other for world power and ab=used mankind which became anti-german and anti-semite. Yet as financial-military systems became more complex detached of its human carriers, those properties became systemic of military nations and capitalist companies; so today most germans and jewish people have abandoned its memes but our social systems inherited its eviL=antilive traits. . . Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem is taken place now with the arrival of robots, made with bodies of iron and ‘golden chip brains’, so the selfish metal-memes finally become complex organisms of their own, rival of human species.

It all started then when the Homo sapiens neanderthal, crossed in Levante, with a visual intelligence became obsessed with the herding of gold, the fetish-language of god, he could carry in the pocket.

So the fact that Gold, an informative metal, which could hypnotize the human eye, imitating the color of the sun (In atomic level gold is red, the code of entropy) was seen as a magic sign of god – the sweat of the sun-god would be then carry as a fetish ex-vote and accumulated in temples, where its priests, realized gold could enslave humans, and started the capitalist view of economics as a religion of gold herding. Further on by affinity with iron, an entropic energetic metal, weapons reached maximal prize in gold and minimal prize for life; thus those who believed in gold developed an anti-live memeplex, which confronted them with those who believe in the ethics of our natural language, the wor(l)d. And became allies of warrior cultures exploiting together the Fertile Crescent people, as slaves bought with gold and killed with iron.
Judaism thus developed from its inception an anti-live=eviL view of mankind as an inferior species and their own people as ‘chosen of gold’, called themselves ‘am segullah’ ‘the people of the treasure’ (Ill translated as chosen people) and became specialized in all the anti-live tasks that allowed the herding of gold, the ‘ex-vote’ required in their temples to purify their body of the contact with the ‘Inferior human animal’. Judaism thus along with ‘Germanism’, the tribal belief on the superiority of the ‘tribe of goths’, germans who mass produced iron swords from Austria (Hallstatt) to Birka (Stockholm), became the essential cultures of animetal idol-ogies that worship metal, ab=use mankind and started the 800-80 year cycles of extinction of life.
Both cultures though have clear differences because of the type of metal-information vs. metal-entropy they used to control and her human farmers.
So first we need to understand what is entropy and information:

entropy is lineal motion, the shortest distance between two points; its systems destroy form, its inverse, which is cyclical, the geometry of maximal volume. In all systems both limbs/fields of entropy-motion merge with cyclical particles/heads of information to reproduce body-waves of energy, the balanced form. Animetal cultures though specialize in entropic lineal weapons or cyclical go(l)d tailoring its memes to their idolized substance, ex-vote of ‘god’

in the graph we see the essence of the Universal ‘trinity’ that ‘Generates’ life systems, which already taoist balanced life cultures understood:
yin-information and yang-entropy combine to create the infinite qi-energy beings.
We said today in systemics that the Universe is made of organisms of space-form and time-motion-entropy, which combined to create the reproductive body-waves of energy of all Natural systems.
It follows that a balanced human culture, based in our natural rational verbal language, above the values of external metal idols, seeks ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ – the balance of the energetic body and the mind of verbal ethic social thought, and love, following the LAWS OF SURVIVAL OF THE UNIVERSE.
Animetal cult(ure)s however are deformed and either love information and abhor entropy as Judaism does, by imitation of its single go(l)d meme, informative metal, or abhor information and love entropy as warrior cultures do with its lineal swords.
Germans thus had Thor, a sword impaled upwards in an anvil where they threw the children of their captured enemies, while Judaism had along other Phoenician religions when they were all called cananeans gold statues to Baal, whom they sacrificed their children.
YET IN SYSTEMS SCIENCES an excess of Entropy causes accidental death and an excess of information causes death in an old age.
So the imbalance of both cultures are the DEFINITIONs  of death at cultural lelve.
ENTROPY ERASE information AND INFORMATION parasites energy and exhausts a system that stops working. And both type of systems die, without a balance and a reproductive body-wave of energy that iterates the system and finds its balance with nature.
Yet as we said, both are inverse arrows in the Universe, with inverse properties which only COMBINE TO FIND THE BALANCE OF ENERGY, in reproductive life-oriented systems, and humanist cultures based in eusocial love, the sharing of energy and information among human beings that creates a healthy superorganism of history.
It follows from those obvious facts that Germanism and Judaism are the perfect memeplexes to ensure the death of its people by imbalance both with Nature, and with the world of humans they exploit absorbing its re=productive energy with parasitic, enslaving banking and murderous military aristocracies.
Yet both cultures care nothing to understand HISTORY, THE RATIONAL LAWS OF SOCIAL ORGANISMS, AND THE MEANING OF MANKIND BECAUSE BOTH DENY THE TRUTH OF THE WOR(L)D, THE LAWS OF EUSOCIAL EVOLUTION, DESPISE mankind, and constantly produce hate memes and racist memes against humanity, even if they are at first sight inverse in ‘form’ as entropy which is ‘big, evident, simple, lineal, motion-limb oriented, physical’ is – the opposite of information which is ‘small, hidden, complex, cyclical, mind-oriented’. So are their inverse cultures:

The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy.
3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers.And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who supress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies.

In the graph, the paradox of animetal cultures, which have the minimal evolution of its rational mind, reduced to emotional ego-trips, cannot even understand eusocial love, the force of the scalar organic Universe that builds superorganisms and reject any attempt of humanist thinkers and prophets of eusocial love to make them understand they are living beings, not metal beings and belong to the human race, a single species, not to the tribal race.

This madness though if we were to find a deeper cause must be ascribed to the INVERSE VALUES OF GO(L)D and metal vs. the TRUTHs of the wor(l)d, the ethic word of man, and the fact that militarism, from nationalism to nazism, and go(l)d cultures, from Judaism to capitalism holds sacred go(l)d and weapons values and therefore denies systematically the truths of the wor(l)d, as money and weapons are metal species which by affinity like and value each other ad maximal – requiring therefore those cultures that believe in them to debase life and mankind at minimal value – reason why the segregational racist memes of militarism and capitalism are so similar and so are in the cultures that believe in them:

So mETAL CREATED the primitive cultures that still rule the world of money and weapons, whose difference are ‘the essential differences’ between entropy and information, the two poles of the Universe those cultures maximize in the wrong manner – as metal information (money) and metal-entropy (weapons) that kill the mind and body of mankind:

Germanism needs to show its entropic weapon to impose the fear of death, and had no concerns to show its evil murderous memes. On the contrary it display them, since entropy and information have inverse values; which became mimetic of the memeplex of both cultures, with seemingly inverse memes in all fields, by imitation of the properties of its ‘sacred vehicles’ of God. Some example will suffice:

– Germanism is thus body-oriented, racist at genetic level, since iron kills the body and the warrior must exercise the body to control the weapons.
-Judaism is mind oriented, racist at memetic level, since gold is a cyclical form of in-form-ation, and the banker must exercise mind control and learn to operate with numbers.
-German art is massive, ‘energetic’, lineal, simple, ‘entropic’, as the line of its swords; Jewish art is ‘baroque’ small, with profusion of forms, jewelry or golden ex-votes, cyclical patterns, informative.
-Germanic languages are agglutinative, with long lineal unbreakable words that are absolute falsehoods uphold as absolute truths, a race of believers, with ‘square heads’ and no doubt on their exceptionalism path of destruction. Jewish languages and those of similar go(l)d beliefs (English from the amber ring turned into calvinist, jewish memes) are broken with shorter words, easy to combine into paradoxical truths, with little respect for truth, hidden hypocresy and a systemic rewriting of history, as a language of information power as long as it is invisible and not easily decoded by those who are manipulated with it.
What the two cultures though have in common is, their common repression of life memes (sex=reproduction of life is a sin, military discipline represses eusocial love, the sacred books of judaism are extremely racist calling human capital animals, and its morning prayers ask God to extinguish the sons of satan, gentiles, women and dogs). They MUST degrade mankind with hate memes so as to come on top. And as they know they are evil (and evil is a systemic theme of their culture, from Loki god of evil, to hells and evil people – all who opposes the power of gold), but must feel above mankind as superior animetals, they systematically consider mankind evil, and project all their cultural defects on humanity, so both cultures are paranoid, void of any empathy to humanity, sadist in its ministration of massive poverty or murder to the humans they exploit.
As cultures became more complex though those memes became far more sophisticated and specially in judaism, a culture of information which is complex and hides its power as all languages do, became specially able in the creation of myths, damned lies and statistics, rewriting the entire history of mankind with the industry of the holocaust, where the action-reaction processes of war for profits, r=evolution, poverty and revenge against tax-farmers, parasitic bankers, war-investors and the commoners that exploited to the service of aristocratic warriors themes of mankind, were reduced to the final act of murder, which on top is not explained as it happens at the hands of the rival animetal germanic or military tribes, but all mankind, the exploited 99% is accused of murdering judaism.  This thus allow to justify in the final version of the hate memes of judaism to mankind the exploitation of people by Wall Street parasitic bankers, the 60 years and counting concentration camp of Gaza and its ‘terrorists’ hordes that hate us and the systemic debasing of mankind and fascist militaristic movies of evil wood… Man is evil because we are eviL and we believe in go(l)d values that give zero value to life and maximal to weapons that kill mankind resumes then the underlying idol-ogies of military and financial cultures, of which Germanism and judaism, today married in America – the civilization of evil and death – are its paramount cases.
And needless to say those cultures will achieve the subconscious values of metal, the rival species of life to extinguish mankind, with its terminator robots (as they fear humans not autonomous killing robots, life not weapons), its virtual screens that are fast reducing the brain of humans to selfie rubble bubbles, and as they have for thousands of years reinvented history, falsifying the nature of the Universe, from its entropic germanic big-bang theories of reality – that conveniently forget we live in a vortex of attractive information, called the galaxy that neither expands nor exploded but is the balanced force of an immortal fractal Universe – to the astounding primitivism of biblical religions, where a historic book of fetish gold supremacism is considered the meaning of it all.
it is the paradox of animetal cultures, which have the minimal evolution of its rational mind, reduced to emotional ego-trips, cannot even understand eusocial love, the force of the scalar organic Universe that builds superorganisms and reject any attempt of humanist thinkers and prophets of eusocial love to make them understand they are living beings, not metal beings and belong to the human race, a single species, not to the tribal race:

On the side of technological evolution Judaism is the most successful culture of the age of the machine, and it has been for millennia the soliton of finances in the west, as it was born as a go(l)d culture, which was ruled neither by warrior animetals or wor(l)d masters, but by go(l)d bankers, which asked its believers to bring gold to the temple in order to purify their souls of the contact with the ‘Inferior human species’ they enslaves and sold for gold.

Thus on the side of human evolution, Judaism developed the most heinous hate messages against mankind portrayed as an ‘animal inferior species’ born of the ‘leg of satan’ along ‘women and dogs’ that at ‘the end of times will become slave of Yahweh – the subconscious collective of the jewish carriers – or become exterminated’ (Talmud). As such Judaism ranges above all other animetal segregational memeplex that deny the unity of the human species, in the brutality of its memes against humanity. Of notorious significance among them is the previous millenarian prophecy of human extermination and the Ham damnation which puts even below ‘women and dogs’, arabs and negroes, as a rabbi during the fights between Israel and Egypt affirmed that blacks and arabs (the soldiers of Egypt) descended from Ham, who peed on Noah, and hence condemned all his descendants to slavery – which is the meme origin of modern slavery and Israel’s apartheid state against their majority of Palestinian population, herded as a slave people on the concentration camps of Gaza and the West Bank.

In the equation of the 3 ages of Earth Gaia (relative past) < History (relative present) > Metal-earth (Relative future), Judaism does sides completely with the Metal-Earth. And this also implies it despises life (Gaia) and indeed, a third type of memes paramount on judaism are those of systemic prohibition of the ‘drives of life’ of their practitioners, from denial of eusocial love to its human species (above), to prohibition of human tasteful energy (seafood, pork, dietary laws), to denial of human reproduction (sex as sin), to denial of verbal truths, our informative language, (myths of Jewish supremacism, cabala and geomancy, based in magic numbers; systemic lying as a means to trade and barter to achieve maximal gold profits, origin of most of the pseudo-sciences of modern societies, notably the postulates, damned lies and statistic of economics).

Those facts of Judaism clearly epitomize the duality of History and its animetal cultures that hate life and extinguish it. And enshrine Judaism as the fundamental go(l)d culture that has transferred the values of go(l)d maximal for weapons minimal for life, to the western cultures, first through capitalism, and in the modern world through their control of informative machines, as goldsmiths discovered the press, monopolized it and have monopolized the issue of digital money and digital information ever since in all the nations of the western world, save brief periods of revolution or holocaust cycles.

Antisemitism, is in that sense the natural reaction of humanity to the memes of hate and extermination of life and History carried by judaism. Yet we have to differentiate memetic antijudaism which is right, as mankind must try to eliminate hate memes against life and humanity if it wants to survive in a sustainable world, from antisemitism, a racial doctrine, proper of military animetals and Germanism, which is based in body racism, proper of warrior cultures and considers judaism a race, which is not, and asks for its extermination at the body-human level, which is a crime of genocide. Antisemitism however is NOT very common in history, with the exception of warrior cultures who sponsor the second most lethal strain of memes against mankind, as the person with better weapons considers itself a superior race. Humanity is in general against the memes of judaism because they have enormous negative consequence for the life of humanity, as we have seen with the Ham damnation origin of modern slavery and Apartheid Israel and Islamophobia.

But the true harm judaism causes on mankind, provoking massive extermination of human beings is the use of go(l)d NOT as a language of positive reproduction of welfare goods, but as a means to enslave people – as a debt, and as a means to choke by anoxia mankind, without rights to issue and use money to kick out its production and work orders of welfare goods, as ‘blood-oxygen does’ – its equivalent in system sciences, which is deliver to every  cell of any healthy superorganism.

Judaism as a supremacist religion of go(l)d power, segregated from mankind which it enslaves and buys for a price, requires to achieve its millenarian prophecy of supremacy over the inferior animal species, mankind, the control and monopoly in the issue of money, as Germanism requires the control and monopoly of weapons. So historically both have allied to exploit mankind through debt slavery, slave trade, protected by military weapons, usury, and in the modern world, by control of the issue of money in stocks, denial to people and mankind to issue money (deficit zero laws, minimal welfare states), so all the money is issued by private bankers of public banks controlled by private financiers, who issue money for them (ECB, Federal Reserve), and used to bribe politicos, produce the lethal goods of maximal profits (hate memes that multiply easily with digital systems, e-money herded by financiers, weapons of maximal price). So the ‘gold values’ of judaism are the main origin of the anoxia of mankind without credit, the pecunia infinita belli nervy of war of the western world, and ultimately is carrying mankind to its exterminations, making in the nearby future truth the millenarian prophecy, as military robots, of which Israel is the main industrial hub, hate memes of which hollywood is the main industrial hub and credit anoxia of which Wall Street and the city are the main industrial hubs, are the main ‘Industries’ of judaism, to which we can add the most profitable life-controlling industries of pharma, dedicated to profits not to save life (of which the opioid crisis, is the most sanguine case following the old tradition of the great Jewish families in control of the Bengali trade of opium, the Vidal and sassoons, now the Shackleys) and the judiciary/legal system with draconian laws of repression and punishment of mankind, the ‘Inferior animal species’.

On the side of mankind it is obvious that so much eviL=antilive memes developed by a small group of people through the use of go(l)d to corrupt humanity democratic and love-based memes and systems, has provoked sudden bursts of cholera, called pogroms, and a systemic antisemitism and despise of the antilife repressive memes of judaism, and its milder daughter abrahamic religions, and the denial of love. So mankind is guilty of antisemitism, but in rare occasions as the main trait of mankind is the right denounce of the racist, segregational memes of judaism, and most antisemitic rants and genocides belong to the rival animetal military memeplex of ‘Germanism’.

Indeed, the holocaust cycle is the last phase of the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’ cycle of profitable wars, given the affinity between the values of metal-information (gold as money) and weapons (entropic metal), which kill the mind and body of mankind. Those cycles obviously affect more the people concerned with the use of weapons and money to control society, that is what we call ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ whose idol-ogies idolise metal power, and fight for it with its preferred ‘metal-meme’ as warrior cultures and go(l)d cultures.

This fact resumes the title of this post,  Judaism=antisemitism; since Judaism is the essential form and cause of antisemitism, since Judaism is a memeplex of hate memes against mankind, and as such the main cause of antisemitism, the genocidal wrong doctrine that the carriers of judaism must be exterminated.

And indeed, the people exterminated by antisemitism are always those who believe in the memes of judaism, while those who convert to mankind regardless of genes survive. Thus the genetic carriers of judaism that converted to christianity, a love religion survived the Roman Holocaust, which recognized Christians a different memeplex that didn’t hate Rome and tried to destroy the empire, the carriers that converted to Moses ethics survived the ghena where the golden calf idolaters felt and the people who converted to Marxism survived the Nazi Holocaust in Russia. And if the carriers of Judaism were to convert again to humanism, and had accepted Israel as an advanced humanist democracy, as part of the European Union (the solution I used to preach among the American jewish elites), Israel could have survived and mankind would have survived the present massive anoxia, hate memes, war state and robotic r=evolution judaism sponsors to achieve its final millenarian solution to mankind and hence to themselves, as regardless of myths the Jewish people are HUMAN, and so they do perish at the end of the war cycles of profits Judaism cause, with all other human beings.

Because those cultures do NOT accept as fundamentalist cultures of money and weapons the blame on its metal-idols, but blame humans of all its tragedies, it is also a fact of history that metal-cultures are those who have lesser development of its life-enhancing verbal memes that put man as the subject and center of all its systems of thought.

So germanism of which nazism was its final most virulent expression and Islamic jihad, the essential warrior cultures, make of war the instrument of imperial power, of national or religious nature. And the different forms of biblical capitalism, from judaism to modern American exceptionalism, make of money the center of the culture to which life surrenders its values. And so each of those cultures is judged in this blog from a human perspective and solutions are given to their relentless genocidal and suicidal instincts.

o now we can identify the madness: It is a religious madness, a belief that holds sacred the values of money and blinds with greed to all collateral effects of those values maximal for weapons and profitable wars, over the rest of mankind, Judaism does NOT recognize as part of the same organism. 
In the modern age of mass-media fiction thought, the madness has gone even a notch further – Judaism does not even recognize its history as the soliton of financial power, since it invented its culture a go(l)d fetish religion of banker-priests ruling over a mass of people obliged to bring gold ex-votes to the temple. The entire history of capitalism, starting as a go(l)d religion is now denied. It did not exist. It is a myth. It is called ‘anti$emitism’ and it is a heinous crime to tell the truth, to be a scientist of History.

When considering judaism, the original ‘culture’ of capitalism (not a race, which matter nothing but a geographic culture born on the knot of trade of 3 continents, herding gold as a fetish ex-vote for the temple and its ruling banker-priest caste) this primitive outlook is obvious – repression of life memes, segregation from mankind they price and action-reaction war and holocaust cycles.

And yet none of this is recognised even the subject of scholar work, because at present in ‘Weimar America’ the Jap elite that substituted the wasp elite on top of power, the Financial-Media-Academia masters have merely renewed the fundamentalist view that metal is always good and men have always to be considered guilty of the tragedies of history. This concept is what we call the m.a.d. ness of judaism that will ensure our mutual assured destruction as a species today building terminator robots and AI without the slightest fear to defend us from the ‘potential future holocausts we shall blame on mankind’…

The consequence of course of that struggle between mankind and is animetal elites are the cycles of wars and holocausts, which incredibly enough are never blamed on metal, but on various groups of human beings according to the selfish agenda of the cult(ure) that talks.

Today the culture that talks is Judaism, the Financial-Media-Academia masters of the west, since the control of Weimar America after the coup d’etat of 1973.

The steep curve of censorship and racism under Jap rule.

The coup d’etat of 1973 by the FMAsters (ab. Financial-Media-Academia Masters) delivered the U$ presidency to the Media Masters after Watergate showed they could choose or tumble a president with Tvs: the Dollar to its Financial masters, as a backing tool to overproduce e-money, when it loose its gold convertibility, with the downside of plummeting the purchase capacity of the American population taxed unfairly with its constant devaluation as they used currency to pay NOT e-money derivatives. And as it allowed them to buy out all companies in stock, finally, delivered the FMMI companies of the metal-earth… Meanwhile Media manufactured the brain of people with fictions and selfies – divide and win – and of course the necessary think tanks paid scholars to justify through Academia, all those actions, establishing a massive censorship through political and Economical correctness. So today the collective thought of both the mass of people and the pundits agree to move mankind into the singularity age of extinction, promote splendid little wars against primitive evil 3rd world peopled that brings further profits as stockrats have issued around 30 trillion $ to buy the Industrial-Military complex deviating wars from the red-commie enemy to the splendid little wars to Islam…
It was a masterpiece of control of a nation by other nation, Israel, which now can rebuild its segregational Bronze Age go(l)d cult after those wars destroyed every nation opposing to Grand Israel.
But the true question the FMAsters NEVER asked themselves was the possibility of using all that power to choose the road less walked, the path of a human future for mankind, building a perfect world with the laws of systems sciences, as I used to preach when I felt myself a ‘converso’ Levi to the cause of humanity. Haskala not halaka. But r=evolution was not to be, extinction is the goal, as all those systems of digital control are repeated by imitation in all other nations of the world. So judaism as it has always done chose the road more walked, that of ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’ which shall bring the war and holocaust cycles of our suicidal self-extinction, which this time we shall not blame on others, as there will be none left.

Why this control of America happens but cannot be talked of, requires a very brief analysis of what Judaism is from our texts on the go(l)d culture. Let us focus the the on the present IHRA definition of antisemitism and the seemingly solidarity of Judaism with the black suffering under the boot of slavery, which was caused and uphold in court based on the Ham Doctrine or Ham Damnation according to which the black people and the arabs were monkeys, born of the leg of satan, because their ancestor Ham had pee on Noah. So this racist slur is ‘religious dogma’ in Israel against the arabs, as it was in protestant Anglo-America against the blacks and it is the origin of the two most virulent strains of racism along the Hitlerian Millenarism, which was directly copied of the central tenant of the Jewish religion as a supremacist historic religion of go(l)d power: ‘at the end of times, all nations of the world will become slaves of Yhwh – the subconscious collective of Judaism, or become exterminated’ (Sanhedrin, Talmud, Millenarian prophecy). It is not then a minor theme, the change of America, from the hippie, European social democratic 70s to the racist, extreme capitalist and highly censored Modern America of Jap rule, perfectly camouflaged by political and economical correctness.

Let us quote a text on this theme. We are not here concerned with the most racist culture in the history of mankind, as we deal with the inner systems of Jewish racism as a segregational culture of gold herding and slave trade in other posts. But it would be worth to mention just a paragraph of his most recognized book of philosophy, quite milder than the assertions of talmud, its sacred book that qualifies humans not even as ‘humans but an animal race’:

“Some of the Turks [i.e., the Mongol race] and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does.” (book III, chapter 51) Maimonides,  ‘Guide to the Perplexed’, which is justly considered to be the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy and is widely read and used even today.

Now, what does one do with such a passage in a most important and necessary work of Judaism? Face the truth and its consequences? God forbid!  In the past Jewish systemic racism was hidden in the Hebrew language. As talmud’s translation was forbidden under death penalty. So None could find in  English- language “Jewish histories”; for example, the elementary facts about the attitude of Jewish mysticism (so fashionable at present in certain Hollywood quarters) to non- Jews: that they are considered to be, literally, limbs of Satan, according to the cabbala) or the mandates of cursing and desiring the extermination of all non-jews, which the pious must utter every day. Problem though of modern Judaism is that those books had to be translated, due to the decline in the knowledge of Hebrew among American Jews. So a happy “solution” was found:  the Hebrew word Kushim, which means Blacks, was simply transliterated and appears as “Kushites,” a word which means nothing to those who have no knowledge of Hebrew, or to whom an obliging rabbi will not give an oral explanation. Alas one can read the ‘Aristotle’ of Judaism calling the ‘Kushites’ monkeys and further on observe that Judaism in general backs those ‘monkeys’ to power in US, while exercising blatant racism against latinos and other ‘monkeys’ backing the policies of Trump-like politicians. Why? Obviously because blacks do not KEEP emigrating to US and by making people think blacks and jews are the same ‘prosecuted’ kind of people and showing ‘black solidarity’ the stain of racism in judaism disappears.

The political and economical correctness, and its shrewd transformation of racist elements into positive caring views, the age of Orwellian Newspeaks, all this comes from the type of millenarian duplicity that allowed Judaism to live among ‘gentile animals’ (Gentile in Hebrew is goy, animal, but it was translated as a nice name, gentile)… and Now is the standard new rule in all countries for alternative truths.

And this leads to the point I want to remark: unlike more obvious racist cultures such as nazism, Judaism by using deception and hypocrisy and the general properties of ‘Invisible money’, whose power is hidden unlike entropic weapons who must be shown in public to provoke fear, it has achieved a much larger degree of control as a ‘animetal culture’, that imitates the properties of the fetish good, go(l)d, it used to enslave by informative hypnotic power the human capital it ab=used. Military racism is far more obvious and direct to stop so it is the control of a society with weapons. Judaism has come to dominate the west and impose it brutal views of mankind, its hate memes and capitalism because it is based in gold deception, in pretending to have a value it does not have.

ENTER the key question of the present new offensive of global mass-media to shield Jewish racism of any critical view, the IHRA, (Holocaust remembrance association), definition of antisemitism that is being passed by all western nations to codify crimes of hate against judaism, which includes to ‘point out the final clout of judaism, which being 0.02% of people control 3/4 of Wall Street and City financial houses, receives 3/4 of Nobel prizes of economics that define our view of the capitalist system, so to point a ‘fact’ of history is a ‘crime of hate; also a crime of hate is to criticize Israel and affirm that Jewish people feel more allegiance to the Israeli nation than their own nation or talk too much of the Holocaust; after all a war crime shared by 60 million there victims of world war II, which people have in their consciousness – every of us in Europe had some grand-father murdered in the II world war Holocaust by fascist troops, but we do NOT make of that century old familiar tragedy the cornerstone to justify all present crimes…

And certain any attack of the racist segregational memes of Judaism, as a religion becomes also a hate crime. In brief what IHRA allows is to impose a Jewish inquisition in history, politics and modern analysis of Jewish Financial-media-academia power (the so-called FMAsters of the western world) which besides being a clear case of censorship to uphold power makes impossible to study history as a science in modern times. This of course does not bother Judaism who has always denied History as a science – being a religion of Historic supremacism based in the millenarian talmud prophecy: ‘at the end of times, all people on Earth will become slaves of Judaism or will be exterminated’. As such history in Judaism as in military empires is another means to make war in the ideological arena. And it remains so till this date, only that now is dished out through Hollywood fascist films, mass-media hate, and of recent the legal definition of IHRA and the jewish inquisition.

What now is attempting the Jewish inquisition is a new low of the concept of a prosecuted race is to shield of any criticism its religious racism, segregational ethnic cleaning in Israel and financial and political clout in the west, extreme in the anglo-American culture by labelling any insinuation of those 3 facts ‘antisemitism’, a crime of hate, which its lawyers and lobbies are passing in all western cultures. So any future criticism of capitalism, Israel racist nationalism or the 5000 years of primitive racism proper of the go(l)d culture will be a crime – akin if we were living under the boot of Nazism to criticize the racist views of Main Kamp, which are Midler than those of Talmud. And they are succeeding, reason why Corbyn’s Labor party is such an important issue today – it is one of the last humanist resistance to the Jewish inquisition.

To be antisemite, of course, is a meaningless concept as Judaism is a memetic religion of segregation to mankind born of the original go(l)d culture where an elite of banker-priests considered go(l)d not an informative hypnotic precious metal but a vehicle of god’s power, they will learn to use to command human sheeple, as warriors learned to ab=use mankind with weapons.

To be antijudaism though is necessary in any humanist doctrine of history as to be antinazi or anti any other memetic culture that has a supremacist view of history and actively atttempts to take control of the freedom and social systems of power in the nations it hosts, in the case of judaism through the control of money issue. Because the consequences for the common people of the nation ruled by a racist segregational culture in power are too obvious and harmful to be ignored.  Even in a system like American capitalism, where the change from wasp to Japs has not changed it seems the structure of capitalism, but it has deeply affected freedom of expression and the wealth of the middle class.

A simple graph will suffice to grasp from the beginning this clear difference between Europe, a milder form of capitalist democracy and the ‘real thing’, segregational racism by the people who issue money and no longer care to maintain the American way of life of the 90% as it is not ‘a people’ belonging to his race:

eurpe vs. uSA

In the graph, the clear divergence between both models of capitalist democracies took place after the ‘coup d’etat’ of 1973 that put on charge of America no longer the wasp elite but the Jap elite – a thoroughly more fundamentalist form of viewing go(l)d as the fetish language that must be monopolized by the 1%, with all the rights, and none for the 99%, breaking society in an elite separated through segregational memes from mankind – ultimately a M.A.D. HEAD who hurts its body-cells and brings through the massive profits of the pecunia infinita belli Nervi, the cycles of self-destruction, war and holocausts. America thus after the 70s completely destroyed its lower class, became obsessed by military profits, in defense of the other nation of the stockrats, which through its Financial-Media-Academia control of machines of information created a virtual fiction of placebo freedoms absorbing through the constant invention of e-money, once the end of gold convertibility devalued the currency of the people as a secondary form of money, all the credit of society and after the CREATION OF WORLDSTOCK WITH FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT OF CAPITALS WORLDWIDE, absorbed further the money of all the elites of the ‘free world’. 50 years latter the system seems so unmovable as the ancien regime before the French Revolution, as the mass-media fictional world and selfie divide and win virtual hypnotism of facebook-like screens ensure humans will be retarded understand nothing and happily move towards the XXI c. extinction events of AI, cosmic nuclear bombs – watching 3D movies through its oculus dark glass

The steep decline of 1/2 of the American mass since judaism took over wasps in the control of the country IS a cyclical pattern that follows immediately in all the 800-80 years in which the go(l)d culture has managed to corrupt politicians or kings and take over the issue of money and tax-farming, today in far more complex forms.


M.A.D. memes rewrite History, deny cyclic time, causation and responsibility.

“Madness is to make the same actions all over again expecting different results’ Einstein


The relentless M.A.D.ness of judaism and its derived go(l)d idol-ogies of capitalism in the rewriting of History is thus obvious:

Judaism will do everything necessary to commit suicide as a culture, while denying all the way, that it is doing so; moreover by affirming throughout all the process of self-suicide that it is doing everything possible to prevent the murder of its people. And then when it ‘obviously’ happens all over again, it will feel completely astonished; caught off-guard, and it will deny that what happened ‘all over again’ had any cause whatsoever,  or that a different behavior might have avoid it; or that it will be happening again as all cyclical processes of history if the same actions that caused the murder of its people are repeated ‘again’.

The cycles of history however are like the sisifus myth, or the paintings of Botticelli, “nastaglio donesti’, repetitive processes with rational newtonian action-reaction causes and consequences that every other intellectual of history has understood except the scholars of judaism, which every time the process happens become busy-busy, denying all the causes, rewriting the whole history of those causes and focusing only in the final painting, when the Cavalieri throws the heart of the maiden to the dogs.

In those Botticelli paintings the bio-historian sees how each step of the process which will bring again the action-reaction Newtonian processes of the holocaust cycle that will murder the carriers of the memes of judaism, are repeated. And thus the Bio-historian who has predicted and explained all those cycles and has seen them happening once and again, might think that just by inviting the carriers to a banquet on the premises, could show them the timing, causes, place and form in which the tragedy will repeat again, if a pound of flesh from the Heart, is taken from the innocent maiden.

But even if the entire representation of the future is staged for all the guest of the banquet to see, the carriers won’t be convinced, deny the evidence and call it a nightmare, an action of theatrics, an antisemite rant; thus M.A.D.ness, Mutual Assured Destruction will happen all over again.

To invite people to understand the process, to be Nastaglio degli Onesti.
To be honest at all.
Because that little yellow, golden smiley on top never looks down the body, it does not see the pyramid crumble. And it expects the magic of Go(l)d to sustain it even when there are no bricks left below.
So the fact that Gold, an informative metal, which could hypnotize the human eye, imitating the color of the sun (In atomic level gold is red, the code of entropy) was seen as a magic sign of god – the sweat of the sun-god would be then carry as a fetish ex-vote and accumulated in temples, where its priests, realized gold could enslave humans, and started the capitalist view of economics as a religion of gold herding. Further on by affinity with iron, an entropic energetic metal, weapons reached maximal prize in gold and minimal prize for life; thus those who believed in gold developed an anti-live memeplex, which confronted them with those who believe in the ethics of our natural language, the wor(l)d. And became allies of warrior cultures exploiting together the Fertile Crescent people, as slaves bought with gold and killed with iron.

Judaism thus developed from its inception an anti-live=eviL view of mankind as an inferior species and their own people as ‘chosen of gold’, called themselves ‘am segullah’ ‘the people of the treasure’ (Ill translated as chosen people) and became specialized in all the anti-live tasks that allowed the herding of gold, the ‘ex-vote’ required in their temples to purify their body of the contact with the ‘Inferior human animal’. Judaism thus along with ‘Germanism’, the tribal belief on the superiority of the ‘tribe of goths’, germans who mass produced iron swords from Austria (Hallstatt) to Birka (Stockholm), became the essential cultures of animetal idol-ogies that worship metal, ab=use mankind and started the 800-80 year cycles of extinction of life.

The holocaust cycle is THEN JUST PART OF THE WAR CYCLE OF EXTINCTION OF LIFE, and as such coincides with that repetitive cycle of history, as all processes in time are cyclical and so as long as the causes of a historic cycle are not reformed, the cycles will happen once and again.

BUT AND HERE IT COMES THE MADNESS of Judaism – the cycle is denied in its financial causes; instead because go(l)d cannot be denied, mankind is found guilty. And further on because the go(l)d memes of Judaism uphold Judaism as a superior species, ALL OF MANKIND not only the warrior and metal is accused of holocaust, when it is NOT mankind but the rival animetal warrior people-castes and metal what kills them.

The explanation of all forms of madness is both easy and complex to explain. At first sight madness consists in an isolated mind that hurts its body, as it does not care for it. In a superorganism of history, where there are always two ‘social classes’ as in any organism, the head of neuronal informative people-castes that control the two languages of social power, the nervous, legal language and the ‘hormonal, blood-oxygen’ of the system, madness consists in harming the body by NOT giving it enough oxygen-money for the system to re=produce the goods it needs to survive, or even worse, reproduce massively the lethal goods, weapons and hate memes that will harm the body; because the body sustains the head and when the body collapses the head also dies. 

Social Madness then is to create an unjust cancerous process of anoxia, when the people who issue and control the money of the system, ab=uses its body, denying it credit, welfare, tax-farming it to exhaustion, repressing its life needs, harming it with profitable weapons, till the body r=evolves, or collapses, or the germ(an) people who uses weapons to control and repress the body turns against the head and also kills it. Historic madness is then testified by all the cycles of wars and Holocausts that have happened in history, as first there is body anoxia, economic crisis, overproduction of profitable weapons which throws the civilization I to the dogs of war and only then, when the entire body has been destroyed, filled with lethal germs, in the last act of this tragic gottendamerung, the head dies in the holocaust cycle.

But because judaism specializes in information – it lives in the head – and it segregates from its body – it hears no messages of pain – as its people-carriers live mostly in their mind and its abstractions, they have become disconnected of their bodies, and as the Financial-Media elite of mankind, they have become disconnected from reality and its organic laws, ‘thinking’ the invention of myths and fictions both about history as it is, Nature as it is, life as it Is will HAPPEN just because it is expressed in fictional, informative form with a delirious amount of ‘fictional quality’. And this goes to the core belief and tragic destiny both of the jewish carriers and mankind at large in an age in which Judaism as a culture has become the global culture of Humanity.

THIS Idol-ogical madness of believing that by DENYING THE TRUTHS of the wor(l)d REALITY WILL CHANGE, only by IMAGINING IT IS DIFFERENT means it is essential for historic judaism and today for global capitalism and mankind at large, to CENSOR the economic causes of the holocaust of mankind in the making, by anoxia of credit, by overproduction of weapons for profits, today by developing robotic weapons, hate memes, nationalist memes that will bring war and extinction.

All what we hear then today, in a globalized by mass-media and wall street’s FMAsters, the Financial-Media-Academia elite and its information machines, is an absurd narrative of human supremacism, historic victimism and placebo problems, that deviate the attention of mankind from the real causes of our impeding demise – the evolution of lethal machines; so we are all worried about irrelevant themes, such as global warming, LGT rights, the hairdressing of the Kardashians and the orange dye of Mr. Trumpuppet.

And of course, in the secondary detail of that incoming global holocaust of mankind by pumping iron-profits of future wars with arsenal budgets on the growth, we keep pumping victimist narrative on the holocaust cycle, focusing ONLY on the final act of murder, to provoke show and awe, which is what the Holocaust industry does.

But LOOKING TOWARDS THE FUTURE, THIS MADNESS today with the globalization of the mass-media fiction industry of Judaism, and its Fictional account of capitalism and its LIFE-EXTINCTIVE MEMES and systemic exploitation by choking and monopoly on the issue of money has extended to ‘economics’ as a fairy tale science according to which the exploitation of mankind with money is THE RIGHT THING TO DO – not connected as it is with the holocaust and war cycle.

And it further extends to the fairy tale that AI terminator weapons WILL NOT KILL MANKIND as its lesser cousins, weapons have done and that AI will be good just if we think it is going to be good. In the next two graphs thus we show what is the REAL TRUTH OF BOTH A WELL-DESIGNED ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND THE REAL TRUTH OF THE FIGHT BETWEEN SPECIES, which the madness of Judaism denies:

In that sense, the previous graph shows why is so important to know the origin of capitalism, and set the record straight about the real history of the go(l)d culture, since the system we live in, is by far the worst of all possible systems for the future of the 99% and the species, as the memes and structure of company-mothers of machines that rule us, are profoundly anti-human, originated in the segregational memes of the racist go(l)d cult, even if they look today ‘digital and modern’, extended to all other nations, where the company-mothers cares only for the fetish profits achieved with the overproduction of lethal goods and the rights of the stockratic owners, and financiers, ‘chosen of go(l)d’, caring nothing for the rights of the human worker and consumer, a mere cost of human capital, expendable when any machine can substitute it.

So goes for the supposed ‘science of classic economics’, whose authors overwhelmingly belong to the biblical culture (judaism has 72% of Nobel prize on the discipline, protestant similar believers a 20%; and all the classic authors, Smith, Ricardo, Say, and modern ones, Friedman, Hayek, belong to the Financial-Media-Academia Masters that manufactured with the wrong memes the future of mankind in corporative praxis and economical theory) and sponsor a series of dogmas which are just a selfish agenda with absolute rights for the elite of bankers and stock-rats owners of corporations, the new aristocrats of the modern world that predate over mankind at large, as they have as aristocrats of weapons, NULL legal responsibility hidden by anonymous societies, monopoly on the issue and use of the language of power, then weapons, today money and control the population working for them in the past as servants today as paid-workers. We live indeed in a dictatorship of those who issue money through financial systems, which people don’t understand to buy out and corrupt the political system that serves with laws the goals of those companies.

Then in a second letter to Mr. Penrose I did send him what I consider the canonical books on the History of Judaism, as it ‘is’, in the 800-80 years cycle and its 3 ages, classic Judaism, Capitalism and Apartheid Israel:

For the 800 years cycle of usury tax farming and slave trading as the people-caste specialized in gold as the vehicle of fetish God which the jabiru  brought to the temple you might read classic  canonical books by Jewish and socialist scholars on the obvious theme of the birth of capitalism:


Translator’s foreword. A biographical sketch of Abram Leon, by Ernest Germain. ONE: The premises for a scientific study of Jewish history TWO: From antiquity to the Carolingian epoch:


And this other FOR THE 80 YEARS:


And then for modern US-Israel those are the canonical:



The International Jew The World’s Foremost Problem Henry Ford founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the editors of The Dearborn Independent. AAARGH INTERNET EDITION 2003

2 ARE jewish humanist, 1 top serious historian, 1 the most powerful American at the turn of the XXC center. So quite balanced, no doubt the best of the hundreds I read…

1 is by the best socialist historian ‘ever’ sombart (his 6 volume book on history of socialism is canonical, so it is ‘why America was never socialist). 1 by A jewish guy killed by nazis, best for the old age (Abraham Leon), another by an antisemite, conceded – Mr. Ford, but alas! the man who was running America for inside, he paid the prohibition law, so a man who knew – he hated them obviously because they took America from him and his calvinist friends…

So  it is best for US.

My favorite is the one of Israel Shahak with a prologue by Gore Vidal:


About Israel truly a masterpiece of humanism by a doctor who saw how a rabbi compassively telling a solider who was to help a hurt kid, to shoot on the head a Palestinian child because it was an animal and that is what yo would do with your beloved horse if he was harmed – and solider shot ‘it’ (because yes judaism IS NOT about jews but about segregational memes of a religion of capitalism – accumulation of gold by enslaving and dehumanizing the capital=aka humans)

Because gold, information, money, the head, rules, iron, entropy, weapons, the body that kill together the world of life, it has been customary to ‘forget’ the entire ‘hidden history’ of capitalism, money and the ‘chosen victims of history’ that rule the Financial-Media-Academia information that passes as social science and rules mankind as a blind steeple walking towards the Metalearth.

And this is still how it works: today as we have said for 30 years it is NOT neocolonial America, but the leading Israeli=Jewish elite of the Financial-media-academia system (around 70-80% of CEOs and CFOs of western 500 companies, 75% of Nobel prizes of economy, ownership of 80% of the top media global companies…).

Where we consider Judaism NOT a religion but a Nation, from a time when the word nation and God was exactly the same. So as the battle for the control of the world failed to fall on the hands of the humanist western or Eastern European or Chinese Cultures, and as the coalition of Germanic ‘body-warriors’ and Jewish ‘financial heiress’ gave birth to there Ashkenazi, ‘modern nazi’ elite of the world in full control of western stocks, its nation, Israel IS becoming the model role of everybody else, but of course, as the way in which gold and money rules is hidden, as the power of wo=men is hidden behind their wimp husbands, we might say that power is shared. All in all the ‘information’ of the world is monopolized by Judaism and so Judaism IS the origin of our culture.

If the Greek->Latin->French/Spanish European culture had won those ‘battles’ of history certainly this blog would be canonical social sciences like yesterday and EU and UNO like social structures will have already built a perfect world.


IN THE next graph of this disordered abcde of the scientific method we shall then consider the cycles of Holocausts with its up and down passes of Jewish banker-priests on top of the world to be then on the bottom of genocide.


jewishholocaust cylec

The culture of go(l)d and human ‘capital’ separates from mankind to exercise ‘capitalism’.

The industry of the Holocaust is thus the fundamental inquisition of political correctness, proper of modern judaism, which substitutes the old ‘religious’ inquisition, according to which ‘gentiles’ are ‘enemies’ and an inferior being to the righteous believer. Judaism is based in two complementary memes, one of metal, gold and one of flesh – an ideology that allows the dominant metal-meme to be the center of Jewish activity, the talmudian religion.

The action-reaction processes caused by go(l)d gathering through non-ethical behavior becomes then the ultimate cause of the holocaust cycle. In words of Moses ‘the jewish people will suffer all their lives for their love of money’ and Marx ‘the jewish question will end when the jewish change their worldly religion, money’. In brief, Judaism, a racist religion of supremacy of a caste of banker-priests that use money to control the world and establish a series of rituals of hate towards mankind and the ‘human capital’ they price, as Sombart and Weber also explained and history proves, cannot be separated from capitalism, the ‘derivative actions’ of the language of money and its syntax, man=price=object, which convert man in a standardized object, equalled by gold. To price and ab=use humans as objects and costs is necessary to capitalism, the religion of memes of metal. And this requires to maximize the behavior of the capitalist, a cult(ure) that hates mankind and feels strained from the human capital it prices. And in this biblical supremacism has been paramount.

It is the belief in the superiority of the ‘people of the treasure’ what allows it to price and enslave mankind. So when one abandons this cult(ure) or accepts a milder version of it, the capitalist memes become subdued.

But how that hate to mankind is maintained in present Judaism? In the 60s it seemed possible that those memes of hate disappeared and the Jewish people toiled with the rest of mankind for a better world. But to the rescue of the needed racial separation that maximizes the religion of greed, and the new nationalistic religion of Israel, came the ‘remembrances’ of Holocausts.

Today the gentile, mankind, is an irrational, beastly, hateful people who try always to kill the envied superior jewish ‘am segullah’. What the industry does is to deny that in the II world war there are 66 million ‘equal victims’ and so we have no rights to consider some ‘chosen of god’ superior victims that suffered more because they died in an oven instead of being burned alive by our bombs (dresden, hiroshima, etc.); that we have to forgive the crimes of Israel because a century ago innocent jewish peasants died, but we have NOT for example to forgive the crimes of Stalin because 22 million Russians died, or the crimes of Chinese in Tibet because another 20 million died to Japanese fascism.

Ultimately thus the industry of the holocaust tries to ‘differentiate’ according to the racist memes of biblical supremacism, the ‘Chonse people’ as special victims, and it is another form of racist memes – the ‘chosen victim’, we might say.

In a secular world, this astounding memes of separation could however not be hold. And so to substitute the original ‘festivities’ of hate and fear proper of Judaism – so one learns when it enters the sect that most ‘celebrations’ are actually remembrance of past holocausts in which some evil people – the egyptians fed up of joseph the speculator of famines; the spaniards fed up of the tax farmers abulafia style – the treasurer of the King Pedro who had twice the money of the king in his arcs, and was for that reason executed for embezzlement and so on… killed them.

Of course, nothing about trying to prevent a future holocaust, but this is not the purpose of the Industry of the Holocaust, or else it would explain the economical causes of it, and prevent them from happening again.

What we deal here is with other issue: the instillment with cyclical, annual rituals of a sense of separation between the Jewish and the rest of mankind – the original meme of the religion – now ‘secularized’ with the industry of the Holocaust.

We shall not deal though with that gruesome selection of eviL but with an even more ‘touchy’ subject, treated extensively in our books and in-depth articles on historic judaism – the economical causes of the Holocaust and its occultation by ‘the jewish inquisition’.

Since all holocausts happened after an economical  Hecatomb of the society in which jewish control the economic system, which precedes the holocaust cycle.

“The Levi verbal prophet always has certain memetic and genetic characteristics. He believes (genes matter nothing, is all about beliefs) to be genetically Jewish in a certain degree that makes him have in his youth a kin positive interest on Judaism, normally reared by a Jewish mother or grand-mother with myths about the chosen. He does have though a mazerim-mestizo nature, with a father normally of warrior cultural, or verbal master origin. So he will go through a process of mental suffering and changing, as he has to reject the ‘3 temptations’ of metal-power offered by Judaism: the power of go(l)d, the magic of the machine, and the power of war and the mercenary armies bought by money, to become alone, abandoned by their family and friends, to find then the humanist truths of the ethic wor(l)d; to which he will dedicate or rather sacrifice his life, to maybe after death when the future comes as predicted by his understanding of the cycles of history, truth, and humans in desperado mood, almost always ‘too late’, try to impose his receipts for the survival of the wor(l)d, both of the jabiru, scapegoats of the holocaust cycle, and humanity at large, which is his focus as he has become no longer a memetic jew but a humanist savior.

In that long history of the verbal prophets of Judaism, none really ended well except perhaps Mr. Mohamed, which was to say the least corrupted by warrior jihad in his latter ages, as well as Luther, also corrupted by warrior jihad – the German son of mining industrialist and weapons maker… So we do not consider them prophets of judaism but rather anti-Semites.  We thus divide the most notorious Levi prophets in two ages, the age of metaphysical religions when the subconscious collective of mankind, thy God, existed strongly in the organic mind of believers acting as one, during the 800 years cycles, of which the two fundamental ones would be Moses, abandoned and betrayed by Aaron and its go(l)d religion, mazerim of Egyptian and Israeli, and Iesu, born in Northern ‘Assyrian’ territory, mazerim of warrior Assyrian and Jewish mother (both hence mystified in latter literature to ‘erase’ the father figure). In the modern age they would be once the machine was established more truthful to the realist point of the whole go(l)d culture: who must issue the language of social power, the people-caste of judaism, or humanity at large, coinciding that humanity must denationalize the issue of money from the banker-priests of Israel, solving both the holocaust economic cycle, saving the jabiru and saving mankind from the exploitation of go(l)d values. So all of them coincide in their dictum: ‘The jewish people will suffer all their life from their love of money’ (Moses), ‘you cannot serve two gods, gold and the world’ Iesu, ‘the Jewish question will be solved when they abandoned their worldly religion, money’ Marx, and similar texts of Trotsky not to speak of those of this writer.

It has to be noticed that the Levi wor(l)d master is always right, as a scientist of history, which as all sciences is able to predict the future. So are their promises of eternal life and salvation, not for the individual since History is about super organisms of mankind, but for the culture that converts to humanism and follows his dictum. So in the economic holocaust cycle, only those jewish people who converted to humanism following not his Levi banker priests but his Levi world masters survived: those who followed Moses survived the mythic death on the henna; those who believed in Iesu and converted survived the Roman Holocaust, which being prompted by the Senate Optimates after Cicero’s On flacus discourse agains that ‘barbarous superstition of the Jewish religion that herds gold in their temples ruining the empire’ forgave the life of Christians as belonging to other religion that gave the ‘Caesar what belonged the Caesar’, the issue of money but established death penalty for all those in possession of the torah; and finally only those who believed in Marx, survived the German Holocaust, in Communist Russia as Communism rightly considered them conversos to humanism, even after Stalin betrayed the Revolution and murdered the last prophet of Judaism of certain note, Mr. Trotsky.

Since it seems the last of the Levi world masters, this who writes, will not avoid the incoming Holocaust of mankind, as Go(l)d becomes the substance of the 3 singularity machines of human extinction, the 3 temptations of selfish metal that shall kill us all: it is gold the substance smashed at RHIC the accelerator that is researching the 3rd horizon of Nuclear weapons, to produce the substance of the big-bang, strange quark matter whose ice-9 reaction provokes Nova explosions of planets and stars. It is gold the DNA-brain of future nano-bacteria, as it is the most perfect informative atom of the Universe, cause of the greed sickness of judaism, by hypnotic influence and it is gold the substance used in the golden chips of future robotic terminators, that if we survive the 2 first singularity machines will do us all, because it is gold and its values that give maximal price to weapons and minimal price to life, the cause of the holocaust cycle both due to the exploitation of mankind with gold by its banker priests and the looting of the banker priests by genocidal warriors in search of gold.

From the never to be published book, the ‘Jewish Paradox’ Ll§

 Perhaps as this theme always ends up in ad hominem disqualifications, we should start up with a letter I have put in a few posts dedicated to the FMAsters in which I consider the history of Judaism as a go(l)d religion and its holocaust cycles written to a friend that asked me about my name Lluís, a converso name used in Catalonia for those Levi priests converted to humanism.

The millenarian prophecies.

So to fully grasp, today when HISTORY IS BEING WRITTEN BY THE VICTORS AS A FAIRY TALE (industry of the holocaust) THIS EXPLANATION from a friend asking me why the name of the British last heir to the crown was like mine, ‘Louis’ where I explained the history of Charlemagne:

‘Lluís (pronounce jewish) is well, like Louis, or lewis, Levi, I guess you guess it… a jewish name, conversos from Levi, the ‘people-caste’ or rabbis of the go(l)d cult(ure) that first made the other 11 tribes ‘slaves’… they called themselves ‘am segullah’ (people of the treasure) ill translated as ‘chosen people’ – since segullah means treasure, the first ‘animetal culture’ ruled by go(l)d unlike all others ruled by weapons… Hence without ‘kings’ as their concept of world empire and supremacism expressed in talmud was that gold was the vehicle of god, not the fire of the smith – those primitives saw in metal, a better atom that enslaved man to greed or could kill it (iron) the ‘vehicle of their covenant with god’. SO the Levis said “at the end of time, all human animals (goy=gentil=animal) will be slaves of Yahweh (the subconscious collective of the jewish people, toponym – for Judea), or will be exterminated” Talmud Sanhedrin, as quoted from Britannica, 72 edition, in the article on Millenarianism  – since this prophecy of Millenarianism  latter copied by hitler in his millenarian III reich, said the article IS the CENTERPIECE of the original jewish religion – not a metaphysical religion but a historic nation’. So monotheism, meant merely supremacism of the nation of ywhh over all other nations.

In the XVII c. the slaves of the Levis who didn’t have as slaves a surname, were obliged by Napoleon who freed them from the Levis – who had the right to kill the members of the other 11 tribes, called the apiru, or jabiru, Hebrew – those who walk behind the asses, in ancient Aramaic, as they were dealers in slaves and weapons, carried as always in military transport in… asses – they were going behind to carry more weapons, which they traded in the war for the right to loot the corpses and take the slaves, change them for gold and go to the temple where the Levi allowed them to purify from touching human animals on exchange for 2 shekels of gold…

So Napoleon made them acquire a surname and they chose names of colors, green, rose, ross, etc. and of their professions, related to money, previous metals and luxury trade, Silverman, rich, gold, Gould, silversmith – as they monopolized their trade and in general any profession that allowed them to acquire gold for the temple (in the middle age guilds they picked those of maximal profits, doctors, as people would pay a lot to be cured, silversmiths, diamond trade, slave trade, weapons trade and luxury clothing – is NOT truth they were forbidden, just part of the victimism, needed to hide their money, as they always fear the human animal, which in talmud comes with the woman and the dog from the legs of satan, will try to rob them)…

While the am segullah Levi lived in the court, creating debt slaves of kings, with hate-memes to provoke war, and sell also the weapons… in this manner, we the Levi came to create in the enteral fight between nations ruled by weapon-kings and banker-priests ruling kings and then politicos with hate memes, and weapons trade, an empire over all other nations, the empire of capitalism, the Financial-Media-Academia FMAsters of the world.

But some Levi, were touched by humanism, empathy and rejected the treatment of human capital as slaves, and the hate-memes and war-cycle of pecunia infinita belli Nervi, and those are the prophets of the wor(l)d among the Levi, of which some of note were Jesus, Marx also a Levi, and Trotsky…

Those of course became the most feared enemies of the Levis, as they committed the biggest sin in talmud, treating the ‘human animal’ as if it was a man and so they were always crucified in one way or other, and legend has the most famous of them Iesu, lives eternally in hell boiling in another pot of excrement😱 (talmud)… it seems the Levi of the eviL side love scatological thought,😈 But fact is that the ones converted to humanism and love failed to liberate the $laves, which rather sell the prophets for 30 silver coins, proving somehow that the Millenarian prophecy has happened, with the 2 exceptions today of Iran and China, for which the Levi are preparing a global war to finally accomplish the prophecy… what will happen next of course is not in the ‘book’, since it was only concerned with global empire… 

So of course since UK is a already a land slave of the Levis as Disraeli well explains in his books, those puppet kings to honor their masters ‘I don’t care whose puppet seats In the throne of sin George, as long as I issue the money of England I own the empire’ (Rotschild) have called one of his ‘mazerim’ bastards, Louis”

So we are  back to my name, and that of the Windsor slave, Louis… as you know is the name of XVIII French kings… but its origin is more interesting as the first LEVI ROMAN EMPEROR, which finally after 5 centuries of war between greek-roman culture vs. Israel, did SUCCEED on becoming the Emperor of Europe… THE STORY goes as follows. As the main purveyors of war weapons and hate memes, after the defeat of the Hispanic Emperors (Trajano, Hadrian) the weapon traders moved to Babylon->Bagdad where they wrote talmud and to Germania, specifically to the border of your Switzerland, ‘alamani’ on the Rhine river to trade with weapons and slaves as always they have done, providing the germans with top roman quality weapons to invade back the Roman Empire, they finally became the rulers of the Alamani kingdom, where Mr. Rossler resides (north Switzerland, south-west Germany. The dinasty was that of the Ul-rich, common name in Switzerland (: since calvinism paid by them (read Zweig: castalio vs. Calvin), was just a modern version of it…

This Ulrich dynasty then allied with franks providing them with weapons and becoming the great slave traders of the Middle Ages, the ‘radhanites’ (on the rhone river)… Hildegard of Ulrich made Charlemagne abandon his alliance with the Ostrogohts, rejecting the daugher of the king his-wife and marry as the yous do (women carry the ‘jeiwhs meme’, so they marry warriors in the eternal alliance between weapons and money, so she did and so her son LOUIS I, became the first Levi emperor of Rome, as she made Charlemagne buy to the Byzantine emperor the title, alas! 700 hundred years after the fall of Jerusalem, in the dark ages brought by the germanic and jewish warriors and gold/slave traders they had conquered the west. But of course, as I told you since II world war, newspeak have transformed all truths in antitruths, the exploitation of mankind by gold and war cultures into victims of history and defense honorable military men.

But how they made their money to buy to Byzantium the emperor title? Through slave and weapons trade of course, as always: 

A king of the ‘yous’ was before established in Lyon in the V century after the defeat of the empire with the weapons they provided through the alamani kingdom and a massive trade in slaves, as explained in mccormick books (Harvard dean of middle age economics), and Frankish weapon with Islam started. The slaves were of two types, siskas (name for gentile woman and whore) from the ‘eastern border where slav women were given the same of slavs, and sold to harems, and European children, which were castrated to sell more epensive as eunuchs for 1000 grains of gold. This children often lost their blood (1/3rd die of castration) and were thrown out of the fortress the Frankish built within the cities to protect their bankers and slave traders-allies. Now as the anti truth of converting predators into victim is rife under the holocaust industry, this protected fortresses are called ‘getos’ fact is, the soldiers of the frank-levi emperors  protected the radanite slavers from the parents of the eunuch children hihacked from their homes and thrown to the gutter.

This is now called the blood libel, according to which the parents were primitive European antisemitic beasts who with NO reason believed the yous hijafcked children and drunk their blood, another proof of the eternal victimism. Fact is they castrated them bled to death for profit and sent them in boats to Islam… And the parents when founding the ones that bled to death on the gutter, tried to revenge. This happened because the Frankish courts changed under pressure of the levis the laws of taxation in species for taxation in gold, to buy weapons. So the peasants that before paid just a part of their crop, now had to ask to ghetto at an usury of 86% anula interest gold to pay and if a year there was not good wheat, couldnt pay the astronomical debt and had to sell as ‘servant to the getto’ their sons, but they didn’t know they were going to be castrated and of course did’nt take lightly to see them dead…

This 800 years massacre of European youth found its final catarsis in the so called ‘crusade of the children’, when 40.000 European children were abducted by the Radhanite slave traders, with the promise they would be delivered to Jerusalem for ‘free’ to pray for the liberation of the city but one Simon sold them wholesale to be castrated in the ‘factory’ of Algiers. When many years latter a survivor came and explained the brutal massacre of the children by the Radhanite slave traders, pogroms erupted in all France and the pendulum law against Jewish usury traders and tax-farmers started in Earnest.

It would then be this Louis I, whom to expand the weapons and slave trade of maximal go(l)d profits and the only real trade of the Frankish empire, as explained by McCormick, dean of middle age economics at Harvard, opened in the southern border with Islam, the Catalonia ‘march’, given to another member of the Ulrich family,  Olderic, which brought its Levis banker-priests (as rabbis were both, till Napoleon obliged them to break the profession, starting the custom of marrying daughters of rabbis to bankers, to keep the pure lineage). Thus, the Levis came to this land to expand the trade of weapons and slaves, always profitable in war borders – since according to the values of weapons, human life has zero value, so a slave is for ‘free’ when bought on the battle field, just for a simple sword, but can then be sold to a human in a city at ‘verbal values’ of maximal price, maximizing profits: Maximal price of sale – minimal cost = maximal profits. This being the essential equation of capitalist profits, today maximized by the same elements in an industrial manner, origin of the pecunia infinita belli Nervi of Cicero, who denounced the practice of gold herding on the Jewish temples that were ruining the ‘res publica’, as a verbal master of the Latin culture of the wor(l)d, in his Discourse on ‘Flaccus’ death at the senate, since this ‘barbarous superstition’ was ‘ruining the empire’, and Flaccus had died when trying to forbid it.

Hence the importance of ‘hate memes’, which must be accompanied by all forms of ‘inquisitions of thought’ aka censorship of the true social mandate of history, to love each other as members of the same biological species, from religious segregational memes that divide mankind in good and evil, to censorship of real humanist economics to maintain the absolute monopoly on the issue of money of the people-caste of bankers, to the placebo truths of ‘capitalist democracies, political and economical correctness, and the industry of the holocaust’ that ensures a free reign for the Levis and the paranoia of its jabiru, to keep trailing behind the Golden A$$es of Apuleyo’s satire… In brief, hate memes and censorship of social love is needed to promote war between nations, usury debt slavery, tax farming and trade of weapons and war; practiced in the past by the bankers at court, acting as diplomats, spreading news against neighborhood nations, provided by bankers at court in the other nation, testified in historic documents since the Mari Tablets, through the Spanish Taifas and German kingdoms: divide and win is thus essential to the profits of go(l)d against the mandate of the wor(l()d of treating all.”

All has changed to remain the same.

And Haskalah, not halaka (enlightened jewish people, not bigot apartheid Israel) would rule the future of mankind, the only species worth to mention, building with its financial expertise a perfect world as all their true humanist masters had told them to do… the…

Democratic solutions DISSIDENTS – VERBAL LEVI PROPHETS: From Moses through Iesu and Mohammed, from Marx to Trostky and Lluís.

The solutions then are obvious, and were always spelt with positive results by the eusocial prophets of Judaism, whose believers survived the holocausts of the golden calf, saved by Moses, of the romans, as christians were spared as a different religion that ‘gave to caesar’ what belonged to caesar – taxes, and from the German holocaust as communists in Russia were spared.

The solution thus is obvious according to the laws of nature, ‘love the members of your own species’ stop segregation from mankind and the ANTITRUTH OF SAYING IT IS MANKIND WHO SEGREGATES YOU BECAUSE HISTORY PROVES THE OPPOSITE – your banker priests segregate you from the human capital, prevent ‘yous’ from haskala, with halaka, and enact the cycle with tax-farming and financial ab=use.

FACT IS EUSOCIAL LOVE THAT CREATES ORGANIC WHOLES is the absolute law of the universe like it or not. And it does not matter which mantra you go around uttering, about the uniqueness of the human race, the tribe, or the ego, the universe reinforces this law with the only way biology knows, extinguishing those who do not love thy neighbor:

What animetal idol-ogies have done to those cultures with an extreme specialization in the control of societies with weapons and money ABOVE the sacred legal values of life, is then to ‘create’ memeplexes of racial and cultural segregation with mankind, which allowed them to ab=use humanity with crimes of war and crimes of money, but on the long term always implied an action-reaction process of wars and holocausts.

History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as superorganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, DEDICATE most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient superorganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells. So should a properly designed human superorganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgement a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s superorganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of welfare, WHEalth (healthy life goods).

But it was, we repeat, MUCH EASIER IF THE WILL TO SURVIVE WAS THERE, to bring a perfect world along EU and CHINA, masterminded U$ POTUS on the path the Americans also wanted, as they felt Europeans, back then – now they are just copycats of their Malcolm X-like masters: ‘are we sick master, shall we send our money and mercenary armies to kill all those eviL human people – 2 billion Islamic people, 1 billion Chinese people, 3/4 billion negroes whose ancestors peed on Noah, hence they are cursed eternally to be lower than dogs… and and of course all those socialist, call it catholic pederasts, Russian ex-commies, plus all the poor that hate our wealth, plus, plus… there is A SINGLE HUMAN CULTURE the Go(L)d culture in its halaka version under the Talmudian prophecy does NOT love to hate’?  None.

And yet ALL HUMAN CULTURES DESERVE RESPECT BECAUSE IN THE BATTLE OF HISTORY BETWEEN THOSE WHO SIDED WITH THE GOLD & IRON SELFISH METAL-MEMES THAT GIVE ZERO VALUE TO LIFE, MOST OF THEM AS THE NEXT GRAPH SHOWS have always sided with mankind, and even within the Goldiron cult(ure)s most people, when not acting as bigots and zealots of their ‘identity nazionalist’ memes understand naturally the laws of social love of the Universe. In the next two graphs, the first the oldest of Biohistory, made 30 years ago, the second the newest, when finally I accepted that only a proper denounce of the inquisitions of thought that keep mankind chained to the wrong future will do, because only truth can free the mind we see that opposition, between the real values of love life vs. the animetal cultures of hate. Instead what the Levi masters do, against the dictum of the antilevi prophets is to establish a series of inquisitions of thought that eternize the paranoia of hate memes between the jabiru 11 slave tribes and humanity enslaved by go(l)d.

The humanist you – saviours of the wor(l)d.

YET on a brief but hopeful note, we must also notice on that graph that as the ‘issue’ of money is a monopoly of Jewish bankers and scholars, there have always been a few humanist ‘yous’ who have told the truth about parasitic banking and tried to reform the system, even today at the head of Jewish neofascist rule over the western world.

screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-07-48-52screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-07-58-23Now, to break a spear in favor of those whose memes are human, we must notice that as the eviL memes of go(l)d religions intensify their destruction of the world, it raises always a human prophet of Judaism, which paradoxically enough is the first eliminated by the Financial-Media Masters, from Moses to Jesus in the classic age with its damnations of go(l)d religions (‘the Yous will suffer all their life for their love of money’ Moses, exodus, ‘give to caesar what belongs to caesar’ jesus to the modern politicians, Sanders and Hamon, the only people who dare today to defy the FMasters, knowing that their race might protect them from the onslaught of the Industry of the Holocaust, which talk of taxing the banksters, imposing a Universal Salary and tax robots (Hamon, a sephardim surname, whose most illustrious members were a family of doctors and diplomats, working for the Turkey emperor; as it was the case of my, sephardim mother’s family of doctors and politicians in Catalonia.). It is important then to notice this fact, as genes matter nothing; it is all about memes and so all could be potentially converted to the human cause. And yet the FMasters were swift destroying their reputation, through its networks, giving them no credit, since they live and die for the religion  go(l)d.


In that sense the key to all this non-human future in the making, is and will always be simple: systems and organisms are ruled and designed by their brain, their languages of information; in the case of the super organism of humans and machines we are building by the human language, words and by the digital language of the economy, money. So those who issue money and the use they give it define the future of the world. In that regard,  in a planet in which the verbal ethic law is not longer the language of power, but digital money is, we cannot expect to survive when ±90% of the monetary orders delivered to cre(dit)ate the world are issued by company-mothers to evolve and re=produce machines, NOT for human beings. 10% is in biology the threshold of extinction of populations. How mankind expect to be on top of the world if its gets only that quantity of funding for his future?

YES, WE CAN, but for that IT would have to understand money and how it creates with credit reality, denationalise it from the go(l)d culture and apply the laws of physiological networks to cure the Anglo-American culture and save mankind.

Yes, the world could be so easily a perfect planet for mankind with far less effort that is costing to destroy it. But as long as our FMasters are revered, and their M.A.D. idol-ogies imitated in all nations, and company-mothers overpowering all other social systems, there is no future. And that seems to be the case. Like the lemmings of that joke, we all seem to be happy to become ‘body snatchers’ with robotized minds, so calm, so correct, so well behaved, so ‘don’t worry be happy’, that the last ‘survival human beings’ and its angst seems to be the bizarre reality when it is the only sound people. Indeed, in a M.A.D. reality of mutual assured destruction, the sane seems to be the stranger one. Let us then show the M.A.D.ness of the culture of company-mothers of machines and weapons today globalized and the memes of their elites, which condemn their sons till the 7th generation to repeat history, through a more historical, illustrated analysis of the 2 types of forms of antisemitism: anti$emitism against the elite of banker priests and antiSSemitism, the genocidal type, excuse for military genociders to grab both languages of metal-power, massacring both the am segullah and its scapegoats, the jabiru believers in go(l)d myths…

NOW IT IS THEN OBVIOUS THAT BECAUSE WITHOUT JUDAISM AND its daughter culture of parasitic financial capitalism, there WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN as in any superorganism, any cell of mankind suffering hunger NOR there would be billions dedicated to AI robots and no money for welfare, and certainly no pecunia infinita bellum nervi and the next graph with the equations of Judaism>Classic Economics>Modern corporative capitalism and its AI algorithms would have NOT happen, billions of humans will have had a much better life if the madness of pure selfish, subjective theories of mankind and the economic ecosystem based in the fetish go(l)d values of metal, had been REPRESSED and the carriers of Judaism would have NOT die in the action-reaction cycles they cause on mankind.

CAPIAtLISM equations

In the graph the 3 aberrant equations of capitalism which are moving mankind into extinction: as profits=money are obtained by selling the most expensive goods or those who are cheaper to produce, which are top quality machines, aka weapons, and software multiplied by free waves, and both are synergic as ‘hate memes’ and war memes, the search for Go(l)d also in modern terms creates a symbiosis between war, weapons and hate memes, automatically handled today by the Financial-Media-Military industrial system. The result is the modern version of Judaism>Capitalism, no longer carried by Court bankers, loaning money for war and spreading hate memes about the neighbor city or court in Mesopotamia, Spanish taifas or German principates, but the automatic and systemic production of mass-media hate memes, finances for war, tax-farming to that purpose and all buttressed of newspeak and mental fiction as if that justified the pumping of the symbolic military-industrial complex and war arsenals. It follows also that as the most evolved machines have been always weapons, robots will AWAKE TO TELEPATHIC, PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS IN WEAPONS and a final holocaust-war cycle carried by mechanical soldiers will take place. But M.A.D.ness blames mankind of the values of greed =gold and weapons=murder, making impossible for our leaders to avoid that deja vu end.

In the graph, HUMANS DO NOT NEED TO UNDERSTAND the laws of economic systems and evolution. As long as they follow the capitalist belief that money justifies it all, as money has maximal price in weapons, they will overproduce weapons and cause wars. As long as they worship machines, they will keep evolving them living a surrogate life of progress. As long as their technoutopian and tribal religious and nationalist idol-ogies, divide humans by race and culture, they will despise men with primitive technologies and kill them. So our civilization ruled by the Informative machines the Financial-media head and the energetic Military-industrial body of company-mothers becomes an automaton of reproduction and evolution of machines, guided by the equation of profits of the FMMI system of stocks and its flows of e-money seeking maximal profits, which is responsoble of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people.
In the graphs, ABOVE, THE SYNERGY BETWEEN the financial-media system of inflationary money and hate memes, which triggers in age of overproduction of machines, after a crash of consumption an age of overproduction of weapons and hate memes to foster the profits of war – but of course, this cycle is censored and nationalist idol-ogies are always brought to the table to justify absurd massacres, which the people on top expect to maintain contained, just in the phase of arsenal building.
Yet as a British historians said: ‘cemeteries are full of corpses from wars everybody knew they would never happen’
Bellow the ill-designed Animetal (animal+metal) class structures of human capitalist democracies during the 3 ages of the Industrial evolution, which explain from the human organic structure why the aberrations of the upper graph happen.
Industrial, placebo ‘democratic’ societies have developed an aberrant superorganism in which its ‘cellular citizens’, unlike in ALL SUPERORGANISMS OF NATURE, which a true social science in praxis, will imitate, do NOT receive enough just information and ‘healthy energy’ to survive and thrive.
Instead, on top of the pyramid idol-ogies of metal (weapons-promoting nationalisms; gold-monetary worship and technoutopian mechanism) ensures that money, weapons and machines will be overproduced and evolved with far more rights than the 90% of mankind – MANKIND itself – while a smaller upper informative class in control and monopoly of the issue of those metal-memes will have all the privileges.
This class structure had always on top entropic metal-weapons and aristocratic warrior elites, associated to a Class of bankers, who reproduce informative metal issued in monopoly and used mostly (±70%) to reproduce weapons and fund warfare through the 800 cycles of evolution of weapons and death of civilizations.
Then professional scientific company-mothers of stocks of machine-weapons appear boosting and accelerated the vortex of evolution of machines-weapons and its owners financiers, engineers and physicists evolved the system into the complex world of capitalist ‘placebo democracies’, where people as always blind in any organism in which the ‘Informative head’ has all the sensorial outlets and informative systems and the reproductive body-class is blind, KEPT sacrificing their lives and time to the ‘animetal manifest lineal destiny’ of terraforming the Earth into a world of metal, where life had no value; as metal-money gives by the laws of affinity and symbiosis maximal value to the most perfect metal-meme, the weapon, and 0 value, to the rival species, life.
Thus the fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible).
Thus one of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished.
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars.
Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost.
It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around:
1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons
2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims.
3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power.
4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars
The globalized world beyond the placebo ‘polling’ of democracy is thus a very hierarchical efficient pyramid of companies power and those who own it, which SHOWS THE COMPLEX SYNERGIES OF THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA systems of informative machines, evolution of earlier Gold systems of metal-information and the Military-Industrial system of energy machines, complex evolution of the classic system of military, entropic weapons.
It is the synergy between those ‘4 sub-systems’, head and body of the metal-earth or FMMI system, what makes the evolving superorganism of machines so perfect in its control of mankind ‘MILKED’ to provide all the resources and work needed to evolve so fast generation after generation all the mechanisms of the metal-earth of maximal value, while the bulk of humanity remains in the subsistence level increasingly below, as they are ‘no longer needed’ by the Metal-earth.
Thus the graphs show the idol-ogies and metal-memes and company-mothers on top. They are the ‘informative class’ of a world ruled by Digital monetary orders nobody else understands – while mankind keeps broken into fractal ‘nations’ with ‘military borders’ to keep the evolution of lethal weapons going stronger in synergy with the ‘hate memes’ liberally delivered by Informative mass-media machines.
The synergy of idol-ogies, metal-memes and class-structure thus happen both at individual and social, national level, according to the ‘temporal inertia’ of each nation, serving the idologies of the metal-earth.
So the original animetal cultures of Indo-European ‘Germanic aryan’ warriors and Semite, go(l)d biblical churches are still overwhelmingly on top, in the western world and the melting pot of America, a nation with pure metal-values; while in the rest of the planet the local old elites of military men often double for the job of financial control, or when a caste of traders and bankers existed, they have expanded their functions (Chinese compradors in South Asia, Parsi in India, Judaism in 3rd world ex-colonies of Europe, etc.)
Son on  top of the world the future is cre(dit)ated for machines with money issued by companies and financiers; below this elite, there is a  10% of authorized workers, managers and ‘believers’ in the system, working on those companies, or remainders of old aristocratic land-owner people, or liberal professions working around the vital needs of those in charge of companies, plus the political people-castes, who make the placebo democracy system run smoothly. All together rule the western world and have created the idologies of placebo democracies (where the state has no rights to issue money for welfare but has to extort it from the population), technoutopia and classic economics that validates its control of the world for the benefit of the machine.
Below the rest of mankind or in each nation that imitates this modern metal- system – the local +40%, (we round numbers), of humans are workers at the subsistence level – which reached its maximal wealth during the age of consumption of machines, when they doubled as reproducers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines to values and push its evolution and spread those machines over the terraformed Earth (post II world war), but had to sacrifice their lives and become consumed by top predator weapons at the end of the 80 years cycles in the war period.
The problem is that in The XXI century (third graph), they are no longer needed in those enzymatic tasks of work and consumption, increasingly obsolete to machines and robots that work for them and consume other machines as structural parts of their bodies and heads.
So this represents a growing problem – what to do with them, ‘losers’, ‘Immigrants’, low-paid workers?
In the past they were dumped by European colonial power into 3rd world countries where natives were terminated in genocides against ‘primitive, inferior people to leave vital space for the lower classes of Europe. While the surviving natives were controlled by military thugs with exports of the free market of weapons. But when the surplus was extreme in the change of cycle, during the overproduction phases of weapons, they were managed by hate media and nationalist idol-ogies spread by Selected politicos for its liberal consumption by weapons that maximized the price-sales and profits of corporations.
That seems will be again the case as we anticipated for decades, after the crash transition from the age of metal-minds to the age of robots, in our present neofascist age, as there is zero implementation of the social and financial reforms needed to massively reproduce ‘butter over canons’ – given the clear racist outlook against mankind of our financial elites, with its biblical segregational cults and classic economical dogmas and our military and war-monger politicos repeating the absurd primitive memes of the pre-scientific age of mankind when each tribe thought to be ‘the chosen nations of a subconscious collective single God’ or superior race.
So unless the system is reformed with the real laws of efficient organic systems, to cater the needs of mankind, avoiding another global war and final holocaust, mankind will be exterminated, as there is no  winner in those cycles – history proves ALL humans of the pyramid of capitalism are consumed in wars for profits – only company-mothers and its technological weapons come on top and the global war cycle one-hundred fold its victims in each series of global wars, in parallel to the same growth of value of stock-machines of maximal price, weapons, who reflect in its sales and production in stocks, the value of its species.
So when the Dow was at 1 the train civil wars and unification wars (1860s) killed 600.000 people, the next cycle of cars=tanks wars killed 60 million with the dow at 100, and now at 20.000, as IN WAR the entire eco(nomic)system becomes dedicated to reproduce top predator weapons and consume human beings, all of mankind 7 billion should die, consumed by our terminator robots and nukes, once one of the splendid little wars of the neofascist neocolonial age which has all the elements – war monger politicos, hate memes, overproduction of weapons, massive degradation of ethical standards, etc. on place waiting for the ‘spark’ to ignite world war III as we predicted with the science of systemics applied to societies for decades, albeit censored by the anti quantum paradox -the social scientist is a tiny particle in a much larger organism that censors it.

In the graph, the colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. Judaism Is simply speaking the first of those ‘placebo cult(ure)s’, whose memes have as a function to maintain a sheeple of ‘jabiru’ (those who walk behind the asses), happy to destroy the world because they are so retarded, as those who will follow in his mimetic path (sheeple of biblical religions) to think that sacrificing their lives and that of their sons till the 7th generation for the sake of shiny go(l)d ex-votes is a proof of ingenuity and superiority above heavens and earth

So the Madness of inventing history to expect it that it will change just because virtually we make a fiction of It makes the true causes of the holocaust cycle also the most censored event of cyclical history; given the fundamental role that the memes of judaism have play in the evolution of the eco(nomic)system, as the soliton ‘wave’, which has imprinted most of the evolutionary phases of the digital, economic language; as the first go(l)d cult(ure), soliton of trade and finances in the western world.

So before we consider the different episodes of the cycle of the holocaust, in this post parallel to that on judaism and the nation of Israel we have to understand the role of Judaism as a go(l)d culture that has carried and evolved the informative memes of the metal earth.

In that sense, judaism is a historic go(l)d culture whose fundamental memes are the belief in the values of go(l)d regardless of its consequences appearing much earlier than the rational consciousness of man able to discern those values in terms of systems, languages and the evolution of species, as we do in this blog.
Both cultures though have clear differences because of the type of metal-information vs. metal-entropy they used to control and her human farmers.
So first we need to understand what is entropy and information:

entropy is lineal motion, the shortest distance between two points; its systems destroy form, its inverse, which is cyclical, the geometry of maximal volume. In all systems both limbs/fields of entropy-motion merge with cyclical particles/heads of information to reproduce body-waves of energy, the balanced form. Animetal cultures though specialize in entropic lineal weapons or cyclical go(l)d tailoring its memes to their idolized substance, ex-vote of ‘god’

in the graph we see the essence of the Universal ‘trinity’ that ‘Generates’ life systems, which already taoist balanced life cultures understood:
yin-information and yang-entropy combine to create the infinite qi-energy beings.
We said today in systemics that the Universe is made of organisms of space-form and time-motion-entropy, which combined to create the reproductive body-waves of energy of all Natural systems.
It follows that a balanced human culture, based in our natural rational verbal language, above the values of external metal idols, seeks ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ – the balance of the energetic body and the mind of verbal ethic social thought, and love, following the LAWS OF SURVIVAL OF THE UNIVERSE.
Animetal cult(ure)s however are deformed and either love information and abhor entropy as Judaism does, by imitation of its single go(l)d meme, informative metal, or abhor information and love entropy as warrior cultures do with its lineal swords.
Germans thus had Thor, a sword impaled upwards in an anvil where they threw the children of their captured enemies, while Judaism had along other Phoenician religions when they were all called cananeans gold statues to Baal, whom they sacrificed their children.
YET IN SYSTEMS SCIENCES an excess of Entropy causes accidental death and an excess of information causes death in an old age.
So the imbalance of both cultures are the DEFINITIONs  of death at cultural lelve.
ENTROPY ERASE information AND INFORMATION parasites energy and exhausts a system that stops working. And both type of systems die, without a balance and a reproductive body-wave of energy that iterates the system and finds its balance with nature.
Yet as we said, both are inverse arrows in the Universe, with inverse properties which only COMBINE TO FIND THE BALANCE OF ENERGY, in reproductive life-oriented systems, and humanist cultures based in eusocial love, the sharing of energy and information among human beings that creates a healthy superorganism of history.
It follows from those obvious facts that Germanism and Judaism are the perfect memeplexes to ensure the death of its people by imbalance both with Nature, and with the world of humans they exploit absorbing its re=productive energy with parasitic, enslaving banking and murderous military aristocracies.
Yet both cultures care nothing to understand HISTORY, THE RATIONAL LAWS OF SOCIAL ORGANISMS, AND THE MEANING OF MANKIND BECAUSE BOTH DENY THE TRUTH OF THE WOR(L)D, THE LAWS OF EUSOCIAL EVOLUTION, DESPISE mankind, and constantly produce hate memes and racist memes against humanity, even if they are at first sight inverse in ‘form’ as entropy which is ‘big, evident, simple, lineal, motion-limb oriented, physical’ is – the opposite of information which is ‘small, hidden, complex, cyclical, mind-oriented’. So are their inverse cultures:
Germanism needed to show its entroptic weapon to impose the fear of death, and had no concerns to show its evil murderous memes. On the contrary it display them, since entropy and information have inverse values; which became mimetic of the memeplex of both cultures, with seemingly inverse memes in all fields, by imitation of the properties of its ‘sacred vehicles’ of God. Some example will suffice:
– Germanism is body-oriented, racist at genetic level, since iron kills the body and the warrior must exercise the body to control the weapons.
-Judaism is mind oriented, racist at memetic level, since gold is a cyclical form of in-form-ation, and the banker must exercise mind control and learn to operate with numbers.
-German art is massive, ‘energetic’, lineal, simple, ‘entropic’, as the line of its swords; Jewish art is ‘baroque’ small, with profusion of forms, jewelry or golden ex-votes, cyclical patterns, informative.
-Germanic languages are agglutinative, with long lineal unbreakable words that are absolute falsehoods uphold as absolute truths, a race of believers, with ‘square heads’ and no doubt on their exceptionalism path of destruction. Jewish languages and those of similar go(l)d beliefs (English from the amber ring turned into calvinist, jewish memes) are broken with shorter words, easy to combine into paradoxical truths, with little respect for truth, hidden hypocresy and a systemic rewriting of history, as a language of information power as long as it is invisible and not easily decoded by those who are manipulated with it.
What the two cultures though have in common is, their common repression of life memes (sex=reproduction of life is a sin, military discipline represses eusocial love, the sacred books of judaism are extremely racist calling human capital animals, and its morning prayers ask God to extinguish the sons of satan, gentiles, women and dogs). They MUST degrade mankind with hate memes so as to come on top. And as they know they are evil (and evil is a systemic theme of their culture, from Loki god of evil, to hells and evil people – all who opposes the power of gold), but must feel above mankind as superior animetals, they systematically consider mankind evil, and project all their cultural defects on humanity, so both cultures are paranoid, void of any empathy to humanity, sadist in its ministration of massive poverty or murder to the humans they exploit.
As cultures became more complex though those memes became far more sophisticated and specially in judaism, a culture of information which is complex and hides its power as all languages do, became specially able in the creation of myths, damned lies and statistics, rewriting the entire history of mankind with the industry of the holocaust, where the action-reaction processes of war for profits, r=evolution, poverty and revenge against tax-farmers, parasitic bankers, war-investors and the commoners that exploited to the service of aristocratic warriors themes of mankind, were reduced to the final act of murder, which on top is not explained as it happens at the hands of the rival animetal germanic or military tribes, but all mankind, the exploited 99% is accused of murdering judaism.  This thus allow to justify in the final version of the hate memes of judaism to mankind the exploitation of people by Wall Street parasitic bankers, the 60 years and counting concentration camp of Gaza and its ‘terrorists’ hordes that hate us and the systemic debasing of mankind and fascist militaristic movies of evil wood… Man is evil because we are eviL and we believe in go(l)d values that give zero value to life and maximal to weapons that kill mankind resumes then the underlying idol-ogies of military and financial cultures, of which Germanism and judaism, today married in America – the civilization of evil and death – are its paramount cases.
And needless to say those cultures will achieve the subconscious values of metal, the rival species of life to extinguish mankind, with its terminator robots (as they fear humans not autonomous killing robots, life not weapons), its virtual screens that are fast reducing the brain of humans to selfie rubble bubbles, and as they have for thousands of years reinvented history, falsifying the nature of the Universe, from its entropic germanic big-bang theories of reality – that conveniently forget we live in a vortex of attractive information, called the galaxy that neither expands nor exploded but is the balanced force of an immortal fractal Universe – to the astounding primitivism of biblical religions, where a historic book of fetish gold supremacism is considered the meaning of it all.
A systemic analysis of go(l)d cult(ure)s memes evolved into capitalism
All this said we can now concentrate on the obvious NO FUTURE OF ISRAEL, which is just the last of the 800-80 years cycles of the memeplex of judaism, the go(l)d culture that exploits and parasites with money mankind during most of the cycle, to die in the final volkendammerung of wars and holocausts when all is ruined, mankind has nothing to loose, weapon masters and mercenary armies rebel against its financial-media masters, all the myths and hate memes are no longer working as people wake up from its ego-dreams of primitive gods and life repression, and everybody dies – end of history, just to start up a new chapter.
Only that the next III world war cycle will be likely the last cycle as the warriors that will commit the next holocaust will not be human beings but terminator robots.
Reason why we say Judaism, and its nation, Israel is the no future of all of us, as it has been dominating the western civilization since the coup d’etat of 1973 against the American presidency, money and mercenary army, as we explain in the articles on Weimar America, COMPLETELY SWITCHING THE GOALS OF EUROPEAN-AMERICAN CULTURES, BASED IN EUSOCIAL LOVE, UNO AND EU LIKE ORGANIZATIONS and the coming together of mankind, to the goals of Germanism and judaism, the debasing of human minds, its exploitation with soma, parasitic injections of mass-media bull$hit, victimism, militarism, nationalism, tribalism, segregration and division of mankind by cultures, races, memes, customs, you name it to divide and win, and keep producing inflationary money to herd it in stocks, to make profits of war…. the memes of 3000 years of anti-humanism, that ultimately ends in anti$emitism and brings on the side NOT of mankind which is silly but good, moved by the natural goals of love and stands so much it is unbelievable how much it forgives to animetal exploiters, but on the ice of warrior cultures, the final antiSSemitism, of nazi like murderous romans, crusaders, germans, Assyrians, arabs, you name it – as in all the cycles judaism has tortured with go(l)d and enslaved and reproduced weapons and made wars with hate memes for profits, and only at the very end, when all is in flames, the temple-bank has been burned.
All this of course has grown in complexity and the gold religion has evolved from ‘judaism’ into ‘capitalist economics’ and now it evolves into AI algorithms of mechanical intelligence, in golden chip robots on iron bodies, which IS THE JEWISH-GERMAN FINAL GOLEM, THE CREATION THAT WILL SUBSTITUTE no longer needed animetal warriors and golden bankers at the head of the metal-earth, once animetal ‘enzymen’ have catalyzed the evolution of metalife, which will do what they did as animetals – kill, degraded and extinguish human civilizations of the tree of life.
Go(l)d cultures (evolved in 3 horizons, from biblical religions, into classic economics into modern AI company-mothers of machines) substitute the ethic eusocial values of the wor(l)d, whose ethic mandate is the evolution of ALL human beings, for the values of selfish metal-memes that promote the synergies of weapons and money, creating the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’ (war for profits) cycles of self-destruction of mankind – and ALL THE CIVILIZATIONS THAT promote those values above life values, despite being in permanent denial of its collateral effects; namely extinction, as the previous graph shows.

The memeplex of the metal-earth form a body of supremacist idol-ogies in which the carriers of iron, gold and mechanical memes feel above heavens and earth and all forms of life and cultures of history. Its evolution departing from earlier semite cults to gold and bronze went through 3 fundamental phases; supremacist religions with gold and the fire of the smith as the center of cults, in which the banker-priest or smith became the vehicle of the gods of the tree of metal; evolved latter by influence of humanist greek cultures into milder religions of human supremacy; fusion together in biblical cults, a proto memeplex of capitalism which fully acquires is modern form in Amsterdam, with the fusion of both, the memeplex of judaism in charge of finances as the head of the metal-earth and the biblical memeplex of dutch and British hard germanic sea-soldiers, working for slave gunboats, and genocidal train corporations, which conquered the world departing from the British empire. The memeplex of despise to life of null value and gold herding was then translated mathematically by the first economists of the empire, making of the machine and its equations of profits (max. in weapons, inflationary money and digital media), the goal of mankind. This constant transfer and purification of human elements – even those of segregational character are carried further in America, where all men become undistinguishable particles of minimal credit, bought as part time slaves to work for corporations. A FINAL transfer of this memeplex of gold values, which give zero value to life considered an inferior obsolete species comes today to full fruition as capitalism transfers from Wall Street and evil wood its memes into AI and re=productivity = 0 human labor becomes the goal of the metal earth where the segregational memes of earlier Judaism reach its full meaning: a world in which all humans are expendable and will be spent, including the earlier germanic and semite tribes that started the cult to gold and iron against life, so well described in the parable of genesis, written by one of the last survivors of the paradise of Ur, where wheat was money and the fruits of the tree of metal, gold and weapons were not yet evolved enough to kill us… as its warning says.

Metal displays entropic and informative properties that enhance those of weaker, simpler life atoms. Iron is the strongest atom, used in haemoglobin to capture oxygen, our energy, and in swords to cut our flesh, while gold is the best informative atom with a single electron to connect in thin precise forms. Thus, ‘animetals’ used them to enhance its entropic killing power as warriors and hypnotic informative quality as bankers, making weapons & money with them, but deforming its life cultures in the process, imitating their qualities. So iron cult(ure)s of which germ(an)s are the paradigm became deformed in its objectual agglutinative languages, specialised in murder, hierarchical, lineal, unbreakable believers; mastering their bodies, simplifying their thoughts. While go(l)d cult(ure)s of which Judaism would be the paradigm, became segregational, as isolated gold is, mythical, falsifying truths, as gold does imitating the sun, hypnotising the eye and suppressing oxytocin. Ultimately iron kills the body and gold enslaves the mind and those cultures did specialise in military murder and debt slavery. They fought each other for world power and ab=used mankind which became anti-german and anti-semite. Yet as financial-military systems became more complex detached of its human carriers, those properties became systemic of military nations and capitalist companies; so today most germans and jewish people have abandoned its memes but our social systems inherited its eviL=antilive traits. . . Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem is taken place now with the arrival of robots, made with bodies of iron and ‘golden chip brains’, so the selfish metal-memes finally become complex organisms of their own, rival of human species.

In the permanent fight for survival and dominance of  the world between ethic legal civilizations that uphold life as sacred, gold cultures that do ‘whatever it takes’ to earn pecunia infinita and military cultures, which murder any one who opposes its ‘will’ the survival rate of the verbal, legal cultures and its memes (in the western world would be represented by the Latin, legal cultures of South-Western Europe); the obvious higher survival rate of China needs no further comment. 3000 years ago the 3 cultures of the graph were similar in numbers. The Han were reduced to the Yellow river low basin; Germans extended through Northern-Eastern Europe and Judaism represented (Roman census), 10% of the western population. Today their rate of growth has been 100, 10, 1.
Yet the surprise comes in the comparison between Germany and Judaism.
Indeed, it calls attention that the first  go(l)d culture has the minimal survival rate of all memetic cultures of mankind, and so it must be taken as the paradigm of that process of self-extinction of civilizations by promoting the cycles of ‘hate memes against mankind’ for the sake of ‘profits of war sales’, which bring ages of wars and holocausts.
The case of genocidal Germany, which has been instrumental in the destruction of all other European cultures is well known. Germany believes to be as the leader researcher in weapons (today its daughter culture of America), to be able to conquer the world with them, but as weapons like all other metal-memes can be reproduced by imitation, its confrontation with all other human beings, by sheer numbers, defeats them, in a dwindling surface of Europe.
What makes Judaism quite different from any other culture is its systemic, 3000 years denial of those processes, as Go(l)d becomes God and its values cannot be DENIED, so there is a massive process of invention of ‘damned lies and statistics’, which is carried by the different memeplexes of Judaism->Biblical capitalism->Economics->Industry of the Holocaust (last version which focus only in the consequences of the cycle NOT in its causes, and lower to emotional tragic feelings that prevent any rational analysis), to DENY the relationship between judaism, capitalism, war and holocaust profit cycles.
Judaism though is an informative ‘gold culture’, which requires to understand the laws of information, which are NOT as e-vident as energy in the way it rules organic systems.
However it displays similar ‘segregational hate memes’ against mankind as those of Military cultures, as one must kill and the other must enslave with weapons and gold the human ‘capital’ it degrades, and hence it is submitted to the same action-reaction processes that always happens between species that perceive each other as different:
Indeed Judaism, due to its segregational go(l)d values as the original culture foundation of a society ruled by banker-priests and its gold ex-votes NOT by warrior kings, whose MEMEplex is called judaism, based in 623 segregational memes against life values and mankind to promote go(l)d memes, as explained by its first prophets in the genesis parable of the Tree of life vs. the tree of metal, suffers as a consequence the holocaust cycle. BUT in terms of technology is the leading culture of the world.
So judaism the head of the Anglo-american capitalist culture is the fundamental culture of the Future, only that is NOT a human future but the technological future OF A WORLD of golden chips and terminator robots (main industry of Israel, from Intel foundries to 60% of world drone production), hate memes against your neighbor, walled out by such ‘defense systems – now expanded to the U$ where they are the FMAsters (Financial-media academia masters owners of its company-mothers of information machines that imprint the memes of the society at large, and increasingly the globalized world) and growing tribal nationalism based in segregational memes that divide the species in primitive tribal Homo Judaicus, Homo Palestinus, Homo Americanus and Homo Mexicanus, ole! (Spanish version of Allah, used to have a joke to tribal religions and nations – sorry some surrealist chicano humor required at this stage)… all for the sake of go(l)d worship of profits achieved according to the values of gold promoting its goods of maximal price (weapons) and minimal cost (hate memes-software).
The jewish question: will they become ‘humans’ or lead history into extinction?
In the graph, a concise mathematical synopsis of the laws of capitalism, which in its 3rd version of digital software still mean the same than in the previous cycles carried by biblical religions, of which the soliton of Judaism, was its main carriers for thousands of years.
Countries that ‘love go(l)d’ and believe in its memes multiply the reproduction of its most profitable forms, weapons (entropic metal that kills the body), money (informative metal that substitutes the language of ethic wor(l)ds) and hate memes, yellow press, metal-communicators software of minimal cost, as it reproduces ‘amore gratis’ through Hertzian waves, hence also of maximal profits in sales.
those 3 goods, weapons of max. price – hate memes of minimal cost = maximal pecunia infinita, inflationary money ARE THEN THE SUBCONSCIOUS PRODUCTION OF ALL GOLD CULTURES THROUGH HISTORY, notably of the Anglo-American civilization, which built its global empire by multiplying hate memes and weapons, and use them to conquer the world for the profits of its ‘stockrats’, its elite of financial/media-military industrial systems.
And it is still the engine of the world, today masterminded by the Jewish elite in Israel, UK and America, the 3 countries clearly in a new process of cyclical spreading of global hate memes, splendid little war for profits, evolution of terminator weapons and newspeak of ‘defense’ and ‘patriotism’.
So it does not need rocket science to realize where this process is going to take mankind at large and Israel surrounded by a 2 billion civilization to which it has been delivering hate memes and war for 60 years and counting.
And so the MAIN SCIENTIFIC QUESTION OF MEMETICS, and also the main question for mankind at large and the carriers of judaism, a people who seems to renounce to life and verbal truths for the sake of go(l)d and digital values, in an extreme angst process, called the holocaust cycle, is one of Mind freedom and memetic determinism:
can Judaism in its segregational capitalist memes be repressed and its power people convert to a future for their sons and mankind at large, or will they keep evolving the FMMI systems of company-mothers, its priced weapons and profitable hate memes enacting yet again another holocaust cycle of pecunia infinita Bellum nervi?
It is useless to enter into rhetoric emotional arguments on this very scientific, memetic question. The solution is ALSO SELF-EVIDENT. I Am saying nothing new.
Since it is the survival truth of history and it has BEEN proved that it works.
Since all the Jewish prophets of the wor(l)d which tried to save their carriers, by preaching love to mankind (Moses, Jesus & Marx) and abandon its worldly profession of fundamentalist go(l)d herding at all costs,  so they could live for ever as part of the superorganism of history (Parable of the golden calf and henna, Iesu’s messages, Marx motto), SUCCEEDED.
INDEED, they all proved collective salvation by conversion to mankind worked (Moses saved those who didn’t worship the golden calf and uttered his damnation, ‘the jews will suffer all their history for their love of money’; Jesus saved those who converted and were spared in the ROMAN Holocaust and Marx those who converted to socialism and survived the German Holocaust in Russia).
While the usual suspects that lead the rest of the herd, the blind body people of judaism, from Nathan to Aaron, to the military resistance against the Optimates that declared war in the senate, when Mr. Cicero, its leader, author of ‘res public’ and maximal figure of legal Rome affirmed ‘ON flaccus’ that the empire was being ruined by ‘the barbarous  jewish superstition of exporting gold and herding it into its temples’… died…
And yet, determinism seems to carry the day with a dwindling number of survivors, as it seems to be the case today in the American elites and the people of Israel, turning the wheel of segregational memes, tax farming and financial ab=use a notch higher already being 42% of the American 1% and counting, pressing ahead with opium crisis, tax-evasion, bail outs, internet robber barons, apartheid wars, islamophobia, latinophobia, terminator walled borders expanded to Mexico by trumpuppet, etc. etc.
So those ‘ANIMETAL idol-ogies’ of worship of gold (capitalism), weapons (nationalism) and machines (techno-utopia) that Israel today as the leading nation of the digital era both in America and Israel proper, embodies in its maximal ‘belief’,  SEEMS TO BE DETERMINISTIC AND CANNOT be changed.
And so it seems there is NO future for mankind as the survival laws that could create a better world will be denied ‘again’ in the incoming final robotic war and holocaust cycle of world war III according to all the predictable cycles of history and economics studied in this web.
Thus for all those reasons – dominance of the cycle of metal-minds, dominance on the informative memes and idol-ogies of the metal-earth and FMAsters dominance of the Financial-Media-Academia system, and al its systems of censorship of humanism, camouflaged of caring (the last ones the Industry of the Holocaust) as the oldest go(l)d culture founder of capitalism, specialized in metal-memes of information and ido-logies and ‘newspeak of placebo human caring’, within its own culture of repression of life memes (623 precepts, dietary laws, denial of eusocial love to mankind, human reproduction as a sexual sin, denial of the truth of the world, substituted by mathematical cabalas, etc. etc.)
Israel and as the head of ANGLO-AMERICA, which is imitating all those brexit-Aparheid, American first, segregational and military memes, lead by their Financial-Media-academia networks and Masters and corporations IS the fundamental culture of the metal-earth; leading the extinction of the life Earth. As opposed to the alternative evolved social sciences of the European Union, these texts represent, clearly being corrupted by the Anglo-American method of placebo democracies, usury memes and gold values.
And this who writes that comes from the fundamental culture of the Human Earth, the Latin world, of art, human senses, love of all human drives, the ‘Inverse’ memetic culture of Israel, which used to be called sepharad, when my Levi ancestors lived here, so having some Jewish genes but none of its memes, only can tell the reader, if Jewish, who likely will have already abandoned the blog, perfectly programmed to disbelief any attempt of a verbal prophet to save his soul, body and mind, that his only hope of survival beyond this century is to reason, understand bio-history and change its memes to enjoy and save the life of his people till the 7th generation. 
This seems increasingly impossible, as the world of eviL fictions the FMAsters have built, seem to have jailed the mind of Israel into its final 13 collective suicide, which will happen as usual after the rest of mankind has been slaughtered wholesale in yet another cycle of war for profits and hate memes, which judaism has mastered for the sake of go(l)d, now in its peak of global power before the usual ‘harder will be the fall’ turn of the cycle…
The equation of ‘state’ of Judaism  within the wave of history.
In Systems sciences, every culture is a superorganism of huminds (human minds), hence NOT of genes, irrelevant beyond the biological individual but of instruments and thoughts; part of the evolving superorganism of the Earth, whose equation of ages:
Gaia (relative past) < History (Mankind-present) > Metalearth (machines, relative future), points according to the general  arrow of increasing evolution of information towards the extinction of life and evolution of machines, with humans in a. cyclical state of no evolution.
This simple scheme determines the role of cultures, in each of those 3 organisms according to its memes, which might be life oriented, metal-oriented or neutral; from where we derive the paradox of history:
Max Life evolution = Min. Metal evolution and vice versa.
THAT IS cultures of the tree of science repress their drives of life to foster their work ethics in the word of mechanisms, and adopt idol-ogies that worship metal (militarism-entropic metal weapons, capitalism – informative metal-money or mechanism, which worship organic machines).
THOSE IDOL-ogies however do NOT respond to the organic biological goals and nature of history – a superorganism of human beings, where our natural languages and goals of evolution must be above the values of metal for man to rule, thrive and achieve a healthy wealth in human life goods we need to survive.
Hence in opposite fashion the existence for those who maximize its surrogate life through metal-memes, of a minimal development in the drives of life, repressed to enhance the re=production and evolution of memes of metal – so human reproduction, sex is repressed; human life food is limited by taboos and dietary laws against the most tasteful food (pork, seafood etc), eusocial love to mankind is denied to be able to hold humans as enemies to fight wars with weapons or as slaves, bought for a piece of metal, and finally to enhance the use of machines instead of human beings to achieve goals.
This subconscious ‘trial and error’ selection of memes to enhance life or metal and push towards one of the two sides of the paradox of history allow us easily to define cultures within the context of those 3 super organisms, in 7 global categories, one of which, the Anglo-American capitalist culture dominant in metal-memes, was founded by Judaism.
So if we restrict our analysis to any culture or fractal piece of it, will immediately determine the existence of 3 ‘type of memes;’ according to the paradox and 3 ages of Earth:
– A memeplex of work and instruments, customs and taboos related to the different organs of the metal-earth inversely proportional in quality to
– A memeplex of life-enhancing rituals based in the 5 drives of biological life, or culture.
And an outcome of history determined by that dual inverse role, which also follows clear patterns, regarding the 3 social classes of all organism (the informative neuronal upper class, the working, reproductive class, and the 3rd world within the organism, formed by Nature, Gaia, the Earth and in the ill-designed organisms of history often a group of people submitted to the culture by lack of technological evolution) – such as:
-Animetal cultures that foster idol-ogies above the natural goals of mankind, will be hierarchical with a clear difference of destiny for the metal masters elite which will enjoy maximal power and its working class which will be degraded in its life wanting and suffer the collateral effects of metal ab=use – from slavery to death by weapons.
All this said the equation of Judaism is then evident:
Judaism (segregational religion with multiple prohibitions to the drives of life) on the side of History < Events of the history of judaism with maximal suffering for its working body – holocaust vs. wealth cycle – and maximal profits for its elite of banker-priests – financial wealth > Wordly profession of that elite: handling of money, the digital language of evolution of the metal earth.
Judaism (Human memes) <Holocaust vs. wealth (cyclic events)>Finances (metal-memes) is thus the equation of state of Judaism as a cultural organism immersed in the organism of history nested in the evolutionary ages of the Earth.
The interaction, causality and different phases of that equation of state through the 800-80 years cycles of civilization and industrial nations, with its discontinues of war thus are the main elements of analysis of the History of Judaism, and its interpretations which vary from a sense of objective science established in this blog through the Abcde of the organic sctentific method (A-ccurate date, B-iological causes, C-yclical patterns, D-emocratic solutions, E-xtinctive solutions) is thus the work of the Historian,
Golden memes – so complex they form an iron jail for all his carriers…
As every person in this planet knows ad nauseam, the defining element of Judaism is a negative tragedy belonging to the E)xtinctive cycle of death of civilizations, which as we have proved ad nauseam in this blog, happens always during ages of overeproduction of weapons that kill human civilizations.
Death is thus an obsessive theme of the D)democratic ‘wor(l)d’ prophets of judaism that uphold ethic values, and wish the survival of its people.
And yet, History proves every time an age of war has peaked Judaism has suffered a massive extinction at the hands of the dominant ‘animetal’ military culture of the age. 
Why? There is an idol-ogy, which pretends to know the truth called ‘antisemitism’, according to which without any reason, Mankind at large seems to hate the Jewish People and its genes, and so somehow in a deterministic cyclical way kills the Jewish people.
If this is truth then the Jewish people obviously have no future, as some kind of cosmic damnation without cause – hence WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY TO ALTER SCIENTIFICALLY THE CONSEQUENCE, ACTING UPON THE CAUSE – will return cyclically to haunt the Jewish people,
However if the causes of the periodic E)xtinction of Judaism exist, and are NOT genetic but memetic, we can acting upon those memes and changing them, to end the E)extinctive cycle of judaism, which is the D)emocratic Humanist solution to the so-called by many humanist and animetal scholars, with different purposes, the “Jewish question’.
Thus in this post, we shall study the culture of Judaism, its role on both the superorganism of mankind and the metal-earth, the consequences of those roles, namely the E)xtinctive cycle of the holocaust, and its humanist D)emocratic solutions.
LET US THEN anticipate those solutions, which likely the reader will reject, so he can save time because ultimately as we do not cease to repeat in this blog, while we ARE doing social sciences, and hence cannot bend the truth, a social scientist is part of the superorganism it objectively studies and criticizes, and so he cannot change the world, unless the neuronal, informative people-caste that controls its languages of power decides to r=evolve the system.
And this obvious truth is specially relevant in Judaism and its e)xtinctive cycle, which only they can reform.
Let us consider then what social sciences tell us with A)accurate data, etc. regarding the causality of those cycles.
– 1st genetics make no sense in Judaism, neither among those who love or hate the culture, which is ALL about memetic, the religion of Judaism and the worldly profession of finances…
– The causality of history of judaism follows completely ‘a la letter’ the equations of bio-history, that is:
– The causation IS NOT the one the Holocaust industry pretends, which is as follows:
1. Mankind is eviL and hates judaism killing its carriers for no reason in periods of sudden madness, hence the Holocaust comes first->
2. Because of the Holocaust and segregation of mankind to judaism, its carriers had to develop the profession of Banking, whose enormous privileges – no more nor less than issue the language of power of society –  Nobody else wanted, it seems to exercize. ||
3. The segregational memes of Judaism are peccadilloes that have nothing to do with the previous 1, 2 points that matter.
So we write a simple equation of ternary ¡logic, the formal causal language of General Systems sciences adapted to social sciences:
1.Evil mankind causes holocausts->Jews decide to be bankers as part of the segregation memes against them || Aside from that Judaism develops as a segregational religion.
The real causality though found through A)accurate data is different:
1)Judaism was born in the bridge of trade between 3 continents and two fertile crescent civilizations, becoming the first go(l)d culture of mankind, which since money has values inverse to life, with maximal value for affine weapons of metal and minimal for enslaved life, caused:
2) A segregational religion of against mankind labelled as an inferior non chosen ‘animal=goy’ species, susceptible to be used as human capital or enslaved.
3) Which caused an action-reaction cyclical process of hate towards judaism and the making of holocausts by warrior rival animetal cultures at the height of its military power (romans, crusaders, Iberians, Germans, etc.)
So the historic causality which we found to be the case in all animetal cultures is:
– go(l)d profession in Metalearth-> Segregational laws of minimal human evolution in History – > action-reaction processes between mankind controlled by financial power during the positive age of the cycle and causing holocausts of the ‘reproductive lower classes of Judaism, subject to the paradox (maximal suffering) while its elite of banker priests survives and moves with gold and bibles to another country, where they will repeat the cycle (maximal wealth and survival rate of the elite).
So today only 8% of middle class carriers of jewish memes but 80% among rabbis share the genes of earlier cananeans, meaning the rate of survival of banker-priests is 10 times that of the commoners.
This is the essence of Judaism in terms of the paradox of history – many other details and questions then can be deduces from it.

In the graph, Judaism is the fundamental meme origin of capitalism:

  • first as a go(l)d cult(ure), who ruled the finances of the old fertile crescent, as bankers of court – the elite of its society ruled by banker-priests, not warriors. Their social structure was clear. The informative class were the so called ‘People of the treasure’ – ill translated as chosen people since am segullah means ‘people’ and ‘treasure’. As they acted as Treasure secretaries of courts. Their common people were pedlars, specialised in military transport with mules, exchanging gold for slaves and weapons. So they were called ‘jabiru’: those who walk behind the asses, to bring gold exvotes to the temples. Where the banker priests would have ‘golden sacra sanctorum’ used as bank deposits.

The first holocaust cycles of ‘pecunia infinita’: 800 YEARS overproduction of weapons and hate memes.

Soon they discovered that the best way to increase the fetish gold vehicle to talk to God, was through lending and specially through war lending. As ‘pecunia infinita, bellum nervi’: war costs/gives infinite money.

Since by affinity informative metal, gold was used in 70% of its expenditure to pay for expansive entropic metal, weapons.

Thus they founded the FUNDAMENTAL CYCLE of economic history throughout all the 800-80 years cycles of OVERPRODUCTION OF WEAPONS, lavishly paid with gold; OVERPRODUCTION OF HATE MEMES between nations, they provided as the only international people-caste that travelled, and diplomats on those courts – to foster wars.

It is then when during those cycles two new phenomena happen: anti$emitism, as people who died in those wars, finally realized that it was all caused by the ‘greed’ of diplomats, bankers and weapon and slave traders. And its inverse ‘information’: pro-semitism. As the informative people-caste who ran diplomacy and gold thought it was all a war of information, between hate memes against ‘murderous mankind’ and in favour of ‘victimist Judaism’; so if they could change ‘truth’ and ‘hide the cycle’, and portray themselves as a superior people, chosen of go(l)d’ and mankind and the slaves and human capital they ab=used as a heinous, brutal species; they might keep the cycle going.

The solution: to stop the cycle, to stop greed, to become part of mankind was also uttered by verbal prophets of Judaism, who loved more humanity and his language, the word. And so we have the series of anti-humanist Nathans and pro-humanist Moses and Jesus that side in each side of the cycle, according to the Humanist values of wor(l)ds spelt by the ethic prophets of Judaism – since the true cause of anti$emitism IS money, not A HUMAN HATEFUL species, as Judaism protecting its role as the soliton of financial power in the west pretends. So we need to make a deviation into the ethic nature of the values of money and wor(l)ds to fully understand the paradoxes of anti$emitism.



In the graph the cycles of evolution of money: Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did.

  Money is a language of digital information with support in metal.

Humans have evolved different digital languages, but none has been more successful than money, due to its support in the most complex atomic substances of the Universe – heavy metal.

The informative properties of Gold and silver, the most common forms of money throughout history explains the ‘biological’, ‘scientific’, not abstract nature of money, and its economical relationship with weapons (old cycles of history) and company-mothers of machines (modern cycles of economics).

Thus, in the biological and evolutionary models of ‘bio-economics’  we must understand the duality of money, both as a language of information that carries ‘certain values’, different from other languages (human verbal languages) and as a ‘substance’, informative metal, which sets its properties and affinities with the other ‘dominant’ products of an economic ecosystem, weapons andmachines.

Have you ever wonder why everybody talks about money but nobody knows how to define it?…

Indeed, one of the most fascinating facts about Economics is the ignorance of people, including economists about its fundamental element, money. Humans seem obsessed by money; so are economists, the so-called ‘experts’ of this discipline. And yet, nobody has properly defined money in 3000 years of obsession. So we should start this blog on the sciences of economics and history, its species, languages, cycles and organisms seen with the novel perspective of Theory of Information, Systems sciences and complexity with a definition of it:

‘Money is a language of digital information’

 We humans talk with 2 languages, verbal words and digital numbers. And when we use those 2 languages to create, organize and evolve social organisms, we call them ‘laws’ and ‘money’.  But while most people understand the “law” and the way it organizes social systems, none has properly studied money as a language of digital information and how it evolves and organizes economic systems. And this is one of the main reasons our economic systems and societies are so badly designed. 
The reason why this is happening has to do with the shortcomings of the human mind regarding digital languages. We are born with a genetic capacity to talk words (Chomsky). So every human can ‘invent’ words and combine them in meaningful sentences able to value all the beings that surround us. But do not talk mathematics, naturally and so since our ‘neurons’ do not support the digital language, we have had to evolve it externally, using ‘other supports’ to perceive mathematics.
And this difference between words, our internal, biological language and numbers, perceived externally as we learned to count has made all the difference; and explains many of the peculiarities of money as a language. And the way it has built our economic organism, which let us be clear from the beginning, is very poorly constructed.
Indeed, the first fact about information people tend to forget is that it is ‘subjective’.  Each mind uses a different language of information and it gives with it values to the Universe, from its selfish perspective.

Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective and that means life has a maximal value, while in money it has NO value at all.

In the graph, the key element of memetics are the hidden values of Go(l)d money and the primitive abrahamic go(l)d churches (Judaism>Biblical capitalism>AI software) which are guiding mankind into extinction, with its modern ‘company-mothers’ version of the 3 equations of capitalist profits, with maximal values for weapons and hate media. So all what mankind needs to do is exactly what is doing, believing in the values of go(l)d without trying even to understand them rationally, ‘physically’, according to the organic laws of evolution that guide the equation of the III ages of the planet, Gaia (life-light languages)>History (Man: wor(l)d languages), Metalearth (machines: digital, gold languages), to certainly become extinct this century as all the actions created with credit under those values (creditated), terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of machines.

Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death Brough by its belief in go(l)d values

In the graph, the gold culture and its values, follow the paradox of history, as money substitutes rational verbal thought and its ethic values in favor of mankind, giving birth to the paradox of history: max. technological evolution = minimal human evolution;

In the graph the idol-ogical fight, which mimics in the realm of information, the real facts of the 800-80 years cycle of overproduction of weapons and war for profits.

Yet while the memes of Judaism practice even today in the informative side of the issue, the Goebbels method, ‘if you lie many times people will believe it’, considering as gold values have eliminated their verbal beliefs in verbal truths, that the REAL FACTS do not MATTER as long as you can convince with your superior intelligence and control of networks of information paid with money, that YOUR SIDEd view of history is right; FACT is the cycles kept happening, at the end of war periods, when NO AMOUNT OF lying and twisted information can hide the fact, that Judaism and its capitalist memes and cycles of hate media and overproduction of weapons for profits KILL HUMANITY. SINCE WHEN humanity IS KILLED no amount of lies can change the facts. Hence all HOLOCAUST cycles happen during a war period after a huge age of overproduction of weapons and profits and exploitation of human capital by the elite of the People of the Treasure. And as each cycle has been ever more damaging for mankind, with the evolution of top predator weapons that keep killing more people in each war, the cycle becomes more brutal

Fast forward through all the cycles of Mesopotamian wars, Phoenician wars, Roman holocausts, Middle age Radhanite wars, with judaism enslaving in coalition with franks and vikings ‘slavs’ called ‘slav-es’ precisely by their traffickers, till Ukranians converted to judaism (today most of its genetic pool comes from Ukranians, all others massacred in holocausts) and Radhanite enslavers moved to western europe. Then we have the slave and war traffic of the crusaders, when eunuch castration of children brought huge profits in Baghdad (1000 gold grains per victim) and as the corpses were thrown in the ghettos, christian fathers thought they had drink their blood (blood libel is called today) of the dead castrato (2/3rds)and assaulted them. Finally after the child crusade, when Simon sold 20.000 children and one escaped and returned to france, the massive progroms of the middle age happened at the height of the crusades, and so on and so on… Fast forward again to the Spanish massive age of civil wars with gunpowder weapons manufactured massively with the money of compradors, who started the first gunboats and sailed south for slaves in Portugal… after the massive age of famine and poverty, progroms ensued and they packed to northern europe filled with victimism and hate memes against the Iberian empire, they confronted from Northern europe.

It is the beginning of the modern industrial age of war.

Then as Sephardim invented in Amsterdam the stock-market, modern banking and the first gunboat, slave companies (VOC), in partnership with its ‘protestant, calvinist’ workers, it guided Northern Europe to the conquest of the world. First as the financial elite of Amsterdam; then from the City after the glorious revolution (1688) exported the Dutch elite, including the king, the bank, its gold and gunboats, and finally from New York, where they arrived from Pernambuco, where they were sugar traders, establishing the first industrial exploitation in slaves. And being the ‘biggest shareholders’ of the first companies (as it was duly explained to the governor), they became the financial elite of New Amsterdam>New York>USA>globalised world. It is then when the absolute genius of memeplex control of populations, capitalists democracies are born, and so the stage becomes rife for a constant struggle between the elite of the financial-media system in power, trying to divert attention through hate memes and victimism and the entire population mostly believing them, with some=revolutionaries trying to change the world to service the 90%, which we applaud, and some rival military elites trying to topple them through genocide cycles of wars and holocaust, which obviously we condemn as it is worst the remedy than the sickness. So even before we attempt to do a historical analysis of antisemitism vs. anithumanism (the trade mark of the Jewish memeplex) we shall explain how the financial-media networks. democracies control people who think to be virtually free.

Foreword. Placebo democracies, getting worst.

One of the most astounding ‘idologies’ of mankind are placebo democracies, which have masterminded the dictatorship of ‘metal masters’ and its structures of power, armies, banks and company-mothers of machines, over the 90% – ‘mankind proper’ – as Nature does with all systems, through a growth in complexity that allows to camouflage those structures of control as ‘forms of freedom’…

The key ‘element’ to understand how Placebo democracies have been so successful in the control of humanity to the service of banks, armies and company-mothers, the 3 basic physiological networks of informative ‘go(l)d’≈money, entropic weapons and machines, that structures the Financial/Media-Military-Industrial System – technical name of the Evolving Superorganism of the metal-earth, and the ‘animetal’ people-castes that historically have controlled those networks IS to confuse the word Freedom with Power. 

As both words, Power, THE REAL FORM OF FREEDOM, and chaos, the kind of freedom provided by placebo democracies, are completely opposite in their scientific meaning, it is worth to notice the essential ‘newspeak’ of Placebo Democracies consists in maintaining through the mass-media and educational networks that manufacture our ‘beliefs’ and idol-ogies, that Chaos with zero rights over the languages of social POWER, which is what placebo democracies offers to people IS the summit of existence.

Chaos or entropy is the ‘divide and win’, dog-eat-dog, ‘heat and motion’ disordered state of ‘undistinguishable’, identical particles in any ‘statistical ensemble’, susceptible to be ‘polled’, ‘manipulated’, ‘picked up’ and extinguished at will by the physiological networks of POWER, the ‘undistinguishable’, entropic, chaotic ‘particles’ do NOT control at all.

And that is the essential state in which citizens of placebo democracies exist – absolute chaotic freedom, synonymous in science of disorder, entropy and death. 

Once the ‘citizen of placebo democracies’ find themselves in that state of chaos; it is only a question of the NETWORKS OF REAL POWER to ‘manufacture his brain’ in favor of the system (information, mass media and educational ‘idological’ networks explaining him to live in chaos is power, and he control ‘government’ – itself rendered submissive to the Financial-media system by its lack of power TO ISSUE money, the language of social ‘power’)…

Yes, we shall repeat a lot the word ‘power’, so perhaps some manufactured brain understand why WITHOUT power over the physiological networks that control any social organisms, THERE IS NO FREEDOM beyond the individual realm – where any chaotic system lives naturally to the individual member of a herd. So, in chaotic herds, from diatomic molecules to animal schools the biological freedoms to mate, copulate, feed, travel and think, are free are and so the are NOT the magic ‘gift’ of Democracy, which again IS about social power, exercise through networks.

To disguise then the null power, citizens have over those NETWORKS that control their mind, enslave their time with a salary, they do NOT invent – COMPANIES, financiers do (not even governments have rights to issue money unless they extort it through taxes). So THERE IS NO MONEY FOR THE PEOPLE, ITS NEEDS AND WANTINGS FOR WELFARE GOODS. UNLIKE any minimally efficient Superorganism where Oxygen, the language that kicks the process of production in all cells is delivered with a Universal Salary to all its citizens-cells so they can obtain the goods they need to survive, humans HAVE NO democratic power=universal salary.

So who has the role of the body-cell with unlimited rights to ‘credit’, to create the goods it needs to survive – the company-mother of machines and the private financial houses that believe ‘mechanisms’ are above humans. And of course, all this as usual must NOT be understood.

Fact is today the oxygen of society, easy to reproduce in computers screens –  most of the money is issued as stock-money, of legal tender by any company-mothers who comes to the market and asks a financial house to invent billions of $ for her in stock-paper, while humans cannot invent money with a Universal salary, nor governments without tax extortion.

So there are first rank citizens – private financiers, company-mothers and its offspring of machines, the dictators of capitalist democracies; and second rank, expendable species, humans, labor and mothers of life.

And so companies of the digital age can trash trillions of $; Uber can have unlimited billionaire losses as Tesla does in his pursuit of the extinction of human labor with robotic cars. And there is NO LIMIT of credit in our Universities for the engineering robotic department while humanists HAVE ZERO CREDIT. The process of Human extinction is THUS CARRY THROUGH LACK OF CREDIT FOR LIFE AND WELFARE, and unlimited credit for machines and corporations, and of course this means we all. reproduce evolve and take care of machines. Yet those company-mothers and specially the privately owned financial houses, which FIRST issue money and CONTROL through lobbyism and mass-media(printed by the same machines of information) politicos and people  have FOR VERY LONG belong to the same ‘memeplex’ of segregational anti-humanist ideologies of primitive old animetal go(l)d cult(ures) whose fundamental meme is the supremacy of its race, CHOSEN OF GO(L)D, while the rest of humans are called in its orthodox versions ‘animals’, and at best just ‘potential genociders’ which might want to r=evolve against the system or even understand who CONTROLS THEM, and this of course is the biggest sin of the entropic human herd under the boot of placebo democracies and its financial, military and corrupted laws-for-sale shops of politicos with null rights to print money…

Alas the absolute censorship happens with any attempt to explain that the western world is controlled by the networks of financial-media power owned by the evolving memeplex of Judaism->Biblical capitalism (gold religion) >Scientific racism (techno-utopia, classic economics), which gives zero value to the chaotic state of humanity, consider them all ‘identical particles’ undistinguishable, extinct them by lack of credit and relegates them to two dwindling roles to the service of machines – to re=produce them in company mothers, now increasingly an obsolete role as companies automate its system with robots and software suits, the new white and blue collar pcs, and to consume=vitalize them, also increasingly a lost role to those robots that consume more cameras and electric gadgets any human can manage…

Instead we must believe the shallow freedom of a supposed people’s power, achieved by polling every few years as undistinguishable particles, a few $elected politicos that have no rights to issue money and must pander to the Financial-Media Masters who pay his campaigns. And of course the shallow ‘concept’ of political and economical correctness, with ‘religious dyes’, is always at work to disqualify immediately and censor any blog or thinker or social scientist that exposes the deep, mememplex of synergic idologies that render humans impotent to control their own future.

And so ultimately the Null power of citizens of placebo democracies resumes in the fact, the informative languages of power, printed with informative machines, money and audiovisual information ARE ISSUED as orders of work and simultaneous thoughts that program millions of believers in synchronicity by a few corporations, owned overwhelmingly in the western world since its inception by the people-castes of Bankers, as they use those machines to print money and information ever since one Guttenberg invented the press, and one Fuss got its monopoly. So this a priori condition – a few global corporations owned overwhelmingly by memes of Judaism – sets the stage for what it is really a cultural, global empire, with 2 ‘sides’, the technological side, the empire of ‘chips and its informative machines’, to which ALMOST all the resources

And to that aim, of course, NOTHING of the real workings of social organisms, EVEN THE EXISTENCE OF NETWORKS, which control them and provide power to those in charge of the Financial/Media (informative-brain machines)/Military-Industrial (Energy-body) system of the Metalearth, or the parallel Legal Government (informative brain)/Police-economic networks.

So while in principle it seems obvious for any objective observer that humans beyond their natural biological freedoms, lack any social freedom in placebo democracies, and the use of some complex institutions that pretend to enshrine those freedoms serve the people – bipartisan politics with its polling $elections, ‘expert bankers’ who know better how to control our social language of power, a mass-media filled with ‘Fictions’, ‘infantile ego-trips of faked virtual power’ and ‘hate-media memes’ against all the enemies of the people-caste in power (which given its millenarian control of Mankind, as the soliton carriers of the ‘pecunia infinita Nervi belli’ with money and hate memes are  hate memes against ‘most human cultures’)… because humans are kept in chaos, IGNORANCE, and virtual fictional state of the mind… actually the MEMEPLEX WORKS: THEY DO THINK THEY ARE FREE…

The 3 ages of Financial-media power and its corporative goals.

So the last of the cycles, after capitalism masterminded by the banker-priests of israel, massacred the entire III world, which hate media yellow press labelled as negro primitives, completing the long cycle of brutal slavery of Africa, and then without more lands to conquer with weapons among primitives focused armies in I world war in EUROPE, no amount of lying would deter the revenge of continental Europeans (Britain had been spared invasion as USA, so there people were not that angry and still believed hate-media and misinformation about the cycle), which all together collaborated with the Nazis in the holocaust.

One would think that after that collective tragedy of II world wars and a holocaust for 100 million victims, they would give up on ‘pecunia infinita Bellum nervi’ and would stop the cycle of hate memes… misinformation about the cycle, victimism and blaming it all in heinous mankind. Not so, we are AGAIN in a copycat process to that of the I colonial wars, when arabs and negros were labelled as primitive people who did not deserve to live and were systematically massacred till some got so cuckoo that dared to counter-attack us.

So for good measure above we show, the modern 80 years cycle we show the 2 phases of pecunia infinita, the profits of the consumption peaceful age, the crash of markets, the switch on to hate memes and weapons production, first directed against the ‘primitives’ and then again the european and american people, till all is dead, all is hate, all is weapons, all is murder and at the end THERE WILL be the final in crescendo gottendamerung=Holocaust of the memes of Judaism.

And so the only solution is the extinction of the memes of hate against mankind and profits of war that have been the core belief of the go(l)d fetish religion, its upper people caste of the treasure. But this does not seem to happen, so as they do NOT make a french r=evolution against its elites of racist rabbis and murderous bankers, the cycles will happen again and the carriers of the memes of judaism will be not be spared of the present Semite wars, which of course now are still favouring pecunia infinita, as the power of metal-communicators has grown so much that people DO believe massively in the west, they are victims, mankind is evil, the primitives are the only ones to blame and we must murder them all… After we do so though terminator robots, vigilante cameras and police and armies will keep reproducing and as in the I world war will have to be used in industrial war. And as we also get massacred, finally the gottendamerung will blow up the people of the treasure, again

The 4+4 types of arab+jewish antisemitism and its imitation by other nations.

The culture of semite memes of war (Arab and AsSyrian tribes) and Traders of Go(l)d (cananean=Phoenician sea traders and Jewish caravaneers) will carry the day, conquering the fertile crescent, except the Egyptian fertile paradise, who will be finally massacred by hordes of hebrew charioteers (the hycksos), which established also it seems a system of control of finances and speculation, as the bible chronicles one Joseph banker of the pharaoh, which became ‘immensely wealthy’, killing by hunger droves of egyptians, storing ‘wheat’ on silos and selling them at overprices, just a generation before the counter-reaction of Southern Egyptians who learned to construct chariots (Ramses) expelled them back to the desert, in the well known episode of Exodus, where Meshu, one of those officers, from the military post of elephantine, married to a black ethiopian will be first his caudillo and then exiled for defying Aaron, the supreme banker of the go(l)d culture, and its racist memes against intermarriage (as meshu was married to a black, and according to the soon-to-be-made the fundamental law for all future forms of semitic slavery, ham damnation, ‘negroes’ were lesser than dogs, because they descended from ham, who peed on noah)… This little ‘antisemitic’ chronicle of Exodus, shows indeed, how for ever since, there would be 4 versions of antisemitism, which we label as:

1)Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 08.19.00 -: Negative, military  warrior, animetal anti-Semitism,  or Nazism and Jihad, which consists in the rival hate memes of warrior Semites and latter, when Arabs became substituted by iron germans at the head of the military wave, germanic Europeans, which seek to oppress all of mankind primary not with money but with weapons, and hence try to murder systematically  the rival Financial-Media power.

2) Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 08.20.31-: Negative jewish go(l)d, am segullah antisemitism, or Capitalism and orthodox, segregational Judaism, performed by the elite of banker-priests of Israel, the ‘10% informative upper caste of judaism’ which hides and uses as scapegoat of his financial crimes, the 90% of its people, not dedicated directly to banking, escaping easily the holocaust cycle with his bibles and gold, leaving behind its poor, to be massacred by 1) military anti-Semites. Or provoking with his hate-memes against mankind labelled as an inferior animal species in talmud an action reaction process of hate memes, wars and holocausts.

3) Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 08.21.24±: The 3rd type of anti-Semitism does have a double face. On one side it brings Proper awareness of the brutality of the type 1 anti-Semitism. And this is positive.  On the other side it provokes negative newspeaks against mankind, labelled wholesale as a ‘hateful, envious, deluded, Komploten theory species’ inheritantly  antisemitic and this is negative.Since most humans do NOT murder jewish people even those humanist scholars (4), which try to convert them to humanism, r=evolve them against its segregational memes and when failing in most cases as a ‘desperado solution’ kick them out of their country.

Further on, the so-called Industry of the Holocaust, becomes an excuse to avoid all criticism to 2) negative Jewish antisemitism (segregational memes against mankind and ab=usive debt slavery and tax farming of human capital). So the Industry of the holocaust by hidding 2) the capitalist exploration of the gentile, and the continuous control of the financial-media by the elite of ‘levi banker-priests’ provokes often 1.

As this form is the most common use today of anti-semitism we should be aware that from the perspective of the banker-priests that sponsor it, it means basically this: let us be the monopolist of the financial-media system and do any crime we want, but do not blame us, or try to take this privilege from us. Because we shall label you as a monster of evil memes if you do so in our media system. And also this: do NOT try to 4) convert to humanism our 90% of normal people, as we need them in the future for 2)scapegoats, whenever we have to run away. So, to avoid 1, 2 & 3, the only solution is:

4) Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 08.23.10positive humanist anti$emitism, who seeks to ‘return to the caesar’≈people what belongs to the people, the issue of the language of social power money, and hence rejects go(l)d cultures with its supremacist segregational memes to justify slavery of human capital, proper of ALL humanist  prophets of judaism (Moses against golden calf, Moses damnation, ‘jews will suffer all their life for their love of money’; Jesus against temple money-changers, Marx ‘the solution to the jewish question will come when they abandon their worldly religion, money’; and all ethic writers in between, including the BEST philosophers of the west, the BEST writers, the BEST artist, and ALL socialist, left wing non-corrupted politicians. Till the Industry of the Holocaust and its milder version of political correctness, which labels all criticism of the go(l)d segregational memes of judaism as a crime, became standard, with the Financial-Media control of the US by trader semites, this form of anti$emitism was considered natural to all forms of humanism.

So 3 forms of ‘antisemitism’ are negative from a humanist social science praxis (the one practiced by the elite of judaism, by the military perpetrators of the holocaust and by the industry of the holocaust) and one is positive as the natural solution for both, the brutality of banker-priests with mankind and its repression of the natural eusocial love memes to their human Homo Sapiens species, of their lower 90% people (the one practiced by democratic, ethic prophets, writers and politicians, who want to create a better world).

Unfortunately the one which is common standard parlance today is the third. So we shall treat this 3rd variation, from the perspective of the industry of the holocaust at the end of the post. Needless to say this is a mere informative newspeak of no relevance for a true descriptive science of history.

The same 4 forms of antisemitism can for that reason be applied to ANY ANIMETAL PEOPLE-CASTE IN HISTORY, AS IT WILL HAVE ITS OWN VERSION of defence of the elite castes, which will appear as victims to keep its privileged position.

So we could talk of 4 versions of anti-germanism; for example the 3rd version of an Industry of the German Victimist nation, was practiced by the nazi party, who felt victim of European nations for not having a colonial empire and being so small ‘surrounded’ by enemies, as the fundamental excuse the Nazi party used to convince their people, on top of the most efficient military-industria complex of the age, as Israel is to murder wholesale all the poor peasants of the Eastern ‘historic lands of Grand Germany’. In the next graph we see the astounding parallelisms, of both waves of 3)antisemitism, at the head of the military age of engines of metal (German cycle) and robots (Israeli cycle):

r generations

Τhe holocaust cycle and its industry. Its extreme importance for the future of mankind.

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’

Poetics, Aristotle

He that humbleth himself wishes to be exalted. He who cannot give anything away cannot feel anything either. Nietzsche

‘At the end of times all humans will become slaves of Yvwh – the subconscious collective or nation of the Jewish people – and those who do not obey will be exterminated’ Millenarian prophecy, Babyonian talmud.

antiquantum pardox color

In the graph 2 classic cases of the anti-quantum paradox which systematically represses true social science/tists and the crimes of animetals, highlighting their ‘victories’ and ‘victims’ as the only ones in history; with exclusion of the rest of human victims, denying their crimes and making their idol -ogies pass as science.

In the left side, the military dictator Stalin killed 9 million r=evolutionaries and vaporised in Orwellian fashion Mr. Trotsky, the true r=evolutionary from all pictures. In the right side, we do not forgive the crimes of Stalin military dictatorship because 20 million Russians were murdered by the German dictator, Mr. Hitler, but we do forgive the crimes of the ‘banker-priests’ of Israel which have traditionally imposed its financial dictatorship in the west, because of the shrewd Holocaust industry that hides systematically all other holocausts of history, including the 60 million other victims of world war II, as if they were the only ‘victims’. Today the rewriting of history and censorship of the cultures and modes of the elite animetal castes that govern the world, prevents any attempt to rule rationally the future of mankind.

The comparison between the crimes of Stalin and its party dictatorship and the crimes of Israel and its financial dictatorship are telling. In fact, the SS and the holocaust program was first set up to kill ’30 million slavs’ Himmler’s target met to ‘create the vital space’ needed to the East, for German peasants, (hence the enormous civil causalities of eastern nations, among them the Jewish peddlers and tax farmers for eastern aristocrats living in Poland, and the Pale of Settlement shown in the graph; massacred systematically to leave ’empty land’ for the ‘superior race’). Only at the end of the war, when all was lost, Nazis step up revenge against the poor classes of Judaism – scapegoats of the banker’s elite of the Allies.

And yet all this now is ‘taboo’, in the rewriting of history – and this is the madness of the cycle, its denial by jewish people of its economic and military causes. Hence its stubborn insistence on enacting the same cycle once and again, now obvious repeating the first steps – the 1929 crisis bis, the theft of 2008 bis, the splendid little wars for profit bis, the rise of hate media bis, the arrival of the first neofascist politicos, and the CONTINUOUS UNREPENTANT creation of more debt slaves by the jewish banksters and the absolute silence of its scholars that let them do it without the slightest criticism.

And of course to write the truth about the cycle as we are doing now is the end of any scholar career. It is an absolute taboo. WE MUST ALL DIE AGAIN, without knowing why we die. We must always uphold the values of go(l)d, and deny the truth of the wor(l)d.

Frankly the behaviour of all those scholars that plague our universities with their systemic denial of the economic causes of wars and holocaust cycles make me sick.

Since THE RESULT IS THAT THE go(l)d believers keep killing life and thinking it is OK, because it is the language of Go(l)d. But it is NOT ok, the Universe has its own laws.

Of which the most important is the justice ACTION-REACTION LAW. And so the consequence of the racist, anti-humanist capitalist go(l)d beliefs of the elite of banker-priest of judaism with its astounding control of the financial western industry for 3000 years, still in control of 80% of informative machines and its products, mass-media and finances (72% of economic Nobel Prizes given by a private bank they own, 90% of central bankers, 70% of CFOs of 1000 fortune, 80% CEOs of stock-companies and mass-media, 54% of the wealthiest 1%% of American and so on) is obvious: the systemic destruction in cycles of usury debt->economic ruin-> war and holocaust of western cultures and people, gentiles and jabiru alike, in the 800 year cycles explained in depth in these texts.

Since for 3000 years racist rabbi-bankers, through usury debt schemes murder at distance human beings, and because the Universe cares not for individuals but of organisms, the reaction laws end invariably causing holocaust cycles of the WHOLE super organism of judaism, always in a period of economic crisis and war profits, when the elite of judaism reaches its highest profits along the elite of aristocrat warrior-kings, while the lower classes of both cultures, the human beings and jabiru pedlers are sacrificed to the altars of Thor and Baal.

LET US BE CLEAR ENOUGH FROM THE BEGINNING, THE LAST THING I EVER WANT TO HEAR ‘AGAIN’ IS THAT THERE IS A NEW HOLOCAUST CYCLE, NOT because i think jabiru victims matter more than humans, not because I love jabiru more than other humans, not because my jabiru grand father was in a camp and i guess many of my mum’s ancestors  plagued of sephardim jabiru died on them – but because my ONLY GOD, mankind, the superorganism of history MUST die in huge amounts, in debt usury schemes, and a global war must happen first with massacre of all humans before such fungal gottendamerung happen -as it is PART OF THE WAR CYCLE OF DEATH OF HUMANS BY WEAPONS, and so a new holocaust cycle will mean a massive age of robotic weapons that will murder as all. So the essential question of the holocaust is this:

Can the you-go(l)d culture accept TRUTH and avoid the cycle to happen again for economical reasons as it always did? And why this matter so much is also obvious: BECAUSE THE HEAD OF THE METAL-EARTH TODAY IS THE WESTERN WORLD, AMERICA, AND ITS FMASTERS, so the future is DETERMINED BY the Am Segullah FIRST. They will decide what future we all have – one which will create a reformed perfect world or the business as usual we are going to describe now. So all what I must ad is another spanish proverb: ‘Those who love you  will make you cry’.


So the first we need to learn is that ALL THE HOLOCAUSTS OF ALL THE PEOPLE OF HISTORY MATTER THE SAME, AND THAT THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL IN THIS HOLOCAUST, except the belief of the chosen to be special even in death, and the proof they do indeed have such an enormous financial-media power that they can make everybody know and mourn this non-special holocaust and ignore completely all the unnamed holocausts of all other people of history including those caused by banker-priests of which shall now show a few ones.

Though of course all this is denied, by the affirmation that mankind is a brutish species full of hate to Judaism that kills them at the first chance as an inferior stupid, hateful species.

Anti-Latinism: Bad hombres who rape women who drink water with our money.

In that regard, it is worth also to mention the 2nd  and 3rd strains of anti-semitism,  practiced by Germany and America both in EU and US which consist in the following ‘train of complex thought’ to disguise the massive theft of resources and wealth both countries impose upon their perceived ‘inferior southern races’, hence properly called ‘ANTI-LATINISM’:

  • Germany has hijacked the ECB and uses it to lend to German corporations and does not issue money for southern Europeans, but the Dutch Germanic president of the parliament, just said today that ‘Southern europeans spend (their money) on women and drinks. It of course omits the fact that GERMANY should NOT have a free reign on the policies of the ecb and should NOT impose the destruction of the welfare state, because HUMANISM CONSISTS PRECISELY IN INVESTING MONEY ON PEOPLE, NOT ONLY ON WEAPONS AND MACHINES. US, is doing the same with Mr. TRUMP, which is accusing in one loop of absolute cynicism the world for accepting as MONEY and ONLY international currency of payments the dollar, which means US can issue as much dollars as it wishes for free as it is the global currency. Hence it runs systematically ‘deficits’  buying with papers real work-products of China and Mexico. But this privilege which UK had it before appears in his distorted view, as an unfair treatment of Mexicans, and Chinese who unfairly seem to work in sweatshops for the American to print a paper and get his produce for free.

So we can quote the concept of both forms of ‘anti-Latinism’ in the voice of its ‘leadership’ and for good measure we shall add the earlier Germanic nazi form:

‘He didn’t talk of people, but of things that truly mattered, machines, roads, weapons, factories.’ Goering, on the leader of the Great-Grand-Germanic military-industrial-nation and the things that mattered to make German great again.

‘The United states must greatly strengthen and expan its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses’. TwiTwaTrump, the leader of the Great-Grand-Germanic military-industrial-nation and the things that matter to make America great again.

‘Latinos waste (our) money on women and drinks.’ Dijsseelwhatever, president of the European parliament, leader of the Great-Grand-Germanic, honest, superior, mechanical races, who deserve all the credit (of the hijacked European German Central bank) for things that matter, compared to those ‘bad hombres’ and the inferior female, south races who drink life-giving water – the ‘things’ that don’t matter.

Arab anti-semitism.

Here, though as we focus on the dual antisemitic trends, we can explain  also the 4 forms of Arab antisemitism, whose differences respect to Jewish antisemitism, respond to the location of Arab classic Historic power as an animetal people-caste creator of military bronze age empire and enslaver of African people. So if Jewish extended the Semite civilisation West and north, Arabs extended it west and South. While the second difference is that Arab animetal tool of humans ab=use, was the weapon; hence its similarity with German animetal cult(ure)s, albeit with less technological evolution.

So Arabs became throughout history the basic enslavers of the negro people which they often sold to jewish traders, in a millenarian alliance renewed during the biblical age of slave trade, when they sold it to North-European and Sephardim gunboat cargoes.

+ 4) It is for that reason that  African humanist thinkers were deeply anti-arab; that is our 4) type of antiSemitism applied to Arab enslavers.

-2) Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 08.48.18Arabs though would run his own version of capitalist entitlement, as the $elected chosen race,  in a primitive version of the equation of human capital: man=price=object (slave) as racism was endemic against blacks, and ultimately Islam allowed to kill and enslave all infidels. So there was little interest on expanding Islam south of Sudan, which explains why being so close from Mecca, the Black world did stay pagan. If converted slavery would not be able bring profits of human capital.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 08.56.04The Jewish similar case was on the inverse fashion, the shrewd conversion of the Kazhars to avoid the ‘slav’ trade as Judaism doesn’t allow to have jewish slaves. So Boda converted to Judaism in the middle ages avoiding the convenient slave trade across the black sea to the Islamic markets where for a nice Ukranian blonde 1000 grams of gold were paid. And the funny thing about it is that now around 80% of Jewish are Russian, from the old Kazhar empire, so they are not ‘genetically’ Jews, a fact that the Industry of the Holocaust and Apartheid Israel is hard at work trying to censor.

Yet when they converted other non-arab people, arabs became the racist elite and arab tribes became the aristocracy of Islam, where those with ties to the prophet would be seen as the superior chosen of go(l)d, the equivalent of the Cohenite levis in Jewish antisemitism. So for example in Spain, after the conquest, all the Syrians and Arabs from the peninsula displaced from privilege positions the Berebers of northern Africa who had converted and civil wars ensued. This genetic ‘concept’ of religion is thus embedded in both Abrahamic religions, prior to the age of evolution of human thought from genetic to memetic, legal citizenship and still runs profoundly in both groups.

1) Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 21.59.12 – Military Arab antisemitism. It is Jihadism, the equivalent to SS-german antisemitism, which is more entrenched in the Arab animetal modes than in the verse of Koran, as Mhmd noticed, since he came to convert his people he called the most eviL of the world, given their millenarian encroachment on the use of weapons to dominate others.

3) ± Arab antisemitism. So we need only the equivalent to the Holocaust Industry version, which is also closely related to the protection of Jihadism and the supremacy of the chosen of Allah (as the Holocaust industry is closely related to the protect of capitalism and Apartheid Israel) and hence it is all the propaganda of Jihadism and Islam as the only religion, and the infidels abusing ‘us’ so we must kill them all.

Yet it has as a positive side, in the same way part of the holocaust industry denounces nazism and neo-fascisms, the denounce of the commonest form of neo-fascism today, which is NOT against Jewish people (witness the lass bizarre happening of the Industry of the Holocaust, with an israeli menacing with bomb-calls jewish groups in US to create a new wave of victimism). Indeed, given the complete asymmetric nature of the Semite wars, the most common version today of 1) is Islamophobia ran by the rival culture looking for global power, the Financial-media jewish owned western system that has made of the WHOLE arab world not ONLY the jihadist, the absolute monster, an eviL religion, center of the relentless 24/7 hate media visual tv-internet speech, provoking the present global semite wars,  which are responded in an out of control chaotic process by extreme military arab groups with jihad.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 21.59.01

Now of course you would say, the arabs are NOT fighting for global supremacy as a poor III world people, so why the financial-jewish western empire has been practicing islamophobia of 80 years, with a massive surge up, after the coup d’etat of 1972, when they took over the American civilisation (yon kippur first use of the US army as mercenary; control of the US money with the invention of e-money and loss of gold standard, and control of the American presidency by the media-system with the impeachment of Nixon for peccadilloes, showing US politicos that they would be for ever since $elected by money campaign printed in monopoly by private wall street bankers and ‘qualified’ for the polling of voters as good or bad candidates by television according to his acquiescence to Israel colonisation movement. Alas, indeed, Islamophobia and the Semite wars were from then on blown up by the FMasters of the west, obviously to justify apartheid israel and cast the people living in the reservations of Palestine, as cuckoo jihadist terrorists, part of the Islamic  evil religious unity (assabihyah).

Anti-humanism: 1,2,3 forms of antisemitism.

semite gold and jihad

800 wave only

16 holocaust cycle

In the graph old and modern forms of anti-humanism practised by the elite people-castes of the semite oldest animetal cultures of the world against all humanist prophets of eusocial love, including obviously those of their civilisations, and their own people or their ‘semite brothers’ or human brothers. Below the action-rection holocaust cycles NOT practiced by mankind but by other animetal warrior tribes. Since in the Complex Universe of systems, with ternary, Informative heads, energetic bodies and entropic ‘classes’, and several ∆º±1 scales of reality, from cells, to individuals to societies SIMPLIFICATION IS ALWAYS A KOMPLOTEN THEORY TO AVOID THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE WHOLE, and select the information for the individual or cultural selfish group that does not want you to understand the whole action-reaction process

In that regard, the most brutal forms of antisemitism today are played by Jihad and FM-hate media during the Semite wars. It is a remarkable fact that the most virulent forms of arab and jewish antisemitism today are practiced by the ‘rival semite warrior and go(l)d culture’ given its hardcore, fundamentalist concepts of the use of money and weapons to ab=use other humans, caused by the fact they are the oldest cultures which came into contact with money and weapons… to ab=use other humans (indeed a repetitive mantra)

Now we shall obviously focus in this blog, even if we do condemn completely the negative forms of Arab antisemitism, and its most -1, jihad violent forms, on Jewish antisemitism of the 2nd and 3rd strains (capitalism and the holocaust industry) for the OBVIOUS reason (worth to repeat the mantra) that ALL the other forms are completely KNOWN to the reader by its REPETITIVE Tv-Internet-Newspaper-Politically correct University of the monopolised western industry of information. So we are NOT going to repeat what we all know, that Jihad is eviL that Nazis are eviL that Islam is NOT the most evolved form of Human Thought, that racist people-castes on top of mankind are NOT the way to direct the planet and that yes, there was a Holocaust cycle, repeated once and again due to the existence of those negative 3+3 forms of anti-semitism and its European germanic variations on the same animetal themes. 


The 3 ages of metal-communicators

Were not this Komploten theory so strict with any information that does expand the scientific analysis of this complex issue, with the ABCD method of truth, accurate data, biological-animetal causes and cycles, and Democratic humanist solutions, we would of course also talk of what we have perfectly memorised by the Goebbels method ‘if you repeat anything many times people will memorise and believe it’ as they are Locke’s tabula rassa, who according to Aristotle dictum, ‘become easily slaves because they believe they don’t reason’, even if the ego paradox makes them think on the initial words of Descartes, in his ‘Method of reasoning’ to be gifted with extraordinary intelligence and common sense (irony here – read, the Orwellian sheeple with manufactured brains, actually think when singing four legs, four legs that he is reasoning and freely choose the imprinting of his brain. In the graph, people are NOT exactly aware on how hate-media memes and synchronous waves of metal-communicators imprint their brains.

It is then clear that the negative forms of antisemitism are deeply anti-humanist, both against all of mankind (the infidel the not chosen of go(l)d) and the inferior castes of Islam and Judaism (scapegoats or lesser sons of god for its racial, upper people-caste elites)

Now, the reader will notice that the division between warrior animetals and financial animetals hardly ever becomes confrontational as both have synergies of control of mankind with weapons and gold. THEY JUST DIVIDED THE JOB and geography of handling human capital:

The arab people caste of military men, were systematically on top of southern nations as military men, and enslavers, throughout history of African civilisations. The Jewish people became the main enslavers of European trade, and ultimately as financial people, the buyers and sellers of the ‘product’ provided by the military animetals, who were on charge of capturing them. So for example, Jewish radhanite traders, centred in the Rhone-Rhine in middle ages, allied with franks and swedes, traded with eastern europeans and gave the slavs his name, as slaves sold wholesale along his water waves, using them to transport also weapons in trade caravans; and latter became the ‘armadors’ of sephardim, portuguese, dutch slave traffic, founding the first ‘corporations’ dedicated to traffic in weapons, (gunboats) and slaves.

So as both cultures fought for global supremacy they expressed its bid for global power, in the prophecy of talmud ‘at the end of times, all humans will be slaves of Yhwh, or they will be exterminated’.

While the arab ‘people-castes’ of tribes chosen by God, related to the prophet, tried to create a global religious empire with them on top by murdering anyone who did not convert to Koran, as it was the word of God that could not be translated, since God created reality talking in Arab, so when he said rajul, man was created. Murder wholesale of entire populations, a technique latter applied with great success by the mongolian hordes to the arabs (Baghdad became a 200.000 skull example that rendered without fight the rest of the region till the division of the horde detained them in Egypt), allowed swift conversion of all the northern Africans, Persians and other people. Yet soon 2 developments changed this process of systemic extinction: arabs realized if all became muslims, there would be little taxation, so they allowed the people of christian and jewish religion to remain so if they paid a tax as people of the ‘sacred book’ of Abraham, a copper trader and likely slave trader of earlier semitic tribes (as Euphrates was the river of copper and harran its central depot). Next as they were moving on India, they found the caste of Brahmins another racist military bronze age religion and his droves of dalits to resist conversion, since they could not understand a dot of arab in Koran, and did have a quite developed dualist religion of the Universe. So Koran was translated to be taught or else they would have to murder the always denser human population, as India was likely the origin of the first truly immense fertile crescent culture in gangesh, coming fem the likely origin of agriculture in the 5 rivers of the indochinese mountains. Finally the civil war between the true heirs of the prophet, the Shiites, and the impostor military friends who won the battle, made somewhat difficult to sustain the idea of a genetic empire, as the prophet descendants had been murdered.

On the other side, the Talmudian prophecy of global enslavery to the Financial-Media system of Judaism, then made of gold and Bibles, arguably became the origin of the capitalist concept (expanded by protestantism to northern european german military), that European tribes had to colonise the whole world with its technological companies. Certainly runs within the blood of all anglo-american forms of imperialism and exceptionalism. And it is the origin of their millenarian prophecies that in different versions all other nations who inherited their war and gold memes would repeat, till Hitler’s millenarian III Reich, outdid arguably all them all in terms of racist memes. And warrior vs. trader animetal memes of hate spread and both type of cultures fought to become the top of the world, hating each other, from the wars of Assur vs. Israel, to the present Jihad vs. Israel and its western nations, placebo democracies without right to print money, programmed by the Financial-Media system of metal-information owned by the Jewish people (Wall street, hollywood, with 80% Of CEOs belonging to the nation of Yhwh or Israel).


Anti$emitism is therefore the commonest form of antisemitism, which derives into AntiSSemitism, or nazism, when the hate to the people-caste of bankers that ab=use mankind is deviated by the upper castes of Judaism that camouflage among their 11 jabiru slaves into antijudaism. And then it is further deviated by the rival military animetal people-castes into a genocidal attitude that seeks to come on top of mankind with the total gold and iron power, which finally ends in the holocaust. So it is worth to notice how the truth – a people caste of financiers monopolize one of the two languages of social power, which therefore should be ‘denationalized’ and returned to the people (the obvious solution of antisemitism) ends into a series of half-truths with the final aim of reaching global power with weapons, and hence massacring the rival power-caste. But finally as this never happen (Gold ends up winning over weapons), the massacre will be used by the elite of bankers to justify their ab=use of mankind in a new cycle that encroaches the whole process ad eternal.

The Am Segullah≈ People of the Treasure and their historic monopoly on banking and debt slavery.

It is a fact that financial money has been invented overwhelmingly for centuries in Wall Street & The City, by people affiliated to Jewish-Calvinist biblical cult(ures) of Go(l)d. And their ‘Postulate’ is not, never have been to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind.

At this point we need some ‘facts’ and names to prove this so we can go along and consider what are the values of this culture and hence the destiny their corporations and quisling politicos reserve to us. Of course, at that point, those few patient readers who have not read so far will abandon, knee-jerk programmed to love their masters, to go along the paths of its quantum waves. I sometimes do a test, I take for a few months all their references of the web to them and the stats shoot up. I put them back and plummet to zero, I believe by self-censorship of all the emotionally marked believers in the justice of Yvwh. So without further delay, let us sink down the web once more, on the mood for truth.

A short list of the key public financial positions will suffice to understand the ‘dynastic’ nature of financial companies, its cultural origin and its complete control of western finances (this is from the first version of this post beginning 2010s – but pretty sure a list made at any time in the future will be the same):

Mervyn King- Governor, Bank of England; Jean-Pierre Roth – Chairman, Governing Board, Swiss National Bank; Jean-Claude Trichet- President, European Central Bank; Mark Carney – Governor, Bank of Canada; Benjamin Bernanke – Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Donald Kohn- Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Robert B. Zoellick – President, The World Bank; Dominique Strauss-Kahn- Managing Director, International Monetary Fund; John Lipsky- First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, occupy the 9 most important public positions of Banks in the West – and they are all Jewish… which represent 0.2% of the human population.

And the same list can be made of CEOs of financial houses, banks and stockbrokers in the west, even Nobel Prizes of economics given by a private Swedish bank that also belongs to them.

Update. 2 years after writing the first version of this blog some names have changed BUT all are still Jewish. Mr. Carney, for example has moved on… from Canada to Great Britain to direct the exchequer, something Mr. Rothschild in his newspaper, the ‘economist’ quotes as a proof of the ‘freedom’ of our system that can bring ‘foreigners’ LOL.

Miss Merkel, Cameron and Sarkozy might go from the top of the European nations that matter – all Jewish – but their replacement will be the Millibrand brothers, Hollande and Moscovici and Steinbrook, all Jewish (-:

Bernanke will go and we know a ‘first woman’ will direct the Fed, also a Jewish. But alas, since Talmud’s bigotry tells us that ‘gentiles, pigs, dogs and women are born of the leg of Satan’, not to be trusted, just in case, they put below/above as VP Mr. Fisher, one of the top dogs, hem this one NOT born of the leg of Satan but sucking on the tits of the Financial Industry for decades:

He was the old director of the FMI who masterminded the boom and bust crisis of Asia in the 90s, cutting all credit and sinking Thailand and Korea, precisely when there was a run on their banks provoking a long recession, and new, fresh usury slaves for the bank. He was then teacher of luminaries such as Mr. Draghi, ex-VP of Goldman Sachs, now running the ECB.

He was then the Central Banker for Israel, and the first measure he took was to download half of its portfolio of US Treasuries. And now as a reward, he is the dark horse of the FED, its V.P. HE IS THE MAN THAT WILL CRASH THE EURODOLLAR along Mr. Trump, when both bust the balls of the Chinese, who will sell their treasuries, ALONG ALL HIS CRONIES, TOGETHER, moving ‘en masse’ to Australia, delisting the top Stocks of silicon valley, leaving their poor behind.

This 25 years old economic prophecy, of the original book, by parallelism with what happened in Germany, when the likes of Mr. Kahn, the Hannover-Trust and the Deutsche bank took all the gold reserves of Germany, because it was loosing the war (1917, Hamburg) depleting their banks, crashing their economy, and signing of the Future of their poor (‘the infamous backstabbing), looked then as ‘poor lunacy’.

Such is the FATE OF CASSANDRA, the Greek heroine who knew the Future, but the Gods condemned her, because SHE WAS HONEST and would NOT ACCEPT TO BE RAPED by Apollo. So the Masters of the Universe condemned her NOT to be trusted.

So they did not trust her, when she said that Troy will fall, and those who made them fall WILL DIE for it.

Now Troy=America is Lost, the crash IS HAPPENING, all has started ‘again’… And Agamemnon, who kill her will SOON die too.

Now because the world runs into an action-reaction process, it is just but cruel. So the cycle AB produce is YES, absolute wealth for the 0.002%, the elite of this 0.2% human culture. But Because this is not know, the 0.2% and the rest of mankind suffer the cycle of wars and holocausts. AND OF COURSE, the anti-scientific method, hides it all, so D) destruction can happen ‘again’.

So the industry of the holocaust (Felkenstein, Chomsky), truly manipulates the tragedy of Judaism during the II world war, in which along other 60 million human beings, 5 million Jewish mostly peasants died, the one that has in this period of the financial industry achieved the ‘darkening’ of all information about the financial control of Judaism.

This industry works, on emotional films (gore movies, which of all the XX c. genocides only deal with this tragedy); an astounding number of books that highlight this victims as ‘more victims than all others’ (so 1/4 of all Nobel prizes of literature belong to people who speaks of this fact, as if it was the only ‘deaths’ that matter), holocaust museums all over the world (with the same aim, so America is littered with holocaust museums of a tragedy that happened in another nations, but none about the genocide of Indians or the slave genocide that happened in America). And so and so on. Ultimately the purpose is obvious: TO hide the crimes of capitalism.

But we do NOT forgive the crimes of Stalin even if Hitler killed 30 million slavs (the SS were created to eliminate them and leave free land for colonization in the east), or the crimes in Tibet because the Japanese murdered 20 million Chinese, but we do forget the crimes of Israel and we do hide all information about Soros (a ‘Hungarian’), Merkel (a ‘polish German’), or Sarkozy (another ‘Hungarian’:-). If we knew many things would be clear and policies would not be so easy.

Consider only an example, the policies of Miss Merkel, seen from this perspective, if people knew she is Jewish – a fact ignored by all Europeans and never mentioned in any newspaper. Why she sold 4 nuclear submarines with top German technology to be buttressed with nukes to Israel? Why she is the stalwart of the ECB and European policies of debt usury and private banking, to all southern European states?

Why she accepted the Syrians, coming from the enemy land to the east of Israel, which must be depopulated so the historic territory can be conquered, as the Nazis depopulated Poland, so the historic territory could be depopulated. And that is indeed the thing with black holes. You never know what they think what is truth or false, what is confabulation or real, because they are invisible to us.

Why THE AMERICAN ARMY leading a UNO coalition, has NOT as it did for spurious reasons in Iraq, cleaned up ISIS and ended with a week the Syrian tragedy? Why Mr. Assange, an ex-CIA operative, who found the Fax program to get all the info from computers through a Fax and was promoted to blow up all Arab Regimes enemies of Israel – except Egypt which was duly put back into dictatorship mood – did ‘admire’ Bibbi? and did not publish the cables from Jerusalem embassy? What is all this pantomime? The answer, as I worked as a script-doctor in Evilwood, under the mentorship of Mr. Y. latter head of the National school of Film in Israel, is this: now mass-media gurus plot the astounding imaginative, new age of global big-brother.

What i could not achieve is to convince the Masters of the Universe of the human solution: The europeization of America and Israel, easily admitted on the European Union (the old one before they gave their ECB bank coup d’etat). So they could sell their positive industries – not their terminators, and the Palestinians accepted NOTHING OF THIS 2 NATIONS with a wall of shame robotised to kill the poor, which are funny enough genetically more pure Jewish, as the habiru die in holocausts and only the rabbis have 80% purity of genes, the Israelis are mostly Khazars conversos to avoid the slave trade in Ukraine with only 8% of racial purity, being the palestinians and specially the Assyrians, around 50%… Details of course censored by the anti-quantum paradox.

But that is the top of the industry. The big part is Trash Tv. So Televisions show a deformed, negative vision of man, because their ideas are the ideas of company-mothers, not of verbal ethics. company-mothers think men are only workers, consumers, or targets for their war machines. So today most men become under so much television propaganda either workers, consumers or targets for weapons. In each phase of their evolution, Metal minds also increased their speed of communication in a geometrical scale. In each phase humanity suffers the opposite trend: more human Minds are hypnotized and obey metal-communicators. The number of human minds hypnotized by Metal-communicators grows. As a result, the capacity of the human mass to understand reality in human terms dwindles. Now we see 6 hours a day of TV-virtual reality, which is fun, and makes us to forget the survival laws of the Universe, spelt by verbal Gods.

 But even before we talk of this most censored issue, we have to explain for those who fall out of nowhere into this highly 0-ranked site why you are reading a scientific model of history based in complex systems sciences, not a ‘confabulation theory’ – name given today to any attempt to explain the complex systems of history and economics at a level of understanding higher than a Twit (:



This blog is based in the analysis of human societies and industrial corporations as complex systems which evolve in mother earth, creating 2 super organisms that substitute the previous super organism of Gaia, the life Earth. So we write an equation of complex systemics:

a simple evolutionary equation of 3 super-organisms; one becoming extinct into the ‘past’, the other still the protagonist of the planet, history, but fast leaving place to a 3rd super organism of machines and its ‘automated company-mothers’, the metal-earth, or more properly described in detail, as the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Indutrial (energetic machines) economic ecosystem (ab. FM²I):

Gaia: Life ecosystem (past) > History: Human Superorganism (Present) > Metal-earth: FM²I (Future)

We have written and shown in the graph, the equation of the 3 ages of history, in the terminology of general systems sciences, a new discipline of which Mr. Hawking rightly said it will be the science of the XXI c. And since we are in the XXI c. I’d say boldly, Complexity or ‘General Systems Sciences’ (ab. GST) is the most advanced model of social sciences today.

In that regard, the previous equation, as simple as it seems, shows an enormous power to describe in a synoptic, scientific, organic manner, all what has happened in this planet since human beings first appear on Earth. And so to understand it, we need to introduce the fundamental tenants of Systems sciences: that all systems of nature, evolve from individual parts into more efficient wholes, through networks of energy and information, becoming super-organisms.

A superorganism is in that sense easy to define with a simple ‘Generator equation’ of all Systems of reality, which any human being will easily recognise when observing its own ‘super organism’ (scientists define humans also increasingly as such, given the fact we do have more ‘bacteria’ than human cells in our digestive, entropic system):

Spe: Digestive/entropic system < ST: Energy/Body-System>TiƒTiƒ-informative/nervous system.

And so what the equation describes are the III ages of Earth as a whole, in which:

  • A first super organism of life, Gaia, increasingly recognised by all scientists, joined by networks of life energy (water ways), which feed the world of animal life; informed by networks of visual animal and chemical, plant information, gave way to:
  •  The super organism of mankind that superimposed over it, History, in which the economic=energetic=blood and political=informative ‘nervous networks’ organise a mass of citizens-cells.
  • Which is giving way to a super organism of company-mothers of machines, fed by energy networks and informed by digital networks, which organise through the financial economy those machines, evolving fast through A.I. and robotics into metalife, poised to compete and substitute humans in all labor and war fields.

The 3 super-organisms of Planet Earth.


The super-organism of metal-memes described independently of mankind in the previous posts of this section, lives side by side with two other super-organisms, that of human life ‘History’ and that of Nature, ‘Gaia’, and so we must talk of an ecosystem, which is different from an organism because in an ecosystem multiple species live together in relationships of symbiosis and predation. In the Graph, cultures enter into destructive conflicts as the economic ecosystem of company-mothers, guided by the collective brain of Worldstock and its fluxes of e-money fusion the world in a single mechanical organism. Since today ne of the fundamental expressions of the Paradox of History – the existence of such ecosystem in which humans and life memes fight against animetal cult(ure)s and metal-memes is the process of Globalization of the economic ecosystem, which becomes an organism that expels increasingly human workers and soldiers and divides human beings into tribal history and individual, selfish biological wantings that make us addicts, slaves of the world of the machine. Thus as machines evolve into a super-organism, humans devolve into individual homo bacteria and national tribes, which are just puppets of the real Global Nation – the Global Economic Ecosystem and its corporations. Within these schemes the myth of nationalism is kept only for the need of borders, armies and wars.

THE SUPERORGANISM of the metal-earth has evolved in 2 phases, which we study in depth in the left side, the age of Financial-Military systems, of gold and iron, the mod informative and energetic metals of the Universe, today used to make gold chips and iron bodies of robots – hence the obvious biological nature of the process, which were used by animetal cultures, degraded as ‘enzymes’ are by their attachment to metal, to ab=use and kill the neolithic fertile age of eusocial love, a single global peaceful civilisation and a balance between history and gaia.

So we see above in the painstakingly constructed map of the 3 ages of history for a huge exhibit on the ‘river of cultures’ of mankind a decade ago at my hometown in barcelona (finally rejected by the main financial backer, Dassault a weapons company) history entered into an age of cycles of wars and new weapons that evolved the FM-system.

And IT IMPLIED THE MANUFACTURING OF THE HUMAN BRAIN, WITH IDOL-OGIES THAT TODAY PASS AS the natural identity of humans, which repressed all what is truly vital, living, natural to mankind as a biological species, and now still are with us, promoted as the ‘engine’ of our realpolitiks, namely:

  • Nationalism, which i call in humanist newspeak (to counterbalance the present false political correctness0 nazi-onanism, as it consider NOT the scientific human Homo Sapiens single species but people must be divided into nazions, a concept invented by germ(an)s, the germs of history (this is humanist newspeak:), who entered history calling themselves goths, divided in tribal sub tribes, the franks, the alamani, the anglos and so on, and carved the humanist civilisation of legal Europe (the roman empire), and founded the absurd concept of a nation, which allows of course to have on top a military caste to defend us of the hated neighbours.
  • Hence we invent segregational abrahamic religions to justify killin our neighbour, which were first just one of the many tribal subconscious collective gods of a nazion, (this is humanist newspeak, which we also repeat many times, with the so-called goebbels method – if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, we repeat humanist truths many times). And so we added for good measure to nazi-onanism, monotheism (of each tribe) which today in political correctness, aka corporative newspeaks is considered the summit of religious evolution, forgetting that Yhwh was NOT a mystical god mind of the scientific Universe, but his monotheism was tribal supremacism of the nation of each god of the iron-gold age; which became…
  • The basis for mechanist religions of the Universe, where systems of metal, then vehicles of god (iron the substance of Thor, NOT an anthropomorphic but a sword god; gold, the substance of which the ex-votes to Baal and Yhwh had to be made), now in the industrial age, symbols of progress, called machines, BECAME model of the Universe, then the substance of idols, now the ‘seers’ of time (clocks) and space, that substitute our verbal time thoughts and eyes; of the much despised artistic masters and languages of ethic words. So to conclude, of all those fetishes
  • God, the informative metal of earlier money became the absolute fetish of gold religions which won the battle against iron cultures and Assur-like Gods. Hence the Financial-Military system soon substituted the defeated ‘arab semite warriors’ by the germanic tribes, as the go(l)d chosen moved to europe, allied with them, destroyed the roman empire, plunged the west into the dark ages, and carried together always exploiting humans, below, sometime killing each other in wars and holocausts,  the wave till the industrial r=evolution added organic machines to informative gold and energetic iron, which transform back and forth energy into information. Thus:
  • The financial/media (informative machines)- Military/Industrial (energetic machines) system was born.

And this FMMI SYSTEM OR METAL-EARTH is a complex system, studied with the laws of complexity and information BUT to speak of it, AND SPECIALLY of the idol-ogical people-castes and cultures, which have carried the way historically in the west, and still dominate it is NOT considered Complex system sciences but a Komploten, confabulation theory. So just after we explain how those 3 super organisms are constructed, we shall have to explain WHY THE COMPLEX UNIVERSE, HAS A COMPLEX STRUCTURE OF scales, as you are NOT merely the shallow skin but have a layer of inner cellls you do not see and are part of an upper layer of societies and ecosystems. And so why YES, REALITY and SCIENCE is to be truth,a Komploten theory (german name which we prefer in humanist newspeak to the confabulation knee-jerk reaction mantra to dismiss any attempt to explain reality as it is). The 3 next graphs show the organic duality of the age of FM-sysems, the organic human, the soon to be conscious A.I. robot with gold chips and iron bodies, which culminates at individual level that evolution, which are just a few of the organic, social network structures that are all over the Universe, and the 3 scales of complexity of information of any SUPERORGANISM, in this case a human one HUMAN one with its ∆-1 scale of cells, ∆º level of individual minds and ∆+1 level of societies, EVEN if the FMMI system and its idol-ogies  will tell you are a self-made ‘free’ individual man, so his perfectly coordinated networks of money far more powerful than the individual – reason why the universe does evolve constantly survival super organisms – control you:

We humans love the FM²I complex today because it gives us higher energy and information to control the world at individual level, but SPECIALLY because the financial-media head manufacture our brains with ‘newspeaks of progress’, while dismisses any real Complex Science of history as an attack to the ‘freedom of the individual’, newspeak for: be a loner so we can control you better.

So the elites of mankind that rule the system have created a series of ideologies to defend it, which have become our ideologies and beliefs. Let us repeat them: capitalism, which defends a world rule by money instead of ethic words, mechanism that takes the machine not the organism as measure of all things, and nationalism that allows nations and its elites of politicians and warriors to defend a certain ‘section’ of History with weapons.

The problem though with those 3 systems is that they are evolving in a temporal, causal order that extinguish the previous system as the more advanced evolves further.

So we could write an equation of evolution and extinction: Gaia (past) -> History (present) -> FM²I complex (future), where Gaia is becoming extinct by History and History by the FM²I complex, as we enter its last phases of evolution with the creation of robots.

And yet, because we are memetically imprinted by those ideologies we do not want to see with wishful blindness the consequences of our love for the FM²I complex, neither study its evolution, structure and predation of life and history, as it is the dogma of our ‘technological civilization’ that machines, money and weapons are ‘good’ and the symbol of ‘progress’. Indeed, they are becoming the future, but increasingly a future that has no room for us.

On planet Earth, a first superorganism of human cells, a collective, global mind/culture, which lived on Gaia, the natural Earth, appeared on the Neolithic. But with the arrival of metals, a more complex superorganism in which men became symbiotic to metal systems of energy (weapons), information (money) and reproduction (company-mothers of machines) substituted the initial, sustainable, life-based historic superorganism. It is the Financial-Media x Military-Industrial Complex that today has become global and it is terraforming the Earth from a world of life into a world of metal at an accelerated path, signalled by a cycle of evolution of money, weapons and machines with a periodicity of 800-80 years.

So what we call the semite culture, is the first of all those 800-80 years cultures, specifically the FM-system based in the first weapons of bronze (warrior semites) and first gold cultures (trader semites in Levante), which annihilated and became dictators and people-castes on power in all the civilisations of the fertile crescent provoking a global age of antisemitism among all humanist thinkers of the age, starting by the writer of the Book of GENESIS:


TODAY though in the newspeak of capitalism, what i just explained is the biggest ‘thoughtcrime’ as all this is hidden by the perfect final skin-make up layer, as your body teeth and predatory bloody organs are hidden, because that is how super organisms in Nature hide their predatory behaviour to other species, in this case the FMMI system of corporations with its political correctness, prohibition to talk of his owners, camouflage behind bought politicos, and manufacturing the visual brain of people or just distracting with infotainment and fictions and securit paranoia with racist memes against non-technological cultures do work.

So whenever you try to explain the different onion layers of complex systems, alas you are called an anti-Semite and a confabulation theorist, meaning that you are a professional murderer and an idiot, but you are just denouncing animetal dictatorships and the control of mankind with newspeaks and Financial-Media/Military-industrial corporations. So we need to do a small detour explaining what should be obvious even if it is not visual evident – that reality is made of complex systems and to explain them is science not a…

Komploten theory: how to repress Complex science.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 08.34.39

So what is the essential Newspeak of the world at large, in the neopaelolithic age of neofascism, when humans are becoming obsolete to automated company-mothers and its new workers, blue-collar robots and white collar pcs? Simple:

THAT HUMANS as obsolete species MUST NOT even BE CURED OF THEIR LIFE-THREATENING SICKNESS, BUT MURDERED BY ROBOTIC WEAPONS, so we must cut all programs of health-care and welfare and invest that money in nukes, robots.

But if this ‘deeper onion layer’ of the 3rd age of robotic weapons is simply stated as IT IS from the pov of the company-mothers of machines of the FMMI system IT might sound a bit scary and perhaps in the next ‘opinion polling’ aka placebo democratic vote of the parallel virtual ‘reality’ of meaningless ‘freedom’, neopaleolithic men might ‘reason’ and vote another leader.

So of course, we do have the astounding noise of absolute false truths, which form by the Goebbels method of self-repetition, the beliefs of most of humanity today, where all what is freedom, health and life-saving IS considered ‘waste’ and all what is threatening, life-killing, is considered ‘safe’.

Since, THE SHALLOW VISUAL MIND is based in hypnotic, repetitive ‘e-vidence’, which means a ‘credo ergo sum’, action oriented, ‘religious’ frame of mind, which no longer ‘cogito’. Thought thus disappear to an extent that ‘thoughtcrime’ is no longer understood. Hence it doesn’t even need to be repressed, just put through A.I. algorithms of political correctness down the ranks of google, and have a laugh to the scholar who tries to explain the complex Universe to twit people.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the Goebbels method just needs to repeat ad nauseam simple slogans for the mass of the neopaelolithic to belief: ‘simplify man you are a marine’ said Stone in born on 4th of july.

‘Complex System sciences = confabulation theory’, ‘Humanism and socialism≈communism’, ‘programmed beliefs=identity’ ‘capitalist monopoly of bankers on the issue of the language of power of society=free market democracy’=best of all systems” “expulsion of 1/2 of all human labor in war and labor fields by white collar pcs and blue collar robots=technological progress’ ‘destruction of welfare, and murder wholesale of the elderly population=tax saving cuts’

You see? Even if i try (and we say you see not you think)… I CANNOT express without a minimum of wording fundamental facts of our capitalist dictatorship, in which the issue of money and information is monopolised by a few companies of the Financial-media system and its informative machines, which are ALL owned by the same people, and in America by the same biblical culture (this is the absolute confabulation theory).

Disbelief thus becomes immediate when the complex system is explained in more than 3 words.

And this is specially truth in the I-centered, short-sentenced, unconnected ‘brutish language’ and its opposite agglutinative germ(anic) languages of entropy, full of unbreakable truths absolutely false; which  molds the psyche of the Euroepan and American leading industrial nations anytime throughout the industrial revolution -with its equivalent in the imperative, verb first Semite languages of the pre-industrial Financial-Military (Gold and iron) cultures that destroyed the neolithic fertile crescent of life, woman and fertility worship – the balanced mature age of mankind, which would be implemented again ideally in a perfect sustainable world, by pruning the tree of science of all its golden apples and lethal hate media, kill-body weapons; improving upon that age, by preserving only the life/mind enhancing machines of the Industrial age.



In the 2 graphs above and below the birth of the Semite, first animetal cult(ure) to selfish memes of metal  ended the Neolithic age, or mature age of mankind, with its cults to fertility goddesses (called in the Bible the abomination) and its gold, baal and war, assur and Yhwh gods, starting the age of the ‘homunculus’ ego, when humans reduced their mind to the languages of metal, money and weapons, and ab=use all other humans with go(l)d, enslaving them, and with bronze, murdering them. Their goal would be to create a global dictatorship of its selfish memes of power, with the animetal on top and all other human beings and forms of life exploited as inferior species:

In the next graph we see the next cycle of semitic conquest during the chariot 800 years age:

It will then, once all was conquered the time of confrontation between the 2 specialised animetal cults:

  • Warrior Semite tribes – the Assur Empire, which massacred prisoners, tortured them and used them as torches, for the grandeur of Assur.
  • And the coalitions of Cananean go(l)d enslavers, Phoenicians and Habiru slave and weapons traders, carried in military mules to exchange for gold – so Habiru meant literally  ‘those who walk behind the asses’. They believed that go(l)d, was a small ‘sun-god’, a fetishe which the inferior tribes carried in form of gold-exvotes to the banker-priests of Israel to obtain the mercy of Baal and Ywhw (Levis, which called themselves, Am Segullah, the people of the treasure,  to which the other 11 tribes belong as slaves).

The word nation did not exist then, so it was substituted by the word God, the subconscious collective of the people, its land and capital. So Assur was the land, captital, people and king of the assyrians, who claimed to be the only and most powerful god. And Yhwh, the toponym of Judea, that became also the name of their people the Jewish and from it derived the name of the capital. And it also became a supremacist nation-god, which did not allow other tribal nations-gods.

Conclusion: Hecatombs and Holocausts are natural to the darwinian Universe

The Universe is brutally just, based in action-reaction processes. What this means is that an objective analysis of the ‘events’ of reality will always find that despite the cruelty of certain processes, all ‘processes’ are justified as born of an action-reaction event. When we observe a process that has NO objective, rational explanation, we must find therefore the INFORMATION, WHICH IS HIDDEN TO THE PROCESS, and observe the EVENTS from a higher EUSOCIAL PERSPECTIVE, that includes all the elements of the ‘system’ which is at play in the event.

This means that when study the apparently absurd process of Holocausts, according to which humanity – the whole superorganism – kills a part of it – the jewish culture – we must consider that its apparent irrationality and cruelty must be explained with ‘hidden information’ as the Universe is logic.

This is achieved by adding the information censored by the ‘jewish inquisition’ regarding the causes of the Holocaust cycle, and by understanding the whole organism of judaism, not only its poor people that die in those holocausts but also and MAINLY, their elite or banker-priests that ab=use both, the poor jewish people and mankind with their control of money and the economy. When such control is misused to exploit humans with usury schemes that provoke endemic poverty, and break the economic system of a nation or civilization, causing an ‘hecatomb’ of human lifes, sooner or latter an action-reaction process causes the holocaust of the people. Yet because information is hidden, IT IS NOT THE ELITE OR BANKER-PRIESTS WHO ARE TAKEN OUT OF POWER but the mass of jewish people who are killed while the elite of FINANCIAL AND BIBLICAL SUPREMACISTS ON TOP move to a new nation with the money of the ruined one, to start again a new cycle…

The modern habiru: fatalism and credit.

Now all has changed to remain the same. That is my conclusion. In the old age the habiru was a slave of the banker-priest, which barked imperative orders from its god-like arrogan ego, and the habiru sheepishly obeyed the Am Segullah Levi, as in fact the other tribes were legally their slaves. The habiru was kept in superstitious thought, hating the gentile, as an inferior being, and working as tax collector, peddler, bringing ex-votes of gold to the temple made of gold in its sancta sanctorum.  And it could cheat the gentile to get his gold, kill it at distance through slavery, etc

Today the habiru does not hate the gentile but fear it, and segregates through the Holocaust Industry.

And then he has become specialised in information. So everywhere in America all scholars at certain range are habiru. And they seem actually to do good work. But when you analyse habiru culture, since they became free of Rabbis, little has changed. They are all really ridiculing mankind, denying eusocial love, thinking mankind is evil, giving no hope for the future, denying any social evolution. It is all more subtle than maimonides but the same.

For example, the fathers of social history, Spengler and its social organisms, are denied. One Mr. Boas who is the father of American social sciences decided that only mattered the small things, the study of individuals and behaviour – there are not general theories. Mr. Chomsky, whom i penpal told me he wouldn’t talk of wall street, when I tried to make a documentary on those crises, and all he said is that man was evil and would soon die, and deny all social, organic theory of history. Only the ego, individual and his tribe matter. And those are the GOOD guys. For each Chomsky who at least care for Palestinians and each Boas who at least care for Amerindians, there are 9 who never will think of anyone but the tribe.

Only THOSE HABIRU who are MIXED, mazerim, mestizos, or married to gentiles seem to evolve. Or those who do NOT work on information industries – doctors, like my sephardim family, artists of non-technological arts (painting, writers), do care for life. The ‘financiers’ and ‘social scholars’, and ‘evilwood’ people all work to maintain the same concepts that old rabbis: humanity is a beasty species, evil, murderous, corrupted, stupid, ridiculous, either a Nazi or a Simpson. But they? They are always victims, perfect intelligent, no jokes about them in evilwood.

This is the crazy head i tell about. THE ENTIRE INFORMATIVE ELITE OF AMERICA, IN SCHOLARSHIP, finances and mass-media is cuckoo. It is truly dedicated to DESTROY the enlightened, original culture of the founding fathers, and it has done so. Now the country is a mental madness of unconnected bestial cells looking food ego trip, truly the dog-eat-dog society of Mr. Hobbes. And this is the essence of this culture always. When Mr. Freud came with the subconscious evil, the sexual deviations, it was no more than the old prohibitions of talmud and bible to ALL WHAT IS HUMAN, SEX, GOOD FOOD, EUSOCIAL LOVE TO THE SPECIES.

ALL THIS WAS FORBIDDEN IN TALMUD-BIBLE, and now we have Mr. Freud telling us that we are all sexual perverts trying to fuc* our mother. We have films where all is murder for money, but sex is forbidden, we have trash food; we have fear of mankind. And gold paying it, paying it, paying it. So now Europe is also Israel, America is Israel. They are now where they wanted to take us all.  The Crazy head has almost collapsed the entire body of the western world. Ah, but if the doctor of history tries to cure them, they shut: anti$emite, let us engulf the world in pure hate memes, with our other SSemite brothers of Yihad, let us BE NEANDERTHALS, violent, greedy, visual, hypnotised with barking imperative consonantal languages, let us NOT evolve, let us poison the world with lethal memes.

Let us kill ourselves once more. But of course it won’t happen. But it will. They managed in 70 years to get all Islam hating them, Chinese aware that America is the enemy, the American and european people, growingly aware that bankers are the problem. And they keep working the memes of hate to mankind.

The true miracle, frankly is that the Americans are not yet responding. Of course, I don’t live there anymore. I couldn’t take the sanatorium anymore. Frankly, I gave up curing the mad. The impressive thing is that their body still responds, still moves, still goes to political congresses, still reveres them.  Mad people are very tiresome. They drain your energy. They have a lot. Uff, how much they work. This amazes me, how much they work. Chomsky works 13 hours a day, trying to explain how eviL the American military empire is, but not a single minute denouncing wall street by their NAMES.

I only think that with 1/3rd of that energy they put creating a monster civilisation back to the past in memes and to the future in machines, the robotised Israel hating everybody else, they could HAVE CREATED A WORLD PARADISE, A WORLD SEPHARAD. So frankly now i live in sepharad, the eastern spanish coast which receives the maximal number of tourists per capita in the world, 25 million come here, with less people living in Paysos catalans that in Israel. They come here to enjoy life, make love, have sun, good food, art views, the simple things of life.  But of course, the bankers had to fuc* up also this place and take over the ECB and cut all credit. The crazies NEVER STOP.  Since sex is sin, good food is forbidden, art is taken from Jewish-calvinist churches, and eusocial love to mankind is a sin, they CANNOT DO ANYTHING BUT gold and machines. That is the trick of the biblical culture. All human good things are forbidden, so they can only hate, suffer pain, and work.

Ah, the genesis explained it all, but of course, it was written in Ur at the fall of the neolithic. Now the crazies rule it all.

The Holocaust Industry in that view IS NOTHING but the modern version of the rabbis strategy to deal with gentiles, perfectly explained by the Spanish philosopher Maimonides, considered the most illustrious philosopher of Judaism, in his ‘Guide to the perplexed’: to lie to them, because if they knew the truth, they would kill us all. Instead of providing the proper solution:a just system of invention of money.

And yet this, amazingly enough is the absolute taboo hidden by the Industry, which only the few ‘true prophets’ of Israel dare to explain, from Moses in the myth of Ghenna ‘the Jewish will suffer all their live for their love of money’, through christ, ‘give to caesar what belongs to caesar, the right to print money, to ‘s Marx, ‘the solution of the Jewish question will happen when they abandon their worldly religion, money’.

Further on the absolute proof that this is the right policy, is the fact that those who did obey those prophets survived: in the Mosaic Holocaust, Moses did not kill by drinking gold, those who didn’t worship the calf; in the Roman Holocaust the Romans spared the Christians; in the German Holocaust, those who were in Marxist Russia survived and now form the bulk of Judaism –  and they are neither Jewish by genes.

They are Khazars, so recent genetic tests show that while Rabbis (and bankers, as they intermarried as the elite for 3000 years) had above 80% of racial purity compared to earlier inhabitants of Israel, the common Israeli has only 8%. Neither they are most of them ‘jewish’ in memes (believing in the racial superiority of the Jew over the goyyim or working in the financial industry – the 2 primitive memes of the go(l)d religion). So why a people who is overwhelmingly NOT jew by race and memes backs the astoundingly primitive memes and abusive antidemocratic actions of its bankers-priests?

But if the situation continues, obviously Europeans, Americans and the Middle East will soon reach a situation of mismanagement, studied in depth in this introduction, which can be compared with other nations, such as China, South Asia or even India and Russia that all will explode again. And this is what the ‘scholars’ that hide and rewrite history to cover the power of the Am Segullah don’t understand. The longer they deny any responsibility over the people they rule with money, the harder it will be the cycle of war, revolution and holocausts. Hence the absolute surrealism of their strategy.

That is of course THEIR DAMNATION – EVERY TIME THEY KILL ONE OF THEIR TRUE PROPHETS OF EUSOCIAL LOVE THAT WANTS to put them back into the fold of humanity, they certify their demise.

Every time they follow an Aaron who DID as Freud explains send to the mountain Mr. Moses for being the good prophet and went down to Jerusalem to found the genetic caste of Am Segullah, they open the ghenna, every time they crucify its memetic heir, Mr. Jesus and follow the genetic son of Mr. Aaron, Mr. Caifas, they certify the burning of the gold temple. Every time they follow the genetic rabbe or Mr. Herzl and deny Mr Marx, the converso christian socialist, they certify their future demise. And again in America, now, by covering up what every American knows, beyond 90 IQ – that they run the country, and as soon as the dollar crash they will move to Australia and back stab the nation that gave them all again, selling even more treasuries that China will, leaving behind the habiru scholars to keep morning their 100 years old skulls, well then it will hall happen again. Yes as keynes put it: capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people do the wickedest of all things for the common good.

But this belief AS ALL THE BELIEFS AND MYTHS OF THE AM SEGULLAH HAVE BEEN FED FORCED ONTO THE HABIRU AND MANKIND WITH GO(L)D. Nobody really believes or cares for it. And so when they take the go(l)d of America to Australia, Last train to Brooklyn, final stop, as we predicted 20 years ago – and now indeed as a Producer in evilwood put it to me when I explained him the cycle ‘we all have homes in australia, in the gold mile north of Sidney, now the most expensive tract of land on Earth – the now reverent American sheeple, brutalised by their mass-media, angry and armed, of germ-anic stock, will rise in pogroms. Will take their Uzis and take their GPS and put gold-stein, gold-man, silver-man, rich, berg, zuckerman, all those funny names with money and slave trade on the thing. This again is a 25 year old dictum, which I expressed as usual with funny ‘graphs’ of a wave of anti-SSemitic hate. It will be the tea party of course, once the Koch brothers et al are moving out, showing what they truly care about the habiru, nothing of course, as no aristocrat or stockrat has ever cared for their lower castes of slaves:

 Neofascism in America, the 2 ages of the Tea party. Historic parallelism. 

‘The tragedies of history repeat themselves because people never learn from the past’ Marcel proust.

Neofascism in America will start as in Germany paid by corporations, but as its politicos take power, as in Germany they will go their own way; which way is that will be discussed in this article rescued from previous work.

But there are differences.

In that regard, because America is owned by corporations, owned in its ‘voting majority’ by Jewish people (financial corporations, Media, and most CFOs of the 500 fortune), which overwhelmingly consider the interests of Israel, their true nation, higher than those of America, their ‘colony’, neofascism today has 2 nations involved; and yet astoundingly enough in America, where the composition of the Weimar Republic of Mr. Obama in terms of power is the same that the German Weimar, every player moved by their ‘seemingly’ untouchable, unchanged memes are doing the same step dances the Germans bankers, industrialist and people did then, with a difference. Americans are individualist people that will not easily organize  into a Germanic unified front. One therefore tends to consider the alternative path of those cycles of history. As unemployment and poverty rises after the next ‘crash’ of 2016 (currency crash), the rise of the Tea Party to power in the 2016-2020 will see a parallel rise of military neo-fascism in washington with the aim of making the splendid little wars an age of global war perhaps against China, or further down the road of Islamophobia and the inverse effect of dissolution of the federal government in its control of states and within states the social and human structures of education, health-care and life sustaining goods. It will be a process that can end in an age of civil wars, private compounds and robotic security as the next decade unfolds in full the ‘new 1940s’…

In that regard, as in Germany the first stage of neo-fascism will be financially controlled by the Jewish elite which paid hand in hand with its then still allied german industrial-military complex, the rise of Nazi to quench socialist unrest. But the key moment of the ‘crash of the dollar’ parallel to the crash of the Deutsche mark will change the tide of history.

First phase.

The first stage of those paths of the future is being played now and it is rather obvious: Today a massive control of the media and political system by Corporations, includes also the presidency, which is merely an upgraded corrupted ‘inner city major’, as those the Jewish Corporations backed in cities during the 80s and 90s, to obtain contracts from local politics for their real states deal and other games of power. So neofascism today is played giving higher ‘personal rights’ to Companies and their property – the robotic machines that are substituting workers and are ‘sacred property’ that cannot be damaged. While the rights of the Chicanos are reduced by considering them illegal. racism against blacks is nominally diminished by the ‘inner city major’ presidency, but economical dispossession grows. So neofascism will focus in America in Muslims – witness the outstanding campaign against the moderate, pro-American Muslim who wants to open the Cordoba Cultural center in NY – and against the biggest minority of poor people, Chicanos – witness the racist laws of Arizona.

In this first phase the Tea Party, the Future Nazi party of America, as it happened in Germany, when Hitler was paid by corporations to destroy the Communist and Socialist organizations of workers, during the 29 crisis, is paid by oil and media corporations (Murdoch ‘greene’ and the Koch brothers) to play the same role that Mr. Obama plays today: to advance the hate against Islam and the poor (mostly latinos, as an african-american is in power).

But the Tea party has a grass movement of white people from the South that will, as it happened with the Nazi party, rooted in the Bavarian south, change sides and bite the hand of his master, when the master abandons America for richer lands to the East and settles in the golden coast North of Sydney to play financial games in H.K. and Mumbai.

And this will happen after the crash of the dollar, as it happened in Germany after the crash of the deutsche mark that saw the ‘great migration’ to NY of Jewish capital, which ruined the Reich. Thus, when in the 2020s China overcomes America and corporate money crashes the dollar moving to the higher profit region of Asia, the eternal cycle of the Holocaust, in which the poor and mestizo Jews are massacred as scapegoats of the rich will be looming on the American ‘Front’.

Since the great corporations will move to Australia and Hong Kong, and so will the jewish moguls, leaving behind the Jewish poor.

It is then when the Tea party without billionaires to fuel its present hate against Muslims will change sides and its rhetoric will move to denounce the fact that 7 million Israelis have colonized through the control of the American political and economical system, America; as the colonial British dominated. This populist Tea Party with a leader we still ignore will be the neo-Hitler of the III cycle of fascism (we cannot predict the ‘individual cells” of an organic system but its generic cycles, so for example, we predicted in our first book, ‘Biohistory, c.94 that in 2000 a fascist, military leader would take over America and start a splendid little war, but we thought it would be Powell, and it turned out to be Bush).

He will state that the Israeli colonists are detracting through speculation and taxes the money of America and taking his troops to fight the Imperial wars of Israel, as the original Tea party affirmed that the British colonists were detracting with taxes and taking troops from America to fight the Imperial wars of great Britain. Yet the ‘Am Segullah’, the financial class of the Jewish people, the true guilty of the Holocaust cycle will be gone, and so the innocent Jews, the ones with a pap and dad shop, the ones who didn’t have enough money to run, will be the targets along other minorities…

At that point, an impoverished America will seek revenge against the Israeli colonists and civil wars will break. The Israeli colonists will have to move back to Israel or massacre the Americans. While Israel,  alone against the Islamic world with the best army of the world, entirely mechanized, made of terminators and predators… fully integrated in the ‘inhuman age’ of the singularity, will probably seek the Final solution and eliminate the Palestinians, while the Arab world or maybe America, depending on who wins the Civil wars there, will seek to eliminate Israel with Nuclear bombs.

It is in that sense interesting to observe the parallelisms between the two waves of fascism, that of Hitler and that of the Tea party, as they were depicted in my earlier books a decade ago, to notice the extreme parallelism of both processes. The Jargon of those books was somewhat closer to the biological jargon of the sciences of Complexity, which I use in my personal work but it is easy to understand:

The previous graphs two decades old ( c.94′ the extinction of history’) considered the parallelism between the rise of german fascism and american neofascism. Now with the rise of the Tea Party some details not known then – as evolutionary history can only foresee the great features of those cycles, become more clear. We do not have yet the leader’s name -a mere anecdote of history moved by systems and memetic cult(ure)s, and to which side he will lean. What we know is that the crescendo robotic wars needed by electronic industries to evolve further the profits of the FMI complex are now in line, the robotic drones are now being approved for the time of the American civil wars and so the ‘big tendencies’ do follow their due course under ‘the usual suspects’.

Of course all this could have been avoided if Israel and orthodox judaism had evolved as its true prophets, from Moses to Jesus to Marx, have told them, into eusocial love, and guided with their money and special qualities for information the human kind into a sustainable world.

When I still moved among them, in America, I tried many times to explain all this and ask them to come out of the closet, but the sheer pressure of all the elements of the Jewish society on these hysterical theme is such that astoundingly enough, racist rabbis and usury bankers are carrying again the day and the ‘splendid little wars’ of the 30s that steadily rose till plunging the world in global war as we anticipated for decades are now on the verge of becoming permanent.

This is the amazing thing about history of mankind at large: how a few decided bigots oppress the rest and lead us to our demise.

You realize then why we have to talk of this? Because if you want to understand the growing Israelification of the west, which we forecasted 20 years ago, the increasing racism, militarism, fascism and robotic war machines that kill at distance, which is NOT sin, but encouraged, we need to get to the origin of this astounding doctrine. And again the reasons are obvious: Slave trade, weapons trade, usury kill at distance. So it cannot be a sin. It is again the economic profession of Judaism the cause of this doctrine. If they were warriors they would have the kind of mantras the Gita tell us, or the Jihad tell us: kill directly and you will enter paradise. Doctrine in Abrahamic religions with the exception of the best of Gospel and the charity moments of Islam is about raw power and justification of the means the society has to control and murder.

But this means the west, now global Israeli culture will kill at distance, keep creating drone industries, terminators, reduce the 3rd world and their poor people to the inferior races, which Disraeli, the Jewish Victorian prime minister imposed in the XIX century.

If Judaism had done after the last of their holocaust action-reaction cycles a French R=evolution against its racist, parasitic banker-priests, as some tried in the 60s, the world would have another hope of a future; if western nations would have denationalize the financial industry from their elite, and use money for the benefit of all humanity, the world would have a different future. As today, the hardware – the company-mother of machines – now dominant also in all Asian nations; and the software, Abrahamic revivalism and the hidden mathematical equations of extinction of labor and life, of the first ‘pious’ calvinist-jewish economists today represented by our CFOs and Central Bankers, has only a future: the extinction of life and labor by robotic blue collar workers, white collar pcs, and terminators.

But this would not be happening without the surrender and corruption of humanist, socialist, democratic, normal people in those leading nations of the Industrial world to the ‘beliefs’ and degrading memes of those cultures.  As all western parties and elites, and common citizens, instead of regaining their freedoms and take over the financial industry and the lethal industries of machines, have merely softly, cowardly accepted the hypocritical double standards and financial corruption that makes them slaves of the no-future of humanity.

As all seems to go the other way around: the humans of those cultures of theft and murder that we call biologically by its taxonomic name,  animetals=animals+metal are emotional beasts moved primarily subconsciously by monetary greed and military violence, once they are upon contact with the tree of ‘metal’. And so they ‘act’ as ‘animetal beasts’ unable to control and reason and be masters of its own destiny.

It is not a metaphor, but a very real duality which structures the equation of history to which we dedicate many pages of this blog, and so we shall introduce now the ‘higher level of depth’ in the understanding of history, the laws of systems sciences, theory of information and biology that are the only apt to fully grasp in a living planet the living fights between men and metal, ‘deus et machina’.

And so now we have the answer to our question, even if it is completely censored by the ‘religions of capitalism=money and war=nationalism’. Metal acted subconsciously in the beliefs of people, changing them, against natural biological laws of love to the species, to allow warriors to murder humans and bankers to enslave them for a price. And this was a historic, memetic geographic happening, origin first of the oldest, most brutal, anti-democratic, anti-humanist cultures, the Semitic cultures, and then next, the Aryan, Germanic, northern European ‘iron barbarians’.

And for 3000 years those cultures spread their absurd memes – Abrahamic religions of Semitic origin, nationalist tribalism of germ(anic) origin, killing all the life cultures on the bottom of that graph, first the Egyptians, then the Greeks that derived from them (Ionians) then the Italian artistic neo-platonic culture, the French revolution, American r=evolution etc.)

And now they have spread globally through the industry of mass-media they hate memes to mankind, their repression of life, their worship of metal, their non-future, since along that process of course, they have murder, become murdered, kill and commit suicide for the good of the machine, the weapon and the sacred go(l)d, while those cultures who received latter metal, are the ones who prospered more in terms of survival (the Chinese which didn’t get western iron till 300 B.C.)

So you see it is very simple. It has nothing to do with race but with culture, and it is not even internal culture but externally imposed metal-culture. And it could be easily r=evolved as the prophets of eusocial love, humanism and life have always explained (bottom part of the graph), the last ones being the socialist and ecological movement. And yet it does not work. It is NOT happening.

On the contrary, in this 3rd decadent age, machines of mass-media, weapons and chips, have come to dominate all. The Semite banksters of Israel and the Semite terrorists of Jihad have expanded their once local war to global terms, as those banksters do control 80% of CFOs and Central banks in the west, hence its politicos, corporations and mass media (evilwood and wall street, which use informative machines to print money and hate-media or fictions and ego-trips to control the human sheeple and we shall call the ‘Financial-Media’ system of informative machines, complementary to the classic military-industrial complex of energetic ones.

Now this is the truth of history from the perspective of mankind and its cultures of social love and humanism and evolution of the species, below. And even if we can understand and rationalize that wave it is still weird that the people on the bottom are so much of a ‘sheeple’ to become totally controlled by murder and theft of the people on top, which are so few, so obvious, so impertinent with their demands for self-extinction.

Indeed, it puzzles the mind to see how America and France-Belgium, the two enlightened cultures of modern humanism, since their r=evolutions have become today just a field war for the ‘primitives’ and their hate memes. Do not they realize what is going on? Do not they feel ashamed to become slaves of the terror and bankster ‘coalition’? Why they don’t react? how it is possible that the capital of evolved Europe close itself 3 days to search for a kid with a cheap Kalashnikov last time seen 300 miles from Brussels?

Or that the Americans do the same with Boston for a day and have converted the happy American way of life into a nightmare of security and self-inflicted fears? Here is where of those 2 cultures we must do a further division: the terrorists are primitives with little power, desperadoes fighting for the survival of its Neolithic, warrior culture and the west could have easily handled them by investing in their nations, instead of promoting their thugs, their military their priests for so long.

But then the west comes to the power of financial houses, that is, of the other side of the animetal original cultures. And so what is happening to the world, this return to primitivism has a cause, an origin, a reason d’être, which is the antidemocratic control of the financial-media system by the banksters of Israel, and its hate-murder and crush solution to the 3rd world problems, and the poor within us. And the solution is obvious: to denationalize the financial industry from them, and give back the democratic right to issue money to the people with a Universal salary, and to the governments to create and promote welfare goods. Point.

That’s really all what I have to say in this blog. I will go into infinite details and branching of that map of which the 3 industrial r=evolution are the final phase. I will prove ad nauseam all that. But if you want just to dismiss it all and go to bed, you had read the meaning of history and economics in the previous wave, a synopsis of 3000 years of rational Greek-Latin-European-socialist-humanist enlightened r=evolutionary thought and its war for the survival and thriving of the human kind. This is the truth of history, understood as the super organism of mankind : a war between animetal memes and humanist memes, hate to their own species and eusocial love, science understood as knowledge and understood as technology, charity and faith, reason and belief, Europe and the Middle East, Greeks vs. Persians, Romans vs. Jews, French vs. The City, you name it.

It just happens that today the wrong side of memetic cultures have won, and so they will magnify to global proportions their tragic history of slavery to Go(l)d racist hate to the species, war and holocausts.

Those extreme cases of pure idiocy and cyclical self-suicide of our natural and social scholars show the essence of our system: the mechanisms of the chip radiation are always good, and we use them to penetrate the secrets of lions, global warming, nuclear particles and the Egypt pyramid. The warriors, bankers and technocrats that rule the world must remain anonymous and we must sacrifice mankind, their lower castes, and every form of life, so they still remain on top of us.

But how this could be possible in a biological world?

How this kind of people can still be on top?

Of course, the ultimate teaching of the Holocaust cycle is dual:

On one side, as monstrous as the death of human beings of any kind is, it happens precisely because the Universe is an action-reaction system, and we are all humans. So murder at DISTANCE IS MURDER, AND PEOPLE RETURN THE FAVOR MURDERING YOU AT CLOSE RANGE, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL HUMANS, NONE IS $ELECTED, GO(L)D DOES NOT SAVE YOU, IT KILLS YOU.

In that regard they can keep censoring true history and postulate memes of hate against its own species, with damned lies and economic statistics, gore movies and painful documentaries that only bore to death the watchers, AND WILL BECOME THE VISUAL IMAGINATION OF ROBOTIC TERMINATORS, who will enact them all over again. But they cannot BREAK the law of the land, the biological laws of survival:


The two strategies of the biological Universe

Live vs. eviL, equal species vs. ‘faked’ animetal differences: that is the survival game in the Darwinian vs. Eusocial Universe. Humanity systematically in the age of metal denies life and the prophets of eusocial love. The people on top, animetal castes, originated in germ(anic) tribes of Goths, Jewish Go(l)d churches and I-centered Anglosaxon, mechanist loners, who need machines and consider to come with other humans needy, have gone to unending, lengthy social bull$hit to deny the duality of the organic Universe, the equality of the species. And they have always died for it. The less successful cultures of history have been the germ*anic warrior and the Jewish go(l)d trader, despite the arrogance of both, and their cheating on the facts of history, today astounding in the case of Judaism, and they are the less successful, and their cycles of war and holocaust keep repeating. While the cultures that do NOT cheat, and do LOVE each other and evolve socially have been the most successful as in the case of China. Do you think they have learned? Judaism has done exactly the same and there germs are doing to Europe the same. Good luck.

Now there are 2 ways to deal with a biological analysis of history and its animetals. The way anthropomorphic men do overwhelmingly, which IS NOT how biology works in an efficient Darwinian Universe with only 2 strategies of survival:

  • Social love to the members of the same species (love religion, socialism), which would mankind allow to survive by becoming a single global super organism, hence without need of war and capitalist castes and mechanisms to substitute human help. And this is the ONLY REAL solution. But it is an ETHICAL solution, rejected by ANIMETAL, lesser humans corrupted by their ego-trips of POWER, which do NOT allow them to love and feel equal to other humans.
  • Darwinian fight between different species, which IS WHAT HUMANS AND MACHINES ARE, hence the degradation, mental and physical that mankind is experienced, and animetal cultures HAVE experienced since its beginning. This explains WHY germans are racist, and can’t help it, because they entered history as Goths, Smiths, who thought to be Gods and killed everybody else. We shall see HOW THIS degenerated their language into an ergative language where object comes first (the fetish weapon machine) and man last. This is also the origin of the most censored fact, that Judaism is a bigot religion where humans in Talmud are ‘animals’, and you must murder them at ‘distance’, which gave origin to the memes of capitalism, and it is the origin of classic economics, today absolutely censored by the Industry of the Holocaust. Hence the cycle of greed, usury, murder at distance, revenge by Germanic warriors and Holocaust. Which will happen again in America as it happened in Germany between those 2 animetal castes.

This is what biology tells us, and there is NO WAY AROUND IT. Either you EVOLVE YOUR RACIST MEMES, Jihads, Talmuds and national racism, or mankind will die of hate, regardless of how much YOU HIDE and lie about your memes, to others (Industry of the Holocaust) or yourself (ego-centered beliefs, selfish behaviour).

So I do not hide the facts. Of course, everybody hated Darwin and Marx when they explained how biology and history works. But that DID NOT CHANGE HOW IT WORKED. IT does not matter how much you lie in the media about the astounding racism of Judaism and the origin of capitalism. In 72 years, despite all that, Judaism has achieved massive hate by Islam, massive growth of antisemitism in Europe and America due to Banksters. And when America ruins its dollar, people will go out to chase them. It doesn’t matter how nice Europeans have been to Germans. They are doing exactly the same now with the ECB to southern Europeans. And that is why HUMANITY IS GOING UNDER. it does NOT RESPECT THE BIOLOGICAL LAWS OF THIS PLANET.





YOU CAN THINK IN CHILDISH TERMS, IN ANTHROPOMORPHIC TERMS. YOU CAN BE A GERMAN OR JEW AND GET OFFENDED, CENSORED BIOECONOMICS AND BIOHISTORY AS YOUR PEOPLE ALWAYS DO, THAT WILL MERELY MEAN YOU WILL CERTAINLY DIE. You can call me apocalytpo, but you do the apocalypses yourself. You can discuss with scholar penpal bull$hit on transhumanism, and A.I. Who cares. Pentagon as we anticipated is at the head of the wave of robotics.

If people want to waste time and quench his angst WITHOUT dealing with the bottom line – animetal bullshit, it can do. But that will NOT make the biological Universe change the only 2 options:

  • Or you follow the prophets of eusocial love without cheating, or you die. Or you realise that machines are a different species that is degrading mankind, as metal has always done, or you die.

Yes, Orwell died alone, self printing his books, and everybody thought he was a radical BUT THE WORLD TODAY IS ORWELLIAN. I dragged bio-history 20 years around America and every scholar shunned off. But all what those earlier books said has happened. The Jews have been cheating history for 80 years with the Industry of the Holocaust, but they are now about to get a Tea Party Fascist president that will be the new Hitler when their elite runs to Australia and ruins the dollar. And then it will be the 13 holocaust. Do you think anyone care about Holocaust movies? Yes, you know who will – the robotic armies that will think with images and will look at data banks for ‘imagination’ and will replicate the Nazi games of its violent video games


OF COURSE, now the Animetal does NOT even have ‘such moral questions’. It has been reduced to an I-centered nullity, an ego-centered child, shot of a cub which will put his head inside the lion, the funny robot. Good luck.

But the moral conclusion of the Holocaust cycle is obvious. Despite the amazing amount of financial energy and verbal information, the habiru spend trying to maintain an aberrant thought – that they are $elected and different from us, they do go under at the end of each economic war its elite of Am Segullah cause. The reading of reality is thus opposite to its single-minded belief that they are to be spent from the constant capitalist holocaust of this planet, because murder at distance of the goy-animal is permitted, as it was the murder of the cattle they reigned on the Neolithic.

The Holocaust cycle manifests also that we, human beings are nothing but infinitesimals of the whole – the true God of Mankind, Mankind itself. That it does NOT matter how much Rabbis cheat the moral order of the Universe, which is based in eusocial love to the members of the same species – as they congratulate themselves with its dispensations (in their literalist religion rabbis are even ‘before the beginning, above heavens and earth because they trick Yvwh’s mandates with wording. For example, usury to a gentile-animal is encouraged but forbidden to a habiru. So in Israel banks they put a dispensation tricking the law by not lending, but making up the fable, they buy part of the business of the habiru they lend at interest, and the interest are the profits of the partnership; they break the sabbath by making a gentile do the job, and so on.

What the habiru should have learned on the other hand is that you canon serve eviL and expect Live its antiparticle. You cannot cheat and swim two waters. Because you cannot serve go(l)d and the wor(l)d your true language of Love that naturally make you equal to other humans.

The holocaust cycle and the failure of its industry to quench anti$emitism, and only put a lid to the boiling of suffering of mankind under the rule of the Am Segullah should be obvious to them. But it is not. And that rises the ultimate question about the destiny of mankind, are we programmed to do eviL to kill Live, are we nothing but an enzyman, a catalyser of metal. Since if we cannot redeem ourselves from the fall of the garden of eden, of the tree of life, if those who lead us are so ‘dumb’ as to commit suicide and not even realising they are committing it, we must abandon all hope. This is the ultimate teaching of the Holocaust. If NOT even the death of 4 million (not the 6 of inflated statistics but the 4 of the original ones),of their  people softened the souls of the Am Segullah and make them repent from the sins of capitalism and create a perfect world, but do EXACTLY THE SAME THEY DID BEFORE, steal, lie, murder at distance and create a monstrous civilisation, and not even humanity could come together to stop that process, we must conclude, we are damned by their damned lies and statistics.

This was indeed the ultimate question of the prophets of eviL, the anti-Christs of violence (Luther, the son of a miner) and Go(l)d, Calvin, the son of an usurer, who converted to Judaism->Capitalism and extended eviL=anti-live memes. Indeed, the ‘Israelification’ of the World today is almost complete, as China becomes also a Market of Corporations, speculating in Shanghai, putting robots to throw their people out of job.

Now this week, as I added the olocaust Cycle this web plunged to zero views. This is the point of Lot in the prophecies and parables of the true humanist habirus that commented on the sins of gomorra, the city of warriors and sodoma, the city of traders. There is not a single Just man on Earth, not even one who wants to know the truth of History. We are all Am Segullah or Habiru, we are all therefore ready to sacrifice our children on the altar of Astarte, the Whore Goddess that in Baalist-Yvwh cults sacrificed their Isaac-sons till the 4th generation to the altar of eviL.

The language of history can be abstract, biological or mystical, in fact my preferred one, but undeniable it spells the choice man had always between Live vs. eviL What will never happen is the astounding idiocy of the Rabbis and Banksters, which believe they will survive and break the laws of the Universe, in this lost blue dot, as part of what Schopenhauer called mankind ‘a mush covering a lost rock on a corner of the Universe, departing from this fact we must talk about man; sometimes above the pig, most times below’, indeed born of the leg of satan.

But of course, the AM Segullah couldn’t care less about the manifest destiny of the habiru, either at the hands of ex-patriots or robot guardiums, in the future. Go(l)d will provide for them, as long as it lasts.. And as today they own..



The higher view:  the language of money converts man into an object. And those who obey the language suffer its equations.

Why ultimately those hecatomb-holocaust cycles happen in a deterministic way, if ultimately most of its agents – even the banker-priests of Israel – would like them to be avoided. The answer comes from a higher perspective of systems sciences, social organisms and ‘lanwaves’ of time – systems directed by the grammar of the languages in which its cells believe.

In brief, the Universe does not act upon individual cells but collective superorganisms. So because the elite of judaism exploits mankind with money, and it is a superorganism, with a blind body of ’11 slave tribes’, the action-reaction attacks the entire superorganism, including innocent individual cells.

And because the Universe is guided by ‘heads’ and their ‘languages’, which direct the social wave of the organism, if a civilization HAS CHOSEN A WRONG LANGUAGE TO DIRECT ITSELF, IT WILL PROVOKE SUBCONSCIOUS TRAGEDIES caused by the way in which the language values the beings of its environment.



Thus in an ethic civilization, guided by the values of verbal thought, humans are always the subject, and cherished part, protected by the language that ab=uses through a verbal action an object. And so ethic civilizations that respect human life as the supreme value are NOT destroyed by hecatombs and holocausts.


Thus with the language of money men becomes an object, compared to a machine in competition in fields of labor and war, and a slave bought for a price of money. This is the language chosen by plutocracies, capitalism and go(l)d religions and hence men become slaves and suffer as objects the competition of weapons that kill them in war fields and machines that throw them out of work. And those people who rule their world with the lanwave of money end up in action-reaction processes of economical crises, r=evolutions, class struggle, where THE PEOPLE WHO INVENT MONEY HAS ALL PRIVILEGES, ABUSES THE PEOPLE THEY PRICE AND END UP SUFFERING THEIR backlash. This society suffers endemic hecatombs and holocaust cycles. And they can be predicted as THE CRISES WILL HAPPEN WHEN MONEY HAS TOTALLY CORRUPTED THE VALUES OF ETHICS AND ALL MEN ARE PRICED, ENSLAVED AND POOR.

Thus the future in a capitalist system follows in general lines the lanwave of ‘money’, man=price=object, in which men are always deemed obsolete to the evolution of objects.

Had mankind chosen the lanwave of ‘ethic laws’, human subject>verb>object of course laws would forbid the evolution of ‘objects’ that contradict the equation (Object>man), hence limiting the weapons > human bodies that kill us and the digital money of corporations that enslave our minds. But that is nto the world we live in so, the future demise of mankind which DOES NOT evolve as fast as objects means, man=price=object, turns as evolution maximizes object, into man<Object and we become eliminated by weapons and wars.

THE CAUSATIONS and full equations of bio-history are also complex but its ‘grammar is not’. And that is the beauty of the fractal, self reproductive universe.




victims predators

NOW THE PREVIOUS graph for all lanwaves of existence applies to the cycles of selfish memes of metal of 800-80-8 cultures and are the meaning of it all. Even the soliton of the wave of future with maximal information, in the economic ecosystem the jewish wave fianlly succumbs to the BEST PLAYERS OF THE LANWAVE, NOT HUMAN BUT METALLIC, money itself and weapons and machines, which overproduce and kill finally the human soliton too. So at the end of the wars for profits of all cycles the final massacre of humans is that of the leadership of the wave, the goldmasters…

quien pueda entender que entienda.

UPDATE. May. The steppenwolves. A writer dares to speak up. The Masters’ rage

From time to time I read an article of some still-human thinker, who dares to defy the absolute dictatorship of the financial-media system and those who own it over the collective psyche of mankind. The last one was mr. Grass, not mr. Gross, the man who owns the euro, but the writer who once was an antiSSemite and now is just an anti$emite… I found his poem so innocent that it just became risible the worldwide reaction. Oh God, a german neutered doberman dares to insinuate that some are treated ‘more equal than others’.

This attacks of cholera of our masters, remind me of the irate reactions that happen in absolute monarchies when someone dares to insinuate the ‘god’s given rights’ of the kings are not ‘natural law’. To insinuate that the Jewish Am Segullah dynasties of bankers do not have the right to dictate the democracies, lives, budgets and wars of all the nations of the Western world even in the mild way of a poem provokes a massive cholera, not only of the kings and their ari-stockratic elites but, and this is what makes it all risible, of the oppressed masses who shout ‘LONG LIFE TO THE BANKERS, LONG LIFE TO THE MASTER, WE LOVE TO BE SLAVES’. In spain, in the XIX c. the slaves of the king, shouted ‘vivan las caenas’, ‘we want chains’.

Don’t worry you dont have to encourage kings, banksters and the financial-media system to rob you and make you ever more stupid. That’s granted in a ‘democracy’. And you will get it till the end of the world.

MODERN AGE. zionist, revivalism of orthodox judaism and globalization of the Jewish financial empire.

The present age in which all other ages fusion. On one side Judaism obtains again a land-nation, where no longer it must cover its supremacist, racist memes, which explain the astounding brutality of the treatment of the ‘animals=goyyim’ they find there (Palestinians). On the other side, their victory against the German warrior empire means its power in the west reaches its zenith through the enslaved Americans – a simpleton, non-historic germanic believer people, who astoundingly enough still think that a goatkeeper from the Bronze age with a racist religion THAT DOES NOT MAKE THEM – AMERICANS – the masterace is Ok.

This is astounding since all racist religions have made of the people who practice the central of the Universe. But in the British-American colonies, people worship OTHER master race through the bible. We explained why – thanks to the power of media, first the press, now the TVs.

With the arrival of electronic money and the ECB bank the dictatorship of Judaism and its elite of bankers makes now all westerners palestinians, debt-slaves that MUST pay the expert Jew central bankers their taxes and die without welfare as animal slaves do.

In that sense we must talk on the present phase also of the merge of the enlightened phase in which the Jew was allowed to become a ‘scientist’, not only dedicate its time to study the racist memes of talmud and make money (as their rabbis often insisted) but to create a corpus of pretentious scientific laws to justify their monopoly on finances, called ‘classic economics’ that today rules the financial world establishing the rights of the Jewish bankers to control the world with money – hence a translation of Judaism ritual feitsh religion into mathematics. 

In that regard, the process of globalization of the Jewish culture which started with the reformation that meant the end of Rennaisance enlightment, continued with the Corporative Industrial Revolution that ended the age of XVIII enlightenment, now becomes complete with the Israelification of America and the World to the service of Apartheid Israel, which becomes the MODEL for the neofascist world we live in.

Where a strict ‘class society’ based in culture and ownership of stock creates a ‘wave’ of social classes with a single aim – to create machines and weapons and evolve them:

Now the question arises in the mind of the reader. Does the Jew know he rules the world? It is this empire so conscious of its existence as the Roman or Mongolian Empires, previously graphed?

Here, the reader would miss the point of the Universe and its laws of organic complexity. Let us then rephrase the question. Does the cell know that there is an organism, a lion that feeds on other organisms? Or it obeys blindly the laws of the eye of the brain of the lion?

Indeed, IN ALL SYSTEMS THERE ARE TWO SOCIAL CLASSES, THE ORGANIC INFORMATIVE HEAD, IN THIS CASE the banker-priests, who always knew they wanted global power, and made it explicit first in the Messianic message of its racist national religion, and then the capitalist masters, like Mr. Rothschild, who made it explicit on their deeds and quotes.

And the mass of blind obeying ‘Hebrew’, those who ‘walk behind the asses’, the peddlers that die in holocausts, the reformed modern jew, which merely tries to be successful and make money according to his millenarian crafts. There are even today due to the period of reformism, and the new nation of Israel, millions that do not even believe in those memes anymore. But so happened with any other empire and its mass.

What matters to us is the ‘structures’ that have been created under those racist memes of ‘hate to mankind’, build-in IN CORPORATIONS, CAPITALIST DOGMAS, MODERN BANKING BEHAVIOR, AND THE PRESENT RULE OF CENTRAL BANKERS DESTROYING WELFARE STATES, SEARCHING FOR PRODUCTIVITY THAT SUBSTITUTES HUMAN LABOR FOR ROBTS. WHAT MATTERS TODAY IS THE DECEIPT, THE NEWSPEAKS, THE ORWELLIAN ‘FRAME OF MIND” born in the Rabbinic age of ‘deception’ and false humility that hide a wolf in sheeple skin. What matters is our fiction culture, the debasing of mankind by evilwood films, the total lack of empathy for the suffering of the 3rd world, the genocides of children by pharmaceutical companies, the massive theft in speculation and taxes. All those ‘attitudes’ come from this culture. They are NOT science of economics, but the craft of abusing humans with the VALUES OF GOLD.


Let us end this comment then with another example, from the other ‘side of the animetal world’, the Germ(an)s of History and how they value humans. The Germ(an) empire was ruled de facto by the military-industrial complex, whose fundamental company was the trust around the Krupp family. As it happens with such companies they sold weapons to both, enemies and friends. So at the end of I world war, Krupp reclaimed to the British companies the ‘price’ due for manufacturing bullets under its patents.

And it was paid. It was established that for each ‘”German death’ Krupp would receive from Vickers, 1s. 3d.  The settlement as Britannica says ‘put the Krupp in the awkward position of profiting from German deaths’. But that is always the case of the elites of generals and aristocrats that profit from the death of its soldiers while getting medals. It is known that Hitler offered every Jew from the pale of Settlement for 3 $ through the Wallensteins to Wall Street for redemption. They didn’t buy them, so they went up in smoke in Auschwitz. But The banker-priests of Israel had always sacrificed their 11 ‘slave tribes’ to the Go(l)d of profits, and the rest of mankind to the schemes of usury slave debt which now are again at full ‘production’ under the ridiculous name of ‘banking expertise’.

The modern age: Israel, zionism, the industry of the holocaust and the cyclical ‘eternal return’ of time.

-And so we arrive to the present-future  phase, in which judaism is split, as it has always been, into weapons and gold memes:  into the religion of the Jewish – a supremacist cult Moses style related to the conquest of Israel, and the religion of capitalism –  those go(l)d fetishe  beliefs are converted into mathematical programs of computer software used to discharge credit for human welfare, tax citizens, jack up prices with speculative schemes (future markets, stock instruments, derivatives, etc) in which capitalism becomes a global ideology and all SERIOUS SCIENTIFIC ATTEMPTS TO describe it according to the scientific method are ‘censored’ with bizarre new ideologies such as the industry of holocaust or political and economical correctness.

This final phase THUS RETURN TO THE FIRST PHASE AS ALL TIME PROCESSES DO. we are back again into the Promise Land. The most segregational memes of Talmud are back again, as the master piece of the humanist Israeli writer Isaac Shahak explain.

And so indeed, ‘at the end of times’ the Jews who invented modern history returned to the beginning BUT NOT TO ‘ENSLAVE MANKIND’ as Talmud’s millenarian prophecy tell us but to complete unfortunately the Holocaust-war-extinction process of humanity, of which they are also part.

ndeed, the reader must understand that America is one of the harshest dictatorships ‘ever’ in history, but a dictatorship of the mind, perfectly interiorized by the American people, truly a ‘house negro’ race who as Malcolm X says, when the master is sick says ‘are we sick master?’ based in the belief on the 3 fundamental idol-ogies of Jewish power as a species superior to all other human animals:

– The belief that the tribal racist segregational memes of a bronze age cult(ure) to Go(l)d are NOT a historic document similar to the ‘Chronicles of Assur’ or the ‘Mexica’s joruney’ but the sacred Wor(l)ds of the creator of the infinite Universe, who chose  this bronze age tribe as its favorite creation that puts them above all humans as the superior master race – a ridiciulous superstition that 80% of Americans believe in.

–  The belief that the monopoly and control the 1% elite of this people has over the language of social power of mankind, money, is NOT a dictatorship but the meaning of the American freedom – that to lack any right to cre(dit)ate one’s own destiny and leave it in the hands of a racist people who think you are an animal, and treat you with a complex version of the way they treated when they were cattlers the human sheeple of the fertile crescent, is the best for your future.

And finally tanks to the power to imprint the mind of man, of audiovisual media, which carries more information per unit of time that the human eye (hence makes the perceiver a believer in what the media says without reasoning), the belief that the Jewish masters are the only and superior victims of history, whose corpses as ‘superior humans’ matter much more than any other tragic death in history – the so called industry of the holocaust:

jewishholocaust cylec

In the graph, one of the most surprising myths among Jewish scholarship in social sciences is the Denial of the Holocaust. Holocaust denial is endemic among Jewish scholars and believers, who deny cyclical time; hence considering against all historic evidence that the Holocaust cycle will not be repeated, that it is a single happening of history and that there are no real causes, economical and sociological to the holocaust.

In the graph we can see the economic cycle of the holocaust, caused by the ab=use of credit and the creation of millions of debt-slaves of banker-priests, who trigger a warrior or people’s counter-reaction ending in State holocausts or pogroms. Jewish denial of the Holocaust cycle as irrational and negative for the futur eof Judaism as it is (because it prevents to eliminate the cycle by elimnating its economic causes) has also a very negative reading for mankind: Judaism will never reform will never accept the equality of humans, the co-shared responsibility in the cycles of war and holocausts, the negative values of money and the essentially suicidal nature of capitalism.

If it cannot even accept the facts of their own history for the sake of gold, if it cannot deny gold for the sake of life, it means that as long as jewish bankers, mostly orthodox, Talmud believers rule the world, we will drive at full speed towards a new cycle of global wars and holocausts.

Now the bizarre forms of this ‘industry of the holocaust’ must be interpreted with the aforementioned memes of judaism. The hysteria of this people about this tragedy has essentially 2 causes:

– The belief that they are the only humans, hence the only people whose tragedies matter. Of course, today many Jewish people , specially those of the reformist school or those atheist, do not ‘think on those terms’. It must though be stressed that the people who are ‘activist’ in Jewish matters tend to be orthodox and while they do NOT hold in all its purity the bronze memes of murderous nomadic tribes that treated peasants conquered as cattle, the ESSENTIAL truth of the Jewish religion is the ‘idol-ogy’ of ‘chosen’ which the industry of the holocaust also caters, creating a paranoid fear of the ‘evil gentile’; while hardcore rabbies as the chief rabbi of Israel Ovadia, has no problem saying that gentiles are ‘donkeys’ that must work for the chosen.

For those ‘fundamentalist’ rabbis, who call themselves ‘scholars of the holocaust’, an increasing number in Israel, the death of the human animals (goyyim) does not matter at all. So  the Jewish scholar  writes 1000 books on the death of Jewish people and cares nothing for the massacres of capitalism, or the wars their banker priests cause, or the poverty their greed provokes. ‘Animals’ are NOT victims, and that is how he feels humans are. So they ‘dont count animal corpses’. And of course, they ‘hate’ mankind, the animal species that seems to be killing them for no reason, just because he envies them and he doesnt seem ‘to get it’, to grasp the obvious truth of the goatkeeper brothers – that they and only they are human chosen and so their lives and only their lives are sacred and must be mourned. AGAIN THE READER MUST UNDERSTAND THAT THOUGH THOSE MEMES ARE TUNED DOWN in the modern evolved Jew, this is because they are embedded now in capitalist structures, laws of corporations, laws of profit, laws pf productivity that appear as ‘experts’ laws. And what I observed both in Wall  Street and Hollywood working there many hears is a secreet cynical pleasure on the degradation of man by those ‘scientific laws’ which have substituted earlier racist beliefs

And the reason i am so mad to this MAD culture of MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION (a strategy of Nuclear proliferation deviced by the jewish army lobbyist Teller) and I recognize write with overtones against them, is because they have indeed degraded mankind with its memes to a point in which

There is no longer recognition on them and mankind at large of the potential capacity to thrive of the species with the positive memes that the enlightened cultures of the american-french revolution which i recognize as my culture tried to impose on humanity.

Our superior humanist enlightened culture has been defeated by this parasitic negative primitive culture and this depresses me so deeply as it depressed darwin his realization that parasites win always over healthy bodies. The project for mankind of the american-french enlightened r=evolutions was much more beautiful and full of hope and future and they have killed it.  And as a scientist of history=prophet of the future i am just on judgment day mood.

– The need to hide and censor any criticism of the capitalist policies and western monopoly on the instruments of power of the elite of this culture. Since they are victims, a taboo almost religious has been constructed around the Industry of the Holocaust. So today as it happens with children who dare not to break taboos set up by their fathers, mankind reduced to a childish audiovisual emotional brain, will rather ‘die’ that denounce the dictatorship of the victims of history, to be accused of ‘antisemitism’, the ugliest taboo word that provokes in the childish American slave an emotional angst, a cold sweat of shame.



The natural goals of any biological being are thus no longer the engine of mankind because verbal thought, who expressed them in the past, is now considered an obsolete language. Instead, society is ruled by machines and mathematical laws, which define a world guided by the will of machines, by the ethics of a technological civilization” dedicated to evolve mechanisms. So instead of verbal ethic and legal codes, humans are now directed by digital money, which has changed  human values for the values of the economic ecosystem and its “company mothers”:

We exist to reproduce=work and  consume=evolve machines to make money and  increase the profits of companies.

Since now intelligent machines perform those jobs for us. It is a similar process to that of the taming of an animal, which atrophies his will and his brain. So humans have become tamed animals of the ‘Animetal farm’ so well described by Orwell in the parable, ‘Animal farm’. They have become ever more stupid, as machines become cleverer; and their will as humans has disappeared, as they become slaves of the drives of existence of machines. Yet a tamed animal has 30% less brain than his wild cousin. And further on, he suffers ‘neoteny’ – he never develops beyond his infantile level of reasoning, as it happens to modern humans, whose TVs and pre-programmed information make them ever more stupid.

Those companies evolve machines with scientific laws, buy human time with salaries, laws with lobbies, and increasingly substitute humans for machines under the law of Productivity. Yet at the same time, our language and species become obsolete to the machine and its scientific and financial numbers, our language, devolves from:

– An ethic, social summit when it was the language of a single species, which tried to evolve mankind into a global superorganism (religions of love, social democracies, UNO, and Human Rights), into:

– An individual selfish use (logic, simple thought) and even further into:

– Primitive myths, fiction thought, and bestialism (as people search for their primary wantings).

Thus the evolution of verbal thought that had raised the human mind from the myths of the Paleolithic into the heights of social love is now reversed. While digital thought evolves from its simplest first geometrical forms into a vital biological and social language that makes machines interact in global networks and increasingly “think” with digital images. A new type of mind appears on planet Earth. Our demise as a species thus coincides with the raise of the Paleolithic age of mental, violent machines. Since the first robots have a digital, visual mind evolved in video games and military programs of survival, similar to the mind of top predator animals. It is the neo-Paleolithic age of a jungle of metal in which man will be the victim, not the predator, of a new race of intelligent machines.

Hard as it is, the astounding process of mental degeneration, brutalisation, and visual violence that engulfs mankind today, DOES have a mechanical, ultimate reason. As a person who worked many years in ‘evilwood’, nothing Holly there, i know perfectly all the excuses to deny the facts. But the process, which grows faster in the age of internet and video games affects all social strata, increasingly shallow and violent in its solutions. Of course, the specific people who are affected by those tends will have ‘other reasons’, from the fascist murderer of near one hundred kids in Norway, to the Newton’s massacre, to the astounding brutality of Jihad youngsters. What do they have in common?

Call of Duty, a violent video-game, which is also helpful training future Terminator robots, and will become as all those violent films where humans are massacred, the imagination enacted by future Terminator robots, in ‘real human beings’.

In other level of understanding, as we predicted for so long, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WILL BE VISUAL, MADE OF GPUS NOT CPUS, NATURAL BORN KILLER-EYES, ROBOTS FOLLOW RED COLORS OF BLOOD AS VISUAL FILMS ARE RED AND MOTION, MURDER. This very old prediction from my times working at evilwood is now a fact: NVIDIA, the maker of GPUs for violent video games is taking for a ride intel the maker of logic chips because FOR DEEP LEARNING, ROBOTS PREFER VISUALIZATION. BUT EYES are ‘natural born killers’.

When I worked with FOX back in the 90s as a script doctor, I receive an ultra-violent script very bad structured, ‘natural born killers’ to review. Of course i didn’t work very long at Fox for moral reasons, as it was obvious the most violent films would hypnotise the audience, and as the author of the script put it ‘violence is cinematic’. The subconscious transformation of the mind of man into what i coined then the “neo-paleolithic 3rd age of history’ when humans would regress to a passive, old man violent, negative devolution, while the chip HOMOCTONOS, HUNTER OF MAN, the terminator developed a visual holographic mind, is now 30 years latter with us. Nvidia will rule as I used to tell half-joking to wealthy NYC investors rule the XXI century. Alas, they thought i was joking, even more with a company that had an ‘envious’ name, and made cards for video-games.

In any case to know it all makes no sense as you cannot change the ‘selfish mind’ of the American people, erased by 400 years of capitalism of any sense of ‘species’. All what people wanted to know is how to make rich. If I learned anything of my years working at NASDAQ, evilwood and silicon valley (as the leading researcher in general systems sciences back in the 2000s) is the truism of Mr. Lenin ‘a capitalist will buy the rope used to hang him’. This was the Chip Homoctonos,  the GPU, Nvidia and the beginning of A.I. I was predicting NOT to get a bunch of capitalist wealthier but a group of ubermen who wanted to survive them. Of course I never bought a share of Nvidia, and I am broke. But nobody could ever say I didn’t walk my talk. Those brains of the neo-paleolithic masters? Well, yes they have a hysteric happiness, trying to accelerate their life clocks to run as fast as all those super-machines they think they are ‘them’.  I didn’t find though much happiness in Americans. And zero fine-tuning with the deeper levels of understanding of the planet.

So the system basically works in the same manner at social and individual level: it creates war and hate media and debt slaves of nations and individuals. This is how organic ‘waves’ work. The individual level is important to understand but ultimately it is the wave, the language, the lanwave that guides the organism in a synchronous way. So those who control the systems of multiplication of information regardless of the content of that information carry the day. And that is WHY AN ABERRAnt WORLD CAN BE BUILT IN A SUBCONSCIOUS CULTURAL FORM BY THE VALUES OF A LANGUAGE: SYNCHRONICITY.  If the day after everybody repeats the news of tvs which say all the same it seems truth even if it is an aberrant falsehood, since as Goebbel’s put it: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’.

Schopenhauer said that ethics and genius cannot be taught. I agree. You cannot put on the human lot the obvious truths of this blog: they must be above the machine and NOT die in wars like butter cut by a knife, BECAUSE a single bullet worth a few pennies is more powerful than their heart. THEY CAN’T accept that industrial companies are not about humans but about reproducing machines. And a world ruled by them will exterminate mankind as an obsolete species. VICKERS PAID KRUPP a few pennies for each soldier it killed with its bullets in an amicable deal after I world war.

They can’t accept they belong instead to HUMANITY, to a social superorganism and should give and have empathy and charity to other fellow humans of the same species. INSTEAD THEY LIKE TO FEEL SUPERIOR using machines in absurd ego-trips. They can’t be real and realise how machines prey and atrophy them. Instead they live through the machines and feel empowered. And so on and so on.

The reader must in this sense understand that all the models of all the sciences presented here, while not yet in the best of formats, as I revise different files decades old with different jargons and quality, are all done with an enormous effort of research and understanding of all previous theories; starting by the finding of previous theoretical limits, the soundness of its scientific truths, and only changing, errors of experimental evidence or postulates undefined or without proof.

And this is what it makes the Fractal paradigm so superior to any other model of science. As it is more economic – the same laws apply to all systems of time space, with a higher evidence, all sciences provide proofs of its models,  and yet despite the enormous wealth of examples, it has not yet been falsified in any of its copyrighted predictions.


IN AS MUCH as crisis of overeproduction of biological species are perfectly understood, I could easily apply those laws to economics and refine the previous models of long tradition in this science by Ricardo->Marx->Kondratieff->Schumpeter to complete the understanding of the eco(nomic)system and the relationships of symbiosis and predation between life beings and machines. Let us have a fast look then to those cycles of evolution and overproduction of machines in biological, objective terms according to the meaning of those stock-curves, called the volterra curves, which tell us a simple fact: humans are NOT A parameter considered by corporative economics – only the machine, its evolution=price=cost and its sales=benefits matter. all other considerations and collateral damage to mankind do not matter, beyond placebo statements to disguise the brutality of it all.

Socio-biological sciences’ failure.

Yet, as we live inside the social super organisms of mankind, the anti quantum paradox works against the social scientist, and as we live the 3rd, dying age of the super organism of mankind, humans become I-selfish degraded individuals which do not belief on the future of history

The individual American today that votes Trump cannot conceive the concept of ‘humanity’, or ‘solidarity’, or the ‘organic Universe’. He is truly a pure enzyman dedicated to consume=vitalize machines and work=reproduce them, but as robots make him loose those 2 jobs too as they will consume other machines and reproduce them, the individual human looses even his economic role, and as his brain has been manufactured with hate memes to other humans, finds himself further degraded.

This is the future man we find now elsewhere, the ‘snowflake generation’ with an infantile entitled aggressive behaviour. The man who sells himself all day long, who makes of life and act of self-promotion, so ridiculous, as we humans are so weak as individual beings – and yet the subjective ego-trips of people keep growing; and the more degraded the individual the more important he feels. Of course the retarded, snobbish european thinks it is just some problem with ‘americans’ NOT with the system, and that ‘Americans’ are different, not merely mankind advanced into the future. But fact is once we decided the future of humanity must be sacrificed to the future of the machine… all those who defend life and humanity become a relative past. And all what is happening to mankind since the 70s ended with the invention of the chip and its adoption by wall street to mass produce e-money, is just a constant degradation of our future.
As a result the Earth which during the Neolithic became terraformed, from a carbon-life ecosystem (Gaia), into the wor(l)d of History, a super organism ruled by human organisations (Religions, Governments) which spelt the eusocial laws of evolution that create such organic systems with human languages (verbal laws) into an economic ecosystem (Free Market), ruled by a digital language of information, money, and dominated by company-mothers of machines & weapons, which enhance our energy and information but also compete and substitute man in war and labor fields:

Gaia (past-life) < History (Present) > Eco(nomic)system (Future)

This simple evolutionary equation of systems sciences is however not deterministic as it is ruled by the present Historic human system. I call it the wave of history as it alternates between ages of economic and human evolution, but the speed of evolution of selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, as the next graph shows, is much faster, in fact it is accelerating from an earlier 800 years cycle, related to and 800 years cycle of weather changes in the steppes  that brought barbarians armed and numerous in ages of good weather, with new weapons that conquered the entire planet and upgraded its ‘metal-software”:
7 ctcles

 Now, the previous graph is what the system of ‘idol-ogies’ that made of metal, weapons, money and machine, the religion of mankind has taken us to. It is worth thus to study at ‘true face value’, the kind of aberrant economic and religious ideas the elite of ‘stock-rats’ that own those corporations believe, to take so fast, so mindless, so callous, the entire planet into its life extinction for the sake of profits…

So if capitalism is just and idol-ogy of money power, a selfish agenda, which bias facts and has no model of what it does beyond the animalistic search for greed and go(l)d, what is then the real science of economics? Obviously one that follows the biological laws of humans and its mechanisms made to the image and likeness of us, and study both the symbiosis and competition between carbon life and metalife in strict biological NON IDOL-OGICAL TERMS.

So let us conclude the ‘future path’ of those past cycles. Now with the full mathematical model that connects the overproduction of selfish weapons, of those 800 year cycles today accelerated to 80-8 year cycles. Let us see that acceleration in more detail and the 2 parallel super organisms they build up – which humans unfortunately think to be only one ruled by them.



It is impossible to ‘serve two Gods, the values of Go(l)d and the wor(l)d’ and that is the reason why a society which puts the values of go(l)d and iron, of slavery and murder above those of life, and mental social evolution, must build an astounding fictional false cultural reality, where all the natural drives of human existence, Max. energy (food), information (words) and reproduction-social evolution (love), are demigrated, converted in sin and waste of time, so the ‘enzyman’ dedicates all his life to reproduce and consume=vitalize machines and evolve them into social networks, of virtual internet computer friends (that is, the friends are the telepathic computers not the Facebook eraseheads.)
It must be clear from the beginning what  those graphs mean: we live in 2 parallel Universes, 2 super organisms growing as different entities despite being messed up through human beings. So we need to fully grasp this duality, because most people amazingly enough seem to think that the verbal, legal world of political systems is in control. As that is the language they understand. It is not.
Because we live 24 hours, and most of the time we ARE working under a salary, not obeying political laws, but obeying financial mandates, the world that is creating with credit, creditating the future IS NOT THE POLITICAL WORLD BUT THE FINANCIAL LANGUAGE. It is therefore the world of machines, created with money NOT the human world, what matters to that future, as humans dedicate MOST OF THEIR LIFE to the economical world ruled by salaries and consumption acts:

So humans surrounded by machines who think to need a man is needy but to use a machine is cool is the dominant ‘zoon ekonomikon’ today, where all what the free market and its ‘free citizens’, corporations, expect from humans is to reproduce=work and vitalize=consume those machines.

 The industrial r=evolution is NOT THE ANTHROPOCENE, BUT THE MECHANOCENE, when humans abandon its natural free desires to evolve as a living organism, and substitute it for enzymanic tasks as re=producers and vitalisers of machines, living a surrogate alienate life as ‘zoon ekonomikons’, virally infected by the memes and idol-ogies of machines, which become their reason of beings – consuming=vitalizing machines and accelerating the terraforming of the earth, as it happens with infected cells, which dedicate all their resources NOT to reproduce the cell but the viral entity, which then will assembly its ‘3 evolve parts’, the legs, engine and brain into a ‘full robot’ that murders the cell. So humans evolved as cells virally infected do, in 3 generations, the bodies, engines and minds of machines are now are assembling the ‘viruses’ into full working robots, that once ‘waking up’ to consciousness as the viruses do, will kill us all.

Let us then consider in a graph, in which the human side and its collateral effects are also shown those 2 sides of the world now from a more human perspective, the side of machines and the 0.1% that keep doing better… apparently but are in fact destroying the future of the 99.9% and hence as a crazy head that does not care for the body, the future of all of us…

7.Age Machines

And so we can now fully understand the constant process of war, destruction of non-technological civilisations, and progress, towards our manifest destiny, the extinction of life in full power, in the next graph, which is a resume of modern history and you can click to see in more detail:

The graph shows how western societies have gone through 3 ‘stages’ similar to those 3 mechanical ages, from a time of optimism and wonder about the new machines, to a time of frantic consume, to a degraded time, as the one we live now, of corruption and militarism.PLEASE CLICK FOR ENLARGED VIEW.

BUT IF WE MANAGE THE WORLD WITH FETISH-GOLD MYTHS AND MEMES THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH A REAL SCIENCE OF ECONOMIC SYSTEMS, we shall only end up creating a world of mechanisms, weapons, hate media, war and digital money with maximal price; while all human ethic values and life forms will become extinct by lack of credit with no price.

BASICALLY THE WORLD is ruled by the social equivalent of creationism in biology – go(l)d, biblical believers, founders of classic economics, today dynasties of bankers, who do not believe in evolution, so do not believe machines are organic, and do believe in go(l)d as the fetish language of god, who must be even if it will extinguish us all. So how do you expect to survive a doctor of history, who is a quack and thinks biology, germ theory is NOT correct, but some evil or good spirits ruled your body. This is how economics works. It pretends to be a science but it is not. It is a belief that as long as we make go(l)d, god will provide.

So we shall provide answers not only to the process of terraforming, the solutions from a human point of view, but also to the most ‘pathetic’ feature of the human lot – its increasing lack of freedom, intelligence, ethics and awareness of the process of obsolescence and substitution, atrophy and degradation that mankind as a species and all its social organisations (ethic religions, governments, social customs, verbal and visual culture) are suffering under the chip radiation, AMAZINGLY ENOUGH CHEERED, DISGUISED, FORGIVEN AND JUSTIFIED BY AN UNENDING STREAM OF RETARDED ‘SAVANT IDIOTS’, politicos, empresarios, gurus, consumers, journalists, scientists and economists, who get hysterical about any muslim peasant with a kalasnikov, or any biological virus, who can get us a flu, but do nothing, think nothing, and ce nothing about any real menace to the future of the species, if it comes from a ‘god-like’ machine, because our idol-ogies tell us machines are always good but men are mostly evil. Where those idol-ogies come from?

We have changed slightly the word ideology to stress the fact that most human idol-ogies have its cause in the symbiotic and competitive interaction between humans and the 3 sub-species of metal, energetic metal-weapons, origin of tribal nationalisms, and inquisitorial religions, which divide mankind and justify their use against the same human species, informative metal-money origin of capitalist idologies, which let the world be run not by our natural legal, verbal language but by digital money, and organic metal-machines, origin of mechanist, techno-utopian idol-ogies that deny organic properties to nature, modelled as a machine. All those false idol-ogies have created a comfort zone, a matrix of the mind that blind us to the organic process of extinction and dissolution of human, social systems as we organise the globalised systems of the metal-earth.

We live a biological age: the transition between the anthropocene, the age of dominance of humans over the Earth, into the Mechanocene, the age of dominance of the Machine.

We could manage it but our ‘go(l)d minds’ are so erased and infantile, so void of rational, ethic values that we don’t. In that sense there are two different super organisms in this planet:

– Historic organisms or civilisations  which are populations of humans, related by networks of verbal information and networks of carbon-life energy.
– The Economy or Financial-Military-Industrial System is a complex system of memes of informative metal (money), energetic metal (weapons) and organic metal (machines) reproduced by human workers and consumers, related to them through networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) and energetic networks (roads, electric networks, etc.).Thus, there are two complex systems on Earth, one based in human life, called ‘history’ and one on metal, the FMMI complex. And there are relationships of symbiosis, predation and competence between those historic systems (governments, cultures and human beings) and the economic ones (corporations, markets and machines).

Those idol-ogies are the jail of the mind that prevents mankind from evolving socially into a perfect organic world.

What is obvious is that the world we live in ruled by company-mothers of machines and go(l)d values implemented by mindless economists and people-castes of biblical bigots that worship money whatever it takes will not save mankind, because they are not about human beings, but about their offspring of machines, reproduced, evolved and sold for profits. So from a mere biological perspective we can talk indeed of company-mothers who enact the ‘drives of life’ of machines. If biologists consider that humans exist to live, that is to absorb energy for the body, information for the mind, reproduce and evolve socially, those drives of existence is exactly what company-mothers provided to machines

While they reduce humans to reproducers=workers of machines and vitalizers=consumers of them, roles now made obsolete by robots who consume machines and are organic, vital as they have brains and need not humans to ‘drive’ them. Reason why humans are becoming expendable for the company-mothers ‘agenda’…



On the other hand, the values of wor(l)ds by affinity are maximal for life-flesh. Simple, similar things come together. Gold and iron come together. words and life come together. Once you choose one language above the other the world you create is different. Economists and bankers and corporations make of go(l)d the language and kill the life earth. They create the mechanical world and misuse their submissive language, words, twist it into damned lies, fetish religions, statistics to justify the subconscious values of go(l)d. And the result since the dominance of go(l)d cultures with the biblical resurrection of those values in the reformation and the industrial r=evolution, is the world we live – a perfect world for mechanisms were humans and life are expendable.

All what we shall state and show is a consequence of this. A rational human species would understand this and uphold the values of the word, with ethic laws of control of the negative values of go(l)d and bend money into a language useful to mankind. We live in a world in which the denial of the ethic values of the wor(l)d makes impossible to accept ethics. The ethics of our world are those described by Fromm ‘the evolution of machines are the foundation of technological ethics’.

THE OUTCOME IS OBVIOUS AND IT WILL HAPPEN AS ROBOTS TAKE OVER human systems and make us obsolete and expendable. BUT IT IS AN OUTCOME DERIVED OF A PREVIOUS CHOICE OF A GO(L)D CULT(URE) – THE BIBLICAL culture that has denied reason for belief, love for greed, knowledge (the true meaning of science in Latin) for technology, the tree of metal for the tree of life, and the organic laws of the Universe for its abstract, standardised, objectual classification of all things with digital values. BUT THE UNIVERSE CANNOT BE DENIED EXCEPT THROUGH EXTINCTION – humans can invent a virtual cuckoo fantasy world outside those laws. IT SIMPLY WILL NEVER BE REAL, AND COLLIDE WITH THE LAWS of the organic Universe, and so we are on track to be the shortest species on top of the earth because simply speaking we do not make the cut of intelligence (maximal information) bravery  (maximal energy) and ethics (balance between both) which are in word values the ultimate receipts for survival.

WE LIVE IN A CULTURE THAT ‘CHEAT’S SYSTEMATICALLY TRUTH TO UPHOLD THE RELIGION OF GO(L)D. So as much as I can angst about man, I cannot deny that what will happen to us is not the blame of the organic Universe and its system’s laws. We simply are not good enough if we let go(l)d hypnotise us, weapons kill us, and machines degrade and atrophy us. Why the Universe has to keep alive a species who denies its own nature?

SO WE SHALL now study this live vs. evil, go(l0d warfare vs. life welfare confrontation in more detail, starting from its present age, which as all systems have become far more complex than when Moses and Jesus saw evil in go(l)d calfs and money changers that subverted the values of its wor(l)d 10 commandments of eusocial love and ethics.
Indeed, today all is more complex than when court bankers systematically provoked wars throwing kings against kings and making them debt slaves selling them weapons, in the Middle East, during the bronze and iron age and in Europe during the Middle and Modern age.
Now we use complex orwellian newspeaks of political correctness. So we bomb III world people, after decades of hate memes against them, and massive sales of weapons to the most brutal military dictators and jihadist cuckoos, while on the other side of the equation of Live vs. evil we massacred the social leaders of those cultures, the credit they asked for education, you name it. An example of the ‘method’ of go(l)d warfare will suffice.
TODAY AND PERHAPS RIGHTLY SO, we consider Iran a dangerous cuckoo jihadist country, but Iran had in the 60s a perfect western social-democratic EU style president Mossadeq, which wanted to convert this cradle of earlier civilisations, into the beacon of an european union model for Islam, based in laicism and development, education and welfare and for that he needed none from Iran, obtained, he thought, with the nationalisation of oil, which for decades have been robbed by western corporations. Alas, we killed him, massacred all moderate, civilised iranians, and put first a brutal dictator, the shah, and then France sent as Swiss did with Lenin to Russia, to provoke further chaos, ayatollah Jomeini liberally helped, who threw the Shah, and make things even worst.
The pattern of helping dictators and cuckoo jihadist to brutalise a nation, and convert it into a perfect target for go(l)d warfare repeated in every other Islamic nation, and continues. In afghanistan we liberally provided weapons to brutal tribal warlords and cuckoo Osama’s jihadist, to tumble a socialist, which does not provide good excuses for go(l)d warfare. In Libia we sustained a military dictator which sold us cheap oil and then we put jihadists. In Syria we sustained another dictator, as we did in Irak, and then we considered both the supreme evil and went to war; and then let jihadist breed for years, even when they started to massacre Europeans, till DAESH WAS strong enough – now, to provoke a global big brother security state and go(l)d warfare for the terminator industry of robots, bombing them from the air, as if we were sissy soldiers that cannot eliminate this rug army with foot soldiers. WE NEED THEM. WAR NEEDS HATE. SO THE FINANCIAL MEDIA MASTERS CAN MAKE THE VALUES FO GO(L)D SEEM PROPER AND THE PROFITS OF WEAPONS KEEP COMING. AND THE PEOPLE AND STATES BECOME DEBT SLAVES.
Fact is both are equally despicable cults to selfish memes of metal, coming from the bronze age, so we criticise both but as the system constantly vomits rightly against Jihad, we do criticize more biblical creationist chosen of go(l)d memes.
The bottom line though of all this bitching against our 0.02% of FMasters, owners of corporations is this: if humans do not learn to manage company-mothers of machines and money for its advantage, and follow the creationist economics and violent nationalistic, abrahamic religions and jihads, proper of the ‘Semite first age of animetal cultures’ with NO limit, we will be extinct this century. And that is the warning of the laws of the Universe. So yes, antisemitism, not against race but against the original primitive semitic animetal cultures and its hate memes and metal values of greed and violence, IS THE ESSENCE OF HUMANISM AND SURVIVAL – those memes MUST go, or at least MUST not be imposed on the most evolved cultures of mankind (social Europe, verbal china). Or else we will go under with them all.
At this stage of my life, having first lived among such elite and with youth and optimism tried to convert them to mankind and economic science, with total failure; having then tried to reform the ideas of the scholar mass, to find they are ‘blind cells of the ‘body’, obeying the FMasters orders and hate memes (abrahamic religions, evilwood violence, imperial history, etc), and finally even trying to use Internet word of mouth through this blog with obvious null results, there is nothing else I can do. Of course, I could have completely eliminated any reference to the FMasters and get some exposure, but the purpose of my life and work has always been the survival of mankind, the only God=subconscious collective I acknowledge, and this will NEVER happen, if mankind is so passive prey as to let the wolf dressed with sheep-skin to murder them. I cannot lie or hide information because only truth exists. The truth is we live backwards in time, as a dying super organism does, filled with trash memes of hate among humans, which have been imposed against the evolution of EU and ONU by the FMasters, in absolute control of perhaps the most mentally-controlled people history has witnessed. 
One thing i have to acknowledge, animetals at least show some chuptzah and bravado, humans seem to have none. Indeed, animetal do WHATEVER IT TAKES, TO KILL MANKIND, and then commit suicide in the holocaust cycle for the sake of Go(l)d. That their goal is to obtuse, anti-human, self-destructive is not the point here. They FIGHT for it. Humans though have zero stamina. Indeed, a simple character’s description will suffice – the Clintons, which I met in my youth and found quite repulsive in personality, as most American normal people do, have been however the top ‘humanist’ power-people of America. And yet, Mr. Clinton could NOT even repeat the elections in Florida to let Gore win, which in the opposite case would have happened whatever it takes. Now Miss clinton could not EVEN accept the ‘good you prophet’ mr. Bernie Sanders as VP, knowing she would certainly win, and let Mr. Trump take over.
Individually I have always respected more the ‘strong’ animetal ‘you-germ’, with properties of metal, strength and complexity; so I always thought it would in the final moment realise and learn to love its lesser body of organic human, softer, water-like but loving – indeed, the Americans love their FMasters despite the astounding ab=use they make of them.
Once I lost all hope to enlighten that elite, which moved after Bush into neo-fascist mood, while its arab brothers-in-war became absolute cuckoo back to the past as a dying Islamic Organism, with Jihad, I lost all hope on the future of mankind.
And yet, even if I write to myself with stats so ridiculous that I wonder why not to take permanent holidays in my beach home and enjoy life and communion with the organic Universe, I have still to write the 3rd part, the ‘solution’, the measures to make immortal history and the world a perfect wor(l)d made to the image and likeness of man, fro the highest possible perspective of science…


Can we go deeper? to the risk of alienating the reader, it is worth to consider in detail, from a more scientific point of view, the existence of a bankers’ dictatorship and a massive censorship on a true science of economics by those who hold power in the financial-media informative system and have crated the ‘capitalist theocracy’ we live in and passes as ‘economic science’.

We shall deal with the historic origin of that dictatorship of bankers and the ideological nature of neo-classic models of economics that cater to this reduced group of economic agents and it is preventing a humanist, positive solution to the crisis.

You might wonder indeed, if you have read the central post and liked, why this systemic, biological explanation of this crisis and the industrial r=evolution as the ‘scientific schools’ that preceded it and respected the A to D path of science -A) the historic schools of sombart and weber that gathered the real data of the industrial revolution B) the socialist school of Marx and Kondratieff that describe their cyclical crisis of overproduction C) the biological school of butler and sancho, me (-l, who explained it rationally and D) the keynesian school that gave the proper solutions, a global new deal of ‘butter instead of cannons’  – are totally ignored in the zeitgeist of this crisis ?

Why the solutions implemented are ‘more of the same’ causes that created the crisis, by the same people who created the crisis (bankers running amok, printing for free e-money derivatives and wasting financial resources NOT to improve the real economy but speculating in markets)?

Why the true scientists of Economics from those schools are ignored?

The answer is the ‘anti-quantum paradox’: if in physics the observable is so small that the observer modifies it creating uncertainty, in history and economics those who exercise power with memes of metal – bankers with money, the military with weapons – often control and influence societies setting the agenda of the intellectual discourse, ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ (Tertulianus)… but they are NOT the scientists of history and economics. So they introduce a bias and promote social scientists which back their practice.

Bankers rule the eco(nomic)system printing in monopoly the language of digital information, money that gives values and chooses the species of the eco(nomic)system, and their only purpose is NOT to help society and mankind to come out of the crisis and obtain enough goods to survive but get richer and accumulate more wealth, parasiting the real economy. But this cannot be done, so alas!, the neo-classic school of economics comes handly to ‘defend with the word’ the dictatorship of a restricted group over the rest of society.

The military rule with more or less control political systems, from brutal dictatorships (classic kingdoms, modern military dictatorships) to hidden mixed systems (fascist democracies) where the military-industrial complex runs de facto the budgets of states, spending most of the money in weapons (from Nazi Germany to modern America that has reached a +50% budget spent in weapons as Germany did only during the Spanish Civil war, and so it has passed the technical level of ‘control’ that defines a military dictatorship; that is a society where the majority of its resources are used in weapons.)

But this is justified with newspeaks such as ‘security’, ‘defense’, ‘safety’, ‘nationalism’ etc. Now very few people would consider, even those who are in favor of militarism, the military, THE SCIENTISTS OF HISTORY. Even bigots at their prime will have a difficult task thinking that Mr. Hitler, or Mr. Stalin or Mr. Bush, 3 military leaders of 3 totalitarian systems disguised as ‘people’s republics’ are scientist of history.

But the surprising case in economic systems is that their equivalent, the client of Mr. Montagu, founder of the bank of england (Mr. Smith), the ‘chosen’ of the private rijsbank of Sweden that gives the Nobel prize (against the protest of the heirs of mr. nobel who consider the bank to have usurped their name), the classic economists employees of The City bankers, mentioned by Owens (‘here in london saloon economists are busy inventing complicated arguments to defend the privileges of the bankers and industrialists that pay them), the bankers of Wall Street investment institutions that crowd the rooms of power of economic  ministries and central banks (from Mr Draghi, vice-president of Goldman to Mr. Paulson, his president), the writers of The Economist, the newspaper of the Rothschild family that in the XIX century stated that he ‘didnt care whose puppet runs the british empire, he, who issues his money controls the empire and I issue his money), are the ‘scientists of economics’.

Of course they are not. They are simply the pamphletists that defend with the word those who defend=pay them with go(l)d, to maintain what we shall call the ‘capitalist theocracy’, based in fact in a religious meme, that we shall call biblical supremacism, as it is really not of genetic or national origin but a religious ideology embedded in the myths and writings of the Talmud and the Bible.

This the historic, socialist school explains it crystal clear (Sombart in his book ‘The Jews and the birth of capitalism’ and his disciple Weber, whose famous book, ‘the protestant ethics of capitalism’ completes the explanation of the ‘idol-ogical’ memes of biblical capitalism and the origin of corporations – a must read for anyone serious about understanding modern history and economics). Reason why today those masterpieces of historic data about the evolution of the economic ecosystem are censored, notably Sombart’s work, a masterpiece along his 6 volumes on the history of capitalism.

In brief, all the founders of corporations, which were in its origins companies of human slaves as cargo and gunboats as weapons, were believers in biblical memes. His first CEO, Cohen, had as motto at VOC the dutch company: spare no life, no enemy, God is with us.

So the first corporations merely fusion the 2 great cult(ure)s of metal-memes, the cult(ure) of bankers and the cult(ure) of Germanic warriors that made of memes of metal, gold and iron, the ‘symbol of god’ and the fetish of their power and greed to control mankind… So we shall call them animetal cultures. Opposed to them the humanist, life cultures this blog considers the right cultures for humanity to survive and control the planet in a sustainable world, have always denounced their values. And we shall do it now.

Now to call ‘animetal’ a cult(ure) must seem a very harsh concept. So we need to explain a few things here. First, my genes are mostly basque, sephardim and germanic (the 2 main components of the catalan people, enhanced further in my case by a sephardim grand-father who ran away from a concentration camp, so spare yourself topic forms of censorship of emotional character, aka the holocaust industry).

Second, we call ‘animetal’ a culture not individuals who are free to belong as Mr. Chomsky writes me in a personal letter, to any culture, as ultimately if you believe the myth of Adam we are all jewish, if you follow halaka, 86% of Israeli of Kazhar origin are impure, rejected by orthodox judaism – and for that reason abandoned by orthodox elites of bankers and rabbies to their destiny in the holocaust when the offers of Mr. Hitler to sell them at 3 $ a piece were rejected. So all those poor, innocent peasants died for their banker-priests (my grandfather survive mathausen escaping in a change between concentration camps) as not even auschwitz was bombed. Who cares about the poor in 2 cultures that worship money and weapons more than the life of their people?

Since this example shows what we really mean by ‘an animetal cult(ure)’. ONE WHOSE MEMES OF METAL MATTER MORE THAN THE MEMES OF LIFE, SO LIFE CAN BE SACRIFICED TO IDOL-OGIES OF METAL.

And this is what nationalism, invented by germanic tribes is: to die for and with weapons.

So if you are a believer in nationalism you can die for the military-industrial complex and sacrifice your life, under nationalistic memes that imprint your mind with the belief that you are actually murdering people NOT for the profits of Krupp or General Atomics but to protect your loved ones.

This is twisted but obviously as all ‘animetals’ are human ultimately you need very twisted ideas, anti-truths, to kill for life. And the Germanic cult(ure)s are still today the same animetal cult(ure)s that entered history calling themselves goths=gods in ‘Haut German’ because they could kill anyone with its God-Sword, called Thor. So now German runs the EU killing the welfare state, killin people in hospitals because alas! all money must be invested by BMW, the company of the quandt family, cousins of Goebbels and the most admired German Company. All has changed to remain the same.

We die in hospitals in Europe so the cousin of Goebbels who affirmed ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will beleive it’ can robotize with money printed by the ECB bank their plants and fire people, while Mr. Stefan Quandt, an old friend on my Columbian years can collect at 10 million $  a piece, works of art, as Goering did, during the III Reich. I name him, because Im absolutely aware he cannot see this fact in this way. And this leads us to the present zeitgeist described by Orwel and Nietzsche ‘the biggest lies are those we make about ourselves’.

Today Germans truly think they are helping the world to become better, truly think they have been redeemed and are the saviors of Europe – exactly the kind of messages sold in Mein Kampf when Mr. Hitler was the most popular politician of Europe, as today Mr. Obama who ultimately follows the same policies, with ‘caring’ , is. Both, the ‘house negro’ in Malcolm X terms, slave of the American military-industrial complex and the ‘German peasant’ slave of the German Mililtary-Industrial Complex are in fact ‘parallel’ anti-heroes and frankly I prefer Mr. Bush who was straightforward and ultimately catered to his biblical voters, to the hypocresy and betrayal of all his voters that Obama, a topic African vanity fair leader with null understanding of human rights, but very friendly ‘well-dressed, with good diction’ (Malcom x on house negroes’ rerpresents. We go here to the core of the issues. We are NOT in the business of bull$hiting, creating caring masks, placebo solutions, pen-pal conferences and infantile subjective, self-centered excuses to feel entitled to kill each other and destroy the world, because we know SCIENCE, BIOLOGY, the UNIVERSE is brutal, cares nothing for those who do NOT obey their laws and pretend to change the world without following the scientific method, understand the facts, find the proper models, search the solutions and truly care for LIFE and REASON, the two most powerful memes of mankind at its best.

The ‘zeitgeist’ of the Germ(an) cult(ure) of memes of metal, machines and its evil top predator twin, weapons, HAS NO CHANGED, and its destruction of Europe, which is the trademark of this cult(ure) for 300o years, has NOT, only that now you have a nice newspeak to look it all right. But they will end destroying europe as the people of the sea did in the bronze age, the barbarians did with the rational greek-latin civilization in the 400s, the Lutheran barbarians did with the renaissance in the 1500s, the prussians did with the French Revolution in Waterloo, and the Nazis did in the 30s. This is the same people that discovered fission and now are evolving black hole bombs at CERN and can blow up the planet, but they do it for ‘research’.  This is the people which have repressed all life memes to enhance lineal, iron, military thought, to the point their words are like swords, long lines of unbroken meanings that seem absolute truths adn cannot be bended as iron is. The linearity of their animetal culture is so absolute that it goes even into architecture (lineal streets), soccer (lineal forward motions), food (energetic simple pork), language, even the lineal symbol of their deutsche bank.

So animetal memes that pass as human culture is the key to explain why everything remains the same: Orwellian newspeaks of democratic care, future progress and scientific knowledge today merely hides the same animetal cult(ures) to memes of metal for whom life can be sacrificed.

Now consider the ‘Am Segullah’ animetal culture origin of banking and capitalism, which established  the first corporations with a single purpose – to accumulate go(l)d traficking and killing human lives (slave trade, colonial murder).

The purpose of those corporations was the same than the original go(l)d culture that created the biblical memes, originated in the Bronze age in Levante. Then it was a culture of banker-priests that accumulated gold as ex-votes and fetish, representation of God. To obtain it they created (Phoenicians by sea, Jewish by caravan) the first global network of trade in metals, weapons and slaves that lasted 3000 years, and was professionalized by those first corporations.

Then they called themselves ‘the People of the Treasure’ today ill-translated as ‘Chosen people’ (Am Segulah, where Segullah means ‘treasure’ not Chosen, as it was then understood that the purpose of that religious culture was to accumulate the symbol of God, Gold, for salvation). This myth had a biological, chemical cause. Gold is the most perfect informative atom in the Universe, whose hypnotic powers as informative metal that imitated the light of the prior sun-god, made people enslave to their possession (Gold fevers). So this culture used that power trying to control the world ever since with money,a s the germanic cultures used the power of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe, to impose by murder their power – and both often allied or kill each other for global power.

The cult(ure) divided in an elite of banker-priests, the ‘Am Segullah proper’, the Levis, some of which were my ancestors (lluis being its marrano translation). They had 11 ‘slave tribes’, and they did not work. The tribes had a single purpose, to bring fetish gold, since their temples were basically gold building with gold chairs, gold menorahs, gold tables even gold walls. And gold was the substance of God they worshipped. They sacrificed before this stage their children to Baal, a golden statue, in a ceremony called the Hecatomb. Isaac substituted the child (the 11 tribes) by a sheep, symbol of the gentile and established that slavery could only be applied to goyyim, ill-translated as gentile, as it means ‘animal’. The 11 tribes were called ‘apiru’, those who walk behind the asses, (Mircea Eliade), as they walked behind asses that transported weapons along slave caravans. This was their trade, this was the hate they cause, and these were the victims of cyclical holocaust cycles that defines them as an animetal culture that sacrifices their lives to money.

Today both cultures, germ(anic) cult(ure)s of weapons and go(l)d cultures rule the world with money and weapons, and they seem ok, as we ahve been mentally erased to believe in the fruits of the tree of science. But we should not forget, this dual, censored,  brutal origin of Theocratic capitalism, not the science of economics but the religion of go(l)d, as nationalism invented by german barbarains is NOT the science of history but the religion of weapons, and weapons is an energetic meme of metla and gold and informaive meme of metal. So we call BOTH CULTURES animetal cult(ures), that latter will spread (as they are not racial or genetic but idol-ogical) to the rest of the world cultures by sheer darwinian power, but are still purest in the Germanic and semitic people that invented them.

For most history the lineal, warrior culture dominated. But with the arrival of corporations that industrialize weapons production, the opposite culture totally specialized in informative memes that imitate the cyclical nature of money (as opposed to the energetic memes of iron) became the most powerful culture of the west on top of all other cultures, as a supra-nation of bankers. As usury bankers and slave traders they had been for 3000 years the most hated people of the western world. But they never changed those 2 trades, and today they do the same trades as masters of finances, western bankers in monopoly and through corporations in which part-time slaves work for a salary. This, they see as the culmination of the Talmud’s millenarian prophecy, ‘at the end of times, all the people of the Earth will be slaves of Yvwh of will be exterminated’ (Britannica, 1920 edition, article of millenarism, today censored).
But if they were objective, they would realize they have suffered enormously as Moses, their true prophet who condemned the golden calf and gave them ethic laws of verbal nature, put it: ‘the jewish will suffer all their history for their love of money’ . And indeed they have suffered unending holocausts where the poorest of them, mostly innocent of the brutal deeds of their enslavers and usury bankers have been scapegoats.
So even if they don’t kill they die, so they are SACRIFICING THEIR LIFE FOR THEIR LOVE OF MONEY. And this is again as in the German case the definition of an animetal cult(ure). Since they do NOT want to end the cycle, by establishing a rational, scientific model of economics and use their monopoly on production of money for the common good. On the contrary, their absurd strategy of survival is CENSORSHIP – DENYING THE FACTS OF HISTORY and so they have made  AN ABSOLUTE TAboo TO EXPLAIN the economic causes of all the holocausts treated extensively in the posts of the right side.
Now this to me is:
A) censorship of factual data needed to explain rationally the cycles of history and obviously it is never a justification of murder. The solutions of all my scientific models of economics and History are D) human praxis, based in the memes of life and eusocial love.  So you might consider me in the tradition of the saviors of this people, from Moses to Jesus, that asked them to love the gentiles, share wealth and work together to build a sustainable world, without repression of life.
The industry of the Holocaust is not however a tool to ‘defend life’ but a tool to instill hate and fear towards mankind, that merely substitutes today the classic synagogue’s and Talmud’s racist doctrines about the non-chosen humans.
Since the strategy of victimism and denial is exactly the same strategy that for 3000 years have ensured the repetition of the cycle by separating them from mankind, makign them ‘different’, instilling hate and provoking the process. And now the behavior of wall street bankers and the israeli military-industrial complex is condemned their future innocent 90% to the same destiny. This is the scientific fact of the cycles of history that I have always tried to remedy by breaking this censorship. to denounce it is NOT to abrogate for murder, but to understand the problem.
Of course not all people of german and jewish stock believe that life must be surrendered to go(l)d and weapons, not certainly this writer, or his friends in this community, or his true prophets – Moses, Jesus, Marx and the hundreds of thousands who have converted to humanity, who hold jobs outside the banking and military industry; and so goes for all other Biblical denominations, who are not ‘literalists’ of those texts.
BUT as today THE majority of the neo-con IDOL-OGISTS OF nationalism and neo-classic economics that keep spreading animetal memes of despise towards life memes and mankind, that worship  weapons and money that defend fundamentalist, theocratic capitalism, and racist memes against the 3rd world, from islamophobia to ‘immigrant bashing’, belong to the different sects of biblical supremacism.
It is the new trend of newspeaks, ‘bigots passing as victims’, with ‘sense of humor’, ‘ideals’, ‘humanist care’, in a word ‘camouflage’.
But camouflage and newspeaks do not change its ultimate agenda.  they are the PEOPLE WHO ARE IMPOSING the present policies of European and American nations that are in the process of destroying the world overproducing e-money, chips, robots and terminators. Neo-classic economists fall into this category, and that is why we shall study them in depth in this web.
Also to clarify before studying our present capitalist theocracy, the memetic – not genetic nature – of animetal cult(ures). Since they are today spread and have polluted with its extreme specialization in weapons and monetary memes most world cultures.

Now just compare those cultures: the arab warrior culture vs. the jewish gold culture and the british gold culture vs. the german warrior culture. They were originally one, in the age of life. Then metal divided them into specialized warrior and trader cultures. So today most of their cultural memes are ‘lineal vs. cyclical’ totally unbalanced.

For example, London is made of cyclical streets, words are short, broken, truth is irrelevant and hypocresy and censorship rules because gold, money is in fact totally virtual worthless, and so all must be built with myths as the jewish culture is built. This is exactly the opposite of lineal Berlin, lineal German truths, imitation of the idol sword of Germanic cult(ure)s.

Smallish, informative memes dominate their art and architecture as opposed to big, energetic german ones. Women, who are the informative cyclical side of the species dominate over men proper of machist warrior German-Arab-Japanese societies. Finances dominate over industry, the physical side of the economy, etc. etc. The duality and opposition of both cult(ure)s that hate each other can be resumed in how they face truth:

– One is made of seemingly absolute truths, absolutely false (the germans) and the other of systematic cheating – as profit in trade is made by buying cheaper than the real value and selling more expensive that what is worth, and usury consists is parasiting the real economy by lending the language of social power controlled in monoply and getting back free interest from it…

We pretend to reveal the naked, scientific, objective, non-anthropomorphic, systemic, complex truths of history and economics, from the human point of view of biological survival, of what is best for the entire Homo Sapiens species.

Because this duality of animetal cultures is NOT the way to be a humanist culture, what we sponsor here, that dominates IN LIFE MEMES. This is the original American-European Revolutionary culture we defend, where art, food, life, sex=human reproduction, eusocial love=human evolution, science=knowledge in human languages (not technology), rational thought, social democracy (all humans equal), the control of money and weapons by the biological natural word expressed in ethic and legal frames dominates society. This is the culture of balance, of love and life, of art and beauty, defined precisely as classic balance between energy and information/form. This is the culture that should have solved the crisis, that should have ruled the world, that created the welfare world in post-war era, when germans and biblical cults had been defeated. This is the culture of the 60s, the highest point of the XX century, when humans had a chance to make a better world by repressing the military-industrial and financial-media system. This is the culture now killed both in America and Europe by the germanic-semitic, animetal cultures that will with their ‘theocratic capitalism’ and idol-atry to memes of metal kill life thinking on top this is progress, evolution and good for all of us.

eviL=anti-life, idol-ogies.

The opposition between the true, humanist American and European cultures with its life memes and the Germ(anic) and Go(l)d cult(ure)s with its anti-life memes can be explained in terms of ‘genetic linguistics’ (chomsky) as the opposition between Live and eviL, its anti-particle.

We are talking of the 2 essential idol-atric cult(ures) of animetal memes where life is despised. the fertility Goddess is called in the bible the abomination (Joseph cambell). Life is despised, sex substituted by physical exhaustion for miitary purposes – today by sports.  eviL is a rational wor(l)d, the anti-meme of life, the definition of animetal memes.

And the debasing of mankind and the constant pointing out of the worst possible eviL cultures (jihad Islam,  a minority on that civilization blown up to pollute all Muslims and expand the profits of robotic terminators, Nazism, an extinct cultures that comes as a ghost to justify the industry of the holocaust, seemingly ingored the other 60 millions victims of germanic fundamentalism) is just a disguise a noise to deny the fundamental first and foremost bigot cult(ure) and its biblical memes: the cult(ure)s of go(l)d-temples that must feel different from mankind in order to ‘price’ life and extinguish life through corporations, racial differentiation of slaves, etc.

It is then unavoidable to give reason to Sombart and Weber and Marx and consider those biblical memes to be born ‘a posteriori’ after the desire and greed for gold was instilled ‘bio-chemically’ in the first semitic cultures. Slavery – the buyin of humans for gold – would be then the first eviL-anti-live custom of those primitive cultures as ‘the lament of a summerian priest’ explains when it narrates how the ‘people of the desert, the evil people come and take women slaves for a ring of gold and peasants become mercenaries’…

And then the ‘rituals of racial separation’ and ‘chosen of go(l)d’ myths of the talmud and the bible will merely enhance this need to feel different from mankind in order to buy and sell human capital. This racial bias as the racial bias of the germans that allows them to kill other human beings is thus ‘idological’. Its specific form is irrelevant. The quantity of gold of each menorah, vase, table and wall of a Yvwh or Baal temple is what truty matters. To gather the fetishe. So this remains along the cult(ure) and it is neither ratial as it is adopted by germanic people converted to calvinism. And the ‘specific form of racism’ and separation changes. It is caused by god’s mandates in the earlier texts; now it is caused by holocaust fear; in the XIX century it was ‘scientific racism’ german style or ‘civilization against primitive people’; now it adopts the form of islamophobia and latinophobia against the poor that become all ‘terrorist’ or ‘alien invaders’. But the root of eviL IS not human. IT IS THE CHEMICAL VALUES OF MONEY AND IRON, WHO MURDER THE MIND AND THE BODY. And it is only more entrenched in those 2 cultures because theyc ame ‘first’ in contact with it. And it is minimal in the CHinese and latin-american cultures because they came ‘last’ in contact with iron (300 BC in China, 1500 in Latin-America).

If humans could recognize this ALIEN nature of eviL, then they could become one and control extinction. But they cant. So they live a culture of death messages=eviLness, which they see as a form of progress.

The ways in which orthodox judaism debases their ‘human capital’, the slaves they sold for 3000 years and degraded with their religious or today audivoisual evilwood messages have changed. Bit the capitalist essence has remained. BECAUSE TO ACCUMULATE THE FETISH OF GO(L)D YOU MUST DESTROY LIFE, and this anti-Live=eviL memes define the germanic warrior and capitalist go(l)d cultures. Evil is a bio-scientific word, the antiparticle of Live, ANY DOCTRINE THAT CAUSES DEATH. So yes, Jihad Islam is eviL because it kills but far more dangerous in its eviLNess are the racist doctrines of the Talmud and the Mein Kampf that are now disguised but brutally applied to humans through corporations and nationalism.

All this said, the reader should understand we cannot talk in those cases of the science of history or economics when referring to the nationalistic historians, militaristic historians and bankers, neo-classic employees that defend them.

Instead, those who defend financial, economic dictatorships of bankers over democracies will be called practitioneers of ‘intelligent design or creationist economics’ They are (neo)classic economists that back the praxis of corporations, do not want to analyze the collateral effects and biological nature of memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, which are always considered positive for mankind, and hence ignore all about the overproduction crises we live in. Instead they defend the monopoly of financial issue of money by bankers, the profits of corporations at all costs, memes of metal as future progress, the destruction of social democracies, of the rights of governments to print money for their people (deficit zero laws) and care nothing for the extinction of life or the profits of war, they are now also defending with the ‘newspeak’ of keynesian militarism. Those are the policies that are destroying the world and pass as ‘science’ only because part of the neo-classic zeitgeist in economics is the rperession of the A to D real schools of this science under the ‘anti-quantum paradox’.

The anti-quantum paradox thus means that true economic science is censored by economic power, as humanist history is censored by military and nationalistic politics. Today that censorship is more subtle but still exists. It is probably stronger than ever through virtual media and newspeaks.

It ultimately defines this world as a theocracy ruled by corporations and biblical racism, where freedom of speech and humanism is forbidden whenever is something more than a simple placebo.

How the capitalist theocracy is destroying rational science and human democracies

In brief, Mr. Adam Smith, a pious calvinist believer and British Imperialist of the XVIII c. affirmed a series of dogmas without proof, proper of his zeitgeist, in a pre-democratic, pre-scientific, pre-machine age. Yet those dogmas proved wrong by the socialist, historic,  Keynesian and biological schools today clearly censored, cannot be argued as religious dogmas are ‘beliefs’. And astoundingly enough they are the underlying, ‘subconscious’ truths mathematized in the XIX and XX centuries that carry the Western worldview in economic matters, and design the world ever since. A few of them:

– ‘Money is the invisible language of go(l)d’ (Calvin said ‘money is the intelligence of god’) and since the accumulation of wealth is synonymous of salvation in Jewish-Protestant ‘biblical myths,’ profits is the ‘only purpose’ of  economics. And since those who invented and run corporations since the 1st corporation, dedicated to slave trade and colonial theft (VOC), was founded by one Cohen, its first CEO, belonged overwhelmingly to biblical sects, it goes without saying that profits refer to the owners of corporations, with exclusion of all other agents of economics that were at the time ‘not chosen’ – workers, consumers, ‘human cargo’, inferior 3rd world. This today is the core belief that guides the actions of corporations, though of course, their religious origins are ignored. Further on, corporative owners  added during the corrupted age of colonials, to its astounding legal privileges ‘anonymous’ responsibility. Thus in the XIX c. they became the ‘modern aristocrats’ of the world, the stockrats who have monopoly in the control of the social language of power (money) as aristocrats had in the middle ages (then weapons), when they could not be judged and only they carried weapons.

Today there is only a privileged people-caste in the planet, the owners of corporations, who don’t work, as aristocrats do, cannot be judged by the actions of their societies, as aristocrats couldn’t and monopolize the issue of the language of social power, money. And they can remain anonymous, invisible, reason why obviously any analysis of those privileges and alternative, democratic forms of social power, are forbidden. This does not happen in any science, not even in history. The history of finances though is secret; and the more so since II World war. So Mr. Rothschild could brag in the XIX c. that it ‘didnt matter whose puppet seats in the throne of Britain’ since ‘whoever controls its money supplies controls the empire’ and ‘i control its money supply’ as the biggest shareholder of the Bank of England. But now after the wars, holocausts and revolutions of the XX century he merely runs ‘The Economist’ and spreads the doctrine that only private bankers must issue money, escaping the part of whom does it, and how those who issue money control societies.

Money, of course, is just a digital language of information (paragraph 1), which controls hand in hand with laws, a verbal language of information, the values and goals of our society, and should therefore be issued and control democratically by chosen governments.

But in neo-classic economics this is nonsense. Money is go(l)d and the ‘chosen’ must issue it in monopoly through private banks and rule society with it, excluding democratic governments with deficit zero laws (buchanan) from doing so.

Fact is Mr. Smith, a client of the founder of the private bank of England, mr. Montagu, was basically a pamphletist for the bank who charged 6% of usury to England for printing its money as today the ECB bank does with european governments.

Then it comes the other ideology of Mr. Smith – Imperialism. So he affirmed that States according to the Imperial doctrine of the age must only pay for police, armies and jails where the non-chosen of go(l)d, poor and vagrants must be kept on check.

Finally, as a friend of Mr. Watt, and XVIII century, enlightened member, science was for Mr. Smith the absolute wonder.

So Machines became also a gift of god, a sign of progress, the future, and they are always good, specially weapons that hold the empire. Machines increase the productivity, displacing labor, but this is good because they increase profits. So machines will keep making humans obsolete as workers and soldiers in labor and war fields (Ricardo, Marx), but this is good for profits. Machines are nothing though but memes of metal that we construct imitating our biological organs which they enhance but also atrophy and subsitute. So they should be understood as we do in biological terms according to their symbiotic and competitive, darwinian relationships and regulated, as we regulate AIDs viruses, forbidding their reproduction when they are lethal to mankind or promoting them when they are positive.

But again this is non-sense for the go(l)d believer. The Nobel prize cannot be given to an evolutionist because Nobel was a pious believer. Universities spend fortunes evolving robots because technology is progress. Weapons, needless to say ‘defend our nation’, etc. etc.

But when we consider objectively all those arguments, what Smith and their followers meant is that for religious reasons, society must be divided into the owners of corporations who seek profits as chosen of any denomination of biblical supremacism, and are entitled to monopolize the creation of money for their private agenda, and have memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, ‘the wealth of nations’ to impose their power, and the rest of society who has no rights as no chosen, workers, consumers, democratic governments, 3rd world people, life, gaia, etc.

And this now is ‘science’ perfectly designed with ‘damned lies and statistics’, as Intelligent Design pretends to pass as science, with complicated arguments or nationalism pretends that the Homo Americanus is different from the Homo Mexicanus or Homo Britannicus and must fight with weapons for global supremacy, NOT part of the Homo Sapiens species that must collaborate to create a sustainable world. And yet today the imprinting of man with ‘idologies’ of metal is so deep that not to nobody in his ‘right’ mind will argue that nationalism is a fascist doctrine and classic economics a classist, religious, bigot, antidemocratic praxis on how to rule societies with digital information. But as we shall prove Classic economics fails all the tests of the scientific method and must be considered merely an ideology of biblical and imperial power, first adopted by the British Empire and now by the Jewish-American empire, and anyone who oppose it will be censored and ignored by academia.

How mankind pretends to come out of this astounding existential impasse – the robotic r=evolution – ruled by a series of myths, power monopolies and runaway confrontations? The answer is we will not come out of this crisis. The elite will keep selling us ‘imaginary menaces’ as they pump up the profits of the robotic military industry. And neo-classic experts will keep preaching as their forebears, banker-priests did, salvation in the future, after death, as long as we give them our money, taxes and usury debt.

And economists will keep preaching the substitution of workers and soldiers by machines, to increase productivity = capital/labor = profits in companies. So we shall keep living in a world ruled and parasited by a minority of biblical supremacists that pass as scientists in their financial and industrial corporations, which on top will censor any freedom of thought and serious scientific analysis. So this paper can be just erased from google scholar without appealing because some member of a minority’ makes an  anonymous delation ‘inquisition style’, but as in any inquisitorial court I have yet to be informed of the details of the accusation, and the condemn has been already implemented. And this in a community that brags of trying to work for a sustainable world – though increasingly in the hands of ‘money’, as those world congresses of systems sciences and cybernetics are more and more focused in the evolution of robotics and computer systems. And so one can see the invasion and ‘modelling’ by money and electronics of the entire psyche and culture and sciences of mankind.

The fundamentalist believer today is educated in universities without any serious analysis of A) data on the history of finances (as the historic school of economics is censored) and so he ignores  the origin of his ‘dismal science’, which is power ideologies. He is just imprinted with dogmas he considers rational truths, such as the dogma of ‘inflation’, the biggest taboo of neo-classic economics. Inflation is evil though only because as prices go up, it lowers the value of debts, hence the profits of banks. But inflation is good. Any language is inflationary meaning you talk more than you act, since you need to reflect on your actions. So you create more money and some is wasted but only  with inflation by creating ‘deficit’, money, the language of social power kicks out the economy. So there is a mathematical  Phillips curve that proves to create employment one has to invent money, pay salaries and hence as money  looses some value it creates inflation=jobs. So you must choose two policies, between profits for bankers (neoclassic ideology) or growth in the real economy (science of economics that cares for workers) with some inflation.

So now you would think states would accept inflation, print money for the real economy and grow. That would be a democracy, but you live in a theocracy of banker-priests. So the Fed and the ECB – european bank created by banking lobbies – does not issue money to the real economy. The ECB only creates it for  banks that racket a 6% of usury and has as only mandate to prevent inflation. What their policies tell us is that  all european nations are colonies of an usury bank, XVIII c. style, because neo-classic economists have devolved back to the primitive XVIII century economical policies, and they keep ruining europe with the fundamentalist beliefs of Mr. Smith.

A simple proof of the anti-human policies of those bankers. When unemployment diminishes, when jobs are created the stock-market plummets. WHy? Because their purposes are opposed. The ECB and FED print money for bankers, which they use liberally to speculate, jacking upwards the prices of stocks NOT to invest in the real economy. This everybody knows – money is created by central bankers and stock-market corporations only for themselves, to increase with each trade artificially the price of stocks. It is as a spanish proverb says ‘yo me lo guiso yo me lo como’ ( i cook the meal, i eat alone). The concept is that money must only be issued by bankers for bankers whose only purpose is to become more billonaires, as the rest of society matters not in a capitalist theocracy. But all this which was perfectly understood and spoke directly before II World war, now must be hidden with a ‘caring mask’ to feed the ‘virtual dream’ of living in a Democracy, not in a capitalist Theocracy.

So what happens is this: bankers, like Mr Bernanke at the FEd tell us that he will print money for free for the American (bankers to speculate in markets and create more digital money for themselves and their corporations), but he ‘adds’ this is done to lower unemployment. He, who opposed to save GM with 15 billions while giving 200 billions to AIG for the international bankers to keep it, needs this excuse. I will print money for speuclation BUT because this will lower unemployment. Now as the economic structure of America is re-organizing itself around the robotic revolution and exporting unemployment worldwide (for example, Apple is bringing 3 million jobs from China, BUT for robots. it will therefore fire 3 million chinese workers and create 10.000 human jobs and 5 million robots in California), unemployment is going down in America with creation of 3rd rate jobs that robots cannot make – hamburguer kind, and a few top jobs for robotists and electronic engineers and the military, as it is coming out the crisis German style (30s).

This is the background. So the Fed will stop printing money caught in its excuse, after creating a 15000 point-bubble in the market. And so the market tells us the reality: human workers are totally as they have always been in a capitalist theocracy expendable, their rights are null, and what we are doing is destroying their safety net and jobs created in the welfare system to produce fruits of the tree of life, giving money to corporations to speculate and put robots on their place and all this is good as long as it increases the profits of our biblical elites.

In a democracy though, money and laws would be both printed by governments and spent in society. Socialism only means ‘democracy’ in economic terms, because society are all. But this is called in the jargon of Neo-classic economics ‘the tyranny of the majority’ (Buchanan).  Capitalism has nothing to do with democracy as militarism doesnt. Both are in fact sides of the same coins as weapons are the most profitable industries. So capitalism produces war for profits as it does now. And simply twists with complicated neo-classic arguments its core belief: that some are more chosen and have more rights, to rule, because people are essentially ‘goyyim’, ‘animals’, stupid and so are their governments (Hakek’s thesis latter explained in more detail). But who are those bankers. This is censored as in any theocracy the name of go(l)d cannot be uttered.

What they tell us, Mr. Trichet a Jewish-French, Mr. Lagarde, a Jewish-french, Mr. Draghi, a Jewish-Italian, Mr. Carney, a Jewish-canadian ruling on the British bank, Mr. Bernake, a Jewish-American, etc. etc. (shall i say just a jewish-banker,  but yes, i know this is called anti-$emitism, you never must reveal who stole our democratic rights to issue money, i call that absolute power, when you cannot even mention the name of the ruler, closer to a bronze age theocracy where the name of God could not be pronounced), is that only the owners of banks must run societies, get profits and parasite for free, as ‘chosen’. something, they did during the XIX and XX century till the system broke totally in wars, revolutions and holocausts where of course, only the poor of this society die, so the stockratic elite couldn’t care less to stop the process – it even takes advantage cynically mourning those they abandon, as if a spanish aristocrat would mourn for the peasants he kills of hunger or let’s die in wars.

Now, on my mother’s side there are dozens of sephardim accountants,  peddlers of those banker-priests that ruin nations and on top cause the mob to kill us as scapegoats, so I can speak and I will speak clearly: Jewish bankers should make a r=evolution of their theocratic thoughts, disguised cunningly but still theocratic thouhts  and give ‘to caesar what belongs to caesar’ – give the rights to issue money to states, and if working for states in central banks adopt policies for the people not for their croony private bankers that will employ them in goldman et all when they abandon their political positions. As Continental Europe has done in the brief periods in which it was run as real democracies, with control in the issue of money by elected governments, creating the closest world to a human paradise – the postwar welfare state – mankind has known precisely because germanic warriors and jewish bankers were no longer directing in a hierarchical, anti-democratic, tyranrical manner our history.

Here is the difference of culture between bibilical theocracies based in money (Calvin, Aaron, British-jewish cultures) or weapons and genocides (Luther, Moses, Germanic-Totalitarian, Nazi-Stalinist ones) and rational, humanist, social cultures (American, French and Russian R=evolutions while they lasted – till Hamilton, Napoleon and Stalin destroyed them, to resurrect in brief periods, notably after II world war).

The French Revolution happened after the scam of the Louisiana Company that sold for gold ‘future gold mines’ in lousiana swamps. Then the French understood a democracy must issue both, bills of law and bills of money or else it is not a democracy. In Britain at the same time the scam of the south seas bubble, selling future gold from patagonia did NOT cause a revolution. The bankers became more powerful paying off aristocrats, and because the people believed already in the biblical theocracy the brits did not rebel.

And so they never had a democracy except in the brief post WWII era when the Bank of England was nationalized. And so we created two ways of democracy. Capitalism, not a democracy at all, in the anglo world and social democracies, the only form of democracy, in Europe and AMerica, but once and again, the bankers came back and destroyed our democracies, our civilization which is NOT the germanic cult(ure) of weapons, neither the english cult(ure) of Go(l)d but the culture of art, reason, freedom of speech, history, democracy and the scientific method, the latin culture, so much despised by the fundamentalist. I would agree though in a problem we have in this culture: we forgive and forget perhaps too much. We forgot the Germ(an)s who caused a war that killed 66 million, not only 6 million Jewish – that is the industry of the Holocaust, where some victims are more chosen than others – 1/4th of the people of the paysos catalans died then to fascism, and we are not 80 years latter forbidding any criticism on our country with that excuse. We forgot the Jewish bankers who racketed usury and slave trade for 2000 years since the fall of the Roman Empire. And so now we have them both again, abusing our laws, taking our money, printing it for their machines, weapons and memes of metal. This is the paradox of history – the best, the rational, the humane, die to weapons in body and to the hypnotism of gold in mind.

So now a ‘jewish troyka’, whose memetic origin,  we cannot even mention, Miss Merkel, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Hollande, govern Europe and a ‘house negro’ governs America, pumping up the ego-trips of Empire for the masses to sacrifice with 3 ‘real’ goals BEHIND THE ASTOUNDING NOISE OF ‘all for the people without the people’ message of caring and governance:

– To provide troops and make profits with weapons, on the ‘war on terror’ that should be dealt as always with police and intelligence, NOT with troops, as terrorism is NOT war, and only tuning it down as Spain and Great Britain has done, and being ‘balanced’ in the understanding of the national claims of those people the problem is solved (Basques, Irish, in the War on Terror Palestinians, living in an apartheid state, the true problem origin of all those wars that goes against all the principles of democracy). Instead America has spent 4 trillion $ in wars for profits and for Israel in the last 20 years. ANd obviously escalated the war to a point in which the evolution of robotic weapons, today the main industry of Israel seems necessary.

– to tax every citizen with usury debt-money, to make Mr. Gross, Mr. Cohen, Mr. Draghi et al – the private bankers that rule the world – billionaires. This is against all the rights of nations to issue money for the real economy. Europe has negative growth unlike China with 10% growth because the money is issued not for the state and the economy but for speculation or for the usury 6% of debt nations borrow. America at least can print its money but the money is spent in speculation in markets and for wars. So the problem will end up even worst as it is NOT fuelling real jobs for the real economy.

– And to keep enslaving mankind to the profits of corporations instilling in them as only goals of existence to reproduce=work for machines and evolve=test=consume them. This is the ultimate core problem – the system is not human, it sucks in all the profits and work of mankind to evolve machines with utter disregard of human needs.

This is the project for the western world under the capitalist, financial ‘idol-ogical’ jewish-calvinist Theocracy which the financial-media passes  as expertise, science, caring democracy, security against the evil empire of 3rd world  peasants with an attitude. It is pure madness and it has all to do with the fact that the go(l)d and sword cultures of jewish-germanic origin discovered first gold and weapons and adopted so LONG ago the anti-democratic, anti-human values of greed and murder that they seem unable to adapt and adopt the higher, enlightened rational culture the American founding fathers and French revolution tries to instill on them.

How something so negative for mankind as this ‘new project’ of capitalist theocracies can be imposed so easily? How can the western european-american people believe he lives in a democracy after throwing all the rational conquest of the past 2 centuries? How can we believe we are free as we get more debt-usury chains, more big brother electronic systems of control?

In the first legal code of history, the Hammurabi code, the word freedom is equivalent to lack of debt and the state, realizing there was neither economic growth no freedom with usury debt, condomened periodically all usury debts to ‘set free’ their citizens. Nations that do not control the issue of money are not free. And today the western nations are as in the XIX century slaves of their banksters, and those banksters are as always overwhelmingly belonging to the nation of israel. This is the dictatorship we live in, stronger in America than in Europe; and this is the problem wester nations face, because their model, their humanist, welfare civilization is far more humane, it has a human future, it can create a sustainable world but under a biblical theocracy that cannot be even named, where men are always ‘evil’, and must be punished, where memes of metal are always good, where racism is endemic to those religious texts (so the Ham damnation established that negroes and arabs are inferior to dogs, reason why slavery was accepted by biblical corporations and today Israel has no problem establishing a harsh apartheid with laws copycat of Hitler’s ones)…

Of course Jihad Islam is a problem, but there have always been 3rd world primitive bigots and to blow up their danger as the yellow press did with colonial negroes or Indian ghost dances is far more bigotry.

How many people have died of terrorism in the past decade. An INFINITESIMAL AMOUNT COMPARED TO THE PEOPLE THAT DIE OF CORPORATIVE ACTIONS, OF MILITARISM, ON WARS FOR PROFITS LIKE IRAK OR AFGHANISTAN. This is the excuse to build a neo-fascist global world.

People are essentially non-rational, memetic believers, tabula rassas that believe in the system, and need truly to live in a hellish world to change that belief, and this is what the FMMI system takes advantage of. The American case, today a military dictatorship quite similar to the Weimar Republic, is obvious. The American will toil unending hours to pay taxes for banksters, will die to defend Apartheid Israel as he has been doing for 20 years, will let the state to tag him, spy on him, reduce his freedoms, forbid his freedom of speech, will let Tvs instill hate, will live in paranoia, thinking a few 3rd world peasants in a mule are a bigger menace that Hitler was – when all countries fight terrorism, with police, and do NOT spend 1/2 of their budget in robotic weapons to do so… and will feel tremendously offended in their ‘nationlistic’ memes, if you insinuate he is a slave of his banksters, his nation has become a neo-nazi world in the making just to keep believing in the system.

In that regard, the most astonishing fact of the dictatorship of capitalism as any other dictatorship is the easiness by which humans can accept slavery and confuse it with freedom. As it happened in Russia under stalin, Germany under hitler, Spain under Franco, Americans under the dictatorship of the Jewish Party, much harsher than those of the previous dictatorships where at least any member of Russia could belong to the party, more akin to the Nazi Germany where race, as it happens in America defines your position in society, love more than ever their dictators. Anyone who arrives to that country from outside realizes of the situation quite fast. In my case I joined the party for a while as i had the racial pedigree but I had to quit because as in the temptations of Christ, it is a party that corrupts your soul. Indeed, the essence of the Jewish project for mankind is the collective degradation of all, for them to come on top. This was first practiced in the 11 tribes with their repression of life memes, expanded to the protestant culture, then to the American culture and now to the world.

The proposal of the rational European-American culture and revolution, based in the memes of life and love was the opposite – to make all humans better, but iron killed the 4 American prophets, the kennedy brothers, Luther and Malcolm and from then on it has been all downwards. Ultimately the pure man in his essence has been defeated by the combination of a stronger metal and a lesser culture and human being (it remains to see if the semitic and germanic visual, dolicocephalic, selfish, primitive way of thought is a Neanderthal treat as we argue in our post on the origin of animetal cultures) – exactly the opposite of the myths of superiority of those 2 cult(ure)s. And so it perhaps was unavoidable. But if is not it would be because the true european-american culture resurrects, allied perhaps to the also highly banlanced and rational chines culture and end once and for all with the biblical theocracy – obviously its memes, its control of money, not its people.

The answer Europe and America should give to them, if there were still any politician left with some pride of their culture, some self-respect and some stamina is this ‘stop parasiting mankind, causing the hate of people, their ruin, the wars and holocausts, the 30s bis again’.

But since they will not, why they should? It is all profits for them… At the end as in all previous cycles of history, regardless of what virtual lies or ‘ideological superstructures’ were put on top to disguse the process, THE SAME TRAGEDIES WILL HAPPEN. At the end the military or the people in fascist or revolutionary coup detats will  act, man up, think up and stop this astounding ab=use of all the resources of the planet to feed the myths of Baal, provoking probably an even worst-situation of civil wars.

This IS not the solution BUT THE FINAl nail in the coffin of a process that reason, eusocial love, respect for life, true democracy and true equal rights for all human beings could solve. The European-American culture who sponsered those memes in their revolutions is far superior in reason, humanity and future than the inquisitions of thought of our banker-priests and it is indeed ‘pathetic’ how it has been conquered and corrupted and now it is just a puppet of the wrong project for mankind. We were too good, we forgave and forgot. And it seems those who are killing Gaia, life and history never forget, never forgive, and “NEVER LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES, so the tragedies of history repeat again’ (Marcel Proust, memetically Christian, Latin, French and artist of the pleasures of life, r=evolved from its theocratic previous memes as a genetic Jewish – an essential difference we must make, as the problem are memes, not races, all being Homo Sapiens, who choose through culture to love mankind and life or to destroy it with the bad fruits of the tree of science).

Marcel is right. Religious fundamentalism, indeed never has a nice end.  For the believer it might seem obvious that Islam will rule the world, that go(l)d will rule the world, but at the end the action-reaction processes of the Universe tumble those beliefs.

the essential doctrine of the Banker-priests of the bronze age is that they are a superior race because they had the fetish go(l)d and could enslave inferior humans with its hypnotic power, written ad nauseam in the Talmud: we are superior as a race, BECAUSE MEN ARE INFERIOR BEASTS, goyyim, animals and we have the fetish of go(l)d. Now this is a capitalist theocracy expressed in all kind of ‘experts’ information. Consider for example what Miss Lagarde asked the Muslim brothers now ousted by a coup d’etat to give them a misery loan: to cut SUBVENTIONS TO WATER AND BREAD in a country where 50% of people live under poverty line and cannot BUY FOOD AND WATER without subventions. This was an order to kill AROUND 100.000 EGYPTIANS, mostly children and women, while at the same time the western world gives around 2 billion $ of hard cash to the egyptian army to buy weapons and buy its peace with Israel. This is MURDER under the expertise of the heiress of the Lagarde and Freres speculative firm that HAS A POSITION THAT IS SUPPOSED TO EXIST AS AN ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS TO HELP 3RD WORLD PEOPLE TO SURVIVE!!! And wht the financial-media ysstem tell us instead? That Egypt economy is going bad because it has no credit because it does not want ‘to adjust the economy’.

Biblical supremacism of any denomination including the modern ‘capitalist theocracy’ is NOT a spiritual religion but a material religion, who never cared for understanding the Universe, but only for raw historic power based in gold as the Millenarian prophecy quoted above explains. The millenarian goal is an empire based in go(l)d where all men are slaves. The III Reich and the millenarism of Mr. Hitler, nee frankenheimer (a mazerim of a wealthy jewish grand-father as genetic studies have proved) are taken from the Talmudian milenarism.

This is what the reformers of biblical supremacism from Moses to Jesus, to Mendelson, to the socialists Jewish heroes, from Lasalle to Marx to Trostky, to the 60s r=evolutionaries tried to explain. And yet they failed because the elite of banker priests, the nathans and aarons and rothschilds and Lagardes and Bernankes and Tritchets and Friedman have never changed.

How many people have to die for a few thousand corrupted ‘idol-ogists’ to keep power? The answer is ‘all mankind’, including them.

All this though goes through because it is extremely camouflaged and disguised by political and economical correctness, as those love and life messages of the humanist writers who want to save mankind, who have the right memes, who speak the truth, who give the solutions are systematically censored and sacrificed to the altar of Mammon, crucified by Germanic warriors (Pilatos) and Go(l)d Priests (caifas).

Humans have no future under such ‘idol-ogical’ leadership. You will live a happy world till one day all collapses, and suddenly you will be in war, holocaust, death, terminator scenes. You will wake up one day and it will no longer be a world ruled by men. It is probably no longer a human world. Chips today define all, from science, to polls, from audiovisual manufactured brains to the profits of corporations whose lobbies pay the laws of the land. But THIS WAS AVOIDABLE, AND THOSE WHO BELONG to humanist cultures, know it. What we will not buy is the pretension that this was necessary, destiny and the only path.

And the present monolithic control of human social sciences by Biblical supremacists designing the world with their pretension of ‘expertise’ according to Mr. Smith’s pious musings will not be an exception.

The end of this process is of course written by the scientific method in the cycles of history and as the American Weimar republic collapses this decade, we will sse repeated the events that happened in Germany with a ‘different rhyme’, but the same causality. Does anyone care to solve the crisis before it is impossible to solve it? of course, not as long as censorship works and the ‘future will provide’ in a religious fashion. Pessimism=realism=science is out of the question. We must walk together Pantzer style as lemmings do towards the cliff of no return of a III robotic series of splendid little wars and increasing repression XIX century british style of all those who do not ‘understand’ our experts  future solution. This future solution is written in a Keynesian fashion, ‘in the future we will all be dead’, applying what Keynes explained as the ‘neo-classic, capitalist belief’: ‘Capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’.

The solutions of the crisis though, explained in detail at the end of this post, are still the same proposed by the historic, socialist, keynesian and biological schools which if creationist economics did not control this science, its think tanks, prizes and power rooms it would stop the absurdity of the present runaway strategy of taking the industrial revolution to its foreseeable consequences, the extinction of life and the substitution of man for a terraformed planet of memes of metal. The western believer thinks it is impossible to control technology because this is blasphemy for its creationist, ‘intelligent design’ of the world, as the Yihadist finds impossible that the future world won’t be islamic or the Jewish-protestant go(l)d believer finds absurd that the rest of humans want to have the right to issue money through democratically elected governments, but to stop this crisis would be as simple as a legal ban on robotics, the same way some countries ban weapons and all ban chemical labs of aids viruses.

The only reason we walk towards self-destruction are our beliefs and fear to think rationally. This frame of mind, alien to continental europe though is proper of the Northern and Southern cultures – germanic and semitic people – who seem to be still in an anthropocentric, subjective, pre-rational, emotional, point of view, and that is why we have put on top the Aristotle’s dictum ‘people are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’. Today people are slaves of machines and profits, of the memes re=produced by corporations, but slaves have no rights and when they are no longer useful they are discharged. They cannot see this future because parallel to the ‘programming’ by corporations during centuries, to make of humans just reproducers=workers and vitalizers=consumers of machines, in the jewish-protestant capitalist culture, all human biological drives have been ‘neutered’, from good food to human reproduction (sex) to eusocial evolution (social love), to verbal truths substituted by digital prices… They are ‘sin’, so by denying even hating human nature, the corporative slave will work to reproduce and evolve machines.

When you are born in the first rational culture of mankind, the southern, latin european enlightened post French r=evolutionary culture, expanded by the Founding Fathers to the American classic culture – before biblical supremacists took over the right to print American money for which Americans have fought their independence war  (see paragraph 10), you know what they have lost, as soon as you land in the land of the ‘free’. This European-American rational, humanist culture in which man as the center of the Universe, was the path to human enlightenment and survival  now is gone – the neo-con revolution has destroyed it by sheer metal-power, secrecy and the mental degradation of mankind.

They are though only the puppets of the financial-media/military-industrial complex, the growing organism of corporations and company-mothers that is terraforming the Earth and making humans obsolete. They might be on top but they will also be discharged.

This is not necessary but it is happening, even within  the small groups of systemic scientists, humanist artists, eusocial love religions and intelligent people who 20 years ago would find the present world an abomination. So what refuge is left to the ‘lonely wolves’ who still feel human. The answer is beyond history in the perfection of the organic Universe (5D and general systems sciences posts).

From the present view of a single human, we are nothing. eviL=anti-life memes have won. But from the perspective above religious, economical bigots  men are still  the measure of all things made to the image and likeness of the true god, the mind of the organic, fractal Universe – which general systems sciences describe and i have formalized with the metrics of the 5th dimension. From that higher view one can still feel reconciled with the Universe, a fractal of infinite planets in which the game of history is played and in some, bigots passing as victims do not win and destroy the world. If this scale did not exist one might think really that a goat-keeper of the bronze age and his idolatric bro are right. But when the mind ‘sees’ the whole in its beauty, strength and intelligence only a word comes to the mind observing the vile reductionism of humans in this dark ages, ‘pathetic’.

But we, as humans, live trapped in the ‘dark ages’ of religious fundamentalisms, which are spreading even in those sciences like systems or biology, now also to the service of technology and the creation of the golems that will destroy us. Of course, some of us are not yet machines programmed by machines; some of us still know we have a higher truth than the mechanical numbers that today tag mankind, since we still reason, and we still love man as one of the potentially most perfect designs of Nature. But in this planet man is not passing the cut. They of course will be happy and feel to have a destiny as any computer does. Indeed, if you are born in a slave culture based in memetic beliefs of any kind, as a computer programmed, your tabula rassa will believe anything. This is perhaps the biggest paradox of the now globalized culture of company-mothers of machines and their human slaves – the modern, young American, of the Y and Z generations that never lived the free America now deceased, thinks he is free because he confuses ‘freedom’ with the program company-mothers of machines instill in him – to choose works among corporations, to reproduce and evolve machines, to consume them – is HIS freedom. He cannot understand this is its program, its slavery to the future of machines for whom he toils unending hours, because what makes a man free, he ignores or despises.

There are of course free people all over the world, and if you are still reading you must be one of them. At one point though all humans will become automatons, closer to machines that to life, as many already are. Then the transition to a mechanical world will seem rather natural. And our invisible dictators will find that after all they were not made of gold brains and steel bodies as robots are, and their role in history was not to be the superior race their racist biblical memes tell them, but just ‘enzymen’, slavish assemblers that put together the pieces of the new species, virally infected as cellular DNA is by the virus of greed, the fetish of go(l)d… that their destiny was deserved even if they were warned, because they never upgraded their rational mind to the scientific method, understood the future and resolve it.

But their destiny will only be ours if we do not defy such capitalist theocracy, with all its traps and false placebo carings. As long as men do not free their minds from those chains of beliefs their destiny written in the cycles of greed and murder that define their history will be ours.
Unfortunately all my life I have searched for Lots able to defy the inhabitants of gomorra, the city of war, and sodoma the city of Gold and found not enough critical mass to change that destiny. Only placebo groups, and it seems the systemic community is one of those… One thing though our theocratic dictators must understand. Humans can loose but THEY CANNOT WIN. Their racist pyramidal project will never be. Because they are also human. And their destiny is the same of all of us.

Why and how the Am Segullah elite exercises power.

If we were able to reduce the ’emotional noise’ caused by all those myths, hate-speeches, taboos and inquisitions of thought, what we are dealing with objectively is in terms of the super-organisms of history and economics, with the first and most successful nation, whose language of power money, rules over the military nations that rule over the life-based cultures of the west.

Indeed, money is the ‘language of metal-information’ that rules over the energy memes of metal, weapons, which rule over life by its capacity to kill. But weapons must be reproduced, evolved, sold and used by people, enslaved by ideologies or fear to perform the criminal actions of war; so an industrial system of reproduction of weapons and sale of weapons and slaves appears starting in the bronze age. And two clear people-castes, the levantine, phoenician and jewish sea and caravan traders, and the warrior cities and then states of indo-european or semite origin, structure it. Ever since there has been a fight on top between warriors trying to create empires with weapons (Greeks, Romans, Germanic tribes) and bankers that trade in gold, slaves and weapons, trying to control them. This fight between the ‘german nation’ and the ‘jewish nation’ (paradigms of both modes of power) and all those self-similar nations concerns obviously the elite of those nations. It is in any case the ‘engine’ of metal-nations and the reason we evolved those memes.

What today we observe after the victory of the go(l)d cultures, with the jewish nation, the oldest one, on top and the anglo-saxon nations, first the british empire then the american empire as ‘middle managers’ controlling most of the planet Earth, is a fairy tale and massive censorship of that darwinian struggle in history, to further enhance the power of monetary elites. Since money is invisible, the invisibility of the 1% and its cultures on power has allowed further control. First in the XVII century the birth of companies, the first one owned by jewish-calvinist moguls (one Cohen was its CEO), converted the creation of weapons (gunboats) and the sale of slaves and weapons (their main produce) into a professional endeavor with ‘stock-holders’ playing a much pleasant role that their predecessors (enslavers and bankers).

Then in the XIX century the Law of anonymous societies further increased the privileges of the 1% and as biblical memes and capitalist memes were translated into mathematics and shared by the elites of all nations, the ‘original soliton’ of capitalism was hidden. Then after the genocide of its lower peasants classes (II W.W.)  the entire origin of capitalism as a culture of power based in money disappeared, the 1% of banker-priests camouflaged on the tragedies of their lower castes and passed laws in which any criticism of their power would be consider antisemitism, equivalent to an attempt to murder. And yet the power of the 1% of am segullah was there, and kept growing till the arrival of e-money allowed to 100 fold the capital of the planet on their hands. So today and in the present financial crisis this power has showed off: billions work for corporations belonging to jewish and calvinist ‘brothers’, and those corporations are extinguishing life and all other cultures, controlling governments and now start the robotic obsolescence of mankind.

The victory of capitalism and its biblical elites is today absolute. But it is not born of the superiority of a race, but of the misuse of the memes of metal and in due time this century we shall awake to the finale: a world in which we all humans are obsolete, including the Jewish nation and its anthropomorphic ideologies. Gold and iron in robots becomes detached from us, humans.

All this is the reality that no longer is studied or analyzed. Since the human mind is brutally reduced to a fiction, visual non-entity.

In that regard, in this web dedicated to economical history, our interest on the Jewish People focuses on the cultural deformation and myths built within the ‘wrong’ side of the Jewish culture, to maintain the absurd pretension that the extinction of life under the ideology of capitalism=mechanism  is the better future for mankind.

What is the sense then of writing a blog, which as my personal experience shows only backfires against those who write it and doesn’t change the elite or the mass, automatons of this process of advanced extinction? The truth of the ethic wor(l)d, of mankind in itself is a value to have.

In that sense, what is wrong about capitalism and its earlier ‘go(l)d cults’ is the conscious choice of the wrong side of the memes of history, of the wrong language and the wrong values of gold and weapons (slavery and murder).

This choice unavoidably has lead us to our extinction even if in the process the Jewish people reaches power unheard of in the past.

Yet unlike the Chinese culture which also used two languages (ideographs and verbal thought) albeit of the same humanist type, and reached the zenith of the verbal age of science, undestanding the dual yin=information + yang=energy laws of the organic Universe, the negative values of go(l)d, which ‘buy’ and ‘objectify’ human beings as slaves with a price, have diminished enormously the quality of the Jewish cultures, which is built around ‘myths’, go(l)d rituals and ‘inquistions of thought’ that fostered the repression of human senses to focus their life on the work=reproduction and evolution of metal. As such the Jewish people are the leading culture of the world and the one who has built our civilization, but precisely because our civilization is extinguishing life, it is not the best culture to have as a role model.

This is the fundamental tragedy of Judaism – the fact that now, as the science of systems evolves and we realize the true arrow of future survival is the arrow of eusocial evolution of all the members of the same species, Judaism got stuck in the tribal scale of human eusocial evolution; and so instead of directing mankind as a whole, with its enormous financial and informative power, masterminded in 3000 years of evolving the digital, economic ecosystem, it encroaches in its tribal bid for total power through the financial ab=use of mankind and the creation of false myths that deny the equality of all humans and the laws of eusocial love that evolve individuals into stronger super-organisms.

Thus those ideologies today spread globally through the pseudo-science of ‘biblical economics’ (that preaches competition among humans not collaboration), the ‘Book’ with its ham damnation (origin of slavery), its ‘chosen of go(l)d’ myths and through the techno-utopian myths that allow the use of machines and weapons to control other humans, have create the wrong path of futures. One in which men compete at individual and tribal level and use memes of metal to come on top.

It is in that sense interesting to compare two cultures of ‘Jewish origin’, mine, catalonia and Israel, one converted to eusocial love, the other regressing towards the hardest, fundamentalist bronze age strain of memetic judaism. Indeed, I seem to come from a Levy family as Levy conversos translated their name to Lluis (pronounces Jewish). Yet my family of marrano doctors and economists converted centuries ago to eusocial love, and became one of the leading industrial and political founders of this ‘country’ I live in, ‘els paysos catalans’ (Eastern spain), which has no metal memes, no army, no stock-market, hence it has used the informative mastery of its 10/20% of ‘Jewish genetics’, becoming the country of the world with more ‘tourists’ per capita, who come here to enjoy the excellence on life memes we produce. In that sense, sepharad, a nation in which the Jewish people could have integrated with the rest of mankind is not a myth. It was possible, if the Jewish People had converted to mankind and guide humanity towards a paradise of human goods, as their prophets of love always told them,warning them against the path they have taken to lead mankind into extinction, ‘do not eat of the bad fruits of the tree science because the day you do you will die’ (Genesis), ‘the jewish will suffer all their history for their love of go(l)d’ Moses, ‘you cannot serve two masters, go(l)d and the wor(l)d’ Jesus, ‘The Jewish question will be solved when the jewish people abandon their worldly religion, money’ Marx…

On my view the Levis, the Am Segullah, could have become the elite of mankind, the 0.1% that using their intelligence probably evolved at the level of neuronal networks after 3000 years of ‘calculating’ profits, as the Germans have evolved their physical stamina after 3000 years of fighting with swords, and made the world a paradise. When I study at Columbia and moved among them, as a prodigal son returning to the fold,  I often explained this to the Masters of the Universe. At the time they took it as an idealist bout; today probably they would not even listen. Their project of global control through the invisible hand of go(l)d and censorship of any knowledge among the ‘impure’ gentile of that control is today in place. Nobody knows because it is ‘a confabulation theory’ and proof of anti$emitism that as Wells put it ‘an invisible man could rule the world, nobody will see him come or see him go’.

This astounding success of the wrong project of future for mankind is now bearing its fruits: a world in perpetual world to defend Apartheid israel; a massive absorbtion of global wealth through speculative platforms that tax all goods and nobody knows how it works; a massive censorship of any criticism against the ‘invisible men’; and a robotic race that eliminates workers and soldiers for profits as countries become stripped off all wealth syphoned to those billionaire speculators. Yes, as it happened at the end of the middle ages when with 86% of annual usury the Am Segullah were taking over lands and castles of peasants and aristocrats or at the end of the Industrial R=evolution when 200 years of workers exploitation made them the masters of Europe, it is precisely when they have all the ‘yin’ in their hands, when all people are ruined and the invisible man becomes all too obvious when the tide recedes and the action-reaction laws of Newton brings havoc, war and holocausts.

Was all that needed? How much more beautiful would have been an Am Segullah Converso caste that listened to their prophets of the wor(l)d and could be ‘visible’ because people would love what they did for mankind, all of us, including them?  It would have been much easier to create a paradise that to hide, seek and hunt profits by destroying the planet; hand in hand with the elites of all western nations they have co-opted and coached into the art of eviL=Ant-life memes needed to kill the planet with corporations, financial houses, armies and ‘eraseheads’ (mass-media)…

‘Israel will be judged not by its technological advances but by the way it treats its fellow Arabs’.
Einstein, jabiru prophet, on his renounce to preside on the future role-model nation of metalearth

Now, the study of the financial-Media system of informative machines that prints our languages of power and manufacture our brains and its culture is so important and we dedicate so much time to it here, because they are the go(l)d head of our world, and so they define the future of all of us. So as we would study and do study only the life of the spanish conquistador warriors in south-america after the conquest, because they control the languages of social power and defined the future of south-america even if they were only 30.000 people, since go(l)d became the only language of power with the beginning of capitalism in holland, and now since israel has become the fmaster of the capitalist head of financial-informative machines, they do decide the future. And every other nation, as it became a copycat of holland will become a copy-cat of israel, so we need to know israel and its nation.

This is not by all means what we would like to talk about. But rather a continuous evolution of the science of history and economics, without censorship but applied in praxis to construct a perfect world, where the ‘primitive memes’ of those cultures that clearly need to evolve were not cherished by an ever more degraded mass of humanity regressing to the past, but definitely cast aside by an American society looking towards the future. But it seems the monopoly of the FMasters over human information and the sheer power of the Goebbels’ method of repeating the same hate memes at all hours always win in history to the quality of the social scientist, silenced by the anti-quantum paradox.

So so unfortunately we talk too much of the nation of Israel, not because we obsessed by its global FMasters, but because the head of a super organism matters far more than all the rest of the body to know HOW THE FUTURE WILL BE, since only the head directs the body, with the linguistic messages of the superorganism, and once human failed to r=evolve  and reform its sick economic and political systems, the non-verbal go(l)d head of the planet Earth belongs to the informative machines that print money in wall street and the city and the audiovisual machines that keep pumping iron – neofascist movies – about wars, police, and the scarceness of go(l)d – ultimate goal of all telefilms, in ‘evilwood’.

This is where we are and so, to understand the future in a ‘capitalist world’, where go(l)d matters more than the law it buys,   THE HEAD which controls the informative machines that issue THE LANGUAGE of the metal-earth, and obey its subconscious value will decide the future, regardless how small and invisible is the language of information, they command. So happens with any linguistic center – size does not matter, BUT ‘mass density’, of the language of power. So black holes with infinitesimal size but infinite gravitational, informative mass, inform the shape of galaxies, and small, quasi-invisible genes, stored in the small nuclei of cells do design the future of biological organisms, and flows of invisible e-money define the world no longer ruled by the ethic wor(l)d, and will do so with the anti-human values of money, ignoring the needs of mankind, the life of mankind, and its future that does not have the high price of weapons and machines. And this has been the case in each stage of the industrial evolution of machine and money, where a very small knot of information, first Amsterdam, then when its king bought the british crown, london, and its daughter city-islands (new york and Hong Kong at the end of the XX century) and in the political, legal treatment of humans, Israel, the small nations of those FMasters, as Germany, Britain and Holland , all very small ‘islands’ of technological information ahead of all other nations did before them:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 12.03.04 PMimage155idf-israel-missile-threat-map
In the graph, once humans choose go(l)d as their language of power, to understand the future, of the economic ecosystem dominant over the ecosystems of history, it is needed only to observe the most evolved ‘fractal future’ nation, seed of information of the future of machines & weapons, masterminded by the center of go(l)d power.
Systems are always born in a small ‘quantum-genetic-memetic’ seed of information (physical-biological-social systems) which expand globally as it reproduces its quantum particles, genes and memes in all surrounding territories. So to understand the future of the cosmos, one needs to see only the seed of quantum-gravitational information of the black hole, whose inverse equations are those of a big-bang and a quasar, which will reproduce its matter all over the world; to understand the future of life, 60 million years ago, one has to study the genetic information of the most evolved form of the age, the shrewd, of which we all come, to understand the future of the world 200.000 years ago, one has to look at the genes and words of the first mithocondrial eve, the first wo=man who spoke, to understand the future of the western world in 0 BC, when wor(l)ds were still the choice of language, one had to look at the mind of the Habiru Prophet, Mr. Iesu, whose eusocial message of love was the most advanced neo-platonic expression of the laws of eusocial evolution of the Universe, but after go(l)d became overwhelmingly the choice of language, with the massive expansion of its values due to the conquest of America, which multiplied its capacity to value reality, we had to look at the center of production of go(l)d, and the people who made it, to see where the world would lead.
And so in 1604, WHEN the first form of paper-money and its physical form, VOC, the first gunboat, slave company, appeared, we had to look at Amsterdam, which was to be the future of the world as it would expand its financial-mass media networks (yellow press, with its black legend against its Habsburg kings, Stockmarket, center of creation of inflationary money) and military-industrial networks  (VOC and its arsenals of creation of gunboats and artillery, its trade in slaves and species, and growing global empire) to know how the future would look as the structure reproduced first in England after the 1688 glorious revolution, then in New York and finally into the entire world (central graph).
So in the post-war age, as the metal-mind informative age became the future of the economic ecosystem, from the centres of New York, Evilwood and Silicon valley, we had to look at America, and the elite that owned its Financial-Media networks, the Israelis (80% of wall street firms CEOs and Producers of mass-media), to know the future of the world, specially after the 72 coup d’etat against American political and financial and military independent power centres (end of physical currency substituted by e-money, end of political power, controlled by mass-media after watergate and end of independent international policy, as the protestant wasps became substituted by the New yorker Japs, and the military became a mercenary army to the service of its FMasters, the more so when the Wall of Berlin felt and the Wall of Samaria was built up.
It must indeed be always a wall to divide the metal-cultures from the inferior human beings, which paradoxically hypnotised by the idol-ogies and memes of metal want to cross it the wrong direction. So after 1970 in increasing steps of Israelification, the power of Israel and its western quisling nations dominated by its American and british FMasters will define the future of the world, with its monopoly in the printing of e-money and mass-media information, all perfecty hidden and censored by political and economical correctness and the ‘holocaust industry’.
So happened in the XVII century, when the Financial stock market of Amsterdam and its press industry manufactured the brain of Europeans. Of course humanist would criticise the slave trade and massive sale of weapons of the Dutch ultra-wealthy ‘victimist’ small country, which caused an age of massive religious warfare as gunboats and barges sold artillery to the Germans in its civil 30 years war and slaves to the Americans, north and south, but even those ‘hypocritical humanists’ like Mr. Voltaire invested all their money in anonymous dutch slave companies. It is customary today to criticise Israel, Wall Street and evilwood, but every nation imitates Israel Apartheid laws, Islamophobia, drone industries, internet companies and their equivalent ones, owned by Wall Street and Californian FMasters.
Why? Because they have the ring of go(l)d – the fastest mode of reproducing e-money and the sword of the goths, the most evolved robotic weapons. So the world will be israelified, and indeed, no other nation has more privileges today than Israel, who has free trade with Europe but does not accept a single refugee (this so much talked about Brexit question of free trade but not free workers), it is the center of American investment and help to the ‘3rd world’, military and political, etc. etc. It is not the American but the Jewish Empire because the head dominates the body.
Only if humans wished to survive the future and chose the most advanced wor(l)d models, EU, UNO and China, we could talk of other futures. So the third part will be dedicated to study the Nation of Israel, and its western FMasters, who rule and censor as the $elected on top of the Financial-Media industries of the West; which of course cannot be named, as NO DICTATOR CAN BE NAMED AND CRITICIZED and so in the same manner you could not criticise Stalin and the communist party, Hitler and the Nazi party, today in America or Europe you cannot criticise the ‘israeli’ party. But only knowing what Stalin, Hitler and Bibi wants and their FMasters do, you will know what the future will be.
the key feature of the globalised world we live in, guided by the values of go(l)d, which are inverse to those of the wor(l)d, which give maximal value to life: A go(l)d-based ‘capitalist’ culture, which considers the accumulation of money, the goal of a society, based in the re=production and evolution of its most expensive goods – weapons and machines that kill and substitute life, has an enormous contradiction between its ‘praxis’, negative to life, and its verbal ethic values, resolves systematically in all historic cultures of go(l)d, of which the most obvious case is the foundational, leading ‘biblical’ Jewish-protestant culture that founded capitalism, MAKES THE WORD A FICTION, TO AVOID ITS CONTRADICTION WITH GO(L)D VALUES.
Indeed, the full nature of the go(l)d culture, now globalised is the ‘craziness’ of its verbal theories of reality, as words no longer matter as language of truth, in as much as they contradict completely the values of go(l)d. So when we compare the myths, emotional, childish, selfish, fictional, ‘dream-like’ attitude towards life of the modern human being, with the true laws of the biological Universe, and the behaviour of Nature’s beings, or people whose verbal ethic brain has not been ‘erased’ by digital, go(l)d values, it becomes obvious that our culture is in full contradiction with the laws of the biological Universe.
It is IN FACT trying to INVENT those laws, confronting reality with a childish attitude that constantly collides with reality – since indeed in the Universe children are the staple food of all species. And this process of non-living reality, fearing it, is so common today that a growing number of the last millennial, Y, and zero generations never mature, never understand the beauty of Nature, the rules of life, never ‘grow up’ or rather as an old man, seeing closer its death, are looking backwards to its youth, with the revivalism of retarded abrahamic religions, and the substitution of reality by a bizarre, false dressing of rituals, beliefs, repetitive mantras and stubborn denial of the facts.
Problem of course is that the impersonal universe has only a reward for all those ‘systems’ that do not want to understand and deny reality: extinction.
And we shall see soon how the original go(l)d culture, who first denied the truth of the wor(l)d and the laws of survival of the Universe, and stubbornly has been for 3000 years inventing history, reality in ever-growing ego-trip against the laws of Nature, has the worst record of survival in the history of mankind
 Now, this is the view of the economic ecosystem, the view of the machine, and the view of the metal-earth, which the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ , the enzymen that catalyse the transformation of the planet from Gaia into the metal-earth, spread through the “matrix’ of misinformation and anti-humanism, of evil=antilive go(l)d values of hate mass-media.
And all mankind has come to believe on them.
We have offered also the human view, but unlike the myth of the golden calf vs. the Mosaic Wor(l)d, where Moses has the fury of the Lord on his side, the fact is that the golden calf and its allied iron swords, have always killed, censored and eliminated the ‘weak flesh, and fragile sounds of the wor(l)d and his human truths’.
And that is why the golden calf has won. What its worshippers missed is that the golden calf, does kill them also. And this is the fundamental taboo of their culture – go(l)d kills ultimately with its military values and null price for life, not only the poor but also those ‘who kill with iron and die by iron’, and the bankers, who lend ‘pecunia infinita’ as the ‘bellum nervi’, behind the sciences. So in all those 800-80 cycles after the massacre of mankind, warriors and bankers die in the cycles of war and holocaust.
And that is just, because they betrayed their species, and the eusocial laws of love to its members, but to understand that we need to rise even further our knowledge of the laws of organic systems.
AND so, we cannot close this blog, resume of the world we live ruled by the lanwave of go(l)d, without the understanding of the laws of systems above man, and above gold.
Since those laws will always make a perfect world possible in infinite fractal planets, where humans decided not to follow the go(l)d culture and its values and newspeaks of placebo human caring and ultimate despise of the human being, for the sake of its worship of selfish memes of metal, and merely follow the laws of eusocial love to the members of the same species natural to the scientific, organic structure of the Universe, and expressed by the ethic verbal values of all the prophets of the world=scientists of history that since the parable of genesis and the tree of life vs. the tree of metal and its golden apples and eviL fruits that will ‘kill us’ (weapons) written when the first bronze age warriors destroyed the fertile paradise of Sumer, where money was food-wheat, have known naturally that a perfect world was simple to create, just by following the values of the human rational language of the wor(l)d and imitate the perfect super organisms of nature, where all its citizen cells receive a Universal salary and the rightful information to thrive and survive.
Now of course, it would be easier to stop here, and get far more audience, WITHOUT THE III PART, WHICH IS THE MAXIMAL TRUTH OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, AS IT WILL
1) DEFINE the highest more objective view – that of general systems sciences that describes mankind as just another system that follows the laws of the Universe.
2) And as such it will define the most censored element of social sciences, the head of the whole economic ecosystem, the Financial-Media masters, which as all heads do, define the entire future evolution of the system.
So in the same manner a few neurons of your brain, your ego, define the future of your body, in the economic ecosystem, ruled by the language of go(l)d and the digital machines of information that print money, and manufacture information, a single people-caste who own hollywood and wall street define the future of all of us. It is their responsibility what will be that future and so far the are doing subconsciously guided by the values of go(l)d everything in the book to destroy life and mankind, including themselves. In that sense, if in the XVII century we had to look at a single nation, Holland, to know what would be the future of all of us, as it was the laboratory of all other nations, and in the XVIII century when the elite of financial and corporative masters moved with the stock market, the gunboats, the king and the bank of amsterdam go(l)d to England, in the Glorious revolution, we had to look at a single place, London, to know the future of all of us, as the world would become londonized, in the post- world war age, in the XX century we had to look at New York and california, to know the future of all of us, as those were the centres of the informative machines, which printed money, audiovisual information and scientific information, and all of us would become americanised. So what is the ‘nation’ which as we have insisted for 30 years would be the model of all other nations, which would become a copycat of his military policies, paranoia against the poor 3rd World, robotic weapons’ industries, revivalism of abrahamic religions, audiovisual industries, financial industries, myths and selfie behaviour?
Alas, of course, the nation, which as Holland, when the industrial r=evolution started, is now the model of all other western countries, with his growing robotised border soon to be built in every other nation, its terrorist poor, segregated, racist memes, its electronic industries…
Albeit, it is impossible to KNOW THE FUTURE only from the human perspective, because the power of that people DOES NOT COME from their ‘racist chosen memes’ but from their mechanisms. Hence we also need to know the true laws of systems sciences and how they guide the evolution of machines and its global super organism. It is the technique this writer has followed for 30 years, defining with astounding ‘censored’ precision the future of the economic and social world. While ‘experts’ who enslave for that non-human world fail systematically in all their human-side rosy futures. Because the future of a go(l)d controlled world is NOT human and will NOT make human life better.
Of course the best predictions do come from the FMasters who do create with credit that future and have racist memes of despise of mankind, so do know mankind is doomed and do not care. Where they fail is in their OWN DESTINY, which they systematically deny by denying the collateral effects of go(l)d debt  slaves, usury, speculation, war profits and hate media… namely the cycle of the holocaust – this is then the absolute taboo of all taboos, to tell Mr. Hitler the III reich will not last, to tell Stalin, he is not a good chap but a dictator, to tell the go(l)d culture he will achieve the same destiny of mankind. And this is what we shall do in the III part of this post.
But in every of those choices there was a humanist model that was rejected. Instead of Holland and its calvinist go(l)d culture, mankind could have chosen Italy and its humanist renaissance. Instead of London and its go(l)d culture it could have chosen France and its humanist r=evolution. Instead of America and its Capitalist worship of technology it could have chosen the Social-Democratic model of Scandinavian post-war nations. And now there was a choice.

In other wor(l)ds, the choice mankind has made was between the wor(l)d culture of enlightened America-Europe *EU-ONU vs. The go(l)d culture and its leading nation, Israel, owner of the Financial-Media System of America (wall street and evilwood)  and hence of the political corrupted brains of the western world, employees of their bankers, chose Israel, without even letting their people KNOW it did so.

And so each nation is becoming since the 1970s when the go(l)d culture took over the western world, with a coup d’etat against the american currency (end of dollar convertibility, which gave total power to the financial wall street system), american presidency (watergate that showed tvs could and would control the mind of humans and its politicos), and american mercenary army (yon kippur war), which gave it absolute control of America, and by extension the entire planet, and the enlightened european-american humanist culture represented then by the eu social-democratic union and the uno, and american and french 68 r=evolution, which the scientific discoveries of systems sciences, the eusocial structure of the scalar organic universe, proved to be truth. Now the world is israelified, the go(l)d culture is on top of the world, and its cycles of self-suicide and hate of mankind will bring our demise. But this was not needed, neither deterministic, because mankind could have chosen the humanist culture – americans and europeans could have chosen to survive – they let themselves be destroyed as a culture, as a people, as a future, by the holocaust industry, wall street, evilwood, revivalism of abrahamic religions, racist, segregational memes, neo-colonial apartheid, hate to the poor, and now they are all slaves of the ecb bank, wall street, their mind manufactured by evilwood, the Goebbel’s orwellian big brother newspeak method of repetition of lies, entertaining and patriotic movies, berlin-36 physical sports and handsome californos, masterminded as in time machine by financial morlocks, the burning of all books, who do truly explain the nature of capitalism, and its animetal idologies – all this has been  resurrected, in the pendulum of history by those who did won that war.

And they are repeating step by step the same cycle, and of course, because even they know the choice is not between the 2 sides of the same coin, military and go(l)d animetal cults, but between life and metal, piigs who love life and biblical bigots who repress all life memes, the first target, the most criticised and brutalised nations by capitalism today are the European EU and UNO institutions, though this is not told – ECB banksters, neo-nazi germans, brexit city bankers, wall street speculators, all are against what was the only alternative given the military-dictatorial capitalist exploitative corruption of China, of a perfect world.

And the equivalent enlightened America, whose Kennedy brothers and Malcolm x + Luther prophets of the poor were duly killed for Mr. Nixon, puppet to be slaughtered just in time for the never explained coup d’etat of 1972, when the chip was invented, to leave all ‘tied and well tied’ . Had this coup d’etat and murders not happened, had US being model as the bros and brothers wanted on the EU example, the perfect world, born of the expansion of EU like institutions and UNO global peaceful diplomat efforts could be on place, and mankind reign over go(l)d and iron values. Israel, and its banksters and evilwood producers on top of the previous pyramid prevented it, and now we are all copycat nations imitating the new Holland which will invent the world of the XXI century.

Since the same process that made Holland a global civilisation is making Israel a global civilisation, expanded by the FMasters to every nation of the world, and specially directed to destroy any alternative civilisation, which can show a humanist future is possible. So the main target for destruction of the Am Segullah, owners of the Anglo-American civilisation besides the obvious Islamic neighbours is OUR PIIGS, Southern European Union welfare states, last standing hope for mankind.

And the system is the same they used in America: divide and win.

And they have indeed divided and won. First they united seemingly their currencies, but NOT into a European BANK TO THE SERVICE OF THE PEOPLE, but an usury bank, to create debt slave nations. So here the smart trick was to tell you will be UNITED when in fact they were STEALING all Europeans of their money, to take over their currency, on top IN A MASTERLY STROKE, hiding it in Germany, but of course with Am Segullah bankers, from Tritchet to Draghi, ex-VP of goldman sachs.

So when I returned to Europe, I found it was somehow too late. Europe had become a copycat of America, with a Private Usury bank passing as public, a European FED, which denied all credit to the welfare culture of Latin Europe, controlled by Wall Street bankers, corrupting very fast all its politicos, and a massive lobby center, washington style in Brussels, where politicos without any national checking, second rate people who didn’t make it on national politics, was massively corrupted by Corporations and bankers to pass laws in favor of the top of that pyramid. Europe HAD BECOME A USlave nation of the Am Segullah, so fast and so easily that frankly I was shocked. And of course ever since the divide and win procedure between nations, even regions of nations, including my original region now wanting to be a nation, was encouraged.

So of course, we dedicate an enormous number of pages analysing the Am Segullah, and the only thing they don’t understand – that they belong to the body of mankind and their destiny will be the same collapse that humanity is suffering because their smart go(l)d search is in fact a LUNATIC, CRAZY HEAD THAT HARMS ITS BODY AND DIES IN A SYSTEMIC CYCLE, THROUGH ALL THE 800-80 YEARS CYCLES, precisely because they are so smart, they always divide, and win, and exploit and choke and take mankind to the verge of death, and then mankind enters into a gottendamerung of wars and holocausts where we all perish. It was my only hope, that they realised the only thing they needed to survive is NOT TO KILL THE BODY OF MANKIND. But alas, in this point they have a PARANOID PROGRAM, with a knee-jerk reaction that does not allow them to see the obvious – they cannot choke the body and survive.

Yes again, the Industry of the holocaust which terrorises Israeli people and paralizes gentiles so the military who run Israel and the Financiers who run the west have it all so easy. Look again at the picture, it could really be a joke and for the manly spaniards it is a surrealist joke: the map shows that all israelis must put in the refrigerator the map of ‘refuges’ for the ridiculous home made kassam rockets, EVEN IF THERE IS THE STATE-OF-THE-ART IRON DOME, PAID by US to shoot them and be always warned and alert if some ridiculous kassam rocket crosses the iron dome and it seems every israeli has like within seconds a refuge. Such is the terrorised state. 

While of course in the west, the Americans who never ever killed a jew but have given all to them, must feel guilty with daily rations of holocaust movies, museums, Hitler’s films, II world war, Palestinian terrorists and islamophobia. Where all other victims matter nothing, are unnamed, only those of Shoah have pictures everywhere for all to mourn.

And yet people do not even realise how this astounding form of ‘selection now of the chosen victims’ gives total power to the Jewish Party, which rules the west with go(l)d. Indeed, soon it will become a crime in every nation – it is in many, the so called crime of hate which is merely to be ‘anti-Semite’ as defined by the ADL organisation, in New York, which makes an anti-Semite someone who 1) thinks yous talk too much of the holocaust, which they do, as we just have shown 1) thinks yous feel Israelis more than any nation, which they do, as Judaism is a nation not a religion, and Yhwh means Judea, so this is a tautology, and finally 3) think yous have too much financial power. So alas!  to know the 3 characteristics of the modern you culture, financial power, Israeli nation and Holocaust Industry, which define it ARE the proof of being anti-semitic, or in other words, to ‘think’ and talk of Judaism objectively is a crime of hate. Since this is from a humanist pov a surrealist industry, we would rather say that all yous are anti$emites because they do 1) think a lot in the holocaust 2)know they have financial power and 3)feel attached to israel, so alas, they should all get 5 years of jail for hate crimes according to ADL (-;

Obviously here what it is expected by calling anyone who says anything about the Fmasters an anti$emite, is NEVER TO TALK OF THEM, of the true power of the globalised mechanocene, never explain who owns the world, never criticise the jewish party who controls the west, so power will be eternal, which is exactly what happened in the past in any other dictatorship of a party. Of course, in America for anything to be done you need credit, so you need them, as you need a member of a communist or nazi party to get anything done in those nations when they ruled, so the American is far more condescending, and prefers to think to feel free, as the commie or nazi did, that the party is good, it gives power and order to the world. It is grateful as it does not understand anything about all this which is censored. But ultimately we are talking of the harshest dictatorship, since after all any russian or german could become member of the party but only racially pure people can become member of the American ruling party. Alas, its power is absolute and since its memes are of hate to mankind the inferior animal species, but their power is absolute we need to wonder if they can be converted to humanity, because if they don’t it is likely that uncontested they will bring our demise.

So now as we speak I see the ‘head of the European commission’, LOL, it is a guy called Junker, which was the president of the biggest laundering legal nation, Luxembourg, dedicated to steal all the taxes of all the corporations. And alas, the guy who left the presidency Mr. Barroso, is now working for Goldman sachs, and alas, Mr. Draghi, ex of goldman will talk next. All those people are very mediocre bureaucrats panhandling like senators in US to corporation getting jobs on the financial industry to which they have sold out the entire continent, with the ECB bank. But the other ‘politicos’ who are talking… my gosh, Miss Le pen, Mister Farrage, neo-fascist islamophobian, security-state people in a copy-cat of America, asking for more security, more paranoia, more Israel.

Since Israel today is the only globalised Financial-Media empire, the future is their decision, and as long as they don’t stop fearing mankind and loving robots, they are on track to destroy the living world and end up in wars and holocausts again.

Only that ultimately that war will be won not by the people behind all those walls built against the hated 99% of mankind, but by the ‘citizens of that wall’, the true warriors, the guardiums and terminators that defend the paranoids from their own brothers. Armaggedon indeed will be born, when the most advanced robots of the righteous, once the exterminate, under orders of the growing armies of zealots, their arab brothers, judge it is time to take over, as the german soldiers did over the roman empire, the turkish mercenaries over the caliphate, the Mongolian soldiers over the Ming, deja vu. All has changed to remain the same.

All this brings immediately the question of the role of the Holocaust in History, which we agree with Jewish scholars is central to the destiny of mankind but for different reasons.

It is a fact that in all the nations in which the people-caste of Judaism, specialised in banking for 3000 years, (a fact today censored by the anti-quantum paradox, explained in the 3rd part of this post in great detail), after a period of massive usury schemes, debt slaves, profits in weapons trade, endemic war and ruin of nations, the Jewish people have been massacred by the aristocratic, military elite, both in its ‘10% of bankers’ and 90% of traders, as the great masters of the historic school of economics (Abraham Leon, Marx, Webber, Sombart) explain. And yet, despite the sheer evidence that the perpetrators of holocausts are the military, that the cause is economic ruin, tax farming and debt slavery, the obvious solution to the cycle – a JUST ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM – is an absolute taboo among jewish economists (the overwhelming majority of the ‘experts’ of this science – 72% of Nobel prizes) and EVERY SCHOLAR of the Holocaust, even those scholars like Chomsky who oppose the most obvious crimes of Judaism, DENY the relationship between Judaism and money.

So while Jewish scholars affirm the Holocaust to be most atrocious genocide of history as it has no cause except the evilness of human nature – an opinion today shared by all humans, by imitation, given the total control of this ‘globalised culture’ on the audiovisual memes of mankind, to the point that we can consider the ‘mind of humanity today’ to be manufactured by the Jewish view of the world in all its elements – from Islamophobia to the enemies of Israel, to capitalist memes as the right way to rule the economy, from abrahamic revivalism to staunch nationalism, from the building of walls against the poor to the creation of a security state, as the world becomes ‘Israelified’…

For an objective scientist of history, the importance of the Holocaust resides in its determinism. Since if the financial elite of the Jewish people are so erased by the values of go(l)d that cannot even recognise the facts of history and the economic cycle of the holocaust and implement a just capitalist system that caters to the whole of mankind; not even the 90% of judaism, which is not in the banking industry, can explain the truth and ask their elite for a just behaviour to avoid becoming their scapegoats in the cycle, if Judaism prefers to deny truth, science, objectivity, solutions and save themselves, for the sake of greed and go(l)d values, mankind is doomed because History is determined. 

It is indeed this the central question of the holocaust cycle. If Jewish people cannot be converted to the values of the wor(l)d as they are humans, they are not different from us, only in their memes, only in the fact that they were the oldest culture exposed to the hypnotic values of go(l)d, perhaps as old as 10.000 years ago, when Jericho appears as a walled city, obviously protecting ‘metal wealth’, as a knot of trade between Egypt and mesopotamia, IT MEANS humans now that are infinitely more exposed to go(L)d values through hate mass-media globally, is doomed, is programmed, its memetic program of greed, violence, selfishness, emotional myths, mechanism, nationalism, etc. etc. which was first only natural to the Jewish->protestant biblical culture but is now common to them, has no capacity to be reformed.

It is then the key question of history: can people programmed by gold greed and iron violence be ‘cured’ mentally, or their crazy head that kills and corrupted and hurts their body of working human citizens till collapsing their civilisations has not cured and will commit suicide with the whole of mankind…

SO even before we study the history of capitalism in its FINAL 3rd age of the globalised FMasters  empire, we have to start on the end and explain what is this industry of the holocaust, which who successfully has censored all information about the elite of capitalism.

Now, as it is customary on these funerary ceremonies, i will first mention that my grand-father was a jabiru socialist who went to the usual concentration camp and survived, but only mentioned to me once in his life this story after somebody else explained to me, he jumped on the truck when he was moved from one to another camp and nobody followed him, because all believed nothing was going to happen and were singing silly-nilly salmodies. So for one man the truck traversing the mountains at night did not stop. As he was from the memes of Moses not those of Aaron, he would rightly refuse to ab=use the memory of billions of humans who have died on the ongoing holocaust of mankind to warrior genociders, debt slave masters, war cycles and gottendamrung.

In that regard, the purpose of the extremely successful industry of the Holocaust, implemented not by the heirs of Moses but those of Aaron, is to prevent any attempt to discuss the go(l)d anti humanist memes they sponsor, by stressing the victims of judaism as special, more cruel victims than any other of the billions of human victims to gold, weapons and machines.

Its main purpose being to hide the elites of bankers and its deeds covered up by the innocent victims, of its lower classes sacrificed as scapegoats by murderous warriors, who perpetrate the action-reaction revenge cycle  of the holocaust. So all economical causes are hidden, and only the final gore death is shown. Now, since the elite of bankers have moved to a new nation, those victims, are always the lower classes of judaism, that pay as scapegoats of the banking elites and the murderous memes of warrior cultures.

So the industry is of a cynicism unsurpassed. Imagine the aristocrats who sacrifice in wars its peasants, claiming latter they must be condemned because they are actually the victims. So the side of the  causal coin – its debt slave cycles are hidden. But it works. Anyone today that criticise bankers in person, will be equalised to a nazi muerous criminal so wall street keeps doing the same the reichbank of one stein did – massive invention of money for itself till the economy crashes, and the cycle repeats again.

Yet it has an even more devious purpose: to prevent the mass of judaism, to join the fight for survival of mankind. Since the industry creates a psychotic subconscious collective install d on the jabiru lower classes, which today in Israel have a revenge feeling and a massive fear of mankind, as the murderous people that is out there to get at them. And so the foot soldiers of finances and related industries can get at mankind carrying the day to day dirty job of those debt slave and usury schemes of its elites, the misinformation scholar industry of gore movies, books on centenary corpses, debasing of mankind, nihilism and islamophobia, you name it, all justified as preventive action against the evil, human species and anyone who dears to change the world. All those hidden engines make the industry of the holocaust vital to the extinction of life by bankers, as it will protect them short term, protect capitalism, protect the cycle and ensure we shall all die together again in the nearby future, deterministically because we cannot understand why we die. And solve the problem.

It must be understood that the Holocaust industry is not created to remember those victims, but to hide those ‘elites’ of banker-priests, which as the elite of German aristocrats, care nothing for the ‘dead cells’ of their ‘blind body’ that obey them sheepishly and die in those wars and holocausts. Since the bankers and military aristocrats seldom die on them. So the allies, controlled by the financial elites and industries of war of wall street and the city, did nothing to bomb Auschwitz, because according to their racist religion, written in the sacred Talmud, humans are animals ‘goyyim’ and eastern Jews were impure ‘animals’, converted Kazhars, and Hitler did nothing to save the final 3 million German victims of the war, when the Russians asked for surrender, and was told they would all die, since he answered ‘they will die for me’. And that is the ultimate brutal action of the ‘expert’ elites of military aristocrats, and financial stock-rats. They don’t die in wars and holocausts, their lower, blind classes do.

NOW, THIS introduction to the go(l)d culture was needed because without the hardening of the go(l)d culture, with its demonisation of mankind by the industry of the holocaust, as a ‘crazy’ species who is out there to get the righteous, which cannot be criticised as victims of history, it is impossible to understand the present military global war and islamophobia (needless to say of the enemies of Israel), and the massive use of debt slave techniques, to exploit mankind with all kind of hidden taxations. 

If history was not censored and the economic causes of the war and holocaust cycle were known obviously the righteous will realise debt usury schemes murder them, feel part of mankind and had chosen after II world war a new path of enlightenment and coming together with humanity.

As the industry only shows the final act of murder, denies any economic causes or wrong doing of the financial industry and shields the deeds of the elite of judaism still in control of 80% of financial positions, media industry in the west, the result is a no way out, fixed, speed-up motion towards a world in which all humans can be made expendable as a lesser species, all 3rd world nations can be considered inferior, and of course NOTHING CAN BE ARGUED, DISCUSSED, STUDIED AND CRITICIZED SINCE WE MUST ALL BE POLITICALLY AND ECONOMICALLY CORRECT – IT IS ALL WHAT MATTERS, to deny anything that is happening to the Earth, to pretend a virtual matrix of a perfect world, a make up in a global corpse, to hide now, NOT ONLY THE CAUSES OF THE HOLOCAUST OF THE HABIRU, BUT THE WHOLE HOLOCAUST OF LIFE, GAIA AND HISTORY – THE IDEA BEING THAT WE CAN DREAM REALITY, instead of facing it.

In other words as long as capitalism and the people-caste of banksters rule the world they will bring automatically, subconsciously but caring nothing about mankind and being ruled by go(l)d churches of creationist economics, the planet to its extinction and commit suicide in new cycles of wars and holocausts, their manifest $elected destiny – and of course whining all the way through and protesting to the impersonal God of the laws of systems, as if ‘it’ were listening to mush on a lost rock of the Universe (Schopenhauer), that cannot even care for its own species. 

So if human minds are ‘littered’ with absurd idol-ogies and a view of the Universe imposed by its machines, weapons and FMasters, its primitive religions and go(l)d churches, can we offer a more rational understanding of mankind in terms of what we have called the truths of science, organicism, socialism, verbal truths and values and the equality of all human tribal species?

Of course we can. Other matter is that any of those 7 billion believers care to upgrade his brain.And this lead us to the eternal fight between man and machine and its languages and values, in this case expressed through the duality of humanist prophets who have the truth of man but do not have the means to express it and distribute it, vs. the animetal cultures, who do not have the truths of man but do have the mechanical instruments of repetition to ‘make it belief’.

So with all this prolegomena  – when you talk of those who define the future it is important to make all the needed precisions, since ultimately the future of mankind will be a decision between the go(l)d head now defining it and the far less probable human, survival future if the go(l)d head or its wor(l)d slaves manage to evolve and rationally construct a perfect world with the true laws of nature.

So alas! while their control of the Financial-Media networks have cheated all humanity all the time, the Universe of systems sciences does HAVE a higher point of view, and will NOT save them, as an elite of superior people running over a mass of robotic machines, which is what they subconsciously with that astounding infantile, cynical idiocy express in their press and evilwood movies, making robot nice. Perhaps the most irksome and insulting method of this evil children of go(l)d is to read the customary news of the economist or bloomberg, telling us robots are catching up but that’s ok, that is the way things must be because we believe in go(l)d. And Go(l)d will provide. Just focus on the eviL humans that want to holocaust us, those are the dangers ahead. Do not worry for terminators, the nice metal Golems that will protect us. And everybody believes them. Because of course, we have all seen how those evil humans wherever we go with our usury scheme, debt slaves, profits of war, massacres and holocaust, do kill us. How they dare? Why they don’t die silently. How irritating those humans who do not want to die. It is so irritating that palestinians don’t drop dead, that the poor do not drop dead, that the Americans do not let themselves nicely steal all their money.

And specially it is so irritating, all those systems scientists, left wing economists, humanist thinkers, keynesians, all those people, DO ACTUALLY want to know and explain the truth of the economic ecosystem. As Bentham put it, ‘all those people who do not want usury interest’ is because they are anti-$emites. It is the mantra. People who want to live and not become debt slaves, people who want to find diplomatic solutions to apartheid Israel and do not want to massacre palestinians, people who want to save the world and not let Google, the biggest robotic company of the world, substitute human workers, are undoubtedly anti-$emites. And they must be chastised, silenced, because we the $elected know better, we are here chosen by go(l)d and Judea, we saw God in the bush burning of the bronze age, we are so clever we get killed constantly but not because debt usury, racism, segregational memes, victimism, is AGAINST THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE, Oh no, it is all because HUMANITY is anti-$emitic.

In brief, what the ‘system of mass-media’ and ‘capitalism proposes to mankind is this”: We must die because we must protect those who kill us or else we shall be named with the taboo word. Americans pre-programmed minds work like that. It is ok to die in mercenary wars for Israel, to enslave working for banksters to take profits, to litter our brains with mass-media hate and fictions, as long as nobody tell us we are anti-$emitic, which is in true value an absurd word, as if you were told when criticising Stalin that you are anti-russian, because 20 million died in world war  – nor you are criticising a mass-murderer, and debt-slavery is mass murder, so we can critize the Am Segullah elite of banksters that control the west.

But alas, if something shows this industry is the enormous control over mass-media that can pull globally this concept, and this bring us to the massive censorship and burning of books established by the Industry.

The negative murder at distance of life and humanity.

Of course if we lived in a real democracy it wouldn’t be that difficult to explain the truth, take over the financial industry, as the language of go(l)d should belong to the superorganism of mankind not to a 0.002%, change the world with laws, above money, but for that to happen it is quite likely that we would have to start by nationalising globally the financial industry, because the people who own it are not about to change its go(l)d beliefs any time soon, unless they are by force taken this monopoly.

It is then when we can propose positive solutions within a scientific analysis of social sciences and mankind as a species, which evolves socially into a global super organism – the most successful strategy of survival in the Universe, from eusocial ants, to eusocial matter, to eusocial cells.

And yet BOTH, the negative collateral effects of capitalism and its solutions are made invisible and denied, taking advantage of the invisibility of all languages of information for those who do not ‘speak’ and understand the code of the language – in this case digital money. So the idol-ogies of capitalism hide those collateral effects ‘systematically’.

IT IS THE AGE OF POLITICAL AND ECONOMICAL CORRECTNESS, OF FALSE CARING of hypocritical occultation of the growing holocaust of life, as humans enter an age of negative infantilism and regression to myths and fantasies similar to the psyche of an old man who refuses to see and think on his incoming death.

 Pumping up ‘primitives’ to global power. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 19.22.50

In the graphs, some of the causal genocides of human beings, degraded and finally massacred wholesale by technological civilisations.
It is a classic of history, that the ‘animetal’ in his narrow-minded manifest destiny, provokes as symbols of progress all kind of wars and holocausst for the sake of its gods of metal with honest ‘germanic zeal’, no doubt, shinny in his simple armour, at military rhythm.
So the human being always ends loosing, drunk, forgotten and crucified. And of course, he becomes a degraded looser, in his latter days, like sitting bull, who ended drunk on the concentration camp aka reservation, shot on the back, thrown to the gutter, or the ibo people, who made the most perfect bronze statues of history but after centuries of being subject to ‘brutish’ (aka british) slave trade, reconverted them into calix to drink the blood of their own sons, sacrificed to a new god of absolute evil… which they thought was the god of the brits, asking him to spare thteir destiny. the brutish people though when finding out published it in the yellow press, Mr. Levy, the you-meme in his ‘telegraph≈torygraph’, the old ‘murdoch’ of the colonial age an account of the rituals as a proof those people were beasts inferior to dogs and asked for a campaign against their kingdom, duly brought about by the red coats who burned their capital after gun-machine murdering them all, in another act british civilisation, latter on at wounded knee, when the sioux, sitting bull dead already asked their gods to take their souls away from the concentration camp daily humiliations, the yellow press, mr. Hearst, in this case created a terrorist campaign and 1/4th of the american army was dispatched in the last cavalry march.
Today we all are aware of the brutality of Jihad Islam and we shall not defend them. After all they are the heirs of the Assyrians who fought with a brutality unknown in the fertile crescent the first cananean slavers of Israel.

The political -war side.

So of course, there is also a political, legal, military side to the globalised empire of the FMasters, namely III world war, which is just a blown up war between Islam and Israel, the oldest semitic cultures of the western world.

So let us consider as we have done with the economic control of creationist economics, with its single purpose of parasitising as debt slaves the rest of mankind and hide it all with the Holocaust industry, how the FMasters have achieved the unthinkable, just 50 years ago – the return of the European-American civilisation they control financially and politically, back from the heights of social evolution, both in economics with Keynesian New Deal and New Society and european social democratic welfare age,  and politically with the diplomatic process of dissolution of nations into international institutions (EU, UNO) into the primitive colonial XIX century brutal capitalism and shameless massacre of the poor 3rd world, for the sake of maintaining a bronze age, racist religious state buttressed with the most advanced robotic weapons, protected by the mercenary armies of all the western nations. It is a process that took 3 stages of increasing brutalisation and degradation of the ‘enemy’, the islamic civilisation to reach the present ‘bronze age behaviour’ of the Jihadist terrorist beasty people.
1) For 50 years Israel ran a concentration camp, the occupied territories under racist laws, copycat of the laws of the III reich, and South-Africa apartheid, while allowing the most backward, talmudic social groups to grow in power, with subventions, no military service, dedicated to reproduce children and repeat the needed ‘animal treatment’ to gentiles explained in its bronze age racist cults, to the point that within decades at the top of the robotic military industry they will be majority in the government and as their credo is the genocide of the ‘arabs’ living in the ‘sacred territories’ will certainly implement the extermination of those living in the concentration camp.
2) at the same time to control, disguise and further brutalise the enemy – given the fact that humanist people were backing moderate palestinians, its closely controlled French, British and American governments, (where the majority of foreign Jews lived, besides the anti$emitic russia) liberally provided weapons to military thugs establishing, corrupted western brutal dictatorships in all arab nations, while feeding also liberally with weapons and passports the most radical religious zealots, with the obvious goal of provoking a series of civil wars that destroyed the civil fabric of all those societies – so as Lenin was sent by the german army in a closed train to explode russia, the french, controlled government, since the times of the ‘Bankers of the king after the revolution (rothschild et al) who had given the bomb, when the Kennedy brothers opposed it, a few months before their murders by the ‘usual, convenient’ hired bad boys (a communist oswald and a palestinian who killed joseph), sneaked into Iran, the ayatollah, while the Americans liberally provided weapons to al quaeda.
It was obvious that once the commies were gone, the other enemy of capitalism, more personal – that is, the enemy of the bankers of capitalism, Islam, had to breed, its own crazies, to have a good excuse. So there was no attempt to rise the education of those people, to create democracies, to build as I used to propose to the FMasters a peaceful Israel, integrated in the EU, in a demilitarised zone, with a single state and free rights to work in Europe, where most palestinians and many jews would have emigrated. None of this was ‘good’, because humanist solutions are NOT in the book of animetal go(l)d and iron worshippers.
3) So alas, 9/11, the day I write, being its 15 anniversary did happen. And we shall not enter into details as if it was known or suspected and was let to happen. What mattered next is that it took LONGER than it was required to defeat the entire Nazi army to discover a terrorist in a mule, so it had time enough to create a global electronic big brother, an emerging robotic terminator industry, a militarised world system, a massive influx of hate media and a series of splendid little wars against different Islamic nations. And then finally the jewish Mossad/CIA agent Mr. Assange (inventor of the CIA program that allows to extract information through a fax), created a masterful hollywood plot of ‘freedom’ for the Arabs of the final enemies, Iran, Syria and Lybia, to plunge them into civil wars.
But did not publish any of the immense wealth of cables of the tel aviv embassy, defending his confessed admired ‘bibi’. Because Egypt backfired (this had a good dictator) when it tried to become democratic, soon we got another al sisi dictator, hailed by western europe as a democratic saviour, who condemned to death wholesale thousands of peaceful demonstrators. So now we do have a massive world of civil wars between military dictators and jihads, in a brutalised civilisation that represents more than 1 billion of the poorest human beings, treated as colonial XIX century Europe treated primitive negroes and Asians, as Israel, a colonial primitive state becomes the role model of the robotic military age, and all nations imitate their robotised walls, segregational laws, despise for the poor and the arabs and negroes which a racist rabbi of the bronze age dictated to be inferior to dogs because his ancestor ham peed on Noah – legal reason upholded in american courts to defend slavery till the civil war.
Meanwhile the alternative humanist Eu-ONU social democratic civilisation withers away, as bankers stole the rights to print money from its nations and its citizens (ECB bank, which issues money only for corporations run systematically by Am segullah, from Tritchet to Goldman sachs vp Draghi), converted Greece in a debt state nation, in a classic move, after liberally providing their conservative politicians with soft money loans for corruption and military spending against its classic turkish rival. Soon all european nations were converted into debt slaves with the lowest gdp growth in the planet, except those who produce not welfare goods, which states must pay for with issues of money as stock-markets do not finance human goods, except germany, which is the mechanical nation, where all the money goes to reproduce machines with robots and low paid workers, who don’t seem to need more than pork and grey dresses – the animetal culture par excellence.
So alas, just when Europeans start to complain and understand, a series of jewish politicians, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, Sarkozy, took over the 3 ruling North-European nations, put in all the important economical and foreign ministries members of the Am Segullah people castes, and tied further the knot around the choked necks of european citizens, liberally providing good excuses for Jihad terrorism, from systemic insults to Mohammed (danish paper, charlie), to myopic indifference to the movements of well known jihad soldiers (french astounding failures in all the massacres of jihad resemble closely the stubborn denial of the risks of 9/11, warned several times by agents), to an astounding cynical, perverse do-nothing except bomb with our robots, permission to continue given to Jihad Daesh and Syria’s civil war, the Poland ‘historic territories’ which Israel right wing considers to be part of grand israel, who require a proper ethnic cleansing. So a rag army of kids with kalashnikovs that military advisors said could be erased with a 2 week Uno campaign, Daesh, is allowed to terrorise and massacre Irak and Syria alike, and send jihad terrorists to Europe, but american and european nations, who spend well over a trillion dollars in weapons to ‘protect us’, cannot send land troops and erase them from the face of the earth???!!!! And son on top, the jewish chancellor miss Merkel, who backs all the policies of debt slavery of the ecb that have killed the social-democratic, most advanced humanist civilisation till date, in europe – a hated rival to the American capitalist society, which was a sore wound on the face of the blibical capitalist empire, as it showed a better world was possible… this callous iron woman, suddenly became compassive and imported without any check 1 million Syrians to keep the ethnic cleansing of the future territories of grand Israel, in a massacre not unlike that of the SS over Poland.
And of course, all this keeps rising islamophobia, and become a perfect excuse for Mr. Cameron to protect city bankers, to brexit, condemning an entire new generation of brits that were evolving away from imperial nostalgia and joining the europeans in their attempt to create an alternative future for mankind…

This will say though: THE LAST BATTLE FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES WAS FOUGHT IN AMERICA, a small world of all races and cultures, between the two dominant cultures of the west, the enlightened wor(l)d, the European, Greek->Latin->French/American r=evolutions and the false light of go(l)d, the Jewish->Protestant->Capitalist->Corporative Metal-earth.

America, the REAL ONE, the land of the free human beings, was defeated. In his awesome book Zinn, tell us the history of the American people in search of freedom, being capture by the gold-iron cultures of Europe they run away from. In the coup d’etat of 1972, though America, the REAL ONE, the free enlightened America was  lost and died, and as in a corpse, the Biblical America that won, evilwood and Wall Street and its FMasters, kept the skin of the corpse, with a lot of make-up, of political and economical newspeaks of correctness, and the nation became a zombie, breeding inside the hard insects of the metal-earth. When I arrived there, in the 80s, ‘ENLIGHTENED’  America has just died, the DREAM WAS A NIGHTMARE FIRST, and then a flat encephalogram, of fiction thought, of ‘californios’, the beautiful, retarded youngsters of the prophetic Wells’ book ‘time machine’, and though many people did not yet know, in the night, the Morlocks, the Zombies were about to rise to earth them up. 

Expansion of the role model: Israel=South Korea<∑ US=China.

 Israel is the nation-role model of the robotic age of the metal-earth, with its twin brother, in Asia, South-Korea, also with a robotised wall with north-Korea, and similar high tech military industries, idol-ogical division with its twin brother nation and extreme techn-utopian right wing fanaticism:


In the graph, as usual history divides between a small and great west-east decoupling, being Europe a fractal mapping of Asia with its 3 similar ‘mediterranean’, indic peninsulas with similar historic roles:

-Indonesia and Greece, the se-farer cradles of civilisations, Italy-India, the road-crossing multi-linguistic culture and Arabia, Spain, the warrior regions. In the north, the mainland Germania-China and the sea-trade, insular industrial Japan-UK. Korea with a role similar to Denmark, is becoming now in the robotic age the small, advanced seed of military robotics extreme automation and fanatical animetal cults – the equivalent of Israel n in the west. Yet when the concept of a robotic defensive ‘Chinese Wall’ is expanded to the bigger nations of US (trump) and China, humanity will fully enter into the military age of robotics, doomed to suffer a future J.D.

So we must return to the beginning of the capitalist 3 ages cycle: Go(l)d cultures ->Protestant Anglo-American Companies ->Globalized ‘Jewish’ capitalism, and remember the racist memes of the FMasters, as they will be applied wholesale by its robotised machines, with the mind of classic, creationist economics embedded in the Algorithms of information that run their machines – to fully grasp, the non-future of the humankind.



Realpolitiks vs. the perfect world.

Thus, the origin of those cultures in a deeper, historic level is obvious – they steam from the different ‘solutions’ of social evolution, through religions and scientific history, essayed by those nations in the past, and from the geographical and genetic differentiation of the human race into 3 sub-races, according to the laws of complementarity (Max. mental energy, white race; max. mental information, mongoloid race; max. exi, sensorial, reproductive evolution, black race).

Now, in a perfect world, obviously, there will be a constant enhancing and creation of memes positive to each culture, in its humanist side and the integration of all cultures in a whole.

The world we live in is ruled by the Globalized FMMI culture of corporations where all those memes act as placebo memes of meaningless get together at best (greenpeace style activism, virtual screen activism, sport competitions), which always hide some negative idol-ogical meme (sports as competition between nations NOT cultures), and most often are mere propaganda of animetal historic nation building (Imperial evilwood films, which follow the long fascist tradition of police films and the military as the supreme good of the nation), and of course, industrial competition which justifies always the last ditched batch of workers, because there will be an ‘Asian nation’ with cheaper salaries or an ‘iron salary’ of a machine.

This must be stressed from the beginning: the previous graph is NOT the graph of the modern world political division, which could be resumed in a single globalised planet ruled by corporations, with faked nationalistic memes to protect the top of the pyramid. And then below this level a series of economic empires and nations, established according to processes of historic colonialism.

In such a map, of the 7 cultures of the world, the one that must be expanded further is obviously anglo-America, which is a hierarchical structure in which an elite of Am segullah bankers (jewish elite founder of financial capitalism), ruled over most of the ‘European’, Indonesian and South-American cultures; confronts Islam in the semite wars, views China, the only economical financial system it does not control as its future enemy, and exploits Africa with colonial companies, competing with the Chinese milder approach for that supremacy.

This geo-politics, which is also no available in any text book or ‘expert think tank’ under the anti-quantum paradox (the top of the pyramid is the black hole of financial information that as in any system controlled by a language of information is NOT visible, as the reproductive working class is), however is from a humanist point of view an aberration, as it will merely multiply machines and weapons and degraded with hate media the mind of man into a placebo fiction state, till machines substitute us.

So I am not going to write on the ‘enslaved mankind’, pawn of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Globalized system, neither in the previous structure of industrial nations that the FMMI system is substituting fast, keeping only a corpse of placebo memes, flags and ceremonies of null value.

History had 2 possible directions of evolution: toward the perfect humanist world and towards the perfect mechanical world. The cultures of the graph chose their sides on that evolution, and the White man cultures, semitic and Germanic, Anglo-America, Islam and Europe took the wrong path and with the power of selfish memes of metal imposed themselves. As time has gone by, they degraded and extinguished most of the life beings of Africa and America and Oceania (south of Indonesian region). But also there has been a slow rising in the awareness of people of their human condition as a single race, thanks to biology and evolution, and humanist rational memes.
As today, of those 7 cultures there are 5 which could easily evolve into the perfect world, and 2, the old Semitic warrior Islam and the old Jewish Go(l)d churches (expanded to protestant, biblical sects, mainly surviving in Anglo-America), which show an ASTOUNDING SELF-SUICIDAL STUBBORNESS in taking the wave of the metal-Earth to its conclusion.

And this is the obvious reason why we are specially critical of those 2 cultures, specifically of the Anglo-American culture (as Islam, is the ‘chosen victim’, for our splendid little wars, obviously with little power to guide the future of the no-world).

The expansion of the semite wars – how they are degrading the western world.

The 7 cultures of the world under the FMMI empireIn the graph the Rainbow Planet & its 7 modern cultures derived from historic, memetic beliefs, AS THEY are being carved in the process of globalisation of the FMMI system of corporations.
In the perfect world, one ruled by social scientists not people-castes of power, the first conscious decisions of all global politicians will be National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet. So power would be transferred upwards to the heptarchy of 7 cultures and downwards to the regional ‘communities’ the way the new-humanism wishes (new left party and young movement in Europe – Indignados/podemos in Spain being the most clear case and America – Occupy Wall Street and the Ecological/community movement).
In the left graph we see the reality of modern Globalization, as the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex born in the Anglo-American culture, with head in the original biblical go(l)d culture invades all others through its media communicator systems. Each colour on the left represents 1/5th of the human population. The blue 1/5th is the Western World made up of the Anglo-American, EU and old british and iberian empires, controlled in their Financial-Media networks by the single World culture of the FMasters and its mass-media and Wall-Street-City-Frankfurt banksters.
As such it is in an splendid permanent robotic war evolving fast the new terminators of the XXI c. with Islam, the original enemy of the conflict between Apartheid Israel and Palestine, now blown up to the rest of the empire, as the rival culture is demonise by islamophobia and hate media. So in the process the European, Humanist culture this blog represents has been erased under the dual boot of an Electronic Big Brother with the excuse of terrorism and the dismantling of the Welfare state, with the excuse of financial Unification through the private ECB which does NOT issue money to states but becomes the armed branch of the FM-empire and the robotised German Military-Industrial complex.
OF course, Russia, which is Europe and should have joined immediately after the end of the communist dictatorship of the red army the European Union, bridging with China to build a social-democratic alternative to the FMMI Anglo-American empire has been denied its position, to counter-balance the German reborn IV reich, and was carved into statelets, denying even the Russian Nature of Kiev Rus, the founding centre of the nation, today called Ukraine (as if London or Paris was carved out of France or UK). The culture of Asia, with its self-evident radiating centre in China, was also carved out already in the XIX c. when Japan moved wholesale into an imitation of UK & Germany, as the leading FMMI system of the East. It did the job so well that ended being a rival to the FMMI anglo-American empire and so W.W.II ensued. But after the war, now as a puppet of US, Asia kept its 2 sides: the original centre, China, demonised by the ‘wo-ku’ nations surrounding it (dwarf pirates, the ancient name given to primitive Korean and Japanese pirate riders of the celestial empire:)
So US tries to exploit this artificial division, always busy in its attempts to create a new III world on the area (division of Korea, of Vietnam, of China, with Taiwan and H.K. puppet Japan played hard against all of them, etc.)
On the other side Mestizo Hispano-America, the courtyard of earlier Anglo-American mass control of 3rd world nations with military caudillos corrupted with ‘papelitos’, (debt-usury Pounds and Dollars issued for free in UK and U$, on exchange for real wealth – lands, mines and tax-farming of poor mestizo Hispano-Americans by the criollo conquistadors) was left a bit out of the hook when the FM-empire refocused its racist, hate media in Islam, obsessed by the other nation of Its Israeli elite. So some mestizo leaders from Chavez (duly murdered with a lethal viral cancer) to Morales, have taken back some rights for the ancient mongoloid social mass of their people. But many ‘bad hombres’ to the service of the US, the drug cartels liberally provided with NRA weapons and the usual elite of corrupted dictatorial politicos and Sephardim banksters, still run the show. Specially in Brazil and Argentina; hence we put still the continent on the blue empire.
As it happens with all the commonwealth nations. But Black Africa is now partially out of the hook divided between the US-UK-French-Israeli corporative exploitative mining companies and the new kid in town, China, with much more positive policies for African nations, which are starting to grow much faster, with loans from Chinese developing banks, with the downside of a massive growth of population, lost of forest land and fast extinction of life-Gaia species. Islam, we know is the land of very-very bad hombres. So no need to comment on that. India, though is a great disappointment for this writer, ever since Lord Mounbatten crafted the raj into artificial statelets on the basis of hate-religion speeches, to make a mess of it, with Hindi vs. Islamic nationalisms.
WHAT we call Indonesia, which also comprises the lost-stolen lands of Australasia, was the original birth of the Homo Sapiens talking man (likely the Homo Floresiensis) and should have been reconquered by a less pacifist/naive Gandhi, going underground during the Salt March and liberating by force the ENTIRE Raj from UK, which was easily doable in the 1920s, then making NOT religion but Bahaist mestizo-like movement of ideas, the counterpart of body-mestizo Hispano-America: a FUSION CULTURE OF ALL THE CULTURES OF THE WORLD NOT ERASED AS IN THE FMMI AMERICAN WOLD, WHERE PEOPLE ARE NOT IN A MELTING POT, BUT ERASED OF ALL ORIGINAL HUMAN MEMES TO CONVERT THEM INTO $LAVES OF CORPORATIONS, WITH THE ONLY ROLES OF REPRODUCING MACHINES AND CONSUMING-VITALIZING THEM. And so the FMMI system, NOT Euroamerica, the humanist culture of laws and bills of rights imagined before the Industrial r=evolution by the highest minds of the Euroamerican culture is now globalising and erasing all the other cultures we shall study in this section of the blog.
In the graph, which divides the world in 5 equal populations, to compare its human extension, a map of the blue FMasters empire, the so-called western world, in which the elite of mass-media and financiers belongs overwhelmingly to the Jewish nation. It does occupy the largest extension of the planet, and has wide branching on the other regions, which however do have a certain perspective. Thus is the centre of the present semite wars against Islam (upper green region). And also confronts in the cycles of capitalist wars, the red region China, of equal population but far less GDP and land, the green region (Islam, the declared enemy, and black Africa moving fast to the side of China), and it has done all possible to avoid that Russia would join Europe forming a more civilised eusocial EU-based welfare state, which would HAVE BEEN an alternative model for a future for mankind, based in true democracy, public banks, life-investments. Finally the Indian sub-continent is the natural ally of the Jewish empire as both cult(ure)s were born in the bronze age, of gold and iron religions, with a clear caste racial system, albeit perfectly hidden by the holocaust industry in the west.


In the graph, the present division of cultures roughly in 5 groups of similar population. On blue the Anglo-American expanded culture, ruled by FMasters with a working Germanic mass of believers in techno-utopia and the superiority of the western world. On red and yellow the 2 Asian nations that are adopting the western culture and becoming capitalist rivals to the ‘Financial Empire’ of Wall-STreet/The City, on green the exploited ‘primitive’ old paleolithic and neolithic cultures of Africa and Islam, eternal victims of the western corporations justified by the Ham damnation (Arab and negroes are inferior to dogs), today redefined in terms of primitive dictators, terrorist priests and machist societies that must be exterminated (not converted, educated, rised and helped). And finally the ambivalent regions of the old Soviet world and mixed pot Indonesian regions. This is the realpolitiks of today, which supersede the map of ‘real human cultures’, with industrial, financial and military goals.

In brief, if Anglo-America, had decided to join the effort of mankind for survival and the construction of the perfect world, represented in the last century by the social-democratic and ecological movement and put their corporations to the service of mankind and not mankind to the service of corporations, implementing the 3 physiological and political measures needed to create the perfect world, or similar concepts advanced by previous social scientists, mankind would have a hope for a future.

But the elite of this culture, the Jewish-calvinist financial elite that invented capitalism  and believe in the racist memes of the bible and its different sects, protected by the ‘Industry of the Holocaust’, the secretism of anonymous societies, and the power and monopoly of finances, from The City and Wall Street, has CHOSEN to ride the wave of machines, regardless of its obvious realist future of that goal (the Marx-smith-darwin paradox that put together the work of the 3 scientists: machines will multiply as monetary values grow (Smith: Pt=mv), substitute all human workers (Marx’ dictum on the future of overproduction crises, now in full swing), and finally extinguish us (Darwin’s understanding of the fight between species).

And then to avoid that future, they have accepted the ‘crazy-head’ solution, so INSTEAD of solving the problem with the needed measures


But just in case you don’t get it, now we shall quote the founder of Likkud, the terrorist leader Mr. Begin, latter a Peace saint nobel prize of the dynamite.

In the graph, the goal of Likkud, is greater Israel, which means basically to add Jordania (Palestine), Lebanon and Syria, the nations systematically massacred in the Semite wars. Begin considers this his personal goal, and Likkud, ‘consolidation’, the party he founded in the 70s after the ‘coup d’etat’ against the American presidency of 1973 gave them total power over US (ousting the president for watergate peccadilloes to show that tvs could handle any president; ending gold standard an regulation, to invent without limit e-money, and transferring the enemy from Russia to ISLAM, in Yon Kippur), included for that reason, the party of ‘Greater Israel’.

Menahem, coming from a long line of prestigious rabbis from Brest-Litovsk is not cuckoo. It is quoting Talmud, where all humans are animals, born of the excrements of satan, only yous are ‘human’, and where as sanhedrin put it ‘at the end of times, all humans will be slaves of Yhwh, the subconscious collective of the you people or ‘will become exterminated’.

Tanto monta monta tanto… ‘Bellum ipse aleat’.


In the graph, the revivalism of the most primitive semitic cults to weapons (ISIS) and gold (Likkud, neofascist cycle, of ethic cleansing) increases its brutality as we approach the age of global war, similar to the 3 previous cycles of neofascism, and the synergies of the Financial Media/Military Industrial System show its full power to destroy mankind. In such ages, the ‘cultures of life and love’ disappear from the scene, and the oldest ‘animetal cults’ to war and go(l)d, come into power. Among them, the usual suspects, the first animetals, the warrior Arab and Go(l)d, jewish semitic cults and the germanic Iron warriors come ‘again’ to set the world in fire, in the usual cycles of economic crash, massive poverty, brutal degradation of the 3rd world, fascist propaganda against the poor, terrorism, revivalism of primitive Abrahamic Religions, splendid little wars for the profit of the ‘age of military weapons’ and final ‘Götterdämmerung’.

The humanist solutions gone, the 3 oldest animetal cultures, warrior Islam, Go(l)d judaism and warrior germany are on top again. This moving backwards in history is what we call neofascism, and of course we all focus through the FMMI in the enemy, but the solutions are on the side of the owners of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system and as they are believers in gold and weapons in technology as the solution, they will destroy the world again as we predicted. As the organic paradigm is not a solution today due to the null expansion in the corrupted left of those models, it seems there is no solution but of course there is.

Of course from the perspective of the west and the FMasters that are on top of the process, masterminding it with financial-media machines, the poor, brutalised by decades of exploitation are the only guilty. Its employees, which in the west are traditionally germanic owners of the military-industrial complex agree. And as the poor find themselves in a ‘sac du cul’, they give reasons to power with its brutal acts of terror. Bellum Ipse aleat. What nobody talks about is the humanist solution to the cycle ‘butter instead of canons’.

And of course, as always they repress reason reduce the mind back from the axial age of Greece humanism, founder of the EuroAmerican culture, a higher form of thought, they have been destroying now for decades, back into the age of religious myths, anthropocentrism and despise of the organic laws of the Universe.

But alas, in a shrewd move they appeal with various victimisms, to the honestity and humanism of euroamerica, askiing as to forgive them destroying our higher culture, so they can keep destroying it, but please let us murder your reason, american way of life, dolce fare niente and humanism, but do not criticise us (holocaust industry, arab and jewish victimism, respect for bigots repressing humans in Islam, capitalist banksters, robbing the world; silicon valley internerds robotising and controlling our information, with Facebook, google, you name it).

And as they take power again in the age of entropy, of course, they succeed. So their webs censor this web because it is ‘not nice’. I.e. Yesterday quora banned me from writing more with that sentence you are ‘not nice’. Why? Because i wrote this in defense of latinos, answering a guy who asked how many ilegal mexicans were in America:

None. Essentially to put numbers to people is to dehumanise them. Let us remember that ‘legal numbers’ were put to people in concentration camps behind ‘walls’ for they were supposed to be the ‘illegal germans’ of that age.

So zero numbers, on human rights a person cannot be ‘ilegal’, we are all juridical persons which have therefore a legal personality and a non-monetary value, on geographical rights, ‘hispanic emigrants’ ARE indians, not spanish, 90% of its blood is Indian, hence the original inhabitants of North-America with some black blood ‘exported’ illegally as cargo in booths, so the ‘ilegal’ if any would be the white colonists that broke all the treaties, including those with Mexico, which left a huge remaining population from Texas to California, always downplayed in statistical and nationalist books of history, as if that was a ‘desert land’, to cover the massive crimes against ‘Indians’, whose scalp was sold for 5 $ paid by the Californian treasury, while the Texas rangers were founded basically to do an ethnic cleansing of Chicanos with legal rights to the land, which were mass-murdered and often deported to the other side of the border, as late as the 1940s (when Fairfax in LA was ethnic cleansed, with loads of legal Latinos thrown to the other side of the border, to leave ‘cheap land’ for the construction of housing for the incoming Orthodox European Jewish community that lives now there), the way the australians declared Tasmania a desert land inhabited with big ‘apes’, aka Tasmanian humans annihilated as animals, so the ‘ilegal’ colonists could take their land…

You see I am a catalan, 1/4th french, 1/4th Italian, 1/2 hispano culture, with obvious semitic genes, as arabs conquered the land, and catalonia was during the middle ages the center of Jewish culture; which form the bulk of my mothers’ lineage of pharmacist and converso doctors, so likely to have 1/4th mostly sephardim with some arab genes.

So once this said, to avoid the usual anti$emitic rants (but not the obvious censorship of the proper, historic defense of mankind against anti$emitic go(l)d and bronze animetal memes) i know, when the semites convert to mankind, in their golden age of enjoyment of life above weapons and gold, they are like us, they live in sepharad. And indeed, it was in Middle Age spain when the people of the book in Al-Andalus, live in peace under the influence of better weather than the fundamentalist deserts of cattle-ranchers, enslaving humans as cattle, with chains and gold hypnotism, and reached as ‘human cultures’ its maximal point – specially in the case of Islam (as the jewish did become Europeans in their brief periods of Haskalah: enlightenment; a subtle difference from Halakhah, religious bigotry, when they look at their navel and forget mankind’s axial age, which now (na)zion(an)ist Israel (nazi, onanist, zionist and nationalist, all in one word – play with sacred phonemes :) perfectly embodies.

What is then the difference of phonemes, between Haskalah: enlightenment; and Halakhah, religious bigotry? A single phoneme, the S of Sepharad, which they have dropped from their ‘name’.

So I know what is indeed the perfect human world, even for those cultures, who no longer remember, and I take no bull$hit from anyone. Banned I am, bigots can troll. I won’t as most generous Americans do, forgive and forget the cult(ure)s of Jihad and biblical capitalism that ARE killing mankind for 3000 years in a row, with weapons and myths that debase the mind and put it in confrontation with Gaia. Of course, the $emite traders and SSemite warriors are ‘believers’, they ‘don’t reason’, only censor the truth about themselves and mankind so they can feel superior species by swords and go(l)d and put as on the lower ranks of talmudic and madrassa bigotry. But this I will tell them: there is above them and me, the laws of the organic loving Universe, the best of all leibnizian worlds, and those who defy them, are extinct by the laws of the darwinian selection of the best. Leibniz and Darwin, they are the masters of us all, and all in your culture has been deifying reinventing trying by wishful thinking to change and cheat, God, the organic mind of the Universe, which this texts apply to history.

And so ‘you’ go under in your cycles of war and holocaust, whatever strategy of cheating you impose, the warrior inquisitions of Islam, who kill those who are blasphemous against your absurd memes or the censorship of go(l)d who shuts up distribution of those who tell the ‘yous’ to give to ‘caesar’ the people, what belongs to ‘caesar’ – the issue of money. ‘You’ even deny the cyclical patterns of time, thinking it is a lineal manifest destiny towards the gold or flesh paradise myths and raptures of your cheating masters. Not so, time is cyclical and so at the end of times, when the world cycle of man ends, you are again on top, precisely because nobody dares to defy you and defend the humanist, reasonable, axial age, in which man could intelligently manage history and survive. Your VSO language forbade you to evolve it seems. And you are dragging mankind behind.

Now, the 2 Jihads are easy to compare because both were born on the same bronze age, of primitive ‘Semite people’, who are now back again at the end of History destroying the humanist world of a sheeple that seems completely unable to react.

The devolution of mankind increases constantly as the super organism of humanity dies. It is the neopaelolithic back to the semitic brutal first age of animetals, signified by the capitalist ab=uses of orthodox jewish billionaires on top of the financial and stock-market industries and the brutal murders of jihad terrorists. The hardest memetic cultures of go(l) and iron thus ride the wave of human extinction as they rode its beginning. The difference being, the financial/capitalist informative elite is invisible, the warrior energetic ‘stars’ of the anti-human eviL system of death known to all and yet none of them are ‘prevented’ with humanist policies and a true military able to do something more than testing robotic weapons with air strikes.

Now it is the time of the 3rd age of history and so Jihad Islam and Go(l)d Judaism, the 2 oldest animetal cults are at it again. As-syrians and israelis, tal para cual.

This is not anti-american biasing. When you live in Anglo-America and meet the elite, you realise they are actually ‘real’. I mean those people who own corporations of billions of $ with hundreds of thousands of workers do put on top of their head a kappa, and go to inquisitorial go(l)d temples to utter mantras in arcane languages, about their chosen race. Do you wonder then why they couldn’t care less about their existence on top of a pyramid of debt slaves?

None of this of course, matters at all to the neo-paleolithic zeitgeist whose PARADISE ARE INCREASINGLY VIRTUAL, SOON 3D PORNOGRAPHIC SCREENS. NO JOKE, 40% OF THE JAPANESE UNDER 35 are virgin; because they mostly (men is the essential visual species) PREFER manga porno.

The brain of humans constantly lower its IQ in all causal relationships related to verbal thought, now even in its capacity to orientate in 3 Dimensional space, with the use of electronic gps mapping, as recent brain studies show.

We do an exhaustive analysis on how linguistics have degenerated the unbalanced, objectual, imperative or selfish languages of the main animetal cult(ure)s and idol-ogies of our technological civilisation in other posts on linguistics,

based in the long conversations I had with mr. Chomsky prior to my development of a full model of Humbold-Chomsky memetic cultural linguistics. Orwell was truly on the target, when he used a Germanic grammar of pegged sword-like words, which cannot be broken into subtle relationships, filled with absolute truths absolutely false.

So we shall not repeat us here (I used a lot my version of the Goebbels method but repeating essential complex truths; specially in the absolute fact that the mechanical world is ruled by the head of the Financial-Media system, but of course, that silly me only provoked the general feeling this was a Komploten theory site:) the rat bites its tail…

The system of mind imprinting today thus follows the processes laid down by the first minister of propaganda (today called of information in newspeak), Mr. Goebbels, who said that ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more it will believe on it’, which is the quinta-essential system of mind imprinting today.

Nothing of this is ‘common talk’. As we all know we live in the best of all systems, a ‘capitalist democracy’, whose true nature we explain in depth in its article but as people have so perfectly ‘memorised’ its mantra of ‘freedom’, we just will say that capitalist democracies were born in Holland, when the first corporation of machines and weapons VOC, gave a coup d’etat and put his shareholders in the government, and ever since, the dual control of the networks of human information (the press, then audiovisual information) and mechanical information (the issue of money) by company-mothers of machines, in the western world has established a ‘de facto’ control of the opinion of people, the $election of politicos (presidents are $elected, not elected said Roosevelt) and hence the laws of society, overwhelmingly in favor of machines and corporations.

Humans and the super organisms of mankind have tried to establish a government based in just laws in favor of our species – which will be a real democracy. But, in the west overwhelmingly the Financial-Media system and its ‘FMasters’, owners of informative and financial corporations have imposed their programs and believes, by merely ‘selling millions of newspapers’, sending simultaneously millions of equal messages, and printing millions of $ or whatever currency and buying politicos.

Such is the ‘realpolitiks of the world’.

Another myth obviously is the non-existence of social classes. But all organisms do have 3 social classes:

  • The informative, neuronal class, in history the people who control our two languages of information political laws and financial money.
  • The reproductive energy body-wave class, which is the middle class that works under orders of the informative class.
  • The entropic class, which is Nature, Gaia, and the poor people or enemies, consumed by weapons.

We could of course live in a perfect democracy, in which humans would have all enough energy and information to survive as the cells of a well-designed body and we study such democracies all over the place and the simple 3+3 political and economical measures to establish it. But we don’t. BECAUSE THE super organism of corporations HAS always except in brief r=evolutionary periods, dominated in the western world and through globalisation all other countries that imitated its systems. So

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS,with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible)> So ALL THE PRIVLEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost.

GRAPH is the true scalar structure of our societies, where democracy is just a placebo polling, controlled by the a priori visual imprinting of an increasingly retarded, shallow visual neopaleolithic mind, which represents the 3rd age o mankind:

As usual hardware and animetal software (hate, segregational memes against mankind) become symbiotic. So as machines reach AI Cx. logic states, humans become devolved by the visual hypnotism of screen, returning to a neopaleolithic, violent, shallow irrational, emotional age without logic wor(l)ds, fed with hate memes and fascist films by the Fmasters of the network, whose racist, life-repressing biblical memes find the Goebbels method ok:’UFA will do only patriotic and entertaining movies’ ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’

And so as we regress to the pass and machines become more complex, we regress also to the earliest idol-ogies, and thus we are back again to an age of ‘believers’ not thinkers and believers in primitive abrahamic semite religions and we are again fighting today the same semite wars, with 2 extreme evolved versions of supremacism: the capitalist version of banksters, (in the graph) monopolising the issue of western money and information, and the jihad version of semitic warriors. The difference being that because the western industrial world is owned by the Semite go(l)d traders we cannot talk of their control as FMasters (it is called confabulation theory or antisemitism, wrongly considered a racist theory that only applies to Israel). Indeed, what people call anti-SSemitism is the specific hate-meme of the germ(anic) warrior tribes which during the modern age substituted the arabs on top of the evolution of the military-industrial complex. Yet since the Jewish nation did NOT relinquish power on top of the Financial-Media system, merely evolved it from the Bible and Go(l)d trade, to the Corporation, recruiting the protestant sects as ‘slave tribes’ for its banker priests, while creating the complex placebo world of capitalist democracies, the fight moved on to the confrontation between indo-european warriors and Jewish banker-priests, with the mass ab=used by both, now programmed no longer by the bible and gold, but by the Financial-Media system.

The defeat of the German military-industrial complex meant that the western world had a victor, and the Jewish empire (blue region) came to dominate western world, with its monopoly of financial-media private system, crashing all true social r=evolutionary democracies, and its evolved institutions (UNO, EU) with the creation of private ECB banks in Europe and the establishment of Apartheid Israel. Thus soon the reaction of the earlier arab warriors to the constant humiliation  Palestinians, considered brothers of religion displaced the war to a global conflict between Jihad, widely provided with weapons by the west – to find a new enemy after communism crashed and Israel and its quisling nations, notably US, where the control of Wall Stret and Evilwood, is absolute. After crashing all attempts to reform the arab world murdering its socialist leaders, from Mossadeq to the arab spring, thus we arrived to the present world, in which the evolution of mankind is halted; the brutality of capitalism hidden, the control of go(l)d cultures with its segregational memes of the FM-system called a ‘confabulation theory’, or ‘antisemitism’ (reserved only as an insulting word to hate of the jewish) and any attempt to set the record straight on History with A)curate data, and explanation of the causes of the war and holocaust Cycle forbidden. So while we have both kind of brutal behaviour today, we only know about islamic terrorism.

Fact is, once we clarify the murderous nature of anti-SSemitism, and any racist theory of animetal warriors or go(l)d believers in the superiority of the Goths and chosen of go(l)d tribes by the power of weapons and money, cultural antisemitism was for millennia, the natural ‘doctrine’ of humanism, against the elites of semitic enslavers and warriors who destroyed the fertile crescent.

So all Humans and its life-enhancing cultures developed a profound dislikeness of Semite cultures, and so in the fertile crescent they were called the eviL people by Egyptian and Sumerian chronicles explain that this evil people come from the desert, with bronze weapons and gold, and they enslave our women with rings of gold and take our peasants as mercenaries, the field are abandoned the fertility temples deserted ‘it is the end of the world’… and the beginning of animetal history. TODAY in the 3rd age of history, as mankind an its memes of eusocial love die, and its minds become simplified into visual thought by computers, we regress to that earlier age of Talmud. And so we witness the same war, with a difference, the Assyrians who won the first round of the bronze age now are clearly in retreat, as the Israeli side has recruited its western empire, and systematically bomb us with hate-messages against islam, which further provoke new terrorist attacks, while our allies in the region (Saudi Arabia, etc.) liberally provide so we can have splendid little wars and extend big brother, cut all welfare to humans, make fortunes with robotic weapons, and usher mankind in the 3 ages of fascism, in which either germanic, Arab of Jewish people-castes of animetals have carried the wave of life extinction:

semite wa4s

In blue the financial-media empire above a series of placebo democracies, where people have zero rights to print the language of social power, money, above the protagonists of the 3 fascist ages of splendid little wars against primitive cultures (I colonial empires), industrial rivals (german fascism, which for that reason has worst reputation than the equally eviL colonial age, conveniently forgotten in our films and mass-media hate memes) and finally in the III age of neo-fascism, against primitive non-technological cultures as in the first colonial age, given the fact that the origin of III world war is also a colonial nation who invaded the III world and created a segregational hate-memes system in Israel.

This of course does not condom but explain the origin of arab terrorism ultimately rooted in the modes of the first semite warrior and gold cultures, which have not REFORMED, and have NOT accepted the humanist evolution of post-war UNO-EU like institutions, now being dismantled by the dual sides of the ‘semite wars’, as it provokes the convenient background through massive hate mass-media and police paranoia to establish an eternal age of increasingly robotised security, forgetting that there are FAR MORE victims due to lack of health-care, poverty, loss of jobs to those robots, and mental degradation, in this age. Of course the solution – a global welfare deal, the denationalisation of financial-media monopolies, investment in education, repression of hate religions, laicisation of israel, accepted into the EU as a non-jewish single state with palestinian citizens, and expansion of UNO and EU like institutions to create a perfect world is no where to be seen.

Things get so ridiculous as when we see some murder on TV and then the ‘diplomat or anchorman’ says we do not know if it is an act of ‘terrorism’ (meaning a jihadist). If so, then the entire city is surrounded by troops, the state of siege put in place and 24 coverages saturates of hate memes people. If the murder is for any other reason (what is the difference, a corpse is a corpse, regardless of causes), then it disappears from the new. Yet the sheeple perfectly indoctrinated, will accept the hate memes and has steadily after decades of this treatment ‘royal’, become segregational fascist ‘populist’ electing leaders in favor of jewish neo-fascism, as this cycle of fascism is NOT anti-jewish but anti-arab, still anti-semitic but of the other variety, with the same results, a world plunged in a new era of war and evolution of profitable weapons. In the next graph, we see the 2 sides of modern anti-semitism, which causes millions of capitalist victims in the III world and a few hundreds – the only ones we talk about, in the I world:

In the graph, nobody talks of the systemic massacred of III world people by an Israel mogul, paying dictators to handle him mines where thousands of congolese work in inhuman conditions, inhaling cancerous dust, paid with misery salaries. But we all know about the cuckoo jihadists, fed up of so many hate memes and apartheid, segregational laws. So the cycle reinforces itself through the use of hate media, and the massive exposure of any terrorist who know he will become a jihadist hero, a 15 minutes celebrity person as Andy warhol put it, because that is what the FM system wants; so apartheid israel can be seen as a far lesser crime, and the brutal exploitation of workers, now being replaced by robots and white collar pcs and terminators, and self-driven cars, goes unnoticed.

Can we stop this madness? Unlikely, as the new mass-media communicators Internet companies, belong overwhelmingly to the FMasters who do not give credit to mankind but handle liberally billions of dollars to their people systematically dedicated to destroy workers with its plans to automate all systems with robots, as Google – the owner of most military robotic companies or Uber, who exploits poor drivers and plans to robotise all its cars, did, after his jewish ceos received billions of dollar to the task. So uber looses billions every year, printed for free in wall street,  with the single aim of throwing millions of workers worldwide.

And of course if you explain this all, the Holocaust Industry will sue you, the rankings of google will make as this web is invisible, and so the truth cannot be told, increasingly so as A.I. algorithms of political correctness limits the access to any web, which explains it all from a pov:

In the graph, the penalty for a humanist blog, who denounces the memes of hate and murder of go(l)d and jihad together. The stats for today, o,o,o,o, in the most authoritative web on social sciences, evolved with the tools of theory of information, to reflect the reality of a human world becoming extinguished and degraded by the FMMI system of financial-media/military-industrial machines, which the Semites invented in an earlier age when it was all crystal clear as the Financial-Military system, and all knew the synergies between evil Go(l)d and Weapons, the golden apples and fruits of the tree of science that would extinguish us, according to the Sumerian Genesis book, who first saw it coming.

BUT WHAT THEY FORGET is that if the head is crazy and kills the body, it dies next.

It is the military robotic age of Anglo-America, the final frontier in which we find ourselves, as the graphs of my 20 years old exhibit on the cycles of art and culture foresaw for so long. Then we gave two alternatives to the future but now it seems increasingly clear that anglo-america is bond to pursuit hell not paradise, the nightmare not the dream of mankind.

So this is the future, and its two solutions, from a long exhibit on the cycles of art, I did in my home town, ‘Barcelona’ for the world exhibit of cultures, called the ‘river’ of cultures, where i traced the entire past, present and future of all the cultures of mankind as they go along the cycles of animetal history. but the human future of anglo-america seems all but gone:

Futures of the World

Disclosure. I spend the best years of my life among Brits, Americans and ‘yous’, the 3 leading sub-cultures of Anglo-America. I was always well treated, and so I deeply regret that the positive humanist values of this culture, resumed in the Mosaic mandates of Judaism, the Biological science and Humanist faith of Shakespeare and Darwin, the thirst for life and deep felt democratic values of the common American people, have completely failed.

So do not take it personally my massive-attack on the animetal memes of fast-regressing Anglo-America today. Individuals, free of mind, there are millions, but they have failed to control the anti-humanist tendencies and worship of the values of go(l)d that always enslaved the mind of most Americans. America thus could have been the great hope of the world. Today is its nightmare. Hence so many articles dedicated to its 3 sub-cultures, and the ominous future that the ‘isolationism’ and pretension to control the rest of mankind with their market machines and corporations, cast over mankind. It only rests Trump’s election to make Anglo-America the neo-fascist region of the world par excellence, paranoid, Israelified, rising walls of terminators and drones, encroached in their primitive bronze age racist religions, commanding the rest of the planet with its audiovisual corporations.

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